JULY, 2009

7-1-09 -  DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, WI, working at A-C  (Allis-Chalmers)  I was going on a trip and before I did that, I had to go outside and water the plants so they would survive while I was gone. 

When I was out on the sidewalk, I was checking where cars were parking because nobody was supposed to park right in front of the doors to the building. There was a very wide access sidewalk - large enough for a bus to park there.  The trees and plants were on the sides of that access spot.  Cars could stop and discharge passengers there, but no one could park there.

I looked in both directions to check where the plants were, then I set about to water each plant individually with a very large plastic cup full of water.

I then went to the airport where I was meeting Todd (Trevor St. John)  (from One Life to Live TV show).  I got there first, and Todd's ex-wife Blair (actually Kassie DePalva) was there standing in front of the doors to the airport lobby.  She asked me what I was doing there and I told her I was meeting Todd and he was taking me to Hawaii.   She nodded and walked away - when I thought she would be jealous that he was taking me somewhere. He was actually taking me farther than that - like Japan and other places..

Then I saw Todd coming across the parking lot towards me.  He was dressed in a bright blue suit jacket - that was so bright, it was almost iridescent - it was so outstanding and out of place next to other people, that's all I could see. It really felt uncomfortable.

After he arrived, I was looking at the itinerary of what Todd was going to be doing on this trip.  There were many items on this page and I was bringing them all together in one paragraph because he was going to be doing all these things at the same time.  So the page had the name Todd on it numerous times (over 20)

I can't remember what any of the things were that he was going to do, but when Todd does things, he does them  - big - and there are always people upset, angry, and he always regrets getting caught doing them and everyone is 'always' angry about what he does.

NOTE:  The boy's name Todd is pronounced tahd. It is of Middle English origin, and its meaning is "fox". The name possibly refers to a fox hunter. It remains a dialectal word for a fox in some parts of Britain. Tod is a Scottish nickname for a clever or wily person.


updated 7-1-09 -  HAWAII AND A MILITARY TARGET -




7-2-09 -  WHERE WAS I?

DREAM -   I have no idea where I was or how I got there.   I was with a young man, and we were driving along a narrow road between brick buildings - very fast.  There was a lot of traffic, and it was all convoys of large heavy trucks, covered in what looked like mottled greenish grey elephant hide. We wove in and out between trucks to get to where we were going faster.  Then we were underground it seemed in narrow tunnels that may or may not have been rock walls, also covered in this same mottled greenish gray elephant hide. 

Along the tunnel one of the young men down there opened a door on the side of the wall where we heard an animal scream.  He said they were tigers, and when he opened the door two creatures like skinny teddy bears about 4 feet high were standing by the door screaming in that tiger-like sound.  He slammed the door very quickly.

In the room we went to, on the floor was a tiny little greenish colored caterpillar - seemed very light weight that jumped about 2 feet off the ground if you got near it.  I just saw one of those.

The room I was in seemed like my New Berlin house, but everything was painted white.  My mother was also there (she is deceased 3 years) and she was younger than when she died - like in her 40's.  She was talking on a telephone in what used to be my front hall library, she was working on a  small desk in there.

I had a telephone sitting on the back of a couch in the livingroom that worked but didn't ring.  I was able to answer it and talk on it when the other phone rang.  The room looked like home, but I couldn't see out the windows to see if there was an outside past the windows.

A woman named Louise called. (She gave me her name when I answered the phone)  She asked me if I had received a document she had sent me on the computer -  she named it -  several letters starting with A - then maybe 17 -  I said my computer was upstairs and I would have to run up there and check and call her back.  she was extremely reluctant to give me her phone number.  When she finally did, after giving me her apartment number which was 24 -  it was a series of 3's 5's and 7's. (I can't specifically remember exactly what it was)

My friend Michelle then called me and I started telling her about this place with the elephant hide covered trucks and walls in the tunnel, but I forgot to tell her about the creatures.  I was going to call her back but I had to get upstairs and get that document.

I went upstairs, and went into the wrong bedroom (it was still exactly like my New Berlin house.  The Master bedroom had a clean cut blonde crew cut haired young man in the bed - probably weighed about 225 pounds, and he was laying in the bed in the wrong direction -  towards the foot of the bed like he had just fallen into it and pulled a sheet over him. I apologized for going into the wrong room and went into the second room where two young men were working on computers. 

The men in the second room had darker hair a little thinner, maybe 185 pounds each.  I told them I needed to use my computer, which was sitting in the corner - very small on a small stand -  with a rather dusty screen.  These rooms were also white walled.  I don't recall looking at the floor.  My computer was so small I didn't recognize it at first - it had about a 12" screen on it and sat low to the floor on the stand.

I spent the next few minutes trying to wipe the dust and smears off the screen so that when I turned it on I could see the document that had been sent to me.

I walked to the bathroom to get some water on a cloth, and the men decided they should clean their computer screens off too at the same time.

I woke up as I walked into the bathroom.


  7-5-09 - DREAM - I don't recall a whole dream.  I just remember that a woman (possibly a black woman) was moving in with what seemed like a disjointed man (looking very much like Obama)  with a pencil thin neck, with a circle of what looked like Brazil nuts around his neck - not strung like a necklace - just a circle of them.


7-6-09 - DREAM -  I was living in New Berlin, WI I was living in the house alone while my friends were in prison (so to speak) and I kept all their mail - cards, letters, newspaper, etc. that they would want to go through when they came 'home'.  There was quite a pile and I tried to keep their piles separate from each other so it wouldn't have to be sorted again, but the piles were getting quite high and were sliding off the top and merging along the edges.

I finally decided I would put the piles of mail, cards, letters, and newspapers into the back of a work truck they had which was like an all white station wagon. That worked well until we had a storm and the whole truck got blown and washed in the storm as it slid down the driveway into the street.

When the storm was over, the truck had been demolished, but all the mail, cards, letters, and newspapers were still there, in one sodden mess out in the street.

So, I ran out into the street and salvaged what I could, and brought it all back into the house, but now it was a sodden mess on the kitchen floor - and you know what wet newspaper turns into -  grey pulp.  However the cards, and letters seemed to be intact.

At that point, my friends and husband came home and my husband walked into the kitchen and I picked up a large sheet of newspaper that was all wet and gray and I shoved it into his hands.  That's all there was for him.

They had brought along with a large group of people who were actors and before I had a chance to tell them about their pile of mail, cards, letters, and newspapers, they went to the theatre to watch a play. Since it was no longer readable - all he could do was throw it away.

I went too and stood backstage while the play was going on, and tried to catch the eye of my friend to tell her what I had saved for her - by staring at the back of her head.  She finally turned around and I caught her eye.  I couldn't make the hand signal for telephone because there was none working, so I just mouthed the word  'mail'  and somehow she understood it and smiled at me. 

I returned the smile, and then went back home to make sure I had all the mail, cards, letters, and newspapers separated for each person the best I could.

But when I got home, and I was outside facing the north - looking at our house, the whole world was covered in ice and snow.  All the tree roots were piled alongside the road that was also ice and snow, and from my perspective, the roots of the trees were larger than the house was in the distance.

I started to wake up, and voice in my head said, "The world is a calendar, and in my field of vision - all I could see was a green lawn covered with beautiful blooming yellow dandelions, and I knew that spring had come to the world.


7-7-09 - DREAM - I was living in the country somewhere in an old house that had thick wood beams overhead in wide doorways, but because I was tall, I had to duck down every time I wanted to go under them.  I wondered if it would be possible for someone to make those doorways a little higher because it wasn't very convenient to be ducking down every time I went from room to room.

In the kitchen, the sink was one of those steel wash tubs that is deep.  The sink was full of dirty dishes and I decided I may as well wash them and began filling the tub with hot water and poured a little liquid soap into it. 

Just then my friend Lee Chin walked in to talk to me.  There was a carafe type bottle there about a foot high.  It had about 9 inches of water in the bottle, and somehow Lee shrunk down and slid into the bottle and talked to be from under the water.

I couldn't help but wonder how she could talk to me from under the water without breathing, but she was.  That only lasted a moment or so, and I went outside where there was a pond.  It was cold outside, but there was no snow and the pond wasn't frozen over. 

Three men got into a boat and one of them rowed the boat out in the pond.  One of the men took a pail and dipped it into the pond and came up with it full of water.  Then he stood up and tossed the water into the air as high as he could.  The water froze instantly into the air and created a circular crystal formation that had a rainbow in it. The crystal formation didn't thaw out immediately, but blew slowly across the pond with the rainbow inside it -  it was amazing to see.  Then the cloud started to rain out the bottom and the cloud gradually rained itself out back down into the pond.


7-7-09 - NAP DREAM -  I was living in New Berlin it seemed, and my friend Terri R called and said she wanted to visit.  Her son David was already staying at our house and playing with my kids, so we discussed how she should drive out - and first I told her to take Beloit Rd. out, then realized I didn't live there anymore and that wouldn't get her anywhere near my house, so then I told her to come out Greenfield Ave. and drive south - that would also her bring her to the New Berlin house.

All of sudden, there she was at our house to pick up her son and I got in the car with her and little David and her littlest daughter who was along for the ride.

She drove north from my house to Greenfield Ave., which I estimated to be about 5 miles (it could be more0, then she turned right on Greenfield Ave.

There was a large bus behind us and a cop car, and there was a lot of construction on the road also, so she was afraid the cop was going to pull her over, so she pulled over to the right curb and I decided I would get out and walk back home.  I noticed then that her car was yellow and I was way over on the left like I was the driver and her son David and the little girl were in the back seat.

So, I turned so my feet faced towards the door to scoot over on the seat, opened the door and got out of the car onto the sidewalk.  At the same time, little David got out of the car from the back seat and we were going to talk back to my house together, and maybe stop for ice cream on the way home.

When I was out on the sidewalk, I noticed that little David was wearing one of those pirate red patterned bandanas on his head, and I pulled the bandana down over his eyes and then back up, playing with him like he was my own son, because he was at my house more than he was at home it seemed, and then he crossed his eyes and rolled his eyes like kids do when they are playing, and I roughhoused with him a bit, and then we started walking the 5 miles back home.


7-8-09 - DREAM -  In this dream, I was not myself, my name was Luella and my new boyfriend who I was moving in with was named Jon - and he wa a young stud - looking like 'Cain' from The Young and the Restless TV show.  I needed new clothes and I wanted to take my son and Jon's mother shopping because I needed a new winter coat and some new work clothes.  Jon's mother was having mental issues over this whole thing as she was older and didn't understand any of this and didn't want to be involved. 

I looked in the clothes closet, and all there was in it was a couple of men's coats, and behind the clothes, I was looking at a silhouette of a 'black sun" against a white sky.  There was a hidden room behind the closet - like a study type room.

The apartment was very large, with some bookshelves - lots of windows that were square and high up on the walls so furniture could be placed beneath them. It was bright and sunny.

I didn't understand what the big deal was about this shopping trip I wanted to make, but Jon's mother wanted no part of it and I couldn't wrap my head around what a big deal she was making about it.

So Jon asked me to call his sister and talk to her about the Mom's mental issues.  When I called his sister, she didn't seem to know what I was talking about. In fact, she didn't know who I was either - so evidently Jon hadn't told her about me either, nor about the Mother's mental issues over us moving in together.

It seemed like Jon hadn't explained it well to her and had told his Mom that 'We weren't going to be there'. like we were moving again.

NOTE:  On the TV show - "Cain" has been found out to be a liar and con man, pretending to be someone else's son, who was also conning his family because they thought he was dead, and just recently came back from the dead so-to-speak and it trying to apologize for not living up to their standards of expectations.


7-8-09 -  NAP DREAM - I was scrolling through previously typed dreams about Mary - and each one was marked with a silver ball.

Here they are:

Each one of these dreams has the word silver in it:


7-9-09 - -DREAM - THE BIRTHDAY PARTY -  I was in Milwaukee, WI area, and it was my husband's birthday, but we were moving into a new house, and my husband bought a yellow Christmas tree made only of yellow/orange/gold veiling material, which he hung from the ceiling so it draped downward in Christmas tree shape. 

I wondered how we would ever hang lights on it, but I needn't have worried because the tree fell from the ceiling in just moments anyway and lay in a heap of fabric on the floor.

We went shopping then to buy some things for the house, and when we came out of the store, we were in a car like a cop car that you couldn't get out of by yourself from inside - because I was going to testify in court the next day, so the family and friends held court to test me on my answers, but to get home, my husband stood on the outside running board of the car with a plastic rifle in his hands, and then we were held up by his friends who came in costume as outlaws and their wives and daughters were dancehall girls, and they rescued me from the car.

We then went home and celebrated my husband's next wedding, where he married his garage.  There was a little two or three year old girl who was the flower girl, and my husband and a model of his garage walked down the aisle together and when it came to say the I Do's, someone rubbed the garage door and it made a sound like mmmmmpf -  several times.  It was really a pretty garage, dressed in pale yellow with lace on its windows. 

Then we had a birthday party for my husband who was worn out by now and just sitting on the floor, and all the guests came in costume - the men and women and kids in each family came as a group dressed in costumes that matched a theme - and it was adorable to see. 

Then I sat at the kitchen table with some of the women and we talked about dreams, and one of the kids said that he called me on the phone the most to talk about dreams, and I responded, "And you learned a lot too, didn't you!"  and he said, "Yes!"

Then I noticed one of the little girls in the other room was standing at a child's play table but she was crying.

I ran in there to see what was wrong.  She was trying to paint lipstick on her little doll, and the end of the tube with the lipstick had dried up, so I picked at the end of the dried up stuff so the more pasty stuff would come to the front, and then the Mom came over and opened up the front of the tube so the child could paint the whole face of the doll at the same time -  it was gross.

I pretty much woke up as dream faded from view then.

I woke up in a really good mood - that was one of the best dreams I've ever had.


7-10-09 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere.  I had a book that had photos of a single aquamarine colored stone that was sliced into slabs and the photos of the single stone took up 14 pages that were folded out sideways into an accordion type page so that all the photos showed at the same time.

When I was done looking at the book, I went into the kitchen and found that Bob the painter had been there and had mixed up some plaster on the sink and he made a mess of the sink and left a pile of white plaster in a mound on the back of the sink which I had to quickly clean up before it set where it wasn't supposed to be.

I woke up and heard a bell in my right ears like a single telephone ring.

I instantly fell back asleep and the phone call was from my friend Michelle who started telling me about some curtains she had just hung on her window.

I said, "I just did that too and pointed at my beautiful white curtain for her to see.  (I don't know how she could see them over the phone.)

As soon as I pointed at the beautiful double lace and paneled curtains on the window, the bracket that held the lace curtain fell off the top of the window leaving only the beautiful white flowered underpanel curtain which also then started to fall because they were held on a  rod by a single overhand thread looped around the rod and single stick pin in the center.

A tried desperately to manage the falling curtain and held the phone at the same time.

I was horrified and embarrassed at the same time for bragging about my beautiful curtains.


7-11-09 - DREAM - I was living in a house somewhere and my boss H.P came to spend the night with me.  There was really nothing romantic about it. We sat on the sofa talking about his job and my website.  I asked him if he thought I should add fairy tales and Aesop Fables to it, and he thought that was a nice idea.

We were sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee then, and I looked out the window and saw a huge storm cloud overhead. It was two layered - really black and nasty looking. I could see the edge of the cloud and it wasn't all that large - it didn't go horizon to horizon like most storms.  It seemed two layers.  All of a sudden, I saw the back end of the cloud and it looked like the back end of an airplane hovering overhead -a large retangular shape thing in the sky - I could see what looked like the rudder of the plane.

I jumped up to go find my camera and get a photograph of it.  But as usual, the camera is never handy, and I couldn't find it right away. I found the box and the camera wasn't in it, just a bunch of instructions.  Then I found a second box that had a camera in - a new one that wasn't ready to shoot pictures yet, but I grabbed it and ran back to the window and looked up - and the cloud looked just like a black nasty cloud again.  I was too late to get a picture of the plane rudder.

There was a knock at the door, and my bosses wife showed up.  I let her in and the three of us sat at the table a few minutes, then he said, "Let's lay down for a few minutes, so the three of us got into the bed, and he lay on top of a sharp piece of wood unfortunately.  He handed it to me, and I apologized and got back up and started shutting the lights off and by the time I lay back down, with him in the middle between the two of us, she decided it was time to get up again.

So she and I went into the kitchen together, leaving him in bed, and she started telling me her feelings, and telling me how sometimes she hated herself, and I commiserated with her and told her I understood how that felt,

A moment later, a female friend of mine came out of another bedroom, telling us how good it felt to be able to sleep alone in a big bed - so peaceful - and I had to agree with her - that would be way more peaceful.

and I woke up.


7-12-09 - DREAM - I was managiing an apartment building. Edward came home from prison, and my daughter-in-law Becky fell in love with him. It rather looked like he kidnapped her and the bed sheets and pillows were strewn on the hallway floor, forcing me to pick them up and do their laundry.

There was a library in our building with a glass wall between the library and the hallway, and I got fired for reading magnetic books on the job, which I raised up and over the wall with a magnet. 

I found some young plants that fell off of a larger one and I decided to plant those, which I did.

I did get another job in an office, but hadn't started it yet.


7-13-09 - DREAM - I was moving into a new house.  The house looked like it was made of Emerald - it was a straight series of rooms - one led to another and the last room was the kitchen - it was extremely large and round - all emerald green - and I called it the sunshine room.


7-13-09 - DREAM - I had moved into a new apartment.  Two telephones were installed - one by the door and one over farther.  One was labeled - OIDAHO, and the other one was labeled IOHIO.

I looked in the mirror and I had a vision of myself standing next to my reflection and then I saw my next door neighbor/friend Alyse come behind me and smashed me into a million pieces.

My telephone rang by the door and it was the telephone installer man - I recall him saying his name was John -  and he told me that the telephones were turned on and then I had a vision of a list of letters -  there were hundreds of them -  they were like  CBGH -  CGBH -  but there were hundreds of combinations of letters - more like radio station's call letters, but I didn't see any that were earthly radio station letters - I didn't see any that started with K or W like those I've heard on real radio station call letters.


7-14-09 - THREE JOKESTER DREAMS.  I complained to my friend Michelle on the phone yesterday that all I get is disaster dreams, and our friend the Lightbeing ROV was right there, and he said something in comment that I can't remember, but last night all I had was jokester dreams.  Honestly disaster dreams are more exciting, but here are the jokester dreams.

The first two dreams were completely wiped out of my mind before I could even think what they were.  That really pisses me off.


I was in a library and a small size Jewish Professor walked by and dropped a leather case that had some kind of knife in it - similar to a box cutter but larger.  It wasn't at all sharp because it had a  very thick blunt blade, but I figured I couldn't find a use for it so I didn't want to turn it in.

DREAM 4  I was working in an office, answering phones, and some gas station called to tell me that someone needed their car repaired, and I couldn't find anything to write with or on.  I finally found a pink piece of paper and some kind of writing stuff - and wrote down where the car was, and as soon as I finished that, Bob the Painter - a long time friend walked in the door carrying 3 tarps with him and I reached out to give him a big hug and he put his tarps down on my paper and somehow the paper got lost in the tarps and I couldn't find it again.

Bob had a meeting in the bosses office - it really looked like a mobster meeting to be honest, and while he was in there, I spent a lot of time shaking out the tarps, looking for that damn piece of paper.  I finally did find the piece of paper but I ended up having to refold all those tarps myself - and if you've ever had to refold a King size sheet by yourself - you know what I mean.

I then went to a doctor's office, where I met a young woman who said she was being treated for leukemia for the third time. I was amazed she looked so good and she was chubby too, and still working.

After that little conversation I was standing in a hallway and a very pretty young women walked through a curtain into the closet and came back out as a really big fat guy with a big black rubber nose.  I said, "Hello!  Haven't I seen you before?"  and after a couple minutes we were playing ball by pulling and throwing energy balls back and forth and then his nose turned into a super ball that bounced all over the place, bouncing off of walls.

I turned to look out the window and the trees were blooming, and bouquet after bouquet of flowers separated from the trees and floated in the air towards me. They were so beautiful.


7-15-09 - DREAM - I don't know where this took place, but it had snowed heavily.  The sidewalks had at least a foot of snow, but the guy who was shoveling the sidewalk could get his shovel down that far because of the way it was constructed.  It wouldn't shovel the bottom two inches. 

Inside the building where this was going on, there were little boys standing around between their parents and the little boys had glorious singing voices.  One of the little boys who was very small, came up to me and gave me little boy kisses over and over and over.  He was so sweet.  I made sure he got a chance to sing too. It was amazing what powerful voices these little kids had.

A motorcycle outside had lost the paint off of all the top facing surfaces. A refrigerator in the house had lost part of its paint.  I was trying to paint over the stuff, but the paint I had didn't cover anything well enough.  It looked like I hadn't done anything at all when I was done and I used a lot of paint. It just didn't cover that bare spots.

I went to my job then, where I worked for engineering.  There had been a lot of complaints about some part not working on a machine that was vital to running the machine.  So, my boss handed me a thick pulp magazine kind of booklet which had been rolled up and asked me to take a look at the design for the machine to see if the correct part had been made.  I couldn't even straighten out the booklet to read it.  And it looked like there was no ink on the outside pages either.

In the last scene, I was cleaning up the kitchen after having cooked a meal for a group of people and they were talking about going to a Japanese restaurant they had heard about.  One of the guys brought his wife and I turned and glanced at her, and I swear she had a beard like Abraham Lincoln.  I didn't want to look again and be rude to be staring at her to make sure she had a beard.


7-16-09 - 4:44 a.m. DREAM -  I was supposedly in North Dakota.  I was going to be getting married in two days, but was a wedding rehearsal gathering for another woman was is getting married tomorrow. 

We were sitting in a group, and the woman to my left was holding up a blank piece of paper - the size of a old fashioned 33 1/3 record cover.

She said to the air towards the ceiling , "Do you remember ROV?"

I laughed and said, "ROV remembers everything!"

Some reddish scratchy writings appeared on the paper by themselves, and then other colored numbers and letters appeared, and when it was done, the entire back side of the record cover was there -  the entire thing, every number, every letter - everything that had ever been printed on that label was there.  It was amazing!

The gathering broke up then, and I went downstairs where I heard water running in a shower. 

(The sound could have been breakthrough sound from the fan and air conditioner which were both running)

My cousin Judy was there and she turned off the shower that was running, but I could still hear water running and knew that we had at least 3 showers on this floor, as it was a public building with ceramic tiled walls in the bathrooms.  I ran from shower to shower to turn them off as each one was running.

Once  I got the water off, I stood in the hallway and told some women that I was getting married in two days, and a shorter chubby woman said she was getting married tomorrow. We all congratulated each other. She said she was marrying the maintenance man from the basement - the shorter, milder one.  I just smiled.

I knew I was going to have to go upstairs and check all the public showers to make sure the water wasn't running in all of them.  All of a sudden I noticed that all the big lights had been stolen from the bathrooms too, and the only light coming in was from a high window on the wall.  Then we stood there and talked about how thieves will take anything. And I knew I was going to have to check all the public bathrooms for lights missing too.

Before I did that though, I went outside to check the outside of the building.  It was a huge brick building, with vast lawns, set in rolling hills with a clear sky - not sunlight - so it was either dusk or dawn - but it wasn't dark.  As I was walking the perimeter of the building, I came across some golden horse statues laying on their sides between some low growing bushes.  They reminded of the gold Oscars - that color - but these horses were about 4 feet tall - just laying on their sides in the tall grass. 

I reached in my pocket for my keys, hoping I had the key to the outside of the building door - and I did.  I had a huge ring of keys, some on smaller rings on a larger ring.  I pulled out the building key (it looked like a large car key in shape).  I went to open the door, but go distracted by some other women walking through the yard.

I followed the women instead, and we went walking into the rough growing area near the building around a hill, and there were met some of the men these women were either married to or going to marry, and we sat in the long grass, looking over the landscape, and into the clear sky, and I said, "This is really North Dakota".

We sat there just contemplating the sky, and I was sitting next to a bearded guy I supposedly knew and just rested my head against his shoulder - it just felt so peaceful and calm there.

All of a sudden, I saw rain falling in the distance and knew it was headed our way.  I yelled, "Rain!  Run for it!"  and we all jumped up and ran for the building, knowing we weren't going to get there in time.

The rain started pouring down before we were half way there, and we ran between the trees and bushes to get to the building, and there was so much rain falling, I thought we'd be drenched in seconds (but I didn't feel wet)  but soon was walking and wading through ankle deep water, trying to make sure we had a clear way up to the building without falling in.  We were running fast then on a slight upgrade toward the building - and I marveled how the water flattened out the landscape and we could no longer see hills, and I wondered how deep the water really was.

I didn't know the best way back up to the building, and a couple women were walking ahead of me and not falling into any ditches, so I decided to follow them, and we were walking then alongside the building in 4 inches of water and it didn't seem to be getting any deeper.  The water felt quite warm to my feet - so it had to have been summer time.

We stood outside the building near the door, out of breath, and I suddenly came awake and saw Joe standing at the foot of the bed and hearing the air conditioner and fan running - sounding just like the rain.


7-17-09 - DREAM -  I was working in my home office on a page about Terrorism statistics.  There evidently was a problem on how statistics were gathered on the topic of terrorism and certain things were not included in the statistics, particularly what were concluded to be 'local' events, and I was shown the name GOMMM which I thought was intriguing because there were 3 M's in the name.

There was a problem with the software used to gather statistics and it didn't include local invents - though it looked at them initially, when the statistics were brought to a national or world level, they weren't included.  That was a problem because people outside a community would not know they were going on.

Joe then was using some new software on his computer which was voice activated typing - where you speak into the microphone and the computer types for you. However, the radio was on in the living room and I could hear everything Joe was saying on the radio, and I wondered how far his voice carried on the radio?  To other houses in the neighborhood - or even farther?

NOTE:  I looked up Gommm on the internet and found that Gommm specialized in 'hacking' but I also found a site about Neuro-fuzzy techniques. which refused to open for me, so I'm still looking it up.


7-17-09 - MICHELLE'S DREAM -  I was with Michelle in her grandmother's bedroom which was now a livingroom.  Paul walked in with two Wendy's cups - one for each of us.  In the cups were a white colored drink with what looked like ginger pieces floating on top.  Paul said that drinking this liquid would take us to a higher consciousness.

Both Michelle and I drank the liquid and in moments I was in a higher level of consciousness and seeing visions of the universe.  Michelle got no reaction.

Michelle told Paul that she didn't get any benefits from the drink and Paul suggested that perhaps she was already at that level (that was my personal thought also) but Michelle said, "No! I don't think so!"  So Paul said, let me see what's in your cup.  So he looked in Michelle's cup and said, "Well!  It looks like you didn't get the same drink that Dee got, you got cold onion soup!

NOTE:  I recalled that is all about hypnosis, and I've used her higher consciousness CD for past-life explorations. And I've also used Paul's CD for meditation which works great.  I get better results from using Paul's 'hypnosis' tape than by myself usually.


7-18-09 - DREAM - I was working on a paper regarding the rules of the forming the Community we were planning.  As I wrote the rules, which were in 5 columns on the paper, I was thinking that not only did the members have to use the same words about things we believed, but the words had to have the same meaning.

I woke up for a couple of seconds, heard a bell ring in my ear and instantly fell back asleep.

In this second dream, I was writing a letter to my beloved about the community, my feelings about it, and that we couldn't be together without a certain commitment and that I would talk to him about that commitment when he came home from work at 11:30 p.m.

Evidently I had been ill and was recuperating and was feeling very weak still, but I was getting better, and I needed him to take care of me in the way I needed.

I finished writing the letter to him that I would read to him when he got home.  I was evidently living in my New Berlin, WI house.  I went to the back door facing east and opened it to smell the air and see how it was outside.  I could see some large drops of rain on the sidewalk leading up to the door.  We hadn't had a full rain, one couldn't even call it a drizzle because their were only a few drops on the sidewalk.

As I closed the door and when I turned the knob, the electricity came on in the house and I could hear the washer start up in the basement - evidently in mid-cycle starting to spin the water out of the clothes.  I needed to do something else with water but I thought I should wait until the washer was done spinning out the water before I would overload the sewer system with more water than the pipes could handle.

I went up the 4 steps to the next level of the house ( the lower level being on ground level and the next level just those few steps up)  and on that level, I could look out the door looking the opposite direction to the west and to my surprise, my beloved had come home on his lunch hour and was walking towards me across the porch.

As I looked at him, I could see he was wearing glasses with dark rims, and a black turban with a pronounced /\ shape on his forehead and his skin was a light tan color -  - Hindu? He was wearing a short sleeved tan black and yellow plaid cotton shirt, and dark pants.

He came in the door as I was worrying that he might see the letter I had written for him before I had a chance to explain things to him.  I began to speak, and apparently I was talking out loud in my sleep because my lips were making odd bubbling sounds - and I apologized to him that I couldn't speak  - and he just held me in his arms and comforted me.

As I woke up - a voice in my head said, "We need 100% commitment to this circle."


7-18-09 - NAP DREAM  (I got extremely tired while listening to a radio archived show about Budd Hopkins)  As soon as I closed my eyes, I was asleep and in a room with a man who had a round see-thru bowl with colored heads of various colors, and they represented people who had been chosen in advance, but there were more of each color than were allowed in the community.  As each three of red came together, he moved on to the next color, until three of each color were chosen, and I woke up.


7-19-09 - DREAM - I was living in my 16th St. house with my Mom and my kids.  It was 10 minutes to 8 a.m. and we had to get up and get to school.

It was raining outside and my blue car was parked across the street at the curb, so I yelled upstairs to the kids, "Everyone get up and get ready for school.  It's raining out so if you get up quick, I'll drive you to school."  There was nowhere to leave a car parked near school, so I would have to drive them to school, then drive back home and walk to school myself.  Exactly why we all went to the same school on 20th St., I have no idea.

NOTE: There is no sense of reality to that dream.

At lunch time, I was at school with other people my age - like late teens or early 20's.  I noticed that Norman wasn't there - there he had moved to Madison or something.  I hadn't heard from him in a while, so I was asking the other guys if they had heard from him, or if anyone had his phone number.  Nobody had.  For some reason I kept calling him Paul.

In another scene, I was getting dressed for work.  I put on red and white striped summer pants, but underneath those, I was wearing pale green and yellow flowered pants.

Nice combination, huh?


7-19-09 - 11:30 p.m. (I  went to bed early)  DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, WI somewhere and a dark-haired woman took me to a house on the south side to a relative's house to celebrate Christmas.  The street and house looked familiar and so did the people so I knew them before in my life, though not by name - they seemed to be television characters I've seen on various shows I regularly watch.

We went up the stairs and were let into the house.  The elder woman of the house let us in and I knew her face and she knew mine and she led us into the livingroom that had a large Christmas trees with lots of gift under the tree - all the packages had a white background with Christmas gifts on the pictures on the paper it seemed.  The kids were all playing in that room.  We then went into the next room which was like a parlor and there was another Christmas tree with more gifts under the tree - all in the same white paper with Christmas motifs in the pictures on the paper.

At this point, I met a darker-skinned man with a wonderful deep voice, and I know he's the Spanish man from One Life to Live television show - he had come from Brazil recently and had an emotionally disturbed daughter.  He was wearing a shiny black leather jacket.  He asked me if I had ever watched a baseball game in winter, and I said, "No!"  He said, "I know a wonderful place where we can look at the game, through the trees without having to actually go into the stadium."  That sounded intriguing so I said, "Okay!"

By now, I was intrigued, intimidated by this man and excited, all at the same time.

He held the crook of his arm out to me to escort me where he was going to take me outside.  As we walked towards the back door, we walked past another Spanish looking man, equally handsome who was either his Father or his ex-father-in-law (not sure).  That man gave a look of surprise at the first man's choice of women and of approval at the same time.  Things were happening too fast for me to say anything.

I was still wearing my long blue winter coat from when we arrived at the house, so we walked out the back door.  I discovered that the back door was my own New Berlin, WI house.  He still was being a perfect gentleman, and leading me where to go by holding the crook of his arm for me to hang onto and he was walking quite quickly, almost pulling me along with him in his excitement.

I was very familiar with this terrain because I lived there for over 20 years myself back between 1960 and 1980.  As we walked east on the road, I thought he was going to take me up and around the corner to a spot way in the back of the subdivision that overlooks a woodsy area and where the freeway was built, but instead, he went up the eastward hill towards the other end of the subdivision to where my kids other friends lived.

At that house, there was a drastic difference.  Instead of a driveway, there was a bridge that went over what appeared to be a lighted basement structure painted green, and it looked quite old.  (It was a farm field before the house was built there about 1961)  As we walked to the end of the bridge, there was a big gap that looked like water from a wharf should be there, and the man said, "Wouldn't it be great if a had a big boat moored there?"  Knowing it was a fantasy of his, I agreed and smiled, and we walked across the bridge to the house.

Instead of it being my kid's friends house the way I knew it was built, it was now a restaurant, with long counter that people were sitting on stools, and everyone turned their heads to see us go by. 

I evidently took my coat off when we entered the house, because I was wearing a beige colored dress of soft fabric with small yellow flowers on it, and everyone turned their heads to watch us walk by.  He was still wearing his black leather jacket and had an excited, tense look on his face and the women particularly couldn't take their eyes off of him and he was rather dragging me along faster than I really wanted to walk.

As we reached the back of this house/restaurant, the women were wearing fancy long gowns like a couple of generations had gone back in time and they too were looking at my companion with a strange look - whether it was longing, or surprise to see him with me, I don't know - but everyone seemed to know him as we walked by.

We reached the back door, and I realized that my coat had been left at the front entrance, I asked him, "Are we going to go back outside?" and he said, "No!".  I was thinking we were going to go out into the cold night air again and I was going to be cold.

But he opened the door to the back yard and I followed him outside and I didn't see him out in the yard.  I saw the green lawn and what looked like a red brick wall with 4 trees growing out of it like it was an old graveyard and he was buried in a grave either in that wall or right in front of it.


7-20-09 - (This is the same night - and the next dream)

DREAM - I met the ex-wife of the same Spanish man and found out that she had twin daughters and that they had grown up to be singers. They were both lovely blonde girls.  As soon as I introduced him to his daughters - that was all he could focus on was his daughters.  It was apparent that he loved them very much.


7-21-09 - DREAM - I had moved into an apartment building - apparently I was newly in charge of taking care of the building and its problems.

I walked around the outside of the building, and discovered a short standpipe on the side of the driveway that goes into the underground parking garage under the building.  I looked down into the standpipe and saw that water was pouring full force out of the ground into the standpipe and going down into a sewer.  It was apparent that the water was coming out of the building into the standpipe.  .As I looked closer into the standpipe, I could see that someone in the past had stuffed old sweaters and sweatshirts down into the pipe in an effort to stop the water, but nothing had stopped it. So, I kneeled down and began pulling the sweaters and sweatshirts out of the pipe until I got them all out and the water was going just as fast as before.

I went back around the corner of the building to get a plumber to shut off the building's water and to fix the problem and as I rounded the corner, there was an old drunken man sitting on the ground, leaning against the building.  At first I thought he had died but there was smoke coming out of his mouth, so he was still alive, but barely.  I looked at him, and it looked like he had no legs below the knees and his pants were sewed shut on the bottom.  He looked like he hadn't had a bath in 20 years and hadn't washed his clothes either.  Another man came by who knew the man, and told me he had been that way as long as he had known him.  He had nowhere to live - he just hung around begging money and drinking until he couldn't stand up anymore.

There was nothing I could do for the man right then, so I went into the building again, and noticed that people were going to work, and dropping scraps of paper and plastic bags carelessly on the carpet as they walked by - not caring how they were littering.  I picked up as many as I could as I walked by, knowing that the whole carpet would have to be vacuumed later to clean the whole thing.

I came to the first apartment where the door was open and could hear a baby crying inside.  I peered inside, planning to ask the first person I knew how to get a hold of a maintenance man about the water problem outside.  Since the door was open and I could see a man inside, I asked him where I could find the maintenance man. I told the man, the standpipe with water coming into it forcefully in the driveway between apartment 101 and 102. Before he could answer I heard the baby cry again, so I stepped into the apartment and three feet further inside, I looked around the corner of the wall, and saw two young men with a baby sitting at a small round table - rather tossing the baby into the air and dancing around entertaining themselves at the baby's expense. I was going to ask about the maintenance man again when an older hunchbacked woman walked in and said she was cold.  I told her I would get her a sweater to put on and left to go to my apartment upstairs and get her a sweater.

I went upstairs and got a sweater for the woman - a brown pullover type, which was inside out.  I turned it right side out and took it back downstairs and offered it to the hunchback woman.  She looked at it rather disapproving of it, but put it on, and left it on only two minutes, saying she was too hot and took it back off.

I had to leave and find a maintenance man/plumber and I had a vision of the standpipe outside again, but this time there were 5 standpipes standing next to each other, each one increasing in size.

and woke up

a blast from the past:

Pope Paul and President George Bush

DREAM: Paul and I had moved to a place in the mountains. It was a VERY HIGH elevation. Paul was really excited about the move and didn't seem nervous at all. I, on the other hand, realized it would be a pain because even though the views would be incredible, and the area was so SO SO very nice, it would mean a long trip up and down a difficult mountain-pass to get to the village.

WE were looking for the very house we were going to live in. But it seemed like everything was so expensive if we wanted to live in a big BIG house.

We were in a car being driven by a real-estate agent around the neighborhood, and she was pointing out the houses that were empty. Most still had furniture in them so they looked occupied. The previous owners left stuff in them so that "the people down the hill wouldn't think that since so many houses were empty that the hill was going to slide down on top of them" And we were told that if the people who lived at the bottom of the hill realized how many houses were empty up the hill they would be very scared.

SO.... we looked at several houses that were empty but had furniture. The first one had a field-stone type siding (or it was made of field stone, but I remember thinking that when you got up close you could see it was siding). It was a nice house for size, but the view was limited by some big rock wall, and for some reason the master bedroom was OUTSIDE. It was made like a carport.

I said.. "This is not good. I would have to have that finished in or move the bedroom inside if we consider this house. The agent said, "You can't do that right away. It will take a long time to move that bed inside. So if you don't want to sleep out here, you shouldn't buy this house.

We drove to the next house. This one once belonged to a woman who lived there for some time, but had moved. The house was all painted in different shades of brown & yellow. It had all this old Colonial furniture it in and it was like 200 feet long, but only 12 feet deep... like a really long trailer. I HATED the shape. and I really didn't like the colors of the walls.

The Agent kept calling them "Golden" but I kept saying they looked like baby poop yellow ... and if they were really gold they wouldn't look like poop.

Then we walked into the back yard. In the back yard there was a hill that went up behind and made the view go from an incredible mountain view to a view of a hill going up behind the house.

On the top of that hill was a beautiful big house. It had old cape-cod type clapboard around the whole thing. BIG windows that looked out on the most incredible mountain view and it was both Paul and my dream house (at least in the dream!)

We asked the agent if they could show us that house, as it was clear from the windows that at least part of it was empty.

The agent we were with refused, saying she only sold REAL estate. She said that REAL estate wasn't always so perfect, but that it always had potential. The house we wanted to was a "pipe dream". She said that millions of people try to buy it each year, but it has been empty for over 2000 years! And we were wasting out time. We couldn't buy it.

Paul said that we had more than enough money and we had a lot of great ideas for fixing up the house.

The agent told us to talk to "Judy" if we wanted the house, but that it was a waste of time.  (The name Judy means "praised")

We walked over to this woman named Judy. She had a southern accent and Paul seemed to know her, though I didn't think she was one of the 2 Judy's he use to be engaged to, he seemed to really agree with everything she was saying. I took him to the side and said... "What are you doing? If we look too anxious they will bring up the price and we won't get the house." Paul assured me he knew was he was doing.

Anyway... we were standing behind the house at the bottom of a hill still. And Judy said we had to climb up the hard part of the hill and go in by the front door. But I noticed there was a back door made of glass that was not a hard climb from where we were and we could get inside from there then climb the stairs in the house to get to the front. Judy didn't like this and insisted that the only way to get into the house was the front door. But I opened the back door and we were inside. She was pissed off about that.

Just inside the back door there were rooms that were all connected that had big glass panels and you could look out and see the valley below and it was a gorgeous view. But Judy said that the view was not necessarily included. That not everyone gets the view.

She seemed upset that I had seen the view (I think Paul did too). She said the view was for people who bought from her "agency" only. To which Paul said, we love this house already. Just because of where it is. We want it and we will pay the asking price. (I remember thinking he shouldn't have said that, but he wanted the house desperately. He whispered to me, we will tell her what ever she wants, and after the papers are signed it's our and we can do what we want with it.)

She said she was really upset that we went in by the back door - that because we did, we would see the last things first and that was going to mess up her sales pitch. We couldn't see the whole house before she told us "the catch".

What is the catch? I asked. She was very hesitant then she took Paul to the side and whispered something to him. As she did.... I noticed that the carpet was getting wet.

Soon there was an inch of water on the floor. I said to her.. "What is going on?"

She said.. "OH NO! Looks like a pipe broke."

We ran to the next room to find an old maintenance man standing next to a brass pipe that was coming out of the floor. The pipe was pouring water on the floor. The pipe itself was made of 3 shiny brass pieces and a rubber hose that connected to it where the water should flow.

When we walked up to the man he looked at me and said. "If you don't want to see this house flooded and destroyed, you need to bring ROV here to fix this pipe. I just stood there stunned for a moment that he would know ROV. The water was getting deeper and the guy fumbled to put the pipes together but they didn't go.

So I looked at Paul, and Judy shouted... "Get ROV or the water damage will be unfixable!"

So Paul nodded and I called for ROV. ROV, The Lightbeing came into my body, (This is a channeling method I use. But in the dream I was still standing there beside Paul and ROV). The old man tried to hand ROV a wrench. He didn't touch it. I was about to grab it myself and try to fix the water when ROV said. (and I quote) "I know you, Old Scratch. I don't do work for evil!" and he refused to do anything.

Old Scratch said, "If you don't fix it, the water will it will destroy the foundation of this house and the whole thing will fall down the hill! IT is already happening!"

ROV said. "Let it fall. You will not destroy your mansion of lies! Your greatest tool! I say let it fall, we will be all better off!" And ROV refused to do anything.

Then the old guy looked at me. "Do it! You can fix it yourself!" he said. Paul and I looked at each other and trusted ROV then said... "No"

The man grunted with disgust then he put the pipes together himself and stopped the water.

Then he called to someone to mop up the mess and Pope Paul and President George Bush came in and started to mop up the water.

We started to walk away. ROV said... "What you want this house for anyway? You know it's not real. It will look like any house you want it to look like, but it is really just a place of lies. It has form - but no substance. It tells you it is your place at the very top of the hill, but it is really a slide to the very bottom of the hill."

At that point, Judy came back over to us (ROV was now walking with us) and she said, "You know, we have another offer on this house. It's better than your offer but If you come see my boyfriend who is singing in church I will put your offer in front of theirs."

"What kind of singing is he doing in church?" I asked. "Morris dancing," she said.

I said, "That's dancing - not singing."

She said, "he sings and dances. It's going to be a great time."

ROV said with a laugh, "Has Morris dancing ever been considered a great time?" and he laughed. "I guess she is saying he's coming with bells on!"

(I didn't know what he meant in the dream.. but I looked up Morris dancing on the web and found this....Morris dancing is a form of ritual folkdance which comes from the Cotswold region in western England, between Oxford and the Welsh border. It is ritual as opposed to social dance ...The dancers usually wear bells at their knees and often wave hankies.)

Paul said something about how we should go out there just one night so we can get the house. ROV said.. "Sure!.. Yeah!"... and he opened a door and behind the door were wall to wall people all talking about buying the house. All of them each talking about some special deal they have that promises they will own the house. Many of them even waving papers that they said assure them 100 percent they own the house already!

I said to ROV.. "They can't all own the house."

ROV said, "No one owns this house. This house is not real. You can't buy a house on the hill with money, promises or Morris dancing!"

Then Judy said. "So you say, but look at the abundance!" and she opened another door.  Behind that door were rows and rows of refrigerators. From old iceboxes to modern ones. All different types and sizes. Judy practically sang out like Julie Andrews singing the Sound of Music... "Look at all of these. They belonged to all the previous owners of this house. They left them here full of food and good things for the next owners!" She looked at ROV and said.. "So much for the nay-sayers. How many refrigerators do you see? And these a just owners since Refrigerators existed!"

ROV laughed again and said "Open one!"

I tried and Paul tried, but they wouldn't open.

"They will only open for the owner of this house!" Judy yelled back at ROV.

"No one can own this house! It is not here. It is empty, an illusion! There are no refrigerators in HELL!" and he opened one of the fridges and inside was fake food and some old plastic broken toys.

"Let's go. Huh - you two" ROV said to me and Paul and we agreed.

"Come back!" Judy hollered. "If you don't I'm going to have to sell this house to someone else! You are going to lose your dream house!"

I hated the inside of the house, and Paul did too... and we both realized that we couldn't fix it up, even if we bought it because it would never really be our house. BUT when we went outside, I almost wanted to go back. The house was so beautiful on the outside.

I felt relieved that ROV showed up and got out of the deal on the house.

Go figure Anyway.. that's the dream

[end of excerpt]

I hope you can see the astonishing connections here.

Thanks again.

Regards and best wishes,

Joseph E. (Joe) Mason

Taken from:


    THE SHOW WAS OVER. A Dream by Jan Ingersoll. With Interpretation by Joe Mason. 11-29-97. In the mid '80s I dreamed one of my strongest teaching dreams. ...

    The water standpipe coming from upstairs had been shut off, but when the maintenance man and I went to check it out, I noticed that drops of water were ...

    ... way upstairs and aimed to hose out the front screen window and saw that Tom and Robert had already put out the fire with an outside standpipe and hose. ...

7-22-09 - DREAM - I was sitting in the doctor's office with Dr. Brian.  Out in the hallway I could Dr. Krisnamurthi walking by.

Dr. Brian asked me where my cholesterol pills were.  I had a large white pill bottle on a table by the door, and I poured out the pills onto the table and all I could find were my pink vitamin pills that were broken in half.

The doctor yelled at me from the hallway, "Do you want to die just because your mother did????"

and I woke up

7-23-09 - Three crop circle dreams

DREAM  1 - all I remember is that is was about crop circles and a small brown object was spinning on a table.

DREAM 2 - I was out on the road where a gravel road branched off.  The road was more sandy than stone and really difficult to maneuver on because of that. One could get stuck easily.  However, a man in a wheelchair came and insisted that he wanted to see the crop circles.  The road dipped down off the highway about 6 feet lower than where we were, and I knew the way was going to be tough, but I had to follow that guy.

#3 - DREAM - I couldn't decide if I was awake or asleep.  Joe and I were in bed and I heard a car tooting its horn out front of the house, so I went to the front door to see what was going on.

There were two long flat bed trucks parked half way in our yard - right on the lawn, and men in work clothes were running toward the back of the house into the orchard. 

I didn't want to believe it was real, and I kept questioning whether I was awake or still sleeping and I thought about pinching myself on the arm to see if it hurt to prove I was really awake.

Just then Joe came running past me with his work clothes on, and a heavy winter jacket over his arm though it was summer, and I asked him what's going on?

Joe said, "I don't know!  The only person I know out there is Joanne from down the street" - and he pointed east.  "She says she was told by the UFO people that there is a lake buried under here."

I went around the corner of the house and there were men slashing and burning all the trees behind the house.  One guy had a fire starter canister in his hand and was blow torching the weeds that were growing on an outhouse and then burned down the outhouse, and beyond him other men were burning a huge tree that was 4 times the size of any tree around here and the tree was blazing up into the sky like a fury.  I could hear other men cutting everything down and burning it so they could find the buried lake.

I was worried sick that the house was going to catch on fire.  I couldn't watch them burn those trees, especially that beautiful tall tree, so I went back into the house and picked up a magazine that was already open to an article.  I tried to focus on the words on the page, but they were very small, and I could read them, but the more I tried to focus on them, the smaller they got - it was an article about crop circles -  and I finally threw the magazine down and woke up for real.

NOTE: Joanne is Hebrew for "God is gracious"



7-24-09 - DREAM - I was living in a house somewhere with Joe - not the house we are actually living in.

A delivery man came to the door with 5 large boxes, and asked me to sign for them.  He was a big burly guy with a 'big' attitude as well.

While I was doing some math for the deliveries-  he charged  20 cents for each box -  I was doing the math with a spoon on a piece of dirt  -which I couldn't actually do, but kept trying anyway -  the delivery man told Joe he should plaster up the arch outside on another building.

I looked at him and said, "You are the 5th man to tell Joe to plaster up that arch today.

I finally did the math in my head - duh -  5 times 20 cents = $1.00 -  but I couldn't do it with a spoon in the dirt and I had no pen to write with.

The arch as described by the man's hand was low lying - very wide but not tall.  I could picture it in my mind and I knew it didn't lead anywhere and was on a concrete building next door.  Whether it actually belonged to us I don't know because I didn't see it for myself.


7-25-09 - DREAM -  I was in a very large two story house, taking care of a little boy who was Spanish/Mexican.  This house and the little boy was very dirty.  There were little crumbs of dirt everywhere including on the child, on the bed, on the floors - everywhere.

There was also a very young woman with me - no relation to the child, but she was helping me.

I started out by trying to mop the bathroom floor, behind the toilet first - and there was so much crud on the floor, this was very difficult.

Because the little boy was so dirty, he needed cleaning too, and I asked the young woman to help me with him because I felt sorry for the little boy.  The young woman did everything I asked of her without complaint.

I then found three golden swords/knives rather machete-shaped with wide blades and extremely sharp - each had a different shape but were about three feet long and these were dirty as well.

I took the knives downstairs to clean and polish them, but for some reason I just couldn't clean them downstairs, so I took them back upstairs and asked the young woman if she would clean them for me.

I lay on the bed then which was very large and so was the room and as I lay on the bed, looking at the ceiling, I saw green and blue stripes of paint on the ceiling at random - not like the ceiling was going to be painted - they were like test stripes.  This made me question whether I was in the right bedroom or someone else's.

So, I got out of bed to make sure I was even in the right house, and in the corner of the room, I spotted a man, dressed all in brown, but I couldn't see his face.

Then man picked up something from the floor that was hidden by dirt - and he turned it to face me.  It was a painting of a pine tree trunk. As he showed me this painting, it became more and more brilliantly colored - just the trunk of the tree - with new branches coming out of it.  The painting became more and more brilliant and larger and larger and closer and closer to me - but all I could see was the trunk of the tree - never the whole tree.

See photo taken in my own backyard below:

and I woke up

Iraq and the weapons of mass destruction in retrospect

This is what the swords looked like except they were golden colored

I supported the US-led military intervention to oust Saddam Hussein and the Baathist regime in Iraq and, like most people who did, I have had plenty of second thoughts about it. But I can say, hand on heart, that I never felt the question of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ was in any way relevant to whether the war was justified or not. The Baathist regime may not have possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction according to some technical criteria, but it certainly possessed what I would call ‘weapons of mass destruction’, meaning weapons capable of destroying masses of human beings. In the Rwandan Genocide, between 800,000 and a million people were killed mostly using technologically simple weapons, above all the machete. This is several times more than were killed by the atomic bombs that hit Japan in 1945. Judging by the twentieth-century historical record, the machete is a more dangerous weapon of mass destruction than the nuclear bomb. Saddam Hussein had repeatedly carried out genocide and mass murder against the Iraqi population. With the weaponry still available to him in 2003, he was entirely able to do so again. That he did not possess what are technically classified as ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ may make a difference to how one evaluates the justification for the war, if what concerns one is British or American national security or even Middle Eastern regional security. But for those of us who thought about the intervention in Iraq primarily in humanitarian terms, what mattered most was his ability to harm his own people. The failure to discover ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ in Iraq following the invasion made no difference in this regard.


7-25-09 - NAP DREAM  -  I was manager of an apartment building that was part of a mall apparently.

I was in my own section, and when the mail was delivered, I was also given some mail for a woman w lived down that hall.

When I first saw the name on the package, it looked like J.C. but it was really Jean Christian or something like that.  Since I knew where she lived, I decided to take it to her.

Another woman went ahead of me down the hallway, and instead of making a jog left through the open door, she went straight ahead and walked right into a cabinet that had lotions in it. 

I blamed myself since there was a large box with stuff in on the floor to the left that we had to walk around.

So, we made the jog to the left and now we were in the mall itself.  There were very high ceilings and many lights hanging from the ceilings to provide light to the people walking and there were a lot of them. Apparently people were also swinging from the ropes that the lights were attached to. Everyone was in a good mood. 

There was a puddle of water on the floor about half way down, and I saw a large see-thru plastic bag in the middle of the puddle. I could hear the water dripping down quite quickly.  When I picked up the plastic bag, I really had nowhere to put it, and set it down nearby, but there was water in a puddle there too, which was running down a slope to a large sewer grate in the floor.  Another woman near the sewer grate looked down into it and exclaimed, "Oh!  There is a man down there!"  and as soon as she said it, 1/2 of the grate opened up and out popped one of my sons with a huge smile on this face, and he was followed by his father.

People began snapping photos of him and I had to laugh because my son was enjoying himself so much - and I said to the crowd that was gathering, "That's my son!"  and everybody enjoyed themselves to see my son and his big smile coming out of the sewer grate with his father.



I was at work, near the end of the day.  I wanted to pick up my mail like in an apartment building.  I met the mailman coming in with the mail and I could see that my mailbox was full, but I looked in my purse and got my ring of keys out, but there was no mailbox key on it.  So, I couldn't open my mailbox. 

I went down the hall to the library and asked one of the women there if they had a 'key' lost and found.  The woman opened a drawer in her desk and all she had was plastic handled keys.  I asked her if she had an all metal keys and she said, "No!"  so I knew I couldn't get my mailbox key back from the library.

I left the library and walked down the hall to another room where people were getting ready to leave the building.  In this room, the windows were open and people were putting screens back onto the windows for the night - so I helped slide the screens back into place.

Over aways, some young women and a young man - barely more than a boy were getting their things put away - and they had stuffed dolls and baby blankets and all kinds of strange things on the desk.  So I helped get the things put away for the night.  I wished them a good evening and said, "I'll see you all in the morning",  like I was their boss, which I knew I wasn't.

I left the room, and walked down the hall.  In one room I saw an engineer still at his desk working - he waved his fingers at me and I waved back and kept going.

I was trying to decide what to take home with me and finally decided to leave all my esoteric work in the office and knew that the boss wouldn't be happy to know that I worked on other things besides real work in the office, but nevertheless I kept all my esoteric work in a desk drawer.

As I neared my office, there was a man sitting at a desk with a woman standing next to him.  Over a little ways another man was sitting, looking over towards the couple.

All of a sudden, the women somehow got sucked feet first down into the top of the man's head and as I saw the top of the head disappear into the top of his head -  a voice in my head said, "And now things are going to get really weird!!!!"  and I opened my eyes and had to fight to stay awake so I wouldn't go back into the dream. 

I could feel a headache in the front of my face - like all my sinuses were congested and wondered if that's why my dream had gone that weird.
It was hard to stay awake and keep my eyes open, but I had to do it or go back into that dream and get really scared by what I was about to see.


7-26-09 - VISION -  As soon as I closed my eyes -  I saw what looked like an record album cover - (33 1/3 type record) -  it was square  - a dark background with white astrological type figures on it - then the album cover flipped over and similar astrological figures in white were on that side too.


7-15-09 - MORE VISIONS 2:45 p.m. -  APOSTLE OF THE DAY -  JOHN 14

ANIMAL OF THE DAY -  THE PELICAN -  it looked like a grasshopper

Then I saw a box with 2 cameras in it -  one had a white light and one had a red light

NOTE:  On 7-30-09 - I had to take photos of two trees -  one for the dream about the painting of the tree trunk, and the other of the tree that broke and fell - the chinaberry.







Then I saw three flies buzzing around - large ones

Then I heard this:  Emily is under reproach  and then a man who sounded like Daniel on the show The Young and the Restless - laughed and said, hahaha -  Emily is under reproach.

John 14 (King James Version)


John 14

 1Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.

 2In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

 3And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

 4And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know.

 5Thomas saith unto him, Lord, we know not whither thou goest; and how can we know the way?

 6Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

 7If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye know him, and have seen him.

 8Philip saith unto him, Lord, show us the Father, and it sufficeth us.

 9Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Show us the Father?

 10Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.

 11Believe me that I am in the Father, and the Father in me: or else believe me for the very works' sake.

 12Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

 13And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

 14If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.

 15If ye love me, keep my commandments.

 16And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;

 17Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

 18I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

 19Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye see me: because I live, ye shall live also.

 20At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.

 21He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

 22Judas saith unto him, not Iscariot, Lord, how is it that thou wilt manifest thyself unto us, and not unto the world?

 23Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.

 24He that loveth me not keepeth not my sayings: and the word which ye hear is not mine, but the Father's which sent me.

 25These things have I spoken unto you, being yet present with you.

 26But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

 27Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

 28Ye have heard how I said unto you, I go away, and come again unto you. If ye loved me, ye would rejoice, because I said, I go unto the Father: for my Father is greater than I.

 29And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe.

 30Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.

 31But that the world may know that I love the Father; and as the Father gave me commandment, even so I do. Arise, let us go hence.


Rains in western Queensland spark grasshopper plague

By Phil Hammond

May 09, 2009 12:00am

IN a remote corner of western Queensland, floods have drained away to leave a landscape teeming with new life, including a grasshopper plague.

Outback plains, deluged by floodwaters only a few months ago, are now awash with insects and birds, thriving in the aftermath of the great wet.

Pictures show the vivid circle of life that is playing out in the state's west as birth becomes plague and new life tempts early death.

In the Mitchell grass plains millions of grasshoppers swarm across the landscape, attracting great birds of prey, while a vast colony of pelicans has commandeered a waterhole to hatch and rear its young.

Hidden more than 40km from the nearest homesite, the pelican nesting grounds make an unforgettable site.

More than 100,000 birds have joined the colony, covering 750,000 square metres, with an egg laying density close to 300,000.

Wildlife cinematographer John Young took The Courier Mail over rough country to reveal the vast colony, the biggest he has ever seen.

The astonishing black and white ocean of birdlife is thought to be just one of the pelican rookeries established close to remote expanses of water across to South Australia's steadily filling Lake Eyre.

"You just cannot imagine how many tonnes of fish and other marine life are needed every day to feed such a vast population of birds," Mr. Young said. "It's amazing." After walking around the nesting sites, Young calculated the combined area was 1.5km long and 250m wide   and growing.

After three days of observations, he said mating was still taking place, with more nests being built on the outer edges of the nesting areas.

Chicken-sized younger pelicans are snow white and starting to walk about, while younger ones carry a fine covering of down. Hatchlings emerge from the egg totally pink skinned and about the size of a lorikeet.

"The nests are less than a metre apart," he said. "What's really unusual is that clutches of four eggs are quite common. It means there's plenty of food about." But so much fragile new life is a gift for hungry prey.

When distracted pelicans expose their eggs and young, there's a legion of predators and scavengers waiting to swoop.

"There are about 300-400 silver gulls, 300 ravens, a pair of marsh harriers, two pairs of whistling kites and 50 black kites living off this rookery," Mr. Young said.

"The gulls are preying on eggs which the ravens have smashed and the black kites appear to just be taking scraps. They are not killing chicks. Also, a few sand monitor lizards are thieving a few eggs."

The plagues of grasshoppers swarming across the grass plains are also a tempting feast.

Waves of the 9cm-long insects stream over the landscape in clouds so thick, they almost obliterate views of distant mesas.

"For more than three hours, the locusts just kept flying past and the birds were picking them out of the air and eating them on the wing," Mr. Young said.

"Four of Australia's six falcons – the black, brown, little falcon and kestrel – were all taking insects.

Whistling kites and black kites were also harvesting the insects."

At sunset, they had settled in the deep, fresh expanses of Mitchell grass and it was their turn to enjoy the green left behind by the wet.


Come, weep with me;—past hope, past cure, past help!
                                                                  Romeo and Juliet

Valancourt, meanwhile, suffered the tortures of remorse and despair. The sight of Emily had renewed all the ardour, with which he first loved her, and which had suffered a temporary abatement from absence and the passing scenes of busy life. When, on the receipt of her letter, he set out for Languedoc, he then knew, that his own folly had involved him in ruin, and it was no part of his design to conceal this from her. But he lamented only the delay which his ill-conduct must give to their marriage, and did not foresee, that the information could induce her to break their connection forever. While the prospect of this separation overwhelmed his mind, before stung with self-reproach, he awaited their second interview, in a state little short of distraction, yet was still inclined to hope, that his pleadings might prevail upon her not to exact it. In the morning, he sent to know at what hour she would see him; and his note arrived, when she was with the Count, who had sought an opportunity of again conversing with her of Valancourt; for he perceived the extreme distress of her mind, and feared, more than ever, that her fortitude would desert her. Emily having dismissed the messenger, the Count returned to the subject of their late conversation, urging his fear of Valancourt's entreaties, and again pointing out to her the lengthened misery, that must ensue, if she should refuse to encounter some present uneasiness. His repeated arguments could, indeed, alone have protected her from the affection she still felt for Valancourt, and she resolved to be governed by them.

The hour of interview, at length, arrived. Emily went to it, at least, with composure of manner, but Valancourt was so much agitated, that he could not speak, for several minutes, and his first words were alternately those of lamentation, entreaty, and self-reproach. Afterward, he said, 'Emily, I have loved you—I do love you, better than my life; but I am ruined by my own conduct. Yet I would seek to entangle you in a connection, that must be miserable for you, rather than subject myself to the punishment, which is my due, the loss of you. I am a wretch, but I will be a villain no longer.—I will not endeavour to shake your resolution by the pleadings of a selfish passion. I resign you, Emily, and will endeavour to find consolation in considering, that, though I am miserable, you, at least, may be happy. The merit of the sacrifice is, indeed, not my own, for I should never have attained strength of mind to surrender you, if your prudence had not demanded it.'

He paused a moment, while Emily attempted to conceal the tears, which came to her eyes. She would have said, 'You speak now, as you were wont to do,' but she checked herself.—'Forgive me, Emily,' said he, 'all the sufferings I have occasioned you, and, sometimes, when you think of the wretched Valancourt, remember, that his only consolation would be to believe, that you are no longer unhappy by his folly.' The tears now fell fast upon her cheek, and he was relapsing into the frenzy of despair, when Emily endeavoured to recall her fortitude and to terminate an interview, which only seemed to increase the distress of both. Perceiving her tears and that she was rising to go, Valancourt struggled, once more, to overcome his own feelings and to sooth hers. 'The remembrance of this sorrow,' said he, 'shall in future be my protection. O! never again will example, or temptation have power to seduce me to evil, exalted as I shall be by the recollection of your grief for me.'

Emily was somewhat comforted by this assurance. 'We are now parting for ever,' said she; 'but, if my happiness is dear to you, you will always remember, that nothing can contribute to it more, than to believe, that you have recovered your own esteem.' Valancourt took her hand;—his eyes were covered with tears, and the farewell he would have spoken was lost in sighs. After a few moments, Emily said, with difficulty and emotion, 'Farewell, Valancourt, may you be happy!' She repeated her 'farewell,' and attempted to withdraw her hand, but he still held it and bathed it with his tears. 'Why prolong these moments?' said Emily, in a voice scarcely audible, 'they are too painful to us both.' 'This is too—too much,' exclaimed Valancourt, resigning her hand and throwing himself into a chair, where he covered his face with his hands and was overcome, for some moments, by convulsive sighs. After a long pause, during which Emily wept in silence, and Valancourt seemed struggling with his grief, she again rose to take leave of him. Then, endeavouring to recover his composure, 'I am again afflicting you,' said he, 'but let the anguish I suffer plead for me.' He then added, in a solemn voice, which frequently trembled with the agitation of his heart, 'Farewell, Emily, you will always be the only object of my tenderness. Sometimes you will think of the unhappy Valancourt, and it will be with pity, though it may not be with esteem. O! what is the whole world to me, without you—without your esteem!' He checked himself—'I am falling again into the error I have just lamented. I must not intrude longer upon your patience, or I shall relapse into despair.'

He once more bade Emily adieu, pressed her hand to his lips, looked at her, for the last time, and hurried out of the room.

Emily remained in the chair, where he had left her, oppressed with a pain at her heart, which scarcely permitted her to breathe, and listening to his departing steps, sinking fainter and fainter, as he crossed the hall. She was, at length, roused by the voice of the Countess in the garden, and, her attention being then awakened, the first object, which struck her sight, was the vacant chair, where Valancourt had sat. The tears, which had been, for some time, repressed by the kind of astonishment, that followed his departure, now came to her relief, and she was, at length, sufficiently composed to return to her own room.




7-27-09 - DREAM - This was a really long dream - seemed to take all night.  It was very sentimental and lovely.

I was in a church where young boys were singing and off on the side - older men echoed their song.

I participated in a wedding procession - being the third person in front of the bride.

I sat on a chair commiserating with another woman describing in detail how much I loved the boots I was wearing, and how much I loved the black boots I had worn before that.  There was a young man listening to what I was saying, but I didn't turn to look directly at him, but I wondered what he was thinking, listening to me talking about my boots.

After I woke up, I was laying there, thinking about the details of the dream, when a loud bell rang in my left ear, and after I asked the message, I went back into the dream, and a young man was explaining to me how much he had loved Molly - who perhaps was no longer with us - or at least was gone from him.

I then started to go through a postal type box  an old one, full of old cards and letters.  One was from Don Copp and ne was from David Roeder from Texas.  It was typed in small letters on a large size dark green post card and difficult to read because I didn't want the man who was in the room with me to see what I was reading.

I then went over to a sink where I was washing knick knacks that had been on a shelf near a bed and the bed was right next to the sink, and the man laying in the bed kept trying to pull the blankets up over his head and sleep, and kept moving the knick knacks I was trying to lay on the bed.  My favorite things I washed was a collection of black boots.  They were so pretty after the dust was washed off of them.

It was very sentimental.


7-27-09 - NAP DREAM - I evidently lived in the country or a small town with other relatives.  My niece or granddaughter was getting ready to move to her own apartment and was out shopping with her fiancé - purchasing furniture to put in it.  Every so often I saw her walk by the window with small size chairs - low to the ground for short people for a small apartment.  It was rather quaint to see that.

We had a female visitor - whether it was a relative or friend or neighbor I'm not sure.  She was standing behind my left shoulder where I couldn't see her, but our granddaughter's daughter was standing next to me on the left and telling the woman that her grandpa was going to take a basket and go get her some eggs. 

I knew that grandpa was going to take her with him to gather the eggs so she could have the experience of finding them under the hens herself.

As I woke up I was counting eggs - and there were many of them - I wasn't actually counting by number, but observing the great many eggs that there were.



This was two separate dreams - separated by a trip to the bathroom in real life.

both dreams took place in a large carpeted room.  In the beginning, there were paint cans on the floor and the hierophants never cleaned up after themselves, so Erica Cain (from All My Children) and I were cleaning up after them.  Erica and I agreed that we were very much alike in not liking to clean up after the men when they could do it for themselves.

Outside, there were multiple cats and frogs sitting around in my garden.  I was able to chase the cats off, but none of the frogs budged. The frogs came in all sizes and all colors and they wouldn't move for anything.

A few minutes later, I was back in the house, in the kitchen cooking multiple chickens in the oven.  (I hope they weren't really the frogs)  When I came in, I determined that the chickens should be done and I was looking for a fork to test the meat with.

After the bathroom break, I was in the same place, still cleaning up after the men who were now moving furniture in and out of the room. There were more women in the room now- also moving things in and out.  These were older women and telling the men what to do.

I was sitting on the floor tuning a television set which had a fuzzy picture.  I told my husband to turn on the old tube-type television that I had brought with me because it got the same stations.  He turned it on and the picture came in with brilliant color - but it didn't last long and that television went back to fuzz as well.  I thought perhaps the frequencies were messed up and it really wasn't the television's fault at all.

Joe's ex-wife Debbie said she was going on a trip to Muskego, and I told her that was only less than a mile down at the end of road from where I lived in Wisconsin.  That was a big coincidence, I thought.


7-29-09 - DREAM -  3:35 a.m. -  I was looking at a stage on which there were three announcements of activities that were to occur and the audience got to choose which one it was.  Each one was about cats and an activity that a cat would do to another cat,  but I couldn't remember what they were.

VISION - I saw three crop circles and each one was a circle with a cat's tail either inside or outside of it.

VISION  A small magazine - like Reader's Digest size hidden inside another magazine and on the front cover it said:


I couldn't read what the two other words were either.



I was looking at three circular objects  - colored pink and yellow blended together a bit.  I was trying to interpret what these objects were and what they meant.  A voice from behind me said, "I don't know what good that is going to do you!"

I don't either, but maybe someday I will.


7-30-09 - DREAM - I was in my house doing some cleaning.  I had to do the laundry - mostly towels and sheets, and the washing machine was in the kitchen.  It looked like a small kid size toilet, which I knew couldn't hold even one towel, much less multiple towels and sheets. 

There was a woman there who wasn't very nice to me.  I asked her where the washing machine tub attachment was, and she said it was in the hallway in a corner.  I asked her if she could help me put it together, and she said, "No!  You can do that yourself!"  and walked away.

I noticed then that the refrigerator needed cleaning too, but I couldn't do everything at the same time, so chose to clean the refrigerator because it was easier to do.

I don't know if this is another dream or the same one -

I noticed a bunch of people gathered outside across the street.  The crowd was standing at the intersection of another road that came into the main road from the other direction. 

Evidently there was a body in the road and lots of these people were reporters with cameras, and when they saw me standing across the street, the turned and started taking my picture, probably thinking I was a possible witness.

One of the people came over, a pretty woman who really didn't want to be there because, as she said, "Nobody wants to look at a maggoty body."  She had beautiful blonde hair which I admired because it was slightly curled and voluminous around her face.  I heard her say, "It's not like I'm a doctor in training or anything - because I'm not"  and she walked over to my side of the road.

I heard her say that and said, "My sister-in-law found a maggoty body once too, and it wasn't pleasant".

Because of her admission that she wasn't a doctor, I mentioned to her other studies that had importance.  I said, "Some people are experts in healing, with color or sound, but my husband and I have a big website about dreams and we are expert dream interpreters. Our website is called

By then she was closer to me and I could see she wasn't as young and pretty as I thought she was. She had wrinkles on her face and looked tired. 

Her boyfriend was with her, and he was listening, but never said a word.

The crowd across the street started to leave, and as soon as they did, another crowd came, all with bottles of bear, large soda bottles, wine bottles, all prepared to have a party.

They were looking for who was holding the party and didn't see anyone, so I said to them, "Come on in and have your party, I don't care!" and they all came into my garage to have their party. 

Even though I was in the garage, there was a King or Queen size bed there, and a large refrigerator with tiny, empty wine bottles or juice bottles, and I started making room for their wine and beer.  There was also a tub of water, which I put my finger into the test the temperature, and it sizzled.  (I have no idea what that meant), so I did it again with a male witness, and he didn't understand why the water sizzled either.

I woke up then while they started partying.



DREAM  -  I was looking at a piece of paper with a wedding contract on it.  It was written in columns, and each column was its own contract.. There were five columns on the paper.

Somehow, I was able to take the letters off the contract, column by column, and put them into an envelope.

VISION -  I had the wedding contracts on the paper, in an envelope, and I took 5 silver rings and put them into the envelope.

VISION - I had the rough material to make the rings and put them into an envelope.

VISION - I cried out, OH MY GOD! when I opened the oven and saw that I had put the 30 pound turkey for the wedding into the oven with the plastic wrap still on it, and I scrambled to take the plastic wrap off the bird while it was in the oven.


Thanks to the keen eye of Gwen Bray who notified the ICCRA of this report, the first geometric crop circle formation in the USA this year has been reported near the small town of Wilbur, Lincoln County, Washington.

The crop circle formation was first spotted on Thursday. July 23, 2009 by the farmer, Craig Haden as he was riding past the field on his motorcycle.  The formation is in wheat, and consists of five rings laid out in a straight line and one offset circle (the straight path to the edge of the field was apparently made by the farmer so that visitors wouldn't destroy more of the field):

Crop circles re-appear near Wilbur

Posted: July 28, 2009 02:56 PM PST

WILBUR, Wash. - Farmers west of Spokane are used to growing grain, but now they're part of a growing mystery in the wheat fields of one farm.

Someone, or something, has created six circles in a grain field near Wilbur, 65 miles west of Spokane.

Craig Haden noticed the circles last Thursday while riding a motorcycle in the area.

"I didn't know what to think," he said.

Haden called his son and farmhand to check out the damage.

"I think it's wild," said Trey Coffman, a farmhand who works for Haden.

Coffman, Haden and Haden's son Braidy searched the circles for shoe prints or evidence that could lead them to who, or what, was responsible. All they found was crushed wheat.

Haden said the circles caused about $400 in damages to his farm. He says he won't be able to harvest the crop that was smashed to make the circles.

"If you have them popping up all over that's a lot of loss for farmers," he said.

This is the second time that crop circles have appeared in the Lincoln County area. A farm on the other side of Wilbur reported crop circles in their field two years ago.

That crop was greener, according to Haden who said it was still harvested.

The circles were found about 300 yards south of the Highway, hidden from passing traffic.

Haden says it would have been a significant hike into the area to make the crop circles but admits it would be possible.

"It sure took a lot of time, whoever did this," he said.

Haden said he plans to ask for $400 in damage to his crops if he ever finds out who is responsible.++


7-31-09 - NAP DREAM -  I was counting wedding guests -  they were 20 white pearls.

(the rest of the dream escaped me because the telephone rang right next to me ear)