1-2-04 - DREAM - I was in a city with some friends. They were going to the library and I said that I should probably go along because I needed some books on statistics or at least basic math or record keeping.

I already had some books on basic math and I put them in my coat pocket I saw the covers briefly. They had cute little Teddy bears on them. I had three of them.

In order to go there, I had to take my son Bill with me and when I told him that, he started to cry and told me his right arm hurt.

Every kid hurts himself, so I was just going to put new clothes on him and go anyway, but when  I changed his shirt and put his little brown shoes on him, he cried again that his arm hurt.

So that forced me to take him to the doctor instead. 

When I got to the doctor's office, he did the same thing I did and more or less blew it off.  Meanwhile Bill was still crying from the pain.

So I said to the doctor - maybe his arm is broken, don't you have an x-ray machine or a fluoroscope to look at his arm? The nurse said they did, so they looked at his arm and I saw this bright blue image of his arm. The image was shaped like :

It was crisscrossed with a thousand or more cross-hatches that looked broken in 3 places.

At that point I went back home to analyze the situation, because I had seen that shape before in a dream.


So then the doctor came to the house and I was drawing on a large piece of paper all the information. The doctor was now Geraldo Rivera and sat down to investigate the problem.

First he took a swift drink of booze.

He asked me if I was aware of the time.

I drew lines like a 24 hour clock. 

I said that Bill had dreamed that. Geraldo then sat down and listed all the elements of the case like he was analyzing a dream. 

He wrote:   

fornication (which is how the arm broke)
________________________________________________> dirt

I knew that fornication meant sexual bonding.

I also remembered the cross -hatching from the patch of the warrior from the grid dream I had seen recently and the patch was to repair the grid.


1-5-04 - DREAM - I was preparing to move because I was going to be changing jobs. 

DREAM - I was shown a yellow house on a corner of an intersection that I had an opportunity to buy. To get there, I had to drive through an alley that had rain water and rapids to drive through, but beyond that I saw the narrow road was paved with yellow bricks like 'The Yellow Brick Road.

I then met up with some people from where I worked in dream one - A-C. Their father had died and the house was very dim and they wanted to sell it. I told them not to let the house go, because other people would still want to live in it even though the Father/Grandfather who had lived in had died. They said, "Okay!"

I then found out that they were going to look at the same house  I had been offered, which I really wanted. It seemed that they were going to get there before I did. 


1-6-04 - DREAM - I worked at a company in a small town where, when you retired, you got to take an IQ test of some kind and if you passed they gave you $20,000 so you could get a face lift and body tuck so all their employees looked fabulous when they retired. 

After the test, the family was going to go to dinner together and 6:00 p.m. came and we all suddenly decided to go to a popular movie that was a cartoon dog named Herman or something like that. It cost $2-10 - to get into the theatre. The theatre building was huge, but the seats were old - some were regular chairs, some were old overstuffed couches, but the movie was shown on a 36" size T.V. set. I must have changed seats 5 times to make sure I got the best view for my money.


1-8-04 - STRANGE DREAM -  I was hired as a teacher, but I hadn't gone to a classroom yet. I was sitting on a chair in the lobby of the school. People came up to me to say, "Hello" and tell me their problems and I tried to help them and give advice. Strangely though I was seeing dates around them.

One woman came up to me and said she had a pet in her pocket that was all the rage for kids. She pulled out a tall pale green moth or wasp. It looked like an angel with wings of lace.

When she left, she left it with me and its name was Gladys. Gladys was a helper-being and she would just be flitting around, helping where she could. 

A middle-aged couple came up to say, "Hello". I saw the date Mar. 31st next to them and I was told they would be the 1st couple to ascend Mt. Everest together. 

A pair of young doctors came through the lobby and I saw the date April 3rd behind to them.  I heard them talking to each other.

I decided I would ask this young girl if she understood the symbolism in the cartoon - so, I showed the young girl the cartoon and asked her if she knew about the book of Revelation. She said, "Yes!", so I showed her the cartoon and said, "It's right in the Sunday cartoons. That must mean its coming soon."

I was then sitting around in the school lobby and saw a large child's coloring book. As I turned the pages of the coloring book, I came across a couple of pages with similar pictures to the Sunday paper cartoons, but here was the symbolism right in a child's coloring book.

I tore the pages out of the coloring book and went to find Joe.

I found Joe doing some electrical work in a closet with a telephone repair man. They were fixing some connections in the closet. 

Since Joe had already seen the cartoon symbolism, I decided to show the telephone repairman the coloring book pictures. 

He looked rather stunned as I told him, "It has to be coming soon to have these pictures in a child's coloring book. Even little children will understand what the Beast of Revelation is."

NOTE: I woke up with my heart pounding from the excitement of this Revelation.

I lay there in the dark, thinking about the dream and a loud male voice boomed in my left ear.

"We once had a $250,000,000,000 budget to fight him off."

Suddenly I saw President Bush sitting in the oval office next to the Pope. The Pope had the Beast's face. 

SEE:  YOU GOTTA BE JOKING!!! The Beast of Revelation
... Since Joe had already seen the cartoon symbolism, I ... a $250,000,000,000 (billion)
budget to fight the Beast off ... oval office, behind the desk alongside the Pope. ...


1-9-04 - DREAM - I was in Washington, D.C. with Joe and we went to the White House to visit.

While we were there, President Nixon came out to give a small group of people a little tour of the private areas.

In this group was George Noory from, Whitley Strieber from, two teenage sisters who were Nixon's daughters, Joe and myself. 

He took us outside and around the side of the Whitehouse to a narrow secret door. He picked up a heavy stick about 3 feet long and pushed against a tall narrow black metal door that was hidden there. 

The door opened and behind the door was a wooden box that hid what was behind it from easy view. 

President Nixon used the big stick to push over the box so we could see what was in the attic of the Whitehouse.

Inside, as far as one could see were pallets and pallets of gold nuggets. There were no modern gold ingots - these were hundreds of pallets piled high with gold nuggets right out of the gold mines - and on the floor was a huge pile of gold dust. 

Even Nixon's daughters were stunned to see what was in the Whitehouse attic.

Nobody said a word. We just all walked around in silence, staring at all the gold and then I looked up at the rough ceiling rafters - it looked like pyramid inside. 

SEE:  secrets_of_the_whitehouse.htm


1-10-04 - DREAM - I was at a hometown carnival. My brother insisted that I go to the baseball game with him, but we got separated in the crowd and I spent the whole time walking in big circles looking for him.


1-10-04 - DREAM - This is very vague - had something to do with being infused with water and then the water being removed.


1-10-04 - DREAM - I was at home with Joe and there were some people outside remodeling our front yard. The view from our front yard was totally different with blue mountains in the distance. They made a 1/4 moon shaped driveway, lines both sides with big rocks and planted new trees all along on side. The driveway really didn't really go anywhere. It just went from the old driveway to another point in the yard, but it was pretty to look at.

We went outside to look at the driveway and there were lots of people out there - milling around. Joe was standing on top of a truck for some reason and our old silver Chevy Cavalier was on one side of the truck and I stood leaning against our new car- the black Honda Civic. 

Some old friends of Joes came by - the guy hollered up to Joe in greeting and Joe was glad to see him. There were two younger guys with him. I assumed they were his sons, but they didn't look alike - one was tall and blonde - the other one - short and dark haired. 

The guy was telling Joe that he was driving around and thought he'd come over and invite Joe out for drinks. Then he started talking to Joe about his cars and Joe said the silver Chevy was called Soul 1 and the black car I was leaning against was Soul 2. 

That seemed apropos somehow. 

While they were talking, across the yard, my doctor was walking by. He was a really tall guy and his voice sounded like Dr. Dean Edell from the radio.

He aid to me, "I don't know why I didn't notice it before, but I was going over your last tests and I saw there was something wrong with 1/2 of your ticker (I assumed that means heart) He went on and said, "You should come in and we'll do a Plasma ____ test on you."

(My mind says Plasma Paresis - but I know it was a different word)

I said, "Okay!" but to Joe I said, "I know there was something wrong because I have all these weird heartbeats." and I was thinking that there was something wrong with a vale or the muscle or something. I assumed the Plasma ____ test was one where they infuse your blood with something and then look at your heart with some kind of x-ray machine. But I was just assuming that - I didn't know for sure.

(If this was symbolic for a spiritual thing, I'm not sure exactly what it means.)

NOTE: I went to the drugstore and got some Estroven and that solved my problem.


1-11-04 - DREAM - I was in a large apartment building that had more than one wing on it.

The bed I was on rather strapped our feet in so you couldn't fall out. I started hearing a loud buzzing sound and seeing a red light flashing outside the window, so I pulled my feet out from under the straps and ran to the window and looked down and saw another apartment on the 1st floor strapped in her bed and she couldn't get her feet out from under the straps. The buzzing continued and the red light kept flashing and I saw that it was my friend Ruth. I couldn't figure out why she couldn't pull her feet out from under the straps like I did.

Nobody was trying to rescue her.

Another white-haired woman was in the room with me, also in her nightgown. We decided we would run down there and rescue Ruth. So we held hands and ran down the stairs like we were deer and when we got to the 1st floor, there was a fireman paramedic in the hall who had arrived just as we got to the bottom of the stairs.

He went into Ruth's room and released her from the bed straps so the white-haired woman and I didn't have to. 

I still wondered why Ruth didn't pull her feet out from under the straps of her bed. But then Ruth walked past us and I saw why. Ruth was retarded looking. That was the answer. 

NOTE: Ruth belongs to Eckankar and loves it. When I started studying Eckankar in 1981, I immediately saw the flaws in it. 


1-11-04 - DREAM -Norman M. and I got married by a minister and then we went home and got into bed and started to make love with each other. The feelings were wonderful and we both looked like were 20 years old. The date of the wedding was May 22.

NOTE: Norman died last year either in March or May. It was a Friday late in the month - not sure of the date.


1-11-04 - DREAM - I was in the home apartment with the women from my family. They were having a party for me for my wedding. I had a knitting or crocheting booklet there with a picture of Mickey Mouse on the front and Donald Duck on the back. I also had another booklet with Minnie Mouse on the front and Daisy Duck on the back. I wanted to make Donald and Daisy became she was wearing a wedding gown. I wanted to show this to my mother, but I saw Norman laying on the bed in his underwear and I felt sorry for him because he was alone and I preferred to be in the bedroom with him instead of with my mother.


1-11-04 - DREAM - I don't think this was the continuation of the above dream, but it almost seems like it. The dream takes place after Norman and I got married. His ex-wife's name was Patti (It really was Dottie) She was sitting alone at a small table. I wanted her to see who I was.

Later, Norman and I were sitting on a street corner at an intersection and just holding each other. I had forgotten how good that energy exchange feels. It was wonderful.


1-11-04 -DREAM - I was at home and a young kid came over to help me with something and he plugged in the appliances and the plug was falling apart. I told him not to use the appliances again until the plug was fixed. Then I decided that I and my husband Norman could fix the plug ourselves, so I started pulling all the wound wire out of the plug.


1-11-04 - DREAM - This seems like a separate dream. I was in the basement of a building and there was a party going on. The guys were going to have a stunt race across the basement with a rubber bucket on wheels. 

Nobody volunteered, so I finally said I would rid in it, but after I volunteered, he changed the bucket to a tall vat of black oil and supposedly after I stood in the vat of oil, they were going to fill the bucket with some white stuff and pour it over my head. As bad as that sounded, I thought maybe I could tolerate it for the length of the race.

But before I could get into the vat, I had to remove all my jewelry. So the woman sat me at a round table and one by one I started taking them off. I had a ring on every finger and earrings on as well.

One of the girls wanted to yank my earrings off by just pulling on them. I yelled, "Wait! My ears are pierced."  So I started taking my earrings out of my ears and the girl said, "Your ear in infected. Let me open up the hole for you."

She started removing old pus from inside my earlobe and I knew I couldn't get inside that vat of oil and risk reinfecting my earlobes.


1-11-04 - DREAM - This seemed to be in the same place. I was in a basement and my husband Norman was getting rid of his mementoes from his first wife - like photographs of them together.

A guy who knew Norman came over to me and gruffly said, "You either like me the way I am, or you don't like me at all."

I was willing to accept him as he was even though he had copper wire running through his lower eyelids and ears and wherever he had spare skin, he had these wires running through. Even so I was willing to accept him, but then he started pushing me around and I started to get scared of him. He saw that and decided he was going to blow up 3 water tanks or chemical tanks that were sitting there in a triangle together. I thought they were water tanks but I can't be sure - they had gas jets underneath them - that's all I know for sure.

I started to run away and he threw a plastic thing at me that holds water, but it was empty.

I also saw Norman's picture holder and it was empty. He had thrown all his old photos away.


1-12-04  - DREAM - I was with my family in the city and were walking down the street to our parked vehicle to drive home to the country where we lived.

We reached our vehicle which was large brown pickup truck.

We all piled in wherever we fit and headed for home.

On the way there we passed two women who were traveling and touring what looked like a birds nest which they planned to live in. They pulled into a little field and they told us that they had lived in this bird house for 7 days and they could do it again. We had stopped to watch them and I looked closely at this bird house, and the two women and I said  I didn't believe that was possible, so they were going to prove me wrong.

While I was out of the truck, one of the women handed me a baby to hold for her, and it was so adorable, I carried the child for her.

Piling back into the truck, we again headed for home and when we reached the barn to park in, one of the girls said she wanted to learn to park it herself. 

This wasn't an easy matter, in fact it was most difficult because it had to be parked on the 2nd level and backed in over a narrow bridge besides.

As dangerous as it was, I said I would let her try.

So we let the girl make the attempt herself, but instead of parking the vehicle, the girl picked up her boyfriend and they drove on up the hill, hollering that they were running away to get married because it was July 10th and a holiday and she wanted to get married on a holiday.

I laughed, thinking she was kidding and said, "The way things are going, every day seems to be a holiday these days."

I got married on a holiday myself, so how could I complain. (May 22nd)

But since she drove off in the vehicle, we had to walk the rest of the way home. So, we started walking around the barn and were now walking on Center St. and a minister caught up to us. He said, "I once made a homily at church and said, "Please God, bless my little American Chevrolet - but since I also drive a Japanese Toyota - please bless that car too." Everyone laughed and we continued walking.

We were just passing a bookstore and the Japanese proprietor quickly placed a large book in front of us on the sidewalk with a picture of Buddha on the front of it.

I said, "I supposed, because he did that, I should pick it up," but I really didn't want to pay the price, so I walked around the book and kept going. But I noticed that one of the other people with me had picked up a brochure which had a picture of Buddha on it.

We came to the corner of 17th and Center and the baby was now two little boys, yet infants and they wanted to walk across the street by themselves.

It had started rain so the street was wet and slippery and the babies were slipping and sliding and suffering, trying to cross the street before a car came and ran them over in the road.

I heard one of the babies cry out in agony, "Let me be the 5th priest." 


20. The Prayer before the Ambo is usually read by the very most junior Priest. Before he goes out, he makes the sign of the Cross, kisses the Holy Altar Table, and bows to the Rector. He does the very same thing when he returns to the Altar.

Fifth Priest: 1) For to Thee belong, 2) Exclaims, "Let us depart in Peace," and the Prayer before the Ambo.

The Gospel was sung from the ambo (ambon), a pulpit generally halfway down the church, from which it could be best heard by every one (Cabrol, Dict. d'archéol. chrét. et de liturgie, Paris, 1907, s.v. "Ambon", I, 1330-47). Often there were two ambos: one for the other lessons, on the left (looking from the altar); the other, for the Gospel, on the right. From here the deacon faced south, as the "Ordo Rom. II" says (Mabillon, Musæum italic., II, 46), noting that the men generally gather there. Later, when the ambo had disappeared, the deacon turned to the north. Micrologus (De missa, ix) notices this and explains it as an imitation of the celebrant's position at the altar at low Mass. — one of the ways in which that service has reacted on to high Mass. The Byzantine Church still commands the deacon to sing the Gospel from the ambo (e.g. Brightman, op. cit., 372), though with them, too, it has generally become only a theoretical place in the middle of the floor. The deacon first asked the blessing of the bishop (or celebrant) then went to the ambo with the book, in procession, accompanied by lights and incense. Germanus of Paris (died 576) mentions this (Ep. 1, P. L., LXXII, 91; cf. Durandus. "Ration.", IV, 24). See the ceremonies in the "Ordo Rom. I", 11, and "Ordo Rom. II", which are almost exactly ours. Meanwhile the Gradual was sung (see GRADUAL). The "Dominus vobiscum" at the beginning, the announcement of the Gospel ("Sequentia sancti Evangelii" etc.), and the answer, "Gloria tibi Domine", are also mentioned by the sixth-century Germanus (loc. cit.). At the end of the Gospel the people answered, "Amen", or "Deo Gratias", or "Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini" (Durandus, "Rationale", IV, 24; Beleth, "Rationale", XXXIX; St. Benedict's Rule, XI). Our present answer, "Laus tibi Christe", seems to be a later one (Gihr, "Messopfer", 444). The elaborate care taken to decorate the book of the Gospels throughout the Middle Ages was also a sign of respect for its contents; St. Jerome speaks of this (Ep. xxii, 32). In a collection of manuscripts the Evangeliaria nearly always stand out from the rest by their special sumptuousness. They are not uncommonly written in gold and silver letters on vellum stained purple — the extreme limit of medieval splendour. The bindings, too, are nearly always adorned with special care. It is on Gospel books that one generally sees ivory carvings, metal-work, jewellery, enamel, sometimes relics. (For descriptions see Baudot, op. cit., 58-69.) The same tradition continues in the East. Allowing for doubtful modern taste in Greece, Russia, Syria, etc., the Euaggelion is still the handsomest book, often the handsomest object in a church. When it is not in use it generally displays the enamels of its cover on a desk outside the Iconostasis. To kiss the book was always from early times a sign of respect. This was done at one time not only by the celebrant and deacon, but by all the people present ("Ordo Rom. II", 8). Honorius III (1216-27) forbade this; but the book is still kissed by any high prelates who may be present (Cærim. epise., I, 30; Gihr, op. cit., 445). For this and similar ceremonies see Baudot (op. cit., 110-19). When the ambo disappeared in the West the sub-deacon held the book while the Gospel was sung by the deacon. He also carried it first to lay it on the altar.(Amalarius of Metz: "De. Eccl. offic.", P. L., CV, 1112; Durandus, loc. cit.). The deacon made the sign of the cross first on the book and then on himself — taking a blessing from the book ("Ordo Rom. I", 11, "ut sigilletur"; Durandus, loc. cit., etc.; Beleth, XXXIX). The meaning of all these marks of reverence is that the Gospel-book, which contains Christ's words, was taken as a symbol of Christ himself. It was sometimes carried in the place of honour in various processions (Beissel, op. cit., 4); something of the same idea underlay the practice of putting it on a throne or altar in the middle of the synods (Baudot, 109-110. During provincial and general synods the Gospel is to be sung at each session. — Cær. Episc. I, xxxi, 16), and the superstitious abuses that afterwards developed, in which it was used for magic (ibid., 118; Catalani, "de codice S. Evangelii", III, see below). The Byzantine Church has developed the ceremony of carrying the Evangelion to the ambo into the elaborate rite of the "Little Entrance" (Fortescue, "Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom", London, 1908, 68-74), and all the other Eastern Churches have similar stately ceremonies at this point of the Liturgy (Brightman, op. cit., for each rite). Another special practice that may be noticed here is that at a papal high Mass the Gospel (and the Epistle too) is read in Latin and Greek. This is already noticed by the first Roman Ordo (40). At Constantinople the Patriarch, on Easter Day, reads the Gospel in Greek, and it is then read by other persons (oi agioi archiereis) in various languages ("Typikon" for that day, ed. Athens, 1908, pp. 368, 372, Nilles, "Kal. man.", II, 314-15). The same thing is done again at the Hesperinos. The little Synopsis (Synopsis iera) of Constantinople (1883) gives this Gospel of the Hesperinos (John, xx, 19-25) in Greek (with two poetic versions, hexameter and iambic), Slavonic, Bulgarian, Albanian, Latin, Italian, French, English, Arabic, Turkish, and Armenian (all in Greek characters, pp. 634-78). The same custom is observed in Russia (Prince Max of Saxony, "Prælectiones de liturgiis orientalibus", Freiburg im Br., 1908, I, 116-17), where the Gospel of the Liturgy (John, i) is read in Slavonic, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin.

Victoria Day, Canada May 22  Holiday

July 10 Independence Day : Bahamas.  Commemorates independence from Britain in 1973. Celebrated July 3rd through July 10th


1-13-04  DREAM - I was at work and wasn't done, but I had to go home and make dinner for the family. (I don't know where this was)

At home, I had to change clothes, and sort out clothes that were on the table in piles. Some of the clothes were worn out and too small so I was going to slice them up and use them for food. (I don't know why I thought we could eat clothing)

Then Edward came home and he like the way I looked and commented, "Where did you get those legs?"

I smiled and looked down and saw how great my long legs looked because I was thin. 

He headed for the bedroom. I was still trying to gather up the clothing pieces to make stew or something.

All of a sudden Edward left and as soon as he did, other people I didn't know from the neighborhood started coming to the door, bringing gifts. I must have looked stunned, because I didn't know why they were doing this and one of the women said, "I guess you didn't know we celebrate neighbor's birthday." and she smiled broadly.

Meanwhile the table had broken and the leaf in the center lost its pegs and I couldn't put it back together, but the table was still standing, so attached a small piece and sat the baby in his highchair there. 

I heard someone quote some clichés at this point, something like:  "Waste not - want not." and "A penny saved is a penny earned." and "A friend in need is a friend indeed."  

I still had to go back to work and also had to go to the post office to mail some extra large white envelopes, but all these people were there to celebrate birthdays and I couldn't just leave them there.

I went to the hallway to turn the light and water ran down my arm. I turned off the switch and the water stopped. I turned on the switch and the water ran down my arm again. I turned the switch back off an went back into the room and asked who was in charge of electrical and water repairs and I was told, "The Post Master."

That didn't make any sense at all, but the Post Master was standing right there and it was the smiling woman, so I told her, "I guess you have a job t do now,"  and woke up.


1-14-04 - DREAM/VISION/VOICE - I'm not sure if this was a dream or a vision. It had the quality of both.

I had received a phone call from our landlord that they couldn't work on our yard and Ruby asked me if we could do it ourselves and I said we could. 

So I went outside and began working in the garden and the yard. 

I trampled some little plants and saw that another spot needed something rowing in it, but it needed fresh soil to have the proper place to grow. There was a place in the front yard to get dirt from that had been used before, but while I was digging the dirt, I saw a black horse in a pen across the street and as I dug the dirt the horse breathed heavily and I felt threatened by it. It never did do anything but I was glad to get out of the dirt hole and carry the fresh soil back to the garden.

While I was planting the flowers, Ruby came and saw what I was doing and she was happy with my work. 

I turned back to the garden and looked at the stones that lined the walkway and everything looked really good.

While I was looking at these stones, I started to hear the voice of my friend Michelle talking about her channeled spirits. As she spoke of them, I saw visions of the spirits on the stones. There were like old movie stars and political people and religious images like various types of crosses.

But then I heard the voice of a channeled being who called himself Veloche. He sounded in a low tone and spoke in a very low pitched voice ands aid, "People are afraid of me because I am not like the others," and while he spoke, the visions on the stones were like black blobs I couldn't identify. He spoke again and I heard another low tone and he said, "Remember who I am - Veloche. I am not to be feared." 

I'm not sure if he said Michelle wasn't afraid, but maybe Michelle didn't know he was because I saw the crosses change to black blobs. 

VISION: I saw the state of Alabama and on it was the name HEMM or HEMI


1-15-04 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee and was looking u pat a strange anvil-shaped cloud. It was alone in the sky and it looked like the wind was blowing really hard against it and bits of white things were coming off of it, but the cloud itself didn't move. A whole bunch of people were watching the cloud by now in awe, when the front section of the cloud broke off and started to move. Astonishingly the cloud took the shape of a locomotive train engine, which was amazing enough, but then, the cloud went faster than the wind that was blowing and then the cloud turned and went sideways to the direction of the wind. I started yelling, "It's a UFO, It's a UFO."

Everyone just stood there in awe.

The UFO cloud disappeared behind a building so I couldn't see it anymore, so I went inside the building.

I lived in apartment 211 but I had forgotten my purse and my keys somewhere and I didn't know where, so I decided I would go down in the basement and find the maintenance man so he could let me into my apartment. 

I was known by everyone in this building because I used to manage it, so I wasn't concerned about my identification and producing documents or credit cards to prove who I was.

The management office was closed this late in the day.

So I went down the stairs towards the maintenance room and noticed that the basement was way longer than I had remembered it. 

I saw a tall, thin maintenance man I thought I recognized and I said, "Michael?"

He turned and it wasn't Michael though he looked a lot like him. He said, "Sorry! Michael has left and moved on."

I said, "Oh! I actually came down here became I lost my keys and I need someone to let me into my apartment."

But this guy was either deaf, dumb, and blond or didn't understand and just ignored what I said. I thought maybe he was busy thinking, so I sat down on a bench and waited for him to finish doing whatever was going on in his head. 

While I sat there, a little boy came along, looking lost. I asked him what was the matter and he didn't say anything, so I asked him to come near and I gave him a little hug. Then I asked him what apartment he was from and he said, "110". So I told him I would take him upstairs to his apartment. 

So I took him by the hand towards the elevators where people were congregating.

I asked a couple of the women if they had seen the cloud in the sky and they nodded," Yes", so I said, "That was really a UFO" and they just smiled at me. I don't know if they believed me or though I was nuts but they didn't say anything. They just smiled. 

so, I stood and waiting for the elevator. 

Finally the elevator opened, but there was just a deep hole on the other side of the door. I looked down and I could see a floor and light shining down there, but there was no elevator. I thought about how dangerous that was, but then another door opened and I saw a woman walking up a set of steps, so that was the only way up stairs, so I took the little boy up the stairs.

On the lst floor, there were a lot of older women walking around aimlessly and I took the little boy t apartment 110 and saw that the door was open and women were streaming in and out of the door, so I let the little boy go into the apartment by himself an hoped he could find his mother amongst all those women. 

Now I was thinking that if all these doors were open, maybe my own door 211 was  open too, so I started heading back towards the stairway.

Along the way, I decided to rearrange 3 benches in the lobby, because they were out of place and decided I would apply to be the manager again and get this place running the way it was supposed. to.


1-16-04 - DREAM - I was moving to Omaha, Nebraska because my company was moving there.

I thought everything was packed and in the truck and I was cleaning the bathroom.

My mother showed me that  I hadn't packed anything from the kitchen yet. I felt very dismayed because I thought I was done and I had all that to pack yet.

My father came into the room and got mad about something and when he left the room, he picked up a metal rod and started hitting the corners of the walls and doorways as he walked along the hallways.

That scared me because I was afraid he was going to hit me or my mother, so I sneaked out the front door and ran down the lawn to be with my kids who were sleeping outside until we were ready to leave.

NOTE: It took me half a day to remember that my Health Insurance Co, is Mutual of Omaha.


1-17-04 - DREAM - I was at home in New Berlin. I was told to pick up all the papers in the yard because some men were going to be coming in and building something there. I didn't really want to do it because there was a big pit in the middle of the weed patch there and I didn't want to fall into it. 

Meanwhile I had a lot to do. The floor needed sweeping and there were piles of children clothes I needed to sort out and get rid of because the children had outgrown them.

Then  I discovered I had a crystal implant in my tooth. It was about 1/2" long and I knew that my mother needed it, but my mother needed to get this implant into her ear.

I also had a lot of paperwork to do and I needed to get t work. It was almost 9 o'clock and I was supposed to have been there at 8. 

I was all dressed except for my shoes, but when I put my shoes on, they were so tight my stockings got baggy. I didn't want anyone to laugh at my baggy stockings, so I had to mess around with putting my shoes on more slowly so my stockings didn't bag.

This was all taking time and there was so much to do, my husband or a man like him in a cowboy shirt, took the implant to take it to my mother. She really needed to have it.

I went over to my neighbor's house across the street to tell them about what was going on. Her house was just like mine inside but in even worse condition. Her floors were really dirty.

I was sitting there telling her about someone coming to build something in the yard of my house, when I saw a big green truck pull into my yard.

It was the telephone company. They were going to install some new lines to my house, so I had to hurry back home. 

On the way across the street, my neighbor had thrown out a box of beautiful high-heeled shoes, so took all of them, because I needed bigger shoes and I was in too much of a hurry to try them all on right then.

When I got home, I had a stack of paper work to do and I had to replace a bottle out of the top cabinet I thought was window cleaner. 

To do that, I had to call the supplier and see if it was still available and then type up a purchase order to buy it. 

It seemed that my house was my office now and I had so much to do and Ron Klofta came into the room. He used to be one of my bosses at A-C. He bought machined parts. He asked me if I could possibly type up a purchase order for him. I said, "I can, if I can read your handwriting on the purchase order, describing the part and what they were going to do with it and delivery instructions and description of it. It was very detailed. But I said I would do it and put it on top of my pile of work. 

Meanwhile, a man came in to see what I was doing and picked up the bottle of fluid I was going to replace. He said he would call the supplier for me and I said, "Okay!

He made a phone call and nobody answered, so I took the bottle from him and discovered that the sprayer on top was for window cleaner, but the bttle itself said, "AOL rat poison." with a different phone number.

Now he started acting all suspicious like I was doing something I shouldn't. I told him the bottle was in the cabinet and I was just trying to replace it. I didn't know that someone had put a window spray gizmo on top of a rat cleaner bottle. I didn't see anything wrong with replacing something we obviously needed.

Then my daughter-in-law Lorna came in and she said she had to go back into the hospital and she didn't want to because she was afraid to hear the voices again.

I told her that was nothing to be afraid of. She didn't want to go, but while we sat there, she got a phone call telling her to be at the hospital in two hours. She was so afraid to hear the voice again. so she left and I had to get my work done.

I woke up, laying there, thinking of all the details of the dream when I heard a tone in my left ear and saw a vision of a young man standing on a stage.

I tried to figure out what that meant, when I heard another tone and saw the scene of the young man on the stage again, but this time dozens of little children came out on the stage behind him. They were all happy and joyous children.

Again I lay there, thinking what that might mean and I heard a third tone and had a vision of a postcard announcing a book of a Wise old dark-red skinned Indian man and the name above the picture was ELDER 2.

I think it was Victorio - the Apache who I've written about before.



1-18-04 - DREAM - This was about color. I was trying to get the pattern for little doll dresses, then children's dresses, then adult size dresses. The doll dresses were the most perfect and less perfect as it reached children which wasn't too bad, but my own dresses were too see-thru and misaligned. The colors were pink, red, and yellow.

There was also a scene where I was trying to pick up food off the floor and meat like hamburger got mixed with jello - it was disgusting.

After I woke up, I had a vision of what looked like two feathers - either hawk or eagle - white feather with black edges in two sizes - baby and adult. 

A telephone rang in my righ tear and I asked for the message. 

The vision that came was too blurry and I said so. I was told I was too impatient.

It looked like it might have been a book outline. Then I saw colorful abstract paintings on what look like book covers and the name Au Claire.

NOTE: This turned out to be Au Claire de lune and its put out by Abstract records.


1-18-04 -   VISION   some kind of outline - followed by the name Au Claire and some abstract behind it.

It turned out to be  Au Claire de lune -  the music  Abstract records publishes it

Here are the words to the child's version

Au clair de la lune, mon ami Pierrot
Prête-moi ta plume pour écrire un mot
Ma chandelle est morte, je n'ai plus de feu
Ouvre-moi ta porte, pour l'amour de Dieu

I'm standing by the moonlight, my dear friend Pierrot
Please give me a pencil, I need to write a note
My candle is dying, soon it will be dark
Open up your door please, Pierrot mon ami

Au clair de la lune, Pierrot répondit
Je n'ai pas de plume, je suis dans mon lit
Va chez la voisine, je crois qu'elle y est
Car dans sa cuisine, on bat le briquet

I'm standing by the moonlight, Pierrot answer me
I haven't got a pencil, I'm lying in my bed
Go and ask the neighbor, I think that she's at home
Someone's in the kitchen, a flickering light is on.

refrain:  Open up your door please, Pierrot mon ami


1-19-04 - DREAM - My cousin gave birth to twins. They were 2 days old and she hadn't seen them. She didn't want them because they were my brother's babies. This was sinful to her. She didn't want anyone to know. She gave the babies to me to raise.

She couldn't deal with suddenly having 6 children.

DREAM 2: I found out that this same scenario was played out in the play Tristan and Isolde and it was the rage of society. Everyone wanted to go see this play and read about this shocking situation.

Tristan und Isolde: Synopsis
Tristan und Isolde Richard Wagner. ACT I. The legend of ... the potion. Tristan appears, greeting Isolde with cool courtesy. When she announces ...

I found the story written up in a magazine and tried to copy it on a computer and a scanner. It just wasn't coming out right.

The daughter showed up and I didn't want her to se what I was doing and she made me feel like this was MY sin.

Then my boyfriend Roger came over and I didn't want him to know either.

I told him I needed to change clothes. So I left and went to the other end of the building to change clothes - believe me when I say I was wearing some strange clothes - the pants were like  balloons and the pants were really more like a dress - if you can imagine long culottes.

While I was changing clothes, I heard some women out in the garden of the building. I looked to see what they were doing and when I did, one of the women said they had been told that this area was going to be demolished and they were trying to save the plants and move them elsewhere.

But they weren't digging up the whole plant, they were cutting off the bulbs and leaving the old plant behind. That made some kind of sense, because I still had the plant, but the plant looked terrible.

But I let them go because I had more problems than I needed already.

I went down into the basement to do the laundry and saw that was a stack of beautiful blue and white bath towels there. I put them on a table because they belonged to the building.

Over a little further was two stacks of baby clothes  -all these little tiny infant clothes that was so cute and sweet. I moved them onto a chair so the mother could carry the next stacks up to her apartment.

I turned to talk to a woman who was nearby to tell her that her baby clothes were ready for her when I turned back, the two babies were on top of the piles of baby clothes. Two tiny sweet babies.

The women said, "Those are 'your' babies. - they are for you to take home."

I was stunned. These were now 'my' babies.


1-20-04 - DREAM - I was retiring from A-C and going through all the closets to take home all the clothes, shoes, and purses I had stashed in there. There were too many details to write down though I remember them all.  I told people there I had been retiring because I started in 1973 (that was true)

There were lots of bags and suitcases full of stuff too and I had to be careful not to take them all because there was a dead body in two of them.

I was trying to figure out how I was going to get all this home because my car was at home on 16th St. and I was on 90th St. I couldn't decide if I should walk home with one load and bring the car back for the rest or ask for a ride from other people.

While I was packing things I looked up and one of the men I thought was dead and felt really relieved.

Some women took all the stuff that wasn't mine and took it down the hall to the Salvation Army box. I saw that besides clothes, they were taking a whole of of Easter bonnets.

I also had two little carts like baby strollers, so I wheeled those to the stairs. On the way, I met some people who were interested in what I was doing. One man was so tall my neck hurt to look up at him. He was really nice, but he had a skin disease where patches of skin were flaking off, so in my mind I was making a decision that he wouldn't make a good bed partner no matter how nice he was.

One of the other secretaries stopped me and pulled me aside and asked me why the bosses wanted everything transcribed into Hebrew. She said, "We have so much work to do already, and now we have to do this too."

I was thinking, Well you get paid for all that work, so you do whatever they ask you to.", but to her I said, "Well maybe that s sthe way it was before and that's all they understand."

I took my little carts down the stairs and ended up in a mall and had to go out through a checkout ext. I had to push my way through an aisle that was full of frosted cinnamon buns and other goodies. Some kid stole toast and cheese that was on top of my little cart and his mother made him put it back. It was then I saw it was full of little bugs and flies so once I got outside, I threw it all on the sidewalk for the birds.

Cinnamon Buns and the BeaST
CINNAMON BUNS AND THE BeaST THE SPIRAL OF CREATION. ... Once you bake them and put frosting on them, they taste very similar, but they are still not cinnamon buns. ...

Out on the street I met an older woman who was interested in what I was doing and I told her I was retiring. She said, "I'm moving to Boise, Idaho."

I said, "Oh , that's so cool." 

She wanted to know why I thought so, and I said, "I want to go West so bad. I came back in 1994 and I was to go back out."  (It was 1990)

She said, "You must have had a bad run in with a man."

I said, "Yes, I did, but he's gone now. Long gone!," not wanting to tell her he was in prison for 25 years.

She said, "Well as long as your body parts still work, that's okay!"

I laughed and she left and I looked up at the buildings. They were all about 8 stories tall and none of them was A-C. I had no way to get to the doorway where all my stuff was to take it home.

NOTE: At some point I was sitting on my bed at home and there was a hot plate with a pan cooking stew. I decided to turn it off and throw away the meat because it had been cooking for two months.


1-20-04 - DREAM - I don't know where I was but a woman was cooking something and she was so lazy that she was actually incorporating a spider into the batter.

I grabbed a spoon and saved the spider and after I did the spider transformed into a beautiful orange pattern of 12 butterflies - 4 down and 3 across.

I took that mat of 12 butterflies with me as I exited the building.


I was coming around the side of the building and there was a spider web that was so large nobody could walk through it. It wasn't in typical spider web design however, It started at the base of the building and multiple strands went up in a fan or ray shape to another building.

Spider Array

It would have been a terrible thing to tear it down because it was so exquisite, but a totally blundering blonde girl stumbled and fell backwards into it and it didn't get destroyed.

I woke up before I could determine how to get through without taking it down.

I knew I had been given this privilege because I had saved the other spider.

Monarch Butterfly Migration:
... Find similar tours here. |. Every autumn millions of Monarch Butterflies from
the eastern USA and Canada begin an incredible migration. ... - 24k - Cached - Similar pages
[ More results from ]

Butterflies: Wings of Change
... entire life cycle of a Monarch from tiny ... interesting to note that Monarchs are migratory
butterflies. ... often mean the difference between spiritual or physical ...



1-20-04 - DREAM/EXPERIENCE  - I was somewhere where a man died. They did everything they could to save him, including invasive heart surgery and giving him blood - but he was dead and they walked away.

I couldn't leave him lay on the floor so I moved him to the sofa and made the body comfortable.

All of a sudden the body started to roll off the sofa and when he hit the floor, his eyes popped open and he sat up.

I was so freaked out I woke up.

I heard a sharp snapping sound like it was electrical and saw the word 'BRILLIANT' in the air spelled with brilliant blue white electricity.


1-21-04 - DREAM - I was living in a city somewhere with Joe. He kept getting phone calls from a woman named Karen which came during diners and hours when it was the only time I had to talk with him. When he wasn't talking to her, he was too tired to talk to me, so I got VERY annoyed. Then one day she called and said she was in town and wanted to meet him on the corner and talk to him in private. That made me very suspicious about her - even though I trusted Joe - I didn't trust HER.

So after Joe left, I also walked down to the corner to see what she was up to. There were a lot of people standing on the corner because it looked like there was a robbery going on and everyone was watching it.

But there Karen was, dressed in a brown suit, standing half behind Joe with her arm tucked through his and hanging onto his arm for dear life.

I walked up to them and Joe introduced me to her and I acknowledge her presence but I was seething inside because she was hanging onto him.

I asked what was going on up the street and Joe explained about the robber going on.

Just then a man came up and introduced himself to us as Charlie. He professed his love for Karen and said he loved her even more than he had loved Lorna.

I thought to myself, "Thank God! She found somebody of her own.", as they walked off together.

But the robbery was still going on and I said, "This isn't too bad as long as there isn't any shooting."

Just then shots rang out and everyone ran for cover including Joe and myself. We hid behind a brick building wall that was protruding out onto the sidewalk.

I suggested we go inside the building and we did. Inside were a whole bunch of kids and it wasn't safe for anyone to leave because of the robbery up the street.


1-22-04 - VISION


GEORGE -  1746 - 1798

(This was during the revolutionary war)

There was more than one John Tuck alive during this time period.


1-23-04 - SPIRIT MESSAGE:  Sometimes we hurt ourselves on purpose, like when we gain weight or do things that are distructive to ourselves.

There is no reason to do this. You are loved afar if not by near and you can always count on that.

But so solve the problem, you must do certain things. One of them is to relax. You do not have to work every day. You work 7 days a week. You can take time out to exercise, to read, to write, to do the things you truly want to do. You can do these things for yourself like take a shower, take care of your hair, you feet, make yourself feel pretty, and pamper yourself.

There are problems you are not aware of that trouble you. Do not  be concerned about these things. They will not affect you. You do the best you can and that is all that is required.

If you want sex, you know how to get it. Lessons are not required. Experience tells you that. Be aware though consequences with certain actions and you know these things. Just take care.

As for the problem you feel, it is infection in the glands and that affects the muscles. A good dose of antibiotics would take care of that.

You feel the pain in your ear as we talk, so take precautions to take care of that and you will be fine.

Yes, you can study the healing techniques but for that particular problem, antibiotics would be faster.

Good by for now.


NOTE: I went to the doctor and got some antibiotics for an ear infection. A week later, the doctor told me the infection was gone but that I should take allergy pills to drain the fluid that accumulated in my ear. That works good if I take it every day.


1-24-04 - DREAM - I was in or near a small town where the land was hilly and had big rocks along the roadside. We walked everywhere and I don't recall seeing a car anywhere.

The weather was quite warm and it seemed this was in the southern part of the U.S.

i met some really nice Christian women and made friends with them. They, at not time, said what church they were from.

While I was with them, someone handed me 4 blank contracts that were already written by hand, but the name was blank where you would fill it in, like, " I ________" and then sign it at the bottom. I didn't get a chance to read the whole thing, but the contract was basically a promise to work against the E.T.s.  I did notice that it mentioned at the top of the page where it was to be used. One said, "Iowa", one was "France", one was "Spain." and I saw the town 'Delafield" which could have been Wisconsin.

I was with these Christian women when the contracts were handed to me. I was very curious about these contracts and I told the women that I wanted to make copies of them and scan them into my computer. They didn't make any comment one way or another about the contracts at that point, but we separated and went our own way.

I met a large man along the road and as we were walking along we spotted a large box at the top of a hill that looked empty. The man said he could use a box that size, so I said I would show him how to get up there. But as dreams would have it, when we climbed the hill, we had to go the long way, through a brick building which was the quickest shortcut back to where the box was.

Inside the building, there were a lot of people working over tables piled with loose papers, sorting them or something. I didn't see anyone sitting down.

We went through the building and came out the other side, but I never did find the box and the large man disappeared at some point also. So I went back home with the four contracts to get them copied on my computer.

I became lucid for a few minutes and assured myself that if I copied the contracts on my computer, I would be copying these contracts onto my physical home computer as well.

Back at home, but no longer lucid, I met a nice blonde young man and he asked if there was any space in our building where he could spread out a little for a project, so I took him up to the attic and set him up in a nice clean area to work. Then I went back downstairs and left him there to work.

I met the Christian women again and they asked me to join them. The young blonde woman asked me if I would watch her son for a few minutes while she did a TV show to talk about the ET contracts.  I said, "Sure! I can do that," though I was surprised that she did TV shows.

So, we went into her apartment, which was pretty bare of furniture - just a desk with a chair behind it for her to sit on, and a few chairs for me and her other friends and her cute little blonde son who was around 6 years old.

One of the women had a hand-held video camera, so this wasn't a big production, but it was going to be shown on TV non-the-less.

While she was talking about the ET contracts, I couldn't concentrate on what she was saying because her son was acting up and getting into the picture by climbing on her chair behind his mother to be annoying.

I waved my arms around to get his attention, and pointed at him to get out of the picture, but I couldn't control him that way.

When the taping was over, I asked him if he knew what a spanking was and he said, "Yes!"  I asked him if he had ever had one. He said, "No!" That's just a boogie-man story."  I said, "Well maybe I should give you one so you know what they feel like." and he ran and hid behind his mother. She didn't say a word.

I decided I would prepare one of those blank contracts and hang it around the kid's neck for punishment. So I was standing out in the hallway, making a thread chain to make the contract into a sign to hang around the kid's neck.

While I was standing there, a dark-haired young man came into the hallway and asked where the blonde guy lived. I pointed at the door of the blonde's apartment, and said, "He isn't there right now, he's up in the attic."

The man didn't say anything. He just pulled out a silver key, stuck it into the lock of the door and went inside.

That rather surprised me. I didn't know the blonde guy had given a key out to his apartment.

So I continued with my chain making with the thread and a young man came by with bright red hair. He also asked about the blonde guy and I said, "He's up in the attic."  But this guy too, pulled out a silver key and opened the door, at which point I could hear loud music playing in the background - nasty sounding like punk rock or something.

The blonde guy came out of the apartment with his hair all askew and I said, "Oh! I didn't know you were in there," and then I remembered there was a back stairway and two entrances to each apartment.

So he closed the door and I went back to my chain making to hang the contract around the kid's neck when another man came through the hallway. He hadn't even said anything and the blonde Christian woman handed me four signed contracts and knocked on the blonde guy's door and then told him to take this new unidentified man up to the 'forcing' room.

They were going to take this unwilling guy up to the attic and force him to sign a contract against the ETs whether he wanted to or not.

I was so stunned, I woke up.

NOTE: It is my opinion that the people working in the brick building were sorting signed ET contracts.

Here is a dream about a box and keys:

Dream: I have had box and pyramid dreams too, also letters I can't understand, one most prominent was a child holding a box, getting chased to a triangle playground where the spirit children where upset that someone was trying to take there triangles, the child tripped and fell and the box hit the ground and sprouted a Joshua tree, I heard a Joshua tree once planted can never be uprooted? I didn't even know there was such a thing. I believe that's ancient, the all that is is starting to filter into our waking lives, I believe also we are getting instructions, Our subconscious remembers them even if We don't. You can hone your dream remembering skills, or trust that We ARE using these things in your daily life, they are subtle and barely noticeable, if we still can't remember them it could be because our conscious mind cannot yet assimilate the information.

I believe in interpretation, that we receiving information about the opening of the pyramids, and ALL that goes with it, that it will start to become VERY evident soon, if not already.

I am talked to a lot from those I do not see in dream state. I am told the box in my dream is the KEY, the Key is the unlocking of the ALL that IS , for those ready to receive, and even some that aren't , puzzle pieces are being given all over the world, as those pieces or peoples connect, more will open, you may have a box, I may have a key for example., when we connect, the door, or inner portal to the ALL is opened to our part. like an activation , I like to explain to the kids, like switches in a switch box being flipped on ..


Other Key Dreams

... While I was with them, someone handed me four blank contracts that were written by hand, but the name was blank where you would fill it in like, "I _____ ...


1-25-04 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee in an apartment. I looked out the window and saw two animals on top of a telephone pole, sitting side by side. It was a lion and a bear. The lion and the bear came down from the telephone pole and stood in the street holding a sign over their heads that showed only the grey sky behind them.

Back in the apartment, my daughter and I were looking at catalogs of clothing - it was all summery fabric and party dresses. My daugahter said she would buy some fabric and I could teach her how to sew.

She handed me 7 pairs of children's socks rolled up and I put them away in her daughter's bedroom dresser drawer.

All my work was done, so I was going to go into the basement and wash the bath towels.

Then I found out that my Uncle Roy had been arrested and he came to the apartment to wait for the parole officer.

The parole officer arrived and Uncle Roy and I were sitting on my bed discussing whether or not he would have television privileges during this arrest. She said he would be restricted to children's shows.

I thought that would be okay because I had seen some adult shows and all they said were bad words.

The female parole officer took Roy away then and I saw she was 9 months pregnant and had her daughter (about 12) and a son (about 7) with her.



1-26-04 - DREAM - I was in a large 3-story house. I had dressed for work, but I needed to go to the bathroom first.

The children had been playing with the toilet seat, so I had to locate it. It was one of those removable U shaped seats, so I placed it on the toilet and did what I needed to do.

While I was on the 3rd floor. I saw what looked like a yellow moving truck, but ti said the name MAOUD or something like that.

A tall, young man was there - he was the driver.  He came and watched me as I washed my hands.

He seemed shocked that the hot water came out of the faucet - like maybe he had shut it off somewhere earlier.

He took a dark-haired girl into the bedroom, and this had a very sinister feel to it.

So I kicked the door open to rescue the girl from this guy and they were laying in bed in an L - shape. The girl vertical on the bed and the guy horizontal at her feet.

I thought he was forcing her to be there so I threatened to throw his shoes at him which were laying on the floor, while I told him to get out of the bed.

I thought he had already hurt her ad was scared to move, so I kept telling her to get up and get out of bed and she refused. Finally, she said she was staying there by her own choice, so I threw the shoes at her instead.

So, I felt angry as I slid down a central pole like a fireman's pole that went all the way from the 3rd floor to the basement. I had to go down this pole in a spiral fashion as the stairs went down also in a spiral fashion and I had to clear the railings of the stairs as I slid down. It was rather fun anyway.

Dorian Lord and two sweet teen girls met me in the basement.  (She is from One Life to Live TV show)

There were 3 pieces of men's clothing I had to wash which came from the yard - a dark blue snow or ski suit which someone had left out in the snow in the driveway, a dark brown workman coveralls that had battery acid marks across the chest, and a man's dark brown corduroy suit.

I threw these into a 2 tub spinner washer and used a minimum amount of water to pre-wash them.

Both young girls tried to give me the shirts off their backs to wash them, which was white with light blue stripes.

I told them they could only be washed with pure white clothes and they put them back on.

When the work was done, I pulled the 3 men's work clothes out of the washer and put them into the spinner to dry and as the spinner spun, the whole washer spun in a dance around the floor.



I was managing an apartment building which was built similar to my elementary school.

I was expecting to have a very busy day so I asked my daughter-in-law Becky to please clean up one of the classrooms for a party that was going to be given for some veterans later in the day.

Meanwhile, there were problems I had to deal with. I spotted a broken dome from a stairway post that had been violently broken off and left lay in front of the door across the hall from me. I saw a young man acting like he had just left it at the door, so I picked it up and ran after him with it. 

I confronted him with the broken dome and aid, "I don't know where this is from, but it has to be fixed."

He agreed it did need to be fixed, but he didn't know where it was from either, but he had called the police to have it investigated.

I knew that was the best we could do right at that moment.

I was standing by the large glass double doors right then and we always had a problem of people holding the door and letting strangers into the building, so I decided to stand guard at the door myself, because there were people going in and out and I didn't know any of them as residents of the building.

I recognized Joe then, a veteran Navy Seal from the Vietnam war. He was standing outside alone.

I asked him if he was coming in and he said he was waiting for his friends to arrive. Two men came up then - around age 50ish - similar in age to Joe and the 3 of them stood together like buddies.

I opened the door and said, "Hi," because I knew one of them also and asked him how he was doing. He said he had 2 broken ribs and might need surgery, but otherwise he was okay.

I asked them if they wanted to come in, but they said that they would wait there for their friends and all come in together. 

So I stood there by the door and watched the Veterans arrive. Each one was older and more derelict looking than the next. They were crippled, hunched over, wearing old, unmatched clothing, looking more like street bums than upstanding citizens.

As I looked at them, I couldn't help wonder if one of them was Jesus in disguise.

As they were gathering by the door, I decided to see if the party room was ready. There were 6 stairs to go up, then down a wide hallway and then 6 more steps to the party room. As I ran up the stairs, the stairs themselves got higher and higher. I got out of breath and had to stop half way up. I couldn't wondering how those old crippled Veterans were going to make it up the stairs.

When I got the party room, I saw that Becky hadn't done a thing. The room was large, but dimly lit, the shades were all pulled down so the sun couldn't even shine in and there were boxes stacked along the walls and no banquet tables were set up, nor chairs.

I was dismayed. I gathered up a box of garbage quickly and got rid of it, then went back to the door.

The men were all gone. I didn't know where they went, but several vans had pulled up to the door and elderly women were bringing in huge beautifully decorated cakes for the Veterans party.

As they came up the stairs and saw the party room, I heard one of them remark, "Oh!  This is the best place we've ever had to salute the Veterans."

But I knew it could have been better if I hadn't depended on someone else to do it. 

... Veterans tell of war horrors. ... Some of the UK's oldest war veterans say they have spent years trying to forget the horrors of the battlefields. ...


1-26-04 - DREAM - I was in a large room, and ahead of me was an elephant lying there next to a huge pile of excrement that looked like a big long stuffed sausage.

In front of him was another large animal, a buffalo or bull and his excrement was also on the floor. It looked like a long sausage, but not quite as big as the elephants. 

I was standing there, trying to figure out who was going to clean up all this excrement, when I saw my brother standing there on the side.

Then a lion came in and he looked angry and looked like he was going to attack my brother, but then he rather bowed low to the ground an acted like a playful dog, so I decided to let my brother deal with him.

Meanwhile, there was another large pile of excrement there that looked like hamburger. It didn't smell, so I thought it looked good enough to feed to another animal and let it do double duty before we got rid of it. 

NOTE: Disgusting thought, and I couldn't think of a domesticate animal that would voluntarily eat another animal's excrement. 



1-27-04 - DREAM - about George Noory

I had the radio on during the night. George was interviewing a guy about the planets and George brought up the subject of Nibiru and then of Sirius. the guy didn't know anything about either one. I was astounded. Even I've written extensively about both of them and people have written huge books about Sirius. And a guy who studies planets knows nothing? 

George asked the guy to do an orbit calculation so astronomers could look for Nibiru in the skies - George - where have you been? If you open up Zechariach Sitchin's 12th Planet book - its already been done. If you go to Zeta Talk and look at Nancy Liederer's pages - its already been done.

George! Where have you been? I finally turned off the radio so I could go to sleep.



1-27-04 - DREAM -  I started to write an e-mail to George Noory to tell him where to look for the orbit of Nibiru and the information about Sirius. Then I wondered if I should just scan the drawings of the orbit and attach them to the e-mail.

While I was trying to decide that, I remembered I hadn't picked up my mail in quite some time. I went to get my keys and I had a huge ring of keys and I saw my mailbox key on it, so I picked it up - the dream focused heavily on how many keys I had - and then I walked down the hall towards the lobby .

I started thinking maybe I should stop in at the office because I hadn't been there in awhile and I used to manage this building. On the way there, I met the current manager. She was about 8 feet tall - a large woman.

She smiled at me when she greeted me, and said she had been offered a position as Sales Director so I could have my apartment back.

I thanked her and headed for the mailboxes. It was apparent there were only 15 mailboxes and mine was #15. I took the key to put it in the lock and the whole lock was wrapped in gold chains like jewelry quality. I started messing around with unwrapping the chains and then the whole thing pulled off in my hand, so I opened the mailbox and it was empty.

So I realized that the postman was holding all my mail at the post office and I would have to go there to get not only my current mail, but my forwarded mail from the last place.

So I went to the door and realized that I wasn't on the right street and I didn't now where the post office was in this part of town and woke up.


1-30-04 - DREAM - It was early morning and I had driven my car up the road to 172 nd and National Ave. and parked my car in the driveway of the house there and was waiting for the bus to take me the rest of the way to A-C on 70th St. and Greenfield.

I went into the house there (on the SE corner) and went into the living room. There was a piano in the corner and I saw little white caterpillars coming out of the right side of the piano and crawling all the way across and jumping off. First it was one and then more and more. I had to run and find a can of bug spray and by the time the caterpillars transformed into moths, I sprayed them in the air and killed them.

Then one of the ladies there said she felt something crawling in her armpit and she had a panicked look on her face. She begged me to look and see what it was. It was a HUGE black furry tarantula. I grabbed her shirt, catching the spider and crushed it in the cloth. It was hideous looking. Then I had to clean the fabric of the bug mess too.

Then I noticed several kinds of spiders behind the frame of a sink so I power washed those spiders out and killed those too.

I then made a huge breakfast for the girl and myself and then cleaned up afterwards and then we both swept the floor with brooms. I was so full of food, I didn't think I'd ever be able to think of food again.

Then a chubby late-comer came in who hadn't eaten breakfast yet, so I told her I would make something for her. I looked into the refrigerator and only saw several heads of lettuce.

I told her I could make her a salad. She said she was watching her weight and didn't want anything.

I told her that it was not wise to try to lose weight by eating nothing.

The two girls left for work, but I still had cleaning up to do. There was a lot of garbage on the floor.

By the time I finished, it was noon and now it was raining outside too. The only shoes I had to wear were red high heels - not good shoes for a long walk.

Then my boss Leonard J. showed up and I asked him if he could drive me to work so I didn't have to walk in the rain and he said, "Yes," he would, because he had to change pants. He looked like he had sat in a puddle of water himself.

We walked across the street and got into his car which was parked under a tree.

Instead of work, I found myself in a doctor's office, laying on an examining table.

A young nurse felt my stomach to see how pregnant I was. She said, "I would say that you've been pregnant for over a year and you are due April 2nd. "

I knew that was wrong. I didn't even feel pregnant. I barely showed yet.

Then an older nurse came in and felt my stomach with her hands. She said, "I would say that you are due September 2nd."

That made more sense, but I still didn't feel pregnant, so I put my own hands on my stomach and felt the baby kick.

I was so shocked, I woke up. 


1-31-04 - DREAM/VISION - I was inside a building, but there was a river going through it. Along the river is where the common man lived.

I saw a barge going up river. The barge was full of Greek statues. They were really beautiful, but then the barge rammed into a dock and all the statues fell over and broke.


1-31-04 - DREAM - My friend Kimber invited me to go fishing with her. That sounded like the perfect, idyllic way to spend the day.

We got into Kimber's car and we drove until we came to a bridge where a river ran underneath, in a wide valley. It was really beautiful down there.

Then I saw men on horseback driving a herd a black cattle along the bank of the river. I watched them as they came along the river and saw two tiny colts following the horses. They were so cute. It seemed like the colts evaporated into thin air - at least I didn't see them going under the bridge.

I sat there in the car thinking about whether it was a good idea to fish under that bridge, because we'd have to stand amidst cow plops to do so.


1-31-04 - VISION - The vision was vague and inferred rather than showed me that 'common man' were the marijuana smokers.


1-13-04 - DREAM - I was working in an office. The boss wasn't in this office, and it was dimly lit.

The telephone would rin and the woman who worked upstairs would answer it.

I went into the office and saw that people used it as a walk-thru. There were kid's clothing, toy's and graham crackers laying on the floor. I knew the boss would be back soon, so I scurried to clean up the office.

I went upstairs to make sure the women were actually up there answering the phone and taking messages.

Then I went back downstairs to wash the clothing of the children. I was outside, sorting the children's clothing. So much of it was full of poop. All that had to be washed separately from the others.

Then the boss came back and wanted breakfast.

The boss was Ralph - (the Jewish Judge)

I served him 2 eggs - over easy.