by Dee Finney


3-7-02 - 

Thank you for coming. Today we will endeavor to display a need for conservancy, in that the economy has been bad and there is a need for saving money for things to come. It is well to want to prepare for the inevitable and that takes money, but one will need money or its equivalent when the time comes as well.

At the critical moment, those who 'have" will be able to charge enormous amounts of money for items that are crucial to those who haven't prepared.

Today, we will talk about what it will take to survive what is coming. Everyone knows already that they need food,  water, clothing, fuel, a roof over their heads, etc. dependent on the climate. Those in northern climates have far worse to deal with than those farther south. Even so, those who live in Alabama know that the weather can get very cold at night even thought it is not 25 below zero - cold is still cold - and wet weather and damp makes it all the more worse.

So today, we need to say that keeping healthy is of the utmost importance. One can have a roof over their head and still starve to death or catch a disease that will do them in quicker than they expect it to happen.

Thus, pure water and chlorine or boiling is of utmost importance. Never drink dirty rain water, lake water or river water.

These days, rain water is not pure because of particles in the air from airplanes laying streams of chemicals in the air, there is smoke ash and other nasty things you don't want to breathe, much less take into your body.

Because of the  danger of parasites and bacteria, fluke worms, and other kinds of bugs and germs that will be prevalent, it would be wise to have several gallons of Colloid Silver handy. It does not take much per day to keep each person healthy. It would be well also for those who can, to procure a Colloidal Silver maker because Colloidal Silver water might lose its potency without proper storage. Be sure to keep that in mind and make sure that all the rules are followed to be on the safe side.

Food-wise, do not be too worried if you lose a little weight, that is to be expected and for some will actually be a good thing - a little smile there - but to be serious, on another note, be sure that you follow long term food storage rules to provide safe, cans and boxes without bugs and germs - Botulism is no fun. Too, try to provide a well rounded diet as much as possible - Twinkies don't last forever - and provide vitamins for the young ones as well s yourselves.

A little sense of humour is good - no?  We do not wish to instill fear here - just preparedness.

Be sure to provide a little fun along the way - games, books, toys for the kids, - stress kills too, and taking care of the children is of utmost importance.

We will be here for you all along, though we can't wield hammer and nails or push cars - oops - did we mention vehicles? I don't know how much traveling you will want to be doing, but a bicycle or two will come in handy or your feet will get mighty sore if you have to walk far.

Where there is no electricity, there will be no gasoline even if the tanks at the gas station are full - if one can't pump it out.

Storing gasoline at home is not safe, though a gallon or two safely stored is wise, as in propane properly stored for outdoor grills and hasten - properly vented - (Note: You won't be needing to mow lawns during that time)

Always err on the side of safety is the motto to behold. Then remind yourself of that - this is not forever and things will get better though gradually. This all depends on your location, how far you are from the city, or right in the city.

Life on the farms should be work as usual though maybe a little more primitive.

Then always be on the lookout for those who will want to take from you what they don't have. This you can expect, especially in city areas where there is no electricity and particularly with no phone services.

Cell phones have their place but in wide-spread destruction, they will not last in definitely - make sure you can store or recharge batteries for everything that uses them. If you can get solar operated radios and other equipment, so much the better. That nice little windup radio is a good idea too - no batteries needed, just a little hand-crank. That was a great idea - good for them.

Now on to other important issues - we will not be able to cover everything in one sitting, but a broad overview is necessary.

Dee has been studying survival and self-sufficiency for over 10 years, so she has a good handle on this topic and can answer basic questions. We have equipped her well with a knowledge base, but even so, there will be questions people might want to ask of us, so feel free to ask questions if you like. What Dee can't answer herself, she can ask us and we will attempt to answer what we can, though we are not omnipotent as one might think.

So, for today, we are done. Dee will provide a venue for questions.

I bid you adieu!

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