Indonesian Crop Circles of 2011
Part One
The First Chakra, Continuous Creation,
& The Order of the Heavens
Made Apparent on Earth

by Joseph E. Mason


Three crop circle formations appeared in rice fields in Indonesia -- first to ever appear in that region. The first formation appeared on 23 January 2011, at Krasakan, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Java. The second formation appeared not far away at Wanujoyo, on 25 January. The third formation appeared in the same region, at Tegalrejo, Magelang, on 30 January. It was composed of five glyphs in a line. The central glyph was an eight-fold pinwheel type. A pair of smaller circles were on either side of the central glyph.

The Unique Location

Two important ancient sites are located in the area. According to Wikipedia --

Prambanan is a ninth century Hindu temple compound in Central Java, Indonesia, dedicated to Trimurti, the expression of God as the Creator (Brahma), the Sustainer (Vishnu) and the Destroyer (Shiva). The temple compound located approximately 18 km east of Yogyakarta city on the boundary between Yogyakarta and Central Java province. [See map]

Borobudur, or Barabudur, is a 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist monument near Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. The monument comprises six square platforms topped by three circular platforms, and is decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues.[1] A main dome, located at the center of the top platform, is surrounded by 72 Buddha statues seated inside perforated stupa.

Mount Merapi, an active volcano, is also located nearby, at Sleman, Yogyakarta. Thirty people were killed when it erupted last October.

Mount Tidar is near Magelang, not far north of Borobudur. In Javanese legend, Mount Tidar is the point where the Island of Java is 'nailed' to the earth, and known as the Nail of Java. It is said that the gods placed the nail to prevent the Java island from tremor and sinking. See: John Scott's Video.

On Boxing Day, 26 December 2004, a great earthquake, magnitude 9.3, took place off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, north of where the three crop formations appeared in January 2011. The earthquake caused a very destructive tsunami, killing over 230,000 people in fourteen countries.

The First Formation

It was reported in the news that the first formation looked like the symbol of the muladhara chakra,  which is the first chakra. The second formation was said to be the "twin" of the first one. All three formations may be related to the chakras.

I was surprised that the formations had appeared in January and by the Indonesian location, but I was not surprised that the first one was recognized right away as the first chakra. I realized that connection in 1993. In 1997, we wrote about the chakra connections to the crop circle formations. The Tree of Life also appeared in 1997, which has correspondences to the chakras. Some of the crop formations in 2010, like in years prior, indicated a crossover, or duality shift, relating to the chakras. In 2004, the seven chakras appeared --

On February 1, I made five posts about the first Indonesian crop circle formation on my Facebook page and on the Circle Chasers Facebook page, which included this graphic display --

The images are thumbnail versions of the larger ones here --

Image 1
overhead view

Image 2
same view with lines drawn between points

Image 5
idealized rendering

Image 6
idealized rendering with boxes marked

Image 3
2007 Wexcombe Down formation
Credit: Lucy Pringle

Image 4
Native American Four Thunderbirds

Image 7
Credit: Jedi Tai-Da Vrikaurvan
muladhara chakra

Image 8
Credit: Sita
muladhara chakra

These are the five posts about the formation (with extra graphics added) --

The eight images above relate to the crop circle that appeared at Krasakan, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia, on 23 January 2011 --

Image 1 is an overhead view of the formation. Image 2 is the same, but with four colored boxes shown, as lines between points. Images 5 and 6 show the same pattern as idealized diagrams. Image 3 is a thumbnail photo of the crop formation that appeared at Wexcombe Down, Wiltshire, around 22 May 2007 --

Note the similarity to the 2010 Indonesian formation. Also note that it can be interpreted as four birds. To me, this was meaningfully coincidental, because Jeffrey Wilson, the Director of Independent Crop Circle Researchers' Association (ICCRA), had informed me about the legend of the Four Thunderbirds some months prior. Image 4 is an artistic rendering of the Four Thunderbirds.

Images 7 and 8 are symbols of the muladhara chakra that I found online. Note that image 7 includes the double boxes, as with the crop formation. Note that image 8 has four lotus flower petals that resemble birds.

Of the seven chakras within the human body, the muladhara chakra is the first chakra, the root chakra. The two small circles on either side of the Indonesian formation may represent Ida and Pingala, the channels of female and male energy which form a double helix, winding around the chakras. The central circle in the formation would correspond to Sushumna, the central channel. The Kundalini "serpent" energy force rises from the base chakra, up through the chakras to the crown chakra.

The three channels correspond to the three Pillars of the Tree of Life --

February 1 at 4:29pm

Double boxes are often seen in Islamic designs, such as this --

Image 9

Note the blue "+" shapes between the red star shapes. The shapes fit well with the symbols of the first chakra. The inner parts of the red stars also fit.

Double boxes have also appeared in various forms as crop formations --

The double boxes and "+" (or "X") shape are the bases of the Sufi concept of the "Breath of the Compassionate" -

Image 10

My Facebook Post

In 2005, a complex double box formation appeared at Hundred Acres on July 5th --

Image 11

Fifteen days later, the matching "X" (or "+") appeared at Kings Worthy --

Image 12

Other formations fit with the Hundred Acres design in various ways --

February 1 at 4:30pm

A double box type glyph was also found on the Nazca plains. This is a close-up photograph of the central part of the marking, which is thought to be at least 2000 years old --

Image 13

Martin Keitel has a diagram of it on his site --

A very similar crop formation appeared around July 30, 2000, at Blackland (Morgan's Hill), Wiltshire --

Image 14

Many crop circle formations seem related to the chakras --

February 1 at 4:31pm

In 2005, when Jeffrey Wilson informed me about the legend of the Four Thunderbirds (image 4, above), I responded by saying that Ezekiel's Four Living Creatures seem similar, because each creature has wings, and the wings touch one another (See Ezekiel 1). Ezekiel 3:12 tells how there was the sound of a great earthquake when the wings of the living creatures touched one another.

Years prior, I had developed some drawings based on four triangular shapes, similar to the 1991 Barbury pictogram formation, one of which was this --

Image 15

The four triangles can be arranged in two other ways. When overlapped, the image is similar to the New Jerusalem diagram, with its twelve circles and twelve-pointed star. When the triangles are spread out, the image is similar to a Teutonic Cross and a Maltese Cross, which was used by the Knights Templar.

After developing the diagrams, a coincidence happened when I discovered that the shape fits very well with Ezekiel's description of the Four Living Creatures. I put the details in this article --

Some months after talking with Jeffrey -- on 22 June 2005 -- a crop formation appeared at Lurkley Hill, that seemed related to the diagrams --

The twelve-pointed star is formed by connecting lines --

Image 16

The Teutonic Cross or Maltese Cross is formed by connecting lines within the inner portion --

Image 17

The diagram seems similar to the 2007 Wexcombe Down, "four birds" formation (see image 3, above), except the theoretical "heads" are pointing inward, rather than outward. Certain parts of the geometry of the Lurkley Hill formation, fit with the four-fold, 2011 Indonesian formation (image 1, above).

Another crop circle formation appeared in the USA that fit the diagram in a similar way. It appeared at Madisonville, Monroe County, Tennessee, around 14 May 2007 --

Image 18
Credit: ICCRA

I created this image to illustrate the point --

Image 19

Wednesday at 5:43am

Jeffrey Wilson has a photograph with information about the 2007 Madisonville formation --

Image 20
Credit: ICCRA

<< This crop circle formation was located in a wheat field near the town of Madisonville, Monroe County, Tennessee. This formation was reported to the ICCRA as occurring on May 22, 2007. Several members of the ICCRA investigated this formation and found elongated growth nodes of the wheat stems using the L-NEAT method, showing that this formation was not mechanically made by people. The area in which this formation occurred was near the ancestral homeland of the Overland Cherokee which contained many ancient burial mounds and village sites before being flooded to create an artificial lake by the TVA several decades ago. >>

Wednesday at 5:58am

Madisonville Connections and Ezekiel's Four Living Creatures

A triangular crop formation appeared in Madisonville in 2008. To me, it was yet another coincidence about the conversation I had with Jeffrey Wilson in 2005, where he informed me of the legend of the Four Thunderbirds, and I responded by mentioning the similarity to Ezekiel's Four Living Creatures, who also have wings that touch one another. I covered some of my experiences concerning this in Part Six of the Pollen Path series of articles. This is a good time to review the subject and update it with new information.

It began with the 1991 Barbury Castle pictogram formation, diagrammed in Image 21, below --

Image 21
1991 Barbury Castle
Crop Formation

Image 22
New Jerusalem

Image 23
four triangles in
a Teutonic Cross

Image 24
four triangles
in a pyramid

Image 25
simplified version
of Image 24

Image 15
four "wheels" added
to Image 24

Compare Image 25 with the 2007 Madisonville crop formation, Image 19 --

Image 25
2007 Madisonville
crop circle

Image 19
four Barbury
Castle Triangles

About a year later, I read a letter to the editor in a crop circle journal that caught my interest. The person pointed out that the 1991 Barbury Castle triangle fit neatly within the New Jerusalem diagram. I created Image 22 to illustrate the point. The basic New Jerusalem diagram can be made with four simplified Barbury Castle shapes.

The New Jerusalem diagram (or plan) is based on the vision of Saint John in Revelation 21. It is said to represent the order of the heavens made apparent on earth.

This was especially important to me, because I saw a similar pattern in a dream on 18 October 1990. It was twelve interlocking rings with twelve high entity figures standing in them. I read about the New Jerusalem plan diagram about a year later, in an article telling how that pattern had been found by dowsing inside a crop circle and ancient sites, such as Stonehenge and Avebury. The crop circle was a swastika-circle type, that appeared in 1989, at Winterbourne Stoke. I reported the details in Part Five of the Pollen Path series. Image 26, below, is a larger image of the diagram.

Image 23 shows how the same four triangles can form a Teutonic Cross (or Iron Cross). In that case, four circles -- one from each triangle are overlapped and appear as the single central circle. I image those four circles corresponding to the north sun symbol of the 1991 Barbury Castle formation. The idea was helped along by the fact that I had read an article about how patterns had been found by dowsing inside crop circle formations, one of which was a Teutonic Cross.

Image 24 shows how the same four triangles can be rearranged to form a pyramid as viewed from above. In this case, each of the four corner circles has two circles overlapped, so as to appear as single circles. It also forms a "quintuplet set" of circles, which had been one of the most common type of crop formations. In addition, an "X" shaped type cross can be seen within the pattern. Such a pattern -- a quintuplet cross -- appeared as a crop formation a few years later, in the early 1990s.

Image 25 is a simplified version of Image 24, the pyramid quintuplet type.

A year or two after drawing the diagrams of various arrangements of four Barbury Castle shapes, I read an article that mentioned the vision of Ezekiel in the Old Testament. I then read the verses of Ezekiel 1. As I read about the "four wheels," the "wheel within a wheel," and how the "wheels" had "spokes," I began to think of my diagrams again. I had neglected to put in the "wheels," that is, the central circle and rings of the 1991 Barbury Castle crop circle formation. I then drew them in, which became Image 15.

A detailed comparison of Image 15 to Ezekiel's vision is given in Part Six of the Pollen Path series of articles. Ezekiel's "Wagon," or Four Wheel Chariot, is also known as the Merkabah. The Four Living Creatures are also mentioned in Revelation 4.

The parts of the vision about the "wings" and how they "touched one another" (Ezekiel 1:9, 11) fit well with the idea of the Teutonic Cross triangles (Image 23) being lowered down to overlap the corner circles. The Maltese Cross type patterns, that can be found within the triangles, look quite like wings. Ezekiel 3:12 tells how a great earthquake sounded, as the wings of the living creatures as they touched one another.

The 2005 crop formation at Lurkey Hill fit well with these theories. Image 23, below, is the original Teutonic Cross idea, formed by four Barbury Castle triangles --

Image 23

Image 26
Lurkey Hill

Image 17
Lurkey Hill

Image 26 is a photograph of the central part of the 2005 Lurkey Hill formation (Image 16), with lines drawn between circles. Note the similarity to Image 23. Image 17 is the same, but with the "wings" filled in with red color to make the Maltese Cross.

According to Joseph Campbell, the Four Living Creatures represent Zodiac signs, corresponding to the solstices and equinoxes during the Age of Taurus. They correspond to the four major Tribes, thus --

Sign Type


Celestial Position


Living Creature



Fall Equinox





Spring Equinox





Winter Solstice





Summer Solstice



The two diagrams below illustrate how each of the four triangles of the New Jerusalem diagram (Image 27), and the Zodiac diagram (Image 28), represent three Zodiac signs each, one major and the other two minor.

Image 27
New Jerusalem Diagram

Image 28
The Zodiac

This seems to explain why the twelve outer circles in the 2005 Lurkley Hill crop formation have four with larger circles and eight with smaller circles. Each of the four large circles connects with two smaller circles on the outer ring, forming the four triangles --

Image 16
Lurkley Hill

The design of Lurkley Hill prompted me to recall a writing about numbers in traditional symbolic glyphs. The number four is associated with the Earth plane. The Heavenly plane is associated with twelve. The number eight represents a plane between the Earth and Heaven.

Squaring the Circle and The New Jerusalem -
Lead by Coincidence to a New Meaning -
The Order of the Heavens Made Apparent on Earth

The New Jerusalem design (Image 27) demonstrates squaring the circle. The perimeter of the red (Earth) square is equal to the circumference of the green (Moon) circle, 31,680 miles. Bert Janssen has demonstrated that many crop circle formations also demonstrate squaring the circle in unique ways.

It appears clear at a glance that the 2007 Wexcombe Down formation (Image 3) -- the "four birds" -- also demonstrates squaring the circle.

After writing the text above, a coincidence happened (9 February 2011) as I was looking for a link about "squaring the circle", and "New Jerusalem". The first link included images that have four petals, similar to some of the crop circle designs on this page, like the Wexcombe Down "four birds," and the first Indonesian crop formation. This is the link --

Constructing The Cosmological Circle

I reworked the image from that page slightly, to compare to images on this page --

Image credit: Michael S. Schneider

The image on the left is the first Indonesian crop formation (Image 2), with colorful boxes added. The image on the right is the 2007 "four birds" formation of Wexcombe Down (Image 3). The center image is the reworked image from the linked page above, the Cosmological Circle. Basically, I rotated it forty-five degrees, added green color to the four petals, and made it smaller in size.

Once again, meaningful coincidence proves to be the key to the deeper meaning of my quest -- in this case, the grand meaning of the first two Indonesian crop circle formations, as well as the 2007 Wexcombe Down formation. The central portion is the New Jerusalem design, with twelve Moon glyphs around the Earth sphere in the center. The four petals are derived from two Vesica Pisces shapes intersecting four of the Moon glyphs.

As stated earlier, the New Jerusalem design is said to represent the order of the Heavens made apparent on Earth. An early Biblical example is the camp positions of the Twelve Tribes described in Numbers 2. It is described by Saint John the Divine in Revelation 21.

Another great coincidence happened, as if to confirm the previous coincidence. The previous coincidence happened at 1:15 AM. After working on the graphics to be added, I went back to the web page at 3:17 AM to read the text of the article. The author, Michael S. Schneider, tells how the "Buddhist Brobodur temple" is one example of the type of geometric diagram that symbolizes the complete order of the universe. This is the explanation --

 The Cosmological Circle is a geometric diagram that has appeared in the arts, crafts, architecture, religion and literature of cultures around the world, and is associated with their golden ages. Because it's the visual representation of the harmony naturally inherent in the structure of the numbers 1 through 12, it encodes the ideal patterns and proportions toward which nature's forms strive. It has been used as a symbol of universal harmony because it represents the complete order of the universe and thus is a microcosm appearing in the designs of cosmic temples and sacred spaces worldwide. It served as as an eternal standard of reference, a pattern and instrument of statecraft for civilizations which were "cosmologically ordered societies" seeking to attract to their citizens happiness, blessings, justice and prosperity. Its proportions were used as an intelligent model for integrating weights and measures with human dimensions, and for sanctifying the Earth with sacred architecture. Its dimensions are described as the Heavenly City described in The Book of Revelation, seen in the plan of the Buddhist Brobodur temple, Stonehenge, Glastonbury, and described as Plato's ideal city Magnesia. Its central "squared circle" plan is also found in the sizes and relationships among the Earth, Sun and Moon. No one invented it - it's just the way that numbers naturally harmonize, providing the ideal towards which nature strives and humans have designed art and society.

The book is primarily based on the work of John Michell who has explored and written about the New Jerusalem Diagram and Cosmological Circle for over thirty years.

The Two Madisonville Formations

Based on my experiences with four 1991 Barbury Castle triangular shapes, I felt that the 2007 Madisonville formation fit the picture. I created the images below to illustrate the point --

Image 29
2007 Madisonville

Image 15
four Barbury
Castle triangles

Image 30
first combination

Image 31
second combination

Image 30 has the 2007 Madisonville formation with the four Barbury Castle triangles superimposed, with the outer four circles aligned. Image 31 is the same, except the four inner circles are aligned.

A triangular formation appeared near the 2007 Madisonville formation about a year later, around 5 May 2008 --

Image 32
2008 Madisonville formation
Credit: ICCRA

It was quite significant to me, for obvious reasons , as illustrated on these pages. The two formations surely relate to one another. I created the images below to illustrate the point --

Image 33
2008 Madisonville

Image 34
Madisonville combination

Image 33 is a diagram of the 2008 Madisonville crop formation. Image 34 shows how four of the 2008 Madisonville triangles can be placed upon the 2007 Madisonville crop formation, to form a new image that fits well with Ezekiel's Four Living Creatures.

The various images on these pages of the Four Living Creatures types, feature arrangements of circles, upon which multiple boxes can be drawn, similar to those illustrated in the first Indonesian crop formation near the top of this page (Images 2 and 6). Image 35 is a diagram of the 2007 Madisonville formation, with four boxes drawn between points. Image 36 is a thumbnail of the first 2011 Indonesian formation --

Image 35

Image 36

The Second Indonesian Crop Circle Formation

The second crop formation that appeared in Indonesia, was at Wanujoyo, Yogyakarta, Java. It was reported 25 January 2011. Image 37 is an overhead view --

Image 37
Credit: Derek Chow
Second 2011 Indonesian crop formation

This is the best picture available at the moment. The pattern is difficult to make out, but it does seem to be similar to the first Indonesian crop formation. I would not call it a "twin."

The Third Indonesian Crop Circle Formation

The third Indonesian crop formation appeared at Tegalrejo, Magelang, Java on 29 January 2011 --

Image 38

Image 38 is a photograph of the central, pinwheel type glyph. Image 39 is a diagram of the complete formation --

Image 39
Credit: Bertold Zugelder

Images 40 and 41 illustrate the underlying construction of the pinwheel -- eight interlocking rings in a circle.

Image 40
credit: onedirtyrabbit

Image 41
credit: onedirtyrabbit

The basic design is similar to an image I drew in 1990, based on a dream, Figure 42 --

Image 42

Image 43
Credit: Steve Alexander

Another 1990 dream informed me that the image represented the Oversoul, with each petal a reincarnational personality. On 27 June 2000, a similar pattern appeared as a crop circle formation at Bishop Cannings, near Devizes, Wiltshire (Image 43). Note the two sets of star type double boxes.

There were a number of eight-fold crop circle formations in 2000, including the crop formation that appeared at Alton Priors, Wiltshire, on 19 June 2000 (Image 44) --

Image 44
Credit: Lucy Pringle

Image 45
Sri Yantra

Image 46
Kali Yantra

Note that the shape of the inner portion is quite like the outer portions of Images 40, 41 and 42. The outer portion of the Alton Priors formation is a sixteen-fold design, which is like traditional eastern mandalas, such as the Sri Yantra (Image 45), and the Kali Yantra (Image 46).

A huge Sri Yantra appeared grooved into a dry lake bed in Oregon in 1990. I experienced an amazing coincidence about it. I told the story in Part Three of the Pollen Path series. Included is an explanation of how the Sri Yantra represents a path through the chakras from outward-inward. In this special case, the sixteen-petal lotus flower represents the second chakra, and the eight-petal lotus flower represents the third chakra.

In September, 1990, I saw an aperture in a dream (Image 47), and knew it was about the crop circles --

Image 47

Sometime after seeing the Indonesian pinwheel formation, I realized that it was somewhat similar to the inside portion of my 1990 dream image.

Ancient Glyphs

In early 1991, I was given The Sacred Symbols of Mu, by  Col. James Churchward. It is a collection of symbols with interpretations found around the world. In my view, the island of Mu may be a metaphor for our spiritual homeland. As I see it, symbols are similar the world over because we have a collective unconscious in which archetypal symbols come to people in dreams and visions. The The Sacred Symbols of Mu has many four-fold and eight-fold glyphs. I will give a few examples that may apply to the Indonesian crop formations.

These three symbols are among others,labeled, "Mound Builders' Symbols," on page 227 --

Image 48

Image 49

Image 50

According to Churchward --

Image 48 shows the earth's Forces passing out of her body into the atmosphere (they are thus drawn out by their affinitive Forces carried in the Sun's rays).

Image 49 is a rare symbol. It is found in Hindu writings of about 4000 to 5000 years ago. This figure symbolizes the Sun sending forth his rays throughout his System (the solar). They are shown as being of two varieties - dark and invisible because of their intensity, and light, which are apparent to vision. The rays are in the form of Forces, as shown by the Force symbol. Again they are curved, pointing to the east and thereby telling us that they are working from west to east and forming a circle. As they are taking a circular route all rays coming from the Sun would not strike the earth in a straight line from the sun but in a curve.

Image 50 is not defined by Churchward, but it is apparently related to sun symbolism. The dot inside a ring is a symbol of the Deity. A similar symbol is said to represent the "Eight Roads to Heaven."

Note that double boxes can be drawn between points of the pinwheel part of the Indonesian crop circle (Image 51) --

Image 51

Figure 52 is from page 153 --

Image 52
Eight Roads to Heaven

This is the text that goes with it --

The eight Roads to Heaven was a religious symbolic teaching which I first found in the Cosmogonic Diagram of Mu which attests its great antiquity. In this Cosmogonic Diagram it was used to show man how he must live on this earth to be prepared to pass into the world beyond when his call came. The eight Roads to Heaven was not an actual conception; it was a symbolic teaching, religious in character. These special teachings were unquestionably universal, as they are found among ancient people throughout the world. Such form of teaching must have been very popular since there were so many designs of symbols for it. Every ancient people appear to have had their own idea as to what design and figure best symbolized the eight Roads to Heaven.

Churchward's words and glyphs certainly fit with a crop circle formation that appeared in 1992 --

Image 53
Dharmic Wheel

It appeared 17 August 1992 at Silbury Hill. Anthropologist and crop circle researcher, Michael Green, called it a "Dharmic Wheel." He wrote that the formation is in the tradition of the great instructional mandalas, about human spiritual development. The structure of Ultimate Reality has the eight symbols of Being and Becoming on the points of the directions. The central glyph symbolizes the Deity, as a dot within a ring, further defined as being quartered.

The symbols on the outer ring represent a certain energy, vibration or spiritual state, which eventually leads to apotheosis, after which the transformed Spirit of Light merges with the Deity in the center.

The meaning of the formation has similarities to the Sri Yantra, like the pattern that appeared grooved into a dry lake bed in Oregon in 1990. The path through the chakras is in eight stages, followed by merging with the One, symbolized by the single dot in the center, called the bindu.

On page 75, there are images of four-petal flower type glyphs (Figure 54) --

Image 54
The evolution of the Looped Crosses

Churchward wrote that these flower types were Looped Cross types that developed from the simple cross. They are another symbol of the Deity, as a dot or ring within a ring, from which the four petals spring. This is quite similar to the central glyph of the 1992 Dharmic Wheel crop formation. It is also similar to the basic structure of the first two Indonesian crop formations. The swastika type arms within the glyph on the right symbolize the four primary forces.

Recall my statement, above, about the 1989 swastika-circle type crop formation at Winterbourne Stoke -- the New Jerusalem plan diagram was detected by dowsing inside the formation.

A figure eight type glyph with a four-fold design in the center is depicted on page 185 (Image 55) --

Image 55
Dress ornament - Society Islands

Image 56
8-8-8 Milk Hill crop circle
credit: Andreas Muller

A crop formation appeared at Milk Hill on 8 August 2008 (8-8-8), that had a similar basic design. Such figure eight types are also called infinity signs. I mentioned in a 2010 article that the central portion of the formation was similar to the 1992 Dharmic Wheel formation.

Continue to Part Two --

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