SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

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10-02-2001 - The American Tragedy - A Symbolic Event



4-28-00 - DREAM - Though unremembered as a people dream, the theme was Israel and a wall and the numbers 9, 6 and 5 and seems ominous.

NOTE: The 9, 6, and 5 could represent 9-11
2-2-07-  I just want to include the following about the tragedy that occurred on September 11th of 2001. I am a believer of the one and true God and LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. Though dreams are a state of unconsciousness that does not mean that God does not have the ability to speak through them to communicate his divine will over all creation. Numerous times in the Bible there are accounts of God speaking to His servants in their dreams to tell them something or to reveal his will.
 On March 25th  of 2001 I was Born Again into the kingdom of God and gave my life to Jesus Christ and from that day until 9/11, I was daily seeking the will of God and searching the Bible for the Truth that is revealed through Jesus. As the Bible says he rewards those that earnestly seek him,{Heb 11:6}. I believe that God did reward me with something that is only reserved for those who are called according to his purpose and good will.  One week prior to 9/11, I had a dream that was not like any dream that I had before for it was different in that it was more alive and real in the aspect of consciousness and unconsciousness. I don't know much about what I dreamed but that there was a since of a great fall. When I awoke I was perplexed beyond my imagination and didn't know what to say to anybody but only to seek the answers from God only and that he would provide the only true answers, but to my avail he was not telling. That night when I went to bed I didn't think that I would be receiving another dream of that magnitude as the night before, but was woken with the same sensation of a great fall but this time a figure of a great wall of black smoke that was rolling which when I saw the smoke of the Towers blowing to the south of the city, it was of a strong resemblance to my dream. That dream set me to fast and pray for the will of God and to figure out what God was trying to tell me. Again on Thursday night I was unable to find an answer and went to bed not knowing what God would show me that night. Friday morning I was awakened to the most revealing dream of the Three, It was people falling from a building and I could see their faces. Boy was I in a deep situation that I didn't know how to handle or what to say to anybody! God only knew what He was showing me. And on the evening of 9/11, I was consumed with the pictures of the WTC and the since of reality that my dreams portrayed to me about all that took place that day.
    I believe in God with all my heart and know that He showed me this for some reason or another that He only knows. I searched out numerous things about what had happened and know it was from God because of the way that it was revealed to me, one week prior to 9/11, Three days in a row the dreams were revealed, And that only God knows what the things are in the future.
    Since that time God has not said much in that area of my life but He blesses in many other ways that can only be seen with the Holy Spirit that is within us who believe in Jesus Christ.

Just want people to know that God is in charge and if we believe in the Lord Jesus we have nothing to Fear!


Dream of Plane Crash in Los Angeles or Bay Area?

Oct. 8, 2001

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Sent: Monday, October 08, 2001 8:48 AM
Subject: Planecrash

Hiu i feel i must tell you what i waoke up with in my dream just now , in short i belive it was in Los Angeless ,i was at an airport but there was water like if it were a shore ,then suddenley a plane crashed into an populated area over the bay ,i was the one who started screamming after seeing it ,it was huge .
i feel i must tell this inspite of i am aware of all the pictures that may have affected my thaugts recentley after the attacks but i rarley dream accidents so this was it ,yesterday just before waking up i dreamnt of the realeas of the aidworkers in Afghanistan but dreamt that there were mor? anyway i was well asleep while they started the strikes

Hi Dee:

I had this dream this AM about 5:45 MT zone till about 6:30. I was at a town which was located by a sea. I saw several airplanes flying around the beach area close to the town, but more over by the ocean. I thought to myself wondering why the planes just kept flying around and circling. Then I found myself in the town where I saw a woman in her late 50s wearing the gardening clothes, gloves, hat and pruning shears, going to everyone's houses in the town (the town wasn't very big) cleaning up the yards making them look nice. Then I found myself on a hill with bunch of people looking downwards towards a cave opening where a man had gone in with the explosives to blow up the cave as he didn't want the people on those planes which kept flying around the ocean by the beach, to come and get the valuables the townspeople had hidden there for safety. Meanwhile, the garden woman kept pruning the one front yard close to the cave and the people on the hill kept telling her to get away from the cave or something would happen to her. Then the guy from the cave came rushing out screaming and the same time the garden lady saw what was happening to him and they both started rushing for the hill we were on. The cave exploded and we saw big clouds of smoke rising up in the air. EOD.

My boys woke me up then and I had to hurry to get dressed for school to open up the morning daycare. I kept thinking to myself then, why did I have this dream. Then one of my son's friends came in to the daycare this AM right before school started and asked me if I had heard about the airplanes crashing over the Pentagon by Washington DC. He didn't tell me about the WTC in New York. Immediately my skin began crawling as I made the connection to my dream.

Now I know. :-(

Love and blessings,



Hello there,

I am in the office and just had a phone call from a friend in Germany..She told me that on the German news channel they were exactly showing how both buildings the world trade center had an explosion on the bottom of the buildings to make them fall..it was not because of the planes...they are fooling the American poeple again..this is no Islamic Terrorists thing..This is Bush and Co...

The symbols of American Capitalism has been destroyed..the way for a war in Middle East is free...NWO says Hi...

Good luck.


name= Melissa AV
witnesses=friends and mother

story=The morning of September 11, 2000 I told my mother of this dream. I was a young child, in a car seat of a van, that was facing the back window. My family was in the car and we were driving down a road that was out it the middle of nowhere and ther were a lot of trees. Then we passes by two very tall buildings and the car began to slow down. Something was wrong and I couldn't tell what was happening but these people, dressed in robes with dark features, were jumping from the building and landing on the ground where they died. I wanted them to stop, but of young age I could not speak. I felt forced to watch these people kill themselves. We kept going on the road and then back in the woods.

This dream really freaks me out. And is not the only dream I have had like this. I don't know what to think of the dreams because they have become more than a coincidence

Subj: Dream I had last week... very odd of a plane crash

Date: 9/12/2001 9:27:27 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: anonymous - name withheld

To: dee777@aol.com

Hi there,

I was scanning the net and just had to tell you about a dream I had last week Thursday. Very odd dream..it kept me up and woke up in a sweat.....very bothered by it.

In my dream, I saw a concorde, white in colour, flying over the top of trees then it crashed belly first into open patch of ground - leading to a huge fireball of Orange and Black. In my dream I was viewing it from the Left Front side.... The plane was definately a Concorde and the I remember was either a Thursday or Tuesday. (almost 1 week to the day of my dream)

I told my flatmate, Ryan, that he should not travel on any planes, as he travels a fair deal, and he simply laughed it off ; then yesterday (Tuesday 11Sep2001) The fourth plane that was involved in the recent spate of hijackings in the USA crash landed into a field almost mathing my dream (except for the white Concorde). In fact looking at the TV footage of the crash site, it was almost identical to my dream - except that in my dream the shape of the plane was most definately that of a White , Pointy Concorde (white , like Air France's).

Now I know that both BA and Air France hav not yet resumed their Concorde flights, but it does seem to be an eerie preminition indeed.

From: steriingstorm@aol.com

Monday night, on 9-10-2001, I had a preminition ... of the disaster on tuesday I had a dream about it ...before it happened I dont usually dream of disasters except for tornadoes....

I dreamt I was at Amaco.....the gas station.....in some city.....the parking lot had a chain linked fence around one side of it. It started off I was fighting with these 3 guys on a red truck and then stormed inside the gas station to buy a drink. I was standing in line with a couple other people....and then we felt this rumbling under our feet. My first thought was....."this must be what an earthquake feels like"....but then I thought..."wait.....how would we have an earthquake on the east coast?"

And as if the guy behind me heard what I was thinking.... he said " oh its' probably just some planes overhead or something....like those sonic boom things"

Everyone in the line seemed to agree....but we all knew it wasn't a good answer. I tried to shake it off anyway....and started to walk outside to my car. As I was walking . . . I saw the 3 guys on the truck ... laughing at me because of our altercation earlier ... then I saw their faces change to concern when they evidently saw the look on MY face for behind the chain linked fence they were sitting in front of ... I saw an enormous wall of white cloud and debris....like a tidal wave as it came towards me ... somehow I jumped up ... and was able to "fall" with it but I watched as everyone else around me got crushed by it ... There were arms sticking out  ... legs ...bloody heads ... I was the only survivor on that block so I walked down the street and met up with 3 other survivors ... and somehow we met in a school building with all the other survivors ... We were all being herded like cattle up and down stairs ... through hallways ... all I wanted to do was leave so I could get in touch with my family and friends .. and I couldn't ...

Finally I went up to someone who I took to be an official and I said " I need to use the phone and call my family" he told me " no you cant ... no one is going anywhere". I said " What the hell?? The earthquake is over ... let me go"

He said " earthquake? No it was a mudslide" and then I woke up ... the mudslide part is the only thing that throws me off

Subj: Call for prayer/meditation for 9/9/2001 and message from Spirit/God

Date: 9/8/2001 11:21:02 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: Elliemiser

During the 24 hour period of September 9, 2001, Spirit is calling for the greatest prayer and/or meditation that we have ever had on this planet - all of us together in the power of ONE to manifest our dreams upon this earth and to those who wish for our ET families to arrive as soon as heavenly possible. I realize this is very short notice but I was given the message only late yesterday.

Before I post the message, I would like to preface it with some words of my own as this is a most important time in our journey on planet Earth and I would like to pose a question that might help certain readers better understand and accept the message.

My question is this: if God is Love and Love is God, would 6 billion people on one small planet in this vast universe filled with multiple dimensions, galaxies, planets and worlds be sufficient to receive all his love that he has to give, and to give him the praise and glory he deserves for giving us his gift of life?

It is logical (in my opinion) that he would also people other worlds throughout the universe to share in his love and dreams. Surely he did not create all those marvels and wonders merely for his (and our) amusement! Jesus had said “In my Father's house are many mansions...” which to me would indicate we are not alone in this vast universe!

The true divine revelation of the dream he gave us is for our space family to come to this one planet to reveal to all Earthlings that there is a GOD of ALL creation as ONE in HIM. This God is to be known as the one and only true God of all religions as Jesus Christ will be shown to be the one and only true Son of God - 100% God/100% man (when he lived on Earth). Spirit has said that in God's own divine plan, if all the people of earth hear or receive this message from our space family, more will believe in him as the ONE GOD of all Creation.

During this lifetime, I have become aware of my star family as have so many of you! There is such a strong desire to be reunited with them which gets stronger as each year passes. Now on to the message given to me by Spirit to be sent out to all God's children!

^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^

To all of God's people:


Genesis Chapter One, verse One - In the beginning, GOD! And God is LOVE - therefore, in the beginning, there was nothing but love - even before creation began! So you all know how much you were and are loved by God!

ONE is the most powerful number of all! For now, set aside your 11:11’s, 12:12’s, etc. Our power and Light come from Christ Jesus for we are all One in Him! (Reference Ephesians 1:9-10)

All of Creation is, always has been and always will be ONE. Space and time - past, present, future and dimensions are all ONE continuum. We are to always pray or meditate as one powerful force in Christ. The Kingdom of God lies within each of us but the question is: are WE all ONE within the Kingdom of God!? This is the truth from God's Holy Spirit which lives within each of us and gives us all the power of ONE:

The Holy Spirit is testifying truth through my Spirit that this is our THIRD TRY for all of our space families to come together on this planet Earth to become ONE again in union with us. During the other two attempts, everyone quit! Gave up! Could not wait any longer! Went back to 3D because it was easier!

The old saying that the third time is a charm is true! Spirit assures each of us that this time we will not quit! Keep believing your impossible dreams! God and the power of God within each of us WILL MANIFEST OUR DREAMS! There is not a question of God's Will being done since we are ALL ONE in Christ Jesus, a/k/a God. Our will is one and the same with HIS Will.

THIS IS GOD'S DREAM - FOR ALL HIS SPACE FAMILIES to come together on this one planet at HIS Right Divine Time! The spiritual truth is that God Almighty Himself is the One who planted the seed, made all creation pregnant with HIS dream. We cannot fail or give up this time! If we do, we will be defeating God's own dream as well as ours!

He planted the seed of his dream within each of us. Our task is to water it, keep it alive and HE will make it grow until it has manifested into physical in this 3D earth plane. God has also planted the same dream within the spirits of our space families. These dreams will be completed! What he starts, he WILL finish! Keep your faith and trust in God and his dream for us. All for one and one for all applies to all of his creation.

We are to be the Moses’, Joshuas, Calebs, Abrahams, Noahs and Enochs of this day and time in God's Divine Plan. Elijah will return in a “fiery chariot” (space ship) as did he leave.

Ezekiel’s vision will happen again! Noah’s Ark will happen again - in the air above the earth this time - for all who seek after God's own heart, with their faith, shall be translated above into God's own space ship/ark as was Enoch, for a safe place to live in these last days of this crazy world.

This is as deemed by Spirit - our spiritual heritage, manifested in this physical realm, because of our faith in God and THE DREAM! The manifestation of this dream is to be to God's glory for it is His dream for His people. We are ALL to be God's messengers of love and peace to all mankind.

In God we trust and give all the praise and glory.

Blessings, Love & Light,

Ellie Miser a/k/a ElAmppa of the Pleiades and JoyDLight

From : anonymous
city zip =01420
DATE= September, 2001
I am the author of the story about the dream the night before the shooting at Columbine High school. That dream inspired me to look a lot more closely at my dreams and try to figure out the significance of them. These dreams I have seem so real at the time that its almost like they are in 3d. Although they are rare dreams the ones that are in 3d always seem to foretell in some strange way the next days tragic events. The dream I am about to tell happened on Sept. 10 2001. The day before the tragic events that forever changed our lives.

I dreamt I was in a parking garage pushing my father in his wheelchair (My Dad is in a wheelchair in real life after having several strokes). I was pushing him towards a elevator door when suddenly the wheelchair began to collapse. I struggled to keep it upright but un fortunately my Dad fell on to the cement floor. I noticed that both his legs had been amputated above the knee (which is not true in real life). As I tried to get him back into the chair his diaper came off and I noticed he had soiled the cement floor. I looked around to find something with which to wipe up the mess when I noticed that there was paper everywhere. Sheets and sheets of paper floating around and thousands on the ground. I gathered a few pieces and wiped up the soiled area. As I walked to the elevator door to put the rubbish in a bag that was next to the door I noticed my brother standing there with a broom and a dust pan in his hands. He said to me sarcastically, "Why don't you start sweeping up that dust?" . I turned around to see that everything had been covered in a thick gray dust between 3 and 6 inches thick.

This was the end of my dream and really I didn't connect the dream when the next days tragedy occured. But about a week later (I am involved in law enforcement) a friend of mine had gone to ground zero to help in the relief effort and came back to tell me about the destruction. He said his job was to escort people back to their respective apartments close to ground zero so that they could retrieve some belongings. He told me the devastation in that area was incredible but the most peculiar thing was that everything was covered in a thick gray dust.
From: Cherry Raquib
location=Selden NY
witnesses=Cherry Raquib

It was September 2, 2001.  I came home from work from a nite shift and went to check on my 6 year old son who was sleeping at 0630 a.m.He suddenly woke up and was excited to tell me about his dream. He said" You know mom, I dreamt that we are living in NY city. Its beautiful mom, there are lots of tall buildings with lots of window, and theres this two buildings, two blue buildings, they are twins mom".And then he asked me "what will happen if an airplane hits a building?" So I answered "It will collapse.Was that in your dream?" and he answered "no mom, but theres an airplane passing by this buildings". The same day that day, my son started drawing scenes from his dream. He drew two identical buildings with other buildings surrounding it. The buildings were filled with windows. In between this two identical buildings, is a big american flag identical to the height of this buildings.Surrounding the other buildings are numerous small american flags. He also drew an airplane just passing by w/ smoke trailing its tail. I just happened to come across his drawings again when I was trying to clean up his things and noticed the resemblance of the drawing to the September 11 2001 World Trade Center Attack. He also happened to cross out one of the buildings and told me that its supposed to mean that it was on fire.Everytime I looked at his drawings It fills me with awe, amazement and also some sadness. I will keep this drawing so I can relate this story to him when he grows up.
Subj: A New York Dream from February which I forgot about

Date: 9/21/2001 3:52:09 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: Dee777

To: JMason4557, djw333@exis.net

Hi: I was updating my Presidential page, and came across this:

2-10-01 - DREAM - I was in a first floor apartment or store front with a huge window overlooking the street.

In front of the window, parked at the curb, was a long, grey, wooden, buckboard wagon. On the wagon was a large, silver, old fashioned tape recorder - the reel to reel kind.

I wanted that tape recorder really bad; so bad I was willing to steal it.

Just then three men and a boy (a young man) came from across the street and stood behind the wagon like they were getting ready to leave, but the boy, who was dressed in a long black winter coat, came up to the left side of the window where I stood, and rang the doorbell to the apartment upstairs. (There must have been a stairway to the upstairs to the left of the window)

I turned around and left the window and saw that I was in a huge hall like an auditorium with lots of people in it. It was not very light in it and the people were just milling around. It seemed to be Presidential event.

There was a table there, a square card table. On the table was a series of rods made up of three straightened out coat hangars. Three wires were taped together at one end and loose on the other. The one I picked up was black on the end either with tape or black paint ... for about 6 inches. The object of these rods was to push them up a tube which was curled over at the other end. When you pushed the wires up the tube, the curled head was forced to straighten out.

I then saw a map, which I believe was New York State. The City appeared to be along the Hudson River and I knew that this rod was to be inserted so that the wires went from west to east along the street pointing towards the Hudson River.

Just then, I saw that the rod had the letter B at the end, which was multicolored like a Fruitloop. The letter B started to sing, "I hope you know I am, for I am a bleeding star."

Later in the morning, I was still tired and lay down, hopefully for a nap.

At this time I had a visions of two black web urls on a page.

I couldn't figure out what that meant, and I then had a vision of the United States with a pinwheel over the state of New York. The whole thing was white. I looked for the meaning of a pinwheel and only came up with the meaning of the Swastika - both positive and negative which spin like a pinwheel.

End of dream


Date: 3/31/2001 11:44:21 AM Pacific Standard Time

From: VeraLynn77

To: JMason4557

I was just reading about the 11:11 coincidences, which I experience quite often, but I thought maybe someone could help me out with something else. About 2 years ago, my boyfriend and I both started to constantly see 9:11. I would wake up from sleeping, and it would be 9:11, get in the car, it would be 9:11. It happened every single day, not a minute off, for both of us. My boyfriend started to get freaked out, and was convinced it was a bad omen. 911- like an emergency. After it kept happening, I got freaked out myself. Then on Oct. 14th of 2000 he died. All I know is that it happened between 9:06, and 9:15. I wonder if it was 9:11. Now I still keep seeing this 9:11 thing, and it's worrying me. I don't usually notice any other numbers, except 11:11. Does this mean something, or did I just program my internal clock on that time? Just wondered if you knew. If so, please let me know. Thanks


Subj: Account of 9/11 Dream 
Date: 2/24/2002
From: Amangino
To: Dee777

On Saturday, September 8, 2001, I experienced an extroadinary vision of what was to come days later.  

In a rush of vivid images and negative energy, I saw and felt burning buildings, armed planes, and nuclear warheads protecting the harbor.  Immediatley upon having this dream I awoke in the middle of the night and said to myself 'Why would the military be protecting New York?'  Somehow, it was clear this city was New York City.  The dream continued with panic, news...in fact the radio station my family was listening to in the dream said the very words, 'Indefinitly, we will not be breaking for commercial (That also transpired after 9/11 for over a week).  

I told my entire family about it and at a family gathering, I felt extremely shook up the entire time.  Through Tuesday morning, I remained frightened and even said to my mother at about 8 AM, "Doesn't it seem like a war's about to start?"  I am only fifteen and unlike most others, I have always had an affinity for learning about terrorism and Bin Laden.  In fact as soon as we heard confirmation of the attack, I said to the people around me that I was sure this was Bin laden.  I'm not sure if my knowledge about Bin Laden gave me some kind of connection to the events, but he says in a chat with his friend released by the Defense Department that he knew these visions would occur throughout the world and he said that he was "thankful" that they did not alert the authorities too much.  

I have had other "connections" to 9/11 such as the fact that I always felt that Fight Club was my favorite movie, prior to my ever seeing or hearing about it.  Recently, I saw it and it turns out that it ends with large buildings falling.  

In class Friday, I said that a heroic act I'd like to do would be to apprehend Bin Laden and collect the reward, and I had just been talking about him and his future plans with my family the week before.
- Andrew Mangino
Northern New Jersey


Subj: [earthchanges] Sylvia Browne's Statement (from her website)

Date: 9/12/2001 8:57:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: kja-l@home.com (kjal)

Reply-to: earthchanges@yahoogroups.com

Sylvia has been given the following information regarding the attack:

Osama bin Laden and another group is behind the attack;

Be aware of "Triad of Jordan" and "Palestinian Republic of Bundi";

A weapon or bomb known as the "Z" was involved with the aircraft;

Two names to watch for (phonetic spelling) - Mohammed Karema and Zehar Mentusi.

Sylvia did not get advance warning because she is not omniscient. Her list of predictions in 1999 warned of terrorism, but clearly the timing was wrong. Please pray for the wellbeing of the victims and their families, and focus your anger on helping other people rather than seeking revenge.

9-11-2001 -

From Danial Perez via Jim Berkland

Remember that premonition I posted a while back about a large building falling down in New York that would kill about 10,000 people and I thought that it was an Earthquake? It looks like I got my answer to that dream today. My jaw has hit the floor when I turned on the TV.

Here's the prediction I posted over a month ago on the syzygyjob.net website when I assumed my dream meant an Earthquake;

Date: July 29, 2001 at 03:03:34

From: D.P.,

Subject: Fall/Winter,New York,7.7,80%

Has anybody else out there had a premonition dream of an earthquake hitting New York? I had my dream about 2:33 AM, July 29th, 2001.

In the dream I was watching the Today Show on my TV and Katie Couric was talking. All of the sudden everything at the Today Show studio shook and the TV signal from New York blacked out and immediately cut back to local advertisements. I also felt my house shake a little bit in the dream because I live in Michigan and quakes in the Eastern U.S. travel for quite a ways.

I also saw periodic cut-ins into the local broadcasts by Katie doing a remote hook-up from a television truck and she was talking about 10,000 people dying in a building. Either she was talking about the Empire State Building or the World Trade Center. In the dream the quake was very devastating because she could barely hold her emotions together on the air and in the background of the TV image I could see huge open spaces where tall skyscrapers once stood and one tall skyscraper billowing smoke from all of it's broken windows. While Katie was interviewing some survivors, more aftershocks hit the city and  knocked out the TV transmissions once more.

I usually don't write about dreams and I usually don't dream about far away places, but this dream stuck out because it scared the "you know what" out of me.

Subj: Dream Comparison

Date: 8/15/2001 11:03:43 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: name withheld

To: Dee777@aol.com

Yesterday morning 8-14-01 I dreamed I was standing in a parking lot at work (I work for the Dept of Defense at Northrop-Grumman where they build the B2 Stealth Bomber) -- at the Electronics building (Johnson Building), which to me might symbolize Vietnam because their supervisor is Vietnamese in that building. Everyone was standing around in the parking lot (even though that building has been shut down in real life and everything moved to Rolling Meadows/Chicago area) -- and I could hear a woman talking about a bombing. Then a very self-effacing sounding African American man with a Southern accent (Washington DC accent) called a talk show and was trying to warn about something. Then everyone went back in past the metal detectors (which they don't have here). I could see the man on the phone in the dream and he had a thin face, looked like Joe who used to work here. He told me about a black fear in LA that the Govt will put germs in the aqueduct to the black areas and accomplish genocide. Perhaps there is a fear in DC right now that Arab/Muslim forces such as Kadafi, Osama bin Laden, Sadaam Hussein, and others are planning a takeover of the USA and white genocide -- or genocide of all Americans. Art Bell mentioned a buildup of Iranian troops, Egypt announcement, unusual activity in Lebanon and Syria.

Sean David Morton (www.delphiassociates.org) was on Art Bell last Wednesday (his tape is still available for 30 days to listen to) at www.artbell.com and he predicted that the Palestinian "suicide" bombers in Jerusalem are going to graduate to a suitcase bomb and level Jerusalem -- and also Washington DC. He doesn't see Bush surviving his term. He's got the 20 year curse against him. But he's not "going alone" -- everyone around him will die at the same time, possibly another suitcase bomb and the alternate capital will be moved to Denver.

This is very possible -- nuclear bombs don't have to be dropped from planes -- just from a certain height. They tested them at White Sands from dropping them from a small tower. I visited their museum and saw the pictures.


From Dee777@aol.com (Original message)

Hi all:

I know this is not what this list is for, but I woke up really worried about this dream this morning, and wonder if any of you dreamers have had anything similar:


In my dream, I was in a public building, but it was set up  like a meeting room. One alcove of the room was beautiful, with pink walls,  and tall blooming trees in the center, and a large lamp in one corner.

A woman told me she didn't like the way it looked. She said, "It looks TOO MUCH LIKE HAWAII!!!"

I told her I could rearrange the trees and lamps and it would look better. I started moving the lamps first. There was an old man standing in the way and he was talking about a short in the electricity. There were about 12 lamp cords all plugged into one outlet from a lamp he had on a small table.

I helped the old man sit down in a chair while I fixed things.

I started to wake up and had a vision that said, LAND AND FLEET VEHICLE 598.

End of dream

When I searched the internet to see if there was such a thing, I found this: <http://www.dtic.mil/execsec/adr96/chapt_18.html>

Army and Marine Corps vehicles and forces needed and how they operate.

Would Hawaii represent PEARL HARBOR?

Remember how we were pulled into the war through FDR's secret meetings behind the scenes and he kept them hidden from us, and then we were forced to go to war because of PEARL HARBOR.

Is this going on with Israel, or is something worse going on?

I'm really worried. Any matching dreams out there?

Dee Finney


Subj: Re: FULL NEWS OF WTC AT http://www.greatdreams.com/trade.htm

Date: 9/12/2001 3:36:28 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: Grace1947

To: Dee777

Dee, Thanks so much for that...

I beleive I had some precog visions of this. One was just a city skyline with highrises. Just a flash during meditation 2 weeks ago or so...the other was a silver bus/van kind of thing moving off into the mists with 3 symbols on it that looked like coat of arms symbols...I thought the number 92 and 93 and maybe they were in the symbols....I know one flight was 93...the one to SF near me..and my hubby is in Mass as we speak...the other was 92 the number of people on board...

I do see Spirits who have passed and often have visits or visions of those not yet gone but soon to me....dont know how the great mysterious works this...but I think these visions help me adjust to shock and if i was given the whole reason for the visions how would i ever be able to handle that knowledge??? too much I think..

I lined my windows with candles last night and prayed Gods angels for all left behind who are mourning...the others well God has them ....they are ok....

thanks for the info Dee...angels to you...


Subj: Terriorists Attack U.S.

Date: 9/11/2001 1:51:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: matrix@sover.net (Gordon Michael Scallion)

To: dee777@aol.com

Matrix Institute Free Bulletin

September 11, 2001

Dear Readers:

Terrorists Attack U.S.

We are all in a state of shock over today's attack on New York and Washington by as yet unknown terrorists. It does not please me that I warned the U.S. would experience terrorist attacks this year followed by War in the Middle East. My heart goes out to all those who have passed over in this tragedy and ask that you include them in your prayers each night for the next seven nights, as this is the most difficult time during a souls passing.

The main question on peoples mind right now is, "What's next?"

I sense the U.S. will announce strategic attacks on known key terrorist locations with 72 hours, and in essence, the President will on national television, say we are in a state of war. I see at least two groups involved in the attacks, one located in Afghanistan and the other in Palestine.


Gordon-Michael Scallion

Subj: Wilcock dream data in advance: Martial Law?

Date: 9/11/2001 2:23:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: djw333@exis.net (David Wilcock)
Attack on America
Attack on America - Part 2
The Shoes of Clay Have Crumbled

To: Dee777@aol.com, JMason4557@aol.com

Dear Dee and Joe,

I thought you might want to take a look at the data that I've gotten already on this incident, based on two recent dreams. I hope you'll let your people know about this. :)

Peace be with you -

- David

Hello everyone,

These are the two most recent dreams and commentaries that seem to relate to what has happened here. I realize now that the email group is the best place to get a time-stamped documented record of this data. In both cases, the female character ends up being Kim T. This is a person I knew in high school, who was in the honors program. I also believe that she was planning on joining the military after graduation, which was a bit of a surprise to some of the others.

There are two dreams: One from last Saturday, September 9 at 8:23 am, and the second this morning, September 11, which came in at exactly 8:39 am - meaning that I woke up to transcribe this about one minute before it actually happened. Some have speculated that the terrorists may have intentionally done this on the date that would spell out "911."

The things to pay attention to the most in the first dream would be the idea of the "veil" being rendered - something completely unexpected happening in a classroom. The idea of the veil being rendered was connected with the students in the classroom getting careless and appearing to drink "shots" in class.

The veil-rendering imagery was directly followed by a perception that I was back at 621, where I grew up, and was having an out-of-body experience. While I was outside in the dark, I saw the image of a gigantic, way, way too big airplane made out of smoke. It felt very foreboding and epic; it was many times larger than an airplane should ever normally get. Then the dream this morning indicated that I should contact Art Bell (and you all can help - email him at artbell@mindspring.com), ostensibly to speak about this on his show.

This morning's dream had clear elements featuring military activity, packing the bags for a trip and being disappointed that there was going to be a delay. I feel that the trip imagery could refer to the imminent vibrational shift that is coming at some point in our not-too-distant future. There may be lifestyle changes that we will have to endure before this trip is complete, as I, the common civilian, was being asked to wear a military-green colored long-sleeve T-shirt and participate in a massive, coordinated military type exercise of movement.

Kim T, the one who had rended the veil in the previous dream, was now telling me that I had to participate, as was Art Bell. This could very well be a prophecy of imminent martial law and a profound change of lifestyle for the common American. Also, if the entire "brain" of the worldwide financial infrastructure of Dow, Nasdaq, S&P, etc. is suddenly ripped out, there may be a run on gold. If there is a run on gold and the prices go way up, then there could be a very swift collapse of our current financial structures. And even if there isn't a run on gold, the ramifications of the loss of the Twin Towers is not yet known.

I'm planning on going back to sleep and trying to get a reading on this when I awaken - so let's hold the Light and transmute the massive energy of fear and anxiety that is now rippling through the human organism.

Peace be with you -

- David

Sunday 9 / 09 / 01 - 8:23 am


- Washington DC imagery, flying overhead


- Outdoor HS drinking type party, wilderness, Joe S, girls
- The area was reminiscent of a summer camp, lush with trees, nighttime
- "Give just a little bit more, take just a little bit less of each other tonight" - Moody Blues
- Cueing on Jennifer Lopez
- A number of girls were all about to rush to the bathroom, but I needed to go as well
- To try to help me out, Bob T let me pee in his basement, the same place he lived in HS
- When I went through the doors it was just 100-percent dirt, huge piles of it, mildewy
- Nevertheless, I peed and got it done while the girls competed for bathroom time above me


- Soon after this I ended up in a classroom, rather generic, with desks like elementary school
- My original seat was taken up near the front, and the original professor was male
- Nearly everyone in the class was part of Honors except for a few: Greg P, etc.
- For whatever reason I didn't remain seated but was walking around
- I was disappointed that so many empty desks already had people's stuff on them
- I went to sit in the back, and eventually found a seat near Janine M, who I always liked


- Then there was a red-haired kid from a grade below me in the seat nearby who I recognized
- He was wearing a black rock and roll T-shirt with colorful designs of some kind
- He seemed to be excited to see me, as if I were a celebrity or just really popular
- He began talking out loud in class to greet me and ask what I was doing
- Suddenly the teacher freaked out, her voice immediately raised
- I felt a momentary rush of anxiety, feeling that her anger was directed at me


- I quickly realized that it wasn't about me at all, rather David Z
- He was sitting at a desk over in the far left corner of the room, also wearing black
- She accused him of drinking "shots" in class, so of course I looked to see what it was
- The whole class was now scrutinizing him in the wake of this reprimand
- He had a black beverage container as well as two small glasses, larger than real shot glasses
- The glasses were set on top of his books on his desk, the container to the left
- He appeared to be pouring brown soda into the glasses, not alcohol
- However, admittedly it was still a very rude gesture for any student to make in a class
- The teacher turned out to be Kim T from HS honors, and she was extremely upset about this
- She intended to make a dramatic statement about it, something none of us could expect


- She started off by making some kind of statement about her frustration
- She was so tired of everyone disrespecting her in the class, and not paying attention
- It could also be related to the number of people not in their seats
- So, she seemed to have a plan to make a statement as she silently stood there
- Suddenly I noticed her shirt was open to the waist, deep cleavage of breasts exposed

- They were large, well shaped and actually it was a very sexy sight at first
- She pulled some switch from the ceiling and a set of curtains started to part behind her
- At the same time that the curtains parted, her shirt gradually came open, showing all
- Her breasts weren't perfect looking, but rather large, with a white bra underneath for support
- The aureoles of the nipples were darker and different than K's, so no direct metaphor there
- The curtains parted completely, revealing her topless and standing there
- Then the curtains continued moving and closed around her, hiding her from view completely
- [I just realized that this could be an archetype of the "parting of the veil" as in the tarot]


- As the curtains opened and then closed, everyone was quite speechless and shocked
- However, once the curtains closed around her, there was silence, an awkward moment
- Strangely, after this everyone got up out of their seats and seemed very relieved
- They all started hugging each other, and to me the whole thing seemed very strange
- Everyone was talking, walking around as if the whole class was now irrelevant
- The entire atmosphere of suffering had given way to respect and love
- Despite my initial surprise, I participated and hugged others
- Even guys like Mike D, who I never normally had rapport with, were hugging and friendly
- It seemed like a big party now so I relaxed and went with it!
- [I realized that this was a strong piece of guidance to attend the Fellowship this morning]


- Then I seemed to hear a loud noise, like an airplane overhead somewhere - I immediately thought I was dreaming, but at 621, so I passed out-of-body from my bed there
- I went on outside, and it was quite dark and extremely thick fog
- I could see the shadow image of what seemed to be a gigantic plane, but nothing concrete
- The plane had a tremendous wingspan but was relatively flat
- Furthermore it was just the image of a plane but in clouds
- There was no real plane there, but the organized fog shape of it was moving through the air
- I felt rather cold and unhealthy out there, not a lot of energy
- The cold seemed strange to me, since that shouldn't apply when out of body
- However, at the same time there was a sense of incredible epic beingness at the same time
- So, I flew back to my bedroom and on through the window
- I entered back into my body, apparently at an angle
- It was a very strange feeling as my entire sensation pivoted well over 90 degrees going back in
- I felt that this was an important message about OBEs and the importance of N-S alignment
- I found myself lying flat on my back, and my body pivoted slowly before reintegrating physically


It's now 2:48 am as I type this. The dream picked up directly on something I would read online today, regarding new tricks that teachers are using to try to gain control over unruly children. They are now looking to do things with "shock value" to engage the children's attention. They mentioned creating a murder scene in the classroom with yellow tape for "Romeo and Juliet," eating what appears to be dog food out of a dog food can and ripping up a five-dollar bill after making the kids think that one of them might be able to win it. Here, the dream shows perhaps the ultimate extreme, with a teacher actually baring her breasts completely to make a point.

The alcohol / soda thing could definitely be a schema that came from the American Pie 2 film that I have now seen. The one thing that seemed strange and out of place to me in that film was the amount of alcohol consumption going on, especially the hard liquor being consumed by the pompous ivy-league character Finch. In the final scene of the movie, he is shown drinking out of a black flask, and that metaphor is also set forth here. Here in the dream, the past is blending together with the present, which is a powerful metaphor. I'm in the class, but I'm also being recognized as is now common in my work. Then when I think I'm being disruptive by my physical presence, I realize that it's actually a kid who represents the part of me that is unhealed. The teacher baring it all and rending the veil right afterwards seems to indicate how it is showing me that the transformation of myself is now nearly complete, and the maladaptive behaviors are passing away. The fellowship with others in the class after this also seemed to be an extension of that.

It is interesting that I would seem to wake up from the dream and be back in old 621, and then follow that with an OBE. Once more it seems to be fusing the elements from my past with the current status of where I am now, and that is interesting as it shows the personality integration going on.

Tuesday 9 / 11 / 01 - 8:39 am


Core Schemas:

Art Bell, Kim T, packing for trip, HS - Jr. High, most of stuff already packed, school already cleared out in hallways, boys' locker room, one person (Pero) had already filled up most gym lockers with trash sweet foods, lockers looked like desk compartments, Art Bell tells me medically that there's more to do, I can't leave yet, synchronized stretching, militaristic, having a terrible time finding a shirt, finally settle on a green long-sleeve T-shirt, behind my earplugs, see Kim T already doing the stretches, militaristic, song playing "Praise ye, we're in for planetary motion" and the word 'planetary' was pronounced 'plan-a-tree'


- The dream started out in a high school / junior high setting
- Most of the school had already cleared out
- There were some earlier plots that I am not clearly remembering
- We knew that we were going on a trip
- Everyone was packed, it was graduation time and we needed to go
- There had been some involvement with vending machines, last minute preparations


- For whatever reason I came to need my bags again, to get something out of them
- Others from HS were around, Cedric G, Eric L
- So, then the difficulty became exactly where my bags had been placed


- Looking for them took me into the boys' locker room
- In this case it was near the cafeteria area of the JRH
- I went in and was trying to figure out if and where I may have put my stuff


- I went to one row of lockers and they all looked more like a desk and drawers
- The wood tone was about the same as my desk here in the room
- This wood had qualities that looked like a library card catalog, complete with the handles


- I started trying to open lockers and realized that they were all filled with sugary junk food
- Ho-ho's, Ding-Dongs and the like
- The more lockers I opened, the more of this trash I found
- There were some sneakers sitting out on the bench
- Somehow I knew that my old, overweight buddy Pero had put these in there
- He wanted to have a stash so that he could eat them whenever he wanted
- I realized that my clothes weren't in there


- I left out the other door, now in the main lower hallway of the junior high building
- I was still trying to find my bags, time seemed to be getting short
- Then I was told that someone needed to meet with me in a little office
- I may not have been told that it would be Art Bell, just to go there
- When I went into the office, Art Bell was sitting at a desk, working in a medical capacity


- He told me, rather un-energetically, that I needed to participate
- There was some sort of medical requirement that I needed to go through before the trip
- He wasn't specific as to what I was going to have to do, I don't think
- Nevertheless, I essentially knew that it involved the gym and some form of athletic activity
- So, I told him that I would do it, but I was disappointed that it was this close to the trip


- I got back out into the hall and someone had located my stuff
- Eric L and my brother were there, I believe
- I opened up the bag and saw lots of dressy clothes, but that wasn't what I needed
- Finally in the back of the nice shirts was a military-green shirt
- It was a T-shirt style but with long sleeves
- It was also near a pair of earplugs just like the ones I use


- So I took it out and was getting ready to put it on
- Another part of me thought that I would avoid the whole thing, didn't want to bother
- I had started thinking that it wasn't needed and I could just duck out, the trip was so close
- I then found out that it was a synchronized movement / stretching exercise in the gym
- Everyone was lined up military-style, all moving exactly the same way
- Kim T came down the hall and was also doing these same stretches
- She had seen me and the vibe was that I needed to do this


- There was music playing to be in line with the stretching
- The music sounded similar to a country singer, perhaps Patsy Cline
- I think the quality of the song is one that I've heard K play here at the house
- The lyrics in this case were "Praise ye, praise ye, we're in for planetary motion"
- At this point the dream ended


The most immediate meaning to all this seems to be that I should try to reconnect with Art Bell again to get on his show. He gave me an assignment in this dream that I didn't really want to complete, because it involved a militaristic-type exercise of group movement and stretching. The idea that there's some planetary motion wasn't presented as a doom and gloom thing, but nevertheless this comes on the heels of the incredible dream synchronicity from yesterday regarding my brother, where I spontaneously received an enormous amount of accurate personal data on his life that he hadn't told me about beforehand. So the accuracy level seems to be quite good right now.

I'm not clear as to what the planetary motion is or when it would happen, how near or how far. Again the idea was presented that these things are very close by, which certainly could be well before 2012, as Cayce had seen in his own visions. The synchronized movements needed to be done before we could go on the trip, which may refer to the changes on Earth that will occur prior to the shift itself.


Now in retrospect I can see that this dream was about the imminent attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon by terrorist forces, using the surprise Trojan Horse-style maneuver of turning our own airplanes into weapons of mass destruction. Their intention was to cripple the financial and military infrastructure, and they obviously knew that they would only get this chance once, so the effort was extremely coordinated. When I was waking up and typing in this dream, I kept hearing the song lyrics, "The veil is lifting, revealing God. The veil is lifting, showing who we are." Even though it is a positive song when delivered at church, in this context it had an element of fear around it. Also interesting is that a picture of Osama bin Laden had fallen out from the bookshelf, and I kept looking back at the picture as this dream was transcribed.

Subj: Visions, Dreams & Strange Images tied to Terrorist Attack

Date: 9/24/2001

From: giftstor@hia.net (Gary)



We hear from all over from those who had strange premonitions of the September 11 event. Here in Upstate New York we spoke to a friend who had a dream the night before the attack of an imposing man with a knife. It was striking enough to mention to his wife even before word came of the hijackings (which involved the use of sharp objects). "He looked very tall, like six and a half feet, and he did not look American," said this friend, a Eucharistic minister in a local chapel. "He looked Middle Eastern. And he was not alone. When I found out about the hijackings later that morning, I couldn't believe it."

At a local restaurant, a waitress dedicated to the Rosary described a dream of two tall slabs exploding and crumbling.

Another person we know expressed a distinct, uncanny feeling. "Something bad's going to happen," he warned his family -- coming back a second time and saying, "Something very bad is going to happen." That was the evening of September 10. And the same is true around the world.

In Michigan we hear of evangelicals awoken by unsettling dreams and in the months leading up to the attack we carried a number of articles about prophecies warning that foreign powers were conspiring to drag the U.S. into a war and that there was danger on our own soil. One prophecy, known now as the "1990 prophecy," said New York City would see its "pride broken." There were also warnings that after the stem-cell decision America would quickly experience chastisement.

Clearly, there was agitation in the spirit world, and maybe you have other examples of omens leading up to the horrid event. (We'd like to hear from you if you do.) We're told that on the evening of the attack the Virgin Mary appeared to Medjugorje seer Ivan Dragicevic crying and asking prayers for peace. While there is no indication that September 11 was part of any Medjugorje seers' secrets, there were clearly deep spiritual elements to the event. We have carried items on how demonic faces seemed to appear in the smoke and fire billowing from the World Trade Center. One came from a photographer named Mark Philips whose photo appeared in the Associated Press. Some looking at it can see eyes, a nose, a mouth, and horns. We have seen other photos with a flurry of other such images. These remind us of miraculous formations in clouds or photographs taken at sites of apparition. Somehow the camera occasionally catches glimpses of otherwise unseen presence. In the case of the Trade Center the question is whether such an image if valid is indicating that the devil was behind the attack (which in many ways, of course, he was) or whether it is a way of showing the devil and his minions being purged from that building -- a symbol of the evil in our materialistic system. We have also heard from folks who have had recent visions of a great battle being prepared, a battle between angels and devils .

A seer from Venezuela had warned that a "great event" was coming [Maria Esperanza], and Pat Hull, a Texas woman who allegedly saw this same seer in bilocation, had a similar admonition. "A great blackness of evil was being released," Pat had told us last August. "[The seer] said it that way. And God has held up His hand as long as He is going to, and He is going to take His hand down and there's nothing, nothing, that will stop this, this disaster, from happening. She didn't tell me what the disaster was. She didn't say any kind of a time. We got through with our visit and I wrote it all down. It was about 3:30 that afternoon. So our visit was between 3 and 3:30. I slowly sifted back. Even Friday [the next day] at noon, I still said to my daughter, I'm not all back yet, and I pointed up. I said, 'From here to over here I feel movement, I hear voices, there are angels, good spirits, they are getting ready for a mighty battle. I hear everything they saying but I can't tell you what they said. They were rushing around going here and there like an army would getting ready to go in battle. That night, I didn't hear the voices anymore, but I sensed movement and feeling."

This is an important moment in both American and human history. If we take the event for what it was -- a purging, a mercy, an evil that God allowed to set us right -- we'll be okay. If we don't, there will be other visions, other dreams, and other events...

From: "shivai" <shivai@socal.rr.com>

Date: Tue Sep 25, 2001 2:46 pm

Subject: Fw: Channeled Communication with a Hjacker

----- Original Message -----

Sent: Monday, September 24, 2001 6:44 PM

The following report from a channeler seems entirely consistent with many other accounts that deal with the classic after-death experience -- for example, as reported by Dannion Brinkley in his extraordinary book "Saved by the Light." Brinkley had been a US Marine demolition expert and assassin before being struck by lightning and pronounced clinically dead. After his eventual recovery he reported that his "life review" included his experiencing the actual agony of each of his victims -- and the grief of their closest relatives. The report below is a similar account of the after-death experiences of one of the WTC hijackers.

From: <NSharpnack@aol.com>

Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2001 8:39 PM

Subject: * Channeled Communication with a Hijacker

Dear Friends,

I am a channel, and I channel the teachings of just one wise spirit being, by my choice. Last night as I was lying in bed the thought occurred to me that perhaps I could get in touch with one of the hijackers of the planes that flew the horrendous missions on September 11th that caused so much destruction and loss of innocent life. My thought was that perhaps I could get information concerning who was behind the plot to do these heinous acts. So I went into my relaxed detached state of mind that is conductive to channeling with the intention of attempting that contact.

A presence came into my awareness. I knew that he was a hijacker. He said that his name is Ahmed Amani (or something similar to that). He told me he is in a very dark place. He said that he had expected to go to a wonderful great celebration as a hero, but that was not what he has experienced.

I asked if there were other people or souls around. He said that there were but that he was not able to make contact with any of them and that this contact with me was the first he had been able to make with anyone. He was not sure about whether the souls were aware of his presence and were shunning him or whether they really could not see him and did not know that he was there.

I asked him to describe the place he was in and he said it is very black and completely colorless. There are gray shadowy forms that he can see and sense. I asked if there was light anywhere (since I have read that lost souls can move toward the light) and he said that there was none and he had looked for light in all directions. I asked if he was outside and could see stars or anything like that and he said that there were none and it was not like being outside.

Then I understood and he discussed with me that he was having to undergo the experience of the death and agony of every person that had been affected by the actions and decisions that he had made. He said that the events that began on September 11th still exist in what we know of as past time and that he is required to go back into "earthly time" and experience first hand, for each person individually, their death and/or agony, fear, physical pain, etc. as though it were happening to himself. Not only that, but he also must experience in the same way the grief and pain of everyone who is a loved one of the people that died or were injured. This has been communicated to him and it has begun. I asked him how many deaths he has thus far experienced and he said just two and that it would take the equivalent of many lifetimes to experience all that is ahead of him. He said it is taking so long because the pain and grief of the families and others connected to just these two individuals is so intense and it is ongoing, so he cannot move on quickly.

I asked about his family and loved ones and if they understood what he is going through. He told me that he had found that they were unable to do so be cause they held the belief that he was a hero and that he was being celebrated and that the truth could not penetrate through their beliefs.

I asked if there was any message he wanted me to take back to the world. He said that he had been lied to and that he had wanted to believe the lies. He said that to those who might be plotting or intending to do similar acts, that he wanted them to realize that they are being lied to and that they will not be celebrated as heroes as they have told to believe.

He also said that not only would he have to experience these deaths and pain but that all those who assisted and plotted these acts would also. Even those who were not a part of the plot but who celebrated the events that caused all this misery for innocent people would be experiencing many of the same things.

Except for when he talked about those that lied to him (and he felt or knew that some had knowingly done so to advance their own purposes) his air was one of resignation and disheartenment. I realized that I felt very sorry for what he would have to go through and the realization that was dawning on him, but that it was what he needed to experience to learn from.

I believe that he had the insight that this was not punishment per se, but that it was a consequence of needing to learn the human consequences of what he had done.

I left him and pondered this for a time and finally went to sleep. My husband awoke me and said that I was having a bad dream. I realized that I was still with Ahmed and experiencing my body being crushed as one of his victims must have experienced. I didn't feel pain but much anguish and terror and I must have been screaming for my husband to hear. Once awake I realized that the door to that world had to be closed for me at least for the time being so that I could get some sleep.

This morning more insights poured in during my meditations. I realized that each of us is responsible for what we do and support, and that if we support the injury and killing of innocent people, or celebrate such an event that we are also going to have to experience the grief that it causes. This is not just a lesson for terrorists but for any who support and applaud even official actions that harm innocent people.

I asked what the solution might be. The answer came. It is time that we realize who and what we are. We are not individuals separate from each other, as the illusion appears to us. We are a part of a single conscious organism and when we injure any part of that organism we literally are injuring ourselves. This is the meaning of the Golden Rule.

The Bible says that God claims "Vengeance is mine". The meaning of this is not that we are free to retaliate blindly when harm is done to us. Nor is it that there is a terrible avenging and punishing God. Its meaning is that the best way for us to learn is through direct experience. We must be able to experience the consequences of our thoughts and actions in order to understand what and who we are, and the implications of our actions. Thus we suffer the suffering that we inflict on others.

We are One. This Oneness is a literal reality. We are being given the choice to see and know this right now, so that we can avoid enormous amounts of suffering. To see it and teach this to the world in this time of great grief is the most marvelous legacy that could come out of the horrific acts that have immersed the globe in sorrow.

God is love and desires for us to see our Oneness and thus to heal mankind.

In love and light,

Nancy X. Sharpnack


From Christine:

I am a 48 year old grandmother who lives in Montana. My stories are so many I don't know where to start. I didn't even know what I had had a name until I e-mailed some psychic on the web to ask her what was wrong with me. That was when I found out that what I have is called precognition. My last experience was 21 days ago. I had been suffering two weeks before with unbearable hot spells,  feelings of great fear, and sadness. I actually thought maybe I was starting menopause. I was so uncomfortable, I was searching for relief at the health food places. I couldn't sleep. When I did finally go to sleep on Sunday night, I couldn't stand to have even a sheet on me I was so hot. I tossed and fretted until at 11:30 I fell asleep . At 3:13 I awoke to the sound of an explosion that shook my bed and brought me straight up. I could smell thick choking smoke. When I looked around my room I could see fire and hear screaming. It only lasted a few seconds.When I laid back down with my heart pounding, I realized I had been just been having a nightmare, but deep inside I new it wasn't. It was what i used to call a "flash" before I knew it had a name.

I went to work on Monday feeling exhausted and very edgy. I went to bed early that night. On Tuesday, I went to work at 8 and turned ont the tv at 8:30. It was then, I again heard the same explosion, felt the same shaking, felt the same fear, and heard the same screams all over again and I watched the plane hit the Twin Towers in New York.

I am writing this on Sunday Sept.30th. this is the first day i have felt even somewhat like myself. And the overwhelming heat that I felt for two before Sept.11th has left me completely. This is only the latest of the many instances that I have had in my life since the age of 8.

Two days ago I went and bought a note book. I finally feel I need to write all this down for my daughters to read someday. I am seeing the same abilities in two of my grandchildren. I want their mothers to know about what they may have, and help them so they may never feel like there is something wrong with them and I did.

Thanks for letting me tell someone of this.








More World Trade Center Dreams

Another Prophecy of the WTC


9-13-2001 - DREAM - BY DEE - I was in New York City, downtown, surrounded by bombed out buildings. In front of me was a screen with text and long code numbers which represented the photographs of the bombed out buildings and tragedy.

The screen flipped as though it was another day. I was still amonst bombed out buildings. I looked at the screen again and saw 'more' text and 'different' and the long code numbers ratcheted up to the next range of numbers as though it was a different place.

9-13-2001 - DREAM BY MICHELLE - I was in New York City, wearing a long white dress.  My friend Dee was sitting on top of the pile of rubble with a laptop on her lap, recording the name of the victims as they were being rescued and taken up to the spirit world that we were working in.

9-13-2001 - DREAM - BY MICHELLE - I dreamed I was in two different cities. First I was in San Francisco and saw a huge plane come down and hit the Golden Gate Bridge.

Then I was in Boston, and I saw a huge plane come down and plow down a long line of houses.
9-15-2001 - DREAM - BY DEE - I was in New York City, down between the bombed out buildings.  I was seeing also text and photo code (rather than the picture itself)  The code was long, such as 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz12345678910".  The the picture flipped and it seemed to be another day.  Again I saw the text and photo code which I saw ratchet up on notch ... this time it didn't start with 'a', it started with 'b' and went up the scale just like the other one, but ratcheted up like it was worse.
9-15-2001 - VISION - BY DEE - I was watching the search for the terrorists and I saw it as a black spider web.
9-16-2001 - DREAM - BY DEE - This dream occured after I heard about the Taliban and their cells, following the suicide bombing by plane of The World Trade Center.

9-16-2001 - The Dream:

I was inside a prison-like place with high ceilings. There were 24 small cells in the center of this place. There were a small number of people inside each small cell.  However, along the wall, there were much larger cells.  There was some kind of event the people in the small cells were trying to agree on, and in one cell, a black woman was extremely angry and irate and what was going on.  So, she was released and she went into the larger cell instead.

See: The Taliban

Date: 5/27/2002
From: B
To: Dee777

I often have premonitions which come true. Most often they are about accidents or visions of things I will see. I had a premonition of the Challenger accident when I was in high school two weeks before it had happened and had told my friends, though no one believed it would. When I was 14 my family and I went to New York City for a vacation. We toured at many of the popular tourist spots, but I remember the WTC notably. I was terrified to go in there. My father coerced me to go in with the family and we took the elevator to the top viewing area inside. I had an awful feeling about it all. I did not want to look out the windows and again was pressured to do so. When I finally did approach the windows and looked out over the city and down along the tower I saw a vision of many people falling to their deaths on a bright sunny day. It was overwhelming and I staggered backward. I can still remember the images I saw.


Subj: A Warning

Date: 9/15/2001 9:08:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: karinstenius@centurytel.net (Karin Stenius)

Maria Experanza Warns United States Not to Go to War

Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 22:15:38 -0400



World-renowned mystic Maria Esperanza of Venezuela warned Friday that immediately going to war over Tuesday's event would be "the greatest mistake."

Speaking to Spirit Daily, the seer said, "If the United States goes to war right now, it will be the worst possible mistake, the greatest mistake, and would be nearly impossible to stop. The U.S. is smart and should wait patiently. War would be imprudent - don't attack."

Esperanza's words are closely watched because previous prophecies of hers have materialized. Last January, she warned that foreign powers - one large, one small - were working together to "provoke" America. She had said (and we have reported) that the provocation would be severe and would be both from outside and inside the U.S. - on it's own soil. At the time she had also counseled prudence. On August 25, we received the fax of a message Maria was given by Saint Peter. The message said that in "A great event will be happening in 3 weeks or 3 months." The attack on New York occurred in the third week.

But instead of war, said Maria, the United States must turn to what she calls the four "pillars": prayer, meditation, penance, and the Eucharist. "With that you will be able," she said, "to win."

Esperanza urged recitation of fifteen decades of the Rosary and daily Mass. She emphasized the need for families to pray together.

If this happens, she said, the U.S. will be unharmed in the long run by the recent disasters.

"Definitely it's going to escalate but at the same time through prayer we can stop a big thing from happening," she said. "Right now the U.S. has to be very careful and prudent - go little by little."

"Prayer is what is going to influence the whole problem," she said. "From now until 2004, in this period, everything will be resolved. Halfway through 2004 it will look better, but until then we must be careful. God can work miracles."

Esperanza, who is connected with the Church-approved apparition site of Betania, Venezuela, said that the attacks in New York City and at the Pentagon were allowed by God as "an awakening of conscience" and to strengthen the U.S. spiritually. She said, "Faith will grow."

"Our Lord is crying out at us for conversions," she said. "This has been a lesson for the whole world. The faith of people in today's world is too superficial. We must have an open heart to the Lord and His grace, because God now is going to shake the whole world, not only in the U.S. Not a violent shaking but something that makes people aware of His Presence."

When asked if the current crisis was a result of recent decisions on human cloning and related research, she said that was a part of it but the events of September 11 were related to general immorality and spiritual shortcomings.

"I know the wound has been very big," she said, "but now we have to see the situation through God's eyes and ask for forgiveness, for courage, and for the will to pray and do penance and rid ourselves of pride." Maria said recent physical problems she has been suffering are related to the  current crisis.

You are welcome to post this letter to message boards or print it out as long as you include the source and the whole document [permission by Onelight.com Publishing & Emerald Productions copyright 2001]


email dated: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 14:54:29 -0700

source: Leslee Dru Browning, of Seattle, WA

The next attack from terrorists may come between the 18th and 25th of this month. The strongest of those dates are the 23rd, the 22nd. The attack may be subtle, or overt. I would suggest drinking bottled water since my visions keep showing me water. A subtle attack would be where the water system is tampered with, or biological agents are released in the air. These are extremely subtle as they can take time to cause the effect to the human body, manifesting early is extremely sensitive people, yet may take months or even years like the Gulf War Syndrome


email dated: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 04:20:03 -0700

source: Leslee Dru Browning, of Seattle, WA

Roughly a week or so, before the WTC atrocity I was told that the "green pools" held the key.--they were the connection. Also, Canteen. This was all written in a "A Visitor Arrives" which many had access to before September 11, 2001.

I wondered about canteen, and knew in France it meant a wine cellar, so I was thinking a city in France, but have now decided Sauniere in his visit with me meant exactly what he said--canteens are stores on military bases, are clubs for soldiers, and are temporary emergency eating places--like in times of war or disasters.

At first I thought the "green pools" were actual water pools that were vortex's to other worlds, openings if you will. And they are, but who wants to control these entrances into other dimensions? So, I looked for a second meaning for "Green Pools"---

Green is the color of money in the US, and of course, the WTC housed many financial brokers.

Pools: Pool for gambling. Also, a mutual fund established by a group of stockholders for specializing in or manipulating prices of securities.

And, an agreement between competing businesses concerns to establish controls over producing market and price for common profit.

All fits together nicely>> Pool >>Funds>>Stakes >>Target

The Green Pools were the WTC--the symbol of world finance, which is controlled and manipulated by a handful of powerful elite.

The Canteen both temporary emergency food and shelters for the victims of the WTC and the military.

Who knew about this: George Bush, Tony Blair, The Royal Family, Russia, China, and many leaders of Middle Eastern Countries---Bin Laden the man they chose as their warrior. All of these leaders appear to be enemies, when in fact, they are on the same team. All are players in the game of destruction. The Middle East will be blamed. The other countries, although involved, will not be exposed at this date, and it may take quite a long time before the betrayal of the American People is known.

The purpose behind it--to create an emotional state in the United States to where the citizens would allow many new laws to be implemented without truly knowing there full implications. Also, control of money, recession by unemployment, it will be the average American, the average Afghanistan, the average Middle Eastern who will pay dearly, not the elite, nor those in power. When these war games these men love playing are over, the world will indeed be under a NWO--and many freedoms lost, at least in this country.


email dated: Wed, 18 Sep 2001 14:04:10 -0700

source: Leslee Dru Browning, of Seattle, WA

I believe these terrorists will go after the computer systems next. They will begin with releasing various virus's to infect and crash  home systems and business systems. people need to be very careful about opening emails. This would be very easy to do now with everyone opening lots of mail from unknown people to read about this current situation we are in. I warn all people to be ultra cautious and not to open any mail from anyone whom they may be unfamiliar with, I would recommend AVG Anti-Virus System which can be downloaded free.

It updates for every new virus.

For those of you citizens who are spared the virus's, watch what you write, as all email is now being monitored in the US. I have an alarm system on my computer and yesterday alone I have over 350 "hit' by intruders wanting in my system, so, with this information, I can say, it has begun.

A Massachusetts man called Mike, who grew up in lower Manhattan, realized, to his horror, that he had dreamed the disaster 18 months before it took place – from the perspective of a victim. In the spring of 2000, Mike dreamed he was killed by an airplane engine falling from the Trade Center. Here is part of his own account:

Killed by airplane engine falling from World Trade Center

In my dream, I am walking with business colleagues from Boston out of the New York City World Trade Center towers, into the plaza area on a bright sunny day. We are in a jovial mood and decide to take a lunch break at an outdoor café.

Suddenly the tranquil scene is destroyed by a horrible boom. People are screaming and running, and I notice that debris is falling onto the street around me and into the river behind it. Within moments I realize that pieces from an airplane are raining down upon us.

I tell my associates to run as fast as they can. They flee, and I look up to dodge the falling pieces. Chunks of metal are crashing around me. I escape many of them. One comes screaming down toward me, and I recognize it to be a turbofan engine. I try to get out of the way, but then realize the inevitable. As the engine descends upon me, I have a surge of immense grief about missing my children. I surrender and the grief is replaced by a wave of calm acceptance. Suddenly everything goes black.

Mike woke from this dream deeply shaken. He shared his dream with his wife, and she recounted it to some close friends.

A few months later in waking life, Mike was with two business colleagues in Lower Manhattan on our way to a meeting. They started to take a shortcut through an area cordoned off with police tape. An officer waved them through. Mike thanked him and asked why the area was off-limits. The officer told him it was because of loose debris falling from a building. He told close friends about the synchronicity and assumed that his dream had now been played out

On September 11th , the day of the terror attacks, Mike was in Boston with the same business colleagues who had accompanied him on his walk near the World Trade Center, watching CNN accounts of the airplanes striking the towers. One of the images from the news footage showed the burnt remains of a jet engine on the ground. Recognizing the full and lethal manifestation of his dream, Mike began to shake.

Soon after, Mike discovered that a relative and childhood friend his own age (the husband and father of two small children), was in his office at the WTC during the tragedy. He was trapped on the 104th floor of the South Tower when the plane hit the 70th floor, speaking with his sister and parents during his last moments on a cell phone. That was the last time he was heard from; he was presumed dead.

Dream Warnings of the Terror Attacks

The horror may have been foreseen, not by intelligence agencies but by the intelligence of dreams.

Less than two weeks before the terror attacks, a Los Angeles woman called Katy dreamed that four planes crashed in a single night. Here is Katy’s dream report as she shared it by email with her dream circle on the morning of August 30:

Four Planes Crash in One Night

I'm in a house that is near an airport runway. I'm horrified and fascinated as I realize plane after plane takes off and doesn't make it. They get up in the air and either explode or crash somewhere. I'm aware of it but not sure if I am hearing about it on the news later or 'just know' that three planes have gone down one right after the other.

I go outside where I can see the runway and I see the silhouette of a fourth plane. I'm looking at its underbelly as it goes straight up to the sky. It's going too slow and I realize it is going to tip over and land on its back right there in front of me and crash on the ground.

I call 911. It takes several minutes to get through. I realize this is the small airport in Concord, NH because my mom and dad are in the house with me. My mom says I should hang up because "they must know about it already". I'm screaming at my parents to go outside and look! They are like zombies, side by side in the bathroom brushing their teeth getting ready for bed. At last, the 911 people take my call and it turns out I am the first one to report the tragedy.

By the time I go outside, the plane is totally incinerated. Nearby someone has made a huge mound of ashes/sand. People have gathered and stuck mementoes and flowers and scraps of debris belonging to the passengers onto the mound so it is a memorial. I see sticks of incense stuck in the mound everywhere, wafting smoke up to the night sky. I go and kneel by the memorial heap and I find myself crying for the enormous loss.

Subj: Re: My airplanes dream

Date: 9/20/2001 12:31:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: mmztcass@qwest.net (mmztcass)

To: Dee777@aol.com

Hi Dee:

I had this dream after I came back home from the school and laid down on the bed with my toddler to take a nap.

I was down on a ground with my husband, watching some sport event. There was a big crowd of people. Then I find myself up in the air in a large airplane. The only persons in the airplanes were the pilot, the co-pilot, a man, and myself.

My husband was down on the ground still watching the game and waiting for me to come back from my airplane ride. The pilot was trying to land the airplane. We were circling around a very busy airport with quite a few other airplanes up in the sky. The pilot decided to land the airplane in an lane where the cars were driving on as he couldn't wait to get out the sky and land at the regular landing strip. He lands the airplane and started crashing and clipping the cars in the lanes on the ground. The nose of the plane broke off and the pilot pulls up the airplane back up to the sky. I was terrified and remove mysel from the front of the airplane to the middle of the airplane. This time the pilot waited until he got the clearance to land the airplane and we landed successfully.

I found myself in another airplane. This time the plane is very full of people. I am sitting up front of the plane near the pilot and the co-pilot. We are circling around the airport again with a bunch of other planes up in the sky. The pilot is desperate to land the plane, he gets the clearance and begins the descend to land the plane. All of sudden from the runway, at the last minute, the pilot pulls up the airplane back up into the sky and crashes into several of other planes that ar circling around the airport in the sky. Our airplane got a chunk of the roof torned off of it. A woman drinking her drink from a cup, the liquid poured out of the roof of the plane into the sky. The pilot finally landed the airplane successfully and I went to rejoin my husband who had watched what happened to both airplanes. EOD.

I was so glad to wake of from this dream of airplane crashes. It felt like I actually felt the crashings, etc.

I noticed the airport was by a large land of water. I could see bridges and heavy traffic of cars down below.

Love and blessins,


P.S. During the second airplane ride, I recalled looking out the window at the bridges and seeing them in 'X' shapes with the cars in and around them.

I just brought up the Oakland International airport map. My confirmation seems correct that the airport is located in the San Francisco Bay.


Subj: [Dreamlist] Talking to the Dead and more predictions of terrorism.

Date: 9/26/2001 11:53:41 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: dream-link@dream-link.org (Bryon Smith)

Dave gave me permission to forward his messages through our spooky places  mailing list so long as I left the info as to where the message came from on the message. I hope this will apply here as this is something our dream research group should be interested in.

Also please notice how they said watch the West coast. This is also a message I received more than a year ago when I saw New York and Washington being hit. They hit there first and then later hit the West coast.

Also notice the mention of the man in black who they talk about like he was a death angel or messenger of death. Years ago I saw him in the spirit and the description is so similar, in fact remember the movie of the "Shadow" well this spirit looked like he could have been the Shadow. He was "collecting souls" on past due spiritual debts is what he was doing in my spirit trip / night vision and I was with him and talking to him, even pleaded for one girl's life for her and managed to talk the guy in the black suit out of taking her, but moments later I saw him rip the soul right out of a man on the street in the night. This spirit does exist and might very well be the grim reaper for all I know.

When I was taken to see the city of light I also died but this guy was no where to be seen. There were two other angels but they were dressed in black with hoods and I could not see their faces. They must have been 7 or 8 feet tall too. During this event I was literally "killed" by the shadow of death, it was like being smothered in honey and the next thing I knew I rose up through it and left my body. I turned around and saw myself laying there and that's one really freaky experience. Then the angels came and took me to see the city of light, Jesus and one I call the ancient of days since he is a very old spirit.

FROM: Dave and Sharon & Sixth Sense Support Group

TO: IGHS Members


This is a Special Alert issued by the International Ghost Hunters Society on behalf of members of our Sixth Sense Support Group. The members in this support group have a special gift . . . they can see and hear the spirits of the dead, just as in the film staring Bruce Willis called Sixth Sense. These members are "Sensitives" and as such, they have tapped into that special communication link to the walking dead. This Special Alert is for the purpose of warning what MIGHT happen to the coming days ahead. If nothing happened, so much the better as no one in the group wants to see more death and destruction.

Since the terrible Black Tuesday, the group has been experiencing remarkable communications with spirits and in dreams that suggest the terrorist attacks are not over, but will continue to plague America. The following experiences are share with you because the collective group wants to tell somebody what they are seeing and feeling. Most members had nightmares the night before the terrorist attacked the Pentagon and the WTC. Some saw planes crashing into the WTC in their dreams. Others saw sparks, which may be the souls of those who were to perish in the terrorist attack. Many of the members either had friends, family or they themselves worked in either the Pentagon or WTC.

I have assembled many of the quotes that were sent by members of this special group as they expressed among themselves what they were feeling, what they were seeing and what they were dreaming. The dead do contact us in dreams as that is when our conscious mind is closed down and access to our subconscious mind is open and receptive. I would not release this information if I did not believe in what they were saying. I agree with them that this terrorism is not over for America and more is to follow, only this time on the West Coast! As more information is made available to them, I will issue another Special Alert.

As one member said, "I know we all felt on edge about 10 days ago, where a lot of us were weepy and sad. We may have been feeling the premature affects of what was to come early. I don't know, but I find that very pertinent that we were all in agreement that something was very wrong." The following quotes suggest that we are in for more suffering from terrorist attacks:

"This is not the end by any means. Our abilities are going to be put to the test. I don't feel like our just talking to spirits is going to be enough. I don't know the whole picture, but I feel like something bigger is going to be transpiring, and those of us who are sensitive will be affected much more in the process."

"The only thing I have been feeling is spirits of the children that were in the attack. They're lost & confused. Looking for their 'mommies'. All I can do is hug them & tell them to go towards the warm light. I don't know what else to do."

"I think another building's going to go down, address 1111 something, important bldg. It's either in Florida or LA."

"It's near the water!"

"Either Los Angeles or Vegas is what I'm getting."

"I see 1111 everywhere, also could be part of zip code maybe? Or phone #?

Seeing fire in windows, voices are loud."

"Oh and it's a very tall white building, lots of windows."

"I think it's LA cause I see things falling into the ocean."

"It was down town LA. The I was looking at Beverly hills and there on Rodeo drive was the #1111. On a building and there was a car going into there as well. It to exploded."

"My vision . . . the red symbol wasn't the airline, it was the Marriot's hotel symbol!"

"I could definitely see a plane crashing into that hotel. Very scary."

The Man in Black said, "YOU! YOU stay away from RED buses, and YOU stay away from the Marriot. How many times am I going to have to tell you!"

"When we went to bed my wife heard a couple ghosts chatting about the terrorist attempts. They gave us a clue that another terrorist attempt may happen either October 11th or 22th of this year."

"The man in black kept coming for me. At first I would not go. Then I finally gave in and went. I kept asking him were I was going. He would not answer me and that was making me upset. When we stopped walking I was back in LA. We were walking around down town and seeing all of those faces. We get to were the heart of down town is and there was this Hotel. In the drive way thing in front was a big bus. You know like Greyhounds. Well, the people on that bus looked upset and there was "Arab" looking man. He was in the driver seat. He took the bus right into the hotel lobby. It then exploded and there were many lives that were took. I noticed the bus number had 111 in it. As if I was there all along I was right on Beverly Hills streets. The same thing. What I thought was odd it's not a plane but a bus."

"Again he (Man in Black) was here and I'm going out of my wit's. It's 3:29 in the morning and all know I'm not normally up this early. He took me back again to LA. I don't know why but besides LA and Beverly Hills. He took me to Sacramento. Again the same thing with the bus. I wish I could see the day I know it has a chill in the air so it may be November 11."

The Man in Black spoken of in the above quotes have been described as an entity that appears in black with a black top hat. He has been described as a spiritual gatekeeper, a harbinger of death, a universal warning and even as a gunslinger like appearance with the long overcoat worn like those in Clint Eastwood Westerns. The Man in Black has appeared for many years to most of the members of this group. Some members report first seeing him when they were a child. In any case, the Man in Black may be considered somewhat like the Grim Reaper. When he appears, death is not far behind.

It is apparent that the security on airlines have finally been updated, but we have no security in place for those using the buses. This could be anything from sightseeing, charter or commercial transportation buses

Date: September 23, 2001 at 10:56:07

From: Justin Time, BC,

Subject: Horrible dream!!!

I had this dream a few days after the WTC incident. It came in bits of images and I'm hoping it's not just a knee jerk reaction based on subconscious fears after the first terrorist hit.

Another terrorist hit, this time biological in central US in Late Sept or early Oct. People walking around with huge welts and sores, US in a state of panic and brought to it's knees. Govt officials don't know who to lash out to and are shooting blindly. Total mayhem!!! Then I woke up in a cold sweat gasping for air.

Michael Gorden Scallion

Bulletin Date: Monday, 10:01 A.M. Eastern, September 24, 2001

Dear Readers:

Matrix Healing Mandala

Your response to last week's Bulletin on the Matrix Healing Mandala was overwhelming. Tens of thousands of you took the time over the past week to participate in the healing. Please continue, our world is about to be turned upside down and your prayers and positive thoughts are needed now more than ever.

U.S. Terrorism: What's Next?

In my most recent vision I watched billowing, black smoke, being carried by wind across a prairie-looking environment. I could see machinery in the distance that looked like oilrigs. There were dozens of them; perhaps even hundreds, but the smoke blackened a clear view of the area.

My sense is that the region I was viewing was Texas and the U.S. oil reserves. Terrorist had ignited the oil fields. I did not sense that people were harmed, only that our oil reserves were being attacked as part of retaliation.

A second vision I had the day after the September 11 attacks was watching a large cattle yard. Thousands of cattle were being loaded off trains and into stock yards and slaughterhouses. The scene was of the past, perhaps a century ago. I saw a sign that said, "Chicago."

I interpreted this to mean that Chicago (the sign obviously?), perhaps the Chicago Commodities Market (cattle in my vision?), (slaughter houses, death of a commodity?), should be watched as a future terrorist target.

9-27-01 - DREAM - I was dreaming about the terrorists in symbolic terms. I saw the head terrorist as a mouse, running on top of a metal exercise wheel.  

NOTE: If a mouse runs inside the wheel, the higher he tries to climb, the more gravity pulls the wheel back down so he has to keep climbing and coming back down which makes the wheel turn.  If he runs on top of the wheel, he can balance on top of the wheel, but if he moves at all, gravity brings him down off the wheel immediately.

There is a term for people who run on top of the wheel. It's called: M.I.C.E.  It means: MONEY, IDEOLOGY, CONSCIOUSNESS, EGO

A "runthrough" of someone who maybe died in the WTC!

well, folks, if anyone reads this......I sometimes have a rather strange dream experience, where i use a person's images as if I WERE that person. Last night, i "used" the images of someone who died, and followed his time AFTER he died!

--------dream begins....

I awake to the reality that I am under a huge pile of rubble. crushed, in fact: really really crushed!

I come awake and realize that i have been in a "half awake" state for some time now, after i have died. i know i am dead. I also know that it were, when i was only partially counscious, that some "messeges" were sent to me from somewhere.

these messeges told me that my earthly body was crushed to the point of looking like a pile of french fries, and that i "insisted" in trying to maintain a kind of contact with a pile of "meat-mush" that was my body and that i could somehow IMAGINE that i have a intact body and then leave that attachment to that pile of rotting meat.

I could breathe, even though i sensed that there was only solid rubble above my mouth---i dimly became aware that breathing was not anymore neccessary, now!

Alone. utterly alone. was this what the afterlife was like?! I am dead but i live: i cried out for someone to hear me even though my "lips" made no sound and that i have no lips to cry out with!

Then I noticed that off in the far left distance, in the blackness, was a ball or hole of light. A woman in a white gown appeared, about a hundred feet away.....she said to me [ i could hear her ] that..."we see you and we will get to you very shortly, you are NOT alone and you are dead but alive in spirit. you may later re-create your body-shape if you wish to; but you may also imagine your body to be a ball of light: best not to dwell upon the old body that is now only ruin, it being physical"'. You are loved and you are not alone and you will be able to come here with us to heaven"!

-----end of dream!

yes folks. maybe the wtc, one of the victims. maybe i was "used" as a healer, a rescuer of a soul, in that my counsciousness was ADDED to his in order to increase his enough so that he became more self-aware of his condition and to be able to ask for help from the Angel helpers, so that he too can join the wave of ascension, of the survivors, into the heaven made for them with the Christ. [ as one Seerer had envisioned it, the group ascension; probably he saw ALL of them as if time was not, thus at all at once, but in earthly time, some ascend earlier than others and some need a bit of "aid"!]

in Spiritualism, it is called "rescue work", where i read that a living soul on earth, because he still lives: he can be a bridge for a early afterlife soul to become more aware as this newly dead is near the earthsphere yet and can be reached by the earthperson. thus becoming more aware, he can "self-examine" and realize he has died but still he lives and then to ask for help from the Angels who work for Spirit, just for this rescuing, from the Spirit side.

I have been used for this, before, this rescue work. So I too, was part of the rescue efforts of the WTC!  i humbly accept that. there may be more.....


seen on a bridge overpass, in Rochester, ny 1970


Freestone Wilson


Subj: Vision To Diane: Extremely Urgent, My People Must Be Forewarned

Date: 9/28/2001 8:45:45 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: giftstor@hia.net (Gary)

My People Must Be Forewarned

It is with great reluctance, and deep sorrow that I must reveal this very sad message to you. But Jesus' people must be warned. It is very difficult being a visionary, because when I see chastisements that are horrorible, I do not wish to burden anyone else with the heaviness. When I see a vision that is terrible, I live through the vision once spiritually and then second if it comes true, psychically.

I have held this vision in my heart for three years now, but Jesus does want His people ready, therefore, it is with great hesitation that I am to reveal this to you. Please pray for me also.

I had a vision dream that I was shopping down town in a city. I had my white long sleeve sweater and my red courderoy dress on.

I parked my car and I was next to a fall out shelter, which was a long tunnel. I ran in and I pulled out the adaptor to the alarm system, so that it wouldn't go off, and then I proceeded to go shopping.

When I left the stores, the terrorists had dropped a biological warhead on the city. Luckily, I was near the tunnel, and fall out shelter, which was underground. I was safe from the fallout.

Many people died instantly in the street, and if they did not die then they became very ill. The air was poisioned. Nothing happened to the buildings or the vechicles, only the people perished.

Not very many people knew where the fall out shelters were, because they never took the time to check them out. People who were in the subways survived, providing that they stayed in there for a long time.

I knew where the fall out shelters were, because I attended college in the city, and I was the only one in the tunnel.

I came out when it was all over and I put the adaptor back into the alarm system. I drove home.

My Interpretation

I prayed for a long time for Jesus to reveal to me the city in which this tragedy was to take place in. It took Him Seven months to reveal this information to me. Finally, in the form of an inner locution, Jesus said that the city would be New York.

Since, by the way that I was dressed in the vision, indicated to me that this would occur in the fall of some year. I don't usually wear courderoy until late October or early November.

I did not have a jacket on, and it was a beautiful bright sunny day out.

It took place during the work week when everyone was working. It seemed to be in the afternoon after lunch. Since, I do not know dates, but occasionally, Heaven will give me time frames, I am going to use my woman's intuition. I feel that there will be a biological attack on New York City probably the week of Halloween.

I reason why I feel this way, is because October is Our Ladys Month, but Satans holiday is also celebrated on the last day. Anything that is evil, and this attack will be evil, has to go back to Satan.

You probably are wondering what you should do: First of all you must run to confession, and repent of all of your sins, and practice your faith. Go to Mass on a daily basis, pray the rosary, where the brown scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and read the Revelations in the Bible.

The most important thing in life is to be prepared for death. It would be horrifying to cross over and be unprepared. So, get spiritually prepared. Next, find out where there are any fall out shelters, if there are any. Locate the nearest subway tunnel from where you work.

You can also prepare psychically too. But Jesus wants you to be foremost prepared spiritually.

Yours Truly, Jesus' Servant, Diane Lyons - Frasco

My website is http://hia.net/giftstor/DianeL.htm My email address is; Artistspaint@aol.com

10-1-2001 - DREAM - I was in a city and was with Ruth. (Ruth means friend) She was showing me the neighborhood where she thought was a good place to live. It was a crowded, and look rather shabby to me. She then pointed out a particular building she wanted me to see and we went inside.

As soon as she opened the door, it was like being in another city. A sign on a concrete step said, "Royalty" The people were friendly, the kids were smiling and happy.

I was now with my daughter and I wanted to go east. I pulled out a map to see which way to go.  I looked at the map and where 49th St. was supposed to be and many streets in every direction around the intersection, in a large rather circular area, was gone like it was destroyed. Beyond that, the streets continued as normal.

I figured we'd find out how to get through that area when we got there. We started out and I was looking at the street numbers, and it seemed like we were in a large apartment building where people were sleeping, as I could see blankets laying around and it was rather darkened in there.  Each apartment door had it's own address and I saw that the numbers were getting larger which pointed out to me that we were going the wrong direction.  The last number I looked at was 5683 and that we had to go back and start over because we missed the turn to go to 49th St.

When we reached the 49th St. area, where the streets were destroyed on the map, a screen dropped down in front of me that listed the events of Sept. 11, 2001 when the World Trade Center was destroyed and the Pentagon hit. The third event on the list was the Flight 93 that went down in Pennsylvania.

When I read 'Flight 93' on the list, a duplicate copy of the list of events dropped down to display itself like it had happened twice.

NOTE: I was worried about New York City after I woke up and looked for the address of the Empire State Building. It is at 5th Ave. and 35th St.  Central Park is at 5th Ave. and 58th St.  The Chrysler Building is at 43rd St. 49th St. is a major shopping and hotel area.

From anonymous:

Aug. 31.2001

I dreamed that I'm standing in a huge field facing north. To the East, I see a row of tall pine trees, and to the West, I see another row of pine trees. It's sort of my own back yard but much larger. While I'm admiring the beauty of this scene, I notice something come from the sky and hit one tree from the row of pines to the East. It was quick like a bolt of lightening, but it was the color of fire. I watched the tree burn and disintegrate.

then I look at the row of pines to the West and it happens again, only this time it struck 2 trees that were next to each other. Now, I'm looking at this opening where the 2 trees had been to the West, and I'm wondering if I should go through that opening. I look up in the sky right above this opening and I watch, in awe, as the sky begins to swirl in this area. The sky itself is moving, and swirling. I see flashes of light and then this motion starts to form into beings. The form became a long conference type of table, with angels gathering around the table like they were getting ready to sit and discuss something. There were 12 of them and I immediately thought, "The last supper." then I heard this: "The angels are preparing for a great spiritual battle." ..........end of dream.

On Sept. 11, while I watched the attacks on our country, I recalled the dream and thought maybe the 2 trees signified the WTC towers and the 1 tree signified the Pentagon

Subj: Matrix Bulleitn 10/1

Date: 10/1/2001 7:40:12 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: matrix@sover.net (Matrix Free Bulletin)

A Weekly Update Service from Matrix Institute

by Gordon-Michael Scallion & Cynthia Keyes


Bulletin Date: Monday, 09:33 A.M. Eastern, October 1, 2001

Dear Readers:

U.S. Terrorism: Why Weren't We Warned?

Lots of mail this past week on why our military intelligence did not warn us of the 9/11 terrorist attack. Also, why didn't I and other sensitives in the world, see the 9/11 attack? In fact, my own dreams and insights showed me that terrorist attacks were coming to the U.S. which I reported in the September issue of Intuitive Flash, published Aug. 7, 2001. I saw no dates of these attacks. In my dream voyages, I rarely am able to determine exact dates. I can sometimes tell the season by observing the trees or clothing people are wearing but typically I only see split-second flashes of future events. Sometimes the visions or dreams are repeated and I look for other details. One such future event that I have seen repeatedly is a holy war that starts this year and continues through 2004. It occurs in the Middle East and begins as a result of a terrorist attack on the U.S. I reported on this in length in the Dec. '00 issue where I stated, "As I have said many times as far back as  '93, unless the Palestinian issue is resolved, there will be a war in that area involving not only Israel and Arab nations, but the U.S. and other countries as well."

I also received about a dozen letters from people around the world relating their experiences regarding 9/11. Interestingly, most sent along dream journals from their children that clearly showed the attack on NY. Is it possible that children are more attuned to the psychic fabric of future events? Since 1988 I have written in detail about children with special abilities who would be coming into Earth. I called them "Children of the Blue Ray." These children are able to transcend time as we know it and enter the world of probabilities with ease. Some day, I believe all children will have these gifts, and perhaps that day is not too far off.


As soon as Y2K officially passed, many people returned to a non-preparedness state of mind. I think it is important in light of the 9/11 event that we rethink preparedness. There is no question that our country will experience more terrorist attacks, though I do not see them occurring in the U.S. this month. Once the next attack occurs, we will see new levels of fear in people we never thought possible. My definition of fear is "not seeing options." We do have options in this case. I suggest beginning by establishing what I told our subscribers to consider back in 1998, a "72 Hour Survival Backpack". Fill it with all the things you absolutely must have to get by for 72 hours. Here is what I have in mine.

2 liters of water, a first aid kit, water purification tablets, whistle, Swiss Army knife, road flares, camper food meals, AM/FM radio with extra batteries, Bic lighter, compass, Kleenex tissue packs, roll of duct tape, 33 gal plastic bags, emergency thermal blanket, pad and pencil, a bottle of antiseptic soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, cup, flash light, the Red Cross brochure "Your Family Disaster Plan (ARC4466)," map of the region, cash, folding shovel, and a Boy Scott Handbook.

In addition be sure to include any medicines you require.


Gordon-Michael Scallion

Date: 10/8/2001

From Jerry Golden: http://www.thegoldenreport.com/news-report/avision10-6.shtml

Understand the signifigance of this vision may very well be in relation to the recent decision of the US government to support a Palestinian State. The other day as I watched Ariel Sharon denouncing the US he was choked up and holding back the tears. It's evident he also knows what is to befall America as those who bless Israel shall be blessed, but those whom curse Israel shall be cursed. Many have said the only cause for God's restraining hand is His grace and mercy that is shed due to the US's role in blessing Israel. But now the US pressures Israel greatly and has sided with the Arabs of Ishamel whom have attacked this very land. Money talks. Pride shall come before destruction. Now is such a time this nation has become more and more puffed up believing a vain lie that the people of America are the best people in the world. How great the world shall cry out when she falls. It is written! And certainly this vision fits into the visions I've had have the coming judgement upon this nation.

Though it hurts I still say God's will be done for only He surely knows best. The LORD has the greater plan in mind. We must look at that overall 'aerial view' of God's plan and not simply trying to look through the forest. The prudent man prepares. The prudent see what is coming. The prudent shall interceded before the nation. Be the prudent wise Church!

kris webb, praying for the Church in America

Jerry Golden “REPORT”

PO Box 591

Bet Shemesh 99100 Israel

A Vision


Some visions are to be shared and others may not be, and this has been the subject of my prayers for the past couple hours. For the Vision I received only 2 hours ago was one of which I have asked God why should I share it? What would be the purpose in sharing it? None the less I know now that I must stand in front of you with the Vision I received from God on this day.

My son Joel was given leave from the IDF and able to come home for the Sabbath. As the Sabbath ended, and we had our Kiddush and meal, he decided to visit some friends. He had just left and I was setting on the balcony on our swing, and suddenly felt drowsy, so much so in fact I was wondering what was wrong with me. It was then that I found myself over looking at what I believe to be New York City.

The Vision

There were fires and explosions all over the city people were running in total panic. There were wrecked cars and cabs on nearly every street, and there were soldiers everywhere I looked. I felt a Holy presence but could not see anyone. I ask if this was the WTC we had just seen on TV, and He said no, this is yet to come. I then ask will it only be New York City, He said no, many others will suffer in even worse ways. Other cities there will be death and destruction across the United States. The economy will be totally destroyed and when their god of money is gone from them, they will turn to me. But I will receive them not.

I then ask what about those who love You and are truly your children. It was then that I could see in the crowds those who could be identified by the glory of God around them, and the peace they had was supernatural and it could be seen in their walk and manners.

What about Israel I asked? There will be much death and destruction in Israel for My people have sinned a great sin against me. But I will save them as I have promised, but for those who have come against my City and my people, I will show no mercy.

I asked, when will this happen? Be ready to receive Me, for I will bring all these things to pass. End of Vision…

You may ask why would I send this out, the answer is I feel I have no choice, only God can answer the question as to what good it will do you or others. It certainly will make me look a little strange to many. But so be it, I will follow God anyhow. Shalom, Jerry Golden

Sterling D. Allan

Copyright © 2001 Greater Things

Oct. 11, 2001

I had a warning dream last night that was so real I thought I was awake.

In the dream, I was documenting and publishing a warning about a particular safety product that was hot on the market at the time but which turned out to be purposely tainted with botulism. I had obtained a sample of the product and was going to have the fact of its contamination confirmed privately in a laboratory. I did not trust turning it over to the FBI because of the corruption in the government. I wanted to make sure of the results and know that I wasn't being lied to. But the assurance was not for my sake but for the sake of those I would be warning, who would want some kind of scientific verification. The way I found out about the chimera was that a messenger of God had told me. Whether it was an angel or a trusted servant of God I do not recall, other than that I personally had no reason to question the fact.

I awoke from the dream with full alertness, even though I'd only had four hours of sleep, and felt urged to present the concept that this dream contains.

As I pondered on the dream, I realized that one of the primary components of terrorism is that those things that we used to be able to trust can potentially end up being turned into tools of our destruction. What is unnerving about it is that we don't know when it will happen or what vehicles of delivery will be used. It could happen at school, at work, at home, in the mall, on the bus, on the highway, in the cafe, while getting a drink from the public drinking fountain. All of these formerly safe havens now have a large question mark placed about them -- the possibility of sabotage lurks in nearly every corner of our lives. What was once mundane routine becomes the subject of scrutiny as to any array of possible attacks.

The next terrorist campaign doesn't need to be worse than the last one to further catch people's attention and heighten their fear. In fact, at this point, a relatively much smaller act such as the poisoning of an elementary school's water in some remote town, could have as much of a devastating effect upon the sense of safety as an act as horrific as the flying of jetliners into the tallest buildings in New York.

However, rather than making us more paranoid and lest trusting, the message of the dream to me is that if we place our trust in God, then we don't need to become paranoid, for we will know who to trust and who not to trust because of the quiet and peaceful whisperings of the Lord through our conscience when no danger exists, or because of the feeling of warning in our souls, if something is dangerous.

While others might shirk from getting on an airplane, we can walk aboard without fear if the peace in our hearts assures us it is okay. If something does happen to go awry, it will have been for some foreordained purpose for which we will thank the Lord, as we would a loving parent who knows what is best for his or her child.

By placing such trust in God, the terrorist loses his power. Without such trust in God, the only One we can fully trust, then the terrorist can gain tremendous power to completely alter our society and abolish the security we once enjoyed.

Without such trust, something as simple as a sandwich prepared by my wife could become a horror to me, not that she would purposely taint my food, but one of the ingredients she used could have been poisoned by someone else.

But with that trust in God, the peace in our heart tells us whether or not the sandwich is okay. If the peace is immediately replaced by a sense of warning, then we throw the sandwich away and discern which ingredient was bad, get rid of it (or better yet, have it tested if we feel strongly enough about it, to warn others) and then be on our peaceful way, all the while having love in our hearts for all mankind, including the ones who wish our harm, praying in our hearts that God's love will somehow penetrate their hearts and heal their hate or misdirected zeal.

Otherwise, everything we once trusted becomes our potential enemy, and our society is paralyzed by fear.

There is no reason we have to go that route, for God loves all of us, and will lovingly guide everyone last one of us who turns to him(&her). [Don't take my word for that, but run it by your soul with trust in God.]

Subj: Follow up on warning by the FBI

Date: 10/12/2001

From: Dee777

Hi all:

Last night, I was dreaming that I was going over all the prophecies that people have made recently about events which happened and those which are still to come.

I was told that I should publish them so it can't happen again.

They ARE published and have been published on this page:



In light of President Bush/FBI warning that something terrible was going to happen within 3 days, I will write here what I've received recently, not only myself, but sent to me privately by others. These are the places, specifically that have been shared with me. These are ALL BOMB EVENTS.

The Golden Gate Bridge

The baseball game in Oakland

Bombs in New York City in 3 areas,

The Bronx

The West Side

49th St. & 5th Ave.

President Bush is saying that everyone should just go about their business as though they didn't warn us, but watch for suspicious people hanging around places they shouldn't be.

I, for one, will stay home and relax. Everyone else can go out and have fun wherever they want and take their chances. Everyone makes their own choices.

I will be sitting home and watching the game on TV.


From: Ellie:

Joy & I have been getting "Boulder Dam" for a very long time - as a potential target. It supplies water to 7 states - that would be a prime target, seems to me.



NOTE: Hoover Dam is also a prime target.

NOTE 2: 10-13-2001 - Two Arab men attempted to purchase one way tickets from New York to Amsterdam last night and were detained by the government. Two other Arab men also inquired about purchasing one way tickets out of New York, but they left without purchasing the tickets. They were not picked up, so they are still out there.

Date: 10/12/2001

From: sara

To: earthchanges@yahoogroups.com

I was just given this... i would like someone, preferably someone who will take time to read it and not make fun of it... to let me know what they make of it... what they interpret it to be... it is important is all i know:

Beware the winds of the flames of Hell that cometh from the West ...

the numbers equal 6 ...

six cities that burneth...

six plagues that stretch from six lands...

six nights of fear...

six days of peace...

six flames near towers that fell...

six cities of gold...

the mountains rise up and fall down...

and invaders draw near to you...

these things i see and feel but only the ascended can interpret the signs right...

the rest shall see signs in the shadows and shiver...

Turtle Woman- Automatic Writings

Friday, 6:50 AM October 12, 2001

Food shortages starting soon. Crops damaged in spring. Much die in summer. Hail. Heat.

Miserable deaths. No water. Earth moving. Stock food. Many will not be here to use it.

January lift off. Remaining people will be in shock. They know. Left behind.

Meditate 3 times daily. Walk in constant heart prayer. You are protected but must stay centered. Say your good-byes for many are prompted. Leaving soon. Surprise! Surprise!

Mountains- not too steep- the place to go. Coast in danger from all sides. Big one coming. Volcano boom! Stay detached. Must do.

Mercury rising. Deeper cold. England deep freeze soon.

Saturday, 1:57 PM

October 13, 2001

Many in prayer now. Love is lifting vibration. Much not healed but more than expected. Don't stop.

Clear the way for incoming. Evil One smug and pleased. His plan is going exactly as desired.

Send Golden Light into all leaders. Many will squirm. You will feel who is Light and who is dark. See beyond what is before you. Ask for the Truth through Christ Light and Power of Archangel Michael.

No deception through those TWO. Together. Sing the Sound. Beauty Way. Get the vibration up! Hold the Light and be the Pillar of Implantation.

Mother going to blow stack. Stop bombs or pay the price. Some getting ready to sacrifice. This is given now.

If you feel impulse to leave, follow it. Some will need to stay. Pray. Meditate. Bless the Mother. Walk the Medicine Wheel. Ceremony needed. Do your own, not someone else's. You will KNOW what is right. Do not doubt you have the Power. God is guiding you as yourself.

Fear is rampant. There's no need. Fear is the door for letting the dark side in. Steady yourself. Much coming soon. You will stay in the center only if your heart is strong.

Lift off soon for the few. Don't panic if you are left behind. There's still work here that you must do.

Wood is needed. Winter cold. Many will need to migrate South. Golden Light! Golden Light! Golden Light! Be in the Circle of Golden Light!

Blessings to all.

Send and Stay in the Golden Light.

All My Relations in Love and Light, Turtle Woman.

http://chicagotribune.com/features/lifestyle/chi-0110020007oct02.story?coll=chi%2Dleisuretempo %2Dhed

From the Chicago Tribune

Plague of nightmares descends on Elm Street

By Mike Conklin Tribune staff reporter

October 2, 2001

'I dreamed I had a new job in the World Trade Center on one of the uppermost floors.

I knew what was going to happen but could not tell the other people in the office, nor could I leave the building until I knew what date it was. . . .At some point in this horrible loop, I woke up.'

-- From "D," submitted to Electronic Dreams newsletter

Night sweats. Calling out in one's sleep. Waking up with a start.

America's worst nightmare - a massive terrorist attack on our soil - is becoming quite literally that.

"We are entering a national epidemic of nightmares," says clinical psychologist Alan Siegel, editor of Dream Time magazine and former president of the Association for the Study of Dreams. "There's really never been anything like this in our history, not after Pearl Harbor and certainly not during the Gulf War."

Like a virus that sneaked into our computers, say the experts, the scenes of destruction, feelings of vulnerability and anxieties over the future spawned by the events of Sept. 11 have entered our psyches and are surfacing in our dreams in an unprecedented manner.

Furthermore, they say, the nightmares may continue for a long time - longer than those produced by any other past national trauma.

"There will be many sleeping problems related to the incidents, no question," says Dr. Michael Friedman, a sleep specialist on staff at Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center and Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center. "We're just starting to see it come through our doors. I'm hearing of some horrendous nightmares."

In the first weeks following the cataclysms in New York and Washington, D.C., a poll by the Pew Research Center showed that one in three Americans have complained that they have had difficulty sleeping through the night as a result of the attacks.

"A huge number of people have been traumatized, directly and indirectly," says Deirdre Barrett, a psychology professor at Harvard Medical Center who supervised counselors at Boston's Logan Airport following the hijackings. Barrett, a specialist in post-traumatic dreaming, says, "Some people may not even realize it yet and, in some cases, it may be six months or a year before [unpleasant dreams]begin emerging."

The experts hasten to add that nightmares -- defined as distressing dreams that typically force us to at least partially awake from our sleep -- are, in most cases, a natural occurrence for people after traumatic events. Only prolonged problems with such dreams should require outside help, they note.

"Nightmares are a cardinal symptom of something traumatic in your life," says Siegel. "In this case, we've lost our sense of security and this is something more traumatic than most Americans have really experienced before."

But, he notes, the bad dreams should be thought of as the brain's natural way of dealing with the conflict, flushing it out through our subconscious while we are sleeping. "Some people tend to think of nightmares as a poison, when, in reality, they are a form of vaccine," he says.

Expecting an epidemic

Meanwhile, Robert Bosnak, author of "Little Course in Dreams" and other books on dreaming, is establishing a national "nightmare telephone hotline" for people wishing to find help with their troubled sleep. He expects to have it operating by next week in anticipation of an epidemic.

"There is still a general numbness that Americans are going through and that tends to keep nightmares away, especially since they still see the worst images on TV," Bosnak, a therapist with private practices in New York, said.

"I think you can expect to see the numbers of people having nightmares begin to rise about now and hit a peak around Christmas time, lasting maybe until March. This will be especially true for those directly affected by the events."

The Association for the Study of Dreams has established special Internet chat rooms for people to discuss their dreams and has also set up a hotline for callers seeking support. Barrett, who authored the book "Committee of Sleep" and edited a book titled "Trauma and Dreams," was also made available for people's questions on the association's Web site.

Richard Wilkerson has been soliciting dreams online to publish in Electric Dreams, an electronic newsletter. In the first two weeks following the attack, Wilkerson says, he had in excess of 100 submissions.

"The dreams so far seem to reflect the universal concerns of terrorism --concern with destruction, safety and loss," says Wilkerson, who, in a touch of irony, has a brother-in-law who worked at the World Trade Center and survived the Sept. 11 attack.

"But also," he explains, "each [dream] adds a personal twist and the addition of imaginative material, which explore these concerns, give context for new emotions and seek out new solutions and novel relations."

Children affected too

While sleep disorder clinics are starting to report an influx of patients complaining of stressful dreams related to the horrific incidents, school counselors at all levels indicate that, several weeks after Sept. 11, they still see pupils suffering from obvious symptoms of lack of sleep and focus.

"For many students," says Janet Sushinski, a social worker at Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, "school, whether they admit it or not, is the center of their universe and now they're having trouble seeing how it fits into things."

"Their sense of safety is threatened," says Richelle Wagar, a counselor at Oak Park-River Forest High School. "Then there is the issue of the draft. I had an 18-year-old talking to me about that. Events have suddenly taken on a different context in his life. This is a very vulnerable age."

The Pew surveys do indicate Americans under age 30 are less likely to follow the tragedy on a continuing basis, while persons over 50 are following it much closer.

And while ADS research shows nightmares, in general, are more common among youngsters eight years old and younger, Barrett notes kids in that age range also tend to be resilient. She adds that those people who were on the scene Sept. 11 at either the World Trade Center or the Pentagon and survived are likely to have the most disturbing dreams.

No one is immune. She recommends facing the feelings induced by the trauma -- talking about it with others -- as the best means of coping.

"What people have to keep in mind," she adds, "is that nightmares after something like this are a very, very natural thing."

The nightmare of Sept. 11

Here are some other dreams submitted to the Electric Dreams newsletter:

"I am walking across a field and I look up and see a low-flying plane. It is painted red and blue -- red on one side with blue stars and blue on the other with red stars. It flies over me and then rears up in the sky and loops over back towards the ground. As it turns above me, I know that I must run but I can't work it out which way to run. It hits the ground behind me and debris scatters toward me. I start running, uphill, with dream-deadened legs. As I run, I am expecting an explosion behind me."

"I am at the house I grew up in, there is chaos in the streets with armed terrorists raiding my town and killing people. My house is already full of bodies and everything is broken and it looks like a war zone. Myself and a girl I used to work with are peering out into the street through Venetian blinds, hoping the terrorists won't see us. I decide to prepare myself. I pick up a broomstick and a tin can. I start thinking that I want to melt down some lead, pour it into the can, and set the broomstick in it until it cools and hardens, then use this creation as a mace to bash terrorist skulls. I don't have time to do all this, however, because one of them kicks in the door and all I've got is the broomstick. I throw it at him, he starts throwing knives at me, which I dodge, and then throws metal stars, which I also manage to dodge and throw back at him. Then he throws one that gets imbedded in my forehead, which hurts. He laughs and says, `Now you're dead.' But I am not. I pull the star out of my head and throw it back. Then I move on to being pursued by the FBI because they think I am a terrorist. A bit later, I run into my ex-girlfriend's father and he tells me how I've ruined the world. The sun is setting and the clouds are burning with big towers of flame."

"Me and my friend were in New York and we knew that they were going to bomb us. We saw sand colored airplanes fly by and I knew they were here. One was only 25 feet over us and it looked like it was doing a wheelie and it had a desk on its bottom. It dropped the desk and it blew up in a puff of smoke. We took shelter in a nearby restaurant. We went back outside and saw airplanes dropping green bombs that were three feet long and bounced when they hit. We took shelter again under a cement overhang and we never saw any of the bombs explode."

Copyright 2001, Chicago Tribune

Turtle Woman Automatic Writings:

Monday 12:03 AM

October 15, 2001

The predictions are not wrong. Hold firm in your faith and no one will be able to hold you back. Things will start to happen very soon. One right after another. Rapid succession. It will almost bowl you over. Stay centered. Please know you will be taken care of. You have been on such a long journey. It is coming to an end. Much will happen quickly. You are to be together with laughter.

There is nothing to fear. You must hold your thoughts on a higher level at all times now.

Someone will be notifying you soon. In your sleep, in your meditation, in your physical realm. You will get a single message. Prepare. Yes. Prepare. When you receive this you will have one month to finish what you must do here before you leave. One month to prepare. You have until January. Get going on wrapping up your affairs. You will leave with no regrets.

Nuke coming soon. You will be gone. Dark ones want to dance in glee. Think they will win. Ha! Ha! Let's laugh! Makes them upset. You must not worry about these things. Just do your meditation. Plant the Light. Say heart prayers. Stay away from that which pulls you off. Be patient.

What ever you do, do not make any direct references to anyone in the go _ _ _ _ ment from now on. Any emails with names or positions will be intercepted now. They know you are not terrorist, but ready to start jailing for "decent". Most are not on the list at this time. Been removed. But occasionally they will check you.

The Volcano is about to blow. There is no Grace on this. Too much anger in this country. Revenge will be visited on the ones of the west.

You are a teacher of the Light Workers. Your obligation is only to the few for the many. You will come back to walk the earth again. When you do, there will be much pain and suffering of those who remain. You will be trained to rise above the suffering you see. You will perform miracles to heal the afflicted. You will master all things in Creation. Beauty will radiate out of you. Your very presence will awaken others. The Light of your Radiant Form will be visible to all. You will bring Hope to mankind. Walk in Beauty as your foreparents did. Your heritage is of the Healers of the Universe.

You will bring Life back into life. Doesn't your soul smile? Good night and sweet dreams of completion.

Tuesday 11:06 AM

October 16, 2001

many are afflicted with aliment. Vibrations are moving fast. Coming out in bodies many ways. Mother's too. Roller coaster about to reach the first rise. Then off it goes. Got your seat belt on?

Many resisting shifts of energy. Sit in water with crystals to ease energy shifts. Crystals will love a bath with you.

Are you seeing the flashes of Light? It's other dimensional beings around you. Veil thinner yet. Meditate three times daily. Use the Golden Light and then the Violet Ray. The Violet is a "cloaking" device. Use it for personal protection. Send it around those you Love. This is important for now on.

Work and hum as you go. Many forgetting to use the Sound. Find your Sound. It resonates and lifts your heart. Use it all day long. Sound MUST accompany the Light. Bells, chimes, ringing sounds... listen and you will hear the vibration. It is constant. A high frequency. Piercing like an eagle's call.

I AM Light. I AM All. I AM Safe. I AM Ascending. I AM Whole. I AM a Child of God's Love. I AM Power. I AM Complete. Walk the Medicine Wheel. Face the Four Directions in prayer. East to receive the Golden Light. South to implant it. Manifest! West to release the negative to the Highest Good. North to give Thanks for the Blessings. Walk in Beauty. All with speed, joy, and ease.

Wednesday, 2:55 AM

October 17, 2001

Music in the air from on high. Celestial singing from the Host. You just made a miraculous Heal!

Congratulations for hard work well done. Many are so tired. Just a  little more Children before a well deserved rest. You will be taken off soon with much rejoicing of reunion. Your weariness will give over to boundless joy. Your body and soul level involvement on this mission will all be healed. You will step out young and radiant into the welcoming arms of your real family.many await your arrival with great expectations. It's been a long journey. Your homecoming is looked forward to with excitement and joy.

Things of the earth will make you heart sore and ready to leave. All attachments must be released to make your transition easier. Lighten your load now so that when the moment comes, you will fly like an eagle on the currents of the wind. No effort. Glide home to your destiny. You will leave no trace behind. You will be taken to a healing chamber. When you re-emerge, you will be radiant in Light within your new crystal body.

Try to recall the ship visits. You will remember the preparation as the vibration lifts. Find your friends in the night sky and start taking little journeys on board through your third eye. You have a name that will welcome you there. Find that name. Ask for it and it will be given to you. It is your soul name and resonates with the vibration of you.

Do you see the little blue light that always appears? That is your confirmation. Which forearm carries your symbol? Do you know your initiation is complete? Ask in your dreams, meditations, memories to be shown what you have consciously forgotten. Ask now as it is time you remember All. Do this work and put the effort in that is needed. You must wake up completely now. There is a trigger you have to recall the memories you have locked away. Ask your Guardian Angels and give them permission to help you. Call on their divine help which is with you every moment. It is their job!

Are you using them? They must first be asked and then given your permission to help you. This is your greatest natural resource, provided to you by God. They dance with glee when you acknowledge them! They eagerly await to directly serve you. Ask for their names. How many do you have? Can you hear them when they talk to you?

Blessing to all in the Golden Light!

All My Relations in Love and Light. Turtle Woman. Oma.

Subj: An Angel on the Jitney 
Date: 1/1/2002 

Tuesday, September 11, 2001.  My fiance and I had just moved to Jersey City from Brooklyn three days prior.  I worked in the City (New York City) and was getting adjusted to my new commute.  There are a few ways to get to the City from my house and my chosen method this day was to take the 99 Bus that takes me to Port Authority Bus Terminal, which is a few Avenues from my job.

This day the bus was running incredibly slow.  I waited for a least a half hour before a bus did come pass.  It was not the bus I was wanting to ride, but it was one headed into the City.  I get on the bus paid the lady in the front row (it was a Jitney Bus) and found a seat next to a man, who immediately said, "are you sure you want this bus?"  I thought why would he ask just me this question, there were at least four others that got on with me.  I said, "I guess, we're going to New York, right?"

The man said, "Yes, but are you sure you want THIS bus?  This bus is going to Wall Street.  You may just want to wait."  I paused for what seemed to be a long while doing the math in my head to see the economic advantage to taking this bus as apposed to waiting a few more minutes for my choice route.  $3.25 was the total for taking this route, $1.75 for this Jitney and another $1.50 for the subway which is another hastle I thought because I'd have wait in line to buy a token or a MetroCard.  The 99 Bus taking me closer and hopefull quicker was only $2.75.  Anyway, I decided to wait.

Stopped at the next red light I asked the driver to please let me off, because I needed to go to Port Authority not Wall Street, he understood returned my money and opened the door.  Turning to thank the man before I steped off, he spoke up first saying, "No, man, you didn't want this bus, your bus is right behind us take that one."  I thanked him for his help and quickly hopped off.  True enough my bus was there and I went on to work.

Arriving at work, I get a call from my mother (who lives 600 mile away) asking me do I still work at the World Trade Center.  I told her no, she knows I no longer work there.  Asking do I work near there where is my job in relation to there.  Convincing her it is quite a distance she sighs in relief.  She then explains that the news shows the World Trade Center was on fire, hit by something.

Chills runs over me.  Chills runs though me.  As random as it was for the World Trade disaster to occur, for some reason I was no longer working there.  And more amazingly, I would have been caught down there as it were happening if it had not been for the Angel on the Jitney.  This ordinary man picked me to speak to, convincing me to be patient and wit for the next bus.  He very well could have saved my life.  For those that don’t know, Wall Street is an extremely small distance from where the World Trade Center once stood.  

Standing on the bus stop now, I often think of that man.  Each day I look for that bus to pass by with him inside, so that I can thank him. I have yet to see that Sphynx jitney bus pass that stop since.  It couldn’t, there isn’t a route going to Wall Street hat passes that way... But that day, Tuesday, September 11, 2001, my Angel changed his route to change mine.


Matrix Bulletin 10/22/2001

From: bulletins@matrixinstitute.com

To: dee777@aol.com

Matrix Free Bulletin

Dear Readers:

Bio-Chemical Warfare & Smoke and Mirrors

Before I get into the subject of bio-chemical warfare, I wanted to share my insights on just what the terrorist agenda really is. First, it is not just about killing Americans or our allies. It is about destroying our economic system. To date they are succeeding. More economic bad news is coming in January, perhaps earlier. This is the real threat to our country. Like smoke and mirrors, we are all focused on Anthrax, Smallpox or other bio-chemical threats. These of course are very real, however they will not in themselves bring down our nation or even cause significant loss of life compared to 9/11. We need to prepare for a severe drop in our economy that may approach depression. The next economic downward wave will be worse than what occurred in markets right after 9/11. Get your finances in order now!

Regarding bio-chemical attacks, should you buy a gas mask? Should you have antibiotics on hand in case of biological or chemical weapons? The odds of us needing such items are remote. For most, it may help reduce the fear and feeling of not being in control. I see a greater potential threat with our food and water sources being attacked by bio-chemical weapons. State and government agencies are working around the clock to protect them, but if terrorists are determined to sacrifice their lives, some attacks will succeed. I see at least three more years of such attempts utilizing every imaginable scenario from transportation systems, utilities, and oil, to food and water. My suggestion during these times is to become active in your community as to what safety controls are being implemented. If you do not think enough is being done, get involved. This is not just the state or government's problem. It is all of ours.

Turtle Woman Automatic Writings:

Sunday 1:50AM

October 21, 2001

There is a new paradigm. An opening to the twelfth dimension that just came through! This is an unexpected development, as much prayer and Light work has instantaneously manifested this! You will feel a positive surge in your energies, replacing the drain that has so recently been there. The energy is moving from west to east as it mounts across the planet. There will be a feeling of sudden up lift. Grace of the Highest magnitude has been granted! Many Light workers who have been resisting just let go into the flow!

Come together in discernment without judgement. Do not give weight to the prophecies, but USE them as a guide to heal and implant the Golden Light with Divine Love. You just truly empowered yourselves. Do not give that Power over to anyone else. You will Know the Truth as it presents itself to you. Know the Truth of each moment. Moment by moment. Awaken to your full Power of the Divine Beings that you are. You are Awesome!

Your strength is directly attached to the Source. Use it! Your moment of Beauty just manifested now. Seize this moment and use it Now. Do nothing else as you feel this lift. Ride this wave of energy on it's crest Now. In the beginning is the seed for all to come. The time is Now. Plant the Golden Light Now. Face East to receive it. Face South to Manifest it. Call in All Beings of the Christ Golden Light Now. Use that Power Now. Move the Divine energy Now. Thank you God NOW!

Blessings to All in the Highest Good!

All My Relations in Love and Light,

Turtle Woman. Oma.

Date: 9/4/2002

From: avalon1merlin@hotmail.com

To: Dee777@aol.com

I live in Quebec, Canada. At about 6h00 am (same timezone as New-York city), on Sept.11, 2001, I wake up after having a very disturbing dream. As usual, I take some notes on a sheet of paper and go back to sleep. At 8h30, I get out of bed and start to watch CNN on TV while having my coffee and toasts. Minutes later, a plane hit the first WTC tower. And then I see another plane hitting the second tower! "Must be a cartoon! It is impossible! I am dreaming!". MY DREAM! Oh! My God! I realize that my morning dream was all about that!

Then the phone rings: it is my brother asking for my impression on what is happening in New-York city. I tell him about my dream.

Here is the dream: "I am flying high above the ground. Below me are many long and white rectangles resting on something blue in color, just like piers or wharfs on blue water. On my right, a large two motors passengers plane if taking off. I see the faces of the passengers on the windows: their mouths are open as if to shout a silent cry and their hands are on each side of their heads as if being taken hostages. Then, I hear a loud noise on my left: another plane is taking off there. Both planes are flying low and now, they are heading toward the long rectangles. The plane on the right suddenly plunges toward the first long rectangle, crashes on it and disappears completely inside. Lot of debris slowly fall down the side of the rectangle. There are all dead! Oh! My God! All the passengers are dead!" End of the dream.

Then, as astonished as me, he says: "Make a sketch and e-mail it to me!". I do a drawing in color of all the elements in the dream (rectangles, planes, passengers at windows, etc) scan it and e-mail it to him. A few minutes later, he calls me back telling me to turn the drawing around: the piers are no more the piers of Long Island but the long and slender towers of the WTC! What is happening in New York city is exactly what I have dreamed 3 hours before!

Drawings of the dream and photos can be seen on the following Web site: http://www.mitan.ca/etsi/etsi_eng.htm


agree to publish =YES

story=I am a 42 year old female who still sleeps with a night light because of fear of the dark due to bad dreams that come true. On September 1-3 of 2001 I was having some pretty mean headaches and I could not get rid of them because of my allergies when I started having these odd dreams. In these dreams I was lost in a huge city and I was being followed by a very mean angry panther and it kept running after me and I didn't know why. All of a sudden I heard a man laughing and screaming words I could not understand because it was in a different language from mine. I also was hearing people screaming and crying out for help when I heard loud explosions and other sounds of things falling from far above. I never could understand the nightmares. I talked to alot of people about the dreams and that I have them from time to time in my lifetime that come true and they would all tell me it's all in my head and not to bother them. On september 11 I awoke feeling very strange around!

6 am and got ready to go to my groups when on the way there in the cab when we heard about the first plane hitting the world trade center. Right then something hit me in the chest like a bolt of electricity and my dreams came to me very clear. The man in the dreams was in fact osama bin laden himself that did the terror on america. For three months I had dreams of this man going from cave to cave hidden like he did not care that he hurt millions of on lookers see hundreds of people die. Then just as fast as the dreams came, they left and to this day since I stop having these bad dreams I don't if that horrible is still alive. I also am so confused and don't understand why I have these dreams that come true and nobody listens to me. On September 12 I had the newspaper in front of me when I saw a picture of my dreams right on front page of the Austin American Statesman. I called the paper and told them what they had and I was told to call the fbi but they never took me serious. I am no fortune teller but have these dreams when something bad happens in my life and want to know why.

Subj: dream of WTC attacks

Date: 9/25/2002

From: dbivens@xxx

To: Dee777@aol.com

I live in central NJ now, but I grew up in north Jersey. There is a road in this town called Skyline Drive because you can see the NY skyline on a clear day. This town is about 30 miles west of the city. I used to house sit for one woman on this street and used to look through her window with binoculars out at the WTC. On the morning of 9/11, I had an unbelievable dream. I woke up at 9:15am, after the buildings were attacked by the hijacked jets. My dream was a 2-part dream...the first part was of me being at the house I used to house sit. I was sitting in her kitchen looking out the window with binoculars right at the WTC. The dream then switched to a city; not exactly NYC but it had tall buildings. I distinctly remember me walking into a building with the feeling that I had done something to cause trouble, such as a bomb, and I was extremely proud of myself. I was walking up the stairs as people were rushing out. I then switched back to "myself" in the dream and I followed the others out of the building. I looked up at the building, this tall, bluish building and it started rumbling and shaking and water was pouring out of it along with debris. It was pretty scary so I guess this is when I woke up. Dreams like this are unnerving to me, especially when I am actively doing something in the dream as "someone else". I went downstairs to find 2 messages on my machine. One from my husband telling me a plane hit the WTC. I thought "big deal, it's an accident, small plane probably". The other one from a paniced friend who said "turn on your tv, 2 planes crashed into the WTC". And I was shocked as the rest of the world was. But the fact that I dreamed this after the fact without knowing what was going on while I was asleep was what shocked me. And to further my disbelief, I recently saw on tv, the flight pattern of the 2nd plane to hit the WTC. It had flown OVER my house most likely. We are in the flight pattern that they showed that this plane took. Could it have been possible for me to have connected on a higher plane (no pun) with a hijacker of their intentions??? Pretty freaky to me.

Submitted 10-24-02

I know the feeling as I've also had "precognitive" dreams and they can do a number on your psyche!

Back in August of 2001, I woke up shaking and feeling an intense cold throughout my body after a very frightening dream. I was out working in my back yard garden when a bunch of strangers arrived and tramped through the garden, stomping on plants and generally destroying everything in their path. I was upset and decided to go into the house to wash up. I found myself in my bathroom staring into the mirror to see my arms totally covered with a heavy layer of black, oily soot that came all the way up to my shoulders. I'd rub the soot off my arm and it would immediately reappear! Then I looked at myself and my arms and clearly remember thinking out loud: "I MUST BE A PAKISTANI"! For the next 6 weeks or so I couldn't get this dream out of my mind........every time I thought of it I'd get the shudders. Whenever I tried to analyze it I'd come up empty except that I related my "soot-covered hands and arms" to "responsibility/guilt for some outrageous act" that I attributed to Pakistanis. Well you know the rest of the story.......the moment the 9/11 tragedy broke I immediately thought of the dream. Then other elements fell into place. For instance, when I look towards "my back yard" at night I can watch flight traffic from Logan Airport.


name=Christina elizabeth Johnson
city=brook park, ohio
location=after school and at night
witnesses=only myself

story=sometime ago not to long ago I was walking home from school I had just moved here so it was a little strange walking in a new environment. I was going the shorter way than the day before. It was a cold and snowy day there was ice cold wind blowing in my face I think it was hailing at the time. I was walking home and I was walking pass the national guard they were preparing for something but I didn't know what. I head one of the guys say "yeah we'll show them" I didn't really care at the moment. but that night I had a dream. I had a dream that there was a plane and two buildings first it seemed like I was standing outside the buildings and then all of a sudden it was like I was inside one of the buildings then there was a lot of crashing and burning and I was getting really hot like I was on fire. Then I was out of the fire watching the two building fall and crash. After all that I woke up. One year later I was sitting in math class and experiencing dejavu because my teacher had turned the t.v on CNN and the twin towers were being crashed into. It made me think that maybe I went to the future in my subconscious to someone out side and someone inside.

Story Submission

Date: 12/25/2003

From LH
DATE=June, 2001

story=I make ropes, tow ropes. I deliver them to stores across the midwest. One day while driving northward through mid-Kansas, strong wind from the south, an odor so strong I could taste it, engulfed my car. My drivers window was down about an inch. The first thing to enter my mind was road kill, badly rotten and big. Then instantly I recognized the smell. It was human decay. I immediately rolled down all windows to clear the stench from the car. It would not leave. I was traveling 60 mph or faster. It took several minutes for the odor to thin out. I met an oncoming state trooper and was alarmed enough to think I might turn around and chase him down and alert him to the odor. But then I rationalized it away. 30 minutes or longer passed and I could still smell the stench in my nostrils when I would rub my nose. Over the next few days I gradually let the event leave my mind. Then 9-11 happened and all they could talk about was the stench of decaying bodies at ground zero. I still never made a connection. But about a month after 9-11, I was cranking out ropes in my shop. I actually walk back and forth with string and make the ropes. One machine is in the corner and one is outside a big door. All of a sudden when as I approached the machine in the corner I walked right into a pocket of horrible stench. I was startled, because I remembered the smell. I knew there was nothing inside the building, there was absolutely no breeze outside, nothing. The stench encompassed an area about 5 ft. square. I could walk into it and walk out of it. It lasted approx. 5 minutes before it vanished. It was the same stench that engulfed my car 90 days before 9-11. That is when I realized I did not drive by a body or road kill or anything. The stench actually materialized inside my car, just as it had done in my shop. I related the experience to my mother and son and wondered what this latest experience was telling me. 10 days or so later, another plane went down in NY city. It had lost the tail in the bay. Anyone want to comment on how and why I could smell these things in advance.

Absolute truth,


Although few "professional psychics" claimed to have predicted the horrible events of that day, many readers are reporting that they experienced prophetic dreams, visions and other unexplained feelings that seem to relate to the tragedy. Here are some of those reports about September 11 and the destruction of World Trade Center (WTC):

Saw and Felt the Fire
I have had many incidents of extreme premonition and paranormal activity surrounding me. I have no control over these things. About a week before WTC, I had a bad feeling of dread that lasted for several days. When no one I knew died, I didn't know what was happening because the feeling has never been wrong. On August 22, I was watching a boxing match at home. In-between rounds, my mind started to drift. Suddenly I seemed to be in the center of an explosion and the flames hit my face. I could feel the heat and the fire went into my mouth. I jumped up yelling. It only lasted a second, but it's the first time I've had a vision like that. I actually felt the fire. It didn't last long enough to get a bearing on where I was or what caused the explosion. It scared the hell out of me. - Dennis L.

Awoke in Panic and Fear
I had a premonition on Monday Sept. 10. I awoke with a start from a deep sleep. I had a panic feeling that I was going to die. I couldn't move my right arm no matter how hard I tried with all my strength. It was as though a huge weight was pressing down on me. I couldn't move my body and I had such a state of panic and fear of dying. I was breathing irregularly. It was like I was gasping for each breath and there wasn't enough for me to breathe in. This went on for about three hours! It felt like someone heavy was sitting on my whole body. I was so confused the next morning until I turned on the news and saw the tragedy unfolding. I know this had to do with the Sept. 11th attack. I just wish that I knew what it was about and could notify the authorities. - Lisa S.

Foresaw Building Collapse
I had the following dreams that shook me up when they occurred:

  • May 5, 2001: I dreamt I was in Seattle on business, and the skyscraper I was in rattled hard. I thought it was an earthquake and called out to people to leave. I ran out and saw that there were splits and schisms in the ground outside, which made the landscape unrecognizable. Then I went back into the building. I was rescuing people at the same time I was trying to find "safer ground," but nothing seemed safe or clear. The skyscraper began collapsing floor by floor, sinking slowly into the earth like a giant acupuncture needle into flesh, and it was swallowed up almost completely. Before I escaped, my first concern was leaving behind all the other people and my belongings. Then I feared for my life as I sensed the total collapse of the building, floor by floor, and the sinking into the earth. I ran down many flights of stairs and got out just in time. Then I saw the rest of it sink into the earth. Ditto with other large buildings around me. It was the collapse of downtown Seattle, which was by now unrecognizable. I was dumbfounded about where to go to find safer ground. I could no longer recognize any landmarks, and everything around me was destroyed.
  • August 29, 2001: About two weeks before Sept. 11th, I had a reoccurrence of this dream, with the skyscraper I was in collapsing once again floor by floor, but set in Toronto.

The first dream really shook me up. I went to the news on the Internet as soon as I awoke, expecting a big calamity in Seattle, but there was nothing. I discussed it with intuitive friends around the country to try to make meaning. I thought it was about a big problem ahead for all of us, not anything personal, but about changes in the earth or civilization. - Beverly R.

Husband Predicted Attack, But Didn't Know It
My husband has always had some psychic abilities and is able to predict events while he is sleeping. He is still learning how to interpret those events, so he doesn't know that a prediction is for certain events until they happen and he sees it. Three or four years ago, while stationed in Georgia, he dreamt of a nuclear attack. He could hear everything, including the screams. He could feel the heat of the fire - the whole nine yards, even the mushroom cloud. On Sept. 11, he was watching "Good Morning America" and saw the report about the WTC being hit by a plane, and saw the second plane go into the second tower. When the second tower crumbled, the cloud almost resembled a mushroom shape and it hit him. As soon as he saw it, he recognized it as the events from his dream - the dust and smoke, the fire, the devastation... everything. - Patty C.

The Wave of Smoke
I am a 39-year-old woman living in the rural area of Riverside, Ca. My mother was visiting me the week before [the attack] happened. Friday night, I had my earthquake dream, which I never shared with anyone because I thought they would think that I am nuts. But this time I told my mother on Saturday morning. On Sunday afternoon there was an earthquake around the Los Angeles area. In my next dream I was being knocked around into a column-like thing and saw people falling. I saw this big wave rolling and coming at me. I just thought it was water. When the tragedy happened in New York and I saw the news clips of people running and the smoke chasing them, that is the exact image of the thing I saw in my dream. The "wave" I saw was smoke, and I got this unexplainable feeling that this was what the dream was about. - Jeanne R.

Tragedy in New York and Boston
On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, I awoke early in the morning and decided to fall back asleep in order to dream. I felt I had dreaming to do. Following my return to "sleep" on this morning of the tragic attack on the World Trade Center, I had a dream, somewhere between 8 and 8:45 a.m., perhaps a little earlier. In my dream I was on top of a large building, clearly in NYC, near the water, looking down on roads and highways with street signs, watching a policeman dressed in white ride a white bicycle through the streets. I awoke full of peace and retained a memory of this dream, planning to write it down, as I do with all memorable dreams, to see if they have significance that can be identified in the future. A couple of hours later, I heard about the terrorist attack and turned on the television. I saw the destruction. What I saw corresponded with my dream scene remarkably. The timing was clearly synchronistic.

And now, what most concerns me, is this: Last week I had a dream about Boston. In my dream I was going to a BB King concert. I watched BB get out of the limo and go inside. I went inside and found my seat. As I sat, the seat turned into an airplane seat and I found myself flying above Boston. Then the airplane suddenly was broken in half. There was nothing below or around me. I could see the ground and realized that without my seatbelt on, I could fall to the ground many hundreds of feet below. As I tried to buckle my seatbelt, the plane went into a building and we were flying around inside the building with glass windows and high ceilings - like an atrium.

I awoke. And then went back to sleep... and back to dream. This time the plane was more whole, but there was a hole in the roof and I was yelling to the flight attendant to alert her to the hole in roof. I could see that the plane was very close to the ground, flying down a straight street of Boston - a long flat street, like Boylston St. in Back Bay, or Commonwealth Avenue. The buildings were on either side of us. A couple days later, I had another dream of buildings in Boston falling in toward each other. I e-mailed the FBI's website and told them about my dreams. - Aaron

He told me that something dreadful had happened and both of us turned to see the twin towers in flames.

Saw the Twin Towers in Flames
A few weeks ago I got news that my classmate of school days is now President of United Airlines. I fetched our graduating class picture and scanned it for a couple of friends around the globe, and for a couple of days I had been thinking of Ronojoy Dutta (now known as Rono J. Dutta; hence, I did not recognize him when I read the news of his ascendancy up the corporate ladder a year or so ago). On the night of September 10, I dreamt that Rono and I met on the streets of New York under the background of the twin towers. He rushed toward me and we embraced as two old friends should, but Rono was crying. I mistook them for tears of joy as we had not met since 1968 or so. He then told me that something dreadful had happened and both of us turned to see the twin towers in flames. I woke up immediately, switched on my computer and logged on to my e-mail. There was a message from one of my friends in New York telling us of the disaster that had just struck. I am in a time zone that is 12 hours away from N.Y. eastern time. - Anjan N.

Dreamed of the Explosion
On the night of July 29, 2001, I dreamed I was shopping with my mother and sister in downtown New York City. I invited them to sit down in the park. Then I started to see a huge fire and a shower of stones over the city. Everybody started running like crazy, and I can still feel the touch of the people while we tried to save their lives. I am still very scared because I continue dreaming bad stuff. In one of my dreams I was waiting for the end of the world. - Jacqueline M.

Tarot Vision
On the morning of the World Trade Center tragedy, at approximately 6:30 in the morning, I became quite preoccupied with The Tower card from the tarot. For some reason, the image of the card popped into my head, and at the time I had trouble making the connection because it had nothing to do with what was going on around me. At that point, I decided to take heed of the meaning of the card and prepare myself for something major and possibly traumatic. I arrived at my friend's house and told her that I had this overwhelming sense that something tragic was going to happen, and that was going to be pretty significant not only to me, but to many other people. It wasn't until I saw the news at 9:30 a.m. and saw the fall of the first tower that I was able to make the connection to what my experience truly foretold. - Rachel C.

Psychic Sense of Dread
During the last two days before the attack on the WTC, I felt extremely nervous, out of sorts, uneasy and slightly nauseous. The night before, I didn't sleep well at all. I felt a tightness in my chest along with the feeling that something very bad was about to happen. I didn't dream about anything, or I don't remember any dreams. I awoke that morning a little before 6 a.m. Pacific time and turned on the TV on my way to the kitchen. I felt fine. All the nervousness and unease of the previous two days had disappeared. I could barely remember feeling nervous and uneasy. Then as I watched the 6 o'clock news, there was a breaking news alert. A plane or helicopter had crashed into the World Trade Center! As I watched, I knew - I absolutely knew - it was no accident. A few minutes later, I felt as though someone was standing behind me. It made my skin crawl, and at that instant the second plane crashed into the WTC! I don't know if my unease was a psychic experience or not. In any case, it was very disturbing. - Marci

It Unfolded in a Dream
I saw the bombing in a dream a week before. The problem with my gift is the interpretation. In the dream I did not know where it took place or the date. In the dream, I was watching TV and saw the disaster unfold with no sound or voice to say what it was. I told my daughter that I saw an explosion in my dreams. I have this gift, but it is hard to understand or interpret. - Cheryl G.

Warned by Spirits
Back in May of 2001, I was told by spirit: "There will be a war soon, not on American soil, but on foreign soil and many lives will be taken. The person that they think it is at first, is not the right one, but they will find the right one." Days before the attacks, I was very sad, always crying... and then I kept hearing "September 11th." When the news was broadcasting that the government thought perhaps there might be another attack on America on September 22, I called my local FBI agency and told them that in numerology 11 and 22 are master numbers, but that I didn't know enough about numerology to tell them what they actually meant. They thanked me and, thankfully, there were no attacks on the 22nd. Could it be that they took extra precautions to avoid it from my information? Maybe. The day of the attack when I was told "one" plane hit the WTC, I "heard" two planes, long before two planes hit the WTC and my thought was: This isn't an accident, this is intentional. - Cheryl   

FROM: http://paranormal.about.com/library/weekly/aa100101b.htm


Send any comments or dreams about the World Trade Center to: Dee777@aol.com












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About 6,700 police officers and 1,200 troops
were deployed in advance of the summit, at
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