Note: We watched the movie "Imagine' about the life of John Lennon last night.

1-1-2001 - DREAM - I was in a theatre, observing some people watching the movie "Imagine" about the life of John Lennon. After the movie, the particular people I was watching was given the opportunity to change whatever they wanted about John Lennon's life.  A grid appeared in front of me which made an outline of where each individual was in relationship to each other.  The people refused to move or make any changes, and decided to stay right where they were.  So nothing was changed.


1-1-2001 - VISION - (I was going to take a nap and was laying in bed thinking about a little book that promised to cure Arthritis and Rheumatism.

(I actually have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and have had it since an epidemic of Eppstein Barr hit the West Coast in 1985. I was nearly paralyzed for 3 months, so am grateful to be alive even though in pain all the time. In the last two weeks, though I gave up red meat in my diet, I have been feeling painful knockings in my knees. A big red light came on in my head.  I didn't want to take pills either. I hate pills.)

I was thinking about all this, and I decided I would do a diet page on the internet and do some research and publish a little paper about a cure for Arthritis and Rheumatism pain from this little book I picked up at a rummage sale last year.

I suddenly had a vision of being at the computer and the page in front of me was done I thought and I took the mouse to save the page. Suddenly in front of me appeared a blue book with the pictures of Harvey and Marilyn  Diamond and I stepped on the book to stop it from getting away from me.  The book flipped over and on the back, the first sentence was , "Share it with your neighbors!"

NOTE: The page is named:  DIET


NOTE: Joe and I watched two hours worth of Bible History about who wrote the Bible and Hebrew words right before bed.

1-1-2001 - 11:11 p.m. -  DREAM - I went to a school and got a job working in the personnel office. I didn't particularly like the woman who ran the office, but it was a foot in the door as they say.

I had to fill out a card with my name, address, etc. information on it. The number printed on the card was 3051. A manufacturing number no doubt.

While I was doing some paperwork in the office, the personnel director was talking to a young man who came into the office.  She told him that she had a dilemma, that she had to give someone a scholarship to the University and didn't knoow who to give it to.  She also told him that she had to write a report on the form 3051 and didn't know what it was.

I remembered the number on the form because I had just filled out the card, so I piped up and told her I knew what 3051 was and told her. She was very grateful.

She continued to discuss her scholarship dilemma with the young man and I suggested she solve the problem by sending, "ME!" I told her that she could say that she was giving it to me so that she could promote me as her understudy so to speak.

She looked rather doubtful about that idea, but my mind was running fast and remembered that I was older than she was and I could hardly be considered an understudy since I would retire before she would, but she wasnt' thinking as fast as I was obviously.  She said she would think about it, and my face brightened considerably, thinking perhaps I would get the scholarship because she probably wouldn't be able to think of anyone else to give it to.

I then went outside to work on the garden of the school and the water hoses. I turned on the water to water the flowers and it didn't take long and I heard an alarm go off because a sensor had been alerted that the water was going to flood over into the basement of the school. I knew it wouldn't, but the sensor didn't know that since it couldn't think.

Meanwhile I was thinking about the relationship of the numbers of the meanings of Hebrew letters and words and how they related to other Hebrew words and letters and was excited that perhaps I could go to the University and study that. In my mind I was toying with trying to explain to someone the relationship of one word in the Bible with another word 21 words away.

At the same time, the old man who owned the school ... namely 'God' came by with a young woman named Susan and she started arguing with him about the hoses needed to be shut off and 'God' argued back that the flowers needed to be watered.  They got into an elevator to up inside the school, and I wondered if Susan knew who she was talking to in such a vehement attitude and what 'God ' would do to her if he got angry.

NOTE: I looked on the internet for 3051 and it's relationship to the Bible and came up with this:

3051 Balaam: The Light That Was Darkness

Nu. 22:1-35, 41; 23:5-10, 18-22; 24:2-4, 14-17

In the Concordance, 3051 is:

3051 logion {log'-ee-on}

AV - oracle 4; 4

1) a brief utterance, a divine oracle (doubtless because oracles were generally brief)

1a) in the NT, the words or utterances of God

1b) of the contents of the Mosaic law

What follows is also interesting:

3052 logios {log'-ee-os}

AV - eloquent 1; 1

1) learned, a man of letters, skilled in literature and the arts,   esp. versed in history and the antiquities

2) skilled in speech, eloquent

3) rational, wise

3053 logismos {log-is-mos'}

AV - thought 1, imagination 1; 2

1) a reckoning, computation

2) a reasoning: such as is hostile to the Christian faith

3) a judgment, decision: such as conscience passes

3054 logomacheo {log-om-akh-eh'-o}

AV - strive about words 1; 1

1) to contend about words

2) to wrangle about empty and trifling matters

3055 logomachia {log-om-akh-ee'-ah}

AV - strife of words 1; 1

1) to contend about words

2) to wrangle about empty and trifling matters

3056 logos {log'-os}

AV - word 218, saying 50, account 8, speech 8, Word (Christ) 7,

thing 5, not tr 2, misc 32; 330

1) of speech

1a) a word, uttered by a living voice, embodies a conception or idea

1b) what someone has said

1b1) a word

1b2) the sayings of God

1b3) decree, mandate or order

1b4) of the moral precepts given by God

1b5) Old Testament prophecy given by the prophets

1b6) what is declared, a thought, declaration, aphorism, a weighty saying, a dictum, a maxim

1c) discourse

1c1) the act of speaking, speech

1c2) the faculty of speech, skill and practice in speaking

1c3) a kind or style of speaking

1c4) a continuous speaking discourse - instruction

1d) doctrine, teaching

1e) anything reported in speech; a narration, narrative

1f) matter under discussion, thing spoken of, affair, a matter in dispute, case, suit at law

1g) the thing spoken of or talked about; event, deed

2) its use as respect to the MIND alone

2a) reason, the mental faculty of thinking, meditating, reasoning, calculating

2b) account, i.e. regard, consideration

2c) account, i.e. reckoning, score

2d) account, i.e. answer or explanation in reference to judgment

2e) relation, i.e. with whom as judge we stand in relation

2e1) reason would

2f) reason, cause, ground

3) In John, denotes the essential Word of God, Jesus Christ, the personal wisdom and power in union with God, his minister in creation and government of the universe, the cause of all the world's life both physical and ethical, which for the procurement of man's salvation put on human nature in the person of Jesus the Messiah, the second person in the Godhead, and shone forth conspicuously from His words and deeds.


A Greek philosopher named Heraclitus first used the term Logos around 600 B.C. to designate the divine reason or plan which coordinates a changing universe. This word was well suited to John's purpose in John 1.

I also found an interesting relationship to the number 3051 on this page on a Bible study:


1-2-2001 - DREAM - I think I was in my house in New Berlin, but I'm not certain. I gave birth to twin girls which was a big surprise. The second baby popped out so quick. There was no pain.  I promptly forgot I gave birth to the second baby. A couple days later I remembered the second baby and went up the stairs to get her. I fully expected her to be dead. The doorway at the top of the stairs was so small I had to lay down and crawl through it to get to the bedroom where there were two cribs.  The baby was sleeping under the covers in one of the cribs. I was scared half out of my wits to check the baby.

However, the baby woke up and was  fine, and to my surprise, looked healthier than the one that was downstairs. I found out why soon enough. The baby started pooping her diaper ... no less than three times, and when I stood her on her feet, she started talking like a fully grown ET.  I got a big smile on my face and the game was on. She was as obnoxious as possible throughout the rest of the dream and it was so funny and she challenged me and my skills to hang onto her. I wish now I could remember why I had the dream.  :-)

Downstairs I met a man, I don't know why, but he asked for my phone number so I could give him some information. The ET baby gave it to him like he knew it better than I did.  Actually I can't remember exactly what he/she said, but it ended in an extra number 2-2 and he/she explained to me that he overheard the secretary give it out.  (The number might have been 6022-2)

I can't remember why I had the dream, but know that I have to look up the Bible references for 6060 thru 6069 like I just did with the other number.

It's going to be interesting:

6060 `anaq {aw-nawk'}

AV - chain 3; 3

1) necklace, neck-pendant

2) (TWOT) neck

6061 `Anaq {aw-nawk'}

AV - Anak 9; 9

Anak = "neck"

1) progenitor of a family, or tribe of the giant people in Canaan

6062 `Anaqiy {an-aw-kee'}

AV - Anakims 9; 9

Anakims = "long-necked"

1) a tribe of giants, descendants of Anak, which dwelled in southern Canaan

6063 `Aner {aw-nare'}

AV - Aner 3; 3

Aner = "boy"

1) one of the Amorite chiefs who aided Abraham in the pursuit of the 4 invading kings

2) a Levitical city west of the Jordan in Manasseh allotted to the Kohathite Levites

6064 `anash {aw-nash'}

AV - punish 5, condemned 2, amerce 1, surely 1; 9

1) to fine, amerce, punish, condemn, mulct

1a) (Qal) to fine, punish

1b) (Niphal) to be fined, be punished, be mulcted

6065 `anash (Aramaic) {an-ash'}

AV - confiscation 1; 1

1) (CLBL) to fine

2) (BDB/TWOT) confiscation, fining, amercing

6066 `onesh {o'-nesh}

AV - tribute 1, punishment 1; 2

1) fine, penalty, indemnity

6067 `Anath {an-awth'}

AV - Anath 2; 2

Anath = "answer"

1) father of Shamgar

6068 `Anathowth {an-aw-thoth'}

AV - Anathoth 15; 15

Anathoth = "answers to prayer"

1) son of Becher and grandson of Benjamin

2) one of the heads of the people who signed the covenant with Nehemiah

3) a city of Benjamin allotted to the priest; located approximately 3 miles (5 km) from Jerusalem; birthplace of the prophet Jeremiah

6069 `Anthothiy {an-tho-thee'} or `Ann@thowthiy {an-ne-tho-thee'}

AV - Anethothite 2, Antothite 2, Anathoth 1; 5

Anethothite = see Anathoth "affliction"

1) a descendant or inhabitant of Anathoth

6022 `Amasay {am-aw-sah'-ee}

AV - Amasai 5; 5

Amasai = "burdensome"

1) a warrior and chief of the captains of Judah and Benjamin who joined David at Ziklag

2) a Kohathite Levite, father of Mahath and ancestor of Samuel

3) a priest who blew the trumpet before the ark

4) another Kohathite Levite in the reign of king Hezekiah of Judah


1-2-2001 - DREAM - I was looking at a web page which was done all in French or some other foreign language I've never seen before.

I woke up and fell right back asleep.  I was now in an apartment building showing apartments to people. Right above the front lobby door was  a sign that lit up. It said, 'Apartments starting at 550' and an arrow to the right. 550 was all the way at the end and was all glass on the side that people walked past. It was all lit up inside and I thought it was fabulous.

I wanted other people to see it even though I wanted to live in it myself.

The next opportunity to show this apartment to someone, it was my friend Barbara. She saw the sign and was shocked that apartments could be that cheap. We started off down the hall and were now outside, headed for the apartment. I saw a long line of college students ... all male ... walking along the alley behind the apartment which was now a house.

Barbara and I walked around the end of the building where all the glass and lighted apartments were and went around the front of the building.

The land in front of the house which was 550 was really hilly ... it went up and down and up and down. I spotted my husband coming out of the building. He was looking at it too.  

The line of college students were now coming along the fenceline which was a high metal grid-like fence, using it for a cut through lane to the street. I thought ... "I could just put another fence in there to block them off."

My husband came out of othe building and Barbara and I entered it.  It was definitely made for skinny people. The doors were really narrow and had folding doors on the rooms or such skinny doors one had to squeeze through sideways.

The rooms themselves were all right. There was a laundry room and a pantry with all cabinets I thought was adequate. It was just that the doors were so narrow.

It wasn't as bright as I wanted a place to be but I could work with that.

As we left the building, my husband said he wanted to buy it.  I immediately balked and said it was too small, or that we could  buy the property, build a large house and use this house as a cupula on top of it. He was adamant that he wanted to put a bid in on the house. My heart was in my stomach. The house was not my ideal.

He said, "Every inch of that house was made by loving man's hands, every pipe was hand welded, every board was hand sawed and nailed together." I knew that meant quality, but I knew it needed more work.

Barbara and I were walking along outside now, on the sidewalk, and a woman came by who represented the owner of the house. She was a wonderful woman it seemed and would put a good word in for us ... but I was still dragging my feet emotionally.  I wasn't sold on how great this house was.

When I got to the intersection, I again was seeing a web page. The numbers 170 and 172 were highlighted in bold in the sentences.


550 apeipomen {ap-i-pom'-ane}

AV - renounce 1; 1

1) to speak out, set forth, declare

2) to forbid

3) to give up, renounce

--170 akaireomai {ak-ahee-reh'-om-ahee} from a compound of 1 (as a negative particle) and 2540 (meaning unseasonable); TDNT - 3:462,*; v

AV - lack of opportunity 1; 1

1) to lack opportunity

171 akairos {ak-ah'-ee-roce}

AV - out of season 1; 1

1) unseasonable

172 akakos {ak'-ak-os}

from 1 (as a negative particle) and 2556; TDNT - 3:482,391; adj

AV - simple 1, harmless 1; 2

1) without guile or fraud, harmless, free from guilt

2) fearing no evil from others, distrusting no one


1-3-2001 - DREAM - I had three short dreams where people were preparing for the 'Ceremony of the Golden Lion'.

The lions that I saw in these rehearsals were not the real lions, but similar to stuffed lions in outline and blueprint.

The last scene took place in an apartment building I was managing.

I was standing in the hallway between two elevators.  The drycleaner had just come and hung the men's pants like banners on a rod that was across the elevator door on the end of the hallway.

One of the men in the building went past to go up the other elevator and we talked about the drycleaning hanging on the rod. One of them was so long, I only came up to the knees on the pants. The man would have had to have been at least 24 or 25 feet tall I estimated. They were maroon corduroy.

I decided I would do the men a favor and deliver the drycleaning to the men who lived upstairs, so I got on the elevator which was all maroon plush carpeted.

To my surprise, because I didn't press any buttons, the elevator only went up one floor. I had already been on the 12th floor and got off the elevator on the 13th floor. (I don't know how many floors there were)

But, when I got off the elevator, I realized that the drycleaning had been hanging on the rod and it stayed on the 12th floor and I didn't have it with me. I also realized that I didn't know which pair of pants went to which man. They would have to pick them up themselves on the 12th floor.

On the 13th floor, a whole bunch of people were coming out of various apartments. They were talking about going on a journey. The cars were already packed and all they wanted to do was to stop and do a little Christmas shopping before they got into the car.

These people looked rather familiar but I didn't know their names. I didn't see any apartment numbers on the doors either.

Some of the people were going down the elevator, and some were walking down. I was wearing high heeled shoes but decided I would walk down. The only other problem was that the stairway went to an emergency exit and it was the type of exit that had no key to go back in so I had to go around to the front of the building again to get back in the building.  I didn't have my keys with me and hoped someone would recognize me and let me back into the building.

I got out the emergency door and saw that it was pouring rain. I had a large, heavy white umbrella rolled up in my right hand, but didn't open it to walk around to the front of the building.  It was raining but it wasn't raining on me. It didn't seem to be raining on the other people going on the journey either.

NOTE:  After the death of the fifth patriarch, Tsung-mi, in 841, Hua-yen declined during the general suppression of Buddhism that ensued in China. But it greatly influenced the development of Neo-Confucianism (a significant movement in Chinese thought beginning in the 11th century) and is regarded by many as the most highly developed form of Chinese Buddhist thought. It was brought into Japan by pupils of Fa-tsang and an Avatamsaka missionary from central India during the period from about 725 to 740 and began a vital and important development there that has continued down to the present day. The most significant doctrine associated with this school is the theory of causation by dharma-dhatu--i.e., that all of the elements arise simultaneously, that the whole of things creates itself, that ultimate principles and concrete manifestations are interfused, and that the manifestations are mutually identical. Thus, in Fa-tsang's example of the golden lion in the imperial palace, gold is the essential nature or principle (li) and lion is the particular manifestation or form (shih); moreover, as gold, each part or particle expresses the whole lion and is identical with every other part or particle. When this model is applied to the universe, it suggests that all phenomena are the expressions of the ultimate suchness or voidness, while at the same time they retain their phenomenal character; each phenomenon is both "all" and "one." All the constituents of the world (the dharmas) are interdependent, cannot exist independently, and each of them possesses a sixfold nature: universality, speciality, similarity, diversity, integration, and differentiation.


1-3-2001 - I got really tired while researching the above references to the golden lion ceremony, so went to bed and had this dream:

DREAM - I was sitting in a lawn chair on the porch of my house at a big intersection where there was lots of traffic  It was on the northwest corner of Teutonia and Center Sts.. I was watching the people go by and talking with my children.

A man named David came along (I used to work with him at AC in the 70's) I started to tell him my dream about the ceremony of the golden lion and that it was probably connected either to Buddhism or the Templars, but it was probably the Templars. He agreed that it was probably the Templars.

I realized that I was wearing my green and white bathrobe and had a hideous scarf on my head and didn't want to walk down the sidewalk to my apartment like that, so I took off my robe, looking down to make sure I was fully dressed. I was wearing a red long sleeved sweater and light brown pants. I had socks on I think but didn't look that far.

I stood up and took off my bathrobe to carry it with me, and David followed me, carrying some research books, one of which looked like a large black Bible.  I picked up my children's socks, and the children, David and I went behind the corner house to my apartment building on Teutonia Ave.

I wanted to pick up my mail before I went into the apartment. I took out my keys and found the little 't' shaped mailbox key. Instead of opening the closed mailboxes below, I opened a mailbox on the top which had a fancy black grill over the front. I saw inside that there were post-it notes people had left for me, a small rolodex full of names and addresses, and someone had left a nasty old car ashtray full of nasty crumpled smoked cigarette butts and matchbooks that were white with black writing.  I didn't look at what the matches or the notes or rolodex said.

I took the ashtray and set it aside, remarking, "Who would leave such a nasty thing in my mailbox?"  I took all the rest with me to the door of the apartment.

I then opened my apartment door, remembering rumours I had heard about David, that he would go and stay anywhere that people would feed him. I thought about that while I was taking the scarf off my head and looking in the mirror while combing my hair with a small 3 toothed comb. My hair was getting lighter as I combed ... from black at the beginning to almost blonde when I was done. I said to myself, "I'm beginning to look almost human."

David was in the background, it seemed that he was getting ready to help me do the research on the ceremony of the golden lion. I was going to go on the internet and look again  for 'ceremony golden lion Templars.'  I knew I'd find what I needed there. I also decided to do it on Alta Vista so I could eliminate terms I didn't want to wade through.

At the same time I was remembering a place I had been to the day before and wondered if I could find it again. (I think I probably dreamed it and forgot the dream)  While I was thinking about this, I saw that David had opened 3 windows half way and the curtains and shades were pulled half way. The shades were light brown with fleur de lis on them.  I saw through the bottom half of the window that there was a huge expanse of green lawn outside and this was jogging my memory of where I had been ... in the country ... seemingly up a mountainside or at least on some high hills ... on a winding road until I came to a lake with a castle-like building. This is where the ceremony had been held.  It was most likely France.

I then closed the left-most window, and left the right-most window and the center window open because they had screens on them and I didn't have to worry about the kids or myself falling out of them.

I opened my eyes in the real world, surprised to find myself there, and thinking about the place in France I had been just yesterday and if I could find it again.

NOTE: Altavista didn't find it but Google did.

Masonic Bibliography Catalog

Orders of Chivalry in France


1-4-01 - DREAM - I was with some men who were experimenting with vehicles that were the size that only one person or two people fit into.

The first one was like a canoe, but was round like a basket and the person fit all the way inside it so it bobbed around on the water and actually wouldn't sink unless it filled with water more than 3/4 way full. I declined to accept a ride in that one.

The second vehicle was a car that two people fit in rather like a bobsled with wheels. We were using it on a snow covered road. This experiment started out like a game but got deadly serious.

The first car made it around the first corner, sliding around it on the snow, then slid around the second corner, was able to accelerate some on the straightaway, then had to make a right hand corner and head for the home line which was straight ahead from that corner. It was exciting to see a car go that fast and not flip over on the corners.

The second car to try the road course made it around the first curve, and then stopped. I could see immediately that something was wrong because a guy who wore a kind of military or police uniform jumped out of the car and ran off and hid behind some snow piles. Another cop jumped out of a previously hidden car and ran after him. I didn't know why that happened, but I knew that this was no game.

After the guys ran off the road, I saw a one man size silver plane take off on the right.  This plane didn't have wings and didn't seem to be rocket powered, but I tell you here, it was fast and silent. It was looking for the first guy that ran off the road.  He was prepared to bomb him and the car.

A second silver plane took off and by then I spotted the first guy and hid him beneath where I was ... supposedly just an innoocent bystander. The other guys were within arms reach and we were all in danger of being bombed by the plane. I saw no wings on this plane, it was a fast flying one man size fuselage ... and made no noise at all.

and I woke up


1-4-01 - DREAM - I went with Joe somewhere where they were dumping huge truck loads of gravel and stone.  There were two women there who wore loose low tops and every so often, one of their breasts would flop out.  This was very distressing to me and I was unhappy that we were here. Besides that, it was dangerous to be so close behind where these trucks were dumping.

The women however, seemed to like me, and straightened out their clothes and got me to laughing harder than I ever remember laughing before.

I don't recall how this ended.

I remember seeing a delicate flower with red stamens. I don't know which dream it was in.


1-4-01 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin, and some people came to visit who were musicians. They were into Country Western Music and they sent me a strip of advertising that told me that they lived on Westridge Dr.

As I woke up from this dream, I was given the names of two urls. One was Barak and one was  Guru ? which didn't seem complete. Barak is the story where the Prophetess Deborah brought him to his demise after armies couldn't kill the evil ruler.


1-4-01 - DREAM - I was working on a web page that had a series of paragraphs linked from numbers at the top. The numbers were  3 1/2 - 300 - 214 - 314 -  They were all related.

3 Abaddon {ab-ad-dohn'}

of Hebrew origin 11; TDNT - 1:4,1; pr n m

AV - Abaddon 1; 1

Abaddon = "destruction"

1) ruin

2) destruction

3) the place of destruction

4) the name of the angel-prince of the infernal regions, the minister of death and the author of havoc on the earth

214 alalazo {al-al-ad'-zo}

from alale ( a shout, "halloo"); TDNT - 1:227,36; v

AV - wail 1, tinkle 1; 2

1) to repeat frequently the cry "alala" as soldiers used to do on entering into battle

2) to utter a joyful sound

3) to wail, lament

4) to ring loudly, to clang

300 Amon {am-one'}

of Hebrew origin 526; n pr m

AV - Amon 2; 2

Amon = "builder"

1) a king of Judah, son of Manasseh, and father of Josiah

314 anaginosko {an-ag-in-oce'-ko}

AV - read 33; 33

1) to distinguish between, to recognise, to know accurately, to acknowledge

2) to read

I stopped working on the page to straighten up my apartment that I had just moved into, because I wanted to impress my neighbor when he knocked on the door to visit. I knew my neighbor was still at work, that he would come over to visit after he got home. It was too early for that yet, but I wanted to be ready,

In the kitchen, which was large, I had a huge radio and an equally large old record player that played 33 1/3 size records.

I turned off the record player and turned on the radio and turned the station so it exactly matched what the radio in the bedroom was playing.

I then heard the elevator door across the hall open and close and someone walked down the hall and knocked on the door next door.  I was thinking that it was too early for the neighbor to be home and he wouldn't knock on his own door, but then I heard a key in the lock of the neighbors door and the door opened and closed.  

I started to get a little nervous.  Was that him or wasn't it?  I had only one thing left to do and that was to hang up my coat in the hall closet by the front door of the apartment.

I opened the door to the closet and it was almost empty. That is, there was nothing in it but hangars, and hooks, but no rod across the closet to hang a number of hangars on.  So, I took a hangar and hung my coat on it and hung it on a hook in the center of the closet.

I then closed the door and went to my bedroom. I lay down on the bed, and as I fell asleep in the dream, I woke up in the real world.


1-5-01 - DREAM -  I was working on a computer screen, on a page about spiders, filling in all the empty spaces with black marks until there was no space left.


1-5-01 - DREAM - I was working on a web page about spiders. The page was complete and I wanted to put a picture of a huge black spider in the middle of it, and I spent what seemed like hours, moving the text and trying to draw a spider with black marks, then decided to just go find a picture of spider and inserted it in the center.

See:  Spiders


1-5-01 - DREAM  - I went to an insurance agency to ask for a job. I was wearing a light blue suit and looked very professional.

After I was there a few minutes, I saw that everyone else was wearing a light blue suit also, so I had made the right choice when I got dressed thht morning.

At first there were only a couple women in the office with me, but then more and more women were coming in and they were also wearing light blue suits or dresses.  However, I noted that some of the women had their faces and hair spray painted light blue also.

I seemed to know what I was doing, and asked to see the files of the people who were not paying their fees on a regular basis.

Then the boss came out of his office.  He was about 8 feet tall, very thin. He was wearing a light blue suit and had his face and hair spray painted the same shade of light blue also.

One of the girls said, "He is a nice boss, but he's rather freaky sometimes."  She didn't explain what freaky meant, but I assumed she was talking about the face and hair spray painting the same color as the suit.

The boss said he wanted me to work on the high paying cases, where the cases were over $100,000 I understood him to say.  That was okay with me.

The boss left the office and the women gathered around a long brown table for a few moments ... it was break time or something.  One of the women who looked very familiar was having a problem with her child who was whiny.  I suggested she check it's diaper and feed it, then take it to the park down the street to play. I told her it was probably bored just sitting in a chair all day.  She agreed.

The women started to go back to work, and I turned around and their were two men sitting at a table where I was going to work. They were setting up a tape recorder.  

I went over to the table and one of the men said that the tape recorder contained the law I needed to study, and could play the law back if I needed to.  He then handed me a black book titled, "The 34th Foreign Lie".

This might be it: Related to a previous page on Human Rights

I also found this to be fascinating... relating to Freemasonry and the Presidents of the U.S.

A List of American Lies?

The Coming Anarchy

Moses Laws

Iriquois Laws


1-5-01 - DREAM - I was at my parents house. My Father had been gone a long time and had been sick, so when he came home, they got out the photo album and some old pictures of other people he hadn't seen in a long time, and showed him comparison pictures and pictures of what he had missed.

My Father decided he had to go somewhere and disappeared.  Several days went by and nobody heard from him so we were all worried.  Nobody knew where he had gone.

I had a job to do at the school where I worked, and I met a young girl in the hallway who wanted to go to the front door of the school from the back of the school where we were at.  There were three ways to get there, and each way was a different length of hallway and stairs to get there.

I was walking through the hallways with her and was going to show her the shortest way when her mother showed up with a laundry basket.  So, the girl took off with her mother and the laundry basket and I never had an opportunity to show her the shortcut.

I went up the three stairs to the shortcut hallway while her mother went up the long staircase.  Funny though it was, when I got into the shortcut hallway, there was a huge window from one hallway to the other, and the girl and her mother were going by the window already when I looked through it.  So, I didn't have to worry about them finding it afterall.

However, then, I had closed my eyes and was quite disoriented when I opened them again, and reminded myself to quit closing my eyes when I was walking.  I continued on through this hallway which went through the garbage dumpster room at the end of the front hall of the school.  I saw that there was a pit off the side of the dumpster area where people had set up couches and big overstuffed chairs and made a livingroom type area there with cases of soda and stuff to snack on. I guess people hid out there when they took the garbage to the dumpster to have other people to talk to.

I saw there was some garbage paper and torn, crushed boxes on the floor of  the garbage room and decided to pick them up to help out. To my shock, there were the comparison pictures that had been shown to my Father when he was home, three days earlier. Had he been in the pit during that time?  I didn't know, but it was suspicious. I had no oway of knowing how these pictures had gotten here in the garbage room.

My Father was expected back today ... we hoped.  

I knew that if I didn't pick up the garbage, people would ask me whose job it was to do it, and I would have to say it was my job and then they would say that I was doing a lousy job, so I continued to pick it all up ... all the pictures of my Father which he had discarded when he left us.


1-5-01 - DREAM - I dreamed about doing a web search for 'the horse project' ... I found one called, "The Black Horse Project"

Following that on TV we saw films about 'Duck and Cover' about nuclear attack, and a film called, "The Rapture" which was about a woman who was told that the end of the world was coming and she went into the desert to wait for the rapture or death. She experienced a 'black horse' vision which was about the Book of Revelation and the black horse .


1-6-01 - DREAM - I was at the New Berlin house.  I looked out the front window and saw that the front lawn hadn't been cut recently.  It made it look like the yard was much bigger than when the grass was cut.  I saw a huge creature out there ... either a man in a furry suit or it was bigfoot. I couldn't be sure.  

I went out into the yard over towards where I saw the creature/man and it looked like he had had a picnic out there in the wild growth of grass where the mower never went.  There were trays of food there.  I threw the bread scraps out into the trees for the birds.  I saw some rabbits nearby and threw some of the raw vegetables towards them.  The rest of the stuff was like wrapped with butcher paper. By then, a couple other women came out and helped me carry the trays back to the house.

We had to decide where to throw the paper and food away because we recycled I guess.  The kitchen was newly remodeled, so the other women were surprised at how nice the kitchen looked.  We wrapped the rest of the garbage in the butcher paper and threw it in the dumpster place.  

Then we had the two trays left and the dream gets weird here.  The trays were in the air and there were letters of the alphabet on them and we were trying to make each tray say the same thing, so we had to rearrange the letters on them so they were exactly alike. I couldn't read any of it, but we made them the same the best we could.


1-6-01 - I was sick when I went back to bed, so had dreams that showed I was sick, and had pain in my chest in the dream and walked carefully and slowly.  I was shown friends who were packing to go home ... (death?)  don't know if I can conclude that though the people I was shown are truely that sick in real life.

I decided the dreams weren't worth deliniating since I already know why I had them and they were just showing my illness.


1-5-01 - DREAM - I dreamed that I did a web search for the words ' pitch pipe horse'  


1-6-01 - DREAM - I was in a city and went to work at a very large company.  The people I worked with resembled the people at A-C but the building wasn't the same.  My boss was Carol H. who taught me everything I know about  being a secretary.

It was about 10 a.m. when I got there, and it was Christmas Eve day when most people left at noon. At least all the men were leaving ... the secretaries were staying to clean up the desks and finish up what was left to do which wasn't much.  We hadn't gotten any new orders and there were no purchase orders going through the system. All there was for me to do was to refile old papers from one old file cabinet to another. That didn't seem worth staying for.

One of the men, who was my husband/partner/friend (I don't even know his name)  who was dark haired and wearing a long brown coat, had to go to a meeting at a big restaurant to take photographs or something. He was leaving right then, and I thought I might volunteer to drive him there and that would give me a vehicle to drive myself home in.  However, he started walking down the aisle and fell over like he was unconscious, so they had to call an ambulance for him. Thus I could hardly take his car as he had the keys.

As I left, I didn't wish everyone a Merry Christmas, I was wishing them all Happy New Year which let them know I would be gone for the whole week between Christmas and New Years. At that point, there were only a few women left. All the men had gone ahead of me.

It took me some time to find my shoes and as it was, I just carried them and my little purse, didn't put them on.

I headed for the hallway and there was one last man at the elevator, and for some reason I decided to take the steps. I regretted that decision as soon as I made it as the stairs were really steep and narrow. The first flight down was made of steel stairs, the next one down was just rungs which were the outline of the stairs. I was barefoot so it wasn't easy walking down these stairs and it made my knees feel wobbly.

At that point I decided to walk along the hallways which seemed to slope downward on an angle so I figured if I walked far enough down a slope, I'd end up at the street level.  

The last level I was actually inside the building, I had to crawl under some huge piping to get out the door.  I went out that door and found myself on the balcony of the building where a lone woman stood looking out over the landscape beyond.  There was a huge lawn and garden area with trees in the distance ... no other buildings.  That looked really nice, but I told her I was heading east where the buildings were so tall that they had their tops in the clouds.  

There were a few concrete steps down to a roadway ... not a street and I saw a yellow school bus coming towards my direction. All of a sudden it careened over a cliff of some kind and ended up on it's roof in the gully below.

Other people who were in their cars going that direction, stopped and jumped out to help get the kids out of the schoolbus but everyone was yelling that there could be an explosion of the engine and we couldn't go near it.  So, they just let the kids in the bus helpless and stood around wringing their hands.  Nobody was brave enough to rescue the kids and take a chance on the explosion not happening.  

There were a lot of people running in every direction, and it seemed were some were like in their teens, so I couldn't really tell if the kids were getting out of the bus on their own or not.

At that point a friend of mine showed up and offered me a ride in her car which was a convertible, but the back seat was like a mattress and for some reason I didn't take the ride.  

I looked around and asked some women where the nearest bus stop was because it was a long way to walk all the way home.

One woman said we were right at the bus stop. I looked and sure enough there was a little brown sign that showed the bus stopped there. So I started looking in my purse for the money for the bus fare. I thought I had a lot of quarters in my purse, but when I looked, all I had was necklaces of beautiful jewels, a little blue teddy bear, some keys and other trinkets, and on the bottom I found a dime, a nickel, and a Lincoln cent which had a hole through the head.  

The bus fare was 90 cents so there was no way I could ride the bus unless I could sell some of my trinkets or jewels.  I dumped all the stuff out on the little white round table that stood there and asked if anyone wanted any of it.  People wanted it, but didn't want to pay a price for it. Finally I put it all back into my purse and a woman who really seemed to want what I had, I told her if she came to my house, I would give her anything she wanted.

I also had a conversation with a woman who wanted to know how I remembered how to get to a destination. I said, "You don't have to know the whole way ... you only have to know where to turn." That seemed to satisfy her since the directions are much simpler if you only have to know where to turn.

I woke up so gradually, I was half in the dream and half awake, trying to remember what I dreamed.


1-8-01 - DREAM -  I dreamed about color again and how it's related to sound.  It seemed that there were people in the beginning of the dream, but that evaporated when I was left at a computer screen to read a very serious document about color and sound and it's importance.

I woke up thinking, "OK! I've got that ... but what has that got to do with horses and what I've been dreaming the last two days about the horse project and the pitch pipe horse?


1-18-01 - DREAM - I was working in the garage/maintenance area of A-C.  I was cleaning up and straightening out the area.  My family was outside in the sunshine, working on the yard, and even my grandchildren were there visiting, watching TV, and playing over at the house area where I lived across the yard from where I was working.

The men were working on a silver vehicle which looked like it had been rolled in an accident numerous times. They were sanding on the body like they were going to repaint it, but it was nowhere ready for painting.  

The men walked back outside and I was left there by myself, looking at the painting area and looking at the various colors of paint that were available.  I could see that they didn't have all the colors there and I knew that the sold 250 different colors, so I planned to get some more colors.  I was holding a little bottle of orange paint, but I needed other colors as well.

Then just as two women were walking into the area and who needed information, I could hear popping sounds and they said that the men ouside were shooting at mice.  I knew that mice had been a problem, but didn't advocate shooting them, so went outside to see what was going on. I told the women I'd be right back.  I went outside and it seemed that there was smoke out there a little that was dispersing.  I didn't see the men.  I saw a lawn mower that was seemingly running by remote control, going up and back across the lawn by itself ... it looked rather like a vacuum cleaner than a mower.

Over farther on the lawn, I could see three dogs playing, or fighting. Two dogs were dragging a third dog back and forth across the lawn.  In the other direction, I could see little cats, or rabbits or other animals playing. There were no people at all.  I didn't have time to look for them, so went back into the maintenance area to talk to the women.

One woman, who was shorter and thinner was sitting at a table with a tax booklet in her hands and scribbling numbers on the inside back cover, trying to figure out what she owed in taxes.  She said that when she changed jobs, the new company hadn't changed the W2 form and she didn't know how to figure this out.  I saw that she worked for the company.  I said, "Why don't you just go talk to them about your taxes. Then at least you'll be talking to an expert."  She said, "Oh yeah! That's probably a good idea."  She picked up her tax booklet and left.

The other woman, who reminded me of my daughter-in-law Becky, was short and stocky. She had a little informational booklet in her hand and a sample diaphragm made of gauze or something which looked rather like a potato chip folded over.  She said she needed more information about the diaphragm and how it worked in the water system.

I told her that the main office would have more information about it and I needed to go over there anyway and see if any faxes had come in for me.  I had just looked at a blue folder of information where I put my telephone numbers including a fax number on when I took this job and the number I saw ended in 3600 ... so I walked with her through the shop area out to the street on the other side of the building.  

There were big brown steel doors on the building. I wanted to close the door but not lock it as I would have to get back in, so I made sure I wasn't locked out and then walked up the street with her.  As we left the building, her boyfriend who was a chubby black guy came up to us and then walked with us back to the main A-C office building up the street. She had actually parked right in front of the office building. I don't know why she had walked all the way around the block to the maintenance area where I was working.  

However, the office building had three doors ... two large double-sized ones which were open and a single sized door for people to walk through next to it, but it was closed.  I could have just walked into the open doors, but chose to physically open the narrow door and go through that one.  The girl followed me through the narrow door as well.

We were now in A-C's mall area and it was plush and felt strange, heavy air, and rather claustrophobic to me, like there wasn't enough oxygen in the air.  I asked the girl if she had ever been there before and she said, "No!"

I walked over to the right where the information desk was. The first place was more like 5 rows of desks that was like a check-out area. It was rather dingy and dim there. It was definitely an unpleasant area. To the right of that was a heavy brown wooden desk-like area that several women worked behind.  This was where you could ask for information.

Despite the fact that several women worked behind the desk, a woman in a gray suit came up to me from behind and asked if she could help. I held out the little booklet and the diaphragm to her and indicated that the other woman needed more information about the diaphragm I had in my hand. The two women then started talking some technical jargon about hard dispursion and soft dispursion of water.  I rather stopped listening as I didn't feel I needed to know those things.   It only took a moment anyway.  The woman I had brought over there left and the grey-suited woman looked to me to see if I needed anything else.

I told her that I worked upstairs in the office and needed to go up there.  She nodded and turned away.  I opened a narrow wooden door that I assumed went upstairs.  It was next to a double-wide door that slid sideways and was closed, like a supply closet.  I opened the narrow door and behind it was like a stairway with the stairs turned up on end. But the stairs were so narrow, no human foot could stand on them.  I could hear voices above and knew that it was probably only meant for people to come down ... not for people to go up it.

Next to that was another narrow door which I opened and that too had like a narrow opening that went upstairs and I could hear voices above, but there was no way to get a foot hold to climb up there either.  So I gave up in frustration and woke up.

NOTE: I think this dream was about myself and my status of health and the fact that I was working on pulling in colors and sounds for healing.  The diaphragm with the soft disbursion and hard disbursion of water is also used in the body when food and water are dispursed in the body.


1-8-2001, 6:24 a.m.  JOE'S DREAM - I dreamed of a water project involving a large number of tribes in a primitive area. It seemed like Africa but also Native American. The water system was provided by the government, but the tribes were required to become independent and supply their own water within a certain length of time.

The scene changed. Time had run out on the water project. I was observing the leader of a Native American tribe speaking to some of his braves. Some officials of the government were on their way to have a meeting with the tribe. The leader told the braves to take some horses, about 100 of them, down to the revine and kill them. This was apparently the sacrifice that had to be made for failing to become water independent. I saw the horses laying dead in the revine

(end of dream)

When I woke up I remembered that horses were a sign of wealth to the Native Americans. I also thought of Dee's dream about "The Horse Project." We really do not know what it means.


1-09-01 - The dreams were so stupid I don't even want to write them down.


1-10-01 -  This isn't much better.  DREAM - I was with another woman who was very much like me in size, but I was dressed in color and she was dressed in black and white. We had to cross a valley together to get to another house.  We started out across the valley and it rained so hard in front of us that the water was suddenly up to our knees.  We decided to keep going rather than wait for a boat or until the water went down. By the time we crossed the valley, all the water had drained away and it was dry.

In the next building, someone cut my hair and it flipped underr really cute in the back but was longer on the sides. I kept looking at it in the mirror, admiring it.  Here there were two women who were very like me and one man who was my husband . He was a thin guy, but I don't know his name. Some music started to play and we were supposed to dance. Well, to me ... three women and a guy don't mix very well  I didn't particularly have any 'good' feelings towards these women. They were competition at that point.. He was MY husband, so I got the guy and the other women had to dance with each other. I wasn't about to share. They could get their own husbands.

This wasn't a 'fun' dance. It was more like a control issue and I was leading. It worked out okay.

I remember that I had to go to work, but can't remember any details.


1-10-01 - This was a mid-morning nap. It was so cold in the house, I decided to get under the covers and warm up.  (Trying to save electricity for the California electric crisis.  Grrrr!  )  

DREAM - I was in a city somewhere and planned to take my kids for a ride in the car. They were pretty young ... all under 7 it seemed.  I stated out in a car. I was behind the wheel, ready to drive and the kids were just getting into the car.

 My youngest son Bill had my purse and brought it to the car.  It's an open top bag ... full to the top with books and everything one could imagine putting into a purse.  He was going to fling it upsidedown over his head to throw it on the seat and at the last moment decided he'd better not do that and gently set it on the seat. I thanked him profusely for  being gentle with it.

There was a sudden flash scene or a vision where I saw another car that was coming my way and it seemed to be a good idea to chase it.  However, I then noticed I was driving a school bus, not a car and I was sitting at least one quarter of the way back in the bus and there was no way for my feet to reach the peddles.  There was nothing between me and the wheel. I was just too far back to drive it.  That felt really dumb when I realized that.

Then my Father showed up and wanted to ride along and I really felt strange trying to give my Father a ride in a school bus. He didn't even approve of women drivers to start with.  ( I just threw that in for emphasis  :-)  )  

I scooted my chair closer to the front so my feet reached the peddles. I was ready to go and put my foot on the gas and nothing happened.  I then noticed I hadn't put the key into the ignition. I had to get up and go back farther in the bus to get the keys out of my purse and noticed that it was snowy outside and the driveway behind the bus was really narrow .  The bus would fit through the high snow banks, but it would be really difficult.

I decided we'd better not do anything so foolish as to drive the bus through the narrow snowbanks and up a highway to chase a small car.  Bad idea.

So, I got out of the bus and was standing on the sidewalk.  Sam Rappaport the attorney from One Life to Life came by and showed me a tree that was more like a flagpole. The tree had pictures in black and white that were drawn by children over time. The larger ones were at the top with several people on them, but lower down the tree were pictures of individual people doing good deeds.  There were just one person in each of those pictures.  I admired them.

I heard someone say, "Emma always gets to do those things."

I started to think who Emma was and thought perhaps it was the name of someone that you saw by looking at it upsidedown or backwards ... not the real name ... like  I AM, or ME AM or something like that.  I didn't figure it out fast enough and woke up.


1-11-01 - DREAM - I was a 'homeworlder' , which would be on another planet, but I didn't see anything different except a little black kid came up through a hole in the ground and started swearing at my little girl.  My little girl told me about it and I chased the kid into a garage and threatened that I'd hurt him if he didn't stop swearing.  He said he would, then he started singing a rap song, "Give me HIV for you and me!"

I woke up feeling really angry for no reason, so I went to bed again to start over, but it didn't help. I still feel angry about a lot of petty stuff.


1-12-01 - DREAM - I don't know where I was but I was looking at a web page on a computer that had a series of pictures on it.  There were 4 pictures x 8 pictures in a block ... like in a table.  Each picture was at least 2 inches square.  It looked fine until I realized that on a regular screen, you can't possibly have 8 pictures wide, especially if they are 2 inches square.  I started to think maybe the pictures were smaller than I thought, or that the screen I was looking at was really large ... but then started to conclude that a web page can't handle 8 picturess across and as I started to make that decision ... the whole dream faded away ... like the truth dissolved it.


1-12-01 - DREAM - I was in a hospital room, awaiting the delivery of a baby by my friend Marcella who is a large black woman. Rather than us going to her room, she came to the door after the delivery and showed us her new baby.  I was really shocked to see this child. The baby was female  and grew VERY fast. Within seconds, the child had a tooth in the middle of its upper gums, had a long adult-shaped face.  It's hair was short curls like a black baby but more brown than black.

The baby began to talk like an adult and demanded to be put down on the floor. By now it was at least two and a half feet tall and started to toddle and within seconds could run like a 3 year old. She accidentally bit her own lip with the one tooth and put her head down and began trailing a thin blood trail around the floor as she ran around. Then she put her nose way down to the ground and ran around sniffing like a blood hound after a mouse.

I can't remember how the next scene occurred, but we wrote a check together with several people, and then began to cut and paste words from another piece of paper onto this check and copy it on a copier machine so that the check looked different than the original. My daughter put it through the copier again and it was now red and looked like a cancelled stamp instead of a check.

I can't remember what we were going to do with this check, except that it had to pass someone else's scrutiny and I didn't know how it would possibly pass for a real check.


1-12-01 - If one has to have crappy dreams for a couple days before one is allowed to have a dream like this, it's worth it. In this dream, every person I ever knew or ever dreamed about was in it, ... at least some were that I recognized,... and probably every person in the city of Milwaukee was there ... or I miss my guess.  I don't even know exactly where this took place .  It seemed all familiar, like my backyard at home, yet nothing was familiar either.

DREAM:  This was my graduation party and we held it in the garden in the back yard ... yeah ... right!  My back yard was never this large.  It seemed that thousands of people came to my party ...

But before we get to that, before the party, we had to plan the party, and to do that I went to visit another large formal garden near Lake Michigan it seemed.  There was acres and acres of every imaginable kind of flower there, and after we went through the formal gardens, we went into the building where they kept souveniers and private collections of ob jec de art (however you spell that).  This woman had collections of ceramic and stone art statues of every imaginable size and color. There were so many, you couldn't enumerate them, nor even look at them all.  One table in the middle of the room had thousands upon thousands of them.  I couldn't imagine how she could even have picked them all up herself, and then ... who dusted them.  Probably, with the money she had, someone else did it anyway.

We then went home and some time must have passed because I was watching people getting the area ready for the party, watching a woman vacuum a huge stairway ... she was practcially flying with the vacuum cleaner with the cord behind her ... like watching her silver cord stream behind her.  I was wishing I had that much energy.  I actually lay my head down on a stair as I sat at the bottom of the stairs.  

A young girl told me that the party was ending as I was sitting on the stairs.  I obviously didn't hob nob with the people at the party while they were there.  I probably napped through it. I went back to the party and people were leaving, so I was picking up things and moving them around.  I found plants that a gardener had planned to plant and didn't so I was rescuing those plants and bringing them back to a central spot where I could plant them in another place.

There were people taking sourveniers home.  One woman, who was the pastor's wife from my home church in New Berlin, WI, picked up a huge blue see-thru water pitcher and took it with her.  After she turned around, I spotted two other blue glass water pitchers that were crystal and I was going to tell her she could have those too, but she was not treating me very nice at that moment, she was only looking to see what she could take with her, so I kept them for myself.

In other places were all these little statuettes all over the place in the gardens, and now I knew how the other woman got hers.  They were left overs from garden parties.  I spotted a little greenish gold Buddha and I picked him up to take him to the house. I wasn't going to miss that one.  It seemed he was plastic though, rather than ceramic like the others.

It was later in the day by now and people were leaving.  I was being asked by people who were leaving if I had seen so n so and I had to admit I hadn't, (the last name was Anderson) but they swore they had been there. It was about 7:30 p.m. but the sun was shining still. (The time of the dream was really 7:30 a.m.)

I walked to the exit place as people were leaving the party and met some people I've met in other dreams. A couple of them were being carried in the arms of another person because they were disabled. We greeted each other and I said, "Oh my gosh! I haven't seen you in a couple years!" and we kissed each other on the cheek.  We were all so happy to see each other.  Actually, most of the people at the party I didn't even know by name... they just looked familiar.

Finally, I turned around to go back inside as latecomers were arriving for the party, and I was like in a theatre lobby type area, and a tall, handsome man came in, dressed all in gold ... including his head, hair, face, everything was gold ... rather like the Golden guy from the Academy Awards.  He had long golden cords attached to his suit and he pinned them to me so I was like tied to him. I said, "I feel so proud to be attached to you."  He smiled and approved of what I had said and others said I deserved it.  :-) .

At this point, there was another latecomer. He was supposed to be like my boyfriend or something. He looked familiar but I don't know his name. We were walking together until we came to a wall where you had to climb some stairs and then slide down the other side.  The stairs were made of soft carpet-like material so they squished down as you stepped on them, so it was hard climbing this stairs. Then, on the other side, I had to slide down a red slide and then walk on the sidewalk again.  People were doing this going both ways.  There were adults and children alike here.  It was difficult, but still fun.

At the other end of the red slide there were bathrooms. I saw a man go into the men's bathroom, and I thought , "As long as I'm here I may as well go into the ladies room," but there didn't seem to be a ladies room, just a men's room. Another door was opened by some men who went through it, but there was nowhere for women to go .... I just couldn't figure out why that was. It didn't seem fair at all.

I started to wake up, and realized I had been dreaming, and thinking, "Oh wow! It was my graduation ... ", but I kept my eyes closed and I was still seeing people. A woman dressed in blue came and sat down in front of me and asked me to bless her baby.  I did that.  Then I was seeing a woman, dressed in white or pale gold ahead of me, rather showing me the way back home. There was like a forest ahead of me, but many trees were cut down before the forest itself began, but the farther we walked, the more trees were cut down before the forest began ... there didn't seem to be any end to that ... and so I decided it was time to wake up for good and be grateful for the graduation party.


1-13-01 - VISION - I saw two dark brown horses, each pawing the ground with opposite feet, one right footed and one left footed, standing between two trees close together with a lavendar bush blooming in front of the horses between the two trees. I was told that a man was usurping the throne of England.  See USURPER


1-14-01 - END OF DREAM - I was in an apartment with some young women. My daughter-in-law Becky sent us some tiny baby clothes. These were the smallest and most adorable baby clothes I've ever seen. They were used clothes but freshly washed and packed into a little sack.

The girls who lived with us were out in the yard hanging up the laundry they had done for our family.

When we got the sack of baby clothes, I took out three of the pieces one by one and showed the girls how tiny and cute they were. We all said, "Awwwwww! " as we looked at them.

One of the girls said, "Oh! We can use them if we ever run out of clothes for David!"

I said, "No! These are going to be for little Matthew when he arrives!"

I asked whether we should wash them again and told the girls that these clothes were so delicate they had to be washed separately by themselves and by hand in a bowl.  They said that was okay.

The girls then came into the house and we got the current baby out of the crib.  It seems I had forgotten we were taking care of this baby ... it was a girl ... and she was darker skinned ... rather like Mexican.


1-15-01 - DREAM - Actually, I don't know if I was dreaming or awake.  I was having a conversation with myself basically whether or not you can go in a straight line in space.  The answer that came out of nowhere was, "No!" just like you can't go in a straight line on earth.  If you go any distance at all, you are going in a curved line.  It would be impossible to go from New York to London for instance without going in a curve.  Actually, even in a car, if you go as far as 10 miles, you are going in a curve.  The reason for that is that we live on the surface of a ball.  However, what... in space ... makes you go in a curve?  Isn't the shortest distance between two places ... a straight line????

Subj: Re: Straight Line in Space

Date: 1/15/2001

From: MetPhys

To: Dee777

Whether space is curved by gravity or space is intrinsically curved of itself is something I pondered for years.

I decided space is intrinsically curved of itself for theses reasons:

1. All mass has electromagnetic fields which warp (curve) the space around it as does earth.

2. All suns have electromagnetic fields that warp space around them.

3. Our earth and sun are within a galaxy that has an even stronger electromagnetic field that warps our space even more.

4. Our galaxy is imbedded in an even larger warp from a central core around which the galaxy revolves.

5. All mass including earth and all suns are toroidal in shape, therefore the toroidal curve of electromagnetics are the curves that any traveling mass would follow through space. It would be a curved path and not straight. It might appear that a traveler was going straight but it would be a slight curve in reality.


1-15-01 -  DREAM - This started out at my 16th St. house.  From there I went to a meeting ... it seemed like it was in my garage ... but we don't have a swimming pool in the garage ... Anyway, I was in this big swimming pool place and there were lots of kids around the pool, but some in the pool as well.  All the kids were around the edge, because in the center of the pool was a HUGE tiger.  It was a beautiful animal. There was a trainer there with it, and he was showing how powerful the tiger was, yet how gentle.  

One of the kids was floating under the water, and another kid who was mean, pushed his head down even further under the water.  I was about to yell at him when I decided that the kid wasn't hurt ... he was already  under the water, so I didn't say anything ... just kept my eye on him.

There was another kid, named Jeff, way up in the corner near the ceiling which was very high. He was like in a cubby hole. He yelled down some guff about an old white haired woman who lived in our apartment complex ... (I thought I lived ina house)  He said she must be a witch...I said, "To find out, why don't you just go up to her door and ask for milk and cookies!"  He was too scared to do that ... he just wanted to make trouble.  He said, "Yeah! When you aren't looking, she probably just shakes her head and makes stuff happen!"  I repeated ... "Why don't you just go and knock on her door and find out for yourself!"

I left then to go back home and was with a tall, thin man, whom I didn't really see. As I crossed the backyard of my house, there was a tall fence of fine wire which I had to find the opening through.  There was a split between two pieces right in the center. I pushed my way through the opening, then pushed it shut behind me again. (I don't know why it was there... that is not normal)

The tall, thin man was walking down the alley to the street where his car was parked. I could hear him walking and getting into his car in the dark.  I went over to the side gate of the yard and strongly smelled beer. I hollered out into the dark, "I can smell the beer on your breath, Jeff!"  You'd better run out to the street and catch your ride!"

I then went into the back door of the house, feeling very ill at ease ... not knowing if Jeff had left or not . It felt like someone evil might be in the house ... it just felt scary.  I didn't see anyone on the stairs leading to the basement and the basement door was closed.  I climbed the stairs to the kitchen. That door was closed too. Nobody was in the hallway.

I pushed the door open, it was a little stuck, and the kitchen light was on which I was glad of.  Then I saw that were stacks of brown and yellow telephone directories standing in piles up against the back door of the kitchen. I could hardly get in the room. There were 175 of them I knew ... I don't know how I knew that.  They had been brought in from storage while I was gone.

I only needed one telephone directory I knew also and that all the rest could go. I sure didn't need 175 of them.

Just then a young woman came into the room from the front room of the house. She was dark haired and thin, wearing a light blue white flowered dress. I was so happy to see someone ... that I wasn't alone.  I was still feeling apprehensive. I put my hand out and put it on her waist to welcome her presence. The material of her dress was soft ... like the kind of polyester we had back in the 50's and 60's.

I suddenly woke up and a voice hollered in my ear... "They caught Michelle!!!! Dolores!!!"  I have no clue what that means. It's VERY ominous.

NOTE: I got Michelle on the phone a few hours later and nothing has happened so far ... but see the next dream for more....


1-15-01 - DREAM - I was someone in New Berlin,  WI.  I heard my son Bob's voice in the room and when I saw him, I told him to come over and give me a hug because I hadn't seen him in a long time.  Bob didn't look like himself, didn't hug like himself ...was much, much thinner and younger.  Yet, when I heard his voice again when I couldn't see him, I recognized his voice.  We got into the car then and went west to National Ave.  There were round things in the road on National Ave. I thought they were green apples at first but my companion who was driving said they were green pumpkins. I couldn't imagine why someone would throw or dump small green pumpkins all over the road. The farther we went, the more there were.

We stopped at a store along the road and my companion got out to see if Bob was near there.  I got out of the car and the people who were hanging around didn't seem like very nice people. I had a thin bladed knife in my hand to make sure nobody would get at me for any reason.

I saw that there was a bar across the road and told my companion to go over there and see if Bob was in there.  It was like a country western bar according to the music I was hearing.

We went inside the bar and some young people came up to me whom I was supposed to know. My companion went on ahead. A young girl came up to me holding a black and white puppy or small dog. I petted the dog and it's fur was really soft.  These people weren't family, yet seemed to know who I was ... but because of them I couldn't go look for my son Bob.

I woke up and heard the sound of a television set ... Breaking news ... like CNN does when something important is happening.  I then had a vision of a television set. The screen came on and the screen started flipping through channels, then years, 1998, 1999, and then flipped to ABC news.  It was ominous ......

I got up and flipped on the TV and went to ABC station locally, but nothing was happening .... I know I'm going to be worrying at least all day ... until this ominous feeling goes away ....


1-16-01 - DREAM - I was working on a computer ... as usual ... I only see the screen, not the computer itself.

I was working on the diet page ... reading the rules, and adjusting them.  

It took much, much longer to do than to type this.


1-16-01 - DREAM - This whole dream was about dieting also. It started out that I was in bed sleeping, and awoke in the morning ... it must have been late, though I don't know what time it was ... the baby hadn't been fed in a long time.

There were other people in the bedroom who also had to be fed, but the baby was my priority to start with.

I got the baby up, who was sleeping under my bed.  He wasn't so small afterall, and appeared to be about 3 years old. I woke him up and took him with me towards the kitchen.  Nothing in this dream occurred in slow motion, but everything occurred slowly.  It took me forever to do anything.  I got distracted at every turn. I would start to do something and get sidetracked and do something else, then remember I was there to do the original thing, then would go back to it again. It was very frustrating ... but I took it in stride and wasn't getting upset.

On the way to the kitchen, I went past a door where two women were sitting at a somewhat darkened restaurant, waiting to be served ice cream. I asked them if they had been served yet, and they said, "No!' I said I would take care of it. They thought I was going to do it myself, but all I did was pass along the message to the man who was the cook and restaurant owner. I felt guilty for doing that, but at least the women would get what they were waiting for.

I finally made it to the kitchen, which was white and stark.

Before I fed the baby, I decided I should make coffee for everyone.  First I had to find the coffee maker, which was in another room. The hallway was long between the kitchen and the room where the coffee maker was.  I had so much energy I was dancing to rock n roll music both ways.  

When I found the coffee maker, it was bare bones and didn't have a basket in it to put coffee ground in it. While I was standing there, I decided I could do things faster if I took off my high heeled shoes and wear sneakers or go barefoot, so I took off the shoes.  I danced all the way back through the hall to the kitchen with the coffee maker.

Then I had to find the coffee pot, the metal one, where the basket was.  That was in another room. Before I went there however, a darker skinned man appeared in the kitchen, waiting to be served coffee.  I put my hand on his shoulder like I was going to ask him to do something for me,... but though I would have asked had I thought what it was ... he went with me all the way to the bedroom and I never thought what it was I wanted to ask him what to do. It seemed to me he was a smaller Jewish man ... but I can't swear to it.

We got to the bedroom, and saw that my husband's dresser was so full of shoes, and there were so many toys on top, the man asked me what that was all for.  I told him that my husband had collected them over the years but never wore any of them. There were three huge drawers so full of men's shoes, the drawers couldn't even close.  On top of the dresser were toys that were for my children, but were from other children and had never been played with. Over on the side of the room were toys, that were larger and had never been played with either.  While I was looking at all this, I was still trying to think what I wanted to ask this man to do and never thought of it.

On the way back to the kitchen, near the larger toys, was a table with two sewing machines on it ... an old one and a newer one. Someone had tried to use it and red thread was all wound up and twisted down on the platen in a series of geometric figures, like figure 8's and 16's, etc.  Someone there ... or the dark man ... said that I should throw out the sewing machine and get a new one ... but I knew that there was nothing wrong with the sewing machine ... one only had to know how to use it properly and I could rethread it and sew with it just fine.

We got back to the kitchen, which seemed to be a different kitchen, next to the other one. It now had a large window in it and some women had decorated it with lovely yellow lace curtains and the whole room had a yellow glow to it. It was really lovely.

I then went to an office or two offices ... not quite sure.  One had my desk in it and one had my bosses desk in it. My boss had picked up his mail and opened it and dumped it on the floor behind his chair. I wanted to pick it up and go through it and see what kind of mail he had received, but there wasn't time to do that. It seemed that my boss was a lawyer. His briefcase was on the desk. I don't know where he was at the moment. I was scrubbing off his desk ... it seemed there was sticky stuff on it, like spilled ice cream. I scrubbed that off and dusted off the desk, then left the room again.

On my own desk, I just made sure it was cleaned off and that everything was done.

On the way back from the office, I decided that it was more elegant to wear high heeled shoes and put them back on again. As I left the room, I had to jump down off a high brick wall and land on my feet which I managed to do. It seemed there was a man watching me, but he was behind me and I couldn't really see him. I think it was someone I used to work with named David.  He was just observing me as I did my duties ... not helpinng ... and not hindering ..but I felt a sense of encouragement from him. I was rather tottering at this point, trying to walk elegantly and I wasn't used to wearing the high heeled shoes again and I struggled to walk like a model ... which wasn't easy.  And I made my way back to the kitchen again.

Nobody had been fed yet, and the coffee wasn't made ... but that's what I was about to do.


1-17-01 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment buildinng somewhere. It didn' seem to be a very safe place. The apartment Ishared with some other women had 4 doors on it. Only two of the doors had locks on them. I planned to call a locksmith the next morning and get locks on the other two doors as well so nobody could just walk in.

At the same time, a couple across the hall were having a fight. We were certain that the woman who had gone into that apartment wasn't a willing participant.

When that calmed down, I picked up a magazine and it contained one of those gimmicky ads at the back where you can buy some strange stuff for like $9.99 and it's not really what it seems.  (An example would be like an ad in the comic books where you can buy 'monkey's that live in water ... remember those????)  This was something similar ... I can't remember what they are called.

It seems like within the hour, a woman showed up with the product. She set it up on a little table with lights on it. It looked like a little house with a pool.

Because of the people fighting across the hall again, I couldn't look at it really close, but I saw that it looked like living white pearls on a living string.  Something like salmon eggs or similar.  It had a specific name I can't remember. The paper said it lived in a specific acid which was like 'avis' or 'arnica' or something ... (I will try to research it in a moment)

I said to the woman, "Oh my gosh! It's here already?"  She said, "I'd deliver anything anywhere in the world for $30,000!"

I had to let that comment slip by because there were emergencies occurring in the building. Outside, someone had found something in the ground on top of the hill.  I looked out and there were sheep and cows running madly down the hill back to the enclosure to get away from whatever it was.  I had to immediately run outside and run up the hill to find out what was buried there.  Another woman running with me, stepped in a nasty pile of you know what the sheep had left behind.

It seemed like there was a crack growing in the hill and there was a shocking pile of snow on the hill that didn't belong there either.  The men were still digging for what was buried and another man showed up who had something magical to show us.

He had something on a long string which he started swinging in the air and it shot off sparkly stuff that began to swirl in the sky like a sign from heaven that something miraculous was about to happen.  We knew that this sparkly stuff was going to be falling back down soon, so my daughter and I got under the eaves of the house so we  wouldn't get splatted with the stuff.  Meanwhile, the stuff was making huge sparks in the sky like stars that were in orbit ... going fast.

All this was going on, and in back of my mind, the amount ... '$30,000' ... kept ringing in my mind.  The woman had probably rung up $30,000 on my credit card and I had to find a way to thwart her trick and not have to pay it. The only way I could do this was to try to prove that she didn't deliver what she promised in the ad ... because now that I thought about it, I vaguely remembered that the ad had said $9.99 was the regular price, but delivered within 24 hours cost $30,000.  I hadn't been specific enough about what I ordered and it showed up within the hour.

Now I had to prove that the living white pearls on the string weren't what she advertised and the only way to do that was to prove that they weren't living in the specific acid that the ad said they lived in.  

As it happened, there was a government testing lab about a block away. So, I took a scoop of this liquid and carried it quickly to the lab to be tested. Meanwhile back at home, there was also some special food I had to buy to feed these special creatures so I stopped at the pet store and grabbed the last bottles of special food they had.

While I was in there, someone had a red putty-like thing and I saw a single small red worm crawl across the top of it. This was supposed to be edible. I told the man to open up the putty-like stuff. He did and the stuff was full of red worms. It was so gross. I told him to close it back up.  However, now we had to prove that the store was selling something they weren't supposed to as well.  Meanwhile I had to worry about the $30,000 charge on my credit card and considered calling the credit card company that I was going to be disputing the amount.

I was still trying to figure out exactly what the living pearls on the string was as I woke up .....


Before I fell asleep I had a vision of a huge mirror in which was reflected a beautiful meadow with flowers and stream, with a forest at the far end of the meadow. It was all shades of greens and blues with a profusion of flowers.

1-17-01 - This dream was followed by a series of related visions as I thought about the  DREAM -

I was in a livingroom with a piano.  I was playing stacatto sounding notes with my two index fingers on the lowest note of "C" . Then my Father came in and I played for him a lovely piece of music as he sat on the couch while eating a bowl of cereal with milk. While I played the piano, he ate the cereal and when he was finished with it, he lay down on a bench and lapped the milk like a big cat or lion.

He then lay on the couch to take a nap and I saw that I hadn't picked up my knitting pattern charts and he was laying on them. So, I went over to him, and asked him if he could lift himself up so I could pull the pattern charts out from underneath him which I did as he raised himself up..

He apologized to me for laying on my pattern charts. I apologized back and told him that it was my fault, because I should have put them way in the first place.

I then went back to playing the piano for him. He loved to listen to me play.

End of Dream

While I thought about the dream, I had these visions:

A white card that said ' Music History '

A white card that said ' Fowler Rose '


1-17-01 - 11:11 p.m.  This is a short dream. The whole thing is hearsay and second hand and has no basis in reality in my life.  DREAM - I was on the computer in my Mother's kitchen. My husband was at work and I was doing my e-mail. There was an e-mail, written by a co-worker of my husband about the fact that he was working on his car in his own garage  to fix it, and there was some kind of insurance payment due to him because of something that had happened.

While I was doing the e-mails, the doorbell rang and my Mother wnet to answer the front door. At the front door was a man named Andrew, who was my husband's co-worker.  He was the man who had been working on his own car with the insurance payment deal.  I was surprised to hear that he was visiting because it was 4:15 p.m. and it was an hour before my husband was due to come home from work.

While Andrew and my mother was talking, I was playing with a couple pieces of scotch tape on top of the computer and had somehow hooked them together in a cross shape.

I over heard Andrew tell my Mother, "I was working on my vehicle in the garage, and the man came in said to me, 'I'll buy your whole business for $35,000 ... tools and all'!  What could I do???? "

Before I heard the answer I was awake ... like a bolt shot out of a cannon.....


Can a brief outside physical event cause a dream like this?

1-18-01 - DREAM - I was laying in bed and was under the covers.  A person was to my right ... I think it was my mother, but don't know for sure.

Between my mother and myself, down near my feet was a huge tiger under the covers also. It was stretching and moving ever so slowly.  I was terrified of it.

Laying on a cot type bed across from the foot of my bed, lay my father.

I said to my Fathers, "Father! Can you do something about this tiger?"

My Father said, "Has the tiger done anything?"

My mind flitted to a memory:

Memory: I was in a car with a young man and we went to a parking lot overlooking a circus grounds. The young man offered me a cigarette, which I took a puff of without inhaling, and blew the smoke out the window, and then waved away the smoke so no one would see it.  Off in the distance was the circus and I could see someone driving a big buckboard wagon which was twisting and turning smartly as horses pulled it around the parking lot by the circus tents.  Then a woman on a horse with purple clothing of a circus performer came riding into the parking lot where we were sitting in the car . ...

Back in bed, I said to my Father ... "Edgar Cayce says we should be very cautious ....... "  I wanted to say "about tiger's " but couldn't remember that Edgar Cayce had ever said anything about tigers and refrained from  finishing the sentence.

Meanwhile, I jumped out of bed, ran from the room and started down the stairway, closing the door at the top of the stairs behind me so the tiger couldn't follow me down the stairs.

I got half way down the stairs where there was a landing and the stairs turned and went down the rest of the way ...

A young girl's voice stopped me ... "Mother! Look at what I did!"

I turned and looked up a stairway that was in another direction where my daughter stood ... She opened a door and I could see down a hallway where she had done some kind of crafty thing and it was standing on a dresser there ...

Still being afraid of the tiger coming after me, I said, "Oh! That's really nice!"

At that same instant, another young woman, who was at the top of another stairway going up from the same landing called out to me ... "Look at what I did too!"  She opened a doorway and showed me something that was  standing on a dresser in the hallway by a mirror.  I couldn't tell what it was because it was too far away for my eyes to make it out. It looked like it was a half model of a person with a wig on and a black ostritch feather boa around it's neck. I couldn't really tell.

I was too panicky about the tiger to really even want to know. I just wanted to continue on down the stairs.

I woke up ... thinking about the tiger ... and felt a strong slow movement of Joe's foot pushing against my foot under the blankets from the right .....

Hmmmm!   :-)


1-18-01 - The Underground Amusement Park - DREAM - I found myself in a large gathering of people. I didn't know anyone here. People were milling around aimlessly. I don't know why. All of a sudden, someone put their arm around my waist and I was about to protest when I saw it was my ex-husband. My sense of alarm went away and he asked me if I wanted to go somewhere with him. I said, "Okay!" We drove to a place where there was an underground... or below ground level amusement park.  

We got out of the car and walked down some steep steps. Here too were lots of people milling around, following a sidewalk and steps that seemed less than safe. Nobody seemed to be talking ... they were rather zombie-like in appearance and behavior. There were some children here, but they were older ... like 12 or so.  

The first amusement type thing we came to along the narrow walkway was like a circular ride. I was thinking it was rather like the circular things you get into and they spin and plaster you to the walls, but I was probably mistaken about that. You had to climb up some steps into this thing, and after you were inside, it made a noise like sssssssss ...boom  ... like something was hissing air or steam, followed by a pressure noise ... hard to describe.  Then they allowed you to come out again.  

The people that came out of this thing were not smiling or happy ... they were like zombies.  I saw this and refused to go on it. I just stood aside watching as the people went up into this thing and then came out again the other side. People doing this didn't seem to have any common sense or a mind of their own. They just did it because everyone else was doing it.

From this same vantage point was a boat ride.  A whole bunch of people who had left the circular ride got into this boat that was held in place in a large wooden rectangular box ... which wasn't even painted. It rather reminded me of all the people climbing into the life-boats on the Titanic. There were a lot of little men on the other side controlling the people and telling them where to sit. Once the boat was as stuffed with as many people as it would hold, the boat dropped straight down about 5 feet and floated away on a swift moving river.  Where it went I dont' know.  It didn't seem to come back again.  I saw no place where boats were returning.  Once they left ... they weren't seen again.  Rather hellish I thought...

There were barriers - bars of metal almost to the ground, preventing people from going back along the walkway. There was a swinging gate type affair to get into this area.  However, I squeezed past an old woman as she was coming into the area and got back out.  My ex-husband was right behind me, disappointed that I wasn't participating.

I was now standing in a crowd of people who were gathering to go into this ride area.  There were so many I couldn't move for a bit, so had to wait until they went past.  As I was standing there, a man on the other side of this group recognized my ex-husband.  He hollered over at him.  I don't recall his name now but he said his name to my ex-husband who obviously didn't want to recognize the man in return.  It seemed to me that the explanation was that the man had died many years before and here he was at this amusement park.  I turned around and my ex-husband disappeared. I have no idea where he went.  When he saw the supposed dead man ... he turned around and left as fast as he could, leaving me behind.

Now I was alone in this place and started looking for a place to leave.  There were many stairways going up and seemingly out of the place, but at the top of the stairs it was dark.  I didn't want to go where it was dark, even though I supposed I could go around the block and hopefully find the car we came in. Whether it would still be there or not I didn't know.

I didn't really want to take just any stairway. The one I had come down was really steep and most of these were branching stairways that didn't really go up ... they went up and then back down again ... rather maze-like so people didn't realize they weren't leaving, just going around and around in the maze.

I came to an area where some small workmen were planting bushes for decoration. Some younger people ... (the older children) noticed that the bushes were fake.  Not real ones.  I looked to see where they were being planted and sure enough, they were just being stuck into blue rubber things like florists use to insert flowers into the medium that holds them.

I still wanted to get out of that place, and saw that the workmen were going to be planting an area that was rather trench-like that went up to a grassy area high above.  It was steep and difficult, but the blue rubber things made it rather step-like, so I used the rubber things for steps and climbed up the steep incline.  

When I got to the top of the incline, I could see green grass which was planted behind rows of houses that looked normal... all made of brick like they are in some fancy areas of some cities. However, this area was not meant as a place where you could leave.  There was a glass wall between where I was and this beautiful grassy area.  On the glass was several signs which said, "Viewing area only ... 10 minutes maximum ".  It seemed that this was being closed off.  Once the bushes were in place, no one could come up this way again.

I took advantage of the blue rubber things and managed to climb up a high embankment of dirt and got up onto the grassy area, which was real grass.  It felt great and I was happy to get out of the amusement park at last even though I didn't know where I was.

As soon as I got to my feet, I woke up.


1-19-01 - DREAM - ( I can't remember where or how this started, but I'll get it all in ....)

I was in the country walking along the road. I came to a place where the woman from One Life to Live were upstairs in a house and I was walking by. There were other people walking along too.  The women started throwing oranges at us. I tried throwing the oranges back, but couldn't throw them that far. My throw was too weak. I could throw the green oranges and hit the building, but the orange ones I couldn't even get that far.  The women hit me with the oranges a few times though.

I was a teacher, getting ready to teach a class, while others were remodeling the cabinets in my kitchen. There were huge doorknobs on the lower cabinet doors which were being taken off and replaced.  There were both men and women doing that work.  There was a huge long counter which I cleaned the crumbs off with my hands.  My boss came in while I was doing that and asked if I needed help. I told him, "No! I picked all the crumbs up to carry them over to a newspaper box of old newspapers. My boss and I joked about whether I could get all the crumbs that far. I said I had no problem doing that. He said, "Well at least get them into a corner.", thinking I couldn't carry them all the way to the box. I joked that I was going to pick up all the crumbs and then rub my hands together and put the crumbs all over the floor. But I got them all the way to the box.

I still had to get down to the corner classroom where I had my stuff and the students were already coming in. So, I excused myself to finish my homework and go put something more suitable on. I looked in the mirror and noted how short my hair was and thought, "It just needs a little fluffing out." I had been wearing a tight scarf on my head, and my hair was rather plastered to my head.

I went outside and a heavy rain started.  It had been dry for so long, it felt really good and I was in no hurry to come in out of the rain. I couldn't even feel the wetness ... that's how dry it had been.  I saw a cop walking along a path on the hill behind the house. He was walking fast, but I knew I'd get to the house before he came down off the hill.

However, before I got to the house, the rains had accumulated so fast in the hills that floods were coming down and coming down fast.  Kids were playing outside and I had to hurry them into the house. Then I discovered that three babies were playing on the lowest part of the lawn and I kept telling people, "I have to get the babies, I have to get the babies." One of the babies was trying desperately to get up the hill by himself by swimming on his back up the hill. I got to him first.

Once I got in the house, people were standinga round naked waiting to take a shower. They were standing in the hall, waiting their turn to get in the shower. I, at first, felt shocked that they were standing around naked, but they seemed non-sexual and I saw no sexual body parts even on the men. They were non-sexual.  I was too much in a hurry to get the babies in from the rain still.

A woman who was about 6 and a half feet tall or so asked me if I was on the pill. I told her I didn't need that anymore. She said seriously ... well I just thought I'd ask ... one never knows when women need that sort of thing. She made a sexual gesture toward my private parts ... and I walked away ... telling her I had to go get the babies.

I noticed in the kitchen, that one of the cats had to prepare to have babies and was pooping in piles in the corner and trying to make a soft bed for itself. When I was outside, I was pulling cotton wads out of plants along the road, counting as I went 6, 7, 8, 9 because she had to have 9 layers of cotton padding to give birth on.

I got back to the house and went to bed.  Our bed was round and King size.  It seemed to be morning already and I was waking up. My husband grabbed a vibrator and ran it all over my body from head to toe, laughing. I was laughing too.

When I woke up, my heart was beating really hard ... not painfully ... but hard like I had been running.


I woek up from this next dream with my heart beating hard also .... something must be wrong ...

1-18-01 - DREAM - I had a big lawn mower in my livingroom and it was running.  I needed to get it outside, but I lived in an apartment and when I took it out into the hall, I could hear the manager in the front lobby and I had a tricycle with me as well as the mower and I knew I couldn't go past them, so I pulled the mower back into the livingroom and closed the door.

The mower turned into a blue and white pick up truck. I looked out the front window to see if there was a parking spot out in front of the house.  I saw that I now lived on 16th St. and there was too many other black cars parked along the curb because we only had parking along one side of the one way street.  There would have been more parking room, but there were too many driveways and alleys and people didn't park properly so the spaces left weren't big enough to park in.

I decided to park the truck behind the house in a lot across from the garage. The truck was now like a big garbage truck. I started up the truck ... no problem .. and started driving it ... from outside the vehicle ... like it was remote control. The truck ended up all the way over at 17th St. ... too far ... and I was going to pull it back somewhat to where I wanted it but there was a black man standing in the back end of the truck, like he was emptying it out of whatever was inside it.

I woke up and my heart was pounding again ... not hurting... just pounding slowly.


1-18-01 - DREAM - I was cleaning my kitchen ... actually I had  two kitchens .. a sink in each kitchen and an extra sink in the hallway between the kitchens . Besides dirty dishes on the tables and in the sinks, there was dirty pans, etc. on the floor. AND the stove was taken apart ... the oven was pulled half way out of the stove besides.  I shoved the oven back into the stove and the bottom drawer was in the oven so the oven door wouldn't shut.

Now there were kids in the house who were talking about playing baseball. I started talking to them and asked them how old they were. I was trying to quiz them so they would ask my own 7 year old son to play baseball with them.  As it turned out, they were already friends with my son (whose name I couldn't remember).  He was really cute and had dimples on both cheeks when he smiled.  (Maybe his name was chad????  :-)  

The boys went outside to play baseball and I went back to cleaning the kitchen ....

and woke up with my heart pounding hard ... and slow ... this time I timed it ... it was beating at about 60.  Not dangerous.

I started thinking about it and had a vision of a page written in latin with HUGE letters.  I can't read Latin so that was no help. I started thinking about Vitamins and maybe I needed iron because I've always had a low iron problem, and I then saw a Vitamin bottle and the only word I recognized on it was 'therapeutic'.


1-18-01 - DREAM - Now I was dreaming about going somewhere but I had to keep stopping and going to the bathroom along the way.  I was with my ex-husband and we went downtown.  There were huge tall building here ... taller than I remembered.  When I looked up, they were so tall I couldn't see the sky above them.  They just went up and up and up. I knew this was a dangerous place to be.  I told my husband that we had to get farther out of the city where the buildings weren't so tall, but first I had to go to the bathroom again. He was pretty ticked ... (I guess I really needed to go to the bathroom by now)   I went down a stairway and there was a wall with a low hole that I had to crawl under and then go down another stairway to find the bathroom.  Now I was with the maintenance people I used to work with in the apartment building. I had somehow gotten back into my apartment building.  The cleaning lady was telling me that three dogs were missing ... a large Great Dane, a Great Dane puppy, and a Pekinese puppy.

I had to go to the bathroom really bad. The cleaning lady did too, so we both went into the bathroom. Inside the bathroom I couldn't find a toilet. The cleaning lady opened up a washing machine and sat down inside that. I saw only baby highchairs, then moved one and found a weird toilet behind the highchair which had peeling of vegetables like carrots and cucumbers on it. I tried brushing the peelings away but they didn't move.  I couldn't wait any longer and backed up against the drain where the peelings were and let loose .... hehehehe

I woke up feeling fine ... but you know what I had to do..heheheh


1-19-01 - I decided I would meditate and pull in some healing colors for whatever was wrong with me.  I pulled in a lot of white, blue, green, and then some orange for energy.  Then I decided to take a nap:

 DREAM - I was in a house listening to the radio in the livingroom. It was one of those big old brown things that looks like a church on top. It was about 4 feet tall, and I sat on a stool in front of it.

A young man who lived in the apartment with me came home from work or school, took a shower, changed clothes and was doing something in another room.

My daughter then came over, took a shower, changed clothes and then decided to visit a little.

I knew that some other young people were coming over, so I went into the bedroom with my daughter to decide what to wear. I thought it would be a great time to take a shower and wash my hair.

My daughter told me it wasn't a good time of day to do that ... huh, when the guy and her just did???  I went into the bathroom and there hung all his and her clothes ... all blue ... a little darker than sky blue ... the exact same color I was wearing at the moment ... both in the dream and in the real ....

At that moment I decided what I was going to wear ... a summer sundress with a fluffy skirt ... all made of a thin gauze material in ORANGE.  The moment I decided to wear the orange dress, the entire world turned orange ... No longer was the clothes blue ... the air, the sky, the grass, my daughter , the room ... everything was ORANGE!

I woke up and thought it would be the same ... nope ... headache, pain in the left side of my neck ... have to go potty ... ack.....


1-20-01 - DREAM - I was with some people and the girl was pregnant and went into labor. She had to be taken to the hospital and I was to go along and help her.  However, there wasn't room in the truck for me to go with her, so I had to run along behind the truck.  Eventually, I couldn't keep up and was several blocks behind the truck which was pretending to be am ambulance so it wouldn't have to stop at the intersections.

We went through the worst neighborhoods and it was dark out ... not even any street lights.  

I saw some people up ahead on the sidewalk and thought to myself, "oh oh, I'm in trouble now!"

I tried pretending I wasn't even aware that there were people coming towards me on the other side of the street. As it was, the first group of guys were busy singing in a little group and they didn't bother me.  However, though I decided to walk down the center of the road, some girls blocked my way and wouldn't let me pass.

One of the girls was acting really mean and was going to hurt me to see what I was carrying with me, when one of the girls noticed that I was trying to help the other woman deliver her baby and she stopped them and let me pass.

I got to the hospital and helped get the baby delivered and everything was fine.  The guy who drove the truck to get the girl and her baby to the hospital got his picture taken by the hospital photographer. They took 120 pictures of him.  The nurse then said that I deserved to have my photo taken too and took me into a special room where they took pictures of people.

She pulled out a large backdrop board which had pictures of flowers all over it. She was going to take my picture standing in front of that.  However, the camera didn't have any film left in it. She looked and looked and couldn't find any film, nor did anyone have another camera, like a polaroid or anything.

I woke up and couldn't remember how the dream ended ... and fell asleep again and the dream continued.

Now, I was writing down the dream, trying to remember what happened at the end ...

As I wrote it, it seemed to embellish itself, and I added cut up pictures from magazines and decorated the pages, wrote details that weren't in the original story ... such as a stone I found on the street when the truck crashed into a tree in the beginning. I named the stone 'M' and it was like a green emerald ... shaped like a football. It sparkled in the light.

The truck got going and the story remained the same until we got to the hospital. In the hospital I was writing down the story and it was getting longer and longer. I decided to run the papers through a copier in an office so I had more than one copy of what I wrote.  The paper came out the other end, not only duplicated, but even longer than when it went in. The machine itself had written even more details than I had.  I was going through the sheets, trying to figure out what I wrote and what the machine wrote ... I saw words I didn't even know, some in italics, some handwritten like I had, some in block print ... a language I didn't even know.  This was really strange.

Then my ex-husband Ed showed up and he wanted to go somewhere.  I was trying to get all this paper together and his stuff too because I knew we wouldn't be back and I didn't want to leave any evidence behind that we had been there.

Then Ed went downstairs ahead of me and met some guy who said he'd take him to the store while I was packing. I knew what that meant... he was going to get  drunk and there would be hell to pay ...

I tried to stop him and worked even faster to delay him and throw all my stuff in a big duffle bag type thing I found on the floor. I had to leave all my clothes behind that was in the duffle bag and just throw the paper in it so I'd have the story.

But I was too late and Ed left with the other guy.

I now had the green stone which I showed to some women and told them it was named 'M', I then discovered that the girl who had the baby was in trouble because one of the nurses had given her an injection and it was infected and bleeding internally. The name of the vein which was punctured mistakenly was named 'M' and I wondered how I would have known that subconsciously in order to name the stone the same thing as the vein.

I started to wake up and knew I was dreaming and decided I'd better quit dreaming or I'd forget what the original dream was.


1-20-01 - DREAM - I was looking at some charts about earthquakes.  What was interesting was the correlation between the days of the week and the type of earthquake it was ... that quakes had 'footprints' ...

NOTE:  That is fascinating ... I know that people who study earthquakes look at different criteria to try to predict when they are going to happen ... but never heard of 'this' correlation.  Really worth checking out....


1-22-01 - DREAM - I don't recall the beginning of this dream, but I eventually went to my friend Kimber's house. She had a 10 gallon fish tank with a few little fish in it. She was selling them, so I told her that I would buy them all.  Lucas was devastated that I would take all his fish, so I told him I'd just take the small fish and he could keep the two dragons that were in the tank. I hadn't noticed the dragons earlier, but now they were as long as the tank ... brilliant green, yellow and black. They looked like fish under the water , but had legs also.  As soon as we noticed them, the dragons took off out of the tank and went up the inside of the wall. Someone said they went all the way to the 18th floor. Someone went to look for them, and I took the fish home.

Before I got into the house, not only did I have fish in the tank, but I had a miniature version of every animal imaginable that was meat eating. A pair of them, in fact. However, before I got inside the house, they all started jumping out of the tank into the snow in the yard. I could see them dipping down into the snow. I'd grab a couple and put them back in the tank but I could see it was a useless task ... I'd never get them all back.

Someone threw a piece of meat out into the yard, and all the animals went running across the yard to get some of it. I marveled that the large animals didn't eat the small animals ... they just wanted the meat that was thrown into the snow.

It was amazing to see all these animals go running en-masse across the yard.

I turned around and was confronted by a blond guy. (I had the feeling he was a Jew) He said something bad about me which I can't remember. I told him that he'd better watch what he said because I was the only friend he had. I had grabbed him by both collars by that time and confronted him face to face.

He said to me, "Well if you have this on your website, I'll say you are okay!" He showed me a piece of paper with some biblical type writings on it.  There were some verses there like a poem. It was titled 'Agne Psalm'.  I told him I was certain that I did. So, he turned on his computer in his room so I could prove it. I said, "No, I'll search on my own computer."

While the computer were doing the search for the Agne Psalm, I saw Kimber and Lucas in a small golden Volkswagon car come along the street.  I was walkin alongside her car with her. She asked me if I had my log book of what happened on specific dates. She had a whole page of blank dates ... the one I noticed in particular was November 18, 1993. I told her I would look in my book to see what happened.  (She had 5 or 6 blank dates in a row in her book)

We came to an intersection, and a wide vehicle came roaring down the street ... looked rather like a Humvee ... wide ..

It almost hit me, but I jumped out of the way. She hollered after the car, "Don't you know this is a small town.?"

I then went back to my backyard to look for the small animals. I didn't see anything. I thought maybe they were down under the snow, but I wouldn't know until the snow melted in spring.

NOTE: I didn't find any personal records between the 18th and 28th of 1993.  

11-17-93 - VISION - I saw a pure crystal triangle in bright red. A voice said, "If you are looking to become a sage, you will find it in Lottingrad." (Leningrad?) Then the triangle became 3 red triangles, then the triangles became part of 3 red rectangles standing on end.

NOTE: The word 'agne' means 'lamb' or 'pure'   See also:  Psalms


1-22-01 - DREAM - I was seeing this on a chart on a computer. There were some people (ETS?) who came from a spiral galaxy. They also had a spiral shaped language, therefore I didn't like them.


1-23-01 - A really freaky dream. There is no way to explain this one.

DREAM - I was working on my computer, trying to write an e-mail to someone I didn't know. I was wishing that the person had IM (Instant Message) service because I was lonely and wanted someone to talk to. I continued to write the e-mail, then discovered, I was answering the e-mail of one person while writing to someone with a different name.  Knowing that one person isn't interested in the same thing as another person, I started deleting what I had written by backing up the typing I had done, and even that wasn't working out right. I got really frustrated so when someone showed up in the room, I asked for help.

I thought it was Joe who I was asking for help from, but when I looked, it was an old black man and his wife.  While I was talking to him, I noticed I was in the basement of an old house.

A young girl came down the steps who lived on the first floor right above where I was sitting.  She said her greetings, and I felt happy and as she went back upstairs, I told her to stay in touch. I told her I would leave the basement door open as I could see the light from the back hallways shining down the stairs and it felt better to have the light on.

While I was talking to the black man and his wife, I heard some commotion upstairs, above our heads. I heard the front door open, a man shouting, a hitting sound and a body hitting the floor. Then someone left the house again.

I ran up the stairs and didn't see anyone. I was standing in the livingroom of the house on the 1st floor, and I felt Joe crouched next to me in an alcove-like place. I don't know how Joe got there, (but he was laying in bed next to me touching my arm the same way).

I heard someone coming from the back door with heavy footfalls, so I ran and hid behind a huge square pillar at the front of the livingroom where there was a hallway. Joe remained crouched in the alcove-like space.

I heard the voice of an older man talking, grumbling rather loudly. He went into the bedroom and turned on the light. It seemed he was getting ready for bed. I could now see him from where I was standing behind the pillar.

He looked up and I was afraid he could see my glasses reflected in the light, so I put my hand up in front of my face to hide the possible reflection of light.  As I did that, I heard him say, "Oh! I thought I had taken my clothes off."

I was thinking he could see me and was thinking I was his own reflection, so as he came my direction, I backed up into the livingroom away from where he might be looking.

As I did that, I turned and saw the girl from earlier, standing in the middle of the livingroom, grinning from ear to ear. She was looking at a huge mirror in the middle of the livingroom wall.

From there, I turned and saw an old white haired woman, standing on the other side of the mirror ... like it was two -way glass instead. She reached up to the side of the mirror and said, "Oh! Where's that button", like she was looking for a button that opened a doorway.

As she reached towards the mirror, her hand actually came through the glass like it wasn't there at all.  I was trying to protect the young girl at that point, and I rushed over and grabbed the old woman's hand.

The old woman looked stunned when I did that, and I raised the woman's arm and tried to bite her hand. I noted that her features were very finely detailed, as though she was a painting come to life ... including the brush strokes.

As I tried to bite her hand, I couldn't get any pressure on the bite, and I tried harder to bite her ... and as I did, I woke up, and I had my mouth wide open and my hand in the air ... like I did in the dream, and Joe was pressed up against my other arm in the bed.

As I realized that I was awake, and I wanted to write down the dream, I pulled back the covers to get up and Joe did the exact same thing on his side of the bed ... like a mirror image of each other.

I started to laugh... this was SO bizarre.


1-23-01 - DREAM - I don't know where this was except it was in a big city... perhaps Milwaukee, WI because where I went, my old boss Ralph was there ... He is a Jew and he is a Judge.

Ralph, the judge, was on the telephone, calling women on the phone and asking them a question and if the woman answered correctly, they received a prize. I can't remember what the questions were, but while I listened, no one got it right.

When I arrived there, I put my purse in a locker ... the locker doors were like regular doors lined up along a long wall. Each door was different and I had put my purse (which was white) behind a brown door.  I took the locker door key, my car key (which someone had parked for me) and my own ring of keys and went to sit down at a table to listen to Ralph question the women on the phone.

There were a lot of other women here too ... all Jewish women. All these women pretty much looked Jewish ... and talked like Jewish women. They asked me if I was a Jew. I said , "Yes!" They didn't question me further and they didn't seem to think it odd that I didn't look like a Jewish woman.

When I first got there, and was listening to Ralph on the telephone (he was in another room in the dark, it seemed) We were sitting a large wooden rectangular table ... of very heavy wood. Eventually though, we moved to a small round table and the women were rearranging the chairs around this round table, and I ended up moving to every spot around the table as they rearranged the chairs.

I sat at the table, and had my keys on the table in front of me. .. my locker key, my car key, and a huge ring of other keys.

One woman complained that she didn't have time to sit around and listen to Ralph ... the judge .. ask questions because she had sewing to do at home.  The head Jewish woman said to her, "You want to sew, you sew here!" She showed us a large quilt on the wall, very plain, it was all squares, but laid out on a diagonal so they looked like diamonds.

Someone commented that the top stitching was what held the quilt together, but I knew better ... the quilt was held together by machine stiching where you couldn't see it ... the quilting top stitching was just decoration by individuals on the top.

We sat around the little round table, and the head woman heard that I had a car there. I said, "Yes!"

She said, "Why don't you pull your car up to the window and we can listen to your car radio."

I said, "There is a radio right in here ... why would we want to listen to the car radio?"

She said, "Well, it'll be cheaper to listen to your car radio.  

I protested, and she said, "Besides you might be able to sell your car."

I said, "But my car isn't for sale ... unless, of course, I got more than it was worth."

She insisted I had to go get my car.  It was then I remembered I didn't have my purse with me... it was in the locker, so we had to go to the locker and get my purse and then get my car. All the women went with me.

We went out to the hallway where the locker doors were.  Every door was different ... all I could remember was that my purse was behind a brown door.  We finally came to a brown door, and before I could put my key in the lock to make sure it was the right brown door, one of the other women opened up a door that was 3 doors over.

Well, to my surprise, we all went into this doorway and there was nothing behind the door but a huge room. I saw no purses, no coats, no nothing ... this was one huge room and it was wallpapered with red and gold brocade material.

We went through this room to another room, which was exactly the same ... red and gold brocade mmterial on the walls.

We went through room after room like this, all exactly the same.  I only saw one man back in these rooms, one room was like an office ... very sparse.  Just a desk and a telephone ... the walls were all the same.

Then we finally came to the garage . All the cars were parked in the same dark room ... and a man was working on the engine of a car . He stood up and looked our direction ... he had a nose like an elephant.

I was stunned, but we went into the next room, and here were all the Jewish men.  They were all sitting around large rectangular tables, having coffee.  This room was different.  On one wall was a huge mural painted. The wall had to be at least 30 feet x 30 feet or more... and the painting was of all working people ... massive painting ... similar to the Cistine Chapel ceiling where all these people were doing different tasks, but all jumbled together enmasse... not like in a normal scene where people are individuals. It was a 'dark' painting.  

One man, who was wearing khaki green clothing like a workman, said ,"Hello" to me like he recognized me. I can't remember his other comment ... something like ... glad to see you here ... or something.

Instead of getting my car, we all sat down to have coffee at a huge wooden table.  I didn't have my purse with me so I couldn't pay for coffee, and I was trying to figure out how I was going to get a cup of coffee, and I was looking out the massive windows at the sky which was cloudy like it was going to rain or snow.

Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine by George M Gould and Walter L Pyle

Original Copyright 1896 by W.B. Saunders

In the year 1547, at Cracovia, a very strange monster was born, which lived three days. It had a head shaped like that of a man; a nose long and hooked like an elephant's trunk; the hands and feet looking like the web-foot of a goose; and a tail with a hook on it. It was supposed to be a male, and was looked upon as a result of sodomy. Hueff says that the procreation of human beings and beasts is brought about......

(1) By the natural appetite;

(2) By the provocation of nature by delight;

(3) By the attractive virtue of the matrix, which in beasts and women is alike.

Plutarch, in his " Lesser Parallels," says that Aristonymus Ephesius, son of Demonstratus, being tired of women, had carnal knowledge with an ass, which in the process of time brought forth a very beautiful child, who became the maid Onoscelin. He also speaks of the origin of the maiden Hippona, or as he calls her, Hippo, as being from the conection of a man with a mare. Aristotle mentions this in his paradoxes, and we know that the patron of horses was Hippona.

In Helvetia was reported the existence of a colt (whose mother had been covered by a bull) that was half horse and half bull. One of the kings of France was supposed to have been presented with a colt with the hinder part of a hart, and which could outrun any horse in the kingdom. Its mother had been covered by a hart. Writing in 1557, Lycosthenes reports the mythical birth of a serpent by a woman. It is quite possible that some known and classified type of monstrosity was indicated here in vague terms. In 1726 Mary Toft, of Godalming, in Surrey, England, achieved considerable notoriety throughout Surrey, and even over all England, by her extensively circulated statements that she bore rabbits. Even at so late a day as this the credulity of the people was so great that many persons believed in her. The woman was closely watched, and being detected in her maneuvers confessed her fraud. To show the extent of discussion this case called forth, there are no less than nine pamphlets and books in the Surgeon-General's library at Washington devoted exclusively to this case of pretended rabbit-breeding.


The elephant was the totemic deity of the Nagas (or Aryans) of India. The Nagas (or Titans) were the people so closely connected with Atlantis and Atlantean legends there and elsewhere. Indeed, the word naga means both "elephant" and "serpent" (or "dragon") in Sanskrit. Such "dragons" or "elephants" are universally held to be the same as the Atlantean Sons of God, the engenderers of royal dynasties everywhere. Such was the case, for instance, of Alexander, the Great, of Buddha (the Elephant = a Naga), and of Arthur Pendragon ("Son of the Dragon"). Interestingly enough, the Mayas of Mexico worshipped the elephant as a totemic deity, and endlessly reproduced the animal's features in their temples and palaces. Mayan temples are often decorated with elephantine trunks in the so-called "elephant trunk" decorations. These are said to reproduce the elephant-faced god called Chaac. Chaac seems to be the exact counterpart of his Hindu alias, Ganesha, likewise elephant-headed. No one with an open mind can ever deny that the Mayan god Chaac ù locally called Narigon ("Big Nose") ù is anything other than an elephant god of the type the Hindus call Naga (a Sanskrit word meaning both "Elephant and "Serpent" or "Dragon").

The Nagas represent the anguipedal Titans and, in particular, the serpent (or elephant = Naga) god Shesha. Shesha is the true archetype of Atlas as the Pillar of the World. Similar elephantine temple decoration abound even today in the Indies. There the elephant (or serpent) god is, just as in Mayan America, endlessly reproduced in the form of pillars supporting the temples' roofings which represents the skies. In Incan Peru we also had the same thing. There too, the Serpent Amaru ù the exact counterpart of Shesha ù was held to support the world. Its dual was the Inti Bird, a sort of kite or falcon, also the archenemy of serpents. Both animals figured in the royal coat-of-arms, just as they did in Mexico. The elephant or serpent gods of the Incas, the Mayas and the Hindus have a dual in the eagle god, called Garuda or Nagari ("Enemy of the Nagas") in the Indies.


Kaapu ("protection")

Tamil works, like most Hindu works, often begin with an opening invocation to Ganesha, the Lord of Obstacles.

This same verse appears as the Kaapu of Tirumoolar's Tirumantiram, but some believe that it is a latter addition. As to whether Bhogar selected this verse as his opening is also in question.

The fifth hand of the elephant-headed god is the Tutikai, his trunk. I mention this only to point out some of the associations of Ganesha's trunk in the Saiva Siddhanta tradition...

A lovely verse of Moolar's dealing with the Kundalini's mysteries makes reference to the Tutikai...

"Left hand.
Right hand.
Both hands...
If you eat
With the Hand of Worship
you need not be depleted.
If you abandon sleep
and become a realized adept
you need not die.
You can live forever."

Tutikai means "the elephant's trunk" but it's literal meaning is a combination of the verb tuti "to worship" and kai "hand", "the Hand of Worship".

Tirumoolar here speaks of eating amrita, the nectar of immortality, "the very substance of sky". When you eat with the left or right hand, with ida and pingala nadi, you dine upon the dual throng. Pleasure and pain is served in endless helpings, and your menu is limited.

When one allows the prana to stretch forth the Tutikai one can reach nectar. Ganesha seated in Muladhara, can, with his trunk, that is Shushumna Nadi scoop up helpings of nectar on one's behalf.

Stopped In Our Tracks

1-23-01 - NAP DREAMS -  Todd, Blair, and their child came to tell me that ETS came from a Spiral galaxy ... This spiral was a tighter spiral than the one I saw the other day in the dream.  The other one was rounder.

I woke up and went back to sleep.

I was in my 16th St. house. There were so many people in the house ... all doing business of one kind or another. It was more like an office than a house, yet I lived there.

I heard a noise and looked out the window. There was a big gasoline or oil tanker crashed in the alley and one in front of the house. I ran for the telephone and dialed 911.  An operator recording came on and said, "If you want 9 trucks, call the old way.  If you want 10 trucks, dial 911.

I decided I'd better have 10 fire trucks and lots of cop cars, so I dialed 911 again.

I didn't think it was a good idea to stay in the house where the truck might explode, so I went out the back door and down through the backyard path to a set of houses on the corner. (There were 3 houses on that property ... all owned by an old German woman. My friends lived in a several houses along here so I knew everyone).

While I was down there, a young black man and his girlfriend drove through the yard on the way to work in a red jeep. They were so loud, I decided I'd play a prank on him. He had dropped a shirt on the path, so I took a gadget that picked up catsup and dropped three big chunks of catsup inside the shirt.  I somehow also got three spots of wet yellow paint on a rag while I did that from the house where I was at.

I then found out that someone had stolen a bunch of paint at the house. The cops and the painter came to question me. I ran away with the catsup shirt and the spotted rag and took it out to the alley to throw it in the garbage can.  There were three toilets around the garbage can. One of the toilets had a loose seat, so I threw that in the garbage as well.

I then went back to the house and the painter questioned me. First he asked me outright if I had stolen the paint. I said, "What color was it?" He said, "Yellow, almost yellow ... but more white ... and black."

I knew I hadn't taken that color paint, so I said, "Well ! The guy who lives here had something with a tarp over it in the back of his jeep when he went to work this afternoon.  He works down on the corner at the pharmacy store.

The painter started calling that information in to the cops, and I said, "No! That's not right. It's a gas station."  The painter was giving the cops three different addresses, so I don't know if they ever found the guy or not.

I decided I go back home, and went in my own yard through the back gate, singing a song ... "I'm coming home!"  There was a big old wheelchair behind the garage ... half in the alley, half near the garbage. It was actually only the outer shape of a truck ... it didn't have any insides .. and it was on wheels such I could push it around by hand.

There were other people in the yard and across the alley, so I kept singing, "I'm coming home, louder and louder."

My kids, who were grown up, met me in the yard. My daughter showed me a tall, clock-like award thing she was making me, but all the names of my friends were derogatory, which I won't repeat here. I told her she couldn't call them names like that.

Another girl, or my daughter was now smaller and I was making her a blue dress and she was getting too fat for it, so I asked her if she could lose 5 pounds so it would fit better.

I asked the kids if they had enjoyed their visit to their grandmother. One of them said, "It would have been more fun if she hadn't been so near death!"


1-24-01 - DREAM - I was trying to go to the bathroom and take a shower. First my son Ken was sleeping in the bathroom. I sent him into the master bedroom to be with his Father meanwhile.  He wanted to know what was going on. So, I asked him if he ever heard that people wanted to be clean. He said, "Yes!"

Meanwhile I was trying to take my clothes off and I couldn't get my dress off. No matter how I tugged on my dress to pull it up over my head, it got stuck near my waist. I finally had to ask some women to help me.  First it turned out that the dress was wrapped around and around with a belt that went around at least 3 times that had fuzzy-like balls on it. Then it was hooked in the back in  two places that one person couldn't possibly put on by themselves, much less get out of by themselves. Finally I got down to my slip and that I couldn't get off by myself either because it got stuck. It took two people to get that up and over my head also. The women laughed when they saw what was keeping the dress from coming up... and I'm not going to tell you either... :-)

I think that dream ended and went into another one ...

I went to join a group of women who were meeting at a library meeting room on 16th St. The library was on 16th and North ... I think it was about 1500 or 1600 north on 16th St.  This is not the first time time I was with this group. I had joined them once before and didn't stick with it for some reason.  This time I came back of my free will and decided I would run for an office.  I decided I would run for President, and if I didn't win, I'd run for Vice President ... and keep running until I got an official job.  Most groups don't even get a volunteer so I was certain I would win some kind of office. I needed that incentive to feel wanted, feel needed, feel important, and to feel that I was really one of them.

I helped set the plates on the long wooden table that had a cloth on it.  There were many place settings, and several tables. It was quite a large group of women.

I was sitting at the second from the end when I got up to help set the table, and when I came back, another woman was sitting on the chair I had vacated.  So, I moved to the other side of the table, second from the end. The woman who took my chair asked me who I was going to be ... I merely said, "I'm going to be Dee!"

The woman who would have been on my right, was now across from me. She looked very familiar. She was dark haired and dark skinned, but she started making faces and her face turned pure white and metallic. I then noticed that the white part was a shell and her real head, if I can call it that, was inside the shell.  However, I saw that she had one eye in the middle of her forehead, and she could show that one eye, or she could look out with two eyes. It was pretty freaky to see this going on behind the shell of her face.

We had a nice dinner, sliced roast beef and vegetables or something. Desert would come with coffee after the elections.

Dinner was cleared from the table and we were all standing around getting ready to have the meeting. They knew I was going to run for office and we were discussing that I had been there before and I intended to stay permantly this time.

So, they told me that anyone who ran for office had to go through a sacrificial ritual to run for office. The sacrifice had to take place between the knees and the neck, so I would have to remove my clothing .. (good thing I had a shower in the previous dream)  

As I was waking up, a big blackbird or crow or raven was tugging at my clothes to help get them off.

NOTE: I woke up with Joe hollering like he usually does. It almost sounded like the Indian chant again, but didn't sound quite the same. I woke him up and asked him what he was dreaming. He said he had been shot in a junk yard and was trying to get someone's attention.


1-24-01 - DREAM - I was looking at a computer page, called 'THE HAWK AND THE DOVE". The page was basically white in the background, had a couple of quotations at the beginning of the page, but it had table-like boxes below, in which there were links to speeches that either the Hawk gave or the Dove gave.  The Hawks links were purple and the Dove's links were pink.  Some of the speeches were by the Hawk and some by the Dove . Interestingly enough, some of them were together when they spoke.

In case you haven't already guessed who these two people are ... they are Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.


1-24-01 - VISION - I was laying in bed thinking about the Hawk and Dove page and had a vision of myself looking into a bookcase. I saw a dark blue book there, titled ' Night Feathers '


1-24-01 - Prophecy from a friend/reader

There will be a plane crash near Marikesh, India on June 4th or 5th, possibly the 3rd depending on how their time compares with our time. It will be caused by a terrorist bomb on the plane ... and will end up like TWA800 ... with no recognizable bodies ... it will be that bad.

There is an open pit copper mine somewhere in the world, where people with huge trucks are now going in and out of a limestone cliff with no observable tunnel.  The gov't is going to construct some kind of machine to test inside this tunnel.  The type ... not known ... The ETs say it is too soon to interfere since the digging could begin again and be fixed. They are going to wait until it's too late to repair the damage from an earthquake that will be externally created so the test can't be done. This is a very dangerous project.


1-25-01 - STUPID DREAM?

I was working at a large office building.  The dream started out that I was looking at a computer screen that had htttp://www urls ... three wide on the screen divided by 'and' and 'or' .

I was partly lucid, partly dreaming ... and I was able to consciously divide these urls into long numbers and short numbers. Therefore I originally thought this had something to do with the Mayans.

However, then, another woman came into the office and showed me that these numbers represented past employees who were going to be given monetary awards for past service which they hadn't gotten paid for yet, and the three wide meant the seating arrangement they were going to be in.

The numbers were now on a chart that was a physical ... large piece of heavy paper. We were trying to determine how to make a list of employees names and social security numbers so that the people could be called up in proper order and given an envelope with the correct check in it.

At the same time, we had to figure out how to feed these people, and what to feed them.

I told her I would like to be in charge, but they decided finally, that three people should work together since they wanted someone there all the time in case they came in during the day and wanted their check ... out of order... someone had to be there at all times and in case someone needed to go to the bathroom, there would be someone on duty.

So, we agreed to all this.

Meanwhile, people were showing up, and we all had things to do. I got some paper to write on, then had to pick up my mail and then go pick up ham  sandwiches for everyone.  

At the mailbox, I discovered that my ex-husband Ed had a mailbox and on top of his box, there was a plastic bag with a small size 'bong' from which he could smoke drugs. I put that back and went towards my own mail box.  (I don't think I ever got to it because we had to go get the ham sandwiches.

On the way to get the ham sandwiches, we met other people, one woman who was singing, another woman who said she would help me get away from Ed if I wanted to, and other people... I can't remember the details.

Finally, I got back to the office, without the sandwiches as the guy who was driving disappeared somewhere.

I was now back to looking at the seating chart of numbers, trying to decipher exactly what they were. I got down to the end of the page, feeling quite frustrated by now, and the very last number on the page was TWA 831

NOTE: I looked up TWA 831.  Flight TWA 800 exploded on July 17th at 8:35 p.m.  One page states that 831 is the section number of the investigative board of TWA. Another page says to stand on the shore of Long Island exactly at 8:31 on July 17th and see the sun glint off of another plane to prove that there was no missile that brought down TWA 800.

OR is TWA 831 a future plane?  Air India's Planes

Air India also had 831 as part of their phone number.


1-25-01 - DREAM - I looked at the clock and it was 12:30 p.m.  I hadn't gone to work in the morning and I hadn't called in sick, so I knew I had to get there by 1 p.m. If I got there just past the lunch hour, I could plead something simple, like , "I slept late" or something and get away with it.  But I couldn't miss work for a whole day and not call in.

I didn't have far to go. I worked right across the street from where I lived.  I got dressed and headed down the hallway of my apartment to the elevator. There were 3 elevators, but next to each other.  I pressed the button to go down and the farthest elevator door opened. It already closed before I could get to it. By then, the farthest one back opened up and I missed that one too when I ran back.  Then the center one opened up and someone got out.  It was then I noticed I didn't have my shoes on.

So, I had to head back to my apartment and get my shoes. I don't know how I didn't notice it the first time I left. I walked back to my apartment, found a pair of shoes, put them on and went back out into the hallway.  I decided I'd go down the back stairs this time.

On the back stairs, I ran into a young couple who was doing their laundry on the landing and having an argument. I didn't want to interfere with their discussion, and at the same time, I found a pair of my Indian mocassins on the stairs, which I decided I'd better take back to my apartment so nobody else would take them.

So, I went back up the stairs to my apartment and it wasn't until I got to the door, I noticed that I wasn't wearing my shoes again. I looked at the clock again and it was now 1:30 p.m.  Time really flies when you are having fun. By now I was getting a little edgy ... I hadn't only missed the morning at work, now I was missing the afternoon too and hadn't called in. I HAD to get there ... and quickly.

So, I put on my shoes ... looked again to make sure I had them on and headed for the elevator.  Sure enough, by the time I got to the elevator, and some people got off and talked to me, I looked down and I wasn't wearing my shoes.

Upset by now, I headed back to my apartment to get my shoes and looked at the clock and it was now 3:30 p.m.

I never made it to work, because the dream switched to some white cards and on the cards I saw some numbers ...

"3 times" ... , a few words, a few lines down it said "15 times."...

NOTE: I hope this doesn't refer to the plane crashes ...


1-25-01 - Here we go again ... DREAM -  I was going to work. I had been to the grocery store to pick up a couple things to take with me.  My ex-husband Ed was with me for some reason.  Instead of a car to drive, I had one of those thin plastic meat containers that they slap hamburger on and cover up with Saran Wrap to take it home in. There wasn't room for two people on this plastic sled-like thing, so Ed was walking ahead of me ... supposedly leading the way, but I had to tell him which way to go anyway... which was two right turns ... first East on Center Street, then south on 12th Street.

Those plastic things aren't very good sleds, and I was on my knees pushing it along with my two hands on the ground. It was pretty hard to push that sled along at first, but once we got on 12th St., there was ice and snow on the street, and it was easier to push it there.  However, there was a hill to climb at first so it took a lot of muscle to push the sled along the street.  Ed was still walking ahead of me and I was following him. The way was narrow, so I couldn't very easily just run him off the road to get past him either.

Finally, I reached the top of the hill and had to go down a bunch of steps on the other side. Now, the hamburger was melting and instead of pushing the sled through the snow, I now had to make sure I had plenty of grease ahead of me to slide this sled on.  It wasn't too pleasant, but it worked.

By the time I got to the bottom of the steps, and got onto the flat street, I had to stand up on my own two feet and walk again.  I was barefoot ... naturally ... and reached a long hallway which I had to go through, then cross the street to where work was.

Ed was behind me, following me at this point. I glanced up once and thought I saw a Big Foot ahead of me in the hallway, but when I looked again, he wasn't there ... however, I saw some Big Foot turds on the ground.  They looked like rabbit turds ... only bigger.  

At that point, there was a door to go through where some executives worked, and I saw the Big Foot turds on the floor. I didn't think it was so good to just walk past them, so I picked them up. So, now I had 5 Big Foot turds in my hand and the door to the executive office opened up and a secretary in a suit stepped out into the hallway.

By now, I was retreating at fast as I could, 5 Big Foot turds in my hand and barefoot ... I didn't want to look her in the eye.

She called after me, "Why are you barefoot? Don't you know that's dangerous?"

I flipped back at her ... " going barefoot is good, it lets your feet breathe..." She continued speaking, using really long words. I couldn't really hear what she was saying, but I was thinking, "She must have gone to college to use that many big words."  At the same time, I looked at the grass where I was going to have to walk next and it was full of hundreds of mushrooms. I sure wasn't going to walk through mushrooms.

There were some kids playing on the sidewalk and I patted them on the head as I went by. Ahead of me was a little girl wearing a bright blue and white plaid coat with a hood on it.  She was climbing up some piles of stones and then of cut wood.  At first she was doing well, but I had to climb up after her and rescue her because the pile wasn't very stable, and some of the cut wood had sharp edges.  I grabbed her around her waist and her coat and held her fast to me as I told her, "You are out of your league, little one"!  I jumped down off the pile of wood myself, knowing how unstable it was, and realized that I had better wear my shoes too..

NOTE:  The first thing I did when I got up was to put my slippers on, and for sure if I got outside today, I will wear my shoes ... mushrooms out there after all the rain we just had ... :-)


1-26-01 - Yesterday we got bad news from our server ... it was sold ... the new people want to charge us almost 3000% more than the old one was.  Here is the dream about that ...

DREAM - I was living in a small town. I saw a newspaper picture that the photographer had taken from standing part way out on a bridge of a boat dock where some people were standing. There were branches in the way of actually seeing the people, not to mention that you could hardly see the boat dock.  

Out in the river was a telephone pole, with wires on it and I knew that some people really took risks when they worked. I wasn't quite that brave, but some people were.  I would have at least hired a boat or something and gotten a 'good' picture of the boat dock.

I and a companion then went to the parking lot and got into our car.  (I assume it was Joe, but I never actually saw him) The parking lot was really crowded and a nasty man in a black car was manuevering in the lot, almost hitting everyone as he drove in the lot, blocking everyone who wanted to drive. He finally got out of the way and I attempted to drive a red car at first.  I was explaining to my companion that I was never ready to drive a red car because I always had my feet tucked under me and it took me too long to stretch my feet out to hit the brake when it was necessary.  

However, I was really good with my big old brown car, and I proved it by driving it out of the parking lot without hitting anyone and driving down the street.  At the first intersection, I didn't quite stop where I was supposed to, but did a rather California rolling stop ... :-)   I got admonished that if a cop would see me they would give me a ticket. So, I was more careful at the next intersection.  

The street was getting narrower and narrower, but I was driving quite well. I made a couple right turns with great grace I thought.

Finally, the road was blocked by 4 rows of wildflowers. I stopped the car to see why flowers were planted across the road so it looked like there was no road. A person came out of the house nearby and told me that some guy named Roger Bently or someone like that owned the garage there and he didn't like it when people drove through.

I told them that they couldn't block the road just because they wanted to. People had a right to drive through there whether he liked it or not and I sure wasn't going to let 4 rows of wildflowers stop me.


1-27-01 - This was about confronting evil and when you do, it isn't as bad as it seems.

DREAM - I was in a livingroom, and there was a pair of evil/nasty twins who hated me. One was blonde and one was dark haired. They were equally beautiful, but different. The blonde one came into the room to confront me first. She came over to the couch and when she was going to hit me, she folded up and lay on the sofa, saying "I can't!" I felt sorry for her so I gave her a hug. Her anger came back again and again she was going to hit me but she couldn't, and said, "I can't!" So I gave her another hug and felt sorry for her.

Then her darker twin came into the room and I could see on her face that when she said she would kick me in the shin, she would do it.  So, I put up my foot to ward off the kick, but then she saw the sorry state of her blonde sister and her anger dwindled and she couldn't kick me either.  

I got up off the couch, and said to them both, "So, since we all have new clothes on, let's have a group hug," and all three of us stood in the middle of the room and hugged each other, and the love flowed.

From there, I saw a little baby come running down the hall to get into the group hug.. He was wearing a diaper, and had big bandage around his head where he had hurt himself.  His mother came running down the hall behind him.  She had tucked a paper straw into his bandage like an ant feeler to help keep him from bumping his head on things.  She said, "The doctor said it wasn't a good idea to do this but it helps him.  I gave her and him a hug too.  

Next scene:  I was in an apartment building. I could see across the yard that my maintenance man was going to be robbed by two evil guys.  As I watched, one guy was boosting the other one up in the hallways to find something that was up higher. I entered the hallway and there was a nasty snake-like thing there, so I grabbed it to kill it, and when I did, the snake turned like a fuzzy boa and then evaporated in my hand.

I then went back to my own building. I was inside and another woman was coming inside with two men behind her. They were trying to fool her into getting something for them, using the excuse that they had been here the week before. She was trying to accommodate them, but I didn't trust them. I knew they were up to no good.  So, when the first guy tried to pull something nasty and steal something, I was able to turn him around and wind him up in his own neck scarf.

He could see that trying to rob us wasn't going to be as easy as it looked.  So, he enlisted the other guy to try to pull a fast one on us.  But, I saw through his ploy and they ended up twisted up with each other as soon as I confronted them.

I woke up gradually from this, so there was no real ending.

The point was that when you confront evil... it evaporates in front of you.


1-28-01 - ( I'm going to put all the details in this dream, though I know them well, the readers of this dream won't, and they are important to follow in detail in the business world. )

DREAM -  I was working in a large manufacturing plant, very similar to what I worked in, in the 70's and 80's in Milwaukee, but it was not the same company from the looks of it, though it was an old company.

My job, as purchasing clerk, which I also did in the 70's and 80's, was to prepare the paperwork for my boss and follow all the procedures, so he could just get on the phone and talk with his buddies and go to lunch, and go visit their plants and chit chat. He had the fun part of the job. I actually did all the work, outside of the manufacturing process itself which the hard working blue collar workers did.

I was handed 3 blank purchase orders, along with handwritten notes by the engineer, to manufacture something very precious, and in an extreme emergency situation.  Nobody was going home until they were done with this. As it was, it was just before a Holiday, on a Friday, and everybody else was gone besides the engineer, my boss, and me. And we only had 3 days to get it done.

I looked at the paperwork carefully.  The purchase orders, for which we had to go out for bids on, was for a casting of Lady Liberty.  A large one. (You can see Lady Liberty on our old U.S. silver dollars).  This one would stand alone, like a statuette. It would be about a foot high ... similar to a Oscar statuette, but female.

The engineer was trying to explain to me how a casting was made from the pattern.  The pattern is constructed in two pieces, such that when the wood is put together, you pour the metal inside of it, and when the casting is pulled apart after the metal cools, you have a perfect statuette or metal part which is then machined and polished for use in conjunction with other parts.  I already knew all this from having been in the business for 11 years, but the engineer didn't know I knew this. So, I was patient and listened to his explanation. This pattern was constructed like a round box in two parts.

After he left my desk to go talk to the boss,  I looked more carefully at the paperwork on my desk and there was a requisition to go out for bids for 'serial literature', of which there was also to be 3 , but in 15 chapters each. In big letters, attached to the requsition was a note that said, "Include LOC". That meant we were to go to a manufacturing place named LOC along with other places to bid.  (LOC (Library of Congress)

I was ready to type up purchase orders, and then realized my boss would need a pattern card attached to it so he could see who manufactured it before and thus know immediately who to send the bids to.

I went to the file cabinet to find the pattern card which was numbered '1058'.  When I opened up the pattern card file, all the numbers were in the 8000's range. These were old green battered file cabinets, so this company had been in business a long time.  There were no longer any low range numbered cards.  That's how long it had been since one of these Lady Liberties had been manufactured.  


So, I had to get a brand new card (these are light green) and attach it to the requisition and purchase order and notes to give to my boss.

I went over to where the cards were stacked. I saw lots of old cards, for parts which we no longer manufactured. Even so those should have been in the file cabinet for record, but weren't.

My boss was then walking around. We made some chit chat. He told me that I was looking particularly good ... I was wearing high heeled shoes and a dress. He commented that he had taken another female worker with him in his earlier days and people had commented how fat she was and he was glad that I wasn't.  (He named names, but I'm not including them here.) (What a chauvenist)

We also discussed how another co-worker had jammed the the cards into the file cabinet drawers so tight that you could hardly get them out again when you needed them. (This is really true to life conversation in the office)

Being done with my part of the work, I was ready to go home for the weekend Holiday.

For some reason, there was a little girl there, and she wanted to carry her Teddy Bear home with her, so I took her by the hand to lead her to find the Teddy Bear.

The scene switched and I was now outside, walking along a quiet country lane, a narrow path for cars, but not a main road. I saw what looked like an orange cat fur carcass in the bushes. I looked closer, thinking the cat was dead, but it wasn't, it was just resting, all laid out flat. When I looked closer, I saw that it had 9 companions. There were a total of 10 cats of various colors, all laying in the bushes resting. I counted them.  (I wonder if this was the two Presidents 'George Bush' of which I was comparing yesterday when I saw them on TV)

I walked a little further, and came across 10 more cats, all resting in the bushes. These all looked similar to the other cats, all different colors and patterns. A little further was 10 more cats, all similar. I realized at this point, all these cats were mine, resembled mine which I fed every day at home, but I obviously wasn't feeding these, they were hunting and feeding themselves.  So, there was a total of 30 cats, in 3 clusters of 10.

I was getting close to home now, and saw that a farmer had placed a large log across a muddy section between a field and the road, between the bushes.  I could resist walking on it to see if I could balance on it.  A bush was overgrown on one side, so it wasn't easy, but I managed to walk easily on this log and balanced. I was pretty proud of myself.

Just as I was doing this, an old white, battered car came along the road. It was the newspaper delivery car. I saw that the driver was female.  She stopped the car at the mailbox to deliver a paper, then started to get out of the car, waiting to speak to me about something. She was wearing large round sunglasses, looking rather more like a cop, than a newspaper delivery person.  She was patiently waiting for me to climb the hill, up to where she was parked, but I was already lucid and waking up and I didn't get that far ... and woke up.

I did this page on FREEDOM


HOTLINE ON RELIGIOUS LIBERTY The Court of Appeals reversed. 827 F.2d 1058 (6th Cir. 1987). Each of the three judges on the panel delivered a separate opinion. The first said that compelled exposure to ideas with which one disagreed was not unconstitutional. This judge distinguished Spence v. Bailey, 465 F.2d 797 (6th Cir. 1975), in which the Sixth Circuit had held that a student with religious objections could not be compelled to participate in ROTC classes, on the ground that it involved more active violation of religious beliefs than did "mere" exposure to religiously conflicting ideas. Similarly, Barnette u W:Va. Bd. of Educ., 319 U.S. 624 (1943), holding that Jehovah’s Witnesses could not be compelled to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, was distinguished on the ground that the mandatory recital of the pledge compelled an affirmation of loyalty which the assigned readings did not. This judge apparently would uphold an objection to being forced to read offensive selections aloud or, perhaps, to answering examination questions about objectionable selections.



Race, Gender and the Deception of "Freedom"


1-30-01 - I don't have enough memory of my dream to make it into anything. All I remember is being in a darkened/dim place that had cages in it like a chicken coop, but I kept saying I was sorry to people who were no longer there. It was as though people had died here and I was apologizing to them for what they had gone through.

At the same time I was looking into a book for instructions on how t do something that was dangerous.  I recall seeing in the book that the person was to project 58 feet over or something.  I also recall seeing that it was secret information and that nobody should try it.  Each time I looked at the information to project 58 feet, the information was closer and clearer than the time before but when it was closer, I could see less of the page, like I didn't know enough to move my head over to read the whole thing.

I have no idea where I was.


1-31-01 - The influence of sleeping with the radio on.  Joe and I had watched a documentary about the Amityville Horror and I decided I didn't want to sleep with that influence on my  mind, so I watched a bit of a comedy show, where they were going to have a party,  and teh landlord didn't want them to, so he put a sign on the stairs that the party was cancelled, so the guy had to run outside to try to catch the people and tell them to coem back. I then went to bed with the radio on, playing a station with classical music on. It was very soothing.

DREAM - I was searching for someone and was at a party at my home, the people were just arriving. Some people were inside and some were outside. At the end, there were some men who were looking for someone, and I saw a reflection of myself, trying to pull on a pair of long shorts and they were inside out and twisted and I couldn't get them all the way up.

End of dream

I didn't feel like getting up to type up the dream, so went back to sleep. The radio was still on, playing the same classical music.

DREAM  - I was at a theatre, where I told the man in charge that I had 30 boys with me who were going to sing to a group of men that he was in charge of who would be arriving shortly.  He said that was fine with him.

I don't recall that the boys sang anything, but then I was leaving the theatre by the back door and the boys were all there, and I counted them one by one up to 30 as they left the door.

I ran outside then because the boys were walking single file down the sidewalk and I didn't want the lead boys to get away from me and go astray, so I had to run from the back of the long line of boys to the front of the line to lead them the right way.

I led them to my 16th St. house and into the diningroom where I was demonstrating a game that I played as a child and so did my own children. (I never had such a game)  The game consisted of a 3 feet wide circular metal plate made of copper and gold with some kind of mandala or design on it.  This circular metal plate was turned with a handle at the center which made the circlular plate turn around and play music. It was also supposed to go up and down like a ride at the fairgrounds, but this one wasn't... it was rather flat because it was old. I told the boys I would buy a new one for the next time they visited so we could play it better.  They all smiled and thought that would be a great idea.

The scene then switched and I was in a place where I was being chased again and some men were looking for someone. Again I was seeing a reflection of myself in a hallway, trying to pull long shorts on, and as before the shorts were insideout and backwards with one leg twisted and I started to laugh because I couldn't pull them all the way up.

As I woke up, I was trying to remember the dream, and had a bad headache up the back of my neck and head, and I heard Joe laughing in his sleep as well.

I turned off the radio and got up.


VISION - 1-31-01 - I saw the nighttime sky, black with stars ... but it was more like the background on a web page than real.


1-31-01 - DREAM - I and a companion (I don't know who this was) were driving east from 108th St. (This felt like Milwaukee, WI on the far north side) We were taking his daughter to school for the first time so she could drive herself to school once she knew the way there. There was a slight rise in the road as we went east ... it was a long way ... and when we went over the crest of the hill ... the school was on the right ... in a large valley.

The school was humongous. It actually looked like a large barn. It had a hip roof on it with no eaves. The boards were all vertical, brown for 3/4s of the way, then white the top 1/4.  It looked to be 3 or 4 stories high. It was hard to tell, because there were no apparent windows in it.

Beyond the school was a stadium with bleachers, a large field for football, baseball and a large track all around it, in a big oval.

Beyond that was another building, which was even larger than the first one. This one had to be at least 4 stories tall, similar to the first building, but with the boards going horizontal. This one also had a hip roof with no eaves and also looked like a large barn with no apparent windows. It was all brown.

Now that the girl knew the way and it was very easy since it was straight east and no turns ... she could drive herself there.


1-31-01 - DREAM - I was now inside the school. I had a text book or music book to the right of me. I heard the head teacher over the loudspeaker say to the students. Take out your books and turn to page 1. We will sing the anthem.  

I turned to the first page and it was a title page. I hoped I had the right book so I could sing along. I expected the song to be long and complicated. I can read music so I could learn it easily.

The teacher started to sing before I even had a chance to look for the song.

He sang in a chanting voice .... 'HOSANNA!!!!!"