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Compiled by Dee Finney

9-11-01 - World Trade Center Towers Attack
World Trade Center Towers Attack
World Trade Center Towers Number Symbolism
World Trade Center Towers Dreams and Prophecy

Osama bin Laden tape transcript with dreams referenced

Date: 1/3/2002 4:47:23 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: joycelang@dcemail.com


Louise started to receive vision from God the Father.

I see two ships passing through two pillars heading for deep water. One ship is huge, well-engineered and very sturdy. The other is smaller, more crudely constructed. Each sails in a different direction.

A fierce storm approaches. The sky blackens. Little to no visibility. Powerful winds churn the sea and the ships are tossed and turned.

The larger ship, designed from pride, money, calloused men, sinks. The small humble ship built with love, trust and faith, sails onward, unharmed.

Lightening strikes and sends its jagged light towards earth and sea. Claps of thunder reverberate around the globe. People are filled with fear; crying, screaming, cursing, dying.

Louise then said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Our Father God speaks: "This will happen for I have predicted it through many of my saints and prophets. The large ship is carefully and structurally designed by men who do not believe in Me. They depend on self alone instead of seeking assistance from the Master Designer, God, Creator of all. So their ship is, in all actuality--weak--poorly constructed.

The small ship, like the Ark, is designed by Me using children who believe, trust and love--My dearest remnant. Only those who love Me, adore Me, are consecrated to Me and follow after Me, will be passengers on My ship. All will be saved for they are the true children of God. They are Spirit filled and humble. They are followers of My Son, Jesus, throughout their earthly lives.

Their little ship will be warm, dry and the tempestuous seas will have no effect on its safety. I ride with them leading them safely to shore.

Continue in prayer, dear little ones. The storm is raging in the spiritual realm. Soon it will become a reality on earth.

I am preparing My remnant children. I am strengthening you.

Keep the faith and pray always. Your strength is in prayer."

(end of message)

Louise Tomkiel is a Roman Catholic in good standing who has been receiving messages and visions since 1977. She is married with a grown daughter and two grandchildren. Louise also has two deceased sons. She resides in Levittown, Pennsylvania, and is a member of Our Lady of Fatima Light of the World Prayer Cenacle in earby Bensalem, Pa. Louise has a Spiritual Director for over twenty years and he is an Oblate of St. Francis De Sales, as well as a local S.D.


Below is the message from the Prayer Warrior. A link to the letter the Prayer Warrior is talking about is included -

Also, please note an article on Michael Brown's Spirit Daily that seems to pertain to the same thing:

( ... ) [T]he Letter from Mrs. A, to Roger, (August 7, 2000), where she talked about being in NY for a Sacred Heart Conference of some sort, and the Lord telling her that NY would be destroyed

( ... ) the day after I read that (Aug 8, 2000), I was praying about it, and asking the Lord if that was a valid message. I immediately heard "mass [ive] destruction."

Then, on September 19, 2001, after the attack, I was praying for protection for the people of NYC, and I heard "no protection"

On October 5, 2001, I simply heard the words "New York City" at 6:23 a.m., and at 11:35 a.m. on the same day, while saying the rosary, I saw a map of the US, with NY all in black, with a reddish/purple outline.

Date: 1/7/2002 5:22:53 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: joycelang@prodigy.net



By Michael H. Brown

Medjugorje seer Mirjana Dragicevic Soldo confirmed to Spirit Daily last summer that the Virgin Mary made mention of Medjugorje as the closing of a certain chapter. It remains unclear, however, what exactly that "chapter" is.

For years there has been controversy over reports that the Blessed Mother had said that after her appearances stop at Medjugorje (which has drawn more attention than any apparition since Fatima), she would no longer appear on the earth. Such has been stated by at least one other seer. But Mirjana put it this way:

"Blessed Mary said, 'This is the last time I will be on the earth in this way.' I don't believe it's that she will never come again on this earth. She doesn't explain the message. I have to pray like all of you to understand it."

The key words, of course, are "in this way" and that we all have to pray to understand it. At Medjugorje she has come daily since 1981 -- an extraordinary length of time -- and to more than one seer (at some points in the early days, six experienced her simultaneously). The apparitions have been "corporeal"; that is to say, the Virgin comes as a three-dimensional entity who can be seen just as anything physical can be seen with eyes wide open.

Does the idea that she will not come again in this fashion simply mean that she will never again come in such an extraordinarily strong and persistent fashion? Is it the last time she will come as a corporeal apparition to more than one seer? Is it the last time an entire area will be so transformed? Is it the last time she will bear warnings? Does it mean that after Medjugorje the Virgin will appear in far subtler fashion, as soft whisperings and visions, or sporadically as in historical periods? Or does it mean something more?

In an interview many years before, Mirjana had mentioned not only Mary but Jesus. "It is the last time," she told a parish priest, Father Tomislav Vlasic, "that Jesus or Mary will appear on earth." When questioned further, the seer said it would be "the last time they will appear as they have, so that you can speak with them" [our italics]. When pressed on whether it meant that Medjugorje was the last time the Virgin would appear during this particular period of the Church -- as another seer implied -- or that she will never again come to earth, Mirjana replied, as with us, that she did not know. "She said she will not appear on earth," said Mirjana. "I do not know if she means this era."

It has been said at Medjugorje that Mary will no longer appear because after the secrets, it will not be necessary. We will not have to hear from her so directly. This gives us special food for thought. What is it that will happen that will end the necessity of such apparitions? Another seer, Vicka Ivankovic (who will be married later this month, and who will be the final one of the six to do so), has said that the Virgin will continue to appear to her through the manifestation of a permanent sign on the hill of the first apparitions. But we don't know if she will appear during the rest of the secrets.

"The Blessed Mother has been here for a long time," Mirjana once said. "You will understand when the secrets are fulfilled."


Mary's Remnant is prepared to obey the decision of the Church concerning all visionaries.

1/10/02: 11:45 a.m. - while saying the rosary, heard "____Hong Kong - hidden papers," as part of a conversation.

Prayer Warrior is a messenger who would like to remain anonymous. The words received by this person can often be terse, but tend to be very direct. One of the messages this person received concerned Flight 800 ...

The messages speak for themselves.

Note that Prayer Warrior receives some messages in the form of single words or short phrases. These most often come without any extra details. We haven't been posting most of these things, but so many that we HAVEN'T posted, have proven to be accurate, and, in view of the present world situation, etc., we thought we should post them - the more people praying, the better to avert or mitigate disaster.....

Over the years, Prayer Warrior has heard lots of names of places, but says that lately they are coming very close together, and then something is happening very soon after, which is unusual. Perhaps it's like we've been told our chastisements would be - like a woman in labor - the events coming closer together and becoming more severe with passing time.

Included are some of the most recent. Note that I received these from the Prayer Warrior before the events I put in parentheses happened. These events may or may not be related to the words Prayer Warrior received, so each "word" is still a call for prayer.

Date: 1/16/2002 5:48:52 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: joycelang@prodigy.net


Louise started to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood." Then Jesus said:

All the messages--public and private--given over the years, are now coming true. My word always comes true in God's time. Waiting takes faith and trust. It also strengthens you and all who hear My word. Although My words are not always timely to you, with patience, knowledge and growth in wisdom, you WILL see them come to fruition.

Today many messages are being lived. Today lives are changing. Birth, death, suffering all take on a new meaning. Today hearts are calloused, cold, unloving, unbelieving--far from Me. I am ignored, cursed and blasphemed. The belief in evil is on the rise. Devil worship is all around you. People want the easy life but jobs are shutting down everywhere by the thousands.

Life without Me, without faith, is DEAD, hopeless and gravely depressing. Spiritual warfare is consuming many hearts and they leave Me for worldly pleasures. Satan is baffling you and his bait is alluring. Do not let yourself be captured. Many souls are dying in captivity (sin).

Pray for all the Gifts of Our Holy Spirit to fill your hearts, minds and souls. Use all these Gifts to assist you daily in these days of great sin and trials. Never for a minute cease praying. loving, growing in Me and seeking My will for you. Suffering and death are inevitable but your eternity is your choice.

Be strong and choose Me, your only Beloved, Merciful God and Savior.

(end of message)

Date: 1/18/2002 5:04:10 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: joycelang@prodigy.net



By Michael H. Brown

World-known seer Maria Esperanza of Venezuela warned Thursday that the world is going through "convulsions" and that the United States remains acutely vulnerable to terrorism despite a relatively sedate period since September 11. "The risk is still there," she says. "You have to be alert all the time because there may be surprises. The United States must be very careful right now."

Her concern has not lessened since last fall, although she has hope that certain events can be averted. "There is a group of people who are trying to show the world that things are under control, but if we do not unite in prayer things will get worse," she told Spirit Daily Thursday night through an interpreter. "The people must be united because these are very difficult times. We are living in a very difficult time. Mankind is going too fast and is not stopping to meditate. There are those making decisions without really meditating, in their own way. They are not waiting for God. They are searching for their own truths. There is a group and I don't like them. There is a group that wants to de-stabilize the United States and break down its unity, but the grace of God is greater than anything, and the Holy Spirit is exerting His graces. The Holy Spirit is pouring His graces abundantly."

Asked whether the group or groups were political, the mystic -- widely seen as the greatest since Padre Pio, whom she personally knew -- did not elaborate and focused on what must be done to prevent what she sees as a series of upheavals.

It was striking language coming from the same mystic who, way back in 1992, foresaw "two huge towers with black smoke all around them" and who more recently -- last winter, and then again in March and August -- warned that something "big" was about to happen involving foreign interests on American soil.

So specific was the prophecy that she requested urgent prayer that time too, saying that the event would not be immediate but would occur "in a little while," which fit the subsequent time-frame of the following September. She had predicted that the provocation would be severe and would be both from outside and inside the U.S. She warned that at least two foreign powers -- one large, one small -- were working together to "provoke" America. At the time she had also counseled prudence. Then last March Maria specified that a rumbling of some sort would occur in the area of New York-New Jersey, and on August 25 said a "great event" would happen within "three weeks or three months" that would "shake the world" -- and ended up being personally present in the New York City area the third week after the prophecy, on September 11.

For a year now Esperanza has indicated that the world will enter a "new stage" in the next several years. She had told her family that the upheavals in Israel as well as natural stirrings (such as recent volcanoes in places like the Philippines) were "specific signs" that events were intensifying and in the next several years would join to precipitate a major occurrence of some type.

Esperanza, who is associated with Betania (an apparition site near Caracas that has rare official Church approval, with full ecclesiastical recognition since 1987), and who has experienced visions of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, has also expressed great concern about the Pope and is said by her family to have assumed some of his sufferings -- even developing a Parkinson-like syndrome uncannily similar to his. She is often extremely weak, has great difficulty walking, and we urge prayers for her as she faces what she herself describes as one of her most difficult times ever but also "another test in life, no more than that." She is currently under treatment by a neurologist, but thus far without great improvement in what has been a long agony.

"Prayer is the fundamental base in order to help mankind," says Maria urgently. "We must be alert to save our souls and deserve what God has planned for us. I leave these things in the Hands of the Lord. He knows. He knows what He is doing. I know my condition is delicate, but I will do my best until the last moment. That's what the Lord wants us to do."

Previously, Esperanza had specified that Mass and daily recitation of the Rosary's 15 decades are crucial. She has warned and continues to warn that abortion, genetic manipulation, and materialism will lead to both natural disasters and war. She is concerned that men with "egos" are muddying events when "the only way to see the truth is through humility. We have to be very humble, because pride is what is destroying the world, and so is materialism. We must be humble and generous."

Indeed, it is a time of darkness. It is a time of convulsions. It is a time during which the evil one has turned devices against all -- bringing forth trials not just on the world stage, but within communities and families. It is a time when evil has whispered deceptions into ears, and has distorted truth at every turn, setting brother against sister and causing every form of personal suffering. Although Maria has mentioned a special grace for the year 2004, in the larger picture, she presents no specific frame of time. She says that after tribulation there will be a renewal and that when it comes -- whenever that may be -- the renewal will be both physical and spiritual. There will be a new time. She sees events leading to a "light," and that, she says, will pave the way to what she describes mysteriously as "a new dawn of Jesus."

[see also Maria's Incredible Life Story]

Date: 1/21/2002 5:41:48 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: joycelang@prodigy.net



As major mystics like Maria Esperanza have warned, there are currently signs in nature, and one has come in dramatic fashion in deepest Africa. A volcano in the Congo has chased more than half a million people from their homes, and most important is its location. The volcano, named Nyiragongo, is near Goma, and this is fascinating because it was Nyiragongo that glowed ominously in 1994 as refugees were fleeing to Goma from a prophesied
holocaust just across the border in neighboring Rwanda.

It was Rwanda where seven seers had seen the Virgin Mary starting in 1981 (the same year as Medjugorje) and during those apparitions, which were given the official approval of the Catholic Church last summer, messages were granted by the Virgin Mary, who showed them a "river of blood" in that area, headless corpses, and villages abandoned due to sinfulness, especially promiscuity. This materialized in the form of a brutal war in which thousands were decapitated with machetes (there was even a headline in the New York Times that said "Blood in the River") and the decimated villages came to be when AIDS swept through (and may have originated from) this very part of Africa. The seers also had seen "trees on fire."

Has this now come by way of the volcano? The lava river that has poured from Nyiragongo since it erupted Thursday has killed dozens of people, razed buildings and forced hundreds of thousands to flee the city of Goma," reported MSNBC. "Fires and new fissures threatened to increase the damage, while continued lava flow was closing in on a Rwandan border town." It sounds like something out of ancient Pompeii. And like Pompeii it is a sign to us. The bishop, Augustine Misago, solemnly proclaimed that the Virgin appeared to three of the alleged seers, Alphonsine Mumureke, Nathalie Mukamazimpaka, and Marie Claire Mukangango. At the time, the three were 17, 20 and 21 years old. This is significant because while the ruling left out four of the seers (and some dramatic messages), Alphonsine, who gained an approval published by the Vatican, told inquirers that the Virgin came to Kibeho "in order to prepare us for the coming of her Son," according to Father Gabriel Maindron, a priest who has studied the situation. The seers said Mary came like an eagle that swoops down in the valley but without flapping wings. She often came with what were described as "flowers of incomparable beauty."

There were tremendous messages granted at Kibeho. We will be looking at them in coming days. They are poignant. They are prescient. Their time has come. For the moment, let's leave it at this:

"Nothing is more beautiful than a heart which offers its sufferings to God," said Mary. "pray, pray, pray. Follow the Gospel of my Son. Do not forget that God is more powerful than all the evil in the world." There had to be cleansing, said Mary. There had to be "reconciliation." The world, Mary told Marie-Clare, "is on the edge of catastrophe." The only way is God, they emphasized. "If you don't take refuge in God," said the Virgin, "where will you go to hide when fire will spread everywhere?"



JANUARY 21, 2002

My Daughter,

It saddens me to bring you this news. Your country is in grave danger. It is for this reason I call all of my cohort to pray and fast for peace. My Children, please heed this message, for soon you will lament for all my past messages and wish you had heeded each and every one of them. I do not tell you this to frighten you, just to awaken in you the Holy Spirit of God.

My Children are being murdered all over the world. My little ones please PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, for peace in your land and throughout the world. Lift up your entire being to the Almighty Triune God. I love you my little ones. Through my tears each drop contains my love for each and every one of you.

Date: 1/22/2002 11:23:15 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: joycelang@prodigy.net


Louise started to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood." Then Jesus said:

"Oh My beloved children of My Heart, I tell you-- keep your eyes posted on the coastal areas and the mountain areas. Many signs and warnings will begin there.

Again I tell you to be alert. Major, heavily populated cities and seats of local and world government will draw much attention.

The sky too will bring forth signs from Heaven but it will also rain with signs from evil.

Your days have been numbered since the creation of the world. Now, days are limited. You are living the count-down.

Be prepared in body, mind and especially in soul. Listen, live and obey all I have told to you. Pray unceasingly. Repent and forgive daily. Love always. Trust in Me. Live My Divine Will for you.

Always I send you My love, My peace, My mercy and in these days of total unrest I send you much strength and will dissipate your fears. Remain with Me always as I am with you."

(end of message)

Subj: Planet X - DeathStar 2003
Date: 1/25/2002 6:45:09 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: joycelang@prodigy.net


Thursday, January 24, 2002

Planet X - DeathStar 2003 - Is There A Threat Out There? - Prophecy - Signs

By: Jack Kinsella

Most of the links that came with the email pointed to personal websites -- always a red flag. Just because somebody has posted some impressive sounding science at a personal website doesn't make the information true.

Relying on personal websites is the Internet equivalent to sourcing the Weekly World News ("Two-Headed Baby Eats Mother") for reliable information. But some of the claims fit loose bits of information I've run across while sourcing other stories. I thought I'd see if I could confirm any of the information.

One website posted a facsimile from the London Sunday Times, March 19, 2000. A search of the Times archives confirmed its authenticity. "Scientists have found compelling evidence that the Sun has a baby brother, a dark star whose eccentric orbit is responsible for periodically showering the Earth with comets and meteorites."

According to the London paper, the brown dwarf's orbit is so large is is measured in light years. The paper says that the dark star, nicknamed "Nemesis" passes within a light year of earth every 26 million years. [My email correspondent got that part wrong. He said the Death Star comes this way every 3600 years. While I can't confirm 3600 years, I also question 26 million years, since I don't believe the universe is that old].

But John Matese, professor of physics at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, confirmed the notion that it is most likely to be a brown dwarf, a star that never accumulated enough mass to ignite and which has simply sat in space smouldering.

The Death Star 2003 Theory goes like this. In 1995 Planet X became close enough to us that its magnetism started to effect earth in a big way, which increases now daily. The closer it gets to us the faster it moves toward earth and the stronger its magnetic effects become. Our own sun's gravity is what is pulling it closer and faster. Planet X is not going to hit earth or the sun because of the repulsion force, which comes into play as they near each other.

Earth now has two strong magnetic influences in the vicinity (our sun being the main one) and its core is heating up because of it. It's like a car with the accelerator and brake on at the same time. The sun is pushing and pulling on earth one way and Planet X is now upsetting that balance with its own set of influences. When it reaches its strongest magnetic pull on the earth, earth will cease its rotation for two or three days.

This has been the reason for all the strange weather and seismic activity as of late, says the theory. Most scientists claim the strange weather is the result of global warming, which is itself an unproved theory.

Another explanation being offered is the'sun cycle activity' theory, but it has a problem as well. Sun cycles have never been the cause of simultaneous weather and seismic activity.

That's why the conspiracy theorists say sun cycles are becoming the explanation of choice. They say super sun cycles over a long period of time can't be checked or verified in any way.

Among the 'evidences' pointing to the possibility of a NASA coverup, according to the proponents of Death Star 2003, is the fact NASA is deliberately concealing Planet X's orbit.

I can't confirm this, since every reference I could find to Planet X's orbit, [also known as 2001 KX76] was a dead link. [But it does seem odd that only those links were dead.]

According to the information I've been able to confirm, when KX76's orbit does approach earth, it should be visible to the naked eye as a red dot.

As it grows closer the dot will grow larger, eventually, as viewed through the earth's atmosphere, taking on the appearance of a flaming red cross in the sky. I double checked this fact, given that it seems to fit Bible prophecy a bit too neatly. But it appears to be probable.

The only thing I have been utterly unable to confirm is the timing of this event for 2003. There is nothing I can find to suggest this is accurate in any mainstream scientific or mainstream news journal. [But I also can't find any detailed information about its orbit, I hasten to point out].

But the absence of information isn't the same the confirmation of information received. Death Star 2003 may be an internet hoax. But a brown dwarf travelling a wide orbit around the sun -- an orbit that will bring it within proximity to earth eventually -- appears to be based in fact. And such an event is harmonious with Bible prophecy for the last days. Jesus warned that "there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity. . .Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken" [Luke 21-25-26].

The Apostle John warned of a catastrophic 'star falling from heaven' that would result in "third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise." [Revelation 8:11-12]

Is the Death Star 2003 report accurate? It would seem that some of it is based in fact. I wouldn't go so far as to say I believe all of it, especially the part about the date being set in June 2003.

That appears to be pure speculaton and not worth considering. But the existence of the possibility of potential threat appears to be founded in scientific fact, fits precisely with Bible prophecy for the last days, and is certainly under-reported, if not deliberately covered up.

I've shared all my resources with you so you can make up your own minds.


From the Sunday Times News

March 19th 2000

WHEN the end of the world comes, we'll know what to blame. Scientists have found compelling evidence that the Sun has a baby brother, a dark star whose eccentric orbit is responsible for periodically showering the Earth with comets and meteorites.

The dark star - named Nemesis by astronomers - is thought to be a "brown dwarf" that spins round the Sun in an orbit so large it is measured in light years, the distance light travels in a year, equivalent to about 6,000 billion miles.

The research suggests that, every 26m years, the star's eccentric orbit brings it within one light year of the solar system. There it causes havoc in the Oort Cloud, a huge region surrounding the solar system that contains billions of bits of cosmic rubble left over from the formation of planets.

Of the millions of rocks it throws out of orbit at each visit, some hurtle Earthwards - and have several times nearly wiped out life on Earth.

Astronomers have long wondered if the Sun has a smaller partner. Recently, two independent groups of researchers have found evidence of one.

One group, led by John Matese, professor of physics at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, confirms the notion that it is most likely to be a brown dwarf, a star that never accumulated enough mass to ignite and which has simply sat in space smouldering for billions of years.

Matese studied 82 comets from the Oort Cloud and found common elements in the shape of their orbits that could only be explained if they had been influenced by the gravitational pull of an object several times the size of Jupiter and existing about 25,000 times farther from the Sun than the Earth.

Matese said: "A companion to the Sun orbiting at these distances would have little effect on the planets. But it would play a big role in the way comets 'made their way' from their birth places in the planetary disc out to the Oort Cloud and on how they can return to the inner solar system."

Further research was published last week by Richard Muller, professor of physics at the University of California, Berkeley, following analyses of moon rock samples brought back to Earth by Apollo 14.

The absence of a protective atmosphere means the moon has been subjected to intense bombardment in its 4.5 billion- year existence.

Muller's breakthrough was to find a way to date how long ago any particle was melted - meaning he could build up a picture of whether the moon gets a constant barrage or suffers spells of intense bombardment.

He said: "The evidence clearly shows that the moon has gone through spells of relatively frequent impacts and others of reduced intensity. I believe it is likely that this is because the Oort Cloud is being disturbed by a massive body that is throwing comets out of stable orbits, a small fraction of which could reach the Earth."

Muller and others believe that the dark star probably takes about 26m years to complete an orbit around the sun.

Other scientists have already noted that mass extinctions of life on Earth seem to occur in a pattern with gaps equivalent to multiples of 26m, suggesting some regular event is causing the comets to come Earth's way.

The best-known such event was the one that wiped out the dinosaurs 65m years ago, but that was not the worst; the planet has suffered several such large mass extinctions

See http://www.greatdreams.com/1998ox4.htm


Mary's Remnant is prepared to obey the decision of the Church concerning
all visionaries. MALAYSIA

September 25: I heard "Malaysia"

(New Info) January 28: Malaysia was launchpad for September 11


Nov. 12th: 6:24 a.m. "_____attack_____today" pt. of conv./neut - Now, this one could have been talking about the attack that has already happened, or about an attack today - dunno - don't want to put people into cardiac arrest, but at the same time, prayer is needed. Please note that I received this from Prayer Warrior before the plane crashed in Queens NY.

November 15: American 587: Manipulation of the Public Mind for Political Purpose

November 17: Flight 587 Video Shows 'Puff of Smoke' in Sky

November 19: Flight 587 crash was no accident

(New Info) January 28, 2002: Second Video of Flight 587 Casts Doubt on Crash Probe

Joyce - sorry I'm sending this one off separately, but I just got this info from the internet and it could be a third "confirmed event" on the same day, so I didn't want to wait til tomorrow.

Thanks! - Doris


Mary's Remnant is prepared to obey the decision of the Church concerning all visionaries. GREENEVILLE

1/02/02: 10:40 a.m. - while saying the rosary - heard what sounded like "Greensville" twice. I know it was not Greenville - there was definitely an "s" in it, but it's possible it could have just "sounded" like "Green."

(New Info) January 28, 2002: USS Greeneville Collides With U.S. Transport Ship off Oman

Date: 1/28/2002 9:37:48 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: joycelang@prodigy.net



A while back we carried the account of Ned Dougherty, a New York man who had what researchers refer to as "near-death" experiences. Simply put, he "died" and -- like so many others these days -- came back to tell about it. The event was so profound that, although it took some time, it set Ned on the path from owning a large nightclub in New York's most lavish suburb to a simpler life today as a daily Catholic churchgoer.

We were interested in Ned [see previous story] because during his alleged experience he was shown future events and among them were the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. We can't vouch for every such experience. Like apparitions, they must be discerned. But they are interesting and in many ways similar to reputed prophecies from the Virgin Mary. Recent studies in Holland indicate that at least seven million people have had similar experiences, and a good number come back with what they believe are glimpses of the future -- and warnings.

How many are real? How many can we take seriously?

This is for each person to discern. There is for example Dr. George Ritchie, who "died" of pneumonia and claims to have encountered Jesus. "He opened a corridor through time which showed me increasing natural disasters coming
upon this earth," claimed Dr. Ritchie. "There were more and more hurricanes and floods occurring over different areas of our planet. The earthquakes and volcanoes were increasing. We were becoming more and more selfish and
self-righteous. Families were splitting, governments were breaking apart because people were thinking only of themselves. I saw armies marching on
the United States from the south and explosions occurring over the entire world that were of a magnitude beyond my capacity to imagine. I realized if they continued, human life as we have known it could not continue to exist. Suddenly this corridor was closed off and a second corridor started to open through time. At the beginning they appeared very similar but the further the second one unfolded, the more different it became. The planet grew more peaceful. Humanity and nature both were better. Humanity was not as critical of themselves or others. They were not as destructive of nature and they were beginning to understand what love is. The Lord sent the mental message to me, 'It is left to humanity which direction he shall choose. I came to this planet to show you through the life I led how to love. Without OUR FATHER you can do nothing, neither could I. I showed you this. You have 45 years.'"

Ritchie's experience occurred in 1942, and indeed it was 45 years later -- in the later 1980s -- that the current trend toward enhanced natural disasters seems to have gained its current momentum. We heard the same from Sondra Abrahams, a devoutly Catholic Louisiana woman who "died" of an
allergic reaction in 1970. She says Jesus showed her a crisis with abortion (three years before Roe versus Wade) and also what she once described as "duplication" (but now knows as "cloning"). She was warned that these and other sins would lead mankind onto the road of purification. Similar too was a former atheist named Howard Storm who "died" in Paris in 1985 and was shown that the U.S. was on the verge of events that over the course of 100 to 200 years would break it down to a far simpler and more natural state because of its current waywardness. (The former atheist, who says a nun's prayers saved him, is now a minister!)

Many are those who see natural disasters. "I have seen the destruction earthquakes create," claims Elaine Durham, "Just watch the Pacific Rim. The Pacific Rim is really going to take a beating. I had knowledge of icebergs
breaking up and moving into warmer waters. The melting of them raised the water table."

We don't know what to make of specific prophecies. There are those who foresee great quake not only on the Pacific rim, but on the East Coast -- in surprising places. There are those who see a great geomagnetic change in the earth. There are those who see a complete breakdown in our infrastructure. This is not "doomsday." It is not the end of the world. It is what they describe as a purification, and one that may still be lessened with conversion.

"The vision of the future I received during my near-death experience was one of tremendous upheaval in the world as a result of our general ignorance of the 'true' reality," claims another. Reinee Pasarow, who had her alleged experience in 1967, when she was only 16. "I was informed that mankind was breaking the laws of the universe and as a result of this would suffer. This suffering was not due to the vengeance of an indignant God but rather like the pain one might suffer as a result of arrogantly defying the law of gravity."

From this, they claim, mankind will emerge humbler and more peaceful, as well as holier than the arrogance we see today. There were visions of severe droughts, and volcanic eruptions in places like Hawaii -- eruptions that would be a reflection of social upheaval. There would be freak storms (which we have already seen in abundance). "The weather is going to be crazy," said one prophecy published in 1984, but after a long dark "hour" -- after a long series of tumultuous events -- humanity would be born anew and humbled.

Such prophecies are similar to apparitions of the Virgin Mary in places such as Nicaragua, Argentina, Venezuela, Japan, and the United States which have foreseen natural and military upheaval -- followed by the glory of Jesus.
Does that mean the "second coming"? There have been both near-death experiencers and Marian apparitions that have claimed this, and we'll be exploring it shortly. One has to be cautious. There is much deception in our time, as we have constantly warned.

But there is also such a thing as legitimate prophecy, and it is as old as the Old Testament.

Quakes? An asteroid scare? Melting icebergs?

"Our period of trouble has begun, it seems, certainly as far as the elements are concerned," asserts one prominent researcher. "I think you can expect to see some of the most disastrous upheavals starting in 2012. This will not
only be in the elements but in the breakdown of interpersonal relationships, between man and man, man and family and nation and nation. My own impression is that we are not facing the end of the world but that we are facing a

great deal of upheaval until we have learned to stop being so materialistic and turn to the job God gave us of truly learning to love ourselves and one another."

It is a time for prayer because it is a time of challenge. If nothing else, we can be sure of that. "I was also shown events that are likely to happen in the near future, but was made to understand that nothing is absolutely fixed and that everything depends on how we choose to use our own free will, that even those events that are already predestined can be changed or modified by our change in our own way of relating to them," said another.

Date: 1/27/2002 7:39:38 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: joycelang@prodigy.net


Louise started to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood." Then Jesus said:

"USA, you are about to receive a mighty blow. It will come without warning and to an undisclosed area. The devastation will be great.

Two disastrous events are about to level pre-chosen areas. One will be an attack by evil terrorists and one will be sent by God Our Father to His decided target.

There is much, so much sin, killing, pride, ego, materialism and hate on earth among our people. We find very little love, kindness and still less faith among Our children of earth.

The greater majority of people have ignored Our words since their (humans) creation thousands of years ago. Now the Just Arm of Our Merciful Father is falling and punishment is at hand.

Many of you will live to see and experience the anger of God. But, if you listen to and obey His and all messages from heaven, from the beginning of time up to the present and, if you pray, sacrifice, love and live His Will for you, We WILL assist and protect you.

Consecrate yourself to us---NOW! Do not procrastinate any longer for the hour is upon you.

Pray for all leaders, all people, all countries and for USA. Convert while there is still time. Pray too, for your enemies for they are My children also.

Wait not another minute longer, for great catastrophes are already beginning. Do not expect to hear this on your news media or read of it in your papers. You will be told by word of mouth and certain Internet news.

Prepare immediately!!! So many of my children are already carrying a heavy cross since chosen as victim souls. They suffer for all poor souls to return to Me and to accept Me as their Jesus of Mercy and Love.

People MUST believe, pray and love. All MUST return to their God--Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Live love as I love you. Follow Me. Seek Us and remain with Me through prayer.

Again I say: repent, forgive, believe, trust and be My humble children. As you are loved, so must you love.

End of Message


"The world, as you've known it, is facing a drastic change. It is about to undergo a severe purging, for all sin must be obliterated.

I have waited over two thousand years, since I walked among you and taught you, for you to return to Me. So much have I given to you and many prophets to teach you, to warn you, to carry My Mercy and Love to the whole world.

The earth and so many poor souls are black with sin. You sin in thought, in word, in action. There are very few souls who try daily to follow Me. Now, great disaster is about to strike. The signs I've spoken of are all around you yes, even in My Holy Church.

Words in the Mass are being changed to suit these evil times. I' ve told you NOT to add or subtract from My Words under pain of severe punishment.(* Rev. 22: 18-19) Now this punishment is upon you.

Many of My priest-sons even change My Words of Consecration. The prayer books are rewritten as are many hymns. Many are hearing an invalid Mass and My Body and Blood are NOT consecrated. There is no true transubstantiation.

These are dire times, My dear ones. The great schism IS IN MY CHURCH!!! The great apostasy is being lived today, NOW !!!

Pray for My son, John Paul II and obey him. Pray for all My priest-sons and anyone and everyone who teaches My Word. They are subjected to sin and temptation much more often that the rest of My dear children.

Pray that all might see a spark of light in the dreadful darkness for, this Light is The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Love, of Mercy, of Strength and will shower you with many graces to sustain you in these end times ( end of an era only.) Seek this Light and remember always: ' I AM the Light of the World. Come follow Me.' "

(end of message)

Date: 1/29/2002 6:00:32 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: joycelang@prodigy.net


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Sharing with you the requests for prayers from Jesus, Blessed Mother Mary, and angels. (After consultation with Fr. Kirk.) This is about the importance of prayers to God.

I saw the smoke over Israel last October, November and December, and again last Jan.13. Looking back into Blessed Mother's previous messages, and past visions: war in the Middle East, particularly Israel; more wars; then earthquakes; then the visions of the "ring of fire"(volcanic eruptions), and the request for prayers.

December 30, 2001

Jesus instructed me during mass that I have to go to His image of the Sacred Heart after mass to give me a message. After mass, He said, " My daughter, listen very carefully. It is very important. Pray this evening at 6 o'clock and at 8 o'clock.." He said that the Father's hand will be on the world and there is a grave danger to America. He said to offer it to the Father for the forgiveness of sins, to ask for His mercy. He said that it is the (main)reason Blessed Mother has been asking us repeatedly to pray. He told me that I could tell Daniel (Fr. Kirk), my family, and my friends about His request.

I asked Him what prayers He would want us to pray. He said that we can pray the Prayer to the Holy Trinity and the rosary, and any prayers we would like to pray. I asked Him to request our Blessed Mother to pray for us. He said that she has been doing it. I thanked Him and asked Him to thank our Blessed Mother.

Last January 7, 2002 Jesus asked to continue the 6pm and 8pm prayers to the Father for the forgiveness of sins. He said that we have to pray because the Father's hand is nearer to the world. I did ask Him and Blessed Mother for help. He said that it is one of the reasons His Mother keeps asking us to pray.

From the January 13, 2002 Messages:

( Pilar sees a bright light over U.S.A.)

A bright light is over our country.

" Remember my children, the Father had chosen this country."

I have to look down on our country. The turbulence of the winds is blowing over our country. The earth has been shaking underneath. ( I saw fires on different states but I was not made to say it.) . Our Mother is standing in the midst. Her hands are outstretched over our lands. The light from her hands are over the lands. The wind stood still. The earth stood still. Our Lord Jesus has joined our Mother and lights our lands and waters around us.

" Be the soldiers of peace. Be the soldiers of love. For without love there is no peace. Without love there is no light, no life."

A bright light is beneath our Lord and our Mother's feet towards the world. " I bless the earth with love," our Lord says to us. " I taught you love. Then My children preach only love. Teach only love."

Our world is surrounded by a bright light from our Lord. " I give you light, I give you life," He says to us.

After the messages, Pilar hears bombs exploding. She sees soldiers standing/walking/running on the ground, destroyed buildings, an old tower, ambulances, people running, people shouting and crying, smoke. She sees chaos, destruction. Pilar wonders about the place and also about the soldiers. An angel tells her that they are Israeli soldiers. She then notices the Star of David on their uniforms and on the old tower. The angels tell her to pray for Israel. Pilar sees again the cloud of smoke over Israel. The angels repeat to her a few times to pray for Israel.

January 26,2002

Blessed Mother told me to pray for Israel. She mentions the destruction of Israel. To pray for the Israelis and for the Palestinians. That when there is oppression, there is violence. Violence vs. violence would lead to war . Revenge is not the answer.

Love is the answer. Christians should show the non-Christians what is love which is of God. That to have peace, violence should be answered with forgiveness and love. It will stop the spread of violence. That USA has a role to show that revenge/violence is not the answer. She said that she cries for Israel, her homeland.

She asks that we continue to pray for Israel. That the war will spread if violence continues. That we have to pray more to God.

She reminded me to draw the picture of heaven and hell, the one that God the Father had asked me to draw, so that people would know what heaven is and what hell is.


Sometime ago when I asked Jesus before what to prepare, He told me to prepare our souls ( confession, communion ....) always. On physical preparation: He said that "only what you need." He told me that no one knows the time or day, for only He and the Father know because the Father revealed it to Him because the Father and Him are One.

Suggested readings:

Romans 9,10,11,12

Matthew 24, 25

Mark 13

Luke 21

Sharing with you the words of wisdom I learned from Fr. Kirk: " They are warnings of the end of time. But they are not to be used like an alarm clock which will allow you to sleep and wake you up at the last moment. They are like an alarm clock that keeps going off all the time and lets you get no sleep. That is why Jesus warning was "WATCH, and PRAY. You do not know the day or the hour."

He also said that we "should know that these things have been happening over and over in the past, and cannot be used to prove the end is any nearer. Only God knows this, and He is not telling us, for our own good, lest we relax our vigilance." " The bottom line in all of Mary's messages is clear enough: Pray."

Thank you for being with all of us in prayers to the Lord.

God bless you.