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1-6-14 - VISION -  I was rather shocked and surprised to see a letter I was writing to someone on a computer screen and the last sentence - half written was "AND MY DRIVING SCORE WAS ....

I opened my eyes and said, "What????"

This is interesting and should be fun.  What is my driving score?

I didn't think I had written about driving this month yet, but I had:

The first one was 'young men driving'  and the other one was T.M. was driving - and that is my spiritual teacher...

Okay, so now let's look at other years... I want to know what color cars I was driving as well....





10-9-88 - All my children were coming home from vacation, but planning other ones. The baby saw his father coming. He started to cry and hurriedly climbed out of his high chair tearing the seam on his light green winter jacket under the left arm.

People were stealing object d'art off of the porch of my 16th St. house so I moved them all inside. They were all brown statues ofwild animals. I put a clock on a chain around my neck so people would look at me to see what time it is. It was attached like a harness to my brown dress.

I got into a red truck with my son to go to my New Berlin house. We were stopped by the police at the church on the top of the hill north of the house. We backed up to go a different way and another man came to help us escape the police. He was driving up National Ave., and there was gas coming out from under the dashboard. My son and I got scared and told him to stop the truck. The gas became fumes. We were in the middle of the highest, longest bridge on National Ave. I said I didn't care where we were ... to stop. I wanted out before it exploded. He stopped and I got out and hid behind a telephone pole down in a depression. The man drove the truck away.

My son and I came out to continue our journey. We traveled further along National Ave. and came to another church. We were driving a dozen silver shopping carts. We came into the church on the lower level. The pastor told us to leave the cars downstairs as we went up the stairs. He looked at me and said ominously, "You cook for too many people." I didn't understand what he meant.

10-11-88 - I meditated on calling spirits. I called God, The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and asked their opinion on calling spirits named Marcus, Crutus, and Babaji.

A man dressed all in white came and sat on my lap. He had a plate of food with three different types of food on it. Then I started to see little children at play.

NOTE: I take that to mean that each spirit is different and provides different types of spiritual nourishment. Also, that we should be like little children when we come to them.


11-15-89 - DREAM - I was riding in a caravan of white cars back towards home in New Berlin. I had my hands on both the car in front and in back of us. We went over a bumpy stretch of road and I said, "That'll get rid of the cholesterol." We continued on and I saw police cars behind us. I looked at the speedometer. We were doing 50 on a 35 mph stretch of road. We neared home, going uphill quite fast on a narrow road. We were just going to make a left turn into the driveway when a blue car came out of nowhere towards us...head on. We managed to stop and the blue car careened off the road on the right of us. The driver was okay and said that the farmer took the blame for it.

Then I had to push the cars uphill into the driveway. I walked into the kitchen, noting that it was all brown and everything was dented and marked up from raising the kids, but it was very clean.

A woman friend of mine came in behind me and said her son would be mad at her because she had just made a bad purchase. She had two Lincoln pennies. One was heads and one was tails. The one that was heads said on it, "1919 keepsake."

I then went outside to see what chores had to be done yet. The crop we were supposed to harvest, had already been harvested, and left in a big pile in the field to dry and the land had already been replowed and reseeded. The land was very black and fertile.

I decided to take a nap in the car in the sun and inside the car I had a dream. In that dream I was told that all the countries of Europe in the 2nd row were to be changed to purple from yellow.  

I woke up and went into the house. The phone was ringing. I said, "Hello!" realizing that I'd never have to say, "Garden Terrace" anymore. My boss then came in and said that he needed to have his coat changed. The one he had on was black and he showed me a map of France and it was purple.

I was then looking at an Atlas to see what countries were to be changed to purple and found myself staring at a map of the U.S., Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa were clearly delineated, but below that was one big white spot and no states were outlined at all. It was as though there was nothing there.


11-23-89 - DREAM - I was driving a big blue delivery van with a man named David. Somehow the keys fell through the floorboards onto the roadway at an intersection. I had no sooner done that and I saw a policeman on a motorcycle directly in front of me. I was afraid he was going to stop me and ask me for my keys which would identify me as the driver of the truck, so I needed to make a U turn and go back and get the keys. I slowed down enough so the policeman went way out ahead of me and then I zipped into a left turn lane and ran over a curb and bounced. The police officer stopped right in front of me and I panicked. But all the police officer did was get off, go up on the curb and bend down and tie his shoes which had come undone. I breathed a sigh of relief, remade my U turn and went back the way I had come.

David and I went to a house and went upstairs. There I was given a gold key, which was the key to Hanover Park. Just as I was leaving, the police officer arrived. I was holding a bright red petticoat in my hands. I was afraid he would think I was a prostitute so I rolled it up and tried to hide it under my right arm. but he wasn't paying attention to me. He arrested someone else and I slipped outside to my blue delivery van with my gold key.

The name David means 'LOVE'

12-19-89 - DREAM - I went to the bank, driving a violet colored car. I went inside but couldn't get waited on. There were about 10 empty check-out counters between me and the clerk. When I got up to the counter, all I had was the key to the car. I felt very insecure not having a purse with me, which was blue. I asked for 5 penny wrappers which were red and white.

A grocery store was at the back of the bank and they bragged about how fast you could buy something, but then you had to stand in line to pay for it.

The bank clerk was so busy, she never got back to me, so I left, seeing that my standing in line had backed up hundreds of people who needed to do business too. They opened up a new window to accommodate them.

I went back outside to my car which was parked in a special spot facing to the right, but when I wanted to get in, it would elude me. Then my daughter came and said that my son had taken it to empty the trash.

Then we got in it and laughed because we had eluded the lion that was prowling around outside.


2-18-90 - DREAM - I was at home with my children. I got a phone call from T.M. (my spiritual teacher) that a woman was coming to get two things that our friend Alice had stored up on her closet shelf. I seem to recall that she was a reporter. I, myself went to Alice's house, partly out of curiosity to see what T.M. was going to let her have. The two items were kept in a little white jewelry box up on the shelf. While I was at Alice's house the phone rang and it was the woman saying that she would arrive at midnight to pick up the two items. I knew that was way past Alice's bedtime and Benny (her husband) wouldn't like it either, so I asked Alice if she could stay up that long. Alice said she thought she could.

My impression of the woman's voice was very negative. It was very low pitched and measured words. I didn't like her, just out of instinct, but I didn't say anything out of respect for T.M. because he was the one who had given permission to let the woman have these two items. Then T.M. called on the phone at Alice's house and asked me about this woman and what I thought of her. While I was talking, trying to tell him about the woman without saying I didn't like her or trust her, I went to the closet to look at the two items.

The first item was a necklace. What was on the necklace I couldn't remember except that it was an animal. 
(I had to meditate after the dream ended to go back and see what the animal was. It was a lamb)

The second item was a silver coin. It was a nickel. It was a picture of the teacher's teacher in profile like the silver dime with the face looking to the right. Above it were the letters C.D. The coin was bent and battered. Right then I was determined that this woman was not going to get this coin no matter what anyone said and I slipped it into my bra way over on the right side.

Then the woman showed up. She was shorter than me, a little chubby, but not fat. She had short gray hair, curled up in a poodle cut. I instantly didn't like her. She said she wasn't going to take the two items then, but would come back at midnight to get them. (At that time, the necklace was up on the shelf and the coin was in my bra) She sat down to talk and she asked if anyone knew there was a third side to Jesus. I said, "Yes! I do!" The first two were peace and love, but the third was WAR.

She said that I was right. Then my young son began acting up and went in front of her and began screaming so that she couldn't talk to the small group that was gathered there. I was trying to quiet him because I was embarrassed at his bad behavior. I told him to shut up and tried clamping my hand over his mouth but he wouldn't be quiet. She said, "You know that there is no sin!" She then took us out to the car because she couldn't talk to the group. My son was still screaming and I couldn't stop him. We all got into her car and we were driving along. She was driving. Alice was in back. I was sitting in front with my son kicking and screaming and bracing himself against the right front door. I still felt very embarrassed at his behavior.

We came to a causeway between huge factory buildings. There was water on both sides. Suddenly she tried to turn the steering wheel to the left and throw the car off the causeway into the water. My son had himself braced tightly across my lap and I tried to grab for the steering wheel so she couldn't turn it. She wanted to kill all of us.

Finally, she herself flipped out of the car on the left side from the struggle with the steering wheel. None of us had our hands on the steering wheel, yet she went flipping out of the car, rolling over and over to her death and the car stayed straight and we were safe. I was amazed that we were okay and my son was now quiet. I wondered out loud how that could have happened and my son said, "I used my new Magick!" I was so proud of him and I knew that Magick was more powerful than any power that she had had.

3-15-90 - DREAM - I was working for the locksmith, Aaron. (I actually worked for him for seven years)  I was driving my own blue car, going north on 35th St. I turned right to go down to 25th St. to check out a job. I got there and looked around and met the boss. The secretary came into the room. I had known her from earlier in my life. She wanted to know if I knew how Nick Martin was doing. I didn't. I had to call Bob to okay a job but didn't know his home phone number, so I called Rochelle to have her call him. The boss had a piano there. The lid was down but had a transparent centerpiece where snacks were kept. It was full of potato chips. I was feeling rather nervous about being out in the car and driving alone because I hadn't done it in a long time. The woman said that I shouldn't worry because I was 100% better than I used to be. She and I went to the store to shop. We were both wearing light beige outfits. I kept hearing the same piece of music and the 3rd time they played it, I couldn't resist dancing and she danced it with me. (It was some kind of jazz or rock and roll song) Then a black man came in and said, "Let me show you how it should really be done", and went at it with real enthusiasm, and then I didn't feel so conspicuous.



11-3-91 - "Queen Diana Dream " - I (Joe Mason) went to a Diana Ross concert in San Jose. We had seats nearly on stage, by her backup vocals. Driving there in a carful of people at night, it's a long way on San Jose city streets. We wait awhile, then Diana Ross comes out, in a Polynesian costume. But as soon as she does, we leave to go for a ride in someone's car and smoke a jay. As we're doing this I saw I want to go back! We do go back, and now it's Sunday, the next day after the concert, and we're totally backstage with Diana Ross. She speaks to us, knows who we are. We shop together for a minute at a thrift store. She wears her hair short, straight, and blonde as a disguise. We go in a side door to the concert stage. She has me take an armful of clothes to her dressingroom. I see a few women, who look at me and talk. I climb a few stairs and enter the dressingroom area. A table with people checking backstage passes has someone I know sitting there. I hear his conversation about how long it takes him to come this far and he lies a little to shorten the distance and minimize it. He worked yesterday too. I go back into a wide hallway, then through a doorway into an enclosed room. From this room there's a secret chute through a small trap door at the bottom of the wall. I squeeze through the slide down one section of a wide slide, with others doing the same thing. Lights flash as we slide, examining us, even our bowel contents as no shit can come back here. At the bottom we all get on a boat to go through a swampy area. There's a lot of talk between the people on the boat, including me. I see Diana in front of me. She has 6 or 7 women around her. I take a mental picture of her facing toward me with all her "loyal subjects" in silhouette. I feel good being here and being close to Diana.

Interpretation by Joe Mason : The "shit" (pardon my French!) may compare to a ticket building looking like an outhouse. This is an important type of symbolism to me, which appears often in various forms. I think it can be a play on the "food-for-thought" symbolism. These thoughts/beliefs have been consumed and digested, and all the nutrients removed. It is time to dump them.

The meaning of the ticket or pass in the Diana dream  where she took the ticket and went underground; I would think that taking the ticket shows that we choose to come to the land of Maya, and are not forced to do so.

In one of my theories about the Bible, this is expressed in Daniel 9:27, where a covenant is made with many for one week, and for half of the week . . . something negative happens. The "covenant" is like a contract or agreement, or like taking a ticket.

In the theory, this refers to the seven chakras, and the critical midpoint of 3 and 1/2. It is the point between the lower three chakras and the Heart chakra.

Notice too, that the Hopi myth has three chambers underground before the fourth step to the surface.

Diana is the Roman Artemis. She is the moon goddess and twin of Apollo. She is associated with a triple goddess symbolism, one of which is Hecate, who is of "Hell." I then remembered that Diana Ross was one of the three singers of "The Supremes."

I thought of it again recently when Princess Diana was killed in the underground pass. They say it was once a Pagan place of worship to the goddess Diana. And I loved it when they started calling her "The Queen of Hearts."

The woman who had the Diana dream reported another one about the same time. In that dream, she saw a house in a barren valley. There was a pole next to it that showed high-water markers. She could see that it flooded every once in a while. She said something about it representing her stressful state of mind at the time, and that a flood was coming on.

Some dreams, have more of a Noah/Pisces type of flooding. In any case, my guess is that it is about the change to a new age.


9-26-92 - DREAM within a dream - I had a dream that T.M. and I were driving along a road and had to make a stop in someone's driveway to check something. Across the street was a house that had a stone sign on the front. It said, "Marie Miasma" on the left and "Robert E. Lee" on the right. After that we came to a street festival. The crowd was so large and boisterous that I wanted no part of it. Off to the right was a house with the front door open. I ducked inside to get away from the crowd.

Inside, facing a desk against the far wall sat an older man, wearing a blue shirt, ignoring the crowd and just working at some project. I knew at that moment that even though I normally wouldn't have given this man a second glance, that I was going to be introduced to this man and we were going to become very good friends. Then I saw a sign with his name on it. It was Alexi Karajme.

I woke up from this dream and took care of some immediate matters, not forgetting the dream and thinking about it from time to time that it might be prophetic.

That day, I was walking north on 20th St. and it turned into a sunny day, the road was a light sand and gravel and many rich looking people with fancy cars kept coming towards me and stopped at a house on my right to go to a garage sale.

Somehow, T.M. picked me up in the car and we went north and had to stop in a driveway for something. I looked across the street and there was the exact house I had seen in my dream with the sign, 'Marie Miasma/Robert E. Lee."

As things progressed, I excitedly told T.M. about the dream I had had and that the day was duplicating the dream.

We got to he town with the festival and exactly as the dream, I couldn't stand the crowds. I ducked into an open doorway and there again was the man in the blue shirt.

A woman came in and introduced herself. She said, "My name is Marie Miasma." I knew then, she was going to introduce me to the man facing the wall and this was 'fate.'

NOTE: means to pollute] (Miasma)

First appeared 1665

1 : a vaporous exhalation formerly believed to cause disease; also : a heavy vaporous emanation or atmosphere <a ~ of tobacco smoke>

2 : an influence or atmosphere that tends to deplete or corrupt <freed from the ~ of poverty --Sir Arthur Bryant>; also : an atmosphere that obscures : FOG <retreated into an asexual mental ~ --Times Lit. Supp.>


Cliff's Incredible Baseball Dream

In 1993, Cliff, a friend of my son, visited with us, and stayed for the night. In the morning, he came and told me about his incredible dream -

I was at a rowdy, drunken party and saw Danny O'Daniel, a boy I knew in school. My cousin came, and asked me to go play baseball. I left the party and went to find my baseball mitt. I opened the door of a parked car, to look for my mitt, but a man was sitting in the driver's seat, and I saw no mitt. I ran some distance, and opened the door of another parked car. The same man was sitting in the car! And, there was no mitt. I knew that I had to return to my home, to find my mitt, so I began walking toward home, which was across town.
Just before reaching home, a strange woman in a very strange car, came driving erratically down the street. The vehicle swerved back and forth, going up on the sidewalks. The car was very narrow, and had six single seats. The woman's skin was grayish, her eyes were bloodshot, and she wore blue jeans. She was otherwise quite attractive. She pulled a cord to honk the horn. She drove by me, saying that she had a tiff with her "old man" over her little girl.

I arrived home and the strange woman drove the strange vehicle into the driveway. Another car pulled up, and a man got out, shouting, "Street patrol!" He explained that the strange woman had taken the strange vehicle from a rich man's house, and they came to return it.

I walked toward my car, which was gray instead of its real color, red. As I approached, the car door opened, and a man got out. It was the same man who had been sitting in the other two cars! I saw baseball mitts in the seat of the car. The man had been setting on them! I pushed him and said, "No wonder I couldn't find my mitt!"
There were three mitts on the seat . . . my old catcher's mitt, that had the leather of the webbing cut out, a blue mitt that did not belong to me, and my mitt, the one I had been looking for. I took my mitt from the car.

The man who had yelled, "Street patrol!" drove off in the long, strange car. The man who had sat on the mitts drove off in the "street patrol" man's car. The strange woman got into my car, stood up with her upper body protruding through the sun roof, and buckled the seat belt around her waist. I went off to play baseball.

Cliff's amazing dream contained the symbols that appear in cosmic events, although Cliff was not aware of them.. The "baseball" symbolism was especially significant. This was a verification from the dream world.

In the dream, there is a suggestion of three stages or steps prior to "playing baseball." There were three vehicles involving the three mitts. Baseball, therefore, in the dream represents the fourth step, which is the Heart chakra consciousness.

The strange woman, I felt, symbolised Kali, the harlot of Revelation 17, that is, the energy of our time cycle. That energy is indicated by the "rowdy, drunken party." The kings of the earth become drunk on the wine of the harlot, which evokes the emotion of fury or wrath. Kali is said to evoke the emotion "tamasisk," which means fury. At the end of the three-stage cycle, Kali, the harlot, is deposed.

The strange woman in the dream told Cliff that she had "a tiff with her old man over her little girl." I believe the "little girl" refers to the feminine aspect within humanity. During the three-step time cycle she corresponds to the "daughters of the harlot," or as it is phrased in Zechariah 2:7, "those who dwell with the daughter of Babylon." When the Kali-harlot aspect changes at the fourth step, the "daughter" also changes to the positive. Indications are that the new "little girl" is the aspect of The Holy Spirit within.

The "old man" could perhaps be the Father God, but, more likely, I think, the Demiurge god. My dreams and coincidences indicate that the Demiurge god is symbolised by the Swastika, and represents the consciousness gestalt of mankind. The Demiurge god is a deity subordinate to the Supreme Deity, as creator of the physical world. He is often symbolised by craftsmen. He can do "good or evil."

In Cliff's dream, he traveled home after looking in the two cars. This "returning home" symbolism has been in many of the dreams people have told to me. I believe it represents returning, or becoming aware of, or "remembering" our spiritual origins.

I think that in dreams, throwing or catching objects can symbolize ideas or thoughts being sent or received. The implication in Cliff's dream is that we have been prevented from receiving a certain knowledge during the three-stage time cycle, but the ability will come at the fourth step. In baseball, the pitcher stands on the mound in the center of the four bases to throw the ball. The pitcher's mound is elevated slightly to a level higher than the rest of the field. In terms of the related symbols, the pitcher's mound corresponds to the top of the pyramid, the bindu point or creative center of the Sri Yantra, the throne in Heaven centered between the Four Living Creatures and The New Jerusalem, or the center of the celestial vault, the pole star center of the Zodiac.

"Danny O'Daniel" in Cliff's dream, also seemed suggestive. Cliff told me that Danny O'Daniel was a real person that he knew from school some years before, but that he was just an acquaintance, not a close friend. Just prior to Cliff's dream, I had read the parts of The Book of Daniel that tell about Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the frightening image (Daniel 2:33-45). The image had a head of gold, breasts and arms of silver, belly and thighs of bronze, and feet of part iron, part clay. A stone was cut out by no human hand and struck against the feet of the image, shattering it. the stone became a great mountain and filled the earth.

Daniel interpreted the four metals to represent kingdoms or ages. The fourth kingdom-age would be a divided kingdom. In those future days the old kingdoms-ages will be destroyed, and God will set up a kingdom never to be destroyed.



10-12-93 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house. I was going to drive my children somewhere in my light blue car, but my mother took the keys. I chased after her to get the keys, meanwhile the car was driving itself to where I wanted to go.  I got the keys from my mother and ran after the car. I was amazed but it managed to make all the turns and corner and park itself where I wanted it to go. I was very happy about it.



12-12-94 - DREAM - I was in a car with my husband and children. We were driving north on the coast highway. We went as far north as the road went.

The water in the ocean was very high and outlying islands and rocks were covered.

When we got to the end, a man dressed in a light blue work shirt came up tome and asked me, "Why aren't you working here."

I was very surprised that he asked because I thought we were on vacation.

So, I and the children turned to walk back up the road to where the clubhouse was. The kids were riding bikes and playing along the way. I went ahead, knowing they would follow me.

I went past some women who were crippled in various ways. I was surprised but pleased that even disabled people could be here.

I climbed a very steep hill to get up to the house. I entered the house and saw several rooms and many people inside.

I was told to start collecting clothing. I saw my mother sitting there. She said my Dad was coming up to get her .

NOTE: This dream took place in Washington State. I looked on the map and found the area which I think the dream was about. There are state parks along the highway there.

12-15-94 - DREAM - I was with my husband and children and we had driven a long way to visit some relatives. We were in the car ready to leave for home and I turned to talk to my children about a particular metaphysical book I had read. I had the book in the car with me. My husband was driving as I began to tell my children about the book. My husband got so angry that he put his foot down on the gas pedal.

I had never felt speed like that before. He lost control of the car and it hurtled straight onward when he came to the first corner I sensed we were going to crash and expected to die.

However, I didn't feel the crash happen ... just sensed that my head had been pierced painlessly. In the next moment, knowing that I was still alive, I knew people were going to wonder how I lived through the crash.



2-7-95 - DREAM - I went to A-C and was talking to Jim K. who I hadn't seen in a long time and a phone call came in for me from G. H. I hadn't seen him in many years either. I had the phone in my hand and turned around and there he was, sitting in a little black cart talking on a cellular phone.

The shock of seeing one another after so many years was overwhelming for both of us. It seemed silly to keep talking on the phone, so I put mine down. We were inside the building and was riding this little black ... looked like a riding mower with a cart behind ... all black. It ran very jerkily.

He asked me if I wanted to go for a ride and I said, "yes!" So, we headed down the hallway together. The cart jerked awkwardly so I picked it up and carried it. His mower kept missing beats in the motor and quitting, so he picked it up and carried it, but kept trying to start it.

We were going through an executive area of the company, so I asked him if he would please not try to start it until we were outside. But he kept doing it anyway. Finally, as we were getting close to the President's office, I made one final plea, "Please! After 30 years of hunting for each other, can't you please do this one thing for me?"

He indicated that I shouldn't try to run his life after being gone so long. I saw he couldn't compromise, so I put down the cart I was carrying and let him go on by himself.

I turned and went back the way I had come, but when he was out of sight and hearing, I couldn't bear to be away from him again and turned back to go after him. As I did that, I saw that he was coming back to get me also.

I then noticed I had no blouse or bra on. Since the Lost and Found was right there, we stopped to find something to fit me. Nothing did. All the coats and clothes were for people smaller than I. Finally I found a white dress that I could just hold the skirt over myself.

Everyone cheered that I had found something to cover myself with. I then saw a beautiful - ornate pink jeweled necklace hanging on a glass partition. I toyed with the idea of taking it, then thought better of it and decided I didn't need jewelry. A woman made some snotty comment about it, so I threw my skirt at her that had been covering me.

At that point I didn't feel naked anymore, but was carrying a baby wrapped in a blanket and the baby had sand on its face like it had been buried for along time. I was brushing sand off of its eyes and nose and I heard someone make a comment that the experience of being buried for so long was very traumatic for a child. I hoped my child wouldn't be traumatized.

G.H. made a comment then about this son Jeff (now in prison for killing a child while drunk driving). I remember that how my son Ken had been so afraid of everything.

I was in a hospital school type area then and nurses and new technicians were going to start practicing on new patients. I got past that area really quickly.

I got called by someone to come quickly with the baby to the next area and see the raccoon. I went into the next room and saw little animals crawling on the floor. The raccoon looked like a cute little skunk and it was afraid. Other little tame raccoons were all pink and blue. The baby was on the floor also. I worried it would get hurt by the animals, but the animals all played with each other and finally I couldn't tell which was the skunk, which was the baby, and which were the pink and blue raccoons. They all looked alike.

G.H. was still standing there looking at them with me and I woke up sensing his loss tremendously and wanting to find him again. I missed him so much.

See also:

12-17-95 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house. I was attempting to get ready to leave. The daughter-in-laws were standing in the corner, separate from my sons, talking amongst themselves and acting against everything.

I said, "There is no name calling" I called one a bitch and left the room, going upstairs to pack. I did a lot of work, very methodically cleaning the room as I went.

When I got to the desk, I came to a blueprint which was on blue paper. It was dated November, and I knew it was March and I had delayed a long time in making a copy of it before I sent it back. I didn't know what the object was, but on the bottom, it had a valve which looked like a flattened Ying Yang symbol on it's side. It was called an "S" valve and when installed under a building, it would take the pressure and rocking from an earthquake and the building wouldn't collapse.

I rolled the blueprint up and went to the closet to get a tube to mail the print back to its sender.

I then continued to clean until the room was perfect. I was thinking that the room would be perfect enough for my Father to return. I heard a voice in the outer room and knew that even then he was at the door. (A biblical passage?)

I went to my son's room and they were sleeping. I got angry, wondering why they weren't packing to leave. There was a fat woman in the center room and she told me that they didn't need to be ready yet, because they weren't leaving until the next day.

I was so angry at her. I wanted to throw what I had in my hand at her, but I restrained myself because I knew what I had in my hand was valuable ... it was a hand sized gemstone ... it was light blue ... and that it would hurt her if I threw it and I told her that. I looked at her room and everything was in perfect order and she was ready to go, but the boys weren't and I was angry at that.

In the next scene, I was in a car with a woman who was driving me somewhere very fast through deep snow drifts. I complimented her on her driving so she wouldn't know I was scared to go so fast.

Third scene: I was back to cleaning and getting ready to leave and a man like my husband came to drive me somewhere. We were going east and came to a huge drop-off where there was a cliff and the land broke off. There had been accidents there but there were no warning signs or barricades and people were always driving off the edge.

I questioned that and he said it didn't make any difference because the center of gravity or something was centered back under West Allis, WI or something. I seemed to understand that the land was balanced at that point, but the loss of people didn't seem to make any difference.

He drove very fast on the road that edge the cliff and it was like a long runway. It was going uphill and we went faster and faster. When we got to the top of the hill, we flew up into space. I was holding his hand and I was hoping he was seeing what I as seeing because of a psychic connection between our minds.

We flew through the atmosphere up into black space and continued on up toward the stars. This felt so fabulous. I was like in ecstasy. It seemed real, but at the same time, I rather sensed it was a vision rather than real.

However, we continued on toward the stars and came to a misty place ahead and gradually I sensed a round ball in the mist that was mustard yellow.

The yellow mustard ball became clearer and clearer as we got closer to it and I said, "It must be a 'sand planet'"

We landed on the planet and below the mist, there was clear air just like on Earth.  

I marveled at what I saw. The ground was pebbly rather than fine sand and I saw no mountains like on earth, but high yellow pebbly hills.

There was a huge bug crawling up one hill. It looked similar to an earth bug, but it's wings and body looked scaly and hard, more like fish scales.

I didn't get a really good look, but there was a very small person on the ground to my right. He seemed to be built kind of like a cartoon character ... "The Little King"., but his clothing was like armor plated also.

Then the scene faded and I realized it had been a vision, and we were in a room in my own home. I was still holding my husband's hand and he wasn't seeing what I had seen. He was scrubbing the floor with his other hand with a substance like blue kitchen cleanser. Other people were arriving with very somber looking faces .

I woke suddenly.


8-10-97 Dream: I was moving to a new place. In the new city, there was a church on a high hill. It was my intention to go there and volunteer to do work for it, but I hadn't done so yet. As the day went by, I met some people from the new place and they apologized to me because they had intended to recommend me to the Board of Directors to offices that hadn't been filled yet but they hadn't done so yet. The only good thing about it was that the Board of Directors hadn't met yet so it wasn't too late.

11-14-97 - DREAM - I was in my car driving, but had my feet on the ground. I pushed the car backwards once and ended up going really far East. I turned, pushed once more and went a little farther North. I was astonished how far the car would go with one push.

I got out of the car and went into an old building where there was a museum diorama of people like the Hittites and Akkadians fighting. I was seeing the names of the ancient Mesopotamian and Sumerian Gods listed as the fighting went on which was seeming more and more recent. My car outside was now a little red wagon and I had to take my baby home so put her in the wagon and heading south a couple blocks. I found myself in a sandy area.

There, I saw some dark helicopters land and as soon as they did, soldiers dressed in camaflage uniforms pulled the pins on hand grenades and jumped on board the choppers yelling at the top of their lungs in attack, threw the grenades inside and then ran like hell before the choppers blew up. I knew I was in Iraq and we were at war.


11-17-97 - DREAM - I was inside my house and I went to the first door on which hung my personal symbol on a string. It was two triangles, points facing left, intertwined with a candle standing up on the lower edge and going up through them.

They were hanging on an 18" string which made them too low to see properly.  

I looked into a mirror then to see my face. It was cartoonish and clownish. The face was too low to see my mouth.

I then went out to get into my car. It was black. At first I was not driving it. I sat in the back seat and a man drove it. After going a ways, I wanted to turn right, but there was a high wall on the right and we couldn't see that way.  Cross traffic from that direction was coming from that way too fast to make the turn safely.  

We stopped at that point and I saw some things on the highway next to the car which belonged to me that had fallen out the last time I had been through this way.. I asked the driver to pick up the window wiper which actually looked like a shoe horn. There were three other little black boxes but I didn't ask for those.

We went a couple more blocks straight ahead and I again asked to turn right. When we did, we had to go over some huge rocks. At that point I had to get out of the car and there was an old-old man there calling his hotel for messages. He told the operator his phone number was 000-000-0000.  When the operator answered, he had to give his password. It was 377-7777.  He explained to the other two men with him, "I could never remember my phone number when I traveled so they gave me this number instead.

I decided to continue driving at this point, but I was outside the car - alone. The driver had stayed behind with the old-old man and his companions.

The car, as it went farther along, got farther and farther away from me. I found that i was also at a fixed point with the old-old man.  I had to drive with one finger on the wheel tracking some red stuff that looked like fish food flakes.

My driving got more and more erratic as the car got farther away from me. I made a couple really bad left turns across traffic which I had to correct quickly.  Finally, I lost control completely.  The car turned right and I lost sight of it. It had gone too far right to see from my perspective o the corner with the old-old man.

I woke up and could only remember the dream if I faced right, the way I had been sleeping.  If I rolled over, face up or left, the dream was instantly gone out of my head. When I rolled back to the right, it came back in clearly. I experimented with that three times.  I was astonished at the experience.  I was certain that the old-old man was God in the flesh.  



Dee777: I was laying on the bed thinking about traveling to California for a vacation and driving up the coast, when a woman came and sat down on the bed with me, She appeared on my right side. She reached over to her right with her hand, and brought back a round crystal ball about an inch or more in diameter. It was sort of a crystal green. There was either a protrusion coming down from it or that was a shaft of light. She said, "What is this for? Self-protection? She flipped it over so the ball was still in her palm, but the protrusion/shaft of light went up through her fingers, She said, "This is the way you hold it to use it." As she faded from view, I felt a loud hum in my left ear and the blinds rattled,

JMason4557: Wow! What do you think it means?

Dee777: I don't know, but maybe I should look for a crystal ball like that.

JMason4557: Yes. Good idea. Can you tell me what the black woman in the dream looked like?

Dee777: Hmmm! I would say she was in her 30's or 40's. maybe about 5'5 of 5'6. Just a regular black person, normal weight .

JMason4557: Pretty? Do you remember her clothing?

Dee777: I don't recall anything special about her. No , she wasn't pretty ... very plain I would say. Short knee length dress, dark colored. Her hair was short ... I think with pickininy type braids or those braids they wear now ... about 3 inches long I think .

JMason4557: I think she is the Mother Goddess in this time cycle, like Kali has been appearing as a black woman.

10-5-97 - Dream - I had two dreams in which I was driving down a highway inside the Sephiroth.
I saw 10 sign posts within it and read them all. The only word I can remember is "Supernal".

NOTE: Supernal means "from, or as though from the heavens or the sky; celestial, heavenly, or divine.



I am standing in a palazzo somewhere in Italy, most likely Italy because of the architecture of the building and the very narrow streets. Is is a bright sunny day and there are hundreds of people all around me, all classes of people, not street or homeless people, people of all nationalities.

Interpretation: (This stands for mankind in general)

They are well groomed and dressed bright festive clothing. The crowd is not a packed crowd, people are able to easily move about without bumping into one another. There are lots of smiles and laughter.

Interpretation: (This means there is nothing ominous in the dream. There is no fear or worry.)

Everyone is comfortable being who they are and where they are. Everyone seems to be where they are supposed to be for the moment)

I am watching these people pick up items from the ground and then throw a penny in the air toward a Tibetan Monk in saffron robes, as payment for each article.

Interpretation: (There is freedom in this scene, people are picking up spiritual truths where they find them. Everything has value and there is tradition that when you receive you also give in return. This is what gives everything value. ) (You have not described what these items are)

To my left is an ancient cathedral. The right side of the cathedral has been sheered off completely (like a slice of cake) and is laying unbroken in the street.

Interpretation: (Note: Left is negative. The building has been opened for you, (on the right side which is positive) for you to see inside. It is not necessarily from an earthquake. The church is most likely from the Catholic religion since it is a Cathedral. Ancient means that it's truths are old and from the past. )

I can see right into all the floors of the church and it is so tightly packed with 'Things' (your emphasis) that they are continuously falling out of the church for people to pick up, as they choose. I see jewels, money, thick briliant velvet robes, ornate crosses and ancient icons, statues of saints, oriental carpets, carved and guilded furniture, gowns by Versachi and clothing by Armani, ancient sacred relics and more.

Interpretation: (You see things you would expect to find in a church that has real value. Jewels represent spiritual truths. The rest are 'Things', those that have no 'real' value to the soul. People seem to have free choice in this activity as well, but those who pick up the 'things' are not learning 'truth's, they are only getting 'Things' without value to the soul.)

I think out loud as I watch in amazement the scenes going on around me. "This is unreal, 1 cent for anything, even anything that belonged to St. Francis of Assisi, just look at all that stuff falling out of the building, there must be tons!"

Interpretation: (Question: Were the people throwing money to the monks for what was coming out of the church?)

(Actually, dreams ARE real. What you see is actually what IS going on all over the world. People ARE paying money and with their souls to get what is in the Cathedral (church) It only seems like a small amount of money. In ancient tradition, the coin symbolizes the soul. )

Pennies were flying through the air toward the monks walking randomly through the groups of people. A monk was standing to the right and a little in front of me, he had turned toward me when I was thinking out loud, he also wore the saffron robes of the Tibetan monks but I noticed that he and all of his brothers wore thick gold bands on each arm and all had very long fingernails which had just begun to slightly curve under at the tips.

Interpretation: (To the right is positive. We also note that we are in the age of iron and that we are moving into the age of gold. )

Every fingernail was encrusted in jewels, on the top and underneath each nail.

Interpretation: (Jewels are spiritual truths. Because these jewels were encrusted on the outside and inside of the nails shows that they did not get them with physical labor but without physical effort. Monks spend much time in meditation and truths also come in dreams and visions.)

As the monk turned turned toward me I noticed he had something in his hands - cupped in his hands like one would do to take a drink of water from a spring - he smiled and bowed slightly, proffering what he held. It was a rectangular belt buckle faced upward, a penny flew through the air and landed in the middle of the buckle and the monk smile happily, his eyes alight with obvious delight as he handed me the buckle.

Interpretation: (The monk is offering you a gift and there is no cost to you...the penny is given to you with the gift. If the penny symbolizes the soul, you have not given it away, it is returned to you with the gift. Ancient symbolism of this particular shape is something that is hidden. Also, since you see the bottom of the buckle and not the top, it represents the fact that you are seeing something that is usually hidden. A buckle also is under your own control to open or close at will. A buckle is used on a belt, which holds up something, usually a sword, a gun, a tool belt, or just your pants, (your foundation garment) but it separates the lower half from the upper half, the animal nature from the spiritual nature.)



Isis, the Black Virgin

The Magician

"The earliest representations of Isis depict her crowned with the throne, this is correct. The horned disk was Hathor's symbol and only merged with the Isian headgear in later dynasties. The symbols of Isis are the throne, the tat, knot or buckle, and the sustrum [rattle]. She shares the latter with Hathor and Bast. Her color is clear sky blue."

- Murray Hope, Practical Egyptian Magic


From "Who's Who In Egyptian Mythology," by Anthony S. Mercatante (page 75) -

"In Egyptian art Isis is usually portrayed as a woman wearing the vulture headdress, and holding a papyrus scepter in one hand and the ankh, symbol of life in the other. Her symbol is the Thet, the knot or buckle of Isis, which is a sign of life and blood. Her crown is composed of a pair of horns with a solar disk between them, sometimes surmounted by a throne, called "set, (the goddess's name is "Aset" in Egyptian). Isis is also shown wearing the double crowns of the south and north, with the feather of Maat attached at the back; in another variation, her headdress consists of the horns and the solar disk, with two plumes. The horns are usually the cow-goddess Hathor, although less frequently they are ram's horns under the double crown to associate Isis with her counterpart Osiris, who was represented by the ram of Mendes."




by Bryon

Message from Heaven 3/23/98

It was a dark night. Father was driving the boat. We were going up a river. Father had something to show me. He said a flying-saucer had been sighted up the river. There was something important their he had to show me.

Quickly we moved through the night over the flowing water without lights. I searched for dangers in the water but I could not see clearly. Father could see clearly and knew player he was going. Soon I could see the outline of an observatory in the distance upon a hill. As we came near and I could see more clearly something  happened. I found myself inside the observatory with father and another man. I was then shown a set of images of the U.F.O. as it flew down and around the observatory. On the second or third pass around the observatory something was dropped from the disk shaped craft. I told them to play the video over freezing the frame at the point where the object was dropped. I then showed them that something had been dropped from the craft. The other man said I was correct and he handed me a rolled up mailer. I saw it was addressed to me and I opened it. There was a small piece of paper inside upon which there was handwriting in pencil. On the note it said "Be with your family on 12-12".

Now I found myself in a study with desk and books. I held a clipboard in my hands, it had a legal pad on it. I had a pencil in my hand. I was trying to figure out the meaning of the message. I was puzzled, deciding it must be a date in time I turned to my left and looked at the calendar. There was no 12-12 anywhere on the page. I lifted the page to see the next month. I was shocked see their were no more days. There were only empty boxes where the numbers should have been.

Then I found myself in my car driving down the road to a large building. This building reminded me of a hospital though I can’t be sure of that. Many vehicles were pulling into the parking lot. People were getting out and going to the building. A very long line had formed in front of what looked like a ticket booth. I held my note over my head and yelled, " how many of you have received a note like this one." One woman in the entire crowd held up her hand to show me her note. Then she started walking toward an open doorway positioned to the left of the long line. I followed her into the building.

Inside the building we found ourselves in a large room with some other people. I asked the woman what is the meaning of all this. She said she did not know but she was going to try to find out.


This dream contains a special message from heaven.

Father = God

this boat = Fathers business

U.F.O. = sign from above/heaven the message itself represents literal symbol

Observatory = simply saying "observe this"

U.F.O. made several circles around the observatory. Circles = cycles.

These are frequently things that are repeated at certain times.

Trying to learn meaning = literal

No more days on calendar = end of ages

12-12 = My birthday is the 12 month on the 12 day. Other things may also apply to the numbers we have seen in this dream. There was something between the 12 and the second 12 on the paper. It may have been a symbol like a * or a + or - or / or something. This was the reason I was trying to calculate the meaning of the numbers in the dream. The same thing happened after I awakened. I am still pondering the meaning of the dates and I realize my birthday is also relevant. As with many dream symbols it may also correspond with another event.

Be with your family = physical family or spiritual family? I had this dream just before we went to a birthday party with relatives. I think it may be possible the dream was simply speaking of the birthday event. But why would it use such symbols as father the boat the observatory and especially the U.F.O.?



6-4-98 - DREAM - This was a dream within a dream. It started with me driving my car north on Calhoun Rd. (New Berlin, WI. ) My car had a computer in it. I couldn't drive the car at the same time. If I was typing on the computer, I couldn't see the steering wheel and I was afraid I'd go off the road, so I'd reach for the wheel which it wouldn't appear unless I stopped thinking about the computer. Then I'd grab the wheel and steer and the computer would disappear from view. Then I'd go back to typing and the steering wheel would disappear. This happened several times.

Finally, I went to grab the steering wheel and it wasn't there. Finally, it appeared, but the wheel was locked and the car was headed off the road into a ditch.

(Sounds like  driving with a cell phone and texting while driving)  In the United States, text messaging is very popular; as reported by CTIA in December 2009, the 286 million US subscribers sent 152.7 billion text messages per month, for an average of 534 messages per subscriber per month. The Pew Research Center found in May 2010 that 72% of U.S. adult cellphone users send and receive text messages

I woke up in the dream at my apartment building in Milwaukee. Becky (my daughter-in-law) or someone like her came to visit and dragged me outside and across the slippery dark street. She insisted that we were going to go to a bar and get drunk. We managed to cross the street, but then I pulled away. Becky continued on to the bar, but I crossed the street and went back home. In my hand, I had several keys. The two prominent ones were a gold mailbox key and a big square headed high security key which was pure gold. I climbed 4 flights of stairs to my floor. On the 4th floor, an old woman like Zora (Joe's grandmother) (see http:/ was standing there and had just given a big blue box to my neighbor for her children to put toys in. Mentally, I thought, I would really like that box myself.

The old woman had two large blue hampers full of clothes to be washed. One of them had fallen over. I picked it up for her and woke up.

Immediately, I heard a phone ring in my ear. I saw a web page that said, "Wall Street Journal application."

DREAM - 7-13-98 - I met my mother on the way to go shopping. My father had told her to go to the doctor. (My real mother is 82 years old and has never driven a car in her life) In the dream, my mother was in her early 30's and was driving the car and I was a passenger.

We got to a street where the road went up and around a curve to the left with a railing on the outside edge and I knew that the ocean was on the other side.

My mother refused to drive up that curving road with the railing, so she stopped in a grocery store parking lot to make a U turn and go back home. Where we turned around, I thought it looked familiar but I knew it probably wasn't.

So, we went back to the apartment building where I lived and went upstairs to the 3rd floor.

My mother went into an apartment (not mine) and lay down on a cot where she didn't know the people. she was very depressed that she wasn't able to do what my Father had told her to do.

I said to her, "C'mon Missy! You have things to do!"  But she didn't get up, so I had to go get the baby which was in another apartment and change his diaper. (I'm assuming it was my baby)

When I first picked him up, I recall that he was bare butted, and I just needed to put a diaper on him, but when I laid him on my King sized bed. Where I laid him down, a big bloody watery spot developed under him.

I knew he was overly wet and would probably even need a bath. He was now wearing a pajama type suit with feet. I moved him to another spot over to the right which became equally stained with watery blood.

So, I moved him to a third spot  (these made a triangle of bloody water spots) I went to remove his pajama suit and saw that there was no zipper on the front, so I rolled him over and unzipped the suit. It was all bloody and watery.

I sat him up to take his suit off and as the suit came off, his tongue came out of his mouth like a huge blood clot.  I got pretty grossed out and upset, but I then saw it was just his tongue and as I pulled his suit down off of him, gushes of bloody water poured out onto the floor.

I was really scared to find out that there was something wrong with the baby.  Then the baby spoke. He said, "It's just the amniotic fluid."

Then I realized I wasn't just changing his clothes, he was being born.

NOTE: Dreams of babies being born generally means new ideas or new projects being started.

End of dream


9-26-98 - DREAM - I was faced again with every moral dilemma I had been through as an adult, either through facing it myself or seeing it occur in my children and trying to help them out.

In the dream I was much younger and my daughter was about 10 years old. My daughter had stolen quite a few colored markers and was about to get caught because the cops from the school were looking for the stolen goods. My first thought was to save her from punishment by taking the colored markers to where I worked where they had other colored markers just like them. But then I thought, "What if they stopped my car and found them, then it would look like I took them myself." Then she showed me that she had taken several silver pens and all those pens had the number 110 on them. I knew I couldn't hide those because the number 110 was so unique to that school. Then, she showed me that she had actually taken the whole tool box not just the small things. I went out to the garage to look if there was a way to hid the theft as the cops had a record of everything that had been stolen and there was no way out of being punished for the crime. She would have to put everything back and pay the price.

While I was outside, I saw many strange things that my husband had done in the yard. There were 3 green cabbages growing in the grass, he had built a concrete car that could go nowhere, and he had built a bathtub in the yard and connected it with hot and cold running water but it couldn't be used because there were too many people around all the time. There were many other thing he had done as well. Even though I didn't feel I could praise his ingenuity, I knew I couldn't criticize what he had don even tough I wouldn't have done the same things because he had his own mind and thought he was doing some good and creative.

My husband's best friend was there and making passes at me. I was greatly attracted to him and my husband hardly noticed I was there. His friends attentions made me feel really good about myself.

I took the car to go on an errand to get something for my children. The way was uphill on a snowy road and there was a lot of traffic. Someone up ahead tried to stop and I put my foot on the brake but the car actually went faster and I bumped into the car ahead of me. Every time I tried to stop and my foot on the brake and slow down, I'd go faster and bump into someone else and cause them to swerve or perform strange maneuvers so they wouldn't bump into other people. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't slow down and was so out of control. I finally looked down at my feet and was shocked to see that I didn't even have my foot on the brake, I had it on the accelerator.

I immediately put my foot on the brake, and practically stood on it so I could get the car under control. The way the brake worked was to send a racheted runner out ahead of the car to slow it down. It was light blue. I stood on the brake so long, the brake ran out of ratchet and completely broke down. (Joe says this is a rack and pinion arrangement)

A repair man came to take my car away from me and my husband and his best friend came to rescue me and take me back home. Back home again, my husband again ignored me and his best friend again made passes at me and asked me to go cross country skiing with him. I tried to ignore him and didn't acknowledge the offer.

Bedtime came and both men went upstairs. I felt I needed to profess my thankfulness for being rescued from my poor driving behavior earlier in the day, so I went into my husband's bedroom. There were two beds in the room. My husband was not on his bed but his best friend was laying on his bed.

Then I saw a long lump wrapped up on the floor between the beds and guess that it was my husband hiding in the blankets to see what I would do to thank his best friend for the rescue. I went over and uncovered my husband and thanked him for rescuing me, and though I felt guilty for it, I did not say "Thank you" to his best friend.

I realized that though I appreciated the attention and admiration from the best friend and could enjoy his presence, I had to be loyal to my husband first of all.

NOTE: The first thing I thought of when I awoke was, "How can I stand in judgment on President Clinton when I've done so much wrong in my own life?"


10-11-98 - DREAM - It started out on a computer needing to be able to sort people's names out so that one could tell if they were an ET, an abductee, or just a person with no experience. I know how why I needed to know this.

Then I was in a building with quite a few people I knew. I realized I needed to clean it to perfection and while I did that, someone made fun of me for being slow and methodical, as I started on one end and worked my way around the room. I got over to the window and started to take down the curtains to wash them, but not only that, I wanted everyone to be able to see our friend David leap out the 4th floor window as a demonstration. He would be wearing a harness for safety in the demonstration and this was worth seeing him do this.

When I took the yellow flowered curtain down, my friend Michele came over and showed me that there was a dance dress exactly like the curtains and sure enough when I turned the curtain over, there was my old dance dress I had loved so much. So, I threw that in the wash load too.

Someone had been down in the basement and brought up two jars that were broken that had canned tomatoes in them. The jars were cracked and the juice had leaked out but the tomatoes were still in them. the jars were odd shaped more like flower vases. We were going to have to throw them away.

Someone else brought in some freshly harvested pumpkins with faces on them. She said that people only wanted to accept a certain kind like Valencia or something like that. they were flat on one side and looked like people's heads and were decorated with seed beads or something that made them look like faces. I had a different kind that looked similar but weren't Valencia. I thought those were just as could and you could hardly tell the difference.

Another person then showed me that there were empty canning jars and preserving equipment up on top of cabinets by the ceiling. He volunteered to help get them down.

Down in the basement, I found a lot of empty boxes, some were battered and some were good. Michele said she needed to the good ones for moving. (Michele is really moving soon) so I set those aside for her and the bad ones we thought to throw away. There was nothing in them.

Then we were leaving and in the car there were also things we needed to clean out and throw away. I was in the back seat and a man was driving...a friend but seemed to be on the side of 'evil' in life. He found a double headed axe in the glove compartment and I took it and hid it under the front seat by my feet in the back for protection just in case....

We were about to make a left turn and I had 3 pieces of iron in my hand like a payment to do this. They were odd shaped and felt good to hold them. I saw there was a motorcycle in front of us and one behind us and it seemed that we heeded to throw the iron pieces out the left window like ballast or something in order to make the left turn safely.

white horse

12-24-98 - DREAM - I was driving a brand new car, driving east on Grange
I knew I was dreaming and saw ahead of me a white horse galloping and a boy with his dog. I thought to myself, "I hope they aren't going to make me hit them." But I was in control and I made a right turn onto 111th St. I couldn't go far because there were two trees fallen into the road. I could have driven around the trees but called F11 for each of the trees on my cell phone. I made U turn and drove west on Grange Ave. I experienced the smooth bumpless ride and the great feel of being in this new car. I saw that the sun had gone down and all the busses and cars going east had their lights on. I turned on my lights as well, and saw the reflection of my  lights on those cars.  But, I was careful not to turn on the brights so I wouldn't blind the oncoming cars. by Dee


6-26-99 - DREAM - Joe and I were in a car. Joe was driving and we were on a busy street that came to a Y intersection. It was a Y that leaned over to the right. The left hand part of the Y was straight ahead. Our intention was to go straight ahead. A beautiful dark haired woman was driving alongside us in the lane to our immediate left. I looked over at her and she looked over at me and smiled. She was beaming a huge smile and I smiled back. She looked so familiar but I couldn't think what her name was. She began pulling over in our direction and Joe immediately countered by equally swerving to the right. She continued to move to the right, forcing us to continue to the right as well. Finally, we were both going down the right turned street and she continued coming towards us forcing us all the way to the curb. I don't know what made her stop, but finally we were both stopped. She was still beaming this huge smile at me.

We all got out of our cars. Hers was still immediately to our left, not one inch closer than it had originally been due to Joe's skillful driving.

I asked her if she was all right and she asked if we were all right. She right on smiling. She came over and we hugged. I still thought I knew who she was but still couldn't think of her name.

We were going to part company at this point and I was sitting on her left. She stood next to me and i had my arm around her, telling her, "I hope you drive home safely. Drive safely for your kids. Drive safely for your Mother. Drive safely for me."  She continued to smile and agreed.

Joe then said, "I think I should anoint you!"  She got to her knees at my feet and Joe got to his knees beyond her, with her rather sandwiched between our knees. She bowed her head and Joe opened a bottle which was white with a wide top (kind of like a deodorant or shampoo container) It had a blue liquid fluid in it, and he began to pour it on the top and back of her head.  She had her hands over her eyes; I had my hand on her head along with Joes and I saw that he was wearing a large gold ring with a huge round topped red ruby on it.

He said some words that weren't English. I don't know what language, but I'm thinking it was some form of Native American Indian. When he was done, she stood up, all smiles like before.

She stood to my left and we were holding hands. She said to me, "We should call each other on the phone."  I agreed and remembered I still didn't know who she was and that I should ask her to write down her name and phone number.

At that point, two very tall men came up, about 7 feet tall. One was dark haired and one was light haired. It seems to me they were wearing like yellow colored leather like deer skin, but I'm not sure in my memory.

There was a discussion about whether which man had the better feeling/aura/spirituality. She chose one of them. I'm thinking it was the light haired one, but the men were together, came together, and were leaving together.  She said to them, "Remember my name is Beverly Beehun."

Now I knew what her name was, but I still didn't know who she was. I never knew anyone by that name. Yet I recognized her face, and her smile and knew we loved each other like 'sisters of the heart.'

Dee said the branches of the willow come down toward the ground, and the cedar branches go straight up. This may have a "Heaven and Earth" symbolism. The bloodline of Pharez, the willow of earth, ended with the fall of Jerusalem. Jeremiah's mission was to marry one of the daughter's of the Pharez line to a son from the Zerah line. This is like combining the two lines into one.

Suddenly, it hit me, the two bloodlines of the Lion of Judah, the willow and the cedar..ARE the two trees that stand up in Revelations 11:11 !!!!!

NOTE: After dwelling on these tree symbols, Joe and I both realized a strange coincidence that has happened since we moved in together. In the first house we lived in there were two Willow trees next to the house. In the second house we live in now, there are two Cedar trees in front of it.

by Dee


7-1-99 - DREAM - First I was talking with a design engineer and then e-mailing him about a new house I was designing for me and Joe.

Then Joe and I were in our brand new car, driving out in the country. The freeway was wide and newly paved ... really black. I said to him, "I thought you didn't believe in UFOs!" He said, "I never said that.!' and at the same time was making a huge, wide U-turn in the road.

I knew he had the car under control, but it was leaning way over from the speed of the turn. He got the car going the right way again when all of a sudden the car started to shimmy and shake and lurch. He quickly pulled off to the side of the road and ahead of us was a large sandy area that had no pavement. ... it was like those hard packed areas are before the pavement is laid.

However, instead of being flat there were water filled low spots and it looked wet though it was the dry season.

We got out of the car, and I said, "A new car isn't supposed to shimmy and shake like this even on an unpaved road." Joe looked in the owner's manual of the car and it said something to the effect that there were no guarantees. At this point, the ground shook so violently, it threw me to my knees. As I picked myself back up, another car came speeding by and somebody hollered out, "Why don't you drive more carefully!"

Joe went to the car and got the Polaroid camera out and came around the car to take my picture. I said, "I don't take a good picture!' Joe said, "Just put your lips together and give me a big grin!" The he snapped my picture. I looked at the picture and I looked like I was 12 years old with long straight hair and I had one strand wrapped around my finger like a 12 year old child would.



by Dee Finney

NOTE: This dream occurred before midnight, actually on the 8th. Joe and I had been discussing weird events in our lives during the past two years.... seemingly ET events, implanted dreams, visions, strange lights and sounds. The dream following occurred within minutes of that discussion.

11-9-99 - DREAM - Joe and I were in a house somewhere in California, we were discussing events which had occurred and prophecies of events to come.

We then went out to a car and continued the discussion in the car. We were driving along a two lane highway, headed downhill toward the ocean which seemed to be rising and coming over the road as it made a left turn around a large rock up ahead. It would have had to be the Coast Highway.

I heard a double beep sound like a big truck was passing us from behind, however when I looked behind us I didn't see anything.

I looked ahead and wondered if there was a place to pull over and stop.

Just then, an overwhelming shaking started, the air started to go black, and I felt like I and Joe were flying backwards and upwards in the air, inside the car.

I started screaming, "What's happening?" but no sound was coming out of my mouth.  I was screaming too loud for my throat to even comprehend what I was asking of it.

As I woke up screaming I could still feel the tremendous shaking of my body inside the dream, but I was conscious enough to know it was not my physical body and I was not having an epileptic attack or something.  There was also no shaking of the bed... all the movement was inside the dream.

It was so violent, I knew that it was far more dangerous than the earthquake house I had seen demonstrated on television just last week. In the show, the earthquake demonstration was shaken at a 5.0 level and then an 8.0 level.  I couldn't believe how destructive it was.

Compared to that, the shaking I experienced in the car in the dream was a 10+.

I told Joe about the dream and we both went back to sleep. In the following dream, I was creating a web page about the earthquake dream.  Sandwiched in between two sections of the page there were drawings of two seal outlines.  One was facing left and one was facing right.  They were right above each other but going in opposite directions.

After I got up, I looked in the Book of Revelation to see what the second seal was.  There is no comparison of events at all.  So, the two seals refers to something else.

The visual impression of the two seals may indicate the amount of slippage between one tectonic plate and the other as well as the compression of the plates one atop the other.

This is a guess!!!!  


When the LAMB broke the "First Seal," the first, or "Lion-like Living Creature" cried with a voice of thunder--"COME." The words "and see" are omitted in many manuscripts, and in the Revised Version. John had no need to "come" for he was already there. The command then of "Come" was to the "Rider" of the White Horse. When he appeared, John says--"And I saw, and behold a WHITE HORSE; and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer."

Who is the "Rider" upon this White Horse? He is not Christ, as some claim, for Christ, as the LAMB, is holding the "Seven Sealed Book" and breaking its "Seals." Christ does not appear as a White Horse Rider until chapter 19:11-16, when He comes with the armies of Heaven to engage in the Battle of Armageddon. Then He is called "Faithful and True," and on His head there is a many "Diademed Crown," and He is clothed in a vesture dipped in blood, and His name is called the "WORD OF GOD," and there is no weapon of warfare in His hand, but a sharp sword comes out of His mouth, and the effect upon His enemies will he swift and terrible.

This "Rider" has a "bow," no arrow is mentioned, and he is not crowned at first, but a crown will be given to him later, the "Stephanos" or "Victor's Crown," as a reward for his victories which are prolonged and bloodless. This is the picture of a brilliant, strategical, and irresistible conqueror, whose victories will dazzle the world, and elevate him to a leadership that will place him at the Head of the

Ten Federated Kingdoms of the revived Roman Empire. As a subaltern, like Napoleon I, he will rise from the ranks until a crown will be given him. His triumphs will be due to his skilful diplomacy. Like Antiochus Epiphanes, his prototype, he "will come in peaceably, and obtain the Kingdom by flatteries." Dan. 11:21. As the "Tool of Satan" he will be endowed with wonder working powers, and when he comes, he will find the world ready to receive him, for God will send upon its inhabitants a "strong delusion" that they will believe a LIE, or "THE LIE," for that is what he will be. 2. Thess. 2:9-11.

In other words this White Horse Rider is the ANTICHRIST. He is the "PRINCE WHO IS TO COME" of Daniel's Vision of the "Seventy Weeks," and who will confirm the Covenant for "ONE WEEK," the last or "Seventieth Week," with Daniel's people the Jews. Dan. 9:27. This Covenant will probably be the privilege to return to Palestine and rebuild the Temple and re-establish their sacrificial form of worship, and national existence, in exchange for the financial assistance of the Jewish bankers of the world in his schemes of establishing world wide commerce, and the formation of a gigantic corporation, with its commercial centre in the rebuilt city of Babylon, so that no one can buy or sell unless they have his "MARK," (the "Mark of the Beast," Rev. 13:16-17), for we are told in Dan. 8:23-25, that "through his policy also he shall cause CRAFT (manufactories) to prosper in his hand."

The rise of this White Horse Rider necessarily antedates the beginning of the "Seventieth Week," or the "SEVEN YEARS" of his reign, for he must have reached a position of power to make a Covenant with the Jews at the beginning of the "WEEK," but he does not become "THE BEAST," as described in chapter 13:1-8, until the "Middle" of theWEEK, that is, until after Satan is cast out of the Heavenlies and incarnates himself in him. His rise to power and the rebuilding of Babylon will take time, so the Rapture of the Church will doubtless antedate the beginning of the WEEK by some years.


There is no need to tarry long with this SEAL. When it was broken John heard the second, or "Calf-like Living Creature" say, "Come," and a "RED HORSE" appeared and went forth, whose Rider was given a "GREAT SWORD," and who had power to take peace from the earth, and cause men to kill one another. The symbolism is very clear. Red, the color of the Horse, is a symbol of BLOOD, and the Sword is a symbol of WAR. The time is clearly that prophesied by Christ--"And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars . . . for nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom." Matt. 24:6-7. This seems to imply that the Antichrist will not have everything his own way, and that his Autocratic methods will lead to insubordination and civil wars among the nations under some great leader represented by the Rider of the Red Horse, whose "Great Sword" is symbolical of the awful destruction of human life that will follow.

This is a fulfillment of 1. Thess. 5:3. "When they shall say PEACE and SAFETY; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape." We learn from this "Seal" that wars are likely to break out at any time and that there will be no peace on the earth until the return of the "Prince of Peace."






1-15-99 - DREAM

There was a dog tied to the right side of the horse, also carefully harnessed. The woman was driving the car which seemed to be motorized but the horse and dog were pulling it too. I recalled the cliche, "Don't put the cart before the horse."

The dream started with me in the house with my husband who decided in mid-day that he wanted to make love. He got down on all fours on the floor like a dog, playfully.The timing was all wrong. There were glass doors on our room and the room across the way also had a glass door so my son Tom could see us.

Also, the maintenance man named Jim came and lay on the bed behind me to take a nap. Two other maintenance men were in the kitchen but there was no wall between the head of the bed and the kitchen so they could see in too. I squirmed out of my husband's clutches and went over to my dresser where I was trying to balance many little perfume bottles in a small container without knocked a box of lightbulbs off onto the floor.

I went outside to do an errand which I can't remember. As I was walking down the street, the cart I drew above came by. It had just come down from up north. The woman was driving the horse with reins and a whip. she was dark haired, peasant-like, and two children were in the cart with her. The cart was unique in that it had a triangular cage around the horse that went way out in front of the horse so that it was enclosed in the cage. Alongside the horse, a reddish colored dog was harnessed to its right side. The cage had a top on it like a surrey and there was a big wheel on top of the cage as well, with flags flying. It seemed like they actually lived in this horse drawn cage, but I could hear a motor running so it seemed like the cart was actually motor driven and th house was just for show.

The cart was very unstable, running down the left side of the road besides. There were many dogs in the street. I saw at least two dead dogs laying in the street with red leashes around their necks like they had run away. Other dogs were sniffing and eating on their bodies.

Three dogs were running alongside me on the left. One was black lab, one red Irish setter, one light tan Collie.  all three dogs wanted to be with me. The black labrador was closest and actually wrapped his body around behind my legs and when I put my hand down in front of his face and hollered, "Heel!" He sucked on my little finger. I continued to holler "Heel!" to control the dogs as I crossed the street to go home for lunch.

I only allowed the tan collie to go into the house with me. The other two had to stay outside. I ran up seven steps in the hallway up to the kitchen door. My little daughter was sitting on the floor cutting a picture out of a magazine or book. I said, "Did you start lunch without me?"  I picked her up and placed her on a high pedestal type structure. In her hands was the picture. It was a house, shaped with a triangle on the upper left. (There were some marks inside the picture similar to a stock chart like I had seen before I went to sleep) I thought of using the scissors to trim the picture more carefully than she had.

The dream voice message said, "Do you remember Poe and Hague?"  Poe appeared as a triangle and Hague appeared as a spoked wheel.




1-9-00 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building and taking care of several children. My cousin Shirley was with me and she went home, taking her youngest daughter with her, but the left the boys with me. There was also another woman and her daughter.

We didn't seem to have a TV and I was trying to keep the boys entertained by reading to them. The woman and her daughter were both bored, so I allowed the daughter to go visit a friend in the building after I told her to telephone the girl first. The girl was going to just go out and knock on doors to find someone to visit, but I told her that if I was still Manager, and someone called me that they were being bothered by someone knocking on all the doors, I would have one big fit. They were going to write the girls phone number down for me, but I don't recall seeing it on the piece of paper they presented to me before the girl left.

The mother, who was dressed in a pink dress was really bored so I suggested I knew several single men who would be pleased to go out with her, and she said she would enjoy that. She was laying on a couch of some kind at the time. I looked at the clock. It was then 10:30 p.m.

I had to look for the men's phone numbers and the problem was I had several phone books so it took me awhile. I figured it would be a simple thing to go out since we were living in a building that had it's own mall attached with a bar and dancing and everything. One never had to leave the building and get cold or wet. One didn't even need a coat.

I saw a guard in uniform outside the window. He was checking things to make sure we were safe. We assured him that the boys and I were fine.

The daughter then came back, carrying all my mail from Sunday's delivery. It was immense, voluminous envelopes, folders, and ancient books with records that went way back in time. All this was to keep records on people for years on their income and taxes, etc. It seems my job was to keep track of everyone forever or something.

The daughter and her mother who was then returned home, said I should look up one of their relatives. The person's name was "Penultimate" and it was in the red folder. So, I started to look for the Penultimate name.

Somehow the scene changed and I ended up in a dark car that was hurtling down the highway with the guard and the boys and the guard was talking into a pager like he was announcing the news or our position. I couldn't figure out how he was doing that since he wasn't connected by wire or by phone. The guard, the boys and I were all in the back seat of the car. I don't know who was driving.

The scene switched again and I was looked at bright shiny red writing on a darker red background like a web page. The words I was looking at all started with the letter "A". Some were just words and some were names. I didn't see what I wanted in "A" and thought perhaps I needed the word 'color'. I started to scroll down the page towards the letter "C" and woke up.

NOTE: I was laying in the dark alone, but was seeing wild flashes of color through the cracks in the door out in the livingroom. Joe wasn't in bed and I hollered for him and he didn't answer. I jumped out of bed and opened the door to see the TV flashing wild colored pictures of travel scenes of the ocean with no sound playing. (salt water?) (I'm starting to look for coincidences in events)


3-18-00 - (I wasn't going to bother writing this one down but my brain won't let me forget it, so here goes)

DREAM - I was in a small city somewhere, planning to make a trip to South America with some other people. I was driving a yellow car and had four young teens boys with me, and I was following a small red car that had two men in it. We were all going to fly to South America, but first we had to travel to another city in order to do that.

It was an adventure and I don't know why we were going to South America. The red car got way ahead of us, and my son Michael was sitting on the dashboard on the right side and I was driving from the backseat on the right side. I could hardly see past Michael on the dashboard and had to keep looking around him to see where the red car was going. The red car finally went up a hill and disappeared and I gave up trying to follow it.

It didn't really matter anyway because we couldn't fly until we got to a city and it didn't matter what city it was. So, we were making right and left turns on the adventure knowing that eventually we would come to a city where we could fly from.

Meanwhile, I came to an intersection and was going to make a right turn and noticed that a black woman was driving a car right towards me and that there was a tiny little girl standing on the curb on my right who was waiting for that woman who was her mother.

The black woman drove her car in front of me which I had now stopped to allow this to happen so that she could get her little girl. I was glad that I hadn't insisted on the right of way and kept going because the little girl was in great danger there.

Once the black woman pulled up on the sidewalk behind the little girl, the girl ran across the street and on down the block to another driveway to meet someone else. I hollered after her to be careful and it appeared that she would be all right.

I don't recall that I waited for her to come back, but I then went to a house/motel type place where we were stopping for the night. At that point I was taking care of someone elses children and the men who had been in the red car were now in the backyard barbecuing and getting drunk.

It appeared that we weren't going anywhere soon.


3-19-00 - DREAM - I was at work. It was a Friday and it was my bosses last day. He was retiring. I didn't know him all that well as a boss, but had seen him around for years. I had just started this job. I wanted to learn a new task and he was showing me how to price parts for a big project out in the factory. The catalog I was using sold all kinds of stuff, not related to the factory, so I kept ripping out the pages that were for other things ... most were for outdoor furniture, and sporting equipment, camping sites, nothing related whatsoever. By the time I got down to the electrical parts I needed to price, there was only one sheet left. By then the boss said he had better things to do and said goodbye and left.

I had to go somewhere and I was driving half laying down in the front seat I realized after cars were going past on my right. I managed to sit up far enough so that I could see where I was and put on the brake with my left foot just enough so I didn't hit anyone while I was steering.

I ended up in the city where Mike and Lorna were marking off the high water mark when the city flooded . It marked the 9,000 foot mark. I made certain that I was standing on the right side of the mark so I didn't get my feet wet. They were going to test it first to make sure the high water mark was correct, so they connected a hose to the water system and turned it on.

I figured it was going to take a long time because they were living high on a hill and there was an entire valley below us that would be under water long before it got this high. Finally I decided I would go down to the end of the block and watch it fill the valley, but when I did I saw that there were people here that hadn't been told that the valley was going to be flooded.

There should have been plenty of time, but I decided to tell the people so at least they would know about it. So, I told the man sitting on the porch right next to where I was. He was talking on a cell phone. There were a lot of other people standing around too, so I just told the man politely that the valley was being flooded just so he would know. Instead of saying 'okay' or 'thanks' he started yelling at me for interrupting him on his business call.

All the other people just stood around and now I saw there were lots of children too. All of a sudden I saw the water come running up a hallway and it was already two inches deep. All these kids were just nonchalantly playing and nobody was paying attention. I don't know how the water got this high this fast. I hadn't seen it fill the valley first, but here was the water and we were all going to be trapped if we didn't hurry.

I helped the people get up the hill, mostly by grabbing the children by their clothing behind their necks and hurrying them along. I couldn't believe how fast the water came up. I didn't even have time to worry about the cats and dogs that were running around. They were going to have to swim for it. Those who didn't get warned were going to drown.




by Dee Finney

7-9-00 - DREAM - I don't know what city I was in.  I was with a man going somewhere along a sidewalk. There was two way traffic so we stayed to the right. We actually walked on the grass on the right and left the sidewalk to the people going the other way. I was telling the man that I could walk this way without even opening my eyes because the grass was so dark and the sidewalk was so white, I could tell where I was with my eyes closed.  I actually had my eyes open a tiny slit and was cheating but he didn't know that. However, we came to a wider place where it was all concrete and I had to open my eyes all the way or I couldn't see which way I was going.

On the road was a man riding a motorcycle with a baby on his back in a sling-type thing.  He had to cross a huge chasm to go to work. He was going the opposite direction than we were. The baby always sang while the man drove, but when they came to the chasm, the baby would cry out, "Mama!". This day the baby was crying out, "Mama" really loud and the man stopped the motorcycle so the baby would stop crying.

We were right there and he asked us if we would take care of the baby as he didn't feel right crossing the chasm and distressing the baby that much.  So, we agreed we would take the baby for him.

The man left then on his way to work, and we stopped at an Inn which was right there. We found out then that the baby sang songs at the Inn and his Mama came and asked us if we would stay so the baby could sing for us which would please him immensely.  We didn't want to take the time, however, we stayed, and the baby sang a pretty song about "Mary!"  We then found out that his Mama's name was Mary. All the baby's songs were about her.

As we left the building, we found out there was some kind of deal where you couldn't get in unless you had a Master key but if you didn't have the key you could knock and they'd have to look to see who you were and then decide whether they wanted to let you in or not.  As we were leaving, we accidentally kicked the key out the door. It was a long silver key.  I really didn't want to take the Master key as we didn't plan to come back to the Inn, but there was a man watching me and though I tried kicking the key back into the door with my foot and not take it, but with the man watching me, I had to pick the key up and take it with me.

We then went on our way towards the city and I went to a huge building that had a high dome on top of it and people lived way up near the top of the building.  There, I met a Master key technician who showed me a Master key blank  for this building which was gold and in the shape of a large square at the bottom.  I compared it mentally with the Master keys I was in charge of in Milwaukee which we used in our building outside doors. When I looked closely at the key the technician handed to me, one could see that it was hinged and could bend back against itself so it wasn't as wide as it first appeared. The whole key blank was there in duplicate. I showed him that I knew how the Master key worked and showed him how the Master keys looked that I was familiar with from the last apartment building I managed.  They were only half as wide but had that same large square bottom.

I then went on down the hallway inside the domed building to the other end where there was a maintenance worker sitting waiting for someone to come and inspect the building.

I was very impressed how beautiful it was outside the window where he was sitting; immense flower beds were right there. I couldn't see the door and assumed it was around a slight corner next to the window.

However, off to the side of this hallway which went sharply downward at this point, the floor of the dome went right on down to the bottom of the dome which was like a mirror reflection so to speak of the dome overhead, it went down to almost a point on the bottom where I could see a small circle from which the dome walls went upward.  The inside the building was built like a ball and we were inside of it.  The people lived above that on the outside of this globe.

The inspector came and I was standing off to the side and could hear them speaking about the roof of the dome and saw that it had cracked all the way across.  The inspector told the maintenance man that the first crack had come and they had just watched it zip across the ceiling and it wasn't dangerous so they had just paid "Mary" the owner ... $3,000,000 for the damage.

However, a new crack had just opened up and he took a long stick and I saw him reach way up to the top of the dome with a long stick and show the maintenance man that huge sections of the dome were now loose and he pushed against the concrete dome and it creaked ominously. I watched as huge portions of the dome pushed upward ... punky and soft like they could easily fall down ... like it was that water soaked into it from above.

I felt really afraid that the dome would collapse at some point and all those people would die when they fell into the open space where we were now standing because they didn't know how to fix the domed ceiling.  When it cracked, there was no stopping it, and there was no way to stop the seeping of the water which was damaging the domed ceiling either.  The further cracking and falling in of the ceiling was inevitable.  

I tried to envision how it could be fixed perhaps in small sections, but with all those people living above the dome ... it was feat way beyond my imagination.



- WORLD PEACE 2000 -

DREAM - 7-27-00

The dream started out dream-like at a bank. It seemed that I owed $100 to an account I had. Someone else said she needed some money and hundreds of people flipped her 50 cent pieces through the air, so I thought if I asked for money like that, I might get some too and pay off my $100 account.

So, I said to the crowd standing around, "Would someone care to flip me a coin also?"  Nobody did except a tall Russian man. He tossed me a coin that in comparison to a quarter I saw in someone elses hand that was 10 times the size. I looked at it and it was a coin used in commemoration and it said '100 years' on it.

I told him I needed to give him something in return and handed him a gold pocket watch. I said, "It probably doesn't work", but when he took it in his hand, it was working perfectly.

The dream switched then to where my husband was driving me to work and he pulled over to the curb of an apartment building I used to work at. He pulled up in reverse direction ... against traffic ... and just sat there, saying nothing.  It was quarter to 8 in the morning and there was no one on the street. We sat there so long, I finally said, "I guess I may as well go inside and pick up my mail if there is any."  

I pulled my keys out of my right coat pocket and somehow, numerous other keys also flew out of my pocket onto the street.  There was a ring of gold Master keys, and a ring of mailbox keys.

As I got out of the car to pick up my keys and go to the mailbox, suddenly I felt like I was in a lucid dream and knew I was dreaming, yet this was a dream within a dream and I told my brother who was now parked at the opposite curb that I knew I was in a lucid dream because I felt like I was awake and actually doing what I was doing.

I entered the building lobby where other women were standing around waiting until time for the bus to arrive to take them to work as well. I put my mailbox key into a box that looked like an alarm box. I saw it was stuffed with paper, so I began to pull it out. The paper was all folded up inside the alarm box, but when I pulled it out, it straightened out perfectly without a crease.  I pulled out 6 purple brochures and a brochure folder which was used to hold them - 7 pieces total. Each one was light purple background with darker purple background and they all said, "WORLD PEACE 2000" on them, and the instructions inside said that 'everyone needs to participate' and ' you'll come to believe in the butterfly effect'.

The women standing there asked if they could have a brochure and I began to hand them out ... I gave out all six brochures to these women, who as they began to talk to me, turned out to be Russian immigrants who worked at the same place I did.

I turned the brochure over to see where it came from. The return address was Hershey, Pennsylvania.  (That's where the main Hershey chocolate factory is.  Chocolate is considered to be 'the food of the God's and has been well known since ancient Mayan times)

I then went farther into the building because I decided to rent an apartment there. It wasn't time for the office to open, so I went inside a vacant apartment that was open for viewing. It was a bright yellow apartment.  I decided to rent it for 3 months, just enough time to do this new project for WORLD PEACE 2000.

Immediately after I woke up, I began to see a vision of a woman with bright red frizzy curly hair, dressed like women in the 1920's did in the silent movies.




by Dee Finney

9-2-00 - DREAM - I was with some people, mostly women who were going to start a new church. The inside of the church was beautiful, the walls painted Federalist blue with blue and gold wallpaper edging.

The church service was about to begin and the pastor of the church wasn't there yet. A friend of mine from high school named Jeanine and I were going to share playing the music for the service. Without the pastor, there could be no church service. Another woman who I used to work with came in the back of the church wearing a tan jacket and work clothes. She went to the wall to turn on the lights.  

There weren't very many people in the church and most sat in the back like in many small churches where the people don't like to participate in the service; they are just there because they feel they have to.

My friend and I decided that she would start playing the first hymn while we awaited the pastor's arrival. I would play the service itself once the pastor got there.  She started playing the music in a jerky way that I would have played differently, but I had another problem to deal with.

There was a young boy laying in a basket within a box, screaming and crying at the top of his lungs on the other side of the aisle on the left. I went over there to try to quiet him and there was no consoling him. I pulled his basket/box to the back of the church and picked him up to his feet.

I discovered that this crying boy was about 5'5" tall, a thin blond boy, his clothing and actual body in bloody shreds. He was speaking out loudly and crying hysterically against Thomas Jefferson at Monticello and his attitude against people, particularly his treatment of Indians and blacks.  

I picked up the boy and stood him on his feet and his shredded body and clothes were the worst site I've ever seen. I told him, "What you are speaking about happened over 200 years ago."  He continued to cry hysterically. I said, "Okay! If you feel that strongly about it, then there is a proper time and place to speak out about it!"

All of a sudden I found myself inside a car and a strong man was driving. He was going to make a left turn across a traffic lane into the driveway of a large city hall building, but another car was coming along quickly in the left lane.

He sped up faster to get out of the other car's way and I was afraid he was going to put on the brakes and make a left turn and cause an accident, but instead, he drove faster and faster towards the right as the road curved in that direction. I could feel the speed of the car as we made the curve at a greater than normal speed ... and woke up.

I, in turn, am giving that bloodied boy his voice to speak.

Thomas Jefferson 
- by Thomas Sully - 1821
Courtesy of the American Philosophical Society

Before I even start this article, everyone needs to know that Native American Indians practiced slavery on each other, long before Europeans arrived to practice it on them. For several tribes in the American Northwest, slaves constituted between l0 and l5 percent of the population. The Cherokee employed "slave catchers" to retrieve wounded combatants from other tribes, although the Cherokee preferred to kill enemies rather than take them captive. In some Indian tribes, slaveowners routinely killed large numbers of slaves in potlatch ceremonies to prove how wealthy they were.  

African blacks also practiced slavery in their own tribes as well as humans in all countries from as far back in written history that we've found.  There has never 'NOT' been slavery, but that doesn't make it right.

For a meaningful discussion of the development of civil rights in the United States, and the position of African Americans in particular, it is crucial that such matters are set straight. A preliminary note is in order. The question of civil rights and the question of race. It is often overlooked that the two issues are not necessarily related to each other; but in U.S. history, civil rights have been linked inextricably to the question of race indirectly by the author of the document which helped establish the country back in 1776. According to the Declaration of Independence, it is a self-evident truth "that all men are created equal"; however, when Thomas Jefferson wrote "men," he only meant white, upper middle-class males. 

Familiar Jefferson quotations

Popular conception has it that the United States was founded on Plymouth rock; the U.S. originate in the settlement founded in Massachusetts by the Pilgrim Fathers who came on the Mayflower in 1620. However, the Mayflower sailed for Virginia, where English settlers had been already struggling for a dozen years, surviving only with the help of Indians. And at Jamestown, Virginia, a Dutch ship had unloaded the first cargo of slaves in 1619 . . . the first Africans had arrived in North America a year before the Puritans ventured across the Atlantic. The colony in Virginia only grew profitable with the introduction of slaves. The economic system set up by the Virginia cavaliers was essentially feudal. It depended on cheap labor to work the large plantations . . . so much so, that in the first decades, the colonists took as slave whoever was to be had, whether white, red, or black. Whites were either recruited in English prisons or taken on as indentured servants . . . people who agreed to work for a plantation owner for a number of years in return for their transatlantic fare.

During the era, Benjamin Franklin published twenty-six treaty accounts and represented the state of Pennsylvania as an Indian commissioner. In the pre-Revolutionary period, when he and his friends were advocating a federal union of the colonies, no European model was found to be suitable. Franklin 's contact with the Iroquois influenced many key ideas for a new form of government federalism, equality, natural rights, freedom of religion, property rights, etc. At the 1744 treaty council, by Franklin 's account, Canassatego, speaker for the great council at Onondaga, recommended that the colonies form a union in common defense under a federal government: "We are a powerful Confederacy, and by your observing the same methods our wise forefathers have taken, you will acquire much strength and power; therefore, whatever befalls you, do not fall out with one another."

In arguing for such a plan, Franklin stressed the fact that the individual nations of the confederacy managed their own internal affairs without interference from the Grand Council.

Twenty years after Franklin 's plan was defeated at the Albany congress, it reappeared in the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation. Franklin, Jefferson, John Adams, and George Washington were all familiar with the Iroquois polity. There is also strong scholarly evidence that European philosophers such as Locke, Roussea, More, and Hobbes were familiar with the societies of the American Indians. The integration of this knowledge into their theories of utopias and natural societies further inspired the U.S. founding fathers.

The system of black slavery developed only gradually. The words "black" and "slave" became synonyomous by the 1750s. The harshness and brutality that our time associates with black slavery date from the nineteenth century; they are the result of a change in the plantation system. Near the end of the 18th century, it seemed as if that economic system had outlived itself. The first aim of the old planters had been self-sufficiency; cash crops for exportation had been cultivated only in addition. But the plantation economy was suffering; tobacco, the most profitable crop, had depleted the soil.

In 1753, Thomas Jefferson gave his Williamsburg private law practice to  Edmund Randolph so that he could devote his full attention to the growing rebellion.

During the summers of 1773 and 1774, several other groups of thirty to forty armed men each were also roaming through Kentucky and along the Ohio, surveying likely town sites for George Washington and other eastern speculators (of whom Jefferson was one) and provoking increasingly violent retaliation by the Shawnees and Cherokees.

Heckewelder, the Moravian missionary who visited the region in 1772-1773, recalled conditions on the frontier at the time: "The whole country on the Ohio river, had already drawn the attention of many persons from the neighbouring provinces; who generally forming themselves into parties, would rove through the country in search of land, either to settle on, or for speculation; and some, careless of watching over their conduct, or destitute of both honour and humanity, would join a rabble (a class of people generally met with on the frontiers) who maintained, that to kill an Indian, was the same as killing a bear or a buffalo, and would fire on Indians that came across them by the way;--nay, more, would decoy such as lived across the river, to come over, for the purpose of joining them in hilarity; and when these complied, they fell on them and murdered them.

See the Story of Logan - Before the Logan massacre, John Connolly, Lord Dunmore's man in Pittsburgh, had circulated an inflammatory statement falsely accusing the Indians of planning a general war. It was after this declaration of war that the massacre of Logan's family occurred. Historians and contemporary observers have intimated that the massacre of Logan's family was planned by Lord Dunmore or other Virginians with the expectation that the inevitable retaliation by Indian kinsmen would so terrorize the frontiers that Virginia would be forced to conquer the Shawnees and Delawares and terminate the presence of these tribes in Kentucky and western Pennsylvania.

In the early colonial days, slavery and the system of indentured servants were not confined to the South, but could be found north of the Mason-Dixon line as well . . . in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, even in New England. But the Northern economy grew more diversified and less dependent on slave labor, whereas the Southern economy remained predominantly agricultural and feudal.

Trappers and mountain men had been trading with native tribes for decades when Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1776. When he became the nation's third president, Jefferson pursued a policy of westward expansion: in 1803, the U.S. purchased the 828,000-square-mile Louisiana Territory from Napoleon of France for three cents an acre. The land deal, which included all of what would become South Dakota, more than doubled the size of the young nation.

It is not surprising therefore that at the very same day that the Declaration of Independence was adopted that a committee consisting of Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson prepared a seal for the U.S. which showed Pharaoh in pursuit of the Israelites in the Red Sea with Moses standing on the shore with his hands outstretched. The motto the seal is "Rebellion to Tyrants is obedience to God."

In 1776, the Declaration of Independence was written to seek independence from England. The colonies were heavily in debt and did not have the means to fight a war. What did they do? They borrowed money of course! From whom did they borrow? Bankrupt France, who else!  

The resulting "war" with England was "won" by the colonies, but while they won this war, the real war was lost, because "the borrower is slave to the lender."

Who were the men who led us to "victory" over England and forged a "new nation by writing the Constitution of the United States? A majority of them were...lawyers. Forty of them held government bonds. Fourteen were land speculators. Twenty-four of them made their living lending money at interest. Eleven were involved in mercantile, manufacturing or shipping. Fifteen owned slaves. Do not confuse these men with those who signed the Declaration of Independence. Only Roger Sherman of Connecticut, Robert Morris, George Clymer, James Wilson and Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania, and George Read of Delaware, signed both.

Several of our founding fathers were in the back pockets of the usury bankers. In 1781, the private Bank of Pennsylvania was formed. It later became the Bank of North America. Among those who were able to get in on the original subscription of this bank were: (1) Benjamin Franklin, (2) Thomas Jefferson, (3)Alexander Hamilton, (4) James Monroe, (5) John Jay, (6) John Paul Jones, (7) Commodore John Barry.

The Constitution, as signed in 1786, was no more than a minimal compromise that the two sides could agree on. A document that established a precarious balance, it said nothing about slavery or who was to decide on it; only that the importation of new slaves was to be disallowed after 1806. For representation in Congress, blacks were to be counted as three-fifths of a white man.

In 1787, the Constitution was fittingly put together in Philadelphia, the home of the Bank of North America.1 Hamilton and his backers wrote the original document for the Constitution, to the dismay of most of the attendees of the meeting. Many were horrified that an entirely new kind of government was being formulated, when in fact they had been sent only to revise the Articles of Confederation. Patrick Henry, himself a lawyer, went home to fight against the Constitution. Like so many of our present day pieces of legislation, out of 62 delegates, only 39 signed the final document. Through the efforts of Hamilton, who wrote the majority of the Federalist Papers, the people were finally convinced that the Constitution would, if the people were "vigilant," safeguard their liberties.

John Jay, another writer of the Federalists Papers, later became Secretary of State under President John Adams. It was discovered that Jay had made a secret treaty with England to pay war reparations to our defeated foe. All in a day's work! It was a great con job foisted upon a nation of people. The banks were in, the people and their properties were out!

In 1789, Washington was elected President. He gave Hamilton the appointment as Secretary of the Treasury. The fox was now guarding the hen house. Two years later Hamilton created the First Bank of the United States. It was a private bank to which all of the new governments money was entrusted. The successor to this bank was the Second Bank of the United States. When it went bankrupt 50 years later, it was found that 64% of the banks 25,000 shares were owned by foreigners. Many were British!

In 1794, taxes forced Pennsylvania farmers to revolt. Washington did what all rulers do when a country is in debt to the bankers. He sent thousands of Federal troops to crush the rebellion. He did to his own people what he had led his people to revolt against in the war with England. But then the bankers must be paid.

Thomas Jefferson who signed the Declaration of Independence, but fought against the Constitution and who in fact left the country during its inception, thinking that without him it did not stand a chance of being passed; in 1806, as President of the United States, signed into effect the Articles of War which provided for International Law venue in America.

The Big Hole River was originally named the Wisdom River by Captain Clark. He named it because of President Thomas Jefferson's "wisdom" in buying the Louisiana Purchase from France in 1803. The name was changed around 1890.

The first great massacre, of the Pequots, was imposed upon us by "base Canadian fiends," the President of Yale Universityexplained. Thomas Jefferson attributed the failure of "the benevolent plan we were pursuing here for the happiness of the aboriginal inhabitants of our vicinities" to the English enemy, who forced upon us "the confirmed brutalization, if not the extermination of this race in our America.



11-21-00 - (I think one of my problems is that my door is always open and unlocked)

DREAM - I don't know what city I was in, maybe Milwaukee. I was in my apartment and I had to find myself another place to live. I said that this was the first time I had had to do this, though in my mind I knew I had found jobs where I lived at the same time.

I was standing next to what seemed like a trash bin, but it wasn't. Some folded newspapers came up out of a slot on the end. These were the real estate sections ... houses for rent or sale. The reason I say it wasn't a trash bin was that there was a woman laying inside of it with the rest of the newspaper, like she was sleeping in the bin.

My friend Irv came over, but I didn't talk to him. He used to drive me places when I didn't have a car, but he was acting drunk, so I didn't want him anywhere around me. I had someone - a guy - take him home and put him to bed.

I decided I would find my own way and drive myself where I needed to go. So, it seemed like I was driving myself, but I was never alone, there was always someone in the car with me. I ended up on one parking lot where cars and trucks would pull out and others would pull in. It seemed like a restaurant or something.

There was another scene where I was in a car that was being driven by someone really fast ... I know it was over 100 miles an hour, probably much more. We were driving on a flat sandy area and then onto a long straight paved road, and I was surprised that there wasn't a bump where the sand met the pavement, but there wasn't even any vibration under the car. What a smooth ride. We drove along this straight road until we met people driving the other direction and this person I was with told me this was the 'Dune' area. Here the road was a little winding and undulating. I have no clue why we were here.

We went back to the city and I met a short chubby woman. She said she wanted to buy program 1498. She had a newspaper in her hands.

I don't know what that is.

I then remembered I wanted to go to the library and get all the books they had on a specific type of astrology that started with the letter "C". (I think that's what it is, but not certain. I just know that it wasn't regular astrology)

NOTE:  1498 in the Bible Concordance is:

1498 gazel {gaw-zale'}

AV - robbery 3, taken away by violence 1; 4

1) robbery, something plundered

NOTE: I found a book on Kabbalistic astrology.  Kabbalah is also spelled Cabbala.



Kali, annihilation aspect of Sakti, standing on Rati and Kama, 
who personify the primordial desire which gives rise to all creation. 
The garland of human heads symbolizes wisdom and power. Her 
blood-red tongue signifies the power of Raja-guna, the kinetic force 
which gives impetus to all activities. The sacrificial sword and the 
severed head are the symbols of dissolution and annihilation directing 
the Sadhaka to shed his 'ego sense'.
 The girdle of severed hands signifies one's Karma, action.

Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, c. 18th century.

8-14-2001 - DREAM - My relatives all gathered together for a party 'to be counted' The unfortunate and upsetting part of this was the everyone had their hands and feet cut off in order to be counted.  (This was completely bloodless and unseen) The hands and feet had to be counted separate from the body. The hands and feet were each worth "1" but the body, separated from their hands, feet, and head was worth "6".

During this process, two men who were old friends showed up in sweatsuits totally stuffed with 'bullshit'.  That was so disgusting, I told them, "GET OUT!".  They acted like it was a joke but I didn't find it funny. 

After they left, I started to line up the limp bodies, headless, handless, and footless ,  which were totally bound in sweatsuit material, sitting up on the couch.

Then a rich black man showed up. He was driving the most beautiful bright red convertible car. He parked it next to a brick wall.  A friend and I went to see what kind of car it was.  The first name I saw on the car was 'Williams'. Then I thought I saw the name "Suburu", by the rear license plate,  but my friend said, "No! I think it says it's an ISHI".

NOTES: "SUBARU" is a Japanese word meaning "unite." It is also a term identifying the Pleiades star cluster in the constellation Taurus that includes six stars visible to the average eye. According to Greek mythology, Atlas' daughters turned into this group of stars.

The name William means: Resolute Protector

A vehicle: The Vehana symbolizes 'the physical body" of the dreamer.

The name ISHI is another name for the God Shiva.


3-17-01 - The dream takes place in New Berlin, WI.  The people are not anyone I knew there, but symbolic.

I was in the house and a pretty young blonde woman asked me to be her bridesmaid. I put on a pretty white shimmering gown. It was gorgeous, but I looked more like the bride than the bride did, so I had to change my dress into something less bride-like so I wouldn't outshine the bride.  The bride gave me another of her dresses to put on instead.  It was a shimmery pale blue. This dress fit me perfectly as well.

The bride said that she had a gift for the baby who had just been born up the street by the church, which was north from the house which was on 172nd Street. The house and the church were on the same street.

The bride showed me a beautiful pale yellow baby blanket she had in a garment bag hanging in the closet.
I held the baby blanket. It was downy soft, and perfectly suitable for the baby.

The bride's mother came into the room and saw the baby blanket and got really angry. She practically screamed, "Nooooo....!"  In trying to describe who the mother looked like, the closest I can come to is Cruella De Vil from the 101 Dalmatians' cartoon movie. Her voice was similar as well. She was bone thin.
She wore black and white clothing.

The bride's mother reached into the garment bag and brought out a fingertip length short fur coat, which looked like maybe Hyena ... it was rough scraggly fur. The baby blanket and the Hyena coat had been hanging side by side in the garment bag.  She told me that she had brought that coat back from California especially for me.  She tried to make me wear it, but I didn't want a fur coat to start with and this one was particularly ugly.

She left the room, and the bride and I decided that I should take the baby blanket up the street to the church anyway where the baby lived with it's parents.

I was trying to decide whether to stop at another house along the way and invite a man along who I admired. I was going to walk to the church, but then decided it was a little far, so finally decided to drive instead.

The bride's mother decided to drive me there. We got into the car and she drove. In the parking lot was a pale blue car which kept trying to keep the car the bride's mother was driving from going to the church. It didn't try to hit us, but tried to block us from driving. She finally drove fast enough to get away from the light blue car. I hung onto the seat. I was frightened at the way she drove, but didn't say anything. She never did drive to the church, but eventually got out of the car at some point, because she was so angry that the blue car was trying to block us and I had to drive myself there.

The light blue car didn't try to block my car from going to the church, but when I drove up the road to the church. I had to stop at a stop sign at the top of the hill at the intersection where National Avenue crossed, and when I did, the bride's mother suddenly showed up at the door of the car and pointed a silver gun at me. I was rather shocked, but not particularly frightened.  

The gun was right in my face but I easily was able to grab the gun and wrestle it away from my face and get out of the car. I thought I would break her arm as she wouldn't let go of the gun, but she didn't pull the trigger.

I finally got the gun  away from her and rather than punish her, I pulled her into my arms and hugged her a long time.  I knew she needed the love energies I was giving to her.

The woman's son came into the room where we ended up. He was wearing a brown suit, and I didn't see his face particularly, but knew he was her son. It seems that he was a religious man. It also seems that he was a preacher/teacher figure.

The woman sat on a bench and right in front of us, her face started to morph ... her face went from old and ugly to younger and younger faces, not all the same person it seemed, but young women, younger and younger, and then she turned into several different metallic-looking silver objects which I can only describe as kitchen size garbage cans which continued to morph and change and got smaller and smaller until the dream ended.





2-15-02 - DREAM - I don't know what city I was in. I knew all the people and my kids were grown - like teens and older.

I was in process to rent an apartment for myself, and most of my kids were with me except for Bill - He had gone to rent a small apartment of his own. His older brothers thought this was a sign of his being mentally ill, but I said, "No! He just wanted to get away from his Father and stand on his own two feet and that's a GOOD thing!" Naturally I would say that because I was doing the same thing.

I started out in the courtyard of a huge apartment complex. These were huge buildings, but beautiful and ornate. I was looking to see what kind of people lived in these buildings. At first, I didn't see any white people and wondered if I would be accepted in a place like this - then I saw a woman who looked just like myself at the other end of the courtyard and knew that these buildings were well integrated.

I then was driving along the street and was almost got run into by my first boyfriend Roger and a buddy of his. They were driving along the street on some kind of bicycle - carrying a political sign, endorsing someone. I didn't pay attention to the name on the sign.

I said laughingly - "Oh! I should have known it would be someone like you!"

He got off the bicycle and sat down to talk to me and my kids. He had grown a great deal since high school - he was rather giant size and had a deep suntan like he was outside all the time.

I walked into the building to pay the landlady and get the keys to my new apartment, which was number 33. 

Just as I was going to walk into the apartment, a Chinese woman pushed past me and walked into it ahead of me.  Someone said, "No! This isn't your apartment, this is 33 north, you will be in 33 south."

I felt confused, I didn't know there were two buildings. 

So, I, my kids and friends I had accumulated along the way started to leave the building and someone said, "Why don't you pay your rent to the landlady as long as you are here?

That was a good idea, so I stopped at a counter to write a check for the rent. It was going to be $175." That was really cheap for what I was going to be getting. The woman I was with was concerned that I had spent all my money, but I told her, "No! I made sure that I set aside enough to pay the rent."

I wrote the check - then we went out to the car and the parking lot was at the top of a hill with rolling hills and valleys all around us. It was a beautiful scene.

All of a sudden a storm was coming and a huge wind came up. The kids ran for the building to keep dry. They got way ahead of me. I saw a driving rain coming and the wind came, along with a whirlwind which came out of the north, and came down by a big tree. I couldn't get to either building without getting soaking wet. 

I looked at that and someone behind me said, "If you close those windows and save the property, you will be known as the "Hero of ____ Hill" 

I couldn't just walk away and let the building be destroyed by the wind and rain, so I ran into the building. the painters/maintenance crew had gone home and left al the lights on and windows open, but on the hallway side, where people could get in, they had closed the door and put up a protective door - to keep out intruders. But I couldn't close the windows if I didn't go through this extra barrier door. The door had a small emergency knockout piece of wood in the center, which I easily kicked out, but the hole was low to the floor and small -- like for a large dog and I didn't want to get on my knees to get in there, so I moved the whole barrier door and walked around the side of it. 

Once inside the apartment, all my friends came in behind me. This apartment was huge and a duplicate of what I was going to be moving into.

The rooms were huge and there were room dividers over head made of glass or crystal which one could pull down.

I went to the kitchen where the windows were open and the floor was made of thick crystal - overlaying a colored underlayment. I was barefoot now and walking on the crystal floor was exquisite feeling. 

But the windows were up high and open and there were stained glass shutters to close over them with brilliant colors. I had to pull up a chair and stand on it to close the shutters.

Meanwhile, there were other people there now, watching me, including Seth from One Life to Live and he was standing there, twisting a elegantly carved wooden pillar. 

I was so upset, I had to stop him and I ended up taking an iron frying pan and slamming it into his nose like he was a pig.




4-6-2002 - DREAM - 

I was driving a car on a newly constructed road which had been carved out from a high hill so that it was like in a canyon. All the buildings were removed so they wouldn't detract the drivers. The road was the new on-ramp to a freeway I-76. 

Other cars were coming from the left and joining our lanes and they were flying off the cliff from the far left and landing in our lane as it made a sweeping curve towards the right. 

It was pretty precarious driving as those cars coming in from the cliff on the left had to land between those on the on-ramp without crashing into each other. 

We all managed somehow to get safely onto I-76, when we were faced with a mass of about 200 small airplanes coming towards us from the other direction. I knew that these were the protestors. 

I don't know how cars can clash with airplanes, but thats what was going to happen if it kept up this way.

The cars which were going my direction towards the right on I-76, even though we managed to get together, didn't get very far, because suddenly the road ended in a big quagmire. There was no way for anyone to go forward in this direction. 

A tall man, dressed in red and black clothing, got out of his car and so did I, and we stood there, gazing over the water and mud in dismay. There was no way to go forward.




I am driving in my car somewhere but seem to be in a rush (I assume I was going to work) .... I was listening to the radio and a news bulletin is announced ........ the announcer sounds very serious with his old deep croaky voice .......

The bulletin from what I can recall went something like this ....... the Casseopeans have met with the "Council of 9" ..... the Casseopeans have stated that the "Council of 9" have till the end of May 2003 to surrender and dismantle all their nuclear weapons of war, stop transmissions of all mind control frequencies, sieze all actions of war on earth and allow all citizens to be free unhindered .... 

....In the next 2 weeks the Casseopeans will be commissioning the Andromedans to stand by and take action, protection if necessary ........ positioned between the moon and the sun ........ the Andromedans will be employing 12 metaplasmic to magnetic conversion devices positioned all over the earth .... these will set up a harmonic grid frequency which will resonate with earth to disrupt all "Council of 9" frequencies and setup a threshold shield around earth by April 2003 ......

... should the "Council of 9" not heed the Casseopean warnings and stop as requested.... and resist .... the metaplasmic engines will begin to pulse the earth grid in May 2003 ........ will cause friction and tension within and without the earth ..... wiping the earth clean ..... and preparing for new life ......... as this bulletin ended, i turned to the passenger seat, and a man was sitting there to my surprise and he had shades on (he kinda looked like bono from U2) ...... and he turned to me and said .... "let the ultra-violet light your way" .......

 [I woke up ,... end dream]

so ...I asked Blue what to make of it ....... Blue said that the C9 have had a frequency fence/shield setup for 10,000yrs plus .... it seems we are on a knives  edge ...... and the Elijovium (Jehova stream) .. the main body of the C9 are preparing for final control .... they've position themselves, and have nuclear devices ready and deployed ...... and are simply awaiting the right time ...... they do not want to let go of all they have built to manipulate and control over millenia and are going to go out fighting ........

simply the Andromedans who lets us down in the past, sold us out .... are back to assist ... but the Casseopeans who are far advanced will make sure they commit to their promise to police ....... Blue also said that this pulsing if it occurs turns Earth into a huge magnet attractor ............. (all I could think of was maybe to pull the asteroid in)




5-18-08 - MEDITATION - I wanted to know about what I should do about the community issue I was working on.

Spirit said, "Isn't Mercury retrograde.?"

I said, "Oh yes!  I forgot, this isn't a good time to start anything."

Spirit said, 'It would be a good idea to do an astological check to find the best time to start it!"

I said , "Thank you"  and decided to take a nap.

DREAM:  I took my Mom and my sister to the drug store about 3 miles away.  It was too far for her to walk.  When I was ready to go home, she said she wasn't ready to go home yet.  So, I said I would go home and come back and get her.  She said that was fine.  So, I went home and there were some young children there and I let them play a bit and then said I had to go back and get my Mother from the drug store. 

I went outside and saw my car, but had forgotten my keys.  I went back inside the house, and there were two boys there who were friends of my brother. I told them they would have to leave while I went to get my Mother from the drug store.  They said, "okay!"

I asked them if they'd like to go along for the ride, and one said that his Mother wouldn't like it if he went for a ride in my car.  So, we left it that they wouldl wait outside until I came back.

We went out the door and there was a big crowd of people on the lawn and in the street to the left of the stairway.  I asked what the crowd was doing there, and I was told that there was some kind of protest going on.  It broke up while I was walking down the stairs.

So I looked for my car and I couldn't find it.

While I was looking for my car, other cars were coming and going, and a huge orange truck with two young men in it were driving across other cars, causing damage and then laughing at how much money they were going to make when those people came to them to fix up their cars.

They saw me watch them, and I heard one say, "We'd better pick her up before she tells them!"

That scared me, so I ran inside the nearest open door.  I climbed in the indoor stairs and a black bird flew past me up the stairs.

On the second floor were two children, on their knees praying.  The house was really pretty inside and their mother was right there, but there was this black bird flying around in the house.

I told them my problem about the guys in the truck and they said they would pray for me.

I thanked them, and this was taking a long time and I saw it was getting dark outside.

I decided I'd better go get my mother even if I had to walk all the way.

I didn't know where I put my coat, so I grabbed the woman's purple shawl, and started going down the stairs.  The black bird followed me down the stairs.

I got outside and I didn't see the orange truck or my car, so I started walking along the street - walking to go get my mother.





3-1-09 - DREAM -  I was working in a nice office with a beautiful large desk.  Our whole company was moving to another building though which was supposed to be bigger and nicer.

I had a project to work on that nobody else knew about.  It was an embroidery project, done on bright orange cloth  -  a very large piece of cloth - the color of the sun. 

I had it on top of my desk neatly folded up and could work on it in the office as long as my other work got done, but I had to hide it from everyone so they didn't know I was doing the project.

To prepare to go to the new office, I had to go upstairs and get my coat and purse because I lived upstairs in the same building.

I went upstairs, and having not taken my keys to the office with me, I took a woman with me, and felt very fortunate that I hadn't locked myself out of my own apartment.  The first thing I did was to find my key ring, which I did and put them into my coat pocket.  I put my purple wallet into my purse.  I had so much stuff in my purse, the woman commented about how large it was.  (I can't remember the details of what else was in it)

We then went back downstairs to the office.

A bus had been hired to take everyone to the new office, but I didn't want to go on the bus, because I wanted to take my embroidery project with me and didn't want the others to see it.

I and a man friend (I think it was David from All My Children TV show)  waved at the others as they left, and then we got my stuff together to drive over separately.


3-2-09 - DREAM -  I was in New Berlin, WI living in our house on Calhoun Rd.  (172nd st. approx)  I looked out the front window and saw our neighbor Hub dragging a body by the hands across the street from where our mailbox was.

My husband and I didn't want to confront our neighbor so we got in our car and drove slowly out the driveway to see what we could see by the mailbox, like blood and tracks.  We saw nothing.

We stopped driving about a mile down the road, feeling really nervous that maybe our neighbor had followed us to stop us from going to the cops, but he didn't, so we turned around the drove back home again.

Right after we got back into the house, another neighbor from down the road came to the house for something, and we asked him if he had seen anything down by the mailbox.  He said he didn't.

While he was still saying he didn't see anything, I looked out the window again, and the guy's brothers came walking up the road to where our mailbox was and there I saw a very wide speedboat embedded in the ground.

I wondered how that got there, and why didn't we see it when we drove out the driveway?  Was that where the body came from?

NOTE: How do you choose which body it is?

*** ********


DREAM -  I was working at home, actually from bed.  It was early morning, when a man named John Jahr came upstairs to my room, which was my Father's Master bedroom, and asked me to copy a letter that was written on a bright yellow professionally done newsletter and after I typed it on letterhead, he was going to respond to it.

While he was standing with me in the bedroom, I could see a large map and then a picture of the area he worked in - out in a dry rolling field that looked like it was in the southwest of the United States.  (It wasn't necessarily the United States, but it looked like it was)  I asked the man, "Isn't it fabulous to be out in the field in person, to see this land?"  He was rather committal about it, like it was no big deal to him.

He left the room and  I started typing the information that was on the yellow sheet of paper, on my computer, and while I was doing that, I found myself driving a car out on a highway - a two lane road. 

While I was driving, I was also typing the letter on the computer, so it was like my mind was in two places at the same time.

There was a man with me in the car and at a certain point in the road, we drove off into the field and turned around.  Because there was some traffic, I drove slowly along the gravel strip with the right wheel and the car partially in the road.  At that point, a car came from behind me and passed me. 

After the car passed me, I pulled out fully onto the blacktop roadway and continued on toward home, at which point I realized I couldn't drive and type at the same time and do either one justice.

I stopped typing and saw ahead of me a man standing in the road, and a car coming towards me in the opposite direction.  Just as the car passed the man, I could see down into the car and its open windows, the man on the road tossed what looked like a roll of toilet paper into the open window of the car and whole interior of the car caught on fire.

It was horrible to see as the man driving the car was immediately being incinerated by the fire inside the car which was totally ablaze.

Only a moment later, the man from the road was standing in front of me on the highway, showing me a rolled up roll of toilet paper held together with a large pin, and then he showed me some kind of electrical winding that sent inside the center of the roll of toilet paper and that's what exploded the gasoline in the tube into the fire bomb.

I tried to continue typing the end of the letter and couldn't make out the last five words on the yellow sheet, and I knew that seeing the man in the road was a threat to me as well if I finished that letter.

NOTE:  Here is a dream with the same name from 2003



3-5-09 - VISION -  I sat down and closed my eyes, and on my lap was a box about  14 x 14 or 16 x 16 inches square.  I took out a piece of paper like a sheet from a coloring book, and the picture was of a large rabbit.  I said, "I'll deal with that later." 

1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999

People born in the Year of the Rabbit are articulate, talented, and ambitious. They are virtuous, reserved, and have excellent taste. Rabbit people are admired, trusted, and are often financially lucky. They are fond of gossip but are tactful and generally kind. Rabbit people seldom lose their temper. They are clever at business and being conscientious, never back out of a contract. They would make good gamblers for they have the uncanny gift of choosing the right thing. However, they seldom gamble, as they are conservative and wise. They are most compatible with those born in the years of the Sheep, Pig, and Dog.

The Rabbit (  ) is the fourth animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. According to traditional Chinese astrology, the Rabbit is quiet, reserved, retrospective, thoughtful and lucky. The Year of the Rabbit is associated with the earthly branch symbol



3-5-09 - NAP DREAM -  I and a companion were driving down a small road that had rather new blacktop on it.  I don't know where we went, but when we came back, there was a young man sitting on a riding lawn mower in the middle of the road.  There was no room to drive around him and still be on the road,  so I said, "Excuse me, but we don't want to hit you, but there is no room to get around you."

He waved at us to drive on his lawn because he was waiting for the grass to grow, and he said, "That's okay to drive over there because the grass hasn't come up yet."  But I looked at his lawn and there were millions of little grass spears growing out of the ground.  I wondered if he couldn't see it from where he was sitting.

But to get around him, we didn't have any choice but to drive on his lawn, which we did for some ways, as others had driven this same way before us.  We had to carefully drive back onto the road past a large tree or bush that was in the way, so we followed the other people's tracks back onto the road.











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