compiled by Dee Finney


6-4-04 - DREAM - I was sitting on what seemed like a small oriental rug at the top of a steep hill - alongside a male companion.  I picked up the front edge with my hands and riding like a magic carpet ride, we started sliding down the hill. We went faster and faster until we were going 80 miles an hour. (This number was given to me in the dream) 

At the bottom of hill, the road met another road like a T(tau) and unfortunately two cars pulled right in front of us - a blue one and a red one.

The drivers of those cars obviously didn't see us and it was a good thing they weren't going the same speed, because we were able to weave in and out between the two cars with out hitting either one of them.

We were all three hurtling down the road at breakneck speed, when a rather large U-shaped piece of metal fell off of the blue car onto the road and the car came to an abrupt stop.

So, I dragged my heels on the ground and came to a stop, then walked back to see if the man was okay.

The red car stopped as well and the driver turned out to be a cop in uniform. (karma)

We told the man we would drive him and his broken car part to a garage to see if his car could be fixed, but there was a problem with that.

It was the day before a big holiday and the whole town was shut down to celebrate.

Our magic carpet was now a blue car and we told both drivers to get in the back seat of our car and we would drive them to the local garage.

The cop got in very reluctantly it seemed.

My male companion was now driving and I was the passenger on the right in the front seat.

Rather than driving forward to the garage, my male companion backed the car up all the way through town until we came to a barrier that had been roped across the street so people could walk in the street and visit the shops and buy trinkets at them - like a small street carnival.

I got out of the car and walked up to the first stand where a smiling Jessica from One Life to Live TV show was selling trinkets and other objects.

She was holding two items, one in each hand and each one cost $11.

I never did exactly see what these items were, but I bought one of them (the one on my right, but in her left hand) I told her I wanted the second item to be a real clock.  It seemed that these items she held were like covered crystal bowls.


The negative crystal bowl.


Dreaming of going backwards represents looking at your past. The barrier prevents you from going farther and taking a look at where you are. 

Left and right hands represent negative (left) and positive (right)

The clock represents 'time'.

6-4-04 - VISION - I saw a wall that had a dual vertical line of clocks on it.  All the clocks on the left were black, and all the clocks on the right were white.  All the clocks were at 11 minutes past 11.

Black = negative

White = positive

6-4-04 - VISION - I saw a large white clock on a wall. It was at 11 minutes part 11 and when I saw the clock, I heard a voice say, "MOM"

I noted later that the word M O M is like the digital 11 o 11

The 'mother' represents the higher self.

6-4-04 - DREAM - My father called on the phone to give me a list of chores that had to be done.

I started to write them down on a big tablet as he dictated them.

He started out by saying, "I want you to read the book I wrote. There is a copy of the video they made of my book in the upstairs closet."

Before I could say anything, my friend Jeanine (God is gracious) ran upstairs to get it.

I wanted to run upstairs too but my father was still talking. He said, "A copy of my book is in the law library at the University of Louisiana."  I scrawled "Louisiana" in big letters on the tablet.

He said, "I left a treat for you in the closet upstairs as well."

He hung up and I dashed upstairs after Jeanine. She didn't know about the treat because she had run upstairs before she got all the instructions.

I got up there and in the closet was a white covered dish. I lifted the lid and on the plate were 6 donuts and 6 huge thick cookies and each one was covered with a different color frosting and topping on the frostings ranging from dark chocolate to white vanilla with white coconut and all kinds of colors in between.

I took the time to separate the cookies from the donuts into two circles so I could see them all and then feeling full of joy, I reached for the phone to call my father to thank him for the wonderful scrumptuous cookies (scroll to the cookie dream) and donuts and tell him I would always buy my cookies and donuts at Heinemann's because that's who had delivered them.  

My father's phone number was 21. (This is the penultimate letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which is shaped like a trident. This is said to be related to the Holy Spirit.)

The father represents God.

The symbolism of the trident, and the number 216, is related to the number 21.


6-5-04 - DREAM - I was in my apartment in the bedroom, watching TV. A newscast came on showing a real-estate developer who had built 11 tower-like apartment buildings in a complex. Each building had 11 floors with just 1 apartment on each floor.  Each apartment had only one window that was round like a porthole on a ship. Each window in the building was colored differently like looking at a stack of candy Lifesavers.  The windows were offset on each floor and surrounded by a white flower. All in all, the whole building looked like a white pillar candle with colorful flowers embedded in it.  (Similar type building)

Because I was between jobs, I decided to get dressed and go over to the developer's office and propose that he allow me to be the manager and rental agent for these buildings because of my extensive property management experience.

While I was standing there in my red petticoat, the manager of my own building walked right in - without permission - and brought two young men in to look at my apartment because I was going to be moving soon.

The two blonde-haired men were introduced to me as Brian (strong) and Bike (pronounced Bikeee) (balance)  (See: Bicycle) (See: Twins)

The twin named Brian made an inappropriate lewd comment about my appearance in my red petticoat.

It wasn't that he was wrong - it was just inappropriate at the moment.

They then left and I went to the telephone to call T.M. (my spiritual teacher) and tell him what had just happened and my excitement about applying for the job as manager of the tower/pillar buildings.

T.M.'s phone number was 1450, which I dialed and got connected to. But I couldn't tell T.M. what I wanted because his boss was in the office assigning him tasks to do.  So all the time I was on the phone waiting to talk to T.M., I was overhearing the list of tasks T.M. was being assigned. It was a long list, so I finally just hung up and decided to tell him about my excitement later.



from en - en 1722 and guion (a limb); pledged (as if articulated by a member), i.e. a bondsman:--surety.

Above number from the Bible concordance.

I continued to get dressed for the day and walked through the doorway to the bathroom, where I noticed that a wide spray of water was coming out of the door frame. I knew that meant that there was a burst water pipe in the wall and it would take long for the whole place to get flooded.  (See: Floods)

So I needed to call maintenance and get the burst pipe repaired before the whole building got damaged.

As I finished dressing, another newscast came on the TV and it showed the blonde-twin named Brian talking about the disaster about to occur in my building and about the 11 tower/pillar buildings which he said he owned and said there was a problem with only having one window in each apartment because it didn't allow enough LIGHT to come in.  It turned out 'he' was the owner of all these buildings.

He ended his broadcast by saying, "Such is the life that goes on in the 10,000 hells of the McDonalds!"

I got a phone call from my friend Michelle then to tell me about something bad she saw on TV. She said she didn't quite get the man's last name but it started with an M. I said, "Yes! that was it - his name was McDonald!"


7-21-00  - DREAM - I was in a car with my ex-husband Jim. I don't know where we were going, but we were on 16th St. going north, just south of North Ave. (This is a one way street going north) Instead of going to the stoplight and turning right, he turned right into a narrow passageway right behind the building which fronted on North Ave.

Though there was a large grassy area to the right of the car, he was almost hitting the building on the left side of the car. Though I was a passenger in the right side of the car as we turned the corner, as we went along the narrow way, I was behind him in the back seat, so could easily judge how far we were from the building.

We had to stop however, because just before we got to 15th St., there were two trees in pots on the sidewalk and we had to stop rather than driving on the grassy area. Jim got out of the car to move the pots and as he did, a woman came out of the building doorway with a laundry basket full of dirty laundry and wanted to enter the laundry room which was a closed door behind the open door.

This was a problem and the car was in the way, so I got out of the car and moved it over so she could adjust the door situation and enter the laundryroom.

Now there were two open doors and a man came out of the first door to see what was going on. He was rather like a supervisor type person. He resembled Jimmy a shorter black man who worked for me on Highland Ave. earlier on.

More and more people began to appear and I realized that this was a large apartment building and many people were coming out to do their laundry and Jimmy the supervisor man was opening more and more laundry room doors along the "Way. "

Our car was now a bicycle and my husband Jim went around the corner onto 15th St. to scout the area as he wanted to show me some of the old buildings in the area.

Meanwhile, I had to wheel the bicycle after him and when I came to the 15th St. end of this "Way", there was a steep stairway going down to the street. (This is not normal for the area in real life)  There was actually two stairways side by side, an 'up' stairway and a 'down' stairway.  I had to duck under a huge pipe that was overhead and accidentally dropped the bicycle down the stairs ahead of me. It crashed loudly at the bottom of the stairs and I just knew it was probably broken.

At the bottom of the stairs, an old black woman picked up some of the pieces and brought them up the other stairway.  She told me her name was Gertrude and that she would put the pieces of the broken bicycle in the hallway which the "Way' had now turned into.  She said she had two rods and a hatchet and would lean them against the wall.

I thanked her and went to pick up what was left of the bicycle.  I found a copper wire spring that was in a loose spiral (similar to a slinky), and I saw a structure that looked like a transit from which sightings are made by engineers to exactly measure distance and lines,  and a couple of nondescript pieces of metal. But I needed the parts of the bicycle Gertrude had picked up to attach them to.

So I went back up the stairway and now found myself in a maze of hallways, all of which had open doors into laundry rooms which seemed to be everywhere. Jimmy, the supervisor was everywhere also ... doing his supervising, but Gertrude was nowhere to be found and I was finding metal and cloth pieces of 'things' laying against the walls everywhere.  I told Jimmy about Gertrude and he said he would help me determine where my two rods and the hatchet were, but we weren't having much luck.

I thought I spotted two bicycle wheels but they turned out to be silver garbage can lids, so that didn't help.  I put those aside and kept looking for my rods and hatchet.

Meanwhile, tables piled with old clothing appeared outside the laundry rooms and there was stuff everywhere.  Jimmy was eyeing some blue cloth on one of the tables and I somehow felt that I owned it because of my lost bicycle pieces and I was accumulating 'stuff' to replace the lost bicycle parts.

I picked up as much as I could carry and went back down the stairs to where the rest of the broken bicycle parts were, which was now a more broken, and what had been the transit was now all in pieces and all I could see of it was the top pedestal on which the transit sits and four loose legs, and a pile of 'stuff'.  It seems that my ex-husband Jim had gone home to get another car ... a station wagon ... to haul the 'stuff' home.

I went back and made another trip to find the lost bicycle parts and picked up more stuff and returned to where the car was on the last trip and discovered that Jim had moved the car farther away.  So, the trip was longer this time, but I noted that he hadn't picked up all the 'stuff' from the first pile and laying on the ground was strewn a long line of toy cowboys and Indians, all laying on their sides like they were dead.

I deposited my 'stuff' on a long table that Jim had set up by the car to accumulate bicycle parts on.  I don't know if he was trying to reassemble the bicycle, but he sure was accumulating 'stuff'.

I went back to the building to look for the rods and hatchet again, and when I went to the laundry rooms along the 'Way' I was now in the land of the giants.  These guys were all wearing bluejeans and shirts but they were all 9 to 10 feet tall and could barely stand up in the laundry rooms.

In one laundry room, I was pleased to note that the people who lived in the building were writing down their favorite web site urls so others could go to them also. I seemed to recognize a couple of them.  One particularly friends giant of a guy was expounding on themes that sounded like he might like my own web site, so I told him that I was the webmaster of Dreams of the Great Earthchanges and that the url was 'greatdreams.com'.

He was all smiles and thanked me for telling him.  I went back out into the hallway and Jimmy was bringing out a new fresh batch of bluejeans and laying them down on a blue sheet in the 'Way' for others to choose from.  Talk about giants ... the waist sizes on these jeans had to be at least 56 inches across and more.  Guys coming along the 'Way' were thrilled to see that there was clothing to fit them too and were picking up these bluejeans and trying them on for size.

I woke up at this point ... feeling exhausted and thought I had been asleep so long it was probably about 4 p.m.  I was surprised to look at the clock and see that it wasn't even 11 o'clock yet.  But I was soooo tired.


Another Magic Carpet Ride:  12-23-98 - DREAM - I was standing on top of a high hill in the dark with a younger woman. Off in the distance, I could see traffic coming into the city from two different directions...from the Northwest and from the West. The strings of car lights were so pretty seen from the distance. As the two streams of cars came toward each other, they merged at a specific point and became one larger string and came into the city.The girl and I were going in the opposite direction. She wanted to know which road we were going to take. I told her we didn't have to make that decision until we reached Highway 16. Then we could decide. She was behind me like we were standing on a magic carpet. She was not really close to me but was standing on the carpet. The carpet rose in the air like a magic carpet. We started moving forward. The freeway entrance was just ahead. I made sure she was ready and the carpet started moving along the highway faster and faster as we swooped down into the darkness towards the strings of lights coming out way. It was an exhilarating ride swooping along the road...fast through the darkness. There were no other cars on the road going this way with us. Finally we had to reach the point of decision and headed towards the Northwest. On and on we went and I could feel the carpet stretched out behind me almost like superman's cape. Finally we reached the destination and I felt the carpet shortening behind me. When I stopped totally, the carpet felt like a belt around my waist. I turned around to speak to the other woman and she was not there. I wondered then if she had ever begun the trip with me at all. I had not seen her since the carpet began to move and for all I know she may be standing on the hill, still waiting to make her decision.

At this point I was in a city that had a Middle Eastern feel to it, like bricks made of Adobe or brick of multicolored brown, reddish, and yellow clay.

Then I was looking at a computer screen and on it was an animated Santa Claus which also had a Middle Eastern uniform on and a big moustache and he showed me the title of the page with 16 lines beneath it. It was 'The 16 Points of Peace.' 


Dreaming that you are riding a magic carpet indicates that you are overcoming your obstacles and physical limitations.

Dreaming of Police in your dream are a symbol of security in your life, and represents karma.

Dreaming of vehicles represent the self. If you dream you are driving, you are in control of your life. If you dream that someone else is driving and you are the passenger, then the other person is controlling your life. 



"The Symbolism and Spiritual Significance of the Number 11"

11:11 - What Does it Mean?
... added a cross, the perpendicular and horizontal lines of which were supposed to form
the foundation of the spiritual temple, by ... The meaning of 11:11 as the ...


11:11 - Eleven-Eleven

11:11 is said to be a pre-encoded trigger placed in our cellular memory banks prior to our descent into matter which when activated, signifies that our time of completion and ascension is near. It is believed that one knows when this particular gateway opens for them by continually seeing the numbers 11:11 in there every day lives as a continuous occurrence. Activation of other gateways may be symbolized by other digits.

The frequent appearance of 11:11 that and sometimes others repeating numbers in an infinite number of ways, is a pre-programmed wake-up call.  The mere fact that these numbers are being constantly manipulated in order to seek our attention, goes a long way towards convincing us that other realities exist. In truth we are spiritual beings experiencing physical life, not a physical body have spiritual experiences. It's our spiritual consciousness that is being addressed by our physical eyes being called to attention by seeing these numbers. We all struggle during our physical lifetime to remember who we really are, and for what life's purpose we serve. Being on the receiving end of an endless repetition of 11:11 wake-up calls should act as a positive reminder of our spiritual life.

Eleven for aeons has been known as the number of enlightenment ... in fact a gateway to enlightenment that's often seen symbolically represented by twin pillars erected on either side of an entrance to ancient mystery temples.

Freemasons regard the left hand pillar (Boaz) as representing strength, while the right hand pillar (Jachin) is set up to establish righteousness. Symbolically we can see that the visual eleven possesses a dual quality and trait, as strength plus established righteousness equals stability.

Characteristically the black and white tiles on the floor of a Templar church, Gothic cathedral or a Masonic lodge fit together to form an integrated whole, which is the a symbol of duality creating balance.

As we speak of the duality, we are saying that the number eleven should never be thought of as having only one meaning, as duality is black as well as white in the duality. The people in ancient times often feared the number eleven, because with enlightenment we also must face change. This means that there will be mass upheaval when the old order of things is being swept aside. This is the exact situation we are seeing now while we are having  the 11:11 experiences, as this is our eleventh hour.

An example of a negative experience is one that Gordon Michael Scallion had: 

A new vision which occurred in March of 2000. GMS was out for a walk on his property, heading north along a lane. He started feeling electrical sensations in his legs, which is a clue that a vision will occur within a moment, so he had to sit down.  In the vision, he found himself in the same location, the trees were blooming like it was early summer and the sun was at 11:00 o'clock position in the sky. The sun moved slowly then from the 2:00 p.m.  o'clock position, back to the 11:00 a.m. position, but instead of going in the correct direction, it move a whole new direction. It moved south. 

The vision switched to a car wash is which he interpreted to be the lithosphere was slipping over the layer below. 

The the vision went back to the 11:00 a.m. o'clock position and he saw the wind started blowing with a massive wind. He figured it was probably about 300 MPH. 

I had one about Gordon Michael Scallion myself while he was on the radio. This was mine: 

4-18-01 - Gordon Michael Scallion was on Art Bell on the radio. He talked about his vision of the Pole Shift. While he spoke, I saw the scene that took place in summer because the trees were blooming (to me this is Spring) The sun came up to about 11 o' clock, then suddenly shifted to 2 p.m., but it didn't go from east to west, it went ''south". 

Within the duality, the number eleven can play an extremely negative role, such that the negative experience of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, the number eleven appeared everywhere. It was seen in the flight numbers, in the number of people on board, in fact in so many ways, that it simply couldn't be put down to mere coincidence. Even the twin towers, which side by side looked like eleven, were hit twice!

... significance, yet have been unaware of its true meaning. ... of you who have know that
11:11 was something ... or connected to an invisible spiritual thread, through ...

Unfortunately, these kinds of changes are imminent, and inevitable for these are the "end-times".

But because we are dealing with the duality, the number eleven is not always black, but can be seen as white as well.  The symbolism of 11:11 was highly revered by some other ancient peoples. Priests and initiates into Mystery Schools learned about the eleven that's found within 11:11.  The number eleven is also the number of enlightenment, and this kind of enlightenment comes from within. When we begin working in harmony with the divine plan of the sacred numbers we see in our daily lives, our path of  evolution eventually leads us to become enlightened beings.

Humanity On The Pollen Path - Part One
... was also right, but that it can also represent spiritual influences or ... Pablo's dream
seemed clearly related to the meaning of Revelation 11:11, the point ...

We find numerous meanings to this number in the Bible as well:

From: http://members.cox.net/8thday/meaning.html    we find:

10 ~ Testimony, Law, Responsibility ~ Number used representing man under "the Law" ~ accuser uses this number to accuse man

11 ~
Positive Meaning of the Number 11:

The same as the number 2 (11 = 1 + 1 = 2), but only as in a WITNESS ~ they are KEEPERS of something.....The Woman, The Torah (as the keeper, or body of the Word under Law), and The Elect (as the keepers of the Word or Body of Christ - the Bride) ~ and as such, a Witness (
see also the number 22 (11 + 11) as the DOUBLE WITNESS). Also, the 2 witnesses in:

Revelation 11:3
And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.

Note the above is revealed in Revelation " 11 " and refers to " 2 " witnesses as the keepers or body of a certain message! This is no coincidence! The world is looking for the manifestation of 2 literal MEN (possibly Moses & Elijah) as the 2 witnesses in Revelation 11. Nowhere does it say these 2 are men. In fact, biblical numerics reveals these 2 are not men at all, rather, females in the symbolic sense who bear in themselves the witness, or ORACLES of God! Scripture tells us there ARE, indeed, two women who bear in themselves as the witness of God ~ they are Judaism (House of Judah - witness of the Torah - law), and Christianity (House of Israel - witness of the Messiah - grace)! Both are female. I am certain this is why we see the chapter on the unity of Judaism and Christianity in Romans chapter " 11 ".

As Eddie Chumney stated in his wonderful book, "
Restoring the Two Houses of Israel," ~ God's Power Twins: Torah (Judaism) and Grace (Christianity), which symbolically are the 2 candles lit by the woman of the house on the Jewish Sabbath!

11 ~
Negative Meaning of the Number 11 ~ (1 + 1 = 2) ~ Jezebel, The Whore of Babylon (as the keeper, body, or witness of "strange doctrines"), also: Judgment and Disorder

Ed. F. Vallowe, from his book, "Biblical Mathematics, Keys to Scripture Numerics, How to Count the Bible,"
© 1992, pp. 94-97........

"The number ELEVEN is associated usually with DISORDER AND JUDGMENT all through the Bible. ELEVEN is one more than TEN. Number TEN represents the law and RESPONSIBILITY. A broken Law and Responsibility always brings JUDGMENT and DISORDER. This number ELEVEN is used 24 times in the Word of God.

There were ELEVEN JUDGMENTS upon the Egyptians. Those are as follows:

1. The plague of Blood. (Ex. 7:19-21)
2. The plague of Frogs. (Ex. 8:1-7)
3. The plague of Lice. ( Ex. 8:16-17)
4. The plague of Flies. (Ex. 21-24)
5. The plague of Murrain. (Ex. 9:1-7)
6. The plague of Boils. (Ex. 9:8-11)
7. The plague of Hail. (Ex. 9:22-25)
8. The plague of Locusts. (Ex. 10:12-25)
9. The plague of Darkness. (Ex. 10-21-23)
10. The plague of First-born. (Ex. 12:29-30)
11. The overthrow at the Red Sea. (Ex. 14:24-28)

See: REVELATION - THE EIGHTH GATE AND THE BOWLS OF PLAGUE    ALSO SEE: http://www.greatdreams.com/chems.htm. ... me. (Revelation
16:1) are the last series of plagues for God to judge the planet. ...

Israel was delivered from the JUDGMENT that fell upon the first-born of the Egyptians by the blood of the Passover lamb. That was the TENTH JUDGMENT. TEN represents the LAW, the TESTIMONY. This pictures deliverance from the condemnation of the LAW when faith is exercised in the blood of Christ. This represents the salvation of the soul. But after the soul is saved there is still the question of security. This is pictured by the protection of the Israelites from the Egyptian army by the pillar of cloud and fire which stood between them.

"The angel of God which went before the camp of Israel removed and went behind them; and the pillar of cloud went before their face; and stood behind them: and it came between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel: and it was a cloud of darkness to them: but it gave light by night to these: so that the one came not near the other all the night." (Ex.14:19-20)

This shows a picture of the eternal security of God's children. Among the seventeen things that Paul said should not separate God's children from his love he mentions principalities and powers.

In addition to the salvation of the soul and its eternal security there is the salvation of the body, which will take place at the resurrection of the body. This was pictured by Israel's passage of the Red Sea. It was here that the ELEVENTH judgment upon Canaan, a son of Ham, because Ham saw his father's nakedness when he was uncovered in his tent. Noah said,

"Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants he be unto his brethren." (Gen. 9:20-25)

In Genesis 10:15-18 it says that Canaan had ELEVEN sons.

"And Canaan begat (1) Sidon his first-born, and (2) Heth, and the (3) Jubusite, and the (4) Amorite, and the (5) Girgasite, and the (6) Hivite, and the (7) Arkite, and the (8) Sinite, and the (9) Arvadite, and the (10) Zemarite, and the (11) Hamathite; and afterward were the families of the Canaanites spread abroad."

This should answer those who claim that God had nothing to do with the curse pronounced upon Canaan.

In Jeremiah 52:1 it is said that Zedekiah reigned ELEVEN years in Jerusalem. He was a wicked king.
"And he did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord." (verse 2) In Verse 5 Jerusalem was besieged by the king of Babylon until the ELEVENTH year of Zedekiah's reign. Then Zedekiah was captured and taken to Babylon, and JUDGMENT.

At Kadesh, sometimes called Kadesh-Barnea, the children of Israel brought JUDGMENT upon themselves by refusing to go up and possess the promised land after the twelve spies had returned. They were condemned to wander in the wilderness until forty years were over, and until all who were 20 years old and upward when they had been numbered had died, with the exception of Joshua and Caleb. (Numbers 13:25 to 14:31). Now read Deuteronomy 1:2:

"There are ELEVEN days journey from Horeb by the way of Mount Seir unto Kadesh-Barnea."

Those ELEVEN day's journey brought them to the place where JUDGMENT was passed upon them. The country of Sinai is often called Horeb. (Deut. 5:2-27 and Exodus 19:1 to 20:19). At Horeb, or Sinai is where the LAW, represented by the number TEN, was given. ELEVEN is one more than TEN. How fitting it is that the number ELEVEN should be found right after Horeb, and that those ELEVEN days brought Israel to a place of JUDGMENT. Was this a mere coincidence? Surely not! It was so designed by the ONE who inspired the Scriptures to show us the connection between the Law and Judgment. A broken LAW always brings JUDGMENT.

There were ELEVEN things that John saw in connection with the JUDGMENT at the Great White Throne. He saw (1) a great white throne; (2) Him that sat upon the throne; (3) the dead, small and great, stand before God; and (4) the books were opened, and (5) another book, which was the book of life; and (6) the dead were judged out of the things written in the books; and (7) the sea gave up its dead; and (8) death and hell delivered up their dead; and (9) these were judged, every man, according to their works; (10) he saw death and hell cast into the lake of fire whose names were not found written in the book of life. (Revelation 20:11-15)

Let the reader read the passage referred to and see if these things are not listed correctly. Since John said, "They were JUDGED every man according to their works", in two places, the writer counted them and found ELEVEN things. (Read Revelation 20:12-13.) There was a reason for this repetition. It was perhaps to let us know that in this JUDGMENT the subjects will be those who are dead both spiritually and also physically, before being raised. This is the last JUDGMENT.

When the Bible talks about ELEVEN disciples, it means one has fallen away, JUDGMENT has fallen and one is under judgment.

It would be well for the reader to study the 24 times this number is used in the Bible."

Note from Eighth Day Assembly ~ also be watchful of multiples of 11, such as 22, the double 11 ! Although the number 22 in our Bible is a positive number, perversion could interpret it as a double 11, or "double judgment " ! There were many terrorist activities thwarted that were planned for September 22 !

The amazing number 22!........check this out........The number 22 in scripture generally speaks of "light." This ministry believes it is no coincidence that on October "11," President Bush released the photographs of the "22 Most Wanted Terrorists," and in his speech he stated, "....these 22 terrorists hide in the darkness, but we are exposing them with the “light of justice"...." President Bush probably did not realize the number 22 represents light, and the number 11 judgment, but our God did! The "light" in this particular 22 is the "light of justice," and the 11 (as in the day of the President's speech, October 11, 2001) represents a double judgment coming back upon the terrorists! God is with us mightily, even through the biblical numbers, telling us that the light of justice has, indeed, come as a double judgment upon the anti-Christ terrorists!

* New insight ~ April 9, 2003 ~ This is the date that the Saddam Hussein statue was pulled down by American Troops in "Paradise Square" of Baghdad, thereby ushering in the Light of Liberty to the Iraqi people who have lived in darkness for a very long time! It was exactly 22 days from the start of the War with Iraq, on March 19, 2003, to the pulling down of the statue on April 9, 2003! This is no coincidence. Again, as it pertains to terrorism, the number 22 is apparently a picture of DOUBLE JUDGMENT upon terrorism and tyranny just as President Bush stated in his speech, October 11, 2001! The Light of Justice has come upon the terrorists and tyranny as a double judgment, and the Light of Liberty upon those who had been plunged into darkness by this tyranny!

The Tree of Life is an important symbol in ancient texts.  It comes to us through Hebrew mysticism teachings which we see most frequently in Tarot Cards.  But this is only the outward form most people see. Those who really want to know what the symbolism mean eventually dig more deeply into what we call the Kabbala/ Qaballa. It comes in a variety of spellings, but it all means the same thing in essence.



(Thoth Atus)

1.   (10) Malkuth


The Aeon--The Universe

2.   (9) Yesod


The Hermit--Lust

3.   (6) Tiphereth


The Sun--The Moon

4.   (4) Chesed


The Devil--The Tower

5.   (7) Netzach



6.   (5) Geburah


The Magus--The Star

7.   (8) Hod


The Emperor--The Empress

8.   (2) Chokmah


The Chariot--Fortune

9.   (3) Binah


The Lovers--Art

10. (1) Kether


The Fool--Adjustment

11. (11) Daath


The Hanged Man--Death

Explanations of the glyphs in depth: http://www.thelema.net/hml/eleven.htm


The Meaning of the Tree of Life

The Kabalistic Tree is sometimes called The Sephirotic Tree of Life. The circles or spheres are called sephiroth.  A single circle or sphere is called a sephira.  The teachings about the Kabalistic Tree of Life are very deep and complex. The ten spheres and 22 paths of The Tree generally represent the nature of the forces behind Creation on all levels, from microscopic to macrocosmic.

Daat is said to be a secret, hidden, eleventh sephira. It is depicted as a circle formed by dashed lines below the main triad of three circles at the top. It is said to be the secret of the transition of Binah, the upper-left sephira corresponding to the Mother aspect of the Godhead, from the Dark Sterile Mother (Ama) to the Bright Fertile Mother (Aima), also know as Marah, the Great Sea. Marah is the root of Mary. It is the concept of a virgin becoming a mother by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The "hidden" sephira called Daat means "knowledge." The idea of moving into Daat, then, may indicate that God has or will move into a position to transmit new knowledge to mankind.

In The Book of Knowledge, The Keys of Enoch, written by scientist, Dr. James J. Hurtak, after he was visited by the Light Being, Enoch, in 1973. The first paragraph in the Prologue is quite meaningful:

"Beloved - The Father's Limitless Light is being poured forth and our Tree of Life is being activated. Love from the highest levels is penetrating the planetary veils. From the higher worlds without limit or end, the emissaries of Light come in vast number to advance the foundations of life and refashion new worlds. They bring with them Light which is greater than a thousand suns to awaken our next stage of evolution and to assist in bringing us into a purer form of superluminal Light."

The book is full of Kabalistic terms. Kabalism is very ancient and pre-Christian. It is an esoteric Jewish tradition. Dr. Hurtak's book explains Kabballah and the Sephiroth in new ways. With Sacred Names the Sephiroth = Tree of Life. He also speaks of triads and Trinities, saying that we will become Trinitized Powers. Orion, called in Hebrew, "Kesil," is referenced to Job 38:31, and is said to be the Central Control for all the higher programs of development connected with the astro-chemical networks and reprogramming life synthesis in our universe. Orion will emanate the "gnosis" (knowledge) as the world transformation takes place.

Joe Mason's series of articles, Humanity On The Pollen Path, explain how various dreams and coincidences relate to Revelation 11:11, and indicate that the Great Change concerns a leap to the Heart chakra level of consciousness evolution by humanity en masse.

There is a connection to the idea of the "Virgin Birth." Joseph Campbell, the great mythologist, said that it is the birth of the spiritual man born out of the animal man, that occurs at the Heart chakra level. The lower two chakras are associated with survival and procreation instincts. The third chakra, at the solar plexus, is said to be related to the will to succeed. In its negative aspect, it can be a will to dominate and turn everyone and everything into agreement or subservience to the self. The Heart chakra is the human/spiritual level of love and compassion.

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Solara tells us: "Next time you see 11:11, stop and feel the subtle energies around you. The 11:11 is a wake up call you sent to yourself. A reminder of your true purpose on Earth. Usually during times of heightened energy or accelerated personal change, you will notice 11:11 more frequently. It is a powerful confirmation that you are on the right track."

Spiritual Meaning of REVELATION 11:11

Verse 11. And after three days and a half the spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and a great fear fell upon them which saw them. 

By "three days and a half" is signified to the end and the beginning, because it is now said of "the witnesses," that "the spirit of life entered into them, and they stood upon their feet." By "the spirit of life from God" is signified spiritual life; and by "standing upon their feet" is signified natural life agreeing with spiritual life, and thus vivification from the Lord, which means understand as the consolation that arises out of faith.. By "the spirit of life" is meant the internal man, which, considered in itself, is spiritual, for the spirit of man thinks and wills, and to think and will in itself is spiritual. By "standing upon their feet" is signified the external of man, which is in itself natural; for the body speaks and acts what its spirit thinks and wills, and to speak and to act is natural. Every man who is reformed, is first reformed as to the internal man, and afterwards as to the external. The internal man is not reformed by merely knowing and understanding the truths and goods by which man is saved, but by willing and loving them; but the external man, by speaking and doing the things which the internal man wills and loves, and, in proportion as this takes place, in the same proportion man is regenerated. The reason why he is not regenerated before, is, because his internal is not before in the effect, but only in the cause, and, unless the cause be in the effect, it is dissipated. It is like a house built upon ice, which sinks to the bottom when the ice is melted by the sun; in a word, it is like a man without feet to stand and walk upon. It is the same with the internal or spiritual man, if it is not founded on the external or natural man. Such then is the signification of "the two witnesses standing upon their feet after the spirit from God entered into them"; and also of similar expressions in Ezekiel:--

Jehovah said unto me, Prophesy unto the wind, and when I prophesied, the spirit entered into them, and they stood upon their feet (Ezek. 37:9, 10).

In the same:--

A voice speaking unto me, said, Son of man, stand upon thy feet; and the spirit entered into me and stood me upon my feet (Ezek. 2:1, 2).

And in the same:--

I fell on my face, then the spirit entered into me, and set me upon my feet (Ezekiel 3:23, 24).

This is what is meant also by the Lord’s words to Peter:--

Peter said, Thou shalt not wash my feet only, but also my hands and my head. Jesus said to him, He that is washed needeth not save to wash his feet, and the whole is clean (John 13:9, 10).

11b And great fear fell upon them that saw them, signifies commotion of mind and consternation at Divine truths. "Fear" has various significations according to the thing which causes it; here "great fear" signifies commotion of mind, and consternation at Divine truths; for Divine truths have these effects with the evil, for they terrify them when at the same time they hear of hell and eternal damnation; but that terror soon vanishes, together with the faith that there is any life after death.

Exerpted from; http://www.biblemeanings.info/Bible/Revelation/ch11,v11-m.htm


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Mark 11:11 And Jesus entered into Jerusalem, and into the temple: and when he had looked round about upon all things, and now the eventide was come, he went out unto Bethany with the twelve.

1 Cor. 11:11 teaches that “neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord”—they must be as one. This relationship of husband and wife is so important in the kingdom of God because the family is the basic unit in the kingdom of God and provides the purpose for eternal existence. The importance of this relationship should give us enlightenment about how husbands and wives should treat each other—as equal and indispensable partners.

Romans 11:11-24 - Again I ask: Did they stumble so as to fall beyond recovery? Not at all! Rather, because of their transgression, salvation has come to the Gentiles to make Israel envious.