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Letters and Papers of Governor John Henry of Maryland: Member of Continental Congress 1777-1788,...

By John Henry

Governor John Henry of MD - 1788.

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There are some mysteries in our family. Granny Zora told the family that we were descended from the famous Patrick Henry.
We set out to prove this story as fact, and so far, we haven't found the connection.  Perhaps granny meant that we were
related to Patrick Henry, rather than descended from him.  It's easy to track Patrick Henry's descendants since he is
rather famous.  It was more difficult to track the ancestors of granny Zora, but with the help of ancestry.com and other
family members who have worked at gathering information, we have quite a lot of facts, which we've been able to
prove by looking at the various available census pages, and tracking family members ourselves.
 So far, it appears
possible that perhaps Joseph Henry Sr. could possibly be a brother or cousin to Patrick Henry. The dates of birth within the
family, don't seem to prove that we are actually 'descended' from Patrick Henry.

1-10-07- Several Henry surnamed relatives had their DNA tested. It is easily apparent our Henry's are not
descended from nor related to Patrick Henry. The blood types are not the same.




Zora spent her youth in a log cabin, having traveled by covered wagon through Indian Territory from Missouri to Oklahoma with the Sooners. Her memories were of gathering wild rose honey, of being sent to the bubbling spring to bring the home-made butter and milk box for her mother, of the log school house her father helped build, of her having too learn to sew, quilt, crochet, and cook when she really wanted to be out with her brother fishing, hunting, breaking horses, climbing fences, and wading streams. She thought the smartest thing her father ever did was to write verses and that the cleverest thing her brother did was the way he could whittle wood into any shape he wanted to. She decided that more than anything else she wanted to learn to do were these two things.

"Aim high, my Daddy told me when I was very small,

Look up and tiptoe if you want to grow real tall,

And when you want to travel if you wish to go real far,

Build a good strong wagon, and hitch it to a star."

 We've provided family photographs to help prove that we were related to certain people. Some mysteries remain and we are
still attempting to gather facts about certain people.  An example of this is Claire Curry, one of granny Zora's daughters.
We are told that Claire once placed in the Miss Kansas City beauty pageant. We recently verified that she
went to New York city, and became a member of the Earl Carroll Vanities show. That fact is verified with newspaper
articles and that is where another of granny Zora's daughters met and married the piano player there and they
together created our family as it is today. Other verification of certain information about Claire is missing - i.e.
her date of death, and how she died. Rumour is that maybe she committed suicide there because of a
bad romance, or maybe she got married and changed her name. We did hear a rumour that she was in love with
Earl Carroll's brother James. We haven't been able to find and prove her date of death though one family member has
written that it was in 1948 in California. This is an interesting date because Earl Carroll and his long time girlfriend also
died in 1948 in a horrible plane crash. We think perhaps she was in grief for them when she died.
 Another interesting family story remains a mystery. The husband of one of granny Zora's
daughters was called "Chief Jimmy" because he said he was related to the Chief of the Cherokee indians who
sold the Indian land which created the tragedy of the Trail of Tears.  We haven't verified that piece
of informaton yet either - if it is verifiable. Since Chief Jimmy was a bootlegger and quite a character,
maybe it is just a 'story' and not truth. We are still looking to find that piece of information.

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Patrick Henry

Name: (Gov) Patrick HENRY

Sex: M

Birth: 29 MAY 1736 in Studley Plantation, Hanover Co., Va

Death: 6 JUN 1799 in Red Hill Plantation, Charlotte Co., Va

Burial: Red Hill Plantation, Charlotte Co., Va

Note: Named after his father's brother, Rev. Patrick Henry. In his orations he emulated his uncle William Winston.

US orator, patriot, and politician in American Revolution; Virginia delegate to Continental Congress (1774-1776); advocated colonial defense preparations in 1775 speech containing line "Give me liberty, or give me death"; governor of Virginia (1776-1779, 1784-1786); member of three-person diplomatic mission sent by John Adams to normalize ties with France 1799, two years after XYZ Affair.

The Commonwealth of Virginia became independent in June 1776 when it adopted its first constitution. As soon as the commonwealth was established Patrick Henry was elected it's first governor. He moved into the palace at Williamsburg, where the English governors had lived. (Source: See 'Virginia,' & 'Henry, Patrick,' World Book Encyclopedia).

See timeline and other info at the Red Hill website at http://www.redhill.org/

Patrick Henry Timeline

1718 Patrick Henry’s uncle and namesake, The Reverend Patrick Henry, completed his Master of Arts at Marischal College of Aberdeen University. He was ordained in the Scottish Episcopal Church and later followed his brother to Virginia.

1720-1724 John Henry, Patrick Henry’s father, attended King’s College of Aberdeen University on scholarship.

1727 By this date John Henry and his brother were settled in Hanover County, Virginia.

1736 May 29: Patrick Henry was born at Studley, in Hanover County, the second son of John Henry and his wife, Sarah Winston Syme Henry. The couple had eleven children together. Two children died at young ages leaving two sons and seven daughters in the family.

1748 When Patrick Henry was about twelve, the family moved to Mount Brilliant in Hanover County. Henry was educated mainly by his father and his uncle.

Although Patrick Henry was baptized into the Church of England, he often attended Presbyterian services with his mother. The dramatic preaching of Samuel Davies and other ministers associated with the evangelical movement known as the Great Awakening was significant influence on Patrick Henry’s oratory.

1751 Patrick Henry apprenticed to a storekeeper as a clerk.

1752 Colonel John Henry set up a store for his sons, William and Patrick. They were too liberal with credit and the business failed.

1754-1763 French and Indian War between France and Great Britain.

1754 Patrick Henry married Sarah Shelton. Her dowry was a 600-acre tobacco farm in Hanover County named Pine Slash, a house, and six slaves.
Henry’s first effort at farming failed during the severe drought that afflicted Virginia.

1755 Patrick and Sarah Henry’s first child, Martha (Patsey), was born at Pine Slash.

1757 Fire destroyed the house and furnishings at Pine Slash. Patrick Henry sold their slaves and opened a store, but this business also failed.

John Henry was born sometime during 1757.

1760 Patrick and Sarah Henry moved to Hanover Tavern where Henry helped his father-in-law with the business. In his spare time, Henry read law and observed proceedings in the courthouse of Hanover County, across the street from the tavern.

April 15: After traveling to Williamsburg to be examined and admitted to the bar, Henry presented his law license to the court of Goochland County.

1763 William Henry was born in Hanover County.

December 1: Patrick Henry’s oratory gained its first public notice in The Parsons’ Cause, when he criticized the king for disallowing a statute, the Two-Penny Act, passed by the General Assembly of Virginia for the good of the colony.

1764 Patrick and Sarah Henry moved to Roundabout in Louisa County.

1765 May: Patrick Henry was elected to the House of Burgesses from Louisa County.

May 29: Henry introduced a series of resolutions against the Stamp Act and supported them with the “Caesar-Brutus Speech.” Copies of his resolutions, published in newspapers throughout the colonies, helped start the Revolution.

1767 Anne Henry was born at Roundabout.

1769 Betsey Henry was born in Hanover County.

1771 Patrick Henry purchased Scotchtown Plantation.

After the birth of their youngest child, Edward (Neddy) Henry, Sarah Henry’s mental health suddenly began to decline. The colony of Virginia had just opened a lunatic asylum in Williamsburg, but its facilities were more like a prison than a hospital. Confined by her insanity, Sarah lived out her life at Scotchtown in the care of people who loved her.

1772 Robert Carter Nicholas, one of the foremost lawyers in the colony, retired and gave his law practice to Patrick Henry.

Henry became a member of Virginia’s Committee of Correspondence.

1773 January 18: Patrick Henry described his attitude toward slavery in a letter to Robert Pleasants, a Quaker from Hanover County.

December 16: The Boston Tea Party. To protest the tax on tea, patriots disguised as Native-Americans threw a cargo of British East India Company tea into Boston Harbor. Parliament sent troops to close the port and force the colonists to submit. News traveled quickly to Virginia, where the burgesses declared a day of fasting and prayer before sending delegates to Philadelphia to confer with other colonial leaders.

1774 August: Patrick Henry was elected to the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia, where the united colonies developed a non-importation association that put pressure on British merchants by refusing to import British goods.

1775 Sarah Shelton Henry died at Scotchtown, having never regained her sanity.

March 23: In the Second Virginia Convention, at St. John’s Church in Richmond, Patrick Henry gave his Liberty or Death Speech in support of his resolution to raise forces to defend Virginia against the British.

April 19: The War for Independence began between the British army and the Massachusetts militiamen at Lexington and Concord, outside Boston.

April 20: Governor Dunmore of Virginia sent royal marines to remove the gunpowder from the Magazine in Williamsburg so that the patriots could not use it against the British troops.

May 2: Patrick Henry organized 150 men from Hanover County to march on Williamsburg and demand the return of the public gunpowder.

May 6: Dunmore issued a proclamation against “a certain Patrick Henry . . . and a Number of deluded Followers” who had organized “an Independent Company . . . and put themselves in a Posture of War.” A few weeks later, Dunmore and his family left the Palace in Williamsburg and took refuge on a British warship anchored in the York River.

August 26: Although Henry had no military experience, he was elected colonel of the First Virginia Regiment and commander-in-chief of the Virginia militia.

1776 February 28: Henry resigned his military appointment.

April 19: Henry was elected to represent Hanover County in Virginia’s Fifth Revolutionary Convention. This convention declared Virginia independent of Great Britain and adopted its first state Constitution, which included the Virginia Declaration of Rights. Henry may have drafted the 15th and 16th articles of the Virginia Declaration of Rights, which was an important forerunner of the Bill of Rights.

June 29: The convention formally adopted the Constitution and elected Patrick Henry as the first governor of the independent commonwealth of Virginia. He served three consecutive one-year terms as governor of the largest of the American states, and two additional terms in the 1780s.

October 9: Henry married Dorothea Dandridge, granddaughter of Alexander Spotswood, who had been governor of Virginia in the 1720s.

1777 October 17: American troops trapped General John Burgoyne’s 9,000 British troops at Saratoga, New York. The surrender of Burgoyne’s entire army convinced the French that they could enter the war against Britain.

1777-1778 Governor Henry worked hard to locate and ship supplies to George Washington and the American troops camped at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

1778 August 2: Patrick and Dorothea Henry’s first child, named for her mother, was born in the Governor’s Palace at Williamsburg.

1779 After his third term as governor, Patrick Henry moved his family to Leatherwood, a 10,000-acre plantation near the Virginia-North Carolina border. The citizens of Henry County, named for him in 1776, promptly elected him to the General Assembly.

1780 January 4: Sarah Butler Henry was born at Leatherwood.

May 12: The British captured Charleston, South Carolina, and General Charles Cornwallis began a campaign that eventually brought British troops north toward Virginia.

June 4: British raiders led by Benedict Arnold and Banistre Tarleton send Governor Thomas Jefferson and the legislature (including Patrick Henry) scurrying over the Blue Ridge Mountains to Staunton.

1781 June: When a legislator called for an investigation of the response to Arnold’s and Tarleton’s raids, Patrick Henry knew that Governor Jefferson had acted properly and would be exonerated of any wrong-doing. Jefferson, however, regarded the call for an investigation as a personal insult and blamed Henry for not stopping it. The friendship between the two patriots turned sour.

October 19: The American army and the French navy forced General Cornwallis to surrender at Yorktown.

November 3: Martha Catharina Henry was born at Leatherwood.

1783 August 15: Patrick Henry, Jr. was born at Leatherwood.

Believing that “every free state” should promote “useful knowledge amongst its citizens,” Henry helped create Hampden Sydney College in Prince Edward County. Six of his sons studied there.

1784 Patrick Henry’s bill to expand government support of teachers – most of whom were also ministers in the Episcopalian and Presbyterians churches – was defeated after he left the legislature. After much debate, the legislature adopted the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, which stipulates the separation of church and state on January 16, 1786.

November 17: Henry was elected to a fourth term as governor of Virginia.

1785 October 1: Fayette Henry was born at Salisbury.

November 25: Henry was re-elected to serve a fifth term as governor of Virginia.

1786 Henry moved to Pleasant Grove, in Prince Edward County, and resumed his law practice.

1787 Patrick Henry declined to serve at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

September 17: The Philadelphia Convention published its new plan of government. This new Constitution, still in force today, strengthened the central government and created the presidency and federal court system. When the convention rejected George Mason’s demand for a bill of rights, Mason refused to sign the Constitution.

1787-1788 Americans debated the proposed Constitution through the winter. Supporters of the Constitution called themselves Federalists. Patrick Henry was skeptical of the proposed Constitution and was one of the nation’s leading Anti-Federalists.

1788 March: Patrick Henry was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates and to the Virginia Convention of 1788.

June 2: Delegates convened in Richmond to decide on the Constitution. Henry’s eloquent speeches were transcribed by shorthand and were subsequently published.

June 2: Alexander Spotswood Henry was born at Pleasant Grove.

June 25: Virginia ratified the Constitution by a slim margin of 89 to 79. Strong arguments by Patrick Henry and the Anti-Federalists led to the passage of amendments to the Constitution that became the federal Bill of Rights.

1789 April 30: George Washington was inaugurated as the first president of America.

July 14: The fall of the Bastille marked the beginning of the French Revolution.

September 25: Congress passed twelve amendments to the Constitution, ten of which are eventually ratified by the states to become the federal Bill of Rights.

1790 April 7: Nathaniel West was born at Pleasant Grove.

1791 November 12: Henry retired from the House of Delegates to concentrate on paying off his debts and securing assets for his children.

December 15: Ten amendments to the Constitution were ratified, forming the Bill of Rights.

John Henry died in Henry County, leaving a wife and one son, Edmund.

1792 March 27: Richard Henry was born at Pleasant Grove.

Patrick Henry moved his family to a 3,500-acre plantation at Long Island on the Staunton River in Campbell County.

Reign of Terror in the French Revolution: King Louis XIV and thousands of leaders and citizens were executed by guillotine in Paris and other cities.

1793 Henry defended Richard Randolph in the famous Randolph Murder Trial and completed arguments on the British Debts Case.

August 24: Richard Henry died at Long Island.

1794 January 21: Winston Henry was born at Long Island.

Edward (Neddy) died on October 29th at New Glasgow. Winston was renamed Edward Winston.

Patrick Henry purchased Red Hill, a 700 acre estate on the Staunton River in Charlotte County. For two years he alternated living between Red Hill and Long Island, going to Long Island during the “sickly season.” His daughters preferred the social life at Red Hill, and Patrick Henry enjoyed the natural setting of Red Hill, calling it “one of the garden spots of the world.” Henry and Dorothea added a bedroom on the east side of the house where they could “hear the patter of rain on its roof."

1794-1796 Patrick Henry declined several appointments to high office owing to his poor health and the needs of his family. Henry declined requests that he represent Virginia in the United States Senate or serve as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Secretary of State, minister to Spain or France, or a sixth term as governor of Virginia.

1796 John Henry was born at Red Hill. He lived to inherit the house and half the acreage. He was buried at Red Hill next to his wife, Elvira McClelland Henry.

1798 The Alien and Sedition Acts prohibited criticism of government officials. Federalists used these new laws to imprison newspaper editors or politicians who disagreed with them. The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, secretly written by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, asserted a state’s right to declare the Alien and Sedition Acts unconstitutional.

January 21: Jane Robertson Henry was born at Red Hill and died on January 25th.

William Henry died in New Bern, N.C., where he held the office of sheriff. There was no mention of any children in his will.

1799 March 4: Although his health was failing, Patrick Henry made his last public speech to the voters at Charlotte County Courthouse. George Washington had convinced Patrick Henry to run in the election for the Virginia legislature. He won the election but died before the legislature convened that autumn.

May 22: Anne Henry Roane died at the home of her sister, Betsey Henry Aylett, in King William County. She was survived by her husband, Spencer Roane, and six children.

June 6: Patrick Henry died at Red Hill. Henry was 63 years old. His body was buried in the cemetery at Red Hill. The inscription on Patrick Henry’s tomb reads, “His fame his best epitaph.”

With his will, Patrick Henry left a copy of his Stamp Act resolutions and a note advising future generations to “practice Virtue thyself, and encourage it in others.”

1831 February 14: Dorothea Dandridge Henry died and was buried next to Patrick Henry at Red Hill.

1944 October 30: The Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation was created.

1986 May 12: Congress designated Red Hill as the Patrick Henry National Memorial.


1250 Red Hill Road | Brookneal, Virginia 24528

434-376-2044 | Toll Free 1-800-514-7463

         Father: (Col) John HENRY b: ABT. 1704 in Scotland
         Mother: Sarah WINSTON b: ABT. 1710 in Hanover Co., Va

         Marriage 1 Sarah SHELTON b: in Rural Plains, Va

  •                Married: OCT 1754 in Studley, Hanover Co., Va


  1. Martha "Patsy" HENRY b: 1755 in Pine Slash, Hanover Co., Va
  2. John HENRY b: 1757 in Hanover Co., Va
  3. William HENRY b: 1763 in Hanover Co., Va
  4. Anne HENRY b: 1767 in Roundabout, Louisa Co., Va
  5. Elizabeth "Betsey" HENRY b: 1769 in Hanover Co., Va
  6. Edward "Neddy" HENRY b: 1771 in Virginia

       Marriage 2 Dorothea DANDRIDGE b: 25 SEP 1757 in Hanover Co., Va

  •                 Married: 9 OCT 1777 in Hanover Co., Va


  1. Dorothea Spotswood HENRY b: 2 AUG 1778 in Governor's Palace, Williamsburg, Va
  2. Sarah Butler HENRY b: 4 JAN 1780 in Leatherwood Plantation, Henry Co., Va
  3. Martha Catherine HENRY b: 3 NOV 1781 in Leatherwood Plantation, Henry Co., Va
  4. Patrick HENRY b: 15 AUG 1783 in Leatherwood Plantation, Henry Co., Va
  5. Fayette HENRY b: 1 OCT 1784 in Salisbury, Va
  6. Alexander Spotswood HENRY b: 2 JUN 1788 in Pleasant Grove, Va
  7. Nathaniel West HENRY b: 7 APR 1790 in Pleasant Grove, Va
  8. Richard HENRY b: 27 MAR 1792 in Pleasant Grove, Va
  9. Edward Winston HENRY b: 21 JAN 1794 in Long Island, Campbell Co., Va
  10. John HENRY b: 1796 in Red Hill Plantation, Charlotte Co., Va
  11. Jane Robertson HENRY b: 21 JAN 1798 in Red Hill Plantation, Charlotte Co., Va

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Father: Thomas Henry
b: About 1719 in Northern Ireland
September 27, 1787 (on tombstone) in Gaston County, NC

b: about 1762


HENRY, THOMAS  File no. 250 (982) Gr. no. 11; Bk. 17, p. 53  (18, 50)
Plat: (nd), Surveyed for Thomas Henry, 600 A on Cherokee Creek
about 2 miles from Cherokee foard of Broad River including Joseph Clements Improvements
... by Francis Beaty, John Neill & Benja. Shaw, CB Iss. 21 Apr 1764

As early as 1765, settlers named Black apparently lived on homesteads in what is modern day eastern Rutherford County and upper Cleveland County NC. The same land originally was considered part of Anson County 1750-1762, Mecklenburg County 1762-1769, and Tryon County 1769-1779 (Tryon encompassed segments of NC and SC prior to the settlement of a border dispute).

Here are other landgrants for people mentioned on the page below:


KUYKENDAL, PETER File No 2078; Bk. 15, p. 461
200 A on fishing Creek adj. Kuykendals, Woods & McDowells ...
N side o Dickeys fork of sd. Creek ... 15 Nov. 1762 - by Arthur Dobbs
This same property was recorded earlier in Bk. 13, p 373 using the same date.

Warrent: Unto Abraham Kukendall, 600 A on N side Broad River on Sandy River...
4 Apr 1752 by Gab. Johnson

LEEPER, ROBERT File no. 842 (200) Gr. no. 338; Bk 10 p. 386 (2, 67)
800 A on S side Cataba below the mouth of S fork of Sd. river...
including his own improvement ... 30 Aug. 1753 by Matt Rowan


There are 4 pages of various Alexander. Write e-mail for this name

ARMSTRONG, JAMES FILE NO. 1091 (359) gr. No. 268; bk. 17, P 135 (18, 121)
Plat: 22 Mar. 1764, Surveyed for James Armstrong, 240 A on waters of Fishing Creek
adj. Abraham Kuykendal... by George Alexander. James Young & Moses Cotter,
C.B. ISS. 16. 1764 
page below states that Francis Beaty purchased land from James Armstrong

BEATY, FRANCIS File no. 999 (267); Gr. no. 27; bk. 18, p. 68 (17, 71)
Plat: Surveyed for Francis Beaty, 250 A on N side Allisons Creek.
1 1/2 miles below Cedar flatt ... branch of Crowders Creek (n.d.)
 By Hugh Beaty, D. Surv. John Slone, John Beaty, C.B. ISS. 21 Apr. 1764

HENRY, JAMES, File no. 932 (1653) ; Gr. no. 179; Bk. 17, p. 413 (18, 377)
Plat: Surveyed for James Henry, 100 A on the Ridge Between Fishing Creek & Rocky Creek
both sides Henry Run.
by Jhn Mck. Alexander, Dur. Alexander Brown, Will Sample, C.B. (n0 date) Iss. 25 Apr. 1767

HENRY, WILLIAM File no. 1127 (396); Gr. no 13, Bk. 18, p. 136 (17, 131)
Plat: Surveyed for Wm Henry 336 A on Reedy branch of Allison Creek, on S side of
Little Mountain including his own improvements adj. Barrs land
by Francis Beaty - D  Surv. (nd) David Watson, Thomas Clark, CB. Iss. 6 Apr 1765

HENRY, WILLIAM File no. 2402 (2124) Gr. no 200; Bk. 25, 221 (23, 112)
Plat: Surveyed for William Henry 488 A on S Fork Fishing Creek
adj John Ker, Oliver Wallace... 23 Dec. 1767
by Peter Johnston, Sr. Geroge McQuowns, James Wallace, CB Iss. 28 Apr. 1768

HENRY, WILLIAM File no. 1535 (814); Gr. no. 14, Bk. 18 p. 346 (17.378)
Plat: Oct. 1765, Surveyed for William Henry 190 A between S & N fork Fishing Creek
... Samuel McCance's (?) line ... Saml Neelys line ... Hug Whitesides line ...
William Neely's line ... Elliott's line ... Jno. McK. Alexander's
Surv. by Alexr Brown, Saml Neely, C.C. Iss. 22 Apr 1767

LEEPER, ROBERT File no. 841 (1562) Gr. no 72 Bk 17. p. 390 (18, 357)
325 A on W side Cataba on Mill Creek .. his own corner
William McCullohs line ... 23 Apr 1767  Wm Tryon

There is  David Porter, Matthew Porter, Samuel Porter but none of the Porter's listed below


HENRY, WILLIAM File no `83; Grant no. 177; Bk. 20, p. 582
Plat: Surveyed for William Henry, 100 A in Mecklenburg (stricken) Tryon County
on waters  of Allison Creek ... John Gordon corner - Febry 14th 1769
Peter Johnston, Survr. Andrew Patrick, Alexr. Henry, C.B. Grant Issued 16 Dec. 1769

NOTE: The eldest member of the family is in the far left column.
Succeeding generations and descendants follow the left to right and descending pattern.

Some of this information is not proven and subject to change.

Click on picture for full size map

Map of North Carolina - about 1790



History of the French Broad River

The French Broad got its name as a result of French
settlement in this region. "Broad"
was a common generic term for rivers.

The French Broad basin or watershed is
composed of 2,830 square miles of land in the mountains of North Carolina.

The main stem (the main river called the
French Broad from Rosman, North Carolina
to the Tennessee/North Carolina border ) is
117 miles long.

The entire French Broad River watershed
involves 8 counties of North Carolina:

Old Photos of the Area

This is important to know when looking for our Henry relatives in North Carolina

1746 - A key historical event that aided the migration of people from the Chesapeake to points west and southwest was the opening of a wagon road across the Blue Ridge Mountains in 1746. It became known as the Pioneer's Road, and it allowed for wagon traffic from Alexandria to Winchester, the westernmost town in Virginia at that time. Winchester lay along the Great Valley Road, and by traveling from Alexandria overland to Winchester, the route to access the Great Valley Road was shortened dramatically. Today, the Pioneer's Road approximates modern U.S. Hwy 50, which crosses the Blue Ridge Mountains via Ashley's Gap.

1791 - Buncombe County formed from Burke and Rutherford Counties.

1838 - Henderson County was formed from Buncombe County.

1762 - Mecklenburg County was formed from Anson County at a line "beginning
at Lord Carteret's (Earl Granville's) line, six miles northeast from Capt. Charles Hart's plantation on Buffalo Creek, and to run from thence to the mouth of Clear Creek, which empties itself into Rocky River, below Capt. Adam Alexander's, and from thence due south, to the bounds of the province of South Carolina."

1778 - Lincoln County was formed. Tryon was cut by a line "beginning at the south line near Broad River on the dividing ridge between Buffaloe Creek and Little Broad River, thence along the said ridge to the line of Burke County." All of Tryon to the west of this line became Rutherford County and to the east, became Lincoln County.

Lincoln County's boundaries were on the west, a line through the middle of current Cleveland County; on the north, Earl Granville's line; on the south, the South Carolina line; and, the eastern boundary was the Catawba River. This new county basically included all of present day Catawba and Gaston Counties, and a large part of Cleveland County. Lincoln County was named for a distinguished Revolutionary War leader, General Benjamin Lincoln.

1782 - Lincoln County was increased by the addition of a part of Burke County. 

The Burke-Lincoln line was amended in 1784. This made Lincoln County
approximately 56 miles long and 33 miles wide. Lincoln County remained this size from 1784 until the formation of Cleveland County in 1841.

1784 - State of Franklin is formed. North Carolina offers to cede an area of what is now eastern Tennessee to the federal government. The inhabitants retaliated by forming the State of Franklin, John Sevier was the governor. The United States refused to recognize Franklin and when Sevier's term expired in 1788, and no successor was chosen, North Carolina resumed control.

1789 - North Carolina ceded its western territory, present-day Tennessee, to the federal government.

from: http://www.rootsweb.com/~nccatawb/timeline.htm



3484 E Summer Hill Dr Salt Lake City Utah 84121

William Henry
b: 1695

Wm, Senr Henry
State: NC Year: 1790
County: Lincoln Roll: M637_7
Township: Unknown Township Page: 113 - Image: 0072???

William was father to Malcolm Henry
b: 1755

Father: Thomas Henry
b: About 1719 , son of a wealthy Irishman, was born in County Tyronne, Northern Ireland,, and came to Augusta Co. Va, in 1733 with his brothers, William and Malcolm Henry.

He came to N.C. in 1744

Death: 27 Sep 1787

(Burial: Goshen Presbyterian Churchyard, Lincoln  (Gaston) Co., North Carolina )  See gravestone

In memory of
Who departed this life Sept. the 27 1787 Aged
68 Years
We rest in hope
That though he slumber in the ground
That the last trumpets' joyfull sound
Will raise him up with sweet surprise
To praise his God beyond the skies


1    2    3    4   5   

M: Martha Isabella Shields
b: About 1720 (1729)
1729 in  Lincoln (Gaston) Cty, NC
Martha's Death: 30 DEC 1821

Family Connection?

Thomas Henry may have come to America from Ireland in 1733 -see above:  It is said that he was a carpenter, but it is evident that he was also a land speculator, as was his son Joseph.  His son Robert was also a land surveyor and was famous for laying out the state lines of North Carolina.

Martha Isabel's father was Robert Shields.  His will states:

SHIELDS, ROBERT, Letterkenny, yeoman.
April 23, 1774  1 April 1784.
Son Robert.
Dau. Isabel Henry.
Dau. Janet Swan.
Ex.:son Robert Shields.
Wit: Fras. Campble, Matthew. Henderson, John Henderson. D. 204.

marriage: about 1740, 1745
in Buncombe County  ???

Thomas Henry (Hendry) lived in VA prior to moving to NC

His revolutionary service is listed as follows:
Military--Thomas Henry was paid 60.15.8 pound currency by Colonel Archibald Lytle for service as a Private in the North Carolina Line and fought at the Battle of Eutaw Springs, South Carolina, 08 Sep 1781.
Civil--Thomas Henry served as a Grand and Petit Juror in Captain Mattox's district, Lincoln Co., NC, Jul 1779, as a Grand Juror in Lincoln Co., NC, Oct 1779 and Oct 1781, and as Constable for one year in Captain Moore's District, Lincoln Co., NC, beginning 16 Apr 1782.
Patriotic--Thomas Henry was paid 9,540 pound currency for furnishing sundries and wagon hire to the Militia of North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina.  Revolutionary War Pay Voucher No. 324, issued 26 Sep 1781, to Thomas Henry for 9,540 pound currency was listed in the Inventory of his Estate in Lincoln Co., NC, 01 Apr 1791

Thomas Henry b. 1719 ......
death 27 Sep. 1787 Lincoln  (Gaston) County North Carolina ...

Estate of Thomas Henry, Lincoln Co., NC, 11 Mar 1790 to 1 April 1791.


Robert Henry
b:  10, Feb. 1765 -Tryon, NC

m: Dorcas Bell Love
Birth: 09 Feb 1797; Haywood Co., NC. Marriage: 06 Sep 1814;
they had six children. She was only 12 when she married him.
Dorcas Bell Love Henry (1797-1857);

Of this marriage there were Eliza, who married a Tidwell and afterwards a Chandler; Robert Marshall Henry, a lawyer, who never married; Polly, who married Reuben Deaver; William L. Henry, who married a lady in South Carolina -name unknown; Martha Ann born June 29, 1825, who married Edward J. Arthur from Columbia, SC; James L. Henry, who married Molly Alexander of Salem, VA.

Mary Louisa Henry (dau. of Rob. and Dorcas ) b. 3 Sep 1815, m. Reuben Deaver

Martha's children were William L., who was born in April 1847, and died in August 1870; Edward Robert, who was born Nov. 9th, 1849-married Mary Ada Miller of Spartanburg County, S.C. and died February 1898, leaving a widow and two boys and one girl. John Preston-was born October 24th, 1851, unmarried, Fanny V., born April 1854-unmarried; Mary Bell, born in 1858, and died in 1895; Charles Frederick, born in 1856 and died in 1858.

Robert HENRY (1765-1863) NC. Death: 05 Feb 1857; Asheville, NC

ROBERT HENRY. He was born in Tryon (now Lincoln) county, N. C. in a roll pen, 10th January, 1765; was a lawyer and surveyor by profession; was one of the first settlers in Buncombe county; taught School on Swannanoa, the first school taught in Buncombe county.

By the 1790 United States Census, there were 1,000 settlers in the region, not including the Cherokee. These early settlers believed in education; by 1793 Robert Henry operated a subscription school called Union Hill (later Newton School).

CRUDE CULTIVATION. The ploughing was not very deep and the cultivation of the crops was far from being scientific. Yet the return from the land was generally ample, the seasons usually proving propitious. There was one year, however, that of 1863, when there was frost in every month. There was still another year in which there could not have been very much rain, as there is a -record of a large branch near the Sulphur Springs in Buncombe county having dried up completely. This was in Augrist of the year 1830. (Robert Henry's Diary.)

He died in Clay county, N. C. February 6th, 1863; wanting but four days of being 98 years old,

Carolina Wills
H. page 153
Robert,  1775
     Hugh, Margaret (wife),
Mary (married to John Cathey)
Joseph Henry (see below)
Jean Henry (Kinsey)

A Jean Kinsey is listed on the 1800 Census in New York City at head of household. In the household, the males were 0 0 0 3
females were 0 2 2 2

We don't know if this is our Jean or not.

Note: We have been informed that Jean Kinsey should be Jean Henry. 9-8-09


James Henry
b: 1752 ? (according to pension)
m (Esther Patterson)
10 Sep 1798
Lincoln County

County Court Records Lincolnton, NC and FHL # 0873860 item 21
Source: County Court Records at Lincolnton, NC & Family Hi
Bond #: 000073164
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 006127
County: Lincoln
Record #: 01 060
Bondsman: Robert Campbell

James L. Henry, Superior court judge.

Ordered by the Court that Henry Clark, John Patton, Joseph Harden, Charles McClain, James Henry, & John Robinson Serve as Venire men to attend at Salsbury on the 4 day of September 1769.

North Carolina, Tryon County to wit. July Court 1769. Present his Majestys Justices. Then were the Ordinary keepers Prices rated as Follows. That is to say.

Lodging in a Good feather Bed & Clean Sheets P'r Night £ 0 0 4

Breakfast & Supper Each 0 0 8

Every dinner not Less than 2 dishes of Good Meat 0 1 0

Madeira & Port win P'r Quart 0 3 0

Claret wine P'r Quart 0 4 0

Punch with Loaf Sugar & West India Rum Pr Qu't 0 1 6

Tody with Loaf Sugar & West India Rum P'r Quart 0 1 4

Tody with Loaf Sugar & New Engl'd Rum P'r Quart 0 0 6

James Henry, Private, SC Cont'l Line, $70.00 annual allowance, $210.00 amt recvd, June 25, 1833 pension started age 81. "On the pension roll as late as 1834, James Henry"


Rachel Henry
B: 1773
D: 18 Sep 1838

m (John McClure)
20 Dec 1792
Lincoln County

Groom: John McClure
Bride: Rachel Henry
Bond Date: 20 Dec 1792
Bond #: 000074320
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 003595
County: Lincoln
Record #: 01 085
Bondsman: Joseph Henry
Witness: John Dickson

children: William McClure
marriage: Margaret Sloan
13 Oct 1825 in Mecklenburg, NC, USA

Narcissa McClure
Born: 1805
Died: 8 Jan 1860
marriage: Thomas Henry
b: 1802 in Lincoln, NC

Died: 1 Aug 1836 in Belmont, Lincoln, NC, USA

Marriage: 10 May 1830 in , Lincoln, NC, USA

Thomas Henry was listed in the Lincoln Regiment in the war of 1812:



Jane Henry
b: 1762
m (Matthew Leeper)
18 Mar 1792
Lincoln County
Bond #: 000073997
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 003594
County: Lincoln
Record #: 01 078
Bondsman: Joseph Henry

In memory of Matthew Leeper
a Patriot of the Revolution/ born May 27, 1755 and died October 12, 1849 PHOTO

Sacred to memory of Jane H. Leeper who departed this life, April 1837 in the 75th yr of her life


Isaac Henry
B: 1771
D:17 May 1861
m: (Catharine Barnett)
B: 19 Feb 1779
marriage:30 May 1800
Mecklenberg County
Died: 22 Jul 1829 in Goshen Presbyterian Churchyard, Lincoln, NC, USA Edit

Children Sex Birth

Nancy M Henry F 4 Mar 1801
      m: Groom: Moses Ratchford
      Bride: Nancy M Henry
      Bond Date: 23 Mar 1822
      Bo nd #: 000075132
      NC Marr Bonds, 1741-1868
      ImageNum: 003595
      County: Lincoln
      Record #: 01 102
      Bondsman: Joseph L Vandyk
      Witness: Saml M'Kee

 Moses Ratchford was born 4 sep 1800, York District SC-died 13 Oct 1852, Lincoln Co. NC.

Isabella Henry F 4 Feb 1804
Groom: John Ratchford
Bride: Isabella Henry
Bond Date: 03 Apr 1823
Bond #: 000075133
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 003593
County: Lincoln
Record #: 01 102
Bondsman: Robert Alexander
Witness: Saml M'Kee

Dicy Henry F 1807

Mary J Henry F 29 Dec 1820

Thomas Henry M 2 (died as an infant)

Spouse 2

Mary Wells
    Mrs. Mary (Titman) Wells, 23
Born: 1775
Died: 9 Jul 1844
Marriage: 23 Oct 1830 in Lincoln, NC, USA
Bond Date: 23 Oct 1830
Bond #: 000073162
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 008470
County: Lincoln
Record #: 01 060
Bondsman: Thomas Henry

Mary was probably a Wells by marriage, not by birth. She was about 55 when she married Isaac. There were lots of Wellses in the area around Blacksburg Co., SC, southwest of Kings Mountain. Some in Lincoln Co., too.


Another Isaac Henry

Isaac Henry  
(16 Mar 1778 Mecklenberg Co., NC

d: 1853 - TN

1-1. Isaac Henry (16 Mar 1778 Mecklenberg Co., NC-Nov 1853 Manchester or Hillsboro, Coffee Co., TN) sp: (1) Catherine 'Kate' Sailing (8 May 1784-10 Jul 1841 TN) m: (4 Mar 1802 SC) sp: (2) Permelia, m: (aft. 1841 TN)

2-1. Jamima Henry (17 Jan 1803 SC-9 Nov 1839 TN)

2-2. James Henry (2 May 1805 SC-) sp: Luvica Brixey (abt. Mar 1811 Elbert Co., GA; of Fayetteville, Washington Co., AR-) par: (?) Jo

also an Isaac Henry .....

1-1. Isaac Henry (16 Mar 1778 Mecklenberg Co., NC-Nov 1853 Manchester or Hillsboro, Coffee Co., TN) sp: (1) Catherine 'Kate' Sailing (8 May 1784-10 Jul 1841 TN) m: (4 Mar 1802 SC) sp: (2) Permelia, m: (aft. 1841 TN)

2-1. Jamima Henry (17 Jan 1803 SC-9 Nov 1839 TN)

2-2. James Henry (2 May 1805 SC-) sp: Luvica Brixey (abt. Mar 1811 Elbert Co., GA; of Fayetteville, Washin

2-3 Caroline Henry b:1812 NC
2-4 William (age 13 in 1850 b:1837 in TN)
2-5  James (age 10 in 1850 b:1840 in TN)
2-6  Jane (age 6 in 1850 b: 1844 in TN)
2-7  George (age 7 mos in 1850 in TN)

Isaac's son???
Groom: Isreal W Henry
Bride: Martha Porter
Bond Date: 12 Nov 1839
Bond #: 000073163
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 006414
County: Lincoln
Record #: 01 060
Bondsman: E Milton Berry

-Nov 1853 Manchester or Hillsboro, Coffee Co., TN)
sp: (1) Catherine 'Kate' Sailing
(8 May 1784-10 Jul 1841 TN)
m: (4 Mar 1802 SC)
sp: (2) Permelia, m: (aft. 1841 TN)


John Henry
b: 10 Mar 1774
d: 17 Jul 1837

In 1800, the census shows 2 sons under age 5 and a wife.

John Henry married Polly Hill, 25 Jul 1799 Lincoln Co.

In 1820 the census shows 2 older sons and a wife and 3 slaves
East of the South Fork of the Catawba River

In 1830 he was living alone. His sons most likely moved out on their own by then. Perhaps his wife passed on.

buried near Thomas Henry in Goshen Churchyard is a John Henry b. Mar 10, 1774.


Margaret Henry
m (James Leeper)
04 Mar 1795
Lincoln County

Groom: James Leeper III
b:born Sept 1761 in Augusta Co., VA
Bride: Margaret Henry
Bond Date: 04 Mar 1795
Bond #: 000000020
North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 003594
County: Lincoln
Record #: 01 077
Bondsman: Jos Henry

22 Oct. 1765- Margaret Leeper's settlement recorded of estate of James Leeper - paid to the heirs viz:To Isiah Curry, Andrew Leeper, Wm. McMullen Geo. Leeper, Jno Seawright, Nicholas Leeper,Jno. Leeper,Margaret Leeper, Jr. Saml. Henderson, Jas. Leeper, Jr. in his lifetime.


Moses Pinson
Spouse: Margaret Henry  (different Margaret perhaps)
Birth Place: Orange County, NC
Birth Date: 1762
Parents: Aaron Pinson Pinson , Elizabeth Pinson


Moses Henry married Margaret, only child of John and Rebecca Clark Baldridge. who lived not far from the Henry Home, back of the Plantation now known as the Rose McLean place.

At King's Mountain where he fell mortally wounded on the field of Battle. He was carried to a Charlotte hospital where he soon died in spite of the tender ministrations of Dr. William McLean, a friend and a neighbor. He lies buried in Charlotte, the site if his grave unknown. Walton Hand, a great grandson, was buried in Charlotte.

In the 1830 census of Lincoln Co., there is a John Henry living one door away from Jonathan Gullick and Margaret Baldridge Henry Gullick, widow of Moses Henry (this is also close to the residence of James T. Henry, Moses' brother). If this is not Moses' son (and Moses Henry Hand's family history states unequivocally that Moses' son John went to Tennessee), then the likelihood is that this Thomas and Isabella's son, and his proximity to Moses' widow further suggests a family link between Thomas and our William Sr. Margaret Henry continued to run the family mill until she married Jonathen Gullick  She had several children all of whom moved to Tennesee except Milton who stayed at home with his mother Margaret Gullick.

Jonathen Gullick was the first person buried in New Hope Graveyard. Twelve or thirteen years later his wife died at the age of 93 and sleeps by his side. Hers was the second grave in the cemetery.

Rebecca, a daughter of Moses Henry and Margaret Baldridge Henry married Aaron Hand, and became the Ancestress of the Hand families of Lowell, Belmont, and many other to which have gone.

James T. (I suspect the T. is for Tanner) is buried next to his mother-in-law (and my 5th ggrandmother), Jane McIntire Russell. Jane's is the second oldest marker in the graveyard. It is a beautiful and well maintained cemetery.


From the Legacy Report


• Deed: 25 Jan 1764, Rowan Co., North Carolina. Francis Beaty of Rowan Co. to Thomas Henry of Rowan Co., cabinet maker, (lease s5, release L30,...land on S side S fork Cataba, adj. to a survey made for Jeremiah Potts...adj. Daniel Warlocks...patented to Robert McPherson 13 Mar 1756...Francis Beaty (Seal), Wit: James Rusk, James Beaty

NOTE: Two court documents give Francis Beaty's wife's name as Martha. (maiden name unknoen 9-8-09)

Wm Henry deemed an Exec - Oct 19, 1769.  Thos Henry rents land in Louisa Co. from Col. Patten. -Chalkey Vol 1

Tryon County, North Carolina
Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions 1769-1779

October term 1770

A Deed of Sale from John Sloan to Thomas Henry Dated the 28th day of Feb'y 1770 for 150 acres of Land proved by James Henderson Evidence thereto. Ordered to be Registered.

Taxes paid by Jas Henry   2 5 6

Tryon County, North Carolina Minutes Of The Court Of Pleas And Quarter Sessions 1769-1779

MECKLENBURG COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA DEED ABSTRACTS 1763- 1779 by Brent H. Holcomb, C.A.L.S. and Elmer O. Parker, page 133 and the abstract reads as follows- Volume 4, Page 749-750: Zachariah Routh & wf Elizabeth of Meck., to Michael Hoyle of same, for £ 100 proc. Money, 200 A on both sides of Long Creek a South branch of Catawba River, a little above the Great Falls near the land of Francis Beaty, purchased of James Armstrong, now David Staly (?), granted to Francis Beaty, 14 Apr. 1761, conveyed to Thomas Henry, then to Routh ... Zachariah Routh (Seal), Elizabeth Routh (X) (Seal). Wit: Frederick Hambright, John Th___(torn) Rec. Oct. Term 1768.

Volume 4, Page 324-327: 16 & 17 July 1767, Thomas Hendry & wf Isabella of Meck., Carpenter and Jointer to ZACHEUS RUTH of same, millwright (lease s5, release £ 40 NC money)...land on both sides Long Creek near the land that Francis Beaty purchased of James Armstrong now David S tanleys place ... granted to Francis Beaty (land surveyor)14 Apr. 1761 and conveyed to sd. Thomas Hendry ... Thomas Hendry (Seal), Isabella Hendry (Seal), Wit: James Cook, James Cook, James Henderson. Prov. Date not given. Both transactions found in MECKLENBURG COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA DEED ABSTRACTS 1763-1779 by Brent H. Holcomb, C.A.L.S. and Elmer O. Parker, page 109

1782 April: THOMAS ROBINSON and Thomas Henry ordered to serve as Constables in Cpt Moore's Dist for one year. Lincoln Co.

April term 1774

A Deed of Sale from Thomas Henry to Christian Rinehart for 300 Acres of Land Dated the 23rd Day of August 1773 proved by Wm Alston Evidence thereto. Ord'd to be Reg'd.

Tryon County, NC Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions 1769-1779

January term 1775

A Power of Attorney from Thos Henry to Francis Armstrong Dated the 20th Day of January 1773 proved in Open Court by Ja's Graham Evidence thereto. Ord'd to be Reg'd.

Tryon County, North Carolina minutes of the court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions 1769-1779

July term 1778

Thos McKnight to Thomas Henry 195 acres dated 1st August 1772 proved by Thomas Beatey.

Burial: Goshen Presbyterian Church Graveyard, Gaston County, NC

Thomas Henry Estate #1

Thomas Henry Estate #2

Thomas Henry Estate #3

Thomas Henry Estate #4

Thomas Henry Estate #5

Thomas Henry Estate #6

 More PossibleFamily Relationships

See: http://henry.descendants.us/














































. [Editors note: I originally thought that it was possible that William, Sr. was Thomas Henry's father. It has become apparent that he is not.

. William Henry settled on the west side of the Catawba River near the site of the Tuckaseege Ford. No grant or deed shewing his earliest land acquisition has been found, but he is mentioned as an adjacent owner in the 1753 grant of 457 acres to Andrew McNabb.[11] On 26 and 27 Dec. 1753, William Henry and Isabella {McCown} his wife sold to Allexandor Robinson (both parties being of Anson County, Province of North Carolina) for five shillings and for ten pounds current money of Virginia, a tract of the South side of the Catawba River, adjoining the said Henry's line, Lenerd Taylor's line, and Scholar's head line, containing 200 acres, granted to the said William Henry by Patent 3 Sept. 1753.[12] On 16 Aug. 1754, William Henry and Isabella his wife sold to Andrew McNabb (both parties being of Anson County), for ten pounds current money of North Carolina, a tract containing 300 acres on the south side of the Catawba River, described as being part of the plantation whereon the said Henry now lives, granted to the said William Henry by Patent 28 Feb. 1754.[13] A grant of 28 Feb. 1754, as recited in this deed, for 600 acres is of record.[14] It may indicate William Henry's second place of settlement on the banks of the Catawba. This residence was mentioned in the Revolutionary pension applications of Malcolm Henry, who stated that he was born in Rowan County, meaning Anson, and John Henry, whose memory was better: “I was born in Mecklingburg County N Carolina about 10 or 12 miles from Charlotte…”[15]

SCMAR, Vol. II, Summer 1974, No. 3, p.116

Malcolm Henry
Born: 21 Dec 1755
[city], Mecklingburg, NC, USA
Died: 24 Apr 1840
[city], Lincoln, MO, USA
Elinor Gordon
Born: 1755
Died: 1826 in Lincoln, [cty], MO, USA 
Marriage: 30 Mar 1779 in [city], Lincoln, NC, USA
Marriage: 30 Mar 1779 in [city], Lincoln, NC, USA
Children Sex Birth
Frank Henry M 1784
William Henry M 1785 in [city],
Buncombe Co, NC, USA
Olivia Henry F 1786 Edit
Hugh Henry M 1786 in [city],
York Co, SC, USA

Nancy Henry F 1788
Mary Henry F 1790
Malcolm Henry M 1792
Eleanor Henry F 1794
Sophia Henry F 1796
Margaret Henry F 1798
Elizabeth Henry F 1800
Alice Henry F 1802

Excerpted from:


From: The Scotch-Irish Settlers in America - 1500's-1800's Immigration Records - Wills recorded in Augusta, VA.

Page 181 - Book 3 - 26thSril, 1757

Hugh Thompson's Will - to wife, a note due him by his son, Bryce Russell, the Great Bible and books; to son, James, the Great Bible and Confession of Faith, and the Whole Duty of Man; to daughter, Eliner, her Bible, Allen's Call to the Unconverted, and Thompson's Catechesm; to grandson Hugh Russell, a small Bible; granddaughter Isabella Helena Russell; to daughter Mary, now in Ireland; grandchildren, Hugh and Elizabeth Leeper; granddaughter, Rachel Russell, a note on Anthony Thorn; grandson, George Russell; grandson, James Leeper, grandaughterJean Leeper;to Mary Scott.  Teste: Jacob Sink (link?) Jas Craig, Jno, Craig. Executors, Wm. Thompson, Samuel Henderson. Proved,19th February, 1762 by John Craig, and on 18th August, 1762, by James Craig. Executors Qualify, with Wm. Baskins James Bell.

.Here is an interesting piece of history from 1777 in N.C.  The names are familiar, but we are not certain they are relatives. 

Petition from John Finman et al. concerning the actions of William Lambort and Noah Smith White
Creator: John Finman

Creator: Jacob Blount (1726-1789)

Creator: Et Al.

June 28, 1777

Volume 11, Pages 731 - 732

----------- page 731 ---------
[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

No. Carolina Pitt June 28th 1777.

To His Excellency Rich'd Caswell Governor and Commander in Chief over the State of North Carolina.

To His Excellency Richard Caswell Esqr. Governor and Commander in Chief, in & over the State of No. Carolina. We the Subscribers hereto most Humbly Sheweth, Hopeing your Excellency will grant us some Redress, that are much Distressed by Two Vagabone young men, that Resorts our Neighbourhood Near the line of Pitt and Dobbs, on little Contentney, as their manner of living is by pilfering and Stealing of Hogs, which has been proved against them, & sheep, & bells, & anything they Can, & doing Mischief to peoples Creatures, they both have been Drafted Twice, & run away, & lay out first in one County & then in the Other, till the Companyes Macht, & then they will skulk about and & be at their Mischief again, they makes their brags that they will not goe into the Service, they Never are Subject to any Military Disipline whatever, they Never assign any Test, their Names is William Lambort, & Noah Smith White, this Lambort, & his Brother, by all account kill'd a man to the Southward, & Run away for it, his Bror, listed in the Service and des'd, & this followed the same Exercise there, & Now when any officer Comes to take them they shift from one County to the Other, & so keep out of any Officers way, they Generally keeps private and lyes out, Except amongst their favourites, your Humble pertitioners, beg your Excellency if you please, to give some Order from under your hand, to take them if Possible, & have them put in the Service, that they may do some good for their Country, as they are Very Prejudicial to this place, we Humbly beg your Excellency, Patiently to Receive our Unworthy Complaint, as it will Render much Satisfaction to this Neighbourhood, to be freed, from the Tyranny of such Pestilent fellows, here is one more, we hope your Honour will give us leave to Inform your Excellency of one Henry Lambort, Lately Come in the place, & is a great Confederate of theirs, he has Lately Deserted the Service at Charles Town, we would Humbly

------------------- page 732 -----------
beg your Excellency, to give us Some advice what to do with him, as we Expect he will follow the same practice, as they have no Estate, nor follows no Occupation for a livelyhood, Scarcely, & Hopeing your Redress, your Excellency Pertitioners, as in Duty bound shall Ever prays
his mark X
his mark X



















"You have Catherine, wife of  Isaac, as a daughter of Thomas Spratt
Barnett and Nancy McKnight.  I thought she may be the daughter of Thomas
Barnett who married Martha Patrick although she isn't listed in his
will. Another daughter with the same birthday as Catherine is buried in
Bethel Presbyterian Cemetery and is listed in the will of Thomas. Thomas
and Martha are both buried  in the Bethel Cemetery..
 Lynda W. H"







Description by Robert Campbell
of the Battle of King's Mountain
Creator: Robert Campbell

Volume 15, Pages 372 - 373






























.636. James Leeper, Sr.1088, born Abt. 1695 in County Down? Donegal ?, N. Ireland1088; died Abt. 1763 in Augusta Co., VA1088. He was the son of 1272. Thomas Leeper Leiper and 1273. Helen Hamilton. He married 637. Margaret Thompson Abt. 1720 in Ireland1088.

637. Margaret Thompson1088, born Abt. 1708 in N. Ireland1088; died Aft. 1765 in Augusta Co., Va.1088.

Children of James Leeper and Margaret Thompson are:

i. Andrew Leeper1088, born Abt. 1729 in Ireland1088; died Bef. November 02, 1799 in Green Co., Tn1088; married Jean Thompson September 1751 in Augusta, Va.1088.

318 ii. James Leeper, Jr., born 1731 in Ireland; died July 18, 1765 in South Point Twp, Gaston Co., NC; married Jean Armstrong.

iii. Guine "Gavin" Leeper1088, born Bef. 1739.

iv. Isabel Leeper1088, born Bef. 1739.

v. Jane Leeper1088, born Bef. 1739; married Samuel Henderson.

vi. Mary Leeper1088, born Bef. 17391088; married William McMillan.

vii. Nicholas Leeper1088, born 1726; died 1765 in Mecklenburg Co., NC; married Mary.

viii. Sarah Leeper1088, born Bef. 1739; married John Seawright.

ix. George Leeper, born Aft. 1739 in America.

x. John Leeper1088, born Aft. 1739 in America; married Susannah Henderson.

xi. Margaret Leeper1088, born Aft. 1739 in America.

318. James Leeper, Jr.797, born 1731 in Ireland798; died July 18, 1765 in South Point Twp, Gaston Co., NC
James Leeper, Jr. grave:
He was the son of 636. James Leeper, Sr. and 637. Margaret Thompson. He married 319. Jean Armstrong.

319. Jean Armstrong. She was the daughter of 638. Matthew Armstrong and 639. Mary "Lily" Beatty.

Children of James Leeper and Jean Armstrong are:

159 i. Margaret Leeper, born 1755; died May 18, 1827 in Mecklenburg Co., NC; married Alexander Porter Sr..
Margaret's grave

ii. Matthew Leeper, born May 27, 1755; died October 12, 1849 in South Point Twp, Gaston Co., NC.

iii. Mary Leeper, married John Robinson January 13, 1783 in Lincoln Co., NC.

iv. James Leeper III, born September 1761 in Augusta Co., VA; married Margaret Henry March 04, 1795 in Lincoln Co., NC.

v. William Leeper.


2556. John Beatty1416,1417,1418, born August 09, 1645 in Ireland1419,1420; died 1720 in Ulster County, New York1421,1422. He was the son of 5112. James Beatty and 5113. Sarah Ross. He married 2557. Susanna Asfordby November 07, 1691 in Ulster County, New York1423.

2557. Susanna Asfordby1424,1425,1426, born November 03, 1669 in Marblethorp, England1427,1428,1429; died 1745 in Prince George County, Maryland1430,1431. She was the daughter of 5114. William Asfordby and 5115. Martha Burton.

Children of John Beatty and Susanna Asfordby are:

i. Robert Beatty1432, born 1692 in Marbletown, Ulster County, New York1432; died 1728 in Marbletown, Ulster County, New York1432.

ii. William Beatty1432, born June 1695 in Ulster County, New York1432; died July 27, 1757 in Frederick County, Maryland1432.

iii. Charles Beatty1432, born January 09, 1697/98 in Kingston, Ulster County, New York1432; died 1727 in Marbletown, Ulster County, New York1432.

iv. Agnes Beatty1432, born October 25, 1699 in Kingston, Ulster County, New York1432; died Unknown1432.

v. Thomas Beatty1432,1433, born March 14, 1702/03 in Marbletown, Ulster County, New York1434,1435; died April 1768 in Frederick County, Maryland1436,1437; married Maria Jansen October 23, 1729 in Kingston, Ulster County, New York1437.

vi. Edward Beatty1438, born Abt. 1705 in Kingston, Ulster County, New York1438; died February 1755 in Frederick County, Maryland1438.

vii. Martha Beatty1438, born April 20, 1707 in Kingston, Ulster County, New York1438; died Unknown1438.

viii. James Beatty1438, born September 1709 in Kingston, Rockingham County, New Hampshire1438; died 1742 in Maryland1438.

ix. Henry Beatty1438, born December 30, 1711 in Kingston, Ulster County, New York1438; died Bef. 17451438.

1278 x. John Beatty, Jr., born March 02, 1700/01 in Kingston, Ulster County, New York; died Bef. June 01, 1749 in Cecil County, Maryland; married Mary Brink September 10, 1743.

1 Francis BEATY b: Bef. 1700 Scotland d: Bef. Oct 1774 NC


. 2 Thomas BEATY

... 3 Francis BEATY b: Aft. 1753

..2 Hugh BEATY

....3 Francis BEATY b: Aft. 1753

..2 James BEATY d: 1790 Iredell Co.,, NC


... 3 Francis BEATY b: Aft. 1753

....3 John BEATY b: Abt 1747 d: 12 Jan 1834 Mecklenburg Co.,, NC

.... +Mary

..... 4 John W. BEATY b: 14 Mar 1771 Mecklenburg Co.,, NC

...... +Jane SMITH

..2 Robert BEATY

..2 Francis BEATY

..2 Wallace BEATY

..2 Agness BEATY

.. +Robert ARMSTRONG

... 3 Sarah ARMSTRONG

..2 Elizabeth BEATY

.. +Robert GREY

... 3 John GREY

... 3 Elizabeth GREY

..2 William BEATY b: Abt 1750 Mecklenberg Co., (now the city of Charlotte), NC d: Bef. 1885

submitted by: curti_m@yahoo.com

Beaty, Beatty, Beatey, Beatie:

Francis Beaty, county surveyer, Anson County

Hugh Beaty petitioner

John Beaty militia

Thomas Beatey militia, association

Abel Beatty association


Sources listed for:
Children of Thomas
Lincoln Co NC. Deed Book 36, pp 143-145, 18 Sep 1800, recorded Jan 1835
Lincoln Co. NC., Deed Book 37, pp 137-138, 25 Oct. 1817, recorded Sep 1837
Her references include several for Thomas, Isaac and Nancy Henry Ratchford including deeds, court records, Rev. War Army accounts etc.




From: Scotch-Irish Settlers in American,1500's-1800s Immigration Records-

page176-book-5- 23rd January, 1772

John Shield's will freeholder - To wife Margaret; to son, John; to son, William; to son, Thomas; to son, Robert; to daughter, Mary: " I ordain Thomas Shields and my son William Shields, Wm. Shields, Wm. Hays. 24th January, 1772-Codicil; To son William, 1/2 of the tract whereon son John lives. Proved, 16th November, 1773, by John and William Shields. William Shields refuses to qualify. 17th November, 1773 - Administration granted Margaret and Thomas Shields, who qualify with Mathew Thompson, William Shields.

1790 United States Federal Census

Robert Henry
State: NC Year: 1790
County: Hyde Roll: M637_7 |
Township: Unknown Township Page: 138 - Image: 0576
people listed as 1 white male - head of household, 4 white males under 16, 2 white females-
no slaves

Samuel Henry
State: NC Year: 1790
County: Hyde Roll: M637_7
Township: Unknown Township Page: 138 - Image: 0575
people listed as 2, 4, 4
two white males, 4 white males under age 16, 4 white females -
no slaves

Samuel Henry was the father of Joseph Henry who married Mary McCasland
see: http://henry.descendants.us/

David Henry
State: NC Year: 1790
County: Iredell Roll: M637_7
Township: Unknown Township Page: 157 - Image: 0553

Thomas Henry
State: NC Year: 1790
County: Iredell Roll: M637_7
Township: Unknown Township Page: 156 - Image: 0550

Jas Henry
State: NC Year: 1790
County: Lincoln Roll: M637_7
Township: Unknown Township Page: 113 - Image: 0072

Jas Henry
State: NC Year: 1790
County: Lincoln Roll: M637_7
Township: Unknown Township Page: 115 - Image: 0077

Jos Henry (son of Thomas)
State: NC Year: 1790
County: Lincoln Roll: M637_7
Township: Unknown Township Page: 113 - Image: 0072

Wm Henry (son of Wm Sr. below)
 State: NC Year: 1790
County: Lincoln Roll: M637_7
Township: Unknown Township Page: 113 - Image: 0073

Wm, Senr Henry
State: NC Year: 1790
County: Lincoln Roll: M637_7
Township: Unknown Township Page: 113 - Image: 0072
See: column immediately to the left.

Capt Henry Henry
State: NC Year: 1790
County: Mecklenburg Roll: M637_7
Township: Unknown Township Page: 160 - Image: 0534

Capt. Henry Henry is the brother of Thomas Henry in the first column.

see: http://henry.descendants.us/

1820 census - Lincoln Cty.

Isaac Henry Not Stated, Lincoln, North Carolina

James T Henry Not Stated, Lincoln, North Carolina
Henry, James T. 89 years
d: February 28, 1841

John Henry Not Stated, Lincoln, North Carolina

Maron Henry Not Stated, Lincoln, North Carolina

Thomas Henry Not Stated, Lincoln, North Carolina

Thomas C Henry Not Stated, .Lincoln, North Carolina



The early roads were dirt or gravel and were indicated by notches on marginal trees. First class roads required to be twelve feet wide and third class roads were supposed to be wide enough for a single horse and rider. On the fairly level Asheville plateau, the roads could go in nearly any direction, but where the mountains were higher, the roads had to follow the course of the streams and rivers.Along these stream gorges, the early roads were “fearful and wonderful things.”

Although the new roads were crude, they made it possible to use wagons to go from settlement to settlement. Sondley reports that in July 1795, “Two wagons arrived at Knoxville from South Carolina, having passed through the mountains by way of Warm Springs of the French Broad; so a wagon road may be said to have been opened from Georgia, South Carolina and other Atlantic States.” Francis Asbury, a Bishop in the Methodist Church who visited in the mountain region from 1800 to 1814, recorded his difficulties traveling in 1802. “We labored over the Ridge and the Paint Mountain; I held on awhile, but grew afraid and dismounted, and with the help of a pine sapling, worked by way down the steepest and roughest part.” In coming through Mills Gap between Buncombe and Rutherford Counties in 1806, he wrote, “One of the descents in like the roof of a house, for nearly a mile… I road, I walked, I sweat, I tumbled, and my old knees failed. Here are gullies, and rocks, and precipices, …bad is the best.” At the end of one of his annual visits, Asbury recorded, “Once more I have escaped from filth, fleas, rattlesnakes, hills, mountains, rocks, and rivers.”

Thomas Henry Cousin -  Francis Beatey


Robert Henry
About 1722 Of, , Hyde, North Carolina

Death: About 1775

Marriages: Spouse: Mrs Margaret Henry Family

Marriage: About 1748 Of, , Hyde, North Carolina

This Robert Henry may be Thomas Henry's brother


Rev. Robert Henry (pre-1732-1767)

He was a native of Scotland, licensed by the Presbytery of New York. In 1752 he was sent by the Synod to Virginia; in 1753 he was ordained by the Presbytery of New Castle; and on June 4th, 1755, was installed pastor of Cub Creek in Charlotte county, Virginia, and Briary, in Prince Edward county, both then in Lunenburg County. Mr. Henry's success was most remarkable. He was a man of eccentric manners, but most devotedly pious. He was called to the Steel Creek Church in North Carolina, in 1766, but never entered upon the charge, dying May 8th, 1767.

Hugh Henry - born in VA to John Henry, Birth: Apr 1756 in Near Richmond, Virginia

Death: Mar 1838 in Sevier County Tennessee

Burial: Hugh Henry Cemt

Moved to NC and SC and participated in the Battle of Kings Mountain:

See:  http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com

At that time, as we have already seen, the land party was within a few days of its destination. From there the Adventure and its companion boats fell down the river to Reedy Creek, where they were stopped by low water and excessive cold. Here they remained for some time, finally reaching the mouth of Cloud's Creek on Sunday evening, February 20, 1780. They passed the mouth of French Broad River on Thursday morning, March 2. About noon that day one of the boats which was conveying Hugh HENRY and family ran on the point of William's Island two miles above Knoxville, and by force of the current sank. The freight therein was much damaged, and lives of passengers greatly endangered. Colonel DONELSON ordered the whole fleet tied up while the men of the party assisted in bailing the sunken boat and replacing her cargo.

WHEN LAND WAS CHEAP. Land was plentiful in those primitive times and as fast as a piece of "new ground" was worn out, another "patch" was cleared and cultivated until it, in its turn, was given over to weeds and pasturage. In all old American pioneer communities it was necessary to burn the logs and trunks of the felled trees in order to get rid of them, and the heavens were often murky with the smoke of burning log-heaps. The most valuable woods were often used for fence rails or thrown upon the burning pile to be consumed with the rest. Fences built of walnut and poplar rails were not uncommon. "New ground" is being made now by scientific fertilization.

CRUDE CULTIVATION. The ploughing was not very deep and the cultivation of the crops was far from being scientific. Yet the return from the land was generally ample, the seasons usually proving propitious. There was one year, however, that of 1863, when there was frost in every month. There was still another year in which there could not have been very much rain, as there is a -record of a large branch near the Sulphur Springs in Buncombe county having dried up completely. This was in August of the year 1830. (Robert Henry's Diary.)

See: http://www.ls.net/~newriver/nc/


1780 - Later in the fall another party of Indians approached the Bluff Station in the night, stole a number of horses, loaded them with such goods and plunder as they could lay hands on and made their escape. The next morning Capt. James LEIPER, with a company of fifteen, pursued and overtook them on Harpeth River. When the savages heard the approach of the whites they made every effort to escape, but their horses, which were heavily loaded with the plunder stolen from the settlement, could make but little headway through the entangled undergrowth. At the first fire from Leiper's party the Indians fled, leaving the horses and plunder to their pursuers.

The settlers were now in great need of salt for use in seasoning the fresh meat upon which they were obliged to depend almost solely for food. Their only way of securing this necessity of life was by evaporation from the waters of sulphur springs.

The first wedding in the colony took place at the Bluff during the summer of 1780. It was the marriage of our brave Indian fighter, Capt James LEIPER, and the young lady who thus became his wife. No minister had yet come to the settlement and a question arose as to whether or: not anyone was authorized to perform the marriage ceremony. Colonel ROBERTSON, who was Chief Justice of the court, sent out to the other Judges a hurry call for a consultation. It was decided by this court that either of its members, by virtue of his office, was empowered to exercise such a function. This decision was probably more "far-reaching" than any yet handed down by the Colonial" Judiciary. It constitutes the first "reported case" in the annals of Tennessee jurisprudence. Because of his official position Colonel ROBERTSON was accorded the honor of performing this the first ceremony, which he is reputed to have done with his usual grace of manner.

It seems these young people were unusually popular in colonial society and their friends were anxious that their marriage should be made more than an ordinary event. As the colony was yet in its infancy there were no silks, broadcloths or other finery in which the bride and groom might array themselves, neither was there piano, organ or other instrument on which to play the wedding march. Of more consequence, however, than either of these was the lack of both flour and meal from which to make the wedding cake, and none was to be had at any of the neighboring stations. But in those days large difficulties were quickly overcome. Accordingly two of the settlers were mounted on horses and sent post-haste to Danville, Ky., then the metropolis of the western settlement, for a supply of corn. Three or four days later they returned with a bushel each of this highly prized cereal, which was speedily ground into meal. From this was made the first "bride's cake" in Middle Tennessee.

From: http://www.rootsweb.com/

There were five different Henry families who originally settled in East Tennessee (Sevier, Cocke, Blount, Jefferson and Greene Counties).

I have steered shy of the Genetics (X chromosome) analysis as it seems to be run now by a bunch of idiots who cannot get anything right. For example I know by bible evidence that my ancestor (James Henry Jr.) was born in 1726 in Aberdeen Scotland (there is also a Christening record at old Machar Church, Aberdeen Scotland. The Genetics idiots maintain that because his descendants show a particular Norse haplotype that they are descended from Norse invaders of Ireland who settled there in the late 800's. So despite the evidence to the contrary, the Henry's must be Irish, not Scotch!!!

That is the wierdest interpretation for a Norse haplotype that I ever heard! The correct interpretation based on names and genetics is as follows. The Henry name is of Teutonic origin and several 11th and 12th century German, French and English (Norman and Plantagenet) Kings bore that name. The Norsemen invaded Normandy about the same time that the Irish Settlements took place, and in far greater numbers. There was also a Norse invasion of the Orkneys at this same time and Henry is a very uncommon surname in the Orknies. Contact and intermarriage with their French and Belgian neighbors led these Normandy Norsemen to quickly adopt the local names (William, Richard, Robert and Henry were common). The Henry surname thus comes about by a shortening of FitzHenry, or MacHenry, in Normans, who invaded England in 1066 and controlled Scotland by the mid 1100's. Thus the Norse haplotype is undoubtedly correct but since H enry is not an Irish name, the interpretation that they came from Ireland, rather than Scotland and England via the Normans, is way out in left field. A simple examination of the distribution of Henry families in the British Isles further proves that an Irish origin for Henries is entirely out of the question.


John James "Jim" Henry, Retired Physicist, Oak Ridge, TN

639. Mary "Lily" Beatty, born Abt. 1720. She was the daughter of 1278. John Beatty, Jr. and 1279. Mary Brink.

Children of Matthew Armstrong and Mary Beatty are:

319 i. Jean Armstrong, married (1) James Leeper, Jr.; married (2) John Robinson January 13, 1783 in Lincoln Co., North Carolina.

ii. Elizabeth Armstrong, born Abt. 1742; died Aft. 1803; married Andrew Russell May 25, 1762 in Augusta Co.,VA.

iii. Mary Armstrong.

iv. Catherine Armstrong, married Robert Leeper.

v. Esther Armstrong.

vi. Matthew Armstrong.

Robert Leeper information:

February 24, 25, 1754- Robert Leeper and Cathrine Leeper, wife of Anson County to Adam Snider(lease s5, release 60 Va money) land on south side of Catawba, Leepers Creek, 300 acres of land granted to Leeper October 8, 1751...Signed

Robert Leeper 'seal' Cathrine Leeper (seal' Witnessed; Robert Patrick

Abraham Kuykendall, John Thomas.

Robert Leeper, James Kuykendall and two others built a fort and a stockade at the junction of the South Fork and Catawba Rivers

Note: 1814 ABRAHAM KUYKENDALL of Franklin Co, TN deed to PETER KUYKENDALL of Buncombe Co NC 150 acres on Batts Branch joining JOHN KUYKENDALL and JANE MCMINNS survey. Buncombe Ct NC Book G page 307. Witnessed Joseph Henry Jr. and ABRAHAM MCGUFFEE

At a Council held at Bath Towne 8th March 1743 [1744]

Read the following Petitions for Patents Vizt

William Chavers 400 Edgecombe, George Norris 640 Craven, John Carroway 200 Do, William Brice, 200 Do, John Cheeny 200 Do, John Smith 400 Do, Robert Henry 320 N. Hanover, James Henry 320 Do, Caleb Howell 200 Beaufort, Andrew Wallace 200 N. Hanover, John Simpson 480 Carteret, James Wright 200 Onslow, Ephriam Vernor 400 Bladen, Alexander Canaday 640 Bertie, James Atkins 100 Onslow, John Rackley 200 Bertie, Henry Morrice 200 N. Hanover, William Thomas 150 Do, John Keen 100 N. Hanover, Thomas Kennon 270 Do, John Lennon 640 Bladen, James Wantland 150 Onslow, Robert West 330 Bertie, Elias Stallings 600 Do, Joshua Worley, 150 Tyrrell, Ralph Mason 300 Edgecombe. Granted


Account of pay to North Carolina troops in the Continental Army [Abstract]
Creator: Abishai Thomas


Volume 17, Pages 189 - 263

There is a Thomas Henry on this list, but it seems to be after the death of our ggg-grandfather and too early for the son of Joseph Henry.


Thomas Beatey mentioned on this page is Thomas Henry's cousin.

William HENRY

Male Family

Birth: < 1719> North Carolina

Spouse: Martha CALHOUN

Marriage: < 1744> <, , North Carolina>

This may be the same William Henry - but not certain

There is also Hannah Tanner-Henry whose father is William Henry -Born: Abt 1720

Marriage: Hannah TANNER

Died: Bef Jan 1773, Tryon Co., NC


William Henry, son of William Henry Sr. and Hannah Turner:

William Henry, jr. b: 1760-1762, in NC or PA, the son of Crowder's Creek William Henry and Hannah Tanner.  He is a brother of Moses and John Henry who were mortally wounded at Kings Mountain.  William Jr. married Jane Russell, b: 1770 in NC,
m: 1769, in NC. She was the  daughter of Matthew Russell and Jane McIntire. William's brother James married Jane's sister, Elizabeth Russell.

William Jr. d. 1837 in Gwinnett Co., or Dekalb, Co. Georgia.

Jane McIntire Russell, born in 1770 in North Carolina and died 1857 in Gwinnett, Co. Ga. 

After her husband's death in 1773, Hannah Tanner Henry  then married Charles Hamiton and died in KY.

Marriage 2: Charles HAMILTON on 23 Dec 1777 in Lincoln Co., NC 1 2 3

Died: May 1850, Wayne Co., KY


WILLIAM HENRY, ESQ. was born 1715 in County Tyrone, Ireland, and died October 22, 1819 in York County, SC. He married ISABELLA MARGARET MCCOWN Abt 1748 in Augusta County, VA, daughter of Francis McCown and Margaret Patterson.


William Henry, son of a wealthy Irishman, was born in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, in 1715 and came to Augusta County, Virginia in 1733. There he married Isabella McCown, daughter of Francis and Margaret McCown. About 1750 he moved to near Charlotte, North Carolina and about 5 years later he moved to near York, South Carolina. He lived there about 65 years, dying Oct. 22, 1819 at the grand old age of 104 years. He is buried near there at Bethany Presbyterian Church. He and Isabella had 7 sons and 3 daughters. William Henry and 3 of his sons fought in the Revolutionary War. They were instrumental in winning the "Battle of Kings Mountain", which was near their home.

In 1765 William Henry secured from King George the Third a grant for a tract of land situated about three miles south of King's Mountain, in York County, SC. This home place was known as "Henry's Knob".

Children of William Henry and Isabella McCown are:

2. i. WILLIAM2 HENRY, b. 1753; d. 1807, York County, SC.

3. ii. MALCOLM HENRY, b. 1755; d. 1824, Missouri.

4. iii. JOHN HENRY, b. April 15, 1757, Anson Co., NC; d. December 29, 1833, Jonathan's Creek, NC.

5. iv. ISABELLA HENRY, b. 1762.

6. v. FRANCIS HENRY, b. 1768; d. 1867, Old Homestead, York Co., SC.


8. vii. JAMES HENRY, b. 1774.

viii. JANE HENRY, m.
Jane Henry married ROBERT CAMPBELL, per records in the SC Mag. of Ancestral Research, Jane and Robert Campbell's headstones are at York Co, SC, Bethel Presbyterian Churchyard. Also beside Jane H. Campbell and husband Robert Campbell is the grave of their son, THOMAS Campbell, who died about age 25.
  • Children
    1.  Mary Henry b: 1749
    2.  Alexander Henry b: 1751
    3.  William B. Henry b: 1753
    4.  Malcolm Henry b: 21 Dec 1755
    5.  John B. Henry b: 15 Apr 1758
    6. Has No Children Josiah Henry b: 1760
    7.  Isabella Henry b: 1762
    8. Has No Children Jane Henry b: 12 Mar 1767
    9.  Francis Henry b: 1768
    10.  James Henry b: 1774




    9. x. MARY HENRY.

    nearby is headstone of son William Campbell and wife Eliza McLean

    The headstone of ANDREW HILL, d. 1840, son of Col. Wm Hill of York Co., who married JULIET CAMPBELL, daughter of ROBERT Campbell and JANE HENRY Campbell. Andrew Hill, along with Jane Henry Campbell's brother, Francis Henry, and Lawson A. Henry, were all named on administration of ROBERT Campbell's estate records.

    Thomas Henry and his brothers?

    William HENRY
    b: 1715 in County Tyronne, Northern Ireland

    Malcolm HENRY
    b: BEF 1710 in Ireland

    Malcom Henry In United States

    Volumes 1-20 of the research
    tool South Carolina Magazine
    of Ancestral Research

    The South Carolina Magazine
    of Ancestral Research

    SCMAR, Volume III
    Number 4, Fall, 1975

    William Henry of Henry's Knob
    (Continued from Vol. 3, p.177.)

    SCMAR, Vol. III, Fall 1975, No. 4, p.211

    he was intimately acquainted with Malcolm Henry during the Revolutionary War … and that the said Malcom Henry held a Captain's Commission during the greater part of the time he was in Service … Malcolm Henry served under Colonel Graham of North Carolina and Colonel Moffitt and Collonel Hambright of South Carolina, and that the said Henry and him was in the battle of Kings Mountain together.

    Thomas HENRY
    b: 1719 in Ireland

    Joseph Henry, Sr.
    Marshaleigh Bahan from Tx. has him listed as 4 Mar 1763 and d. 20 Jul. 1840 spouse Elizabeth Porter
    in: Abbeville South Carolina
    b: between Feb and Aug. 1763
    another researcher shows 1760
    according to his tombstone.
    d: Sept. 1840

    Another researcher tells us that Joseph may have been married to an Orr prior to Elizabeth Porter but no first name is given. We had long speculated on a previous wife, but had no proof of this.

    21 Sept 1784. On this day, Joseph Henry deeded Francis Cunningham land on Beaver Dam of the Catawba River in Lincoln County.

    PORTER WILLS FROM 1717-1759

    1800 census

    The Porter Family

    The Porter Family

    spouse 1: Elizabeth Porter - married:
    Henry, Joseph  S-  Porter, Elizabeth 02 Jan 1800 North Carolina
    Mecklenburg County
    the bondsman was Jas. Porter - witness Isaac Alexander

    The mother of Elizabeth Porter was
    Margaret Leeper - father was Alexander Porter of S. C.

    1800 census: Buncombe Cty.

    HENRY,, Joseph S -
    males - 2 0 0 0 1
    females 1 0 0 1 0
    slaves 0 8

    Buncombe Cty was created in 1791 from Burke and Rutherford Ctys.

    Changed to: Henderson Cty by 1840- had one person - age abt 20 and one person - age abt 80-90 living in the house

    Joseph Henry was a member of
    the N.C. House of Commons
    in 1833 and 1834

    State of North Carolina,
    Buncombe County,
    No. 7977.
    JOSEPH HENRY, Entry Taker
    of Claims for Land in the
    County aforesaid to the Surveyor
    of said County.

    (James Weaver first represented Buncombe county in the lower house of the legislature in 1825, serving with David L. Swain. He was subsequently re-elected to this office in 1830, 1832, 1833 and 1834, serving with William Orr, John Clayton and Joseph Henry resepectively.)

    The following information may be found on this page: http://docsouth.unc.edu/csr/
    but is not available as of this date
    in 2008

    Henry, Jos.,
    money from,
    vol. 21 p. 1063.
    vol. 21 p. 1075.
    Henry, Joseph,
    vol. 22 p. 69.


    Joseph was buried in Old Salem Cemetary at Fletcher North Carolina?

    m: 2  Blythe, Charlotte
    b: 1 April, 1781

    Father: Blythe , James

    m Joseph Henry, 1820
    in TN

    Charlottes family:

    Name: JIM BLYTHE
    State: TN
    County: Sumner County
    Township: Dist. 3 -male Voters-
    Year: 1891

    Carter Asbury Blythe
    Spouse: Gladys Mae Holtzclaw
    Birth Place: Henderson, Etowah, NC
    Birth Date: 14 March 1907
    Death Date: 28 April 1994
    Parents: James Volney Blythe ,
    Martha Jane Hood

    Name: Elizabeth Patton ???
    Spouse: James Blythe
    Birth Place: Augusta, VA ???
    Birth Date: 1728 ???
    Parents: Patton ,

    316. William Porter786,787, born 1709788; died September 14, 1787 in Mecklenburg Co., NC788,789. He married 317. Elizabeth.

    317. Elizabeth790,791, born 1718792; died June 05, 1778 in Mecklenburg Co., NC792,793.

    Children of William Porter and Elizabeth are:

    158 i. Alexander Porter Sr., born 1742; died October 19, 1833 in Mecklenburg Co., NC; married Margaret Leeper.
    Alexander Porter, Sr.'s grave

    Margeret Leeper Porter's Grave
    b: 1755
    D.  May 18, 1827, Mecklenburg Co. NC
    Elizabeth Porter
    Margaret Porter
    Sarah Porter
    James Porter
    Jane Porter
    Alexander Porter, Jr.
    Ann Porter
    William Porter

    Jane Porter married James Marshall
    James Marshall grave
    b: January 10, 1776 Mecklenburg Co.NC
    d: Aug. 10, 1864, Mecklenburg Co, NC

    Alexander Marshall
    Martha Ann Marshall
    Jane Marshall
    Mary N. Marshall
    John Marshall
    Sarah E. Marshall


    ii. Keziah Porter793, born 1748 in PA or MD793; died 1824 in Mecklenburg Co., NC794; married Joseph Swann October 26, 1774 in Rowan Co., NC795.

    iii. William Porter796, married Kelly.

    Joseph Henry (b. abt 1764 or 1761)

    Buncombe County

    North Carolina Militia
    $20.00 Annual Allowance
    $60.00 Amount Received
    February 28, 1834
    Pension started - Age 70

    Name: Joseph Henry
    Company: D
    Unit: 3 North Carolina Mtd. Inf.
    Rank - Induction: Private
    Rank - Discharge: Private
    Allegiance: Union


    Name: Joseph Henry
    Company: E
    Unit: 25 North Carolina Infantry.
    Rank - Induction: Private
    Rank - Discharge: Corporal
    Allegiance: Confederate

    SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;

    Joseph Henry, Sen.  age 77 Joseph Henry, Sen.

    Henderson County, NC

    Source: http://www.usgennet.org

    The Porter Coat of Arms is officially documented in Burke's General Armory. The original description of the arms Shield is as follows:

    "SA. Three church bells AR. A Canton Erm."
    When translated the blazon also describes the original colors of the Porter Arms as:
    "Black; three silver church bells; an ermine upper corner."
    Above the shield and helmet is the crest which is described as:
    "A silver portcullis (or gate) with a gold chain."

    Marriage License Date: 2 Jan 1800

    Henry, Joseph 1800 Elizabeth Porter Mecklenburg NC .


    Thomas Henry b: About 1802 in Lincoln Co., North Carolina
    d: 1836 -Gaston Cty. (was formerly Lincoln Cty)
    Will abstract: Wife Narcissi Henry and her heirs. EXEC. uncle James Porter of MeckIenburg Co. WIT. Matt Leeper, Isaac Henry, Alexander Porter

    Alexander Henry b: About 1804 (1800?) in Lincoln Co., North Carolina

    Ephraim b: 1805
    Buncombe Cty. NC
    d: 1891, Dade, MO


    Groom: Alaxander Henry
    Bride: Sarah Miller
    Bond Date: 24 Feb 1846
    Bond #: 000065533
    Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
    ImageNum: 005496
    County: Haywood
    Record #: 01 043
    Bondsman: Ephraim Ash

    See below for Alexander's children.

    1860 census

    Cornelias (Cornelious) Henry
    b: 1852 - age in 1860 - 8
    B: NC
    Home in 1860 - Taylor, Columbia, Arkansas
    Gender - Male
    Other family members

    James Henry - age 32
    Mary Henry - age 31
    James Henry - age 12
    Mary Henry - age 10
    Cornelias Henry - age 8
    George Henry- age 6
    Susan Henry - age 4
    Robert Henry - age 2
    Ida Ellen Henry 2/12
    Martha Henry - age 65
    Martha Henry - age 23

    Martha Henry
    Age in 1860: 65
    Birth Year: abt 1795
    Birthplace: North Carolina
    Home in 1860: Taylor, Columbia, AR

    This is Joseph Henry's brother:

    Robert Henry

    Birth: 10 FEB 1765 Mecklenburg, , , North Carolina

    Death: 06 FEB 1863

    Robert Marcellus HenryB: 1755

    D: 1809

    Compact Disc #16 Pin #103241

    Birth: 10 Jan 1767 Place: ,,N.C.

    Death: 6 Jan 1863 Place: ,,N.C.

    Father is the same: Thomas
    Mother is the same
    Martha Isabella Shields

    On July, 1802, on motion of Joseph Spencer, and the production of his county court license, Robert Henry, Esq., became an attorney of the court.

    OTIUM "CUM" DIGNITATE.(30) General Robert M. Henry, who came to the bar some later, was a fine lawyer, but a great lover of "rest and ease." He loved to hear and tell good jokes and laugh in his deep sepulchral tones.

    From 1868 to 1876 he was solicitor of the Western circuit.

    Robert Henry became quite famous. He was the surveyor of the dividing line between Tennessee and North Carolina and fought in the King's Mountain Battle of South Carolina.

    THE FIRST SCHOOLMASTER OF BUNCOMBE. Soon after the Swannanoa settlement was established in 1782, a school was started in accordance with the principles of the Presbyterians. "Robert Henry taught the first school in North Carolina west of the Blue Ridge."(4)



    Jane BRANK was born on 30 Dec 1759 in Rowan Co., North Carolina. She died on 28 Apr 1837 in Paint Lick, KY. She was buried in Paint Lick Cemetary, Kentucky. She has Ancestral File number XJ7K-65. She has Ancestral File number XJ7K-65. Parents: Robert BRANK Sr. and Jean MCLEAN.

    She was married to Robert HENRY on 6 Dec 1837 in Burke Co, NC.

    They lived in Garrard Co., KY. Had the following children:
    1. Robert Brank Henry b. 12/9/1791
    2. Mary Ann Henry b. 4/10/1793
    3. Rachel Brank Henry b. 11/1/1794
    4. Jane Henry b. 7/24/1797
    5. James H. Henry b. 9/6/1799
    6. Jane Ann Henry b. 12/10/1804 (?)
    7. Elizabeth P. Henry b. 1810

    Samuel Henry was the father of Joseph Henry who married Mary McCasland
    see: http://henry.descendants.us/

    Notice, Joseph m. Mary McCasland named his oldest son John. other sons James, William, Alexander (remember, it was an Alexander Henry who appeared on behalf of James in Rutherford to prove a deed from a William Henry (d. 1784?) to a James Henry).

    Joseph who was wounded in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse 3/15/1781
    Battle of Guilford Courthouse

    The Regiments

    The battle fought here on March 15, 1781, was the largest, most hotly-contested action of the Revolutionary War's climactic Southern Campaign.

    The serious loss of British manpower suffered at Guilford Courthouse foreshadowed Lord Cornwallis's final defeat at Yorktown seven months later.

    Joseph, Mary, W7714, NC Line, sol enl in Lincoln Co NC & sol m there to Mary McCasland on 17 May 1792 & he died  22 Sep:1816 in Buncombe Co NC & his wid appl there 7 Oct 1845 aged 73,
    d: 8 May 1848,

    children were;

    John Henry 11/13/1793

    Joseph Henry 8/28/1796
    Nancy b 14 Nov 1798 & she married William Gudger
    James Henry 1/24/1801

    William Henry 6/12/1803

    Farmer Henry
    d: 6/3/1808

    Alexander Henry 1809

    Alexander who in 1851 was aged 42 & a res of Henderson Co NC, leaving children;
    Mary Henry,
    Nancy Gudger,
    James Henry
    Alexander Henry, in 1845 one Alexander Henry was Clerk of Court for Buncombe Co NC & in 1846 a James Gudger of Buncombe Co NC but tbeir relationship to sol's family wasn't given.

    Decendant line



    JOSEPH HENRY - he enlisted in Lincoln County, NC under Robert Alexander, Capt. Guilkey and Col. Hambright as a private and wagon master and was in the battle of Whitson, etc. He also served under Malcolm Henry in the battles of Ramsours Mills, Kings Mt., etc. Two of his brothers, John and Moses Henry were killed in action in the battle of Kings Mt. His brother Robert was also at Kings Mt.

    He married in Lincoln Co., NC May 17, 1792 Mary McCasland, born 1772. He died Sep. 22, 1816 in Buncombe County, NC. His widow Mary was a rejected and suspended pensioner of Buncombe County and in 1844 she was living in Washington Co., IN age 88 years.

    Their children were: John Henry born Wednesday Nov. 13, 1793 and Joseph Henry, Jr. born Sunday Aug. 28, 1796. In 1832 he was living in Buncombe County, age 70 years. He is buried in Old Salem Cemetery at Fletcher, NC.

    from: http://www.obcgs.com/


    Joseph Henry d. 9/14/1814 Orange Co., Ind. Wife, Mary Shearer b. 1756 m. 1/1/1781 in Lincoln Co., N. C.

    BIRTHS of Children, Lincoln Co., N. C.

    Mathew Henry 6/1783

    William Henry 10/25/1794

    Polly Henry 8/2/1805

    Nancy Henry 8/21/1785

    Hugh Henry 1/5/1796

    Hugh Henry 2/7/1798

    Philip Henry 12/6/1787

    Malcolm Henry 12/1/1810

    Hannah Henry 6/26/1792

    Sally Henry 6/6/1790

    Joseph Henry 5/12/1801

    Note: Mary Henry, widow. applied for pension. Joseph's brothers, John and Moses Henry, were killed in Battle of Kings Mountain His sister, Hannah.

    Hamilton b. 1754 (still living in 1836). Mary Ist applied 7/1/1844 from Carroll Co., Ark. In 1845 she was in Johnson Co., Mo. 2/7/1846 she was in Washington Co., Ind.9/6/1951 she was in Taney Co., Miss with son, Malcolm who had moved there in 1848.

    links to legal documents

    Buncombe County Deed Index

      (May 21, 1840)




      (Ephriam and Joseph Henry, Jr. 1840)


    noah-attorney.htm - 1841

    noah-property.htm - 1844




    noah-henry-guardian.htm 1887

    noah-property-sale.htm  1887



    joseph-henry-property-sale.htm  1889

    Children of this Joseph Henry

    Alexander P Henry
    b: 1800

    Ephraim Henry
    b: 1805 to 1807? NC
    d: 1891, Dade, MO

    Margaret Polly Henry
    b: 1806
    d 1852
    m: Robert Orr
    b: 31-Dec, 1800
    d: 1880

    Robert Orr - born 1758

    Joseph Henry, Jr.
    b: 1808
    d: 1876

    Noah Henry
    b: 1818
    d: 1898

    Albert Henry
    b: 1815 to 1819
    (not postive this is ours but might be:) divorced: HENRY, LEAH Vs HENRY, ALBERT 1847
    Henderson Cty.
    Married 7 Dec 1843

    Robert Henry
    b: about 1810

    William B Henry
    b: 1821
    m: Marriage 1 Attilla Delilah BRITTAIN b: 28 FEB 1828 in Buncombe Co., NC

    Married: 10 DEC 1857 in Henderson Co., NC
    d:  May, 1875


    Rachel Henry
    Birth: 29 JUL 1822 in Old Buncombe Co., NC 1 2

    Death: 22 SEP 1892 in Transylvania Co., NC

    m: Benjamin Franklin Akin(s)
    b: 1817, NC.
    Death: 23 Mar 1896 in Transylvania County, NC


    Info on Benjamin Franklin Akins

    Father: John AKINS b: 1783 in Buncombe Co., NC

    Mother: Catherine CLARK
    b: ABT 1795 in Buncombe Co., North Carolina

    Marriage 1 Rachel HENRY
    b: 29 JUL 1822 in Old Buncombe Co., NC

    Married: 26 JAN 1843 in Transylvania Co., NC

    Marriage 2 Eliza Ann GRIFFIN b: 4 SEP 1848 in Pickens Co., SC

    Married: 23 MAR 1896

    Death: 14 DEC 1929 in Brevard, Transylvania Co., NC

    Burial: Easley Cemetery, Easley, Pickens Co., SC

    Information from 1840:

    James T. Henry age - 89
    James T. Henry

    Lincoln Cty

    Joseph Henry, Sen.
    age 77
    Joseph Henry, Sen.

    Henderson Cty
    From: http://www.usgennet.org


    Info on Rachel Henry and Benjamin Franklin Akins

    ID: I109226725

    Name: Rachel HENRY

    Given Name: Rachel

    Surname: Henry

    Sex: F

    Birth: 29 Jul 1822 in Buncombe County, North Carolina

    Event: Marriage 29 JUL 1822 in Buncombe Co., NC

    Marriage 1 Benjamin Franklin AKINS b: 5 Jan 1817


    Joseph Marion AKINS b: 11 Apr 1843 in Henderson County, NC

    Adonian Sylvester AKINS b: Nov 1843

    William Henry AKINS b: Abt 1845 in Henderson County, NC

    Sara Charlotte AKINS b: 4 Jun 1846 in Henderson County, NC

    John M AKINS b: Abt 1851 in Henderson County, NC

    Lawrence Pinckney AKINS b: Abt 1853 in Henderson County, NC


    This is another Joseph Henry -

    note that these people were born in Tennessee

    Husband - Joseph Henry
    Birth: < 1777> <, , Tennessee>

    Marriage: About 1820 , Henderson, North Carolina

    Wife Charlotte Blythe

    Birth: 01 APR 1781 , , Tennessee

    Marriage: About 1820 , Henderson, North Carolina

    September 1840, Charlotte Henry is duly appointed guardian of William B. Henry and Rachel Henry minor heirs of Joseph Henry. Wm. B. is 17 years of age 20th of June last & Rachel 18 years old 29th July last who entered into _ with the following persons as security (nothing follows)

    Death: 17 JAN 1849


    Joseph Henry b. 1763 Pendleton, Louisa, Virginia ... d. 1841 ?

    wife was Frances Augusta Ashton

    John Henry 1701 Clare,, Munster Province Ireland .... death 1748 Chester, Pennsylvania..... wife Elizabeth DeVinney... their list of children is what gets very interesting

    they claim Robert of Rev. War Fame and his brother Moses

    and some other names..... just not Joseph

    Joseph Henry, Jr.

    d: Dec. 1840

    1800 census-

    spouse Rachel (Henry)
    b- 1811
    Henderson, NC

    Buncombe Cty. North Carolina -

    1 child 5-10
    2 child 10-15
    1 person 15-20
    2 persons 20-25
    1 person 65-70

    lived in Henderson Cty.
    in 1840 - next door to Joseph Henry , Sr.- and Ephraim Henry on the other side

    ID: I1814

    Name: Joseph Henry

    Sex: M

    Marriage 1 Margaret Porter


    Margaret Polly Henry b: JUL 1806 in Buncombe North Carolina

    Entries: 8716
    Mon Sep 15 20:17:06 2003
    Contact: John Gillon

    ID: I375
    Name: Joseph Henry
    Given Name: Joseph
    Surname: Henry
    Sex: M
    Birth: About 1762
    Death: About 1840 in Buncombe Co., North Carolina
    Burial: Old Salem Cemetery, Fletcher, Buncombe Co.,
    North Carolina
    Event: Pension

    Note: Joseph Henry Buncombe County
    North Carolina Militia $20.00

    Annual Allowance $60.00 Amount received Feb 28, 1834 Pension started

    Age 70

    1800, Joseph marries Elizabeth Porter.

    --Joseph and Elizabeth have at least two children, Alexander (beneficiary of a $10 bequest in Alexander Porter's 1827 will as is another grandson, Alexander Porter - Joseph is left assets in trust for the heirs of deceased Elizabeth) and Thomas (b. 1802, who mentions Uncle James Porter, a brother of Elizabeth per Alexander Porter's will, in his will of 1833).
    Death:  OCTOBER 26, 1833
    from: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb

    Another death notice made in the Charlottesville newspaper mentioned this death:

    JANUARY 3, 1826

    Perhaps Elizabeth dies in childbirth and Thomas is raised in Lincoln Co. by his aunt Jane Henry Leeper, sister of this Joseph and daughter of Thomas, next to whom he is finally buried at Smith's Cemetery in 1736.

    Father: Thomas Henry b: About 1719 in Northern Ireland

    Mother: Isabella b: About 1728

    Marriage Elizabeth Porter
    Married: 2 Jan 1800
    in Mecklenburg Co.,
    North Carolina 3


    Thomas Henry
    b: About 1802 in Lincoln Co., North Carolina
    d: 1836 - Wife Narcissi Henry and her heirs. EXEC. my uncle James Porter of MeckIenburg Co. WIT. Matt Leeper, Isaac Henry, Alexander Porter
    Alexander Henry b: About 1804  in Lincoln Co., North Carolina

    Abbrev: Leeper Family Origin
    Title: The Leeper Family Origin
    Author: Andrew A. Leeper
    Abbrev: NC Pension 1835
    Title: North Carolina Pension Roll of 1835
    Author: William R. Navey



    Sources listed for:
    Children of Thomas
    Lincoln Co NC. Deed Book 36, pp 143-145, 18 Sep 1800, recorded Jan 1835
    Lincoln Co. NC., Deed Book 37, pp 137-138, 25 Oct. 1817, recorded Sep 1837


    Abbrev: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868

    Title: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868

    Author: Ancestry.com

    Bride: Elizabeth Porter
    Groom: Joseph Henry
    Bond Date: 02 Jan 1800
    County: Mecklenburg
    Record #: 01 104
    Bondsman: Jas. Porter
    Witness: Isaac Alexander
    Bond #: 000081631


    . . . ..
    Alexander Henry
    b: 1800?
    Groom: Lawson Henry
    Bride: Mary H Loretz
    Bond Date: 01 Apr 1835
    Bond #: 000073168
    Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
    ImageNum: 004911
    County: Lincoln
    Record #: 01 060
    Bondsman: John Michal
    Witness: M W Abernathy

    (Sarah - is his sister)

    Groom: Gideon Anthony
    Bride: Sarah Henry
    Bond Date: 04 Feb 1834
    Bond #: 000070790
    Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
    ImageNum: 003596
    County: Lincoln
    Record #: 01 012
    Bondsman: John Michal
    Witness: M W Abernathy

    (We don't know who her parents are)

    Groom: Cyrus Henry
    Bride: Martha Montgomery
    Bond Date: 03 Jan 1810
    Bond #: 000081630
    Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
    ImageNum: 005577
    County: Mecklenburg
    Record #: 01 104
    Bondsman: Isaac S. Alexander

    (We don't know who his parents are) 

    Thomas Henry
    b: 1802
    d: 1836

    Wife Narcissi Henry and her heirs. EXEC. uncle James Porter of MeckIenburg Co. WIT. Matt Leeper, Isaac Henry, Alexander Porter

    Groom: Malcom Henry
    Bride: Ann Moore
    Bond Date: 26 Oct 1808
    Bond #: 000073170
    Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
    ImageNum: 005592
    County: Lincoln
    Record #: 01 060
    Bondsman: Jacob Summey
    Witness: Danl M Forney

    (We don't know who his parents are)

    Groom: William Henry

    Bride: Mary Pannel

    Bond Date: 16 Jan 1805

    Bond #: 000073172

    Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868

    ImageNum: 006037

    County: Lincoln

    Record #: 01 060

    Bondsman: James Wells

    (We don't know who his parents are)

    Name: Ephraim HENRY -
    b: JUN 1805 in North Carolina

    d: 1 JAN 1891 in Dade, Missouri

    Father: Joseph HENRY

    Marriage 1 ELIZABETH (Pinckney)(Reagan?)
    b: JUN 1807 in North Carolina

    lived in Henderson Cty", NC in 1840 - next door to his father
    Joseph Henry

    In February 1840, E. Reed (Eldad often signed his name that way) surveyed the estate of Ephraim Henry. In April 1847, Eldad was appointed as a Justice in Fairview. Also in 1847, Eldad Reed, David Garren and B.N. Merrimon were appointed a committee to settle with Alexander Henry, former administrator and guardian of the children of Ephraim Henry.

    March, 1854: Child Bastardy bond in Jackson Cty., NC
    Lucinda Graham vs. Ephriam Henry (Henry plead not guilty; tried; found in favor of defendant.)
    Cintha Henry vs. Levi McMahan (case dismissed)

    Ephraim fought in the war against Santa Anna with Gen. Sam Houston around 1830. (1836?)

    Santa Ana officially became president of Mexico for the first time in 1833. His centrist policies lead to rebellions in several regions, and he led his army against the rebellion in Texas in 1836. After taking the Alamo, he moved against the forces being massed by Sam Houston, pushing them back toward eastern Texas. There, Santa Anna's force was suddenly overwhelmed and destroyed by a smaller Texan force at San Jacinto, (1836) now on the eastern outskirts of Houston.

    Texas Army Roster
    The Battle of San Jacinto
    Military Roll of Texas - 1835
    Texas War Pensioners

    . . . .
    Ephraim Henry

    b: B: JUN 1805 - North Carolina

    d: D: 1 JAN 1891 - Dade, Missouri
    buried in Sinking Creek cemetery, Dade Cty. MO

    approx 1830-1831
    Elizabeth  (Reagan?) (Pinckney?)
    B: JUN 1808
    d: FEB 1888
    P: Dade, Missouri

    1850 census:

    HENRY - DATE:2 Oct 1850

    PAGE:288L DWELL#:372,FAM#:383

    1. Ephraim ,45,M,W,Farmer,0,NC
    2. Elizabeth ,43,F,W NC
    3. Nancy ,18,F,W NC
    4. Rachel ,16,F,W NC
    5. Noah ,6,M,W NC
    6. Pinknoy ,1,M,W NC,Twin
    7. Elijah ,1,M,W NC,Twin

    1840 census:

    Here is Ephraim -
    Henderson Cty
    North Carolina

    next to Joseph Henry

    same county also is Robert
    and Joseph Sr.
    the 1840 census shows Joseph Sr. as between 70 and 80
    there was a male person age between 15 and 20 in the house, also a female person in the same age range and his wife same age range as himself

    also Noah
    Noah was between 20 and 30 in 1840
    born in 1818


    Elijah and his little family moved to Gaither Mountain, Arkansas prior to going to Missouri. Elijah died prior to the 1930 census. Death: May 28, 1930 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma . Ellen then went to live with Noah Henry on his farm in Arkansas..

    .Gaither Mountain is on State Rd #43 at the Boone-Newton County line. It is a rather large mountain covering many square miles. There is a community of Gaither west of State RD #7 on #207. The intersection of #207 & #7 is about a mile and a half north the Newton Co. line. There is a cemetery there. But-because of the size of Gaither Mountain one would expect to find many cemeteries.

    In 1931 Elbert George Henry traded his home in Altus Ok. for a 120 acre mountainside farm in Boone County Ark and then moved to Missouri for a 43 acres farm there.

    See:  Arkansas Cabin

    .Susan Parker (1812-94). She married Ephraim Henry in 1830. He was an explorer and made several trips out west. In 1838, he left for Missouri to go on an exploration of the west and was never heard from again. Susan then married Silas Stroup, who was a brother of Peter Harper’s wife. She and Silas are buried at Tweed’s Chapel.

    . .
    Child of Ephraim

    Nancy HENRY
    b:  in North Carolina


    The Ephraim Henry who went west and never came back had a daughter named Nancy also and she married Alberto Lytle.

    m: 18. ALBERTO3 LYTLE (MILLINGTON2, THOMAS1, JOHNA LITTEL/LYTLE, JOHNB LITLE) was born November 19, 1825 in Buncombe County, NC, and died June 17, 1912 in Buncombe County, NC. He married NANCY HENRY December 04, 1851 in Buncombe County, NC, daughter of EPHRAIM HENRY and SUSAN HARPER. She was born June 03, 1832, and

    died August 03, 1912 in Buncombe County, NC.

    23D SEPTEMBER, 1767

    Mary McClure's settlement of N. McClure - Cash paid for funeral expenses for my child; cash paid for schooling the children; cash paid Halbert McClure one of the heirs; cash paid Joseph Reed, one of the heirs; cash paid James McClure, his part; cash paid Nathl.McClure, his part; cash paid Jno. Smiley, his part; cash paid Thos. McClure, his part; cash paid Margt. McClure her part; cash paid Moses McClure, his part. Recorded on motion of Baptist McNabb.

    17-NOVEMBER, 1767 - Halbert McClure's bond (with Samuel McClure, John McClure) as administrator, c.t.a., of Nathl. McClure.

    17thNovember, 1757 - Halbert McClure's bond (with Samuel McClure) as guardian to Thomas McClure, orphan f Nathaniel McClure

    17th November, 1757 - Thomas McClure, age 14, orphan of Nathaniel McClure, chose Halbert McClure for his guardian.

    10th September, 1767 - Mary McClure's (mark) will - To son, Thomas, for his schooling; to son, Moses, for his schooling; to daughter, Margaret, for her schooling; to son James, 5 shillings. Executors, Joseph Walker and Saml. Lyle, Teste: James McDowell, Saml. McDowell, Alex. McCluer. Proved, 17th SNovember, 1767, by James and Sames and Saml. McDowell. Executore refuse. Administration graned Halbert mcClure, who qualifies wih Saml. (mark) and John (mark) McClure.

    18th March, 1768 - Saml. McClure's bond (with Arthur McClure. Thomas Vance) as guardian to Moses McClure, orphan of Nathl.McClure.

    16th March, 1768 -Thomas Dryden's bond (with Joseph Reed, Patrick *mark) McCollom) as guardian to Margaret McClure orphan of Nathl. McClure.

    15TH March, 1768- Halbert McClure's bond (with Rhoms Vnce, Robert Young) as guardian to Margaret and Moses McClure, orphans of Nathaniel McClue.

    4th March, 1768, Mary McClure's estate appraised, by William Ramsey james Thomson, Alex. McClure.

    PAGE 168 - 8TH APRIL-1789

    Andrew McClure's will - To son. Joshia (Josiah) 265 acres homeplace; to son, John; to wife Elener; to daughter Elizabeth; to daughter Elizabeth's son, John Trimble. Executors, sons John and Josiah. Teste: Zecharih Johnston, David and John McClure. Proved, 21st July 1789 by David McClure, and15th September, 1789, by John McClure.

    15th November1799- James McClure's estate appraised and sold at vendue.

    23d September,1803
    McClure vs McClure -O.S.49;N. S. 17 John McClure died testate in Botetourt, leaving Caleb Worley et als., executors, but Caleb died soon after. This is a suit by John McClure, son ofSamuel vs. Samuel (father of John) who was son of John, Sr., who died testate. John is eldest of three sons of Saml. Samuel is about to remove out of the State.

    PAGE-389-15TH FEBRUARY, 1817 -

    JANE MCCLURE'S WILL - To sisterMargaretLackie's children; to mybrothers' Dauter and Dauter, anddauter toJohnJohnson, deceased, andwifeonetomeunknown and also deceased,toherchildifshe comes to theage of maturity, thirty pounds to her and her heirs;toIsaac McClure and David McClure all estate, afterpaying thelegacy left totheorphan child ofJean Johnston, deceased. Executor, David McClure. Teste:Daniel Bell,HughMcClure,Jr.; SamuelMcClure. Proved, 24th August, 1818. Executor qualifies.


    Children of Alberto Lytle and Nancy Henry are:

    i. Loreta E. Lytle, b. 1852; d. 1922; m. James McClure.

    ii. Ellen Lytle, b. 1854.

    iii. Harriet Lytle, b. 1855.

    iv. Joseph Lytle, b. 1857.

    v. Ephraim M. Lytle, b. 1859; d. 1922.

    vi. Francis Lytle, b. 1863.

    vii. William Lytle, b. 1864, Fairview, NC.

    viii. John A. Lytle, b. November 28, 1866; d. January 17, 1904.

    71. ix. James Emory Lytle, b. 1869.

    x. Emily Lytle, b. 1870.

    xi. Susan Lytle, b. March 22, 1872, Buncombe County, NC; d. March 31, 1935; m. John B. Merrill.

    Child of Ephraim

    Rachel (Minerva?) HENRY
    b: 1834 in North Carolina

    Rachel Henry the daughter of Ephraim married Samuel ORR Andrew Hoover

    info: A.J. Morris
    from ancestry.com

    Morris photos

    Child of Ephraim

    Noah H. HENRY
    b: 1843 in North Carolina
    d: 1898 in Transylvania, NC

    Noah H Henry was married 4 times.

    Eliza Henry
    Born: May 1841 - NC
    Spouse: Bailey Reece

    Father: Noah H Henry
    Mother:: Elizabeth Jordan

    Marriage: 25 Dec 1870 - Transylvania, NC, USA


    Ellen Sophia Henry
    Birth: 1847, NC
    Spouse: Leonidas Paxton

    Father Noah H Henry
    Mother: Rachel Beck

    Marriage: 1876

    Thomas Radford Henry
    Birth 1852 - Henderson, NC

    Spouse: Nancy Susan Clayton
    Father:: Noah H Henry
    Mother: Rachel Beck

    Marriage: 26 Oct 1875 - Transylvania, NC, USA

    James Monroe Henry
    Birth: 1853- Henderson, NC

    Spouse: Thomas Elzora Galloway

    Father: Noah H Henry
    Mother: Rachel Beck

    Death: 1900 - NC, USA

    Marriage: 28 Apr 1874 - Transylvania, NC, USA


    Mary Elizabeth Henry
    Birth: 1854 - Henderson, NC
    Spouse: Oscar Frank Anders

    Father: Noah H Henry
    Mother: Sarah Crittenden Galloway

    Marriage: 25 Jul 1877 - Henderson, NC, USA

    Susan Keturah Henry
    Birth: 1856 - Henderson, N.C
    Spouse: Marcus Galloway

    Father: Noah Henry
    Mother: Sarah Crittenden Galloway

    Marriage: 1876

    Hannah C Henry
    Birth: 1858 Henderson, NC

    • Death: 25 Apr 1923
    • Burial: Beulah Baptist Church Cem., Henderson Co., NC
    Marriage 1 Mark LaFayette ANDERS b: 25 Mar 1856
    • Married: 25 Jul 1877 in Henderson, North Carolina
    1. Has No Children Idia ANDERS b: 1879

    Father: Noah H Henry
    Mother: Sarah Crittenden Galloway
    Marriage: 25 Jul 1877 - Henderson, NC,

    Sarah Elmira Henry
    Born: Feb 1863
    [city], Henderson, NC,

    m: Thomas M Gray
    Born: 1860

    Marriage: 9 Dec 1890 in , Transylvania, NC, USA

    Noah Crittenden Henry
    Birth: 1865 - Henderson, NC,

    Father: Noah Henry
    Mother: Sarah Crittenden Galloway

    Death: 1 Sep 1944

    Sophia J Henry
    Birth: 23 April, 1866, Henderson, NC

    Spouse: Lawrence A Ashworth Father: Noah Henry

    Mother: Sarah Crittenden Galloway
    Death: 11 Apr 1927 - NC, USA

    Marriage: 20 Apr 1892 - Transylvania, NC, USA

    1870 census - Mills River, Henderson, NC

    Noah Henry - age 52
    Sarah Crittendon Henry - age 41
    Susan C Henry - age 20
    Thomas? R Henry- age 18
    James Monroe Henry age 17
    Mary E Henry age 13
    Hannah P Henry age 11
    Sarah E Henry age 7
    Noah E Henry age 5

    James Monroe married Thomas Elzora Galloway. They lived next door to the Henry's in the 1970 census
    Her Father's name was Jack Galloway

    1880 census Mills River Henderson NC

    Noah H HENRY Self M Male W 61 NC Farmer NC NC

    Sarah C. HENRY Wife M Female W 51 NC Keeping House NC SC

    (Sarah Crittendon Galloway)

    Elmira S. HENRY Dau S Female W 17 NC NC NC
    born 1863

    Noah C. HENRY Son S Male W 15 NC Works On Farm NC NC
    born 1865

    Sterling MORGAN Other S Male W 12 NC Laborer NC NC
    born 1868

    Noah had 4 wieves and 9 children
    beginning in 1841
    the older children had married
    and/or moved out by 1880


    1860 Census"From Rock Prairie, Dade, MO

    Elphraim - age 56

    Elizabeth - age 53

    Noah H age 17

    Pinckney - age 13

    Elijah Lafayette - age 11

    Josephine  - age 9


    1870 Census from Rock Prairie, Dade, MO

    Ephraim - age 66

    Elizabeth - age 64

    Noah - 28 (farm labor)

    Pinckney - 22 (farm labor)

    Elijah Lafayette - 21 - (farm labor)

    Josephine  - 16

    From the 1880
    census of Rock
    Prairie, Dade, MO

    Ephraim HENRY
    Self M Male W 75 NC Farmer NC NC

    Elizabeth HENRY
    Wife M Female W 73 NC Housekeeping NC NC

    Pinckney C. HENRY
    Son M Male W 35 NC Farmer NC NC

    Amanda HENRY
    Daughter in law
    wife of Pinkney C.
     M Female W 26 MO Housekeeping MO TN

    Nancy HENRY
    GDau S Female W 6 MO NC MO

    Bernice HENRY
    GDau S Female W 3 MO NC MO

    Sylvester HENRY
    GSon S Male W 1 MO NC MO



    Pinkney C Henry
    Home in 1930: Lone Star, Canyon, Idaho
    Age: 82
    Estimated birth year: abt 1848
    Birthplace: North Carolina
    Relation to Head of House: Father-in-law
    Race: White
    Household Members:
    Name Age
    Thomas C Baker 60
    Nannie A Baker
    Nancy Henry?
    Carma C Mc Carty 32
    Betty N Mc Carty 13
    Pinkney C Henry 82

     View original image

    child of Ephraim

    Pinckney C Henry

    Birth: 1847 in North Carolina

    d: between 1920 and 1930 in Idaho

    Marriage Amanda C. LINK
    b: 1859 in Missouri
    [Amands'a parents are Daniel Link & Nancy Hannah Thompson]

    Married: OCT 1871 in Dade Co. Missouri

    Children of Pinckney

    Bernice HENRY b: 1874

    Nancy HENRY b: 1877

    Sylvester HENRY b: 1879 in Missouri

    Clara b 1884 in Missouri

    from: http://wc.rootsweb.com/

    child of Ephraim

    HENRY, PINCKNEY Cleophus.

    State: MO Year: 1870
    County: Dade County
    Township: Polk Township Page: 087
    MO 1870 Federal Census

    Marriage 1 Amanda C. LINK
    b: 1859 in Missouri

    [Amands'a parents are Daniel Link & Nancy Hannah Thompson]

    Married: 1 OCT 1871 in Dade Co. Missouri 1


    Bernice HENRY b: 1874

    Nancy HENRY b: 1877

    Sylvester HENRY b: 1879 in Missouri

    Clara b 1884 in Missouri

    Morris and Elijah Lafayette Henry


    Robertson Co.Tn> to Dade Co.

    Donald and Nancy White

    Sylvester Henry
    b: 12-18-1879 in Missouri

    d: 3-14-1934 - Pleasant Ridge, Canyon, Idaho

    From The Caldwell News-Tribune,

    We think he changed his name to Daniel Sylvester Henry - what the reason is we don't know.

    Wife: Bertha  J Henry
    b. 1888 in Colorado


    Kathryn B b:1909 - in Colorado
    Paul J b: 1917 - in Idaho
    June L b: b: 1919 in Idaho
    Daniel C b: 1922 in Idaho
    d: 1935 in Caldwell, ID

    Ida M b: 1925 - in Idaho
    Jimmy C - b: 1/28/1929 - in Idaho
    d: 1992

    Contributed by Dennis McIndoo

    Morris parents:

    (John)  Jesse (Jepo) E. Morris
    (birth name was John)
    b: ABT. 1820 - Tennessee

    d: before 1870- Missouri

    married: Jan. 15, 1846 -
    Lawren Co. Missouri

    to: Ann H Matthews
    b: 1827 - Tennessee


    Morris family

    Father: Abner MATHEWS

    Mother: Elender FOX

    Marriage 1 Jessie Elender MORRIS b: 22 Jul 1818 in ,, Tennessee

    Married: 15 Jan 1846


    William Abner MORRIS b: 1 Mar 1847 in ,, Missouri

    John Wesley MORRIS b: 16 Mar 1849 in ,, Missouri

    George Kelley MORRIS b: 14 Jul 1853 in Joplin, Lawrence, Missouri

    Frances Ellen MORRIS
    Birth: 6 Feb 1857 in ,, Missouri
    Death: 7 Jan 1941 in Chickasaw, Grady, Oklahoma
    Burial: Mustang Cemetery,, Canadian, Oklahoma

    Nancy H. MORRIS b: 1 Nov 1858 in ,, Missouri

    Sara B. MORRIS b: 19 Mar 1861 in ,, Missouri

    James Alfred MORRIS b: 4 Oct 1863 in Polk Township, Dade, Missouri

    child of Ephraim

    Father: Elijah Lafayette Henry -
    b: Apr.17, 1849 - North Carolina
    Death: May 28, 1930 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, USA

    married Francis (Frances) Ellen Morris
    b: Feb 6, 1856 -Missouri
    d: Jan 7, 1941 -Chickasha, Grady Co. Oklahoma

    m. 30 JAN 1876
    P: Dade,Co. Missouri

    There evidently wasn't an obit for Frances.
    Elijah, Frances and one of their sons were buried in the Mustang Cemetery. Perhaps the two daughters that died in the 1890s have headstones there as well.

    Elijah Lafayette Henry
    Francis Ellen Morris Henry

    Yukon Sun - Thurs, May 29, 1930

    Pioneer Settler is Dead after Illness
    E.L. Henry, 81 years old, pioneer resident of Mustang, died at home at Oklahoma City Wednesday, following an illness of three months.
    Mr. Henry came to Oklahoma during the run of 1889 and settled on a farm near Mustang where he remained until ten years ago when he retired and moved to the city. During his stay at Mustang he served eight years as a peace justice.

    He is survived by Mrs. Henry, five children, 24
    grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

    For the record, the unassigned lands populated by the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889 were never assigned to any Indian tribe. These lands were held by the Federal government. The term Sooner referred to those claim seekers who came into the lands "sooner" than the starting gun on April 22, 1889. The US Army was on constant lookout for these Sooners and they were evicted when found. Elijah L. Henry was not a Sooner. At the starting gun at 12 noon he ran for land in Canadian County, Oklahoma Territory on the back of a Missouri mule while Elbert Russell Henry, age 10, minded the family's livestock on the bank of the Canadian River. Elijah L. Henry and his family then continued to live on the claim and improve it by planting fruit trees and gardens. They lived in an earthen dugout until a house could be built. In Oklahoma, direct descendents of "89ers" are proud of the fact. Elijah Henry was a prominent citizen of Canadian County. He was vested with the powers of a Squire for many years in the county. Elijah L. Henry is the great-grandfather of Don Cole, Joe Mason and Marlene Leahey.

    Unassigned Lands - 1879

    On April 22, 1889, the Oklahoma lands were settled by what would later be called the Run of '89. Over 50,000 people entered on the first day, among them several thousand former slaves and descendants of slaves. Tent cities grew overnight at Oklahoma City, Kingfisher, El Reno, Norman, Guthrie and Stillwater, which was the first of the settlements.

    info: Dee Finney

    per Joseph Edward Innuse/Mason

    grandson of Zora Emeline Henry

    Frances Ellen Morris b. 1856 Mo.
    ( although my original notes stated Pa.

    m. 30 Jan 1876 to E.L. Henry probably at Greenfield Mo. where Ephraim Henry had established a half-way house. she died 7 Jan 1941 Mustang Canadian County Oklahoma
    her father Jesse
    ( Jepo ) E. Morris b. abt. 1820

    Tenn. m. 15 Jan 1846 Mo. to Ann H. Mathews ( Matthews ??? ) b. abt. 1827

    Tenn........ Jesse died before 1870 in Mo.

    These are the records I show from the Dade County Historical
    Society in Missouri

    Francis Ellen Morris brother's name was John W. Morris

    married: Lavisa Couch

    ID: I515804940
    Name: Anna Harriet MATHERS
    Sex: F
    Birth: 1-3-1829 in MO
    Death: 9-9-1888

    Marriage 1 Jesse Evander MORRIS
    b: 7-22-1818 in MO


    William Abner MORRIS
    b: 3-1-1847 in MO

    (more info to come) from K. Tally

    .in notes of Carl H. Curry in 1887 Ellen ( Frances Ellen Morris ) had
    family members named Pirtle living at Bowie Texas

    .Gedcom file

    Entries: 385 Updated: Sat Aug 25 14:54:07 2001

    Contact: Rick McGahey

    ID: I56041994

    Name: Jesse MORRIS

    Given Name: Jesse
    Surname: Morris
    Sex: M

    Birth: 22 Jul 1818 in Joplin, Jasper Co. , Missouri

    Death: 1860 in Missouri

    Father: James MORRIS

    Mother: Nancy WILKERSON

    Marriage 1 Ann Harriet MATHEWS
    b: 3 Jan 1828 in Tennessee

    Married: 15 Jan 1846
    in Lawrence Co. , Missouri


    George Kelly MORRIS
    b: 14 Jul 1853 in Lawrence Co. Missouri

    John MORRIS b: 1849
    Francis MORRIS b: 1856
    Nancy MORRIS b: 1858
    Sarah MORRIS b: 1861
    James MORRIS b: 1863
    William MORRIS b: 1847

    Child of Elijah Lafayette Henry

    Albert R Henry  (this is probably Elbert)
    b: 1879

    Child of Ephraim

    Josephine HENRY b: 1851 in missouri

    an infant: Leander L Henry is buried next to Ephraim.

    Carl Curry - parents

    See: http://www.greatdreams.com/

    b: 1824 - Pennsylvania
    he was a cabinetmaker
    d: April 18, 1903
    Mitchellville, Polk, Iowa

    Father was born in Ireland
    Mother was born in Pennsylvania

    b: 1834 Ohio

    Info from 1880 census

    Oliver CURRY M Male W 56
    b: 1824 - PA
    Cabinet Maker

    Mary Magdelne. CURRY Wife Female W 46
    b: 1834 OH
    Keeps House

    Henry CURRY Son Male W age - 19
    b: 1861 - IN

    Susan CURRY Dau Female W
    b: 1868 - age 12 IN

    John CURRY Son Male W
    b: 1869 - age 11 IN

    Robert CURRY Son S Male W - age 8
    b: 1872 - IN

    Carlos CURRY Son Male W - age 6
    b: 1874 - IA

    George CURRY Son Male W age 4
    Birth: 27 APR 1876 Mitchellville, Polk, Iowa

    Death: 10 JAN 1953 Dallas, Dallas, Texas

    Burial: Alva, Woods, Oklahoma

    Minnie CURRY Dau Female W age 11Mo
    b: 1879 -  IA

    Name: Zora Emeline Henry
    b: Nov. 14, 1880 - Missouri
    d: Mar. 5 1959 - Santa Clara, California
    buried in Pacific Grove, CA

    parents were born in
    North Carolina, Missouri

    marriage was performed by Rev. E.A. Curry

    Marriage Carl (Carlos) Curry
    b: Jan 26, 1874 - 
    Polk Iowa
    divorced: between 1913 and 1918

    living in Oklahoma City in 1920 with his sister Susan and her children

    Living in Oklahoma City in 1930 as a roomer

    death:: He was the first person killed by a car in Oklahoma City, OK

    parents were born in
    Pennsylvania, and Ohio

    Zora, Carl, Alice, Elbert,
    Daisy, Imogene (Imy), Claire (carl wasn't born yet)

    Alice, Claire (Clara), Imy, Daisy, Elbert (carl wasn't born yet)

    Zora claimed to have seen the Dalton Gang at a bank robbery..

    Here is a photo of Zora with Bill Wolfenbarger aka Dalton in Oklahoma City.  The gasoline station behind them was owned by Zora's grandson Robert, and behind the person holding the camera is the Wigwam Bar which her daughter Daisy owned.

    Bill Wolfenbarger-Dalton-Zora-Curry

    Note: Bill Dalton's mother's maiden name was Wolfenbarger.




    Carl, Alice, Zora

    Family photo of Henry,
    Curry, and Jacksons

    Family Photo ID names

    Submitted by
    Marlene Leahey

    . . info  from: Luvela Barnes


    from ancestry.com

    Alice Violet Curry
    b: Aug, 1, 1898 in Comanche, Okla
    d: Nov. 4, 1948

    marriage 1:
    Chas L. Finnell
    b: 1895

    (died in a fire at the nightclub (The Golden Dawn) she had with Jim Boykin)
    Oklahoma City

    see below

    Alice Curry and ?



    These photos were submitted by
    cousin Marlene Leahey.

    . .
    Elaine b: (Elline Finnell) (Eleine)
    b: 1918 Oklahoma
    (designed Chief Jim's bar)
    moved to (Carson City, Nevada)

    m: Marvin Pederson

    died in Lake Tahoe, Nevada

    Ronald Pederson
    (Sparks, Nevada)
    . . . . .
    . . . . . .
    . . . . . .
    Alice Violet CURRY
    b: 7 Jul, 1898- Comanche, Oklahoma
    d: Nov. 4, 1948

    m: Lester H Coelter
    about 1930
    Clara Curry lived with them in St. Louis, MO on the 1930 census

    Eleine is listed as Lester Coelter's step-daughter, on the 1930 census
    . . .
    Name: Jim Boykin
    Birth Date: 25 March 1880 (Historical Events)
    Death Date: 15 August 1969 (Historical Events)
    Issuing State: Oklahoma
    Residence at Death: Colbert,Bryan,Oklahoma 74733
    SSN: 447-50-7983
    See Neighbors
    Nearby Cemeteries:
    Colbert Cemetery, Bryan, Oklahoma
    Garden of Memory Cemetery, Bryan, Oklahoma
    Yarbrough Cemetery, Bryan, Oklahoma
    Alice Violet CURRY
    b: 7 Jul, 1898- Comanche, Oklahoma
    d: Nov. 4, 1948
    (died in a fire at the nightclub (The Golden Dawn) she owned with Jim G. Boykin)
    Oklahoma City

    m James G. Boykin
    b: Texas

    Jim G. Boykin
    SSN 447-50-7983 Residence: 74733 Colbert, Bryan, OK

    Born 25 Mar 1880
    San Angeline, TX
    Died 15 Aug 1969
    Colbert, Bryant, OK

    Father: Edmond Boykin
    Mother: Clarice Reynolds

    (Father was said to have been a Cherokee Indian Chief. Records show that Jim Boykin was Nego and his father was Mullato)

    (Trail of Tears)

    The Story of  Chief
    Jim's Nightclub

    . .
    . info: Steven Williams
    wife's parents:

     Father: William Henry Wilson -Mother: Florence Mae Trapp

    Death: 29 MAR 1964 in Jasper County Missouri, USA

    Elbert George Curry b: 30 AUG 1901 in Mustang, Canadian County, Oklahoma, USA

    Birth: 30 AUG 1901 in Mustang, Canadian County, Oklahoma, USA

    Death: 29 MAR 1964 in "from injuries sustained by a motor vehicle accident", entrance to farm, Jasper County Missouri, USA

    Marriage Sarah Celestine Wilson b: 17 MAY 1903 in Pleasant Hill, Cass County, Missouri, USA

    (lived with Zora in Oklahoma City in 1920 - age 18)

    Married: 1922 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, USA

    Lenna Lorree
    b. 6 Jun 1923 Okc. Ok.
    m. 7 Jun. 1941

    (d: abt. 27 Nov. 1991 at home in Herington KS)

    Married to:

    David Morgan Cole
    b. 14 feb 1923 Sarcoxie Mo.


    Willa Dean 4 Feb. 1925 OKC OK
    Leland Ross 14 Nov. 1927 Altus OK 
    (d: during the 1980's in California)
    Donald Keith b. 11 Apr. 1930 Capps ARK 
    David Allen (Dutch) b. 25 Jan 1933 on the farm at Capps AR ....the doctor was from Harrison.
    (d: abt. 1968 in Kansas City, KS  by fellow criminal during the commission of a crime and while the police were present)
    James Carroll b. 23 Mar. 1934 Capps AR
    (d: 12-17-2006 and good riddance)
    Thomas John b. on the farm at Capps and died in infancy... year unknown
    Brian Gene b. 13 Sept. 1944 on the farm near Hornet MO.

    Brian Gene
    b. 13 Sept. 1944 on the farm Hornet Mo. Jasper County
    m. 24 Nov. 1967 to Perlene Ellen Watkins

    I cite personal knowledge of Lenna Lorree Curry during conversation on 22 Oct. 1991 ... she passed away the day after Thanksgiving of that same year at her home in Herington Kansas.

    I also cite personal knowledge of James Carroll Curry during a conversation dated 4 Dec. 1991

    Donald R. Cole

    . . . Lenna Loree Curry
    b: 6 JUN 1923
    Oklahoma City,
    Oklahoma County,
    Oklahoma, USA

    Death: 29 NOV 1991
    Dickinson County,
    Kansas, USA

    Burial: 1991
    Powers Family
    Diamond, Newton
    County, Missouri,

    Married to:  :
    David Morgan Cole
    Sex: M

    Birth: 14 FEB 1923
    Sarcoxie, Jasper
    County, Missouri,

    Death: 5 DEC 1993
    Topeka, Shawnee
    County, Kansas,

    Burial: 1923
    Powers Family
    Diamond, Newton
    County, Missouri,

    Married: 7 JUN 1941
    Joplin, Jasper
    County, Missouri

    . .
    . . . . . 1 Living Cole

    2 Living Cole

    3  Living Cole

    4  David Morgan
    Cole , Jr
    b: AFT. 1941 -
     died in infancy

    5  Living Cole

    6  Living Cole

    7  Living Cole

    8  Living Cole

    9  Living Cole

    10  Living Cole

    11 Living Cole  
    Marriage 1 Living

    . . . . . . Living Cole - married 'Weber'                           Living Cole                  Living Cole                        Living Cole
    . . . . Willa Dean Curry
    b: 1925

    b: 1927

    . .
    . . . Daisy CURRY
    b: Jan 15, 1904 -Oklahoma
    d: 1970 - Monterey, CA
    buried in Pacific Grove, CA

    married  Charles Sydney Johnson (1928?)
    b: 1900 in Texas

    He did time in prison for felony theft in 1932.

    Sydney moved to L.A. area

    lived in Oklahoma City, OK

    with cousin G. E. Johnson (b:1907 Texas) and his wife Mabel. (b: 1911 -Texas) at 1172 W. Seventh St.

    Found Daisy in the 1930 census,
    and her cousin Dorothy was
    enumerated with them even though she's also listed with her folks:

    Ward 3, OK Ctiy, OK - 1930:

    1121 W. 7th St, fam 395:

    L. E. Johnson head, rents $35, 23, married at 22, TX, TX, TX, derrick constructor for oil field

    Mable M wife, 19, married at 19, TX, TX, Germ

    Charles S Johnson cousin, 30,
    married at 24, TX, TX, AL, foreman wholesale ?

    Daisy cousin-in-law, 27, married at 21, OK, IA, MO, telephone co. operator

    Robert S. cousin, 1-4?/12, OK

    Dorothy Jackson boarder 20, OK, IA, MO, none


    . . . . Robert Sydney (Bobby) Johnson
    b: Nov. 1929 -Oklahoma City, OK
    d: 1978? - Sunnyvale, CA

    m: Juanita

    b: 1927 - Oklahoma
    d:  2000 Sunnyvale, CA

    Other birth records in New York City
    John Innusa 25 Apr 1897 18338
    Salvatore Innusa 24 Mar 1901 12518
    Carmela Innusa 28 May 1902 22044
    Filippo Innusa 28 May 1902 22128
    Salvatore Innusa 14 Jul 1902 28559


    View Record


    Name: James Innusa
    SSN: 111-18-2702
    Last Residence: 11203  Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States of America
    Born: 19 Oct 1921
    Died: 1 Jul 1996
    State (Year) SSN issued: New York (Before 1951)

    James Innusa 19 Oct 1921 1 Jul 1996 Brooklyn, Kings, New York  
    View Record
    Philip Innusa 23 Jan 1925 Dec 1984 Brooklyn, Kings, New York  


    .We don't have proof of this relationship, but we found a birth record of John Salvadore Innusa being born the same date as John Salvadore Innuse in the same city.

    I found an Ellis Island record of Emannele Innusa arriving in America in Jan. 3, 1894 at the age of 17 (birth date Jan 1, 1876)from Palermo Sicily, Italy, which we know was where John's family came from.

    In 1901 we found a Naturalization record of Emanuele Innusa, same city - which means a name misspelling either at Ellis Island or on the Naturalization record. 

    There are no census records, and we do not know what happened between John's mother and father that caused her to have other children all by the name of Panzarella, all of whom were famous in New York City.

    . . . Raymond Sydney Johnson
    b: Dec. 25, 1946 - Oklahoma City, OK
    will be 60 in 2006

    Daniel Johnson
    b: 1948 - Oklahoma City, OK
    d: 1990? California

    Ronald Johnson
    b: 1949/50 - Oklahoma City, OK


    SSN: 070-03-9810

    Born: 23 Oct 1897

    Died: Jul 1955

    State (Year) SSN issued: NY (Before 1951 )

    (This might be a relative as well)

    SSN: 099-12-8972
    Last Residence: 11417 Ozone Park, Queens, NY
    Born: 2 Jun 1913
    Died: May 1986
    Issued: NY

    John Salvadore Innuse
    b  23, Apr. 1897 -Kings, Brooklyn, NY (from Draft Record)
    d: CA-or NY

    10 Mar 1897
    23 Arp, 1897 (from Draft Record)
    14 Dec 1955 NEW YORK LOS ANGELES ( SMASON MASON )??????

    married Ida 1
    b: Dec. 1, 1897
    d: Jan. 25, 1997,
    Jamaica, NY

    parents were from Palermo, Sicily, Italy

    m Brooklyn, NY


    Maron (male)
    b: 1818 -Brooklyn, NY
    d: (killed in WWII)
    Grace (female)
    b: 1819 -Brooklyn, NY

    In the 1930 census in New York City, NY, we found
    Joe's uncle Mariano Panzarella
    age 46 - born in Italy
    d: ?

    Grace Panzarella - age 47
    born in Italy 17 Oct 1881
    d: Jan 1979 Brooklyn, Kings, NY
    S.S. 131-52-5934

    Joseph Panzarella - age 23
    b: 11 Aug 1906
    d: Apr 1982 Rockville Centre, Nassau, NY
    S.S.  070-28-8957
    born in New York City, NY
    Edward Panzarella - age 19
    b:16 Aug 1910
    d: Aug 1986
    S.S. 063-12-1226
    born in Brooklyn, Kings , New York City, NY

    Daisy Curry
    b: Jan 15, 1904
    d: 1970 - Monterey,

    (lived with Zora in Oklahoma City in 1920 - age 16)

    married John Salvadore
    Innuse (Mason) 2
    b: 1897 - Kings,
    Brooklyn , NY.

    D. 14 Dec. 1955

    parents were from
    Albatian, Italy

    He Played in Earl Caroll's Vanities in New York City and was a famous piano player. He took the professional name of John (Jack) Mason

    Daisy Curry

    California Death
    Notice:  (Not all the
    informatoin is correct)

    b: 10 Mar 1897 New York
    d: 14 Dec 1955 LOS ANGELES

    . . . John Salvadore
    Innuse , Jr. (Mason)
    b: Mar. 10, 1938 -
    Santa Monica, CA

    d: 93933 Marina,
    Monterey, CA

    Born 10 Mar

    Died 5 Nov 1994

    m: Nancy Martin
    b: 1940 -

    m: Wanda

    m: Pam

    m: ?

    m: Vivian

    . .
    . . . . . John Edward Mason
    b: 1959 -
    Carmel, CA

    m: 1

    m: 2

    . . . . . . 1: daughter

    2: daughter

    . . . . . LIVING Mason
    b: 1961

    LIVING Mason
    b: 1964
    . . . . Joseph Innuse (Mason)
    b: Sept. 19, 1939 -Santa Monica, CA

    m: Debra Rice
    b: 1950 - California -(maybe Santa Clara)

    Joseph Edward Mason, Michael D Mason, Thomas J Mason

    . . . . . LIVING Mason
    b: Mar 10, 1971

    married 1: LIVING

    . . . . . . LIVING Mason

    LIVING  Mason

    . . . . . LIVING Mason
    b: Feb. 13, 1973
    married 1: LIVING
    . . . . . . LIVING Mason
    . . . . . LIVING Mason

    b:  Feb. 13, 1973
    married 2: LIVING

    . . . . . . LIVING Mason

    LIVING Mason

    . . . Imogene CURRY
    b: 1905 - Oklahoma
    d: 1971(73) - Carson City, Nevada

    (lived with Zora in Oklahoma City in 1920 - age 15)

    m: Emmet Mansell
    b:1898 - Missouri - (trumpet player) 1928 - 1
    Emmett had another wife

    Emmet served in the Missouri National Guard in 1916: Name: Emmett Mansell
    Rank: Private
    Company: Battery C
    Section: Field Artillery
    Regiment: First Battalion
    Organized: Independence

    m: Ernest Daniels 2..... a barber

    m: Orville Kamm 3
    Orville Kamm was still alive back in 89 and 90 .. his address at the time wa 214 E. Park, Carson City Nev. 89706 and his phone # 702-882-4068


    . .
    . . .Daisy and Claire playing
    the violin as children photo
    Claire C. (Clara) CURRY
    b: 1908 (1909)- Oklahoma
    d: 1948? -
    Probably California

    (Lived with Zora in Oklahoma City in 1920 age 11)

    (Lived with her sister Alice in St. Louis in 1930)

    Claire was a contestant in the Miss Kansas City pageant in 1926 and placed in the contest.

    Her brother states that she was the first woman pilot in the state of Oklahoma and she and her fiance flew for Pan American to Central America and set up airport sites for Pan American there. She also posed for many statues in Cuba. Later, she and Maurice Leon Luce moved to Miami where they broke up. She then went to New York and posed for paintings for a famous artist in New Jersey.

    She Played in Earl Carroll's Vanities in New York City

    See: Historical Clips

    She lived with Jim Carroll for many years, who was in the vaudeville business.

    Jim Carroll was the brother of Earl Carroll the famous show person. Earl Carroll and his girlfriend were killed in a plane crash in Pennsylvania in 1948.

    Mr. Carroll made the girls sign a contract to brush their teeth 5 times a day and have their hair sone twice a day.

    1910 Census
    Canadian, Mustang, OK

    Karl Curry - age 36

    Zora E Curry - age 29

    Alice M - age 11

    Albert G - age 9

    Daisy M - age 9

    Imogene Curry - age 4

    Clara C Curry  -age 1

    1920 Census
    Oklahoma City, OK

    Zora E Curry  - age 39

    Elbert G - age 18

    Daisy Mary - age 16

    Imogene - age 15

    Clara C - age 11

    Carl H - age 5

    Jesse R New - age 20

    . .
    . . . Carl H. CURRY
    b: 1913 (1915) - Oklahoma

    (Lived with Zora in Oklahoma City in 1920 - age 5)

    (lived with Zora and Elbert in 1930) in Oklahoma City

    m: Gladys (Fitzgerald?)
    b: 1920

    d: ?

    Carls remininences

    DeDe Curry with
    Granny Zora
    pic was taken in 1956

    DeDe passed away at age 21 on the operating table having surgury for spina-bifida

    . .
    . . . Sherry (Curry) Gilstrap,
    Patrick Curry...

    Great Great grandparents of Mark and Stuart Gilstrap, also Julie, Kari and Eliss Kathleen...

    Gilstrap Family

    Curry ( Shannon, Elissa's sister came along in 1985). Great Great Great Grandparents of Daniel Robert ( born to Mark and Rhonda) Gilstrap. ( Daniel acquired a brother, Andrew in 1985) (Christopher Gilstrap, born to Stuart and Julie came along in August 1985)

    . .
    . Alice Elizabeth New had a cousin Jesse R New - he lived with Zora and Elbert Russell in 1930

    His father's name is William M New , mother (Lissie J Simpson)

    Alice New Henry's father's name is Amos Frank New - (mother Laura May Hoy)

    Jesse R. New is first cousin to Alice New Henry. His brother is Edward S. and Alzie (Alsada) New, who lived in Stephens Co. OK in 1920.

    There were 9 New kids in all.

    Elbert Russell HENRY b: 23 OCT 1878 in Rock Prairie, Dade County, Missouri

    Name: Elbert Russell HENRY

    Birth: 23 OCT 1878 in Rock Prairie, Dade County, Missouri

    Death: 2 MAY 1963 in Chickasha Grady Co. Oklahoma

    Fact 1: Buried Fair Lawn Memorial Cemetery

    Fact 2: Chickasha Grady Co. Oklahoma

    Fact 3: S.S.# 448-09-1616 Issued Oklahoma

    Fact 4: 1880 1
    Fact 5: 1890 Burned 1
    Fact 6: 1900 1
    Fact 7: 1910 Census Mustang, Canadian Co. Oklahoma 1

    Fact 8: 1920 Census Mustang, Canadian Co. Oklahoma

    Alice Elizabeth NEW
    b: 1 JUL 1885 in Field Creek, Llano Co. Texas

    Married: MAR 1903 in Comanche, Okla

    1920 Census
    Canadian, Mustang, OK

    Elbert -age 41
    Alice E - age 35
    Violet C - age 15
    May E - age 10
    Ethel E - age 7
    Lillian - age 5
    Russel - age 2

    1930 Census
    Chicashaw, Grady Cty, OK

    Elbert - age 51
    Alice - age 45
    Ethel - age 18
    Oleta - age 16
    Russel - age 13.

    . . .
    Alice Violet HENRY
    b: 7 JUL 1904 in Comanche, Stephens County, Ok
    d: 25, MAR, 1998 - Irving, TX

    Alice Violet Henry

    [Alice Jones]

    Spouse: Cleo Preston Jones

    Born:4 Jul 1902 in Mustang, Canadian, OK:
    Died: 9 Sep 1995 in Dallas, Dallas, TX,

    Father: Elbert Russell Henry
    Mother : Alice Elizabeth New

    Death: 25 Mar 1998 - Irving, Dallas, TX, USA

    Marriage: 8 Apr 1927 - Chickasha, Grady, OK,


    Living Jones

    Laura Mae Jones F

    Joe Boy Swan



    Marriage: 14 Jun 1952 in Dallas, Dallas, TX, USA Edit

    Children Sex Birth

    Living Swan

    Living Swan

    Don Cleo Jones
    born: 13 Nov 1928 in Galveston, TX,

    married: Juanita Ann Wheelock
    Estimated birth year: abt 1928
    Home in 1930: Detroit, Wayne, Michigan

    Father's Name: Hugo H Wheelock
    Mother's Name: Juanita Wheelock
    b: 9 Jan 1899
    d:  Jul 1975 Birmingham, Oakland, Michigan


    Preston Jones
    b: 27 Aug 1962 Male Bexar, TX

    Elizabeth Ann Jones
    b: 17 Dec 1965 Female Dallas, TX

    . . . May Elizabeth HENRY
    b: 22 MAY 1909 in Mustang, Canadian Co. Oklahoma
    d: 24 OCT, 1959 -OK City, OK

    Marriage Vernon FOREMAN
    b: 19 JAN 1904 in Mustang, Canadian Co. Oklahoma

    Married: 14 JUN 1929 in Chickasha, Grady Co. Oklahoma

    . . .
    . . . . Living FOREMAN

    Living FOREMAN

    Living FOREMAN

    Living FOREMAN

    . .
    Ethel Elbert HENRY
    b: 17 OCT 1911 in Wheatland, Canadian Co. Oklahoma
    d:  (living)

    George Cleary OSTEEN b: 17 DEC 1903 in Tennessee

    Married: 2 SEP 1931 in Chickasha, Grady Co. Oklahoma

    Living OSTEEN

    Living OSTEEN

    . . . Lydia Oleta HENRY b: 25 SEP 1914
    d: 6 JUN 1971

    Marriage 1 H Douglas FITZGERALD b: 26 FEB 1915

    Married: 3 MAR 1934 in Verden, Oklahoma

    . .
    . . . . Living FITZGERALD



    . .
    . . . Russell Frank HENRY b: 15 MAR 1917 in Mustang, Canadian Co. Oklahoma
    d: 28 FEB 1969

    Marriage 1 Martha Gean PENCE

    Married: 14 JAN 1938 in Chickasha, Grady Co. Oklahoma 1

    . . .
    . . . . Living HENRY . .
    . . . . Living HENRY . .
    . Glen Aurther HENRY b: 30 DEC 1939

    Death: 23 FEB 1989 1

    Fact 1: Buried Fair Lawn Memorial Cemetery 1

    Fact 2: Chickasha Grady Co. Oklahoma 1

    Fact 3: S S # 440-36-3834 Issued Oklahoma

    Marriage 1 Living ORLENE

    Living HENRY

    Living HENRY

    Living HENRY

    Noah  A.Henry

    Noah A. Henry


    Noah Alfred HENRY
    b: Jan 8, 1883
  • Death: 10 Sep 1955
  • Event: Buried Sunnylane Cemetery Okla City, Okla
  • Marriage
    Anne ELIZABETH T. [Brickle] b: 1895

    lived in Greeley, Oklahoma in 1930

    children -
    Mildred Brickle-stepdaughter
    b: 1916

    Florence Henry b: 1929 (possibly adopted)


    . . .
    . . Effie Mary HENRY (Jackson)
    b: 10 NOV 1886 in Missouri
    (Mary E)
    d: 15, MAR, 1968
    buried at Mustang Cemetery
    Canadian Cty. OK
    row 16. S E quadrant

    Charles O. JACKSON
    b: 31 MAR 1872 in Iowa
    d: 17 OCT, 1933
    buried at Mustang Cemetery
    Canadian Cty. OK
    row 16. S E quadrant

    This Jensen gravestone is John M. Jensen, son of Hans Paul Jensen. His wife Lila New Jensen is my grandmother's sister.

    Marlene Leahey

    . . . .







    .These photos were submitted by
    cousin Marlene Leahey

    The Charles W. Henry in the 1920 census, living next to Zora Curry, in Oklahoma County, is our Charles W. Henry. His wife's name was Addie Cecie Brisco.

    They had 3 children.

    Delores bn July 19, 1919

    Charles Gilbert, bn Aug 19, 1920, died Nov. 26, 1998

    Cecil, bn Apr 5, 1931

    Same Charles W. Henry.

    Charles Wesley Henry
    b: 1889

    m: Addie C - age 24 in 1920

    daughter - Delores - born 1930 

    d: June 25, 1931

    Sgt. 80 Inf. 15 Div.

    June 26, 1931

    That was his unit in WWI and the date of death.

    His son Cecil was born in April 1931. He was less than 3 months old when Charles died. After his mother died in 1935, Cecil was raised by his mother's family. Cecil was out in CA for awhile before he came back to OK and married.


    Minnie JACKSON
    b: 1905 in Oklahoma

    Edith JACKSON b: 1907 in Oklahoma

    Dorothy JACKSON
    b: 1909 in Oklahoma

    . . .

    Charles Wesley Henry

    Charles Wesley HENRY
    b: in Texas 1889

    Charles Wesley Henry
    SGT. 80 INF. 15 DIV.

    d: 26 JUN 1931

    M Adda C. Brisco
    b: 1895
    d: 1935


    Delores Henry b: 1920, OK City, OK

    Charles G Henry b:  6/14/1923, OK City, OK
    d: 6 Oct 1990

    Cecil Wesley Henry, b 1931 OK
    lived with his grandmother in CA, and then moved back to OK.


    AUG. 1, 1881

    JULY 29, 1909


    APR. 10, 1901

    MAY 19, 1970


    JULY 29, 1855

    APR. 11, 1915



    JUNE 14, 1867

    MAR. 27, 1927

    row 14, SE quadrant, Mustang Cemetery


    AUG. 1, 1881

    JULY 29, 1909


    APR. 10, 1901

    MAY 19, 1970


    NOV. 10, 1903

    JAN. 23, 1972

    December, 1855: Bastardy bond in Jackson Cty. NC
    Elizabeth Henry vs. Riley McMahan
    Fall Term, 1869:
    The State and Polly Henry vs. James Crawford
    Spring Term, 1870:
    The State and Polly Henry vs. James Crawford
    Fall Term, 1870:
    The State and Polly Henry vs. James Crawford (defendant guilty)


    Three Henry Brothers
    Russell Frank, Noah Alfred, Charles Wesley
    picture submitted by Marlene Leahey

    ID: I284

    Name: Alexander Henry
    Sex: M
    Death: Y ???


    Bride: Polly Sorrels
    Groom: Alexander Henry
    Bond Date: 06 Sep 1832
    County: Haywood
    Record #: 01 043
    Bondsman: Thos. P. Nobl
    Bond #: 000065531
    Comment: Daughter of Joseph, Dec'd
    North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868

    Name: Alexander P. Henry

    Sex: M

    Birth: Abt 1800 in Lincoln Co., North Carolina

    Death: Bef Jul 1840

    Father:  William Henry
    Mother   Martha Mckeown

    Some researchers think this Alexander Henry is the same one as Alexander Henry born to Joseph Henry.  They are cousins.

    Aug. 1753369,402 Congregations of New Providence and Timber Ridge Presbyterian Churches
    Petition Signers for Reverend John Brown
    Archibald Alexander, Francis Allison, Robert Allison, Francis Beaty, Charles Berry, Thomas Berry, William Berry, Magdalena Borden, Samuel Buchanan, William Caruthers, James Coulter, Robert Coulton, Samuel Davis, William Davis, John Davison, John Douglass, David Dryden, Thomas Dryden, Samuel Dunlap, James Eakin, Walter Eakin, John Edmiston, James Edmiston, William Edmiston, Andrew Fitzpatrick, Robert Gamble, Edward Gaor, Jacob Gray, Samuel Gray, William Gray, James Greenlee, William Hamilton, John Hawely, John Handley, Joseph Hay, Samuel Hay(s), Edmund Hearken, George Henderson, Robert Henry, Thomas Hill, John Houston Sr., John Houston Jr., Matthew Houston, Robert Houston, Samuel Houston, Joseph Kennedy, John Kerr, John Keys, Rodger Keys, Robert Kirkpatrick, William Lockridge, John Logan, John Lowry, John Lusk, James Lusk, William Lusk, Daniel Lyle, John Lyle, Matthew Lyle, Samuel Lyle, John Macky, Agnes Martin, Charles McAnelly, Edward McColgan, James McClung, James McClung Jr., widow McClung, Alexander McCluer, Nathaniel McCluer, Halbert McCluer, John McCrosky Sr., John McCrosky Jr., Alexander McCrosky, Samuel McCutchen, Samuel McDowell, Neal McGlister, Thomas McMurry, Baptist McNabb, John McNabb, Thomas McSpeden, Alexander Miller, John Mitchell, John Montgomery, Alexander Moore, John Moore, James Moore, John Patton, Samuel Paxton, Thomas Paxton, Nathan Peoples, Patrick Porter, Robert Reagh, William Reagh, Robert Robertson, James Robinson John, Robinson, Matthew Robinson, William Robinson, John Roseman, David Sayer, John Shields, John Smiley, William Smith, Widow Smith, John Sprowl, Andrew Steele, Samuel Steele, John Stuart, James Thompson, James Trimble, Moses Trimble, Alexander Walker, Alexander Walker, James Walker, John Walker, John Wardlaw, William Wardlaw, Robert Weir, Moses Whiteside, William Whiteside, Ann Wilson, John Winiston

    Groom: Isaac Henry
    Bride: Mary Wells
    Bond Date: 23 Oct 1830
    Bond #: 000073162
    Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
    ImageNum: 008470
    County: Lincoln
    Record #: 01 060
    Bondsman: Thomas Henry
    Witness: Polly Holland

    Name: Thomas Henry
    Sex: M
    Birth: About 1802 in Lincoln Co., NC

    Bride: Nurcissa Campbell (McClure)
    Groom: Thomas Henry
    Bond Date: 10 May 1830
    County: Lincoln
    Record #: 01 060
    Bondsman: Isaac Henry
    Witness: I Holland, Justice of the Peace
    Bond #: 000073171
    North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868

    children:  Eliza Jane Henry

    Note: Based on 1830 Census data
    Death: 1 Aug 1836
    Burial: Smith's Cemetery, Belmont,
    Lincoln Co., North Carolina
    Event: Grave Marker Smith's Cemetery,
    Belmont, Lincoln Co., North Carolina

    THOMAS HENRY who departed this life
    Aug 1st 1836 In the 34th year of his age.

    Will: 23 Jul 1833 Lincoln Co., North Carolina

    Note: THOMAS HENRY. 23 July 1833.
    November 1836. Wife Narcissi Henry and
    her heirs. EXEC. my uncle James Porter of
    MeckIenburg Co. WIT. Matt Leeper,
    Isaac Henry, Alexander Porter.
    Book 1, page 381.

    Father: Joseph Henry b: Abt 1762

    Mother: Elizabeth Porter

    Marriage 1 Narcissa McClure b: 1805

    Married: 10 May 1830 in Lincoln Co., NC


    Eliza Jane Henry

    Narcissa married again:

    Spouse 2

    Moses Henry Hand
    Born: 3 Feb 1812 in Charlotte,
    Mecklenburg, NC, USA
    Died: 6 Aug 1887 in Lincoln, NC, USA
    Marriage: 17 Mar 1842 in , Lincoln, NC, USA

    Groom: Moses H Hand
    Bride: Narcissa Henry
    Bond Date: 17 Mar 1842
    Bond #: 000072897
    Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
    ImageNum: 003595
    County: Lincoln
    Record #: 01 054
    Bondsman: Wm M Holland
    Witness: Eli Hoyl


    parents: Rebecca Henry/Aaron Hand

    Groom: Aaron Hand
    Bride: Rebecka Henry
    Bond Date: 27 Sep 1798
    Bond #: 000072894
    Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
    ImageNum: 003595
    County: Lincoln
    Record #: 01 054
    Bondsman: Jonathan Gullic

    Hand, Moses Henry (1812-1887)
    Henry, Eliza Jane McClure,
    Narcissa (1805-1860) Sloan,
    Margaret Henry, Thomas (1849-1853)

    Rebecca Clark B: 1720 D: 1 Jul 1823  

    Margaret BaldridgeB: 1751 D: 11 Dec 1843

    John Baldridge B: 1715 D: 16 Jul 1766

    Hannah Tanner B: 1725 D: 1782

    Moses HenryB: 1750 D: 8 Oct 1780

    William Henry B: 1717 D: Feb 1773

    Rebecca Henry  Born: 1775

    Crowders Creek, Transylvania, NC, USA

    Died: 22 Mar 1855

    Gaston, Nash, NC, USA


    Aaron Hand

    Tom Hand (B: )

    Lee Hand (B: )

    William Patterson Hand (B: 1800)

    Hugh Berry Hand (B: 1808)

    Moses Henry Hand (B: 1812)

    Uriah Rufus Hand (B: 1814)

    Samuel Hand (B: 1818)

    Margaret Gullick Hand (B: 1820)

    Rebecca Clark Hand (B: 1822)

    James Henry Hand (B: 1836)


    Aaron Hand

    Born: 1765 in , PA, USA

    Died: 1855 in Gaston, Nash, NC, USA Edit

    Marriage: 27 Sep 1798 in [city], Lincoln, NC, USA

    Children Sex Birth

    Tom Hand M

    Lee Hand M

    William Patterson Hand M 1800

    Hugh Berry Hand M 1808 in , Lincoln, NC, USA

    Moses Henry Hand M 3 Feb 1812 in Charlotte,
    Mecklenburg, NC, USA

    Uriah Rufus Hand M Jun 1814 in [city], Lincoln, NC, USA

    Samuel Hand M 1818

    Margaret Gullick Hand F 1820 in , [county], NC, USA

    Rebecca Clark Hand F 1822 in , Lincoln, NC, USA

    James Henry Hand M 1836


    Jane McClure

    Spouse: William Bigham

    Groom: William Bigham
    Bride: Jane McClure
    Bond Date: 22 Jan 1819
    Bond #: 000071100
    Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
    ImageNum: 005220
    County: Lincoln
    Record #: 01 018
    Bondsman: Isaac Henry
    Witness: XXX Henry

    Father: John McClure
    Mother : Rachel Henry

    Birth: 1793 - Kings Mountain, NC, USA

    Death: 1830

    Marriage: 22 Jan 1819 - Lincoln, NC, USA

    Alexander's death and document

    Know all men by these presents that: That-whereas Alexander Henry Son of Joseph Henry is deceased and the following named persons listed are his heirs, Sarah Henry his widow not since married. James Henry, Alex Henry, Martha J. Henry & Cornelius A. Henry his children and only heirs and legal Representatives of the said Alexander Henry deceased and late of the County of Jackson, and State of North Carolina, and the heirs and legal Representatives aforesaid being each and all of the County of Jackson and State of North Carolina having ascertained that there is due them as the Legal Representatives of the said Alexander Henry deceased from a related decease (of the said Henry deceased) late of the County of Mecklinburg and State of North Carolina of whose Estate J. L. Porter is the administrator in the County of Mecklinburg and State of aforesaid. Now know ye: therefore: that the Sarah Henry Widow of Alexander Henry & James R. Henry, Alexander Henry, Martha J. Henry heirs of the aforesaid Alexander Henry aforesaid have constituted and appointed and by these persons do make constitute and appoint Cornelius A. Henry of the County of Jackson and State of North Carolina, and one of the heirs of the aforesaid Alexander Henry and one the legal Representatives of the deceased Related of whose Estate the aforesaid J. L. Porter is the administrator our true and lawful attorney joneis and in our Rtimes and for our use to determine and for recovery and receive of and from the J. L. Porter Administrator or executor as aforesaid as in whose hands soever the same may be found the legacy as bequsted mentioned as coming from any deceased relative because of which the same may have descended to Alexander Henry deceased whose legal representatives we are and also such sum or sums of money Cek * yor cd niers demanded whatsoever which are as shall be due owing payable and belonging to us by any means whatsoever for or on account of the undersigned full these persons dividend of the estate aforesaid arising or connecting thru Alexander Henry deceased from said deceased file and to give discharges or receipts therefore in our names and stands and do all acts to carry out the objects of the Power of Attorney as though we were personally present and acting for each of our selves with the power to make and substitute an attorney or attorneys under him for the purpose mentioned and do all lawful acts requisite for effecting and receiving and rescifting for the legacy that may be coming or due each of us thereby satisfying and confirming all that our said agent as attorney as his substitutes shall do by virtue hereof. In furtneps wherefore we have each here in set our hands and seals this August 24th 1874.

    Signed sealed and delivered in the presents of Sarah X (Mark) Henry {Seal}

    Jackson County in Probate Court. James R. X (mark) Henry {seal}

    Alexander X (mark) Henry {seal}

    Martha J. X (mark) Henry {seal}

    The execution of the foregoing Power of Attorney from Sarah Henry, James Henry, Alexander Henry and Martha J. Henry to Cornelius Henry was this the 24th day of August D. 1874 duly acknowledged by the said Sarah Henry, J. R. Henry, Alex Henry, and Martha J. Henry the makers thereof and that the parties aforesaid are the legal Representations of Alexander Henry.

    Given under my hand and seal of said Court at Office in Webster this 24th August 1874.

    G. J. Davis Wilks Co. & Judge Probate Jackson County

    Witness A. J. Long

    Register of deeds

    Cornelious A. Henry 1852-1921 & Mary M. Dorsey Henry 1854-1950

    Alexander Henry
    born  1805,   NC

    Death:  1880,  NC

    Father Joseph Henry, NC

    Mother Elizabeth Porter, NC

    m:  Sarah Jones - b: abt. 1823


    Mary b: abt. 1844
    Hannah  b: abt  1846
    James  b: abt. 1844
    Sarah  b: abt. 1849
    Ellen b: abt. 1852
    Alorina b: 1854

    1860 census

    1860... Alexr Henry 54
    Sarah Henry 37
    Mary Henry 16
    Hannah Henry 14
    James Henry 12
    Sarah Henry 10
    Ellen C Henry 8
    Alvina Henry 6
    Emma T Henry 5
    Wm E Henry 4
    John K Henry 2
    Mittie Henry 6.12
    Mary Mathis 70
    M Harigan 35

    The first Robert Orr b-10-10-1749
    married Ann Hogsed.
    His son Robert Orr
    married Helen Douthat
    Then Robert Berry Orr
    s/o John Orr
    brother of the last
    Robert Orr was
    d - 1880 - buried in the Aiken cemetery

    married Margaret[Polly] Henry.in 1820
    Robert Orr born 1758

    Orr Family

    Joseph Henry, Sr.
    Elizabeth Porter Henry

    Suzanne Campbell has now joined our list.  A brief intro is below, but you are welcome to elaborate, Suzanne!. 
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "Suzanne Campbell"
    To: <familytree@thegillons.net>
    Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2004
    Subject: Henry list


    Thanks for the invitation.   I would love to be on the list.  I'm glad the info I had found was helpful.  I feel a bit like I've come into a football game in the third quarter...don't know some of the connections but maybe I can catch up!  When I was doing this, I simply looked for Porters and Henrys in that portion of NC and TN.

    My Dad is from Robert Perry Orr who married Margaret "Polly" Henry, the
    granddaughter of Alexander.  My g grandfather was their child, John Patton
    Orr.  My grandfather was Dr. Porter Bynum Orr, the only son of John Patton
    and Sarah Jarrett Orr.  My dad is the youngest of the five children and
    the only one still living.  He grew up in Asheville, NC.  I have five first
    cousins and two of them are interested in the family history.  One lives
    in Knoxville, TN and the other in High Point, NC.  I might could prevail on
    them to help with some research.

    I did find another tidbit of information on an Alexander Porter who
    married a Chittim.  (Don't have my notes with me today)  I think it is in a
    different book than the one I brought with me yesterday.  Since we are so
    far from NC (or God's country, as my father calls it), we rely on books,
    periodicals and microfilm for much of our information.  I have found some
    good things on the internet as far as primary sources go.


    Suzanne Campbell
    West Texas Collection
    Angelo State University
    (325) 942-2164

    Employer information listed for identification only.
    My views are my own.


    L-R Samuel Orr (1820-1904), Joshua Orr (1824-1910), Jason Orr (1826-1907) and Gideon Orr (1828-1905) Sons of John and Jane Clayton Orr.
    Picture taken in Transylvania County, NC, July 28, 1904.

    Ephraim Marshall Orr was born about 1834 in Henderson Co., NC. He
    lived with and worked for Ephraim Clayton, the youngest brother of his
    grandmother, Jane Clayton Orr starting in 1850.  He married Margaret
    Matilda Hunter, widow of Unknown Taylor 23 January 1861.  They had two
    sons; Thomas Finley Orr and Ephraim Marshall Orr.
        Ephraim Marshall Orr was a Third Lieutenant in Company K of the
    Sixty-Second Regiment of the North Carolina Infantry which was
    surrendered under shameful circumstances at Cumberland Gap.  E. M. Orr
    died as a POW 20 October 1863 at Johnson's Island, POW Camp, in Ohio.

    A report, uses the words "a shame and disgrace" and blames Gen. John
    W. Frazer and accuses him of "treachery, or cowardice, maybe bribery too,". 
    Several of the officers were away, sick, including Lt. Col.
    George W. Clayton, son of Ephraim Clayton, E. M. Orr's great uncle.
        The surrender was 9 September 1863.  My great grandfather died 20
    October 1863 of typhoid.  As an aside, I have a great great grandfather
    (William R. Thomas of Henderson Co., NC) who lasted two years as a POW
    before he died of probable starvation in Maryland in 1865.

    Margaret Polly Henry Orr
    b: July, 1806
    Buncombe, Carolina
    m: Robert Berry Orr
    b: 1800/1801

    There is a spinning-wheel on Grassy Branch in Buncombe county on which Polly Henry spun more thread than Judge Burton's daughter in 1824.

    Name: Margaret Henry

    Given Name: Margaret

    Surname: Henry

    Sex: F

    Birth: Abt 1806

    Death: http://www.rootsquest.com/~alextree

    Father: Joseph Henry b: Abt 1762

    Mother: Elizabeth Porter


    Joseph Henry ORR
    (hand cut/engraved marker)
    2y6m7d 21MAR1843

    Thomas Jahu ORR
    (hand cut/engraved marker)
    6m14d 04MAR1843

    Marshall Orr
    b: ABT. 1822

    Elizabeth Orr
    b: 15 MAR 1824
    in Buncombe North Carolina
    Death: 4 SEP 1889 in Henderson co., NC

    John Patton Orr
    b: ABT. 1829
    in Buncombe North Carolina

    Mary Jane Orr
    b: 1834
    in Buncombe North Carolina

    Mahala Orr
    b: 12 JAN 1835
    in Buncombe North Carolina

    Matthew Orr
    b: 8 MAR 1838
    in Buncombe North Carolina

    Mary E. Orr
    b: ABT. 1845
    in Buncombe North Carolina

    Robert Secrates " Crate" Orr
    b: 1847
    in Buncombe North Carolina

    Rachel Orr b: ABT. 1850 in Buncombe North Carolina

    Archibald Aiken head of household in 1880

    This is the whole Orr family:


    1 Robert Berry Orr
    b: 31 DEC 1800 d: ABT. 1880

    m: Margaret Polly Henry
    b: JUL 1806 d: AFT. 1851

        2 Marshall Orr b: ABT. 1822
           m: Margaret M. Snowden

    2 Elizabeth Orr
    b: 15 MAR 1824 d: 4 SEP 1889
         m:  Archibald Aiken

    2 John Patton Orr
    b: ABT. 1829
         m:  Sarah L. Jarrett

    2 Mary Jane Orr
    b: 1834 d: 1923
         m:  Lewis Leander Aiken

    2 Mahala Orr
    b: 12 JAN 1835 d: 2 JUL 1923
         m:  Christopher C. Whitmire

    2 Matthew Orr
    b: 8 MAR 1838
        m:  Sarah C. Whitmire

    2 Mary E. Orr
    b: ABT. 1845
        m:   Jone Morgan

    2 Robert Secrates " Crate" Orr
    b: 1847 d: 1939
        m:  Nancy Emma Henderson
              b: 30 JUN 1854
              d: 10 AUG 1879

         3 Emma Orr
             b: JUL 1879 d: 1965
             m: Julius M. Bolding
             b: 1873 d: 1953

          4 Mrs. Roy Lewis Bolding

    4 Mrs. Olin Pace Bolding

    4 Monroe Bolding

    + Unknown

    3 Monroe Orr
    3 Walter Orr
    3 Claude Orr
    3 Clyde Orr
    3 Clifton Orr
    3 Hovey Orr
    3 Ruth Orr
    3 Reubinia Orr
    2 Rachel Orr b: ABT. 1850

    Name: Joseph Henry

    Sex: M

    Birth: Abt 1808 in Lincoln Co., North Carolina

    Death: Y

    Father: Joseph Henry b: Abt 1762

    Mother: Elizabeth Porter

    Marriage 1 Rachel

    Elizabeth Orr's marriage and children
    ID: I13435

    Name: Elizabeth 'Eliza' Orr

    Sex: F

    Birth: 15 MAR 1824 in Buncombe co., NC

    Death: 4 SEP 1889 in Henderson co., NC

    Reference Number: 13435

    Father: Robert Orr

    Mother: Margaret Henry

    Marriage 1 Archibald Aiken b: 29 JUL 1829 in Buncombe co., NC

    Married: ABT 1842


    Thomas Arthur E. Aiken b: ABT 1843

    Margaret S. Aiken b: ABT 1845

    Robert P.C. Aiken b: 14 MAY 1854

    Josephine Louise Aiken b: 20 MAR 1858 in Etowah, Henderson co., NC

    Charlotte N. Aiken b: ABT 1862

    Marshall M. Aiken b: ABT 1864

    Eliza Omeiga Aiken b: ABT 1867

    Name: Albert Henry

    Sex: M

    Birth: Abt 1815
    lived in Henderson Cty in 1840

    (This might be ours: HENRY, LEAH Vs HENRY, ALBERT 1847 Married 7 Dec 1843 - dates don't work out though)

    m: Elizabeth Treadwell?
    born 1819
      children:  Susinda b; 1845
                     Matilda b: 1848

    Death: Y  about 1848-1849

    Father: Joseph Henry b: Abt 1762
    Mother: Elizabeth Porter b:

    Elizabeth Henry lived with
    William and Elizabeth Orr in Gaston Cty. in 1850
    William Orr b: 1824
    Elizabeth Orr b: 1826

    Here is a portion of Eliza Jordan's will and testament:

    "Item. I have given to the following of my children, that is to say, Sarah, wife of William Duckworth, Thomas P. Jordan, Elizabeth, wife of G. W. Galloway, Martha, wife of John Hightower, william P. Jordan, Eliza, wife of Noah Henry, Huldah, wife of James Orr, Joseph P. Jordan, who I consider to just and equitable proportion of my estate I therefore will them nothing except what may hereafter appear in view of the advancement that I have made to each and every one of them. "

    Eliza Jordan was Noah's wife #1 - they had one child. We do not have any information on her as yet. She may have died in childbith as the Eliza S below belongs to wife #1.

    Rachel Beck Henry was wife #2 - evidently married in 1842 as Noah lived alone in 1840.

    Children: Eliza S
    b:  1842

    Elen S
    b: 1848

    no name
    b: 1850  - was 7 mos old at time of census in 1850
    This might have been Susan - (see next column)

    Rachel Henry, w/o Noah Henry died 1850-1855 Henderson Co NC


    His wife 's mother Nancy died 1844..was buried on plantation because of rain, and then later reinterred at Mud Creek Cem, as was daughter Rachel. James died ca1850 Warren Co Ga. His sons were prominent Baptist ministers in Georgia.

    Rachel was born ca1828 and married Noah Henry ca1847; their children were Elen/Elice bca1848, Susan ca1850, James M. 1852, Mary E. 1854. Rachel died abt 1854 and was buried at Mud Creek Cemetery. She, Noah and children are found on the 1850 Henderson Co Census.

    He then married Sarah Crittenden Galloway in November 1855, and married July, 1891 Nancy Wilson Oates



    Hannah married Rev John Colby Galloway, son of William D. Galloway and Sarah Harriett Essary. John was born 13 Nov 1793. He died 8 Jan 1872 in Oconee Co., SC and was buried in Fall Creek Baptist Church, Oconee Co., SC.

    They had the following children:

    M i William J. Galloway was born 16 Feb 1815 and died 26 Jun 1895.

    M ii Thomas Harrison Galloway was born 22 Dec 1815 and died 18 Dec 1874.

    M iii Joseph B. "Joberry" Galloway was born 6 Oct 1821 and died 25 Aug 1904.

    M iv James Madison Galloway was born 1823.

    M v Lewis P. Galloway was born 10 May 1826 and died 17 Oct 1910.

    F vi Sarah Crittenden Galloway was born 1828.

    M vii W. E. "Wilts" Galloway was born 1832.

    M viii John Galloway.

    F ix Mary Jane Galloway was born 1835 and died 7 Apr 1872.

    F x Elizabeth"Betsie" Galloway was born 1836 and died 1899.

    son of Joseph Henry

    Noah Henry
    b: Feb. 10, 1818

    m: (3) 25 Nov. 1855
    Sarah Crittenden Galloway
    b: 1828

    Susan Keturah Henry
    b: 1850 in Henderson Co.,NC

    marriage: Groom: GALLOWAY, Mr. Marcus
    b: 1844
    Bride: Henry, Susan K.
    Official: T. L. Gash, Esqr.
    Date: 29 Sep 1870
    Tax: $ .50

    children:  Herman b: 1870
                   Benjamin b: 1871
                   Maizi b:  1874
                   Noah H b: 1876

    Mary Elizabeth Henry
    b: 1854 at Henderson Co., NC

    Hannah C Henry
    b: ABT 1858 at Henderson Co., NC

    Noah Crittenden Henry
    b: 1863 - (was 17 in 1880)

    Sarah Elmira "Mariah" Henry
    b: FEB 1865 in NC  (was 15 in 1880)

    Sophia Henry
    Born: 23 Apr 1866 at Henderson Co., NC
    m: Lawrence A. Ashworth b: 14 MAY 1871
    Married: 20 DEC 1892 in Transylvania Co., NC
    Burial: UNKNOWN Carr's Hill Baptist Cemetery, Transylvania Co., NC
    Died: 11 Apr 1927 at NC

    children: irene ashworth b: Private

    Nannie Ashworth b: OCT 1893 in Transylvania Co., NC


    m: (2) HENRY, Noah - AGE 72 - M to Nancy E. (WILSON) OATES - age 45 - 21 July 1891

    His wife Nancy died 1844..was buried on plantation because of rain, and then later reinterred at Mud Creek Cem, as was daughter Rachel. James died ca1850

    Warren Co Ga. His sons were prominent Baptist ministers in Georgia.

    d: Jan.4,1897.
    buried at Beulah Cemetery in Etowah, NC.

    Father: Joseph Henry b: Abt 1762

    Mother: Elizabeth Porter

    In the 1880 census,
    Noah was 61,
    born in 1819,
    d: 1898

    wife: Sarah - age 51
    b: 1828
    Sarah Crittendon Galloway

    Marriage: 25 Nov 1855 in Henderson Cty, N C


    Mary Elizabeth Henry
    b. 1854 in Henderson County, North Carolina

    Susan Keturah Henry b. 1856

    Elmira S:
    born 1863

    Noah C was born in 1865

    HENRY, Noah - AGE 72 -
    M to Nancy E. (WILSON) OATES - age 45 -
    21 July 1891

    Nancy (Wilson) Oates:
    b:  1847
    d:  1910

    Hendersonville Times, 17 Feb 1922

    Mrs.Beck's Remains Disinterred Saturday, Buried 78 years ago.

    The remains of Nancy Beck (mother of Rachel Beck) who was buried 78 years ago at the age of 55 years, were disinterred last Saturday on the Mt. Hebron road and buried in Mud Creek Cemetery, where her people wanted to place the body 78 years ago but were prevented by the high water of Mud Creek, which would not permit crossing the stream after holding out the body for three days to wait lower water.

    The unusual experience of disinterring the remains was witnessed by a granddaughter, Mrs. Mary Orr and her sons R.K., Ben and Morris Orr who had charge of the work. The grave was well walled in with stone with a heavy slab on top. This slab was moved and more than three quarters of a century had caused the earth fall in and the coffin and the greater part of the body to turn to dust.

    The custom of deep burying must have been in vogue at that time as the men dug down about seven feet before finding any signs of the remains of the body. The bones were not intact, all of them having decayed except the skull and the heavy bones of the limbs.

    Mrs. Beck had one child buried in Mud Creek cemetery, she being the second of Noah Henry's four wives but the relatives could not locate the grave in order to place the dust of the mother near it.

    When Mrs. Beck died the body was kept out for three days waiting for the waters of Mud Creek to run off so the stream could be forded but this was to no avail and Mr. Beck had the body interred on his farm, which was a big plantation at that time. The property has passed into numerous other hands and the desire of one of the owners to erect a home on the site of this lone grave prompted the nearest relatives to remove the remains to the place where it was originally intended to let them rest.

    Mud Creek Cemetery is located in Henderson Country, NC


    submitted by Dennis Smith

    Name: Robert Henry

    Sex: M

    Birth: Aft 1820 in North Carolina

    Death: Y

    Father: Joseph Henry b: Abt 1762


    Joseph Henry

    Wife 1:Elizabeth Porter

    Wife 2: Charlotte Blythe

    North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 Record

    about Elizabeth McAlister

    Groom: William Henry
    Bride: Elizabeth McAlister
    Bond Date: 31 Aug 1837
    Bond #: 000073173

    Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868

    ImageNum: 005182
    County: Lincoln
    Record #: 01 060
    Bondsman: Alexander Smith
    Witness: Eli Hoyl

    (We don't know who his parents are)

    William BLYTHE HENRY

    Birth: 20 JUN 1821
    Of, Henderson, North Carolina

    Marriage 1 Attilla Delilah BRITTAIN
    b: 28 FEB 1828 in Buncombe Co., NC
    d: d. 27 July 1889; Henderson Co, NC

    Married: 10 DEC 1857 in Henderson Co., NC

    Death: MAY 1868

    Children:  Patrick Henry
                    Charlotte Henry
                    Sophronia Henry
                    William B Henry, Jr.

    The children were all under the age of 20 at his death.


    Joseph Henry

    Wife 1:Elizabeth Porter

    Wife 2: Charlotte

    Parents of Attilla Delilah BRITTAIN

    Father: Phillip BRITTAIN b: 15 JUL 1788 in Burke Co., NC

    Mother: Sophia Melinda LEWIS b: 09 SEP 1802

    BRITTAIN family website

    ID: I109226725

    Rachel Henry Aikens

    m: Aikens - moved to Pennsylvania

    Name: Rachel HENRY
    Given Name: Rachel
    Surname: Henry
    Sex: F

    Birth: 29 Jul 1822 in Buncombe County, North Carolina

    Marriage 1 Benjamin Franklin AKINS b: 5 Jan 1817

    MARRIED about 1841


    Joseph Marion AKINS
    b: 11 Apr 1843 in Henderson County, NC

    Adonian Sylvester AKINS
    b: Nov 1843

    William Henry AKINS
    b: Abt 1845 in Henderson County,  NC

    Sara Charlotte AKINS
    b: 4 Jun 1846 in Henderson County, NC

    John M AKINS
    b: Abt 1851 in Henderson County,  NC

    Lawrence Pickney AKINS
    b: Abt 1853 in Henderson County,  NC


    Joseph Henry

    Wife 1:Elizabeth Porter

    Wife 2: Charlotte


    July 03. 2005

    County's Revolutionary War Patriots to be honored
    Jennie Jones Giles
    Times-News Staff Writer

    from: http://www.hendersonvillenews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050704/NEWS/507040342/1042/NEWS01

    This is the Daughters of the American Revolution plaque placed at Abraham Kuykendall’s marker located at the Mud Creek Baptist Cemetery. (MICHAEL JUSTUS/TIMES-NEWS)

    The Patriots of the Revolutionary War are being honored in a special Historic Courthouse Centennial Ceremony at 11:45 a.m. today at the Historic Courthouse.

    A precise number may never be known, but research has found at least 22 Patriots who died in Henderson County or are buried in the county.

    Listed on a monument erected by the Joseph McDowell Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, are eight Patriots: William Capps, John Peter Corn, William Senter (Sentelle), Joseph Henry, James Johnson, Andrew Miller, Samuel King, Abraham Kuykendall, James Brittain, Jesse Rickman, Elijah Williamson and the Rev. Joel Blackwell.

    Since the monument was erected, Revolutionary War markers have been erected at the grave sites of Noble Johnson and Matthew Maybin. There are also Revolutionary War markers at the graves of Hugh Gourley and Jacob Shipman. There is a Revolutionary War monument at Bearwallow Baptist Church for John Merrell.

    Matthew Maybin

    Matthew Maybin was born in 1756 in County Atrim, Northern Ireland, according to his Revolutionary War pension application of 1840.

    "He landed in Charleston, S.C., Dec. 19, 1772," said George Jones with the Henderson County Genealogical and Historical Society.

    He joined the Patriot cause in 1775 in the Ninety-Six District of South Carolina under Capt. Thomas Gordon. In 1776, he again volunteered with Col. Lisle's Regiment to "guard the frontier from the depredations of Cherokee Indians." The Cherokee fought with the British during the Revolution and mounted attacks against pioneer settlers. Maybin fought through 1777 and in the spring of 1778 was with troops in Georgia.

    The winter of 1779-80 found Maybin at Col. John Earle's station on the North Pacolet River and remained there scouting until 1782.

    In the fall of 1782, he moved his family from the Newberry District of South Carolina to Earle's Station in Rutherford County and fought the Cherokee until his discharge.

    According to his pension application, he lived seven or eight years on the Pacolet, then moved to Green River in 1787.

    "He fought at Kings Mountain and Cowpens," said Theron Maybin.

    Maybin's grave is located in a nursery off Green River Road. The Revolutionary War marker lists the names of his 12 children.

    One of his descendants, Jane, married a descendant of another Revolutionary War soldier, William Capps.

    William Capps

    The marker at a grave in the old Fortune-Kuykendall Cemetery in the Greenbriar Subdivision near the Green River in the Zirconia/ East Flat Rock area of the county reads: "William Capps Jr., Private N.C. Troops, Revolutionary War, 1761-1847, enlisted in the American Revolution Army 1780, in Johnston County, N.C., at age 19, came to this section in 1795."

    His pension application states he lived in Burke County when he was drafted for service in 1780. He fought under Gen. Daniel Morgan at the Battle of Cowpens. He served a second tour participating in scouting excursions. He was drafted a third time while visiting in Montgomery County, Va.

    He moved from Burke County to the Edgefield District of South Carolina after the war and later moved into today's Henderson County in 1795.

    On the tombstone is also inscribed the names of his 12 children.

    Two of those children married descendants of Abraham Kuykendall, another American Patriot.

    Abraham Kuykendall

    Abraham Kuykendall was baptized Oct. 18, 1719, in the Dutch Reformed Church in Deer Park Church, N.Y. He moved with his family to an area near Fort Jervis, N.Y., then to Virginia and North Carolina. In the 1760s, he was living with his first wife, Elizabeth, in Mecklenburg County, according to land records.

    In March 1780, he received a grant for 200 acres in Old Tryon County on the Sandy Run of the Broad River. In 1782, he and his wife were members of Sandy Run Baptist Church in Rutherford County (formed from Old Tryon County). Historical records in Old Tryon list him as Capt. Kuykendall after 1776.

    When Rutherford County was formed, he was chosen as one of the commissioners to select the site and supervise the erection of the courthouse, prison and stocks. He was also appointed a justice of the peace.

    He was on the Committee of Safety to govern North Carolina during the Revolutionary War. For this service, he was given a 640-acre land grant, which later became the community of Flat Rock.

    Kuykendall was in his 60s during the war. No record has been found that he actually fought in the war, but he did serve on the governing body of the state during the war and served as captain of a local militia.

    There is a DAR Revolutionary War marker for Kuykendall at Mud Creek Baptist Church cemetery. Most historians and genealogists write that his actual grave is not at the cemetery. Its precise location is unknown, but family records indicate he was buried on his land. Kuykendall gave the land on which Mud Creek Baptist Church was built and the church is located near the middle of his extensive property holdings.

    His tavern stood across the road from what is now the Trenholm Subdivision. Kuykendall owned at one time 1,000 acres in today's Flat Rock.

    He was found dead at the age of 104 in Pheasant Branch on his property.

    Some of the descendants of Kuykendall married into the Shipman family.

    Jacob Shipman

    Jacob Shipman was born in 1744 in Brunswick County, Va. He owned land on Sandy Run in Rutherford County.

    He enlisted July 20, 1778, in Quinn's Co., 10th N.C. Regiment with Col. Abraham Sheppard commanding. He died sometime after November 1794, when he wrote his will. His will was "proved" in Rutherford County in January 1795.

    "His older sons, Edward and John, were living in Henderson County," wrote descendant James B. King in the Heritage of Henderson County. "His body was carried by wagon by his sons to Ebenezer Baptist Church, where he was buried, a trip that took three days."

    Also at the cemetery at Ebenezer Baptist Church is the grave of John Peter Corn.

    John Peter Corn

    John Peter Corn said in his pension application of 1832 that he was born in 1752 in Albemarle County, Va. He enlisted Feb. 8, 1776, in the Revolutionary War for two years. He was under the command of Col. Dangerfield. The soldiers moved into Pennsylvania and Corn was wounded near Philadelphia in a skirmish against the British guard.

    Afterwards, he went to Valley Forge to take up winter quarters, where he suffered from exposure and almost starved during the winter of 1777. After his discharge, he married and lived in Virginia for 12 or 13 years. He went from there to Surry County, N.C., for five years, to Wilkes County for five years and then to Old Buncombe, today's Henderson County.

    He lived in the area of today's Tuxedo for several years. In 1830, he sold his land and bought a tract of 500 acres on Devil's Fork near the Ebenezer Baptist Church, where he lived until his death at the age of 92.

    Two grandsons, George Henry Corn and Jesse Marion Corn, described the funeral, where two companies of soldiers conducted a military service: "They stepped forward with the drum, fife and bugle playing as the infantry marched by the grave, half on each side of the grave. Each man fired blank cartridges into the grave. The calvary in double file marched by also, firing their guns into the grave."

    Samuel King Sr.

    Samuel King Sr. was born in 1746 in Virginia, where he was an overseer on a plantation in Bedford County owned by his future wife, Elizabeth Underwood Davenport.

    He volunteered to fight in the Revolutionary War on Dec. 9, 1776, serving as a private with the 11th Va. Regiment of the Continental troops, commanded by Col. Daniel Morgan. He was listed as a prisoner Oct. 14, 1777. He either was released or escaped. On Feb. 17, 1778, he was on a list of a company that was part of Brig. Gen. Thomas Conway's Brigade at Valley Forge.

    After the war, he migrated to North Carolina. In 1782, he purchased land on the south fork of the Broad River. He later received a land grant on the west side of the French Broad River in Mills River.

    The Daughters of the American Revolution placed his Revolutionary War marker in the Mud Creek Baptist Church cemetery. His grave was later found in the historic King Cemetery off Finley Cove Road and the marker was moved.

    James Brittain

    In the churchyard of Mills River Presbyterian Church is a Revolutionary War marker which reads: "James Brittain, Pvt., N.C. Troops, Revolutionary War."

    Family genealogists state that Brittain was probably born in Guilford County and moved further west into Burke County. After the Revolutionary War, he was one of the first property owners in Old Buncombe County. He represented Buncombe County seven times as a member of the state senate, 1796-1807.

    By 1797, he had moved into the Mills River section of Old Buncombe, which later became part of Henderson County. He set aside 10 acres for community and school purposes. The Mills River Presbyterian Church and Mills River Academy were erected on the site in later years.

    He died in 1832 and was buried on the Brittain homeplace off N.C. 191. The cemetery is now underneath a house. A Daughters of the American Revolution marker was erected in his memory and placed in the church cemetery.

    William Sentelle

    William Sentelle served with the 1st N.C. Militia during the Revolutionary War. He participated in the battles at Sullivan's Island, S.C., and outside Savannah, Ga. At Savannah, he was captured and held prisoner onboard an English ship. He regained his freedom during a prisoner exchange and rejoined the Patriot forces.

    In 1781, he was at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse.

    Sentelle moved into the county about 1800. He died in 1837 and his grave site is on top of a mountain in the Big Willow community.

    He and his wife had eight children when they settled on Jeter Mountain near Big Willow Creek.

    Jesse Rickman

    The grave of Jesse Rickman is found at the Rickman Family Cemetery off South Mills River Road.

    Rickman's father was Dr. William Rickman of Charles City, Va., director of hospitals of the Continental Army during the war, wrote descendant Marie Towe McClure.

    Jesse Rickman served with the American troops in the Wilmington District in 1783-84.

    "In 1836, Jesse gave the land on which the first Mills River Baptist Church was built," she wrote.

    The family cemetery was located across from the church near the homeplace, known as Sycamore.

    James Andrew Miller

    In the abandoned, neglected cemetery of Old French Broad Baptist Church can be found a Revolutionary War marker at the burial site of James Andrew Miller.

    The marker states Miller was a mounted gunman with South Carolina troops. Miller's grave is the oldest marked, legible and so far discovered grave in the old cemetery. His date of death was 1808.

    According to records at the Old Buncombe Genealogical Society, Miller was a Revolutionary War pensioner who died Oct. 20, 1808, in what is now Henderson County.

    Research indicates he served with the "Swamp Fox" Francis Marion in South Carolina and was also at the Battle of Kings Mountain.

    James Johnson

    James Johnson was born in Ireland in 1761 and came at the age of 7 with his parents to the American colonies.

    He enlisted in the war in Virginia with the 2nd Regiment, Southern Detachment, under Gen. Nathaniel Greene.

    A pension application in 1840 indicates Johnson was wounded by a musket ball through his thigh at the Battle of Camden in South Carolina.

    In 1781, he was captured by the British at the Battle of Eutaw Springs and placed on a prisoner ship in Charleston harbor, where he remained 13 months and two weeks. A eulogy written after his death states that he "was fed on half rations, slept without bed or covering, and lived almost entirely without clothes."

    At the end of the war, he was released.

    In 1798, he and his wife moved to the Horse Shoe area of today's Henderson County. He established the Shaw's Creek Campground, one of the oldest Methodist meeting places in the county.

    The Shaw's Creek Methodist Campground, where he is buried, is still maintained by his descendants. Johnson died at the age of 93 in 1852.

    Noble Johnson

    James Johnson's older brother, Noble, also served in the American Revolution. He was born in 1758 in Ireland and came with his brother and parents to the colony of Virginia.

    After his service in the Revolutionary War, he moved to Mecklenburg County, N.C., where he married. He died in 1800.

    "We recently erected a Revolutionary War marker at the Shaw's Creek Methodist Campground Cemetery for Noble Johnson," said George Jones with the Henderson County Historical and Genealogical Society.

    Jones and family members located Johnson's service record and had the monument erected.

    Hugh Gourley

    A marker on a grave in Shepherd's Memorial Park notes the burial spot of Hugh Gourley, 1747-1832.

    Part of the cemetery was originally a private family cemetery of the Smith family. When Shepherd Memorial Park began and the old tombstones removed, Gourley's stone had the words "Revolutionary War" engraved on it.

    The original tombstones were replaced with the flat markers used in the cemetery today.

    Gourley's Revolutionary War service was engraved on the new marker at the cemetery today.

    His military service is not known.

    It is known by researchers that he came to America on October 1772 aboard the ship Free Mason out of Larne, Ireland. The ship landed December 1772 in Charleston, S.C. Some spellings list his name as "Gorley." He and his wife, Nancy, had a daughter, Sarah, who married into the Smith family who settled in Henderson County.

    Rev. Joel Blackwell

    A Revolutionary War monument within the Jones Cemetery at Upward recognizes the service of the Rev. Joel Blackwell.

    Blackwell was born in 1755 and was one of the first itinerant Baptist ministers in Western North Carolina.

    "He traveled by foot and horseback throughout Western North Carolina, preaching the gospel," wrote Frank FitzSimons in the Banks of the Oklawaha.

    Blackwell served with the Continental Army and received land in the Mill Spring community of Polk County.

    Family researchers traced his property in Polk County to an area near today's Lake Adger. Some descendants believe his grave is in Polk County, where he lived until his death.

    Other family members have written that a descendant remembered attending his funeral at the Jones Cemetery. Many of Blackwell's grandchildren and relatives settled in the Upward and Dana areas of the county.

    Elijah Williamson

    Off Twin Springs Road in Naples is found the Revolutionary War marker for Elijah Williamson, born 1755 in Virginia. He later moved to the Ninety-Six District of South Carolina.

    He served three periods of service during the war, his pension records state. He served in the spring of 1778 near the Saluda River, policing the Cherokee Indian frontier.

    In the summer of 1778, he spent three months near the Reedy River. In the fall of 1780, he served six months under Col. Levi Casey's Regiment of mounted horsemen in the upcounty of South Carolina.

    Williamson lived in today's Henderson County on property later owned by Preston Patton, his great-grandson. Williamson is said to have planted five sycamore trees, naming each for one of his five daughters.

    One of his daughters married into the Henry family.

    Joseph Henry  (See listing above) (Pension application is also above)

    For her book 1840 Revolutionary Pensioners of Henderson County, Alexia Jones Helsley had to spend time determining which Joseph Henry is actually buried in the Old Beulah Baptist Church cemetery.

    There were two other Joseph Henry's who served in the war. One enlisted in Lincoln County and died in 1814 in Orange County, Ind. He fought at the Battle of Kings Mountain, where his two brothers were killed.

    The second Joseph Henry enlisted December 1779 and died in Buncombe County on Sept. 22, 1816. His widow applied for a pension in Buncombe County in 1845. There are no records to indicate this Joseph Henry ever lived in today's Henderson County.

    A Revolutionary War marker at Old Salem Baptist Church Cemetery, now known as Fletcher First Baptist Church Cemetery, is for the second Joseph Henry, who never lived in Henderson County. It is not known if Henry is buried in the cemetery or not. There is no tombstone marking his burial site and the DAR monument was placed many years later.

    When the cemetery survey was conducted in the late 1980s at the Old Beulah Baptist Church cemetery off Pleasant Grove Road in Etowah, an original tombstone, with Revolutionary War service noted, was discovered for Joseph Henry, born 1760, died 1840.

    The Joseph Henry who settled in Henderson County was a resident of Lincoln County and joined the war June 1780 under Col. William Graham, Helsley writes. He was drafted again after the Battle of Kings Mountain, serving under Capt. Lofton's Co., and was discharged before the Battle of Guilford Courthouse.

    In the Henry section of the old church cemetery are found the gravesites of his wives, sons and their families.

    John Merrell

    A bronze Revolutionary War marker on a memorial stone in the cemetery of Bearwallow Baptist Church was placed in honor of John Merrell by his descendants in the Gerton community of Henderson County.

    Merrell is buried in the Merrell-Patton Cemetery off Upper Brush Creek Road on a knoll surrounded by pasture land in the Fairview community of Buncombe County. This cemetery was being vandalized and destroyed by cattle and people, said his descendants.

    Merrell owned land in Buncombe, Henderson and Rutherford counties, where the three counties meet today. Many of his descendants live in Henderson County.

    He was born in 1757 in New Jersey and enlisted in the Revolutionary War in 1778 in Guilford County. His family had moved to the Jersey Baptist Settlement in North Carolina. His father's land was near Lexington.

    He fought with Gen. Rutherford at the battles of Briar Creek in Georgia in 1779. He later served at a battle in Guilford County, where he received a saber wound to the head, causing the loss of one eye. He was discharged in 1781.

    In 1798, he and his wife, Catherine, and eight children migrated into the mountains on the north side of the "old Indian trail." Merrell died in 1833.

    send any additional info to: Dee Finney