1-1-02 - DREAM - I was in a large city somewhere. I was walking down the street and saw a garden.

There was a person in the garden and when I looked at the person - I had a vision of a giant 12" cartoonish butterfly land on the person's chest over the heart. I also heard the term for this, which  unfortunately I have forgotten. I thought it was French, but it may have been the Latin term for the butterfly.

I then went to church and sat next to a very large Indian man in a pew towards the rear.

I was naked except for thin light blue underpants.

Joe had refused to enter the church, so after the service I went to find him. I had to stay hidden though because I was still naked except for the underpants.

I then went to a kitchen where there was a dark-haired woman who helped me finish my chores. There were numerous flowers in various and containers in the kitchen which had to be moved so I could do the dishes.

I gave the woman two dead roses to dispose of in the garden.

At the same time, a man put several towels in the oven to warm them. It was a gas stove and he lit it with a match from in the broiler beneath the oven.

Again, I went to the garden and saw the person and again I saw the white butterfly land on their chest.

I woke up and was trying to think of the term I had been given for the white butterfly and thought about what it could mean and I had a vision of 4 white state maps :  Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and ???  either Utah, Colorado, or North Dakota... not certain.


1-2-03 - DREAM - I was in a huge place with lots of people where the ceiling was 50 feet high.

A beautiful blonde woman came over to talk to me. She was my weight-loss coach - I had already lost 50 pounds with her help, still losing, and she was still helping me.

I went to change clothes and all the clothes in my closet were old-fashioned and too big. Now I needed to buy new clothes.

I had a vision then from the blonde woman - It said, "Your lucky number is: (The number was really long and couldn't all be seen at once) Some of the numbers within the sequence were 111 and 53214 - and other numbers - all run together.

I was trying to memorize the number because it was so long - and then the words 'Drivers License' appeared in front of the number, so I didn't need to memorize the numbers. All I needed was to get out my driver's license and look at it.  I didn't remember that my California driver's license had those numbers in it, so I was going to get out my Wisconsin driver's license and look at it.  53214 is a zip code in Wisconsin, which might be a good clue to that.

I thought to myself, "I should play my driver's license number in the lottery and see if I can win." Then I started to think about what I would use the money for - to buy property and start my community.

I was feeling really good and I wanted to tell everyone about how great things were.

Then I was sitting on the bed in my bedroom and my daughter-in-law Becky came to visit. She was sitting on the bed across from me and handed me a copy of the Green Sheet from the Milwaukee Journal newspaper - (a now defunct section of that newspaper)

On the front sheet of the paper (it's 4 pages) was a death notice written by my mother (it was signed by her) it was one among 6 death notices. I was trying to figure out who died, and saw that there were number in the notice and it was written like it was 'future'.

By now T.M. showed up and I was trying to read him the death notice, but I couldn't see the numbers directly. I could only see them in the reflection of glass - but I couldn't read the numbers if I held it up to a mirror.

The first line said - "In 49 6 26/29 and another fraction under it which I can't remember. I was trying to read more of the notice and I could no longer see it.

Everyone had to go to work and they left, so I opened my bedroom door to go to the bathroom and get ready for work.

Out in the hallway, which was all white - was a cute little black girl about 4 years old.

I potched her on the butt with my hand gently and laughed and said, "Who are you?"

I then opened the door to my livingroom because she was headed that way.

In the livingroom - to my shock - was the little girl's mother, wearing a black dress. She was sitting at a table, writing a check for the rental on the apartment and all her furniture was already in the apartment - all dark African-tye decorated stuff - it was wall to wall.

A tall, blonde woman was standing there, waiting for the check.

I was stunned and asked the blonde woman what was going on.  I was the manager of this building, which made me the boss over her in the building where I lived. I should always be aware of what was going on and if changes were being made. Obviously, someone from higher up with greater authority had made this decision.

She said, "You're OUT!  I could have told you that in your reading yesterday."

I was upset and stunned and angry all at the same time. I argued, and said, "You can't move someone into someone else's apartment before they even move out."

She said, "You're OUT and that's it!"

I knew I couldn't argue about the decision of a higher authority with an underling and ran across the room to gather up what was mine before the black woman could grab it and steal it from me. I picked up my makeup case and what I call my 'drug' bag - where I keep extra bottles of vitamins, etc. (both maroon), a blue book bag, a couple of brown purses - these were all laying on a credenza together.

I carried all these bags at once and headed for the door, but I didn't know where I was going to go.

I thought maybe I could call T.M. and ask where I should go - but I didn't even know if I had his phone number.

I woke up, feeling absolutely stunned and shocked at the sudden change and there had been no warning - knowing that if something is going to happen in 49 weeks, there is still time to prepare.


1-2-03 - VISION - I closed my eyes and saw two people - they were dressed in robes. They smiled at me.


1-3-03 - DREAM SNIPPET - I was with a group of people who were all dressed alike - like in band uniforms - made of velvet. The uniforms were black and yellow/gold.


1-3-03 - DREAM SNIPPET - I was in a parking lot, trying to pick out my new car, which I thought was a green and gold Lexus - but someone told me it was the large bus that was there.


1-3-03 - DREAM SNIPPET - I was with another group of people - all dress in uniforms - These were green and gold velvet.


1-3-03 - DREAM SNIPPET - I was working in an office for Dan (The Milwaukee Jewish Real Estate man) We had new equipment, but it was made of plastic and the ribbon cut the paper on the typewriter. He agreed to get me a new one. The typewriter was so light-weight, I could hold it with three fingers of one hand.


1-3-03 - VOICE - "The girls who are having babies - the babies will die."  

NOTE: Maybe these are the cloned ones? The ones just being born now to the UFO group?



1-4-2003 - I was in a large house somewhere. In the room where I was, there were 3 doors, standing side by side. All three doors had their crown mouldings broken. The center one was broken completely out - the one on the left was a little better. The one on the right was less damaged.  I wondered why someone didn't repair the damage on the crown molding. I wondered if I could repair them myself.

I went into another room and saw William, my son, taking a shower with about 6 or 7 young ladies in their teens. He needed to rinse his mouth and bent over and took a sip of the shower water, the complained he got soap in his mouth. I rushed over to the sink and got him a drink of fresh water and gave it to him in a silver cup. (more like a ladle)

I then went into the bedroom and climbed into bed and one of the girls from the shower followed me and climbed into the bed with me, while I tried to scrape some waxy, gummy stuff off one of the bed spindles that needed cleaning.

Joe's ex-wife Debbie came in and said not to bother because William would be moving in 50 weeks.

I got up and went into a hallway where a tall, blonde, willowy woman was. She laughingly helped me put on a pair of her red high-heeled shoes. They fit perfectly.

My daughter came to take pictures of the damaged areas of the crown molding for evidence, but she went outside and decided to photograph other damaged and broken buildings made of stone and brick, so I went back to the house by myself.

As I woke up I saw a license plate that read:  [ W King 50 ]

NOTE:  I counted 50 weeks from today.  It comes to December 20, 2003, which just happens to be Hannakah



1-5-03 - VISION - I saw my son Bob, sitting on a throne. I started to scream in shock. He was wearing work clothes. There were 3 words printed beneath the pictures.  

NOTE: I tried to correlate this with the dream above, but can't make sense of it, except maybe it means that one person is expected to sit on the throne and the other brother will end up there.


1-5-03 - DREAM - I was at Sears & Roebuck, shopping. I turned around and Joe was standing behind me. He wanted me to follow him and I said, "Okay!', but he moved so fast, I thought I saw him go outside. So I rushed outside and couldn't see him anywhere. I walked down to the first intersection and saw that I was at 19th St. But Joe was nowhere in sight, so I decided I'd better get back into Sears and Joe would find me again. (The door was at 19 1/2")

Inside Sears, there were a series of aisles that looked like they didn't connect with each other, so I made sure I went into the same section where I had met Joe in the first place. As I did that, an old white-haired woman yelled at me and said, "Oh my God! Look how grey your hair has gotten. Why don't you die it and take care of it so you don't lose your man?

NOTE: Joe has had grey hair since he was 30. I doubt he cares about that. We are in our mid 60's now.


1-5-03 - DREAM - I was dreaming about crocheting a dress with a diamond pattern. When I got near done with it, a sign appeared that said, "The dress of Jesus".  (It did resemble a shroud but had a neckline in it - so it was worn like a robe that went all the way to the floor).


1-6-03 - VISION - I saw a white plate with a gold rim with a piece of fish on the plate in the shape of a white fish. I sprinkled pepper on it.


1-7-03 - VISION - I saw 5 red rings intertwined in a line OOOOO

1-7-03 - VISION - I saw 5 blue rings intertwined in a line OOOOO


1-8-03 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house. I went for a walk down to the corner of Clarke St. I saw that the house on the corner had been remodeled and I wanted to see the changes inside. The entrance was now at the rear of the house. I walked around the back and saw that there was a baby safety gate across the porch entrance. I stepped over the gate and walked across the porch.

The door to the house was open, but I saw there was a little slide-pull lock on it that they could lock if they wished. I saw that the house was changed so that the living-quarters and bedrooms were private and the doors were closed, but the central hall through the house was open all the way to the front of the house and the doors to the bathrooms were now open to the public access.

The first bathroom was all white tile inside and modern. The second bathroom was up 7 small stairs and old-fashioned and white tile inside, but it made it look like a royal throne inside.

This house was now connected to the one next to it and each house also had an upstairs where other people lived and each one had 3 bathrooms per floor for a total of 12 bathrooms. I was impressed by this.

I walked all the way to the front of the house where I saw a lace curtain hanging that wasn't quite finished. I saw that the way part of the curtain was crocheted, one part - if finished the way it was headed, would be taking a sharp right-hand turn, which didn't look right. So I took it upon myself, since I knew how to crochet, I ripped the thread back to the point where it started to turn right, and re-crocheted the curtain so it went straight and finished like the rest of the curtain and matched it.


1-8-03 - VISION - I saw the direction ES and the name of some islands which flashed past too fast to read.

I saw a map of these islands in black and white. It seemed like there was a larger land mass with smaller islands off to the ES of the larger land mass.

NOTE: When I turned on the TV, there was a plane crash in Turkey and when they showed the map, the islands I had seen was off the coast of Greece towards turkey. The view I had seen was like I was looking towards the ES.


1-9-03 - This makes no sense to me and I had the dream, while the radio was on, which was an interview between George NOory and a priest ___________

talking about the Maitreya being the Anti-christ.

The dream takes place in my 66th St. house, which I determined in times past was the mental level of consciousness.

DREAM - My ex-husband Edward and a guy I called my cousin, though he looked like Ed's brother Larry, with long flowing curly hair, were in the livingroom discussing what to do with the body of a guy who looked like a neighbor named Toney, however he wasn't full size. He was a 'little man' about a foot tall, looking like a real man - but super-short.

In the beginning the body was alive, but he died sometime during our conversation, which I have to admit was very casual, though consisted entirely about how we were going to cover up the crime.

Ed said he had been interrogated many times by the cops and could like with a straight face.

Since I hadn't participated in the crime itself, only in the disposal of the body, I figured I could pass a lie detector test as long as they asked the right questions because I didn't know anything except the disposal of the body.

I have no idea how my cousin had participated, he was only an observer and a participant in the conversation about how to make the excuses and his thoughts on how to dispose of the body.

I thought at first that we could just wrap the body in some old underwear, shove it in a bag and put it in the garbage and nobody would be the wiser unless the body fell out of the bag during processing on the way to the dump.

I knew though that they could trace the garbage back to us and we'd be questioned and that wasn't a good option for me.

My next thought was the Ed could drive out to New Berlin and put the body wrapped in underwear in the trash basket at Greenfield Park. Even if they found the body right away, there would be no way to trace it back to us. So that's the decision we decided to stick with.

Ed picked up the body by the hair (which was red) (remember he was only 1 foot tall) wrapped it in dirty grey underwear and set the wrapped boy on the porch outside the door.

I then went outside and was now on 16th St. where my aunt Irene used to live (and my cousin Paul) I was with my sister and we walked up the street to get the car, which I thought was parked in front of the school in the next block. But when we got to the car I thought it was, it wasn't and we had to walk all the way up the block and into the school yard where we got into a red convertible car that had no right side - only the left side, so we both had to squeeze into the left side and then go back and get the body from the porch.

I woke up and wondered how this dream correlated with the Anti-Christ.


1-10-03 - DREAM OF ZERUB - I don't know where this took place, but Joe and i had a large auditorium where we put on programs for people to come and view.

There was a young man of great interest named Zerub. We were going to add him tot he program and that his speech should take 15 minutes and no longer. We were going to have him talk about himself and his take on the #9 and the number #34.

There was a psychiatrist there also who told us about Zerub and who said that he was on some medication that was going to be discontinued so he was going to have to decide what else he could give him.

While the psychiatrist and I were talking about Zerub, he was getting on an elevator to go upstairs and he suddenly came back off the elevator to see what we were talking about. He had a beautiful smile on his face, was about 7 feet tall. He almost glowed, but it scared me to know he was that telepathic.


1-10-03 - NAP DREAM - The dream seemed to be Milwaukee, but was not anywhere I had ever been before.

I was in a doctor's office where my doctor was showing another doctor an x-ray of my head from a frontal view. He was emphasizing my nose area. He told the other doctor that I had a miracle healing in my nose. (I didn't know there had been anything wrong with it)

I left there and had to cross the street to catch a bus to 72nd St. There were other people running with me because a horse was coming. I was wearing those red shoes again (that I got the other day from Princess Diana)

Instead of getting on the bus, I went into an apartment building there that had apartments on two levels. It seemed that I managed this place. Some of the people were complaining about a guy who lived on the 2nd level down.

I had drawn some large posters and some young pretty women were there and begged for copies of them and wanted me to autograph them so they could hang them on the wall in their rooms.

So I put one of the posters face down in a large Xerox machine and while the copies were being made I was telling them that I used to do this for a living for 4 to 6 hours a day and got paid a good wage for that.

When i got done there, my daughter who was about 10, was going to go do a cleaning job about 4 blocks away. I was worried about her but I let her go with a silent prayer for her safety.  It seemed I was at about 19th St. on Center then and had to cross the street and walk down to 16th St. which was east.

So I crossed the street and was invited inside to see a house that some friends were having remodeled. My Father was there and so was my 1st husband who looked younger than I ever remembered him. The house was huge and they were laying all new carpet on the floors wall to wall. teh carpet was basically brown but had some kind of design - in black on it. There was probably some orange and beige in the design too, but the design itself wasn't memorable - it just looked nice. rather middle-eastern.

I walked further into the home and it was huge. They had maids and Nannys and when i walked in, a little boy ran up to me and hugged me around the knees. He was really happy to see me and so were all the others.

I left there and it seemed I was in another place and had to catch the bus home again - east again.


1-11-03 - CROP CIRCLE DREAM - I was looking at a computer screen where people kept diminishing the size of crop circles pictures so they didn't fill the whole screen because they didn't deem them to be important enough to take up the space. I was working on a program to bring the crop circle pictures back up to size to fill the whole screen so people would understand their full meaning.


1-11-03 - CROP CIRCLE DREAM #2 - The previous crop circle dream was repeated within a larger dream.

I was in my New Berlin house, working on the computer to enlarge the crop circle picture size to fill the whole screen, because whoever had worked on the computer program before me didn't understand the full meaning of the crop circles and had diminished the picture size.

While I worked on this, I noticed that there was a little square in the upper right hand corner of the screen that was brilliant white and I touched it with the cursor and the brilliant white square enlarged 10-fold and I could highlight any portion of the picture on the screen so it was brilliant white.

I managed to fix the computer program so that the crop circle pictures filled the whole screen and then clicked on SAVE.

But when I clicked on  SAVE, a different screen came up that showed me that it was a licensed version of a WORD program.

I could no longer see any pictures of crop circles on this WORD program. I looked to see if I could reduce the WORD program so I could see the crop circle pictures again. I hoped that if I shut off the computer, I had actually SAVED the work I had done on the crop circle program.

I got up from the computer and went to the front window and looked outside.

I saw a white ladder in front of the window which surprised me, but then a man in a white painter's outfit climbed down the ladder from the roof, then moved the ladder over to the huge plum tree in the yard and climbed up into the plum tree.

The plums were hanging in huge clusters, larger than cherries do - I mean HUGE clusters. The plums were about the size of cherries but I knew it was spring and these plums would grow to 10 times the size they were by summer harvest.

Someone behind my right shoulder said, "He needs to removed all the red leaves that are ______ (unremembered term)

I could see the red leaves among the green ones, but I couldn't imagine how he was going to be able to get all the way to the ends of the branches because he was too large for the branches to hold his weight.

I then noticed a Palm tree growing in the yard near the plum tree and I knew that Palm trees can't grow in Wisconsin. I looked at the Palm tree closer and saw that the whole top had broken off in a huge windstorm. The tree was still alive but the growing tip was no longer there.

The man in white came down out of the plum tree and moved the ladder back over to the house and climbed back up to the roof of the house.

All of sudden it looked like it was pouring rain outside, but I knew it wasn't real rain, this was caused by the man in white on the roof with a water hose.

But the water was coming down so hard, I could no longer see out the window so I went downstairs.

When I went down the stairs, I heard people talking about my friend Irv. They were saying that Irv had been shot and taken to the hospital. It wasn't known if he would live or not.

A gun had been found in the house and examined, but it was apparent that no shots had been fired from it. But then someone discovered a hand-held rocket launcher was near the gun so they took that to be examined to see if Irv had been shot down with the rocket launcher.

But then, all of a sudden Irv appeared in the yard. He said he had had a miraculous healing and was no longer in pain. He had a brilliant smile on his face and was wearing a white shirt and had a full head of hair and looked younger and stronger and thinner than I had ever seen him in real life. He looked great and I knew that a miracle had really happened.

NOTE: Irv passed away on December 2, 2002. This was really him in his spirit body, showing me that he was alive and no longer housed in his sick physical body. It was a wonderful feeling to know that he was okay again.



1-12-03 - It never seems to amaze me how dreams can seemingly be prophetic one night and utterly stupid the next. I can't even describe this one accurately.

DREAM - I was in a room with my ex-boss (1988) his name was Reich. can't remember his first name.

I'm not certain how this was but it was like he had octopus arms with the names of kids I went to highschool with attached to the ends of these arms and they were challenging me for some reason.

I can't remember what the challenges were, but they were verbal.

After I woke up and was thinking about this, I had a vision of a white business size envelope with the words



printed in bright green where the stamp should go.


1-12-03 - DREAM  This is just as improbably as the other dream. This also takes place in a non-place I can't identify.

I was in a bar and my boss (Reich- 1988) came in drunk and put his arms around me lovingly from behind.

My ex-husband grabbed me and dragged me by the arm out of there - that had an angry, jealous feeling.

I then went to work as  model and was wearing those red shoes I got from Princess Diana again. I had to figure out what dress to wear and how to put it on. There was a bunch of kids there. I don't know why.

I was in my apartment then. There was an old woman there who was going to the hospital. She was wearing an old heavy black robe which seemed inappropriate, so I gave her a two-tone light blue robe which was a more cheerful color.

I was then cleaning my apartment. Why there were old wet dirty diapers wrapped in paper towels I don't know.

In the hallway was a large flat box, which I picked up and leaned up against the wall.

I went into the hallway and into the next apartment, which was also mine.

I was surprised to see my son Michael there. He was taking care of my pets there - a German Shepherd dog - which was in a sulky harness with wheels - (which I never owned this kind of dog)  and a little orange kitten like the one I have now, which lives under the house with its siblings and other cat relatives. (I think there are 6 big cats and 3 kittens at this point and at least one cat is pregnant again. Poor thing!!!


1-13-03 - DREAM SNIPPET - I was somewhere , looking at a piece of property that was supposed to be next to a lake. The house itself was on stilts so if the water level rose, nothing would get wet, but I didn't see any water, not even the lake. Where the lake should have been was a large green meadow.

I wondered if I was in the right place and looked at the advertising brochure again. In the picture was the lake with waves coming in to shore (they were real waves moving in the picture) and there were two large stone planters with flowers blooming in them. But when I looked up from the brochures, the house looked the same, but there were no flower plants and no lake.

I wondered maybe if I was on the wrong side of the house. I looked down at the brochure again and there was the lake with waves coming into shore - looked up again and just saw green meadow.

I felt very confused.

NOTE: a sign of drought coming? ???


1-13-03 - DREAM SNIPPET - I was looking at a typed page about aliens. I saw the number 55684 and another similar number over 55,000 and tried to correlate it to now. I'm thinking that's how many years it took to get to where they were from, but I woke up before I figured it out.


1-14-03 - DREAM SNIPPET - I was working in an office. Someone tapped me on the shoulder from behind. I looked up and there was the same woman I said, "Hello" to in a dream a couple days ago. She just kibbitzed a couple seconds and said, "Well! Don't say Hi!" and I  laughingly said, "Hi!"

NOTE: I can't remember the woman's name or where I know her from, but I sure wish I could.


1-14-03 - DREAM SNIPPET - I was sitting in the same office and my son Bill ran in and jumped up on my lap and I held him. He was about 3 years old. (He is really 36 or 37 years old now)


1-15-03 - DREAM SNIPPET - The deadline to sign up for college was today, because they had a deadline of graduating from highschool by April 30, 1991 to be eligible, so this was the anniversary of that date, which would make today Apr. 30, 2001.


1-17-91 - Dream: I was having a party and all the guests were women. A man came to the door advertising a group called "MOON". It was about developing a person's psychic abilities. I wanted in the worst way to tell everyone that I was psychic, but I didn't want to just come right out and say it. So, I figured that I could just be the best at all his experiments he was going to conduct and he could be the one who would discover it for himself. My opportunity came when one of the men wanted to communicate with his boss. (He must have sneaked in) The experiment was for me to think about the communication with mental telepathy to cause the boss to call out to the man next to me. So I did that. We were on a big yellow bus at the time, going to a school. I began to think the thought, then I saw three pair of eyeglasses dangling in the sky and a voice in my head said, "No! The fourth!" and immediately the boss called out to the man next to me. I immediately announced what I had seen.

Then we went into a white sterile looking kitchen where a film was to be shown on the white wall for another experiment. The man next to me suddenly had to blow his nose and slipped out of the room, so the opportunity came for me to demonstrate my ability to the whole group. I was shown some puffy marks on a wall. I saw more and more stains on the ceiling in the kitchen and in the bathroom where the upstairs toilet was. So, I bravely announced that the person upstairs either had a leaky toilet or there was steam escaping from a broken pipe in the walls. The only way to know was to knock a hole in the wall where the pipes were. Everyone was amazed that I would know that.

3-4-91 - Dream: I was at a school and there was an air raid test. Everyone ran for cover and they did quite well except for two things. I looked into the sky and saw many rocks or bombs in a cluster (like cluster bombs) already falling from the sky and when the people went into the shelter, they didn't close the doors all the way and could be gassed to death.

4-29-91 Dream: I was on 16th St. On a chart I was shown all jobs and fun things were done in pairs by two people to perfection. (shown by two white dots for each item) I then planned to go to the 3rd St. library with a friend but on the way we ran into my friend Diane and she gave me many books and said they came from the 16th St. library and were free. so, the plans were changed to go to the 16th St. library.

I went with my friend to meet Diane on 15th St. and my friend told me that Diane had always wanted to be a singer and even if she had to use a music machine instead of a band, that's what she was determined to do. Diane had always told me that she wanted to be a dancer and I was surprised at the news.

We reached the corner of 15th St. and the two girls went arm in arm into Diane's house. They did not invite me in, but left me standing there alone. So, I left there and walked back to 16th St. by myself, noting that dawn was coming and I needn't be afraid, but henceforth, as I went to school, I would be doing all things alone.

I then was shown on another chart that all things would henceforth be done alone. And another chart showed me that lucky numbers were to be played on the waning moon.

11-11-91 - DREAM - There was no work to be had in the country, so I had gone to town to look for a job. There were no longer stores along the main city streets, they were in clusters at intervals. There were big government offices everywhere. Along 17th Street, lawns were being reconstructed and I tried to assist but there wasn't enough grass to go around.

The men were huddled around the bars, not drinking, but checking the stock market, worrying themselves sick if they had lost everything.

It was a well kept secret, but I had been chosen as mediator between sides between our country and the overtakers. The schools were being organized at this moment to march the children to government camps and take them away from their parents.

I managed to sneak up to the 20th street school where my youngest son was in 1st grade. I spotted him and grabbed him by the arm and we rushed down the street together. He said,"'I've been calling you all day, hoping you'd come and get me."

I was watching the other mothers who weren't able to find their children and rescue them before they were marched away to camp. I helped one mother up from collapsing. She was so devastated that her daughter hadn't been seen.

I knew that the secret guns were trained on Madison, (the capital city) and these children were going to be used as hostages.


1-16-03 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building in Milwaukee.  I was in the office where I had 3 phone lines because I had a side job as well, working for a locksmith company.

I was also running my own lottery for a million dollars. Each person paid $1 for a chance at the million dollars. At least 1 person would get the million dollars. It was guaranteed.

I walked back to my apartment and I saw that my door was open and the light was going on and off. There shouldn't have been anyone in the apartment so I stated yelling for help.

Then I spotted two maintenance men in my apartment, Joe and mike. I could trust them, so it was okay.

However, on the way to my apartment, out in the hallway, my next door neighbor who was a Russian man, married to an American woman - was playing Russian Christmas music. He had three Christmas trees in the hallway. The lights were on and the branches were turning yellow. So I was forced to tell him that he couldn't turn on the lights anymore.

The man's name was Staubach or something like that. His wife was on TV on  a show from New York City. When he heard her on TV, he left.

That left the decision up to me, so the Christmas lights had to come off the trees.

I got Joe and Mike to help me dismantle the trees. There was at least a mile of thin electrical wire running from the outlet to the tree. It was wound in a large spiral pile of wire. I could hardly believe he used that much wire.

While I was packing things up and putting them on his blue sofa, which included two or 3 lamps without shade, I found a piece of paper with a mathematical calculation on it.

I glanced at the calculation , which ran for 5 or 6 lines and saw the number 11 on it twice. I also remember the number 43 and the letter k (k is also 11) There were a lot of other numbers and letters as well, but I don't remember them. I assumed the calculation was calculus. Because it had the number 11 in it twice, I decided I had better save it because I knew it was important.


1-17-03 - DREAM - I was in an office, working on my family's genealogy.

I typed my grandfather's name into the computer and in less than a moment, the screen showed me his name, the year he was born, the year of the census, what he did for a living, where he was born, and where each parent was born.

I did this for each grandparent, then for each great-grandparent I knew the name of.

I was amazed that the computer could find all this information for the exact person I was looking for.

After the searching was done, I pressed PRINT and the machine sent a copy of all this information to the printer which was like a roller-type machine like old mimeographs used to look like.

There was a woman there who took this piece of paper and held it behind a 6" square screen with a light projecting through it and it projected this same information onto the wall 6 feet square.

She then showed me that she could project a hologram of anything she could put on the little screen onto the wall and it would be just as clear as the original. She could even do this with moving videos and the projection was the size of real people standing in the room like they were really there, moving and talking.

I went upstairs then and a man walked by and someone let him in the window. I was upset they did that and he explained that he had a right to e there and he wanted his finder's fee.




1-18-03 - DREAM - It seems I was on vacation with my mother and my husband. The car was divided into three sections lengthwise with layered blankets. My mother wanted to drive but she was too short to see out the front windshield so we could let her drive.

I would be the one to decide where we would go or we couldn't go anywhere at all.

My husband and I went into an office of some kind that had a lot of cubicles in it.

We started to have a discussion about life. He said that I was lucy because I could do what I wanted and he to work all his life. (Yeah! I raised 6 kids, gardened, cooked and baked everything from scratch, including 6 loaves of bread a day, sewed, mended the clothes, took care of the house and him, including his multi-daily personal needs, did all the painting, decorating, etc. and when the kids were all in school, I also went to work and worked 35 years before I retired).

So, needless to say, I had to argue the point that I couldn't always do what I wanted to do either.

While we were discussing this, G.H. showed up. He was my husband's best friend and mine too. (He also plays the part of IEOSOUS in my dreams)

They decided to go fishing together and I said that was fine and just leave me some money and they could go do what they wanted to do.

So my husband handed me $100 and kissed me goodbye. While he was doing that, G.H. hovered over my husband's left shoulder and gave me an even bigger, longer, better kiss. I knew he was trying to get a reaction out of me, but I refused to do so and played it passively.

So, they left to go fishing and I needed to get change for the $100 so it would be easier to spend and I owed the woman at the front desk $20 for something too.

I asked a couple women there if they had change for the $100 and they didn't. One of the women asked me if something was wrong and I answered, "Yeah! I'm wacko." and laughed and waved my $100 bill in the air.

So I headed for the front desk, figuring the woman there would have the change for the $100 bill because she sold candy and trinkets and other people would have given her money and she would have plenty to spare.


1-19-03 - DREAM - I was working in a large office. When someone called me on the phone about Real Estate and told me she wanted to buy a piece of land, and asked me what my position was, I told them I was a 'clerk' because I didn't need them to know I knew the 'law."

Some of the girls remembered that there used to be a birthday club in the office and wanted to start it up again, so I looked up the old records.

The records were printed out and for some reason one of the girls cut the piece of paper into 4 long strips of data, so the strips would have to be realized in order to use them. She didn't say why she did this or why it was necessary, but I grabbed them back from her so I could realign them.

While I was looking for these records on the computer, I saw the letters KUFO. There was no indications of why those letters were there, but every time I looked on a computer page, those letters came up. I couldn't figure out why that was.

Later on, I was in my apartment building, walking in the hallway. There was a lot of baby stuff laying around and a small baby buggy. I was going to g out to dinner with some of the people in the building, but I decided I had better take all the baby stuff into the basement and put it into storage because it wasn't going to be used anymore.

I was worried that my friends wouldn't wait for me, but I also thought that this chore had to be done first even if they did or didn't wait for me.

So I went into the basement with the baby buggy and baby things and put them away.

While I was in the basement, I was thinking about the 'change' and everything that was going to happen and all of a sudden some men came in who said they were from KUFO.  They had very worried looks on their faces. The KNEW something bad was coming that they were going to have to deal with.

NOTE:  KUFO is a radio station in Portland, Oregon. Their theme is that they are ALL ROCKIN'

Sounds like earthquake country!


1-20-03 - DREAM - I was on 16th St. in front of my house.

Out on the street, my puppies, kittens, and ducks were playing with each other. There were also a couple of young boys playing there.

Then a man came walking by with a large two-headed dog on a leash. (It was rather like a big Great Dane) The left head of the dog grabbed one of the little black puppies and shook it. The puppy lay limp on the sidewalk.

The man first apologized to me about the puppy and showed remorse, but then he got angry and yelled at me for letting my pets and children play in the street. It was like he had two personalities.

I told him I would take care of this myself and he needn't worry about this.

I went into the house and looked in the yellow pages to find out who to call about the dead puppy.

I picked up the phone to call someone and there was a man on the phone who went through a comedic routine about what calling on the phone at certain times means, including that if a woman calls at quarter to 4, which it was at that time, they were asking for a divorce.

I assured him that wasn't the reason I was calling and told him about the two-headed dog shaking the puppy to death.

I can't remember getting any advice from him, but my two sons and I took the puppy to a big warehouse place to get a casket for the puppy.

My two sons were now grown and the puppy was as large as a small man or large child and I had the feeling I was going to be burying a man.

At the entrance lobby of this place, there was no one in attendance, but there was a telephone there, so I picked it up to call someone for help.

Again, the same comedic man gave me the same song and dance pitch about what calling at certain times means. It was now quarter to 5.

I had to hurry and get the casket to the funeral parlor by quarter to 5, and the man who had been on the phone, put the casket into the back of a van. My two sons sat in the front seat. (three men) and the man put a partition up behind the casket and told me that I would be riding in the back of the hearse with the casket. It was like sitting on a cushioned sofa back there, but my legs were hanging out the back of the van - (The casket was wide but not very long and was placed sideways in the van)

The man said we had to hurry because the crematorium closed at 5 p.m.

I started to feel fear because I hadn't planned to go to a crematorium and the man's driving was out of control. He made a left turn on a red light, went down a steep hill and then he drove so far right though a barricade that the right side of the vehicle was dragging on the barricaded wood slats on the street. Ahead, was another intersection where he was going to turn left again.

I didn't want to go that way.

NOTE:  My friend Michelle's puppy had a seizure, had a stroke, and she took it took it to the vet and had it put to sleep. The puppy had originally been shaken by a child about a month before and she had been getting the puppy treated all that time and it seemed to be getting better until it had the stroke and went into the seizures.  I didn't know about this, but Michelle asked the vet to cremate the puppy  so her children could have a 'death service' for it.


1-21-03 - This dream was like real life but wasn't lucid. I knew all the people in the 70's and 80's at A-C.

My office was moved upstairs from the 1st floor to the 15th floor. I was working in Purchasing and was the only woman in the department. There were two buyers, Richard and Dave (the trainee)

Our office wasn't done yet. There was a carpenter there, using a coping saw to widen the doorway and make little designs in the door frame. I'd like to say he was cutting little hearts in the door frame, but I didn't look at it that well. The scraps were on the floor. The wood was either cedar or redwood. It was a reddish color.

This was a big building. Just beyond our office was a double door and on the other side of it was a large hospital. Nurses were going back and forth through those doors including a curly-haired blonde guy, wearing a pink intern's jacket. I heard him say to a regular nurse, "I hear you're hiring." I saw him smile at her as they went through the doors.

All the other women I worked with on the 1st floor had also been moved upstairs to the 2nd floor also and were across the hall from my office. There were a lot of women working in that office; their desks lined up in rows.

On my desk was a 3-ring binder in which we kept inspection reports called MVR's. (Manufacturing Variance Reports) Each casting that came in that we bought was inspected and measured and matched to the original drawing. Discrepancies were noted on the MVR's and corrections made where necessary so all the parts matched to make one large whole (whatever that would be) (I worked in Pumps and Compressors. Our pumps went into Nuclear Power Plants and Sewage Treatment plants. Some of our parts were as large as small houses) My job also included shipping the patterns to make the castings from foundry to foundry.

Anyway, I had a discussion with Richard about the size of the folder in which we kept the MVR's. There were so many of the reports, the 3-ring binder was too small and I needed an expandable 3 post binder. The supply office had also moved upstairs but I didn't know exactly where it was yet.

I showed one of the women what I needed and while they went to get the binder, I set this 3-ring binder down on the desk. Unnoticed at first, a little girl picked it up and took it with her down the street to another building.

I then went to the elevator which she had used and I could tell where she was by tracking her movement in the lights on the elevator wall. It seemed like the elevator she took lit up the lights on our elevator as well. The lights for her elevator next door, lit up only to the 7th floor, while our elevator went to 15. That where I was working.

I could feel and hear the rumbling of the elevator she was on as it went down.

While I was waiting for the 3-post binder to be brought to me, the little girl returned with the 3-ring binder. I grabbed it from her and clung to it like my life depended on it. I knew there were duplicates of these reports in the individual files but this book was MY responsibility.

I carried the two books back across the hall where I met the carpenter, Richard, Dave and put the new MVR book together.

Somehow I knew we were not purchasing any new water pumps for Nuclear power plants - that part of the job was done - we were now only tracking variances of what had already been purchased.


1-21-03 - DREAM - I was looking at a hand-written letter, which had had the answer written to each paragraph beneath the original paragraph. Then it was signed at the end. I was studying the the differences in the handwriting samples, though they looked apparently alike - they weren't. (The study of handwriting is called Graphology. One can tell a lot about a person just by studying the handwriting itself.


1-21-03 - DREAM - (this might be part of the first dream - above)

I was in a bedroom, but it seemed like it was a hotel. I was laying on my side on the bed under a single sheet. I had my eyes closed but wasn't asleep. The housekeepers came in to make the med and seeing me in it, they tucked the sheet in around me, practically pinning me to the bed. I deliberately kept my eyes closed, then when they left, I got up and rushed to the closet to find something to wear because I had to get to work.


1-23-03 - DREAM - I was in my house in New Berlin, but it wasn't like normal. The bedroom was on the same level as the kitchen.

I was putting my two sons to bed on the top of a double-wide bunk bed. No one was sleeping on the lower bunk.

My sons were in their late teens or a year older.

A third guy, of similar age it seemed, very handsome, came and needed a place to sleep. He was willing to sleep with my two sons; who were facing opposite directions.

He decided which son he wanted to lay next to, so there were now 3 guys laying in the bed, two facing one way, and one laying the other way. However, the third guy didn't want to be covered with the same white sheet as my two sons and he wanted his feet wrapped in a white T-shirt, so his feet didn't touch any one elses feet.

I had a pile of old T-shirts on the floor at the end of the bed. The first one I picked up was really old and raggedy, so I searched through the pile of T-shirts until I found one that was newer.  I wrapped his feet in the T-shirt, put the two sheets over the guys, one sheet over my sons, and one sheet over the third guy, who was on the far left of the bed.

I then went to the kitchen where I and some other people were going to eat cake to celebrate something.

While I was in the kitchen, I heard a clunk or thump in the bedroom. Nobody else heard it, so I went to investigate it myself.

As I stood up to investigate the noise, on a bulletin board over on the right wall, were two cartoonish mouse head figures similar to Mickey Mouse, who were animatedly making a ruckus and complaining about something, so I took another T-shift and went over and erased them as I walked by, then I took the T-shirt to the bedroom to see what the problem was.

In the bedroom, I saw that the bed had fallen over on its side, it looked like a wicker basket at this point. My two sons and the third guy were now laying on separate pallets made of graham crackers. Two of them were crumbled and one of my sons was laying on a complete graham cracker.  All of them were sleeping soundly.

I went back to the kitchen to report what had happened. In the kitchen, a discussion ensued that I should move my car, which was parked on the street. I said I had the license to drive it, but since it was getting dark, I carried a huge, heavy flashlight with me, in my left hand, to shine on the license plate to make sure it was on the vehicle before  I drove it.

When I got there, my vehicle was a car-carrier truck with no cars on it, and there was a man there, folding up a sign that was hand-made in such a fashion so it could be changed by punching out certain letters that weren't needed. As he folded the sign in half, I could read what it said, 'NO CORONATION'.

The next part of the dream may be a different topic, but it seems related.

I needed to take a book back to the library, and a wildly animated, laughing, blonde woman was driving me and my two sons to the library. We got about half way there and were driving on 76th St. when I remembered that I had forgotten the book I was supposed to be returning to the library.  I hit myself in the forehead with my right hand and said, "Oh! I forgot the book!"

The blonde woman turned and laughed at me (I was in the back seat) and said, "You can do that another day." Just enjoy the ride.

Just as she said that, we were being followed by a rowdy bunch of guys on small motorcycles and they were crowding the car dangerously on both sides and behind us.

A couple of them passed us and then collided in front of us and fell and slid in the road.  We had to stop quickly and as we were right by the library, the head librarian came running out to see what the  noise was all about and saw that many, many books and magazines were strewn in the street. She was extremely distressed by this.

I took her in my arms and comforted her while other people ran to clean up the mess and retrieve the books. To her it was really a big disaster.



1-24-2003 -   DREAM - I was working with some people and seeing what they were going through, yet looking at it from afar like I was hovering above it.

I was looking down on a large area of the U.S. like it was a 3D map. My perspective was such that I was like in the Seattle area, looking southeast.

There were pegs/posts embedded on this map, equally spaced over the entire U.S.

Each peg/post had a number similar to a zip code.

At the number 8090, which looked like it was on the Gulf coast of Texas, the wind was so strong, it was whipping up the waves of the ocean so that they were coming half way up the sides of the buildings that lined the shore.

My sight zoomed in so I was with the people. The wind was so strong, they could barely stand up against it. The people tried to put up long tunnel-like barricades against the wind, but it was impossible to work in such conditions.

Again, I was looking at the map from afar and I saw the peg/post number 4090, which again was by the ocean shore in the area of Alabama or Northern Florida where it stretches along the coast.

Here I saw the white Dove of Peace come flying in to land amongst the people.


Subj: Re: [earthchanges] An Important Dream 1-24-2003

Date: 1/24/2003 8:33:55 AM Pacific Standard Time

From: newagesister@xxx


I do dream interpretations for people and I must tell you that this dream sounds more like a vision to me. A prophetic one. Here is a possible meaning of 4090: The earth, unity and beginnings, the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, followed by unity and beginnings again.

And if my numerology isn't wrong 4090 breaks down in the number 4 meaning Earth. Which is almost like this is a meaning within a meaning.

8090 could mean Death, resurrection, beginnings, end of one cycle and the beginning of another, followed by new beginnings again. The numerology break down of this one would be 8 which is a number of death in dream interpretations.

Don't forget this dream, Dee. I think it is prophetic. Note how your mind picked numbers that seemed to fit with the events that you were seeing.

In peace,

NewAgeSister (Cami)



1-26-03 - DREAM - I was at a large school and it was time to go home. So I headed up the path towards home and came to a railroad track.

As I crossed the track, I saw a light coming - the train was coming.  That was an exciting thought.

I love trains and I was crossing the track before the train got to the path, which was all well and good, but as I turned to tell the others that the train was coming, a young blonde boy was following me and would have been on the railroad tracks when the train came.

So, I had to turn back and grab the boy up into my arms to keep him out of harm's way until the train went by. Then I could go home.

That was all well and good, but when I turned back to wait for the oncoming train, some people, riding bicycles were slowly riding down the path on the other side of the tracks and were slowly coming across the tracks to the school and didn't see or hear the train coming.

So, I yelled at them, "Get off the tracks, the train is coming."

That was all well and good, but that didn't make the people move any faster. They actually stopped on the tracks to look to see if the train was actually coming like I was saying.

Then, more and more people  came behind them, all on bicycles, dressed in heavy winter clothes.

They were all ON the track ahead of the train, riding slowly and nonchalantly. That would have been all well and good that they were coming to the school, but the train was coming down the track faster than they were riding.

I yelled even louder at them to get their attention, "THE TRAIN IS COMING, THE TRAIN IS COMING!"

Some people turned to look and see if I was telling the truth, but nobody moved faster at my warning cries. I was like my words were falling on deaf ears and I started to feel afraid for them. I just couldn't get them to move faster before the train got there.



1-27-03 - DREAM - I was living and working in a ground floor building. It was between 8 and 9 a.m. and we weren't open for the public yet and the drapes on the front windows was closed.

My bosses name was Harald (Herald?) and he handed me some papers to type which had an attached list of names who would be working for him. He told me that he would henceforth be known as Executive Master Director.

I looked over some of the other work that had to be done. There was a purchase order there for a diffuser, but it looked like the work was already done. All we had to do was file the papers. Someone else had already done the work. That was good news. One less thing we had to do.

There were also two large envelopes of mail that had been mis-delivered - we just needed to give it back to the postman to re-deliver.

NOTE: On 2-1-03, I found out that the postman never delivered a package that was supposed to be delivered on 1-18-03

I went into the back office where old things were stored. There I found a stack of Hardy Boys Books I hadn't yet read and a few gardening books which I thought were worth keeping for future reference.

Then all I had to do was go to the bathroom and we'd be open for business.


1-29-03 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. There were teens there singing, similar to American Idol contestants.

Everyone left and I was standing in the diningroom and I saw a tall, blonde guy with a pale blue shirt and light beige pants stand up and start to come around the corner.

I got so scared that I started to scream out loud as I tried to get upstairs to where my Father was.

Joe shook me to wake me up because I was screaming out loud.


1-29-03 - DREAM - I moved back to Juneau Village apartments in Milwaukee.

My apartment was on the 2nd floor down towards the north end. (None of the apartments or elevators were in the real places)

To my dismay, Edward (my ex-husband) moved in with me. He was up to his old antics.

I left the apartment to check for mail - I had two purses (black) and two sets of keys. (I saw car keys, apartment keys, and mailbox keys)  I didn't have the master key to this building.

I went downstairs to get the mail and then remembered that nobody knew I lived here yet and I hadn't transferred my address at the post office so there wouldn't be any mail.

I saw that the office door was open so I decided to introduce myself and tell them I used to be the manager if I could be helpful, and wanted to see the new model apartment too.

So I walked in and said I wanted to see the model apartment, all the walls and floors were covered with wallpaper and carpet samples, so many of them, they looked like abstract art. It was unbelievably ugly. I couldn't believe they did it like that and still thought it looked good.

They had a huge work crew. I recognized Michael as the head guy, but none of the others.  I could tell they had a lot of work to do.

I introduced myself to the Manager and told her I hadn't received the master key for the building. She said, "You don't need it, all you have to do is lift up on the knob and walk right in."

I was dismayed that the building wasn't security locked, but I was no longer manager and what could I say.

So I headed back upstairs. There were people everywhere and i Saw cats that even used the elevator, following kids.

I made friends as I went. The women were really into soap operas and I decided I would join their group just to have someone to talk to.

One apartment I went by had a box of kittens with a mother cat. I stopped and asked how old they were. She said "15 weeks". One of the kittens had odd spot son it like it was hairless, but it was real fat. One was light grey ad one was white.

I really wanted the white one.

I asked her how much they were. She said $75. I didn't have any money with me, but figured she would take a check and told her I would come back later.

Someone was  bringing furniture up the elevator. I decided to help and discovered their furniture was only made of cardboard.

When I got back to my own apartment, Edward had hired some young guys, moved everything around, repotted all my plants and had these guys installing the largest radio, stereo equipment I've ever seen. They were adjusting the sound so it would play louder. The sound was like booming against the ceiling and i could hear some scratchiness in the sound like there was something wrong with the tuning dial. (One of my own radios does that while the knob is being turned)

Ed had got these two guys jobs as dishwashers and they were thrilled to get the job because they had been out of work for several weeks.

I was a little dismayed that the sound was so loud, but I was more worried about ''the cost' and what Edward paid or had o do to get this equipment, but I was thrilled to get it non-the-less.


1-30-03 - DREAM - I was in a large house with the characters from the TV show, 'One Life to Live'. it was evening and dark outside, but Dr. Troy suggested we go sit in the pool and have a drink.

Dr. Troys girlfriend had on a silk-flowered robe and got to the pool ahead of everyone else. The blonde woman took off her robe and got into the pool.

I saw her through the window as I went to change clothes and get into my bathing suit.

I also had a silk robe to put on over my bathing suit, but I didn't get that far.

As I walked through the livingroom, there was a short dark-haired young man there with a canister full of some kind of gas he was going to spray over everyone.

Viki saw him at the same time, and just by using eye-contact with me, she and I grabbed a white blanket and put it over the guy's head and body and pinned him to the sofa so he couldn't breathe.

She and I held him down on the sofa until Asa, the Patriarch of the family, came along and told us we had done a good job and released us from our guilt of killing the killer.


SPIRIT MESSAGE - 1-31-03 -  Good evening: I have come to you to tell you good tidings. There are evil beings everywhere, but they have been curtailed for the time being.

In every life there are challenges and tribulations. You have had your own as well.

Some say there will be more, just for now, only peace and tranquility. It is well for now.

Though the world is war torn and more to come, the inner peace is hard to come by, but so necessary for well-being and much sought after.

For some, they never achieve it, as some only achieve one goal, another is sought, and peace is never achieved.

Not so for you. You have learned to achieve and then let go. The trials behind, the pain of achievement and trial left behind, the mind is free to feel joy and contentment. Never be afraid for joy always comes in the morning.  After every test and trial, comes joy upon the achieving of the goal.

Many are there who do not see it this way, but only see the negative tests and trials. But there are those who win and the achievement is a glorious bliss.  That is only for a few though and usually short-lived.

The The trials of men are hard even for the best of circumstances, particularly in the other countries other than your own.  You are blessed to live in such a place and helped to bring forth this glorious land in past lives.

There is much that people of faith do not accept , but we know that you do.

Be blessed and heartfelt. We bid you adieu.

Blessed BE~!


1-31-03 - VISION

I saw a newspaper article titled   POPE PREPARES FOR DEATH AND SMOOTH TRANSITION

Below the headline was a photo of the Pope and  papal guards standing on both sides of him.

SEE: pope-death.htm


1-31-03 - DREAM - I was with a woman and we were discussing diet. I was cleaning ot a large freezer and scraping peas and hamburger off the sides and preparing to wash the walls of the freezer down. We were disgussing her husband's habit of eating 4 packages of blackberries a month and how expensive it was. I told her I knew it was good for his heart but it seemed a bit excessive.

Prior to that I was going to drive to work with my husband but decided not to because I had a stomach ache. I then went into the house and moved my police radio from the kitchen to the bedroom and planned to lay in bed and listen to the scanner. I looked for some pain medication and found a little tube marked with "B" .10mg.  I thought about take 1/2 a one bcause I didn't know how strong they were.

NOTE:  later in the day, I took 3 of those 1/2 pills of vitamins and I KNEW later that it was too much.  Darn it! Why don't I pay attention to my dreams. :-)