1-1-14 - DREAM -  I was in a dimly lit bedroom with my daughter.  She had some little toys in cloth bags in the closet - the cloth being on the heavy side but with flowers on the fabric.  The bags were zippered at the top.

My daughter brought out three cloth bags and I helped her unzipper them one by one.  The first one had a little pink and white haired pony, with a bright pink mane and tail. 

I took out the pony and gave it to her, and I noticed some paper in the bottom of the bag as well, so I looked to see what it was.  It was a stack of real U.S. currency  $100 bills.  It's hard to say how many bills there are in 1/2" thick stack of money, but that's how thick it was.

My daughter handed me another cloth bag and I unzippered it and gave her the little doll inside which was Barbie's little sister ... have forgotten the name.  There was another 1/2 inch stack of money in that bag as well - all $100 bills - at least 1/2" thick.

The third cloth bag, also zippered with a toy in it -  also had money inside - double the size of the first two stacks and also $100 bills.

I can't say what the third toy was, because I was just focused on the money and tucked the cloth bags down on the floor between my crossed legs so they didn't get away from me, before I knew exactly how much money I had.  I wasn't going to count it until she was busy playing with her toys.   I was worried that someone else was going to see it and take it away from me. I have no idea whose money it was or how it got into my daughter's toy bags.


1-1-14 - DREAM - I was working on a computer screen that had a newspaper article on it in sections.  My job was to post the sections in the correct order on the page so that it read coherently.

It was titled CITIZEN DOWNLOADS ALIEN INSTRUCTIONS.   There were quite a few different sections to the article and each part was titled, so I never got to read the article itself.  I was too busy trying to figure out the order of the parts and get them on the screen.  The more parts I got on the screen, the more confusing it seemed to get because once I got some of the parts ordered, there seemed to be more pieces at the top that I had to fit in between the others, and I was getting frustrated as to where to put the parts.

I have no idea what the actual instructions were.








1-2-2014 - DREAM - I was downloading math concepts and highlighting them all night. 

Nothing specific - ALL of them.


1-2-2014 -  MEDITATION:  SAW THIS:






1-2-2014  MEDITATION 2.  I began asking questions about Hilary Clinton, particularly about whether someone wanted her dead after the election, and the answer was 'YES. '

I was told that the threat was from someone with a Jewish name, but that he was from the Mossad, because Hilary was on Israel's side and the Mossad wants her dead once she is elected.

I then was told that the man's name who wants her dead is named SA.

I then went into a dream, and I was in a room looking for yarn, which I had been doing before meditating, hunting for 'cotton' yarn but a specific green color and not finding it, then trying to determine why the price of some 'cotton' yard is more expensive than some others.  (It was about how thick it was and how much was on the spool. )

My very young son (barely able to talk yet) was in the next room with a group of men - some young, some not so young, and my son was over by a large book shelf like a library, and the men were sitting on sofas that were lined up in the room like it was a reading library.

I went over to where my son was sitting and he began singing a child's ditty - had something to do with gold - and it sounded innocent enough, but one of the men sitting on the sofa nearest to where I was standing, holding my son up in a standing position - the man asked one of the other men,  "What exactly does SA want gold for?"

Israeli archeologists strike gold at Temple Mount | JPost | ... fro...

Sep 9, 2013 ... "Ophel Treasure" includes 36 coins, large gold medallion believed to date back to 614 CE.

French consulate worker arrested at Israeli border with 334 ... wi...

Sep 7, 2013 ... Israeli customs officials on Tuesday arrested a French consulate employee carrying nearly $2 million in checks, 152 kg in gold bars — about ...

1-3-14 - DREAM - I was working on a web page about  THE SUN, which just changed polarities within the last 24 hours.

However, I'm going to do a web page about the moon, which I've probably done dozens of times before as well, but not about 'who parked it where it is?"
P.S.  I'm trying not to dwell on the above Meditations.  Yikes!

1-4-13 - DREAM - I was an older woman, managing an apartment complex out in the country.  There were farms all around us.

I knew everyone in the dream by face, but their names were not the same as in real life though I've known everyone in real life as well.

The younger men in the neighborhood spent a lot of time driving back and forth between the farms, stealing anything they wanted to use on their own farms without asking and not bringing it back.  That seemed to be a neighboring trait that most of them did.  It was a noisy bunch of guys and their loud vehicles went back and forth a lot, seemingly dangerous for everyone else to get in their way.

For some reason and somehow, my teeth were held in my mouth by a series of wires that were attached to labels like January, February, March, etc.  for every month of the year.  That was not seen by anyone else but I could see that in the mirror when I brushed my teeth.

At the end of the dream, I had to go clean an apartment on the far back side of the buildings, on the second floor as the old lady was moving out.

I noticed I was wearing a mauve colored house dress with purple knee socks and wearing a purple sweater to match my socks.  (I was dressed in these same colors in real life while dreaming)

I told the other woman in the dream where I was going to be in case she needed to call me for some reason. 

It seems the other woman may have been my cousin Judy whom I've met in real life since were teenagers, but I recognized her from photos of the past.

1-4-14 - NAP DREAM -  This seemed like the same place I dreamt about earlier today - a farm or ranch somewhere. 

I was home alone as far as I knew, and was outside, walking around the grounds, inspecting the flowers and plant growth of spring.

As I rounded the corner of the building, a young man, with dark hair and a large dark mustache came riding up the driveway on a large red tractor used for working on the farm or ranch.

He asked if he could talk to me, and I said 'Okay!' but I was a little intimidated by him, especially to be alone with him, just like I felt with the man with a dark mustache I met a couple weeks ago at a ranch in another dream.. This could easily have been the same man's son.

I stood still and he wait, "Let me hide the tractor from sight."

I assumed that he was going to hide the tractor so it didn't look like he was avoiding his job.

He backed the tractor up behind a bush and I thought that was as far as he was going with it, but I had to have been wrong about that because it was taking him too long to hide the tractor right there.

Suddenly, I heard an ear piercing scream which made me jump and run around the back of the house, where I ran into a sight I don't even want to have to see again.

A young, blonde woman with long hair was running between the house and an outbuilding, still screaming.  She was caught mid-flight by another woman - the same one from the previous dream.

The two women crumpled to the ground, the young woman crying her heart out, and the other woman holding her tightly so she would feel safe and comforted.

I ran up to them and got down on my knees in the dirt, and put my arms around both of them and asked what was wrong.

The young woman said that she had been held captive and had just escaped.

I asked, "How long were you captive?"  and she responded. "10 days!"

I was astonished to hear her say, "10 days!"  Had no one missed her, or asked about her?  Had she nothing to eat or drink in all that time?"  How did she survive that long?

I woke up thinking those questions, realizing that the young man with the tractor had not returned.  Was he the one who had captured her and locked her up?

The older man last week looked exactly like a man I've dreamt about before, who stood next to a podium with the star of David on the front, and this young man was in that dream as well, looking at me through a glass window, and when I looked into his eyes, I exclaimed, 'OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!"  This young man looked just like him.

I had thought the older man was the antichrist.

1-5-14 - DREAM -  I was at the ranch again.  I looked out the window and could horses running free in the paddock.  When I went out there, there was a hole in the earth and I could see all the way through the earth in it and see the sky on the other side.

However, in the kitchen, on the floor was where the dirt went.

We were getting ready for a huge dinner party.  We were going to serve 1/4 or 1/2 chickens to each guest.  The chickens were to be cooked in a huge oven, and were already in bread pans along with potato chips and some other vegetables. Each person would be served that much chicken -  assuming they were men.

However, all the dirt from that hole in the ground was on the kitchen floor, and this big guy who looked like Hoss from   Bonanza was helping sweep up the dirt before we cooked the chicken.

1-5-14 - DREAM -  I  was sitting on the lawn with my Mother on a beautiful sunny day.  I lived in the house on the hill behind us.

RA came along and I got up and walked up the hill to the house with him.  It was surprisingly difficult to climb the hill to the house.  I didn't remember the hill had been that high.

RA and I walked into the house together, and he put his arm around me and pulled me close and we started to kiss gently, but out of the corner of my eye, I could see my Mother coming to the door, so we quickly moved apart so my Mother would think we were in the house smooching.

I had to go to work, so I went outside where my teacher T.M. was coming to pick me up to take me to work.

T.M. was driving a huge, very wide mint green convertible car and when I opened the door to get in, the door almost fell on the ground next to the car.

While I was struggling to close the door on the car, I could see into the house where a black and white cat was standing on it's hind legs and it picked up a female doll and began twirling and dancing with it. The dance was surprisingly graceful, and as I woke up, I couldn't help but wonder what the dancing cat meant.



I was home with my Mother and siblings as an adult (that was not real life scenario)

My Mother had it all planned out in her mind who was going to go to night school and when.

Tonight, we were all going shopping with my Mother, and my brother was sitting in the kitchen with the light on, but not getting ready to go with us shopping.

As we were going out the door together, my Mom  yelled back to my brother, "Are you going with us or not?"

There was silence from him, but at the last second, right before she went out the door, he yelled at her, "You never did trust me that I was going to night school when I said I was, did you!"

and I woke up.

NOTE:  I  went to night school a lot as an adult, but I was divorced and living alone when I went and got certificates I got credit for at work.  Like accounting, blueprint reading, how to be a supervisor, and other things I can't even remember anymore. 
1-6-14 - VISION -  I was rather shocked and surprised to see a letter I was writing to someone on a computer screen and the last sentence - half written was "AND MY DRIVING SCORE WAS ....

I opened my eyes and said, "What????"

This is interesting and should be fun.  What is my driving score?

I didn't think I had written about driving this month yet, but I had:

The first one was 'young men driving'  and the other one was T.M. was driving - and that is my spiritual teacher...

Okay, so now let's look at other years...

1-6-14 - NAP DREAM  10:25 PM -  I was looking at a computer screen that was talking about the Art Bell radio show that 'was' and then off again within six weeks recently.

I was sorry I missed it - never heard a word of it and regretted not listening soon enough.

A human male voice came into my left ear and said, "It's too bad you missed the show, but if you listen close enough, you may hear the voice of a real live ET."

I listen and an ETish type voice says, "Hello!  This is Eldred". 

The human voice comes back and says, "All you have to do is listen." 

Out loud, I say to the screen in front of me. "Thank you".  In the morning, a friend tells me Eldred is from Dr. Who which I never saw in my lifetime.  Eldred according to the internet is a genius professor with  big bushy hair. Reminds me of someone whose picture I've seen recently.

1-7-14 -  DREAM:  I was at my New Berlin house, and all I remember clearly is going down the front driveway, looking for a place to chain a very large blonde dog we had.

Not a dog  I ever had before.

1-7-14 - MEDITATION  - I called Eldred to communicate with me if he had the time.  It was like talking to myself, both saying exactly what I wanted to say and hear, but it was talking to myself in my own head basically.  It was a few brief sentences, but very romantic.

I went into a dream:


I was in a house that was like my New Berlin house somewhat on the front end,  and like my Waterford house on the back side.

I was preparing to have a new telephone installed in the house, either through enclosing the front porch, or adding a room onto the bedroom out to the edge of the driveway.

A knock came on the front door so I went to the door.  A very tall young blonde man was there, and I had a wet curtain, thick like canvas, hanging over the doorway to keep the heat out because it felt like mid-summer outside.  The wet curtain kept the heat out when the door opened.

Inside the house, the air conditioner was on full blast and it felt really good.

While the young blonde man was entering the house, I heard a noise outside and two red sided train cars pulled up in front of the house.  They were box cars.

Before I got a chance to look at the train cars very well, two very rich men, I assumed were architects or bankers or both, wearing dark suits and white shirts, came up the front steps to the door.  The first man in the door - who seemed Italian with dark hair, asked me how the weather was inside the house.  I told him it was comfortable, and he came in, followed by the other man.

I don't know who was paying to have the new telephone installed in the house or build the room to house the telephone -  I didn't have time to even think about it.  They were just going to do it - right then and there.

1-7-14 - 9 P.M.  Voice still sounds like two way thought - not live voice. Clear enough conversation, but not like real telephone. Conversation was very nice, pleasant, even a little romantic.


1-8-14 - DREAM - I was in Wisconsin, in the yard.  I could hear an animal shrieking in fear and then I saw my boys chasing some dogs, and the dogs were  chasing  a baby deer.

I went into the house, still hearing the shrieking sound.

I went into the babies room, and looked into the crib.  There I could see a cat, half on top of a rabbit - they were identical in color.  I couldn't see their heads, but it wouldn't make sense that the rabbit would be on top of the cat, so I knew the cat was the one on top of the rabbit - 

I looked at them to see if I could see their hearts beating and I couldn't tell if they were alive.....

I was afraid to touch them, because if I did, the cat would turn on me and scratch me really badly -  so I hesitated - afraid to do anything at all.... and as I stared at the two animals in the crib -  they started to fade from view and I woke up.   The shrieking never stopped the whole time.


1-9-14  - DREAM -  I was invited to sing with a large choir that met in the basement of a very large concrete building.  The music was to be MUSIC OF ENLIGHTENMENT!

As soon as I got there, before anyone sang, I was one of the men take a long look at me with a gaze of distrust and dislike because he was very very black, and I was very very white skinned.

The look of challenge was in his eyes immediately and we were as far apart as two people can get in this very large concrete room -  but the energy of his gaze to me actually pierced me and I could feel that across the room.

However, the choir leader was very strong and we were there to sing and  so we began:

















1-9-14 - EXPERIENCE:  I was sitting in my meditation chair, leaning over sideways to go to sleep and it felt like I got electrocuted... had I been sitting up it would have come straight down through my head like the last time two weeks ago. IT WAS ACTUALLY IN NOVEMBER.

Because I was leaning over, it came in just over my right ear, went through my body on a diagonal and came out my left arm between the shoulder and elbow.

This reminds me way too much like when I got attacked by a psychic baseball bat by one of the three letter agencies over the FEMA camps I wrote about.


I had a really odd pain last night -  4 times I had jabbing pain behind my left eye -  never felt that before -  any idea?
In a message dated 1/3/2014 12:45:38 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:

Hi:  I've been experiencing different and odd symptoms and dreams recently as well.
Yesterday, there was a tone in my head that almost sounded like a song starting. It was rather low pitched. 
I had a dream yesterday in which thousands of large black ants were hiding under leaves of plants I was growing under the floor in the hallway.
I gave one of the plants to a man from the neighborhood without telling him that those ants were hiding under the leaves of his plants I gave him.
Yesterday, I was just walking normally and when I turned the corner to go into the back hallway which faces west, but I was still facing northwest (toward this earthquake zone - I had a really painful twinge in my right hip, (which I've never felt before)  I actually yelled out loud from the pain - it was that sharp.
Maybe I'm starting to pick up the symptoms again that I had last year that I told spirit to stop?
Just thought I'd report it.

With regard to the Japan volcano that just erupted, I could feel that in my head I think,  behind my right ear was a deep throbbing - like once every two minutes.  It was only in the morning.  A feeling a never had before.  Wasn't a headache because once the throb happened, it went away until the throb hit again, every two minutes. Extremely unusual.
Love, Dee


 1-9-14 - DREAM -  This was way too real.  It sounded like a fast car started up going past our house to the west and then smashed into something.

I jumped up out of my chair and rain to the door and yanked it open, and it was all silent outside and the time was 7:25 p.m.


1-10-14 - DREAM -  I was two old ladies - a chubby one and a thin one,  who had brought some of their own dishes to a wedding that apparently never happened..  While they were gathering their dishes together to take back home, I was deleting a lot of religious history from a large document that never happened either. 

Out in yard, that was a huge square hole in the ground that had sunken in and it had to be relandscaped so it looked like nothing had ever been there.

Right before the old ladies left, I found a little white box with a pair of wedding rings that had never been used.

Then the old ladies were talking about the jobs they were going to mid-week, and I was surprised they were still working at their age instead of on Social Security.

I don't know whose wedding never happened - theirs?


1-10-14 - DREAM -  I evidently was working at an apartment building or hotel, and responsible to rentals. 

Some woman came to the building and I told her the room was too small for her.

Down the hall, some medical people dropped off death certificates, so  I walked down the hall to retrieve them - the certificates were on bright yellow strips - not sheets of paper. The yellow strips were inside a casing of white that was open and didn't' hide what it said.  I didn't look at the names of the two strips I picked up.  I ignored the medical people and took the strips back  to another desk where another woman was working and dropped them off on her desk.  It was her responsibility to notify someone I'm thinking.

I walked to the front of the building and saw there was a huge overpass type bridge out front - with lines of men standing in both directions - to my left and to my right.  They weren't moving - just standing there, and they wouldn't break ranks to let me through the line either as I had to cross over the left side of the bridge, where there was a large professional kitchen in operation.

I was supposed to be cooking something like a piece of chicken to make a sandwich, at the same time, the women behind the counter were cooking for hundreds of people.  That doesn't work very well, and my piece of chicken was done, I wanted to put it on the piece of buttered bread, and I was afraid to ask the woman if she could give me a piece of bread and some butter to make the sandwich.   I have no idea who was supposed to eat the chicken, because I don't eat bread - I was supposed to give it to someone.

For some reason, I recall seeing an aqua colored name like Susanford, or Susan_____  on a strip of paper or hanging in the air or on a sign.  I don't know where or why.

I don't recall giving the piece of chicken to anyone either.


1-11-14 -  MEDIATION DREAM - This was similar to the dream above where the Davey Crocket family came into the room when they came to live with me.  This was an old woman with short white curly hair and a long old woman dress on in a pale yellow color.


1-12-14 - DREAM - I was in a large office building somewhere, on an upper floor. 

I came across a young man, wearing what looked like knickers with a matching suit jacket - he couldn't have been more than 12 or 13 it seemed.  He was carrying something small, which I assumed could have been a pipe bomb or something of that shape.

He was running from office to office, trying to get into the offices and jamming his foot against the door to open it because the offices were locked.

While he was doing that, he was saying racial slurs and yelling that it wasn't 't fair that the company only allowed certain people to work there, and not everyone.

One of the offices was open, and I saw on the desk, a very large binder -  probably 5or 6 inches thick, and at least 14 inches width in both directions.  It might have been a picture book of some kind. perhaps like a memorial book that people sign in funeral parlors as a guest.

Whoever owned that book pushed it back towards the back of the desk.  I couldn't tell who it was.

Meanwhile, this young man was still running from office to office, swearing against the companies hiring policies, and whatever he had in his hand, when he finally found an office he could get into, he threw the thing in his hand across the room at a desk. 

Nothing happened, so if it was a pipe bomb, it didn't go off.  He then reached for the phone to call 9/11 and I yelled at him to dial 411  which is 'Information'.

He ran out of the office because I had yelled at him and ran down the hall.

I followed him and found myself in a large central hallway that looked vaguely like a death memorial place made of marble that would hold flower pots in meconium, and there was a bust (made of dark wood) honoring a man -  it was just the head, but this memorial place was square with many places where someone could water potted plants.  The bust itself was more than a foot tall - maybe 16 to 18" tall.

I can't recall for certain if I was trying to water the dirt in these openings that would hold a pot or not - some were deeper than others - not really upkept well.  .

As the dream ended, I could hear the music of QUEEN, and the voice of Freddie Mercury singing "I want to break free."


1-12-2014 - MEDITATION DREAM -  This dream showed me the STAR that Freddie Mercury wants me to put around and under the bust of him. 

Drawing to come:


This week the Queen idol would've been 65... now pop star Dave Clark reveals: 'Freddie chose to die when his life stopped being fun'

UPDATED: 19:54 EST, 8 September 2011

The invitation to dinner at Freddie Mercury’s home held the promise of a fun-filled evening for his close friend, Sixties pop idol Dave Clark. Clark — leader of the chart-topping group The Dave Clark Five — had spent many a happy time at the flamboyant Queen singer’s lavishly furnished house in West London.

But when he got there, Clark was greeted with shattering news. 

Freddie confided that he had been diagnosed with HIV — at that time, a virtual certain death sentence, as indeed it was to turn out for him.

In memory: Freddie Mercury performing during Live Aid Concert at Wembley Stadium, London, in 1985

In memory: Freddie Mercury performing during Live Aid Concert at Wembley Stadium, London, in 1985

As the 20th anniversary of Freddie’s death looms — he died on November 24, 1991 — his friends have been celebrating what would have been his 65th birthday this week with an AIDS charity dinner for the Mercury Phoenix Trust at London’s Savoy Hotel, marking the start of a fund-raising year.

It is a time of poignant memories for Clark, who was alone with Freddie at his bedside when he died.



‘When Freddie first told me about his illness that night, I was shocked. He didn’t seem down about it, though I’m sure it had taken him aback. 

In fact he looked great, he didn’t look ill, he looked very healthy. He just carried on. It was only later when it started to kick in, then it was hard. 

‘Freddie confided in me a lot. When he was diagnosed there were only a handful of people who knew. 

Close friends: Freddie with Dave Clarke, who spent many happy times at the Queen singer's West London home

Close friends: Freddie with Dave Clarke, who spent many happy times at the Queen singer's West London home

'Not even the band knew at first, and his family didn’t know. At that stage you always believe and hope there is going to be a cure, that you’re going to get well, you have to. You have to be positive.’

Freddie himself was a fan of Dave Clark, whose band was once seen as The Beatles’ biggest rivals.

A kind of magic: Freddie on stage in 1986

A kind of magic: Freddie on stage in 1986

The DC5, whose hits included Glad All Over and Bits And Pieces, helped spearhead the British Invasion of America scoring 15 consecutive Top 20 hits and selling over 100 million records.

Clark and Mercury had been friends since meeting in 1976 after a Queen concert in London’s Hyde Park, though they became close working together in 1985 recording the soundtrack album for Clark’s musical Time, including the title song with its poignant line ‘We’ve not spoken about it at all, the  fact that time is running out for us all’.

‘Freddie had tried everything. He had special new medications flown in by Concorde from America.

He said the next generation will be the ones to beat this. And the sad thing is if it had been 12 months later, he might have been OK when combination drug therapy first came in. 

‘But he was getting frail and he decided to come off all the medication apart from painkillers.

Freddie loved life. He lived it to the full. And towards the end, when he realized it was no longer fun, he decided to come off medication. He was suffering and sadly there was no way out’.

On the evening Freddie died, Clark took over the bedside vigil from Mary Austin, Freddie’s former girlfriend and closest friend. 

Also in the house were his long time and loyal friend Joe Fanelli, his chef, Peter Freestone, his assistant and Jim Hutton, his lover.

‘We made everything as comfortable as we could for Freddie. His bedroom had an adjoining lounge and looked out on to his beautiful garden. He was grateful for everything and for his friends.’

Clark was alone with Freddie in the bedroom when he suddenly died. ‘The doctor had been there half an hour before and said he’s got a few more days, so we didn’t expect he would die so soon,’ says Clark.  He telephoned Mary immediately. She lived just round the corner. It was unexpected otherwise she would have been there. 

'She had the terrible task of phoning Freddie’s parents and sister to say he’d passed on.’ 

Freddie only publicly revealed his HIV/AIDS status the day before he died. 

Clark defends that decision. ‘Because it was so stigmatized Freddie wanted to keep it a private matter. At the time it was still looked upon as a plague.’ 

Raising money for AIDS charities is close to Clark’s heart. Even before he knew of Freddie’s status, he organized a benefit performance of his musical Time at London’s Dominion Theatre with Cliff Richard, the show’s star, and Freddie performing on stage together. 

Clark believes he had a special friendship with Freddie as Freddie knew he wanted nothing from him.

Clark was a visionary in the music business, producing all the DC5 recordings and owning the rights to all his music at a time when it was unheard of. 

‘It surprised me that Freddie and I became such great friends because our personalities were total opposites. But maybe I brought a bit of sanity.  

‘Where we were similar was creatively. We were both perfectionists. Freddie was very much in control of his own life, of what he recorded and everything he did. He would come to me for advice. 

'He could talk to me about his creative things and his businesses which he couldn’t talk to other people about because he knew I had no vested interest and I would give him an honest opinion.

'Freddie lived life to the full. He had a zest for life. He was definitely not a sad person at all. He had his crazy parties. 

'And right up until the birthday before his last he decided to have an amazing dinner party at his house for his close friends and we had 30 courses created by his personal chef Joe Fanelli with a different wine for each course. 

‘Freddie was larger than life and yet he was very kind and caring. The thing I really miss about him is his enthusiasm. He had an amazing sense of humor and he always made you laugh. He didn’t take life too seriously. He lifted your spirits up.’

Freddie once said, ‘I don’t expect to make old bones.’ But Clark dismisses this as the sort of off-the-cuff statement any young rock star might make. 

‘He wanted to live. And if he was around now I’m sure he wouldn’t have gone to seed. He was not that type of person. He was too proud. Freddie loved taking risks, which is my philosophy too. 

‘His legacy will go on for ever. His songs and his recordings are timeless. He was a creator, a revolutionary, a one-off. He would have carried on. That’s what motivated him, his work. 

‘Freddie was in a lot of pain, but he never complained once. He didn’t throw any dramas. He was very brave. He wasn’t sad. There was so much more for him to give to the world.’

A donation has been made to the Mercury Phoenix Trust for this interview. For further information contact

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14) Freddie Mercury (lead singer of Queen)

Freddie Mercury, Queen Lead Vocalist (Wilkipedia)

Freddie Mercury Queen vocalist (

Freddie Mercury Funeral (


Frederick Farookh Bulsara, or much known as Freddie Mercury was born on September 5, 1946. He died of Bronchial pneumonia and complication from his AIDS. Mercury was a Parsi and he belong to Zoroastian religion. He was cremated, and the cremation was conducted by a Zoroastian priest. He was 45 years old and died on November 24, 1991.


1-13-14 - DREAM - I was working in a very large office on the first floor.  There were two other women about my same age who worked in the office with me, but we each had separate responsibilities.

When I came in on Monday, we discovered that major changes had been made over the weekend.  A crew had come in and even moved walls in the basement.   The boss was not happy about that -  because the work crew had not paid attention to the damage they were doing to the paperwork and everything was a mess.

As it was, something else was wrong, and the women in the accounting office were being called into his office two by two, and every one of them, when they left were almost in tears, and they had been told not to tell anyone what they had been told.  Once everyone knew, they could talk about it, but not until then.

I, personally, didn't know what they were being told, but it looked like a lot of them were being let go.

In between, the boss kept yelling, "where is ...,  where is ....." and  I had to keep reminded him that the work crew had been in the office with hammers all weekend.

While he was doing that, I was sitting at my desk with a little white plastic gadget that resembled a stapler, but it attached to a computer to show a seminar that had been held elsewhere.

I was very excited to see the seminar, and then share it with my work partners in the office.  As it was neither one of them was there this Monday morning yet, if they were coming in at all, and my computer was missing as well so I had nothing to play this seminar on.

I have to assume the workmen moved everything while they were building.

NOTE:  I was notified yesterday by e-mail that my DVD's of Dr. Fred's seminars had been shipped and would be arriving this week - maybe today.


1-14-14 - EXPERIENCE:  I was trying to go to sleep in my mediation chair and I could hear two young ladies talking next to me.  In my mind, I said, 'Hey! I'm trying to go to sleep here!"  and one of them said, "Oh, I'm sorry!"  and they stopped talking.

It wasn't until later that I realized that I have two baby dolls sitting in that area, that were made by Neeta who is an alien from Sirius B...  and I'm SERIOUS about that.  The dolls have incredible energy in them.

Wondering now if the new telephone service that was being installed was for them.  ???




1-15-14 - DREAM - I  was getting ready for a meeting on a stairway to the QUEEN music 

At the bottom of the stairs, I placed two little boxes - shaped like the new modern 'speakers'. They were 3 to 4 inches in height and width.

Baronets -  laser beam

the song included my street address in the music


She keeps Moet et Chandon
In a pretty cabinet
'Let them eat cake' she says
Just like Marie-Antoinette
A built-in remedy
For Khrushchev and Kennedy
At anytime an invitation
You can't decline

Caviar and cigarettes
Well versed in etiquette
Extraordinarily nice

She's a Killer Queen
Gunpowder, guillotine
Dynamite with a laser beam
Guaranteed to blow your mind

Recommended at the price
Insatiable in appetite
Wanna try?

To avoid complications
She never kept the same address
In conversation
She spoke just like a baroness
Met a man from China
Went down to Geisha Minor
Then again incidentally
If you're that way inclined

Perfume came naturally from Paris
For cars she couldn't care less
Fastidious and precise


Drop of a hat she's as willing as
Playful as a pussy cat
Then momentarily out of action
Temporarily out of gas
To absolutely drive you wild, wild
She's out to get you


Recommended at the price
Insatiable in appetite
Wanna try?
You wanna try?


1-16-14 - DREAM - I was in an apartment somewhere.  There was frozen orange towels on the sideboard of a very wide sink. I tossed them into the sink so they could thaw out before I did the laundry.

It was almost 9 p.m. and nobody could do laundry after 9 p.m. because everyone had to get out of the laundry by 10 p.m.

I was just about to grab the orange towels and go to the laundry, when I was told that one of the other tenants always did his laundry at 9p.m., so it was unlikely that I'd be able to even get into the laundry if I tried.


1-16-14 - DREAM -  I was with a friend, a very tall, handsome man who is a character on One Life to Live TV show.  He said that he was selling his car repair business for $50,000 and wanted to know if I wanted to buy it.

I really don't know anything about that kind of business, so I asked a female friend of mine who lived next door, if she'd be interested in buying the business for $50,000.

We didn't get to talk about it, because the tall handsome man was in a hurry and left before I could tell her about the business.


1-17-14 - DREAM -  I  was living in my New Berlin house with all my kids (6).

The kids went out to the garage to play because it was cold outside, and while they were out there, I decided to remove some stuff from the house and throw it into the trash without anyone knowing about it.

I put some paperwork into a white suitcase that had a handle on the end (not a normal suitcase)  The suitcase was shiny plastic as well - and the paperwork inside had material in it that was related to the months of the year, and not necessarily in the right order, though a sing-songy type of rhetoric was going on in my head to remind myself of things that were going to happen during those months.

So, while my kids were in the garage, I grabbed the white suitcase and went to carry it out to a dumpster near the house, but I not only hid it from my kids, I didn't want my neighbors to see me take this suitcase out to the dumpster either in case my kids went to them to ask them about something.

the dream ended with the month of November.

so I meditated on the dream, and the meditation showed me December 2014, and then January 2015 followed by the Queen of Hearts.

So, I should not give up on my dream because our community will get approved in January 2015 and we can move forward formally then.



Three times I was shown this series of numbers -  18, 19, 20, plus some other numbers.... and because the numbers had increased to 20 in three places, this was called 'the golden ticket' and I was to be rewarded with more pay, more rewards, etc.


1-18-14 -  EXPERIENCE:  My battery powered clock in the office stopped at exactly 3:18.   I saw that and it seemed that it was a meaningful numbers, so I looked it up on my own website to see what 318 represented.  I noticed that it referred to the Knights Templar on one page.

While I was doing that, a voice in my head said  Stuart's Father. 


If the Grail could be, identified with the Merovingian bloodline, what 

was its connection with Jesus? Why should something so intimately associated with 

Jesus also be associated with the Merovingian epoch?" 

How were we to reconcile the chronological discrepancy the relation 

between something so pertinent to Jesus and events that occurred at 

least four centuries later? How could the Grail refer, on the one 

hand, to the Merovingian age and, on the other, to something brought by 

Joseph of 

Arimathea to England or the Magdalene to France? 

Even on a symbolic level such questions asserted themselves. The 

Grail, for example, pertained in some way to blood. Even without the 

breaking of 

"Sangraal' into "Sang raal', the Grail was said to have been a 

receptacle for Jesus's blood. How could this be related to the 

Merovingians? And why should it be related to them at precisely the 

time it was during the 

Crusades, when Merovingian heads wore the crown of the kingdom of 

Jerusalem, protected by the Order of the Temple and the Prieure de Sion? 

The Grail romances stress the importance of Jesus's blood. They also 

stress a lineage of some kind. And, given such factors as the Grail 

family's culmination in Godfroi de Bouillon, they would seem to pertain 


Merovingian blood. 

Could there possibly be some connection between these two apparently 

discordant elements? Could the blood of Jesus in some way be related 

to the blood royal of the Merovingians? Could the lineage connected 

with the 

Grail, brought into Western Europe shortly after the Crucifixion, be intertwined with the 

lineage of the Merovingians? 

The Need to Synthesise 

At this point we paused to review the evidence at our disposal. It was leading us in a 

startling yet unmistakable direction. But why, we wondered, had this evidence never been 

subpoenaed by scholars before? 

It had certainly been readily available, and for centuries. Why had no 

one, to our knowledge, ever synthesised it and drawn what would seem to 

be fairly obvious, if only speculative, conclusions? Granted, such 

conclusions a few centuries ago would have been rigorously taboo and, 


if published, severely punished. But there had been no such danger 

for at least the last two hundred years. Why, then, had the fragments of the puzzle not 

hitherto been assembled into a coherent whole? 

The answers to these questions, we realised, lay in our own age and the 

modes or habits of thought which characterise it. Since the 


"Enlightenment' of the eighteenth century, the orientation of Western culture and 

consciousness had been towards analysis, rather than synthesis. 

As a result, our age is one of ever increasing specialisation. In accordance with this 

tendency, modern scholarship lays inordinate emphasis on specialisation which, as the 

modern university attests, implies and entails the segregation of knowledge into distinct 

"disciplines'. In consequence, the diverse spheres covered by our inquiry have 

traditionally been segmented into quite separate compartments. In each compartment the 

relevant material has been duly explored and evaluated by specialists, or "experts' in the 

field. But few, if any, of these "experts' have endeavoured to establish a connection 

between their particular field and others that may overlap it. Indeed such "experts' tend 

generally to regard fields other than their own with considerable suspicion spurious at 

worst, at best irrelevant. And eclectic or "interdisciplinary' research is often actively 

discouraged as being, among other things, too speculative. 

There have been numerous treatises on the Grail romances, their origins 

and development, their cultural impact, their literary quality. And 

there have been numerous studies, valid and otherwise, of the Templars 

and the 

Crusades. But few experts on the Grail romances have been historians, 

while fewer still have displayed much interest in the complex, often 

sordid and not very romantic history behind the Templars and the 

Crusades. Similarly historians of the Templars and the Crusades have, 

like all historians, adhered closely to "factual' records and 

documents. The Grail romances have been dismissed as mere fiction, as 

nothing more than a "cultural phenomenon', a species of "by-product' 

generated by the "imagination of the age'. To suggest to such an 

historian that the Grail romances might contain a kernel of historical 


truth would be tantamount to heresy even though Schliemann, more than 

True, various occult writers, proceeding primarily on the basis of 

wishful thinking, have given literal credence to the legends, claiming 

that, in some mystical way, the Templars were custodians of the Grail 

whatever the 

Grail might be. But there has been no serious historical study that 

endeavours to establish any real connection. The Templars are regarded 

as fact, the Grail as fiction, and no association between the two is 

acknowledged possible. And if the Grail romances have thus been 

neglected by scholars and historians of the period in which they were 

written, it is hardly surprising that they have been neglected by 

experts on earlier epochs. Quite simply, it would not occur to a 

specialist in the Merovingian age to suspect that the Grail romances 

might, in any way, shed light on the subject of his study, if, indeed, 

he has any knowledge whatever of the 

Grail romances. But is it not a serious omission that no Merovingian scholar we have 

encountered even makes mention of the Arthurian legends which, chronologically 

speaking, refer to the very epoch in which he claims expertise? 

If historians are unprepared to make such connections, Biblical scholars are even less 

prepared to do so. During the last few decades a welter of books has appeared - 

according to which Jesus was a pacifist, an Essene, a mystic, a Buddhist, a sorcerer, a 

revolutionary, a homosexual, even a mushroom. But despite this plethora of material on 

Jesus and the historical context of the New Testament, not one author, to our knowledge, 

has touched on the question of the Grail. 

Why should he? Why should an expert on 

Biblical history have any interest in, or knowledge of, a spate of fantastic romantic poems 

composed in Western Europe more than a thousand years later? It would seem 

inconceivable that the Grail romances could in any way elucidate the mysteries 

surrounding the New Testament. 

But reality, history and knowledge cannot be segmented and compartmentalised 

according to the arbitrary filing system of the human intellect. And while documentary 

evidence may be hard to come by, it is self-evident that traditions may survive for a 

thousand years, then surface in a written form that does illuminate previous events. 

1-18-14 - DREAM - I was living in a city and was walking down the sidewalk in a business district with a young man who looked like Rick from Bold and Beautiful  but as a young  man he was on the show All My Children, and outside the dime store was laying a tan cap - like a garbage guy might wear - a sturdy tan cap.

We looked inside the open door of the store and there were three more of these caps laying upside-down on the floor, so being very bright people (that's sarcastic)  we picked up the hats from the floor and walked down the street with them.

A little farther down the same block, was another store - like another dime store, and again we saw a brown cap identical to the others laying on the sidewalk, so we picked up that one too.  That door was also open to another dime store, and inside the doorway was three more caps just like the first caps, and as I looked up the aisle of the store, it was blocked by some big red-painted wooden object, so thinking we couldn't be seen by anyone, we picked up those caps as well, and continued walking down the sidewalk, feeling pretty good about ourselves getting something for free.

Now as we walked on down the sidewalk, we came to another dime store like place with an open door, and again as I looked down the aisle, it looked like an identical red-painted wooden object was in the aisle and again I thought garbage men were working out back, and I turned around and now behind me on the sidewalk were more tan caps laying, so Rick and I were going to pick those up as well and have 4 more caps  (12 in all)

But now the garbage men were out front, apparently looking for their caps, and they spotted us with the 8  caps in our hands, and all I remember seeing is a month date (maybe like December and a red heart in the air)

1-18-14 - NAP DREAM -  I was looking at a series of spaces with year numbers in them.  Outstanding was the years 1913 and 1929  and then the letter S.

I also had a vision in which I saw    " 45 days"  don't know what is going to happen then though - something big.

1-19-14 - DREAM - I was working on a long wooden table and erasing all the names and numbers of the boys who had been killed, and wiping the table clean.

Then I started to do the laundry, and when I was done with that, I helped my friend hang her clothes in her closet on hangars, and she didn't want me to come into her closet, but when I did, I helped her hang her clothes by color and I noticed she had a whole lot of black clothes and then then that was a large gap with nothing in it, and to the left of the gap, all her clothes were pink.

I was waking up from that dream, but still in the basement, and my high school boyfriend Norman walked in - he was now an older man and he had a white bandage around his left arm above the elbow.

I asked him, "Did you break your arm?  I broke my arm once also."

Then I made reference to my recent blindness (cataracts) and I said, "Many people are going blind now too."

Then Norman walked around to my left side and stood there.  He said, "I want to show you something.!" 

He then said, "Look out into the forest!"  and a tall, thin Native American Indian appeared, and he stood on Norman's left side, and moved his left arm so that it crossed his body in an awkward position so that his left elbow was on the right side of his body, and his hand was up in the air over the left side of his head.

It was a signal that something was wrong or had gone wrong.

JMason4557:  Symbolism of Two Couples
The above dream is of special interest because of the two couples, with one male being an attorney. Courts, judges and attorneys can be related to the idea of karma or judgment, I believe.
Around 1990 Nancy dreamed of observing two couples setting in opposing seats in an airliner. The male of one couple wore the same perfume as the female of the other couple. Perfume, it seems, can be related to the flower/chakra symbolism
JMason4557: JMason4557:  Symbolism of Two Couples

The above dream is of special interest because of the two couples, with one male being an attorney. Courts, judges and attorneys can be related to the idea of karma or judgment, I believe.

Around 1990 Nancy dreamed of observing two couples setting in opposing seats in an airliner. The male of one couple wore the same perfume as the female of the other couple. Perfume, it seems, can be related to the flower/chakra symbolism.
JMason4557:  Around 1993 Josephine dreamed of two couples who were androids. One of the female androids was created first, and then, she created the other three. Something was wrong with them, something about their arms or hands. They were soon departing planet earth in order to have the problem corrected.
JMason4557:  Damage or problems with arms or hands, I think, can be related to karma. As mentioned above, Kali wears a girdle of severed human hands, indicating the karmic function. Hands are considered the "instruments of our works." (Osama bin Laden's left arm is apparently damaged. This may be a symbol of karma).

In Jane Halifax's "Shamanic Voices", Brook Medicine Eagle tells of her vision. A goddess figure appeared to her and told her about the Great Changes ahead. She said that there will be a red-man and white-man mix. The white-man has the rational, analytical, making-it-happen, way of thinking and being. The red-man has the intuitive, dreaming way of thinking and being, the-way-of-the-heart. In America we are that mix.

I felt that this was the same message about the duality balance, and that America would have a special role to play, involving a union of the Native American way and the "scientific way" of the American white-man.

The duality is sometimes symbolized by twins. The name, "Thomas," appears often in dreams and I believe it can indicate the duality because the name means "twin." There are many myths about twins, such as "Artemis and Apollo," and the Gemini twins, "Castor and Pollux."

Several years ago, I read an article in a crop circle journal, where researchers interviewed some Hopi Indians. Some of the crop patterns seemed to match ancient symbols of the Hopi. One part of the article was especially interesting:

"Maasauu" (the Great Spirit) allowed the ancestors of the present day Hopi to live with him on earth providing they followed his instructions. He said that they should travel and leave footprints, ruins, and 'rock writings' along the way, for in time many people would forget that they were 'all one,' and they would need physical reminders. At this time two twins separated, Pahana (which also means white man) traveled eastward and since then the Hopi have always believed he will return at a time when he is most needed by humankind. Pahana's power will be required to restore balance on the earth at a time of great imbalance. That time they say is imminent but before 'he' comes the human race will undergo a training to prepare for 'his' coming.

The Mayan Indians of Central America believe in a similar figure, namely Kukulcan, - and that we will have to undergo a similar learning. Hunbatz Men, a Mayan daykeeper and author of 'Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion' states 'the prophecies say that when the sacred symbols are newly understood, it will become an awakening for the human race', "

It is said that when the white brother, Pahana, returns, he will be armed with the cross, which represents the female energy, and the swastika, which represents the male energy, and symbolises the four faces of nature in motion. The article points out, that in the summer of 1989 a symbolic ceremony was held on Hopi territory and that a swastika circle appeared in the crops that same summer at Winterbourne Stoke.

A footnote to the article says that Pahana is a supernatural archetype which will not necessarily be one man but could be many different people or take on any form.

Note: In Mary Summer Rain's book, "Phoenix Rising", she states that the American Indian term for white man is "Bahanna".

Kukulcan is also called, Quetzelcoatl, the Feathered Serpent. He was said to be a white man who departed by sea, promising to return.

Putting all this together with Brook's vision, I feel the "white man" may represent the white people who came to the Americas. Yes, the white men have done terrible things to the Native Americans, but it may be part of the overall plan. I also think this is but one scale of the change. It seems to be across scales, from the sub-atomic to the macrocosmic.

The swastika is also a symbol of Shiva and Kali, the Destroyer god and goddess. About seven years ago, I saw a counterclockwise swastika in a dream. Energy was flowing out from the center into the arms. A voice said, "These are the forces going out from the center to experience negative manifested events, in order to learn. It is generally square, and you circle counterclockwise." In the following months, I learned that the swastika is a very ancient symbol. It was said that when it is going clockwise, or east, it is a symbol of good luck.

About two years ago, my friend, Paul, wrote to me, saying that he had been having "twin theme" dreams. In one of them, he was at Twin Lakes in Minnesota. I wrote back to him, telling of various twins in mythology. I mentioned the Gemini Twins, Castor and Pollux, and how they were the protectors of sailors and ships. I mentioned that St. Paul once sailed on a ship called the Castor and Pollux. (Acts 28:11).

As I wrote, I recalled that Minnesota also has the Twins baseball team, and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis AND ST. PAUL! It was very curious that the name St. Paul came to me at that time. I looked up some names in the dictionary. The twin city was named after Minnehaah Falls and the Greek word for "city." Minnehaha was the girl Hiawatha married in Longfellow's, "Song of Hiawatha."

It all seemed to fit so well. The Twin Cities could symbolize the Red-Man/White-Man mix, in the Great Change.

Code of the Ancients & the DNA Repair


The Barbury Castle formation also fits with the ancient AUM triangle, indicating -- The Father (North) and Mother (Southwest) engendered the Son, Man (Southeast). The ratchet spiral is Mercury in the alchemical sense. Like his Greek counterpart, Hermes, Mercury has both male and female aspects. The comparison of the three glyphs compare to the Three Pillars of the Tree of Life.


The central circle with rings of the Barbury Castle formation was offset a bit from being centered on the triangle. The offset seems to be related to the idea that "something went wrong" with the Mother aspect of creation (the harlot of Revelation 17, who is Kali, instead of the future Holy Spirit or Eve replacing Lilith).


The square footage of the Barbury Castle circles totaled 31680, a number associated with the New Jerusalem design. The number 3168 was the Greek Gematria for "Lord Jesus Christ." It had previously been associated with a figure in the Pagan religion. 31680 feet is six miles (5280 x 6).


I find these verses quite interesting in relation to the political rhetoric on the news these days -- for example, the "food stamp president" charge. I noted long ago that the two main political parties in the USA correspond well with the two pillars of the Tree of Life. The Republican conservative party fits with the Left Pillar -- Judgment or severity, i.e., the goats. The Democratic Liberal party fits with the Right Pillar -- Mercy, i.e., the sheep. The same difference seems to apply to the Old Testament versus the New Testament, as with "an eye for and eye," versus, "turn the other cheek." The ideal is to be balanced in the Middle Pillar -- Equilibrium or Mildness.

The terms left and right in relation to the political parties and the pillars of the Tree, seem reversed. But, when one imagines standing inside the Tree -- the left and right reverses, as with looking in a mirror. So, the perspective from within the Tree has the Republicans on the Right, and the Democrats on the Left.


with the Judgment stronger than the Mercy function. My understand Judgment function relates to our thoughts and feelings about fairness, righteousness, and justice. We tend to be outraged by violations, especially violations against ourselves or those we love. Such things can evoke great anger and violence. Recall that Kali evokes feelings of anger, and that she corresponds to the harlot of Revelation.


It seems that the Mercy function can also be too strong, such as enabling wrong-doers.


The above verses of Matthew make sense to me in this way -- the sheep associated with the Right Pillar will have reached a balance, whereas the goats associated with the Left Pillar, will not. I think this is about each person, and not so much about the political party.


The everlasting punishment of the goats is actually like a purification by fire, a period of stress, after which one is pardoned, having stressfully transformed, reaching the balance. I read of this idea in H. P. Blavatsky's, Isis Unveiled." It was interpreted in that way in ancient India.


The idea of balancing the two Pillars fits with the symbolism of the crossover, "Tipharet Helix."


About 16 years ago, on February 13, my younger son's birthday, I had a big coincidence concerning the forgiveness principle. My son had played a big part in my understanding of that principle several years prior. It was the key in my overcoming great anger at an injustice. The coincidental connection was to a verse in the Bible -- James 2:13 -- the verse number matching my son's birthday --

For judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy; yet mercy triumphs over judgment.

Six spheres of the Tree of Life are associated with the Bridegroom, Zer Anpin. Five of those spheres (4, 5, 7, 8, 9) are depicted in red, above. The sixth is sphere 6 (Tipharet), depicted in green. Note how the arrangement is like a green ball in a red cup.


According to the great scholar and interpreter, Thomas Jude Germinario, Zer Anpin is the Son, the Supernal Man of the Kabbalah, the Messiah of the Jews, and the Christ of the Gentiles. His Bride, and the Queen of His Kingdom, is Malkut, sphere 10, at the bottom of the Tree of Life. This relates to the Shechinah, God’s feminine Presence in the material World. The Shechinah is associated with the Holy Spirit. Her symbols include cloud and fire. For example, in Exodus 13:21, She appears as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, to lead the people. An aspect of Shechinah is the feminine Neshamah, a collective Soul. Malkut is the Womb within which individual Souls are incrementally assembled to constitute the universal Soul -- She who is to be, at the end of Time, the Bride of Zer Anpin, the Supernal Man.


The Divine Image of Zer Anpin is to be transmitted to the Body of Man, so that it may become the Similitude of the Supernal Man. The mystical Body of Man compares to a Temple, with the Soul centrally located, and the “Holy of Holies” as its innermost Heart. In this way, one has direct contact with the Essence of God.


Thomas writes that the Son subdues Death by hanging from the Tree in the Garden. "By virtue of the Son’s Self-sacrifice, the Tree of Death becomes the Tree of Life." I recall that Joseph Campbell said that the Fruit of the Tree of Life is Jesus. I found an illustration of the idea here.


According to Thomas, the mystic visionary, William Blake, identifies the dominance of the spectral ego-persona as the eclipsing of Vision and Imagination by Reason and Moral Virtue. This imbalance has the effect of deforming both the collective Body of Man and the Tree of Life. 


In his brilliant article analyzing prophecies concerning the Popes, Thomas explains Nostradamus Quatrain C5, Q92 --


Nostradamus Quatrain C3, Q65 quote


Pope Pius XI 17 years quote



The Covenant of Circumcision


Some nine days after the arrival of the White Sheet Hill formation in June, 2010, a phallic type crop formation appeared nearby on 4 July 2010. It was presumed to be a hoax, and was mostly ignored. However, hoax or not, such symbolism is quite important in Kabbalistic circles. It is also quite germane to the concept of Zer Anpin. Thomas writes extensively about the Covenant of Circumcision.


The phallic crop formation was composed of two circles from which a long pathway extended to a third circle at the end. It was pointed directly at the June White Sheet Hill crop formation.


In Kabbalism, there is a symbolic phallus within the Tree of Life -- sphere 9, Yesod. It extends to sphere 10, Malkut/Earth, via the Middle Pillar pathway connecting them. Remember that sphere 9 is one of the six Sephirot composing Zer Anpin. This phallus is the symbolic procreative organ of the Supernal Man, Zer Anpin, which implants the soul seeds into the womb -- Malkut/Earth, sphere 10. The 2006 Fife, Scotland, crop formation, illustrated above, fits this symbolism especially well. The three circles above the womb, sperm, and ball in cup glyphs, compare with the spheres above Malkut (10) on the Middle Pillar - Yesod (9), Tiphareth (6),  and Keter (1), or alternately, the hidden sphere of Daat.


Kabbalistic tradition teaches that a difficulty happened in the creation process which caused the Shevirah -- the Shattering of the Vessels (Sephirot-spheres). This caused many problems, one of which is the Qliphoth (or Qlippot) - where our perception of the upper source Worlds of the Olam became opaque, obstructing our view. Our perceptions are thus limited to the "phallic" area of Yesod until the Tikkun Olam -- the repair of the Tree of Life and the World.


Circumcision symbolizes removing the opaque obstruction to our perceptions, so that our view becomes clear. We can then perceive up into the timeless spiritual realms above. The Divine Light from above is no longer obstructed, removing the impediment to its flow into our World through the incarnation of living Souls.


The process is to lift Malkut up to the level of Binah. The effect brings the attribute of Mercy to the Feminine in our world, which mitigates the harsh judgmental tendency. The Shechinah then returns from her Exile in this World.


The Biblical Covenant of Circumcision involves the story of Abram and his wife, Sarai (or Sara), having their names changed to Abraham and Sarah. The letter "H" (Heh) was added to each of their names. The reference is to the two Hehs in the Tetragrammaton, the four letters of the Divine Name, YHVH (or YHWH). The four letters relate to male and female spheres of the Tree of Life. The first letter, Y (Yod), represents the first male emanation, Chochmah/Wisdom, the supernal Father -- sphere 2 of the Tree of Life. The first Heh represents Binah/Understanding, the first Female aspect of the Godhead -- sphere 3. The V (Vau) connotes the “Body” of six Sephirot which together comprise the Son, Zer Anpin. The final Heh signifies Malkut/Shechinah, the Bride of Binah’s Son, Zer Anpin -- sphere 10.


The four sets of Sephirot comprising the Tetragrammaton define the five levels of the universal Soul (or Pleroma). The letter Heh, and therefore the two Feminine aspects, associate with the number five.


The symbolic purpose is to restore to Man the one component of his eternal Symmetry that was lost in the Fall -- Equilibrium, represented by the Heh in Abraham’s rectified name.


Thomas writes in detail about Zer Anpin and the Covenant of Circumcision in these articles --


Fearful Symmetry


Sat Jan 18, 2014 9:41 am (PST) . Posted by:

"Linda P" anangelunawares


I had one of those intense very detailed dreams of living about 10 + lifetimes simultaneously and had a clear memory of all by the end of the dream. In each life I would meet this man who knew me from another life and after knowing each other for a while he would very slowly remind me of our previous and of our future lives together. He could bring up small things that would trigger the memories…and I remembered being with him in each lifetime and we were fighting for the same cause. There were others in our group that fought our cause with us…and the cause had to do with helping everyone remember to prevent us from destroying our world or to facilitate the growth of our world.
His appearance varied from life to life but he was pretty much always the same. I recall walking across a field and another man came up to me and ran into me literally knocking me down. He acted like it was a mistake but then he started to attack me which triggered a memory of this man being an enemy…or part of a group that we were fighting and had been fighting since the beginning of time on this planet. There were a whole huge group of these people trying to kill us off because we were aware and awake to our connections and our cause.
In each lifetime these beings would attack our people and we would fight back or if it was not possible we would escape.

The man who was my mate would point out others and remind me of my relationship with them before…and I noticed in every lifetime we had the exact same relationship…the more greedy aggressive ones banned against the ones who wanted equality and harmonium and peace.
I remembered in some lifetimes I was not aware this "battle" was going on just that I had trouble relating to them or they instantly took a disliking to me.
We all related on a soul level… By the end of the dream we were meeting and flying…and in this lifetime I was guarding my grandchildren
I would scoop them up and fly away with them…and sometimes would cross the lifetime borders with them just to avoid very dark people.

Each lifetime was in a separate time period…same people same goals and purpose.
It was like we fought the same battles over and over but never got anywhere.

My partner kept showing me our future lifetimes and we would visit them together…but it wasn't until we became separated…he had to go do something and I was alone… I wandered out into a yard at a ranch house in the country. I could see the sky at dusk and all of the stars and suddenly I saw what appeared to be a firework rocket…but it blossomed into a sun getting bigger and bigger…and then the whole sky flashed and lit up and the world was being destroyed….I walked away and looked back and saw it was a vision and had not happened but in this future lifetime I had very intense visions… I go inside and my now ex brother in law Louie brings a man I know in this lifetime that I have known most of my life since childhood. He is an anthropology professor… Anyway he wanted me to see him while he was in town. I tell him the vision I had and he tells me that this is definitely coming… I actually then saw the rocket again…becoming a large light in the sky and it was headed to us and I knew we were going to destroy the world…because it was humans who sent this light or major atomic bomb. I knew the world would end then…all because the people would destroy it themselves.. I was very upset and I saw my old friend as being intensely sad.

My partner came back and also had been given a message that it was coming…

I woke up really tired and amazed I had slept so hard for so long….

This dream was so very detailed and overly colorful…so real I felt it really happened and when I woke up I felt still in the dream…
I was really amazed at how we flew everywhere rather than drove…like maybe this will be a future invention.

The other night I dreamed I was breathing in a purple orb and it had classical music that had a taste to it…shiny flying white sparks inside it. I have heard that orbs are units of information that get downloaded into our consciousness. I am wondering if this dream was related to that.


1-20-14 - DREAM - I was working on a computer screen and deleting words off of a messed up list, and at the end the song 'Killer Queen' was playing.

See above dream about same song.


1-20-13 - I was feeling completely out of place, unwanted, and unneeded on any level, and my needlework projects are missing and I had nothing to do but feel sorry for myself, so I decided to meditate and then dream, which is what I did.

DREAM -  I was sitting in my house, feeling sorry for myself, when a big rabbit came along with his hind right leg cut off, and he was running for his life leaving a bloody leg print on the floor as he ran, and then a headless chicken came into the house, carrying a flyswatter and started hitting me on the head with it.  I had to swat it away from me because he couldn't see where he was going.

I then went outside, and a woman, her daughter, and a dachshund dog came through the neighborhood, demonstrating some kind of automatic car that ran on a triangle machine that sat in the passenger seat, while she sat in  the driver's seat to give directions of just where she wanted to go to the machine.

The machine itself was a red triangle, about 6 inches high and about 2 inches wide and it just sat loosely on the seat and remotely drove the car.

When the woman saw me, she stopped the car and got out and I told her, I had always wanted to see a car like hers, and she said she would demonstrate it for me.

She told me she drove it around neighborhoods because her little girl had a bad heart and she needed work done on her heart and the dachshund dog was part of the treatment.

In return I told her the story of the rabbit with one foot cut off and the headless chicken with the fly swatter and made them both laugh at my story, because they didn't believe it really happened.

I told her that I could heal the little girl's heart and put my hand on the little girls chest to give her a Reiki Treatment.  The doctor then showed up, wearing a white lab coat and he said he would demonstrate the treatment for me.

So, the doctor opened up a flap on the dogs side and showed me a chamber in which the dog had some kind of substance like sticky sugary Carmel in a pouch, and from there a tube went into the little girl so the girl would get the sugar from the dog and make her heart beat. 

He said that the little girl had to have the treatment for two months to heal her heart.

The Mom said she needed help because she had to drive the car around neighborhoods, looking for help for her and the little girl.

I volunteered immediately to help the little girl with her treatment.

So we all got into this special car and I got in the back seat and held the little girl and the dachshund dog in my arms to keep them huddled together and I gave them Reiki as well while the Mom drove around driving her remote controlled car.

I started to wake up and realized I was holding the little girl between my arms that were folded around myself as well, healing my own heart that had felt broken earlier. 

I heard a bell ring, and told spirit I was ready for a message, and none seemed forthcoming, so I said I was going to hang up then, and woke up fully from my dream, realizing that not only was helping the little girl in the dream, I was helping heal my own heart with how I was holding myself under the blanket that was keeping me warm and cozy while I was sleeping.

1-21-14 - DREAM - I was in an office scene with characters from The Young and the Restless TV show.

In the beginning, there was a peach colored plastic bag in the middle of the office, and I tossed an apple into it. 

One of the other women hollered at me that we can't have trash bags with food in them in the middle of the office.

I went over to the trash bag and discovered that some old woman had thrown other things into the bag to get rid of them.  I wasn't the only one.  So I took the bags out and threw them away properly.

I then got into a car with my Father, and Jack from the TV show and myself - all sitting in the front seat.  That was a rather tight squeeze.

I don't know where we were going but we ended up back at the office.

Inside the office, we had those peach colored plastic bags on our arms like they were pretend swords for Halloween.

Jack came in and put a peach colored plastic bag on his right arm, and I did the same thing.

Then we both got up and walked around each other, like we were parrying with dueling rapiers.

Jack made a motion with his arm that he was going to kill me with the sword, and I said, "You wouldn't!"  and he responded, "No!  I wouldn't!"

So we put our arms around each other and hugged tightly and then we kissed, and unfortunately - I woke up.

It felt really nice to kiss him.
1-21-14 - midnight - into the 22nd.
I was just trying to go to sleep and was thinking pleasant, loving thoughts towards my friends,
I started hearing the Star spangled banner played really slowly like the death knell music one hears at political funerals, and I started seeing dozens and dozens of black horses - hundreds of black horses, all pulling black caskets down the street past me - not one by one but like 6 across  there were so many of them.... and it didn't end.... I had to open my eyes to stop it from going on...
This is either related to Hillary inauguration ceremony with who knows how many others involved (because I was already told her possible death after her election) 
or its a big terrorist attack against political people in Washington D.C.
You don't see black horses and black caskets anywhere else - except in military funerals, but military funerals are always done as individuals - not in massive numbers like this. 
I'm never going to forget this scene. 
It's about massive deaths.
With the America's song being played as a death knell.

At 12:18 a.m. I heard  89 horses


1-22-14 -  VISION -  I was standing on a stairway behind and above three young men, who were talking in higher pitched voices that weren't in English.
 1-22-14 - DREAM -  I and all my female friends were in prison together - wearing beige pants and short sleeved cotton shirts, with the same color slippers.

First we all had our hair cut short with a scissors, and in the second scene, we were having a water party it seemed - we were all laughing and having a good time in a huge room.

In another scene - same prison, same uniforms, we were all standing on what looked like shiny blue skis or piano keys on a high hill - still laughing and partying together.

State of Union address is going to be held on January 28, 2014 in Washington, DC

National Special Security Event - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In addition, larger events are more likely to draw the attention of terrorists or other criminals, ... events (e.g., the Olympic Games and the Super Bowl), and the State of the Union addresses. .... Washington, D.C., Part of inaugural ceremonies.

Israel: Authorities dismantle 'terror cell' planning U.S. Embassy attack

By Ben Wedeman. Michael Schwartz and Chelsea J. Carter, CNN
updated 7:07 PM EST, Wed January 22, 2014

Jerusalem (CNN) -- Israel has broken up an al Qaeda terror cell that planned a coordinated attack that included bombing the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israeli authorities said Wednesday.

Three men -- two from Jerusalem and one from the West Bank -- have been arrested in connection with the plot that called for a double suicide bombing targeting the embassy and the Jerusalem Convention Center, according to Israel's Shin Bet intelligence agency.

It is the second time in recent months that authorities claim to have halted an al Qaeda attack planned by Palestinian militants, according to Israeli media. In November, authorities claimed three Palestinians with ties to al Qaeda were killed by Israeli troops during a gunfight in the West Bank, according to the reports.

The Israeli intelligence agency alleged Wednesday Iyad Halil Mohammad Abu Sara of East Jerusalem is "the relevant member" of the three-man operation, a statement released by Shin Bet's media office said.

Abu Sara was allegedly recruited by al Qaeda to go to Syria for training and return to Israel, where he was to connect with others who were to have entered the country using forged Russian documents, the statement said.

The arrests came as peace talks were under way in Geneva, Switzerland, to end the Syrian civil war, a conflict where violence has been spilled into neighboring countries and raised fears it could destabilize the region.

Chief among those fears is that the chaos generated by the conflict has allowed an al Qaeda-linked group to take hold in Syria, attracting foreign fighters who can strike neighboring countries.

Israel fears outcome of Syrian fighting

While authorities did not say how far along Abu Sara and the others allegedly were in carrying out the plot, the intelligence agency claims it seized computer files sent from Gaza that instructed Abu Sara in the manufacturing of explosives.

Abu Sara allegedly mapped routes to the convention center and had checked out the U.S. Embassy.

He also was accused of planning an shooting rampage on a bus going from Jerusalem to Ma'ale Adumim, an Israeli settlement in the West Bank. As part of the plan, according to Shin Bet, the attack would include shooting out the wheels of the bus in an attempt to overturn it.

Former CIA operative and national security analyst Robert Baer questioned the credibility of the threat posed by Abu Sara.

"I don't think it is credible. It may have been aspirational," he said on CNN's The Lead. "They may have had the plans on the books and sent people here and there, but al Qaeda can't operate in the West Bank or Jerusalem or Gaza. It is too difficult for them ... The Israelis have the place too well wired for them to get away with this."

The United States is working to corroborate the details, State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf told reporters.

"We've been in contact with the Israeli government regarding these threats. We're closely monitoring the situation," she said.

"...I don't have independent corroboration of some of those specifics. Our folks are working on that right now. But because this was Israeli information, I'd point you to them for the corroboration. But obviously we're looking into it as well. I don't have reason to believe it's not true. I just don't have independent verification."

Ben Wedeman and Michael Schwartz reported from Jerusalem, and Chelsea J. Carter reported and wrote from Atlanta. CNN's Elise Labott contributed to this report.


PAGE 119


At the minimum, one can certainly and reasonable argue that America is alluded to repeatedly in the Bible.  After all, the terms "all nationas" and "all the nations" appear a combine total of eighty-nine times in the New American Standard translation of the Bible.

In Haggai chapter 2, for example, the Lord foretold through the Hebrew prophet that he would shake all the nationals of the world in the last days. "For thus says the Lord of hosts, 'Once more in a little while, I am going to shake all the nations... I am going to shake the heavens and the earth.  I will overthrow the thrones of kingdoms and destroy the power of the kingdoms of the nations."' (vv 6-7, 21-22)

This is certainly coming true in the United States.  We are being shaken physically, financially, socially, spiritually, politically, and in numerous other ways, and we can expect this to accelerate and intensify in the years ahead.


1-22-14 - 3 p.m. CHANNELED MESSAGE


NEW MEXICO:  1,000 citizens will be killed sometime soon. 

Needless to say, they should be prepared for assault by the government.

Martial law is imminent

Be prepared.  There is no excuse.

Warnings have been given.

Being armed is forearmed.

That is sincere.

Kill or be killed.

Next is concentration camps.

You are aware of them.

Be ready!


note:  Ananda is a Buddhist, so you know this is really serious.


1-22-14  As soon as I closed my eyes, I found myself in a forest on a road, and someone yelled, "Here he comes", and I saw this big bull rushing towards me as fast as he could go.



1-23-14 - DREAM - I was near an ocean shoreline, with a man who looked and sounded like Ridge from The Bold and Beautiful TV show.  He had built a small wall with boxes that looked like cigar boxes, and he was a 'do not harm the animals enthusiast and advocate.

It seems I was hearing some soft music playing while I looked at these boxes, but I can't identify it.

He also was on One Life to Live and All My Children before that:


Full detailed profile on Thorsten Kaye playing Ridge Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

Kaye (ABC)
Thorsten Kaye

Birthday: 1966-02-22
Birthplace: Mainz, Germany
Marital Status: Married, Susan Haskell
Currently playing: Ridge Forrester


Born in Mainz, West Germany, Thorsten Kieselbach (Kaye) was raised in London, England. After a rugby tour throughout Europe, Thorsten came to the United States in 1985 on a decathlon scholarship and majored in physical education and minored in drama at International University in San Diego, CA.

He enrolled at Wayne State University in Detroit and earned his master's degree in theater and theatrical history. His first role was in Wicked Witch of the West back in England at age 17. Kieselbach fondly recalls his best performances were at the Hilberry Repertory Company in Detroit, MI. From playing roles in Macbeth to Mark Antony, he savored his days in Detroit.

Moving to Los Angeles after earning his masters, he appeared in Sidney Sheldon's "Nothing Lasts Forever," "Law & Order," "Love for Love," "Air America" and "Sliders" before moving to New York to accept the role of Patrick Thornhart on ABC's "One Life to Live." He went on to play Dr. Ian Thornheart (older brother of Patrick) on "Port Charles," and then "All My Children's" Zach Slater. In 2013, Kaye took on the role of "The Bold and the Beautiful's" Ridge Forrester, after it was vacated by Ronn Moss. 

Kaye has published a book of original poetry, entitled "From Timber Ridge to Daymer Gardens," with Dorothy Bridges, widow of actor Lloyd Bridges. Proceeds from the book, which accompanied a CD release of the same name, go to Give Kids the World, a charity for sick children. 

When not working, Kaye enjoys music, literature, riding American motorcycles, hockey, and is a huge Miami Dolphins fan.



Daytime Emmys Nomination, 
Outstanding Lead Actor (2006) 
Daytime Emmys Nomination, Outstanding Lead Actor (2003, 2004) 
Daytime Emmys Pre-Nomination, Outstanding Lead Actor (2005, 2006) 
Daytime Emmys Pre-Nomination, Outstanding Lead Actor (2003, 2004)


The Bold and The Beautiful - Ridge Forrester (December 13, 2013 - present)
All My Children - Zachery Slater (2004 to November 19, 2010; August 5, 2011 - September 2011) 
Port Charles - Dr. Ian Thornhart (2000 - 2003) 
One Life to Live - Patrick Thornhart (1995 - 1997)

1-1-24-14 - DREAM - It seemed I was in Milwaukee, looking for a new place to live.  It also seems that the number 5 was prevalent in the dream, but I don't remember anything specific about it, except perhaps the house was on 55th St.

The house was a big old flat with apartments within the flats.  I went to the second floor, and the flat was really big with nice big rooms, but it was dingy, and I thought, all it needs is a good coat of paint.  Otherwise, there was nothing in the rooms and I could furnish it and decorate it myself.

The place was so old, I thought to myself, nobody should light a candle in this place, and I no sooner turned around and there was at least 100 babies walking behind me, every one carrying a lit birthday candled indicating it was their first birthday.

I rather freaked out to see all these babies carrying a candle, and at the same time knew it would be a terrible thing to snuff out these beautiful lights in front of the babies, but it was too dangerous to have these tiny babies carrying a lit candle and I didn't want them to get burned either.

I know I left the room, but I can't remember if the candles got snuffed or not.

I went into another room I considered mine, and I had a notebook binder, and a copier machine on the floor, and inside the copier machine I placed a sheet of paper that had all the names of those babies.

While I was doing that, I could hear the mother of one of those babies in another room listening to the news on the radio, so I gently closed my door so she wouldn't know I was copying those baby's names so I could keep track of them.


I was either a witness or judge to watch men compete with women both physically, mentally, and agility-wise for war.

The setting wasn't about 'groups' but about individuals, and from what I saw in the competition, women were far better to do things quickly than the men were in the same situation.

The first situation was whether men or women would handle doing exercises being upside-down - such as flipping head over heels, and the other thing was in starting a vehicle and driving more quickly.

I actually did the driving myself in the end, and of course, being in the city at night is not the appropriate place to test a car that started automatically - it was rather loud, I knew that I was the better driver than the man.

1-25-14 - DREAM -  I had a home business selling items for dogs. 

A young man came in one day and said he wanted to buy 12 of the red square chew toys made out of plastic.  They had a hole in the center one could use them as a bracelet and that's what he wanted to do.

I didn't have 12 of them in stock, so I told him I needed his name, address, and phone number on a piece of paper, which he was willing to give me.

He said he had figured out that it would cost him $263 for the 12 red square chew toys.

That comes to $21.91666666 each.

I hadn't figured it out so agreed to the number.

He left then and I was really glad to get the order no matter what he did with them.

Later, I saw him on TV, wearing matching capes that looked like they were made of burlap, but the decoration on the capes were red diamonds with the points up, down, and sideways.  He had a woman by his side, with a matching cape -just a little smaller because she was only 3/4ths of his height.

On one of the pages we host, it says: this number is a Fibonacci numbers:  263 :   4AA40009AA4544CA88588CC4CC05CCG966C690G8499C4A559TGT0AG Prime

By the same author we see: 


Fibonacci 2.618 x 100

On another page about the Ark of the Covenant, it shows the number in this paragraph:

The Hebrew name Shishak matches the Egyptian name of Sheshonq I in Egyptian history. Sheshonq is the founder of the 22nd Dynasty of Egypt. Sheshonq I ruled from 945-924 BC. He was from a Libyan tribe who became commander-in-chief, then King. He was a strong leader who reunited Egypt. 2 Chronicles 12:3-4 says, "With 1200 chariots and 60,000 horsemen and the innumerable troops of Libyans, Sukkites (mercenary Libyan soldiers) and Cushites (Upper Egypt) that came with him from Egypt, he captured the fortified cities of Judah and came as far as Jerusalem" (NIV). Note the many troops from Libya. Thutmose III nor Rameses II would not have had an army composed of mainly outsiders, but Egyptians. There are inscriptions of Sheshonq's campaign into Palestine on the wall of the temple of Amon in Karnak. ANET, 263; ANEP, 349; ANE 1, fig.94. It says that Sheshonq I went as far as Megiddo where a victory stele was erected. ANET 242-3 has a list the cities he captured. For more information on the list see Handbook for the Study of Egyptian Topographical Lists Relating to Western Asia by J. Simons, Leiden 1937 (pp.90-101,178-186: see also Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt, Vol. 4, paragraph 709). For more information on Sheshonq see


 On another page, it lists this number as a page number in a book that shows false Messiahs in Jesus' time.

Matt 24:4-5
 -- Christ predicts the intensification of false messianic movements within Israel and around the empire. First-century examples: Dositheus the Samaritan (Origen: Contra Celsum, VI, ii; Hom. xxv in Lucam; Contra Celsum, I, lvii), Simon Magus (Acts 8:9-24) who was deified in Rome, Theudas (Acts 5:36-37), Judas the Galilean (Acts 5:37), Herod Agrippa (Acts 12:20-23), Menahem (Josephus: War of the Jews; 2.433-450). Under the government of Felix, deceivers rose up daily in Judea and persuaded the people to follow them into the wilderness, assuring them that they should behold conspicuous signs and wonders performed by the Almighty. (Felix, from time to time, apprehended many and put them to death.) During this period (52-58 AD) arose a celebrated Egyptian deceiver (Acts 21:38), who collected thirty-thousand followers and persuaded them to accompany him to the Mount of Olives, telling them that from there they would see the walls of Jerusalem fall down at his command as a prelude to the capture of the Roman garrison and their obtaining the sovereignty of the city (Josephus: War of the Jews, 2.259-263; Antiquities of the Jews 20.169-171). Such messiahs and magicians were often as powerful in the display of miracles as were the apostles (see: Simon of Samaria in Acts 8:9-11; Apollonius of Tyana). Partial list of first-century false messiahs: Judas, son of Hezekiah (4 BC); Simon of Peraea (4 BC); Athronges, the shepherd (4 BC); Judas, the Galilean (6 AD); the Samaritan prophet (36 AD); King Herod Agrippa (44 AD); Theudas (? AD); the Egyptian prophet (52-58 AD); anonymous prophet (59 AD); Menahem, the son of Judas the Galilean (66 AD); John of Gischala (67-70 AD); Vespasian (67 AD); Simon bar Giora (69-70 AD). Related link: - Messiah Overview.


On another page, it was the number of Francs requested to solve the problem of a plague of locusts:

Last Tuesday, West African government ministers and military chiefs met in Dakar and decided that Agadez, a town in central Niger at the southern end of the Air massif, should become one of five principal locust control centres in the Sahel region with upgraded facilities.

Moudy said the operational requirements of the locust control campaign in Niger were rising all the time and estimates given to donors at a meeting in Algiers at the end of July were already obsolete.

"In Algiers, we asked for 263 million CFA francs (US$5,3 million) for operations and equipment. The situation has worsened since then and in Dakar we readjusted our requirements, asking for more personnel, transport, treatment and communications equipment", Moudy said.


1-26-14 - DREAM -  3572 -  I was working on a computer about properties, and 3572 was colored sky blue, and when I looked at the property it was a ranch - not exactly a fancy place, but I liked it the best of all of the properties I looked at.

It seemed like the number it started with indicated what dimension it was in -  so 3572 was in the third dimension.

I looked at quite a few places, one that started with a 4 was nice too, but that sky blue color made me remember it, and I kept going back to it.


1-26-14 - DREAM - I was at home and I wanted to tell my daughter about the ranch 3572, but every time I stood up to do it, I felt a pressure in my stomach and chest like I was going to have a heart attack, so I couldn't go outside in the yard to tell her about it.

I had to go to school, and it was raining out - raining really hard, so I'd have to walk and get my feet wet and didn't want to walk in all that water, so I thought my husband could drive me to school and it was getting late.

I could see across the school yard out the window and there was a young blonde man standing by the school fence and he was a friend of mine and I wanted to tell him about the ranch and I didn't want to walk that far.

By the time I got brave enough to talk about the ranch to him, he had moved to another side of the fenced yard of the school  and was even farther away.

Eventually I got to school and met my friend Donna and another friend of hers.

I was surprised to see how tall she had gotten.  We used to be identical in height and people thought we were twins.  Now she was at least two inches taller than me, and her friend was at least two inches taller than she was.


1-26-14 - NAP DREAM -  I was living in a house somewhere with my husband and his family.  The telephone rang and it was a woman who sounded familiar but I didn't immediately recognize.  While I was still trying to figure out who she was from what she was talking about, a group of people came to the front door and my husband answered it and a whole conversation started outside about a variety of things from planning a wedding to things that were bad that family members had participated in with a whole range of ages, and different types of wrong behaviors.

I was running back and f forth from the phone to the front door, trying to participate in both conversations. 

I wanted to end the phone call, but I still hadn't figured out who I was talking to and didn't want to sound rude to ask her who she was.

The men then seemed to drift off around the corner of the house to discuss the bad things the older boys had done, but there were still some young kids who needed to talk about their bad behavior and it seemed to be things they did that were like Halloween type pranks, but it was done at a store, like stealing chocolate Halloween candy.

It was difficult to ask a cute little girl what she had done when in company of the older kids so she knew it was wrong to steal when I knew how tempting it must have been to be with others who were acting like it was fun, and knowing how tempting chocolate candy can be.  She wasn't the kind of girl who would deliberately do anything wrong all by herself.

Meanwhile, I was still conversing with the woman on the phone because she was really interested in what I was doing about planning the wedding.

I don't recall how the phone call ended, but outside the men had drifted away, and only one woman was left outside and who asked me directly to tell her about my wedding plans, and she acted like it was MY wedding, which rather surprised me.

I actually didn't know the wedding was MINE.


1-27-14 - DREAM - I spent my dream time designing the edge for an afghan I'm crocheting.


1-28-14 -  I  was watching the State of the Union speech of Obama on TV and my eyes were getting tireder and tireder and I just couldn't keep my eyes open, so I paused the TV and this is the

DREAM -  The President was preparing for the State of the Union address and I could see the words coalesce in different directions with events that would happen in the future.

All of a sudden, there was a big blast of a star with the name MARTY emblazoned across it.

I was watching to see what happened next and Joe turned off the light next to me, and the noise of the CLICK woke me up immediately and ruined the dream so I couldn't see what occurred after the black of the start named MARTY.

Obituary: Marty Knutson flew U-2 spy planes over Russia | Star ...

Dec 18, 2013 ... Martin (Marty) Knutson, who flew U-2 spy planes over the Soviet Union during the Cold War and later led NASA's program of high-altitude ...


Crystal's Research group

Large-Scale Star Formation; Galactic Winds; Chemical Enrichment of the ISM and IGM; ...Research in Crystal Martin's research focuses on the astrophysics of galaxy ... Central to this work is the idea of feedback from supernova explosions,  ...



1-29-14 -  DREAM -  I was working on a computer, making a John Lennon Memorial page  with words, little red hearts and numbers.

All I had left to do was to do the math and make sure it was correct.

DREAM 2:  I was working on the John Lennon Memorial Page -   IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE.

I saw a black silhouette on the wall. 







See more at


1-30-14 - DREAM - This seemed to take place in a house on Clark St.  Lots of young people there - I can't remember the reason for it, maybe just to learn something, but its lost on me if I ever knew it.


1-30-14 - MEDITATION  I had a vision of a white statement on a darker background that said : 19th century Irish Painting.

The following artist was the only one that interested me.

LATER MEDIATION WAS:  I was a male artist in Ireland, and was not famous.


1-31-14 - DREAM -  I was at home in Milwaukee and we were hosting a party.  However, we all decided to go to the home of one of the guests and watch the dogs play.

I was introduced to the woman and I could be wrong about the name, but I think it was Vivian.

The strange thing was the handshake grip.  Instead of grasping  hands, we grasped each other's elbow.