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1-6-14 - NAP DREAM  10:25 PM -  I was looking at a computer screen that was talking about the Art Bell radio show that 'was' and then off again within six weeks recently.

I was sorry I missed it - never heard a word of it and regretted not listening soon enough.

A human male voice came into my left ear and said, "It's too bad you missed the show, but if you listen close enough, you may hear the voice of a real live ET."

I listen and an ETish type voice says, "Hello!  This is Eldred". 

The human voice comes back and says, "All you have to do is listen." 

Out loud, I say to the screen in front of me. "Thank you".  In the morning, a friend tells me Eldred is from Dr. Who which I never saw in my lifetime.  Eldred according to the internet is a genius professor with  big bushy hair.


1-7-14 -  DREAM:  I was at my New Berlin house, and all I remember clearly is going down the front driveway, looking for a place to chain a very large blonde dog we had.

Not a dog  I ever had before.

1-7-14 - MEDITATION  - I called Eldred to communicate with me if he had the time.  It was like talking to myself, both saying exactly what I wanted to say and hear, but it was talking to myself in my own head basically.  It was a few brief sentences.

I went into a dream:


I was in a house that was like my New Berlin house somewhat on the front end,  and like my Waterford house on the back side.

I was preparing to have a new telephone installed in the house, either through enclosing the front porch, or adding a room onto the bedroom out to the edge of the driveway.

A knock came on the front door so I went to the door.  A very tall young blonde man was there, and I had a wet curtain, thick like canvas, hanging over the doorway to keep the heat out because it felt like mid-summer outside.  The wet curtain kept the heat out when the door opened.

Inside the house, the air conditioner was on full blast and it felt really good.

While the young blonde man was entering the house, I heard a noise outside and two red sided train cars pulled up in front of the house.  They were box cars.

Before I got a chance to look at the train cars very well, two very rich men, I assumed were architects or bankers or both, wearing dark suits and white shirts, came up the front steps to the door.  The first man in the door - who seemed Italian with dark hair, asked me how the weather was inside the house.  I told him it was comfortable, and he came in, followed by the other man.

I don't know who was paying to have the new telephone installed in the house or build the room to house the telephone -  I didn't have time to even think about it.  They were just going to do it - right then and there.

1-7-14 - 9 P.M.  Voice still sounds like two way thought - not live voice. Clear enough conversation, but not like real telephone. Conversation was very nice, pleasant.


1-8-14 - DREAM - I was in Wisconsin, in the yard.  I could hear an animal shrieking in fear and then I saw my boys chasing some dogs, and the dogs were  chasing  a baby deer.

I went into the house, still hearing the shrieking sound.

I went into the babies room, and looked into the crib.  There I could see a cat, half on top of a rabbit - they were identical in color.  I couldn't see their heads, but it wouldn't make sense that the rabbit would be on top of the cat, so I knew the cat was the one on top of the rabbit - 

I looked at them to see if I could see their hearts beating and I couldn't tell if they were alive.....

I was afraid to touch them, because if I did, the cat would turn on me and scratch me really badly -  so I hesitated - afraid to do anything at all.... and as I stared at the two animals in the crib -  they started to fade from view and I woke up.   The shrieking never stopped the whole time.


1-9-14  - DREAM -  I was invited to sing with a large choir that met in the basement of a very large concrete building.  The music was to be MUSIC OF ENLIGHTENMENT!

As soon as I got there, before anyone sang, I was one of the men take a long look at me with a gaze of distrust and dislike because he was very very black, and I was very very white skinned.

The look of challenge was in his eyes immediately and we were as far apart as two people can get in this very large concrete room -  but the energy of his gaze to me actually pierced me and I could feel that across the room.

However, the choir leader was very strong and we were there to sing and  so we began:

ENLIGHTENMENT   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELRBvDz6YgU

ENLIGHTENMENT BY JIM MORRISON  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8A9vYskOCdk 

THESE ARE THE DAYS  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8HVH8gF4i8

HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY HOW I LOVE YOU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jo_tg8tVzoY

LISTEN TO THE LION  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgPJtIpQtjo

RESPECT - ARETHA FRANKLIN  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kDGi8gYS18&list=PLPiV0MNoLWhRAVOc6w3Rp2WoWbffmn2R_

AND THE HEALING HAS BEGUN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZl96Bciv80

WHEN THE HEART IS OPEN  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zv3sM2nAHzM

THE WONDER OF YOU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ir4C2oPKNoA  ELVIS

THE COLLEGIUM SINGERS  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWRdAc16svs

VIVALDIS GLORIA  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvZYhxT5Mf8

BACH - MASS IN B MINOR  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7F7TVM8m95Y

PUT YOUR HAND IN THE HAND http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LllegtIJ8k  ELVIS

BORN FREE - ANDY WILLIAMS  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pR6ho_GSZs&list=PLPiV0MNoLWhRAVOc6w3Rp2WoWbffmn2R_

MORE AT:  http://www.greatdreams.com/blog-2014/dee-blog628.html


1-9-14 - EXPERIENCE:  I was sitting in my meditation chair, leaning over sideways to go to sleep and it felt like I got electrocuted... had I been sitting up it would have come straight down through my head like the last time two MONTHS ago. IT WAS ACTUALLY IN NOVEMBER.

Because I was leaning over, it came in just over my right ear, went through my body on a diagonal and came out my left arm between the shoulder and elbow.

This reminds me way too much like when I got attacked by a psychic baseball bat by one of the three letter agencies over the FEMA camps I wrote about.


I had a really odd pain last night -  4 times I had jabbing pain behind my left eye -  never felt that before -  any idea  what that means   ?

Hi:  I've been experiencing different and odd symptoms and dreams recently as well.
Yesterday, there was a tone in my head that almost sounded like a song starting. It was rather low pitched. 
I had a dream yesterday in which thousands of large black ants were hiding under leaves of plants I was growing under the floor in the hallway.
I gave one of the plants to a man from the neighborhood without telling him that those ants were hiding under the leaves of his plants I gave him.
Yesterday, I was just walking normally and when I turned the corner to go into the back hallway which faces west, but I was still facing northwest (toward this earthquake zone - I had a really painful twinge in my right hip, (which I've never felt before)  I actually yelled out loud from the pain - it was that sharp.
Maybe I'm starting to pick up the symptoms again that I had last year that I told spirit to stop?  (I was getting jabbed in various places like an ice pick) trying to determine what area of the world the pains mean - the ones on the feet were obviously New Zealand - they are getting a lot of quakes.  Hard to figure out the rest - California alone gets between 400 and 600 quakes a week.
Just thought I'd report it.

With regard to the Japan volcano that just erupted, I could feel that in my head I think,  behind my right ear was a deep throbbing - like once every two minutes.  It was only in the morning.  A feeling a never had before.  Wasn't a headache because once the throb happened, it went away until the throb hit again, every two minutes. Extremely unusual.


 1-9-14 - DREAM -  This was way too real.  It sounded like a fast car started up going past our house to the west and then smashed into something.

I jumped up out of my chair and rain to the door and yanked it open, and it was all silent outside and the time was 7:25 p.m.


1-10-14 - DREAM -  I saw two old ladies - a chubby one and a thin one,  who had brought some of their own dishes to a wedding that apparently never happened..  While they were gathering their dishes together to take back home, I was deleting a lot of religious history from a large document that never happened either. 

Out in yard, that was a huge square hole in the ground that had sunken in and it had to be relandscaped so it looked like nothing had ever been there.

Right before the old ladies left, I found a little white box with a pair of wedding rings that had never been used.

Then the old ladies were talking about the jobs they were going to mid-week, and I was surprised they were still working at their age instead of on Social Security.

I don't know whose wedding never happened - theirs?


1-10-14 - DREAM -  I evidently was working at an apartment building or hotel, and responsible to rentals. 

Some woman came to the building and I told her the room was too small for her.

Down the hall, some medical people dropped off death certificates, so  I walked down the hall to retrieve them - the certificates were on bright yellow strips - not sheets of paper. The yellow strips were inside a casing of white that was open and didn't' hide what it said.  I didn't look at the names of the two strips I picked up.  I ignored the medical people and took the strips back  to another desk where another woman was working and dropped them off on her desk.  It was her responsibility to notify someone I'm thinking.

I walked to the front of the building and saw there was a huge overpass type bridge out front - with lines of men standing in both directions - to my left and to my right.  They weren't moving - just standing there, and they wouldn't break ranks to let me through the line either as I had to cross over the left side of the bridge, where there was a large professional kitchen in operation.

I was supposed to be cooking something like a piece of chicken to make a sandwich, at the same time, the women behind the counter were cooking for hundreds of people.  That doesn't work very well, and my piece of chicken was done, I wanted to put it on the piece of buttered bread, and I was afraid to ask the woman if she could give me a piece of bread and some butter to make the sandwich.   I have no idea who was supposed to eat the chicken, because I don't eat bread - I was supposed to give it to someone.

For some reason, I recall seeing an aqua colored name like Susanford, or Susan_____  on a strip of paper or hanging in the air or on a sign.  I don't know where or why.

I don't recall giving the piece of chicken to anyone either.


1-11-14 -  MEDITATION DREAM - This was similar to the dream above where the Davey Crocket family came into the room when they came to live with me.  This was an old woman with short white curly hair and a long old woman dress on in a pale yellow color.


1-13-14 - I was trying to go to sleep in my meditation chair and the voices of two young women were sitting right next to me, talking to each other.

I thought they were ghosts, so I said to them, "Hey!  I'm trying to sleep here!"

One of the girls said, "I'm sorry!"  and they went away.

Later that day, I noticed that there were two baby dolls, both girls, sitting on a bog right across from  where I heard the voices.  Both dolls are reborn baby dolls made by a dear friend of mine and a dear friend of hers.

Later again, I was thinking about the dolls, and I heard a girl's voice and she said, "My name is Sally, and I immediately saw her, a happy girl, a bout 10 to 12 years old, with buck teeth.

Then the other girl said, "My name is Molly!"

It took me a minute or so to coax her out of hiding, and when she came forward, she sprung forward, like she was dancing and laughing.  She had blonde hair, to her shoulder, and a beautiful smile with even teeth, and she was wearing a pale colored dress with flowers all over it for summer.

Both girls wore summer dresses.

I thanked the girls for coming.

A few minutes later, my eyes got very tired, and the words came:  "Time moves forward like a slick mire and we are stuck in it!"

(This was not the exact wording, but the meaning of it.)

Then a man's voice came into my head.  It was a deep baritone voice like a singer would have and he said, "We are going to be a family now."

I knew I needed to write this down and I will attempt to get all the words correct as I go.

I said, "Who would like to speak to me?" 

One of the girls said, "We all do."  and it sounded like a consolidated threesome speaking together.

In a singing voice, one of the girls sings, "It's an adventure!"

"From this time forward, we will speak more slowly so you can write what we say,  so you don't forget.  We are here to stay and you are wired especially for us to speak to you.  You ahve been altered to receive us."

To that I replied, "Thank you!"

My eyes are very tired and I'll be closing them often and try to write as clearly as I can.  Perhaps later I can speak in a tape recorder or type as we go.

"Samantha is our friend and she will join us too, so there will four here."

I say, "Thank you!" again.

"For summer, we are going to plan a garden and a summer house to play in.  We like to have fun with our dolls.  The three of us play together all the time, but we tell stories too and some of them get scary.  I hope they don't scare you too much."

I said, "I'm fine with that.  I'm used to scary stories."

The girl says, "We are too, but from where we are, they are fun because we don't have to live them, you do and you and your people will be living them."

I say, "Thank you for the warning."

One of the girls says, "The weather! It's going  to get worse and worse.  We will be nice and warm but people over there where you are will not.  It's going to be bitter cold as it has been but much worse in places and then the rains will come causing floods everywhere that it rains.  It will not be fun.  People should have boats because they will be necessary to get from place to place and when the rain stops, it will get very, very hot - too hot because there will be no electricity.

There will be no time to fix all the light poles taken out by the ice and rain and thousands of people will be stranded with no food and no clean water.

People should be aware of this in advance and get ready for what's coming.  In advance of this and afterward will be a blood moon!"

I say, "Yes!"

Four blood moons - Dreams of the Great Earth Changes


Oct 10, 2013 ... Hagee did a three part series on "The Coming Four Blood Moons" back in December of 2012. He has videos of this series for sale and a book ...

The girl goes on:

"It is a lunar eclipse in full eclipse and the moon looks blood red.  It won't last long but it will be scary."

I got a sharp pain in my right leg on the left side while she speaks.  The pain is below the knee and then I feel needles above the knee and again below the knee on the left side.

(I assume this means the direction of quakes coming)

Then the back of my ankle starts to cramp.

'This is fun' I think sarcastically.  'I've been prepared for this'.  And then I feel needles above the knee and again below the knee on the left side, another sharp jab.

I'm guessing now, but 'fun' is not the word for it.  This is serious business.

"More and more you will become aware of more and more disasters - earthquakes", and the pain hits me again -left knee and right shin, right ankle on the back side.

"This is too bad."  says the girl, "but it could have been worse.  perhaps it will be when the second blood moon occurs this year."

Pain hits my left ankle, right shin again on the left side -  that is now pulsing with pain.

Again the right ankle - behind it - and the same area over and over.

"We are sorry for the discomfort.  It will guide you to the areas with the worst damage to come.  On a daily basis you will know where to warn people to take care of themselves by preparing in advance."

"We will let you go for the moment as we know you are tired."

Less than a moment later, it begins again.

"You are getting all this knowledge.  Blog  with it!  It is not for everyone!  Keep it in your blog journal.  Not everyone is going to be happy with being warned.

The preppers are worried about 'other' people, not about drowning. "

The pain continues on top of my right big toe.

"You have lived through this pain before.  Now you can alert others while we play with our dolls in our summer house."

I hear giggling.  The girls are having fun while I am trying to write with my wrist jabbing on the right side.

What fun this is, I think as my eyes close and my right wrist throbs and my middle finger feels like it has a needle sticking in it on the end.

The man then sings, " THIS ASTEROID IS AIMED FOR AFRICA!"  and he about sings the word  AFRICA very loudly.

"It's going to be very large, larger than a house, perhaps larger than a building - a tall building. 

"Let's be smart about this - you don't want to visit Africa this summer - not by any means.

The people are sparse, so its good there are no big cities, and no tsunami to hurt people worldwide, but a great ringing all over the earth on the whole will shudder from rock to rock.

You know of others who are worried about this, it would be best to tell them, not that they can be prepared for it to stop it, because it is too soon happening to prevent.

The poor giraffes and lions.  A few will disappear but most will not even notice.  Animals are used to death, because it comes, but with people not so much.

That will be all for now.  Thank you for being patient with us.

The girls love you and we adore all of you.

Thank you for your time."

Meanwhile my left ankle starts to throb on the right side.

Watch out southern Africa!


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