JUNE, 2004


6-1-04 - DREAM - I was with a large man on a bus, going north. We could either keep going that way or make a right turn on 15th St. and go East on a transfer.

We both decided to go East on 15th St., but now we were walking single file. There were a lot of young people and children going this way.

We ended up going downhill for a few blocks, but then ended up at a children's library where the books were laid out on a wooden rack, which we had to climb to get to the best books.

These books all had colorful covers with pictures of kittens and other animals on them.

I picked out one and then we walked into a temple-like place where we wre expected to sit and sing chants. There was one particular word I was supposed to chant. It was underlined on the line of text in the book.

I can't remember what the word was. It was 4 or 5 letters long and either started with a M or G.

I didn't have time to sit there all day and chant so I hired a woman to do it for me. I got another book with the word in and gave it to her.

I then went down into the basement of this building where we were supposed to change clothes. I was with a few children down there. There was a man hidden over in the corner who was planning to grab the children so I had to protect them from him.


6-2-04 - DREAM - I was in a car with my ex-mother-in-law Audrey - (she died in 1996) Se was driving. She said she was hungry and wanted to stop at a grocery store and buy something to eat. That was fine with me.

She parked the car where all I could see was a small post office and a bar. She said that this town only had honorary city status because it was so small.

I asked her how big the town was and she pointed out the post office and the bar, but when I changed my position in the car, I started to see more buildings, more houses and even several shopping malls. The town was way bigger than she thought.

We drove up to the grocery store and I was ready to get out ofo the car and go into the store and she changed her mind about going in.

I asked her if she was still hungry and she said, "Yes!" but she had pooped her pants and didn't want to get up and let everyone know she stunk. So I went by myself.

I went into the building, which looked like a grocery store on the outside, but when I got inside, there were young teens doing marching drills in a large hallway. They looked familiar like actors I've seen on TV.

I decided to use the bathroom as long as I was there so I found the ladies room and when I went in, there was no privacy, so I decided not to use it. Several other women came in and I told them they could take my turn and I walked back out.

This building seemed maze-like and everyone was wandering around trying to figure out which way was out. Once I left the bathroom, there didn't seem to be a clear way out.

I went into one hallway that was filling up with hot water. At one end, we were told there was an exit by swimming through the hot water and going through a hatch in the wall and following the water out. I said, "No way! - no thanks!" and kept looking for another way out.

Way in a corner thehre was an office with glass windows. We thought there might be another exit through the office, so I opened the door. It was a rather small office - one desk and one chair. There was a lamp on the desk, but there were dozens of lamp shades sitting around.

I laughed and told the other people that whoever had this office was a "pretend" spiritual guy. But he still only had one lamp. The shades were just for show.

NOTE: I don't know how we got out of there. I don't remember anything more.


6-3-04 - DREAM - I was in a small city or town and went to visit some people when my ex-husband Ed and his new girlfriend were living. I was in a really good mood and upbeat and happy. The people there told me that Ed had an accdient with his car last March and the car had been totaled out, but he was okay.

There was a yellow vynyl chair in the room where I was and it was rather dirty, so I asked for some cleaner and a plastic scrubby and a little water.

So I was energetically singing and scrubbing the dirt off this chair, which was working like a miracle when Ed and his new girlfriend pulled up in their new car. (A blue one)

They sat in the car and watched me until I finished cleaning the chair. Meanwhile I was thinking, "he is going to be impressed by my energy and enthusiasm as well as how good I clean."  (He was like a perfectionist that way) 

When I finished cleaning this chair, Ed and his girlfriend got out of their car and they came up to me to say, "Hello!'

I could hear her groaning and complaining about the pain in her legs and assumed she had been in the car accident with him earlier in the year and had been injured.

They walked up to me and we smiled. She said, "Hi! I'm Bev Grant. Thank you for talking to me on the phone last night during the lessons."

I had a memory then of talking to a woman on the phone the night before, but couldn't remember exactly what I had advised her.

I told her she was welcome. Ed had changed somewhat. He was older and fatter, but still handsome. I was still attracted to him. I also know he wasn't going to be happy with someone who complained about their aches and pains all the time. 

As we said our goodbyes, I walked closely to him and kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear, "Patterns run deep!" and smiled at him.

I then left and went energetically down a hill toward the next intersection. I passed a woman who was going the opposite direction. She was talking into her purse and I had to assume she was tape recording her thoughts as she walked along. Not a bad idea, really, I thought to myself.

I headed fora  place on the corner where they had offices where people could walk in and volunteer to work for a time.

I chose the last and smallest office. It was about the size of a wooden outhouse. A young men was in line ahead of me. He knocked o nthe closed door and there was no answer. He said, "I wonder if they are closed."

As I woke up, I saw two small cards. The first one was all negative information about a woman. The second woman was cheerful and I saw on the card "Twinkle eye."  I pretty much knew I would have the second card. But the thought went though my head that I was volunteering to be a heart transplant for her.

As I came more awake, I realized I wasn't breathing very well and my own heart was laboring for oxygen. A couple deep breaths stabilized it. I couldn't help but wonder what else was going on with my soul while I was awake.


6-4-04 - DREAM - I was sitting on what seemed like a carpet at the top of a steep hill - alongside a male companion.

I picked up the front edge with my hands and riding like a magic carpet ride, we started sliding down the hill. We went faster and faster until we were going about 80 miles an hour. 

At the bottom of the hill the road met another road like a T and unfortunately two cars pulled right in front of us - a blue one and a red one.

The drivers of those cars obviously didn't see us and it was a good thing they weren't going the same speed, because we were able to weave in and out between the two cars with out hitting either one of them.

We were all three hurling down the road at breakneck speed when a rather large U-shaped piece of metal fell off the blue car onto the road and it came to an abrupt stop.

So, I dragged my heels on the ground and came to a stop and then walked back to see if the man was okay.

The red car stopped as well and the driver turned out to be a cop in uniform. 

We told the man we would drive him and his broken car part to a garage to see if his car could be fixed, but there was a problem with that.

It was the day before a big holiday and the whole town was shut down to celebrate. 

Our magic carpet was now a blue car and we told both drivers to get in the back seat of our car and we would drive them to the local garage.

The cop got in very reluctantly it seemed.

My male companion was now driving and I was the passenger on the right in the front seta.

Rather than driving forward to the garage, my male companion, backed the car up all the way through town until we came to a barrier that had been roped across the street so people could walk in the street and visit the shops and buy trinkets at them like a small street carnival.

I got out of the car and walked up to the first stall where a smiling Jessica from One Life to Live TV show was selling trinkets. 

She was holding two items, one in each hand and each one cost $11. 

I never did exactly see what these items were, but I bought one of them and said I wanted the second item to be a real clock (it was the one in her left hand) 

It seems that these items she held were like covered crystal bowls. 


6-4-04 - VISION - I saw a wall that had a line of dual cloks on it going virtically.

All the clocks on the left were black.

All the clocks on the right were white.

All the clock were at 11: minutes past 11.


6-4-04 - VISION - I saw a big white clock on a wall. It was at 11 minutes past 11 and when I saw the clock, I heard the word MOM.

The word M O M is like digital 11:11


6-4-04 - DREAM - My father called on the phone to give us a list of chores that had to be done.

I started to write them down on a big tablet as he dictated them.

He started out by saying, "I want you to read the book I wrote.  There is a copy of the video they made of my book in the upstairs closet."

Before I could say anything, my friend Jeanine ran upstairs to get it.

I wanted to run upstairs too, but he was still talking. He said, "A copy of my book is in the Law Library at the University of Louisiana."  I scrawled Louisiana on the tablet.

He said, "I left a treat for you in the closet upstairs as well."

He hung up and I dashed upstairs after Jeanine. She didn't know about the treat.

I got up there and in the closet was a white covered dish.

I lifted the lid and on the plate were 6 donuts and 6 large cookies and each one was covered with a different color frosting and topping on the the frosting ranging from chocolate to white vanilla with white coconut.

I took the time to separate the cookies from the donuts so I could see them all and then feeling full of joy. I reached for the phone to call my Father and thank him for the wonderful scrumtous cookies and donuts and tell him I would always buy my cookies and donuts at Heinemanns because that's who delivered them.

My father's phone number was 21.



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