Arguments Against the Hoax Theory  
of Crop Circles

by Joseph E. Mason


Most serious crop circle researchers agree that a majority of the formations are not being made by the human specie, and seem to be symbolic messages from an unknown, high intelligence. The researchers include people with advanced degrees in science and engineering. The reason is that the evidence supports the theory that human beings could not have made many of the many thousands of crop circles world wide. Of course, people can make circles that look "genuine" at first sight. That was demonstrated on television in 1990. The evidence includes a number of factors.

Unexplainable Changes to the Plants

The plants inside crop circles are changed in a way that is beyond human ability.

Figure 1
straight and bent

Figure 2
control sample from
outside a crop circle

Figure 3
sample from inside
a crop circle

Figure 1 above is a photograph showing a normal plant stem and a stem found bent in a crop formation. The bent node of the plant from inside a crop formation is elongated yet undamaged. Plant stems bent by people via mechanical means appear damaged and do not have the elongated nodes.

Figures 2 and 3 above are photographs demonstrating the microscopic changes in a plant inside a crop circle compared to a control sample taken from the same field.

Figure 4
normal nodes

Figure 5
blown nodes

Figure 6
blown nodes

Plants inside crop formations often have "blown nodes."  Figure 4 above is a photograph of the normal nodes of plants taken from outside of a crop formation. Figure 5 above is a photograph of the blown nodes of plants found inside the crop formation.  Figure 6 is another example of the blown nodes of plants taken from inside a crop formation.

Other changes to the plants have been reported by Dr. W.C. Levengood and his BLT team, including stunted seed-heads, cell-wall pit enlargement, and expulsion cavities.  See:

BLT Research

Semi-Molten Meteoric Iron Associated with a Crop Formation


Abstract - We report the unusual discovery of a natural iron "glaze" composed of fused particles of meteoritic origin, concentrated entirely within a crop formation in England, appearing shortly after the intense Perseid meteor shower in August. 1993.

The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles
Scientific Research & Urban Legends
Dr. Eltjo H. Haselhoff, Ph.D.

The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles is the first popular-scientific book about the world-wide appearance of large, geometrical patterns in farm fields and other land areas, usually referred to as 'crop circles'.

Crop circles are usually explained as the handiwork of creative pranksters. `Not true,' says Dr. Eltjo H. Haselhoff, Ph.D., former employee of Los Alamos National Laboratories. `The complexity of the crop circle phenomenon is tremendously underestimated, because its true nature is unknown to the general public.' `Obviously, there are people trying to imitate the real thing, but the suggestion that all of these crop formations are made by men with simple flattening tools is by far insufficient to explain the well-documented observations, like unambiguous and consistent biophysical anomalies in the flattened plants, inside the circles, all of which have been published in peer-reviewed scientific literature,' according to Dr. Haselhoff.

About ten thousand crop formations have been reported world wide since the late seventies, of which several hundreds throughout the USA, where the first one was reported in 1964. Along with the increasing number of crop circle events, there is also a growing number of eyewitnesses, who claim to have seen how crop circles appeared before their eyes in just a few seconds. Several of these people say that bright, fluorescent balls of light hovered above the fields at the time the circles were formed.

`Such a story sounds unbelievable, of course,' Dr. Haselhoff admits, `but after some straightforward research, it was discovered that the plant stems inside these formations had increased in diameter, as an effect of intensive heating, with an astonishing circular symmetry.' `Moreover,' says Dr. Haselhoff, `this effect perfectly matched the radiation pattern of an electromagnetic point source at a height of four meters and ten centimeters above that field. Unbelievable as it may seem to the layman, this is solid physical evidence that these eyewitnesses speak the truth!' Dr. Haselhoff employed his analysis to other crop circles, investigated by others, and obtained identical results. However, the analysis failed dramatically on several man-made crop circles. He concluded that 'balls of light' must indeed be involved in the creation of crop circles, and submitted his findings to the international and peer-reviewed scientific journal Physiologia Plantarum, in which the article was recently published (Phys.Plant. 111 (1), pp. 124).

`This has important consequences,' says Dr. Haselhoff. `The hypothesis that these balls of light are involved in the creation of crop circles is now no longer just a hypothesis, but a scientifically accepted fact, until someone proofs the opposite. Moreover, it promotes all further discussions about this to a scientific level.' Dr. Haselhoff's findings are in perfect agreement with the opinion of the American researchers Burke, Levengood and Talbott, who suggested earlier in two other scientific articles that the plant alterations in crop circles may be described to electromagnetic effects. `Not one of these clearly anomalous plant alterations had been mentioned - much less explained - by the proponents of the vandal theory, nor can they be accounted for by the supposed methods employed to create crop formations through claims made by the self-described vandals,' according to the American researchers. 'The BLT team has been attacked by skeptics several times, but without good reason. Their conclusions are correct,' according to Dr. Haselhoff.

`I am not performing rocket-science or esoteric experiments, but trivial experimental physics,' says Dr. Haselhoff, `and the results are crystal-clear: something very strange is going on. No-one can deny this. Anyone who claims the opposite, clearly does not know what he is talking about, whereas I consider it the duty of every scientist to figure out what on earth is going on.'

[David Castelluccio, PhD]

Mathematical Theorems Revealed

Astronomer, Gerald Hawkins, has shown that the geometry of certain crop formations reveal new, previously unknown, mathematical theorems. This involves ratios that correspond to the intervals of the octaves of the musical scale. See:

Gerald Hawkins - Crop Circles, Euclidean Geometry & Diatonic Ratios

Science News - Mathematics
Crop Circles: Theorems in Wheat Fields

Euclid's Crop Circles
Science News


Canola Plants Cannot Be Bent

Crop circle formations often appear in canola (oil seed rape) fields. This plant has a consistency like celery. If the stalk is bent more than about 45-degrees, it snaps apart. Yet, in a "genuine" crop circle formation the stalks are often bent flat at 90-degrees. No botanist or other scientist has been able to explain this, nor has it ever been duplicated by a human being.


Intricate Weaving and No Damage in Genuine Formations

On close inspection hoaxed crop circles do not compare to "genuine" formations. Hoaxed formations have signs of damage to the plants, and do not have the extensive intricate weaving found in many formations.  See:

Intricate Floor Lay of Crop Formations by Urn Greene


Evidence That Dreams Are Related to Crop Circle Formations

Our research indicates that dreams are related to crop circles. Dreams are sometimes predictive of crop circles. I wrote an article about this for the Dream Network Journal in 1992:

Crop Circle Mystery

We are continuing to find this in our research:

 Crop Circle to Dream/Vision Comparisons

Some formations seem related in terms of their meaning. These articles contain examples:

The Pleiades and the Seventh Ray on the Seventh Day

The Trinity Connection

Dreams About the Triple Male Trinity

Most Important Crop Circle

The Magnetic Field - A Crop Circle Under Scrutiny For Meaning

The Opening Eyes - The Aperture
Crop Circles of July 2000

The All Seeing Eye
The Crop Circle Connection To The Creator And The Stars

The Way God Creates a Crop Circle

Humanity On The Pollen Path

Skeptical of Selective Skeptics

I am not saying that these claims are "true." I say that there is enough evidence to warrant further investigation by those interested.

I do believe it is wise to be skeptical. But I am also skeptical of the bias of the mass media and the claims of the hoaxers. Some think there is a conspiracy behind it. See:

Behind the Hoaxers


Selective Skeptic Arguments

I have found certain "skeptical" arguments confusing.  Part of the confusion seems to involve the use of certain words, such as "believe" and "evidence."  Because of this, I have come to call people with a certain viewpoint "selective skeptics."  They seem to be extremely skeptical of claims of the paranormal, but, are not equally skeptical in other areas, such as the claims of supposed "circlemaker" hoaxers.  

The selective skeptics tend to use techniques similar to political spin doctors.  They often setup their arguments by painting a picture of their opponents as "believers" in various paranormal claims.  This hints that the claim is to be taken as an absolute belief. The suggested "spin" is that such a big claim must be proven absolutely.  In most cases, I think, the word "belief" is not intended to be an absolute.  It is not claimed to be a scientific fact that everyone should accept.  In most cases the claim is simply that there is some evidence or reason to think that a certain phenomenon is paranormal.

Theories presented are often attacked as if they were claims of fact.  The "spin" suggests that absolute proof must be given along with the theory, otherwise the theory is to be rejected.  In my view, various theories should be presented, including non-paranormal theories, and then the evidence can be compared to the theories. Each person can determine for themselves which theory, if any, seems most supported by the evidence.  

Selective skeptics sometimes say that there is no "evidence" at all to support certain paranormal claims.  The "spin" seems to be that the "evidence" must absolutely prove the claim.  In my view, the word "evidence" in these cases is intended more like that used in a court of law.  The "evidence" can always be disputed. Judgments are made based on the convincing power of the evidence, but the judgments are not considered absolute. Yet, we act on the results, such as a death sentence based on a single reliable witness.  

By carefully setting up the "spin," the selective skeptics attempt to put their opponents in the position of having the burden to "prove" the paranormal claim.  The "spin" is that the selective skeptics must be considered "right," if such proof is not presented.  The "spin" is that all science is on the side of the selective skeptics.  As I see it, the selective skeptics simply have alternative theories, not a case that has been scientifically proven.  They are in the same boat as the rest of us.  

In the worst cases, the selective skeptics use the technique of ridicule.  This is sometimes subtle, such as statements indicating that the opponent is childish or gullible.  Another "spin" technique is to suggest the opponent's motive is to make money , get attention, or the like.  

Another technique is to offer alternative explanations that fit with accepted views.  In the case of crop circle formations, human hoaxing is the common explanation. There is nothing "wrong" with this, of course.  But, one should keep in mind that it is just one theory that is also not conclusively proven.  

In my view, the spin doctoring of the selective skeptics make them suspect.  It would seem that they or those they follow intend to turn attention away from certain paranormal claims. For some reason, they seem bent on halting research into claims of the paranormal.

There may be "military" or "religious" reasons behind the position of the selective skeptics at the inner core. Howard Blum, in his "UFO" book, Out There, dealt with people in the secret elements of government.  He proposed that such people approached the subject from a "national defense" point of view. If extra terrestrials do indeed exist, from their perspective, it is imperative that the information be kept secret. Otherwise, a high technology could fall into the hands of our enemies and put us at risk. Established religions may have reason to suppress information of a paranormal nature, as it may tend to pull followers away.  

In my view, this is not the "proper" scientific approach.  A true scientist is skeptical, yet he or she remains open minded.  A true scientist does not approach a subject with an axe to grind, or an agenda to force.  True scientists do not cause confusion by setting up "spins." They do not attempt to shut down investigations or attention to investigations with techniques of ridicule.  

Imagine if such techniques were used in other areas, such as history, psychology, or sociology. Would we turn away from these areas of research because each claim cannot be absolutely, scientifically proven, or from fear of ridicule?  I doubt it.  

Do not be fooled.  Most crop circle researchers are not claiming scientific proofs. They present evidence (that can be questioned), such as photographs and reports of crop circle formations, indicating that the phenomenon is worthy of further attention and research by those interested.  

I say, be skeptical of the selective skeptics.  


Note added July 3, 2004: I found an in-depth article that covers the skeptical subject very well:

Debunking Common Skeptical Arguments Against
Paranormal and Psychic Phenomena

by Winston Wu

The article is linked from:

True Skeptic

A&E/Discovery Channel Programs on Crop Circles

A television program was presented in 1999 showing some people known as "The Circlemakes" creating a crop circle formation. Later I received a copy of an e-mail concerning the event.  The e-mail was composed by my "Code" friend, Gary, and sent to Freddie Silva, owner of The Crop Circlular web site. Freddie had written an article disputing the claims of The Discovery Channel's program. This is Gary's e-mail:  

Subj: Crop Circle Hoaxing
Date: 8/15/99 3:45:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Gary

Crop Circular,

I read your article about the A&E/Discovery Channel programs on crop circles. ( Very good analysis of the situation. Thought you might be interested in a letter I wrote to The Learning Channel (TLC, apparently a division of the Discovery Channel) regarding their program entitled something like "Exposing The Secrets Of Deception". After I emailed the letter I waited a week and no response was forthcoming. So I sent it again. After a couple days I received a reply from the Viewer Relations Dept. at TLC. They told me to call their Communications Department as they would be better suited to answer my questions. I will try to call them this week and I'll let you know what kind of a response I get. The letter I sent to them is pasted in below.



<< To: The Learning Channel (TLC)

Dear Program Director:

My name is Gary V. T. I'm a freelance writer. I am assembling information for a possible article to be published in a national magazine (FATE Magazine) as well as for BEYOND Magazine in the UK. The article, which will focus on the relationship between mainstream media and unusual phenomena such as UFOs and crop circles, will feature what I believe was a masterful bit of disinformation on the part of TLC in an attempt to deceive the American public regarding the crop circle phenomenon. I would like to give you the opportunity to respond, point-by-point, to the comments below:

1) The promo for the program seemed to emphasize the crop circle portion of the show, yet that part of the program was left until the very end. One can't help but ask if this was intentional with two main goals: (a) it was a typical "hook" to get viewers to watch the whole program and, more to the point, (b) it set the viewer up, psychologically, for the big finale. How? Simply by convincingly demonstrating hoax after hoax after hoax in an attempt to "condition" the viewer to believe what they would finally be shown regarding the crop circles, i.e., that they are unquestionably a scam of some kind. This was, in essence, a similar method used by the very hoaxers the program exposed, segment by segment, as it inched its way to the big finale: the crop circles.

2) The host exclaimed, (quote) "No one has been caught in the act of making one... (dramatic pause) ...until now". That statement, in itself, was a bold faced lie right off the bat. Your program DID NOT "catch" anyone making a crop circle. Your crew set up the entire demonstration with cameras rolling! No one was "caught" doing anything! The real truth is no one ever has been "caught" creating a crop circle (at least not that I'm aware of) and the producers of the program most certainly must know that. Otherwise some attempt would have been made to interview such culprits. No such interview was presented. Why?

3) The host claimed the hoaxers used (quote) "...rope, a wood plank and surveyor's tape, and nothing else." But there certainly appeared to be something else; there seemed to be a considerable amount of light on the field where they were working. This was attributed to natural moonlight. I don't think it was. The lighting appeared to encompass only the area in which the men were working. Still, if it was moonlight (which, again, I doubt), it is not likely that moonlight of such magnitude was available on each of the nights when the thousands of crop circles were formed over the past dozen years or so. Could your band of hoaxers have created their design in the pitch black darkness of night without the aid of the kind of lighting we saw in your program? I'd like to see that.

4) The crop design created by the hoaxers was noted to be similar to the huge formation which appeared near Stonehenge and which has been dubbed the "Triple Julia Set" because of it's mathematical properties. In fact, the comparison was not a fair one. The Triple Julia Set consisted of something like 192 circles and covered an area much larger than the design created by the TLC hoaxers. Furthermore, TLC proudly announced it took only six hours for their hoaxers to create their formation but neglected to mention that the Triple Julia Set (which was considerably larger) may have been created in fifteen minutes or less, according to a pilot who flew over that field. On his first pass over the field, he saw no design whatsoever. On his second pass over the field, some fifteen to twenty minutes later, the design was fully visible. [See corrective note below] An interview with that pilot would have been in order. However, no such interview was presented. Why?

5) TLC made no mention at all of the scientific analysis which has been done on the affected crop. The analysis has repeatedly shown anomalous molecular changes within the affected crop and suggests the crop was subjected to very short blasts of high energy heat; possibly microwave generated. One of the lab researchers is named Dr. Leavengood. I'm sure he would have been happy to contribute his findings to your program. An interview with him would have been in order. However no such interview was presented. Why?

6) TLC implied that the video of the unexplained balls of light circling above the field was a hoax but no evidence was provided to support that claim. Other video footage of such anomalous lights exists yet none was presented and there was no interview with the people who shot the footage. Why?

7) Not one crop circle researcher was allowed to counter any of the claims made by TLC. Why? Award winning investigative journalist, Linda Moulton Howe, is considered by many to be one of the world's leading crop circle researchers. She is always available and accessible for interview and comment. An interview with her would have been in order. No such interview was presented. Why?

To your credit, your propaganda program has worked very well. Since it aired once before, several months ago, I can't count the number of people I've talked to who saw it and are now convinced that all crop circles are hoaxes. I have no doubt TLC knew, going into this project, that it would work because you knew most people would never take the trouble to investigate the phenomenon any further. I also have no doubt you knew that most people tend to think, "Well, if it's on TLC, it must be true".

Along with your reply to these comments I would also like to know who owns TLC and the Discovery Channel. I would appreciate it if you would supply me with that information.

I respectfully await your response.


Gary >>

Gary's web is:  Synchronicity City

I sent Gary the following response:  

Subj: Re: Crop Circle Hoaxing
Date: 8/15/99 10:32:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: JMason4557

In a message dated 8/15/99 3:45:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time, Gary writes:

<< Subj: Crop Circle Hoaxing

I read your article about the A&E/Discovery Channel programs on crop circles.>> (snip)


Good goin', Gary.

I watched that program too. I knew what to expect, so I was not surprised. One could add:

8 ) Demonstrations of people creating crop circles is not new. An Unsolved Mysteries TV program in 1990 had a military crew creating one. A well-publicized contest was held in 1992, where crews created fairly credible and complex crop circle formations. The best ones looked like the "genuine" thing at a distance, but not on close inspection by experienced researchers. The recent Discovery program dramatically presented the making of the crop formation as if it were something new; an obvious deception. Why?

9 ) Crop circle formations often appear in canola (or oil seed rape) fields. This plant has a consistency like celery. If the stalk is bent more than about 45-degrees, it snaps apart. Yet, in a "genuine" crop circle formation the stalks are often bent flat at 90-degrees. No botanist or other scientist has been able to explain this, nor has it ever been duplicated by a human being. This claim has never been presented by the Discovery Channel, and hoaxers have not been asked to show how it is done. Why?

10 ) Scientist, Gerald Hawkins, has presented evidence that new, previously unknown, mathematical theorems have been revealed in the geometry of some of the crop circle formations. The theorems are ratios that correspond to the intervals of the octaves of the musical scale, like the white keys on a piano. The Discovery Channel and other media debunkers have not presented this evidence, nor have they asked the crop circle fakers to explain the complex theorems, nor create new theorems in their demonstrations. Why? (Unless they are on a par with Euclid, it is unlikely they can do so).

11 ) Presuming that all the crop circle formations are hoaxes created by humans, leads to a final few questions. Some estimated ten thousand crop circle formations have appeared all over the world in recent years. They are often considered to be "religious" symbols, such as the 1993 Bythorn Mandala, the 1997 Tree of Life, and two 1999 formations - the Winged Disk God and the Biblical Menorah. The religious beliefs of many people are being changed in the process. If the phenomenon is a hoax, it is on a very grand scale, and must involve a great number of people and resources. Why is it, then, that the Discovery Channel and other media or government organizations are not calling for a full investigation of this very serious matter? Why do they heap ridicule on researchers who are trying to gather evidence and find the answers? Is it not a serious matter that religious beliefs are being manipulated by unknown sources? Should we not be concerned with their motives?

I would also ask the Discovery Channel people if they are not concerned about losing their credibility with the public. Are they unaware that times are changing . . . that the Internet/WWW is now an alternate news source, and that the real crop circle and UFO/ET story is being presented on a wide scale? Are they not aware that debunkers are losing the battle . . . that a greater and greater percentage of people "believe" that there is credible evidence that UFOs, ETs, and crop circle formations have a reality of some kind?

Are they not concerned that the final outcome will be that the general public will conclude that such debunkers are bald-faced liars? Surely, they must be concerned with losing *money* in the long run, as people turn away from unreliable sources.

The cynicism of the people regarding the government and the "powers that be," including the mass media, is at an all-time high and growing rapidly. Do we have to elect unknown politicians, to be our president and representatives in order to overcome the apparent mind control?

I suggest they wake up before it is too late.


Joe Mason


Corrective Note

Gary mentioned in his e-mail that a huge formation appeared near Stonehenge dubbed the "Triple Julia Set."  Although a Triple Julia Set crop circle formation did appear at Windmill Hill in 1996, it was a "single" Julia Set that appeared near Stonehenge the same summer.  It was 900 feet in length and comprised some 149 circles.  See:   

Mid-Atlantic Geomancy

So it's all done with planks & bits of string, is it?

Update Note - July 20, 2003

I added the following comment to Paul Vigay's page about the two Julia Set formations  of 1996:

On 13th Jan 2003, Joe Mason wrote;

The 194 circles of this formation are apparently intended to be added to the 149 circles of the single Julia Set formation that appeared in the field across from Stonehenge. The total of 343 is a significant number reported some years ago in this article:

[excerpt] "In that philosophy, the overall duration of the development of humankind and the world consists of 343 periods, determined by 7 x 7 x 7."

The single Julia Set link is:

[The Triple Julia Set is here: ]

In 1997 the Tree of Life crop circle appeared at Barbury Castle, along with a related six-fold formation. The Map Grid Reference numbers indicated a "777" association, perhaps suggesting Crowley's work called "777." See:

On September 11, 2001, 343 New York City firemen lost their lives. Prior to that day, 777 New York City firemen lost their lives in the line of duty. Coincidence? I think not! See:

Were the Julia Set crop formations made by the hoaxers as some have claimed? Again, I think not!

Note:  The following article was sent in an e-mail.

Crop Pictograms in the United Kingdom

By Alan Holt M.S. Physical Science (astrophysics)

In July of this year (2000) I had the opportunity to visit the United Kingdom for a couple weeks. The primary purpose for my trip was to spend some time with my companion Hildi who lives in Glastonbury, England. Since I knew the timing of my visit would allow me to see and hopefully visit some "crop circles" I did a little exploration of web sites before I left.

I was absolutely amazed at the patterns which I saw, and was wondering why these developments hadn't surfaced in the general press in the U.S. After my visit and discussions with various people in the UK, it is now clear to me that crop "circles" or pictograms have suffered the same fate that UFOs and other phenomena have which do not fit the current paradigm.

Upon arriving in London on July 20, I was picked up by my companion and a friend and on the way back to Glastonbury we stopped at the Barge Inn. The Barge Inn is located along one of the many canals crisscrossing England, and is a meeting place and informal headquarters for crop "circle" researchers and visitors. Photos of the latest crop "circles" are tacked up on a bulletin board.

Outside looking toward nearby hills a simple crop "circle" could be seen. After getting something to eat, we went up to the circle and entered it. The plants on the floor of the circle were woven into a basket like pattern. Unlike the few hoaxed or manmade "circles", the stalks of the plants were not broken but looked like they had suddenly decided to bend down and grow in a horizontal direction. My assessment after visiting several crop pictograms, is that the man-made "circles" are relatively few, which are composed of simple forms having very poor geometric precision compared to the amazing pictograms.

There are other factors which clearly delineate a man-made circle from the absolutely amazing pictograms, which can be learned from the web sites, and several books. I would recommend the book "Crop Circles: The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times" by Lucy Pringle,1999, Harper Collins Publishers,ISBN 07225 3855 3, $27.00. I had an opportunity to talk with Lucy at the Glastonbury Crop Circle Conference held in July 28 -30 during my visit. She personally flies out over the fields and takes photos.

Since I have for many years used enhanced intuitive capabilities to pick up additional information, I did sit in the crop circle near the Barge Inn and picked up some interesting impressions pertaining to the future. In addition, I put out the thought, somewhat as a test but really a request, that I would like to see a crop pictogram appear which could provide me some insight into the direction I should pursue in my advanced transport/field physics research activities.

We then went on to Glastonbury, to London, and then back to Glastonbury. Eight days later, we went back out into crop circle country and again visited the Barge Inn. On the bulletin board, was an astounding new pictogram. (see the web site):

Magnetic Field Crop Formation

The Magnetic Field - A Crop Circle Under Scrutiny For Meaning

The pictogram was shaped like a bar magnet, with magnetic field lines coming out of the north and south poles. The pictogram had appeared on July 22 two days after my arrival in the England (and my first visit to the Barge Inn). We determined its location, visited the pattern and spent a lot of time exploring it.

The precision and intricacy of the pattern was stunning. Even the farmer whose field the pattern had appeared in was overwhelmed by this pictogram. He indicated that there had been other patterns in his field before, but he had still harbored some doubts concerning who or what had made them. But with the appearance of this pictogram, he knows now that this is a true mystery. From his perspective there is NO possibility that this was made by humans or our technology, and I agree with him.

While in the pattern, I recalled the thought which I had sent out for a pictogram to appear which could provide some direction for my research activities. I have to conclude that whatever intelligence is responsible for these patterns, it has connections with or links with our human consciousness.

There is truly an astounding phenomena unfolding in England and elsewhere in the world. Its very unfortunate that the unscientific thinking, and perhaps deliberate disinformation, of a few individuals have been picked up and accepted by a naive press world-wide. As a result millions of people have been deprived of the opportunity to experience a consciousness expanding phenomena. It is our civilization's loss; but fortunately the apparently successful attempt to ridicule or "debunk" crop circles will do nothing to stop what may be a major transformation ahead for humanity.

From my perspective, there is also a warning or "be prepared" message coming through the crop pictograms as well. We have not been very good stewards of the planet on which we are living. We have recklessly depleted resources; contaminated water, air and Earth; threatened the foundation of Earth's viability with the use and testing of nuclear weapons (and perhaps other exotic technology) and continue to waste at least one-half of what we produce (especially here in the U.S.).  The Earth can compensate for some of our mistakes, but it too goes through transformations. If our care of our planet is not dramatically improved soon, we may not have many more years to enjoy the beauty and nurturing environment which even now the Earth still provides (the year 2012 could be a turning point).

©2000 by Alan Holt
PostScript: Alan Holt is currently a project manager for NASA's International Space Station: The above does not necessarily reflect the views of NASA and are the sole views of Alan Holt.

The ET Spin

The mass media often presents the so-called "skeptical" spin on the topics of UFOs, extra terrestrials, and crop circles. Often, those interested in crop circles are said to hold the "belief" that ET's are the creators of the formations. The media seems to present the subject as either/or, that is, either ET's are the crop circle creators or they all are created by human beings. Sometimes a scientist will explain that visits from ETs are unlikely, because of the vast distances between stars. The speed of light cannot be exceeded, therefore it is silly to think that ET's travel many years just to visit the planet Earth in order to knock down a few plants. Case closed.

 One "problem" with this media spin is that many serious investigators, such as Jacques Vallee, do not believe that ETs are physical beings from other solar systems. Investigations led to the theory that the phenomenon is probably activity from another dimension. Strange phenomena of many sorts has been with mankind throughout history. The belief systems, including the religions, of various cultures has often been effected by such phenomena; angelic visitations, for example.

The term UFO, at times, seems misleading. Apparently the image intended to be imparted is of a physical craft, akin to our spacecraft, used to transport physical beings through the air. The term has a wider range of meanings, and of course, refers to an object flying in the air that is not identified. The most common "UFO" type associated with crop circles is the "ball of light," or "BOL." These have been reportedly observed and filmed many times in the crop circle formations and elsewhere. One theory is that entities from another dimension create the BOL's by manipulating the atomic particles in the atmosphere.

The point is, the media spin image of UFO's as "believed" by all those "cropie" people is not the only image or theory about UFO's. Therefore, the great distance to other star systems is sometimes a non-issue.

It is our view that dreams have been, and continue to be, associate with such phenomena. Joseph Campbell said that we create civilizations out of our myths, and that myths develop from dreams. The ET's, the Watchers, may be attempting to influence a change of beliefs on a global scale. We, humanity, may accept or reject the change. It may not be wise to simply debunk and ignore the input.

So, the selectively "skeptical" argument is lacking - the case is not, by any means, closed. The jury is still out.

Added Hoax Story
January 12, 2004

In the summer of 2003 some crop circle formations appeared near Rockville, California -

The news media soon reported that some local teenagers claimed to have made the formations.  This was quickly disputed by researchers. Investigators from Psi Applications, led by Steve Moreno carried out detailed studies of the formations over a period of months, concluding that the formations were not man-made. ....
(requires java script)


Review of Article by Marcus Allen

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So it's all done with planks & bits of string, is it?
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The Physics of Crop Formations
By John A. Burke

Anatomical Anomalies in Crop Formation Plants
W. C. Levengood

Cropformations: A biophysical investigation
by Nancy Talbott

National Geographic TV Programme Debunks Circles
Doug Rogers

National Geographic Channel Denies TV Debunk
Carol Pedersen



Discussion on Crop Circle Disinformation

Doug Bower admits "unknown force" behind crop circles

Crop Circles Expose
IoA Knowledge Bank

Andrews Reveals Long-Promised Hoaxing 'Evidence'
That 80 Percent of Crop Circles are Man-Made
by Andy Thomas

80% Proof - Michael Glickman

Peculiarities of Crop Circles

Ghost Formations in Snow
Dutch researchers J Ossenbaard & B Janssen

Lucy Pringle's Homepage
Articles on human effects

Planker, Matthew Williams, Presentation Fails to Convince
Mary Bennett

Construction Myths and "The Moire"
by Jonah Ohayv

Planetary Codes in the Barbury Castle Crop Circle
by Krsanna Duran

The Mysterious World of Crop Circles

Crop Circle Hoaxing
By Chad Deetken

Science News - Mathematics
Crop Circles: Theorems in Wheat Fields

Euclid's Crop Circles
Science News

The Cassiopaean Experiment
Crop Circle Hoax? (Alien Face & Disk)

Terrestrial Anomalies - Crop Circles

Crop Circle Radionuclide Study
Marshal Dudley & Michael Chorost

Scientifically Determining Authenticity
of Crop Formation by L-Neat Process

The Crop Circles Issue

Crop Circle Photographers

We thank the crop circle photographers and urge support for them.

 Lucy Pringle  

 Busty Taylor  

 Stuart Dike  

Freddy Silva

Ron Russell
 Crop Circle Anomalies

Steve Alexander
 and Karen Douglas

 Peter Sorenson  

Patricia Murray

A.J. Samuels

Andreas Müller

Colin Andrews

Jim Miller

Frank Laumen

Bert Janssen

Jan Schwochow

 Clemens Richter  

Doe Kelly and
Andrew Wheeler

Nick Nicholson

Rob Speight

Eva-Marie Brekkesto

Julian Gibsone

Graham Tucker

Werner Anderhub

Seiichi Nakazato

David Russell

Richard Wintle
Calyx Photo Services

Andrew King

Richard Harvey

Russell Stannard

Andrea Feliziani

Summer Garland

.Janet Ossebaard


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