APRIL, 2000

4-1-00 - DREAM - APRIL FOOLS -   This dream started out at work where I met a man I liked. I decided to take him home with me and have a relationship.  When we got there, we went up to my apartment and went in and I discovered that each bedroom had another man in there I had done the same thing with. None had any idea of the others because they were asleep.  The one I had just brought home went into a bedroom I took him to and because I didn't want to be discovered, I left him there and went back to work. I figured this one would fall asleep just like the others. There was a total of three bedrooms and three men.

On the way back to the office, I met a man who told me and some other women a horrible tale about his daughter's bad luck. The woman had 8 children, including two sets of girl triplets, and she had just lost her life in a car accident.  This left the man to care for all these children himself and he just couldn't do it. He was trying to figure out what to do with the 3 youngest babies, the second set of triplets who were all girls.  He knew he was going to have to find a home for them.

I got the brilliant idea that I could adopt them and the idea sounded so great, I got all excited and decided to go back to my apartment and tell each of the men that I wanted to adopt these triplet babies and which ever guy liked the idea would stay and the others would have to go.  I would use this as a test to see which guy was worthy of my time and efforts.

I also met the grandmother of these children and she was from Illinois, somewhere in the middle of the state. The town started with a "W". I had never heard of the town but told the woman that I went to Illinois every week for a meeting and I'd be able to bring the children so she could see them. She was too old to care for the babies herself.  I didn't tell the woman my idea about adopting the babies, but she liked the idea that I would visit her.

So, I headed back to my apartment, skirting the outside entrance of the building where there was a fountain without getting too wet. Others got wet because the water changed directions like a swirling water sprinkler.  I managed to run and stay at the appropriate moments so I didn't get wet.

When I got back to the apartment, I discovered that I didn't have my key to the building or my purse.  There was a young woman ahead of me and I managed to get into the outer locked door of the building when she went inside and let the door slowly swing closed behind her.  However, I didn't move fast enough to get through the inner glass door behind her and the door shut in my face.

However, there was a man standing inside, like the maintenance man so I knocked on the glass, hoping he would let me in.  That is a big 'no no' in apartment buildings. One never lets another person in whom they don't know... it's not safe, but I was hoping he would disobey the rule.  

When I knocked, he opened the door and let me in, calling me by name like he knew me. He looked rather familiar like a young Roy Rogers and his voice sounded like Roy Rogers. He let me in and we started to talk small-talk and another man butted in and started to make a fuss about our conversation.  The other man was taller, dressed all in black. The Roy Rogers character rebuffed the other guy to save me from the embarrassment of having to deal with him. I don't know if he was drunk  or just a bad/evil man, but he continued to have grievance against our original conversation and that we were friends.

While the Roy Rogers guy continued to stay between me and the other guy who was making trouble, I slowly walked away and climbed the stairs to get away from him. The Roy Rogers guy finally broke away from the other man though he continued to follow making the same arguments why the Roy Rogers guy and I shouldn't have been discussing what we were discussing which I couldn't even remember by then.

By now I couldn't remember how to get to my apartment because I had only been there a couple times since I moved in.  It was on an upper floor, but I didn't even remember the number of the apartment. I was really upset.  I knew I'd know it when I saw it, but first I had to get there.  

The Roy Rogers guy told me to run ahead of him while he waylaid the other guy so I did. I ran up the stairs and discovered they branched off in several other directions to various wings of the building.  I chose the wrong one and it turned out to be the kind of stairway that only went to every other floor and it went to the wrong floor from where I belonged.

The Roy Rogers guy caught up to me and I desperately asked how to get to the other floor. He showed me a door that went to another stairway that went both up and down which should have gotten me to the right floor.  He told me to go down one half flight and I'd be on the floor below mine and I could next door to the stairway that would take me up one whole flight to the right floor.

However, I knew that was wrong and if I went down, I'd run into the other guy, so I chose to go up one half flight.

When I got up to the top of the stairway, it came out on a deck-like area which overlooked a courtyard several floors below and there were penthouse apartments on the other end of the deck.  This seemed rather familiar because one could see the entire building from here.

The only problem was that on the opposite end of the deck where I was, there was a huge lion-like creature standing ... guarding the deck and the portal behind him.  He was standing in a dark alcove behind two pillars.  At first I didn't see any other people up here but then another man showed up and the guard animal fixed his eyes on that guy so I scooted over towards the right and walked along in the sight of a pillar which hid me from the direct sight of the lion-like creature.  As I walked slowly along, I saw more and more people and began to relax about  being up here.  When I rounded the corner of the deck towards the right, I discovered that there were many people up here, ... I couldn't say sunning themselves because there was no sunlight, but perhaps airing themselves or something. I actually had to squeeze between people it got so crowded as I walked along.

I finally made it to the other end of the deck and went into the building where the penthouse apartments were.  None of these apartments looked like mine, but I thought I was on the right end of the building at least and started to go down a stairway hoping that it was the right one to my apartment.  

I went down one floor and came out into a lobby-like  area where a man was, standing there in a costume.  All around the walls of this area, were shelves with hats of every imaginable kind and if one put on a hat, you could play the part of the person the hat represented. Other people were doing this and it looked like fun.  One could be anyone one wanted just by putting on a hat.  One of the hats was tall, red and white - like the Fool of the Tarot cards.

I started thinking about putting on the hat of a dancer, one with feathers on top like a crown and I looked for the feathered hat so I could be a dancer ... and as I was waking up I was rather singing, "I want to be a dancer, I want to be a dancer."


NOTE: Roy Rogers name means  'the tall straight King'

The tall man dressed in black is probably the opponent force of mankind.  In other words - Satan!


The lion is a portal guardian from the palace of Ashurnasirpal II at Nimrud, Assyria, 833-859 BC.  The lion is also prominent in the tales of the Bible.

NOTE: FOOL (Aleph) The Heart of the Knight-King. The all-pervasive, free-ranging Spirit. It unifies every atom of consciousness/life into One Gestalt Consciousness/Life. The underlying spiritual connection that exists between all things. The magnetic field of Love that permeates and coheres the Creation. POWER:  Spontaneous right action (Tao), Oneness, Love, Fearlessness.


4-1-00 - DREAM - I was working with a woman named Sophia on a web page about Indians. At the bottom of the page, it looked like this:


NOTE: The name Sophia means "Wisdom".  I believe the black boxes will be links to the work my friend Michelle is doing with her 'spirit' Native Americans.

History Through Their Eyes


4-1-00 - DREAM - I was working on my computer and it quit on me. We took the monitor in to a repair shop and I suggested we plug it into another computer.  The man who was with me plugged my monitor into another computer and the monitor worked fine.  I started to type on it to make sure the monitor was okay and it was typing 'above' the page form.  I thought that was really strange and thought something was wrong with it, but it wasn't.  That's the way my computer worked.


4-1-00 - EVENT AND VISIONS - I had a Kundalini event. I was sitting at the computer typing and felt a sudden burning that started at the base of my spine, ran up my spine into my head and made me instantly dizzy. Then a headache began instantly which spread out from the top of the spine and spread out in a fan shape in both directions.   I felt sick to my stomach when the headache got strong so I had to go lay down.

VISION - I saw a man and a woman dressed white. They asked me to join them. I saw that I was also dressed in white.

VISION - I was in the middle of a battle. Both sides lined up with shields and spears and marched towards each other. Everything was white.

Then the horses and 2 wheel chariots arrived from each side and they began to clash.  They looked like the Romans and Egyptians.

I was told to turn right, which I did and let the battle rage on while I stood on the sidelines and watched.

VISION - I saw the Tree of Life from the embroidery project I'm working on. I was seeing the bottom of the tree where it comes up from the roots out of the ground.

VISION - I saw a box of junk stuff. In the midst was a container of white tooth floss. The cover was red and green plaid.

VISION - I saw a baby quilt with embroidered stuffed animals all in white. The quilt was tilted so that it was a diamond shape. The white Teddy bear was in the top corner, and the white lamb laying down was in the left corner.  (It didn't notice the other two corners.)

VISION - I saw these words:  open/         / delicate/ US
                                                        April 1, 2000

VOICES - "We are not trying to fool you. Sometimes it seems we're trying to fool people, but we're not!  We're not fooling."

Another deeper male voice said, "You're not going to be able to resolve this."

VISION - I pulled out a pile of newspapers and magazines from under the refrigerator.  I saw the J.C. Penney Catalog and set is aside on the right.  I saw the Waterford, Ca newspaper and decided to throw it away.

VISION - I saw a tall brown garbage bag. On the bottom were the two lost earrings I've been looking for. A turquoise stone one and a white pearl one.   (The turquoise is my birthstone)  

VISION - I saw a mother, father, and child in a bed under the covers. The father was on the right, the mother was in the center, the child was on the left. It appeared that the father was holding a cigarette in his fingers.

VISION - A man said, "I want to be the father of Lori and Lindsey." I saw a page flip over in a notebook and I saw two pages of names written in the book.

DREAM - A lady in a purple flowered dress came to visit. We went outside where it had snowed a couple days earlier. There was some ice on the sidewalk where snow had melted and refroze. The woman asked me if I had ever heard of some ''N____' brand of ice melter.

I said, "No!"  I was wearing high heeled winter boots and kicked holes in the edge of the ice with my heels and showed her that the ice was melting fast.

We then went back into the house and went into the bedroom.

I was laying down curled up on my right side on a hassock with my head on the white bedspread on the bed. (I was laying that way on the bed also)  

The woman in the purple dress lay on the floor on a rug in the exact same curled up position and fell asleep.

My husband came into the room and told me it was time for her to go home.

I woke up and just lay there, not getting up.

VISION - I saw the woman in the purple dress curled up on the floor and my throat made a snoring noise and I woke up again... and then got up.


4-2-00 - DREAMS - I three dreams all about searching the web for Native American Sites. In one scene, I was seeing square and rectangular boxes on a web page and probing them deeply with a long thin needle-like pin about 8 or so inches long and almost 1/4 inch across.. similar to a double pointed knitting needle.  I was shown the number 672 and then 35 so I had whittled down the search that far.  

I chose not to remember the other details. They didn't seem important when I woke up.

During the next day I was working all day on a web search for Trail of Tears and the numbers of sites I ended up with was very close to the above numbers but didn't quite make it because didn't want to accept my last boolean removal of sites, so I ended up with 657.


4-3-00 - DREAMS - Another night of Indian web page dreams. Again I was seeing the deep boxes and probing them for information. I was shown at the end this statement:  'A THOUSAND LIES'.

Pretty shocking!

The end scene, I was again working with Tom, the locksmith in Milwaukee. I was supposed to be sending Dave, the locksmith to a place which was listed in the yellow pages at the bottom of a page. There were two places and I thought I sent him to the place on the left instead of the right.  I couldn't get Dave on the radio, so I called what I thought was his pager number.  I was two digits off and got Ward, the locksmith instead.  At least I was close. :-)  I then found out that Dave had done the job and went home, so I sent him to the right place afterall.  I was happy about that.


4-4-00 - DREAMS - Another night of dreaming about the Thousand Lies and the Native Americans.  This time the names of the web sites were prominent and the number 313 came up.


4-4-00 - DREAM -  I was in the house with my three young sons. The two oldest were making meat sandwiches with large chunks of meatloaf. I helped them do that.  Then the baby was there and I was going to get him dressed.  I carried the baby up the stairs and he was very sleepy.

I was then in the garage in New Berlin. I planned to take the sewing machine which was in the garage, up a new stairway that was built on the east end of the garage.  I also had an armload of towels and washcloths.  (There already was a stairway on the west end of the garage) It was very easy to climb the stairs. They were new and made of glossy brown wood.  However, the stairs ended half way up and the rest was a steep ramp.  But even that was easy to climb. However, it wasn't attached to the floor above... there was a leap in order to get there.

I was half way up the ramp when my daughter-in-law Karen (Bill's wife) called down to me, "Dolores! Don't come up here. Dolores! Don't come up here."

I hadn't realized anyone was up there.  When she hollered, I recognized who she was and wondered why she was sleeping up there. She had made a bedroom in the east end of the garage. She turned on the light and a heater when I saw her.

We discussed whether she was comfortable there and she assured me she was. I asked her whether she felt like she was going to fall off the floor because there was no railing, but she assured me she had worried about it but she was fine.


4-5-00 - DREAM - I was working in a factory type area but in the office.  An older, small, dark haired woman came by.  She was singing an operatic aria and was really good. I commented to her how good she was and she thanked me, then I told her I had always wanted to be a dancer because I love to dance, but outside of high school Modern Dance class I had never tried to be one. She said that one could be anything they wanted to if they only try.

I saw a TV that showed the same scene that I saw on the news yesterday about the testing of the train cars for examining damage so that trains can be improved for passenger safety. Then I saw a seashore scene where the waves crashed in so high, they went over the train tracks that ran alongside the shore.  When I went outside, I was seeing the same scene, however realizing that both scenes had been shot with the same camera that had been left standing in one spot unattended.  There were two train tracks alongside the ocean where the scare warnings came from.

A man came by whom I knew well. I'm thinking he may have represented my husband but I'm not sure.  It was dark out now and we were on the way to the parking lot to get in the car when we saw that the lights were still on in the factory on the other side of the parking lot.

We went over there because the door was open and it shouldn't have been.  As soon as we walked in, we saw a man crouched down way on the other end of an aisle. This was a really big place.  While my husband went to talk to the guy, I went up the wooden stairs, hollering, "Hello?  Hello?"  I figured I would turn off the lights if no one was there. However I didn't because the man was downstairs and I didn't want to turn off all the lights while he was there.

I went back down the stairs and the man who had been crouching down came towards me. My husband may have still been back down the hall. I didn't see him.  However, after what happened next, he may have been dead or hurt.  The man came towards me and got between me and the door I was going to go out.  He pulled out a metallic gadget that looked like a thick gun at first, then seemed to morph into a chain saw.  He started to come towards me and I wasn't going to stand there and find out what his intentions were. I ran towards a set of double doors farther over, seeing at the last second that it was chained together with a thick chain.

I didn't let that stop me.  I hit both doors running, and though the chain held the first time I hit them, I rammed them with my shoulder the second time and the chain came loose from the door and I was out of there.  The man chased me half way down the block ... if it was me or him ... it wasn't going to be me and I practiced being a speed runner at that moment and got away.

I went back to work then and at my desk was a drug store bag with some pills in it and a note attached that we should write a check to the owner of these pills so he could pay for them. The policy was that he should pay for the pills and we would write a check to him to reimburse him.  A technicality for sure, but we couldn't pay for the pills directly, just the reimbursement.

Next to this small bag of pills was a larger bag where a young girl had asked for the same thing ... a check to pay for her pills.  I looked in that bag and there were two huge white, rectangular bottles of pills of some kind.  I read the bottle and it said that there were 1002 pills in each bottle.  I remarked to myself... "boy there must be a lot of money in drug running these days."

Another woman had an envelope with some money in that she wanted to put into a safety deposit box and needed help with the key to it. I went with her to assist, thinking what a good idea it was to hide money in the bank.


4-5-00 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere.  An old woman brought in a very young infant ... just barely old enough to walk, but not by himself.  She had put one of those sucker things in his mouth to keep him quiet, but his nose was full of yellow buggers and he couldn't breathe well.  His eyes were half closed and he looked totally miserable.

She handed the baby to me to take care of and the first thing I did was throw away the sucker thing and clean out his nose. I took him upstairs and crawled into bed with him and held him in my right arm.  

The old woman came upstairs to look where we were and stood over us. She had yellow stuff coming up her neck and running over just like the yellow buggers the baby had had in his nose.  Yucky! I didn't want to know what was wrong with her.

An old man came to see the baby then ... the husband of the old woman. He just wanted to see if we were okay and we were.  

I can't remember anything further ... perhaps we were sleeping then.

NOTE: Joe correlates this dream to the Age of Aquarius coming in. I was participating in getting the young baby age to 'breathe' such as when Adam was set to breathing in the book of Genesis in the Bible.

There is a picture of one of Kali's aspects with yellowish red fluid coming out of her neck while she is holding her head in her hands. Here too it speaks of creation/destruction.


4-5-00 - When Joe and I went to bed I was telling Joe about my friend Michelle's experience with two men who stood at the foot of her bed in spirit the other day and she couldn't go to sleep with them standing there and they wouldn't leave and insisted on talking to her.  Joe and I were laughing about that.  I know that spirits are around all the time but I can't see them and neither can Joe.  Joe laughed and said as long as we can't see them we don't have to worry about them. Joe turned out the light and we settled down to sleep and suddenly I felt a heavy hand come down on top of the blankets right where my waist was. I rather freaked out for a moment. It was totally unexpected to 'feel' a spirit even though I can't see them.  WOW!

NOTE:  I didn't write this before but I had been watching to see if I noticed anything different about my experiences since I had the Kundalini event.  The other day which I didn't write down, I was meditating on the couch and listening to a group of people talking. I can't remember the conversation or what it was about but while they were talking to me, it felt like someone's hand was going through my face ... not just touching it, but going through it.  In both directions, first from the right, then from the left.


4-6-00 - VISION - I was laying in bed thinking about the night's dreams, wondering what they were about and I had a vision of our solar system, the planets in a rather lazy L shape around the sun and saw the words, "Carbon based data field."

I ask: Huh? What does that relate to?

NOTE: An hour later, it dawns on me that this vision is the answer to my question on the dreams I had during the night.  I had been laying there thinking about the dreams and this was the answer given to me by spirit.  Duh!!!!   See following dreams:


4-6-00 - DREAM - The first two dreams didn't involve any people except myself. I was working on placing stones about 6" across - all marked with the word 'stone' into a base matrix.  This took a 'long' time.  Later on, this seemed  to be moved then to the chest of a person.

In dream two I was changing the stones and replacing them and rearranging the placement of the stones in the matrix.   


4-6-00 - DREAM - This whole dream was very confusing.  It was all about the inability of the men to make a decision.  It was a Holiday.  A Stranger came along and asked a favor. That set off hours of argument amongst the men about who was going to do the favor and what equipment was going to be used.  Finally, one of the men hooked a field harrower on the back of a tractor, then came back angry because the man who asked the favor said it was the wrong piece of equipment for the job.

While they were all arguing, I was in the house, discovering that the counter I was sitting on had all kinds of hidden switches underneath the lip of the counter which turned on various lights, and one even changed the whole room from stark to cozy and when I used it, I was told to switch it back to stark because they didn't want anyone to get too comfortable there.

After awhile of more arguing, I discovered that someone had left a box of little creatures on our doorstep for us to take care of.  They were little furry balls, somewhat like hampsters, but with longer fur, kind of brown and white.  The little people who had left the creatures for us told one of the men that I had been the most help to them because I was the only one who had made a definitive decision in the whole matter. I had come right out and said, "No!"

At the end, one of the wives came, and we were talking about doing the laundry. She was distressed about having to do it. I acknowledged that there was never an end to it. The only time you could figure you were done was when there was nothing left in the closets and you were standing next to the washing machine and you were washing everything but what you had on.

This woman was very unhappy.  She had her makeup painted on in stark angled pencil marks on and around her eyes and eyebrows. She was in near tears. I asked her what the matter was. She said with all the arguing, nobody would give her a hug.  So, I told her I would give her a hug.  I put my arms around her and she was really stiff and unaccepting.  I saw her problem immediately.  It wasn't that nobody would give her a hug... her problem was that she couldn't accept one.

I also told her why the men had so much trouble over the favor the stranger had asked for help with. I said to her, "Did any of the men really want to help the stranger? The answer was simple, "No!" Thereby lay their problem. They couldn't say what was truly in their hearts.


4-6-00 - VOICES - I had just lay down in bed. I heard a man in my head say, "We can't tell lies here.... I'm totally jealous!"

I didn't even know who that was... how could he be jealous?


4-6-00 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building somewhere. It somewhat resembled where I used to live in Washington State, but probably wasn't. I obviously didn't do anything here anyway because I knew I didn't rent the apartments and I felt guilty for not going out and seeing if the sidewalk was shoveled.

I heard on television that the government was going to do survey's about juvenile delinquency so that they could set up programs for the kids after school to keep the kids off the streets.  I rather thought that was a good idea.

My husband was there and he volunteered to roll up my hair in curlers, so we were sitting in the livingroom. I was sitting on a straight backed chair and my husband was standing behind me rolling up my hair into the curlers.

The front door was open and I saw an official looking pair of people go by I assumed were the survey people in the neighborhood. No sooner did I see them go by and another pair came right into the house without knocking or explaining who they were. Then besides that they walked right past me like I didn't exist ... to talk to my husband behind me.

The man looked really familiar. I asked him if his name was Jim Overdahl. He looked at me and said his name was something that ended with 'cinski'.  (A Polish name) He was wearing all pastel clothes, the pants being pink, yellow and blue plaid. I can't recall the color of his shirt... probably blue.

Once I had asked him his name, he came and sat down on my right side though he sat on the couch behind me and leaned forward. I was still on the straight backed chair. Once he was sitting down, he rather aged 30 years ... he was much older than he looked standing up.

He again explained that he was there to do a survey on childhood delinquency so that kids programs could be set up after school. I still thought that was a good idea, so he was going to explain the plan ... but he said he had to use the bathroom.  

I excused him and stood up, starting to feel guilty about not going outside and checking on the property, and what apartments were empty and the condition of the place.  I could see snow out the window and knew I hadn't checked to see if the sidewalks needed shoveling or ice chipped off of them.

However, now I felt like my underwear was bunched up in the back so I went into another room to pull them up.  I couldn't get them straightened out no matter what I did. It seemed that they were all bunched up in the back by the rubber band top edge, then once I determined that was okay, then I realized that they weren't all the way up because my butt was too big and I couldn't do a thing about it.

Meanwhile I kept looking out the window to make sure nobody could see in and watch me.


4-7-00 - DREAMS - The first part was on the computer, page after page after page about the Cayuga Indians.   The pages were all a yellow background with brown print. Nothing was said why that was so important.  

Cayuga  The 6 Nations   England Buys the Land  New York Tribes  Human Remains of a Cayuga Indian Chief lay in a Museum in Chicago    Gayanashagowa The Great Binding Law Constitution of the Iroquois Nations

The Last dream of these series however was about Joe.  In the dream I had just met him and the dream took place on the sidewalk after we had come home from a date.  All of the female members of his family, including his ex-wives, were standing on the sidewalk, leaning on their cars, or leaning against the porch of the house.  This was a completely happy scene as each person regaled me and each other of stories of Joe's life where he had made a complete fool of them or himself.  It was like one continuous laughing situation. However, Joe was standing there listening to every story and I'm sure, even though he was laughing, that it was quite embarrassing for him.

I don't know if this was a separate dream or part of the same dream. We went into an auditorium where it seemed that women were being interviewed on stage so that others could vote for them for placement in a show or contest.  The particular woman we were watching was very tall and plain looking, though I would call her 'regal' looking.  Without makeup, she would not have been attractive ... but plain.  However, what made her so outstanding was when she was asked a question, she would answer with just one word in so much emotion, but each answer was in a different language.  Her first answer was in French, and it was 'L'Dieu.  Even the dream my intention was to look up that word to find out what it meant. I don't know French at all.  Her other answers were in other languages I don't know either, and can't even repeat what she said.  I just know I was very impressed by her.

The last part might be a separate dream and took place on the sidewalk in a large city somewhere.  I and some other people met a woman who was a famous Tarot card reader. She was telling us that before she became famous she spent a lot of time alone and to spend the time she invented many ways of reading the Tarot cards.  All of these ways were listed in a thick advertising newspaper which was being handed out to interested people on the sidewalk to promote her show.  Each type was made in two sizes ... using either 63 or 96 cards. It seems that I knew this woman very well prior to her being famous and though I can't identify her, my action of throwing the newspaper at her because of my surprise that it was about her and her reaction of laughter instead of anger shows me that she knew me well also. I'm sure however that her first name was Linda.  

The very last scene took place in what seemed to be a dormitory and it was all young men who seemed to know Linda in a personal way and again they were all telling tales about them individually and her in a way that was not quite so nice.  Each one was showing off his story about himself and her in a way that brought laughter from all the other guys because it made them look like a fool to have been with her, and the last guy said that she had done a reading for him and everyone roared with laughter because he threw the cards on the floor and said that he had told her that he wasn't about to get a reading on cards that had been 'shit' on. Everyone busted out laughing.

I woke up.


4-7-00 - DREAM - I was in a car with Joe.  Joe was driving and there was a baby boy toddler in between us, standing on the floor in front of the seats.  He was wearing one of those baby blue pajama jumper suits.  He was playing with the tuning on the radio first, then started putting pennies into a slot like a slot machine.  Each penny made a slot machine noise when the coin dropped in.  Meanwhile I was trying to plug in a radio into the cigarette lighter and realized that it wasn't such a good idea because I might get electrocuted.  Then the baby put a quarter into the coin slot ... and it didn't make any noise at all.  Connected to this were the numbers 51 and 72.  I can't remember why though and where I realized the numbers.  It was like an after realization.


4-7-00 - DREAM  - This is just the end of the dream.  I was in a city somewhere. This seemed to be a school.  I and another person had a child between us. His number which was like superimposed over his body was 5.11.00. He had about 5 of them attached to him. I and this other person who I think was my friend Michelle were trying to move or repair something on the child by a long distance tool.


4-8-00 - DREAM - I was working in an office and I heard my boss get laid off by her boss above her. I felt really bad for her because I liked her a lot, so when we went home, I was moping around the apartment like it was me who had gotten laid off.  I lived with other people so when they asked me what was wrong, I said I was feeling bad because I lost my job, knowing it was a lie. However, they all understood that feeling too, and that's all I cared about.  

I decided to leave and go east on the bus, so I walked down to the bus stop and got on a bus. After I was on the bus and we had gone a few blocks I realized I had no wallet or purse and no money.  (I don't recall paying a fare to get on the bus)  I didn't want to leave home with no money so I pulled the cord to tell the bus driver I wanted to get off.  I almost walked through the side of the bus, then decided I should be like all the other people and get off at the door, so I pulled my foot back which was already through the side of the bus and went over to the door.  The bus stopped and I got off.

Now I was about 6 blocks from home with no money and all alone and I felt really bad.  However, I no sooner started walking and I began meeting people I knew.  Everyone had a problem of some kind so I wasn't the only one.  I felt better as soon as I was able to help them. That made me feel really good.

I ended up in a store across the street from a bank.  A scrawny tall guy in a dirty yellow outfit, such as a oil derrick worked might wear, came running out of the bank with a brown satchel and ran into the store and acted like he was hiding.  I immediately assumed he was a bank  robber and expected the bank's alarm to go off.  He hid behind the wall next to the door, and I was hiding under a table expecting the worst but it didn't happen. He finally came over to the table and sat down and I came up from under the table and we began a conversation. He said he had stolen something for his boss and had to hide it until he passed it on. He said he began his bad career by smoking marijuana.  Everyone heard him say this. It wasn't like he was hiding it.

There were four men there, all wearing identical green T shirts.  The boss left and the other three started complaining about the boss dressing exactly like them instead of dressing better so they could look up to him.  I thought it was good that the boss wanted to be like one of the guys but they expected him to be a little better than them so the boss would be an influence for them to strive towards.  I said, "Yes! It's better that he be an influence than a defluence". I realized I was coining a word there... at least I think so. :-)

I can't recall how the dream ended.... almost didn't remember the dream at all.


4-9-00 - DREAM - This was a long dream. It was a web page about my friends Michelle and her husband Paul.  It was mostly about Michelle, typed singled spaced on two pages with a bright green background.  It had a long url on page two that went to her web site.

Then on page three which was about Paul, the page was shorter and was on a white background with bright green Holly leaves with red berries ... almost like a Christmas background.

After I had put the page up, Paul came to visit and told me that his friends were worried about his throat, that they saw large white spots in it.  He wanted me to take a look at it. I didn't want to look in his mouth but he insisted that I do it.  He held a bright light behind his neck which illuminated the inside of his mouth.  I had no problem seeing the inside of his mouth ... it was like a large cavern. I could see every blood vessel and tissue in it.  Indeed there were large white spots, but they weren't just spots, they all looked like white stars or suns with sharp spokes coming out all around.

NOTE: After I woke up and was thinking about the Paul part of the page, I had a vision of a female lion laying down, but all of her claws were out and her mouth was open like she was snarling.

NOTE:  According to private communication, this dream was indeed predictive in quality and telepathic.


4-10-00 - The radio was on while I was sleeping, so my dreams were colored by the radio broadcast.  The radio show on Art Bell had the guest Nick Begich and the subject matter was 'giving up your freedom for security'.  Nick Begich wrote the book, "Angels Don't Play This HAARP".  

In my dreams, the characters were patriotic and were asking me to help them.  In the last dream, it seemed I was in a place like a hospital/church area. I was laying down in a pew and several men came by to discuss the subject of 'giving up your freedom for security."  I listened to an old army veteran give a speech on the subject, and a younger man asked me to help him to help the public by posting information on the subject on the wall.  I agreed I would do this.  

See:  Are You Giving Up Your Freedom for Security?


4-10-99 - DREAM - (The fact that I had to go to the bathroom in the physical was very obvious in this dream)  

I was living in a place that was like a home/school.  I went into the closet and discovered some old writings I had done and put away into a 3 ring binder.  One of them was about Mary Magdalen.  I can't recall the titles of the other ones, but I knew I was supposed to get these out of the closet and publish them.

Other people were around who had needs which I was trying to address but kept having to go to the bathroom, which was in my 1st floor closet.  I actually was peeing in the bathtub, not a toilet.  Once I actually peed on my own clothes.  One I peed on the floor because I couldn't wait any longer, and once I peed on the floor because there was an old man Father in the closet, laying in the bathtub, reading a newspaper and I didn't want him to be disturbed. He offered to leave the closet so I could have privacy. I told him, "'Nevermind', from where you are laying, you can't see me anyway."

I went back out to the room, and my daughter and her girlfriends were there were the girl's parents.  They were really tall... like 7 feet.  What had happened was that the girl had pointed her finger at someone and an electrical zap had come out of her finger, but had made red line on her own arm and on the side of her head.  I told her I knew what had happened. I pointed my finger at her face and imagined the energy going towards her, then asked if she had felt it. She said, "Yes!"  I told her I needed to talk to her in private about this use of energy because she didn't know how to control it and I didn't want everyone else to listen in on my lecture to her.   Her parents came in the room also, but I had to leave them there and go back to the closet to pee and on the way was looking again for my writings that I needed to get out into the open.

When I came back, I gave them my lecture, which I don't recall now, then went back to look for my writings, and then back to the closet again.  

I was happy to wake up because I had to go like every couple minutes by then.


4-10-00 - MEDITATION -
Q. Did anything change in me when I had my last Kundalini event on Saturday?

A. A young boy's voice said, "You are going entirely too fast."

I said, "At this rate, I'll be dead before anything happens."

A . An entity (ET?) type voice said, "We don't have any lives."

VISION - I saw a book about 18" thick. the size of a telephone directory. On the side was an Indian woman photo from the waist up and the title of the book was, "Z is for calling in the family".


4-10-00 - DREAM - This took place in the same or similar place to the home/school dream of this morning. Numerous people were here, mostly adults.

I was given two red and white birds in a huge cage - like 'love birds'. I wanted to show them off because they were so pretty. But there was a resident blue bird as well. I didn't want to have to cage the birds so I quickly closed all the windows so none would fly out.

I then quickly went out the door, closing it behind me. Coming down the hall were two short people, in costume - perhaps Irish. Inside their outside ankles of the shoes were tall knives or what looked like tall knife blades as tall as themselves. One of the dancers said they had paid for dancing lessons for years to earn those blades.

So, I stuck a long antenna in the inside edge of my right shoe about 5 feet all. That's what I was going to dance with. I admit it was a little awkward.

I decided we also needed a grand piano to complete the room where the dancing would be held.


4-11-00 - DREAM - This was a rather stupid dream.  I was going home and had to go through a long colorful rainbow-like tunnel.  I can't remember all the experiences I had along the way, but in one scene, my ex-husband Ed was two inches tall, and misbehaving badly, so I picked him up and drop-kicked him twice right in front of his friends. After that, I changed clothes into a go-go dancer or something and went back to a huge room that had a deep square pit in it like an empty swimming pool where his friends were gathered and did a rather bump and grind dance in the doorway.  One of the guys said, "I wouldn't do that if I were you. He's going to be coming back."


4-11-00 - VOICE - The instant I woke up, a voice in my head said, "You're all alone."

Indeed, Joe had already left for work.

VISION - I then saw a face of a hairy beast , perhaps bigfoot.  That's a guess!

VISION/DREAM - I'm not sure which this was.  I watched a catscan view of a small airplane from the right side ... all the way from front to back.  A voice said, "This is a turkey plane. We can work together or you can work alone.


4-11-00 - I felt tired and bored a little after 2 p.m so I decided to lay down and either meditate or dream or both.  I lay there a long time without anything coming to me, neither vision or dream.  But I was feeling chilled on my back so stayed under the blankets a little more and finally fell asleep.

This is the DREAM - I was laying in bed doing nothing and saw an old, old man go by the window out in the yard.  He was dressed all in brown, scruffy work type clothes, with a brown cap on his head like old men wear, not a baseball cap, but with a small brim on the front only. The man had dark skin like an Indian.  I didn't know what he wanted but Joe was home and I just stayed in bed and let Joe deal with him.

Suddenly, the old, old man came to the front door. Joe answered the door and the man walked in and started coming through the livingroom.  I could tell by his voice he was getting closer to the door where I was laying down, but Joe's voice stayed by the front door and told the old man, "I was just leaving!" He said that so the old man would keep his conversation short.  The old man though, sat down in a chair then and kept talking. His voice was very loud.  He said, "I just want to encourage Dee and David to keep writing because it's so important.!"  (David means 'love'.)  

The scene suddenly switched and I was sitting at a table with a writing pad in front of me and a pencil in my hand.  There was a wall in front of me with a window in it and on the other side my friend Michelle was sitting.  She and I were talking about writing.  On the table in front of me I saw what looked like an old man's torn off fingernail.  I kept getting the impression I was supposed to pick it up and give it to Michelle for inspiration to keep working because it was so important.  I kept trying to pick it up but it would fall from my fingers before I could get a good grip on it.  Michelle and I kept talking and finally I picked up the broken fingernail and when I looked at it closely, it was a multicolored red, blue, and yellow piece of glass in the 5 sided shape more or less and it had one of those little tiny blue stickers on it that says, 'Made in'  (China or Japan) on it.  I handed the little piece of broken glass to Michelle and told her, "I was told to give this to you to inspire you to keep working, because it's so important."



4-12-00 - DREAM - I was at a place where I and some other people were working with objects that were numbered 1 thru 27 and represented astronauts. These objects were hand sized and easily picked up and were kept in a circular container that was no taller than the objects.

Here too was a strange pool that was ocean-like that was about knee deep on me but there were small children there and the water would have been over their heads so there was a safety issue which we discussed, not wanting to jeopardize anyone's life.

After this we decided to play a card game called the game of life. The cards were similar to a regular deck of cards with numbers and face cards but they were large size cards like a Tarot deck. There were twice as many cards - a double deck.

We were all sitting on the floor to play the game and the cards were set up into two stacks and leaned against my outstretch leg so that the numbers and face cards could be seen.

At this point, President Clinton came in to observe this game as the outcome of this game would influence the fate of the 27 astronauts.

I made sure that the cards were set up so President Clinton had a clear view. He sat behind me with a cup of coffee and a newspaper so he could relax and view the game at the same time.

At this point, my son Tom wanted to rearrange the cards so that the number cards were in one pile and the face cards were in the other pile.

I told him it was too late to do that as it would be too time consuming to change the game now, that if he wanted to play the game that way, he should set the cards up that way in advance at some future date for another game.

This divided the group into two factions, half for one way, and half for the other way and some people actually left, which left President Clinton, myself and a couple other people to play the game which affected the future of the 27 astronauts.

See:  Astronauts Page


4-13-00 - DREAM - This dream could only have been in another dimension. It was much longer than I'm describing.  It took place in a school or a place where there was a large gymnasium. The people in the dream were people I've known over the years, even from as far back as high school.  None of the people had known each other, but all had known me. The gymnasium was like a basketball court, but other games were played on this floor as well.

For some reason I felt extraordinarily tall, not like normal. The first thing I wanted to demonstrate was my skill in javelin throwing. I knew I was better than anyone else. The strange thing about this gymnasium was that it had clouds right above our heads, not like normal clouds but like long thick ropes hanging down in loops. They were all the same shape at the same time and we had to duck the clouds as they came along or lose the game.

I don't remember doing anything, just that I wanted to. The men thought they were better at everything than women and I wanted to prove them wrong.


4-13-00 - DREAM - I woke up in bed in a hospital.  I had a roommate and we both had had the same kind of surgery.  We were waiting for someone to come and check us so we could go home, but nobody was making rounds that I could tell.  We had both had had some kind of female surgery on our bottoms. I said to the other woman, "I'm not even bleeding. I'm outa here."  And I left.


4-13-00 - DREAM - I had just moved into a new apartment.  The landlady showed me that the window was open with a drape across it.  I slept that way all night, then in the morning, I pulled the drape aside and discovered I was on the first floor, the window (which was a sliding one sideways as large as a patio door) was open and my butt was almost hanging out the window and everyone who went by had access to my apartment.  I quickly closed the window after I realized this and the landlady said I should get a lock for the window.

Thus I set out to get a lock for the window and got waylaid several times by other people who needed to talk about something.  Finally an old girlfriend of mine said she would take me to the hardware store and I found myself pushing her black car like a bicycle because she couldn't drive it across the lawn where we were walking.

We got back to the apartment building and the stairs were very steep. I practically ran up the stairs. I was counting them as I ran up them... 35 exactly.  

I looked at the outside of my window... there seemed to be a keyhole on the outside but no lock. I was going to have to lock it from inside.

I got back inside the apartment and we were talking.  However, I could hear my two grandchildren going up another stairway from the apartment. Their mother didn't bother about them, but I got worried and said I was going to see what they were up to.  I went to the stairway. I thought they had gone to the attic, but there was another locked doorway up about 4 stairs, but the door to the basement was open where people were going to do laundry.

The stairway down was more like a ramp with crossbars on it and the door was low so I had to sit down on the ramp to go down it, though one could walk upright to go up it. I met several women who were taking their clean laundry up the ramp as I was going down it.  I never did find the kids though.

I then came to another lobby and my old friend Irv was there, laying down. I heard him tell the people there that 50 years ago today he had met me and helped me move and he had been doing it every since.

I rubbed his head and called him Blondie even though he's getting bald.  And I quipped to the people and told them... "and I move a lot." and smiled.


4-13-00 - DREAM - I was in a familiar city somewhere. I was going somewhere like shopping or to the library. I had a large brown purse and a stack of books in my arms. I decided to stop and take a break in a park and sit in the sun a few minutes. It was quite aways down some steps to where the benches were, but I went down and sat down for awhile.

While I was there several people came to talk, including my first boyfriend Roger. We got to talking about web pages and he said he wished he had one. I said, "You're on AOL, aren't you?"  He said, "No! I just use my cousins account."  I said, "I'll tell you what I'll do, I'll download a copy of one of those free internet access things onto a disk and you'll be all set." Meanwhile, I was showing him a brownish book that had cutout type cartoonish characters in it and I showed him how I took the cartoons out of the book and scanned them in onto pages for other people to enjoy. He liked what I did and wanted to do some too. So, we agree I would make a download disk of free stuff for him so he could do it too. He got up to leave, and there was a doorway there like at a railroad or bus station and just before he went through the door, he turned and smiled and made a hand sign I had seen him make 40 years earlier which was like "I like you, let's meet again." type of thing.  I laughed and said, "Gosh! It's been years since I've seen that."  I had no clue what I was supposed to do in return so didn't do anything.  He grinned and left.

I decided perhaps it was time to leave and my sons Tom and Bill showed up.  I also saw my maintenance man Joe pull up to the curb in a red convertible and drop off a woman I knew pretty well. She was just coming into the park.  I waved at Joe who was way up the stairs, hoping I could get a ride home. He hollered back down the stairs, "I'll give you a ride but you'll have to wait a bit. I have one more ride to give first."

By then, the woman had come down the stairs and I greeted her and told her I was just leaving.  By then, I had put all my books down and had to fetch them, and that seemed to be kind of an ordeal to get them all into my arms and I didn't want to miss any, so I started stuffing them into my handbag which was quite large.  I managed to squeeze them all in and I noticed that when I picked one up, I perhaps had one of those handmade brown leather wallets with the leather strands woven around the edge. I didn't take the time to look, but just stuffed it into my purse with the books.

I then walked up the stairs to wait for Joe, but as I was coming out the lobby entrance which somehow appeared like we were in a bus station, I noticed that I was only wearing one shoe, a light tan Indian moccasin. I was very distressed at that.  I had no idea how my other shoe had come off.  My son Tom said he had noticed a shoe between some seats down the stairs and would go back and retrieve it. He had no idea I had lost a shoe either.

We stood there kibitzing with other people for a few moments and Tom came back with a shoe, which was a shiny black man's shoe.  I saw instantly that it was the wrong shoe, but thought perhaps I could just wear it anyway just so I wasn't barefoot. But when I took the shoe, it was an old black basketball type shoe and a loooong shoe lace intertwined in the holes.  And it was for the right foot which I already had a shoe on.  

This made me very distressed. I bemoaned my fate loudly that I didn't have any shoes to wear. Then I looked down, and on my feet were a brand new pair of high-type laced black shoes worn by women back in the early 1900's or late 1800's.  I went into hysterics. "Oh my God, Oh my God! It's a miracle.  Look at my shoes".... and I began dancing around showing off my shoes.  "One moment they weren't there, the next moment they were."  I was wiggling my toes around because the shoes were flexible like indian moccasins.  I said, "I can walk a long long way in shoes like this."  

Right after I said that, my ex-husband Jim came along and picked up Tom and Bill to take them home but it was out of the way to take me along,. My daughter and her children were all there too and everyone had to run to the bathroom first.  The girls went one way to a bathroom which was up some stairs to the left and Jim went up some stairs to the right into a bathroom in another building.  I had to go to the bathroom to pee too, but decided it would be better if I waited. I figured I could hold it until I got home and could go at home. Joe the maintenance man never came back and my ex-husband and the girls never came back from the bathroom so I had to walk home anyway.  But at least I had my new shoes on.

I got home which was an old abandoned apartment building.  I met a girl there who looked familiar and she came into my room and started asking me about makeup, telling me she didn't like the kind she had, so I started telling her that I liked the kind from the drug store the best and started naming off different brands I liked and went into the closet and got out several makeup cases for her to sample my makeup.  There was makeup and perfume bottles all over the bed by now.  

I seemed to be packing to go somewhere overnight and started packing my books and clothes into bags which were zippered and discovered too late that I was unzipping rather than zipping and got all upset and started to cry that I was doing it wrong.  The girl left to go to the bathroom. Then I remembered I had to go too but didn't want to girl to have access to my purses. Now that I was at home, I had two of them, the brown one I had in the park and an even larger one, a black one, which I carry everything in.  I didn't trust her alone with my purses, so had to take them to the bathroom with me.  

When I got to the bathroom, the girl had just finished and I was in a hurry and she didn't flush first and left the seat all wet, so I had to clean her urine off the seat with white tissues first and by the time I did that, the top of the toilet looked like a black and white marble pedestal and there was nowhere to go potty in.

By now, we were hearing noises in the hallway below us and we both ran out of the bathroom into the stairwell to listen for the sounds.  In a moment, two men came walking up the stairs, one tall part African American, part white, and another white man who was following him. The African American man asked where the owner of the building was as he was interested in buying it.  I told him I had no idea who the owner was, the building had been abandoned.  He didn't accept that someone would abandon such a huge building.  Nobody lived in it but me, and I'm certain there are lots of other buildings in the world just like it, so I had no problem with it. It was home to me.

The white man just stood in the background like an observer and didn't say anything, but the African American man was busy opening doors and pulling drapes across doorways and I started feeling trapped there with him, so I pulled the drapes back open again and felt freer. I couldn't stand the feeling of being closed in.

So, I woke up and found myself barefoot again. :-)  and still had to go to the bathroom.


4-14-00 - DREAM - There isn't a whole lot to say though I spent all night dreaming this...  it was a web page with a star background and the names of the stars in alphabetical order... however I came to one half way down the page that was missing.  There was a blank space there and it seemed that it had a symbol of a Lion... but I'm not sure of that.  However, then I spent the rest of the night looking for it.

When I woke up, I asked Joe if he knew anything about a missing star and he said the 7th Sister of the Pleiades was considered to be missing.  

I fell asleep again and dreamed continuously of a white web page exclusively about the 7th Sister of the Pleiades.  I couldn't read any of this... it was like looking at something without my glasses on.


4-15-00 - DREAM/VISION - I had a dream vision of a cross of stars leading to the Sirius star system.


4-15-00 - Dreams of stars and then missing stars.  did a page:


4-15-00 - meditation - I saw   this is a guy who wrote a book against Billy Meier who said he talked to Pleiadians. I put links on the above page about that.

A voice made a negative comment towards someone named Jerome who was against my asking questions.  I remember a Jerome from many years ago but don't know if its the same one.

Twice I saw "the stark makers of 7"  I included that on the above page also.

4-16-00 - DREAM - I was embroidering the word Telstar from the back of a cloth so everyone could see the front of it permanently.


4-16-00 - DREAM - I was moving into a new apartment vacated by a girl who got a new job she had worked really hard to get.  It was apartment #16.

I had a silver key to the mailbox. When I opened it, she had left me 4 pints of milk from her new job. I overheard her say that 500 girls worked where she did, 175 girls only got 'hits' which were counted when you were able to 'sell' milk to someone.  You didn't get paid unless you got 'hits'.


4-16-00 - DREAM - I lived in the same apartment building where I had two apartments. I lived with plain things on the 1st floor but my apartment on the 3rd floor I furnished with glass and gold and velvet, glittery things, wine and perfume.  I used that apartment for show so people could see how nice things could be in the future.

In another building there was a contest going on and the deal was if you gave someone a quarter they had to give you something out of their own closet.

I gave Blair from One Life to Live a quarter and she gave me a tall leather bag like a gym bag. It was full of all new things she had stolen from work. I didn't get a chance to see it all but on the top it had two packages of brand new yellow pencils. I thought it was a treasure, so I took it home.

Back at my own building, a man arrived driving a huge maroon tanker truck. He came to do some special work in the building. I don't recall what he was going to do but it was something big and important.

Then Joe and Robin the maintenance couple came back from a cleaning job. The vacuum cleaner was full of white powder and it couldn't be used again until the bag was emptied of this powder, so I decided to do it myself. I planned to do it myself.

But I wasn't dressed properly. I was wearing a chartreuse yellow/green foot length dress. It actually dragged on the floor.. it was sleeveless - a sheath.  I decided to put on a brown corduroy jacket over it.  So I did, but meanwhile other things happened and I didn't get outside.

Some people showed up in a strange looking car. There were two inside this square convertible car, and two people sat on a bench attached to the front bumper. I recognized them as people from my UFO abductee group in Milwaukee.

I got into my own car which was maroon. It started to move by itself as soon as I got in it and no amount of pushing on the pedals stopped it or made it go faster. I hadn't even turned it on.  These UFO people were still in the parking lot and I didn't want to hit them. Joe was standing there, frantically trying to tell me which way to turn the wheel so I could stop the car. I kept going around in circles. I had no control. Then the car started going faster on its own and I was frantic to try to stop it.  Finally I managed to get the wheel turned far enough to the left and the car backed into a chain link fence and the fence stopped me.

When I got out of the car, Joe was going to leave and he surprised me by handing me a quarter. That meant I had to give him something out of my closet. I went to my closet and I knew he wouldn't appreciate any of my clothes so I saw a green and white quilt on the top shelf. I figured Robin's son would like that. I pulled it down from the shelf, thinking it was a big sacrifice, but I had several other quilt and decided I could spare it. However, when I pulled it down off the shelf the green and white quilt was full of dried shit. I couldn't give that away without washing it first so I had to choose something else.

Then I spotted the gym bag on the upper shelf with all those brand new treasures in it, so I decided to give Joe that bag. I pulled it down and began to move the pencil stacks so they didn't show out the top of the bag.  Then Blair walked into the room. I didn't want her to see that I was giving away what I got from her, but she said, "I see you got a 'hit' and she smiled so I knew it was okay to pass along the treasures.  I tucked the pencils inside and zippered the bag shut so Joe wouldn't know what he was getting until he opened the bag.

I then took the bag to Joe and when I handed it to him, he started to get romantic but my son Tom was right there and Joe stopped short. I told Joe about the man from the maroon tanker truck arriving to work in the building.

Immediately Joe got down on one knee and began bowing to me like I was some kind of Goddess to deserve that.


4-17-00 - DREAM - I dreamed I went to the doctor because I had a bladder infection. The doctor showed me a picture of how the elimination system worked in a large picture. He said I would need medication.

NOTE: I took some medication for a bladder infection just before I went to bed.


4-17-00 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment somewhere, probably Milwaukee. I got a telephone call from an old friend. He said he had some things to tell me, but he got a visitor and had to break off the conversation. At the same time, I also got a visitor. He said that he would call me back and leave the message on the answering machine. I said, "Okay!"

There was another knock at the door, and I said, "Who is there?" rather than just open the door because it was late at night. The man on the other side of the door started telling me a sob story about a lost dog, so I went to the door, opened two chains and let the man in. His wife and two daughters were with him, so they all came in.

He wanted to tell me his sad tale of the lost dog, but the kids were rather noisy so I took his daughters to a back room that was full of toys.  Another woman went with us who used to live in this same apartment.  She couldn't believe the amount of toys in the room. There was actually no room to walk on the floor. The toys were spread all over the floor.  The woman described to me that she used to have a game table in this room and kept trying to find a good spot to put it because there were no free corners in the room. Every corner had either a door or a built in piece of furniture like a curio cabinet.

I left the kids in the room with the woman and went back to here the sad lost dog story. He told me that he had gotten the dog from the pound. He had originally been a lost dog to start with. He took the dog home but couldn't bring it into the apartment because we didn't allow dogs in the apartment, so left it outside.  So then the dog left and he had wandered the whole neighborhood and couldn't find the dog. I asked him if he had called the cops and he told me that the cops didn't have time to look for a lost dog. I asked him if he had thought about gathering a search party of interested neighbors, that the dog might show up that way.  I saw a map about finding the dog. It looked rather like a star map, and rather like a sign I saw in a meditation last year.  

We got interrupted by another phone call.  This time is was my old boss. They had found a computer disk in the office that was labeled W/INDOWS.  He was confused by the / between the two letters. Once they got the file opened, he saw that there was a story on it.

I told him, "Yes! I wrote the story. You can go ahead and read it." I was concerned that he thought that I had written the story during working hours but he didn't accuse me of that.

Meantime, the television was on and there was a film playing of the same computer disk story that I had written. In the film, there were characters that turned from humans to very Reptilian creatures with long beaked faces. No two creatures were the same. In the film, the creatures came to the door as humans and then turned into Reptilians.

At the exact same time, the man's two daughters came into the room, went out the door, then knocked to get back in and when we answered the door, the girls were wearing masks I thought of the exact same creatures that were in the film on the TV.  It was rather shocking to see this. Then I wondered if I had written about something real rather than fiction.

The Dog Star


4-18-00 - DREAM - I was with a friend of mine who brought in a retarded man.  For some reason I decided to paint his face blue and white. I did this very carefully, making the back and sides of his face skyblue and then started to paint his face white.  He stood up with a big smile on his face and in that instant I had a vision of a black bull facing a white bull. Both had huge horns on their heads.


4-18-00 - DREAM - I was completing the embroidered picture of Sirius and my connection to it.


4-19-00 - DREAM - This takes place in what seems like a school, though there was an office, a horse barn, and home.  The dream starts out in the school in a lecture hall which has graduated steps with chairs on one side, a hallway below the bottom step and the lecturer podium on the other side of the hall.

We were studying a group of stars that looked like this:

  * * * *
     * *

I was sitting on the chair side of the hall to begin with, then switched places with the lecturer and discovered that the lecturer might have been able to see up my dress while he was speaking.  Somehow I was able to see myself while I was lecturing on the group of stars and could see up my dress at first and saw my own yoni, then was more careful to keep my legs together and even though the lecturer could still see up my dress, nothing was visible there.

It seemed that I was studying these stars from both a male perspective and a female perspective; the logical side and the emotional side.

While I was lecturing, 4 teenagers came from the other side of the hall and crossed over to the horse barn to care for their horses. (I at no time saw any horses) I was surprised at this and it pleased me greatly to see their enthusiasm.

At a later point, I saw these same students and saw that every one of them wore glasses, at which point I looked at all the students to see if they all wore glasses, and one of them, a girl, didn't need them.

I then went into a classroom where some young boys were working on a project on a table and they all called me "Mommy!"  I didn't want them to hurt their mother's feelings, so I told them they could call me "Teacher!" but instead they called me by some other name (which I can't recall) (It was Miss something)

I then went back across the hall to where the 4 students had come from to see if I could find where they lived as I wanted to make friends with them. However, when I went over there, I found only office cubicles filled with people talking, some at desks and some sitting on chairs in front of the desks. They all looked up as I went by, but I felt uncomfortable there like I didn't belong and left quickly.

I then went back across the hall to the lecturer side and there was a huge art room. There I found a series of 3 paintings with country scenes on them that someone had done oil painting on.  The point of the 3 paintings was that the center large painting was to be looked at straight on; a second painting was to be hung at right angles to it on the right, and the third painting was to be hung at right angles to it on the left wall.  I could see that the paintings might have been slightly damaged, but I didn't have any oil paints; I only had watercolor paints.  I knew it wouldn't be proper to repair an oil painting with watercolor paints, but I made the attempt anyway, and it really looked wonderful. I painted a few tree branches to the trees were taller up into the sky.  I was going to show someone else how it looked, but there were dark wooden covers of rough wood over parts of the painting which seemed to get wider the more I looked at them, so I couldn't show anyone what I had done.

At that point, my ex-husband grabbed my kids and practically ran out the door with them to go somewhere and didn't bother to ask me to go along. I got quite distressed but I had to go to the bathroom first and asked them to wait for me.  However I couldn't find a bathroom and had to pee into a small cup instead through a filter while squatting. It was very uncomfortable.

After I got into the car, we were then going east along a road, but there were no children in the car.  There was a schoolbus going west at a fast speed and I had two pieces of paper on my lap which I hung onto dearly so the wind wouldn't blow them away.  I noticed that we weren't even on the road, we were driving in an alfalfa feild on the right side of the road.

I saw that there was a small fire starting alongside the road like someone had thrown a lit cigarette out.  I said, "Let's stop and put out the fire before it spreads", though it really looked like it was beyond personal stopping already.  I was going to holler to stop at the first house along the road to call the fire department, but I could see nobody was home. I thought the same thing at the second house, but there was no one home there either.  By that time I knew the whole fire department would have to come out and fight that fire.


4-19-00 - I had a terrible time trying to sleep. It probably was due to the coffee I drank during and after supper. It wasn't that I wasn't tired, but I was hot, and feeling really painfully gassy in my stomach. Every time I was about close to sleep, Joe would get up to go to the bathroom. Another time, he started hollering in his sleep, and that kept me wide awake another hour. I used some of that time to pray myself to sleep, and I would get close and Joe would get up to go to the bathroom again.  Finally at 1:30 a.m. I got back up and went back to the computer to work.  I worked for two hours, then went back to bed to sleep. I was so exhausted by this time, it felt more like passing out than going to sleep.

Amazingly, two of the times Joe got up to go to the bathroom, I had a vision at that same moment:

#1 - I saw many young people around me and they asked me if I was happy now that I could see them. I said, "Yes!"  So I asked them if they were happy and they said, "Yes!"

Then a man and a woman came and had a larger than man-sized greyish tree or basket. They attached a rope to it and hung it out the window of their high rise apartment building.

Someone said, "This is Monday!" and people came from all over to see it.

#2 - I saw a richly decorated bedroom, ornate with pictures and quilts and pillows. A voice said, "Put this in the kitchen!"

I then saw a second richly decorated bedroom, oriented a different direction, like inside a box. It was also richly decorated with pictures and quilts and pillows, but different than the other one. The voice said, "You can put this in any room in the house!"

That was pretty funny considering I couldn't sleep at all.


4-2-00 -   Long bizarre

I went to visit Becky, and we were sitting in the kitchen with some other youngish men and  her boyfriend wanted her to prostitute herself with them, so I walked out.

Everyone followed me down the street, begging me to come back and I told them flat out why I didn't want any part of that kind of thinking.

Later went to theatre in a mall and was kidnapped by two men. They put me in a blue coat and walked me down the hall slowly.  They just wanted me to be seen with them for some reason, like someone was spying on them to see who they hung out with.

There were other things here I can't remember.

I think this  was Joe who seemed like he was my father. He was supposed to marry a fat broad who had nothing in common with him and I rescued him ... I was his daughter... it seemed. There was a long story of running around with this scenario I can't remember.

Ended up in store or theatre lobby again ... we were picking out perfume samples in the lobby and I chose the French perfume .... It came on a card with two different bottle types and it seems that one was in the shape of a little dog.

I started to wake up as Joe was outside starting the car to go to work which would have been 5:30 a.m. and as I was waking up, a voice said, "Go ahead, but don't say .... "'something ???   .....  but do French Heraldry... I was seeing all kinds of designs of all gold French  Fleur de lis, etc.  


4-20-00 - I went back to bed again and started seeing more of these French decorations on a web page type background.  I can't remember anything specific, but this will be my next research project.


4-21-00 - DREAM - This was either Easter Sunday, or close to it.  I realized that I hadn't made any German potato salad like was traditional in my family for that day. It seems that I had made the sauce before I cooked the potatoes so I had to cook the potatoes in the sauce from raw slices which meant I had to put a lot of extra water into the kettle also. The bacon was pre-cooked and was in huge slices like crinkly thin ham slices and I was putting it into a narrow bottle or jar which didn't work too well either.

While I was stirring the pot and watching the potatoes come to a boil, I was trying to figure out how to insert the sentences about the Holy Grail into the page about the French Heraldry I was creating. I couldn't think how to word it properly, and I couldn't figure out how potato salad had anything to do with it either, or how to get people to understand that the Holy Grail was a bloodline of Jesus rather than an object.  I was trying to write a sentence, worded properly, and nothing made sense no matter how I worded it.


4-21-00 - DREAM - I was living in Colorado with my husband. (I never lived there before, only drove through it a couple times) We had a little apartment in a college town. There were a lot of people here, rehearsing plays and getting ready to do other things like cruises. They had lots of group meetings in a rather crowded large room.  I had done some writing and research on a computer but didn't complete what I did. I needed a break I guess. I met several familiar people there, but don't know their names. I don't recall any of the small conversations I had here either.

I noted at one point that my bedroom was outside. I hadn't noticed that at night when we sent to bed because it was dark out, but now that it was daylight, there was bright blue sky and fresh air in the room. (I think I dreamed that because the window was open in the bedroom and a breeze probably blew in)

One scene was like a commercial for dancers. All the black dancers were like on a screen over my head and I noticed that all the black female dancers were expected to show their crotches in the commercials. The dancers were younger and younger, though there was nothing sexual about the young girls who were performing, only anatomical, they were still expected to do this, even more so than the older ones.  I thought this was rather disgusting and unneccesary.

My husband and I decided to leave there and go to Wisconsin which we did. The drive took us two days. I remember only parts of it, where we stopped for gas and food. I just remember pulling into motel parking lots, nothing else.  

When we got to Wisconsin my first husband was there and he told me he had 4 weeks vacation and didn't know what to do with it. I was going to smart-ass suggest to him that he give it to me if he didn't know what to do with it, but  I didn't work anyway, so what would I do with 4 weeks of nothing to do either. I almost suggested that he get married and go on a honeymoon, but decided that wasn't a smart idea either. I almost suggested he drive to Colorado to visit, it only took 2 days to drive there,  but I wasn't there, so what was the point? It was a rather stupid scene. Then I started thinking about how much I like being on the open highway and as long as I had company, I didn't care how many days it took to get somewhere, I just liked being on the highway.

After that I rather lost my way. I don't know where I was because nothing was familiar. I ended up in an apartment building with 9 floors. I recognized the people on the elevator but didn't speak to them. The elevator was rather rickety and wooden and I knew I lived on the third floor so didn't bother to press the button. Several other people got off on three anyway, so I followed them.  This didn't look familiar at all.  The brick the walls were made of were rough and black and red.  Instead of where my apartment was, there was a book store. I almost thought it was Barnes & Noble, but I wasn't sure.  The next door had a painted sign on the door about what it was. I tried to read it in case it was telling me what my next project or job was but I couldn't read it either.  I decided to leave and get to the right place.

I left the building and went outside. I could see that at the next intersection was a busy shopping street. There was no traffic on the street, so people just walked whichever direction they wanted as slow as they wanted.  Crossing the street was a steep hill for some reason, and I could see a green street sign on the corner, so I thought I would find out at least where I was, but it was too much work to walk up that way, so I didn't.  I could see a freeway way over to the left horizon. One car went by with lights on while I was looking.

I walked slowly up the hill, crossing the street to the shopping mall part, but ended up following some old man  in a heavy winter beige coat into a building. I kind of felt like I was with him, but when we got to his apartment, he shut the door on me, telling me he had to go to the bathroom which was right by the door.  That was okay, there was a toilet for me in the outer hallway which I took advantage of.  All the toilet facilities in this building were visible to the public. There was nothing hidden except the old man's apartment.

I went back outside and saw that I was in a college town. It was so crowded, the kids desks were out on the sidewalks. Some were really long, and each student had their own little drawer with a key on it. However, if you were desperate for paper, pencil or whatever, some kids didn't lock their drawers, and you had access to study materials right out in the open. It seemed rather nice for students.


4-22-00 - DREAM - I was seeing a lot of violent things happening, but in caricature ... rather in cartoon type style so I know these were  being used as examples, not in reality truisms, however, I was seeing plane crashes, planes swooping low over buildings, other events where people get hurt and killed.  I was getting very upset and met with some people who were either in charge or were counselors or something.  The two main men were large men with beer bellies or we could call 'well fed'. I was very upset and I went to my bedroom and crawled into the bed.  The men followed me,  wanting to know what was wrong and I started talking about the 'changes' and they said, "Oh!  You are saying there are 'too many changes?"  I said, "Yes!" and they said they understood and left me laying in the bed.

Later I went down to the kitchen where people were eating and making sandwiches. I sat at the table watching, indicating that I would like some too, and was told by a Spanish-type woman that I should help myself.  I thought they would serve the food, but I agreed I would help myself.  I went over to the bowl where the meat was in some red sauce and took a plate, then saw that they had bread and butter so went to make a sandwich and while I was making a sandwich, the meat was snatched out the window.  All I had left was the bread with butter on it.

After I woke up I again was seeing things. I saw a newspaper. It said, "Watch the marathon on the 22nd"  The newspaper had three sections at the bottom, each with a woman running.

Then I had a vision of a half a man coming up out of carpet fibers (this was very clear) I then saw the letters  AL70 or ALS (I'm not sure) then the words very clear 'polyester propylene'.

NOTE:  While I was having this dream, Elian Gonzalez, in Miami, was snatched by a woman and many gunmen in the home of his cousins and run out the door to a waiting car and then flown to Andrews, AFB, in Washington, D.C.


4-22-00 - DREAM - I was in West Allis, WI and was helping people in our apartment building to do laundry . There seemed to be a lot of it.  Joe had a small pile of laundry and he saw a man come out of a narrow aisle where he had done laundry, so Joe went that direction and tried to do his laundry. It turned out to be a ladies room and had only one laundry machine and the rest were toilets. Joe tried to do his laundry in the back of the toilet. I asked him if this was the first time he had ever been to a laundromat.  I took his laundry and put it inside of the proper machine to wash.

There was a young boy there also who said that his family's birthday cake was in the refrigerator there. I tried to help him. Part of a glass partition came out. It was broke in half. I knew we hadn't done that, but when I looked at the names on the cakes stored there, none were his and I had to put back the one he had taken out. The name was Coronados or something like that. He was disappointed that his cake hadn't been delivered yet.

I went outside and had a long coaster wagon piled high with laundry and other things. I had a note in my hand that had a list of 4 diseases I was researching and each one had a direction on it.  East, West, North, and South.  The one I wanted to research was 'cancer' and it's direction was south, so I pushed the wagon backwards towards the south along the street. Parked on the street were empty ice cream trucks and empty containers piled high inside. Only one car went the other way, and I had to wheel the wagon part in the street and part in the gutter to get it up the street past this empty truck and empty containers.

I got to the corner of National Ave. and someone said that they were going to be adding to their yard sale by 2 inches tomorrow. I looked right and there were more yard sales and I actually got caught up with my wagon on the first book shelves with my laundry piles, and I had to ask for help to straighten out the wagon.  I saw my brother Marty sitting at one of the yard sales a little farther over and called to him to help me straighten out the wagon. He came over to help. It was then I saw one of my own sons on my left side and he helped straighten out the wagon also.  There was a piece of cloth with some feathers hanging off of it that got stuck onto my stuff and Marty asked if that was mine but it wasn't. I put it back on the other people's pile.

I then went back to my apartment building to get something and I overheard a woman telling a guy who was sorting out boxes of books and magazines in a side room that she had thoroughly enjoyed watching the videos we had provided in our library.  I just had to tell her that I appreciated hearing her compliment so I butted into their conversation as they continued to go through our donated books and thanked her for her compliment.  She looked up at me rather with a shocked look on her face. Maybe shocked is a strong word... maybe surprised. I went into the ladies room for a second and saw my reflection there. I was tall and thin, wearing a red filmy nightie type top with a 14th century French ladies headpiece with red lace hanging from it  like this /\. I was also wearing high held red shoes and most of my legs from the hip down was naked.  I looked really good in the reflection, but I'm sure it was shocking because it was not normal attire.

I went back out into the lobby of the building to leave and there was a woman there sorting through many more boxes of books and magazines she was donating to the building for our library.  He held up a special package of magazines that were brand new.  There was a double stack of them with a picture of Timothy Leary on the covers.


4-23-00 - DREAM - I spent a long time on a computer screen connecting the stories of Elian Gonzalez with the story of the Pleiades.  This was done by making a tracer of x's like stars from Elian's story which was on a lower level to the Pleiades which was on a much higher level to the right.


4-23-00 - DREAM - I was at home. I saw that it was 9 a.m. on the clock though it was dark outside. I decided that I should try to go to school.  I wasn't dressed for school so I knew I'd be late and it was a long walk besides, but I was going to try to get there anyway. Better late than never I thought.

I went upstairs to get the proper clothes for school.  There were a lot of clothes in the closet, but only one shirt and it was the same color brown that I was wearing and it didn't make sense to put the same color on.  That meant I had to do the laundry first.

There were other people in the house and another young woman also wanted to do laundry.  When I got into the basement, the washing machine, which was yellow, was over by the chimney stack and I needed it moved over to where the drain was.  The drain was large and numerous holes in the circle drain which was about 2 /12 or 3 feet across.

There was a black man in the basement whom I think was the prosecutor from One Life to Live.  I asked him to move a big yellow chair away from the drain and move the washing machine over the drain.


4-24-00 - DREAM - I was a family or a bunch of people and I decided I would go down the street to the restaurant to get some food to feed these people.  I was not paying for it all myself however and one woman gave me her ring of keys with a stack of golden quarters attached to it. I dropped her money and keys into my purse. She gave me a brown piece of paper with the name of the food on it which I had never heard of.  It seems like it was a foreign type food.The name started with V like vehanna  b_____. I didn't know what it was.

I got to the little restaurant and saw a sign on the window that they served this food, so I put in the order by giving the chef the brown piece of paper because I couldn't even pronounce the words.  I then ordered cheese burgers for everyone else after thinking pizza would be great but I couldn't eat it myself anyway.  I then wandered around the street until the food was done.

Then the chef told me the food was ready, and I was going to pay for it, then remembered that I hadn't ordered french fries to go with the cheeseburgers, but it would take too long to order it at this late time.


4-24-00 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building.  Two black women came to see an apartment. They were mother and daughter.  I was showing them apartment 213, a one bedroom apartment.  The daughter said she would really like to live in #230.  I told her it was available and I would show it to her.  I got the keys for the apartment and the daughter said, "Oh! I know how to do that!"  She grabbed the keys from me ... each key was different. She knew which key opened the door, but the lock had been turned upsidedown on this particular door and she didn't know how to fit the key into the slot. So, I opened the door and let them in.

I hadn't been in this apartment since it had been vacated and I saw that the painter had already put his 5 gallon bucket of white paint in the kitchen, ready to paint it, but he hadn't started it yet. I walked ahead towards the bathroom and saw that the bathroom was fully furnished with numerous washcloths, towels, blankets, and bedding for the beds.  The bedding was all in a deep rose color. All the washcloths were single colored but all shades of pastel, blue, pink, yellow, green, etc. The towels were all baby blue.  I gathered up all the washcloths and towels to take with me as I wanted them for myself.

I walked back into the livingroom where the two black women stood. They thanked me for showing them the apartment but had decided they would take apartment 213 afterall. I knew they couldn't afford this larger two bedroom apartment.

I took them back out into the hall and they left. I went into either my own apartment or another apartment and found an infant child in a closet in a white wicker basket.  It was wrapped in swaddling clothes. I began to open the swaddling clothes and then anointed the infant with oil, knowing that the people who were coming for him would be upset because they were going to have to hold him up by his heels and he would be slippery.  There was so much love felt while I was doing this. I did his legs first, then his body, and then his shoulders. I saw that his eyes weren't open yet, but he was trying to open his right eye and there was like a white film over the opening and he couldn't yet get it open. I then wrapped him up and left him there for the people who were coming for him.

I went back out into the hallway and from around the T intersection at the end of the hallway ; this huge ominous feeling thing which looked like a 6 masted ship made of huge red billowing bags was coming around the corner. I knew that there was no room for anyone or anything else in this hallway, so I ducked into another apartment to wait for it to go by. I said, "I don't even want to see this."  However, there were doors ajar along the hallway and I would have to see it go by.  

The red masted ship or whatever it was stopped as I could see there was a lot of cleaning equipment standing in the hallway and it would have to be moved. A slim smaller sized man who was the maintenance man came along the hallway and went past where I was and hollered into another apartment ... "I hear you calling for help, but I can't tell where you are."

There was no answer that I could hear, but the maintenance man was going to have to find the person calling for help before he could finish moving that 6 masted ship down the hall.

Somewhere in that dream or perhaps in another dream, I was a teacher of small children and I was walking down a hallway with pencil cases in my hands, singing a little song I was going to teach the children. I had taught this little song to many classes of children.  It began, "I had a little pencil and it wrote a little word. .... "


4-24-00 - VISIONS - There was a wagon train coming out of a farm gate. Each wagon had words on it. One was called Baby Star.

I was thinking the words, "Baby Star" and I saw a little cartoon mouse hanging up with big pink inner ears.

I saw a whole list of names and they all said 'CaChegua'. I heard someone chanting this in a sound too ... ' cachegua '.

NOTE: I looked this up on the internet. It seems to be Portuguese:

Cachegua: Persona baratera, que lusca y rebuson para comprar lo mas burato.

Cachegua: Person person who commits barratry, whom it looks for and it searches carefully to buy more cheap.


4-25-00 - DREAM - I only remember bits and pieces of this dream. It was partially people oriented and partially words. It seemed to be about women's problems basically.  There were two sets of stairways. One stairway I walked down, the steps were too short ... in other words, one had to walk half sideways down the steps. At the bottom was an office where some file cabinets were emptied in the office and the papers put into storage, and the papers had an odd odor which people commented on.  The other stairway turned into stepped series of sentences. At the beginning of each sentence was a black and white shape which seemed to be 'country' oriented ... example ... the U.S. had a statue of liberty at the front end.  Then each stepped sentence said, "concentrate"  and the words were dark green on dark purple and very hard to see.  But I noted that I should concentrate and looked very carefully and I could read most of the words by concentrating very hard, and the sentence was about the country of "Luxembourg".

In another scene, I wanted to tell one of my women friends about the problems of some girls I knew but her husband who was dark skinned of another nationality was sitting there and I couldn't do it. To forestall him asking me questions, I tried on a pair of mens jeans to see if I had lost weight. The legs were snug but the waist was way too big for me and we laughed at how far the waist band overlapped even though the legs fit fine. This was because of the way the cloth was cut in difference between men and women's clothes.

I then went to another room where they were serving food in a restaurant style. I was supposed to be helping serve the food. I was still wearing the men's jeans and came to a table where an old Jewish high school buddy was there. I can't remember the details but I had to be careful what I did in front of him and not make a mistake.

I came out of this dream thinking there were problems in Luxembourg about women's issues.


4-26-00 - DREAM - I was working on a web page about my dreams and I came to the words, See Part One:  I immediately became partly lucid and did a computer 'find' on my harddrive for the words 'part one', whereupon I started to look at all the pages I had with those words on so I could link it.  It seemed a daunting job and I woke up.

NOTE: That wasn't as hard as I thought it would be:  David Wilcocks Chapter 12 about the Grid  David Wilcocks chapter 13 about the Grid - Mitch Battros piece about the fatima prophecies

None of this are on the internet as of this date.


4-26-00 - DREAM - I was living in what seemed like a school.  I was taking care of the baby in swaddling clothes.  I moved the baby from the bassinet into my own bed so it wouldn't fall out of the bassinet. It seemed that the basket was too small for it.

My sister-in-law Carol came into the room and asked me if I still had my old Greek math book from high school.  "It was green", she said.  I said that I thought I did and that I would look for it.  I asked her if she needed help with a problem. She said, "No! There is something written at the back of the book that is important."  

I wondered about that. At that point, we started talking about the old days, and I said that I had a sheet on which I made a list of things I wanted to improve about myself. I told Carol and her brother John that I kept track of that list and every year I would look at it and see if I had improved on anything.  

I took the list and ran it through a copy machine of some sort, and it came back out like a receipt from the grocery store, but the machine said, "That was worth $35,000." I puzzled in my own mind about that.  

I went back upstairs to find the baby to make sure it was okay and that it's diaper was dry. When I came into the room, the toilet was right there by the door and there was a naked baby floating in the water upsidedown. I thought it was the real baby and discovered it was a rubber doll like I had as a kid.  I picked it up and when I found that it was rubber, I dropped it on the floor and kicked it into the corner.  Then I worried that maybe it was the real baby, but looked on the bed and saw that the baby was okay and then kicked the rubber doll baby again for good measure.

I then looked for the Green Greek math book again. I opened the back cover and there was a couple of sentences written.  One said, 'O criminals, kick off thy shoes.'.

And I woke up.


4-26-00 - VISION - I saw 6 separate individual priests in photographs. Under the photographs were the words, "Council of ..."

I couldn't remember the names except that they were European and after a search of the internet I found that none of them exist .... yet

I then saw a web page.  On the upper right hand corner, it said,


I then saw a small booklet about two inches high and 3 1/2 inches wide. The pages flipped over one by one and it looked like someone was anointing each page with holy water on a bit of cotton ball. A photo on the last page was a square of chocolate nut fudge or a square of nut brownie.


I then saw a paragraph of coordinates, starting with T79, ......

When I looked that up, its part of a grid system of predicting hurricanes.  

NOTE:  Increased Hurricane Damage Expected

By Brett Martel

Associated Press Writer

Saturday, April 22, 2000; 1:10 a.m. EDT

NEW ORLEANS –– An analysis of weather patterns over the past century indicates that increased storm activity over the last five years should continue for the next 20, a top hurricane forecaster says.

Such storms are expected to cause damage five to 10 times worse than ever before in the Gulf and Atlantic Coast states, said Bill Gray, who spoke Friday on the final day of the National Hurricane Conference.

The next 15 to 20 years should resemble a stretch of hurricane bombardment from the late 1920s through the 1940s, when relatively high salt content in the Atlantic altered the circulation of ocean currents in a way that pushed up the average water temperature. Hurricanes draw their strength from warm water.

The trend is cyclical, and has nothing to do with pollution blamed for global warming, Gray said.

"There's tremendous ignorance about how these storms go," he said. "We need to learn about this, expect it to happen and adapt our infrastructure."

One of the main difference between now and the first half of the 20th century is that more people now live in harm's way, Gray said. According to U.S. Census figures, the population in Gulf and Atlantic coast states from Texas to Virginia rose from a little more than 24 million in 1930 to about 64 million in 1990.

Gray, a professor of meteorology at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colo., is widely viewed as the nation's top hurricane forecaster.

In 1999, he predicted 14 named storms, nine of which would become hurricanes, and four of which would be classified as major, meaning they pack sustained winds of 110 miles per hour. As it turned out, there were 12 named storms, eight of which became hurricanes, with five of them major.

For 2000, Gray has predicted 11 named storms including seven hurricanes, three of them major.

The National Hurricane Conference brings together forecasters, emergency services officials and insurers from across the nation and beyond to discuss advancements in hurricane prediction and response.


On the Net:

Hurricane Conference links to other sites:

Gray's Colorado State site:

© Copyright 2000 The Associated Press


4-27-00 - DREAM - This was long and involved and I spent a long time running the streets getting into more and more trouble. I kept managing to avoid the trouble, but was getting more and more scared as I went. Finally, I neared my own apartment building and I was being followed.  I sneaked into the lobby and the maintenance men were there looking over some plans. I told them, "Don't tell anyone you know me."

I had a single double sided key in my black purse and it felt like a penny but I didn't see it. Otherwise the purse was empty. The door opened easily and I slipped inside quickly.  The apartment had really high ceilings but I still noted that it would be better if the ceiling had a skylight in it to let in the sun and fresh air.

I was doing some kind of needlework here with light tan thread, following the lines the best I could, but I felt the need to go back outside. I went back out the door, forgetting to take my purse and key. I remembered then that I didn't have my key and turned to go back to get it, but the door was closed. I knew at that moment that if I opened the door again, there was someone inside that would try to kill me, so I had to leave even that behind.

I turned again to run down the stairs, noting that the door number was 405 and that the farther I had gone from home, the more trouble I got into.

I got out on the street and had to go uphill and there was a bus on the right at the stop sign which I had to get past.  But as I went up the hill, I could hear my friend Alice asking me how to spell some words for a crossword puzzle. I didn't know the answers because there weren't enough clues to get the right words, though I could see the puzzle in my mind's eye. I wanted to give her the answers but the only ones I could think of were negative.


4-27-00 - DREAM - I was in a brand new office, in a brand new job. My friend Alice was my boss, and two other girls worked in this office who used to work for her as well. I noted that there was no work being done in this office.  Alice had a rolling table with a coffee maker right next to her desk, though it was empty. There was nothing out of place. It was the cleanest office I had ever seen.

I didn't know yet what I was supposed to do here. Finally Alice came in and stood by her desk and said that she had some 'change notices' to type. I knew how to do those but she didn't give them to me. I just sat there wondering what I was supposed to do.

Then some huge people went by out in the hallway. They looked normal, but the men were probably nine feet tall and the women a little shorter. I heard one of  the men say that their elevator had gone out again, so they had come to our end of the building to use our elevator. These people walked heavy on their feet ... the floor seemed to shake with each step they made.

I turned around and there was a tiny little woman standing behind me, wearing a red dress with so much heavy white lace on it she reminded me of a chicken. She was talking to a man about something but I don't know what.

A young man came in then with some pieces of fruit. I saw a brownish pear, a peach, and maybe another kind of pear I didn't recognize. It made me really hungry and I realized it must be lunch time.  I hadn't brought anything with me so I would have to go out if I was going to eat something.

Then someone brought in a huge stack of folders with work in them from another office Alice and her girls had just moved from. They set it at my feet and I figured this must be what I was going to work on.

Some other girls also came in, so now there were 7 of us in the office and 3 of us were using one small work table. There wasn't really enough room for 3 at one table, one girl had to sit back aways.

A man stood in front of my desk while I went through the pile of folders. I found brown trays and colored seats with holes in them that looked they were for bicycles in between the folders. I picked out all the trays and seats and handed them to the man and by the time I got that done, there again wasn't any work for me to do.

Then a tall man came into the office, wearing a heavy weight black coat and black hat.  He almost looked like Al Gore, but I'm sure it wasn't, but he looked very familiar to me.  He came over to my desk to talk to me.  

At this point, it was so noisy with music in the office I couldn't hear what he was saying to me.  He made the girls turns the radio down and then asked me if I had gotten any severance pay from my other job and I said , "No! I thought I was just being promoted. I never even applied for this job."

He said, "No! You don't work for the same place anymore."  Then I realized that I had left A-C and was now working for Siemens-Allis. That was a whole different company. I not only didn't get any severance pay, I didn't know what I was making here either.

When I thought about it, I didn't blame them for letting me go because I never showed up for work. I had too much to do at home to go to work, so I rarely showed up. They had every right to let me go.

While I was contemplating what I was supposed to do here, I woke up.

NOTE: When telling this dream to a friend, I was told that her husband's company had just been bought by Siemens the day before. A coincidence?  I had not known anything about that.


4-28-00 - DREAM - Though unremembered as a people dream, the theme was Israel and a wall and the numbers 9, 6 and 5 and seems ominous.


4-28-00 - This dream is full of symbols of what I've been thinking about during the day, but still tells a story.

DREAM - I lived in an apartment building with a lot of people. I walked into my apartment and found my husband sitting on a couch talking to some people who were under the coffee table. I looked and found Joe's ex-wife Debbie there with my son Tom (She is actually married to a man named Tom. I know what he looks like so I don't know why my dream substituted my son Tom). In the dream, Tom was her husband.

I sat down on the couch on the right side of my husband, just barely fitting into the space. I was rather embarrassed that my butt was so wide and made a quip that I fit there, if just barely. We all laughed about it, but I felt embarrassed just the same.

In the hallway, a few minutes later, I met several women I know pretty well, if not remembering their names.  They said they were delivering a fold up bassinet to Debbie, Joe's ex-wife ... who lived in the same building.  They were finished with it, so Debbie could use it next.  Debbie wasn't aware of it, so when she showed up, I told her about it.  She was happy about it.

I was having a conversation with some other women about knitting and she overheard me and said she liked to knit also.  I said I was going down into my basement storage locker and that I had some yarn there she could use to make something if she wished and asked her what color she would like. She said she liked bright yellow.

I went to a drawer and retrieved two sets of keys which I knew belonged to the building and to me and took them with me downstairs.

I went down to the basement to the maintenance/storage room. Several maintenance men were in the room and I was quite upset when I walked in that the lights were so dim. I saw that bulbs were missing and they were using lights that were triangle shaped, not the usual round bulbs we are used to. Some of the sockets had nothing in them at all.

I called the head maintenance man on it and he flipped a switch on the wall and hidden lights came on from somewhere up above that one couldn't see.  However, he said he would take care of the bulb matter immediately.

I walked back through a hallway to the storage locker area and discovered that I didn't have my keys. I immediately got upset and the maintenance man was right behind me and showed me that he had my keys and handed them to me. He said that he had obtained them at the door when I entered. I opened my locker and discovered that I too had a folding bassinet in my locker. It was made of golden threads woven on the sides, much like triangles. The frame was also golden. It tickled me that my baby bassinet was bigger and better than the small one that Debbie was getting from the other women.

I then looked at my yarn stash and the only bright yellow I could find was wound around some bright pink and when I looked, it was lace and not yarn. One doesn't knit with lace, although one could. But there wasn't enough to make anything, just to decorate something. I continued to look through the yarn and didn't find enough to make anything. I needed all new yarn. I did find one hank of pink yarn that was enough to make a small project, so took that with me to offer to Debbie, figuring it was enough just to kind of play with temporarily.

When I went upstairs, there was a man there who had changed his affections from one woman to the next and there was a story about him. I thought it was a great emotional story and wanted to tell Debbie about it but she wasn't there right then.  So I began to tell a younger woman who was a friend of Debbie about the story.  In the story, two women were in it also, named Lisa and Maria.  The story was at that moment, woven in pink embroidery thread in the shape of written fs or perhaps 8s on a high table-like bench.

I was playing the story like music, as the words were said, they sounded tones and a beat that made music.  The music tones, and the beat, though of a rather monotone for the most part made the story exciting, particularly when a couple of harder beats and higher tones were struck at the end of the sentences.  It's hard to explain when writing it down like this, but in a demonstration of notes ranging from F to A, I was able to convey to the younger woman that the story was worth reading.


4-29-00 - DREAM - (This seems to have several themes) Part of the dream was about men readying for war. I saw some of them in camoflage uniforms inside a tank-type vehicle, leaning out the window, taking aim, firing their rifle, then another person would take a turn.  When the dream was over, I asked what place this was and was given the name Turngale (don't know how this is spelled) I also saw a black symbol which looked like a fleur de lis turned sideways. I think this whole thing is symbolic for something else, not about a physical war.

The other part, I had a baby. I had fed him in the moring and then he was sleeping all day. I got him up about 4 p.m. and gave him a bottle of water because I was getting ready for something else. I had him laying on the floor and kissed this little belly 3 times and he opened his mouth in a huge baby smile, toothless of course. He was a happy baby.  I put him on the bed to drink the bottle and kissed him again but a whole bunch of loose hair got in his face. He got really pissed off and hollered at me in a male voice, "You've got your damn hair in my face." I pulled it off his face and went out, leaving him in the care of another woman.

In the other room, a bunch of women were practicing dancing, rather like balerina, then more active like modern dancers, all in unison. I then saw a baby or young girl .... I was thinking this was the baby ... but maybe not ... learning to do exotic dancing in a rather sexual way, upside down ... legs spread.

I left the house. Out on the street it had snowed but seemed warm outside. I crossed the street, walking briskly, wearing a blue swinging dress like I had in the early 80's when I looked really good. A dark red car coming along the street in deep snow flipped upside down, then gunned the engine and it flipped back upright and the old men in it were grinning at me.

As I crossed the street, I was meeting women I used to know back when I went to church in the 70's. They all had white hair wound in tight curls, rather looking like sheep wool. One asked me how my husband was because she had prayed for him for a long time. I told her I hadn't seen him in a long time so I didn't know, but if anything was wrong I would have been notified. That satisfied her.

As I was going upstairs, there were children leaving, their faces were familiar but a young boy had a mustache ... way too old for his young years.

As I went up the stairs, I asked where the war was going to be and I saw the Fleur de lis ... black and sideways like a hook. And the name Turngale was given to me.


4-30-00 - DREAM - My boss asked me to deliver two sets of legal papers for him for a very important case he was working on. I got distracted when I went downtown and saw a shop that was selling parakeets.  I already had a blue and white one at home, but these parakeets were so fine, I wanted another one.  

I couldn'nt decide whether to get another blue and white one and have a matched set, or another color . They even had a black and red one that was gorgeous. I even asked the shopkeeper what would happen if I mixed the colors and she didn't know.

I bought a bird and took it with me in a big bag.  Right after that I got a phone call from "Amy" the company President's secretary. She said she wanted to see me about something important.

I got distracted again with some children (which I've forgotten) I also knew that my son Tom was waiting to take me home and I knew he'd for as long as it took.

All this time I forgot I had the parakeet in the bag as well. I managed to get it home and I let the parakeet out of the bag next to the other parakeet. It was a different color - green perhaps. My bird wasn't in a cage, but in a white tree. There was a dove with it, which had fallen over but wasn't dead. It was rather laying there.   The new parakeet was very aggressive and started shooting huge shots of water at the dove and at me and at the other people around. I was like a power hose.  We all laughed but I knew this was serious. I close the door on them to let them work it out among themselves.

Then My boss showed up again wanting to know if I had delivered the papers. I said I did, though I still hand't. I said, "Yes!" and gave him the copy of the papers. He was so grateful. He said, "This means I will win the case against the Mexicans".

I remembered I still hadn't gone to see Amy yet when she called and wondered if I had left yet. I was thinking this meant a promotion.

I also ran into a friend named Michael and his Father. The Father tried to get me to go home with him, but I insisted was I staying with Michael, and I knew when we left together that it had been a test, and the Father really wanted me to go with his son and not give in to him just because he was the Father. Because it was the right thing to do.

Finally, I saw a telephone book with an ad to call in to vote for the next Pope. It was a black page with white writing. It had two 800 numbers in it. The first number was 1-800 874 ___ with the last 4 digits blank. The other one was 1-800 - ___ 8754 or 5678 (not certain) with the first 3 digits missing.

I woke up trying to figure out what that meant.


4-30-00 - DREAM - I was taking care of a young girl who had Cebral Palsy. She was very floppy in my arms as I carried her around, and she couldn't sit up by herself.

The dream switched to some unreal scenes where I was driving my car like by remote control and it was very small like a toy.  I parked it on the street near some toys that were actually larger than the car.  I put it there so it would be handy when I needed it again.

Then the girl's mother commanded her to sit up straight and I changed her clothes to be more dressy and I was able to put her in a high chair with arm rails on it and leave her in the care of someone else ... a man ... while I went about my other business which was Pope related.

Even in the dream which seemed to be part lucid, I couldn't keep track exactly of what was happening. It all seemed far away and vague.