Check this one out - SWAN


COMET SWAN: There's a new comet in the night sky, Comet Swan. At present, it is too dim for the naked eye, but "the comet is a spectacular sight through binoculars or a small telescope," reports Chris Schur of Payson, Arizona. In Leeds, UK, Tony Cook took this picture of Swan's sinuous tail:

Ready to see for yourself? Set your alarm before dawn; the comet rises just ahead of the morning sun. "Look behind the back leg of the Great Bear," advises Cook. "You should be able to make out a greenish fuzzball of 6th magnitude." Sky maps: Oct. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th.

Good news: The comet is swinging around the sun and by the second week of October it will be visible in the evening sky at a more civilized hour. Although it is not expected to become much brighter than it is now, Comet Swan should remain an easy target for backyard telescopes for weeks to come.

more images: from Chris Schur of Payson, Arizona (9/30); from Vincent Jacques of Breil, France (9/28).


COMET OUTBURST:  Astronomers report that Comet Swan has suddenly increased in brightness 4-fold, from magnitude +6 to +4.5.  This makes it a naked-eye object in dark skies and a lovely sight through backyard telescopes.  The cause of the outburst:  A new vein of volatile ice may have opened up in the comet's nucleus. Solar heating transforms this freshly-exposed material into streams of bright, reflective gas and dust. Indeed, backyard telescopes seem to show new tendrils of gaseous material in the comet's long tail.


radiOrbit - From:


September 30, 2006, 04:19:21 PM
  Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet  
Topic: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
Kent Steadman Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
« on: September 28, 2006, 06:48:01 AM »

Links: [best translation I can get]

Cool pic but I have no idea if the discovery and claims of October NEO are valid:
tabi Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2006, 07:06:33 AM »

Hi Kent.. am looking now and mainly picking up what you already have.. + a couple of Russian pages.
Comet prophecies may indicate the Hopi blue star Kachina - see
Will keep looking and post if I find anything
Kent Steadman Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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This probablyly has notthing to do with nothing, but this SOHO C3 image on 9/11 troubles me

It is not a known planet and way to substantial to be a particle hit or pixel glitch.

Although does not look like a comet either.
tabi Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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Yes that image intrigues me too.. looks like the images you have ( LOL somewhere ) in your archives of late of the Babylonian Sungod with wings.. the winged solar disk.. in fact it looks identical to me.
ah found it at...............
The thing is : IS IT REALLY THERE or is it some magnetic imprint to alert certain  people to something. ( I use the words magnetic imprint lightly  I am not of scientific or intellectual mind )
I am sure that you have this link :;read=93191 which in turn links to two other pages in Russian .. one clearly shows a comet
but the other one doesn't seem to mention it  as far as I can see.. picture wise or the word kometa.
I reserve judgement but strange things happen of late.. will keep looking
I have still found no other reference to the mega comet  as of  7 pm south african time.. maybe search a bit more .
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radiOrbit Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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bardo...other than the recent mantion of this guy, i can find only one reference to nikolay fedorovsky...and it's over a hundred years old...

hard to say at this point...will keep looking...




The medical department of the Society consisted of general practitioners, dentists, pharmacists, veterinaries. The persons bringing in
no less than 30 roubles were simultaneously included to be the members of the Society, and those bringing in 100 roubles became the honoured members. By February, 1903 166 persons were the actual members of the Society. The transfers of costs by doctors and
public figures not only for own regional organizations but also for professional associations in other provinces were the interesting
feature of development of homoeopathic Societies in the Russian Empire. Here we should mention Nikolay Fedorovsky, YeEvgraf
Dyukov, the Boyanus family.
radiOrbit Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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i think this is the original article...still have no idea as to it's authenticity...



On September, 15th 17:30

To the Earth the huge comet moves!

Sensational opening was made by Russian scientist-astronomer Nikolay Fedorovsky. According to its(his) calculations and supervision,
to the Earth the megacomet which will fall in the end of October comes nearer.

" About the Tungus meteorite too anybody nothing knew, and then it(he) has safely fallen in Siberia ", - writes Nikolay Fedorovsky.

The scientist has found out object in the end of August, it(he) moved on a paraboloidal trajectory with suspiciously big speed. Approximate calculations of speed have shown, that the heavenly body applies at least for an asteroid.

Nikolay Fedorovsky has contacted the Kiev observatory, however there have not confirmed and have not denied the fact of approach(approximation) of an asteroid to the Earth.

" Very few people knows, that comets different  on a regular basis pass (take place) on the minimal distance from the Earth. Pass(take
place) not noticed - whether poorly what trifle flies around of a planet. To take even ?-?? in 95 year ", - marks(celebrates) ??.
white walks red...
radiOrbit Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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weirder still...

check out this other fedorovsky...and his research topic...

Abstract: F7.00056 : Experimental investigation of rock fracture under impact pulse and static loading

that's big word speak for what might happen to mother earth if she gets whacked with a big rock...


2005 14th APS Topical Conference on Shock Compression of Condensed Matter
Sunday–Friday, July 31–August 5 2005; Baltimore, MD
Session F7: Poster Session I
5:30 PM–5:30 PM, Monday, August 1, 2005
Hyatt Regency - MD Suite 5:30-7:00pm, Mon

Chair: Gerrit Sutherland, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head; Clint Hall, Sandia National Laboratories

Abstract: F7.00056 : Experimental investigation of rock fracture under impact pulse and static loading
Preview Abstract

  Yuri Petrov
  Svetlana Atroshenko
  Alexei Gruzdkov
  Georgy Fedorovsky
  Sergei Krivosheev
  Alexander Utkin
  Grigory Volkov
    (Research Center of Dynamics of the St.-Petersburg State University)

For study of dynamic crack formation, shock loading in microsecond range using magnetic pulse installation was carried out. Testing specimens in the form of plate with the middle through notch was used. The load was applied to the faces of notch. The length of growing crack was established in testing. Spall fracture was investigated under impact applied to the end of rod specimens with determination of threshold fracture amplitudes. Propagation velocities of longitudinal and transverse waves in the mediums were measured using laser interferometer. Initial density of materials was measured. Static testing was conducted for identification of the main characteristics of
dynamic and static strength of particular rocks. Static testing was realized using rupture machine under deformation velocity 10 mm/min
of rod and beam specimens without notch, and also long plates and beam with notch, under uniaxial tension and three points bending. Investigation of surface and profile fracture was carried out using microscopy. The main parameters for dynamic range were determined using analytical solution of corresponding crack problems of mechanics for plate with notch and for rod subjected to threshold load.
The main parameters of this approach are incubation time, static strength and fracture toughness.
white walks red...
Kent Steadman Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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Subject: Comet - Here is my translation

9/28/2006 12:42:31 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Hi Kent.
If interested post it



Discoveries - this is fantasy. It is the well-known fact that all large celestial bodies, located at a distance of up to 15 billion light years
 from the sun, have long ago been discovered. But the stars of special interest are not represented, for simple reason, that is present
stage of the development of science and the distance which makes their careful study is impossible. And all reasoning and even in
scientific works as in this paper are of speculative nature. In the essence thus far this is similar to the individual study of each atom of
one molecule without the microscope. The object, observed today at night (4:32 on Moscow), from all key parameters is star. On all,
with exception of it's high-speed, "star" is moving along the parabolic trajectory with the suspiciously high speed. After hour observation,
I have fixed the coordinates of "star". The approximation calculations of speed showed that the celestial body pretends, as a minimum,
to be an asteroid. I mean I can pretend to have discovered it... Only asteroid is anomalously large. Not -et, soon, this is the fantasy:)


I caught myself in the thought, that I assume the nearing of asteroid as the given. I ask myself, what it will do. Question is in that "what". Interesting detail. In 1986 the Americans noticed the asteroid of gigantic size, which was moving away along the trajectory from the Earth. Without thinking long, Yankee calculated it's trajectory, only not "forward", but "back". It came out very interestingly. It has shown that, in
 the fall of 1844, this comet had to inevitably collide with our planet. It is not quite clear what deflected the asteroid from the Earth. However,
in some historical sources of that time is described "fiery body" observed in the sky above Europe. The arrangement of cosmic bodies
and their trajectories in that distant year, which was calculated then by Americans is very similarly to the present disposition of planets...


He spoke with Kiev observatory. They do not confirm and do not deny the fact of the nearing of asteroid to the Earth. As the Japanese -
there is neither yes or no. Also no one nothing knew about the tunguska meteorite, and then it harmlessly fell In Siberia. Almost no one
knows that the comets of different densities are regularly passing at the minimum distance from the Earth. They pass as unnoticed -
nobody notices what small objects fly around the planet. To take at least Shvassmana-Vakhmana in the year 95. This time, similarly,
here is flying something by no means small.


Determined the coordinates of the trajectory of body, until its present point. Corridor is wide. Earth on the way. It is necessary to recognize after 72 hours that my calculated of speed are incorrect. The speed of object grew and "starry" hypothesis it was necessary to cross out. Progression is improbable. My "discovery" is also biggish for the comet, this if we look optimistically. But if reasonably, then nevertheless body falls for determination comet or asteroid. Truth exceeding all conceivable and unthinkable sizes. I hope for one additional error in the calculated of speed, otherwise...


I raise old connections. It occurs, not all former researchers populate the offices of NII - SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE. The thanks
V.R. is evident, had to pass more than ten years so that you finally it would cease to see in me the competitor:) For long they discussed.
 It occurred that observatories kept silent about what and how I observed. Electronic telescopes grasped my "mega-comet" (already and named it) long before the "discovery". I do not pretend...:(on sent to V.R. of record distinctly evidently motion of body towards the Earth.
What if it must? Hypotheses start.


Thus far error in my calculations is too great in order to speak about the precise coordinates of a hit spot of the asteroid. But nevertheless
 I did keep it and sketched on the map the most probable points of impact of the mega-comet. Thus. South pole. Global warming they did order? With a drop of the comet in the region of southern terrestrial pole it is secured for the long centuries. Consequences, I think, to
explain no one it is necessary. The Indian Ocean. The safest for humanity and most dangerous for the planet version. The asteroid fallen
into the water will raise the tsunami of such height, which simply will wash off all located in coastal states. Furthermore the temperature of water of world ocean will rise. To what temperature? Even I do not know... this to the geophysics. But in the fact that will be sufficient fish
soup to entire remaining peace - this is accurate. Continents will remain entire but our petrol resources unavailable. Europe. Tentatively - Germany. For the complete destruction of this small, but very proud country, will be required few minutes. To us will reach the blast wave, capable of converting the large part of the territory of Russia into the Russian field. Here to you and cinema with the specials-effect.
It is not certain, this only my assumptions, but...


He compared its calculations with the data from the observatory from V.R. similarly, encounter with the Earth will occur at the end of
October. Merry for us is in following month.


More than 200 letters from the different people arrived in yesterday. They want details. They request to confirm the information, which I
 as yet do not have. Pose questions which I thus far cannot answer. Everyone understands that time goes, but the precise date of drop
is not established. I am occupied by observation, but not by the composition of forecasts. After several days on duty, tomorrow I leave
 the capital. No, this is not the capitulation:) This is the possibility to conduct 4-5 days with V.R. in the observatory. After this, it is
necessary to think, will appear more precise numbers and if it occurs, even photographs. The thanks to all, who propose their aid in studies.


After return. Judging from the fact that the mailbox is overfilled many took interest in my trip. It passed successfully. If we do not consider
three sleepless nights and conversation on the face of scandal with one of the representatives of astronomical association. There are
even our century heroes, prepared for the science "although for bonfire". To each it's. To me here it is - the detailed data analysis,
resulting from 4 sessions observations of the comet. That that the speed of comet grows, by the evidently almost naked eye. Catching
itself on what it began to receive mega-comet as something its, native. Almost as the living being. Soon let us be seen, everything to
this leads. I will try to obtain oral permission for the publication of new photographs. At the worst, I will publish without the permission,
to me (to us) something to lose. There will tomorrow be numbers and photographs. Today - to sleep. To sleep.


There are many letters. He is grateful to all - and those, who supports, and thereby, who scolds. All can be understood. I here lay out
 the observatory photographs of comet. Some details were explained. First of all, the dimensions of comet, or more precisely its
nucleus, somewhat less than those that we assumed earlier. But it is here with speed and trajectory we proved to be right - we could
calculate the date of encounter with the Earth. On Moscow - This is The evening- night on 28 October. But the most interesting...
Structure. Precomputations make it possible to assume that the nuclear composition is unstable. I.e., in simple language speaking,
the "density" of the nucleus of comet can be sufficiently small. To what extent it is small - a question thus far opened... I will say one -
 it is obvious that the fate of planet directly depends on this. Those remaining in the observatory continue observations. I will hold all
in the course.


About the author:
About me.
Fedorov Nikolai.

I was born and grew in the family of scientists. Mom was zoologist, and dad philologist. Naturally, in so far as concerns training and
 formation each of the parents it pulled blanket to itself. But I, having once glanced into the celestial sphere, when we were in vacation
in the south, understood that neither habits of monkeys nor special features of Bayron's versification interested me. I decided in the
same second - astronomy will become the matter of my life. It can be, this was somewhat naive - so think into 14 years, but here
already about 30 years from that moment of the matter proceed precisely so - I actually am astronomer: And although with the large
science in our country now not all in the order, to me did not come and they do not occur of the thought to part with the dear matter
against something something different. To this moment all my searches could not pretend to the discovery, but nevertheless several
 theses and independent studies on my calculation exists. True, only in the printed form - in essence this form of publication in the
specialized publications. But that that I recently revealed in the space abyss, it forced me it will turn to the aid of worldwide network
the Internet. Because only so I can describe TO ALL to you about that which awaits you... I thank for help in the creation of this site
 of my friend of Vasiliy golubskiy.



Arthur Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
« Reply #8 on: September 28, 2006, 09:15:19 PM »

There is a Light be hid THAT Light and it is not the sun.
More like inbetween light.  We have become one big (roman)amphitheater and the Gods are coming
for the games.
Kent Steadman Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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More like inbetween light.  We have become one big (roman)amphitheater and the Gods are coming for the games.

Global Gestalt And Planetary Sovereignty

B.R. McEwen

"Almost as the living being. Soon let us be seen, everything to this leads."--Fedorov Nikolai.
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Kent Steadman Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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Arthur Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
« Reply #11 on: September 29, 2006, 01:18:40 AM »

I was given a vision 2 years ago of an asteroid hitting just off the coast of Africa.  The asteroid  was half the size of the  African continent. Guess what happened.  Vision was in full color.
More Visions of Incoming Large Object

It is reported in January of 2005 that a very large planetary object is coming into the solar system from the southern hemisphere, clouded by gas clouds so the object can't really be seen, and astronomers in the southern hemisphere
are talking about this object yet.  You can hear about it at:  radio archives.  This
fits in with my own dreams and visions and David Booth's visions about an object coming from the southern hemisphere
and effecting Yellowstone to Blow. James McCanney started talking about it in October of 2004.

Dee Finney had this one in 2004:

4-11-04 - DREAM - I was given the opportunity to go to an observatory to watch Comet #8 go by the earth.

The man handed me a special mesh webbed headgear to wear for the event.

I took off my baseball cap to put on the headgear. It was shaped like a baseball cap on top but had tight mesh face mask
over it like a welder's mask except this had a narrow slit in front of the eyes to see the comet and not get pocked in the
face by the debris that was expected to be accompanying the comet flyby.

There had been 7 comets previous to this and comets ARE dangerous.

updated 1-5-05  -INCOMING COMETS




Original message posted From: Dee777 Sent: Thursday, October 07, 2004 11:42 AM To: Subject: David Booth releases the Fatima Prophecy from Sister Lucy ...


David Booth - proven psychic- had a vision in March of 2003. ... David Booth and Wayne Green were kicked off of the show on 3-18-04 for ...


 I was listening to Wayne Green and David Booth again in their archived interview on , and went to look for what I dreamed in March of 2003, which is the same
month that David had his dreams: I had very interesting earth oriented dreams and visions also:


David Booth - proven psychic- had a vision in March of 2003.  He saw himself in space,
looking down on the earth. He saw a dark, planetary object coming from the south end
of earth - out of the southern Hemisphere.  As this planetary object came past earth,
the size of which would fit between the earth and the moon - he saw the western end of
the U.S. blow up with fire and blasts of smoke and ash.  From there, the whole earth
rippled.  Yellowstone had blown up.

Gordon Michael Scallion (psychic)- on March 16, 2003 - had a vision that two light-beings
showed him that Wyoming and Utah were glowing red.  The light-beings said, "This will
change the world in 18 months."  (18 months from March 16, 2003 = September, 2004)

See:    Asteroid Toutatis arriving in September
What else is coming? -  two comets



I was working for Ralph (the Jewish Judge) in an office. (I used to work for him in the real - in the real estate business)

He took out his briefcase (reddish brown) and pulled out a 3 -ring binder and handed it to me to work on. He showed me what
my password was to get into the binder which had a lock on it.

Inside the binder was a series of colored maps of the continents. Over each map was a plastic overlay on which the changes were
to be made with colored pencils.  Each overlay had a rectangular area marked out which overlay the coastlines of each continent.  
I was also given the colored pencils and given the job of making the changes on the maps.

At the end of the day, I took the binder of maps and the briefcase home with me and Ralph had broken the lock on the briefcase.
(The seal was broken)

SEE the book of Revelation about the seals.

3-30-03 - DREAM - I went outside in the backyard and looked up into the sky. I saw 4 planets lined up.
The earth was obvious as it showed the continents and the oceans.  The upper planet was labeled Uranus.  
The other two were of equal size and I thought maybe one might be Jupiter.

I turned around and saw the same planets reflected in the picture window of the house.  I hollered to my
husband,  "Did you see that? Did you see that?"

He looked at me dumbfounded. He obviously had not seen it.

I turned back to look at the sky again, and now all the planets were jumbled together in utter chaos.
It appeared that there were more than the nine planets we are familiar with, and none were in their
proper places.



Karfagen Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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lar Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
« Reply #13 on: September 29, 2006, 02:31:35 AM »

Asteroid weapons :: So there is the scenario :: we get hit with some massive asteroid YET IN REALITY ITS ONE OF THEIR NEW WEAPONS THAT JUST L O O K S LIKE AN ASTROID HIT ::: Norway?? sound familiar anyone???

While the latest Star Wars sci-fi saga makes its way to a cinema near you, a true-to-life space drama is unfolding as a new breed of weaponry may soon populate the heavens.

Military planners paint a picture of inevitability concerning space weapons. Certain experts foresee a proliferation of anti-satellites and space mines. Others suggest urgent need for totally secure, jam-proof satellite links along with a squadron of quick-reaction space bombers.

Perhaps more "out there", but openly discussed by military space strategists, are orbiting laser and particle beam weapons that focus killer rays of energy to zap satellites, enemy warheads in flight, or even blast targets on Earth.

Then there are the thunder rods. Tossed down from orbit, these long and slender kinetic-energy devices use their own mass and very high velocity to create a destructive effect.

Lastly, for those looking for a celestial "big whopper" of a weapon, how about using natural meteoroids? Good-sized fireballs of metal could be sent to Earth, aimed at targets of choice. These impactors leave a nice crater. Better yet, they leave no radioactive debris.

Space-based weapons are the topic of a new report: Space Weapons - Earth Wars. Authored by think-tank experts at RAND -- dedicated to help improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis -- the just released study was prepared for the U.S. Air Force.

What's possible and sensible?

Space weapons have been hotly debated for decades. At present, the Bush administration's interest in ballistic missile defense has brought the question of their use once again to the forefront.

The RAND study does not argue for or against space weapons said Bob Preston who led the effort. Rather, the intent was to sort through realities and myths surrounding space weapons.

"We wanted to provide an objective basis for grounding discussion in physical realities and historical context," Preston told His observation after finishing the task is that the subject of weapons in space "is both highly polarized with people violently for and against the idea," he said.

Furthermore, those opposing views are complicated by imprecision in definition, "and by rather loose understanding of what's possible and what's sensible," Preston added.

Arguably, just about all use of space from the beginning has been about national security, Preston said.

"Even civilian scientific uses were undertaken in large part for security reasons in the context of the Cold War. There's a pretty good point of view that says that almost everything we've ever done in space has been predominately motivated by a security perspective," the RAND analyst said.

Classic classes

RAND reviewed several distinct classes of weapons:

Directed-energy weapons, such as space lasers. They use millions of watts of power and large optics to deliver a speed-of-light knockout punch as a missile arcs over Earth. Depending on the wavelength of the energy beamed out and atmospheric conditions, an energy beam can destroy a target on Earth's surface;
Kinetic-energy weapons against missile targets. This hardware can ram headlong into a target in space or an object still within the upper reaches of Earth's atmosphere;
Space-based kinetic energy weapons that slam into targets on the ground, such as large ships, tall buildings, and fuel tanks. Sleek and meteoroid-like in speed, these weapons attack targets at steep, nearly vertical trajectories; and
Space-based conventional weapons capable of maneuvering to hit terrestrial targets. These can carry and dispense rather exotic packages of destruction, such as radio-frequency or high-power-microwave munitions.
Pros and cons

Taken together, RAND analysts found space weapons having a number of distinct advantages and disadvantages.

In the advantage column, space weapons can take out targets that may be inaccessible to other weapons. While ships and aircraft can take days to weeks to reach a far-flung battleground, space-based weapons can respond in minutes to several hours. Also, space-based weapons are less vulnerable to attack.

On the other hand, there are shortcomings.

For one, an opponent can saturate a space weapon, overwhelming the weapon's ability to fully thwart an attack. In addition, the positions of space-based weapons are predictable. In this regard, a weapon destroyed on orbit would leave a persistent cloud of debris, posing a hazard to other satellites. Lastly, large numbers of weapons are required to ensure that one of them is in the right place at the right time.

Asteroid weapons

Even the notion of purposely diverting an asteroid toward Earth as a weapon was examined by RAND specialists. "For nations that already have nuclear arsenals, asteroid weapons might be of only academic interest," the study notes.

There is no doubt, the study explains, that asteroids have acted as big bruisers in the past. The Earth has the scars to prove the point. However, to use asteroids as natural bombs, the scale of the undertaking would be grander than that required to build the first A-bomb via the Manhattan Project in World War II, the RAND report points out.

"Aside from the limited range of possible effects and the great uncertainty about the precision of an effect, one clear argument against asteroids as weapons is that smaller, cheaper means of acquiring an equivalent to a nuclear deterrent are available," the study explains.

Asteroids as a space weapon of mass destruction "is likely to remain safely in the realm of science fiction."

Waiting game

RAND's Preston emphasized that the opportunity to acquire space weapons is not limited to the United States. While many countries have only modest spacefaring capabilities, each nation knows how space can benefit their security.

"There's probably nobody that's involved in space that doesn't understand its security uses and isn't motivated to some degree by its security uses," Preston said. Space-based weapons could be a high-leverage, asymmetric response to U.S. military strengths, he said.

In the report's summary, there is this observation:

"Before deciding to acquire or forgo space weapons for terrestrial conflict, the United States should fully discuss what such weapons can do, what they will cost, and the likely consequences of acquiring them. The discussion should also address whether other countries might acquire them, which ones would be most likely to do so, and how the United States could discern these developments and respond effectively."

For Preston, a personal view is that it's not obvious now there's urgent need for the United States to defend itself in space from things in space. "But its not unreasonable to expect that you may have to before long," he said.

Peacetime uses

The prospect of space weapons and the growing military space agenda engenders a wide variety of viewpoints.

Such is the case for America's first woman in Earth orbit, Sally Ride. She recently underscored the fact that space has been used for military purposes for decades. (Ride is the former president of

Last month, Ride presented the annual Drell Lecture at Stanford University, sponsored by the on-campus Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC). After her NASA tour-of-duty, Ride worked in the late 1980s as a CISAC science fellow, serving alongside Sidney Drell, noted physicist and arms control expert.

"Space is a real priority for national security," Ride said. She is presently a physics professor at the University of California-San Diego and director of the University of California's Space Institute in La Jolla.

Today, U.S. intelligence agencies and the military count on some 100 satellites as part of the country's national security. These space-based assets snap detailed images day and night, keeping an eye on global hotspots, even pinpointing missile launchings around the globe for early warning purposes. A satellite that in peacetime uses the global positioning system (GPS) constellation of spacecraft for navigation purposes, may in wartime utilize that same capability to target bombs or remotely piloted vehicles, Ride said.

"The current landscape is that the United States has an absolutely huge advantage over every other country in space capabilities," Ride said. "It's hard getting to space. It's hard developing things that work in space, and it's really, really hard to get things to work reliably over long periods of time in space," she added.

Ante up: Anti-satellites

The policy question going forward, Ride explained, might be simplistically stated as: Does it make sense for the U.S. to place weapons into space? One issue in this regard, she said, is developing and placing in space anti-satellite weapons, or ASATs for short.

Unless appropriate constraints are put on testing of ASATs, there could be a problem, Ride suggested. High-speed run-ins with space debris resulting from any ASAT testing could cripple or destroy numbers of satellites in Earth orbit.

Ride recalled an encounter with space debris on her first space shuttle voyage. A small but visible gouge in one of the space plane's window appeared about halfway through the flight. Later analysis showed that an orbiting fleck of paint caused the pit, she said.

"A fleck of paint is not the same as a small piece of metal traveling at that same speed. So, as soon as you start increasing the amount of junk in low-Earth orbit, you have an unintended byproduct that starts putting some of your own quite valuable satellites at possible risk," Ride stressed

Preserve by prohibiting

One lawmaker is already pitching legislation before the U.S. Congress that bans the weaponization of space. Congressman Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat from Cleveland, Ohio, introduced early this year The Space Preservation Act of 2002.

The bill is crafted "to preserve the cooperative, peaceful uses of space for the benefit of all humankind by prohibiting the basing of weapons in space and the use of weapons to destroy or damage objects in space that are in orbit, and for other purposes."

In bill language, the terms "space-based weapon" and "space-based system" mean a device capable of damaging or destroying an object or person -- whether in outer space, in atmosphere, or on Earth -- by (A) firing one or more projectiles to collide with that object or person; (B) detonating one or more explosive devices in close proximity to that object or person; (C) directing a source of energy against that object or person; or (D) any other undeveloped means.

Kucinich is shopping the bill through the halls of Congress trying to gain support for the legislation, which also calls for an international treaty to preserve space and prevent an arms race in outer space.

Complicated distinction

Prying out differences between weaponization and militarization of space is not easy.

"It's an important distinction," said Bruce Gagnon, head of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space in Gainesville, Florida. "Weaponization I think is clear. Our position is no weapons in space, at any level, period. Militarization is more complicated," he told

Gagnon took part in last week's 10th Annual International Space Organizing Conference and Protest, held at the University of California in Berkeley. During the gathering of peace movement leaders from 12 nations, various strategies were discussed to block the nuclear arms race from ascending into the heavens.

"While we accept some aspects of the militarization of space for treaty verification, confidence building measures, etc., we are firmly against military space technologies that are used for conventional war fighting," Gagnon said. "Satellite systems that identify and direct war on Earth, which essentially allow for 'full spectrum dominance' are not acceptable in our view," he said.

"We want a de-escalation of all military systems for fighting war on Earth or in space. We'd like to see the stabilizing, treaty verifying satellite technologies commonly shared globally. And, of course, no nuclear power in space for any reason," Gagnon concluded.

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"Man cannot discover the new world unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."
Kent Steadman Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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tabi Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
« Reply #15 on: September 29, 2006, 06:31:28 AM »

Hey Kent.. this one is about you... and some of your info which may or may not be related to this mega comet sleuthing !
Hehe if I actually find anything about the Mega Comet of Oct 2006 I will post it  ! But right now I can only presume that the current thought patterns are still relating to 2012  !

Although this has passed its' sell by ' date it makes an interesting read and has a South African Connection ! :

Excellent site showing orbit of Nibiru and much info

and brilliant slide show of the video at

The Anunnaki's original objective in coming to Earth was to mine for Gold; an element they atomically dispersed in their atmosphere in order to prevent core-produced heat from dissipating excessively into space. Since 99% of Nibiru's orbital cycle is too far from our sun to benefit from its heat, it has to retain its internally generated heat in order to survive The Anunnaki first extracted gold from the waters of the Persian Gulf area, but later switched to land mining in South Africa and other locations due to greater abundance of gold ore.

The Zetas report that the Anunnaki have access to a plant (or tree), native to Nibiru, that prevents normal aging and bodily deterioration. Sumerian texts referred to it as the Tree of Life. Later, the Bible referred to it as Knowledge of The Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden story. Only Anunnaki royalty had privileged access to the Tree of Life (sometimes called Ambrosiac in Sumerian texts). They absorbed this substance into their bodies by taking baths soaked with this life extending plant. This special bath water was the origin of the story of The Fountain of Youth (Z). Apparently, Anunnaki royalty enjoyed extremely long lives. Sitchin's research reveals that some members of the highest echelons of the royal pantheon participated intermittently throughout the entire 446,000 years of the Anunnaki's occupation of Earth.

Some years back I also got a ' voice ' that said watch out for the orbit of Pluto or a ' sun / planet that looks as if it is going through the  ' doorway '  - which lookes like a black stone slab with no stars in it.. this is of course   the club of Orion with the four stars connected and of course also does suggest the words hitting and smashing.. a worrysome connection for me
the star map i was using at the time was Dance of the  Planets but now it won't work with the new xp systems even with patches .

ROTFL in passing of course you know that  ascended Master Walt Disney has the 33 Club Door with what look like two watches on either side.. only for the very rich and the 33 degree - ers I suppose !!

*note PLUTO and the SUN with be in Capricorn in Dec 21 2012   From 2008 Pluto moves into Capricorn ( a goat headed Baphomet / Marduk ? )

see : The rebrith of Osiris at :

I am ( almost ) postitive that the black monolith of 2001 and 2010 is alluding to that part of the sky which resembles it  The " Orion Club "

Speaking of giants and gods and interbreeding with humans...

** for  all divine threads read DNA..Ariadne the web weaver hold the clew ( Ariadne is known as the 13th sign of the Zodian is somewhere in the middle  of  Sagitattarius ,Scopio and Ophichius - the center of the Milky way and possibly very relevant to the 2012 theory ?

* Before I trot off to bed a last search shows nothing more enlightening  on the mega comet other than what we see on this topic.. The lasco cam still showed the same thing today on the upper right but I am just going to look through the rerun of images for the whole two days to see if there is anything else. If there is anything I will come back here tonight before signing off.
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tabi Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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This is a bit off track but one that I always try to bear in mind : if we have problems translating Russian re this mega comet and not being able to make much sense out of it then imagine how bad the translations are of ancient writings. Oral traditions of passing down secret transmissions of knowledge most probably have gone very astray over the many years..
Evem if some form of extraterrestial life left something for us or is sending us messages.. do we have anyone who is able to translate..  ?
So I am thinking hard even on this.. not only on sleuthing comets and other things !!
Kent Steadman Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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tabi Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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Investigation opens doorways of the mind .. you might not find what you set off looking for, but you will certainly  find something else ?

Kent.. on your site today you have that Las cam shot .. I saw that last night on the rerun of the day's images  and thought that maybe it was a glitch.... it was only on that one frame.
What do you think it is and IS it Venus that we can see on the far right ?
I am no expert on translating this data so can you enlighten us as to what it may or may not indicate...many thanks
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Kent Steadman Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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What do you think it is and IS it Venus that we can see on the far right ?

It is Venus.  Mars to the far left.

Don't know what the streak is, but Venus is a weird planet with a tail
tabi Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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hi Kent.. thanks.. having trouble connecting to the  links ( the net for us is so slow today ) but here are some links.. will add through the day
As we search for God and Creator maybe we discover our true origins.. ........
meanwhile another link for anyone interested in the sub thread of this topic   :
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Karfagen Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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Back to

On page "About me" there's an invisible block which browsers do not show but which content is visible in a mode of viewing source HTML code. And it is written there about Esoterics, the Cabbala and the Armageddon. Also these three words are enlisted in KEYWORDS section of the page (for websearch engines).

As soon as author positioned himself as professional astronomer, it's a bit strange that his www-page has these occult-like keywords and has not any scientific keywords.

And still there's not a single ASTRONOMICAL DATA on the comet's location to the date, which is also very self-speaking fact, because "numbers" is the language of science, and any real astronomer would begin his story with numbers - not with nice and over-artistic description of coming doom.
Kent Steadman Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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Unsure if related to Russian discovery
C/2006 M4 ( SWAN )

Odd looking orbital, damn weird!

R. D. Matson (Irvine, California, USA) and M. Mattiazzo (Adelaide, South Australia, Australia) independently reported a possible comet shortly before early July of 2006.
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tabi Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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he has some good links too one of which is comets visible now

also shows c2006 M4

these are all access denied sites tho - need passwords

Hi Karfagen.. also found that

Fedorovsky Nikolay. The astronomer. I was born and has grown in family of scientists. Mum was the zoologist, and the daddy - the philologist
Esoterics a cabbala the Armageddon

I wonder why this person wanted to alert us to this.. a prophecy.. Nibiru again and Wormwood .. ?
M 4 is a globular cluster in Scorpio  and a programming language
c/2006 would be B u and C = G  ................Bug  but hell this is really pushing it !
M = 40
4 = D 
D M on the gates = blood bloodshed juice of the grape
on the athbsh  code it becomes M D = I Q ( value 110 )   to be pious  , submission to god and the initials of God and Cain
The letter D refers to ' scroll , tablet,page of a manuscript, column of a book  door , doorway . M refers to water and ocean and rainwater , secretion of blood..
interesting thoughts arise from these two letters !
However the letter D has an astrological attribute of  Venus and the letter M is water.. which is really promising isn't it !
** I only work with Hebrew gematria and Qabala.. if numbers are involved it could be the English gematria or GON or the Greek..
There are various interpretations .. the bottom link gives the values and correspondances of various gematria codes.
link to the gematrias :
Note : the Letters Q M D = 144,00 which rings many an apocalyptic bell ( Q = 100; M = 40 and d = 4 )
in capital letters the value of 144 is in thousands.
here is another url connecting the Maya to the number.. interesting read
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Karfagen Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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Here's available data for C/2006 M4 (SWAN)--Daily Ephemeris
On October, 28 this comet will be as far as 1.001 AU from Earth
Kent Steadman Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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I don't think C/2006 M4 ( SWAN ) is a candidate [Russian] although I don't understand the angular trajectory.

Closest it gets to earth is 1 AU which is still way out there.
Karfagen Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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Obviously, author did not mean SWAN, which is well known and widely discussed object.
What the author began his "dairy" with was the notion of the "object discovered last night (28-aug-2006) at 4:32 Moscow time". It's hard to believe professional astronomer could mistake SWAN for unknown comet.

You know what, this all looks like some kind of training (game, site promoting?)
Remember KBAT...? (a video restored from alien ship found in Kara sea)
Guess this site is alike thing.
Eric Julien-2.

Of course, I can't be sure, just a sense...
tabi Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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LOL well isn't it amazing what one can make out of something.. .. interesting human brain activity .. no two people will interprete anything the same way...
well what ever this comet is or isn't I will stick with the qabala version... water and blood on Venus  !
Tabi.. signing off this thread for today.. hehe

hmm there is a Nostradamus prophecy about rivers / water running red.. .. no doomsday warnings here !
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tabi Re: Need Sleuths, rumors of Russian discovered mega-comet
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James McCanney

One of the last to jump on the Planet X bandwagon was James McCanney with his book Planet X, Comets and Earth Changes. Apparently Mr. McCanney saw the excitement over Planet X and modified his 20 year old theory that comets grow into planets to be Planet X friendly.

He states that Venus was once a comet and it took 500 years to come through our solar system and humans on earth saw it pass Mars and steal away its atmosphere.

You can listen to all his archives talking about Nibiru/Planet X on his website.

EMAIL - 10-01-06

We really have NOTHING...but hype and rumour, gossip. NO DATA. The Ozzie contact was on the money...where do you start to look?
Well, all this stuff come in from south of the ecliptic, up from below as you might say, towards the Galactic center... taking the russian astronomer [alleged] guy's observation date and time,,, you look south, as far down south as wherever you happen to be, and if you are in the Antarctic, I guess you look up...anywhere ;))  We are in the Northern hemisphere so a bit pushed.   They'll see it zooming in first down in Oz, down at the South Pole....webcams at 50 paces?  <grin> 5-10 secs it'll all be over, 20 secs and we'll register the blast, goodnight Vienna. 
Soooo,,,, SOUTH... that's the logical place Mr Federoskiy or whatever would have been poking his telescope.  The following view if the night sky viewed from London around splashdown time.  It'll be a little different from the States, but not much I think.  Just so one can visualize what constellations will be identifiable, but generally speaking anything incoming should be coming up from just east of south, at first low on the horizon. That's also the direction to keep one eye open on for a ringside view. Well so much for the theory...Sculptor is at the Galactic South Pole, just as Arcturus is North Pole,,, or is that Ecliptic North Pole...yup I think so, anyways...leave that upto the astronomers and astrologers and such to figure.
It's all speculative,,, mind you, so was Hale Bopp, until we couldn't miss it. It missed us... phew.  Spectacular sight tho'.. put the fear of God into me for a few months :))
and now my graphic...

Subject: Russian Comet
Date: 10/1/2006 7:33:00 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
It looks as if  we're not going to get an answer from the Russian astronomer. I tried to google  for the coordinates in Russian, but no go. In looking back over his diary  entries on  Nicolai Federovskiy has lots of email every  day. So I imagined how to find the location of this comet.


Comet Database

Asteroid Database

Yellowstone Connection

Earthquake Database