9-1-02 - DREAM - I was in my apartment early in the morning. There were some problems to overcome so I could go to work. My boss (Ralph - the Jewish Judge) had a purchase order that needed to be typed from scratch and I was the only one who could do it.

Here were the major problems.

My boss was sitting on the couch with a broken left leg and blame me for his injury. I don't know how I could have caused him to break his leg, but I was accepting the blame and sympathizing, empathizing, cajoling, etc.

I had my own problem. I was almost nine months pregnant, probably just hours away from going into labor.  I had just moments before, been standing in the bathroom, looking down at my swollen distended belly, stretched beyond all sensibilities, feeling the inner pressure of the baby that was ready to be born and knowing of the pain to come from childbirth that were just moments or hours away and crying my heart out for all that.

My Spanish housekeeper had had a child the year before and there was something wrong with the baby. The baby lay there, smiling happily, nt realizing he had a problem. It was some kind of skin problem - a bad burn or something like that.

I needed to change his clothes so I looked at the label on the back of his little shirt - it was 12 months. I pulled out the clothes I had for him and they looked way too small. I hoped they would stretch to fit.

Then I needed to clarify with the elevator operator who was allowed on the elevator to go to the 19th floor where our office was. It had been awhile since we used the office and the name were faded. They could still be read, but with difficulty. I didn't go over them to darken the names in order, but in ease of reading. teh one I darkened first was 'Elizabeth' (The name of who I once was in a past -life)


9-2-02 - DREAM - I was in a house, doing laundry, getting ready to go on vacation with Joe.

I didn't know when we were leaving, so I had to keep up on the laundry because I didn't want any dirty laundry laying around when we were away from the house.

Joe came home from work, so I asked him when he planned to leave. This was a Thursday and he said that he had to work part of Friday yet, so I knew it would be at least one more day before we left.

I then went outside to check some roads to see how they would be when winter came. I went down one street and a man was sitting on a huge bulldozer in his back yard. He was ready for whatever came. I noted that the sun was low in the sky and a huge dark shadow from his house lay over the road next to it, so I knew it would be icy by his house.

I then drove north on the north/south road to see how bad the snow could get on this road. the farther I went the higher the road go towards the north, so I figured they would be okay if the snow got too deep.

I then had a vision of a map of northern U.S. and all of Canada. There was no snow all the way to the arctic circle.  (GLOBAL WARMING?)

On the map was a Trans-Canada Highway  way in the northern part of the land. It was kind of a curvy highway because it had to go around al the lakes that were up there. The highway was labeled I-90  (I know that I-90 is in northern U.S.) but I don't know how Canada labels their highways.

I also knew that my daughter and her husband were driving east on the highway all the way across Canada, but they liked snow and skiing so they would be okay  if it started to snow.

My attention was called back to the present because of a dangerous traffic situation.  I was on a boulevard type road where the traffic goes one way on the east side of the median, but here traffic was going both way s on my side and there were near accidents because vehicles were parked on both sides. I saw there was cars parked on the other side the way they were supposed to be.

I was still trying to figure out why traffic was all of a  sudden going both ways on this side, when I came to a long string of army jee sparked on the side of the road in the wrong direction with soldiers in them. the soldiers weren't doing anything, it was obvious they were waiting for something to happen.

Then I saw what was going on when I got to where a multi-story college dormitory was and there was a string of army jeeps waiting in line to go into the college parking lot. I knew that when the army left, this school would be known as just another gay college.


9-3-02 - DREAM - I don't remember how the dream started. I went into a grocery store to pick up some food for the family. When I got in there, on top of the counter was some food I had forgotten to take with me 3 days earlier.

There were 5 loaves of multi-grain wheat bread and some other things. The bread still seemed fresh so I was going to get it, but there was too much to carry.

Underneath a counter was 3 wash baskets with Michelle's poodles in it. I didn't know why they were there and I was going to take them with me and started to pull one of the baskets out when I saw that one of the baskets had a reptilian creature in it - at least I saw a reptilian tail, but could really see if it was attached to one of the dogs. Either way I couldn't carry everything myself.

I took what I could carry and would have to go back for the rest.

I met my brother out in the yard. I can't recall his words but he didn't sound very nice to me when I hadn't been able to carry everything alone.

I then heard my son tom say, "all you had to do was ask and I would have helped you." So I went to get him and ask him to help and all my sons were sleeping so I went to the bedroom to wake Tom up and kept calling his name and couldn't wake him up. All of a  sudden though, I heard him outside in the dark and the cops were arresting him. I didn't know why but I knew he wasn't going to be able to help me.

I then went to someone's house where we were having a surprise birthday party for Lorna's sister Dawn.

My Aunt Ruth (Ruth=friend) came in with a gift for Dawn, which she opened so I could see it. The container was like a canister with wine in it. I wasn't able to open it myself so Aunt Ruth opened it for me. The top came off with a brilliant flash of light. I saw it was a Santa Claus, al colorful - like a doll.

Al of a sudden Dawn came to the door and Ruth shoved the gift into my arms and told me to hide it so Dawn didn't see it when she walked in.

I grabbed the Santa and ran for the closet. I intended to just shove the Santa into a cubby in the dark closet, but Dawn saw me leaving and ran after me, so I had to run u the stairs. I couldn't stop at the closet.

Dawn followed me and turned on the light in the room where I was. When the lights came on, it looked like I was in a factory of some kind. It had many cubicles that were all alike, but I couldn't tell what was made here and woke up.


9-5-02 - DREAM - I and a friend went to a school to take a class. Instead of signing in with our real names, we signed in as OB-GYN. Then we made the mistake of talking about it out loud and the teacher heard us. The teacher then admonished us in front of everyone else and said she was going to have to call us by our real names.

The class (we had to decided between 2 kinds) was actually about what kind of fish to eat, and I recalled seeing a huge carp, leaning up against a post in a counter rack (this fish was way back in a dim corner) after she talked about our real name which I can't remember.

When we were getting ready to go home, I made a big deal about the color scarf I was going to wear on my head and switched from a yellow one to a pink one.

At that point, I saw that we had 2 pots of chicken soup to carry and that was too much to carry, so I put all the chicken into one pot and carried that and left the watery soup broth there at the school.

NOTE:  FISH  is vesica pisces:  See 153.htm  See bread_bible.htm


9-6-02 - I was listening to the radio most of the night to Richard Hoagland and Art Bell:  See CYDONIA

None of my dreams lasted more than two minutes.

In one dream, I was in my apartment, doing both jobs that I used to do, manage the apartment building and answer the phone for the locksmith company.

The phone rang twice and I answered it and could hear someone breathing on the other end. I thought to myself, if that is the boss testing me, at least he knows I'm answering the phone.

I also had an apartment rental schedule with some notes on it what certain things cost like painting one wall $29.95.  I decided to copy it over on a fresh sheet.

There was a young black man in the apartment who I think was the maintenance man. He was checking on the toilet because it flooded over and the bathtub filled up with water too and was rusty on the bottom.

In the bathroom, I had several stacks of red clothing. the stacks weren't very nice, but I decided to leave them there so I'd always know where they were.

I also had a vision of a large collection of pictures that were pasted on a cardboard sheet. I think they represented projects I'm supposed to work on.


9-7-02 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building or house with other people. I suddenly remembered it was almost 4 p.m. and i hadn't seen the baby all day. So I ran upstairs to the baby's room and there she was laying on the floor drinking a bottle of milk. I was relieved that she was okay, but there was a woman sitting on the floor near the baby. The woman was large like me, but didn't act very friendly. Every time I tried to talk to her about the baby, she would turn her head away.

I needed to know if the baby was drinking fresh milk or it if was milk from the day before. I couldn't get any information from the other woman. I could only assume it was yesterday's milk.

By then the baby had changed - the baby had been a girl, but now she looked like a black dwarf man and the face kept changing, the baby even had an old man's face and mustache at one point. This was very disturbing and I knew something was wrong.

so I picked up the baby and took her downstairs with me. she was back to her own self as I carried her, but she was growing fast and as now a young girl about 3 years old.

I sat the baby down at the breakfast table, which was round and white, to feed her.

The baby now had something like a fan made of 3 large feathers. None of the feathers were the same. I took it from her and waved it in the air and pretended to do a little dance and song for the baby. I intended it to be a song about pretty fairies,, but it turned out to be the tune from the Teddy Bear's picnic. "If you go out in the woods today, etc."

I realized at that point that I had made a 3 feather fan for the baby myself with 3 tall white matched feathers, but I hadn't given it to her yet. I thought attaching i to this one, so he would have a 6 feathered fan.

The people in the apartment decided they wanted to go downtown shopping, so I decided to go along.

Outside in the city, the streets were extra large with lots of traffic and the blocks were long.

I was enjoying myself with them, but they were walking faster and faster and at my age, I just had one speed and they were getting farther and farther ahead of me and we were going down hill towards downtown.

We got to a large intersection and they were walking so fast, they had already crossed the street and were walking down the next street.

I was disappointed that I couldn't keep up with them, but I decided I just couldn't do that and made up my mind to turn around and go back home alone.

I turned around and right behind me was a cop in a blue uniform and I looked back up the hill and saw how far down we had walked and was dismayed to see how far it was back up the hill, but I knew I could make it if I took my time.


9-7-02 - VISION

I was seeing pages of sacred geometry - each shape was a different color. I decided to print them out so I would have them on paper.

I was seeing a computer screen with a link to "The Matrix Institute" but it was black - not a blue hyperlink.

NOTE: I have to think about what that means, though I know it's about Gordon Michael Scallion and I see the same stuff he does.


9-8-02 - DREAM - I was looking at a screen with a letter to me. The letter said that when sudden food allergies appear, I should see support for this. It listed all my food allergies, wheat, corn, beet sugar, some fruits - the letter got darker and darker and I couldn't read any more and I woke up because of an itch on my stomach.


9-8-02 - DREAM - I saw an old woman's foot which was bare swollen and freckled - It was larger than life.

Again I was told to get support for my food allergies and that they were connected to my Misegades side of the family.

I woke up and started to wonder if there really was a connection to genetics, but my mother didn't have this problem and it was through my grandmothers that gave me these genes.


9-8-02 - DREAM - I was at home in my apartment. It was 11 a.m. and I hadn't yet gotten to work and hadn't called in either.

I was feeling guilty, but I had a lot of different things to do, but decided I'd better show up.

So I went to the office and i was still in the hallways when my boss John R came out of his office. He was just leaving.

I twas dim in this hallway and he rather blocked me into a corner by a cabinet and started coming onto me romantically.

We go interrupted by a male employee going by.

He then said he was going out to buy a new car. I don't know if he said what color it would be, but I got the impression it was going to be maroon.

He also said that he was having his wife put in a mental institution, but he didn't say what exactly was wrong with her.

In his hands, he was carrying two metal flowers that candle stand in. I had just picked up some other ones just like them in an abandoned office and told him that, so he gave them to me.

He left to go buy the new car and I was thinking about leaving the office when the new assistant (female) called me into her office and said she had something for me to do.

I had really wanted to leave and go do my shopping but since she had something for me to do, I decided to change my schedule and do it later.

I went to my desk and there by the wall, I had a series of little plants along the wall that I had picked up in other offices that I was watering and nursing back to health.

I also had a small pink cell phone sitting on top of my purse and the other secretary said she was glad I had that because she could call me on it. I had only used it for calls to my kids - nobody had ever called me on it before. It was kind of surprising to think someone might want to call me on it. I usually didn't even carry it with me.

All   of a sudden 3 salesmen came into the office. They had come to see the boss, but since he wasn't there, I could overhear them talking amongst themselves - that they knew the boss was going to divorce his wife and wondered if there was a reason for this.

I didn't have time to think about that because my office phone rant and it was my other boss Tom (the locksmith). He said his wife was selling toilet paper and it was $27 a case and would I want some. I had just bought a case of toilet paper but couldn't remember how much I had paid for it. I told him I would buy a case without even thinking abut it, but all of a sudden it came to me that it would be a good business to be in because everyone has to use toilet paper.

Just as I was thinking that, the building manger said she would buy some for the building and put 3 rolls into each station along the hallways of the building so there would always be an emergency supply on hand.

I woke up wondering if that really IS a good business to be in.


9-9-02 - DREAM - I was living and working at a school. There was a lot of work to do here. Lots of things had been neglected over time. There was a fish tank that had some dead gold fish at the bottom and millions of dead guppies at the bottom. I went to get the goldfish out and they floated up like bloated dead cows. I knew I had to get a net before I could get them out.

Around the edge of the sofa, plants were growing, but some were turning yellow so I started plucking them out to give room for the green plants to grow stronger.

A mother and her daughter came in to study, so I moved some plants over on a table so they could study.

A handsome young man came in and a teen girl came in shortly after. She made a a play for him and he started responding. He seemed like a clean-cut young man and she was rather wild-looking. So I started talking to him about a mix-match of a relationship like that and I started having visions of the type of women he like and they all wore military uniforms and were half his age and less - I was assuming he was about 35.

The girl then said she was going to bed and asked me if it was okay if she took a gun to bed with her. I knew it wasn't loaded, but she said she would feel safer with the gun under he pillow, so I said, "Okay!"

My own children also lived in this school and they were in their teens.

I heard some pounding on the outer door, and I didn't want to answer the door at night so my son Michael said he would do it.

He opened the door and two people came in - it wa s brother and sister - they were dressed in heavy winter clothes and it was pitch-black outside.

The man, who looked very feminine said that gangs of kids were calling his sister names, yelling at her that she looked masculine. She had her hair cut short like a boy. The man had long curly hair and he looked very girlish. so I could see why kids would think they were the opposite.

The man said they were Methodist plumbers and they often got called out at night, but because of this harassment at night, they were going to have to quit.

I got all excited when he said they were Methodist. I told him I was working on genealogy and had just found out the night before that my great-great grandfather was Methodist.

I asked him where his family was from and he named 3 counties, including Sheboygan, WI so I went to my file cabinet to see if their names were included in my research papers. I started going through the files but didn't find anyone starting with the letter M. He said his name MONNER.

Then another man came in - I can't remember what responsibility he had, but I was showing him a quilt I was trying to repair and it seemed almost too far gone to fix. The inner layer which was a sky blue blanket looked like it was getting awfully thin, so while we were looking at it, I cut 1/3 of the quilt off to throw it away.

The top layer was in squares and it looked like far land from the air.


9-10-02 - VISION -


NEW ORLEANS, LA    LA  PORTE, IN         MEMPHIS, TN                  CINCINNATI, OH            MARSHFIELD, WI              NASHVILLE, TN

MIAMI, FL                     KENTUCKY          CLEVELAND, OH            OKLAHOMA CITY, OK     DALLAS, TX                     SAN DIEGO, CA

ORLANDO, FL              LAS VEGAS, NV   SUPERIOR, WI                 RENO, NV                           FLORIDA                           ATLANTIC CITY, NJ

DAKOTA                       HELENA, MT         SALT LAKE CITY , UT    SEATTLE, WA                     SAN FRANCISCO, CA     SACRAMENTO, CA


I then saw a red-headed woman carrying a baby - dressed in green, scarf around her head - going to the right. The woman was dressed in light purple - she headed towards the right.

I then saw a large blue heart with numerous red hearts decorating it.


9-10-02 - DREAM - I was asking about the cities that the terrorists plan to bomb.

I was in a car, driven by someone. I don't know who. We were driving along a busy road. It seemed we were going west. Suddenly, a bright red car came from a street that was from the north.

My driver swerved to avoid the car and had to drive up on the median grass strip over a high cement curb to avoid getting hit.


9-11-02 - DREAM - I moved into anew apartment and bought a new car - all the same day.  

The car was so powerful you almost had to drive it with the brake instead of the gas. It actually had 6 foot pedals on the floor - (they were small with long extension arms on them) and the shift was on the floor in the center.

I was friends with a young woman I'll call Susy - she was rather a composite character of several young women I've know over the years. She was beautiful and ambitious. I was helping her and she was helping me with various things. The apartment wasn't on Greenfield Ave., but it was just a block north of it and it seemed like my address was 9191 West 'something' St. I don't know what street it was on.

Susy was going to be directing a boy's choir. I twas totally unruly and I was going to be the disciplinarian and keep the boys under control while she directed them.

Susy had a boyfriend who drove a brand new psychedelic painted jeep-type vehicle he called the Love Button.

It was really cute, but he had side-swiped it 4 times on the right side.  Her boyfriend also had a male friend who drove a darkish green car - very plain and he tried to keep the other guy in check. They both pulled up in front of my apartment building, so I went inside and told Susy he was out there and what he had done.

Susy was helping me manage the apartment building. Someone always had to be there.

Susy wanted to drive my new car so I put the phone on automatic answering for a few minutes so she could go ut. Susy was going to drive and I sat in the back set and we were going to take Taylar (our granddaughter) and her little girlfriend along.  However, the little girlfriend decided she was going to ride along, dressed only  in a sky-blue colored blanket wrapped around herself.

I made her get out of the car and go into the apartment building to get some real clothes on, which she did reluctantly and ended up with mock football clothes, green shorts and an orange top.

Then Susy started off and I warned her about how much power the car had and it really did. I twas amazing. She had her foot on the brake the whole way around the block to keep it under control.

We then went back into the apartment where another woman was going to put on a clothing demonstration - type party for some women friends.

They had all been invited already, but I had to call them all and remind them about it.

The woman was already there getting read for the demonstration. I had to change shoes first and got out of a pair of Indian-type moccasins.

The party was at 7 p.m. and this was almost 6 p.m. so I didn't have much time to dial.

I started to dial the phone and an operator came on instead of dialing straight through.

My friend Alyse was sitting behind me and she said, "You can't use that phone - it isn't turned on yet - that's number 100".

I got rather upset with her and said, "I already DID use it.", so I knew it worked, it just didn't dial direct.

She said, Call the operator on the other phone and ask for it to be turned on."

The other phone was sitting right next to it. I started to dial the number which started with 791 ----

The number one was over in what one would say was in the number 10 position on the clock. The number 9 was right next to it. When I dialed the phone, the dial went all the way around each time.

I finally made my first call - to a woman who was older. Like dreams do, when the call connected, I could actually see the woman.  I said, "Hi! She said, "Oh Lord!" She said it rather in a sarcastic way however.

the party was a favor to my daughter-in-law Debe so all the women knew they were rather obligated to come and buy something. That's pretty much how those parties work.


9-12-02 - DREAM - I was somewhere in central California, getting ready to go on vacation. My boyfriend was one of the young dudes from One Life to Live TV show. He used to play Seth, but left the show in 2001.  

We walked a long way first and water was breaking through walls and running across the road from west to east, but it wasn't running - it was like something had broken and released the water - though I don't think it was a dam - the but area was flooding. I didn't know where we were going, so I asked my boyfriend Seth if he wanted to go on one of those trips where you toss a coin at major intersections, but he said, "No!" He wanted to go down the California coast to a place that started with the letter "O".  I know its not O'Neida, but something like that - it was a place he had been before. He said that it was thrilling to be there just like it had been when e stood on the bridge in New York City.

Here are the California cities starting with O

O'Brien, Oak Glen, Oak Hills, Oak Park, Oak Run, Oak View, Oakdale, Oakhurst, Oakland, Oakley, Oakville, Occidental, Oceano, Oceanside, Ocotillo, Ojai, Olema, Olivehurst, Olympic Valley, Ontario, Orange, Orange Cove, Orangevale, Orcutt, Oregon House, Orinda, Orland, Orleans, Oro Grande, Oroville, Oxnard,


9-12-02 - I took a nap for 1/2 an hour, and as I woke up, a voice said, "Sleep is done!"

It was still an hour before I had to do anything specific, so I decided to meditate.

Suddenly, a dancing raccoon came into view. He was dancing only on his hand legs, and was wearing a bright green scarf wrapped around his neck like he was an Irishman.

Nothing like a little joke in the afternoon?


9-13-02 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house. There was water inside the house. The water was everywhere, running down the walls, sluicing across the floor, dripping from the ceiling.  There were 3 young men dressed in dark clothing, making sure that the water was doing down the drain in the floor. (The drain was 2 1/2 to 3 feet across.

The flood that had been in the area had just  gone down. We were told that the water had been 14 feet high on the house. If you measure 14 feet up the side of a house, you know that is way past the second story floor of a house. Considering that our house was part way up the side of a hill, that water was really deep.

When we went outside, there was a kind of squarish maze on the ground that we looked at and there was a number in one section, which we were told was the base number - 1567.



9- 14-02 - DREAM - I was hired back at Juneau Village apartments in Milwaukee as Manager.

It was fancier than it had been in the 90's and there was a solarium between the buildings instead of a courtyard.

There were more offices than before and more secretaries.

No maintenance had been done for several months - work orders and purchase orders were stacked and nothing done, so Joe K. was hired back at the same time I was, so he and his helpers were swamped with work.

The hallways were all newly painted pale yellow.

Joe convinced me that we should allow 'Trick or Treating' at Halloween because there were kids living in the building.

After he left for the day, I changed my mind about this and went back to the office to make a sign to post in the lobby - 'NO TRICK OR TREATING' because I was afraid that the kids and parents would tack decorations all over the newly painted walls and woodwork.

I was looking for a pad of yellow legal paper to make the sign with and saw single sheets here and there, but every sheet I found was already written on. I couldn't find a single sheet of unused paper.

One gals desk had every drawer stuff with candy.

Two women came in looking for their mail and we hunted for it and never found it. At one point a huge dark blue trash truck came to the building. The truck had to tip over backwards to deliver something - I didn't see what it was. (It might have been delivering trash containers for us to use)

The cute driver invited me to ride with him up the street so I could see what it was like to do his job.

So I got in a seat that was behind the driver's seat (he was on the right side). There was a young boy up in front next to the driver on the left.

I said, "I've never ridden in a garbage truck before. It's really nice in here."  The cute driver leaned back and smiled at me in appreciation.

At the end of the block, the driver said, "As long as I'm this far, I might as well make these other deliveries too," and he drove up into a subdivision that would take at least an hour to go through to deliver his containers.

So, I hopped out of the truck at that point and had to walk back to the apartment buildings.

It was quarter to 8 p.m. and I didn't want to work past 8 p.m.

There were still things going on. I kept looking for a piece of yellow paper and still couldn't find one. I actually didn't find any blank pieces of paper or cardboard anywhere. There was writing on everything I found.

A young maintenance guy came back to the building to double-check that the door inside the solarium was locked, but I hadn't been given the keys to the solarium, though there was a huge ring of keys laying right there, I was of no help to him because I didn't know which key it was.

Finally, instead of a 'NO TRICK OR TREATING' sign, I fashioned a clay model of a pink bunny rabbit with white ears on the desk, and decided to pin that up in the lobby instead of a sign, which showed the people we were Christian and we weren't going to support 'TRICK OR TREATING'.



DREAM - I was living in New Berlin, WI. I and my husband drove up to the top of the hill at the intersection of National Ave. and 172nd St. (Calhoun Rd.) There is no stop sign for National Ave., so traffic going north and south has to stop at the stop sign and then creep slowly forward and hope no car is coming from the east or west and slam into you. Since this is at the top of a hill, nobody can see where any other cars are coming from.

So, when we got to the top of the hill, it was pitch black outside. We could see one car trying to cross National Ave., both from the north AND from the south. We knew that because we could see their headlights.

The car from the south was further into the intersection than the one from the north and was slowly inching its way forward, still hoping no car came from the east or west before he made it to the other side of the intersection.

We pulled into the driveway of the house on the corner to wait our turn to cross the intersection. We had our headlights on as well.

Suddenly the outside lights of the house came on and a woman came to the door to see what we were doing in her driveway.

So, my husband went to the door of the house to talk to her, while I waited in the car.

When the woman opened the door, two dogs bounded out the door. I immediately recognized the dogs - they were 'THE DOGS OF WAR' - and they belonged to Benjamin Franklin.  One of the dogs was light brown with a dark-brown - almost black mask on its face around its eyes. The other dog was a silvery color.

I was petrified because these were the 'Dogs of War' and my feet were dangling outside the car and I was afraid I was going to be attacked.

My husband finished talking to the woman and we decided to go back home, but to my dismay, "The Dogs of War' went with us in the car. When we went back into our livingroom, I sat in a pink wing-backed chair and the the two dogs sat at my feet - one to the left and one to the right.

The next day, I went out into the garden where I had planted thousands of pink plume-fronded flowers. Towards the center of this garden, but with a path from one side, was a small concrete goldfish pond.  I was standing by the pond.

A schoolbus with a class of small girls came by and one of the little girls came running over. She wanted to give me a hug so her intentions were good, but she came running towards me as fast as she could go - though her teacher was yelling. "Go around! Go around!", the girl leapt up into the air, just barely clearing the flowers and landed in the center of the garden near the goldfish pond where I was standing.

I understood what the girl's intentions were, she just wanted a hug, but she was in too much of a hurry to get to where I was standing.

The girl hadn't damaged any flowers by leaping over them, but she might not leap as far if she tried it a second time, so I told the little girl's teacher that I would tell the little girl a secret so she'd never have to leap over the flowers again.

So, I bent down and whispered in the little girl's ear, "Time goes on forever, so you see you have plenty of time to walk around the garden. The hug will always be there waiting for you."

The little girl looked up at me and smiled, now knowing the secret of time.

I then went back into the house, into the boy's playroom. The playroom had a hard tiled floor of light blue. I saw 12 sky-blue eggs laying on the floor. I couldn't tell whether the eggs were plastic, hard-boiled, or raw but the boys playing with the eggs had cracked some of the eggs and they were in danger of cracking all the way through. So, I gently pushed the all the eggs together by the side of the room, where no one would step on them.

I noticed that the boys were outside playing war games. They had taken sides and it was getting rough.

Then I noticed that there was a set of marbles laying all over the floor. They were all the same color - crystal sky-blue.  I bent down a flipped a marble into the corner with my foot, where there was a ring etched in the tile and I scored a perfect hit.

So, I invited the boys to come into the house and settle their game of war by playing a game with the marbles. All they had to do was choose a marble (they were all alike), name the marble for a world leader and if the boy shot the marble perfectly into the ring in the floor tile like I had done, he would win the war.

The first marble chosen was name Benjamin Franklin. The marble didn't make it into the corner ring, so he didn't win.

The second world leader chosen was Ronald Reagan. When his marble was shot into the corner, it missed the ring as well, so he didn't win the war either.

I told the boys not to worry, there were still hundreds of marbles to choose from. All they had to do was name a different world leader each time until someone won the war.



We were at home and my husband's friend from England came over, all in a panic.  My husband asked him what was wrong. The friend from England said, "We need more 'acid-lava'.  My husband said, "What do we need 'acid-lava' for?  The friend didn't specify what the reason was, but was adamant that we needed more 'acid-lava'.  My husband said, "I really don't want to do this, but if we really have to, I'll drive you there.".  

We all got in the van together, with my husband driving and the English friend giving the directions to where the 'acid-lava' was located.  When we got to the place, it was like the 'tar-pits'. The 'acid-lava' was bubbling up from the ground in blue-green-black pools.  Some of it had hardened around the edges of the pools where people came to visit, but it was dangerous to get too near it.  

My husband was driving really fast and I cautioned him to slow down but he wouldn't.  We got to the tar-pit area and my husband backed in to the area so fast the back wheels went over the hard edge and began to sink down into the tar-pit area.

We were all really freaking out, wondering how we were going to get out of this situation. I knew we couldn't open the car doors because the 'acid-lava' would start to come in the doors of the car and we'd sink faster.  I wondered if maybe we could cut a hole in the top of the car and climb out on top and be rescued that way.  

Meanwhile, we were all trying to figure out how to get out of the car, and it was sinking farther and farther down into the tar-pit with the 'acid-lava'.

At some point, the man from England vanished and I was sitting alone in the car with my husband as it sank farther and farther down into the 'acid-lava'. Finally the windows cracked and the 'acid-lava' started leaking into the car anyway and we sank down until the entire car was covered with the stuff and it was black inside the car.  

My husband said, "I'm so sorry! It looks like we're not going to get out of this alive.!  What makes me happy though is that you didn't blame me for what happened."

I was freaking out and wanted to leave my body so I wouldn't suffer the pain of being eaten alive by the 'acid-lava'. But my husband begged me to stay with him because he was afraid to die alone.  Finally, I agreed to stay with him and suffer death alongside him. It was inevitable. There was no way we could be saved from death. So I hugged my husband and we sat there, waiting to die.

I started to wake up, and I had a sudden vision - It was the face of Dick Cheney, the Vice President of the United States. A voice said clearly , "Dick Cheney"!


9-15-02 - THE HOLLOW EARTH - DREAM - I was at a school somewhere. The school had a huge playground and I noticed that in the corner, a huge hole had opened up. I don't know why nobody else noticed it. Perhaps I was the first one and others would see it once I showed it to them.

I looked into the opening, which was quite large already. Down inside the hole, it was lit up like there was sunshine down there just like we had and it was obvious that people lived down there just like we did on the surface of the earth.

But it was  dangerous to have this hole in the schoolyard. Near the opening, the ground wasn't as thick as in the rest of the area. My fear was that when the  final school bell rang at the end of the schoolday, all the kids would come running out of the school in the same direction and the ground would crumble beneath them, and they would all fall through into the hole.

My Mother came to the school to meet me as we were going to go shopping together. I met her on the sidewalk next to the school and told her about the dangerous hole in the ground. I asked her if she would like to see it. She said, "Yes!"

My Mother's leg was injured, so I had to put both arms around her and walk with her up the steps to the school playground, and then close  to where the hole was so I could show it to her. Other people were still oblivious to the hole in the ground, so it was very dangerous. I had not raised the alarm as yet - that the ground was ready to break through near the hole as the ground was getting thinner and thinner there.

I noticed then that my mother and I were both wearing bright red coats, but we had different hats on. My Mother's hat was all red and mine was red with a white crown - which looked like rabbit fur. It wasn't until I took my hat off that I noticed that the white rabbit fur part of my hat looked rather dingy, so I didn't want to wear it anymore. So as I walked away, I found an all red knitted hat and put that on instead.

I as still walking in tandem with my Mother when we walked past my significant other man in my life. He didn't like my red hat and told me that it messed up my hair, but I made up a story about meeting another guy who liked my red hat and had that he had asked me to marry him. I said that just to make him jealous, so he would know that other people though I was okay.

I continued walking down the street with my Mother, still holding onto her with both arms. We got to the next intersection and met another woman who also had a red coat and red hat on, so now there were three of us standing together with bright red coats and hats.

This was so bright, we almost glowed.  Nearby, I noticed that several other women were sitting in a room near the intersection , and though they weren't wearing coats at the time were also wearing bright red hats.

We continued walking and came to a door, where there was a ladies room.

As we walked by, I could hear several women yelling for help. My mother got scared and stopped walking, so I had to let go of her and run into the ladies room by myself to see what was wrong.

By the time I got inside, the yelling had stopped, but one of the women who had been yelling for help was standing by the sink washing her hands. I asked what was wrong. She said she had come into the ladies room to use the toilet and there was only enough toilet paper to use once and she had to go 50 times. All the other women were having the same problem. There wasn't enough toilet paper.

So my mother and I decided not to use that ladies room.

I don't know where my Mother went, but I continued on walking down the hallway that went past the ladies room. This seemed to be either an apartment or it was a school for girls.

There was a series of small stairways along this hallway and on the first set of stairs there were a series of small gifts set up against the steps , which were awards for those who made it this far.

There were several little girls right behind me in the hallway. I spotted a plastic baggie with some shiny jewels in it, so I picked it up and handed it to one of the girls and told her to share it with the other girls.

The little girl was happy to get the jewels and didn't even see the other gifts that they could have had as they walked along this particular part of the hallway. None of the other gifts were jewels but equally nice to have. They would be found by other girls coming along this way.

As I was getting closer to the end of my journey in this hallway, I saw that my own personal colors which were like jewels in a rectangular pattern matched exactly the pattern of colored jewels I was supposed to have in this lifetime.

I woke up feeling really good about myself.

See Hollow Earth Dreams


3-16-02 - DREAM - (Takes place in 3 different areas of the country) This started in New Berlin, WI

I was told to pick up something from a woman n a specific field and deliver it to a different area. I was instructed to walk about 1/4 mile in one direction, double back and go to the pick-up spot which was just a few feet up a hill from where I was standing.

At first there was mud on the ground which i mixed together and it turned red like blood.

I was barefoot and the ground was littered with small sticks and dead leaves. I didn't want to walk barefoot through that stuff when all I needed to do was walk up the slight hill right where I was, but then I reasoned that it must be the timing - I needed to walk the 1/4 mile and back to use up "time". Otherwise I'd be too early to meet the woman.

So I walked the 1/4 mile and back, carefully stepping between the sticks so I wouldn't hurt my feet.

I met the woman and picked up something from her - but I have no memory of what it was.

I was now at A-C in West Allis, WI, walking through the halls, wearing a heavy brown coat which I took off when I came to an area where some children were playing. I was aware enough to know I was carrying a disease of some kind and should not breathe on anyone or I would pass it on to whoever I breathed on.

So I couldn't leave the area until I could pick up my boat - which meant I had to wait until the children left the area. Then I picked up my brown coat and walked back down the hall. I told the children I would be back in 6 weeks when the disease had passed and I was healthy again.

At the end of the hall, near the door, I came across some men who were delivering a palette of good which looked like bags of fertilizer, garden mulch, etc. It was addressed to Dee 'somebody' so I assumed it was for me, but one of the meant said it was for Dee - his sister-in-law, so it wasn't mine.

I then went home which was out in the country where there were fields and small trees.

This scene seemed foggy and objects were only in silhouette. I was standing outside with my husband. My husband said he was going to meet his friend and they were going to go for a walk together.

I could only see silhouettes, but coming across the field, I saw men and dinosaurs. These were not the huge dinosaurs, but they did have large heads and bodies and walked on their hind feet with their front feet in the air. I was informed that these men were Ergo Pythagus  (sp?)



9-16-02 - I got really tired and had to lay down. I was dreaming about genealogy which is what I was working on before I lay down.

When I woke up , the name John Phillip Sousa jumped into my head. This was the second time I got that name and I don't know why.


9-18-02 - DREAM - (This was a long dream, but only the ending seems important and this is pretty weird)

I was in a room with my spiritual teacher. I had done some writing, such as when I journal my dreams - into a notebook. I planned to share this writing with my teacher, but just as I was going to hand him the notebook, his wife came into the room to confront me.

It was obvious that she was jealous of my relationship with her husband and I didn't blame her for that. I understand that emotion and what it felt like.

I was sitting on a bed and she came over and sat down on the edge of the bed next to me.

She challenged me and said, "Why don't you channel that ET like you always do?"

I thought about it for a couple of seconds, while I was using a small scissors to cut a series of arcs into a small pink piece of paper I was holding.

I answered, "Maybe if someone would hypnotize me, I could do that."

As we sat there another moment, she became a small piece of paper with some writing on it, which I picked up. I began kissing the piece of paper and saying to it, "I love you, I love you, I love you," and at the same time there was a sensation of flying through the air to another place and looking down and seeing a round blue pool of water inside a white container.

I then flew to my own room where i had all white furniture which I had let deteriorate over time and that I needed to repair  -particularly the white grand piano, which had waterspots on it from watering plants. There was a lot of glass and golden brass lamp stands around that I could put onto the top of the piano.

At the same time I realized I didn't have to channel the the ET. I WAS the ET.


9-19-02 - DREAM - I can't remember the dream, but it ended with seeing 2 kitchen floors side by side with ropes around them. They were yellow and needed remodeling.

Obviously about my diet, or OUR diets.


9-19-02 - STUPID DREAM - I spent a lot of time walking around naked with a blanket 1/2 wrapped around me. I was trying to clean the house and talking to people.

There was a young black woman there who had two heavy sets of black and white striped keys in ornate thick leather cases. I wanted them really bad for my collection of keys and I almost stole them from her. Then I toyed with the idea of stealing just one of the sets. Finally I made the decision it was better to buy my own and gave them back to her. She was glad to get them.

All of a sudden I discovered all tis was going on in my head while I was driving down the highway at high speed. I came back to awareness as I came to a 'T' intersection and had to make a right turn. Everything seemed familiar and I drove along the town street, knowing I had been there before. I crossed the bridge that went downhill with the brake on. There was an older man in bib overalls running along the street. He finally moved over and let me by.

I continued driving and was forced to stop when I came up behind a trailer being pulled by a truck  (On Tim Bell Rd. in Waterford, CA, there really is a guy who has a trailer there and we've watched him park it there before.)

While I was waiting there, I got into a conversation with a woman who was a knitter. She thought I was giving her my blue knitted afghan. She had left a brown and yellow one outside which I almost took in trade and then changed my mind.

She had a mint green and chocolate colored cat which loved me. I asked her if that was its real color and she said, "No!"  The cat wanted to come home with me, but I made it stay there.

I apologized that she couldn't keep my blue afghan and then drove the rest of the way home.


9-19-02 - DREAM - I was asked to make a movie which was shown on Tv all over the world. It was like a commercial but it was about a car which went around the world.

The car was not a normal car. It was a blue convertible and it was shaped like a long narrow cloud. The filming was done in slow motion so that the car was shown on every continent as the world spun around. This was not only done slow motion but out of focus so that it gave the impression of a video rather than a series of still shots.

We finished filming about 1:30 a.m. and the film was going to be on TV at 5:30 a.m.

We planned on watched the show and then I had to go to work by 8:00 a.m. so it was a long night.

When the show came on , it was clearly Donald Rumsfeld who was announcing to the people what they were going to see in the film.

I was wearing a long skirt, which was red with yellow and gold flowers. The top blouse matched, but was separate rather than a dress. Over the blouse I wore a red vest and a jacket over it all. (I think it was brown, but I can't really remember) Another woman had the same skirt but with a gold blouse with red and yellow flowers on it. I really would have preferred to wear that, but what I had on was okay.

When we were done filming, we decided to eat something while waiting for the show to come on. Se we fried up some sliced potatoes and onions. We never did eat it, and after the show was on tV, we decided to go to a restaurant for breakfast and we were going to order the same thing but with a big hamburger sandwich too.

Then we decided to go to a store and buy some lettuce - a LOT of lettuce. I wrote a check for it - then the woman wanted some I.D. that showed another form with my signature on it. I fished in my purse and found a sheet of paper with my signature on it. It was a contract of some kind. The clerk accepted it as a valid signature. I looked at it carefully and it indeed was my own name.

But for some reason, we were acting like I really wasn't who the signature was, like I was committing a crime. We decided that as long as I committed a crime, I might as well buy many more expensive things the same day.


9-20-02 - DREAM - I was busy cleaning my house, doing day to day chores, cleaning up after the kids, and i decided I needed to go for a walk.

I went past a huge Lutheran church, which was packed with people who were all standing and singing. I was amazed at how popular this church was and wondered why.

I kept walking and came to a lake shore where there were no people, just tall green trees with rays of sunlight coming down through them. It was so peaceful there. There was no sound, no noise - just peace.

I suddenly started to feel like I was being filled up with the most intense emotion and the thought came to me - the church I had walked past was OF GOD, and this feeling I was being filled with was that of being commissioned to start a church FOR THE PEOPLE.

I headed home filled with this tremendous calling and walked back into the house which was full of relatives. I really needed to talk to someone about this and my relatives had so many problems, they couldn't be bothered with my questioning.

So I went to find a telephone to call someone and all I found was a toy children's telephone in pink, blue, and yellow. The one ONE I could talk to o that that type of telephone was GOD.



9-21-02 - DREAM - I was living in the country somewhere near Los Angeles, CA. I estimated that L.A. was about 75 miles from where I was.

I had a sheet of paper that showed lists of types of cars. I looked at this list several times and then decided it would be a good idea to go to L.A. and buy a new car.

I had an L.A. telephone directory and when I opened the book, I saw that Beldin H. had a large car dealership there, just like he had in Milwaukee, WI. Because I knew Beldin Hare in grammar school, I decided that would be a good place to get a good deal on a car.

My daughter and her girlfriends were going to L.A. to buy a new car too, so I showed her the Beldin H and in the yellow pages also. They agreed it would be good to go there.

I then helped her pack the car and made sure she took a garbage can in the back seat on the right side, as this car was like a station wagon - the garbage can occupied the 6th position in the car.

When they left to go to L.A., I went into the house to convince my husband that we should go to L.A. to Beldin. H's. dealership to buy a car that afternoon.

On the way into the house, I passed the garage and looked at our old cars. Each one was an outline shell of a car and each one was a different color -green and blue being the most memorable colors. I think there were 5 cars in the garage.

I then went inside to sweet-talk my husband into making the trip.

My husband never looked THAT good in his life. I must say that he and his friends were all about 7 feet tall.

I can't recall exactly what I said to them, but I recall seeing the list of cars again.

I then decided to wax the floors in the house before we went. There were 3 floors that needed waxing - a large one, a medium one, and a small one. Other women interfered with  what I was doing. The largest room got done the easiest.  In the medium sized room, at least 2 women fell on the wet wax and splashed around on the floor. I clicked one of them in the butt for interfering.  In the smallest room, which I think was that bathroom., I put down the waxed on the floor and there was a lot of heavy pink color particles in the wax. I didn't think I could get this pigment spread out evenly though I did try.

I noted too that these floors were on a slant so the heaviest coating of wax all rant o the lowest end of the room, but leaving a smooth coat of wax behind it.

I left the room to let the wax dry and when I went back to check it later, someone had put olive-green carpeting down on the floor, covering the pink color particles and left a baby buggy there for me to use as well.

I puzzled over this for a few minutes why someone would do this and then decided it looked good and left it that way.


9-21-02 - VISION - I saw several sheets of paper that were grey and rather blurry writing, but I was able to read one Question, "What is the 4th Path like?"


9-21-02 -  DREAM - BRAD AND CHANDRA LEVY -- I was laying in bed. I had been sick for 3 days. I was laying at the foot of the bed crossways.

I saw that Joe's son Michael was also in the bed, laying under a blanket in the spot where Joe would ordinarily be. He was keeping me company and it was comforting.

I decided I was feeling better and I had better get up and wash the sheets.

Michael go tout of the bed and left the room, but before I could get out of the bed. I thought I felt someone get into the bed behind me.

I automatically thought it was Michael but when I looked at it, I saw it was a short, dark-haired freckle faced (or dirty-faced) girl.

I then saw that Brad was laying at the foot of the bed and I was actually laying in my own normal position.

I told them I had to get up and I took 3 sheets off the bed to wash them.

I gathered the sheets up in my arms to carry them downstairs and I saw that the stairway down was very narrow, painted white and very difficult to go down. Even worse that that, a carpenter had built a white wooden box cover and put it over the stairwell to prevent small children from falling into the stairwell.

I yelled and called for Joe to come and help me and he came and slid the cover over enough so I could go down the stairs. They were so narrow I had to go down them sideways, one step at a time - slowly.

When I got downstairs, I was in a large yellow kitchen and the washer and dryer was by the door. There was a young dark-haired woman down there too and I've forgotten what we talked about before I threw the 3 sheets into the washing machine.


9-22-02 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building somewhere, but I also taught people about snakes and where they came from.

I finished teaching a class and went home to make a sandwich for me and my son and discovered that I hadn't put the sliced ham away in the refrigerator. I was going to eat it anyway but had second thoughts about it. I decided then to put the ham outside to feed the neighborhood cats.

When I opened the door to put the ham outside, an ugly mean man who lived across the street saw me and made his daughter come home because he didn't want his daughter to have anything to do with the 'snake-lady'.

I felt sorry for the girl, gave her a hug, and sent her home, but later I saw her back in the building at a slumber party with some other kids soI knew she was having fun anyway. Her mean father wasn't as mean as I thought.

Still later, I saw the same girl in a group of anti-abortion protesters so I knew she had a mind of her own.

I started to cross the street to go back home to my  apartment building and a motorcycle cop followed me. At least I thought he was following me, so I ran a different direction to make him think I lived elsewhere and entered the building by a secret side door.

I went back to my apartment and picked out a vegetable that had a fat green top, which I sliced open and  a little green snake came out of it, so I had more snakes to demonstrate.


9-22-02 - DREAM - I went to a mall-like area where I was going to stand and pass out flyers to advertise something.

I had to walk past a man who had a very gross deformity of his face and foot. It was very uncomfortable to look at him an I had to stand quite near him for quite some time as he was demonstrating something as well.

He had a deformity of his lips which were made of loose floppy red material like the top of a rooster's head. His foot deformity of his toes was similar and he stood there with one shoe off.

I could only imagine how his foot must hurt to wear shoes and I had to ignore his flip-flopping lips which jumped around horribly every time he said something. Just being near him was an ordeal to watch him suffer through his public demonstration - I didn't find it easy to do.

However, my beautiful friend Barbara was nearby, looking into a shoestore window and just having her there nearby gave me strength to stay peaceful and calm of mind though we never spoke. She just stood there looking down into the shoestore window.

Finally, I finished handing out my flyers and I had to walk past the man with the flip-flopping lips. IN passing, I had to say to him, "Excuse me please", to get past him as he was waving his arms around close to where I had to walk.

I had just passed him when a stocky older woman, dressed in a grey suit dress and black shoes, came past me and said to Barbara, "You are under arrest. We are charging you with defamation of character and discrimination against the handicapped."

She had just stood there silently the whole time I was there.

I came back to talk to her, which meant i had to go near the man with the flip-flopping lips again.

I said to her, "Honey! What's wrong? What did you do?"

She didn't answer, but just hung her head lower. So, I never did find out if she had said something to the deformed man.

In a different scene, I got my hair cut shorter, which made it fall in such a way that it looked wavy. I thought it looked great, but then my husband thought it needed trimming a little more and dying with a 4 blonde dye tablets. I told him it normally only takes 1 dye tablet, nor 4, but he was determined to change me HIS way.


9-24-02 - DREAM - I went to a large theatre to see a movie. I saw my son Tom there also. There were lots of empty seats. Most of the seats had a little rack on the back with a roll of toilet on it, similar to churches that have racks with Bibles in them.

I kept looking for a better seat in the theatre and finally decided to sit behind my son Tom.

When the film started, it wasn't actually on the screen in the theatre, it was like playing on a screen inside my head.

The whole film was a chorus of popcorn kernels blown up - each had little round eyes that blinked and they sang to me. I can't recall what he song was but first all the large popcorn kernels sand and blinked their eyes, and then a chorus of small popcorn kernels sang to me.

NOTE: I don't know if that means the popcorn kernels were apologizing for making me sick or that my allergy to corn has been reduced.

I weight myself this morning. I've lost 32 pounds since I got sick eating corn Doritoes and quit eating everything that had corn in it.

NOTE 2:  By the 1st of the year, I was down 50 pounds - just by eliminating corn and wheat from my diet.


9-24-02 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building that had long narrow hallways and steep steps.

I had to go out in the hallways and chase some little kids off the steps with their toys. I was quite aways from my own door and hoped it wouldn't close by itself and lock because I hadn't brought my key with me.

All of a sudden, a big wind blew through the hallways and i saw a door slam shut, but I knew that wasn't my own door, but knew I'd better get back to my apartment.

When I got back in my apartment, an older woman called me on the phone to ask me if I could come over and advise her on how to plant seeds. I took down her address - it was on Glenellen St. I promised to be there at 7 p.m.

While I talked to her to get the information I was having visions of her garden being nicely planted in neat rows in a square garden with straw mulch over them to keep it moist and weed free. It was nicely watered to sprout the seeds and then it began to fain and the whole area flooded with water a couple inches deep. This happened several times - the water would go down and then it would ran and flood again.

After I got off the phone with her, I was looking out the window and seeing houses built that were of very strange construction and unfinished.

Then a couple guys drove by in a heavily armored vehicle like a humvee. I really felt sorry for them because they drove in an armored car.


9-25-02 - DREAM - I was driving various cars to fast because the pedals were reversed - the gas pedal was on the left instead of on the right and I was -foot driving it.

I also had a dream about being in a school or office building and the Master key I needed was locked inside a room that the Master Key opened and nobody else had that key.


9-26-02 - DEATH CALLED ON THE PHONE  The Pope's Death?


9-27-02 - DREAM - I was in New Hampshire in a house with friends. I had a huge bowl of brownish dough, but it was too thin to do anything with. I looked on the counter for some flour to add to the dough so I could make cookies. I spotted a bag of flour that was the 5 lb. size. When the dough was done, I made gingerbread men and put them on a pan. There were no two alike - they were all pretty cute too - each one with it's own design - fat, thin, tall, short, etc.

NOTE: It wasn't until after I woke up that I realized that my friend Michelle lived there.


9-28-02 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, WI. I got laid off from my job, but the company said they would help us get a new car.

First we had to get a physical exam and all of us who got laid off had to strip naked and stand in line, then do some simple exercises.

While we were standing in line, one of the bosses who had also been laid off,w as standing at the head of the line, took a good long look at my breasts and said, "Very nice!"

What could I say?  "Gee! Thanks!"????  so I just smiled.

We were allowed to get dressed then and I put on some kind of plaid skirt and a white blouse.

I was told to go to the employment office across the street and was handed a clipboard with a blank application. The clipboard, at the top said, "Award of the ____ Christian Association #14 of 16 top secretaries in the U.S.   That made me feel better.

I decided to stop off at home for a minute before going to the employment office.

My Mom was sitting there, waiting for my Father to take her somewhere. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and showed her my reward. There was a twirler's baton there. I told her that I needed it in case I had to exercise to apply for the new job.  The twirler's baton had lost the end off of it, and when I looked for them, they were all battered. I told her I needed it anyway and took it with me. It was a pretty, pink, purple, and silver rod/tube that I took with me.

I gave my Father a kiss on the cheek as well and walked up Center St to where the employment office was on the corner of 35th St.

In the employment office, there were 6 women, some black - some white.

They attached some little pieces of paper with my employment history to the clipboard and told me to go to another office on 36th St.

It was then I noticed that there was a note on the top of the blank application that said, "$2.00 to any person who turns tis application in blank.

Knowing that you are supposed to read everything first before taking tests, or sign papers, I left the application blank so I could get the $2.00

As I was walking up Center St. again, an 18 wheeler truck crowded past me on the right, so I followed him up the street.

The street ended at a big warehouse at 36th st. and some guys there told me I needed to go to an office at 34th St.

At that point, the 18 wheeler truck had been squeezed down to an empty yellow bag because the road had gotten that narrow - I was really glad he had gone ahead of me at that point.

But I was asked to drag this huge yellow bag to the trash bin on my way out of the building.  Since I was still trying to get a new job, I dragged the bag with me.

But a nice young man, who introduced himself as Festis volunteered to drag the bag to the trash bin and show me where the employment office was over on 34th St.

I thanked him and we then walked over to 34th St. He asked me if I needed a ride home and I said, "No!" and he turned to leave and walk out the door.

At that moment, I looked at the sign on the door of the employment office and it said, "this office of Kroger co, has moved to 14965 W. Greenfield Ave., I couldn't walk that far, so I ran to the door and called Festis back and asked him to give me a ride to the 'moved' employment office. I knew if I got the job, I had my own car to drive there every day - I just needed a ride this time so I didn't have to walk back home and get my own car this one time.

I heard some other people complaining a out the employment office moving without notice.

I woke up - surprised to be sleeping in bed. It seemed that real.


9-29-02 - DREAM - I was out in the country, waking down a road, going to meet my Father, when I saw a an old man come down an adjoining road on a motorcycle. Just as the man came to the intersection, he hit a small hillock on the corner of the intersection because he cut the corner too short. When he hit the hillock, he bounced over it, hit another hillock and then crashed and slid his motorcycle along the road the died.

There were witnesses to the accident besides myself. My Father saw it happen, as well as my cousin Paul, who is about the same age as myself. The man's son also saw the accident.

The man's son immediately blamed my cousin Paul and had him arrested and jailed. The penalty for this accident was death, so knew I was going to have to testify for Paul, because I knew the truth.

I was thinking bout this again as my Father and I were gain walking down a hill towards the scene of the accident. My Father pointed out to me where he had seen the accident occur.

I went ahead of my Father to point out to him exactly which hillock the motorcycle had hit because since the accident, the grass had grown over part of the road and the scene didn't look exactly  like it had earlier in time.

As I neared the corner where the accident occurred, I saw a huge tree fall in the woods to my right. The branches were already cut off the tree, so only the trunk was falling. I walked faster to get away from the falling tree trunk and saw another tree trunk fall.

I hadn't heard the sound of a logger's saw, these trees were falling on their own.

I was standing at the intersection and looked back up the road towards where my Father was slowly coming down the hill behind me.

I couldn't believe my eyes, but more and more cut tree trunks without branches were falling on the road behind my Father and coming close to hitting him and killing him, but not only that, huge brown grizzly bears were coming down the road behind my  Father too. They had been scared to of the forest by the numerous falling cut trees which were continuing to fall.

My Father was too far away for me to holler at him that he should hurry or the trees or the bears were going to kill him. How could he not know that he was in danger of being killed? But he didn't walk any faster.

There was an old barn right next to where I was standing and I was ready to provide shelter to my Father just by opening the door on the barn, when he got to the intersection. But then I saw one of the bears pick up my Father, hold him up in the air, shake him, and put him back on the ground.

My Father didn't look afraid as more and more tree trunks fell and slid down the road behind him and more and more bears came down the road out of the forest.

The huge bear again picked up my Father with his huge clawed paws and held him up in the air -

I was waiting then, watching - fearing my Father's death and woke up - remembering the silent scene - remembering that all those trees fell in silence - there had never been a sound.



My daughter had a baby in New Jersey and brought it home to Wisconsin. When she did, I felt like I had to go to the bathroom really bad. My daughter said, "I didn't deliver the placenta and something else - maybe you are!"

So I took a bowl from the kitchen and took it into the bathroom to go to the toilet in. My daughter came into the bathroom with me to watch.

I put the bowl under my butt and started squeezing out whatever this was --- and when I started - I also started having a vision:

It said, "You are having a psychic vision -  


SELL 99216


That made no sense to me. I finally looked at what was in the bowl. It was a skein of yarn in multi-colored maroon purple, orange, yellow -  There was also something wrapped in a large green leaf which I didn't look at. I decided I would look when I had privacy. I didn't want my daughter to see that part.

We went back out into the other room and my daughter went into the kitchen where her baby was and I could hear her arguing with her husband - who seemed to be my ex-husband Ed.

When he left the house, I told her she was going to have to divorce him to save her baby and she agreed

The doorbell rang then and I went to the door and opened it. There stood a man I've probably seen before. He looked familiar. I knew he was lonely and had never been able to find the right woman for himself.

My daughter decided to leave the house at that point and went down the steps to the sidewalk. (This was 16th St. house)  The man followed her down the steps. She started changing when she left the house - she got taller and thinner, her hair turned red and was cut like a boy.  She looked like Carol Burnette for a moment. I knew she like to ride bicycles and she turned into the exact kind of woman I knew this man liked. Unfortunately, she then started getting a severe humpback like scoliosis and the man like her even more and he followed her down the street saying, "Do you have a problem?" and I knew those two would marry each other eventually.

I then went outside on the porch and walked down to the sidewalk where a huge blue and green parrot who lived next door was walking past the house.

He led me to a large fish bowl that was full of blue water, that was standing by the street.

I took the nightgown and robe I had been wearing to give birth in and dipped them into this bowl of blue water and naturally the clothing turned blue as well.

While I was dipping the clothes into the blue water, I heard the voice of a man coming out from a hole in the window of a factory across the street where I was being watched. He merely said, "Why are you doing that" or something like it - so it made me nervous to now I was being watched.

So I needed to rinse the clothes out to remove the blue color and make them white again. I asked the people in the car how they would remove the water and they told me it would drain out all on its own.

I then needed to hang the clothing up to dry, so I headed back up the stairs to get a wash line and clothes pins to hang them up.

I entered the house and woke up.