by Dee Finney


4-19-2002 -

Thank you for coming. We would like talk about the earth's TUNING, which is coming soon. We call it that because the earth was created with a certain frequency, which kept it balanced and it has left that state and has to be retuned just like a fine violin.

In all of creation, everything is interdependent on everything else. Mankind has seen to it, that he has overcome the very nature he depends on to keep him alive. He has done this by killing off many species of animals, insects, plants - many things which were part of the chain of life.

Man likes to think that if he has kept 5 animals of a certain species of animal in a zoo to prevent extinction this is okay. This is NOT okay.

Each animal, fish, insect, and man has its place in the scheme of life. Mankind has come to think of himself as superior and now wants to perpetuate himself over all other creatures and this cannot be.

If man had remained in the primitive state, such as some tribes in Africa and South America still are, which are hidden from the rest of humanity, there would be no problem even today. But such is not the case and the majority of mankind will have to be taken out so to speak to save those who know how to live within the balance of nature.

Dee knows that there are plans afoot within elite circles to do just that, at the expense of great populations, such as India and China, which is already intervening to diminish their own by aborting select children. This conglomerate of certain men plan to eliminate certain other large portions of mankind to bring them down into balance with 'white' men.

I'm sorry, but this cannot be allowed to happen. No one's God said that only 'white' men can exist. White men are not superior to all other races. Mankind was not created for one color to be superior to another, anymore than man was created to be superior to all of creation.

It seems that man never learns this lesson and many other civilizations have been wiped out before you.  Man is NOT superior and the event coming will prove this to him. Mankind will be brought to his knees once more.

Just like little boys are taught that his Father knows best, this is exactly the lesson mankind must learn.

It is already too late for mankind to turn around the havoc and destruction he has done to the earth and its inhabitants and the earth WILL rebel and soon.

Circumstances will arise, strictly through the use of nature itself to eliminate a great deal of mankind. It will no longer matter who has the tallest buildings. It will no longer matter who has the most diamonds or the most gold.

Money will become worthless. Once everything settles down, a tomato will be as valuable as a potato, but you will not be able to buy one with a diamond, you will have to barter for it with something of equal value. You cannot eat a diamond, therefore if a man has a tomato and he needs a potato or a carrot, he will trade equally with the man who has one. The man with the diamond will have a beautiful gemstone, but what will the man with the potato need with a diamond. He cannot go out and buy a tomato - he can only trade with someone who has one.

In time to come, perhaps money will become valuable again, but in time to come, food, clothing, and shelter will be all that man will care about.

Circumstances will be so harsh that if one does not have a skill of some kind to help another man, he will not be needed and nature itself will eliminate him.

If all you can do is sit at a computer and play a video game, woe be to you. I would suggest you go outside and learn to garden and to preserve what you grow. Learn to do this without gasoline and electricity because there will be neither in the future. Learn to make a fire without a match because there will come a time where you will need to know this. Some will think they can use a magnifying glass to start a fire. I beg to differ. There will be no sun when the earth is covered with thick clouds for years at a time.

If all you know is diamonds and video games, I suggest you get outside and start to commune with nature, you are going to need everything it has to share, as long as you share in return.

I bid you adieu with one last warning. WOE be it to those who think they can avoid this situation by ignoring it or thinking it will go away by sending LOVE at it. It is too late.

Make LOVE - NOT WAR was a great way to go, but it is too late for that. Too many men have already taught each other that WAR beats out LOVE.  It is already TOO LATE!

Go outside and find yourselves some seeds and plant them. This may be your last opportunity to see them grow in the sunshine.



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