THE 411

How the Saudi government is using

the Bush administration and Alien Technology

to destroy America


According to the book, "House of Bush, House of Saud' by Craig Unger, on page 3 we read, "For decades the House of Saud had somehow maintained control of Saudi Arabia and the world's richest oil reserves by performing a seemingly untenable balancing act with two parties who had vowed to destroy each other.

On the one hand, the House of Saud was an Islamic theocracy whose power grew out of the royal family's alliance with Wahhabi fundamentalism, a strident and puritanical Islamic sect that provided a fertile breeding ground for a global network of terrorist urging a violent jihad against the United States.

On page 83, he states: "Since many Wahhabis saw the United States as the Great Satan, that means the Saudis had vital relationship essential to their survival - a double marriage of sorts - with partners who were mortal enemies.

On page 88, he states: "Islam allows the use of force to fulfill the duties of jihad so long as there is no workable alternative. The more radical neo-Wahhabis, however, especially those under the sway of the militant Muslim Brotherhood strongly emphasized a much more extreme interpretation of jihad. For the Muslim Brotherhood advocated waging a holy war against the enemies of Islam. 

"According to F. Gregory Gause III, A University of Vermont professor and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, "It is undoubtedly true that the extremely strict, intolerant version of Islam that is taught and practiced in Saudi Arabia created the milieu from which Osama bin Laden and his recruits emerged."

On page 89: [Prince] Bandar whose father Prince Sultan was one of the Sudairi Seven,* was a case in point. He smoked cigars and sniffed brandy, had palatial estates in Aspen, in Virginia near the CIA, and in the English countryside. No one enjoyed the fruits of Western civilization more than he. But in the end. Bandar knew as well as anyone that the House of Saud was a theocracy and must heed the call of Islam.

* King Abdul Aziz, the found of modern Saudi Arabia had forty-three sons, and the Sudairi Seven refers to the seven sons by his favored wife. They include King Fahd, Defense Minister Prince Sultan, Riyadh governor Prince Salman, Interior Minister Prince Nayef, business leader Prince Abdularham, Prince Ahmed, and Prince Turki bin Abdul Aziz. Sultan's son Prince Bandar had, of course, been the most prominent Saudi in the United States for decades. 

On page 90: Mohammad bin Laden, Osama's father, kept all of his children in one residence so he could preside over their discipline and religious upbringing. He took pride in having fathered twenty-five sons for the jihad.

The bin Ladens had close ties to the Royal family. Osama was educated at the Aziz University .

Wahhabi scholar Sheikh Abdullah Azzam and Ayman al-Zawawhiri, an Egyptian surgeon who later became notorious as the man behind Osama bin Laden. Azzam became particular effective in persuading masses of Muslims all over the world to wage an international jihad. 

On page 100: Mohammad bin Laden was so close to the royal family that in the sixties, he played a vital role in persuading King Saud to abdicate in favor of his broth Faisal. 

Bin Laden's action carried extraordinary weight in large part because of his family's unique place in Saudi society. Their ties to the royal family were so crucial that both sides made certain the relationships transcended generations. Many of the twenty-five bin Laden boys attended school with the songs of King Abdul Aziz and his successor, Faisal, at Victoria College in Alexandria, where they had classmates such as King Hussein of Jordan, the Khashoggi brothers (of whom Adnan was the preeminent Saudi arms dealer of the Iran-contra era), and Kamal Adham, the billionaire who ran Saudi intelligence before Prince Truki. The boys earned reputations as discreet chaperones for the young royals.

In 1968, when Mohammed bin Laden was killed in a plane crash, King Faisal said his "right arm" had been broken" and rushed to the support of the bin Ladens, who, at the time, did not have anyone old enough to take the helm of the family business. Faisal appointed the highly regarded head of his own construction company to make sure the Saudi Binladin group was in good hands until Salem, Osama's older half brother, was old enough to take over." Later, when King Faisal took the throne in 1982, Salem became one of his two best friends." 

Closely tied as they were to both the royal family and the United States, at this point the bin Ladens had only indirect connections to the Bush family and its allies. James Bath,* the American business representative of Salem bin laden, new both George W. Bush and George H. W. Bush. Khalid bin Mahfous, who was close to both the bin Ladens and the royal family, had helped finance the Houston skyscraper for the Texas Commerce Bank, in which James Baker had a significant stake. He also had ties to Bath. 

Keeping the photograph above in mind read further:

But those Bush-bin Laden relationships were indirect - two degrees of separation, perhaps - and as times have been overstated. Critics have asserted that money may have gone from Khalid bin Mahfouz and Salem bin Laden through James Bath into Arbusto Energy, the oil company started by George W. Bush, but no hard evidence has ever been found to back up that charge. 

* Bath had fronted for Saudi billionaires Salem bin Laden and Khahd bin Malfous on other deals, but in this case he says, "One hundred percent of those funds were mine. It was a purely personal investment." Bin Laden and bin Mahfous, he insists ha nothing to do with either the elder George Bush or his son. "They never met Bush," Bath says. "Ever. And there was no reason to. At that point Bush was a young guy just out of Yale, a struggling young entrepreneur trying to get a drilling fund."

Note: and that was just the beginning.

DREAM - by a reader - 5-11-05

My dream was about my friend Dee.  She was researching the work of two UFO (or government conspiracy and UFO) researchers whose work didn't match.  It seemed that they were being used as pawns in some kind of game.  One of the researchers was David Icke. The other was Jonathan Vankin.

What came out in the research was that the Saudi government had somehow gotten some ETs implants and put them in people and were controlling them with those implants. They were  giving some people information that they wouldn't know any other way.

My friend Dee told me on the phone that she had done a web page on what she found out, but when I tried to go to it, I went to see the site but it was really busy and I kept getting page errors..  Dee's phone rang and it was CNN... and they wanted to talk to her about what she found out and they had put the web address because the website address had become so popular.... I found out that CNN had found out about the website and published it on television.  Now the page was so busy that I couldn't get on it myself. I asked Dee why CNN wanted the information and she shouted to me.. "RELOAD THE PAGE AGAIN!",  so I did.. and this time it worked.

Finally, I was able to get on it and found that it was called  

9/11-- the 411
How the Saudi government is using
the bush administration and Alien Technology
to destroy America

It was all about how the Bush administration was being used by the Saudi family to destroy America.  It was found that the Saudis had some kind of ET implants that they were using on certain Americans to steer the Bush administration to destroy its own country.

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Let me preface this page with a statement of my research work which has been ongoing since 1960.  I didn't want to believe in David Icke's work. I actually avoided his work for several years after I heard about him. It was too difficult to believe in Reptilian beings and shapeshifting humans who harbor inside of them the spirit of the Reptilian and who also shapeshift into the image and size of the Reptilian being who controls him/her when the circumstances are right. To be honest, It is too gruesome to even think about except for a few moments at a time.  It was a dear friend who has survived over 40 years of Satanic/Reptilian Ritual Abuse that led me to believe in what David Icke has to say. After meeting with and spending months of time discussing the experiences and the pain of SRA, one cannot come away with the a attitude of 'there is nothing to this'.  There 'is' much truth to this and people need to wake up and take a look at what is really going on in this world.  

The time for innocence and naiveté is past.  Its time for awareness and truth.


Excerpt of interview from: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/pages/david_icke_interview.html

David Icke

Q: ATS: In your writings you mention "Black Nobility" which ties in the Queen and other bloodlines such as the Bilderbergers, who have been in control for hundreds of years. Do the royal bloodline of the Arabs and Sheiks of the Middle East also tie into "Black Nobility" or are they separate groups?

A: David Icke: In many cases yes they do and the House of Saud that rules Saudi Arabia with a rod of iron is among them. They are Illuminati bloodline to their fingertips and they have hijacked the centre of Islam on behalf of their masters.

Q: ATS: One of the most disturbing theories I have read of your's is that of the "missing children". You mentioned satanic rituals and dark government projects, can you elaborate on what these children are being used for? Is there any proof other than the missing children in themselves that would support your theory?

A: David Icke: This is a big subject that needs a lot of explanation. I am currently compiling a book with an American woman who has a fantastic story to tell about this. Yes there is evidence, tons of it, if only people would bother to look.

Q: ATS: Mind Control; Who is using it? How we prevent it? What is the ultimate motive? Why is it that many of us feel that it is impossible for another to invade or control minds?

A: David Icke: Billions of people have had their minds invaded by believing the official story of 9/11 when it is a monumental lie. What is mind control? It is getting someone to think what you want them to think and therefore do what you want them to do. The mass of the people are mind-controlled every day just by watching the TV news. These mind-control projects simply do the same with individuals in a much more extreme way.

Q: ATS: Since so many people seem to have a problem with the word "Reptillian", I would ask David if instead we compare the shapeshifters to Satanists, or wolfs in sheeps clothing ?

A: David Icke: I use all kinds of terms to describe these people, including Satanists, and I don?t talk about reptilians that much really because there are many other aspects of the conspiracy to communicate. People have to come into this research at a point where they feel comfortable and I am happy to talk about the conspiracy on any level that people want. If they want to talk about the banking scam, the reptilian connection or the fact that our entire reality is an illusion, that?s fine by me. The point is ? take what you want and leave what you don?t. The silly thing to do is dismiss it all because you can?t get your head around one aspect of it.

Q: ATS: David, time and time again you have stated that you can not prove your theories regarding reptilians etc. and also do not care what others think. David, are you absolutley convinced of your theories, or do you still reserve some doubts. With such wild theories and no proof, are you open to the idea that you could be wrong?

A: David Icke: I have written tens of thousands of words on the subject and talked to hundreds of people all over the world from very different walks of life who have had experience of this phenomenon. Their accounts are remarkably consistent and then look at the ancient accounts of the reptilians and shapeshifters that tell a similar story. So there is a great deal of evidence, but unless people experience the reptilians directly they are always going to say there is no proof. The world not being flat was a wild theory once and, anyway, the reptilians, like the Illuminati, are only a sub-plot in a much bigger story, as my next book will detail.

Q: ATS: The Zetan-Greys are the most commonly reported aliens by abductees, with Nordics (genetically engineered Homo sapiens) reported as serving as security to protect the weaker Greys against their Terran prisoners, and the Reptilians being the overlord caste. What have you learned through your investigations as to the role and caste rank (in relation to the Reptilians) of the Insectian aliens, specifically the Preying Mantis types? In other words... Are the Preying Mantis aliens considered to be on equal caste rank with the Reptilians?

A: David Icke: It's very difficult to get a fix on these hierarchies, especially when our reality is a holographic illusion anyway, but from what I am told by those who have experienced the reptilians directly, and people like Credo Mutwa, the Zulu shaman in South Africa, the greys are subordinate to the reptilians and may well be a manufactured worker-bee species.


David Icke Under Severe Attack - Efforts To Silence Him Increase

From David Icke


It's funny that since I began writing and speaking about reptilian bloodlines running the world, which, according to the mainstream and many conspiracy "researchers", is apparently ridiculous, you would have expected the opposition to my work to subside.

After all, having, it is claimed, made myself look silly, and having, according to one vociferous and obsessed critic, been "possessed" by some demon manifested by Arizona Wilder!!, surely those forces I have been challenging all these years would walk away and leave me alone. They should be delighted.

Indeed, if I were so far from the mark, as these critics like Nexus Magazine, Sir Laurence Gardner, and others claim, surely the Illuminati would WANT me to have every opportunity to speak publicly and so discredit the idea of a network running the planet by talking about them being reptilian.



In South Africa in August, I was subjected to an onslaught of attacks in the national media owned by Illuminati frontman, Tony O'Reilly, friend of Henry Kissinger etc. A columist in his main Sunday newspaper, The Sunday Times, wrote that I should be shot at dawn. They then printed a letter saying that I should not only be shot at dawn..my body should be burned on a fire of my own books, the ashes put in a lead container, and the container buried deep within the Earth. I was treated so badly on a Cape Town radio station the programme went to an inquiry by the South African broadcast complaints authority.

In the last few days, I have been subjected to another onslaught, this time in Canada, with the newspapers of Conrad Black (Bilderberg Group Inner Elite) at the fore. One of his papers said that I was a "Hate" speaker who claimed that "all Jews are reptiles from Mars." Unbelievable. But this time it went further with strenuous efforts to stop me speaking at all and indeed to stop me even entering the country.

Two astonishing people and their supporters invited me to speak in Ottawa, Toronto, and Windsor in Canada in the week starting Saturday, October 2nd. In the weeks leading up to this they were subjected to unbelievable pressure from the Anti-Defamation League (an Illuminati front at the peak of its pyramid) to cancel the events. They refused and the pressure was turned up and up. The ADL dubbed me "anti-Jewish" which anyone reading my books or hearing my talks will know to be the ultimate fantasy.

The fact that a guy called Ivan Fraser was writing on the website forum in this same period about his view of a fundamental Jewish connection to the conspiracy (nothing whatsover to do with me and not my view) was also used as "evidence" that I was "anti-semitic".

Ironically, the first venue in Ottawa, the Bronson Centre, cancelled because it is owned by an order of nuns and they said they would not let me speak because I was anti-Christian! In South Africa, I was dubbed anti-Muslim!! You have got to laugh, really.

Anyway, the organisers had to move the Ottawa venue FOUR times in the last 48 hours alone and they could not even make the last venue public because the ADL and others were immediately putting pressure on the owners to cancel. Have you ever noticed how those who dub others as purveyors of hate have hate in their hearts? And that those who claim to be anti-fascist act in every way like the fascists? The Nazis in Germany went around stopping public meetings of those groups that were opposing them, just like the Illuminati ADL do today.

The incredible guts and fortitude of the two organisers would not budge and every time the ADL tried to stop them, they found a way around it. Then it came time for me to enter Canada for the talks.

I arrived at Ottawa Airport on the evening of October Ist. I was at the back of the queue for immigration and when I looked up there was a uniformed officer standing next to me, looking like a shark who had just eyed lunch. I made a joke with her and she walked away back behind the immigration point and said to her tall blond colleague; "That's him", as clear as day. (I think her application for a job with plain clothes surveillance needs to be reconsidered).

When I got to the immigration booth, the guy was very nice at first and we joked a bit. Then he punched my name into his computer and the energy changed immediately. I later saw why. He said I would have to be seen by immigration..no other comment.

I was then led into the immigration and customs area at the back and treated with aggression by staff who were all consumed by the pre-conceived idea, gleaned from their computer, that I was anti-Jewish. All my bags and cases were searched by a guy wearing rubber gloves (must have been my socks) I was kept there till 2am in the morning while he read through all the material in my bags and, being a researcher, that was a hell of a lot. He could find nothing to even begin to substantiate the claims that I was anti-anything,.

By this time, he, too, had realised that his preconceived idea was founded on a nonsense and he appeared embarrassed at what had happened. He said that from the Customs point of view I was free to go. They had been alerted apparently by the Canadian Police Hate Unit, which investigates claims, mostly bogus, of racism. Incredibly, this same unit had investigated me when I came to Toronto in February and found nothing. Now, just months later, it all starts again.

Now I am cleared by customs and enter stage left the tall blond lady from Immigration. She, this night, had a chip on her shoulder the size of the Titanic and questioned me aggressively, often about matters that were none of her business. She said that I was breaching immigration regulations by speaking in Canada. Really, nice to know that Canada is free, I said. In the early hours of the morning I was allowed to go to a hotel to sleep and told to come back the next day at 1.30pm.

When I came back to the immigration centre, the audience for my talk waiting at the hall to see what happened, I was asked what time that day's talk was supposed to end. Four o'clock they were told. The immigration kept me there till four o'clock!!

I was also able to see my file on the computer screen when I was left alone in the office and next to my name for October 1st, the night I entered Canada, it said in capital letters WATCH FOR. Now I knew why they were looking out for me.

With the official end of that day's talk approaching, the blond lady, who, by now, had softened her approach, said that I would be given discretionary permission to speak in Ottawa, but not in Toronto and Windsor. I would have to apply again for that. Why? Incidentally, the immigration case officer asked me if I would pay the $140 to have my case reviewed by the blond lady. I said yes, I guess so, and handed over the $140. The case officer then handed her report to the blond lady who was standing next to her and she then "reviewed it"..the content of which she already knew. That cost $140!!

I left and went to the hall and talked into the evening and all the audience were still waiting after all those hours. Fantastic people.

So off we go to the major event of the tour in Toronto. I had consulted an immigration lawyer who assured me that on the basis of my contract for speaking , there was no need whatsoever to have a work permit. The hate and nonsense propaganda from the ADL, the Canadian Green Party, condemnation by the Council of Canadians (see under quivering jellies), and the Conrad Black papers, had stimulated protests outside from students who had neither read my books or heard me speak. (And a few can't control the world? It's a piece of cake).

That night was one the best events I have been involved in. The audience was fantastic, the Hate Police went home alone, and the energy was just incredible. As I walked off the stage, I was met by immigration police who said that unless I agreed to go to immigration the next morning, I would be arrested and jailed that night. So off I go to immigration the next morning to be told by a nice "Just doing my job" guy that I would not be allowed to speak in Windsor this weekend and if I tried I would be arrested before I started. See the press release from an immigration lawyer below to see what validity this harrassment has in law.

One immigration officer in Windsor stated to the organisers that even "applause" can be construed in the immigration act as giving "beneficial income" to the speaker!!!!!!!!!!!!

The latest stage in this breathtaking story is that the venue in Windsor, the city-owned Cleary Centre, has now just cancelled at less than 24 hours notice because, the general manager, Sergio Grando, says they have received PRESS cuttings (from Conrad Black newspapers) saying I am anti-semitic, something even the Canadian Hate Police Unit has given up on trying to prove. They also say they will not let me speak because I am linking the Queen of England to a reptilian bloodline.

Those who have bought tickets to the Windsor event should keep in touch with this website for further details because the organisers are trying to keep this event alive.

(addendum 10-09-99) The organisers were trying to find a way round the problem in Windsor. Unfortunately at such late notice there was no way of finding another venue and the event had to be cancelled.

I would like to thank the organisers and the audiences for their tremendous determination not to be intimidated by this coordinated attempt to suppress the knowledge that is exposing the Illuminati as they really are. With such people, we simply cannot fail.

Love, David Icke


Press Release October 8, 1999

David Icke has been threatened with arrest by Canadian immigration authorities. After speaking at the University of Toronto on October 6, Mr. Icke was approached by two immigration officials and told that if he spoke again he would be arrested. When asked why, he was told that he was working without a work permit. Sumari Seminars, the group that had invited Mr. Icke to speak, was also informed by immigration officials that the R.C.M.P. would charge them with employing a foreigner without a work permit.

Sumari Seminars were told this morning by the City of Windsor, the owners of the hall where Mr. Icke is speaking at the weekend, that the engagement has been cancelled. Windsor officials said it was being cancelled based on press clippings about Mr. Icke forwarded to them by B'nai Brith.

(A partner in Sumari Seminars)...stated that she feels persecuted and intimidated by the government. "The statements attributed to David have been misrepresented and are simply untrue. We feel that the government is using its power to prevent David from speaking. We have asked the Civil Liberties Union to look into the situation", she said.

Peter Johnson, a Toronto immigration lawyer, stated that under the Immigration Act people coming to Canada to speak are exempted from requiring a work permit. "Once he was allowed to enter Canada to speak and all he did was speak, immigration authorities cannot now say he needs a work permit. This sounds like Roncarelli and Duplessis (A famous Canadian case of persecution because of personal belief).

The government may not like what David Icke has to say but it is improper to use irrelevant laws to stop him from speaking. This is an abuse of process and dishonest. This is not about a work permit and the government knows it ", Johnson stated.

Taken from: http://www.greatdreams.com/icke.htm


Underground Bases
archived 10-21-99
Archive file# c102199a
donated by James Vandale

Click for Larger View

(NOTE: I tried to give a link to the original picture and the site didn't allowed me to.)

This map is referred to in several of the articles in the archive. Denotes underground alien and US military/alien bases including known reptilian bases.

From: http://www.reptilianagenda.com/cart/c102199a.shtml

Finally the most important chapter of all...

Chapter 16
Written by David Icke

From Here To Eternity

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

Mahatma Gandhi

"Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality"

Michael Elmer

Throughout most of this book I have been referring to the world as perceived by the five senses. Therefore, although the information has been very challenging and fundamentally contradicts the conditioned view of life, the overwhelming majority of readers will no doubt be persuaded by the vast body of interconnected evidence and "coincidences" that, at the very least, there is another agenda going on that they are never told about. Others will have dismissed the whole idea of a conspiracy from the start, but then the price of sand is quite cheap at the moment, apparently, and those people will have long put the book down to catch the latest from CNN.

At this point, however, I am about to part company with the credulity of a number of those who have been with me thus far. Nothing like as many as you would think, given where I am going from here, but a good number for sure. That's fine and as it should be. I am not trying to persuade or convince anyone of anything. My only desire is to see that all people have access to all information and, that done, they should be free to make up their own minds about what to make of it. But T would stress that in our five-sense prison we are denied an infinity of knowledge about the nature of life and to consider possibility only from the five sense perspective, especially one constantly and massively conditioned and programmed by Illuminati propaganda, is an exercise in fundamental self-delusion. What we are not being told about 9/11 is infinitesimal compared with what we are not being told about life itself - who we are, where we come from, and the nature of reality. For the vast majority of the six billion incarnate spirits on this planet the ability to see and feel and "know" beyond the five senses is the land of the cuckoos and fairies. They live in the "real world". They have no truck with that airy-fairy nonsense. Can I see it, hear it, touch it, smell it, and taste it? Oh, it exists then. But in fact their "real world" is the world of the Illuminati illusion.

I am me - and shall always be

I am guided by information and intuition, and I will go wherever that takes me, no matter what anyone else may think. What people make of my information is none of my business, but what I make of it is very much my business and no one else's. I will decide how I view reality because I have that infinite divine right and nothing and no one is going to deflect me from that, not by ridicule, condemnation, nor any other means. I make this point because most research into the global conspiracy is compiled and written from the five-sense perspective. It is about names, dates, places, agendas and connections. That's fine and necessary. I do the same myself, as you can see, but that's only part of the story, the point where the conspiracy interacts with the physical senses and the world that we see, hear, touch, smell and taste. The conspiracy, however, is much bigger than that; we are much bigger than that. But when I go beyond the five-sense prison, beyond the conditioned reality, most conspiracy researchers dismiss me because I am "not credible". What they mean is that I am prepared to go in my search for truth far beyond where their minds are prepared to explore. Often this is because they cannot comprehend of phenomena at work beyond the range of the five senses, but in other cases it is because they fear that if they do venture outside the accepted "norms" their "credibility" will be threatened. They are still allowing the conditioning of others to dictate where they will go and what they will say. They are still controlled by the fear of what other people think, still operating in the five-sense prison, and so still under the control of the Illuminati agenda, albeit much less so than the majority of the population.

Tent pitching

When we arrive in this five-sense "world" we begin to walk our journey of experience. I have likened it to carrying a tent in a backpack, walking down the road and looking for somewhere to pitch it, settle down, and find our comfort zone. Where we choose to stop decides the way we see the world because this is the point, the perspective, from which we observe people and events. Here are some of the "camp sites".

Base Camp

Most people don't choose to walk very far A few strides and out come the pegs at a point where they believe what the media tells them and accept that they are ordinary and powerless or that they know all they need to know (same thing). They are happy to drift through life guided by accepted "norms" and conditioned "thought". They include the atheists and the fanatical religious believers, those who think this world is all that exists and those who think that if they do ihatever their religion tells them they might get a ticket to the afterlife in paradise. I will call these the "Base-Campers" and they represent by far the greatest number of humankind.

Radical Camp

Others walk a bit further until they find an acceptable spot. These are the "Radical-Campers", and they have begun to see that there is more to know than we are told. They may be "greens" and "environmentalists" or campaigners against the arms trade, "third world" debt, globalisafion and other five-sense injustices. The Base-Campers who pitched their tents back down the road see these Radical-Campers as extreme and "loony" because we judge everything and everyone from our own point of observation - where our tent is pitched. What is perfectly sensible to one person or group will be extreme or crazy to another In the same way, our conditioning, background and accumulated "knowledge" lead us to see the same event from very different perspectives. If a guy came out of the sea with a crab clinging to his bum someone might shout, "Hey, there's a crab's claw stuck to your bum." But a fellow crab might say, "Hey, you've got a man's bum stuck to your claw." Depends on your point of observation.

Conspiracy Camp

Those who are still not satisfied with the perspectives and beliefs of the Radical Camp decide to walk some more before they pitch the tent. These "Conspiracy-Campers" realise that the injustices the Radical- Campers acknowledge are not random, but part of a coldly calculated global injustice, the Illuminati conspiracy. They will see the connections and the game plan within the five-sense reality - the names, dates, coordination and so on. The Radical-Campers see these Conspiracy-Campers as extreme in the same way that Base Campers see them. The Radical-Campers may, and indeed many do, condemn the Conspiracy-Campers as "racist" and "Nazis". Did you know that a global fascist state is unfolding all around you? What? You're a Nazi - condemn him, ban his meetings, ban his books. You think I'm joking? If only I was. Back down the road in the tent city of the Base Camp, they see the Conspiracy-Campers as crazy, loony "conspiracy theorists" akin to members of the Flat Earth Society.

Infinity Camp

There are others, the "Infinity-Campers" I will call them, who continue to walk on past the point where the five-sense conspiracy researchers are banging in their pegs. They have no desire to pitch a tent and they don't even carry one because there is never enough time to put it down before something draws them further down the road of inner and outer discovery. By now the road is quiet with not many people about, but those who venture this far start to realise that the world we see, hear, touch, smell and taste, is an illusion and only a very tiny frequency range that those senses can perceive. Beyond its vibrational walls is infinity, where all possibility exists. They see that the five-sense "human bodies" of the Illuminati leaders are only a physical vehicle for entities operating beyond the five senses to control the "physical" world and turn humanity into a giant battery, an energy source. To conventional five-sense conspiracy researchers, Infinity-Campers are extreme and doing great harm to their efforts to persuade people through names, dates, places, etc., that the conspiracy is real. To the Radical-Campers they are lunatics, but dangerous ones if "naive" people believe what they say. To the Base-Campers they should be locked away in a psychiatric institution because they are clearly mentally ill. In short: anyone who moves beyond the point where you have pitched your tent is seen as extreme and the further they wander down the road the more extreme you perceive them to be. Their points of observation are so different, and this puts them, literally, on different "wavelengths".

Of course, this is a simplistic outline of what happens and there are many subgroups and cross-matches, but the theme I have laid out here is very true and can be observed every day. My friend Guylaine Lanctot, a former Canadian doctor and author of two brilliant books, The Medical Mafia and What The Hell Are We Doing Here Anyway?,1 refers to the Base-Campers as the white sheep and the Radical and Conspiracy-Campers as the black sheep. The white sheep are the masses that blindly accept the official version of reality while the black sheep rebel against that to a larger or lesser extent. But they are all still sheep, still caught in the five-sense "fly trap". what they think they see is what they think they get. I can understand, given this situation, why many people will find this last chapter challenging to their sense of reality, but so be it. It's just a choice and we should not be looking at differing perspectives as right or wrong. I would say "different" is a far more appropriate description. Anyway, if you are new to this information, I should strap in.

”World” of Illusion

We don't live in a "world" at all. We live in a frequency range, the one that our five senses can access and perceive, and the five-sense range of perception is tiny. Infinite creation is not structured like a tower block. "Heaven" is not in the sky. The sky is in the sky. Infinity consists of infinite frequencies sharing the same space in the same way as all the radio and television frequencies broadcasting to your area now are sharing the same space that your body is occupying. Those broadcast frequencies are not just around your body, they are sharing the same space. They can do this because they are operating on a different frequency range or wavelength to your body and to each other. Only when the frequencies are really close do we get "interference", otherwise all are oblivious to each other's existence because they literally operate in different frequencies, different "realities" or "worlds". When you tune your radio to a station, say Radio 1, that is what you get. You don't hear Radio 2, 3, or 4 because they are not broadcasting on the wavelength to which your radio is tuned. Move the dial from the frequency of Radio 1 to Radio 2 and now, obviously, you hear Radio 2. But Radio 1 did not cease to broadcast when you moved the dial from its wavelength. It goes on broadcasting - existing - while your focus, your consciousness, is tuned to something else. This is precisely the principle on which infinite creation operates. When people say that infinity is within you or, symbolically, the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, that is correct. All infinity is within us because all of infinity shares all space. The point is, however, that we cannot see all of infinity with our five senses, just as you cannot hear all the radio stations available by tuning to one of them. We see only that tiny part of infinity that is vibrating to the frequency of those senses - what we see, hear, touch, smell and taste. This is what I call the five- sense prison because most people are so trapped in its manufactured and manipulated illusions that they believe that this is all that exists. It is their only reality This is further ingrained and conditioned by the "education" system, the media and "science", all of which are dominated by the belief that the "world" of the five senses is all that there is. Why is this? Because that's what the Illuminati want us to believe for reasons I will explain shortly.

Vibrations in the mind of "God"

Everything is vibrating energy. When energy is vibrating slowly it appears to us to be "dense" and "solid", but look at it under a microscope and no matter how "solid" something seems to be it is still vibrating energy. If it were not vibrating it could not exist. As the speed of vibration increases the energy becomes less and dense, just as ice becomes water becomes steam, becomes "invisible". Heat raises the speed of vibration, as with this ice-water-steam example. When something gets hotter its vibration increases and it becomes less "solid". Apply enough heat to a "solid" substance like metal and it melts because its vibrational state has dramatically changed. In the same way, when a vibration increases so does the temperature. As I have been writing in my books since 1991, the vibration of this planet is getting faster and look at what has happened to the temperature. We have the phenomenon of "global warming", which has been wrongly blamed on industrial pollution. I am not, I stress, saying that pollution is a good thing, only that it is not the cause of the rising temperature. That is down to the quickening frequency or vibration of the planetary energy field, and it has hardly started yet.

Another dimension

If you change the vibration of something its physical expression will change. An opera singer can break a wine glass merely from the sound of her voice b the vibrational connection between the sound vibration of the voice and the vibrational field of the glass. For a split second the voice vibration becomes flu same frequency as the glass, it tunes into it, you might say, and dismantles its vibrational stability. So it smashes. Our five senses can perceive only the denser vibrational fields that reflect light. As the vibration increases it eventually reaches a point where we can no longer see it because it has gone beyond the frequency range of the five senses. At this stage, to our five-sense reality, it “disappears”. It has done no such thing; it has merely left the frequency range of our five-sense prison. It hasn't "disappeared" any more than Radio 1 "disappears" when you retune to Radio 2.

Bands of frequencies have become known as dimensions. For simplicity I will refer to the frequency range accessible by the five senses as the "Third Dimension" or "Physical Dimension". But even then we cannot perceive most of what exists in this one universe alone. According to the latest research, apparently, some 99.5% of it we cannot see. Our eyes can only see matter that reflects light, what science calls luminous matter. This is why, when you are in complete darkness, you can't see anything. Only when you introduce light to reflect from the objects around you can they be seen. Some 99.5% of mass in this universe is called "dark matter" because it does not reflect light. Therefore we can't see it. A friend of mine, the Italian physicist Giuliana Conforto, explains all this in simple terms in her superb books, Man's Cosmic Game and Giordano Bruno's Future Science.2 In the first book she gave the figure of less than 10% of mass can be seen, but new evidence now suggests that we can see only 0.5%. We have people making definite judgments and proclaiming certainties about the nature of life and creation when we can't even see 99.5% of our own universe! It is like spending your entire life in a tiny prison cell on some little isolated island and then telling everyone there what the rest of the world is like. We would say that was the height of stupidity, arrogance and self-delusion, but that is precisely what official "education", science and "media" etc., (and those who accept that version of reality) are doing every day. So are those conspiracy researchers who say that I must either be crazy or working for the Illuminati when I take the conspiracy beyond the five-sense level and into the unseen realms. Well if such people want to stay in jail, they should be my guest, but I ain't keeping them company.

When people find it hard to comprehend or understand each other we say they are not on the same wavelength. That is exactly the case. People stuck at "tent camps" one, two, or three, are not on the same wavelength as each other and so, as with radio stations, never their minds shall meet. The Infinity Camp is on such a different wavelength to those groups still tuned to the various levels of the five- sense prison that most people simply cannot comprehend where they are coming from or what they're saying. I remember being "interviewed" by a BBC radio host in England called Steve Wright and two others whose reason for being there I never did work out. Anyway, it was hilarious to watch them. Their faces, particularly Wright's, were a picture of total incredulity. It was so funny. Afterwards I had letters from listeners to the programme who understood clearly the information that Wright and friends could not even begin to fathom. Why? Different wavelengths, different point of observation, different reality. But my most memorable encounter with a different wavelength was a lady called Christine Smith from the UK Daily Mirror. After five minutes of talking with this lady and hearing her constant repetition of "yeeaahhh" whenever I completed a sentence, I realised that nothing was going in, not least because I could see no evidence that there was anything for it to go in to. Not even the simple suggestion that the five senses can't see everything produced a glimmer of discernable neuron activity, and it all sailed way over her head. Mind you1 it didn't have to be very high to do that. I decided that if I had a conversation with the wall behind her I would definitely glean a more intelligent response. I couldn't work out if we were actually on different wavelengths or if, in fact, she was not on one at all. Then the stunning realisation hit me. She was a feature writer on the second biggest selling newspaper in the UK, and sitting at that crucial point between what is happening in the world and what the people are told is happening. Wow. Deep intake of breath, move on.

Parallel universes

The official scientific explanations of life are so blatantly absurd that they have left the scientific establishment in a maze of dead-end streets. when it came to the big questions, the contradictions and anomalies, they have nowhere to go unless they change their foundation beliefs and misconceptions. Thankfully, at last, this is beginning to happen among more and more scientists. An edition of the BBC science series Horizon in 2002 was devoted to the gathering acceptance among scientists of the existence of parallel universes or parallel realities, as I prefer to call them. The opening narrative to the programme said:

For almost a hundred years science has been haunted by a dark secret, that there might be mysterious, hidden worlds beyond our human senses. Mystics have long claimed there were such places. They were, they said, full of ghosts and spirits ... but ever since the 19th century physicists have been trying to make sense of an uncomfortable discovery. When they tried to pin point the exact location of atomic particles like electrons, they found it was utterly impossible. They had no single location…The only explanation that anyone could come up with is that the particles don't just exist in our universe. They slip into existence in other universes, too, and there are an infinite number of these parallel universes, all of them slightly different. In effect, there's a parallel universe in which Napoleon won the Baffle of Waterloo; in another the British Empire held on to its American colonies; in one you were never born ... they are even stranger than Elvis being alive."

Although this was not mentioned in the programme, the reason the particles "appear" and "disappear" is because they are changing frequencies. One scientist told Horizon that different "universes" had different laws of physics, and Alan Guth of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said: ~ one found that the reality was far stranger than anybody would have invented in the form of fiction. Particles really do have the possibility in some sense of being in two different places at the same time." This may be a scientific "revelation" today, but mystics and their like have known it for thousands of years, and they have been ridiculed and bumed at the stake for having the audacity to share what they know. When I made these points years ago I was labelled a "nutcase". The Illuminati have had this knowledge since their creation and they have done everything they could to suppress this understanding among the people while using it themselves to manipulate, control and delude. They have used both their religions and their "science" to do this, but the dam is now collapsing. Science still has a long way to go, however, to match the understandings that existed in what we call ancient history, and the parallel universe theory will have to encompass one day an even more amazing fact: we are all "parallel universes" - every single one of us.

The great Illusion

What is reality? It is whatever we decide to make it. We all live in our own individual unique, universe. There are points of agreement where our universes meet and we may, for instance, look out of the window and all agree that we see trees, houses and cars. Beyond that, however, we see the world in subtly different, or even completely different, ways. We may agree that we see a car, but one person may think it's lovely and another may think it's horrible. We may agree that we are looking at a man or a woman, but one will think the person to be beautiful while another thinks otherwise. This is because we are on different wavelengths, observing from a different universe. You could gather together a thousand people to consider a topic of debate and you would have, in various forms, a thousand different perceptions of that subject. They would see the same thing in a thousand different ways because they are observing from a thousand different universes ... universes of the mind and spirit. Billions of incarnate universes on this planet believe that what the five senses perceive is all that exists. To others that range of percepfion is such a fraction of all that exists that it would be impossible to measure. Like I say, we are not talking right and wrong here, just different. What arrogance and delusion it is for one person, one universe, to seek to impose its reality on another. It is psychological fascism.

What we call reality is simply the wavelength or wavelengths to which we are connected. Those who can only perceive possibility within the five senses will have a dramatically different reality to those that can perceive beyond and into the Great Infinity. One who can accept only the illusions of the five senses will believe that what they see is all there is; that we are born as some kind of random accident; and that we have anything from a few seconds or 100 years in some kind of chemically created "consciousness" before we cease to exist. Others may believe that after "death" they go to some other part of this five-sense reality, some eternal paradise or eternal hell. But those that can perceive beyond the five- sense prison, however, can see that we are all one infinite consciousness; that all energy is consciousness; and that therefore all that exists in whatever form is part of one unified whole, one infinite mind-spirit. We are all one; we are each other. While the five senses present us with the illusion of division and "empty" space between us, beyond the walls of this prison of perception is all consciousness and, by definition, all energy. There is no "empty" space, between us or anything else; it is energy vibrating to a frequency outside the range of the five senses. Those who have retained or regained their higher senses, their "psychic sensitivities" you might say, can feel this energy. We sense it as "atmosphere", good and bad "vibes", and as feeling, not thought. Those who have expanded beyond the five senses will begin to understand that divine infinity is an ocean of consciousness vibrating to different wavelengths and that we are a droplet within that ocean. Our droplet manifests itself as our own unique universe within the infinite. We can choose to disconnect from the infinite and become an isolated droplet and this is what happens when we accept the five-sense illusion. Our incarnate consciousness becomes so mesmerised by the illusions of the five senses that it disconnects from the ocean and lives within an infinitesimal fraction of its infinite potential. But we can choose to open our hearts and minds to reconnect with all that we are and then we realise that we not only a droplet in the infinite ocean, we are that ocean. You can pick up a droplet of water in your hand on the seashore and you can look at it in isolation. When we do so we are looking at a symbol, a profound symbol, of most people on planet earth today and for a long time "past". They are isolated, disconnected, and with no idea that the ocean exists never mind that they are part of it, indeed they are it. These are the people manipulated to believe in the five-sense reality and that alone. If you turn your hand and let the droplet fall back into the water, it is no longer part of the ocean, it is the ocean, for it is connected to every other droplet. That is our true state. We are infinity. We are all that exists, has existed, and ever will exist. When we break free of the five-sense prison, we begin to access greater and greater levels of infinity and our point of observation changes dramatically.

In the world, but not of it

 As we progress through the process of deconditioning from the programmed illusions of a lifetime or lifetimes we start to move the focus of our consciousness from within the five-sense prison to beyond it. At this point we are observing the prison from outside of its walls. We begin to see what we have been part of and deluded by in our five-sense state. We can see the symbolic bars, warders, fences, surveillance cameras and the tiny little cell we have been sitting in while thinking we were free. We can see the "electric chairs" - all the manipulated abuses of our mind and body that lead us to kill the physical vehicle that allows us to experience this "world". When we connect with this level of our consciousness beyond the physical illusion we are in this "world" in a physical sense, but we are no longer of it. The vast majority at this time who remain imprisoned by the five senses are so deeply deluded by their constantly conditioned reality that they believe that spending a lifetime in a mental, emotional and, increasingly, physical prison cell is living in a free world. They are so caught in the illusion that they cannot see the bars. They sit there, unquestioning, unchallenging and oblivious of their plight. If you were the Illuminati and your desire was to control the people of this planet and manipulate them to build a world in your image in line with your agenda for a global dictatorship, what state of being would you like your targets to express? Would it be easier to control people mesmerised by the five-sense illusion? Or would it be easier to try to control incarnate consciousness still connected to levels beyond this "world" - consciousness that could look into this prison from outside and see it for what it is? The question answers itself.

Curse of ignorance

It is for this reason that throughout what we call history there has been an onslaught against the knowledge that reveals the nature of reality and those who communicate it. This is what the inquisitions were really all about, taking the knowledge out of circulation. Hundreds of thousands of "witches" were hung and burned because they carried knowledge of life beyond the five-sense prison, and how to communicate with it. As the Illuminati manipulated over thousands of years, especially through the Roman Empire and those that followed in Europe, they used the cover of Christianity to destroy the knowledge of who we are, where we come from and the nature of life. When these empires went into Asia, Africa, the Americas and elsewhere they sought to destroy the knowledge held in those ancient societies. They slaughtered the shamen and others who were the carriers and communicators of the knowledge across the generations. This is why the esoteric, the "occult", or "paranormal" is dismissed as either crazy or evil. As I have detailed in previous books, the Illuminati not only infiltrated what we call the "scientific establishment", they created it. They introduced the very version of the this-world-is-all-there-is "science" that is taught as unquestionable fact in the schools and universities. To progress in science is virtually impossible unless you promote, or at least do not expose, this ludicrous vision of the world and creation. "Science" is policed by this mindset because official science is not overwhelmingly about discovery; it is about selling a lie to hide the truth from the people. Ask a scientist who has challenged the official version, and let him or her tell you what happens to their career. When Calileo had the audacity to say that the earth was a sphere and not flat he was put under house arrest for the last eight years of his life. The same happens today, it's just a little more subtle that's all. Well most of the time it is. Control of science and scientists is essential to the Illuminati agenda because if we had free-thinking science the human race would have been aware long ago of the nature of reality. In fact without the suppression it would never have forgotten.

The Illuminati have used two apparent "opposites" to control the reality of people: official science and the greatest form of mind control ever invented - religion. These are seen as opposites, as polarities, but they are oppo-sames. They are the same outcome by a different route. "Science" has basically told us that the world that we see is all that exists and that what happens to us in our few years of consciousness is as random as life itself. Religion tells us that if we do as it says we will go to paradise as a chosen one. If we do not do as it says we shall spend our eternity in the fires of hell. Both "opposites" have a common theme. You are not in control of your life; you are either a random accident or the pawn in the game of some dictator god who is so loving he will condemn you to an eternity of suffering for having the nerve not to do what the men in frocks tell you. The common theme is that you are ordinary and powerless, and you must look outside of yourself to others, to tell you what you should think, do and say.

The five-sense prison

 It is clear why the Illuminati have spent so much time and effort destroying and suppressing the knowledge of reality, consciousness and creation that would set us free of the five-sense illusion. The last thing they want us to have is the knowledge that we are all that exists and that whenever we choose we can access an infinity of love, wisdom, understanding and intuitive "knowing" from our higher levels of consciousness. The foundation of the Illuminati control of this planet is the control of our reality and our imagination of ourselves. It is designed to so disconnect incarnate consciousness from its multi-dimensional, infinite self that it becomes an isolated droplet in a five-sense prison. When we concede to that conditioning we cease to be the ocean. This disconnected droplet, imprisoned in a physical body, then looks to the five senses for a fix on itself and reality And from what sources do those five senses gather their "information" and "guidance"? From the eyes and the ears - the "information" that bombards those senses minute by minute through the "education" system, politics, "science" and the media. All these sources are controlled and created by the Illuminati to condition the population to believe in a five-sense reality. The technique is so simple. You thought-police the five-sense prison and you destroy, suppress, ridicule or demonise the knowledge of who we really are and the infinity beyond the lower senses. You say that psychics who are connecting with some of these other levels of consciousness are mad, deluded or in league with the "Devil". People who have experiences that cannot be explained by the laughable limitations of five-sense reality are similarly dismissed and discarded. Once you have created this structure, anyone born into it is immediately subjected to a lifetime of constant conditioning to mould a reality that suits the agenda and maintains the target in mental, emotional and spiritual enslavement. Only a few in these circumstances have the wisdom and determination to seek their own truth and not the one dictated to them by those that control the flow of what is bravely called "information". It is to hold our focus in the five senses that we are subjected to a minute-by-minute onslaught of five-sense stimulation through advertising, the media, movies, food, drink and sex. There is nothing wrong with such stimulation because it is one level of experience, but the aim is to so addict the five senses that this becomes our only level of experience and perception. I must say they have done a bloody good job so far, but we are now entering a very different era.

We can talk about secret societies and Bilderberg Groups and all these other name, date, people, expressions of the conspiracy, and we should because that awareness is important. But all the countless aspects of this conspiracy are designed to one end: the manipulation of humanity's imagination of itself and the conditioning of our reality. How we see ourselves and the world dictates our behaviour and our perception of others. Control the sense of reality and you control the person completely. A brilliant American comedian called Bill Hicks used to say:

"Matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There's no such thing as death, life is just a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves."

 The Illuminati conspiracy can be summed up in one sentence: the manipulation of humanity's imagination of itself. The events of September 11th have had a massive effect on the human perception and sense of reality - exactly as planned.

 Mirror, mirror, on the wall

The five-sense realm does not really exist as a physical "world". It is a mirror, a reflection, of our inner state of being. If you stand in front of a mirror you see a reflection of yourself. It's not you, it's not real, it's a reflection. You are in control of that reflection because the image in the mirror cannot move, open and close its eyes, or wave its arms around unless you choose to do that. If you imagine your consciousness to be you looking in the mirror and you imagine the reflection to be the world that you see through your eyes and experience as your "life", then perhaps you can appreciate what I mean when I say that five-sense reality is an illusion. As Albert Einstein put it: "Reality is just an illusion, albeit a persistent one." When we look through our eyes at the five-sense mirror we are looking at a reflection of ourselves, both individually and collectively. We cannot hide from ourselves, much as we would like to, because we are looking ourselves in the face every waking second of every day. Indeed that is the very point in being here - so consciousness can observe itself. If we are consumed by inner conflict and insecurity, if we are full of fear, anger and frustration with no love for ourselves, this will reflect in the "mirror" I call the five-sense "world". A war is the outer conflict reflecting the inner conflict. The Illuminati know that if they can manipulate and stimulate inner conflict, the outer one will be easy to manifest. If we feel ourselves to be insignificant, powerless and ordinary that will reflect in the five-sense mirror as a life experience that is without power.  We will be just another sheep in the pen considered by ourselves and others to be insignificant and expendable. In truth we are none of those things. We are genius incarnate, infinity incarnate, if we choose to be. But when our isolated, disconnected, droplet of consciousness is programmed to believe that negative version of ourselves, we reflect that state of being into the five-sense mirror and "live" that imagination of ourselves, that reality. We are what we believe ourselves to be and the Illuminati's most important goal is to tell us what to believe ourselves to be. Once you reconnect to the infinite ocean you begin to understand that nothing and no one is powerless, ordinary or insignificant. To claim so is to say that divine infinity is all of those things. You start to realise that if we change our imagination of ourselves we can live our lives as the incarnate ocean and not as a disconnected droplet; as infinity and not only as far as our eyes can see. Then we can tap into and express the full magnitude of who we really are and the Illuminati's juvenile game will be over.

Seeing is believing

The Illuminati are desperate for us to believe that the mirror is real. That way we will spend our lives trying to change the reflection from inside the reflection. Impossible. The only way to change a reflection is to change what is being reflected - our inner state of being. When we change, the world must change, but not until. The Illuminati know this and they have no problem with the Far Left attacking the Far Right and so on. For goodness sake, they are manipulating that division and conflict. They want people believing that to affect the five-sense prison you have to take action with the five senses - condemn, protest, "fight" for what you believe in. But unless the inner changes, the outer cannot. It doesn't matter if you are a Far Right fascist who wants to impose his will and fight the hated Left; or if you are a Far Left Communist who wants to impose his will on others and fight the hated Right; or if you are from the Extreme Centre and wants to impose your will on others and fight the Far Right and the Far Left. There is a common theme that unites them all and they need each other to go on "fighting". If the inner wants to "fight" for anything - for control, for dictatorship, for freedom, for justice and all the other endless things that people "fight for" - what are they all doing? They are adding their contribution to the "fight", the conflict. We don't have to fight for freedom, we just have to be free. If the inner decides to be free, the outer expression will reflect that freedom. If the inner decides that it needs to "fight" for freedom, it's outer reflection will be the experience of "fighting." Don't fight for it. Don't hope for it. Don't campaign for it. Just be it.

Billions of people are spending their lives thrashing around in a reflection and getting more and more frightened, angry, stressed and frustrated that nothing is changing and things are only getting worse. But of course nothing is changing as they would wish. How can it? It's getting worse because the more frightened, angry~ stressed, and frustrated people become at aimlessly thrashing around in a reflection while thinking it's real, the more their mental and emotional state "gets worse" and so must reflect in the mirror as the world "getting worse". It is a vicious circle that can only be broken when we realise that five-sense reality is an illusion and we are creating it. We can have a five-sense illusion that is a prison because inner prisons must become outer prisons; or we can have an illusion that is a paradise. It's our choice, our decision, but whatever we choose, the five-sense "world" will still be an illusion, a reflection, because that is what it is meant to be: a mirror through which consciousness can observe itself.

Playing with our minds

This knowledge of consciousness held in the secret society networks for thousands of years has allowed the Illuminati to manipulate the minds of an ignorant humanity and never more so than today. I feel for people who live in the United States because they are subjected to some of the fiercest reality conditioning anywhere on the planet. I would suggest that there is a reason for this - the United States (a private corporation) was set up from the start as a mind-control experiment. Americans are seen as the most powerful nation on earth and technologically the most advanced. It is even believed, shock of shocks, that the USA is the home of freedom. I remember my own experience in 1996 when I travelled the United States for three months and found it to be one of the most controlled, dictatorial societies I had ever seen. But because of the mantra of "this is the land of the free" most people don't realise what a dictatorship they live in. People complain that "American culture" is taking over the world because McDonald's, Burger King and all the other symbols of American society are everywhere. Hollywood, television and advertising are dominated by American settings and influences. But this is not "American culture" that we are seeing exported to every corner of the world, it is those experiments to suppress the human body, mind and emotions that have been seen to have the desired effect within the experimental human laboratory known as the United States. When it has been shown to work there, the rest of us get it. From America has come the fast-food onslaught on human physiology; "soundbite" journalism in which substance is sacrificed to the superficial; the obsession with material symbols and trinkets as a measure of human "success" and achievement. Americanisation is Illuminatisation. That's why I feel for Americans because they are at the sharpest end of all of this conditioning of human perception. What applies to individuals in the Illuminati mind-control programmes also applies to the population as a whole. In the UK the psychologists, social workers and police, glean their knowledge of Multiple Personality Disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder (used to create mind-controlled slaves) from the Illuminati Tavistock Group (see The Biggest Secret). Dr William Sargant, a psychiatrist with Tavistock, wrote in his 1957 book, The Battle For The Mind:

"Various types of belief can be implanted in people affer brain function has been deliberately disturbed by accidentally or deliberately induced fear, anger, or excitement. Of the results caused by such disturbances the most common one is temporarily impaired judgement and heightened suggestibility. Its various group manifestations are sometimes classed under the heading of "herd instinct", and appear most spectacularly in wartime, during severe epidemics, and all similar periods of common danger, which increase anxiety and so individual and mass suggestibility.

We would be advised not to underestimate the effect on the collective psyche in terms of fear and a desire for the authorities to 'protect people' from that fear."

When the Illuminati unleash their wars, Wacos, Oklahoma bombs and 9/lls, they are using trauma-based mind control on the population because they know that a traumatised mind is a suggestible one. This fits the goals of problem-reaction- solution perfectly because once you have created the event and gleaned the reaction of fear, the minds of the people are suggestible to the "solutions" the perpetrators offer. Proposing the slaughter of thousands of civilians and their children in Afghanistan would have caused outrage among many if it had been suggested without September 11th. But after those attacks in New York and Washington there was no problem. For this reason we are going to see more "terrorist attacks", not least involving chemicals and disease, to keep the people traumatised and open to future stages of the "war on terrorism" Once again we have the common theme here - the control and manipulation of reality.

Who controls the controllers?

Only by understanding the nature of reality can we answer the obvious question that comes from the information I present about the bloodlines and how long they have been manipulating this five-sense reality. The question of why would people dedicate their lives to the plan for global domination when they knew they would be dead long before the goal was reached. How about if the entities controlling the bodies of those in power through the ages have largely been the same ones all along? What if they operate just beyond the frequency range of the five senses and use apparently "human" physical bodies to manipulate the five-sense world? What if when one body gives up on them at "death" they just move into another and continue the manipulation, the long-term agenda, for another period of "time"? The area of my research that people find most difficult to comprehend is that the bloodlines placed in the positions of power throughout the world are not "human" in the sense that we understand that term. I appreciate why people find that so difficult because being caught in the five-sense illusion includes being subconsciously programmed to believe that if you can't see it, it doesn't exist. I have revealed in considerable detail in my last two books, The Biggest Secret and Children Of The Matrix, the staggering number of people, both ancient and modern, who have told of the same experience - seeing an apparently human being, often people in power, transform in front of their eyes from a human body to that of a reptilian entity. Others have seen the same transformation, a phenomenon known as "shape-shifting", involving other non-human entities and not only reptilian. But the reptilian form is by far the most common theme among the endless people I have spoken with around the world. This also appears to be the case with the ancient accounts from all over the planet detailing the same experience. I am not going into all that again here because I have covered this at great length already in previous books. But I want to emphasise why this phenomenon is possible. To the conditioned five-sense reality the idea is crazy, bizarre and ludicrous. If people to believe that, go ahead, it makes no difference to me either way. But are those people saying that only that which they have seen with their eyes or has been accepted as real by official sources can exist?

People will just have to believe what they want to believe and I have no desire whatsoever to convince anyone of anything. It really doesn't matter to me either ~ if people accept what I say or not. But after all these years of full-time research, which has taken me to 40 countries, thousands of people and countless ancient a' modern accounts, it is clear that this "world" or frequency range, the five-sense prison, is manipulated from outside by non-human entities that take over or "possess" the apparently "human" bodies of the Illuminati bloodlines. You can read the detailed background in The Biggest Secret and Children Of The Matrix, but in summary this is the situation we face. Between dimensions, in this case between the third dimension (the five-sense prison) and the next one, the fourth dimension, are little "crevices" of frequency. The Italian physicist Giuliana Conforto, author of Man's Cosmic Game, calls them "inter-space planes" and they lie between the dimensions or, as the scientists called them in the Horizon programme, parallel universes. It is in the inter-space plane, Giuliana suggested to me, that these reptilian and other entities reside. This is the realm of the "demons" of folklore that have been frightening and manipulating humans for as long as ancient accounts go back. In Children Of The Matrix I quote the work of Maurice Doreal who says that in 1925 he recovered ancient tablets tens of thousands of years old that had been placed under a Mayan Temple of the Sun God in the Yucatan, Mexico, and it is said that the tablets originated in the continent known as Atlantis that was lost to enormous geological cataclysm a long time ago. They have become known as the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, and Doreal's translations refer to the inter-space planes of Giuliana Conforto as "spaces and planes unknown to man".4 The translations also say that in these spaces and planes are the serpent beings that manipulate this world. In South Africa, Credo Mutwa, the famous Zulu Sanusi (shaman) and official historian of the Zulu nation, recounts the same story~ He told me that in ancient African accounts passed down through the ages, they called the inter-space planes the "heavens between heavens" and this, he said, was where the reptilian beings reside that manipulate our world. In frequency terms, the inter-space plane is very close to the range of the five senses, but just outside, just beyond the range that our eyes can see. However, if someone with psychic sight can extend their vibrational range a little they can connect with that frequency range and see some of these entities - and they do. People who have taken mind-altering drugs that break through the vibrational walls of the five senses and allow consciousness to see beyond it have had the same experience. Also, if these entities lower their vibration only slightly to enter the five- sense range they become visible to us here and people from all walks of life all over the world have told me a stream of accounts detailing this very experience (see Children Of The Matrix and The Biggest Secret). Those who have experienced Illuminati blood and sacrifice rituals have also told me many stories of seeing this "shape-shifting" transformation from "human" to reptilian among the participants. As the Horizon science programme about parallel universes said:

"The only explanation that anyone could come up with is that the particles don't just exist in our universe. They slip into existence in other universes, too, and there are an infinite number of these parallel universes, all of them slightly different."

It is possible for particles to move between "universes" or "realities" and "dimensions" and so it is possible for entities, consisting of particles, to do the same. This is a major reason why the Illuminati bloodlines have taken part in these rituals from ancient times to the present day. The rituals allow them to connect with their masters in the inter-space planes, not least because human blood and the vibrational fields created by the rituals produce the frequency environment in which the reptilian and other entities can manifest in the five-sense frequency range. Credo Mutwa has described to me how he witnessed rituals decades ago at which people in the room shifted from a human to a reptilian form, but there have been countless other people from very different cultures and backgrounds who have described the same experience of what happens once the blood begins to flow. Maurice Doreal's translations of the ancient Emerald Tablets reveal:

"Far in the past before Atlantis existed, men there were who delved into darkness, using dark magic, calling up beings from the great below us. Forth came they into this cycle, formless were they, of another vibration, existing unseen by the children of earth-men. Only through blood could they form being, only through man could they live in the world.

"In ages past were they conquered by the Masters, driven below to the place whence they came. But some there were who remained, hidden in spaces and planes unknown to man. Lived they in Atlantis as shadows, but at times they appeared among men. Aye, when the blood was offered, forth they came to dwell among men."

This brings us to the reason why the Illuminati are obsessed with bloodline.

The bloodlines

Thousands of years ago, indeed aeons probably, a non-human race interbred with humans to create hybrid bloodlines and this story is told in every native culture. Such sources retain far more of the true history of human existence than the manipulated and mendacious "history" taught in today's schools and universities. We even see an expression of these accounts in that amalgamation of ancient writings, some real, some added much later, that we know as the Old Testament. This tells of the Sons of God (sons of the gods in the true translation) who interbred with the daughters of men to create the hybrid race, the Nefilim. The accounts say that the Nefilim caused mayhem wherever they went. Different versions of the Nefilim story with the same common theme can be found all over the world and South African shamen like Credo Mutwa, for example, refer to the Nefilim as the Chitauri - the "Children of the Serpent" or "Children of the Python" because this non-human race takes a reptilian form. Such accounts are featured in detail in Children Of The Matrix and The Biggest Secret, as are the modern accounts of inside~ who have confirmed to me that the world is indeed controlled by bloodlines that are not in fact "human", but reptilian-human hybrids. By "insiders" I mean those who work for this network against their will; those who have experienced its privileges and diabolical rituals before turning against it; and those who have victims of its grotesque agenda and mind-control projects. The ancient idea of the Divine Right to Rule, the right to rule because of your bloodline, originates from this interbreeding. The "divine" does not relate to "God", the Infinite Spirit, but to the "gods", the non-human entities involved in the interbreeding. They became known as the "dragon bloodlines" and the symbol of the dragon comes from these reptilian "gods". Chinese emperors claimed the right to rule through their genetic connection to the serpent gods and still today we have "royal" families around the world who come to the throne only because of their DNA and for no other reason. In more recent times these bloodlines have moved out of the overt positions of "royal" power and dictatorship because people would no longer stand for that form of rule. Now they dominate the population in another way, through politics, banking, business and media ownership.

The bloodlines that manipulate the world today are genetically connected through this hybrid DNA, a genetic fusion caused by the interbreeding of humans with the "gods", as the ancients perceived this non-human race. This interbreeding continues to the present day as thousands of accounts around the world confirm. If you are hearing this for the first time, I know how bizarre and crazy it sounds to the conditioned view of reality. But you will see in my other books the scale of the evidence to support this apparently ridiculous story and how it explains a stream of ancient and modern 'mysteries'. So many things that later turn out to be true appear at first hearing to be impossible and insane. That's because people only hear the opening line and don't read on to see the detailed evidence to support it, and also because most people are conditioned to believe that anything beyond their perception cannot, by definition, be true. When people first suggested the earth was round, they were called crazy because it was thought that those living on the bottom would have fallen off. The critics dismissed the idea at this point and walked away convinced that the earth had to be flat. Yet when you introduce the law of gravity, what seemed at first to be crazy suddenly became far more credible. So it is with the fact that a non-human race is controlling and manipulating humanity through hybrid bloodlines the same bloodlines that have been placed in positions of power since ancient times. The supporting evidence is there if only people are prepared to open their minds and remove their backside from the furniture.

These bloodlines have what has been described to me by insiders as a "corrupted DNA", corrupted by the interbreeding, and you find similar stories among the ancient accounts also. The DNA is the body's genetic blueprint and can have a massive effect on behaviour. One consequence of this corruption is that these bloodlines do not have the same emotional responses as the rest of the earth people. We have an emotional "fail-safe" mechanism in which the consequences of knowing what our actions would do to others act, most of the time, as a defence against extreme behaviour like torture, mass murder, abusing children and so on. However, when, as in the case of these bloodlines, you are not subject to such emotional responses then you can do anything to any number of people without experiencing the emotional fall-out. Killing thousands in the World Trade Center or Afghanistan is no emotional challenge for you. It is just another day's "work", another step on the road to global domination. To you the human population is seen in the same way as most humans see cattle. We see constant examples of this "cold-blooded" DNA in action among today's world leaders. The corrupted DNA has a vibrational sympathy with the reptilian entities of the inter-space plane. This allows them to possess these bodies far more easily than those with non-corrupted DNA. The Emerald Tablets, as translated by Maurice Doreal, describe how the serpent entities of another frequency possessed the bodies of those in power in this five-sense reality:

"In the form of man moved they amongst us, but only to sight, were they as are men. Serpent-headed when the glamour was lifted, but appearing to man as men among men. Crept they into the councils, taking form that were like unto men. Slaying by their arts the chiefs of the kingdoms, taking their form and ruling o'er man. Only by magic could they be discovered, only by sound could their faces be seen. Sought they from the kingdom of shadows to destroy man and rule in his place."

The five-sense "world" has been manipulated by these inter-space reptilian and other entities for at least thousands of years and it is done by possessing the hybrid bloodlines and taking over their mental processes. This means that if the Illuminati, the reptilian network in human form, can manipulate these bloodlines or bodies with the corrupted DNA into the positions of power they are putting the reptilian entities into those positions. Here you have the reason why United States presidents are so genetically connected and why they go back to the royal and aristocratic families of Europe who, in turn, descend from the ruling royal families of the ancient world going back to when the interbreeding began. You also have the reason why the Illuminati families are obsessed with interbreeding: it is to protect the corrupted DNA that can be quickly diluted if it is bred with DNA that is not corrupted. The Illuminati have arranged marriages on the basis of genetics and most of them are sham relationships to produce the children. They also use artificial breeding programmes to pass on the genetic "purity" they so desperately desire to maintain. To them the "human body" is only a vehicle for them to operate in this five-sense frequency range. What you see is their five-sense human body. What you don't see is what is looking through its eyes from the inter-space plane. If you saw the movie, The Matrix, you will recall how the "agents", who were manipulating the masses and controlling the computer-generated illusion, could come in and out of that "world" by moving in and out of different "human" bodies. The same principle applies to the reptilians and other entities in the five-sense reality that we live in. According to the translations of the Emerald Tablets the reptilian influence was acknowledged and dealt with in the distant past, but the tablets warned:

"Yet, beware, the serpent still liveth in a place that is open at times to the world. Unseen they walk among thee in places where the rites have been said; again as time passes onward shall they take the semblance of men."

And they have. The major players in the Illuminati and those behind 9/11 and the "war on terrorism" are reptilian inter-space entities occupying human form within the five-sense world and they are not "American" or "British" or "Chinese", they are entities manipulating through those physical forms and have no allegiance to the people they "lead". They could not care less if an American dies for their cause or a Chinese because they identify with neither. The reptilian connection is the reason for the explosion of reptilian symbolism among Illuminati organisations. (See The Biggest Secret and the symbolism archive at davidicke.com for more.) The inter-space reptilians have an undeveloped emotional level, which allows them to cause death and destruction while feeling no emotional consequence for the suffering they cause. They are beings of thought and ritualistic instinct, not feeling. More than that, their whole aim is to cause slaughter and pain because of the energy that this generates.

Reptilians Inc.

Physicist Giuliana Conforto tells me that inter-space planes do not have a natural energy source like a dimension. Any entities operating there would need to create an energy source for themselves and they have - fear. When we feel fear it generates a vibration, an energy field. Every time we think and feel, no matter what our state of being may be, we are sending out "broadcast" waves that vibrate to the frequency of the particular thought or emotion. We feel these frequencies coming from people in what we call "vibes". The low vibration of fear and its associated emotions like anger, aggression, stress and guilt produce frequencies that pour into the inter-space plane and this has become the energy source of these reptilian and other entities. The more humanity feels fear in all its forms the more energy - power - the reptilians have to sustain them and use back against us. The entire Illuminati system has been designed to generate the energy of fear and turn the human population into an inter-space energy source. Appropriately, in the movie, The Matrix, the character called Morpheus holds up a battery and says: "The Matrix is a computer-generated dream world built to keep us under control in order to change the human being into this." The recent major children's movie called Monsters Inc. had the same theme. The "monster" world did not have an energy source and so they walked through "doors" (interdimensional gateways) into children's bedrooms in the human world. There they would frighten children and when the kids screamed with fear the monsters would capture that energy and take it back through the door to power their world. This is one major aspect of September 11th and its aftermath that is not acknowledged because it is so far from conditioned reality. But imagine the fear generated as a result of 9/11. Imagine how much has been generated by two world wars, the "war on terrorism", and a political, financial, business, military, and media system that is specifically designed to maintain humanity in a constant state of fear, worry, stress, and anger. Take another look at the micro-chipping programme from this perspective. Once people are micro-chipped they can be externally triggered through the chip to produce fear on demand. Get a micro-chip and be a battery, you know it makes sense. In the light of all this, take another look at that coded speech by George W. Bush after 9/11:

"The hijackers were instruments of evil who died in vain. Behind them is a cult of evil that seeks to harm the innocent and thrives on human suffering. Theirs is the worst kind of cruelty, the cruelty that is fed, not weakened, by tears. Theirs is the worst kind of violence, pure malice while daring to claim the authority of God. We cannot fully understand the designs and power of evil; it is enough to know that evil, like goodness, exists. And in the terrorists evil has found a willing servant."

The cruelty that is "fed, not weakened, by tears". Exactly.

Reptilian brain

The more we understand the reptilian mind the more we can understand both the behaviour of the Illuminati across the centuries and the global society they are creating. They have distinct character traits and they are seeking to make humans the same.  These reptilian characteristics and their connection to the human brain are fundamental to the perpetuation of the illusions of the five-sense world that I call the Matrix. The most ancient part of the human brain is known by scientists as the R-complex or "reptilian brain" (Figure 30). It is the most obvious remnant of our reptilian genetic history, along with those people around the world still being born with tails (see Children Of The Matrix). This reptilian brain is vital to understanding the ways in which the Illuminati manipulate human thinking and perception. Most people have no idea of the reptilian heritage of the human body and its influence on our behaviour. Scientists say that the reptilian brain represents a core of the nervous system, and look at the character traits of the reptilian brain as agreed by scientists. I quote here from an Internet article by Skip Largent:

“At least five human behaviours originate in the reptilian brain ... Without defining them, I shall simply say that in human activities they find expression in: obsessive compulsive behaviour; personal day-to-day rituals and superstitious acts; slavish conformance to old ways of doing things; ceremonial reenactments; obeisance to precedent, as in legal, religious, cultural, and other matters ... and all manner of deceptions.”

Add other traits of the reptilian brain such as "territoriality" (this is mine, keep out); an obsession with hierarchical structures of rule and control; aggression; and the idea that might is right, winner takes all, and you have the very characteristics displayed by the Illuminati and their agents for thousands of years. You simply could not describe them better than to list the traits of the reptilian brain. Racism comes from the reptilian brain, also, and the aggressive, violent sex that the Illuminati bloodlines indulge in big time - ask Father Bush, Cheney, President Gerald Ford, and other Illuminati names I expose in my books. Can it really be a coincidence that the Illuminati manifest the classic traits of the reptilian brain while, at the same time, the evidence mounts that they are reptilian bloodlines? Cosmologist Carl Sagan, who knew far more than he was telling, wrote a book called The Dragons of Eden6 to highlight the reptilian influences on humanity. He said: "... It does no good whatsoever to ignore the reptilian component of human nature, particularly our ritualistic and hierarchical behaviour. On the contrary, the model may help us understand what human beings are really about." Other areas of the human brain balance the extremes of the reptilian characteristics in most people, but they can still be seen, for example, in those who live their lives as a daily ritual, such as going to the same supermarket at the same time every week and having the same meals on the same days. The Illuminati have sought to turn society into a clock-watching, ever repeating daily cycle, because that locks the people who succumb to this into their reptilian level of perception and further activates the reptilian brain. They have also created a society in which most people are focused on physical or financial survival, and the survival mentality is a reptilian instinct. The whole Illuminati agenda is based on the terror of not surviving and they equate control with survival. Their survival where they currently reside in the inter-space plane is also dependent on humans continuing to be their energy source. Their horrific agenda is based on survival in their reptilian minds. Those with the most dominant reptilian genetics, the Illuminati, obviously express more of the characteristics associated with the reptilian brain and this is why, as detailed at length in my other books, the Illuminati are utterly obsessed with ritual. 

They also know better than anyone how to manipulate the reptilian brain or R complex of humans and it is through that part of the brain that humanity is most controlled and directed. The human brain is in two parts, or hemispheres, the right brain and the left-brain, connected by a mass of nerve fibres. The left side is rational, logical, and "intellectual". It works closely with the physical senses and can be summed up by can I touch it, see it, hear it, smell it or taste it? It communicates through spoken and written words. The right brain is where we manifest imagination, intuition, instincts, dream-states, the subconscious. It is the artist, musician, creative inspiration. It communicates through images and symbols, not words. This right side is closely related to the reptilian part of the brain. Reptilians communicate through imagery and symbols - just like the Illuminati secret society network. They have an entire secret language based on symbols. This brings us to the most effective form of human conditioning by the Illuminati - movies and television. As Skip Largent writes:

“All movies and television are a projection of the reptilian brain. How so? Movies and television (video games etc.) are all undeniably dreamlike, not only in their presentation of symbolic-reality, but also in that humans experiencing movies, etc., have the same brain wave patterns as when they are dreaming. And guess where dreaming originates in your head? In the reptilian brain (although other parts of our brain are involved) The "language" of the reptilian brain is visual imagery. All communications transferred by reptiles are done so by visual symbolic representations, each having specific meaning.”

 This is precisely what the Illuminati do through their symbolism. The movie and television industries are not only owned by the Illuminati - they created them. They understand how visual images can be used to condition the population. In normal circumstances, the reptilian-dominated right brain receives images through the eyes or the imagination, and the left brain decodes those images into thoughts and conclusions. The Illuminati have intervened in this process, however, to control human perception. Their aim is to disconnect the functions of these two distinct parts of the brain so we can be manipulated through the right brain while only being conscious of the left. They plant images into the right brain (the dream-state, the non-conscious) using symbolism, subliminal imagery and pictures, while often telling the left-brain how it should interpret those images. This is done through "education", "science' and the media. Television news is a classic. The right brain is shown pictures and the reporter's voiceover tells the left brain what they mean. During the Kosovo conflict we were shown pictures of refugees fleeing across the border and the voiceover said they were actually fleeing Serbian atrocities. This "explanation" (this sense of reality) increased public support for NATO bombing of the Serbs. What later emerged is that many of the refugees were fleeing the effects of NATO bombing. Same images, but a very different reality. What is happening all the time is that the left brain is being told by external sources how to decode right- brain images. What we urgently need to do is regain control of our left brains and decide for ourselves what we are seeing.

You will find that words like imagination, imagine, dream and suchlike are used constantly in advertising. They know that if they can use those trigger words that encourage the right-brain, non-conscious, daydream state, they can access your mind with imagery and then tell your left brain how to decode that into conscious language - "I want that car"; "I think the police should be given more powers to stop crime"; "I need Viagra to be a real man again"; "We need a world government to solve our problems". Television and movies are producing a fantasy world of make-believe to open up the unconscious right brain and allow the Illuminati secret access through that to the conscious mind. Children are most at risk from this and they are being bombarded by fantasy images to this end. In early childhood the mental state is controlled almost exclusively by the reptilian brain and the purveyors of children's "entertainment", like Disney, exploit this knowledge. I was also interested to find an article in the Los Angeles Times while writing this chapter that highlighted another trait of the reptilian brain - greed and excess. The article was headed "Living Ever Larger; How Wretched Excess Became a Way of Life in Southern California". French anthropologist G. Clotaire Rapaille is quoted as saying:

“…the desire for excess comes from the 'reptilian brain,' the earliest, most primitive structures in our mental evolution. The reptilian wants to grab as much food as possible, to be as big and powerful as possible, because it's focused on survival. When it comes to a choice between the intellect and the reptilian, the reptilian always wins.

"Satisfying that inner lizard has its downsides. Our insatiable appetites have left Americans 9 pounds heavier, on average, than we were two decades ago, and more vulnerable than ever to heart disease and diabetes. We're racking up mountains of debt (the late fees we pay on credit cards have more than tripled since 1996, to $7.3 billion a year) and burning up fossil fuels like crazy. We demand things that, deep down, we don't really want or even use…”

The "American culture" that is being exported across the world by the day is the culture of the reptilian brain and that's exactly what it was designed to be from the start when the Illuminati based in Britain and other European centres confiscated the lands of the Native Americans and set up their "New Atlantis", as the initiate Francis Bacon called it. I am convinced the "Old Atlantis" went the same way before it collapsed amid cataclysmic events. Readers of my other books will know the emphasis I place on the Illuminati's obsession with blood rituals and human sacrifice. Stories like that of Bram Stoker's shape-shifting, blood-drinking Dracula, are not just fantasies. They are based on what is actually going on in the world every day (see The Biggest Secret and Children Of The Matrix). I was interested to come across an article in a 1999 Bram Stoker Society Newsletter about the reptilian nature of the Dracula character:

“..even writers of the century that has seen Dracula's redemption are not blind to the old creature's inhuman, threatening nature. Valdine Clemens writes of 'Dracula: The Reptilian Brain at the Fin de Siecle,' contrasting the novel's extensive use of modern technological devices (typewriter, phonograph, telephone, hypodermic injection, blood transfusion) with Dracula's reliance on a literally 'reptilian' way of thinking. Vampires and reptiles share not only the traits of not caring for their young, lack of sexual bonds, and lack of the mammalian capacity for play, but the primitive 'reptile brain's' reliance on instinct and habit. Amanda Fembach, in 'Dracula's Decadent Fetish,' explicates another of... Dracula's ... threats: '[Dracula] offers a decadent deconstruction of gender, presenting images of feminized men and masculinized women under the sign of vampirism.’ In 'Corruption Becomes Itself Corrupt' Marion Muirhead shows Dracula as a vehicle of entropy, a Victorian-era answer to the late twentieth century phenomenon of the serial killer.”

Again, all the traits you find in the Illuminati are there. As the article says: "vampires and reptiles share not only the traits of not caring for their young, lack of sexual bonds, and lack of the mammalian capacity for play, but the primitive 'reptile brain's' reliance on instinct and habit". This lack of caring for their young is how the Illuminati families can put their children through horrendous rituals to bring them into line. Look at the British royal family, the reptilian Windsors, and consider how they have brought up their children in such an emotionless way So many families of the aristocracy are the same. There are many more evolved reptilians that have moved beyond these base reptilian instincts, but they are not the ones behind the Illuminati.

Activating the bloodline

The major and ancient Illuminati families know who they are and their hybrid nature, but there are many other offshoots within societies all over the world who have no idea that they carry the hybrid corruption. Nor are they trying to manipulate anyone. From what I have learned over the years the DNA corruption lies dormant unless it is activated and until that point it has no effect on the person. Such people go through life oblivious of their bloodline. However, if they come into contact with the vibrational code that activates the corruption then that is a very different story. They become seriously open to possession by the inter-space entities. This vibrational code or key is generated at the secret society rituals of the Illuminati network and this is another reason why they have performed the same basic rituals since ancient times. They are designed to produce the vibrational code that activates the DNA corruption and opens the vibrational door to the inter-space entities. The children of Illuminati families are put through the rituals by their parents in the full knowledge that they are being opened to possession so the baton can be passed on to the next generation. Talk to anyone who has been involved in Satanism and they will tell you that its hierarchy is decided by the power of the demonic entities that you allow to possess your body during the rituals designed for this end. The theme of "selling your soul to the Devil" is a valid one in the sense that Satanists allow their bodies to be possessed in return for power in the five- sense world. The same applies to the Illuminati and in fact Satanism is one of the strands in their web.

The story for those who are not born into the Illuminati families and have no idea of their bloodline is rather different. The Illuminati keep detailed records of who has the dormant DNA corruption. They have used genealogical libraries like the one at the Illuminati-controlled Mormon Church in Salt Lake City, Utah, to do this in the past, but the preferred method today is a global DNA database that they are now manipulating into being under the guise of stopping crime and terrorism. What happens to these unknowing "corruption carriers" is that they are targeted by the Illuminati in the knowledge of who they are. They might be making a career in politics, the law, the military, the media and so on, and they will find that their careers suddenly take off and some powerful people begin to support them. At this stage they are under the impression that this sponsorship by influential people is because of their ability or, in the case of politics, because the supporters believe in what the target stands for But in truth it is because of their DNA. At some point the target is invited to join the secret society network as a good career move and they are put through the rituals that activate the DNA corruption. Still they will have no idea of what is going on, just as 99% of Freemasons have no idea what their bizarre initiation rituals really mean and are structured to achieve. Once the target's DNA possession code is triggered by the rituals the process of possession by the inter space entities begins to unfold. The person's thoughts, emotions and attitudes begin to change until they are a fully possessed being. How many times do we hear former friends and colleagues of those in power say that they are not the same people they once knew? We are led to believe that these changes of personality are due to the influences of power - "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely". Of course, there is some validity in this, but the main reason for the personality change is quite simply that are no longer the same being, let alone the same character.

With this knowledge, the apparently complex, mysterious and contradictory begins to come into clear focus. People think that Americans would not slaughter Americans, for example, and government agencies could not have been involved in the planning of 9/11. But the leaders are not American; they are reptilian entities possessing a "human body" that was born in America. It is the same with the leaders in Britain, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China, Germany and all the rest. These "leaders" have no allegiance to the people of these nations, their only allegiance is to themselves as reptilians that have been manipulating this world for aeons to create a global centralised fascist state through which they can control a micro- chipped, constantly monitored, population. Their allegiance is to a long-planned conspiracy to create a structure in which every child born into this five-sense world is immediately micro-chipped and turned into an externally manipulated and controlled battery to provide an energy source for the inter-space entities that are running the show by occupying physical bodies.

If you look at Figure 31 (overleaf) I have symbolised the structure of reptilian control. The Illuminati manipulate their bloodlines (in other words the inter-space entities) into the positions of power across the world through their secret society web in each country. Most of these leaders in the various countries are working to the same goal and they only appear to be in conflict for the purposes of deluding the people into a false reality. There is also great rivalry on one level between different elements of the Illuminati because as one researcher told me years ago:  "They are like a gang of bank robbers. They all agree on the job, but then argue about how the spoils are shared out". Those who are so consumed by the desire for power and control are not going to switch that off when it comes to having power over those on the same side. But they all depend on the agenda for their collective power over humanity and that is the cement that holds the warring factions together. The reptilian leaders of the various countries play out a pre-arranged plan that appears to the public to be the random result of random events. But in fact, as the Illuminati puppet Franklin Delano Roosevelt said: "Whatever happens in politics you can bet it was meant to happen." The leaders of the United States, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Russia, China etc., are not American, Arab, Pakistani, Russian, and Chinese except in their outer five-sense form. They are reptilian possessed beings working to the same agenda. The interaction between them is just the movie. The Li bloodline in China, for example, is one of the major Illuminati 'bloodlines on the planet and this has been bred into other races over thousands of years to the point where it does not manifest as a "Chinese" body, but still maintains the corrupted DNA. As I was writing this book, a fellow researcher contacted me to say that he had an excellent Chinese source that claimed to have seen the Illuminati Li family "tree" and saw that it connected to Bill Clinton and the Bush family. The reptilian bloodlines do not relate to an earth race, they have infiltrated all races and cultures. These reptilian leaders manipulate "their" nations to fight with other nations to advance their collective agenda, but of course they rarely if ever see a gun fired in anger. George W. Bush ordered an invasion of Afghanistan, but he didn't go there and fight, he sent pawns from the people. His father ordered the war against Iraq, but he didn't go there and fight, he sent pawns from the people. The reptilian entities in the positions of power manipulate the peoples of the world to fight each other in the five-sense prison and in doing so advance their structure of global centralisation while producing vast quantities of fear to feed their own "world". The human race has been duped all this time and never more so than now. The conditioned reality they are programmed to accept prevents them from seeing the malevolent game that is being played out all around them. The idea of reptilian entities controlling their lives by hiding within human form is beyond most people's comprehension because it is so far from their conditioned sense of possibility. They have never been told the vibrational truths or had access to the ancient and modern evidence and information that would tell them a very different version of reality. Because of this, even when most people are presented with the truth they laugh in its face.

Operation infinite freedom

What we call "life" on this planet - the "three score years and ten" between "birth" and "death" - is only a short experience within the five-sense frequency range. It is a short and challenging experience of the dense vibrations of this five-sense reality to allow our consciousness to look itself in the face. The body is the five-sense vehicle for our consciousness to do that. Unfortunately this "world" has become so manipulated that humans now identify who they are and what they can do by the nature of their physical bodies. Racism is just one expression of this ludicrous misunderstanding. It is like an astronaut judging who and what he is by the nature of his space suit. We would think that was stupid. "You are not your spacesuit", we would say, "you are what is inside your spacesuit". Exactly. But that's how most humans judge themselves and the world every single waking second. I have a body, therefore I am. Is my body black, white, yellow, brown, male, female, fit, fat, tall, small, old, bald, souped up or fucked up? These are judgements we make about ourselves and others in relation to who we are, and who and what other people are. These judgements are added to those made on the basis of what we do for a "living" and how much money or fame we may or may not have. If you observe the world, those two criteria - the body and the bank balance - are the foundations on which most people judge themselves and others in terms of success and failure. You can have a fat body and lots of money, and the money tips the balance when the judgements are made. You are successful. But if you are fat and broke, wow, what a friggin' failure. If you are broke and beautiful, then beauty tips the balance when the judgements are made. He's got no money, but he's gorgeous. If you are beautiful and wealthy you've hit the jackpot and the paparazzi will follow your every move so the failures can see what they're missing. All the time we are judging success in these ways, and the Illuminati love that and have worked so hard to achieve it. The more we make judgements on success and failure based on five-sense reality - beauty and the bank - the more we become entranced by the illusions and delusions of this "world". We become trapped in the web and forget who we are - infinite consciousness having a physical experience. That's the last thing the Illuminati want us to know and they have created a society based on stimulating the five senses, making them objects of addiction and worship, and suppressing the connections between our incarnate self and our infinite self: the ocean. As John Lennon used to sing:

Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV.

And you think you're so clever and classless and free.

But you're still fucking peasants as far as I can see.

We face a daily onslaught of stimulation and manipulation of the five senses to keep us imprisoned in five-sense reality and to hold the focus of our consciousness and perception at that level of our infinite self. They want to keep us in the eggshell, or the egg cell. "Would you like to open your mind to infinite possibility?" "No thanks, I'd rather have me dick rubbed." Food additives, vaccines and the explosion of chemicals that are consumed every day as "food", "drink" and "medicine" are also designed to disconnect the pathways from five-sense reality to infinite self. So are the wars, conflicts, terrorist outrages and financial manipulations. They want us so focused on power and survival (reptilian brain) and fear in all its forms that we never even consider the basic questions of life: who are we and what the hell are we doing here? "Look mate, I can't think about all that stuff, I have a living to earn and a family to feed." "Look mate, I can't think about all that stuff, I have a career to build." Hello? Knock, knock, anyone in there? You are infinite consciousness and you are in control of your reality whenever you choose to be. You can live life or, like most people, let life live you. It's your call. Do you want suppression and control, or infinite freedom? You have the power to choose and don't let anyone kid you otherwise.

What is reality? Whatever you want it to be

If you sit in a room with a group of people and you all choose to attack and condemn each other you will have a deeply unpleasant experience and so will they. The responsibility for that experience is not down to some outside force. It is you and the others choosing to attack and condemn each other. You will have created your own reality and while you may blame this person or that person for "starting it", the truth is that you are all responsible for what happened because you all took part. This is what is happening to the human race collectively every day. We are all responsible for what is happening in the world and in our lives, but we blame each other for it. That same group of people could sit in that same room and make a different choice, so creating a different reality. They could love each other, be nice to each other, and respect everyone's different opinion. In doing so they would create a pleasant experience, a pleasant reality. We are in control of what we experience. The difference between the "world" being a prison or a paradise is merely the choices we make. The world we see though our eyes in people, places and events, is just a mirror of our inner self. The "outer" world we see is the reflection of the "inner" self that we don't see and don't wish to acknowledge is responsible. Change that and we change the reflection in the mirror - our lives, the "world". If we don't change ourselves the reflection can't change no matter how much we may cuss and blame, pass "laws" and thrash around in five-sense reality. Stage one, the first step in bringing down the vibrational walls built by the Illuminati, is to start, from this moment, to take responsibility for what is happening in our lives and the world in general. The Illuminati may be the driving force behind the global fascist state, but we are just as responsible if we sit on our arses and let them do it. I am not advocating mass protest or stockpiling weapons. That approach cannot change anything because it is operating on the same vibrational level as the Illuminati - five-sense reality - and they are experts at controlling those realms of perception. You shoot at them with a rifle, they'll shoot at you with a tank. You mass protest at their meetings and they'll put agents provocateurs in the crowd to justify sending in the helmets to knock the living shit out of you. If we try to change five-sense reality with the weapons and illusions of five-sense reality we are just adding still further to the control of perception by five-sense reality. Round and round and round we go in an ever- descending spiral, deeper and deeper into five-sense illusion. We are bigger than that.

Five-sense reality, the Illuminati's home ground, is an energy field, a dense energy field, currently ablaze with low-vibrational disharmony and chaos. The events of 9/11, and those that have followed, have added massively to that, exactly as planned. Symbolically we are living our daily lives in a raging sea of energy, whipped up into vast hurricanes, whirlwinds, and waves by the fear, anger, frustration, and hatred that, second by second, spew from human consciousness across the world. Each one has its own disharmonious wavelength and the sum total has created the reality we experience - disharmony. Imagine trying to think straight if you were stood in a raging torrent, and you were using all your strength just to remain standing and survive. That is what our minds and emotions are coping with every minute as we move through the energy field of planet earth - the violent, turbulent sea of energy that human thought has manifested, and the Illuminati has constantly encouraged and manipulated. This makes it almost impossible for most people to hold a connection with their infinite self on the other side of this turbulence, and generates the very fear and disharmony that feeds the reptilians and other entities in the inter-space plane. To turn machine guns on the Illuminati and to hurl bile and hatred at them would not change anything. It would just add to the disharmony that disconnects and imprisons us. There is another way. When faced with a problem you can either find a "solution" or remove the cause. Solutions are usually not solutions at all and lead only to more problems. For instance, going to war against the Illuminati might be seen as a "solution", but all it does is create another war, more death, conflict and disharmony, and the world would be in a worse state than it was before. It is the same with our health. Stress-related illness is treated with pills that use chemicals to target the symptoms of the stress. These cause other chemical reactions in the body - known as "side-effects" - and another chain reaction of consequences begins. The only way to cure stress-related illness is to remove the cause of the stress. The mature and sensible way to remove a problem is to remove the cause. when you observe the problems of the world, you are not, in general, looking at causes, but symptoms. Starving children in a world of plenty is not a cause, it's a symptom. War is the same and all the other problems we so wish would be no more. Their causes, I would suggest, are the following:

1)      We have given our power and responsibility away (same thing) and so allowed a few to dictate events in the world.

2)      We have made judgments based on "What's in it for me, how does this affect me?" rather than "What is the right and decent thing to do?

3)      Most people have become so entranced by the addictions of the five senses that they can perceive no other reality and judge all possibility by the world that we see, hear, touch, taste and smell.

4)      We have, as a result, become disconnected from our infinite self, the ocean of love, wisdom and knowing that is waiting to rejoin us whenever we choose to broadcast the invitation.

5)      We have become mesmerized by five-sense reality and allowed the Illuminati’s manipulated wars and divisions to cause us to project the wavelengths and vibrations of so much fear, conflict, hatred and disharmony that we have turned the energy field in which we live into a raging torrent of chaotic and conflicting energy.  This holds un in five-sense disconnection.

What’s the answer? We love ourselves and we love each other.

From that will come all things.  When we love ourselves and respect ourselves for what we are, infinite consciousness having a physical experience, our whole sense of perspective changes.  The irrelevant details and petty conflicts, fears and frustrations of five-sense reality become meaningless to a spirit that knows it is all that exists.  There is no we, just one infinite “I”.  We are not part of “God”, together we are “God”.  Now, still worried about the price of beer or what the boss thinks of you?  Still concerned about getting that promotion or what the “future” might bring?  You are the beer; you are the boss; you are everyone in every job; you are the “future”; the “past”; the “present” the infinite Now; you are all that is, ever has been or  ever will be.  Yeah, you sweeping the streets and picking up the garbage, you considered a “failure” by conditioned minds – you, too.  Yes, and George Bush, father and son; and Cheney, Powell, Kissinger, Blair and all the rest of them.  They are “God” also.  They are just observing reality from a different place and a different perspective, one dominated by fear and the survival mentality.  Their desire to control everything and everyone is founded on that very survival instinct: “If I control everything, I will control my survival.”  Relax guys; you will survive because consciousness cannot be destroyed, only transformed into another state.  The Illuminati need to be loved more than any of us, and to change this world from a prison to a paradise we need to love them as much as we need to love ourselves.  Indeed by loving ourselves, we are loving them and vice versa.

 I can hear the macho men with the surplus-store uniforms and the gun-show weaponry screaming from here.  “Fucking love ‘em? You New Age wanker.  We need to blow their fucking asses into the fires of fucking hell.” Mmmm. That’ll make it a when does the next spaceship leave for a faraway galaxy? Get me a ticket, quick.  It is not the physical body in the positions of power that matters, except to the Illuminati, it is the consciousness that is deciding its behaviour.  Minds controlled by the belief in some angry, vicious, fire and brimstone “God” are actually the same mentality as the Illuminati they say they oppose.  The only difference is how they manifest that mentality.  The Christian gun-toters are also full of fear, and also express the survival mentality.  That’s why they stockpile guns, food and water for when their version of Armageddon comes.  They say they believe in freedom, but listen for long enough and that’s the last thing they want.  They don’t want freedom for all, they want the freedom to replace a system of control that they don’t like with a system of control that they do – theirs.  They want to replace rule by the Illuminati with rule by the conflicting “laws” of a book that out-contradicts and out-fairytales even the official story of 9/11.  That’s not freedom, that’s just another prison.  The fact is, I would suggest, that most people who talk about freedom don’t want that in truth.  They couldn’t cope with its responsibilities and the thought that the days of imposing their will and beliefs on others, including their children, were over.  Freedom is to freely express you uniqueness while respecting the freedom of others to do the same.  “Are you saying people should be free to kill each other then?”, I hear the skeptics cry.  Of course not.  How can you disrespect another’s freedom more than to destroy their ability to freely experience this world by taking their means to do so away from them?  Freedom of self and respect for the freedom of others are one and the same.  Without respecting another’s right to freedom we cannot be free.  This is why to look the other way at the treatment of people at Guantanamo Bay and in the exploited lands of Africa, South America, the Middle East, Asia and elsewhere, is to deny our own right to be free.  While one person on this planet is not truly free to express his or her uniqueness of thought, view and lifestyle, none of us can be truly free.  How come?  Because they are us and we are them.  We are each other.  When we love ourselves and love all things the causes of our plight in this five-sense reality will disappear without a gun being fired.  This is why:

  1. When you love yourself and respect yourself you will never give away to anyone your power and responsibility to perceive and act. You will not be told what to do and what to think.
  2. When you love and respect all things, you will not make judgements based on “How does this affect me?”, but only on the basis of what you believe to be right.
  3. When you open you heart to love of self and all things, you immediately connect with the infinite ocean that is also love.  If you express the vibration, the frequency of love, in its true, unconditional sense, you must connect with that same frequency out in the infinite, beyond the five-sense illusion.  The infinite will then become you point of observation, and not five-sense reality.  You will be in this “world” physically, but your consciousness will not be of it.  Addiction over.
  4. When you express love for self and others you no longer project the disharmonious, chaotic vibrations, of fear, conflict, hatred and aggression, and instead broadcast harmony – love – into the raging sea around us.  We become the vehicle to bring love out of the infinite and into the energy field of five-sense reality.  When we do so, and more and more do the same, we transform the chaos into harmony, the raging sea into a pool of tranquility.  As this process begins to unfold it becomes easier and easier for incarnate consciousness in five-sense reality to reconnect with infinite self as the chaotic vibrations around us subside and allow the connection with the infinite to be received unpolluted once again.

 With people thinking for themselves and taking responsibility for their thoughts and actions; with people doing what they believe to be right without thinking of the consequences for themselves; with people reconnecting with infinite self and disconnecting from the illusions of five-sense reality; with people living in a harmonious energy field that is not constantly undermining their mental and emotional state; with all of these things, all manifesting from love, the Illuminati game will be over, their energy source will be gone, and they will have to wake up and move forward in their infinite journey also.  The prison will be a paradise.

 Love is the answer.

 Love is seen by so many as a weakness when it is the ultimate power.  Love in its true expression is without fear.  Love does not lie down in the face of threats and fear of the consequences; it always does what it believes to be right.  It knows there are no consequences, only infinite experience.  Enlightened people for thousands of years have talked of “thinking” from the heart.  This is not the physical heart, but the spiritual one, the heart vortex, of “charka”, in the centre of the chest that connects us from the five-sense frequencies through to the infinite ocean of love.  You know where it is because when you feel love that’s where you feel the physical and emotional sensation.  The symbol of the physical heart became associated with love when this truth was lost.  Through this same vortex point comes our inspiration and intuition because that also originates at higher levels of ourselves, out in the infinite.

 What changed my life in the late 1980s/early 1990s was when I decided that if my head and intuition (heart) were ever in conflict I would always go with the intuition.  It can appear to get you into trouble in the short term and the head screams “I told you so – see what happens when you don’t listen to me?”  But stick with it and wonders manifest.  Eventually the head observes this and realizes that following your heart is the way.  At that point what you think and what you feel become the same, and the internal war between thoughts and feelings that ravages the lives of so many comes to an end.  The Illuminati want us to close our hearts and they work constantly to make this happen.  They know that when we close our heart vortex, our connection with the infinite also closes.  They want us to be dominated by the five-sense head, not the infinite heart.  A physicist friend told me that the ingredients of some vaccines affect the para-thyroid gland in the throat in a way that suppresses the connection between the heart vortex and the throat vortex through which we communicate with language.  Communication then becomes dominated by the flow of thought from the five-sense brain and lower mind.  I know this may sound far-fetched to many, but this is the level of detail to which the Illuminati go to hold us in five-sense reality.  More than that, they have to go to these levels of detail because being imprisoned by the five-senses is not our natural state.  Humans are like a ball in a tank of water – its natural place is floating on the top.  If you want to change that you have to hold the ball on the bottom of the tank and keep holding it there.  The moment you let go, whoosh, it’s floating on the top again.  Our natural state is multidimensional connection and so the Illuminati have to work constantly to hold us in disconnection through an onslaught of mental, emotional, and physical means – mind manipulation, stress and fear, and food additives, vaccines, etc.  But all of these are useless if we “think” and feel from the heart and view the world from that perspective.  It overrides all attempts to disconnect us and we make very different decisions to those dictated from the conditioned, five-sense head.  Love is the answer.  It always has been, is, and ever will be.

I love you George Bush

Any other “solution” is avoiding the point and kidding ourselves that the answers and the blame lie “out there”.  The human race as a whole is as responsible for 9/11 in its own way as those who actually did it.  For if people had made different choices earlier and had not given away their minds and responsibility, it would never have happened.  While we go on cooperation with our own imprisonment there will be more manufactured outrages until we decide to wake up and grow up, and start manifesting the tru infinite magnitude of who and what we really are.  I have exposed the actions of those in power in relation to September 11th and so many other horrors, but to focus all responsibility on those people is to deny our own.  Despite appearances, the aim of this book has not been to apportion blame, either to the Illuminati or the human race in general.  It may appear to be about that in the earlier chapters as I detailed the events of 9/11 from the perspective of five-sense reality and it is important that those directly responsible are identified or these horrors will go on.  But as I have indicated from the start, that is only one level of observing that day and its aftermath.  The one highlighted in this chapter is far more relevant, I would suggest, because it offers a way home, a way to turn back from the vibrational abyss.  This book is primarily about offering another vision of reality and possibility, not apportioning blame; for blame is a five-sense perspective.  From this higher point of observation, those responsible for 9/11 are not to “blame” any more than humanity’s dereliction of responsibility is to “blame”.  These were choices that led to consequences and those consequences can lead to learning and enlightenment if only we choose to observe from that level of maturity.  But will we?  Some 3,000 dead civilians in America are met by at least 5,000 dead civilians in Afghanistan.  How the hell does that move the world on?  On that basis, only when we are all “dead” and the world is a wasteland, will we have peace.  What nonsense, what utter bollocks.  As Gandhi said: “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”  In the same way, the answer to the Illuminati is not to blow them away or inflict the “justice” of capital punishment because that will only add to the mental state that leads them to continue the manipulation of this reality to feed their own desperation to “survive”.  Yes, they need to be removed from the positions of power and prevented from continuing their genocide, but until they can see the nonsense of their actions, not least for the effect on themselves, they will continue in what we call the future to manipulate this “world” by taking over other “bodies”.  At some point we have to talk.

 The only way to dismantle the Illuminati web of control is to think and feel it out of existence – to love it into a higher state of reality, beyond survival and into the infinite.  As scientist and philosopher Buckminster Fuller put it:  “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”  When the Illuminati let go of the fear of survival they will see what they have been missing and they will be seriously pissed off to realise how long they have been missing it.  So I say to them, I am not a threat to your survival.  No one is.  You are infinite consciousness that has nothing and no one to survive.  I love you George Bush, father and son; I love you Cheney and Powell and Kissinger and Carlucci and the Illuminati High Council and the reptilian hierarchy in the inter-space plane.  I love you.  If I don’t love you I don’t love myself.  Everything is everything and so if I don’t love you I can’t love myself.  This is a very different perspective to the one you have read throughout most of this book, but both perspectives are true.  They are just different levels of looking at the same events.  September 11th was a terrible day, one of endless such days on this planet over thousands of years.  But the greatest opportunities are often brilliantly disguised as your worst nightmare.  This one has presented an opportunity to wake up and see beyond the illusion.  September 11th can add to the nightmare or it can help to free us from it.

 Many people across the planet, far more than the Illuminati could have believed, are not buying the fairytale and they are asking questions about what happened that day and what is happening in the world in general.  More and more are going through this process of awakening to a new reality and amid the apparent darkness the light is beginning to shine.  This book is the end of an era for me and the start of a new one.  I think we have enough publications now about the conspiracy from the five-sense perspective.  My books on these subjects alone run to thousands of pages and in them and other works there is enough information about the names, dates, places and techniques of manipulation.  It is important to know these facts to be streetwise within five-sense reality, but that’s only one level of the game.  Changing reality from “I can’t” to “I am”, from small horizon to no horizon, is where my journey takes me now.  From exposing the conspiracy, to thinking and feeling it our of existence.  As the Morpheus character says in the movie, The Matrix: “You have to let it all go, Neo; fear, doubt, disbelief.  Free your mind.”

 If you remember only one thing from this book, I would rather it not be about NORAD or Bush or Mohamed Atta.  I would prefer it to be simply this.  You have created your “life” and we have created the “world” we collectively experience.  That means we can change it anytime we want.  It’s a just choice right now between fear and love.  You are not all that has been, is, or ever will be.  You are all love, all hate, all fear, all freedom.  You are everyone and everything.

 Don’t think you are.  Know you are.


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From David Icke's "Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster"  Chapter 16 - From Here To Eternity

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U.S. Human Rights Abuse Report - part 3 of 3
Walter H. Bowart - Interview - Nazis and the C.I. A.

For research purposes, here is a list of mind control projects
that have been exposed over the years:

Chapter - In 1947, the Navy conducted the first known post-war mind control program, Project CHAPTER, which continued the drug experiments. Decades later, journalists and investigators still haven't uncovered much information about this project - or, indeed, about any of the military's other excursions into this field. We know that the Army eventually founded operations THIRD CHANCE and DERBY HAT; other project names remain mysterious, though the existence of these programs is unquestionable.

Mockingbird - This unlikely land of enchantment is the creation of MOCKINGBIRD. It was conceived in the late 1940s, the most frigid period of the cold war, when the CIA began a systematic infiltration of the corporate media, a process that often included direct takeover of major news outlets.

In this period, the American intelligence services competed with communist activists abroad to influence European labor unions. With or without the cooperation of local governments, Frank Wisner, an undercover State Department official assigned to the Foreign Service, rounded up students abroad to enter the cold war underground of covert operations on behalf of his Office of Policy Coordination. Philip Graham, __a graduate of the Army Intelligence School in Harrisburg, PA, then publisher of the Washington Post., was taken under Wisner's wing to direct the program code-named Operation MOCKINGBIRD

Operation MOCKINGBIRD — The CIA begins recruiting American news organizations and journalists to become spies and disseminators of propaganda. The effort is headed by Frank Wisner, Allan Dulles, Richard Helms and Philip Graham. Graham is publisher of The Washington Post, which becomes a major CIA player. Eventually, the CIA’s media assets will include ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, Newsweek, Associated Press, United Press International, Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps-Howard, Copley News Service and more. By the CIA’s own admission, at least 25 organizations and 400 journalists will become CIA assets.

"Whispers" is a collection of case histories of paranoia that Siegel had studied. One of these cases is a man named Tolman who believes that his mind is being controlled by computers via a satellite system named POSSE (Personal Orbiting Satellite for Surveillance and Enforcement). Siegel implies that claims like this are similar to the James Tilly Matthews case. And indeed they are, but it is clear that Siegel is trying to dismiss Tolman's claims by implying that similar reports existed two centuries before this technology could have existed.


Chatter - 1951 Project CHATTER, a highly classified Navy program to search for a truth drug, began. They were looking for a way to make someone talk "fast" in the event of a security emergency. These experiments used barbiturates, amphetamines, and heroin. The drugs were supplied by the Bureau of Narcotics and pharmaceutical companies. Some of the experimental subjects included the scientists themselves, and mostly students. 1953 Project CHATTER was abandoned by the Navy.

Bluebird - 1950 Project BLUEBIRD was approved by the first CIA Director, Roscoe Hillenkoetter. He also approved the use of unvouchered funds to pay for its sensitive areas. This began the CIA's first structured behavioral control program. Their goals consisted of "controlling an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against such fundamental laws of nature as self-preservation." Some of their experimental subjects included North Korean prisoners of war and suspected double agents.

The newly-formed CIA plunged into this cesspool in 1950, with Project BLUEBIRD, rechristened ARTICHOKE in 1951. To establish a "cover story" for this research, the CIA funded a propaganda effort designed to convince the world that the Communist Bloc had devised insidious new methods of re-shaping the human will; the CIA's own efforts could therefore, if exposed, be explained as an attempt to "catch up" with Soviet and Chinese work. The primary promoter of this "line" was one Edward Hunter, a CIA contract employee operating undercover as a journalist, and, later, a prominent member of the John Birch society. (Hunter was an OSS veteran of the China theatre - the same spawning grounds which produced Richard Helms, Howard Hunt, Mitch WerBell, Fred Chrisman, Paul Helliwell and a host of other noteworthies who came to dominate that strange land where the worlds of intelligence and right-wing extremism meet.

Hunter offered "brainwashing" as the explanation for the numerous confessions signed by American prisoners of war during the Korean War and (generally) UN-recanted upon the prisoners' repatriation. These confessions alleged that the United States used germ warfare in the Korean conflict, a claim which the American public of the time found impossible to accept. Many years later, however, investigative reporters discovered that Japan's germ warfare specialists (who had wreaked incalculable terror on the conquered Chinese during WWII) had been mustered into the American national security apparat - and that the knowledge gleaned from Japan's horrifying germ warfare experiments probably WAS used in Korea, just as the "brainwashed" soldiers had indicated. Thus, we now know that the entire brainwashing scare of the 1950s constituted a CIA hoax perpetrated upon the American public: CIA deputy director Richard Helms admitted as much when, in 1963, he told the Warren Commission that Soviet mind control research consistently lagged years behind American efforts

Artichoke  1951 Project BLUEBIRD was renamed Project ARTICHOKE. The CIA director approved a liaison with the Army and Navy who were interested in finding a truth drug. Another liaison was formed with the Air Force who wanted to study interrogation techniques. Information was also exchanged with the Canadian and British governments.

Some of Project ARTICHOKE's experimental subjects included: suspected agents, suspected double agents, people who "had a known reason for deception," American college students (supposedly for more benign testing), and foreigners (since the CIA was more likely to try certain procedures out on them rather than American citizens.) "Terminal," or "to the death" experiments were usually carried out in other countries.

According to Bowart, the control method used on two agents involved drugs and hypnosis (narco-hypnosis). The subjects were hypnotically regressed and made to relive past experiences. Posthypnotic suggestions were given to induce total amnesia of their interrogations. The CIA called this experiment "very successful."

Castigate - 1952 Project CASTIGATE began when the Navy and the CIA teamed up to test a "secret potion" that consisted of a depressant, a stimulant, and the active ingredient in marijuana. The drugs were to be administered over a three-day period. The experiment was carried out in Germany at a secret CIA base on a military installation. Experimental subjects included one known double agent, one suspected double agent and three defectors. Project CASTIGATE was considered a failure.

MKNAOMI - 1952 MKNAOMI (Pronounced M-K NAOMI with M-K standing for mind control.) TSS's agreement with the Special Operations Division of the Army's biological research center at Fort Detrick, Maryland. SOD's job was to produce germ weapons for the CIA's use.

MKULTRA - 1953 MKULTRA, a CIA program for the covert use of biological and chemical weapons began. Bowart states, "According to CIA documents, MKULTRA was 'an umbrella project for funding sensitive projects' and covered 'policy and procedures for the use of biochemicals in clandestine operations...' " "MKULTRA was exempted from normal CIA financial controls and allowed TSS to begin research projects without contracts or written agreements." TSS stands for Technical Services Staff and was an agency referred to as "the Gadget Wizards," similar to what "Q" is to James Bond.

Drugs, electronics and electroshock
Targeting: Short range
Frequencies: VHF HF UHF modulated at ELF
Transmission and Reception: Local production
Purpose: Programming behavior, creation of "cyborg" mentalities
Effects: narcoleptic trance, programming by suggestion
Subprojects: Many.
Pseudonym: Project Artichoke
Functional Basis: Electronic Dissolution of Memory, E.D.O.M.

As usual, MKDELTA and MKNAOMI had already been set up prior to the CIA being given official permission for MKULTRA. MKDELTA became the operational side of MKULTRA.

MKULTRA focused on drugs, specifically LSD since the CIA had a phobia about LSD ending up in the hands of the Russians. The CIA wanted to use LSD as a weapon. The Russians and the Cold War were used as a national security excuse for most of the CIA's actions. The CIA studied hundreds of other drugs besides LSD, as well as experimenting with: "radiation, electroshock, psychology, sociology, anthropology, psychiatry, harassment substances and paramilitary devices and materials."

It appears that the scientists enjoyed trying these drugs on themselves, but they also used many hospital patients, volunteers (mostly students), inmates who were usually paid for their participation with more drugs, and eventually anyone the CIA could get, without their consent, of course. The CIA "scientists" even reduced themselves to misting and spraying unwitting American citizens as they walked down busy city streets. Later they would study how they could manipulate genes, and develop compounds that could simulate heart attack and stroke.

At least one person committed suicide after becoming an unwitting subject of a CIA LSD test, crashing through a highstory plate-glass window in a New York hotel as his Agency guardian watched. (Or perhaps the guardian did more than watch. In June 1994 the victim’s family had his thirty-year-old corpse exhumed to check for signs that he may have been thrown out that window.) Numerous others lost their grip on reality.

MK-ULTRA was the code name the CIA used for its program directed at gaining control over human behavior through “covert use of chemical and biological materials,” as proposed by Richard Helms. The name itself was a variation on ULTRA, the U.S. intelligence program behind Nazi lines in World War 11, of which the CIA's veteran spies were justly proud.

Helms later became CIA director and gained a measure of notoriety for his 'Watergate "lying to Congress" conviction and a touch of immortality in Thomas Powers's aptly named biography, The Man Who Kept the Secrets. Helms founded the MK-ULTRA program and justified its notably unethical aspects with the rationale, “We are not Boy Scouts.”

MK-Ultra: The CIA and Radiation
MK-ULTRA Information
Material on the CIA funded MK-ULTRA experiments using LSD.
Radiation Experiments Hearing Text
Transcript of 3/15/95 public hearings of the Advisory Commitee on Human Radiation Experiments.

Project Moonstruck, 1952, CIA:

Electronic implants in brain and teeth
Targeting: Long range
Implanted during surgery or surreptitiously during abduction
Frequency range: HF - ELF transceiver implants
Purpose: Tracking, mind and behavior control, conditioning, programming, covert operations
Functional Basis: Electronic Stimulation of the Brain, E.S.B.

Project Orion, 1958, U.S.A.F:

Drugs, hypnosis, and ESB
Targeting: Short range, in person
Frequencies: ELF Modulation
Transmission and Reception: Radar, microwaves, modulated at ELF frequencies
Purpose: Top security personnel debriefing, programming, insure security and loyalty
Pseudonym: "Dreamland"

MKDELTA - 1960, CIA:

Fine-tuned electromagnetic subliminal programming
Targeting: Long Range
Frequencies: VHF HF UHF Modulated at ELF
Transmission and Reception: Television antennae, radio antennae, power lines, mattress spring coils, modulation on 60 Hz wiring.
Purpose: programming behavior and attitudes in general population
Effects: fatigue, mood swings, behavior dysfunction and social criminality, mood swings
Pseudonym: "Deep Sleep", R.H.I.C.

Derby Hat - 1960 - The Army Assistant Chief-of-Staff for Intelligence (ACSI) authorizes field testing of LSD in Europe and the Far East. Testing of the european population is code named Project THIRD CHANCE; testing of the Asian population is code named Project DERBY HAT.

Project MONARCH - Mind control is absolute. Under MK-Ultra Project Monarch trauma-based mind control, ... a subsection of the CIA's Operation Artichoke which is also known as Project MK Ultra ... [involving] the sophisticated manipulation of the child's mind to protect itself from extreme trauma by creating Multiple Personality Disorder.

Operation Monarch by Mark Phillips
Cathy O'Brien - An Open Letter on Project Monarch
Cathy O'Brien - My Introduction to Humanity
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Mind Control - The Secret History
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Ritual Abuse Links
David Icke Recommended Reading
Project Monarch: The Tangled Web

Mind Control - Mark Phillips & Cathy O'Brien
Transcription: Cathy O'Brien's Presentation Mind Control

MKSEARCH 1964 MKULTRA became MKSEARCH. Many sub-projects stayed under MKULTRA while the most sensitive behavioral experiments went to MKSEARCH. These experiments were conducted on prisoners, terminal cancer patients and people who were described as mental "defectives." They also used radar waves on monkeys' brains (which risked "cooking" their brains) and one scientist took the head of one monkey and tried to attach it to the body of another. Other experiments involved studying telepathy, radio frequencies and memory.-

MKSEARCH continued into the early 1970's, and more experiments were performed under ORD, the Office of Research and Development. Some of these experiments consisted of implanting electrodes into the brains of cats, dogs, and reptiles and controlling the animals remotely. Animal experiments were always (and still are) performed first and heinously, but we don't hear much about these atrocities.

According to Bowart, the following agencies were involved in behavior modification and behavioral research projects: the Defense Department, the Department of Labor, the National Science Foundation, the Veteran's Administration, the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, the National Institute of Mental Health, the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (under the Department of Justice). "All of the above agencies were named in secret CIA documents as those who provided research 'cover' for MKULTRA."

Often/ Chickwit -1967 Or 1968, Project OFTEN/CHICKWIT was initiated by the Army Chemical Corps and the CIA's Office of Research and Development to create new drug compounds "that could be used offensively." Hallucinogens were tested on inmates in Pennsylvania, but very little is known about the experiments. "CIA documents mention 'several laboratory accidents' in which a drug designated as EA-3167 produced 'prolonged psychotic effects in laboratory personnel' "

U.S. Army dispenses Bacillus subtilis variant niger throughout the New York City subway system. More than a million civilians are exposed when army scientists drop lightbulbs filled with the bacteria onto ventilation grates.

It would appear that the CIA's drug testing continued throughout the 1970s since, "A CIA memo dated March 8, 1971, indicates that a backlog of more than twenty-six thousand drugs had been acquired 'for future screening'


Location: Montauk, Long Island
Electronic multi-directional targeting of select population groups
Targeting: Medium range
Frequencies: Radar, microwaves. EHF UHF modulated
Power: Gigawatt through Terawatt
Purpose: Loading of Earth Grids, planetary sonombulescence to stave off geological activity, specific-point earthquake creation, population programming for sensitized individuals
Pseudonym: "Rainbow", ZAP


Electronic directed targeting of individuals or populations
Targeting: Large population groups assembled
Display: Black helicopters flying in triad formation of three
Power: 100,000 watts
Frequency: UHF
Purpose: Large group management and behavior control, riot control
Allied Agencies: FEMA
Pseudonym: "Black Triad" A.E.M.C

RF MEDIA, 1990, CIA:

Electronic, multi-directional subliminal suggestion and programming
Location: Boulder, Colorado (Location of main cell telephone node, national television synchronization node)
Targeting: national population of the United States
Frequencies: ULF VHF HF Phase modulation
Power: Gigawatts
Implementation: Television and radio communications, the "videodrome" signals
Purpose: Programming and triggering behavioral desire, subversion of psychic abilities of population, preparatory processing for mass electromagnetic control
Pseudonym: "Buzz Saw" E.E.M.C.

TOWER, 1990, CIA, NSA:

Electronic cross country subliminal programming and suggestion
Targeting: Mass population, short-range intervals, long-range cumulative
Frequencies: Microwave, EHF SHF
Methodology: Cellular telephone system, ELF modulation
Purpose: Programming through neural resonance and encoded information
Effect: Neural degeneration, DNA resonance modification, psychic suppression
Pseudonym: "Wedding Bells"

Third Chance -In I991 operations Bug, Third Chance, Derby Hat and MKUltra under which various aspects of mind control were performed from BB size ear, eye nose and brain implants had been studied for two decades. And they were placed in the hands of South American dictators and others in operations against high echelon captured drug dealers and other prisoners.


Electromagnetic resonant induction and mass population control
Location: Gakona, Alaska
Frequencies: Atmospheric phase-locked resonant UHF VHF
Potential: DNA code alteration in population and mass behavior modification
Power: Giga-watt to Tera-watt range
Step-Down reflective frequencies: Approx 1.1 GHz, Human DNA resonant frequency, cellular system phase-lock


Electromagnetic resonant induction and mass population control
Location: Nationwide
Frequencies: Emotional wavelengths, data gathering through helicopter probes following media events - rebroadcast in order to restimulate population emotional levels for recreation of event scenarios.
Ref: LE#108, March 1998
Potential: Mass behavior modification
Power: Unknown. Possibly rebroadcast through GWEN network or cellular tower frequencies, coordinated from NBS in Colorado.

Left - Brian: An MRI Scan showing a brain implant
Middle - Robert Naeslund: A brain implant being removed; scar after surgery.
Right - Ed Kats and Family: Two implants in Jay Kats' brain.

More Implants:
   Blanche Chavoustie       Janine Jones        Tracey Mitchell

See; http://www.mindcontrolforums.com/

Implant found in a human body
removed by Dr. Roger Leir

Verichip - used to locate and identify humans by satellite. 

Dr. Roger Leir
Author of The Aliens and the Scalpel
"Retrieving Alien Implants"

Dr. Roger Leir is a Podiatric Physician and Surgeon who has been doing research in the Alien Abduction field for about ten years. He has established a surgical team that has performed nine surgeries for the removal of objects suspected of being alien implants. The nine surgeries have resulted in the collection of ten objects, all of which have been subjected to detailed analysis by some of the world's most prestigious laboratories such as Los Alamos National Laboratory and new Mexico Tech.

The conclusions drawn by the scientific community are startling and thought provoking in that physical scientists have found some of the metals contain isotopic ratios that are not from this earth. Dr. Leir presented an overview of the nine surgeries performed and added some of the newest scientific details of his last surgery performed on January 5, 2000. He presented a short video of the patient undergoing a hypnotic regression by Dr. Leo Sprinkle. In addition he discussed some of the latest metallurgical analyses performed by a world famous laboratory which has been doing black budget projects. The scientists working in that facility were amazed by what they saw in the surgical specimen.

In the second half of Dr. Leir's presentation, he presented his theory for the reason alien abductions are occurring. As a part of this theory, he demonstrated that the children of today represent a different race of human being than children born over fifty years ago. He demonstrated this in the growth statistics of today's modern children


Vankin takes a skeptics look at serious matters and makes us look at them from a different perspective.

 "Conspiracy" researcher and author Jonathan Vankin has observed:
"Journalists like to think of themselves as a skeptical lot. This is a flawed self-image. The thickest pack of American journalists are all too credulous when dealing with government officials, technical experts, and other official sources. They save their vaunted "skepticism" for ideas that feel unfamiliar to them. Conspiracy theories are treated with the most rigorous skepticism.
     "Conspiracy theories should be approached skeptically. But there's no fairness. Skepticism should apply equally to official and unofficial information."

From Dallas To Waco

by Jonathan Vankin

Journalist Jonathan Vankin on Oswald as a Nazi Breeding Experiment; Votescam, Get LaRouche!; UFOs in the Garden of Eden; The Invisible Government; Mae Brussel vs the CIA and NAZI partners; the Christic Institute's lawsuit against "The Secret Team;" Coup D'Etat in the U.S.A.; Kinder, Gentler Death Squads; This is Your Government on Drugs; CIA: The Department of Conspiracy; Shots From the Bushy Knoll; From Mysteries to Masonry; Conspiracy Nation; and other shady subjects.

The groundbreaking 1991 cult classic. Profiles of such paranoid paragons as Kerry Thornley, Jim and Ken Collier, Lyndon LaRouche and Mae Brussell as well as more underground information than should reasonably be permitted between two covers. Robert Anton Wilson calls it, "The sanest and at the same time the most exciting conspiracy book I've read in this decade." This 3rd edition features a new introduction by Vankin and cover design by John Whalen. Get it while it can still be got.

384 pages. 6x9 paperback. Illustrated.

Vankin, Jonathan & John Whalen: 50 GREATEST CONSPIRACIES OF ALL TIME. Citadel, NY 1995, LSC original, VF., 393 pgs., History's biggest mysteries, coverups & cabals. Info on JFK, RFK, MLK assassinations

The Seventy Greatest Conspiracies of All Time: Historys Biggest Mysteries, Coverups, and Cabals

by Authors: Jonathan Vankin , John Whalen
Released: 01 October, 1998
ISBN: 0806520337
Many of their selections are familiar territory--the Kennedy and King assassinations, government suppression of UFO data, questions about Marilyn Monroe's suicide--but this edition has been updated to include information on more recent events like the death of Princess Diana and the Oklahoma City bombing.

Take a stroll down Me Decade Lane with 70GCAT's Jonathan Vankin and over 50 of the world's top cartoonists and comic artists. The "Comic Shop News" dubs it "history for hip cynics." SEE Richard Nixon grovel in humiliation! TREMBLE as Reverend Moon takes over the world! HOWL as thousands of otherwise reasonable Americans streak naked through the streets, monitor their emotional equilibrium with "mood rings" and wear the most outrageous, egregious fashions in human history! All this and more between two fashionably "retro" covers. 
Big Book of Scandal 12 Jan 1998 by Jonathan Vankin. "A riveting look at the power of greed, sex and perversion
Bill Clinton, Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson, Woody Allen -- and 50 more stories of sleaze, stupidity and shame! Drawn by the world's top cartoonists and comic artists. Called "lowbrow" by the New York Post. Need we say more?


Choice excerpts from:

© 2004, ISBN# 0806525312, $19.95, 718 pp.

Chapter 16, "Saucer Therapy," pp. 111 - 115:

What if UFOs are some form of mysterious technology serving the purpose of mass psychological manipulation?

Could UFOs be the first step in a plan to establish a totalitarian government masquerading as a "star child" religion? Do those lights in the sky herald the coming of New Age Nazis from beyond? Perhaps Arthur C Clarke's all-powerful "2001" monolith has already arrived – except this time it's pissed off!

"The main effect of UFOs on their witnesses is a conditioning process, says Jacques Vallee, a French astronomer whose renown has come primarily from his writings on UFOs.

"Through exposure to its powerful imagery, man appears to be acquiring new forms of behavior and new models of his relationship to the world of nature." Vallee quickly points out that, "to conclude that UFOs are nothing more than secret devices deployed by some intelligence agency would be wrong and simplistic."

But he nonetheless asserts that there is some sort of genuine technology behind UFOs, and if that technology is not the product of human ingenuity – a possibility Vallee entertains – it is being manipulated by ingenious humans toward some cryptic end.

But Vallee's hypothesis cuts the other way: "Close encounters" could just be MISinterpretations of the religious experience. Are "miracles," visions, angelic visitations and UFO contacts all the same natural phenomena whose explanation falls outside traditional concepts of nature and physics? This question takes Vallee into a digression about the nature of not merely UFOs, but reality itself.

To make his lengthy and not-entirely-comprehensible argument as concise as possible, Vallee feels that our modern understanding of the universe is based on a mistake. We assume "linear" causality: one thing leads to another. I punch you in the nose, you fall down.

Instead, Vallee postulates that we inhabit an "associative" universe where conventional "if A then B" logic does NOT apply. Rather, the logic of COINCIDENCE prevails.

His analogy is a computer database. Computers store information randomly and retrieve it using commands. When we enter keywords in a computer databank, we are attempting to produce coincidences. The universe in which we live, breathe and perceive, Vallee says, is in fact nothing more than a "process by which informational associations are
retrieved and traversed."

In a universe of coincidence, weird phenomena would be "expected, even common," writes Vallee, "and UFOs would lose much of their alien quality."

Anyone who understands even a little of this abstruse concept could figure out a way to manipulate those phenomena for their own presumably nefarious purposes. Valle finds most contactee and UFO study groups rife with spies from the government and other quarters more difficult to discern. Their purpose is beyond investigation, almost as much so as
that of the UFOs themselves.

"Contactee systems often include belief in higher races and in totalitarian systems that would eliminate democracy," Vallee notes. The cults he investigated are prone to theories of their own racial superiority based on presumed descent from the "star children." The social consequences of those beliefs are NOT cheerful to contemplate.

"If the Manipulators do exist, I certainly salute their tenacity, but I am curious about their goals," he says. "One would like to know more, then, about the image of humanity such manipulators harbor in their own minds – and their hearts. Assuming, of course, that they do have hearts...."

Silicon Alleys
Alien Notion

BESIDES being a successful Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Jacques Vallee has researched the UFO phenomenon perhaps more than any other person currently alive. He has written almost a dozen books on ufology, and he was the real-life model for the French UFO scientist in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Vallee lives in San Francisco, but he
recently infiltrated Silicon Valley to summarize his four decades of research in a public presentation at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto.

The reason Vallee has irked so many ardent UFO believers for decades is that he doesn't believe UFOs are nuts-and-bolts machines from outer space or spinning silver disks operated by aliens from another universe.

Crudely simplified, he was the first scientist to suggest that UFO experiences are in fact interactions with interdimensional beings that have always existed among us—invisible hands toying with human society from a different level of consciousness. It's not just a physical phenomenon. It's a sociological, spiritual and psychic experience all wrapped up into one.

Vallee also suggested in several books that many of these so-called "abduction" tales are the result of manipulation, either by the government or the interdimensional beings themselves. Even though his work was documented in former Metro scribe Jonathan Vankin's 80 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time, Vallee has commanded a huge amount of respect over the years, even from UFO debunkers. As he's been quoted everywhere, "The UFO Phenomenon exists. It has been with us throughout history. It is physical in nature, and it remains unexplained in terms of contemporary science. It represents a level of consciousness that we have not yet recognized, and which is able to manipulate dimensions beyond time and space as we understand them. It affects our own consciousness in ways that we do not grasp fully, and it generally behaves as a control system." He has also theorized that UFO experiences echo those of traditional contact with nonhuman consciousness in the form of elves, fairies or demons throughout several cultures for millennia.

Since Vallee has spent decades filtering out the lunatic fringe on this matter, he didn't want any advance press about his lecture, and I went along with that. He understandably didn't want kooks with preconceived conclusions showing up and turning the whole presentation into a circus. Instead, he wanted to keep the lecture purely a scientific one.

So it only makes sense that the event was hosted by the Foundation for Mind-Being Research (FMBR), a 25-year-old Silicon Valley-based organization of scientists, engineers, spiritualists, artists, philosophers, psychics and psychologists devoted to establishing consciousness studies as a bona fide science. One of FMBR's main principles is that the four-dimensional space-time world of ordinary human experience may be inadequate to accommodate the physics of the mind sciences. Vallee's research throughout the last four decades intertwines with that theory.

"This lecture was an experiment," he explained via email afterward. "I am staying away from the media and public presentations because the field has become so polarized between different ideologies that anything I would say as a scientist would be lost in the noise. The FMBR group is unique because it is open-minded and understands the nature of research. Thus it provided an opportunity to test my current conclusions about the phenomenon before a responsive, yet critical audience." 

In the presentation, he explained that the entire UFO discourse has degenerated into a confrontational and polarized situation between the hard-core skeptics and the extraterrestrial believers, and we need new radical hypotheses. So Vallee and others are going back underground and returning to the days of the Invisible College, the title of his 1975 book about a group of scientists researching UFOs while keeping their names and activities out of the press.

"The phenomenon presents great opportunities to learn about the world and human nature," he explained. "I continue to do research, but I do it with my own resources, in communication with a small network of scientists and investigators around the world. Good progress can be done this way, in an environment of trust rather than confrontation or hype."



RIYADH -- My name is Mohammed and I'm a 34-year old-network designer who saw UFOs. Two years ago, I bought a fully loaded jeep with a Ground Positioning System (GPS) to go camping out in the Rub-al-khali desert in southeast Saudi Arabia. A few days into the trip around 10:00 PM, I saw three shooting stars fall normally but they suddenly slowed down. Two came toward me and were about 500 meters from me. They moved side by side at about 50 km and 200 meters off the ground. They were round with a pointed on the top and bottom. They were silver and had an orange like glow around them. They were about the size of an 18-wheeler truck, but made no sound. I decided to give chase. When I turned the key nothing happened the jeep would not start the (GPS) which also has a back up power supply was also dead. Now they were heading south from me. I looked back for the one, which was not moving, but it had gone. The whole sighting lasted for about five minutes. After it was over I my jeep started and the (GPS) was working fine. The only thing I don't under stand is why my wristwatch stopped for 50 minutes. Thanks to Larry lclark@ibm.net (Larry Clark)


The night of Thursday, March 28, 1996, a UFO appeared over the oil fields near Jubail, Saudi Arabia, a town on the Persian Gulf. The Saudi newspaper Al Eqtisadiah described the UFO as "a brilliant oval blue light."

A party of Bedouins was camped near the beach outside the town when they spotted the UFO. An eyewitness, Shaheen bou-Ainann, rubbed his eyes in disbelief. "I thought we were dreaming," he told the newspaper. The Arabs watched the bright blue UFO for several minutes before it "vanished in an unusual fashion."

F16 Shoots Down UFO!

A high level source has revealed that an American Air Force F16 gunned down a UFO over Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm and five nations are trying to cover up the encounter. 'I don't know all the details but I'm sure that when this story comes out it will shake the world,' says Colonel Gregor Petrokov, a senior Russian official.

'It is a cover-up waiting to explode'. Colonel Petrokov says he was one of the first experts at the crash site in a barren desert region 250 miles northeast of Riyadh, the Saudi Arabian capital. 'The Americans won't admit it was a UFO their plane shot down, but the debris was not from any known aircraft,' he says. 'The Saudi's with me were so frightened that they asked American, British and French investigators to come to the crash site immediately'. The Colonel says he was visiting in Riyadh at the time and that he and a small Russian team were able to inspect the wreckage before American forces from Desert Storm arrived.

'The craft was circular and made of a material I've never seen before,' he says. 'About a third of it seemed to be missing, possibly blown away by the American missiles.' The Saudi's wouldn't let us touch anything, but we saw instruments, machinery and other things that completely baffled us.' He says the markings on the instrument panels and dials were not in any language he was familiar with.  'It seemed to be a relatively small craft, maybe 15 feet across,' he says. 'There were three chairs, probably for crew members, but they were so small they seemed to have been made for children. Evidently space aliens are only about three feet tall. Most amasing, though, is the fact that there were no bodies at the crash site, nor did there appear to be an engine in the craft.'

'The American Missiles may have scored a direct hit on the engine, causing it to disintegrate,' he says 'But I checked with the Saudi radar technicians and they claim their instruments didn't show anyone ejecting or bailing out from the craft. Search helicopters were all over the area, which is a desert, and they did not spot any survivors in the vicinity of the crash.' During interviews with the radar technicians, Petrokov was told that the blip identified as the UFO appeared out of nowhere as four F16s were streaking towards Baghdad. 'One of the American planes broke from formation and headed for the UFO' he says. The alien craft started moving southwest, away from the F16 and the American pilot gave chase. When the F16 was within three miles, the alien craft seemed to fire something at the plane but missed. The American then fired two missiles. Both hit the saucer. There was a terrific explosion, and then the crash. When American investigators arrived, Petrokov says he and his team were immediately ordered out of the area and flown back to Riyadh. 'There were things they didn't want us to see more, I think, than the fact that the craft was circular, that there were no survivors and that it was made of a foreign substance' he says. Petrokov says members of his team were able to sneak pictures without the knowledge of the Saudi's or Americans, but he was ordered to turn them over to Russian authorities the next day. Petrokov says American army engineers gathered up all debris and carted it away for shipment to the U.S.

(CBS) Sheik Mubarek Gilani is the man Daniel Pearl was on the way to meet when
The "Wall Street Journal" reporter was kidnapped. Sheik Mubarek Gilani was
interviewed on "60 Minutes", on March 13th, 2002.

Dan Rather reports...Before the kidnapping, few had heard about Gilani. But for
years, the U.S. government had kept him and his organization in the State
Department's report on terrorism.

Sheik Gilani states that he had nothing to do with Pearl's kidnapping. He also
said that the real problem was "The JINN".

Sheik Gilani talked about what he sees as the most serious threat to the world,
why bad things happen in America, including acts of terrorism. These bad
things, he says, are caused by invisible forces.

"There are beings who are not visible to you," he says. "But they inhabit this
earth. And they are damaging, causing psychotic diseases, fits, epilepsies. And
controlling the agents, controlling the human beings."

Gilani says he can control those evil forces. He says that he is not a threat
to the U.S., but could be its salvation.

To understand why, he points to an American television show "The X-Files." He
says the mind control and evil influence that aliens wield over human beings in
the program is much like the power of the invisible forces he believes in.
"What is an X-file? Most of things - could have happened or will happen,"
Gilani said. "Human beings can be made to do things against their will. They
can be made to commit crimes. They can made to go and kill people. You know?
And all your missiles, all your rockets, space ships go up. And electronics,
they can be damaged, influenced, and misdirected through the agencies of gin
beings." Muslims all over the world also believe in these invisible evil forces
that are described in the Koran. The sheik feels that these forces are a much
bigger threat to the U.S. than terrorism. He says the United States should
thank him for passing on his message about the invisible world instead of
accusing him of terrorism.

Excerpts from : http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2002/03/13/60II/main503644.shtml

In the Islamic texts it is stated that the Jinn are able to materialize or
disappear at will. This would imply one of three things:- (1) They have control
over the matter that we consider to be "everyday reality"; (2) They have
control over certain aspects of our own psyche, and can create in us the
subjective experience of matter; (3) They can create illusions of an external
and very realistic nature in the same way that we create holograms.

"The Qur'an, Surah 55 says: "And when the heavens splitteth asunder and becometh
rosy like red hide, which is it, of the favours of your lord, that ye deny? On
that day neither man nor jinni will be questioned of his sin."

http://www.occultopedia.com/j/jinn.htm Also singular Djinn or Jinnee, plural
Djinni or Jineeyeh (Jin and Jinx are other variants). Arabian spirits, perhaps animistic,
but more probably accurately mythological like the Persian divs. The word is usually
translated as meaning approximately elementals although they are fearsome and
frequently portrayed as monstrous demons. It is also likely that
the word genii comes from Jinn.

The Jinn were created out of fire, and populated the earth for many thousands
of years before Adam and Eve. They were perverse and vicious,
and would not reform, although prophets were sent to salvage them. Unrepentant,
they were eventually driven from the earth, and took refuge in
the outlying islands of the sea.

One of them named Azazel (afterwards called Iblees or Eblis) was carried off as
a prisoner by the angels. He then grew up amongst them, and
eventually became their chief. But refusing, when commanded by God, to
prostrate himself before Adam, he was degraded to the condition of a
Sheytân or Shaitan, and becomes the father of the sheytâns, or devils.

The Jinn are not immortal, but destined ultimately to die. They eat and drink
and propagate their species, living in communities, and are ruled
over by princes.


Excerpts from: http://www.forteantimes.com/articles/147_djinn.shtml

In every culture the human imagination has populated the world with extra-dimensional denizens (EDDs) and created myths about the dangers of dealing with them.

According to the Encyclopædia Britannica, a djinn (jinni or genie) is "in Arabic mythology, a supernatural spirit below the level of angels and devils. They delight in punishing humans for any harm done them, intentionally or unintentionally, and are said to be responsible for many
diseases and all kinds of accidents; however, those human beings knowing the proper magical procedure can exploit the djinn to their advantage."

Djinn feature heavily in the classic ancient story anthology collectively known as The Arabian Nights or Thousand and One Nights.

In my travels to India and Pakistan, I have come across a widespread belief amongst, in particular, the older generation of Muslims in the actual existence of djinn. Belief in the reality of the djinn is held as easily as belief in other natural forces such as light or darkness. I was talking with a well educated, highly qualified friend in Islamabad; he expressed great
surprise in my own surprise that a graduate from Lahore could believe in a hidden race of beings existing alongside us.

The djinn are renowned for their ability to pretend to be our allies only to lead us astray - even Muhammad the Prophet originally feared that his revelations might be the work of djinn. But we are informed from many sources that humans do have the ability to control all shades of these extra-dimensional denizens (EDDs).

Dealing with demons, devils and djinn is a dodgy business, as Aleister Crowley and others found to their cost...

The Bible and the Koran are full of references to angels, devils and djinn with a similar human connection and contract. Today, aliens allegedly have a special relationship with their human subjects with many thousands apparently engaged in a willing or unwilling contact (sometimes also reported as a contract) over many years. George Adamski's Orthon is an archetypal angel
whilst the large-eyed Greys could be viewed as demonic as they go about their surgical inspections of abducted humans.

Devils are far more powerful than elementals, with a strength close to that of angels although, of course, for evil. Unlike elementals that must work in their own natural current, devils can operate anywhere and act with full consciousness and deadly intent. Add to this potent mixture a wonderful facility for deception and you should be sufficiently warned to avoid the
devils; the trouble is, how do you reliably tell who is who?

FROM: http://www.beyondweird.com/ufos/Cult_of_The_Serpent.html
         T H E   C U L T   O F   T H E   S E R P E N T      

     What do the following names all have in common: Dennis Brunnell, Stan Deyo, 
William Cooper, Bill Hamilton, Val Valerian, 'Commander X' and Robert Lazar?  
They all allege that the following scenario is a reality... Ever since the 
so-called "end" of the NASA moon shots the U.S. "secret" government has been
involved in cover manned space exploration of this solar system utilizing 
super-advanced technologies which are so revolutionary that the secret government 
has chosen to tell the public little or nothing about it.  Some of these sources 
even claim that an inner core of this "secret government" have in the past worked
hand-in-claw with a race of hominoid-sauroid reptilian beings who have given these 
human "elite" technology and power (over their fellow man) in exchange for certain 
powers and influences which this secret government or "serpent cult" gave these 
alien beings over the masses of humanity.  There are allegedly other human groups
native to earth and much more ancient, who left this planet in ancient times after
obtaining similar technologies. 

Some of these ancient and modern groups "sold out" to this alien race in exchange 
for technology (as in the case of the so-called MIB's or Men In Black), while 
others developed such technologies of their own initiative (as in the case of 
many of the human "alien" races who are often referred to as the "Nordics").

As for the covert space operations that are being carried out by various top-secret 
organizations within the U.S. government, they are based on a combination of "alien"
technology recovered from numerous crash-retrievals of aerial disks, while other
aspects are based on prototype and state-of-the-art Military-Industrial technologies 
developed by well-known U.S. companies.  These advanced technologies include anti-
gravity generators and electromagnetic propulsion systems and massive top-secret
space efforts which have largely been financed through deception and through hundreds
of billions of dollars which have generously (although unknowingly) been provided via
'Black' budgets by hard-working American taxpayers. 

Dennis Brunnell, a 33rd degree Mason and a Grandmaster in the Ordo Templi Orientis
O.T.O.) had become "disillusioned" by the Illuminati's present activities.  
Originally believing that the Illuminati was a mystic lodge designed to illuminate
one into mystical heights of ascended awareness, he eventually learned that such
metaphysical talk was just so much hot air designed to gain the willing assistance 
of lower-ranking "lodge" members, who were unknowingly being manipulated into
serving the hypocritical, self-seeking and self-serving imperialistic goals of a
a relatively small inner core of "illumined" members.

Some years ago a man by the name of John Todd, a member of a family who were high-
level and generational members of a druidic witchcraft cult, alleged that through
his occult contacts he was chosen to be initiated into a deep-level Illuminati 
lodge. He claimed that in doing so he had to "unlearn" much of the wiccan 
philosophies which he was taught at a young age.  These occult teachings were merely
a means, he soon found out, of this inner core of initiates to control the lower
ranks of the lodge.  This inner core, which consisted of 13 individuals, were (he 
claims) THE LEADERS of all the large wiccan/witchcraft organizations AS WELL AS the
leaders of World Freemasonry.  These men controlled BOTH movements from their lofty
positions, along with much of the world's drug trafficking, and had powerful 
influence in world economic and political movements.  Mr. Todd soon learned that
this inner core were continually fearful that the lower-ranking members of the
occult societies would turn against "them" if the lower members ever found out that
this inner council were merely using these "lower pawns" to increase their own 
wealth and their god-like power and authority over the rest of humanity.  The
Rothschilds of London, he also learned, were at the very heart of this conspiracy,
along with the Jesuits in Rome.  The Rothschilds were considered to be "human gods"
by many occultists and, according to Mr. Todd, were in constant communication with
"Lucifer", who they themselves considered to be god.  There are also indications,
that they were/are also in contact with the serpent race as well, which would make
them an integral part of the "serpent cult".

Dennis Brunnell, John Todd and in fact millions of former Communists, realized that
there was an incredible contradiction between what these world socialists were 
telling their "followers" and what these inner elite were actually practicing. 

The connection we make between Illuminism and Communism (which is still very strong
in mainland China) is no coincidence, as both are socialist movements. Also,
according to well-known geo-political analysts such as Dr. John Coleman, Karl Marx 
himself had known ties with 33rd degree Masonry and the Jesuit Order.  As for John
Todd, he later "defected" from this secret lodge after he "suggested" to the other
members that in light of recent events the prophecies of the Bible should be studied.
Their answer to this, he claims, was a murderous stare from most if not all of the
other members of this council of 13.  He believes he was lucky he got out of there
alive.  These men, apparently, did not even want to consider the possibility that the
Holy Bible could be true, for they knew well enough that it was against every
imperialistic and deceitful practice that they were involved in. John Todd later
became a Christian and spoke to various audiences around the country until, according
to some sources, he was later assassinated.

Brunnell alleged that some within the Illuminati were so heartless as to believe that
their socialist "World Order" must be brought about even if the orchestrating of
wars, etc., had to be accomplished in order to create the conditions necessary for
establishing it... or, in other words, that the end justified the means. These lost
souls were and are apparently convinced that they have the divine right to decide
the fate of nations, and that the masses of humanity exist for no other reason than
to serve their cause.  They consider themselves "gods" and the rest of humanity as
"mere mortals".  So much for the end-result of the false promise that was given
to man by the serpent race as revealed in Genesis chapter 3, which was that men
could be as gods, and that the creature could be independent from or equal to the
Creator.  The serpent race knew full well that the disconnection of man from their
trust and reliance in the Godhead would result in lost power and dominion over the
earth and the beasts, including the serpent race, and as a result the reptilians
could take control of that which mankind forfeited, including man himself' Since
that ancient time the saurians have been able to find those among humanity who
be willing to believe their false promises in exchange for temporary physical gains.

One of Dennis Brunnell's "Gemstone" research papers (which also described the Mafia-
CIA-oil company connection to the John F. Kennedy assassination, confirming the
original "Gemstone" reports of Bruce Roberts) included a scenario developed by
Kissinger and other Illuminists in the early 1980's or before. This scenario showed
one such proposed plan as to how war could be used to bring the United States - the
last obstacle standing in the way of absolute Illuminati rule of the world - into
subjection to the one-world Socialist state.  This scenario, possibly on of many
developed, was in the form of a speech given by a U.S. president.

George Bush was sited as a very possible candidate to this "speech" (This was years
before Bush became vice president, which suggests that Brunnell was in fact tapped-
into some very sensitive information).  It was basically written as a possible
emergency address to the nation which would supposedly take place after years of
American involvement in an - Illuminati orchestrated? - war in the Middle East.  
The scenario continued as "the President" informs the nation that, due to the long
drawn-out (Korea/Vietnam like no-win) war which has depleted our national resources,
a certain Executive Order was to be issued for the "good" of the nation which would
result in practically ALL PRIVATE AGENCIES coming under the absolute control of the
Federal Government.  In short, according to this scenario, if such a plan was
carried out then the entire nation could be brought under absolute socialist control 
in one night.

Such a scenario may not be too far-fetched when we realize the following:

1) George Bush was, during his years at Yale University, initiated into the "Skull
& Bones" society, also known as the "Brotherhood of Death". According to prominent
political and financial analysts such as Antony Sutten, there is much documentation
to suggest that Skull & Bones is nothing less than a Western branch of the Bavarian
Illuminati, designed to recruit highly-educated individuals into serving it's cause; 
2)George Bush served as THE DIRECTOR of the CIA for several years, which, according
to various sources, is actually serving the one-world movement; 
3) Bush has very close ties with one-world organizations such as the Council on
on Foreign Relations or C.F.R., Federal Reserve, Trilateral Commission, Bilder-
bergers, Alpine Institute, etc.; 
4) Before Ronald Reagan "chose" a running mate, according to the late Gary Allen,
he was approached at a political convention by the duo of Walter Cronkite and 
Henry Kissinger, both alleged Illuminists, and "strongly encouraged" to choose 
George Bush as his running mate as Bush was well-favored by the International
Banking Establishment of Wallstreet; 
5) The Bush family is very rich and are heavily involved in high-profit, offshore
oil drilling companies.

6) Also, when news of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait - where the Bush family's oil
oil business had some vested interests - reached America, George Bush was at the 
one-world "Aspen" Institute of Colorado visiting with Margaret Thatcher.  Bush's
decision to rally the nations together by sending our young men and women to fight
and die for the "New World Order", was based on "advice" he received from officials
at the one-world Aspen Institute.  Although "Operation Desert Storm" was a well-
planned and well master-minded attack, the fact nevertheless remains that we were
fighting to defend the "New World Order" and the oil interests (whereas we only
get a very small percentage of our oil from Kuwait) and not to defend the constitu-
tional United States. 

This war was a two-sided event.  Even though the motive may have been other than in
harmony with America's best interests in that (like Korea and Vietnam) it was fought
FOR the Socialist-oriented United Nations; some good nevertheless came out of it, in
essence, that America was able to defend ISRAEL from an aggressive enemy, something
which Almighty God most likely honored. However, the target, Saddam Hussian, escaped
free while tens of thousands of his subjects, so many pawns in a huge game of chess
had to pay the price with their lives.  As the Word of God says, "evil shall slay
the wicked" (Psalm 34:21).  This may in part apply to Iraq, the land of ancient
Babylon (the ancient city where the one-world movement and all occult movements had
their genesis) which in a strange twist of fate was "judged" by the very oppressive
movement which it created.  
Notice also Bush's constant references to the "New World Order" - a concept which is
a mockery of the Declaration of INDEPENDENCE which our forefathers shed their blood
defend.  True, we must as a nation not ignore the rest of the world, yet at the same 
time we should not surrender ourselves to the rest of the world either, but preserve
the American Republic as a bastion of Freedom to which the oppressed of ALL NATIONS
can take refuge.

The reason we are so critical of this particular presidency is because we believe
that the secret government - utilizing it's influence in mass-media control,
MANIPULATED Bush into office in a direct perversion of the electoral process. In
words, through the fantastic media power which they wielded, the one-worlders
snuffed out the competition.  
We realize that it is Biblical to honor the governing officials, yet this is only to
the EXTENT that the governing powers submit to the Almighty governing power of the
Universe, God Himself.  Elijah criticized the ancient King Ahab for this very reason,
because he was leading the nation of Israel astray into Baal worship. Unfortunately,
King Ahab and George Bush may have had a lot in common. We would  rather hope that
the opposite were true, but facts are facts. However, we must not fall into the trap
of pointing the finger at any one person, as Bush happens to be only one link in a
very large and very powerful "secret government" chain which, as we have seen, has
sold out much of this planet to "The Beast".  
Bush, like many misled "insiders", was no doubt largely a product of his environment,
as well as a member of a generational "Establishment" family, and more-or-less a 
puppet or voicebox of secret government policy.  This fact should be taken in account
as well as the fact that the major "enemy" is the draconian influence as it exists
in and behind the secret government establishment. There were, nevertheless, less-
than-honorable motives on the part of the United States in it's decision to fight in 
the Gulf War (see: YOUTH ACTION NEWS - Oct. 1990 ., Box 312, Alexandrea, VA 22313
- this source gives much evidence that Bush and Company more-or-less "encouraged" the
Kuwaiti invasion and, when faced with irrefutable proof that such an invasion was
coming, did absolutely nothing to warn the Kuwaitis or the Iraqis against such an
invasion.  Was Bush and Company willing to risk the lives of thousands of people just 
so his One World Government could be established and a "trial run" of the global U.N.
Police Force could be initiated?).
According to Dr. John Coleman (World Intelligence Review., Box 425., Metairie, LA,
70004), the ancient Babylonian Serpent Cult, or what is known today as the
"Illuminati" (33rd degree Freemasonry) is under the direct control of some very
nefarious forces.  Coleman in fact provides much evidence that 33rd degree Masonry
has been used not only to infiltrate and take over many political, economic and
religious institutions, but has also been used to "create" such institutions as well,
organizations to which people will flock and submit their power and energies to
unknowingly serve an agenda that they know nothing about.  This was and is carried
out through the 22 "Palladium" Lodges which, according to various sources, can be
traced back to the Grand Masonic Lodge in England.  According to Coleman and many 
others, the Grandmasters of Masonry AND of Jesuitism (ie. the Illuminati) are working
together in this conspiracy.  In many cases the individuals involved are both Jesuits
AND Masonic initiates. Such was the case of Guisseppi Mazzini, who was a Jesuit-Mason
nd a satanist-witch to boot, and was second-in-command to the Masonic "Pontiff" Albert
Pike - whose rotting remains now lie beneath the "House of the Temple" in Washington

Other works that may be very revealing along this line, as we indicated earlier, are
are the writings of former 33rd degree Mason and former Past Master of all Scottish-
Rite Masonic bodies, the Rev. Jim Shaw.  This is especially true with his book THE
DEADLY DECEPTION (P.O. Box 884., Silver Springs, FL  32688).  In this work Mr. Shaw
exposes the blatant SERPENT worship secretly taking place within the Masonic HOUSE
OF THE TEMPLE in Washington D.C. Mix this with the accounts of "Masonic" street-
outlays built into Washington D.C. itself and accounts of tunnels beneath the city
which connect many of the important Federal buildings and which allegedly extend to
extreme depths and distances, then you have a recipe for something very strange and
sinister which is undermining our nations capitol.  No wonder the Christian-Patriots
within the American Republic have had to fight "the enemy within" for so long with so
long with so little apparent results from their efforts.

Concerning Bush's one-world policies, we will quote here from a few letters to the
editor which appeared in various issues of the UTAH COUNTY JOURNAL, as confirmation
of some of the statements which we have previously made.  One letter, appearing in
the April 30, 1991 issue of the U.C.J., stated:

"Editor:  The April-May '91 issue of COMMON CAUSE reports
that the first successful exploration for oil in Kuwait was done
by the Zapata Oil Co., of which current President George Bush was
a founder and director.  The President's son, George W. Bush, is
now the third largest insider stockholder in another off-shore
oil drilling company located in Bahrain, 15 miles from Saudi
Arabia.  This is Harken Energy Corp., with its home base in
Bedford, Texas.

"Does this information explain the Rambo-like "hurry up" war
in Kuwait?  Does it explain marked shifts in acceptance or
castigation of Saddam Hussein?  Does it offer an explanation for
the terrible destruction of the Kuwait oil fields and Persian
Gulf waters?  Do these two leaders really have the welfare of
their respective peoples at heart?  I would give anything to read
one of the history books on this war written 25-50 years hence. -
Eugene J. Faux; Provo."

And in the Feb. 26, 1991 issue of the same publication:

"Editor:  In the Feb. 12 issue of the JOURNAL an obviously
well-intentioned lady suggested that we pray for President Bush
because he has 'awesome responsibilities.'  

"He has, indeed, many awesome responsibilities: a
responsibility to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution; a
responsibility to weed out those in our government who, by intent
or neglect, work to undermine the Republican form of government
given to us by our founding fathers; a responsibility to tell the
American people the TRUTH about the incredible, rapidly
escalating national debt and what the debt will mean to our
children and our children's children 'unto the seventh
generation' and beyond.  He also has a responsibility to expose
the hypocrisy of those who are working diligently to bring about
a new constitutional convention, supposedly to propose one or two
new amendments, while they already have entire new constitutions
written and waiting. - Albert V. Burns; Spanish Fork."

Another letter which appeared in the UTAH COUNTY JOURNAL during the Bush-Iraq
controversy, Mar. 5 1991 issue, stated:

"Editor:  Mrs. (Colleen D.) brought up a very good point
about my criticism of George Bush and his New World Order agenda.
Rightfully, as a leader of a nation, he might be considered
exempt from censure for any mistakes that he might make through
oversight or a lack of proper information.  Unfortunately, this
is far from the case with Bush.

"Sadly, the president is very cognizant of his actions and
exactly where these actions are speedily leading us - to a world
government ruled by elitist insiders.  History can conclude
nothing less than this result.  For a complete analysis of Bush,
his political history, and his leadership of the Council on
Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, I
enthusiastically recommend the new book on George Bush - THE
ESTABLISHMENT MAN, available through The John Birch Society. 
Well documented, this book will put to rest any remaining praises
for our chief executive.

"In fact, my critique of the executive is founded upon my
patriotism, not turning against it.  President Teddy Roosevelt
stated: "Patriotism means to stand by the country.  IT DOES NOT
It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently serves
the country.  It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact
extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to
stand by the country."  As Bush has repeatedly violated his oath
to defend the Constitution, I will continue to patriotically
reproach his intentions.

"As for being in the White House when Bush sent National
Security Adviser Brant Scowcroft and Deputy Secretary of State
Lawrence Eagleburger to Beijing immediately and secretly after
the Tienamen Square massacre, no, I was not present when he made
that call.  That's why we have the press.  The White House
announced that such was the case on Dec. 18, 1989, to anyone
listening.  Such betrayal of freedom-fighters is par for the
course when we look at Bush's policy toward other people seeking
liberty, but receiving only his true objective: World despotism
in his New World Order. - Bruce J. Martin."

In relation to the above concern of whether we should unquestioningly trust our
elected (?) heads of state, it is interesting that of all the presidents which have
been in the White House since the assassination of John F. Kennedy (which many allege
was actually an Illuminati-inspired coup), EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM have been
supportive of the one-world government movement as it is incarnate in the Council
of Foreign relations and allied global organizations.  Coincidence?

Finally, we have this letter from the September 18, 1990 issue of the same

"Editor:  In his September address to the nation, President
Bush stated his five objectives for the massive deployment of
U.S. troops.  The fifth is the fundamental reason for this
operation.  As Mr. Bush stated himself, "The crisis in the
Persian Gulf, as grave as it is, also offers a rare opportunity
to move toward a historic period of cooperation.  Out of these
troubled times, our fifth objective - a new world order - can
emerge... We are now in sight of a United Nations that performs
as envisioned by its founders."

"The U.N. 'founders' included U.S. communist traitor, Alger
Hiss, who was the acting secretary general of the conference in
San Francisco in 1945.  Hiss was accompanied by a contingent of
U.S. communists and a swarm of Council on Foreign Relations
members.  The communists wanted world government by revolution
and the others wanted it by way of socialism.  In either case,
these individuals did not want national sovereignty of the kind
fought for by our founding fathers.

"The fundamental difference between a "new world order"
under the United Nations and an independent United States are
nowhere clearly indicated than in our DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE
affirmation that "men are endowed by their Creator with certain
unalienable rights."  The UN's total exclusion of God means that
rights do not come from God, (but) that they proceed from
government, and government can and will take them away.

"Our country has suffered in the past from U.N. decisions
and action.  U.N. advocates gave away all the gains our fighting
men bled and died for in Europe and Asia after World War II.  We
fought Korea and Vietnam under U.N. sanction and command with
victory denied even though over 100,000 men lost their lives and
hundreds of thousands were wounded (in addition to this, several
sources allege that communist nationals working within the U.N.
constantly betrayed U.S. positions and strategies to their allies
in North Korea, and repeated this betrayal during the Vietnam
conflict as well.  It is a fact that the MAJORITY of the "United"
Nations Secretary Generals have also been communist nationals -
Branton).  Nixon and Kissinger operating under "new world order"
dictates gave South Vietnam to the communist enemy after our
military fought so valiantly even with the treasonous
restrictions imposed on them.

"Now, George Bush wants the men and women of our armed
forces to die... for the new world order... George Bush's drive
for a "new world order" is not worth ONE DROP of American blood. 
But blood we shall have until we once again elect
constitutionalists to office instead of one-worlders. - Mike
Thomas; Pleasant Grove."

The January 26, 1990 issue of THE NEW FEDERALIST revealed even more about the Bush
- one world connection.  In his article, BUSH'S CHINA POLICY: SKULL AND BONES, 
Joseph Brewda writes:

"Jan 19 (EIRNS)--An obscure secret society known as "Skull
and Bones" may have more to do with George Bush's obsessive
support of Beijing's mass murderers than one may think.

"Skull and Bones is a secret fraternity at Yale University
which is restricted to a mere fifteen student members per year. 
The society was formed in 1832 by General William Russell, whose
shipping firm later dominated the U.S. side of the China opium
trade.  Yale University was founded by Eli Yale, who made his
fortune working for the opium smuggling British East India

"Skull and Bones became the recruiting grounds and preserve
of the most important New England-centered families--families who
also made their money in the opium trade.  These families, whose
sons regularly join Skull and Bones, include the little known,
but powerful, Coffins, Sloanes, Tafts, Bundys, Paynes, Whitneys. 
They are a dominant element of the U.S. 'Eastern Establishment'
to this day.  The Bush family is one of a cluster of lower-level
Establishment families controlled by these interests.

"What has this to do with Bush policy towards China--or for
that matter, Bush's "War on Drugs"? (Note: the last television
news reporter to ask Bush a critical question concerning the many
narcotics agents who are complaining about how bad the "drug war"
was going, was promptly fired from his job shortly after the
press conference - Branton)    

"George Bush, the first U.S. diplomatic representative to
the People's Republic of China back in 1973, was a member of
Skull and Bones.  So were his father, brother, son, uncle,
nephew, and several cousins.  Winston Lord, the Reagan-Bush
administration Ambassador to China was a member; so were his
father and several other relatives.  James Lilley, the current
Ambassador to China, was a member of Skull and Bones, as was his
brother.  Except during the Carter administration, every U.S.
Ambassador to Beijing since Kissinger's deal with Mao Zedong was
a member of the same tiny Yale cult.  A mere coincidence?

"MAO WAS A YALIE - Back in 1903, Yale Divinity School
established a number of schools and hospitals throughout China
that were collectively known as 'Yale in China.'  It has since
been shown that 'Yale in China' was an intelligence network whose
purpose was to destroy the republican movement of Sun Yat-sen on
behalf of the Anglo-American Establishment.  The Anglo-American
"Establishment" hated Sun, because he wanted to develop China. 
On the other hand, they loved the Chinese communists because they
intended to keep China backward, and were committed to growing
dope.  One of 'Yale in China's' most important students was Mao

"During World War II, 'Yale in China' was a primary
instrument used by the U.S. Establishment and its Office of
Strategic Services (OSS) to install the Maoists into power. 
'Yale in China' was run by OSS operative Reuben Holden, the
husband of Bush's cousin, and also a member of Skull and Bones.

"The Maoists made China into the world's largest opium

"'Yale in China' was also closely associated with the New
York-based Union Theological Seminary, which has been a center
for U.S. subversion of Asia (literal wolves in sheeps clothing -
Branton).  Every prominent radical leader operating in Korea
today, for example, was trained at Union Theological.  Union
Theological was dominated for twenty years by Henry Sloane
Coffin, a U.S. intelligence executive from the Sloane and Coffin
families.  He was a Skull and Bones member as were a dozen of his

"Nor should it be forgotten that Averell Harriman, the
former Ambassador to Moscow who did so much to build up the
Soviet Union, was a member of Skull and Bones.  Harriman was also
a business partner of Prescott Bush, Sr., the father of Maoist
enthusiast George Bush."
Note: This Skull and Bones - Communist connection is also confirmed by geopolitical
and economics researchers such as Dr. Antony Sutton (Sutton's books may be obtained
through THE PATRIOT REVIEW., 33836 SE Kelso Rd. #6., P.O. Box 596., Boring, OR 
97099; OR via THE MIDNIGHT MESSENGER., P.O. Box 472., Altadens, CA 91001).

Not only did the Skull and Bones (Western Illuminati) help to build up the Communist
movement in China, but they gave considerable financial aid to the Soviet Union
communists as well. According to Sutton, this power cult has for centuries been
playing a "two ends against the middle" type of game, attempting to control America
(the thesis) and Russia (the anti-thesis) and other countries or movements, carefully 
pitting them against each other at the lower levels in order to keep the populations
of the world in a state of confusion and despair, to the point that they will - 
hopefully - resign themselves into accepting the New World Order "synthesis" as the
only alternative to solve the very "problems" which THEY, the New World Order
initiators, created in the first place!  One startling, though documented, claim
which Mr. Sutton makes is that the Nazi Movement was largely financed by the Skull
and Bones - Illuminati as well. This connection was recently described in a mailer
describing Val Valerian's book MATRIX III (c/o Leading Edge Research., P.O. Box
481-MU58., Yelm, WASH  98597).  Part of this mailer states:

"Interspaced with the material comes a host of data,
supplementary material, interviews, and revealing information. 
The 'Final Scenario' is discussed relative to the New World Order
and the plans for total economic control, a one-world religion,
and the electronic mind control objectives, schools of thought,
and research.  MATRIX III brings out in detail how various
families in the United States and Europe are also involved in a
scenario which has as its main tenet the suppression and
elimination of human beings on many levels - a scenario which
includes worldwide traffic of drugs, vast laundering of drug
money by national banks of several countries, and assassination
and murder.  These are the people who arranged and supported all
the wars.  There is discussion of the Bush family, and how
Prescott Bush assisted the finance and management of the Nazi
empire - the so-called Hitler project..." 

Much of Valerian's writings are very well-documented and can be followed-up, yet
the only criticism of his work which we have deals with the facts that, we believe,
he has placed too much confidence in so-called "channeled" revelations as sources of
information.  We believe, based on past experience and research, that much of the
information received through so-called "trance channels" should be discarded for
several reasons: 
1) Such information is often self-contradictory. 
2) Channeled revelations often contradict "revelations" received through other 

3) There are supernatural beings inhabiting the aerial realm whose very purpose and
"assignment" is to counterfeit "divine" revelation in order to spread propaganda,
confusion or mislead the seeker from the truth.  This is often, we have found,
accomplished by offering the seeker a substantial amount of "truth" in order to
uphold one strategic lie. 4) 
Channeled information in most cases cannot be followed up by physical documentation
or evidence. 
5) There are many indications that non-human beings, both supernatural and reptilian, 
are utilizing occult channels in order to carry out propaganda warfare against those
who possess the truth.  There is also much evidence that these alien beings have 
utilized witchcraft and occult movements (ie. the serpent cults) since the earliest
times in order to further their reptilian cause.
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the Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki, the Dracos Reptilian hybrids of the ...

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She was 21 and knew about UFOs but had no knowledge of alien beings. ...
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England to a reptilian bloodline. ... ...
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ET - perhaps Reptilian). When I was done with the project, a couple other ...
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hurt was that his leg bent unnaturally backwards, because he was reptilian. ...

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4 FLASH DREAMS: A big green reptilian was going to become President of the ...
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defeated the rebelling prince in a battle that destroyed heaven’s pillars. ...
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What are the Triangles
... A recent lecture in Las Vegas drew over 700 people. ... JOHN LEAR.". ...
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... creatures with enormous eyes, reptilian skin and claw-like fingers. ...
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guy in order to try to get him to bring the price down, "Well, we can always ...
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... The predictability of the ritualistic, emotionless, reptilian mind can be seen
in the news management that has followed this US disaster. ...
www.greatdreams.com/trade_day5.htm -

... suddenly dawned on me that the only way that first baby couldn't have been
hurt was that his leg bent unnaturally backwards, because he was reptilian. ...
www.greatdreams.com/mar2002.htm - 

... The ... www.greatdreams.com/reptilian-humanoids.htm. DEES DREAMS AND VISIONS -
FEBRUARY, 2002 ... I went outside then and saw that I was on the porch of ...
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www.greatdreams.com/reptilian-humanoids.htm. THE KOREAN LEADER - ATTACK ON AMERICA? ...
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... 6-25-03 - REPTILIAN HUMANOIDS by Branton and Alan Walton. 5-30-03 - INTERVIEW

... look like the boss I had who wore a military uniform and when he turned around
and walked away from me, he had a hunchback like a Reptilian alien. ...
www.greatdreams.com/mar99.htm -

The Mental Destruction of Paul Bennewitz
... The Reptilian Aliens which are called Reptoids are proportional in size to
modern humans. ... dark, nocturnal aliens who appeared around graveyards and ...
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FOR ET. 11-19-99 - ´Billy´ Eduard Albert Meier dissociates himself from ...

... I took me a moment to figure out that it was a Reptilian. (That's what I get
for researching this subject all day. :-) ). ************* ...
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... DREAMS AFTER THE ELECTION - 11-24-00 - 4 FLASH DREAMS: A big green reptilian
was going to become President of the US ...

... polished as by jewelers, though excavated by giants; floors carpeted ...
www.greatdreams.com/holograms.htm. BACK TO REPTILIAN RESEARCH CONTENTS PAGE.
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... If a Center in Montana, specializing in rare tropical reptilian viruses
accidently discovers a new Framawitz Disease and finds that a drug called ...
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... VISION - A green reptilian said, "hang on, I'll get someone who knows."
VISION - I saw a playing card - King of Clubs. Wanted Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri ...

... The type that people seem to call "reptilian" are not as fearsome as people
maintain - at least not to my perception. They are dedicated to a particular ...


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... Colonel Aquino is a psychology "expert" linked to mind control with Defense ... Later on, her very young daughter was included in this evil MIND CONTROL ...
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... of facts of mind control, this is an avenue which the mind takes when it is least contracted and least concerned about its exposure to mind control. ...
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... A History of Secret CIA Mind Control Research Techniques used By Government agencies for Mind Control: Part 1. By Sid Taylor. ... ...
www.greatdreams.com/reptlan/ reptilian-research-contents.htm - 

... Aside from mind control related operations, the base at Plattsburgh has ... in the MKULTRA (drug and neuroelectrically-based mind control) Project just ...
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... Mind Control, ORION TECHNOLOGY AND OTHER SECRET PROJECTS ? 114. Mind Control, Interview with Duncan Cameron and Preston Nichols ? ...
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... Government ignores warning and opts for pending treaty; mind control, ... Info and Links on Secret Government, Mind Control, Nonlethal Weapons, ...
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... of the Montauk Project, the mind control/(child) psychosexual abuse aspect, ... this is the current site of the Montauk Project mind control operations. ...

... years of inter-stellar mind control; mind control that has been subtly, intentionally and repeatedly orchestrated through cultural belief-programming. ...
www.greatdreams.com/picture.htm - 

... The electronics ELF mind control and hologram imaging know as "Project Blue Beam." Mind Control radio waves are transmitted from man-made saucers to the ...
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Alien Abduction Classifications
... Mind Control in abductions. Abduction, A Materialised Dream. Alien Abductee Support Group chat room. The Paul Schroeder Story, ... ...
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THE CHANGING OF THE GUARD - Part Two: Illuminati Revealed
... or a victim of Mind Control (and therefore considered useable). ... read (but be aware that many are possibly triggering to survivors of mind control). ...
www.greatdreams.com/political/media02.html -

... Through the power of this net, the Dark Forces can control your mind ... This technology can completely heal you of any disease or mind control you and ...
www.greatdreams.com/shifting.htm - 

... but according to what is as allowed by a greater concept of control. We see greater concept of control by what is in the imagining of the mind and not ...
www.greatdreams.com/monic722.htm - 

... MIND CONTROL NEW WORLD ORDER OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT POWS ... Conspiracies and Mind Control. Terrorism. Chemtrails. Nuclear War. ...
www.greatdreams.com/new_world_order_controls.htm - 

... stop transmissions of all mind control frequencies, sieze all actions of war on earth and allow all citizens to be free unhindered . ...

... The crap Reptilian "New Age" mind control systems will collapse. The Bull Shit
stuff like, Ashtar command, "channeling" Entities telling you what to do, ...

... Submission of articles for publication within the MindNet Journal on the
subjects of mind control, directed-energy weapons, non-lethal weapons, ...
www.greatdreams.com/mn15c.htm - 

Dream centre' of the brain found
... deprivation and ... fluid from son’s brain acts as mind-control serum, son is
also ... www.greatdreams.com/political/media03.html ...
www.greatdreams.com/brain-dreams.htm -

... I saw others about him and they seemed to be about mind control and while I
watched, the word "control' disappeared. 
www.greatdreams.com/political/thomas_paine.htm -

www.greatdreams.com/ufos.htm -

... stop transmissions of all mind control frequencies, seize all actions of war
on earth and allow all citizens to be free unhindered . ...

The Light and the Shadow
... and the Montauk project, the mind control efforts and all that kind of thing.
... trying to get us under mind control here, we have the HAARP project. ...
www.greatdreams.com/shadow.htm -

www.greatdreams.com/nwo.htm - 

PINDAR..The Lizard King
... of the Reptoid-initiate farm system of the global mind control network. ...
The US mind control empire was actually established by the Nazi mind control ...
www.greatdreams.com/reptlan/pindar.htm -

New York Airport Disaster
... was the site of secret government experiments in time-travel and mind control.
... hokey UFO/mind-control/government-conspiracy/ time- travel nonsense." ...

www.greatdreams.com/political/political_dreams.htm - 

Subj: *Blue* Elijovium / Lillium Date: 2/7/2002 WHERE WE CAME FROM ...
... and dismantle all their nuclear weapons of war, stop transmissions of all mind
control frequencies, sieze all actions of war on earth and allow all ...
www.greatdreams.com/blue3.html - 

... Mind Control, the Illuminati and the JFK Assassination. NEW WORLD ORDER.
The Hermetic Fellowship Ordo Templi orientis The Roscicrucians ...
www.greatdreams.com/puppetmaster.htm - 

Arguments Against the Hoax Theory of Crop Circles
... Do we have to elect Jesse Venturas, or the like, to be our president and
representatives in order to overcome the apparent mind control? ...

... This is the essence of mind control; nothing is false, everything is true;
everything is false, ... and our reports on Secret Gov Mind Control Projects. ...
www.greatdreams.com/ufos/ufo-cults.htm - 

... She said Himmler was an esoteric scientist, but he used radionics for mind
control. She said, “We know that the NSA is in charge of how much information ...

The Mental Destruction of Paul Bennewitz
... the messages that the aliens were transmitting to mind-control devices such
as those ... terrorizing, drugging, and hypnotic mind-control programming of ...
www.greatdreams.com/Falcon-Richard-Doty.htm -

... WAVE GUIDE. ORG. EMF guru website (home of EMF-L). EMR-EMF mailing list.
www.greatdreams.com/antenna.htm -

experience the alien element, but claim to be under mind control ...

... "Eugenics is the study of the agencies under social control that may improve or
... your mind after the excursion into the history of Margaret Sanger, ...

Should we Know More About Project Megiddo?
... "Doomsday groups represent the most dangerous fringe of mind control groups. We have studied a number of organizations that have lost membership through ...
www.greatdreams.com/megiddo.htm -

... based on its activity and accomplishments over the years: The Department of Disease Production, Mind Control of the Young and Sociological Dependency. ...

... pertaining to access control, electronic payments and security. ... on them will understand that 'control' is coming. ... www.greatdreams.com/mind.htm ...

... psychic who was developed further using mind control from the Montauk project in New York. ... The other one is about Conspiracy and Mind Control. ...
www.greatdreams.com/et.htm - 

www.greatdreams.com/royalty/prince-william.htm -

... They control the Government, all of its agencies, the major religious institutions, ... All they can see with, unfortunately, is a military mind. ...
www.greatdreams.com/contact.htm - 

... How should an artificial mind ever be able to understand tiredness, excitment, happiness or fear ... MIND CONTROL DATABASE. KENT STATE - A PROTEST ...
www.greatdreams.com/war/jair-farm.htm - 

... the functions of the emotions and mind, and even the spiritual life ... Silva Mind Control (Silva Mental Dynamics, Silva Method, Silva Method of mind ...
www.greatdreams.com/healing-methods.htm -

... When the mind control stuff kicks in, or the planned reactions that came ... the human limbic system, and be used for mood management and mind control. ...
www.greatdreams.com/1090wjkm.htm - 

... It is clear that by now Atta already had a plan in mind and the next step was ... attacks used knives and box cutters to take control of the airliners. ...

... Asia Minor was on everyone's mind. No one gave a thought to New York and ... US Centers for Disease Control to fight polio via a United Nations program. ...

... mind, behavior and mood control these work in conjunction with HAARP and the ... MIND CONTROL. HAARP. The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program ...
www.greatdreams.com/haarp-sun.htm - 

... THE ULTIMATE DREAM - THE ELECTION AND MIND CONTROL ... Attempted assassination of Lenin. New Thought lecturer David Van Bush... ...
www.greatdreams.com/political/lady-grey.htm - 

... THE ULTIMATE DREAM - THE ELECTION AND MIND CONTROL ... HAARP, Weather War, And EMF Mind Control ... www.greatdreams.com/mind.htm - ...
www.greatdreams.com/weather/weather_anomalies.htm - 

... Project MEGIDDO. Pentagon Reveals Weapons Locations. Conspiracies and Mind Control ... www.greatdreams.com/peasbns.htm - ...

... THE ELECTION AND MIND CONTROL. DREAM AFTER THE ELECTION 11-29-00 - I was at a computer, looking at the election results. I then had a vision within the ...
www.greatdreams.com/elec2000.htm -

... nature and yet deal in 'mind control' over their members. ... linked to the CIA and that the Jonestown massacre was in fact a mind control experiment. ...
www.greatdreams.com/believrs.htm - 

... Such similarity was also found in implanting procedures between alleged alien abductees and possible mind control victims. ...
www.greatdreams.com/baby_machines.htm - 

... all cities and towns in North America for the purpose of mood and mind control. ... Pulsed-energy mind-control technology for mass populations was first ...
www.greatdreams.com/chems.htm - 

... must learn to control the mind: "For one who has conquered the mind, then his mind ... By chanting the Hare Krsna mantra ,we can control mind,instead of ...

... Earth is a school for practicing these laws of mind control. There is a Correspondence between the Laws and Phenomena of the various planes of Being and ...
www.greatdreams.com/vision1.htm - 

... 11-16-00 - I got lessons in mind control and pain management. ... 11-26-00 - THE ULTIMATE DREAM - THE ELECTION AND MIND CONTROL - I was living in a nice ...
www.greatdreams.com/nov2000.htm -

... Rayelan states he was subjected to intense mind control, or he was given a chemical such as scopolamine, which changes a person instantly. ...
www.greatdreams.com/dianpro.htm - 

www.greatdreams.com/pope-research.htm - 

... Before the war, there's no doubt in my mind that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass ... He was asked, if Democrats were in control of the House, ...
www.greatdreams.com/political/blackened-whitehouse.htm -

... As one uses different affirmations, his attitude of mind should change; for example, ... Fully understanding the control of life energy, they project a ...
www.greatdreams.com/healaff.htm - 

... shows that ultra low frequencies emitted by the HAARP installation may affect the human limbic system, and be used for mood management and mind control. ...
www.greatdreams.com/guatemala.htm - 

... The US military has already taken control of a base in Uzbekistan. No one is ... POLITICAL DREAMS FOR 2000/2001. THE ELECTION AND MIND CONTROL ...
www.greatdreams.com/suspicion.htm - 

... Then I started seeing in my own mind's eye, a written page that had been published previously. ... THE ULTIMATE DREAM - THE ELECTION AND MIND CONTROL . ...
www.greatdreams.com/sacred/bridesmaids-cometh.htm - 

... So if we can't control people's actions we have to try and control access to the ... POLITICAL DREAMS FOR 2000/2001. THE ELECTION AND MIND CONTROL ...

To Surf, Perchance to Dream - NEW YORK TIMES - OCTOBER 1, 1998
... On the other hand, "a crank has already made up his mind, evidence one way or ... and The Times has no control over their content or availability. ...
www.greatdreams.com/nyt10198.htm -

... WAR. German Economic. "MIRACLE". Sam Russel's. OPEN MIND FORUM. CIVIL WAR. ABOUT TO BREAK OUT. Mind Control. ... http://www.greatdreams.com/uforprts.htm ...

... It was DREAM MIND and CONTROL. In the dream, he moved in with us. He had a butler, a maid, and a driver. He told me to hire a cleaning lady. ...
www.greatdreams.com/1297.htm - 

YOU GOTTA BE JOKING!!! The Beast of Revelation
... THE ULTIMATE DREAM - THE ELECTION AND MIND CONTROL ... was never going to be able to serve the coffee so I could tell my story which was now a dream, ...

... THE ULTIMATE DREAM - THE ELECTION AND MIND CONTROL ... Its super powerful radio-wave beam may irreparably damage the planets atmosphere and severely ...
www.greatdreams.com/cancer-cure.htm -

... These matters were under the auspices and control those who were making ... as the focus of the content of my mind within the reality of my creation. ...
www.greatdreams.com/reality.htm - 

BLUE - on positive co-creation and the coming comets
... to create and draws the necessary ingredients toward itself, your mind and/or hearts ... are useful tools for those who have not control over themselves ...
www.greatdreams.com/co-creation.htm - 

... Online Illuminati Mind Control Book Terminator seeds New World Order Crisis The Alien Agenda ... Remote Mind Control Weapons The Omega Code: The Movie ...
www.greatdreams.com/lostland/pole2.htm -

... ''The fact I was shot is mind-boggling, and the fact that it is linked is even more ... SEE SERIAL KILLERS. SEE MIND CONTROL. EARTHCHANGES NEWS ...

... and the Christ Body of Light working with the harmonies of the Divine Mind.
... It is now the duty of the human mind to control the rebellious urges ...
www.greatdreams.com/lessons/bride.htm -

security apparat - and that the knowledge gleaned from Japan's horrifying ...
www.greatdreams.com/korean.htm - 

... He said police were keeping an open mind but, "clearly the sort of weapon we
... Pentagon Reveals Weapons Locations. Conspiracies and Mind Control ...
www.greatdreams.com/peasbns.htm -

... (I believed this to be my spiritual teacher's teacher who was in trouble with
the law in Dallas, TX and being accused of causing death by mind control) ...
www.greatdreams.com/1989.htm - 

www.greatdreams.com/healing.htm - 

DATABASE PAGE. UFOs: Andromedan, Pleiadian/Plejaran and Orion ...
www.greatdreams.com/dream-archive.htm -

... YELLOW-ORANGE, Thoughfulness, consideration, strong intellect, active mind,
self-control, socially inclined. ORANGE, Life, prana, strength, energy, ...
www.greatdreams.com/grab.htm - 

... Yet he has no control over Hamas or any other group which is determined to
... So, keep this in mind as we move forward. I would recommend that people ...
www.greatdreams.com/spirit_message9.htm -

www.greatdreams.com/zeta.htm - 


... a prominent US arms-control group has called for Pentagon chief Donald ...
Never mind that the Iraqi seat was filled at the United Nations by none other ...
www.greatdreams.com/iraq-part2.htm - 

... MIND CONTROL DATABASE ... ... www.greatdreams.com/ufos/alien-abduction-technology.
htm -. LATEST UFO AND ALIEN NEWS ... <>===. ...
www.greatdreams.com/john_mack.htm -

... Dreams & Mind Control Sector dreams astral dream lonezone projection analysis
defense develop dreamscape healing hypnotize mental move ninja powers ...
www.greatdreams.com/drmrdr.htm - 

... Overwhelming emotions were flooding into his mind so fast and voluminous, he
knew he couldn't handle ... "It's under control Honey, it's under control" ...
www.greatdreams.com/hitler2.htm - 

www.greatdreams.com/chgnews.htm -

... general's finding that Howard failed completely to take control of the
www.greatdreams.com/tailhook.htm -

... sought to always bring more land and territory under their control. ...
The AGE of PISCES is related to WATER, NEPTUNE and the subconscious mind. ...
www.greatdreams.com/ages.htm - 

Reptilians - The Connection to Dulce - by Branton
... at first I felt it was a mind control trick to confuse me, and the list. ...
The drugs were designed to make her easier to mind control and to prevent ...
www.greatdreams.com/reptilian-humanoids.htm - 

... Dreams of Contracts - contracts.htm and Mind Control at
www.greatdreams.com/apr2002.htm -