9-1-09 - I was so cold most of the night, I just lay on the bed and suffered from it, trying to lay on my arms to warm up which I couldn't do. The room was just too cold, and there were no blankets or sheet on the bed I could cover with.  I know I dreamed but I was too cold to remember anything.  I got up to go to the bathroom finally, found the sheet to cover with, but there were no blankets in the room.  Even when I got back in bed under the sheet I couldn't warm up, my arms felt so cold.  Finally I fell asleep.

9-1-09 - DREAM -  (None of the people in the dream were anyone I knew by sight)

It was election day and the kids were home from school.  I was living in a one-story house on a street of all one-story houses - ranch type. 

I heard a noise outside and a long black chopper-type motorcycle was coming down the street being driven by a baby-size person.  The motorcycle pulled up in front of the house to the right of ours.  It seemed weird that a baby could be driving a chopper type motorcycle, but he was and I thought about it for a few minutes - about how a baby could even ride on one of those motorcycles, much less drive it by himself, but then I realized my kids were home from school, and I had to turn my attention to them.

I asked them why they weren't in school, and then realized it was election day and answered my own question, "Oh!  It's election day and there is no school", and they answered, "Yes!" in unison.  They were sitting on the couch together doing nothing - just watching me straighten things up in the house - like pillows and blankets that needed to be put on the couch.

My husband and another man were working on the house outside.  Both men were on ladders that were leaning against the house.  My husband was working on the house next door, and a man who they called ROV was standing on the ladder against our house.  I think they were painting, but I didn't see exactly what they were doing.

ROV was a blondish man about my own height, with a Roman/Greek type nose, and seemed very nice.  Every few minutes, I peeked out the door to look at him, but I didn't want to stare.  It just made me feel good that he was there. I saw him catch my glance a time or two, but he didn't say anything and I didn't want to interrupt the men's work.

Inside the house, the phone rang, and a man told me to tell my husband to call him about the plumbing.  I wrote down his name - it was Taylar.  He didn't give me the phone number, so I assumed my husband knew what it was and the plumbing job was for at work, because we didn't have any problems in the house. I assumed my husband had the number.  I keep thinking his first name was George, but I didn't write that down.

A young woman was in the house then. I don't remember if she was a friend or a relative, but she was making some kind of cookies that looked like small golden pillows that were squarish.  They looked good and when she got them out of the oven, she set two of them on fire and then stood there holding the flaming golden pillow cookies in her hands.  I couldn't figure out why she set the cookies on fire and I told her I could make more.

She told me it was ROV's recipe and she let me know that ROV was her friend, and that he had another name but she called him ROV.

ROV came into the house then and saw the flaming cookies, and I tried in vain to blow out the flames, finally daubing the burning end onto an object that put the flames out.  I said I would make more of them.

I wanted to shake ROV's hand, but he wouldn't do it.  He allowed me to touch the tips of his fingers so we greeted each other that way and I had to be satisfied to feel his energy that way.  I was standing only about two feet away from him, looking at his face and he seemed like a very gentle person.

I had the pillows and blankets on the couch now -  green, blue, another color I can't remember. 

My husband came in and laid on the couch, and he used all the pillows and blankets himself, which left none for the chairs or another person to use, so I complained that he was using them all, and he said he needed them.

I threw up my hands in frustration, and went about cleaning in the bathroom. Everything seemed grungy after that which it wasn't before, and I realized that the more the kids were home, the messier it would get and I worked on realizing that it was better to have a messy home than no kids and I preferred to have kids and a messy home.

However, then I saw bugs on the floor in the corner and the more I looked at them, the bigger they got.  They were rather like beetles, but were tall and I called to my mother who was there then about the bugs, asking how I could kill them.  She apparently didn't mind them.  I said to her, "They are as big as turtles"!  and they seemed to be growing in size.

I finally woke up because of my disgust at the bugs and not being able to do anything about them.

NOTE: After I woke up, I felt pleased that ROV was in my dream.  He brought me into my body in 1970, so we've known each other a very long time.


9-2-09 - DREAM - I was sitting on the lawn in front of a city hall with a crowd of people.  I was very near the front steps of the city hall, and while I was sitting there, I saw a marble fall down into a crack.  I tried to get the marble back because it was pretty, and when I did, I found what looked like a plastic bag, so I started to pull it out.

The plastic bag turned out to be a large bag of drug/medicine bottles.  I saw the initials  RGH, but I couldn't read what kind of drugs was in the bag. There was at least 20 bottles in the bag - all kinds and sizes. 

Once I pulled that back out I saw another one and the crack in the sidewalk was larger.  So I pulled the second bag out which was the same - full of bottles of drugs - identical to the first one. Each time I pulled out another bag of drugs, another one was revealed.  I ended up with at least 10 bags of drugs - large bags of bottles.

Just as I pulled out the last one, revealing a huge underground cavity in front of city hall, a large, buxom woman came around the corner of the city hall from the other side.  She looked stunned at the pile of drug bags I had in front of me.  Then she decided to address the crowd and said, "Now we will have the kind of city we want."

NOTE:  On One Life to Live TV show right now, the theme of the show is the same - the Mayor of the city is the drug boss in town.

NOTE:  RGH is a treatment for schizophrenia on trial right now.


9-2-09 - DREAM - I was in my house somewhere, and my friend Carmen (from 1985) was napping on the sofa.  She started to wake up and said she wanted to go to bed.  I asked her if she wanted to eat something first, and she replied that a peanut butter sandwich would be okay.

I went to the kitchen to make her a peanut butter sandwich.  My husband was in the kitchen making himself a peanut butter sandwich as well, so I stood next to him and while I was waiting for him to finish making his sandwich, the bread disappeared and then the peanut butter disappeared and I couldn't find either one.


9-2-09 - DREAM - I was making a mustard (gold) sandwich because I couldn't find peanut butter.


9-2-09 - THETAHEALING PRACTICE:  I went to the Theta level of consciousness and a great booming male voice said, "I WANT SILENCE"  and there was pure silence.

After a time, I felt obligated to leave since I didn't want to disobey that voice who sounded like Jehovah.


9-3-09 - DREAM - I can't say I understand this:  The people in the dream were all old -  like 100 years old with wizened wrinkled faces.

I do not recall any conversations being held.  The people were gathering and lined up alongside a fence - that was diamond -shaped fencing one by one in a line.

At the end, it seemed that all the people were arranged in a circle of circles - if you can imagine 100 candles on a cake -  but we/they were standing on the top of the soil in a giant sized flower pot -  and suddenly all the people were on fire on top of their heads like candles.


9-4-09 - DREAM -  I was working as a fill-in cook for a restaurant owner and a young woman and her boy child came in. I waited on her and she said she wanted her boy to have 'really hot bread' and she wanted 'cocq au vin'  (I was hoping that was chicken because I never had that in my life.

So making toast for the boy was the easy part, but I went to the freezer hoping to find a package of frozen 'cocq au vin' I could just put in the oven and it would be done already.

Somehow, at that point, I knew that 'cocq au vin' was connected to the 'Daughters' of Zion' and she must be one of those daughters.

I spent a long time longing through the food in the freezer which was very large, trying to find a pre-fixed package of 'cocq au vin'.

By then, I had to be ready for work for my own job.  On the first floor at the office most of the people had moved up to the second floor, but they had bought a huge copy machine, and were having it installed that morning.  There wasn't room for it on the second floor, and they were keeping me on the first floor to be in charge of the copy machine.  I thought to myself, "how ironic it was to go from Executive Secretary to copy girl in one day./

It was almost 8 a.m I was supposed to be at work already, when the phone rang and it was my female boss -  I told her I would be there in 10 minutes, and I hadn't even started to get dressed for work yet.

I was already at the office and saw that the copy machine hadn't been installed yet, and that gave me time to rush upstairs and get changed into office clothing.  So I got on the elevator with other people - and the elevator door was loose and almost crushed a few people who got on after me.

My apartment was on the 8th floor, and I got off the elevator, realizing I had rushed up here so fast, I forgot to bring my purse and keys.  I turned the knob on the apartment, and the door was unlocked.  To my surprise, it wasn't my apartment. This apartment belonged to a young man.  It was dimly lit and I hoped I could get back out before he got there.

As my luck held out, I got out of the apartment and reached the elevator before he got there.  I saw him briefly and realized I was on the seventh floor, not the 8th, so I quickly got on the elevator and went up one more floor to my own apartment on the either floor.

Isaiah 25:6
<< Isaiah 24 | Isaiah 25 | Isaiah 26 >>

On this mountain the Lord of hosts will make for all peoples
a feast of rich food, a feast of well-aged wine,
of rich food full of marrow, of aged wine well refined.


coq au vin is just a fancy name for chicken stew... ;)

Perfect coq au vin :
(serves 4)

a large chicken, jointed into 6 or 8 pieces, giblets and carcass saved
an onion, a carrot and a few peppercorns for the stock
150g pancetta or unsmoked bacon in the piece
30g butter
2 medium onions
a large carrot
2 ribs of celery
2 cloves of garlic
2 tbsps flour
2 tbsps cognac
a bottle of red wine
4 or 5 small sprigs of thyme
3 bay leaves
40g butter
12 small onions, peeled
200g small mushrooms
boiled or steamed potatoes, to serve

how to:
Put the chicken carcass, its giblets and any bits and bobs of bone and flesh into a deep pan, cover with water, add an onion and a carrot, half a dozen whole peppercorns and bring to the boil. Turn the heat down and let it simmer until you need it.

Cut the pancetta into short strips; they need to be thicker than a match but not quite as thick as your little finger. Put them, together with the butter, into a thick-bottomed casserole - one of enameled cast iron would be perfect - and let them cook over a moderate heat. Stir the pancetta from time to time - it mustn't burn - then, when it is golden, lift it out into a bowl, leaving behind the fat in the pan.

Season the chicken pieces with salt and pepper and place them in the hot fat in the casserole, so that they fit snugly yet have room to color. Turn them when the underside is pale gold. The skin should be honey colored rather than brown - it is this coloring of the skin, rather than what wine or herbs you might add later, that is crucial to the flavor of the dish. Lift the chicken out and into the bowl with the pancetta. By now you should have a thin film of goo starting to stick to the pan. This is where much of your flavor will come from.

While the chicken is coloring in the pan, peel and roughly chop the onions and carrot, and wash and chop the celery. With the chicken out, add the onions and carrot to the pan and cook slowly, stirring from time to time, until the onion is translucent and it has gone some way to dissolving some of the pan stickings. Add the garlic, peeled and thinly sliced, as you go. Return the chicken and pancetta to the pan, stir in the flour and let everything cook for a minute or two before pouring in the cognac, wine and tucking in the herbs. Spoon in ladles of the simmering chicken stock until the entire chicken is covered. Bring to the boil, then, just as it gets there, turn the heat down so that the sauce bubbles gently. Cover partially with a lid.

Melt the butter in a small pan, add the small peeled onions and then the mushrooms, halving or quartering them if they are too big. Let them cook until they are golden, then add them to the chicken with a seasoning of salt and pepper.

Check the chicken after 40 minutes to see how tender it is. It should be soft but not falling from its bones. It will probably take about an hour, depending on the type of chicken you are using. Lift the chicken out and into a bowl.

Turn the heat up under the sauce and let it bubble enthusiastically until it has reduced a little. As it bubbles down it will become thicker - though not thick - and will become quite glossy.

Return the chicken to the pan and serve with the potatoes.


p.s: don't use a cheap wine! ; try a fruity, flavored one - like Beaujolais.... (it will make a world of difference :)

also.... the older the bird, the richer the sauce. tell your butcher you want a chicken for long, slow cooking. you can also check farmers' markets


LUCID DREAM - I was again obsessed with the phone number 282-4995 and was assigning it to ever object in sight, of which I have no idea what the objects were.  It was too dark there.

Here are all the phone numbers 282-4995 on the internet.  I can related to several of them, but its not a person.


9-4-09 - DREAM - I met two large burly men in work clothes on the road that was going steeply up hill.  They said they were there to make sure my son did his homework.  I assured them that my son was going to do his homework, and they said, "Okay!  and let me go on my way.


9-5-09 - DREAM - I had just arrived home in New Berlin, WI.  I was outside the house and I could hear a strange 'wind' noise above a hole in the ground at the foundation of the house.  It was really loud and it worried me.  I walked under the house which was like being under the moon module of Apollo 11. It was all dirt.  I could see outside in every direction.

I saw three furry cats that were brown and orange - all with their heads cocked to one side to the ground like they were listening to something under the surface of the soil.  I found that to be very strange.

It came to me that I hadn't done any laundry in awhile and I should go upstairs and see what there was to wash and get it done, forgetting that I didn't live there anymore but had an apartment on the east side of Milwaukee.

The stairway going upstairs was like a ladder - going up into the lunar module, but was only attached on one side -  the other side looking very dangerously unattached. 

I climbed up the ladder and found myself, not on the first floor, but in the master bedroom, and was surprised to find that it was my son Michael's bedroom. 

I went into the closet to see if there were any clothes of mine in there that needed washing and found nothing belonging to myself.  What I found surprised me.  My son's friends were all in the closet - seemingly hiding amongst the clothes that were hanging there.  Each one raised his or her head as I walked into the closet, acknowledged me and walked out into the bedroom and stood by Michael's bed.

I found several beautiful fur coats hanging in the closet, but nothing belonging to myself.  My son's girlfriend was the last person I found - next to a beautiful brown fur coat.  I recognized her - a very tall young woman, though I don't recall her name.   She asked me if I had ever considered buying a business outright and walking in and taking over as she had suggested the last time we met.

I responded that I had thought of it by not lately because that took a lot of money up front, but that I'd give it some more thought.

By now, Michael had all his friends standing around his bed and I realized then how tall they all were.

I found a pair of grey and white winter gloves that were knitted on a low shelf in the closet that belonged to my daughter who walked into the room just then, and I asked her if they still fit her.  She put her hand into them and it was easily apparent that her hand was much larger than the glove and all the threads pulled apart as she tried to stretch the glove to fit onto her fingers. 

I told her she may as well throw the gloves away.  It didn't pay to wash or repair them at that point.

I woke up and looked at the clock - it was 2:23 a.m.

NOTE:  It is apparent that this was not really my son Michael, but more likely Archangel Michael and other archangels.

The dream house, being like Apollo 11 on the moon may be a clue, though I don't quite understand what the 'wind' noise was at that hole in the ground -  and the cats listening with their ears to the ground - might be a 'underground base' on the moon.

Here are archangel pages I've done over the years:

NOTE:  I got an offer of a free baby white alpaca - just born.  The only dilemma being - how do I get it home from 3 states away?


NAP DREAM - 9-5-09 - I was in a house somewhere and a Mexican woman came and she was cooking for us.  She gave me a poached egg and some hot dog penny slices.  The poached egg turned out to be what looked like my right eye-glass from an old pair of glasses of mine.  I tried looking through it and it was blurry.

There was an old woman - around 90 or 100 years old in the back yard, growing plants.  I waved at her from a distance, then I went to her and said, "I really wanted to bring you gifts, but I haven't found the appropriate gift yet.  She was a sweet old lady - she seemed to only care about plants and herbs.

I then went back to the house and the wind was blowing so hard, I could barely open the screened door, and suddenly the wind stopped and I was pushing against the door so hard while the wind was blowing - that when it stopped, the whole door just came off the hinges.

I gave the screen door to my husband thinking he might want to put it back on the house - knowing he probably wouldn't.

NOTE: It's too bad I didn't pay attention to what the old woman was growing. Maybe that was myself in the future? She was really thin. :-)


9-5-09 - DREAM - (This is actually the night of 9/5-9/6 before midnight:  11:31 p.m.)

It was a Friday night. I came home from work, and on my way up the stairs to my apartment, I found 3 piles of clothes of mine that had been laundered and not carried all the way up the stairs.  So, I picked them up and took them with me. 

I wanted to change clothes, but instead, I chose to put one of the items 'over' what  I had on like a 'jumper' and put my sleeved arms through it, which I saw was red and white roses in the pattern.

Once I had the 'jumper' on, I decided to ask the others if they would be interested in a getting a 'take out' fish fry and eat at home in a group.

But as I reached the stairway, I saw everyone had already made their own plans, and I saw men there in the hallway I haven't seen in several years from One Live to Live TV show, including a tall black detective named Ben, whom I recall had moved to San Francisco.  (So it's possible that's where I was living).

I woke up to a TV show that was showing the building of a "Skywalk' over a canyon - strong enough to carry seven 747 planes all at the same time as they described it.


9-6-09 - THE BATHROOM DREAM FROM HELL.  It seemed like I was at A-C.  I knew where all the bathrooms, stairs, and elevators were, it was just that the hallways were narrow, the stairways even narrower, and the elevators had punky wood bottoms that weren't safe. One elevator even had windows on the side  I could see out of.  I went into bathroom after bathroom, all had women in them and the toilets were filthy with poop that nobody flushed down.  Each bathroom had a small toilet with a wooden seat in front of a regular toilet with a large white seat.  I managed to pee a little in each bathroom, but I could never finish because somebody else was always as desperate or more desperate than I was. On one stairway, Viki from One Life to Live also was trying to get upstairs, and she had as much trouble on the stairs as I did, so I went upstairs, pushing her up ahead of me with my right shoulder so she could climb easier. We had just reached the Apex of the stairway that went down from where we reached, and a group of women were coming up the other direction.  We had to argue with them to let us pass and we ended up going down from the Apex.  I found a stairway that went up in a nice girl's room, and that only went to the top bunk of a bed, from which I had to jump down.  I found a stairway that went into the basement where I knew there was a bathroom, and a dark skinned woman went down with me who I knew was a criminal type, and fortunately she was arrested at the bottom of the stairs. I met a couple men I was attracted to.  One blonde guy was so close to me at the stairway entrance, he was breathing in my face (probably from the fan in the bedroom blowing on my face) and I knew why he was attracted to me was because his hair was the same color as mine.  But his downfall was trying to touch me so I told him off and said, "You never learn, do you!"   I also met a guy named David who only wanted to know whether he was any good at sex.  I wasn't in the mood - I had to go to the bathroom too badly by then. The bathroom in the basement was a women's nail salon, and nobody wanted me to use the bathroom unless I paid to have my nails done first.  I met a guy who looked like one of our relatives Frank and he was limping really bad, but he led me back to the building's elevator where I was so tired of climbing stairs, I used the narrow elevator I could see out the sides. At that point I didn't care where the bathroom was or on what floor, I was tired of climbing stairs. Frank was acting like Groucho Marx and I could hardly keep from laughing at his jokes.  Then I met some people who were coming in to try out for parts in a play I had once been in.  I came to some people who knew who I was and they couldn't say a sentence that had the words evidently and existentially in the same sentence, and I was able to say it perfectly and that made them mad because they were trying so hard to get it right and couldn't.  I finally asked some men if I could use their bathroom, and they took me to one, and it was perfectly clean inside.  The men were all laughing at how desperate I was to pee, and as soon as I pulled down my pants, a whole bunch of little boys came in and started peeing into the toilet behind me and laughing. In that last bathroom, the large toilet had a fountain of warm water coming up and that felt so good, and I realized I would be clean when I was done, and that's when I woke up and my bladder hurt so bad, I've never gotten out of bed to run to the bathroom so fast in my life.  I made it -  Thank you God!


9-6-09 - DREAM -  I was growing small trees in a circle - rather like the size of cherry or almond trees.  I had encircled the trees with sponge-like material to hold the water so they didn't dry out so quickly.


9-7-09 - DREAM - I seemed to be working in a store at the checkout counter.  Someone handed me three lists of pink roses by name, and a second person handed me a 4th list of pink roses and he told me that the other three lists couldn't duplicate his list.

I then went to a computer where I was working on a page about pink roses, where all the roses would be displayed and named.  As I worked on the rows upon rows of pink rose names, I had to make sure that none were duplicated. 

This was a long process, but I knew the result would be fabulous to see.


9-7-09 - 3:33 a.m.  DREAM -  I was managing an apartment building.  I lived upstairs on the third floor with my Father, and a girlfriend who was my roommate..  My Father lived in one bedroom, my girlfriend lived across the hall and I lived in a third bedroom.  My Father was living with me because he was old and needed watching.

I got called to the door by a neighbor.  She called me Ms Wilke, (my maiden name) and told me that my Father was being confronted by some people down the hall.

I quickly threw on some decent clothes to be seen in public and went out into the hall and found my Father talking to some very young children about something.  Some women who looked like grandmothers were sitting nearby while my Father was settling some kind of disagreement the children had had amongst themselves.

I noted that my Father had shoulder length greasy-ish looking unkempt hair and wore all brown clothing.  He was a large man like I remember him being before he passed on in 1964. 

The children seemed enamored of whatever story my Father was telling them.  I just stood there and watched.  Finally my father looked up as if to ask what I wanted, and I said, "I'm just observing!"  because he had everything under control.

While he continued to talk to the children, I looked out a large window and saw a huge grey cloud in the sky that looked like it was billowing out from the center, and when I walked closer to the window, it looked really ominous.  By now, the women were watching me instead of my Father, and I told them there was an ominous cloud out there. 

The women went to the window to see the cloud and immediately ran down the stairs to see the cloud better and I followed them because I wanted to see it too.

Outside now, we could see the whole cloud.  It had an odd shape.  It was billowing out on three sides, and seemingly billowing inward on the fourth side, giving it the shape of a geranium shape leaf more or less. 

One of the women ran out into the street and decided she wanted to get under the cloud and I warned her that could be dangerous, but she was adamant she had to do this - get right under the center of the cloud.

As she stood there and I and the other woman watched, a beam of light came down onto the woman and the woman started to rise from the ground and then vanished into the beam of light.

I knew then, it was no cloud, but a UFO in disguise.

The other woman and I ran back into the building as quickly as we could, and on the ground I found a piece of paper telling me that the cloud was going to Mississippi next and then to Denver.  I grabbed the piece of paper and took it with me to the office.

As it turned out, the secretary was not in for the day, so I sat at her desk and she had some odd candy in a dish that looked a little manhandled. I couldn't really tell what it was, but no two pieces were alike and some looked more like pills than candy, so I didn't eat any of it.

I left the office and on the way up the stairs I met a young man who said he was moving and needed boxes.  I told him where to find some empty boxes down in the storage room.  He wasn't happy with me when I told him to steal when he needed instead of giving him boxes for free so he could move.  But he decided to do what I said and he went down to the basement to get the boxes. 

Another woman from the office, perhaps my boss, who was dressed all in black, wanted to know where all the records were from the office showing the rental receipts, and I told her I had taken them to my apartment while I was working in the office on Friday because the secretary hadn't been there that day either. I had to turn them in, but first I wanted to look at them to make sure everything was there like it should be.

I went back up to my apartment, and saw my Father now, with his hair done up in really tight curls on the top of his head.  It looked a lot better than earlier, but still not like I remember my Father being in real life.  He was still wearing the all brown suit.

My Father now had male guests in his room, and I observed that they were looking at folders that my Father had laying on a table.  I went into the room to greet my Father's friends and picked one of the folders up and was shocked because inside were all photos of naked women in various poses.  The photos were all different sizes - none in color - all black and white like they had been taken by amateurs.  I didn't know what my Father was doing with those photos, but I hid the 'white' folder behind me and then sneaked it with me back to my own bedroom so I could look at the photos more closely to find out why my Father wanted them..

My female roommate across the hall was moving all her stuff around and it was a mess and I could hardly get through the hallway into my own room. We had some sort of confrontation, and I woke up and saw the clock said 3:33 a.m.



9-8-09 - DREAM - I was working in an office with several other girls.  We each had our own responsibilities, but there wasn't a lot of work to do.

The project I was working on was on the computer. I was working on the source side of a web page, deleting enough rows of a grid pattern that allowed certain rows to come together so the Pope could draw the basis for his butterfly. I saw the body in three sections made of black and white pixels.  I woke up before I completed the project, but logic tells me that that particular scene continued to completion in the spirit world even though I woke up.

I fell asleep again and was back in the office, and I was trying to explain to someone what the Pope drawing the basis for his own butterfly meant and they said they understood the concept. I was glad I didn't have to detail it for them.

I then started working on a paper for my boss who was starting a new construction business - which consisted of repairing buildings such as those who were ruined by the hurricane Katrina.  I cam across a photograph of one of those houses and suggested that my boss use it as a logo at the top of his letterhead, which apparently he didn't have time to listen to my suggestion as he was too busy making out with the other women in the room right in front of me.  Apparently the other women liked that better than working as well.

I had my own relationship issues with men from my past, one of which had been talking to me on the telephone and fell asleep with the phone in his hand and I couldn't wake him up even by yelling into the phone.  At the same time, my ex-husband was trying to wangle his way back into my life and I told him I was losing my job so he would know that I wasn't going to support him.  The other women silently cheered that statement on my behalf. 

At 5;25 a.m. I went back to bed and fell asleep, and again found myself in that same office.  I talked on the telephone to two men I had high respect for when I worked with them, and I told them both about the Pope creating the basis for becoming a butterfly.  Both of them said that they thought I was a 'serpent', and I took that as high praise.

The other woman in the office got a long FAX from a company owned by a man named Johnson whom we both knew.  The FAX said that she was the new owner of his company because he was moving on.  She didn't want it and thought she didn't deserve it, so she gave the ownership of the company to me.  The company wasn't worth a lot of money I thought, but it was nice of her to turn it over to me anyway. I don't recall what kind of company it was.

A Gigantic Butterfly Crop Circle formation (530 Meters x 450 Meters), the Biggest Crop Circle Ever
and appeared in Netherlands near a town in southern Holland called Goes, on the 8th of August 2009.
Yes... we are very excited here in Sedona! 
Because... Our Imminent Transformation is at hand!  
We had a vision while in Copan last March, and it has now been created as a crop circle in the Netherlands! 
We will be posting more soon... if we are still here, that is!

*** Read our Copan story here
*** We first became aware of the butterfly man back in March 2008!
Story is posted here
*** See video of the crop circle here under "my favorites" and another one about the human butterfly and sudden transformation!

More about the human butterfly here ... FROM  Mayan Prophecy 2012 - The Butterfly Crop Circle Netherlands

8-23-09 - DREAM - I was working in an apartment building for the Jewish judge.  My maintenance man was  Thad Luckenbill (J.T. Helstrom (the detective from the Young & Restless TV show.)  He showed me some handwritten complaints from a tenant in another building, about trees and vines growing on her building.  That was Mellissa Rivers (the daughter of the comedian _Joan Rivers_ who recently won Donald Trump's most recent TV show (Celebrity Apprentice) as the best player.  (They are Jewish)  I told him he should probably check it out after I was shown a Monarch butterfly and then told it was being shown to me under another name - not its real name.

When the Jewish Judge boss came in, I showed him the papers the woman had written about the trees and vines, he left and I started wondering about him and what he was really up to.

I called him on the phone at his own office at another building ( he owned multiple apartment buildings).  I asked him specifically, "What kind of corporation is it that owns other corporations?"  and he answered, "It's an S Corporation."

Monarch Butterfly ( Danaus plexippus)


Note: Definition of an S Corporation: 

An S corporation, for United States federal income tax purposes, is a corporation that makes a valid election to be taxed under Subchapter S of Chapter 1 of the Internal Revenue Code.

In general, S Corporations do not pay any income taxes. Instead, the corporation's income or losses are divided among and passed through to its shareholders. The shareholders must then report the income or loss on their own individual income tax returns. This concept is called single taxation; if the corporation is taxed as a C Corporation, it will face double taxation, meaning both the corporation's profits, and the shareholders' dividends, will be taxed.



09-09-09 - SILLY DREAM - I was on a big yellow school bus with my mother-in-law . my husband, and my brother-in-law, and a bunch of kids.

My husband and my brother-in-law dressed down to gold skimpy bathing trunks and did an Egyptian kind of circus act dance and my brother-in-law swung my husband in the air in a circle by his feet.  I wondered at the time why they didn't shave their bodies.  They had all their hair on them, including chest, belly and legs. It was rather ugly looking at the time.

After the dance performance was over, my mother-in-law roasted a chicken on the bus.  This was not your usual fare either.  The chicken was plucked live and it stood in the barbecue and entertained the kids while it was being roasted.  This chicken was over 40 pounds as well so it took awhile and the chicken told stories and jokes to the kids while he was standing in the roasting pan.

After my mother-in-law left the troop, it was up to me to roast the chicken.  I don't know how I learned to pluck a live chicken, but I did it, and my roasted chicken act was just as successful as hers.




    19 Mar 2009 ... They did not analyze affects to the South Bay beach cities. But damage to Los Angeles harbor and the low-lying areas of Long Beach and ...


9-9-09 - VISION VISIT -  I went back to bed to get some more sleep because I had gotten up just after 4 a.m with the dumb dream about the chickens being plucked alive.  All of a sudden, this man appeared in front of me and started talking about bombs falling, and he said, "You just don't remember the bombs falling in 1975.



9-10-09 - DREAM - I was standing in a bank, near a counter, and a female clerk was on the other side of the counter. She asked me what my last name was and I said, "Wilke".  I spelled it for her.  I was just starting to walk away, and I remembered that I had gotten married, so I turned around and said, "I forgot!  I got married and my name is "Bauer!"  I spelled that name for her.  I turned and started to walk out of the bank, and I remembered that I had gotten married a second time, so I turned around and went back and said, "I forgot I got married again.  My last name is "Barnas".  [That part isn't true]

I then went home where on the news they announced, "Three little children were murdered last night!".  The announcer sounded so sad, but I was occupied with cleaning up my kitchen floor where there were some heavy paper bags - very large ones.  One of them was on a cookie sheet type pan, and there was a dark brown stain on the floor underneath and around the cookie sheet with the lumpy bag on it. I knew it was going to be hard to scrub that floor and get rid of the evidence.

I woke up, went to the bathroom, then back to bed where I lay there thinking about the dream, and fell asleep again.

In the second dream, I was outside the bank in the yard, and there was a young firefighter, dressed all in black, using a square fronted shovel to shovel out what looked like volcanic ash or something hard like that out of a large plastic coffin. 

I couldn't figure out why he would bother shoveling volcanic ash out of a plastic coffin box when I saw what he was digging out.  There were brown rolls of paper in the box, buried by the ash, with money wrapped around the rolls.  It looked like newly minted bills, but they were larger than normal money from what I could see. And then I saw the name ZASTROW in the box.


9-10-09 - DREAM BY PAUL

Hi: A friend of mine called early this morning to tell me that her husband had the same dream at least five times last night and that has never
happened to him before.

In the dream, a group of businessmen in suits were standing around talking to each other. It seemed like a normal, informal meeting. Then he noticed that one of the men was a very dark skinned black man and he was younger than the other men.

All of a sudden, someone shot the black man in the back and no one went to help him. They just stood around and watched him die.

My friend asked her husband if the black man could have been Obama, and he stated that the man was very dark-skinned, and much younger than Obama.

My opinion is that the dark skin and youngness could be symbolic - and the whole thing could be about Obama's failure to get something done in
Congress - like the health-care plan which will fail.

The five time sequence of the dream is extremely important to the event. That is obvious.



9-11-09 - DREAM -  I was laying in bed sleeping with newspapers folded to the headlines at regular internals all over the bed covering the blanket I was sleeping under.

When I got out of bed, I knew that this all had to be preserved just as it was.

Out in the yard, my husband had a new wife and we were surrounded by an oval shaped stand of trees and we were trying to determine what kind of trees they were.  I thought they were basil.  The new wife told us what they were and how to cook the nut that grew on the tree.  It wasn't eaten alone, it was made into some kind of casserole with vegetables.

I went into the livingroom and on the sofa sat a very old grandmother covered in two very large and heavy afghans I had made that were multicolored.  The afghans weren't quite square on her lap and she didn't really need two to keep warm so I took one off of her and folded it into a square and set it next to her on the sofa,  Then as she sat there, I slid the folded afghan onto her lap and removed the second afghan and folded that into a square and set that one on the sofa next to her.

She asked me what all this started. 

I can't remember what I answered.

NOTE:  My whole day has revolved around the Mayan knowledge.  Drunvalo states that the crystal skull ceremony is held once every 1,000 years, and the owner of the crystal skulls and the 'grandmother' would make a special concoction of special herbs, psychedelic plants and mushrooms and make it very strong, which would take them in their spirit into the crystal skulls in their minds, but not their physical body.  Through that, they would remember the previous knowledge that had been lost.  The Mayans are going to be doing this soon,  13 Shamans, which can be either men or women or both will do this ceremony.    The holy place is called  "Cepa pu'

The cave was 28 kilometers long

The wind blows through the trees when the elders raise their arms. as if directed by the elder.  It is very impressive.

the crystal skull path of knowledge

1st skull came from Atlantis

the 2nd skull came from Atlantis

each skull contains 1,000 years of history.  There are now 13 skulls which must be gathered together.

the grandmother's job was to choose a crystal to make it into a human skull shape, the grandmother would select a man or a woman or both for other ceremony.

Once the grandmother selected the person for this ceremony, the person would be chosen at birth and would study all their lives for the Mayan knowledge, and he would become a shaman in his training.

Then the grandmother prepared the crystal skull ceremony. That would seal the knowledge for another 1,000 years.






9-12-09 -  DREAM - I was managing an apartment building in Milwaukee, and was in process of moving to a larger building on Capital Drive - way out somewhere.  I noticed that one of my tenants - Bonnie - was also moving, but I didn't know where.

What I noticed was that we were all prisoners.  Some of us knew it, and some of us didn't.  I saw Bonnie's prison necklace - it was made of large multi-colored beads.  We didn't all have to wear the necklaces that identified us because they were so large, but we were all tracked so they knew where we were.


9-12-09 - VISION -  VOICE -  There will be disasters in Indiana.  Over 200 casualties.

Sheila says:  Betty, Dee and Joann, Gertrude Baines, 115, oldest woman in the world just died in Los Angeles. I wonder if she was from Long Beach. Now the oldest woman is 114 living in Japan. The oldest of all time was 122 in France.

I dreamed that a voice said, "120 degrees today in Long Beach" on 9/10/09 and was going to reply to Betty that maybe she was dreaming about another big earthquake in Long Beach like the one on March 10, 1933. Because hot weather is called "earthquake weather" in Los Angeles. It wouldn't get that hot in Long Beach in real life because it's on the ocean. In the same dream I passed the Stewart's farm and saw a red cow with a cat's head


9-12-09 - VISION- VOICE -  I saw the name Drunvalo and another name - then the title  "Heritage Books"


9-13-09 - DREAM -  This was like a circus performance except it didn't take place in a circus.  It took place at someone's house.  The girl supported her husband by bending forward at the diaphragm (a virtual impossibility) and he leaned on her with his full weight. 

I saw her do this myself, and then on top of that, she supported the full weight of both the white pages and yellow pages of the telephone book.

I can't remember enough details to make sense of that.


VISION:  9-13-09  approx 11:11 p.m.

Beautiful Golden Cherub's head with roly poly face, and then the Golden Cherub's head rolling downhill

Brown swirling orb same size as the Cherub's head with the word 'hurricanes' underneath

9-14-09 -  DREAM - I was working in an office and there were several men working there two who were my bosses, a dark haired one, and a reddish blonde one whose hair was curly and frothy appearing on his head.  He rather looked like Bill Clinton but with a thinner face..

There were also two younger men who I worked with who got the work done on time after I did the typing of the purchase orders and the clerical work.

We got one order done at 9 a.m., a second order got done at 12 noon, and the third order delivered to a supplier at 4 p.m.
All of them were on time.

The younger men were complaining how hard they had worked, and I laughed and said they had done such a good job that they could take the next day off if they wanted too.

But the bosses were wringing their hands and complaining about how 'late' we were to get the work done.

So, I ticked off on my fingers, the work that had been accomplished, at 9 a.m., 12 noon, and 4 p.m. and that they were on time, and he just sat at his desk, wringing his hands.

Then the other boss with the reddish blonde frothy hair came in and he too was upset about the work not being done, and again I ticked off the times of the work being done at 9 a.m., 12 noon, and 4 p.m.  and he said, "The 4 p.m. order was worth $360,000." and at that point, his face was so close to me, I fell over backwards into a chair almost fainting. 

Some woman whose hair was also the same color as his and also curly frothy fell on top of me, and the boss picked her up off of me by the hair and quoted something from Shakespeare about being shorn.

Here is the full quote:

Before the golden tresses of the dead,
The right of sepulchers, were
shorn away,
To live a second life on second head



1. Thus is his cheek the map of days outworn,
2. When beauty lived and died as flowers do now,
3. Before these bastard signs of fair were born,
4. Or durst inhabit on a living brow;
5. Before the golden tresses of the dead,
6. The right of sepulchers, were shorn away,
7. To live a second life on second head;
8. Ere beauty's dead fleece made another gay:
9. In him those holy antique hours are seen,
10. Without all ornament, itself and true,
11. Making no summer of another's green,
12. Robbing no old to dress his beauty new;
13. And him as for a map doth Nature store,
14. To show false Art what beauty was of yore.


9-15-09 - I was watching a video on of Drunvalo talking about putting the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth to connect to the pineal gland.  While I was watching it, I started getting tired.  (The reason I had gone there was because I was checking out what sites were linking to  and that was one of them.

I went to the sofa and sat down to meditate, I was covered with a pink blanket.  While I was relaxing, I kept saying, "Tell me something I need to know", "Tell me something I need to know!"

VISION - I was in my car and pulled into a parking lot next to a large building.  Right in front of the door was a car parked.  I pulled in next to it rather in deep snow and not a good spot to park.  I saw Drunvalo and his driver come out of the building and get into their car.  I heard Drunvalo say to the driver, "Get out!"  and they pulled away.  By then, I was prepared to pull into their parking space.

DREAM  -  I fell asleep and found myself inside the building, sitting on a chair, holding a baby that was a couple of months old.  We were sitting behind a wooden table with a large metal radio with V shaped antenna on top of it and there were little silver balls at the ends of the antenna.

I turned on the radio, and while I sat on the chair with the baby, I gently put the tip of my tongue on the roof of my mouth.  Instantly, I started to feel tremendous energy (electricity?)  coming from the radio down into me and the baby.  I felt like I was being electrocuted and I tried to move and could barely lift my hand.  I was able to lift my hand enough to turn off the radio, and gradually, the electrical feeling dissipated, and I woke up.


9-16-09 - DREAM -  I was sitting at my kitchen table about mid-morning, carefully trying to determine how many calories I was eating for breakfast. I had a small plate balanced on top of a cup and was balancing small pieces of cheese and a really small piece of ham on top of a thin slice of rye bread. Then I noticed I had an extra slice of thin rye bread under the first one and I left it there though I should only have one slice.

I was contemplating whether I should take off the second slice of rye bread, when I heard a noise in my livingroom. 

I looked that direction, and saw the long expanse of linoleum on the floor between myself and the open front door of my house (there was no carpeting in my house) I stood up and walked into the livingroom and saw two women standing there, looking around.

I confronted them and said, "Who are you?"

The taller woman (about 7 feet tall)  said, "We are from the CBC!".  (I thought she meant the telephone company)

I thought that was the telephone company at first, but they started asking me questions like they were the FBI or something.

The other woman was about 5'5" tall or so, and very thin, and she was carrying a clip board with several sheets of paper on it that looked like questionnaires a doctor's office might have, with spaces to write on, and when I answered a question, she would make a mark on the paper.

The taller woman said, "You know that some of your neighbors don't like you very much!" and I raised my eyebrows at that statement, but I also realized that as manager of an apartment building, not everyone likes the landlord because of rules we had to follow.  But then I remembered that a couple of young men who lived right next to me had sat at my kitchen table answering questions on sheets of paper while I was standing right there answering questions they asked me.

A couple other people came into the house while the women were asking me questions and sat at my kitchen table listening to the radio that was on a talk show.  When I turned my attention to a young man who sat in my chair where I had been measuring out my food, I heard the radio announcer ask, "What was the character's name that Joan Crawford played when she played opposite ________" in the movie _______. (I can't remember the movie nor what was determined the character's name, because I noticed the smaller woman was eyeing my balanced diet on the kitchen table.

I asked her if she was hungry and whether she had eaten breakfast, and she answered that she hadn't eaten anything yet that day.

I offered her a ham and cheese sandwich, and then I offered the same to the other people who had come into the room while we were standing there listening to the radio.

I turned and looked on the counter behind me where a large meat slicing machine was and there were big slabs of ham on the counter automatically slicing ham for the people who were coming into my house.

The woman decided she would have a ham and cheese sandwich and while I prepared it for her, I managed to glance at the questionnaire on her clip board again and saw that there were hundreds of prepared statements on the sheet which she just had to answer yes or no to on it, and they were printed really small so I knew there were lots of them and it appeared that there were at least 5 columns of questions on that sheet.

I was thinking about why she would be questioning me and telling me that my neighbors didn't like me when I was feeding everyone who came into my house - and nobody even knocked, they just walked right in to be fed, and I remembered that it was possible that it was my association with a man who I used to work with who was a writer and that maybe they didn't like 'what' he had written and because of that they wanted to know who I was too. 

But I was too busy feeding the people to worry about that when the people had to be fed.


(Joan Crawford) films
The Circle (Borzage) (as young Lady Catharine); Old Clothes (Cline) (as Mary Riley); Sally, Irene, and Mary (Goulding) (as Irene)
The Boob (Wellman) (as Jane); Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (Edwards and Capra) (as Betty Burton); Paris (Goulding) (as the Girl)
The Taxi Dancer (Millarde) (as Joslyn Poe);
Winners of the Wilderness
(Van Dyke) (as Renee Contrecoeur);
The Understanding Heart
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The Unknown
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Twelve Miles Out
(Conway) (as Jane);
Spring Fever
(Sedgwick) (as Allie Monte)
West Point (Sedgwick) (as Betty Channing);
(Hubbard) (title role);
Across to Singapore
(Nigh) (as Priscilla Crowninshield);
The Law of the Range
(Nigh) (as Betty Dallas);
Four Walls
(Nigh) (as Frieda);
Our Dancing Daughters
(Beaumont) (as Diana Medford);
Dream of Love
(Niblo) (as Adrienne)
The Duke Steps Out (Cruze) (as Susie);
Hollywood Revue of 1929
Our Modern Maidens
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(Conway) (as Bingo)
Montana Moon (St. Clair) (as Joan);
Our Blushing Brides
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Dance, Fools, Dance (Beaumont) (as Bonnie Jordan);
Laughing Sinners
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This Modern Age
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No More Ladies
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I Live My Life
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Love on the Run
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Ice Follies of 1939 (Schunzel) (as Mary McKay);
The Women
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Strange Cargo (Borzage) (as Julie); Susan and God (Cukor) (as Susan Trexel)
A Woman's Face (Cukor) (as Anna Holm);
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Daisy Kenyon
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Flamingo Road (Curtiz) (as Lane Bellamy);
It's a Great Feeling
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The Damned Don't Cry (Sherman) (as Ethel Whitehead/Lorna Hansen Forbes);
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This Man Is Dangerous (Feist) (as Beth Austin);
Sudden Fear
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Torch Song (Walters) (as Jenny Stewart)
Johnny Guitar (Nicholas Ray) (as Vienna)
Female on the Beach (Pevney) (as Lynn Markham);
Queen Bee
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The Golden Virgin (Miller);
The Story of Esther Costello
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The Best of Everything (Negulesco) (as Amanda Farrow)
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (Aldrich) (as Blanche Hudson)
The Caretakers (Bartlett) (as Lucretia Terry)
Strait-Jacket (Castle) (as Lucy Harbin)
I Saw What You Did (Castle) (as Amy Nelson); Della (Gist) (title role)
The Karate Killers (Shear—compilation of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. eps.) (as Amanda True)
Berserk! (O'Connolly) (as Monica Rivers)
"Eyes" segment of Night Gallery (Spielberg—for TV) (as Miss Menlo)
Trog (Francis) (as Dr. Brockton)


9-16-09 - NAP DREAM -  I was in the dining room of my house.  When I looked on the floor in the livingroom, there were three tiny kittens.  One of them had no head, so I picked it up and its head was just tucked down between its front legs, so it was okay.  One kitten was orange, one was white, and one was grey and white striped. 

When I woke up from the dream, I went to my computer to check my e-mail and got this e-mail from my little brother (he's actually 50 years old)

So, about 2 weeks ago I was adopted by a stray cat. I'm still struggling to find a decent
name for her, so I just go with Tigger.
Not long after, I noticed a lot of, well, peristalsis? in her belly. Oh oh ... I know what that is.
After her normal day of chasing rabbits and birds yesterday, I heard all kinds of weird noises
about 4am this morning coming from ?behind an old TV. 
*GROAANNNN!* *Meww meuww*  *MEOOOWWWW!* *Meuw Mewwwwww*
Mom is parked under a 27 inch console TV that has barely enough room for me to squeeze my hand under,
so I can't easily check on 'em. It's been 6 hours and I'm hearing - nothing. Hmmmm - too quiet.
I tried just sliding the TV until I could poke Mom's back ... no reaction.
No noise, no movement.
Oh oh ....
So I pick up one end of the TV and lift it off of her .... OH MY!
Now I have *FIVE* cats. LOL
More later after they get some rest.

9-16-09 - NAP DREAM #2 -  I got a phone call from my daughter-in-law Becky -telling me that her sister had called her and told her that she had cancer, so she was going up to see her right away.  Since it was almost evening already, and it was a 6 hour drive one way, I was amazed that she would do that for her sister, just drop everything and run to see her.

The next scene, I was walking across a thick grass lawn to the doctor's office which was up hill.  I saw that the girls in the office were sitting at desks in the center of the lawn behind a V shaped hedge of pink roses.  It was hard trudging up the hill through that tall, thick grass, but I was going to make it.


I think the following relates to the Red Star prophecy of the Mayans and the Hopi and that is related to the coming pole shift, of which I had a vision last week. See

9-17-09 - DREAM -  I was in a city somewhere, and we women were downtown and shown a demonstration of how marriages should work.  There was a demonstration of how a man and woman would get into an argument, and the man would stalk off and say he was going to get a divorce, and the woman would look all sad until he was out of sight.  Then the woman turned around and did hand stands and flips and dance down the street to show she didn't care at all and was happy that he was gone.  Naturally, she wore a red dress to prove she was independent and didn't need him.

I Will Survive - video -

Staying Alive - video -

Then  I went home and Star Manning was there and sat on her bed, and she had a model of the state of Texas on the bed, and twice I saw Texas take on the shape of South America with a raised black rim around it.

Then Langston came into the room, and she took her turn with Texas and poured water into it.  Langston is from Ecuador, and I thought she was going to make Texas into a garden with its black rim around it, but she made it into a big mud puddle.  The girls did this twice, first Star and then Langston, and each time the state turned from Texas shape to South America shape.

Then a batch of kittens was born in the house,  I put a dish down for them with water, then a bit of milk into a dish that had 6 sections in it.  Then someone turned on the heat and the water evaporated so I had to pour more water and milk into the dish and the heat would get worse and evaporate the water again.

Then another litter of kittens was born, and they looked into the dish and saw their reflection and got really upset and looked like they wanted to fight their reflection.

There was a struggle going on to keep the water in the dish with the 6 sections in it.

Then my husband came into the room, with Langston's uncle from Ecuador and I told them that 12 kittens had been born and the men decided that something had to be done about it, and they kept turning on the heat, to dry up the water in the dish so the kittens wouldn't have anything to drink.

I wanted to write this all down so others would know about it, and I couldn't find anything to write on, so I took a large book of maps and tried to rip the cover off of it, and write on the inside cover, but then the pen wouldn't write and the heat kept coming on and it was getting hotter and hotter and I finally couldn't stand it and to get out of there.

I went to a church and there was Star and Langston in the same row I wanted to sit in, and I ended up having to sit between Star and her Father (named Todd) and it was very uncomfortable sitting there because Star and her father don't get along and Star always wants her own way and her father wants his way.  It just got too uncomfortable to stay there and I had to leave and woke up.


9-17-09 - VISION - I saw a beautiful woman standing in front of me.  She was wearing all black with a large broad brimmed black hat. All she said was "Why?"

hard to find that on the internet. I found this:



DREAM - I was living in an apartment building, probably the manager.  My husband Ed had come home from prison.

I went down into the basement to do some laundry. There wasn't much because I did it every day. The load I had only had 5 socks in it, so I asked the two girls who had a load of laundry done if I could put my 5 socks in with theirs.  They said, "yes!" but they expected me to pay for it.

All I had was 5 nickels.  When I got the 5 nickels for the machine, Ed said that the girls had already put the money into the machine, and sure enough when I put 5 nickels into the machine 5 quarters came out.

Meantime, two little boys came into the basement and they were using a cotton swab - daubing it on black spots on the white paint. But one of their little friends had a blister on his heel and asked the boys with the paint, to paint over his blister.

I heard that and said, "No way!"  We'll put medicine on it.  No 7 year old gets a blister painted on my watch!"  and I held him by the hand and walked over toward Ed with the little boy. 

The little boy jumped up on the narrow bed in the basement where Ed was watching what was going on and I asked Ed to watch the little boy while I went to get the medicine.

While I had been upstairs getting the 5  nickels, Ed was busy making a deal with the a young man to do something naughty for him for some favor, and when I discovered it, I got very assertive and told him, "No way.  You can do something for me instead.  I looked up at the ceiling which was made with very narrow wooden slats in a herringbone pattern, and the paint was wearing off and a lot of it needed repainting, so I told them he could repaint the ceiling of the basement.

Meanwhile, the owner of the building came down into the basement. He had a very rugged face, and when he came down, he put a narrow bed with a white sheet on it against the stairway, so that when I wanted to go upstairs for the medicine, I needed my shoes taken off because I had walked on the dirty floor with them.

So, Ed and the owner of the building came up behind me and I asked Ed to take my shoes off for me as I was on my hands and knees on the bed, getting ready to go upstairs again.

At the same time, there was a man doing laundry over in the corner doing my friend Judi's laundry.  I heard him make a strange sound as his laundry got done, and he hollered out, "YOW!  I'm the man from Washington!"


What is the meaning of Genesis 3: 15?

15 And I shall put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed. He will bruise you in the head and you will bruise him in the heel.”
en·mi·ty  (nm-t)
n. pl. en·mi·ties
Deep-seated, often mutual hatred.

[Middle English enemite, from Old French enemistie, from Vulgar Latin *inimcits, from Latin inimcus, enemy; see enemy.]
Synonyms: enmity, hostility, antagonism, animosity, rancor, antipathy, animus
These nouns refer to the feeling or expression of deep-seated ill will. Enmity is hatred such as might be felt for an enemy: the wartime enmity of the two nations.
Hostility implies the clear expression of enmity: "If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find . . . enough to disarm all hostility" (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow).
Antagonism is hostility that quickly results in active resistance, opposition, or contentiousness: "the early struggles of famous authors, the notorious antagonism of publishers and editors to any new writer of exceptional promise" (Edith Wharton).
Animosity often triggers bitter resentment or punitive action: overcame her animosity toward her parents.
Rancor suggests vengeful hatred and resentment: filled with rancor after losing his
Antipathy is deep-seated aversion or repugnance: an antipathy to social pretension.
Animus is distinctively personal, often based on one's prejudices or temperament:
an inexplicable animus against intellectuals.

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a feeling of hostility or ill will [Latin inimicus hostile]

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1. God’s Kingdom is a real government, one that will last forever. The Bible’s first prophecy revealed that God would send a rescuer to faithful mankind. Called the “seed,” this One would undo the terrible ills that were set in motion by the rebellion of Adam, Eve, and Satan. (Genesis 3:15) Much later, faithful King David was told something thrilling about this “seed,” or Messiah. He would rule over a Kingdom. This government would differ from all others. It would endure forever.—2 Samuel 7:12-14.
2. God’s Kingdom will put an end to all human governments. The prophet Daniel was given a vision in which he saw a succession of world powers, stretching down through history into our own time. Notice the thrilling climax to that vision: “In the days of those [final human] kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be brought to ruin. And the kingdom itself will not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it itself will stand to times indefinite.” So all the kingdoms, or governments, of this world—with their wars, oppression, and corruption—will be destroyed forever. As Daniel’s prophecy shows, God’s Kingdom will soon rule over the whole earth. (Daniel 2:44, 45) A concrete reality, it will remain the only government in existence.
3. God’s Kingdom will end wars, sickness, famine, even death itself. Thrilling Bible prophecies reveal what God’s Kingdom will do here on the earth. That government will accomplish what no human agencies have ever done or could ever do. Imagine—all weapons of war destroyed forever! “He is making wars to cease to the extremity of the earth.” (Psalm 46:9) No more doctors, hospitals, or disease of any kind. “No resident will say: ‘I am sick.’” (Isaiah 33:24) No more famines, food shortages, malnutrition, or starvation. “There will come to be plenty of grain on the earth.” (Psalm 72:16) No more funerals, wakes, cemeteries, morgues, or the misery that accompanies them. Death, our relentless enemy, will be vanquished at last. God “will actually swallow up death forever, and the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will certainly wipe the tears from all faces.”—Isaiah 25:8.
4. God’s Kingdom has a Ruler chosen by God. The Messiah is not self-appointed, nor is he selected by imperfect humans. He is personally chosen by Jehovah God. The very titles Messiah and Christ suggest as much. Both words mean “Anointed One.” So this King is anointed, or designated for his special office, by Jehovah. God says of him: “Look! My servant, on whom I keep fast hold! My chosen one, whom my soul has approved! I have put my spirit in him. Justice to the nations is what he will bring forth.” (Isaiah 42:1; Matthew 12:17, 18) Who knows better than our Creator what kind of Ruler we need?
5. The Ruler of God’s Kingdom has demonstrated his worthiness before all mankind. Jesus of Nazareth proved to be the foretold Messiah. He was born in the family line God had specified. (Genesis 22:18; 1 Chronicles 17:11; Matthew 1:1) When on earth, he fulfilled scores of prophecies about the Messiah that were recorded centuries earlier. He was also identified from heaven as the Messiah. How so? Well, God spoke from heaven, identifying him as His own Son; angels pointed Jesus out as the foretold Messiah; and Jesus performed miracles—often in front of hundreds or even thousands of eyewitnesses—that clearly drew on the power of God. Jesus showed over and over again what kind of Ruler he would be. He had not only the power to help people but the desire as well. (Matthew 8:1-3) He was unselfish, compassionate, courageous, and humble. The record of his life on earth is there in the Bible for all to read.
6. God’s Kingdom has 144,000 corulers with the Christ. Jesus said that others, including his apostles, would rule in heaven with him. He called this group the “little flock.” (Luke 12:32) Later, the apostle John was told that this little flock would total 144,000 in number. They would have a thrilling work assignment in heaven, ruling as kings and serving as priests along with Christ.—Revelation 5:9, 10; 14:1, 3.
7. God’s Kingdom, now ruling in heaven, is poised to establish its rule over the whole earth. This last truth is one of the most thrilling we can learn. The Bible gives ample evidence that Jesus has been granted his authority as King in heaven. He is ruling there now, in our own time, and very soon he will extend his rule to all the earth and fulfill the magnificent prophecies we have already mentioned. But how can we be sure that God’s Kingdom is ruling now? And when will it begin to rule over the earth?


Noun 1. herringbone pattern - a pattern of columns of short parallel lines with all the lines in one column sloping one way and lines in adjacent columns sloping the other way; it is used in weaving, masonry, parquetry, embroidery
pattern, design, figure - a decorative or artistic work; "the coach had a design on the doors"

See crop circle with this weave pattern:

Greene County, OHIO  -  July 5, 2005  (wheat)
The most unique cropcircle (??) yet reported in the USA.  An approx. 44 ft. x 35 ft. rectangular area of flattened wheat,
interwoven into an intricate “herringbone weave” pattern. Discovered the same day as neighbors observed an aerial object “flickering” on and off for 20 minutes nearby (


Babylon English-English
v. decorate in a zigzag pattern resembling fishbones; make a pattern in a herringbone style (used in textiles and masonry); climb a ski slope having the tips of the skis pointed toward the outside (Ski)
adj. resembling fish bones, slanting in opposite directions, zigzag
n. bone of a herring; zigzag pattern resembling fishbones (used in textiles and masonry); fabric that has a herringbone pattern; technique of climbing a ski slope with the ski tips pointed toward the outside (Skiing)



Devaluation is a reduction in the value of a currency with respect to other monetary units. In common modern usage, it specifically implies an official lowering of the value of a country's currency within a fixed exchange rate system, by which the monetary authority formally sets a new fixed rate with respect to a foreign reference currency. In contrast, depreciation is used for the unofficial decrease in the exchange rate in a floating exchange rate system. The opposite of devaluation is called revaluation.

Depreciation and devaluation are sometimes incorrectly used interchangeably, but they always refer to values in terms of other currencies. Inflation, on the other hand, refers to the value of the currency in goods and services (related to its purchasing power). Altering the face value of a currency without reducing its exchange rate is a redenomination, not a devaluation or revaluation.

Historical usage

Devaluation is most often used in situations where a currency has a defined value relative to the baseline. Historically, early currencies were typically coins struck from gold or silver by an issuing authority which certified the weight and purity of the precious metal. A government in need of money and short on precious metal might abruptly lower the weight or purity of the coins without announcing this, or else decree that the new coins had equal value to the old, thus devaluing the currency. This gave rise to Copernicus-Gresham's Law, which stated that "bad money drives out good", i.e., if pure gold coins and false coins are decreed to have equal value, people will use the false coins for currency and hide the good coins or melt them down into gold.

Later, paper currencies were issued, and governments decreed them to be redeemable for gold or silver (a gold standard). Again, a government short on gold or silver might devalue by abruptly decreeing a reduction in the currency's redemption value, reducing the value of everyone's holdings. Naturally, a government which made a habit of doing this would lead its citizens to hold gold or silver in place of the government's notes, so such governments would often outlaw private hoarding of precious metal in order to prevent Gresham's Law from taking effect.

Devaluation in modern economies

Present day currencies are usually fiat currencies with insignificant inherent value. The value of currency is determined by the interplay of money supply and money demand. As some countries hold floating exchange rates, others maintain fixed exchange rate policy against the United States dollar or other major currencies. These fixed rates are usually maintained by a combination of legally enforced capital controls or through government trading of foreign currency reserves to manipulate the money supply. Under fixed exchange rates, persistent capital outflows or trade deficits may lead countries to lower or abandon their fixed rate policy, resulting in a devaluation (as persistent surpluses and capital inflows may lead them towards revaluation). However, that a devaluation would reduce trade deficits depends on fulfilling the Marshall-Lerner Condition: the sum of exports and imports elasticities (in absolute value) must be greater than 1.

In an open market, the perception that a devaluation is imminent may lead speculators to sell the currency in exchange for the country's foreign reserves, increasing pressure on the issuing country to make an actual devaluation. When speculators buy out all of the foreign reserves, a balance of payments crisis occurs. Economists Paul Krugman and Maurice Obstfeld present a theoretical model in which they state that the balance of payments crisis occurs when the real exchange rate (exchange rate adjusted for relative price differences between countries) is equal to the nominal exchange rate (the stated rate) (Krugman, Paul and Maurice Obstfeld. International Economics (2000), Chapter 17 [Appendix II]). In practice, the onset of crisis has typically occurred after the real exchange rate has depreciated below the nominal rate. The reason for this is that speculators do not have perfect information; they sometimes find out that a country is low on foreign reserves well after the real exchange rate has fallen. In these circumstances, the currency value will fall very far very rapidly. This is what occurred during the 1994 economic crisis in Mexico.

Generally, a steady process of inflation is not considered a devaluation, although if a currency has a high level of inflation, its value will naturally fall against gold or foreign currencies. Especially where a country deliberately prints money (a usual cause of hyperinflation) to cover a persistent budget deficit without borrowing, this may be considered a devaluation.

In some cases, a country may revalue its currency higher (the opposite of devaluation) in response to positive economic conditions, to lower inflation, or to please investors and trading partners. This would imply that existing currency increased in value, as opposed to the case where a country issues a new currency to replace an old currency that had declined excessively in value (such as Turkey and Romania in 2005, Argentina in 2002, Russia in 1998, or Germany in 1923).

See also


MONEY: Devaluation Jitters


The U.S. has been troubled for so long by inflation and balance of payments deficits that European money markets respond with knee-jerk nervousness to almost any news about the dollar. Thus, last week, the latest word from Washington sent money speculators scurrying to the major exchanges. Cause of all the excitement was a report issued by the Congressional subcommittee on international exchange and payments. Committee Chairman Henry Reuss of Wisconsin and his colleagues suggested that the U.S. dollar should be devalued —preferably by an upward revision in the price of strong currencies like the West German Deutsche Mark. Short of that, they would settle for unilateral action on Washington's part.

Reuss has voiced such recommendations repeatedly over the past few months and his report was quickly disavowed by the Nixon Administration, which has always refused even to consider devaluation. Even so, it convinced many money men that such a move might be secretly under consideration in Washington. Only two years ago, after all, President Georges Pompidou chose the depths of the August business doldrums to lower the value of the franc by 12½%. Now, profit-seekers rushed to the Continent's central banks to exchange their greenbacks for currencies that would presumably rise if the dollar were devalued. The price of the dollar was forced down in France, West Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Britain. Other speculators traded hectically for gold, counting on an increase in its price if the dollar were devalued. At one point, the price of gold on the free markets rose to a new three-year high.

Wider Bands. To stem the dollar inflows, Switzerland's central bank ordered an emergency ten-day delay in the delivery of francs purchased with dollars. The hope is that speculators will be unwilling to tie up their money for that long. French and Belgian central bankers have recently ordered commercial members to turn down foreign deposits that appeared to be speculative —a job requiring detective work that is much easier to perform in the clubby world of European bankers than it would be in the U.S. The move could lead to a much wider "two-tier" exchange system, with separate rules for speculative and ordinary money flows.

Such measures may be effective for the short term, but inevitably they will also block the flow of some long-term capital investment. Moreover, they do nothing to solve the basic problem: the dollar's increasingly obvious overvaluation. The U.S. recently took one step toward reform by proposing a widening of the bands within which the currencies of nations belonging to the International Monetary Fund are allowed to fluctuate. If the U.S. proposal is accepted by I.M.F. directors at their annual meeting in September, the limits would be expanded from 1% to 3%, permitting an effective devaluation of the dollar by as much as 6%.

Just how long that move might halt the increasingly frequent runs on the dollar is uncertain. But it may be the only major reform possible in the immediate future. European nations are not anxious to lose export sales, as they would if they raised the value of their own currencies. In the U.S., the President cannot reasonably be expected to declare any kind of dollar devaluation until after the 1972 election.


Massive U.S. Dollar Devaluation Against Gold During 2009

Commodities / Gold & Silver Dec 19, 2008 - 04:08 PM

By: John_Browne

 Best Financial Markets Analysis ArticleThe Federal Reserve estimates that in the past year losses in real estate, stocks and mortgages have sucked out some $7.2 trillion of wealth from the U.S. economy. Some are now putting the figure at $20 trillion. A massive recession is starting and will likely spread throughout much of the world. These forces have exerted their classic strong downward pressure on the price of gold.

In addition, the $700 billion TARP fund to salvage the American financial system, and large amounts spent by other governments to protect their own banks, has greatly reduced the fear of a financial breakdown. As a result, the financial panic insurance value of gold was largely eroded, adding further downward price pressure.

2008 was a volatile year for gold. Prices have gyrated quite violently between the $700's and $1,000, or by some 25 to 30 percent. This volatility alone acts as a depressing influence on gold prices as it discourages the belief that gold is a credible investment.

The world's major governments long have sought to eradicate gold as a monetary measure in order to remove the last vestiges of monetary discipline and to clear the field for massive government over-spending and inflation.

In 1968, the London Gold Poll was abolished. In 1978, America forced a further move, via the IMF, to write gold out of the international money supply. In August 1971, President Nixon broke the U.S. dollar-gold exchange link.

In September 1999, the United States, while being careful to keep its own gold stocks intact, led other major nations, in the first of two so-called 'Central Bank Gold Agreements' to flood the gold market with sales of gold.

In 1999, the central banks held some 33,000 tonnes, or one quarter of all mined gold. The effect of government gold sales was potentially very bearish for gold.

Gold market observers, who have studied the pattern of IMF gold sales, allege that the sales are timed to cause the maximum volatility in the price of gold, to discourage investment.

More recently, there are allegations that the Government has allowed certain institutions to engage in massive naked short selling of gold and silver. This has caused distortions in the gold price that do not reflect genuine market pressures. In short, they amount to market manipulation.

A fair conclusion is that gold is cheap and that its present price does not truly reflect market conditions.

On December 16th, the Fed announced, as we have long forecast, a further cut in interest rates to between zero and 0.25 percent. It also announced 'unlimited' support to buy assets from beleaguered institutions.

The amount of debt and new money injected into the economy should progressively raise inflation alarm bells. The fire of future inflation is being stoked alarmingly, but the recessive forces of deleveraging are concealing it temporarily.

The Fed looks desperate. This could lead to feelings of panic and upward pressure on the gold price.

Investors should also especially be concerned as to who will repay these massive debts. The conventional answer of politicians is "taxpayers". But this is a serious understatement. Any depreciation of the U.S. dollar means that every American citizen and every single holder of U.S. dollars throughout the world will suffer from monetary loss and a severely reduced standard of living.

In 1934, facing a depression President Roosevelt first confiscated gold from every American. Then, he unilaterally devalued the U.S. dollar by 75 percent against gold.

At a stroke, FDR wiped out 75 percent of the dollar denominated debt of the U.S. Treasury.

As both President-Elect Obama and Fed chairman Bernanke are students of FDR, we face the real possibility of a massive devaluation of the U.S. dollar against gold in 2009.

For a more in depth analysis of our financial problems and the inherent dangers they pose for the U.S. economy and U.S. dollar denominated investments, read Peter Schiff's new book For an updated look at his investment strategy order a copy of his just released book " The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets ." Click here to order your copy now .

For a look back at how Peter predicted our current problems read the 2007 bestseller " Crash Proof: How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse ." Click here to order a copy today .

By John Browne
Euro Pacific Capital

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John Browne is the Senior Market Strategist for Euro Pacific Capital, Inc.  Mr. Brown is a distinguished former member of Britain's Parliament who served on the Treasury Select Committee, as Chairman of the Conservative Small Business Committee, and as a close associate of then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Among his many notable assignments, John served as a principal advisor to Mrs. Thatcher's government on issues related to the Soviet Union, and was the first to convince Thatcher of the growing stature of then Agriculture Minister Mikhail Gorbachev. As a partial result of Brown's advocacy, Thatcher famously pronounced that Gorbachev was a man the West "could do business with."  A graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Britain's version of West Point and retired British army major, John served as a pilot, parachutist, and communications specialist in the elite Grenadiers of the Royal Guard.

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9-18-09 - DREAM - I thought at first this was a continuation of the previous dream, but in this one Ed didn't know where I lived and I wanted to keep it that way.

The telephone in the front hall rang, and someone picked it up and  I could hear the female voice all the way in the dining room, but I couldn't respond, so I took that telephone and plugged it into the one in the dining room so I could talk on both phones at the same time.

I'm missing something here - I should have written it down earlier.

My first husband and I had to go somewhere in the southwest and we didn't like how we had to get there, which was to take the northbound freeway which was loaded with empty flatbed trucks going full speed, then when we got to the next interchange, we had to make a really wide swing around to the southbound freeway.  We hated having to do that.

So we got into the car and when we reached the entrance to the freeway, it was really narrow with barricades on both sides, and right ahead of us was two parked cars on the right side, and I saw the driver's door fly open on each car and the driver throw the upper part of his body into the traffic lane to stop the traffic.

When we got closer to the first car, we were forced to slow down so we wouldn't hit the man, and by then the man sat up, grinning at us and I recognized it as Ed.  Now, he knew where we lived, and that really upset me.

But, my husband and I were on our way to the southwest and I didn't have to deal with him right then.

I don't recall anything happening after that, but just as I woke up, a male voice said,

If you don't like Obama, you can choose the orange suited Mexican dancers.



DREAM -  It was nighttime and I was in a hospital for getting divorced.  I was supposed to sleep overnight with a whole bunch of women who were getting divorced as well - seemed like most of them were Mexican for some reason, but all the cots already had women in or on their beds, and there was no space for me. 

In the next room, was my husband and all our kids, each with their own cot to sleep on.  There was a spare cot in that room, but it didn't seem right that I should sleep in that room, but that's the only place there was to sleep for the night.

I went out into the hall, where lots of people were milling around.  This was a huge hospital.

In the room next to where my husband and the kids were, was a huge display room where hundreds of people were coming and going to look at a gaudy kitchen display.  All the cabinets were shiny black and really tall.  The lights were all clear and you could see the incandescent strands glowing in the center of the light bulbs that were large and round.  In the open cabinets were displayed glassware and dishware that was clear like crystal with either gold or silver bands around the edges.  It was really gaudy in there.  But worse than that,  it smelled like women's perfume when you walked in the door.  It wasn't a woman with too much perfume either - the whole room smelled like perfume. 

I couldn't stand it in there, and I had to leave, so I went back to where my husband and kids were.  There was no other choice.



DREAM - I went to the airport to retrieve my grandson who was flying in from somewhere -  he was just 9 years old, and for some reason, he couldn't get through the security check very quickly because of the circumstances - and the number of people that were coming in from the plane that had to be checked in.

I decided I would go home and wait for him there, and when I went home, another passenger came with me - I think he was an army guy - older - in his 50's at least.

When I got back to the apartment building, I was living on the first floor and this army guy more or less started taking over and moving in with me.

The livingroom was huge -  big enough to have 3 strips of carpeting in it - with space between the strips.  The carpeting was plus shag it seemed, multicolored and in the center strip the army guy brought in someone who was going to install a swimming pool there.

Next he brought in a huge stereo -  the old fashioned kind that is in a fancy wooden box -  only problem was, as soon as they set it on the floor, a wooden block came loose on one leg -  but the sound coming from it was incredible -  not rock-n-roll - but the kind of music you hear in the movie theatre that practically raises you off your seat - it was magnificent.

Next, he opened the patio door and outside the door, he had a big machine installed which you sat on one end and extended out from the other end were stereoscope screens on which you watched a movie -  why the screen were so little I don't know, but the picture was clear enough to see even at a distance, and the sound was again - incredible to hear.  I wondered how the neighbors were going to tolerate it.

I went back into the apartment to await my grandson's arrival, when I saw another army guy was moving in across the hall.  He was really good looking - older with white hair - nice physique and he had nice furniture.  I decided to go across the hall and introduce myself, pretending to be the building manager even though I wasn't, but then his wife arrived - a dark-haired thin woman.  My only thought was , "oh oh!"  and I decided not to introduce myself afterall.

At the end I have a vague memory of some older grandmotherly women coming into the building with a lot of food like there was going to be a party - but naturally I don't remember the women very well - only the men. hahaha


9-20-09 - NAP DREAM -  I had a new boyfriend but we were out at my ex-husband's house with all my kids.

Someone called on the phone asking if Tom was there.  I said I hadn't seen him, and the other person, who was a neighbor said there was a dangerous killer out there who was dumping kid's bodies down wells. 

I, was freaked out of course, wanting to know where Tom was.  Finally, someone said Tom was out in garden tending to the weeding and harvesting.

That made me feel better, but by then, I had ignored my boyfriend for quite some time, and he walked up to me and asked me what I had for dinner.  I said barbecue.  He said, "I know!  I can still smell it on your teeth!" 

I apologized, and made a promise to myself that henceforth, I would brush my teeth after every meal, so he couldn't smell the food I ate when he kissed me!"  NOT!!!

He seemed a little put off that I was ignoring him, but it just couldn't be helped, so many things were going wrong at the same time.

Not only was there a killer loose and the neighbors were making sure all the kids were safe, the washer went weird and the dryer didn't work, and then the stove went out.  That meant I had to go to Sears and get all new appliances.  It didn't matter that my new boyfriend might not like it that I was buying the appliances that were at my ex-husband's house, I had a job, which I was going to on Monday, and I could pay for the appliances myself.  After all, the appliances helped to take care of my kids.

So, then I set about looking to see if I had a Sears Card, and after going through all my cards, and not finding it, I decided I could open up a new account there with no problem.  While I was going through my cards, a man and woman walked up to where I was standing with the cards, and that worried me.  The man made a comment about my cards which I was going through quickly, so I laughed and said, "Yes!  I could play 21 pickup if I wanted go!'  gathered up the cards and ran into the garage and threw them in my desk drawer.

I put on lipstick and high heeled shoes, and ran outside to where my boyfriend was sitting in an easy chair, and I was prepared to sweep him off his feet with my bright personality and smile, and say, "Let's go honey!  We can go to dinner and then go to Sears and buy all new appliances!"

But when I saw him, he had cobwebs hanging off his ear all the way up to the building behind him.  That's how long he had been waiting for me to show up.

I started brushing the cobwebs off of him, when I heard a scream from behind me, and I turned around and my little daughter - less than 3 years old, was screaming bloody murder, because there was even larger cobwebs hanging down from the tree behind her all the way to her highchair where she was sitting.

I brushed away the cobwebs from her while she still screamed how afraid she was, and I assured her that no spider was going to bite her.

I was in such a hurry to get to Sears -  and I woke up with a start! - feeling kind of strange to be where I really was.


9-21-09 - DREAM -  I was visited by an blonde - blue-eyed astronaut wearing a khaki-green jumpsuit.  He gave me 7 copies of a questionnaire with 7 blank words on each one which I was supposed to fill in.  But he filled them all in for me, then gave me a copy of the questionnaire with all the words filled in, so I could give the test to other people - with all the words filled in.  The main missing word, now filled in was QUEST.


9-21-09 - DREAM - I was in California, and I got a phone call from my old friend Norman (passed away 3 years ago in May).  When I answered the phone and heard his voice, I didn't want Joe to know who it was, so I said, "My old pal", and Norman proceeded to tell me about my 16th St. house being demolished and that he was sorry that I could never go home again and my Father was there standing in the open doorway looking at the stairs realizing that fact.  In my mind's eye, I knew what it looked like - there was a trench dug all the way from the sidewalk through all the steps all the way to the house - so no one could ascend the steps again.  Or did it mean that I didn't have to ascend them again?  Now I'm confused what it means.

NOTE: In real life, the old house was torn down and a new one built in its place.  We've seen it on google-earth as well so we have proof of that.


9-21-09 - VISION - I got super tired talking to my friend Judi, so I lay down and found myself looking at two little black and white kittens, both had white diamonds on their chest - one was almost its whole chest, the other just had a small diamond - that was on the left.  Maybe that represented me and her.?  

NOTE: Our Mama cat is pregnant, so we'll see what she has very soon I'm sure.


9-22-09 - THETAHEALING PRACTICE.  I decided to go to the 8th level of consciousness this time like my dream told me earlier this month, and once there, I invoked the loving energy of the Elohim and when my crown chakra opened fully, I commanded the Creator of All that Is, to heal my female problems. 

On the way down, there was a tall, thin, black man standing in front of me.  He was looking in the direction to my left but downwards, and he was standing in front of what looked like a medium shade of grey trailer.  I was trying to describe to him what the color grey looked like but he refused to turn around and look at the trailer. 

Wondering - how does one describe grey if you can't see it?


9-22-09 - NAP DREAM - I had gone to a hotel with a female friend of mine and for some reason they weren't taking care of what she was asking for -  for 500 white orchids to be delivered.  (I know that's impossible on short notice)

I was crouched down in front of the clerk's glass fronted counter looking at some things on display, and I was hanging a couple of children's plastic blue and pink hangars in her display cabinet.  Then she handed me a slip of paper and told me that I had earned 500 hangars for my room in the hotel as I had requested one hour ago.  (What?)  I hadn't asked for hangars, yet I had earned them.  I looked at the piece of paper and it said 500 hangars right on it.

NOTE:  I wonder if that had something to do with the meditation earlier where I had invoked the energy of the Elohim and my crown chakra opened up fully?  I have no idea.  I have never really figured out the symbolism of the hangar yet which I've dreamed of many times.



9-22-09 -  DREAM -  I had multiple type fonts of letters on ceramic with flowers in the background and I was sorting them so that all of one font was together so I could make words that matched.

DREAM 2 - I owned a company that manufactured large jewels that were emerald cut shape on which words could be etched.

DREAM 3 - I was working on a radio that was capable of being connected to a computer.  I got it to work.  Then I told Joe to turn on his computer and see if he could pick up the radio station.

Synchronicitly, while I was doing that in the dream, Joe was on his computer in real life trying to get a radio station on his Netscape program, and he got a message saying that the radio was not connected.

I love synchronicities.


SPECIAL NOTE:  Patrick Swayze contacted a psychic I know and said, "Wild horses can't drag me away!"

It's against the law for psychics to call people and give them messages - but if anyone sees this, please give his girlfriend the message so she can find relief and know that he's still alive.


9-22-09 - THETAHEALING PRACTICE -  I went to the 8th level of consciousness -  as I did, I was seeing a growing white pyramid.  When the pyramid was complete, I called in the Elohim energy at which time I could see a pulsing purple diamond shape that was gleaming and glistening.

I specified the healings I commanded the Creator of All That Is, said "Thank you, thank you, "It is Done"  and slowly returned to 3D.


9-23-09 - DREAM -  I was living in a house in Milwaukee and it was the month of May. Several relatives had spent the night and this day was graduation for several of my grandchildren.

We got up in the morning and I was talking through the bathroom wall to my cousin Shirley about the price of everything that had gone way up.  Then I went to the kitchen and discovered that my brother-in-law Ralph had cleaned the kitchen and I was rather shocked how much work he had done.  He never did face me so I could only see the back of his head and I particularly noticed how much hair he had on his head and it seemed that he had a full beard as well.

I asked Ralph if he wanted coffee and he rather mumbled, "Yeah!", so I filled the coffee pot with water and poured some coffee grounds into the basket that was already in the pot.  (I don't recall putting it on the stove though).

I went into the livingroom and sat on the sofa with my husband who was to my right, when my daughter-in-law Becky came in and handed me several slices of sausage she had bought for us up north at a specialty meat shop.  It had quite large pieces of something white in the meat which was sliced very thin.

I smelled it and it had a faint smell of onion.  I put the meat up to my husband's nose while praising the meat, and my husband turned up his nose and turned away his head, saying that it smelled of onion and that he hated that smell.

I hoped my daughter-in-law didn't fee insulted, but she didn't seem to notice.  She said she was so excited about that night because her oldest son was graduating from military school and would be a Captain or something like that - and in my mind I saw a whole crowd of sailors throwing their white hats into the air.

Then I realized that she had three children graduating that same day, one son from kindergarten, one from 8th grade and one from military college.  That seemed really thrilling to me, though I wasn't participating in any of those ceremonies, but I saw how happy she was to be doing this.

NOTE:  None of these scenarios were ever true, so I don't know where that comes from.


9-23-09 - VISIONS  -  Approximately 9 a.m. I got so tired, I felt like I was going to fall down if I didn't lay down, so I went to bed to take a nap, but I didn't fall asleep.  So, I decided to meditate a bit, and started off with prayer as I usually do.

As soon as the prayer was done, a voice said, "With regard to December 7th!"  - and I saw a photo album open up with colored pictures on the right-hand page of ships at dock - large ships.  These pictures could have been Memorial Stamps put out by the government.

That vision faded and then the voice said, "And as a baby turns around!" and the album opened up again, and on the left-hand page, I was seeing black and white pictures like one sees of babies in the womb before birth, and the baby was in the process of getting ready to be born. There were 6 or 7 photos of the baby as it turned.

Then I had a third vision - this one was of a person holding a green water hose and the water was shooting out full blast towards the left.

Lastly, I felt an electrical shock go through my head from my right ear toward the left, and I knew it was over.

NOTE:  The reference to December 7th is ominous, because I've had visions and dreams about it before about a New Pearl Harbor attack to occur just like the old one in 1941.

The other thing is that the attack on New York City on 9/11/2001 was also called the Second Pearl Harbor, and I've written about the Third Pearl Harbor coming.  Especially now with talk about new terror threats especially on Chicago and perhaps other cities.  But it feels to me like the threat is going to come from the sea this time.



    It's hard not to conclude with historians like Charles Bateson that "Magic standing alone points so irresistibly to the Pearl Harbor attack that it is ...

    Similar to the PNAC yearning for a "new Pearl Harbor," Brzezinski concludes that the realization of such an agenda will only be accomplished with the aid of ...

    9-11-2001 - A horrific event just occurred which everyone is calling a 'second Pearl Harbor'. The World Trade Center twin tower buildings and the Pentagon ...

    Though not a state at the time, Hawaii was placed under martial law in 1941, following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Many of the residents of Hawaii ...


9-24-09 - DREAM - It was winter time.  I can't remember the details, but I was with my sister as adults and we were running as fast as we could through deep ice and snow about 30 feet off the side of a road.  It seems that our husbands were in a car coming down the road to rescue us or something.  The ice was really slippery and hid dangerous crevices between us and the road.

For some reason, I decided to turn my heavy double knit sweater inside out, and my last memory is that of how beautiful the woven threads were on the inside -  a brilliant blue with flecks of orange and gold.

I can't help wondering if this isn't about Coma Berenices which I've written about before.

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9-25-09 -  I didn't really dream at all, I was just seeing cowboy and Indian type designs and in one case took them out of an album and let the space collapse.  I can't help thinking this might be about cowboys and Indians dying.  I don't know.


9-26-09 - DREAM - I was in a large room with some other people.  We were watching a model put together of stars and watching as one star, which was out of its orbit was getting closer and closer to another star until they actually collided with each other.  Someone said, it's only a matter of time until that actually happens.

I heard another person say, we ourselves are a rogue planet since 1979, and it won't be long until something happens that we don't expect.

At that point, I felt like I was in a large spacecraft, and not on earth myself.  It was a strange feeling not to feel like I was on solid ground.


9-26-09 - DREAM - I was in a place like a bank, standing close to the counter, but this counter was higher than normal, and there were a couple of books there standing up on end.  I picked one up that said Materia Medica and was surprised to see that it had shiny forest green pages with gold print.  I found it impossible to read the gold print because it was so small.  I mentioned this to the clerk who looked like my old friend David from Milwaukee.  (He passed several years ago from a heart attack)

David took the book from me and put it down on his own desk and wanted to staple a couple of papers together and his stapler was empty.

He looked in his desk drawer and only found one staple in the drawer. 

I told him I'd get him some staples, and I started going through desks in the office and no one had any staples in a box.  I remembered that I had a box of staples in my bedroom, so I headed that direction. 

David yelled after me, I need rectangular sharps - don't you DARE bring me anything else.

I started going through the drawers in my bedroom and I didn't find any staple box either, and meanwhile things started falling down on the floor in big piles of quilts and blankets until I didn't even have a place to walk without walking on blankets and quilts,

and I woke up.


9-26-09 - VISION -  I had just closed my eyes, wanting to go to sleep, and suddenly I noticed it was nighttime and I was outside.  I heard someone scream, "It's exploding in the air."  and I saw a huge fireball coming down from the sky, and then it crashed on top of a house.

I didn't want to get up and write that down. I was so tired. I just hoped I would remember it.

I don't know if this was a dream or a vision - probably the latter.

I called A-C  (Allis-Chalmers)  and T.M.  (my spiritual teacher) answered the main phone line, and said, "This is current affairs!"

I was trying to figure out if I should give my name first or just talk and way what I wanted to say about the fireball coming to earth...

and I woke up - wide awake this time.


9-26-09 - VISIONS - I was busy working on researching and putting together a web page on King Tut which I plan to publish on very soon.  I started to get really tired while working on it, so I sat on the sofa and put my head on the pillow to catch a nap.  That was not to be, because a male voice in my head asked, "What about Hatshepsut?"   Then he said, "Look at her hand!"  and I immediately saw a woman wave her hand very quickly in front of my face.

I started to think ... "I wasn't planning on including Hatshepsut!"  and before I got the whole thought out, the voice said, "If you aren't going to use what I give you, why do it at all?"

He was really upset with me, and I told him I would do it, and I will.  It must be important - otherwise he wouldn't have brought it up.


9-27-09 - VISION -  I saw a giant-sized round medium brown blob in space.  This is the second time.  Planet X?


9-27-09 - DREAM -  I saw a very large yellow platform that was raised in the air.  There was nothing on it.

I saw a large light blue platform raised in the air.  This platform contained about 16 or more blue jewels and decorated shank buttons on it from which to choose.

I was then in a kitchen and a male friend brought me a fresh baked chocolate cake, and a kettle of warm chocolate sauce to pour over it.  I took the kettle and started to pour the chocolate sauce over the cake which was upside-down on a plate, and I poured a lot of the chocolate sauce down the front of my dress as well as on the cake.  Chocolate tastes good no matter where it is.  :-)  I only saw the friend from the shoulders and arms so I don't know who it was.


9-27-09 - VISION   - This was a series of people who looked rather happy.  In fact, one old man wearing shorts with high knee socks with garters on them and a long open shirt was rather dancing down a hallway with a woman who was definitely dancing down the hall, wearing a colorful bright colored striped robe, which was flying open. 

Another guy looked rather like an Egyptian guy had a cartoon face with clear eyeglasses on his face.  Maybe that was for identification but I don't read or watch cartoons, so I don't know who that was. 

I saw about 5 different people and my feeling was that they were happy Egyptians because I was writing about them.


9-27-09 - NAP DREAM - I was working on a computer, looking for the Egyptian files that were supposed to be there.  I told someone that the files were supposed to have been uploaded at 9 a.m. and I didn't see them.

NOTE:  I didn't even start working on them by 3 p.m. today, and I'll be lucky to work on even one page, much less upload them.


9-28-09 - DREAM - I must have been going down memory lane - because I remembered that I had known Queen Marianne, another Queen, and Rostas the Warrior.  I couldn't remember what they looked like, but later, I was in a room with a beautiful woman with massive amounts of hair that was straight but she had so much hair she had trouble keeping it out of her face, and she wore massive robes of brown linen as well, and the people loved her and so did the men.  She had a plain face, with no makeup - but she was so beautiful anyway.

Then I remembered I had kept a scroll I started some time ago, that was made of black velvet or something like that with dates and names at intervals of lives I used to live in the past.  I had stored it in the attic and I was anxious to go back up there and find it.

I was with a couple other talented women in an office, trying to remember who I used to work for - before Richard - (what an ass he was) and they couldn't remember who it was either.  I left them to go up into the attic and find the scroll.

Later, I went into the back hall of the house in which I was growing large leafed vines against the massive windows and on shelves that were in every direction.  I was misting them with a large can of water.



I was on the telephone, on hold for quite awhile, waiting for my computer server company to come on line. I started to feel really weird in my head, like a balloon was around my head, and I got really hot in my head, and my ears were making a strange sound. I swallowed a few times, feeling like maybe I wasn't breathing or something -  meanwhile the person came on the phone and I completed my business there, then I got off the phone and went into the kitchen, thinking maybe I should eat something, but I didn't.  I told Joe I was feeling sick in the head and described it to him and he thought that was strange, but he was getting ready to leave to go to lunch with his son and exchange trucks, and he did, so I decided I would take a couple aspirin and meditate and maybe get healed.  By then  I was feeling like I had a cap on my head - all over the top -  not like a small cap but a large cap, and I started to think maybe it was my crown chakra.  The feeling was really strong, and its still there now.

I said my prayers and went to the 8th spiritual level and asked for Elohim love and healing. 

All of a sudden there were people in the room, and my Father came and started lining up large packing boxes behind where the coffee table was.  He said, "I told her about this!"  A woman next to him who was really tall, wearing a light lavender dress came over to where I was and I thought she was removing an earring from my ear -  but I haven't worn earrings for a long time, so perhaps she put one on -  but just the right ear - and my ear is ringing loudly even now.  After she did something with my ear, I saw Joe sitting on my right and she shoved him really hard away from me, and she went back to stand by my father and said, "I told her about that too."

Then my Father started piling up more and more packing boxes.  On each box, it looked like there were two little blue people standing side by side, but it was blurry so I can't be sure they were people, but then a woman came towards me - she was a shorter woman, wearing a red and black print silk dress, I thought she looked like my daughter-in-law Rebecca, and she hugged me around the neck and shoulders, and said, "You'll be feeling better now!"

I still feel the cap on my head - strongly.

NOTE: five minutes after I typed this, the mother of the woman who lives across the street came over to tell us that she had passed away over the weekend.  (We had watched the ambulance and EMTs, and they were in no hurry when they left)  Then she told me she didn't know if she should sell the house or not or just rent it, and I told her we had been looking for a place to rent all on one floor because our knees were bad and our place is two story.  I know that started her thinking.  But as soon as she said the woman had died, I knew that's why I had the vision about moving.

Joe doesn't think we can afford the place across the street - probably not, but perhaps something will work out where we can.  We can only wait and see.  The house has to be remodeled first.


9-29-09 - DREAM -  This seemed like multiple dreams - I was seeing what I am calling energy symbols - it seemed like there was a different colored one for each day of the week or for each hour of  the day - but 'of the week' seems more likely.  They were squarish blocks with rounded corners and symbols on the front like Mayan stele art, but lined up sideways, not up and down.  It seemed that they were the color of the chakras.  I never did figure out what they were for sure, but it seemed that mine was yellow during the night.


9-29-09 - DREAM - Apparently I was sleeping with a traveling salesman and didn't know anything about him.

Later, I was talking to a friend of mine who apparently was also sleeping with him.  She found out all kinds of things about him, like his last name, that he worked for a magazine and she was e-mailing him.

I started asking her how she knew all this and even e-mailed him when I didn't know any of that.  She said that she looked him up on the internet, found the magazine he worked for and started e-mailing him.  I was astonished that she could know all this about him, and I was sleeping with him and didn't know any of that.  Then I remembered that he did mention that he worked for a magazine and I let that piece of information slip past me.

I was sitting across from her while we were talking about him, and she admitted she hadn't slept with him - all she got with him was 'moon time'.

After I woke up, I made a note that she had the same flyaway hair over her face as the Queen in the prior dream.


9-30-09 - CRUMMY COLOR DREAM - I don't know why I dream like this - it was like playing a game, but really boring.  It goes on for what seems like hours.  These were yellow colored blocks of various sizes of squares, which had to be matched in order to make them go away.  As the yellow blocks came down in the box, if three in a row matched, either vertically or horizontally, they would evaporate and others would take their place.  This game never ends, and there is no score for making matches. After a while you just get sick of it and wake up.


9-30-09 - DREAM - Apparently I was a manager of an apartment building.  I was on the first floor in a small lobby outside ofo the pubilc bathroom.  

A woman usually sat on a box or something outside of the bathroom, and kept record of times that someone used the bathroom.

In this case, she, herself was in the bathroom, and she had left white plastic bags of books, and her record keeping notebooks laying on the floor where she usually sat.

It seemed apparent to me that she meant for people to take the books and read them.

I picked up three books that were a matched set.  They were small and white - with delicate pictures of red trees on them.  They seemed to be frothy love stories, so I put those back, even though the covers were pretty to look at.  The books I was interested in were books I could learn something from, so I chose the heavy, old, dark colored books that had real information in. 

I almost took her record keeping notebooks, but I knew she needed those - she was the timekeeper, so I took several of the bags with heavy knowledge books up the stairs with me to my own apartment.

I woke up as I climbed the stairs.