MAY, 2005


5-1-05- DREAM -  There were no people involved in the beginning of this dream.

I was looking at a computer screen. The topic was Bible archaeology. That said, it was about people, not places. 

The list started at the bottom with 021 and the color - light brown. The next person up was 022 and the color was light blue - succeeding upward in alternating numbers and colors. Also there was not straight rows, they were rough triangles with rounded edges nestled against each other, each one building on the number and triangle below it.

When I got to 045 I stopped because there was no text in any of these spaces. There was no proof they existed at all.

An old, old, thin grandfatherly looking man, holding a wooden staff,  dressed in a brown robe sat there and looked at the screen, not understanding. He said, "What does it mean that there is no proof that I existed." 



May 2nd - Dream of my friend Molanie

Dream - 5-2-05 - I was merely the observer in this dream.

The scene was southern city with clean streets and 3 story tenements. It was Christmas time but was warm outside.

Molanie appeared, wearing a beautiful long gown with flowers all over it. I could hear music coming from one of the tenements. It was playing a classical waltz.

Then I saw a WW I doughboy-soldier coming down the street, looking very  sad.

Molanie went up to the soldier, took his hand and began dancing the waltz with him.

When the dance was over, Molanie began to leave and the solider said, "Wait! Wait! I need to talk with you. I need to know who you are."

I began to smell a turkey roasting on the 1st floor of the tenement building smelling delicious.

Molanie took the soldier to that building to the 2nd floor and knocked on a door. When it was opened, a young woman stood there and Molanie stepped out of the way and the soldier and was women stood face to face. The woman was very lonely and invited the soldier to come and have Christmas dinner with her.  It like it was meant to be this way.

Molanie left them and went upstairs to the third floor, which was more or less like an attic, very dimly lit with gas-lit lamps on the walls.

Molanie knocked on the door of an apartment. This apartment belonged to a black couple. The woman was crippled and sat by a table with a cup of sugared water on it and the woman was dipping plain bread into it.  The man told Molanie that this was their Christmas dinner.

Molanie said, "Come with me!"

The black man said, "We can't go anywhere, my wife is crippled."

Molanie walked over to the woman and helped her stand up and held her under her arm and the husband held her up on the other side.  Molanie took them down to the first floor where the aroma of roasting turkey was coming from.

The black man said, "We can't go in there, we are black and she is white. It wouldn't be fitting us to meet with her."

But, Molanie knocked on the door and the woman of the apartment came to the door and opened it, looking very expectant, but sad.

The woman said, "Oh! I thought it might be George coming home. I've been waiting a long time for him. "

Molanie introduced the black couple to her and explained that their Christmas dinner was only plain bread and sugared water.  The woman invited them in to share her beautiful Christmas dinner.

Molaniie then left the building to leave the new-found friends to share their Christmas dinner.

and I woke up as she left the building.

submitted by my friend Donna


5-2-05 - DREAM - I was with a group of people who were climbing Yosemite mountain. I was told by a wise man to watch for the winking wolf and that if the wolf winked at us, there would be trouble ahead.

I kept his advice in mind and we went ahead and slowly and laboriously climbed Yosemite mountain. 

We managed to reach the top without any mishap but when we got there, there stood the lone wolf. 

Unbelievably, the wolf, who was also a man with a beard in my memory, very slowly and deliberately winked at us. 

He told us that we should never had made that trip without preparing for it and following a specific diet.

The wolf-man showed me the diet on a small piece of white paper. It was a very limited simple diet. (details not really seen)

I thanked the wolf-man and we went back down the mountain to our regular jobs. 

At the bottom of the mountain we all had our regular jobs, but we also ran a volunteer organization and helped other people. We helped each other out when we could as well. 

I was in the basement of a large office building, and the phones were ringing off the hook. Some people had left their children for the day and these were really tiny children, barely able to walk and talk.

The children started answering the phones and talking babble talk. I ran and grabbed the phone and said, "Allis-Chalmers" but by then there was no one there on the line. So I grabbed the second line and said, "Allis-Chalmers". The man on the phone said, "I want to take my name off the volunteer list."

That was his option, of course, so I told him I would scratch his name off the list. 

In order to do that, I had to go down to the sub-basement where the clipboard with all the names of the volunteers was kept. 

As I gathered the children together to go down to the sub-basement, the young man showed up to make sure his name got off the volunteer list. He said, "My name is Steven Maier and I want my name off the volunteer list.

I said, "Okay! I'm on my way down to do it right now."

So I gathered the children together in a little line and we headed for the elevator to go to the sub-basement. The children were very well behaved now that we were doing something active. 

When we got to the elevator, the children were lined up behind me. The door opened and inside the elevator was a group of 7 tall men. Their faces were even with mine, but then I noticed the elevator floor itself was about 3 feet down, so these guys were about 9 feet tall.

I smiled at them and motioned towards all the little children behind me so they saw them and I said, "It would probably be better if I took the next elevator."

We all managed to get down to the volunteer office in the sub-basement.

I scratched Steven Maier's name off the list and the children went to play quietly in the corner. 

I was working on a painting of my friend Kimber's community project while she was helping to care for the children.

I was painting with a broad brush with white paint over an outline that Kimber had drawn on the paper. I noticed that while I painted with white on the spaces provided on the drawing, the color was miraculously coming onto the paper where it was supposed to be.

Then another volunteer walked in who looked like Ted Danson. He was in charge of money that had been donated.

After a few minutes, a man, dressed all in white, came in representing a church of some kind.

Ted Danson told him flatly, "NO!" and kicked him out the door and shut the door in his face.

After the door closed, I wagged my finger in his face and said, "You will come to regret that some day."


5-3-05 - DREAM - I was the caregiver for a group of young men, one of whom was my son Ken and one was Antonio Vega (from One Life to Live TV show)

Antonio showed me a book he had which had a story in it about a place that had a red stairway in it that went into the underground 8 floors. He showed me a stairway example. It was bright red and collapsible like a folding ruler. 

He and the other young men went out to work for the day and I started looking high and low for that book which he hid somewhere while he was outside. I found other books under the bed and in drawers, but not the red-covered book he had showed me. 

I looked out the window every so often to see if the young men were returning to the house and catch me snooping in their room and late in the day, I saw a ball of white light come down from the sky and try to kill Antonio Vega. I could only assume that was for revealing too much information to me. 

He was able to side step the ball of light so it didn't hit him. 

Finally, it was 11 p.m. and dark outside and I could be observed through the window from outside, and I had to quit looking for that red covered book because the young men would be home shortly. 

Finally, they arrived home and sat around the table to eat dinner. My son Ken told the others that nobody should ever change the radio station because it was set where it was for a reason and there would be hell to pay if they changed it. 

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5-4-05 - DREAM - I believe I was working in a language office in Connecticut.

I was writing in a note book about a Model of something.

Suddenly 3 waves of blue lines simultaneously went down the page all the way to the bottom where the word earthchanges appeared for 3 lines. 

I turned the page over and the word earthchanges was written every line all the way down the page.

I turned that page over and there were two lines - each with a broken word:

earth changes

earth changes

There were two older women working in the office with me. One was Nora from One Life to Live TV show. (She is an attorney and Assistant D.A. right now)  The other woman was Suzie - who only seemed to live for romance and getting ahead by being friendly with men.

Suzie quit her job, leaving Nora and I to do the work.

I went upstairs in the 2nd floor to check on something and the maintenance men were frantically working in the room right above my office. The walls were shaking violently like water pipes in them do from water hammer. He said to evacuate the building because that kind of shaking can bring a building down to the ground. 

I ran around the corner to tell the women and children to leave the building which they did, but here there were other maintenance men walking along the hallway like nothing was going on.

I went back downstairs to my own office, expecting it too to be shaking and it wasn't.

I went into the office and only Nora and the boss John Reich was there. Suzie had quit her job.

John asked Nora to type an 11 page letter for the big boss, who came in just then. He was a short man, wearing a black suit. I didn't see his face as I was sitting at my desk. 

Nora was agreeing to type this letter, when the big boss asked if she would be willing to work overtime and that she probably should start the letter on Friday and work on it all day Saturday so it could be mailed to everyone on Monday. The inference was that everyone in the world was going to be notified about something. 

I was rather eavesdropping, hearing this conversation. John no sooner finished asking her to work these extra hours, he then offered her a large raise and a promotion, which would leave me as the only secretary left to do the work.

I got up to go to the ladies room because I had black soot on my fingers and had touched my face. Nora came in too and we stood in front of the mirror to see if I had soot on my face and my whole face looked black like a negroe.  


5-5-05 - DREAM - (This is really too vague to describe well)

There was a comet on the ground in 5 pieces with a German name. If we dropped the German name, we could figure out what the real name was. 

See:  Comet 73P - 2006


5-6-05 - DREAM - I was talking to someone about whether certain UFOs were ubiquitous or not.

I can't remember any details of the dream, and II don't know what the word means.


  1. [adjective] being present everywhere at once
    Synonyms: omnipresent


5-6-05 - DREAM - I was wherever 20601 is located. somewhere in the east of the U.S. 

20601 Zip Code - Waldorf, MD
20601 Zip Code. City: Waldorf State: MD County: Charles County Latitude: 38.6038 Longitude: -76.8679 Suggest a Change to this Entry ...

I was with my mother-in-law Audrey and my sister-in-law Tracy and a friend of my father - Marie Cary in a house. 

There was a flood warning on the news and before we could even comprehend what that meant, I looked out the window and saw this immense gush of water go past, filled with broken trees and branches, cars, junk and worst of all - heads with wide open eyes - thousands of them. 

The building we were in was high enough not to be affected by the flood, but it came so fast and so furiously, anything that stood in the way of the water went right with the flow, tumbling and roiling and smashing into whatever it encountered ahead of it, with no way about the consequences of what came next. There was no time for worry, not even time for fear. The sheer horror of the smashing, crushing mass was like nothing ever experienced or seen except in movies of similar floods. Not too many people lived to tell of such a sight.

When the first mad rush of the flood went by, I suddenly realized that Marie was gone and I rushed through the house calling her name, "Marie! Marie!"

She had obviously gone looking for her dog. I prayed to God that her beloved dog hadn't been outside when the flood hit. Marie would be inconsolable. 

So it was, the flood came and went quickly, leaving behind all its massive destruction to be cleaned up by the survivors, a seemingly impossible task.

Soon people were seen outside, picking through the rubble, looking for the indescribably horror ofo what lay in front of them. 

The phone rang. The male voice on the other end of the line said hew as from the newspaper and asked me to tell him what I had just seen. I didn't have the words - he asked me if I could write it down - what I saw so they could publish it in the paper.

But I didn't have the words for it.

How does one describe 30,000 heads floating by amongst broken trees and floating cars and massive debris. I wanted to be eloquent and descriptive and I had no words, nothing to compare it to.

By then, reporters came from far and wide to take pictures and they wanted to talk to the survivors of the massive flood.

I was speechless. I could not come up with the words to describe the horror.

They brought with them maps so I could point out the location. What they showed me wasn't even the right state. All the numbers were too small - I was looking for 20601.

When the newspaper printed their first edition, there was no description of the flood, only articles of thanks and praise to those who helped the survivors. No names of dead were given, only the names of those who still lived to tell their names. 

Finally, someone took me out in a car and we drove and d rove, but we weren't going toward the flood, we were going away from it and that rather scared me. At that point I began to see snow drifts around houses on the hills above the road. Snow?  I hadn't seen snowin years - the leftover of a devastating winter.

I didn't see any animals or people or cars - here too was devastation of a different kind - starvation from lack of electricity and heat. Here too - it was a different horror, hidden behind the walls of these houses we were passing.

I didn't want to see it. I couldn't witness more death.


5-7-05 - DREAM - There was a man in my apartment. He was handsome, but on the 'dark' side. He wanted to be with me, but I didn't want anything to do with him.

I woke up and now I was seeing a series of names in combinations but not that I could read. I didn't want to see them and it was very annoying. They kept changing but I couldn't get rid of them.

A voice said to me, "The more you resist something, the more you draw it to you."

I knew that from an Abraham tape, but I wasn't going to give into it either. The only alternative was to think of something else deliberately to eliminate he thought pattern.

So I finally got up so I could stop thinking about it.


5-7-05 - DREAM - I was evidently in Milwaukee, WI. For some reason, I got stopped and given a ticket by a cop for something I did while driving.

I had to go to court with the ticket and on the way, I stopped at home and went upstairs. 

I saw my Father standing in the Master bedroom. I knew he had just come home from being at the doctors office so I asked him if the doctor had given him a clean bill of health. He said, "Yes! I did!"  (My Father died in March of 1976)

I then went to the court with my ticket.

As I stood in line for my turn, (I was the only one in line) a young man said that I had to show my witness document to the clerk of the court as an exhibit before I could show it to the judge. 

My witness statement was a legal size piece of paper 8 x 14 that the witnesses knew I was a good driver. It was signed by my Father and a second person beneath his signature.

So I went up to the clerk of the court's desk but she wasn't there. My daughter-in-law Becky was the clerk of the court, but she wasn't there at her desk. She had gone to the doctor. 

The judge was (female) was seated behind her desk, waiting for me.

Since I couldn't sign my document and use it as an exhibit, the young man suggested I not use it as an exhibit and just tell the judge myself that I was a good driver.

So I went back to stand in line and wait my turn to see the judge. (I was still the only one there)

I got to my place in line and was still facing away from the judge when the judge came down from the bench and stood behind my right shoulder and said to me, "Let me advise you that for the next 18 days that you drive between the lines and use a dictionary for spelling."

and I woke up.


5-8-05 - DREAM - This started out with Nora, the lawyer from One Life to Live TV show and was all about various type laws that cannot and should not be broken.

To begin with, a rock wall vault was opened and 3 colored balls were floated out towards me which felt like memories suspended in the past. 

From there, I went into a public living room lounge-type place where I met twins - very large men who were wearing knitted sweaters with identical green and brown colors in complicated patterns and a younger man with a blue sweater in a complicated pattern.

I bragged that I could easily knit sweaters like that and showed him what I was currently working on. I showed him my plain white knit square with black line outlines of a kitten, a puppy, and a mouse.

From there, I went into a guys bedroom who wasn't supposed to be home, but I discovered him hiding under the blankets in bed and I tickled the bottom of his foot until he couldn't stand it anymore and he floated into the air against gravity almost to the ceiling.

I really have no idea why we went there in the first place. 

Then we went to a bar to get a drink, then when we left, we stole 3 'Bic' lighters, a red one and a yellow one and ran out to the car. They are worth about a buck apiece.

Since the bartender knew who I was, all the cop had to do was come to where I worked the next day and question me.

I hoped I could lie with a straight face to a cop and not get arrested.


5-9-05 - (I had just been reading the book, "Exempt from Disclosure" by Robert H Collins, and Richard C. Doty)

DREAM - I was a 10 year old kid - (That would be 1948) I was with my cousin  or a friend the same age. We ran into the dining room of my Dads 16th St. house.

I was saying, "I never saw an Eben did you?"  

She said, "Yeah! I see them all the time!"

We got down on our knees and crawled under the dining table.

Under the table - without the center boards for it, there was a whole bunch of big fat carved legs of the table. It was like being in a forest under there.

"Do you see them under here?" I asked her.

She said, "Under here I see them all the time,"  and I started to see almost invisible dainty ghostly deer like they were in a forest. (It was really cute)

We then went to a grocery store.

Our parents went through the line ahead of us. Then my friend/cousin was buying three ice cream cones for us.  She was buying them with a check, so we had to go through a special line. She wrote the check , then she showed the clerk two photographs of me - one was a family photograph with my parents and grandparents, the other one of me looked like me as a 10 year old with big plastic glasses on.

I said, "You really don't think she's going to know me do you?"

She said, "No!" and grabbed the photographs back.

All of a sudden we were next to big black bus like the kind a family would use. 

My daughter as a 10 year  old was ahead of me and she said, "Now! I have to sleep in the upper bunk!"

I woke up and it was 10 p.m. on the clock.


5-9-05 - DREAM - I was in a building somewhere that had a shiny wooden floor. Actually not so shiny, it was rather dirty in there.

A man and a woman were put together in a wrestling match.

I didn't think that was very fair but she was on the husky side and seemed to hold her own quite well. 

Every so often she would grab him where it really hurt and he would ask her, "so you want to get sexual?" and she would answer, "No!"

Eventually, she won the match.

After it was over, I saw this container on the floor that was shaped like a vacuum cleaner machine with no top on it. It was full of dirt and had various weeds growing in it and was all dried out. I thought perhaps it could be revived if it was watered. I was shown it was called COATLAND/SUITLAND. 

(I think this might come before the scene prior to this)

I was in a building - my mother , I, and my kids had just moved into it. The bedrooms were brightly colored, one was red, one was yellow, one was orange, one was blue, and one was white. 

I was wondering which one was mine and the one I was given was the white one. 

That made me really happy, though it was hard to get into because it had a short doorway, once you get inside it, it was really large and had a high ceiling. 

I had a woman companion in the room. I don't know if she was a maid or servant or what, but she helped me.

I took off my coat and tried to hang it on a metal hangar and the hook snapped off.

I tossed the hook away, then looked to see if my mother had provided a wooden hangar and then hung my coat up.

I then had to change clothes and I chose a long white granny-type nightgown with either blue flowers on it. 

After I put it on, the woman wanted to know why I had chosen the long granny gown. 

I looked at her and she also wore a long gown, but hers was burnt orange with yellow flowers on it.

That's when I sat down to watch the wrestling match.


5-10-05 - MICHELLE DREAM:  Two UFO researchers in their work didn't match. So I started researching their work. It seemed that they were from some kind of game. 

The ETs had some kind of psychic machine that gave people information. 

The page was really busy and then CNN called me.  It was called - 911-the 411. 

How the Bush administration is being used by the Saudi family to destroy America.  The Saudis had some kind of ET information they were using to steer the Bush administration. 



5-11-05 - DREAM - I was working at A-C in the engineering department of Compressor. My job was almost done. The last of the work was completed. All I had left to do was to take my pattern cards and archive them..

T.M. was at home and it seemed that he had retired. He called me on the phone and told me he had moved in with an old woman. The address was 2537 S. 9th St.  He told me to call him later. I said I didn't have the number with me. He gave me the number 847-2357.

I wrote it inside the front cover of my check book.

I had two young babies and I was trying to figure out how I was going to take care of them and take them with me to the archive room because that was somewhere east of where I was by a few blocks. I was on 70th St. Both of my babies were in bed, wrapped in swaddling clothes.

I was thinking I could put both of the babies into a stroller and tie the long box drawer of pattern cards behind them and that would work out pretty good.

As I was walking in the hallway, I met an older man who worked in the Division where T.M. worked. He told me that their work was almost complete but there was a problem in the factory. The men couldn't read the blueprints. There was a problem with a triangular part that had intricate pieces, also triangular, and they couldn't read it because it was done with new math.

I told him its a good thing I studied the new math because I can read it. The man said that as soon as I got done archiving my pattern cards, they would move me over there.

Then he said, the way it looks, as soon as the President retires, only one man stood in the way and they'll make T.M. President.

That was incredible news and T.M. would be President and I was going to solve the math problem on the last triangular piece to complete their project and we would work together again.

I had to tell this to T.M. because he didn't know it yet.

I just barely turned around and some other girls came along and they had nothing to do so they agreed to take care of my babies while I went to archive my pattern cards.

So they wheeled the babies away in the stroller.

The next thing I knew, T.M. came into the office, wearing a dapper black suit and white shirt.

I started to tell him about the math problem out in the factory when T.M's father came into the office with an old Jewish guy companion.

T.M. hugged me and I kissed him on the cheek right in front of his father and that pleased me that we didn't have to hide our affection for one another from his father.

T.M.'s father was about 5' 6" tall, wearing a brown suit, the Jewish man was about the same height. I can't remember the color of his suit. It was either dark blue or dark grey. He was older than T.M.'s father.

I started to tell them the plan to make T.M. President of the company and the problem with the new math and T.M's father got a little upset.

He said, "T.M. has a symbol of Constantine in his right pants pocket which means he is supposed to be a priest.

I reminded him that there are two Constantines and the second Constantine symbols was in T.M's left back pants pocket.

That balanced it out so T.M. could be President until that time comes.

The two old men left and T.M. and I were standing there when another girl I worked with came into the office. I think it was Sandy.

T.M. said he had to go somewhere. I wasn't sure, but I think it was to get some ice-cream.

Sandy excitedly said, "Let's go!" like a little kid.

I didn't want to get left behind. It was noon, but I still had to go to the archive place and then retrieve my babies and both of those things were east.

I said a little prayer that I hoped they were going to go west.

But they didn't. When they walked out the door, they headed east and I quickly caught up to them.

The three of us were walking side by side on Greenfield Ave. heading east, when T.M. suddenly crossed the street walk along the railroad tracks on the other side of the street.

He made the move so fast, neither Sandy or I could follow. T.M. was walking so fast, we couldn't keep up with him and we were walking fast too, but he was getting farther and farther ahead of us.

I saw a train go by the opposite way, then I noticed that there was a big ditch between the road and the railroad tracks and T.M. was by the tracks and that distance seemed to widen the farther east we went.

Finally, we caught up to T.M. in distance east, but there was no way to cross over the huge ditch between the road and the tracks.

So Sandy and I walked together along Greenfield Ave. and T.M. walked along the tracks. We matched stride for stride, but T.M. was headed for the old ladies' house on 9th St. and I still had to archive my pattern cards and get my babies back and then work on the triangular pattern problem with the new math.


5-12-05 - DREAM - Everything in this dream relates to red and yellow and making repairs to something someone else did.

I was taking care of some babies and one of them climbed up on the sink and dropped a thermos bottle which shattered inside. I had to make sure no one tried to use it to drink water from.

Then I was trying to repair a piece of fabric that was supposed to have a yellow flower on it and the pattern by the factory was flawed and I had to correct it by hand with yellow thread.

My daughter called on the phone while I was sorting out things from my purse. I was finding little manicure kits and while I was trying to find a tissue to blow my nose, I started coughing up phlegm like I had the worst cold of my life that I assume I had picked up in the Et world. 

I needed to fix something someone else had knitted in yellow and not completed and it had to be edged in red, and because I was sick with this terrible cold, other people were waiting on me hand and foot, trying to help me get the red thread to complete this pattern.

Then I had to go to work to start a new job at a restaurant. I had to go no matter how sick I was because jobs were so scarce.

As I walked down the sidewalk at the mall in front of the restaurant, some guys were in the parking lot, taunting me about my messy hair.

The way the restaurant was constructed, I had to go past 5 arches and each time I passed in front of an arch, they had anew opportunity to taunt me again. 

Then when I got up to the restaurant door, it was closed with workers standing behind the door protecting it from intruders.

There was a wire grid fencing on the inside of the glass to prevent flying glass or concrete from coming into the restaurant too.

I knocked on the glass and when they recognized who I was, they said I could come in.

IN order to go into the restaurant, I had to go way over into the corner and pull aside the wire grid and step across a high metal protector on the floor and past a whole line of glass flower vases.

As I did that, someone warned me not to cut myself like she had. 

Then I was inside the restaurant and they sat me down to feed me.

While I waited for my food, I was seeing mounds and mounds of red and yellow flowers, all in vases and just immense masses of them. I assumed they were meant to go on the dining tables when the people were allowed in.  (The flowers looked like red roses and yellow daises.)

I got my food and they served me shirred scrambled eggs cooked in a templet that was shaped like a large yellow daisy. 


5-13-05 - DREAM - I was driving my little blue car out in the parking lot of a big stone building.

I pulled it into a parking place between two other cars, stopped it and got out. I was walking away from the car and saw it roll back a bit. I stopped and it stopped. I thought I'd better check the brakes so I went back and got into the car which was trying to restart itself.  So I put the key back in the ignition, restarted the car, backed it up a bit and straightened it out, then stopped it again, made sure the brake was set, took the key out of the ignition and got back out. This time the car stayed where I put it.

I went into the building and into an apartment. I'm not sure if it was mine or not but it seemed to be. 

The apartment was a little messy, but I got some phone calls and was talking to a woman about how difficult it was for her to get sole custody of her kids.

When I got off the phone I went to sit on the sofa and almost sat on the guy who was sitting by the arm. 

I apologized because I hadn't seen him before I sat down. He laughed and said it was okay. I explained that I had been talking to a woman from Hawaii who had difficulty getting custody of her kids.

He said , "I understand." 

Sitting next to the good looking man felt highly sexual and I got really hot. I moved over a bit and asked him if he would help me get my sweater coat off, which he did. 

Then he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a piece of paper that was folded over and said, "I have something for you."

I opened up the paper which was 8 1/2 x 11 inches. There was an intricate drawing on the paper.

He said, "There are hidden features on the paper. See if you can find, "THE TEACHER".

I immediately saw the face of a man and a skeleton laying in a grave, but right in the middle of the paper was a list of names and in the center, it said, "THE TEACHER".

So, I pointed the words out to him, and he laughed and said, "That's right!"  He then said, "You can keep the paper".

I said, "Thank you."

I was very uncomfortable sitting this close to a good looking man, it felt too sexual for comfort, so I started noticing things that needed to be done and told him I had to do them. 

I went into the kitchen and he followed me. I was noticing the list on the floor and he went to look in the cabinets what there was to eat and found a box of Rice Pilaf.. He showed it to me and said, "I really like this."

I said, "Me too!" and continued to clean. There was a drain in the center of the floor and I pointed out an oddity to him.. I said, "When water gets on the floor, it doesn't run toward the drain, it runs toward the door instead.

He thought that was odd.

I said, "I have to clean up this floor before I do anything else and went to get the broom.

So while I was cleaning the kitchen floor, he went to the bedroom and started picking up the kids toys and sweeping their floor.

The kitchen floor seemed to get messier instead of cleaner.

Then the Teacher came out of the bedroom, talking on a cell phone and I heard him say, "Good bye, Linda!"

I could just imagine that the bedroom was perfectly clean, but the kitchen was worse than ever. 

I was feeling really uncomfortable with this good looking guy so close to me and my work undone, so I started to repeat the story about the woman who was having difficulty getting sole custody of her kids. 

I noticed he was staring off into empty space and not interested in hearing me babble the same story again, so I quickly concluded one point and went back to sweeping the kitchen floor. I was making very slow progress. 

I seem to remember asking him what to use on the floor at one point and him telling me to use some blue stuff in a large bottle. I think it was bleach.

The floor had to be cleaned before I could do anything else.


5-16-05 - DREAM - I was with a few people in Milwaukee. I was helping to get reading for an important wedding.

Firstly we were going to hire a wedding singer. 

The man I was with suggested a man who was famous. His name I remember as Sam ______ .  He was dark-skinned and when I thought of him, I think of Paul Anka with his dark tan. 

Sam lived on 76th St. 

When I asked how much money Sam charged , in the air I saw Sam's name with the price per hour he charged. I was focusing on the number to see how much it was ad the longer I looked at it, the greater the number became - it was adding digits so the number grew exponentially, not jut a few dollars.

It was over $200,000 within just a few seconds.

It was way too expensive for us.

I decided to go pick up my mail and met a red-headed woman in the large hallway. She looked familiar to me. I said, "Don't I know you from somewhere?"

She immediately became mouse-sized, ran down the hall away from me and clambered up a huge pillar - all the way to the top. 

(See Binah on the Tree of Life)

I then went to get my mail. There was too much mail to all fit in the box and packages were laid out on a long table next to the mail boxes. 

I saw my own name (Dee Mason) on one of the packages and there was a clear bag full of paper roses in it for me, so I picked them up and took them home with me.


I realized the way your eyes deceived me
with tender looks that I mistook for love
So take away the flowers that you gave me
And send the kind that you remind me of
Paper Roses
Paper Roses
Oh How real those roses seem to be
But there only imitation like your imitation love for me
I thought that you would be a perfect lover
You seemed full of sweetness at the start
But like a big red rose thats' made of paper
There isn't any sweetness in your heart
Paper Roses
Paper Roses
Oh how real those roses seem to be
But there only imitation like your imitation love for me

5-17-05 - DREAM - I was living in a house that was part of a piece of land with several houses but two were side by side. 

I was asked if I would baby sit and I said, "yes,", but to my astonishment, they brought 19 cats, two of which were female lions.

I was intimidated by the lions but they seemed peaceful enough and I shut them all in the garage for the time being.

Each cat belonged to a child which I was babysitting. Here too, they were all girls.

While this was happening, my first boyfriend Roger who was in one of the other houses working on a vehicle. He needed to go somewhere for parts and he said to his friends, "Dolores will drive me to 41st and __Villard?___ (on the far north side)

I said, "Sorry! I can't go. I'm babysitting."

I walked back towards my house and one of the little girls who looked quite frail said, "I'm hungry."

At first thought, I wondered if the other house had any food in it because I didn't I hadn't planned to feel all these kids.  If you feed one you have to feed them all.

I told her, "Okay!" and we all went in the house, after making sure all the cats were safely in the garage. 

The little girl busied herself with coloring in a coloring book., and I when I was ready to feed her, I went to get her from the coloring book and she said, "I'm not hungry now."

I grabbed her by the hand and said, "When I saw you're hungry, you're hungry."   I took her to the kitchen to feed her. 

I then started writing down the names of these girls along with their birth dates.

The only date I recall is 1875.



5-18-05 - DREAM - I got the impression that the entire background of this scene was red and white though these colors were not really seen. 

I was moving into apartment 212 on Jackson St. It was a long apartment across the front of the building. 

I hadn't been given the key to the apartment so I was careful not to lock myself out of it when I left it.

When I came back to the apartment, there were other people in the apartment who had come in from another door at the far end of the apartment. 

These were all friends of the previous occupant who had evidently not moved out yet.

He was really good looking and I took his age to be about 32 or so until I found out differently later.

The first two young women were cleaning the apartment which was fine with me.

The second two women were older - in their 50's I would say. They were both wearing silver and white fur coats. One of them looked at me and said I should brush the blanket fuzz of the back of my skirt.

I looked down and saw that I was wearing a simple brown and beige tweed wool skirt with a white blouse.

After meeting the man they were taking care of, I could only assume they didn't think I was good enough for him. That was my impression. It seemed that they might have been his aunts perhaps. 

When I met the man, I was highly attracted to him sexually and that feeling stayed with me though the rest of the dream.

Evidently his bed had been removed from the apartment and only my narrow cot was there, so I said he could sleep with me and smiled at him. 

He had no problem with that. 

When I went the kitchen, I found the cabinets packed full of baked goods of every imaginable kind. There were some young boys in the kitchen looking at all those goodies. I suggested they be packaged up and frozen, otherwise they would dry out. I showed them how to cut and package them and then left the room.

In another room there was some carpentry going on and a wooden tray was sitting on the table with all kinds of nails mixed up in it - all sizes too. So I set about to sort them out by size and type to make it easier to use them later. 

Then a beautiful young woman came in and admiring the man, picked up his left hand and began kissing the inner side of his left arm from the wrist to the bicep, and she said, "Let me kiss the young 15 year old birthday boy." 

I got instantly jealous and said, "Well, let me kiss the 16 year old birthday man", and *kissed him on the lips. 

He kissed like nobody had ever kissed him before, he didn't even know how. 

I noticed then that he had an infection in his right eye and lots of yellow pus was coming out of it.  

I mentioned this to him and then said to him, "If you stood up straight, you'd look like the man you really are." 

He stood taller and then looked like the man I met earlier who I thought was 32 and not the 15 year old the other woman claimed he was. 

Some men came in then who were wearing working clothing - red, white, and black plaid shirts. They were all carpenters. 

They noticed I had sorted out the nails and one of them said, "We should keep her around, I hear that she can sharpen nails and chisels and other work tools."

The lead guy got a big grin on his face and said, "How will we pay her with no money available.?"  Then grinning even broader, he patted his back side and said, "Maybe if she has a saddle, she can get paid that way."

The comment and gesture was entirely sexual and knowing who I was going to work for, it was entirely acceptable to me. 


5-19-05 - DREAM - I was sitting outside in my car. I saw some yellow lights hanging by the farmer's field. I wanted to know what those were - then I saw one on the ground. I was going to go over and pick it up and examine it, when my husband walked past the car just as a bright red car pulled into the yard. 

My husband, instead of going somewhere, went over to the car and got into the back seat where a woman was sitting.

Immediately I became jealous and I got out of my car and walked over to the red car so they would know I was watching them.

Instead of going away, she came into the house with us and started taking over our whole house. 

I had to do some laundry and discovered that my son Bill had outgrown some of his clothes I thought he still wore. I wondered what he was wearing and thought perhaps he was wearing his big brothers clothes that they had outgrown. That made sense. 

I washed the clothes and when they were done, I had to scrape cheese and other foods out of the tub that was left behind. That was really gross. 

Meanwhile, the woman from the car was butting into all my conversations with other people so that they went away instead of me being to help them. 

The woman from the car then told me she was going to send my husband on the night shift to drive the gasoline trucks. Then I wouldn't have him at home at night with me at all. 

She then told me she couldn't walk all the way up the stirs at school to the third floor and I admitted that I dreaded walking those stairs too, but I could make it if I went slowly enough and had the determination to make it.

I then saw my laundry was all done and laid out in great piles. All I had to do was dry it and put it away. 


5-20-05 - 5:55 a.m.  I dream the number 021 and the word or name CONVERSE

I dreamed that I was putting together a figure with a human shape with 21 white balls. 


5-20-05 - DREAM - I dreamed I was on a bus and we were selling cheap soda in cups that had a line 1/2 way up the cup that was about 1/2 liter size.

We were guaranteeing delivery for 50 cents and when we poured the soda into the cup up to that line, the amount of air in the soda made the soda rise into the air half again as high as the cup. 

We could serve it that was because there was too much air in the soda. 

When I got home, I opened my top dresser drawer and there was a package of dry crackers and  a package of Depends floating around in the water next to my underwear. 

There was a young woman in our group who had some zebra fish. I'm not sure if she had too many or what the reason was, a man told her she should sell them and get rich. 

I told her, "How is she going to get rich when they are only worth 25 cents each?"


5-21-05: 12:11 a.m. DREAM - I was at home on 16th St.  My Father had come home on Friday night from the hospital where he was undergoing treatments for cancer or something.

The weekend flew by and on Sunday night my Father had to go back to the hospital. He wasn't so sick that he couldn't drive himself back and forth, but this time he was taking my little brother with him. 

I was imagining what it would look like to have my Father walking into the hospital , holding this little 4 year old boy by the hand. 

I don't know why my little brother had to go to the hospital for treatment, it just seemed appropriate that my Father took him. 

Actually my brother, who was born in 1960 is a nurse and driving himself to the hospital every night to take care of old people like my Father.

So once they were gone, I was sitting and sewing something with a needle and thread. I was sewing two edges of something together with flowers on both sides and I had to make them match perfectly. 

My Mother came in the room then and saw what I was doing. She liked it and said excitedly, "OH! I know what you can do for me. Wait a minute. I'll go get it!"

I looked up and my Mother was Vikki Davidson from One Life to Live TV show.

After a minute went by, I decided to follow her instead. 

I walked into the next room and met two young men. One of them said, "Did you her about the guy and what he did?"

I said, "No! What guy?"

He held up a long piece of brown paper and it had the name Alec Baldwin on the top.

I said, "Oh! I like that guy." and I acted like I had a crush on him, and then laughed. I said, "I actually talked to him on the phone . He was on a radio show and my sister and I were trying to fix our computer and she decided to call him up on the phone and ask him how to fix the computer. 

I was now talking like I was Jessica from One Life to Live TV show and my sister was the red-haired twin sister Natalie. I visualized her in my head as I said it. 

I laughed again and walked outside into the alley to go next door where my Mother Vikki had gone.

I was carrying my brown shoes in my left hand and set them down on the ledge for a moment. I was going to put them on before going farther, but I figured someone from across the alley might be watching out their window and I didn't want anyone to watch me put my shoes on, so I picked up my shoes and walked on down the alley in my stockinged feet, carrying my shoes. 

I came to the next doorway that was on the left side of the alley and I saw a puddle of blood running out from under the door.

I started to scream, "Oh my God!"  He said he was going to do it!"

I pushed open the door and inside in the big white hallway on the marble floor was big blotches and streaks of blood leading the way to a bedroom on the right. 

I continued to scream, "Oh my God! " as I ran down the hallway, afraid to see what I was going to see. 

Just before I got to the doorway, there was a blob of red that looked like the symbol of a man running.

I jumped up and down on the red symbol screaming, "Nooooooo!"

I ran into the open door and in the half light, I saw the figure of a man, wearing jeans and a jean jacket sprawled face down on the bed. At his feet, kneeling on the floor, but his upper body on the bed, face down, and also wearing jeans and a jean jacket, was my son Ken. 

(Jessica doesn't have a son Ken, but I do.)

I didn't want to see the blood or exactly what I was going to see, so I forced my eyes open, and awoke so I didn't have to see it.

My heart was pounding wildly, at the fear, but it calmed right down once I was awake.


5-21-05 - VISION EXPERIENCE - I was laying in bed with my eyes closed, relaxing towards sleep.

I started to see a rectangular shape, taller than wide, with an object in it that was mostly black with silver and red in it, but not enough delineation to make out exactly what it was. 

I then saw the same size rectangle with what seemed to be a white rose, but again, not clear enough to know for certain. 

It kept alternating back and forth between the two visions.

Out loud, I started talking to it and saying that it was too blurry that I couldn't make out what it was. It did clear up a little, but still not enough to identify what I was looking at.

I kept saying out loud that it wasn't clear enough, but I still couldn't identify it.

It kept regularly alternating for about 5 minutes and then faded. 

NOTE:  Within a couple days I noticed that I see this same thing all the time now if I try to look just with my right eye. it blocks my reading but I can see fine with both eyes.  I'm afraid this might be macular degeneration. I have no idea why this appeared in my eye.


5-21-05 - NAP DREAM - I was knitting in a small circle with gold knitting needles.  I made a 10 pointed flower.  When I was done, I knew I wanted to sell this pattern.  I called it  PUGRATS10.  I decided I would gather up all the patterns I had and sell them around the neighborhood.


5-22-05 - 8:18 a.m. - DREAM - I was in a house and I had a large sized folio of drawing type book. I decided to design my new house and was going through magazines and when I liked a particular feature of a house, I cut it out and pasted it in my notebook.

On the back page I wrote the names of the resources to buy what I needed.

A tall, beautiful woman came to visit and she was showing me what she sold and I liked what she had so I wrote LEGE  and J.C. Penney on the back page. 

After she left, I turned on the TV to see what was on. There were hundreds of stations on, but above a certain number, they were all the same. Some of the lower numbered ones were off the air and just had a blue design on the screen and no picture.

So I chose a station that had a picture that was warm and sunny and the people were pleasant looking.

Then they showed a scene where this tall guy dressed in a brown robe entered a dance hall and he chose a thin woman in a slinky white long gown and they started dancing. They danced and danced and danced and everybody stood around watching them.

Finally, the place had to close and instead of going home, the tall man pulled out a tall stool and began to talk to the people and nobody went home. He talked to them until dawn and nobody left. 

I decided to paint his picture as he sat on the stool. 

Because I had the large drawing pad, I used the man's reflection to rather copy his face. 

He had a long, thin face, rather like Gary Cooper, but he had a lot of dark brown hair, kind of like some rock stars do these days. 



DREAM - I was working on 70th St. at A-C. I lived on 16th St. and since I didn't have a car, I had to walk home.  It was a long way and it was winter and there was a cold wind blowing.

It was 5 p.m. and time to go home. I started to get ready to go home and put on a heavy sweater and then my coat. I looked for my shoes which I had kicked off under the desk, but I couldn't find a pair that matched or were even the same size.

My boss was still there and he said he had the same problem and would have to buy a pair of shoes on the way home. I thought that was a great idea since there was a shoe store not far from where we worked.

I started gathering things together to carry with me, grabbed my purse and made sure my keys were in my pocket.

I started walking down the hall to stay in the building as long as possible. There were other women still working though it looked like the men had already gone home.

All of a sudden I was back in my office again. I had fallen asleep standing by my bosses desk and he had left without me. I was tireder than I thought.

The cleaning women had come in and were starting to work. I was still looking for a pair of shoes to wear.

Finally, I looked under another secretary's desk and found 4 pair of shoes and they were all mine.

I put on one of the pair of shoes and put the other 3 pair into an empty old purse I found to carry with me.

I also found some extra sweaters and a couple more old empty purses. I packed all that into a large wicker basket with handles to carry it with me.

It searched my coat again and made sure I had my keys in my pocket and headed out the nearest door.

When I got out the door, I was ready to be blasted by the cold air and wind, but it wasn't as bad as I expected and thanked God for the better weather.

The stop light on the corner was red so I had to stop and wait for it to turn green and while I was standing there, some black people were jostling my basket and I discovered that the purse I had put the extra shoes I had and a couple sweater got stolen by the people who jostled me.

But I still had my purse with the credit cards and money, my basket, the extra empty purses and the rest of the sweaters and when the light turned green and I started off walking towards home. 

I made the mistake of taking a side street instead of the main street and here the city hadn't plowed the snow in the street and the people hadn't shoveled the sidewalk either.

There were a lot of black people trudging in the street, but I thought it best to walk on the sidewalk.

At first there was a narrow path to walk though I wasn't actually on sidewalk. The snow was about a foot deep and someone had made an attempt to chop ice off the sidewalk, but that only made dangerous holes in the path to trip in.

The snow on the sides of the sidewalk were turning a dirty brown from the pollution. I saw a Sheltie dog come out and pee in the snow, then saw him run into a tunnel he had dug himself to keep himself warm.

I had gone about a half a block and came to a group of people who had stopped by a street vendor who was selling something next to the sidewalk.

I stopped to see what she was selling. She had a box of toy cars, all shiny and new, still in their boxes.

While I stood there, she saw my basket and started accusing me of trying to steal her toy cars.

I protested and said that all I had were old sweaters, but by then the people were angry because I had more than they had.

I got away from them and then I started to cry as I walked along.

A man came up to me and I recognized him as Depak Chopra. He saw me crying and he walked over and said, "God loves you."

His kind words made me stop crying, but as soon as I stopped crying, he walked away towards another woman who was crying farther on down the street.

I realized he only had enough time to tell me that God loved me, not to actually help me and then he had to move on to the next crying person, because there were so many crying people.

I continued walking, but I had to climb a dirty snowbank and walk in the street like the others because nobody had shoveled the sidewalk.

I walked  few blocks in the street and there were fewer and fewer people as people went into their houses to get out of the cold.

I came to a group of children playing in the street. These kids weren't even dressed for the weather. The older ones had just T shirts and underpants. The babies just had on diapers.

Here the snow had turned to mud in the street and the place where the children played was filthy.

I saw that these children were all Hindu and though they were playing, they were cold, unclothed and dirty.

I also sat that this was a Hindu orphanage school and these children had no parents either.

I took the hands of the two oldest children who were about 4 years old to take them inside to ask for them to be dressed warmer.  Just as I got to the steps, I saw a toddler about age 1 stumble and fall face down in the mud, next to a couple babies laying in the street.

The toddler didn't event cry or whimper. He had already learned that crying didn't get him anywhere and he had to pick himself up and help himself.

Obviously that wasn't a lesson I had yet learned.

NOTE:  This whole dream reminds me of what happened to the black people in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina


5-24-05 - DREAM - I was seemingly at home in New Berlin. My kids were all grown, but the house was still in the shape it was in at the 1960 period - without the addition on it.

My daughter came to visit. There seemed to be a birthday party for someone.

I thought she brought a white cat with her that promptly gave birth to 3 pure white kittens that almost seemed as big as the mother. She gave birth in the bathroom upstairs.

I took them downstairs. I put them in the dining room.

In the living room, there was an infant baby which I think was mine, laying in swaddling clothes on the floor and a litter of small blonde puppies laying on the sofa above the baby.

For a moment I couldn't tell which was which, but I finally rescued the baby which was now surrounded by all the other animal babies. I picked it up by one arm and it stood up all by itself on two feet, which was something the animal babies couldn't do.

All the babies needed to be fed, so I went to the kitchen to find some food for them. For myself, I found a can of tuna which I opened and mixed with mayonnaise. That in itself  seemed to take an hour. I seemed lucid at that point.

Then the dream continued and I opened the oven door and found a package of fish and a package of red meat. They were thawing out but looked like they had been there a couple of days.

So I gave the fish to the kittens and the red meat to the puppies and put them all outside on the north lawn.

There were two older women there then. I cut two oranges in half and fed them on the south lawn.

Then I noticed that my husband had gone to work and left a package of frozen pork chops out on the sink to thaw out to eat later. I left them there and went outside.

(I don't know where the baby went. He disappeared when I was mixing the tuna which I never did eat.

Outside, I went across the street where I saw 5 red motorcycles standing by the barn. I found that intriguing when 5 young couples came along. The men all had pure white butch haircuts. The girls all had short curly hair and wore pudgy clothing and dresses.

One girl got in a convertible car with two other guys and she demonstrated how she could possibly fall out because there were no doors on the vehicle, but she sat in the middle with a guy on either side so she wasn't about to fall out.

All the motorcycles and the car went roaring out of the yard, leaving the 4 chubby girls sitting and talking on a sofa.

All the girls looked alike and they seemed to be speaking English, but they may be been speaking another language, because I couldn't understand a word they were saying. It was just a lot of babble.

I then sort of went into a trance and began to pay a short song on an organ with wooden keys that were standing there in the yard.

The organ only had one octave on it.

I played  C D E  G F C D

It sounded really beautiful. 

I told them it was a blessing of grace from Babaji.


5-25-05 - DREAM - I was with some people who said they could run a mile a minute. I thought I could do it if I tried to, but first I had to do my cleaning.

There were cookie and cracker crumbs everywhere on the floor so I started sweeping. There were several rooms to sweep - large rooms.

Some young women were complaining of female problems, so I was given some medical forms by my friend Wendy who worked in our office supply place.

While I was sweeping, I came across a children's outfit, that was knitted with red yarn, but it was covered with ants, so I decided to sweep it up with the crumbs because I couldn't shake off the ants. The hat seemed free of ants so I left that. 

The people who were going to run the race were all a little chubby which made me doubt they could run a mile in a minute, but they were all eating green grapes now that the cookies were gone and there was hope for  them to lose some weight.

I rant out of medical forms finally because we had used so many. All I had left was advertising for the printing company.

I decided to go see Wendy at the office supply place and get some more medical forms, but when I walked there, I found myself at the beach. There were stands along the beach where people were selling things.

I thought I saw a woman who worked with Wendy and I asked her about Wendy whom she did know, but she told me she was a teacher and was selling earrings from her shop. She said Wendy worked too far down the beach to walk that far.

I asked her if she had Wendy's phone number and she said, "No!". I knew I had the number at home, so I walked back home and found out that two of the women who were going to run in the race had died.

I saw the newspaper and several people had the name Black.

That didn't seem like any coincidence.


5-26-05 - DREAM - I was living with some young women who were mother with no husbands and I took care of their children while they worked.

I decided to offer to do their laundry while they were gone as long as they made sure that the clothes I was going to wash were washable and wouldn't shrink.

They got dressed in the morning, but I noticed that their hair was too casual so I advised them on how to style their hair better.

Then when they left, the little girl who was about 8 or 9 was laying around listlessly and I asked her what was wrong.

She said, "There is too much death and everybody is dying."

I said, "You shouldn't be thinking about death. You should be outside and playing. You should go for a walk and have some fun."

She said, "Yeah! We should go for a walk and pick some apples and come home and bake a pie and then we'll die." and she slumped to the ground , thinking about dying again.

I picked her up off the ground to help her get started to get dressed so she could play.

As I awoke I had a vision of 3 packages of berry bushes. They had white flowers in spring and then black berries in summer and I knew I should buy them.

NOTE: I did buy the bushes and planted them in pots because I knew they would die in the summer if I didn't.


5-28-05 - DREAM - WAR - My husband Jim and I went to breakfast which was like an army barracks. I noticed that all the guys in there were wearing army green jumpsuit - type uniforms.

My husband was wearing the same green outfit.  I whispered to him, "They are going to think you're one of them."

All of a sudden all the men started painting their faces and hands with green, the same color as their uniforms.

I knew then they were preparing for some kind of operation.

The guy sitting next to my husband said, "What position are you? The guy next to me said, "I'm a cook and dishwasher," The first guy said, "Oh man!"

NOTE: Joe chose that time to get out of bed and woke me up, so I don't know where they went.

Back in the dream, I was in a large 1st floor apartment.

I was supposed to be going home but I wasn't quite ready. The women were making plants with each other, doing crafts of sorts while the men were gone.

I obviously was going to be doing this too while I was also part of some secret program going on.

I had a driver, a small guy who resembled one of the guys I went to grade school and high school with. He was going to take me home.

I had a long orange robe I was going to wear with a yellow blouse over it. (An odd color for being secret I would say.)

The blouse came out of the dryer and was too hot to put on, so I was standing there shaking it to cool it off and my driver said suddenly, "I gotta go. They changed the time of the game to noon."

He left quickly, leaving me standing there.  I didn't know how I was going to get home without my driver, so I sat down to work things out in my mind.

I saw some commotion going on outside and people running. I went to the window and saw the huge cloud of red sand coming, blowing down the street. I didn't know if something had blown up or what, but the red sand wasn't going up, just coming down the street like a heavy wind was blowing it.

Since we had green grass and trees everywhere, this didn't make any sense.

Women from other parts of the building came rushing in to look out the window also. 

I decided to go the lobby and see if anyone 

When I got there, there was an older military guy standing watching the red sand coming up the street.

I invited him back to my apartment, telling him it was sound-proof. He seemed impressed by that.

We sat there for some time. I don't recall what we discussed other than the structure of the building itself. I explained to him that the rest of the building was not sturdy like this one room was.

It seemed to be getting towards evening and I saw an old blue long van pull up in front of the building.

For some reason, I thought it was my driver in a different vehicle because it sat there with its lights on waiting for someone.  So, I went outside and van pulled up in front of me and waited. That made me think even more that it was my driver.

But as I got close to the vehicle, tall black guys got out of the passenger side of the vehicle and stood in the street.  It was then I saw the driver and he looked Arab with a short beard.

I realized it was a trap and I turned quickly and behind me stood a guy who looked identical to the guy driving the vehicle and he yelled to me, "Don't get in that van."

I was really mystified why there was two guys who looked identical. I didn't trust either one.  I started running for the building, yelling, "Jim, help me, Jim, help me."

I saw more big guys standing around like security guards and a woman too, but a little girl ran up to her and they hugged.

I looked at these other guys and they didn't make a move to help me. They just stood there.

I ran up to the door and there stood my original driver. I said, "They almost got me!"

He said, 'I know! I realized that when they told me the time of the game had changed."

I knew he was going to say - and there was no game when I got there."

but I woke up out of breath with m heart pounding from running.

(At least I know I'm not going to have a heart attack if I run in real life.)


5-28-05 - DREAM - I was in an apartment somewhere. I knew that the timing was in the mode of multiples, so I took some fertile eggs - at least a dozen from the box and they began to hatch.

The little chicks were so adorable. They popped out of the eggs in 2s and 4s. As I watched, they were not only chickens, but ducks and I even saw a long beaked spoonbill and I swear there were pelicans there and they grew fast.

I also saw that some of these birds were blue, not just yellow.

I was looking in the newspaper then for maternity clothes. Some store had some cute maternity dresses that expanded at the tummy by means of loosening some ties that were part of the decoration of the dress. The dresses were all pink on top, white around the belly and blue for the skirt.

I was concerned that the white would get dirty quickly, but the dresses were cute, so I went to the store to get one.

At Sears I didn't know where the ladies department was, so I asked a black man who was standing there. He was an older white-haired gentleman. I knew he was in the mode of the multiples too.

He told me that the ladies department was on the second floor.

I took an inside stairway that I was familiar with as I was on the 5th floor. The stairway was not brightly lit and I didn't see anyone, but I could hear people talking who were clerks. I went down these stairs very quickly.

I got all the way down to the first floor where the lights were turned off and the clerks already gone home so I knew it was late.

I found a woman there who I asked where the ladies maternity department was and she sent me back up to the second floor where the lights were still on.

So I walked back upstairs to get a dress because I knew we  were still in the mode of multiples.


5-29-05 - DREAM - I was a secretary in an office at a factory. At the end of the day I used a sample Model 1080 hand-held vacuum cleaner that had a rectangular opening 2 1/2 x 4 inches. I used it to clean a yellowish carpet on the floor that was 2 1/2 x 4'  The vacuum clean was so powerful it lifted the carpet from the floor and actually separated the fibres of the rug.

My boss walked through the office while I was doing this, so I said to him, "Surely these must be some other application we could use the vacuum cleaner for."

When I said that, I realized we both would be famous for telling the world about our little Model 1080 vacuum.

Another woman came in then and I had to show her show I cleaned the toilet, so she would know how I did it.



5-29-05 -  6:57 A.M. DREAM - I was working in an office with a couple women. Our boss had the office next to ours. All of us were trying to stay away from a woman named Margaret who meant well but thought she knew how to do everything better than we did.

I went to my apartment in the same building. Someone had given me a gift. I opened it up and it was a metal tree with the figures of a man hanging upside-down. There also was a couple of figures of men hanging in the tree and three smaller figures of me who were related to tree stories. 

People also gave me gifts of food. I was going to take it to the office to share it, but then I saw a couple ants crawling on it. and I didn't want to take them to the office, so I shared what  I could out of my apartment.

We had popcorn, juice and bakery there.

I had to hire someone to mow our lawn and knew of a guy who lived west of us who could do it well. But this older biddy of a woman came into the office - probably Margaret and she tried to tell me how to do my job, so I told her what I planned to do and said, and "That's what I plan to do" and I have to admit some anger in this statement. 

I started doing some research on a project for references to God in my previous writings then and as I woke up I saw 3 brown square boxes open one after another. Each none had sour grapes in it. The third one was the largest.


5-30-05 - NAP DREAM - I was at work at A-C, looking forward to going home at the end of the day.

At 4:45 p.m. Carol Hapke, our head secretary came to my desk with a letter to the Engineers and purchase agents attached to a stack of narrow green sheets of paper, each one of which was to be attached to the pertinent purchase order. I knew that would end up to be my job.

I didn't even want to look at them this late in the day, but Carol insisted. 

Then Alyse, who had a similar job to me in Compressor Dept. came by, ready to go get a coffee down at the other end of the building, so when the clock hit 5 o clock, she could just run out the door. 

I thought that was a great idea and got my purse out to go with her.

But Carol was adamant that I look at these green sheets right away. 

I told her, "I'm sure you had to go through a lot of work to prepare all these sheet, as each one had all the information pertinent to each individual purchase order.  (I don't recall we even did that during the 10 years I actually worked there)

Then Ii knocked them to the floor and it took me 5 minutes to pick them up again and stack all my work for the morning back on the desk.

I really wanted to go get the coffee and go home. I even offered to walk with Carol on her delivery rounds because it was on the way in the same direction.

I woke up and it was 4:30 p.m.


5-31-05 - DREAM - 9:45 p.m.   I was having a heart to heart talk with my sister about menopause. She said she was having a lot ofo heart palpitations. I said that I had too. My heart would actually stop beating and then feel like it would flop over and then race fast. Then my face would turn bright red and I'd sweat for 12 hours. I was 42 when that started. I went on estrogen for 17 years, but it wasn't always smooth sailing. Every so often the dosage would have to get adjusted and later on I bled steady with clots for 6 years until I had a D&C because the lining of the uterus got too thick.

My sister said hers started at 32 when she stopped having periods, but all of a sudden her uterus almost exploded and she would bleed for a week steady.

I then told her the horror story of another woman who told a similar story.

Then I told her I was going to have to call my daughter and tell her about my sister because she was under the impression that mothers and daughters always had similar fates with menopause. I knew that was for far from the truth because our mother said she liked menopause because she liked that 'warm' feeling and never had any problems. 

Lucky for her. :-)

NOTE:  Later on in 2005, my daughter called me and asked me the same question about menopause and I had the identical conversation with her. She was exactly 42 also when her menopause symptoms started getting seriously uncomfortable.


5-31-05 - DREAM - I was having a very negative dream about being in a mall and going through narrow hallways and up secret staircases.

On the staircase which was a golden color, lay what looked like the statue of a naked man with the body of a naked boy draped over his penis. I was so disgusted by that, I kicked it off the side of the stairs onto the floor below.

It was then I saw that the naked man and boy were rubbery legged but they seemed human - not like a statue.

The man put on some clothes and followed me down the hall, trying apologize and explain his behavior.

I really didn't want to hear it.

A tall security guard came up behind me - who was about 7 or so feet tall, and the guard placed himself between me and the young man until we reached the door.

At that point, the guard could go no further and I continued on with the young man who said that he had been dreaming about a Blue Chevy Cavalier and he was sure he could find it. 

Outside on the street and in the parking lot, it seemed that all the cars were blue and they all pretty much looked alike - shaped like cars did back in the early 90's or before.

We came to a street and the young man met up with 4 other young man, all with long shoulder-length hair.

I decided that had better be the end of my walk with him.

I forced my eyes open and was having snapping and crackling as I did. 

As soon as I closed my eyes, I started to see all 5 men again and again heard the snapping and crackling again in my head. 

I forced my eyes open and closed my eyes again but 5 different times, all with the same results.

I tried to keep my eyes open, but I was so tired, they just kept closing on me. 

Now I started to see the name:

Paul A LaViolette
Paul A LaViolette

every time I closed my eyes. 

This occurred about 5 more times. I knew I had purchased a couple of them and I knew I heard an interview on George Noory's show and thus the reason I bought the book.

But I don't know why I was having the visions of his name. He has written 4 books, all about space and philosophy and ETs.