by Dee Finney


I was about 17 years old, standing at the door of my house with one of my boyfriends. He said to me, "I can't see you anymore".

I asked, "Why not?"

He answered, "You're just too negative," and he walked off into the dark alone.

Not to be dismayed, the next day I went to see another one of my boyfriends. He was sitting in 1/2 darkness in a big closet when I got there. He was working on something at a desk, but I don't know what.

I stayed out in the light and said to him, "I got dumped yesterday by N." He said, "How come?" I answered, "He said I was too negative."

He asked, "How come?"

I said, "Because I've been talking about being self-sufficient for 10 years!"

J., who was a hunter said, "I don't see anything wrong with that."

That made me feel better.

The next day, J and I were out at a park. It was obvious we didn't go there together, because when I met him, he was pacing up and down along the bank of a river with a big thick rope in his hands, like they use to moor ocean-going vessels, which went across the river to something behind a big truck. He looked like he was in deep despair.

I asked him what was wrong. He said, "I really wanted to use my boat today, but the water is too rough."

I looked at the river and I have to admit it was really rough. There were waves on it about two feet high, but the water was perfectly clear and I could see the gravel bottom of the river. It was clean and not much more than two feet deep it seemed. I wondered why he didn't just wade across the river and go sit in the boat. It didn't appear like the water was going sideways along the bank. It was more like a lake. But I know rough water can be dangerous if you lose your footing, so I took the rope from J and walked over aways so I could actually see the boat which was hidden behind the big truck.

When I did that, I saw that the boat was actually a rubber raft, sitting in a smooth-watered pond, beyond the truck and if J had changed his perspective like I did, he could easily have let go of the rope, walked over to the road we had come in, crossed the bridge, and walked along the opposite bank of the river to where the truck was parked and sit in the raft on the pond all day.


I couldn't help but wonder why he didn't think of that.


That said, I started planning to be self-sufficient starting in the early 1990's after a series of dreams which told me to do this. I wasn't able to do everything the dreams told me to do, so I continued the planning aspect and started sharing the information with others who could also become self-sufficient - or at least make inroads towards that end.

Here are few pages I've done over the last 4 years since we started the website: :

Survival and Self-Sufficiency Database

Intentional Communities Database

Gardening Database

Environment Database

Alternative Health Links

Dowsing - Master Resource Page

Earthchange Maps Database

Earthquakes Database

Volcano Cams and Database

Poleshift, Comets, and Asteroids Database

Positive Co-Creation

Scalar Physics and Free Energy

Signs in the Sky (Astronomy)

PHI- Sound and Healing Database

Underground Shelter Resources


So, what is this new perspective we are to take. How do we let go of the rope and go sit in the pond and relax?

Is that a good question?  Am I being told to let go of the rope I created myself above?

Why would there be a change?  A change in plans?  From other information I've received recently, I don't believe that's the case. In fact, the information coming in is getting scarier, not less so. So, there must be something else I'm not getting yet.

Life is about change. Life is always changing. Changes are a part of nature and part of everyday living and every other creatures and things. Changes can be as simple as a change of decision, or of a location or even hair color. Or it can become a more complex change such as a new job, a new addition to the family, or even someone's death.  
Change can be perceived in many ways. Different people get different reactions! Changes deal with personal life, social, family life, school life and it not only affects you, but others as well.

There is more than one way to look at things. We can look at change with fear and get stuck in a rut and never realize they are other ways of looking at the change. If we take a step back, we can gain a new perspective on it and see it with new eyes.

Like the young man in the dream, who tied a rope as large as an ocean-going vessel on a rubber raft, he went way overboard with his planning.  Then he crossed a bridge and stretched the rope as far as it would go, rather than just sit in the raft and relax once he had it in the smooth pond.

We need to learn our limits, and work together instead of alone. One person can do only so much, but in groups, wonders can be accomplished.  Two people can do twice what one person can do. Four can double that again, etc.

Group members can regain control of their lives in every way possible.  One way is to shed the victim label.  Rather than defining themselves as victims, they become survivors.  Making small changes goes a long way toward making changes in perspective, discarding  self-image as powerless and accepting one as courageous and future oriented. During the process, making the shift in perspective from victim to survivor is vital.  This shift may be long coming and hard won but worth every moment of effort.


I belong to a e-mail group which focuses on preparing for the coming changes. Here is a list of websites recommended for research. Just so you know in advance, I have not been to all of them.  I am taking their word that they are worthy spending time at. Others I have been at numerous times.  Not everyone is looking for the same information, so I leave it up to the reader to choose which of these you prefer.

"Behind the scene" and alternative info sites

1. General Info & news sites:  (Huge archives of alternative info & news.) (in depth articles. Focus on Middle East.)  
(The Leading Edge Research Group)

2. Conspiracy Politics sites:  
Dr Len Horowitz  
(Conference on Conspiracies)  
Stan Deyo  
Lynton LaRouche

3. Freedom sites:

4. Whistle Blowers sites:  
Michael Ruppert (Government & intelligence cover-ups)  
Richard Hoagland  
Dr Steven Greer (UFOs, black budget ops) 
David McGowan  
(Philadelphia experiment)  
Richard Sauder, Ph.D  
Phil Berrigan

5. Hot Alert sites:  
(report site on chemtrails) 
(well researched + pics of samples) 
(chemtrails info) 
(aspartame as poison) 
(crop-circles central)
Joe Mason's Crop Circle Database
Estraterrestrials and UFOs Database 
(Citizens Against UFO Secrecy)  
(Court & judicial corruption)  
(Control agenda of WTO, G8s...)   
Richard Boylan, Ph.D (UFOs, abductions, ET tech...)  
(Human Rights Watch group)  
Michael Battros (Solar flares & NASA news)  
(rigging of last elections)

6. Info networks, hubs and media sites:  
(Jean Hudon's Earth Rainbow Network)  
(Years of mind opening articles) 
(alternative talk radio show) 
(alternative talk radio show)  
(New Civilization Network) 
(art/info network honoring the Mother Goddess)  
Michael Lightweaver  (solution oriented news & resources)  
(New Age Directory of Planet Earth)  
(traditional earth & nature wisdom databank)

7. Foods & Health sites:   
Dr Horowitz (ways to boost immune system) 
(dangers of canola oil)  
(medical info about aspartame and other toxic "foods")  
(Jonathan Goldman's Sound Healers Network)  
Dr Schulze

8. Bright Futures sites: new energies, new economies, new world...  
(eco-villages & intentional communities)  
(global financial reform laws)   
David Jinks  (New Hydrogen Energy and new paradigm)  
 (new energy alternatives) 
(Institute for New Energy)  
Steve Kaplan  (free energy technologies)  
(world peace projects)  
Drunvalo Melchizedek  
(positive news)  
(global consciousness project) 
(new paradigm) 
(new dome building & architecture) 
(sacred arts & ancient/future myths) 
(collection & vision of StarWheel mandalas by Aya) 
(wealth of info & resources on labyrinths, geomancy...) 
(labyrinth central) 
(Places of peace & power with Martin Gray) 
(new business spirit)  
(new futures "down under")