MAY, 2003

5-1-03 -DREAM - (SNIPPET) I was in the basement of my house, doing some final chores before we moved.

I had to do one final load of laundry. Along with the clothing, all 5 of my sons were placed into the tub of the washer for the final spin cycle.

There wasn't room for my Father's bluejeans so I pulled them out to hang them, dripping wet on a basement washline.

My sons scrunched their little heads down and got their fingers out of the way and I put the lid down. I felt rather squeamish about doing this, but reasoned that it was ONLY for 3 minutes and they would be okay.

I saw 3 things after I put the lid down - 2 white cups. One said, USA on something inside the cup and it was submerged. in the other, the words 'bath party' was submerged. Then I saw what looked like a pink rabbit's ear in the air.

The only thing i had to do was mimeograph something in a machine that was on a shelf over the tub.

I kept wanting to shut the machine off but the price of paper with a list on it hadn't come out yet.


5-1-03 - VISION - A sweater pattern -  Fisher Isle

An e-mail received from Odawa Spirit list from @dawa spirit


5-2-03 - DREAM -  I was in the process of moving to a new house. My husband rented a room in a small town in a case we didn't get the truck all the way to the house with us that same day.

We drove through the town, which was very small, about 2 blocks in one direction and no more than 4 blocks in the other, so the streets were either like a T or a t.

We passed the hotel, made a right-turn and headed back out of town towards the house on the highway. IN order to get to it, one had to go through a rather marshy area and then back up an incline along two narrow cement paths to the house.

Along the way, we met two strange guys, a chubby one and skinny one. They watched us as we passed.

We made it all the way to the house in the car, but the truck with our furniture didn't make it that far.

I went through the house where some other people were sharing. I wanted to take a shower, but someone else was using it, so I couldn't

A heavy-set black woman came to the door of the office. She looked like a young Aunt Jemima. She said we had all been out dancing the night before ad one of the guys I had danced with was disappointed that I hadn't come to his office and thanked him.

I looked past her out into the hall and saw him standing by his door in the hall.

I gave her a big hug, then went across the hall to give the guy a hug and thank him, but other guys came along the hall and I didn't want to embarrass him so I told him I would see him later. That made him feel better that I wanted to see him again.

I went back to my desk to work on the pattern cards and now I was seeing bird names on the cards, and eventually I saw a map that had only one word on it. BIRD - and I woke up.


5-2-03 - DREAM - I was the manager of an apartment building.  I had some small plants growing on a couple of shelves which needed transplanting to larger containers, but I didn't have any larger containers, nor did I have enough new soil or the proper tools to do the work with R. B. and a friend came to visit and noticed that I didn't have enough light either, that I needed more light, maybe even spotlights.

So I suggested we go to the hardware store and the lighting store up on Teutonia Ave. to buy what I needed.

Firstly, I had to change clothes and go to the bathroom.

I went to the closet and picked out a turtleneck sweater I had knitted myself from multicolored red/blue yarn.

I noticed it was sleeveless, so I knew I'd have to wear an outer sweater over it.  As I reached inside the sweater, it felt like it was lined with satin.

I pulled it down over my head and the Satin part was on the outside and showed long triangles on the collar and throat of pale blue, and it had a rounded shaped area which pinned to the front of the blouse, sweater with a single pink button which got hidden by a white pocket.

After I changed clothes, I saw R sitting on the sofa with his friend and they looked the Tons O' fun brothers sitting there, dressed in pink and blue shirts. R was wearing pink, sitting in the center of the sofa.

But when I came out of the closet dressing and walked past the sofa, R's friend was gone and he had taken the sofa cushion with him. (stole it) (That's the kind of friends R seems to hang out with lately)

I told them I needed to use the bathroom, but there was two boys and a man mopping the floor and re-stocking snack racks. I asked them politely if they could leave so I could use the bathroom and they stalled and stalled. Finally, I spoke to the supervisor and they tried to blame it on me, that they were only admiring the art hanging on the wall. There about 15 or 18 different geometric shapes painted in various colors displayed there.

I said, "It only took me 5 minutes to throw that together. I don't have time to stand and admire it. I have to go to the bathroom.

Finally as they left, one of the young boys took a drawing I had done of spirals on butcher paper.

The paper was all wrinkled and crumpled, but he treated it like the biggest treasures of all and he said as they left, " some people are winners."

I knew he thought he was the winner because he carried off the old drawing of the spirals I had done, but that was fine with me. There was a new drawing with even more spirals on it ready to go up and I was going to the 'Lighting' store to bury 5 bulbs of every kind they had with my companies credit card.


5-3-03 - DREAM - This dream was in Wisconsin, with scenes justaposed where they weren't in reality.

The dream started in early morning. I was at work, seemingly at A-C - the the outside was like it was Oshkosh - not Milwaukee.

My husband was with me and he was headed to work. (I was already at work).

The time of year was early spring - snow was still on the ground, but melting.

I pointed out to my husband that the Fox River and Lake Winnebago were as high as I had ever seen it, and with the snow still melting, there was real danger of flooding.

I looked down the road and there were hundreds of people standing on the bridge watching the water. I started heading that way to see what they were seeing but then I realized there wasn't time, it was too close to the start of work and I had to go back inside the building.

When I went back in the building, there was a huge group of people gathering together and i was told that a meeting had been called. But this wasn't my own area, so I hurried through the hallway to my own area.

Some time passed and it was now near noon. I needed to mail a letter, which meant i needed to go to the bank on the corner and buy a stamp.

I headed down to the basement parking garage to get my car but in the garage, one man dressed in black stood at one door and a man dressed in a reddish-orange suit started confronting me like a wild animal - crouching down and acting crazy so I couldn't get near my car.

My friend Irv showed up at my side, and knowing I was afraid of those two men, took my hand and helped me hurry through the garage to a different door, telling me he would drive me to the bank so I could get my stamp.

I was ready to quit my job over this incident, but Irv told me to stand up to these two men and charge them with sexual harassment.

That thought too was scary.


5-4-03 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin. I and my daughter were selling wedding gowns out of the garage. We were expecting a customer shortly.

When the car pulled up, it was Shirley M from church and her young daughter, and she brought G. H. (the electrical engineer) with her.

He and I didn't speak to each other, but I had been collecting mail packages for him for many years. I saw the list of packages and what they contained in my mind's eye.  He took them into the house to look at them.

Two of the packages were two size 8 dress patterns which were for his mother.

After we showed Shirley the wedding dresses, we all went into the house were I was making German potato salad in a large electric square frying pan.

Other women were helping me with seasoning it and we just couldn't get it right. It was still blah-plain tasting.

I slipped out of the kitchen and went into the bedroom where G. was sitting on the bed with the packages I had saved for him. He wanted to know if the two patterns were in one of the packages and I assured him they were.

Then I got very brazen and I said to him, "I'm going to be done here shortly and then I'm going to come and get you." meaning we could finally be together after years of loving each other and not being able to be together.

He wanted to know if I was still having sex with my husband. I said, "No! I've been celibate since I had my last baby." That was two years.  He had also been celibate all that time and the look of joy on his face made us both almost cry.

He was leaning against me at that point, and I said I had to go and quickly left the room.  

Out in the kitchen sat my baby in a high chair with a lily plant next to him.

The women in the kitchen still had not been able to season the potato salad correctly and I assume we'd just have to eat it the way it was. But I realized that I didn't have any vegetables to serve with it. So I asked my daughter to go to the store and get two cans of peas and carrots.

I ran to the closet to get some money. I couldn't find my wallet. My red coat was hanging on the hook. I reached into the left pocket and all it held was sand. I reached into the right pocket and came out with what I thought was a handful of coins. But I looked through them and what was quarters turned to to be a handful of brown and yellow buttons.

Finally, I had to ask the others if they had any money they could loan me to buy the two cans of peas and carrots.

(For some reason I'm remembering or thinking there were 8 cans of green beans that my husband had bought earlier and I didn't want to serve them.)




5-7-03 - DREAM - snippet - I went into a car dealership with a couple women friends - a black woman and a Mexican woman. None of us had any money for a down-payment.

The woman sales lady told us, "You only need 219 rating to get a car, so we pretended to want to buy a car for the black woman. It was like the saleslady threw a switch and everything became cleaner and everything was then available to us.


5-7-03 - DREAM - I was in the house with my kids. From the hallway I could see Ken pounding on something on the face of the refrigerator and Bob was pounding on something on the face of the sink.

As I got closer, it looked like they were making shapes out of red and yellow Play-dough.

I told them there father was coming home any moment, so they should clean up so we could have dinner.

Then Michael showed me a 12 button gadget that was clipped to the front of the sink. He said that something had jammed in one of the buttons and it had shifted the whole frame of the gadget over a bit so none of the buttons were working properly.

I heard my husband come home, so I went into the bedroom to welcome him. He had actually driven the car into the bedroom and opened the trunk and took out a slide projector and put it on the dresser so we could watched slide pictures later.

I told him the kitchen was a mess but the kids were cleaning it up so we could have dinner. Meanwhile I took a large see-thru barrel of white powder to put it in the trunk of the car so i wouldn't have to carry it all the way to the storage closet, but i discovered there was no bottom to the trunk of the car. It went all the way to the floor.

I went to the kitchen to make sure the kids were cleaning and Bob had taken a pressure water hose and was flooding the kitchen floor with water.

I told him, "Stop, or there won't be any floor left to clean," figuring all the tiles would come up off the floor.

So he turned off the hose. Now not only the floor had to be wiped down, all the dirt from the floor had splashed up onto the baseboards, the sink, and the refrigerator, etc. It was worse then ever.

So I got a rag and a coffee can with clean water and started to wash down all the dirt by hand.

This wasn't going to be a quick or easy job to clean up.


5-8-03 - DREAM - I was working in a long office building. I raised finches at home like I do here and was studying genetics of birds (finches)

Todd from One Life to Live TV show came into my office. He had a lazer light and he shone it on my face. When it reached my nose - the light became a + on my face and the pain went all he way through my head.

It was almost 6 p.m. and I needed to go to the bank and the post office. It was long past quitting time and I needed to get some money at the bank across the street on the corner. I was pretty sure I had my I.D. with me.

I then realized I hadn't received a paycheck even though it was friday. That realization turned to dismay when I further realized that I didn't get paid for what I did.

My boss came in then. He had to go to a meeting and he told me that while he was in the meeting, nobody should use the telephone. We took the phone off the hook so the lights lit up on the base of the hone and no calls could go out OR come in. I KNEW he was going to be named President and he didn't want anyone to know until it was announced.

At some point todd came and sat on m lap and I was using a little 4" comb to gently comb his hair. His face was really close to mine and he smiled. I noticed that his hair was dark,, but he had red dye on parts of it, which was outstandingly beautiful. He joked with me and said, "Take a little off the sides, will you?" But I wan't cutting his hair, just gently untangling the knots in his hair.

I had to get to the bank before it closed. I reached into my pocket though and found a 410 bill. That made me feel better.

The boss hadn't come back from his meeting yet, but I had to get to the bank before it closed, so I left the office with another guy. I think it was Tim from my Milwaukee UFO group.

We were walking along the hall towards the south and i seemed there were hundreds of people streaming down the stairs to leave the building. There was barely room to get past them.

Finally, I got to the first floor. I opened a door that had a light behind the glass panel on the door. There was a steep stairway going up behind the door, but I didn't intend to go up it, I just wanted to get away from the mobs of people going by and all of a sudden I was awake.


5-9-03 - DREAM- I was in a huge non-place room where a meeting had been called. I was with a man named David D, who I used to work with at A-C. I'm missing some details here I think, but something needed to be repaired.

I was shown the female pattern for the repair. It looked like this.

Then I was shown the male pattern for the repair. It looked like this:

Then I was shown there was only one female patch and it was inside a jar of some kind of crystalline fluid, swirling in a circle. It seemed that an angel would use it.

Then I was shown 25 of the male patches, but they were held up like shields and all of a sudden ll these men were on horses and the men and horses became crystalline - all lined up in a row like warriors.

David said that he didn't feel right about something about his job, so I advised him, "If something doesn't feel right, the best thing to do is to go forward and move on."

It was time to leave then and we crawled over a counter-like barrier in the doorway - out into a dimly lit hallway where some teen girls were walking by.

One of them asked, "Who are you?" and I answered, "ME". She said, "Who is ME?" and I answered by pointing at myself , "ME!"



5-9-03 - NAP DREAM - I as in an old house in a city. There was a skinny woman there. I don't know who she was supposed to represent, but I flipped her upsidedown and when she was back on the ground, her feet came down against my Father's bedroom daughter?

I ran and hid behind another door, but my Father saw me and I didn't get away with what I had done.

So I went outside and sat on the porch steps to read with 2 people - maybe my brothers.

As we sat there, our grandfather came home. He was wearing a new jean jacket and paints - brand new - blue oversize clothes with a jean cap too and I got up and ran over to hug him. He gave me 3 quick hugs in return and asked me what we were up to. I told him we were just reading.

I went back to the porch steps and the UPS truck pulled up to us and stopped right on the sidewalk.

NOTE: I KNOW that UPS will stop and bring more UFO books to read today.  Wait and See! :-)


5-10-03 - DREAM - I had moved into a new garden apartment out in the country. My apartment was really nice and I started to meet my neighbors. They were a little unusual to say the least. On one side of me, a chubby woman lived and she had a large storage closet with shelves in it that she showed me. The shelves were full of glass vases and urns and glasses of various colors that sparkled. She actually climbed up into the storage cabinet to set in amongst her sparkling glassware.

I heard a noise at the door like a knocking so I rant o the door and hollered, "Who's there?" but nobody answered. So I went from door to door and asked, "Who is there?" and nobody answered, so I turned off the lights and looked outside and all I could see outside was trees and houses bathed in moonlight and starlight. Everything seemed really peaceful.

Morning came, and I went outside and started weaving silver strands like ribbon in the fencing next to my apartment.

The man next door on the other side of me came home and discovered that his wife had left him and mot of the stuff was gone. He told me out in the yard that she had considered a lot of the stuff, 'hers' like the perfume and TV set and jewelry, etc. so she took it with her.  I could rather understand that kind of thinking.

While we were talking, a little boy came along and heard us talking.  The boy said to the man, "Your wife has already moved in with the guy down the street."

The man said, "I rather knew something was going on with her, so I went down to the mall and opened up a new business. I'm selling bicycles now, so why don't you kids come down to the store and see what I've got to offer.

I said, "I really like positive thinking. You'll do well for yourself."

The man and the boy left and I continued the weaving job on the fence with silver ribbons.

I looked up into the sky and a little white puffs of clouds scudded across the sky and as I watched, the clouds changed shape and became like animals, a little goose, a rabbit, a goat, a horse, etc. and these became a silver bear and he grew and expanded and he opened his eyes like he was alive and then next to him another puffy cloud unfolded and became a huge golden and then white bear. He opened his eyes and spoke to me. He said, "You never have to worry about anything. We'll always be here to watch over you."

That thought rather comforted me because he was so beautiful and as I watched, his navel started to show through his fur and became a yellow and green blooming flower.  It wasn't like a real flower, it was glassy and shiny and I focused on the flower and woke up.



5-11-03 - a NONSENSE DREAM - I know all the people, but none of them know each other.

I was working in an office, writing a long e-mail to an old friend. The e-mail program would pop up suggestion boxes for words - like (don't you mean???) whatever it was. It was about making choices. I never did finish the e-mail because it was quarter to 9 and the bosses started coming into the office. It seemed like it stayed quarter to 9 throughout the dream.

I got on the phone with my locksmith boss Tom and he wanted to know where a particular truck was. It had been out of service on some street for a week because of a malfunctioning engine and now we needed it fixed quick because Ward was coming back to work after a week's vacation. Ward and his wife got on the hone too - they were calling from another vehicle heading for the truck when all of a sudden Ward's wife went into labor and started moaning in pain. So Ward said, Guss I won't be coming to work for another week, so no rush on getting the truck fixed." So since there was no rush, I got out of the conversation and let Tom handle getting the truck fixed.

Lee Chin came into the office and handed me a 1/8 of a chocolate sandwich cookie, which I took and ate so fast, without thinking about my wheat allergy, that I didn't get sick. Then I sat there and wondered whether I didn't get sick because the cookie was 'dark wheat' or whether I just hadn't thought about getting sick, so I didn't get sick.  (Good question)

Then I was working with another short secretary who complained that nobody had ever kept records of  the parts used when we built things.  She was a cute little blonde girl, wearing a large cap. I rather kiddingly pounced on her because I was twice her size and said, "We have kept every damn piece of paper we ever got for a s long as I can remember and they are all filed so we can find any piece of paper needed.  This is NOT a new concept."

I then saw a white animal moving along the ground and I saw it was a weasel. so I grabbed a broom handle and started chasing it. The weasel ducked into a tunnel so I stuck the broom handle in the other end to make it back out of the tunnel. I heard water splash in the tunnel, but the weasel wasn't there. I tore the tunnel open and inside the tunnel, it looked like wet wheat dough. Yuck!

I saw another animal over further so I went after it amongst the parts shelves - I discovered it was a large pink and black cat. I started talking to the cat and the cat grew until it became a large pink and black box being delivered from the ceiling with the name RICOH on it. It dropped down gently, giving me time to get out from under it.

Anther girl came along, she said she had been studying writing with a woman named Griggs on something similar. She said that Mrs. Griggs didn't like the word, "pretend". So the girl told Mrs. Griggs then 'why don't you hire me permanently and teach me how to do things for real?" So Mrs. Griggs hired her and our friend was leaving to study with her for 'real'.

We were all envious that getting a job like that was as simple as asking for it.


5-12-03 - DREAM - I dreamed the same thing on two levels like 2nd and 1st floor. This had to do with single, double and multiple birds - whatever 2nd level occurred also manifest exactly the same on the 1st level.  Then I had to tell people about it - what was a third time.


5-13-03 - DREAM - I was in a Milwaukee apartment building. I was on the 1st floor as Manager and was helping distribute the mail.

My 1st husband was waiting for me to take me home to New Berlin.

I got a phone call from a guy who owned a bar down the street. He wanted me to bring him the Dutch H20 church key from the basement.

I said I would, but I wasn't ready to go.

My old boss Ray was sitting there who knew Dutch - the guy from the bar, so I asked him why would Dutch want me to bring him the Dutch H20 church key.

Ray said, "He probably wants to introduce you to someone. "

I knew I needed to dress up and wear high heeled shoes for that, so I needed to go upstairs and change clothes. I went to the stairs and on the steps was all the mail for the people who lived upstairs.

I found several thick envelopes from my 2nd husband Ed. There was a note on me of them that he had been holding them back and he sent them alla t once. So I picked them up and took them with me up the stairs.

When I got near my apartment, I had to walk past a man sitting in a chair. I knew that was Dutch, instinctively. I hurried past him and went into my apartment because I wasn't' ready to meet him.

I quickly closed the door and noticed that there were several men inside my apartment waiting for me as well.

As soon as I closed the door, someone knocked on it. I asked who it was and he said, "Dutch!" and I told him I had to change clothes first, but i didn't open the door.

I then noticed that one of my old sweethearts was laying, sleeping on the couch, waiting for me. I went over to him and rather half picked up his upper body and began kissing him, ignoring the other men who were in the apartment.

(I didn't notice who the other men were , but I have a list of names in my head. :-)


5-15-03 - DREAM - I was in my apartment, working on my computer, writing an article on the types of healing that Jesus did.

This was one thing it seemed he didn't do and that had to do with skiing accidents.  (maybe because there was no snow where he lived?)

It was almost noon. My husband, my brothers, and one of my sons arrived for lunch, but I hadn't thought about food to serve. All I had ready was tea.

But before I did that, there was a photo of myself on the computer screen. It was a photo taken by myself in a mirror one previous Christmas, so that I could see the back of my head as well as my face.  I was able to do that by laying on the couch beneath the mirror and holding the camera up in the air and taking the picture into the mirror. I wanted to zoom in on the picture and look at the details, but I was waiting for my sister to arrive so she could see it. (She is a Jehovah's Witness)

I decided I would enlarge the picture while I waited for her. When I looked at the picture more closely, I had the face of a man with what looked like short red curly hair and a short light brown goatee-tye beard on my chin.

Then I had to zoom in on the picture, because I didn't remember my hair being that short. So I zoomed in on the picture and it showed in the mirror that my long hair was wound up in a bun in the back of my head like a figure 8 - sideways - as the symbol for eternity. But I definitely had short red, curly hair in the front, and short light brown goatee.

I decided I would make myself some tea while I waited for my sister, but I couldn't just make it for myself.

There were green tea leaves all over the living floor besides which I had to pick up.

I knew my husband preferred coffee, so I asked my brother what he would like to drink, because all I had was herbal teas in the house, but I told him, "I also have aura soda."

He answered, "I'll have an "aura soda".



5-16-03 - DREAM - I fell asleep and heard the music of Telstar.  (See the Telstar page)

I then saw a brown box that was engraved with stars on all sides of it. It made a dull tone and I was supposed t open the box, but it seemed too daunting a task to do, so I didn't

Scene ensued of going up and down the stairs of a school for many floors - rather like chase scenes. Here again it seemed I was avoiding doing something or changing clothes. (I can't remember the details)

I got back down to the 1st floor and a male friend got a C.D. of organ music which he insisted on playing. He wanted everyone to listen to it. It was an old C. D. with old hokey songs, and the sound was fuzzy besides so I left by myself.

I went back into a classroom. I was told the boss was leaving and I heard the sound of paper ripping. I went to the door of the classroom and saw this huge roll of craft paper pulled all the way down from its rack by the ceiling - the kind murals are drawn on. The paper was ripped in half with half of the paper and 1/2 of it out the door to wherever the boss went.

I was then shown envelopes like #10 size and large blocks of stars were being fit in to them and there were too many, so the blocks of stars were broken down into 4 parts so they could be worked with more easily.


There was a scene where I went to a mall and I noticed that somehow time had slipped about 10 years back and the store hadn't actually been built yet. Rather than stand there and wait for time to catch up to us and the store to be built so we could buy what we wanted. I suggested we spend that time by going to visit my mother 10 years in the past and take a her picture so we could talk to her so we could enjoy her the way she used to be.

NOTE: I left my home state in 1997 and after I left, she had several strokes and developed Alzheimers disease so she doesn't know me anymore.


5-17-03 - DREAM - I was in a schoolroom,, waiting for the teacher. I heard a low-toned booming voice, so I looked over at the teacher's podium and there stood a short, stocky blonde kid with a large leopard -headed puppet stock over his left arm. He was so short, you couldn't se him from the audience, all you saw was the Leopard with the big booming voice.

I decided to leave and was driving down the Oakdale highway in Waterford and almost ran down 3 tiny girls who were walking south right in the middle of the road. I swerved left to avoid them, then back to the right o continue on home.

When I got home, I got a phone call from a friend who is terminally ill. He was trying to be cheerful and told me about some people he heard about who were building a house and had just reached the window level so they could see out at what they had missed while they were bent over, staring at the ground to build a strong foundation.

Before he hung up, he said he was going to go back to work on building his house. I told him not to hurry. I know it didn't sound like I meant it, because I knew when he finished building his house, there would be no more reason to live, so he would live longer if he worked on the house slowly.

There was a young black woman in the room with me and her name was MaryAnn. I knew she worked for the dark side of nature and I wanted to warn others. When I was done, the woman demanded to know what I just wrote. I didn't want to show it to her, but she knew my security code.

What I had written was, "Don't go to Ruth's house." She didn't know what that meant. So I told her, I have this Aunt whose name is Ruth and she just happens to have a daughter named MaryAnn."

I laughed so she wouldn't know who I was talking about.


5-17-03 - NAP DREAM - I was at K-Mart, just prior to 8 a.m.  The floors were made of white ceramic tiles about 4" square.

There was a long line of women, all dressed in white waiting to start their K-Mart jobs at 8 a.m.

Between me and them were 4 long rows of banquet tables. At exactly 8:00 a.m., one woman dashed from the front of the line to sit in the 1st seat at the 1st table. To me, that seemed rather bushy and obtuse. I couldn't remember if I had filled out an application to work for K-Mart or not. It was time to start work right at that moment.


5-18-03 - DREAM - I was living in a small town or city somewhere in an apartment. I had my life going okay and my apartment cleaned up and then my husband Ed came home from prison.

He decided he would get a job and that was a good thing, but he decided he would get a job driving and that worried me.

He was one from the house and it was starting to get dark out.  I heard sirens outside and looked out the window towards the nearest intersection. The sound was like that of firetrucks. I waited for the red flashing lights of the fire trucks to go by the intersection but they didn't.

I could still hear the siren and I could see a  huge red glow in the sky to the north and woke up.

NOTE: There were a lot of fires in Northern California during the late summer and fall of the year.  There were also terrible fires in the south of California and northern Mexico and my cousin Jackie died of a heart attack while trying to evacuate the fires.  Her children lost their home to the fire in northern Mexico.


5-18-03 - NAP DREAM - I was in my apartment on Port Washington Rd. in Milwaukee. I made a phone call and must have dialed wrong because I ended up getting a guy in his car on his cell phone.

At first I could really hear him because the connection wasn't good and I almost hung up, but he kept talking because he was amazed that I was able to find him, because his number was only able to find him, because his number was only 12 numbers off from a very important government investigative office and he was in the insurance business.

I wasn't' that amazed. A wrong number is a wrong number.- but his voice kept getting stronger and stronger and all of a sudden he was right in front of my building and he asked me to go with him while he picked his kids up from school.

I had nothing better to do at the moment, so I got into the back seat of his car and we almost immediately had the kids in the car too - a girl about 10 and a boy about 8 - though they could have been 9 & 11 or 10 & 12. The girl climbed into the same seat belt with her Dad and the boy sat on the right. It was a good thing she did this and kept her eyes on the road because he was a very inattentive driver. He bent over o get something from the floor f the car, move than once and never slowed down even though we were in heavy traffic.

I even got nervous and watched out the front windshield to make sure traffic didn't suddenly slow down in front of him and have us rear-end them.

I almost told him to slow down a couple time, but he must have trusted his daughter to watch the road because he sure took his time looking for whatever it was on the floor.

Then we stopped at a small, but elegant diner that wasn't open for regular customers yet to celebrate his son's birthday.

The boy said he had made the 'cake' himself, but what he served us was a 4-fluted glass of lemonade or melted yellow jello - and a multiple colored bowl of jellos in a 12 fluted bowl on a stand- like a large glass ice-cream dish. There were 6 colors of jello in this bowl - each color individually placed in the bowl - so there were 7 colors altogether.

I looked at the man while he was standing by the table and thought how handsome he was and that it was too bad I was so old - I was old enough to be the children's mother.

I didn't know what to talk to him about so I asked him if he knew anything about genealogy and that it was important to do it for the children's sake even if they didn't care now - they would when they were older.

The kids were anxious to get going because it was almost 4:30 pm. and they carried their own bowls to the back door of the restaurant to the kitchen and didn't expect someone to come and serve them at the table. In fact, they never even sat down.

So I grabbed my coat and carried my own bowls towards the back door myself as well, and woke up.



5-19-03 - DREAM - I worked at a large company and part of my job was to copy documents.

I was told by my boss that the government was going to hold a conference for the public before they changed their rules about retrieving copies of government documents. Each person attending this conference would be allowed to ask one question.

My boss showed me that we had 5 drawers in file cabinets of government documents. He assigned me the job of reading those documents, and then attention the conference and asking my one question intelligently.


5-19-03 - DREAM - I was working in a large office. I was typing stuff on a laptop and amazed that it worked with no wires connected to it. I was working on personal stuff instead of work, but nobody knew that.

I heard voices o 3 women through the wall. It was 3 women I worked with. One was Alice. They were discussing that some guy named Dorn was quitting in 2 months but nobody was supposed to know about it. I wanted to run in there and say "Hi"! to Alice but I got interrupted by voices behind me.

There was Bob the painter in the hallway. He was looking for my boss, so I told him the boss was out of town.

We got interrupted by another guy who worked with patterns. I couldn't see him after I first glimpsed his face. I didn't want to tell him that I was feeling ill or that I was working on my personal stuff instead of my work.

He wanted to know if I had finished working on the pattern archives yet. I had to tell him, "No. I'm working here all alone. The other girl never comes in to help with the filing. All I can do is the emergency stuff as it comes in."

I had a stack of blue pattern cards on my desk. They should have been filed away. There were about 25 of them. Instead of filing them away, I put them in a box on top of the filing cabinets, so when the castings were ordered from the patterns I could write down that information on the cards as well.

In the drawers of the filing cabinet were all the closed -finished orders for patterns and castings. All the open orders were kept int he bosses desk.

I told the tall man I couldn' see that it would be a good idea if he gave me a list of what he needed done with the archives, so I'd know what had priority.

He said he would.

Just then the boss waked in. It was John R. He stopped by my desk and opened his briefcase to give me more work to do and see if I had anything for him.

The two men then walked off to the bosses office and I didn't tell them what I had heard about Dorn.

See:  About Corporate Ethics


5-20-03 - DREAM - I was living in a semi-rural area. We were going to do a rehearsal to fight a big fire. We would have plenty of warning. Before our fire, there would be 3 Alaskas, an Australia, and a United States event. We weren't ready to fight this big fire yet. None of our equipment was ready. Our vehicle was full of junk, I didn't have my red fire-fighting jacket yet, every piece of electrical equipment had something wrong with it. The problem was, the men who normally fixed those things were off with their buddies. (I was shown black silhouettes of 3 Alaskas, one Australia, and 1 U.S. )

My new husband left me standing there in my nightgown because his buddy came to get him. He explained, "We'll always have each other, but my biddy only comes over once a week,"

I wanted to tell him I wouldn't be there when he got back, but I kept my mouth shut.

The women were gathering outside to rehearse to fight the fire and I went in and out the kitchen window 12 times before they were really ready.

I sent one of my friends to my apartment to get my red fire jacket.

Meanwhile, the chickens came to be fed. There were dozens of them - all dark brown and red chickens. The chicken feed was in the shed and when I got there, someone had piled all kinds of paint equipment on top of the chicken food container.

Finally, as I headed for the fire rehearsal someone showed me a map that showed the road we had to follow that went almost straight north.

I told them I was familiar with that map because we went that way to visit relatives every year.

NOTE: Psychic Hans Christian King said: There will be a pole shift in 2012.  We won't get get hit with a comet in our lifetime or our children's lifetime, but one would come and completely destroy earth. Mankind has been wiped off earth 4 times.  The U.S. will be hit with a nuclear bomb that will kill 125,000 people instantly within 3 years.


5-21-03 - DREAM - I was on a farm that belonged to Kiara Windrider. I was there to work in the office and put the stamp of approval on it, but I couldn't. In the office, salesmen came in with folders with glossy pretty pictures to sell him pretty frames for his words.

I managed to get an approval on one piece of paper using milk, but not ink.

In the livingroom where we were all supposed to live, there was no heat and some little kids came in demanding that they wanted to take a bath and warm up and that was where the sofa was, so everyone who was seated on the sofa had to move so they could do that.

When we moved, I saw that there were two radios so the center of the sofa and the wrong one was turned on and rock and roll music was playing instead of the news. I had to struggle with a man who was guarding the rock and roll music to keep it turned down low.

I decided I would make breakfast for everyone, but when I went to the kitchen, though, the tools were there, there were sharp guards on them so nobody could use them properly.

There was a bowl there with all the ingredients to make pancakes, but there were no yolks in the eggs, and the egg whisk had a big guard on it, so the pancakes would never hold together.

I had to mail the one piece of paper with the approval on it, so that meant I had to go outside to the mailbox which was a long distance up a hill. Instead of a path to the mailbox, I had to cross a garden that had a lot of small vegetables in it - they looked like gourds though and at the same time i had to run because there was an older teen boy there on a riding mower who was mowing down everything that was growing.

When I came back to the house, I went to the basement to do laundry the way the machines were arranged, which were pretty and pink, they weren't conveniently paired, so the washer I was supposed to use - the companion dryer was way across the basement.

There was a tall worker there (about 7 feet tall) and I asked him if there wasn't something he could do to rearrange all this, and he said he would do what he could.


5-22-03 - DREAM - (The radio was on while I dreamed this)

I saw the moon come up. On the top of the moon was a long dome-shape housing something. It was labeled MOAB (Mother of all bombs?)

Next I saw a pyramid-shaped dome, but I couldn't tell what was in it.

I woke up worried about that.

I turned off the radio, then had this dream.

DREAM #2 - I was in a house or apartment in a big city. I was sitting in the livingroom and heard two male voices yelling at someone that they were going to murder them.

I ran to the window, planning to call 911, but I couldn't figure out which house or apartment the voices had come from. I didn't want to dial 911 and have the cops go to the wrong house and someone get killed because I made a mistake.

So I thought about transferring my hone to another apartment upstairs, then go out into the hall and outside and see if I could hear more voices and pinpoint where the threats had come from.

I went outside and saw Irv R car parked at the curb at the next intersection. I could see he wasn't in the car and I didn't see him coming down the street either. I decided I couldn't just stand there and wait for him. I had to do whatever I needed to do without him then. (Irv died in December 2002)

I went back to my apartment and started cleaning up, so that when I called the cops, the house would be clean.

There was a box of crayons on the sofa. It was a long, flat box. It looked like there was probably about 2000+ colors in it, but all the crayons were ina million tiny pieces, just barely big enough to hold in two fingers, no wrapper and all mixed up. I decided I had better buy the kids a new box of crayons.

Somehow, while cleaning, I found out that what I had seen on the moon was to protect it from bad-meaning intruders, and the voices threatening to murder someone was a rehearsal also meant to protect the people.

So, knowing that, I no longer had to cal the cops, and was able make my apartment clean and pretty to see.

NOTE:  This seems to be about terrorist threats against the US.


5-23-03 - DREAM - It seemed to be Wisconsin. I was moving some old stuff from the basement to the garage because it wasn't needed anymore.  There was a young woman there who was helping me. I offered her some marijuana for her trouble and she said, "I've got some better stuff - wait here."

She went upstairs and came back down with a silver teapot looking thing. She said, "put this stuff into the teapot and add water, and when it swells up - smoke that."

So I did what she said and put the stuff she gave me into the teapot, added water and it swelled up to 10 times its size. It looked like hanks of hemp rope unraveled.

It didn't look very tempting either but there sure was a lot of it.

She also told me that she knew of a Chinese method by which I could be made pregnant in less than an hour. That intrigued me but I had a lot of work to do first.

Other people started getting involved in the work now and Shirley - from church - brought some clothing out of the house, placed it in the middle of the yard and doused it with gasoline. She was about to throw a match on it with me and all kinds of other people standing right next to it so I stopped her before we all got immolated.

There was a guy there who had a big hand wagon and he had it full of clothing, but also jars of food like pickles, olives, and other things I didn't have time to look at. I saw the food and stopped him because he was going to take it home instead of to the garage. So I had to sort all this out and take the food back to the house.

My mother needed a ride over to the house so I ha to hire a cab to take me to the store where she was across the street and back, but it was actually a trip around the bloc. We had to go from 8 to 999 and it was actually just across the street.

So I got back into the cab with a laser gun the woman had given me for protection, but it was actually just a flashlight. the cab drivers little boy was in the cab too. The cabbie drove like a maniac and slewed around the corner really fast. We went under a bridge that was like a railroad trestle overhead and he was slewing sideways and looking into a the back seat where his little boy had completely dismantled the laser gun and i was now looking at a bunch of plastic parts and knew exactly how it worked and directed the laser light.

I made the kid put all the parts back together and by then I was back home. I don't remember paying the cabbie.

Now I was at the house with the original woman, a Chinese doctor, who was holding a silver injection machine that held several ounces of a pinkish clear fluid that was intended to go into my uterus and make me pregnant He aid it would only take an hour, but the way he said it, it sounded like 9 hours. AND there wee now 6 women standing there waiting to hold me down while he made me pregnant.

I lost all interest in becoming pregnant by this Chinese doctor and used the laser gun as an excuse to leave the house. I looked out the door and saw I had to trudge all the way across a huge field to take the laser gun to be prepared. It was chilly so I put on my jacket and took the laser gun and headed across the field.


5-24-03 - DREAM - I was the Manager of an apartment building. I was in love with the maintenance man who was Joe, but Joe and the other people in the dream only looked vaguely like the characters from One Life to Live TV show.

The gist of the whole dream was about being in the right place at the right time, about living with love in the heart, wanting positive things to happen to people, and these things happened with little effort on anyone's part because they were also at the right place and at the right time also wanting good things to happen. It was like ''wishing' made things happen and they did - no matter what it was, as long as it was good for everyone.

There was a higher authority in the building and they were watching me to make sure I wasn't screwing up and doing wrong things which seemed a little unfair, but it kept me on my toes.

I woke up feeling a great deal of love and peace that everything was going well.



5-25-03 - DREAM - THE FISH AND I

I was working on a computer, marking off the types of fish there were. I counted 17, made a mark, counted 17, made a mark, etc. until I had counted them all.

I noted that there were 12 types in a ring as well.

A man came through the room and said, "If you look at the side of any fish, you can see what you are supposed to do with it, because it is written there.

That intrigued me, because I had never noticed that you could see writing on the side of a fish.

The man said, "Every fish has a message, and it will tell you even if it is poison."

Again I was intrigued and made a note of that to look the next time I saw a fish.

I also noticed that my husband had a girlfriend he was intending to leave me for, so I took my purse that had all my worldly possessions to a friend's house and put it in her kitchen next to the can of coffee, then I sneaked out the back door so nobody would know where I went. Unfortunately, I forgot that I didn't have shoes on and it had snowed so I couldn't go far barefooted.

I got a ride from some people, but again, being barefoot, as they drove down the highway, my feet were getting wet on the pavement, because my feet were dragging on the ground beneath the car like a rudder.

Finally I got back home, but there I was with no purse, so I couldn't do anything. So, my husband had to drive me back to the woman's house to retrieve my purse.

We got there and he pulled up to the curb but within 12 inches of a large tree trunk and a pile of snow 3 feet high and i couldn't open the car door. He was angry about the tree and the snow so I was glad I had made the decision to hide my purse.

Finally he determined he had to move the car because the tree blocked the car door from opening. So I went into the house and got my purse.

I decided to see how much money I had. I opened my purse and pulled out a bag of candy. There were 17 pieces of candy in the bottom of it, but there was a stack of 17 small chocolate chip cookies in the right hand corner and that was even more important.

My son Bob was there and he wanted to know about the message of the fish, so we went to the kitchen and got the fish head I had left there. I opened the fishes head and separated the top from the bottom so we could see the ring of 12 teeth inside.

I told him, "What was important was that I had 17 pieces of candy in it."

adding the numbers 1 thru 17 = 153



I was researching the 17 fish and wrote about them. After the work was done, it was decided to save the information on three different levels, indicated by bath towels hanging on silver rods in a bathroom - the towels were colored yellow, light green and light blue.



5-26-03 - NAP DREAM - VISION

I saw a broken star layered. It was called ' The Maori Flower'

MY LAW - TIEME RANAPIRI (Attributed to the Maori)

The sun may be clouded, but ever the sun, Will sweep on its course till the cycle is run.
and when into chaos the system is hurled, Again shall the Builder, rebuild a new world.
Your path may be clouded, uncertain your goal, Move on, for your orbit is fixed to your soul.
And though may it lead you through darkness of night, The torch of the Builder shall give it new light.
You were, you will be, Know this while you are, Your spirit has travelled both long and afar,
It rose from the source, to the Source it returns, The spark which was lighted eternally burns.
It slept in a jewel, it leapt in a wave, It roamed in a forest, it rose from the grave.
It took on strange garbs for long eons of years, And now in the soul of yourself it appears.
From body to body your spirit speeds on, It seeks a new form when the old one has gone.
And the form that it finds is the fabric you wrought, On the loom of the mind from the fibre of thought.
As dew is drawn upwards in rain to descend, Your thoughts drift away and in destiny blend.
You cannot escape them, for petty or great, Or evil or noble, they fashion your fate.
Somewhere on this planet, sometime and somehow, Your life is reflecting your thoughts of your NOW!
My law is unerring, no blood can atone, The structure you built, you will live in alone.
From cycle to cycle, through time and through space, Your lives with your longings will ever keep pace.
And all that you ask for and all you desire, Must come at your bidding, as flame out of fire.
Once list' to that voice and all tumult is done, Your life is the life of the infinite one.
In the hurrying race, you are conscious of pause, With love for the purpose and love for the cause.
You are your own devil, you are your own God, You fashioned the paths that your footsteps have trod.
And NOTHING, will save you from error or sin, Until you have harked to the Spirit within.



5-27-03 - DREAM - I walked into the livingroom of a large house and a voice said gently - "Eldred!!!"

I knew my name was Dolores, but I decided to go with this and see what happened. So now I was Eldred Moore and I knew I had a sister named Elizabeth.

I heard a cry of a baby upstairs, so I ran up the staircase and found a baby girl in a crib. The baby had light brown skin, which surprised me but I looked at her and she was obviously Hindu with a broader, longer nose than American babies have. She was beautiful though and I stroked the skin of her arm and admired her.

All of a sudden, the room started to shake so I could barely stand up. My other loved ones were downstairs and I had to see if they were okay. I ran to the stairs and the air felt heavy and instead of walking down the stairs, I floated down through the opening and the air was full of every piece of dust and debris that existed. It too was suspended in the air like I as and then we all started descending like I was - slowly.

I finally reached the bottom of the staircase and ran outside.

Coming from the house next door were 3 friends I knew from highschool but who were adults now. They were all laughing hysterically. I said, "Did you feel the earthquake? I sounded like I was scared and panic stricken. They laughed and said, "Yes " in unison. They didn't seem scared at all.

I said, "This was my first earthquake."

I woke up instantly and asked Joe if he had felt an earthquake - thinking maybe there really was one and it generated the dream, but he said, "No!" There was no earthquake.

NOTE:  There IS an Eldred Moore in California


5-28-03 - DREAM - I was living in a big city - Milw. WI. I was in an apartment building and someone told me there was a guy  in the basement garage with a delivery. I went down there and found a guy with a car with a case of lightbulbs tied to the top of his car he planned to give to me at an over-inflated price - the kind where they call you o the phone and offer you expensive personal gifts so your boss has to pay the price for the bulbs, your gifts, and the salesman's trip to Bermuda.

Knowing this was the case, I walked up to the guy before he could untie the case of lightbulbs and said, "The answer is NO!" and I spoke to my underlings at the same time, "That's what you say to guys like this - "NO!"

We went back upstairs then where I was expecting guests and to my dismay, I had so many plants in my apartment, I had to step over them to get from one room to another. I tried rearranging them to make walking space but that didn't help much - there were 4 Poinsettia plants too many.

I decided I should go home and went outside and found myself going south on Teutonia Ave. It was really snowy out - mid-winter - it seemed I was in a car, but I was walking at the same time and there was no roof on the car, so when I made a right turn, I had to use my left arm to signal my right turn.

That felt really strange to sue the L signal to turn right. I walked into the bus stop lane, but knew the bus would stop there and I wasn't in its way.

I went home and decided the basement could sure use a new floor, so I pulled up a series of tiles and noted that they looked a hopscotch game design. They were all hooked together and I noted. there were 11 of them - the 11th one being at the top.

I started pushing these tiles east on Center St. on the snow, but when I got to Teutonia ave and wanted to slide the 11 tiles up onto the sidewalk by the drug store, they got stuck and i had to pull them up onto the sidewalk.

Then the tiles started coming apart and I had to start moving them one at a time. That was not what  I had planned on having to do.

I noticed then that Joes' son Mike as laying on a bench at the bus stop and I mistakenly said, "Hi Rick!" (My friend Michelle's ex-husband's name)

Mike got really upset, so I had to g over to him and give him a hug and apologize for calling him Rick by mistake. He accepted my apology and asked me what I was doing, so I explained to him that I was moving the old 11 tiles east up the street but they were falling apart. He said, "You know what you can do with them?" and we both said in unison, "Throw them away!"

As they were disintegrating anyway like the melting snow, I left them lay there.

I then went back to work where the man with the case of lightbulbs was trying to bribe my workers into taking the case of lightbulbs off his hands so he wouldn't be in trouble when he went back to his own office.

He already knew I had said  "NO" to buying his overpriced lightbulbs, but he wasn't leaving either, so I decided to distract him by going to dinner with him. He would do anything to make a deal, so we went to a nearby restaurant where he kept trying to sell his overpriced lightbulbs to everyone we met. I walked through the room later after seeing all the cakes and cookies in this lace that were way too sweet to eat and the cook handed me a piece of pie to give to the salesman. Since the pie wasn't on a plate, it rather folded over in my hand and I could see there was a $20 bill folded inside - a kickback for something between the two of them. Instead of giving the $20 bill to the salesman, I picked the crust off the top of the piece of pie and pocketed the $20 bill  myself, figuring it was fair payment to keep my mouth shut.

Then I started thinking about what  I had just done and thought maybe I should go to the police and tell them about the lightbulb salesman mafia and then I realized I already knew too much and they could kill me before I even told anyone about it.


Subj: Irv = SuperJesus

Date: 5/29/2003

5-29-03 - DREAM - I was with a man who was driving his two sons to school every day, even when the weather was bad. I went with him one day - it was springtime when there was still ice and snow on the roads, but melting snow was flooding certain roads as well. We couldn't drive through the flooded area, though I tried wading in the water a couple times and it was up to my knees. So we drove extra fast through the highlands to get his two boys to school on time.

But then we had to come down out of the highlands - down to what looked like Bluemound and 124th St. and the road was slick ice on one side and somewhat sanded on the other side - but not on our side. It was really dangerous so the man got out of the car and slid down the hill on his own two feet to make sure it was safe for the car to go down.

As he reach Bluemound Rd., has face changed to Irv Ritter and a voice boomed from above which said, "And his name was SuperJesus.!"

I woke up and fell back asleep.

Now I was in an office building, attempting to type up the above dream to send to T.M. For some reason I couldn't get my fingers on the right keys to type it, so I tried writing it by hand and got interrupted by a black man who wanted to mop the floors. I didn't want anyone to know that I was writing personal notes on company time, and i kept getting interrupted by other people who were having problems getting their work done with the copy machine and I had to assist them.

I got a phone call from Alice, asking me about the earthchanges and what did I know. I told her I couldn't tell her on the phone, but I would come upstairs and tell her in person.

So I started walking up the stairs and a young man joined me, who wanted to tell me something about Irv. He showed me two sturdy, wooden coat hangars and said, "This is what we award Irv Ritter for driving his kids to school every day for two years."

Then he showed me a single wire hangar and he said, "And this is what his wife gets for not wanting to carry her son in the womb for 9 months."

I felt really embarrassed to hear that last piece of information. But the man wasn't done talking. He aid, "Then when Irv got his sons to school, he would go to where the nuns lived and make sure they had food every day, even if it meant he had to get it himself. Then later when he worked with the boys at the school, he made sure that they got on the telephone and called their Moms, even if he had to pay for the calls himself.. There is a good man."

The man left me then and I remembered all the years and times that Irv spent taking me to the store and the doctor and the library and made sure I had everything I needed and I knew he was doing this for other people as well even if it meant he had to go without sleep.

I continued on my way upstairs and met a high ranking secretary. She showed me a machine that took in the news - and she could type a few notes after it and then she could send it on. Then she pressed a button and I heard the voice of John Cameron Swayze - the newscaster - giving the news on the radio.

She asked me if I'd like to write some poetry and she'd pass it along. I thanked her, but I really didn't want what I said to be broadcast on the radio and I couldn't even think of any rhyming words that went with 'disaster' and 'aftermath'.

I continued on my way to see Alice, but I never quite got there, so I wrote a message for her. "Tell Alice that the earthchanges are going to come sooner than expected, but they won't be as bad as expected."


5-31-03 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee in our 16th St. house. We decided to have a yard sale - but in the house. My sister was against the idea. She said she didn't like it when riff raff came to the house.

We set the sale up in the diningroom. We decided to sell all the old antique lamps and buy new ones. We took al the shades off the lamps and set them next to the lamps, so the lamps had the bulbs showing above the bases and the shade next to it.

Outside, it was dark and we saw the headlights pull up in front of the house and park. My sister said, "Here come the riff raff,without even knowing who it was.

Some people came into the house and I saw E. H. and John Smith come into the house and stand in the parlor by the piano. They were friends of my husband, but I knew them very well also.

After the sale, the two men decided to go don to the restaurant on center St. and have dinner and I said I would go with them. I wore the same kind of long overcoat that they did, but I didn't button mine. I put my hands in my pockets and held the coat semi-closed with my hands, the lower edges swayed as I walked and I commented how sexy that as.

When we got down to the corner, they cut through the corner parking lot of the gas station. They walked between the cars that were parked closely together. But I couldn't get through the narrow space so I had to walk all the way around the cars. They said they would meet me in the private room behind the the refrigerator and I said, "Okay!"  So by the time I got all the way around the cars,. they were already around the cars and inside the restaurant.

There was a bouncer/doorman guy at the door and I said, "have you seen John Smith?" The man pointed past a bunch of people and said, "They are in the secret private room behind the refrigerator. "So I followed when he pointed and went into the lit up room behind the refrigerator.

The room looked like a bathroom and on the sidewall, there was an extra grey sink with a star-burst hole drain in the bottom that wasn't attached. I thought it would be cool to buy it.

I don't remember eating anything but E.H. came over and said he had to go to work. He was so drunk he could hardly stand up straight. I didn't want to show him how worried I was about his drinking.

So he leaned over and he kissed me on the cheek and said, "Good bye" and the brim of his baseball cap hit me in the forehead slightly.

Then he stood up straight, pulled a gun to of his pocket and shot himself in the head in the right temple.

I was so stunned, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I stood there for a moment and nobody moved. Nobody screamed. There was just silence like he had just walked out the door and gone to work like he had said he was going to do.

I stood there in shock, then I pulled out a stick from somewhere. It was a long one, at least 3 feet long and I saw some blood coming from his mouth and I dipped the end of the stick in the blood and printed his name on his face - E H  so the printing went up the side of his face. While I printed the first name, his skin was pliable and moved up a down, but by the time I got to the last letter of the last name, the skin had stopped moving and I knew he was dead.

Still nobody moved and I looked up and saw my husband standing in the doorway. I looked passively at him and said, "You can have him back now." and woke up feeling just as stunned with disbelief.