9-1-01 - DREAM - I was shown a sheet of paper or a web page that told me that 150 things were going to happen to mankind.


9-1-01 - DREAM - I was against shown the sheet of paper or web page with a series of events that were going to happen but they weren't all bad. However, as the page scrolled down, the bad things were highlighted - perhaps like links to other pages which would explain them. There were about 10 good things in between the bad things for the most part, but sometimes there would be two smaller bad things back to back.


9-1-01 - DREAM - I was going to do the people's laundry, but there was so much dirt on the floor I couldn't even cross the room, so I had to sweep the floor first.

There was a scene of my own cats and I saw the tiny kitten disappeared this past week. I was excited to see that it was okay.

Then I saw that the big black mother cat had a big chunk of fur missing on its left shoulder.

I pointed that out to a person who was sitting nearby. then I saw that I could see deep into the cat's body and saw its spine and heart. There was a big empty cavity above its heart.

I just couldn't imagine how much pan that mother cat was in.

(NOTE: I often wondered if mother animals felt the same kind of pain when their children disappear that humans do.)


9-2-01 - DREAM - This dream was surrealistic, but fun.

I don't' know if I'm remembering the exact beginning, but I was walking west along a street. There were some other people around. I saw the vague outline of a body of a child laying in a puddle in the street at an intersection.

A man ahead of me walked right past the body and kept right on going. I was incredulated to think that the man could just ignore the dead child.

I came up to the body of the child which was just a black, vague child shape under the water.

I couldn't touch it either. I saw a restaurant ahead so ran towards it find a phone to call 911.

As soon as I did, a woman came out of the restaurant and I heard her say she was going home right in the neighborhood so I stopped her, pointed out the child's body and asked her if she would call 911 from her house. She said she would and I continued on to the restaurant, hoping I had done the right thing by trusting the woman.

It turned out the restaurant was a bar/restaurant/dancehall, and it wasn't open yet. The man who owned it said that he was trying to determine what temperature to make the air, depending on whether his wife wore her girdle or not. So I left.

Back at home, I lived with some other women, and I can't remember why, but they were jealous of me. They made dinner and I was trying to finish a project and didn't get to the table as fast as they did. I sat down at the table and at precisely 6:30 p.m., one of the women came over to the table and dismantled the end and the food all fell on the floor.

I told her that I was refusing to pick it up and walked away. I wasn't going to play their game. I left and room and when I looked back a couple moments later, the floor was clean, but the women had just rinsed the dishes and stacked them in the sink and gone to their rooms.

So, I sat in the livingroom by myself, wondering what I should do. I was thinking I could call someone on the phone and saw up by the ceiling 3 phone outlets. the one to God the Father was 0-1, God the son was 0-2, and God the Holy Spirit, was 0-3.

I was trying to remember some friend's phone numbers and couldn't and I really wanted to talk to someone.

Suddenly, a radio that was sitting on the floor, turned to technicolor like a jukebox and began to dance on the floor.

Then a do ton the radio grew in size, came over to the couch and quickly morphed into a man. He was acting rather crass and sexual and it made me really nervous.

I spotted my son Tom asleep on a bed behind the couch and started calling, "Tom! Tom!" and screamed, "Tom! Wake up!" hoping he would protect me from this weird morphing man.

Tom woke up and the man got up from the couch and met Tom at the end of the room and said to him, "Remember me?" to Tom. It seemed that Tom and him were old buddies from dreams or visions past.

The man said to me from next to a curtain , which Tom had gone behind. "Remember this - always be yourself, whoever that is."

He then put on a dress like a cross-dressing man. I started laugh and patted the couch and told him to come back and sit on the couch next to me.

The man, now in a dress, came over to the couch too, with his makeup case and started to put makeup on his grizzled old male face.

I told him i had some neat makeup I would share wit him if he didn't have the right colors.

The man decided he needed some kind of powder I didn't have and went over tot a table where there was a bunch of things belonging to one of the jealous women.

As soon as we walked over to the table to look for the powder can, the jealous woman came out of her room and the man decided to teach her a lesson.

He went over to the side of the room and produce two flowers like long-stemmed roses.

He gave her just the plain stem and handed me the flower with the long stem and the stem itself morphed into the most beautiful creation of its own with rippling colors and bumps. It was so incredibly beautiful to see that even a plain flower stem could be so beautiful.

The other women with her plain stem just left the room.

NOTE: Joe woke up and got out of bed and ended my dream.


9-2-01 - VISION - I saw a file name that looked like large

VISION - I saw an aqua rectangle that looked like 2 dolphins jumping out of the ocean.


9-3-01 - DREAM - I was working in a large company. It was Christmas Eve and we had to clean up before going home. The floors were pretty much swept up, but there were 3 throw rugs which needed to be washed. One was worse than the other two.

I also had a huge pile of mail to open and distribute and some gifts to open, but first I had to get the rugs washed.

I found a roll of quarters in petty cash and took 6 quarters to do the wash one rug would go in each of 3 machines.

However, by the time I got to the washer place, two of the quarters and the dirtiest rug had been stolen.

Someone helped to put the money in the machines, throw in the two rugs and put in the soap. The soap was red.

I had to go the bathroom throughout the dream. I was drinking a large glass of wine which looked like Mogan David 20-20 (I love that stuff) However, when I peed, it came out the same color.

I wasn't worried about it because what goes in, must come out, including pigment color.

There were a lot of other people in the dream, some of these people had their own jobs to get done before Christmas.

The ladies bathroom was strange. There was a series of 6 round cubicles, each with 6 toilets set in a circle. There was one woman sitting in each one, so I didn't want t go in front of someone else. I finally ended up going in the same toilet that some else had just peed in because she couldn't flush it, but after peeing out my wine I managed to flush it. It seemed that she hadn't pushed the handle down far enough.

There was one man who hadn't gotten his mail yet. It was either Boehm or Bowen. His office was across the street. Other women were going to deliver that mail.

Early on in this dream, I went into a barnyard and a grey wolf or Alaskan Husky which was grey was following me. I was trying to get rid of him, but a small boy wouldn't let me put him through a gate, and told me he couldn't leave, so I managed to go to work and leave him behind.


9-4-01 - DREAM - This was like a web page, divided into sections. The color of the page was light greyish green. Each section was about someone trying to do good for someone and how each person was being fought against to stop  them.


9-4-01 - WHERE THE HECK WAS I?  -

DREAM - I thought I was back at Juneau Village, but I guess not. I had been away for awhile. I had been on vacation, but I had been in the hospital for a couple weeks too. I don't know why.

I was trying to get ready to go down and see if I had any mail and use the opportunity to meet the new manager and ask her if I could help her find anything.

The people in the building obviously thought I was still the manager. I had a huge apartment with two doors to the hallway and neither one had been locked, so people were streaming in asking for help and advice.

There was also a workman in the kitchen refinishing the front of the refrigerator that still had the names of two women affixed to the front of the freezer door who used to live in this apartment.

It seemed that all the women who lived here were single mothers with little girls. The little girls were all adorable dressed in pretty flowery dresses like they were going to a party.

I could hear the voices of young black women out in the hall, walking by and yelling back and forth at each other. (Yes! You can tell race by the voice in some neighborhoods I've worked in)

One young black man came in looking for a government form #7. I told him I didn't have government forms but he didn't believe me.

There was a fireplace between two rooms which was huge. There was a grate on both sides.

I was supposed to see it and hand't let it, but inside on the bed of coals, which was about 5 feet inside this low-dark room was a mother cat, two kittens, a mouse and a baby girl.

I panicked, opened the gate and crouched down to crawl inside the fire pit. I grabbed the baby first and thrust her outside to another woman standing there. Then I grabbed the two kittens which were covered with white ash. Then I grabbed the mouse but the mother cat wasn't going to allow that and she grabbed it back from me, so I let her have it back.

I remembered at that moment having dreamed this scene the night before and this was like dejavu and I knew my dream had been prophetic.

I was trying to change clothes to meet the manager as well. I looked in the mirror. I was wearing light purple silk shorts like a box wears, and though I don't remember what my shirt looked like I was wearing a huge hat like Hedda Hopper. It had huge grosgrain bows on the back and I had a huge long hawk feather stuck down behind the ribbon. I thought the feather was a little gaudy so I pulled it out, but then said, 'Hey,  but that's who I am, and stuck the feather back in my hat.

I was going to put on brown slacks, but I put on a brown shirt instead. I was looking for my moccasins, but found my white sailing shoes first and put them on because I was in a hurry.

A young man came quickly into the apartment with a large soup cup of water. He went up 3 steps to a large closet. I didn't know what he was doing, but when he came back down, he said he had been tending the sweetgrass hanging in the closet according to Becky's instructions. That was the first I knew I had my own sweetgrass stash.

I was meeting people out of the apartment, with their daughters, found my key sand my purse.

I left the refrigerator man working in the kitchen. He said there was a couple missing tiles on the wall and a missing rosette. So I asked him to pease fix that too as long as he was refinishing the refrigerator. He was making the freezer into a faceted silver/gold/black. I don't know what to call that color, and it was faceted like 'black diamond' perhaps.

I finally got out into the hallway with the women and their daughters. One little girl was going to take the elevator. I hadn't remembered we had an elevator. But the woman grabbed her daughter's hand and insisted they take the stairs for exercise.

She opened some double doors and there was a hidden stairway to the lower floor. The stairway itself was dark and reminded me of an attic stairway with stuff stacked alongside that you are too lazy to take all the way up.

I said to the woman, "I didn't know there was an elevator in this building."

she answered, "Oh yes! All the buildings in the Capital area have elevators. But this stairway goes down to marle St."

I was astounded. That's not where I thought I was.


9-5-01 - DREAM - I was working as executive secretary for a very large company. Everything felt so familiar. I've been here in dreams before. It was my job to make sure everything was ready for large meetings when all the executives came together to make decisions. today was one of those days.

The top Vice President of the company called me at home on the phone at 10 min. past 8 a.m. before work and whispered an apology that he couldn't be with me that day because the wives had decided to have all the men meet with them for lunch in the north wing that day.

I wasn't very upset by that. If he was thinking of having an affair with me, it was a one way deal because I couldn't remember ever being with him. I told him, "I understand."

I started getting ready for work and my husband said to me, "You never change!" That was meant as a compliment.

I saw myself in the mirror then. I was wearing black slacks, a bright red, slim-fitting finger tip length coat, and had one a black fur hat that covered my whole head. I actually looked rather like a Russian Cossack.

I was walking then through a long hallway, to the executive offices at work. My husband was by my side. The President of the company was walking behind me wit his whole entourage of Vice Presidents.

All of a sudden my left slack leg shot out beyond my foot about 3 feet., then so did the right one. I had to quickly pull up my pants legs so I wouldn't trip on them and hope nobody else saw that my pants legs were too long for me.

I got into the office and rushed ahead of everyone to make sure everything was ready.

There were several Spanish/Mexican women working in there and they had spread all their personal projects out all over the place. One was making a quilt from red fabric with yellow flowers all over it. She had the fabric spread all over the bosses private bedroom. Everything was a mess. I had to hurry and clean the place myself before the boss showed up. I was pretty upset that they had done this.

All of a sudden the boss came in, followed by all his Vice Presidents.

Somehow, the President got me standing off balance. My whole weight was on the ball of my right foot. I was partially leaning backward against him and my left foot was precariously just barely missing standing on his left foot. He had his right hand on my right temple. I put my hand up so that it was over his right hand as well. I was so off balance I couldn't move without standing on his left foot to make a step to stand on my own two feet.

The man who had called me on the phone was standing right there with a look of envy on his face that said how desperately he wanted to be in my bosses position.

Then my bosses previous executive secretary came in, she was tall with dark hair and flashing eyes. I don't know what ethnicity she was ... either Russian, Spanish, or Mexican.

She came up behind my boss, standing very close to us and whispered forcefully in our ears, "I see how she is standing," and noted how close were and how my left foot was almost standing on his left foot.

He said to her, "I don't love you. I never loved you, and I will never love you."

She wouldn't answer because all the wives walked in to escort their husbands to the north wing of the building for their meeting.

My boss quickly put me back on my feet and left the room with all the others.

They were all way ahead of me before I walked down the long hall to the north wing. I've been here many times as well. The hallway was lined with bright sunny windows on one side and seemingly like apartments and shops on the other side.

There were children happily playing with toys on the floor, which I had to walk around and say "Hello!" to all the people along the way.

I got to the elevator to go upstairs to the executive offices of the north wing. This elevator was dark wood inside and one had to step down into the elevator and the floor of the elevator was on two levels.

One woman was already on the elevator when the door opened, one man and another woman got on the elevator with me. I didn't press the button for the floor I wanted to go to. The light for the 4th floor was lit and the other girl pressed 8 and that light went on.

I decided I would get off on 8 and walk the rest of the way to where I wanted to go.

The girl who had come up from the basement got off on 4. The other girl said she had just rented an apartment at Juneau Village. Since I used to be manager there, I asked her how much the rent was now. The number $1200 is in my mind but I don't know if she ever said it.

I got off on the 8th floor wit her. It didn't seem very bright up here. It was grayish and had the feeling of factory though there were offices around the side.

The center was like a square with slanted blue/gray sky lights.

The girl went ahead and I took my time walking through the center court which had an astounding array of tropical plants and tables and tables with glass dishes with fruits and candies. I didn't take any of these but before I left, several women insisted I try some these foods, but I didn't. I was in a hurry to get t work.

NOTE: It drives me nuts that I don't know for certain who this boss is. I've worked for him for along time. I keep calling him the Jewish Judge, though his is the President of the company.

The other man who I can't identify reminds me of a movie character actor with very strong features, usually a Russian or German character, or Mafia related. He wouldn't be considered one of the good guys ever.


9-6-01 - DREAM/VISION - The scene was completely light blue. There was a graduation gown and mortarboard hanging on hooks. This was for a ceremony called "The Seventh Initiation". It represent Christ's crucifixion.  (The Logos and World Teacher)


9-6-01- DREAM - I was living in a house with a lot of other people. The water standpipe coming from upstairs had been shut off, but when the maintenance man and I went to check it out, I noticed that drops of water were coming down. I was standing under the pipe opening when the water was turned back on and the water poured on the top of my head forcefully. It felt warm and wonderful and it was so relaxing and peaceful. It was an initiation of some kind.

Later, when I was laying in bed, the men in the group were discussing what kind of event they could make up for an initiation for people and I knew I had already  been initiated and didn't need another one at the hands of man.  But to me, sitting on the bed was a grandmother reading stories of Jesus life to her male grandchild from a Golden book.


9-7-01 - DREAM - I was in a house in a city. I was sewing up a rip in the pant leg of a tall, thin man. Another man was sitting on the couch nearby. I noted that I had patched and sewed this rip in the pants once before and couldn't figure to how it had come undone.

On the shelf nearby was a catalog with a picture of yellow dinnerware.

The man on the couch sniped at the other guy about an affair he had had in 1997 and how stupid that was. When I was finished sewing, I wrapped one thread around the catalog to keep it shut, but the thread was too short to knot it.

I went out in the yard then and saw black clouds looming higher and higher in the sky. A discussion started about how fast we could run for cover before the rain hit.

I grabbed whatever paper and sewing threads were on the table.

By the time we got into the house, it was pouring rain.

I looked out at the window and the moon was coming up in the west. It was 10 times bigger than normal. Was the moon closer or was that an illusion?  Since when does the moon come up in the west?

Just that fast, the clouds were scudding northward n the sky again really fast.

It seemed like the whole city skyline was moving with it.

I moved to the kitchen window but I couldn't see anything from there so went back to the other window to watch the clouds flying by. At least it wasn't raining anymore, but the moon was hidden behind the clouds.


9-8-01 - I only remember the end of this dream - I was in a kitchen somewhere, making a sandwich for someone. I used a lot of butter, one then asked the man if he wanted mayo on it too. He was just saying, "Yes!" when inside my head I had a vision of a dark-haired girl. (Melissa) She started talking to me. She said, "If was in the water and I felt my shoe coming off. I think I swallowed some water then. After 3 years they found me in Pond 5957.

Was this Chandra?

1957 = 26 - the larger 26?

In the Bible concordance, this number means 'everlasting, eternity'


9-9-01 - DREAM - I was in process of moving into a new apartment #204. I hadn't finished putting everything away yet. Mike, Lorna, Emily, and Ethan were visiting but they were sitting in a darkened livingroom watching TV, while Emily and Ethan were sitting in another livingroom with me.

My old engineering boss, Manager Mr. Gene Fohr came to visit. We were discussing the previous occupancy of my purchasing boss Janet Carlson. People said she was a hairdresser but very slow. One woman said that when Janet did men's hair, it took two weeks to dry.

Emily and Ethan played with two vacuum cleaners at the same time, a black one and a white one and pulled on the cords which were in a strip type plug thing on the wall where 3 plugs were in a row. I went over and unplugged them individually for safety's sake and took them upstairs to put them a way. I left Mr. Fohr downstairs in the hallway watching another large TV sitting on a large leather couch.  (I had a third vacuum cleaner there also, so didn't need to have all 3 of them standing side by side.)

Upstairs, I discovered there were 4 bedrooms, 2 double beds and 2 single beds. I took the vacuum cleaners into the bedroom to store them , which had a single bed and an unfinished bathroom. I could tell that there used to be a double bed in this room previously and the floor was laid out in thin panels like if you walked too heavily you would fall straight through to the floor below.

A young man who lived in apartment #205 walked in to see who I was and I had to ask him to leave because it looked like he was going to stay permanently. He said he just wanted to make sure that everything was okay.

I then went down a different stairway to the lobby of the building. The stairway was thick plush brown carpeting and came out into a brilliantly shiny lobby full of large glass windows and brightly polished marble floor. A far cry from the shoddy construction of the 2nd floor.

Earlier in the dream, the owner of the apartment building, Ralph, the Jewish Judge had been doing some repair work and had drilled a hole in a utility closet and drilled right through a water pipe to install a new wire. I had to watch him and instruct him how to install the wire to make sure it went in properly.

Coming down the stairs to the lobby, I noticed I was bare breasted and put my arm across myself so nobody could see all of me and then picked up a fancy copper decorative house with long stilt legs to hold in front of me as a cover while I walked back to my 1st floor apartment.


9-10-01 - DREAM - I was in a house that was being remodeled. I was told that they would take care of everything else if I would take care of the baseboard. It seems that the baseboard was being cut in half lengthwise. There was some words carved into the baseboards but I couldn't read it because the words were white on white.

finally, I was shown the words on a piece of paper on a computer screen.

There was a box and inside the box it said:

water water water
water water water water water
water water water water water
water water water water water
water water water water water
water water water

See Hurricane and Typhoons of 2001/2002


9-11-01 - DREAM - This was about music. After I woke up, I was certain it was about Aunt Pat's music. I knew that it was important.


9-11-01 - DREAM - I don't know for certain what country I as in, but I was on a man-made patio which was dug into the ground about 5 feet. It had a wall on at least 3 sides made of stones laid one on each other. I didn't look behind me so I don't know if there was a 4th side.

I was shown that the men were paying $10 a stone for black slate rounded and oval stones to build with, but for 417 I took a spade and dug into the paving beneath my feet t get the manufactured, layered paving stones pictured.

It was similar to this Navajo rug:  


9-11-01- Today was the bombing of the World Trade Center by terrorist suicide planes.

I was afraid to sleep.

When I closed my eyes the first time, I saw a young boy choking a young girl to death. Then I heard multiple women creaming. The third vision was of a black cat like Felix the cat. He looked like he had stuck his paw in a big electrical power line and his body and fur all stood out in every direction in the air.





9-12-01 - MEDITATION - I saw a small blonde woman come running and she jumped into my arms. she said, "I am so happy to see you!"


9-12-01 - DREAM - I was with my mother, getting our chores done. Then we went to the government law library building.

My mother and I went into the building and slowly started climbing the wide marble stairs. I had been here before. We got up tot he top landing and there were 2 security guards up there. One was standing at attention.

I could see into a large office ahead of me. The library to the right. I had borrowed a book from there two weeks ago.

The 2nd security guard was doing back flips.

In the office, a man ina suit was doing back flips acrobatics.

The second security guard was also doing back flips acrobatics.

He said, "We're only protesting!!!!"

I decided lightheartedly I wouldn't return my law book because I didn't want to go past the protesters.


9-13-01 - VISION - I saw a piece of paper 8 1/2 x 11

It said                                                                          J.F. KENNEDY


A voice said, "We're going to beat this!"


9-14-01 - DREAM - I was in the streets of New York, looking up all the tall buildings. I had photographs of all the damage from the bombing. The photographs, instead of pictures was a series of long code made up of alphabet and numbers.

The next day, I went back downtown again where the big buildings were and I went to look at the pictures and watched as the codes rathcheted over to the next set of numbers.

The numbers and text assured them sets of pictures were now different and longer. It was like it happened a second time.


9-14-01 - DREAM - STUPID - I was with a young man and went walking into an old factory of some kind that had a lot of tables where people used to work but not longer did. We were thinking making love somewhere in one of the darkened spaces, but we got followed by someone and couldn't do anything.

The lights came on then and I discovered that the people had left stuff behind like boxes of crayons and pencils and creative things like that. So I chose what I liked best and took it back with me out into my own place in the light.

Back out in the light, I was waiting to find out if I was pregnant. I knew I would know in 4 days.

Back at my own house was like living on a houseboat. The porch was actually in the water which was lapping up to the house.

I needed to hang onto a Queen Anne chair for stability out there.


9-16-01 - DREAM - My husband taught me how to act inappropriately when angry. He showed me how to swing my arms around wildly and strike out at the nearest person. While he was teaching me this, I didn't know he was setting me up for what was to come later.

Then I was put into a situation deliberately with very dear friends where I was brought to anger. I was always on the verge of striking out inappropriately like I was taught, while at the same time forcing myself to stay calm and cool and collected. It almost made me fee like I was going crazy - to feel the intense anger - yet behave as though nothing was going on.

I soon came to the idea that I was being driven insane, but there WAS an alternative. the alternative was to find a different place and person to live with.

That wouldn't be an easy task, because I would have to live with one of my friends who didn't deserve to see me act inappropriately either.

It took a great deal of self-control to pretend that nothing was going on and keep my intense anger in check, but I did it, and in the long run, we were all happy.


9-16-01 - DREAM - I was in a prison where there were 24 small cells in front of some larger cells. There was an angry black woman (Kali?) in one of the small cells. She was refusing to participate in what was going on, so she was released from the small cell to go back into the larger cell.

(NOTE: Probably refers to the Taliban)


9-17-01 - DREAM - I was in a house, watching a woman scrubbing her yellow linoleum floor on her hands and knees - just like I used to do.

Her floor was divided into 4 parts with a drain in one quarter. She and I discussed how the floor had to be scrubbed in a certain way so all the water went down the drain.

We became fast friends and she gave me gifts to take home with me.

Then I watched Richard Cushumpson hanging on a wall, playing the part of an angel singing. He was dressed all in white. I couldn't figure out why people didn't like him.


9-18-01 - DREAM - I was being shown dividing and putting together of letters and numbers. I remember 2 and 93, 94, and 15 - at the very end I was shown the name Queen Beatrice of Holland and her dna sample.

NOTE: I am of Dutch heritage myself. I wonder if there is a connection?


9-19-01 - DREAM/VISION - I was looking at a large, green house-like shape. I couldn't really make out what it was. It seemed there was a man near the bottom and it was held together seemingly by broad bands diagonally across the back. Perhaps it is related to the queen Beatrice of yesterday because that was green also.


9-19-01 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building where I was supposed to be working as well. I hadn't yet reported to work even though I had been here a whole week already. I was feeling very guilty about this and knew I couldn't live here for nothing. I had to work.

I was thinking that I could use the excuse that I had been cleaning the building. I went down the stairway all the way to the basement. IN the basement, I met a group of men who were working on the pipes.

(That part might fit with my urinary tract infection)


9-19-01 - MEDITATION - I meditated on what the job was I was supposed to have started last week. I saw a contract I was signing. It had 5 names at the top of the page. Aprazr was one of them, the woman I get my Dire_jesus messages from.


9-20-01 - DREAM - I was with a man in a huge room. The man had a helium balloon which was large enough to pull him up into the air.

Over his head was a diving bell-type of thing in which he was breathing as he rose up. He got all brave and said, "I want to see if I can breathe on my own.
 and pulled his head out of the diving bell. He couldn't breathe without his head head in the diving bell,a nd he was hollering, "I can't breathe, gasp, gasp, gasp", and floated back to his diving bell helmet.

Then the scene changed to cartoon-like and I could see the man floating in a big space that had 10 circles in a row which were labeled and alight preceded him through the air as he floated with his balloon at an angle across the row of balloons.

Then the scene flipped again, and I saw the same man as he was on a diagonal through 10 rows of 10 circles, against the light preceding him up through the circles. All these circles were labeled and the light preceded him on a a diagonal as he rose thought the circles and in the second last row before he neared the to prow - top last 10 the circle was the larger word COGNITIVE!


9-21-01 - DREAM - I was looking for the true Christmas and not finding it. I was also looking for the true 11:11 and there were 3 of them with arrows pointing in 3 different directions.

I was in an apartment house and water was running down through the walls like a river. I went upstairs to find the source of the water. There was a room in which 1,000 sprinkler heads were spewing water. There were a lot of men standing there, not knowing what to do, so I redirected the main sprinkler head so it shot its stream of water directly into the drain and that solved the whole problem. I don't know why one of the men didn't think of that.

I was then with a man who  had asked me to marry him. He had a little girl and she and I shared some sticky candy. I decided we both needed a bath and it was 'rather cold' in the room we were in, so I picked her up to take her to my bathroom where it was warm and he stopped me. He said he would give her a bath himself and took her away from me. I started to cry and told him he hurt my feelings when he treated me that way. He didn't care. He wanted to take care of her himself.

He asked me where my old boyfriend Roger was. I told him he was home sick that day. Then I went past a room where supposedly Roger was home wick in and that seemed rather ominous.

I was feeling rather bad about all this and climbed 3 stairs to where I could see a large room where ballet dancers were rehearsing. I woke up as I entered the room.


9-21-01 - VISION - "If 83 is searched 83 will be found"


9-22-01 - DREAM - I was helping to look for victims at the mound of rubble at the World Trade Center in New York City. This was represented by big mounds of spaces on a computer screen. A teenage person was rescued by using the number 3 in a smaller space. When the person was revived, then the space went away as well.


9-22-01 - DREAM - I was working in our office for Ralph, the Jewish Judge. He was finished with what he was doing and was going to give me a verbal report over a radio. I had 3 radios to hear him on - each was on a different channel and each was on a different wall. I turned them all on and turned up the volume so no matter which one he used, I was prepared.

While I was waiting, I as getting some papers together for some writing I was going to do when I was done for the night.

I recall seeing a vision of a singer with a large nose. I saw her profile. I don't remember what she was going to be doing, but she had her nose stuck up in the air so I could see it well.

Nobody trusted the man I worked for. Supposedly, he ran an accounting office, but nobody ever saw or heard my boss in the office.

Suddenly my boss came into the office and gave me some work to do. I quickly typed up a purchase order and two inquiries. I gave them back to him for approval.

I had heard that he had an incredible speaking schedule ahead of him, but I hadn't seen it yet.

When I gave him the work I had finished, he approved it. He hung the master copies of the inquiries on the wall like he wanted everyone to know what he was doing. He kept the purchase order on his desk though.

IN his OUT box that had work for me to do, there was a whole armload of work. One item was a large plastic sheet like we put over our Ouija Board and under that was his speaking schedule. The speaking schedule was 4 pages long on 11 x 14 paper and marked off into days.

I don't know if the speaking schedule represented a year marked into 4 quarters of 4 years.

At the end I saw a man who looked like Dr. Ben from One Life to Live. He was wearing a skin-diving suit of purple and black - purple top  - black pants.


9-22-01 - VISION - I as at a baseball stadium, observing the people in the seats. I as rather close so I don't know how many people were there.

A girl like Little Orphan Annie was sitting in a green seat. She had bright red curls and round face. She held a baby or doll on her lap.

Her song is, "The Sun will come out tomorrow."


9-22-01 - DREAM - I was in the master bedroom at my 16th St. house. Someone was with me - don't know if it was my husband or father . He as to my right.

I could hear the voices of my sons. It sounded like they were in the attic above us.

We both said, "They shouldn't be playing in the attic.

I got up to go the attic door to tell them to come down, but my husband/father said, "Wait! I have a better way!"

He reached down by the bed and  picked up a blue handled steel hammer. I saw other tools there as well. He started hitting on a board like he was building something and i heard the voices of Michael, Ken, and Bill right behind me, they had come running as soon as the construction noise started.

By then I was out in the central hall and off to the right, in the children's bedroom wa s a huge, ominous looking black machine. I don't know what it was, but it went floor to ceiling, those were 10 foot ceilings.


NOTE: the night of the bombing, a star of Gemini was conjunct with the moon at 1:11 a.m. and Gemini represents The Twins.The star conjunct with the moon looks like the flag of Islam.

Geminarm 13 - 1 of 48 stars in Gemini.

eastern tradition of astrology - astrological blessings of success.


9-23-01 - DREAM/VISION - If there was any people in this dream, I don't remember.

This was like hovering in the air over my multicolored record which was divided into 52 songs.

I knew I shouldn't show my record to other people because else had 52 songs like I did.

NOTE: I guess my higher-self doesn't see my life like my physical life does.


9-23-01 - DREAM - I was standing on a street curb. T.J. was also standing nearby  - on the curb, holding the baby T.J. in his arms - same age as he is - 15 months old. There was heavy traffic going by , both ways. T.J. ran across the street with little T.J. and hollered at me to follow him.

As soon as I saw there was no traffic coming, I also ran across the street. I walked between a black and white cop car which had numerous fishing rods stashed on top on the right side and the white van parked next to it. I had to actually lift up the fishing rods to get between the vehicles. I was helped to do this by a young woman.

T.J. had given the baby to an old black woman to hold on her lap. She was sitting ona chair inside the van with the side door open with the baby facing the outside so he could see what was going on.

There wa s a bunch of old guys with dark skin hanging around the vehicle also and I didn't trust them, so I faced the baby and the old woman, grabbed ahold of little T.J.s T shirt on both sides and gripped the T shirt with both hands for dear life so he wouldn't be stolen by the old dark-skinned men.


9-23-01 - DREAM - I was in the car in a large parking lot where I was going to play the lottery. A white car pulled up on our right. There were lottery stands all over the parking lot, but they weren't all the same. The lottery was played in two stages. I had already played the first stage and was now going to play the 2nd stage.

The girl who got out of the white car urged me to hurry and I did, but she stopped me for 1/2 a minute to remind me that I had left my receipt in the car from the first stage of the game.

I told her I didn't need the receipt right then, but would need it later.

I then hurried across the parking to to play the lottery.

I had a card in my hand with my pre-chosen numbers on it.

Joe came up next to me,a nd then had a stack of photograph sin my hand. one photo was an old mansion where Osama bin Laden lived in.

The other picture was of a bearded man wearing a dress (probably Osama bin Ladin) he was surrounded by a lot of men  crouched on the ground around him where he stood.

I as then told that the rent had been pain on Osama bin Ladin's mansion until 1986 and the lease had 8 more years to run.

I saw a card with 8 dates on it in 2 columns of 4  - 4 x 2 = 8.

I gave the picture of the guy dressed like a woman to Joe and laughingly told him he could keep it on his desk at work.


9-24-01 - DREAM - I was with some people in a large house where we all lived together. one girl came back from a year's vacation and couldn't find her coffee cup. I thought I remembered having seen it, pink with flowers on it. I thought I remembered having put it away when I was cleaning, so I set about to looking for it. I must have moved every item in every cabinet and didn't find it.

Two people who were out of place amongst these people was a handsome priest who I was intensely attracted to and a small woman who admonished me not to pick her up just because she was small.

I also set up a portable washing machine which was stored in a cabinet like a set of mixing bowls with mixer blades in it.

I never did find the girl's coffee cup though. I didn't find any cups for that matter.


9-24-01 - DREAM - This seemed to be a continuation of the other dream, but couldn't be because I had gotten up, gone to the bathroom and written the other dream down first.

I was looking at 4 green tiles set into a square. I was going to call for information and the number was 4444.

Lorna was there with her 2 kids, Emily and Ethan. Both had poopy diapers, so I helped pull their diapers off and told her to give the kids a quick bath.

I wanted to make the bed, but when I did, everything that was on top of the bed, fell on the floor on top of the dirty diapers.

The house just got messier and messier, the more people showed up rather than getting better.  I found myself thinking I had been better off alone.

I don't remember how this ended.


9-25-01 - DREAM - (This dream is full of numbers)

I started out at a mall where I was having my hair done.

Outside, in the sunshine, I was shampooing my own hair. Another woman was drying her hair in the sunshine and breeze (I love to do that too)

Then we had to get in line to go inside for a rinse and blow-dry.

The women lined up by the color clothing they wore. I was wearing pale green so I got in the pale green line. The lines were all pastel colors, green, pink, yellow, and blue.

They had 12 people at a time and there were so many seats inside that it went really fast. Inside the salon,t here were 12 seats in a row empty and we sat down on our own seat depending on which place in line we had. On each seat were 3 sets of "worry beads' which consisted of a hunk of shoe string about 6" long through 2 big black beads. It felt kinda good to hold these beads in your hands and roll them around while they worked on your hair.

When I went home I parked my car in front of the building instead of putting the car right into the garage. I wanted to do some things in the apartment and planned to put the car in the garage before 9 p.m. before it got dark and scary outside.

Inside, I saw some people swimming in the pool. Another woman, wearing the same color light green that I was, dove into the pool and swam so smoothly to the other end, I decided to imitate her. I dove in and swam 4 laps . It felt really good.

I got out of the pool, but I was wet then and couldn't go outside like that or I'd freeze to death, so I had to go to my apartment and get a blanket or coat to put around myself before going outside to put the car away.

So I walked through the long hallway to my apartment and discovered that there were 3 blankets in the hallway layered together, a plain blue one, a flowered red, white and blue one, and flowered white and blue one. I peeled the blankets apart and wrapped myself in the white and blue blanket. I then had to put the other two away in the apartment.

On the way through the hall, someone had stashed all their stuff, and I saw some knives and forks that I needed so I picked out 8 knives and was going to take the forks and some packets of bobby pins when Joe's ex-wife Debbie said that was her stuff, but she let me keep the 8 butter knives.

When I got to the apartment, my friend Barbara was standing at the door. (We were going to live together). There was a handsome man inside the apartment and she didn't want to go inside the apartment with him alone so he went into the apartment and stood there while she stood in the doorway.

There was no furniture inside the apartment, but the carpeting was yellow, red, and white flowered.

I took the 3 blankets and the 8 knives into the apartment. That's all we had then.

I said, "Hello!" to the man, then I had to got back out an put the car away into the garage before dark.

On the way back out through the hall, a bunch of women were gossiping about the woman who ran the hair salon because of the way she handled it by the numbers.

I didn't see anything wrong with her just because she was ambitious and wanted to work on 12 women at a time.

On the way through the hall, I saw that Cary Loose (my friend, the psychologist) was in charge of keeping the floors clean and had spread pink salt all over the floors which I helped sweep as I went along.

I had some kind of round brush on a stick and swept the salt in swirls - it didn't sweep up off the floors.  This area was near the pool and had cubicles with walls about 5 feet high. The walls stood on legs and were about a foot off the floor so everyone just swirled the pink salt around as they went. By the door to outside, the salt was wet so it was harder to swirl,, but we still did it, so no one would fall, especially old ladies.  There were no men living in this place.

I went outside and was a little upset that it was already dark and I would have to walk back from the garage to the road in the dark and I was a little afraid, but I decided to think positive that no one would attack me in the dark.

As it was, I had to walk to the car around a courtyard. There was an old white woman sitting on a bench, watching the animals in the dark. There was just enough light shining out of the building to see the animals. There were some rabbits running in and out of their warrens and a deer standing nearby. It was so cute to watch them, then I left to go put my car away and woke up.



I was outside with a large group of people. There was going to be a picnic. I thought that sounded like a lot of fun and volunteered to be the  corner post for the tent, which could be held up by human beings, not mechanical means.

People I knew were coming by and I invited them to come to the picnic, but they would say, "I'd love to join you, but I have something planned with my own family and I have to go get my ids and do my own thing."

I couldn't blame them for wanting to be with their own family, so eventually I took the red tent and wrapped it around myself like a blanket and went to see what my own family was doing and perhaps gather them together.

So I arrived at my mothers' house. She was angry at me for something I had done so she wouldn't speak to me. My grandmother was sitting on a bench over in a corner by herself. They weren't speaking to each other either.

A couple of my kids came by so I invited them to the picnic. They anted to do their own thing with their friends, so they were too busy to do something with Mom (ME).

So I left there and began to walk up the street by myself.

I came to an intersection where a highschool band was playing. It was a huge band, dressed all in blue with a white stripe down the pant leg. They sounded great.

The cheerleading squad was practicing too. the girls were beautiful with blue tops, silver skirts and high white boots. They looked so good together.

Then I saw a group of younger school children with their teachers. I saw a Father bring his son to class. He wanted to help teach his son, but the woman teacher said, "Oh No! you can't do that. only teachers can teach the children. The parents can only bring their children to the school and drop them off and leave again. You can't be part of the child's school life."

I felt very dismayed. I couldn't stay and be with the children either even though I had raised 6 of my own children back in the old days when parents knew what was good for their own children.

So I had to leave and went up the street by myself.

Then i met a man named David , an old friend. He had been gone for some time. While he was gone, and I didn't know if he would ever be back, I moved his clothes, hangars and all and hung them in my own closet, just in case he ever came back.  (David means 'love) I was happy that I had thought of him and hadn't forgotten about him, so we started to walk up the street together. David was the ultimate gentleman and walked on the street side of me like old-fashioned gentlemen used to do in the old days.  

The street was so steep, it was like climbing a mountain. It was really difficult and we were having a hard time. It seemed to get steeper and steeper, the closer to the top we got.

Then a big green car came along and David recognized the driver as someone he knew. This car was big with a powerful engine and could make it up the hill much easier than we could on foot, so David waved at the car and it pulled over to pick him up. David asked if I could ride along, and they said, "Sure thing," but it wasn't easy to get in the vehicle. It was only a two door car and one had to get in up near the hood over the engine which opened up like a flap. Then one had to squeeze past the edge of the front seat and crawl into the back seat.

The tall skinny guy said, "Only long-legged people can fit through there. I assured him I had long legs and managed to squeeze past the front seat and got into the back of the vehicle.

Once inside the vehicle, I saw that it had green carpeting and the inside of the vehicle was huge. It would hold dozens and dozens of people easily. It was just hard to get inside.

So I settled down for the ride the rest of the way up the steep hill.

Once inside, a screen came up which showed all the small groups of people of the earth. there were lots of small groups and they were aligned in several columns and that seemed to be a very precarious way of living. The people were arranged in a loosely arranged stacks and not at all connected.

Then I noticed some new people come in near the bottom of the groups and they began to form a bridge between the 1st stack and the 2nd stack of people which made both stacks more stable.

I could see immediately, that the more bridges people built between each group, the more stable the whole of humanity would be. Perhaps a New World Order of mutual support wasn't such a bad thing after all.




9-26-01 - DREAM - I was in a place which seemed rather like an old-age home, but none of these people were old. They were separated into groups. the women were in a kitchen-like area, the children were in an outside area that had a huge fish tank like a professional aquarium would have. The older people just rather wandered around from place to place.

I know I didn't belong here with these people but my curiosity kept me there until I felt too guilty to stay.

In the kitchen,t he women were taking turns talking into a microphone and recording their personal experiences like one might do ina group therapy. I found this fascinating, but I could have to tell my story too when it came my burn so I had to leave.

When I went down the walk to where the children were and talked with them a bout the fish tank, a woman who was like their teacher said she was taking them camping and took them away.

I can't remember how the older people were as I woke up too fast.


9-17-01 - DREAM - I was dreaming about the terrorists in a symbolic way. I saw the main guy as a mouse running on top of a metal exercise wheel. (There is a term called M.I.C.E."


9-27-01 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building in the basement. I saw an old carpet cleaner down   there like a wet-vac. The machine itself was shaped by a big silver bomb.

There was a big green hose hanging on spindle on the wall 4 inches across and attached to the bomb-shaped carpet cleaner.

I carried the carpet cleaner up the nearby stairs, hoping the hose was long enough to reach the second floor where I lived. It unwound easily as I carried it upstairs.

As I neared the apartment door, I came across a table where the maintenance man was doing some electrical repair work.

The electrical parts were exposed and not safely stored away.

One woman took a toaster that was sitting there for repair and ended up burning the toast unevenly.

I don't know why the maintenance man left his work so dangerously unattended.

I went outside and turned on the lawn sprinkler. There was no wind blowing, so the water shot out really far and landed in an old dead pond next to the building.. As soon as the water hit the pond, it came to life and numerous large turtles came crawling out of the pond with their mouths open and hissing.

I started to get scared they were going to bite my bare feet so I ran for the building and had to jump over a big green alligator.

I started to run up the stairs of the building. I couldn't close the door behind me because there was a big hippo sitting on the bottom step.

I go tot the top of the stairs, on the immediate left was a room with a baby in it and the door was ajar a couple of inches.

I couldn't stop to shut the door at the moment. It turned right at the hallway intersection and saw the maintenance man. He was a skinny young guy. I hollered at him, "Quick! Go shut the door where the baby is, there is a hippo at the bottom of the steps."

the guy replied, "That's nothing, my Father once saw a " ___________"

NOTE: I got really ill with symptoms like asthma, but only in one lung which doesn't make sense.  I DID get wet with the lawn sprinkler exactly like I dreamed. I came in and changed my sweater. A little later, I sat down and ate just a few corn chips which I discovered later I am allergic to.

The number of turtles hissing that came out of the dead water pond was about the same number of minutes I was sick. It felt like an asthma attack and I coughed up phlegm like an asthma attack. I could breathe 'IN" okay, but had trouble breathing out, which is like an asthma attack.

I don't know what the alligator or hippo signifies.

I also don't know what the vacuum cleaner that was like a bomb which I carried upstairs, or the electrical stuff being worked on.

The bread in the toaster makes sense because that is what I'm allergic to, and which gives me asthma, but why just one lung? In the dream, it seems the blond woman held up two pieces of toast.


9-25-01 - VISION - I saw a pool like below.

The pool

This is what a Sri-yantra really looks like


9-25-01 - VISION -  These numbers:


There were lots of small numbers - of groups.



9-27-01 - DREAM - I received 3 different letters from Michele's ex-husband Rick.

The 2nd one was 3 pages long, on letterhead from a company named BARINS which made chemical detectors.

I couldn't focus on the letter well enough to read it. The 1st and 3rd letter were short and I don't remember what they said.


9-29-01 - DREAM - I was working in a school land the office received an envelope with 2 piece pen knives in it and a letter saying to dispose of them as we saw fit if we didn't want them. The knives were more like butcher knives and had rubber edges, but we still couldn't keep them because there were children around.

The Michelle's daughter Kayla came through the office and 2 boys were harassing her. I as planning to walk her home. I noted then however she didn't look like Michelle's daughter, she was round-faced, blonde and I as calling her Jenna.

I made her walk back into the school with me and made the boys stay outside, then I walked with her through the school.


9-29-01 - VISION  " Dec. 10th - What Is Love?"