Apologists for terrorism claim there is no connection between terrorism against Israel and terrorism against America, and insist that Israel's enemies are not America's enemies. Their lies were laid bare by their own protégés, the Al-Qaida terrorists who bombed an Israeli tourist resort in Kenya last week.

Al-Qaida's choice of Israeli as well as American targets demonstrates that they view both America and Israel as their enemies. They seek to destroy both countries because their own irrational, totalitarian and backward ideology is threatened by Western Civilization's values of reason, freedom and progress.


Osama bin Laden explicitly declared a holy war against "the world Christianity, which is allied with Jews and Zionism, led by the United States, Britain and Israel." The PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and all other Arab and Islamic terrorist organizations and regimes in the Middle East feel the same way. The Palestinian Authority, for example, recently broadcasted live from the mosques of Gaza the following call: ''Wherever you are, kill those Jews and those Americans who are like them--and those who stand by them. They are all in one trench against the Arabs and the Muslims.'' Just this past week Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah exhorted his Palestinians followers "to take suicide bombings worldwide."


It is only a matter of time before Palestinian terrorists will begin to systematically attack Americans--as they have been attacking Israelis.


If America wants to win this war with as few American casualties as possible, it must ignore the apologists for terrorism and turn its attention to what Arab and Muslim terrorists are really saying and doing. Then Americans will clearly see that Israel's enemies are America's enemies too--and that by supporting Israel America would be advancing its own cause.

David Holcberg

This letter was published in Australia's Herald Sun (December 10, 2002)