by Dee Finney

12-13-92 - VISION - I saw someone sitting at a little table with a small box, pencil and some coins on it.

I saw that I was on someone's porch looking off into the distance. That scene continued with people, dogs, and cars going by.

I saw a teenage girl with dark black curly hair and white dress come in and go by. A voice asked, "Did Dan pick up the girl at the station."

I saw I was in a closet and from the shelf in front of me, was a large box and from it, I picked up a beautiful white pearlescent ceramic Indian peace pipe and held it in my hand.


9-22-93 - DREAM - R.M. (my ex-husband's friend) came to visit. He was Indianish looking, more so than usual (he was half Indian-half Mexican) His hair was long and pulled into a man's type pony tail hanging down his back. I recall thinking that his hair was almost as long as mine.


12-18-93 - DREAM - The teacher and I were on a huge yellow bus with some children. We were watching them and disciplining them when necessary.

We went to 20th St. school and there I met E.R. and a woman named Shirley. They appeared as they did 30 or 40 years ago. They knew each other and I was told that E.R. should research a book about the historical Indians. I later saw a reed long boat canoe in regards to this project he should work on.


1-31-95 - DREAM - I went into a room. My brother Marty was there with 3 other guys and they were singing barbershop harmony, but I discovered my brother was only mouthing the words, not actually singing along.

My brother then moved over to a chair and sat down. He was wearing an Indian fringed jacket and I thought it was magnificent but he had blue hair like a Smurf.


3-17-95 - DREAM - This was very disturbing. I was bleeding heavily from the uterus and trying to hide it. When I touched things or people with my hands, I left bloody marks. I had blood oozing out of my feet.

A young man gae me a gift in a box. There was a box with a long handled pipe in it. It wasn't as long as an Indian Peace pipe but was on that order. Instead of normal tobacco, there was various colored oval disks. I assumed this was a special tobacco and went to where Joe (my maintenance man) was and asked to look at his cigarettes. The tobacco in his cigarettes was very similar with various colored oval disks.

#2 - I saw many, many medical forms about the Uterus. None of them were filled in.

NOTE: I had a real physical bleeding problem due to overdose of estrogen. I had surgery for this, plus was tested twice for cancer, but solved the problem by using a lower dose of estrogen.


4-5-95 - MEDITATION - I saw a colored map of a portion of a larger map. At the bottom, a blue section was emphasized. (I saw the word 'STRIKE' appear, but I couldn't read the name of the city because it was blurry. I said, "It's too blurry, I can't read it!" The map shifted a little, zoomed a little, but was still too blurry. I said, "It's still too blurry." The map shifted again and finally I could read "Port Angeles" at the top of the section map.

The word 'STRIKE' had appeared at the bottom of the section map. That section then would encompass the Olympic peninsula. The word 'STRIKE' had appeared in the area of Macon County in or near the Skokomish Indian Reservation, near the Cushman Dam or in the Eastern part of the Olympic Forest in that area.


4-6-95 - MEDITATION - About STRIKE .

I saw many financial papers ... one signed by a person named M _____. The pages were messed up and numbers missing. So, possibly the Skokomish Indian Tribe has financial problems. I also got the date April 20th.


4-8-95 - MEDITATION: Specifically for the word STRIKE for the Olympic Peninsula.

Three women were on my left. Three men were on my right.

A voice said, "A hole will go through the mountain. It will affect all the mountains.

I saw a man go from green grass into a snowfield. He went upward through the snow, wading deeper and deeper into the snow. Then a white sign appeared and the man took a trowel and dug a hole in the sign and dug dirt and stones out.

I saw something sticking out of the hole. I reached in and pulled it out 6 o 7 long fluffy blue and white feathers.

A voice said something about the Indians I can't remember.

A man went off to the left and one went to the right. The man on the left said to the man on the right, "Close the door, Bill." The man on the right closed a door and the vision ended.

4-8-95 - MEDITATION : Specifically for the word STRIKE for the Olympic Peninsula.

I saw an Indian wearing modern clothing.

I then saw a country scene in front of me.

A gold retriever appeared and ran across the screen in front of me.

I got the pun/analogy/symbol: GOLD N RETRIEVE ER


1-19-97 - DREAM - I attended a party in a place that was like a warehouse or something similar. I knew all the people and it seemed like I was in charge of something because a large side door was open to a dark outside and one of the women complained that it didn't need to be open. I went out the door to take a look whether it was necessary for access and it wasn't so I went back inside and closed the doors. I went to a table and sat down to talk to some women. An Indian type man walked up behind me and put his hand on my head. He seemed to trace some energies on my head by feeling certain bumps and then pronounced that I was the one.

He pressed a certain point on top of my head and I started to feel like I was going to pass out. but it also felt like the pressure I get around my head when I meditate and go into trance so I decided not to fight the feeling and just go with it. I began to have a series of visions of different types of indians dancing and then changed more cartoonish and each scene was of different kinds of white people in various styles of clothing.

I'm not sure if each scene represented one of my lifetimes or if each scene was just of a different kind of people though I sense its the former.

I woke up and then meditated on the dream. spirit brought me a white book. I could read what it said at the time but can't remember it now. I was given two pages from the book to take with me.

I went back to bed and fell asleep. I found myself waking up from a nap at 2 p.m. on a couch in my office at work. I saw what the other women were doing and noticed that there were workmen outside. They were re-landscaping the place, had torn out a huge old tree and replaced it with two baby saplings. I decided to go outside and question them about watering procedures so I could take care of the new little trees to make sure they would live. I saw a flash of light in my head. I shook my head a little and continued on down the stairs. When I got to the double doors, I saw it was dark outside and everyone had left. The doors were open and on the stoop were two rubber mats. On my left was a darker colored map and it said Chupacabra on top and then had the story of what a Chupacabras was printed on the mat. Outside the right hand door, was a larger white mat which said UFO'S AND EXTRATERRESTRIALS with a story about them printed on the mat.

My concern was that foot traffic would wear the story off the mats so people couldn't see it anymore. I went back up the stairs trying to figure out how the missing time occurred and what I had done during that time, remembering the flash of light in my head.

For some reason I now had three pair of slacks in my hands an tried to put a pair on while I was walking, but I couldn't get both feet into the same pair of slacks. I had a pink, brown, and black pair. I went to the bathroom to sit down and put on a pair and everyone followed me into the bathroom to ask me questions. One of the women was Dorian Lord from One Life to Live and I started to ask her about the missing time when my physical phone rang and woke me up.

1-20-97 - MEDITATION ON INDIAN DREAM - I saw a young Indian woman with long black hair, wearing a red and white print dress. She smiled and bowed to me.

I saw a web page scroll down to where it said, "Cruise Ship Barney".

I heard a woman's voice say, "Hank! She's on her way."

I was now the petite Indian woman and was embraced in the arms of a tall Indian man, who was my grandfather. He was wearing a darker blue denim or corduroy shirt. He said, while looking up towards the sky, "It's high time I had you near me."

1-20-97 - DREAM - I was in a building and a group of men came in carrying a tree which was to become a pole which would be the handrail on the stairway. The tree became a long pole which we started to dance with in a circular pattern around the room. A tall man was at the other end of the pole from myself and as we danced with this pole and as we danced, his head began to glow like it had a halo, then glowed in full, like a great light. Then his body disappeared and all I could see was his head hanging in space way up near the ceiling like a great light.


1-22-97 - MEDITATION - I called Marta, Babaji, and Hank (the Indian). I had trouble meditating, but when I finally saw something, it was a courtroom. It was not brightly lit and had no people in it.


1-26-97 - MEDITATION 3.a.m. At first I saw some men jumping up and down and thought they were dancing like Indians but then many men arrived all dressed in black like monks or priests. They gathered in a circle and more came to join the circle around them. Though I didn't hear any sound, I knew this was a prayer circle.

I was invited to join in the circle. I had been praying for the ability to sleep peacefully. when the prayers were finished, pots of multicolored flowers appeared in the midst of the prayer circle.


July 9, 1997

Something new has occurred in my life because of a dream I had last night. In the dream, I was inside the file of a computer which was about a Shaman Indian. I could see his crystal tools. I knew I couldn't steal the file because it would mess up the crystals. I had this same dream 7 times the same night.

The next day I went to the book shop and purchased a book about crystals. It was full of information about communicating with entities from other dimensions using the crystal. This was intriguing to me.

The next night I put a crystal under my pillow when I went to sleep. I began to get instant visions as well as very vivid dreams.


3.a.m. I put a Tantra Twin crystal under my pillow. I had an instant vision of a large door opening and I walked inside the door.

I then went into a dream where I entered a white house and was moving white furniture around within the room. It was like in a doll-house with no ceiling.

In the morning, I had more visions, the first of which told me that I would no longer need my friend Joe to give me messages on the Instant messages on my computer. I could get them for myself.

I then heard a male voice announce something which I missed, but then he also announced 1435 Chestnut. (This has to be analyzed)

I then dreamed all night that the crystal was being programmed with numbers and symbols. I knew that if Joe saw the numbers and symbols he would know how it was programmed.

Morning meditation: It was being interfered with by trash truck noise outside which was very annoying.

A voice asked me: "What's the matter?"

I said, "I locked myself out of that other door?"

I made another comment, then heard Joe laughing, "Well! You're going to have to do something about it sooner or later."

I then saw three women wearing white slacks. Each one was on a higher level. The first one had a blue silk shirt on, the second one had a pink silk shirt on, the third one had a white silk shirt on. All had long dark curly hair and all stood with their arms folded like guards. They were impassive. (Joe tells me these were Goddesses)

I found myself standing in front of an ancient door. It was large, weatherbeaten and battered.

I was standing in a hallway like a hospital and could see a bright light down at the other end. A short man came rushing down the hall towards me and opened the door for me. The door opened and beyond it was all white light. I walked through the door.

On the ceiling was a huge crystal light fixture brilliantly lit with white light. I thought, "I am enthralled".

Moving towards the left I went past walls that created bays where various tools and machines were kept. On the far left bay which was brilliantly lit, the ceiling as at least 30 feet high and many tools were hanging from the ceiling from cords as well as stored on the floor.

I went to the right and crossed a hallway that led way down to the left with a bright light at the end. In this hallway, there were a series of boxes stacked along one side. I was told by a voice that there were 27 and these were my lives.

A spanish-looking workman dress all in blue came along, looking perplexed like he didn't know what he should do. He asked someone on my right, "What should I do?" On my right, I heard Joe's voice laughingly say, "You're going to have to show her sooner or later."

I then knew that he had 84 things to show me.


7-22-97 Dream: I spent the entire night on the computer writing a book to Joe - about the alien - cropcircle - American Indian connection.


8-1-97 Dream: I was playing an organ that had music controls I wasn't familiar with. I couldn't shut the music off, nor could I change it. The television show One Life To Live came on and the female part had a substitute for the final episode of that character. It started out with the woman wearing a silver bra top and Indian type apron over her crotch and she was making backward strokes underwater and she looked beautiful. The farther away from the camera she got, the more flat chested and fatter she got so by the time she reached the far end of the pool, she was totally wrong for the part and she knew it. The pool and television disappeared and she and I were facing each other. She looked very embarrassed and then angry at me because I had watched and caught her doing something she wasn't suited for. She started to say something to me in an angry tone. I stopped her from talking and took her by the hand and said, "Wait! Before we talk, let's be friends." I pulled her towards me noticing her chubby cute face and freckles and we hugged. Then I told her to sit in my favorite orange swivel chair and told her that I had done some really strange things in my life too.


10-30-97 - VISION - I saw an Indian Totem Pole with an Eagle or Hawk on top facing left. He had a black head and was on a brown pole.

NOTE: On 10-31-97 - A hawk came and sat on a log in my yard for a long time and I watched him for several hours.

The next day on 11-1-97, I saw a humming bird - A Ruby throated Green hummingbird hovering and sipping nectar from red flowers.


11-7-97 - DREAM - I was at 20th St. school and I was working there. The people and the scene was more like the drafting room at A-C. It was time to go home and it was my job to turn out the lights when we went home. I went downstairs with some people and went out to the playground. There, someone gave me a piece of cardboard with toys on it. On the top row on the left was a series of soldiers facing towards the middle down on one knee each with a rifle pointed toward the center. On the right was a series of American Indians facing the center each one down on one knee with a bow and arrow aimed towards the center towards the soldiers. There was 10 or 12 of each.

There were several other things down the face of the card but the most outstanding one was a standing bear figure and next to it was written - Age of _________. . I saw then that these figures were like molds, were hollow inside and hinged so that you could hold them under water so the mold filled with water, then you stood it in the freezer. When the figure was frozen you could take it out and you had a frozen bear figure. If it melted, you could make another one.

I looked up at the building and saw that there were still some lights on on the 4th floor and I had to go turn them off.

I went back into the building and met some people who were rehearsing for a TV show. The girl in the center spotlight looked like M.M. The show went on for a short time and it didn't work out with the tall thin guy she was with. They turned off the spotlights and she turned towards me to leave and began to cry. She saw me and recognized me. We each put out our arms wide like on a crucifix - then went towards each other and hugged. I noticed at that point that I felt very masculine - not female. Another girl came over and we took her into a group hug and then a fourth girl was taken into the group hug. I left the hug group at that point and went into another room where I was preparing material for a Sunday school class I would be teaching in the morning. I carried big packs of white paper from one place to another and put them on a washing machine and noticed that I had the key to a storage locker where something was stored. I noticed that I had seven receipts including one for some cakes. (See below)

My friend David heard about the bad rehearsal and went out and bought several cakes to make everyone feel better and I ran down the hall to get everyone back together to come to the Sunday school room. I didn't have too much success - everyone had scattered to go do other things.


11-22-97 - DREAM I was shown a computer screen with Indian type wide feathers upright which was the first language.

I was shown similar Indian type feathers with hieroglyph on them. These were all in color. This was the 2nd language. There were twice as many of them.

I was at my New Berlin house with my neighbor lady friends. I told them I was moving the next day back to my 2621 N 16th St. house. I hadn't seen it yet to see if the interim people had destroyed the interior.

My neighbor's husband was in the siding business. She was showing me example of homes her husband had sided. I told her that my house was Victorian while the examples were Colonial.

I was then at the 2625 N 16th St. house across the street from my 2621 N 16th St. house. I still had not been inside the house. I was talking to my neighbor there, wondering if the interim people had destroyed the interior.

I told them finally that I had to go and as I went out the front door, my husband gave me two small keys. He said that he had convinced the people to give him the keys to the storage rooms a day early. I asked him where the storage rooms were, while visualizing the workshop and the wine cellar I remembered.

We walked across the street and were at 588 N 16th St. We walked in the door and I saw how beautiful it was. I had been in this beautiful house many times before. I said, "This is my favorite house, but it is not MY house."

So, we went back outside and got on a three section cart to go to the 2621 house. The cart was very strange and I had to ride on it like in back of a 2 seater motorcycle except it had 4 wheels but was in 3 sections so one had to hold the sections together while riding on it. It was very difficult to do.


3-10-98 - VOICE:

"I want to kill her"
"I want to move away from the Indians and relive Hitler"
"It's under control Honey, it's under control"
"You're not going to like it"
"It's recircled, it's recircled"
"It's rebombed, it's rebombed"
"It's incredible"
"For once I'm going to get my way"
"I won't be long"
"Its real"
"It's black"
"It's archway is imperceptible"
"It's crescendo in inconceivable"
"It's bounty is immovable"
"It's beauty is inconceivable"
"It's force is incredible"
"It's mark is tremendous"
"It's mark is a monster"
"It's heart is intractable"
It's creation is horrendous"
"It's musings are ferocious"
"It's mark is indoctrinable"
"For now we are through"


4-8-98 - NOTE: This was an initiation. DREAM - It seemed like a bizarre nightmare. I went to a school where I've been before. I only went there because I had to go the bathroom really bad and I have an apartment there. I went inside and opened my apartment with the gold key (I actually had two of them because I manage the building). An old woman thought I was renting out the apartment and another woman who was a rental agent wanted to come in and I let them some in and see my apartment because it was immaculately clean, much to their surprise I guess. The woman who wanted to rent the apartment was of Middle Eastern descent person from the Internet)

The rental agent was telling me that we couldn't rent to blacks or orientals. I told her i already had done this and they were wonderful people. The Middle Eastern woman was very sweet and I went up to her and asked her if she was prejudiced. She didn't know what the word meant. So, I explained to her that it meant that you didn't allow black people or people other than your own kind to live with you and she assured me that she had friends of other races and nationalities and that was no problem.

There were two fat (obese) white women there who were lesbians and they told me they were looking for some new white women to join with them. I found one for them, but then I let them go their own way.

I went out into the hall where there was a long stairway that was divided into two stair paths...a left and a right. A priest stood in the center with a baptizing font and said, "That's why we baptize infants in the center, between the stairs."

I went out to the main lobby and saw that the old woman had moved a door and behind it, the dust on the polished floor was thick and blowing. Some girls found a variety of tools to wipe it up, all of which would have been ruined by getting them wet to wipe up the dust.

I said, "Wait! I've done this before and told them I would take a string mop, tie a rag over it, get it damp, wipe up the dust and then throw the rag away.

I proceeded to do this but I had difficulty finding the proper piece of material. It seemed to have an Indian design on it.

At one point I climbed a chain link stairway that was supported only three-quarters of the way up to the next level and quit before I got to the top and came down again because I wasn't brave enough to go all the way up.

I then found a mop handle and a leather board with seeming jewels on it and a piece of cloth that had the Indian design but I didn't have the proper base to attach it to.

A calendar flashed at me by the mop handle. It said, "March, 1998". I knew that was past and I had done this before and I was failing the test.

I was trying to analyze this in my mind and said, "I will be back to do this again."

At that exact moment, the calendar flashed to "Eastway - 1998" and I knew I had passed the test as soon as I said I would be back.

(I still don't know what it is, but it has something to do with the Indian materials)


4-26-98 - DREAM - I was looking at a computer page that was designed in two sections an upper and a lower. It was about Indians. In each section was three statements. (I could not read these) On the background was decorated with a variety of animals. I wanted to copy the animal pictures for myself so I could use them on another page.


4-26-98 - DREAM - I was now on a blank computer page and went to retrieve the animal pictures. To my surprise I hadn't gotten the animal pictures, but an Indian page which now had 7 statements in the upper section and the lower section. The background was blank...these were no animals. I worried about the original url of the page, that maybe I could go back and try again, but I couldn't even read the words of the sentences, much less the url.

There was no way I was going to be able to transfer this to my earthly computer and I was very disappointed.


4-26-98 - DREAM - I again accessed the Indian page which had 7 statements above and 7 below the center lines. Again I was disappointed not to have the animal pictures. However, when I clicked on the first statement, the page became animated and an light orange Indian blanket popped into view which was large enough to cover half of the upper section and half of the lower section and the animals were lined up around the blanket and I KNEW that each time I clicked on a different statement, a different color Indian blanket would come up just like a rainbow.


I then had to find my son who had gone hiking with some other kids. These kids were hiking in groups and each group was dressed in a different type costume. My son was with a group of kids who were all dressed like green cactuses that looked like green cupcakes with feet and head sticking out of the top and bottom.

8-28-02 - DREAM - I called my son Bob and tod him it was time to go home, but he refused to go. He wanted to stay with his little cactus group. (Others were dressed like flowers)

NOTE; I think this part of the dream is about the economy in the future.

First I told Bob that he would have to find his own way home, then asked him if had bus money. He said, "No!" I insisted on giving him bus money. I reached into my right hand pocket and came up with a handful of metallic pieces but weren't all coins. I planned to give him a dollar in change even though the busfare was only 50 cents.

A lot of the metal I had in my pocket were various size pieces of gold with engravings on it. These were irregular size pieces of metal and though ere precious gold, could not be used on the bus which only accepts official US coins. I managed to find 90 cents because one of the gold pieces was an Indian head like on a nickel, but was just the head, and not a real coin. So, I gave Bob the 90 cents and as I left, I thought to myself, "Now, Bob is grown up."


10-18-98 - DREAM - I was in a place like downtown Waterford. I was with a young girl like Taylar. We were walking down the street together and she was talking about borrowing some money like they advertise on TV. It just so happened there was an office for a place like 'Household Finance" right where we were standing, but they were closed. We talked about the foolishness of dealing with people all the way across country when you had an office close by you could with personally.

As we were talking about it, someone told us there was another office down the street and found their office open.

As we walked in, Taylar went in the door, jumped in the air and clacked her heels. Then she went and sat down to wait her turn. Then she went and sat down to wait her turn. Meanwhile I caught their attention and said to them, "Did you ever have anyone come to them, "Did you ever have anyone come in dancing?" They all laughed and then I sat down on a bench to wait for Taylar. It seemed a little chilly in there so I curled up on this bench and covered my legs with a green sweater.

It was a very casual office, nothing fancy at all. I quickly made friends with a woman there. She was super-friendly. After I went home, she was still friends, she was always around whether I wanted her to be or not. At one point I tried to turn off the light and close the door and she came running in and prevented me from closing the door. I protested and said I wanted to get dressed. She said, "I don't care, I just want to be your friend."

The situation began to feel very cloying and I found myself trying to avoid her because she was always there and it was feeling very awkward. There was nothing I could do alone. Finally she got mad at me because I was trying to do things by myself. She walked in with a big box of 3 x 5 cards or 5 x 7 cards she had been keeping track of everything I said or did. She threw the box on the desk where I was standing I was rather shocked to see this box of notes, but she yelled at me for being an ungrateful friend and slammed the door where she went out. I knew she expected me to come running after her, but I didn't. When the door slammed I felt grateful she was gone. (NOTE: P.S. I never had a friend like that)

I then went outside. I was in Waterford it seemed. I called on the phone to tell him I was on the way home. He said he was buying a new car and was going to go downtown because he had promised his old girlfriend Susan (Joe says he never had a girlfriend named Susan) he was going to sell her his old car. I was a little put off that he had been in contact with an old girlfriend and that she was going to get his old car. That seemed like it was too personal to me.

Joe told me she lived downtown and that's exactly where I was and I just happened to be right across the street from where she lived. As Joe was telling me he didn't know if she was home, I could see into her apartment all the way through to the back window. There was nobody walking around in the light.

There was a Spanish/Indian woman friend standing in the street right there too. She said she needed to use a telephone to call someone but she wanted to use a phone in that house so I used that as an excuse to go into the house and see what it was like.

We went inside and went upstairs. My friend couldn't find a phone at her friends apartment and as luck would have it, an older woman came walking out of the door of the other apartment. I asked her if her name happened to be Susan and she said, "Yes!" I was rather shocked to see that she walked with a cane. She looked kind of like Susan Hayward except her hair wasn't so red, but she was really pretty for an older woman. I stood there trying to think what it would have been like for Joe to be in bed with her making love when she was young and beautiful and I started to feel really uncomfortable thinking about it because I'm so tall and big in comparison. I forced myself to erase the thoughts from my mind. Then I saw she had many empty clothes hangars there on a rack. They were wire hangars in a triangle shape and they all had crystal or glass triangles glittering hanging on the hangars.

My Spanish/Indian friend was using her phone. I had already told her that Joe was going to call her and I wanted to tell her I was Mrs. Mason but I couldn't bring myself to tell her who I was.

Finally, my friend got off the phone. I asked Susan if I could use the phone for a second. I was going to call Joe and tell him to come on over while I was there. I called his phone number and then our other number. I let them both ring at least 5 times but there was no answer and I woke up feeing glad that Joe was not able to make the contact with his old girlfriend.


11-21-98 - DREAM - I was working on web pages. I found out that there were 3 Indian symbols on the web and I wanted to portray them, so I went to retrieve the oldest one first so I would forget who it was.

#1 - HATHOR - The voice said, "We'll never see him again!'

NOTE: The only Hathor I know was a female Goddess from Egypt.

#2 - An American Indian - I saw him with an eagle foot and claws around his wrist.

#3 - OSIRIS - I saw him sitting cross legged on a dark blue wheel on the floor. I heard, "The Burial wheel attached to the Constellation Libra."


11-22-98 - DREAM - EXPERIENCE - This was all about Indians I had to insert BIG MISSOURI into the list. BIG MISSOURI was mentioned twice.

NOTE: This area is where the New Jerusalem center is supposed to be. This is also the area where the Mormons are going to farm.

When I woke up a voice said, "Here is Phoenix land you will fill with people."

Just as I woke up, my little finger on my right hand started jumping uncontrollably. I started to laugh...knowing it was Rove (the light being) pulling on my little finger. I told Joe about it and he started to laugh in a strange forced way. Then I asked him if he was awake and he said, "Yes!" I asked him if he heard me tell him about my little finger and he said, "Yes!" I asked him if he had laughed and he said, "No!" It seemed like he had fallen asleep instantly. He started laughing strangely in his sleep again. I knew it was Rov making him laugh. I laughed again and said, "Good morning." A voice in my head said, "You are a happy girl!" I thought back, "Yes! I am!" He said, "Good! I go now!" I could feel that he was gone.


12-18-98 - DREAM - Joe and I were in bed sleeping in one of the bedrooms I grew up in as a child. The door was closed. I heard a noise by the door and immediately felt scared. I crept out of bed and snatched open the door. There was no one there. The light was on in my Father's room so I went across the hall and a young Chinese girl was just crawling into my Father's bed. (I did not see him in bed with her.) She was all upset. I asked her what was wrong. She showed me a note she had received. It said something about a man with a beard had been seen with a young white boy and now the government wasn't going to pay the Indian Tribes rent.

I didn't understand that. She was still upset so I asked her if she wanted to crawl into bed with me. She said, "No!" so I left the room.

For some reason I went into the other bedroom I slept in as a child. The door was closed and I was down on my knees doing something on the floor and I heard a noise by the door and got all scared again. Since I was right by the door I snatched it open and there was no one there. But the light was on in my Father's room so I went across the hall and the Chinese girl was just crawling into my Father's bed. She was all upset. I asked her what was wrong. She said that she had been accused of taking 9 different kinds of cheese. I hadn't heard of more than 7, so I didn't understand that. I again asked her if she wanted to crawl into bed with me. she said, "No!" I left the room and when I opened the door to my own room I woke up.


1-7-99 - DREAM - Joe and I were visiting his Mom who lived off of 70th and the freeway in West Allis, WI, like on 68th or 69th St.

It was a really nice cozy neighborhood, with nice houses and a little corner store, and drugstore, and bar around the corner. I was quit happy thinking about living there.

On the way there, we had left a place that was a little messy and crowded. My little kids were in the back seat of the car arguing about who was going to sit by the window. Finally, someone bodily moved and rearranged all the kids in the car so they'd shut up and be happy.

On the way to Joe's Mom's house, we saw a little blue baby buggy in the road. It nearly got hit by a car, so we quickly picked it up and there it into our car.

We seemed to be moving into Joe's Mom's house. Joe's ex-wife Debbie and her husband Tom also lived there in another room. Debe said to Joe, "I somewhat believe in what you're doing so I understand why you're doing it. But it looks like you sure have your work cut out for you."

Joe was hanging his work shirts on a tall clothes tree. Joe sat by the window though with 6 Indian feathers hanging on silver chains from his left ear like an earring.

I asked Joe what I was going to do for a car since he was going to use my car to go to work and I worked on 70th St. and I needed a car too.


2-17-99 - VISIONS - I was feeling desperate to earn some money at home and after months of trying various things and nothing working, I went into meditation and BEGGED spirit to tell me what to do.

Immediately, the visions began to flow in. First I saw an Indian, dressed in full length pants and fringed jacket made of pale beige deerskin. He had his back to me and was standing at an outdoor garden center type stand. One the counter in front of him were numerous little plants in square pots. I recognized a purple pansy in one, but the rest were all green.

Then a heavy set woman appeared on the other side of the counter. I thought I recognized her, but her face kept fading in and out and changing, so I don't think she was meant to represent a specific person, but symbolized 'fat woman' in general.

I puzzled over that because it didn't fit anything I was familiar with, so I asked several more times for spirit to tell me what to do. I began to see a series of visions, all about web pages of advertising and the word herbalism. Finally, the word HERBALIFE came in very, very clearly in RED.

I got up and went to the computer and did some searching and like what I saw and decided to become an HERBALIFE distributor. The opportunity to make lots of money looks fantastic.

I then went to do some household things and went outside to feed the cats. Right on the doorstep was a hawk feather. I was absolutely thrilled. I looked up in the sky to see if ROV had painted any clouds in the sky and right overhead a pair of hawks were circling in the sky. They went around and around and around as I greeted them. I actually had tears in my eyes as I praised them.

Then they gradually drifted off to the west and disappeared from view. As I lowered my gaze, I immediately saw a tiny blue hummingbird, another one of my totems. What a thrilling day.



It seems that I was married to my Father OR that my husband and Father were as one. There were some humiliating episodes where my husband demanded something I had and I told him I would hide it in my womb. He said he would take it from me right in front of my friends if I didn't give it to him willingly,so I did. My friends were humiliated for me too.

Then there was a scene where my husband took me to a two story building. He left me in the car while he went inside to do something. I had a mystery novel in the car with me plus another book. I told him he acted like his life was a mystery novel.

I followed him upstairs where he had gone into an upper room. I couldn't see in there and he didn't see me, but he knew I was a witness to him killing another man in the upper room. There were two other men with me in the hallway who were witnesses to this also.

He took me home then to our 16th St. house. He left me with my mother while he went out to the garage to do something.

I knew that if I didn't leave, I'd end up like the man in the upper room. So, I quietly got my two books. One was an address book. I was trying to find where my friend Pat lived because I knew it wouldn't be fair to ask my cousin Shirley to take me in. She had two little children to worry about.

I looked through the address book to find Pat's address. I knew it was somewhere between 81st and 89th Sts. somewhere. I decided to worry about that later.

As I gathered my things together to leave before my Father came in from the garage, I overheard some girls say there was an Indian man down at the farmer's market who painted portraits and they were hoping he would choose them to model for them. I remembered my vision of the Indian man from yesterday and knew he was my guide. I knew I needed to see the Indian man if I could before I went to find Pat and ask her to take me in.

I sneaked upstairs to find my clothes and saw my traveling bags and a laundry basket on the landing by the stained glass window. They were still more or less still packed from the last time I had run away from home in another humiliating episode.

I knew I couldn't linger because it would mean my death. My sweater coat was laying there, my Joseph's coat of many colors so I slipped that on, picked up my two suitcases, slung a third large bag over my shoulder, put my two books under my arm and started tip-toeing down the stairs.

I got down to the 1st floor and my mother was in the kitchen area watching the yellow Labrador dog miscarry her puppies. My mother was crying. I didn't want my mother to have to watch that happen so I grabbed a cup that was dripping yellow stuff which was the puppies melting. I took it away from her and took it with me.

My mother realized too late what I was doing...that I was leaving for the last time and she'd never see me again.

I ran out the door with the dripping yellow puppies which left a trail I knew my Father could follow, but I had to do this or die.

I could hear my mother screaming after me,"Dolores! Nooooooo!" her 'o' echoing in my ears as I watched the trail of yellow puppy goo drip out of the cup as I ran across the street and between two trees standing tall in the yard of the house on the other side of the road.

As I ran up a red brick stairway which was supposed to be the alley heading east, I was counting the steps, and hearing music at the same time. I was hearing the song Kyrie Eleison by Mr. Mister over and over in my ears, and me, the dripping puppy cup and my stuff went upward. It was a tough climb and I was getting out of breath. I counted the steps up to 110 and there was 1 more step to go...knowing the top step was 111. I woke up as I made the last step.



3-2-99 - DREAM - (I've been feeling really bad because I haven't had any visions for a couple days)

All of a sudden I saw myself standing on top of a high hill behind a woman with long black hair overlooking a huge green valley. It was so awesome, I really freaked out in the vision. I felt like I was going to fall right off the cliff and that made me come back to consciousness.

As soon as I was done, my friend Michelle called. She had had a huge Indian man dressed in full regalia appear in her livingroom and he gave her a wonderful message. I have posted this message at:



3-9-99 - DREAM - I was in the maintenance room of my apartment building. There was a rough wooden door there with a padlock on it and I didn't have the key. I can't remember the details here but it had to do with an Indian and the Indian had the key to this door, but I wasn't supposed to know this.

I looked through a hole into the Indian's table and there were 6 tiny potatoes there and I knew that he would know I had been there. This knowledge made me feel very anxious and I knew I had to leave this room. But, if I left the room, I'd never ben able to get back in to where the door with the padlock was. Also, I knew if I stayed there, nobody could come and get me either, because nobody could come into where I was but the Indian.

So, I knew I had to leave and took one of the tiny potatoes to prop the door open. I placed the potato in the corner of the door frame so the door couldn't close all the way and left.

It seems I had this same dream twice because I remember being in the room scene twice and the outdoor scene twice.

I went outside and rescued a small child from being run over by a backing up truck. I then chased some big fighting dogs away.

I went into the hallway of the building and there some people were chasing a little lost puppy down the hall to get it back to it's rightful owner. I knew it wasn't mine, but I scooped it up and said, "Oh! my puppy! I've been looking all over for you! It was a little black and white Chihuahua.


3-16-99 - CHAKRA MEDITATION - (I started at the top per instructions from a person who said this makes sense to start at the top and unblock the chakras, rather than start at the bottom and try to force the energies up through blocked chakras)

CROWN - VOICE - "What do you want?" I said, "My intention is to clean out my chakras." I raised my vibrations to high astral. I pulled in the white light. I began to see 5 people on a ramp or platform. One was all red...like the devil we picture. He was mostly hidden behind the other 4 and a big banner they held in front of them. They all walked to the right and the devil dove off the platform and he landed with a splash and a hiss. The other 4 said, "We preferred that you didn't know he was in the game."

THIRD EYE - I pulled the white light down through the crown to the 3rd eye chakra. A voice said, "Oops! It's a little bent." It was straightened out and began revolving fast with flashes of both white and dark blue alternating. It was pretty cool to see. A voice said, "We want to keep our brains sharp here."

THROAT CHAKRA - It was very dark blue almost black. A voice said, "It very gunky in here. We need hot water. A lot of hot water to clear this out. I had to pull the white light down into this chakra for about 5 minutes. When it broke free, there was a sense of freedom. I saw a flash of orange come into it before it broke free. Once it was free, I saw a youngish Mohawk Indian with a full fledged Mohawk haircut, and in full regalia. He was pounding a small drum in his hand. He said, "This should be kept a secret yet. The world is not to know I am here." I said, "I wish to tell Steffan this process." He said, " I "Okay! but no one else. I am not ready for anyone else to know yet."

(This fits in with the Native American instruction I got the past couple days which I'm currently working on. I know there is more to develop later. This is only the first step)

HEART CHAKRA - I pulled in the white light down through the crown into the heart and my whole chest area was white tinged with a slight green tone in flashes. A voice said, "This is exercise. It is the only exercise you need." I began to feel a sense of fullness in the chest. A voice said, "All the numbers are here." I began to feel a tightening across the forehead area like a major message was going to come in.

(I was interrupted by a truck pulling through the driveway. The landlord's son was coming to work on the orchard with his kids) I had to go back and start over.

HEART CHAKRA - Now there was a battle going on in my chest. An electrical jolt came down from my head and crossed my chest. A voice said, "I didn't want this to happen." A very deep voice said,"How can I save her Jusepka?"

Now a big Jewish smiling man leaned over me and hovered there. He continued smiling as I pulled in the white light.

Now a Jewish woman appeared wearing a rose colored shawl over her head. She leaned over and said, "Everything looks to be okay here. Goes back to Jewish millennia." She smiled.

SOLAR PLEXUS - I pulled the white light down through the crown chakra into the solar plexus area. There was a brilliant yellow - very large. I felt joy here. A voice said, "There are thousands of these things in here. People don't even know they exist." A man wearing a white turban appeared and said, "People don't know the loophole of Ophant."

There was a complete looseness felt in this area. No tension at all.

I didn't have time to complete the other chakras that day.

NOTE: This is all I could find about the word 'Ophant'

E. Cobham Brewer 1810–1897. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. 1898.


from the Greek sukophants, “fig-blabbers.” The men of Athens passed a law forbidding the exportation of figs; the law was little more than a dead letter, but there were always found mean fellows who, for their own private ends, impeached those who violated it; hence sycophant came to signify first a government toady, and then a toady generally. 1
“I here use ‘sycophant’ in its original sense, as a wretch who flatters the prevailing party by informing against his neighbors, under pretence that they are exporters of prohibited figs.”—Coleridge: Biography, vol. iii. chap. x. p. 286.


3-19-99 - DREAM - This was about Indian crafts. They were really neat but then I discovered that the crafts I was looking at was made in a factory and they gave me a tour of the factory. there were 3 machines manufacturing sheets of plastic like "Plastic Wrap" and all the machines were in 3's. One man showed me a kitchen of sorts with three different sets of gas burners. He said that we should never touch these burners because you couldn't see gas burning.

I COULD see the gas burning but I knew better than to put my hand on a gas burner whether it was off or on.

I had to find a bathroom then. There were so many people there, everyone needed to use the bathroom, so I had to stand in line. When I finally got to the bathroom and was sitting on the toilet, I was looking at all the pretty dresses the girls had changed out of when they put their nightgown on and I realized how much I like petty colorful cotton fabric. I was taking too long in the bathroom and I hadn't done anything but look at the fabric and look in the mirror and see that I wasn't as fat as I thought I was and that I really did look pretty.

I left the bathroom so the other girls could take their turn. I went back in another room where I saw my photograph in it three times each one taken at a different time in my life, each one with a different child in my arms. Here too, I noticed that I looked really pretty and wondered if others saw me that way too.

It was bedtime then and we all had to share bedrooms. One of the really beautiful girls went to bed with this really huge muscular guy. He ended up sleeping on the floor between our bed and I put my feet on him and wondered if he felt humiliated. He didn't protest at all.

I wrote a prophecy about him on the floor in toothpaste or something like that. It was about his relationship with women. (I can't remember what it was.)

I went out into the kitchen where the family was gathered. We were waiting for my brother to come home from the war. He was standing out in the hallway talking to someone. There was a curtain like a library bookcase between us and him so we couldn't see him.

He finally came through the door and there was instant recognition of my brother's face, but that's where the resemblance ended. He was a huge man around 7 feet tall with a massive body. While he was talking to the others he came and stood by my side like he was trying to merge with me. This was a sexual feeling and he whispered to me, "You feel it don't you?" I did, but didn't want to acknowledge it because he was my brother. He kept insisting and insisting that he had to have sex with me. There were plenty of other women around so I couldn't figure out why he chose me, who was so much like him. It was considered incest and great guilt went with that no matter how I felt. Then too he had just come home from Europe and could be carrying some disease from there. I wondered if I dare suggest using a condom. with a condom I could see the point of sex at all. Yuck! He went to the bedroom and I made an excuse that I had to go to the bathroom first. So I stayed in the bathroom and never came out.


3-24-99 - DREAM - I spent all night looking at lists of names of Indian tribes starting with the letter L. That should be no surprise since that's what I was working on all evening. Towards morning there was a dream with people in it, but I didn't bother to remember it and again there were lists of Indians and aliens...every other one was hidden from me. Then they revealed the name of one alien type and it looked mechanical or robotical.

3-29-99 - VISION - "EGYPT/WATER/$26.00"

A voice said, "We're going to work on it all day."

VISION - There is some dark problem with the National Park System. saw a man leaving, carrying a sort of gas mask in his hand. He said, "You think I'm going to argue with them?"

VISION - There was some printing that seemed to say there were 5 or 6 problems. Then I saw a big white house and a young boy said, "I just don't want them to run the Black Hills." as he ran off crying.

VISION - A flowing left sleeve of white with flowers.



The name Leonard Peltier popped into my mind.

I felt a lot of anger around the case of Leonard Peltier. I heard a woman say, "They don't boost him. They look for easy ordnances."

NOTE: I created a page about Leonard Peltier's case, who is imprisoned wrongly about an Indian resistance demonstration in which two officers were killed.


3-30-99 - DREAM - 3 dreams where I completed 3 entire web pages about Indian links. See:

native.htm leon.htm wisdom.htm


4-1-99 - DREAM - I was working on a long e-mail about Indian tribes and chiefs which linked to web pages. This letter was to be sent to everyone I know. Once this was done, then I worked on a project to determine who came first to this country and when. we kept all the evidence in storage rooms in a large building and even the Indians didn't have the key to this answer.


4-8-99 - VISION - I saw a movie playbill. Along the left edge was a listing of myself playing in a series of Indian movies with specific Indian characters.

NOTE: I believe this was telling me how many past lives I had lived as an Indian and what their names were. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember any of the names, nor the number of characters there were.


4-8-99 - DREAM - In this dream I was in a jungle-like area walking along a trail with some men. One of them walked ahead of us through a watery, sandy area and began to sink. We grabbed him with a long stick and pulled him back to safety. I took a stock and began to probe the area ahead. Though it had a sand bottom, it was solid for a ways and then the sand just gave way. I continued to probe with the stick and discovered a sinkhole through and under a limestone ridge or shelf on which we were walking. The others didn't want to believe me, but one man pointed to a limestone outcropping ahead of us that looked like it had Indian paintings on it, and I was vindicated.


4-9-99 - I lay awake for more than an hour, seemingly getting more wide awake instead of sleepy. The same instant I was going to get up again, an idea popped into my mind to do a Native American page on Indian women. So, I lay there thinking about the details of how to do the page and fell asleep working on the page in a lucid dream.

NOTE: As of 6-17-99 I haven't had time to do this in the physical world, but made a note of it in my notebook of future projects.


4-9-99 - DREAM - I and some men were working on a large garage-like area. Someone said, "Let's tell people they need 'blah-blah-blah' on their cars and they'll believe us, and we can take their orders and put 'blah-blah-blah' on their cars and make all the money." So, the men went out with their idea, told everyone they needed 'blah-blah-blah' on their cars and 100% of them said, "Okay!" and we got the orders. My job was to number the invoices so we knew whose orders to do first. I started at 1 and was up to 25 when they came in with more orders. It was a great idea.

My Father came in then and we were underground in a big cavern-like place with a big rock wall. He was going to help us dig for oil. However, there were people living above us. So, I told my Father that someone told me there was an identical spot duplicated on the other side of the space. He thought for a moment and said, "Yes! You are right." So we went over there. We stacked thousands of 2 x 3 cards of Indians-like baseball cards and began turning them and they went down into the ground like a drill going through butter. I said, "I'll bet nobody ever thought of drilling for oil using Indian cards before."

Everyone agreed. When we were done drilling, we turned the stacks the opposite direction and they all came back up and went up through the ceiling where the people were. We were elated.Then I saw seven different stacks of cards, where the original stack was divided into seven different colors. I was very impressed. This was a first.

I wanted to repark my car from behind my Father's house to the front of the house. I looked to make sure there was a spot available there and there was, so I had to make a U turn to turn the car around. It was parked on the edge of a deep snow drift and it was a tight squeeze getting behind the wheel, but I made it. I managed to start the car with one turn of the key by flooring the gas pedal and holding it down, and the car roared into motion and I steered it out of the snowbank and into the traffic lane successfully. I could see the lights of the cars behind me with plenty of room to spare.

I intended to go one block south and go around the block, but I was behind a school bus and people walking and there wasn't a good opportunity to turn, so I continued to follow a woman who was walking who had gotten off the bus and came to a T shaped crossing where I intended to turn around. When I got there, other women were standing and things were held together with thin rubber bands which I thought needed replacing. It had turned from winter into spring as I went south and everything was lovely and green and blooming here.

I woke up as I decided to help these women get thicker rubberbands to hold things together.


4-16-99 - DREAM - I was in a sort of Native American school. Everything was kept rather vague on purpose because we were being tested. It began with two turntables with Indian shaped items on it. These were deliberately kept vague to see if we could recognize what the items were even if we couldn't see them clearly. Each turntable was a different kind of Indian. One was like Navajo or Hopi, the other more Plains Indian type things. After that there was some interaction with many people in a classroom type setting. I can't recall what we were doing there. The last scene was at a big lake where people went into the water in round boats similar to submarines. There were many of them at once and they all submerged at once to see who could stay down the longest. I don't know the purpose for this but they all popped up about the same time with a whooping and hollering. The whole experience remains vague.

When I woke up, it sounded like Joe was trying to talk in his sleep and that sounded like his Indian voice as well.


4-20-99 - DREAM - At the beginning of this dream I remembered I had a new baby but that I couldn't remember having fed her. I went to get her out of her crib and she was only two inches long. I felt really guilty for having neglected her, but I was so busy trying to clean my huge house, I didn't have time to feed her. I asked my grown daughter to give her some cereal and handed the baby to her to feed. Meanwhile I was doing the dishes and wiping crumbs off of all the surfaces where the other kids had eaten which seemed to be everywhere there was a flat surface including the bed which I had to do before her father came home again.

While I was cleaning and doing the dishes, I managed to spill and knock over 5 jars of strawberry jam at various points in the dream.

My daughter took the baby away with her and then brought her back again. she was about 6 inches long now. It seems my daughter had been to school and all the kids were from various foreign countries.

After my daughter gave the baby back to me, a whole bus load of foreign students and teachers came to the house to see how we were doing things here. I wasn't ready to have them see the house because I wasn't done cleaning yet. It was evident that harvest time had arrived because there was a table outside lined with many plants and there were what looked like garlic bulbs laying on the ground that had been cut from the plants. (This is not the way garlic grows) I cleaned this area as well and gave the baby back to my daughter to feed while I was doing this. I told her to give her some cereal. She was now about 8 inches tall.

At this point, I saw the babies name was p-b____ and had an instantaneous flash vision of an Indian chieftain wearing a war bonnet. Immediately following it, I had a vision of the name of the country China and that she was ready to go to war.

I continued to clean and knocked the 5th jar of strawberries to the floor. I was full of strawberries all over my hands now. I had to continue cleaning but I discovered that the baby still hadn't been fed and she was now about a foot tall, so I went to get her.

As I was putting her into the highchair to feed her, she said clearly, "WITNESS!" I was shocked. I said, "Oh! You can talk!" and she clearly again said, "WITNESS!" and I put her into her highchair to feed her.


4-28-99 - DREAM - I was working on a web page all night about Indians. It was mostly text. I only recognized one word right at the end...Starseed. I certainly wouldn't have thought that Indians were Starseeds.

NOTE: The Walkin page has a link to the subject of Starseeds.


5-31-99 - DREAM - I was sending links of metaphysical and ESSIAC (every 3rd link) to my friend Ruth. As I was waking up, wondering why I was sending these files to Ruth. I had a vision of the word 'CANCER'.

I then went into a dream in which I was putting away or sending underwear to the top of a desk which was representing a post office box. There was a hole in the door of this upper desk which we hadn't repaired and it would have to be repaired before I moved out.

All of a sudden it seemed there was a 'ghost' in the upper desk and while I was storing the underwear into the desk, it actually pulled a white bra into the hole.

Then the door evaporated completely and handed me three little objects like a receipt. The only object I recognized was a large Chinese stamp with the number 7cents on it.

On the floor was three books that had to be taken back to the library was a huge picture book with a black and white picture on the front of an Indian Tribe.


6-2-99 - DREAM - I was seeing lists of Indian names which were related to problems coming in the future. The list was going to show me the name and face of a specific Indian who I could relate this too, but I had to get up and go to the bathroom.

When I went back to bed I finally got the impression that the Indian with the problem was Robert G. (name withheld).


6-3-99 - DREAM - I was in a house with some other people but working by myself on my computer. The page was scrolling down and there were hundreds of words and sayings about Indians. I cannot recall any specifically, but this page contained everything I had ever seen about Indians.

My son Michael was there and he stubbed his toe and hollered, "Ouch!" I looked at his toe and the nail was completely off except for one tiny thread of skin. He told me to pull it off before it hurt too much, so I yanked the toenail all the way off for him.

My eyelids were aching so I looked in the mirror. I touched my eyelids with my fingers and saw that my eyelids had become detached from my body and were about to fall off. I carefully held them in place despite the pain because if I didn't I'd never be able to close my eyes again and I'd see more than I wanted to from now on.

NOTE: This is certainly true and exactly what happened to me.


6-16-99 - DREAM - I was in the process of moving. I was getting a lot of help. The man whose apartment I was getting left his bed behind. It was a King size it seemed. Later, someone brought the headboard in... it was gold cloth covered. I was surprised that he had left that behind.

A woman telephone person made the transfer of my phone lines ahead of schedule which I was happy about.

I went into another woman's apartment. It felt cold in there so I went up to her thermostat and it showed 75 degrees. She and her husband didn't seem to be happy. She was giving me a fish tank for some reason. It collapsed down like those camper cups we used to have. That surprised me. Her two sons were carrying it to my apartment along with their little white cowboy and Indians toy men on a table.

They kept bumping into the walls on the way but we got it all the way from their apartment to my apartment.

What surprised me was that the boys were staying with me too. I could see that the intention of the one boy was to scatter his little white Indian men all over my floor and leave them there. I already had enough toys on my floor. They looked like Monopoly houses. They were scattered everywhere. I gave him a very stern lecture, bordering on a threat that he was NOT to leave his Indians on the floor.

A woman telephone installer arrived then, wearing a dark blue trenchcoat. She saw that I already had my telephone installed and I thanked her and praised her and her company for the other woman to install my telephone the same day I moved which was last Thursday, the 19th.

At the same time I was picking up little squares of chocolate from the floor. When she left, I decided to call someone in Milwaukee. My phone was all battered and the old dial type. The dial wasn't working properly and as I dialed 414, the operator appeared in front of me to help me figure out what number I was dialing which was going to be 'Information"...411. I told her I could use a new phone while she was at it. She smiled and said I really did need a new phone I could dial out on. I told her I also needed new bedding.


6-24-99 - I lay awake for several hours with my eyes closed, watching a screen of icons of various sorts, similar to a computer desktop. I was somehow encouraged to relabel some of them so they made more sense. Several of them I labeled INDIAN1999 because that was the subject of the file that came up if you clicked on it. Eventually a couple messages appeared, one of which was "Welcome to Solar Eclipse". This lucid vision/dream eventually went into a real dream as I finally fell asleep. This part I don't remember well.


6-26-99 - DREAM - Joe and I were in a car. Joe was driving and we were on a busy street that came to a Y intersection. (It was more like |/ ) Our intention was to go straight at the intersection.

A beautiful dark-haired woman was driving alongside us in the lane to our left in a bright red car with a silver stripe on it. I looked over at her and she looked over at me and smiled. She was beaming a huge smile and I smiled back. She looked so familiar but I couldn't think what her name was.

She began pulling over in our direction and Joe immediately countered by equally swerving to the right. She continued to move to the right forcing us to continue to the right as well. Finally, we were both going down the right turned street and she continued coming towards us and forcing us all the way to the curb.

I don't don't know what made her stop but finally we were both stopped. She was still beaming this huge smile at me. We all got out of the cars. Hers was still immediately to our left, not one inch closer than it had originally been due to Joe's skillful driving.

I asked her if she was all right and she asked if we were all right. She kept on smiling. She came over and we hugged. I still thought I knew who she was but still couldn't think of her name.

We were going to part company at this point and I was sitting on her left. She stood next to me and I had my arm around her, telling her, I hope you drive home safely. Drive safely for your kids. Drive safely for your Mother. Drive safely for me." She continued to smile and agreed to do that.

Joe then said to her, "I think I should anoint you. " She got to her knees in front of me at my feet where I was sitting, and Joe got to his knees opposite me with her between us. She bowed her head and Joe opened a bottle which was white with a wide top (kind of like a deodorant or shampoo container) It had a blue liquid fluid in it and he began to pour it on the top and back of her head. She had her hands over her eyes; I had my hand on her head along with Joe's and I saw that he was wearing a large gold ring with a huge round topped ruby on it.

Joe said some words that weren't English. I don't know what language they were, but I'm thinking it was some form of Native American Indian.

When he was done, she stood up, all smiles.

She stood to to my left and we were holding hands and she said, "We should call each other on the phone." I agreed and remembered that I still didn't know who she was and that I should ask her to write down her name and phone number on a piece of paper.

At that point, two very tall men came up to us, about 7 feet tall. One was dark haired and one was light haired. It seems to me they were wearing somewhat light tan or yellow leather buckskin suits. There was a discussion about whether which man had the better feeling/aura/spirituality. She chose one of them and I'm thinking it was the light haired one, but the men were together, came together, and were leaving together.

She said to them, "Remember my name is Beverly Behun."

Now I knew what her name was, but I still didn't know who she was. I never knew anyone by that name. Yet I recognized her face and her smile and knew we loved each other like sisters of the heart.

End of Dream


7-23-99 - DREAM - I was with my second husband Ed who had gotten out of prison. He said he wanted to travel. I had no objection to that as long as he didn't drink, but he was good at hiding that he was. Before we could leave, I wanted to clean the house and pack. The house was jam packed with stuff. One could hardly walk through the place.

I went into the kitchen to gather up the food first. A woman came in and said she would take it all to Harvest House which was a place where they gave food to the needy. She had it in a small basket. I remember seeing a half loaf of whole-wheat bread in a brown wrapper and an orange pumpkin about a foot across. I had planned to eat something myself, but let her take it.

Ed left for a bit while we were working in the kitchen, then he came back and demanded that we leave right then. I was nowhere near done cleaning even one room and I couldn't tell if he was drinking or not and his attitude was rather sullen, but I reluctantly got in the car which was a convertible.

We drove past Harvest House food stand first and then he drove to a Cul de sac at the end of the road. I was astounded at what I saw. Every square inch of space around the entire Cul de sac was decorated with cornstalks, straw bales, pumpkins, and all the kids were in Halloween costumes dressed like Indians (not witches or dumb costumes like from the store)

It was an amazing sight. He had done this all by himself and I had to praise him for it. That the first time I saw him smile.

NOTE: Somewhere in this dream or perhaps in another dream, I recall looking out the window and every man was standing in rows and every one of them had a white deer head on their head. It was a rather whitish scene.


8-6-99 - EXPERIENCE - Joe demonstrated table tipping using a small box and it worked amazingly well. We started asking questions and determined that granny Zora, Seth, and my old friend Nancy were there then along with more than 10 others. We didn't ask for names.

We asked about past lives. Joe and I were in an Indian life on the East Coast of America after the pilgrims arrived but we were not their friends. Joe was the chief and we had two sons who were warriors.

We determined that my Michael and Ken were in that lifetime with us. We also asked about Joe's ex-wife Nancy and I had a lifetime with her, it was not the same lifetime as this one. We asked if my friend Michelle was there in that lifetime and she was, but not her husband Paul.

Joe asked if Seth wanted to talk to him on a Ouija Board to us. The box tilted "yes" and moved towards Joe. Joe asked again if Seth wanted to talk to me and the answer was "Yes" but mostly to Joe. I asked if Joe should write a book and the answer was "Yes" and "Self Publish".

We asked about the 11:11 which is significant to individual but not everyone.

No significant earthchanges will happen by the end of the year. The Lori Toye and Gordon Michael Scallion maps will not come true in the next 5 years.

The sun cruiser is interdimensional, not physical an is there by the sun for our protection.

We asked if GAP7 was the Great American Plan and were told "Yes!"

There will be a magnetic pole shift but not a reversal, but no physical pole shift.

Antarctica will continue melting but a massive sliding.. the water will rise with the melting but it won't be sudden.

The contrails (chemtrails)were seeded with medicine by our government against anthrax.

The King of Terror is Jesus Christ, but it is not an individual person but a consciousness change for mankind.

The CME's from the sun are not going to harm us physically.

There will be no terrorism... like a bomb... in the US in the next 6 months.


8-19-99 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building. A girl came in with some posters and cards and was showing them to me. They were pretty cool looking.

A man came in, asking for donations of money for a good cause and I came up with a couple handfuls of coins. The man wanted to just take them and I said I wanted to count it so I knew how much we were giving. I started counting dimes, then quarters and the coins turns to small mirrors that were wrapped in brown paper. It seemed that these mirrors were endless and I said, "Why would so many people give mirrors as a gift?"

Then the mirrors turned into small wall plaques, also wrapped in brown paper. (I collect these and hang them on my kitchen wall... they are sort kitchen type prayers)

Then I saw the girl's treasure. She showed me a plaque of three queens with crown on. It was faded by she loved it. All of a sudden she shrieked excitedly and said, "Look what someone gave me." She showed me the identical picture on an identical plaque with the three queens with crowns in full living color.

I then wondered if she would mind if I kept the faded one, because I would treasure it like she had.

I then had to go back to work and twice I discovered two couples having illicit romances in my office closet. I told them I wasn't peeking, but the man got mad. He said, "Why don't you tell people which apartments are empty so we can just walk in and use them?"

(Three reasons: Stuff gets stolen and people use them for illicit romance and bums and drunks sleep in them. )

In my mind I was thinking that 14 and 16 were empty and he lived in 15. I was thinking, but not telling him an answer.

Then the girl who had showed me the three queens came back and showed me her new treasures, . . . paintings had been done by a male artist friend. And while I was watching the paintings, I was hearing love songs playing. The last one was two eyes with tears coming down and a pair of red lips below them, and it instantly changed into a scene of an Native American Indian brave, naked from the waist up, with doe skin long pants. He was sitting cross legged on the ground.

I saw them and when I saw the third one, I opened my eyes thinking, "What a great idea!"

See: http://www.greatdreams.com/luv/luvhrts.htm


9-30-99 - VISION - A lot of people all wearing colorful ankle length skirt like Hawaiian or Indians were receiving inoculation shots in the buttocks. The first woman in line was screaming.


11-15-99 - DREAM - I had a son who looked very much like a young Donald Trump.

He had a flaw in his personality and his behavior. He did something bad and his Father told him he was going to have to move out. The son and I had already discussed this and since I managed the apartment building we lived in, the son asked if I had any vacant apartments he could use. So I offered him the front right corner apartment that a hug sunny livingroom. He face started beaming ... he was pleased because it was the best apartment in the building.

Prior to this, I had been in the kitchen looking in the lower cabinet for something and knocked over a clear plastic box that had several containers with huge wads of money in them. I had held them in my hand briefly, wanting to keep it, but was afraid of what might happen when it was discovered to be gone, so I put it back. I couldn't remember exactly where it had been, but there was a pretty dark haired girl there who knew exactly where it had been and she showed me. When I put the money back, she began to cry, "I wanted that money sooo bad."

I assured her there would be plenty of other opportunities to have money in her lifetime.

At the end of this dream there was a scene in which there was a man with a scar in a black tuxedo and an Indian in full regalia of a chief. He began speaking to me and I had to make a choice between the tuxedoed man and the Indian before I chose to go with the Indian.

As I woke up, Joe began speaking in an Indian language out loud again.


1-27-00 - VISION - Joe and I went to bed and we turned out the light, but Joe was talking and gesturing in the dark and I started giggling because he can't talk without making arm movements like the Sicilian he is. (He is part Greek Sicilian and has the nose to prove it. :-) )

I closed my eyes and began to see someone between us . . . just the hands holding a magazine on edge, thumbing the pages back and forth like trying to choose what page to go to.

I told that to Joe and he mumbled and he went to sleep before me as usual. He falls asleep extremely fast.

Joe started talking out loud like an Indian and I heard him say several sentences. Some of the words were 'hu kai ai'. I poked him awake and asked him what he was dreaming because we've been so curious as to where he is when he talks like an Indian.

He said he was in a livingroom with his two brothers and his niece Lauri who was on the couch. He got mad at his brother and started swearing at his brother, saying, "Fuck you!" in a loud voice.

I was hearing this conversation in Indian language. Huh????? This has been going on for years and we've been trying to figure out what the Indian chanting is and what time period he was from. Hah! Perhaps the intenseness of his anger brings him through into the physical and somehow goes through the Indian higher self or something?


1-27-00 - DREAM - I was in a house which was not mine but we were visiting. My son was there with me and some other people and The teacher. was there. We were having a meeting. My son went into another room like a library and was picking out some books and magazines he wanted to read. I spotted a magazine that had some archaeological photos of a new find they had made in an Arizona canyon where some ancient tribe had carved like doorways in the mountain . . . more like picture frames and each frame had a hand gesture like telling a story with the hands. Everyone was so excited by this find. It had never before been seen by white man. I pointed this out to my son. We, by then had 5 books and the magazine.

The teacher pointed at the author of the smallest book. It was a black leather book and part of the name he read was Veritas. The teacher was very impressed by my sons' choice. I had the companion book at home so I knew he liked the same subject matter that I did.

We then went into a small meeting and at the end The teacher went to sit in a high backed chair and he asked me to sit on his lap. He said that this was only going to happen once in our lifetimes so no one should get upset by this. I agreed to go along with it. So, I sat on The teacher's lap and two other people put a basket on my lap with a high handle to which were tied 7 candles (each about 5" tall) so that the handle looked like a Menorah. There was a yellowish cloth hanging down over the handle so that I couldn't see through the basket to whoever was on the other side of it.

Someone lit the candles and The teacher and I began to pray. I didn't know what else to pray, so I started praying the 'Our Father" and The teacher started chanting . . . not words, but high pitched sound which got more and more intense . . . just one long note. I got to a point where I got really into the praying and said in the loudest voice I've ever spoken in, "THE POWER OF GOD!" and pushed my fist through the cloth on the basket and The teacher pushed his fist through the wall behind him. ( I remind you... this was VERY INTENSE!)

I opened my eyes and we were no longer in the room. We had gone through the fabric of time and space and were in the canyon that I had seen in the magazine. Above us, on a ledge along the walls of this purple, blue, and red canyon walls I could see the Indian doorway carvings.

People were up on the ledge and saw us below them and began throwing rocks at us. I didn't know what we looked like but we were not the white humans we had been before. I had the feeling we were like Mammoth elephants, but we could have been like bigfoot. I don't know... just that that we were different.

We began to run away from these people up on the ledge as they threw rocks after us.

Somehow either the scene changed, or I began to see what was going on in the room we had just left. Everyone was so excited by what they had experienced that The teacher and I were gone that they wanted to do it again. I was with them, observing, like I could see them but they couldn't see me.

We went out through a theatre and the manager of the theatre was angry because there was a mess left behind. He said, 'whoever was sitting in seat 502 better clean up the mess there.' I looked over and saw that there was a white sheet and a lot of water.

I stopped to help clean up and so did the others. One of the girls was acting strangely and she went behind the seats and was trying to retrieve something I was using for a cloth to wipe up the water. I managed to keep the cloth. Perhaps it was the cloth that had been on the basket in the beginning. I heard one of the boys say, "We've got to do that again!" and I woke up.

1-27-00 - I had gotten up and typed up the dream where The teacher and I went through the fabric of time and space through prayer and chanting. I was thinking about this and I heard a voice that sounded like Asa. . . the Patriarch of the One Life to Live TV show I watch every day. He said, "This is what you've been waiting for. This is the discovery. This is the turn!"


2-20-00 - DREAM/VISION - I was dreaming about counseling people but can't remember the details. As I was waking up, I had vision of a white Shetland type pony with a white bridal with colored flowers on it. The inside of my cheek was stuck between my teeth and I was biting down hard on my own mouth. No wonder I woke up with blood on my lips yesterday and my cheek was sore. I was trying to chew on my own mouth from the inside. Ouch!


2-20-00 - VISION - I again saw the white pony and was wondering what the white pony represented, and then the pony changed to a scene of myself ... only I was sitting at a table talking to people... and I was an Indian woman with long black braids coming down on each side of my head. I was wearing a buckskin dress.


2-24-00 - VISION - The people weren't keeping up their end of the bargain about the water so it was now dripping dangerously again.

All the people were on roller skates - not roller blades - adults and kids alike.

They all skated along a path from a baseball field to a road that went by the field. Half of the kids wore tan cowboy hats, the other half of the kids wore bright blue baseball caps with an orange insignia on the front - probably an Indian face.


3-1-00 - DREAM - This seems it might be a shared dream, but we don't know for certain.

I was dreaming that there was a man out on the street in the dark. I was inside the house with a radio, watching a very sensitive audio frequency gauge, trying to hone in on the exact frequency that the man out on the street was broadcasting at. I was using a computer mouse-like pointer on a red light point in order to do this.

I woke up suddenly when Joe started chanting Indian again. However, he soon broke the Indian chanting with English yelling with words like "Help!, Shut up! Michael! and some other words that were too low toned to hear and understand.

Joe woke himself up and I asked him what he had been dreaming. He said it was nightmarish, that he was out in the dark and someone was trying to sneak up on him. He started hollering, trying to wake himself up. He spoke the words in the dream that I heard him hollering out loud.


3-4-00 - I had three or four dreams which I can't particularly remember the details of but they all ended the same. The T's I mention here were all very tall, thin poles.

The first one was about Indians and ended with a scene that had three tall Ts in it like the crucifixion poles of Jesus Christ and the two thieves.

The second dream was about going shopping and also ended with a scene that had three tall Ts in it like the crucifixion poles of Jesus Christ and the two thieves.

The third dream was about looking at the different types of vehicles that people drive and also ended with a scene that had three tall Ts in it like the crucifixion poles of Jesus Christ and the two thieves.

After I woke up, I was really groggy but realized what the dreams signified.

I then had a vision of some very complicated mathematical problem done in calculus or something and the answer to the problem was: = t

I still felt groggy so continued to lay in bed and then had a vision of a brilliant red web page. In the upper right hand corner in very small print it said: Keylonta January 4, 1989.

NOTE: Interestingly enough, I had just returned to Milwaukee from Illinois on the first of January of 1989 and the night of January 4, 1989, I had this dream:

1-5-89 - I dreamed that my good friend Irv was teaching my son Michael that "The Twelfth Planet" by Zechariah Sitchin was truth.


3-23-00 -- VISION - I saw two Indians, Native Americans. Each one was standing by a word. A plains type Indian in buckskin came first and stood next to a word that meant 'native-l'. A war-like, dark skinned Indian, with painted face and gaudy feathers in his headdress came second. He stood next to a word that meant 'native-w'.


4-1-00 - DREAM - I was working with a woman named Sophia on a web page about Indians. At the bottom of the page, it looked like this:


NOTE: The name Sophia means "Wisdom".  I believe the black boxes will be links to the work my friend Michelle is doing with her 'spirit' Native Americans.

History Through Their Eyes


4-3-00 - DREAMS - Another night of Indian web page dreams. Again I was seeing the deep boxes and probing them for information. I was shown at the end this statement: 'A THOUSAND LIES'.

Pretty shocking!

The end scene, I was again working with Tom, the locksmith in Milwaukee. I was supposed to be sending Dave, the locksmith to a place which was listed in the yellow pages at the bottom of a page. There were two places and I thought I sent him to the place on the left instead of the right. I couldn't get Dave on the radio, so I called what I thought was his pager number. I was two digits off and got Ward, the locksmith instead. At least I was close. :-) I then found out that Dave had done the job and went home, so I sent him to the right place after all. I was happy about that.


4-7-00 - DREAMS - The first part was on the computer, page after page after page about the Cayuga Indians.   The pages were all a yellow background with brown print. Nothing was said why that was so important.  

Cayuga  The 6 Nations   England Buys the Land  New York Tribes  Human Remains of a Cayuga Indian Chief lay in a Museum in Chicago    Gayanashagowa The Great Binding Law Constitution of the Iroquois Nations

The Last dream of these series however was about Joe.  In the dream I had just met him and the dream took place on the sidewalk after we had come home from a date.  All of the female members of his family, including his ex-wives, were standing on the sidewalk, leaning on their cars, or leaning against the porch of the house.  This was a completely happy scene as each person regaled me and each other of stories of Joe's life where he had made a complete fool of them or himself.  It was like one continuous laughing situation. However, Joe was standing there listening to every story and I'm sure, even though he was laughing, that it was quite embarrassing for him.

I don't know if this was a separate dream or part of the same dream. We went into an auditorium where it seemed that women were being interviewed on stage so that others could vote for them for placement in a show or contest.  The particular woman we were watching was very tall and plain looking, though I would call her 'regal' looking.  Without makeup, she would not have been attractive ... but plain.  However, what made her so outstanding was when she was asked a question, she would answer with just one word in so much emotion, but each answer was in a different language.  Her first answer was in French, and it was 'L'Dieu.  Even the dream my intention was to look up that word to find out what it meant. I don't know French at all.  Her other answers were in other languages I don't know either, and can't even repeat what she said.  I just know I was very impressed by her.

The last part might be a separate dream and took place on the sidewalk in a large city somewhere.  I and some other people met a woman who was a famous Tarot card reader. She was telling us that before she became famous she spent a lot of time alone and to spend the time she invented many ways of reading the Tarot cards.  All of these ways were listed in a thick advertising newspaper which was being handed out to interested people on the sidewalk to promote her show.  Each type was made in two sizes ... using either 63 or 96 cards. It seems that I knew this woman very well prior to her being famous and though I can't identify her, my action of throwing the newspaper at her because of my surprise that it was about her and her reaction of laughter instead of anger shows me that she knew me well also. I'm sure however that her first name was Linda.  

The very last scene took place in what seemed to be a dormitory and it was all young men who seemed to know Linda in a personal way and again they were all telling tales about them individually and her in a way that was not quite so nice.  Each one was showing off his story about himself and her in a way that brought laughter from all the other guys because it made them look like a fool to have been with her, and the last guy said that she had done a reading for him and everyone roared with laughter because he threw the cards on the floor and said that he had told her that he wasn't about to get a reading on cards that had been 'shit' on. Everyone busted out laughing.

I woke up.


4-10-00 - MEDITATION - Q. Did anything change in me when I had my last Kundalini event on Saturday?

A. A young boy's voice said, "You are going entirely too fast."

I said, "At this rate, I'll be dead before anything happens."

A . An entity (ET?) type voice said, "We don't have any lives."

VISION - I saw a book about 18" thick. the size of a telephone directory. On the side was an Indian woman photo from the waist up and the title of the book was, "Z is for calling in the family".


4-11-00 - I felt tired and bored a little after 2 p.m so I decided to lay down and either meditate or dream or both. I lay there a long time without anything coming to me, neither vision or dream. But I was feeling chilled on my back so stayed under the blankets a little more and finally fell asleep.

This is the DREAM - I was laying in bed doing nothing and saw an old, old man go by the window out in the yard. He was dressed all in brown, scruffy work type clothes, with a brown cap on his head like old men wear, not a baseball cap, but with a small brim on the front only. The man had dark skin like an Indian. I didn't know what he wanted but Joe was home and I just stayed in bed and let Joe deal with him.

Suddenly, the old, old man came to the front door. Joe answered the door and the man walked in and started coming through the livingroom. I could tell by his voice he was getting closer to the door where I was laying down, but Joe's voice stayed by the front door and told the old man, "I was just leaving!" He said that so the old man would keep his conversation short. The old man though, sat down in a chair then and kept talking. His voice was very loud. He said, "I just want to encourage Dee and David to keep writing because it's so important.!" (David means 'love'.)

The scene suddenly switched and I was sitting at a table with a writing pad in front of me and a pencil in my hand. There was a wall in front of me with a window in it and on the other side my friend Michelle was sitting. She and I were talking about writing. On the table in front of me I saw what looked like an old man's torn off fingernail. I kept getting the impression I was supposed to pick it up and give it to Michelle for inspiration to keep working because it was so important. I kept trying to pick it up but it would fall from my fingers before I could get a good grip on it. Michelle and I kept talking and finally I picked up the broken fingernail and when I looked at it closely, it was a multicolored red, blue, and yellow piece of glass in the 5 sided shape more or less and it had one of those little tiny blue stickers on it that says, 'Made in' (China or Japan) on it. I handed the little piece of broken glass to Michelle and told her, "I was told to give this to you to inspire you to keep working, because it's so important."



4-13-00 - DREAM - I was in a familiar city somewhere. I was going somewhere like shopping or to the library. I had a large brown purse and a stack of books in my arms. I decided to stop and take a break in a park and sit in the sun a few minutes. It was quite aways down some steps to where the benches were, but I went down and sat down for awhile.

While I was there several people came to talk, including my first boyfriend Roger. We got to talking about web pages and he said he wished he had one. I said, "You're on AOL, aren't you?" He said, "No! I just use my cousins account." I said, "I'll tell you what I'll do, I'll download a copy of one of those free Internet access things onto a disk and you'll be all set." Meanwhile, I was showing him a brownish book that had cutout type cartoonish characters in it and I showed him how I took the cartoons out of the book and scanned them in onto pages for other people to enjoy. He liked what I did and wanted to do some too. So, we agree I would make a download disk of free stuff for him so he could do it too. He got up to leave, and there was a doorway there like at a railroad or bus station and just before he went through the door, he turned and smiled and made a hand sign I had seen him make 40 years earlier which was like "I like you, let's meet again." type of thing. I laughed and said, "Gosh! It's been years since I've seen that." I had no clue what I was supposed to do in return so didn't do anything. He grinned and left.

I decided perhaps it was time to leave and my sons Tom and Bill showed up. I also saw my maintenance man Joe pull up to the curb in a red convertible and drop off a woman I knew pretty well. She was just coming into the park. I waved at Joe who was way up the stairs, hoping I could get a ride home. He hollered back down the stairs, "I'll give you a ride but you'll have to wait a bit. I have one more ride to give first."

By then, the woman had come down the stairs and I greeted her and told her I was just leaving. By then, I had put all my books down and had to fetch them, and that seemed to be kind of an ordeal to get them all into my arms and I didn't want to miss any, so I started stuffing them into my handbag which was quite large. I managed to squeeze them all in and I noticed that when I picked one up, I perhaps had one of those handmade brown leather wallets with the leather strands woven around the edge. I didn't take the time to look, but just stuffed it into my purse with the books.

I then walked up the stairs to wait for Joe, but as I was coming out the lobby entrance which somehow appeared like we were in a bus station, I noticed that I was only wearing one shoe, a light tan Indian moccasin. I was very distressed at that. I had no idea how my other shoe had come off. My son Tom said he had noticed a shoe between some seats down the stairs and would go back and retrieve it. He had no idea I had lost a shoe either.

We stood there kibitzing with other people for a few moments and Tom came back with a shoe, which was a shiny black man's shoe. I saw instantly that it was the wrong shoe, but thought perhaps I could just wear it anyway just so I wasn't barefoot. But when I took the shoe, it was an old black basketball type shoe and a loooong shoe lace intertwined in the holes. And it was for the right foot which I already had a shoe on.

This made me very distressed. I bemoaned my fate loudly that I didn't have any shoes to wear. Then I looked down, and on my feet were a brand new pair of high-type laced black shoes worn by women back in the early 1900's or late 1800's. I went into hysterics. "Oh my God, Oh my God! It's a miracle. Look at my shoes".... and I began dancing around showing off my shoes. "One moment they weren't there, the next moment they were." I was wiggling my toes around because the shoes were flexible like Indian moccasins. I said, "I can walk a long long way in shoes like this."

Right after I said that, my ex-husband Jim came along and picked up Tom and Bill to take them home but it was out of the way to take me along,. My daughter and her children were all there too and everyone had to run to the bathroom first. The girls went one way to a bathroom which was up some stairs to the left and Jim went up some stairs to the right into a bathroom in another building. I had to go to the bathroom to pee too, but decided it would be better if I waited. I figured I could hold it until I got home and could go at home. Joe the maintenance man never came back and my ex-husband and the girls never came back from the bathroom so I had to walk home anyway. But at least I had my new shoes on.

I got home which was an old abandoned apartment building. I met a girl there who looked familiar and she came into my room and started asking me about makeup, telling me she didn't like the kind she had, so I started telling her that I liked the kind from the drug store the best and started naming off different brands I liked and went into the closet and got out several makeup cases for her to sample my makeup. There was makeup and perfume bottles all over the bed by now.

I seemed to be packing to go somewhere overnight and started packing my books and clothes into bags which were zippered and discovered too late that I was unzipping rather than zipping and got all upset and started to cry that I was doing it wrong. The girl left to go to the bathroom. Then I remembered I had to go too but didn't want to girl to have access to my purses. Now that I was at home, I had two of them, the brown one I had in the park and an even larger one, a black one, which I carry everything in. I didn't trust her alone with my purses, so had to take them to the bathroom with me.

When I got to the bathroom, the girl had just finished and I was in a hurry and she didn't flush first and left the seat all wet, so I had to clean her urine off the seat with white tissues first and by the time I did that, the top of the toilet looked like a black and white marble pedestal and there was nowhere to go potty in.

By now, we were hearing noises in the hallway below us and we both ran out of the bathroom into the stairwell to listen for the sounds. In a moment, two men came walking up the stairs, one tall part African American, part white, and another white man who was following him. The African American man asked where the owner of the building was as he was interested in buying it. I told him I had no idea who the owner was, the building had been abandoned. He didn't accept that someone would abandon such a huge building. Nobody lived in it but me, and I'm certain there are lots of other buildings in the world just like it, so I had no problem with it. It was home to me.

The white man just stood in the background like an observer and didn't say anything, but the African American man was busy opening doors and pulling drapes across doorways and I started feeling trapped there with him, so I pulled the drapes back open again and felt freer. I couldn't stand the feeling of being closed in.

So, I woke up and found myself barefoot again. :-) and still had to go to the bathroom.


5-12-00 - I don't know if this is one dream or two.

DREAM - I was in the woods, wearing a doe skin dress and short boots made of deerskin. It seemed there was some question about whether I was indeed an Indian or not. I was in a happy mood though and scrambled up a tree and stood in the branches. I bowed deeply from the waist to the four directions like an actor on a stage, and the rustling of the leaves in the trees blown by the breezes sounded like applause. It was a wonderful sound.

I was then in an office setting, trying to find the name of an Indian woman named Keylonta. I assumed that if there was such a famous woman, her name would be in the dictionary, in the encyclopedia, or on the computer. On the computer I was searching through a long page of vined tendrils like a timeline, trying to find the name Keylonta and couldn't find it.

A friend of mine named Robin who is 1/2 Indian said she would help me and brought out a huge red dictionary. She told me that if such a name existed, it would definitely be in the dictionary. We didn't find it, so how could she exist?

On the Internet we now find this:

Keylonta = language of light, sound, symbols and energy. It is structure upon which manifestations are built. Is the language of communicating thru time/dimensional portals.

However, it is not an Indian maiden's name and is definitely not in the dictionary or encyclopedia.

As an added note, when I woke up, I could not get the word Nequoia out of my head and still can't. Perhaps it's a name? An Indian woman? Me? Just asking.


6-5-00 - I can't remember the whole dream. I was an Indian woman and there was a chubby Indian baby there and he had wide rubber bands all over his body and I was told he was banded from 29 to 59.


#3 - I was outside gathering seeds and plant material to make paper like the Indians did. I plucked some very thick stems behind a building and peeled off the outer layer to find a center that was like fine down with tiny seeds in it. I was told to pluck it only down as far as the seeds were. I had a small dish with many different plant parts. This I was going to grind together to make the paper. Later, we were to meet the Indians somewhere around or at the 13th level or place.


7-11-00 - DREAM - I went to a hotel-type building which had apartments in it, which I managed, and our first guest was RoseAnn Barr and I put her in the first room on the second floor. The number was 1060. We had reserved one other room which was behind 1060, it was on another corridor and it's number was 1080.

I went up the wide stairway which had numerous tiny steps to the room I assigned RoseAnn Barr to. I went inside to see how it was. There were dressers in it and I opened the drawers and found that the previous tenants had left things behind. These were all Indian oriented type items, clothing, beadwork, but some things were in long boxes like you would buy in a craft shop that you put together yourself from a kit. However, the drawers were full and she could do whatever she wanted with these things if she wanted to use them for herself.


7-16-00 - DREAM - I seemed to be in Wisconsin, but I wouldn't be able to guarantee that by the scene I was in. I was in the country, walking along the road. I saw a red fox come scampering along out of a large hole in the ground as I came past and frightened him. He dashed out of the large hole and went nearby to his den where he hid.

I then went to a school where I was a teacher. It seems that I couldn't have been there long because everything felt rather unfamiliar though the people I met knew who I was.

In one scene, I met a person in a dining area, and I was sitting at a table and he pointed out that as a chef, he preferred one part of a piece of beef that was right next to him. It looked wonderful, so I took a fork and picked a piece off lower down on the slab he showed me. It peeled off like it had been cooked for many hours and I tasted it. It was one of the most fabulous pieces of beef I've ever eaten. Now I had to agree with the man about his taste in beef.

However, when I pulled this piece off, I saw that it revealed that there was something behind it and I was shocked to see that there was something standing there with a cloth over it painted like a horse. The cloth was shiny with paint. When I recognized it, the man pulled this something away very quickly, almost running over a cloth covered something laying on the ground by my feet. The cloth covered something jumped to its feet and I saw that it was another horse, but smaller. This horse ran over towards a fence where there were sheep grazing in a meadow. It disappeared behind some trees and I didnt see it again. I figured it was better off there than living under a cloth in captivity.

I went into a school then where there were many maintenance workers, all dressed alike in faded blue shirts with darker blue flowers or leaves on them. The shirts had evidently been washed thousands of times. I didn't see that any of these guys were working, but walking around in pairs. I was being accompanied through this area by another man dressed in the maintenance type shirt ... like there was some kind of danger to being along as a female.

We went around a corner and two young men, also dressed in these shirts came by and turned around to say, "Hello!" Both men were friendly but one of them looked very familiar and he smiled. I asked him if he was happy in his work. He said that he was. I made the comment to him that it was good that he was happy in his work, not just pretending to be happy to get the paycheck.

We walked along the hallways and came to a room that was like a museum of Indian lore. The room was rather dark, only lit from the outside hallway. I went inside to look around ... it was dim but I could still make out what everything was.

The wall right by the door had a design on it, made of colored vegetable seeds of a variety of colors. The far wall had a mandala or design made of strips of colored fur of animals they had probably eaten. I touched the wall which was soft and silky fur. It was wonderful to behold.

Right outside the door, a black woman stood, peering inside. When I came out the door, she asked me if I thought I would be able to live like the Indians used to back in history. I remarked that I probably could as long as they were good cooks.

She remarked back that it wouldn't matter if they were good cooks or not, that if we lived like that, we would be happy if were to be able to eat at all.

Then she asked me where I was from. I said I was from New Berlin and asked her if she knew where New Berlin was. She said, "No!" I aid, "Do you know where Brookfield is?" She looked vague and said, "Yes!" I said, "Well, New Berlin is south of there." I began to tell her my story about the fox and woke up.


7-21-00 - DREAM - I was in a car with my ex-husband Jim. I don't know where we were going, but we were on 16th St. going north, just south of North Ave. (This is a one way street going north) Instead of going to the stoplight and turning right, he turned right into a narrow passageway right behind the building which fronted on North Ave.

Though there was a large grassy area to the right of the car, he was almost hitting the building on the left side of the car. Though I was a passenger in the right side of the car as we turned the corner, as we went along the narrow way, I was behind him in the back seat, so could easily judge how far we were from the building.

We had to stop however, because just before we got to 15th St., there were two trees in pots on the sidewalk and we had to stop rather than driving on the grassy area. Jim got out of the car to move the pots and as he did, a woman came out of the building doorway with a laundry basket full of dirty laundry and wanted to enter the laundry room which was a closed door behind the open door.

This was a problem and the car was in the way, so I got out of the car and moved it over so she could adjust the door situation and enter the laundryroom.

Now there were two open doors and a man came out of the first door to see what was going on. He was rather like a supervisor type person. He resembled Jimmy a shorter black man who worked for me on Highland Ave. earlier on.

More and more people began to appear and I realized that this was a large apartment building and many people were coming out to do their laundry and Jimmy the supervisor man was opening more and more laundry room doors along the "Way. "

Our car was now a bicycle and my husband Jim went around the corner onto 15th St. to scout the area as he wanted to show me some of the old buildings in the area.

Meanwhile, I had to wheel the bicycle after him and when I came to the 15th St. end of this "Way", there was a steep stairway going down to the street. (This is not normal for the area in real life) There was actually two stairways side by side, an 'up' stairway and a 'down' stairway. I had to duck under a huge pipe that was overhead and accidentally dropped the bicycle down the stairs ahead of me. It crashed loudly at the bottom of the stairs and I just knew it was probably broken.

At the bottom of the stairs, an old black woman picked up some of the pieces and brought them up the other stairway. She told me her name was Gertrude and that she would put the pieces of the broken bicycle in the hallway which the "Way' had now turned into. She said she had two rods and a hatchet and would lean them against the wall.

I thanked her and went to pick up what was left of the bicycle. I found a copper wire spring that was in a loose spiral (similar to a slinky), and I saw a structure that looked like a transit from which sightings are made by engineers to exactly measure distance and lines, and a couple of nondescript pieces of metal. But I needed the parts of the bicycle Gertrude had picked up to attach them to.

So I went back up the stairway and now found myself in a maze of hallways, all of which had open doors into laundry rooms which seemed to be everywhere. Jimmy, the supervisor was everywhere also ... doing his supervising, but Gertrude was nowhere to be found and I was finding metal and cloth pieces of 'things' laying against the walls everywhere. I told Jimmy about Gertrude and he said he would help me determine where my two rods and the hatchet were, but we weren't having much luck.

I thought I spotted two bicycle wheels but they turned out to be silver garbage can lids, so that didn't help. I put those aside and kept looking for my rods and hatchet.

Meanwhile, tables piled with old clothing appeared outside the laundry rooms and there was stuff everywhere. Jimmy was eyeing some blue cloth on one of the tables and I somehow felt that I owned it because of my lost bicycle pieces and I was accumulating 'stuff' to replace the lost bicycle parts.

I picked up as much as I could carry and went back down the stairs to where the rest of the broken bicycle parts were, which was now a more broken, and what had been the transit was now all in pieces and all I could see of it was the top pedestal on which the transit sits and four loose legs, and a pile of 'stuff'. It seems that my ex-husband Jim had gone home to get another car ... a station wagon ... to haul the 'stuff' home.

I went back and made another trip to find the lost bicycle parts and picked up more stuff and returned to where the car was on the last trip and discovered that Jim had moved the car farther away. So, the trip was longer this time, but I noted that he hadn't picked up all the 'stuff' from the first pile and laying on the ground was strewn a long line of toy cowboys and Indians, all laying on their sides like they were dead.

I deposited my 'stuff' on a long table that Jim had set up by the car to accumulate bicycle parts on. I don't know if he was trying to reassemble the bicycle, but he sure was accumulating 'stuff'.

I went back to the building to look for the rods and hatchet again, and when I went to the laundry rooms along the 'Way' I was now in the land of the giants. These guys were all wearing bluejeans and shirts but they were all 9 to 10 feet tall and could barely stand up in the laundry rooms.

In one laundry room, I was pleased to note that the people who lived in the building were writing down their favorite web site urls so others could go to them also. I seemed to recognize a couple of them. One particularly friends giant of a guy was expounding on themes that sounded like he might like my own web site, so I told him that I was the webmaster of Dreams of the Great Earthchanges and that the url was 'greatdreams.com'.

He was all smiles and thanked me for telling him. I went back out into the hallway and Jimmy was bringing out a new fresh batch of bluejeans and laying them down on a blue sheet in the 'Way' for others to choose from. Talk about giants ... the waist sizes on these jeans had to be at least 56 inches across and more. Guys coming along the 'Way' were thrilled to see that there was clothing to fit them too and were picking up these bluejeans and trying them on for size.

I woke up at this point ... feeling exhausted and thought I had been asleep so long it was probably about 4 p.m. I was surprised to look at the clock and see that it wasn't even 11 o'clock yet. But I was soooo tired.

NOTE: Gertrude is a myth name. I wasn't able to find out from what myth during a search of the Internet.


8-1-00 - DREAM - It seems I've had this dream before.

I don't remember much of the details of this dream. It takes place along a river, looking for a woman who I find, wearing a medium blue dress. I want to say the name Susan B. Anthony, but the last name is probably just a guess because I know the name. I was thinking the woman was Indian. It seems the dream is about wearing the right pair of shoes.


8-7-00 - DREAM - I had several long dreams at the computer with screens of names of Indians ... don't remember any of it.


8-13-00 - DREAM - I can't remember the dream itself, but I was rather young and pretended to be an Indian maiden.


8-17-00 - VISION - I was so tired I lay back down and I started to see the Survivor page again and I heard a voice say, "The 1995 Thunderbird is important" Then someone said, "Don't you like Indians?" then I heard the name Allan Bronson.




. **********************

8-20-00 - DREAM - I was in a house with two of my sons. All three of us were laying on a brown plaid couch for a long time and I was thinking about Indians. I can't remember what though.


9-14-00 - I dreamed a long time about doing a web page about a non-hyperlinked page about the Indian timeline

10-9-00 - DREAM - I was seeing what probably was a computer screen with links to Indian sites, but when I woke up, I could only remember the color background which was like pale yellow bricks with light blue edges. It had a nice feeling about it, but I don't know what the topic was. It rather faded out as I woke up like I wasn't supposed to know, just 'feel'.


9-15-00 - Long dream about doing a web page about Indians and spirituality.


9-15-00 - VISION - I saw a white rose with the number 9800 on it. Next to it was the word INDIAN.

I then went into a dream where I was going into an apartment building. The inner door of the lobby was closed, but a man knocked on it and a red headed woman opened it. He told her he wanted to go to 1800. She didn't want to let him in. I wanted to go to 9800 and walked right in. Everything inside this apartment building was white. There were numerous doors and it appeared that other people were either moving in or out . I saw a lowboy type organ in the hallway and thought, "Boy! Would I ever like that!"

I then walked into my apartment. It looked very familiar. It was number 9800.


9-16-00 - I guess I was thinking about the number 9800 when I went to bed. - DREAM - I was told that the number 9800 was the timing of a shotput of an Indian in the Olympics. I then went to the computer to look it up because I hadn't done that yet. I put in 9800 and Indian into the search engine. I didn't really expect that it would show anything about an Indian in the Olympics and it didn't.

However, the dream then changed to what happened to me after the search and I went outside with a young woman. I was driving a car and decided I was going the wrong way, so I made a right turn onto a narrow gravel road. It was raining and wet and the road was muddy and I drove through some puddles and saw that there was a drop off with water along the edge I wouldn't want to end up in but I couldn't find a spot to turn around. The road was too narrow. I felt like the brakes on the car wouldn't work if I tried them either. Finally, I was almost to the end of the road and came to a slightly wider spot with a fence on the left side and decided that was wide enough to turn around. I had no problem turning except that I did it rather fast and the back end slewed a little. Then I drove back along the narrow road and went home and went back to the computer.

On the computer I looked again at the 9800 - Indian reference page and it had run out of things to say and the words were meaningless.

I woke up having found nothing like what I heard at the beginning. There was no shotputter in the Olympics.

NOTE: Of course, now I have to actually look and see for myself :-)

... There was nothing to look at. 9800 only came up in phone numbers, addresses or price list numbers in catalogs.


9-16-00 - Another night about Indian links on a computer screen. The last was a round picture of an Indian child sitting on the ground with the whole air surrounding him was a Rainbow.


9-23-00 - DREAM - I was dreaming of making a web page on the computer with statements about Indians. As I clicked on the 'Enter' key at the end of each sentence, a picture would appear next to it describing the event the sentence was about.


10-10-00 - This was an all Indian night.

I was jolted out of my own dream when Joe started chanting like an Indian again. I don't know why this scares me, but his whole voice, demeanor and seeming symbology of his speech is frightening like he is in a war-mode or something. When his chanting went back down to a mumble, I poked him and woke him up, I asked him what he was dreaming. He said he was in a school, walking down a hallway where other people were looking for someone. Later, when he woke up in the morning, he had no recall of the dream at all.

This was the clearest and loudest word he said, " Ka - Kay - yah" phonetically spelled.

As soon as he fell asleep again, he was whispering in Indian, but it was more mumbled so I couldn't understand it.

I then started having my own Indian dreams and visions.

Immediately after he mumbled the Indian words, I had a vision of a sign with two words on it, "Asteyal' and 'Pahte' (The spelling is probably off) I immediately then had a vision of two little girls, and one girl said the word , "As - tey - ahl" very loudly. The other word was pronounced, 'Pay tah'.

I then had a dream vision type thing where I saw a tall white-light-being standing off to the left and I was told that I spend all my time working on the web pages of my web site on the computer and not working on the Native American work. I can't remember the details of the dream beyond that. It didn't seem to have any activity, just a large black and white picture of being admonished for not doing my work. At that point, I didn't realize that the Native American pages are also web pages ... they seemed to have a larger meaning overall.

I remembered just one word from this dream/vision. The word was Cachinga. I had no idea what that was. I looked it up on the Internet. A Cachinga is a female Caracal. A Caracal is a cat... specifically a Desert Lynx. Interestingly enough, a friend of mine uses the word Lynx to mean links when he wants to let me know there are links in his e-mail. I thought that was pretty cool.

I then had another dream in which I was visited by two little boys and I told them all about the above. I made it sound mysterious and strange so they would think I was one old strange woman. In this dream I had a cardboard box with things in it like CDs and other material I used to teach classes with. The young man who was on the CD came into the room and saw the CD and commented on it. He was taller than I. He saw the CD in the box and asked me why I had it. I told him I used it to teach my church class because he was rather insinuating that I was stealing it.

I got up and went to the bathroom and came back to bed. I then had a vision of a piece of cardboard which was given to me by someone's hand. It was about 2" high by 4" wide, brown like a piece of cardboard. It was written on in red ink. It said, "Hello! A long word written in Native American language starting with the letter K. It then said, 'I am your newspaper delivery man and I want to thank you for being one of my customers' (or something to that effect). I was rather freaked out by this because it appeared so suddenly after I closed my eyes when I came back from the bathroom.


10-16-00 - DREAM - I was in the country on 172nd St. in New Berlin with my daughter-in-law Lorna. We were hauling a wheelbarrow or something like it full of plants and seeds to replant them in the field to the East. We both had to walk carefully backwards because the load was so heavy and we didn't want to drop anything. We were both barefoot, and we had to walk through an area that had rose bushes cut back and we were pricking out ankles on the thorns. I thought to myself, Gee! I should have been wearing shoes....

Scene change or new dream. I was renting apartments in a big building in the city. I was talking on the phone to a woman. I can't remember the conversation. But then I went down to the basement and opened the garage door. There stood the same woman, a short dark haired person. She said, "We've been ringing the doorbell and there was no answer, so we figured you were here somewhere." She brought in an older white haired woman and her husband who wanted to rent an apartment for their daughter who was not with them at the moment.

We went upstairs and I showed them a large two bedroom apartment that faced south. It was dark outside so they couldn't see the view. Another woman was with us who had to go to the bathroom. This apartment had three bathrooms, so I told the woman to use one that was off the bedroom. She went into the bathroom and the rest of us continued our conversation.

The man was complaining that this apartment was really more than what his daughter needed and that he was already paying rent on two apartments and the rent on a third apartment would really stretch his budget more than he wanted.

I told him that I had another apartment on the corner of the building which faced both East and south that he might like better. Meanwhile we had to wait for the woman who was in the bathroom.

The small dark-haired woman decided to show me a sewing project she was working on. This was a kit she bought at Blockbusters. She emphasized this twice to me. The material was darker tan ... like the color of burlap, but was finely woven. It was sewn together in 4 panels as I saw on the backside ... the threads were fine and closely sewn also.

She then showed me the front side which was of a war-dancing Indian with full feathered regalia. It was a hoop dance of some kind. I'm thinking it's Hopi but I can't be certain of that. She had already done part of the project which was in the background. The color was pale rainbow colors sewn in one long thread. I can't think what the thread is called ... It reminds me of a feather boa, but very delicate, with puffs of feathers along the thread that one would tack down with another thread ... rather like you would affix rickrack to another piece of material. She was now working on a long piece of black feathered thread just like the rainbow colored thread that she had already finished. The black was ebony black and was shiny ... not dull.

I took one look at this project and knew I had to have one of my own just like it. She said, "You can do this. I got it at Blockbusters!"

************************** 10-27-00 - DREAM - I was in a huge kitchen. Dinner was over. Two men were in the room ... a dark haired man and a light haired man. Between them, they stained 4 tablecloths.

I was soaking laundry to be washed, so I planned to wash the tablecloths along with the soaking laundry.

The washer was like an Easy spinner washer and I took the lid of the spinner part where I was soaking earlier laundry. The water was bluish looking. I reached down and pulled out two beautiful soft Indian blankets. There were also some towels.

When the water drained down, a dark boy and girl found some black fish at the bottom. They commented that they were black-water fish. The fish were all small, but black. One I saw had a gold stripe on it.

Though the water drained down, there was still a lot of water in a now square tub and the water was clear. The dark girl stood under the water and I watched her to see if she was breathing. It appeared that the was blowing out her own air but there were no air bubbles. After some minutes, she came up out of the water and took a deep breath. I asked her how she had stayed under the water so long, and she stated that it was very difficult.

I now had to transplant some plants for spring and there was a man and woman there who were watching over the old plants.

In the dirt, which was in the same big water tub whcih was square, I was making space to put in the new plants, but was burying them on top of little WHITE stuffed animals like rabbits and teddy bears. I laid the stuffed animals in the dirt like they were being buried and placed the new plants on top of them. These new plants would take root and bloom again.

At the same time, there was a baby there and I had to make sure he didn't get buried along with the stuffed toys.


10-31-00 - DREAM - I came home from somewhere. I was living with a lot of adult people. New carpeting had been installed on the stairway. It looked like a long, soft Indian blanket. It was tacked on the edges so no one would trip on it.

I heard someone comment that they hoped that no cats were underneath it.

When I came into my apartment, I looked at all the faces of the sleeping people who were on the couch. I knew them all. They were lined up like dead cordwood.

There were some other men there, who I don't know their faces, but they were helping get through the maze of furniture


11-10-00 I did some research on the curse of the Presidents elected during a 0 year which is a legend about the Indian Tecumsah, then when I went to bed, I heard a voice say, "He's got the blood test on him." I instantly saw the face of Tecumsah looking at me.


1-24-01 - PARTIAL DREAM - As I was waking up, a big blackbird or crow or raven was tugging at my clothes to help get them off.

NOTE: I woke up with Joe hollering like he usually does. It almost sounded like the Indian chant again, but didn't sound quite the same. I woke him up and asked him what he was dreaming. He said he had been shot in a junk yard and was trying to get someone's attention.


1-25-01 - DREAM - I looked at the clock and it was 12:30 p.m. I hadn't gone to work in the morning and I hadn't called in sick, so I knew I had to get there by 1 p.m. If I got there just past the lunch hour, I could plead something simple, like , "I slept late" or something and get away with it. But I couldn't miss work for a whole day and not call in.

I didn't have far to go. I worked right across the street from where I lived. I got dressed and headed down the hallway of my apartment to the elevator. There were 3 elevators, but next to each other. I pressed the button to go down and the farthest elevator door opened. It already closed before I could get to it. By then, the farthest one back opened up and I missed that one too when I ran back. Then the center one opened up and someone got out. It was then I noticed I didn't have my shoes on.

So, I had to head back to my apartment and get my shoes. I don't know how I didn't notice it the first time I left. I walked back to my apartment, found a pair of shoes, put them on and went back out into the hallway. I decided I'd go down the back stairs this time.

On the back stairs, I ran into a young couple who was doing their laundry on the landing and having an argument. I didn't want to interfere with their discussion, and at the same time, I found a pair of my Indian moccasins on the stairs, which I decided I'd better take back to my apartment so nobody else would take them.

So, I went back up the stairs to my apartment and it wasn't until I got to the door, I noticed that I wasn't wearing my shoes again. I looked at the clock again and it was now 1:30 p.m. Time really flies when you are having fun. By now I was getting a little edgy ... I hadn't only missed the morning at work, now I was missing the afternoon too and hadn't called in. I HAD to get there ... and quickly.

So, I put on my shoes ... looked again to make sure I had them on and headed for the elevator. Sure enough, by the time I got to the elevator, and some people got off and talked to me, I looked down and I wasn't wearing my shoes.

Upset by now, I headed back to my apartment to get my shoes and looked at the clock and it was now 3:30 p.m.

I never made it to work, because the dream switched to some white cards and on the cards I saw some numbers ...

"3 times" ... , a few words, a few lines down it said "15 times."...

NOTE: I hope this doesn't refer to the plane crashes ...


2-26-01 - DREAM - I was in a large city. I had several positions during the dream as it progressed, from teacher of women, to student of an Indian guide. In the beginning, I was in a school with the women and was asked by the head teacher if I could talk a previous friend named Jim into becoming the maintenance man for the school. I said I would try. The women wanted to go to lunch and I agreed to go with them, but at the last moment, in the lobby, I realized I wasn't wearing any shoes and I needed to get some before I could join them. I made an excuse to go out the door closest to where I was going to get some shoes. I grabbed my purse, which was left on top of a stand in the hallway and was warned never to leave my purse out in public. I had to agree, that was a very dangerous thing to do.

I got outside then and realized that it was farther to where my shoes were than I realized and the streets were full of snow piles higher than I cared to climb with bare feet. As I ran down the sidewalk, I heard a lion roar which I knew was quite close, but then I smelled the air and melting snow, and the whole thing smelled like roast beef and beef gravy. I figured the lion wouldn't bother me when all that meat smell was available and ran even faster to another school which was around the corner from where I started.

I was still barefoot and decided I would cross the street and go into the highschool and hopefully some students would have left their boots in the hallways with their coats and I could steal someone's boots.

Once inside the school, I ended up in a classroom, where a teacher was lecturing on some topic I can't recall. I sat at a long table surrounded by young men, but there was one particular tall man who was right behind my right shoulder. I didn't realize it at first, but the man behind my shoulder was my true teacher, not the man who was teaching the class at the front of the room.

The class broke up for a few minutes, then convened again. When they came back in, I showed them why this other man was my teacher. He was wearing a thin woven shirt, with four colored arched panels on the front of the shirt. Each panel represented a different tribe of Indians. One was dark blue, one dark green, one brown, and one I can't recall.

On each panel were words about the tribe, written in beads. I started to show the teacher of the class that the words were important about each tribe and asked if I could read the words to him. He agreed and as I tried to read the words about each tribe, each succeeding row of words became larger and instead of beads, were of diamonds of larger and larger size. I noticed then that the rows weren't words, but patterns of diamonds which I couldn't read.

I told the teacher that my friend, my true teacher lived in a subdivision nearby. The teacher wanted to see the houses the Indians lived in, but I didn't think that was a good idea and told him so. I told him that public tours were going on now, and that was not the time to learn the true teachings.

My guide/teacher then came into the room, carrying a box, which I knew carried the true teachings. It was box of feathers and stones, the makings of a medicine wheel.

I then saw the teacher again, this time dressed in a blue suit, tie , and white shirt, and in front of him was a woman, dressed similarly, and I knew her name was Mary North


2-27-01 - DREAM - I was in my house in New Berlin I believe. I was making a hand written copy of a letter that had details of an archaeological expedition with the cost, where it was, etc. While I was copying the paper in colored inks to match the original, I was also trying to visualize where this place was and what it was like. Part of it was underground with a tunnel and water in the tunnel. I knew that not many people would fit in this space and not everyone would be comfortable doing it either.

Finally, the man who wrote the original letter showed up and he saw me copying it onto another piece of paper by hand. At that same point, I realized that there was a copying machine on a table to my right and I could easily have just run it through the machine instead of copying it by hand, but then I saw some advertising in chartreuse green at the bottom of the page and realized that that was the reason I was just copying the top part.

The man asked me a question about what I thought about the trip and I told him that taking too many people would spoil it because it would be too crowded to do any good work.

I didn't have time to finish it because I had to get dressed and go downstairs for breakfast, so I tucked both pieces of paper under a book so nobody would see it and headed for the bathroom.

I went across the hall and headed for the toilet by walking across the top of an empty bed. My husband was headed for the same toilet and I toilet and I said to him, "Go use your own toilet", and he headed into another room where there was a separate bathroom.

Then I sorted through some rose pink clothing to find a bathrobe in that color. I just had the feeling that I had to wear that color today.

I headed down the stairs and my husband said, "Just so you know, "Rov/O____" is down there, selling 'Kool Aid stands", (It was something else equivalent to that) He's selling them for $29.00. I figured we'd end up buying one just because we didn't want to hurt his feelings.

I saw my son Bob at the bottom of the stairs, wearing a chartreuse green two piece outfit of shorts and a lacy shirt.

and woke up.

I was really tired so went back to bed to take a nap about two hours later.

I had 4 visions. All were words I saw:


After I got up, I looked up Waukie-Saukie and found nothing. Waukie is the last part of a city in Oregon. It also seems to me that Waukie is an Indian word from my Wisconsin Native American History. The Second guide and Native Pyramids fits in with the dream I had yesterday about the Native Diamonds ...


3-11-01 - We watched a movie about Little Big Horn and Custer's Last Stand just before bedtime. I dreamed about making a web page about this. I already did this last year ... NATIVE AMERICAN LINKS and A THOUSAND LIES

DREAM 2 - I was in the basement of a large office building. I finished cleaning up the kitchen of the cafeteria, and put away some food into a perfectly clean refrigerator for later eating. Then I went through my purse to look for something and found some long chocolate candy sticks. I saw ants crawling on them, so threw them all away ... very reluctantly I might add, but I did it.

As I was leaving, there were some Aztec Indian type women - Mexicans? in the basement. They were moving two mattresses out of the room and putting two colorful sofas into a closet. I went with them to the elevator, which was a large frieght elevator.

I stood in the elevator and allowed one of the women to 'drive' the elevator. We went up, but ended up on the 5th floor which was the executive floor of this building. So, the woman pushed the button again and we then needed up back in the basement, but when the door opened, the hallway was dim ... I saw a woman in the hallway, but all the other lights had been shut off.

I told the women I was going to 'drive', and pushed the button for the 1st floor. When the elevator arrived at the first floor, the elevator was about 6" off and even through we could have stepped off the elevator easily, there was still the matter of dragging the mattresses out of the elevator and there was a rubber gasket for the door that stuck up about 6" because we weren't right exactly at the floor. So, we had to allow the door to close again so we could try again to get to the exact level to get off the elevator.

As I was waking up, I saw a blue screen with two dates ... 2/17 and 1/17

NOTE: I didn't see any connection between what I dreamed on both dates. On 2/17, was a dream where I talked to a young boy whose father was trying to teach him hate and war.


5-16-2001 - VISION - I saw a scoreboard with 0's and 1's on it. Over to the right perhaps affixing the scores to the board was a man dressed all in black with an Indian quiver with bows and arrows in it. It looked rather like Joe from the back.

After I woke up, I thought about what this might mean, then I saw the board again, and it was labeled 'Jackies Freedom'. (I think that is Michelle's sister. I don't know any other Jackie."

Then I went into a DREAM - I was laying in bed and Michelle came to visit. I started telling her about the scoreboard vision which was labeled Jackies Freedom.

My/Joe's grandchildren also came to visit. Taylar was so sad because she couldn't be with her mother.

I thought it would be good if she could play outside but it was raining really hard outside. But we had a balcony/porch where you could stand and not get wet. So I took the kids out on the porch.

It was raining so hard you wouldn't even want to walk in it. There was a patio sort of place between us and the next house and I saw little bubbles coming up here and there. I wondered what those bubbles were and finally determined they were tiny frogs. I told Taylor it would be fun to try to catch on of those tiny frogs.

But then I saw two large white frogs with black spots coming from the left. They were hopping closer and closer. I thought perhaps they were trying to protect their baby frogs. Finally the white frogs got up on the porch with me and I started to get afraid. But then a white Dalmatian dog came running up and ate the big frogs. I all grossed out to see the Dalmatian dog eating the frogs, but a man standing on the porch across the patio hollered over and said, "That's a GOOD thing."


12-12-01 - DREAM - within a dream - I dreamed I woke up and saw that my front door was open, so I got up and shut the door.

Then I woke up again and saw that the front door was open and I went to the front door and saw that two cars had collided in the driveway across the street (there is no driveway there)

I looked in the office room and saw two black women there talking on a radio telephone. They were wearing dark blue-like uniforms, but they weren't wearing badges.

I asked them what they were doing in my house but they didn't answer, they kept messing with the radio, which was telling stories about black women with problems.

I said, "Hey! That's enough of that." The radio then turned into an old fashioned telephone with the case off. I dialed 911 with the open dial with difficulty.

Again, I managed to get to it done, I hollered at them, "What are you doing in my house?" One of the women started going through the drawers in the desk under the telephone, then the other one went to a dresser, got down on her knees and started stuffing pennies from the bottom drawer into her mouth.

I ran over to her and grabbed her arm and dragged her to her feet. Her whole mouth was full of dirty pennies. I put my arm around her and coaxed her to sit the dirty money out of her mouth. she wasn't too happy but she spit out all the money our of her mouth into my hand.

Some other women came into the house then and I asked them if they saw the two crashed cars in the driveway across the street. They said, "Yes!" and I asked if the people were okay. They said, "Yes!" So I relaxed.

I then asked that the women were carrying sun-catchers on strings with the characters of fairy tales.

The one woman had the characters of the 3 little pigs. I didn't notice which characters the other women had.

I then looked in the mirror and I was wearing a white lace bridal gown over blue jeans and a shirt.

I went into the next room and all the women in the room were also wearing lace bridal gowns over blue jeans and shirts.

I saw that Princess Diana, dressed in a bridal gown was in a photo on the wall.

Between me and the other women, there were 6 of us and Princess Diana made the 7th.

I held my hands out to them and said, "Let's form a circle and dance together. They all came towards me and we all held our hands out and held on and started circling to the left together, (clockwise)

As I woke up, I saw two Indian feet prints, they were reddish colored. One was facing 1 way and I was facing the other way. They were labeled NA and ME. Together they spell NAME. But I don't know if they have separate meanings.


1-16-02 - DREAM - This takes place in Milwaukee but has no sense of reality to it.

I was living in a very large home. It seemed to be summertime. There was going to be a week long program for all ages of people from children to grandparents ages. Within that week, there were many types of things to do from games, toys, books, pencils, and drawings for the kids, all the way to dancing lessons, and theatre for the older people. To participate in everything cost $400 and I thought that was really expensive, but I decided to participate as a teacher and helper in the children's programs.

There were many people I knew in the beginning as I was trying to find my purse and shoes. Kimber was there and my cousin Shirley. We were all going to do something different, but were all participating.

I put on some lipstick and no sooner did I do that, a seven foot tall man tried to kiss me on the lips.

I turned my face so he kissed my cheek instead, admonishing him that I didn't want to mess up and smear my makeup.

I was barefoot and asked advice if I should wear shoes. the people suggested I should and also a sweater. I had 3 pair of shoes to choose from. I chose the Indian moccasins. I also chose a sweater that had geometry on it, including turquoise triangles.

I needed to get my purse and then drive down to 12th St. The others were ready to go but I had to get my purse so Kimber and Shirley left ahead of me. I quickly peeked into the room where the kids supplies had already been delivered. There were many puppets in the center which were very colorful, all of the boxes of books and pencils surrounded them.

I then turned to go past the old people who were preparing to go. the old people did a meditative ceremony first, which included some kind of magical quality to it, where the old man was raised up off the ground by the old woman and then lowered to the floor

I tried to go a different way but a man who was dressed in white, had blocked it off with sheets because he was practicing his magic show for the kids.

So I had to go a different direction and go through the long way around.

The first place I went through was a flower shop where a tall black woman was standing, holding newborn twin babies. I asked her if I could go through the mall behind the flower shop. She said, "Yes!" so I found my way through the flower shop and the back door came out in a bridal shop.

There was an older black woman standing there, waiting on customers. she looked a little shocked to see me come out of the flower shop because the door was so narrow. I had to go through the door sideways.

In the bridal shop, I met two young women I knew who were wearing white flowers in their hair. I admired their hair so much. The 3 of us joined up and walked through the bridal shop together.

At the other end of the bridal shop, we came out first in the courtyard of a large apartment building which had a huge blue pool in it. There were no people by the blue pool and we just walked by and opened another set of doors which went into an indoor zoo.

There was such thick spider webs overhead, we had to duck under them to walk under for quite aways so we didn't get he spiderwebs in our hair.

There were many people standing along this walkway, including some tall men who were wearing matching sweaters to what I had on which were white with turquoise blue triangles on them. I felt better that they were wearing identical sweaters to mine and I wasn't the only one.

I gradually woke up at this point.



I was supposed to meet my daughter-in-law Becky for dinner. I got downtown and I as rather leery of the neighborhood. I was hoping that people in the stores would be watching out for my safety - just in case.

I stopped in the corner bar to see if she was there. The bartender must have been alerted that I was coming. I didn't know him, but he recognized me, probably from description. He said that Becky went to the jewelry store.

I left the bar and and went to the jewelry store, which was like next door. There was Becky, picking out something new to wear. From there we went to a restaurant which was like next door to the jewelry store. We are going to get just a hamburger.

I don't remember eating it.

From there I was driven to an apartment building in what seemed like a big round car that seemed to be all windows. I realized I didn't have my seat belt on, so I looked up to my right and the seat belt seemed like it was a black ribbon. I pulled down the end, which just had a simple gold hook on the end. After I hooked in the seat belt, then the driver who seemed to be Norbie from Conscious Development; he hooked on his seat belt as well.

He drove me to my apartment building. I don't know what happened to him, but I went upstairs to my apartment. I lived in apartment 11, which I think was on the 3rd floor, though it might have been the 4th.

It seemed like only women lived here, but the maintenance men were male.

I was going to be moving from one apartment to another and decided I would do the laundry to get ready to do that. All the towels were white and as long as I was going down to the basement I gathered the white towels from the other women as I went down the hall.

The elevator was busy with other people going up and down, so I walked down the stairs. Along the stairway, were numbers on white round stickers. Some of them were coming off, so I picked them off and took them with me to throw away in the basement.

I also met some young black women on the stairway who begged me to fight to get my job back as manager. I promised I was doing that.

I got down tot he bottom of the stairs, but it was confusing here. There was a piece of gold tubing for a stairway railing and it seemed that the stairway went on down into the darkness and I knew that wasn't where I wanted to go. I met a Chinese woman here and she warned me not to go too far down. I realized I was already too far and climbed back up to the next floor and that was the basement. The Chinese woman was able to go outside from that level - it was ground level which was below the basement of the building.

Here, on the way to the laundry room, I met The teacher who was one of the maintenance men. I told him I was on my way to the laundry room to wash the white towels. He said he had one in his apartment also, which needed to be washed.

The teacher's apartment was in the basement near the stairs, so we went there to get it. Instead of giving me the towel, he climbed into his bed and pulled a heavy brown blanket over his head.

On the floor was some kind of brown basket and something fell out of it. I never did get a good look at it, but it was either a head or a football helmet. For some reason it didn't want to stay in the basket and while I was trying to get this bucket to stay upright, The teacher lay in the bed, covered up. I was a little puzzled by that.

Anyway, I retrieved the towel and went back out into the hall and accidentally made a red mark on the wall about head-high with something I was carrying.

Then I noticed there was lots of red marks on the wall that the maintenance men had made. They looked rather like Navajo drawings. Some of them had been painted over with white paint, some only partially painted over.

I put the towels into the laundry room, then went up to the 4th floor. The hallway was very narrow. All the doors were open. I could see al the way down the hall to apartment 12 which was the bathroom for the whole floor. There was a woman standing in front of a mirror - and she was stark naked.

I was kind of shocked because the door was open. Then I noticed that all the doors were open and all the women were running around in white bras and panties.

I got down to room #12. I walked in and realized that I was wearing a white bra and panties too and we were comparing waist sizes which somehow were all 24 inches. The naked woman looked like 'Our Miss Brooks' the teacher. I realized too, the way we were dressed, we had on more cloth than women wore to the beaches these days.

Somehow I got back to my own apartment #11 and then down to the basement again to meet The teacher and we started off driving up a mountain road together.

The road was on the edge of the mountain, going around to the right as it went.

This car too was round and all glass and it seemed that I had my own gold steering wheel like we were driving side by side.

I was a little fearful driving up the mountain as I couldn't always see the road very well unless I lowered my hands an as we were always going to the right, we were always turning - not going straight and it was hard to see the road that way.

As we drove along, we came to a wider stretch of road with white marking alongside the road. I asked The teacher what that was and he said that was an Indian reservation.

We continued on and came to another wide stretch of road with white markings along the edge of road. But here 3 older Indian men sat cross-legged in a triangular shape. They were dressed in full regalia like they were all Chiefs. I asked The teacher what that meant. He said that having 3 Indians sitting at the entrance to the reservation meant that there were 15 Indians in residence.

That puzzled me, but we continued on and finally got to the top of the mountain. I knew we were at least as high as 4,000 feet altitude. The air was rather misty like we were in a thin cloud layer.

At the end of the road, we had to make a sharp right turn, which we turned on a dime by putting pressure on our left foot.

Here was a large blue lake, which was beautiful. Because of the mist I couldn't tell how large it was, but I was dismayed because right there was a large group of men dressed in black uniforms of some kind, and they were lined up, shooting guns out over the lake.

My impression was that they were skeet shooting for practice, but I wasn't certain that's what they were really doing. The guns might have been real shooting practice by a secret military group.

As The teacher and I went along the shore of the lake, I woke up.


4-26-02 - Michelle had a dream in which she mentioned my name. She was told to do web page on ghosts coming out of the grave. She was told that the Indian Nations were bringing back the Ghost Dane because its necessary at this time as the 'dead coming out of the grave' is mentioned in the book of Revelation in the Bible.

Michelle told the people in her dream that web pages were Dee's job. She was told, "Dee is too busy!" ************************

5-7-02 - VISION - I was outside in someone's yard, and there were many sizes and shapes of women sitting on the ground and walking around, and coming to see me. They looked Indian. They were dressed in a variety of ways. I was thinking they looked Indian - with long black hair - but I couldn't tell what tribe they were.

Finally, one of the larger women came up to me. She was wearing white buckskins. She turned around so I could see her black hair flowing down her back, but I could also see she had something carved into the back of the buckskin tunic she was wearing. I don't know what it was but it seemed to go from collar to the bottom of the tunic - about a foot wide, delicately carved.

This might have been Michelle's yard.

************************** 6-9-02 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin in the yard. I don't know exactly how this got started, but there were some other young women with me, out in the yard. They were my friends but I can't name them. The house and area was where I used to live. It was similar, but not normal - or the way it is now. It was similar to how it was in the 60's before we remodeled the house.

It seemed as though we had been simulating doing some kind of fire ceremony of Native Americans. I experienced some really weird sizzling energy in the air, near me and in my head and all of a sudden, I was across the street, standing near a small pit and this beautiful-looking native woman in buckskins with a papoose (not strapped to her back) appeared and showed me how to bend forward with my arms outstretched over the flames in the fire it and pray over the flames. (There was no fire in the pit at the moment)

It all happened so quickly, I had to think about it and recall all the details of it.

I remembered the odd sizzling energy near me, and then an alien being appeared in the energy spot, so changed into the native woman, and I recall her telling me she was an 'alien Indian' Once the alien had shape-shifted, it was hard to remember that this beautiful woman was actually an alien.

The baby wit her was a little older than a year old, and was complaining the whole time, about being set down while the demonstration of how to pray over the fire was being done for me.

I met up with my other two friends back across the street who had witness this whole thing from their own perspective. It had happened so fast,, we were all stunned.

When we were all in the house, we were watching two young women walking by, who were wearing black winter coats but were barefoot. (They had really big feet too) One other woman named them, but I can't recall the names, It was like they were acquaintances, but not friends with us, and their attitude was like they treated us other three women with disdain or like they were too good to be friends with us.

Then another young blonde woman came in. It seems as though she was a newspaper reporter and was going to write about our experience, and she was stunned that none of us had written anything down to document what had happened.

I could only explain that we were all too stunned about the experience itself to think to write it down. It wasn't until that moment that we sat down to describe what this alien native woman looked like, that her brads came to her shoulders , and then had extra long braids attached with bands to make them appear longer. There may have been a 'black' feather attached to this part of the braid extension, but I can't be sure.

I still remember the sizzling energy in the air like it just happened.

I was just starting to do the dishes in the kitchen sink when the blonde woman came in and she said she wanted some cake, but there were trays of cookies there I had just made and I told her to help herself.

I had to get my dishes washed. And we still hadn't written anything down either.