MAY, 2002


5-1-02 - DREAM/VISION - I saw a sheet of paper with a bout 12 lines of printing on it. In front of each line was a symbol which was unreadable but I knew it meant gangly legged elephants and huge fat crocodiles.


5-1-02 - DREAM - I was working for Tom, the locksmith man. He had a side job that I was more interested in getting involved in. When I saw that a newspaper sheet with beautiful colored pictures of fruits and vegetables like we get in the mail every week. I knew that was what I wanted to do so in the future - make up a catalogue of foods that people could by in advance for survival.

White he was gone on a job, I made an attempt to print out the first trial sheet. It as the right size, and had an appropriate number of items on the paper but there was no colored pictures on it yet. I knew that would take extra training and experience.

Tom had given me a special lock for my bedroom door which we tried out to make sure it worked. It was shaped similar to the Christian cross but with fancy edges like the Templars used and one had to insert the key into the lock with a device that looked like an electric drill.

At the end, I was coming out of the school I was in, just as the gangly legged elephants were arriving at the school down and people were letting them inside. They were really tall, but had skinny floppy legs and I was afraid of them.


5-02-02 - DREAM - I was in a room with all my kids and my first husband. I was on my knees on the floor and everyone else was standing by the walls.

My son Bob had poured  wax on the floor by the door and I was trying to remove it, but it was as hard as  concrete. I had a wide painters spatula in both hands and couldn't scrape any of the wax off the floor.

My husband said that nobody had a spatula sharp enough to do that, not even the neighbors.

I discovered that the linoleum on the floor was loose, so I started prying big chunks of the linoleum off the floor down to the bare wood. Everyone just stood around watching me. It seemed to be getting darker in the room, so I asked - in general - to nobody special - "Could someone please turn on the light?"

Nobody moved to do it. So I said it a little louder - "Could someone please turn on the light?" Nobody did!

I could have gotten up and turned on the light myself, but I got angry instead - if no one would turn on the light, I wouldn't work either.

So I sat against the wall in the darkening room and pulled all the unread newspapers from Sunday into a big pile and started to read it. Nobody moved - they just stood where they were - in the dark.


5-3-02 - I only remember the end of this dream.

DREAM - I had a job in a big hotel to hang up coats for big shot men who were arriving. The meeting was going to start at 4 p.m. However, it was only 1 p.m. and one man in a long black winter overcoat arrived.

He told the receptionist he wanted to see Marshall and he was directed towards me and I took his coat.

I told him that some of our own gentlemen were already upstairs.  He thanked me and handed me some odd trinkets and said, "I hope you'll feel like using these later." and smiled at me. Politely I said, "I might!", knowing I wouldn't. I then took his coat to hang upon a hanger in a coat room that was set up to handle hundreds of coats. I also moved some flannel shirts around, one of which was green and black plaid.

I took the trinkets over to where Joe the maintenance man was sitting to ask him what they were. One was a longish balloon with a picture of a blonde woman on  it. The other one looked like a foot long imitation of a blue match.

As I was waking up, I was shown a replica of a bison rock carving and was told, "Kimber was given the job to sweep off this carving and it took her 45 minutes."

NOTE:  I think that this was the meeting of the Bilderbergers.


 5-4-02 - I had two dreams in which I was hunting for ETS. I woke up screaming from the first one. I don't know why I was scared because I'm not in real life.

The first dream was a blurry grey picture. I couldn't really recognize what was moving on the screen. I just knew it had to do with ETs.  Then a white circle was drawn around the ETs and that's when I freaked out and started screaming and woke myself up screaming out loud.


5-4-02 - DREAM - I went for a job interview with a tall, dark-haired woman and his husband. I made an eloquent short speech about my experience  being such that I could match my skills to their needs.

She hired me on the spot. I started the job the same day. When I got into the office. I had my own large office. There was nothing on the desk, but a moment later, my boss wrote out a purchase order by hand and took the vendor copy with her. I decided I should look in the desk because to see their filing system and see if there was any unfinished work or open purchase orders to see what was due to come in.

I opened the bottom drawer and saw all the previous purchase orders were separate out - a pink copy, a yellow copy, and a white copy, but there was no way to know if they were finished unless the 3 copies were brought together and correlated, so I had a big job ahead of me.

Back at home, I had also moved into a new house. There were things wrong with it. I noticed there were mice turds on the floor in the bathroom and by the front door, so I needed to vacuum that up and get some mouse traps.

I also saw some razor sharp silver or steel curved spikes embedded in the carpeting by the front door so I immediately pulled those out.

A woman came in and brought a large wall mirror. I told him that there was a perfect spot for it on the livingroom wall. There was a mirror there already, but it was narrower and didn't reflect the same.

The new mirror was strange. If you looked directly into it, everything was super-magnified, so nothing was clear, but from the side view, everything was clearer than real almost. So I decided to hang the new mirror up myself.

I found a special tool to take down the old mirror and it hand strange screws in it holding it to the wall, almost like a doctor's tool to look in one's ear.

When I took the mirror down, I discovered that beetles had accumulated on the back of it, so I handed the mirror to the maintenance man who took it outside to knock the bugs off of it.

Some man in the house quoted a verse out of the first chapter of Genesis. I didn't recognize which verse it was, so I looked in the house bible to see what he quoted.

I was astonished  to see that Chapter 1 of the house Bible was only short hand-written notes. He had quoted verse 6 and it wasn't even a full sentence. So I decided to get my own Bible and see what it really said when the details were added to it.

I also saw a window that was greyish and when I made a sweeping swatch on it, I could see  brilliant sky blue was there. That was a good sign.

I started to change clothes and put on a sky blue bathrobe with a bright yellow nightgown. I noticed that at night, there were spaces at the side of the shades that people could see into this house with the lights on, so I always needed to be fully and nicely dressed.


5-5-02 - A WORK NIGHT - DREAM - I was manager of an apartment building scheduling maintenance work and doing other people's laundry along with my own white and pink sweaters.

It seemed like most of the people in the building wanted their bathroom plumbing fixed all in the same day. We had never been so busy.

I made note  that it had got steadily warmed up outside and all of a sudden everything iced over like an ice age. Someone scratched off a bit of ice and there was a date revealed 1-02-2022.

I continued to do the laundry. I was working with the Mexican children. One man told me I should make it a point to work with the crime issues in our local town. There had been a murder in our building. Someone said, "Oh! That's okay - the cops only have to move the body 8 feet to the morgue.

I took the laundry out to the yard to hang it outside. The Mexican children's last laundry had been done 5 years earlier and was still hanging on a trellis-grid like structure. I removed a little grey skirt and white blouse that would fit a 5 year old girl. I saw a problem on the trellis-grid. The bottom most stick on the right side was broken off. Someone came from behind me and said they would try and fix that by inserting anew stick into the grid.

Then I saw someone drive up to the curb with my Father in the right passenger seat. The speed of the car stopping so fast made my Father's body be thrown forward. He was wearing all beige clothes with a spring jacket and smart looking gentleman's cap. But my Father was obviously sick. He looked like death warmed-over and he had violent dry-heaves and was gagging.

While I was watching my Father be sick, a male friend of mine quickly walked over, leaned over and gave me a quick kiss and whispered, "The maintenance man left two pens in the bed-clothes this morning."

Because my Father was there, all I could say was, "I hope there was nothing wrong with them," meaning I was hoping they weren't broken and leaking.




5-6-02 - DREAM - I was looking at a computer screen. I was given the initials of a person and if I guessed who it was, the rest of the line filled in automatically. I was then given the initials RRR.

I thought it was Paul Revere's Raiders, but his first name was Paul not something with R.

After I woke up, I was thinking about it and a loud knock hit the wall behind my bed. I suddenly remembered the motto, "One if by land, two if by sea."



5-7-02 - VISION - I was outside in someone's yard, and there were many sizes and shapes of women sitting on the ground and walking around, and coming to see me. They looked Indian. They were dressed in a variety of ways. I was thinking they looked Indian - with long black hair - but I couldn't tell what tribe they were.

Finally, one of the larger women came up to me. She was wearing white buckskins. She turned around so I could see her black hair flowing down her back, but I could also see she had something carved into the back of the buckskin tunic she was wearing.  I don't know what it was but it seemed to go from collar to the bottom of the tunic - about a foot wide, delicately carved.

This might have been Michelle's yard.

5-8-02 - DREAM - I was laying in bed in an extremely large bedroom. I had just woken up and was laying in bed, trying to remember my dream - a young girl - a teen - walked in and said, "It's 7:00 a.m. Did you forget to set your alarm?"

My eyes popped open in the real world like I really had to get up. I looked out the window and saw that it wasn't light out, so I went back to sleep.

I was sitting in an office ante-room, reading a magazine. There was an article and ad about the cost of becoming a teacher. It cost $46,000 a year for class tuition. Once one graduated, as a teacher, you earned $46,000 a year. What a coincidence.

I showed the article to some men I knew who were sitting in chairs nearby - also waiting for appointments or something.

I and my friend Irv and a couple women went to look at school buses to decide whether we wanted to buy one.

I looked at Irv and he had a gold leaf-shaped pin on his forehead on the right side. He came over and kissed me on the forehead.

I then had a vision of what looked like an artist's pallet, but with no holes in it. It was maroon. It flipped over and on the back side - it too had a gold-leaf pin on it, just like Irv had on his forehead.

I then had a vision of my own teacher's pallet (with no holes in it) It was the same maroon color as Irv's but wider and higher by a bit. It too flipped over and on the back it said, 'Jesu-american'.

We were standing in front of the bus, which was the identical color of the teacher's pallet.

I was able to stand there and push a button to test the lights and the blinker lights to see if they were working and they were. There was also a destination sign in an upper window like buses have, but I didn't read what it said.

We then decided to get inside the bus. We got on near the back and walked forward towards the driver's seat which was more or less like an airplane cockpit seats - one on the left and one on the right.

Irv got in the right - so-pilot seat - nobody was in the driver's seat. I and the other two women were still standing behind the driver's seat.

The bus began to roll down the parking lot to the street. The bus was not turned on - just rolling.

I, in a panic, said to Irv, "Can you reach the brake and the steering wheel?" He said he could, so he steered with his left hand and braked with his left foot, though I felt like I was also braking at times from where I stood - with my right foot at times - (back seat driving?  :-)  hahaha

The bus rolled down an embankment into the street and we turned right and started rolling down the hill. The hill was steep, similar to Tacoma, WA, Seattle, WA, and San Francisco, CA streets.

One didn't turn on the engine only braked - we kept rolling and rolling. We were going pretty fast and all we could do was pray that nobody got in our way or tried to go across our path as we crossed large intersections. The road was snowy - like it was winter.

On and on down the hill we went - I don't know how the bus took the punishment of going through the intersections because at this speed, it was like flying and jumping the bus.

We finally got to the bottom of the hill and I discovered we were on 70th St. by A-C, but we weren't done yet - we still had to make a 25 foot jump across Greenfield Ave. - down onto the road below. A man stood there and said, "That jump used to be 50 feet."

I marveled that the bus withstood the trip at all. We rolled to a stop and I woke up.


5-9-02 - DREAM - I was being shown that there was more than one Dog star. I was seeing the stars in color. 

NOTE: There is Canis Major and Canis Minor


5-9-02 - DREAM - I was getting ready for a large party. I wanted people to sign in and asked my brother-in-law to make up a sign that said SIGN UP HERE FOR THE TOUR. I found an appropriate piece of cardboard box cover for him to make the sign. Meanwhile I was having people sign up in a loose-leaf folder I laid on the table. There were quite a lot of people there - no children. 

Some people had already eaten, so I went around and collected the used plates and forks to do the dishes. Someone still needed to go back and wipe the table off of food crumbs before the entertainment.

I was going to sing for the people but I was nervous about it. I practiced a bit with a microphone. It sounded pretty good so it gave me more confidence.

I then went to Beverly R.s house. She had a fluffy dog sleeping in the bathtub. There were bits of paper stuck all over the walls around the tub. She was gong to get in the tub and wipe it down, but I told her I would do it for her, which I started to do. I told her it would be easier to use a wet rag, but she said, "No! That is the cleaning ladies job."

I then went for a ride with my Mother and Father. My mother was driving. I sat in the middle and my Father sat on the right. He was wearing his all-beige outfit. (My Mom can't drive)

My Mom was driving up and down the old neighborhood near downtown. I thought about going to the museum but that sounded like too much walking. 

My Mom wanted to drive up the next street on the left to go look at a large school. My Father suddenly jumped out of the car and started to walk by himself to the right. My Mother said, "He wants to go to Florida".

My Mother then turned left and parked by a large school that was up on a hill. She got out of the car and started walking across a large field of clover towards the school.

I had a strong feeling that she was going to fall into a large hole half way across the field and if I followed her, I'd fall in the same hole in the ground, so I couldn't follow her.

NOTE: My Mom is 85 years old and doesn't have much time left to live and has Alzheimer's, so I know I can't follow her right now.



I saw language symbols never seen before.

I saw a page of the people's names with a red, white and blue flag in the upper left-hand corner.

I saw many musical notes flying.

I met a woman named Risa. She was very beautiful, with long black curly hair, dressed all in black with clothes that looked old fashioned - like early 1900's or maybe French, with long black high heeled boots. 

I heard some French words - Lund de guerre. 

When I was finished, I was told, "Bright blessings"

5-9-02 - Risa, Goddess of Natural Disasters (with Maidoyú)

Daughter of: 


Portfolio: God of Water, Sea, Sealife, Lakes and Rivers

Titles: Ocean of Life,

Sister to: 

·         Sira, Goddess of Nature and Animals (with Maidoyú)

·         Airnté, God of Harvest and Agriculture (with Maidoyú)

Also daughter of:


Portfolio: Goddess of Birth, Motherhood, Marriage and the Earth

Titles: The First Mother, Mother Of Us All, Great Matron (Of Blessed Birth)

Married to: Olmawi, God of Winter and Ice


·         Sira, Goddess of Nature and Animals (with Mannannan)

·         Risa, Goddess of Natural Disasters (with Mannannan)

·         Airnté, God of Harvest and Agriculture (with Mannannan)

·         Decalleigh, God of (Physical) Healing (with Olmawi)

·         Sayguel, Goddess of the Air (with Olmawi)

·         Nash’Geo, God of Travel and Exploration (with Olmawi)


5-8-02 - DREAM - I found myself in an all white large dome home and the center room was walled by open book shelves on all 4 sides with thousands of books. On the outside of these shelves was lots of walking room and I could see windows beyond to the outside with green grass and blue sky outside.    

Then I went shopping with my Mom. I bought myself a new purse that was black that had gold overtones and had a gold chain shoulder handle.

My Mom bought some things and tried to pay with a red and white grocery credit card. The clerk asked her if she had an American Express, Master card or Visa. My Mom said, "Oh! I'm sorry! I think I left it at home in my other purse."

I knew she had never had a credit card in her life, so I paid for her purchases which was $82.35.

NOTE: This is 'karma'.  I obviously paid for hers.


shiphrah {shif-raw'} from 8231; TWOT - 2449b; n f AV - garnished 1; 1 1) (Piel) fairness, clearness


adelos {ad'-ay-los} from 1 (as a negative particle) and 1212; adj AV - appear not 1, uncertain 1; 2 1) not manifest, indistinct, uncertain, obscure


agenealogetos {ag-en-eh-al-og'-ay-tos} from 1 (as negative particle) and 1075; TDNT - 1:665,114; adj AV - without descent 1; 1 1) one whose descent there is no record of, without genealogy


5-9-02 - I worked all night on a project and hadn't eaten breakfast, so the boss went to the bakery and brought in  two large bags of fresh baked, still warm breakfast rolls.  I couldn't eat any because they are made of wheat but the boss didn't know I was allergic to wheat. One of the men, who had been working too came over and asked if he could have one, so I passed him the whole bag. He was extremely appreciative. The 2nd bag was all plain rolls so I sent them over to the baker - just on the other side of the room and asked if he could fill them with something good. He said, "Yes!" I don't know what he filled them with, but I passed them out to the other workers as well.

I then discovered that my shirt had tiny bugs crawling in the collar edge from the work I had been doing, and I needed to take it off and wash it. Another man asked me where I was going  as he wanted to buy me a beer. He offered me 3 sizes, so I said I'd take the smallest one, knowing I wouldn't take but an honorary sip to show my appreciation.

Having changed clothes, for some reason I lay down to rest and the people in the church were told I was sick. The famous basketball team heard I was ill and each one came in the room, leaned over and kissed me on both cheeks. This was so cool, to be treated so well, I thought to myself, "I should have low blood pressure more often."

These guys were all HUGE men, like 8 feet tall and wide as well. It was a very impressive experience.

After I woke up, I was laying in bed, thinking about the dream and had a vision of 3 little boys, sitting at 3 one armed school desks. Superimposed above them, it said in large letters, JORDAN MASK.

NOTE: This might be 3 countries and their leaders.  Jordan and ? and ? 



I saw a spark jump up and go smoking down in a spiral onto my lap and burn a little hole in my dress.

I saw some orange letters split in 1/2 but it was too fast to read the words.


5-10-02 - DREAM - I was in Waukesha County, WI in Waukesha. I walked to the courthouse to apply for a job. It was a huge building and took up an entire city block up on a hill. One entered on the lower level and walked up to the 1st floor. 

When I got to the stairs, they were barely wide enough for one person to walk u and two little boys were playing with toys on the stairs. They were nice enough to let me walk up the stairs but before I got to the top, I got the feeling that the whole stairway would collapse if I went a step further, so I had to go black down and walk along the lower level to a different stairway.

Along the lower level was a restaurant along the wall. They were cooking hamburger while one stood there and waited.  I ordered my food and when they cook it, grease got on the walls, so they demonstrated a magic cloth which was yellow and it wiped the grease off the walls in no time flat. I could reach it from where I stood.

They then showed me how to fly this magic yellow cloth through the air like one would skip a rock across a lake.

Somehow I slipped into a time warp and was not looking at a computer screen being shown a page of links on time travel. Then the page went through a wormhole and from there were more links to more time travel sites. I went through another wormhole and there were even more time travel sites.


5-10-02 - I don't know if I can explain this adequately.

DREAM - I was traveling along a road with a male companion/husband. We stopped at a gas station/way station here there was other activity gong on besides just getting gas.

There was a man there offering dancing lessons. His name was Robert Kento? He turned out to be the shortest man there, so I gave u the idea of taking dancing lessens even though I knew I was a good dancer, everyone can use pointers to improve. There were other people in the way station, truck drivers, kids - all guys.

We left the way station and were driving along a road that was high up on a precipice- overlooking a huge valley far below. Two young boys, wearing red and white motorcycle racing outfits, riding red and white motorcycles raced past us. They were showing off.  They were good riders, but messing around and had an accident. The motorcycles were in such a precarious place, I didn't see how they could be rescued. Another car came tearing down the road from behind us and recklessly passed us, not caring who else was on the road.

Then one of truck drivers from the way station came along and using one wall of his truck like a hydraulic plate, let the edge of the truck lean way out over the precipice and rescued the boys. Then the hydraulic wall of the truck came back down onto the truck like it was a flatbed truck.

I was so happy, I gave the truck driver a big hug and we went on our way.

A ways on down the road, we came to a T intersection. There was a pink building on our right on the corner, so we had to edge out gradually to make sure there was no traffic coming. As we did this, we saw a black man driving down the road in a pink Cadillac convertible. He was obviously drunk and this was like watching a comedy act. He couldn't drive straight and was all over the road, so we backed up to let him go by. As he drove past us, he and his car flip flopped and he ended up impaled upside down on a fence like this: 

  \ /

(This might the Tarot Card 


Here we see a man hung on a gallows by one foot. Yet on his face is a look on untroubled serenity. As the sacrificial king he sits confused and humiliated yet unafraid. His face has a look of peace on it. The Hangman's feet are arranged in a figure four. This arrangement is a throwback to an Egyptian Hieroglyph of similar design. The Egyptian hieroglyph in question means as a verb "to dance", as a noun "heart-soul." Our heart is the beat that we each dance to. Like Shiva dances his dance of life at the center of the universe, the hanged man likewise dances this universal dance whether or not his heart is in it or not. It is said that a person hanging upside down begins to become conscious of the sound of his heart as it beats it endless "I am, I am, I am."


We then went on our way to town where I went to an office in an apartment building. This business was owned by a father and daughter . I got the impression it was a publishing business. For some reason I feel this is Playboy magazine. The father was going off into the dark and leaving the business to his daughter. Her ideas were different than his and she was being defiant in having her own way with the business. It didn't bode well.

I was turning my job over to some other people, one of whom was an engineering - Leonard - Some people came and got all my office stuff to move to their office and pulled away the cart with the boxes on top which was covered with an old quilt to keep the stuff clean and safe. 

After all the office supplies had been transferred, I went across the hall to see how they were getting along. Leonard, the engineer, as is typical of him from when I used to work for him, was unorganized and couldn't find the large yellow cards that membership lists were kept on. I told him the new cards were in one of the boxes that were on the moving cart. He said, "Oh! I think that cart got moved to the basement storage locker because there was an old quilt over it, they thought it wasn't important."  Figures. hey?  

So, to help them out, I grabbed the key tot he basement storage locker which was on the end of a long black and white leather thong, which was a black strand wrapped around the white strand, twisted around each other like a braid. 

I headed on down the hall to go down the stairs at the end. As I went down the hall, there was a black man standing along the wall where another hallway branched off. It was darker down that hall to the left. I cautiously walked u tot he man and asked him why he was standing there in the dark. He started telling me all his troubles, his ex-wife, his ex-this and ex-that and I could tell he was drunk. I told him he couldn't just stand there and told him he should go to his apartment.

I headed on down the hall and heard the black man coming after me. He was angry and belligerent and I knew he could hurt me, so I started to run for the stairway, yelling for help, because all the doors to the apartments were open and everything was brightly lit here. 

Suddenly, the drunk man turned into a karate expert in complete costume they wear. He was boxing his arms and kicking his feet ominously really fast all the way down the hall towards me.  He was showing off what he could do and not close enough to hurt me - YET!  I only knew one thing was to defend myself by kicking up at the appropriate moment when he got close enough - to stop him.

So, when he got just in the right spot,  kicked out with my left foot, bracing myself on my right foot and placed my left foot into his diaphragm, right under the breast bone. That's all it took and he went down flat on the floor, unable to breathe. I was astonished at how easy that was. I barely touched him.

NOTE: Joe says the death blow is at the same spot, but pushing the breast bone into the heart -

Then, I saw in front of my eyes, a typed write up as to what could have happened with me being injured if I hadn't know how to defend myself. 

Then as I woke u I had a flash vision of an open magazine. There were two columns on the left page and 2 columns on the right page. In the center of each page, was a red and white picture of something symbolic - perhaps like a dragon - but it was a symbol of some kind. All the print was in red on the white page.

Superimposed over this were the words: GUILD DESTRUCTION IMPEDING


5-11-02  - I was laying in bed and heard a low-pitched wooden sounding 'bonk' in my left ear. That was followed by another tone of a slightly higher pitch which I can't describe. I knew this meant messages coming in, so I just remained quiet and listened.

DREAM/VISION - I was sitting in a room by the window. 3 boys, dressed in red and white T shirts came to the window to kiss me on the left cheek. That was followed by a group of 5 boys dressed in purple and white striped T shirts, who all leaned in the window and kissed me on the left cheek. 

All these boys looked alike - so I knew this was rival factions or groups vying for my affections.

A strange looking man came to the window then and attempted to kiss me on the lips. I rebuffed him and told him he was only allowed to kiss me on the cheek - that only Joe was allowed to kiss me on the lips - and he was sitting to my right. So, he kissed me on the left cheek and it felt really lovely, but I knew this too was to win my affections - it didn't have a romantic feel - only an attempt to make me think kindly of him.

I then went into another room where there were a lot of women gathering. One woman, who was dark haired had 3 tiny children - all ill with fevers. I asked her how that happened - she explained that her cycles got all mixed up. I related to that as I had 3 children in a row the same way. I sat wit the children and stroked their foreheads and their fevers subsided and they were fine so I moved on. 

I went into another room where an old white-haired lady, who had an oval straw basket full of trinkets and jewels spilled some of them on the floor, so I helped her pick them up so n one would step on them and either ruin them or hurt their feet. 


5-11-02 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house but it wasn't like normal. The lady next door decided to put in a garden and asked permission to put a garden in our front yard too. I had been told to grow a garden, (by spirit) so we said, "Yes!" I looked at the garden out the door when she was done and it looked a rice paddy, than a regular garden. The rows were all full of water. 

I went to the next room over. It was very large with sky blue carpeting. There was no furniture in this room, but there was a large glass fish set up in the center of the floor.  The fish tank didn't have water in it. It was being used to house a blue bird which was sitting on a perch in the center of the glass enclosure.

There was no lid on the glass tank. Over farther, I could see a blue bird flying free in the room. Reflected in the glass of the fish tank, I could see a flock of birds flying free outside -

So there were 3 stages or venues of freedom of living. All these birds made their own choice, because none was really caged except by their own thought.

I saw a lot of stuff on the floor and decided to vacuum it clean.


5-12-02 - DREAM - I deleted much of what I had written about the churches on a web page.


5-12-02 - DREAM - I deleted what I had written about angels. 


5-12-02 - DREAM - I wrote a new web page about the churches.

NOTE: All these pages were in black and white - not the colored pages I've already done.


5-12-02 - DREAM - I was making a web page about Carol Burnette. It included text and fabulous pictures.

This took time to do and then I was having trouble finding the SAVE button but managed to duplicate it before I woke up.

NOTE: We had been watching a Carole Burnette video before we went to sleep.


5-13-2002 - DREAM -  I was running a school in an old Victorian type house.

Early in the morning, T.M. sent me an e-mail with a link to a picture of me I didn't know he had.  I clicked on the link and the picture appeared on the screen, but it wasn't a picture of me, it was a picture of a black and white star chart of where I came from.  (Sirius B)

I wanted to save the picture, but somehow the mouse got disconnected and I couldn't point at the SAVE button. Actually, I was thinking that if both computers were on, I could access T.M.'s computer as long as he was on line.

My daughter was at a desk behind me, so I showed her the picture, But when I turned back, I couldn't see the computer. It had disappeared from my eyesight. I turned back to look at my daughter and when I did, I could see my computer in my peripheral vision, but when I faced forward, it was invisible to me, yet my daughter could see it.  I did this several times
but couldn't figure out how that had happened.

My daughter left the room and I started going from desk to desk, looking at everyone else's mouse connections to find one that would fit mine, but every one was different and none matched so I couldn't use them.

A couple of moments went by and we heard someone came in downstairs.

As luck would have it, the people coming upstairs were a neighbor woman named PAT who was tall and thin with salt and pepper hair and my Aunt Cora whom she was bringing home. Pat put Aunt Cora to bed in the next room to mine. Unfortunately, she brought 6 of her 12 dogs with her. They were like Chihuahua size or a little larger, but mutts - not purebreds.

All the dogs jumped up on the bed with me. I was particularly fond of one that was all white. The dogs then jumped off the bed and ran into the schoolroom where the students hadn't yet arrived for the day.

They were making such a commotion, running around, I got up off the bed to talk to Pat and tell her to take the dogs home again.

Pat came into the schoolroom. I said, "I'm sorry, but you're going to have to take the dogs home again. They are adorable but its just too much commotion.

Pat replied, "But you said you wanted to see the puppies. We had 12 of them and I only brought 6.  I have a 13th dog as well. Its a purebred white Alaskan  Malamute."

I really would have liked the 13th dog, but it was too large for me to handle.

Meanwhile the mother dog and a couple other light brown puppies were gamboling about. I hugged them all before Pat headed for the door with the puppies. She had come up the public stairway, but decided to take my private stairway back down.  The door to the private stairway was off of my bedroom, so she opened the door and all the dogs headed down the stairs. I closed the door, which didn't have a lock on it

And I WOKE UP.  

Love, Light, and Joy


NOTE:  I don't know anyone named Pat, but it might be a woman who is writing a book about Reptilians who I know about.  But I don't know her personally.


5-13-02 - MICHELLE'S DREAM  - I don't know what country I was in, but was on the shore of a large body of water where there was a small harbor.  In the harbor were 4 boats. They were pleasure boats with canopies on top.  There was one person on each boat, one from England, on Italian, one from Greece, and one I thought was China.  The boats were stuck in this harbor. 

The news media was there, especially people from CNN, but many reporters from all over. 

The boat from England had a woman on it and she was pregnant and was in labor. It seemed like a tragedy because the people couldn't get off the boats.

All the press and rescue equipment was there but nobody did anything but talk. 

Something was supposed to happen to these countries, but not until an Italian Prince was born.

The English woman gave birth to a black-haired baby. The husband was flown in to the boat with their firstborn son.

The baby was wrapped in white lace and the husband held the baby like a sack of potatoes.

We couldn't figure out why they didn't move the boats. Then we found out that nothing would happen until a new Prince was born in Italy. 

Michelle called Dee there and told her, "You have to do a web page on this because the world has to know about this. I said, "But nobody pays attention anyway." 


5-14-02 - DREAM - I was editing the cover of a crop circle book, aligning the type properly, and then started working on the text inside because it wasn't aligned for easy reading and sense. 


5-14-02 - DREAM - I was working in an office where they hired someone to be my replacement when I left. She was a nice person but worked totally different than I did and didn't speak up when she had something to say. So, as a result we ended up not liking each other. Finally, I told her, "If you don't like something, say so. Don't expect people to read your mind. If you get pissed, say you are pissed. You won't get fired for getting angry."

She still hadn't said anything. So I said, "Do you have a contract?" She didn't really answer, except to look at me as if to say, "No!" So I took a legal contract, put her name at the top and signed my name at the bottom. I knew the paper was worthless because it didn't even belong to the department we worked for and my signature was meaningless on a document because I didn't have any authority and was leaving besides. But it made her feel better and feel secure so that she started to act more normal than our  of fear and insecurity. 

I was trying to work on a project where I copied pictures on a machine to give to people but the pictures were coming out on a diamond-shaped piece of paper that was like shredded on the top and bottom like lighting bolts going on a diagonal from both directions. It looked really cool but they wouldn't copy very well. So I trimmed all the extraneous paper off the edges. The picture looked like it was of my Father superimposed over a yellow map. I said I would copy it and turn it into a puzzle for Michelle and myself to work as people like us who like puzzles.

I then ran the piece of paper through the copier with a little toy reptilian between the picture and the platen as it would like the reptilian was standing in the picture with my Father. The end of the paper run was about 20 feet away from the copier and when the paper got to that end, the reptilian toy shot out the end with the paper like it was a cowboy jumping off a horse onto the floor. It hit a bicycle and then landed on the carpet. I was going to leave the reptilian lay on the carpet to go make another copy, but the other young woman was there and she picked up the reptilian and kept it herself.

I was then in someone's house. I was related to these people, but I don't know who they are. Maybe my sister's kids house, though I didn't see anyone I recognized. 

I was in the livingroom with two young boys. Behind the sofa were massive stacks of Christmas gifts. The two boys were on the sofa covered with 4 large blankets. One of the boys came over to me to stand and look at the packages. I acknowledged how tall he was getting - he was to my shoulder height which was about 5 feet. Then I asked him if he was excited to go to his great grandmothers house which would have been my own mother and he said, "Yes!" We were all going to exchange gifts there too. 

The doorbell rang and immediately 4 sisters came in the door. I didn't recognize them, but they were family members. At that point, I grabbed the 4 blankets off the sofa to take with us and remarked to one of the sisters - "look how large the room is when the blankets are removed!" I took note that the carpet was red shag and that we could actually se the sofa. 

She acknowledged she agreed with me.

On the way to the door, we passed through the kitchen. I dropped a silver spoon and two silver sick pins, which I immediately picked up and lay on the white sink top even though there were no babies ever going to crawl on that floor again.


5-15-02 - DREAM/VISION - I saw 12 large planets on a page, which turned to all text.


5-16-02 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, on one of the slanted streets going north. I was on the street next to a small library where Cary Loose was going hold a UFO abductee meeting.

As I was standing there, the speaker for the evening came. Hew as short red-haired man.  His name was JALEDER from W.H. Hemmerich. He came to speak on UFOs, but I was thinking he was a musician. 

Cary put him in a small room to wait for the people to arrive. So I sneaked in the room to talk to him privately before anyone else.

I went in and said, "Hi!" and sat down and started small talk about music. I told him I had played the piano all my life but still wasn't very good, though I had been the organist at church. 

He looked up and asked me about a little bird that was sitting on a perch behind and above me. The bird wasn't in a cage, but just sitting on a perch sticking out from the wall. It resembled a finch with a little short yellow beak, but it red.

As soon as he noticed the bird, the bird flew over his head and became a longish red stretched out cartoonish version of itself and landed on a perch behind the man. 

The man then leaned back in his chair and changed into a larger, older, dark-haired man and started talking like a psychic and began giving me a reading. 

He said, "I see you going into a hospital ... and they put you into one of these long tube-like things ... and they find something .... something....."

He didn't say what they found, but I was thinking, "cancer". I visualized it in my bladder.  But I said to him, "But everything turns out all right?" and he answered, "Yes!" Everything turns out all right."

So I answered him in a STRONG STATEMENT, "THEN IT'S ALREADY DONE!" and got a big smile on my face and dismissed it from my mind as though it wouldn't happen at all, because I had already stated IT'S ALREADY DONE!

The man left the room to check out how many people were arriving and I overheard, "He won't speak unless there is 12 people plus 2 1/2. We've got the 12 but not the 2 1/2".

I didn't know if they were counting me or not because I hadn't gone into the meeting room yet, nor seen the other people who had arrived. 

I then went into another room where a dark-haired woman was sitting at a small table with a male friend of mine. It may have been Whitley Streiber, the UFO research/author. 

The man's wife had just died and he was very sad and had his head down and it was rather dimly lit in the room. 

She was going to give him a tarot/psychic reading and I was observing, sitting in as a 3rd party at this small table that was up against the wall. 

She was starting to describe what kind of person he was, ... getting it all wrong and making him very uncomfortable. At the same time, she was giving him looks like she wanted him for herself because he was available and she was pissing me off. 

She said, "I see you are a lonely Italian man - and her words hung heavy in the air because he didn't want to answer and had his head hung over sadly.

All of a sudden a heavy, dark wind started to blow ominously outside like a warning.

I knew this man from the E.T. world and knew he was nothing like she was portraying him, and I wanted to prop up his ego, so I jumped up from my chair, and went around behind him and said, "He actually is a warrior and he just got done slaying 12 dinosaurs." and I kissed him on the back of the neck. I then went over and turned on the light and lit up the room. The man was now sitting  up, head high and smiling. Now he remembered who he really was.  


5-16-02 - VISION/DREAM - I was laying awake trying to remember the previous dream and I saw the name JALEDER and W.H. Hemmerich. (I know both of those names from getting e-mails on the internet)


5-17-02 - DREAM - This was long but all I did was work on links of database about  NAMING.  The name of the page was 'NAMING - A REVIEW  (this isn't' the right word) 


5-17-02 - END OF DREAM - I was in a kitchen and was told to make 'cheese cakes'.  I looked in the refrigerator and I already had all the ingredients in there, including the powdered sugar.  I just didn't have any 'cream cheese'. 

I then went running out to the barn to tell my husband that I was making $100 a day with this new business. 

On the way to the barn, I could see holes in the ground that were about a foot across that had whitish water in them. Somehow I knew they were about 2 feet deep and I had to carefully avoid stepping in them.  

But as I continued to run, I had to jump across a crack in the ground and it was lit up below the ground and I could see grass growing in a cave or underground place about 50 feet down.

I wanted to tell my husband about that, but he was upstairs talking to someone in the barn. 


5-17-02 - JOE DREAM - Joe was living in an apartment building with all men in it.  There was a meeting being called to order - there were about 8 men.  It was being held on an upper floor.


5-17-02 - JOE DREAM - Joe was in a city. He saw someone loading some guitar cases into the back of a pickup truck.  Then he was driving down the road at night, and the cops were going to arrest the men in the pickup truck with the guitars.  Joe had to pull off the road to the right and stop on a curve, so he couldn't see what the cops did to the men with the guitars.  He couldn't really see the guitars, just the cases, which were a reddish  brown. He thought there were about 20 cases in the truck.



Sat Apr 20,02- Had a dream I remember! I was given a red electric guitar and went walking along with it, singing and strumming and then came to a group of people- and a woman with short blond hair. She asked if she could try it out and play and so I let her take it, and she walked off with it and got on stage where the group of people had gathered and plugged it into her microphone set-up on stage and I was just watching her and feeling sad about this and she began to play and sing, and all of a sudden, the audience booed and said no, that this guitar belonged to me, and it was my gift, so she gave it back and apologized somewhat. Then David Copperfield popped in- you know the magician- and was heading my way, and after all the commotion asked me a question. Do you get paid for helping this blond haired woman? I told him, I was not there to help her but just there for the concert. Then we went off to like a kitchen area- and all I remember is that I was looking at his hands-very attractive hands-and he was interested in my hands. . . Dee Finney was with me standing off to the side, (though we have never met in person!) sort of like watching it all. . . . then David Copperfield disappeared for some time and then reappeared again, seeming very interested in speaking with me again. . . . I got in my car and was driving away from the concert area and had to make a pass right next to the stage area where the blond woman was singing- it seems the road or street was situated right alongside of the stage area, and so I passed by slowly as I was departing and the blond woman was watching me leave. This is all I remember of the dream. . . and upon awaking heard the words: "Yes!, take it, take it!, all of it or some of it! 
Oh yes, reflecting more on dream- the part about the blond haired woman- maybe I was seeing myself in that position as in an entertainment sort of way- though I don't have blond hair! did when I was little- so I'm reminded of the time when I lived in N Nev briefly and during that time got up on stage with a band and played 
and sang and used one of their guitars- played one of my songs and they just picked it up and played right along! it was very fun! the band leader asked me right after that, "Where do you play?!" and I just told him at home or wherever I go- but don't do it professionally- it was then I sorta got that out of me -the desire to do this as in entertainment- I wanted to only be in a spiritual way- and helping others- I remember (from this am dream) that when the woman gave me back the red electric guitar, some parts of it were missing and it seemed useless. And though I have liked to play electric, prefer acoustic and have two of them. The other parts are becoming very clear- and keeping this to myself, but thought I'd just share this and see what anybody wants to make of it.
Thanks for letting me share,


6-22-00 - THE DREAM - I was in an apartment building. I opened the door to the hallway and there was an elevator directly across from my door.  There were men moving furniture in and out of the elevator ... moving someone. There were other people in my apartment. I can't remember why I did this, but my son Ken and I walked up the stairs to the floor above to an apartment in the corner. The door seemed extra narrow but the woman who looked familiar let us in.  Her husband was also home and he wanted to demonstrate a musical instrument that looked like an electric guitar. When he turned it on, blue flames like a blow torch were coming out the top end where the tuning is done.  The blue flames were adjustable which he did when he tuned the instrument to play it. The blue flames could be adjusted wide and dispersed or small and more dangerous looking according to the tuning.  The noise was what I expected from a badly played electric guitar so I put my fingers over my ears.

The woman who saw me put my fingers over my ears decided she would join her husband and brought out another electric guitar. She tuned her so that the blue flames were wide and dispersed, but she pointed them right at me.   I just put my fingers tighter against my ears and tolerated the noise as long as I wanted to.  

She finally quit playing and I told my son Ken that we were leaving. We went to the door, with me pushing Ken against his back. He was wearing a bright blue shirt. We got around the corner to where the door was and he disappeared right in front of my eyes. I started hollering his name, "Kenneth! Kenneth! Kenneth!"  but he didn't show up and I couldn't stand around and wait for him.  

I went out into the hallway and saw many men standing around in a lobby-like area. Many of them looked familiar but when I looked closer, they weren't who I thought they were. They were similar look-alikes, but not the people I thought.

NOTE:  There was comment on TV later on in the day after the execution of Gary Graham in Texas that he was identified by only one woman in a line-up and five other witnesses had not been able to pick him out of the line-up. They said that nobody should be put to death on the word of one witness, that it's so easy to think it's one person when it's really not them when you take a closer look.




5-18-02 - DREAM - Joe and I were living in a house. A woman came to the door and asked him to come next door and help them go over the insurance of Black Charlie. This was not the first time they did this. I thought to myself, "They sure don't worry about insurance of white people like they do about him. 


5-19-02 - DREAM - I had 4 or 5 short dreams, some with people, some just seeing a book or piece of paper  - all said, "Life has value."


5-19-02 - DREAM - I was in a large house. At first I was living with 2 older gay guys. One started whispering to the in his ear, so I decided to leave the room so they could have some privacy. while I was still in the hallways, I heard the shorter one say out loud, "OK! Come on! and they walked into their bathroom together. I felt a little embarrassed to realize what they were probably doing. They were only in the bathroom 5 minutes and were both back out acting, "happy' again.  Duh!!!

Since today was Thursday and I had the day off from work, I was just lazing around, taking my time getting dressed. 

(I woke up briefly and realized it wasn't Thursday, it's really Sunday, and I didn't have to get up and do anything special and went back to sleep.)

Now, back in the dream, I realized that it's Thursday, not Sunday and I'm supposed to be at work and I hope they don't fire me for showing up without an excuse at noon. So, now I'm in a hurry to get things done and get to work. I look in my closet and discover that the slacks I want to wear are wrinkled from laying around too long so I need to dampen them and throw them in the dryer. 

There is another woman there, helping me. She is a shorter dark-haired young woman. I don't know who she is or why she's there. 

I spot some paperwork I have to take care of. These are 4 certificates for circumcisions I need to send in to some office. (Whose?) I don't know why this is, but I have to get them registered.

While I'm messing around with this, I hear the voice of Cary Loose out in the yard and I think to myself. "Oh my God, the house is a mess, and I jump up and start cleaning. All of sudden Cary walks through the hallway, astounded at the mess. I follow her into a galley-type kitchen which it dimly lit. The sink is full of dishes from a party the night before. I hadn't gotten around to doing them yet. Around the corner from the galley kitchen is a larger kitchen with white curtain and drapes with large red roses all over them. This kitchen is more brightly lit because of the window, but it too is stacked high in the sink with party dishes. 

Cary volunteered to help with the party dishes and for some reason I started to take down the heavy winter drapes which covered the wall around the sink, leaving thinner curtains with the exact same pattern on the windows. Now I realized I would have to wash the drapes before I could put them away and there were large hooks in them which had to be removed first.  But at the same time I saw the whole room full of beautiful green plants and vines. 

But before I could do that, I saw a piece of paper which was my credit card bill for a circumcision charge and I think it says $35.34, but a vision then showed me it was $34.32, and the last 2 turns around and becomes a 3. So it would have cost $34.33

I'm thinking this was the cost of a 5th circumcision.

I woke up and realized that since I had 5 sons, this made sense. I don't know why they had to be registered and the cost was probably not correct in real life as they occurred over a 10 year period of time. 

From the Bible Concordance:

3534 nikos {nee'-kos} from 3529; TDNT - 4:942,634; n n AV - victory 4; 4 1) victory 2) to utterly vanquish

3432 Yashubiy {yaw-shoo-bee'} patronymically from 3437; adj AV - Jashubites 1; 1 Jashubites = see Jashub "he will return" 1) descendants of Jashub of the tribe of Issachar 

Yashubiy Lechem {yaw-shoo-bee' leh'-khem} from 7725 and 3899; n pr m AV - Jashubilehem 1; 1 Jashubi-lehem = "returner of bread" 1) a descendant of Shelah, the son of Judah by Bath-shua the Canaanitess


5-20-02 - DREAM - I don't have all the details. It was about the earth marrying.  The other planets were witnesses. I saw a chart of the days of the week. The groom had not yet arrived.

I was sitting in a car, waiting for the groom to arrive, with the people who were representing the other planets.



5-21-02 - DREAM - I worked in an office, then walked home and had to avoid a garbage truck which couldn't go through a narrow door and had to back up. I avoided getting run over in this narrow lane by hiding under an overhang that the truck couldn't get under.

In the office, I had a small purse that was full of gemstones. 


5-22-02 - DREAM - I went to a large place where hundreds of people were gathered together in a cafeteria. They sat at long tables like it was going to be a banquet, it wasn't. It was a fake reason. They made everyone - who seemed to be teenagers - get up from the tables and form a line around the outside of the room and were barricaded from getting back to the table by a short metal rail fence. The young people acted like it was a game and were laughing.  I didn't want to participate, so I feigned sleep by laying my head down on my arm on the table.

They handed everyone a small white paper bag, like they use in candy stores, which I knew 'they' were putting something into - whether it was candy or had a special pill in it. It seem ominous and I was not going to take one.

I was the only one not participating. Finally someone came over and asked if I was all right. I half roused myself and raised my head and said, "Yes!". At that point I actually felt like I might have fallen asleep for a few minutes.

I decided it was wiser to keep feigning sleep so I didn't have to get in that line and finally I heard someone say, "I'll have someone drive her home."

Another event occurred which at this moment I can't recall if it was before or after this event.

I was in a room with 3 men. There was a triangular black object laying on a work table that had a jet engine in it that blew out the back end and it was running.  This object was black and seemed like a triangular jet plane, but it was no bigger than a large electric guitar.

One of these men was the boss over the two other men and he pointed out that there was a series of wires that went all the way from the tip of the triangle to the jet engine and they would have to be traced to determine which wire it was to shut off the jet engine that was still roaring. He pointed out there were green, blue, yellow, and a black one. But I spotted a red one also after we got the jet engine shut down. It had been removed first and was laying on the floor at the feet of my daughter who was standing there at that point.

Not all the wires ran the length of this object - some ran crossways the object and held the other wires in place.

Tracing the wires was a difficult job and I volunteered to help. Once the wires were pulled out they had to be untangled, so I assisted by holding the green wire while they untangled the yellow and the black one from a blue one. It was rather like unwinding yarn from a hank of knitting yarn at that point. We then discovered that the green wire didn't go all the through. It was just there as an anchor to hold down the other wires. It was actually wound around the black wire at the end of it. At that point, I saw the short red wire laying on the floor which had been pulled out earlier.

I got driven home then. I don't recall the ride because I was still feigning sleep and I fumbled with the seat belt like I wasn't able to wake up enough to do that for myself either through I knew I could shake my head and bring myself wide awake if I wanted to, I decided not to for some reason.

When I got home I discovered that one of the men, who drove me home was G.H. - the electricity Master IESOUS - from other dreams. That made sense since he was the one tracing the wires in the triangular object, but I didn't realize it at the time.

G.H. drove me home and put me to bed. He got into bed with me and pulled the covers over us and I put my arm over him and went to sleep for real.

There was another man there as well, a blonde man - the other man who helped dismantle the wires from the triangular object.  But another dark-haired man came in then who was evilish. He demanded that G.H. give him his Mickey Mouse watch. G.H. said he didn't have a Mickey Mouse watch. Whether he actually did or not, I don't know, but I asked the man if the watch had to be a Mickey Mouse watch, because I had a plain watch I could have given him if just needed to tell time. I noted that it was quarter to 11 a.m. at that point.

He insisted that it had to be the Mickey Mouse watch and became very irate. At that point, he was so insistent that he get this Mickey Mouse watch that he began systematically yanking drawers out of the dresser that I had there as a threat to get that watch.

He started with the bottom right drawer, and opened the drawers in sequence upward, which I grabbed from him to save the contents from being destroyed.  The first drawer had unused Christmas cards in it. The second and third drawers had small clear plastic bags with tiny Christmas ornaments in them.

At that point I suggested that perhaps one of my kids had a Mickey Mouse watch in their toy box. He was satisfied wit getting a substitute Mickey Mouse watch if there was one, so I began opening some large drawers in another dresser to the right of the other one where my sons kept their toys in. 

We didn't find any Mickey Mouse watch, but in the upper left-hand drawer was one of those large round fish bowls with a lot of colored sand in it and some spiral snails in the water, which came all the way to the top. 

I grabbed the fish bowl out of the drawer because it didn't belong in there.  On top of the dresser was a large fish tank full of water and fish. I don't know why the snails weren't in with the fish, but they were  being kept separate. 

A large reddish dog almost knocked into the fish tank at that point and I had to chase it out of the room. 

By now, the Mickey Mouse watch episode was over and we were distracted by needing to take care of the fish tank and the snail bowl. 

I knew there was a place around the corner where I could rain off the excess water in the snail bowl, so I took it outside and headed for this place to drain the water. But as I crossed the street, a bus pulled up to the curb and stopped. The bus couldn't go forward as it was blocked by some stuff in the road so it was going to have to back up and go around it. I had to walk behind the bus so I knew this was a dangerous situation. As I quickly got past the bus, an ugly old orange rusty convertible jalopy car came driving around behind the bus and came directly at me, like it was going to park right behind the bus and block it. I didn't get a good look at the people in the orange car, even though it was a convertible. I just sensed evil and ran back towards the apartment with the snail bowl. 

At this point, I discovered the door to the apartment was locked and I couldn't get in. The landlord's daughter came immediately with a silver key to open the door for me. I knew I had left my silver key inside the apartment. I didn't expect the door to be locked when I got back. 

The girl said they had closed the door and locked it because there was loud music coming out the door. 

This puzzled me because there wasn't any music playing when I left. 

At this point, I saw the other good guy sitting on a chair in the next apartment over watching TV with the door open.  I gave him a little wave so he knew he should come back to the apartment I was going into. 

These apartments, gauging by their placement from another apartment I had managed in Sumner, WA, would have been #13 (the manager) #14 where I now locked out of and #15 where the blonde man was watching TV. 

So, the girl unlocked the door and we instantly heard loud, but beautiful classical music coming out of my apartment. 

I was astonished because I saw G.H. sitting in an easy chair, with a white baseball cap on his head, listening to the stereo. 

I walked over and went to kiss him, "Hello!" and the bill of his baseball cap hit me in the forehead. He apologized. I said that wasn't the first time  that had happened. I was going to remark that's what caused old people to have wrinkles in their foreheads, but decided not to voice that thought.

We continued to talk about kissing and love and I said that in the past I knew when he was deliberately avoiding being with me by acting angry. He said he was going to make up for that in the future and I was appeased by that remark. I knew there was a reason for what he did because we weren't meant to be together earlier, but it would be at a later date - we were together now too. 

So then, I attempted to tip the snail bowl over and get rid of the excess water and exactly what I wanted to avoid occurred - all of the sand and the snails poured out of the bowl onto the floor with the water. I immediately started scooping up sand and snails to get them back into the bowl with out killing all the snails.  I knew I would probably lose some of them. 

But G.H. found one of those ships that lay on the bottom of fish tanks with a tube down to it to bubble air into the water, so we quickly put that in the bowl to save some of the snails from dying. 

The little girl was there helping to scoop sand back into the bowl too. and I woke up. 



5-23-02 - DREAM - I was hired to work in a gas station, while the owner's daughter was getting married. The first job they gave me to do was to iron the bridal gown, which I had to d on the top of the bed because there was no ironing board.

Nobody but the mother was doing anything so I had to keep telling everyone what to do.

Nobody wanted to lift a finger to do anything about cleaning the house or change clothes.

Finally , when it came time to actually work in the gas station, I had to go home and change clothes to drive home, I put on white - see-thru coveralls with large red roses all over them.



5-25-02 - DREAM - I was asked to be a witness and stand up for a wedding on June 5th at noon. The symbol of the wedding was a ceramic vase with many, many vine leaves wound around inside the vase. 

I cleaned my house until it was spotless, then I had to move my car in the parking lot. I was trying to get it in  good spot which I got pinned in by a black man in a black car with a black tinted windshield and a short older woman in a yellow Volkswagen who was a lawyer in front of me.

Neither of them wanted to move - both would have had to back up - and neither wanted to do that, they wanted me to get out of their way. the black man was inside his car writing something with his head down and not paying attention and the woman lawyer got out of her car and was just standing there, waiting for me to get out of her way. 

All of a sudden, I was in my kitchen, pinned up against the kitchen counter by this black car.

My husband said, "We have to get to the church if we are going to get there on time. I looked at the clock and it was 12:40 p.m.

I was panicked that I was going to be late because I still had to get ready, but I was still pinned against the counter. I told my husband about the black car, still pinning me in, and he came over and bodily picked up the car and moved it away so I could get out. 

I went up the stairs to get dressed. Three black cats were on the landing blocking my way as I was going up the stairs. 

I still had a wrist corsage on my left arm from the last wedding I was in. I hung it on the bedpost. It was a circlet of pink flowers. I opened the drawer to get some panty hose. There weren't any new ones there - just two used pairs - one inside the other because it had been winter and cold during the last winter, (lunar eclipse) It looked like one of the pairs had a run in it too, and I was going to wear sandals because it was late spring this time. 

I would be given my dress at the wedding itself. 

NOTE: The scene with the woman and the black man came true through a phone call from a woman who looked like this, who needed help to get rid of an evil psychic attack by a man, represented by the all black man and vehicle.


5-26-02 - DREAM - I had gone out in the country for a walk. I decided to take a short-cut home, cross-country on a trail I had been on before, but never alone. 

When I got on the trail, there was a mountain I had to scale first. There was  a sign at the bottom that said, "This mountain was built to test your fear!"

I thought to myself, "I've been on this trail before and I'm not afraid," but I had to admit I was a little nervous about going this way alone. So, I climbed to the top of the mountain by climbing up a grid made of wire about 6" apart. I counted the wires as I climbed up them and the top was 11. 

To my surprise, on top of the mountain, right on the trail, someone had built an old-age home.  At first I met some really old women being pushed in wheelchairs by nurses. Then, when I turned right, I could see that some of these older people were teaching classes to younger people who were arriving. I have to admit I thought it was a bit strange that the door to the other entrance to the building didn't have knobs on to get out, but those on the outside could just push the doors open easily and come in. 

Two younger mean came in the door and I pointed them to a room where an older woman was teaching art and I told them that their teacher was waiting for them. 

I then went through the door, now that it was open and found myself in an old-fashioned store like one would find in an old people's neighborhood - where they have everything, but only one of an item or maybe 2, but not 10 or 20 like in big malls.

I was intrigued by this store and walked deeper into it and found an aisle where they had clothing for large and tall women. 

I spotted a beautiful white blouse made of thin material. The price was $45. I had never paid that much for a blouse before but I really wanted it an I had a credit card to buy it with. 

Another woman came into this aisle and was amazed to find clothing to fit her - she was even taller and wider than I was, so I knew I wasn't the only one who needed this kind of clothing. 

I picked up the blouse to purchase it and found that it was stuff with a baby blanket and baby clothes. But I pulled them out of the blouse. I only wanted the blouse at this stage of my life.


5-27-02 - DREAM - (All the people in this dream were black skinned - except myself. I don't know why)

I was working in an apartment building. The owner had a list of people who were to be invited to 'the' wedding. But I and a friend knew that people weren't responding to the invitations, so we needed that list so we could send out invitations and hopefully get more response. But the owners were not about to give up the list of invitees and we didn't want to ask for the list and show our hand what we were doing. our only other alternative would be to invite everyone in the phone book and one doesn't do that.

The rest of the dream doesn't seem related but might be. I was crossing a large intersection and a huge orange garbage truck cut the corner way on my side of the street instead of following normal traffic driving. I had to avoid him twice crossing the same street. (last week, I had to avoid a garbage truck backing up on a narrow lane.)

I must have been responsible for maintenance of the apartment building and was supervising the work crew, getting a large apartment ready for a new tenant. The cleaning woman did a good job, but when I inspected the apartment, the refrigerator grid (silver) was rusty and there were marks on the wall in the kitchen which wouldn't wash off.  

I couldn't imagine why the apartment hadn't been painted first, but it wasn't and I knew it was more difficult because the curtains were already hung. They were very gaudy with huge roses on them. I knew that if I was going to live here, the first thing I'd want to do is get curtains less gaudy. 

In the building were two swimming pools, one of men and one for women. the water was about 4 to 5 feet deep and was divided by a concrete partition 4 inches thick. The pool was the entrance room. there wasn't a walkway around them, so the women had to go through the men's pool to get to their own.  I don't want to say it was hidden, but it didn't have its own door. 

When I got into it, I was wearing white tennis shoes and discovered that the water in the women's pool was more buoyant than the water in the men's pool.

There was a very tall black man in the women's pool and I asked him why the water in the women's pool was more buoyant, but woke up before he could answer. 


5-28-02 - DREAMS 1, 2, AND 3

In 3 separate dreams, I was a small child, under 3 years old, in which my father marked me in such a way that it affected me the rest of my life. In one of them, he spray-painted my face light yellow. In the other two, he gave me labels I was forced to live up to. I don't know what they were, but they weren't good ones. 


5-28-02 - DREAM - I was working in a school. It was my birthday. I received 5 birthday cards. Everyone else hung theirs up proudly on the wall and on huge posters in the doorway, but when I tried to show mine, they just walked away and weren't interested. But I saved all mine and had dresser drawers full of them. (this is true)

I had to go to work and when I went into my office, it was a child's bedroom, and my job was to take care of the bosses 3 sons. Because I had raised 5 sons of my own, he knew I would be good at this. His wife worked at another company full time and our company paid my salary, so he was getting free childcare. 

I put a white sewing machine on the bed to have something to do. Two of the boys were bouncing on the bed, having a good time and laughing. But I noticed that the 3rd son was missing.

I said to the boys, "Where is your brother?" Suddenly I saw a tiny airplane coming towards us through the air , out of the dark closet, but then it was a beautiful sunfish. I marveled how a sunfish could swim int he air and didn't need water. The colors flashed again, and it swam off into the rest of the offices.


5-28-02 - DREAM - We were living in a city. My kids were young. The boys were about 5, 6, 7, 8 or so. My youngest brother was also there. He is the same age as my son Tom. We were all getting up for the day, having just awakened.  We were all wearing pajamas and had to change clothes.

My brother had not changed in a long time and was wearing several layers and the under layers looked moldy. I told him to be sure to change everything.

I put on a pale green suit with matching high heel pale green shoes. I was starting a new job. The suit came with a white blouse which came with a brown button on the collar with the name of a woman' organization on it. I was told by the recruiter of the women's group, all the button meant was that you had been approached by the recruiter but you still had to pay the yearly dues for the group.

Someone handed me a card which looked like a library book borrower's card. The book was about elves and fairies. 




5-29-02 - DREAM - I was on my way to night school. It seemed like I was flying high over Milwaukee, WI and I saw that the valley was flooding. It wasn't coming downriver, the flood was coming up the valley from Lake Michigan. until the whole valley was flooded and I could see the whole valley was flooded and shining in the moonlight. I couldn't stop though because I was going to learn the 5 rules of freedom.