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"Faces" On Earth And Mars
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An Unambiguous Sign Of Intelligence

by Michael Lawrence Morton

   Instead of through radio signals, suppose we Earth Humans were 'destined to be contacted' by some other means of "pattern recognition", possibly involving mathematical constants encoded, somehow, into the structural design or into the latitude/longitude placement of huge ancient monuments or pyramids, for example ?

I've been studying the work of a man named Carl P. Munck since the early 1990s, and I'm convinced that he has read and decoded a clear, obvious, redundant, intelligent communication . . . across time and space ... from the surfaces of both Earth and Mars. Indeed, this involves reading the unambiguous mathematical evidence that is clearly exhibited in the structural design and in the precise latitude and longitude positioning, of 'The Face' and 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia on Mars . . . according to the work of a professional cartographer who examined photos of the Cydonia area taken during the 1976 NASA Viking mission.

On three separate occasions, Munck's work and conclusions regarding the artificiality of both 'The Face' and 'The D&M Pyramid' were simply "ignored" by NASA , upon receipt of the reports from Carl P. Munck during the 1990s. Munck has received well over 100 'rejection slips' from various publishers regarding his detailed and compelling work. He has therefore self-published his work.

The breakthrough involving the structures on Mars happened in the very early 1990s when Munck, Richard C. Hoagland, and Erol O. Torun were collaborating. Torun is a professional cartographer, having worked for many years for the Defense Mapping Agency (this agency's name was changed about two years ago, says Torun.) It was Munck who suggested, back around 1990 or so, that maybe a prime meridian for longitude measurement passed through the center of 'The D&M Pyramid' ... in the same way that (Munck had already determined) the Earth prime meridian passed through the center of The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.  When Munck applied Torun's map numbers to this hypothetical Martian prime meridian, everything fell dramatically into place. Giza and Cydonia, in several ways, could now be seen as true 'analogues' to one another.

'The Face' Relative-to 'The D&M Pyramid'

    Torun's map showed 'The Face' to be centered at almost exactly ....

41 deg 11 min 10 sec North

Munck recognized this as a 'Grid Latitude' of .... 1440 x Pi . . .or, 41 deg x 11 min x 10.03080581 sec North

= 4523.893421 North

= 1440 x Pi

Pi is a math constant ... the ratio of circumference-to-diameter of any given circle or sphere. And 1440 is exactly 4 times 360 . . . with 360 being the number of arc-degrees on any circumference, according to "our" math conventions!

But it was the prime meridian through the center of 'The D&M Pyramid' that really clinched 'The Face' as a true "SIGN" of intelligence.  According to Torun's map, Munck measured the longitude distance from the center of 'The D&M Pyramid' eastward to the middle of the nose on 'The Face' .... as just slightly over 6.89 arc-minutes. Again, Munck recognized a probable 'Grid Longitude' of ....

(2Pi / 3) x (Pi / 3) x Pi = 6.890283706 E.Cydonia

As Munck says, that's "a nice Pi-multiplex" !!!

Grid Point Value of 'The Face'

    The intersection point of latitude/longitude is represented, in this re-discovered "planetary math matrix", by the ratio of a given site's Grid Latitude to its Grid Longitude, always greater-than-one. This resulting figure is called the Grid Point Value :

4523.893421 / 6.890283706 = 656.56127

This is the Grid Point Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars. Notice the following terms, or "entities", in this equation :

656.56127 = (360 x RAD deg) / (10 x Pi)

Note : 'RAD deg' is the "Radian (degrees) measure", a math constant that is the arc-distance on a circumference which is equal to the radius distance of the same given circle or sphere. In arc-degrees, this is equal to 57.29577951 .... to eight decimal places. This is an irrational number, just as the Pi constant is an irrational number equal to . . . 3.141592654 . . . to nine decimal places. Of course, "our" math conventions have 360 arc-degrees on a circumference !!! The relationship between the Radian (deg) constant, the Pi constant, and the 360 degree "convention" can be shown by the following equation :

RAD deg x 2Pi = 360 deg

Isn't it amazing that the Grid Point Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars is *showing* us four main elements of "our own" math and number system ?!?! We are being shown, assuming we are able to read it, the Pi constant, the Radian (deg) constant, the number 360, and the number 10 .... as in "base ten". How could this NOT BE an obvious "SIGN" of *extraterrestrial* intelligence ?!?

It is blatantly and wonderfully obvious, according to some brilliant work that has been "ignored" and suppressed, that we have already found unambiguous evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence.

______ (c) 1998 by Michael Lawrence Morton ______

June 19, 1998

Rennes Le Chateau and Bethlehem

by Michael Lawrence Morton

    Here are my figures for Rennes Le Chateau and for Bethlehem . . . based on the system of Carl P. Munck for calculating Grid Latitudes and Grid Longitudes, and the ratio (greater-than-one) being Grid Point Value for a given site or structure.  I discovered these figures in 1996 and 1997, and I've sent them to Carl P. Munck and to others.

As a starting point, I used the figures of Bruce Cathie from his book "The Harmonic Conquest of Space" .... on page 109. I then applied Munck's system.

Rennes Le Chateau

    Grid Longitude 28 deg x 52 min x 11.33323111 sec W.Giza

= 16501.1845 W.Giza

= 288 x RADIAN deg

(E.Greenwich longitude translates to 02 deg 15 min 49.46676889 sec)

Grid Latitude 42 deg x 55 min x 44.88311688 sec North

= 103680 North

= 4 Earth Precession Cycles in Years ..... 4 x 25920

Grid Point Value 103680 / 16501.1845 = 6.283185307

= 2Pi

Note : I think this is a major discovery, especially when taken within the context of the work done by David R. Wood and Ian Campbell involving the area around Rennes Le Chateau, the "Circle of Churches", and the "Extended  Star Pentagram" (see the books "Genisis" and "Geneset" by these two  authors).


    At this site (Bethlehem), I hold out the possibility ... even the probability . . . of two significant Grid Points.  I don't want to get into ALL of the details, here, as to 'why' I'm proposing a probability of two in this case as opposed to one, but this is just to say that I propose two here, at this time.

Grid Longitude 04 deg x 03 min x 54 sec E.Giza

= 648 E.Giza

(E.Greenwich longitude translates to 35 deg 11 min 54.8 sec)

Grid Latitude 31 deg x 41 min x 33.47377679 sec North

= 42545.1703 North

= 12.96 x [(RADIAN deg) Squared]

Grid Point Value 42545.1703 / 648

= 65.656127

= 'The Face' @ Cydonia Grid Point Value / 10

This is another major discovery, when considered within the context of the birthplace of the historical Jesus Christ, and this corroborates the 'connections' between the historical Jesus Christ and the locale of Rennes Le Chateau .... and therefore, this also supports the work of David R.Wood, Ian Campbell, Bruce Cathie, and Carl P. Munck. In addition, this shows a "direct connection" between the birthplace of the historical Jesus Christ and the exact location (on Mars) of 'The Face' @ Cydonia.

Grid Longitude 648 E.Giza . . . same as above

Grid Latitude 31 deg x 41 min x 33.6490952 sec North

= 42768 North

Grid Point Value 42768 / 648

= 66

= Height of The Great Sphinx from base to crown in Feet

= Double 33

Note: length of The Great Sphinx in Feet is 240 ..... 66 + 240 = 306

The number 306 refers to the azimuth in degrees of the location of the northwestern corner of the "Ground Temple" after axis-adjustment relative to the original "Circle of Churches" alignment, involved in a crucial part of the work of David R. Wood and Ian Campbell.

Further note on 306 . . . 144 + 162 = 306

This refers to the sum of the two "harmonics" discussed by Bruce Cathie in his work on the 'geomagnetic grid' of Earth. These are his harmonics for "theoretical maximum light-speed" ..... 162000 nautical miles per second, equal to 144000 nautical miles per "grid second" ..... a ratio of 8:9 in operation here.

Further Note : If we multiply the two proposed Grid Point Values for the Bethlehem site . . .

65.656127 x 66 = 1.32 x [(RADIAN deg) Squared]

The number 1.32 is a base-ten 'harmonic' (see Bruce Cathie) of 13200, and I think 13200 statute miles is the intended/actual/ideal (?) .... polar circumference of Mars. How does this fit in with Bethlehem and/or The Great Sphinx ? Munck has determined a Grid Point Value for The Great Sphinx of exactly 5400 .... a base-ten 'harmonic' of 54 ..... and I have determined an exact number of 54 for the E.Giza longitude seconds of BOTH proposed Bethlehem Grid Points. And, the known arc-distance on Earth from pole-to-equator is exactly 5400 nautical miles. A 'next logical step', here, would be to go into the Grid Latitude of Stonehenge .... which is exactly 21600 .... the polar circumference of Earth in nautical miles . . .

51 deg x 10 min x 42.35294116 sec North = 21600 North

(That's exactly where Stonehenge is centered north of the equator . . . see Carl P. Munck).

______ (c) 1998 by Michael Lawrence Morton ______

June 3, 1998

Joe's note:  Here are some interesting related sites:  

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[Joe's Note:  The following article was originally an e-mail from Michael in response to the question, " Does Munck apply a computational calculus?"]    

"Faces" On Earth And Mars

by Michael Lawrence Morton

OK . . . I'll talk about Munck's numbers for 'The Face' @ Cydonia, and its longitude position relative-to 'The D&M Pyramid' here, as well as looking at 'The Old Man of the Mountain' in New Hampshire, USA. (And more, as well).

You asked about the 'rules/procedures' for computing or determining the Grid Point Values, etc. Of course. Yes, there are general rules/procedures . . . but, yes . . . there are exceptions . . . but the exceptions MAKE SENSE ! And, you can 'be on the alert' for them after you learn a little bit about them . . . and 'The Face' @ Cydonia is an example of one of these 'exceptions'. Remember . . . the mapping for the part of Cydonia where 'The Face' and 'The D&M Pyramid' are located, was done by a professional cartographer who has been employed by the Defense Mapping Agency.  So, we know the latitude/longitude numbers there are correct.

And where is the ancient Prime Meridian for longitude on Mars?  It runs right through the center of 'The D&M Pyramid' . . . just as The Great Pyramid was the ancient marker for Prime Meridian on Earth.

In general, a Grid Longitude is calculated by a site's (centered) number of longitude degrees x minutes x seconds. For sites to the west of Greenwich, England (if you are using W.Greenwich longitude), we add on 31 deg + 08 min + 0.8 sec to the W.Greenwich longitude . . . to adjust to W.Giza longitude.  Longitude is measured east and west from the meridian running through the center of The Great Pyramid.  Of course, it 'works' for E.Giza longitude, too.  In general, Grid Latitudes are calculated the same way . . . a site's (centered) number of degrees x minutes x seconds.  A Grid Point Value is found by calculating the exact ratio of Grid Longitude to Grid Latitude . . . larger number ALWAYS over smaller number.

Now . . . sometimes there is "less than one" degree, and/or minute, and/or second involved in the latitude or longitude siting.  In these situations, there can be a number of solutions.  The one that "makes the most sense" . . . in terms of its numbers in relation to other sites in this matrix . . . will be the solution. You need to 'learn' this matrix in order to "know" this.  You CAN learn this and know this. It was designed to be learned and known by ANYONE capable of self-referential awareness.

The Old Man of the Mountain

Now, the ' The Old Man Of The Mountain '.  This site is a carved 'profile' in rock.  Because this is not a 'full face or head' . . . does that mean it is not carved?   No.  It is definitely in this matrix . . . and it certainly was put there intentionally by high intelligence (and high technology).

Grid Longitude 102 deg x 49 min x 2.977793679 sec = 14883.01281 W.Giza

= 480 x (Pi Cubed)

Grid Latitude 44 deg x 09 min x 38.84400782 sec = 15382.2271 North

= 16 x (Pi Cubed) x (Pi Cubed)

Grid Point Value 15382.2271 / 14883.01281 = 1.033542556

Some people say that you can only see the 'profile' from the north . . . when you move a half-mile or so, it 'disappears'.  Does this invalidate this site as an important node in this matrix?  I think not . . . due to much more 'evidence' here to follow.

Motley Mound at Poverty Point

Munck has discovered that there are other human-like 'faces' as 'nodes' in this matrix, in addition to 'The Face' @ Cydonia.  There is another 'profile'; seen from aerial view . . . near Poverty Point, Louisiana.  This one is very large, and can only be recognized from above!  The grid point here is centered on the "eye" of the face profile . . . a mound called "Motley Mound".

Grid Longitude 122 deg x 32 min x 15.85026687 sec = 61879.44187 W.Giza

= 1080 x RADIAN deg

(Note : Radius of our Moon is 1080 statute miles)

Grid Latitude 32 deg x 39 min x 25.96153846 sec = 32400 North

= Square of 180

= (Pi x RADIAN deg) Squared

Grid Point Value 61879.44187 / 32400 = 1.909859317


In Peru, there is a huge full-head sculpture in rock at Marcahuasi, also a node in this matrix.

Grid Longitude 107 deg x 43 min x 19.40840618 sec = 89298.07684 W.Giza

= 2880 x (Pi Cubed)

= Grid Latitude of The Great Pyramid

Grid Latitude 11 deg x 46 min x 47.3290186 sec = 23948.48341 South

= [(1.909859317) Squared / Pi] x (RADIAN deg) x 360

(Note : 1.909859317 is Grid Point Value of the "eye" mound . . . 'Motley Mound' at the Poverty Point, Louisiana face profile).

Grid Point Value 89298.07684 / 23948.48341 = 3.72875707

The Face at Cydonia - On Mars

Now, 'Face' @ Cydonia The . . .

Grid Longitude 06.890283706 min E.Cydonia . . . so, here we have a case where the position of a site is less than a degree to the East of the Martian Prime Meridian.  Obviously, if we use zero as a term, everything 'zeroes-out', so we can't use the general procedure for calculating a Grid Longitude here.  It turns out that because Munck was very familiar with this matrix . . . having re-discovered it . . . he was able to recognize a "pi-multiplex" here . . . three terms, multiplied, involving basic fractions of Pi . . .

(2Pi / 3) x (Pi / 3) x Pi

So, in this case, the Grid Longitude of 'The Face' @ Cydonia is its actual longitude E.Cydonia.

Grid Latitude 41 deg x 11 min x 10.03080581 sec = 4523.893421 North

= 1440 x Pi

Grid Point Value 4523.893421 / 6.890283706 = 656.56127

= (36 / Pi) x RADIAN deg

We have now described four kinds of 'faces' . . . three on Earth and one on Mars.  It is very interesting, to say the least . . . :-) . . . how these are related to one another.

Recall from above, the Grid Latitude of the Old Man Of The Mountain . . .

15382.2271 North.

If we divide that figure by the Grid Point Values of the faces/heads at Marcahuasi and Cydonia, we get a familiar constant . . .

(15382.2271) / (3.72875707) / (656.56127) = 6.283185307

= 2Pi

There are 2Pi Radians . . . 2Pi x RADIAN deg . . . on the circumference of any true circle or sphere.

If we multiply the Marcahuasi face/head times 'The Face' @ Cydonia . . . we get the Grid Point Value of The Great Pyramid TIMES the Square of Pi . . .

3.72875707 x 656.56127 = 2448.157478

= 248.0502134 x (Pi Squared)

If we multiply the Grid Point Values of the Old Man Of The Mountain, Motley Mound, and 'The Face' @ Cydonia, we get the Square of the number 36 . . .

1.033542556 x 1.909859317 x 656.56127 = 1296

As Munck points out, these are THREE faces 'showing' us a 'product' of 1296.  So, if we divide 1296 by 3, we get 432 . . . a number which means "consecration" in the ancient lost science of Gematria.

As I've said in earlier posts to this list, the people behind the Cover-Ups can give us 'bogus, doctored, mutilated' images from MGS . . . but they CANNOT take away the precise LOCATIONS . . . the actual Grid Points . . . of 'The Face' @ Cydonia and 'The D&M Pyramid'. We have the 1976 Viking photos already analyzed and documented.  We already HAVE the PROOF!!!  In fact, every time they 'doctor' or otherwise attempt to obfuscate an image, they are only further incriminating themselves.  

Michael Lawrence Morton

April 24, 1998

Major Discovery
Phi, 18 And Poussin's Secret

by Michael Lawrence Morton

I've just now (tonight) figured out . . . using Carl Munck's Grid Point Value for 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars . . . an equation for this Grid Point Value, which directly and specifically involves the following terms:

1) Phi . . . The Golden Section . . . 1.618033989
2) Pi . . . circumference over diameter (ratio) . . . 3.141592654
3) 360 ... our conventional number of degrees on a circumference
4) 10 ... the number of our standard counting base
5) Radian (deg) . . . arc-distance (assuming 360 degrees) on a given circumference, equal to the radius distance of the same given circle or sphere . . . 57.29577951 (deg)
6) 18 . . . an important number involved in pentagonal geometry and in 5-fold symmetry.

Carl P. Munck, Sr. has found the Grid Point Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars, to be 656.56127. I then noticed that 656.56127 is equal to a specific interaction involving 4 basic elements (terms) of our geometry and our standard base-ten counting system.

I've posted this particular equation several times on the Internet . . .

656.56127 = [360 X Radian (deg)] / (10 X Pi)

Here is the equation I have just discovered, for the Grid Point Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars, involving all 6 terms listed above:

                                 18 X Phi X Radian (deg)
656.56127 =      ____________________
                           Pi X COS ( 360 / 10)

[Note : the cosine of (360 / 10) is equal, of course, to COS 36. I wanted to show the implied interaction between 360 and 10, here.]

Regarding the interaction of the number 18 and the Phi constant, a work of David R. Wood and Ian Campbell (1995) entitled "Poussin's Secret", discusses this at length. Wood and Campbell, in this work, analyze one of Nicolas Poussin's most famous paintings . . . "Les Bergers d'Arcadie" ["The Shepherds of Arcadia"], and they show a stunning knowledge in evidence within the proportions of this painting, of pentagonal geometry and also of related information involved in the intrigue of Rennes le Chateau in the South of France.

Apparently, regardless of whether Poussin was consciously aware of the extra-terrestrial aspect, we now have a solid inter-connection involving a famous seventeenth-century painting, Rennes le Chateau, and 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars.

Michael Lawrence Morton
January 16, 1999
(c) copyright 1999

Michael Lawrence Morton graduated from Franklin and Marshall College
(Lancaster, Pennsylvania) in 1973 with a B.A. degree in English Literature.
He is an independent researcher into lost and suppressed human history
and culture. He is an archeocryptographer and an alpha-numerologist.

To contact Michael Lawrence Morton, please e-mail him at Milamo@aol.com,

or phone him at 412-921-9116 in Pittsburgh, PA.

End of Part Two

If you have any questions or comments e-mail JOE MASON

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