by Dee Finney


3-20-89 - Dreamed that my spiritual teacher was practicing blowing a trumpet upstairs in my house. It sounded like a "come together" signal. I wanted to get my husband out of the house so I could go upstairs and watch my teacher practice and see the trumpet. By the time I got upstairs, the teacher was gone, but he had left the trumpet on the swing on the front porch for me to practice. It was a three note trumpet and in the left hand one had to also hold three silver balls.


11-23-89 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin in a school. I was a teacher and I was getting prepared to tell the students how many names I had and that would answer to any one of them.

A woman with me was going to press a button to launch her first ship and we were going to pray for her.

Then we went outside and we were casting a big bell.


12-19-89 - DREAM - I came home from work to find my husband talking to a priest dressed in blue. The priest was relating a dream to my husband that showed that when he went past a church with concave windows, each window had an outline of a woman's face with a light that shown where each cheekbone was and a light where the corners of her mouth would be and a hint of a line where the mouth was smiling and as he saw each window like that, we would hear a single bell ring.

I overheard him tell the dream, but he didn't know that I had. I walked in and told the two men about a dream that my Father had. It was identical to the priest's dream and then I added that the dream meant that the woman in the window meant that he belonged to Christ.

The priest was so pleased that he beamed me a smile that made me fall instantly in love with him.

I needed to change clothes and as I went upstairs, I asked my son to straighten up the livingroom which had gotten messed up from playing in it. My son grumbled but the priest reminded him that it was his duty as a son to be helpful and the priest set about to help also.

I thought to myself, "Oh my God! what a catch for a husband he would make. He would be perfect." And I fell more in love with him.

I went upstairs to change into a two piece dress that was both demure and sexy at the same time.

There was a woman upstairs who was composite...my daughter, my sister, my friend Sandy, and my reflection in the mirror it seemed. She had wild two toned hair, black and white and when I brushed my hair, she was my reflection in the mirror and her hair became like a ship at sea on top. I decided I would dye my hair to a pale brown because it wasn't fitting for a priest to be with a woman with wild looking hair.

Then I went downstairs to cook supper, deciding to make spaghetti, corn on the cob, and sliced tomatoes with sugar. My husband assured me that the corn in our own garden was perfect for harvest right at that moment.

I went out into the backyard and the priest was laying face down on our hammock resting. He was naked from the waist up and had on a long blue skirt. He had a birthmark on his right side so I knew he wasn't perfect and I fell more in love with him.

I watched the men play badminton and cook together and play with the kids and I fell more in love with the priest.

I stood on the sidelines, watching the priest at play and fell more in love. I said to my sister/daughter/friend with a secret smile on my face, "things are going exactly as they should." She agreed and smiled too.


4-8-91 Dream: I was on horseback galloping down a gravel road a little too far to the left. I had to keep adjusting to the right. There was a man on a horse on an access road to the right and a little ahead of me. He was galloping ahead and urging me forward. The roads merged ahead and we came to an area where bees were boiling up out of the rocks and yellow and black catterpillars were flying through the air. He said, "C'mon, this is the fun stuff."


6-4-91 - Dream: I was sitting in the livingroom and suddenly the "Avatar" was sitting on the right side of my chair. A rustling sound preceded his appearance and then he was suddenly there. He was wearing all blue and a hat like a mailman. I was shocked. I said, "How did you get in here?" He just smiled. I said, "I know who you are. I wanted to meet you. I saw your ad in a magazine. I know where you live. You live on Pierce St. right across from the three domes (this is a botanical garden in Milwaukee, WI) I wanted to manage those apartments. He looked surprised that I knew that much about him. He started to make moves on me that he wanted to make love to me, but I put him off. He took off his hat and his hair was exactly like TMs when I first met him. He suddenly became more handsome. I asked him if he was married. He didn't answer but made more sexual moves on me and became younger. At that point I couldn't recognize him anymore and I put him off by asking him, "How does your group feel about weight loss?" He answered "It doesn't matter what you weigh."

I heard another rustling sound and a man suddenly appeared behind him who was older. It had first appeared that the man came from his back like a clone except he was 50 years older. Then they separated. I heard another rustling sound and seven more men appeared in the diningroom. I could hear them discussing ancient history.

My livingroom door opened and a man named David and another girl came in. David look startled that I had so many men in my apartment. He turned around and left. The girl came over, like she was a reporter and she wanted the men to discuss current events. The men began discussing baseball. The girl got disgusted and left.

The the "Avatar" who was now himself again, said to me, "If you want to know how a country or city is now, just state the name and direction and you will be shown. I said, "Paris. East" A heavy wind came up and almost blew me over.

I woke up from the wind blowing, feeling quite disoriented.


10-16-94 - DREAM - I was with a clown and his job was to play music for people. He said that each place we are born has a musical sound and if our bodies don't resonate to that sound, we are forced to move to a place we resonate to. The music I resonated to was West Allis, WI. So, I began to tell this story to people about the clown and the music and that I had to say I was born in West Allis rather than Milwaukee because of the music. I knew that's why Washington felt like home to me instead of Milwaukee because I resonated to Washington's music.

I was in a car with T.M. then and told him the story of the clown and the music. He drove faster and faster and the wheels of the car went off the right side of the road. I expected to crash but the car did not drop off the edge and a right hand curve was coming up in the road. The car stayed balanced until we got there.


1-6-98 - MEDITATION: I saw a sign that said:



It was white with light blue stripes. I then saw these numbers:

530-304-1375 = 4

8 7 7 = 4


This occurred at Jan. 6, 1997 at 4 p.m. C.S.T.

1-7-97 - MEDITATION - I heard 3 sets of musical notes sounding from a trumpet.

I then heard, "Antonio! You have to trust and have faith."



9-27-97 - Dream - I was shown by an angel/entity that each individual is born with a specific symbol signifying how many days it is from conception to what you are supposed to do. And you can also tell what a person is supposed to do by looking at this symbol and you will also know how many days it is from conception.

In both Joe's and my case, it was 45 days.

The angel/entity was upset because someone had told someone in advance what I was going to do because they knew this secret of the shape/symbol system. Nobody was supposed to know this.

The symbol for 45 days was a ratcheted partial circle. The 4 took up a certain portion of the circle and the 5 took up another different certain portion of the circle.

Another angel/entity came and told me that each word spoken has a sound and a color with a nuance of tone according to how it is spoken.


10-8-97 - DREAM - I was downtown somewhere and managed a large hotel. One of the men who was a musician in my building was a drummer. (Big Bass Drum) He got a job in another hotel down the street and I followed him there to see what that hotel was like. When I got there, Max Holden, from One Life To Live was in charge of laying down strips of carpet to deaden the sound of the drummer. The carpet was reddish brown and he was laying it in various directions in a weaving pattern to make it fit.

There was a cleaning company there and when they were done cleaning, they brought out several large boxes of books. I asked the guy what he was going to do with them and he said he did'nt know because he didn't read. I asked him I could have them and he said, "Yes! Henceforth he would give me ALL the books he found.

A woman in a white car came by who worked for me, (from the previous dream - name unremembered) and they helped her get out of her white fur covered car.

I then met a very tall man and woman and she started giving me a tour of the hotel and showing me points of interest. She complained that it wasn't good enough for an important guest who was coming. What she showed me looked like an ancient Oriental Temple with lots of ornate wood carvings. I discovered that the tall man and woman owned the hotel and I was surprised they weren't happy with it. The tall man told me that a personnel manager was coming and it turned out to be my brother-in-law E.S. I started back to my own hotel and woke up.


10-9-97 - DREAM - I was at home and we had guests over. I let the guests in who were movie stars. They all wore sleeveless, collarless pajama-like material sheaths in various subtle shades of light blue and brown. One of the guests was black. Another woman dressed in pink arrived at the door. She saw the black person and backed away from the door. I went to speak to her and asked her why she wouldn't come in. She made it obvious because it was because the black person was in my house. The word bigot went through my mind. I told her it was best that she did not come into my house and shut the door in her face.

The other people went towards the back of the house where I could see them standing and I went to the livingroom to play the organ. The music I played was beautiful and I finished up by playing numerous chords and moved over to where there was a line of various colored crystals on the shelf. The sound was more subtle and quieter but exquisitely beautiful and I was able to play musical chords by touching the crystals. (The crystals were all 2 1/2 to 4 inches in diameter and not polished into shapes)

When I finished, a man who looked like Garth Brooks came in and wanted to play music with me. He brought out a beautiful black guitar to play and I had country western music to play. I also had a microphone to sing with which I began to hook up to my organ. He stopped me and said that he didn't want me to use the microphone because it would drown out HIS sound. I said that if I did't use the microphone, HIS sound would drown ME out.

We never did play together.

At the end of this dream, I had a vision dream where I was presented with two lazer lights as an award.

I saw a piece of brown paper which said, THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL ASTRAL LIGHT AWARD. (I believe these were like those in the brown box I traveled with in an earlier dream) These lights are held in the hand by the handles at the base of the light.

The lights themselves were like lazer lights.

The rings were brilliant white light.

The center ball looked the blue earth from space.


10-22-97 - DREAM - I was in a huge school. It held thousands and thousands of people of all ages. Classes were held on many floors of this school.

I went up in the elevator because I wanted to meet Gilgamesh. When I met him, he was very short, about 4 feet tall. He wore a silver suit that looked like metal. He actually looked more like a robot than a person.

He then changed into a green space suit and looked more alien. He accompanied me down the elevator and was dancing pretty wildly. I got off the elevator by the school office, the elevator door closed and I was wheezing like phlegm was stuck half way down my throat. I coughed and coughed and coughed. The office people came out and wanted to know if they should call an ambulance for me. I shook my head and continued coughing and finally my throat cleared.

The women in the office wanted to know what was going on and what had brought about my coughing. So, I told them about meeting Gilgamesh and my experience with the occult in the past. They were very upset and told me I would lose my mind if I continued to do these things.

This office was like a small library with thousands of books and the door I had come in was blocked with a movable bookshelf so we could see out but nobody could see in.

I heard a swishing noise and wondered what it was. I looked out the door between the books and saw hundreds of children walking by in unison. The sound of their little stockinged feet, because there were so many of them, made that sound.

One little boy was smart enough to look between the books and we met eye to eye. I looked out onto the hall and saw black plumes of smoke coming out from under the elevator door. I thought about yelling "Fire" but didn't want to create a panic. The smoke diminished then and I reached for the green phone to call the fire department. The phone was dead.

I had no choice but to yell "Fire!" and get everyone out of the school. The smoke was getting denser.

So, I started yelling, "Fire! Fire! Fire!" Everyone had been drilled in what to do, but there were so many thousands of people to clear out the school, this took a long time, first the little children where I was and then adults coming down the stairs from higher floors. The smoke was coming down the hall, so I kept on hollering, "Fire! Fire! Fire!" People would dawdle and complain about going outside where it was cold and wet with snow. Three guys stopped in the hall to ask why I wasn't getting out myself. I said, "Then who will there be to call the warning." I was the only one telling everyone else of the danger.


12-8-97 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house upstairs in the master bedroom preparing for something. My daughter was in her room across the hall. I had to go downstairs to do something. When I came back up I discovered the light was out in my bedroom and I hadn't left it that way. I discovered then that when I turned my light o, my daughter's light went out, and when she turned hers on, mine went out.

My Father was there and was angry at me because I had missed a phone call. The phone was in my room and while I was downstairs the phone had rung and nobody had answered it.

I went into another bedroom which was used for writing and had a computer also. It was in perfect order and a man was at the computer working.

In the hallway, I had put a long kneehole type dresser and that is where I was going to do my writing for a desk. My daughter and daughter-in-law were envious and wanted that dresser but I was going to use it myself.

Outside on the front porch, I went out from house to house gathering books in the neighborhood. When I came back I noticed that a bee hive had swarmed. The bees had separated though and there were many little clumps on the sidewalk. They would fly up, then regroup and land in another spot. There were many little groups like that and I moved away from them when they flew up to regroup.

In the front of the house on top of a small brick wall, I was studying photographs of crop circles. They were very complicated. A woman named Robin came along and wanted to be trained to help trace the photographs. I told her it would take practice to trace them in order to use them in our magazine


12-28-97 - DREAM - I spent all night, first designing, typing, and restructuring a computer program on problem solving negative behavior of people. I then went to a place in the building which had huge cavernous type rooms that seemed like a basement with sliding doors that slid sideways into the wall. I lectured to some children about getting the results they wanted from others by speaking aloud what they wanted from others, and not expecting others to be mind readers.

I double checked other people's answers to questions posed to them regarding their work and found them to be inaccurate then needed to problem solve to get the proper tools which turned out to be lacking (snow shovels) and had to obtain them and then divide up the work. A special exercise began with the ringing of a loud bell in which we had to get up from where we were sitting on the floor in this cavernous place. We had to find out why this alarm bell went off, confront an intruder who was riding a large black lawn mower type vehicle. I had to problem solve his behavior to obtain his help rather than confront his behavior in an antagonistic manner.

When the exercise was over, we all went to have snacks, at which time I also had to problem solve building of lunch room tables with benches vs cost vs work, and then teach sharing to the people.


12-20-97 - DREAM - We were inside the garage in New Berlin. Joe was painting the walls light orange and some of the orange was getting on the white trim edges. He needed to wipe off these orange marks but didn't have a clean rag. I volunteered to do the cleanup because I had a rag, but I had a hard time finding a clean spot on the rag to do the job neatly because it had some paint remover at one end and it was soaking through and would also take the orange paint back off.

We overheard a conversation between my son Tom and his father asking Tom what his greatest wish was for his birthday. Tom said his greatest wish was to go to the ballpark at the stadium and watch the baseball championship game. His father told him in order to do that, he would have to clean out the inside of his car first.

I volunteered to clean out Tom's car. It was worse than we suspected. An old tire inside the car was full of spider webs and dead bees and spiders and there were piles of leaves too. Becky (his wife) decided to help too, so we were busy cleaning and Tom came out to go to the game and we weren't done yet.

Joe slipped a $1 bill in the tire edge to pay for his part of the work which I noticed and pocketed. Tom was so happy and excited he couldn't wait for us to get done and started to back out of the garage and I was still half in the car.

I warned him to be careful because he might run over my toes with the wheels and we quickly got the rest of the dead leaves out of the car.


1-4-98 - VISION - I saw a black book titled 'SILVER BEES" in silver letters


3-18-98 - EXPERIENCE: This began at 5:30 a.m. While Joe was talking to me, I experienced an intense desire to close my eyes. It was not out of boredom. :-)

Joe was explaining his theories about the Sephiroth. He said that many people feel that the Sephiroth has to do with music. I said that was very interesting because when I closed my eyes, I was seeing a book and each 5 lines explained one section of the Sephiroth. As I watched, each word on each line became a circle and then each circle became a musical note.

Joe asked if those notes could be played. I said, "yes!" they could be played. If they were played, it would be like playing a musical scale or if in sound, it would look like a sine wave.

After Joe left for work, I heard a telephone ring in my left ear and my first thought was, "It's too early for someone to call, I'm not getting up to answer the phone." In reality the phone had run in my ear only. So I lay quietly and I heard 5 knocks. A brilliant green sign appeared in front of me that said, "Happy Cheers Day!" Then I saw 5 lines in front of me to write music on.

The words appeared above it. THE GAME OF LIFE. How to get through life without dying.

The 4 upper lines began to receive notes, but the lowest space remained blank. I waited for notes to appear there and none did.

(It seems to me that one should not play those notes which lie on the lower spaces if one wants to live without dying then.) Fear or anger, for example would be a lower note.


3-19-98 - 40714 - DREAM - I was in a strange neighborhood and helping people with their children. I taught math to some and put two little girls in a bathtub and washed their hair.

I woke up and hear d a beautiful chime sound in my right ear. I waited for a message. It was, "Go to sleep!" Another voice said quickly, "No! There isn't time for that." So, I started to have a dream-like vision instead.

I was watching a family move furniture out of a house. One thing was a huge piano which didn't fit. It seemed to have a hollow center, but I don't know why. I didn't get a clear enough look at it. I was moving into that house when they were finished moving out.


7-5-98 - 12:10 a.m. DREAM - I was visiting someone. There was a piano there with a thick beige book on the music rack. The music was in the last 1/4 of the book an was written in all whole notes, played very slowly, with long sounding notes. The piano reverberated the notes and it sounded like an organ.

When I had finished played, I closed the book. Some girls came in then and wanted to know if I knew how to play. I said, "Yes!" and they said they wanted to hear me play something.

At first I hit a very discordant chord, but then I found the music in the book and I again was able to play the piano like an organ again.

I then went out in the lobby and sat on the couch waiting for Joe to come back from somewhere. While I was sitting there, I had a long tube which was see-thru but hollow. I was pushing this long, long tube farther and farther down my throat which made the tube go down the circuit to the other end of my computer circuit where the sound and information came from. In the office where the computer was, 3 women were working there. They saw the tube come out at the other end of the computer. One woman said to the tube,"Hello Dolores!" The sound echoed in my head really loud. Then the other two women saw the tube and they all three started saying, "Hello Dolores! Hello Dolores!" and their voices echoed in my head. It was so loud, I couldn't stand having all three women talking at the same time, so I started pulling the tube back out of my mouth and it was coiling up on the floor in front of me It was just too much sound for me to handle.

There was a young man, dressed in a light brown suit sitting on the couch next to me. He struck up a conversation. I told him the story of the tube going to the computer and the too loud sounds like it belonged to someone else. I was too embarrassed to tell him it was me.

It was time to leave there and it seemed this was a place where you had to be over 55 to live there. There were a lot of people sitting around, including the manager who said she had just come back from vacation. She said she didn't want to work anymore and wanted to be on permanent vacation. In my mind I was thinking that I hoped she would quit because then I could apply for her job.

The people were talking about their rent was going to go up when their leases ran out. One man had his wife sitting with him and she had a job at which she had gotten a 10 cent an hour wage increase. He wanted to know if he rent would go up. I told him that their total financial picture would be re-evaluated when their Lease was up and their rent might indeed go up.

Another woman who was a nurse said that her wage-increase had been 10 cents an hour and wanted to know if her rent would go up. I gae her the same advice, that her financial situation would be evaluated when her Lease was up and her rent might indeed go up.

When we were leaving and going down the stairs to the door, I could hear an old woman bitching how she never gets to go anywhere. She was bellyaching and bellyaching that she never go to go anywhere and this was while she was going down the stairs going somewhere with the rest of her family.

We were standing at the bottom of the stairs laughing at her, because she kept complaining that she never got to go anywhere while she was actually going somewhere.

I went to visit my mother and father. My father had had two heart attacks in recent days, but he had forgotten what the pain had felt like and was doing okay and walking around like normal.

My mother said that the day before, my Father had not come downstairs at all, and she hadn't gone upstairs to feed him either. She had just let hi lay there because he was supposed to come down every day.

I was with my family then. We were visiting a house and it was time for the children to go to bed. Before they could go to bed they had to go to the bathroom. I seemed to be temporarily in charge of this little boy and I could feel that his pants were wet. I took him to the bathroom and opened the door and discovered an older woman was sitting on the toilet going #2. I kind of said, "Oops! Sorry!" but she was done and left the room. I pulled down the pants of this little boy who morphed into a little girl. I held her on the toilet and she did #2. I then took some wipette type things to clean her butt. I got her ready for bed. While I was doing this another woman came into the room and saw me cleaning the little girl's butt. I was hoping that the woman didn't think I had done something naughty with the little girl just because I had wiped her butt in getting her cleaned up for bed.

We went to the opposite side of the same house where I and my children were climbing this huge ornate and plush carpeted stairway. It was a stairway that curved up to the right. The carpet on the stairs was royal blue. The steps were not even, some treads were narrower than others. It was difficult climbing the stairs. We were more or less crawling up the stairs using our hands as well as our feet like climbing a mountain. Someone made the comment that only my children had the right to go up that stairway because they were of the right bloodline. Their cousins wouldn't be allowed to go up there because they didn't have the right mother.

When we got to the top of the stairs, it was very plush and ornate, persian tye carpeting, very thick and rich, and the rooms were huge. Someone commented that there were 60 rooms up there and I was hoping we'd get to see them all.

I came to a young girl about age 2 who seemed to be my daughter. She was sitting there spitting out a piece of candy. She had wanted to eat one that was shaped like a peanut and actually had peanut butter inside of it; and the one she had put in her mouth was just solid candy with NO peanut butter in it.

Later, I was with this same girl. She was driving a car and I was the passenger. (She was a young adult now) We were driving north on Teutonia Ave. She wanted to know how to spell the word 'peanut'. We were driving past a string of restaurants with other words like PIZZA, PITA BREAD, but I knew there was one with the word 'peanut' but we had driven past too fast. I told her to go around the block and I'd show her the sign that said the word "peanut." T

This neighborhood was very dark and I was afraid that something might happen, but she drove with confidence. We made a left turn onto Center St. We couldn't go around the block because 14th St. was a one way street going north. So we proceeded to 15th St. and made a left turn. I told the girl who was driving that my Father lived on 16th St.which was just one block over.

I then noticed that it was no longer dark but bright and sunny. The street was newly paved and there was a bridge ahead we had to cross.

We had to stop dead in our tracks though because in the center of the bridge were two young men, beating each other over the head with hockey sticks. They must have been from opposite teams because one was dressed in red and one dressed in blue.

We were too scare to go past them, so we turned around to go back. Our car had morphed into two secretarial chairs with wheels on the 4 legs. Behind us though, was a trio of hockey players with sticks, all dressed alike, but there were two boys and a girl between them.

We were scared because we didn't have any sticks to defend ourselves with.

I turned and looked back at the first two hockey players who were not standing arm in arm in the middle of the bridge.

I turned the other way and saw the trio of hockey players advance towards us in perfect unison, they skated in a line with their bodies moving in a curving S shape as their feet rolled across the pavement towards us.

I thought our best defense was to just stare at them in the eyes and as I did, I saw a reflection of myself but it was like it was a face from a different lifetime because the shape of the nose was different, straight and not sloped like mine is now and the hair was darker. The trio of hockey players and we two, my daughter and I, kind of slid past each other until they were on the bridge and we were back on Center St.

I wondered if these young hockey players had come across the river from the East side, and what their purpose was for coming across the river.


11-4-98 - NOTE: I went to sleep with a Moldavite crystal in my hand and told it to tell me a story.

DREAM - I was living in an apartment building in a city. I went down to the front lobby to get my mail. When I got there, an old woman was sitting on a chair in front of my mailbox and there were several bags around herr, to the side and behind her. Some were paper and some were cloth. Being the manager, I reached in one that looked like old garbage mail to see who it belonged to so I could reprimand them for dumping their garbage off. One envelope clearly was marked 'GHAZZY', an on-line friend of mine. Before I could react to that, the old woman grabbed my hand and said, "You'll have to pay to listen to the tapes." I apologized and said I thought it was just garbage.she said, "I've been looking for someone to give them to, and I guess you'll do." I looked again and saw that the bags were full of stuffed dolls and children's books. Having grandchildren, I thought it was a great gift and thanked her. There were too many bags to take them all in one trip, so had to make two trips. First I spotted my mailbox key stuck in the lock of the mailbox. I didn't know if that was a good idea to leave there and pulled it out. (It was in mailbox #1) I saw at that point that I had 3 rings of keys. One was the small mailbox key ring. Second was a larger ring of silver keys. Third was a larger ring of gold keys.

I clutched them so tightly, it almost hurt my hand. I realized later that's where I was clutching the Moldavite stone.

I grabbed two bags with the stuffed dolls and a pillow that had a torn pillowcase. The dolls were adorable with floppy arms and legs. I knew my granddaughter would love them. When I got upstairs, my daughter was there with a friend and she was very young...around 4 or 5 years old. (So how could I have grandchildren?) I put the dolls and the pillow down on a bench and went back downstairs to get the children's books. when I got down to the lobby, the old woman was in a side room that looked like a library and she was retrieving more books for me.

I picked up two more bags of books and headed for the elevator. This time the elevator was too full of people and I had to wait for it to come back down. Instead of being int he building, I was behind the building and could see the city behind and around me. I heard a buzzing sound and suddenly saw a bright blue plane that was triangle shape skim over the building. It appeared to have an alien strapped on underneath it which was hanging on and steering it with body movements such as one would steer a sled.

This all happened in rapid succession. First one plane skimmed over, then 3 went in another direction. Then 6 wet over higher up and those plane stretched out and changed shape. The planes were all the same color but shape shifted.

At the same time, what looked like might be shadows but appeared more like clouds in the air like puffs came in front of the buildings. We were all afraid. We were being invaded enmasse.


9-11-98 - DREAM - I was in a huge mansion. We were told that when the Old Father died, we were going to get a great inheritance. We were told about the great riches and the wonderful rooms and shown examples of all this. It seemed that the mansion was like a museum because everything was so valuable. It had a sense of great awe about it. I didn't really care about all the riches and stuff, all I really cared about was getting into the huge library on the 3rd floor that was under lock and key. There were 3 huge doors in a row up there and they were locked. I knew beyond that there was a dark library with thousands of books...not little books like we use, but huge giant tomes two feet tall and 3 inches thick, all bound in leather and gilt in gold on the edges of the pages. I just wanted to get in there, that's all I wanted. This place was really ominous. We were in awe just to be here. It seemed like it had magical qualities like the singing stones. When you pressed on certain stones, they played glorious music.

In this one huge circular room, these stones were placed which were hollow underneath and when you pressed on them in the right order, the sound boomed out like a grand organ and reverberated around in echoes.

The address of this room was 18031C and we discussed that you had to be in the certain section of that room only. This room was a large circle, and the circle was divided into sections, both in rows and each row in sections. Each section had it's own address, and in this case, this sound could be made only in that one "C" section. I pressed on the stones in this pattern:


*        *



It is the tones in the movie Encounters of the 3rd kind. (which I've seen 25 or 30 times)

(I can't explain why this alien site has the same floor pattern. This scared me to see it)

At one point, we were going to a park-like area of this property and we had to climb over railings and go through a maze and ended up in an indoor swimming pool. The air was heavy and thick. It was like going into the old-fashioned Natatorium where there was no air conditioning and the air was heavy with humidity and smelled of Chlorine and this place was all white.

My friend and co-worker C.H. was leading us in our little trek. She told us that she felt wonderful in this place that the heaviness of the air made her feel safe and peaceful. I asked her why we couldn't just outside in the fresh air and sunshine where all the other people and animals were. She said it was too dangerous out there and I saw black people out in that direction. They were all out in the sunshine. It seemed to me that was the better place, but she didn't think so, but I wasn't going to argue with her and tried to feel calm and peaceful in the heavy air inside the white room. We were still following a narrow balcony type path around the area where the pool was supposed to be, but I never did see the water.

I was also in an area where there were some communications being done between computers across wide expanses of areas which seemed both indoors and outdoors at the same time. It was like being outdoors even though we were inside of a huge area where we couldn't see the walls or ceiling but knew they were there. I seemed to be in control of this and everything was fine here.

The last scene was inside a mansion and I seemed to be the manager. We had just been told about all the treasures. It seemed it was time to take our pick of the treasures and I chose a huge yellow bound book which was propped up on a small table flanked by big crystal stones.

I clutched the book to my chest as some maintenance worker brought in an entire room of huge old fashioned lamps of a variety of shapes and ceiling lights. They wanted to know where I was going to put them and I told them we still had 5 empty apartments upstairs or 6 or 7, but 5 for sure. They began carrying the ceiling lamps and other lamps up there to the empty apartments. I quickly looked at the lamps to pick out the one I wanted for my own to put with my treasured book.

I took my book and walked into my apartment where my children and my Father were all sitting on stools which were against each of the four walls.

I was still by the door, sitting on my own stool and feeling a pressure on my stomach. then it seemed like something warm, wet, and then hot was running out my bottom and it wasn't pee.

I started to feel afraid as the feeling got stronger, wet and hot on bottom. I looked down and a trail of blood was running down my legs onto the floor.

I was thinking, "Oh! My God! My period." Here I was with all these boys and my Father.

Then more blood ran down my legs, hot and wet and I thought I was going to bleed to death. My fear was rising and the pressure was getting stronger on my stomach.

Having given birth to six children, I recognized this feeling, I knew my water had broken and I was going to have a baby.

I called out, "Mother!!!! Mother!!!!" As I did, a stronger gush of water came out of me. This was no normal birth. No human being ever had this much fluid come out of them and live. I wondered why I wasn't passing out. Finally . one huge gush of fluid came out of me and flooded the entire room 4 inches deep. I was shocked. All I could do is scream, MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!"

NOTE: Strange coincidences occurred after I had this dream. I got out my tape of Close Encounters of the 3rd kind to watch to match the tones. Then I watched the movie STARGATE. The model of the Stargate hanging up on a table as a model had the same pattern as the room I was in that made the stones sing. I also had a dream in which I was told that the ETs I work with are from Zeta-Orionus. Also, the beasts of burden from the above dream was very similar to the beast of burden in the STARGATE movie. (Read RA story from Edgar Cayce) STARGATE movie said that this other planet was in the K___gian galaxy. (I haven't looked that up)


9-18-98 - DREAM - I was in the country sitting by a barn and I started to hear what sounded like flies buzzing and I looked and blackbirds were coming up from the grass and flocking onto a trellis or grid-like structure on the side of the barn. They flapped their wings and fluttered around until they formed a big symbol like ^ then three young teens came and got on each other's shoulders and they walked into the barn like one tall person but it was 3 in 1.

NOTE: (The Trinity?) The ^ symbol is the male sign (similar to a unicorn horn). The V sign is feminine sign. Together they form an X which is the sign of the Templars, which was about the Holy Grail.

Then it seemed like the side of the barn turned into a movie screen and a musical commercial came on and all the people there were many had the faces of lions and striped tigers but were wearing like blue work clothes. Then the commercial changed into written instructions which I was trying to make out. Joe had come back home and his black car was parked behind me and I kept asking him, "What does that say?" over and over because I could quite make it out. I was about writing something and I think it said something about expurging something. I couldn't see it clearly enough to know for sure.

I turned around to ask him again and Joe was gone and it sounded like he picked up his alarm clock and took it to work with him.


1-4-00 - VISION - I saw the name Leadbeater and heard the tone "Middle C". After I heard it I went to the computer to do a search for that subject and when I did I got an e-mail from Tami telling me she had a vision of me and a twig snapping. She interpreted that as something major ending. While I thought about it, it came to me that I was making a major breakthrough. I think it is about sound and healing.

I created this page about it. http://www.greatdreams.com/sound.htm


1-8-00 = DREAM - All I recall is seeing boxes named 'SOUND'. I woke up and with my eyes still closed, I had a vision which again was a box and it said, "PUT SOUND IN BOXES'.


1-10-99 - DREAM - I was in a place where I both worked and lived. One of the other girls was in charge of a program where there was one statement on a space. These were quite large and her job was to compress each one in a racheted type program.

There were only 52 left to go, and these had to be done before we could leave. However, she got called away. We could put the ratchets around the statements to enclose them, but we didn't know how to compress them.

I was packing to leave. I didn't have to take all my clothes with me. My mothers could store them, but I was taking three purses, empty or full, they went with me.

We were cleaning out the garage. It was pretty much done. I wasn't able to do that job because the machinery was too heavy, but one of the men was able to help out.

I heard a piano sound out the "A" note on the level below us and an older man sounded out the "A" note on an organ on our level. I had a piano and sounded the "A" note on it, and I heard two others on higher levels sound the "A" note. This was 'way cool' .


01/03/1999 1:21:20 PM

dreamlink@dream-link.org (Byron Smith)

Tornado On the Way 1/3/1999

I found myself in a strange house in a strange city with strange people. Oh they were nice enough it’s just that I don’t know who they are. While I was trying to figure out where I was and who I was with suddenly the lights went out. I saw it was day-time and it was not totally dark but I ran to look out a window and saw that a very dark storm cloud was headed directly at the city. I can’t tell the exact direction I was looking in this dream and usually I am very keen on directions in my dreams. I can say I was looking out the window and it was either North or West. Once again I turned and looked around the room at the people there. There was a man and wife and two or three children in this house. It was made like one of those prefab houses where they put two halves of the house together on a slab. Something like a doublewide trailer but it sets on a foundation.

After determining I didn’t have a clue as to who these people were and where I was I looked back out the window watching the storm cloud and bursts of rain come down from time to time so hard that it obscured the dark cloud behind it. While watching I started to hear a rumbling sound. It wasn’t thunder, it sounded like a huge water fall or even the rumble of a locomotive coming near. I listened, as it became louder and louder and realized that it was the sound of a huge tornado. I turned back to the family and observed their unconcerned expressions. “Do you here that sound” I asked them. Both the mother and the father looked at me and had no answer. It was like they didn’t understand the question. “You can hear that rumbling sound can’t you?” I asked them again. They listened then as if they had not heard the sound until I brought it to their attention. “Yes, we can hear the sound” they said.

“Do you know what makes a sound like that?” I asked them. The two looked at each other and back to me without answering. “A huge tornado makes a sound like that” and I turned and looked back out the window and strained to see where the tornado was. Suddenly as if a gust of wind had blown the rain out of the way I saw it under the black cloud. It must have been a half-mile across and only a mile away at that moment but I could see it clearly. It had just reached the edge of the town and was sucking up buildings one after another. Some of these buildings were houses and others were businesses. It was like a farming community in a town that was like a small city. I was amazed and shocked to see the size of this twister and as I watched my eyes widened even more when I realized it was slowly moving directly towards us. Then suddenly the rain came down between the twister and us again and blocked it from my view.

I turned and told the people there that a huge twister was headed straight for us and that we must get out of this unsubstantial structure to a safe place and away from the path of the tornado. They looked at each other and then at me and had that same dumb expression on their faces. The expression that indicated to them they were more concerned about me being crazy than the fact there was a huge tornado headed right for us.

Again I looked out the window and saw the twister was only a half-mile from us at that point and closing. I ran to the back door that opened into a garage and ran through the garage and out the open door into the yard. This was a side yard the house was built only a few yards from a public street. I stood near the street in the mist and watched as the tornado came closer. It had lost about half of it’s size but was still terrifying to see at this close range and still sucking up every building it came to. It wasn’t moving real fast but then it had never being going very fast. Now it was coming along between the houses that were directly in the path of this house and the ones to my right. The neighbor’s houses were now in the path. I looked around to see where I might run to if it came back our direction. Across the road was a building and a levy that might have been for a rail road track since it ran as far as I could see in either direction though I never saw any tracks. The family was now standing in the garage watching me and the women was calling to me to come back in the house where it was safe. The one thing I was certain of was that they were not safe in that house. I was safer out side where I could run from the thing, perhaps find a ditch and dive into it. I was strongly considering a short trip over that levy except for the fact I now knew the path of the twister was taking it away from where I was and toward the house next door.

By the time the twister was a half block away it had became even smaller and I knew it was on it’s way out. Now it was only a few yards across but still sucking the shingles from the roofs and other things into the air. Tree limbs were cracking and twisting in the wind from the force of the twister.

When it crossed the street it was headed straight for the house next door at a speed of only around 5-MPH. The family still standing there in the garage door looking at me as if they had no clue what was going on. They had never seen the twister from the very start and were oblivious to the danger that was passing so near to them. A powerful twister that had sucked up lives and property from the moment it came into the town and at that very moment was only a few yards from them. They were looking at me like I was crazy and I was looking at them as if they were idiots.

Then just as the twister crossed the road toward the neighbor’s house it lifted up into the sky just above the rooftop of the two-story house next door. As it passed us by it dwindled into a small spout of a thing and vanished back up into the clouds from wince it had came.



1-28-99 - DREAM - I was sitting on the couch in the livingroom of a house holding what I thought was a large reddish brown pillow on my lap and stroking the top edge. The pillow morphed into the shape of a horse which surprised me but I continued to stroke its head. Then I got the thought that the horse would be hungry and need some grass and a place to go potty so I put a leash on him like a dog and he led the way towards the back of the house where the door to the backyard was.

He got way out ahead of me and kept going into some wrong rooms, and other people kept getting in the way and he, himself kept morphing into other people disguises so nobody would now who he was.

I ended up at a small park where people were gathering and I sat on a white lounge chair I was wearing shorts with my left leg crossed over the right.

One of my sons friends were there at a much younger age than they currently are. The kid was about 6, an ugly little twerp and a brat. His father 'Glen' sat next to me on the left in the same position I was, very close and I could feel love feelings then on that side coming from him. I wondered where his wife was.

His young son, the ugly one, had something white in his hands and was dressed all in white and he announced to the crowd, "If I was the saviour, this is what I would do." He had this white thing in his hands which he blew into and it expanded like a big triangular fan and he rose into the air over the crowd. I could see there were almost invisible boards and he was walking on them so it looked like he was floating in the air. Nobody else could see this but me. He began to speak to the crowd about love and humanity.

Meanwhile a young woman sat on the ground facing away from him. She was wearing a yellow dress and crying. Her breasts were hanging out of her dress and her mother was trying to comfort her.

Glen started backing up. I assumed so that he wouldn't interfere with the situation or embarrass the girl. He kept backing up though the girl was calming down and her breasts were now covered. Finally he backed up so far he was gone.

The little ugly son continued to preach to the crowd and old people were gathering. He asked them to sit in a circle which they did and an old woman asked to join the circle so they let her in. The words, "Let the circle be unbroken' came into my head. But the circle broke as soon as the old woman joined it and the ugly son came down from his perch and disappeared like his father had.

A man wearing a black shirt came and sat on the ground to my right and began speaking in a loud voice. The voice was deep bass and pleasant to hear, but obviously was not saying what anyone wanted to hear and people began to leave.

I was so distressed that when I hard thunder and saw dark clouds I used that as an excuse to get up from my chair and move way from him. I looked up at the sky along with another woman. There were dark, broken clouds overhead, but I could see there was another cloud layer up higher and from behind a hill which I could now see now that I was standing up, a huge storm cloud was coming and it was rumbling ominously as it slowly came towards us.

I turned around then and saw that there were 4 men in black sitting next to where I had been, two to the left, and two to the right, all smoking a cigarette and the ends of the cigarettes were glowing with an odd blue light.

The crowd had already dispersed and we left the men in black sitting there on the ground.

I decided to go to the bathroom in the pavilion before I went home and went inside. I had been here before so I knew where the ladies bathroom was, but when I got there, they had remodeled it, and nurses dressed in white were preparing for some kind of program where they were going to give everyone mass inoculations for something.

There was a sign there that said, "Happy Birthday December 18th" and I thought to myself. "Well, they are a little late." and the date was wrong because my birthday was Dec. 26th. Nevertheless I went past the nurses to find the bathroom and saw that there was a line of young girls all dressed in white standing in line and I didn't want to wait. They all looked like patients in a hospital anyway and this place didn't seem like the place I wanted to be.

So, I headed back towards the exit which was now barricaded by a purple rope like they use to control crowds in a movie theatre. Another young woman there got the same idea I did to leave and she held up the rope and I scooted under it. I said, "I think I can make it home and use the bathroom there." she said the same thing and we headed out the door and I woke up.


1-14-00 - DREAM - I was invited to a party by one of my sons or a young teen. When I got there, he had a baby grand piano there so I went over to it to see what kind of music he had there to play. It was more like coloring book pictures on top, but I played some notes and the piano sounded wonderful.

As I sat there picking out a little tune, some other people arrived on bicycles whom I hadn't seen in a long time. I said, "Hi!" in an excited voice because I was surprised to see them.

The area I sat in was next to a garden and there was a bricked in area right behind me which my chair was partially sitting on. The young woman on the first bicycle decided to ride behind me and as she went over the bricks, my whole chair went up and down as the ground vibrated it. I asked her if she had room and she said she thought so.

She rode her bicycle down the portico area and as I stood up I knocked over a cup of coffee or water onto the piano. My son was right there and asked if he could help with anything. I said, "You can mop up this water if you like. "

Then I noticed that the light wasn't bright enough. We had already put in a larger light bulb but it still wasn't bright enough. I looked up at the bulb and asked if we could put in a larger bulb.

On the table was a strange looking bulb. It was narrow and tall. . . silver on the end with a window like opening on each end, but there was liquid inside of it also like water.

I asked the young men if they could put this bulb into the bulb socket as it had a threaded end to screw it in.

I woke up as they were going to do that. As I was waking up, I heard a noise like breaking light bulb... a clanging-like noise. It wasn't until later that I thought about the connection though. The realization that the light bulb probably blew up because of the liquid in it.

NOTE: Coincidentally, our fluorescent lights went dim and blinking the other night and we replaced them. The sound I heard after the dream was the same sound as a fluorescent light bulb breaking.


Jan Ingersoll

I've had many dreams of 'going underground' into tunnels to rescue children. We take big buses or sometimes trains to pick them up & bring them home.

It is always at night & usually set in the big city scene. I see this as the earth & bringing the souls to their true spiritual home...This time around,there are many world teachers incarnate,but the 'Messiah' returns through MANY as a consciousness & a 'group manifesting action'. Words do not change a world ..active energy acceleration does.

True life is energy vortexing..not mental thoughtform constructs. 'THE WORD' of creation is a TONE on a frequency with NO SOUND in these realms. Crystals resonate to creative tones..frequencies. They were 'placed into earth & function on multidimensional fields. Our forms are of a crystalline nature. Rocks & stones do not 'grow'. They are of the physical plane.