by Dee Finney


3-13-02 - Thank you for coming. This is Sananda speaking.

We have been friends for many years though you have not known that. We must make amends for lack of contact, though we were there for you in your most dire need.  I assure you we always will be there for you.

There is dire need for others, as I'm sure you are aware. Many are going to die as I have taken my hand off of America.  Though I will be there for individuals, we can no longer protect the country as a whole. America will stand on its own merits, or fall as it deserves.

Morality has fallen to an all time low. Partial birth abortion is the most cruel thing man has done to another person outside of outright murder. Sucking one's brains out is a horrendous thing to do to another human being. There is no forgiveness in this lifetime for such an act. How can one forgive such cruelty?

Of course, they say, "Jesus Saves!" and Jesus does save, but its not that simple when one creates such a horror. There must be revenge and just punishment for such an act. It cannot be condoned.

All those who have a hand in it shall suffer - one and all; from those who wrote and promoted the laws to those who participate in it.

Simple answer to this problem - 'DO NOT DO IT!'.  Do not participate in such a horror! A child's life is too precious to waste like that. Man is NOT God and to pretend that he is, is too much to bear.

We have come to a conclusion; those who work with me and those who love me. Those who participate in this horror will get their just reward and it won't be pretty.

Be on the lookout for another horror to come upon those who have done these evil deeds. It will come soon. As those who have prophesied and those who have said, "Thy Will Be Done!" it is time for my WILL to be done.

I leave you with this warning, 'BE PREPARED!" Dire consequences are coming - soon!

It is too late to make amends, it is too late to beg and plead. The price must be paid.

That will be all for today - I exhort you and all those who care and have love for their fellow man - PRAY like you've never prayed before. But do not pray for them who will be punished, pray for the souls who will suffer because of them. Pray for the souls of the infants who have been killed in this cruel manner.

Those who have done this evil deed shall suffer -    just like those they have hurt and maimed.

Enough for now! We are angry! We will get revenge! I say again - PRAY!



Thank you for coming. We appreciate the work you are doing.

The forthcoming years are important to deal with even now. As we speak, plans are in effect for the changes coming. They will be disastrous for humanity. Many deaths will occur.

Yes! There will be much happiness and joy as others who survive, find each other, fall in love and carry on. New babies will be born and new life will abound. Thus joy will replace the destruction.

Those who are of a negative mind and seek to destroy after the changes will be few and taken care of post-haste.

Suffice it to say that those who survive will have a peaceful, if difficult life. It will be like the Garden of Eden all over again.

New species of life will develop - those who are kind and generous will appreciate what they are given and be thankful to God for what they have. No longer will there be griping for what they do not have because every step forward will be a blessing and those surviving will realize that.

God is not a punishing God, but one of mercy and love, but the time has come when the earth can no longer supply life in the abundance it once did, because Man who turned evil has destroyed the balance that humanity needs to live.

The trees are gone, the water polluted, concrete covers everything. Buildings are so tall, airplanes can fly into them and destroy thousands of lives. Like the tower of Babylon, this is not the way it was meant to be.

Look at the Amish - gentle rolling fields, gentle people, gentle life - this is the way the world should be. Not polluting cars and airplanes spewing gasoline, oil and noxious fumes into the air. Oil for lamps is fine, but not for flying in the air. There are better ways.  Communicate with those who have the know-how.

There are those out there whom we have communicated with who have the knowledge. Let them come forth and show the world how it should be done. Free energy as they call it. This knowledge comes from God and is good.

The greedy people have to leave the earth and they shall. We shall help them.

Those who wish to go to the Moon and to Mars will go there, but they must stay there and not return. We shall see to it that this happens. There will be no return trips for a long time to come. Man was not meant to travel from planet to planet. He has already destroyed one and he shall not destroy another.

There are those who do travel from planet to planet and from star-system to star-system, but they have learned from the errors of their ways that they cannot destroy another planet like they destroyed their own.

They cannot return there because it is not like it used to be. It is not like the gentle place it once was. It is full of Reptilians whose only thought is for themselves and they eat each other for food and for sport. This cannot and will not happen here. We will not allow it.

Man has Free Will but they do not. One cannot go to another planet, take it over and do what one Wills.

That has happened here from continent to continent, but once mankind has reached a balanced state, that will no longer happen. All will be equal - one and the same - all people will be alike - blended into one kind. Yes! That in time will occur.

With fewer people on the earth, it will no longer be possible for one man to separate his kind from all the other kinds, because there will be no others like himself to mingle with. He will be alone.

But, now we are getting far afield from what we need to discuss and that is 'preparation'. The rest can come later after you and others are ready to make this grand leap into the future.

Once everything grows green again - and mark my words - it will - life will be abundant and beautiful. There will be enough for everyone.

But the getting there will not be easy. People should study animal husbandry, beekeeping, cattle raising, green gardens full of all sorts of vegetables. It is not necessary to grow cows for milk. Though they have their own pasture, they can feed themselves - let them run wild.

Specify more small animals within the family - goats, rabbits, and such. Chickens are fine, but not for eggs. Let the eggs hatch into new little chicks. Eat the meat, not the eggs.

Cows were not meant for people to drink the milk. Milk is for baby calves. People do not thrive on cows milk - switch to goat milk or soy milk or rice milk. Water is even better - distilled water for now - boiled water for later, when necessary.

But get away from the idea that you have to drink a glass of milk with every meal. This is not good for the body. Of course milk has calcium, vitamin D and whatever else the manufacturers put in it, but do you not clog up with mucous after you drink it? Do you think this is good for the system? Do you think it is good to have globs of stuff coming down your throat from your sinuses and coming up out of your lungs? This is not a good thing and to be avoided.

Remember this - cows milk is not for kids - cows milk is for calves. You can eat the meat, but sparingly. A pound of meat at a meal is not necessary - 3 ounces - tops - better to use chicken or fish. The fat is not good for you. Cholesterol levels in humans is way too high. The body makes its' own cholesterol. That is sufficient to run the brain. Fat fuels the brain - it does not need to fuel your exercise machines for endless hours. Do you need exercise? Then work - do not waste your time running around a track or trying to set records for who is faster, better, or whatever. Spend your time helping others. Climb ladders and be a fireman - save lives. Run a race? Run a race for humanity - see how fast you can get to an old-age home and spend some with someone who doesn't have anyone to spend time with before they die.

Spend your time loving others.

With that, we bid you adieu for today.

P.S., I wish to add something we did not get to cover because Dee got distracted at the door helping a neighbor with a problem.

We wish to say that sugar is not necessary for life either. One need not worry about how much sugar to store for the future. Learn to do beekeeping as I suggested. Honey is full of vitamins and has healing properties. That is all you will need for sweetness.  Sugar has been an evil concoction for the body and so has salt.

Do not worry about where your donuts, cakes, cookies, and other goodies will come from. Bread will be sufficient, or like the Mexicans, and some Asians too, just wrap your food in a nice flat bread, rolled up. Yummy for the tummy. As I said once before, Twinkies do not last forever.

And with that, once again we bid you adieu.

Spirit Message 1
- earthquakes, volcanoes, Niburu

Spirit Message 2 weather, water, bacteria, parasites, Colloid Silver, gasoline, wind up/solar radio

Spirit Message 3  - study animal husbandry, beekeeping, cattle raising, green gardens full of all sorts of vegetables, cows, milk, traveling to Mars and the Moon

Spirit Message From Sananda -  3-13-2002- A Message from Sananda about Partial Birth Abortion and its dire consequences

Spirit Message 5 -  Growing your own animals, spinning, weaving, gardening in various areas, manure




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The disturbing and eye-opening event, featuring abortion doctor Martin Haskell addressing members of the National Abortion Federation, was captured on audiotape.

Calmly and dispassionately describing each step of the process – up to and including the insertion of the scissors into the base of the baby's head, followed by the sound of the suction machine sucking out the baby's brain – Haskell walks his audience through the procedure that opponents hope will finally be banned during this congressional session.

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