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compiled by Dee Finney

9-11-01 - World Trade Center Towers Attack
World Trade Center Towers Attack
World Trade Center Towers Number Symbolism
World Trade Center Towers Dreams and Prophecy

Osama bin Laden tape transcript with dreams referenced


Prayer For Peace

O Lord Jesus Christ, Who said to Your Apostles:
"Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you,"
regard not my sins but the faith of Your Church,
and deign to give her peace and unity according
to Your Will: Who live and reign, God, world without end.


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Message to Chris Courtis- July 11, 2000 


July 11, 2000 through Chris Courtis visionary in Maryland, USA

My dear little children, Praise be Jesus! My dear children, I have asked you to return to God and to pray for my little ones who need your prayers, and you have turned a deaf ear

. My little children, do not think that Satan is not strong, because he has become more aggressive then ever
before. Satan has given to many people great power. I am not talking about witchcraft or Satanism, although that has spread very far and wide. Satan wishes, my little ones, to turn you away from my son Jesus and from God the Father, and so he uses the New Age Movement. My little ones, beware, be on your guard for the New Age has infiltrated even the Church. PRAY! PRAY! PRAY that they amend their ways and return to God through my son Jesus.

The biggest trick Satan uses is psychics. Know my little ones, no one knows the future but God alone, and only He can help you. RETURN TO GOD! Oh, my little ones, PRAY FOR MY BELOVED POPE! Know that he and I are praying for you. This message is very, very, very serious. My little children, you can no longer run from my words! If you continue to offend God, then by your own action will you see what will come- a war, my little ones, that will end all wars! But this time the chastisement will not be by God, but by your own choices. It will be the natural outcome by your own will. By not doing or living God's Most Holy Will, this will happen.

However, Satan's great weapons are hate, self will, and pride.But LOVE conquers HATE! MERCY conquers SELF WILL, And HUMILITY conquers PRIDE! And PRAYER AND FASTING can CHANGE THE WORLD! And with THE SACRAMENTS you can DEFEAT SATAN! PRAY, my little ones, PRAY! Return to God and pray daily three St. Michael the Archangel prayers and three Hail Marys to drive out Satan. Remember, SATAN WILL NOT BE DRIVEN OUT UNTIL YOU CALL TO GOD TO HELP YOU. I love you all with very much love. Take to heart these words and IN LOVE AND GREAT HUMILITY RETURN TO GOD. I bless you all. Thank you for responding to my call. Go in the peace of God.

(Three St. Michael and three Hail Marys to be prayed daily to drive out Satan.)

St. MICHAEL, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the malice and snares of the devil. Rebuke him, O God, we humbly pray. And do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the Divine Power, Thrust into Hell, Satan and all evil spirits who roam through the world Seeking the ruin of souls.

HAIL MARY, full of grace, The Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women,And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for us sinners, Now and at the hour of our death - Amen

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Message to Carol Ameche- December 5, 2001
Date: 12/10/2001

12/5/01 External locution at Ameche prayer group through Carol

"My dear ones, I am your Jesus, once again here with you to praise My Father and thank Him for this great gift and for each one of you, My dear, dear children. My dear, beloved ones, thank you for the preparing you are doing in prayer, in spending more time with Me before My Blessed Sacrament, where I wait for you eagerly, and I pray joyously when you arrive! You have no idea of My joy and that of all in Heaven, nor can you imagine the graces poured out, and the unity with your Triune God you are attaining.

My children, you have seen new terror, new destruction. I tell you, Heaven weeps, for this too is another sign of an escalation, a deepening of hostilities, a bringing to a boiling point: blood that courses through powerful men bent on controlling each other, the people of each other's country. This part of the world (Israel and Palestine), My children, is so important in these end times. It is a sign to you that Scripture is once again being fulfilled. This will continue, as you know. Pray for them, My dear ones. Unite your hearts to all of those who suffer from this renewed hostility, and the many, many more who will know hardship. Yes, My shrines, once again, are in danger; and I call upon you and your goodness and your prayers to save these testaments to My life, to outstanding events in My life. Imagine, over 2000 years, how many people have come to visit these places and now, not only imagine but believe the very great possibility of their destruction !

The danger is very real everywhere. Men seek to take all the power, all the land. You know there will be many more of these, for it is Satan's way. I can see in your hearts, My children, the seriousness with which you hear My words, My serious words. I know that your hearts are united with Mine in this great time of need. If these shrines and holy places are destroyed, My children, it will be easier to wipe out the memory and the reality of My time on earth. You can see how true this would be, for you know the plans of evil men who wish only a One World Religion and must destroy other's (religions) first. When you are attacked (by others or by evil directly), My children, I am attacked. When I am threatened, My children, you are threatened, for we are one; and we must combat the enemy together. Although it will look, for awhile, as though the enemy will overcome, you know he will never overcome the power of My Father. I speak to all Our children in the world! , for these are true of all of you.

Remember, the Father lets you know how much He loves you by what He asks of you and allows you to do. You are needed, My people, by your God, by the Love that created you! There is nothing else important. Remember My love. Allow Me, children, to love you more. Amen, for now, My dear ones. I Am with you. Amen."

Carol Ameche
A new prayer was given by Our Lady on June 10, 1999 in Tulsa Okla.

"We praise you, Father, and beg Your Mercy on a sinful world. Without Your
Kindness and Mercy, the world will not survive. Have pity on us, Father, and
forgive us, we pray. Amen."


Louise started to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood." Then Jesus said:

"During this holy season of Advent the Christian world is preparing for My coming, My birthday. At My birth the holy Angels sang of ' peace on earth, good will toward men.' This can happen in individual hearts but not in the world for men have forgotten Me, ignore Me, sin against Me breaking every one of Our Father's Commandments.

Unless each individual repents and turns his life around you will not find world, national or heart-felt peace. What is taking place and what will grow out of proportion is natural disasters and a great war among all countries world-wide.

I wish for all My children to return to Me and away from sin and evil. If you pray for strength to repent and to change, I WILL GRANT THAT REQUEST.

War is a punishment for man's sins as I"ve told you so many times. America, return to your God on whom your country was founded. All countries, all people: look at Advent as a 'mercy season', one filled with happy anticipation for the birth of your Savior. Accept all the special graces I send you to strengthen you, lead you, assist you, to call you to and accept you into My Merciful, loving Heart. All My glorious gifts from Heaven will rain down on earth and into each heart that repents, forgives, loves and obeys. Consecrate yourselves, at My crib, to Me and to My dearest parents. We will guide you, protect you, strengthen you you all the days of your life. You will never be alone or abandoned.

Seek true peace on earth by displaying a symbol of your love and faith in Me this holy season and always.

Pray for your country and the world to accept and return to Me. I will raise My little Hand to bless you. My parents will welcome you to the stable and into their hearts too. Peace WILL flood your entire being and love and joy will follow you everywhere all the days of your life.

Make this Christmas truly holy by praying for all religious leaders, government leaders and all people to be open to Me, to receive Me today and live Our Will forever.

Peace can be yours. You can make it happen. Each one must begin with him/her self and you can and will live 'peace on earth, good will toward men.' Today is the day to change yourself and the world will follow. Begin !!! "

(end of message)


Louise started to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood." Then Jesus said:

" The easiest and quickest way to prepare for the birthday of your King is to go to Confession. Cleanse your heart and soul of all that holds you bound to evil.

No one knows what the morrow will bring but, each of you must be prepared. Your world is hanging on the brink of war and sin blackens many a poor soul. So many of you are totally unprepared yet the hour is so very, very near when calamity will strike.

My poor, poor children who are living in grievous sin, cannot fathom the horror that awaits them. Hell and its fire is endless, the suffering is forever.

I call you to repent and give Me your heart and all your love. The more you give to Me, the more I will give to you. Exit your thoughts, your heart from materialism and the world. Unite your all to My Divine and beautiful Will for you. Accept My Mercy, Love and Graces for you--today--now.

Before much more time lapses, your world and all who dwell there on, will feel the gigantic and horrible effect of sin. Time is growing extremely short. Many, many disasters await on the horizon and only you can help

Give up sin!!! Repent and turn your life completely around today. You are so involved with the material and glitzy side of Christmas that you fail to see My anger and the efforts of evil world leader to seduce you deeper into the world, sin, war and eternal damnation.

Please children, PLEASE, wake up and make amends to Me NOW for all your evil doings. Run to Me. Don't let evil continue to hold you captive. Time is precariously short. Convert while there is still time (for you)."

(end of message)


Louise started to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please  cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."  Then Jesus said:

"Have you heard Me?  Are you listening and being obedient?  Beginning now and  in the weeks ahead much disaster and much fear will begin and continue to  escalate.  Many cities, territories (USA & Canada), government and industrial  buildings will be targeted.  Places too, where many people gather (I believe  this to be shopping malls and theaters ) to fill their materialistic needs,  will also be a prime target.  Tragic warfare will begin and the world will  suffer at the hands of Godless men.

Finish ALL your preparations immediately!!!  Remain indoors and keep your  animals at your side or in an indoor area.  Have their food and water at hand  too.  While the unconcerned shop and prepare for what they have made a pagan  feast, My Holy Birthday, you--My remnant followers and believers, prepare  your hearts, obey  and finish your last -minute preparations.  Lay in those  final necessities NOW.

These words are of utmost importance!!!  Only hours away could lie your  destruction--your demise from Me and earth, as well as eternal life, forever.

Foolish men (and women) continue to kill, to play God regarding life, to  ignore Me and Our Father's Commandments, to follow the world, the flesh and  the devil.

PRAYER MUST BE A GREAT PRIORITY! I MUST BE #1  IN YOUR LIFE!  The hours are  running out and satan is gaining control of many, many, many poor souls.   They are obsessed with sin, ill-fated pleasures and self.  I have been  dropped and completely ignored.  My beloved ones, My true remnant, are  faithful servants and I WILL BE WITH YOU to give you much strength, hope,  yes-- peace and mercy, love and graces to endure.  Continue to come to Me in  prayer.  Receive Me whenever possible.  Receive the Sacraments--Penance is a  must.  Love and pray for all people; your enemies especially, as I did at  Calvary.  Imitate Me.  Surrender to our Father and do His Will for you.  We  (the Triune God and the Holy Family) will NEVER leave you, never forget you,  never neglect you.  We are always near and with Our own.

This time of tears is man's way to gain control.  Support one another, pray  in unity across the miles, the oceans, the continents.  Man and the devil  will appear to be victorious but, I tell you, all will then be cast into  eternal fire, Hell.  Your God and His beloved, faithful, obedient, loving and  humble remnant WILL conquer and an Era of Peace WILL follow.

Secure yourselves to Me.  PRAY.  Take hold of My Hand, My Cloak, one another  to gather your strength and peace.

Very soon now, all will begin.  Mountains will fall, water will rise, winds  will howl, weather will be chaotic, many signs will appear in the sky and all  humanity will witness My signs.  Yes, dear one, the TIME IS NOW!!!  Spend  much time with Me and in prayer.  Connect with others of My faithful and be  aware--you are being carefully watched and listened to.

My love and blessings I send to you.  I send Angels to protect you.  All  heaven prays for you.  MY Heart is open to receive you. Remain strong My  dearest soldiers for one day the darkness will give way to eternal light and  all pain, all tears, all ills, all sorrows will be gone forever."

(end of message)

Louise Starr Tomkiel is a Roman Catholic in good standing who has been  receiving messages and visions from Heaven since 1977.  She is married and  has a grown daughter with two grandchildren.  Louise also has two deceased  sons.  She resides in Levittown, Pennsylvania, and is a member of Our Lady of  Fatima Light of the World prayer cenacle in nearby Bensalem, Pa. Louise has a Spiritual Director for over twenty years and he is a Oblate of  St. Francis De Sales, as well as a local S.D.


Louise started to receive a message from God the Father and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then God the Father said: " Life is precious, My children. Only I, as God and Creator of all, have the authority to create life or to call it home. Men, by meddling with science, chemistry, biology and medicine has tried and is trying to replace Me and creation by making himself a creator through pride, a very grievous sin.

Man is placing himself as a ' false god'. Man, through his new-found knowledge, made accessible to him through satan the god of false pride, prolongs a life that I have called to eternity thereby placing strain, stress and needless anxiety on family and friends and also on the mind and soul of the person YOU choose to keep alive. You play God!

Man chooses to kill My unborn yet he chooses to 'create' an embyro, again to kill to save??? another life. You've taken ALL creation into your hands whether it be animal, vegetable or human life. You have made yourselves 'masters of life' ; you choose to call the shots. You commit mortal sin!

How can you, yourself a mere human , create a SOUL. Only Holy Spirit God gives life and soul. Only Jesus God and Redeemer came into your midst to redeem humans and forgive ALL sin. Man killed God-Jesus, Man, Human---due to jealousy, pride, hate and ignorance.

Man has NO right to create or to kill yet hourly, around the world, there is suicide, murder, all sorts of killing of ALL My creation. Man has destroyed My perfect balance in nature and creation thus also make hunting a sport??? to try to regain that balance. It can NEVER be accomplished for far too many species are gone---FOREVER!!! Man has totally eliminated certain forms of life. He has destroyed what I your God has made perfect AND he has absolutely NO WAY to replace what is lost.

Man will and MUST answer for his sins and, believe Me, he will ! His punishment has begun and will increase daily until My Will alone is lived in the hearts of ALL people.

' You shall NOT put false gods before Me. You shall love your neighbor (everyone, everywhere) as yourself.' These ARE COMMANDS not mere wishes!! As you upset the balance of nature and disregard life, your entire world and all life--yes, your life too--WILL suffer. I am thoroughly disgusted with your games with humans, animals and all creation--each and every form of life that is not in your hands--it is not yours to tinker with ( Chemicals, disease, insects, bombs, war, hate--kill).

Let go of your pride, your sin and give all life back into the Hands of your Creator. Humility will strengthen you. Use your God--given knowledge to assist life in all its forms. Heal the sick and make them comfortable in their distress. Assist the living with love and compassion. Pray for knowledge to act as I would act towards My own. Pray to live in unity, peace and love with each other and again, all creation. Respect ALL life. Listen and be attentive to their needs. Do not prolong life and suffering. Do not destroy what is NOT yours. Do not play God and try to create life for creation and the hour of death belong to Me alone. Use all your great gifts to do the Will of your Father, your God, all the days of your life.

Live love. Be merciful as your Father is merciful. Live in peace with one another. Live as Jesus taught you. Follow His example. As He did, make love and prayer, doing My Will, your daily goal. I, your Father have spoken and I wish to assist, teach, direct and give strength to anyone and everyone who calls to Me. I will give you many graces to assist you. Precious children, I await your call, your return, your prayers."

(end of message)

Date: 12/19/2001


Louise started to receive a message from Jesus and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood." Then Jesus said:

The message I send today is a sad and heavy one. It will inconvenience many of you but YOU MUST OBEY for if you prefer not to, much and severe illnesses will strike.

Water, ALL water is contaminated! It is time to buy and reserve the most pure water (for consumption for humans and animals) you have available. Chemicals and toxins of every description pollute water the world over.

If you have no way to obtain pure water, boil it and place a drop of holy water with a grain of blessed salt in it before you drink. Many, many diseases are carried in water and they are NOT caused by Me but by evil men scheming to destroy all life--their own included.

Pray and discern. Listen to the news media. Warn one another and keep yourselves updated as to events of warning.

Be aware also that water creatures will eventually all die so do not fish or purchase fish from known contaminated areas.

I tell you to aid you because of My everlasting Mercy and Love for ALL My beloved ones especially My dearest, faithful remnant.

Thank Me and praise Me each time you receive a warning from Heaven. I will always prepare My children.

Listen! Obey! Pray AND discern! My love to you forever."

(end of message)

Date: 12/28/2001


Dear Joyce:

I pray that all is well with you and that you had a blessed Christmas.

Attached is the latest message released by Father Stephen Valenta. It will also be posted on the website

www.sorrowfulrose.com For those interested in being added to the email list, they can email the webmaster of the website and ask to be added to the list. I am united in prayer with all of you for the miraculous healing needed for Mother Angelica. Let us continue to persevere for the Triumph of the Two Hearts and for the Glory of God! Love in the Two Hearts,

sadie j


I continue to see the map of the USA.

Over the years the Lord has given me visions of single events, some places I knew where they would happen, others not.

It seems as if the Lord has placed some of these events over the map of the USA.

He had told me since the beginning of this year and continues to do so, that He wants me to pray for the many people who will die and not make it to the Warning.

I am shown the map of the USA. Running the length of the west coast from Washington State down to Mexico, I am shown a huge chasm. There is another chasm along the Mississippi. I see HUGE waves and hurricane force winds in the Gulf along Texas, Louisiana. I see an explosion of light in the north central part of the map and another explosion of light in the southeastern part, above Florida. These scenes have been continually shown to me in prayer along with a profound and intense desire to pray for the people who live in these areas.

Note: The first time I was shown an "explosion", was over a map of Africa a few months before the genocide in Rwanda. The Lord asked me to pray for the people there. A few months later, when the massacres began to happen and the news on television were showing where Rwanda was; I was astonished to see it was exactly where I had seen the "explosion" of light. The explosion of light does not mean that it will be an actual explosion. It means that something disastrous could happen there.

While praying at a Marian Movement of Priests cenacle, I was given a vision of the Holy Father, John Paul II. He looks very weak. It appears he has slumped in his chair. He is NOT dead yet, but I see two cardinals look at each other and they exchange evil glances with one another. They also nod their heads, as if saying, "the time is come." This vision is given to me with an intense feeling of impending danger for the Holy Father John Paul II, and so I pray and offer everything for him.

Lastly, during private prayer, I am shown a vision of two trees. One is healthy and full of a type of fruit I do not know. The other tree is dead.

November 4, 2001

Jesus: I am the Christ who lives; the Christ who came once in the flesh; the Christ who is coming again! Praises rise before the throne of God to the Glory of the Trinity!

I JESUS have found great consolation and love in your heart. You have been tested; there is no guile within you. I am asking you to remember all that has been revealed to you.

Too soon, all will see the Book of Life open (and) they will know if their names are (written) there or not. (Because) to have their names written in the Lamb's Book of Life, means they have been washed in My Blood. They will see me in the heavens and it will pierce their conscience and soul.

My children run after that which will not save them. You are my sentinel in the watchtower, to whom I say (now), speak in the Name of the Lord:

"The hour is come and you my children fail to heed the warnings of prophets long ago and my instruments of today. You cry out when you are struck, but quickly forget about your God! Through the warnings of My Mother you come together to pray and quickly forget to persevere. To you my children I say: There will come terror from the sky and thunder besides, to give to you and all My Last Warning. (This sentence is not clear)

You will cry and beat your breast for you will see as YOU ARE SEEN. My Mother continues to intercede; but I tell you, judgment has been found against you. It will be as in my Word. "WHEN THE SON OF MAN COMES, WILL HE FIND ANY FAITH?" And again in my Word, "I WILL COME AS A THIEF IN THE NIGHT." Because of this, MOST WILL BE UNPREPARED!

Now take up this image of My Mother whose Crown can clearly be seen. Let it remind you to pray the jewel of the last dogma be decreed! IF you continue to pray and then you receive the miracle of grace that will come and pray, as you have not up until now, this will be accomplished. (This sentence is not clear)

You have seen your spiritual mother, my daughter; suffer, so the world will not have to. My Vicar must proclaim this dogma to save the world from untold suffering. NOW WILL YOU DO THE SAME?

I call on the leaders (cardinals, bishops and priests) of My church to lead the flock under the banner of My Mother! Rosary in one hand, the Eucharist in the other. You have seen the vision of the two trees. I am coming to see if they have borne a fruit that will last.

WOE TO YOU MY SHEPHERDS! If you are found empty of works and as a barren and dead tree! Again I say WOE to you!

My Love is infinite, My Mercy incomprehensible. I wait for you with tender Love. COME! Renew yourselves in True Life of Your God! Drink from the rivers of living water that flow from My Heart to yours! Heed this last warning...

For all that you do I bless you and all those who believe. AMEN.


Tonight at the cenacle, during the rosary I was shown the following visions.

First, I saw Jesus walking very fast, pointing up to the heavens as I have seen him in this vision twice before. He is pointing to a clock, specifically to where the two hands of the clock are on the number 12. Then I saw a scene of a lot of wind. Very fierce winds blowing, for the trees that I could see were bent almost to the ground. Then I find myself in the midst of a fire. It is not a fire that hurts. It seems to me that I am receiving something from this.

December 8, 2001, Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Praying before mass, I started to be shown a most beautiful image of Our Lady. She is dressed in a mantle that is heavily decorated with jewels. Her crown is also magnificent with different colored jewels. She is holding in her arms the baby Jesus. She most resembles in this image Our Lady of Perpetual Help. She then holds the baby Jesus up as if offering Him to the Father. This becomes like a kaleidoscope of colors and changes into another vision, where Jesus is dressed in the chasuble of a priest. It is a white chasuble trimmed in gold, and He is holding up a monstrance with the host in it, as Our Lady held the child Jesus. From the monstrance, rays of gold not only radiate, but they pulsate all around the monstrance and begin to shoot out in different directions.

All of my visions are tested beforehand, as are any words I receive. My testing is pleading the Precious Blood of Jesus to cover me, and for Our Lady to hide me in the Wounds of Jesus. Then I command what I am seeing or hearing to go in the Name of Jesus if it is not of God. I also ask St. Michael to guard me.

December 11, 2001, visions given to me during prayer.

I am shown angels, large angels. They are placing on the three of us who are praying today, armor. It is the armor of the spirit, as spoken of in the bible. I use here the translation of the New American Bible, Catholic Edition, 1971 printing.

Ephesions 6:10-17

Finally, draw your strength from the Lord and his mighty power. Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil. Our battle is not against human forces but against the principalities and powers, the rulers of this world of darkness, the evil spirits in regions above. You must put on the armor of God IF YOU ARE TO RESIST ON THE EVIL DAY; do all that your duty requires, and hold your ground. Stand fast, with the truth as the belt around your waist, justice as your breastplate, and zeal to propagate the gospel of peace as your footgear. In all circumstances hold faith up before you as your shield; it will help you extinguish the fiery darts of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit, the word of God.

Then I am given a vision of me holding the handles of a plow. I can see the soil of this large field and it is rich and fertile. I can tell because the color is vibrant and dark and there seems to be little sparks that glitter all through it. Off on the horizon I can see a huge pile of dead trees laying one on top of another.

Lastly I am shown an image of Jesus, who is standing before me. He says to me, "Weep with Me, for the multitude that refuse My Love and Mercy."

Message given December 14, 2001

I begin to be prompted by Our Lady to write. I test and place myself in prayer. She answers me as follows.

MARY: my little sorrowful rose, I am the Virgin clothed with the Sun, the Virgin who brings forth the Light of the World, The Word Incarnate!

How consoled are our Hearts by your love and continual perseverance, in this time filled with great trial and turmoil. He who rages against you, does so because even now he knows it is I who will triumph over all his works of evil. All those who are my children become his most fierce target.

The world has been living in their "eleventh hour" and a purifying but intensifying trial is come. The coming of Jesus' light and Fire of the Holy Spirit will pierce the heavens and the souls of mankind. I will rally with a divine force for those who have up to now persevered (with me). This is the "rich" soil of the soul! Where those who hear, pray. And those who pray, love. And those who love, serve. And those who serve, find infinite peace.

Those who have borne NO fruit and unhealthy fruit will be cut away, pruned and cast into the fire of God's furnace of love. Clearly this is painful, but necessary. Yes, my children must remember to arm themselves for the battle of all time. This is a war not against flesh, but as it says in the Word of God:

"the principalities and powers, the rulers of this world of darkness, the evil spirits in regions above. You must put on the armor of God IF YOU ARE TO RESIST ON THE EVIL DAY; (Ephesians chapter 6, verses 12 and 13).

Though many have fallen by the wayside, I encourage all of my children to rally up! Hold tight to your rosary and pray to persevere. My Son has shown you that the world has been judged as "lacking"; because his ministers fail the flocks they were to shepherd. It is small groups gathered here and there that continue to hold up the Body of Christ.

You are living the fulfillment of prophetic words given long ago. I come as Mother of all my children to console you, to encourage you and to lead you to the victory! Those who labor for the good of the church and the world must continue to do so. This is the critical time of my movement. If hearts fail to respond, the world will have much to suffer. All is dependant on the responses of my children. I can do no more if prayer and fasting wane, (though) I have truly worked to shorten this culminating time of the bloody trial.

My first son, weary from the battle has but little time left. Pray that he is able to accomplish in his pontificate that which has been asked of him. Pray that you will be ready to receive the great gift of the second outpouring of the Spirit of God, to go forth and minister much to my children.

You have been called the sentinel in the watchtower. Tell my children: The eleventh hour is over! Quickly take refuge in My Heart!

Continue your prayer for my priest sons of whom much, so very much will be required.

I obtain the blessing of the Trinity for you and all who believe.

sj: AMEN.


Louise started to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood." Then Jesus said:

You are about to end one year and begin a new one but the USA and the entire world will be on alert for your peace, security and freedom have been defiled by men led by evil spirits. The toxins, chemicals, germs, insects are spreading through the air and water to every corner of your globe. No one is safe from this devastating destruction and already many, many lives are affected. Indeed, ALL creation is suffering.

When I spoke to John of the signs of the end times; it all seemed preposterous. Today, yes dear ones, today you are living the early stages of these prophetic words and more signs, more severe signs, will follow.

I will not abandon nor orphan My own. I've been warning you and preparing you for so many years. Be alert to My signs and be always ready to meet your BrideGroom for you know not the day or the hour of your demise (from earthly life).

Be prepared for the days ahead when Satan and My Archangel Michael are at loggerheads. Much division will take place in governments, families and in My Holy Catholic Church.

Pray constantly for My son, John Paul II and all church leaders to join forces, be united under My Name, Jesus, and under My Holy Cross. Pray for your President George W. Bush and all government leaders of every country and island on earth to work for peace among all nations and people. Pray for the terrorists!!! Pray for their conversion NOW. Pray for the souls of all people, everywhere. Pray for conversions, love and peace to fill, capture and radiate from the hearts of all people---everywhere.

Beloved children, pray, pray, PRAY!!! We are fighting this battle together and we WILL WIN by LOVE and PRAYER."

(end of message)


Louise started to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood." Then Jesus said:

"The midnight hour rapidly approaches. It can be a day of reckoning with your God or the final day to detach yourself from Us forever. The days are short and the hour is near. Soon all sin and evil will be purged and only those souls that passed through the fire of their trials and carried their cross (es) in humility with love will see the dawn of a new day. ( washed in the Blood of the Lamb.)

Your Triune God with Mary, Joseph and Michael the Archangel, are fighting for all our dedicated and consecrated children as well as remaining at your side for strength and protection. You, Our dearest remnant, though very small, are most precious to Us and all in Heaven.

Continue your sacrifices. Live on in love. Forgive your enemies and pray for them for 'they know not what they are doing.'

Yes, My beloved ones, the long awaited hour has about come. My church and My son, John Paul II are in great jeopardy BUT so are all My faithful, beloved, loving remnant.

Yet again I tell you FEAR NOT!!! I have promised to be with you through it all. I've promised never to leave or abandon My own. I will safely lead you home ---Heaven forever.

Tribulation will worsen and at a VERY RAPID rate. I will show you signs in the heavens. I will minister to My own. I will lead you by the Light of Love, Our Holy Spirit. I will give you abundant strength to face all that lies ahead. In return YOU will be My Light in the present day darkness. You will be the present day voice in the wilderness carrying My truth like lambs among the roaring beasts of evil. You've been chosen. You've responded to the call of your God with a positive fiat.

Trust and pray, for as the midnight hour approaches so too does the hour of the greatest spiritual battle ever to be waged between God and Satan.

You will be given a little more time to make your final decision. I beg you, ALL My children, believers and non-believers. chose Me your God of Infinite Mercy and Love. Return, repent, forgive and love before the final hour when each person chooses his or her eternity. PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!!! "



Louise started to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood." Then Jesus said:

"When you witness the sea retreating to the horizon, get into your vehicle and move,

When the thunder shakes the foundation of your house,

When lightening illuminates and it becomes as bright as high noon,

When winds uproot the mighty oak,

When torrential rains flood, (certain areas)

When the sky is like the aurora,

When the sun gives no light,

When the moon becomes blood red,

When the animals are restless and howl,

When war and hatred rule all people,

When blood flows like a river,

When hearts are stone cold,

When love is nearly depleted,

When evil---satan and all spirits that follow him---rules most hearts and minds,

When apostasy and schism rule My church,

When all God's commands are ignored, and He is all but forgotten,

When mankind blaspheme and curse My Name.

When men have become lower than any creature,

When My Holy Eucharist is desecrated ( My Body and Blood),

When the cold and heat are piercing,

And when suffering and disease is the daily way of life----GOD'S MIGHTY ARM WILL FALL!!!

All this will soon come to pass for man is ruling man through sin and by the 'power of darkness'--satan.

Convert TODAY!

Repent TODAY!

Forgive TODAY!



Begin TODAY---NOW!

If you continue to procrastinate---IT WILL BE TOO LATE!


I will shower many graces, much strength, mercy, and love on ALL who will return to Me TODAY.

Those of My faithful remnant, I will strengthen even more and all will be filled with peace in the darkest hours ever to be lived upon earth. I will protect My own.


(end of message)

* Louise felt prompted (when testing the spirits to include ) ..praying and asking .the Most Holy Spirit...also for His protection and guidance and all gifts esp. discernment before receiving these very strong words of warning from Jesus.

NOTE: The other day when I sent out the news story about New York City Police going to carry nuke or radiation detectors New Year's Eve both Gary and I immediately thought of this message from 1999. Joyce



Message via Louise Starr Tomkiel, V+J

Thursday, December 23, 1999

Louise started to receive a vision and locution from Jesus and said: "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

A feeling-a deep burning almost haunting one that came in a mental vision lasting about three hours and began again in the morning of Christmas Eve Day.

Jesus then said: "As the ball drops in Manhattan, N.Y. at Time Square on New Years Eve: all lights will go out, riots will begin and terrorists will begin their evil and ugly shooting, bombing and looting. Many deaths and much destruction will result. People should not go to NYC and people living there should not be out on the streets and if possible should leave for a few days. Fear and panic will abound and there will be many fires. Go to your churches and pray. Spend New Years Eve with Me, your God."

(End of Message)


March 13, 2001 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, USA

My dear and beloved children of My Father's earth, I come today as Your Lord and Your Lover of The Divine Will to call you back to My Father who is in Heaven. My mother and I have warned you of what would happen if you
continue on this destructive path, and I come to say please, My dear little ones, turn back to Me before it is too late! Gain your advantage over My adversary, the devil, by returning to Me. Receive My mercy and love by
asking Me for forgiveness. Oh, My little ones, I love you all so much; however, this is a time of grace appointed by My Father so that you may find your faith and turn back to Me. Repent! Repent! Repent and turn back to Me
NOW before it is too late. If this world and the Americas do not surrender in humility to Me and My Father, then shall a great catastrophe be inevitable. The longer My parents continue to neglect their children, the more violence shall come forth from My youth.

Your youth are your future for tomorrow, yet many are engaged in sinful behavior that will grant to them the loss of their souls and many more with them. Return to prayer within the families, and return a sense of morals
to all My children. America will suffer greatly because of the loss of innocence that Satan has taken away through your own free will. My dear ones, see what is just upon you. (At this moment I was given a vision, and behold, I saw bodies of many people. It was a gruesome sight! There were many of the dead. All were wearing military uniforms. I could not bear to see it any more and asked Jesus to stop the vision, and He did, and He said,)

Satan is now on earth and warfare exists today over the state of your souls. If My lost children do not turn back to Me soon, America's people will go to war. Make reparations and pray, My little ones, for the conversion of all sinners. I am Jesus, Son of the Living God, come to give to you peace and love and My mercy, but woe be to those who do not look for the time of visitation which is this time, NOW. I love you, and at this time I shall bless you, and then I shall depart. Please make the Sign of the Cross, and I will depart.

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