by Dee Finney

7-25-88 - DREAM - I had two cars and 4 sets of keys. I discovered that the cars already had the keys in them. The other two sets of keys were in my left coat pocket. I put them back. I didn't try to figure out what they were for. When I drove the car, I made a right hand U turn and went back the way I had come.


11-12-89 - Dream: I was at my 16th street house. I was given the key and six brilliant door knobs to the dream video storage box next to my house by the front stairs. I went out front and got six video plates. If I used those up, there was another storage box behind my house, or I could use the key or the knobs to get into any other video storage box in the world.


11-15-89 - DREAM - I was walking along 17th and Clark streets with a man. I escorted him across the street talking about love and he seemed negative. I left him on the corner and went back to clear the way from the tracks so others would have easier going. I went back across the street and was now walking with a black man. Other black men were very angry and I was afraid, so I went up the stairs of a house and called 911 on the house phone on the porch. Within seconds I heard sirens, police, ambulance, and firemen then came marching along, along with  the navy, army, airforce, and marines. I really felt protected.

I met my father and asked him if I could have the key to our house. He acted like I didn't belong there anymore and he said, "No!" I could feel my blood sugar dropping so I asked him if he would go with me and give me something to eat. He hesitated and then said, "No!" He then offered to buy me a cup of coffee at a restaurant. I knew that would make it worse in the long run, but I was getting desperate and woke up.

NOTE: I had to get up immediately and get a glass of milk to stave off my hypoglycemia.


11-23-89 - DREAM - I was driving a big blue delivery van with a man named David. Somehow the keys fell through the floorboards onto the roadway at an intersection. I had no sooner done that and I saw a policeman on a motorcycle directly in front of me. I was afraid he was going to stop me and ask me for my keys which would identify me as the driver of the truck, so I needed to make a U turn and go back and get the keys. I slowed down enough so the policeman went way out ahead of me and then I zipped into a left turn lane and ran over a curb and bounced. The police officer stopped right in front of me and I panicked. But all the police officer did was get off, go up on the curb and bend down and tie his shoes which had come undone. I breathed a sigh of relief, remade my U turn and went back the way I had come.

David and I went to a house and went upstairs. There I was given a gold key, which was the key to Hanover Park. (That's the last place Edward (my second ex-husband) got a drunk driving ticket). Just as I was leaving, the police officer arrived. I was holding a bright red petticoat in my hands. I was afraid he would think I was a prostitute so I rolled it up and tried to hide it under my right arm. but he wasn't paying attention to me. He arrested someone else and I slipped outside to my blue delivery van with my gold key.


11-25-89 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. I knew Edward (my second ex-husband) was coming home after he had been seeing his old girlfriend. I had been doing some secret work and I knew he wasn't going to like it, so when he came in the door, I was prepared to run. He had already taken my wallet and keys the day before, so I grabbed my white shoes and I bolted for the door and ran out and down the street to save my skin.


12-4-89 Dream: I was in a class on the third floor. An energy was sent out in the form of an arrow. The arrow got stolen by the enemy. This was sexually oriented. I had to hide my feelings because my father was expected any moment. I decided to join in the hunt for the arrow. My cousin Paul was one of the searchers and I fell in love with him. We were dancing together and kissing. It felt so sweet to feel the love between us. But the music changed to rock and roll and Paul couldn't rock and roll and he fell down.

Then the energy came to the house and I decided I as going to be brave and try to get the arrow back that contained the sexual energy. I walked with the man to where the lockers were. He said that it was hidden in locker 15. He opened the locker with the key. He reached into the locker and laughed as he took out a steel case with another lock on it. He threw away the key to locker 15 into the grass. When he wasn't looking I picked up the key and hid it in the pocket of my blue robe I was wearing. We walked along together and we were noticing that we were attracted to each other. We stopped walking and stood looking into each other's eyes. I said that it seemed that we were very compatible and it was a shame that we couldn't be together because we were on opposite sides of the fence. (That meant that he was negative/magnetic and I was positive/electric)


12-19-89 - DREAM - I went to the bank, driving a violet colored car. I went inside but couldn't get waited on. There were about 10 empty check-out counters between me and the clerk. When I got up to the counter, all I had was the key to the car. I felt very insecure not having a purse with me, which was blue. I asked for 5 penny wrappers which were red and white.

A grocery store was at the back of the bank and they bragged about how fast you could buy something, but then you had to stand in line to pay for it.

The bank clerk was so busy, she never got back to me, so I left, seeing that my standing in line had backed up hundreds of people who needed to do business too. They opened up a new window to accommodate them.

I went back outside to my car which was parked in a special spot facing to the right, but when I wanted to get in, it would elude me. Then my daughter came and said that my son had taken it to empty the trash.

Then we got in it and laughed because we had eluded the lion that was prowling around outside.


1-22-90 - DREAM - I was taking over as Manager of a large apartment complex. It was well built all except for the middle of the building. It was old and looked out of place. It resembled the old Italian house in my 16th St. neighborhood. I looked at it and considered that one day it might be removed and replaced with a more modern building.

I went to get the key to my office. It had a special lock on it and the key was hidden. I found the key but was unable to use it at the moment.

Evelyn (my neighbor) came along. She was moving out but refused to leave. She parked her car in the middle of the driveway and refused to move it and no one else could get in or out. I became angry and demanded that an older woman who was in charge of other check-in and check-out desk call the police to have Evelyn removed. The woman didn't want to so I fired her on the spot. That made others upset too and we all ended up angry.


3-28-90 - DREAM - I was at my New Berlin house. My husband and I were arguing over the ownership of my car. He said that if I wanted to drive it, I had to pay him $1,000. I told him that the car was a piece of trash and I would give him no $1,000. Also, I told him that a husband and wife didn't have to buy cars from each other. He argued that the car needed about $1,000 worth of work, the left door handle was missing and the door was hard to close from inside. There was no windshield. He had to go to court with someone else over some driving incident. I went along and was afraid to say that I was going to be driving the car because he had thrown the key at me earlier and I caught it.

When we left, there were dozens of black and white kittens in the yard and I told the kids to be sure to take one home. They assured me that there was one hidden in the dashboard glove box already and showed it to me. I wanted all of them.  I began driving home down Calhoun Rd, but there were people in the road obstructing traffic.


8-17-90 - MEDITATION - I called the Pope and Holy Christ.

A voice said, "I have a Master lock and it is silver."

I saw a magazine rack full of magazines. A voice said, "Would you call?"

I saw two sets of keys. One was my own ring of apartment keys. The other was a set of two keys.

I asked, "What is going to happen on August 30th?"

I saw a newspaper. A voice said, "I alter the statement."

I saw a woman dressed in dark blue going from left to right. She was very happy. The voice again said, "I alter the statement."

Another voice said, "It is quiet in here." It felt like a bedroom and I saw two large dressers.

I saw a square white wooden leg of furniture. The bottom edge was chipped out and there was a gold key above it.

A voice said, "This is an extremely valuable piece of information."

Another voice said, "She didn't realize she didn't win!"

I saw a drawing of a dinosaur with a figure like Barney Rubble in front of it.

I again asked, "What is going to happen on August 30th?"

I saw a naked woman, like a Playboy picture.

I saw a stubby fat pencil and somebody was laughing and said, "Okay!"

A man named Mark said, "I called you last night. I called you at 800!"

I saw a blinding sun beaming up through a dark crevice that was opening up.

A voice said, "We need to change your luggage rack. We need to see your vehicle."


8-18-90 - MEDITATION - I heard a female voice say, "You need to go to a different specialist than the one you are going to now."

I called the Master Ruby and saw her coming down the hall towards me.

I heard an angry male voice say, "We are taking steps to rip it apart."

I saw Ruby making an adjustment with a key or hairpin in a lock.

A voice said, "He is such an idiot!" I saw a person covered with a quilted blanket. (A protective covering.)

A voice said, "He's broken up several times in the last few years. Beautiful moments!"

I saw a beautiful park setting with a bright sun shining.

I heard a voice ask, "Are there any connections?" I saw a man with white shoes. He walked all around a large object. He said, "No I don't see any!"


8-22-90 - DREAM - I was in my apartment cleaning it up. A man was in the bedroom sleeping. My ex-husband walked in unannounced to bring me some things that I thought I had stashed in the closet. I grabbed them to put them in the hallway so I could get him out quickly and so he wouldn't see the man in the bedroom, but suddenly the man walked out into the room too. Then I saw that we had a newborn baby and he was perched in his carrier on the edge of the sofa. While I was trying to deal with the anxiety of this, a young man appeared in the doorway asking to see an apartment and several other men were out in the hallway arguing over who was the manager. I grabbed my key ring to run out into the hallway and claim myself as manager and let the men work out their own problems. On my key ring was a wooden spoon and a meat mallet. I took these off the key ring before I went out to claim my position.


8-30-90 - DREAM - I went into labor and delivered a new baby, but nobody noticed, so I hung white newborn baby shoes over the stairway, leading to the basement. I thought about hanging keys there, but they would have hit people in the head, and that wasn't the effect I wanted.

I was given a promotion in my job and was moving into a huge office. I wanted the sun, the window and the door all in line and when they recarpeted it, I wanted real wall to wall carpeting, not inlaid.

I made a phone call to someone I used to know who moved to Colorado. I asked how they happened to end up there. The woman said that they had gotten a job with W. company and when it folded, they all stayed there.
(I don't know what the W company was)


9-14-90 - DREAM - There were four sets of keys on my desk from 67 to 71. Then I went dancing with 4 people and had to comb my hair. It was short on top and a little longer in the back.


5-5-91 Dream: I was in a big city and a man came to town. I was attracted to him and afraid of him at the same time. He walked by me and didn't even say "Hello!" I watched him as he went to the top of a high hill where an immense official building stood. It was the library. He had the key to the front door and it was his job to open it every day. I climbed the hill to be near him. We sat side by side, not speaking, but so attracted to one another. I had to touch him. It was a thrill just to touch our arms and thighs together. A narrator (The dream voice) spoke and said, "And they moved south and lived happily ever after."

NOTE: I think this was Joe.  We didn't meet until July of 1997


1-8-92 - ASTRAL EXPERIENCE: I was laying on the couch at 6 a.m. resting. At some point, I couldn't figure out if I was awake or asleep. My front door was wide open and the girls next door were talking and giggling, getting up for work. A door into the next apartment was open and I could hear more giggling and talking. Some people came into my apartment. One of the women was in labor and they took over my bedroom until it was time to go to the hospital. Some men came to help me arrange my plants because they were overgrown and needed watering.

Then I went into a dream and I was walking East down Wisconsin Ave., hand in hand with my little daughter. We were headed for the lake. I decided that it would be faster if we took the bus. But I had no money with me. I decided to go back home and get my money, but I didn't have my key and I couldn't remember where I lived. I was now on 9th St. by the courthouse.

My daughter and I crawled under a triangular shaped shelter put up by some window company and sat down to figure out what do do. My daughter got afraid because she saw some black and white dogs coming. I looked and the dogs were mostly white, but big. The second one was all white except for a pale grey ruff and she had come looking for her little puppy which was right by our door.

Some women came along who I had known in the past. One of them carried a rental agreement signed by me. She was so happy to see me that she introduced me to her friends.

Then I was told that I was by Old St. Mary's church. There was some kind of doings going on right behind me with a clown and a lot of people. I heard some bells ring, then the people all left and there was a pile of jewelry left behind right next to me in the grass. There was diamond encrusted crosses, necklaces made of hundreds of pearls and gold. People handed them to me and my daughter.


2-11-92 - DREAM - I was walking around out in New Berlin with flower pots embedded in my knees with hundreds of plant growing in them. I didn't think that was unusual until I noticed that other women weren't like that. They had smooth knees and beautiful legs.

A car went by with four young guys and they whistled at me, so I knew that my legs weren't ugly. My daughter said that she knew those guys and they had a speed boat and a red motorcycle and someday she was going to get rides from them. I told her, "You already did, don't you remember?"

Then a woman from my house gave me a gold key and told me that at a certain time, a phone call was going to come in to the house across the street and I was supposed to go across the street, open the door, answer the phone, and tell the people what was going on with their house while they were out of town.

I took the key, and headed for the door. I was barefoot and still had the flower pots embedded in my knees full of plants. The other woman started to follow me. I said, "What! Is the whole world going with me?"  They said, "No! Just us!"

I continued across the street, but didn't go into the house. I met some other people on the street. One woman said that she wanted to go next door where they were having an open house. It was a school. I went with her and saw that they were teaching, not regular education classes, but management courses, self-esteem courses, self-improvement classes. I was walking up and down the aisles, looking at the displays and hoping that nobody recognized me, because I knew all the teachers.  I had a small notebook in my hand, and on the first page was written a note..."Point Five: Winter Depression." I thought to myself, "Maybe I should take a class."

I sat on a chair with the other woman, looking at my knees and thinking that I should pull out all the plants as I would like to be like everybody else and sign up for a class. I walked around to the other aisle to pick out a class, but they had put everything away for the day and it was too late. I went and sat down on the chair next to the woman again. It was 5 o'clock p.m. and I'd have to wait another day.

Then my painter from my real physical life apartment building came in, hollering and protesting, "They made me come here and I didn't want to. They'd better make this worthwhile."

I woke up to find out it was exactly  5 a.m.

NOTE:  This painter who always wore all white shows up in a lot of my dreams. He is symbolic.


2-24-92 - DREAM - I was given these numbers on a thin malleable piece of plastic. The numbers were 18, 30, 32, and 54.

NOTE:  These numbers are Gematrian, which I did not hear of until 1997.

Two  times 54 = 108 which in myths and religions means in India with the 108 names of the Gods. 18 times 32 = 576 which means "Prophecy and Gospel" in Gematrian numbers. 18 times 30 = 540 a base 10 harmonic of 5400 which indicates the location of the Sphinx in the work of Carl Munck.   32 is associated with the Sephirotic Tree of Life, 10 circles + 22 paths = 32.  The Masons also use this number as their highest degree.  In the Book of Knowledge - Keys of Enoch , J.J. Hurtak states that 32 is the number of chemical building blocks in the human body associated with Lak Boymer, (the 33rd degree) and The Pillar of Light. The Lak Boymer exemplifies the initiation with the twenty-two letters of the Divine signature in the mathematical construction of Exodus 33:22. (Key 206: 52)  The 32 is the stage prior to the transformation; Jesus manifested the Christ in his 33rd year. (Key  206: 54)


3-19-92 - DREAM - I was in my garage. I had a big white car and the keys to drive. I wanted to drive it out of the garage, but the right rear wheel was missing.


3-21-92 - DREAM - I was in a two story house somewhere. I don't know if it was a vacation place or a stopover place, but changes were made there and choices were made there and I helped others to do that. I was in charge of the keys for some reason and I was told to give Edward (my second husband) a key to the upstairs apartment where another family lived. He was supposed to be helping them do something.

I was downstairs cutting the key and I had the basic key made, but it had to have some other cuts made in it too. I gave him the basic key and asked him to try the key to make sure that it opened the door and if it did, to bring it back and I would put the special cuts into it.

He took the key upstairs and opened the door, so I knew the key worked, but the people inside were so anxious to have him there that they swarmed around him in welcome and didn't let him come back for the special cuts.

I wanted to tell them that they didn't know what he was really like and I wanted to stay behind and make sure that he did all right and didn't hurt them, but I had to leave and get on with my life. I was told that I had to leave.

Emotionally, I wanted to stay and watch so I'd know if it turned out, but I couldn't. My Father (unseen) came to get me and I had to go with him.


3-22-92 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building on 13th and Center Streets. I went over to 12th and Center street to help out there for a few minutes. While I was there, ideas were coming to me to hire another person just to clean apartments and do gardening, so I could just walk around my building and supervise what was going on rather than doing hands-on labor.

The woman who managed the 12th and Center building came back and  I gave her keys and I got up to leave. I was so drained of energy that my eyes were crossing and I could hardly see to cross the street to get back to my own place on 13th and Center.

I gave my keys to a young boy who put them in a chest pocket of his brown overalls to guard them and get them back home safely.

I crossed the street and sat down at a picnic table because I couldn't see to go any farther. I opened up a notebook to write down the ideas I had gotten on 12th street, but my white pen was dry and wouldn't write.

Suddenly Alice and TM were behind me. TM was pressed up against my back with his hands on my shoulders directing energy into my body. Alice stood off to his right.

I was trying to draw a straight line down the page, but the pen wouldn't make any marks at all. Alice advised that I keep trying.

I gave up trying to make the pen write and tried to put the cap on the pen, but I was still too tired. I couldn't get the two pieces to meet because my eyes kept crossing.

Then TM moved his hands so they cupped my face, with the fingers around my jaw and his thumbs in front of my ears to give me energy. Just that suddenly, I had great energy again and I put my left hand up to cover TMs left hand. I told him that my energy was back and he replied, "The body is an amazing instrument."

At that moment, I saw my friend David's son laying on the lawn to my right, looking very sad and I knew that the boy had no one to love him. I playfully scratched his arm and patted the spot and it brought a smile to his face.

At that moment, I discovered that I was no longer holding TM's hand but the hand of the small boy I had given my keys to, to guard.  TM and Alice were gone.

I then saw my friend Irv standing up on the stoop next to my door to my building and the two boys and I went up the stairs to greet Irv.


3-29-92 - DREAM - I was in a town I didn't recognize, but I knew the people. It could have been a place like Elgin, IL. My co-worker and friend Norbie was supposed to pick me up from work and take me to a class, but I was really tired and I decided I would go straight home.

I saw an ad in the newspaper for the car I was going to buy. It was a 1981 Dodge _____. That was what the key was that fit the ignition. I asked my locksmith Randy, the minister, to fit new keys for it, and a Chevrolet Cavalier, and Ford Thunderbird keys also fit the car.

I knew that everyone was going to be surprised when they found out that it was bright red.


4-16-92 - DREAM - I was in a big courtroom and there were many judges or officials there up in front Lyndon Baines Johnson came in and LBJ kissed him full on the mouth like he was in love with him. He asked me to do something for him I had  silver key and let myself into the back room which was a long hallway behind the podium. There was a young man sitting on a chair back there waiting for LBJ. I just got out of there as qiuck as I could.


9-6-93 - DREAM - I was at a school watching many airplanes flying low over the building. I felt a nudge on my elbow and said to a man that it seemed that an airplane flew so low it hit my elbow. The man said, "It did."  It just crashed into the back of the building. Fortunately, the people were just shook up. Nobody got hurt.

I wanted to go look for myself so I headed that direction. I ended up going into a school bus and discovered that a man was siphoning gasoline fuel from the bus to put into his own bus.

He told me I had better leave because if it got too full and it exploded it would be terrible. So, I got away from there as fast as I could. However, I didn't get too far and discovered I had forgotten to take my keys with me. I headed back towards the school bus knowing I was risking a big explosion to get my keys, but I couldn't go where I needed to go without my keys.


10-12-93 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house. I was going to drive my children somewhere in my light blue car, but my mother took the keys. I chased after her to get the keys, meanwhile the car was driving itself to where I wanted to go.  I got the keys from my mother and ran after the car. I was amazed but it managed to make all the turns and corner and park itself where I wanted it to go. I was very happy about it.


10-22-93 - DREAM - I was working in a house/apartment complex, keeping track of people and their problems. I was awarded 2 construction tiles which gave me a total of 17. Twenty were required to begin construction projects.

I could see from my window the school and playground where my children were. They had two little black puppies and their mother. My kids were all huddled together being mean to the mother dog while the two puppies were chained under a bench. I saw them lift her up by one leg and one ear and I became irate. I hollered out the window at them to stop, but I had to walk all the way around the block to where they were.

In the meantime, a man who had just arrived and wanted to get cozy, I had to tell him to wait for me that I'd be right back. By the time I got back from the school, the man was busy doing something else.  I saw three men coming up the sidewalk. They each had a gift for someone. They had no key to get into the building. I was tired from my walk around the block and my disappointment in losing the opportunity with the man, so I said, "I don't get paid enough for this." And I didn't want to go to the door to open it for the men to find out who they wanted to see.


8-5-94 - DREAM - I started to work in a new business just opening up. It was a real estate office. I sat down at a desk and the boss gave me a set of keys. These were all new desks, nothing had ever been used before. I opened the desk drawer and it was full of packages of cookies. Every drawer was full of packages of cookies. I looked over at my new boss and his desk was full of cookies and he was eating them as fast as he could.


9-24-94 - DREAM - I was in the backyard of my 16th St. house. There was a lot of water from melting snow around the yard, so I had to find the easiest way through it to get to the front door. I went around to the front and saw that my Father's car was parked out in front and it wasn't locked. I went up the front stairs and saw that the front door was unlocked and that there was a copy of Reader's Digest on a little table by the door. I picked up the magazine and took it inside with me. My Mother was there. I said, "Did you know that Father's car is parked outside and it is not locked? She handed me something metal that was silver and said, "Go ahead and drive it, because if you don't, the black people will."  She said, "The key hole is 14" deep and all they have is one 7" and you know that Sears only makes house keys."


2-14-94 - DREAM - I was shown a newspaper and how to look for a job in the classified ads. Then they gave me a silver key that would guarantee me a job.


12-12-94 - DREAM - I just got a new job at A-C in Purchasing and my job was to buy gravel. I met two men there whom I knew worked upstairs and wondered if they recognized me from when I worked there before.

I went to my rom and they followed me. The one man pulled out a brilliant blue saxophone. He gave me the key to it. The key was unusual in that it was long and circular ... more like a vending machine key. I closed the door to the room because they were going to play it. Both men tried but could get no sound out of it since September and couldn't make it sound out. I suggested he pucker his lips more.

The two men took the saxophone into the closet and the other man was going to try to blow it. The other man closed the door to the closet and tried blowing it but I could hear nothing. The men were unsuccessful and came back out of the closet.

I still had the key in my hand but it now looked like a set of bull's horns. They were silver. I tossed the key back to the man and said, "This belongs to you," and the two men left.

NOTE: Since I have the trumpets locked in my astral safe, I questioned whether I should blow the first one.  So I meditated on it.

MEDITATION:  Q. Should I blow the first trumpet?

A. The voice said: "The trumpet should be blown on the 2nd Saturday after the 1st of the year. It will be blown by the man with the saxophone. He has the saxophone and the key.

The blue saxophone is not connected to the trumpets locked in the safe. This dream was given to awaken your awareness that the time is coming soon for this to take place."


1-4-95 - DREAM - Nancy F.'s mother gave me the key to Nancy's house. However, I could not go in through the front door. There was a flap on the roof I had to lift up and go down through the roof into the house.

Note: Nancy has been deceased since we were 29 - That was 1966. Nancy and I were best friends and had a big psychic connection with each other. I had several dreams about her over the years since her death.


1-16-95 - DREAM  - I left my husband and moved into a big white house on a hill. My husband was roughing up the guy who was helping me, but I tried to calm him down and told him there was nothing going on between us.

I didn't have any furniture when I moved, so local people were bringing me things ... furniture, dishes, etc. When they arrived, I asked my husband for the keys. The keys were all very old, like skeleton keys. (One of them was turned up on the end like T.M. described last week, and two were very sharp and pointed like swords) There were at least 5 keys.


3-25-95 - MEDITATION: This was an experiment to go on a time track to 2/24 between 1 to 2 a.m. with T.M. to see his black book, page 54 and see if I could read it.

I saw a 3 ring binder open - nothing on the page.
I saw his safe with the keys in the door.
I thought I saw a black book on edge.

I quit the experiment maybe too soon.


4-24-96 - DREAM - I was with my ex-husband Jim. We were either married and getting ready to get divorced or already divorced. He was getting ready to leave and I would be left behind. We had not finished what we had set out to do and all through the dream I kept getting flashes of 3 colored forms in a cabinet up high. They were not human forms, but blobs of colored shapes, one brown, one blue, and one sort of salmon pink. Each colored shape was made up of like building blocks but they were fluid and we had to consume fluids like liquor (spirit)  to keep these colors balanced and have them not go all one way or the other into one color.

Jim and I were discussing canning tomatoes. He said he didn't have time to can them this year and had assigned that job to a younger man. He was driving me home before he left and we were driving through tomato sauce which was on the road trying to avoid obstacles in the road or sliding off the edge.

This changed to us crawling up a steep hill full of tomato sauce and I was pushing a jar ahead of me in the sauce until it was full.  We got to the top of the hill which is where I lived. The telephone was ringing and I had to listen carefully to see which line was ringing. I went over to the side to answer the phone but they had just hung up. There was a gold earring hanging where the red light had been. I noted I was just in time to watch "One Life to Live" and I turned it on, but got interrupted. Jim left I and I was left alone to clean up the kitchen, but I knew those colored life forms had to be balanced and that was the key issue.


6-15-96 - DREAM - I was in a school with an acquaintance from a couple years ago. She wasn't paying attention to her daughter who was about 4 years old. She left, so I took the little girl by the hand and went to a shopping center. When we got there, some young woman grabbed the little girls other hand and took her into a ladies dressing room. A couple minutes later, they brought her back out with her face all made up. To me, she looked like a little prostitute and in my mind I remembered how pretty her face had been when it was clean and her mothers face too without makeup.  I took her home then and on the way met another young girl I had known 15 years ago.  I went home with her and when we said goodbye, I hugged her to tell her I loved her and she said the same back to me.

I still wanted to go shopping but I couldn't find my keys in my pockets. I said I had to go home and get my keys. On the way out the door I spotted her keys on the floor. They were brown keys and wrapped together with a rubber band. Instead of giving them to her, I surreptitiously put them in my own pocket so I'd have them if I wanted to get back in.

I went home to get my keys and met two other young women. We agreed to go shopping together. I wanted to get some brown loafers at the shoe store and one other thing. (I can't remember what) We started off towards the mall and I walked ahead of them walking much faster than them. I realized I should have waited for them. As I walked quickly, my chest started to feel uncomfortable to the point I had to stop walking completely because I was getting scared of the feeling.

NOTE: I woke up to feel my heart beating wildly and my ears heard a rushing sound inside of me and I was hot and weird feeling. In my ears I could hear two different heartbeats. One beat was really fast and one beat was normal. One ventricle was either fluttering or beating very fast. A voice in my head  said it was beating at 115. The other part was beating at about 70. (I think the fast beat was more like 150)  I rolled over in bed a couple times to force my heart to beat faster and the beat normalized again.


11-8-96 - DREAM - I was working as an apartment manager somewhere new that I've never seen before. They gave me the keys and I went to look to see what they had in the office supply closet which was locked. I opened it and was thrilled to see how much stuff that was in it. I went outside then where a rummage sale had just concluded. There were three bins of stuff left, one of which was full of decks of cards, some regular and some with fancy pictures on the back. All this was scheduled to be thrown away. Since I had collected these pictures all my life, I wanted these cards desperately. I went to get 4 brown paper grocery bags to carry them in. I was feeling a twinge of guilt even though they were gong to throw them away. I went over to where my huge white truck was packed to travel west in. I asked the man in charge of the rummage sale if he would assist me in making room inside the truck to pack these cards in. On the back left of the truck were stacks of empty bins which he moved out of the way to make room for the cards to fit in.


12/5/96 - DREAM - My friend Alice came to visit me with her new baby at my apartment downtown. I wanted her to see my new apartment in New Berlin, so we got into my new Maroon Station Wagon and I drove uphill to the new place. I noticed that it was hard to drive the car because sometimes I forgot I was the driver, and sometimes I was looking at the car and what it was doing from a long distance behind the car. I was never actually in the driver's seat. Alice was! We got to my new place and I got out my keys which were silver. There were several of them. I wasn't sure which one to use, so I put one in the lock. The lock opened but the key promptly broke off. I had both pieces but I knew I had to go to the manager's office and have it replaced. I let Alice into the apartment and I went over to the manager's apartment which was #315. Mine was #10. I thought about volunteering to help our on Sunday mornings if they would want to go to church, but then remembered that Ralph might show up and wouldn't like it.

I went back to the door of my apartment and saw that there was a surveillance camera on the front door to see what was going on at all times.

I still had to get my key duplicated by the manager when I remembered that I hadn't brought my 2 month old baby with me. He was so quiet that I had completely forgotten to get him up and feed him. I was totally stressed out and knew I had to go get him. I decided that Alice could stay in my apartment and I'd go get the baby. I could hear her talking on the phone anyway.

All of a sudden I realized that I had just had a new baby yesterday and I hadn't fed that one either. Both the babies were in their cribs sleeping and neither of them had been fed. Now I was in a panic and hysterical that my children were neglected and unfed. I started to cry because I was such a bad mother and I woke up crying.


12-11-96 - DREAM - I got called on the carpet for frequent absence from work for my new boss. I cannot come up with a name for him though he could have been the Eckankar head man.  (Harold Klemp)

The woman who was interrogating me I thought was trying to make the moves on my boss like she wanted him for herself. I cannot think of a name for her either.

What went through my mind was totally different than what I said. When I worked for the old boss, I worked from 5:30 in the morning until 10:30 p.m. at night but I worked mostly on Conscious Development stuff.

For the new boss I did next to nothing.  I rarely came to work. I had a hard time making the transition between bosses.  But I said to the woman, "Hugh was so good to me."  (Probably is  HU which means the Divine High God)  

"I was so spoiled. My new boss gives me tons of work to do, I don't know where he is getting it from, cleaning out the drawers or something."  She got a big smile on her face when I said, "Hugh was so good to me."  She didn't hear anything else I said.

I left then and got a ride in the bosses car to go somewhere. I was really nervous and scared, but I knew if I stretched out my legs and pointed my toes a certain way and always turned right, I'd be fine.

I noticed too, a long white car pulled into the driveway and thought the name Gene and I wanted to be there but kept going anyway.

I also was going to ride home with someone in a smaller white car yet and I had forgotten my brief case to take work home with me. I checked the ignition and saw no keys there, but I didn't want to lock myself out of the car so left the seat belt dangle out the door so I could get back in when I came back.


12-20-96 - DREAM - I arrived in a new town , at a new school where I was going to live also. My class was supposed to start at 7 p.m. but that time rolled around and I hadn't found my apartment yet. I was supposed to be in room 25.

I found the room door sandwiched between a phone booth and a stairway to the basement. I had a very narrow door.

I opened my purse to find the key and there were so many keys on various rings.  I had to search through them to find the right one. I knew  I would recognize it because it was extra large and bright gold. Three mailbox keys were attached. They were dull gray.

I went to the room, put the key in the door and turned it. The door opened but there was someone already in the room. The girl apologized and showed me her key. We were both apologetic and realized we had identical keys for two different rooms. She had already moved in so she suggested that I take her room. I cross the hall to find room 20. It had a huge picture window and a door wide enough to drive a car through. It was all nicely furnished. I agreed to stay there instead and a man in a hotel garb (like the Phillip Morris commercial guy) brought in a huge TV antenna from the other room that was supposed to be mine. I was very concerned that I was late for class and that I was the only one late, but these other people were seen wandering around as well and I didn't feel so bad.


1-23-97 - DREAM - I was in my apartment building. I left my apartment to go help someone. While I was out of my apartment, my clothes started to fall off until I was left with just a white lace top over black underwear. I got back to my apartment remembering I had left without my keys. When I got there, I was surprised to find the door was open and a crew of people were inside remodeling. They were replastering, painting, and moving things around. I couldn't find my clothes, so I decided to put on my husband's work clothes.


1-24-97 - DREAM - A master came to me to ask me if I would like him teach me some things that were necessary to survive some specific situations in life. I said that I would. He told me that he would test me as we went along to see if I understood how they worked. I agreed to that. This man was short and fairly ugly with yellow-brown skin, no hair on his head, sort of oriental looking, though not slant-eyed, so I'd say he was from Tibet. I do not recall if he told me his name or not. He promised me that the tests would be tough and they were because the tests involved emotion.

To begin the lessons, he had me sit in a straight backed chair, and he stood next to me facing a blank wall. He stood next to me and put his head against mind, temple to temple. He was on my right. The visions began immediately in my head although they appeared to be printed clearly on the wall as well. I was able to manipulate keys on the wall that had arrows on them in order to go forward or backward or to repeat a lesson, like using a mouse on a computer screen.

As ugly as the man was, I began to feel tremendous love for him, so much so that I wanted to be with him the rest of my life. He showed me the remedy for this, to produce separation, and have mastership of my own person, to visualize a red explosive device in front of me which I had to detonate and blow him up completely vaporize him. The test was to use this device despite the tremendous love I felt. This was extremely difficult to do because of the love, but I knew it was a test and even fearing that he would not be able to complete all of the lessons and to lose him forever, I visualized the explosive device, shook my head, and I blew him up vaporizing him. He instantly disappeared and the love feelings for him were gone ... he had created them in me. He instantly disappeared. I felt no connection to him, nor desired to be with him. I was free of the emotion.

He reappeared in the next moment, praising me for going through with the test, knowing how difficult it had been. He showed me other manipulations including financial. To create more money, to visualize a dollar sign with an arrow on the right which increased the size of the dollar sign deliberately creating larger and larger amounts of income.

The final lesson was for protection of my astral body from other entities. To protect yourself from harm from an astral entity, you merely have to visualize a blue cloud around yourself, surrounding yourself so that it looks like fog. You can make this cloud as large as you like. It makes you invisible to them so they can't harm you in any way. I practiced making myself invisible in this way and it worked perfectly. Nobody could see me.

If you are invisible, nobody can cord you, come into your aura or possess you, or whatever, They cannot see you, therefore cannot harm you. You can make the cloud just large enough to make yourself invisible on a city street, or you can make the cloud large enough to fill a whole room and include everyone in the room to render them invisible too.



7 23-97. This occurred after we met on-line but before we met in person.

Dee777: Hi Sweetheart.  What a night

JMason4557: good morning. How'd it go?

Dee777: I woke up saying, "We're never going to have another peaceful night are we? "   It was incredible

JMason4557: What does it mean?

Dee777: what does fractal mean? I haven't written down the dream I just woke up from.

JMason4557: It is form the new science of Chaos theory. It's about repeating patterns across scales...the way many things are... It has important symbolism too. You should write it down now, so you don't forget anything.

Dee777: I wrote down the fractal part.

JMason4557: Good. There was a dream with it?

Dee777: Geeze yes! What a night. let me start. I'll skip the first vision and go right to the dream. I heard a voice say, "I thought we were going to be alone," then I saw a fountain in a pool, then I saw the earth as a ball whoosh up the fountain to the top where it exploded in a zillion pieces. I heard the words "fractal images" and each piece of the earth came down and became a window casing with glass in it. Each window was going to be presented to me to look at separately.

I went into another dream where you and I were in a house/hospital sort of place. It was old and there was an operating room. I was sitting in a chair that was a half circle with a railing around it made out of wood and I was in a hallway. A young man was there I would say about 12 and he was asked to watch a light fixture to keep his eye on it so to speak. because it was sparking, the woman there was going to hand him a key in case something went wrong, because there was a large chest there ... sort of like an ice chest.

But the young man had to go to the bathroom so bad, he couldn't stand still, so I took the key and watched the light fixture for him, a nurse came by and asked where the boy was and I explained the situation and she was very upset. She expected the young boy to do as he was told and not walk away, however, the light fixture began to SMOKE. All the other people in the place saw the sparking and smoking and began to walk outside quietly and deliberately trying not to fan the sparks into fire. I took my half round chair outside with me, and sat in the yard and you were standing by my shoulder, we watched as the house/hospital went up in flames, There was a black woman watching us as I was sitting in the chair. I said I felt "loopy" which to me meant exhausted or something like that, I was half laying down in the chair, and watching that black woman watching us. and I said, "we're never going to have another peaceful night are we?" You said, "You can feel loopy all you want, I'll be here,"

JMason4557: Oh Darling...it is all involved with my material. It is about the nature of creation and about the Great Change. ...more..the computer you are going inside is in my head, and in the spirit world of knowledge.

Dee777: WOW!

JMason4557: I wish I could explain it all now, but its too much. I will be telling you.

Dee777: ok. let me tell you my vision.

JMason4557: Yes, please.

Dee777: I was laying on the bed thinking about traveling to California for a vacation and driving up the coast, when a woman came and sat down on the bed with me, She appeared on my right side. She reached over to her right with her hand, and brought back a round crystal ball about an inch or more in diameter. It was sort of a crystal green. There was either a protrusion coming down from it or that was a shaft of light. She said, "What is this for? Self-protection? She flipped it over so the ball was still in her palm, but the protrusion/shaft of light went up through her fingers, She said, "This is the way you hold it to use it." As she faded from view, I felt a loud hum in my left ear and the blinds rattled,

JMason4557: Wow! What do you think it means?

Dee777: I don't know, but maybe I should look for a crystal ball like that.

JMason4557: Yes. Good idea. Can you tell me what the black woman in the dream looked like?

Dee777: Hmmm! I would say she was in her 30's or 40's. maybe about 5'5 of 5'6. Just a regular black person, normal weight .

JMason4557: Pretty? Do you remember her clothing?

Dee777: I don't recall anything special about her. No , she wasn't pretty ... very plain I would say. Short knee length dress, dark colored. Her hair was short ... I think with pickininy type braids or those braids they wear now ... about 3 inches long I think .

JMason4557: I think she is the Mother Goddess in this time cycle, like Kali has been appearing as a black woman.

Dee777: She was sitting quite a distance away watching me. She didn't mind that I was feeling loopy either. What a dumb word. I've got the key to the blue chest .

JMason4557: In my writing about the Tree of Life, I used some quotes about the Dark Sterile Mother," and how it relates to the change, and the idea of Kether moving into Daath.

Dee777: what about the light fixture smoking and the house burning up? It was an old house...like built in the 20's or earlier. tall with an attic. It feels like we were going to rebuild the house.

JMason4557: I think it is about the earth change. The house is the earth...the physical reality. Each person's "house" will be burned by fire...but the new reality will replace it. It is a symbolism for the change.

Dee777: good

JMason4557: Yes, we are the "builders," co-creators. Yes...good.

Dee777: we were just watching it happen. There was no sad emotion with it. It was almost like it was inevitable.

JMason4557: Yes...it is wonderfully good. I am sending a fractal.

Dee777: good. I watched the people in the operating room walking out...they didn't want to fan the sparks into flames. There were two women there who put on pink jackets which had white sort of striping but the stripes weren't even in width..kind of wavy striping. They dressed identical to each other. They looked like twins.

JMason4557: That fits too.

Dee777: They moved slowly but deliberately ...slowly Does that make sense?

JMason4557: Yes.Please look at the fractal now.

Mandelbrot Set Formation (jpg)

JMason4557: Then go here:

Dee777: I've got a painting on my web page that looks like that but it's got butterflies painted on it. It's gorgeous. I put it on both web sites.

Dee777: okay. so what exactly is fractal again?

JMason4557: The "Butterfly Effect" is part of fractal/chaos theory, and very symbolic...and about Transformation. I'm sending another picture.

JMason4557: Carlson's Fractal Gallery (3-D Looking)

Roger Hamstra's Silk Purse Graphics: Fractals

Dee777: I fell in love with it the instant I saw it.

JMason4557: Look at these later. The star?

Dee777: These are gorgeous The mandelbrot. They used a word in my dream that I didn't even know. Interesting.

JMason4557: There was an 8 foot circle out along a tram line in the formation. I had started to write about the symbolism of the Mandelbrot and Chaos theory 13 months before the formation appeared.

Dee777: who created the Mandelbrot in the first place, Honey?

JMason4557: The 8 foot circle in a computer-generated Mandelbrot is out along the "tip" or projection. In my speculations, that represented the planet earth. A coincidence had happened where a similar shape was formed by something dropped into water...it formed a similar pattern, with a single round drop of water up in the air..like the earth was in your dream.

Dee777: yes! that's it.

JMason4557: After the crop formation appeared, I remembered that I had made a printout of that area some years before. I found it...it was the picture I sent of the star. It is the Unity Star, and was associated with Horus and Bel Marduke, who were sons in trinities. It was also associated with Apollo. Another speculation is that it is associated with the worship of the scarab beetle. It is shaped like the body of the mandelbrot. It rolls a ball of mud around, and plants its seed therein, as the Creator rolls the earth around with the Cosmic Seed of Man. Hon, gotta go now.

Dee777: ok sweetie. have a wonderful day.

JMason4557: Benoit Mandelbrot discovered the pattern through using his intuition. The crop formation appeared near where he went to college, on August 11, 1991. The eclipse of 1999 will be on that day. Bye honey. XXX

Dee777: Bye. Love you! XXXX

JMason4557: I love you too. XXXX see ya tonight.

Dee777: ok! XXX

JMason4557: X bye


7-31-97 - Vision: I was given key number 5 to apartment #145.


8-5-97 - Meditation: I wanted to go to the high mental Akasha ... past. I got there and a black skinned man with a young black baby met me. I said, "Oh! I forgot to call Babaji." He said, "You are confused today." He sat the boy down on the floor and moved off towards my left. I then called Babaji and asked to go to the Akasha ... past. This time a small, dark haired woman wearing dark lensed glasses, which was sitting in a wheelchair, appeared in front of me. I could see a narrow flowered border on the wall next to the ceiling in the room. She was very distressed. She said, "Oh! I didn't know you intended to go there. (I had actually only decided on the spur of the moment). She tried to reach out to stop me and fell out of her wheelchair onto the floor. I tried again to go to the Akasha  ... past and this time, I was prevented from going there by someone hanging a white sheet in front of me. I could see their fingertips holding up the sheet.

I took a break to get rid of the interference. I went back and went to the 7th soul level and then came back down to the mental. Babaji opened the door to the Akashic Library with a key and we went inside. I saw him scamper off to the right, ahead of me. I asked who Joe was at the time of Christ. Babaji said, "He used to work for him you know." I said, "I was hoping so." Babaji said, He was an old man then." I asked, "Can you tell me his name?" Babaji said, "Abin Bar ____"


8-12-97 DREAM: I was at work at my new job. I was there all day and working hard, but by the end of the day I realized I still hadn't done anything for the company. I had my hair in rollers and realized I'd better get them out before the boss came in. I went to the bathroom to comb my hair out and instead of being blonde it was dark brown and glossy. The more I combed it the less curly it got until it was straight exactly like it is not except darker.

I had to go meet a friend who worked in the next building but I knew that if I tried sneaking past the building outside everyone would know it was me by the clothes I was wearing which was large blue and white checks. So, I tried to go through and building and couldn't find my way. There were so many people leaving work and I forgot my master keys to the doors.

So, I went down to get the mail and brought it back upstairs. There were lots of duplicates of metaphysical catalogs. I also found lots of Christmas cards and I kept thinking it must be Christmas until I realized they were from last year and I had saved them.

I half woke up and went back to sleep. Now I was in bed feeling guilty for not getting up and doing my job. I finally got out of bed and discovered my neighbor woman doing a plumbing job I should have been doing and she was trying hard but doing a bad job of it. I told her I'll be right back as I had to get dressed. As I woke up my dream voice said, "It's 9:09:28". I rolled out of bed, went into the livingroom to look at the clock and that's exactly what time it was.


8-28-97 - Vision: I saw a lock and some keys in a doorway. The voice said, "The lock is in the memory of mankind." I saw a hand put a special key in the lock and turn it and the whole cylinder pulled out.


9-19-97 - DREAM: I dreamed I had to go pick up Joe at the airport but it was too early so I was going to clean the kitchen. I found some bakery on the table and decided to eat a piece. I ate the whole thing and then wondered why I wasn't getting an asthma attack. I then remembered you can't get an asthma attack from eating something in a dream.. (smile)

A black boy came walking through the room. I asked, "What are your doing in here?" He said, "Just checking." I told him, "Please leave!" and escorted him to the door, which I then closed and locked. I turned the key back and the light went on. I could see that a glass panel in the wall next to the door, a black man was coming down the steps.

I went back to the kitchen to finish cleaning, then decided to go to the library. When I got to the library there were some shocked people there. A man came in wearing shorts. A Jewish Comedian with a big bushy beard walked over to him wearing only blue jockey shorts and began doing a sexual bump and grind against him. (I was told the comedian's name and I recognized him, but can't remember now) I asked the woman in charge what that was all about. She said, "Just to get rid of the guy in the shorts. (It was pretty disgusting to see)

I was driven then by B.G. (my old painter who always wore white) . We went into a white car and we followed a big blue truck. We made a couple right turns through narrow  lanes, crossed three lanes of traffic and made another right turn, went through a white tunnel and came out on what looked like a ship's deck. It was partly cloudy, but the moon was shining down through the clouds and the stars were shining. It was beautiful.

I had to cross a water channel then to get back to the library. The water in the channel was really high and the bottoms of my feet got wet walking on the slats that was the walkway. Actually, the slats were giving way on the edges and I knew I was probably going to be the last person to cross.

I went into the library and up the stairs and went over to the corner where they had women's crafts. I sat in a chair and looked at some books. I recognized the pictures of some book covers and knew I had them all already. I looked at some embroidery kits which were for sale. I liked them but decided they were too expensive and not worth it.

One was $2.97. I decided not to take them and fell asleep in the chair. when I woke up it was 7 p.m. on the clock. I said, "Oh, my god! I forgot to get Joe, and I'm late." I panicked because I had to go East to get him and I had to cross town to do it.

I ran for the stairs down to the first floor and picked up my son to take him with me. I carried him down the steps and when I saw I was at the wrong doorway, I started going back up the steps to the library again. I started laughing, saying "When you're an actress, you sometimes forget where you are."

I woke up to the telephone ringing and saw it was exactly 7 a.m. and I didn't immediately know where I was either.

NOTE:  Today is Joe's birthday and the day he is coming to Milwaukee in an airplane to get me and my stuff and to help me get back out to California to start out new life together.  A Joyous journey.  


10-1-97 - Note: This is a dream I had after I arrived in California: Dream - I was at work which was at my old high school. I worked on the 3rd floor. Joe came to visit me at work. I told him I felt a little ill at ease because I hadn't done anything at all and nobody had noticed because I kept going from department to department and nobody knew what I was doing. I saw the outline of a huge moving van with the outline of two smaller moving vans on the side and I knew that negative energy was being removed from me. I remembered that I hadn't gotten the mail for three weeks either. I went to the mailbox. I had two different keys but used it to pry the box open.

Inside the box was a diorama of a farm where corn had popped already, it was so overgrown. Someone took it from me right away and I heard someone say they took it because they didn't want me to think I was losing my mind.

I went downstairs with Joe to say goodbye because he had something else to do for the day. Then, I went back upstairs and saw that they were installing a new cafeteria with a bluegreen color scheme. Then I went back to work at my desk.

NOTE: For a 10 year period during the 90's I had numerous dreams pointing to a project I was supposed to do to create a farm in Washington State where people of like-minds could live together. I was thinking that the move to California was a step in that direction. This dream points out that the project has been probably given to someone else now. I was given something else to do instead.


10-4-97 - Dream - I was walking through the city headed for home and I noticed that my purse was gone and so were my slacks. I was going through an area that had a lot of windows with stuff behind them. For some reason, I had easy access and reached in the window and pulled out a purse with a photograph in and a pair of slacks was next to it. I put on the slacks and picked up the purse. When I did that, I knew that the person who owned the store was going to download into my computer all the information I needed to go into business for myself.

I went down the hill to home, met my mother and talked about several things and the photograph and knew I had to go back up the hill and get my own purse which had my keys in it. This I did.

I continued to know that the business information was being downloaded into my computer. When I woke up, it hit me instantly. "Everything is $1.00". That business is really popular and I have access to all the products. I can charge $1.00 for people who don't have access to those stores. (I'll need to change the name somewhat for registered copyright purposes)


10-14-97 - DREAM - It was my last day in apartment #7. I had already moved all my stuff out and had come back for a check out inspection and turn in my keys.

I went down to the basement where the owner was giving a going away party in my honor. The owner and his wife were small Japanese people. They wanted to play a game nobody had every played before. In order to do that, they sprayed a fine mist of yellow stuff on the floor to make a 4 sided square divided diagonally. There were 8 people...2 to a side. It actually seemed like a square dance because several of us faked a dosie-do in fooling around.

At this point, I saw a vision of a red arrow with the numbers 1 and 3 at the ends and knew that only couple 1 and 3 would be going back and forth.  I was on the #4 side.

The Japanese womans aid the loser of the game had to forfeit $30. Several people didn't have any money. The Japanese woman said the loser could pay the winner with sex. That wasn't agreeable to everyone and several of us decided not to play. So, we didn't play at all.

I then had to finish checking out the apartment to make sure I had everything out of it. I wanted to go alone but was accompanied by the guy who lived in #8. We went inside the apartment and there was an 8 sided candy counter in there - each side had a different kind of candy under slanted glass windows.

The other guy said that was always his downfall when he used to manage the place because he ate up all the profits.

I remember having a silver key in my hand and unlocking the door, but cannot remember turning in the key. I might have kept it.


10-19-97 - I was working at a very large company and went to a certain department to search for a particular blueprint. At the same time I was posting dreams on a computer and each time I did, the computer disk would revolve and I could see that the postings were forming a football shape. I was so excited about this, I wanted to show Joe what was happening.

Meantime, a tall, thin girl was waiting for me to get her the blueprint and I had been spending my time posting dreams instead. I felt guilty and went over to the next aisle to get the blueprint which was still in a square box cube, the was it came and I hadn't done my job with it yet.

I opened up the box to get the blueprint and inside was a burned frying pan. I opened the lid and found two scorched chicken wings in it.

I apologized to the girl and said to her, "Tell your box I'm such a bad cook, I even burn restaurant food."

I then went to another department because I was getting ready to move. My apartment was on Wisconsin Ave. where NWML Insurance Co. is, and I was moving to the penthouse of the building East of it across the street from where I currently was.

People were asking me when I was going to be home to have my open house party.

I had the key to my apartment already so I was anxious to get going. I started packing up my clothes in a neat pile inside a brown wicker basket that was football shaped.

I wanted to get going so I made a flimsy excuse about not wanting to inspect an apartment for the 5th time and told my boss, "I quit!" It was my last day anyway but it was 5 o'clock and I wanted to get going. I saw the contract Lease and it was signed in red ink. The apartment they wanted me to inspect was #10_  and it was past the intersection where #96, 97, and 98 was at the EL of the building. I wasn't willing to walk past that intersection.

My sons came over. There were 3 of them and for some reason, each one had to change clothes and I saw their huge penises. (This represents the triple male trinity)

One son had lost so much weight he had lost 14 inches off his waist and his clothes were in shreds up to his waist and yet he didn't want to change them for a smaller size. At his belt, his clothes were like this: ^^^^^^^ . I told him to take a shower and change clothes. I was ready to move.

While I was moving, the mail truck pulled up in front of the building. they had like a mini-office on the truck. I asked if they had any mail on the truck and they looked at all the names and if I knew any of the names they would appreciate it if I would deliver it for them. I looked at all the names and the only name I knew was OSTRANDER.

Just as I said I knew the person named OSTRANDER a guy who claimed to be OSTRANDER came on the truck. He opened one of the packages. It was a clock. I could not see the face on the clock. Before I left, the postman gave me a big electronic gadget which plugged into the cable outlet with two big prongs so I could see cable shows for free.

I was driving my car to the new apartment. I had to drive the car standing up in the middle of the front seat. A seat belt held me in place which went from the driver to a holder on the left seat which was numbered 108 to a holder on the right which was numbered 108. The strap formed a triangle.

In front of the driver was a round gadget into which he typed his dreams while traveling.

In order to move, I had to register my traveling number. Each person carried an electronic gadget which plugged into a place at your location.

I had had to turn it in at DOT when I moved and I was now at the DOT again to pick up my new counter.

At the first desk I went to, I found my old counter to which they had attached a silver key.

I picked it up and walked towards the second desk where you registered. I was waiting my turn when a tell, dark, foreign man took ahold of my arm.  He talked with a European accent. He said, "I watched you in the last place and I was very impressed how helpful you were to the man there, so I want to help you now and give you a clue. When you get a new number, you throw away the old number."

His face then turned into an electronic type of gadget which keeps time or counts things. I woke up before I saw any number though.


10-22-97 - DREAM - Our house was in an apartment building. The Internic (controller of domain names) was installed on the 6th floor.All of the cable connections were on the elevator.The Internic box looked like a rainbow colored jukebox.

I went up to the 9th floor to begin collecting my mail. I had a mailbox on every floor. The same key opened all the boxes.

After that I was in the car with my Father. He drove ... I was in the back seat. He pulled up to the curb on 15th and Center and a man dressed in a black trench coat came up to the car and put his hand in the window. My Father handed the man my credit card. The man went up the stairs to a house there. He was very mysterious and scary. He didn't show his face to anyone and wore a black slouch hat. However, I did catch a glimpse of his profile when he got to the door. He was really handsome and had white skin. He was the most handsome man I've ever seen. He was protected by a black man wearing an orangish brown coat.

We went back to the apartment building and I met some other mysterious people. They seemed like welfare investigators or some other social workers. I had a short conversation with them. I was trying to pump them for information. I can't remember what was said.

I went back to my own apartment and knew that those two men had been in the building before and were expected back. I was concerned that they might be into the drug scene or something.

I was taking care of other people's kids as well as my own and I allowed my baby daughter and another kid to hide in the bottom dresser drawer so the guy in black wouldn't kidnap her.

I met a guy in the hall that said there had been complaints about a donkey braying in that house on 15th St. where I saw the tall man in black go into. A little later, I confronted my father about the mysterious men on 15th St. and I told him I knew about the donkey braying there. He acted like he didn't know what I was talking about, but I knew he did. I kept telling him that the house was East of ours. I kept saying..."It's East...It's East."


10-24-97 - DREAM - I was on my way home from somewhere and was inside a house where my clothes were being sorted. All the baby clothes were sorted out and left in the house in the baby's room.

All my other clothes which I recognized as things I wear now were put into my Father's car. My Father was driving and my mother was sitting on the passenger side. All my clothes were piled on my mother's lap. My Mother pointed out that I had my own car to drive home. I looked and saw a very large brown car parked in front of my Father's car. I had forgotten I had my own car.

My Mother handed me my purse with my keys in them. There were 3 brown purses.

I wasn't able to get all the way home on 16th St. in the car because there had been a huge snow storm and the street was full of snow. There were many college age men shoveling the snow off the street as fast as they could. I asked what happened to the snow plows and one man answered, "We enjoy helping people out ourselves."

I went into my 16th St. house and Linda.C. (from my UFO group) was in the kitchen cooking food for a contest. There was no stove, just gas jets with blue flames coming out of them. The whole floor where the stove should have been was burning with blue flames. The floor itself was burning and spreading out in all directions. I was not distressed, but told her she could not cook on my floor with open flame. she said, "I always cooked this way on my neighbor's porch". I answered, "You cannot cook this way in my house."

She leaned right into the fire without being burned to retrieve her pans of food.

There were no knobs to turn off the burners so I had to turn off the flame using a pliers to put pressure on the controls which were only partially there and crescent moon shaped. When I got the last burner shut off I woke up.


11-7-97 - DREAM - I was at 20th St. school and I was working there. The people and the scene was more like the drafting room at A-C. It was time to go home and it was my job to turn out the lights when we went home. I went downstairs with some people and went out to the playground. There, someone gave me a piece of cardboard with toys on it. On the top row on the left was a series of soldiers facing towards the middle down on one knee each with a rifle pointed toward the center. On the right was a series of American Indians facing the center each one down on one knee with a bow and arrow aimed towards the center towards the soldiers.  There were 10 or 12 of each.

There were several other things down the face of the card but the most outstanding one was a standing bear figure and next to it was written - Age of _________. .  I saw then that these figures were like molds, were hollow inside and hinged so that you could hold them under water so the mold filled with water, then you stood it in the freezer. When the figure was frozen you could take it out and you had a frozen bear figure. If it melted, you could make another one.

I looked up at the building and saw that there were still some lights on on the 4th floor and I had to go turn them off.

I went back into the building and met some people who were rehearsing for a TV show. The girl in the center spotlight looked like M.M. The show went on for a short time and it did't work out with the tall thin guy she was with. They turned off the spotlights and she turned towards me to leave and began to cry. She saw me and recognized me. We each put out our arms wide like on a crucifix - then went towards each other and hugged. I noticed at that point that I felt very masculine - not female. Another girl came over and we took her into a group hug and then a fourth girl was taken into the group hug. I left the hug group at that point and went into another room where I was preparing material for a Sunday school class I would be teaching in the morning. I carried big packs of white paper from one place to another and put them on a washing machine and noticed that I had the key to a storage locker where something was stored. I noticed that I had seven receipts including one for some cakes.

My friend David heard about the bad rehearsal and went out and bought several cakes to make everyone feel better and I ran down the hall to get everyone back together to come to the Sunday school room. I didn't have too much success - everyone had scattered to go do other things.


11-7-97 - DREAM - I was on Teutonia and Center St. in Milwaukee, not very far from the school. It would be where 13th st. would be, but there was no street named that right there. Teutonia Ave. ran on a slant north and south between 12th and 20th st.  I was going to the theatre to watch a movie and was going to meet my husband there. There was a lot of mean looking black men on the street and was accosted by a couple of them, but one shorter guy saw that I had a little football-shaped button clipped to the right front of my jacket that said, "Open Mind."  He thought it was a job processing center and started rattling off all the types of work he was capable of doing. I went along with him and told him he was very versatile. He asked me if I would take his telephone number and call him for a job. I said, "Yes!" and politely took down his number which started with area code 209. (That is California)  I was by then at the theatre.

I opened the big glass door at the front and saw that the movie "10 Tall Men" was playing. I had some money in my left pocket and pulled out a $10 bill to buy a ticket. I put it up on the counter and the black girl selling tickets ignored my money. I saw in a little box on the wall, a receipt with the name Marcella on the top. She had obviously received the delivery of a package there and someone would pick up her receipt and pay for the delivered package for her.

Another girl from the candy counter came over and asked me if I was there to rent the apartment upstairs. I said, "No! I was there to see the movie. They acted all surprised.

I went into the theatre then and went down the aisle looking for my husband. The lights came on and I saw that the theatre was full of men - no women at all - and they were not all facing the front where the screen was. They had just all been sitting around in the dark facing every which direction.  At that point, I was down at the front, facing the people. A door opened upstairs at the projection booth and a bright flash went off and I saw 2 men up there.  One was an older white haired man.  They had taken a photo of me.

I felt sudden fear and knew I had been set up. I made an announcement to the people as loud as I could, "If anything happens to me and you see my picture in the paper, you'll know that something big is going down."  I looked around quickly to see if my husband was there, but never saw anyone that even resembled him.

Meanwhile everyone panicked and rushed to get out of the theatre. Some music started to play with a steady hard beat and people crashed into each other with a thump. I could hear an announcer talking about the music, that it was written so that people could go "thump" together when the music went "thump".

It was such a commotion of people running in every direction that I managed to get out of the building easily and while nobody was looking, I re-entered the building through a big wide brown delivery door and saw that I was back in the Sunday school room.  There I was given a life size replica of the same toys I had been given at the school. Only I saw a golden badge below the bear that I would put on and wear to show that I had paid the price to have these objects to play with.

I scurried around getting my paper and other things from the top of the washing machine and saw I had another gold key alongside the 1st one and this for another storage room where something was hidden and I again saw the 7 receipts that had to be reimbursed yet.


11-19-97 - DREAM - I was on 16th St. working with some people down the street. I planted a large garden. This was the middle of summer and it needed watering. I went to turn on the water and there was none. I went into a building where the house was and there were some black and white valves way up high on the wall like in the 2nd story level. I heard a girl say that the 12th lead valve could be unlocked by rebending the #5 key into a #7 key.  She didn't know I heard her. I went  to open the water valve and saw that someone had flung a large amount of dirt way high up o the wall. So, I needed to wash the dirt off the white wall before I watered the garden.

I opened the valve and turned on the water, but when the water came out of the hose, it didn't immediately fall, it was held up on the second level by a filmy gauze mesh that held the water up and wouldn't let it go down to earth.  The hidden veil was holding it up.

Suddenly, it let loose all at once and caused a huge deluge.  It went down and hit the earth all at once. All the after went into the street and filled it up about 7" deep. There was no way to cross the street because it was so deep.

I felt very guilty for causing the deluge, but the girl said I had no way of knowing the hidden veil was there.

I then went back down the street to a place where people were gathering. A girl came in whom I knew well. Her name was Audrey. We were asked to sing a duet together. I said she could sing the melody and I'd sing the harmony. She said that was fine with her. She brought out a huge book and opened it to a page that had a song named LAURA on the left which was all melody and no harmony and another one with the harmony printed on the page on the right.

She insisted on singing LAURA that had no harmony. The longer we looked at it the less music it had and finally it had nothing but a picture of shoes on it and girl left in a huff.


11-22-97 - DREAM  I was shown a computer screen with Indian type wide feathers upright which was the first language.

I was shown similar Indian type feathers with hieroglyphs on them. These were all in color. This was the 2nd language. There were twice as many of them.

I was at my New Berlin house with my neighbor lady friends. I told them I was moving the next day back to my 2621 N 16th St. house. I hadn't seen it yet to see if the interim people had destroyed the interior.

My neighbor's husband was in the siding business. She was showing me example of homes her husband had sided. I told her that my house was Victorian while the examples were Colonial.

I was then at the 2625 N 16th St. house across the street from my 2621 N 16th St. house. I still had not been inside the house. I was talking to my neighbor there, wondering if the interim people had destroyed the interior.

I told them finally that I had to go and as I went out the front door, my husband gave me two small keys. He said that he had convinced the people to give him the keys to the storage rooms a day early. I asked him where the storage rooms were, while visualizing the workshop and the wine cellar I remembered.

We walked across the street and were at 588 N 16th St. We walked in the door and I saw how beautiful it was. I had been in this beautiful house many times before. I said, "This is my favorite house, but it is not MY house."

So, we went back outside and got on a three section cart to go to the 2621 house. The cart was very strange and I had to ride on it like in back of a 2 seater motorcycle except it had 4 wheels but was in 3 sections so one had to hold the sections together while riding on it. It was very difficult to do.


12-13-97 - DREAM - I lived in a big apartment building and went to visit some people downstairs for awhile who had children. We had a pretty good time talking and playing with the kids. Then I went back upstairs with one of the little ones following me upstairs.  I then wanted to go down to the lobby to get something and went to the elevator. I pressed 1, got on the elevator and went downstairs. I did something, then went back to the elevator to go back upstairs. It wasn't working, so I was going to take the stairs instead.  I went past a room where a guy named John jumped out of bed and started to holler at me, "Where the hell have you been?"  I said, "Why?" Did we have a date or something?"  He said, "Follow me!" and took off down the hall back toward the lobby.

In the lobby, there were a lot of people all dressed up. We went past them and went around a corner where he led me to a small meeting room. He went in ahead of me so I had to open the door myself.  I opened the door and there stood my entire family -  minus the tiniest grandchildren and my mother and father. My daughter presented me with a beautiful white Pointsettia plant and they all hollered Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday."  I said, "You've all been waiting here for 4 hours?" and they said, "Yes!" in unison. I even remember my brother and sister being there.  My Father sat by himself on the left on a bench. He said, "Well, my plane is due for take off so I have to leave. A short Asian man went over to my Father and fitted him with some thick blue goggle type glasses to which he fitted an air/oxygen type thing, then fitted a blue face mask type thing over his face. Then he stood up to leave.

The next thing I knew it was morning and I had to go to work. I got to work and found another girl sitting in my seat in the Engineering Department. I asked where I was supposed to sit. They said they thought there was a place for me way down near the shipping department.

When I walked all the way down the hall to the other end of the building I found my office. It was carpeted in brown and it looked like a bedroom with a desk in it.  The boss was a guy I remember being drunk in other dreams though he was sober now. He said he was hoping for a  young chick for a secretary, then he noticed I was wearing stockings and high heeled shoes and saw my legs and said he had no complaints. He said he spent most of  his time at the bar next door anyway, so all he required from me was coffee and some sweet dessert that looked like a long chocolate eclair with yellow frosting on top.  He said, "Let's go bar hopping and get acquainted."  I said, "Okay! But I drive the car." and took the car keys out of his hand and put on flat black shoes. He said, "Okay!"

Suddenly an alarm rang and red lights started flashing. He said, "follow me!" and we went down into the sub-basement. The hallway lights were off and dark but the red alarm lights and sirens were going off everywhere.

I don't know if he expected me to be scared, but I wasn't because I had been head of maintenance for 8 years and had inspected all these rooms before. We went down a side hallway. I saw someone go into a bathroom on the left. He said, "The problem is in the water pumping station."

We went through a small anteroom, then he opened the door into a huge room where we were now underneath this gigantic bowl which was rounded underneath and stood on pedestals on the concrete floor. I could see at a glance that water was beginning to seep through the bottom and it was in danger of breaking loose in a massive deluge.


12-13-97 - DREAM - I had my apartment keys and the main key was magnetic. The door would unlock just by touching the key pad with the tip of the key in a  certain way.

I had to go to the bathroom really bad, but I couldn't figure out which way to hold the key to open the door to my apartment.  Then, when I went down the hall toward my apartment, I saw that the door was already open and I felt really stupid for suffering for nothing.  I went into the apartment to go to the bathroom and found myself in the neighbor's apartment instead. I could hear her and her daughters talking really loud, though they were in the bathroom and didn't know I was there. So, I tiptoed back out of the apartment back out into the hallway and I was back by my own door. I felt very confused.


1-7-98 - DREAM - I was manager of an apartment building. It was the last day of the month. I went to a woman's apartment to see if she was moved out and opened the door. This particular woman's name was Maria. As I opened the door with my Master key, it was dark inside. As I went inside the room, my eyes began to get used to the dark. I could see where the light switch was over by the kitchen wall. I flipped on the light switch and saw that she had not taken everything with her. I looked over on the far wall and saw that there were three bird cages, two small cages and a large one.

In the larger cage was more than one kind of bird. There was a pair of love birds in front, but there was a white box in the back corner with a very tiny yellow bird. I put my hand into the cage to change the water and the little yellow bird came out of it's box and began to attack my arm in self-defense. It didn't really hurt because he was so small, but he continued to rat-a-tat-tat on my arm while I did what needed to be done.

I went into the bedroom then and saw that Maria hadn't taken any of her clothes at all. I then began to suspect that something was wrong. Nobody leaves all their clothes. I went over to the front door then and heard a key rattling in the lock. I felt I was in trouble because I was early to do an inspection. They did have a few more hours legally to move everything out.

I opened the door from inside at the same time as it opened from the outside. It was not Maria, it was her sister. I explained that they hadn't removed everything. She said they were still working on it and went to the bedroom to get some clothes.

I didn't care about the clothes. I had my own.  I wanted the birds, however.

We had a small conversation which I don't remember, but then I discovered there was a plumbing problem and called in my maintenance man. (His name was Joe) He opened a trap door and they were dismayed to find some kind of major sized airbag over a water tank concealed beneath the hole in the floor. They said it could explode at any moment.

The other woman left then and left behind the birds when they evacuated the place.

I took the birds myself and took them to my white car. My small child was in a car seat in the back and I hung the perch with the large white bird I had found right next to her. The bird was smiling broadly like an infant child. I hung the other cages from hooks in the ceiling of the car and we drove happily away.


1-7-98 - DREAM - (I call this one THE GIFT)  I was working on Jackson St.as the apartment manager. I got a phone call from Sears with a free gift offer. If we bought a certain product, we got a free gift with it. There were 30 gifts to choose from and they were listed in little coupons. In the dream, I was reading the gift statement out loud and I realized I was trying to say these words out loud in the physical because I had my mouth shut and groaning the words.

Anyhow, I ordered all 30 items and it wasn't long and the delivery men were bringing the items and the gifts to the door. Sears arrived with a bright orange mower and ladders and toy airplanes that really flew with 1 person on them, tools galore, yard furniture, etc. Everything was bright orange.

My maintenance man came out with a big gleam in his eyes to see al the stuff I bought and HE got to keep the free gifts.

Sears delivery man even put all the stuff where I needed it and at the end, since we couldn't start the lawnmower inside the building, he pulled the mower by hand through the hallway with my maintenance man sitting on it, and I carried the keys on a long orange necklace string and said, "I really take care of MY man."


1-13-98 - DREAM - I was at home in Milwaukee. My husband brought home a girl child around noon because we didn't have any girl children. The other children began to behave differently. I don't want to say badly, but seemingly more under her control and less under mine. They acted more independent and it seemed to me less dependent on me. For some reason I didn't like it. I was feeling more and more useless.

I noticed then that the bird cage came open and one bird was missing. The other birds were in their cage but with the door open. I saw one green bird in a tree right next to the cage. It hadn't escaped, it was just taking care of itself. The other green bird came out of the cage then and flapped around, trying to land on my hand. I was uncomfortable about his flapping so he finally landed on the floor. These birds seemed to be using human facial expressions and I was very uncomfortable with their independence.

I had to get back to work/school on 20th St. Somebody drove me part way there but I can't remember who. When I got out of the car, I noticed that I had forgotten my purse at home. I decided I could live for one day without it, then noticed that I wasn't wearing shoes, just white socks. Now, I felt very stupid and remembered I had taken my shoes off when taking care of the children. I felt really stupid and hoped someone at work had an extra pair of shoes. I blamed my  stupidity on the girl child that my husband had brought home without asking me. It was like she was draining the life sap out of me.

I got to work where I was in charge again. This is where I felt at home. I had all the information at my fingertips that everyone else needed. My library had all the old information that everyone that people needed when they needed to restore old machinery and radio back to working order. They came to me to do research work. I had the master keys to the buildings on both sides of the street. At 5 p.m. I closed down one building and went to work in the other.

In the 1st building there were many  young girls touring through. As they left, I told them that if they were interested in working there, they should fill out an application at the employment office or over at the main office on 70th  St. I told them that there was special work programs and incentives for young girls and we would even provide transportation and come and get them and take them home again. I then closed the big glass doors for the day and locked the door.

As I left the lobby, I recalled that I had forgotten to dust the furniture in the lobby, but a cleaning woman had just come in and I took my master keys, unplugged the radio to take with me, and headed across the street.

The President of the Company just happened to be crossing the street at the same time and I noted he was wearing light beige pants. He was complaining to a workman that he didn't like having one door unmastered and that we should get a new maintenance man in there and have him master the front door. The old maintenance man was moving on to some other job.

I looked at my master keys. I not only had a whole ring of keys, I had the 4 master keys, one to each side of the building and they were bright gold. I felt proud to have them.

On that side of the street, workmen had laid down red and white quilted material on the sidewalk so we were all tippy-toeing on the softness. I was looking at the expressions on the men's faces.  Nobody expected to be tippy-toeing  in softness at work. Everyone was amused.

I went inside the building, having discovered there was a maintenance man already present who opened the door for me. Once inside, nobody did anything except sit around so I began telling them to take down the Christmas trees from each room where they were mounted on round tables. There were very few lights working or ornaments in evidence. I told them to get busy and remove the old trees. Christmas was over.

I went into my own office then to plug in my radio and answer the phone. Here is where I was in charge and gave orders to the others what needed to be done.


1-13-98 - VISION - I closed my  eyes and saw someone give me a key to a box called, 'The Dreamtime".

I was immediately back at work where I was earlier doing normal things you do at a job. When I was leaving for the day, I went on my regular inspection of the building to see how everyone else was doing. (I was in charge of the maintenance department) I didn't see any people, but I saw some trash on the floor in one room. I toyed with the thought, "The next time I walk past that room will tell me how much work he's done."

I got to the end of the hallway without seeing more people. At that point I had a choice of going out of the building into the railroad yards towards the other building, or up the ramp towards the offices. I decided to go up the ramp. As I walked up the ramp, I could hear the slow thump, thump, of the drop forge and felt the ground shake. First I wondered f that was my own heart beating, then said, "I don't know why working in a factory used to be so appealing. It isn't anymore."

I headed towards the elevator and woke up.


1-28-98 - DREAM - I was taking over as manager of the apartment building on Jackson Street. The old manager had vacated, leaving black fur coats behind in the closet. An old woman came in to pay money for rent and she didn't even live there anymore. She got one of the black coats out of the closet and told me she was going out to shovel snow. The closet door closed and I worried that I wouldn't be able to get back in, but I had the master keys. I looked for rental records for the old woman, but there were none. I went over to where the coats were hung and saw a loose screw. I pulled it out and the whole coat rack fell over to the left. That was all that was holding it up. I called for maintenance to fix it, then went up to my apartment.

I walked up the stairs to the 3rd floor, but it didn't seem like it was more than the 2nd floor. Maintenance was painting everything in the hallway dark brown. My apartment number was 345 and I had to actually walk down 7 steps into the apartment. There was an old piano studio there and some guys came and took out all the camera equipment. The man who owned it said it was hard to find a place to install photo studios anymore. I wished him well as he removed the equipment.


2-5-98 - DREAM - I saw a web page of dreams. It sorted itself alphabetically and then by keyword. I then saw the words. THIS IS IT


2-12-98 - DREAM - I was working as a manager in a very large building with many offices. It seemed I was in charge of maintenance supervision which kept me on the run a lot of the time checking up on the men's work. I carried a huge ring of Master keys out in the open so everyone knew who I was on sight.  I was walking down the first floor hallway and met some very old women with white hair, all dressed in pastel outfits. They were having an employee's reunion. One of the women stopped me to ask if I had some larger notepaper to write on as she had none after her few sheets were gone from her small pad. It wasn't part of my job, but I told her I would get her some.

When I started walking back to my office, I decided it would be closer to go across the street and buy some at Sears and Roebuck even if it did cost me money to get it.

So, I went outside into the sunny street through some big glass doors, turned left and crossed street and went to the huge mall that Sears was a part of.

I went inside and was dismayed. The inside of the mall was very dim, the halls were immense, and there were many stores but the store show windows were very dim also. Even worse, I could 'see' the air. The air quality in the mall was so poor with pollution, I could actually see it.

I decided right then and there to get out and go back to my office. At the exit  I chose, it seemed to be where deliveries were made. I was confused to where I actually was. I knew I had only crossed one street, but it seemed I was way down the block from where I originally crossed. The street name started with M like Masters but I'm not certain what it really was.

When I got outside, I could feel my heart pounding very hard like I needed more iron in my blood, but it didn't hurt.  Right where I was, I decided to take a shortcut down a hill and I looked down this large area where I could see tiny houses and vehicles and trees and even tinier people. Not as small as ants, but VERY small. The vehicles were rushing around trying to make repairs to areas where some children of my species (human) were playing on the edge of a cliff where their world ended.

I was amazed that these two worlds were coinciding precariously and we were creating havoc in their world with our carelessness and allowing our children to destroy their world. I wondered how long it would take the adults of our world to stop the children form being destructive to their world. I saw no one who cared.

NOTE:  2-13-98 - There was a major evacuation of a nut factory because of carbon monoxide poisoning. The town was nearby and started with the letter M.


3-3-98 - DREAM - I was in a drug store and wanted to buy some candy for a snack. I didn't see any, so I was just looking for something I could spend my money on. I saw some huge crayon and paint sets I admired but I had nothing at home to color or paint on, so  I saw that they had coloring books. But they only had two and they were both about Christmas. I really didn't want a Christmas coloring book but they didn't have anything else to choose from.

So, I picked up a big fat one thinking I could do a page a day and I opened it up and discovered it was a catalog for ordering Christmas cards and was full of beautiful sample cards one could pick and order from but that were already done but no place where you could design or color your own, so I put it back on the shelf.

Over by the makeup counter a whole bunch of young black girls were clammering over some red maroon nail polish. Each bottle was the same color and the girls were all excitedly trying to decide which one to buy, but they were all the same. Then the black clerk opened a little drawer where she kept a special bottle of nail polish. I looked at it and she offered it to me. It was the exact same color everyone else was wearing and clamoring over except the bottle was a little fatter. The black clerk showed me her nails. They were the same as the others and I looked at mine. Mine had no polish on at all, in fact a couple still had marks on from yesterday when I was pulling weeds and digging dirt in the garden.

So I thanked her and said, "No thanks!" and picked up my mail off a bench and left the store without buying anything.

I went outside and saw T.M. by my car. We got in. He sat on the passenger side and I sat on the driver's side.  I told him about my experience in the store and how things were going in general and that I thought things were going well and told him about the meditation and how I had been told to worry more about myself and less about others. He remembered that he thought I was doing fine. He leaned over to kiss me goodbye, but I pulled back knowing that if he kissed me it meant a final goodbye. So, I kissed my fingers and then blew the kiss towards him and said, "We'll be seeing each other again."

I then went to my apartment building and met a woman and a child who turned out to be my son Bill. He was going to come live with me. I had two apartments side by side and we were going to allow bill to choose which apartment he wanted to live in. The one on the left had noisy music coming out of it, and the right was very quiet.  The woman who had brought him was all excited that he had made the wise choice. I was rejoicing, but for another reason. Because he had chosen the door on the right, the large gold key chain medallion for that door matched the large gold key chain medallion that I had. Each one had a square hole about 1/3 up from the bottom which made them a matched set, but where you reversed the medallion and looked at the picture engraved on the back and lined up the holes, the picture on mine was of a family where the male was tall...on the right with his wife to his left and a son and daughter in front of them, but when the other medallion was lined up against mine, it showed a tall blonde woman with her slightly shorter husband to her let with a daughter and son in front of them.

I was overjoyed because it showed the duality in action from the right brain to the left brain.


3-4-98 - DREAM - I was managing some apartment buildings. A woman complained about the cleaning cost of her new bed. I called the bed  company and was told it was $16.95. I said, "Okay! So she said she would deliver one. It was only moments later I saw a gold lettered truck bringing the bed. I was amazed they could bring it so quickly. I took my ring of keys and went outside. The delivery man said the bed he had (which was not the one I had ordered) was the address 4901. I looked up the street and realized that was not one of my buildings, that my buildings only went up to 4800. But then he said that the bed was for someone  in the building we were standing in from of which was 3861 (or 3819) I asked if he had the person's name and he gave it to me but I can't remember it. We went into the lobby and the woman and the other ladies in the building all came to the door. I had never been n this building before, so I asked if I could see the color scheme. I looked up the stairwell which was immense and went up at least 7or 8 stories and was brilliantly lit from unknown source. The walls were a subtle blue and white. I admired it, then left the building.

As I was walking back to my own building, a whole lot of tiny children were walking towards me going the other way. They were kindergarten age and had just gotten out of school. One little spanish boy handed me his bookbag and it was full of dirt. At that same moment, I walked right into a green dumpster with it which was on the sidewalk and dumped out the dirt. (I didn't see any books). The far wall of the dumpster was so high  to go over, I said, "Oh! No! We're not going that way, turned, walked back out of the dumpster the way I got in and walked around the outside. There, on the sidewalk, buried in garbage was a man dressed all in green like a workman. I pulled him up by the hand, out of the garbage and hugged him like I loved him. It was Mel from One Life to Live. He took me to a nursing home he wanted me to see. We went into the place. There were people everywhere all wearing flowered pajamas or robes depending if they were male or female. The bed where I sat was in a very small room. The door was double wide and opened to the hallway where many, many people were walking up and down or standing and talked, all wearing flowered pajamas or robes. Mel was now wearing flowered pajamas.

A man sat on a chair opposite my bed and told me how terrible nursing homes were...that they were like death-waiting to happen. He showed me pages of statistics and cost which were like telephone bills, page after page of charges racked up against these people for ever individual item they used.

Tony Danzas name was on one of the papers as a protester against how nursing homes are run.


3-26-98 - While I was working, someone moved me from one apartment to another and I didn't know my own new address. I was trying to please a whole lot of people at once and at the same time get my mail which was a gold mailbox up so high I could barely reach it. The key was shaped like a "t".

One by one, I took care of the problems and got my mail. In the mail was a note from my mother with my new address on it. It was 5252 N 52nd St.  (777) :-)

Just then, M. B. and Erica came to visit and he gave her a gift to pay her rent of $500 and some baby pictures. For some reason, she got angry and they took off without the gift. I ended up with the money in my hand. He didn't know that she was going to get free rent if she worked at her new job alone or if she had a boss she was going to earn $508 a month to pay the rent.

A man came to see me. IAN from One Life to Live (He died in a plane crash 2 weeks earlier on the show) He said he wanted to visit me and that's when we discussed not knowing my address and I found the note from my mother.

As I woke up, a male voice commented on Michael.B. and Erica's problem. The voice said, "If they would get down on their knees and pray, they wouldn't have any problems."


4-8-98 - NOTE: This was an initiation.  DREAM - It seemed like a bizarre nightmare. I went to a school where I've been before. I only went there because I had to go the bathroom really bad and I have an apartment there. I went inside and opened my apartment with the gold key (I actually had two of them because I manage the building). An old woman thought I was renting out the apartment and another woman who was a rental agent wanted to come in and I let them some in and see my apartment because it was immaculately clean, much to their surprise I guess.  The woman who wanted to rent the apartment was of Middle Eastern descent person from the Internet)

The rental agent was telling me that we couldn't rent to blacks or orientals. I told her I already had done this and they were wonderful people. The Middle Eastern woman was very sweet and I went up to her and asked her if she was prejudiced. She didn't know what the word meant. So, I explained to her that it meant that you didn't allow black people or people other than your own kind to live with you and she assured me that she had friends of other races and nationalities and that was no problem.

There were two fat (obese) white women there who were lesbians and they told me they were looking for some new white women to join with them. I found one for them, but then I let them go their own way.

I went out into the hall where there was a long stairway that was divided into two stair paths ... a left and a right.  A priest stood in the center with a baptising font and said, "That's why we baptize infants in the center, between the stairs."

 I went out to the main lobby and saw that the old woman had moved a door and behind it, the dust on the polished floor was thick and blowing. Some girls found a variety of tools to wipe it up, all of which would have been ruined by getting them wet to wipe up the dust.

I said, "Wait! I've done this before and told them I would take a string mop, tie a rag over it, get it damp, wipe up the dust and then throw the rag away.

I proceeded to do this but I had difficulty finding the proper piece of material. It seemed to have an Indian design on it.

At one point I climbed a chain link stairway that was supported only three-quarters of the way up to the next level and quit before I got to the top and came down again because I wasn't brave enough to go all the way up.

I then found a mop handle and a leather board with seeming jewels on it and a piece of cloth that had the Indian design but I didn't have the proper base to attach it to.

A calendar flashed at me by the mop handle. It said, "March, 1998". I knew that was past and I had done this before and I was failing the test.

I was trying to analyze this in my mind and said, "I will be back to do this again."

At that exact moment, the calendar flashed to "Eastway - 1998" and I knew I had passed the test as soon as I said I would be back.

(I still don't know what it is, but it has something to do with the Indian materials)


4-24-98 - DREAM - I was starting a new job. I was working for the chief of police or something. My whole family was there...all my kids...all their wives...all the grandchildren. We were going to have a big party and some kind of celebration.

When it came time for my kids to meet the Chief of Police, he was in Florida on television, like an interactive TV set.  We were all sitting around watching him do a demonstration for some kind of commercial. Before he left on the trip, he asked me if I had a pager. I said, "No!"  So, he gave me HIS pager which looked like it was made out of crystal and attached it to the back of my belt. So, I was wearing HIS pager.

Also...the mailman was in charge of the keys for this new job. He had some kind of gizmo that was shiny blue and silver...like a gate. He asked me to get my car keys and he was going to line them up and match my car keys to the gate.

I had a whole lot of different kinds of keys inside of little packets in my purse. So, my children helped me find my car keys in my purse to give to the mailman so he could cut them to match the gate.

I also had a television/radio combination with three different channels. They hadn't taught me how to use it yet. I turned it farthest to the right and the man on the other end of the radio said I shouldn't use that channel until they teach me how to use it.


5-2-98 - DINOSAUR AND BUS DREAM - Part I - I saw a dinosaur coming down from the sky and it landed in a cave opening. I went inside the cave and there were two men in the cave who were archaeologists who were looking at the dinosaur.   I went over to see what they were doing.  It wasn't a live dinosaur, nor did it have skin on, and where the bones were supposed to be, it was made out of faceted jewels, many, many different colors.  It was really huge.  I went up closer to look at the dinosaur and the jewels were beautiful. The jewels were all finely faceted and it looked like it had been made by a person.  After we looked at the dinosaur, I and the archaeologists went to a restaurant where we were going to have lunch.  The head archaeologist ordered champagne and something really expensive.  The other archaeologist protested and said, "Oh, you shouldn't have done it, ".  He was appreciating it, but saying those words, and the first archaeologist got pissed off and started hollering at him.   But the guy really meant well.

Part II - Because of the jeweled dinosaur, I was given $2,500,000.  With that money, I bought a humongous silver and blue bus (like the Greyhound type - only bigger) This was to take people to church. I didn't know anyone in particular to do this with. I was living in the old A-C building on 70th and Greenfield. (I used to work there) I parked the bus on 72nd and Washington Streets. (I used to live there) I walked into the executive building of A-C which is on the west side of 70th St. (the opposite side of the street from where I was living).  

I walked all the way through the building and gave my bus keys to the woman in charge of keeping the keys in that building. She hung them on a peg inside the door for safekeeping. She was in charge of all the keys and she had many pegs with keys on them in that room. I walked across the street then to the old A-C building which is where I lived. It was then about 9 a.m. Church began at 10 a.m. and I planned to drive the bus.  I knew it would be crowded there and thought about parking the bus in the middle of the street.

The church was on 76th and Wisconsin Ave. I then walked back across the street to the executive building to get the keys to the bus and there were no keys in that room. A woman who was standing in the doorway of the room said that the woman who was the Keeper Of the Keys was making her rounds and had taken all her keys with her.

I became very upset because I wanted to go to church and it was getting nearer and nearer to 9:30 a.m.  She ran around the building and found the Keeper Of the keys and brought them to me, and handed me the keys to the bus.

I still didn't have anyone to go to church with, but as I walked down the hall, people began to notice that I had the keys to the bus that was going to church. I don't know how they knew this, but they somehow became aware that I was going to drive the bus to church.

I met T.M. in the hallway and offered him a ride to church because I knew he was going there himself.  I told him I would meet him on 70th St. on the sidewalk and walk with him to the bus and drive him to church. At that point he didn't know I had the bus.  As I was walking through the hallway to the street, I noticed a room on the left where prostitutes hung out, did their makeup and changed clothes.  

They noticed that I was going to church and they wanted to go with me. So, as I exited the building going East to 70th St., I had a troop of female prostitutes behind me.

When I came out of the building on 70th St. I found myself on the edge of the ocean.  (Lake Michigan is about 25 miles East of that point, so this is not consistent with reality) Where the sidewalk was supposed to be, there was a very narrow wall holding up the earth between the building and the beach where the ocean was.  This wall provided a narrow place to walk down to the beach as an alternative instead of walking on the sidewalk.

Walking along the ocean actually went to the same place, it was just more beautiful.

I saw T.M. walking along the sidewalk way above me, and I waved and "Yoo hooed" to him and he came down the narrow walkway and joined me on the beach. I noticed that when I put my arm around his waist, he was very fat and soft (unlike reality)

We met some other people along the beach. It was now about 9:30 a.m. (I remember one man was an attorney who lived in my Jackson St. building) He was laughing and jovial, but he told us there wouldn't be any room in the church for us when we got there. But I knew that when the church proper was full, you could climb the stairs and sit in the choir loft and that was what I was planning to do.  

When then climbed the stairs and walked up Washington Street to where my bus was parked. At this point we were being trailed by a lot of people who were going to ride on the bus with us to church.


5-17-98 - DREAM - It started out on the computer and I was making light green spaces between words. I wanted to show other people how to do this. When I flipped the web page over, I saw that the words were clouds and I was making them farther and farther apart by doing this.

I was in Milwaukee but not in a familiar house. I was moving to St. Louis tomorrow and going to have a goodbye party. But first I was in the car with some kids and we were going to go get some party food. One of the little girls was eating a jelly sandwich on the backseat and got red jelly on the seat. so I had to wash the seat. While I was washing the seat, a gang of teenage boys went inside the house to rob it. There were other people with me in the car and I knew that if I could start the car, we could escape. I was still in the back seat and reached forward to see if the keys were there. They were hanging in the ignition, so I turned the ignition key and started the car. It started, hesitated a moment and then took off forward as I pressed my feet to the floor. Everyone in the car cheered.

I don't know how far we went but when we came back the robbers were gone. I grabbed the seat covers out of the car which was now clean so I could wash them.

Inside the house it was a big mess but there were a lot of people there, characters from One Life to Live as well as my daughter. We were going to have a party.

My daughter brought in a box of chocolate. She opened the box and it was full of little leggy bugs...really gross. I looked at it closer and the bugs were numerous and some became green and yellow beetles which looked like jelly beans. I decided to take a photograph of them for evidence. I always kept the camera on top of the piano so I went to get it. It was a type of Polaroid. When I came back with the camera, I found a good angle to photograph the bugs but the flash didn't go off. I noticed the light wasn't connected, so I connected it and took the picture.

There were a lot of people there, whom I don't know but mostly characters from One life to Live. They all said they would help clean up the mess from the robber and then we would party.

We attempted to use one of the black and white sheets from the car as a table cloth but when I I opened it up it was full of dead mice and mice turds. I told her, we were not going to wash it, but throw it in the garbage.  

I was resting then and one character decided to put on a magic show for the others. I was almost sleeping but he called me forward to stand in front of all the people so he could make a fool of me. I agreed to do it, I didn't mind if people laughed at me if they enjoyed what ever they were learning from the magic trick.


6-3-98 - DREAM - I had two dreams within a dream. Inner Dream #1 - I needed to go to the bathroom. I walked down the hall and saw the door was closed. I knocked once and opened the door because I couldn't see anyone through the crack in the door. I opened the door and saw my son Bill and two of his friends, kneeling around the oval-shaped bathtub which was more over towards the center of the room. They had stopped up the tub with numerous colored rags and towels and were running the water into the tub, pretending to drown numerous toy people. I started to holler at them. "Haven't I told you not to do that before? I believe this is the third time. You know that three times is all you get so now you have to be punished."

I let all the water out of the tub and removed and rags, towels and toy people. I went into their bedroom and got up on their bed, preparing to jump off the bed onto their toys and destroy them. I started to count down,  4...3...2...1.. and woke up from the dream, but I was still in MY dream. In the second inner dream, it was not so clear, but in that dream, I was counting UP alphabetically and got up to the letter "P" which I thought was very significant.  I woke up in the dream, but was STILL dreaming.

(This dream has a lot of details in it, so I'm not positive I am remembering them all in sequence) There were several themes in the dream.

I was moving from one side of the street to the other side of the street in the 2500 block of North 16th St. I was taking care of an apartment building/house for another woman. I had to go to the bathroom really bad. My husband volunteered me to give a lecture on dreams which I was totally unprepared for. I was doing all these things at the same time.

I decided to tell the two 'inner dreams' to the lecture group because they were fresh in my mind. With that decision made, I decided to run across the street and look at my new house. Unfortunately, the 7 silver keys  I had for the front door, I left behind at the old house and I couldn't get in the door without them, so I needed to go back home and get the keys.

This was yet early in the morning, about 8:30 a.m. The children were gathering on the sidewalk to wait for the schoolbus.

Meanwhile, my neighbor asked me to take care of the building while she was out on an errand. I agree to do this.

She said she would show me how to use the black telephone, which also monitored the lobby for guests and visitors. #333 was to speak to people in the lobby. #777 was to listen to what they had to say. I pressed #777 and there was no one there except those children getting ready to go to school. I could hear them talking in the background.

She had a candy exchange program for the kids in the morning. She provided a series of black containers with candy in them and the children would come in with a handful of candy in exchange. The children who came in while I was standing there were coming in with handfuls of candy that looked like silver people (the same kind my son was trying to drown in the bathtub in the inner dream) The kids didn't want this woman's candy in the little black containers, they were exchanging "people" candy with each other by the handfuls. These kids were so happy to be able to do this.

Meanwhile I had to go to the bathroom really bad. I found three bathrooms in the house/apartment but there was a child in each one and each child was sitting inside the toilet bowl which was devoid of water, and they were playing with the little silver candy 'people'.

I had dressed in a brown dress to go across the street to look at my house and felt that was not an appropriate color to give the dream lecture in, so I had to change clothes too.

I went to a room where I started to change clothes and as as soon as I was sitting there with no pants on, several young men came to a counter-like area with a window and demanded to be helped with some problems. After making some lame excuses, I eventually had to tell them that I didn't have any pants on and couldn't stand up in front of them. They left me alone long enough to get dressed then.

Finally, one of the bathrooms emptied out and I ran to the bathroom to do what I needed to do. No sooner had I sat down, my husband brought in all the people who wanted to hear my dream lecture while I was sitting on the toilet. I told them the two 'inner dreams' about the letting out the water from the tub, the counting down to 1, the punishment, and the counting up to the letter "P" and that it related to the coming earthchanges and how soon it would be.

The people all left then, and I was standing in the doorway when the door of the apartment across the hallway opened up. A huge man appeared, with a dark, 1/2 grown out stubble of a beard, wearing a sleeveless T shirt and trousers with suspenders. I soon got the idea that he was in charge of the whole thing. He came over, held out his hand to shake mine and said, "Congratulations! You have done well and I hope you will be happy here.!" I shook his hand and thanked him.

I woke up and instantly heard a telephone ring in my left ear. I mentally said, "I am ready for a message."

I began to see a small graveyard. It was oval-shaped. A white arm and hand appeared and began digging a deep hole in the soil and bringing out objects which I eventually recognized to be the baby Jesus laying in a 'cradle' and surrounded by baby animals. I then saw another oval ring next to it and inside that ring, a full sized lamb and lion were laying down inside it...side by side.


6-4-98 - DREAM - This was a dream within a dream. It started with me driving my car north on Calhoun Rd. My car had a computer in it. I couldn't drive the car at the same time. If I was typing on the computer, I  couldn't see the steering wheel and I was afraid I'd go off the road, so I'd reach for the wheel which it wouldn't appear unless I stopped thinking about the computer. Then I'd grab the wheel and steer and the computer would disappear from view. Then I'd go back to typing and the steering wheel would disappear. This happened several times.

Finally, I went to grab the steering wheel and it wasn't there. Finally, it appeared, but the wheel was locked and the car was headed off the road into a ditch.

I woke up in the dream at my apartment building in Milwaukee. Becky or someone like her came to visit and dragged me outside and across the slippery dark street. She insisted that we were going to go to a bar and get drunk. We managed to cross the street, but then I pulled away. Becky continued on to the bar, but I crossed the street and went back home. In my hand, I had several keys. The two prominent ones were a gold mailbox key and a big square headed high security key which was pure gold. I climbed 4 flights of stairs to my floor. On the 4th floor, an old woman like Zora (see http:/www.greatdreams.com/zora3.jpg) was standing there and had just given a big blue box to my neighbor for her children to put toys in. Mentally, I thought, I would really like that box myself.

The old woman had two large blue hampers full of clothes to be washed. One of them had fallen over. I picked it up for her and woke up.

Immediately, I heard a phone ring in my ear. I saw a web page that said, "Wall Street Journal application."


6-17-98 - DREAM - I was living in Milwaukee and went to Jackson St. to turn in my keys for the apartment I had moved out of. After I got there, I remembered that I had left the keys and purse at home because I had been in such a rush to get this done and over with.

I thought I was moving out of 205 and as I was climbing the stairs I realized that I was moving out of 311 and I had turned in the keys a long time ago. I, and the new Manager - (Jimmy) entered the apartment and saw how deteriorated it was. The wallpaper over the doorways had all peeled off. Jimmy said, "I guess we're not going to get this one painted very fast." I agreed and then we noticed that the whole apartment was infested with moths and bats. We got out of there as fast as we could.


7-13-98 - DREAM - This dream lasted all night, but seemed to take an hour or less.

The dream took place on my Jackson St. apartment building, but the elements and scenes don't belong to that building.

In the dream are memories that are from an earlier dream, like I got interrupted and went back to it.

DREAM: I went to work wearing cocoa colored slacks. I knew it was Monday (It really was) because two other co-workers also came to work wearing cocoa brown slacks.

(This reminds me of highschool where certain colors were worn on certain days to show you belonged to a particular group of people)

I was asked to show an apartment to a woman who was used to living in a huge house. I agreed to do this, however at first I couldn't remember which apartments were available. The two 2 bedroom apartments I recall having seen earlier had been totally trashed and I didn't want to show her those and make us look bad.

I excused myself to go get keys from the key box which would tell me which apartments were empty. I went down the hall to the key room, opened the door, and only saw one gold key hanging there.

While I was standing there, a door opened across the hall which looked like a men's locker room. A young man who worked for us part-time came in wearing dark blue trunks. He was going to take a shower.  I started back towards where I left the rich woman carrying some things others had left behind and stashed them on an upper shelf. ... an egg timer, a thermometer, a ruler (all measuring type gadgets)  

At that point, I remembered that a woman who had rented apartment 311 where I used to live before it was remodeled into a two bedroom ... two story apartment, wanted to leave early and had asked us to show it anytime, so I decided to do that instead of showing her an empty apartment.  311 I knew was beautiful, well appointed and clean.

I then met my mother. Her Father had told her to go to the doctor.

NOTE: She didn't look like my mother, she was driving a car which she had never done in her life and she was younger than I am now. Her father was deceased many, many years.

I was going with her as a passenger.  We got  to a street where the road went up and around a curve to the left with a railing on the outside edge and  I knew that the ocean was on the other side.

She refused to drive up there, so stopped at a grocery store parking lot where we turned around. I thought it looked familiar where we made a U turn but I knew it probably really wasn't. So, we went back to the apartment building and went upstairs to the 3rd floor.

My mother went into an apartment and lay down on a cot where she didn't even know the people. She was very depressed that she wasn't able to do what her Father had told her to do.

I said to her, "Come on Missy! You have things to do!"  But she didn't get up, so I had to go get the baby which was in another apartment and change his diaper.

When I first picked him up, I recall that he was bare butted and I just needed to put a diaper on him but when I laid him on my big bed, where I laid him left a big wet stain that looked bloody and watery.

I knew he was overly wet and would probably even need a bath...I moved him to another spot which became equally stained with water and blood. So, now he was in a 3rd spot and I saw that there was no zipper on the first of his little pajama suit, it was on the back, so I rolled him over and unzipped the suit. It was all bloody and watery.

I sat him up to take his suit off and as the suit came down, his tongue came out of his mouth like a huge blood clot. I got pretty grossed out and upset but it was just his tongue and as I pulled his suit down off him, gushes of bloody water poured out onto the floor. I was really scared to find out that there was something wrong with the baby.

Then the baby spoke, "It's just the amniotic fluid."

Then, I realized I wasn't just changing his clothes, he was being born.


7-21-98 - DREAM - I couldn't get my car started because I didn't have the right key. Men were trying to help me. There were 7 of them.

E.R. came over to help. He was rather help-less. I saw one car park in the lot across the street and because one car parked, hundreds of other cars parked in rows beside it.

I went upstairs. I was carrying a white sewing kit on a stand. I went through the door and was in a place like a theatre lobby. Someone there said, "Sh, sh, sh, nobody talk, nobody talk!"

Lots of people were there but not E.R.  On the left was a roller coaster and the car were two men wearing light blue shirts in the last two seats.One looked like Jerry Van Dyke. Their shirts said across the front...'MEN IN BLUE'  I laughed and said, "I don't know how you guys do it."  He said, "There are 7 of us". I woke up and saw a vision:



7-22-98 - DREAM - I was living on the East side. I went into the kitchen. It was a mess but I could smell dirty laundry and knew that I should be doing it. I went to get the baby and went outside with him. Then I realized I had forgotten to take my keys with me.

The lady in apartment 304 was usually home, but she had just left in a horse drawn cab to go somewhere.

So, I walked to the back of the building to find someone home. There was some strange things going on and I was very suspicious. A hug box was being carried into the building that I thought contained something dangerous, by some tall men. A friend of mine jumped into the elevator at the last moment so they couldn't protest so he could ride along to find out what floor they went to.

I had to walk past a dark haired man who was outside the building. He was treating the sideyard as his own apartment. I was afraid to walk past him, but I had to. Once I got inside the building, I had to carry my baby up the stairs. The baby got all wiggly and wanted to fool around on the steps and started to slide down on his belly. I was afraid he would hurt himself on the concrete steps. I no sooner thought that and he hung himself between the railing posts from his suspenders.


8-1-98 - DREAM - I was hired to work as a secretary at a company where they expected me to do everything perfectly, but they said they would train me.

The boss showed me to my office which was right across the hall from his. It was more of a fancy cubicle than an office and my back was to the door so I couldn't see who was going by.

They gave me a typing assignment which was not that difficult but not being used to the typewriter I didn't do so well. So I hand wrote a letter of excuse, a long one, to apologize for not getting it right the first time.

The secretary was so impressed with my excuse, she begged me to teach her to write that good. I said that I would.

By this time, my hair was flying out sideways in all directions and my blouse was hanging over the top of my skirt instead of being tucked in. It was pale yellow and grey plaid.

Work was over for the day and I had accomplished nothing and by the time I got home, it was 8 p.m.

I needed hairspray and new clothes, so I thought I would make a panic run to the store before 9 p.m closing time.

I figured I'd get there by quarter to 9 and have time to run in and grab something and run back out before closing time.

BUT, I didn't want to go alone and nobody else was home to go with me. In my mind, I was picturing where I was going to go and actually saw the place in my mind's eye while I was waiting.

Meanwhile, I was just standing around in the parking garage, watching other people make bumbling mistakes trying to park their cars.

I had to go to the bathroom before I left also, but didn't have a key to the closest building entrance either, and knew that if I drove to the store, I'd be dancing around with anxiety instead of shopping. But, I couldn't figure out a way to get into the building either.

Finally, someone came along who I knew and I tried to get his attention to let me use his key to the building where the bathroom was, but he didn't have the key to that building either, and I woke up frustrated at my inability to accomplish any task.


8-4-98 - DREAM - I got a job interviewing people with problems. The office was in a large building on 70th St. I either forgot about it or slept in late because when I looked at the clock on my 1st day of work, it was quarter to 11 and I was supposed to have been there at 8:30 a.m..  I was too timid to just walk in and say I was sorry I was late. I decided I would wait until 1 pm. and then go in, pretending that I hadn't realized I was supposed to work in the morning.

I discussed my plan with E.R. who was home, waiting for a repair part for his kitchen stove.

At 1 p.m. I went to the office, and it was so crowded with people who needed counseling, I couldn't even get to my desk to sit down.

There was a man at a nearby desk who was an attorney who had the same problem. He ended up sitting in the aisle. I never did to get to sit down.

I went home then and met E.R.'s father who had brought the stove parts to fix his stove but I didn't have a key for E.R.s apartment. E.R.s father had keys and handed them to me. The 1st key had a tiny silver tip on it which fit crossways into as lot, which made the wall slide back to show an elevator door.  E.R.s father then inserted an emergency elevator key which is also cross shaped and opened the elevator door. We went through the elevator...not up or down...and E.R.s father opened the apartment door on the other side of the elevator.  I was certain this was NOT the way normal people got to E.R.s apartment, but his Father's way.


8-13-98 - DREAM - I was in West Allis, WI on 70th and Greenfield at a book store. I came outside to where I left my car to go home. In the parking space was a black with silver striped car that was an open convertible. I went to open the door and the whole car moved and made a sound like a tin toy. I realized that wasn't my car and then saw my car parked on the sidewalk.

My car was black with a silver stripe but was not a convertible. However, there was no passenger side door, nor was there a floor or seat where the passenger would sit. This was strictly a solo car.

I looked at it carefully to make sure it was mine, then walked around to the right side of the car to make sure I was taking everything home that I had come with.

It seemed more like a bicycle from the right side and I had racks with black purses and black satchels and books.

I walked around to the driver's side and the keys were hidden under a blue piece of cloth by the driver's door and practically fell out into my hand.

My friend Monica from my UFO group appeared then and I asked her to come home with me.

First I had to make sure the car ran okay. I put the key in the ignition and it started right up. It had real power.

The next scene popped in, we were already at home and I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I said to Monica, "Did you see that?" and as I watched   I had a live doll baby and the baby began to slowly inch it's way up the wall and began patting the cheek of a picture of a woman which was hanging high up on a wall. There was real love and affection in it's patting action.

My husband came home then and I looked around quickly to make sure the house was clean. It was.

I had to go to the bathroom then and when I did, I got the shock of my life. The bathtub was full of water, and the shower stall in the corner was full of water. The bathtub, the floor, the shower stall, was FULL of red and white towels trying to soak up the water, and I could see the water streaming across the floor toward the hallway.

Then I saw the shower curtain was falling down (It too was red and white exactly like the towels) and someone had cut in in two places with a scissors in deliberate destruction.

I was sitting on the toilet and needed to wipe myself and even the brown toilet paper (like paper toweling) was wet and useless.

I sat there helpless and screamed my husband's name... "J.B."  I suddenly became afraid but screamed his name again in almost a shriek... "JB"


8-27-98 -DREAM -  I was in Milwaukee. At first I was in my apartment on the east side. I had a mailbox key and didn't know which mailbox it belonged to. I was testing the key on each mailbox to find the right one. Other people were around who lived in the building.

A dark, younger woman challenged me about something and it frightened me, so I ran outside barefoot, down the street and around the corner. I planned to go to 6248 North ______ St. to stay with a woman who would take me in. (Her name was Minnie Krueger from S. 66th St (She is deceased a long time) I felt safe with her. I was barefoot and looking at the shoes of all the other women to see if someone elses shoes might fit me. The other women were wearing shoes of various pastel colors and were like crippled and deformed. There were none which would fit me but my own. I knew this would be a long walk but that if I took my time I would make it.

NOTE: I think I woke up at this point and a noise told me an event was going to happen. I'm thinking it is another bombing and that 90 people are going to die.

NOTE: 64 people died in a plane crash the same day.


8-27-98 - DREAM -  I was managing an apartment building on the east side of Milwaukee. There were people everywhere I went. I looked out the window and the whole street was full of huge blue and white moving vans. One of the vans was moved to make way for a big delivery van.

A workman came in and asked me if I might have a spare letter for a sign he was making. I said, "These letters all come in sets. I probably do. I'll have to look."

I began searching through drawers and finding odd clothes stacked everywhere. In one dresser I found an orange cat in every drawer, sleeping. I was concerned that I had too many cats, but I remembered a law that stated you could have one cat per bedroom and I had 4 bedrooms, so I was okay. Then I saw an orange kitten come sneaking in the patio door which had one hind leg and his tail missing. I felt really sorry for it and let it go where it wanted.

On top of the highest shelf, I found some new clothes and decided I needed to change out of my stained clothes because my lover was coming to visit so I quickly changed clothes and decided I may as well give away all my old clothes I was saving because at my age, I didn't need to save everything for year ... just in case of need, I could just go out and buy new stuff and other needy people could use what I had.

Note: The next day a news broadcast said that they were collecting clothing for Russian Christian missions so my dream was right on target.

I went back to the workman and told him I couldn't find the letters, but I would continue to look and would let him know.

One of the moving van guys came in and said he needed a key to the basement locker room. I said, "Okay!" but didn't want to go to the basement and didn't know where the key to the basement was.

At this point, there were people all over the building trying to get to different floors and I could see there was a problem. I went to the elevator and it was full of tall people about 7 feet tall. I decided to go down the stairs instead. At this point I realized I was barefoot. I reached the basement level and saw that the heavy brown metal door to the basement hallway was locked from the other side so I refused to open it and go through that door as I didn't have the key to get back into the building.

I turned to go up a different stairway and the stairs were spongy and wouldn't hold my weight. There were workmen standing right there so to show my authority as manager, I commanded the workman to repair the steps so I could ascend the stairs.

He got a really mean gleam in his eye because I had commanded him instead of asking nicely, so he came over and removed the stairs completely, blocking them up with a white board on a slant.

However, when he removed the spongy stairs, he opened a door to a hidden hallway through which we could go to another hidden stairway.

I opened the doors and showed all the waiting people where to ascend the stairs to the upper levels. I then ascended the hidden staircase myself and came to a room that was full of antiques of every imaginable kind.

The people were choosing what they wanted and taking them to their apartments. Instead of being angry at them for taking these museum pieces to their apartments, I looked to see what I could take to my own apartment.

My eyes spotted a huge rose and white teapot shaped clock with strawberries all over it. It was so cute, but so big, it was impractical. I saw little brooches with enameled paintings of medieval women, everything one could think of was there including flower vases.

I thought to myself, instead of taking something to my apartment, I should be bringing things from my apartment to here to share with others.

I then went to a narrow, hidden staircase and ascended to the 3rd floor. I went through a quiet hallway which was dimly lit and then descended another stairway back to my own apartment.

When I walked in, my apartment was full of people, my whole family, all of the friends I had ever known, and many people I didn't know. It was my birthday it seemed and all of these people had brought gifts for me.

Everyone was sitting on the floor in seeming lotus position or Indian fashion except my son Bill who sat on a stool in the center of the room.

My daughter-in-law Becky hollered at me, "Where have you been? We've all been waiting here for you.""

It was too long a story to tell, so I didn't even try. I just couldn't believe all these people had brought me gifts. Just as I had thought about giving away all my stored things to others, all these people brought me more.

I woke up in surprise and saw the words, 'TRUTH = HYPATANUSE"


8-28-98 -  A BLACK VISION -


Then I saw  a page written by me that looked like an interview with Dee777.


I saw a couple more sentences one of which said, "DOLORES' RECORD"

I slipped into a dream where I was managing an apartment building.  I hadn't actually started work yet. I was wearing a dress and green jogging pants under it. I was attempting to tie something to my right thigh over the pants and not having any success with it.  There was no door on the apartment and my dark haired female boss walked right tin. She had a couple of people with her.

She told me to call the phone company and have a phone installed right by the door so it would be handy and I wouldn't have to run all the way back into my apartment to answer the hone. I told her that was a good idea. (I had thought of that myself just before she walked in)

A blonde woman dressed in black, lingered behind after the boss left. She said "I think I would like to rent an apartment here."

I hadn't actually started work yet and didn't have any paperwork, so I didn't know which apartments were vacant.

I didn't have any keys with me, so I went back to my closet and found my keys which were laying right next to the pocket of the green jogging pants which I had taken off. I now only had the dress on. I had the key to the "key" box which had the key to the apartment key box. There were out in the hallway.

The key to the 'key box' was a tiny key which at first looked like a 't' then turned into a wire triangle. I thought it would never work, but when I stuck the triangle shaped wire into the slot of the 'key box', the cover flew off.

This box was very small and way up high on the wall. There was along couch-like thing along the wall with a white cover on it and I  had to stand on top of it to reach the 'key box'.

I put my index finger into this tiny key box and could feel a tiny piece of metal in it. I carefully picked it up, afraid it would fall on the floor and I'd never find it. When I held it in my fingers, it looked like an old-fashioned record needle. I put my finger into the little key box to see if there was a real key in the box and again felt a small piece of metal I hoped was a real key.

This time it was a spiral piece of wire that was tightly wound. It was small on one end graduating to a larger spiral at the opposite end. I figured that you must stick the small end into the key hole while holding the large end. I looked at it again and now it looked like a carpenter's silver metal screw.

That I knew how to use, so I went over to the apartment key box to see which keys were hanging in it which would clue me in on which apartments were vacant.

I looked at this key box and it was huge. I had so many slots and levers on it, I had no  idea which slot to put the screw in to open the door. I flipped one lever and a loud alarm bell began to ring. I said, "Oh my God! this is a fire alarm box."

The woman was dressed in black. (She had short blonde hair like my Black Lord ETs) She said, "I'm going to go look at 305. That's where I used to live.

She took off ahead of me and I couldn't stop her. We were on the 2nd floor it seemed and she ran up some stairs which I could hear her going up, but I couldn't see them. I ran to the end of the hall and found a green linoleum covered stairway. It was really wide with huge steps and it only went down. I didn't have much choice, so I went down to the 1st floor, hoping to find another stairway that would go to the 3rd floor.

I was still looking when I woke up.


9-11-98 - DREAM - I was in a huge mansion. We were told that when the Old Father died, we were going to get a great inheritance. We were told about the great riches and the wonderful rooms and shown examples of  all this. It seemed that the mansion was like a museum because everything was so valuable. It had a sense of great awe about it. I didn't really care about all the riches and stuff, all I really cared about was getting into the huge library on the 3rd floor that was under lock and key. There were 3 huge doors in a row up there and they were locked. I knew beyond that there was a dark library with thousands of books...not little books like we use, but huge giant tomes two feet tall and 3 inches thick, all bound in leather and gilt in gold on the edges of the pages. I just wanted to get in there, that's all I wanted.  This place was really ominous. We were in awe just to be here. It seemed like it had magical qualities like the singing stones. When you pressed on certain stones, they played glorious music.

In this one huge circular room, these stones were placed which were hollow underneath and when you pressed on them in the right order, the sound boomed out like a grand organ and reverberated around in echoes.

The address of this room was 18031C and we discussed that you had to be in the certain section of that room only. This room was a large circle, and the circle was divided into sections, both in rows and each row in sections. Each section had it's own address, and in this case, this sound could be made only in that one "C" section.  I pressed on the stones in this pattern:


*        *



It is the tones in the movie Encounters of the 3rd kind. (which I've seen 25 or 30 times)

(I can't explain why this alien site has the same floor pattern. This scared me to see it)

At one point, we were going to a park-like area of this property and we had to climb over railings and go through a maze and ended up in an indoor swimming pool. The air was heavy and thick. It was like going into the old-fashioned Natatorium where there was no air conditioning and the air was heavy with humidity and smelled of Chlorine and this place was all white.

My friend and co-worker Carol.H. was leading us in our little trek. She told us that she felt wonderful in this place that the heaviness of the air made her feel safe and peaceful. I asked her why we couldn't just outside in the fresh air and sunshine where all the other people and animals were.  She said it was too dangerous out there and I saw black people out in that direction. They were all out in the sunshine. It seemed to me that was the better place, but she didn't think so, but I wasn't going to argue with her and tried to feel calm and peaceful in the heavy air inside the white room. We were still following a narrow balcony type path around the area where the pool was supposed to be, but I never did see the water.

I was also in an area where there were some communications being done between computers across wide expanses of areas which seemed both indoors and outdoors at the same time. It was like being outdoors even though we were inside of a huge area where we couldn't see the walls or ceiling but knew they were there. I seemed to be in control of this and everything was fine here.

The last scene was inside a mansion and I seemed to be the manager. We had just been told about all the treasures. It seemed it was time to take our pick of the treasures and I chose a huge yellow bound book which was propped up on a small table flanked by big crystal stones.

I clutched the book to my chest as a maintenance worker brought in an entire room of huge old fashioned lamps of a variety of shapes and ceiling lights. They wanted to know where I was going to put them and I told them we still had 5 empty apartments upstairs or 6 or 7, but 5 for sure. They began carrying the ceiling lamps and other lamps up there to the empty apartments. I quickly looked at the lamps to pick out the one I wanted for my own to put with my treasured book.

I took my book and walked into my apartment where my children and my Father were all sitting on stools which were against each of the four walls.

I was still by the door, sitting on my own stool and feeling a pressure on my stomach. then it seemed like something warm, wet, and then hot was running out my bottom and it wasn't pee.

I started to feel afraid as the feeling got stronger, wet and hot on bottom. I looked down and a trail of blood was running down my legs onto the floor.

I was thinking, "Oh! My God! My period." Here I was with all these boys and my Father.

Then more blood ran down my legs, hot and wet and I thought I was going to bleed to death. My fear was rising and the pressure was getting stronger on my stomach.

Having given birth to six children, I recognized this feeling, I knew my water had broken and I was going to have a baby.

I called out, "Mother!!!! Mother!!!!"  As I did, a stronger gush of water came out of me. This was no normal birth. No human being ever had this much fluid come out of them and live. I wondered why I wasn't passing out. Finally . one huge gush of fluid came out of me and flooded the entire room 4 inches deep. I was shocked. All I could do is scream, MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!"

NOTE:  Strange coincidences occurred after I had this dream. I got out my tape of Close Encounters of the 3rd kind to watch to match the tones. Then I watched the movie STARGATE. The model of the Stargate hanging up on a table as a model had the same pattern as the room I was in that made the stones sing.  I also had a dream in which I was told that the ETs I work with are from Zeta-Orionus.  Also, the beasts of burden from the above dream was very similar to the beast of burden in the STARGATE movie.  (Read RA story from Edgar Cayce)  STARGATE movie said that this other planet was in the K___gian galaxy. (I haven't looked that up)


9-26-98 - DREAM - I had this dream while listening to the Art Bell show - an interview with Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Steven Bassett about UFOS.

In the dream, a man was in prison and I planned to get him out. I started out going up the big front stairs after I was stripped of everything metal except I kept my master key. but after getting inside the prison, I knew that going in the front way would never work and I had to use a narrow back stairway instead. However, I was being watched and I didn't want to get arrested.

I got sidetracked and went outside by the back door, determined to figure out how to get this guy out of jail. Then I figured out I could use his information on my web site and get the information out that way.

After I got outside, I gave my purse and everything I had to a girl sitting on the steps outside, but then had second thoughts about it, knowing I really needed it myself. I had a twinge of guilt that I had offered, but I still took it back and went home.


9-29-98 - DREAM - The dream was about my getting my manager's job back. I was happy to get my job back even though I had to clean up other people's garbage. One little boy only cared that he could see his teacher Julie Dickinson and I made sure he got to see her. I helped other people solve little problems and picked up their trash, and unhooked a pair of eyeglasses that were hooked to a carpet on the stairs. The main thing was that I had my master keys back and put them in my skirt pocket.


10-4-98 - DREAM -  I was working in a big office building. (All the people in the dream, I actually worked with in the same capacity)  I was the secretary to the President. I went down to the copy room with another secretary and Norm.D. He had a huge project and he wanted to copy all the material. The other girl took the copy key and put it into the machine and got it started.Then Norm.D. tried to keep the copy key and wanted to keep it over night. It was in a small brown paper bag. I struggled with him over the bag and the copy key and managed to wrench it out of his hands and took off with it and ran back up to where the offices were.

I planned to tell the supervisor that Norm.D. had tried to stead the copy key but when I went into the bosses office, (his name was Paul) I hemmed and hawed a little and then accused Norm.D. of being drunk and trying to steal something. When Paul asked me what Norm.D. had stolen, I said weakly, "I don't remember". Then while I stood there I noticed a magazine with a list of women's names and one in particular had red marks around it who lived near Norm.D. so I picked up the magazine and accused Norm.D. of murdering her.  NOTE: In another dream with my mother later in this month, our supervisor was also named Paul.

I felt so guilty for accusing Norm.D. of murder instead of trying to keep the copy key overnight, but I let the accusation stand and went back to my office.

Norm.D. was sitting in a side chair next to the desk in front of mine (probably the other girls I had been with). I asked him timidly, "Are you waiting to see me?"  He said, "No!" He was waiting to see the President whose office was dark.  The President's office was right behind mine through another door.

I felt so guilty I couldn't sit there and face Norm.D., so I went to the cafeteria where there was a lot of cleanup work to do. The meal was long over and there were dirty dishes in the sink and trash all over the floor. There was another woman there who was working on it. I pitched in to help her. She commented that the wash had to get done. I said, "It has to be done before we go home tonight and I won't leave until it's finished."

NOTE: I felt that this dream had to do with Kenneth Starr who was providing all the copies of the investigation.  I accused Norm.D. of murder of the woman in the magazine, and the President's office was dark.  (This could either mean that the office of the President was darkened, OR, that the President was no longer there)


10-11-98 - DREAM - I was seeing several e-mails on a computer and it seemed it was a series of arguments about various subjects, but I was seeing only the titles of the arguments and not the arguments themselves.Then it got to the bottom and it said, 'STOP MAIL' STOP MAIL'.

I then went outside and the whole air was dark brown. I thought that was really strange so I looked up into the sky and saw a full, complete, total eclipse of the the sun. The sun was very small, so the moon covering it looked even smaller. I could see the golden corona of the sun around the moon which looked like a round dot.

Then suddenly, it looked like the sun exploded and dozens of small 5 pointed golden stars flew out of the sun in every direction.

I said, "Oh my God! The sun is exploding!"  But after the stars flew out of the sun, the sun, still in full eclipse was still there.

I called it to everyone's attention who was nearby and then went back into the building.

My apartment was full of people. Everyone I've known in the last 20 years was there and lots of children I didn't know. Everyone was standing around talking and it had a party atmosphere.

An insurance agent of some kind came in and said he needed to see me. He showed me a sheet of paper with brown writing on it. It was the verbatim arguments of three women of which I was one of them according to him. I saw the names of the other two women and as I recall they were psychic-type women.

According to the insurance guy, I was determined the victor of the argument and as the one who was vindicated, I was being given an award.

He handed me a tall grey metal box that was very thin but wide and I opened it and it was an apartment key box with all the keys hanging on pegs inside. I thanked him and noticed that on the very bottom of this box were two extra keys and padlocks. They were very small less than an inch long. I asked what they were for. He told me they were for the two storage rooms in the basement that the outside contractors used for themselves that no one else had access to. He said that I may as well avail myself of the material there rather than use my own.

I was really pleased with that, so I went downstairs and opened the door. Inside, it was like a grocery store, not that there was a lot of stuff, but what was there was BIG, and on top was the biggest bottles of yellow mustard and red ketchup I've ever seen.

I went back upstairs where the children were getting out of hand. All the kids were in the bedroom on top of the bed and they were trying to do every thing all in the same space. Some were trying to get their homework done, some were trying to build things with legos, some were playing with dolls and some were searching through a big mess of toys trying to decide what to play with.

So, I had to separate the children depending on what task they were doing. The ones who needed to finish their homework were moved out to a white counter in another room, and the other children were moved to different areas depending on what they were doing.

Then I went back to where the older teens and the adults were still chatting and our grandson Ethan came in singing a little song, "Jesus loves me and I let him in."  It had a 3rd line which I can't recall, but I asked him if he would sing it to the whole group. At this point I called him Bill and told the group that Bill wanted to sing for them. I picked Ethan up so he was at their level and everyone gathered around and Ethan sang his little song,"Jesus loves me and I let  him in," plus the 3rd line I can't remember.

The instant he stopped singing, one of the women in the group whom I knew well, began to pass out what looked like menus and I thought it was for a pizza place. Then she sat down in front of the windows. She was blonde with curly, shoulder length hair, wore a peach colored dress and peach colored lipstick to match. As the sun streamed in the window behind her, she literally glowed with a translucent quality, that surprised even me. She began to tell the women that she had set up a shop at a place that looked like HALL on the sheet but she said Pizzaro where they could learn to look like her.

and I woke up.


10-28-98 - DREAM - I was in a classroom. It was a dance class and I had no partner. The teacher convinced me to stay and finish the class and get my certificate so it didn't look like I was a quitter.

There was snow on the ground and it was icy so when the last class break took place, I decided to leave early while the sun was still shining. As I left the building, the door was locked, so I stopped at the office. The women clerks were all dressed alike in ugly black, white, and brown geometric shaped patterned blouses. They looked like they were all one person with 3 heads when they stood next to each other. One woman gave me a heavy silver key to unlock the door and I headed out the building to go home.

A heavyset man decided to follow me. I tried to make the trip as easy as possible, but the land was rough and at one point I had to go down a stairway so steep I had to hang on the railing and actually slide down the railing at the bottom because it was straight down and there were sheep grazing right below me. Then I had to teach the man to do the same thing. After we crossed the last road, it seemed we were sitting side by side reading a newspaper. There was no ending to the dream. I just woke up into the above story line about Georgia.


11-1-98 - DREAM - My ex-husband Ed came home from prison. I don't know what state we were living in, but I had a lover whom I lived with. We all looked much younger than our current real years. It was such a shock to actually have to deal with  Ed's return, that I, my lover, whom we called Tom rather than his real name, and a doctor, who resembled Whitley Strieber, but blonde, made a pact to drive Ed crazy or at least make him so off guard that he'd leave.

Part of the trick was for Tom (my lover) and the doctor change places with each other every time Ed went to sleep, so that when he woke up, Tom would have a different face.

Every time Ed bragged about something and I sat behind him, my lover would raise his hand up high in the air, and I'd nod my head in acknowledgement that my lover was the best and not Ed. It was kind of fun to do that, to take part in the deception.

Finally, it was morning and we all had to go to work and Ed had to go job hunting. Tom, my lover, and the doctor changed places, so now the doctor was pretending to be my lover and Tom was pretending to be the doctor. This was great fun, but none of us was allowed to show Ed that it was a joke and the plan was that the next day, the two men would switch places again to really throw Ed off guard or make him think he was crazy. The other plan was to treat him the exact opposite of what he expected. So, every time he did something, we'd react the exact opposite of what would normally be expected. This also took him off guard and he never understood it was all a joke. when we all left the apartment building and went down the elevator, I remembered that I had forgotten my keys, so I had to go back alone and get them. As I went up the elevator, I woke up.


11-1-98 - DREAM - Joe and I were living in a rented house out in the country. We didn't know it, but the landlord was selling the property and the Real Estate lady came over to discuss the deal with a guy who wanted it. He had obviously lived in the house before because he had a key to it. I started getting all upset because the man was going in and out of the house leaving his junk behind and dumping trash in the yard. I begged Joe to do something and ask the guy for the key, but Joe said to just ignore it. There were 30 days to move even if he bought the house and the deal wasn't even sealed yet because in the other room 7 black women were waiting to put in a bid on the house. I went into the room with them because I would much rather have them own the house than the mean man, but when they all got out their credit cards and wallets they didn't have enough credit or cash to buy the house. They wanted the house really bad though so I left them to figure out their finances and went back into the other room where 3 guys sitting on tall stools were in the middle of the room with the Real Estate lady.

The Real Estate lady introduced me to the 3 men and we stood in the room and put our heads together in a circle and exchanged loving energies.  But, the Real Estate lady saw another couple in the corner. The girl was sitting on a chair right in the corner. She had dark hair and a huge dark eyebrows and no makeup.

I introduced the 3 men to her. I told them that she was the Queen of Oklahoma. They immediately surround her and put their heads together in a loving circle. However, I knew what they were up to. All the cared about was that she was a celebrity. She wasn't at all pretty, but she had a title.

I had been hired to do a mailing ... stuffing envelopes. Three women came with the stuff...the envelopes and inserts. There were 2000 of them and they wanted them done by 8:00 a.m. they said they wanted people to 'have a choice'.

In the closet, up on a shelf, one woman found all the envelopes and some inserts. She said that if I ran out of inserts I could get them at the office downtown, and I wouldn't get paid until I turned in all the receipts at the bank across the street from the office. Again they reminded me that it had to be done by 8:00a.. in the morning.

Then they brought in some plastic shapes that also had to be stuffed into the envelops. Each envelope had to have a black and white paper brochure, a black plastic insert shape and a white insert shape. I didn't see what the shapes were because they were in rather opaque plastic baggies.

I also saw then that there was a pile of cake decorations for a celebratory cake on the counter and I would have to deliver that as well.

Women were taking samples of the inserts and envelopes and there were only a few left in the box and I knew I was going to have to work all night and then pick up extra at the office to complete the task. It looked pretty hopeless.

8:00 a.m. came so fast, it was hardly a blink of an eye and I was downtown picking up more inserts. I don't know if I did the mailing or if someone else was also working on it, because at 8:00 a.m. sharp, all over the streets, out of the gutters came popping these black plastic shapes out of holes along the street. It was an amazing sight to see.


11-4-98 - NOTE: I went to sleep with a Moldavite crystal in my hand and told it to tell me a story.

DREAM -  I was living in an apartment building in a city. I went down to the front lobby to get my mail. When I got there, an old woman was sitting on a chair in front of my mailbox and there were several bags around herr, to the side and behind her. Some were paper and some were cloth. Being the manager, I reached in one that looked like old garbage mail to see who it belonged to so I could reprimand them for dumping their garbage off. One envelope clearly was marked 'GHAZZY', an on-line friend of mine. Before I could react to that, the old woman grabbed my hand and said, "You'll have to pay to listen to the tapes." I apologized and said I thought it was just garbage.she said, "I've been looking for someone to give them to, and I guess you'll do." I looked again and saw that the bags were full of stuffed dolls and children's books. Having grandchildren, I thought it was a great gift and thanked her. There were too many bags to take them all in one trip, so had to make two trips. First I spotted my mailbox key stuck in the lock of the mailbox. I didn't know if that was a good idea to leave there and pulled it out. (It was in mailbox #1) I saw at that point that I had 3 rings of keys. One was the small mailbox key ring. Second was a larger ring of silver keys. Third was a larger ring of gold keys.

I clutched them so tightly, it almost hurt my hand. I realized later that's where I was clutching the Moldavite stone.

I grabbed two bags with the stuffed dolls and a pillow that had a torn pillowcase. The dolls were adorable with floppy arms and legs. I knew my granddaughter would love them. When I got upstairs, my daughter was there with a friend and she was very young ... around 4 or 5 years old. (So how could I have grandchildren?)  I put the dolls and the pillow down on a bench and went back downstairs to get the children's books. when I got down to the lobby, the old woman was in a side room that looked like a library and she was retrieving more books for me.

I picked up two more bags of books and headed for the elevator. This time the elevator was too full of people and I had to wait for it to come back down. Instead of being int he building, I was behind the building and could see the city behind and around me. I heard a buzzing sound and suddenly saw a bright blue plane that was triangle shape skim over the building. It appeared to have an alien strapped on underneath it which was hanging on and steering it with body movements such as one would steer a sled.

This all happened in rapid succession. First one plane skimmed over, then 3 went in another direction. Then 6 wet over higher up and those plane stretched out and changed shape. The planes were all the same color but shape shifted.

At the same time, what looked like might be shadows but appeared more like clouds in the air like puffs came in front of the buildings. We were all afraid. We were being invaded enmasse.


11-8-98 - DREAM - I was in a large apartment building. I've either been in the same place in the last couple of days or I dreamed this twice.

I went down to the basement garage. It had an electrically opening overhead door. Inside the garage it was extremely bright. I had the only key to get into  this garage I believe but other people had to work in the garage. What was neat was that beautiful music started playing when I opened the door. The lock for the door was too high to reach from the ground. So I had stood on top of something and standing up on my toes to get the key in the lock. The key was very tiny. It was gold and almost like a number 7 but with a small protrusion on the top of the 7. This key also fit a bright blue truck which was quite large and the lock was up by the window rather than by the door handle.

I opened the door for myself to make sure I knew how to do it, so later when a man and woman came to ask me to let them into the garage to work, as long as there was something to stand on, I had no problem to open the door.

After the door closed after them, I went to a big office where Susy was working along with a couple other women. Susy said she had been expecting Bob Scottsdale to visit her, she said she had been dating him for several years.

I had known her for 3 years and had never seen him but she insisted she had dated him for many years.


11-16-98 - DREAM - I was moving from one apartment to another. The new apartment wasn't quite ready and the landlord was still cleaning the refrigerator which was apartment size.

I also was taking a class at night school which I had to get to. I was going into other people's apartments and helping out. I'm sure it was Michele who handed me two babies to hold and take care of while she went to work.There were other children there in her apartment...a boy and a girl in the same room. They were older about the age of her real kids. I helped straight out their quilts.

Her husband was there but I didn't see him up close. My ex-husband Jim was there. He was walking right behind me. He told me not to get too far ahead of him because his penis was real hard and bulging in his pants. I walked back towards the bedroom but got sidetracked by someone else who wanted to show me something. When I went back to find him, I found him dancing with a huge person I thought was male but who was playing the part of a female.

I told him I was leaving for school. We weren't together anymore so I didn't feel any jealousy and left. I don't recall going to school but ended up in my new apartment. There was no furniture in it in the beginning because it wasn't quite ready. But some of the furniture was built into the wall. A daybed/couch was on one wall that had compartments built into it which made it very narrow like a one person bed.

While I was standing there, the leasing agent came with my key. It was a single silver key on a necklace thing made of white mother-of-pearl looking discs with a hole at one edge and strung together. It looked like it was maybe on elastic thread to stretch to fit anyone.

The leasing agent was about 7 feet tall, with bright red-orange hair and I thought it was a girl because of the pretty face but he/she talked with a feminine tone and was really a guy. He said that the landlord  ...  pointing over towards two other very tall thin men about 7 feet tall ... went feminine two months ago. They were standing pretty far away so I didn't see them real well. It seems that one had a pointy chin, similar to the little girl baby Michele had handed me to hold for her.  (I think these were probably ETS)

I was walking around in underwear at this point but I saw my daughter and grandchildren coming to visit and quickly stepped into a white skirt that had an elastic top. This had been handed to me by the leasing agent along with the key. (I was wearing high heeled shoes too.) He also handed me a long narrow thin belt from the landlord that had a silver key on the end.

My grandson Brian grabbed it. At that moment, I noticed my own furniture was in the moment I noticed my own furniture was in the apartment. My kids had moved it for me while I was in school I was hollering for Brian to give me the key as I woke up.

This whole thing was feeling languid ... almost slow motion and I felt that way when I woke up.


11-17-98 - DREAM - I received an e-mail and on it was a link to:

"I Don't Know and I don't want to think about it List."

I then saw a web page with a circle of links.  Two of them were:



I came home to find brand new clean sheets and pillow cases put over the beds in several bedrooms. Other bedrooms had striped bare mattresses. The ones with clean sheets had been rented out for the night. I was sleeping on the livingroom floor.

NOTE: I felt that this was given to me as a money making idea.

My key and something else had been left on my bed when the sheet was put on it...not moved elsewhere. There were people in this dream, but in the peripheral vision...not directly in sight.


11-20-98 - DREAM - I was with some new people at an apartment complex ... like Jackson St. There was some kind of festive gathering there. I was obviously the new manager. I felt I was dressed inappropriately for the job, wearing hotpants and high heeled shoes.

The boss reminded me of Ralph but was more rugged looking and taller...about 7 feet tall. His girlfriend was with him. She looked like ______ the movie star of the olden days. (played the part of Mame) As I walked down the hallway behind them he kept looking at my legs and commenting on how he liked them and the way I walked. I was walking similar to his girlfriend, kind of sashaying like a half sideways stroll (like the old dance of the 60's) We got to my new apartment #103. Inside was a huge master console organ. It was ebony colored, beautiful. It had a keyboard of buttons, like the left side of an accordion almost but not so many buttons. The buttons were not all the same height or the same color yet.

The girlfriend began to play a little song with one finger I could hardly wait to play the instrument. The landlord played a few notes and I asked if I could try it. I didn't have any music unpacked so I began to play random notes and somehow they all formed a chord no matter which button I pushed. It was beautiful.

I decided to get my music and as I quit playing, all the notes I had played began to unplay themselves in reverse order. In backwards order it sounded raucous and chaotic.

I went to get my favorite pieces of music, it was written in 7 flats...a fugue in a minor key called "The Master" and the picture on the front of the sheet music looked like the landlord boss.

There was no music stand on the organ so I propped the music up against a red sweater that laid sideways on the top. My only worry now was the old lady across the hall and the lady upstairs who hated noise. I KNEW she would complain as soon as I started playing for real.


12-7-98 - DREAM - I was in the hospital for something. I don't know what. I got out of bed and went home. This is confusing. I may actually have lived there and it seems like it was the same room as the money scene from the dream above.

I seemed to be the manager of the building anyway. I went out into the hall and saw the mail for our floor stacked by the stairway wall. When I bent down to pick it up, I overheard a conversation between the mailman and another person on the 1st floor like there was an open communication tube between me on the 3rd floor and them on the 1st floor. The mailman wanted to know if it would be okay to leave the advertising fliers on the floor by the mailboxes to save time rather than stuffing them into the mailboxes. That was standard practice in many apartment buildings. He wanted to ask permission before he did it.

I overheard the mailman say they would place a call to the woman in apartment 303 which was down by the front corner of the building on the right in hopes I might be down in that direction. He gave the woman's name. It was long starting with a "K".

So, I walked fast down to the other end of the hallway. The woman from 303 was standing by the door talking to a woman who looked like Hilary Clinton. It seemed she was aware that I was going to get the phone call.

I don't remember the phone ringing but I rushed into the room and picked up the receiver. The voice on the other end was T.M., my old spiritual teacher. He said, "How did you get to the phone on the 1st ring?" I was shocked to hear his voice. He couldn't have known I was there nor the phone number and I had been expecting it to be the mailman on the phone. T.M. said a few mundane things I can't remember. I apologized and said I had to cut the call short because I was expecting a call from the mailman.

I hung up the phone and decided to run downstairs and meet the mailman in person instead. I ran down to where the mailboxes were, still carrying all the advertising flyers I had for the mailboxes.

When I got there, there was no one there but since I had a pile of flyers myself, I began to arrange them on the floor in a nice display so people could pick one up if they cared to. The flyers began to morph smaller and smaller as I arranged them and ended up as a small plastic tag with a number on it with 3 plastic keys and a plastic lock to open. They were like simple suitcase keys with one little hook on them. The advertising said that whoever could open the lock would win a prize.

I don't recall what the prize was. Several people came walking up to get their mail. A young woman picked up one of the padlocks with a numbered tag and keys. She couldn't get hers to work and was all disappointed. I looked at her tag. I was number 01. I tried the key out on the lock. It was a little difficult and didn't work the first time, but then popped open. I gave it back to her, saying, "Here! I opened! You win the prize!"  She was all excited and ran off to claim her prize.

It was time to go home for the day. There seemed to be some kind of urgency to get there and I got a ride from someone who took a shortcut through an industrial park to get there. The driver of this car seems to have several identities in my mind but I can't remember seeing him at all. We arrived at the building which seemed to be work/hospital/home.

I opened the car door to get out and a whole bunch of people came rushing out of the building to meet me. I saw T.M. in the group, dressed all in black but with his pants rolled up and barefoot. I thought I saw his wife with him. Along with him there were several other people including Billy Graham and his wife. Billy Graham looked very old and quite ill. A relative of person of some authority came running over to me ahead of the group. He and his female companion were all big smiles and grins. Their smiles were all just to one side of their faces. It seemed like when they smiled, their face pulled to the left to show big sized teeth.

He was beaming and said, "You look Irish, almost like you are a visitation by our Aunt Kathryn. (sp?) I was going to say, "Well, my name IS Finney, but I'm not really Irish. It's just my married name.)

He went on to say, "You are responsible for this man's bills. I kind of went into a sort of mental shock, thinking Billy Graham must have put in my old room and the name on the billing didn't get changed or something. He went on to say, "Here are the pills he must take."

He produce a white envelope full of capsules. He said, "I want you to see why these are important." He began to pour out a couple into his hand and pills fell out of the envelope. I managed to catch one in my own hand. Many others fell and the other people scrambled to pick them up. The man held one pill up to the light. I could see a series of straight lines lines up around the central point where the 2 ends met in the middle. He said, "A spinning form is created in the center of each pill". I could see that the light shining through the pill would create a spinning image in the middle  * like a star form. The man told me that Billy Graham would pay for the bills but it was my responsibility to make sure he took the pills.


12-19-98 - DREAM -  I volunteered to babysit for a tiny girl ... less than a year old. At the same time, I was moving into a new apartment on Jackson St. and starting a new job.

I went to change her diaper. Everything was there but we had to make room to lay her down on a changing table. As soon as I laid her down and took off her wet diaper, she peed again and got me. I laughed and said, that was the first time a girl baby ever got me.

My boss was sitting in the office. It was like a combination of Ralph/Paul. As I walked by they gave me an order. He said, "First thing Monday morning at 7:45 a.m., I want you to sweep the gutters all the way around the buildings. I remember having my old maintenance man do that in the past. It wasn't that tough a job. A black man was moving from apartment 111 to 107 and I was moving into 106.

I saw a reflection of myself, wearing a longish black flowered dress and 3" spike heeled shoes. I carried the girl baby down to #106 to lay her down for a nap. She was already sleeping. I was given the key to my apartment but it seemed there was no door, that the apartment was an extension of the hallway. On the outside wall it was all windows.


1-1-99 - DREAM - (I can't remember how the dream started)  I was in a huge building with corridors and I wanted to find a bathroom. I ended up in a room where men were standing by their beds in almost full body casts and I knew I was in the wrong place.

I wanted to find my own apartment and I was with all these little short women. I finally found my own place and I wanted to change clothes and I was hunting and hunting for something to wear and couldn't find anything. In my memory I could remember having the clothes ... pretty blouses and skirts and dress, etc. but they were all gone. Finally I realized that my husband had taken them all and I got so mad I went to find him. I don't remember seeing him, but there was a long lump in the bed which I assumed was him and I started accusing him of stealing my clothes. I was getting madder and madder and I finally said, "Why did you steal all my clothes?" He said, "I wanted you to know what it was like to be 'normal'!"  I said, "Since when is it 'normal' not to have more than one blouse and 1 bra (which I was wearing).  I was so angry I started slamming doors and knocking stuff off the counter in the kitchen. I opened the door to leave and I realized I didn't have my keys, my purse, or my shoes, and I almost went back to find them. Then I realized that as pissed off as I was, he would have me locked up in a mental hospital and given a shot to calm me down.

I woke up with my chest all hot feeling like I was going to have a heart attack and I was still SO angry. I was laying there in the dark, feeling all upset and Joe called out, "Honey! Honey! Wake me up!"  He was having a scary nightmare.  This was not the first time he had a lucid nightmare he couldn't get out of, so I bumped his elbow with mine and he woke up.

Joe was having a dream about Kali whom he was filming in a window frame and it was becoming more and more real and not in a window frame at all but in the room with him. Lights were flashing in the darkness. He woke up in bed ... in the dream ... and found he was still sleeping and lights were flashing by the foot of the bed in the dark. He was so scared he started yelling for me and I woke him up.

NOTE: Joe and I put a web page together about anger and Kali.


1-3-99 - DREAM - I was downloading the entire Art Bell interview of the guy who killed an alien on my computer and saved it. I did this 3 times. It was 459 pages.  (This was Dr. Reed)

I then needed to save it. I needed a special key for my typewriter which was supposed to over on the right hand side which had a key slot in it. After some searching, I found it in the desk drawer and inserted the key in it's proper place. I could tell that it had never been used before because it was in pristine condition compared to the other keys.

We were expecting a visitor and the house was perfectly clean ... ready for a visitor, but I was very tired and wanted to take a nap before the visitor arrived. I lay down on my back on the couch in the livingroom but that was not very comfortable. I was SO tired.

I still had to go to work and I didn't have a vehicle so I borrowed a big yellow school bus. There was nowhere to park it along the roadside so everywhere I stopped I made an X alongside the road.

I had just gone down a long decline and stopped but that isn't where I actually wanted to park it. At the same time I spotted a parking checker vehicle coming along the road. I knew I wasn't parking where I was supposed to and making my own permission marks and he called me on that. Then he watched as I got out of the bus and using the door turned the bus into like a cardboard cutout of a bus and steered the bus ... pushing it back up hill. I had forgotten ... actually had never pushed a bus up hill before all by myself and it was getting harder and harder. I was getting more and more out of breath. I finally had to stop and rest. I was only half way up the hill. Before I could continue I rolled the bus shape up into a can of Chili Beans including the label on the can, and continued to push the can of beans up hill.

I woke up feeling really sick by then, hard to breathe, and my stomach full of gas from eating Chili Beans for supper. My heart was pounding. I rolled over and began belching gas from my stomach. It took awhile to feel better.


1-11-99 - DREAM - I was taking over as manager for a large apartment building. I was standing on the sidewalk meeting people I would be responsible for. Some were new tenants and some I had known before when I managed the building earlier. I befriended a tall blonde woman who looked much like myself. She was from apartment 301. She seemed angry at first, then a relative of hers came up to her on the left and I was on the right and her attitude completely changed and she became teary-eyed and sad.

Other people were coming along that looked familiar. They would walk up to me, touch foreheads with me and continue on their way.

A married couple asked me if I would like to go to the mall with them. Their car was very narrow, about half or less of a regular car. They wanted me to sit between them and there was only two inches of space there. He was really a bad driver and in turning around he locked his back bumper on the bumper of the other car. That was a bad sign to start with. He got the car turned around and told me to get in. The car was more like a golf cart now and very flexible. I told them I was not going to fit and just like I said, I didn't. The woman had to stand up and sit on my lap and there still wasn't room for me and the guy either and I told them it was illegal to drive with her on my lap, there was no seat belts and no windshield. I told them they'd have to go in my car instead.

 I went to get my car from the garage. There was a big blue car I normally used and a silver chevy wagon behind it. I realized that I didn't have the keys to it. The keys were in New Berlin and I would have to get them back.  So, I got in my car to go to New Berlin. I had to go east to a T intersection.  The road to the left was newly paved, but I needed to go right towards Greenfield Ave. and then west toward New Berlin which was also the direction of the mall.

I noted that the name of the street was "Schism Way". As soon as I turned that way, I knew there was something wrong. There were weeds and flowers growing up through the roadway pavement. The further I went I could see weeds encroaching along the edges. The road was getting narrower and narrower.The road began to go up a hill and made a curve to the left towards the east. It was beautiful to be in this wild country and I could see off to the right as the road got higher and higher up the hill. The view was beautiful. I came to some huge dark apartment buildings and this road curved up and around the back of them. The road got so narrow, it was no longer drivable and a huge drop off was on the right. The road was now all sand and to continue, you would have to walk and it wound up behind the dark apartment building and ended there. I knew now this road was the wrong way to go, so I turned around to go back the way I had come. As soon as I turned around, I saw a huge sign that said, "Thanks for sightseeing at Schism Way."

My car was now like a round snow sled kids use that you sit on and slide down hills of snow. The road was deeply grooved sand from the other people going this way and weeds were all along the edge, but I got on my round sled and started sliding down the hill which wound around back down the hill towards the right and woke up.

I immediately had a vision of seeing a list of things I had yet to do in my life. There was a lot of them. About half way down the list was the word DEVIL.  As soon as I saw it, it became animated and turned into a snake. I somehow stomped on it's head as soon as I recognized it. The black snake which was still on the line on the list, stretched out and began to sizzle like it was burning up and poofed out of existence. I had killed it.

I woke up feeling joyful.


1-16-99 - DREAM - I seemed to need to know the name of an animal ... a type of cat. There were supposed to be three of them. At the end of the dream, I was crossing the street to go home, which was the second time I had done this. Someone had turned on a sprinkler and the water was rising gradually in the street, not draining off. I met a woman on the street. She ignored me but then went across the street, saw a boy on the porch and asked the woman if she could go into her house. I went up on my porch and found a cloth flowered knitting bag on my porch. I didn't have the key to this house, but I turned the knob, it opened and I went in. I made sure the door was locked so the woman couldn't come in. I was cleaning the house but there were so many stools and chairs in the way, I couldn't actually put anything away. I couldn't only get it "close" to where it belonged.

I woke up knowing I still was missing the name of the cat I needed to do something.


1-26-99 - DREAM - (This dream occurred while I was watching TV. It began while Rep.Hutchinson was speaking about needing to speak to 3 witnesses about President Clinton and ended while President Clinton was giving a speech about Pope Paul coming to the U.S. and thanking them for 20 years of service.)

I was in an extremely large building which I managed. I had a very large ring of keys in my hand to open any locked door I would come to. There was a cleaning job I needed to do with a mop.

I was on the second floor. I was looking for the correct stairwy to the 3rd floor. Some of the stairways only went to the 1st flor or the basement.

I met some women I knew and at one point I saw out the window that there was wedding procession with the bride in white and bridal maids in pink with long veils blowing in the wind so that I only saw the veils, not the women.

I went past two elevators full of women and took the stairway next to it to the 3rd floor. I went to my apartment, got a mop, then went down to the other end of the building to mop the floor where a small accident of some kind had taken place.

I walked outside in order to go to another doorway to a hallway where the cleaning had to be done. I had a silver key in my hand, attached to the ring, ready to put it into the lock. However, when I got over there, there was an open door which I entered.

I mopped the puddle on the floor and then needed to find a place to put the wet mop. I found a place that had two drains and leaned the mop up against the wall so the fluid could run down the drain. I was rather surprised to see that the mop was rather a black and red scotty dog sponge and much blood was running out of the sponge and down both drains.

I then went back outside to go to the wedding. I had to cross a huge intersection to get to the church. On the other corner I had a vision or a memory vision of the veils though the bride and 3 bridesmaids had already entered the church.

In the center of the intersection were large cardboard cutout of a ship like Christopher Columbus came to the Americas in and a dead cutout horse laying on its side.

There was a man standing on the corner who couldn't cross all the way over the intersection by himself.  I offered my hand to the man to help him cross the street.

We got to the other side of the street and I entered the church. My mother was standing up on a landing up 7 steps. I climbed the steps as my mother began welcoming me. I put my arms around my mother while she praised me for sailing the seas of 20 years and serving the people. I began crying out of thankfulness and gratefulness and put my head on her shoulder still crying.

I woke up to realize President Clinton was greeting the Pope with the same words.


1-31-99 - DREAM - I was managing a very large building. It seemed to be more than an apartment building because there was a large public areas as well. I had several people working for me, and I heard from one of the women who was a cleaning woman that there was a problem with the key box.

Before I went to take care of the problem however, I met some people who looked lik they were shopping in a store-like area where boxes and boxes of food were. The man said something to his wife that I looked like some celebrity. She said, "No! She can't be because of her age."

Out of strong curiosty I had to ask him, "How old do you think I am?"

He hemmed and hawed a moment and said, "40!"   I laughed and said, "I'm 60!"  I felt really good at that moment.

I then went upstairs where the women were working in a big public kitchen. I saw that my old friend Dee who I was friends with in the early 80's had returned. I didn't make any special notice of it at that moment, but a couple minutes later, she came over to where I was and mentioned there was a problem with the key box. I began to walk over to where the key box was and another woman came by. (looked like what I think Judy Beebe looks like) She got into a cart that had 2 large wheels on it. Inside the cart was a huge of of maintenance tools and there were a 'coping' saw on top. There was also an empty laundry basket as the laundry was done. She indciated I shoud look at the tools. I said, "What! Are you telling me I have too many? I began to tell the two women about the man who thought I was 40 years old. I luaghed and told the women, "I've never been so happy since I turned 40."

I woke up laughing.


2-3-99 - DREAM - I was with my extended family. They were creating a garden on their livingroom floor in little square pots. I helped to make it look nice and put them all in order and made sure there was a path one could ride a bicycle through.

My oldest grandson was there. Brian B. It seemed he was about age 3 and he was misbehaving and kicking and stiffening out his legs stubbornly so he didn't have to do something, so he was kicking the trees over in the garden.

I grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and hauled him to his feet and asked him what was the matter with him. He proceeded to complain that I didn't give his parents any money so he could go to the dentist.

I was astounded by this. I grabbed him by the shirt and told him that the boys in my family didn't need to go to the dentist until they were 16 years old because their teeth were so good and besides that I couldn't afford to go to the dentist myself.

I was so angry, I shoved him into the arms of Michael ... Joe's son ... to take care of ... after I punched him in the face numerous times so his teeth really did hurt.

I walked out of the apartment really angry, planning to walk home, but then realized I didn't have a key to get in when I got there. So I stopped at my friend Pat's apartment where three people were painting the outside of the building. They had actually driven their blue van up the side of the building and it hung off the outside of their scaffolding on the 2nd floor.

When I finally did walk home, there was a huge intersection to cross with huge dirty black snowbanks in the middle where snowplows had left the snow right in traffic where busses and cars and trucks were going by. I tried climbing the dirty black snowbank and it was so steep and so high, I couldn't do it, so I walked around where everyone else was crossing the snowbank where it wasn't quite so high. Each time someone managed to cross over, their name was called out loud for all to hear.


2-9-99 - DREAM - (This was almost like a play re-enacting Bible scenes.)  

It started in the yard in New Berlin. There was some building going on and the outline of a building was laid out, but then someone stole the cornerstone which was a triangle piece of stone. Some growly voiced man told our female teacher that I had been accused once before for stealing the cornerstone so I probably did it again.

I was all embarrassed by the accusation, but I went over to the teacher with a cornerstone just like it to show her that it was there.

We were going to have a lecture and many girls of high school age were gathering. They put down white quilts to sit on, but I was afraid to sit down because I had my period really bad and I made excuses so I did not have to sit down.

All of us girls were moving to a dormitory type building and were all assigned rooms in various floors. My room was on the 3rd floor, but we didn't need elevators because the dormitory was built into a hill.

My roommate was just like me, but complained and complained about everything. She didn't even want to go to the 3rd flor because there was no elevator, but I pointed out to her that we were already on the 3rd floor level, and our apartment was within our arms reach.

I opened up our door and our apartment was huge. We divided it in half on the diagonal by hanging up our robes on washlines to divide our halves. Mine was blue and hers was white.

I made note that all the other girls were noisy and there was a boom box playing rock n roll music down the hall. My roommate and I were quiet types.

I wanted to take a shower right away and our shower was in the corner and was rather triangular with a rounded outside edge. I didn't want to take the robe room divider down, but I had a light weight pink summer robe to use to cover myself with.

There was going to be a lecture and the lecture hall was like in the round with seats made out of long loose benches on the 4 quarters with 4 aisles going outward going towards the 4 corners.

However, the front seat which was where I was supposed to sit was missing. A male teacher was there as overseer and I assured him the seat had to be there somewhere and I made a quick search of the entire dormitory and saw all kinds of flat boards like ironing boards folded up, but none were the right exact fit for where I was supposed to it. I assured the teacher we'd find it before the concert or lecture started.

However, I heard the piano player rehearsing and all the while he played, I could hear clicking noises on the keys and it was really distracting . I knew I could play better than that myself.

I looked at the piano players hands close up. His nails were really long, so much so they were filed to a point and upturned on the ends so they dragged on the keys as he played. I also noticed that his thumbs were splayed out and abnormally large and rounded.

Another girl was having a problem with her car. It was driving in a tight circle and she couldn't get in to stop it. but some three mechanics came along and were able to take the door off and we discovered the car easily came apart and then it automatically stopped.

It seemed as though all the problem could be easily solved if we just knew how.


2-12-99 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. My daughter told me to call the fire department because the trash box was on fire. I saw the fire and promptly forgot about it. I did some other things then noticed the fire again and remembered I hadn't called the fire department yet.

The black telephone seemed to be a radio as well with channel buttons around the phone key pad. I picked up the receiver and heard a conversation so I hit another button to get a different line, but there was a conversation going on there too. I ran out of phone lines and decided I'd try to phone out on  a radio channel. So, I pressed a radio channel button and dialed 911. It worked. A female operator answered. I attempted to tell her about the trash fire, meanwhile I was seeing flashing red lights in the sky and hearing beeping sounds like a big truck was backing up. Then I saw a HUGE steam shovel in the next block moving earth and swinging back and forth and figured that was making all the noise.

A male firefighter butted into my conversation with the operator. He didn't want to come to the fire because the same trash box had been on fire the week before he said. I hadn't been aware of that but figured he should fight a fire wherever and whenever there was one and they DID finally agree to come to the fire.

I was now outside and going into a different house.We were going up the front stairs. A woman opened the door. A man with me gave her my name and she looked puzzled. I said, "I was married to Edward. He's in Alaska now and I stayed here." She said, "Oh! I thought you were Barbara!"

I chose to ignore the woman's remark and went on into the house. From somewhere I had picked up an old fashioned toy wooden rifle. I was carrying it in my hands when I went to the 2nd floor where the old woman's dormitory was. I opened the door and spotted an old man who didn't belong there. I pointed the wooden rifle at him and pretended to arrest him. Everyone shrieked and I laughed.Then another man showed up and I aimed the pretend rifle at him too. Again I laughed when the women shrieked. I was laughing so hard I had to lean against the door jam. Then everyone else started to laugh and we were clearly playacting.

Then the women gathered around a piano and invited me to rehearse with their little singing group. The lead woman said they were practicing singing the scales using the sounds ooo-eee-ooo-wee-ooo-eee-ooo!   I guess I wasn't pronouncing it good enough so she corrected me, saying, "No! It's ooo-wee-ooo-wee-ooo! So we tried again and it seemed to be okay.

This might be a separate dream but I was helping some men hide from someone evil who was coming after us. They were hiding behind doors and pretending to be coats hanging on hangars on coat racks. I helped the men hide and then there was nowhere for me to hide. As I was waiting for the evil man to come into the room...I began to hear some strange music and saw a wall or doorway with  4 pillars. Behind the pillars, on the wall, moving behind the pillars, it said, "3 SINS."


2-26-99 - DREAM - I was working on a web page, about aliens which isn't unusual at all, but this page had Nadia's e-mail name on top of each page SLIPTHALOS -

hahaha, ROV at work?  (ROV is a human appearing ET - 7 feet tall )

From there I went to a woman's apartment who was like Nadia. I didn't really see her, but we were out on a balcony commenting about mental stability and the railing on the balcony were like piano or accordion keys standing on end. I made sure they were all even before we left.

Then I met a guy for a date. He looked familiar at first. I think it was Richard Kind, the actor comedian. When we met, we were walking fast in an underground parking garage. He was going to take me to a theatre to see a play, but when I looked in the mirror, I had two zits on my face and I told him I had to stop in the bathroom and put makeup on my face.

When I came out of the bathroom, then I had too much white makeup on my face. When I looked in the next mirror, I tried to wipe some of it off but knew I'd have to wash it off. There was too much.

We decided to go through another section of basement. The door opened and all the people inside were doctors and nurses and had super white faces more so than my own makeup. We laughed and continued on looking for a bathroom. Half way through this area, a doctor grabbed ahold of Richard's hand and asked him if we'd be willing to participate in a consensual sex test. Richard said, "Yes!"   I couldn't imagine what this was. The doctor opened a big door and there was a room beyond with a blue glowing light in it.  I could hear guys laughing in the room like it was a bar.

Then they separated Richard and I. They took him in the room and kept me outside. I said, "What's he supposed to do, do himself?"  They said, "don't worry" and closed the door. On the outside, on the wall, 4 names came up, a movie star, my own name, and two other women's names.  These names started rearranging themselves until finally they stopped with the movie star name on top in black, my name second in white, and the other two names under mine. So, I felt good that I was the 1st real person preferenced.

Richard came back out of the room then and we hurried on through this area, then came outside where it was cool and raining a little in the nighttime air. We were right by my own office building and I thought we could cut through my own office building to use a bathroom in there and not get wet, but I reached down to my pocket.  I was wearing blue jeans. I didn't have my office key with me. I still had to get the excess makeup off my face so we decided to head for Richard's apartment which was up a block on the other side of my office building and I woke up.


2-28-99 - DREAM - I was manager of a large apartment building. On one of the upper floor we were placing the statue of a big blue bull inside of a container. I can't remember why we did this but there was a big high platform built up around this thing so one could look down into it from above. The hole was so large, it was on the floor below and we had to secure it so it couldn't move, but we weren't burying it, we still wanted to be able to see it. I spent some time opening up and cutting the threads of sofa cushions to use the insides to fill in the empty space below next to the statue. To do this, I had to climb up on the platform around the hole which was 4 ft high. I recall that I had long beautiful legs with pantyhose on and that the boss was watching me do this and I knew it.

After it was done, the boss had my picture published in the paper as the heroine. I overheard the newspaper guy ask the boss why he had made me the heroine and he said, "I saw those sweet lips in a big 'O' and I just couldn't do less." It had big sexual connotations. I saw his picture as well, a big man reminding me of the patriarch of "One Life to Live" TV show.

I went out in front of the building and locked myself out because I forgot to bring my keys with me. So I knocked on the door of a 1st floor apartment to let me back in. He opened the door but it wasn't as easy as it seemed. The back side of the door was all rough shelves which had to be emptied and I had to climb in over those shelves to get inside. Again I noted that I had long beautiful legs and that I was well balanced and graceful.


3-9-99 - DREAM - I was in the maintenance room of my apartment building. There was a rough wooden door there with a padlock on it and I didn't have the key. I can't remember the details here but it had to do with an Indian and the Indian had the key to this door, but I wasn't supposed to know this.

I looked through a hole into the Indian's table and there were 6 tiny potatoes there and I knew that he would know I had been there. This knowledge made me feel very anxious and I knew I had to leave this room. But, if I left the room, I'd never ben able to get back in to where the door with the padlock was. Also, I knew if I stayed there, nobody could come and get me either, because nobody could come into where I was but the Indian.

So, I knew I had to leave and took one of the tiny potatoes to prop the door open. I placed the potato in the corner of the door frame so the door couldn't close all the way and left.

It seems I had this same dream twice because I remember being in the room scene twice and the outdoor scene twice.

I went outside and rescued a small child from being run over by a backing up truck. I then chased some big fighting dogs away.

I went into the hallway of the building and there some people were chasing a little lost puppy down the hall to get it back to it's rightful owner. I knew it wasn't mine, but I scooped it up and said, "Oh! my puppy! I've been looking all over for you!  It was a little black and white Chihuahua.


3-11-99 - DREAM  - (I was laying on the couch, thinking about whether to buy some tropical fish, whether to look up tropical fish pictures on websites for my fish dreams page)

I slipped into a dream in which I was going to walk down the street to the closest mall to a pet shop and look at the tropical fish. I wasn't quite sure where that was.

I had my hair in curlers with a scarf  tied around my hair, a heavy coat on, my hands in my pockets and no money and no keys. My pockets were empty.  Besides that I was walking stiffly like my feet were moving slowly but the rest of me was laying on the couch and the scene playing out in my mind...which it was.

I thought about crossing the street to the east, but there was a stream of cars headed south that was unbelievable and I didn't want to buck that traffic.  So  I began to cross the street headed south. I was half way across and saw that the street to the east was completely blocked off and no traffic could go that wat at all.

I knew there was a string of shops a block south but that was kind of far for how I was dressed so I thought I'd take a shortcut through an apartment building on the south side of the street.

As I crossed the street, I saw a bus coming and a couple cars ... a grey car, and an orange Volkswagen Bug. Since no traffic could go east, all three lanes merged right and the bus and the grey car almost cut off the Volkswagen bug, but it speeded up at the last second and they all turned right the corner and joined the mass of cars headed south.  I also saw a block west of me, a bus was headed east towards me and it too turned south at the corner west of me as traffic had been re-routed south.  Nothing was going east anymore.

I finished crossing the street and was by a huge bank. The bank didn't have any windows facing the street, but I was familiar with the neighborhood and know that's what it was.

A man, looking kind of disheveled was sitting on a stoop in the 1st doorway with his head down. Another man came along and started talking to him quietly. They were talking in low tones. It seemed foreign...almost sinister.  I was afraid of being accosted, but the sitting man got up, and the two of them went past me on the left. As soon as they were behind me, a voice in my head reminded me, "You get what you ask for!"  It left me feeling guilty for thinking negative thoughts.

The next door was a wide glass door from the bank. Two guys were exiting the bank carrying what looked like a long, long mattress. It was too long and narrow to be a real mattress, but I didn't want to turn my head and take a good look at it and seem suspicious considering how I was dressed.

The next doorway was the apartment building. I went inside and through the halls figuring it came out at the far end of the block like my own apartments were built in Milwaukee. I walked through the building and came to a screen door which led to an inside bricked in walkway. It was completely inside the building and all red brick.

I tentatively pushed the screen door open and looked to see if I would be locked out if I went through, but there was no lock on this door. I went out into the hallway which was laid out east and west. It didn't go east very far.There was a brick wall at the end.  I was assuming this was an indoor walkway for the elderly to get exercise in inclement weather.

I got a big shock when I turned right and went toward the west.

I came out into a brightly lit underground shopping mall. They had everything down there. It seemed like I had been in this place before and had forgotten it was here.

Nearest to this doorway was a seating area that was more dimly lit with small round tables and two chairs at each table. At two of the tables along the wall, a person sat alongside a seemingly stuffed animal bigger than life. One was the purple Barney and the other was equally large but I didn't want to look directly at it. I knew these were security guards in case there was trouble.

I was still walking weirdly as I explained in the beginning, still had a scarf on my head and had a heavy blue short coat like a sailors winter pea coat and slacks I believe.

The first big room on the right was a huge underground restaurant. It was elegant with a high white vaulted ceiling. All the lights were on the walls, not on the ceiling. The tables in the restaurant were small and round with elegant round white linen table cloths on them. There were a few people sitting at the tables but very few. I kind of took a peek inside and saw they had a bar.  Next door was a jewelry shop and I could see on down the mall.  You could buy anything down here in this completely underground mall.

I really wanted to buy something but  had no money, so  I decided I'd go home, comb out my hair nicely, get some money and come back and shop.

Just as I turned around to head back to the screen door, one of the security guards got up from the table and came over to me. It was an older gray haired woman but nevertheless still threatening and intimidating.

She asked me for my I.D. with a picture on it.  I said, "I'm sorry! I didn't bring it with me, nor any money."  She repeated strongly, "I NEED to see your picture I.D.! "  I repeated, "I'm sorry, but I didn't bring it with me, nor any money. You can put your hands in my pockets to check if you like!"  She put both her hands in the air indicating she wasn't allowed to touch me.  I reached in my pockets and pulled both of them inside out for her to see.

Satisfied I was telling the truth, she said, "Maam!  You're going to have to leave!"

I had intended to do that anyway, so I put my hand on the handle of the screen door a nd opened it and my eyes popped open and the scene was gone.  I almost felt shocked because it was so real AND I know I've been down there before.


3-21-99 - SATURNALIA - VISION -  I saw a guy with a hooded cape. He was flying and said, "Everybody has the opportunity to fly to Saturnalia."

I my friend Michelle measuring 1/2 of some salt on one side of a balance scale. She said, "Half of the salt goes here."  (She was putting it on outside half of the scale. It was on the side away from her.)

A man said, "Here is the key! Where is your back, Sir?" He reached down and moved several books from a pile on the floor.

(Brotherhood of the RosyCross? Manly Hall's book was about the Rosicrucians and the Kabbalah)

A woman carried in a 7 tiered white wedding cake. The voice said, "She doesn't know where anything is, she's at work."

Earlier I saw a whole bunch of pictures of people. the page after page of cartoons from the Sunday newspaper.

A voice said, "You were too busy to see this earlier."  I saw a page of colorful drawings of people and symbols.."Astrological?"  (See the Manly Hall book again)

A man said, "I'm going to keep you on the payroll and give you something every 1/2 hour."

A man said, "I can't forget this!" It looked like he spilled a bag of marbles but when they rolled out in a line they looked like the sun with all the planets in a lineup above it on one side.

A man said, "Can I take you on a trip somewhere?" I said, "It depends on where!" I saw him laying out a map on a card table. He was spreading it out and showing me star systems. He said, "We have to go back and start in 1989!  We have to find the SS movement and the tie to 11:11."  Then I heard, "There was a tie to the link 12 years ago."  (1987?)

He said, "Let's not forget the men in Africa and Australia." He closed their book and said, "thank you, thank you!"

Now I saw the Orca (whale). He said, "Let's not miss the Aquarium. We missed the conception."


3-24-99 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee. I had just moved back and took over the manager's job again. I don't know what apartment number this was but it was on the 1st floor and there was no privacy. People were wandering in and out at will. Where the windows should have been, it was wide open to the open air. I wasn't settled in yet, had little furniture, a desk, a chair and a dresser and that was it. It was almost noon and I hadn't been to the office yet. Then I realized I didn't have any keys yet either, nor did I have my own keys. I started hunting for my coat figuring they were probably in the pocket. I looked in the closet and saw that Ed (my ex-husband) had been there. He had hung his own four beige coats on the hook by the door and he had thrown all my stuff in a heap at the back of the closet. That was typical of him. I didn't know where he was but he had obviously been there.

I finally found my "Joseph's coat of many colors" laying on the dresser and sure enough there were keys in the right pocket. They weren't on a ring like they used to be though.

I knew immediately that Ed had taken them, and I tried to see what keys were missing. I saw my car keys and there was a bunch of apartment keys and other keys, but no building keys. that was okay because I was in a new building now and the manager had had all the locks changed while I was gone. All of a sudden I spotted a pile of building keys. They were gold and double sided, more or less like a tall ... wide Christmas tree.

I was so happy to find them. Now I had access to everything again. I put them in a neat pile on my desk. There were a lot of people milling around.

A guy named David who I used to work with and a woman came in. I was just about to water two vine plants that I had neglected. One branch from each one broke off and I was going to replant them, but instead I gave them to the woman. She smiled and took them and left. David said, "Do you mind if we hang around together? Today is Thursday!"  I had to read between the lines on that one. It meant his wife was busy or working and he was at loose ends. However, "Hanging around together" sounded safe enough.

I saw several bosses come in, some were inspecting the building it seemed. They said "Hello!" and moved on. But the head boss came over and said, "We need to discuss this man in your life," indicating Ed's coats. I assured him that Ed would not be back. He seemed happy with that answer and went on about his business.

I continued to try to figure out how I could close the front windows. There were people everywhere in my apartment. Two guys brought in a purple couch and asked where I wanted it. I knew they'd want to put it down somewhere, so I told them to just put it along a wall and I'd move it to its exact position later. They were happy about that. When they sat it down, I adjusted it a little.  I was amazed at how light weight it was.

Then a girl called my attention to an animal cage up near the ceiling. Inside the cage I could see black cats, exotic ring tailed monkeys, all small animals that can wreak havoc if they are loose. On the outside was a rod where a bunch of birds were sitting. I looked closer and they looked more like bats in color though they weren't hanging upside-down. A couple came down and landed on my arm and I flung them off saying, "Wild animals have no place in a house." I knew they'd have to be moved out.

I still had to get to the office and I just let the people mill around in the apartment. Except for the purple couch that had just been brought in, there was no furniture. I even noted that there was no washer and dryer to do laundry yet.

I started walking down the hall and it appeared I was inside that underground mall I discovered last week in another dream. I had to walk a long ways through the mall. There were lots and lots of jostling people out here. I assumed my office was at the far end.

I was having trouble getting through the crowds and a big heavy set woman came up behind me. She grabbed me by both arms and said, "Let me help you find a way!"  She began steering me between the crowds of people and I was grateful for the fast pace we were moving , but then I noticed that as soon as we went through a door and down a narrow hallway, it seemed more and more nasty looking. The walls were dirty and so were the floors. There were fewer people here but those I saw looked like bad off drug addicts, drunks, and the really bad off people. I was getting nervous that she was taking me the wrong way, so I wrenched myself out of her hands and ran back the way we had come. I ran up a stairway and was now outside. It seemed I was on 108th and Greenfield Ave. I was going to cross the intersection and head east on Greenfield Ave. but a huge construction truck had flipped over, spilling all the construction materials. A bystander said, "When the truck flipped over, the driver ran right into the bar over there."  I took a look and sure enough, the truck driver was sitting at the bar, swigging drinks down as fast as he could.

I continued east on Greenfield Ave. which was uphill to 92nd St. I had to pick my way through all the construction materials that had fallen off the truck.

I got to 92nd St. and was about to crest the hill and a man grabbed me by the arm and said, "I want you to see something." I got to the crest of the hill where I could see the entire city in the valley ahead. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and backed up a little and couldn't see it.

He took me by the arm again and said, "Look! I want you to see what a city looks like when it's hit by a nuclear attack!" He made me look again. The tall buildings were standing, just twisted girders of steel, where there was any brick, it was just partial and hanging off, no windows anywhere. It was just total devastation. There were NO people. It was a dead city.


3-31-99 - DREAM - I was living and working in 20th St. school. I had taken 35 cents from one account and spent it on something in another account. My mother decided that was a criminal act and called the cops on me. I looked in the account books and realized that if I had used real accounting numbers and used .99c instead of $1.00 or $2.99 instead of $3.00 35 times, the 35 cents wouldn't even show. But my mother had already called the cops.

My friend Barbara was going to point me out to the cops because nobody knew what I looked like. She was going to point me out in the lunchroom so I decided to drive my own car and go to lunch by myself. I grabbed my purse and I opened it and grabbed a handful of coins from my desk and shoved them into my purse along with a huge ring of keys.

I ran out the door and down a steep hill to the parking lot. Where my car was parked there were real criminals out there so instead of leaving I parked my car behind theirs so they couldn't leave.

I met a minister out in the parking lot and up in the sky, there was a bunch of clouds but the sun was behind a cloud. I saw that the sun caused a rainbow to show out the other side of the cloud. Then I noticed that there was a rainbow showing on the opposite side of every cloud in the sky as well as streaks of rainbows all over the sky. I pointed this out to the minister and told him that I knew because of the rainbows that everything was going to be okay.

I went down into the basement of the school to say goodbye to all my friends. They were all down there singing and dancing. They knew the cops were going to come and get me. Each person put on a pair of grotesque rubber gloves that looked like Halloween monster hands with long fingernails and they all began to dance in tandem kind of like hula dance-type movements point their hands in other people's faces and sang, 'fear, fear, fear, fear'!

The cops were going to come down the steps to get me at any moment, but I wasnt' afraid. Nobody was going to tell the cops who I was and they didn't know what I looked like.

But, I planned to tell them who I was and meekly put my hands out to be handcuffed because the rainbows showed me that everything was going to be okay. I knew that when I got to the courtroom the judge was going to say, "Who brought this woman to court for 35 cents?" and throw out the case.


4-1-99 - DREAM - I was working on a long e-mail about Indian tribes and chiefs which linked to web pages. This letter was to be sent to everyone I know. Once this was done, then I worked on a project to determine who came first to this country and when. we kept all the evidence in storage rooms in a large building and even the Indians didn't have the key to this answer.


4-1-99 - DREAM - I can't remember the beginning of this dream except that I was working. I remember going upstairs at the back of a house where a black man lived and the stairs was more like a ladder with wide slats instead of stair treads. I also helped a man to change and he had to wear different clothes as I promised to take his clothes home for him. The top was like a T shirt with the arms cut off and the pants were shaped like white football players wear and they were made of asbestos. They felt awful to even hold much less have to wear.

I was headed for my apartment which was #117 but first I had to get my mail because I hadn't been home in quite awhile. I looked at my key and it was a tiny silver horse. I went to where I thought the mailboxes were but the space was locked up tight with a slate grey metal cover over it. Then I remembered that was open only during certain hours.

I headed for the mailboxes in the outer hallway, only to remember that perhaps my mail was in another inner hallway and headed that direction. But those mailboxes only went up to #58 and we had to go through a very narrow door to get there, it seemed like it was only four inches wide and you had to go through it sideways and you had to be like 'as a child' to get through so I knew the man who had worn the asbestos clothes could never followed me in there.

I looked in my hand and saw that I didn't actually have my key, I was holding only a small silver horse in my hand. A small woman asked if she could help me. I told her "No! I have to get my mail and its in the 'outer' boxes.

So, I went back to where the outer boxes were and I now had my mailbox key. I checked it again to make sure and it was a silver horse and under its feet were like four little platforms and thats what had to fit into the keyhole.

I opened the box. It was so full of mail. A lot of yellow envelopes were on top and under that all the Sunday newspaper inserts and beneath that all the Sunday newspapers that showed how many weeks I had been gone. There was a woman in charge of the mailboxes and I handed her back all the Sunday inserts that were for shopping ads. I kept all the ones that had short little prayers on the front page which was a religious insert. And I kept all the newspapers.

I went back outside and met E.R. there. I can't remember what we discussed but he began to sing in Latin like a priest in a church doing mass and I knew he would have mae a wonderful priest. I told him I promised to deliver the asbestos clothes before I went home as he said he would wait for me.

So I was crossing the street, a big white van pulled up that belonged to my boss. On the side of the van it said, "The Source of Power and Wisdom and Joy". He offered me a lift home, because I had ridden with him before. (I couldn't see who the driver actually was).

I told him  I had to deliver the asbestos clothes first so I couldn't go with him and thanked him for the offer.

I then went into the building again and went down toward my apartment #117 which was on the right.

The apartment where the asbestos clothes went was on the left in a dark corner across the hall on a diagonal. I didn't actually go to the apartment. I flung the clothes across the hall towards the door. They were so thick and stiff, they could stand up by themselves and didn't need hanging up.


4-5-99 - DREAM - I was at home in an apartment, but there was a lot of young people here. I and a bunch of teenagers were sitting on my bed just talking about stuff. One girl was typing what we were saying. Then I noticed two guys had joined us and one wanted to know what it meant to be 'reborn'. I told him it was a 'change of consciousness'. He needed more explanation than that so I told him to story of how a plant grows, blooms, creates seeds, then the seed has to 'die' in order for a new plant to be born.

While I was telling him that, the girl hit some wrong keys on the computer and messed up the program. I said, "I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that!" and laughed. All of a sudden I noticed that the computer was gone. The girl said she had broken it so the guys took it to a back room to fix it. I said, "There was nothing wrong with it, you just hit some wrong keys," and ran from the room to find my computer. I got to the back room that was full of young guys all working on things, supposedly 'fixing things'. I asked, "Where is my computer?" One said, "T.J. took it to Sears to be fixed."  Now I was really upset, so I ran down the stairs to go to Sears. I got outside and saw great destruction. I was under a freeway bridge ... sort of place ... and someone had dropped a bomb on it and there was a huge hole and the roadways went nowhere so there was no traffic. I carefully walked under these bridges where water was dripping off the edges because it was raining, but I didn't get wet because I was 'under' the bridges. I was careful to watch to make sure none of these structures was going to fall down.

Then I saw T.J. ahead of me, coming back from Sears. He had my computer in a box and several other packages which he was trying to balance. I offered to help him carry his packages and one by one I got my computer box back. I asked him what was wrong with it. He said, "They didn't find anything wrong with it."  The box was surprisingly light weight.

So, I carried the boxes, looking for a way back upstairs. I was now in a huge mall being constructed. Workmen were everywhere. I looked for signs on stores to try to figure out where I was but couldn't find any. There were lots of stairways going up, but they went up into darkness, so I couldn't use them. Then I went around a corner and saw two women coming down a stairway, each carrying a glass with some kind of liquid that was a golden color. So, I decided to try that one.

I climbed the stairs and found myself on a balcony that was a bar. There were only women up here. An older woman offered to buy me a drink. I said, "No! I don't drink." She said, "Well! They have Sprite too!"  I said, "Okay! I'll have a Sprite!" So I sat down at a table with the woman and some other women who were just talking about 'stuff.' All of a sudden I started feeling strangely sexual and realized something was in the drink. I said, "Oh! I get it. This is a place for women who want to get off by themselves", and jumped up to leave.

Now I had to find a stairway to go back down but couldn't find where I had come up. Each stairway had a door on it, so I had to open a door to see where the stairs went down to.  One door opened and the whole stairs smelled strongly of urine. One went down into darkness. Another one went down into a strange atmosphere. Then I saw one that was rather narrow and two young girls were coming up it. That one didn't seem too bad but the girls started telling me their mother had just given birth and how wracked with pain she had been in and how they had to cut her open to get the baby out. I decided I didn't want to go down there either and continued to hunt for a stairway where it would be pleasant. I couldn't and finally woke up.


4-9-99 - DREAM - I and some men were working on a large garage-like area. Someone said, "Let's tell people they need 'blah-blah-blah' on their cars and they'll believe us, and we can take their orders and put 'blah-blah-blah' on their cars and make all the money."  So, the men went out with their idea, told everyone they needed 'blah-blah-blah' on their cars and 100% of them said, "Okay!" and we got the orders. My job was to number the invoices so we knew whose orders to do first. I started at 1 and was up to 25 when they came in with more orders. It was a great idea.

My Father came in then and we were underground in a big cavern-like place with a big rock wall. He was going to help us dig for oil. However, there were people living above us. So, I told my Father that someone told me there was an identical spot duplicated on the other side of the space. He thought for a moment and said, "Yes! You are right."  So we went over there. We stacked thousands of 2 x 3 cards of Indians-like baseball cards and began turning them and they went down into the ground like a drill going through butter. I said, "I'll bet nobody ever thought of drilling for il using Indian cards before."

Everyone agreed. When we were done drilling, we turned the stacks the opposite direction and they all came back up and went up through the ceiling where the people were. We were elated.Then I saw seven different stacks of cards, where the original stack was divided into seven different colors. I was very impressed. This was a first.

I wanted to repark my car from behind my Father's house to the front of the house. I looked to make sure there was a spot available there and there was, so I had to make a U turn to turn the car around. It was parked on the edge of a deep snow drift and it was a tight squeeze getting behind the wheel, but I made it. I managed to start the car with one turn of the key by flooring the gas pedal and holding it down, and the car roared into motion and I steered it out of the snowbank and into the traffic lane successfully. I could see the lights of the cars behind me with plenty of room to spare.

I intended to go one block south and go around the block, but I was behind a school bus and people walking and there wasn't a good opportunity to turn, so I continued to follow a woman who was walking who had gotten off the bus and came to a T shaped crossing where I intended to turn around. When I got there, other women were standing and things were held together with thin rubber bands which I thought needed replacing. It had turned from winter into spring as I went south and everything was lovely and green and blooming here.

I woke up as I decided to help these women get thicker rubberbands to hold things together.


4-16-99 VISION - (if you are a Nostradamus fan, you will understand this one. The prophecy is for this year, Aug. 11, 1999 during the eclipse if you are familiar with that one.)

I saw a large gold coin with the figure of Jesus on it, facing right with his arm upstretched toward heaven. Underneath Jesus was printed the words: "King of Terror"

(People have speculated on that meaning and I think this confirms it. The second coming of Christ.)

Previously I had a dream that when I looked at my mailbox  key, it was in the shape of a silver horse. :-)


Interpretation of the above:

Does anybody know about what Key this is? :D

Just check Rev. 20,1 and you will see that it is the Key of the Abyss as stated earlier in Rev.9,1 which unlocks all the Winged-Horses and Riders of the Past, also known as the Key of David in Rev.3,7 which is also the Key of Hell and Death... and which is also called the Key to the Kingdom of Heaven as stated in Mat.16,9... which again is called the Key of Knowledge mentioned in Luke 11,52 and again stated in Isaiah 33,6 and Isaiah 22,22 where it says that this Key opens things which cannot be shut and shuts things which cannot be opened... just like Heaven or Hell, for example!! :)

In other words, the Key to the Spiritual is the Horse of the Apocalypse. Yes!

About the Key of the Knowledge of David... it goes like this...

"Adam... his soul passed by transmigration into David... his soul transmigrated into the Messiah." (The Talmud, extract from Hershon's "Treasures of the Talmud" p.242).

... and you know why?... because David also flew on the  Winged-Horse like Adam did...

David, 1015-975 BC, the second Hebrew King... made very famous in the David and Goliath Legend... who according to "David's Song of Praise", in 2 Samuel 22:10 ... "He mounted the Cherubim and Flew... He soared on the Wings of the Spirit..."

That's all... childishly simple as 1,2,3 and ad infinitum.

Thank you again, Lady Dee you're a real Key-Dreamer!! :)



4-18-99 - LONG DREAM - Not all details are remembered.

I went to visit my old maintenance man Joe and his girlfriend Robin. We were sitting in his livingroom. There was a big window up high facing the building next door. All of a sudden a man from the passageway between the buildings began hitting the window with a long stick. I got real concerned that the window as going to break and get glass all over us. Joe said not to worry because the guy was after Robin, not us, and the last time the guy had broken the window, the glass pieces were only 1/4" big. Just then the window cracked and spidered out in every direction. At that point, I could see the man. He was standing on a platform of some kind just below the window ledge. He kept beating on the window until it cracked into so many pieces, it all fell out. At that point, I could see there was another layer of safety glass in the window between him and us.

At that instant, I saw Robin and this guy and some other people out on the platform. They looked like they were in a past-life movie and it was very violent fighting and it was all black and white, not colored.

I said to Joe, "Is this real?" He said, "I guess so. That's why I'm not worried. It doesn't involve us!"

I went into another room which seemed to be an office/living quarters and my own stuff was everywhere. I needed to get some work done and my clothes were piled everywhere. So, I made a pact with myself to get better organized and moved my purse and clothes into my bedroom which was an adjacent room.

I got a phone call then from a woman who wanted to discuss a list of chemicals and planning chart for the movement of the chemicals from one place to another, the cost of the trucks, the drivers, the containers, etc. She was going to tell me the names of the chemicals. I said, "Hang on! I've already got them written down in order."  I went to get an older piece of paper on which all these chemicals, trucks, and men were itemized from the time we did this before, so all we had to do was plug the new numbers into the next column on the paper.

Joe wanted to see the list, but just then the lights blew out above where I was standing. Joe said he would help put new bulbs in. He took down the white bell shaped fixture which was full of little black bugs so I could wash them before he put the new bulbs in.

I thought to myself, "How come the building down the street doesn't blow out the lights as often as we do?"

We got the lights changed and then I had to go downtown. I was at the courthouse, standing outside on the portico. There were about 1,000 or so stairs down to the street.

A woman came up to me and called me by name. (It wasn't Dee or Dolores) I said, "No! That's not my name anymore. I was rather angry about this. I said, "Your friend Pat ... the judge, just changed my name. Now my name is ....", and I couldn't think what they had changed my name too ... all I could think of was "Ahriman!"  (this is an ancient name for Satan) I was very upset about it. I wanted to go down to the street but it was so far down I thought maybe I should find an elevator. These stairs were wide but very small steps and if you started down, the next stopping point 18 steps down and the next stopping point was at 19 steps down. I didn't want to go down that fast.

I went to my office then and my honey Joe was with me. A young gal walked by who was wearing a short skirt and 5" high heeled all strap light blue shoes. Her legs looked incredibly good and Joe was rather gawking at her legs.

I saw that and looked down at my own legs. I was wearing the same color but had on long slacks and flat heeled sandals. I decided to go to the closet and get out my own high heeled shoes so he could see how great my own legs looked when I wore high heeled shoes. I knew I couldn't borrow that girl's shoes because her feet were way smaller than my own.

I went back to my private office and saw the lights were off and everything was locked which was wise because I hadn't actually been in the office and we wouldn't want others to see what was in my office.

When I got to my desk, there was a business card on the corner from the insurance agent who had been there while I was in the outer office. On the back side of the card, the insurance agent had written down my position, what I was getting paid per month and a couple other numbers which had to be analyzed by a small machine I kept in a locked closet.

My title was Negative Casualty Commissioner and I got paid $128 a month to do this job for them.

NOTE: A dream from 1990 showed my title as Director of Casualty.

I had to unlock the closet to get the machine to analyze the other numbers. I had a large ring of keys and picked out the proper gold key to open the door to the closet where I kept the office supplies. Just as I opened the door, an old white haired man who was my boss came along and stood behind my left shoulder. I opened the door and turned on the light. This closet turned out to be the bosses bathroom. The whole back wall was a mirror with a sink and toilet side by side in front of it. My boss said, "We should get you your own mirror!" I told him I wasn't looking for the mirror, I was looking for office supplies .

He went into the bathroom to pee and look at himself and I went to another large closet where I kept office supplies. However, when I opened the door and turned on the light, the back wall had one of those white boards you can write on with black marker.

On the right side of the board was a chart on which was written:

ACAD           8,000,000                                     (AKKAD was ancient IRAQ/Babylon)

GENERAL: 36,000,000

                    16,000,000  LAS VEGAS

I looked up to the top of the board and the title of the board was  DEATHS!


4-22-99 - DREAM - Joe and I were upstairs in a house working with some people. Joe said he wanted to go downstairs and get something, but he didn't come back. I was working with teenagers to raise their self-esteem. There was also a baby I had to change it's pajamas.  I told the teens I would take them home and we were in a very small elevator so we had to stand very close together. The boy teen was quite a bit taller than I and his girlfriend was there too. I said to her, "It seems that his self-esteem is quite a bit better now, don't you think so?"  She agreed. The boy teen looked down at me, trying not to smile, looking like he was half asleep.

We got out to the car. I was going to drive them home. I was so tired, I lay down to go to sleep instead. When I realized I was supposed to be the driver, I got up again, but then realized I didn't even have my keys. I sent the boy back into the house to get my keys. He brought them back and I started the car and drove around the corner. But, I had forgotten something and needed to go back and get it. I started to back up the car but some teen girls were walking on the road really slow and I had to finally tell them to get off the road because they were impeding my driving.

I got back to the house and went looking for Joe. I found him sleeping in a downstairs bedroom, so I crawled into bed behind him and snuggled up to him


6-8-99 - DREAM - I was looking for a particular person to fill a particular place in a plan I was working on. While I was doing this, people were arriving at my apartment and bringing me gifts. I thought it was Christmas because it all had Christmas wrappings.

I had to go to the bathroom, but I couldn't find one where nobody could see me go. In the 1st bathroom, the door didn't fit anymore. It had somehow shrunk so that it was too narrow and too short, so a workman took it off to go get another one.

So I had to go find a different bathroom. Every room I went into, people were gathering. I went into a room where women were gathering to celebrate my birthday. I knew it wasn't my birthday because it was June 7th, but I figured if they wanted to celebrate my birthday on that day, it was fine with me.  (My birthday is actually the day after Christmas)

I looked down at my clothes. I was dressed all in pink from head to toe including stockings and shoes.

I went back out into the hall and a girl handed me her mailbox key so I could pick up her mail while she was gone on vacation. She said she had two puppies in her apartment also to feed. I was surprised to hear that. I had forgotten that the new management company had said that we could have dogs now.

I went back into my apartment. My son Ken was there and helped me get all the gifts into one place. I started with a Christmas ornament. It looked like bell but it had a face of a dog on it.


6-20-99 - DREAM - I was at a school and went inside. One wall of the elevator had a huge mural of red and yellow flowers. A black man and a white woman got on the elevator with me. There were two locks on this elevator because there were two doors, one on each side. All three of us had a large set of keys which all fit this elevator. However, the black man had a large knife with a longer silver blade and a long red glossy handle. I didn't want the other woman to get hurt so I told her to take her keys out of the other lock and hand them to me, so she did as I instructed. I told her to leave the elevator so she did.

That left me alone with the black man. I showed the black man that I also had a knife. Even though mine was a little smaller, he was afraid of it and began to leave the elevator. I got off the elevator with him. He had his knife in his left hand.  His hand was right by my right thigh and he could have easily stabbed me with it. Instead, he dropped the knife and ran off. I ran over, picked up the knife. So, now I had all three rings of keys and both knives, one in each hand.

I went back to the school where a man needed to move some boxes from one place to another. The boxes were stacked to the ceiling in three stacks. They were about three feet wide and about 4 inches high and 4 inches deep.

One man had a dolly he could have moved a whole stack at once but instead he was instructing some kids to move them one at a time. Someone said, "This is just child's work". He got all mad that children were actually doing the work better than he was, and he finally finished the job himself.

At this point, I saw a vision of a big white screen with some numbers on it and was told to play 11 and 7 and 26.
I went into the classroom where some men were learning to play baseball, but weren't doing so well. I knew Joe knew how to play baseball and could show them how to swing the bat to get homeruns, so I sent Joe in to demonstrate.

I followed Joe into the classroom, hollering, "Hey ! Batter!" cheering him on.

I saw that there were three pieces of carpet on the floor where the batter was supposed to tand, but they were way too close to the wall to get a good swing, so I moved the carpet pieces so the batter could get a good clean swing and allowed Joe to show everyone how to play baseball.


6-24-99 - This dream came as I was meditating for a healing for a friend of mine.

DREAM - I was headed east along a highway in order to meet a train. I got sidetracked at a huge building I've been in before. It was similar to Simpson Electric in some ways. In other ways it was where I seemed to live.

The time was mid-afternoon. I decided to get the mail. I lived on the 3rd floor and the mail was on the ground level. I had three sets of tiny silver keys. Each set was different, but there were two of each which looked identical at first glance, but were just a tad different from each other.

I was barefoot. I was looking to see which pair of shoes to put on so I wouldn't cut my feet or get glass embedded in them.  I prefer slipons but I didn't see any so I picked up a new pair of blue jogging shoes. They looked amazingly like Joe's new shoes.

Before I got them on, I began to hear music and I had to dance to it. It was great fun but I was dancing alone. The music ended and I saw my friend Diane arrive. She's a very big girl ... blonde ... over 6 feet tall and large boned, ... very goddess -like.

She was in the next room. I was going to ask her to dance with me, but she put ona record of an Irish tune that was even livelier and I went in that room to dance with her to her music. But when I got in there, she was gone, so I began to dance to the music by myself.

Another blonde woman came in the room and said, "'I'll teach you how to dance to THIS music. She took me by the hands, then slipped her right hand around my back, holding my right hand with her left hand, and my left hand was around her back.

As the Irish music played, we danced eight steps in a circle to the right, as she counted 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ... then we danced eight steps to the left as she counted 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ... like a figure 8 (the infinity symbol)

When the dance was over a large black woman came in. She was going to be living with the woman I dance with upstairs, across the alley from me in my 16th St. house.

I was now alone again. I had yet to go get the mail. I went out into the hallway and met three people. I'm thinking this was the attorney Laura Buchanan from One Life to Live. She had two men with her. I was a little envious. I had nobody and she had two of them, but they showed me a book on the desk that had been written by me over a series of years. While I was reading the 1st page of this huge book, I was impressed by the fact that no matter how many times the story was told, it always remained fresh and new for the next perrson, and it had never been lost like I thought it was. It could be copied over and over.

By then, the other man and Laura came back from the soda machines on the 1st floor right next to where I was going to get the mail, buyh food from the machines there.

The shorter, other man, named Bear offered me a sip of his soda and I knew then that he was meant to be my partner. I still needed to go get my mail and again I had to pt uthe blue shoes on and this time Bear was going to go with me. We got outside and Ilooked up the hill to wehre the building was and a factory whistle blew and all the people came pouring out of the building. I said, "Oh No! It's 3:30 p.m.",  and Iknew that busses would be packed with people going home and many of them would stop by the soda and food machines on the way to the bus.

So I delayed again, standing with Bear by the road and I heard a train whistle, and across the street, just behind a knoll was a train track you could only tell was there when the train was going by.

I said to Bear, "I always knew there was a train running there, but I didn't know what the schedule was."  And we both went to get the mail together.


7-3-99 - DREAM - In this dream within a dream, there was an ice storm and I was helping rock a car back and forth with my hands to move the car from where it was stuck so it could go forwards.

It seems I woke up and went about my day and the same thing happened for real. I'm not sure this was Joe (my honey) but I think so. There had been an ice storm and the event was the same as my dream, so I planned to go out and help rock the car, to get the car unstuck and move it forward, but he was racing the engine as hard as he could and it broke out of the ice drift and shot forward while I was still several feet away.

I noticed then that the left half of the car was missing and Joe was driving just the right half of the car.

I mentioned this to him. He said, "Yeah! Some thieves came along and took that half, but that was okay because that was the half that came from T.M. I was worried about the stuff I had in the car and he said, "You don't have to worry, your driver's license, keys, and all that is in the garage. I saw it there. They didn't take that.

I was relieved. We went to a restaurant then for breakfast. It was run by a Chinese guy. It almost seems that this was not a normal scene because it has blue overtones in my mind. The Chinese restaurant owner had a blue flame coming out of the stove, however he refused to cook because I had dreamed of a fire and he believed in my dreams. He was told by the owner that he HAD to feed the people but if Dolores' (me) dream said there would be a fire if he cooked, he was NOT going to cook no matter what anybody else said.

I looked out the door and saw a dark atmosphere outside and knew he had just prevented a huge fire in his restaurant.

I then went home and was in the livingroom, looking down into my fish tank. I had lots of goldfish in it, and they seemed to have human expressions on their faces. Half of the water was gone. I saw this and felt like I had just awakened and had forgotten I was working on the fish tank. I took a black kettle (that's what I normally use) to go get some fresh water and dozens of fish jumped out of the fish tank into the kettle to go along for the ride so they'd get to the water sooner. I kinda freaked out but knew they'd be okay if I got them to the water quickly.  There were so many goldfish, a few fell off the rim of the kettle on the way to the water spigot. I saw them fall and decided to keep going and pick up the fallen goldfish on the way back to the tank with the water.

The water spigot was in the middle of the livingroom floor. There were several other people there to help me.  I turned on the water. Inside the kettle, the water was white and thick. It looked like oatmeal color to me.

A whole bunch of goldfish fell out of the kettle on the floor. I had to hurry to get the water back to the big tank and I had to concern myself with the goldfish that were still in the kettle too.

A young man standing there said, "Don't worry!"  He took a slotted spoon and scooped some fish back into the kettle, but there was a huge black wide mouth bass amongst the fish now and he didn't fit in the spoon and fell out, knocking some other fish back onto the floor.

I had to hurry back to the tank and at the same time, I saw the young man struggling with the black wide mouth bass. It's huge mouth was gaping open. It wouldn't fit in the spoon, so the young man tried to use a larger flat cooking spatula and the big fish just slid off. He tried and tried to get this fish on the spatula, but the fish began to fall apart. I could see its spine and bones back by the tail, it's flesh was turning white and falling off the bones. It was dying. The big mouth just gaped open.

I couldn't stop to worry about it. I had to get the little goldfish back into the tank with fresh water. I knew too, that these fish would grow big like that one day too. I couldn't sacrifice all the little goldfish to save one big black wide mouth bass.


7-21-99 - DREAM - I was in a town somewhere, living in a house with people I used to know a long time ago.

I wasn't working so I started walking to the corner to the bus stop with Murray B. from highschool and Maria _____ from my UFO group in 1996.  But the wind was so strong and cold, I decided I wouldn't stand and wait with them.

But I didn't go straight back to the house because I detected that something bad was going on. So I sneaked around behind the building where it was now starting to snow. When I made it around the block there were some robbers up on the porch with the kids. My Father was parked in a car outside the house so I got in the back seat of the car with him. He pulled out a gun to stop the robbers so I walked behind him and I had a humongous ring of keys and a video camera.

Then we got up to the porch, the cops got there ahead of us. They were very impressed with our weapons and pleased we had come along to help them.


7-21-99 - DREAM - I was on Jackson street, about to take over the building again, but was standing out front. An old woman came out of the building, put a ladder up against the building under the awning on the porch and took out a lightbulb. I was going to run up there and ask her who she was, but she had already slipped back inside, ladder and all.

I continued to do whatever it was I was doing and it must have been a time warp because I was there all day. Then the woman came back out of the building with the ladder, set it against the building, climbed up the ladder, put the lightbulb back, came back down the ladder and went back into the building. She was doing this quite quickly. However, I was thinking faster this time and ran up the stairs to catch her and ask her who she was.

The door was still swinging shut, so I grabbed it before it closed. I didn't have my building keys yet. I went inside but the woman was already gone. I spotted the maintenance man Michael sitting on the floor sleeping in the East/West hallway with two other guys.

I ran over there. They saw me coming and jumped up, spreading out a dark blue paint tarp on the floor and looking all embarrassed to be caught sleeping.

They sat down again on top of the tarp. I asked them if they had seen the old woman with the ladder. Michael said, "No!" but they knew who she was. She was from the elderly building that we had.

I thanked Michael and gave him a left-handed high 5 to his right hand and left.


7-22-99 - DREAM NIGHTMARE!  Archie Bunker and Edith Bunker were my parents in this dream. We lived in an apartment building on the 2nd floor of a big city.

Edith Bunker, my Mother wanted to know if I wanted to read a particular book. I said, "Okay!"  I looked at it and in the story, the woman had been stabbed, mutilated, and shot, and tortured numerous times. After I read the story, I realized it was my Mother Edith Bunker who had gone through this torture.

There were other books in the series. I saw one cover where a black man had something to do with her and I  also saw her dressed up as a man and it didn't look like she was having any fun.

She told me these books had to go back to the library. I said I would do this for her. The books were in a child's wicker baby carriage.

I was going to wheel the baby carriage down the stairs to the street door, but I knew I couldn't do that without any noise and Archie Bunker, my Daddy, had a little white yippy dog trained to bark whenever I moved so that option was out.

So, I chose another door which went out int he second floor hallway. I slipped out quietly and managed to get all the way down to the other end of the hall without being detected.

I went out that door into the stairway hallway on that end of the building and there I met my three sons, Michael, Ken, and Bill. They were sitting around talking with their friends.One of them had some red wax moustache lips like we used to be able to get for a penny at the penny candy counter as children. He told me they didn't have them anymore.

The boys saw the books and asked if they could read them. I said, "Yes!" But they had to go back to the library."

At that point I realized I didn't have my car keys and would have to sneak back into the apartment to get them. I left the children's baby buggy with the boys and headed back down the hall to the apartment, scared half out of my wits. This time the dog spotted me and started jumping up and down at the door and Archie Bunker came flying out the door to get me.

I dont' know what evil thing he had in his left hand, but in his right hand he had 3 empty milk bottles chained together and he was going to whip me with them.

I turned to run and saw 3 girlfriends of mine coming down the hall towards me.

I started screaming at the top of my lungs. "Daddy! Look what my friends have.  Daddy! Look what my friends have."

The girls had some strange toys in their hands and as they described them to Archie, I could see bright red words in the air which described them. One said, "This eats horses!" and I knew it was a bedroom toy because I had a vision of a woman standing on a bed with a man at her feet.

I used their distraction of Archie to escape and ran out the door to freedom.

NOTE: As I wrote the above dream, I felt that what I dreamed was actually happening somewhere.

As I lay in bed in the dark, the name Don Pedro came into my mind. That is an area of California. I was also hearing a man talking like a radio new announcer and he said, "The event scheduled for Tuesday night isn't going to happen."  

NOTE: A man killed a woman at Yosemite Park then confessed to killing 3 women there back in February as well.


8-3-99 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building. I had just gotten up and was writing down my dreams. I had a huge old fashioned wooden floor model radio which was on. However, it was a two-way communication radio.

The door to the hallway was open and the hunchback crippled woman I had rented #110 to with her mother and then moved her to #204 when her mother died, came in to pay her rent. She stood at the counter with me by the door as I was getting ready to write out a receipt for her and said, "The man I've been dating asked me to marry him."  I saw her left hand ring finger; A huge ring made of 3 pink opal-like stones with pearls and diamonds. It practically cover her whole finger. (She had never had a date when her mother was alive. She had been an English teacher before she became crippled in her early 20's and now studied accounting and economics. They had a LOT of money) She said she was dating a man named Monte. As a matter of fact she didn't look crippled anymore either since her mother died.

The she abruptly changed the subject. She said, "Do you know anything about UFOs? I'm really into UFOS.  I've had my own experience!"

I said, "Oh! Please have a seat on the couch and tell me all about your experiences. I ran a UFO group for 3 years."

She sat down, but then started pulling clean laundry over her, covered herself with a sheet and started to go to sleep. I had to keep encouraging her to sit up and stay awake.

Meantime, my communication radio was so loud, I could hardly hear what she was saying and I went to turn it off. I pressed the 'off' button but it would shut off.

Meantime, another woman came in who was into dreams and she wanted to see my dream journal.  I was still writing one down from the same morning and I was on the last page. she told me I'd better get another book quick because I was going to need it. I decided I would by 5 of the 3 subject kind and carry them in a cloth bag with me everywhere I went so I wouldn't run out of paper to write on.

Meantime, I saw movement outside in the hallway. I looked out and there was a man painting the woodwork white.  I doubled checked my hand to make sure I hadn't touched any wet paint.

At this point I had a big blue bed sheet wrapped around me because I was wearing shorts and barefooted.

The painter who was NOT dressed in white, asked me for a key to the basement. He said, "I have my own key but I don't have it with me." I looked at him closely, and saw that he was a handsome man in his 50's but there was nothing extraordinary about him to help in describing him to someone else. I called his non-descriptive.  I told him, "I have a key to the basement, but it is put away. All I have is a key to the keys".


8-6-99 - DREAM - I was in a huge school with theatre type sloping floors. I wanted to leave the room but the entrances were all blocked by cushy white wheelchairs. I finally had to squeeze sideways around on to get out.

I went across the street. Then seemed like 70th St. but there was a mall. I tried driving a woman's car who had a bunch of little kids. The steering wheel was on the upper left by the back window and was driven backwards. It was so disorienting, I left the car there and I met my husband and the gave me my own car keys and I had access to my own car then which was a long maroon station wagon.

I didn't drive it at that point because I had a lot of shopping to to.

In one store, I picked up a red ruby heart and immediately was followed by a woman and man detective type people. I tried hiding the ruby in various places but they knew I hid it and continued to follow me though they didn't try to arrest me. Finally they got distracted and I went to the paint department and got distracted myself looking at furniture for kitchen like hutches and smaller furniture. I finally determined I didn't like nothing and went out into the hallway where my husband was sitting surrounded by old women who wanted to hear what he had to say.  I beckoned to him and he got up and we walked out together hand in hand.


8-31-99 - DREAM - The dream started with a vision of typed words ... in red ... July 1, 1999. on three different lines ... Systems Analysis, and a couple other words. I lucidly typed these words for some reasons, and then went into the dream.

I was living in the AC building on 70th St. as well as working there.

My ex-husband Edward got out of prison and showed up where I was living. I saw him arriving in two white vans which he had stolen.

In the morning, he wanted to go somewhere, so he handed me the keys for the vehicles so I could go start them and warm up the engines so he could just take off in them.

He handed me a large ring of silver keys to which was attached a smaller ring with two silver keys. The two keys belonged to the 1st van and the larger ring for the other van.

The vans were parked in the next block down. I met a couple other women going the same direction I was when I went down the elevator, but they went a different way through the building but came out right behind me at the door. I commented to them, "It's a long walk isn't it?"  They nodded, "yes!" and we continued on down the street.

In the parking space was a big white truck like a small moving van. On the truck were a father and two boys about 10 years old who looked like twins and had the same facial appearance as the father.

The father was yelling at the boys, accusing them of being thieves. He threw a toy, pink and blue rocking horse off the truck into the grass right where I was walking and tossed both boys off the truck so they landed on their butts on the grass in the same spot. I could see the father's face and how angry he was.

The boys looked like identical twins and were crying to be accused of stealing the rocking horse.

I understood from something the father had yelled that the boys also had a sister, but she wasn't present.

I went over to the boys to comfort them. I rubbed their heads and they looked up at me, ... their tears stopped now.

I asked, "Are you twins?"  One boy answered, "No!" and I could see then they weren't really identical. I asked, "Are you brothers?" The same boy answered, "No!" and they looked even less alike.

I rubbed them both on the head and they again looked like identical twins and I said, "Well, you have twin hearts!" and they broke into big broad happy smiles to know that.


9-1-99 - 1ST DREAM OF THE NIGHT! I was living in a house with my 1st husband but he was married to someone else and they were getting a divorce. I understand that he was moving out and the rest of us were staying.  However, at 5:30 a.m., the cable went off and the TV went blank.

I was upset about that even though I knew we could still watch videos on the set.

I went out to confront them and he stood there telling me that he couldn't afford to pay for two households and he was going to have to pay the rent $10 at a time.

I was upset about this, then realized I managed the building and hand't been to the office yet though I had lived here for a week. I felt guilty about this because people slid notes under the door which needed to be read and the boss had probably been looking for me.

As I walked down the hall, a woman behind me told them to take my name and address down off the wall and put up a symbol in it's place like hers which was for 'the craft'. It was a 7 with extra short arms on it and it was black.

As I walked down the hal, I took my name and address down ... each letter was made out of gold. I carried them down the hall cupped in my hands.

I noticed that the previous manager had decorated everything for Christmas even in the dark places and had knick knacks everywhere, even on the elevator.

I knew I was going to have help with my name letters while I got the key for the office, but when I got there, the previous manager had taken the south wall down and little girls were playing int he room. I asked them all to leave so I could work and started to see how the previous manager had decorated the office. He had a huge padded chair like a throne and two fish tanks with one missing on each one but decorated inside for Christmas.

There were some angel costumes hanging from the ceiling made of asbestos and guaranteed fireproof.

I faded out of that dream into the roadway one presented first.


9-21-99 - DREAM - I was at an apartment with my ex-daughter-in-law Becky. I hadn't seen her in a long time so as she was sitting on the couch, we were holding each other in each other's arms. Even though she is almost half my age, it was like she was my mother and it felt really comfortable and safe with her.

A guy came to visit and he was from South America.  He seemed rather smart and said he had over 7000 links for his computer. He said he was going to put them on 3 x 5 cards so he could share them with people.  I thought to myself, "I have many more links than that myself.  What good do links do if you put them on 3 x 5 cards?  Duh? "

I asked him if he had ever been to greatdreams.com.  He said, "No!"  I said, "Well go there if you want to know what links are all about." He said, "Okay!"  

Another guy came in who was from some other foreign country. He took his brown sweater off and hung it over the face of the TV set. Then he said, "Let's watch TV. Where is it?"  

That was a funny joke and we laughed.  Then, he and another guy were speaking another foreign language, and I was really impressed. People seemed so smart if they could speak more than one language. Another guy was speaking Russian. That language I recognized, but not the other one. It might have been Portuguese or something.

Then T.J. (Joe's son) came in. He said, "Hey Dee! You need a bigger TV set."  I said, "Well I'm planning to get one."  He said, "They have them at Target for $400 bucks!"  I said, "Okay! Let's go!  You driving?"

He was willing but the guy from South America and Becky started a pillow fight and I finally told the guy he had to leave. He did, but came right back.

I finally decided to leave and go home myself.  I got to my apartment which had white doors on it, with several locks. It had an inner door and an outer door, and neither door was locked. I had a whole pocket full of silver keys.  I didn't know whether I had locked the door or not, or if the locks were faulty.  When I opened the door, I saw that the whole left wall of the livingroom, all the way up to the door was mirrored.  I felt a little scared because I didn't know if someone had been there while I was gone or not.  But I could see the whole apartment reflected in the mirror so I could see there was no one there.  

But just to make sure I wasn't scared, I started singing, "Jesus is coming! Jesus is coming! Jesus is coming!"

The telephone started to ring. It was off in the distance, so I knew it wasn't in the livingroom.  I had to squeeze past the ironing board which was set up in the hallway. The phone kept ringing while I was searching for the phone. I saw a white phone that had the phone off the hook but I could still here it ringing. So, I knew it was another phone that was ringing.  I pulled on the cord and found the receiver to the white phone though I could still hear the phone ringing, I said, "Hello!"  A woman's voice said, "I stayed yesterday!" . . . .

I was thinking, "Duh!!!!"  I didn't even know who it was and the other phone was still ringing and the cord was all tangled up and I couldn't get to it.

I woke up, and the real phone was ringing too.   Duh!!!!


9-30-99 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building and I was manager. The mailman was delivering mail. There was so much of it, he had to put my mail in other people's boxes and hope they would pass it on.

One of the packages I as supposed to get was in the box for Claire Watson. ( I never heard of Claire Watson until after I had this dream)

Another name box was Block which is my mother's maiden name. The whole front of the postal truck was still stacked with hundreds of small, long boxes that would just fit into the mailboxes.

One of the tenants said she couldn't find her key to her masterlock. It was number 368B.  I looked on my key ring and I had one just like it. It was a double long ... squared off key. Mine looked like it had never been used, it was so bright.


11-3-99 - DREAM  - Through a series of events I was going from city to city and Los Angeles was named the "Deathstar" city.

I was in an apartment building and I got a bag of fertilizer for a gift which came by mail. A skinny man who lived on the first floor had taken the delivery. He had received it in a box and took it out of the box and handed it to me. He wanted to know if he should bring it upstairs but I said, "No! I can handle it myself."

I had been on my way to the basement to check out my locker situation since I had just moved here. The first time I went down I didn't take my keys with me, so the second time I took a ring of master keys with me and another old lady went down also. When we went back up, the elevator stopped 6" short of the floor I lived on so I threw myself on the floor with the bag of fertilizer so the elevator wouldn't fall back down with me on it.

I then went to my apartment and my daughter-in-law Becky was with me. There was a park bench type thing by the door and an old man 60 to 70 years old and a younger dark-haired guy in my apartment and they sat down to rest a moment. The old man was a widower and quite good looking for his age, round faced and white hair. He told the younger man he was lonely and needed companionship. The young guy was agreeing it was a good idea and then started throwing in 'gay' hints towards the old man.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My daughter-in-law Becky nodded towards the door and I followed her. We went to the stairway and the first couple steps were about 3 feet down each. So we went to about the 3rd step down to be out of site of the men to talk, but we continued on down the stairs which were very strange. They were convex shaped, curved downward and some being 3 feet down, we just went on down ... fast ... and the last 15 feet was like a pile of green newspapers stacked up.  We literally slid down like a slide.

By now we were down in the basement and I heard some women coming ... sounded like female troops and Becky and I started running like hell down the hall away from them. I was trying to make it to the other end of the building before the women appeared and I made it just as the women reached the hallway behind me.

I leaped over a fallen bicycle where an old black woman stood and ran out into the yard.

There I saw 6 cops all dressed in black like a SWAT team...crouched low...headed for a school.

I decided I had better do the same and I followed them towards the school. The students obviously didn't know what was going on. They seemed oblivious to all this.

The whole school was surrounded by a thick black screening so I entered the school to walk all the way back to my apartment building instead of going through the pretty yard outside that was full of flower beds and green grass.  

What a world we have created!!!


11-17-99 - DREAM - Joe and I were living in an apartment building. I was working on a computer on prophecy. I was shown to look at 3-10-73 which I did, but I saw that on top of that date was 10-3-73 and 3-17-73. When I saw the date combinations a yellow book titled "The Prophecy" was placed on a high shelf by my computer.

I was standing by a window then which was screened. I saw a young man in his early 20's. He looked like President Clinton, but he was supposed to be his daughter's new boyfriend. He came to the window, reached through the side of the screen and patted me on the head.

As soon as he left, I saw someone just to the right of the window making fast backward shuffling movements on the brink of a small hill which eroded the ground, so that when it started to rain the water began to run down that eroded part into their garage.

I thought that was his 'just desserts' until I saw that it started a chain reaction of erosion that the water had it's own way of eroding the land and it wasn't long until the water was also flooding in our direction.

I told Joe we had better move our cars out of the parking lot to higher ground. He said that was a good idea but he wasn't ready to go, so I grabbed the keys and 4 small jars of yellow mustard and ran up the street with them and placed them on a shelf up by the next intersection. Joe came and said that it might be a good idea to go back and get a small satchel and get all our medication too in case we couldn't get right back in. I agreed I didn't want to be stuck out on the street without my tranquilizers so I took off my bedroom slippers and waded back tot he apartment to get our meds.

When I got there, all our kittens and many other kittens which looked new kittens born since ours were, were all running around aimlessly and I had to tiptoe through them to get to our apartment.  


11-26-99 - DREAM - I was the manager of an apartment building on Jackson St. where I had worked before in Milwaukee, WI. They hired me and I started work, but never went into the office, so I didn't have a clue what was going on. There was a maintenance room in the southeast corner of the first floor.  My old friend and maintenance man Michael was in charge of it. I had to go in there to get a key made for my apartment because I had lost it. I also needed a mail box key so I could get my mail which I hadn't picked up for awhile. There were so many guys in the room, none actually working. They were sitting around talking, and young boys who should have been in school were sitting at a counter doing their homework, or being homeschooled.

Some women came in and offered me gifts while I was waiting. The men had been making crafts out of maintenance parts and they were really cute, little boards in various shapes you hung on your wall with hooks to hang keys on.  All these gifts were full of keys and they gave me several of them. One of the maintenance men was actually inside a cabinet sorting out keys from packages. I finally got my own keys and went to get my mail. I had a stack of it. I decided I didn't want the small apartment I had been offered because it was so small, so I said I wanted the keys to apartment 212 and took all my stuff up there. I had so much mail and gifts from the women, it took me two trips to carry it all.

While I was going up the stairs, I could see all the work that was being done around the building. The first floor was being patched roughly after all the green carpet was being ripped out, and carpet of brown, blue and red was being laid down in sectioned areas, but hadn't been stretched and tacked yet, so I had to walk over all the lumps and bumps.

I met the carpet layers on the stairs and they guaranteed me it was going to look good when they were done and I replied that I knew they always did a good job.

I got to my new apartment. It was huge and I loved it because of its size, but it had ugly red and black plaid carpet on the floor. But I couldn't find a closet to hang my coat in. I knew what the doors led to, other huge rooms, but there were no closets.  Other women followed me into the apartment and were astonished that I had no furniture.  But I still had another place to live and I could move a few things each day, there was no hurry to move everything at once.

Once I got in the apartment, I realized that my rent was going to be more than my wages that I had agreed on. My rent was going to be over $1,000 a month for that apartment. I wasn't going to make that much, so I was going to have to get a second job to fill in the rest of the money.

So, I left the building, seeing my old bosses Paul and __?__ on the way through the hall. They went into a 1st floor office. I continued on my way outside.

I went down to the corner where there was a large intersection. The place I was going to apply for a job was on the northeast corner of the intersection, it was a huge building surrounded by a fence, huge lawns, bridges, and moats of a sort.

Outside the fence were people dressed in raggedy old clothes and young men with misshapen faces which had been damaged somehow by some kind of horrendous event and they all had old men who were their keepers who led them around by the hand. I didn't want to get near any of them because their faces were so horrible to look at . . . what you would think was caused by nuclear war radiation perhaps, and they were all hanging around a gate where the common people went in for jobs.

So, when I saw another gate farther up the street where the executives went in and out and went across the bridge to the office. It seems that tourists went in this gate also because the men who were on the bridge didn't look down on me or ask questions as I went across the bridge.

I entered the building and found the elevator easily enough. The door opened automatically and a voice on the speaker boomed out, "Please step to the center of the circle and press your desired button".  It was a one person elevator and the buttons were red and lined up in a straight line on the far wall in the back. The circle on the floor in the center was large enough for one person to stand on and had a 6 pointed star in the center of medium green and light green variegated linoleum and the circle and star were of gold metal.

As soon as I stepped on the circle, the elevator started upward. There was no chance to press a button, the door closed behind me and the elevator started to rise quickly. I could feel the sensation of rising fast.

When the elevator stopped, I stepped off into a hallway. I don't know what floor it was. There was a beautiful woman walking through the hallway and other beautiful women, all dressed in dress suits beyond her. She smiled and I said I was looking for a job.  She cheerily laughed and said that there were 72 men executives who ran this place and only 17 women executives. She said that the women planned to change this ratio but it would take some time. She said she would hire me on the spot, so I was very happy.

However, she handed me a yellow dress uniform with a white apron to put on and said I could change in the bathroom. I must have looked a little stunned and didn't know which way the bathroom was.  There was a stairway right there. She pointed down... and said..."The bathroom is downstairs, and the kitchen is upstairs.  The bathroom is in the "F" section."   That made some sense to me, so I began to go down the stairs.  I met a pretty blonde woman dressed in yellow with a white apron on the stairs swabbing the steps. Her left breast fell out of her dress as she bent over. The dress obviously was very low cut. I got the picture immediately... I would be swabbing floors, not being an executive.  However, it was a foot in the door and I could work my way up.  

When I got down the stairs I saw a great many dour faced men, all dressed in dark grey suits. They looked at me with disdain. I looked down one hallway. There were paddle-type signs at each doorway. They all started with F, FA, FE, FI, etc. all the way down the hall. In the next direction, the hallway had all paddle-type signs starting with C, CA, CE, CH, etc.  Each of these rooms had a man in charge of it. I assumed that each letter combination of the alphabet had it's own hallway or floor.

I started looking for the bathroom, not seeing it immediately. I knew I had to go down the F hallway but I didn't know how far.  I started down the hallway and woke up.


11-30-99 - NOTE: Dreams like this make me miss my old job and being in 'authority' over everything I survey. When I woke up, it seemed like the dream had been  'so' real.

DREAM - The dream started where I was in charge of an apartment building and I took the maintenance man with me to go look at another building I was taking over which was within walking distance.  Another woman went with me, but I can't say who she was.

We walked the several blocks, crossed a huge wide street that had very wide parking lanes also, and I commented to the others that my mother would have no problem crossing this street even as frail as she is, though there was a lot of traffic including busses and trucks.  This street might have been called Lincoln Ave., but in any case I recall the name Abraham Lincoln being involved somehow with this street.

The building itself was a large brownstone building with several pillars in front and the door in the center. It was rather hidden off to the back and side of some businesses along the street. When we arrived, I didn't have a key to the apartment I was going to take over, nor to the office where I would be working.  Three of my coats were laying on a chair right in the lobby along with three black and silver bicycles which looked brand new.   I picked up each of the coats, a brown one, a red one, and a blue one... all coats I've actually owned. I went through the pockets and took out all the keys there were in them, kept the keys and asked the maintenance man if he would mind carrying the coats as I had a black and silver box in my hands full of photographs of the past.  The other woman asked why I wasn't carrying my own coats until she saw the box of photographs.

A scene remains in my mind of riding up an elevator with the maintenance man and in the elevator was a huge Master sized bed which the maintenance man laid on while we were going up. The elevator door opened at the floor where we had gone to and a priest was standing outside the door waiting to get on the elevator. . . and saw the maintenance man laying on the bed because he hadn't stood up yet, and I was standing there by the door. In my mind I wondered what the priest thought of what he saw, yet it didn't matter because I knew the situation was innocent. (I don't know where this scene fits in the dream probably before we went to the other building) We were on the way to the apartment 212 with the red and black carpet from a previous dream.  (I was thinking later also about who this maintenance man was....he was familiar and young but I don't have a name for him in my mind)

Anyhow, in the brown building, there were several women standing on the sidewalk in the alcove of the front door. Two tall blonde women were very angry because they were supposed to move in and their apartments were not only not ready. . .there were no apartments available. This building had been totally mismanaged and the manager had just took off, leaving everything in disarray and took all the keys with her.

A curly haired blonde woman who seemed like an attorney arrived and talked to these two women and sent them on their way, but handed the complaints and paperwork to me to deal with, plus gave me a pink paper which was a court summons for a black woman who lived in the building who was being evicted for non-payment of rent and she hadn't moved out yet.  She told me to handle it.  We were yet out in the lobby where there was a phone, so I called the black woman and she told me that her 2 p.m. appointment had been postponed to tomorrow, so I made note of that and hung up. I carried the paperwork of the other two women in my hands.

The attorney-like woman then went to the office door, pulled out a key and opened the door. I was amazed...I said to her, "Oh! You have a key?"  I was delighted because she had solved my problem... which was lack of keys. Though I had hundreds of keys obviously, I didn't know if I had one that opened the doors in THIS building, and I certainly didn't have one to the office.

So, she opened the door and let me in, and several other women also walked in behind us and went into a livingroom type place that was very large and had a small library in it. It was a similar situation to where I managed before where we made available a room like this where the tenants could come and feel at home  .  . . yet outside their apartments and not feel cooped up and alone.

The attorney-like woman showed me where the spare key boxes were, in two cabinets in a galley-like kitchen. . .up high. . .even higher than she could reach, but being tall, I was able to get down the boxes they were in. She also showed me where the bank account paperwork was and the checks, however, the two accounts the previous manager had been in charge of had been canceled,  ... and the check boxes had the words canceled on the ends.

The attorney-like woman was walking around the office area, and the managers desk was in the center somewhat like a captain's deck. There was a light over the desk and I turned it on. I could see how much work there was to be done and the previous manager had not completed it.  Her sweater . . . black. . .was hanging on the back of the captain's chair at the desk.  

I was reluctant to sit down at the desk, and preferred to do what I had to do standing up...at least while the attorney-like woman was there.  My first priority was to call the locksmith. . . . Tom . . ., have all the locks changed on the managers office, the maintenance office and to my apartment. . . 212.  (This would be standard procedure in any takeover situation like this and I've done it several times in the past when I moved to a new building)

So, the attorney-like woman, seeing I was ready to take over, made her adieus, and I prepared to call the locksmith.  The woman said, "I will see you again on Friday. . . 'Wisdom'. . ."  and left.  I knew that when she returned that even she would not be able to get into the office. . . because I would have the only Master key once I took charge and called the locksmith.


I woke up knowing that I missed having this kind of authority. . . of being totally in charge of all I surveyed.


12-7-99 - DREAM - It seemed I was in a foreign country in a place that had stoney type soil ... in high country ...  not tropical or low land. Joe was with me and we were in some kind of Inn where people gathered for good food and drink. Joe was wearing a heavy sheepskin jacket with a large fleece collar, which was pulled way up to his ears.  Joe's hair was tightly curled in ringlets...very tight.  I don't recall what he said, but we both hugged and laughed uproariously. We were in a very good mood.  There was a grand piano in the center of this room, covered with a gauzy type sheet with flowers on it.  A short chubby woman came in who was going to play it, but she got stuck under the sheet and we had to help her lift the sheet off of her. She never did get around to playing the piano.

There is an abrupt scene change and I had to go outside to take something to the garbage barrel which was around the side of the building. I took a large ring of keys with me and this thing in my hand was green and square.. 3 inches or so in diameter. I have no idea what it was, but I was going to throw it away.

When I went outside on the concrete stoop of the Inn, there was a big drop off to the road, at least 3 feet.  I was wearing sandal-type shoes, so I had to almost sit down, use my hand to steady myself and then carefully jump down to the roadway. I immediately lost my balance and clumsily and unsteadily made my way along the road. When I finally caught my balance, I looked back and saw that the road curved way out from the building and it wasn't at all straight and a very heavy wind was blowing. I was so far out of my way to the burning barrel, I changed my mind about going there at all. I still had the green square thing in my hand. I looked up the hill towards where it was and saw a man digging in the soil. A long length of board like a 2" x 12' was lifted up by the wind and hit him in the jaw and knocked him backwards. He had been using that to mark a row in a garden he was working on.

As I made my way back along towards the Inn, a dark haired woman, similar to Lorna came along and said, "It's a good thing that board blew up or we'd never have known the boys didn't plant the rows of sugar like they were supposed to."  She pointed to some bare ground under a green and white canopy under which were several rows of tall, spindly spruce tree seedlings struggling to grow in the wind. They were each held up by dowel-type sticks to which they were tied to.  Off to the side of this canopy was Joe's ex-wife Debbie. She was wearing a heavy, tan, winter-type rain and shine coat with a fleece lining.  She had a heavy running shoe on her left foot, but on her right foot was a cast like she had broken her foot and she was trying to walk with crutches and it was obvious she was in a lot of pain. She struggled against the wind, trying to get up the hill.  Her left leg was strong as she would balance on it, dragging her right leg and broken foot along behind her. She could put no weight on it at all as she went along on the crutches. At first I thought she must be drunk, but then decided it was the pain that was making her way so hard.


12-10-99 - I was meditating on the "Halls of Amenti" and was seeing partial scenes, like looking out a window on the right side of the room... but I couldn't see exactly what was out there.  I also some other partial things and got the impression that maybe I wasn't supposed to be seeing this.

I switched to meditating on Swissair Flight 741 and saw a web page that was white and was a whole page of fraction math problems.

I switched back to meditating on the "Halls of Amenti" again and saw two sentences:


I then meditated on the words "Halls of Amenti" again and saw this bird:

I meditated on the words "Hall of Amenti" again and heard this message, "Look for the keys in a 6 year filing cabinet."

NOTE:  I have two filing cabinets which I bought exactly 6 years ago. I went to look in the drawers and came up with a file on Egypt which had a printed out copy of the book of the Emerald tablets by Thoth the Atlantean.


12-12-99 - DREAM - I met my girlfriend Barbara on the street. She had a neat old vehicle to drive. She had a key to drive it, but her husband wouldn't let her have the real notched key for it.  I had a key to the vehicle myself  ... the notched key.  She wanted a notched key so a man came along who promised he could make her a notched key but in order to do that, she had to give the man her husband's wallet.  She agreed to this, but his wallet was so full of coins and valuable papers, she needed help to transfer all this to her own purse before she could turn over the wallet to the man.  I assisted her in making the transfer and occasionally several beads would fall out the side of her purse during the transfer and I rather poured them back into her purse when some escaped out the side.

We then went into a movie theatre, where I showed her the notched key. I showed her that it fit into a slot in the theatre and it started the movie going. At first when I turned the key, the movie started, but I discovered that the key had to be turned continuously to make the movie run and that as the key turned, it moved along a track in the top of this plate where the movie was inside  ... and the faster the key turned, the faster the music and lights played inside this box.  I finally learned how fast this key had to be turned and I turned it faster and faster until it finally reached the speed where the movie could actually be viewed in real time.  The problem was that when the movie ran at real time, an egg would pop out a hole in the side of this box and this supposedly was a bad thing. But, I got the key turning and the movie going and an egg popped out. What was surprising was what popped out the egg.  At first I thought it was a long earred flop rabbit, but it turned out to be a black cat with long flop ears that had three long feathery feathers at the top, so the cats ears were each three feathered. It was so cute.  Someone said, "look at the next one." and sure enough another one popped out identical to the first.  This one also was a black cat with feathery feathered ears, but this one also had pink flowers with three petals lining the edge of the feathers also. This little cat also had white paws.  It liked me and climbed up on my right shoulder and sat there while we walked on through the theatre hallway.


12-13-99 - DREAM - I was in a house with Lee Chin. I had just arrived there and had spent the night on the couch. Someone she knew had just been let out of prison and had spent the night also in another room but she had made him leave at 6:30 a.m before anyone else was awake. I puzzled over that and wondered who exactly he was.

I was there to try to put my life back on track and begin to live again. I had some clothing and household goods like my pillows and blankets, but had no furniture, nor anything much that wouldn't fit into a car.

As it turned out, my ex-husband Edward was also there ... though I didn't see him ... and I recall him being out in the parking lot and giving away his small light blue trailer to someone else and helping to put it on the other guy's car.  

I was then sitting on the couch and my first husband came in... he looked rather like Geraldo Rivera. He saw me and became instantly angry that I was there and told me I had to get out.  He had a deck of cards and one of them fell down by the seat cushion where I was sitting. I didnt tell him I had it, but now I knew he could never win his game of cards because I had one of the cards.  He left the room and expected me and my stuff to get up and walk out the door but I didn't. I didn't have a clue where to go or what to do.  I had barely more stuff than would fit in a car, yet in my mind's eye ...  I saw a huge extended red moving van full of stuff and nowhere to go.

I procrastinated and procrastinated and finally went into Lee's office to ask her why my first husband was so angry that he would kick me out of the house.  She said she didn't know.  He had just left on roller skates and had his skate key with him.  I thought about going out to my car which was a blue Buick and see if I could see where he was and what he was doing.  I felt that would give me some relief as to how much time I had to decide what to do. Edward was out doing something ... whatever he always did when he wasn't with me ... up to no good probably.

Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore ... I tried to make conversation with some other people who were there and I asked, "What if the United States were divided in half and Salt Lake City were the Capital of the West?  They thought that was a great idea.  Then I said, "What if Seattle was the Capital of the United States and all roads and goods went out in all directions from here and I made a extended gesture with my hands in fingers like they were trade routes.  Everyone got excited and thought that was an even more exciting idea.

But, back to reality, I had to make a decision and decide what to do and where to go with my stuff so I could start my life over. My main concern at the moment why my first husband/Geraldo Rivera was so angry. I didn't understand that.  I again lamented to Lee that He wouldn't speak to me...so how could I ask him why.  Finally, whether he returned or not...I don't recall seeing him... but in my memory I recall hearing him yelling at me... "did Edward try to kill you or did he just try to scare you as you've been telling everyone and yourself?" I had to be honest with myself and finally admit that Edward had tried to kill me.  Admitting the truth was hard and I started to cry because if I was forced to leave this house with him...I would again be with a man who tried to kill me.  That thought scared me.  

That's all that was necessary ... to admit the truth ... and I woke up knowing that first and foremost...I had to be honest with myself before I could do anything else.

Just before I woke up... I recall having my two pillows in my hands on my lap and the top one burst open and it was like a bag of frozen vegetables and yellow frozen corn was coming out.  I had to hold it in with my hands so it wouldn't fall out.


12-16-99 - I was moving into another apartment. They weren't ready for me yet so the maintenance men ran down to apartment 111 and brought up a refrigerator. There were no shelf grids in it and only one drawer on the bottom.  If I wanted to use the refrigerator, I would have to go get the rest of the parts myself, but I didn't have the master key for apartment 111. My only hope was that the door was left unlocked.

I had moved into this apartment so fast the walls weren't painted yet and there were two doors by the front hallway that had white laminate over them with gold stars on it but they needed washing.

It seemed like it was awfully dark for the time of day. I thought it was about 4:30 p.m. but when I looked out the window and saw cars parked on the street facing the wrong way... this might have been a one way street going towards the right ...I looked at the clock and it was actually 7:30 p.m.  (Later than you think?)

Some other girls had offered me chicken for dinner and I turned it down, but here I had two glass dishes of chicken breasts already breaded and cooked.  All I had to do was heat them up.  There were 8 in each clear square glass dish.  I chose two chicken breasts and put them on a plate to put into the oven to heat.  There were hot french fries on top of the stove in a basket but frozen ones in the refrigerator.  (See potato dreams)

This was a gas stove. I had a book of matches but when I attempted to light a match I saw that the matches were already burned too short, had no heads, or were already lit and hot but with no flame. I made sure no fires could start by putting them all into a tiny woven basket with other old matches that were glowing red on the heads. I couldn't figure out how the french fries or the matches had gotten hot. I saw one pickle slice on the plate with them.

Two little boys came into the room to play with my things. They came from an open door on the back side wall of the apartment. They were michievious little boys... not bad boys ... but one of them enjoyed taking the wheels off of his toy cars which he brought with him.

I confronted the boys and told them that this was not a time to play... I knew they were going to try to light the matches.

I gave them a hug and kissed the leader of the two boys on the cheek and whispered to him that they could come back another day when I was more ready for them. Then I sent them back to their own apartment.


12-24-99 - DREAM - I started to redream the above dream I thought lucidly, and a squirrel came up out of a hole, but then the dream went off on a life of its own.

I was in a big house . . . it was immense and then was an old factory attached. The walls in the basement factory were being blowtorched with a welding gun to get all the old paint and grime off. Men kept coming in there to see how it was being done, but it was too bright to look at so I just peeked but didn't go past the barrier they had set up for the safety of our eyes. I was able to see that the walls were all blistered up and black.

I was helping to clean up another area and was told to turn the light off when I left.  But the string on the light was so short, I didn't want to make the effort to jump for the string. There were no chairs to climb on so I made excuses not to be the last one out of the room and left it to Dorian Lord Hayes from One Life to Live TV show to do that.

There was blue water flowing up into the area from several directions. I was just wearing just white socks so I had to leave quickly so I wouldn't get my feet wet.

I went into the house area then and my daughter came to visit. She needed a new place to move her family to. I told her that I had spare rooms she could move into. I had a whole suite at the front of the house that nobody used and an entire upstairs suite that nobody used. She said, "I never knew you had rooms upstairs."  I said, "Yes! Which would you prefer? I'll show you both of them so you can decide."

At that moment, two men came down from upstairs. They lived in other rooms up there and heard me offer the empty suite to my daughter. They said they would love to have her move up there. The first young man showed me a sailing ship he had constructed in miniature that had numerous sliced almonds on top of it arranged neatly. The other guy who copied him only had almond covering part of the top. It was a poor imitation.

I started to show my daughter the way to the 1st floor suite through a inner doorway. She said, " I prefer having my own outside door." I said, "This has it's own front door and I remembered it even had a crystal door knob and huge picture windows and white curtains. So I said, "Let's go around the front and I'll show you."

So, we began walking out through the east entrance through the parking lot. This was the factory and mall parking lot. For some reason I was dragging a heavy steel office chair behind me that the upper back was coming off. Then I remembered that I didn't bring the key to the front door with me. I said, "We're going to have to go back and get the key. I wish I had brought the car."

My daughter got a brilliant smile on her face and said, "Mine is right here. We can take it."  It was like a big green limousine. I saw that she didn't drive it herself and it started moving before she even got around to the passenger side.  

The car turned into a huge, long, old fashioned garbage truck. It was empty, but I thought "How convenient...I could just throw my old office chair in the back." The truck started to make a right turn and completely flipped over on its right side.

I thought to myself, "Good thing I didn't throw my office chair in there first or they would have blamed that on me."


1-9-00 - DREAM - It seems the previous dream continues because it has all the same people in it, however, I was up and walking around the house for 1/2 an hour in between.

I met some of my family members in the city park across the street from my apartment building. They were going to help me move.

I was totally unprepared for this move and I didn't even have keys for the building, hadn't arranged for a truck or packed. I didn't even have boxes to pack into.

I left the family in the park and went across the street, hoping to find someone who would let me into the building. A young man came along and I begged him to let me in the building, telling him I was the manager. He almost walked away but finally relented and opened the door for me.  Once inside, I met a snotty young blonde guy who saw me coerce the other guy to let me in which was against our building rules.  He said, "I'll tell them that it was the lady from number 7 who took the wheelbarrow." (or a similar one wheeled vehicle) I laughed and told him he could go ahead and tell them anything he wanted to, that I had nothing to hide.  I then met some little girls who were playing with toy trucks and cars on the floor and told them that was not a good place to play, then as I went up the stairs, I found numerous books on the stairway, some actually stuck under the bottom step, and told the girls that they should read them. I stacked them on the side.

When I got to my apartment which was number 7, I needn't have worried how I was going to get in without a key because the door was wide open and the lights were all on.  

I went inside to find Joe the maintenance man and Kenny, his maintenance man friend (they both worked for me for 5 years) They were looking around, wondering where I was and why I wasn't ready since this was moving day.  I don't know how they knew that but since it was the first of the month, they were right about that. (People normally move on the last day of the month, not on the first).

Joe asked me where I was moving to, and I honestly didn't know. I just knew I was moving 600 miles to the north. This was apparently Wisconsin and I was in Milwaukee. (I'll have to look on a map and figure out where that gets me to) (This is also probably symbolic)

I started looking around noticing how unprepared I was, no boxes to pack into. I hadn't been in this apartment for quite some time apparently. I looked inside a kitchen cabinet and found the entire lower cabinet full of bags of potato chips. I said, "I Y2K'd enough potato chips for a year!"  A woman came in then who was going to be moving into my apartment. She went right to the freezer and saw that I had a bag with some lettuce leafs in. She said, "They always say that you shouldn't eat lettuce if you can see it through the bag and you can see these, but I'll eat them anyway.'  She took the baggie with the lettuce leafs in (about 7 of them of varying colors of lettuce) and went to her own apartment.  I recognized this woman and I think her name starts with L but can't remember quickly who she is... I'm thinking Louise, but that's not right.

I was trying to figure out how I was going to pack and go get boxes from the basement dumpster when my entire family walked in. My sister and my daughter were larger than life, really tall and large. My son Bill heard me say I didn't have my keys and he produced numerous copies of the building keys which he had made at work, and he gave me the keys ... large gold ones. One key was actually white. It was the building master key, and was a two pronged fork thing with unequal forks on it.  The tine parts were about 1/2 an inch wide and the whole key was about 2 inches wide and about 3 inches long.

I took the keys from him, then realized that I hadn't picked up the mail in months and I didn't have the key for the mailbox. So, I decided I would take a kitchen knife and pry it open like other people do. I took a knife and went down to the mailboxes and saw that along the metal ridge above the mailboxes were a series of 7 large stamps embedded.  I pried off the first one off. I thought to myself, "Aha! Barbara Walters!"  The next was like Monica Lewinsky, but probably wasn't. .. just a dark haired woman like her. The rest were scenes from movies and I was thinking they were all of Kathryn Grayson.  I took all the stamps with me.


1-12-00 - DREAM - A weird and crazy dream.

I thought I was in West Allis, WI.   I met my mother on the street and asked her if she'd like to go with me and see the new apartment I was going to move into. She agreed she would like to do that. I showed her the keys I had in my left coat pocket. I had a silver apartment key and a gold mailbox key. I proudly told her that I had just got my new library card the day before. She looked surprised and other people on the street kinda giggled at hearing how proud I was.  

We crossed Greenfield Ave. and went south. There was a rather alley-like ...  maybe I should call it a concourse-like protected way between buildings, but we had to walk a couple blocks.  My mother got way ahead of me because I obeyed the traffic lights and she just kept right on walking. I couldn't believe an old lady of 83 could walk so fast.  I couldn't keep up with her.

When I got to the westerly door of the building, I went inside and went up the stairs to the 2nd floor to apartment 242. I opened the door with the silver key and went inside. My mother was nowhere around. I don't know where she went.

Inside the apartment, I was kinda tickled at the preparations that had been made for me.  On a board-like area below the wainscot divider board, was a light green area where you could write notes to yourself in wipe off marker and someone had gone to the trouble of writing a couple of my dreams on there with an extra note telling me how proud everyone was of my old maintenance man Michael. I grinned and looked at some of the other notes. They had prepared it for notes to myself like "Things to Do", phone calls to make, food to shop for, etc.  It was kinda a cool idea.  I thought it was very thoughtful of them.

I went down the hallway towards the bedroom, and a young man came bursting out of another bedroom. I questioned him why he was there and he said he had just moved in.  I asked him how he could move in when it was MY apartment. He said that he was there first. I said there was no such thing as squatters rights and it was MY apartment.  I told him too that I had just bought new blue livingroom furniture yesterday which was going to be delivered.  He had already put HIS yellow furniture there which I hadn't noticed at first.

Then another guy showed up in another bedroom and I complained to him too. I decided to go get my mail which was stacking up because I hadn't picked it up, and when I went back down the hall, there was a father and a son huddled in front of a computer in the livingroom that hadn't been there before. I also saw that there were numerous other bedrooms that shouldn't be there. I was amazed how large this apartment was.

I went towards the hall and there didn't seem to be a door anymore, it just went out onto a dark red with yellow paisley carpet, very plush. Music was playing over a loud speaker. It was very pleasant ballad. I can't remember what it was. A man was singing.

I went towards the easterly door to where the mailboxes were supposed to be.  (That's where they were  when I lived in this building before)  When I got down to the first floor, I saw the manager of the building standing in the doorway of the office. He was tall, wearing a dark brown suit with curly hair and a big mustache like the movie critic on NBC morning show. (I'm guessing at that. It might be ABC morning show) (Can't think of his name)

He was surveying his domain. It was really pleasant. The music was playing and people had gathered to talk, sitting on couches and chairs. I really liked what he had done with it. The front lobby was huge. The only problem I saw was that the cleaning lady hadn't vacuumed the carpet recently and little bits of paper were on the carpet.

I considered going over to meet him because I hadn't actually formerly filled out an application for the apartment.  (Oops! No wonder other people were living in it. :-)  ) I thought about filling out the application and wondered what would I do if they turned me down.  But I had good credit. I didn't see any reason why they would turn me down.

I went over to where the mailboxes were.  There seemed to be a lot of them missing and I couldn't find one for apartment 242.  I figured I was looking in the wrong place. I was finding mailboxes with numbers that jumped from the 1st floor to the 7th floor. There was nothing in between.  I couldn't figure that out. Sure wasn't like that when I lived there before.

While I was puzzling on this, I decided I would go up to apartment 310 and visit my old friend Toni who lived next to me when I had lived in apartment 311 before. I went north down the hallway and found that all the fire doors were shut which was good because the fire department had told us we had to keep them closed. These doors were all painted light yellow now though, instead of the beautiful oak they had been before.

I saw a red light blink off over the head of the manager, and he closed the office door and he and another guy he called Kevin went down the elevator. I could hear him yelling at Kevin as they went down the elevator. He sure changed his personality when he thought nobody was looking.

I continued down the hall to the other end where the north stairway was and they had installed an escalator.  I thought that was great because the 3rd floor was a hard climb when you aren't used to it.

Some real little girls went up the escalator ahead of me along with some teenage girls.

To my surprise, the escalator stopped just half a flight up and there was a large platform there, almost waist high with linoleum on it and then stopped. There was no stairs the rest of the way to the 2nd floor.

The girls were struggling to get up on the platform. It was too high to turn around and slide your butt up first, but I got lucky and got a grip on the side of the linoleum and hauled myself up before they managed to get up there. I stood up on the platform, and went around a corner to find the stairs the rest of the way to the 2nd floor and to my shock, there was a huge empty space, between where I was and the apartments on the 7th floor.  It was all nicely finished off in grey paint and was clean ... but where was the rest of the building between the 1st floor and the 7th floor?  

I was in such shock, I must have looked white as a sheet because when I turned around to go back down, some old ladies whispered to each other, "Maybe we should tell her the truth!"  I looked at them and one old lady whispered to me, "We had mice!"  

I just couldn't believe it. They tore out the whole inner building because they had mice?

I was absolutely astounded and made my way towards the door to go back outside because I was quite a ways from here through the building back into my own apartment. I figured I'd go the outside way instead of back through the building.

I followed some elderly women out the door. This was such a friendly place. The music was still playing the ballad and there seemed to be a cosmetic and beauty place right by the doorway where one could get fixed up at a moment's notice.

I went outside and was so surprised. There was shopping stores for every imaginable thing right outside the door across the street. One would want for nothing if one had the money to pay for it.  The Sentry Food Store was predominantly directly across the street.  I was absolutely thrilled to see this, but astonished at the same time. I loved having everything so close and convenient, but I was shocked that it had changed so much from before when I had lived here in 1996.

I woke up reluctantly. I really liked it there. :-)


1-17-00 - NIGHTMARE - This dream started with me laying in bed in a house which seemed to be New Berlin, not my current house. As I was laying in bed, I was using a computer to type on. I must have fallen asleep for a moment and when I woke up, two men were coming into the room wanting to use the electrical outlet to plug in some test equipment.  I think they were checking the lines.  After they left, I got up and was typing a series of numbers that I was supposed to be duplicating and I thought the key pads were programmed to do that . . . there was a number keypad for the left hand and one for the right hand. I realized too late that instead of keying in the numbers in the order of the original computer printout, I was pressing the keys at random.  I knew it would have to be done over, but there was no way to change it now... what was done was already done. It was too late to change it now.

Finally I went out into the main house and found that my husband was packing stuff up, and moving. He hadn't discussed this me at all.  All the clothing was laying on the floor and had to be washed. I saw my own slacks on the floor. It appeared that I had probably pooped in them but didn't wash them immediately. They were actually inside-out, had red, white and blue stripes for legs and flowered underpants print was on the outside of the back. I tried washing this by hand but couldn't get the imprint off completely. I could still see the pattern there.  I confronted my husband about the mess he was making and about what he was doing, and he said that if I wanted to talk I should put a pot of coffee on first.  

I went to the kitchen to make the coffee and found two strange people there . . . a man and woman. They were living with us and I hadn't known it.  The man was an alcoholic who was trying to quit and she didn't trust him and they were fighting over this.

When the coffee was done, I decided to give them some also, but instead of cups they wanted me to pour the coffee into two cake pans because cups were too small. The point being that I wouldn't be able to pour the coffee into a smaller cup because their hands were shaking so bad the cups would shake and I wouldn't get any coffee into it.

I went back to the livingroom with the coffee pot to pour some coffee for my husband and myself and the man followed me and asked me why I had poured the coffee into a cake pan for himself instead of a coffee cup and I explained what his wife had said about spilling it. He then got angry at me for not trusting him and there was no point to living there anymore.

It didn't much matter to me since I didn't know them, but I knew their relationship was in big trouble.

I  found a large square piece of cardboard on the floor and decided to put it in the back of a green paisley overstuffed chair to stiffen the back.  We still had some nice furniture in the livingroom but it was being moved.  I was packing water glasses into a box without wrapping paper. I had no idea if this would save them or not.

I didn't see my husband again but my son talked about him and said that his job was to provide goods for the world that were not considered necessary, and I looked and he was providing child's colorful toys, like Big Wheels bikes and other child vehicles like that. Very small colored ones.

I went across the street where it seemed we were going to be moving and found a woman there who was making landscape changes. She moved a black wrought iron fence and put it right in the center of the lawn. The fence had a grapevine on it and that was nice, but it was right in the middle of the lawn and one had to walk around it. I thought it should have been in the garden.

In front of the house, the people who had lived there had let the shrubbery get overgrown and this woman was rearranging the shrubbery and we were finding old concrete and stone structures on the ground that were in squares. It was like it was an old temple or something. It had that feeling.

I went out on the road and found that my husband had packed everything into large black trash bags and threw them out on the road. A black cat ran across the road in front of me. I was distressed about this for two reasons, . . . number one that he had done this instead of moving this stuff properly and number two that all our ID would be inside of the bags and the authorities would know it came from our house.

I asked my son what was in those bags and he said that his father had gone through the house and put all the rubber boots from the attic into those bags. I was extremely distressed at this point.

I went back to the house across the street and found the green paisley chair in the yard. I was hearing music like a love song of goodbye. Some of the words were, "I wish we didn't have to say goodbye."  At the same time, I was seeing a ballet of sorts being done by two very tiny people hanging on rubber strings in the center of the back of the chair that kept the chair covering on the chair foundation.  They were no more than half an inch tall. The string of the woman had come undone and she was hanging by one thread, so I attempted to reattach her string and it had to be twisted together to keep her hanging on. It wasn't pretty but she was still attached. The man was hanging by a loop which she should have been also.

I then went further into the yard and came to the swimming pool. In the pool, floating upsidedown was a baby grand piano with it's four legs sticking up out of the water.

Next to the upsidedown piano was floating a very yellow skinned man with his chest bare. I was scared half to death and knew I had to get out of there and woke up.

NOTE: The position of the yellow man was like the crazy Pink Floyd floating in a crucified position in the bloody swimming pool in the movie "The Wall".


1-20-00 - DREAM - Joe was the maintenance man and I had a gold mailbox key at the new place. I went inside the building to get the mail and found that the manager had opened up my apartment and was using it for her office to show people apartments from.  She said that anyone who didn't check in every day was assumed to be gone.  I didn't know that was a requirement.

I had apartment #6.  She was showing apartment #7 to a woman and told the woman that if it was too big for her, it would be no problem to divide it in half for her.

I went into my apartment. The carpet was cocoa brown and there was plants everywhere almost like a jungle. (That's the way my apartments always were)


1-23-00 - DREAM - I had a really bad headache after the last dream and couldn't fall back asleep, but finally did found myself in a large apartment building I've never been in before. A young woman showed me the apartment I was going to live in. It was number 7 on an upper floor off of a newly remodeled hallway.  This place had huge hallways and numerous stairways.  Some time must have gone by and it was the middle of the night and I found myself coming down a stairway half asleep. Obviously there was a problem somewhere in the building I had taken care of and was on my way back to my apartment.  I was wearing a thin cotton short house coat that was supposed to be buttoned down the front but wasn't.  I couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to even get all the way down the stairs and stopped half way down to close my eyes for just a moment. I opened my eyes again to find myself half naked lying on the stairs.

Now I could hear the voice of my boss Ralph somewhere in the hallways talking to someone else. I clutched my house coat together in the front and made my way down the stairs, shaking my head in an attempt to wake up.  I got half way across the hall and there popped up Ralph.  I saw him put a key in a door that I didn't have access to , then he started questioning me about my ability to do my job. He was saying that others were questioning whether I was too old to do the job well. He asked, "What am I going to do with you?" I said, "What is the real problem?"  He said, "Wendy is complaining that her faucet is dripping and it never gets fixed!"  Knowing Wendy and his other cronies like I did, I told him that that bunch was always arguing with each other and pointing fingers at everyone. I asked him whether anyone else was complaining and he said, "No!"  I said I would take care of Wendy in the morning. He left and I realized that he had left his keys in the door.  I went over and pulled them out. They were little silver bars, more like locksmith picks but not quite, more like tiny pry bars. I quickly slipped them into my pocket so he wouldn't see them if he came back. I intended to pretend I hadn't seen them.

In my mind I was planning to reinvent the wheel so-to-speak and have meetings with maintenance on a daily basis to make sure the work got done. I would have no problem showing apartments myself. If the building didn't get full it wouldn't be my fault, but his for not advertising enough. I knew I had the stamina to handle the building myself. It wasn't too large and I knew every inch of it already.

I went into my apartment after meeting a small boy who said, "Hello" to me in the hallway. He was behind my back so I couldn't see him  either by turning left or right, but I said, "Hello" back to him anyway.

I into the apartment to find several people visiting me. At the same time the telephone rang and it was Ralph, calling to tell me that he had just bought a newspaper called "The Yellow Paper".  It was for selling odd items that people wanted to get rid of and they could advertise for next to nothing and the papers got passed out in the grocery stores. I knew of other newspapers like that and asked him if people could advertise flea markets in it. He said Yes but people mostly sold shoes in the paper.  I wished him good luck with the paper and didn't say anything else and neither did he.  

The other people in the apartment were feeding themselves on snacks and I rather ignored the phone in my hand for a few moments. I finally put it back to my ear and a woman who worked for Ralph began speaking. She said her name was Patricia and that she would be working in the office in Ralph's place in the morning while he went off somewhere to do some other business. She said I wouldn't see her, that she would appear as Wessel.  I said "Okay!" and hung up.

I then told the people that the apartment was their and that I really had to get some sleep. I went into the livingroom and closed the door. This room was all yellowish white. I lay down on the couch and covered with a brilliant blue shawl. The couch was so soft, you sunk right down into it and as I closed my eyes, I woke up in my real bed.

I was rather disoriented not knowing where I was as I expected to open my eyes and find myself in the yellowish room still.

It took me a moment to realize I was somewhere else.


1-27-00 - VOICE -  A mans' voice said, '"realization is the key"


1-29-00 - DREAM - I was inside 20th St. school. I was an adult and was moving everything out of the classroom on the 1st floor and taking it downstairs to the basement. I can't remember what grade was in that room, perhaps 2nd grade. There was a laundromat type place in the cloakroom of the class next to mine. I carried a bag of toys out into the hallway and sat it down by the stairs which went  downstairs. It was dark down there. I didn't want to make more than one trip down the stairs, so I went back to the classroom to get a stack of plates, half of which were ceramic and half of which were silver.

On the way back to the classroom, a man came up the stairs from the basement carrying a basket of laundry. When he did that, I spotted a huge plastic sledgehammer and some long yellow strips of plastic laying on the floor. They were part of some toys  some kids left behind, but I didn't want to leave them lay on the floor for the man to use in the wrong way. So I  carried them into the classroom to set them down while I went downstairs. I didn't want to leave the door unlocked either in case the man would come into the classroom and get the sledgehammer, however when I looked at the door, the lock was missing and two gold screws stuck out of where the doorknob was. The silver key had been there before but was now missing.

I went into the classroom to look for the key but didn't see it. I saw that one could lock the door from inside by using a thumb turned knob, but one couldn't lock the door from the outside without that key. So, I asked another man to stay in the classroom while I went to the basement.

I don't know if I was putting the toys into storage down there or if I was moving down there. That part of the dream is missing from my memory. I just remember seeing the dark stairway going down there and didn't like it.


2-3-00 - DREAM - I was working on a web page that had a very narrow table box down the center. Inside the box, as I was scrolling I saw the dates June 2, June3, June 4, June 5, June 6, and June 7. I knew it was about music... then I saw the number 154.  That number stunned me.

NOTE: I woke up instantly after seeing the number 154 since we all know that 153 is the key number we study.


2-24-00 - DREAM - I was inside of a special room with a man. I couldn't see the man as he was behind my right shoulder.

I was in possession of three keys, the largest of which was gold. I inserted it into a key slot on the wall which activated an electric door just to the left of it.

Nobody knew I had this key. There was a problem. In order to activate the door opening, a certain amount of leverage had to be placed on a blue card or plate surrounding the lock. The problem was that the card was gradually pulling away from a tiny pivot point to which it was fastened.  Finally, on the last turn of the key, the blue card pulled up off of the pivot point exposing it, and rendering the key useless because no more leverage was available . The pivot point was so tiny, it could hardly be seen much less manipulated.

However, the man who was with me had an electric tool similar to a needle nose pliers. He was able to grasp the pivot point which was a tiny short square object attached to a bolt of some kind beneath it.

The electric tool spun causing a slotted screw to turn to the right which also pivoted a water pipe that was dripping so that it dripped into a pool-like area rather than on a surface where someone might hurt themselves. There was a sign on the dripping pipe warning people of the dripping water. Now, we, together, had rendered this dripping water pipe safe

NOTE: When Joe woke up I told him about this dream and he said that they had had a leaky hose at work the day before in a room just like this that his co-worker Jeff had fixed, but they had all been called to witness the leak because it was forming a tree-like pattern of lightening streaks from the water.  It was very unusual as the water itself couldn't even be seen because of the water pressure... it was spraying rather than dripping until after it hit the plate where the water was hitting. 


3-8-00 - DREAM WITHIN A DREAM - I was a young mother with a baby in my arms and some books from school. I was the last passenger on a long yellow school bus and my husband was the bus driver.  It was obvious from what happened that he and I didn't live together.  I got up to get out of the bus which had a side door like city busses do towards the back and I stood in between the two side bars where the door was.  The door wasn't actually attached to the bus.  There were two steps down and the door was missing. I could see the sidewalk and objects rushing by as I stood there waiting for the bus to stop so I could get off.

The driver, however, didn't stop the bus, he slowed down like he was going to, then changed his mind and didn't let me off at my house where I was staying and gunned the engine and sped up again, scattering people on the street who were standing by some garbage cans they had put out for garbage pickup. Even the garbage cans went spinning off back onto the roadway because he cut so close to them.

We were going downhill but I could see up ahead, he was going to have to stop at the stop sign at the main intersection.  I could see the sun was shining at the intersection and lots of traffic was going by so I was certain I would be able to jump off the bus as soon as the bus stopped at the stop sign so he couldn't kidnap me and prevent me from being where I needed to be.

We got to the intersection and the bus slowed down. Before it even stopped, I stepped down the steps on the bus. The doors were now there. They were blue folding door. I pushed ahead on the doors, clutching my baby and my school books. The doors opened and I woke up from this dream.

I was still now in a dream, but was inside a house which had high ceilings and I was older. I  obviously hadn't lived in this house very long, but I had friends who came to visit and I discovered that I was the manager of the building as well.

My girlfriend was just leaving after having just arrived it seemed, and was rushing down the front stairs in a hurry. I hollered after her, "Don't you have time to stop long enough to listen to the latest saga of me and my baby in a dream. It seems like I'm living a double life.

My friend stopped at the bottom of the stairs, just long enough for me to tell her the dream of the baby and the bus driver dream I had just had and then she rushed off somewhere. I was very puzzled by the dream, because I remembered having had another one just a day or so before where I also was a young mother with a baby and I lived in another house.

Now that my friend was gone, I set about to explore the world I was living in. The house had extra high ceilings, old-fashioned, and the back door where the kitchen was didn't lock from the inside. I was wondering how safe that was, that the landlord could come and go and I didn't have a key for this door.  

I pushed open the door and reached around the door itself and found that it had a thumb turn latch on the outside so that you could lock it when you were in the back hall but you couldn't lock it when you were inside.

I decided to take a chance and go out into the back hall and see what it was like, thinking maybe I could go out there, lock the door on the outside, go down the stairs and outside, go back around the front and let myself back into the apartment with the key from the front.  That sounded wise to me, that the door would be locked, however, the landlord could still come into the apartment because the thumbturn lock was on the outside.

However, I opened the door and went out into the back hall to see what it was like anyway. It was a huge stairway, the walls were made of up and down planks of tongue and groove boarding, painted dull grey.  There were more floors above mine as I could see a stairway going up as well as down. There was also another stairway over farther and I saw a young blonde man going up that stairway while I stood there.

I decided to go back into the apartment before I had to talk to the young blonde man, turned and saw two people standing inside my apartment in the kitchen. It was an older couple, seemingly from a foreign country and then I saw their grown son with them.  

They were standing impatiently waiting for me to come back into the apartment. They had brought with them, a myriad of possessions for which they wanted me to give them $575 because they had made an agreement with the building owner that he would give them a discount on their first month's rent if they would turn over these possessions to me. They had with them a small square wrinkled piece of yellow paper on which was scribbled the names of the items they had to turn over to me, one of which was a valuable painting they said.

I saw the painting standing there, leaning against a chair, however, it was turned so I could only see the back of it and the frame.

The people were very insistent that I give them the $575, and I stood there having to argue with them, saying that I didn't know anything about any agreement they had made with the owner, that I needed to see all the paperwork ... a copy of their lease, a receipt for the payment of the rent that it was paid for the month, and proof that they actually lived in the building.  I had no paperwork for this building ... up until that moment, I didn't even know I was the manager.

The son held out the little yellow scrap of paper to me, pointing to the scribbled list and demanding that I give them the $575 they had been promised.  

There was nothing I could do until they proved to me that they were indeed supposed to get the money ... and to me, a discount only means that they don't have to pay all of the rent, not that I had to give them cash money which I didn't have access to anyway.

I woke up as the son was pointing at the scrap of yellow paper, jabbing with his finger towards the list of possessions they were sacrificing to me to get the money.


3-9-00 - This dream changes streets faster than the eye can blink.

I was in the courtyard of my neighbor's houses on 16th St. (They owned 4 houses on the corner of 16th and Clark. I knew them all and had been in all the houses when I was a kid). The postman/woman brought me my mail delivery.  It was an incredible box of mail, far more than I ever receive in one day.  I stacked it on my lap to go through it. There was one very large envelope that was heavy cardboard that seemed to be either to my mother or from my mother. (I can't recall which) but I was going to open it either way.

An old woman came out of one one of the houses and told me that she had to find a place to live with her three daughters and their bicycles and that she only had 7 weeks to get out of where she was.

I thought about inviting her to live with me because I could never live alone the rest of my life because I would have to little money to live on, but I wasn't even collecting my Social Security yet so I couldn't ask her. But I remembered that my daughter had three extra rooms in the apartment she lived in because their was an addition on the apartment and I knew nobody lived in those rooms yet.  So, I told the woman this information and that I would go home and get my purse and keys and go over there and check to make sure that the rooms were indeed empty.

So, I headed home to get my purse which was a large green rectangular bag ... more like a project bag than a purse. When I got there, I couldn't find the purse. I thought I had set it on the stairway going upstairs, but when I opened that door, I could hear my sons playing upstairs and blankets, quilts and sheets were billowing in the breeze hanging over the upper railing, but there was nothing on the steps.

There was a hallway to the outside just a few steps over behind another door and I looked there also, but the green purse was not there either.

I went back to where I began in the courtyard to backtrack my steps to find my purse. An old man was there and somehow I get the impression it was "Beau" /"Bo"? from One Life to Live TV show.  He showed me that my keys had fallen into a small impression in the dirt on the path. I saw the silver ring and grabbed it. Now I had the keys again, but I still didn't have the green purse.

However, I had to get over to my daughter's apartment and see about the empty rooms for the old woman and her three daughters and their bicycles.  

I now walked over to the street which should have been Clark St. but seemed to be Lisbon Ave. and 12th St.  There was a huge ballpark there that kids played baseball in with silver fences all around, with numerous gates. It was divided into 4 sections so 8 teams could play at the same time. However, nobody was there at the time ... the ball fields were empty of players.  

It was a long way around these fields and it looked like I was indeed at 12th St. several blocks south of the building where my daughter lived and where I used to live. It seemed very far, so I cut through the ballfield on the corner, going through the gate on Lisbon Ave., and coming out of the gate which now seemed to be 3rd street and not 12th St.

I was walking along the street across from the apartment where I used to live. On the second floor, in the exact apartment I used to live in, I could see the louvres on the blinds sucking in and out according to the wind the fan inside was making.  I was glad I didn't live there anymore. The building was dark brick and ominous feeling from where I was walking. I couldn't imagine that my daughter was living in that building and couldn't even think which apartment it might be. I was going to have to go over and read the mailbox names to find out which one it was.

I woke up slowly, trying to remember all the details of this dream to connect it with something logical. The old woman and her three daughters ... Sister Lucy and the Three Secrets of Fatima?  What a coincidence ... when I opened my e-mail, there was a letter there about this exact subject.  The secret had not been revealed in 1960 when it was supposed to, and it is still being kept secret.  It didn't take me long to find it on-line, since it was posted in the e-mail and I also had another site posted on my prophecy page about it.

I decided to post all this information myself for a 'just in case' situation where other sites go down unexpectedly.  So, see Secrets of Fatima.


3-23-00 - DREAM - I was living in and managing an apartment building. I lived in apartment 6, but had also lived in 7 which I assumed was empty, and also lived in 11.  Both 6 and 11 was full of stuff. I planned to go to 11 and see what I had in there because I hadn't been there in awhile.  6 was all practical and plain.

Meantime, I went to a party and the people from 10 were there.  The niece was the main problem, always having a chip on her shoulder and looking for others to hurt her feelings, she was continuously sniping at everyone for what they said to her like they were trying to hurt her feelings on purpose. The others were always apologizing, not having meant what they said.

I went to my New Berlin home for a few minutes and discovered that my ex-husband had remodeled the kitchen and moved the sink from the north wall to the west wall and then to the center of the room.  It all looked really good and the floor was a brilliant yellow color. I felt like I lived here, but I didn't do anything, just came and went and felt no responsibility here anymore. I was more or less an observer here.

I went back to my apartment and saw in the newspaper that the people from 10 had had a huge fight and the niece had tried to kill the others and they were all bandaged up and on stretchers in the picture in the newspaper.  The article filled the whole front page.  I knew how they were, so had no problem understanding how it happened. Others who didn't know them like I did were all speculating on who was to blame.

I was intent on going to my apartment 11 to see what I could get to move to 6, but first I wanted to see what I left behind in 7.  I had the keys to all three apartments.  So, I put the key into the lock in 7 and to my surprise I saw a baby playpen in the livingroom and the lights were on and I could hear that a woman lived there too.  As soon as I opened the door and saw there was stuff in there, I hollered out, "Ooops! Sorry!  I opened the wrong door!"  The woman hollered back.  "Oh! That's okay!"  By then I had already backed out of the room, feeling very embarrassed that I had forgotten that it was rented to a woman with a baby.

I don't recall that there was an 8, but when I went past 9, it was decorated totally different than the rest of the hall.  It had two brown shutters on the wall with grids on them next to the door.  It looked more or less like from ancient Hindu or something.  

Number 10 of course was where the fighting people lived and I passed that by quickly in case any of them came home.

I opened the door to number 11 with my other key, and meantime, the woman from 9 came. She was dressed like a nurse and it seemed I had never met her and she introduced herself and she grabbed both my hands and made me make a pact with her to be friends and hang out together.  I agreed that would be good but felt very uncomfortable with her aggressive nature and her assumptions that I would be friends without even thinking about it first or giving it consideration.  I hoped I had spoken wisely.

While I stood there also, several other women I knew in the past came and chatted and wanted to discuss the people in 10. I told them what I knew and realized that I wasn't alone, that I had friends if I wanted them, that I was isolated by my own choice.

When I turned to go into 11, the door was open and I was surprised I had left it that way while I was otherwise occupied.  When I went inside the apartment, Joe, Robin and some other guy were in there, putting what they liked in a big brown basket with a handle, acting like they were taking it for themselves.  They joke about it, making comments about what they liked best.  (Joe was my maintenance man when I managed apartments. Robin was his girlfriend. I don't know who the other guy was) (This isn't the same Joe from this website)

I looked around the apartment to see what I had in there, and Joe, Robin and the other guy started moving things to 6 for me.  The first thing they took was a tall rack on which I had a white bedspread, pretty quilts and other nice bedding hanging. They also took the kitchen table which was oval, but when they picked it up, the legs fell off and were laying there.  So I picked up the legs, each of which had a wheel on it to carry them myself. I didn't know where I was going to put another table, I already had a big rectangular table there.  

I was also going to take a smaller red cherry end table. It seemed I had a lot of small tables there.  I looked around the apartment. I had wine bottles of every kind standing in neat rows on every surface that would hold something.  There were also other glass containers, jars and bottles with colored liquid in them.  

I opened the refrigerator and cabinets to see what I had. Everything was full of food, all stored nicely and in colored bottles and jars.  I recall seeing  Canola oil stored in numerous bottles on the top shelf of the cabinet, and milk in the refrigerator ... a lot of it. I could have lived in either apartment without thinking about what I needed. It was all here.

I went into a side room, like a room in between the bedroom and bathroom. Here too were white cabinets and I opened the drawers and they were full of beads and craft projects and items to make things with. These drawers were both wide and deep so there was no lack of supplies here either.

My total impression was that 6 was practical and plain and 11 was pretty and clean and sparkling looking.

I also noted that instead of an apartment 12, the number above the door was 41-1.

(Number 42 is very important in religious connotation)


4-1-00 - DREAM - APRIL FOOLS -   This dream started out at work where I met a man I liked. I decided to take him home with me and have a relationship.  When we got there, we went up to my apartment and went in and I discovered that each bedroom had another man in there I had done the same thing with. None had any idea of the others because they were asleep.  The one I had just brought home went into a bedroom I took him to and because I didn't want to be discovered, I left him there and went back to work. I figured this one would fall asleep just like the others. There was a total of three bedrooms and three men.

On the way back to the office, I met a man who told me and some other women a horrible tale about his daughter's bad luck. The woman had 8 children, including two sets of girl triplets, and she had just lost her life in a car accident.  This left the man to care for all these children himself and he just couldn't do it. He was trying to figure out what to do with the 3 youngest babies, the second set of triplets who were all girls.  He knew he was going to have to find a home for them.

I got the brilliant idea that I could adopt them and the idea sounded so great, I got all excited and decided to go back to my apartment and tell each of the men that I wanted to adopt these triplet babies and which ever guy liked the idea would stay and the others would have to go.  I would use this as a test to see which guy was worthy of my time and efforts.

I also met the grandmother of these children and she was from Illinois, somewhere in the middle of the state. The town started with a "W". I had never heard of the town but told the woman that I went to Illinois every week for a meeting and I'd be able to bring the children so she could see them. She was too old to care for the babies herself.  I didn't tell the woman my idea about adopting the babies, but she liked the idea that I would visit her.

So, I headed back to my apartment, skirting the outside entrance of the building where there was a fountain without getting too wet. Others got wet because the water changed directions like a swirling water sprinkler.  I managed to run and stay at the appropriate moments so I didn't get wet.

When I got back to the apartment, I discovered that I didn't have my key to the building or my purse.  There was a young woman ahead of me and I managed to get into the outer locked door of the building when she went inside and let the door slowly swing closed behind her.  However, I didn't move fast enough to get through the inner glass door behind her and the door shut in my face.

However, there was a man standing inside, like the maintenance man so I knocked on the glass, hoping he would let me in.  That is a big 'no no' in apartment buildings. One never lets another person in whom they don't know ... it's not safe, but I was hoping he would disobey the rule.  

When I knocked, he opened the door and let me in, calling me by name like he knew me. He looked rather familiar like a young Roy Rogers and his voice sounded like Roy Rogers. He let me in and we started to talk small-talk and another man butted in and started to make a fuss about our conversation.  The other man was taller, dressed all in black. The Roy Rogers character rebuffed the other guy to save me from the embarrassment of having to deal with him. I don't know if he was drunk  or just a bad/evil man, but he continued to have grievance against our original conversation and that we were friends.

While the Roy Rogers guy continued to stay between me and the other guy who was making trouble, I slowly walked away and climbed the stairs to get away from him. The Roy Rogers guy finally broke away from the other man though he continued to follow making the same arguments why the Roy Rogers guy and I shouldn't have been discussing what we were discussing which I couldn't even remember by then.

By now I couldn't remember how to get to my apartment because I had only been there a couple times since I moved in.  It was on an upper floor, but I didn't even remember the number of the apartment. I was really upset.  I knew I'd know it when I saw it, but first I had to get there.  

The Roy Rogers guy told me to run ahead of him while he waylaid the other guy so I did. I ran up the stairs and discovered they branched off in several other directions to various wings of the building.  I chose the wrong one and it turned out to be the kind of stairway that only went to every other floor and it went to the wrong floor from where I belonged.

The Roy Rogers guy caught up to me and I desperately asked how to get to the other floor. He showed me a door that went to another stairway that went both up and down which should have gotten me to the right floor.  He told me to go down one half flight and I'd be on the floor below mine and I could next door to the stairway that would take me up one whole flight to the right floor.

However, I knew that was wrong and if I went down, I'd run into the other guy, so I chose to go up one half flight.

When I got up to the top of the stairway, it came out on a deck-like area which overlooked a courtyard several floors below and there were penthouse apartments on the other end of the deck.  This seemed rather familiar because one could see the entire building from here.

The only problem was that on the opposite end of the deck where I was, there was a huge lion-like creature standing ... guarding the deck and the portal behind him.  He was standing in a dark alcove behind two pillars.  At first I didn't see any other people up here but then another man showed up and the guard animal fixed his eyes on that guy so I scooted over towards the right and walked along in the sight of a pillar which hid me from the direct sight of the lion-like creature.  As I walked slowly along, I saw more and more people and began to relax about  being up here.  When I rounded the corner of the deck towards the right, I discovered that there were many people up here, ... I couldn't say sunning themselves because there was no sunlight, but perhaps airing themselves or something. I actually had to squeeze between people it got so crowded as I walked along.

I finally made it to the other end of the deck and went into the building where the penthouse apartments were.  None of these apartments looked like mine, but I thought I was on the right end of the building at least and started to go down a stairway hoping that it was the right one to my apartment.  

I went down one floor and came out into a lobby-like  area where a man was, standing there in a costume.  All around the walls of this area, were shelves with hats of every imaginable kind and if one put on a hat, you could play the part of the person the hat represented. Other people were doing this and it looked like fun.  One could be anyone one wanted just by putting on a hat.  One of the hats was tall, red and white - like the Fool of the Tarot cards.

I started thinking about putting on the hat of a dancer, one with feathers on top like a crown and I looked for the feathered hat so I could be a dancer ... and as I was waking up I was rather singing, "I want to be a dancer, I want to be a dancer."


NOTE: Roy Rogers name means  'the tall straight King'

The tall man dressed in black is probably the opponent force of mankind.  In other words - Satan!

NOTE:   http://www.argonet.co.uk/education/harts/egypt/8a_gods.htm

The lion is a portal guardian from the palace of Ashurnasirpal II at Nimrud, Assyria, 833-859 BC.  The lion is also prominent in the tales of the Bible.

NOTE: FOOL (Aleph) The Heart of the Knight-King. The all-pervasive, free-ranging Spirit. It unifies every atom of consciousness/life into One Gestalt Consciousness/Life. The underlying spiritual connection that exists between all things. The magnetic field of Love that permeates and coheres the Creation. POWER:  Spontaneous right action (Tao), Oneness, Love, Fearlessness.


4-5-00 - DREAM - I was working in a factory type area but in the office.  An older, small, dark haired woman came by.  She was singing an operatic aria and was really good. I commented to her how good she was and she thanked me, then I told her I had always wanted to be a dancer because I love to dance, but outside of high school Modern Dance class I had never tried to be one. She said that one could be anything they wanted to if they only try.

I saw a TV that showed the same scene that I saw on the news yesterday about the testing of the train cars for examining damage so that trains can be improved for passenger safety. Then I saw a seashore scene where the waves crashed in so high, they went over the train tracks that ran alongside the shore.  When I went outside, I was seeing the same scene, however realizing that both scenes had been shot with the same camera that had been left standing in one spot unattended.  There were two train tracks alongside the ocean where the scare warnings came from.

A man came by whom I knew well. I'm thinking he may have represented my husband but I'm not sure.  It was dark out now and we were on the way to the parking lot to get in the car when we saw that the lights were still on in the factory on the other side of the parking lot.

We went over there because the door was open and it shouldn't have been.  As soon as we walked in, we saw a man crouched down way on the other end of an aisle. This was a really big place.  While my husband went to talk to the guy, I went up the wooden stairs, hollering, "Hello?  Hello?"  I figured I would turn off the lights if no one was there. However I didn't because the man was downstairs and I didn't want to turn off all the lights while he was there.

I went back down the stairs and the man who had been crouching down came towards me. My husband may have still been back down the hall. I didn't see him.  However, after what happened next, he may have been dead or hurt.  The man came towards me and got between me and the door I was going to go out.  He pulled out a metallic gadget that looked like a thick gun at first, then seemed to morph into a chain saw.  He started to come towards me and I wasn't going to stand there and find out what his intentions were. I ran towards a set of double doors farther over, seeing at the last second that it was chained together with a thick chain.

I didn't let that stop me.  I hit both doors running, and though the chain held the first time I hit them, I rammed them with my shoulder the second time and the chain came loose from the door and I was out of there.  The man chased me half way down the block ... if it was me or him ... it wasn't going to be me and I practiced being a speed runner at that moment and got away.

I went back to work then and at my desk was a drug store bag with some pills in it and a note attached that we should write a check to the owner of these pills so he could pay for them. The policy was that he should pay for the pills and we would write a check to him to reimburse him.  A technicality for sure, but we couldn't pay for the pills directly, just the reimbursement.

Next to this small bag of pills was a larger bag where a young girl had asked for the same thing ... a check to pay for her pills.  I looked in that bag and there were two huge white, rectangular bottles of pills of some kind.  I read the bottle and it said that there were 1002 pills in each bottle.  I remarked to myself ... "boy there must be a lot of money in drug running these days."

Another woman had an envelope with some money in that she wanted to put into a safety deposit box and needed help with the key to it. I went with her to assist, thinking what a good idea it was to hide money in the bank.


4-13-00 - DREAM - I had just moved into a new apartment.  The landlady showed me that the window was open with a drape across it.  I slept that way all night, then in the morning, I pulled the drape aside and discovered I was on the first floor, the window (which was a sliding one sideways as large as a patio door) was open and my butt was almost hanging out the window and everyone who went by had access to my apartment.  I quickly closed the window after I realized this and the landlady said I should get a lock for the window.

Thus I set out to get a lock for the window and got waylaid several times by other people who needed to talk about something.  Finally an old girlfriend of mine said she would take me to the hardware store and I found myself pushing her black car like a bicycle because she couldn't drive it across the lawn where we were walking.

We got back to the apartment building and the stairs were very steep. I practically ran up the stairs. I was counting them as I ran up them ... 35 exactly.  

I looked at the outside of my window ... there seemed to be a keyhole on the outside but no lock. I was going to have to lock it from inside.

I got back inside the apartment and we were talking.  However, I could hear my two grandchildren going up another stairway from the apartment. Their mother didn't bother about them, but I got worried and said I was going to see what they were up to.  I went to the stairway. I thought they had gone to the attic, but there was another locked doorway up about 4 stairs, but the door to the basement was open where people were going to do laundry.

The stairway down was more like a ramp with crossbars on it and the door was low so I had to sit down on the ramp to go down it, though one could walk upright to go up it. I met several women who were taking their clean laundry up the ramp as I was going down it.  I never did find the kids though.

I then came to another lobby and my old friend Irv was there, laying down. I heard him tell the people there that 50 years ago today he had met me and helped me move and he had been doing it every since.

I rubbed his head and called him Blondie even though he's getting bald.  And I quipped to the people and told them ... "and I move a lot." and smiled.


4-16-00 - DREAM - I was moving into a new apartment vacated by a girl who got a new job she had worked really hard to get.  It was apartment #16.

I had a silver key to the mailbox. When I opened it, she had left me 4 pints of milk from her new job. I overheard her say that 500 girls worked where she did, 175 girls only got 'hits' which were counted when you were able to 'sell' milk to someone.  You didn't get paid unless you got 'hits'.


4-21-00 - DREAM - I was living in Colorado with my husband. (I never lived there before, only drove through it a couple times) We had a little apartment in a college town. There were a lot of people here, rehearsing plays and getting ready to do other things like cruises. They had lots of group meetings in a rather crowded large room.  I had done some writing and research on a computer but didn't complete what I did. I needed a break I guess. I met several familiar people there, but don't know their names. I don't recall any of the small conversations I had here either.

I noted at one point that my bedroom was outside. I hadn't noticed that at night when we sent to bed because it was dark out, but now that it was daylight, there was bright blue sky and fresh air in the room. (I think I dreamed that because the window was open in the bedroom and a breeze probably blew in)

One scene was like a commercial for dancers. All the black dancers were like on a screen over my head and I noticed that all the black female dancers were expected to show their crotches in the commercials. The dancers were younger and younger, though there was nothing sexual about the young girls who were performing, only anatomical, they were still expected to do this, even more so than the older ones.  I thought this was rather disgusting and unneccesary.

My husband and I decided to leave there and go to Wisconsin which we did. The drive took us two days. I remember only parts of it, where we stopped for gas and food. I just remember pulling into motel parking lots, nothing else.  

When we got to Wisconsin my first husband was there and he told me he had 4 weeks vacation and didn't know what to do with it. I was going to smart-ass suggest to him that he give it to me if he didn't know what to do with it, but  I didn't work anyway, so what would I do with 4 weeks of nothing to do either. I almost suggested that he get married and go on a honeymoon, but decided that wasn't a smart idea either. I almost suggested he drive to Colorado to visit, it only took 2 days to drive there,  but I wasn't there, so what was the point? It was a rather stupid scene. Then I started thinking about how much I like being on the open highway and as long as I had company, I didn't care how many days it took to get somewhere, I just liked being on the highway.

After that I rather lost my way. I don't know where I was because nothing was familiar. I ended up in an apartment building with 9 floors. I recognized the people on the elevator but didn't speak to them. The elevator was rather rickety and wooden and I knew I lived on the third floor so didn't bother to press the button. Several other people got off on three anyway, so I followed them.  This didn't look familiar at all.  The brick the walls were made of were rough and black and red.  Instead of where my apartment was, there was a book store. I almost thought it was Barnes & Noble, but I wasn't sure.  The next door had a painted sign on the door about what it was. I tried to read it in case it was telling me what my next project or job was but I couldn't read it either.  I decided to leave and get to the right place.

I left the building and went outside. I could see that at the next intersection was a busy shopping street. There was no traffic on the street, so people just walked whichever direction they wanted as slow as they wanted.  Crossing the street was a steep hill for some reason, and I could see a green street sign on the corner, so I thought I would find out at least where I was, but it was too much work to walk up that way, so I didn't.  I could see a freeway way over to the left horizon. One car went by with lights on while I was looking.

I walked slowly up the hill, crossing the street to the shopping mall part, but ended up following some old man  in a heavy winter beige coat into a building. I kind of felt like I was with him, but when we got to his apartment, he shut the door on me, telling me he had to go to the bathroom which was right by the door.  That was okay, there was a toilet for me in the outer hallway which I took advantage of.  All the toilet facilities in this building were visible to the public. There was nothing hidden except the old man's apartment.

I went back outside and saw that I was in a college town. It was so crowded, the kids desks were out on the sidewalks. Some were really long, and each student had their own little drawer with a key on it. However, if you were desperate for paper, pencil or whatever, some kids didn't lock their drawers, and you had access to study materials right out in the open. It seemed rather nice for students.


4-24-00 - DREAM - I was a family or a bunch of people and I decided I would go down the street to the restaurant to get some food to feed these people.  I was not paying for it all myself however and one woman gave me her ring of keys with a stack of golden quarters attached to it. I dropped her money and keys into my purse. She gave me a brown piece of paper with the name of the food on it which I had never heard of.  It seems like it was a foreign type food. The name started with V like vahanna  b_____. I didn't know what it was.  (Vahanna is a Sanskrit word)

I got to the little restaurant and saw a sign on the window that they served this food, so I put in the order by giving the chef the brown piece of paper because I couldn't even pronounce the words.  I then ordered cheese burgers for everyone else after thinking pizza would be great but I couldn't eat it myself anyway.  I then wandered around the street until the food was done.

Then the chef told me the food was ready, and I was going to pay for it, then remembered that I hadn't ordered french fries to go with the cheeseburgers, but it would take too long to order it at this late time.

NOTE: In this scheme, the male gods typify Spirit in its deific attributes while the female counterparts - the Sakti, represent the active energies of these attributes. The Durga (active viirtue) is a subtile, invisible force, which answers to Shekhinah - the garmet of Ain-Soph. She is the Sakti which the passive "Eternal" calls forth the visible universe from its first ideal conception. Every one of the three personages of the exoteric Trimurti is shown as using its Sakti as a Vahana (vehicle). Each of them is for the time being the form which sits upon the mysterious wagon of Ezekiel.


4-24-00 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building.  Two black women came to see an apartment. They were mother and daughter.  I was showing them apartment 213, a one bedroom apartment.  The daughter said she would really like to live in #230.  I told her it was available and I would show it to her.  I got the keys for the apartment and the daughter said, "Oh! I know how to do that!"  She grabbed the keys from me ... each key was different. She knew which key opened the door, but the lock had been turned upsidedown on this particular door and she didn't know how to fit the key into the slot. So, I opened the door and let them in.

I hadn't been in this apartment since it had been vacated and I saw that the painter had already put his 5 gallon bucket of white paint in the kitchen, ready to paint it, but he hadn't started it yet. I walked ahead towards the bathroom and saw that the bathroom was fully furnished with numerous washcloths, towels, blankets, and bedding for the beds.  The bedding was all in a deep rose color. All the washcloths were single colored but all shades of pastel, blue, pink, yellow, green, etc. The towels were all baby blue.  I gathered up all the washcloths and towels to take with me as I wanted them for myself.

I walked back into the livingroom where the two black women stood. They thanked me for showing them the apartment but had decided they would take apartment 213 afterall. I knew they couldn't afford this larger two bedroom apartment.

I took them back out into the hall and they left. I went into either my own apartment or another apartment and found an infant child in a closet in a white wicker basket.  It was wrapped in swaddling clothes. I began to open the swaddling clothes and then anointed the infant with oil, knowing that the people who were coming for him would be upset because they were going to have to hold him up by his heels and he would be slippery.  There was so much love felt while I was doing this. I did his legs first, then his body, and then his shoulders.

I saw that his eyes weren't open yet, but he was trying to open his right eye and there was like a white film over the opening and he couldn't yet get it open. I then wrapped him up and left him there for the people who were coming for him.

I went back out into the hallway and from around the T intersection at the end of the hallway; this huge ominous feeling thing which looked like a 6 masted ship made of huge red billowing bags was coming around the corner. I knew that there was no room for anyone or anything else in this hallway, so I ducked into another apartment to wait for it to go by. I said, "I don't even want to see this."  However, there were doors ajar along the hallway and I would have to see it go by.  

The red masted ship or whatever it was stopped as I could see there was a lot of cleaning equipment standing in the hallway and it would have to be moved. A slim smaller sized man who was the maintenance man came along the hallway and went past where I was and hollered into another apartment ... "I hear you calling for help, but I can't tell where you are."

There was no answer that I could hear, but the maintenance man was going to have to find the person calling for help before he could finish moving that 6 masted ship down the hall.

Somewhere in that dream or perhaps in another dream, I was a teacher of small children and I was walking down a hallway with pencil cases in my hands, singing a little song I was going to teach the children. I had taught this little song to many classes of children.  It began, "I had a little pencil and it wrote a little word. .... "


4-27-00 - DREAM - This was long and involved and I spent a long time running the streets getting into more and more trouble. I kept managing to avoid the trouble, but was getting more and more scared as I went. Finally, I neared my own apartment building and I was being followed.  I sneaked into the lobby and the maintenance men were there looking over some plans. I told them, "Don't tell anyone you know me."

I had a single double sided key in my black purse and it felt like a penny but I didn't see it. Otherwise the purse was empty. The door opened easily and I slipped inside quickly.  The apartment had really high ceilings but I still noted that it would be better if the ceiling had a skylight in it to let in the sun and fresh air.

I was doing some kind of needlework here with light tan thread, following the lines the best I could, but I felt the need to go back outside. I went back out the door, forgetting to take my purse and key. I remembered then that I didn't have my key and turned to go back to get it, but the door was closed. I knew at that moment that if I opened the door again, there was someone inside that would try to kill me, so I had to leave even that behind.

I turned again to run down the stairs, noting that the door number was 405 and that the farther I had gone from home, the more trouble I got into.

I got out on the street and had to go uphill and there was a bus on the right at the stop sign which I had to get past.  But as I went up the hill, I could hear my friend Alice asking me how to spell some words for a crossword puzzle. I didn't know the answers because there weren't enough clues to get the right words, though I could see the puzzle in my mind's eye. I wanted to give her the answers but the only ones I could think of were negative.


4-28-00 - This dream is full of symbols of what I've been thinking about during the day, but still tells a story.

DREAM - I lived in an apartment building with a lot of people. I walked into my apartment and found my husband sitting on a couch talking to some people who were under the coffee table. I looked and found Joe's ex-wife Debbie there with my son Tom (She is actually married to a man named Tom. I know what he looks like so I don't know why my dream substituted my son Tom). In the dream, Tom was her husband.

I sat down on the couch on the right side of my husband, just barely fitting into the space. I was rather embarrassed that my butt was so wide and made a quip that I fit there, if just barely. We all laughed about it, but I felt embarrassed just the same.

In the hallway, a few minutes later, I met several women I know pretty well, if not remembering their names.  They said they were delivering a fold up bassinet to Debbie, Joe's ex-wife ... who lived in the same building.  They were finished with it, so Debbie could use it next.  Debbie wasn't aware of it, so when she showed up, I told her about it.  She was happy about it.

I was having a conversation with some other women about knitting and she overheard me and said she liked to knit also.  I said I was going down into my basement storage locker and that I had some yarn there she could use to make something if she wished and asked her what color she would like. She said she liked bright yellow.

I went to a drawer and retrieved two sets of keys which I knew belonged to the building and to me and took them with me downstairs.

I went down to the basement to the maintenance/storage room. Several maintenance men were in the room and I was quite upset when I walked in that the lights were so dim. I saw that bulbs were missing and they were using lights that were triangle shaped, not the usual round bulbs we are used to. Some of the sockets had nothing in them at all.

I called the head maintenance man on it and he flipped a switch on the wall and hidden lights came on from somewhere up above that one couldn't see.  However, he said he would take care of the bulb matter immediately.

I walked back through a hallway to the storage locker area and discovered that I didn't have my keys. I immediately got upset and the maintenance man was right behind me and showed me that he had my keys and handed them to me. He said that he had obtained them at the door when I entered. I opened my locker and discovered that I too had a folding bassinet in my locker. It was made of golden threads woven on the sides, much like triangles. The frame was also golden. It tickled me that my baby bassinet was bigger and better than the small one that Debbie was getting from the other women.

I then looked at my yarn stash and the only bright yellow I could find was wound around some bright pink and when I looked, it was lace and not yarn. One doesn't knit with lace, although one could. But there wasn't enough to make anything, just to decorate something. I continued to look through the yarn and didn't find enough to make anything. I needed all new yarn. I did find one hank of pink yarn that was enough to make a small project, so took that with me to offer to Debbie, figuring it was enough just to kind of play with temporarily.

When I went upstairs, there was a man there who had changed his affections from one woman to the next and there was a story about him. I thought it was a great emotional story and wanted to tell Debbie about it but she wasn't there right then.  So I began to tell a younger woman who was a friend of Debbie about the story.  In the story, two women were in it also, named Lisa and Maria.  The story was at that moment, woven in pink embroidery thread in the shape of written fs or perhaps 8s on a high table-like bench.

I was playing the story like music, as the words were said, they sounded tones and a beat that made music.  The music tones, and the beat, though of a rather monotone for the most part made the story exciting, particularly when a couple of harder beats and higher tones were struck at the end of the sentences.  It's hard to explain when writing it down like this, but in a demonstration of notes ranging from F to A, I was able to convey to the younger woman that the story was worth reading.


5-13-00 - DREAM - I don't know where I was though it seemed similar to my 16th St. house, it wasn't exactly the same.

There were several people in this dream that I knew quite well, but never in this same circumstance.  We were all wearing night clothes, pajamas or long winter-type gowns with heavy robes. I also had on heavy white garden-type gloves with a narrow black band around the thumbs.

There was a scene in the kitchen and a short discussion held which I can't remember but that's okay.  It was the last scene that was so memorable.

I went into the 'parlor' which is what we called this room at home. Here there was a brown old-fashioned organ, with a bench, a small table with a lamp and a couple arm chairs for others to sit on.

Someone had brought some music in a manila colored folder, like it was being studied. I was wearing these heavy white gloves and yet when I sat down to play the music which was called 'Concerto ____' or a word like 'Concerto' the sound was so incredible that all thoughts of problems or worries were gone ... only the music reverberated through the air.  

The keyboard of the organ was rather short compared to a piano and for the left hand was a small gold organ that didn't have regular keys on it, there were thumb shaped tabs which when they were played the tones came out with glorious vibrato sounds in the bass level of sound.

After I was done playing the music the first time, an older man came in and sat on the bench with my on the right side. I was never comfortable playing for other people, though I've done it numerous times, but when this man sat down to listen so closely, the music went flying off to my left on the table, a young man grabbed the gold thumb keyed organ and ran outside with it, and the main organ seemed shorter than ever.

Now when I looked at the music again I couldn't figure out which sheet of paper I had played off of and I didn't have the gold organ, but I made an attempt to play the music from memory.  I could only remember the first page.  It began in the key of G, with the right hand playing middle C and the upper G next to it with the right hand four times and then both hands playing an octave of Gs four times.

Without the gold organ for the left hand, the music sounded so flat. I needed that vibrato gold organ for the sound to be correct.

So I got the young man back into the room with the gold organ and set it up on the organ, got the music back and again played the 'Concerto' in the key of G.  It was glorious.

NOTE: After I woke up, I replayed this dream in my mind numerous times. I didn't want to get up.  Then I got out my Casio keyboard and played that first line of notes the best I could with the electronic vibrato in the organ sound.  It doesn't compare to the dream very well ... but it sounds wonderful to my ears.

NOTE:  I spent the day searching for the music. I think this is it:

http://cma.kobe-yamate.ac.jp/mozart.html  Mozarts Piano Concerto No. 17 in G - andante.mid

Piano concerto No.17 in G, K.453 (Reduct.) (R.J.Fisher)

1.Allegro (74k); 2.Andante (30k); 3.Allegretto (64k).

Now I need to know why I dreamed that.

MEDITATION: I meditated later in the day and saw several visions:

Electrical Connections

Electrical Connections

Electrical Connections

NASA Electrical Connections

And then I saw a page of math that came when I heard a noise. It was kind of a buzzing sound and the green page of math came up that was about the math of the electrical connections.

I still can't figure this out. I never studied much science, nor music theory, so I guess I need to do that now.


5-17-00 - VISION - I was laying in bed, thinking of nothing. I heard a tone in my right ear. I then had a vision of a coastal area with a bay, similar to San Francisco, but it could have been any similar coastline.  It was partly cloudy. I was like flying overhead, two long wispy clouds were over the coastline. The color of the area was like a map, yellow, brown, and green like high and low areas.  

NOTE: I think this was an earthquake warning. The tone on the keyboard was the note, 'B'


5-25-00 - DREAM - I was in a school of some kind it seemed. There were many friends that I used to feel close to over time there. I went through a process of legal work and got a divorce from someone ... (I don't remember if I even knew who it was from) However, from that divorce process, I was given two silver keys which I had to turn in through another process. When I got the keys, I went back to where my friends were and they surrounded me and I was overjoyed.  They all stood around me and hugged me. It was really a happy time for me. They seemed to be full of joy about it too.

I then had to stand in line to turn in these keys and I had to give the officer my marriage or divorce number which was a '6'. I didn't have the original piece of paper so I gave her a '6' made of bread dough which was quite fresh and soft. I had to shape it into a number 6 while I stood there. I hoped that would do.

I recall a scene where I was coming down an elevator. This could have been after the divorce. As I was getting off the elevator, I dropped a lot of junk out of my purse. On the floor were numerous used packets of pink fake sugar like you get in restaurants. There was other paper and pieces of cardboard which I had to pick up again before other people could get on the elevator. It was rather embarrassing to have to have them wait until I got all that garbage picked up.

I was then in a large classroom where an older woman was showing an audience some bread she had made. It was pathetic with a huge hole in the center of the loaf. She was trying to sell this bread recipe and the pans to the audience.

I knew I could do much better, so I bought half of her dough from her. I saw that underneath it had a lot of yellow butter or mustard on it. I thought that was a good addition. So, I mounded up the dough so that I could show the audience how to knead it properly to make a good loaf of bread.

A male friend produce a serrated knife with which to cut the dough in half, but then put two huge slabs of barbecued spareribs on the plate with the dough. I took the spareribs away and put them into the refrigerator. I don't know why he thought it was good or necessary to have the spareribs there, but he was very upset when I removed them and just kept the bread.

I then washed my hands and went back to knead the bread dough for the audience. This was very successful, then I had to let the bread dough sit to rise, so I went to do something else.

I then met some people who were going to go somewhere else to gamble or something and I decided to go along.  The trip was over 400 miles but I acted like it wasn't very far. The car I was riding in seemed dark and the roadway was like brand new and pitch black, but the lights along the road were bright red so the roadway seemed to be reddish black. It was really pretty. I settled down for the ride because it was going to take several hours.


6-6-00 - My dream memory is really bad today.  This is what I remember of 3 separate dreams.

#1 - I was taking care of a small girl child in a huge area that was like where circuses are put up, but there were no buildings or tents there at the time. I cradled this child like she was part of me, with my left elbow up by my head. It was not at all uncomfortable. We were going to sing together and I took the child to a place where there were fences or rails numbering 17 and we were to go through the center aisle of the 17.

#2 - I and my family were moving to a new house. The moment I got out of bed in the morning, I stripped the bed and took it apart. Some other men came to help us move and when they got there, I was crouched behind the stove in the kitchen. I don't know if I was hiding or taking the stove apart.  My husband (unknown man) and I drove over to the new house and we were half way there and I mentioned to him that we should have brought some stuff with us to save time later and that I didn't even bring my keys or wallet with me. He held up a ring of silver keys that was larger than any I've ever seen before.  I had heard that my son Bill bought a new car which I thought was a huge car and that would be a big help in moving, but then we met him along the way and I was shocked to see that it was a tiny car. It held 5 people ... two in front and three in back ... but there was no spare space in the car. They were really crammed in there. We stopped at a restaurant and the waitress/cook was serving eggs that were fried rather on the hard side but were like large white pancakes. My husband asked her if she would like to have dinner later with us and she said that once she left the restaurant she never thought about food at all.

#3 - I was outside gathering seeds and plant material to make paper like the indians did. I plucked some very thick stems behind a building and peeled off the outer layer to find a center that was like fine down with tiny seeds in it. I was told to pluck it only down as far as the seeds were. I had a small dish with many different plant parts. This I was going to grind together to make the paper. Later, we were to meet the Indians somewhere around or at the 13th level or place.


6-6-00 - VISION - The same woman who did the exercises in the previous dream came into my room while I was laying in bed. It seemed as though she was a nurse and was taking care of me. She was older now and wearing glasses and had two tone gray and dark hair almost like it was striped that way on purpose. (I'm racking my brain to think of her name. She was in the movie Psycho) I was laying on my side facing right and she walked behind me to where a beside table was. I thought she was getting a thermometer or something. (I called her Judy) I said, "Judy, I just want you to know that I love you!"

I suddenly felt something sinister and came out of the vision.

I again had the vision of myself laying in bed with "Judy" going about her work as a nurse in the bedroom. Again I said, "Judy! I just want you to know that 'we' love you." She was now at the foot of my bed and I heard her pick up my purse and grab something out of it and drop it on the bed.

That noise of the keys jingling as the purse hit the bed made me actually jump up off the bed and open my eyes so quickly.  It freaked me out.  Note that I don't keep my purse on my bed.


6-8-00 - DREAM - It was the first day after the Christmas Holiday and I was starting my new job.  I had the office key, put it into the lock and the door opened easily and I turned on the light. I told the maintenance man who walked in behind me that the first thing we were going to do was rearrange the furniture.

 The entire office was decorated for Christmas to the extent that there was hardly an empty spot that didn't have some decoration on or attached to it. I immediately set upon removing all semblance of Christmas from the office and putting it into the storage closet.

The other girls started to come in and introduced themselves and were talking about how much they hated their job and how they could hardly wait to leave. I told them how much I loved my job and always had. They more or less just sat around and watched me work. I heard someone behind me say, "At least she has initiative."

The old Manager appeared, ready to move on to her next apartment. She was about my same size, had on a blonde wig or had her hair died and was slightly older than me. Her name was Nancy Talbot. She didn't seem upset that I was changing things.  She was standing in the closet rather in the dark. The other girls spoke to her but I didn't. I was just waiting for her to leave.

I noted that the maintenance men gathered around the celebratory wine bottles and were finishing up what they had started before Christmas. I just kept on removing stuffed Santa Clauses and sleighs which were taped onto the pillars of the office dividers and putting them away. I couldn't believe how much 'stuff' was in this office. I could picture the office in my mind as it would be when it was done. It was 'stark' and bare of any decorations ... just a clean and working office.


6-10-00 - DREAM - I was just moving into a new apartment on the second floor of a Port Washington Rd building.  I had lived here before and had traveled all the way to California and lived there and come back to town.  I hadn't issued any change of address and hadn't picked up my mail in a long time. I planned to work hard and make myself look good so I'd have a good reputation, but first I wanted to get my mail.

There were a lot of people around, including a toddler age boy. I took him to the bedroom with me after wiping up pee off the floor. I intended to put new training pants on him in the bedroom. I put him on the bed and told him to sit up and he said he couldn't sit, so he slid off the bed onto the floor again. I gave him clean training pants and he put them on himself.  He never explained why he couldn't sit. I was puzzled about that.

I then walked down the stairs to the lobby where the mailboxes were. I had to hunt for them.  One side had mail boxes that went up past 950. So I went on the other side where the lower numbers were. I lived on the 2nd floor but my number was 145.  The first mailbox had a slot at the top and was call the money drop box. The second one had numerous names on it, and I assumed that was special for upper management people. Mine was the third one. I had the mailbox key and I put it into the slot and turned it. The box opened and inside was one of those yellow slips that tell you that your mail is at the post office. I was disappointed. This also meant I had to go to the post office.

While I was looking into the mailbox I noted that it was divided into three parts so that when the mailman put the mail into the box, he would put the bills in one slot, the business letters in one slot, and the personal mail into one slot.  However, while I was looking into the empty box, I had a vision of a deep glass of water with grey water in it and an airplane with large wings nose down in the water.

There were other people in the lobby including two older women who were talking about where the nearest HIV clinic was. I told them that it was on the corner of 2nd and North Ave. and pointed north in that direction.  They thanked me and I went back upstairs.

I went to the office and my boss was there. He was on the telephone with his boss arguing that he wanted to keep the old managers. He didn't specify why but it was obvious that he wanted them instead of me. He was just arguing about it.

I left the office and went to the maintenance room. There were some familiar guys there, including one of the locksmith guys and some other maintenance guys I've known before. I said "Hello" to them all and went back upstairs again.

I opened the door next to the office and it was a shower room and there were about 8 or so men in there all naked and the air was steamy. I hadn't meant to barge in and I realized that these were the doctors that were going to do my surgery and that's what they were getting ready to do. I visualized them all standing around me wearing green scrub clothes and me laying on the operating table.  I also realized I hadn't had a shower myself so they would have to wash my body wherever they were going to operate on me.

Nobody had notified me of this so I didn't know when it was going to happen.


6-15-00-  VISION - I had taken the phone off the hook and I was still hearing the beeping loudly when I saw an ice cream truck poised over a square hole but it couldn't fall in the hole because the truck had a pyramid or 'A' shaped roof on it with wide eaves like a house.

It also had big black wheels on it on the four corners.

The phone stopped beeping and I saw the ice cream truck again inside the square hole and it fit perfectly because the roof and the wheels were gone.


6-15-00 - DREAM - I was then inside an apartment and decided to get the mail. I had a little silver key and went outside my door and put the key into the slot of the mailbox.  Inside the mailbox were several square envelopes in pink, blue, green like greeting cards have. But there was a white postcard which I looked at. On the upper left hand side was written 'Lightmail Posted'.

I took the mail with me across the yard where a blonde woman had come outside to get her mail also. We both had small paper bags of old mail or trash with us. I decided to help her dispose of her trash because I was going that way, and we got stuck to it like the comedians on television where they try to pass a piece of paper to one another.  First it gets stuck on one person's hand and then on the other and they can't drop the sticky piece of paper.

Finally, we walked over to the trash bin building together. The trash bin was inside a square building with a roof on it like the ice cream truck of the vision.

By this time we were laughing together as we dropped our trash bags into the bin.


6-17-00 - VISION -  I was thinking about the name of "IT TO" and it's connotation and the subject of Satan and many thoughts went through my head about how to find the list of names on the computer.  I called on the name of "IT TO" and told him to show his face.

A voice said, "You have the book of knowledge". I then saw someone pull a large 3 ring binder type book out from under a stack of books. The color was dark blue and on the cover was a circular symbol which I believe I just saw in Manly P. Hall's book. I also began to feel the energy going up the back of my legs that came when I imagined the existence of a shield beneath my feet from a meditation yesterday.

In a separate attempt to go back to sleep, I was thinking about "IT TO" and I had a vision that said:  'Tobias channel'

When I thought about whether to read some channeled material on-line or whether to try to channel Tobias myself, I saw a cartoon face with it's tongue hanging out sideways, and like a huge audience in a football stadium behind him standing up and cheering and doing the wave.  Duh!

While thinking about that, I saw an e-mail from:  Quest  to  Key

Then while I was thinking about Tobias, I had a vision of a notebook page with what looked like it started with that symbol I saw in the Manly P. Hall book which was similar to the 'Book of Knowledge' cover symbol. The writing was all crammed into the upper left hand portion of the page.


6-20-00 - DREAM - I was again in a car being driven by a friend. Here again I was being driven backwards just like in the dream before. It was very uncomfortable to go backwards that fast.

I was then in the high school on 12th St. where I used to attend. It seemed I was in charge ... I was not a student at this time.  I saw that something new was going on.  Alcoves in the hallways were being decorated by the students so they looked like livingrooms with paintings on the wall.  The students were so much happier than they had ever been because they were able to make school look like home but exactly the way they liked it themselves.  Each alcove looked wonderful.  All along the hallways, paintings were hung.  The students were in complete charge of all this.

It seemed like part of this school was also where the students lived and there apartment to rent. I had the keys to apartment number one. It was more like a doorknob or door latch than a key.  An old white haired man and woman came to look for an apartment, and I was going to show them number one.  

However, the hallway that sent to apartment number one was full of huge stuffed toys, all larger than life size animals. I was appalled and tried to move the toys out of the way but there were too many. They were all laying on their sides like they were dead.  I had to find a way to take the old man and woman to apartment one by going a different direction.  Then I decided I couldn't show them apartment number one and go past all those stuffed animals laying in the hallway. I asked permission from a friend who also lived in this apartment building to show them apartment 110.  It was exactly like it, only in a different building and facing west instead of facing east.


6-21-00 - After Joe got up for the day, I had a series of negatively oriented dreams, most with sexual content. I had the feeling that these dreams were manipulated because at the end of them, I was shown a handwritten note that said, "Written from the key of the 6th darkness".

One dream was about a girl I knew in Milwaukee who was an apartment manager in the same series of buildings I was ... each building had their own manager until they were sold and then she took over with her husband.  In this dream, she was leaving and I was taking over. She was living with two blonde guys who were twins and having sex with both of them and very eagerly so. They were always grabbing her and keeping her turned on and she would openly throw herself at them right in front of her children.

In the middle of this dream, I felt someone grab my bottom and sexually stimulate me also in an effort to make me want to masturbate. I didn't!

Then I had a vision of a letter written to Joe about Crop circle websites from a man named Semlak.  I can recall a couple of the sites because I've been to them myself, but I don't know why someone would handwrite a letter about crop circles when they could more easily have sent an e-mail.

The last dream was about the same young woman who managed the apartments. She was ready to move out and she told me all the paperwork was in the office which was in her apartment. While she was busy, I went into her apartment, turned on the light from a wall switch by the door, and discovered an old woman who was just coming out of the bathroom in her apartment, so I wasn't the only one there.  Some men came in and began moving the stuff out of her bedroom, but by then I was laying on a cot-like bed in the hallway observing the activity covered up with a rose colored blanket.

Then some children came to help her move and took some of my own things out the door which at that point looked like the stairway and doors of the gradeschool I attended on 20th St. I hollered at the boys to bring my stuff back, but they also brought back a toy dirt mover truck which they dumped on the floor. So they had to pick all that up again. But I had my laundry back which was now going to have to be done over. It was various colors.

I then put on socks, one pale blue and one pale green. The shoes that were laying there were also two different colors of gray suede loafers.

When I woke up, I heard a voice in my head say, "I can't let you go that easily," and I felt a hand brush over my sexual organ and turned me on in an instant.  I made myself ignore the feelings and then got up for the day.  I don't appreciate being manipulated by outsiders. That's when I had the vision of the handwritten note which said, "Written from the key of the 6th darkness."      


6-25-00 - DREAM - This dream seemed to be manipulated because I was working with people, and other scenes were inserted into it as visions. By the time I realized this, the whole dream disappeared and I could remember nothing.  There were scenes where my arms were pinned down and I realized I was laying on my arms in the physical and couldn't move them. In the inserted scenes, I was like in a box pinned against the side of the box with the alphabet printed down the side of the box next to me. It was very strange. There was also a scene where a baby was handed to me and he needed his diaper changed.

Dream #2 - was a case of my admiring a woman because she got new appliances for her kitchen. She had a dishwasher with cartoons painted on the face of it. I looked closer and it was a picture of a man and woman dressed in clothing of another century. Then I realized she had stolen it and I saw a trail of muddy footprints going through the yard where she had dragged stuff in that she had stolen.

I was in the kitchen of my 16th St. house I think and my Father came in to tell me to come outside and work in the forest with the others. I was standing right in front of a clock on the wall. I looked up at it and saw a golden spider crawling up it.  I had difficulty reaching up, but I reached up and pressed my finger on the spider to kill it. As soon as I did, I saw a second golden spider crawling up the face of the clock, so I reached up, again with difficulty and pressed my finger on the spider to kill it.

NOTE: I realized in further dream scenes that I was dreaming about my arms being pinned beneath me in the physical and I couldn't move them.

I went outside with my Father and he showed me where to work in the forest and when I went there I saw him coming down the road in a big tractor, so I hid behind a big fir tree so he couldn't see me because I was afraid he was going to run me over.

Then I saw along the road as I went down it very fast in a vehicle that there were many people along the road with piles of stuff and I realized that it was ALL stolen.  I tooted the horn of the car to show them that I was getting out of there.

I woke up and went to the bathroom. When I went back to bed, I was having a series of short dreams and visions that were scenes of describing the dreams above to another person. He asked me who had the keys to the car and I realized that my Father had the keys to the car and I came to that realization when he asked me to come work in the Forest and I saw the clock with the spider on it and I had trouble raising my arms to kill the spider.

I then realized I was inside a blue car because the whole inside of the car was blue and it had NO steering wheel. I couldn't have even started the car myself as there were NO controls whatsoever, no door handles to get out ... nothing.  I was going West down a narrow alley and I knew I was on the East side of the river and if the car kept going I would end up in the river.  I desperately tried to think how I could steer the car so that it would drag alongside the alley to slow it down and there was no way to do that. I then though about hitting the brake to stop the car and I was just going to do that when a woman stepped in front of my car and I knew I was going to hit her if I didn't stop the car ... and I woke up.

I immediately started having a vision of job categories. They were numbered and in alphabetical order, in paragraphs on a screen. It seemed that I could choose whatever I wanted but the screen moved to a section that had publishing type jobs in it.


7-2-00 - NOTE: I was watching a 5 hour long anniversary show on TV about the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson. -  I went to sleep to take a nap during the show and dreamed I was making a web page about the biography of the Jackson 5.  As soon after I realized that the movie was still on when I woke up that I had dreamed what was still on TV, I decided to forget the dream and went back to sleep.

DREAM 2:  I dreamed I was making a web page about the biography of Art Bell.  I placed his name within a box and did a page about him. After I published the page I got a phone call from a woman who asked me how it was that I published Art Bell's phone number. I told her I only published what was already available to the public.

I then went across the street where Art Bell lived and when I knocked on the door and there was no answer, I opened the door and went inside and found George Burns and Art Bell laying on the floor ... dead drunk ... (passed out)

I woke them up and they thanked me for caring about them. They came home with me across the street and we talked a bit.  When they left together, George Burns was smoking his cigar and he was walking arm and arm around each other's shoulders with Art Bell. The last thing Art said to me was that I should come across the street again in the morning to make sure they were all right.  I agreed that I would come and check on them again.

I closed my door and saw that my front door was all glass and the curtains were pulled aside. I put the key into the lock and decided to leave the key in the door because then nobody can put a key in from the outside.  I walked back towards my computer and saw that the biography on Art Bell wasn't yet complete because his life wasn't yet over.

NOTE:  Joe reminded me that George Burns played the part of God in the movie 'OH GOD'.

Thanks for Making Me Laugh, Mr. Burns

Coast to Coast - (The Old Art Bell Site)


7-3-00 - DREAM - I was working for Anna Hayes and when we sent something out, we sent out some information on letterhead that had her web site, address, phone number, etc. on it. The paper was a dark color ... like a dusky rose with a darker brownish print. It was really pretty.

I then went to church. I was carrying a huge hymnal that took two hand to hold up. It seemed I was singing in the choir, however, the song the pastor wanted sung was for men only. He threatened to kick out anyone that changed the song to a higher key.

I looked on page 40 and the music was written only in the bass cleff and the highest note I saw was a B.  I wanted to tell the pastor that my voice was low so I could sing too, but when the men started singing, I kept my mouth shut.

At that same moment, a high official of the church came to the door and opened it. I was sitting right by the door and the man would have had to practically climb over me to get farther into the church, so someone put a spare chair out in the narthex (the outer lobby) and the old man sat out there while the men continued singing.  The last two words of the music sequence are "Oh Christ!'

NOTE: When I woke up I played the music I remembered from the dream. The notes are all written below middle C.........  D - G - B - C - B - GGG  .  I'm pretty sure that these are the right notes that were sung.  I tried playing it in a lower key  with B as the highest note and it didn't sound right.


7-9-00 - DREAM - I don't know what city I was in.  I was with a man going somewhere along a sidewalk. There was two way traffic so we stayed to the right. We actually walked on the grass on the right and left the sidewalk to the people going the other way. I was telling the man that I could walk this way without even opening my eyes because the grass was so dark and the sidewalk was so white, I could tell where I was with my eyes closed.  I actually had my eyes open a tiny slit and was cheating but he didn't know that. However, we came to a wider place where it was all concrete and I had to open my eyes all the way or I couldn't see which way I was going.

On the road was a man riding a motorcycle with a baby on his back in a sling-type thing.  He had to cross a huge chasm to go to work. He was going the opposite direction than we were. The baby always sang while he drove, but when they came to the chasm, the baby would cry out, "Mama!". This day the baby was crying out, "Mama" really loud and he stopped the motorcycle so the baby would stop crying.

We were right there and he asked us if we would take care of the baby as he didn't feel right crossing the chasm and distressing the baby that much.  So, we agreed we would take the baby for him.

The man left then on his way to work, and we stopped at an Inn which was right there. We found out then that the baby sang songs at the Inn and his Mama came and asked us if we would stay so the baby could sing for us which would please him immensely.  We didn't want to take the time, however, we stayed, and the baby sang a pretty song about "Mary!"

As we left the building, there was some kind of deal where you couldn't get in unless you had a Master key but if you didn't have the key you could knock and they'd have to look to see who you were and then decide whether they wanted to let you in or not.  As we were leaving, we accidentally kicked the key out the door. It was a long silver key.  I really didn't want to take the Master key, but there was a man watching me and I tried kicking the key back into the door and not take it, but with the man watching me, I had to pick the key up and take it with me.

We then went on our way towards the city and I went to a huge building that had a high dome on top of it and people lived way up near the top of the building.  There, I met a Master key person who showed me a Master key blank  which was gold and in the shape of a large square at the bottom.  I compared it mentally with the Master keys I was in charge of in Milwaukee which we used in our building outside doors. When I looked closely at it, one could see that it was hinged and could bend back against itself so it wasn't as wide as it first appeared. The whole key blank was there in duplicate. I showed him that I knew how the Master key worked and showed him how the Master keys looked that I was familiar with.  They were only half as wide.

I then went on down the hallway inside the domed building to the other end where there was a maintenance worker sitting waiting for someone to come and inspect the building.

I was very impressed how beautiful it was outside the window where he was sitting; immense flower beds were right there. I couldn't see the door and assumed it was around a slight corner next to the window.

However, off to the side of this hallway, the floor of the dome went right on down to the bottom of the dome which was a mirror reflection so to speak of the dome overhead, it went down to almost a point on the bottom where I could see a small circle from which the dome walls went upward.  Inside the building was built like a ball and we were inside of it.  The people lived above that.

The inspector came and I was off to the side and could hear them speaking about the roof of the dome ... it had cracked.  The inspector told the maintenance man that the first crack had come and they had just watched it zip across the ceiling and it wasn't dangerous so they had just paid "Mary" the owner ... $3,000,000 for the damage.

However, a new crack had just opened up and he took a long stick and I saw him reach way up to the top of the dome and show the maintenance man that huge sections of the dome were now loose and he pushed against the concrete dome and it creaked ominously. I watched as huge portions of the dome pushed upward ... punky and soft like they could easily fall down ... like it was water soaked from above.

I felt really afraid that the dome would collapse at some point and all those people would die when they fell into the open space where we were now standing because they didn't know how to fix the domed ceiling.  When it cracked, there was no stopping it, and there was no way to stop the seeping of the water which was damaging the domed ceiling either.  The further cracking and falling in of the ceiling was inevitable.  

I tried to envision how it could be fixed perhaps in small sections, but with all those people living above the dome ... it was feat way beyond my imagination.


7-9-00 - VISION - I went back to bed and was thinking about the dream and a vision that was square like the master key I had been shown. On the key was written some words and I saw 6 o like I was being told that's where the crack in the dome was ... at 6 o latitude. I hope I'm wrong.


7-15-00 - DREAM - I lived in the Milwaukee, WI and managed a large apartment building complex. It seemed like I was on Ogden St. at the East end of that particular building ... which was not the main building.

I was standing on the street watching several moving vans which had pulled up to the building and watched as an old woman was moving out.  I didn't know this particular woman as I recall, but her family was very friendly to me like they knew who I was.

I went inside the building on the West end and the old woman's daughter came inside right behind me. I was going to walk through the building towards the East through the hallway, but ended up getting on the elevator instead.  The old woman's daughter got on the elevator right behind me.

I realized my error and was going to get back off the elevator but I didn't want to inconvenience the woman, so decided to ride up the elevator with her to her floor and ride back down myself again. However, after we were in the elevator, the woman decided to have a conversation with me.  I can't remember what she said now but she made a couple reassuring statements to me of wise advice which made me feel quite a bit better about my state of affairs on earth.

She rode the elevator back down with me then and I got off the elevator to go get the mail. I hadn't been here for awhile so I knew the mailboxes would probably be full of mail I should answer. I had two mailboxes, ... one inside the building and one down the street at The Mailbox Place (this was true) . However, I didn't have the keys for some reason.  I had all kinds of keys to other people's apartments, but didn't have the mail box keys.

However, I looked up and hanging on the wall was a set a keys, which included several mailbox keys, and two apartment keys, and they were red tagged and interspersed with long spiked rods, one rod for each key it seemed, OR each key was separated from each other by a rod. They were about 6 to 8 inches long.

So, I took those keys with me.  I decided to go down to the basement to my husband's apartment. The stairway wasn't rickety, but was made out of wood like a painters' ladder and there was a drop off down into a lower level beyond that next to it.  Besides that, there were tools laying on the stairs which was really dangerous to do. I moved the tools over and began the descent on this ladder stairway, going down forward rather than like a ladder which you go down backwards.

A man who came in off the street came down behind me, being very patient as I carefully went down the stairs.  

I got to the bottom of the stairs and the apartment was right there. I realized I didn't have a key to this apartment. I had all kinds of keys but not to this one. A maintenance man arrived and we discussed the value of Master keys which are  long and thin with only one notch on them which hits the master cylinder in the lock as he explained to me. I already knew that having worked for a locksmith company for 7 years.  I also worked as a building manager in ever larger complexes for 11 years and always had access to Master keys ... (coincidence of the numbers?)

I turned around, looking at my keys to see if I had a key to this apartment and then realized the door was open and I didn't need a key to it. I opened the door and discovered that my husband had a son who was laying in a crib near the door.

I picked up the little boy who looked like my son Bill. (Bill is now 36 years old) He didn't have any underpants or slacks on so I had to get him dressed. A short woman appeared who had a large catalog and we went through the catalog showing the little boy the clothes he had grown out of which were grey and picked out some new clothes for him to wear which we dressed him in. (I can't remember the color now)

The woman left and I carried the boy with me. I heard a mewing sound and looked around for where the sound was coming from and saw what looked like a kitten's head beneath a grate in the floor. The grate was from the building's furnace.

I lifted up the grate in the floor and saw what looked like two kittens which was even more exciting. However, as I watched ... what I thought were two kittens were the ears of an even larger creature which had wide black and white stripes across it. It looked rather like a teddy bear at this point.  However, the creature grew as it came up out of the grate and as it reached the floor level, it was now so large it was man size and it's head was actually a tiny white gasoline pump (like at the gas station) I realized it was a costume. I don't know who the guy was, but he said a couple things to me which I can't remember and he left the apartment.

I began to call my husband's name but he didn't answer. I began to explore the apartment which was long and narrow.  I had to admire his housekeeping. There was nothing out of place and everything was shiny ... not dusty.  I got all the way to the other end of the apartment to another door which was an exit door. I assumed my husband had gone somewhere and turned around to walk back through the apartment.

As I turned, I heard a clear sounding bell chime in my head. I've long heard sounds in my head as long back as I can remember ... telephones, door bells, little bells, big bells, all kinds of tones.  However, at this point, I started to wonder if I was going psychotic.

As soon as I expressed that thought, a woman appeared who was either my long deceased friend Nancy or it was my friend Michelle. I'm not sure. I thought of both names as I talked to her. She assured me that 'they' were trying to make me feel like I was going psychotic when in actuality this is the beginning of 'walking in both worlds' where you can hear and see both in the physical world and the spiritual world.

Nancy/Michelle left then and I took the little boy with me to go to the Mailbox Place and the buildings mailboxes to get my mail.


7-27-00 - DREAM - The dream started out dream-like at a bank. It seemed that I owed $100 to an account I had. Someone else said she needed some money and hundreds of people flipped her 50 cent pieces through the air, so I thought if I asked for money like that, I might get some too and pay off my $100 account.

So, I said to the crowd standing around, "Would someone care to flip me a coin also?"  Nobody did except a tall Russian man. He tossed me a coin that in comparison to a quarter I saw in someone elses hand that was 10 times the size. I looked at it and it was a coin used in commemoration and it said '100 years' on it.

I told him I needed to give him something in return and handed him a gold pocket watch. I said, "It probably doesn't work", but when he took it in his hand, it was working perfectly.

The dream switched then to where my husband was driving me to work and he pulled over to the curb of an apartment building I used to work at. He pulled up in reverse direction ... against traffic ... and just sat there, saying nothing.  It was quarter to 8 in the morning and there was no one on the street. We sat there so long, I finally said, "I guess I may as well go inside and pick up my mail if there is any."  

I pulled my keys out of my right coat pocket and somehow, numerous other keys also flew out of my pocket onto the street.  There was a ring of gold Master keys, and a ring of mailbox keys.

As I got out of the car to pick up my keys and go to the mailbox, suddenly I felt like I was in a lucid dream and knew I was dreaming, yet this was a dream within a dream and I told my brother who was now parked at the opposite curb that I knew I was in a lucid dream because I felt like I was awake and actually doing what I was doing.

I entered the building lobby where other women were standing around waiting until time for the bus to arrive to take them to work as well. I put my mailbox key into a box that looked like an alarm box. I saw it was stuffed with paper, so I began to pull it out. The paper was all folded up inside the alarm box, but when I pulled it out, it straightened out perfectly without a crease.  I pulled out 6 purple brochures and a brochure folder which was used to hold them - 7 pieces total. Each one was light purple background with darker purple background and they all said, "WORLD PEACE 2000" on them, and the instructions inside said that 'everyone needs to participate' and ' you'll come to believe in the butterfly effect'.

The women standing there asked if they could have a brochure and I began to hand them out ... I gave out all six brochures to these women, who as they began to talk to me, turned out to be Russian immigrants who worked at the same place I did.

I turned the brochure over to see where it came from. The return address was Hershey, Pennsylvania.  (That's where the main Hershey chocolate factory is.  Chocolate is considered to be 'the food of the God's and has been well known since ancient Mayan times)

I then went farther into the building because I decided to rent an apartment there. It wasn't time for the office to open, so I went inside a vacant apartment that was open for viewing. It was a bright yellow apartment.  I decided to rent it for 3 months, just enough time to do this new project for WORLD PEACE 2000.

Immediately after I woke up, I began to see a vision of a woman with bright red frizzy curly hair, dressed like women in the 1920's did in the silent movies.


8-8-00 - I can't believe how tired I am today. I feel like I don't want to wake up. I went back to sleep and had this dream.

DREAM - At the same moment I fell asleep, I awoke from a dream within the dream. I didn't realize I had been sleeping and opened my eyes, wondering why I was so tired. It was quite dark outside yet ... rather maybe it was just thick with dark clouds. I was wearing my bathrobe ... (green and white striped ... just like I was wearing in 3 D reality).

I thought about my job ... apartment manager ... and realized I hadn't done any work recently and should perhaps inspect the vacant apartments and clean them and perhaps I might discover that they needed new carpet or something and ask my boss to place an ad in the paper and rent one.  I decided I would go look at apartment #9 on the third floor to start with.

I looked out the window a couple more times, and each time it was a different lightness or color of grey in the sky, but it seemed a little less dreary each time.

I decided I would go get my mail before I went to work since I hadn't done that in a long time either. I made sure I had my keys ... I got them out of my purse (same as in real life), put them in my pocket after making certain I had the mailbox key ... (all the keys were gold)

I went out into the hallway and saw two women coming from the other end of the hallway. I wasn't dressed except for my bathrobe and it was hiked up quite far, so I was trying to hide behind a pillar or alcove so they couldn't see me pulling my robe down. They got to the elevator at the same time I did.

I was living on the second floor, so these women had to have walked up from the first floor and were going to go up and I was going to go down. The woman were a little taller than myself so I would guess there were about 6 feet tall, but they were large women ... husky and strong ... not fat. I recognized them both and realized I had been in a meeting with them earlier or perhaps the night before.  

One of the women decided she would ride down with me to get her mail as well and as she got onto the elevator with me, she seemed to notice how tired I was and she told me I shouldn't go to any more meeting with Karen Hanson and laughed.  She was acknowledging that she too was tired from attending the meeting as well.  When she mentioned it, I realized too that that's where I had seen these two women before and it was a grueling meeting. In attendance was the teacher, the two women and myself.  I couldn't recall what we had studied though.

We got down to the first floor and I opened the light green door to the lobby where the mailboxes were. The other woman who had ridden down with me, turned, opened a light green door on the opposite wall next to the elevator, and sprinted up the stairway.

The mailboxes were identical in color to the light green walls so it was difficult to see them.  However, I managed to open my mailbox and get my mail out just as a man came along and got his mail from a box several mailboxes over.

He glanced at my mail, and commented, "Don't go on any trips again soon," and laughed.

In my hand were a stack of blue cards, all from a tour agency ... I can't remember the name ... and I laughed and agreed I wouldn't be traveling any time soon. I clutched my mail in my hand and decided I would take the elevator that was right there ... back up to the second floor, rather than go up the stairs like the large woman had just done.

These elevators were not the same elevators which were on the opposite wall inside the hallway of the building. I didn't know where these elevators went to, but decided I would take one and see where they went.  However, I was just going to press the elevator button when I realized my keys weren't in my pockets. I reached deep in my pockets and they weren't there.

In a panic, I looked down the length of the lobby and saw a small clump of colored material like an umbrella on the floor.  I ran over to it and shook it and could hear keys jingling inside. I shook the mass of cloth hard and dropped it on the floor again which broke open the mass of cloth and my keys fell out, which I picked up. I then proceeded to pick up the cloth which turned out to be a series of silk scarves.  There were two of each color and as I picked up one, they all opened out full size into squares of cloth on the floor and I had to pick them up one at a time.  They were all upsidedown on the ground so I had to pick them up to see their full color. Each one had some white on it, but one was green leaves and huge roses, one was brown background with something like Fleur de lis and flowers.  I didn't pay too much attention to the others. There were 6 or 8 scarves.  I picked them all up and headed for the elevator, and as I got on the elevator I woke up again.

NOTE: I am so tired, I know I'm going to have to take a nap again to find out what I'm doing in the other dimensions that is making me this way.  Joe was like this yesterday ... maybe he's busy too and that's why he can't wake up.


8-9-00 - DREAM - I had just moved into a new apartment building and taken over as manager. The time was Christmas Eve around 9 to 10 p.m. My husband decided he was going to bed. I never saw him, only talked to him through the open door into the dark where he was laying. He insisted he was going to sleep and I told him I still 4 loads of laundry to do.

There were so many people in this apartment building, I could hardly walk around them with my laundry basket.  As it was, I found myself taking clothing and blankets out of the bottom dresser drawer to rewash them ... one light lavender sweater seemed crumpled and a blanket had a light grass green stain on one corner, so I added those to the pile on top of my basket.

I had two baskets, both large squares of  light lemon yellow made of grids. It seemed I wasn't dressed to go to the basement as I was wearing my light green and white striped bathrobe and was barefoot.  Several men were more than willing to help me get the laundry to the basement but said that I needed to put on more clothes. There were racks and stacks of clothes here. One man held up a light green pair of slacks for me to put on under my robe and there were light green slippers to put on also. I knew that the slacks the man offered me were too short for me, so I took the slippers with me and went into another room ... it was actually like a hallway with a tall clothes rack where my own clothes hung, and I found a pair of light green slacks there which I put on, then put on the slippers.

I spotted my umbrella on the rack, which was several shades of maroon and purple. I patted it as I went by like I was going to need it at some point, but didn't need it this moment, but felt good that it was there when I needed it.

I then reached into my robe pockets for my apartment key so I could get back in my apartment and didn't find it. I wasn't going to go to the basement and not have a key to get back in so I had to find it.  

A woman stopped me in the hallway and wanted a typed report of my hallway inspection before I stopped working for the day. The women in the main office were still working also, trying to get everything done before they went home to celebrate Christmas. I told the woman she was going to have to tell Carol? that I would get the report to her first thing Monday morning. There was just no way I could do it still and get the laundry done at the same time. (The woman's name probably wasn't Carol ... I can remember her face, but not her name at this moment)

As I said, there were hundreds of people in the hallway. I needed to go back into my apartment to find my apartment key, and I didn't remember what my apartment number was at the moment, so I went along the hallway trying to find it by 'placement' not by number. I first knocked on the door of 208 and realized that wasn't it, and ended up going down the hall to 204. Meanwhile, a whole stream of black people came by ... in couples it seemed ... but at least there were a group of  men and women. I recognized most of them as people from TV shows, like 'One Life to Live' but there were others as well.  

I was standing at the open door of my apartment when one of the women said, "Do you still have that room available?" I had completely forgotten that there was an extra room in my apartment I had offered to whoever needed it.  At this point, it was no longer dark outside, but it was getting light out.  

One of the older women said to me as she stood in the doorway, "What is that strange grey light in here?"

I told her, "There is a skylight overhead" and we looked up and I pointed at the roof of the building which was about 100 feet overhead ... it was a full white glassed-in skylight with fine wire grids through it.  The whole ceiling was like that.

All these people were standing in the doorway of my apartment ... two by two. I told them to go ahead and go into the apartment and look around.  Inside my apartment, it looked like a store with little Christmas gifts stacked on shelves like K-Mart or Wal-Mart. I told them to look around, that it could take hours, but there would be no TV on because of the violence and it was Christmas Eve, so there would be no violence allowed.

Just then, I saw on the pointy end of the ironing board which was almost in the doorway of my apartment, the Master keys to the buildings I was responsible for which had been delivered while I was getting dressed. There were 6 wide bladed Master keys with large square heads on them, 6 narrow bladed Master keys with large square heads on them, and a myriad of apartment sized keys, one large gold one which was my own apartment key, some smaller ones which were for mailboxes and other doors I hadn't yet been into. As always, I always carried all my keys with me, so I put them all in my right bathrobe pocket until I could find a large ring to put them on.

I then left the apartment, again with my laundry basket in arms, and headed for the elevator. In the large lobby near the elevator, a string of young girls came in, all dressed in colorful costumes like pastel Easter eggs. Each girl had a tall woman with her ... perhaps a mother ... perhaps a teacher. Each girl had her own chaperone. They walked in a line towards the other end of the hallway. They were going to entertain all the people as it was Christmas Eve.


8-17-00 - DREAM - I can't remember many details.  I was looking for my keys to my car in a box marked 570 and they didn't seem to be there.  (That's my P.O. Box number) My keys weren't in my pockets either.

I was in a big office. It was dark outside and it was almost time to go home. All the were sitting at their desks, doing nothing ... just waiting for 5 p.m. so they could leave.  I introduced myself to the woman at the end desk. I asked what she did in her spare time and she said she spent all her time on the internet.  I told her I did too, and I tried to write down the name of my website.

I wrote down greatdreams.com with great difficulty but I got it on the piece of paper.  Then I tried to write my address down and couldn't write the number correctly. Everytime I wrote it down I wrote 16978 with a 7x 1 below it, and when I saw my error I tried again and again it came out 16978 with a 7x 1 below it. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't write down my address correctly.

NOTE: Joe and I have been driving around looking for this address but haven't found it yet. All we are finding are empty fields.  No houses.


9-4-00 - DREAM - I was working in an apartment building. I was the Manager, but had a boss above me also. I went to the office and picked up a stack of papers and files that had been left for me to distribute. One was a pack of report cards for other employees, and the other was an engineering file that was left laying open to show the error inside. I questioned what the problem was and was told that the engineering theory should have been written in red rather than in pencil because it was a theory and not a final conclusion.

I took the stuff with me out into the hall where I spotted a large moving van pull up to the curb outside. The driver came in and asked me if I was ready to leave and I said, "No! I haven't packed yet."  He decided he had to run an errand first anyway and left with the truck.  

He no sooner pulled away and another moving van came to the curb. This time, very familiar looking large black men, wearing heavy winter clothes came in and asked me if I was ready to leave and I said, "No! I haven't packed yet."  This guy said, "We'll take care of that for you."  I said, "Okay! But I have to get certain things out first."  

I went to my apartment which was number 105, but I had the key to 107 in my hand.  I put the key in the lock anyway and the door opened right up because it wasn't locked.

Just as I opened the door, one of the tenants came by, an older man who looked familiar. He said, "Oh! I didn't know you were the manager here. I remember you from the other place I lived."  I just said, "Yes! That was me!"  He handed me some papers which were supposed to be for his parking permit.  I wanted to tell him I didn't have time to do it because I was leaving, but took it anyway to drop it off on my way out.


9-12-00 -  I was at work and had to go to school. Instead of making a right turn and going right to it, I made a left turn and walked around the block and then regretted it. It was so far to go, it would have been easier to realize I was wrong and go back, but I didn't. I finally got to the other side of the block, and found that there was a huge black puddle that I couldn't go around without getting my feet wet or muddy.  I finally chose to go up an old overgrown path up a hill between two trees which I hadn't seen at first.  This way, the ground was moist, but not too muddy, and I was able to climb the hill without too much effort.  

Once up on the hill, there was old blue furniture there that someone was trying to sell to the public. It was clean stuff and soft and I had to walk across it to get back down the hill, so I did.

I got to the school/apartment building and I was at home. My apartment door didn't have a lock on it so I just pushed it open. As usual, I wasn't alone, there were numerous people. I needed to go to the bathroom and there was someone in each bathroom, so I went back out into the hall to find the public bathroom.

Outside my door, which I closed, I discovered that instead of a lock, there were just two flimsy pins holding it shut.  I decided I would go to the office in the morning and ask to have a real lock put on the door. A policeman lived right across the hall so I wasn't too worried. He was keeping an eye on it while I was out.

I walked down the hall towards the public bathroom and there was a man standing outside one of the open doors of a room. He was crying unabashedly. I recognized him as a TV detective I've seen. A tall, dark haired man. I don't know his name.  He looked at me, and while crying said, "Grandma just died".  

I said, "I'm so sorry!" and continued on towards the bathroom.  Meanwhile I was thinking, "Maybe I should have given him a hug.".  The public bathrooms were full of people standing in line so I turned around to go back to my own apartment and saw that where the dark haired man had been standing, numerous people were now going into the room there and laughing and hugging and I knew he was okay. But now I felt guilty that I hadn't given him a hug myself instead of just walking by.

I walked back to my apartment which now had a nice lock on the door and I opened it with a gold key I had on a huge ring of keys in my pocket.


9-23-00 - DREAM - I was dreaming of making a web page on the computer with statements about indians. As I clicked on the 'Enter' key at the end of each sentence, a picture would appear next to it describing the event the sentence was about.


10-6-00 - DREAM - I was in another place where I was managing an apartment building. I was in the process of renting an apartment and started to see water coming out of the wall behind the people. We left the room and went to my own apartment. I had five keys and chose one specific long rounded one to open the door. Inside my apartment stood a black woman and her Jewish attorney. I demanded to know how they got in there and they just asked me questions instead of answering me. They wanted to know what was in the black bag another man had left with me. I opened the bag and found $2400 paperclipped together.

My old painter Bob came and said he was retiring. I saw a newspaper with lists of people's names and was told that old men spend the rest of their lives comforting other old people and that is what he planned to do.


11-13-00 - DREAM - I had moved into a new apartment where I was supposed to work also. There were some things not quite right that had to be taken care of before I could work.

The apartment hadn't been cleaned before I moved into it. I could still see the fluffy spots on the carpet where the previous renter had had their furniture, and the walked on areas between the furniture.  At least I knew where to put my furniture that way I guess.

While there was no furniture, a lot of people came in to visit. One of the men decided to put on a one man play. He was rather a strange guy. He did his play absolutely nude, while wearing a huge flowery woman's hat. Everybody loved him.  He turned his back to people while he was talking to them so they wouldn't be embarrassed. ( I finally realized who he was after I woke up. It was Richard from the Survivor show. )

He and I had a conversation after everyone left.  There didn't seem to be enough air in the apartment.  The maintenance man came in and said that the flue in the chimney wasn't quite right and he had to run a wire up it to try to straighten it out.  The R. guy said that when he was in the apartment, he didn't feel the 'freashist' (I saw the word. I was thinking he either meant freakish or freshest, but I couldn't be sure)

I was supposed to be at work at 9:00 a.m, but it was already 9:15. I wondered if I'd be yelled at when I got to the office.  But I still had things to do.

I wanted some cream for my cereal but I didn't have any fresh cream in the refrigerator. Two older women came by and showed me how to make my own. They had some white powder in a bottle, and some fresh water in another bottle, and a skinny bottle of yellow coloring, and in no time they mixed the three together and it made the most wonderful sweet cream to put on whatever I wanted.

The new manager of the building had given me a package of fish to cook and eat. They were black fish with silver spots on them.  They were about 4 or 5 inches long.  They were divided into three packages of 5.  

I looked at the fish and moved them around  a little and examined them, but I couldn't make myself cook them and eat them.  I wrapped them up and put them in the freezer. When I did this, I noticed that I still had 7 packages of 7 other fish that were pink that I hadn't eaten yet either and from the looks of it, I would never eat any of these fish.

By this time I was ready to go to work.  I had to make sure I had my keys.  I looked in my new purse and had my new apartment key, but when I looked in my old purse, I had the 7 master keys to the whole building, so I put those in my pocket too on the right side so I could find them easily.

I went out into the hallway and there I met the manager of the building.  She was blonde and very pleasant. She was extremely sweet to me when she greeted me. All she cared was that I listen to her play the organ in the lobby.  

We went to the lobby and some other women gathered around. She played a few notes that sounded sweet, then she hesitated, thought a few minutes, played a couple of notes, sat there and thought a few more minutes ... played a couple more notes.  She was quite unprepared to play for an audience. The music hadn't even been completely written yet.


11-14-00 - DREAM - I was with my husband in a big old green wooden staved 1 1/2 ton truck in the right hand driveway of our property. It was really like an old buckboard that you hauled junk in.  He wanted to drive it over to the left hand driveway of the property and put it in the garage. It was dark out and the traffic was heavy going both ways, from the right and from the left. He just couldn't get out on the road and get the truck over to the left.

He asked me if I knew how to drive the truck and I said, "Yes!"  I knew I could get over to the left hand driveway with no problem.

So, I got behind the wheel which wasn't easy. He had the seat pulled all the way forward, so I adjusted the seat all the way back so I could stretch out my legs. Then I noticed that he had the mirror adjusted upsidedown and so that all you could see what your own face reflected back at you. He couldn't see the road behind him at all. So, I adjusted the mirror too.

I turned the key and the truck started easily. I pulled the truck out to the edge of the road, and a fast car came from the left. That was the only car there was, so I pulled out onto the road and drove over to the left driveway, got out of the truck, and pushed the truck up the driveway because the left side of the driveway had a huge snowdrift in it.

I pushed the truck all the way up to the right side of the garage and stopped it.

I looked up into the back end of the truck and there stood George Bush complaining that he wanted the truck parked in the garage with only 6 inches to spare on the left. But he hadn't told me about the snowdrift on the left. There was no way to drive through that.


11-17-00 - DREAM - I was living in the city somewhere. I was rather at loose ends with nothing to do and just walking along aimlessly.

I came across Taylar, Joe's granddaughter and suddenly I remembered I hadn't picked up my mail in some time so headed back to my apartment building which seemed to be the old A-C building on 70ths St in West allis.

Taylar ran inside ahead of me. Her apartment was on the 1st floor. Mine was on the 4th floor. I walked down the hall aways and found a stairway going up.

I climbed up to the 4th floor easily enough. However, I was shocked at it's condition. It was all newly carpeted but the carpet wasn't tacked down anywhere, just laid on the strais so it looked more like a bumpy slide than a stairway.

As soon as I got up to the 4th floor, I ran into a group of tall, large women, most of hwom were tlaler and larger than myself. They were all getting ready to be ms. Santa Claus for Christmas.

They begged me to join them, but I hate wearing costumes and begged off, saying I was too busy but "Thanks anyway!" They looked disappointed but there were planty of women there. They really didn't need me too.

I went on down the hall and I almost ran into a young woman who looked identical to my old best friend Nancy. She had another best friend, a girl she hugged and I saw two really tall thin men in her apartment behind her.  (They were wearing goldish/brown suits)

Out of instinct and perhaps shock, I told her I needed to talk with her. I wanted to desparately to tell her about Nancy. If this was her ... reincarnated, she would be dying and being reborn every 16 years. (She actually died at age 29 in 1968. I dreamed about her every so often over the years and once I was told she had died at age 29 again)

She invited me into her apartment, but seeing the men in her apartment, I told her I'd see her again tomorrow.

I went ont down the hall .. it seemed like a mall with real narrow shops.

I didn't have my keys in my pocket so I was hoping my apartment door was unlocked. When I got to where my apartment was supposed to be, not only was the door open, everything was gone and even the walls were pulled out and being re-wallboarded. I ran into some construction workeers and one said, "Remember that wet spot you discovered on the wall?  Well, this is what happened."

I was stunned.

A girl who looked like Lorna, our daughter-in-law came running out of the apartment with an armload of wallpaper samples. They were all various green flowered.

She said, "They moved you down the hall to the far end."

I tried to remember who had lived on the far end. It was Robert Monroe.  As far as I remembered, he had the largest, blue-walled apartment in the whole building. I was so excited. I couldn't wait to tell everyone where I was going to live.

I went on down the hall with Lorna. She stopped off at another apartment to help decorate it with the green flowered wallpaper and I went on down the hall to find my new apartment.

I was dismayed at the noise and crowds of people and circus-like atmosphere of the whole floor. I was hoping that the Robert Monroe apartment would be like an oasis and quiet and peaceful.


11-21-00 - DREAM - I was in my new apartment which I had just moved into.  It was apartment 210  (hah ... see the date?)  (It seems this dream was kind of a completion of the previous one though I got up and walked aorund the house and then went back to sleep)

I went down to the lobby to let some movers in. They were delivering a foldout couch for someone for apartment 49.  I didn't know where apartment 49 was. The numbers in this building didn't run that small, and it seemed that 49 correlated to another number which turned out to be 211.  That was right next to my apartment.

So, while they were delivering the couch to 49/211, I was just standing in the hallway with some other people.  It was like we were non-animated for a short while, and then I came to the realization that there were other things to do than just stand there.  As soon as I started to move, I saw that I was in a maintenance type area and other people were there to work on that.

I went back to my apartment which was across the hall .. number 210. Again, I had left the door open, and when I went inside, I was looking around to see if anyone had come in and was hiding somewhere.  The apartment was huge ... like 10 times larger than anywhere I've ever lived before.

Suddenly, I spotted two guys sitting on the couch ...a white guy and a black guy. They were wearing heavy winter weight black overcoats and hats. I didn't know who they were.  The black man said to me, "You look like hell, like someone the cat dragged in out of the alley."

I said sarcastically, "Thanks!" and dropped down onto the other couch myself to find out what these guys wanted.

The black man did all the talking.  He said, "The reason I say that is that I live in the "Alley" and people in the alley hate everyone else, especially other people who live in the alley and even more so, people who Don't live in the alley.

I said, 'Yes!" I understood that.  I had lived in the "Alley" myself for awhile back in the early 90's.

He went on.  "We have a job for you.  You look like a problem solver, and we have problems that need solving.  That seems like a job you could do."  At that moment, A huge newspaper salesman type apron folded out on this chest and lap, with huge newspaper ads about the problems in the alley. He went on, "We want you to solve these problems for the people in the Alley!"

I got a big smile on my face and said, "Now! There is something I could do!"  And he smiled and I felt really happy, something I hadnt' felt in a long time ... I could do something that really felt worthwhile.

The men rather vanished, I don't know where they went, and other women were gathering around that had just walked in the door.

The black man had left behind his daily calendar and receipts of where he went for lunch.  The women were looking at his receipts and obviously he ate the 'best' as when I looked at the receipts, lunch cost him $67.  I was amazed. He seemed to be doing quite well for himself.

I then spotted his daily calendar book and opened it up. The book was about 4 x 5 inches, and was a 3 ring binder it seemed with loose leaf pages in it, divided into squares where he wrote down ideas, problems, and drew little cartoon pictures which he colored in with pencils.  I never saw writing that small before and was amazed he could get so much writing in those little squares.

All of a sudden, I spotted the black man taking a nap on the couch right next to me. His black coat and hat and face were covered over with a dark grey/black blanket and I hadn't noticed him.

I quickly snapped his daily calendar book shut and set it down. I don't think he noticed that I had been peeking at it.  But it sure gave me some ideas in a quick hurry.

I then had to go do something in the building and I went to the door and stood there.  At that moment, I saw a short darkhaired woman arrive at apartment 211.  The door was closed ... it was a heavy steel door and was double wide.  It didn't seem like a regular apartment at all.  As I stood there, she said she had a meeting in there and hoped she was on time.  Someone let her in.

Then as I stood there a moment longer, a taller blond woman arrived for the meeting. She was rather in a gloating mood, rather laughing that the short dark haired woman had arrived on time.  It seemed that they were going to be confronting each other in there.

Another girl came along from behind me in my apartment and we were going to leave the apartment together ... I guess the black man was still sleeping on my couch.  I made sure I had my 'walking keys'... which means I had all my master keys with me ... as I checked them all out to make sure I did.

NOTE:  It seems really odd that the jobs I've had and things I've done over the years coincidentally or synchronistically seem to appear in my dreams and they have double meanings now.


11-25-00 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building, working as Manager.  I had a maintenance crew I was really proud of.  We had a door that was full of pictures of the crew and they were going to be interviewed on the radio. There was  a joyous feeling here.

We then went to an apartment where two women were going to move into.  One of the women was inside the apartment and I was standing outside the apartment with the second woman. We had just rekeyed her apartment lock. I handed two gold keys to the woman outside the apartment after I first checked the lock to make sure the keys worked. I told her to try the key to make sure she could do it herself.

The woman put the key into the lock and turned it locked.  I heard a key hit the floor with a ding on the other side and I knew that the other key had fallen off the ring I had given to her.  

Then I heard the other woman turn the knob on the other side and it just turned around and around and around like it had come loose.

There was no way for anyone to get in the apartment, and nobody could get out either.  Well! Here was a perfect job for a maintenance crew to show what they could do ....


I was then in church and we were singing the "Our Father" prayer in preparation to give ourselves communion with small glasses of water.  This occurred twice. This was a joyous feeling.


11-26-00 - DREAM - I either had this dream twice or it was really long. I was supposed to be moving into apartment 210 and I hadn't done it yet.  The first time I went there, the maintenance people were still working in it, so I left to go take care of some other business.

When I was outside, I had a gadget in my hand which was like a laser pointer, and when I pointed it at something it made it go a lot faster. For example, I had a toy car and when I pointed the laser at the car it made it go really fast, but I discovered that if I pointed it at people, it made them go faster too.  I couldn't control anything around corners ... it had to be direct line of sight, but it was fun playing with it.

I reached into my pocket as I went into the building. I didn't find any keys, but inside my right pocket was a toy car and something that felt like a harmonica. I didn't take it out to look at it.

I went into the building then and was feeling really guilty because I was supposed to have reported to the office for work 3 days ago and I hadn't done so.  (Three days ago I also had a dream in which I was moving into apartment 210)  

I walked through the hallway and found the maintenance closet door open and the vacuum cleaner standing amidst it's cords outside in the middle of the hallway so I put the vaccuum cleaner up against the wall and closed the closet door better.

There were women in the lobby who were being hired to work whom nobody knew, and I was new myself so I didn't know them either. I hadn't been in the office at all and I wondered if they would pay me for work I hadn't actually done.

I went up to my apartment to get my keys and I had to go up three sets of stairs which each had 3 steps.  This was all red brick.  The lobby was up another set of 3 stairs.  I came to my apartment steps and found 3 newspapers laying there so I picked them up.  

I went to where the mailboxes were so I could get my mail.  Other people had opened envelopes and dropped all the mail, so I took it upon myself to clean up the area.  Some of the mail was between some kinds of grids laying there.

While I stood there, my boss came up behind me and told me he was going somewhere. It started with the letter 'A' and now that I think about it I think it was Altair, but if not, it was something like that. I never turned to look at his face, but I know he was wearing a dark coat and hat.

I went up the last 3 stairs into my apartment, found the door open, then walked around inside.  It was all white ceramic tiles. All the cabinet doors were open, all the closet doors were open, but none of the light switches worked.  There were no bulbs in any of the light sockets.

I picked up my keys from atop one of the cabinets, went to the door to go to the store and buy light bulbs and some food so I could move in.


11-28-00 - DREAM - I was standing by the side of the road next to a fancy diningroom chair and a Greyhound Bus came by.  I jumped back but the bus rolled right over my chair.  The chair would have broken if I hadm't manipulated the chair so that it rolled forward as the bus hit it and the chair came back out the back end of the bus unbroken and I stood it up again.

The bus had stopped at the station, so I walked around the bus and went into the station where I found my mother sitting in a booth waiting for another bus. There was  dark skinned, dark haired man behind her in the next seat. Suddenly he was sitting next to her, listening to everything I said to my Mother.

I saw that my mother had some magazines on her lap to read on the bus, so I asked her for one.  The cover was bright blue and it said UN NEWS in an arch across the top and a picture of an old woman that looked like Grandma Clampett on it.  I opened the magazine which wasn't very thick. Inside was another picture of Grandma Clampett (they discovered oil in Oklahoma and moved to California when they got rich)  She claimed she was getting married, that she was 6 foot 1" tall, though the article clearly said 5 foot 6 inches tall and that she didn't have anyone.  Next to her stood the dark haired, dark skinned man who was now sitting next to my mother.  I knew that she had lied.

I wanted to tell some other people about the lies the UN News was saying in their magazine and met some women in the bus station. One woman who was tall like me, but a little thinner, decided that we were related ... sisters .. in fact.  We were about the same age but she had gone to college, studied and became a prominent teacher in her field ... whatever that was ... I don't think she told me.  But before our conversation was over, and we told several other people that we were sisters ... first I tried to say I was her mother, then she was MY mother, then she said we were sisters again ... she gave me all her keys to her apartment, her car ... everything .....

I tried to protest, but she said she lived right below me in the apartment building and she would be home right after me and her red poodle dog would love to have the company, I took the keys and started to walk home through the now darkened streets.

Before I left the building I had a discussion with another woman about buying new clothes, especially underwear to please a man because men liked pretty underwear on a woman ... then I put on a coat, boots, and scarf that exactly matched the teachers..  

On the sidwalk outside, I heard that a young boy I knew was supposed to go to a special school, but the school needed $5 million dollars in order to take him in, so I told a few people about that and hoped the school would get it.

It must have been 1 a.m. then and a cigarette truck went by and threw out huge brown wrapped packages of cigarettes into the road.  Some cars went by and kids tore open the packages and started throwing cigarettes at Arab men driving by in their big black cars.  One Arab guy hollered at the kids, 'Don't throw your cancer sticks at us!!' and drove on.

The kids were by the side of the road, peeling all the papers off the cigarettes and letting the tobacco lay in the street. Good boys!!!!!   :-)


11-29-00 DREAM - I wanted to good look at the new apartment and show it to two other woman who were with me. We headed for the apartment up the street in another building and I realized I didn't have the key.  I was carrying a bottle of beer which I thought was the key. I also had a yellow bag which I was carrying which morphed into my ex-husband Edward. He became too heavy to carry. I put him down on the sidewalk and asked him to walk by himself. I still had the yellow bag in my hand. He was naked so I handed him the yellow bag to cover his private parts with.

I looked at the building to  see if someone could let us in. All the apartments were dark except 301 where the nuns had lived. I rang the bell for 301 and a woman came to the door to let us in. At this point, I knew my master keys were in the office. In my hand now, instead of the beer bottle, I had a matchbook with one half broken "blue" head on it which was the apartment door key.

Another man came who had a "double key" which fit the side door. He had this key because he was the organist for the church which was on the 1st floor. I put the double key which was a key inserted into the end of another key and then into the lock which had a design on it like Fleur de Lis or something.  The door promptly opened and we all went upstairs to the 3rd floor to apartment #304 which was to be mine. I was told that "Sandy" had gone ahead of us to prepare the apartment. (Sandy was the C.D. secretary/seer who died in 1981)  

When we got to the kitchen, the refrigerator shelves were crooked and the shelves had gas jets in them. After some struggling with them and adjustments, I managed to get the grids aligned and lit the flames which were blue with the one blue broken match which the apartment door key.


12-3-00 - DREAM - I was in an apartment I had recently moved into. I was planning on looking for a cheaper apartment because I was going to retire and collect social security.

I had other options, like asking the landlord if he had another building I could manage instead of just living in an apartment. I also had a friend who was retired and could ask her to live together.

I was talking to the friend (I think it was June) and telling her that cheaper apartments were available a little farther north ... I mentioned some streets in Milwaukee where there are cheaper neighborhoods with little shopping mall type streets.  Her feelings looked hurt that I didn't ask her to live with me.

There were several children in the apartment I assume were mine though I didn't recognize them. At least I was taking care of them and feeding.  I had a plastic bag full of baloney ground up and mixed with Miracle Whip which I love.  Being in a bag doesn't work very well and the baby couldn't serve any baloney to herself, but she ended up with some on her tray anyway. I figured she could feed herself with her fingers so I went around the table to serve baloney to the others as well.

At the same time, I loaned my house keys to one of my other kids and they didn't bring it back. I was looking through all kinds of small drawers looking for keys, shaking the drawers to listen if I could hear keys clinking together.  

I knew I could easily call the locksmith and have him come and key up the house locks, but it would be a lot cheaper to find the keys I already had.


12-12-00 - DREAM - This had a nightmarish quality. I was planning to leave home because I was unhappy there. My children were each coming to me in turn to tell me that my Father/husband  was abusing them. Secretly, each in turn, I took my children aside in their bedrooms and whispered to them that they should start getting some clothes together because we were going to run away together. My son Ken who had the most clothes, but nothing that fit really well, said that he was going take 3 garbage bags full. The others didn't specify what or how much they were going to take but said they would be ready. We would leave quickly and suddenly with no warning.

At one point, I was driving down a hill quite fast and we had to stop when we came to a long narrow stone bridge. The roadway down was flooded with dark water so we had to wait until all the people coming up the roadway were off the bridge. There was a very long line.  

Before anyone could cross that bridge, they had to write down who they were and where they lived and the reason they needed to cross the bridge. My son Ken wrote ... 'running away to die'.  I thought to myself, "At least he's honest".

At one point, I was in a parking lot where there was a blue Volkswagon car.  It belonged to my Father. I went over to the car and saw that there were two sets of keys in the car.  One was my Fathers keys, and one set belonged to Joe. I wanted to duplicate a set of my Father's keys, but decided I should leave Joes' keys there. This was a plan for the future, and I had to figure out how I was going to duplicate my Father's keys.

At the end, I was going down the house stairs to go outside and a friend of mine from church named Judy, who was considered a big mucky-muck type person there, whispered to me that she was going to call me at 4:30.  My Father said, "What did she say?"  I told him honestly, "She's going to call me at 4:30".  He merely answered, "Oh!" I thought it best to be honest than tell a lie and make him even more suspicious of me.