by Dee Finney

11-26-00 - I was living in a nice house or apartment. During the early morning hours, I heard three descending tones quite loudly coming from my radio. Those tones reminded me that not everyone had the same communication that I did, and what remained was going to be shut off.

Everyone's house had a large grey box in their houses where the electricity came in.  If this was shut off, nobody would have communication with the outside world through their radios.

There was an election going on in which the outcome was to be a certain way and when it was over there was another box inside everyone's home that was going to be shut off.  This second box was small and was colored red.  Once the lever in the red box was shut off, nobody would remember that there was something to remember that they weren't supposed to know.  This was the ultimate mind control box.

I went into my own livingroom and realized that there were certain radio stations on my radio that nobody needed to hear so they were shut off and wouldn't be heard anymore.  People with televisions which had 'V' chips in them will know and computers with children controls on them will understand that 'control' is coming.

I wanted to tell the people this news but who would believe me? It wouldn't be long before someone came to the house to shut off the little red box and even I wouldn't remember what it was to tell.

But I was expecting a couple of women to come to visit at lunch time so I would start with them and see how it went.  During the morning I busied myself with cleaning a little, sorting laundry, etc. I was really tired by the time noon came close and my visitors would arrive.

Finally, the first guest arrived, and I didn't want to tell just her so decided to wait until the other woman arrived and would tell them together so I waited.

To my surprise, more than one woman arrived ... several came together. I wasn't prepared for more guests and I felt a little guilty that my house wasn't perfect.  I knew that their house wasn't perfect either, but I didn't want mine to be worse than theirs.

But, more people started coming into the house.  These people were all dreamers ... they would understand my story if I put it into the form of a dream. But they all had dreams of their own to tell and I wanted to be polite and listen to their dreams. I would get my turn. So the women started to tell their dreams in turn.

One of the men sat by the radio and I heard him sing the three descending tones so I wasn't the only one who heard them. I could now tell my story and it would be believed.

Then some men dreamers came and I was about to tell my story which was now going to be in the form of a dream, but one of the men started to tell his dream and I still couldn't tell my 'dream'.

All of a sudden it was noon, so I asked everyone if they would like some coffee.  I wasn't prepared for that, so went to make the coffee. My friend Cary, who was a psychologist said that she wanted her coffee with a special raw egg cracked into the center of the cup. She had already picked out the egg and it was in the refrigerator.

I told her that was fine, but then I had to find the perfect cup so it had room for the egg.  That set me out on another search through the cupboards for othe perfect cup for her before I could tell my story which was now a 'dream'.

As I went through the dish rack and cupboards, I was finding beautiful crystal, fancy dishes like gravy boats, and vases, sugar and creamers, but no coffee cups that would hold a raw egg in the coffee.  Finally I found a dish that was more a soup cup but it would at least hold the egg.

I then went to make the coffee.  The coffee pot was in the livingroom because it was fancy and had a long spout on it and was for serving coffee to guests.

But I hadn't used the coffee pot in quite some time and when I picked it up, to my dismay there was a spider making a web in the spout. I was horrified so took the coffee pot to the sink to clean off the spider web. It seemed the more I pulled the faster the spider worked and I found fresh cedar boughs in the crook of the handle and it took me a long time to finally get the spider web off the coffee pot.

But I looked into the spout of the coffee pot and I saw three tiny snails and then some tiny fish in it. I couldn't serve coffee this way so I took it to the sink to pour hot water through it and rinse out the snails and the fish.

My son Ken was sitting in the livingroom under a bright light and I warned him that I was pouring hot water so he wouldn't get scalded by accident.

But when I shook the spout to dislodge the snails and the fish, they grew even larger and now I had an angel fish and an oscar in the coffee pot spout.  

I shook it even harder and the fish turned into a large black and white cow.  

I was never going to be able to serve the coffee so I could tell my story which was now a dream, and I got so frustrated, I woke up.





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HAARP - High Frequency vandalism in the sky. Its super powerful radio-wave beam may irreparably damage the planets atmosphere and severely distrupt our mental and physical health. By Dr Nick Begich and Jeane Manning.



HAARP PROJECT - Interview with Nick Begich


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Project HAARP: The Pentagon's provocative plan to superheat the earth's ionosphere

HAARP, Weather War, And EMF Mind Control

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Colin Roald, expanded by Alan de Smet, and is currently maintained and edited by Steve Brinich. Illuminati, Illuminati: New World Order, INWO, and Assassins are registered... You too can become a member of the All Seeing Illuminati. Who else is an agent of the Illuminati? What is Fnord? And, 50 Reasons the Illuminati are Evil... (Or is this all just a subtle plot to make you think so?)  Visit My Kith and Kin at: The Ingebretson Vortex by Me Chinese Dynasties by Britta... Illuminati: The Conspiracy By Stephen Esdale With a plethoria of
information and assistance and information provided by Anders Sandberg The Illuminati Over 200 years ago, in 1797, one of the most respected scientists in the world wrote a book entitled Proofs of a Conspiracy (London: Creech, Cadell, Davies Publ., 1797).
He was John T. Robison, secretary general to Scotland's prestigious Royal Society Was the JFK assassination guided by the Illuminati? 1: The 33-Year Question ...The nature of the universe is such that ends can never justify the means. RETURN TO BIZARRE FACTS The following Illuminati information is excerpted with permission from: Peter Trei Master of Wilder Lodge, Ancient Free Accepted Masons Leominster, Welcome to the home of the Illuminati Our time is coming. Can't you see it? Or are you all too
blind to see the events we are creating before your very eyes? Look at the United States, What is the President doing?
How about over to the east... Do you notice any crisis? The Illuminati Conspiracy and other delusions of crowds The last general
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baptism. Those who were baptized were called illuminati or illuminated ones by the Ante-Nicene clergy, on the assumption
that those who were instructed for baptism What is the truth about the One World Government? I offer the reader sources of information about the Illuminati and the One World Government to make up your own mind as to it's existance
or not. A Bavarian Illuminati Primer A Satanic Plot for a... The Illuminati For those who find the idea of a conspiracy on a global scale totally ridiculous, it might be timely to point out that the early existence of The Illuminati is an undisputed fact. Illuminati can be discovered as far back as 16th Century Spain when a group of renegade Jesuits Illuminati of the Grand Recursive Order of the Knights of the Lambda Calculus -- \il-.u:-m*-'na:t-e-\ n [It NL It, fr. NL, fr. L, pl. of illuminatus] pl cap 1: any of various groups claiming special usu. religious... AA-12 Illuminati Conspiracy Some believe that a seventeenth century group conspired to form a one world government. They called themselves the Illumined Ones, later to
be known as the Illumanati. This is only the first two pages of the actual issue The Illuminati's Plan Is
Nearly Complete! There is one fact of which we may be assured: the Order of the Illuminati was founded on May 1st, 1776,
by Dr. Adam Weishaupt, Professor of Cannon Law at the University of Ingolstadt, Bavaria... THE ILLUMINATI~~~~~~~~REVEALED AT LAST THE
50 Awful Things About The Illuminati Updated 9-30-91 By Steve Jackson 1. There are many Illuminated groups, with different kinds of secret knowledge. Updated 5 January 2000 Discover the Truth regarding all the speculation of a 'New World Order', 'Millenium', 'Y2K', 'Comet Lee', 'Armageddon', 'Flying Saucers', 'Illuminati', 'Zionism', 'Arab-Israel Conflict', 'Middle East Peace Process', The OMEGAFile THEBAVARIANILLUMINATI At this point we will discuss present plans by the Bavarian Illuminati and other Bavarian cults to stage an invasion of America under the cover of a United Nations 'New World Order' operation to restore order The Illuminati Fact List Your professional organization devoted to timely and courteous world domination I am an active member of the Illuminati, and a professional Man In Black, and am therefore in a position to dispel many of the widely held misconceptions about the Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt (1748-1811 e.v.) by T. Apiryon Copyright © 1995, 1997 Ordo Templi Orientis. All rights reserved. German educator, freemason and founder of the Order of Illuminati. Crowley considered him to be a Master of the Temple... : Illuminati Where MJ12 and its tentacles into intelligence agencies and governments throughout the world and multinational corporations have tried to stay out of the public eye, the Illuminati have done the opposite. The Illuminati (All links valid as of 7/26/98) Highly recommended links are contained within the following **** links, but others subsequently provided are also valuable MASSIVE PAGE ON PLANS FOR THE NEW WORLD ORDER DISCORD, THE ILLUMINATI, MIND CONTROL This is a page which features stuff that is often misunderstood, yet is blamed for the ruination of the world, the domination of the world, the joy of the world, and the salvation of the world. AN INQUIRY INTO THE EXISTENCE OF THE ILLUMINATI For more than 57 years I have studied an unmentionable pile of papers, notes, rumors and other sources who prefer to remain anonymous. Illuminati Secret conspiracy supposed to have controlled Terran history. According to some Vilani groups, it controlled the Rule of Man and influences the Third Imperium. Fnord. There is no factual basis for its existence. The Boston Illuminati#153 To begin with, we don't even exist. The Illuminati are a myth. -Official Representative of The Boston Illuminati Official Web Site for Fnord! Before we get started with your initiation into the world of conspiracy ..................none of that s**t!!i'm gonna be closer to god up in tha mountains!!!PEACE author/email:jason Note the Roman Numerals for 1776 at the bottom of the pyramid on the dollar. What does it represent? Not for the year of our independence, but the foundation of the Illuminati. ÿ AN ILLUMINATI OUTLINE OF HISTORY Alpha and Omega -- Immanentizing of the Eschaton. 20,000,000 BC -- Recent Epoch of geeology begins Ice Age ends human beings spread to all parts of the world. 30,000 -- First Illuminatus, Gruad, rules in Atlantis. 20,000 -- The Illuminati A note about the Illuminati: Although I have put the Illuminati in the History section of the Gargoyles page, you should understand that some of what is known about this secret society is rumor and theory, not historical fact. AN INDICTMENT FOR ATTEMPTED MURDER BY NASA AND THE ILLUMINATI MASONIC MASONS on JULY 24th, 1999 Last week on the 23rd of July i finished my page on the type of implants that are utilized by the LIZARD DRACS to incorporate and control HU-mans into their insidious plans. The World Conspirators: the Illuminati Here's something i found in a search for illuminati. I don't think it is still where i saved it from. - NAZI UFOs Illuminati Conspiracy From the Secret Archives of the 3rd Reich See dozens of saucer-shaped aircraft from German war archives hidden photos of German Panzer tank turrets and cannon mounted on the belly of disc... 1. The Origin of the Mysteries. 2. Bible Knowledge To Test a True Prophet. 3. A Brief Study About the Cabala, the Jewish Book of Magic. 4. Origin of the Rosicrucians. 5. What Is Illuminism? 6. Who the Great God Hermes Actually Was. 7. Hermes and Nimrod, Founders of Freemasonry. An Illuminati Outline of History 1917 -- United States enters World War I. Russian Revolution begins Cheka, secret police of Bolsheviks, founded. 1918 -- Assassination of Russian Czar Nicholas II and his family. Attempted assassination of Lenin. New Thought lecturer David Van Bush... THE ILLUMINATI EYE OF TRUTH. Take a American one dollar bill and look at the two images.You should see a pyramid and a eagle, two of the greatest threats to mankind. This image abounds with Greek, Latin, and Hebrew inscriptions which indicate some sort of sacred knowledge to be found within. This knowledge will perfect the souls of those who pursue illumination. The image draws on alchemical depictions of the sun's perfection of base metals into gold Excerpt from The History of the Illuminati by Myron Fagan The Illuminati Plan (New World Order) Behind the United States and its Constitution is a small group of men whose sole objective is to enslave the whole world and humanity in their satanic plot for a one world govenment. Zonpower from Cyberspace Chapter 18 What is the Illuminati? What is Zon? The Illuminati has its origins in the biblical Abraham who smashed the idols four millennia ago in establishing the existence of only one reality. Ever hear of the Illuminati? Freemason Report on the Bavarian Illuminati Nov 1992 Here's three articles from the Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia, 1961, by Henry Wilson Coil, 33rd degree. This is an excellent, albeit slightly idiosyncratic reference work. NameDescription The Illuminati and Proofs of ConspiracyExcellent multi-part essay tracing the Illuminati from its beginnings thought history and into the present. Illuminati: New World OrderSure you've read all of those paranoid books.. The Prophecy Club Exposing The IlluminatiBill Schneobelen Exposing the Illuminati - Part 1 (Aired on 02/18/97) Exposing the Illuminati - Part 2 (Aired on 02/19/97) Exposing the Illuminati... Jew Watch Keeping a Close Watch on Jewish Communities Organizations Worldwide Top: Jewish World Conspiracies: Illuminati Colliers Encyclopedia Columbia Encyclopedia Morton A. Kaplan Pat Robertson's Conspiracies Book New Age Views - Zon... THE ILLUMINATI WHAT LUCK FOR RULERS THAT MEN DO NOT THINK - ADOLF HITLER OUR JOB IS TO GIVE PEOPLE NOT WHAT THEY WANT, BUT WHAT WE DECIDE THEY OUGHT TO HAVE - RICHARD SALANT FORMER PRESIDENT OF CBS NEWS. This Site is dedicated to exposing the ILLUMINATI, a corrupt and evil network [ARTICLE : AMERICA IS MOURNING] [HOW TO ORDER] [RETURN TO FREE WORLD ALLIANCE] The best book in the world - carries the weight of many books rolled into one. America, I cannot over stress the importance of this book. -Chris Gemer, American Expose. . THE ILLUMINATI AND THE COUNSEL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS By MYRON FAGAN (A Transcript) The Illuminati and CFR ABOUT THE SPEAKER WHO'S WHO IN THE THEATER has always been the Bible of the People in the Legitimate Theater. THE PRESENT-DAY ILLUMINATI THEORY The Real or Illusionary Threat of a Secret Worldwide Conspiracy by G. Richard Fisher #147For thus the Lord spoke to me with a mighty power and instructed me not to walk in the way of this people, Illuminati, Greek illumination, name given to those who submitted to Christian baptism. Those who were baptized were called illuminati or illuminated ones by the Ante-Nicene clergy, on the assumption that those who were instructed for baptism Ronin Publishing The Illuminati Papers by Robert Anton Wilson Foreword by Timothy Leary Illuminati Papers asks: Is all of history a vast conspiracy? The Swedish Model by Per Sewen Illuminati News SWEDEN AND ITS SOCIALISTIC ILLUMINATI-PROPAGANDA Sweden has for a long time been known abroad as the Swedish model, which is associated with a no class differentiation of the society. People from other countries have looked upon Sweden with... Good grief, you must be an Illuminatus! Greetings, seeker of Truth. In recognising the significance of the fnord, you have shown yourself to be knowledgeable of the methods of the Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria, For starters, if you don't know who the 'Illuminati' are and would like to know more, read The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, or go to your local library and do some research on the Bavarian Illuminati. The Origin of the Order of the Illuminati March 19, 1998 copy THE END DAYS Borrowed by: The Other Side of the News Used by the gracious permission of Dominic Tran MYSTERY OF INIQUITY UNVEILED: FREEMASONRY AND ORDER OF ILLUMINATI written by: THE END DAYS E-Mail: enddays... 1. The Birth of Communism 2. The History Behind The League of the Just (a front for the Illuminati) 3. Karl Marx writes the Communist Manifesto for The League of the Just 4. Nicholai Lenin becomes a member of the League of the Just, who later changed their name to The League of the Communists... Freemason Report on the Bavarian Illuminati Nov 1992 Here's three articles from the Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia, 1961, by Henry Wilson Coil, 33rd degree. This is an excellent, albeit slightly idiosyncratic reference work. ILLUMINATI, THE - A mysterious secret society, which controls the world in a behind-the-scenes fashion. [It was founded by the Fisher King, later known as Mr. Duval, at some point in the 7th century A.D., about a hundred years after King Arthur's departure for Avalon]. Covert Groups Beyond the Contingents, the Illuminati have other set up other operations accomplish its goals. Unlike the Contingents, which are broad-based and powerful operations, these hidden organizations are localized and weak in comparison. Ranks The structure of the Illuminati is a very rigid, almost caste-like system. Each rank is specialized for a specific duties which the organization needs done. For instance, the Bishops are suited for research and recording while Knights are primarily for outside interaction THE VIRUS INVASION TAKE-OVER PLANS REVEALED THE NARROW SQUEEK RESOURCE MATERIAL THE ILLUMINATI MYSTERY Who are the Illuminati?. Are they a race? Are they a Force Field which envelopes members of different races including humans? What is the purpose of The Boston Illuminati? by Ewan McBride From information I've gathered in my ardent studies, I believe the ultimate goal of this group is power through control of information. THE END DAYS MYSTERY OF INIQUITY UNVEILED: FREEMASONRY AND ORDER OF ILLUMINATI Part 3: Origin of the Order of Illuminati CONTENTS: Illuminati: The Controller of All Masons Goals of the Illuminati Inside a Grand Lodge of Illuminati in Paris Return to Part 1: History of the Hebrew Manuscript News Update June 9, 1999 original article May 27, 1999 THE ILLUMINATI MILLENNIUM RITUALS VERY IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ Latest News from David Icke Website! by Arizona Wilder Arizona Wilder conducted human sacrifice rituals for the Illuminati elite for decades. 1. Understanding the symbolic term Harlot as given in prophecy. 2. A comprehensive study of Revelation, the 17th chapter. 3. A comprehensive study of Daniel, the 7th chapter. 4. Understanding the symbolic Beast from the Bottomless Pit. 5. The 1260 year prophecy of the Two Witnesses and the Pa- pal... Introduction I made brilliant new discoveries, only to find that the discoveries I made were not new, only hidden. In order to comprehend and utilize this text to the fullest extent, I expect that the reader have a (non-school oriented) sufficient grasp of quantum physics... It was on May 1, 1776, when Dr. Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati. Weishaupt was a Professor of Jewish Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Germany. He was born a Jew and later converted to Roman Catholicism. A former Jesuit Priest, Click here for the Site Directory, Complete Site Index Can It Be True? Are The Illuminati Planning for the New Millennium? THE END DAYS MYSTERY OF INIQUITY UNVEILED: FREEMASONRY AND ORDER OF ILLUMINATI Part 3: Origin of the Order of Illuminati CONTENTS: Illuminati: The Controller of All Masons Goals of the Illuminati Inside a Grand Lodge of Illuminati in Paris 1. The Papacy and the United States foretold as the Two Beasts found in Revelation 13th chapter. 2. The One World Government Conspirators within High Places in the U.S. 3. The Art of Subliminal Warfare through TV, Magazines, News- papers, etc. 4. The Communist plot uncovered by the Un-American... Organization The Court and the Conclaves The Court is the ruling body of the Illuminati. It is headed by the King of the Illuminati and is composed of five Queens, one from each of the Major Contingents. The two Marshals of the Minor Contingents also sit on the Court, How to defeat the plot of the heIl luminati by Alain Pilote After having read the previous article on the Illuminati and their plot to establish a one world government and to abolish all religions, one could be led to fatalism The Illuminati Rally Around the President By Nat Hentoff Saturday, October 10, 1998 In a fanfare of indignation, an array of international intellectuals and glittering entertainment figures have signed an urgent petition. They rise not to stop the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo Conspiracies beginning with I Conspiracy Theories Beginning with the letter I I, Libertine: The Book that Wasn't But Then Was I libertine and the Jean Shepherd stuff Illuminati: Illuminations An Illuminati Outline of History The Illuminati Project... The Great Work During the Dark Age and through the Recovery the Illuminati committee continued to develop and fulfill its plan. One of the committee's goals was to develop cultural diver- sity, and from that tolerance. THE ILLUMINATI MILLENNIUM RITUALS by Arizona Wilder Updated June 9th 1999 VERY IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ Arizona Wilder conducted human sacrifice rituals for the Illuminati elite for decades. These included the British Royal Family... L-2 a,b,c The Jewish Cabala New Age Movement emerged from the Illuminati. The Illuminati was born from the loins of ancient Freemasonry. This secret society was a free masonry by-product of the Jewish Masora, or Masorah. The ancient Cabala was the secret society embellishing the dark side of the... ILLUMINISM 1. The doctrines of the Illuminati, a secret society founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, a law professor in Bavaria who sought a higher degree of virtue than that reached in ordinary society. The Illuminati were promptly suppressed by the Bavarian government in 1785. Sponsored by Political Research Associates 120 Beacon St., #202, Somerville, MA 02143-4304 Find out how to obtain more information PRA Home CyberLinks Get Involved The Illuminati Freemason Conspiracy The Freemasons began as members of craft guilds who united into lodges The Illuminati home page. (Steve Jackson) Illuminati Research. Illuminati of the Grand Recursive Order. The Illuminati home page. Discordianism. HyperDiscordia. The Principia Discordia. The Principia Discordia. R.A. Wilson's Works. The Necronomicon Anti-FAQ. The Necronomicon. The Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria invite YOU to join The World's Oldest and Most Successful Conspiracy Have you ever secretly wondered why The Great Pyramid has five sides (counting the bottom)? Is there an esoteric allegory concealed in the apparently innocent legend of Snow White and The...



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and investigating their motives."
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What Misconceptions are there about Scientology?
Why do some people oppose Scientology? What is the Guardian's Office and does it still exist? Does Scientology engage in brainwashing or mind control? Is Scientology like hypnotism, meditation, psychotherapy or other mental therapies?

For research purposes, here is a list of mind control projects
that have been exposed over the years:

Chapter - In 1947, the Navy conducted the first known post-war mind control program, Project CHAPTER, which continued the drug experiments. Decades later, journalists and investigators still haven't uncovered much information about this project - or, indeed, about any of the military's other excursions into this field. We know that the Army eventually founded operations THIRD CHANCE and DERBY HAT; other project names remain mysterious, though the existence of these programs is unquestionable.

Chatter - 1951 Project CHATTER, a highly classified Navy program to search for a truth drug, began. They were looking for a way to make someone talk "fast" in the event of a security emergency. These experiments used barbiturates, amphetamines, and heroin. The drugs were supplied by the Bureau of Narcotics and pharmaceutical companies. Some of the experimental subjects included the scientists themselves, and mostly students. 1953 Project CHATTER was abandoned by the Navy.

Bluebird - 1950 Project BLUEBIRD was approved by the first CIA Director, Roscoe Hillenkoetter. He also approved the use of unvouchered funds to pay for its sensitive areas. This began the CIA's first structured behavioral control program. Their goals consisted of "controlling an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against such fundamental laws of nature as self-preservation." Some of their experimental subjects included North Korean prisoners of war and suspected double agents.

The newly-formed CIA plunged into this cesspool in 1950, with Project BLUEBIRD, rechristened ARTICHOKE in 1951. To establish a "cover story" for this research, the CIA funded a propaganda effort designed to convince the world that the Communist Bloc had devised insidious new methods of re-shaping the human will; the CIA's own efforts could therefore, if exposed, be explained as an attempt to "catch up" with Soviet and Chinese work. The primary promoter of this "line" was one Edward Hunter, a CIA contract employee operating undercover as a journalist, and, later, a prominent member of the John Birch society. (Hunter was an OSS veteran of the China theatre - the same spawning grounds which produced Richard Helms, Howard Hunt, Mitch WerBell, Fred Chrisman, Paul Helliwell and a host of other noteworthies who came to dominate that strange land where the worlds of intelligence and right-wing extremism meet.

Hunter offered "brainwashing" as the explanation for the numerous confessions signed by American prisoners of war during the Korean War and (generally) UN-recanted upon the prisoners' repatriation. These confessions alleged that the United States used germ warfare in the Korean conflict, a claim which the American public of the time found impossible to accept. Many years later, however, investigative reporters discovered that Japan's germ warfare specialists (who had wreaked incalculable terror on the conquered Chinese during WWII) had been mustered into the American national security apparat - and that the knowledge gleaned from Japan's horrifying germ warfare experiments probably WAS used in Korea, just as the "brainwashed" soldiers had indicated. Thus, we now know that the entire brainwashing scare of the 1950s constituted a CIA hoax perpetrated upon the American public: CIA deputy director Richard Helms admitted as much when, in 1963, he told the Warren Commission that Soviet mind control research consistently lagged years behind American efforts

Artichoke  1951 Project BLUEBIRD was renamed Project ARTICHOKE. The CIA director approved a liaison with the Army and Navy who were interested in finding a truth drug. Another liaison was formed with the Air Force who wanted to study interrogation techniques. Information was also exchanged with the Canadian and British governments.

Some of Project ARTICHOKE's experimental subjects included: suspected agents, suspected double agents, people who "had a known reason for deception," American college students (supposedly for more benign testing), and foreigners (since the CIA was more likely to try certain procedures out on them rather than American citizens.) "Terminal," or "to the death" experiments were usually carried out in other countries.

According to Bowart, the control method used on two agents involved drugs and hypnosis (narco-hypnosis). The subjects were hypnotically regressed and made to relive past experiences. Posthypnotic suggestions were given to induce total amnesia of their interrogations. The CIA called this experiment "very successful."

Castigate - 1952 Project CASTIGATE began when the Navy and the CIA teamed up to test a "secret potion" that consisted of a depressant, a stimulant, and the active ingredient in marijuana. The drugs were to be administered over a three-day period. The experiment was carried out in Germany at a secret CIA base on a military installation. Experimental subjects included one known double agent, one suspected double agent and three defectors. Project CASTIGATE was considered a failure.

MKNAOMI - 1952 MKNAOMI (Pronounced M-K NAOMI with M-K standing for mind control.) TSS's agreement with the Special Operations Division of the Army's biological research center at Fort Detrick, Maryland. SOD's job was to produce germ weapons for the CIA's use.

MKULTRA - 1953 MKULTRA, a CIA program for the covert use of biological and chemical weapons began. Bowart states, "According to CIA documents, MKULTRA was 'an umbrella project for funding sensitive projects' and covered 'policy and procedures for the use of biochemicals in clandestine operations...' " "MKULTRA was exempted from normal CIA financial controls and allowed TSS to begin research projects without contracts or written agreements." TSS stands for Technical Services Staff and was an agency referred to as "the Gadget Wizards," similar to what "Q" is to James Bond.

As usual, MKDELTA and MKNAOMI had already been set up prior to the CIA being given official permission for MKULTRA. MKDELTA became the operational side of MKULTRA.

MKULTRA focused on drugs, specifically LSD since the CIA had a phobia about LSD ending up in the hands of the Russians. The CIA wanted to use LSD as a weapon. The Russians and the Cold War were used as a national security excuse for most of the CIA's actions. The CIA studied hundreds of other drugs besides LSD, as well as experimenting with: "radiation, electroshock, psychology, sociology, anthropology, psychiatry, harassment substances and paramilitary devices and materials."

It appears that the scientists enjoyed trying these drugs on themselves, but they also used many hospital patients, volunteers (mostly students), inmates who were usually paid for their participation with more drugs, and eventually anyone the CIA could get, without their consent, of course. The CIA "scientists" even reduced themselves to misting and spraying unwitting American citizens as they walked down busy city streets. Later they would study how they could manipulate genes, and develop compounds that could simulate heart attack and stroke.

MK-Ultra: The CIA and Radiation

MKDELTA - See above

MKSEARCH 1964 MKULTRA became MKSEARCH. Many sub-projects stayed under MKULTRA while the most sensitive behavioral experiments went to MKSEARCH. These experiments were conducted on prisoners, terminal cancer patients and people who were described as mental "defectives." They also used radar waves on monkeys' brains (which risked "cooking" their brains) and one scientist took the head of one monkey and tried to attach it to the body of another. Other experiments involved studying telepathy, radio frequencies and memory.-

MKSEARCH continued into the early 1970's, and more experiments were performed under ORD, the Office of Research and Development. Some of these experiments consisted of implanting electrodes into the brains of cats, dogs, and reptiles and controlling the animals remotely. Animal experiments were always (and still are) performed first and heinously, but we don't hear much about these atrocities.

According to Bowart, the following agencies were involved in behavior modification and behavioral research projects: the Defense Department, the Department of Labor, the National Science Foundation, the Veteran's Administration, the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, the National Institute of Mental Health, the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (under the Department of Justice). "All of the above agencies were named in secret CIA documents as those who provided research 'cover' for MKULTRA."

Often/ Chickwit -1967 Or 1968, Project OFTEN/CHICKWIT was initiated by the Army Chemical Corps and the CIA's Office of Research and Development to create new drug compounds "that could be used offensively." Hallucinogens were tested on inmates in Pennsylvania, but very little is known about the experiments. "CIA documents mention 'several laboratory accidents' in which a drug designated as EA-3167 produced 'prolonged psychotic effects in laboratory personnel' "

U.S. Army dispenses Bacillus subtilis variant niger throughout the New York City subway system. More than a million civilians are exposed when army scientists drop lightbulbs filled with the bacteria onto ventilation grates.

It would appear that the CIA's drug testing continued throughout the 1970s since, "A CIA memo dated March 8, 1971, indicates that a backlog of more than twenty-six thousand drugs had been acquired 'for future screening'

Third Chance -In I991 operations Bug, Third Chance, Derby Hat and MKUltra under which various aspects of mind control were performed from BB size ear, eye nose and brain implants had been studied for two decades. And they were placed in the hands of South American dictators and others in operations against high echelon captured drug dealers and other prisoners.

Derby Hat - 1960 - The Army Assistant Chief-of-Staff for Intelligence (ACSI) authorizes field testing of LSD in Europe and the Far East. Testing of the european population is code named Project THIRD CHANCE; testing of the Asian population is code named Project DERBY HAT.

Project MONARCH - Mind control is absolute. Under MK-Ultra Project Monarch trauma-based mind control, ... a subsection of the CIA's Operation Artichoke which is also known as Project MK Ultra ... [involving] the sophisticated manipulation of the child's mind to protect itself from extreme trauma by creating Multiple Personality Disorder.

Operation Monarch by Mark Phillips
Offline Illumination
David Icke Recommended Reading
Project Monarch: The Tangled Web
Mind Control - Mark Phillips & Cathy O'Brien
Transcription: Cathy O'Brien's Presentation Mind Control

Mockingbird - This unlikely land of enchantment is the creation of MOCKINGBIRD. It was conceived in the late 1940s, the most frigid period of the cold war, when the CIA began a systematic infiltration of the corporate media, a process that often included direct takeover of major news outlets.

In this period, the American intelligence services competed with communist activists abroad to influence European labor unions. With or without the cooperation of local governments, Frank Wisner, an undercover State Department official assigned to the Foreign Service, rounded up students abroad to enter the cold war underground of covert operations on behalf of his Office of Policy Coordination. Philip Graham, __a graduate of the Army Intelligence School in Harrisburg, PA, then publisher of the Washington Post., was taken under Wisner's wing to direct the program code-named Operation MOCKINGBIRD

Operation MOCKINGBIRD — The CIA begins recruiting American news organizations and journalists to become spies and disseminators of propaganda. The effort is headed by Frank Wisner, Allan Dulles, Richard Helms and Philip Graham. Graham is publisher of The Washington Post, which becomes a major CIA player. Eventually, the CIA’s media assets will include ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, Newsweek, Associated Press, United Press International, Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps-Howard, Copley News Service and more. By the CIA’s own admission, at least 25 organizations and 400 journalists will become CIA assets.

"Whispers" is a collection of case histories of paranoia that Siegel had studied. One of these cases is a man named Tolman who believes that his mind is being controlled by computers via a satellite system named POSSE (Personal Orbiting Satellite for Surveillance and Enforcement). Siegel implies that claims like this are similar to the James Tilly Matthews case. And indeed they are, but it is clear that Siegel is trying to dismiss Tolman's claims by implying that similar reports existed two centuries before this technology could have existed.


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