Year of Truth 

May we walk together into the New Earth! Love, Kiara


By Kiara Windrider
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It was two years ago, September 17, 2001, that the symbolic calendar etched into the measurements of the Great Pyramid ended. Moira Timms, author of "Beyond Prophecies and Predictions", saw this time astrologically signifying the ending of long range karmic cycles, the beginnings of a planetary initiation, and changes in earth's electromagnetic field with respect to the sun.

The planetary initiation began in that very week, with the events of September 11, and the reign of global terror that has followed. Two months before that fateful day, in light of this Pyramid prophecy, I had sent out a global call for a Day of Truth, encouraging individuals, governments, corporations, and businesses to reflect on the lies, deceptions and illusions that were at the foundation of many of our lives, and to courageously disclose these, laying the foundation for an Age of Truth to come.

The planetary initiation has begun. Whether voluntarily or not, we will be increasingly called to confront our karmic patterns, forcing into the light much that has remained buried under the rug. Difficult questions remain in political as well as individual closets.  Who was behind 9-11? What were the reasons for the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq? Why the global dependence on oil when 'free energy' alternatives exist that are just as viable, perhaps more so? What about the various extraterrestrials eager to share spiritual gifts and benign technologies with the people of Earth? And on and on!

"Light always shines in the darkness", said presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) in his acceptance speech for the 2003 Gandhian award. "And darkness has dropped upon our country, upon our Constitution, upon our highest aspirations for America, upon our historic traditions. The light of truth will shine in that darkness, and the darkness will neither comprehend nor overwhelm it. So we are called upon at this moment, to be witnesses for peace, for truth, for light, for love, for compassion, and for the potential of humanity to evolve from a condition where some believe that war is inevitable, to a condition where our knowledge that peace is inevitable becomes the defining paradigm of a new century and a new world."

 When enough people unite with strong intent, truth will be revealed. Many people came together with that intention on September 17 in 2001 as well as 2002. This year, beginning September 17 again, I have been feeling guided to expand this, and put out the call for a Year of Truth. This year, let us each courageously examine who we are and what we have been told. This year, let us continue asking difficult questions of those to whom we have entrusted our planet.  This year, let us elect honorable candidates (such as Dennis Kucinich) into office who are not afraid to pursue the answers. This year, let us use the media to share what we know. This year, let us lay the groundwork for the Age of Truth.

 Electromagnetic frequencies on the planet are shifting, and a major restructuring of consciousness is taking place. By 2006, according to the Mayan calendar, waves of enlightenment will be sweeping the planet, and we will be expanding into a galactic cycle as never before. We need to prepare ourselves accordingly. I share more about this on my website,, and in my book, 'Doorway to Eternity: A Guide to Planetary Ascension'.

 The Age of Truth, what the ancient Hindus referred to as Satya Yuga, is being birthed, but it requires active participation on our part.  Investigate what is going on from as wide a perspective as possible, including websites such as,,,,,,,,, and  Listen to the stillness within. Find your place within the web of life. Come together in community.  Use the internet and media. And make a commitment to humanity as a planetary citizen, perhaps using the covenant of truth below.


 I am a planetary citizen
 Honoring the life of the earth         
 honor the sacredness of all life
            And all humanity as my family
 I am a child of freedom
            A unique, creative being of spirit
 I embrace my darkness
            And celebrate my light
 I choose the path of truth
            For truth is the purest expression of love
 In truth lies my power and my freedom
            I claim this now
 I speak my truth without fear
            I listen to another's truth without judgement
 I am a clear voice of truth
Calling my community and nation to the path of
            Justice over revenge
                        Peace over conflict
                                    Love over fear
            Beauty over chaos
                        Honor over corruption
 In affirming the highest truth of our being
            Is the awakening of the new humanity
                        The doorway to the new world
 I step through this doorway now
            And extend my hand to those who would follow
 From untruth I come into truth
            From darkness I come into light
                        From death I come into immortality

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