The American Tragedy: 
A Symbolic Event

September 11, 2001
Part Two
by Joseph E. Mason

"Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking."
Black Elk, Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux
(Also see: Black Elk's World)

Dreams, Numbers, & Coincidences

I am starting this, Part 2 of the article, today, October 8, 2001. It contains various notes and e-mail correspondence concerning dreams, numbers, coincidences, etc., that seem related to the September 11 tragedy. Some of the original e-mails containing material that has already been covered.  In this part of the article, I have clipped those parts out, and indicated this by a [skip]. I am making a few explanatory comments that were not in the original e-mails.  I will use the color purple for such comments, and place brackets [  ] on each end.


I drew the above picture in my notebook on June 22, 1991. My notes recording the dream were written at 12:36 PM. I am typing from my notes here:  

I woke up at 11:20 a.m. and remembered a heavy-duty dream.  

A group of people and I were in a cove on the beach, looking across the bay at a fantastic scene.  Two gigantic birds that resembled airplanes were over there.  One had crashed into the side of a big cliff.  The head was inside the cliff.  The other  bird was milling around the other one.  They were black and orange and looked about 200 yards long.  

There was a heightened intensity you could feel in the atmosphere.  The people were greatly frightened and were excitedly talking and pointing.  I was saying that it is finally happening.  They have actually come.  It's starting.  I started to tell the people to not fear, that it was actually a wonderful thing, the coming of the New Age.

We saw animals (I think) and people flying quickly high over head.  They were coming from the direction of the giant birds and flying directly over us, one at a time.  They looked very determined and seemed to have the same destination.  

The dream changed and I was running down a highway at night with some other men. I knew I had to get to an old friend's house quickly and tell him what was going on.  I thought the friend was Don Smith, a kid I knew in high school, but was not a close friend.  I was questioning if he was the one I needed to see.  It was raining as we ran. I kept slowing down and trying to light a cigarette. I would not come to a complete stop and couldn't get it lit in the rain. There was a canopy or covering over an overpass or bridge and I thought I would get my cigarette lit, but I didn't.  

Then I was in a big city and looking at a big tree-covered mountain, right there in the middle of the city. I knew the people I needed to see lived up at the top. I went up easily until I got near the top. I could see the patio about 40 yards up, but not the path to get there.

I started climbing the rocky cliff-like side. The rocks were loose and it was very precarious. I was grabbing at branches sticking out of the rocks. A slab-like rock about 18 inches long fell. I thought I saw writing on it, like an ancient tablet or something.  I figured it would break to pieces when it hit the ground. I wondered if it would hurt anyone in the city below.  I got scared and started to climb back down. This was even more precarious. I finally got down to a place near a ledge, which I realized was a lower patio to the residence.

There was no way to get to it except grabbing a limb of the tree sticking out between me and the patio. I jumped and swung my arm over the limb. I swung precariously with my feet dangling in space for a moment.

I noticed that there were some people on the patio that had come to see what was going on. I swung over and landed next to them.

Suddenly we were in the upper patio behind the large residence. There was a mother and two girls. She sent them into the house, or they went in of their own will. The mother looked about 35-40 years old, light brown hair (I think) and was pretty. The daughters looked about 13-16.  

I started to explain about the bird-airplanes and the cosmic event happening. Before I got very far, she said that she had already heard it on a news broadcast. As she started to explain, I realized she was talking about a completely different but equally tremendous event. She said that she had not told anyone the news. It was like she was trying to ignore it.

That's all I remember of the dream. I'm not sure about all that it means. I think part of it involves some concepts I was writing about last night in my letter to Ms. Marshall of the College of Psychic Studies. I was telling her about how divergent groups need to come together, like with the science of chaos.

I think the dream suggests that incredible, miraculous events may be in store for us. This is already happening with the crop patterns, but there may be more. It could be similar to "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," where the other world actually reveals itself. But it could be metaphors of large ideas and change without the actual events. I'm not sure. The crop phenomena suggests to me, that the former may be the case.

The two airplanes may suggest the dual aspects of the Deity. Black suggests the invisible world and orange, the male-sun-physical.

The cliff, I think, suggests the idea of the "fall" from the garden on a large scale. I think it may mean that this means of learning will be eliminated eventually. I think it is the male aspect meeting this challenge head-on. It's stressful and the giant bird-airplane's vision is obstructed by earth or the physical reality. But both birds are grounded in the collective subconscious [water]. The giant bird waiting must be the female aspect, Mother Goddess. She can't take on the physical part and must wait.

The giant airplane idea suggests that the aspects are made up of many entities, yet have a separate, combined and individual consciousness. Birds suggest, of course, feathers. They are truth and sometimes are perceived as knives, or something which prunes or carves out old ideas. That is exactly what truth does. Fear and resistance to change is what causes the feathers to appear as knives or swords. The cliff also suggests "the wall" [like Pink Floyd's "The Wall"] of conditioned beliefs.

The various animals and people flying overhead are the various entities being sent to help in the change. Each is different, yet single of purpose. I think it means that various people will be informed in a manner appropriate to them, but it will be the same basic message.

The whole scene at the beach is a visit to the dream-world. It is where the spirit and body meet. The group with me is showing that others are seeing it too.

When the scene changes to night and running, it is our earthly struggle toward the awareness. Rain is the spirit falling. The darkness is the lack of enlightenment. I'm not sure about lighting the cigarette, but it may be showing habits in general, including eating, sex, etc. They can tend to slow you down and distract you. But the spark and fire may hint at the ignition and light of truth symbolism. The tobacco may suggest the sacred herb and in-breathing pulse, like the peace pipe. The canopy or overhang suggests a protection from rain, which is like falling back into old, consensus belief patterns, which feel more comfortable, but block the spirit (rain) coming down. I am tempted by that bad habit, but never succumb to it.

The mountain in the city suggests the spiritual climb to a higher perspective. I would think the mother was a Mother Goddess figure, but I'm not sure. Perhaps all three women were the Goddess and I was communicating with one aspect.

But, she may have represented Ms. Marshall and others that I am contacting. It is their female-intuitive selves, they are on a very high perspective, yet are hiding in their ivory towers.  From my viewpoint, they are blocking the New Age by not getting together and communicating. The message they are receiving is tremendously important but they don't see it as the same message because it seems different. The mother sending the children inside hints at the idea of the protective instincts of parents causing messages to be blocked.

The climb at the top is interesting. I'm grabbing at limbs or breaking off the tree of knowledge/life in order to gain a higher perspective and reach the goal. The rock-tablet falling is suggestive of the "accidental" finding of some of the ideas.

Like Moses or Joseph Smith, they suggest Divine messages of truth. I'm too involved to really read and understand the message. They are falling to the people below and may cause stress. The tablet will probably break and the pieces have to be re-assembled (a cymbal) to be understood. Just when I feel defeated and stop my climb, and start to retreat, I see the other patio which turns out to be an easy path to the top. I grasp a large limb of the tree (of knowledge) to get there.  

[end of notes from 1991]


Dream notes from March 8, 1994.

At 3:31 a.m. I dreamed that I joined the Army, for a career, I think. I was sent to Germany. When I arrived there, I found that I was lost in East Germany. I had only $10 and had forgot my orders. I told someone that I had to go back to West Germany and find my base. I didn't even know which one to report to. I had to throw away an old, large sky-blue suitcase. It had my old, cherished items from my youth, neatly wrapped, sentimental things. I grieved at having to throw it away, although I didn't use any of it, and hadn't even looked through it for many years.(excess baggage/beliefs, ways.)

I saw an old friend, perhaps Fred Nelson from high school. I asked him for directions to the gate to West Germany. He gave instructions that were confusing. He saw that I didn't understand, so he took me over about 30 yards and pointed to it. It was not far away, some several miles, and straight down the main street of the city we were in.

The gate looked like a large Greek or Roman building or monument. I drove toward it, then stopped about half way. I pulled off the road, got out of the car, then saw Fred. Tom Wilson, another high school friend, was there too. I told them about my worries, and having only $10. Tom loaned me $10. I told him I would pay it back, and would send it to Fred. I held up the business card Fred had given me with his address.

I drove through the gate, which was a street with turns through the big building or monument. Near the center, the street widened into a big room with some gate guards. One guard said it was $8, so I gave him a $10. He said, "Thanks," and smiled at the other guards. I realized he was going to keep the $2 change.

In West Germany, I found myself driving off the road on a hillside. I thought of sleeping in the car, but decided against it, because it would be difficult to sleep on a slope.I decided to find the nearest U.S. military base, and get help. The scene changed. I was in a large barracks room with lots of solders. I was worried that I was in trouble with the Army. I would be AWOL the next day, and I didn't even know where my base was, or have my orders. I talked to some of the solders. I filled a sink with water to wash up. The sink backed up and the water became cloudy and polluted with stuff, perhaps pieces of food.

Then Shawn (John Mason's friend) came in, acting like a sergeant, or something. I touched him with my wet hand to get him to recognize me, then we shook hands. I was a bit embarrassed that this made his hand wet too. We talked some. He showed me respect, which impressed the other solders, because Shawn was tough on them. I felt comfortable, confident, like at home. I asked Shawn if he was a sergeant He said no, he was in the English Army.

Then I was with a chubby girl. I had gone to her apartment. We started to have sex, but a family came in. (A woman with several children, I think.)

This is at least the second dream recently, where I join the Army. I think this refers to the Army of Heaven, or something.

In Randy's dream in 1990, the Navy ships went in reverse over the horizon, as the bomb was dropped. In Jeff's dream, the White Solder was being shot at by the solders in the old uniforms. Jeff was made to "stand up" by the White Solder, who took him "hostage." This is perhaps related to Rev. 11:11, where the two trees "stand up" after the 3 1/2 days.

Fred Nelson is a successful banker. He played at tackle next to me on the football team. In Roberta's dream of the Seven Sisters, and their (Adamic) family, the Mother said that her husband was soon going to retire, and "We will own the bank."

Taking loans, as in my "charge card" dream, seems to be about karma or judgment. Interestingly, in this dream, I borrow $10 from Tom, and pay out that amount to the gate guard. A verse in the Bible says that everything will be accounted for to the penny.

The washing of hands, is related to other dreams of washing, like in the dream of the "charge card," my big family went to the city and went into the big laundry mat to wash our clothes. The food-like stuff in the sink may show that I am washing my hands of the old food-for-thought.

Tom Wilson came with Art Wilkerson to Germany in 1964, and visited me in Giessen, where I was stationed in the Army. We went on vacation together to Holland. We went to Ampsterdam, then Shavening, near The Hague, where the "World Court" is located. Tom became a high school shop teacher. This may be related to the teacher of the "Craftsmen/Builders," and the Demiurge. We are the "builders" here.


Perhaps he [Shawn] represents a Shiva-like character in the dream. As a tough sergeant, he rules over the men. Our world is like "basic training," a mind-altering conditioning, where we do all sorts of worthless things in order to carry out a meaningful mission later.


Dream notes from April 30, 1994

At 12:14 a.m. I dreamed of a big truck carrying giant tubes (about 15 to 20 feet long), shaped like toothpaste tubes, or those used in oil painting. They were suspended vertically on the truck, and had different colors and writing on them for identification. The tubes contained garbage and waste products that had been separated, and refined into a paste. The truck took a left turn near an industrial structure, and came too close to some pipe works. The tubes caught on some valves and were ripped open. The awful gunk oozed out from the tubes. The paste was of different colors and uniform. It looked like colors in oil paint set tubes.

Then I saw horrible scenes of people being slaughtered. Many people running around chaotically were maiming and killing each other. A person walked by me with his face maimed and bloody with gashes. Someone was saying how even friends you knew in high school might kill.

At 2:24 a.m. I heard:

"Joseph, you went into sacrifice in the land of Egypt." I was thinking something about Jacob-Isreal, the Son.


Dream notes from May 6, 1994

At 6:01 a.m. I heard:

"My (?)Father was a used car dealer. I'm sure hegave many people falsities, ones that they wanted and needed."

At 6:16 a.m. I had the dream thought: "Such geometric designs on neckties."

This was about sacred geometry, especially those involved in creations of human realities. The neckties related to the verse in Isiah about "loose the cord from your neck," and to the depiction of an aspect of Kali in The Tantric Way, where she holds a noose.

At 6:25 a.m. I heard: "I found that the geometric shapes and the Zodiac,were the multidimensional ways of His expression."

At 10:47 p.m. I had an extensive dream with many scene changes. I couldn't remember it all. I was in a multi-level house confronting demonic-like forces. I was confronted by illusions, like being trapped or powerless. Each time, I very forcefully, aggressively rejected it, refusing to give in, and overcoming it. It would disappear, and another one would come.

I walked down some stairs and felt the evil presence. At the bottom, there was no doors or windows, no place to go, making me feel claustrophobic, trapped. An object like a credit card was mounted or embedded in the wall. I knew that the card had the power I needed. I grabbed it, but it was cemented in, or something. Using all my might, I ripped it out, breaking pieces off the wall. I yelled repeatedly, "No wall can hold me! No wall can hold me!"The scene changed and I was with my nephew, John's, wife outside a rustic house in a wooded area that reminded me of their place below Carmel. John pulled up in a car with his friends, and two other cars with his friends pulled in behind him. They were like a group of buddies who liked to party and have fun together. John's wife suddenly realized that he was supposed to have the rental car he was driving returned the previous day. She was upset, and reminded John that the car was overdue to be returned. He was unconcerned, and said he would "shine it," meaning that he would calm the anger of people at the car rental place, using his charm.

I was going to drive a rental car home. (to Carmel, I think)

A girl needed to go to San Francisco, so I volunteered to drop her off there on my way. The look on her face told me she was happy that I showed such affection and caring, and was pleased and relieved to have the transport back to San Francisco. As I thought about how far away, and out-of-the-way, it was, I began to regret that I make the offer.

The scene changed and I was in a house-trailer with a few other people, including Art Wilkerson. He was standing in front of a picture that also was like a mirror. I moved a little, and then saw him with dark brownish-red skin, with pale white polka-dots. This matched the background on the right side of the picture/mirror that also became visible. I called to another person to take a look, but he couldn't see it, until I asked Art of move a little.

The scene changed again, and I was laying on a couch asleep, or half asleep. It was night time. I had been drunk on brandy the night before, and was feeling hung-over, real bad. An oriental woman, who reminded me of Dits Peavey, walked by me to answer a knock at the door. She had called the doctor to come help me, as I seemed to be in seriously bad shape. She opened the door and the doctor came in with his bag, looking serious, like it was urgent. As he approached, I called to him, and sat up. I put my right arm out to the side, because I thought he was going to check my pulse or blood pressure.

Then I heard: "Did the doctors tell you it (the film or book) wasone of the north?" (especially emphasizing the north)

The "north," I think, represents the challenges we go through in order to learn. We encounter "cold" conditions, that is, lack of love. I got this idea from Black Elk. The "film or book" is the great theater of life on the physical plane. Being drunk is like the wine of the harlot, representing the fury, anger, aggressiveness, violence, etc. The rental cars are the temporary "vehicles," or belief patterns that take is down the road of life. "John" is a word related to "YHWH," and the tetragrammation, the Word becoming flesh, the Logos/son, or each person. His wife would be the feminine Deity or aspect. In the dream, she points out the violation or sin of keeping the vehicle too long. This is like Kali representing karma. John, as the Father Deity aspect, and rational thought, knows the sin will be forgiven. The "credit card" also represents karma. In the dream, it was the power I needed. This seems to be saying that karma itself is some kind of power, an ability to commit violations or mistakes of missing the mark, and somehow pay for them later, or be forgiven them. (like the "bankruptcy" message on the 5th).


July 11, 1994

G.A. Farthing
The Blavatsky Trust
36 The Mount,
KT22 9EA

Dear Mr. Farthing,

Thank you for your letter of 2 June, and for your interest.

You do have my permission to use the contents of all my communications, including the dream material, with anyone you wish.

According to the Tantric book, the yantra type designs represent the expansion of consciousness from the single point, and the path back in where one experiences the bliss of joining with the Light beyond all colors. The Sri Yantra shows this path inward as chakra levels in nine steps. The four T-shapes are gates. The star, formed by the nine interlaced triangles represent the Mother and Father Deities. I think this may also represent the Logos, or Man as the Son engendered by the Deities.

As I understand it from Blavatsky's writings, the Male Deity calls forth the ideal conception, (the Word) the Female Deity, the Sakti, is the vehan or vehicle which produces the creation. Other expressions of this, she claimed, were Ezekiel's wagon, Noah's Ark, and the four arms plus the head of all the Hindu Deities.

My feeling is that our collective unconscious is connected to higher consciousness, and that dream/myth symbols are the language used by higher consciousness to communicate with us. The archetypal images would seem to be fundamental, universal symbols. The question is, why are these symbols appearing in crops and lake beds? There have been some 5,000 crop patterns in some  30 countries. As far as we know, this is unprecedented in history. The Oregon lake bed pattern alone is astounding. There were 13.3 miles of lines grooved evenly to a depth of about three inches. Experts say it would cost about $100,000 to just survey something of that size. Yet, when it was investigated closely, there was not a single footprint or tire mark in the area. Many crop circle researchers believe the formations are being produced by an intelligence of a very high order.

The crop patterns are often accompanied by strange lights. This has been recorded on video tape several times. That brings to mind other questions. Why are UFO's reported so often? This started about 1945. Some think they did appear in the past, but there are few records of it. In 1990 alone, some 4,500 UFO sightings were reported worldwide. Chances are, there were many more non-reported. Increasingly, people report that they have been abducted by E.T.'s. In a number of cases, the UFO's seem to be imparting a symbol by their shape or movements. For example, near a crop formation in 1993 a number of people reported lights in the sky moving in two oppositely rotating circles. Alice Bailey wrote of this symbol years ago. A correspondent in New York reported recurring dreams of this same image. The question is, are these craft from another planet, or another means of communication from other dimensional consciousness?

Other questions arise. There has been a tremendous increase of channeling, or mediumship in recent years. To a startling degree, these sources agree that there is a very great change coming to the earth before the end of this century. Respected prophets, such as Nostradamus and Edgar Casey predicted great events in our time. My own path has led to the same conclusions, although I was skeptical. This path seems to be different than others. It's all about dreams, my own and those of others, and coincidences or synchronicities that occurred constantly for four years. Although clairvoyance may play a part, that term is not fully representative of the phenomenon.

I tend to agree that if something is to happen, it will happen regardless of our actions. But, I am not entirely sure of this. Some think that we only have the opportunity to make a big change at this time, and that if we miss it, we will have to wait for some thousands of years for another opportunity.

In any case, my reasoning goes like this. If a message is coming to us from higher consciousness, or even from just our own unconscious, it would seem appropriate to attempt to understand the message. This may prove to be a lot of work, and in the end, one's efforts may prove fruitless, or even disastrous. On the other hand, it may prove important and positive, perhaps incredibly so. I've decided to take the risk, and I hope to link up with others who chose to do so.

Thank you for informing me about the Theosophical concept of earth's life being at the 3 1/2 stage out of 7. This is very significant to me. I would like to know where this is explained in the Theosophical books. I'll explain briefly how the idea came to me.

In late 1992, I read Joseph Campbell's book The Inner Reaches Of Outer Space. In one part of the book, he explained that the seven chakra levels are an elementary idea found in various forms worldwide. The critical level is at 31/2, the point between the 3rd and 4th chakras. He gave a number of examples, such as:

1. In an ancient Egyptian depiction, there are seven nodal points along the pole that supports the balance beam,where the deceased's heart is weighed against a featherin the judgment scene. The "swallower" beast's snoutcuts across the pole between the third and fourth nodalpoints. The judgment seat is also at that point.If one has not reached the 4th-heart chakra level,he is swallowed by the beast, (and reincarnates) otherwise he ascends to higher levels.

2. In the Navajo sand painting called "The Pollen Path," footprints show the path along a cornstalk in an enclosure, where they pass seven points. At the fourth point, a bolt of lightning comes down from above.

3. An ancient Chinese serpent is coiled into exactly 3 1/2 turns.

4. 35 years in the life of a man of three score yearsand ten. (70) This was the approximate age of Jesus at death/resurrection, and the Buddha when awakened.

At the time I read about this, I happened to be reading Revelation for the first time. I have never been a Christian, but some coincidences encouraged me to read it. Several of my dreams and experiences seemed to be related to the Barbury Castle pictogram, which seems to represent the Trinity. The square footage of the circles (31,680) matched a number that was associated with Jesus by the early Christians. I had a dream of 12 interlocking circles in a ring with entities standing in them.

From another dream, I drew a 12-pointed star formed by four overlapping triangles. A coincidence suggested that the circles and star went together. I later read that this shape is called "The New Jerusalem Plan," based on the vision of St. John in Revelation 21. It has been found by dowsing in crop circles and megalithic sites, such as Stonehenge and Aveburry. It is said to represent the order of the heavens made apparent on earth. Right after reading the Campbell book, I happened to read Revelation 11, where the two trees stand up after 3 1/2 days. I had been having constant coincidences, so I couldn't help thinking that this might be related to the chakra levels.

The two trees lay dead for 3 1/2 days and then stand up in Revelation 11:11. This struck me as another coincidence, because I had a previous coincidence with a group called the "Solara 11:11." A woman who has taken the name "Solara" claims she has had a "direct recall" of unconscious memories. She said that an "11:11 Doorway" opened in the belt of Orion on January 11, 1992, and humanity has the opportunity to pass through into a new reality.

Some weeks later, I was writing to a dream network correspondent, Pablo, about this concept. Suddenly, I recalled that he had sent a dream earlier in the year, where "7" was mentioned. I found my copy of the dream:

"Krishnamurti and I were keeping vigil over a deceased person. He comments how after 35 years, other 7 ofpsychological liberation followed. The housekeepercomplains about her lack of money."

I was astounded, because this seemed to be the 35 years out of the life of a man of three score years and ten. Keeping vigil over the deceased person was like the two trees laying dead in Revelation 11 for 3 1/2 days. Krishnamurti is named after Lord Krishna, the original Trinity figure. Then, I noticed the date of Pablo's dream, January 11, 1992, the exact date Solara said the 11:11 Doorway opened! In Pablo's next dream, he was told that the earth was about to undergo it's shift.

Pablo did not know about the 3 1/2 implacations, and had never heard of the Solara material. He also did not believe in any big earth change.

Some weeks later, I read through a list of dream-voice messages that I recorded by number. One of them said, "Trinity (saw 11:2)" I looked up Revelation 11:2. St. John was told that the holy city would be trampled upon for 42 months. Another of my dream-voice messages said, "The children were born in the sign of 42." This was 35 messages after the other one. I realized then that 42 months is 3 1/2 years. This also appears in Rev.13:5.

1260 days is mentioned in Rev.11:3 and 12:6. This seems to be 3 1/2 years on the Jewish calendar of 30 day months, or 3 1/2 times around the zodiacal signs.

I happened to come across a copy of a letter from scientist J.J. Hurtak. He claims that spiritual beings visited him in 1973 and told him that a great change was coming. At the bottom of the letter, he wrote, "Daniel 12 and Revelation 12 will come to pass." I read Daniel 12 and came to the part (12:7) where the spirit on the water tells him when the end time will come:

"...for a time, two times, and a half a time."

This seemed to be 1+2+ 1/2 = 3 1/2! Revelation 12:14 says almost the same thing.

I received a letter from Pablo. He wrote an interpretation of James 2:13 - "For judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy; yet mercy triumphs over judgment." Pablo suggests this has the meaning - "To one who does not practice compassion, karma shall be relentless. But compassion proves to be stronger even than karma." I went on to read James 5:17, where he speaks about the story in 1 Kings:

"Elijah was a man of like nature with ourselves and he prayed fervently that it might not rain, and for three years and six months it did not rain on the earth.Then he prayed again and the heaven gave rain, and the earth brought forth its fruit."

Luke 4:25 tells the same story.

As I read more of Revelation, I noted some guesses as to the possible meanings, based on other material. The "harlot" in Rev.17, I felt, might be the feminine Deity aspect in our time cycle. She is seated upon many waters, which are peoples and nations. The kings of the earth have committed fornication with the harlot, and have become drunk on her wine. Dreams indicate that the duality bond in the Trinity is symbolized often as sex or marriage. It came to me that the harlot meant that we had to "pay" for this "sex," meaning karma or judgment. This seemed to fit the last part of Pablo's dream - "The housekeeper complains about her lack of money." I had previously had a dream where I planned to use a charge card to find my way back to my large family. It seemed to hint at karma, a debt to be paid later. In the dream, we had traveled to a city to wash our clothing. I found several references in the Bible about keeping one's garments clean, or similar concepts. For example, Isaiah 4:4 - ". . . when the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion and cleansed the bloodstains of Jerusalem from its midst by a spirit of judgment and by a spirit of burning."

Being drunk on the wine of the harlot seemed to represent the alteration of consciousness where we experience anger and fury.

It struck me that the beast that is thrown down may be the "swallower." I went on to read Rev.17:11 - "As for the beast that was and is not, it is an eighth but it belongs to the seven, and it goes to perdition."

All this seemed to fit together well. Revelation seemed to be saying that humanity was in a path up the chakras, and there would be a great change when humanity, en masse, made the leap to the heart chakra. There would no longer be a need for the swallower beast, because no one would be in the lower three chakras after that time. The karma/judgment cycle would be ended.

By March 1993, I felt I had enough material to write an essay on the subject. As I was writing the outline, I received a dream-voice message: "Three and a half days is the mid-point of a seven day week."

Jumping ahead a little in my story here, I had a coincidence concerning this about five months later. A friend at work, John, told me that his wife had the feeling for several days that they should read Matthew 24. Then, a relative called and said she had the feeling to read Matthew 24. John read it, and felt it might be about Matthew 24:15, the desolating sacrilege spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place. John feels that this may refer to the churches now, that they are on the wrong path.

I read the verse when I arrived home. A footnote refers to Daniel 9:27, which I then read:

"And he shall make a strong covenant with many for one week; and for half of the week he shall cause sacrifice and offering to cease; and upon the wing of abominations shall come one who makes desolate, until the decreed end is poured out on the desolator."

This seemed to confirm my dream-voice message, that 3 1/2 days of the 7 day week was another cycle symbol. The desolator would seem to be the harlot, meaning the karma/judgment cycle.

While I was preparing my essay in March 1993, I happened to find The Tantric Way. Kali seemed to have the same meaning as the harlot of Revelation. She is depicted as "seated upon" a reclining, fornicating couple. The male wears a crown, as a "king of the earth." I believe this refers to our higher potentials that will be reached at the heart chakra level.

Rev.3:11 advises to let no one seize your crown. In Rev.17:17 we give over our "royal power to the beast." In Rev.21:24 the kings of the earth bring their glory into the New Jerusalem.

Kali holds scissors, which seems to be the cutting or dividing force. The harlot has Babylon written on her forehead, which seems to be a symbol of division. Kali raises feelings of "tamasisk," feelings of fury. Kali wears a girdle of severed human hands. As the instruments of our works, this symbolizes the action of karma.

Then I found the Sri Yantra, which I explained in the previous communication. As I mentioned, the outer part of the star represents the fourth chakra. This coincided with the essay I was writing. Solara said that we could help key the great change by forming star mandalas of overlapping triangles. The Sri Yantra star is such a mandala.

I hope you see that this experience of mine is a bit unusual. There are many possible explanations, of course. That is one reason I am trying to contact others who are more knowledgeable.

This idea of the 3 1/2 symbolism seems to be shown in various forms that give durations which are metaphorical. The same could be true of the Kali-Yuga. Joseph Campbell explained that 432 is a cycle of time number found worldwide, sometimes with some zeros with it, sometimes doubled. 432,000 is one such number found in the east, and was the time given in the Babylonian system between the creation and the great flood, during which time 10 kings reigned. Some scholars believe this is portrayed in the Bible by the 10 patriarchs between Adam Noah. The total years up to the Ark landing was 1656. This calculates to 86,400 weeks which is double 43,200, a clear reference to the cycle number according to Mr. Campbell.

He also told how the number was found in Icelandic Eddas. At the end of a great cycle, 800 divine warriors will come out of each of the 540 doors of Valhalla. (800 x 540 = 432,000)

He also told how the number is found in two natural clocks, one human-internal and one cosmic. The first is the beating of the heart in a well-conditioned person, of 60 times per minute.

In one 24 hour day, this calculates to 86,400; in half a day, 43,200. The cosmic clock is the earth's axis wobble that causes the precession of the equinoxes. The 25,920 years, divided by the ancient "soss" used in calculations (60) gives the number 432.

I had a coincidence about this. I read in Dr. Hurtak's book, The Keys Of Enoch, that there are 72 Divine Names used as codes in creating realities. I had found the number 360 to be important, such as in Rev.11:3, (1260/360=3 1/2) and three circles, as in the Barbury Castle pictogram, times 360 degrees each being 1080, a number associated with dowsable earth energies, and the number of names (108) of the Goddess in India.

Also, 108 x 4 = 432. One night at work the numbers 360 and 72 kept coming into my mind over and over. I stopped to multiply-

72 x 360 = 25,920. It's the cosmic cycle number!

Joseph Campbell speculated that a warring cycle of time started about 4,320 years ago, when a large nation attacked another for the first time. (Sargon I of Akkad, now southern Iraq) The horrific events of the 20th century, he said, may equate to the apocalypse. A symbol of changes ahead is the view of the earth from space, as a single globe with no borders.

Also interesting, if the 12 circles of the New Jerusalem Plan are multiplied by 360 degrees each, the number 4,320 comes up again.

So the questions go on. Will the Kali-Yuga end many years in the future, or could it be upon us now?

I am enclosing a few items of interest. A star of David type crop pattern appeared at Arras Hill last summer. (A) The triangles were displaced from a symmetrical position. This is the case also with the two primary triangles in the Sri Yantra design. Solara depicts the 11:11 Doorway opening as two V-shapes, one inverted, opening in a diamond shape. This, along with the fact that the fourth/heart chakra has a star of David type design, caused me to think the Arras Hill formation may represent this. I happened to read a fictional book called Valis, around the time I read of the formation. The author, Philip K. Dick, apparently had some real experiences. In the book, published in 1981, he tells of being bombarded by "information." It has many similarities to my experience. He is told that we are near the end of the Age of Iron and about to enter the Age of Gold. (The Kali-Yuga is the Age of Iron.)

He tells of seeing through a dimensional doorway. The ratio of the sides of the doorway is 1:618034. (B) This was the same number, called "The Golden Ratio," found in the Arras Hill formation! (see A)

A T-Tau like pattern appeared at Charley Knoll last year. I was reminded of Mayan depictions of the Tau, with two trees and a flower atop the cross arm. A researcher showed that a reversed five-pointed star is revealed in the geometry of the Charley Knoll design. (C) One writer pointed out that it might be related to the seven chakras, which was also my feeling.

As usual, a coincidence occurred. I happened to read the first pages of The Secret Doctrine (vol. 1) after reading about the Charley Knoll formation. On pages 4 and 5, Blavatsky shows a number of ancient glyphs, most all of which have appeared as crop patterns in some form. Three of them seem to be within the Charley Knoll pattern. The reversed five-pointed star represents the Kali Yuga. Could the Charley Knoll pattern be suggesting that the Kali Yuga involves the lower three chakras?

I hope I have stimulated your interest a bit more concerning these issues. There are many opinions being expressed about the crop formations. No one is fully competent to pass opinions on these matters, certainly not myself. But, I think we can all express our opinions, realizing we are not talking in absolute certainties. My feeling is that we are intended to express our views, and communicate, even argue, about them. This has been going on throughout history, but big changes in worldview seem to be looming on the horizon. So often in the past, it seems, aggressive, self-serving individuals and groups have taken over religious ideas and used them for their own purposes to dominate everyone.

This raises the question - is it "spiritually correct" to maintain modesty and humility, to not express an opinion, to do nothing, to let others take it where they will without objection?

Or is it better to jump in and argue for what we believe to be true? Can our actions help reverse the historical trend?

As I see it, the messages of the crop phenomena and dreams are more attuned to the Perennial religions, mystery schools, and The Secret Doctrine, rather than conventional interpretations in western religions. My hope in contacting you was to spark interest among Theosophists in the events now occurring. I would like to see opinions from the perspective of those well versed in Theosophy. I am a rank beginner in this field.

I hope you do become interested, and that we will continue corresponding. The opportunity has opened for me to publish a book about my material. It is in progress now. If you have any information about the 3 1/2 cycle, or any of the other subjects, it could prove helpful to me in writing the book. If you feel it is worthwhile, your input would be appreciated.

I send my fond regards to you and yours -

Joe Mason


September 10, 1994

Dear Roberta,

I felt honored by your phone call. In contemplating our conversation, I thought of a few other things I might have said.  So, I decided to put them in a letter. In order to avoid misunderstandings, I'll start by explaining how I think about things.

As you know, I have been on a unique, strange path involving dreams and coincidences, and their apparent connection to myths/ religions, which has evolved into extensive theories about a great earth change. I have no way of knowing absolutely if any of my theories are true, but I have extensive evidence of a certain kind, that seems to support the parts of the theory. To me, one of the most powerfully convincing parts of the material is from dreams, especially those of other people who knew nothing about the theory. Your dream of the Seven Sisters, is just one example. The theory has evolved into a clearer meaning since I sent you the big packet in 1992. The crop patterns have clearly followed with similar messages, in my opinion. This has further confirmed the claim I made in my DNJ article, that dreams are predictive of crop patterns.

There are all kinds of possible explanations about these strange things. For example, it may be that such things happen periodically, especially near the end of a millennium. Many have been disappointed in the past, when no great change occurred, and they appeared foolish to others. I, and the many others who are forecasting such a change, may be in the same boat. Personally, I have set such fears aside, and chose to just communicate my findings to interested others. It could be that the messages have always been valid, that there is always a potential to make a big change, but us humans are just not ready to accept the idea and bring it into manifestation.

For my part, I try to avoid telling others what they should do. I have enough trouble with my own choices, and since I am not entirely sure of my own theories, I cannot judge the choices of others. My path also tells me the same advice you once told me. These things have their own course, and we cannot force them.

I'll give you an interesting example. When I read about the Sri Yantra pattern that appeared in the dry lake bed in Oregon, I tried to find a picture of it, thinking it might relate to my material. I became frustrated in my attempts to find it, and eventually gave up. About a year later, I found it by accident, and then it fit in so well. As I mentioned in a previous letter, I had drawn the central star shape in 1990, based on my 9 chits in a diamond arrangement. I had drawn my star the day before the story about the lake bed pattern was released on the news services. At the time I discovered all this, I was writing an essay about humanity's leap to the heart chakra. Coincidentally, the outer part of the star represents the heart chakra. The point here is, that the events seemed to be planned, so they would coincide in a more meaningful way. When I tried to force it, I just became frustrated. When I forgot about it, things just came about naturally, as if it was planned.

So, I have learned a little better to just let things take their course. My feeling is that we are all on our unique paths that will wind up at the same point at the end. The only advice I feel like giving is to not fear, and follow your own bliss, as Mr. Campbell said.

However, I feel it's okay to express my own feelings about things, and tell how I would handle various matters. But, I do not judge others wrong if they chose a different course. It is probably entirely right for them.

With this said, I'll spout off about some of my way of thinking. The change involves a wonderful unity, after a period of stress. The events we are seeing that are so horrific, I think, are part of the stress involved. Dreams and other things have given clues as to the reason for the stress, but it's too long to explain here. It is for a reason, but the individuals who suffer death, such as those in Africa, are not extinguished.

They just shed their body-garments, and moved on to a better place. The apparent cruelty is not as extreme as we see it.

This is related to the concept of maya, that our reality is somewhat of an illusion. Dreams seem to indicate this as a stage play, or movie. So, the stressful things we are seeing are similar to watching a movie, where we are entirely involved, and experience many emotions in a learning experience. But it is not ultimate reality, and we are just seeing a certain projected part of a larger whole.

The emotions you expressed of extreme pity for those suffering, are exactly the right ones, I do believe. It shows you are reaching the heart chakra, where we have love and compassion. The events, I think, are for exactly for this purpose, at least partially. Remember, Mr. Campbell said this was one reason or meaning of Jesus dieing on the cross, to evoke compassion in people. My dream voice told me that such pitiful events had this purpose. In Ezekiel 9, six slayers and a man clothed in linen, come out of the north upper gate. The man clothed in linen marks the foreheads of those "who sigh and groan over all the abominations that are committed..." Everyone else is slain by the six slayers. I believe this is related to your dream of the Seven Sisters. Six stars of the Pleiades are readily visible, the Seventh is the Lost Pleiad. This is related to the Seventh Ray on the Seventh Day. In other words, this is part of the "Judgment." In the Egyptian judgement hall, one's heart is weighed against a feather. The idea is, that if one has reached the heart chakra of love and compassion, he or she moves on up the ladder. Otherwise, you get swollowed, meaning you must be reborn and try again. The "slaying" is a metaphore of being changed by these processes here. You die and are reborn until you reach the heart chakra level. These death/rebirths, or babtisms, or major changes, happen as we live here and now.

We are nearing the end of this whole cycle, the Kali Yuga.

Kali wears a girdle of human hands, symbolizing karma, which is the same as the Biblical "judgment." The "harlot" of Rev.17 has the same meaning. It's all coming to a head, so to speak, at this time. The karma/judgment cycle will be finished, and we will begin a new cycle. Every tear will be wiped from our eyes.

The "beast" in Revelation is the Swallower of the Egyptian myth, indicating the death/rebirth involved below the heart chakra. He is "an eighth, but belongs to the seven, and goes to perdition."

His snout cuts across the balance beam pole between the third and fourth chakra points. (3« out of 7) He is thrown down, indicating that the karma/judgment cycle is over. There will be no need for karma in the next cycle, we will all be acting from our own heart center, and will not commit violations.

I am telling you this in an attempt to alleviate some of the stress you are feeling about the events occurring. Such things still tug at my heart strings, but I know it is for a purpose, and comes from Divine Love. We are just not aware of it. We are actors lost in our own play.

When we first made contact, and my article was published, I thought we would keep in close touch, and introduce the possibility that a great change may be coming, and that dreams and crop patterns were related. You already seemed to be on a similar course, as indicated by the publication of Bobbie Bowden's dream, and your co-project of gathering "big dreams."


I don't mean to be critical, I am just expressing things from my viewpoint. If I am basically right about this big change, and the dream involvement, then it has such a huge magnitude of importance, everything else is overshadowed. I think it is basically true, and will come about in the not too distant future. I want to do the right thing by it, always keeping in mind that my efforts are for the benefit of all, and not for personal, egocentric gain. At the same time, it would be nice to be the first one to make claims that prove later to be true, especially in a publication. But, I know this is ego related, and must not be my main thrust. The thrust is to be a transcriber-collector of the messages, and make an attempt to communicate them, not for my benefit, but for the overall good.

We have never talked about it, but it seems to me you are limited to a degree in what you can present in DNJ. You couldn't and shouldn't turn it into a UFO, crop circle, or earth change magazine. You would probably loose subscribers if you did so.

There are other magazines devoted to those subjects. But you could show, as you have done, some of the possible connections of these subjects to dreams.


Recently, I sent in my renewal subscription to the Center for Crop Circle Studies. I attached a letter, giving some of my dream-coincidence theory. It was mostly about my more recent findings. The CCCS secretary, Pat Palgrave-Moore, wrote back with a note, saying that she had passed the letter on to the editor of "The Circular," for possible publication. If they do publish it, this will be a big breakthrough for me. The letter explained a little about the 3 1/2 theory, and the end of the Kali Yuga, and how the crop patterns of late, seem to support the idea.

If you wish, I will send you a copy of the letter. It could be revised into a good article for DNJ about my recent findings.

It's pretty fantastic, unbelievable, yet dreams and crop patterns seem to support it.

There has been some interesting developments in the 1994 crop patterns. Here is a quote from the "Susex Circular" #32, that I received two weeks ago:

...a crop formation appeared alongside another stretch of the Tour de France elsewhere in the South, depicting a perfect representation of a bicycle..! For this alone, many laugh it off as man-made, but if the circlemakers can give us other recognizable symbols such as Mandelbrots and snails, why not bikes?"

Remember in my DNJ article, I mentioned the bicycle symbol.

In a letter I wrote to you later, I mentioned the Tour de France and the 7-11 symbolism. I saw it as possibly related to the two cycle numbers, 25,920 (the earth axis wobble - 2+5=7, and 9+2=11)

and the 1656 years between Adam and Noah. (1+6=7, and 5+6=11) I thought it might be related to your dream of the Seven Sisters, with the total of 11 in the (Adamic) family. As usual, it seemed somewhat silly at the time. Well, it seems to be confirmed by this recent event.

I am enclosing a page from the same "Sussex Circular" with some of the 1994 crop patterns. The most interesting to me is the Spider Web. Remember, in the packet I sent you, was an essay on "Spiders and Weaving." In part, this was related to the Hopi creation myth of Spider Grandmother, and that she eventually teaches us how to weave. I told of coincidences, such as finding that "Tantra" in Sanskrit means "to weave."

It's another bit of weight that dreams are predictive of crop patterns.

I hope a time will come when we can communicate more and find a way to present the dream connection to the crop patterns and the message of the earth change. Remember, my dream voice one said, "The Keys to the Kingdom, He said, are dreams." More recently, a dream suggested that dreams are like the Rossetta Stone of the earth change messages. Without them, the other symbols appear like unknown hyroglyphs, no more than chicken tracks that we can only guess at. The "stone" is related to the Peter, or Petra rock, inscriptions on stone tablets, the hyrophants. "Petra" meant "rock," but also meant "interpretations" in Chaldiac and Phonecian.

In any case, I don't fret about things. I am getting my views out there in the form of a book, which is keeping me quite busy, by the way. I am confindent that I will find other publications who will print my articles. Ones about the earth change are probably more appropriate to the material I write about. I am not worried about it at all. The "right thing" for me to do, is make the attempt to get the message out there. Meanwhile, I think you are doing very important work in your own right, and I hope you keep at it.

Keep in touch, and let me know if any of my "spouting off" ideas are appealing.

Best wishes and fond regards,

Joe Mason


December 23, 1995

Dear Catherine,

My dear, you have no idea what your letters do for me. They send me diving back into materials I have collected over the last five years like Scrooge McDuck diving into his money pile.


Certain clues have popped up in a variety of ways that suggest some insights. It's not easy to explain briefly, but I'll try. Humanity, en masse, seems to be the Demiurge that is creating the reality here. We have been given the power to create the events in our lives, and the collective history by our thoughts and beliefs. (or myths) It can be negative or positive. Our own thoughts help form the energy-web patterns that create the events. In the cycle of time we do this mostly on the "unconscious" level, that is, we are in the dark as to what is really going on. Symbols for this include being underground or under water, and being "asleep," or "dead."

In the lower chakras, we are dealing with "animal instincts," that is, survival, procreation and the will to succeed. In myths, this shows up in one form as figures like Pan and the Minotaur, with lower body parts of an animal.

The attainment of the heart chakra level is said to represent the "virgin birth" of the "spiritual man" out of the "animal man." (that's "man" as in "mankind," which includes women) This is where we truly become "human." We have overcome the animal nature, or negative influence of the lower instincts. (the lower chakras can also have a positive influence, as can animal instincts) When negatively influenced by the lower nature, we tend to react to things with anger/fury and violence. We try to force others to be, or believe, like us. One who has reached the heart chakra level has transmuted the warring attributes, and reacts with understanding and loving compassion. This cuts the knot of circular cycles of negativity.

Another form of this in symbols is that we are "children" in "school." Another is that we are in a "hospital" attended by "doctors and nurses." In terms of spiders, the negative side is shown by the Black Widow, which is a form of Kali. So, our own thinking/beliefs are much involved in the "internet."

Another thing is going on here in the "unconscious" creation cycle. The higher consciousness in the Timeless Zone works with us in the experience. On the individual level, it is the Soul, Oversoul, The Self, Brahman, Overself, Higher Self, Divine Ka/Double, etc. Negative thinking/beliefs lead to experiences that purge or prune them out, directed by the Higher Self. This is shown in various ways, such as the descent into, and return from, the underworld, death/rebirth/baptism, (by water or fire)

washing/cleaning our garments or bodies, cleaning the "cluttered rooms" of our "house,"

etc. Another form is symbolized as being puppets on strings or having the "gods" on Olympus playing with us like toys. An old interpretation of this is "karma" or "judgment."

In this regard, we feel "exposed," like when we stand naked before others, or when they see our cluttered rooms.

This seeming negative experience is part of the Great Plan, and is essential in our spiritual growth, a learning through adversities or challenges. We have elected to grow through this experience, although we have also chosen to "forget" what it was all about, until the time of the "awakening," where we will "remember."

When humanity makes the great leap, the memories will come back, and we will remember the "covenant" that was made long ago. The "unconscious creation" stage will be completed, and we will then be conscious co-creators. This is a major function of the "schooling" here. We take this into new creations beyond the earth plane. In other words, we will be in-step with our Higher Selves, and the Higher Creation. One symbol for this is the Lion King. We give over our "royal power" to the "beast" in the cycle, (Rev. 17:17) but eventually become the "Kings of the Earth," who are the "Lamp," bringing our glory into the New Jerusalem. (Rev. 21:23-25)

The New Jerusalem is said to represent "the order of the Heavens made apparent on earth." Jesus seems to have expressed it as the "Kingdom." In the Coptic Gospel of Thomas, he said that the Kingdom is spread upon the earth, but men do not see it.


I wrote several letters over a period of a few weeks in November, one of which was the one to you. Along the way, coincidences sprang up concerning the Greek/Roman myths, especially regarding Apollo and Artemis. Now, I am not all that familiar with these myths; you seem to know more about them than I do. I happened to be reading up on them at the time in a little book by Edith Hamilton.

I realized sometime later, that these things actually started some weeks before, when a young man, named Brad, told me a story. He's a very handsome 19-year old, who was working with my son on a construction job. He was undergoing a stressful break up with the girlfriend he was living with. He said the name "Agamemnon" kept coming into his mind over and over one day at work. He picked up a large rock and crashed it down on a frog, then felt bad about it. He didn't know why he did it.

I seemed to remember the name, but I couldn't recall anything about it. He couldn't either, but was sure he had learned about it in high school. I thought it might be related to "Armageddon," and was surprised to learn that Agamemnon was the leader of the Greeks in the battle of Troy.

I wrote a long letter to Paul Rydeen in response to a previous letter. He had mentioned dreams with "twin" themes, so I listed some ideas about twins, one of which was Apollo and Artemis. (Castor and Pollux was another) I mentioned the similarity to your dreams.

I also told of a dream-coincidence, which I will repeat here.

I dreamed of seeing a giant, shadowy figure in the sky that looked somewhat like Jesus.

The lower half of his body was missing, as if it had been torn off. Then I saw that he was tearing off pieces and sprinkling them on the earth, like pepper.

Later, Josephine Goodman sent a dream of an infant in bed in a dark bedroom. The lower part of his body was missing and a light was shining from his head like a flashlight looking around the room. An older boy came in with a cart and put the infant in it, then pushed him through the rooms of the house where a party was going on. The adult guests were not surprised, they knew all about the baby.

Still later, Steve O'Neil sent a dream where he saw deer walking in the snow in the forest, with wolves chewing at their hindquarters. The deer did not resist or run, they just seemed to accept it. The last thing he remembered was a deer walking off on its two front legs, with its entire hindquarters missing. The ideas about the chakra levels had come somewhat prior to this time, so my guess was that this "lower part missing" was related to the lower chakras and getting rid of the negative part of them.

Not long after this I was looking up a name in a small dictionary-like book about myths. I happened to read another one as my eyes fell on it as I leafed through the pages. It's the first time I learned anything about Artemis. It was the story about when the hunter, Actaeon, came upon Artemis in the woods while she was bathing, and he saw her naked.

She changed him into a stag, his heart became a deer's heart, and he felt fear for the first time. His own faithful hounds chased him down and killed him.

I felt this was coincident with Steve's dream. To me, the mythical story seemed to be about how one's negative- aggressive instincts are pruned out through resulting events by higher consciousness. Being "killed" often seems to be a metaphor for being changed. (some dreams of suicide seem to represent a self-willed change)

After writing to Paul, I wrote a letter to Madelon Rose Logue. We had collaborated on a story about Santa Claus which came out in her newsletter a few weeks later. She also put in a short letter from me and a Seth communication from 1972. It all fit together really well. Most of the story is based on real dreams that I have collected. I am enclosing a copy. (H)

Madelon's newsletter is called "The Black Sheep," so I was inspired to write about the symbolism of the mouse, as the aspect of the Divine within each person. In response to one of her comments, I also wrote a little about the symbolism of Easter, as a time of balance when the full moon and setting sun can be seen at the same time around the autumnal equinox. It's related to "death/rebirth" symbolism in the sense of a change or transformation.

Coincidental events happened at work, as my workmates were having trouble catching a mouse. Then I read that Apollo was called "The Sminthian," the Mouse-god, in the Iliad. I have known for a long time that Apollo is associated with the sun, but only recently read more about Artemis and her moon connection.

Then I wrote the letter to you where I mentioned Apollo and Artemis again as related to other symbols.

Then I responded to a letter from Josephine from many months before. She told of a coincidence involving my previous letter where I mentioned the symbolism of "Aladdin"

and the "Jini," which I had misspelled. I am enclosing that part of her letter. (I)

In responding to Josephine's letter, I told of other dreams with symbols similar to her "Jini" dream. Suddenly I recalled one from several years prior that Josephine had sent as part of her own, small dream network. My Scrooge McDuck-self took a plunge back into my pile of dreams. And, oh boy! Did it ever fit in. It was sent by a woman, named Sue, who only sent a few dreams, then dropped out of the network. I am enclosing a copy of Sue's "Queen Diana" dream. (J)

I thought of the dream because some symbols were similar to Josephine's "Jini" dream, such a hallways, rooms, and the woman in disguise who seems to be a higher being. In January 1992, another dreamer in the network, Pablo, sent a dream of the Virgin coming to earth in disguise to help a woman.

As I reread Sue's dream, other connections came. Josephine and I had discussed the idea of the world being a stage play, and that we might get some insights from the "back stage" planning from dreams.

I remember making some speculations about this dream back in early 1992. I had just watched a music video some months before of Whitney Housten singing "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight." It was full of dream/myth symbols. At one point, Whitney splits into three women, who are obviously The Supremes. Well, Diana Ross was the lead singer of The Supremes, and that is quite a suggestive name in the context of Sue's dream. I felt that it was related to my "Y" dream and to myths of the Triple Goddess, which I knew very little about at the time.

Then, the BIG one hit me. "Diana" is the Roman name for Artemis! I had just learned of her "Triple Goddess" symbolism. Sue's dream especially fit well with Artemis in the world (on stage) and her "Hecate" aspect in the Underworld, with its various rivers. She is the Goddess of the Crossways. I reread some of Hamilton's book, and a quotation really stood out:

"Hecate of hell, Mighty to shatter every stubborn thing.
Hark! Hark! Her hounds are baying through the town.
Were three roads meet, there she is standing."

In my mind, this connects directly with my "Y" dream and some other symbols. In Black Elk's great vision, the Blue Man stands in flames in the water where three streams meet. He battles and defeats the horse riders from all the four quarters, until Black Elk strikes him in the heart with a lightning-tipped spear, which transforms him into a harmless turtle. And then the earth grows green again.

In Nordic myths, the Triple Fountain is the source of all life. Armageddon is near a place where the road branches into two roads.

As if to confirm the "Artemis" connection, Sue's next dream is "The Fawn On The Bridge." In the same packet of dreams that Josephine sent, was a dream from Pablo about a "lost Bambi." Artemis/Diana is the Lady of Wild Things, Huntsman-in-chief to the gods. She was careful to preserve the young; "the protectress of dewy youth." All wild animals are sacred to her; but especially the deer.

The Hecate aspect of Artemis seems to be similar to Kali and the Harlot. This may appear evil to us, but it seems to represent the function of seemingly negative experiences, or adversities, which challenge us to change and move in a positive direction. I picture this as being akin symbolically to a strict school teacher who slaps our hands when we misbehave. (tough-love)

So, my little project of "catching up on the mail" proved to be a fruitful venture, as I read parts of Hamilton's book along the way. I mostly looked up references to Apollo and Artemis, but there were other things that clicked well.

A few things related to the battle of Troy. The Greek fleet was delayed in its voyage to Troy because of the blowing of the north wind. The gods spoke to the soothsayer, Calchas, saying that Artemis was angry because a hare and her young had been slain by the Greeks. The only way to appease her and calm the wind was by sacrificing a royal maiden, Iphigenia, the eldest daughter of the Commander in Chief, Agamemnon.

Oh boy! There's Brad's weird experience!

I still haven't read the full story about the battle of Troy, so I'm expecting to find more clues there. But a related story struck me as significant, called "The House of Atreus."

It became an ill-fated house because of the misdeeds of an ancestor, Tantalus.

I tend to "read" such stories with the possibility in mind that it carries clues about the cycle of time and the change. This one fit pretty well.

Tragedy after tragedy plagued the progeny of Tantalus, including King Atreus. Apollo and Artemis played a part at one point, killing the seven daughters and seven sons of Niobe with their arrows, because she wanted to be worshiped in place of their mother, Leto.

The original misdeed of Tantalus involved cannibalism, as did the misdeed of Atreus.

Agamemnon was the son of Atreus along with his brother, Menelaus, the husband of Helen. Menelause recovered Helen after the Troy battle, and lived happily, but Agamemnon was not so fortunate. Not only did he have to sacrifice his daughter to go to Troy, but he was killed in revenge by his wife, Clytemhestra, immediately on his return home. In the Odyssey Odysseus encountered ghosts in his descent into Hades. The most pitiful of all was Agamemnon.

The end of the cycle of the doomed House of Atreus was with Agamemnon's son, Orestes. He was supported by his sister, Electra. (the sacrificed Iphigenia was their sister) Orestes was caught in a "no-win" situation. His noble duty was to avenge the murder of his father, but killing his own mother was also a misdeed of the highest order.

In his agony of doubt, he traveled to Delphi to seek advice from the oracle. Apollo spoke to him, advising to atone death by death. So, he killed his mother and her lover.

Afterwards, Orestes suffered terribly, and was constantly surrounded by the Furies in his wanderings. They appeared only to him as black women with snake-hair, eyes dripping blood. But something happened within him that had not happened before among the cursed house. He realized that he had also been taught by his misery, and that there was no crime beyond atonement. Even he could be made clean again.

Apollo sent him to Athens to plead his case before Athena. Those who desire to be purified cannot be refused. Apollo appeared beside him and admitted responsibility, because of his advise at Delphi. The Erinyes, the Furies, had plagued Orestes with their demands for vengeance, yet he reacted calmly. Orestes admitted his own responsibility, but also declared that he had been cleansed of his guilt. These were the words that had never been spoken before by any in the line of Atreus. They had never suffered from guilt and sought to be made clean.

Athena accepted his plea, and persuaded the avenging goddesses to also accept it. A "new law of mercy" was established, and the Furies themselves changed. Instead of the frightful aspects, they became the Benignant Ones, the Eumenides, the protectors of the suppliant.

With the acquittal of Orestes, the spirit of evil that had haunted the House of Atreus was ended, and he left the tribunal a free man. Never again would a person of that House be driven into evil by the irresistible power of the past. This story fit so very well into my dream/coincidence experiences, I can hardly begin to explain it. I can only give a few things here, and attempt to show how your dreams seem to support some of the ideas.

The cycle of time involves Karma or judgment. Kali and the Harlot both have this meaning. The dream reality is attempting to show a new interpretation of this. It is not really a punishment/reward system based on deeds, but a creative learning experience through adversities for an important purpose.

One key verse in the Bible is James 2:13, telling how judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy, yet mercy triumphs over judgment. Another way of saying this is that karma will be relentless to one who has not reached the heart chakra and understands the wisdom of compassion. It is compassion that triumphs over judgment.

A Sufi mystic also put it this way - that compassion will win a victory over karma. This, simply put, is basically what the big change is all about as we go from the lower chakras to the upper. In Revelation, the beast represents the karmic function, like "the swallower" in the Egyptian judgment scenes. It is an eighth but it belongs to the seven (chakras) and it goes to perdition. (Rev. 17:11) Being "swallowed" represents being reborn back on the earth plane, as a result of not reaching the forth/heart chakra.

Another important verse about this is in Isaiah 4:4, where the filth is cleansed from the daughters of Zion by a spirit of judgment and burning. This seems to suggest that it is not "God up there" judging and punishing, but rather a process that purifies.

The House of Atreus story could be a metaphor about this in the context of a single family line. A key insight about the story is that we must believe that we are not guilty, or that we have atoned for the quilts of our misdeeds, and/or that the power to do this is in the present, regardless of the past. By extension, it may be that it is critical for us to also believe that humanity, en masse, can make such a transition.


The man in the bathtub struck me as similar to a dream reported in Dreaming The End Of The World, by Michael Ortiz Hill. (page 58) A forty-six year old woman dreamed that a nuclear holocaust had occurred, and she went to the bath to kill herself by slitting her wrists. She found that the tub was filled with the body of an enormous dead black woman. There was not enough space to lie down upon her. A dark man, perhaps Ethiopian, came in a car, then entered the house. She felt relief and intended to ask him to kill her. Then a voice spoke saying, "Make a child." She protested and refused, but the kind voice said, "New life, new life!"

To me, the dream fits with the image of Kali. (or the Harlot) The "bath tub" seems similar to the cleansing process of "baptism," as a death/rebirth symbol of making a major change in one's outlook and spirituality.

In 1990, I had a dream where I planned to commit suicide, after sorting receipts on my bed and choosing just one, which was yellow. This seemed strange, because I had no feelings like that in waking life; I was quite happy. I had made a big change in attitude earlier that year, and my dream/coincidence experiences started at that time.

Eventually, I came to see this as freely choosing to "die" to the old way of being, as it is always accompanied by the "birth of the baby-self" of the new way. Being "killed,"

seems to be similar, but may suggest that it is not so "voluntary," that is, it may be brought about by higher powers, the Inner Self, and/or through the unconscious.

The "nuclear holocaust," or similar images of massive destruction on the earth seems to have the same meaning on the en masse scale. For example, a woman dreamed that her house caught fire, then all the houses burst into flames one-by-one. Then a beautiful green landscape rolled out like a carpet over the whole image. I think this is an important symbol being "newly understood."

When "the Harlot" is "killed" in the "final judgment," the Woman with Child descends.

(Rev.12) She was withheld during the 3 1/2 cycle in the lower chakras. (1260 days, or "a time, two times, and half a time.") The Harlot sits on many "waters," that are peoples, multitudes and nations and tongues. (Rev. 17:1, 15)

Your dream may be giving further clues. It was a male in the tub whom you "killed." I am not clear on the meaning, but in my own symbols, the male aspect relates to rational/ daytime thinking/beliefs, and/or to aggressive attributes which can be negative, or positive. The idea is that we "transmute the warring attribute" in the big change.

The man could also represent the "opponent" force, that is, the adversities that afflict us in the cycle. This is the real meaning of Satan, according to Blavatsky, as he was based on Typhon-Set, the murdering brother of Osiris. This makes a lot of sense to me. One example is in Zachariah 3:1-10, just before the part about the two olive trees. Satan stands to the right of the angel and accuses Joshua, who is attired in filthy garments.

The angel commanded those standing before him to remove the filthy garments and replace them with new ones. This takes his "iniquity away," and he is called "a brand plucked from the fire." Interestingly, the name "Joshua" is related to the name "Jesus" in Greek.

This Biblical passage is of particular importance to me. I first looked up Zachariah 4, in reference to Rev. 11:11, about the two olive trees standing up after 3 1/2 days. Later, as I was outlining my essay about the 3 1/2 theory, this dream voice message came:

"It seems like a never ending path. Some say it will never end, but they don't know Joshua like I do."

I couldn't remember anything about Joshua, except that he fought the battle of Jerico.

Later I saw his name in Zachariah 3, as I was rereading Zachariah 4.

I have come to some theories about these passages. Zachariah 4:6-10 tells how Zerubbabel will make the great mountain into a plain, and bring the top stone forward. In my "DNJ" (vol. 13, no. 1, page 28) article called "No Fear!" I told of my dream and how it related to the mountain that represented fears. Reaching the top indicated the point where all fears have been overcome. This was prior to my study of the Bible, which I had not read. Revelation 16:20 says every island fled away and no mountains were to be found.

I happened to catch a T.V. show after this about ancient times, where the commentator explained that Jews took the name "Zerubbabel" after their captivity in Babylon, and it means, "seed of Babylon." The old Babylon was once called "The Island," because it had water on three sides, and mountains on the other. I saw Zerubbabel as symbolic of mankind in the divided, warring cycle. I also related Joshua and Zerubbabel to the two olive trees. Some clues are given in Haggai 1:1. Zerubbabel is the son of the governor of Judah, and Joshua is the son of the high priest. To me, this suggests symbolically, the "outside governor," as our daily rational selves, and the "priest inside" the lotus of the heart, that is, the Self. (as expressed in The Upanishads)

Another thing came to mind as I was writing this just now.

Haggai 2:23 tells how the Lord will make Zerubbabel like a "signet ring" when the final days come. A coincidence happened when I first read this. At the time, I was reading parts of Blavatsky's Isis Unveiled. She explains how the mark put on the foreheads of the 144,000 by the angel in Rev. 7 is the Signet Ring of God, and is the mystic, equal-armed Tau Cross. This is why Rev. 14:1 calls it "his Father's name." This cross symbolizes the baptism at sea as a purification, and also the dual nature of the cosmos by the vertical and horizontal bars. My dream and the coincidence with Dream Feather clearly indicated the meaning. The angel coming out of the rising sun in the east in Rev.7 represents dreams at the dawning of the new age. It is "The Power of the Music of the Dawn."

Way back in my dream experiences, I received the message:

"The keys to the Kingdom, He said, are dreams."

And, of course, this relates to Apollo quite well.

Perhaps it's just my "take" on things, but it seems that the emerald ring is related to the Signet Ring. They both seem to represent dreams and/or our reconnecting to higher consciousness. It could be that the Signet Ring is the Grand Emerald.

I was a bit surprised to hear that Apollo was your internal bad guy and that you rejected the Muses. All the Greek gods seem to have some negative human qualities, but Apollo is said to have the least.

Then again, your feelings are understandable. Some of his actions, such as helping kill the seven sons and seven daughters are certainly unacceptable behavior by our standards. The Muses are said to know how to speak false things that seem true, but, when they will, they know how to utter true things. My own reaction to many of the Greek myths is mixed. There is an initial reaction to the surface story, often invoking humor and/or dismay at the actions of the gods. For example, the chief god, Zeus, is like a womanizer through history, mating with offspring of his offspring. He tries to hide this from his wife, Hera, who brings terrible misfortune to the poor humans involved. This seems more like a demiurge-god, rather than the True One.

There is deeper reflection about the myths when I start to compare the various symbols to today's dreams and other myths or concepts. Like dreams, they seem to carry symbolic meanings that make some sense. Some example are: Sex = a duality bonding of aspects. Death/birth = changing. Skinning = another form of changing, like shedding the snake skin or the husk from the seed as the plant emerges into sunlight. Music = vibrational harmonics associated with various consciousness levels. Trees = knowledge/beliefs that create life-the reality. Two trees = one is male/rational/physical/daytime/sun, the other is female/intuitional-dreaming/spiritual/nighttime/moon.

These are just some of my guesses, but the point is, the mythical stories may have other meanings. Apollo's skinning of creatures associated with Pan and turning women into trees may have a symbolic positive meaning.

The myths can be "read" differently this way. For example, take the story of the music contest between Apollo and Pan that King Midas had to judge. He didn't have a sophisticated ear for music and choose Pan as the winner. Apollo to changed Midas's ears into donkey ears, not to be cruel, but as appropriate. The idea I get from this is that Midas represents us humans, who have been blessed with natural abundance, which we tend to subvert by our own thinking/believing/consciousness level. Pan may show the relatively lower animal nature mixed with the higher ideals of human nature. Apollo is light and truth from higher consciousness. The idea is that we make discernments and choices all the time as we are influenced by the various parts of our "nature." So, the myth could be a humorous way of advising us not to make asses of ourselves in our discernments.

The symbol of Typhon-Set was the ass. (donkey) That's the "opponent" symbol, so the myth may be showing the condition of humans in this cycle, where we are changed by adversities.

There are a number of hints that the truth has been withheld from us for the cycle of time, and that the truth will be revealed at the end of the cycle. Dream Feather is one example. The word "Apocalypse" means a revealing of that which has previously been concealed.

An important part of your dream is that the man in the tub is a "janitor/genius." This seems to connect with another important dream/coincidence. In late 1992, I was writing to Pablo, explaining the concept of Solara's 11:11 Doorway, and how it might be related to my coincidence about Revelation 11:11. Suddenly, I recalled a dream that Pablo had sent earlier in the year. I was amazed when I reread the dream:

"Krishnamurti and I keep vigil over a deceased person. He comments that after 35 years seven psychological liberations followed. The housekeeper complains about her lack of money."

One of the symbols of the 3 1/2 chakra level is 35 years in the life of a man of three scores years and ten. In Rev. 11, the two trees lie dead for 3 1/2 days, which is similar to the "deceased person." Krishnamurti is named after Lord Krishna, the original trinity figure.

Then, I noticed the date of the dream, January 11, 1992. That is the exact date Solara said the 11:11 Doorway opened!

It wasn't long before the last line of the dream started to become clear. I had previously had a dream where I became separated from my large family (not from real life) after we went to a city and started doing our laundry. I was worried that I would not be able to find my family again, as I knew they would return home soon. I didn't have any money, so that made things more difficult. Then I remembered that I had a charge card, and felt relieved.

Using a charge card creates a debt that must be repaid later. To me, this indicated karma. I tended to reject that idea, but I became more open to it then. I felt that new understandings might be coming from dreams about it.

From this, the meaning of the Harlot started to make sense. The kings of the earth have fornicated with her and become drunk on her wine. This means a duality bond with an energy that invokes fury in us. A harlot demands payment for her services, so this indicates karma. I went on to read about the beast that was an eighth that belonged to the seven, and how this is thrown down at the end of the cycle, that is, the karmic cycle of time will end. The "housekeeper" in Pablo's dream seemed similar. She will "lack money" because people will have advanced beyond the

3½ point, where they are no longer committing many violations.

I later found another myth that seems related. The Aztec Earth Mother, Serpent-Skirt, sweeps and cleans at Serpent Hill to atone for (unspecified) sins. (in Rev. 12:16 the earth came to help the woman with child) One day, while performing her domestic duties, some downy feathers floated down from above. She tucked them under her serpent-belt, which caused her to become pregnant. Her daughter, Adorned-With-Bells, the Moon goddess, did not want the new child to be born, and plotted with her 400 brothers to kill it. (also similar to Rev. 12) The child spoke to his mother from within the womb: "Have no fear, I know exactly what to do."

Mother Earth's son, the Sun God, Hummingbird-On-The-Left, chased his 400 brothers around the hill four times and defeated them. He then killed his sister Moon Goddess, dismembered her, and sent her tumbling down the hill.

It was later that I learned of Kali and the Kali-Yuga time cycle, which fit with all this very well.

So, I see the "janitor" as being similar in function to the Aztec Earth Mother. Kali and the Harlot seem similar or related. I believe Shiva is the male counterpart of Kali in the cycle. This is "death or destruction creation," and is equated to a seed growing into a plant. The seed is killed in the process of the plant's growth.

The Aztecs seem to have picked up this symbolism too, but made a gross misinterpretation. They skinned sacrificial victims and wore the skins over their bodies to enact the idea of new life growing out of the dead, as like a seed shedding its husk.

So, the idea I have is that killing the man in the tub is related to the ending of the karmic function in the big change. Revelation says that death will be no more, so perhaps it has this meaning, that is, the death/rebirth/changing cycle will end.

Your dream also fits with an important dream of a young man named Cliff. He left a rowdy party to go play baseball. He looked in three cars for his mitt, but the same man was setting in the driver's seat of each car. A Kali-like woman was in a strange, out-of-control car. The third car was his own, and he discovered that the man had been setting on his mitt. Cliff pushed him aside and retrieved his mitt, and went off to play baseball.

I have a long story about how baseball represents the same thing geometrically as the Four Living Creatures and the Sri Yantra star, which represents the Logos of Man at the heart chakra. Cliff's dream seems to show that we have been withheld from "catching"

the truth in the lower three chakra stages, and that this will change as we reach the 3 1/2 step.

Recovering your emerald ring seems similar to Cliff retrieving his mitt.

The "finger" symbols in the dream also seem important. I'm not sure of the meaning, but I'll relate a few possible clues. I had two dreams in the past year about my hands and fingers. In one, they were blue and frozen looking. In the other they became green and grew large and angular. I felt movement inside my fingers and started to squeeze them. They split open, and I squeezed out green liquid and green lizards. When I finally got the last one out, I yelled to the people around me, "I got my hands back! I finally got my hands back!"

I felt that this was related to symbolism about Kali. She severs the hands of people and wears them like a belt. As the instruments of our "works," they symbolize karma.

You used three fingers to drown the man. This may indicate the Trinity level achieved at the heart chakra, or the three lower chakras. Fingers are "digits," so it could hint at "numbers." The severed finger of the man with the ring on it could be the "fourth finger," the number 4, or the fourth step or chakra.

The king and queen in the dream fits with they way I see things. They are "rulers" in the higher realm. Myths have the King and Queen of Heaven. Revelation seems to show us humans as fallen kings who have given over our "royal power to the beast." (Rev. 17:17) In the big change, the kings of the earth bring their glory into the New Jerusalem.

The symbolism of Jesus involves being the "anointed one," that is, a King. So, my guess is that the king, queen and yourself represent a form of the Trinity. You have recovered your "inheritance."

Your dream of the astrologer explaining the western sun and eastern moon/constellation symbols is a good one. I'll quote the last page of my letter to Madelon here:

"You're right, knowing about the solstices and equinoxes is of little practical value. The same could be said about the planets and stars in their migration about the celestial vault. It was important to the ancients. For one thing, it was like a big time-piece telling them when to plant their crops. Of course, it was all wrapped up in their myths, and some still think that is interesting and meaningful.

Here's an example. How do we determine when to celebrate Easter? Answer: Wait until the autumnal equinox, then wait again for the first full moon. The following Friday through Sunday is the holiday. Our society considers it a Christian tradition, but its roots go back before the dawn of history, perhaps before the dawn of time. It's a moment of balance.

Campbell says it became symbolically important way back when, because at sunset on the equinox the sun and full moon could be seen at the same time. The celestial orbs were generally considered symbols of the male and female energies that pervade creation. The waxing of the moon is similar in meaning to the snake shedding its skin.

The moon sheds its shadow as a celestial death/rebirth symbol.

And so, us humans make these changes through the seasons of our life-paths. The old self dies as the new self is reborn.

Of course, you don't have to look at the stars to realize this. It's just a reminder that the whole cosmos works this way."

Another scale of this is the "death" of the sun each day in the west, and it's "rebirth" in the east. The word "Easter" traces back to the Old English, "Eastre," and the prehistoric Germanic, "Austron," the dawn-goddess. The Indo-European base, "aus," means "east" and "dawn."

I found the Greek stories of Aurora (or Dawn) significant. She is "rosy-fingered," and arises to bring light to the gods and mortals. She bore the dark-skinned, Memnon of Ethiopia, who was killed at Troy fighting for the Trojans.

The great hunter, Orion, was cured of his blindness by going east, and letting the rays of the rising sun fall on his eyes. Later, he became Artemis' huntsman on Crete. In the end, Artemis killed him. Some say she did this in jealousy over Aurora's love for him.

Others say that he made Apollo angry, and the god tricked his sister into slaying Orion.

After his death he was placed in heaven as a constellation wearing a girdle, sword, club and lion's skin. (some of this seems similar to the story of Samson Part of my interest here is that Orion is Osiris, and each new pharaoh goes there to be reborn as Horus. And, the 11:11 Doorway is said to be open in the Belt of Orion.

Over the past five years, I have sent a lot of my material to various crop circle researchers. I've been disappointed at the response, although I have received some encouraging letters. Some seem to be catching on to the messages without my input. I am enclosing an example. (K)

Simon Burton did not mention that there will also be a "Grand Cross" alignment of the planets on the day of the Solar eclipse. The cross will point to Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio. These are also the Four Living Creatures: the lion, the ox, the man and the eagle. (Scorpio was once an Eagle) They are related to the solstices and equinoxes.

The Four Living Creatures are also associated with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

I feel a little crazy sometimes, writing long letters to people about such things. But I have my reasons and I do enjoy it. The "signs" seem to be saying that something enormously important is near the horizon. It is worthy of attention, I think, regardless of the ultimate truth or reality of it. And if it turns out that the "big something" happens, perhaps our efforts will prove worthwhile.

Please feel free to share anything I send to you with your client or anyone else you wish. I am trying hard to raise interest in these matters, so you support me when you share the ideas. My hope is that others who are interested will pursue the ideas in their own way, and bring more hints, clues and interested others. My feeling is that this is part of the Great Plan, that is, it will take many to gather the puzzle pieces and put the picture together. Each person involved will probably have their own very unique path, which may appear as not fitting in at times. It is advisable to follow inner direction rather than follow any one particular leader or group.

Another piece of advice I have received is that such work should not be undertaken out of fear or in the hope of a reward, or as a burden. It is better to go by internal feelings of your own true interests, those that give you joy in pursuing. Your comments about dreams and interpretations being a kind of vibratory communication is on the mark again, I do think. Inspirations (associated with the Muses) and thoughts received in meditation are probably from the same source. The dream called "Skylab" on page 18 of "DNJ" vol. 14, No. 3 suggests this. The dreamer was told that the amino acids in our bodies pick up the signals.

This dream reminded me of Valis, by Philip K. Dick, which was based on real experiences. The word stands for "vast active living intelligence system." In the fictionalized book, this is an ancient satellite in orbit around earth.

I had a dream of a man sitting in a chair meditating. Behind him was a muscular male angel with pink wings holding two luminescent globes in his hands. The globes were pulsating, sending circular waves which intersected in interference patterns within the man's brain. They were accurately controlled to strike synaptic junctions in a way that caused images and messages to be transmitted into the man's mind. The man was having problems receiving the messages because of his own internal mind-talk.

The amino acids seem to be related to our DNA. I have been following this idea for some time. The Keys Of Enoch speaks about a change in DNA in a future transformation of the world. The Mayan scholar, Hunbatz Men, says that a repair of DNA will take place. Some writers have speculated that DNA is shaped like a radio tuning coil, so it could pick up vibratory signals on a cellular level. Crop circle investigator, John Haddington, has presented convincing evidence that a number of crop patterns are suggestive of DNA. It's related to "snail" and "ladder" patterns, and also to Mercury.

(Hermes) In the Barbury Castle formation, which may be a form of the Trinity, the three corner patterns have parallels in alchemical symbols. The north one is the sun and sulfur, the southwest one is the moon and salt. The ratchet spiral on the southwest is mercury/quicksilver. Like many ideas coming now, this seems far-fetched. But a recent dream of my work-friend, Jeff, seems to support it. And, he had not heard of the DNA theory.

He dreamed that he was on a spiral staircase at his old work place. Maintenance mechanics stood on each rung with their toolboxes beside them. Jeff took two pistols out of his toolbox and showed them to a mechanic, then put them back. Later, he went to get the pistols again, but they were gone.

In another dream, Jeff went into a grocery store during a rainstorm. The lights were out.

He went to the bathroom and saw our plant manager, Bob Behee, and his supervisor.

Something happened that he couldn't remember. He went back into the store and the lights were on. He took an item to the counter and paid for it by signing a block of caramel wrapped in cellophane. Then he was riding in a car with a woman dressed in red. She was doing a radio broadcast that was also coming over the car radio. After a bit, Jeff told her that he didn't like such talk programs, and suggested that she change to a rock 'n roll station. The woman announced over the air that she was changing stations.

Again, a vibratory communication is suggested. Later, I discovered something else about this dream. Caramel comes from the name "canamela," meaning "cane honey."

Cellophane is so-named because it has many little "cells," perhaps relating symbolically to honeycomb cells. Behee is suggestive of bees or bee hives. (Mr.

Behee has a sign in front of his house saying, "The Hive," which originally came from the town of Carmel. His secretary is Deborah, which is Hebrew for "Bee." Deborah in the Bible was a prophetess and judge in Israel.)

I remembered a recent dream of my own, where my nephew, John, demonstrated to a group of people how to "do it." He broke open a beehive that was hanging from a tree with a stick. As the honey gushed out, he leaned forward, stuck out his tongue, and drank a mouthful.

Then I recalled the dream of my daughter-in-law, Melissa, where she was held captive for three days and nights in the backyard with her dog, Honey. Then I discovered that "Melissa" means "bee" and "honey," or "honeybee."

The very interesting book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, mentions the bee symbol.

Investigations led to the discovery that Jesus was probably married and had children.

Some evidence shows that the descendants of Jesus later married into the family of the early French Kings. They took the symbol of the bee. Golden bees were found in one of their graves. Napoleon took the symbol of the bee for this reason.

More recently, I read some writings of early Christians that may be related. The words of Deborah were like honey, meaning they came from the Holy Spirit. John The Baptist ate raw honey that was formed like a pancake. (not locusts, as other translators claimed)

This honey-pancake was like manna. This refers back to the manna that the tribe of Israel ate on their 40 year wandering with Moses. Moisture provided by God fell on the ground at night, and turned to flakes in the morning. The people gathered it and made it into the manna. To me, this seems like a good metaphor to indicate dreams. The wandering tribe is like mankind in the cycle of time.

Apollo's son, Aristaeus, was a keeper of bees. One time all his bees died from an unknown cause. He was advised by his mother to seek out Proteus, the wise old god of the sea. The god could tell him how to prevent another such disaster, but would do so only if compelled. This was difficult, because the god had the power to change himself into any number of different forms.

Aristaeus went to the island and seized Proteus, holding him tightly as he changed into terrifying forms. Finally, the old god told him to sacrifice to the gods and leave the carcasses of the animals in the place of sacrifice. He was then to return nine days later and examine the bodies.

Aristaius followed the instructions, and found that a swarm of bees was in one of the carcasses. He was never troubled again by any blight or disease among his bees.

One guess I have about this, is that the struggle with Proteus represents our challenge of trying to find truth and meaning in the unconscious/dream realm.

So, again, today's dreams seem to be giving new meaning to the ancient symbols.

Jeff's dream may suggest a "bee" metaphor about our leaning experience here. Our "work" here produces the honey-cakes (caramel) which is a "payment," (sacrifice involving adversities/karma) which is exchanged for something of value. (item from store) This results in a step up in consciousness evolution. (change in "music program")

Bees are said to be guided by the sun. They seek flowers to obtain the nectar. Given the symbolic meanings of "sun" and "flowers," suggest more meanings.

I hope you see from all this how very important your dreams and contributions are to me. I thank you again for sharing them. I plan to set all this stuff down in a book someday. For now, I am still "gathering" and trying to share some of it with interested others. And, I do need practice "writing."

Picture me diving back into my honey-pot of dream material. I'm looking forward to your next letter and all the "nectar" you have gathered.

Wishing you sweet dreams and music -

Joe Mason


March 13, 1996

James Furia

Dear Jim,

I read your article in "The Code" a few days ago. You'll never know how high my soul soared, as it touched many a "chord" in me. I call it "the Power of the Music of the Dawn." I'm the guy who's letter appeared in "The Code" #4-95, titled, "Dream Math...??" I began to dream about these wheel like shapes back in 1990.

Many dreams and other things suggested that there was a music connection. As I am not trained in music, I tried several times to interest others who are competent in that art/science. Believe me, you hit it right on the money. This letter is intended to show you why I say this, and present clues that suggest that it has absolutely enormous meaning. It's more than just music or global positioning of ancient sites; it's about Creation itself.


I first saw the "mile" symbolism when I read about the Barbury Castle crop formation in late 1991. (A) The square footage number, 31680, is six miles. There are several suggestions of six in the design, including six arcs on the ratchet spiral. Some years later, I learned about Gematria from "The Code," and that 3168 is part of it.

I could show dozens of things that suggest strongly that the pattern is showing something about how the reality is created, but I want to keep this letter short. The idea was reinforced for me when I saw Richard Hoagland's video about the face and pyramids on Mars. This same crop pattern is related to the same tetrahedral mathematics, which seems to show how planets are formed from another dimension.

The corner glyphs have parallels in alchemical symbols. The north is the sun/sulfur, the southwest is the moon/salt, and the ratchet spiral is Mercury/quicksilver.

Now it may just be a coincidence, but you did find those three symbols in your own musical path. Apollo is related to the sun, light, truth, and music. His twin sister, Artemis/Diana, is related to the moon.

Our diatonic scale came down to us from the Greek/Roman mythology. It is "the music of the spheres," corresponding to the seven planets, afterwhich our days of the week are named. Each is associated with a metal, the qualities of which our souls pick up in descending from heaven. At death, we return, shedding the metallic qualities, where we stand naked before God who sits on his triune throne.

Part of this mythology is said to trace back to the Babylonians, and ultimately to the eastern religions of India. H. P. Blavatsky traced it back quite well. The triangle, the great "AUM" of creation, produces a Star Of David inside a circle. (B) and (C)

The triangle is related to the Trinity. One meaning is - The "A"/Father, and "U"/Mother, engendered the Son, "M"/Man.

Similar shapes are related to the Zodiacal signs. (D)


Obviously, the music circle fits with the Lotus of the Heart, which has

12 petals with a Star Of David inside. The New Jerusalem, I do think, has the same meaning, as humanity's eventual destiny. If you draw in another Star Of David between points (forming the four overlapping triangles) and put little circles at each of the 12 points, you have almost all of The New Jerusalem Plan pattern. Just add the symbol of the One Deity (circle with rings) in the center, and it will be complete.

In The Upanishads, the Self (Brahmin) is said to reside in the Lotus of the Heart. The ultimate goal is to achieve union with the Self. The accomplishment brings "Life," whereas "Death" is the result of other paths. There is a "chariot" metaphor about this. The charioteer (intellect) manipulates the reins (mind-perceptions) in order to control the horses. (senses) The body is the chariot, and the rider is the Self.

This may seem off the wall, but I have reason to believe that humanity is on such a path. It would take too much space to tell much of it, so I'll just give a few examples.

In September, 1990, I drew a 14-pointed star formed by overlapping triangles. (F) Three years later, I learned that this star appeared within a pattern found grooved into a dry lake bed in Oregon in 1990.

It was huge, formed by 13.3 miles of lines. It was said to be a Hindu meditation symbol, called a "sriyantra." The story was released on the news services the day after I drew the pattern. (G) When I discovered this in 1993, I was writing an essay about humanity's leap to the heart chakra. I went on to learn that the sri yantra symbolizes the path through the chakras. (H) The outer part of the star that I drew represents the fourth/heart chakra. (I)

I was writing the essay because a number of coincidences had happened that seemed to zero in on Revelation 11:11, where the two trees stand up after 3 1/2 days. In myths found world wide, this is the midpoint of 7, showing the critical point between the third and fourth levels or chakras.

Dream-coincidence indicates that an important event will happen on August 11, 1999. The planets will be aligned in a "Grand Cross,"

pointing to Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio.(J) These are the Four Living Creatures of Ezekiel and Revelation. It is known in some systems as the "Merkabah," or four-wheeled chariot. A solar eclipse will take place on that day over England, the site where most of the crop patterns appear. It will start at 11:11 a.m. exactly. (K)

An odd set of coincidences happened about this "Solar 11:11 Doorway" material before I ever started reading the Bible. (late 1991 or early 1992) Part of the coincidences involved two stars, one with eight points and the other with twelve. (L) I had been forming such stars, but they had a different meaning to me. Solara claims that this material came from a direct recall of ancient memories. The idea of this big change being related to "octaves" fit with the "music"

symbolism. Solara also mentions creating patterns of overlapping triangles within triangles. (M) This seemed uncanny, because that was the way I was forming the stars. All this came back later into the coincidences about Revelation 11:11.

As I was just rereading these two pages, a couple of things stood out. She speaks about the grid alignments with the Giza pyramids, which seems connected with Carl's work. One of her other books speaks of "the Sun and Moon united as One."


Your article sparked me to start drawing more wheels and other shapes.

I am enclosing a few pages of my notes about them. (S) through (X) It is fascinating that the music circle suggests another circle with nine parts. Could this be related to Gematria? All the Gematrian numbers are divisible by nine and add to nine or a multiple. Or could it be related to the pyramid?

Apollo had the nine Muses who danced to his music. One representation of this is said to be the Pythagorean Tetraktys. Apollo is the central star. This also has to do with how the reality is created. Two of the Pythagorean Tetraktys interlaced into a Star Of David (like the one shown above the eagle on our national seal) show our world being informed by the Heavenly one. (Y)

I have had several rather surprising coincidences with symbolism involving Apollo. One of them involved a guitar shape as a music/creation metaphor, the Mandelbrot Set shape, (which appeared 13 months later as a crop pattern) and the eight-rayed star, an ancient sun symbol related to Horus, Belmarduk, and Apollo. (Z) The first two are sons in a trinity. This star is located at the tip in the Mandelbrot Set shape, corresponding to the eight foot circle in the crop formation.

(AA) Finding this was purely accidental, at least from my side of the veil.

About two years ago, a voice spoke in a dream, saying, "Do you know why?

Because of the Power of the Music of the Dawn." I knew that this referred to the Angel coming out of the eastern sun in Revelation 7 to mark the foreheads, and that the meaning referred to dreams that are remembered at dawn at the Dawn of a New Age. It's the "Awakening." I awoke and recorded the dream, and, of course, realized this was a song from Andrew Loyd Webber's "Phantom Of The Opera."

Several hours later, I went to the library to return some books. As I was passing a bookshelf, I happened to notice a book that looked like a children's story. (AB) I could hardly believe how well it fit into my dream voice message. An Indian boy is asleep inside a cave in the earth, as the sun is rising. Musical tones project down from the sun along with seven colorful feathers. One feather comes down to the boy and points to his forehead. He follows it up into musical clouds and enters a seven-color triangle. He steps up seven steps as the colors change and he receives new garments, including a diadem with a symbol over his forehead. The seventh step is accompanied by a golden blaze of light which transforms him spiritually. He awakes in the cave amid a treasure of jewels, and walks out into the world with the light in his heart shining through his eyes.

Nostradamus also mentioned the number seven. (AC) The "slaughtering" or "slaying" seems to be a metaphor about being changed in a transformational way. In Revelation, only 144,000 are not slain. This is probably a symbolic number, but I'm not sure. It seems related to Ezekiel 9, where six slayers come from the north upper gate. A man clothed in linen, with a writing case at his side, is with them. He puts the marks on the foreheads.

Other dreams and coincidences suggest that this is related to the symbolism of the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters. Six are readily visible; the seventh is the "Lost Pleiad." I was told in a dream that the Angel in Revelation 7 is the Lost Pleiad. The mind-blowing meaning seems to be that the 7 days of Creation are not yet finished, the Seventh Day is still in the future, and we are not considered "Man" yet. The six aeons of time are superseded on the Seventh Day by the Seventh Ray.


I realize that I have not explained these things very well, and it may be difficult to follow. I could do a better job, but, like I said, it would require a book. I have a stack of stuff about three feet high about this, and I struggle constantly in trying to figure it all out.

What you see here is just a tiny, minute part of it.

I do hope you will find some connections to your own work, and that some new insight will come from it.

Play on - Dream on -

Joseph E. Mason


See also:



Subj: Predictive Dream: Tidal Waves East and West
Date: 9/28/2001
To: Dee777

Honey -

A coincidence just happened. I read the e-mail from Lee Chin about Ed Dames claim that there will soon be a terrorist attack on the Diablo Canyon nuclear facility on the West coast.

About an hour later, I read an e-mail reporting a dream about patterns of light in the sky. I looked at our "Dreams of Sky Events" page (

I searched for the word "light" and came to a dream that may be prophetic. The Sun was very active with Flares and CME's in the dream. Tidal waves came from both the East and West coasts.

The tidal waves may represent the fear and anger sweeping the US. I pasted the material below.




Subj: [earthchanges] Terrorist heading toward nuclear facility located in Diablo Canyon, Ca
Date: 9/28/2001 12:11:34 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: LEE

Tonight, 9/27-28/01, Art Bell is interviewing remote viewer Ed Dames. Dames said terrorist are in a truck, moving south on the Pacific Coast Hiway. Their target is the Diablo Canyon nuclear facility located in California. The attack is imminent! See Art Bell's website, Tonight"s guest & open website of Ed Dames.



Subj: Tidal Wave Dream
Date: 08/02/1999

To Dee;

With the Sun being so very active with Flares and CME's, I think I would like to go on record and advise a possible scenario that could occur to the coastal areas. This information came to me in a dream mid-June, and IF this occurs will be in the next 90 days.

The images came to me in a dream:

"I looked up at the Sun to see a VERY Large CME, so large it actually connected electrically to the earth, like a lightning bolt would strike from the sky to the ground. This event caused a HUGE Tidal wave, hundreds of feet high, possibly close to 1000 ft high, covering a very large area. People were running for their lives.....The tidal wave also came from the other direction. I interpret this to be both West and East Coast". I would like you to post this dream prediction, hopefully, it will not happen, however, I believe it will occur 90 days from June 1999.



Joe Mason's notes, September 28, 2001

2:59 AM

WWI - Ended 11-11-1918, at 11:11 AM
WWII - Nazis - Anti Jews - Swastika, Eagle, Tribe of Dan
Anti Jews & blacks: KKK = 11 + 11 + 11 = 33
Islam - Anti Jews - Terrorists

4:52 AM

A caller on the Art Bell show spoke of the WTC scene looking like the Roman colliseum. This reminded me of PKD in "Valis" saying "the Empire never ended."

5:10 AM

In composing the e-mail, I took a look at my Hale-Bopp article. On page 2 I rote of the signs in the sky dreams. The first one speaks of "Burning KKK crosses fall on people and pieces of buildings fall. Pieces of the street are thrust up." I just made a note above about KKK = 11 + 11 + 11 = 33. I am composing an e-mail for the earthchanges list about this.


[excerpts from article]

In 1995, The Dream Network Journal published a series of issues called, "Dreaming Humanity's Path." The dreams clearly were indicating great changes ahead. A number of the dreams were about constellations, such as Orion and the Pleiades, and events in the sky.

In volume 14, Numbers 1 & 2 (combined), on page 50, is a dream that starts with an earthquake. Burning KKK crosses fall on people and pieces of buildings fall. Pieces of the street are thrust up. Then it is night time and everyone is looking up at the sky. They see a strange thing, like a comet, coming slowly toward them. It is glowing and pulsating.

Everyone is afraid, but the dreamer is told mentally that it is extraterrestrials who are coming to help, and save them. The dreamer knows that this is a worldwide destruction going on and that nothing will ever be the same again. But he and his companions are being saved and protected.

In volume 14, number 3, on page 19, two dreams were printed side-by-side, titled "Signs in the Sky," and "More Signs in the Sky." The two dreams were submitted independently, yet they were almost identical. One dreamer saw a giant wheel turning in the sky with constellations going round and round. It was like time was turning, yet she and her friends were in a place of no time. Not everyone could see what was happening. She knew the identity of the constellations by name, old and new, and by "connected" names.

She asked her friend, "Do you see THAT?" and described a sign in the sky. It was like the stars were making connections.

The second dreamer was with a friend and looked in the sky with total awe. She asked, "Do you see THAT?" and described a sign in the sky. It was like the stars were making connections. She had a special name she described it by. Watching the sky signs was awesome, vivid, colorful, mesmerizing and felt prophetic. Some people saw what she saw, and others saw nothing. The wheel turned in the sky showing all the seasons and cycles. It was like looking through time, seeing past, present and portents to come. The dreamer talked to her friend a few days later. Her friend said she also had a similar vision, involving signs in the sky.

There was another dream reported in the journal, which I am unable to find at the moment. I remember it quite well, so I will tell my memory of it. The dreamer was awestruck by a huge sphere with many facets in the sky. It had once been a woman in the very distant past, but had turned into this thing. It still had maternal feelings. Sometimes it came close to the earth, like near mountains inhabited by humans, and felt connections.

The sphere then exploded, filling the sky with stars. (or something like that). Then, the dreamer was by a tree, and the message was communicated to her that the object/woman communicated to us through our amino acids.

Since amino acids are molecules that make up DNA, this seemed to be the very same message as the other sources. The Dream Network Journal can be found on the web at [new URL]:

Dream Network Journal

[end of excerpts from article]

5:19 AM

Form my Hale Bopp article I clicked on the link to Goro's site. I was re-directed to his new URL:

I found this:

[excerpts from Goro's site]

Sept. 21, '01 A Prophetic Hint in The Matrix?

The film The Matrix had a great impact on people - visually and conceptually. As many people have noticed, there is a strong messianic and seemingly prophetic undercurrent to the movie peppered with a lot of esoteric symbolism. For me, one of the most intriguing subtle symbols, or 'clues', in The Matrix was the one that appeared in one of its most dramatic sequences - where the Promethean figure, Morpheus, is rescued by Neo and Trinity from a tall building in a drastic - almost terrorist-like - manner. If you recall, immediately after the rescue, the helicopter piloted by Trinity dramatically crashes into a modern, glassy building. Needless to say, I am alluding to the similarity that seems to exist between this fictious sequence and the recent terrorist attacks. But what really caught my attention was that there appeared to be a not-so-subtle clue as to the timing of the event in question: in the scene where Morpheus, hanging from the helicopter, is transported to the roof of a building, you clearly see a building, the very building on top of which Morpheus is to be dropped, labeled 'MMI' - which happens to be Roman numerals for '2001'.

Signs are everywhere

(also interesting:)


The Two Suns of Election MM (12/4/00)

Symbolic interpretation of US Election 2000

(This reminds me of Jesus, the Sun/Son and Barabbas, son of papa)

[Joe's note, 10-13-01: The comment in parenthesis is my note. Some years ago, I read that Jesus said to say "papa" instead of "Father, when refering to God. I later learned that Barabbas means, "son of papa." This struck me as significant symbolism. Both Jesus and Barabbas are sons of pappa/Father/God. It is said that Barabbas was like a freedom fighter in those days, and was therefore popular with the people. At the trial of Jesus, because of a holliday, the Jewish people could choose one of the two men to spare. This is perhaps a metaphor for the choices we all make, and nations make, as we deal with our life challenges. ]

Sept. 18, '01 Quatrain VI-97 Revisited VI-97 is one of Nostradamus' prophetic quatrains that many people are linking with the recent terrorist attacks on US:

Quatrain VI-97

At forty-five [or 'five and forty'] degrees the sky will burn,
Fire to approach the great new city:
In an instant a great scattered flame will leap up,
When one will want to demand proof of the Normans.

[Inserted note, 10-13-2001 by Joe Mason: This "proof of the Normans" may be related to Harold's experiences in the New York City area related to rabbits, clocks, and the name "William."  My coincidence concerning this was finding the "William the Conqueror" reference in Alice in Wonderland. He was, of course, the Norman who seized the English crown. This relates symbolically to the kings of the earth becoming drunk on the wine of the harlot which causes fury and giving over their royal power to the beast in Revelation 17.]

This is of course a quatrain extensively discussed in my 'Babylon Matrix' ('98), 'Ark of Sirius' ('99), and elsewhere. Repeatedly, I have correlated VI-97 quite specifically with airplane crashes (which I have also closely associated with the theme of the Ark-Grail) such as the infamous TWA 800 (New York). In Babylon Matrix, moreover, the quatrain was shown to pertain to the planet Mars, especially the Cydonia region, in connection with the notion of 'life on Mars'. It is my view that the '911' terrorist attacks fit the pattern very coherently.

Taking "cinq & quarante" of Line 1 as 'five and forty' (as in 40.5, NYC's latitude) instead of 'forty five', and the 'great new city' as NYC, we see that the first three lines may potentially be relevant to the event in question. What is most interesting, however, is the implication of Line 4: 'When one will want to demand proof of the Normans'. First, as noted in Babylon Matrix, the "Normans" is essentially another name for the Vikings ('Norsemen') which in turn was the name given to the first space probes to land on the Red Planet (Viking 1 & 2, '76). It was this Viking space mission that first took the picture of the potentially artificial "monuments of Mars" - including the pentagonal 'D&M Pyramid' - in a region known as Cydonia at roughly 40N 5W, i.e. "five and forty." The controversial 'monuments' themselves were located at about 40.5-41N which happens to be the very latitude shared by none other than NYC back on Earth. Line 4, 'When one will want to demand proof of the [Vikings]', therefore would have the inference of people wanting to know the truth about Cydonia and/or more generally about the existence of life on Mars. As those who have followed this or other related websites would know, this cannot be a more appropriate description of the time period around the turn of the millennium, i.e. right now.

Since 1998 or so, NASA's Mars Global Surveyor has managed to take several new pictures of the Cydonia 'monuments' - including the famous "Face on Mars" photographed and released earlier this year - for the first time since the Viking mission as many people indeed demanded that the structures be photographed by MGS. (The new pictures have not settled the matter yet, however.) But even more intriguingly, the year 2001 saw scientists revisiting the Viking mission data and finding apparent evidence of Martian life! Indeed, this remarkable news broke just weeks/days before the terrorist attacks in NYC and Washington DC.

It is also interesting to note - as I was informed by a reader - that the Vikings, i.e. the 'Normans', are historically inseparable from the date AD 911, numerically resonating with the date of the attacks (9/11), for this was when the Carolingian king, Charles the Simple made Normandy a duchy under Rollo. Also, it is amusing to notice that the Transportation Secretary of the US who is in charge of overseeing the airlines and such is Norman Mineta at this time - when people are wanting his assurance that air travel is safe (i.e. demanding 'proof of Norman').

([Joe's note] The Normans may also hit of William the Conqueror and the invasion of 1066. Hmmm ... adds to 13. I speculated that the name "Charles" may relate in a similar way to William, in that the Carolingian kings started by Charles Martel overthrew the French kings with the royal grail blood.)

[From Goro:] Many people are also e-mailing me to tell me - and I agree - that the "great star" in the first line of quatrain II-41 (discussed in last entry) that is said to "burn for seven days"may relate to the Pentagon whose shape is a geometric cousin of a five-pointed star which in turn is symbolic of the 'great star' Sirius (as well as Venus).

Let me also point out something intriguing. The renowned former US military remote- viewer numero uno, Joseph McMoneagle, predicted in his 1998 book (The Ultimate Time Machine): "We can expect to see a long slide in the stock market (Wall Street) beginning within the next three to six years (probably actually starting around September of 2001.)" Hmm...

At this time, I will just direct your attention to the following couple of 'projections' I presented in the 'Two Suns' article (written Dec. '00):

"[The era of George W. Bush] will in some way mark the end of presidency or the United States as it exists today"

"In general, revolutionary changes seem to be coming in 2001 onward. That 2001 is 1929 + 72 is a ominous sign especially for economy as the year 1929 saw the stock market crash marking the beginning of the Great Depression and 72 is a mythologically and astronomically important number connected to the concept of time and cycles." (Note:the collapse of the WTC twin towers, which embodies the financial prowess of US/market, symbolically reenacts the '29 market crash.)

([Joe's note] There are 72 degrees between each point of the five pointed star, i.e., the Pentagon. 72 x 77 = 5544. 5544/11= 504 - sphinx, x 2 = 1008, moon, 54 has positieve 666 tangent. 1008 has been a coincidental number for me, related to Pyramid Pi, which also relates to the Twin Towers.)

Sept. 10, '01 Contact?

Have you seen the 'crop glyphs' that appeared in England (near Chilbolton Radio Telescope) in mid-August that some think is the 'answer' to the interstellar radio message mankind transmitted in 1974 from Arecibo to a potential extraterrestrial civilization out there? Pretty intriguing stuff. To be clear, I don't personally think it's as simple as some ET intelligence receiving and answering the Arecibo radio transmission, nor do I think the crop glyphs are something that can be labeled "genuine," or "hoax," in a clear-cut way. From my point of view, these notions are more or less secondary. It seems that in this case the most productive approach would be to focus on the message itself -- for if the encoded information is useful and contains tangible insights, who cares if the crop glyphs were created by ETs, humans, or whoever? I feel the cleverness demonstrated by the glyph message is enough to warrant a serious investigation into their meaning.


This is an excerpt from a letter to Catherine, dated November 4, 1994


My friend/coworker, Jeff, told me this dream in 1990:

"I went with an oriental man to a house to buy some Avon perfume. It was raining hard. I wrote a check for the perfume and placed it on the porch, where it got wet. We knocked on the door, and a very huge man let us in. Once inside, the oriental man had to take off his head and hold it under his arm. The big man led us into a bedroom that had a split level, with the bed on the higher level. Another really huge man was there. He started to look mean and threatening, so we ran back to the living room and toward the front door. But the other big man, the one who let us in, was blocking the door, holding a small knife. We ran round and round the living room with the big man from the bedroom chasing us. After a while, the big man at the door said, 'Look, I don't really agree with the other man, so I am going to let you out.' Instantly, I saw that the man was not holding a knife, but a little feather. I realized then that I knew that it was a feather all along, but for some reason I perceived it as a knife."

It was shortly after this that I read of the Egyptian belief that a feather represents truth. I eventually came to see this dream as being symbolic of the whole time cycle we are in. The house represents the "enclosure" of the earth-plane experience. We seek to find our soul/identity by following our sixth sense. [perfume of soul flower] We surrender some of our spiritual (oriental [from the East]) abilities through a forgetting, a self-imposed amnesia. (removing the head) We experience fear and stress in a cycle of time. The bed on the higher level indicates dreams, which often give insights as to our fears. At the end of the cycle, the truth is revealed, enabling us to pass through the "doorway."

In 1982 I dreamed of knives of various special shapes. They represented kinds of pruning tools, like cutting out parts of your belief patterns that you do not want, trimming the fat so-to-speak. After Jeff told me the dream, and finding the meaning of the feather, it all made a lot of sense. It is the truth, after all, that prunes out negative/fearful beliefs. [And sets one free]

I've heard it said that when Jesus comes again, he will bring a sword.

In Revelation, a double-edged sword issues forth from the mouth of the Son Of Man. Perhaps this has the "pruning-truth" meaning. As I see it, this corresponds to the birds being sent at the 3 1/2 stage in the Hopi creation myth. The truth about the great mysteries will be revealed at the end of the great cycle of time. I do believe that this is happening NOW, and that dreams are a major part of these revelations. This is why I am dedicating myself fully to this project.


Joe Mason's "Judah" Dream

A dream I had around 1991 was very strange.

I was waiting in a car in a big parking lot. A pretty woman was supposed to meet me. A car pulled into a space nearby. A pretty woman got out, and got into the dirver's seat of the car I was in. She was not the woman I was supposed to meet. She explained that the other woman had sent her, and that she was going to drive me to meet the woman.

We drove across town. As we passed a certain street, I realized that it was the street the woman lived on that I was supposed to meet. I mentioned this to the woman dirver, saying that she should have turned left. She said that she would turn around and go back. But, I knew that it was impossible to go back. It was like trying to go back in time.

Suddenly, the scene changed. It was night time. I was laying on my back on a grassy knoll beside a paved street, near a turn in the road. A wire mesh fence was at the top of the knoll, and a freeway just to the other side. The woman driver was now setting upon me . . . we were having sex! Suddenly, we saw something like a white sheet hovering in the air, some 100 feet above us. It quickly turned blood red, starting at one corner, and moving to the opposite corner. The bloody sheet started to move down toward us. As it moved, it began to crinkle like tin foil.

The woman began to screem in extreme fright. As she screemed, she began to transform into an ugly old hag! The bloody, krinkled sheet folded itself around the woman. She was being taken away.

[end of dream]


I only reported the dream to one person, Pablo, as it was rather embarassing.

He wrote back, saying that it reminded him of the story in Genesis of Judah having sex with a putative harlot by the roadside.

I found my Bible to look for the story. I put my thumb near the beginning, and flipped the book open. Incredibly, I had opened it to Genesis 38, which tells the story of Judah and Tamar, and the strange birth of the twins.

The story, and my dream, I feel, are related symbolically to the harlot of Revelation 17. The kings of the earth fornicate with the harlot, and become drunk on her wine, which causes fury. They collectively give over their royal power to the beast, untill the words of God are fulfilled. This seems to be part of the "script," because God has put it into their hearts to carry out his purpose (Rev. 17:17).

I think this dream is related to the harlot, who is symbolized in the East by Kali. See:

Tamasisk - Anger - Fury (Kali & The Harlot)


Subj: 11:11, The Lion, The Swastika & Positive Co-Creation
Date: 5/3/99 7:58:42 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: JMason4557

In a message dated 5/2/99 5:21:27 PM Pacific Daylight Time, al writes:

<< Subj: [earthchanges] Re: 11:11 22:22 Dear List (Joe, Doug, et al)


Let me say at the outset (and I have no wish to offend anyone who reads this) that I do not equate religion with spirituality. I also don't think we are going to be whisked away by spacecraft, or that mother earth will be destroyed in the near future. We, collectively or individually) decide our own future(s). I also think that the only reason we are given the facility to see into the "future" is that we can change it for the better, for everyone and every thing. >> (snip)


Dear Diane,

I agree. That is one reason we have this page:


I read all the Seth books back in the late 70s. In the last nine years I have come to see many of the same basic concepts in dreams, myths, coincidental events, and in other ways, including "religion." Excuse me if the word is offensive to you. To me a religion is a widely held myth.

A myth is a theory about the unknown, often expressed in symbols and metaphors. The word "religion," I read, means "linking back," as in finding one's origin.

Sure, many have used "religion" to control people, grasp power, and much worse. But, I would not classify everyone who expresses a "belief" in a "religion" as being of that ilk.

I also do not believe that people will be "whisked away by spacecraft, or that mother earth will be destroyed." But, I believe such things have a meaning in terms of symbolism.

Seth and others expressed the importance of dreams. He said the dream realm holds infinite idea potential that can be manifested into reality. He said that, one day, the dream realm will bring new ideas that will transform the world. A belief that this is impossible, he said, holds back its manifestation.

Another thing he said is that if we paid more attention to coincidence, we would see the order of things in a different way. He also said that we are learning to be conscious co-creators.

I did not remember much of this when the dreams and coincidences started in 1990. I now see some of the connections. The "11:11" phenomena led in a strange direction. I was never a "believer" in "religion," but I seemed to be guided to read the Bible, and eventually found that Revelation 11:11 was central.

It connects to many things, such as the duality, and the extremely ancient symbolism of King, Lion, the Royal Bloodline, and Royal Power. The verse speaks of the two olive trees (or lampstands, or prophets) who stand up after 3 1/2 days (midpoint of the chakras). It is linked to the two olive trees beside the golden lampstand with seven lamps in Zechariah 4. These are the "two anointed," symbolized in this case by Joshua and Zerubabbel in Zechariah 3 and 4.

The two anointed are the High Priest and King of the Royal Bloodlines that trace back to Egypt and to the dawn of history in Summer. The symbolism still appears in dreams.

I believe this carries important metaphors about mankind. The High Priest is the inside Self and the King is the outside self, or "focus personality," as Seth may have put it. The "Fisher Kings" in this tradition, represented a unification of the two aspects, as the Priest-King.

Perhaps Seth or others would call it the shaman-scientist.

Part of the symbolism, then and now, includes being underground or under (or in) the water. It is sometimes shown as the first three steps of the universal "3 1/2." This seems to indicate that mankind is co-creating the reality from "under the surface," that is, unconsciously.

The Hopi creation myth of Spider Grandmother is one such example.

After the third underground chamber, the humans climb to the surface and sunlight. It is like the return from the Underworld/Hades in other ancient myths.

In other cases, it is a swim from the water, back to the land. The story of Noah's Ark is an example. It is like mankind's dream journey in the Age of Pisces. All the animals must be brought aboard, because they represent the dream symbols.

Another symbol of this involves the Lion/King. The Kings of the Royal Bloodline are related Biblically to Judah, who is the "lion's whelp" (Genesis 49:9). A Templar-related story gives a clue to the meaning:


<<You are born a camel. You get down on your knees, and a load is placed upon you (conditioned beliefs of childhood). When you grow up and leave home, you become a lion who goes into the desert.

Eventually, the lion runs into a dragon who has "Thou Shalt" written on each of his scales (confronting the conditioned beliefs). The lion slays the dragon and transforms into a baby. At that point, you have overcome the conditioned beliefs and are operating from you own heart's center.

It is also said, "The heaver the load, the stronger the lion." >>


The symbolism seems to be quite old. In one of the sayings in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, Jesus says (something like):

"Lucky is he who eats the lion, for the lion becomes human. But, cursed is he who the lion eats, for the lion still becomes human."

Keeping this in mind, various passages in the Book of Revelation seem clear. The Kings of the Earth "fornicate" (bond) with the harlot who is seated upon many waters, which are peoples and nations, multitudes and tongues (unconscious influences). They become "drunk" on her wine, which evokes Anger - Fury , and collectively give over their "Royal Power" to the beast.

At the end of the story, the Kings of the Earth bring their glory into The New Jerusalem, which symbolizes "the order of the heavens made apparent on earth." The Tree of Life stands at the center of the city. I believe The Tree represents a totally abundant en mass belief system, after mankind has overcome the negative influences in the collective unconscious.

See? It is basically the same as the Seth teaching, that we will learn to be conscious co-creators.

This, I believe, is why Rev. 3:11 advises to let no one seize your "Crown," that is, your Royal Power, your ability to create your own reality consciously. It is also expressed, I believe, in Isiah

65:17, 65:21, 22, as building our own house and living in it, and planting our own vinyard and eating the fruit.

My dreams led to another symbol for these things - the Swastika, another universal ancient symbol. It is composed of four "builder"

glyphs, the right-angled squares, an "L" shaped tool, used by carpenters, masons, and other craftsmen. As a "builder" from each of the cardinal directions, it represents the "Demiurge," the helper of "God," or a "god"

who is subornate to the Supreme Creator. The Demiurge is the creator of the physical world, and can do "good or evil." The counterclockwise Swastika, or West-going Swastika represents a negative, yet learning creation. The clockwise, or East-going, Swastika represents "good luck," a positive creation. In some cases, the "builder" glyphs are curved horns.

A recent set of dreams indicated that the counterclockwise, negative Swastika also represents the "past," and the clockwise one is the "future." We are being "pulled by the future, and pushed by the past."

I was quite surprised when I found the idea in the Bible, in Zechariah 1:18-21 - <And I lifted my eyes and saw, and behold, four horns! And I said to the angel who talked with me, "What are these?" And he answered me, "These are the horns which have scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem."

Then the Lord showed me four smiths. And I said, "What are these coming to do?" He answered, "These are the horns which scattered Judah, so that no man raised his head; and these have come to terrify them, to cast down the horns of the nations who lifted up their horns against the land of Judah to scatter it. >   I first read Doug's dream "Vision" in an e-mail. Later, I contacted him, and Dee created a web page with The Vision:

Vision of 11:11

The friend that was always "beside/behind" Doug, I believe, represents the "Joshua/High Priest," or inner Self. In Egypt, it is the Divine Ka, the Divine Double.

After "days of traveling," (like 3 1/2 in the cycle), Doug lifted "the outside trap door to the basement," and his "mysterious friend proceeded into the cellar of the house."

As I see it, this indicates the underground, subconscious realm.

Doug, the "Zerubabbel-Lion-King," outside self, did the work of "opening the door," so that the Higher Self could take action.

The basement was full of people, and there was only one light, a candle. This may suggest that the collective unconscious is involved, and that we have very little knowledge about it. The "candle" may tie in with the two olive trees, which are also lampstands. Zechariah 4 speaks of the two golden pipes below the branches, where the oil pours out. Olive oil was used in the lamps, which are like a candle.

The idea is also found in the Quran 24:35, which is called, "The Verse of Light" - "God is the light of the heavens and the earth; the likeness of His Light is as a niche wherein is a lamp (the lamp in a glass, the glass as it were a glittering star) kindled from a Blessed Tree, an olive that is neither of the East nor of the West, whose oil welnigh would shine, even if no fire touched it. Light upon Light."

The Sufi mystic, Ghazali, wrote that this shows the psychic structure of the soul. "The niche, as a place of gathering of both sound and light in the outer world, is also a place of gathering inwardly for all sensory perceptions."

[Note, 10-13-01: We included the full text of this on our page about dreams of trees. I have pasted it as an insert below. We also included the verse on our page about apertures and crop circles.]

This psychic structure of the soul has been expressed by Ghazali in an esoteric commentary upon the Verse of Light (Quran 24:35).The niche, as a place of gathering of both sound and light in the outer world, is also a place of gathering inwardly for all sensory perceptions. A focus point, an aperture in the wall, it symbolizes the first inner aspect of the soul, common sense. The glass symbolizes the second, imagination, which like glass is part of the materiality of this world and has a definite dimension; like glass in is making, imagination is at first opaque to the light of the Intellect which transcends direction, quality, and distance.Once the imagination is clarified and refined, it gains a similarity to the Active Intellect, or spiritual Heart, and becomes transparent to the light, just as a glass is needed to protect the candlelight from being dissipated by the wind, so the imagination is needed to control intellectual knowledge and hold the images together.

The third symbol, that of the light-giving lamp, is related to the intelligence (that is, the thinking function or the function of will), for it is this faculty which recognizes the Archetypes or Divine Names and Qualities.

The function of meditation (formed by memory) and reflection is symbolized by the fourth symbol, the tree. Meditation begins with a thought and branches out into others; its conclusions become seeds producing the further growth of thought. The tree is not a fruit tree but the olive trees, the oil of which feeds the lamps; and as opposed to other soils, the oil of the olive increases radiance. This is not any tree, any meditation, but rather meditation upon that 'which is neither of the East nor the West'.

The fifth symbol, the oil, relates to the faculty that is sacred within the human form, the spiritual Heart, or Active Imagination, or Active Intellect: the Spirit of God within us.

Existing in potential in all human beings, it is actualized and made luminous in but a very few. For most people, the acquisition of knowledge must come from without.

The active Intellect, on the other hand, is self-luminous with no external source: the oil which 'would shine, even if no fire touched it'.

Thus the psyche (the inner senses) is just one part of a larger totality of the feminine principle or soul, incorporating the outer senses, which moves on the mystic Quest towards spiritual becoming and union with the Spirit. It is in this phase of the journey that one meets with the jinn, the psychic forces within. They constantly intrude with temptations and inclinations which one must actively put aside, or, once again, one will be hindered from continuing the journey.

[end of inserted paste]

So, Doug's Vision may be showing mankind's lack of viewing the inward side.

The people in the basement "appeared to be dazed or in a trance of some sort." This seems similar to the Kings of the Earth being "drunk on the wine of the harlot." The leader, the man dressed in a reddish shirt and blue jeans, was arrested and brought up to the surface. As I see it, the man symbolizes "Satan" in the original meaning of the "opponent" force. In Egypt, he was Typhon-Set or Typhon-Seth, who was red in color. Joshua, in Zechariah 3 is accused by Satan, and has dirty garments. He is helped to get clean garments, and is called, "a brand plucked form the fire."

It seems to be a purification experience. In (Jane Roberts) Seth terms, this may be said to represent our "problems," which are actually "challenges" set up, in order for us to learn. This seems to also be indicated by Zerubabbel making the great mountain into a plane, and bringing the topstone forward in Zechariah 4.

This is the final part of Doug's great Vision:


<< As the man raised a pen or pencil to write or sign a paper that was laying on the podium, a bright white light came down from the sky and covered the entire left side of my body. It was warm and inviting and in it was the strength I needed to make a stance. My right arm immediately raised and I pointed my index finger towards the prominent man at the podium. These are the exact words that I uttered directly to him.

"I told you in my word, you felt me in your spirit, behold I show you my return." (I still get goose bumps everytime I repeat that quote)

Then my arm fell to my side. I quickly glanced to my left again and saw the man being held drop to his knees. Then the light went away, the vision stopped and I woke up screaming, half in tears yelling to my wife did you see it?, did you see the light?, it came right thru the window!

It was a vision I told her. I looked at the digital clock and it read

11:11pm. I was so upset with what had happened that I couldn't go back to sleep. >>


The "return" of the Avatar, or the like, I believe, is indicated. Jesus, a King of the Royal Bloodline of Judah, is the one in our Western tradition. Another is the legendary King Arthur, which came from Templar-inspired stories of the same Royal Bloodline of Kings.

In Meso-America, he is Quetzalcoatl, Kulkukan, the Feathered Serpent. To the Hopi Tribe, it is Prana ("white man"), the twin that departed long ago. When he returns, it will be the time of Purification. He will be carrying the Cross and the Swastika, to symbolize the feminine and masculine forces in the world.

Folks, I do believe the Kings of the Earth are all of us!

So, Diane, I hope you see that not all people who use the word "religion,"

or quote a scripture, are to be put in a little box.

Light upon Light,

Joe Mason

Humanity On The Pollen Path


Subj: dreams
Date: 98-08-30 12:45:39 EDT
From: Maureen

Hi Dee,

Been reading through your dreams and my instincts are kicking in that I have tuned into something dear to my heart,(soul)

2 years ago I dreamed that I was calmly following a female gold lioness.She was BEAUTIFUL. So physical but yet eherial and Powerful.She showed me her paw. On a nail was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen It was composed of all jewels and some I had never seen and the band was jeweled also but the whole thing was moving, liquified,shimmering. As I would reach for it she would stand up,open her mouth and take my head in it. I could feel one tooth penetrate my crown center and the bottom tooth enter my throat center. It did hurt,lasting for about 10 seconds.

She would then calmly get down and start walking away. I would watch her and the moment I decided to take a step forward (because I simply had to have that ring at all costs),she would slowly walk back to me and stand up. I would lower my head and she would bite again. I would endure it and this kept happening maybe 4-5 times.

The following day I went into a store and saw a poster that shocked me.

It was of the male lion of the tribe of Judah with a chain with 2 keys hanging from his mouth.He was wearing a crown and also his right front leg was extended forward with a jeweled bracelet on it !!! Below was written,"I am the alpha and the omega and died but AM again. Fear not, I hold the keys to hell and death. I live."

But this was not the end. I went to Philadephia to visit my Bishop for a weekend. I told her nothing of this. After she said mass I was spinning and slightly dizzy with a burning crown chakra. I then told her of the "ring" but not the poster. Minutes later she informed me , "no dear, it's not a ring, it's your crown!!!"I then recalled that at the beginning of the mass after invoking the archangels Michael,Gabriel,Auriel and Raphael that she invoked Arial (and another).

I looked it up and Arial = lion angel and also the antique name for Jerusalem,, and also means altar hearth.

Just wanted to share that with you and ask if you know of any mailing lists that I could get on pertaining to this or spiritual similarities.

More Light.

Rev. Maureen H


Subj: Fwd: Dream
Date: 9/24/2001 6:16:16 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Dee777
To: JMason4557
Forwarded Message:
Subj: Dream
Date: 9/24/2001 5:44:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Thomas

Hi Dee,

Would you please forward a copy of this interpretation of the dream of Rev. Maureen Heffernan to her and others who you think would find it of interest.--

Thomas The golden lioness represents the lost royal bloodline of the "first-born" that can be traced back to 'the seed of Abraham. When the lioness extended her paw with the jeweled ring, she was demonstrating that she represents the Queen Mother, or, the royal bride searching for her beloved bridegroom; the king.

When the lioness took your head into her mouth, with one tooth penetrating your crown center and the lower tooth entering your throat, it demonstrated that the lioness was unveiling this mystery to you.

The poster of the male lion of the Tribe Of Judah represents the lost bridegroom of this bloodline. The two keys on a chain hanging from the lioness's mouth represents the bloodlines of the twins, Pharez and Zerah. That goes back to the "divine rights" of the "first-born" of Esau whose line was breached by the line of the "second-born" of Jacob.

Jacob's name means supplanted as he disguised himself in the image of his twin brother and betrayed him as he deceived his father Isaac to gain the rights of the "first-born". This betrayal caused a curse on Jacob as his first-born was deemed incapable and unworthy of perpetuating the royal bloodline.

Jacob blessed his first-born son Reuben, but refused to grant him his rights of inheritence as he was described as "unstable as water..." Of Simon and Levi; "weapons of violence are their swords... I will divide them in Jacob and scatter them in Israel. But of the tribe of Judah he said:

This scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor the ruler's staff from between his feet, until he comes to whom it belongs. [Genesis 49:10]

But, Tamar, his daughter-in-law, deceived Judah and was able to gain possession of his signet, his bracelet (hence; on paw), and his staff, when she seduced him and conceived Pharez and Zerah. With the strange birth of Zerah the line of the 'first-born' was shown to be lost when the midwife tied a scarlet thread, that designated the first-born, around the wrist of Zerah, only to have it withdrawn that allowed Pharez to be born first; --the line of David and Jesus.

Hence; the heavenly image on earth of the lion and the lamb laying together represents the twin royal lines of Jesus and Thomas.

In Barbara Walker's book, "The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets", she states without explanation that the disciple Thomas is actually the ancient Sumerian god Tammuz, which is Hebrew for Thomas.

Tammuz was called the god of "green corn" and was worshiped by the tribe of Judah who had adopted and incorporated him into their own religion during the Babylonian captivity and became the central position as the Christos or sacred king annually sacrificed in the Temple in Jerusalem. (Ez. 8:14)

It has been determined that the 'Song of Songs' was taken from dirges and lamentations found in the Tammuz songs that were written after the son/god died and descended to the underworld and never returned. They were dedicated to Ishtar (from where Easter derived) who bewailed her beloved son/god as she searched for him in the barren fields and sheepholds. The anticipated return of the 'bridegroom' and reunion with the Mother Goddess is the mystery hidden behind the "Wedding at Cana" of the Gnostic Fourth Gospel of John, of which, Jesus refused to allow to take place between Mary and himself..

The fact that Jesus' twin brother Thomas represents the return of Tammuz, fulfills the messianic prophecy of both Christians and Jews, alike.---


See also:  The Scarlet Thread: Path to the Inheritance


Added October 14, 2001- In 1995 I wrote a letter to Paul Rydeen. I mentioned that I had received material from Carl Munck which contained information about an ancient numbering system called "Gematria." In Paul's return letter, he questioned the validity of Munk's material, because the Gematria Paul studied had numbers such as 777, 888, and 999. Along with the letter, Paul reported some of his recent dreams:


I am walking along the edge of what is supposed to be our new house. It doesn't really look
like it. It's right on a busy street, maybe near Grandma Johnson's old house. I'm sort of both
inside and outside at once, as if the basement merges into the yard. I walk along a sand-filled
trench looking for dinosaur tracks. I kick back several inches of sand to find the hard surface
below. Instead of dinosaur tracks, I find astronaut tracks fossilized in the bedrock.

I push a large, empty, off-white fiberglass linen cart out of my way. It rolls through the sand,
down toward the street. It keeps on going, and I worry it will cause an accident. It looks OK,
but then a car crashes into it. It's a little white four-door car, a miniature Ford Falcon. This must
be Horus, the Millennium Falcon who, descending, spews out a New Age. I go down to inspect
the damage.

The driver is an actor - hence, not what he seems - named Kirk, which means 'church'. Kirk is
OK, but the car has heavy damage to the left side, which is where the cart hit it.

Kirk comes back later with an inflated estimate of $7920.00. Kirk wants me to sign the estimate.
I tell him I can't admit to fault, but I will give it to my insurance company for review. They'll
probably want to negotiate, I tell him. I go ahead and start to sign it as an acknowledgement
rather than agreement, but stop when I get grease all over the page. The grease is from some
green shop machinery the previous owner left behind. His name was Champion. I hand the
estimate back to Kirk, unsigned.

Out front, I see Kirk's car. Now it's an early '80s Monte Carlo, all hot-rodded up, still white.
Kirk points out the damaged rear quarter panel. 'Make sure they know it's a fender,' he says,
as if the insurance agent wouldn't know what a rear quarter panel was. There's no way I'm
allowing my insurance company to pay $7920 when the whole car is not worth half that much.
Even if it's the Monte Carlo I'm paying for, it's too much. I haven't forgotten the Falcon.

The fact that it's a different car now, a substitute, bothers me. 'Monte Carlo' (Mount Charles)
refers to a Mediterranean (Middle Earth) gambling resort. It's a gamble all right, a gamble on
their part. This seems to be a scapegoat, a 'pharmikon' substiture for a real sacrifice. The
inflated repair bill seems to be the price they want me to pay for searching for those dinosaurs
tracks, for discovering the truth. The astronauts, the future, where here first. They weren't
allowed to set foot on the moon in Apollo 13, but they did set foot on the earth, once. The
record lies beneath the sand. It was in our past.



The following is an excerpt from a letter I received from Paul Rydeen, dated October 27, 1995.

Dear Joe,

Thanks for you latest. Since you're into numbers, here's a few recent ones for you. In a crazy out-of-control elevator nightmare I had last week, the only floors for which there were buttons were 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 161, 171, 181. Earlier this week I dreamed of buying a book on cargo cults at the supermarket for $2.13. I opened the inside back cover to see it was marked down from $11.93, although the original price was higher. When we paid for our groceries the total was $299.97. I was mad at my wife because I expected the total to be about half that. This morning, I had a dream which was all black save for large five-digit numbers, most starting with 7, that scrolled before my eyes like an odometer. I wrote them all down but when I awoke found I only dreamed I wrote them down.

Another night this week I dreamed of going to Twin Lakes in Robbinsdale, Minnesota. Almost in response to my statement that I rarely dream of numbers, I've noticed a large increase in dreams with twin themes lately. I've begun writing it all up in conjunction with Hurricane Marilyn's destruction of St. Thomas ("Thomas" means "twin") and a dream of a lady I know named Marilyn, but it's not finished yet. Marilyn's twin was Hurricane Opal.

I found it very eye-opening that 7920 is the diameter of the earth in miles. "Gematria literally means "measuring the earth"! (The reference is to a dream of mine for which a repair bill was $7920 on a car I allegedly damaged, a Falcon which turned into a Monte Carlo.)

So there's a bunch of numbers for you to decipher for me.

[end of excerpt from Paul's letter]


Contemporary Cargo Cults - The Independent Guide To The Financial Jungle


What is a "Cargo Cult"?

The term "Cargo Cult" was coined by an anthropologist. After World War II, after the American, British and Australian troops had left the islands, natives in the South Pacific began to long for the material riches of Western culture. Anthropologists believe Cargo Cults were formed to encourage and prepare for the return of the "White Man" and the riches they would bring with them. One of the best known Cargo Cults is the Jon Frum Movement on Tanna, an island in Vanuatu, Melanesia.

Why is this site called

One of the goals of investing involves the desire for a better future, a more secure financial future. Just like the members of a Cagro Cult, we are all wishing for a better material life, waiting for our ship to come in. provides a fresh perspective on the investment world with a dash of humor and a good deal of skepticism.

[end of excerpt]


Note added January 8, 2001:

In my return letter to Paul, I spoke of James 2:13, as mentioned above in my letter to G.A. Farthing of The Blavatsky Trust. It may have related to his dream of the book price of $2.13. I just now realized that the previous price of $11.93 may have been a hint of the future Flight numbers in the great tragedy of September 11, 2001, Flight 11 and Flight 93. The price was reduced by $9.80. Half of 98 is 49, perhaps hinting at 7 x 7, Flight 77, and the Mega Glyph with its 409 circles (360 + 49). 299.97 - 11.93 = 288.04. 288 x 4 = 1152, has the Gematrian/Word meaning, "Witness." 409 - 213 = 196, or 4 x 49.



After recording a number of dreams that included the bathroom, toilet, or something similar, my friend, Jeff, reported the following dream, which gave me an idea about the possible meaning -


Jeff's Dream, 1991 I was in an oriental town, and I was wearing white pants and a white tanktop. I had tattoos on each shoulder. I walked through a restaurant, and out into the back courtyard. People were watching a fat oriental woman, who lifted up her shirt and showed her pregnant belly.

I went into the bathroom of the restaurant. The toilet was backed up, and urine was on the floor. I looked down, and saw that my white pants had gotten stained.

I went outside and saw a van with children in it. The windows were dirty, so I started to clean them.


Interpretation by Joe Mason

I believe the "toilet" metaphor is a play on the "food-for-thought" symbol, which is common in dreams. Old thoughts/beliefs have been "consumed," and all the nutrients removed. It is time to discharge them. The toilet being backed up seems to say that we are having a problem releasing old beliefs and ways of being.

Jeff also had dream of being on a starship in space. A VERY important message was trying to come in, but it could not come in until the garbage was ejected first.

Derek, a young friend, had a dream of going to an upper-floor apartment to repair a garbage disposal.

Josephine had a dream of being in a large public bathroom with a white and black tiled floor. Another woman came in with a little boy. An announcement was made that the boy had a staff infection, so everyone was going to be quarantined in the bathroom.

In many other dreams, the dreamer, and/or others go into the bathroom. This often happens in complex dreams that are obviously important.

Sometime after Jeff told me the dream of staining his white pants, I became interested in the Bible for the first time. I was not raised with religion, but I had come to the point where I felt there was a lot of truth in all the myths and religions. I was startled to read Revelation 3:1-5 - ". . . I know your works; you have the name of being alive, and you are dead. Awake, and strengthen what remains and is on the point of death, for I have not found your works perfect in the sight of my God."

"Yet you have still a few names in Sardis, people who have not soiled their garments; and they shall walk with me in white, for they are worthy." He who conquers shall be clad thus in white garments, and I will not blot his name out of the book of life; I will confess his name before my Father and before his angels."

Another important part of the Bible concerning this is in Zechariah 3. Joshua has filthy garments after being accused by Satan. By the angel's command, he is helped to get clean garments. He is called a "brand plucked from the fire," which seems to indicate a purification process. The verse is quite significant to me, because Joshua and Zerubbabel in Zechariah 4, are directly related to the two olive trees that stand up after 3 1/2 days in Revelation 11:11. They are also called two lampstands and two prophets. They are the two anointed of the bloodlines, the High Priest (Joshua) and King (Zerubbabel). 3 1/2 seems to indicate the midpoint of the seven chakras, the point between the third and fourth (Heart). See:

I suppose most people would interpret the verses in Revelation to mean that those who are walking in unstained white garments are not "sinful." Perhaps so, but Jeff's dream seems to indicate that it can refer to those who have discharged the old, negative beliefs, and are able to adopt the new ones. Of course, old beliefs can lead to negative or "sinful" actions, so the bathroom symbolism may suggest both.

Sometimes I find dream symbols reflected in art works of various types. A controversial painting fits this symbolism, in my mind. The painting depicted Jesus in urine.

Needless to say, many people were outraged. Sometime after Jeff told me his dream, I thought about the painting controversy. The artist seemed to be saying that the teachings or concepts of Jesus are mired in old negative belief systems. Yes! It IS outrageous!

I think it is important to note that in some dreams there is a "public washroom." In Jeff's dream it was a "bathroom of the restaurant," i. e., a public bathroom. The same can be said of the dream with the people quarantined in the bathroom. The point is that this seems to refer to the general public, rather to just the dreamer. I would think that if the dreams were speaking only to something concerning the individual dreamer, the bathroom would be the one in the dreamer's own house.

I found something new and revealing about a dream I found on-line (see below). The idea of the toilets being out in the open with either no doors or half walls and "just a room of toilets with no means of privacy at all in any form," gives a big hint, I believe.

Think about it . . . when we consider changing our beliefs in a way that is different from those around us, it is somewhat frightening, that is, we will probably be subject to rejection. So, the lack of "privacy," in the sense of our new beliefs being "exposed,"

may cause us to hang on to the old beliefs simply out of a sense of comfort. So, we tend to conform to our "peer groups."

This idea reminds me of a dream my friend Katherine had, except her symbols were different. In the dream, people were being chased by a man. The people ran to a place where there were four trees, and climbed up into them. They hung on to the branches, feeling safe. Then, the man came up to the trees and started pouring gasoline on them.

Trees, I believe, can represent our belief systems. Jeff had a dream where he saw a tree growing out of his teen aged son's head, and some of the branches were rotten. He went to go prune the rotten branches, but he hesitated when he realized that if he pruned too deeply, it would kill the boy.

A young man in Kenya named Joseph sent me a dream that I felt was similar to Katherine's dream. A huge wind came and started blowing him down a dirt road. He grabbed the limb of a tree and hung on for dear life. But he was blown off, and flew down the road among the dirt and debris. After a while the air began to clear.

Joseph had another dream that was more like a vision. He saw the images before he fell asleep. In the vision, lots of people were being chased by some mean-looking men carrying pitchforks.

I found this quite interesting, because a number of dreams and coincidences involved a pitchfork or Trident. Later, I read about some of the concepts in the East Indian religions. The "Destroyer god," Shiva, has the Trident as one of his symbols. He is one of three gods in a Triad or Trinity, that is, the One God in three aspects. The other two aspects are "Creator," and "Sustainer." The idea is that a creation is created, sustained, and then destroyed, followed by the next cycle. The "Destroyer" function is equated to a seed growing into a plant. The "seed" is destroyed in the process of the "plant's" growth.

The man pouring the gasoline on the four trees in Katherine's dream, I felt, also fit with these ideas.

In Jeff's dream, he was in an "oriental" town. I believe that "oriental" refers to "strangers or foreigners from the East," who's language we cannot understand, meaning entities or symbolic information from a more enlightened spiritual dimension. The Gnostics had the term "Alogenes," which meant "stranger" or "foreigner."

The "fat oriental woman, who lifted up her shirt and showed her pregnant belly," in Jeff's dream, may suggest the seed of an idea that will be "born" into manifestation. Cleaning the windows of the van, so that the children could see better, may refer to helping others to understand, to become awake and aware. Perhaps this is the "baby" that is to be "born," that is, Jeff may help others in their spiritual quest, by reporting his dreams.

The following two dreams also include the "bathroom" symbolism:


Recurring Dreams Of No Toilets Reported by Pamala on Nov 4, 1997 I keep having dreams concerning the same thing. I dream that I have to go to the washroom in a public place, but when I get to the public washroom, either the toilets have been removed or they are out in the open with either no doors or half walls.

Sometimes they are just a room of toilets with no means of privacy at all in any form.

Any ideas what this all means???


Added September 13, 2001

Spirit and Truth Ministries

February 24, 1999
Don Hawley

God-given dreams and visions played an important role in Old Testament history. According to the prophet Joel, prophetic dreams and visions would play an even more extensive role in New Testament times. Sensing this, Peter quoted Joel’s prophecy after the Holy Spirit was poured out at Pentecost.

Then Peter stepped forward with the eleven other apostles and shouted to the crowd, "Listen carefully, all of you, fellow Jews and residents of Jerusalem! Make no mistake about this. Some of you are saying these people are drunk. It isn’t true! It’s much too early for that. People don’t get drunk by nine o’clock in the morning. No, what you see this morning was predicted centuries ago by the prophet Joel:

"In the last days, God said, I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams. In those days I will pour out my Spirit upon all my servants, men and women alike, and they will prophesy."
Acts 2:14-18.


To many, if not most of us, this matter of hearing prophetically is new and strange. We may be tempted to assume that anything and everything labeled "prophetic" is a true word from God. That is a dangerous stance.

Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep, but are really wolves that will tear you apart. You can detect them by the way they act, just as you can identify a tree by its fruit. You don’t pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles. A healthy tree produces good fruit, and an unhealthy tree produces bad fruit. A good tree can’t produce bad fruit, and a bad tree can’t produce good fruit. So every tree that does not produce good fruit is chopped down and thrown into the fire. Yes, the way to identify a tree or a person is by the kind of fruit that is produced.
Matt. 7:15-20.


Extra Notes Concerning The August 13, 2001 Mega Glyph

Update, 10-10-2001: The following notes were originally placed in Part 1 of this article on 10-3-2001. They concern the giant crop circle that appeared on Tan Hill near Milk Hill, Wiltshire. It is a six-fold design with a diameter nearing a thousand feet, composed of 409 circles.  


Update note, 10-3-2001: Checking the links after this page was first uploaded, I noticed this comment on the link above :  


On 1st Oct 2001, dreamer wrote;

"I had a dream about this and wrote down some words and numbers. logarithms and 1177. If you take the number 1111.777 and divide by 409, the number of circles, the answer is 2.718281, the base logarithm or mathematical constant 'e'.??? come on mathematicians."

10-3-01, 5:02 AM

I added a comment to the page today.  I tried to add another, but it did not take, perhaps because it was too long.  This is the intended second post to the page:  


This is an add-on to my previous post. I sent an e-mail to my number code friends on September 16, 2001. Part of this included the ideas of Gerald Hawkins about musical ratios found in the geometry of crop formations. I came up with various numbers based on the fractions, starting with the central "A" note on a piano of 440 cycles per second. I gave a table which included the "A" notes:

55     110      220       440      880      1760      3520     7040

Here is an excerpt from the e-mail (from previous notes):


Update, 9-15-01

The Mega-Glyph crop formation that appeared at Tan Hill, near Milk Hill this year, may suggest a few related numbers. See:

Huge 6 Fold Julia, Milk Hill (2), Nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire.8/13

This was composed of 409 circles. Each of the six segments had 13 major circles and 55 smaller circles. The total circles in each segment are multiples of 17. I added like this:

Large                  Small               Total                Divided by 17

13                          55                     68                          4
26                        110                   136                          8
39                        165                    204                       12
52                         220                   272                       16
65                         275                   340                        20
78                         330                   408                        24

Add the central circle to 408 to arrive at the total of 409.

Some of the "music" numbers are there. The left column fits with Mayan timekeeping and with Tarot cards.

The number 17 is related to 153, the number of fish in the net (John 21), as the numbers 1 through 17 add to 153.

The formation appeared around August 17, perhaps suggesting 8 x 17 = 136.

I also realized that 1836 / 17 = 108, while reading about electrons and such on one of Robert's pages. To me, the 108 connection to the electron is symbolically significant, as the number is related to time cycles, dowsing energy, the goddess, and the moon, the smaller sphere that rotates around the bigger one.
Here are a few more excerpts from the e-mail:
Also see my post at:

135 Formation - 6/18/2000 - Market Harborough, nr Dingley,Leicestershire

(this section added October 5, 2001. The following is pasted in from the above link)


On 3rd Sep 2001, Joe Mason wrote;

"This formation, somewhat similar to a Pythagorean Tetraktys, could suggest the number 135, and the reverse, 531. My "Code" friends have noticed that these numbers seem to be Gematria related. Another related number, 153, is found in the Bible (John 21) and other ancient sources (Pythagorean), as the number of fish in the net. Note these relationships:

135 + 153 = 288 (atomic fine-structure constant. The numbers 1 through 17 add to 153. 288 / 2 = 144, a Bible related number)

[What I meant to suggest above is that the square of 288, 82944, as I understand it, is related to calculations involving the fine-structure constant. The number 82944 is called Abraham's Number. See the links below.]

135 + 531 = 666 (Revelation 13:18)

135 + 351 = 486 (666 tangent)

351 - 135 = 216 (6%5E3, Stonehenge, moon, and Zodiac Age related)

135 + 513 = 648 (length of the 1996 DNA crop circle formation)

Tangent of 135 = -1. (it is 90 degrees beyond 45 degrees)

135 = 3/8 x .375 x 360


[Code of the Ancients (ancient numbers)]

[The following links have information about the fine-structure constant]

While searching for information concerning this post, I found possible connections to the 2001 Mega-Glyph at Tan Hill, near Milk Hill. I will make another post about this later. "

I saw the photograph of this formation on September 15, 2001. I wrote some numbers in my files concerning it, but did not post it.  

5313 Formation All Cannings Down, Wiltshire 28 Aug

5313 Formation Tanhill Penning, nr Allington Down, Wiltshire 28th August

This is a paste from my notes:  

This has 5 circles in a thought bubble pattern. Below that is three circles, a larger one slightly above two smaller. Below and to the right side is a single circle. Below and to the right of that is three small circles in a line. This may suggest 5, 3, 1, 3 or the reverse, 3, 1, 3, 5.

5313 + 3135 = 8448
8448 / 1.6 = 5280 (a mile in feet)
8448 / 11 = 768
24 x 32 = 768
768 x 3 = 2304 (Gematrian)

Tanhill, I believe, was the location of the Mega-Glyph.

I placed a post on Paul Vigay's site this morning, October 5, 2001

(end of addition)
I found 408 on our Code page:


Here is a table of some Mayan Calendar units and their equivalent numbers of gematrian "Mayan Minutes" :


Kins                 Days                  Hours               "Mayan Minutes"
17          =          17      =              408         =              2448

(In other words, there are 408 hours in 17 days, and 24480 minutes. 6.8 x 60 = 408.

2448 / 306 = 8. 306 / 2 = 153. 2448 / 2 = 1224, also mentioned on the Code page).
Possible connections to the 9-11-2001 disasters.

On 9-1-2001, after working some hours with the numbers of the Mega-Glyph, I remembered something about an airliner crash of Flight 409. I found these links:



After gathering in the YW room, youth will take a simulated plane trip on the stage. The plane will crash, leaving no survivors.
409 - 175 = 234

I just looked at other notes from my events file. The crash of flight 261 is at the beginning. I just thought:

261 - 126 = 135

135 + (mirror) 531 = 666
Twin Towers of the World Trade Center -

110 + 110 = 220 stories of the two buildings ("A" notes).

Flight 11 struck one tower, Flight 175 struck the other. 11 + 175 = 186.

186 / 2 = 93. The second airliner struck at 9:03 a.m.

Highjacked Flight 93 crashed near Somerset, Pennsylvania.

Bythorn Mandala appeared in August '93, the year of the World Trade Center bombing.

39 is the mirror of 93. 93 + 39 = 132, a C note above.

The Bythorn Mandala had a ten petal flower with a pentagon and five-pointed star inside:

Bythorn Mandala Crop Circle Formation

It may suggest the third chakra and the Kali-Yuga time cycle. The esoteric symbol of the time cycle is the five-pointed star with two points (horns) upward. The formation is similar to a yantra to Kali.
Highjacked Flight 77 crashed into the pentagon.

The number 93, as Crowley's "New Aeon," and 777 seemed to be suggested in this crop circle formation:

The Tree of Life Crop Circle Formation

Note that the other formation, associated with the sixth sphere, has the basic Flower of Life design, as with the Mega-Glyph.
Tower One was 1,368 feet. This is Gematrian (38 x 36) and has the same tangent as 3168 (88 x 36). 38 + 88 = 126 (666 tangent). 1260 days is one of the 3 1/2 numbers (Revelation 11:3 and 12:6. 1260 was also the address of Chandra Levy. Chandra, which means "moon" in Sanskrit, was listed by Crowley under the number 42, one of the other 3 1/2 numbers as 42 months (Rev. 11:2 and 13:5).


Update: October 4, 2001, 4:14 AM

I added another comment on Vigay's Megaglyph page:


On 4th Oct 2001, Joseph E. Mason wrote;

"I found additional information concerning "Dreamers" post of October 1:

<< If you take the number 1111.777 and divide by 409, the number of circles, the answer is 2.718281, the base logarithm or mathematical constant 'e'.??? >>

I first learned of this around 1994, although I could not recall accurately. A coincidence was involved, which makes it more meaningful to me. Steve sent a video of Richard Hoagland's 1992 presentation at the United Nations about the "Monuments on Mars," including the "Face." About the same time, I received a letter from Carl Munk, because Madelon had sent him a copy of my essay about numbers in dreams and crop circle formations. I later watched the Hoagland video again, and realized that he spoke of Carl Munck when he mentioned e-prime and the megalithic yard.

This link explains some of it:

Note that there is an e and an e' and two numbers: e = 2.718282 and 2.720699.

This page has information about the Megalithic Yard of 2.72 feet:"


Subj: Fermat's Last Theorem/Unification
Date: 7/1/99 5:43:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Jerry


I noticed on the webpage a gematric reference to the number 82944

This number links the four fundamental forces of nature , refer to this webpage:




82944 is 288 squared.

82944 / 36 = 2304

Saved in the Numbers folder:

Recurring to the transcription of the first formula originally forwarded by Mr. Iuliano, the second and third numbers under consideration are 18 and 576, which are factors of the area of the side of the dead center cube (18 × 576 = 10368 = the 8th part of 82944).10

The fourth number is 37, the total number of diagonals in the logically outfitted triple dead center cube.  And in the formula it agreeably appears three times.11

With respect to the second formula initially forwarded by Mr. Iuliano, it is noted that 2807.000184 approximates 2808, the "dream" number which is approximately 36/100 the inverse square of the fine structure constant divided by the alternating inverse L series sum, . . .


the product of the opposed place numbers of the 1-diagonal in the final subsquare of the unum-founded Fibonacci sequence.13  The difference between (2/1579)-1 and the third and only other number whose integral product is that number, 784, is exactly 5.5, the eighth number in the L series.14



At Ezekiel 43:17, the square base was 14 x 14 cubits. This works out to 288 x 288 inches about, or 82944 square inches. In feet 288 inches is 24 feet and 24 squared is 576 square feet. Just for the record, two times 576 is 1152 and in the Bible I am using, that was a gift to my mother when she was 28 years plus 2.2 months old, on April 28, 1928, Ezekiel 43 is on page 1152. I believe the temple mentioned in Ezekiel 43 is just the top half and the bottom half is a mirror image. Remember, twelve months divided by 2.2 months is 5.454545454545454545454.

On the second Monday and 11th day of 1999, I took my wife with me in the morning to go get a rebate of $50 for a printer I bought on October 12, 1998. They gave me $54 instead, because of the tax return on the $50. That is the only way they could do it they said. We then went to I.H.O.P. and had brunch. It was about noon. We had exactly the same meal with coffee. In paying the bill, the cashier was a bit taken back and said, "Your bill is exactly the same as the previous customer's. See the read out on cash register". I did and it was $11.52. I gave her $.52 in change and a $20 to make change of $9 back to me. She was taken back again and said, "That is the same way the previous customer did it". I was driving away before it hit me how strange that was and told my wife that I wrote about 1152 in my papers.


The 3333 years since the Exodus of Moses began was completed at the end of 1998 and now things are getting ready to start Exodus III. 1335+1998 = 3333. 1815 + 1518 = 3333. I looked at my Video Club card today and it was No. 1518. I rented "Pi", it was about a man kind of like me, a very strange 1997 movie.

Nathan, January 28, 1999


October 10, 2001

Jerry Iuliano contacted me over a year ago and directed me to one of D.G. Leahy's pages. I was amazed and read some of his other pages. There work is beyond my ability to comprehend, but I do recognize some of the numbers as related to my work with dreams, crop circles, and ancient Gematrian numbers. I will review a small amount of D.G. Leahy's work here, with excerpts and links. .

The material is the copywrite of D. G. Leahy.


In June 1995, the writer noticed that the inverse 256th root of 1E33 is approximately the product of the fine structure constant and the edge of the 'dead center cube', 10368.5.1 He also noted that if 1E33 is first multiplied by the square root of 1.1 (the ratio of the body-diagonal to the face-diagonal of the triple-cube2) before taking this root, the result is then 0.007297 353 93, which is the physics value of the fine structure constant, 0.007297 352 533, exact to the 8th place.

About a week after this observation the writer had a dream. In his dream he was in a large hotel looking for a room. The room number on his key was 2808. He was having a great deal of difficulty finding this room. He asked some vaguely defined hotel person for help. He was told he was on the wrong floor and that he needed to go down 2 floors. But when he went down the 2 floors he still couldn't find room 2808. He discovered that he was now on the 27th floor. He failed initially because he had been on the 29th floor. Because of the peculiar elevator arrangements in the hotel in the dream he had to go down to the lobby and start all over in his attempt to get to the 28th floor. At this point he woke up.

Since the writer had never considered the number 2808 in his waking state, he puzzled over its significance after his dream. What he eventually discovered is this: first of all, the ratio of the 2 of the 3 floors in his dream on which he actually found himself to have been, the ratio of these two to each other, 29/27, raised to the power 2/3, and multiplied by 1E33, when raised to the inverse 256th root and divided by the length of the edge of the 'dead center cube', is the fine structure constant exact to the 8th place:

[(29/27)^2/3 × 1E33]^-1/256/10368.5 = 0.007297 354 38. . ..

It turns out that 2808 is approximately the square root of the division in extreme and mean ratio, , raised to the 33rd power,

[The quation on the page has mathematical symbols and uses the numbers 2808, 33, and .5]

or, 2808 is approximately 36/100 the inverse square of the fine structure constant divided by the inverse alternating L series sum,3

[This is another equation using mathematical symbols with several numbers, including 2808 and .36]

2808 .36(.007297 352 533/.6444762592780)-2.


Tower One was 1,368 feet. This is Gematrian (38 x 36) and has the same tangent as 3168 (88 x 36).

10368 -  1368 = 9000


Note, October 20, 2001: I just thought about the Arecibo reply message crop formation. It was composed of a 73 x 23 matrix, a total of 1679. Add the circles of the Mega-Glyph:

1679 + 409 = 2088

The number is similar to the ancient 288, "Double Light," and to Dr. Leahy's dream number 2808.

2808 - 288 = 2520

2808 - 2088 = 720

I saw the number 252 on CNN several days ago. It was on the hat of a fireman who died in the Twin Towers disaster.  The dream of Nebuchadnezzar in the Book of Daniel, of the great tree that was cut and banded, causing a period of insanity for seven years, has been interpreted as a period of 2520 years, as these are prophetic years of 360 years each. From the fall of the Temple at Jerusalem, this is said to give the date, 1914, as the beginning of the Apocalypse.

The number 720 is related to the tetrahedron in terms of the surface angle degrees. The three angles of all trianges total 180 degrees. The tetrahedron has three triangular sides and a triangular bottom, giving 4 x 180 = 720 total degrees. The harmonic, 72, is the number of Divine Names, and the number of years it takes for one degree of precession. The total precession through the Zodiac is 72 x 360 = 25920 years.

All of the following numbers have the same tangent:

3168 (Gematrian for "Lord Jesus Christ")
1368 (height of one of the WTC Twin Towers)
10368 (related to the dead center cube, 18 × 576 = the 8th part of 82944, or 288 squared)
288 (Gematrian for "Double Light")
2808 (Dr. Leahy's dream number)
2088 (Arecibo message 1679 + Mega-Glyph 409)


D. G. Leahy - The New Universal Consciousness

82944 & the Four Fundamental Forces & the God Particle

On February 23, 1999, Mr. J. Iuliano communicated to the writer the fact that after learning of the unique number 82944 on this web he was led in conjunction with certain regularities noticed by him in his researches on Fermat's last theorem to the following two formulas for the inverse square root of the fine structure constant:1

[equation using the numbers 82943.99269 32, and 666]


[equation using the numbers 2807.000184, 1/57 and 1/37]

In the context of the logical rootedness of 82944, let the first of the formulas above be set out as follows:

[equation using 10, 82944, 576, 37 and 18]

In this way the simple beauty of the relation between certain logically determined values and the inverse square root of the fine structure constant shows forth. Here the square root of the inverse fine structure constant is transparently a function of certain numbers whose inter-relationship is essentially grounded in the new trinary logic.


The Rabbit Tree & The Logic of Life's Beginning - D. G. Leahy


When the numbers of the Fibonacci sequence are seen as the sums of the elements of the ratio of 'pregnant' to non-'pregnant' pairs of rabbits in each successive generation of the Rabbit Tree,4 then it is easily seen that this triple middle order is precisely the infinitely repeating order of the elements occupying the dead middle position in each generation of Fibonacci rabbits, beginning with Kepler's 'lesser 1', here 11:


DNA & The Apocalypse


The New Jerusalem Diagram and the Missing Circle.

J. Michell has reconstructed the geometric pattern of the ‘heavenly city’ which is the template of the New Jerusalem of Revelation 21, St. Mary’s Chapel at Glastonbury, Stonehenge, and the City of Magnesia in Plato’s The Laws.1 The present writer distinguishes the mathematical and historical value of Michell’s work from the latter’s avowed antagonism to modern science, his traditionalist disdain for the metric system, and his fundamental perennialism -- none of which attitudes are shared by the present writer. Indeed, it will be made clear in what follows that the mathematical pattern of the esoteric and perennial tradition presented by Michell is radically incomplete, and is, for the first time in history, made complete by the mathematics of an essentially new thinking which in fact is the transcendence in essence of the difference between modern and ancient systems, at once the absolute and final closure of any aspiration whatsoever to ‘re-enter the primeval paradise’. With that stipulation, Michell’s New Jerusalem diagram, which is the reconstruction of the ‘heavenly city’, is as here illustrated:2


Beginning with the Pythagorean triangle of sides 3, 4, and 5, the large square (11 ´ 11) in this diagram is constructed such that the circumference of the circle cutting across its sides (the circle of Michell’s ‘heavenly city’) is, if pi = 22/7, a length (44 = 14 ´ 22/7) identically the length of the perimeter of the square (44).3 The diameter of the outermost circle (the circle enclosing the 12 ‘lunar circles’) is 17. The diameter of the circle inscribed in the square (the ‘earth circle’) is 11. The diameter of the circle inscribed in the four triangles is 5.5. The diameter of the circle nearest the center of the diagram (the ‘thirteenth moon’) is 3. The point at the center of the diagram is taken to be a ‘central dot’ (relative value = [special symbol, a line over the number .0333]) surrounded by a ‘circular space’ (relative value = .2), either of which is understood to represent the ‘pole of the universe, passing vertically through’ the center of the diagram, as here illustrated:4


Saved in Numbers\Vernon Jenkins folder:

Less well-known are its three other scriptural appearances - two occurring in parallel passages; significantly, these raise further questions about this number. Thus, in 1Kings 10:14 and 2Chronicles 9:13 we read of the annual tribute of gold received by King Solomon; the specific figure, 666 talents, is quoted - yet we are also given to understand that this was just part of the total amount.

Why this sum should be singled out for special mention is not made clear. However, it is undoubtedly interesting that Solomon - the personification of wordly wisdom and expert at solving riddles - should be so linked with Revelation 13:18. Again, in Ezra 2:13 we learn that following the Babylonian exile 666 males of the sub-clan of Adonikam returned safely to Israel. But in a parallel passage (Nehemiah 7:18) the figure is given as 667! The discrepancy in book-keeping - though slight - seems designed to further engage our attention. And strangest of all, what are we to make of the oblique reference to 666 in Revelation 15:2 where we read of those whose ultimate victory over the beast includes victory over his number?!

(The life of King Solomon is itself something of an enigma for this exceptionally gifted and devout man repeatedly broke many of God's laws and ended his life a complete apostate; he has been described as the first rationalist.)


888 is of the same visually-arresting form as 666; like 777 and 999 (features of Genesis1:1) both are multiples of 111, or 3x37

888 (= 24.37) and 1480 (= 40.37) are multiples of 37 and of 296 (= 8.37) - the latter being the characteristic value of the 7th Hebrew word of Genesis1:1, meaning the earth; clearly, it has an obvious and direct association with Jesus, the One having a unique earthly mission, viz the redemption of mankind!

the ratio of these numbers is 3:5 - precisely that of the sides of the mercy seat or propitiatory (Exodus 25:17); it may be noted that Paul uses this term to describe the role of Jesus as High Priest (Romans 3:25), and the matter is mentioned again in Heb.9


Vernon Jenkins MSc Formerly Senior Lecturer, Dept. Mathematics and Computer Science, The Polytechnic of Wales (now the University of Glamorgan). Author of The Ultimate Assertion: Evidence of Supernatural Design in the Divine Prologue, CEN Tech.J., vol.7(2), 1993,pp.184-196 (Copies available from Mentor Publications, PO Box 504, Cardiff CF4 7UB, UK.)


The Camp Positions of the Tribes

Date: 99-04-27 01:03:23 EDT
From: JMason4557
To: Al

In a message dated 99-04-26 21:27:11 EDT, you write:


It is written at Hebrews 7:25 that Christ The Son is able to Save them to the uttermost who come unto GOD by Him, because He lives ever to make intercession for them (to GOD) (Heb. 7:25). >> (snip)


Dear Al,

You are touching on a subject that is important to me. You may remember that I have never been a Christian, but dreams and "coincidences" led me to the Bible and other areas of research.

Almost all of the important things in my experience tend to revolve around Revelation 11:11 in some way. This is no different. The two olive trees in the verse, clearly seem to be related to Joshua and Zerubabbel in Zechariah 3 and 4. They are the "two anointed."

The Dead Sea Scrolls have given extensive information about the tradition of the two anointed, the High Priests from the Levi Tribe and the line of Aaron, and the Kings from the Judah Tribe.

The encampment postions of the Tribes given in Numbers 2, gives some clues. They are told to camp in quatrants aligned with the cardinal directions. There is a main Tribe in each quatrant, with Judah mentioned first. The Tribe of Levi is special, being in the center with the Tabernacle/Temple/Tent. The people of the Levi Tribe are not numberd like the others. When they set out on the march, Judah is in the lead, with the Levits in the center.

The four main Tribes have symbols that correspond to the four major Zodiac signs, which are also the "Four Living Creatures." For example, Judah is the lion (sign of Leo), as indicated in Genesis 49:9. Dan is the Eagle, which is now Scorpio. These four Zodiac were the points of the equinoxes and solstices during the Ages of Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio, and will be again in the Age of Aquarius (the "man" of the Four Living Creatures).

The Tribe of Levi with the Tabernacle/Temple/Tent symbolizes the center of "Heaven," in this arrangement, where God is imagined to be. Therefore, the anointed High Priests are the earthly representives of God.

I am not sure what it all means, Al. But I do believe it is important. I am pasting a recent e-mail below, which covers a few ideas about it. Sorry about some of the repeated material.

I mentioned Sir Laurence Gardner's work. Since writing the e-mail below, I found some information on his latest book:

Genesis Of The Grail Kings by Lawrence Gardner

The Bloodline, Starfire, and the Anunnaki

The Grail tradition, which includes the anointed bloodlines and the symbolic drinking of the blood, according to Gardner's research, goes far back to the dawn of human history.

I am sorry if some of this conflicts with your views. But, I feel a bit stuck, because I try to consider everyting, even people who say conventional Biblical interpretations are not quite right.

There are many questioning the hows and whys the Bible came down to us in the way it did, including many, many theologians. Some say St. Paul and others added some things that were not in the original. I am just trying to figure it out, and it is not easy.

Certain passages in the Bible seem to suggest that being in the Church and following others is not the right thing to do at this time. For example, Matthew 24:15 and Rev. 11:2.

Isiah 65:17 and 65:21,22 seems to say that when the change comes, we are to go by our own directions and not follow others. Rev. 3:11 advises to hold on to what you have and to not let anyone seize your crown, which seems related to the verses of Rev. 17, where the kings of the earth give over their "royal power" to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled.

So, it seems, we need to be careful as to who we listen to and believe. The "rod" or "reed" given to St. John in Rev. 11:2 seems to mean that we are to "measure" things, that is, discern them.

The verse refers to the temple and alter, so this may suggest the church itself, and its teachings. No one is exempt from being "measured," as far as I know.

My personal feeling is that the ceremony of the Eucharist carries the meaning of being like Jesus in the sense of his love and compassion. In this way, we become part of The Body of Christ, in the sense of a group of people who belive and act in ways that He did. One does not have to be in a Church group to do this, or even participate in a special ceremoney. One of my dreams indicated that the Tabernacle is also "the human body as the dwelling place of the Soul."

But, I see nothing "wrong" with a person joining a church, and partaking in the Eucharist. The Priest, in my view, would symbolize the "meaning" of High Priest from the Levi Tribe, that is, an earthly representitive from "Heaven above."

However, it would probably be a mistake to take it literally, and think the Priest is a Divine Being or Jesus. I doubt that many people make that "mistake." We have enough bad examples of the behavior of certain Priests, to know better.

The "11:11" phenomenon is still going on. Dee is creating four pages with various postings of people telling of their "coincidencal" experiences, and asking what "11:11" means. She will upload the pages soon, starting here:

I have no way of knowing for sure if this is related to Revelation 11:11 and all that I see in it, or if the 11:11 a.m. timing of the solar eclipse over the "Grail" area on August 11th are related to the 11:11 phenomena people are experiencing. But, my feeling is that it IS related.

Best wishes and regards,

Joe Mason


Subj: The Hidden History of Jesus and The Holy Grail
Date: 99-03-20 15:35:50 EST
From: JMason4557

<< The Hidden History of Jesus and The Holy Grail (snip)


Dear Jon, I found these articles some time ago in my research. I also bought the book and read it. It is well worth reading, because Sir Laurence Gardner is brilliant.

I found another brilliant one in Daniel R. Walsh, who is not well known.

I bought his very inexpensive newspapper-like books with maps. You might want to check it out:

Lost Tribes Of Israel Study Maps - With Link to Each Volume My own "dream-coincidence" quest led to these stories. You may remember that my experience began to revolve around Revelation 11:11, even though I have never been a Christian. The two olive trees (or lampstands or prophets) who stand up after 3 1/2 days (mid-point of the chakras) relate directly to Joshua and Zerubabbel (seed of Babylon) in Zechariah 3 and 4. They are the "two anointed."

When the Jews returned from captivity in Babylon, Zerubabbel was the governor (king) and Joshua was the high priest (see the Book of Haggai).

The last verses of Haggai say that Zerubabbel will be made the Lord's Signet Ring on the day heaven and earth shakes. Blavatsky said the Lord's Signet Ring is related to the Tetragrammation, the four letters of the Divine Name, and it it the "Father's Name" mark on the foreheads of the 144,000 in Revelation 14:1. It is the Tau Cross.

The two anointed are major in Sir Laurence's book. Interpretations by scholars of The Dead Sea Scrolls are a major part of it. The idea of two anointed is not part of church teachings, but it was kept alive by by the Knights Templar and others down through history. It became part of the King Arthur/Holy Grail legends. The Fisher Kings were a combination of the two anointed, as Priest-Kings. Some say Jesus was, or wanted to be both.

Tracing the history of this goes far back. Sir Laurence actually traces the bloodline back to Adam, and forward to present day people. Part of the story is about Judah and his twin sons, born in a strange way from a strange event (See Genesis 38). He "fornicated" with a harlot by the roadside, and later found out it was Tamar, his own daughter-in-law. A dispute arouse as to the "first born," and "rightful king." The bloodline of the twin, Zerah of the Scarlet Thread, some say, ruled when the Tribes were in Egypt, but when they returned to Cannan, the bloodline of the other twin, Perez, became the kings.

At the battle of Jerico, only one family in the city helped Joshua and his men. It was the family of Rehab, a harlot who lived in the walls.

She signaled to the spies by putting a scarlet thread in the window.

This was a sign of Zerah of the Scarlet Thread.

It seems significant that both Tamar and Rehab are listed in the chronology of the bloodline in Matthew 1. Tamar was a "pretend" harlot, and Rahab was a real harlot. The harlot of Revelation 17 is a major part of the message.

The dispute of the first born and rightful king is also part of the story of the twins, Jacob and Esau. Blavatsky pointed out that this story, as well as the Cain/Able/Seth story was taken from the Egyptian . . . the murder of Osiris by his brother, Typhon-Set (or Seth), who was later defeated by Horus, the son of Osiris.

There is a similar dispute in the Sumerian story of Enlil and Enki.

Whatever all this legendary information means, the solar eclipse and Grand Cross in August seems to be drawing our attention to it again. The eclipse shadow strikes land at Cornwall, the very place where the bloodline of kings came into England . . . several times, actually, including after the death of Jesus. The Arthurian Grail legends start at that location.

The eclipse timing is 11:11, which is more than "coincidence," I do think. The Grand Cross of the planets at the time, will align with the Four Living Creatures of Ezekiel and Revelation. The creatures were known prior to Ezekiel, and represented the Zodiac signs of the solstices and equinoxes during the Age of Taurus.

They will align again in the Age of Aquarius, as they were during the Ages of Leo and Scorpio.

In Numbers 2, the encampment positions of the Tribes are laid out.

It follows the same arrangement as the Four Living Creatures, as there are four main Tribes at the cardinal points, and two Tribes with each of the major ones, for a total of Twelve Tribes. The Tribe of the Levites are not part of the "counting." They are in the middle with the Tabernacle, Temple/Tent. This is meant to reflect "Heaven."

God is perceived as being in the middle of Heaven, so that is the position of the Tabernacle, the place where the Creator resides.

This later became the Temple of Jerusalem. The High Priests of the bloodlines came from the Tribe of Levi. The bloodline of Kings came from the Tribe of Judah, who is on the East, and is counted first. When they set out on the march, Judah is in the lead, and the Levites are in the center.

Near the eclipse location is Avalon, the legendary site where King Arthur resides in the underworld, which some say is similar to Osiris, a god of the underworld.

Also near, is Glastonbury, where legend says Joseph of Arimathea brought the Holy Grail or the Bloodline (children of Jesus) of the Holy Grail. He was given "twelve hides" of land for his people. Some say the Grail is at the bottom of Chalice Well, there at Glastonbury.

Glastonbury is also said to be at one corner of the Wessex Triangle, where most of the crop circle formations have been appearing.

Coincidence? I think not.

The legends and the myths, have meaning. In the far past, all tribes had a Chief and a Shaman, or the like. This, I believe, corresponds to the King and High Priest, the two anointed. On an individual basis, this seems to suggest those aspects of ourselves, the inside (Priest-Shaman) self, and the outside (Ruler-King) self.

This seems to be another symbolism concerning the duality balance, which I have followed for nine years in my dream research. The crop circle formations, too, seem to suggest this.

Genesis 49:9-13 speaks of Judah as being a lion's whelp, who couches down, stoops down, as a lion and a lioness (i.e., like a Sphinx). The Scepter, the Ruler's Staff, will not depart from between his feet, until the one comes to whom it belongs. Some translate this as, until Shiloh comes. Some say this signifies Jesus, but the word actually just means a person. At one time the Temple of the Levites was placed at a location called Shiloh.

The Book of Revelation seems to have hints about some of these things. In Revelation 17, the Kings of the Earth fornicate with the harlot of Babylon, become drunk on her wine (anger/fury) and give over their Royal Power to the Beast. This is part of a grand plan, as indicated in Revelation 17:17:

". . . for God has put it into their hearts to carry out his purpose by being of one mind and giving over their royal power to the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled."

The beast seems to be the Swallower of the Egyptians, who's snout cuts across the balance beam pole at the 3 1/2 point of the seven nodules, the mid-point of the chakras.

It is an eighth, but belongs to the seven (Rev. 17:11). It means that if one has not reached the Heart chakra level at the time of their death, they must be swallowed by the beast, that is, reborn on Earth to try again. The beast goes to perdition in Rev. 17:11, which seems to mean the karmic cycle will end, or that negative karma will end. This makes since, because the other verses suggest that humanity will make the leap to the Heart chakra level.

All of this seems to be coming down to a final conclusion of the Age, the Age of Iron, or the Kali-Yuga. The harlot is Kali, I do think. They both represent the karmic function.

I am in the process of putting this material on-line, Jon. The eclipse story is here:


The story of my "dream-coincidence" experiences that led to the apparent meanings, starts here:

Humanity On The Pollen Path - Part One

In the Unity of Hearts,

Joe Mason


Subj: Fwd: recent dreams - coney island and owls ... 2nd owl dream today
Date: 10/16/2001 9:12:19 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Dee777
To: JMason4557
Forwarded Message:
Subj: recent dreams
Date: 10/15/2001 1:00:48 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: jack

Hi Dee:

I just tried to send you two recents dreams, but my computer froze so I'm writing again, got to make sure the modem didn't shut off before hitting "send" :) The first dream was about a month before 9-11, In the dream I was in my house in bed and the room looked just like it does in reality. My bed faces the front windows and there was a black horse looking in at me and there was two smaller tan horses on the lawn eating the grass. When I looked at the tan horses they didn't look at me. The black horse had his head stuck through the window and he looked so intelligent that I thought he might talk to me but he didn't. But he was still a horse and would do whatever his rider wanted, the tan horses seemed like they were "out to pasture" but could be called in. my interruptation could be wrong but this black horse with the two waiting in the wings seems to me now to just symbolize war. I feel it had a simple meaning like that.

The second dream was about two weeks before 9-11. I was in coney island looking at the big roller coaster. (the cyclone). Two men climbed up with a woman and tied her to the top of the highest peak, you couldn't see her up there. Then all of a sudden the amusment park was full of people and the woman was run over. No one knew she was there and they were all shocked. Then I was in a house with a woman and her three daughters. This woman was tall and thin and I thought that she looked like an american woman from the depression. Two of her daughters were sitting on the couch with there tops off. The one the right I could tell just by looking at her that she was "prejudiced" and I didn't like her.

The one on my left I didn't dislike but she seemed "uninterested" or "unconcerned". The third daughter was wearing a dark long loose dress that went almost to the floor and she was in the corner going around and around in a little circle like she was confused or mentally ill. I said to the mother "I don't know how I got here" she said "You don't have to know how you got here, I know how you got here." Then I saw one large owl with a formation of smaller owls behind it. I'm not sure but I think they were lined up 8 across and six lines back like a square which would make 48 with the large owl in front. Then they all flew off. This dream could have meaning that I am not aware off but I think the part in the amusment park simply symbolized the event, the woman with her three daughters the response, and the owls protection for the people living in america. I live in new jersey where there are alot of people from all over the world living. I don't know about other parts of the country but it seems pretty peaceful here. I think america is a racist country still in a lot of ways and I think we are being given an opportunity to stop.

I feel that would be our best protection. Thanks for giving me a place to send this. You may post it if you like.



Spirit and Truth Ministries


A Prophetic Dream Given the Night of February 5, 1998
Don Hawley



I dreamed that ash was falling from the sky and settling everywhere, much like what happened here in the Northwest when Mount St. Helens erupted. This ash was covering the ground and infiltrating everything. Strangely, however, I saw no mountain or any indication of actual volcanic activity.

Outside the building I was in, a slick con-artist type had already set up a table and was offering large, grey cloths--for a price. He explained that with these cloths, dampened, one could adequately mop up the offending ash. His spiel didn't make much sense, but business was brisk.

On the other hand, some of us were seeking out umbrellas for protection, and that seemed to be a reasonable course of action.

At the end of my dream a huge figure loomed up, dressed just like Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. He had the handsome long coat, and the signature karakul hat.


Since there was no actual volcano involved, the "eruption" stands for trouble. The fact that it fell on everthing and everyone indicates this trouble will affect the entire human race.

When this trouble breaks out, multitudes will be conned into seeking protection or help from offered sources that really afford nothing valid. People will "run to andfro," but since they are unprepared they will find only false protection.

The umbrellas did offer actual coverage. This symbolism was very meaningful to me, as I have often spoken of the great Renewal movement now sweeping the world in terms of a large umbrella. At first I thought that certain ministries, such as Toronto and Brownsville, were totally independent and unaligned. Lately, I have seen that this is not so. God is calling his people out of denominational entanglements, and into the Body of Christ which is uniting under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The final test for all living today will not be some cherished doctrine, but whether or not they are willing to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit in this his dispensation. Those who step out on his side will receive him, the Seal of God, and be safe for eternity.

The image of a Mohammed Ali Jinnah type could mean that the nation of Pakistan is soon to unleash widespread trouble on the world. I rather suspect, however, that it points to trouble coming from Islam worldwide. If Iremember rightly, Islam is now the second largest religion,second only to Christianity--and the fastest growing. Surely this militant force will play a central role in the final death throws of planet earth. It's not difficult to see how a worldwide "holy war" or jihad could break out at any time without warning.


Subj: [earthchanges] Re: A New York Dream from February which I forgot about
Date: 9/21/2001 4:13:06 PM Pacific Daylight Time


I was updating my Presidential page, and came across this:

2-10-01 - DREAM - I was in a first floor apartment or store front with a huge window overlooking the street.

In front of the window, parked at the curb, was a long, grey, wooden, buckboard wagon. On the wagon was a large, silver, old fashioned tape recorder - the reel to reel kind.

I wanted that tape recorder really bad; so bad I was willing to steal it.

Just then three men and a boy (a young man) came from across the street and stood behind the wagon like they were getting ready to leave, but the boy, who was dressed in a long black winter coat, came up to the left side of the window where I stood, and rang the doorbell to the apartment upstairs. (There must have been a stairway to the upstairs to the left of the window)

I turned around and left the window and saw that I was in a huge hall like an auditorium with lots of people in it. It was not very light in it and the people were just milling around. It seemed to be Presidential event.

There was a table there, a square card table. On the table was a series of rods made up of three straightened out coat hangars. Three wires were taped together at one end and loose on the other. The one I picked up was black on the end either with tape or black paint ...

for about 6 inches. The object of these rods was to push them up a tube which was curled over at the other end. When you pushed the wires up the tube, the curled head was forced to straighten out.

I then saw a map, which I believe was New York State. The City appeared to be along the Hudson River and I knew that this rod was to be inserted so that the wires went from west to east along the street pointing towards the Hudson River.

Just then, I saw that the rod had the letter B at the end, which was multicolored like a Fruitloop. The letter B started to sing, "I hope you know I am, for I am a bleeding star."

Later in the morning, I was still tired and lay down, hopefully for a nap.

At this time I had a visions of two black web urls on a page.

I couldn't figure out what that meant, and I then had a vision of the United States with a pinwheel over the state of New York. The whole thing was white. I looked for the meaning of a pinwheel and only came up with the meaning of the Swastika - both positive and negative which spin like a pinwheel.

End of dream

Fits? Kinda! I'm not sure. But it was New York on the Hudson River.



Subj: Nine Av Web Page
Date: 10/25/2001 7:46:52 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: BD
BCC: JMason4557

From Hidden Meanings

There has been so much interest in 9Av and the World Trade Center bombing that I have added a new web page with maps and more detail.

As I previously pointed out 9AV is the time of destruction in Judaism. It was the time of the destruction of both temples. It means the 9th day of the 11th month. 9/11

The World Trade Center was destroyed by people who were anti Jewish. It was located on Greenwich St which starts in upper Manhattan as 9th Av.

The world Trade Center was destroyed on 9/11 9AV the time of destruction.

The greatest tragedy of the Jews in Europe occurred when they were massacred in England, at the TOWER of YORK in 1190. They took refuge in the tower of York and then died in a fire from attackers. Yes, in 1190.

There are other strange parallels but there is something ominus about all of this that prompted me to call the FBI . I told them they should consider prominent buildings around the world that may be located on 9th Av.

In speaking with a friend from New York, we became concerned that the time when most people travel in this country is Thanksgiving. That is in November, the 11th month. (AV). The Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York where so many travel through is on 9th Av.

I am sure all will be well there, but I felt an obligation to share this with them.

The people that attacked the World Trade Center were very familiar with scriptures and religious traditions. I have no doubt they were aware of 9th Av as being the time of destruction in Judaism

This new web page is still in progress of being put together but I thought you would find it very interesting and possibly you too might bring to mind connections with 9 AV.

You can get to the page by going to the web site and right on the opening home page where it speaks of the SEPTEMBER 11TH ATTACK, you will see the link for 9 AV. HM Hidden Meanings or


NINE AV or Av.htm

It is worth considering very deeply. There obviously is a plan and we are all part of it

By the way for those of you who received Video 397, Nine Av is covered on 398 and 399



Possible Jewish roots of Taliban suggested

Frank Viviano - San Francisco Chronicle
Sunday, October 21, 2001


Shalva Weil reports there is considerable evidence the Pathan ethnic group, from which many in the Taliban come, is one of the fabled 10 lost tribes of ancient Israel. As recently as 50 years ago, Pathan tribesmen themselves claimed descent from wandering Jews.

[end of excerpt]


Subj: Fwd: from Doug Scarborough - 'games of slaughter'
Date: 10/25/2001 10:01:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Dee777
To: JMason4557
Forwarded Message:
Subj: from Doug Scarborough
Date: 10/19/2001 8:45:35 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Doug
To: Dee777

Saw your interesting post re "games of slaughter"

I found it doing a yahoo key word search. Thought it might interest you to know I worked on Nostradamus decoding for the discovery of extreme longevity in my book, The Genesis Hypothesis - Eakin Press, Austin Texas). In that book I also commented on his time code systems which are related to the Quatrain number. My publisher recently told me he planned a press release about page 53 of my book. That quotes Quatrin 72 Century 10 about The King of Terror from the skys. The strange part is that Quatrain 72 using a Nostradamus technique, of reversal, 27 months puts that quatrains date, seventh month of 1999 (plus 27 months) in the current era (NY tragedy).

Related to what you are working on is quatrain 74 so you might wish to look at this from the perspective of 47 months (from when?, I'm not exactly sure). Just came across that last night.

I'm a physicist/geophysicist working in Sumatra. Home this is interesting to you or relevant. If you wish to discuss this then just drop me a note.

Best regards,



Subj: [earthchanges] Two wolves
Date: 10/27/2001 9:48:06 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: mythi

--Author/nation unknown

An old Grandfather, whose grandson came to him with anger at a schoolmate who had done him an injustice, said, "Let me tell you a story. I too, at times, have felt a great hate for those that have taken so much, with no sorrow for what they do. But hate wears you down, and does not hurt your enemy. It is like taking poison and wishing your enemy would die. I have struggled with these feelings many times."

He continued, "It is as if there are two wolves inside me; one is good and does no harm. He lives in harmony with all around him and does not take offense when no offense was intended. He will only fight when it is right to do so, and in the right way." "But the other wolf, ah! He is full of anger.

The littlest thing will set him into a fit of temper. He fights everyone, all the time, for no reason. He cannot think because his anger and hate are so great. It is hard to live with these two wolves inside me, for both of them try to dominate my spirit."

The boy looked intently into his Grandfather's eyes and asked, "Which one wins, Grandfather?"

The Grandfather solemnly said, "The one I feed."


Subj: I keep seeing # 13
Date: 11/14/2000 6:40:05 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Campzart
To: JMason4557

I just finished reading an article about people who have a coincidence surrounding the time or numbers 11:11 For about 4 years now I have been seeing the # 13 or 13 after the hour in the same way that people describe seeing 11:11.I can wake up in the middle of the night or almost anytime for that matter and see the # 13 or numbers that add up to it.

I'd really like to get some insight into what this might mean. The one common factor between both sets of numbers is 4. I'll soon be turning 40. Can you please tell me or direct me to someone who knows what this is?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated




Subj: 1111 and 13 nuclear problems
Date: 10/4/2001 7:23:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Justin


I daily have encounters with 1111 and other number combinations. I have felt that seeing 13's have been bad and for a long time i was depressed and constantly saw 13's. (6months or so) then i saw 31's which helped to pull me out of the "danger 13" and eventualy got back to seeing 11's again.

Anyway the coincidence i had today at a petrol station led me strongly to believe we are in danger of RADIATION. i guess it could be from a terrorist bomb, or maybe the earths magnetic field is soon to swap.

My tank took petrol that cost me $13.33 i was aiming to get $13:31 when i noticed that i had $13.xx. but the pump cut out on .33c instead.

I was going to the petrol station to buy 2x 9v batteries for my emergancy evacuation kits. Each battery cost $4.95. So the total amount owed came to $23.23 I paid $25 and recieved $1.75 change.

There was also a van parked out the front of the Gas station that was used to transport nuclear material (medical). I noticed the van as i pulled in and i automaticaly bought petrol without meaning to whilst thinking about the fact that i came here to buy batteries for my emergancy kit in the case of a nuclear/bio diaster and here was a van with a large black and yellow nuclear sign on its side representing these thoughts. There were other coincidences that let me know that what i was reading was being delivered from the chaos.(matrix)(one being) I dont preted to believe that i ever recieve any understandable information. Just that something is there and it scares me almost daily. It is there to help, but im abit worried about what might happen if we get it wrong.

My other insights have mostly related to myself personaly but this one could benefit all.



Subj: Re: 1111 and 13 nuclear problems
Date: 10/5/2001
To: Justin


Hello Justin.

Thanks for writing and sharing your experiences. My 11 years of research gives weight to the idea that many "coincidences" are meaningful. The number 13 and its multiples is generally considered negative, but, I think, all things have a positive side.

A "Mega-Glyph" Julia set crop circle formation appeared in August, which had 409 circles.

Each of the six arms had 13 major circles and 55 smaller ones. I noted the various series of numbers suggested, including the 11 multiples of 55, 110, 165, 200, etc.

Recently, a man reported a dream about the formation with the number 1177. He figured 1111.777 divided by 409, which came out to e prime, which is close to the Megalithic Yard. I included this and other number connections in my article:

The American Tragedy: A Symbolic Event

"Mirror numbers" seem to be showing up, so 13 and 31 are probably related. Adding them seems to give a hint sometimes, viz, 13 + 31 = 44.

133 or 400/3 is another "creation" number. The sun travels 133.333333 miles each second. Multiplying this to hours, days, etc., results in ancient Gematrian numbers.



Note that 36 is the basic unit, and that half of it (18 or 2 x 9) shows up as "in between" 666 tangent numbers.

The number 23 has been a coincidental number to some:

The 23 Enigma -John Sayer

About 23 - By Jim Fournier

Flight 175, of course, was one of the airliners that struck the WTC. The other was hit by Flight 11. The mirror 571 happens to be the name of a recent film about a submarine finding a secret coding machine during WW Two, U-571.

11 + 175 = 186, divided by 2 = 93. Fight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania. This is a famous number for the "New Aeon." The mirror, 39, is 3 x 13.

Near the end of my article, the number 25 is mentioned in an excerpt from, "Why Study Metrology." It was also part of the ancient system, which seemed to have a dual base, 24 and 25.

My article makes it pretty clear, I think, that we are nearing some end-time type of events. It may get real bad, I'm not sure. But, I am convinced that it will have a very positive end. I hope I am still around when it happens.


Joe Mason


September 8, 2001:

The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett

Theosophical University Press Edition

Letter No. 14

[Transcribed from a copy in Mr. Sinnett's handwriting -- ED.]

Letter from K.H. Answering Queries. Received by A.O.H., July 9th, 1882.


(1) We understand that the man-bearing cycle of necessity of our solar system consists of thirteen objective globes, of which ours is the lowest, six above it in the ascending, and six in the descending cycle with a fourteenth world lower still than ours. Is this correct?

(1) The number is not quite correct. There are seven objective and seven subjective globes (I have been just permitted for the first time to give you the right figure), the worlds of causes and of effects. The former have our earth occupying the lower turning point where spirit-matter equilibrates. But do not trouble yourself to go into calculations even on this correct basis for it will only puzzle you, since the infinite ramifications of the number seven (which is one of our greatest mysteries) being so closely allied and interdependent with the seven principles of Nature and man -- this figure is the only one I am permitted (so far) to give you. What I can reveal I do so in a letter I am just finishing.


(7a) As a man-ape he performs just as many rounds and rings as every other race or class; i.e., he performs one Round and in every planet from "A" to "Z" has to go through seven chief races of ape-like man, as many sub-races, etc., etc. (See Supplementary Notes) as the above described race.

(7b) At each round does his world circle consist of seven lives in seven races (49) or of only seven lives in one race? We are not certain how you use the word race, whether there is only one race to each station of each round, i.e., one race to each world circle or whether there are seven races (with their seven branchlets and a life in each in either case) in each world circle? Nay, from your use of the words "and through each of these Man has to evolute before he passes on to the next higher race and that seven times," we are not sure that there are not seven lives in each branchlet as you call it, sub-race we will, if you like, say. So now there may be seven rounds each with seven races, each with seven sub-races, each with seven incarnations = 13 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 = 31, = 313 lives, or one round with seven races and seven sub-races and a life in each = 13 x 7 x 7 = 637 lives or again 4,459 lives. Please set us right here stating the normal number of lives (the exact numbers will vary owing to idiots, children, etc., not counting) and how divided.

(7b) As the above described race: i.e., at each planet -- our earth included -- he has to perform seven rings through seven races (one in each) and seven multiplied by seven offshoots. There are seven root-races, and seven sub-races or offshoots. Our doctrine treats anthropology as an absurd empty dream of the religionists and confines itself to ethnology. It is possible that my nomenclature is faulty: you are at liberty in such a case to change it. What I call "race" you would perhaps term "stock" though sub-race expresses better what we mean than the word family or division of the genus homo. However, to set you right so far I will say -- one life in each of the seven root-races; seven lives in each of the 49 sub-races -- or 7 x 7 x 7 = 343 and add 7 more. And then a series of lives in offshoot and branchlet races; making the total incarnations of man in each station or planet 777. The principle of acceleration and retardation applies itself in such a way, as to eliminate all the inferior stocks and leave but a single superior one to make the last ring. Not much to divide over some millions of years that man passes on one planet. Let us take but one million of years -- suspected and now accepted by your science -- to represent man's entire term upon our earth in this Round; and allowing an average of a century for each life, we find that whereas he has passed in all his lives upon our planet (in this Round) but 77,700 years he has been in the subjective spheres 922,300 years. Not much encouragement for the extreme modern re-incarnationists who remember their several previous existences!


4th round. -- Intellect has an enormous development in this round. The dumb races will acquire our human speech, on our globe, on which from the 4th race language is perfected and knowledge in physical things increases. At this half-way point of the fourth round, Humanity passes the axial point of the minor manwantaric circle. (Moreover, at the middle point of every major or root race evolution of each round, man passes the equator of his course on that planet, the same rule applying to the whole evolution or the seven rounds of the minor Manwantara -- 7 rounds divided by 2 = 3 1/2 rounds). At this point then the world teems with the results of intellectual activity and spiritual decrease. In the first half of the fourth race, sciences, arts, literature and philosophy were born, eclipsed in one nation, reborn in another. Civilization and intellectual development whirling in septenary cycles as the rest; while it is but in the latter half that the spiritual Ego will begin its real struggle with body and mind to manifest its transcendental powers. Who will help in the forthcoming gigantic struggle? Who? Happy the man who helps a helping hand.

[end of excerpts]


Added December 9, 2001:

49 - The Levels of Consciousness

The Dreams and the Reality, by Dee Finney


11-21-00 - DREAM - I was in my new apartment which I had just moved into. It was apartment 210 (It seems this dream was kind of a completion of the previous one though I got up and walked around the house and then went back to sleep)

I went down to the lobby to let some movers in. They were delivering a foldout couch for someone for apartment 49. (The couch was the type that you open like a book and was brown) I didn't know where apartment 49 was. The numbers in this building didn't run that small, and it seemed that 49 correlated to another number which turned out to be 211. That was right next to my apartment.

So, while they were delivering the couch to 49/211, I was just standing in the hallway with some other people. It was like we were non-animated for a short while, and then I came to the realization that there were other things to do than just stand there. As soon as I started to move, I saw that I was in a maintenance type area and other people were there to work on that.

I went back to my apartment which was across the hall ... number 210. Again, I had left the door open, and when I went inside, I was looking around to see if anyone had come in and was hiding somewhere. The apartment was huge ... like 10 times larger than anywhere I've ever lived before.

Suddenly, I spotted two guys sitting on the couch ... a white guy and a black guy. They were wearing heavy winter weight black overcoats and hats. I didn't know who they were. The black man said to me, "You look like hell, like someone the cat dragged in out of the alley."

I said sarcastically, "Thanks!" and dropped down onto the other couch myself to find out what these guys wanted.

The black man did all the talking. He said, "The reason I say that is that I live in the "Alley" and people in the alley hate everyone else, especially other people who live in the alley and even more so, people who Don't live in the alley.

I said, 'Yes!" I understood that. I had lived in the "Alley" myself for awhile back in the early 90's.

He went on. "We have a job for you. You look like a problem solver, and we have problems that need solving. That seems like a job you could do." At that moment, A huge newspaper salesman-type apron folded out on this chest and lap, with huge newspaper ads about the problems in the alley. He went on, "We want you to solve these problems for the people in the Alley!"

I got a big smile on my face and said, "Now! There is something I could do!" And he smiled and I felt really happy, something I hadnt' felt in a long time ... I could do something that really felt worthwhile.

The men rather vanished, I don't know where they went, and other women were gathering around that had just walked in the door.

The black man had left behind his daily calendar and receipts of where he went for lunch. The women were looking at his receipts and obviously he ate the 'best' as when I looked at the receipts, lunch cost him $67. I was amazed. He seemed to be doing quite well for himself.

I then spotted his daily calendar book and opened it up. The book was about 4 x 5 inches, and was a 3 ring binder it seemed with loose leaf pages in it, divided into squares where he wrote down ideas, problems, and drew little cartoon pictures which he colored in with pencils. I never saw writing that small before and was amazed he could get so much writing in those little squares.

All of a sudden, I spotted the black man taking a nap on the couch right next to me. His black coat and hat and face were covered over with a dark grey/black blanket and I hadn't noticed him.

I quickly snapped his daily calendar book shut and set it down. I don't think he noticed that I had been peeking at it. But it sure gave me some ideas in a quick hurry.

I then had to go do something in the building and I went to the door and stood there. At that moment, I saw a short dark haired woman arrive at apartment 211. The door was closed ... it was a heavy steel door, rather golden brown and shiny, and was double wide. It didn't seem like a regular apartment at all. As I stood there, she said she had a meeting in there and hoped she was on time. Someone let her in.

Then as I stood there a moment longer, a taller blond woman arrived for the meeting. She was rather in a gloating mood, rather laughing that the short dark haired woman had arrived on time. It seemed that they were going to be confronting each other in there.

Another girl came along from behind me in my apartment and we were going to leave the apartment together ... I guess the black man was still sleeping on my couch. I made sure I had my 'walking keys'... which means I had all my master keys with me ... as I checked them all out to make sure I did.


The Tibetan Buddhists of yore had catalogued some 49 levels of consciousness.

Prince Gautama Siddhartha was born in Kapilavastu, in the present country of Nepal and raised to be a king of the small Shakya kingdom. Despite his wealth the Prince was discontent and dissatisfied with life.

He escaped the palace at the age of 29, on a quest for the roots of human suffering. When he was 35 years old, he meditated for 49 days under a banyan tree in Bodh-Gaya, Nepal and reached enlightenment (bodhi). He became known as the Lord Buddha (Shakyamuni) and traveled for 40 years to teach the people in Nepal and India about his experiences. He entered parinirvana at full noon in the year 483 BC. His followers are known as Buddhists.


Now comes the Seventh Cycle as a Blessing of THE SUPREME DOER to the beings of Planet Earth. In this opportunity the flower of 49 petals becomes more beautiful, expanding the Consciousness of Humanity in the opportunity of being the bearer of This Divine Gene and asking to be multiplied into 144,000 petals of the Garden of Eden, and who will soon burst into Light as Trinitized Essences and Elevated to the Frequency of THE LIGHT VERB UNIXITRON.

[end of excerpts]


49 + 211 = 260

"daily calendar book"

211 - 49 = 162

409 - 211 = 198 and 198 / 2 = 99

210 - 49 = 161

211 - 67 = 144

210 - 67 = 143 and 143 + mirror 341 = 484 and 484 / 44 =11

210 + 211 + 67 = 488 and 488 / 8  = 61 and 61 + mirror 16 = 77

4 x 5 = 20 squares on each page

20 x 3 ring binder = 60 total squares

210 harmonic 21, the Penultimate Number of the Hewbrew Alphabet

21 x 2 = 42, as months, one of the 3 1/2 midpoint numbers (Rev. 11:2)

35 + 49 = 84 (Story of Lord Buddha)

35 - 29 = 6 (a six year quest)

29 + 35 = 64

40 years of travel and teaching

35 + 40 = 75 (the number of small lines in the second Gog Magog Hill crop circle formation)

72 /  0.96 = 75 (24 / 25 = 0.96)

49 petals

144,000 petals


Added February 24, 2002

Subj: Account of 9/11 Dream
Date: 2/24/2002 3:44:06 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Andrew
To: Dee777

On Saturday, September 8, 2001, I experienced an extroadinary vision of what was to come days later. In a rush of vivid images and negative energy, I saw and felt burning buildings, armed planes, and nuclear warheads protecting the harbor.

Immediatley upon having this dream I awoke in the middle of the night and said to myself 'Why would the military be protecting New York?' Somehow, it was clear this city was New York City.

The dream continued with panic, fact the radio station my family was listening to in the dream said the very words, 'Indefinitley, we will not be breaking for commercial (That also transpired after 9/11 for over a week).

I told my entire family about it and at a family gathering, I felt extremely shook up the entire time. Through Tuesday morning, I remained frightened and even said to my mother at about 8 AM, "Doesn't it seem like a war's about to start?"

I am only fifteen and unlike most others, I have always had an affinity for learning about terrorism and Bin Laden. In fact as soon as we heard confirmation of the attack, I said to the people around me that I was sure this was Bin laden. I'm not sure if my knowledge about Bin Laden gave me some kind of connection to the events, but he says in a chat with his friend released by the Defense Department that he knew these visions would occur throughout the world and he said that he was "thankful" that they did not alert the authorities too much.

I have had other "connections" to 9/11 such as the fact that I always felt that Fight Club was my favorite movie, prior to my ever seeing or hearing about it. Recently, I saw it and it turns out that it ends with large buildings falling.

In class Friday, I said that a heroic act I'd like to do would be to apprehend Bin Laden and collect the reward, and I had just been talking about him and his future plans with my family the week before.

- Andrew


Added April 7, 2002. To access the posting board on Graham Hancock's site, one must sign up and aquire a password.

2-17-02 Post on Buval's site

Re: Satan's Calling Card (corrected)
Author: Bullet (
Date: 17-Feb-02 23:15

Hello Robert.

I began to see apparent symbolism in events eleven years ago. Often, this seemed related to dreams, myths, religions, inspired material, and/or crop circle formations.

Evidence supports the theory that most of the crop circle formations are not made by humans. See:

Over the last decade I have been collecting data on these subjects, and comparing the symbolism, in an attempt to interpret meanings. Along the way, I found that constant "coincidences" occurred. I came to use the dreams and coincidences as guideposts and confirmations. It seemed to me that the various elements are like puzzle pieces that need to be put together.

I thank you for adding to my collection! The themes are very familiar. I will give a few examples of related material, along with some comments relating to various parts of your posting.

The various "11" connections to the September 11, 2001 tragedy are extensive, and include 111 and 11:11. We and others have this information on-line. See:

Here are some key excerpts:

September 11th is the 254th day of the year: 2 + 5 + 4 = 11.

After September 11th there are 111 days left to the end of the year.

The number of stories is 110 (2x) 110 - 110 Remember that the zero "0" is not a number, so we have 11:11 The first plane to hit the towers was Flight 11 Flight 11 - 92 on board - 9 + 2 = 11 Flight 11 had 11 crew members Flight 77 - 65 on board - 6 + 5 = 11 Twin Towers =11 + Flight 11 + September, 11th = 33 The number "33" is linked to Freemasonry.

[end of excerpts]


The 11:11 coincidences began with me in 1992. When I got on-line in late 1996, I "coincidentally" found others. My partner and loved one, Dee, and I have been collecting the "number coincidences" reports of others for over four years. See:

Interestingly, on the last page of this set (Part 6) is a post reported on March 31, 2001, of coincidences about "9:11." The poster had the number 77 in her e-mail address. I received an e-mail, dated July 16, 2001, from a person using the number 11 in his address, suggesting that her post may relate to Revelation 9:11 -

<< 9:11 And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is 1Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name 2Apollyon (This is another name for Satan and possibly his posterity). >>

With me, the coincidences had led to Revelation 11:11. See:
(long version)
(short version)

The verse speaks of the two olive trees (also lampstands, prophets, the two anointed) standing up after three days and a half of being dead in the great city. The string of incredible coincidences suggested that this is related to the universal elementary idea of the midpoint of the seven chakras.

An example is the Egyptian depiction of the balance scale, where the heart of the dead person is weighed against the feather. It has seven spherical nodules on the supporting pole. The snout of the Swallower Beast cuts across the pole between the third and fourth spheres. According to Joseph Campbell, this means that if one has not reached the Heart chakra level (the fourth sphere) at the time of death, he or she is swallowed by the Beast, meaning the person must be reborn on earth to try again.

Apparently, humanity has been on a time cycle path that corresponds to the seven chakra levels. We are near the three and a half point, and a leap to the Heart chakra level en mass. This is preceded by a period of stress, corresponding to the time of Purification, or the Final Judgment.

Revelation 11 refers back to the two olive trees in Zechariah 4. They stand on either side of the golden lampstand with seven lamps. This is known as the Menorah. The two anointed trees relate to the High Priest from the line of Aaron and King from the Tribe of Judah, i.e., the Holy Grail Bloodline. The two trees seem to correspond to the left and right Pillars of the Tree of Life.

The verses speak of Zerubabbel, who rebuilt the Temple of Jerusalem. His hands laid the foundation, the verses say, and that his hands shall complete it. Zerubabbel (seed of Babylon) is made the Signet Ring of the Lord on the day Heaven and Earth shakes (see Haggai 2:20-23).

The Tree of Life appeared as a crop formation in 1997:

The numbers 93 and 777 were suggested. The Tarot cards were mentioned in the above article, especially the Tower card, the one showing a building on fire with people leaping out of the windows.

The Menorah appeared as a crop formation in 1999:

It became clear from the details that the Menorah can be rearranged into the Tree of Life.

The September 11, 2001 events connected with many of the ideas. See:

Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania. Flights 11 and 175 were crashed into the Twin Towers. 11 + 175 = 186. 186 divided by 2 = 93. Flight 77 was crashed into the Pentagon. The mirror of 175 is 571. Coincidentally, a movie called "U-571" was playing at the time. It is the story of a submarine in W.W.II and finding the secret coding system of the Germans.

More recently, I "coincidentally" discovered that 175 is related to the Magic Square of Venus:

Each row and diagonal adds to 175:

22   47  16   41  10  35    4
 5    23   48  17  42  11  29
30     6   24  49 18   36  12
13   31    7   25  43  19  37
38   14  32    1   26  44  20
21   39    8  33     2   27 45
46   15  40    9   34    3  28

Also interesting, this totals 1225 (7 x 175). 1225 divided by 25 = 49. In other words, five squared times seven squared equals 1225, and relates to Venus. Some say the five- pointed star and the *Pentagon* are related to Venus. Others say she is related to the seven-pointed star. As indicated by the 1993 Bythorn Mandala crop formation, the five- pointed star is related to the Hindu Goddess Kali. See:

The reversed five-pointed star, with two points or "horns" up, is an esoteric symbol of the Kali Yuga time cycle. See page 5 of:

I found the Magic Square of Venus when searching for the meaning of 49 (7 x 7). This was clearly suggested by the Mega Glyph crop circle formation that appeared about a month prior to the 9-11 terrorist attacks:

The 409 total circles suggested 360 + 49. Steven Clementson, in the above article, found the incredible alphanumeric connection to the seven colors of the spectrum. He did not mention it, but these are the colors of the chakras. The fourth Heart chakra is green, which adds to 49 (A=1, B=2, etc.). The other six chakras add to 360.

The geometry of the Mega Glyph fits with the six-fold formation that appeared with the Tree of Life (see link above). As stated in the article, this seemed to suggest the sixth sphere of the Tree, Tiphareth or Beauty, also known as The Son, which has the image of a child as one of its symbols. Both the Tree of Life Formation and the "Tephareth" formation appeared on map coordinates indicating multiple sevens. The "Tephareth" formation of 1997 and the 2001 Mega Glyph could suggest the Heart Chakra.

Prior to September 11, 2001, the NYC Fire Department lost 777 firemen in the line of duty. On the day of the tragedy, they lost 343 firemen. 343 is 7 x 7 x 7. It was pointed out several years ago, that this was indicated by crop circles:

The numbers 7, 49 and 343 are related to time cycles of human spiritual evolution.

Now, some comments concerning your post. I pasted in the parts below from the version of your post.

<< In the year 1999 of the Gregorian calendar, the 11th September marked not only the Coptic and Ethiopian ‘New Year’ and also the Jewish New Year (which fell on 1st Tishri 5760). >>

The number 576 is part of the ancient system of numbers. The Gematrian meaning is "Prophecy and Gospel." 576 / 2 = 288, "Double Light". 576 / 4 = 144, "Light." 576 x 2 =1152, "Witness." See:

The Solar Eclipse and Grand Cross alignment of August 11, 1999 was very significant symbolically. The Diamond Ring effect took place over Cornwall at 11:11 AM. The area is know for its legends of King Arthur, the Holy Grail, and the Lost Tribes. The alignment was to the four Zodiac signs that correspond to the Four Living Creatures of Ezekiel and Revelation. See:

<< It was at that time that Court de Gebelin made the link between the ‘Blazing Star’ of the Freemasons with the five-pointed star symbol of Sirius, the ‘star of Isis’ (on which the original ancient Egyptian calendar was based). More intriguing, Court de Gebelin identified this star to the Tarot card No. 17, known as ‘The Star’, which depicts a woman wearing a large star on her head. >>

Blavatsky wrote in "Isis Unveiled," that the Woman With Child in Revelation 12 is Isis. She wears a crown of twelve stars.

Five-pointed and seven-pointed stars have appeared as crop formations. Double five pointed stars have also appeared. To me, the five and ten-pointed stars relate to my dream of the "Gematrian Wheel." It is a 360 degree circle divided into ten parts of 36 degrees each. The prehistoric numbering system seems related to this. See:

<< ‘Camp David’ is, to say the least, very evocative of ‘Camp Temple Solomon’ of the original Knights Templar. And to the Arabs ‘Camp David’ is, above all else, the place where the Egyptian President. Anwar Al Sadat, signed the first peace treaty with Israel with Prime Minister Menahim Begin on the 17th September 1978. The original name of Camp David was, in fact, Shangri La, and was first established by President F.D. Roosevelt in 1941-2. It was subsequently renamed ‘Camp David’ during the administration of President Eisenhower in 1953, apparently after his grandson, David Eisenhower. >>

Anwar Sadat was symbolic of the "Walk-In," suggesting perhaps that his Higher Self/Zerah of the Scarlet Thread aspect, entered his earthly consciousness. He was one of 13 children (like Jesus with 12 disciples), born on Christmas day. He transformed as a prisoner in the dungeon of Cell 54. The number 54 has the positive "666" tangent, and is associated with the Coordinate Intersect of the Sphinx of 5400 in Munk's system. Twice 54 is 108, a key ancient number associated with the Moon's radius, time cycles (1080), a measurement at Stonehenge, and the number of names for the Mother Goddess in India.

1953 has the same tangent as 153, a famous number found in John 21, as the number of Fish in the Net. 1953 - 153 = 1800 (5 x 360).

When I checked out the date, September 17, I thought "Wow!" i.e., 9 x 17 = 153! The numbers from 1 to 17 add to 153. Twice 153 is 306, which has the 666 tangent. This is because it its at the same position on the Gematrian Wheel, but one less revolution (306 + 360 = 666).

The name "David" has come in dreams as related to its "love" meaning and to the House of David, symbolic of the positive future. The sole survivor of the 2001 Space Odyssey was Dave, who was transformed and sent back to Earth as a baby in a bubble, indicating the next stage of evolution.

<< Less known to the general public is that the cornerstone for the Statue of Liberty was placed in a solemn ceremony in 1884 organised by the Masonic lodges of New York >>

2001 - 1884 = 117

2 x 117 = 234 (this has the positive 666 tangent and was the degree angle to the Moon glyph of the 1991 Barbury Castle tetrahedral crop circle formation, which may represent the lower Triad of the Tree of Life. Richard Hoagland and his associates show that the 1991 Barbury Castle formation is related to the geometry/mathematics of Cydonia on Mars. This concerns fields of energy in the shape of two interlaced tetrahedrons within planetary spheres. Each tetrahedron shape touches the sphere at 19.5 degrees North and South at 120 degree intervals. The three points North and three points South give 6. 19.5 x 6 = 117

<< Odd enough, there is. For the Statue of Liberty, which was designed by the French sculptor Bartholdi and actually built by the French Engineer, Gustave Eiffel (both well- known Freemasons), was not originally a ‘Statue of Liberty’ at all, but first planned by Bartholdi for the opening of the Suez Canal in Egypt in 1867. >>

1884 - 1867 = 17 (adds to 153. Relates to the Mega Glyph, as each arm is composed of 13 + 55 = 68 circles, a multiple of 17).

<< ? For when we project these Tarot images on the actual geographical landscape of the 11th September attacks, we can easily identify two of the target areas: the ‘Tower’ with the WTC, and the ‘Pentagon’ (Devil), the latter the ‘Great Satan’ of the terrorists, with the US Pentagon. >>

The Mega Glyph may suggest the 78 total cards of the Tarot deck, as 13 x 6. There were 13 large circles in each of the six arms.

The USA seems to be playing the role of Satan in the "Opponent Force" (Typhon-Set) sense, and in the sense of destroying belief structures at the end of time cycles. See:

The nation is symbolically related to the Tribes of Manasseh and Dan, with the Eagle and arrows, and 13th Tribe symbols. See the Amertrag.htm link above.

Dan's function is indicated in Genesis 49:16-17

"Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel. Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward".

"Dan is your classic example of a man under Judgment of God who goes forth an adversary, that others may fall backward under that same judgment."

The Biblical symbolism of "falling down backward" is said to represent a spiritual death, which is always followed by a rebirth. I found this information on this page:

I was searching for an interpretation as to why the Tribe of Dan is not listed as one of the Tribes to receive the "good" mark on the forehead (12000 from each tribe adds to the 144000). Dan was one of the 12 sons of Jacob listed in Genesis. He was the main Tribe in the North quadrant, as listed in the camp positions in Numbers 2. His Eagle symbol now relates to the Zodiac sign of Scorpio. It is quite a significant mystery, I think, as to why this major Tribe is not listed in Revelation.

The above linked article suggests that the Tribe of Dan was cut off because it "brought idolatry and false gospel to Israel." I doubt it. The reason may be that this Tribe is the instrument of the Judgment, and therefore would not be judging itself.

All this doesn't seem fair, but hey! I didn't write this script!

Many people feel that conspiracies are behind the strange symbolic coincidences. My theory is that such things and events are planned in the deep levels of the sleep state.

The symbols are imparted in the REM portion of dreaming. The unconscious mind is evolving and learning to leave these symbolic guideposts. We have a collective unconscious, as Jung put it, and therefore we find common symbols across time and space.

We have been unconscious co-creators of the reality during the time cycle in the lower three chakra levels. This is symbolized as giving over our Crowns, our Royal Power to the Beast (karma), as related to being drunk on the wine (fury) of the harlot, Kali. See:

The cycle is also symbolized by the counterclockwise Swastika made of four curved horns. The next cycle is symbolized by a clockwise Swastika made of four "builder"

glyphs, like the right-angled squares used by carpenters, masons, and smiths. It is also symbolized by the Lion King, as regaining the Royal Power, the lost Kingdom, and becoming conscious co-creators of the reality. See:

Along the way, we will find the Hall of Records buried under the ground all these centuries, that is, we will find the "Truth" about our origins and the great mysteries below the surface of the mind, in the collective unconscious.


Joe Mason


Added April 15, 2002

Subj: Re: Fwd: DREAMS
Date: 4/6/2002 10:22:59 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Bryon
To: JMASON4557@AOL.COM (Joe) [& Others]

At 08:42 PM 4/5/2002 -0500, you wrote:

<< Hi Last night I had this dream. Ive had similar dreams before. I was living in the mountains amongst a secret society.>>

Several years ago I had a series of dreams that ran off and on for more than a year. In the dreams I was with different groups of people who were living in small groups and moving from one place to another at night. Some of the groups found caves to live in but most were still moving through the fields and hills and forests at night trying to avoid being captured by the military and certain other groups who I would call some form of terrorists.

The military were capturing people and taking them away to some undisclosed locations but the other groups would kill people and rob them of anything they had that was of value to them.

I returned to one cave high in the mountains several times and each time I came there something else was changed. At first it was a cave that had a spring of water running inside it. Later it had paths things like rooms and tables with what I would call security people at each of the entrances. I said "this is impossible" then I turned around and in one of the booths I saw a small pink polka doted elephant. I walked around it touching it and realizing it was a miracle.

Then I walked from that place and found a lamb standing in the middle of the room. The single lamb is a Christ symbol and this cave was a sanctuary. It was for a secret group of people to live during a time of great tribulations on earth.

The following times I returned to that place it was filling up with people and all this was being done in secrecy. It was high on a mountain not far from a highway and parking lot and I judged it was in some kind of national park. The cave was high enough that the guards at the doors could see a fair distance to observe anyone who might come near them.

During the time I was having these dreams other people sent me their dreams of the same kinds of things, small groups of people living and moving together through the forests and countrysides. One of them sent me a dream that sounded almost exactly like the cave I just described to you. I saw small camps of military here and there scattered around the country watching for something. It was some kind of strange war going on. I also had one night vision where I saw some military jets with the wings on backwards and no paint on them attacking unarmed civilians at random. Then something strange happened and they turned and started killing each other like some form of mass confusion came over them.

<< We came down to society and all the humans we saw were asleep.>>

This means the humans are not aware of what is really going on or about to happen.

<< There was trucks rolling down the hills where there was alot of factory stuff and weapons. >>

Trucks are business related dream symbols and going down hill means their businesses were not good and most likely out of control during this aspect of the dream event.

<< there were some explosions. It seemed only a few of us knew about the catastrophe. Every one else fell asleep were they had been at the time it had all started. They still were not aware of the danger. >>

This verifies what I said about the people being asleep means they just don't know what is going on. Most of humanity lives in a kind of trance unaware of the truth or dangers that is moving about them. Most of them do not want to know what is really going on. They do not want to know or believe they are in danger.

<< One of us turned into a beautiful type of snake the rest of us including children went into this kind of like space ship. Then the soldiers found us and knew we were who ever we were they came in to capture us. thats when I woke up. >>

The snake means a kind of deception or secret is involved in the dream subject. These can work both for you or against you depending on how they are used in the dream. Usually they work against the dreamer but in rare cases they can work for the good. I think this one is keeping a secret to help the people. An angel walking among us could appear to us like a person turning into a beautiful snake for example in a dream. Angels not only can but do appear in human form and walk among us sometimes. At any given moment you can just about bet there's an angel doing that somewhere on earth and yet the people around them do not know who that angel really is. There are some who believe that all snakes in dreams are a bad symbol but this is because there is something they are not aware of and that being that God gave Moses the snake when he threw down his staff and it was his snake that ate the snakes produced by Pharaoh's magicians. I know that even the enemy of God's people will be deceived and consumed by something that God will produce at that time.

Why didn't the spaceship fly away and save the people ? Perhaps like a spaceship but wasn't ?

Still your dream here is so very much like mine were several years ago and I believe is most likely talking about the same event. It's some kind of prophetic dream.

<< I also want to know if there is any information on day dreaming. Yesterday when I was walking down the hall to go to the restroom at work. I saw in my mind my Aunt who had just died going through a tunnel like rainbow. I was wondering do I just have a active imagination or is there anything to it. I have day dreams quite a bit. I think I might be a little mental? ona >>

You are not alone. I recommend you just keep notes of everything you can. I need to get a bunch of my dreams typed up. I have been so busy and now dealing with this cold crud that we all have here "again."

I know that some people are going to find they have spiritual gifts they were not aware of but they are going to need to learn to use those gifts to their advantage. I have had so many experiences with "strange things" happening that I sometimes pray to God to help maintain my sanity. The last thing I need is to be found out naked and grazing in the fields with the cows. ;-/ I know a king who that happened to in the Bible.

God bless.



Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 08:31:05 -0500
From: John
Subject: Planetary Traffic Jam Overhead

Something new to view in the skies.

Planetary Traffic Jam Overhead Cambridge - Apr 04, 2002 Comet Hale-Bopp dazzled us for weeks. The Perseid meteor shower thrilled us for one night. But the world hasn't seen anything like the planetary traffic jam that's going to occur the last week of April and the first two weeks in May! Inching across the sky like bumper-to-bumper commuters on their way to work, a rare planetary alignment will allow sky observers to see every planet in our solar system in a single evening!

"There will be other opportunities in the future to see the planets indifferent configurations," says Philip Sadler, Director of the Science Education Department at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) in Cambridge, MA, " but it won't be anything like this for at least another 70 years. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience."

Even more amazing, two very special events will occur during this planetary line-up. On May 10, the planets Mars and Venus will appear to pass so close to one another that, to the naked eye, the Roman God of War and the Roman Goddess of Love will become one.

Earlier, on May 5, something even more spectacular will happen. The bright planets Mars, Saturn and Venus will group together to form a perfect equilateral triangle in the western sky. This dazzling configuration will be visible almost everywhere on Earth. In the Middle East, this pyramid-shaped specter will hang directly above Bethlehem.

Oddly enough, more than 2,000 years ago, this same grouping of planets may have caught the attention of the Biblical Magi. On April 1, 2 B.C., the planets Mars, Saturn and Venus came together to form a perfect equilateral triangle over the city of Bethlehem.

Now, in the 21st Century, amid the turmoil taking place in the Middle East, the ancient Roman gods of Love, War and Agriculture/Wisdom, are coming together to look down upon this war-ravaged landscape once again. In the past, many different configurations of planetary alignments have been seen from Earth. They occur due to the random positions of the planets in their eccentric orbits around the Sun. In the early 1980s and in May of 2000, the planets stacked up directly behind the Sun. Many people thought the combined gravitational pull might create havoc here on Earth resulting in giant earthquakes,sweeping tidal waves or erupting volcanoes. But, the collective gravitational pull was so insignificant, nothing happened. The other planets are simply too small or too far away in space to affect us back on Earth.

In late April and early May, when the planets line up , they will not be arranged behind one another or the Sun. Instead, they will present a beautiful line across the sky from horizon to near zenith. For a period of a little more than three weeks, anyone looking west at sunset will be able to see the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. A few hours later at 4 A.M., armed with a large-size amateur telescope, they can continue their grand tour by observing Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, a few wandering asteroids and maybe even Comet Ikeya-Zhang in the east. Finally, by quickly glancing down at the ground,they will have completed their grand tour of the solar system. "Seeing nine worlds in just one night is something few astronomers can say they've accomplished,"

waxes Sadler. " I can't wait to do it myself!


Added April 21, 2002

8-29-99 - Something important happened on 12-28-1998 which is going to change the world . It has something to do with a horse and something to do with a sunflower.

There were two dreams about this. I already forgot the 1st one except the date.

In the second one there were two men whose wives left them ... an attorney from One Life To Live ... Sam .(tall and blonde).. and a man named John (dark with moustache)

When the attorney's wife left her husband, she crawled into bed with John to get advice. I was sitting on a chair in the bedroom observing all this ... they were never alone.

I was sitting there, counting a cup of coins. As they left the room, I said to John, "I'm counting my money so I can get married again." I had been married twice before and so had he but that was no reason to not try again.

But the wife of the attorney was hanging on his arm as they left.

Later she came back in the convertible car with the attorney. When the car pulled in which was yellow, everyone piled garbage on it, including myself. I piled a couple handfuls of chicken leg bones on the hood. People put all kinds of stuff on his car.

While he was trying to figure out what to do with all that stuff, I was helping a little girl make some choices. There were 3 goblet type cups each one with jewels in them and she had to choose between them and I was trying to help her make the choice between them and stuff that trash pickers had gathered together.

I needed a drink of water and I went into the workmen's bathroom, but the water there was warm and I couldn't drink it, so I went to my own bathroom and closed the door. There, I used a blue and white enameled cup that was more like a saucer shape, to get a sip of water. This object was also on a long stem like a champagne glass.

I then went out to confront the wife of the attorney. She was sitting around, all depressed, wearing her bathrobe. I sat her down on a daybed in a public room like a hallway. John had just walked through the room. She was all depressed. I sat down next to her to talk to her.

She pulled out a puppet from a pink bag on her lap. It looked like a horse, but it instantly morphed into a dark-haired female doll puppet wearing a pink roses dress. At the the same time, the bathrobe of the attorney's wife morphed into a beautiful pink roses fitted robe that matched the puppet's dress. It was fabulously beautiful.

The woman held the puppet up by her right ear and told me to talk to it, so I said, "Hello!" to the puppet. The woman spoke through the puppet and as she stood up to show who she really was, I told her she was going to have to decide which one she wanted because I was going to take the other one I was letting her make the choice.

At the same time, I was handed a white large sunflower.

The sunflower was at the end of the season and harvested. The petals around the outside were brown and the whole center was white seeds.

I then went to an office to work. The woman who ran that office seemed to be real busy so when the phone rang, she asked me to answer it.

A female voice on the phone said, "You missed an appointment at 10:00 o'clock.

I was assuming she meant me and not the other woman. I didn't know what appointment I had missed though.

I then went to work on some kind of announcement mailing. 500 envelopes were being automatically addressed to horse lovers around the world. These envelops were all brown and white like they had pictures of race horses on them.

The envelopes were put into a box in thirds, not all at once.


April 21, 2002 note:  Dee informed me of several of her dreams of sunflowers as I was researching the Sunflower crop circle formation of August 2000. I am in the process of creating a web page on the subject.  Part of the meaning seems to be related to the chakras. The sunflower may symbolize the Crown chakra, the seventh, or the Heart chakra, the fourth.  

The yellow convertable car may represent the third chakra. Convertable may suggest being "open" and able to "convert."  This may indicate a change in the nature of the third chakra. This chakra in its positive aspect is the will to suceed. Its negative aspect can be a will to dominate everything and make others agree or be an image of the self. Roses, cups, saucers, goblets and jewels may also indicate chakras.

Several symbols in the dream may relate to karma or judgment. Counting coins can relate to metrology and the systems of weights and measures. Having money may suggest a buildup of positive karma. The horse may be related Revelation 6:5, 6 speaks of the black horse rider with the balance scale, and then a voice says:  

"A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius, bu do not harm oil and wine."

Getting married sometimes seems to indicate a duality bond related to chakra levels. For example, the kings of the earth fornicate with the harlot (Rev. 17). Kali is sometimes depicted setting or standing on a copulating couple.  See:

The three goblet type cups with jewels in them, and the envelopes put into a box in thirds may relate to the trinity or triads. It is said that there are three trikonas or inverted triangles in the lotuses of the root, heart and brow chakras, in which there are granthis or knots, through which the kundalini has to break in the course of her journey.

The little girl in the dream may relate to the new feminine aspect, the Holy Spirit. In the karmic, Kali Yuga time cycle, this aspect seems to be the "daughter of the harlot.

Needing the drink of water may suggest the New Age of Aquarius, the Water Bearer.

Pink is said to be an additional color related to the fourth Heart chakra, its primary color being green. The rose is said to be the western lotus.

Mailing envelopes may symbolize psychic communication, a message from an unseen distant source. This can be an envelope of energy.

The name "John" is related to YHWH, the Divine Name. I had a dream about ten years ago where a voice spoke, saying, "That John was there with you from the beginning." I think it may refer to the male/Father aspect of the trinity within. Sam could relate to the gnostic Samael, the demiurge false god co-creator of the physical world. In my view, this is the conscious gestalt of mankind. According to Blavatsky, Samael corresponds to Typhon Set and Satan as the opponent force.

Symbolism of Two Couples

The above dream is of special interest because of the two couples, with one male being an attorney. Courts, judges and attorneys can be related to the idea of karma or judgment, I belive.

Around 1990 Nancy dreamed of observing two couples setting in opposing seats in an airliner. The male of one couple wore the same perfume as the female of the other couple. Perfume, it seems, can be related to the flower/chakra symbolism.

Arround 1993 Josephine dreamed of two couples who were androids. One of the female androids was created first, and then, she created the other three. Something was wrong with them, something about their arms or hands. They were soon departing planet earth in order to have the problem corrected. Damage or problems with arms or hands, I think, can be related to karma. As mentioned above, Kali wears a girdle of severed human hands, indicating the karmic function. Hands are considered the "instruments of our works." (Osama bin Laden's left arm is apprently damaged. This may be a symbol of karma).

Several days after the 9-11 disaster, Dee called my attention to an article she created less than a month prior:


I read the article and made the following notes around 9-15-2002:

8-15-00 - DREAM - I was working as an inspector in a large apartment building. Hilary Clinton seemed to be the person who was in charge of paying the workers. I was walking through the apartments, inspecting the ceilings and walls and making the decisions on which ones needed to be painted or repaired.

On a clipboard which I had in my hands, I had elaborate time sheets to fill in for the painters who were walking behind me. One of the painters, who looked very familiar to me, looked at the time sheet and the list of apartments I was making with the work to be done, said, "I learned my lesson."


8-15-00 - I can't recall this dream in detail, but Hilary Clinton was also in this dream and I inspected rooms that were 5 sided. They were called something special which I also can't remember.


[My notes] Clinton scandal and Judah (lion king) with Tammar in Genesis 38.

Wow! Just as I read this on the web page, CNN was speaking of the death of Barbara Olsen. She was probably THE prime enemy of Hillary Clinton. Barbara was killed when airliner fight 77 crashed into the Pentagon, the huge five-sided structure. The connections seem to be to the Bythorn Mandala of '93, the Kali Yantra, and the time cycle, the Kali-Yuga. This is a warring cycle, a karmic cycle of time. Karma or judgment is symbolized by money or money related things, such as credit cards. It is also symbolized by police, security guards, and lawyers. Barbara was a lawyer and her husband, Ted Olsen, is the Solicitor General of the U.S., the nation's lawyer. Hillary Clinton is also a lawyer, as is Bill Clinton.

I just thought of the two couples symbolism. In this case all four are lawyers. The two pair are opponents.

There is also a Jimmy Olsen in the Superman stories, who works with Clark Kent at the Daily Planet, the Metropolis newspaper.

Jeff's dream of the ammo plant gates and the Clintons.

[end of excerpts]

I searched and found these links today, April 22, 2002:

CNN: Wife of Solicitor General alerted him of hijacking from plane

Hell to Pay, the Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton
by Barbara Olson

The Final Days: The Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House
by Barbara Olson

The karmic implications of Dee's dreams above seem clear. Inspecting apartments, paying workers, judging which parts need painting (similar to cleaning, perhaps), and learning lessons all fit well. In the dreams, Hillery may represent the function of Kali. The corresponding Aztec "cleaning woman," Serpent Skirt, is similar. The corresponding Greek figure would be Hera, the wife of Zeus. She is noted for taking revenge against women seduced by her husband. The revenge may be taken against the whole family or nation of the "offending" person.

The rooms being 5 sided is especially significant. Flight 77 crashed into a five-sided building, the Pentagon. A yantra to Kali has a five-pointed star inside. A similar crop circle formation,  appeared August 11, 1993, which became known as the Bythron Mandala:

Yantra to Kali                  Bythorn Mandala 1993

The Kali Yuga time cycle is symbolized by a reversed five-pointed star. See page 5 of:

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 1


From notes around mid February 2001

12:23 AM

A couple of days ago, it struck me that the dispute over the Olympic ice skating couples is quite symbolic. It fits with the two couples symbolism and judgment issues.

Yesterday, the French judge was sent home. The Canadian pair was given an extra gold medal. The Russian pair has the other one. The Canadian man's name is David, which is another significant symbol of these times. Dave was the only survivor of the 2001 Space Odyessy, and was transformed for the next stage of evolution. David means love. The new aeon is connected with love, the Star of David, and the House of David.


Linked Dreams

The Two Pillars (8 Sep 01 Dream) - Irenaeus and Beckett

The Miserly then Magnificent Musical


Continued in
The American Tragedy: A Symbolic Event, Part 3

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