11-24-97 - DREAM - I was going into a school, but outside the door, an investigation was going on about a murder. The witness to the clues told the officials that the main clue was found by the 3rd bush over. I saw a series of bushes going back from the street. The clue was a handful of blue and white snot.

I went inside the building where there were mothers and children. Most of the children were neglected or wearing inappropriate or wearing mis-sized clothes. One mother was so neglectful, I helped her child to get clean and appropriate clothes.

There was a meeting in the Big bosses office and he delayed it because he was taking a shower.

I wanted to get dressed and go home and get something to eat, but had to wait until the big boss was done with his shower. I finished with the child and left the building to go home.

NOTE: After I woke up, I laid there remembering the dream, I heard a large explosion. The voice said, "The people of Savannah, Georgia have to get out of there."

As I was thinking about that, I slipped back into the previous dream where I was outside the building. Again, the woman said,"The clue is in front of the 3rd bush over, it's handful of blue and white snot. I then pulled some snot out of my own right nostril to look at it. It was white with blue globs in it. President Clinton's voice then said, "He will not finish out his term. He's in his first year."




6-16-93 - DREAM - I was in a cold place, I thought it was Europe. We had to go to Chicago on a train to shut down some place that had a TV radio receiver. There were a lot of people going to Chicago. We all got on the train at the front and had to walk all the way to the back and sat down from the last seat at the back, one seat at a time, towards the front.

I was in the last car, second seat from the end. An older woman was in the last seat. It was so cold, everyone was being covered with brown fur robes. The woman next to me, asked for another robe because she was so cold. The female conductor opened a large cupboard at the back of the train and began pulling out fur robes which were stored there and began passing them out.

We got to Chicago and I was given the TV and radio plus some other receiving equipment. There was nothing wrong with any of the equipment. I decided my son should have it. I looked at the train and told someone we would be taking it East.

I was then in south Georgia, talking to a woman who was standing in a severe snowstorm. She said that even worse weather was coming.

At that time, my son had not yet gone to Chicago to get the TV, radio and other receiving equipment. He was not required to dismantle it, because it was still usable, but it was his option to take it apart and use the parts for his own receiving equipment.


7-15-00 - DREAM - (portions) I was at a party for a variety of children. They were playing with trains on the floor. I thought I heard a real train coming and sure enough there were real tracks coming through a portion of this building. However, there was a young teenage boy pulling boards out that held the tracks out. I stopped him and put the boards back, and took a loose stick and poked it at the boy until he backed away from the track. He kept saying, "I hate people, I hate people, I hate people."

I kind of led him towards the other children who were playing with a huge set of toy trains on the floor that were in a maze shape. The treat train track was now connected to the toy train set.

NOTE: On 7-31-99 - A man in Atlanta, Ga killed his wife and children, the went to a daytrading office and killed 12 people.

continuing the dream:  I then left there and was driving a grey car. There was an obstacle in the road so I drove the car up on the side of the street over a cobblestone area. There I saw a car coming from the other way with the same idea. I slammed on the brakes and stopped short of hitting the car. The cars came to a stop...not touching but then like a gently kissed sides in a gentle touch.

I left there, now on a large tricycle and was going through a narrow passageway. There was an even narrower like a gateway that I knew the handlebars wouldn't fit through. I planned to turn the handlebars sideways to get through. There was a woman standing there to help me. There were a lot of women ahead and sitting way at the end was a woman dressed in a long black gown and looking very unhappy. It looked like Joe's ex-wife Debbie.


1-23-00 - (2:45 a.m.) VISION - I saw two fold-out pages in a magazine of city streets. The scenes were rather yellowish. The second fold-out page was brick red. A voice said, "A woman who is going to be showing these cities on television at 9:30 a.m. and an earthquake will strike at 9:33 a.m.

NOTE: I turned on the TV at MY 9:30 a.m. Nothing was live on the news channel, but they showed, Clinton, Iowa, Atlanta, Georgia, somewhere in South Carolina, New York City, and Miami in that order.


3-11-02 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin, WI. I was riding in a car with a female friend of mine. She had a beautiful daughter with long blonde hair. She was so loved, she was treated like a treasure, by everyone. But the child decided to test that love by humiliating her mother in public. She jumped out of the car and lay in the road in a skimpy underwear , then refused to get up.

Her mother didn't know what to do. She didn't want to yell at her or punish her in public. Other cars were coming who would witness this rebellion.

I finally dragged the girl off the road by one arm, but it was cold and snowy still in late spring and it was freezing cold. The girl merely rolled over and stuck her head down an open well which turned her beautiful hair 'blue', almost drowning herself. I grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to her feet, pulling her blue hair into a long straight mass, just as another dark-haired woman drove up and stopped to see what was wrong.

I glibbly and embarrasedly said, "We are just posing for a magazine - we are just posing for a magazine."

As I woke up, a city name, Atlanta Georgia jumped into my head.

NOTE: On 3-14-02, there was a massive car/truck pileup near Atlanta, Georgia because of heavy fog.

NOTE: On 3-12-02, my friend Michelle was mortified because of her young daughter's behavior when she took her to the YWCA for a gymnastic class. The other mothers there were angry because of her behavior in class too.


2-4-03 - DREAM-VOICE by Michelle - as I woke up, I was hearing a black man singing, who sounded like Nat King Cole. He was singing Georgia on my Mind, and the song drifted into 'A New York State of Mind'.

NOTE:  These are lovely songs, but considering what has just happened in New York City, it seems rather ominous.


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a friend of mine just updated his web page with a cherokee prophecy that was handed down to him thru his family .. and when I read this portion of the page:


<< In the year 2004 and 2012 an alignment will take place both on the Cherokee Calendar and in the heavens of the Rattlesnake Constellation both. It is the time of the doublehead serpent stick. It is the time of the Red of Orion and Jupiter against **White Blue** of Pleadies and Venus. It is the time of the Uku's choosing. It is the time of the Beloved Woman and MYSTERIES OF TIME UNTIME. It is the Time Untime of the THUNDERBOLT and the spirits of Lightning Mountains. >>

it reminded me of the portion of your dream in which there was white/blue mucus coming out of people's noses

an interesting note is that of smell .... and its meaning spiritually in connection to them being running ........ signifying a bunch of spiritual sick people needing healed