444, The Triplets, & The Creation
By Joseph E. Mason

Image credits: Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander


This article is about two 1999 crop circle formations, illustrated above, that revealed an underlying design behind the triplet numbers, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, and 999.

The theories presented in this article are not dependent on who or what created the crop formations in question. In any case, it is likely that the creative source of the ideas presented resides in the collective unconscious. Forms of art in general probably come from the same source -- dreams, visions, inspirations, and the like. This article makes a case supporting the theory that scientific ideas are helped along by an unknown control system. It may be that we are seeing a similar phenomenon in the form of crop circles.

People around the world have been reporting frequent coincidences of seeing triplet numbers over and over again. Most often, the triplet numbers 111 through 555 are "sighted" on digital clocks of various kinds, but the triplets also appear in other ways, such as, on time cards, odometer readings, license plates, money transactions and dreams. Many report seeing the numbers on their clocks on awakening from dreams.

After a time, many people become convinced that such coincidental experiences are beyond mere accidental, meaningless coincidence. A significant proportion of those experiencing number coincidences report that the phenomenon seems to occur at times of life-altering changes. The changes may be traumatic or happy. There may be disturbing stress followed by a positive conclusion.

The most common "coincidental" number  reported is 11:11. The next most common are the "triplets." The numbers 23 and 12:12 are also reported.

Dee and I have been recording the reports of number coincidences for many years. We attempt to find the meanings of the various numbers through research, including our dream research.

The two 1999 crop circle formations indicated that the triplet numbers have a relationship to the ancient Gematrian number system. One of the formations had 288 small circles, the other had 156 small circles. The total of the two amounted to 444 circles. The triplet numbers, such as 444, appear in other systems of Gematria. In the ancient system, the number 288 had the "Alpha" or "Word" meaning, "Double Light."

Teachers of the Kabbalah tell of the 288 sparks of holiness that fell into the mundane reality following the shattering of the vessels of the world of Chaos, and the rectification (Tikkun) and elevation of the 288 Divine sparks. The vessels are the spheres of the Tree of Life. The rectification represents a repair of the Tree, which will bring an ideal world. Some say there is a Spark of the Divine within every human being.

This article will explain a remarkable chain of coincidences between the numbers and geometry of the related crop circle formations, and the scientific writings of philosopher, D.G. Leahy, author of, Foundation: Matter the Body Itself. There is a relation to the fine-structure constant, which is of major importance in subatomic physics. Coincidental connections to Leahy's work include --

1. The number 288 and its square, 82944,
2. The fractal geometry of the Golden Bowl Structure
3. The DNA finding within the New Jerusalem design
4. Leahy's dream with the key number 2808

The fine-structure constant is said to be the "coupling constant" or measure of the strength of the electromagnetic force that governs how electrically charged elementary particles (e.g., electron, muon) and light (photons) interact. Some say it represents the probability that an electron will emit or absorb a photon.

In 2005, several other crop circle formations matched closely with the geometry of the two aforementioned 1999 formations. The so-called "quintuplet set" type crop circle formations, which resemble the "five" on dice, are related to the geometry of the 1999 formations. The quintuplet set formations are one of the most common types, and have been appearing since the late 1980s.

The formation that appeared at Hundred Acres in 2005 suggested an additional meaning -- the creation of reality in each moment through the Divine Breath. In an incredibly strange twist, a UFO sighting inserted itself into the middle of the story. This was followed by an additional crop formation in the form of an "X" that strongly supported the Divine Breath interpretation. The geometry of the Hundred Acres formation is also found in one of the large land glyphs on the Nazca Planes. A crop formation very similar to the one on the Nazca Planes appeared at Blackland (Morgan's Hill), Wiltshire, in the year 2000.

While writing this article, I happened to find an article with a similar theme. It is about the communication between theoretical physicist, Wolfgang Pauli, and psychiatrist, Carl Jung. The primary subjects centered around the dreams of Pauli, and his "obsession" with the number 137, as it relates to the fine-structure constant.

I have included a few links to articles about various events where the triplet numbers appear. A compelling example is the 777 New York City firemen who died in the line of duty prior to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, and the 343 (7 x 7 x 7) New York City firemen killed on that one day.

The 1999 Quintuplet Pyramid Crop Circle Formations

The first crop circle in question appeared at Windmill Hill, Wiltshire, around July 19, 1999 -- pictured on the left, below. It had 288 small circles. Around August 4, 1999, the related formation appeared at West Kennet Longbarrow, Wiltshire -- pictured on the right, below. It had 156 small circles.

Image credits: Steve Alexander &  Lucy Pringle

Female Quintuplet Pyramid
Windmill Hill, 19 July 99

Male Quintuplet Pyramid
West Kennet Longbarrow, 4 Aug 99

The shading pattern of the male quintuplet pyramid formation is caused by the play of sunlight with the lay of the wheat stalks. The two patterns seemed by design to be related, like a lock and key --



Key in Lock

The West Kennet Longbarrow formation fits within the Windmill Hill formation, therefore I saw the pair as symbolically "female and male." The West Kennet Longbarrow formation looked like a pyramid as viewed from above, with four smaller pyramids attached to the corners. For these reasons, I came to call the patterns "quintuplet pyramids."

The "female" formation had 288 small circles (see diagram above). That is a very important ancient number. Several years after the formations appeared, the idea came to count the number of circles in the "male" formation. The total was 156. I was familiar with that number as the number of inches in 13 feet (12 x 13 = 156). On an inspiration, I added the two numbers and was amazed --

 288 + 156 = 444  

The number 444 and the other triplets are often reported by people to appear in coincidental ways, as if "something" is trying to get their attention. We started collecting pages of such reports in 1996 and continue to do so. The number 11:11 is the most commonly reported "coincidental" number. The triplets are the next most common. Our files with these reports are here.

Squares and cubes are thought to symbolize Earth and/or the earth plane reality. The number four obviously fits well with the geometry. The quintuplet pyramid formations, therefore, may represent something about our reality. It may be significant that they seem to suggest a fractal nature.

Obviously, by taking half of each formation, we find another triplet:

 144 + 78 = 222  

Also obviously, one-fourth of each formation gives the base triplet -

 72 + 39 = 111  

The "male" or "key" formation had two sizes of circles (see diagram above). There were 120 smaller and 36 larger circles for the total of 156 circles. In each quadrant there were 30 smaller and 9 larger circles, as if to emphasize the number 39.

The Underlying Basis of the Triplet Numbers

I was quite familiar with most of these numbers. The number 288 in the "female" formation is one of the ancient numbers, a type of Gematria. In the mid 1990s, after learning a little about the ancient numbers, I had a dream which led me to create the "Gematrian Wheel." It is a 360 degree circle divided into ten parts of 36 degrees each. The geometry compares with two interlaced stars inside a circle. This graphic, using the 2008 "Pi" crop circle formation, illustrates the point --

Note that the number 288 falls on one point of the yellow star. A single star divides the 360 degree circle into five parts of 72 degrees each, giving the series, 72, 144, 216, 288, and 360. With two stars, the circle is marked at 36, 72, 108, 144, 180, 216, 252, 288, 324, and 360. The numbers continue with more revolutions around the wheel. For example, the second revolution marks the numbers 396, 432, 468, 504, 540, 576, 612, 648, 684, and 720.

The number 39 can be 3 x 13 or 2 x 19.5. I realized this because of dreams of sheets of paper specified in the dreams as being 8 1/2 x 11 inches (8.5 + 11 = 19.5). The perimeter is obviously 39 inches. The number 13 is used by the Maya in their very accurate timekeeping. The number 13 is found in playing cards. It was used by the Founding Fathers in establishing the USA. It seems likely that this also corresponds to the Tribes, the Zodiac, and related symbols, as 12 in a circle, with One in the center.

The number 19.5 has become well know through the work of Richard Hoagland and his associates. It is part of tetrahedral geometry and mathematics. The theory is that planetary spheres and suns have an energy inside them in the shape of two interlaced tetrahedrons. One point of each tetrahedron is positioned at the two poles, with the other three points of each tetrahedron positioned at approximately 19.5 degrees North and South --

Some call this shape a Merkaba or Merkabah. It is said by many to be Ezekiel's "wagon" (four living creatures). Merkaba is said to mean: Mer = Light, Ka = Spirit, and Ba = Body.

I knew that the number 37 is a multiple of the triplet numbers, in the 3, 6, 9 skip sequence. I made a table of the various related numbers --

The Triplet Table

1 x 72 or 2 x 36  =   72


39 ( 3 x 13 or  2 x  19.5)


72  +  39 = 111 (37 x 3)

2 x 72 or 4 x 36 = 144


78 ( 6 x 13 or  4 x  19.5)


14478 = 222 (37 x  6)

3 x 72 or 6 x 36 = 216


117 ( 9 x 13 or  6 x  19.5)


216 + 117 = 333 (37 x  9)

4 x 72 or 8 x 36 = 288


156 (12 x 13 or  8 x 19.5)


288 + 156 = 444 (37 x 12)

5 x 72 or 10 x 36 = 360


195 (15 x 13 or 10 x 19.5)


360 + 195 = 555 (37 x 15)

6 x 72 or 12 x 36 = 432


234 (18 x 13 or 12 x 19.5)


432 + 234 = 666 (37 x 18)

7 x 72 or 14 x 36 = 504


273 (21 x 13 or 14 x 19.5)


504 + 273 = 777 (37 x 21)

8 x 72 or 16 x 36 = 576


312 (24 x 13 or 16 x 19.5)


576 + 312 = 888 (37 x 24)

9 x 72 or 18 x 36 = 648


351 (27 x 13 or 18 x 19.5)


648 + 351 = 999 (37 x 27)

The 3, 6, 9 skip sequence is easy to see in the 13 and 37 multiples. Note the addition of "mirror" numbers 432 and 234 and their total, 666. The number 432 is a universal cycle of time number. The ancient Gematrian Alpha/Word meaning was "Consecration." The number, 666, of course, is in the Book of Revelation (13:18), and is well known throughout the world. Interestingly, the magic square of the sun is based on a 6 x 6 grid of the numbers 1 through 36.





































Each row, column, and diagonal adds to 111. All the numbers add to 666. Each set of opposing corner numbers add to 37 (1 + 36 and 6 + 31).


The temperature of the body is said to be 37 degrees Celsius, which is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius starts with subtracting 32 from the Fahrenheit temperature, which results in the "coincidental" number 66.6. Five-Ninths of 66.6 complets the conversion to 37 degrees Celsius.

Jerry Iuliano states in his article, below, "288 Divine Sparks" --

These equations demonstrate the symbolic meaning of the light halo of the Christ-head, that is: halo= circular light form, which is represented by the circular cosine function as light (c) energy transforming the carnal body temperature, 37 degrees Celsius, as the carrier force to the Sephira Malkuth, represented when fully formed, by the number 288:

The special number 153 is not included in the table, but its mirror, 351, is in the last row. Adding the two results is another significant number --

351 + 153 = 504

The number 504, in the ancient system, is related to 5040, a number used by Plato in describing Atlantis. The factorization of 7 (expressed as 7!) equates to 5040 (1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 x 7 = 5040). The same number is a measure in the New Jerusalem Plan diagram, composed of the combined radii of the Moon and Earth (1080 + 3960 = 5040). The number 5040 is also used in calculating 31680, the sub-lunar distance around the New Jerusalem. The number 31680 is also six miles in feet (6 x 5280). Interestingly, the diameter of the Earth in miles is 8 x 9 x 10 x 11 = 7920.

The matching number for 351 in the last row of the table of triplets, is 648, which is also special. Twice 648 is 1296, six to the fourth power (6 x 6 x 6 x 6). The number 1296 is one tenth of the number of years in half the precession  cycle through the Zodiac Ages (25920 / 2 = 12960), or six Zodiac ages (6 x 2160 = 12960). The precession was calculated by the ancients to be the movement of the solstice and equinox positions of the sun along the horizon amounting to one degree in 72 years . A complete cycle takes 25920 years (72 x 360).

The number 31680 became part of the crop circle story back in 1991, when this "pictogram" formation appeared at Barbury Castle on July 17th --

It is thought to represent a tetrahedron, a three-dimensional, three-sided pyramid.

In John Michell's article about the formation in The Cerealogist, No. 4, he pointed out that the total square footage of the circles in the Barbury Castle formation added to 31680. He continued --

"In traditional cosmology, 31680 miles was taken to be the measure around the sub-lunary world, and early Christian scholars calculated the number 3168 as emblematic of Lord Jesus Christ. The same number was previously applied to the name of a leading principle in the pagan religion."

Some years later, I realized that the angles to the ratchet spiral suggested half the precession number, 120 x 108 = 12960. The six arcs of the ratchet spiral may represent the six Zodiac ages, from Leo through Pisces (6 x 2160 = 12960). After Pisces, of course, comes the Age of Aquarius.

Around 1998, I learned from Michael Glickman that the total length of the ratchet spiral was 333 feet. The Barbury Castle formation is thought by some to be related to the Trinity. Known symbols of the Trinity are similar. The glyphs at the corners have parallels in alchemical signs, corresponding to:

North - sun, sulfur
Southwest - moon, salt
Southeast (ratchet spiral) - Mercury, quicksilver

The 333 feet of the ratchet spiral also fits with a concept about the Trinity - - three in One. One third (1/3) is expressed as 0.33333333 . . . with the threes continuing to infinity. Assigning the same to the other two glyphs, the total would be 0.99999999 . . . with the nines continuing to infinity, which becomes infinitely close to One. A simple way of expressing the same idea is --

1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 = 1

This articles covers some of the same information about the 1991 Barbury Castle formation, along with other material and details --

The Pleiades and the Seventh Ray on the Seventh Day

Various dreams, visionary experiences, and myths suggested that the Barbury Castle pictogram represents the smallest particle of consciousness and matter, also known as the "consciousness unit."

The DNA Connection

Around June 17, 1996, a crop circle appeared at Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Researchers called it "The DNA crop circle," because it was a double helix type design. The formation was 648 feet in length --

In 2002, the serpent-like Mitochondrial DNA crop circle formation appeared at Crooked Soley. Some years later, Dan Brown and John Michell wrote a book about the formation, showing that it contained 1296 little diamonds within the snake-like pattern --

The number 1296 is, of course, twice 648, which was the length in feet of the 1996 DNA crop circle. There were 144 curved lines within the tube torus type shape, 72 in one direction, and 72 in the other, making up the net-like pattern, which resembles snake skin.

The twisted ladder type pattern, which resembles the double helix of DNA in a circular design, was composed of 504 little diamond shapes of standing crop. There were 792 little diamond shapes in the torus with laid down crops (504 + 792 = 1296).

The significance of these numbers were quite familiar to me by the time I read the Crooked Soley book, as indicated by previous parts of this article. Adding zeros to the end of the above numbers produces familiar results --

5040 -- factorial of 7 and combined earth-moon radius, related to Plato's Atlantis
7920 -- diameter of the Earth in miles
12960 -- half the number of years of precession, or six ages

Interestingly, Gematria literally means, "measuring the Earth." Two of the numbers above figure in the New Jerusalem Plan diagram --

The blue circle represents the Earth, with a diameter of 7920 miles. Each of the twelve yellow circles represents the Moon, with a diameter of 2160 miles. The perimeter of the red box around the Earth circle is 31680 miles (4 x 7920 = 31680).

The green ring circle, which passes through the centers of the twelve Moon circles, has a circumference of 31680 miles, the same distance as the perimeter of the red box around the Earth circle. This demonstrates squaring the circle, a problem proposed by ancient geometers. Exactly squaring the circle is impossible, unless an approximation of Pi is used. In this case, 22/7 is used as an approximation of Pi, sometimes called "Pyramid Pi." To figure the radius of the green ring circle, the radius of the Earth and the radius of the Moon are added --

3960 + 1080 = 5040

The calculation for the green ring circle circumference is then --

(2 x 22/7) x 5040 = 31680

The New Jerusalem plan diagram is based on the vision of Saint John the Divine in Revelation 21, and represents the order of the heavens made apparent on earth.

Another interesting calculation is the distance across the New Jerusalem, figured as --

 Moon diameter +  

 Earth diameter +  

 Moon diameter = 


2160 +

7920 +

2160  =


The number 12240 is part of the 153 Fish in the Net story --

153 x 80 = 12240

The diagram of the Zodiac, below, illustrates the similarity to the New Jerusalem Plan diagram, which represents the order of the heavens made apparent on earth --

The four triangles or Trigons making up the twelve-pointed star represent the four types of signs: fire, air, water, and earth. Each Zodiac sign is represented in the Bible by one of the twelve Tribes, as described by the camp positions of the Tribes in Numbers 2.

There are four major Tribes, which are the four living creatures, and relate to the solstices and equinoxes during the Age of Taurus. The following table shows the relationships --

Sign Type


Celestial Position


Living Creature



Fall Equinox





Spring Equinox





Winter Solstice





Summer Solstice



The four living creature are featured in Ezekiel 1 and Revelation 4. As stated previously, the four living creatures are Ezekiel's "Wagon" -- the Merkaba or Merkabah.

When the planets are aligned with the four major Zodiac signs, it is called a Grand Cross Alignment.

Coincidental Geometric and Numerical
Connections to the Works of D. G. Leahy

I first read about ancient numbers in 1990. A small number of them were discussed by Joseph Campbell in his last book, The Inner Reaches of Outer Space. I learned much more in 1994, when I I began to read the work of Carl Munck.

In one of Munck's Pyramid Matrix newsletters, there was a short list of the ancient numbers, along with their Alpha or Word meanings. The number 144 had the Alpha/Word meaning, "Light," and 288 had the meaning, "Double Light."

I read elsewhere that the number 72 is the number of Divine Names. Each Divine Name is composed of three Hebrew Letters, for a total of 216 (6 x 6 x 6) Letters --

Around 1999, I received an e-mail from mathematician, Jerry Iuliano, concerning the number 82944. Jerry referenced a web page article by Professor D. G. Leahy, titled, "82944 & The Four Fundamental Forces & The God Particle."

The article includes advanced mathematics, which are beyond my ability to comprehend fully. However, I had a fairly good grasp of the general ideas. It took me a while to realize that 82944 is 288 squared. I checked our "Code of the Ancients" page to see if we had the number 82944 listed. Yes, we had it in a table of numbers:

     The Mayans also broke down their hours into specific groups of minutes:  

 24 hours = 144 minutes 

48 hours = 288 minutes

 864 hours  = 5184 minutes 

 1728 hours = 10368 minutes  

6912 hours = 41472 minutes

13824 hours = 82944 minutes

 27648 hours = 165888 minutes  

55296 hours = 331776 minutes

I studied all of Professor Leahy's articles and later bought his book, "Foundation: Matter the Body Itself."

When I later found the 444 triplet connections in relation to the two quintuplet pyramid crop formations of 1999, I recalled that Professor Leahy wrote an article that included similar shapes. I found it again. The title is "Golden Bowl Structure: The Platonic Line, Fibonacci, And Feigenbaum." This is one of the graphics --

I realized that the image was similar to one quarter of the West Kennet Longbarrow male pyramid quintuplet. I created the graphic below to illustrate the point --

I found this a remarkable and meaningful coincidence. Professor Leahy mentioned the fine-structure constant in his article about 82944 and in the Golden Bowl Structure article. Remember, the number 82944 is the square of 288, which was the number of circles in the female pyramid quintuplet crop formation that appeared at Windmill Hill in 1999.

Professor Leahy mentions the number 288 in other articles. In one case, the reference is --

10368/36 = 288

Another reference is more complex and appears in this article --

Measure Beyond Beyond Reach

I recalled that Professor Leahy reported a dream that included an interesting number on a hotel key. I found the article again. It is titled, "Report On A Dream & Related Matters & The God Particle." This is the dream --

About a week after this observation the writer had a dream.  In his dream he was in a large hotel looking for a room. The room number on his key was 2808.  He was having a great deal of difficulty finding this room.  He asked some vaguely defined hotel person for help.  He was told he was on the wrong floor and that he needed to go down 2 floors.  But when he went down the 2 floors he still couldn't find room 2808.  He discovered that he was now on the 27th floor.  He failed initially because he had been on the 29th floor.  Because of the peculiar elevator arrangements in the hotel in the dream he had to go down to the lobby and start all over in his attempt to get to the 28th floor.  At this point he woke up.
[End of dream]

It is said that zeros can be ignored when trying to find out the meaning of the ancient Gematrian numbers, so the 288 connection seemed clear. Also --

2808 - 288 = 2520

The number 2520 is a Biblical cycle of time number indicating seven Prophetic Years. A Prophetic Year is 360 years in duration, so seven Prophetic Years amounts to --

7 x 360 = 2520 years

This relates to Nebuchanezzar's dream in the Book of Daniel, where the great tree was cut and banded, causing a period of insanity for seven years.

The number 2520 may be related to the Precession number in this way --

 25200 + 720 = 25920  

I "played" with the various numbers for a time. At a certain point, I was inspired to multiply --

 72 x 39 = 2808 

This was startling! That is the same number that appeared in Professor Leahy's dream! Remember, the same two numbers produce the basic triplet when added --

 72 + 39 = 111  

As reported above, the other triplets are multiples of this basic set of numbers.

To me, this is an amazing example of how dreams and crop circle formations are related. It follows a trend I have been recording and reporting since 1990. Gematrian type numbers are often involved.

The factors of 2808 are --

 2 x 2 x 2 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 13  

Obviously, these factors suggest various numbers in the triplet table (13, 39, 78, 117, 156, 195, 234, 273, 312, 351). The dream number, 2808, can be found by multiplying the 13 multiples with various Gematrian related numbers, such as --

2808 = 13 x 216
 2808 = 19.5 x 144  
2808 = 39 x 72
2808 = 78 x 36
2808 = 117 x 24
2808 = 156 = 18
and so on up to
2808 = 351 x 8

The dream number, 2808, can be shown as relating to the triplet 444 like this --

2808 + 5184 = 7992 = 18 x 444

Interestingly, the number 5184 is the square of 72. The number 7992 relates to the Earth diameter, 7920 miles --

 7992 = 7920 + 72  

It seems to me that Professor Leahy's dream may have intended the multiples of 13 to be put together with multiples of the special number 288, which has a relation to the fine-structure constant, in order to form the triplet numbers.

The dream reality is an incredible source of information. It may be that dreams are the "Hall of Records" that certain people hope to dig up. Apparently, what is required is to dig down into the collective unconscious of mankind. Unfortunately the grand meanings of dreams are being ignored by mainstream society in our time.

Professor Leahy wrote a very interesting article about the New Jerusalem diagram. He discovered a "hidden circle" (the green ring circle) within the New Jerusalem pattern --

It is effectively the value of the diameter (= 11) of the decagon (a ten-sided figure) formed by the double helix structure of the DNA molecule, which decagon is visible in the top-down view of the molecule. See --

DNA, Apocalypse, & The End of the Mystery

I discussed this subject in more detail in a 2009 radio interview.

The 2005 Crop Circle Formations

In 2005, two crop circle formations appeared that suggested the quintuplet pyramid geometry. The first one appeared at Hundred Acres (East Field), Alton Priors, Wiltshire around July 3, 2005 --

Image credit: Lucy Pringle

I filled in this diagram of the formation with red to show the "male" part of the quintuplet pyramid --

Diagram credit: Bertold Zugelder

I filled in this inner portion of the diagram with blue to show the "female male" part of the quintuplet pyramid --

The red male and blue female are combined in this illustration --

The other formation appeared at Avebury Manor, near Avebury, Wiltshire, around July 27, 2005. I call this a "quintuplet of quintuplets." In this graphic I drew a pattern in red to illustrate the geometry --

This illustration shows a diagram in red of the basic "quintuplet of quintuplets" inside the Hundred Acres formation --

The geometry of the Hundred Acres formation indicates a 12 x 12 gird of 144 small squares --

Remember, the number 144 is an ancient Gematrian number meaning "Light," and its double, 288, means "Double Light." Also, the similar 1999 female quintuplet pyramid crop formation had 288 little circles. The mitochondrial DNA crop circle formation of 2002 had a snake skin design, formed by 144 arcs. And, the number 288 and its square, 82944, is related to the fine-structure constant in the work of Professor Leahy.

The 2005 Hundred Acres crop circle formation is one of the most important, in my opinion. There are many connections. It is clearly related to many other formations and symbols. In addition to the quintuplet pyramid 444 connections, the formation relates to my "splice box" dream and the Navaho Sand paintings with four couples around a square. These graphics illustrate the point --

Splice Box Dream

Navaho Sand

Inner Portion of the
Hundred Acres Formation

I colored elements of the formation in red to show the similarity to the splice box and Navaho sand painting.

Here are two other examples of Navaho sand paintings --

The illustrations depict four couples around a square. Interestingly, there were four couples aboard Noah's Ark -- Noah and his wife, and his three sons and their wives. The number eight is often said to represent a new beginning.

The Hundred Acres crop formation was similar to a design found on the Nazca plains. This is a close-up photograph of the central part of the marking, which is thought to be at least 2000 years old --

This is a simplified diagram of the land marking from Carol Peterson's Oregon crop circle newsletter --

This page has a very good diagram of the marking, along with a short article --

Martin Keitel's article about the Nazca Palpa Glyphs

A very similar crop formation appeared around July 30, 2000, at Blackland (Morgan's Hill), Wiltshire --

Image credit: Lucy Pringle

The most meaningful connection to Hundred Acres crop formation and the Nazca glyph is the Sufi concept of "The Breath of the Compassionate." The eight-pointed star and "X" shape formed by two overlapping boxes is probably the most common Islamic design --

Sufi Concept of the Breath of the Compassionate

Many similar patterns appeared as crop formations in the year 2000. The shapes symbolize how the creation is created in each moment through the Breath of the Compassionate. The star portion is the outward breath. The "X" shape is the inward breath (see the Extra Data section for details).

Following the various crop circles discussed in this article, and similar findings elsewhere, I am led to speculate that the Sufi concept of how the creation is created relates to Professor Leahy's concepts about the fine-structure concept, which is fundamental to subatomic physics. The important conjunction here is about the creation itself.

I originally posted information about the 1999 quintuplet pyramid crop circle formations in April, 2004, in this article --

Sacred Numbers to Resuscitate the Dead -
Lazarus and Awakening the Giant

In 2005, I posted some of the information about the Hundred Acres crop circle formation on the Crop Circle Connector Forum.

After my initial postings, I received an e-mail from a lady named Elizabeth. She reported that she sited a UFO over Denver, Colorado on July 15, 2005. She created some paintings of the object. She searched the Internet, and amazingly, found a similar shape on one of my web pages. It is an article about the symbolism of UFOs. She sent the paintings of the UFO. This is one of them --

The image had that pyramid look, which reminded me of the 1999 male pyramid quintuplet. Incredibly, the shape was quite similar to the "X" part of the Breath of the Compassionate!

This is the image Elizabeth found on our site --

The image on the far right, above, is the  one most similar to the UFO sighted and painted by Liz.

I could hardly believe it when an "X" type crop formation appeared some days later, around July 20, 2005, at Kings Worthy, near Winchester, Hampshire --

Clearly, the symbol represents the inward breath, confirming its counterpart -- the double boxes that appeared at Hundred Acres as the outward breath.

Sometimes the name of the location where a crop circle formation appears seems to be symbolically significant. In the case of the Hundred Acres formation, the word, "acre" may be important. One acre is 4840 square yards. The number 4840 can be expressed as 22 squared times ten, or as --

 (11 + 11)2 x 10  
11 x 11 x 40

As I mentioned near the beginning of this article, the most commonly reported number coincidence is 11:11.

The Barbury Castle Pictogram Connection

The row of six images, above, are based on the quintuplet and the triangular Barbury Castle crop formation. The idea began in 1991 with the insight from another person that the Barbury Castle triangle can fit within the New Jerusalem Plan design, which has four overlapping triangles --

After reading that a Teutonic type cross pattern was found by dowsing within a simple crop circle, I recalled some similar glyphs in The Sacred Symbols of Mu --

I realized that four of the Barbury Castle triangles can be used to form this type of shape, and the basic design looks like a pyramid as viewed from above. I drew a simplified version in my notebook --

The idea came to "lower" the bases of the triangles to form a quintuplet pyramid type shape --

I later drew a simplified version, which is the basis of the image on the right side of the row of six images, above -- the one labeled "Y's Added" --

Months later, I read a theory about Ezekiel' vision of the four living creatures. I found the Biblical passages in Ezekiel 1, and started reading. It seemed like the descriptions fit fairly well with the design made with the four triangles. I then read that the creatures had four wheels and the wheels had rims and spokes. I realized that I needed to draw in the central circle and rings of the Barbury Castle pictogram on each triangle --

The words of Ezekiel include -- ". . . when they stood still, they let down their wings." This seemed similar to my idea about lowering the bases of the triangles.

The image then fit quite well with Ezekiel's description. I wrote of the comparison in this article --

Humanity On The Pollen Path - Part Six
The Four Living Creatures Or Merkabah

As I mentioned above, the Barbury Castle pictogram may represent the smallest particle of consciousness and matter, also known as the "consciousness unit."

In 1998, a young man sent an e-mail to me about my version of "Ezekiel's Wagon." He directed me to an article by Vincent Bridges that had similar images --

Southern Hemispheric Projection

Northern Hemispheric Projection

The images represent a three-dimensional Tree of Life projected into the celestial vault. It is like a giant sphere in space with the Earth (circle 10) in the center of the diagram on the left. This was quite a coincidence! This is Vincent's article --

The Unified Field of Gnosis:
The Gnomon, The Labyrinth & The Celestial Tree of Life

When the two pyramid quintuplet crop formations appeared in 1999, I realized that the geometry fit well with my version of "Ezekiel's Wagon," and Vincent's images, above.

As mentioned above, the four living creatures are associated with the four main Tribes and the solstices and equinoxes. This graphic illustrates the point --

Sign Type


Celestial Position


Living Creature



Fall Equinox





Spring Equinox





Winter Solstice





Summer Solstice



The graphic on the right, above, is the simplified form of the four Barbury Castle triangles as Ezekiel's Wagon. It can be interpreted as the center circle representing the Sun, and the outer circles as the yearly four solstice-equinox positions of the Earth.

The Cube Sphere of Creation

When I first read about the Breath of the Compassionate, I recalled reading of a similar idea years before, in 1990. It was in the book, Channeling, by Jon Klimo, on page 165. Jon quotes Walter Russell, from a book published in 1947, of messages "of God." Russell claimed that the messages conveyed to him a direct knowledge of how the basic universal forces of electromagnetism, gravity, and atomic energy really operate. He wrote --

In My universe there is but one form from which all forms appear. That one form is the pulsing cube-sphere, two halves of the heartbeat of My dual thinking. All forms pulse, therefore, all forms are two, one form for the inbreathing pulse, which generates, and one for the outbreathing, radiating one. The cube is the sphere expanded by the outward breath to black rest in cold space, and the sphere is the cube compressed to the incandescene of white-hot suns by the inward breath.

For, to thee I again say, all things are Light; and Light separates not; nor has it bounds; nor is it here and not there. Man may weave the patterns of his Self in Light of Me and of his image in divided lights of Me, e'en as the sun sets up its bow of many hues from divided Light of Me, but man cannot be apart from Me, as the spectrum cannot be apart from the Light of Me ... Verily, I say, every wave encompasseth every other wave unto the One; and the many are within the One, e'end down to the least waves of Me.

In two dimensions, the cube is represented by a square shape, and the sphere is represented by a circle. The Female Quintuplet Pyramid crop circle formation that appeared at Windmill Hill in 1999, fits this picture. It had the square shape of the pyramid, with its 288 little circles, inside a large circle.

This is yet another hint that the crop formations are conveying a message about creation itself.

Pauli and Jung -- On Dreams, 137
and the Fine-Structure Constant

As I was researching and writing this article in January, 2010, I found a pdf file article online about the communication between theoretical physicist, Wolfgang Pauli, and psychiatrist, Carl Jung. The primary subjects centered around the dreams of Pauli, and his "obsession" with the number 137, as it relates to the fine-structure constant.

This was quite an important find for me, as it seems so similar to the subjects in this article -- especially the 2808 dream of Professor Leahy and his work about connections between the number 288 and its square with the fine-structure constant.

The article, by Péter Várlaki et al, is titled, "Background" Control Theory Concerning the Fine Structure Constant. It appeared in Acta Polytechnica Hungarica Vol. 5, No. 2, 2008. Here's the abstract --

In this paper we analyze in detail the central role of number '137', the so-called Fine Structure Constant in the collaboration of Pauli and Jung. First, we present the fascination or the obsession of Pauli for the interpretation of number '137'. Second, we treat the spontaneous messages originating from unconscious concerning number '137' in the well-known dreams of Pauli. We restrict our investigations to the dreams containing the especially important formulae of Fine Structure Constant   (4Pi3 + Pi2 + Pi), and also that contain the so-called background models of mathematical control systems. Third, we shortly mention four of the numerous synchronicities arising during the Pauli-Jung collaboration.

In another part of the article the formula above is expressed as an approximate estimation of the fine-structure constant number --

4Pi3 + Pi2 + Pi1

124.02510672 + 9.86960440 + 3.14159265 = 137.03630377

It is often said that the fine-structure constant is actually the reciprocal of the number, in this case --

1 / 137.03630377 = 0.00729734

According to Wikipedia, as of 2008, the best determination of the value of the fine-structure constant is --

1 / 137.035999084 = 7.297352569 × 10-3 (or 0.007297352569)

The article continues --

Furthermore, besides Pi, sufficiently (according to certain alchemical and traditionally hermeneutical rules) it contains only the first four integer numbers. The first three (as powers) have some "generative characteristics" but the fourth one (4) with certain topological characteristics (as a multiple) also meets the usual "symbolic demands".

The first three powers in the equation can symbolically translate to 321. Adding its mirror gives --

321+ 123 = 444

The topological characteristics result in the geometry on the left, below --

A geometric illustration for
problem of "quadratura circuli"

Female Quintuplet Pyramid
Windmill Hill, 19 July 99

The crop circle formation with the 288 little circles is placed to the right, for comparison.

The concept of squaring the circle is also mentioned in the article.

Early in Pauli's life, he learned of a coincidence about the number 137 (from the article) --

On the other hand, Jung emphasizes that the dreamer (Pauli) has a highly biased intellectual modality, and does not possess any (deeper) knowledge of mythology, mystics, or religions. It is important for Jung to emphasize the spontaneous formation of those dreams that are connected to alchemic and cabbalist motifs.

However, as it was demonstrated earlier in this paper, the number archetype had a decisive effect on Pauli in his student years, and exactly, in connection with the co-occurrence of word 'Cabbala' and number '137'.

Moreover, the well-known conversation11 between Victor WEISSKOPF, a leading physicist and a former assistant of Pauli and Gershom SCHOLEM, one of the most eminent scholars of Jewish mysticism is also clearly imply the direct connection between number '137' and Cabbala.


When Scholem met Weisskopf, he asked about the prominent unsolved problems in physics. Weisskopf said, "Well, there's this number, 137…" And Scholem's eyes lit up! He said, "Did you know that one hundred thirty-seven is the number associated with the Cabala?" [21] (We want to clarify that this means that the Hebrew letters of 'Kabbalah' sums up to 137.)

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life appeared as a crop circle formation in 1997 --

This is an excerpt from our article on the subject --

Debbie said "Qabalah" is correctly spelt with a "Q," (rather than with a "K") and is a Hebrew word meaning "to receive" (i.e. knowledge). Greek Gematria gives the word the number 137. (spelt backwards - HLBQ - H=5, L=30, B=2, Q=100). The Hebrew word for "wheel" also adds to 137.

Continuing with Várlaki's article --

3    Background Control Theory

The Kalmanian view of systems and their models [20], [9], besides the usual dichotomic reality and description/model "attitude" use trichomic paradigm. It means that besides the (in itself unknowable) "reality" - which is characterized by a certain kind of measurement data - the theory postulates hypostatized system classes (using a neutral language of conception), furthermore, constitutes, as a third entity, the model classes related to the former classes of systems.

Our intention is to demonstrate the "background" forms of mathematical system theory both in Pauli's dreams and in the writings of Pauli and Jung, with a special emphasis on the controlling/regulating principle. While Jung intuitively hypostasize the self-regulating psyche, and stress on the regulating principles, therefore one can perceive a kind of geometric system theory with the adoption of the significant concept of 'projection'. Pauli instead emphasizes the role of iso- and homomorphic relations, algebraic groups and automorphisms that is he intuitively formulates the cognitive basis of background algebraic system theory.

"As a consequence of the rationalistic attitude of scientists since the eighteenth century, the background processes that accompany the development of the natural sciences, although present as always and of decisive effect, remained to a large extent unheeded, that is to say, confined to the unconscious. On the other hand, in the Middle Ages down to the beginning of modern times, we have no natural science in the present-day sense but merely the pre-scientific stage, just mentioned, of a magical-symbolical description of nature. This, of course, is also to be found in alchemy, the psychological significance of which has been the subject of intensive investigation by C. G. Jung. My attention was therefore directed especially to the seventeenth century, when, as the fruit of a great intellectual effort, a truly scientific way of thinking, quite new at the time, grew out of the nourishing soil of a magical-animistic conception of nature.

I was well aware, as a pupil of Sommerfeld's, how these Pythagorean elements appearing in Kepler retrain their vitality even today. That ancient spiritual 'dynamics' of number is still active, which was formerly expressed in the ancient doctrine of the Pythagoreans that number are the origin of all things and as harmonies represent unity in multiplicity." [35]

Pauli postulates a transcendental background, an "informational cosmos" (symbolically returning to the "concept" of Anima Mundi - see e.g. [48]) which is the (probabilistic) basis of both physics and psychology, or the subject of both theological and mythological ways of cognition; in which the physical, mental, and spiritual layers create a unity on the basis of a transcendental informational and control language, cf. [37]. This "background" (from which the white noise "steps out") is called by the authors Pleromatics (after the Greek word ~~~~~~~), and "contains" only symmetry structures and related abstract fields of random variables or fields of contingency without any direct information about the space-time continuum.

Pauli's theory on background cognitive processes is clearly introduced in his famous study on archetypal influences in Kepler's scientific discoveries:

"Their agreement with the »primordial images or archetypes introduced into modern psychology by C. G. Jung and functioning as »instincts of imagination is very extensive. When modern psychology brings proof to show that all understanding is a long-drawn-out process initiated by processes in the unconscious long before the content of consciousness can be rationally formulated, it has directed attention again to the preconscious, archaic level of cognition. On this level the place of clear concepts is taken by images with strong emotional content, not thought out but beheld, as it were, while being painted." [19, 35]

So, the human recognition concerning the above processes - according to Pauli - formulates dynamical control systems of informational type, where one can not preclude the possibility of personal connections of dynamical systems.

"Furthermore, although I have no objection the existence of relatively constant psychic contents that survive the personal ego, it must always be borne in mind that we have no way of knowing what these contents are actually like 'as such'. All we can observe is their effect on other living people, whose spiritual level and whose personal unconscious crucially influence the way these contents actually manifest themselves." [27]

These can be discussed as a relatively natural and artificial competence in the form of mythological, theological, psychological and biological recognition. The presence of regulating (control) systems can be shown in all of them on the level of both natural and artificial competence. This can be traced in on the level of natural competence in mythology and theosophy as the directing dynamics of the pleromatic world, e.g. in the sephirotic system of the Cabbala. A good example of artificial competence regarding this is Paul RICOEUR's "control-theoretical" hypothesis regarding the magical-mythological ideas, the hermeneutics of meaning, and the Jewish-Catholic religion [39].

Natural competence in psychology, just like artificial competence, appears in less reflected experiments too. The concept of the archetype considered as regulator can be seen in Jung's hermeneutics, tightly connected with the concept of the self-regulating psyche. Quoting Pauli:

"The concept 'archetype' in Jung's psychology, and of its transformation from the original meaning of 'primordial image' to that of an irrepresentable (unanschauliches) structural element of the unconscious, a regulator, which organizes representations (Vorstellungen). Personally I see in this the first indications of the recognition of ordering principles, which are neutral in respect of the distinction psychical-physical, but which, in contrast with the concretistic psycho-physical unified language of ancient alchemy are ideal and abstract, that is, of their very nature irrepresentable (unanschaaulich). Thus the great difficulties and paradoxes in the problem of observation appear clearly. These changes in the ideas of the unconscious show that while still far from having been definitively worked out from the logical side, they are the expression of a line of research in course of development." [35]

In physics artificial competence appears in the control-theoretical and informatical interpretation of Schrödinger's equation, at the same time, it can be discovered in Pauli's dreams, reflections and conscious works corresponding to background control.

Pauli's aim was to establish connection with those cognitive and emotional unconscious processes bearing a transcendental-type and maybe personality which are in tight connection with the evolution of natural and artificial competence of mankind in these fields in a constant interaction. In this aim, new in its own reflection, an idea of central importance which can really be observed in the modern scientific concept in the Jung-Pauli relation.

According to both Jung and Pauli the number archetype is '137' above all, and in tight connection with it the interpretation of the number '137'; and in connection with this the mathematical system theory, as well as the use of the control-theoretical paradigm.

In Pauli's view it is the number '137', the value of fine structure constant which surpasses the present quantum theory. As Pauli's former assistant Professor Charles P. ENZ formulated, it takes us beyond physics, and, leaving the separate observers behind, transforms the thinking and feeling scientist confronting with former unconscious processes into the active role of the partaking observer.

"My feeling is that the common ground shared by physics and psychology does not lie in the parallelism of the formation of concepts but rather in »that ancient spiritual 'dynamics' of numbers that you point out on p. 295. The archetypal numinousity of number expresses itself on the one hand in Pythagorean, Gnostic, and Cabbalistic (Gematria!) speculation, and on the other hand in the arithmetical method of the mantic procedures…"

"Even mathematicians cannot agree among themselves as to whether numbers have been discovered or invented, a fact that finds its counterpart in the modern dilemma of whether the archetype is acquired or is innate. (In my view, both are true.) »In the Olympian host, Number eternally reigns is a valuable acknowledgment from mathematicians as to the numinousity of number." [27]

The word numinousity indicates the power or presence of a divinity.

This is the final part of Várlaki's article --


Let us finish with the words of Professor Charles Enz [35]:

"An important detail in this thinking about duality is the meaning of the numerical value of the electric charge which in the form of Sommerfeld's fine-structure constant is approximately 1/137. Pauli repeatedly stressed that progress in quantum field theory was linked to an understanding of this number […]. But the number 137 also had an irrational, magic meaning for Pauli; it was the room number 137 in the Red Cross Hospital in Zurich where he died on 15 December 1958.

The enigmatic conjecture that the observer in present-day physics is still too completely detached also has a meaning beyond physics. Indeed, in his article for Jung's 80th birthday, Pauli compares the observational situation in physics with that in psychology: Since the unconscious is not quantitatively measurable, and therefore not capable of mathematical description and since every extension of consciousness ('bringing into consciousness') must be reaction alter the unconscious, we may expect a 'problem of observation' in relation to the unconscious, which, while it present analogies with that in atomic physics, nevertheless involves considerably greater difficulties.

For Pauli this analogy had implications in both directions: On the one hand, in the concluding remarks of the birthday article for Jung, he expresses the expectation that in the future the idea of the unconscious should emerge from the purely therapeutical realm and become more a problem of objective research. On the other hand, he thought that in physics the remedy for the too complete detachment of the observer may lie in the integration of the subjective, psychic. Indeed, in Science and Western Thought Pauli asks the question: Shall we be able to realize, on a higher plane, alchemy's old dream of psycho-physical unity, by the creation of a unified conceptual foundation for the scientific comprehension of the physical as well as the psychical?

This quest for a unity of physics and psyche is a recurrent theme in the exchange between Pauli and Jung and is the main concern in Pauli's Background Physics in which he was guided by his dream motives (Hintergrundsphysik)."

To me, the idea of the "control system" discussed in the article fits with other ideas about how our reality works. As I see it, the "control system" is in the dream reality. It is as if our daily lives are a stage play, where we follow the "script" written in the dream reality. There are scripts for individual lives, and on collective levels, including a world level. This is the basis of "evolution" in various terms, as change is a constant process.

Such a process is evidenced by the worldwide phenomenon of shamanism. The shamen have a close connection to the dream world, and help their tribes in adjusting to change. In modern society, it is generally the artists that perform a similar function.

We all have a bit of the shaman in us, that is, we are all connected to the dream reality. It seems clear that certain people with great intellect, such as Pauli, manage to tap into the dream-unconscious realm, helping them to bring new ideas and changes to the world.


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Extra Data

The Breath of the Compassionate

To the Sufi, creative expression which results from participation mystique -- that is, a state of being one with nature, although not conscious of the Divine Presence - is an expression of one's vision of self within self. It is an expression which is not reflective, not polished, not aware of the total possibilities inherent in the nature of things. It is only through conscious expression that one has the more perfect vision of self reflected in the qualities of something else. The only way that expression can serve in its full capacity is when it is reflective; it becomes reflective only when conscious of the Divine Presence. The reflective surface now reflects something which is contained, a Spirit which is not only one's own. This is the Spirit which is universal to all things; to the Sufi, it is the 'desire' which exists within things 'to be known'.

The Breath of the Compassionate. The preparedness within a thing, it's inner Archetype, is actualized in an intelligible form at the moment when its Name flows into it through a Word. The Divine Spirit or Logos flows into a thing through the process of the Divine Breath, the Breath of the Divine name Rahman, Compassionate. The Name of the Compassionate manifested through the Divine Breath, is just one of the many symbolic processes which the traditional craftsman emulates. By blowing or chanting the Divine Names upon the form to be transformed, the creative process of the breath, which contains the Divine Presence through a Name, transforms the object in hand. The creator participates as active agent and the object participates as passive recipient.

There is a Tradition of the Prophet in which he says, 'God created the universe through the Breath of the Compassionate.' The Compassionate (Rahman) is the highest of the Names, Ideas or Archetypes. 'Where was your Lord before creating the visible Creation?' someone asked the Prophet. His answer: 'In a cloud. There was no space either above or below.' This cloud which the Divine Being exhaled, and in which it originally was, receives all forms at the same time as it gives beings their forms. It is the act of making things to exist. The Absolute, appearing in the Name, Compassion, overflowing with goodness, gives existence without limit and without end.

When the desire to be known, the preparedness, arises within a thing, the Divine as Compassion extends Itself as Archetype to the thing and becomes its receptivity, its ability to receive the theophany. This receptivity is actually what the Archetype, in its state of concrete essence, desires. Therefore, the actual effect of Compassion is to give a thing the possibility of receiving sensible existence. Compassion is given without any discrimination; Mercy, the complement, is given only for an act done. Compassion, in a sense, is the universal form of Divine giving; Mercy is the particular aspect.

Through the Name of Compassion, the Absolute breathes out upon the other Names or Archetypes. This breathing out is a means of being things into existence. By means of the Command 'Be!' the Absolute through Compassion sends into the external, phenomenal world that which has been compressed within it.

The Divine Breath pervades the Universe. Just as breath is exhaled and so forms syllables and words, the Breath of the Compassionate, in exhaling Words (intelligible forms), brings the sensible form into being.

This Divine Breath is Nature itself, just as the Breath contains all the forms of the universe in a potential state and actualizes them by exhaling, so Nature holds all forms of expression in a potential state of preparedness in which they await the appearance of the Breath of the Compassionate, the Spirit, the Logos, in order to be known.

This breath is essentially the initial act of the metaphysic of love. Love is the cause and secret of all creation and thereby the principle of all motion from desire to being known. The creation of the world, in this sense, was the motion of love towards perfection and completion. The Absolute loves to be perfect in both types of forms: intelligible and sensible.

Ultimately, one who wishes to know the Breath of the Compassionate need only know Self, for Self is the Lord who is manifested in the form. One's innermost being is most directly expressed through speech. Speech on the human plane reflects the Divine Word or Logos; it was the Word that create the universe and it is through the Word that it returns to God. Invocation (zikr) is the means of reaching the very substance of things within us.

Everything contains the Presence of the Divine. The ideas of intellections in our minds are like those Ideas in the mind of the Absolute. A word contains both a meaning and the thing itself, which has a form. The meaning is permanent, the Divine Idea; the form the thing takes is but a shadow, transient. The Ideas are made temporal through the Breath of the Compassionate. In Sufism, Christ symbolizes the particular Divine Quality of the Breath of the Compassionate, for it is through the Breath that all things receive life. 'When the Word of God comes into the heart of anyone and the Divine Inspiration enters his heart and soul, its nature is such that there is produced in him a spiritual child having the breath of Jesus that revives the dead.' (R. Nicholson, Mathnawl.)

The 'What' of Creation

The universe, in the Sufi view, is being re-created at every moment. At every moment what appears to be a time-connected universe returns to God. There is continuous, instantaneous expansion and contraction.

The manifestation of actualized individual things occurs continually, as in successive waves. At every moment creation is annihilated and re-created. With each heartbeat we die and are reborn. The world is in intense motion, ascending towards the vertical axis within all things to meet the descent of the Absolute in manifested forms. The flow occurs in such an orderly, successive manner, according to definite patterns, that we are unaware of it, and the world appears to us to stay the same. This ever-new creation is a process which only the human form endowed with consciousness of Self can come to know. Arabesque patterns, in rugs or in tiles, witness this conception of constant flux. As Ibn'Arabi expressed it:

'The wonder of wonders is that the human form and all other created things are in a perpetual process of ascending. And yet one is not ordinarily aware of this because of the extreme thinness and fineness of the veil (when one looks at something through a very transparent veil, one does not become aware of the veil between oneself and the object) or because of the extreme similarity between the successive forms. How splendid is God's description of the universe, and of its perpetual renewal with each Divine Breath which constitutes an ever new creation in one single entity! But this is perceived by only a few, as the Quran says: '"Nay, they are in utter confusion regarding the new creation."' (50:15). These people who do not perceive are in confusion because they do not know the constant renewal of things with each Divine Breath.' (T. Izutsu.)

Taken from: Sufi Expressions of the Mystic Quest by Laleh Bakhtiar

This graphic of the Tree of Life should prove helpful in understanding Jerry's article below --

The circles are called Sephiroth. A single circle is called a Sephira.

The spelling of the names vary. Kether, Hokmah and Binah, in Jerry's article, refer to spheres 1, 2 (Chokmah), and 3, above. Hesed is circle 4 (Chesed).

This page has an interactive Tree of Life, where information about each part can be found by clicking --

The Interactive Qabala

This information from Wikipedia should also be helpful --


Tzimtzum (Hebrew "contraction" or "constriction") is a term used in the Kabbalahistic teaching of Isaac Luria, explaining his concept that God began the process of creation by "contracting" his infinite light in order to allow for a "conceptual space" in which a finite and seemingly independent world could exist. This contraction, forming an "empty space" in which creation could begin, is known as the Tzimtzum.

In Lurianic Thought

Isaac Luria introduced three central themes into kabbalistic thought, Tzimtzum, Shevirat HaKelim (the shattering of the vessels), and Tikkun (repair). These three are a group of interrelated, and continuing, processes.

Tzimzum describes the first step in the process by which God began the process of creation by withdrawing his own essence from an area, creating an area in which creation could begin.

Shevirat HaKelim describes how, after the Tzimtzun, God created the vessels (HaKelim) in the empty space, and how when God began to pour his Light into the vessels they were not strong enough to hold the power of God's Light and shattered (Shevirat).

The third step, Tikkun, is the process of gathering together, and raising, the sparks of God's Light that were carried down with the shards of the shattered vessels.[2] Since Tzimtzum is connected to the concept of exile, and Tikkun is connected to the need to repair the problems of the world of human existence, Luria unites the cosmology of Kabbalah with the practice of Jewish ethics, and makes ethics and traditional Jewish religious observance the means by which God allows humans to complete and perfect the material world through living the precepts of a traditional Jewish life. [3]

288 Divine Sparks
From an e-mail by Jerry Iuliano
October 5, 2001

Shebirat-ha-kelim . . . fine-structure constant

Secrets of the Great Pyramid

The following excerpt is reprinted from Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man by Albert Churchward, a student of the European Egyptologist Gerald Massey. According to John Henrik Clarke, in his introduction to the volume, "(Massey)" was an agnostic whose intention was to prove that the basis of European culture was created outside of Europe by people that some Europeans later characterized as savages without a history or culture. His search led him to Egypt where he found proof that Western culture was, in fact, African in origin, the larger portion of it coming from the Nile Valley . . ." About the Pyramid of Giza, built by ancient Africans, Churchward writes: The Great Pyramid, when understood, far surpasses and ellipses King Solomon's Temple as a building, or any other in the world . . .

The base is a true square, and perfectly oriented, set due N.E.S.W., parallel with the equatorial line, absolutely no variation of points; its base on huge rock and that rock perfectly and truly hewn and levelled (sic) to the earth's curvature of 8 inches to the mile, the importance of which is evident-keeping it from convulsive damages as time goes on. The height of the pyramid is . . . 486.256 feet...., and each side is . . . 763.81 feet. The height thus measures, with the radius of a circle whose circumference equals the four sides . . . showing that the circle could be squared by these ancient architects which has not been improved on since. Its base side length is 365.242 sacred cubits, showing the number of days and fractional part of a day in a year.

Here, in the Great Pyramid, is the one material centre (sic) which gives the standard for those practical things -- weights, measures, etc., and these were carried from land to lands, with the utmost care by the Priests who left Egypt, no doubt for some future purpose under divine will, which is not yet apparent.

The builders of the Pyramid were masters of Astronomical and Geographical science, and it contains the minute measurements of the earth and heaven, far exceeding the scientific knowledge of any man in our own time, and this knowledge and the secrets thereof were known to the High Priests, and they carried their knowledge wherever they went. The Ark of the Covenant, built in the wilderness by Moses, Noah's Ark and King Solomon's Temple, all bear a true decimal proportion to the Pyramid, and the "Ark" or "Sarcophagus" in the King's chamber within the Pyramid.

Note: Another source of information on the contributions of Africans to the Nile Valley is Egypt - Child of Africa, edited by Ivan Van Sertima.

Hebrew Talmud and the 288 sparks:

The vessels of the upper three Sephiroth -- Kether, Hokmah and Binah, at first performed well in the task of holding the light, but when the light poured down through the lower vessels, from Hesed through Yesod, these six lower vessels shattered (Shevirah) and were dispersed into the chaotic void of the tehiru. This was the Shebirat-ha-kelim, "the breaking of the vessels". The original vessels were in what is now the world of Atziluth, but when the light from above penetrated the Sephira Malkuth, this shattered into 288 sparks which failed to return to the primordial source but instead fell through the worlds, and became attached and trapped in the broken fragments of the vessels which formed the kelipoth (or Qlippot), the "shells" or "husks". These husks became the evil forces of the Sitra Ahra, the "other" or "under" world, preventing the return of the sparks of divine light to its source. Thus the light or energy of creation "fell into matter".

Hebrew Talmud and the 288 sparks:

.....The vessels of the upper three Sephiroth Kether, Hokmah and Binah....... ( these are the 1/3 quark forms?)

. . . . at first performed well in the task of holding the light . . . (this is the idea of the transference of energy from energy to light, defined by the "holding / non-holding" allowance of the fine-structure constant or the amplitude of an electron to emit (non-holding) or absorb (holding) a photon (light) . . .

. . . but when the light poured down through the lower vessels, from Hesed through Yesod, these six lower vessels shattered and were dispersed into the chaotic void of the tehiru . . . ( the six lower vessels are represented by the six factors that are the substance of the metrology of the fine-structure constant, e, 2, E, h and c)

Hesed . . . 1-2..e=elementary charge= 1.60217646273*(10-19 ) C

1998 NIST= 1.602176462(63)*(10-19) C

3. . . E=epsilon or electric constant=8.854187817*(10-12) F

1998 NIST= 8.854187817*(10-12) F

4. . . h=Planck's constant= 6.62606876*(10-34) J

1998 NIST=6.62606876*(10-34) J

5. . . c=speed of light metric=299792458 m/s

1998 NIST=299792458 m/s

Yesod. . . 6. . . 2=2 (tehiru is represented by the z
ero-point energy of the infinite vacuum.)

. . . This was the Shebirat-ha-kelim, "the breaking of the vessels" . . . (Shebirat-ha-kelim is the action of the fine structure to retain stability of the "broken vessels" or allowances made for orbital change of the electron) . . .

. . . The original vessels were in what is now the world of Atziluth . . . (Atziluth=zero-point energy of the infinite vacuum)

. . . but when the light from above penetrated the Sephira Malkuth, this shattered into 288 sparks which failed to return to the primordial source but instead fell through the worlds . . . (the Cheops pyramid constructs; 486.256 and 763.81; "shatter" the fine-structure constant by exponentation:

[[COS(2*E*h*c/(e2))]*(102)](763.81/486.25611) = 288

. . . and became attached and trapped in the broken fragments of the vessels which formed the kelipoth, the "shells" or "husks"...... (there is a one way mathematical action caused by the cosine form that will not calculate backwards or no return. Kelipoth is the real world ruled by bi-polar matter. These " shells" are the electron orbit levels that are ruled by the fine-structure constant.)

(e2)/2/E/h/c=fine-structure constant= 1/137.0359997

. . . These husks became the evil forces of the Sitra Ahra, the "other" or "under" world, preventing the return of the sparks of divine light to its source. Thus the light or energy of creation "fell into matter"....... (the "evil forces" are demonstrated by the meaning of Revelations number constants that are defined by the " collective unconscious" constant 144/37 and the "beast"; 37*18=666. Sitra Ahra is the shield that keeps bi-polar matter from unity (1). This is done by the cosine(halo) form which is mathematically irreversible. These are expressed by equivalences to light speed metric (c).)

288 UNDER WORLD FORM...( D.G.Leahy, R.Tomes, Druid, Devitry, Aztec, etc.)

[(e2)*(10(287.999975838/37))]/(6662)/2/E/h = c


(e2)*(10(2*486.25600442/763.81))/(.372)/2/E/h = c

The meaning of 37 as the bridge between the philosophy of the "broken vessels" and physics can be demonstrated by the representation of 37 as the Kether or real body of the Jewish messiah (Christ ?..reference the book THEOMATICS by Jerry Lucas where he specifically assigns the value of Christ as 37). Christ or the Messiah, the body 37, rules over the pyramids (Cheops constructs) and over the Judaic mythology of the 288 "sparks from broken vessels". Christ's connection to this form is through the fact that 37 and c are mathematically distributive when used in the cosine fine-structure form. This is the only pair that can distribute to the cosine or halo of light or the only pair that can "punch" into and out of the Sitra Ahra shield.

(e2)/2/E/h/c = (.372)/(10(2*486.25600442/763.81)) = 1/137.0359997

Switching c and 37 and cosineing (halo) the result creates unity (1) God.

COS[(e2)/2/E/h/(.372)] = 1

COS[c/(10(2*486.256004421/763.81))] = 1

These values are exact to the centerline values of the 1998 NIST standards for fine-structure.

These equations demonstrate the symbolic meaning of the light halo of the Christ-head, that is: halo= circular light form, which is represented by the circular cosine function as light (c) energy transforming the carnal body temperature, 37 degrees Celsius, as the carrier force to the Sephira Malkuth, represented when fully formed, by the number 288:


(e2)/2/E/h = root form= 2187691.254


(.372)*c/(10(2*486.256004421/763.81)) = root form = 2187691.254


[COS(2*E*h*c/(e2))]*(102) = 288(486.25611/763.81)



fine-structure elements

[[COS(2*E*h*c/(e2))]*(102)](763.81/486.25611) = 288

Double Cheops constructs wound by exponentation

[COS[(10(2*486.256004044/763.81))/(.372)]*(102)](763.81/486.256004044) = 288

37's main function is to act as the carrier force that can "punch " through the Sitra Ahar shield, this then leading incarnate matter to unity. 37 punches into fine-structure (Sitra Ahar) releasing the light (c) from the Sitra Ahra shield, leading to unity (1) through the irreversible cosine (halo)

COS((e2)/2/E/h/(.372) = 1

COS(c/(10(2*486.256004421/763.81))) = 1

A geometrical diagram of the Shebirat-ha-kelim effect:
draw a circle 1 inch in diameter and label the interior--kelipoth

draw another circle a 1 / 4 inch outside the kelipoth and label the ring -- Sitra Ahra which is bi-polar, plus and minus, good and evil etc.

on the outside of the second ring plot six points representing the factors of the fine-structure constant; e, e, 2, E, h and c which also represent the six "broken vessels" in the shape of the star of David.

draw another circle 1 inch from the second ring and another circle 1 and 1 / 4 inches from the second ring; this ring represents the Sephira Malkuth. Everything between the Sephira Malkuth ring and the Sitra Ahar ring represents the tehiru.

draw another circle 1 / 2 inch from the outside Sephira Malkuth ring; this represents the Atziluth. In the Altizuth space plot the six factors of the fine structure constant (six "broken vessels"). This represents the pre-stage of the unbroken vessels before they pass through the Sephira Malkuth to reality. Connect the "unbroken vessels" outside the Sephira Malkuth to the "broken vessels" that sit between the ring of Sephira Malkuth and the ring Sitra Ahar with a jagged line.( e to e; 2 to 2; E to E; h to h and c to c. The three original vessels -- Sephiroth Kether, Hokmah and Binah sit outside the Atziluth ring. These represent the quark forms 1 / 3.


For more information about the shattering of the vessels, the Qlippot, Tikkun, and related material, see these chapters of Thomas Jude Germinario's online book, The Year of Jubilee--

A Season in Hell

The Hidden Time

Subj: Eddington's number 136
Date: 8/16/2006 8:44:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Jerry Iuliano

Eddington's number 136 can be shown to be a deeply unconscious number form that I believe came into his collective unconscious through an alchemical inspirational mind experiment. In his initial paper he thought that the number was important and then created this matrix of logic to describe this number exactly. What I believe happened is that he was a mystic . . .


. . . and had dabbled in the pentagonal geometries of the black arts, pentagram etc.

However the most incredible thing is about his original inspirational number 136 is that he UNCONSCIOUSLY knew that this number is 100% correct in it's original inspiration even though he was humiliated by his incorrect interpretation of the number concerning fine-structure as shown in his original paper when it was experimentally found that the fine-structure constant was closer to 137 than 136. This tells me that he was given this information as if in a dream or trance (some visual of the number 136 or something ).

He was so inspired by the intensity of the 136 integer that he "created "the matrix logic that led to his wrong interpretation of the 136 integer as it pertains to the fine-structure constant . So to me it isn't his interpretation of the original integer (136) that is interesting ( his "poetry" ), it is the fact of the number itself having such an influence on his psyche.

The proof of this assertion lies in the alpha particle , the nucleus of a helium atom from Rutherfords brilliant gold foil discovery of the " bullet of the experimenter" -- the alpha particle in 1910, and its place in the scheme of things relating to electrical and nuclear phenomena. Eddington made his fine-structure constant prediction in his 1938 paper. He was humiliated .

He tried again (resulting in 137) and was humiliated again. The alpha particle in 1938 was only known as a primitive artifact of nuclear phenomena and had not been measured with great accuracy. The fine-structure constant had a two decimal accuracy confidence in 1938, Eddington's number 136 being one of many such interpretations of what the fine-structure meant at that time. Flash forward 80 years to 2004 and now both the alpha particle and fine-structure constant have been measured to nine decimals of accuracy. It is out of these modern values that the demonstration of Eddington's ,uncanny mathematical insight ( no less than . . spooky ) into modern values can be shown:

2004 NIST values for constants
alpha particle = 3727.37917 mev
m = 106
ev = electron volt = 1.602176528 * ( 10-19 ) Volts

. . . set up the circumference of a circle to Eddingtons number...136... then set a pentagram into the center with the edges touching the circle. This one-fifth arc-length divided by the 2004 NIST value for the fine-structure constant ( the amplitude for electron-photon transmission) equals exactly the 2004 NIST value for the alpha particle:



136 / aem / 5 = 3727.37917 mev

. . . canceling out the m factor ( 106 ) leaves dimensioning in pure volts for the alpha particle:

136 * h / ( ev 2 ) / Pi / c = .00372737917 ev

where: 2004 NIST
h = Planck's constant = 6.6260693 * ( 10-34 ) J
c = speed of light = 299792458 m/s
aem = fine-structure constant = 1/137.03599911

. . . Eddington's original intuition (dream number ? ) for 136 is 100% accurate to modern measured values of these physical constants! These objects are not mathematical objects -- they actually exist in Nature and are measured almost yearly somewhere on earth in different laboratories. There is no way that Eddington could have guessed this number correctly to such an extremely high accuracy in 1938, beating by more than eight decades, modern measurement studies that match exactly, his original intuitive numerological number 136. There is no way this is a coincidence with this much accuracy shown in both constants. So the question should be not be the humiliation of Eddingtons mathematical "poetry" for the number but the number itself in its whole....136 ???


Interestingly, the number 136 is the sixteenth triangular number. This also means that the numbers 1 through 16 add to 136.


128 + 8 + 1 [= 137]

Pauli's World Clock and the Number 32
Background" Control Theory Concerning the Fine Structure Constant
by Péter Várlaki et al
Excerpted from Acta Polytechnica Hungarica, Vol. 5, No. 2, 2008

4 The Dream of World Clock as an "Algebraic" Archetype of Control Systems

The Dream of World Clock essentially contracts the dream of the four-eyed bear (dream No. 39) with the dream of the four rectangles forming a geometric quaternion (dream No. 51, see Fig. 4).

The dream of two rectangles which we may derive the 32 + 4 + 2 structure from, has a further interesting dynamic feature. Namely, people move clockwise around the four colored waters in the middle of the four derived rectangles. In the centre, however, people move anti-clockwise around the asterisk. This contrary motion of the centre already refers to the connection between the energy and the controlling systems. The etymology of the English word 'control' is in complete consonance with the background control image of Pauli's dream. The word 'control' originates from the medieval let in expression 'contra rotulare' being the linguistic mapping of the dream image mentioned above. This feature synchronistically connects the four colors with the World Clock dream, the number '137' and the concept of control together with its dynamic system. The delineation reaches the English world control trough the English-French 'contreroller' and the French 'controlle'.

Jung rather frequently speaks about his patient's dreams containing symmetry structures which are very similar to the "Ezekiel pattern" without any knowledge of the vision of Ezekiel. He remarks that despite its significance in the spiritual history of the Christian-Jewish world, even among the highly educated people there is an almost complete ignorance "in this field". Jung classified this kind of dreams as Mandala ones, which can be experienced as certain psychic synthesis of a psychoid transcendental background and real psychic "foreground". Further-more, the appearance of the possible synchronistic phenomena was interpreted by him as the parapsychological equivalent of this transgressive totality (completeness) experience [46].

"I have always been particularly interested to see how people, if left to their own devices and not informed about the history of the symbol, would interpret it to themselves. I was careful, therefore not to disturb them with my own opinions and as a rule I discovered that people took it to symbolize themselves or rather something in themselves. They left it as belonging intimately to themselves as a sort of Creative background, a life-producing sun in the depths of the unconscious mind. Though it was easy to see that it was often almost a replica of Ezekiel's vision, it was very rare that people recognized the analogy, even when they knew the vision -which knowledge, by the way, is pretty rare nowadays."

Pauli probably was influenced by the concept of "creative background" from Jung's Terry Lectures (1937).

Unfortunately, we have no possibility here to give even a short survey about the known analysis and interpretations for the symmetry structures of the vision of Ezekiel.

Figure 5
The World Clock.
An impression generated by W. Byers-Brown
based on accounts of Pauli's dream [17].

It would demand a separate book… However, in the following we shortly outline the background control system "interpretation" of the vision, and the 4 + 16 + 256 system representations. In this rare interpretation one counts the four Cherubims standing at the four corners of the Chariot of God. All the Cherubims have 4 × 4 body-parts (4 faces, 4 wings, 4 hands, and 4 legs) according to the four natures (man, lion, bull, and eagle). This system of 4 + 16 + 256 can be related to the 39th dream of Pauli [46]:

"Dreamer is falling into the abyss. At the bottom there is a bear whose eyes gleam alternately in four colours: red yellow green and blue. Actually it has four eyes that change into four lights."

Inasmuch the bear symbolizes north in mythology, as well as in astronomy and the Chariot of God arrives from north on the sky in the vision. The algebraic variation system of the four lights of the four eyes can be related in a natural way to the 4 + 16 + 256 system interpreted in the previous paragraphs. According to the parity conception of Pauli (right-left sides of space), the above structure can be simplified into 128 + 8 + 1 [= 137]. That is, the dream of Pauli connects the Merkabah vision with the fine structure constant - without any knowledge of mythology [46].

In the dream of four rectangles (dream No. 51, see Fig. 4) beside the four colors we can identify 32 geometric elements (12 corners, 16 lines and 4 rectangles). It is originally formed from two basic rectangles, so the structure 32 + 4 + 2 is valid.

The exact text of the dream of World Clock is the following:

"There is a vertical and a horizontal circle, having a common centre. This is the world clock. It is supported by the black bird.

The vertical circle is a blue disc with a white border divided into 4 × 8 = 32 partitions. A pointer rotates upon it.

The horizontal circle consists of four colours. On it stand four little men with pendulums, and round about it is laid the ring that was once dark and is now golden (formerly carried by the children).

The »clock« has three rhythms or pulses:

1) The small pulse: the pointer on the blue vertical disc advances by 1/32.

2) The middle pulse: one complete revolution of the pointer. At the same time the horizontal circle advances by 1/32.

3) The great pulse: 32 middle pulses are equal to one revolution of the golden ring."

The rotations define three rhythms that are in an order of powers: 1/32, 1, 32, 322. The archetype number of rotation (or the circle) is naturally the Pi. In the spatial structure - as Jung analyzes the dream - number 4 dominates over number 3 of temporality. The rotation itself symbolizes Time, in this manner the spatial and temporal structure of the Dream of World Clock is symbolically isomorphic with the formula of the fine structure constant a-1= 4Pi3 + Pi2 + Pi.

Namely, the dream can be considered as a central algebraic (system) archetype, and at the same time, as an automorphic mapping of the cardinal number arche-type in the symbolic system of the dream.

From the Pauli-Jung letters [27] it is clear that the black bird is supported by the female symbolic figure of anima, where anima is suited with number '7'. In this way the black bird (1), the rotating discs and ring (3), and the figure of anima (7) altogether associates to number '137'.

Furthermore, the temporal structure (rotation scale) itself is double 32, and the spatial structure is also evidently 2 × (32 + 4) (the four little men with pendulums - horizontal disc, and four cardinal positions of pointers - vertical disc), that altogether results in 1 + 2 × 32 + 2 × 36 = 137.

The dreams No. 39 and 51 naturally and evidently contained in the structure of World Clock vision (four little men, four colors create an isomorphic map with the four eyes and four colors of the bear). Therefore, the three power-like rhythms with the four space-like quaternio (like a multiplicator) is a natural and evident isomorphic map of the 4Pi3 + Pi2 + Pi = 137.036… Consequently, the structure of the World Clock vision (together with the dreams No. 39 and 51) is a perfect isomorphic structure of the above formula of fine structure constant and its discussed isomorphic interpretations (if Pi ~ 4 or Pi ~ 2). Jung often refers to the old familiar saying: on the Olympus numbers reign. Following this pattern, we regard the supreme ruler ("controller") of number archetypes the specific formula introduced for fine-structure constant.

Remark. The interpretation of the four wheels in the Ezekiel vision with the (then usual) 8 spokes can ensure a structure number of '32 + 4 + 2' beside the above '256 + 16 + 4' one. Since the number of the Hebrew word for wheel (which is a fundamental concept in the tradition of Ezekiel vision) 137 . . . , so the isomorphy with the structure of World Clock vision and the formula 4Pi3 + Pi2 + Pi can be considered as a complete one. The interpretation of three rhythms and space quaternio also can be easily detected from the structure of the Ezekiel vision. (Other similar historical examples were mentioned in our earlier works [44, 45, 46]). From the point of view of the depth psychology the "numbers" 137 and 4Pi3 + Pi2 + Pi are the twin number archetypes of the Self (Selbst).


The 32 Paths of Wonder
Excert from:
The New Israeli Genesis Exegesis

In spite of the common exegesis of Sefer Yetsirah, it seems that the number of “32 Wonderous Paths” is not just the sum of the decade (ten) and the 22 Hebrew letters, but it also a whole and meaningful entity by its own. Even traditional interpretations for Sefer Yetsirah which explain “the 32 Paths of Wisdom” as different types of Sekhalim - “intelligences” – (such as of the RaABaD, and inadequate as they are), make no inner distinction of 10 and 22 among them.

From pure numerological perspective, 32 is 2 at the 5th power. At the beginning of our discussion we have surveyed the five-fold pattern of the books of the Pentateuch and of the “worlds” in the scheme of the later Kabbalah. IF we note that the number 2, just like the letter Bayt which we discussed earlier, is the sign for division and discrimination, then the number 32 will serve well to represent the range of distinctions that are generated in the transitions between 5 worlds. Already in the hidden world of Adam Kadmon there is a certain distinction (signified by the letter Bayt as the beginning of the Book of Bereshit), for else it would not be possible to refer to it as a “world” that contains some components. This primary distinction is becoming more detailed in the world below it (Olam ha’Atsilut) into further distinctions[c]. These distinctions pass further division and distinctions at the world below it (Olan haBeri’ah), and so on at the World of Yetsirah-Formation and then in the world of Assiyah-Action, which is largely apparent to our senses, there are already 32 primary distinctions. The number 32 is associated with Wisdom-Hokhmah, precisely because it requires wisdom to observe the existence of the primary distinctions – as well as of the possibility of annuling these distinctions and return affairs to the state of Unity.

Mystery of the Magic Number 32 and the Proton-Electron Ratio
by Jerry Iuliano

Subj: Mystery of the proton-electron ratio
Date: 4/25/2010 9:34:35 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Jerry Iuliano
To: JMason4557@aol.com

One of the more mysterious of the force constants is the meaning of the ratio of the electron-proton masses , which results in a dimensionless constant , a pure number so to speak. A number that exists across the universe....

" A new research has determined the laws of Nature are the same in the distant Universe as they are here on Earth. The research was conducted by an international team of astronomers , including Christian Henkel , from the Max Planck Institute for Radio Observatory in Bonn ( Germany ). It shows that one of the most important numbers in physics theory, the proton-electron ratio , is almost exactly the same in a galaxy six billion light years away as it is in Earth laboratories- approximately . . . 1836.15. "

....this problem has been solved and it results in a paradox , that was first determined by P. Dirac's famous Large Number paradox:

" Nobel laureate , Paul Dirac , discovered a puzzling numerical relationship in astronomical measurements, ( Large Number Hypothesis ): the relationshiop is:

 ( ev^2 ) / Gn / Me / Mpr = cT / Re  

On the right side Dirac speculated that cT=R ..where R is the radius(size) of the universe: R = the reciprocal of Hubble's constant. The divisor is the slassical radius(size) of the electron. Dirac's mystery was: " Why should the size ratio of the smallest and the biggest objects of the universe also be the ratio of the gravitational(smallest) and electrical(biggest) forces"

....Dirac was not that far off from the meaning of the electron - proton ratio , in fact the solution uses his Large Number formula , but with a subtle change ....the magic number 32. It was previuosly shown the bifurcation constant, Feigenbaum delta = 4.669201609 , had a relationship with the dimensionless electron proton energy ratio , through the weak nuclear force , fermi-coupler ..Gw= .00001166402884 :

 emev / pmev = Gw * Fd  

....this can be explained as the weak force times the constant for ordered bifurcation equals the mysterious ratio. This analogy can be extended and proved to be a "magical"

entity due to this very strange gravitational relationship of Gn with the emev/pmev ratio through the magic number 32. Take two electrons and place them exactly the square root of ( 32*10^-9) meters apart , then the gravitational energy between the two electrons is exactly the dimensionless ratio of the electron-proton pair:

Force = Gn*M1*M2/distance ^2:

Gn = 6.674231042 * 10^-11

emev / pmev = Gn * emev * emev / sqrt((32*10^-9)^2) = Gw * Fd

Force = Gn*M1*M2/distance ^2:
Gn = 6.674231042 * 10^-11
 emev / pmev = Gn * emev * emev / sqrt((32*10^-9)^2) = Gw * Fd  

...conversely, take two protons and then place them exactly the square root of (32*10^-9 ) meters apart , the gravitational energy between the two protons is exactly the INVERSE of the dimensionless ratio of the electro-proton pair:

 pmev / emev = Gn * pmev * pmev / sqrt(( 32*10^-9)^2) = 1 / Gw / Fd  

...the number 32 is the magic that causes this effect...ancient references: the Rosicrusian coat of arms compass points separated by 32 units, Wolfgang Pauli's dream of the "world clock" , ruled by the number 32, the Hindu - Buddic " 32 dimensions or smokes " of the Vihana , the Kabbalic mystery of the " 32 paths to wisdom". The physical meaning of the formulas means that the electron and proton energies are connected gravitationaly , as a function of the others existence. The Feigenbaum constant or the length of distance between chaos to order dynamics , ZPE (zero point energy) , rules the transformation of the gravitational energy between the two masses, that transforms two dimensionfull masses ( gravity ) into a dimensionless ratio of each particles pure name-tag or number. The number 32 does this exclusively. Other ancient references are Plato's number 215925 , a cyclic mystery number that links the modern mystic D.G.Leahy and his collective unconscius number 82944:

 (D.G.Leahy) 82944 / 32 = 2592(Plato)  

...the modern mystic, R.Tomes, says that the universe's harmonic scale is the special number ..3456:

 (R.Tomes) 3456 / 32 = 108(Hindu-Bhuddic)  

....108 is the Hindu-Bhuddic , kali-yuga , main number in religious time frames. The Egyptian foot is integer..1152:

 (Egyptian) 1152 / 32 = 36(Sumerian)  

...Mayan-Aztec , clock cycle ...2304:

 (Mayan-Aztec) 2304 / 32 = 72 (Druid)  

....Kabbalic genesis number..288:

 (Kabbalic) 2880 / 32 = 90 (quadrant)  

.....this is where the Dirac Large Number formula comes in. By placing one electron and one proton exactly the sqrt of ( 32*10^-9) meters apart , the gravitational energy between the two particles is equal to unity: this is the same form as Dirac's Large Number formula except substitute the elementary charge squared , ev^2 , by the magic number 32:

 Unity = Gn * emev * pmev / sqrt((32*10^-9)^2) = emev / pmev / Gw / Fd / 10  

...the unity formula is spiritual , that is the "thing" that exists is a result of the in-falling of the "thing" itself. This can be shown through the dimensionals of the equation which are:

 Gn = meters^3/seconds^2/kg  
emev = kg
sqrt(32*10^-9) = meters

...everything reduces to meters per second per second, which is the gravitational equation for normal gravitational acceleration:

 m^3 * kg * kg / s^2 / Kg^2 / m^2 = m/s^2  

...that is , unity has a dimension of perpetual in-falling of the two elementary particles, electron and proton , as a function of the gravitational force which in accumulation rules the structure of the universe. The gravitational constant , Gn , can be factored into other constants , which results in a dimensioning of Joules meter per second...Jm/s. This is a time function which can be linked to W. Pauli's dream of the ring with 32...time reference.. from the world clock dream where 32 is used as circles or rings cycling in 32 units. The diameter of the circle resulting from the the gravitational equation is a ring with diameter equal to ...32*10^-9 meters... , which is the ring equivalent of W.Pauli's dream of the world clock: ...

( 2010 NIST ) ...
h= Plancks constant = 6.62606896 * 10^-34 Js
c =light speed = 299792458
emev = .51099891
pmev = 938.272013 ...
Mp = Planck mass = 2.176445376 * 10^-8 kg

 32*10^-9 * 2 * Pi = emev * pmev * h * c / Mp^2 .....Joule meter  

...by placing Plancks constant , h ,(Js) and light speed , c ,(m/s) to the ring one is left with the electron - proton in energy and the Planck mass:

 32*10^-9 / h-bar / c = emev * pmev / Mp^2  

....converting to mass only:..

(2010 NIST )...
electron mass = Me = 9.10938215 * 10^-31 kg
proton mass = Mpr = 1.672621636 *10^-27 kg
elementary charge = ev = 1.602176487 * 10^-19 C :

 32*10^-9 / h-bar / c = Me * Mpr / Mp^2 * c^4 / ev^2 / 10^12  

...one now has the ingedients for the fine-structure constant...

 aem = ev^2 * 2 * Pi * c / h / 10^7 = 1/137.035999676...(2010 NIST )  

32 = Me * Mpr / Mp^2 / aem * c^6 / 10^10

...this leads to an equation that shows the product of the electron-proton masses divided by the constant that rules their interactions, fine-structure constant as a function of 32 Planck mass squared:

 32 * Mp^2 / c^6 * 10^10 = Me * Mpr / aem  

....the pairing of the two strong nuclear forces:

as = 14( carrier ) and as(Wz) = .118701515(boson) , can be shown through the number 32:

 13.9993887 (as) = 360^2 / 32 * ( ev * c / Mp / as(Wz) )^2  

....an interesting comparison of the equations is showing that the weak nuclear force(Gw) affects the electron - proton pair , the same as the gravitational force(Gn):

Unity = Gn * pmev * emev / 32*10^-9 = emev / pmev / Gw / Fd / 10
 10^22 * Gw / Gn = Gw * pmev * emev / 32*10^-9 = emev / pmev / Gn / Fd / 10^22  

...if one substitutes the Gw force by the strong force ...as(Wz)... an interesting thing happens...the collective unconscious constant:

 as(Wz) * pmev * emev / 32*10^-9 = 879.8 ^ (1/Pi)  

...8798 is a collective unconscious constant:

 8798 = 37 * 118.891891891 * 2  

....the next form is very strange and hard to explain. Since the cosine of inverse fine-structure constant...137.035999676... can be shown as a function of the product of the electron-proton pair:

 pmev * emev^2 / 666 = cos 137.03599...  

...the invariant ratio...Gn/32*10^-9... for the gravity equations is key to a previous discovery for the double log in base ten form of the gravitational constant Gn:

 log(logGn + 12 ) = emev^2  

....working backwards from the true value of the fine-structure constant:

 cos137.035999676 * 666 / emev / 32*10^-9 = 6.674200477*10^-11 = Gn 

....then placing Gn into the double log form:

 log(( log (6.674200477 * 10^-11) +12 ) = .5109989085^2  

...this is exact to the electron value ...2010 NIST !!

 log -( log( cos137.035999676 * 666 / ermev / 32*10^-9 ) - 12 ) = emev^2  

...the amazing thing is that the electron that is buried in two levels of base 10 in the left equation , is exactly the same as the squared electron on the right , to eleven decimals. Balancing the electron calculates to emev = .5109989085. Plugging the Harvard value of fine-structure constant...137.035999084 , shows a balanced electron value of:

 log -( log( cos137.035999084 * 666 / emev / 32*10^-9 = .510999102 ^2  

...probably meaning the fine-structure constant is higher than the Harvard value , since the 2010 NIST value for the electron = .510998910 , which calculates fine-structue as

1/137.0359997. The equation means because of the special invariant nature of the number 32 , that one factor , either the electron energy or the fine-structure constant , will predict the value of the other. Also this equation lets Leahy's or the Kabbalic form of the collective unconscious 82944 or 288^2 , transform into the electron through the gravitational constant, this eleiminates the cosine:

 log -((log( 82944^(1/Pi)) / 100 * 666 / emev / 32*10^-9 )) - 12) = emev^2  

....emev = .5109985..

 Gn = emev * 32 / ( 82944^(1/Pi)) / 666 * 1erg(10^-7)  

...Gn = 6.674178774*10^-11

...the ingredients in the gravitational formula are the keys to the fine-structure constant...aem ... and the collective unconscious constant...

mod(37) = x.891891891..:

( 10 ^ ( 82943.99304 / 32 / 666 )) / 666 = sqrt 137.035999676
 ( 10^ (( 82944^((Pi-1)/Pi) * emev / Gn / 666^2 * 10^15 )) / 666 = sqrt 137.03599901

...Gn= 6.674179334 * 10^-11

...a comparison of the electronic and gravitational forms:

( 82944 ^ (1/Pi)) / 32 * 666 / emev = 1erg(10^-7) * 1/Gn
( 10^ ( 82944 ^ 1 ) / 32 / 666 )) / 666 = sqrt 1/aem
 ( cos1/aem * 100 ) / 32 * 666 ) / emev = 1erg(10^-7) * 1/Gn  
pmev * emev / 32 / 10^-9 = 1/Gn  

...an interesting comparison of the source of the number 32 , can be demonstrated by contrasting the energy and mass forms of the electron and proton. Very interesting results due to fine-structue constant ...aem:

 32 = emev * pmev / Mp^2 * h * c / 2 / Pi * 10^9  
32 = Me * Mpr / Mp^2 * c^6 / aem

.....note that h-bar times light speed is the frequency constant , for the electron-proton energy equation. The second form involving six powers of light speed , divided by fine-structure constant is beautifully simplistic and by analogy represents the frequency constant of the electron, proton and Planck masses ratio. Reducing by factoring fine-structure:

 32 = Me * Mpr / Mp^2 * c^5 * h-bar * 10^-3 / ev^2 * 10^7  

...the meaning of 32 is strange in that it carries six powers of inverse velocity ( s^6/m^6) as its dimensioning , that is to balance out the equation since the fine-structure constant is dimensionless:

 aem = (kg)Me * (kg)Mpr / (kg^2)Mp^2 * (m^6/s^6)c^6 / (s^6/m^6)32  

...light speed , c , is the key having an integer base:

 299792458 / 32^(3/2) = 1656135 = 5*9*13*19*149  
32 = (299792458 / 5 / 9 / 13 / 19 / 149) ^ ( 2/3 )

J.Iuliano ...

The Rosicrusian Trinity
(And the Number 32)
Jerry Iuliano

Subj: The Rosicrusian Trinity
Date: 4/21/2010 5:55:46 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: jerryiuliano@aol.com
To: JMason4557@aol.com

The unification of Pauli's dreams of the "world vision " clock rich in the symbolic number 32 , and his dream of the imaginary number i , the square root of negative one.

....page 186

" Pauli's interpretation of this whole dream is far removed from mathematics. Describing it to Jung , he explains that e^(i^delta) is a number that always lies on a circle of radius one . Through the power of the mathematical symbol, i , a mandala has appeared in the form of a circle. In Pauli's dream , i , " has the irrational function of uniting pairs of opposites" - the cosine and sine functions arranged in two groups of opposites - " and thus producing wholeness. " (4). But e too is " irrational " , it is an irrational number. This shows, he says , that mathematics " is a symbolic description of nature par exellence. " Mathematical symbols are the perfect way to unite and represent counter-intuitive features of the quantum world , such as wave particle duality , which can never be visualized "..... (end quote )

....this dream is united to the " world clock vision " through the electron as sine function: e = natural log = 2.718281828...

 sin( 32 / .5109988805 ) = - ( e ^ - ( Pi/2 )) = - ( i ^ i )  

....which can be interpreted as two revolutions of the world clock , 720 degrees divided by the strong nuclear force gluon...as(Wz) = .118701515 ...:

 .510998908 = 720 / ( as(Wz)^2 / 10^5  

....this is related to the proton ...938.272029... through Pauli's Jan. 23, 1938 , dream of a circle divided into two 90 degree quadrants and one half circle , 180 degrees:

 938.272029 = 180 * aem / as * 10^4  

...here one has the half circle 180 degrees times the ratio of fine-structure ( aem = 1/137.035999701 ) and the strong nuclear force( as(14) = 13.999388407 )

...page 187

" Reflecting further, Pauli suggests that the succesive splitting of the eggs are analogous to the splitting of spectral lines . When one examines the fine structure of a spectral line , the spectroscope shows what appears to be a single line is actually two and that the spacing between the two lines is defined by the number 137. In that case he wondered that two was the primal number in physics and not four ? In both physics and psychology there were complimentary opposites suggesting that two was the predominant number in the psyche as well. But four - the quanternity - had appeared in his dreams, signifying the wholeness of the material world and our conscious knowledge of it as well as the unconscious. Pauli's discovery of the fourth quantum number indicated precisely the need for this wholeness and therefore , although it was surprising at first , it should have been expected all along, given that four was the archetype of completeness. " ....(end quote ):

 FOUR = emev * aem * as(Wz)^2 / pmev / as * 10^9  

...page 205

" In psychological terms , Fludd offered a more complete view of nature based on the number four , which enabled him to see the world as more than simply a mechanical system governed by mathematics , as Kepler did . Pauli , an astute historian , was well aware of how difficult it would be to put oneself into the mind of Kepler or Fludd , living as they did in times radically different from our own. Jung's work offered a way to understand them as different personality types , " a differentation that can be traced throughout history " , wrote Pauli. Kepler was a thinking type , who focused on the parts rather than the whole , while Fludd was a feeling type who sought , " a complete experience ". This meant including emotions and the " inner experience of the observer " , which Fludd did by taking into account the, " power of this number " , namely four". ( end quote )

...page 257

" Even Heisenberg had a go ( deriving 137 ) , fired by Eddington's number speculation. In a letter to Bohr in 1935 , he reported " playing around " with the fine-structure constant, which he expressed as :

 Pi / ( 2^4 ) / ( 3^3 ) = 137.5098708  

...he was qick to add " but other research on it is more serious , referring to his and Pauli's attempts to derive it from quantum electrodynamics ".....( end quote )

....Bohr's formula was close to solving the dilemma of the 360 degree unit circle , this is synchronicity: phi = 1.618021594

360 / phi^2 = ( 3^3 * ( 2^4 ) / Pi
137.5077643 = 137.5098708
 360 / 432 = 1.618021594^2 / Pi  

...360 is Sumerian , 432 is Hindu

...page 263

" Disillusioned Pauli attacked Heisenberg's calculation of the fine-structure constant as 1/250 , which seemed so promising and had played a part in his decision to join Heisenberg's project. He wrote Fierz bitterly, " I have never considered it as correct. It's so totally stupid. " Some time later Heisenberg's co-worker on that calculation , Roberto Ascoli , recalled that he had originally deduced the fine-structure as 8 on the basis of Heisenberg's theory , " Only after Heisenberg had doctored it up , was the value reduced to 1/250, ( 4*10^-3 ) ".....( ened quote )

...Pauli was wrong in letting his emotions rule his rationality on this subject as the electron can be derived from Heisenberg's number 1/250 through the fine-structure constant: log in base 10

 log ( 137.035999701 * 1/250 ) = - ( .510998908 ^ 2 )  

...here 1/250 is 250.0083745.


The secret society, Rosicrusians , have always remained impenetrable to outsiders, having repulsed efforts at investigating the secrets of the society from many learned men including , Descartes , Leibnez , and Sir Isaac Newton , no less. The importance of the investigation into the Rosicrusian sect is because the number 32 shows up as the unit measure of the compass which is used in the main symbol of the 18 degree coat of arms. The compass points are eight units apart , and each unit is divided into four parts...8*4 = 32. The number 32 was derived from the electron equation concerning Euler's discovery of the imaginary square root of negative one or , i :

 sin( 32 / .5109988805 ) = -( e ^ -( Pi/2 )) = - ( i ^ i )  

...the above equation can be placed into a pythagorean form due to the rules of sine. Each angle of the triangle ( the Trinity of Fludd's Rosicrusianism ) is labled , A , B , and C , and each leg or side is labled , a , b , and c ( hypotenuse). Due to Paracelsus , an early 15th century alchemist , the trinity or triangle symbol of the Rosicrusians involved three symbols: SPIRITUS , CORPUS and SEPARA ANIMA. Paraclesus , who was thought by his sect to be a reincarnation of the founder of the Rosicrusians , G. Rosencranz , named atomic elements to each symbol of the Trinity with an explanation as follows.... the first in each, is part of the three-fold soul:

Spitiual , Divine Mind; the element Mercury: transformative agent ( fusibility, volatility )

Sensible , Elementary ; Earthy , the element Salt(Rubidium) : solidifying , substantiating agent, ( fixibility , non-combustibility )

Intellectual, Ethereal, Starry; the element Sulfur: binding agent between substance(Corpus) and transformation(Spititual), ( flammability )

...since the electron equation is in the form of a triangle, the following associations can be shown:

A = 32(Rosicrusians) / electron energy(.5109988805)

 SPIRITUS = c-hypotenuse = 1 = radius of a circle = unity  
 CORPUS = b-leg = cosA = .978154425 = body
 SEPARA ANIMA = a-leg = sinA = -( i ^ i ) = intellect

...Pi can be isolated due to Euler's equation for i: IN = reciprocal natural log e:

e ^ ( i*Pi ) + 1 = 0

 IN(( sinA ) ^ 2 ) = - Pi  
 IN( a-leg ^ 2 ) = - Pi

...Feigenbaum delta ( length bifurcation parameter: chaos to order )...

 Fd = 4.669201609 - ( 4 * 10^-4)  

 IN-( sinA ) = - Pi / 2
 cos^-1( -( sinA ^ 2 ) = Fd - Pi  

...this is the primitive form. The extended form uses the Trinity:

 Fd = 4.669201932 = tan^-1((( cosA/sinA ) ^ 2 ) + c ) + Pi
 Fd = 4.669201932 = tan^-1((( b-leg/a-leg ) ^ 2 ) + c ) + Pi 

...the interest is in the meaning behind the constant , " 10 rotations on the circle ( Pi ) " , or 10 * 2*Pi or 20*Pi:

 cos^-1( b-leg) - ( 20* Pi ) = - A
 tan^-1 ( a-leg/b-leg) + ( 20 * Pi ) = A  
 sin^-1( a-leg) + ( 20 * Pi ) = A

...there is a symmetry breakdown due to , i , being imaginary:

 ( IN sin-A ) * 2 = - Pi
 IN(sin-A ^ 2 ) = - Pi
 ( IN sin A ) * 2 = does not calculate in real numbers  
 IN(sin A ^ 2 ) = - Pi

....note the difference when one inverses the Corpus..Separa Anima ratio ,squared , and adds Spiritus..unity:

 tan^-1 ( a-leg/b-leg ) + ( 20 * Pi ) = A
 tan^-1((( b-leg/a-leg ) ^ 2 ) + c ) + Pi = Fd  

...one goes form angle(A) to bifurcation length , Fd. That is, Fd minus 1/2 rotation of the circle ( 180 degees ) or Pi , the tangent inverse of this result minus Spiritus ( transformation agent ) equals the square of Corpus( substantiating agent ) divided by Separa Anima( binding agent). The secret of the universal force fields of Nature lies in the Rosicrusian( 32 units in compass) ,Pauli " 32 in world clock" , Hindu "32 smokes", Kabbalic,"32 paths of wisdom" or the number key ..32, the angle A and Feigenbaum delta:

 Gw= .000011664027
 Gw = 32 / A / pmev / (( tan^-1((( b-leg/a-leg) ^ 2 )) + c )) + Pi ) / 10  
 Gw = 32 / A / pmev / Fd / 10

 Gn = 6.674231042 * 10^-11  
 Gn = 32 / emev / pmev / 10^9
 Gn = A / pmev / 10^9

 fine-structure constant = aem = 1/137.035999701  
 aem = 32 * as / emev / Gn / 180 / 10^13

 as(Wz) (boson) = .118701515 ...as(carrier) = 14 , ( 13.99949111)  
as(Wz) ^ -2 = 32 * as / aem / Gn / 360^2 / 10^8






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