Looking At Coral Castle

Coral Castle was originally located in the town of Florida City.  The site was later moved to Homestead, FL.
The site consists of 10 acres completely surrounded by 8' high coral blocks, tightly constructed without the
use of cement between them. Each of these blocks weigh over 20 tons, and the engineer/builder did this
work all by himself even though he was a very small man - 5 feet tall, weighing only 100 pounds. 
He did not own tall, heavy cranes which engineers use today to construct buildings.
He was asked: Why did you do it? 'Someday, my Sweet 16 will come,' was always his response.

Michael Lawrence Morton


   Coral Castle is located on USGS Topographical 7.5-minute "Homestead" (Florida) Quadrangle.

Grid Longitude 111 deg x 34 min x 41.23807207 sec W.Giza

= 155632.484 W.Giza

= (RAD deg) Squared x Pi Squared x Great Pyramid Height / 100

= 32400 x 4.803471728

= (180 Squared) x 4.803471728

(W.Greenwich longitude is 80 deg 26 min 40.43807207 sec)


Grid Latitude 25 deg x 29 min x 58.80922897 sec North

= 42636.691 North

= 4320 x Pi Squared


Grid Point Value 155632.484 / 42636.691

= 3.650200809

= Ancient 'Solar Year' in Days / 100



    I think this "lot," upon which Edward Leedskalnin built his wonders, is a sort of "Grid Point Nest" . . . with many 'Matrix-valid' Grid Points in relatively-close proximity. This might have something to do with Leedskalnin's mysterious ability to lift and to precisely place those gigantic stones on the property.

Also; I found in doing the calculations above, that I initially figured the latitude as VERY close to 1/16th of an inch (on the USGS Topo map) below the 'predicted 1983 NAD' latitude parallel of 25 deg 30 min 00 sec, which is in fact the precise northern border of this Quad. This initial latitude figure, in terms of seconds, showed on my calculator as 1.234567901 seconds south of the 1983 NAD parallel of 25 30 00. Notice that the figure of 1.234567901 is the Square of 1.111111111 . . . to nine decimal places.

[Note also, here, that I am using a 'scale' of 0.050625 map inches per second of latitude]. The figure 1.234567901 precisely matches my calculated Grid Point Value for Dr. Bruce Cornet's "Cydonia Face II" on the "Middletown" (New York) USGS 7.5-minute Topographical Quadrangle.

The calculated figure above for the number of W.Giza longitude seconds . . . 41.23807207 . . . is VERY close to a decimal harmonic of the Surface Area On A Sphere (formula) . . . 41.25296125.

I'm thinking that the more "nodal points of resonance" one can find, within relative proximity (of space and time), then the more that can be potentially "done" in that 'area' with respect to "tapping or using" that geometry. These "nodal points" would be, for example, decimal harmonics of 'Matrix-valid' numbers, including gematrian and gematria-related numbers. Possibly, this would 'enable' such things as lifting tremendous weights, or other seemingly "superhuman" feats.


Michael Lawrence Morton

____ (c) 1998 ____

July 17, 1998

Michael Lawrence Morton graduated from Franklin and Marshall College
(Lancaster, Pennsylvania) in 1973 with a B.A. degree in English Literature.
He is an independent researcher into lost and suppressed human history
and culture. He is an archeocryptographer and an alpha-numerologist.

To contact Michael Lawrence Morton, please e-mail him at Milamo@aol.com, or phone him at 412-921-9116 in Pittsburgh, PA.


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Coral Castle has attracted the international attention of professional construction engineers, astounded and mystified by the apparently impossible achievement of this diminutive wonder-worker. In the mid-1970s, for example, a large bulldozer was hired to manipulate a coral block equivalent to the Castle's 30-ton monolith; the bulldozer could not even lift it.

Alternative science investigators suggest that Leedskalnin somehow learned the secret of the "world grid," an invisible pattern of energy lines surrounding the Earth which concentrates points of telluric power where they intersect. It was here, at one of these intersections of Earth energy, that he was supposedly able to move his prodigious stone blocks using the unseen power of our planet. In fact, in The Enigma of Coral Castle, Ray Stoner suggests that Leedskalnin moved the Castle not because it was threatened by an encroaching subdivision, but because a surveying error misplaced the site ten miles from an Earth energy vortex or focal point. In order for the structures to maximize this energy, the entire complex needed to be relocated in Homestead, where the telluric forces were focused.

Bruce Cathie, in The Energy Grid, one of the most credible books on the subject, says "the site of Coral Castle is mathematically related to the world energy grid, as are the other remarkable structures which, however, date from ancient times. Ed Leedskalnin had not moved on to the Florida site by chance. This geometric position was extremely close to one that would be ideal for setting up harmonics related to gravity and light harmonics. The fact that [he] had access to secret knowledge is much more evident in the relationship of Coral Castle to the world energy grid system."

Stoner says some fundamental conditions must be met before a structure like Coral Castle can be made to function as intended. It must be exactly situated over an energy vortex, aligned with a celestial event or events sufficiently precise to predict their recurrence, constructed in a specific shape, and built with certain materials. Finally, activities at the site may be successfully undertaken only at the moment the celestial events to which it is oriented take place.

Stoner's prerequisites for particular shapes and building materials are reminiscent of experiments in pyramid power in the mid-1970s, when the precise angles (variants of 15.2 degrees) of the pyramid and its special construction elements (crystalline granite and non-conducting limestone) determined their success. In Using Pyramid Power, James Wyckoff writes,"The ancient Egyptians knew that the shape and angle of pyramids contained a mystical energy force."


Joseph E. Mason
October 4, 1998

There is only one man in the world who, by demonstration, has supported the claim, "I know the secret of how the pyramids of Egypt were built!" That man is now deceased and took the secret with him into the grave. Always sickly, he died at the age of 64 from malnutrition.

After his death, a nephew living in Michigan, inherited the Castle. In 1953, shortly before his death, he sold the Castle to a family from Chicago. During the take-over, a box of Ed's effects were found and examined. It contained a set of instructions which led to the discovery of 35 - $100 bills - his life savings.

This amazing claim to know the secret of how the pyramids of Egypt was built was made by a Latvian man named Edward Leedskalnin. He was an immigrant to the United States of America. He devised a way to single-handedly lift and move blocks of coral weighing up to 30 tons each. In Homestead, Florida, he used his closely guarded secret, and was able to quarry and construct an entire complex of monolithic blocks of coral. The weight of a single block used in the Coral Castle was greater than those that were used to build the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt. It took him 28 years to complete his work, which equaled about 1,100 tons of rock. 

In the 1930s, a gang of thugs thought Ed had hidden riches. They beat him up and tried to rob him. Ed was shocked at this invasion into his private world. The attack motivated Leedskalnin to move Coral Castle! He picked up every megalith (some stones weighed up to 30 tons) and transported his entire castle. He hired a local trucker, but the driver was always directed to look away as Ed loaded the truck. All 3 million pounds of hard coral was moved 10 miles to its present location near Homestead Florida.

How did Ed move all of these carvings a distance of 10 miles? Ed had the chassis of an old Republic truck on which he laid two rails. He had a friend with a tractor who moved the loaded trailer from Florida City to Homestead. Many people saw the coral carvings being moved along the old Dixie Highway, but no one ever saw Ed loading or unloading the trailer. Ed did much of his work at night by lantern light. He seemed to have a sixth sense which told him when some one was trying to spy on him. The numerous lookouts along the Castle walls will attest to his suspicious nature.

Leedskalnin, had within his castle walls, coral blocks weighing approximately 15 tons each. He built a 22-ton obelisk, a 22-ton moon block, a 23-ton Jupiter block, a Saturn block, a 9-ton gate, a rocking chair that weighed 3-tons, and numerous puzzles, all made of coral. A huge, 9-ton rock that functions as a door and gate is perfectly balanced. One push from a small child can open it. On top of a huge 30-ton block, which he considered to be his major achievement, he crowned it with a gable-shaped rock. 

Leedskalnin received attention not only from engineers and technologists, but from the U.S. government, who paid him a visit hoping to be enlightened. None ever were given the secret. In 1952, falling ill, Leedskalnin checked himself into the hospital and died, taking his secret with him.

Leedskalnin flatly stated that all matter consists of individual magnets and it is the movement of these magnets within materials and through space that produces measurable phenomena, i.e., magnetism and electricity.

If all matter consists of individual magnets, we know that like poles repel and unlike poles attract. We also know that we can suspend one magnet above another as long as we don't allow either of them to flip over so that the opposite poles attract each other. Magnets seek to attract and, left to themselves, will align their opposite poles to each other.

If a large magnet is suspended over a smaller magnet, depending on the ratio between them, the distance between the magnets would be diminished to the point that the smaller magnet wouldn't be able to exert enough force to elevate it. The earth, being the largest magnet, issues forth streams of magnetic energy which follow lines of force that have been noted for centuries. If we assume, as Leedskalnin did, that all objects consist of individual magnets, we can also assume that an attraction exists between these objects due to the inherent nature of a magnet seeking to align an opposite pole to another. Perhaps Leedskalnin's means of working with the Earth's gravitational pull was nothing more complicated than devising a means by which the alignment of magnetic elements within his coral blocks was adjusted to face the streams of individual magnets he claims are issuing forth from the Earth with a like repelling pole.

A known method for creating magnetism in an iron bar is to align the bar with the Earth's magnetic field and strike the bar with a hammer. This vibrates the elements in the bar and allows them to be influenced by the magnetic field they are in. The result is that when the vibration stops, a significant number of the atoms have aligned themselves within this magnetic field.

Christopher Dunn asks: "Was this the method that Leedskalnin was using? It's a simple concept, but looking at the devices in Leedskalnin's workshop, I can easily imagine the application of vibration and electromagnetism. His fly-wheel for creating electricity remains motionless, for the most part, until inquisitive tourists like me come along and give it a spin. After a few revolutions, I realized that something was missing. The narrative I had heard, while browsing around the castle, described Leedskalnin as using this device to create electricity to power his electric light bulbs. It was claimed that Leedskalnin didn't have electricity, but I couldn't imagine this device being a useful and continuing source of power, using only Leedskalnin's right arm to turn the wheel. On closer examination of this piece, I found that the whole assembly was actually an old 4-cylinder crank case. His flywheel was mounted on the front end of the crankshaft and consisted of bar magnets that were sandwiched between two plates, the upper plate being a ring gear. Giving it weight and solidifying the entire assembly, Leedskalnin had encased the bar magnets with cement. It then occurred to me that the photo of Leedskalnin with his hand on the crank handle, which is attached to the end of the shaft, may not accurately represent his entire operation. It is possible that Leedskalnin was using the crank handle to start a reciprocating engine, now missing, which attached to one of the throws on the crankshaft. He would then be able to walk away and leave his flywheel running.

I was now mystified. I had developed a notion that the bars attached to the flywheel were actually being used to develop vibration in the piece Leedskalnin was trying to lift. This idea didn't make sense after looking at the type of material, size and weight of the entire assembly. The crankcase was firmly attached to the coral block in his workshop, and even if it wasn't attached, it would be quite a feat to keep moving it about. There was one factor I needed to check out, though, before I headed back to Illinois. I had tested the bar magnet with a pocket knife. The knife was attracted to each bar. I needed to know, conclusively, the arrangement of the poles in the wheel, to see, indeed, whether the assembly was capable of creating electricity.

Leaving the workshop and absorbing the penetrating rays of the Florida sunshine, I headed for the nearest strip mall to look for a hardware store so that I could buy a bar magnet. North on Route1 I found a Radio Shack. They had just what I needed, and for only $1.75. Feeling rather pleased, I swung back onto Route 1 and returned to Coral Castle.

Once there, I headed back into Leedskalnin's workshop and put the magnet to the test. I held the magnet a short distance away from the spokes of the flywheel while giving it a spin. Sure enough, I found out what I had come for. The magnet pushed and pulled in my grasp as the wheel rotated. Looking around the room, I gazed at a jumble of various devices, lying, hanging and leaning about the room. There were radio tuners, bottles with copper wire wrapped around them, spools of copper wire and other various and sundry plastic and metal pieces that looked like they had fallen out of an old radio set.

Leedskalnin's workshop also contained chains, blocks and tackle and other items that one might find lying around a junkyard. Some items are missing, though. Photographs of Leedskalnin at work show three tripods, made of telephone poles, that have boxes attached to the top. These objects, however, are not to be found at Coral Castle. What is striking here, is that the block of coral being moved is seen off to the side of the tripod. Perhaps Leedskalnin had moved the tripod after raising the block out of the bedrock. Though another interesting observation is that the block and tackle that can be found inside his workshop are nowhere to be seen in this photograph. There are spools of copper wire in his workshop, and there were also two wrappings of copper wire. One was round copper and the other flat copper. In a narrative that visitors can hear at various recording stations around the compound, it is stated that at one time Leedskalnin had a grid of copper wire suspended in the air. Looking at the photograph, again, one can see that there is a cable draped around the tripod and running down to the ground. Perhaps the arrangement of tripods was more related to the suspension of his copper grid than the suspension of block and tackle.

I have no doubt that Leedskalnin told the truth when he said he knew the secrets of the ancient Egyptians. Unlike those who have sought publicity for their own inadequate, though politically correct, theories, he proved it by his actions. I believe, also, that these techniques can be rediscovered and put to use for the benefit of mankind. Edward Leedskalnin, right or wrong, had a little bit of a problem with trust. This modus operandi was not unusual for a craftsman of his day. Proprietary techniques without patent disclosure assure continued employment and, therefore, it was perfectly normal that he would protect his secret from prying eyes that might steal and profit from it. I believe there are enough pieces there to put together and replicate his technique. It's been done once (sorry, twice), and I am sure that it can be done again!"

Excerpted from: http://www.atlantisrising.com/issue12/ar12coralcastle.html

Leedskalnin demonstrated to neighbors his strange machines. He was able to generate his own electricity. Ed wrote a total of 5 pamphlets; one called 'Magnetic Current' is as incomprehensible as Einstein's Unified Field Theory. He admitted that he could produce anti-gravity and knew how the ancient pyramids were built. He wrote: "A Book In Every Home", "Sweet Sixteen, Domestic and Political Views" . His "Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Life" contains his beliefs on life's cycle. He also wrote 3 pamphlets on "Magnetic Current". 

A plaque was found in Ed's bedroom after he died. It read: THE SECRET TO THE UNIVERSE IS 7129 / 6105195. 

Interestingly enough:  7+1+2+9 = 19  and 6+1+0+5+1+9+5 = 27

In 1927, Tesla wrote a book about electro-magnetic waves. A connection? 

Nicola Tesla is perhaps the greatest electrical engineer and inventor this century has seen even surpassing Edison Gave us numerous inventions ranging from water fountains to the three phrase power system and induction motors. An astounding achievement for his time was the construction of two A.C. Generator plants at Niagara Falls in 1895 which produced eleven mega watts. He believed he could transmit electrical energy anywhere in the world without the need of wire but ran out of financial support before he could make his dream a reality. His laboratory mysteriously caught fire and was immediately offered financial help from the money men of his day if he would work for them. Nicola Tesla refused. On his death his abode was raided by the American Government agencies and his belongings seized Unusual for any person unless there was something to hide.

Nikola Tesla made his first discoveries and inventions on the eighties of the last century. Searching for a noncommutator motor which would have eliminated major defects of Graham's direct current motor, in 1882 Tesla brilliantly invented the multiphase alternating current induction motor. At the same time this motor was the solution which made long-distance energy transmission possible, due to the possibility of transforming alternating currents into high voltage for more efficient transmission and low voltage for practical use.

In the following two years Tesla made futile efforts to arouse interest in European experts and ensure funds for realization of the new system of electric power generation, transmission and utilization. Finally, in 1884, he went to the USA with the recommendation from his employer in Edison's Paris branch. Edison, who was already famous and rich owing to his numerous patents and a series of inventions, immediately offered a job to Tesla, but was not interested in his alternating current, system. So their brief encounter ended and Tesla went his own way without Edison's encouragement and understanding.

Tesla's patents

Ed Leedskalnin Shown with Rotating Magnet Device

John Hutchison made some amazing progress with anti-gravity in 1979, but didn't reach Leedskalnin's skill. 



The Hutchison Effect

Canadian inventor John Hutchison is credited with the discovery of a highly-anomalous electromagnetic effect which causes the jellification of metals, spontaneous levitation of common substances, and other effects resulting from what is believed to be a very complex scalar-wave interaction between electromagnetic fields and matter.

It wasn't until 1996 that another of Tesla's inventions was figured out:  The first Zero Point electromagnetic radiation energy patent was issued to Dr. Frank Mead on Dec. 31, 1996. Patent  no. 5,590,031 made history as Dr. Mead of Edwards Air Force Base designed spherical receivers to access zero point electromagnetic radiation. These receiving devices that convert neutrinos, gamma rays, tachyons to electricity require very high frequency receiver technology. Dr. Mead grapples with the high frequencies that may extend up to 10 to the 40th Hz (cycles per second).

To get an idea of the dimensions of these high zero point frequencies, gigahertz radar is only 10 to the 10th Hz. Visible light is about 10 to the 14th Hz and gamma rays reach into the 10 to the 20th powers where the wave length is smaller than an atom. It appears very small particle devices are necessary to access these very high frequency zero point energy particles. Dr Mead is interested in working with single particles like protons or neutrons that may only be slightly different by only parts per trillion. 

Again read carefully articles on the secrets of Tesla's electric Pierce-Arrow finally revealed, page 18 of vol 8 no 3 in the recent blockbuster issue of Electrifying Times. This special issue bares all about revolutionary suppressed free energy technology. It took a year to gather all this information to put in one issue. 

Nicola Tesla was the first human on planet earth to build a zero point energy receiving device and convert it to electricity to power his electric Pierce-Arrow. Zero point electromagnetic radiation energy may potentially be used to power interplanetary craft as well as provide for society's electric power needs. 

This technology has remained unharnessed as far as mainstream science is aware. Although a few private inventors besides Nikola Tesla have had successes tapping into the Zero Point electromagnetic energies, their technology has been highly suppressed. Inventors labs have been raided or destroyed.

Dr. Marc Millis of NASA's new Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Research Program has published articles relating to Zero Point Space Drives. "Challenge to Create the Space Drive" (J. Prop. & Power, V.13. No. 5, 1997, p. 577). In it Dr. Millis states, "Electromagnetism is also suggested as a target phenomenon for space drive research because of ZPF. (Zero Point Field) ZPF is also an electromagnetic phenomenon and discovering a way to react with ZPF would likely create a space drive" 

References: http://xxx.lanl.gov/abs/hep-th/9901011 and Inside Zero Point Energy by Thomas Valone, Infinite Energy Magazine, Vol 5, Issue 26, 1999, www.infinite-energy.com

FROM: http://www.electrifyingtimes.com/santazeropoint.html

Tesla and a number of other European scientists had been pioneers in the conversion of circumscribed small-area antigravity fields out of electromagnetic fields. Tesla wrote about the theories behind the distortion or manipulation of a gravitational field through the propagation of electromagnetic waves.


Excerpted from "Beyond The Illusion" website...

In the summer of 1995, Hutchison puzzled onlookers by sitting on the curb and picking out stones, Why would a rockhound sort through ordinary street rocks?

What the neighbors do not know is that John Hutchison is well-known in new-energy circles, and is even known to some who move in the circles of established science. His visitors have included distinguished physicists. But unlike Shoulders and Lambertson, he is a self-taught scientist. As a boy in Vancouver, he read about Nikola Tesla and then startled neighbors with Tesla coil experiments in his backyard.

While in his twenties, he developed a medical problem that resulted in his living on a small disability pension. For years, he lived a generally reclusive life, digging for rare electrical equipment in military surplus stores and junkyards, and carrying his finds home on the city bus. Apart from time spent as a volunteer at a local ecology center, he spent hours in his bedroom-turned-laboratory, patiently rebuilding equipment. He considered opening a museum.

Antigravity and the Hutchison Effect

Hutchison's life changed drastically in 1979 when, upon starting up an array of high-voltage equipment, he felt something hit his shoulder. He threw the piece of metal back to where it seemed to have originated, and it flew up and hit him again. This was how he originally discovered the Hutchison effect. When his Tesla coils, electrostatic generator, and other equipment created a complex electromagnetic field, heavy pieces of metal levitated and shot toward the ceiling, and some pieces shredded.

What is the Hutchison effect? As with much of the new-energy field, no one can say for sure. Some theorists think the effect is the result of opposing electromagnetic fields cancelling each other out, creating a powerful flow of space energy.

Beyond the Hutchison Effect:
The Dirt Cheap Energy Converter

Hutchison moved beyond the Hutchison effect and into the field of space energy, and had acquired a Canadian business manager. In 1994, Hutchison built a working space energy device about the size of a microwave oven. The Hutchison Converter was based on Tesla's resonance principle. Tesla demonstrated this principle by steadily pulsing bursts of energy into his electric coils, each burst coming before energy from the previous burst had time to die away. This led to higher and higher amounts of energy, like a child going higher and higher on a swing.

Hutchison captured the same pulsing, rhythmic energy by using crystals of barium titanate, a material that can capture the pulses of certain electromagnetic frequencies in the way that a radio can pick up certain radio frequencies. When the crystal pulses, or resonates, it produces electric power.

The converter put out six watts, enough to power a motor that kept a small propeller spinning furiously. The whirring of a tiny propeller looks rather silly, until one realizes that the apparatus contains no batteries, no fuel, and no connection to a power outlet. It works continuously for months.

One day while experimenting, Hutchison cracked a crucial part and decided to take the unit apart.

He built a smaller, more portable model. Resembling an Oscar statue in size and shape, the portable converter put out slightly more than a watt of power. It lit a tiny lamp as a demonstration and also ran a small motor.

In front of an audience of about 500 Hiroshima residents, Hutchison slapped the device onto a table lit by the bright lights of a television crew. He quickly unscrewed all the parts and revealed its inner details, while the camera zoomed in for a closeup and a pair of chopsticks provided a scale to show the size of the device. It was clear that the converter contained no batteries. Afterward, men crowded around Hutchison, offering him their business cards and asking him to sell them a supply of barium titanate.

Back home, Hutchison's business advisor fretted that the inventor had given away his secrets. But Hutchison shrugged his shoulders; he had gone beyond the prototype technology he had taken to Japan. He now had a new secret - the stovetop process he called Dirt Cheap because the ingredients included common rocks.

The new process grew out of his use of barium titanate. He wondered, "Why can't I make a material that works even better?" Hutchison knew that other researchers had put electrodes on certain rocks to show that the rocks generated a tiny electric current, somehow soaked up from the cosmos.

So Hutchison sorted through small stones on the street in front of his apartment and threw them into a test tube-sized metal container. Next, he added a mixture of low-cost, common chemicals, he won't reveal which ones and put this rock soup on the stove to simmer. This allowed water to evaporate and tiny pockets of air to rise from the stones so that the chemicals could enter them. Before the mixture cooled into a solid, he added specially treated posts to draw electricity from the crystal-like substance th at had formed. Again, no one is entirely sure as to how the Dirt Cheap method works, although one physicist told Hutchison that the Casimir effect, used by Ken Shoulders to create charge clusters, may be at work.

When he first discovered his Dirt Cheap process, Hutchison didn't bother to patent it. He had heard from other inventors how their laboratories had been vandalized and their property had been stolen once the Patent Office had been notified, and he was not eager to be the first inventor to take a bold step by manufacturing a large home- or factory-sized unit that could restructure industries. Besides, in the 1980s - when he was still working with the Hutchison effect - he had received a few threatening comments from strangers.

How could Hutchison enjoy his peaceful life and still get a space energy product to the public in a low-key manner? He says he has hit upon an unusual strategy: building miniature flying saucers powered by Dirt Cheap-supplied electricity, and selling them as space-energy children's toys. Hutchison hopes an environmentally safe toy that lights up without batteries will intrigue the public into buying Dirt Cheap devices that could power large appliances. And perhaps, the Dirt Cheap process could help lead to a world of nonpolluting new energy.


The following is excerpted from: http://www.fortunecity.com/greenfield/bp/16/coralcastle.htm


Consider what Keely, Searl, and Tesla have to say about the nature of the universe, and using broad terms you can see that a 'simple' force was at work, and that Magnetic forces where used. Why? Because any person will give you a clue to the secret that lies behind how they did it. They will not give you the secret, but they will talk about it. Ed, Tesla, and Searl talk about magnets, but do not understand how they worked. Keely talked about vibration.

Consider that Ed was a simple but well read man, and not the most advanced scholar. Consider that what he did was back in 1920. Technology was not that advanced at that time. He talks about 'copper wire', and DC. He states 'emphatically' that Science is wrong about electricity.

That he knows the 'secret' of how the pyramids of Egypt were built. That all matter consists of 'magnets'. That electricity is not a one-pole phenomenon, but that each pole has a separate and distinctive effect on iron. That magnets jump differently from iron and copper.

That magnet's are a perpetual motion machine. 

If you take two bar magnets North, to North and place them in a tube. Mark the position that the top magnet is elevated in the tube, and wait 10 years that they will STILL be in the same position. Where did the 'energy' come from to keep that top magnet elevated? It has a weight, a mass, and is opposing the force of gravity for many years. If I replace the bottom magnet with an electromagnet, and elevated the top magnet to the same position, I could calculate the amount of energy used by the electromagnet. So where did the energy come from?

According to Ed Leedskalnin, and others, it did not come from anywhere.

Recently there has been effects from supper magnets that cause a form of cancellation of gravity without effecting the object (mouse, etc). Could it be that the lower permanent magnet suspends the effect of gravity? Could what Ed Leedskalnin said, that all matter is held together by magnets be partially correct? If we could cancel out the gravitational effect would that mean that we were creating energy to hold up the magnet, or would it mean that we didn't create energy, but instead didn't need it.

Every atom has a pole. How could we guide the poles in such a manner that they would not be pulling (north to south) to the earth? Extrapolating the reasoning, it would make sense that the heavier the object, the more random the placement of the poles, and therefore, the more attraction that would take place. Since Ed also said that each electron and each Proton was a 'seperate' magnet it would also make sense that the more magnets there are, the more chances there are of attracting one to another. Since Keely talked about using 'Hydrogen' to counter the effect of gravity, and that he knew the 'frequency' of each atom, (jump is stream of conciousness) maybe it would be similar to crystals, and the music of the sphere's. 

Maybe it is an alignment of the crystalline structure of matter, and the effect that we see AS the countering of gravity, is nothing more than a canceling of gravity. It would explain why so little energy is needed. It could also explain why Keely used 'hydrogen' as it would be the simplist to manipulate.

Ed did it by playing with copper wire, and trying different things that occurred to him and being observant. Sounds just like what Edison would have done. Ed's writings were simple, and didn't really counter much of what I would consider 'common' science, but it seems he extended the realm of knowledge in how to make his principle operate so that he could move 30 Tons of rock by himself.

I honestly think that the cutting of the rock would have been the hardest part of the operation, and the most 'time' consuming.

So how does extending a positive, and negative current made of magnets, and every atom having a north and south magnetic pole open up possibilities to move and place a 9 Ton gate?

Ed Leedskalnin also put out a small booklet (circa about 1945 reproduced below at) on his theory of how electro magnetism and magnetism worked,a lot of people looked at his explanations but found it difficult to understand.

Maybe if you read it fully you see something that others have not.

Part one of builder Edward Leedskalnin own magnetic current book

Part two of builder Edward Leedskalnin own magnetic current book

Part three of builder Edward Leedskalnin own magnetic current book


This is the clue Ed Leedskalnin left for us that opens the door to the hidden magnetic phase patterns of Nature. this force he called the Cosmic Force.The ancient's called it the "Flower of life" We call it sacred Geometry .This is the secret to understanding all of natures creations.

John de Pew provides this information: 

Science says energy is canceled when Positive and Negative connect . Ed Leedskalnin mentions the instruments for measuring are all one sided. Now we can see why ..... Look at all of nature , what do you see when male and female connect? Reproduction of both forces into a new seperate whole and that will grow and go through the same attraction and multiplication process .


Date: Wednesday, 6 October 2004


Hello this is Jon De'Pew

I'm the person who sent Art Bell the first photo of the magnetic wheel at Coral Castle , about two years ago. I recently made a major NEW discovery regarding Ed Leedskalnin and his knowledge of the Ancients and how the magnetic wheel is much more then a simple AC generator... Ed understood the blueprints of nature and the wheel is designed that way as well, It is designed as an artificial Atom... I found the proof I can show you an amazing code that I broke following a clue Ed Leedskalnin left before he died. Sweetsixteen is not a woman that Ed loved, it is what is known as sacred geometry.. and I have absolute proof. If you liked the wheel ,well this will really blow your mind....This information regarding Coral Castle has never been seen before now. I give my word Thank You very much for your time....


Sincerely, Jon De'Pew

Secrets of Coral Castle

from coasttocoastam.com  4-3-07

Investigative journalist Joe Bullard returned to discuss the mysteries surrounding Florida's Coral Castle and its creator Ed Leedskalnin. The Castle and its gardens feature thousands of tons of coral rock that Leedskalnin, a frail man who weighed just 100 pounds, carved into artistic yet functional objects such as tables and chairs, a sundial and a huge perfectly balanced gate. While he made and moved these objects in secret, he claimed he used the same technology that the Egyptians built the pyramids with.

Leedskalnin said he built Coral Castle for his lost love Agnes who jilted him back in Latvia, but Bullard suggested that this tale might have been a cleverly disguised cover story for hiding his secret knowledge and scientific achievements. When Leedskalnin was in a hospital in 1951, shortly before his death, thieves stole some of his tools. Bullard believes this might have been a planned confiscation.

Leedskalnin left a message over his bedroom at the site: THE SECRET OF THE UNIVERSE IS 7129/6105195. One caller said that was the number from Leedskalnin's federal application for citizenship; another caller related the number to the "golden ratio." Bullard's book Waiting for Agnes, a fictionalized account of the Coral Castle story, incorporates the lore of Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle into the plot.

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Ed & his Generator

In this photo
Ed Leedskalnin demonstrates the electrical generator he invented with junkyard parts. It still sits today at Coral Castle. For more, see Joe Bullard's gallery, photos at coralcastle.com, and images sent in by a listener

It is believed that Ed Leedskalnin kept a secret code in his book about Agens and in his coral castle.
No one has ever discovered what it was.


Gary Val Tenuta's take on Leedskalnin's numbers

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End of Part Twelve

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