The 2006 Crop Circle Formations  
Part Two
The New Jerusalem
The T-Tau, Sign of Resurrection
Explanatory Return of Early Formations

by Joseph E. Mason

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Vrhovljan, Croatia 8th June

Images Uhuba Zambata Copyright 2006

Location: Small village called Vrhovljan, Croatia


Description: Three circles 5m in diameter connected with 5 meter lines

Discovery: 08.06.2006

Name: Velika Mlaka

Noise, Animal Reaction Accompany Croatia Crop Circle

CROATIA: Noise and animals reaction accompanied appearing of a crop circle in Vrhovljan [08/06/06] There is a new crop circle in Croatia. It appeared at night of 8th June 2006 in Vrhovljan, a little village located 20 km from Èakovec. People said the animals were confused and they heard some kind of noise.

Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2006 6:07 pm
Post subject: T Tau Crop Circle Formation in Croatia

The crop circle formation that appeared around 8 June 2006 in Vrhovljan, Croatia, seems to be a version of the ancient symbol called the "T Tau." It is similar to one of those I spoke about in my 1992 article in the Dream Network Journal:

In our book, "OMNI" (Are Extraterrestrials Steering Us to a One-World Religion Through Crop Circles?), we had a full chapter (pages 160 to 182) about the T-Tau.

The subject is also discussed on our website, along with the Tau as the equal-armed Cross:

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Our friend, Subash, recently wrote an article about one of the T-Tau glyphs found in Mexico:

Four of the Mexican type T-Tau glyphs are shown in the Aztec Cosmogram:

I think it is significant that the Aztec Cosmogram is somewhat similar to the Sri Yantra:

Note the four "T" shapes, one on each side. These are said to be "Gates."

There is a connection to the Chakra system:




2006-06-15 Finland Southern Finland Southern Finland Weeds

Posted: Sat Jun 24, 2006 12:53 pm
Post subject: 1st Crop Circle in Finland - A Resurrection Pictogram

The "pictogram" type crop circle formation that appeared in Southern Finland around 15 June 2006, seems to be related to a number of others that have appeared over the years.

Diagram credit: Andreas Müller

[Note: I have rotated the image 90-degrees from the original.]

The "T" shape on the top may represent the T-Tau. The "T" is standing in the "Cup" represented by the half ring.

Similar glyphs are depicted in "The Sacred Symbols of Mu." The half ring "cup" may represent the ancient "U" symbol of the abyss, a deep hole, or valley. The T-Tau represents resurrection or emersion. The message may be similar to baptism.

Another T-Tau type formation appeared in Croatia around 8 June 2006.

Photo credit: Uhuba Zambata, Ufogovernment © [Croatia]

Around 1991, I made a prediction of a glyph similar to this pictogram in Finland. You can see the basis of it on the cover of our book:

It is one of the glyphs on the left side, third from the bottom. It is a portion of the pictogram that appeared at Hazeley Farm Fields in 1990. The two glyphs above it also represent Tau type shapes. My idea was that it represents the T-Tau submurged into the abyss. The "T" is within the circle. The prediction that I sent to Pat Delgado and other researchers was the T standing up in the cup. It shows the "resurrection."

I think the message includes a duality balance, based in part on this dream, told to me by Jeff in 1990:


I was on a starship in space with other people. An extremely important message was trying to come in but it couldn't until we first ejected the garbage. I ran frantically and managed to eject it. The message came in over a console with lights flashing. A doctor appeared and led the crew into a bedroom. He began to work on a yard-high mound of jelly-like substance at the foot of the empty bed. Suddenly, I saw a human- sized hand puppet, a male/female pair with only one hand-hole. They fell back into a vat of water. I went over and looked down at them under the water and knew they had to change. They had to change.

Image credit: Incanus
The Pilgrims Way, Burham near Maidstone, Kent

Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 12:50 am

The crop circle formation that appeared at Burham, Kent, around 24 June 2006, seems to be related to the "main message," which is the Heart Chakra. Many similar formations have appeared in the past, and this was a main theme last year.

(Crop formation, 17 June 2003, Milk Hill, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire)


The Heart Chakra symbol is related to the New Jerusalem Plan.

This is an example of the Heart Chakra symbol:

The location names may also be suggestive, such as, Pilgrims Way and Maidstone. A place nearby, the "Blue Bell Hill Picnic Area," fits well with related symbolism. I will expand on these ideas later.

Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 5:43 pm
Post subject: Lower Blue Bell Hill, Kent. Reported 22nd June.

The crop circle formation that appeared near Lower Blue Bell Hill, around 22 June 2006, is clearly related to the "Star of David" type formation that appeared nearby around 25 June 2006, at Burham, Kent.

Premilary diagram credit: Tommy Borms

The flower glyph is the internal part of the "Seed of Life" symbol:

On June 26th, I posted some comments about the Star of David type formation at Burham, Kent:

Drawing lines between petal tips of the "flower" glyph, can produce a Star of David. The adjacent glyph, the ring with a dot inside, is an ancient symbol of the "Monotheistic Deity." Both glyphs can relate to symbols of the sun. In this case it may represent the Sun/Son made manifest by the Original One Sun, symbolic of the Deity.

In terms of the Tree of Life, the six-petal flower seems to fit with the sixth sphere in the middle of the Tree, which is the position of the Son/Sun Child, at the level representing the Heart Chakra. See:

At the end of my previous posting concerning the Star of David type formation at Burham, Kent, I made this comment:


 The location names may also be suggestive, such as, Pilgrims Way and Maidstone.
 A place nearby, the "Blue Bell Hill Picnic Area," fits well with related symbolism. I will  
 expand on these ideas later.

The most important idea about this is the connections of the Seed of Life glyph to the story of the 153 Fish in the Net, as recorded in John 21. See:

The idea is related to an ancient symbolic story of Apollo at Delphi, which includes the Omphalos Stone:

Some of the meaning of the Omphalos is within this article:

The article ends with this:


The Year of Jubilee, Chapter Five: The Hidden Time
by Thomas Jude Germinario

The idea is that the metaphysical foundation of phallic Yesod, represented as the second (from the bottom) sphere of the Tree of Life, is similar to the idea of the Omphalos becoming opaque (Qlippot), obstructing our view of the upper source Worlds of the Olam, after the "shattering of Vessels" (Shevirah).

After the "rectification," (Tikkun) the Yesod sphere becomes clear (sapphire stone). This represents the change in our "evil eye" perception of reality, that will eventually come into being, eliminating the negative influence (Sitra Ahra) from the "Other Side."

The Omphalos has a bell-like shape, and seems often to appear in that form. At the completion of the cycle, the Omphalos Dome of the Sky symbolically becomes clear, as represented by the blue sapphire stone. This is why I wrote that the place name, "Blue Bell Hill," may be significant in relation to the crop circle formation. The place name, "Maidstone," could also be suggestive. Likewise with "Pilgrims Way."

I started an article that expands on these ideas, but it is quite incomplete. However, I will provide the address to the page now, rather than wait for the completion of the article. I have quite a few images on the page, but have not yet made the case with the written text. I'll take care of that in time.

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2006 4:02 pm
Post subject: 2006 Crop Circle at Herington, Kansas

Location: Herington, Kansas (USA)
Date Occurred: ?
Date Found: June 2, 2006
Crop: Winter Wheat
Description: 2 approx. 20 ft-diameter. circles, separated by 8-10 ft. of
standing crop  

2006 Crop Circle at Herington, Kansas
(Sun-Moon Duality)

The two circles of the Herington, Kansas formation are unique. The wheat was not bent and layed down. All the plants were standing. The crops in the central areas of each circle are shorter (about 19 inches tall) than those near the perimeters, which were taller than the plants in the rest of the field.  The plants were progressively taller from the center  - outward, apparently forming two bowl-like shapes.


Cosmic Wreath

Diagram: CC Connector

Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2006 1:08 pm
Post subject: Connections to 2005

The formation that appeared at West Overton around 9 June 2006, may be related to some of the 2005 formations on this page:

The speculation is that "figure 8" or "infinity" glyphs such as this one . . .

. . . may be related to the crossover in the Tree of Life:


It is known as The Tipharet Helix.











Diagram: Jeffrey Wilson, ICCRA
(there are others similar to this)

compare to 2005 types & add 4 pt stars


Essay 11
21 July 1991

T-Tau rising to stand in U-cup



Wayland Smithy, nr Ashbury, Oxfordshire. Reported 8th July.

"This formation is located behind the tree lined chamber barrow of Wayland, and is a complete departure to what normally we are used to seeing."


"I asked what it means, inside I felt to read it as music. fa so la tee in digression dum dum dum dum. Hi low lower's a dirge. And then............................................... .I saw it spiralling in a count down inward building in pitch and tempo to a crescendo. A culmination of time and events."

Joseph in Miami


Page 2

"My wife and I have been studying the new crop circles carefully. It appears that Wayland's Smithy 2006 contains, in three places, a square grid of mini circles within each of its three longest arms. Those appear similar in form to the 19 mini circles seen last year in the Celtic Cross formation, symbolizing the 19-year cycle of the Moon.

But now (and we can't tell from the current photo), the new Wayland's Smithy formation seems to contain a 6 x 8 grid of mini circles within each long arm, to give 6 x 8 = 48 (?) in total. Months, weeks or days? My guess would be "48 weeks", which when added to its date of formation as July 8, 2006, might yield early June 2007 for when the explosion-gravity wave shown reaches Earth.

It was made at Wayland's Smithy, close to the spectacular Mayan calendar made last year. Recall that I decoded that Mayan calendar last year to derive a date of August 13-16, 2007 for the same near-future event: two months off or not?

Thus, we need to know exactly how many mini circles appear within each of those three long arms, using a better and more detailed photo. I am only guessing "8 x 6 = 48". Hopefully our crop-artist friends gave the same number three times in triplicate. For example, if the experimental number is really "8 x 7 = 56 weeks", then July 8, 2006 plus 56 weeks would yield August 8, 2007, in good accord with decoding of Wayland's Smithy 2005.

Can someone check that numerical detail please with high priority, before the spectacular pattern is defaced in some way?

The second picture at Uffington points directly at the White Horse. However since we have forgotten what that white-horse symbol means (although the crop artists seemingly have not), we seem unable at present to go further.

I love those guys (girls), they are clever-clever-clever! Much more exciting than "The Da Vinci Code".

Etchilhampton 1997 showed a 26 x 30 = 780 grid, meaning "780 weeks until 2012". Thus the most likely interpretation of Wayland's Smithy 2006 might again be "weeks".


The crop artists seem to have given us, quite early in the season, another incredibly-clever mathematical coded message for how much longer it will be, until some major event occurs about one year from now in the northern summer of 2007. Once again located at Wayland's Smithy, which is essentially a mass grave from some similar catastrophe in 3000 B.C. The outward rays show classical 1 / r-squared geometry, just as for an intensity-distance relation of light waves in astronomy. At the end of each of three long rays (the ones which may impact Earth first), three square white boxes contain some kind of grid-like fine-structure, possibly with 6 x 8 = 48 or maybe 7 x 8 = 56 mini-circles inside, like for the Celtic Cross of last year (19). No human faker could have produced such detail in triplicate. They know this. It was supposed to be convincing.

Therefore, we definitely need to know more about those fine grid-like parts of the new Wayland Smithy's crop pattern. Most simply, those grid numbers (48 or 56?) could give the weeks remaining until a major event in the summer of 2007 (which could perhaps be a minor precursor to 2012).

Would not be surprised to see another coded message in early August on the same theme. Rays of some kind emerging from the galactic centre (technically called "Einstein-Rosen gravity waves").

Red Collie


Sacred Symbols of Mu


Page 88 and 89, Figure 15  - The T Tau

Page 105, Cut 1 and Cutk. 2
Explanation on page 106


T - The Tau
Pages 130 to 134


Page 172
U-shapes - Legends on the Vignettes


The T and the U


Pepperbox Hill


Dee drew the above picture, based on her dream on 14 July 2006. In the dream, the center branch of the tree broke off. Dee reached over the bicycle and picked up the branch, then placed it in the vase, so it could re-root. The tree was a Bonsai type, a miniture tree.

10. Bicycle-Tree dream
Posted by: Dee to greatdreams forum
Fri Jul 14, 2006 7:48 pm (PST)

Hi all: At 5 p.m. I took a short nap.

In the dream, I was looking through the wheels of a bicycle at a bonsai tree which was in a rectangular pot between the bicycle and a building.

I heard a loud crunch and the top of the tree broke off and fell down behind the tree.

A voice of a man from behind my right shoulder said, "The tree is destroyed".

I said, "Maybe not"! and reached over the bicycle and picked up the three branches of the tree which were connected together and placed them into the pot to be re-rooted.

End of dream

This dream is obviously about the war in the mideast, which I had just been watching on TV previous to the dream. The bicycle represents 'balance' - the tree represents "The Tree of Life".



Diagram: Tommy Borms (C) 2006

"Rake" UFO from Filer's Files



























Five cubes
5 x 12^3 = 8640
5 x 1728 = 8640
60 x 60 x 24 = 8640, the number of seconds in one day.
8640 / 20 = 432, the Cycle of Time number.

Six cubes
6 x 12^3 = 10368
288^2 - 10368 = 72576
82944 - 10368 = 72576
72576 = 1296 x 56 x 1296

10368 - 1368 = 9000
1368 feet = height of the tallest of the Twin Towers
3168 - 1368 = 1800

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001



There are several Apollo connections, including his title as (the Sminthian, which sounds similar to "Smithian") This is from Edith Hamilton's "Mythology, Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes," page 30:

"In the Illad he is called "the Sminthian, "the Mouse-god, but whether because he protected mice or destroyed them no one knows."

The entire section on Appolo is important in a number of ways. Apollo may correspond to Ra. The sun and the arrow are both associated. They may correspond to the Sun behind the sun, as with Mithras. The lower sun for each would be Helios and Kin. Kin is the physical sun, the celestial orb. Apollo and Kin, along with Bel Marduke and Horus, have the 8-pointed star as one of their symbols. Such a star did appear this year at Milk Hill, near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, around 22 July 2006.


chap. VII.—Concerning the testimonies of Apollo and the gods.

Apollo, indeed, whom they think divine above all others, and especially prophetic, giving responses at Colophon,—I suppose because, induced by the pleasantness of Asia, he had removed from Delphi,—to some one who asked who He was, or what God was at all, replied in twenty-one verses, of which this is the beginning:—

“Self-produced, untaught, without a mother, unshaken,
A name not even to be comprised in word, dwelling in fire,
This is God; and we His messengers are a slight portion of God.”


He spoke falsely respecting himself, indeed; for though he was of the number of demons, he reckoned himself among the angels of God, and then in other responses he confessed himself a demon. For when he was asked how he wished to be supplicated, he thus answered:—

“O all-wise, all-learned, versed in many pursuits, hear, O demon.”

And so, again, when at the entreaty of some one he uttered an imprecation against the Sminthian Apollo, he began with this verse:—

“O harmony of the world, bearing light, all-wise demon.”


Therefore let men withdraw themselves from errors; and laying aside corrupt superstitions, let them acknowledge their Father and Lord, whose excellence cannot be estimated, nor His greatness perceived, nor His beginning comprehended. When the earnest attention of the human mind and its acute sagacity and memory has reached Him, all ways being, as it were, summed up and exhausted, 43 it stops, it is at a loss, it fails; nor is there anything beyond to which it can proceed. But because that which exists must of necessity have had a beginning, it follows that since there was nothing before Him, He was produced from Himself before all things. Therefore He is called by Apollo “self-produced,” by the Sibyl “self-created,” “uncreated,” and “unmade.” And Seneca, an acute man, saw and expressed this in his Exhortations. “We,” he said, “are dependent upon another.” Therefore we look to some one to whom we owe that which is most excellent in us. Another brought us into being, another formed us; but God of His own power made Himself.


The above is from an online book:

Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol. VII

Fathers of the Third and Fourth Centuries: Lactantius, Venantius, Asterius, Victorinus, Dionysius, Apostolic Teaching and Constitutions, Homily, and Liturgies

The American Tragedy:
A Symbolic Event
September 11, 2001
Part Two


Dreams, Numbers, & Coincidences


December 23, 1995

Dear Catherine,


Coincidental events happened at work, as my workmates were having trouble catching a mouse. Then I read that Apollo was called "The Sminthian," the Mouse-god, in the Iliad. I have known for a long time that Apollo is associated with the sun, but only recently read more about Artemis and her moon connection.








Photo credit to the Crop Circle Connector.

Diagram credit:




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snail circle seed

sperm circle ball in cup


The Fool's wreath symbolizes victory

His wand is a measuring tool by which we continually evaluate our accomplishments.

His wallet contains memories of the past, and the eagle on the wallet symbolizes the awakening of higher vision toward loftier aspirations.

(the wreath may fit with the "garland" formation. 22/4 = 5.5 and 78 connection to Mega Glyph)
There are additions to "The Fool Tarot Card" formation, primarily from "our" Sharon:


East Field, Nr Alton Priors, Wiltshire. Reported 28th July.


This could be a little sun rolling out of a larger sun in 9 steps. The extra scalloped glyph

could be at the 6th step, or the 4th, depending on the direction.


Overton Hill, East Kennett, Wiltshire. Reported 26th July.

Map Ref: SU116683


11 66 83 each relate to 11


The reconstruction starts with the look of a circle-square time tunnel. It's amazing and very complex. One part is like the interference patterns formed by overlapped concentric rings. Some of the details are like other crop formations.

Reconstruction of Overton Hill, East Kennett, Wiltshire.

by Philippe Charette


1. Draw a primary circle, enclosed within a square. Draw a circle enclosing the square

outwards. Repeat the process with the same center point, until 8 enclosed circles are

drawn. Notice the distinction between 2 sets of circles: set no.1 consists of the first 5

smaller circle, set no.2 consists of the 3 largest circles.