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compiled by Dee Finney

9-11-01 - World Trade Center Towers Attack
World Trade Center Towers Attack
World Trade Center Towers Number Symbolism
World Trade Center Towers Dreams and Prophecy

Prayer For Peace

O Lord Jesus Christ, Who said to Your Apostles:
"Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you,"
regard not my sins but the faith of Your Church,
and deign to give her peace and unity according
to Your Will: Who live and reign, God, world without end.


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Eileen George

Last week we mentioned that a Boston-area mystic had foreseen problems caused by a Muslim. Her name is Eileen George from Worcester, Massachusetts, and while we can't vouch for all aspects of her mysticism (or anyone else's), she was recorded on February 20, 1982 as conveying a message from heaven (while in ecstasy after the Eucharist) that was remarkable. Let us emphasize that all seers should be discerned only after substantial prayer and fasting, as Eileen herself would advise. And let us also keep in mind that we're not to overly dwell on the negative. We have to strike a balance. We have to know what may be coming, at the same time that we live Christ's and the Blessed Mother's joy. Moreover, we should always keep in mind, as St. Paul told us in 1 Corinthians 13:9, our prophesying "is imperfect." We are to take what we discern as truth and leave the rest.

That having been said, Eileen George has been ministering for twenty years, has a good correspondence with her bishop, and says she doesn't enter another diocese with permission from the Ordinary. Her main ministry is for priests, many of whom have attended her retreats. Her main message is the power of the Eucharist but she has also had her share of prohecy and The message:

"There will be a World War III and it will be started by a man who wears the turban of the faith, a Moslem. He will be an antichrist put on earth by Lucifer. Yet there is a more powerful one to rise in Syria, when this one has accomplished his work. He will cause destruction and pain. He will cause heartache and tears and great persecution of Christians. The earth will tremble with earthquakes. He will be a great ruler of Satan, after many years of battle." She seemed to indicate the battle would last 15 years.

Then "the land of terror will fall at the knees of Mary. Her blue mantle will overshadow them, and the red will flow into the sea, and covered by the mantle of blue, they will join the free world in peace and harmony. And then there will be a long, long peace, longer than has ever fallen on the earth."

Regarding the Anti-Christ, Eileen had said, "Jesus showed him to me: he has a mustache, black hair, and wears a turban."

As always, we warn that all private revelations have imperfections, as Scripture itself tells us, and we have no idea what to make of certain apocalyptic aspects. We offer it for your discernment, and after assurance that she is in good standing with her bishop. Eileen claims God the Father told her there will be a great famine. "The atmosphere will be changing," she quoted the Lord as saying, "and cause great disaster upon the earth. A terrible earthquake..."

When Eileen asked about the evil man with the turban, and what his first act would be, she was told, "It will be New York."

"He will be connected with the Russians, the Communists. He'll be an antichrist. He wore a long robe. He will be very intelligent and well-equipped for war. He is going to be worse than Hitler. This Moslem is going to fire rockets at us. Our radar will pick them up, and our rockets will intercept them. But some are going to get through and hit New York."

Although the prophecy said the events would occur between 1990 and 1999, and though rockets have not yet been involved, it was otherwise stunningly accurate -- and went a step further, predicting a great quake in San Francisco, which was issued a special warning. The quake would originate under the sea and topple large buildings. She also foresaw a shortage of oil and great problems in the Church.

Eileen told Spirit Daily Monday that she had no further revelation in that particular regard. "The only thing I know is that we're in bad trouble and that things could be changed by prayer," she said. "I know if we get back to adoring the Eucharist, there's going to be a great miracle that will bring peace."


James McNichol -- October 1, 2001--Evening

Recently, I have received a flood of E-mails with many questions to me concerning the messages given to me from our Lady. The one most predominate question, was about the removal of Mary's Mantel of protection over our country. I went home with a heavy heart, wondering how I was going to answer many of these difficult questions, or weather I could. As I retired for the evening in personnel prayer, our Mother came to me and said:

You have been blessed in the Divine Light of God and by me my child. You need to trust in me and how I shall guide you. You have been given and received the divine gifts, enlightenment, and understanding! It has been given to you, to lead the children of God to us, blessed in his divine grace! You simply need to trust in what has already been given to you, and in me your Mother! I want you make replies to my children tomorrow. I want you to trust me, and in the divine gifts that have been given to you!

I believe that this is also a message to all of her loving children, and I would like to share with you, one such response that I made:

What is lost on so many in this world today, is how God is also a just God. The new ideology has been to strictly teach how God is an all loving God, leaving out the fact that he is also a just God, a fear of God, and how he will also justly punish! This has falsely led many to believe that an all loving God, does not punish! With this in the minds of many, they only seek God in their own time, believing when they are ready, they will be forgiven, and putting it off until it is a convenient time for them! However this time never comes for them, because they have become caught up in this world and poisoned by the evil one, and by it's relentless pursuits for money, possessions, power, and position.

Sadly, evil only continues to grab a tighter hold on them. For many who have been in evils grip for so long, ( Most of one's life in many cases, ) this has become their way of life, and they can't depart from it; kidding themselves, thinking that they can change when they are ready, or overnight! Many are convinced they are doing nothing wrong at all!

They cannot grasp or see how sin and evil in the world tip the scales heavily to one side. Our Mother has likened this to small scattered pinpoints of light ( or little burning candles ) in the midst of a vast sea of darkness, and how he cannot continue to let such Sin and darkness to continue to rule in this world. Scripture points this out clearly; the great Flood in Noah's time, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra, the rise and fall of many cultures that were against God. But all of this is lost on so many, and they don't believe that an all Loving God, will really punish the world according to the Prophesies and Revelation.

I see many things coming together, pointing to the beginning of the end. One such prophesy being, that the gospel message shall be spread and reach every corner of the globe, and then will the end will come swiftly!

In the new age of the Internet explosion, this has become a reality, and the messages have reached every corner of the globe! We are also told that we are not punished, without first being warned, and given time to repent. As events progress, this time between punishments will be less and less. For some 40 years or more, our Lord and Lady have been appearing to countless all over the world, and in ever increasing numbers, giving countless warnings about this time. But when that time has arrived, and God's grace of protection is removed from us due to the weight of the world's sins; or in this case our country, people can't believe or accept it!

Believe me, it is so many times, not an easy thing to repeat many of the words our Lady says to me, it takes a lot of courage. Her protection is not removed from the Loving children of god, but from the country as a whole, with an overwhelming factor of those who live complete Godless lives, given over to complete evil and sin! The scales of balance ( Or justice, as it has been many times referred to, ) are heavily to one side! To quote our Lady, as she many times said, that: "The fate of this country and the world, hangs in the balance!"

In such a state, we can no longer expect to receive God's favor, grace, or protection; and he will allow this country to be punished! God is in control over all things! In the case of the WTC disaster, how we respond as a nation to this warning from him, will determine his next response! This is the message! Yes it could have been worse, and there were many more such attacks that were planned, and have been prevented or thwarted through God's grace for the moment! This warning was permitted by God, to wake us up as a nation!

To what degree we as a nation shall be further punished hangs in the balance as our Holy Mother has put it! Meaning, to what degree the scales can be tilted back, depends on the sacrifices, atonement, and prayer offered for the weight of these sins committed against God in our country as a whole; and to the extend of true and sincere change in the hearts of many!

May you be Blessed in our Lord and Lady's Grace.


James McNichol


Consecrate yourselves Daily To: The Sacred Heart of Jesus thru The Immaculate Heart of Mary!!!

Hail, 0 sure refuge of sinners, whose mercy fails no one. Hear the desires which I have of the Divine Wisdom; and for that end receive the vows and offerings which in my lowliness I present to thee.

I; (Name), a faithless sinner, renew and ratify today in thy hands the vows of my Baptism; I renounce forever Satan, his pomps and works; and I give myself entirely to Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Wisdom, to carry my cross after Him all the days of my life, and to be more faithful to Him than I have ever been before. In the presence of all the heavenly courts I choose thee this day for my Mother and Mistress.

I deliver and consecrate to thee, as thy slave, my body and soul, my goods, both interior and exterior, and even the value of all my good actions, past, present and future; leaving to thee the entire and full right of disposing of me, and all that belongs to me, without exception according to the good pleasure, for the greater glory of God in time and in eternity.

Mary, Mother of God, Pray for us!!!!



Louise started to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Dear child, anyone who walks through life with no problems, no ills, no trials cannot be of Me. ( take up your cross and follow Me.). My life began, not in My parents home but, in a cold, dark stable. Even my cradle, that Joseph so lovingly made, had to be left behind.

My adult life, while out teaching, healing, performing miracles; bringing My Father's Word to all people, was spent under the sun and moon and stars. I had to walk everywhere. I who am God and created all, had absolutely no comforts. Our meals were berries, fruits, and fish we caught. We drank from the lakes, seas and rivers along the road of our travels. We cleansed our bodies and clothes in these same bodies of water.

Also, dear children, we had no family nearby and if it became cold we had to find wood and build a fire (we also built fires to cook or warm our meals ). Trees protected us from rain and storms. Some kind people invited us to their homes for rest, meals, refreshment and to clean our garments and bathe our bodies.

You have everything! Yet you are constantly discontent. You seek more and more, bigger and grander. You are spoiled and do not wish to walk in My footsteps or behind Me for it is too uncomfortable. You are far too materialistic and pleasure seeking.

I, who made all, your God, Creator, Savior, Redeemer Jesus, had so little while you, the created, want and have so much and still remain angry, discontent, hateful and arrogant. Where is your humility? We (Father, Son and Spirit) rarely, if ever, hear you thank Us.

You will learn. You will change. Daily I will strip you of all materialistic love and self-pride and ego. I will have you respect ALL I have given you. I will make all people respect all life. My people will follow Me. People will love, obey, return to Our Father and carry your cross each day.

I will bring you to your knees--to prayer--to accept your God and be grateful for little things. One day, every nation will walk together under the banner of love--love for God and love for one another.

Then you will live true peace: no more wars, hatred, pride, jealousy-- only true love and My everlasting peace.

Open your hearts. Live My Father's Commandments. Take up your cross and follow Me. This is TRUE love and makes you a true follower of Me, Jesus.

Your world is headed for a devastating disaster, yet, if you listen and obey My teachings, YOU CAN change your life and the world--one prayer at a time.

Live in My Love! See yourself change and others will follow. Bring Me to everyone! Reflect Me! Correct YOUR attitude. Mellow your temper. Treat all as you wish to be treated. Respect ALL life. Give without expecting return.

Prayer is your armor. Prayer is your shield. Make prayer your battle-cry. Cry out My Name, Jesus. This IS your power! I AM your power! Defeat evil! Defeat the Devil! PRAY!!!

End of message.

Louise Starr Tomkiel is a Roman Catholic in good standing who has been receiving visions and messages from Heaven since 1977. She is married and has a grown daughter and two grandchildren. Louise also has two deceased sons. She resides in Levittown, Pennsylvania, and is a member of Our Lady of Fatima Light of the World prayer cenacle, in nearby Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Louise has a Spiritual Director for twenty years. He is an Oblate of St Francis De Sales, as well as, a local Spiritual Director.

Notes from a talk given by Patricia Talbott

Date: 10/3/2001 3:17:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: joycelang@prodigy.net


'Live with hope and trust and when the moment of purification arrives, abandon yourselves entirely to me and I will give you your mission'

@Spirit Daily

We have received notes taken during a recent appearance of Patricia Talbott Borrero, an alleged seer from Cuencha, Ecuador, whose visions of the Virgin Mary drew world attention in the 1980s. Although Patricia (or "Pachi," as she is known to friends) stopped having regular apparitions on March 3, 1990, she claims to receive locutions from Jesus and St. Joseph. Just last December she said the new year would bring a period in which hardship would begin.

Now, according to a Miami resident who took notes during a recent talk in Miami, Pachi is expressing a special message that she believes came from Jesus. We present it for your discernment. "Open the doors of your hearts of stone," says the alleged locution. "Open your hearts through prayer, reception of the Holy Eucharist. Feed yourselves on Me. Love your neighbor. Be humble. Live with hope and trust and when the moment of purification arrives, abandon yourselves entirely to me and I will give you your mission.

"To know how to pray is to know how to give. Prayer is lifted through faith. Cling to Me at this time. Evening is setting upon the world and the night will be much harder. Use this time left to proclaim My Word, to convert souls with love and firmness. Do not be afraid. You are My children. To love your neighbor signifies not only to live for them, but even to die for them. Evil shall fall by its own trap. Pray for the sanctification of the Church. I am now purifying you. Open your hearts of stone. There is no peace because of pride and pride is the cancer of the soul. You are lacking humility. Your lack of humility is the greatest fault. Only on bended knees can you come to understand God.

"You are lacking love and trust in Me. Be authentic with one another. Whatever comes out of your mouths must also come from the heart. If your words and your hearts are not in harmony, then you are nothing more than an empty vessel.

"If you abandon yourselves to Me, you will receive so many blessings and you will come to understand your mission. Pray with perseverance so that you may become My instruments. Receive the Eucharist often... Embrace Me and I will not allow the evil one to take you away.

"I will bring joy and glory. Hope opens its doors. The spider is still spinning his web, but I will protect you. Do not be afraid."

Pachi's apparitions have not yet been approved by the local bishop, but she announced in South Florida last winter that the local prelate was going to allow a sanctuary built at the site, 12,000 feet up the cloud-enshrouded Andes in a ravine known as El Cajas, where Mary came as "Guardian of the Faith." Referring to the special "Holy Door" indulgence, she had also said, "Until January 6 we will be allowed to receive the indulgence every day. This is the year of mercy and grace, but when this is over then we will realize what we had."

The seer reportedly said the purification will be very big and for the whole world -- but certainly not the end of the world. Rather, it is a time of purgation. She said the Blessed Mother insists that we leave sin behind in our lives, emphasizing that arrogance and pride are a great sin, "the sin of this time." She urged us to get rid of whatever material things "bind" us because they are worth nothing. We should place all our attention and hearts on the spiritual. We should pray slowly and from the heart. Pachi assured the group that our personal crosses are of the exact perfect measurement for the needs of each soul -- not any bigger, not any smaller -- and that we should accept them with love because God knows how much suffering we can bear and what is necessary for our salvation.

Lastly, Patricia told the group that the Blessed Mother has asked everyone in the United States to start praying the Angelus every day -- that this will help our country a great deal. She said this is very important. In our own homes we should recite 15 decades of the Rosary every day and attend Mass as often as possible, hopefully on a daily basis. She urges Confession once a month. She urges fasting on bread and water. She says the U.S. should be consecrated to the Sacred Heart. She says that Jesus wants us to cling to Him in this hour. He will not abandon us. He will not allow us to fall. It is only through lack of faith that we will fall. "Evening is setting," said Pachi, according to this set of notes. "The night will be much harder [but] He will bring His Glory because He is the Love of all loves."


OCTOBER 5, 2001, 11:00 A.M.

Louise started to receive a vision and then followed a message from Jesus and she said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

I see: A heavy ochre colored fog has settled upon the earth. No light can penetrate it yet, it is not dark. There are signs indicating gas stations which, I take this too mean, that this yellow/ochre fog is a chemical gas. The people with gas masks, God is protecting. The others are breaking out in boils and their skin is blistering. Here and there, there are flames. The smell is obnoxious--like sulphuric acid.

If someone lights a match or lighter, an instant explosion takes place. Only God's remnant seem protected in transparent cubes where nothing can harm them. His faithful ones seem to be at peace.

I hear: Chemical warfare is upon you. Little will be spared. If you listen to Me and do all I ask, to the best of your ability, I will take care of you.

This smog is already settling over many great, industrial areas. Some will bear an odor; some will not. All is deadly.

No one will be able to deny this very visible act of evil. The men who are preparing this vicious attack will also die from it.

I tell you again, If you are still unprepared, your very life may be at stake. You must make your decision; God or My Adversary, the Devil/Satan/Lucifer.

Prayer, obedience, love, consecration and dedication to the Will of God is your only hope to survive and endure these treacherous times that you are living

You must come to Me and eat of this Bread (My Body) and drink of this Cup (My Blood) to have life within you.

Repent! Forgive! Pray! Do not become faint or weary. I am your Strength, your Light and I am the only Way to Heaven. Follow Me.


NOTE: see John 6:53-- Galations 6:6-9 --Isiah 40:29-- Revelations 9: 17-18 and 14:10 * New American Bible

October 5, 2001 - locution by a person who wishes to remain anonymous


My dearest daughter, Much more destruction is on it's way. As we visit, the evil ones plot as to their next attack. The Taliban wants to weaken many but  it's main target is the USA. Because so few pray, evil will be allowed to run its course.

The embassies that were to be attacked has been prevented by prayer.

Prayer will stop much so continue to pray, pray, pray. There will be more hi- jacked planes and more lives lost for no reason other than money and power.

I can intervene if enough prayers are said, but so much evil is targeted for the USA, and many more will die. The Taliban will continue to plot against you trying to hi-jack planes, and hitting them into areas that will kill many. They laugh at the deaths as if it were a game of chess saying, "Just one more down." These who hate the USA are men ruled by the devil himself. They fear nothing, not even death. What torment they will find in hell when life does come to an end.

Pray that the warning comes soon or you will see a world war and few will be spared. I want all my warriors to say an extra decade of the rosary a day for this intention. Prayer will stop these evil men because prayer will allow me to mitigate and lesson what is to be. I'm counting on my prayer warriors to get the word out. Remember, I love all my children and I want as many saved as possible.

Love, Jesus

Nun in Apparition described Huge Angels sent as Nations's Special Protectors

Date: 10/8/2001

From: joycelang@prodigy.net



@ Spirit Daily

It was an angel. Actually, it was two angels. According to Sister Mildred Mary Ephrem Neuzil (the nun who experienced the Our Lady of America apparitions), her mystical experiences once included the encounter with two mighty angels whose task -- in light of recent events -- was dramatic.

They had come, they told her, as guardians, as protectors, and as defenders of the U.S.

That was according to a vision the nun allegedly had in August of 1981 -- the same summer that the Virgin began to appear half a world away in Medjugorje, and with the same message: seek peace or there will be destruction. Seek goodness. Seek purity.

"If the people of this Land carry out faithfully the instructions and pleadings of the Lord Jesus and the Virgin Mother then they will be following me to the hour of peace," said one of the angels -- described as immensely tall, carrying a flaming sword, and enveloped in a light whiter than white. "With this sword of the Divine white flame of Love and the lightning bolts of His infinite Justice God will strike down His enemies and heal the repentant sinner," promised the huge angel. "This Nation and all who follow in the pursuit of peace will know the protection of God and the destruction of those who fight and seek to destroy them through the evil powers of the infernal spirits of darkness and hate."

It was an astonishing promise: that if the U.S. led the world back to holiness and honored its consecration to the Immaculate Conception, it would be protected. If it protected the youth, if it avoided the material, and if it led the peoples to purity -- and if it installed a statue of Our Lady of America, representing purity, in the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception -- the sword of God would come against its enemies.

If not, warned Our Lady of America, there would be what she described way back then as "the fires of untold punishment."

The countenance of the angels -- bearing flaming swords -- was startlingly similar to the image revealed two decades later in the third secret of Fatima; in that vision was what Fatima seer Lucia dos Santos has described as "an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire."

That was Fatima. The second angel Sister Mildred saw in the U.S. was equally brilliant. He held shafts of light and told the nun, "With these shafts of light God seeks out and binds with eternal chains the evil powers and those who have sold themselves to these enemies of God and His people."

Of course, America has yet to return to purity, its materialism is flagrant, and its youth are in disarray. Meanwhile, within the Church, the request to install a statue at the national shrine has not yet been fulfilled -- although the apparition reached a stage of initial ecclesiastical approval when a medal was struck, a plaque constructed, and a statuette was made by Archbishop Paul F. Leibold to specifically commemorate the apparition.

Petitions are now being circulated to the nation's bishops and the laity are urged to help spread them to dioceses across the troubled nation .

Sister Mildred, who died January 10, 2001, at the age of 83, described the angels as magnificent beyond words. "Both these blessed spirits seemed to be composed of light," she wrote. "I could barely see any form. Their garments were of a dazzling whiteness, their voices were not like any other ever heard, not audible except to the inner hearing which is indescribable.

"I was further informed that these two mighty spirits fight together side by side aided by an army of their companion spirits."

As far as the Virgin, her messages continued through the 1990s but one of the last (at least as recorded in a booklet) came in 1984. "From this final message, I received the very strong impression that Our Lady was telling us that she had done everything she could do to help and warn us. Now it was up to us. Whatever happens we will have brought on ourselves so whatever we decide and do now is our responsibility..."

Subj: [joycelist] Message to Carlos Lopez- October 10, 2001

Date: 10/25/2001 4:44:59 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: joycelang@prodigy.net



Dear Children, Praised be Jesus!

I come this night as the Lady of Hope and Queen of Peace. God, through me, desires to give hope to mankind and peace to this world, which lives in conflict. Many have forgotten about God. Children, God exists. God is good and merciful. God desires to give you peace, but it is you who reject His mercy and His peace

Why do you fear? What do you fear? I had already announced all this to you. I had announced the wars; I announced them many times. I said, "Pray, pray, pray for peace in the world because the peace of the world is in danger." There are many who pray and when they pray they do not pray well. They ask, but they do not ask with the heart and with faith; they doubt and the fear that covers them is a fear that satan gives them.

Why do you not accept my messages? Why do you flee? I desire to help you and give you my protection. When you fear, you suffer because you do not have faith and you do not trust in me. If you pray, you should not fear because God is in control of your lives. When you fear, satan is in control But, I come to tell you not to fear anymore. Give God your lives and allow Hun to guide you along that path of peace and love and of happiness, which only He can give you. When you fear in the way many fear, God is not in control of your lives, but rather my enemy is (in control). Pray, pray, pray. Do not fear. Pray the Holy Rosary. Make sacrifices, fast. Allow me, the Queen of Peace, to bring you that peace which you so much desire. Trust and obey my plea.

Dear children, I can mitigate many chastisements that are coming to the world. If you only helped me and listened and trusted in your Blessed Mother, the peace that you seek so much and desire would have already been achieved. Remember that I am and will always be with you. I desire to guide you along the path of peace and salvation. Pray, pray, pray and listen to my plea. Otherwise, if you do not obey me, I will not be able to help you and you will suffer very much. I do not desire to see you suffer. Rather, I desire to see you happy in the love of God.

Thank you for having accepted my message of this night. I leave you covered inside of my mantle of protection and I leave my beloved priests inside my Immaculate Heart. May the peace of God Almighty with all of you and with men of good will. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


OCTOBER 11, 2001, 10:25 A.M.

Louise started to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover with Your Most Precious Blood."

Dear Ones, on Halloween this year, KEEP OFF THE STREETS AND AWAY FROM ALL CROWDED PLACES!!! DO NOT VENTURE OUT!!! Evil, and in many places, TERRORISTS WILL BE LURKING. It is an evil night. Stay together, with your children, and PRAY children, PRAY!!!


PRAY, MY children, PRAY!!!

I warn you out of LOVE and My MERCY FOR ALL.

(End of mesage)


Received at St. Katherine Drexel Shrine ( in upper church ) while kneeling in front of Relic of Cross and continued at 2 A.M.-10/13/01

Louise started to receive a message from Jesus and she said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

" As you kneel before My Holy Cross, you see a very large and long vertical beam and a long cross beam. The wood is composed of millions of tiny particles and each one represents your ( mankinds ) sins. I carried that heavy cross for quite a distance before being hanged onto it.

I ask all my loved ones, everywhere, to take up your cross daily and follow Me. Yet, most of you turn and run from it. You are so attached to materialistic or earthly possessions that all you desire is health and good times, none of which can help you attain eternal life with Me.

Your suffering, joined with Mine, through prayer, love, humility, is the greatest gift of self you can offer God, Our Father. This prayer is most powerful and is reason enough to change the Heart of Our Beloved Father.

To suffer is certainly not pleasant. Yet to cleanse your souls of sin and to obtain conversion of many poor souls, God awaits your offering. Hearts will change because of your devotion. Wars can be won without guns, bombs or killing. It is love, your love and sacrifice united with prayer, that wins all battles against evil.

Pray instead to have strength to carry your cross with Me, behind Me, for the forgiveness of all sinners, all your enemies and for the conversion of mankind. Show by your example that love conquers all. My love and obedience to Our Father ransomed all from sin and death and reopened the Gates of Heaven.

Assist Me, through your suffering, your crosses, to convert all people and establish the glorious Kingdom of Love on and around your earth. Let your light shine for all to see. Banish all jealousy and hate, all pride and self ego. Turn from sin, the world, the devil and all sins of the flesh. Follow God's Commandments. Become as one worldwide family with God as your Father letting His Love and Mercy convert you.

Allow and invite Us, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to dwell forever in your hearts and accept Our Will for you to be your only desire. Find true peace in your hearts and watch it spread like wildfire to consume every human being making you fully alive and totally at peace.

Heaven CAN be lived on earth if you'll but follow Me, your Example, your Lord, your Savior, Jesus. Come, be imitators of Me and live each day of the rest of your earthly life in peace with all people of every race, color and creed for you ARE all family, children of God, brothers and sisters under your loving, merciful Father. We love you and all are equal in Our eyes.

Look upon each other as family and forgive and repent and put the devil in his rightful place, Hell, as you assist your worldwide family.

Do not wage war and kill one another. Assist the less fortunate; the sick, weak, suffering, poor, hungry, homeless thereby giving all to Me as I have given ALL to you.

I love you My children and My only desire is for all to return to Me. Will you heed my words and establish world peace? If you do not, Hell and Satan will conquer and control your hearts, minds, and souls and many of you will be condemned to Hell forever.

Pray, convert, repent, forgive and above all LOVE!!! My Heart is open to receive you. My arms are outstretched to embrace you. Come back to Me, your Jesus of Love and Mercy."






(There appeared a light that seemed to engulf Our Lady. Then Mary was in a different dress. The veil was white, long, and flowing. Some of the veil was see-through. She appeared in a long, silvery garment with gold trim on the edge of the sleeve, and she was standing on a cloud with twelve stars. She said, "I am Mary, Our Lady Queen of Peace. It is through this title that I wish to give my last monthly message.")

My dear little children, praise be Jesus! My dear ones, today I come to call you all to PRAY FOR PEACE, not the peace that men can give to you, but pure peace that God wishes to give to you. Pray, my dear ones, for peace. True peace that comes from God is basking in His love for you. Let Him fill you with His love and mercy, which shall bring forth true peace from my Son. In order to live peace, you MUST SURRENDER TO GOD AND LIVE WITHIN HIS TEN COMMANDMENTS. Please, my dear little children, STOP OFFENDING GOD! Turn your lives over to Him and trust in Jesus more. God loves you so very much, but you are wasting too much time with things that are of no value for you and your spiritual life. Many lives are being wasted because they will not surrender to God all they have, and because they will not pray. Talk to God. Tell Him about what you want and what you need. Your conversion depends upon child-like trust and prayer. You cannot say that you are converting if you do not pray one-on-one with my Son and God, your loving, merciful Father.


God loves you all so very much, but the time to let peace reign within your heart and soul is NOW! Do not wait until tomorrow, for tomorrow may be too late! FAST on bread and water and live the gospel messages, which Jesus has given to you. Remember His words, REPENT AND BELIEVE, for behold, the Kingdom of God is suddenly upon you.

Little ones, I wish the world to know that my title, Mary, Mother and Queen of The Divine Will is directly linked with my apparitions at Lourdes, Fatima, Garabandal, and Medjugorje. All of these apparitions are connected to my Immaculate Heart, and it is this thread, the thread from my Immaculate Heart, which is the Rosary, that binds all four apparitions to My Most Immaculate Heart.

One last warning. If America and the world do not listen to my messages, there will be a third world war, and God's hand will strike. PRAY! PRAY! PRAY FOR PEACE! PRAY FOR THE PEACE FROM GOD TO REIGN IN EVERY HUMAN HEART!

Then, and only then, will there be true peace, and through the peace of God the chastisement will not come.

I love you all very much and I bless you. (She said, "I will pray over everybody and leave you with the Sign of the Cross." She prayed over everybody, one at a time, then embraced and kissed me on my forehead. Then she took my right hand and lifted it up and kissed it. Then she said, "Now I shall bless you all and everything that you have with you and all that is by the altar, underthe altar, everything in this room I am blessing, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. Thank you for responding to my call. Ad Deum."

Copying and distribution of this message is permitted and encouraged as long as nothing is change, added, or deleted. Other messages from Jesus and Mary can be read at www.movingheartfoundation.com

Message from Jesus to Chris Courtis- October 13, 2001

Date: 10/26/2001 5:42:46 AM Pacific Standard Time

From: joycelang@prodigy.net



October 13, 2001 through Chris Courtis, a visionary in Maryland, USA.

My dear and beloved children of My Father's Earth, I come today to INVITE YOU BACK TO YOUR LIVING GOD. God My Father loves you and gives you great graces. Turn back to Him and erase the pattern of hate and violence and turn back to My Father and Me. My little ones, there is so much hate in people's hearts that I can no longer see the love that is behind them. Hate begets murder and murder begets death in Hell! My dear little ones, REPENT! REPENT! REPENT AND TURN BACK TO MY FATHER BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! REPLACE HATE WITH LOVE AND FUEL LOVE THROUGH PRAYER AND MERCY. You do not know what awaits you. You do not know what is coming upon this world, or what will come in the next if you are not sincerely seeking a union with God.

My dear beloved ones, I will not, I cannot allow you to continue on this path that you are on. America is a selfish country and your ideas and your ways of life have consequences whether you as a society and as a nation fail to see it or not. PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! I blessed the Americas because it was founded on RELIGIOUS freedom first, and then freedom. Freedom cannot exist without God, without Me, without the Holy Spirit. FREEDOM CANNOT EXIST, AND WILL NOT EXIST, WITHOUT YOU RETURNING TO GOD! True freedom, My little ones, is religious freedom, the freedom to choose Me, to hate Me, to mock Me, to laugh at Me, to spit at Me; or to love Me, to embrace Me, and to make My dwelling within you. These are your choices.

Return to freedom, to freedom of faith! Love Me through the Cross! Accept the gifts and suffering I give you as a sign, not only of purification, but as a way to redeem lost souls. Many people who have returned to the church have stopped praying. You cannot, and will never, have an intimate relationship with Me, your Lord and Lover of The Divine Will, UNTIL YOU PRAY! You may think of all you want to to get around this. You may do all you want to get around this, but in the end, there will ONLY BE YOU AND I BEFORE MY THRONE. I love you, My dear little ones, and will not speak to you of famines and droughts and floods, and epidemics of every kind that will be coming upon you, because there is no time. The time at hand to PRAY AND REKINDLE YOUR HEART IS NOW! There is darkness over the face of the earth for those who will not accept My peace and My love and My joy that I bring them. There will be a time when war will rage. War is raging already on earth because Satan is here. My mother's Immaculate Heart will triumph! Where will you be with her? Will you be with My mother? For when you deny her, you deny Me. When you love her, you love Me. When you accept her, you accept Me. When you honor her, you honor Me. The two hearts are united as one, but yet My people do not understand this. Pray and turn back to Me. Let Me live in your hearts! ALL I HAVE EVER WANTED IS TO LIVE IN YOUR HEART!

I bless the Americas with wisdom to know what is right and what is wrong, but whether you DO what is right is still up to you. The song, God Bless America, God has blessed America. God has given to you riches beyond your imagining and true freedom of faith. You should be more accepting of those who don't have true freedom, and pray for their true freedom in faith and in hope .I love you, My dear ones, and bless you, but before I bless you, I shall come down and pray. (He went around to everybody here, and He took something out of everybody's heart. He says that these are the prayers and petitions, and that He will answer them and also present them to God His Father. But He says, "Pray for those people whose hearts have waxed cold. Pray for peace within their souls." He will bless us now. He says,) Now I shall bless you. I shall bless you with the Sign of the Cross and I shall depart and return to My Father. Please know that with this blessing, I bless everything that is here and everything in this room, and also, (He's talking to me.) I wish you to make the Sign of the Cross the way you make it when you attend your Eastern Orthodox Church (Ukrainian Rite) and also the way you do when you enter a Catholic Church. Through the Sign of the Cross and blessing I shall bless both churches today. (The Eastern Orthodox Church signs The Holy Spirit right to left and the Catholic Church, left to right.)

Copying and distribution of this message is permitted and encouraged as long as nothing is changed, added, or deleted. This and other messages from Jesus and Mary can be read at www.movingheartfoundation.com


10-14-01 External locution at Ameche Prayer Gathering. Again.. these words are meant for everyone, everywhere.

"My dearest ones, I am your God and Father, I come this day with special blessings, Rosary blessings, My dear children. I tell you, this day your prayers are answered in a special way ... for your country, for your families, for each other, and with healing for yourselves. It is healing that is most needed by all, everyone in the world, one kind of healing or another.

You must be healed, that you might be a source of strength, a source of courage, solid, real, authentic courage and hope, not something you would learn to recite, or glib answers you might give; but a strength within you that emanates to all, that permeates the atmosphere, that is a reflection of your belief in all the words of Heaven and the promises of your God: a reflection of the might of My arm, a reassurance to others that you have experienced this night. That you have experienced My mercy throughout your life, at special times when you needed it most; My strength to BE for you, to be on your side, My children, to be in your corner, to be the One you know you can count on. There are so many, many people who do not know this kind of support, this kind of unconditional love, of one who will come through every time. You, My children, in your ministry to the many, will be a sign of this reassurance, a sign that you know, that you ! have discovered, that you have found as the place of comfort, of protection.

No matter what happens in the lives of each one, My children, remember this, My promises are still in effect. It is Paradise that is your home. It is the Kingdom that is your goal, the Heavenly Kingdom. It is everlasting peace that is the climate in which you will spend eternity. Imagine .... to be relaxed, to be peaceful, to be calm, to be at ease. And at this point I remind you that disease is an important word that describes the condition of those whose agitation or stress or even genetic predisposition brings them to a place where health is compromised, a place where total ease cannot be found.

There is no place on earth where total ease can be found now, My children, except that time before My Son (I remind you again) in the Sacrament of the Altar where, if you will allow it, He will pour Himself out: His peace, His healing into the vessel of your person, of your being, the vessel you are becoming for all, the instruments of My Will. You will hear these words repeated again and again, for it is My desire that you remember them daily, that you live your life in this way, in this mindset, in gratitude for these gifts. You are Mine, little ones.

Remember that I am your loving Father. Praise Me, My children. Run to Me, as a child does to a father she adores and loves, depends upon, counts on, delights in.

My children, the level of anxiety will only rise in the coming weeks and months, by design. These are the primary reasons for you to actively combat agitation, chaos, anxiety within others. I tell you, you are all strong enough and well enough, transformed enough to do this and, in whatever way you serve, it is not only ENOUGH, it is My Will and My desire for you (in your own way). I will send the people to you who will need you and your way, your experiences, your heart, your love. And it will be more than enough!

I love you and I bless you in My Name, in the Name of My Son, and the Name of Our Spirit. The Holy Mother blesses you, as well. She showers kisses, hugs, gifts of joy today. Praise Me, My children. Thank Me. I am your Heavenly Father. I love you. Amen dear ones, Amen."

Carol Ameche


Louise started to receive a message and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood. "

"Dearest children of My Divine, Sacred, Merciful and Loving Heart: repent and return to Me. Consecrate yourselves, your children, your families, your animals, your home and property to God; Father, Me, the Son and Our Holy Spirit morning, noon and night. Make the act of consecration also to Mary Our Mother and Joseph, Our Protector and Guide.

No longer should you travel far from home nor should you travel alone. Stay away from crowds. When you do go out go, not only with your Guardian Angel but ask for the protection of many Angels. Ask them to be visible to anyone who is of evil intent and to surround you, your children, your home, your cars for anyone who sees My Holy Angels will be filled with awe and/or great fear.

Angels were created for numerous activities first of which is to praise God. Angels sang praises to your new-born Infant King after first asking Mary's permission to accept the honorable role of becoming My Mother. Next they asked Joseph. They sang praises over the place where I was born and told the shepherds and the Kings. They told Joseph to take Mary and Me and flee into Egypt. They told Joseph when to return home to Nazareth. They comforted Me in My Agony. And told Mary Magdalene of My Resurrection.

Angels guide and protect My dearest children throughout life. Today you need your Guardian Angel and all My Angels to protect you from evil and harm. Call on them, thank them, honor them.

Remember too, there are fallen angels, angels of darkness and death. Lucifer is a fallen angel, the Devil, their leader.

Angels play a very prominent part in these last times. They are at My beck and call to warn My people and to carry out all My plans explained in Revelations. Read this timely Book NOW!

Accept your Angel. Pray to your Angel. Honor your Angel. Follow your Angel for he/she will lead you to safe ground. Never go out without your Angel. Only your Glorious Spirit Angel can see and understand the war of spirits taking place around My faithful children. They will fight to protect you in body, mind AND spirit.

I place My Angels at the service of all My devoted, loving, mini remnant. Thank Our Father for the Gift of His Angels."

(end of message )


Louise started to receive a message from Jesus and she said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

" Dearly beloved of My Heart, as you already are aware, the tribulation has begun. It is in the early formative stages and will worsen day by day.

Chemicals and insects cover much of the earth, yes USA too, and both are carried through the air until your air is laden with them causing illness and death. The chemicals are absorbed into your fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and water. They cling to your clothing and your skin. They are lodged in your hair and the fur and skin of animals. Outdoor animals that come into your houses MUST have their paws or feet washed with soap and water or it is also being embedded in your rugs and carpets. Your own shoes carry this toxin. It is everywhere!

Place a drop of holy water or a grain of blessed salt into ALL you eat or drink and also bless the food and water you give your pets and farm animals.

Purchase your masks as soon as possible. Keep your doors and windows closed on windy days so that the excess debris does not enter so forcefully.

The time for preparation is drawing to its end. Again, many are not and will not be prepared. After all these years of My warning you, you still turn a deaf ear. You WILL soon be very sorry, little ones.

My concern for you is so great but unless you choose to listen and obey Our directions, you will suffer. I do not speak empty words. I am speaking loving warnings to direct you, to assist you, to aid you and all because of My endless Love and Mercy.

Open your ears and hear! Open your eyes and see! Open your hearts and execute the Will of Our Father for you---NOW and FOREVER!!!

These are very evil days and the hours are readily darkening. We, in Heaven, WILL protect Our own, Our faithful, Our remnant. Many of Our children are suffering with Me, Your Jesus, for the horrid sins of evil men. They help Me  carry My Cross and suffer in body, mind and spirit. They are bringing many souls back to Us--The Undivided Trinity. These messages are being confirmed on world-wide T.V. and radio and also, in your newspapers. Only a fool  cannot see and feel the forces of evil and the punishments sent to you by a Just God and Father.

Does it not bother you that Our Mantle of Love and Protection has been removed from your country? ( or countries ) Is it so difficult for YOU to give Me, no less than, 15 minutes per day in humble, loving prayer? Are you  not concerned with your eternal life and your responsibilities to God and man?

Evil comes from evil--Satan--who is the master of darkness and sin. I am the Light come into the darkness to save all souls. You carry that Light into  the world when you become Mine though consecration, prayer and ( live ) total love in your heart.

These hours and events will now follow quickly, one upon the other, until these battles are won ( by Me ). Continue to love and obey, to repent and convert, to forgive and to pray unceasingly. Be strong My beloved ones. Keep your eyes on Me and your thoughts on Godly things. Only you can change yourself through a firm desire to leave all sin behind and follow Me, your Jesus, who is all Mercy and Love for all ages."

(end of message )


Louise started to receive a message from Mother Mary and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

"Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart, Joseph and I come to you again today to BEG you to return to Our Son, Jesus. We implore you to read, listen to, obey and to put into daily practice ALL that Heaven has been and is pleading with you to do. You MUST convert! You MUST repent! You MUST forgive! YOU MUST LOVE!!!!!

Children, the time is here-NOW! The devastation planned to destroy much of your country (USA) can be greatly lessened by your humble, loving prayers and sacrifices. Lay your bouquet at Our feet (Joseph and Me) to take to, to present to, Our Father in Jesus' Name.

Save your life! Save many lives! Save your magnificent country! All victories, all that is good IS WROUGHT THROUGH PRAYER!!!

Germs can be killed. Chemicals can loose there potency. Insects can die. Bombs can remain useless and go dormant. Most of all, hearts CAN CHANGE. Man can and will convert IF you, as individuals and as a nation, return immediately to God, to our Son, Jesus.

Your time is DANGEROUSLY SHORT! As parents--your parents--we want to assist you but you MUST act quickly, without delay.

Already you see the forces of evil everywhere causing havoc, fear, hatred, death and great suffering. You also see the Hand of Our Father falling and causing much destruction.

Our Son Jesus died for YOU--for ALL. He loves you so much!!! He, and we His Parents, wait for you to return and believe in Him, obey Him, honor Him and love Him AND one another.

Pledge you allegiance to God, to Jesus, to the Holy Spirit. Love, children, LOVE!!! It is NEVER to late to repent, forgive and live LOVE. No one will ever be lost who follows Gods' Commandments, who has heartfelt sorrow and amend his life.

Come to us, His parents and yours. Let us assist you on you journey home through your life on earth. Place yourself, in My Immaculate Heart and in Joseph pure, humble, loving heart. We WILL lead you to our Son and the roads to salvation. Live trust, NOT fear. Live love, NOT hate and greed. Live in hope for a better tomorrow. Live your faith as you pray for peace on earth and the conversion of ALL OUR CHILDREN, your family around the earth.

Joseph and I send you Our blessings and love, dearest children of the earth, and ask you to prepare, not just your homes, but your hearts, minds and immortal souls. You can, you MUST return to Our Beloved Son, Jesus, your living God/Man. Pray for your president (G. W. Bush) and that all world leaders will not opt for war but settle all matters through prayer in reconciliation thus following the Will of God, the teachings and example of your Savior, Our Divine Son, Jesus AND seek enlightenment from Our Holy Spirit.

Please children, honor and obey the pleas of your Heavenly Parents. It is for you and to you that I speak. Again, blessings from Our Son to all our beloved, lost, angry, hurt little children.

Your Mother Mary and Father/Protector, Joseph

NOTE: Use the Sacraments Jesus gave to His people, His Church.

(End of Message)


10-21-01 Message to Ameche Sunday prayer group through Carol

" My beloved people: I am your God, My children, your Father and your Creator. I come to gift you again! I come to repeat and remind all, all in this world, of My love and My power. I remind you especially, My beloved ones, that I WILL NEVER BE OVERCOME BY THE POWER OF SATAN; THAT HE ONLY HAS THE POWER I ALLOW THAT SCRIPTURE MIGHT BE FULFILLED. When you hear yourselves begin to fear, My precious children, or when you feel doubts build or hope begin to vanish, grasp tightly these words, all of My promises to you. My beloved ones, there is nothing I would not do for you, only ask Me! You know that My Will is what determines each event in each person's life, as it unfolds in My Divine plan for them and for the world.

My beloved ones, YOU ARE BELOVED ONES OF MINE. I will not harm you, My children. I wish not to harm anyone, but the life of My innocent ones has become an endangered situation. You have been praying against these horrible sins of abortion and euthanasia and all of the sins of the flesh and the gratification present in the lives of so many people now. You see and your understand the condition of the world today, and why these conditions must end, why these atrocities must cease. There are those who have no regard for any life at any age or stage of development. This cannot be allowed to continue. Evil must be allowed to destroy evil and exhaust itself for that day when the evil one and all of his followers are chained in the deepest level of Hell. There is no other way now, My dear ones; but I continue to ask you to continue to pray for mitigation and for peace in the hearts of My faithful ones.

Oh My children, the condition of the world cannot continue and especially because of the secret plans of men, secrets which continue to cover the actions of so many in the world, the lies that are told: that condition in the world that is the unfolding of Satan's plans. All of these things you must remember and build as understanding to each event that is allowed, for you will see more now, as you have already been warned. You will know that I am acting according to justice and to mercy because you understand mercy, My children. You understand My great love for all of My children in the world. Remember all of these things. Ponder them again and again in your minds and in your prayers and in the quiet times when you sit before My Son.

DO NOT BE AFRAID, My children. DO NOT DESPAIR. Whatever has developed in your life will come to good! I love you. I trust you, My children, and your faithfulness. Trust Me and My faithfulness!! Be at peace. Remain in the peace of My Son. Receive increased virtues this day from the beloved Immaculate One, who IS the Mediatrix and Co-Redemptrix and Advocate for the world, My vessel and instrument of grace. Amen, My dear children."

Carol Ameche

Subj: [joycelist] Message to Louise Tomkiel- October 22, 2001

From: joycelang@prodigy.net


MONDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2001- (10:00 A.M.)

Louise started to receive a locution from Jesus and said: "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Jesus then said: "Those of you who have prepared, obeying all My commands as best as possible in your situation, I will protect and multiply your larder. Those of you who choose not to hear Me or obey Me will find yourselves in a very precarious situation. For, My dear little ones, many will become very ill and many will die in the days to come due to the increase and ferocity of the devil's actions and choice of warfare.

I am sending gracious warnings to all people the world over and it is your choice to follow Me or ignore Me. If you are not prepared, as I have constantly stated, you WILL find yourselves in perilous waters.

There is very little time left to prepare and stores and warehouses are already 'sold out' of urgent necessities. By not heeding My call you are putting your life in great jeopardy. There is absolutely NO TIME LEFT TO PROCRASTINATE!

Free-will choice is yours but, dear ones; I want you to choose Me, your One and Only God and Savior, Jesus. Although you will be in grave danger, I am there to protect you, to lift you up, to give you strength and inner peace. You will make it through to the end for, through daily consecration, prayer, love, repentance and obedience-to God's Will, you are My child, My follower, My beloved one.

Finish all your preparations NOW in and for body, mind and especially, spirit. The enemy is advancing rapidly. He is furious. For each advancement, he is knowingly losing to Me as My tiny, mini, remnant army approaches with renewed strength and vigor.

Keep up your powerful prayers and sacrifices. You are making great progress. I am so proud of My dearest ones. You will be rewarded abundantly by Our Father for your steadfastness and the time will be shortened for the sake of My elect. (Matt.22:24)

Pray and multiply your good works daily. I bless you, My dearest beloved children---In the Name of Our Father, The Son, Me your Jesus, and of Our Holy Spirit! Go forth in Our peace and Our love for you."

(End of Message)

Subj: [joycelist] Message to Joan Holland- October 22, 2001

From: joycelang@prodigy.net




More disasters will befall you. You have not heeded the call to prayer, fasting and penance. A sinful nation will not stand.

"Upon this ROCK I shall build my church" I spoke these words to Peter, he was My first Pope. Today, the seat of Peter has pleaded with all the world for peace. I speak through my Pope. He is and example for all the world, however he is shunned and not revered. You will continue to see plagues manifest themselves over and over. I am purifying My people. I have called and you have ignored Me. Now you will hear and see the wrath which you have brought upon yourselves.

See to it that no one deceives you. Let not man call evil, good and good, evil.

Come to Me, allow Me to guide you to the Spirit of Truth. There are rough waters ahead for all mankind. To calm the sea mankind must come to Me on bended knee. I am now and will be forever your refuge.


Subj: [joycelist] Message to Louise Tomkiel- October 23, 2001

From: joycelang@prodigy.net


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2001- (10:35 A.M.)

Louise started to receive a locution from Jesus and said: "Jesus please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Jesus then said: ""You, My children of today, are watching the Book of Revelations come alive before your eyes. Every Word of God MUST be fulfilled before I, your Jesus, can return in glory.

Everyone must be punished and made as white as snow, for in the end there are only two choices for eternity-Heaven or Hell. If you could see, with your human eyes, the spiritual war, the war between God and His holy angels and Satan and his evil spirits, it would NOT take you very long to decide whose side to choose.

Although the devil seems to be gaining, each of you knows the outcome of this war. The faithful remnant I am with always. The fallen children I try each moment to draw closer to Me. The lukewarm need much assistance, example and love. These poor souls could lose their balance and fall in either direction therefore you, My followers MUST pray for them and their return to Me. They, and all souls, need much strength.

Follow My directions and obey all My commands. Prepare as I am instructing you. Love and pray for all your enemies (Luke 6:27). Show them that you are a true Christian by your love.

Rely on Me alone for no mere human can give you and fill you with all the necessary graces to strengthen your faith, hope and trust during these days of tribulation.

Seek the aid of My Heavenly parents--Mary and Joseph--who will lead your heart and mind with a Spiritual light that evil cannot see or recognize.

It is the light of grace; a light given to all who trust and abandon their all to Me. They are My faithful remnant.

Oh how black (through sin) are these days in which you live. The daily, subtle force of Satan to entrap ALL mankind is uncanny. His sweet deception lures so many. His theory is to do all that pleases you; that sin does not exist nor does his eternal dwelling place, Hell. If it feels good--do it. Do all things your way and to remove God from every phase of life.

I have repeated this thousands of times down through the centuries still the greater number of souls do not listen nor do they obey. No, they turn from Me.

The tribulation is underway and your warning is on the way. Again I give you a free-will choice through My great Mercy and Love for all.

Prayer and sacrifice, on the part of My faithful ones, will save many otherwise lost souls. I count on your loving assistance to storm Heaven for God's guidance and that He will shorten (Matt. 24:22) the time and severity of these days in which you are living.

Continue to see and hear of much worse things happening (New York City, Washington DC, Pennsylvania) in your world. Diseases will worsen (anthrax, cancer, small-pox, yellow fever, TB), and little will be made available to lessen the suffering and pain let alone, to heal. These are just some of the plagues I spoke of to St. John.

By your sins, you are calling down the Hand of God, the Wrath of God upon yourselves and the whole world.

Convert, oh My beloved ones. The days are getting shorter and chastisement has begun. Pray, love and forgive one another. Convert, trust and place your hope in Me. I love you unto death and I wish for the resurrection of ALL souls on the last day."

(End of Message)



We have confirmed a report that there is oozing again from a large bronze corpus of Christ behind St. James Church in Medjugorje.

Like last June -- when the exudation was noticed around the time of anniversary celebrations -- continuous droplets of a watery fluid have been coming from what looks like a point of erosion or "wound" on the side of the statue's right knee.

We don't know if it's supernatural. We'll wait for more information. But it is certainly strange -- and because it involves an actual physical object, it is one of the most potentially interesting manifestations in the twenty years of phenomena.

The exudation, which brings to mind weeping Madonnas, occurs on a sporadic basis and was especially noticeable the first week of October, according to one witness, Savio C. Barros -- a former government worker from Mississauga in Canada who watched the phenomenon on October 4 and 5 with dozens of others as crowds again began to form around the corpus.

"When I looked, I saw the water coming out of the side of the knee," said Barros. "I touched the water itself and so did a lot of people. Many people saw it. The drops were one after another, continuously falling. People were saying different things, different ways, but I felt it was very strange that the water was coming out that way."

Others have described it as watery drops that feel like a cross between saltwater and oil flowing from the 15-foot statue -- and hundreds witnessed it last summer.

Why there would be such a steady accumulation of moisture in a specific part of the statue has confounded experts. A source in the parish has told us that it's filled with concrete from the feet to the waist, and bronze experts in the U.S. say they have never heard of bronze reacting in such away -- except for an initial "sweating" of bronze when it is first fashioned and put to intense heat.

The drops have occurred in cooler weather -- reported also last March and also last October -- and even in a hot humid environment bronze shouldn't react in that way, according to John Blair, project manager for Jozef Custom Ironworks, a large firm in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Blair called the situation "absolutely unusual" when asked if humidity causes bronze to sweat to the point where something can exude from the metal itself.

"That's a really curious question," he said when we first consulted him last summer -- after seeing it ourselves. "I've never seen it from humidity. However, when I apply a patina, when I flame it with a torch, it does sweat then. You do get moisture over the surface of the bronze. But I've never seen it from heat or humidity."

Is it unusual for such metal to react in such a way from one particular part and occur every couple minutes?

"Oh, sure," replied Blair. "Absolutely. My only observation of bronze sweating is in the beginning of the patinization process, as we begin to heat the bronze. It does sweat for a minute there. But it's nothing like that -- where it's actually dripping. There's a glaze over the surface and then you know your piece is beginning to warm up. As far as the thing crying or sweating like that, unless there's holes in it, with water getting in a source, and it's leaking like a roof would leak, no: it would have to be something at the miracle end of it."

There still may be a natural explanation. We'll wait and see what experts who can actually observe it have to say. But for the time being it's another mystery from the famous apparition site, and some even claim that substance has caused healing. The October report is the first since July 9, when a parish spokesperson said the drops had stopped.

Jeffrey G Peeters <jdpeet@execpc.com>

Joyce, I thought this was an interesting tape from Ernest Rutaganda of the Kibeho, Rwanda. The Kibeho apparition and the messages of some of the visionaries have received approval of the church. Ernest, not one of the original seven visionaries, received 7 messages from Christ while in prision for his faith. This particular message deals with the anti-christ and protection from his influence:

Ernest: I greet you. I want to thank you. After this message there will only be one message left. We will be coming with one more message and that' s it! But as often I can I will come back to pray with you the chaplet of seven sorrows and the chaplet to the Eternal Father and the chaplet to St. Michael the Archangel.

I want to tell you the message you will be hearing you will need to listen to carefully, because it is very important. If we follow this message attentively we will know how to evade the anti-christ. I want to remind you that in 1990 when I was still imprisoned Jesus revealed to me all about the anti-christ; Teaching me the remedy to evade the anti-christ. Very soon, because time is short, the anti-christ will make his appearance. There are very few years left. It is possible it will be within the next five years, maybe less. You will see how he is going to reign. I want to tell you one thing, the anti-christ has started to work. He's started his work very secretively, hiding himself, but he has not made his public appearance. But I will tell you Jesus has said to me while I was still in prison, imprisoned because of my faith, that before Jesus had come to earth for all our redemption, St. John the Baptist came to prepare the people for Jesus. And then Jesus began to preach, already having his adherents who were preparing his road.

The anti-christ already has his adherents who are preparing his road. They will attack you first with the number 666. You will see the number 666 in clothing to get you used to the number. You will become so accustomed to seeing this number that when the anti-christ will make his appearance he will be able to captivate you that much more readily. Jesus has said to me because the people have refused to confess and show sorrow for their sins we will receive cataclysms on earth because Jesus said to me we are already living the apocalypse. Jesus said that for the moment the world is now sinning a lot more than the times of Sodom and Gomorrah and more so than at the time of Noah. Jesus said to me he will reveal a secret. At the time of Sodom and Gomorrah Jesus had automatically punished the people and at the time of Noah God had punished the people immediately. Jesus revealed why he had waited so long to punish the people of today.

God the Eternal Father waited to punish the world because of the following: because of the Blessed Virgin Mary and because of our Lord Jesus. Because the world is now rotten with sin, You saw what happened at Fatima. The virgin Mary came there crying with sorrow. And she said that if people did not convert there would be a war and of course that happened. All over the world in Egypt, in Zeitun, in Beaujerain, wherever the blessed virgin has appeared she begs us to return to God. There was a time, a date, that God wanted to punish the world but Jesus came before God the Father. "If you punish the world, if you send calamities, they will die in sin, and I will lose their souls to Satan. And so the Eternal Father replied I am tired of the sins of the people, I have to destroy the world. So Jesus begged again.

Jesus wanted to come to some of the countries to give an example that the blessed Virgin returned to the hand of her son. And she said to Jesus "Do not forget that you gave them to me as my children as you were dying on the cross. You must not punish them. Let me first inform them." And it is for that reason that the blessed virgin has been appearing to so many countries in the world. To warn us that the Lord is about to punish the whole unless we change and mend our ways. And for the time being the Blessed Virgin is saying she is getting very tired holding the arm of her son. And so the Blessed Virgin is saying I will leave you (to) Jesus and the Eternal Father and they will come and correct your sinfulness. Because you the people of the world have refused all my warnings. It is for this reason because the people of the world have refused to convert and return to God, to change their ways, and to stop offending our Lord Jesus, and now the world will be punished. This will be very, very serious.

And these are the chastisements that are awaiting us: Jesus has said that the majority of people here on earth will die because of famine caused by the sun. That's the first chastisement.

The second one, will be the third world war that will destroy three quarters of humanity. And I want to tell you one thing. Pray! Because I know that in 1991 Jesus had revealed to Me "I give you seven years to convert to return to God, to confess your sins and to stop offending my Sacred Heart. Because in the year 1998, 1999, and 2000 come you will no longer know how to confess because there will be so much suffering and pain. I can assure that many, many will be killed. I will give you an example. If you are a mother and the famine is here many of your children will die. You will not know how to pray because your heart will be full of sorrow. And when this 3rd world war comes you will be looking for a priest and you will not find one because he too will be in hiding because of the war. And Jesus today is asking us to confess and to return to the sacraments. But we pretend we do not hear Him.

And I'm telling you it will be terrible. And Jesus said to me when the anti-christ will be here it will be terrible. Many people will follow him.

I recall when I first came to Canada I remember that when I left to get married and was just ready to return Jesus showed me in a vision that the anti-christ will not be fearful to enter a church in order to grasp souls that are there. And this event will happen. The anti-christ will enter into some churches. And he will even produce miracles, he will even give money. And those who are not strong in their faith or their spirituality will follow the anti-christ. It will be terrible. Jesus has said to me that after John Paul II there will be two popes. After those two popes it is Jesus who will direct the church and it is at that time that He will reign over this earth. And then Jesus will come to judge the living and the dead.

I want to tell you that Jesus has told me to inform all the Christians that when Pope John Paul II leaves the pope that will come will allow the priest s to get married and he will change a lot of things in the liturgy of the church. That pope, that will push the priests to get married, you must not accept him. He will be a false pope. You will see this with your own eyes. And this is what is so terrible, Jesus has said to me that during the reign of this pope (the one promoting the marriage of priests) there will be some priests opposed to marriage. But a large number will accept getting married.

Jesus is asking us, the Christians, to stand by these priests who refuse to get married, because they will be holy priests. And Jesus asked me to inform you that when this will happen there will be a schism within the Catholic church (divided by those who choose to marry and those remain celibate.) And then there will be a lot of discussion. Jesus said not to be troubled but that when we will see this that we must not have the urge to change the church or our faith; we must not go into other churches.

Jesus is asking us to take our rosaries and the rosary of the seven sorrows and the chaplet to the Eternal Father and any of the other chaplets that we already know and to pray for the church because this will not take very long to happen. Because Jesus said that after John Paul II there will be two more popes. After this Pope, Jesus will not be long in coming. The end of the world is also near (later he indicates this means end of the era). That is why we must be prepared and confident. At the moment of the third world war there will be famine in many, many countries. Even after the war is when the anti-christ will really begin his reign. Jesus asks us not to allow the anti-christ to influence you because you will be going through a horrible time. There will a famine. Those that still have food and still have money will be followers of the anti-christ, during the time the anti-christ will lead the world. And it is at that time the Christians will be persecuted.

If you read in Ch. 24 of Matthew, Jesus says that the nations will hate the Christians in such a way that they will kill the Christians and I tell that at the time of the famine, those who are not strong in their spirituality will tempted by the anti-christ. I want to tell you that in order to have food, money in the bank, they will give you booklets. But you must not accept that. Those that follow the anti-christ, Jesus will erase their names out of the book of life. At that time it will be the end for that soul. It is for this reason Jesus said to me that we must (now) confess our sins, return to God, receive holy communion, and if possible go to mass daily. Because the body of Jesus that we receive in eucharist will help us to resist during the famine.

Jesus gave an example, He stayed in the desert for forty days without eating. And this is the strength he will give those Christians who really pray. This is the reason Jesus has said to me that those who will pray the rosary to the eternal Father, the anti-christ will not see those souls who pray that rosary because those who pray that rosary to God the Father will have offered a great sacrifice to God the Father so that when the followers of the anti-christ will come near them they will see the halo of the saints over these people and they'll be fearful of these Christians. It will be horrible. Jesus said we must pray.

Then he said something about religion. That of the various religions created here on earth, will bring a lot of souls to us. There will be a time when you will even see statues talking to you, the statues of the anti-christ. I'm not talking about our statues of our Blessed Lady and our Jesus. There are other statues that will talk in front of you and this will be serious because all the devils of hell will be here on earth. All of these religions that we created, the multitudes of churches we find here on earth it is not Jesus that brought them about but is because of many the spirit of preparation and the lack of love amongst the people and Jesus said that he and his father are one. And he wants all the christians to become one church.

But we refused and did not listen and now we will suffer the consequences, the suffering that we will have to endure, the anti-christ will take more people because of this separation and it will be terrible. I will tell you how it will happen. When the anti-christ will come he will call himself the Messiah of all the churches. And he will say he will unite all the churches into one single church and it will be terrible. Many people will follow him because he will show love. But it will not be true love, it will a love to lure Christians because the anti-christ will say follow me, I will give you food. And I will put an end to your problems. He will contact the Buddhists and he will to them "I am the seventh Buddha". He will go to the Jews in Israel and he tell them he is the Messiah you are awaiting. Then he will go to the Bahai and he will tell them that I (am who you are awaiting.) You are awaiting me the seventh Buddhist, you are awaiting me the (savior) of the Muslims, You are awaiting me the Jesus of Israel. You will be calling me different names.

But I am your Messiah. And to show you that I am your Messiah I will give you food. I will give you money, and I will put an end to all your problems. And he will even try to convince the Christians. They will say to you "You are suffering now, so where is your Jesus?" He will say "I am your Jesus because I am here at the time you are suffering. I am giving you food and money. It is I who am the real Messiah." And you will understand how horrible it will be. We Christians, we are not afraid of this. Because Jesus has described in the bible in Matthew Ch.24 Jesus says: "If there are some who will take the name of Jesus, false prophets, they will come in my name. And they will say that they are Jesus. You must not accept them. And Jesus said to us again that if they say that Jesus is in the desert do not go. And if they say Jesus is somewhere nearby preaching do not go. You will read in the bible and so you will know how to defend yourself against the anti-Christ.

You will recite the rosary to God the Father in order to get the protection of God the Father. It will be terrible and confusing otherwise. I am telling you things before they happen. And I'm sure you will see this with your own eyes. The anti-christ will also try to convince all the presidents, kings and rulers of the world in such a way that he will tell them to send the soldiers to kill the Christians; the Christians that will refuse to follow the anti-christ. That's why Jesus is asking us not to deny him. He asks us to even accept martyrdom for him because that will be the final sorrow for you.

After this you will see the anger of Jesus. Jesus will show that he truly is God. The volcanoes will erupt with lava, the oceans will swell and envelop many countries. There will be many, many, many earthquakes. This will be God's fury. It will be the fury of our Lord too. And Jesus Christ will show his power. Ant the anti-christ will be destroyed with all of his followers. It is for this reason in the bible that the bible teaches that before Jesus comes to judge the living and the dead that the nation of Israel will recognize our Lord Jesus. Because when Jesus has destroyed the anti-christ all the followers of the anti-christ will be defeated and the nation of Israel will return to Jesus. Then we will have one master only, one religion only, that will recognize Jesus and the blessed virgin Mary and the rosary and the rosary to God the Eternal Father. The church that respects sacraments and I tell you brothers and sisters, you must retain these words in your heart because we do not know what the future holds for us and I thank you for listening to this message about the anti-christ. Any questions?

(This will begin a new era. Not the end of the earth.) The blessed virgin said that after that the earth will become like a paradise. The blessed virgin explained that what she means, not the paradise of heaven, but paradise on earth. Because the people then will respect God. The love of God will be in the hearts all of the people. The people will love one another.

There will be no evil. Then most all suffering will all be past. Those that are left will respect God. And will continue to pray and not sin anymore. The world will be like a paradise because Jesus will reign over all the souls. For this reason it will be a paradise, because Jesus will live with us.

The two popes after Pope John Paul II will not be good popes. I can not tell you the (timing of these Popes) because even if I knew it would be secret. There are things I must not reveal. Things I can tell you are so you can prepare yourself. But there are things I cannot reveal. I also want to tell you in 1998 is the time when the cataclysms will become more prominent, like the earthquakes. What I'm saying 1998 there is a cataclysms all over the world. It is true that already these things are beginning but in 1998, 1999, and especially 2000 there will be many terrible things happening.

Q: you also said that the anti-christ will become more prominent at the end of the third world war after ¾ of the world's population has been killed.

A: I want to tell you one thing that the anti-christ has already started his work secretly in such a way that you will see the number 666 in clothing and they will give you booklets and tickets. It is to get you accustomed to these numbers so that when the anti-christ will come you will accept this number. Be careful because the anti-christ will continue during the war and even after the war. We must not let him trick us; we are in the process of living the apocalypse.

Q: How old is the anti-christ?

(About) the anti-christ, there will be quite a few antichrists. Those who work for the anti-christ will be called anti-christs. But there will be a chief anti-christ that will perform miracles among them and he will govern the world. I don't believe he will be as old as you think.

1992 was the beginning of the suffering. The suffering has already started. You already know what happened in my own country. There is already a million people that were killed in my own country. I do not see the massacre on TV. The apocalypse has started there.

The three days of darkness, I will tell you about that when I describe the end of the world on the following Friday.

What will kill a lot of the people will not be just the war. There will be a lot of volcanoes, the ocean and the earthquakes and those that will be purified, Jesus said to me, that humankind in many countries have already created nuclear arms and when they use these nuclear arms the air that we breathe will be polluted. Because of the war there that will take place even in the ocean, even the waters of the ocean will be contaminated. When we breathe this air we will become sick and die. When we drink the water we will also die. The christians need not be fearful because the virgin has promised to protect us: Those that are really strong in their faith, that give their lives to Jesus and to Mary.

The rosary and the eight tapes are available at the following sites:



Subj: [joycelist] Message to Louise Tomkiel- October 26, 2001

From: joycelang@prodigy.net


Louise started to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

"The evil one, the devil, is working overtime to gather the hearts and minds of the proud and ego filled souls--My children. He is subtly telling you that all these warnings are empty words for they were told thousands of years ago and have yet to materialize.

You have been told, in Scripture, what to look for and all the signs that WILL materialize. Look around you, hear the daily news, read the Holy Bible and see all the pieces beginning to weave the giant picture.

The Holy Spirit of God and the spirit of the devil are battling to retain souls or to weaken and lure poor souls into tempestuous sin. The WAR IS ON!

As sin worsens and men turn from Me, you can expect a tremendous increase in diseases, suffering, hatred and a war on earth, like no other war, due to the modern day weapons and the accuracy of hitting any desired target anywhere on earth in a moments time. Indeed, the day is near when war will be present in every country on earth and all because of greed, pride and hatred of your brothers and sisters but mostly because you have turned from and rejected Me, your Lord, your God, your Savior--Jesus. You are ignoring every commandment given to you by God therefore, the time has come, the time is here, when all prophecy WILL BE FULFILLED!

I have given you all these years to seek and find My Light that WILL lead you to Me. My Heavenly Family, especially My Mother, Mary, has been coming to earth, over the centuries and especially today, to assist you in your weakness and lead you to Me. Just as She and Joseph, I called Him Abba or Daddy, directed Me in My formative years, so too, they wish to teach you, direct you, love you, for each one of you IS their child too and I am Brother to all because God IS OUR FATHER. Seek the comforting, loving arms of Our parents to keep you from evil, protect you from falling and lead you to Me, their Son, your Savior.

Yes, children, it is because of the immortal love of The Trinity for Our children, that you've been granted so much time to return to God. Instead, your sins are worsening until the majority of hearts are cold, calloused, black with sin; worse than ever seen on earth from its creation.

Now My Words in Scripture WILL come to pass. Now your patient and loving God will show His justice. Now is the time of Grace to assist you. Now is the day to repent, to convert, to be humble, to love, to trust wholly in Me. Now is the time for much prayer. Now is the hour of great Mercy and Love.

Accept these hours granted to you and obey Our Words of warning. Prepare NOW!!! No one knows all but the Father. He is a Father who loves ALL His children equally and shows NO favoritism. Open your eyes, your ears, your hearts to your Heavenly Father, Our Holy Spirit and to Me, your Savior, Jesus.

See all the signs pulling together as by a giant magnet. All will come to pass and, in the end, I will return. God will judge the living and the dead and eternity will commence.

Be Prepared!!!!! Read, listen, obey and pray for wisdom and knowledge to assist you. Ask too, to understand the Will of God. Know that there is NO GREATER love than His Love for all His little ones. Trust in Him. Hope in your heart for His Will to be accomplished quickly. Believe!!! Put your faith and trust in Him alone. Now, be at peace! Fear not for you are carved in the ' Palm of His Hand'.

( end of message )

Subj: [joycelist] Message to Joan Holland- October 26, 2001

Date: 10/27/2001 4:07:29 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: joycelang@prodigy.net



The winds of change have begun and I, your Mother, will be with you every step of the way. Those who come to Me shall be given extraordinary graces to endure all things. The freedom your country fights for cannot bring you true freedom, only My Son can bring freedom to your hearts. Even those closed behind walls have freedom if they have consoled The Father and allowed Him to reign within them. The fire of My love penetrates even through prison walls. That my daughter is true freedom.

Do not be frightened by all that you will witness for all this must come to pass. When man kills man, then believe they can replenish the earth on their own accord, they will be deceived. My little ones, only God The Creator can breath life into human beings. Only God is deigned to take life when it is time for the soul to return to His Creator. Pray for those who take the breath of life of my little ones from the womb to the grave.

I can no longer hold back the hand of the Father. I am His handmaid and His servant. Let all come to pass according to His Word. All Praise, Honor and Glory to the One Triune God.

Subj: [joycelist] Message to Carol Ameche- October 28, 2001

Date: 10/31/2001 4:04:43 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: joycelang@prodigy.net


10/28/01 External locution at Sunday prayer through Carol:

"My very dear ones, I am your Mother. I am here joyfully, my children, praying with you, listening to your heart-felt prayers and these words of mine that I have given to my beloved and faithful priest-son (Fr. Gobbi messages having to do with the rosary, used as meditations for this last Sunday in October.. C) Thank you, children, for using these this day; for the industry that has gone into collecting the meditations for each week. (A woman in group has been doing this for Sunday prayer... C) I ask you, my children, to continue to meditate upon these mysteries of my rosary, the words that I have specifically given, that you have heard this day, (from 5-1-83 & 10-7-92) and others that might keep your focus on the power and the goal of MY ROSARY: THIS MOST IMPORTANT WEAPON AGAINST SATAN AND ALL OF HIS PLANS, HIS HATRED, MY CHILDREN, FROM WHICH ALL OF HEAVEN DESIRES TO PROTECT YOU, AND WILL PROTECT YOU, AS YOU USE THIS MIGHTY WEAPON ALLOWED ME AND ALL OF YOU BY ! OUR HEAVENLY FATHER.

My dear ones, again I must tell you how precious you are to me. How deeply I hold you in my heart. How united in prayer we are at all times now. My dear faithful ones, remember my presence at your side with my Son. I speak to my faithful all over the world this day with these requests and reminders. Oh, My children, the days become more filled with terror, with fear; and you must help me overcome this fear, refute the power of the evil one everywhere and his hold over the lives and hearts of so many people in the world. THIS IS A SACRED DUTY NOW, MY DEAR ONES, THAT YOU HAVE ACCEPTED AS SOLDIERS IN MY ARMY; AS FOLLOWERS OF MY SON; AS FILLED WITH OUR HOLY SPIRIT, MY BELOVED SPOUSE; AS CHILDREN OF OUR FATHER.

My dear ones, you are so important to this fight: a true battle, my children, that escalates every day. Do not be frightened by my words. Be made more serious and focused by them, while at the same time being made joyful! You will see more suffering now all over the world. The plans of Satan and the Antichrist are clever, my children, and this is the time in which he is allowed victory. Again, DO NOT BE FRIGHTENED, but remember the protection promised by your God. See to it that you remind others close to you of these promises. Help them to remain faithful to prayer and to offer inclinations to fear and panic as a suffering, as a penance; as you fight against them and as you choose trust and peace in your hearts. My children, each time, it will be a conscious choice to decide how you will react or what you will do with your human reactions!

My dear ones, you are strong. You are prayerful. You are obedient. You are mighty! Do not be overcome by emotions, my dear, dear ones. I AM WITH YOU. YOU ARE WITH ME, living in my presence every moment with my Son and many, many Angels. I will continue to repeat this, my children everywhere. Oh my dear ones, pray especially for those who are suffering war in so many places, who live moment to moment, not knowing what the next moment will bring! I love all of you. You are my dear, dear, dear children and companions in prayer, in love, in concern for the future of the world.

Be brave, my children. The time will come when you will see the need for heroism in your own lives: a heroism of service, of bringing the needs of others into your minds and hearts as a FIRST STRIKE IN YOUR OWN LIVES, MY CHILDREN; A FIRST STRIKE OF LOVE TO YOUR HEARTS AND MINDS AND ALL YOU POSSESS PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY AND SPIRITUALLY. GOD IS WITH YOU, MY CHILDREN. YOU ARE WITH GOD. Praise Him. Thank Him. Joyfully, we shall love Him together. Amen, my dear, dear ones. Rejoice. I love you. Amen."

Carol Ameche

Subj: [joycelist] Message to Carol Ameche- October 31, 2001

Date: 11/2/2001 5:43:14 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: joycelang@prodigy.net


10-31-01 External locution at Ameche prayer group through Carol:

"I Your God and Your Father, Your Creator and Your Lord, speak this night. I bring you into My arms, My children, that I might caress you. That I might hold you with the might of My arm by bringing you more deeply into My Will; for it is there, My children, that you become the perfect instruments of mercy, of My Will for you and for the entire world. My dear ones, I repeat that you will have every gift that you will need in the days ahead. I ask you once again to pray as often and as much as possible. You still have no idea, My dear ones, what lies ahead for the world, the great sorrow that will wash over many, many more of our people; but you do know, My dear ones, how misfortune, how broken lives, how interrupted lives, changed lives, have a way of bringing people back to Me. It is unfortunate that after so many thousand! s of years My people still do not listen until they are brought to their knees by an event, caught up in a sudden and abrupt sadness and misfortune or loss, but it was always thus with human nature. I did not create nature to be this way, My children. I created you to be more loving and grateful children: happy, living in My Will, surrendered to all I provide for you, all I desire for your lives. But the will of My people over the centuries has always been the same, only to grow stronger and more self giving (selfish), more self serving, more self gratifying.

My dear children, your will is a function of your soul, so it is your soul that is wounded by the choices that make you turn away from Me, that make you go towards the world and the plans of Satan. Be more aware in your lives, My dear ones, (I beg of you everywhere in the world,) of the times you are cooperating with Satan! This happens many more times then you realize, and it happens for everyone. This is allowed to a greater degree now, as you know; but when you see your souls as I see them, you will instantly be filled with remorse. You and all the people in the world whose hearts have not hardened beyond the place of repentance, you are my faithful ones. Pray for each other. Pray for the world that they might listen and believe.

My dear ones, as you come closer and closer to the image in which you were created, you are able to live more deeply, more perfectly in My way, and more joyfully and more easily. Is this not a better way to be, My children? Is it not truly easier to surrender to My desire, finally; once the struggle with your own will has finally ended, and you have accepted the graces I have given to you? Is it not more peaceful, My dear ones? Of course it is! I wish only good for you, My dear little ones.

Each week you gather, you hear many repetitions now. It is because you are so close to events that will cause more sorrow, more events and, My dear ones, I need you focused in prayer. This is your life now my dear faithful.

Allow nothing to distract you, and no one to interfere with My call to you at this time. I stress this and will continue to repeat this call, to let go of the world and all activity within the world. This is more difficult for my young ones ,and yet when you are busy with tasks, with the work your life calls you to, with your commitments and responsibility, if you are making enough time for prayer you will not miss the world, my dear ones. I would not tell you this if it were not otherwise, as you live more years in the world you see the truth of my words, you begin to acquire wisdom, an advantage of the years. Praise me and thank me my children, for the wise plan for your lives, for bringing you together. Oh My dear ones, you need each others prayers, you need each other. Such a bond is growing between all of you. That bond is held in the Heart of Jesus and the Heart of Mary. You, My children, are held in those Hearts as well. Be joyful, My dear ones, I am joyful with you. It is difficult to think of joy in the face of loss. Yet I ask you to remember that each event takes you that much closer to the return of My Jesus and allows Me more and more to empty the world, and all the people in it, of evil, (in order to) defeat the plans of the evil ones in this age.

I love you, children of My Creative Heart. See yourselves, feel yourselves (emotions), enjoy yourselves, thank Me for yourselves gathered into My arms. Amen this night, My dear ones. How I love you. Amen, Amen."

Carol Ameche


These are messages given to me by locutions for the Month of October 1998. I am a convert of 9 years and a Third Order Discalced Carmelite. My spiritual Director/Priest passed away last year, so I prayed and used discernment on these and felt in my heart and soul that I should go ahead and share these.

Please call on the Holy Spirit for discernment, wisdom, understanding, and guidance before reading and also all messages received by others.

October 01, 1998: - GOD OUR FATHER, GOD OF ABRAHAM.

- My Dearest Daughter: Listen to my words. In a short time there will be many disasters and catastrophes that are unmentionable. Be still and quiet. Pray, Pray, Pray. These times are coming fast. Do not alarm yourselves for you have been foretold that this would happen.

As you see the economy is fluctuating up and down. Pretty soon it will crash. My love is with each and everyone of my children. They cannot understand what is happening. Their eyes, ears, and hearts are not opened and they are not listening. What must a Father do to wake-up his children? The illumination of conscience is ahead. Maybe you will understand then that you are in the end times, and traveling toward your final destination whether it be Heaven or Hell. No one knows more than I how Satan is deceiving my people.. He has been given this time to do what he can to get his own. I do not want any of my children lost. Save souls!!! Pray, Pray, Pray.

Look around you and see what is happening. Wake-up my children! For time is near Pray the Rosary, offer sacrifices. Call on Blessed Mary to help you. She is calling you back to My Son, Jesus. Listen to her. She is the Prophet of the end times. She brought him into the world by her "fiat", and she is calling all back to Me, through my, Son. Do not hesitate any longer with these messages. Souls need to be saved! I await the Final Hour. My Justice is coming. Do you understand? Nuclear war will be abounding. One right after the other will happen. So say, the Lord Thy God, God of Abraham. Men will destroy themselves. How evil has man become... Listen to my words. Do not hesitate. Satan wants to deceive all. He is tricky. Do not listen to him. Do not lose your souls. Time is of the essence. My hand will drop soon. Be at peace.

October 08, 1998:


My Dear Children:

- It is now time. Time marches on to the Final Hour. You have been caught-up in your everyday duties. Your prayers are much needed to curb the anxieties of my people, who will be confused as to what is coming. Listen to me. Do as I command you to do! Wait no longer. These messages have to get out to my children. They are asleep. Wake them up. How blind are their eyes, ears, and souls to what is happening. I do not want to lose one soul. Be at peace, my daughter. You are called to go into battle for these souls. Your prayers and others are not only the way to save souls. Go to confession. Do penance. Call on the Holy Spirit to guide you to do as I have asked. Heaven waits for the Final Hour and destruction of Satan and his Demons. I want you to go to your Spiritual Director and tell him that he is to approve these messages and let them be known. I have spoken. These are the end times. My priest sons are to save souls too, and their own. Be quick about this. Do not delay! Things such as disasters, earthquakes, fires, and wars are to come. Do not listen to Satan and his counterparts. Listen to my Voice. Time is near. Go out and save the world.


. My Dear Daughter:

- My daughter do not worry. Everything will be taken care of . Pray, pray, pray from the heart and know that they will be answered. Remember what your Priest said in the homily. When I AM ready to answer! My Will, not yours. Speak to others about my MERCY. It's coming. Tell them to get ready. Go to confession and be in the state of grace. Do you hear me! (Yes, Father )

Wait no more. I want you to call** and tell her to get busy with the altar. She hasn't much time to prepare. Blessed Mother will help guide her. Don't forget she is always next to Jesus, my Son. I am the one God. The only God. I am very jealous. You are my children. no one else. You belong to me. Do not stray far from Me, or you will be lost. Do not fear the coming age! You are my children, and I will protect you. Life is a gift and how your live it, is how you will be judged. Time will tell shortly where you stand. Before me above, or before me below. It is your choice. Be at peace. I love you.


My Dearest Daughter:

- Listen to my words. A great catastrophe is coming for the world . You need to let everyone know, and be ready for it. It will involve many states. They are not prepared for this. Listen to my words. Tell everyone that time is the essence in preparing yourselves (your souls). No one knows what catastrophes are to fall on this planet that I have created. Listen to my words. Have everyone to prepare food, clothing, and sacramentals to leave at a moments notice. These states will be torn apart. Time will be here before you know it. I have spoken. Get ready. Do not despair. Call on us for help . Time is running out. Thus says thy Lord, thy God. Thank you my child for receiving my message. Be in a state of grace. I love you. Go now and be at peace.

God thy Father, God of Abraham.

Josyp Terelya......Prayer for Peace and Visions of the Future

Pray with every prayer and at every moment in the Spirit; be vigilant constantly, for in this we Christians imitate Christ. This is how Christians must oppose the apostasy of these last times, to be ready to meet the Christ who is to come.

I abide constantly in prayer, and I am watchful daily. It is 12:11 a.m. eastern daily savings time. In prayer before the icon of Our Lady Mediatrix of all Graces, I saw two shining books: the Bible in white, and the Book of Koran in red, and between them the number "eleven". This vision, as it appeared suddenly, so it disappeared. I was praying for the ills might end.

Because illness and sin are inseparable. The conditions between illness and sin are in contradiction to the basic destiny of man, given him by God, happiness. I always struggled in the time of His eternal presence, to fulfill His will.

I prayed; it was 1:10 a.m. June 11th, 2000, when I heard a voice: Take the Book of Scriptures and open it to the eleventh chapter of the Proverbs of Solomon, and read the eleventh verse. I did this: "By The blessing of the righteous a city is exalted; but it is overthrown by the mouth of the wicked." (Prov.11.11)

And as I continued to read three tears rolled down my cheeks. The Archangel Michael continued to speak to me: And now open the Scriptures to the prophecies of Daniel, Chapter 1, verse eleven. "Moved with rage the king of the south shall go out and do battle against the King of the north who shall muster a great multitude, which shall, however be defeated by his enemy." (Dan.11,11).

I continued to pray and God revealed His power and I saw three Archangels; Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel. The Archangel Michael was holding a white cloth with the symbols of the northern kingdom (America) in his right hand. On it was the picture of George Washington. The Archangel Gabriel held a large eagle in his hands and its claws was coiled the green serpent. The archangel Uriel held a globe of the planet earth in his hands and the globe was on fire on three sides. And as I looked a large bear raised itself on its hind legs and began to strike at the golden calf because of his blasphemy, and then a yellow dragon flew in to assist the bear. The eagle dropped the green serpent in its claws and sat on an oak.

And then I heard the words of Gabriel; "Are you praying for those who are condemned unjustly, for the poor and those held captive? Pray for the sinners in the USA and Canada for ruin and death are at hand."

This war was planned by The descendants of Dan and Judah to establish their rule over the nations of the east where lie the oil fields. The rich will not suffer, only the poor.

Enemies surround America: The bear, the yellow dragon and the green serpent. They are allied for the times of evil.

Take the book of the Koran and read the third Sura; The eleventh verse and"there shall be signs for you about two legions that clashed. One of the legions fought on the side of Allah; the second were infidels and they saw them twice as large as they really were. And Allah strengthens those whom he chose by his help. In the truth this is a warning for those that can see."

It was 5:00a.m., June 11, 2001. I was to fly to Lviv, Ukraine at twelve by the Ukrainian Airline to Lviv. I reflected on what I had seen, and prayed. I couldn't forget the words of the Archangel Gabriel."

"I saw that the leaders of the world had no compassion for the ordinary folk/ Many organizations and groups with millions of the followers of Satan were among all the large civilized countries of the world."

All these organizations in fact were fascist conspirators, terrorists and Mafia bandits. This is confirmed firstly by the incurable paralysis of the financial institutions, of government, and the justice system."

"A woman sat by me in the plane and in her hands she held prayer beads without the cross; and she was praying. I understood that she was a Muslim. We introduced each other. She was a Tatar woman from Charkov. She was flying to Canada to her family. She expressed surprise that I was not eating on the plane and drank only water. I explained to her that all the food that they serve on the planes was not good for me, because I don't eat fish or meat or any thing that is cooked by the hands of unbelievers.

"I took out the Book of the Koran and read aloud for her the fourth Sura, verse 11, and my heart leaped, again at the number eleven."

"In truth those who consume the possessions of orphans unjustly are consuming fire in their stomachs and they shall burn in the flames." The woman began to cry and before she feel asleep she asked me to pray for those who have been humiliated and unjustly condemned because the time of fanaticism and hatred among nations is approaching."

"I returned from Ukraine on July 5; I learned that evil forces were planning an attack on the Christians of America and Canada for the month of August. And intuitively I reflected upon everything connected with the number eleven and thirteen. I studied everything that was hidden under these numbers eleven and thirteen. And this is how this pamphlet (E-MAIL) came about. I had left it aside earlier and now I finished it in a few days."

"On the basis of the symbolism of the number eleven I painted a picture "Holocaust--eleven". I completed it on September 11, 2001. On July 11 I had a vision. Once again I saw the number 11, and on August 11, I had a strange dream. I was walking though the woods and a large stream of muddied waters stopped me from continuing. I began to walk around the stream and went northward. I looked at my knapsack I saw a rope. I took it into my hands. I returned and began to tie knots in this rope. A wind arose and began to break the trees and to tear the grass and the bushes. The blowing wind passed quickly. I headed along the road to Windsor. I looked up and saw a large plane falling from the heavens, I was so frightened that I woke up."

"I never read dream books. These are for naive people. Each visionary has his own symbolism of dreams. The only one that I compared notes with is Wanga."

"To walk through a large forest means that shortly I shall discover secrets: the large stream of muddied waters is a symbol of poverty, difficult situations among people. Water is a symbol of change. The rope and the knots that I made signified that I was tied up with people with whom I should break relationships immediately. Later I learned that the authorities in Ukraine were plotting to compromise me. I avoided this thanks to my friend and visionary Ferdinand and the prudence of my wife. The wind that breaks trees is a sign that shortly changes will take place. These were the unpleasant surprises that came from where I did not expect problems. These are the problems that do affect not only me but also many people. Planes falling from the skies are a sign that shortly there shall be an airline disaster. It is a sign of a very bad lane landing. This catastrophe will be caused by a pilot who was sent to earth by the devil."

I returned from Marmora September 10, 2001, in the evening. Marmora is a Holy place of the apparitions of our Lady in Canada. It was after midnight, 1:10 pm to be precise. I prayed and I heard the voice of Gabriel." "Take the Koran, and read the eleventh Sura, verse eleven. I read. If we take away the punishments due them they shall say, "What is holding them back.... and on the day it comes, It will be impossible to turn it away, and they will be overcome by that which they had scoffed."

I continued to pray and I saw that a haze covered the icon and a voice of the Archangel said, "Open the Koran at the 21st Sura, verse 11, I did this. "We have destroyed many habitations which were sinful and we raised up new nations in their places."

I continued to pray, and the Archangel blade me take the Bible and open it to the book of Ecclesiastes (9,18) "Wisdom is better that weapons of war; but one bungler destroys much good."

I continued to pray and the voice of the Archangel announces," Pray for the Jews in the megalopolis, for they intend upon a great sin; the Lord shall punish them for evil and the godless among them for their transgressions. Take the Prophet Jeremiah and read chapter 1 v. 13; "The word of the Lord came to me a second time saying what do you see, and I said, I see a boiling pot tilted, away from the north." The Archangel again spoke to me (chapter 11 v 11,) "Therefore, thus says the Lord, assuredly I am going to bring disaster upon them that they cannot escape. Through they cry out to me I will not listen to them" (Jer. 11,11)

And now read attentively what is said in the Koran and the Bible, and understand, what will take place. And from the events that happened, count the numbers, so that you will have eleven everywhere, and you will see how evilly Satan is working. The tragedy that was planned by Satan took place on the 254th day of the year; set up the ciphers in order 2 + 5 + 4 and you have eleven and from the act of terror to the end of the year you have 111 days. This event took place on the 11th of September, that is 9 (month) + 1+1 = eleven. The first plane crashed into the tower, flying on flight number 11. There were 92 passengers on board: 9+2=eleven. The second plane was carrying 65 passengers: 6+5=eleven.***Henry Hudson discovered the island of Manhattan on September 11. ***The word Afghanistan is eleven letters.*** The number 11 in the occult expresses shock energy. It is the number of offering sacrifices. In Islam the number 11 in the Sufi tradition, symbolizes the sacrifice of the oneself or burning of oneself. It represents revenge according to the system of the godless.

The number 11 (eleven) is the numerical symbol of the hidden name of Allah. This is revenge not for an individual wrong, but revenge in a system that is against God for specific wrongs. All is from God.

Christians, what is your reaction to this crime? Should we be getting ready to seek vengeance? A vindication for these acts committed?

Our faith teaches us: forgive your enemies, pray for them.

And at the same time revenge is a question of justice. For every deed must have its wage. Who is to receive the vengeance for this incredible crime? Firstly those who organized it.

Secondly, those who executed it. And Thirdly, those who allowed this crime.

We must remember that wages- retaliation is it the basis of religious life.

God Himself sanctions the concept of vengeance.

On September 12, I was praying with a group of school children in Toronto.  After lunch I showed my young companions two of my paintings: "The Holocaust - September 11, and "The Unvanquished" in memory of the heroes of the plane that crashed near Pittsburgh,PA..USA, seven naked figures soaring towards light.

I sensed that something strange and awful was to happen as I read the prophecies that heaven had unveiled to me. I gave three conferences and each I warned my listeners that the evil one was planing a fatal blow in August. No one took me seriously. Those faithful to Christ must know that we can always look forward to warnings about evil , but we must take a stand. I was praying on Sept 14 as always in my chapel at home. It was 3 a. m. . My prayers firstly were words of thanksgiving to God. These also express our notions about God. My Christian thoughts, founded in unity, confirmed by faith. Christ, who comes and will come, abides in this. As I was finishing the third rosary. I saw in a gladsome light the Mother of God and the Apostles before the icon of Our Lady Mediatrix of all Graces.

She spoke gravely, with sorrow in Her eyes: What has happened is not a punishment, but a sin, the sin of murder. Pray for those who killed without fault. There is need for prayer and saving and god deeds, a distancing from Satan.

Every Christian family, every church and convent needs saving icons for people. The icon of the Mother of God, of Christ the Savior and Christ the King. Icons of the six archangels and of the church. These are your weapons, which defend the hearth before the onslaughts of the dark powers, sickness and sin. The crime of September 11 was an attack against the President, to deprive him of his authority and so to achieve the global plans of the organizers OT terror. This was the beginning of the plan to destroy the American nation.

All the energies and love of Christians must be directed to support the President. Remember that building of empires is a sin and a crime. Today the dark powers of Islam were directed to the creation of a world Muslim empire, formed of seven emirates. America will reap the fruits of its short vision - the arming of Muslim terrorists who conduct their war across immense territories. Israel is in great sin and shall be punished by God with fire for its part in the September events. The prophets Jeremiah and Daniel have foretold this. All wars, conducted by the Moslems are blasphemy and an expression of hatred towards God. Amen

September 21,2001 Toronto 3a.m.

I was ending my prayer, when I heard a voice. My room was filled with an unusual light. Every injustice or wrong committed against a person merits its own punishment, and so with blasphemy, for blasphemy is an offense against God.

Every murder is a blasphemy. It is a sign of man's vices, an act of godlessness. Scriptures tell us those who blaspheme against the name of God will die. The great tragedy of the twin towers and the torrents of tears of America should fix itself in the memories of all Americans with the memory of this great manslaughter of September 11.

We can compare this drama to the drama of the death of Christ on the cross when he accuses the Jews for blasphemy against God. He was innocent and pure in the eyes of Heaven. We have to find the guilty ones among the officials and the wealthy. Pray, and do not be silent. The salvation of the world is in peace and quiet. Pray for the work of the President. For there are those in organizations who are preventing him from bringing peace and quiet to the U.S.A.. There will be no peace because of Israel and their hatred.

Be vigilant, that the devil not takes you by surprise. Prepare yourself daily to meet the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen Message given by Josyp for every one to read..... For more info on Terelya there are websites just enter his last name and search.


Date: 11/1/2001

From: joycelang@prodigy.net

These are messages given to me by locutions from November 1998 to January 1999. I am a convert of 9 years, and a Third Order Discalced Carmelite. My Spiritual Director/Priest passed away last year, so I prayed and used discernment on these and felt in my heart and soul that I should go ahead and share them. Please call on the Holy Spirit for  discernment, wisdom, understanding, and guidance before reading, and also, messages received by others.

November 03, 1998: - I AM GOD THY FATHER, GOD OF ABRAHAM.

- My Child: - Time is about here. Do not they know the signs of the times. Look around you. Do you not understand! The world is falling apart due to man. I am a loving God. I have created everything. I do not destroy what I have created. Man is destroying. He does not listen to my Call from Blessed Mother, my Son, Jesus or from Me. Who does he think he is? Do not listen to others who go against my Commandments. They were given them for all eternity, not just for that time. My Son, Jesus was sent to save you from your sins, so that you might have life after death, and be with me in Heaven. Do not listen to the promises of others. They are not telling you the truth.

Be still and listen to the world groaning. Is it at peace? No! There is no peace without Me. Come back to me through my Son, Jesus and the calling of your Mother, Mary. She is the prophet of the last times. She cries for you. Jesus is sad that you do not listen to her. She brought him into the world by my "Glory" and her "fiat"! Listen to her. She is your Mother. Do not stray any longer. Have faith, believe in my Son, Jesus. For I have sent him to you. Ask for forgiveness , and mercy will be granted. Seek Heaven, not hell. I am a gentle God, but do not think my Wrath, will not come. Come back through my Son. He is the Truth, the Way, and the Life. Do not be blind no more. Open your eyes, ears, hearts, and souls to our call. Time is near. Be ready. For I loved the world, so much that I sent my only begotten Son, Jesus to you. Be ready. Save souls so that all may inherit Heaven. Do not delay anymore. All will answer for what they have done. Be at peace. I love you. Call on me, I am always there.

November 14, 1998: - I AM GOD THY FATHER, GOD OF ABRAHAM.

- Hear my plea, my Child. Time is moving on. The War is about to start. Men do not want to listen to Me. They have their own agenda. Far from me are their souls. I am the light in the darkness that surrounds them. Please do as I have told you. Let them know about the messages. They do not understand what is coming. I want you to tell Father to act now. For it is I who called from the wilderness. The joy and peace of mankind. Do not listen to the evil one. He is causing so much confusion and strife among my people. There hearts are in the wrong place.

Do not listen to those who seek the world and given nothing everlasting. The pleasures of the world will cease. I can not understand why man chooses to do his own will. He gains nothing, but loses all that he had. The choice is yours. How you live depends on your love for Me. I call, and I call, but you do not listen. The consequences are depending on how your pray, as to whether peace, mercy and justice will be shown. Turn back to me now. I do not want anyone lost, but he who chooses against Me, does not chose life.

Time in running out. To seek justice in the world is to turn back to me. Pray from your hearts. Seek the Kingdom of God. I await your return. All of Heaven is waiting for the day of judgement, and the coming in Glory of my Son, Jesus. Ears have not heard, eyes have not see what is in store for the faithful. Those Children who are obedient, loving, and merciful to the teachings of my Church. Be careful to what you hear. Some of it is false. Judge not, but use discernment. I await the day that all will be one. Do not hesitate any longer with prayers, sacrifices, and mercy. For you are living in the time of great MERCY. It will stop soon. The Hour is coming. Hear my words, and take them to heart.

A Father gives warning to help his children, so that they do not lose and stray from him. I AM a just Judge. Nothing passes Me that I do not know. For I see everything. For I AM your Father, who created you. I sent the prophets before, and I am sending them to you again to help you and keep you on the right track and path. Do not stray. Listen to them. For your Blessed Mother, Mary is the last Prophet of the end times. Do as she says. Listen to my Son. Listen to her.

Before , I sent Noah and Moses, they did not listen. Remember what happened to those who did not heed the messages and call. Listen to your Mother, Mary and my Son, Jesus. Don't you understand. Pay attention to this calling with your hearts. My child, help everyone. Tell them to get ready. Time is running out. Prepare for everything, as I have told you. My hand is about ready to drop. Get ready! Be at peace. Know that you are loved my children. Take care to listen to the Gospels. Listen to your Priest. They are who I sent and called. Do not stray! Wait upon the Lord. Lamps lit. For I am coming. Peace and love. Your Father...


...- My Dear Daughter: - It is getting closer and closer to the time that man will bow before me. Does he not know what awaits him at his final journey. Destruction is heading your way. Many lives will be lost at sea. Turn back to me now. I have chosen you to go forward and tell all of these things. You do not listen to others, for they are far from the truth. My Son, Jesus will tell you when to leave.. It will be shortly. Listen to me. Do as I say.


Date: 10/30/2001

From: joycelang@prodigy.net


Louise started to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover with Your Most Precious Blood."

" Remnant children of My Sacred Heart, Mary's Immaculate heart and Joseph's pure, loving heart, hear this:

Stay away from ALL crowded places, government buildings and individual state capitals. Go immediately into--prayer and remain in INTENSE prayer for the next 48 hours. Continue in prayer for the rest of your days for not one of you can comprehend the power and destructive forces of evil that are now upon you.

Today--today--NOW have all in readiness; your souls, your homes, your preparations as I have instructed you.

Pray for ALL leaders, for every life on earth IS IN THEIR HANDS! Pray for My Holy Spirit to direct them, strengthen them, protect them.

Pray for the life and protection of My dearest son, John Paul II. You are facing evil head-on for tomorrow, beginning at sun down tonight, is the devil's feast day. Pray that all his evil, destructive plans are squelched immediately.

The Father's plans MUST come to pass but YOU CAN aid Our Mother in her never ending efforts to crush the evil serpent. You can help yourself and your families, and all mankind to forfeit evil and convert to LOVE for I, Your Jesus AM LOVE.

There will not be many more calls for all HAS BEGUN. You MUST OBEY, LISTEN, ACT, PREPARE--NOW!!! To hesitate could spell DISASTER.

Pray, follow Me, live all as I have and am instructing you. Your soul and your eternity rest in your freewill choice. CHOOSE GOD!! CHOOSE LIFE!! CHOOSE LOVE!! CHOOSE PRAYER!! PRAY!!!

* V+J --means 'live JESUS" DO IT!!!

Louise V+J

( end of message )

Subj: [joycelist] Message to Louise Tomkiel- October 31, 2001

From: joycelang@prodigy.net


Louise started to receive a message from Jesus and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

" ' You do not accept Me because you do not accept the One who sent Me.'

............( Mark 9:37)

I, Your Jesus, came to earth, to all people, to bring you the word of God the Father of All. I came to teach, to redeem, to bring love and to extend mercy. I came to give life and to give life to the fullest. I came to cause division.(John 10:10 - Luke 12:51)

Today you are living division as never before for Scripture has it that parents, children, brothers, sisters will not live in union with one another. Families are divided. Nations are divided. Why? Because a few of you believe, love, honor, adore Me while the greater number ignore Me, Our Father and Our Holy Spirit.

So many still are looking for the Messiah to come. They do not read or believe Scripture and are therefore, caught up in all that is worldly and sinful. Pride, jealousy, hate, self ego are all sins that cause division and division leads to war. Oh, how much prayer and suffering it will take to return just a few souls to Me. The greater majority will never return for they are too engrossed with worldly pleasures i.e.; money, the flesh, possessions that only lead to their downfall.

All of heaven's prayers and praise cannot return all poor souls. Their stubborn freewill and the magnetic pull of evil pumps up their pride and they refuse to ever become humble. This is why I ask if....' when I return will I find any faith on earth?'... ( Luke 18:8 )

But I tell you NEVER stop your prayers and sacrifices for the return of all poor souls. If you save only one soul from damnation, Hell, you will be eternally blessed.......... (1 Corinthians 9: 22-23 )

Continue to seek the Kingdom of God. Continue to follow Me. Grow in love and be gentle, forgiving and a joyful, fearless people. You know I am with you and that I dwell in My own. I give you abundant strength and peace even in the face of disaster. I feel your pain, your loneliness, your fear, your rejection and all the hate aimed at you for I lived it all during My sojourn on earth.

Call on Me. Live in Me. Hope in Me. Trust Me. I will carry you through turbulent times. I will shelter and protect you against evil. I will lead you through the darkest hours with My Divine Light. I will nourish you with My Own Body and Blood. I will send Angels to minister to you in your needs. I will grant you Mercy and Love for I am your Messiah. I am your Savior and Redeemer. I AM GOD!!!"

(End of Message )




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