The American Tragedy: 
A Symbolic Event

September 11, 2001
Part Three
by Joseph E. Mason

Dreams, Notes, and E-Mails




Two Suns and Related Material

The following is an excerpt from Joe Mason's article posted on the Internet on December 24, 1996:

"The two olive trees/lampstands/prophets of Rev.11, seem to refer to the many, and the duality within them. The inside Self, often symbolized as the feminine/dreaming/intuitive/right brain self, is growing to match the male/rational/outside/left brain self. It is like going from a sky with the sun blocking out the Morning Star, to a Dawning Sunrise, where there are two, equal-sized Suns."

See: 11:11 - Humanity's Leap to the Heart Chakra

Nostradamus: "The cloud will make the sun appear double"


My dream-coincidence path led me to speculate about the symbolism of the film, "2001:Space Odyssey."

It begins with a solar eclipse showing the Diamond Ring. (marriage of Heaven and Earth).


The astronauts in hibernation are killed first. (those asleep when the Great Change happens). Dave (which means Love) is the lone survivor (the final spiritual journey must be done alone). HAL is taken from IBM (I B(e), (I) (aM), being one letter shifted. He symbolizes the gestalt of the rational mind, an artificial intelligence with no Heart, the collective selves disconnected. He is programmed to complete the mission, even if all the humans must be killed. Dave goes to the Heart of the Ship (body-vehan, vehicle), and disables HAL. HAL breaks down, and starts to remember (awaken from self-imposed amnesia) his childhood (origin), singing, "Daisy, daisy, . . . on a bicycle built for two."

The bicycle has appeared as a crop formation, and other patterns are similar. I believe this concerns the duality of creation, and within ourselves.

The six-petal daisy came to me through dreams, as it is made up from interlocking circles in a ring. It has appeared many times in various forms as a crop formation. In my case, it also represented a closed aperture, like that on a camera. The North sun symbol in the Barbury Castle formation was similar. My dream-coincidences indicated that it would open, letting in the Seventh Ray on the Seventh Day of Creation (we are not Man yet). It is the Lost Pleiad of the Pleiades, and the Angel that rises from the Dawning Sun in Revelation 7, to mark the foreheads. (those who have stayed awake).

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Subj: Fwd: dream help?
Date: 10/1/2001 8:48:17 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Dee777 To: JMason4557
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Subj: dream help?
Date: 10/1/2001 3:22:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Kimber5
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Dream help? Or just read ---i know you are busy.

:-( Stumped on this one...Here's the short version I was at one of Luke school functions...He was in kindergarten i think.

Many parents gathered there...My step mother was there as well. She and i were playing this game where she would spin the hands of a large clock on the wall (color of the clock and hands was gold) and i would put my feet up and stop the hands...Then she would spin the hands of the clock real fast to try and knock my feet down. This game was a little embarrasing because all the other parents couldn't figure out why we were doing this and were giving us dirty looks...But we just kept on playing it anyway.

Then we sat down to eat and i felt a stinging sensation on my back. I went to another room where there was a mirror to check it out and pulled up my shirt and backed up to the mirror and could see that all across my upper back (shoulder blade level) was an arch of round red circles about nickle size.

I went back out to where everyone was gathered and showed several people. My step mom got worried and told me to show this other couple who were sitting across from me so i went and showed them. The guy said it was food poisoning. He told me that it was serious as it would rise and eventually get to my brain and kill me. He said he could maybe scrape off the red circles and that i would live.

I went back into the other room with the mirror to wait for the guy to come in and scrape off the red circles, but when i pulled up my shirt to look at my back the red circles were gone and there was a huge tattoo of the american flag in my skin. The only difference was that across the top of the flag and where the red circles had been were large golden stars all acroos the top of the flag.

The man who was going to help me came in and i was really scared because i knew it would really hurt to have this "food poisoning" scraped off with a knife, but he came back and told me only that he wasn't going to do it--that he decided it was too dangerous and that i had better get to a doctor immediatly...He was walking away and i kept asking him "how long do i have? How long do i have? " I was thinking i had only minutes....He turned around and said "I'd say 8 hours max"... End of dream and i woke up looked at clock it was 2:22 Kimber


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Date: 10/23/2001 7:24:35 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Dee777
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Subj: For your website
Date: 10/23/2001 3:15:33 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Kiara

Dear Dee

Here's an excerpt from my book, Doorway to Eternity, which I feel to share with the collective at this time. Please include this on your website if you feel so led.

Thanks :)

Kiara Spirals of Time by Kiara Windrider, October 22, 2001 "You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." - John Lennon Cycles have always fascinated me. There is something comforting to me in how our understanding of them brings seemingly random events into coherence by providing a larger context. It is as if we decided in Creator Consciousness to write out the script for a cycle of creation, including our own eventual homecoming, programmed the sequence into astrological and cosmic cycles, then slipped through the dimensions into human bodies, knowing deep inside ourselves that the program would run itself to completion, and that we would assuredly some day return to Creator Consciousness.

A good metaphor for this is the "holodeck" in Star Trek. Members of the starship could program the "computer" with a sequence of their choice, step into the holodeck, and run the program, always knowing this was their own creation, and that when the program ended, they would return to the "real world" aboard the "USS Enterprise"! They knew they could also change or end the program from within the holodeck anytime they wanted, that they always had total choice.

I remember an episode where something goes wrong with the computer, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard with his "away team" are stuck in the holodeck with the odds heavily against their very survival. This seems to be an apt metaphor for what we are experiencing as collective humanity. Something unforeseen happened with our programming. We were not supposed to fall into separated third-dimensional consciousness, yet here we are. How do we find our way back?

The cycles and calendars held in the memories of Gaia, and the ancient civilizations of Earth hold a key. We must also recognize, as the "away team", that there is a "home team" working with us from the other side of the dimensional doorways to clear the circuitries for our return home.

Thus, we are simultaneously engaged in 3D as well as 4D cycles of time and history.

What I attempt to do in this chapter is to bring together and unify various understandings of some of these time cycles, and look for clues as to how we might return to our original 4-D timeline, in preparation for the even greater homecoming back to Creator Consciousness.

Some of the concepts that I share here may not accord strictly with 3-D science. For instance, there is no proven astronomical evidence for the existence of a "photon belt", yet this has become one of the cornerstones of New Age thinking. Why? Similarly, modern science does not reflect the Mayan belief that our solar system revolves around Alcyone of the Pleiadian star cluster, yet the Mayans had a rich understanding of galactic cycles and 4-D time. Could it be that some of these cycles and structures that science currently has difficulty with resolve themselves in context of a multi-dimensional model of the Universe? If we are to pull ourselves out of our current global crisis, I do not think we can do so using 3-D bootstraps alone. I invite both discernment and an open mind as we journey on together.

There are many calendar systems from ancient civilizations scattered around the world that are all synchronistically winding to a close at this time.

The Hopis say we are now ending the Fourth World, and that the Fifth World will begin shortly. Many are also becoming increasingly familiar with the Mayan calendar. The Mayans had a dual understanding of time, which is reflected in their systems of timekeeping. They used a sacred calendar known as the Tzolkin, which was attuned to 4-D galactic cycles and operated according to a 260-day cycle (13x20). They also had a secular calendar used for recording 3-D time, based on a 360-day cycle (18x20), known as the Long Count. The Long Count consisted of 13 cycles of 144,000 days each, (or 5200 cycles of 360 days), totaling approximately 5125 solar years, known as a Great Cycle. Our current Great Cycle began on August 11, 3114, and ends on December 21, 2012.

It must be noted that neither of these calendars measured solar years. This was left to a third calendar known as the Haab, which added 5 days to the

360-day cycle to create the solar year. When the Haab is meshed with the Tzolkin, a deepened galactic consciousness can be brought into ordinary 3-D time, and is the basis for the 13:20 time system being promoted by Jose Arguelles as a means to shift our consciousness out of linear time into spherical time. The Mayans also had various prophetic calendars, such as the Nine Hells, which began with the Cortez invasion and ended at the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, and the Thirteen Heavens, which according to Mayan Timekeeper Gerardo Kaanek, were birthed in 2001, after an intervening period of gestation.

What makes the Mayan Long Count so important for these times? What makes

2012 different from the ending of ordinary timekeeping systems? Jose Arguelles (The Mayan Factor) speaks of a Galactic Synchronization Beam that will be activated at this time. John Major Jenkins, in his book, Mayan Cosmogenesis 2012, speculates that the current Long Count calendar was established with this End Date in mind.

In order to understand what this means, I will briefly define some terms.

The Precession of the Equinoxes is a 26,000-year cycle that establishes the zodiacal ages relative to the Earth. The celestial ecliptic refers to the path traveled by the sun and the various planets of our solar system. The galactic equator refers to the central plane of our Milky Way galaxy, visible in the night sky as a ribbon of brightly-lit stars known as the Milky Way. And the Galactic Center refers to the exact center of our entire galaxy, located at 27 degrees of Sagittarius relative to Earth.

Jenkins claims that the Mayans, when setting up their calendar were not concerned so much with the beginning point as the end point. This is because a very unique event takes place here, an event that takes place only once every 26,000 years. At the End Date of the Long Count, on the winter solstice of 2012, the noonday sun exactly conjuncts the crossing point of the Celestial Ecliptic with the Galactic Equator, while also closely conjuncting the Galactic Center! Arguelles further claims that this conjunction would activate a "synchronization beam" that would bring us into alignment with the evolutionary energies emanating from the Galactic Center, catapulting us into 4th dimensional planetary consciousness. Indeed, he says, the last time this happened 26,000 years ago, there was an active seeding of human form and consciousness by the Galactic Federation of Light, who will presumably return once again to assist us in stepping out of 3-D separation and achieving galactic synchronization. It is interesting also, as Paul Winter points out on his website, that our solar system is 26,000 light years distant from the galactic center!

Although the Mayans themselves do not refer directly to the Precessional cycle, Jenkins makes the point that five Great Cycles of 5125 years each make one Precessional Cycle of approximately 26,000 years. If we study this cycle, and the evolutionary potential that exists as we periodically conjunct the Galactic Center, it looks remarkably similar to the popular understanding of the "photon belt", which also refers to emanations from the Galactic Center designed to shift our collective frequencies into a more unified state.

In this model, which we might consider symbolic of another dimensional reality, the precession of the equinoxes is related to the journey of our solar system around Alcyone. Alcyone is held in a beam of light emanating from the center of our galaxy, known as the Photon Belt, or the Golden Nebula. Photon energies are high frequency light energies, essentially held within the consciousness of a vastly evolved Being, the Galactic Logos.

As we enter into this zone of celestial radiance, all aspects of our life and evolution receive a boost. Hidden aspects of our being are brought to the surface for transmutation and awakening. DNA shifts take place in response to the new energies. Great advancement takes place on spiritual and cultural levels, and we enter a Golden Age lasting 2000 years, the amount of time it takes for our solar system to pass through the photon belt. There are two such Golden Ages within every 26,000-year cycle, corresponding to our approach into the photon belt from either direction of our orbit around Alcyone. In terms of the Astrological World Ages, these correspond to the Age of Leo and the Age of Aquarius. Each entry into a Golden Age is accompanied by earth changes as Gaia re-calibrates herself to the new frequencies.

There is another calendar system I would like to refer to in context of this discussion, the Hindu cycle of the yugas. This refers to an Age of Light known as the Satya Yuga, gradually declining through the Treta and Dwapara yugas into an Age of Darkness known as the Kali Yuga. The traditional Hindu model of the yugas runs into the billions of years, yet Sri Yukteswar, in The Holy Science, puts forth a different model based on a 24,000-year cycle.

Like the Mayans, he claims that this cycle has to do with the journey of our solar system around another sun. He also speaks of a much longer revolution of our sun around some kind of "grand center", similar perhaps to what the Mayans understood as "Hunab Ku". According to him, "The sun, with its planets and their moons, takes some star for its dual and revolves around it in about 24,000 years of our earth - a celestial phenomenon which causes the backward movement of the equinoctial points around the zodiac. The sun also has another motion by which it revolves around a grand center called "Vishnunabhi", which is the seat of the creative power, Brahma."

Since Sri Yukteswar equates the 24,000 cycle with the precessional cycle I wonder if this should actually be corrected to 26,000 years. Being so close to the Mayan model of our journey around Alcyone, I also wonder if both systems are either correctly referring to some higher dimensional cycle that our current astronomers are not yet aware of, or alternatively, if they are both somehow explaining the precession of the equinoxes in a different context.

In each of the two diagrams that follow, I correlate a slightly modified version of Sri Yukteswar's cycle of the yugas with the astrological ages.

Every time we move into the photon belt or cross the galactic equator, we enter a Satya Yuga. The further we move away from this zone of light, the deeper we sink into a Kali Yuga. If it is true that the advent of the Satya Yuga has to do with these crossing points in the precessional cycle, then the transition is very sudden, and this in my mind has to do with the nature of the quantum leap available to us in this moment of entry.

Half of the precessional cycle is 13,000 years. In both of the above models, something very special happens every 13,000 years, whether it is passing through the photon belt or crossing the galactic equator. Both these events are associated with major shifts in human consciousness as well as shifts within the Earth. This is also associated with a movement from a Kali Yuga back to a Satya Yuga, an Age of Light. Paul LaViolette, author of Earth Under Fire, refers to a pulse of light emanating from the galactic center every 13,000 years. Is this what the photon belt phenomenon, the galactic synchronization beam, and the advent of the Satya Yuga is really about? Paul Winter theorizes that this pulse may be related to the Blue Star of the Hopis, which signified for them the sign of the Great Purification, as we journeyed from the Fourth World into the Fifth World, or the World of Illumination.

There is another interesting geological phenomenon that is relevant to this discussion, and that is the reversal of Earth's magnetic poles. In Reality Revealed, Douglas Vogt and Gary Sultan present evidence that the Earth's magnetic poles have reversed themselves every 13 thousand years or so, and that we are due for another reversal right now. They also suggest that these reversals might be connected with a nova effect of the Sun, in which a blaze of intense solar energy would be sent out throughout the solar system. They claim that the last reversal was 12,400 years ago, although there are others who date this event to either 12,800 or 13,200 years ago. Although the exact date of the polar reversal is disputed, it seems to correlate with the cycle of the yugas, photon belt, and galactic equator.

Every time this has happened in the past, there is a tremendous shifting of energies on the planet. It is as if there is a great cosmic jolt of light that shakes us awake, if we are ready. However, since our Fall into 3-D sometime during the Atlantean period, these polar reversals and alteration of Earth's electromagnetic fields have unfortunately resulted in tremendous upheavals in the Earth's crust, including the sinking and rising of land masses, great earthquakes, volcanoes, and flooding.

Most indigenous cultures around the world have memories of a Great Flood.

Atlantis sank about 12 or 13 thousand years ago in a cataclysm that was likely connected with the last polar reversal. Many, including Vogt and Sultan, feel that we are due for another polar reversal at this time. Edgar Cayce, interestingly, predicted that the poles would shift in the early part of this new century.

There is another cycle of time that I feel is important to understand. There is a calendar encoded within the measurements of the Great Pyramid of Giza, which has accurately predicted significant historical events, including the birth of Jesus Christ and the two world wars of the last century. This began in 3999 BC and, according to some researchers, came to an end on September

17, 2001 (see Moira Timms' Beyond Prophecies and Predictions, Davidson and Aldersmith's The Great Pyramid: Its Divine Message, and Noah Hutchings' The Great Pyramid: Prophecy in Stone). Timms feels that there could be three pos sible events related to this time: magnetic changes within the Earth in relation to the Sun, the final stages of karmic balancing, and a major planetary initiation. It is quite amazing to me that this 6000-year old calendar should end six days from the fateful events of September 11. Has the Day of Purification in Hopi prophecy begun? I will speak further on the possible significance of this in the following chapter.

Our experience of life and reality has to do with the nature of time itself.

When the Mayan, Hindu, Hopi, and Egyptian prophecies speak of the ending of this present age, they were referring not to the end of the world, but to the end of a system of time. There is something different about this

26,000-year cycle than anything that has come before us. We are now, for the first time in this cycle of creation, returning on the in-breath of God back to Creator Consciousness. The dimensional realities created as an expression of our cosmic play are now folding back up. Since time is experienced very differently in each of these dimensional realities, this means that our experience of time is also about to shift.

In the Book of Revelation, Chapter 10, the seventh angel declares that "time shall be no more". How could time simply disappear? And even if it could, how would it happen, and what would it mean? Could this refer to a dimensional shift from 3-D to 4-D reality? Is this why the Mayan calendar and all these other calendars simply disappear after 2012 or so?

Barry Martin has been carefully researching a phenomenon he calls the "time spiral", which may shed further light on this dimensional shift. With some of the renewed understandings of sacred geometry put forward by Drunvalo Melchizedek and others, we are beginning to become aware of how everything is organized around certain basic principles of geometry. The "fibonacci spiral" is one such geometry used by the devic realms to create forms and proportions for all life in the universe, from tiny crystals, to the human form, to an entire planet. The nautilus shell is a good illustration of this. Beginning at zero point, which could be any point in space, it is a numeric sequence that spirals out to infinity.

What if this same sequence that applies to space were also applied to time?

Barry goes through a series of calculations going back through the Egyptian and Mayan calendars to illustrate that in our journey of evolution through the ages, our experience of consciousness through time has been speeding up.

This can be plotted as a time spiral. Eventually this time spiral winds down through 3rd dimensional time and approaches zero point, an end of time as we know it. According to his research, the time spiral that governed most of our recent 3rd dimensional history ended on July 26, 2000, at which point a new 4th dimensional spiral began, and is slowly gathering force. Thus, in some respects the 4th dimensional shift has already taken place, although the full flowering of this new planetary consciousness is still to come.

There is another astronomical phenomenon being reported these days that I think is important to consider. Scientists are starting to talk about Gamma Ray Bursts, or GMB's. These are extra-galactic explosions of light bigger than any supernovas ever seen. Each of these is the equivalent of a Big Bang, and there have been thousands of such GMB's noted in the past few years, flooding our Earth's aura with their creative energies. What does it mean for us that we are seeing these creative energies being birthed around us?

I see this similar to the impregnation of an egg during the process of conception. Thousands of sperm come together and begin to work on the egg.

Their job is to strip away some of the protective barrier around the egg, and then all it takes is one more sperm, and the egg is fertilized. The GMB 's are like the sperm of a new galactic consciousness, bombarding the Earth' s aura for the fertilizing of an embryo that will give birth to an ascended planet. Is this part of the equation for the quantum leap awaiting us?

The direction we choose to travel as a planetary consciousness as we approach Zero Point has to do with our collective intentions. Ecologically, we are in a tremendous global crisis. There are a variety of issues facing us today, from global warming to the thinning of the ozone layer, from massive pollution of our atmosphere and oceans to the desecration of our electromagnetic grids, from nuclear waste products to the rampant deforestation and destruction of species. Any one of these alone is enough to terminate all life on the planet.

In 1992, following the Earth Summit in Brazil, the Union of Concerned Scientists (which included a group of 1700 scientists and Nobel laureates from 69 countries), announced that drastic and immediate efforts would be required worldwide to avoid ecological catastrophe. Soon afterwards, Dennis and Donella Meadows' landmark book Beyond the Limits asserted, based on highly sophisticated computer projection models, that our chances for avoiding environmental catastrophe appeared slim to none. A decade has passed since then, while we continue to live in denial.

The bad news is that if these were the only factors determining our fate, our future would be bleak indeed. I feel it is important for us to face the possibility that "reality", as we know it, is about to end. Human beings are constituted such that we seldom are able to hear a "wake-up call" unless we are in extreme crisis. Like ostriches with their heads stuck in the sand, we would rather live in collective denial until the floodwaters have swept through and it is too late. Again and again, the indigenous people of the Earth have warned the governments of humanity to reverse their destructive ways, with little effect. So what happens next?

The good news is that there is a much bigger picture at work. Yes, 3rd dimensional reality, as we know it, is about to end. However, there is something rich and beautiful rising from the ashes. As we move closer to

4th dimensional realities, 4th dimensional technologies are becoming available on the planet that, with the co-operation of the world's governments, could heal much of the environmental devastation in an incredibly short period of time.

Slim Spurling's "harmonizers", the super-ionic water developed in Turkey, and various "free energy" devices springing up around the world to replace fossil fuels are examples of this. There are other technologies that some of our extraterrestrial family can assist with that could neutralize the effects of our misguided nuclear and energy policies. The devic kingdoms themselves are ready to step in and create a new level of balance for Mother Earth. It won't be passively done for us or to us, however. We need to choose this and, where appropriate, invite this in.

There is an event taking place at this time that may perhaps force us to make this choice sooner rather than later. Zecharia Sitchin, in The Twelfth Planet, makes reference to a planet known as Nibiru that is also part of our solar system. It has a highly elliptical 3,600-year orbit around the Sun.

Some astronomers are now starting to talk about the return of this planet into our solar system. First reported as Planet X by the Infrared Astronomical Satellite, its path has now been confirmed by observatories around the world. If it is indeed the same celestial body, Planet X, or Nibiru, will be at its closest point to the Sun, traveling inside of Earth's orbit, sometime in the Spring of 2003.

What this means is open to debate. Mark Hazlewood, author of Blindsided - Planet X Passes in 2003, feels that its passage could trigger huge disruption upon the Earth and other planets in our solar system, triggering major weather, volcanic, and seismic activity during this time, and a massive electromagnetic shift that could trigger a polar reversal and cataclysmic destruction. Others feel this is mostly hyped up. As is often the case, the truth could be anywhere in between, and also depends significantly on our collective mindset.

The same event could cause two very different outcomes, depending on how we choose to respond to its message. I believe that whether we choose a path of gentle transition or experience cataclysmic Earth events during this time or any other time has entirely to do with our consciousness. Third dimensional reality has served its purpose. Our emergence into 4-D reality has already begun, and the full transition to Fourth Dimensional consciousness will take place sometime between 2003 and 2012. But it does not have to be traumatic. We hold the possibility now of lifting into a higher dimensional frequency that is more in alignment with our soul's intent.

If we remain locked into polarized consciousness, we may well experience some sort of cataclysmic destruction during the transition. However, if we shift into a unified worldview, we could use the new galactic energies of photon light to ease gently into planetary ascension. The Hopi say that as we move into the Fifth World, the Earth will experience complete environmental healing. Will we take this opportunity to consecrate our lives, individually and collectively, to our awakened purpose?

As I struggle with this question, I encounter one of my deepest shadows. How can I consecrate my life to planetary awakening if I do not always believe we can awaken? There are times I get locked into 3-D perspective, and go into despair, doubt, denial, and deadness. There are times when I look at the world around us and ask myself if it is even worth saving. The ecological crisis has passed the point of no return. Earth cannot heal herself except through a radical shift in human consciousness. Yet what if it is simply too late? What if the truth is that our collective denials are too deep, that our journey into 4-D is simply galactic hogwash, that we are simply going to destroy ourselves anyway, and there's nothing anyone can do about it? Shouldn't I simply dig a hole in the sand and bury my head in it?

Sometimes I feel very vulnerable as a human. There are times that I don't have clear answers to these questions, yet often feel the need to keep going as if I did. Tears flow. What would happen if I simply allowed myself to descend into the darkness of the void? What if I allowed myself to really hit bottom in the pit of despair? How can light shine into the deep realms of planetary despair if I don't allow myself to go into the core of my own fears and denial? Can there be a resurrection without a crucifixion?

In some esoteric Christian traditions, it is believed that Jesus had to journey down to the deepest hell realms before he could experience his resurrection. If I am to truly know that a new world awaits us, then I too need to make that journey, look at the worst possible outcome, and recognize that God exists in all of it. In doing so I step out of fear, release the veil of separation, and reconnect with the truth of my being.

Perhaps this is our collective journey as well. Although we cannot remain in denial about the ecological and political realities on our planet, the pathway to the Fifth World is in affirming the new realities that are emerging among us. Somewhere between an ungrounded spiritual escapism based on denial, and a narcissistic preoccupation with gloom and doom, we can choose to intentionally and purposefully envision a brave new world based on the deepest truth of our being. In order to do this we must consciously face our own shadows, commit to rebirth, and open to the light of our guiding truth.

We can only go as high as we are willing to go deep, and it is often in the very depths that we find the greatest light. This is where we find the power and the hope to sustain us. For it is only as we are willing to see and to embrace all of our deeply human fragmented realities that the light of grace can shine upon us.

As we enter a new spiral of time, I feel that we will be seeing increasingly rapid expansions of consciousness on our planet. As I connect with my deepest truth, I know that we will survive the shift, although there could also be many who choose to leave. The emerging consciousness may trigger the last dance of a polarized worldview, but we will override the 3rd dimensional ecological realities on our planet.

In the Great Day of Purification, the Hopis say, there will come wars, hunger, disease, and earth changes. This has already begun. We have already transmuted much, however, and the transition will be far gentler than it could have been. This is also a time where we will experience a great transformation of spirit. Vast numbers of people will choose to awaken into spiritual mastery, and merge with their ascended lightbodies.

Healing gifts will awaken. We will learn to walk between worlds. As we move through these times, let us keep our eyes fixed beyond the appearances to what is real. "Lead us from the unreal to the real," said the ancient Hindu sages, "Lead us from darkness to light. Lead us from death to immortality!"

The nature of most spiritual initiations is the experience of a gradual ascent of consciousness followed by a quantum leap. When the time is right, the collective Shift could take place "in the twinkling of an eye". This is becoming extremely likely now as we align with the galactic center, and enter the birth canal of a new Earth.

There is a real possibility that since September 11, 2001 our collective timelines have already begun to split. If this is so, then we will simultaneously move forward into two or more dimensional realities at the same "time". When Nibiru returns in 2003, the 3-D timeline could experience earth-shaking cataclysms, while the 4-D timeline would experience a massive spiritual awakening. The same goes for how we experience future world events in the wake of 9-11. Each of us now has a very clear choice. Will we birth ourselves into the Age of Light with grace and ease? Or will we "rage, rage, against the dying of the night"?

(Excerpted from Doorway to Eternity: A Guide to Planetary Ascension, available through, or by calling 530-918-9264)


Subj: Alice in Quantumland
Date: 10/29/2001 12:55:41 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: Kimber
To: ('')

Hi Joe,

thought you might find this interesting if you haven' t already read it...It is from a couple of years ago i guess. I hadn't seen it or heard of it until tonight.



Alice in Quantumland Gilmore, Robert Alice in Quantumland is Robert Gilmore's amazing fantasy ride through the landscape of quantum physics---the interrelated group of theories on the nature of subatomic particles that modern scientists use to explain the physical universe.

Through the allegory of Alice's adventures and encounters, Gilmore makes the essential features of the quantum world clear and accessible. It is a thrilling introduction to some essential, often difficult-to-grasp concepts about the world we inhabit.

Price: $22.00


Added November 4, 2001

Subj: the number 309
Date: 10/9/2001 1:19:06 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Dee777
To: JMason4557

I dreamed the year 309 this morning in relation to an obscure religion.

I was surprised to find that the number 309 is used in numerous colleges and universities to study early religion.

Here is what I came up with.

Roman Coins of the Early Empire




Joe's note: Remove the zero to get 39, which is 3 x 13. The mirror is 93. Also interesting, 309 - 93 = 216 (six to the third power, 6 x 6 x 6). See:

Review of the movie Pi


by William Butler Yeats

TURNING and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of i{Spiritus Mundi}
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?


Subj: Re: A "must read"
Date: 10/14/2001 10:51:26 AM Pacific Standard Time
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In a message dated 10/13/2001 4:21:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time, Gary writes:

quoting Andrew Sullivan, Oct. 7th; "This is a Religious War" reference given for URL or email address ....

<< It seems almost as if there is something inherent in religious monotheism that lends itself to this kind of terrorist temptation. And our bland attempts to ignore this - to speak of this violence as if it did not have religious roots  - is some kind of denial. We donít want to denigrate religion as such, and so we deny that religion is at the heart of this. But we would understand this conflict better, perhaps, if we first acknowledged that religion is responsible in some way, and then figured out how and why. >> Gary ...

With all due respect to you ... I think we only have to look to Sitchin's work, and to the work of Neil Freer and Laurence Gardner .. to get the_basic_answers to these questions and to the issues at-hand, here.

Abraham had 2 "wives" .. Sarah and Hagar.

He had sons by both Sarah and Hagar.

The Sarah branch(es) .. became Hebrew.

The Hagar branch(es) .. became Islam.

It was then a situation of .. acting-out a parallel case to the Enki/Enlil conflict. Same father ... different mothers.

It is obviously "patterned" directly after the Enki/Enlil conflict .. which was actually NOT a "religious" conflict .. but a_political_conflict, among The Anunnaki themselves. "We" .. have patterned our culture after that of The Anunnaki .. in many, many ways .. a lot of this "patterning" being distorted, perverted, corrupted .. because of loss-of-information, loss-of-memory from generation to generation, and because of greed, ego, and power-mongering.

As I've been saying, for years .. the key to really changing "ourselves" .. is to develop our planetary *consensus* awareness and our *consensus* consciousness .. as to "who" we really are .. and as to "how" we got here .. so that we_CAN_understand that "human nature" .. at least Earth-human nature as "we"_now_(and as we up_until_now) have "known it" .. is FALSE.

The "neo-Darwinian" school of so-called "Survival-of-the-Fittest" thought .. falls way, way short of even coming anywhere_near_"explaining" human nature.

We are, with all due respect to you, NOT a bunch of "inherently" brutal, selfish "cavemen/cavewomen".

When we develop the needed critical-mass-consensus awareness .. on a planetary scale .. as the Earth-humans we truly ARE .. we will be able to REALLY change our ways.

We are close to getting the "real story" out .. about our true planetary species-origins .. our true identity .. our true *nature*.

We CAN really change our planetary culture .. in dramatic ways.

-- Michael


Subj: Ninth Av=More
Date: 10/17/2001 9:11:17 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: Bill
BCC: JMason4557

From Hidden Meanings



Tisha B'Av is 9th Av. In Judaism it is the time of destruction. It is a time of mourning to commemorate times of tremendous destruction.

Tradition says 9th Av is the time when Moses found his followers worshipping the golden calf. ( An obsession with physical wealth).

The first temple was destroyed on 9th Av. The second temple was destroyed on 9th Av. It is a cursed date in Jewish History.

Previously we asked. Was our temple of wealth also destroyed on 9th Av?

In Manhattan New York

7th Av turns into Varick St

8th Av turns into Hudson St

9th Av turns into Greenwich St

9th Av (Greenwich) was the address of the World Trade Center.


The word AV (as is AVE), is a proper abbreviation for Avenue.


Thus 9th Av not only was the road that ran through the World Trade Center which was destroyed by Anti Jewish forces.


9 Av. The Jewish time of utter destruction. Destruction of the temple.

The world temple of wealth was the World Trade Center Situated on 9 Av. It was destroyed.

9 Av = 9 11. The World Trade Center was destroyed on 9/11/2001

Av=11 Flight 11 was the first to hit the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001

The first temple, the second temple, and now the third temple, destroyed by Anti Jewish forces on 9Av, on 911, by Flight 11.

If you wish to document the meaning of the word AV go to

To document Av as an abbreviation of avenueGo to

To document 9 Av as a time of destruction Go to

To see a map of Manhattan showing 9th Av turning into Greenwich St which went right through the center of the World Trade Center go to &state=

Now what I am showing you has two conclusions to be reached. This could all be an amazing coincidence, OR, If indeed it is not just a stunning coincidence, then:

1. Those who destroyed the World Trade Center knew of 9 Av and acted accordingly and maybe authorities should seek other important structures on 9Av around the world.

2. The World Trade Center was doomed from the beginning and there is a force working here that is above and beyond Kings, Presidents, and bombs.

A force that may be addressing the wealth that has ignored the poor and oppressed of the world.

I will leave it to you to consider



Subj: Fw: The Great Wake Up Call / 911 ... or, Chapter 9, V
Date: 10/18/2001 12:16:40 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Dennis Hamilton)

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Hi Joe,

Long time no see!

I thought you might appreciate the e-mail I forwarded to Roy Masters and the Foundation of Human Understanding regarding the World Trade Center (W-23, TC-23)attack on September 11th. The first part is the connection I made between Roy Masters and Joseph Campbell and the "two witnesses." The second part is the actual e-mail I sent to President Bush.

I've also attached the follow-up response I sent to Roy after he got back to me (the few words at the bottom). I don't know if you're still publishing this kind of material on your web page or not, but if you do, would appreciate if you added a link the page I've added to:

Thanks Again,

Dennis Hamilton

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From: Dennis Hamilton
To: fhu
Sent: Monday, October 08, 2001 12:29 AM
Subject: The Great Wake Up Call / 911 ... or, Chapter 9, Verse 11?


I thought you might appreciate a copy of the e-mail I sent to President Bush the day after the World Trade Center was attacked on September 11th. Also, regarding my referrence to the "two witnesses" (from Revelation chapter 11), I see a real connection to Roy Masters and Joseph Campbell, the two most influential spiritual leaders of the 20th century. Are you familiar with Joseph Campbell? Hence I see it as no coincidence that Roy Masters' first name used to be Reuben (before he changed it) which, happened to be the name of Leah's firstborn, the firstborn son of Israel (Jacob).

Whereas Joseph, meaning "He shall add," who was born of Israel's second wife, Rachel, was Israel's 11th son. Thus when looking at the number "01" (as read in English), which when read from right to left (in Hebrew), it would read "10." And there you have it, "10" (Reuben) + "01" (Joseph), which equals "11." Which I view as the two sides of the human brain, the left side which is rational or "common sense" based (Roy Masters), and the right side which is intuitive or "romantically" based (Joseph Campell), and hence the "two witnesses" ...


"And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit. And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power." (Revelation 9:1-3)

"And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon." (Revelation 9:11).

See the connection here? ... To Revelation 9:11? ... Wow! ...

While this isn't the only unusual connection to be made in the book of Revelation. "And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon: and the dragon fought and his angels." Are you familiar with this verse? It's chapter 12, Verse 7. And what day might that represent? ... December 7th -- which, is Pearl Harbor Day! ... yet another "Great Wake Up Call" ... the day we were forced to take a stand against the "imperialistic dragon" of Japan. While to continue here, who might "Michael" be? Well we just recently discovered the name on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery ... Michael Joseph "Blassie" ... i.e., he who protects over blasphemy? Suggesting this is The Spirit (the archangel Michael) that watches over our country ...

While in accord with the name Joseph, this was Israel's (Jacob's) favorite son -- his "11th son" -- whose brothers cast him into the pit and sold him into slavery in Egypt, where he later became governor (Genesis 37-50). Whereas in Revelation "chapter 11," it refers to the two witnesses, which are the two olive trees and "two candlesticks" which stand before God (Revelation 11:3-4). Any coincidence to why two candlesticks should look like the "number 11?" ...

"And when they shall have finished their testimony [the two witnesses], the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them. And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified." (Revelation 11:7-8) ... The angel of the bottomless pit? ... Joseph sold into slavery in Egypt? ... Our Lord crucified (spiritually) in Egypt? ...

And what of the two witnesses? Could it be they correspond to the two towers of the World Trade Center? Did you know that New York was the "11th state" of the union? And, that the height of the World Trade Center towers, at 110 stories each, correspond to the age at which Joseph died -- 110 years? (Genesis 50:26) ... Wow! ... Just another coincidence?

And what of the "fifth angel" which sounds, with the key to the bottomless pit? ... By slamming a jet airplane into the Pentagon -- where "penta" means five -- could this not be construed as opening that which should not be opened ... i.e., the gates of hell, where evil and falsity reside? (where the Pentagon normally protects us over "such blasphemies").

And what of Apollyon and Abaddon? In Greece, Apollo was the god of light and, "god of truth." And yet similar to Adam, Apollo disobeys his father (Zeus) and has to serve the mortal King Admetus for eight years as a shepherd. Now why does Admetus sound so much like Adam? Anyway, Adam fell for having eaten of the "tree of knowledge," which is to say he had all this "knowledge" -- of God -- but without the practical experience to back it up, and he couldn't help but flail! ... Knowledge is not is wisdom they say! ... In fact here it destroys, and so conjures up the angel over the bottomless pit ... So what do they mean by Babel? ... Or Babylon? ... And why does it sound so much like "babble" when they stand in their towers and pray? ... And what of the Moslem Fundamentalists? ...

While you might be interested to know that the battle of truth against falsity and of good against evil doesn't originate with Christianity, but with the Zoroastrian Creed of Persia. Where the great creator "Ahura Mazda" gives rise to his two sons "Spenta Mainyu" (the holy spirit) and "Angra Mainyu" (the devil) who do battle over the world and the souls of men. And to those who think and live justly are given eternal bliss, and to those who think and do what is evil are given eternal suffering. Sound familiar? While it was Cyrus the Great of Persia (Spenta Mainyu?) who freed the Jews from Babylon (Angra Mainyu?) and allowed them to return to their homeland. [link does not work]

Anyway, I thought you might appreciate a biblical perspective on who might have done these bombings and, if anyone cares to bring up the idea of a "holy war," and the great emergency wake up call on 9-11, you can site this very verse, saying this was the devil which was evoked from the middle east, called Angra Mainyu.

"And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of god in their foreheads." (Revelation 9:4) Now this is quite unusual, for I had just planted a lawn recently, and been tending it the last couple of months, and mowed it the first time on Monday night, September 10th. In fact I had been thinking about this particular chapter over the past month (about the grass, the locusts and Apollyon), and all this happened the very next day! ...

Thank You,

Dennis Hamilton


[download from above e-mail]

From: Dennis Hamilton
Date: Wednesday, October 10, 2001 2:10 PM
To: Roy
Subject: Re: Synchronicity and Balance

I think you as well as I know better. For the world is full of synchronistic things and it's all about balance. The left and the right come together in the center and we all see and hear in stereo.

And when speaking of the dream of Pharaoh, Joseph said: "And for that the dream was doubled unto Pharaoh twice, it is because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass." (Genesis 41:32)

Just as light proceeds from the sun, heat does also, and together they describe the total effects of sun. Where light corresponds to truth and "shows the way,"

heat corresponds to good and sustains us with warmth. It's much like the two sides of the human brain. The left side (Rueben) which is rational, corresponds to our perception or "ability to see" ... Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." The right side (Joseph) which is intuitive, corresponds to our sense of "belonging" or, that which motivates us (love).

When integrated, these qualities make us whole and we become "useful." When separated, we become neurotic and "useless." Faith separated from charity? ...

So on the one hand you should "know yourself," which is rational and "makes sense." On the other hand you should "be yourself," which is emotional or "validating." Of course if you can't be yourself, who can you be? Ever see the movie "Rhinoceros?" Where the main character (Gene Wilder) is in his room talking with his girlfriend (Karen Black), while "inconspicuously" in the background is a chalkboard, and in writing it says, "Don't compromise yourself, it's all you've got." This was the whole essence of the movie!

Of course if you know how to fool yourself (and everyone around you), you don't really know who you are, because "you" don't really exist (as a real person). I don't know how familiar you are with Joseph Campbell, but in many ways you and he are like the "two reciprocals" above. Where you might come across as stern and foreboding (i.e., truth doesn't compromise), Joseph would come across as gentle and with a great passion for his work. Where you might say, "How do you know one plus one equals two?" Joseph would say, "Follow your bliss..." (happiness comes from within). Where you arm yourself with the truth, and teach the art of self-defense, Joseph has indeed found his niche, and is oblivious towards the malevolence in others.

If you're interested in finding out more about "your counterpart," I highly recommend a copy of "The Power of Myth," written by Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers. It follows the six hour PBS series which was filmed shortly before Joseph's death in 1987. If you can get a copy of this it would be even better, so you can see the actual spirit inside the man. (It's pretty plain in his writings too.) I believe it's available on DVD at, and lists for about $40 at some of the retailers below. The review was submitted by someone at


This series of videos is a true eye-opener and life-changer for anyone who is serious about seeking after the Divine, no matter what religion you may practise. Joseph Campbell examines the sacred symbolic stories that have existed in every culture, all over the world, with respect for all of them and denigrating none. At the same time he also strives to drive home the idea that these links to the Divine are not divine in themselves but are paths to knowledge and enlightenment. One segment, Masks of Eternity, talks about the many ways in which God speaks to us or appears to us-- some of them silly, some of them scary, some of them profound - - all of them simply masks. The mask of God, or our perception of Him, is often the hardest thing of all to get past in a true search to touch the Divine. In a sense it gives us permission and encouragement to study and appreciate all forms of religious practise, without ever asking one to give up one's deeply-held beliefs. Indeed, no matter what where one goes to worship or what label one claims to denote one's religious philosophy, this series will help you appreciate your own beliefs even more. Watch this series and free your mind; remember that God is infinite and none have grasped His Magnificence in all of its myriad forms-- setting your attitudes free will make Him visible in more ways than ever before. Prepare for an incredible journey.

Thanks again for your time,

Dennis Hamilton


Note, November 19, 2001: The following e-mail communication has some interesting connections in terms of symbols and numbers. As with other communications, I do not agree with everything stated in the e-mails.


Subj: 11:11 Part 1- Josyp Terelya- Prayer for Peace and Visions of the Future
Date: 10/31/2001 4:57:24 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Dee777
To: JMason4557
Forwarded Message:

Pray with every prayer and at every moment in the Spirit; be vigilant constantly, for in this we Christians imitate Christ. This is how Christians must oppose the apostasy of these last times, to be ready to meet the Christ who is to come.

I abide constantly in prayer, and I am watchful daily. It is 12:11 a.m.

eastern daily savings time. In prayer before the icon of Our Lady Mediatrix of all Graces, I saw two shining books: the Bible in white, and the Book of Koran in red, and between them the number "eleven". This vision, as it appeared suddenly, so it disappeared. I was praying for the ills might end.

Because illness and sin are inseparable. The conditions between illness and sin are in contradiction to the basic destiny of man, given him by God, happiness. I always struggled in the time of His eternal presence, to fulfill His will.

I prayed; it was 1:10 a.m. June 11th, 2000, when I heard a voice: Take the Book of Scriptures and open it to the eleventh chapter of the Proverbs of Solomon, and read the eleventh verse. I did this: "By The blessing of the righteous a city is exalted; but it is overthrown by the mouth of the wicked." (Prov.11.11)

And as I continued to read three tears rolled down my cheeks. The Archangel Michael continued to speak to me: And now open the Scriptures to the prophecies of Daniel, Chapter 1, verse eleven. "Moved with rage the king of the south shall go out and do battle against the King of the north who shall muster a great multitude, which shall, however be defeated by his enemy." (Dan.11,11).

I continued to pray and God revealed His power and I saw three Archangels; Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel. The Archangel Michael was holding a white cloth with the symbols of the northern kingdom (America) in his right hand. On it was the picture of George Washington. The Archangel Gabriel held a large eagle in his hands and its claws was coiled the green serpent. The archangel Uriel held a globe of the planet earth in his hands and the globe was on fire on three sides. And as I looked a large bear raised itself on its hind legs and began to strike at the golden calf because of his blasphemy, and then a yellow dragon flew in to assist the bear. The eagle dropped the green serpent in its claws and sat on an oak.

And then I heard the words of Gabriel; "Are you praying for those who are condemned unjustly, for the poor and those held captive? Pray for the sinners in the USA and Canada for ruin and death are at hand."

This war was planned by The descendants of Dan and Judah to establish their rule over the nations of the east where lie the oil fields. The rich will not suffer, only the poor.

Enemies surround America: The bear, the yellow dragon and the green serpent. They are allied for the times of evil.

Take the book of the Koran and read the third Sura; The eleventh verse and"there shall be signs for you about two legions that clashed. One of the legions fought on the side of Allah; the second were infidels and they saw them twice as large as they really were. And Allah strengthens those whom he chose by his help. In the truth this is a warning for those that can see."

It was 5:00a.m., June 11, 2001. I was to fly to Lviv, Ukraine at twelve by the Ukrainian Airline to Lviv. I reflected on what I had seen, and prayed. I couldn't forget the words of the Archangel Gabriel."

"I saw that the leaders of the world had no compassion for the ordinary folk/ Many organizations and groups with millions of the followers of Satan were among all the large civilized countries of the world."


Josyp Terelya....Prayer for Peace and Visions of the Future part2 of 5

All these organizations in fact were fascist conspirators, terrorists and Mafia bandits. This is confirmed firstly by the incurable paralysis of the financial institutions, of government, and the justice system."

"A woman sat by me in the plane and in her hands she held prayer beads without the cross; and she was praying. I understood that she was a Muslim.

We introduced each other. She was a Tatar woman from Charkov. She was flying to Canada to her family. She expressed surprise that I was not eating on the plane and drank only water. I explained to her that all the food that they serve on the planes was not good for me, because I don't eat fish or meat or any thing that is cooked by the hands of unbelievers.

"I took out the Book of the Koran and read aloud for her the fourth Sura, verse 11, and my heart leaped, again at the number eleven."

"In truth those who consume the possessions of orphans unjustly are consuming fire in their stomachs and they shall burn in the flames." The woman began to cry and before she feel asleep she asked me to pray for those who have been humiliated and unjustly condemned because the time of fanaticism and hatred among nations is approaching."

"I returned from Ukraine on July 5; I learned that evil forces were planning an attack on the Christians of America and Canada for the month of August.

And intuitively I reflected upon everything connected with the number eleven and thirteen. I studied everything that was hidden under these numbers eleven and thirteen. And this is how this pamphlet (E-MAIL) came about. I had left it aside earlier and now I finished it in a few days."

"On the basis of the symbolism of the number eleven I painted a picture "Holocaust--eleven". I completed it on September 11, 2001. On July 11 I had a vision. Once again I saw the number 11, and on August 11, I had a strange dream. I was walking though the woods and a large stream of muddied waters stopped me from continuing. I began to walk around the stream and went northward. I looked at my knapsack I saw a rope. I took it into my hands. I returned and began to tie knots in this rope. A wind arose and began to break the trees and to tear the grass and the bushes. The blowing wind passed quickly. I headed along the road to Windsor. I looked up and saw a large plane falling from the heavens, I was so frightened that I woke up."

"I never read dream books. These are for naive people. Each visionary has his own symbolism of dreams. The only one that I compared notes with is Wanga."

"To walk through a large forest means that shortly I shall discover secrets:

the large stream of muddied waters is a symbol of poverty, difficult situations among people. Water is a symbol of change. The rope and the knots that I made signified that I was tied up with people with whom I should break relationships immediately. Later I learned that the authorities in Ukraine were plotting to compromise me. I avoided this thanks to my friend and visionary Ferdinand and the prudence of my wife. The wind that breaks trees is a sign that shortly changes will take place. These were the unpleasant surprises that came from where I did not expect problems. These are the problems that do affect not only me but also many people. Planes falling from the skies are a sign that shortly there shall be an airline disaster. It is a sign of a very bad lane landing. This catastrophe will be caused by a pilot who was sent to earth by the devil."

Josyp Terelya...Prayer for Peace and Visions part 3 of 5

I returned from Marmora September 10, 2001, in the evening. Marmora is a Holy place of the apparitions of our Lady in Canada. It was after midnight,

1:10 pm to be precise. I prayed and I heard the voice of Gabriel."

"Take the Koran, and read the eleventh Sura, verse eleven. I read. If we take away the punishments due them they shall say, "What is holding them back.... and on the day it comes, It will be impossible to turn it away, and they will be overcome by that which they had scoffed."

I continued to pray and I saw that a haze covered the icon and a voice of the Archangel said, "Open the Koran at the 21st Sura, verse 11, I did this.

"We have destroyed many habitations which were sinful and we raised up new nations in their places."

I continued to pray, and the Archangel blade me take the Bible and open it to the book of Ecclesiastes (9,18) "Wisdom is better that weapons of war; but one bungler destroys much good."

I continued to pray and the voice of the Archangel announces," Pray for the Jews in the megalopolis, for they intend upon a great sin; the Lord shall punish them for evil and the godless among them for their transgressions.

Take the Prophet Jeremiah and read chapter 1 v. 13; "The word of the Lord came to me a second time saying what do you see, and I said, I see a boiling pot tilted, away from the north." The Archangel again spoke to me (chapter

11 v 11,) "Therefore, thus says the Lord, assuredly I am going to bring disaster upon them that they cannot escape. Through they cry out to me I will not listen to them" (Jer. 11,11)

And now read attentively what is said in the Koran and the Bible, and understand, what will take place. And from the events that happened, count the numbers, so that you will have eleven everywhere, and you will see how evilly Satan is working. The tragedy that was planned by Satan took place on the 254th day of the year; set up the ciphers in order 2 + 5 + 4 and you have eleven and from the act of terror to the end of the year you have 111 days. This event took place on the 11th of September, that is 9 (month) + 1+1 = eleven. The first plane crashed into the tower, flying on flight number 11. There were 92 passengers on board: 9+2=eleven. The second plane was carrying 65 passengers: 6+5=eleven.***Henry Hudson discovered the island of Manhattan on September 11. ***The word Afghanistan is eleven letters.***

The number 11 in the occult expresses shock energy. It is the number of offering sacrifices. In Islam the number 11 in the Sufi tradition, symbolizes the sacrifice of the oneself or burning of oneself. It represents revenge according to the system of the godless.

The number 11 (eleven) is the numerical symbol of the hidden name of Allah.

This is revenge not for an individual wrong, but revenge in a system that is against God for specific wrongs. All is from God.

Christians, what is your reaction to this crime? Should we be getting ready to seek vengeance? A vindication for these acts committed?

Our faith teaches us: forgive your enemies, pray for them.

And at the same time revenge is a question of justice. For every deed must have its wage. Who is to receive the vengeance for this incredible crime?

Firstly those who organized it.

Secondly, those who executed it. And Thirdly, those who allowed this crime.

We must remember that wages- retaliation is it the basis of religious life.

God Himself sanctions the concept of vengeance.

Josyp Terelya...Prayer for Peace and Visions of the Future part 4 of 5 On September 12, I was praying with a group of school children in Toronto.

After lunch I showed my young companions two of my paintings: "The Holocaust - September 11, and "The Unvanquished" in memory of the heroes of the plane that crashed near Pittsburgh,PA..USA, seven naked figures soaring towards light.

I sensed that something strange and awful was to happen as I read the prophecies that heaven had unveiled to me. I gave three conferences and each I warned my listeners that the evil one was planing a fatal blow in August.

No one took me seriously. Those faithful to Christ must know that we can always look forward to warnings about evil , but we must take a stand. I was praying on Sept 14 as always in my chapel at home. It was 3 a. m. . My prayers firstly were words of thanksgiving to God. These also express our notions about God. My Christian thoughts, founded in unity, confirmed by faith. Christ, who comes and will come, abides in this. As I was finishing the third rosary. I saw in a gladsome light the Mother of God and the Apostles before the icon of Our Lady Mediatrix of all Graces.

She spoke gravely, with sorrow in Her eyes: What has happened is not a punishment, but a sin, the sin of murder. Pray for those who killed without fault. There is need for prayer and saving and god deeds, a distancing from Satan.

Every Christian family, every church and convent needs saving icons for people. The icon of the Mother of God, of Christ the Savior and Christ the King. Icons of the six archangels and of the church. These are your weapons, which defend the hearth before the onslaughts of the dark powers, sickness and sin. The crime of September 11 was an attack against the President, to deprive him of his authority and so to achieve the global plans of the organizers OT terror. This was the beginning of the plan to destroy the American nation.

All the energies and love of Christians must be directed to support the President. Remember that building of empires is a sin and a crime. Today the dark powers of Islam were directed to the creation of a world Muslim empire, formed of seven emirates. America will reap the fruits of its short vision - the arming of Muslim terrorists who conduct their war across immense territories. Israel is in great sin and shall be punished by God with fire for its part in the September events. The prophets Jeremiah and Daniel have foretold this. All wars, conducted by the Moslems are blasphemy and an expression of hatred towards God. Amen Josyp Terelya....Prayer for Peace and Visions of the Future part 5 of 5 September 21,2001 Toronto 3a.m.

I was ending my prayer, when I heard a voice. My room was filled with an unusual light. Every injustice or wrong committed against a person merits its own punishment, and so with blasphemy, for blasphemy is an offense against God.

Every murder is a blasphemy. It is a sign of man's vices, an act of godlessness. Scriptures tell us those who blaspheme against the name of God will die. The great tragedy of the twin towers and the torrents of tears of America should fix itself in the memories of all Americans with the memory of this great manslaughter of September 11.

We can compare this drama to the drama of the death of Christ on the cross when he accuses the Jews for blasphemy against God. He was innocent and pure in the eyes of Heaven. We have to find the guilty ones among the officials and the wealthy. Pray, and do not be silent. The salvation of the world is in peace and quiet. Pray for the work of the President. For there are those in organizations who are preventing him from bringing peace and quiet to the U.S.A.. There will be no peace because of Israel and their hatred.

Be vigilant, that the devil not takes you by surprise. Prepare yourself daily to meet the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen Message given by Josyp for every one to read..... For more info on Terelya there are websites just enter his last name and search.


Subj: 587
Date: 11/13/2001 7:26:52 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Bill
BCC: JMason4557

From Hidden Meanings

Previously I shared with you the coincidence of the world trade center attack taking place on 9/11 and the day of destruction and mourning in Judaism being Tisha B/Av which in our solar calendar means 9/11.

Does it not seem reasonable that the attackers knew this and planned the attack for 9/11 to coincide with the date of destruction in Judaism ?

There was also the fact that the worst massacre of Jews in England occurred at Cliffords Tower in York in 1190.

Tower-York-1190 Twin Towers-New York-9/11 Curious ?

Well 11/12/2001 a plane crashed in New York. If it had taken off

3 minutes earlier it would have lifted off at 9:11.

But consider this. The temple destruction that inspired Tisha B/av (9/11) occurred in 587 B.C, The flight number of the plane that crashed in New York today was 587 September 11 9/11 connected with destruction of the temple November 12 587 connected with destruction of the temple



Note added November 16, 2001: There may be a relationship to the dream of Nebuchadnezzar in the Book of Daniel of the great tree that was cut and banded, causing seven years of insanity. This is said to be seven "prophetic years" of 360 years each, for a total of 2520 years. From 587 B.C., this gives the end date of 1933, the year Hitler and Roosevelt came to power. 1933 has the same tangent as 133, a number that has appeared in crop circle events, such as the formations that appeared in 1996 at Laguna Canyon, California, next to route 133.

A related number may be 4/3 or 1.333333333, and interval in music.  888/666 gives the same result. 888 in Greek Gematria represents Jesus, the Spiritual Sun. In the same system 666 is the number of Helios, the physical sun. Of course, 666, appears in Revelation 13:18, and has many other interpretations.  400/3, or 133.3333333, is the speed of the sun in miles per second, in its orbit around the galaxy.


Forwarded Message:

Subj: Re: 587 - Interesting From Hidden Meanings Site
Date: 11/14/2001 8:59:56 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: Tom
To: W

And the difference between 1190 AD and 587 BC is 1777 years, one year off 1776, which discrepancy may wash out because of the way people calculate for the year zero.



Subj: [earthchanges] For those who love coincidences....
Date: 11/20/2001 9:01:15 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: Carlos
To: (Earthchanges)

111 weeks

Between the crash/bombing of TWA's flight 800 off Long Island (a Boeing 747) on July 17, 1996 and the crash/bombing of Swissair's flight 111 (!!!) near Halifax (a MD-11 !!!!), on September 2, 1998 there were 111 weeks: exactly 777 days.


Subj: what's up with 4 a.m?
Date: 11/25/2001 6:09:49 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: Abby

hi- for several months I have been waking up around 4 a.m., as though something had woken me, but there was nothing there. I asked my peers at work and they said they also routinely awaken at that time, and go back to sleep. What is waking us up, do you think it could be aliens?

I have had no recollection of abductions- is there any way to tell if I have been abducted or contacted at that time? Please let me know what you think, thank you,



Subj: Re: what's up with 4 a.m?
Date: 11/25/2001 9:51:59 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: JMason4557
To: Abby

In a message dated 11/25/2001 6:09:49 AM Pacific Standard Time,


<< Subj: what's up with 4 a.m?

hi- for several months I have been waking up around 4 a.m., as though

something had woken me, but there was nothing there. >> (snip)


Hello Abby.

I am not sure about this, but it seems meaningful. It may point to future events. This seemed to be the case with the 11:11 coincidence phenomena. See:


The American Tragedy: A Symbolic Event, Manifest Revelation

The 11:11 is related to other meanings, I believe. It is apparently about the leap to the heart chakra level of consciousness evolution by humanity en masse. This is the 4th level, and could perhaps be related to people waking up at 4 AM. See:

Humanity On The Pollen Path

E.T.s may be involved in the process. My view is that the E.T.s are not visitors from other star systems, but spiritual being that have been with mankind from the beginning. The have appeared in many forms, such as angels or demons. I call them the Watchers or Eliohim. It may be that some of them are aspects of ourselves, like our higher Selves or Oversouls.

You may find it fruitful to investigate further. You could record the exact time you awake, and record any dreams or thoughts. You may be able to find others who will do this, and send you the information. You could also search the Internet for similar others.

Another thought just came. Our clock/time system came to us from very ancient times. It is related to the twelve Zodiac signs. The camp positions of the Tribes in Numbers 2 follow the pattern, like a reflection of Heaven on earth.

The New Jerusalem (Rev. 21) has the same pattern. The 24 hour day seems to be suggested by the 24 elders/thrones in Revelation 4. The four living creatures represent the four major Tribes and their Zodiac signs, corresponding to the solstices and equinoxes.

The base "Gematrian" number, as I see it, in the ancient system was 36 (6 squared). In terms of our time, this relates to 60 seconds and 60 minutes, giving 3600 seconds in each hour. In four hours there are 14400 seconds. This could be related to the symbolism of the 144,000 who receive the mark on the forehead in Revelation 7 and 14. They are composed of 12,000 people from each of the Tribes.

I believe this has some kind of symbolic truth. My guess is that it means a relatively small number of people will pass through the earth changes easily, as they have a prior understanding. Most will experiences a stressful change, like a death/rebirth, as indicated by the "games of slaughter" spoken of by Nostradamus. The overall outcome is positive.

The graphic on top of the page of my article, "Humanity On The Pollen Path," came from dreams, and shows the angel coming out of the rising sun to mark the foreheads of those who will be saved.

In my new article about the tragedy, I speak of the Mega Glyph crop circle formation, and its possible connection to the same symbolism in terms of the six slayers with their weapons of "slaughter," plus the seventh man of Ezekiel 9 who marks the foreheads. This relates to Nostradamus C10, Q74.

I just realized too that the "mirror" of your e-mail name/number is 144dnT. (nT = new Testament?) Coincidence? I think not! See:


We have been noticing the "mirror" numbers quite a bit lately. For example, Flight 175 struck one of the Twin Towers. At the same time, the film, "U-571" was playing in the theaters. Coincidence? NOT!!

If you discover other possible connections, please let me know.


Joe Mason


Subj: Re: dreaming of jerusalem
Date: 11/28/2001 1:50:36 PM Pacific Standard Time
From:  Josh W


I have been able to lucid dream for about two years, began when I was 18.

Anyways, the dream began and I was walking down a cobblestone walkway next to a road of some sort. To my left was a road and to my right was two other men. One was Jewish, I could tell by his black hair and hat. The other one was an old man with white hair i not too sure about that...To the right of them, about ten feet to their right, was an old house with a torch on it which lit the cobblestone path. The house resembled a pueblo house or an old house (maybe stucco)

We all began to walk down the path when suddenly the Jewish person bumped me with his elbow. This made me lose my balance and so I put the left foot on the road while the other remained on the cobblestone path. That is when he said we are going to Jerusalem. Well, I looked forward and saw hundreds of people. . men, women and children. I thought there must be a faster way then walking. I then thought of flying...Flying I did...I started to run to the right of the cobblestone path, passing the house, and before a huge tree I ascended with my arms out into the air. I went higher and higher until the tree was barely in sight. I then heard a voice, I WANT TO SHOW YOU EVERYTHING. I don't know how I reacted, soon after this I woke up. I might have said I'll follow. OH yea, I began to descend. Then I woke up.

The next night, the same man told me to jump into the lake of gasoline. For some reason I trusted him even though I knew what he was about to do. I jumped in and opened my eyes. I could see and had no burning sensation. I peered up and looked at the man. He was holding a pack of matches in which he lit on fire and threw into lake. There was huge explosion and the lake caught on fire and soon I was looking out of the water and could see only flames. About five seconds after the lake caught on fire, it ceased. I thought how is that possible. If you light gasoline it will burn till the liquid is all used up. Anyways I wasnt burned or harmed at all. I awoke.


Subj: Fwd: Hi, dreams
Date: 3/23/2002 8:36:26 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Dee777
To: JMason4557
Forwarded Message:
Subj: Hi,
Date: 3/4/2002 4:10:08 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Kim O

My name is Kim O. This series of dreams happened about a year ago, but they seem relevant...

January 17, 2001

Strange thing happened on the way to work this morning–a big crow/raven kept diving me (my car) when I was on Mountain heading for the parking lot. It flew in front of me 3 times. Then when I parked in the lot, it flew down and sat on the hood of my car and had a staring match with me. Finally, I asked out loud what it wanted–it cawed and kept staring–so I said, "I'm listening." It cawed once more and flew away.

January 18, 2001 Didn't think much of the crow thing–quiet, uneventful day. But had a dream that was really strange. Aleuti, Ann, Keenan and I (I think there were others too–Sophia and Sarah?–could feel/sense them, but not see them) where standing in a clearing up on the cliffs. There was a ceremony going on that we were watching. There were 7 Native American men sitting around a fire and singing and drumming.

I got the feeling that those of us watching were meant to "witness" the ceremony as well as add our energy and serve as guards to watch the backs of the men doing the ceremony.

The singing and drumming grew in intensity–then I noticed a deep intense humming coming from the earth below our feet (but also all around us)–the same sound that you hear in the theaters when they do the Dolby stereo sound check before the movie starts, you can feel it in every cell in your body–you could also smell and feel electricity in the air. All of a sudden a great green glowing orb surrounded the men. Then green "runners"

(ley lines?) shot out from the orb.

In my mind, I could see these runners connecting to major power points around the earth–Machu Pichu, Ayers Rock, Stonehenge, about 6-7 other spots around the planet.

These spots became enveloped in a great green orb. Then–almost at the same time–they shot back energy through the runners to the men and also shot out new runners to other power centers. Then the process began again–they shot energy back to the main power centers (shooting more energy back to the men) then shooting out new runners to new points.

Very powerful and healing energy.

February 7, 2001 Had the healing ceremony dream again tonight. Realized a few new things. First, I think it is an earth healing ceremony and a re-connecting ceremony. Also, only 4 of the 7 men were from the 3rd dimension. There was an older man (I didn't recognize) with white hair that seemed to be "in charge." To his right was a younger man, to his right a younger man, and to his right a slightly younger man (I didn't recognize). To the youngest man's right (and on around the fire back to the oldest man) sat the other 3 men–although they were sharing the 3rd dimensional space, I got the impression that they were from the past.

Very energizing and nurturing–exhausting, but feel stronger.

February 19, 2001 Had the dream again, but a new part was added this time. Same dream up to the point where the whole earth was glowing/energizing and healing. At this point a huge electrical arc went up (split the air–this one was blue) and the earth (bedrock) around the men began to crack open. Seven black stone pillars came up out of the ground. They had markings on them. Once they were all the way up (sort of reminded me of a Stonehenge type circle), they each emitted a green runner–the 7 runners met up in the middle forming one larger runner that shot straight up into the sky. They hit something–it took a minute to make it out–it blended into the sky. It was a huge metal disc in the shape of a hexagon. The green light pulsed rhythmically into the bottom of the disc. Then 6 runners shot out from its sides, and six triangular pieces came in to connect with the hexagon forming a 6-sided star.

This just seemed to intensify the feeling of healing and nurturing energy and the feeling of re-connectedness.

February 26, 2001 The healing ceremony dream again–the entire thing played out just like before. Feels really familiar now–and not just because I keep having the dream.

February 27, 2001 Had the dream again last night. Beginning to feel a little anxious–not sure that's really the word I want to use–feeling like I'm supposed to be understanding something that I'm not or maybe I'm supposed to be doing something I'm not–telling the others about the dream? The ones in the dream? I remember one of my guides (from dreaming) telling me not very long before this whole thing started that there are many of us out there all holding a piece of the puzzle, and most of us aren't even aware of it. He told me to bring the players together.

February 28, 2001 Same dream again. Feeling kinda weird.

March 1, 2001–March 12, 2001 Every night–very exhausting mentally and physically, but do not feel bad about it. Feel a little crazy, but feel nurtured and loved and connected. Still have absolutely no idea what I'm supposed to do with this, if anything.

March 13, 2001 Dream again last night, but a new piece was added. After the six pointed star was formed, a "wave" of energy swept through the area around us–almost knocking me over.

As it hit me, I was brought in to a second level dream.

It was a surreal set-up, much like a "stage." I was standing in a desert area there was a tall building there–like 30 stories high. It was on fire–more or less in the middle. Some people were running from the building screaming in terror–others were calmly walking from the building. Still others were throwing themselves from the upper levels–"splatting" at the bottom. I watched this curiously for a few minutes. I noticed a woman several stories up about to jump. I felt like calling up to her to tell her to walk out like some of the others, but I couldn't speak. I watched her jump, falling like the others, then at the very last moment her fall was cushioned, like a great big hand of air caught her gently. She rocked back and forth a few times, then righted herself and walked away. It was as if they were all being allowed to make a choice about something, about how they perceived something, and that choice determined the outcome of their actions.

March 14, 2001 Had the dream again, but this time the second level dream was different. This time I was being "tested." It started out I was going through a normal day in my life, but all this really bad stuff was happening. At some point I said out loud that this wasn't the reality I saw for myself. That I chose to live in peace and harmony with the world around me.

That dream stopped, but a different scenario immediately took it's place. Again my "faith" not sure that's the right word was tested–but a little harder this time. This time those people supporting me turned on me and I was facing the bad things alone. Again I said this wasn't my reality and the dream ended, only to be followed by another a little more challenging than the first. This went on for several scenes.

March 15, 2001 Same dream, but again a new second level dream. In this one I saw a scene like the "big bang." Then life being formed, up to present day. Then something catastrophic happened (couldn't tell if it was natural or man made) then a clean earth emerged to pick up the pieces and start over. There was a new energy level or awareness to everything–felt it had something to do with being reconnected or 12-stranded.

March 16, 2001 Same intro dream, but new second level dream. This was one I've had before. I was a wolf in the forest. Running with a pack of wolves. I was hunting down a rabbit which I caught and ate. There is something so "alive" about this dream. I am so much more powerful and alive and physically capable as a wolf–on 4 legs, instead of my awkward 2.

There's something really intoxicating and energizing about hunting down that rabbit and eating it too. At the moment I caught that rabbit, there was a split second where we joined minds and we both knew that we had each been created for this moment, he to be eaten by me, and me to catch and eat him. It's strange that I feel so much more connected and aware as the wolf than as Kim.

March 17, 2001 Same dream with new and funny second level dream. I've been asking for help with the dream before going to bed. Both with finding a way for me to physically and mentally assimilate it, as well as for help as to what it all means and what (if anything) I should be doing with it. The second level dream started out with me in a white room with no visible doors or windows. I heard a voice say that tonight was a treat, I got to decide the dream. Before I even had the chance to think about what I might want to do I was in the dream. I won't go into the details it was a Roswell adventure!

**Side Note: I've been having waking "things" happening with more frequency the past few days. Had a car "shift" experience on the way home from work; have had several episodes of the ground "rippling" effect, and others.

March 18, 2001

**Preface: I worked–hard physical labor–all day, and then stayed up reading, etc. far into the night in an attempt to exhaust myself to such an extent that I wouldn't consciously remember dreaming. Finally fell asleep about 2:30 a.m.

Started out I was in the white room with no visible windows or doors. As I looked around Badger (an animal guide of mine) came in to the room quite upset. He came striding toward me shaking his finger and said "shame on you!" He came straight at me and bit me on the head–I remember it hurting just a little then...I was thrown into the healing dream followed by an intense second level dream. I was in a medieval cottage in the middle of a dense wooded area. I was a healer/midwife. I was helping a woman have a baby. There were many beings inside and around the cottage–a big rock man, a tree lady, elves, gnomes, fairies, etc.–they were eagerly anticipating the birth of the child.

She was a sign of a new era of peace for all beings. There was also a sense of urgency because the church (Catholic I think) was sending out an army to kill the baby.

As the baby started to emerge, the mother died. I held the baby, a dark haired girl, in my arms. She changed form several times becoming all the different races on the planet–then ended as this beautiful blue baby girl. The tree lady stepped forward, and took her from me, she turned to bring her to the rock man who seemed to be a leader of some type. As she turned one of the soldiers killed her and took the baby. They took me too.

Back at the castle/church/whatever they prepared to burn me in the middle of the square.

As I watched, a church leader held up the baby girl by her feet, declaring her an abomination. At that point he cut off her head. A huge wave of energy washed over everything–I could see it coming like a wave, an intense wave of sorrow and pain. I knew that all of the "other world" beings were being ripped from 3rd dimension–a great darkness spread over the land. They lit the fire under my feet–I began some sort of prayer/ritual that had something to do with righting the wrong –with restoring the balance at some point in the future. Then I died.

I was immediately in the next part of the dream which was present time me hiking in the middle of the woods (I don't know where; seemed sort of like the Redwoods over by the coast). As I was walking I heard a scream. I ran up the trail and found a woman in a clearing, she was having a baby. She told me I had to help her–I said that I had a daughter, but that I didn't know anything about helping her give birth to her baby. She said I knew what to do and to please help her. As the black haired head started to emerge I got that woozy "de ja vu" (SP?) feeling. The woman died. As I held the baby up she changed form–becoming all of the races on the planet–then became the blue child.

At that same moment, I heard that "dolby stereo" sound and could see (like the heat shimmers that come off the hot pavement in summer) the energy wave moving across the forest from my right, passing through me, then continuing to my left. I heard a sound behind me and saw the tree lady step forward–arms outstretched for the baby. As she took the baby in her arms other beings began to emerge–you could feel the intense sense of joy and relief–that a long wait was over. She turned to carry the baby to the rock man.

As she handed her to the rock man (I was nervous about this he seemed so big and rough–there we go with perceptions again–but he was the gentlest being) she said, "It has begun." He smiled lovingly at the baby, then turned to look at me and said, "Thank you."

I stuttered a bewildered "what for" (mainly because I was feeling so humbled by the experience and I was feeling guilty/sheepish because I had tried not to experience it in the first place) he just looked at me and said, "for dreaming."

I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep!

March 19, 2001 Dreamed again–trying not to passively watch (trying not to get too comfortable with it)–maybe there's something I've missed? Second level dream was, well....

It started out kind of scary. I was running through the dark woods and something was chasing me. Part of me knew I should turn around and face it, but I didn't. I kept running. Just as it was about to get me, I tripped and fell through a hole into an underground cave. As I stood up and brushed myself off, I heard a familiar voice behind me. I whirled around to see Badger sitting by a fire. He said, "Natala, good to see you."

"I've been expecting you."

I went over and sat by the fire. He asked if I was ready. I asked, "For what?" He said it was time. He told me to do what he had asked me to do. I said, "But you haven't told me what you want me to do yet." He said, "Haven't I?!" I sighed, loudly, and said, "No. No details. What's the plan? We need a plan, you know point A to point Z." He just rolled his eyes and launched into a full belly laugh.

He said, "You humans are so funny!" "You already know the plan." I said," No, I don't.

What? Do you want me to talk to them, to tell them something?" "NO!" he said. "No talking. Just do." "You sound like Yoda," I said. "Do what?" "Quiet!" he said. "Listen."

I cocked my ear out dramatically, then raised my eyebrows questioningly. "Your heart is talking, it is telling you what you need to know."

I strained to hear again, then shook my head. "I don't hear a plan." "If there's not a plan, things fall apart, there's chaos." "EXACTLY!" he said. "That's living, you need to get messy, make mistakes." "That's the Magic School Bus," I said sarcastically. He chuckled again and said, "Yes, that Miss Frizzle is a wise woman." "Oh my God!" I said. "I AM CRAZY!!"

He just laughed again and said, "Go. Do what I told you to do." "But," I said. "NO!" he said. "Just do." I stood up and reached for a root to hoist myself out of the hole. I turned around to ask him something, but as I touched the root I heard/felt the "dolby stereo"

sound then there was a bright blue flash–the last thing I heard him say between chuckles was, "contact."

NOTE: I'll try to slow down. To pay attention to as much of everything as possible. To watch for clues for something to remind me about the "plan" if there even is one. To "listen" with my heart as well as my other senses.

Oh, also a little bit of (self-induced?) Poltergeist activity at home last night. A picture in the downstairs bathroom jumped off the wall–didn't break though. Also, the "tv" thing.

Kept changing channels & turning off. Wasn't "present" enough to notice if there was something to"watch." What did it keep turning to??

March 20, 2001 Preface: Wondering what might happen tonight?! Could feel Annie dancing for me. Feel like something amazing is about to happen. Maybe the dream will stop?! I talked to Linda–who thinks I should tell.... Even if it stops, is that the end or the beginning?

WOW!! Healing dream again, but intensified about 10 times!! I could feel/sense EVERYTHING! Like I was me and everything else–sort of like that split second before I ate that rabbit!

Just as the dream got to the 6 pointed star, I readied myself for the second level dream.

This time, something different happened. Time stopped, except for me, I turned in a full circle looking at everything frozen. Then I sensed someone behind me and turned to see Yeh-yanna (a guide of mine, beautiful blue lady, she said her name has some meaning connected to water). She smiled and held out her hand for me to follow her. She said that time hadn't actually stopped, my perception of it had changed–I had simply stepped off the 3rd dimensional time line. She said that everything was still happening like always. Then she led me to the side of the cliffs.

There was an opening in the cliffs. We stepped inside, it was pitch black. We had only walked a few feet into the cave when we came to another opening–I looked back and the first opening was gone. I went toward the new opening and was startled to find I was on one of the Table Rocks. Yeh-yanna smiled and led me back into the cave–again we had only gone a few feet when I saw another opening. This time we were somewhere over by the Oregon Caves. We went into the cave again and re-emerged back at the cliffs.

I looked at her wide-eyed and said, "But that's impossible." She said, "Anything is possible, you simply need to believe." "There can be no doubt, either you do or don't, there is no in between." She said that I looked tired and told me it was time to sleep.

She also said that I should be drinking more water.

I looked up to thank her and realized that I was back in the healing dream and that I could hear/feel the "dolby stereo" sound. I took a breath and closed my eyes. When I opened them, I was in a dream with Annie. She had invited me to dance–my maternal grandma and grandpa (both deceased) were there. So were Andy and Tig.

I woke up shortly after this dream, a little after 2 am. Feel different now–something is definitely different. Maybe it's over?! Tried to go back to sleep, but every time I was almost there, I heard a voice calling my name–hurried and urgent, but not frantic. This would wake me up–looked around, but couldn't feel/sense anything. Checked on Tay, but she was fast asleep. This happened until about 5am, when I finally gave up and got up.

Noticed something else different, I'm not "electrified" anymore–or at least not like I was.

Haven't shocked myself or anyone/anything else all morning!

March 21, 2001 No Healing dream last night, but could still very much feels it's energy there. The first dream I had was goofy, the second seemed like some sort of closure.

Dream 1: Very short. I was walking along a path and came to a clearing–a big open field, where a bunch of people were?? I thought they were playing some sort of game–with balls, but as I got closer, I realized they were opossums.

They were throwing the poor creatures high up into the air–then they were falling back to the ground (the people weren't catching them, but they were landing on all 4's like cats).

I ran up and said that they shouldn't be doing that; that it was mean, but I noticed the opossums kept coming back for more.

This one man smiled at me and said not to worry, that the opossums were just checking out the "energy." He said they were getting ready and that I should too.

Dream 2: Started out like the "big bang" dream. From the first life being formed up through to my (Kim's) conception. It continued from my conception through my life up to the point of my getting ready for bed last night. Everything was flashing past my eyes faster than my brain could keep up with it; I could feel everything–every emotion. All of it took less than a minute.

Then it slowed down to "normal" time. I was in my bathroom, washing my face, getting ready for bed. The water–the sound— was starting to hypnotize me. As I stared into the mirror, I sensed something–some difference. I reached out to touch my reflection and was instantly up on the cliffs. It was a beautiful, cloudless, blue, sunny day. Everything felt fresh. I was up there with a bunch of people, some I knew and some I didn't, we were all sitting–seemed like a meditation.

I heard/felt the "dolby stereo" sound–everyone stood up. The wind began to blow, really softly, I thought I heard it whisper, "thank you." We all looked up toward the sky–the second I (we) did I (we) saw something. There was a blinding blue flash–then I heard someone say, "Breathe!"

I woke up then–sat straight up–sucking in a huge breath of air. I (we) saw something.

Something amazing. Something that changed everything. I feel very safe. Very energized and whole (like a big weight is gone). It's okay now!

March 22, 2001 Had a dream that I haven't had since sometime in 1997. It had more detail than I remember the previous dream having–I came away "knowing" more things, even when they weren't overtly obvious in the dream.

I was living in a community" –almost should say "commune," but that word has such a bad connotation. This was community in the truest sense of the word. It was after the "change." Almost all traces of the previous world were wiped clean–occasionally there would be a trace of something, a lone telephone or power pole, left almost as some sort of monument–as a reminder of what was, a piece of hope for what is to come if we do it different this time.

There are no electrical devices. No obvious modes of transportation; of course we don't need them, if we wish to be somewhere else we simply are. I don't think this happens often–except maybe in dreaming or meditation–there is no need to be somewhere else, where we are is where we are.

We all have our own sleeping/meditation areas, but we do almost everything else as a group. We have a communal working/playing space. We cook together and eat together.

In the morning, the children seem to be with the men, learning things. In the afternoon they are with the woman learning things; and in the evening we are generally all together.

On this morning we are all (young and old alike) walking out to harvest crops. I stopped working to look up at the sky–so fresh and clear and blue–it seems a little funny not to see any airplanes there, but even now that's beginning to seem like a dream, almost there, but can't quite catch it. Then I go back to work.

A little bit later I sense something and look up to see a big dust cloud forming over a hill in the distance. Then I can hear the trucks. There are 7 of them. They are driven by those people who refused the change. There are rag-tag bands of them, but they are not doing very well. They are suffering from diseases that aren't affecting us. Most of them are dying from disease–from "dis"–"ease."

The trucks pull up and the people jump out pointing guns at us, herding us into a group in the middle of the area we were using to process the crops we were harvesting. They began to load the processed crops onto the trucks, then they lit the fields on fire. They drove away shouting and shooting their guns.

One of the older women in our group began to cry. She was afraid, she said we would starve. An older gentleman that seemed to be a "counselor" of some type, put his arm around her and said, "Shhh." Then he looked around at the burning fields. He lowered his head for a moment, then raised it back up looking out at the fields. He put his right hand out in front of him. A tear streaked down his face, and I heard him whisper,"When will they learn?" He then waved his hand in the direction of the fields and the fires went out.

He called all of us together. We formed a large circle, holding hands, in the middle of the burned out fields. He led us in prayer. As we prayed, the fields began to sprout/grow, slowly at first then with more energy and speed,. This continued for several minutes.

We stopped praying and looked around us. All of the fields were ready to harvest. The older man that had led us in prayer smiled and said, "looks like we've got some work to do." We all went back to harvesting the crops.

Thank you for your time and consideration--Kimo


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The American Tragedy: A Symbolic Event, Part Two

The Tree of Life Crop Circle Formation

The Menorah Crop Circle Formation

Humanity On The Pollen Path - Part One

11:11 - Humanity's Leap to the Heart Chakra



Solar Eclipse 1999 - Final Quest for the Holy Grail

Tamasisk, Anger, and Fury

Coincidences, Connections, and Synchronicities

Code of the Ancients
Ancient Number Systems

Terrorism - World Trade Center

The 11:11 Phenomenon


11:11 Crop Circle Formation

Bombing of the World Trade Center
9-11-2001 - Number Symbolism

Uri Geller - The New York Tragedy & Number 11

911 -- Prophetic Ramifications of the
Day of Distress for U.S. September

The 11:11 Synchronisity:
An Investigation into 11:11

Mark Bell

11:11 Activation on the Spirit Web

11:11 - The Eleven Gates

Light Worker - 11:11 Global Meditations


Flight 111 - Plane Crash - Nova Scotia

Vision of 11:11

Number 11, The Symbolism and Spiritual Significance

Byron's 12-12 Dream - MESSAGE FROM HEAVEN - 3-23-98

Clynt King - 11:11 Crop Circle, Canada
FNEN Great Lakes & Ontario Region

An amazing 11:11 experience!
by John V. Panella - David Icke E~Magazine

11:11 - Christine Lawrence

11:11, 12:12 Stargate Energies

Earth Changes TV - A Reoccurring
Sign 11:11 What Does It Mean

The 11:11 Activations

Eleven and she was gone,
eleven is when we waved goodbye

John's Stories (11:11 & others)

11:11 - Tones From the Great Pyramid

(11:11) Seeing Is Believing

Deana Carter - 11:11

The Doorway of the 11:11

SpiritWeb: 11:11 - The Eleven Gates

Lightworker Home (Steve Rother, 11:11)

Ring of the 11:11

Rev. 11:11 - The Advent of Dionysus / Dear David - 479

The English Cabala - 111
(Aeonic :. Annunciation :. (Crowley) site)

The 111 experience of Jílahn (Jala*AN)

The Universal Bindings
(includes 11:11 experience & Mandelbrot Demo)

AngelScribe.COM 1111 Experiences
1111 and 444 Experiences by Readers

AngelScribe.COM 1111 Explained

Eleven-Eleven, Eclipse, Crop Circles - Graham Tucker

e l e v e n e l e v e n (band)


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