AUGUST, 2001


8-1-2001 - DREAM - I went back to my old job as manager on Jackson St. I was walking down a hallways with the current maintenance man and a young woman, who was like a secretary. The maintenance man was in a hurry to go check on something way at the far end of the building, but we passed a door that was open where someone had moved out and the whole inside was trashed. I pulled up short to look at it and let the other two people go ahead.

I glanced into the apartment and saw how bad it was and remembered how beautiful it was before those people moved in. It was disgusting.

I went back out into the hallway and another woman rushed past me. She was moving out in a hurry. Her apartment was only two doors away from the other empty apartment. She was really in a hurry to move.

I felt bad about that. That would mean I'd have to notify 'Ralph' the boss that there were two apartments to rent here, something that was bad news. We liked having a 'full house'.

I went on down the hallway and ran into an older maintenance man. He said he could hear water running and someone's water tank had broken. I could hear the water running too. (This had to be bleed-thru sound because water was running on the outside wall of the bedroom where I was sleeping from the sprinkler hose outside.)

I followed him u pa stairway where two grid-like curtains were falling down off large light fixtures. I was going to pull on the curtain to pull it off the light, then decided I'd better not because if it didn't pull off all the way, I would just make it worse.

So, we continued on up to the 2nd floor where there was another apartment door open. This apartment faced a courtyard and this was my old apartment and they were taking care of my pet birds.

I went to the window to look at them.

I had a white eagle which stood over 3 feet high, a gorgeous blue peacock, and this woman caretaker was dressing herself in the blue feathers as well.

There was also a pair of ducks, a mallard and its white female companion, and a white dove.

When I opened the curtains, the birds actually came into the apartment, so I had to chase them around - a little shoo them back out onto the balcony after I was done looking around.

In another apartment, anther woman was keeping dozens of beautiful green parakeets, each in their own tiny 4" x 4" boxes. I felt sorry for the birds, yet wanted one for myself as well.

I continued to inspect other open apartments then where other young women lived. It seemed that everyone was unhappy with their jobs and wanted to do something else.

I was going to help one of the girls with a project she had to do, but there was a guide there suddenly who said I should do her work for her - she had to do it for herself.


8-1-01 - DREAM - I was laying in bed and attempting to go to sleep. I thought I heard a noise in the kitchen, but there wasn't supposed to be anyone in the house but me. Then I heard another noise like someone walking a few steps. I became instantly afraid and hollered, "Who is there?"  There was no answer. Then I heard a sound like someone scraping off burnt toast.

 I tensed up and hollered again - "Who is there?" Again - no answer. Then I heard footsteps again. Still afraid, I decided to confront whoever was in the house.

I jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen, screaming, "Who is there?" There was no one there and no sign that anyone had been there.

Again I heard a noise and this time it came from behind a closed door. So I crossed the room and boldly opened the door. There I found a stairway to the basement. However, at the head of the stairs was a young girl's red dress hanging on a hangar across the stairway opening.

downstairs I could hear an electric saw running and someone sawed a length of wood. Somehow that comforted me that there was a carpenter working in the house.

So I went back to bed to go to sleep.  As soon as I closed my eyes, I saw a picture of 3 black objects kind of wrapped around each other. I couldn't determine what they were.

Then I saw a list of numerous things which I assumed were good qualities, but 3 were missing. The list was quite long. - like 56 or so. Number 3, 5, and 8 were blank lines, so I assumed those were the 3 black things that were wrapped up together.

In the dream, I assumed that those were 3 things that Joe was missing because he had never been baptized and I, on the other hand had been baptized 3 times into 3 different religions. I guess tat was to make sure it took?


8-2-01 - DREAM - (It seems that this dream was not about me, but about a group of people)

Most of the outdoor scenes take placed in the winter. The first scene was outdoors in the snow. The people didn't want to believe in the royalty of the group of people and their initials were ccc.

The second scene was indoors in a bathroom. I wasn't alone. I was on the toilet and bleeding heavily, almost hemorrhaging. This was quite shocking to me.

For some reason I had to go to a different bathroom and in order to do that I had to go outside through the snow.

I was wearing high boots that went up to my knees. I didn't know what to wear and pulled on a pair of dark green slacks, but they were for someone much taller than I and hung about 3 feet beyond my feet so I had to take them off again and run through the snow with just my underwear, my high boots and a long shirt which was long enough to be a minidress so it seemed that the shirt was for a larger person as well.

I got outside in the snow and there was no path to the other building which was some distance away. This must have been a pretty area when it was summertime, because there were small trees along what was probably a path under the snow which no one had walked on before me.

There were some men behind me, and other women around, yet I was alone in my predicament and as I made my way to the other building, in the distance I saw an army of men coming, all dressed in white winter snowsuits and boots which made them almost blend in with the snow. I saw them get down on one knee and shoot at the people I was with. They used long rifles. They took aim and fired at the people. The number 40 seems like the number of people left or the number shot.

I made it to the other building for myself. I don't remember past entering the second building and hoping I would be okay.

NOTE: This may point to the war in Afghanistan in the winter of 2001.


8-3-01 - DREAM - I was working in a store of some kind. We were shipping out stacks and stacks of boxes marked ccc. I cant place the name of the man who helped to make this happen, an older balding man. But it was really appreciated.

NOTE: This dream confirms my conclusion of yesterdays research into the ccc and royalty - that ccc means Community Copyright Corporation and refers to our books we are writing.


8-3-01 - DREAM - I was working with Carol Burnette on some project. The details are unremembered..  The next day I had written all my experiences in a big journal.

I was trying then to tell my old highschool friend Murray B. about how nice Carol Burnette is in real life and to work with when she's not 'on stage'.  I was trying to find in my journal what I wrote and couldn't find the divider which names what section I had her name in. I actually handed him my journal to read when he had spare time. I also told him about my exciting number coincidences every day.  I told him I had to get to work. The clock showed 8:05 am. I then stood in front of a mirror, brushing my hair as Carol Burnette would approve of it when we worked together again within the hour.

It looked like hers, all fluffy and pouffy on top. While I was doing this I could overhear Murray's and some woman discussing what my journal said about working at Washington Park's Jewish center and how important that was.

At the end of the dream, I had to go to the bathroom and the house was all wet inside. My son Bill excused himself because he had to go home and change clothes because he was all wet. I went outside to find another toilet because the one in the closet was being used by another young son who had taught himself to go 'potty'.

I went outside and everything was flooded and the snow in every direction was melting and flooding. However, I couldn't get back to the house because the snow piles were getting higher while they were melting.


8-4-01 - This seemed really stupid during the night, but after I woke up, it seems ominous.

DREAM/VISION - 3 chips. The color of cornflakes, but flat - not triangle, but similar.

DREAM/VISION - A chip with the letter C on it.

DREAM/VISION - A chip with the letter K on it.

DREAM/VISION - A chip with moving wires on the edges.

DREAM/VISION - An army jeep with camouflage paint with an gigantic red rose with stem on the hood laying down. The name Dave Deardorf was on the side of the jeep.

NOTE: I discovered shortly after this that I was allergic to corn and was having trouble breathing until I discovered that it was the corn causing the problem.


8-4-01 - MEDITATION - I was thinking about the chip visions and began to see a man and a woman dressed in black and white discussing something that the people weren't supposed to know yet.

NOTE: ON line, I have a dream called, "The Bridge Building Deception" where a woman demonstrates an exercise for the people to do like a 'bridge for humanity' which everyone thinks is great but they have to stand in line and get their hands stamped before they can participate and then a pilot puts on a show and everyone who participates in the military event by the 'tower' gets killed.


Until the plane bombing of the World Trade Center, I didn't know anything about towers, except the tower of Babylon.


8-4-01 - BIZARRE - There must be meaning in this somewhere.

DREAM - I was at my house on 16th St. There were a couple of workmen south of the house working by a manhole. All of a sudden, oil came shooting out for the ground. We were told to run like hell and get away before it caught fire and exploded.

So, I grabbed all the kids hands and ran out the back door with them and ran up the alley towards the north with them.

All the houses on 17th St. had been torn down and there was a huge new park with a baseball diamond in it. I was amazed to see this.

We went through the park, then came out through a girl's house at the other end of the block. I explained the situation to the girl and her mother and was allowed to go through her house to look back down 16th St. to see if the oil had blown up.

While I was at this other house, I found myself driving a car with a little boy not seat-belted in and I had to holler at him to get in the back and strap himself in, while I tried to slow down and make a right turn at the same time.

Then the woman at that house told me that there was going to be a change in the way people were billed on their electricity, that people would no longer be charged straight dollars of what they used, but also for the reason they used the electricity. You would also be charged for the different uses at different rates.

I was then shown a web page with some information on that I needed. I could see swatches of knitted material on this page that I assumed referred to 'chips' and that I needed to read this page.

I was told to look at '' for what I wanted and it would be there. I attempted to look at the url of this page, to see what it was and again was told to look at ''.

We then went out the front door where there was a small hill. We were talking about the type of soil that the hill was made of because an underground shelter was going to be dug there. The woman said it was clay so it would be easy to dig.

There were some workmen there similar to the workmen that were at the other end of the block. one of the men stuck a pipe down into the hill and instantly oil shot out of the ground.

Somehow he got a hose over the hole, so now he was shooting the oil up into the air and it was getting all over the house and gain we were faced with the situation of the oil catching fire and blowing up in our faces and gain we had to run like hell before it blew up. And it did blow up just as I woke up.

NOTE: This may have to do with the oil crisis and the electrical shortage crisis, which is ongoing.


8-5-01 - DREAM - I was working in an office. One of the men got a letter with a stack of small size blueprints. He read the letter but didn't understand it.

I asked him to read the letter to me and it said that he should look at a specific blueprint to understand something.

I asked him if he looked at the blueprint. He said, "No!"

So I took the stack of blueprints and flipped through them to the one the letter indicated. It was 241-52.


8-6-01 - DREAMS - A stage play - The Knights of History:  28,806

The Mamists of History

These plays were put on to entertain the people at the workplace. In the stage, the male knight stood on the stage, holding the female overhead, but she was dressed like a man as well.

I didn't see the Mamists.

NOTE: I haven't been able to define Mamists yet. No dictionary has it.


8-6-01 - VISION - A black and white map of the U.S.

The southwest was divided not by state lines but by thick lines which designated something else.


8-6-01 - DREAM - I was living in a huge house with other people. Some children had played with their toys on the floor, then just walked away and left them lay all jumbled. The cars and trucks which were natural size were all jumped in a heap in the center of a thick plastic mat, which was the map of a city. I told the mother that since the children couldn't take care of their toys, it was time to get rid of them and she agreed. However, I didn't have the heart to throw away the map and folded it up for future use and put it in the closet.

NOTE: This may be Mother Earth - not just a regular mother.


8-6-01 - DREAM - My 3 oldest sons were moving but trying to hide the past from me, but when the time came in the morning, I helped them fold up their bedding, which was on the floor on mattress pads. I was sorry to see them go, but at the same time, I was already planning what I could use the space for, like library or office space.


8-6-01 - DREAM - I was listening to a radio and talking on the phone to N.M. I was trying to shut off the radio and couldn't. (The TV was on in the livingroom so it could have been bleed-thru sound)

N. said he was sitting on a chair with a little girl on his lap, a radio in one hand, and a phone in the other.

(I can't remember any other conversation except that

NOTE: Later in the day, I got an e-mail from N. and said that his son is going to have another baby in about 8 months. 

NOTE: The baby was a boy.  Obviously, the dream was wrong.


8-6-01 - DREAM - I was shown that there is a political group which is distrusted and is known as the '21' They were shown to mow their lawns in circles about 3 feet across such that the center of the circle was slightly higher than the grass around it. The circles were mowed in perfect rows of these circles. In a secondary view of the circles, it was like double circles locked together.  They are highly distrusted.



8-7-01 - DREAM - I had the same dream for the 4th time this week. But this was like a flash 'knowing' not the dream itself. I'm certain it was about 'The 21' again.


8-7-01 - DREAM - Another 'knowing' dream about a similar group of people.


8-7-01 - VISION - ROV threw in a vision called ROV'S WISHES.

It went by so fast I couldn't get it all.

If I could wish for something

5 lines

If I could wish for three things

5 lines

Sorry ROV, I can't read that fast.

NOTE:  See - If I could Wish for Something


8-8-01 - DREAM - I was observing Chandra Levy, (missing Washington D.C. intern)  She was pending a lot of time with an older - white haired man.


8-8-01 - VISION - I called Chandra Levy to tell me where she is. She came and stood in front of me and drew a black, thick lined stick man and said, "They were three 'brutals'.

NOTE:  According to another 'seer' she was killed by Mr. C's driver's hit man from New York or New Jersey according to the accent of the man's voice. They drove to a bridge area where the hit man shot her after the driver apologized for having to do it, then they hacked up her body for the animals to do their thing.

NOTE 2;  When I meditated on the event myself, I saw her on the edge of a cemetery.  Who would think to look in a place like that?

NOTE 3:  Both of us saw her spirit trying to communicate with her mother, and her mother was so distraught, she didn't pay attention.  The angels were called to take her to 'Heaven'.


8-8-01 -DREAM - I was in a car headed downtown and pulled up to the curb, preparing to make a right turn. A beige car pulled up next to me with an elderly couple in it. As a reward for something I had done, he put two tickets to see a concert on my windshield. I took the tickets and discovered that it was a musical concert for 'cross dressers'.  I told the man that I wanted to see that concert.

The man then invited me into his own car and when I got in, he drove straight ahead. Almost as soon as we crossed the intersection, the road went down a hill so steep, I could feel my stomach sinking like it does when you go down a roller coaster.

When we got to the bottom of the hill, and the road was going up another hill, he decided to turn around.

But when it came time to go back up the hill we had just gone down, the car became an automatic stairway we had to climb.

There was a problem with the stairs though, there was little stick on pads that didn't stay on very well and we worked on getting them to stay on.


8-10-01 - A WASTED NIGHT -

I saw two visions. In the 1st one was 5 words jumbled up like in a mesh bag and in the 2nd vision, were 6 words jumbled up like they were in a mesh bag.

As I was waking up, I saw some more words, but they had already slid too high and I couldn't make them come back down. All I get was  I didn't find it useful so went to

I didn't find that useful either.


8-10-01 - DREAM - I was making instant coffee in a pink paper cup that expanded in size the more I put into it. I worried that it might spill, so I went to the cupboard to get a ceramic cup. There wasn't any in there. I thought I might use a large soup cup, but there weren't any there either.

Then I remembered that there were many cups and saucers still on the table from dinner, so I went into the diningroom, there was a man at a desk typing on a typewriter. I thought about offering my typing services as a paying job, but first I had to get the coffee cups to wash.

When I got to the diningroom, not only wasn't there any cups on the table, there was no table.

Not to be deterred, I went back through the hallway. The man with the typewriter was gone now too, so I couldn't  offer to work for him either.

I told Joe about the missing cups. He said I shouldn't worry about it, we could buy more.

I decided I would do the laundry meanwhile, but I had to put some shoes on. I actually already had shoes on, but tried to put on a pair of men's sandals over my shoes, but they were way too big for me to walk in. (Probably Jesus Christ's sandals)  So I couldn't go outside and do the laundry either.


8-10-01 - DREAM - I was in a large room with Joe. He was at the far end working on writing some kind of paper.

Joe asked me for another word that meant "instant", so I gave him a short list of words such as "immediate," "Momentary", "In a flash,", etc.

He said that wasn't it, that wasn't what he was looking for, so I asked him what he was working on, so I'd have a better idea of what he was looking for.

He said he didn't want to show me what he was writing until he was done. I told him I didn't need to see his writing.

I was sitting at a piano and Joe came over and showed me a map of Wisconsin that included Canada, all the way up to Hudson Bay. He pointed out a road that went all the way up from Wisconsin to the shore of inlets in Hudson Bay. It seemed there was a lot more water than I remembered the last time I saw a map of that area.

I told him that it looked like it would be a nice trip.

He went back to his desk and I decided I would play something on the piano. The music I chose, which was on top of the piano, was more or less classical and difficult. I began to play it tentatively, then my fingers began moving more and more easily until they were literally flying over the keys with trills and arpeggios.

The music itself was written with tiny little flying birds over it.

I finished that piece of music and opened the next one. It was a green picture with two lit pillar candles on it. It was really pretty.

Joe's ex-wife Debbie came then and started to talk about Carol, Lorna's mother. She said she used to go to school with her (not true). She said that Carol thought she was Miss America back then. (I highly doubt that)

Debbie had turned into an ugly black woman and she came over to me and said, "Do you know that she actually pronounced the word 'river' like 'review'?


8-11-01 - DREAM - I was sitting in the office of our apartment building. Joe said he needed to check on the welfare of some children he knew about. He picked up the phone to call the police to meet him at 1415 W. Beckett.  He told them he wanted them to look into the medicine cabinet to see if there were illegal drugs there. The cops asked what the name of the people were there. Joe said, "Irenaeus."

Joe then left to go meet the cops and I went to the front door of the building. A pretty blonde, curly-haired girl was bringing her little brother to me to take care of. He was very young, with short curly, blonde hair like his bigger sister. I asked her what his name was. She said, "Irenus." She wanted to stay so she could be on TV with me, but she had to go back home and see what was happening there.  So, I asked the little boy what his name was and he said, "Irenus". My Father's name is "Irenaeus."



8-12-01 - DREAM - I and a bunch of other women were going to go to a party of some kind up on top of the next hill to where we were.  Nobody wanted to climb the hill because it was wet and slippery. My sister volunteered to take me and a couple other women up there in her car. We agreed that would be good. So, she went to get her car and meanwhile, we women had to walk through the building and meet my sister down at the next intersection.

So, my sister went one way and I went the other through the building.

On the way through the building, I came to the counter where one could mail packages, like a mail station.

A man was standing there with a stack of brochures to a golfing place. He had 25 different ones, each with a different picture of a different golf course it appeared.

The woman behind the counter said she was personally going to stop at each and every house in the area so she agreed to deliver the brochures.

The man thanked her for doing him this big favor, and then at the end of his speech of thank you, he said, "I really don't care if they even get thrown away, I just need to get rid of them.

So, I helped him stack up the golfing brochures for the woman to take and continued on through the building.

Down at the far lobby, women were coming in for the party and I had to tell them that the part was being held up the hill and they had to go the other way and follow me, which they were going to do.

Meanwhile, in the hallway, by the mailboxes, I spotted all those brochures which were promised to be hand-delivered, were laying in individual stacks, one on top of each person's mail pile.  Each stack had the person's name on it, and the stack was wrapped with string or 2 rubber bands so it had formed an X over the top of the stack. Instead of being delivered, each person had to pick up their own.

I was quite astonished at this as the woman had promised to hand-deliver them. But that was her prerogative how she got the brochures to the people - whatever way worked.

I then went outside to walk down the street with the other women to meet my sister at the next intersection. We were walking way faster than I was accustomed to, and I expected at any moment to start feeling pain in my chest and have a heart attack, but I didn't.

We kept walking fast and I could see the intersection getting nearer and nearer and then the dream faded out.

NOTE:  In golf, there are 18 holes
There were 25 golf courses.
25 x 18 = 450

In the Bible Concordance:  450 = 'Elyada` {el-yaw-daw'} from 410 and 3045; n pr m AV - Eliada 3, Eliadah 1; 4 Eliadah or Eliada = "God knows" 1) a son of David 2) a Benjamite warrior chief 3) an Aramean, the father of an enemy of Solomon.

18 = agathos {ag-ath-os'} a primary word; TDNT - 1:10,3; adj AV - good 77, good thing 14, that which is good+3588 8, the thing which is good+3588 1, well 1, benefit 1; 102 1) of good constitution or nature 2) useful, salutary 3) good, pleasant, agreeable, joyful, happy 4) excellent, distinguished 5) upright, honourable

25 = agapao {ag-ap-ah'-o} perhaps from agan (much) [or cf 5368]; TDNT - 1:21,5; v AV - love 135, beloved 7; 142 1) of persons 1a) to welcome, to entertain, to be fond of, to love dearly 2) of things 2a) to be well pleased, to be contented at or with a thing


8-12-01 - DREAM - I was in a building somewhere in a small room with a couple policemen and a couple thieves who had been caught stealing. The thieves were confessing to the crime when someone brought in a man and woman together. They sat down on a bench together. I was told that they wanted to confess to something also. However, they didn't say anything.

I went over to them and as gently as I could, I tried to get them to speak and tell me what it was they needed to confess to. Still, they didn't speak. They sat tight-lipped and silent.

I couldn't seem to find the right thing to say to get them to tell me what their confession was about. Finally, they decided to leave and stood up. I followed them to the door and asked them point black what crime they had committed.

Then the woman spoke and said, "We wanted to confess that we wanted to give you  $50,000 for a singing room for the church.

I was more than a little astonished. We were now standing in a humongous church, made out of shiny light colored wood with a ceiling that was being 50 and 75 feet high and at least or more than that wide and length.

I said to them, "Singing doesn't need a room of its own. Singing comes from the heart and can be done anywhere. Remember this: "Singing comes from the heart."

The couple left because they wanted the singing to be done in a room they had paid for.

I then went back in my house which was connected to the church where people were gathering to celebrate my birthday.  (December 26th)

I went into the livingroom and sat on the sofa with a couple people, but I could see my sister waving her arms around in animated conversation with some women in the kitchen. I thought we should all be together, so I went to the kitchen to get my sister and the other women and invite them into the livingroom.

We went back to the livingroom where I saw it was a little tacky looking. The carpet was yellow with green, orange, and red flowers on it. The walls were decorated with things I had made myself, crocheted and embroidered pillows, and wall hangings.

This room was about 50 to 75 feet long as well and couches/sofas lined the walls. I was a little astounded how the people had aligned themselves in the room. All the white people had crowded down on one end of the room, with one black person, leaving a big open space at one end of the couch and then my friend David who is black, sat by himself on the far end of that sofa.

Then on a completely separate sofa on the other wall, about 12 black people had jammed themselves onto another sofa when there was lots of room over next to the white people. They seemed happy there so I didn't say anything.

There was a little black baby sitting on the end of the row of white people with room for about 4 more people and then David sat at the other end alone. I chose to go sit by the little black baby who smiled at me when i sat down.

My sister was still animatedly chatting, waving her arms around and laughing.

I decided to laugh and imitate her as well and thanked everyone for coming to celebrate my birthday.  Then the little black baby got up off the sofa and started to grow in front of our eyes into the most handsome young black man.

He began to speak with a wonderful mellow tone and we all sat there in awe to the words of love for humanity that he spoke. 


8-12-01 - DREAM - Joe and I were inside my Father's lake cottage. We were remodeling it, even though we knew that my sister owned it and was selling it for $15.00.

We intended to keep working on it until it was done even though our own home was being built and that wasn't finished either.

In my mind, I was working out the details of how we would finance it, perhaps through my brother, who could pay my sister and we could pay him back.


8-13-01 - DREAM - I was taking care of a group of children in 1946 and it seemed like Germany. 

My husband who had been gone came back and I agreed to be wit him when another man who had been my lover showed up. He had also been away and didn't even have a place to live. He decided to bring his buddies along to watch him make a fool of me, but I managed to escape unharmed. But I had to come back to the same place because of the children and I ran into the ex-lover guy again. I told him he was going to have to take care of his own problems because they were not MY problems. He started to try to make some disparaging remarks about me, but I looked in a mirror and saw my reflection.

I had long curly dark brown hair with some kind of thin gold chains in it. I was thin and very pretty. I said to myself, "At least I have my dignity, at least I have my dignity." 


Follow up of previous dream. I was with the same man from the previous dream at the end. The man was a 'writer'. I was called, Victoria' at the end and I was a counselor of some kind. The people in the dream knew me, but I didn't know them. I seemed to be in someone elses body.


8-13-01 - DREAM - I was a counsellor in a large office. A young woman came to the door and asked if I had the time to counsel with her. I said I would.

My office overlooked a nice brick home with a beautiful tree in the front yard and blooming lilac in the rear yard. The plot of land was built higher than the surrounding land and I noted there was a large ballfield off to the side of the house.

The young woman who wanted to be counseled lived in that house on the hill and it had been fun building it up, but the spending had to stop because now all the bills had to be paid. I counselled her about going on a budget and getting on with life. She understood but wasn't happy about it.

I looked at that house myself, thinking how nice it must be to live in a place like that.

I was then in my car and going on an errand, but the brakes on my car weren't working very well. Besides that, I was trying drive it from the right front seat and the car didn't have power steering.

I managed to get the car turned around in the driveway and I saw a man's head sticking up from the ground. I managed to get the car turned around without hitting the man, but ran into the trash cans.

The man then came to the window of the car and demanded that I tell him about our relationship and why it couldn't continue. Another man came along as well and they commented about my bad driving and running into the trash cans. The other man who had a dark black beard with a few silver hairs in it said, "Well! You can't take it with you", referring to the garbage.'

The man standing by the window had a whitish beard. He looked very familiar but I don't know his name.

The other man said to him, "Well! You always have your writing."

As I woke up, a voice made a comment to me, which quickly slid out of my mind, but I remembered that the voice called me "Victoria". (Victoria means 'Victorious'.


THE AGE OF KALI - 8-14-01 - DREAM - My relatives all gathered together for a party to be counted. The unfortunate and upsetting part of this was that everyone cut off their hands and feet to be counted separate from their bodies. Each foot or hand counted for 1, but the body separately counted for 5.

This whole event was bloodless and at the end, I was lining up the limp sweat-suit covered bodies on the couch.

Then a rick black man drove up in the most beautiful bright red sports convertible car I've ever seen.

I and another black man went over to it to find out what kind of car it was.

At first I saw the name "Williams' on it. Then in another place I saw the name, "Subaru" on it, then the black man showed me on the back end was the name ISCHI.

SEE - Age_kali.htm

**************************** 8-15-01 - SEE ANOTHER PEARL HARBOR?

This turned out to be the WTC TRADE Buildings Disaster.




8-17-01 - DREAM - I was walking by 16th St., singing and dancing. We were voting for a girl named 'Tangerine" like they do on the Big Brother TV show.


8-17-01 - DREAM - I was working as an apartment manager in Milwaukee. Asa Buchanan from One Life to Life TV show was my boss. I was dressed in all pink when he came to the door. I wasn't going to open the door to him at first but I noted that there was no lock on the door so I couldn't keep him out and he was like God anyway, so there was no hiding anything from him.

So he came in and sat down in a big chair in the livingroom and turned on a bit TV that was on a shelf high up on the wall. He rather busied himself with tuning the antenna.

Then all kinds of other people wee coming in while I was folding up blankets so they had room to sit on the couch.

A Chinese man came in, complaining that he had spent all day at the dentist and I rather sympathized with him. Then he told me his new born son was sick, had some kind of problem where he couldn't eat, and it was going to be very expensive to raise him. He mentioned the amount of $3,000. That sounded horrendous for an infant.

By then, the apartment had become a restaurant. I was seated at a table along the wall and I was furnished with a black table telephone where when you pressed a button, it turned into a radio. The woman in charge of it called it a Beta radio. She helped point out how to turn the sound up. It still wasn't very loud an it was noisy in the room besides that.

Then the waitress brought in my sister and her kids who were in their early teens and a little younger. And my Mom and aunt Doris came in with them. My Mom and Doris were seated right at the end of an aisle like a receiving line because one of their sisters had died. (Their sisters all died many years ago , so that makes sense.)

I thought my Mom looked awfully composed considering there had been a death in the family. Doris was very thin and sharp featured and my Mom was rather thin also. (Both of them were rather chubby all their lives.)

I went over and hugged my Mom and said, "I love you. I just want you to know that." Then she broke down into tears.

Somehow then I was outside in a car with some young men and we were talking about portable radios. One man was saying he liked her C.B. radio. The other liked regular radio. I said, "What I would like is a AM, FM, CB, SHORTWAVE radio so you can toggle between them when you want to." I was thinking, "Maybe you can't do that because of the amount of wiring it would take."

I woke up and realized that I already have a radio just like that.


8-18-01 - DREAM - I dreamed the name "Alice Breaneau" It might be spelled Bruno, Brunu, etc. and the date, Aug. 13, 1913.

I was with Joe and T.J. in a big old house in the country. I saw the name and actually looked it up in an old book in the dream. I told Joe laughingly that I was on a quest.

Joe bought a white motorcycle. I think it was the 3 wheeled kind. A man delivered it to the house. There was a section of chartreuse green on the front,

It was really pretty.


8-18-01 - DREAM - I was sitting in a small office observing a man in his 30's teach a young 10 year old boy how to do simple bookkeeping.

Everything that was purchased had a receipt and the amount was written in a ledger book. Then the boss would come over and initial both the receipt and the line in the book to show that he had seen both of them.

A reference was made as t how old 38 years old seems to an 18 year old girl and how long it takes to get to that age. Then when the 38 year old person looks back at 18, it seems like only yesterday.

A woman came in with a load of groceries she had just purchased. (On television, the woman plays the part of the Palace Innkeeper on One Life to Live. Renee Buchanan ) She said, "I just paid $1,000 for food that is going to cost $4780 later."

I marveled that she could know the prices would increase that much in the future.

Back at the workbench where the man was sitting on a high stool, he said to us, "The parts are starting to come in now for the machine I will build."

I was then shown a machine that traced lines on a long strip of paper that showed 'future' sound.

Again, I marveled at the possibility of a machine that could sense 'future' sound, and looked at the strip of paper and the huge dark bulge in the noise level the machine was measuring.

As I woke up, a male voice said, "Pakistan is preparing now for a future war. It would behoove others to prepare as well."

See: Pakistan Preparing for War


8-19-01- DREAM - I was working in a large place like a hotel and my boss was Renee Buchanan who runs the Palace Hotel on One Life to Live show.

President Clinton was coming to make a speech in the large auditorium and I was asked to present him with a goblet size glass of win while he spoke.

I got almost up to where he was standing and noticed that the goblet was chipped on the edge very badly. I couldn't give him a glass of wine that was that badly chipped, so I excused myself and returned to the service room to get another glass.

My boss looked and looked, but we couldn't find a wine glass as large as the first one. In fact, the only wine glass she found was one that had a large see-thru cigarette lighter underneath it, kind of like a 'warmer' type deal. But that didn't have a handle on it, to carry it and neither did a matching one so we couldn't give him one of those.

So, all they could give me was an apartif size glass which was so small, I was very embarrassed to offer him such a small glass of wine.

Unfortunately, by the time I made it back to the podium with the wine glass, he had already finished speaking and was gone.


8-19-01 - DREAM - I was working or some important people in a large factory. I was in the section where all the spare parts were kept. There was some consideration made about lack of space in the place. I noted that one stack of shelves was held up by a set of 12" wheels, so I suggested that using 14" wheels instead would allow them to use the 12" wheels on a project that was being held up because they didn't have the 12" wheels they needed.

They heard me, but didn't comment. Suddenly then a woman came in and sowed me that they had actually ratcheted down the stacked shelves. They started ratcheting up the shelves then and I noted that they had deliberately done this so people didn't know the space was there, hidden from them.

I then went into a small room where the electronics, alarms, and other warning devices were kept.

However, they hunted me down and demanded that I get into a controversial topic with them.

They showed me that bringing these topics out into the open and discussing them actually ratcheted around opinions on them and that's why they hadn't brought them out into the open.

Then I discovered who the real boss was. It was Hilary Clinton. She was mad at me because I wouldn't discuss cloning with her.

She showed me that cloning was a 'pink'/female topic and demanded that I come into the bathroom and discuss it with her and a couple other women.

I quipped back at her, "I don't want to clone myself, but now we should discuss cloning you?"

She laughed and walked into the bathroom, fully knowing I was following her to discuss this controversial topic.

See: Hilary Clinton and Cloning


8-20-01 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building. My maintenance man hung 8 of my tenants over the lobby and called them the 'Butterfield 8'.

Elizabeth Taylor, Laurence Harvey, Eddie Fisher, and Dina Merrill played in the movie by the same name.

See: Spiritual Prostitution


This dream is part of the above Spiritual Prostitution page also.

8-20-01 - DREAM - I was working in an office as a secretary. The President of the company needed an emergency-type letter typed so he would send it to another man before he went to an 11 a.m. meeting.

I had the letter done on time except there were a couple of fixed typos at the top of the page.

The President was all anxious that the letter be done on time - I assured him it was ready.

But before he could leave, I had to cook something on a griddle. It was very delicate, rather like a pancake, yet very different. I watched it turn from near-white as it browned, then flipped it over to brown the other side, so it was evenly browned. It was a picture of 8 hanged people. When it was done and cooled, I slid the cooked picture between two white sheets of cardboard put the letter on top and slid it into a large white envelope.

After the package was delivered to the other man. I heard back through the grapevine that the receiving office was trying to figure out how the hanged people had been put together. They assumed that each figure had been done separately. But I knew different because I had cooked them myself.


8-20-01 - DREAM - I was working in a building and we received a package with a baked picture of 8 hanged people.

As I stood there in shock, the picture came to life and grew to life-size until all 8 hanged people stood in front of me in full brilliant color like clown suits.


8-21-01 - DREAM/VISION - A web page selling video tapes of various aspects of the Chandra Levy kidnapping. They were marked 10-11-10-11

NOTE: Chandra Levy's body was found:


8-21-01 - DREAM - (There was no sense of reality to this)

I was in a house and looked in the closet for something to wear. There were nice clothes in there, but not much of it. I finally chose a skirt suit, but didn't plan to wear the jacket, just the skirt. It was pleated and was yellow and black checked. It was obviously way too small for me.

I then went down to the kitchen to help get dinner ready for a large group of people. The cook, who was a short, chubby woman , was at the sink, preparing two turkey carcasses for the oven. She as washing them in soap and water. I as going to help put on a honey barbecue sauce on the turkeys for the oven, but they weren't quite ready.

The cook was busy washing off an entire cow carcass for a barbecue as well, which she had a sink large enough to fit the whole cow into. It had already been butchered and skinned.

I then went outside where there was a race going on which I relate to the TV show Fear Factor.

A series of men were riding bicycles down to the ocean shore, they had to strip naked, have all their fingers cut off, the crawl over some barriers, do a back flip off a big flat rock into the ocean and swim to another location. I was watching from the perspective of being in or on the ocean myself.

One of the contestants, jumped off his bike, pulled off his clothes, had his fingers cut off and did the back flip into the ocean and started to swim.

Then the next guy came, jumped off his bike, pulled off his clothes, had his fingers cut off, then got down on the flat rock, ready to do his back flip into the ocean, when he started to cry. He said, "Michael! Now I'm really scared. I could handle the worms, but this I can't handle."

I looked at him closer and saw that he had no eyes.


8-21-01 - MEDITATION - on Chandra Levy in the desert as shown in a magazine.

I met a woman and a man in the desert. The woman dug a hole in the sand, then a man put his hand in the hole, scooped up the sand and said, "This is nothing. This is the end of the process."

I then called Chandra Levy and asked her to show me where she is.

I'm seeing myself walking along a narrow stretch of grass along a long, metal fence about 5 feet high. There is a sidewalk to my right. I see the legs of a long legged man in dark pants pass me on the right.

Beyond the metal fence is a large open area with nothing in it, no trees or bushes, more like an airport runway area.

I then asked what state Chandra is in. I heard 'Los Angeles'. Then I saw a long line of people like investigators, reporters - type people, all standing around. A lot of older girls in green sweatshirts, a woman like a reporter is saying, "Thank you!"

It almost feels like Chandra's house and she is in the house with her mother.

NOTE: Another psychic spoke with Chandra in May of 2002, after her body was found, and Chandra asked her to call her mother because she has been trying to comfort her mother and every time she goes near her, her mother starts to cry.

I asked Chandra where her physical body is.

A voice said, "She never heard the news."

I continued to ask, and found myself at the fence of a cemetery. There is a man there with long legs with black pants and a red shirt. He has a young boy about 10 years old with him, They are by a walk-way next to a tree. They are both carrying bouquets of roses. A voice says, "I told you Reverend, always stay away from parks."

NOTE: Chandra was found in a park about 300 yards from the walkway.


8-22-01 - I heard a phone ring in my ear - I asked for the message.

I saw a vision:  'HIGH SCHOOL DEFENSE".


8-22-01 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere. My friend Robb came to visit. Before he left, he picked up 3 white boxes, about the size of cake boxes and took them up to the attic. He got all upset and called me to the attic stairs. He said that he could tell that someone had been up there moving things around, like a kid playing.

So, I went up into the attic to see what was going on.

In one corner of the attic, an apartment had been constructed for a young mother and her young son. On the far end, an apartment had been constructed for some black men. I could see that they had set up a 'pit set' type couch.

I told the woman that if my stuff didn't stop  being moved, I was going to have to wall it off.

Then a man appeared with Christmas gifts, one of which was a huge large than life floppy teddy bear. After I went downstairs and this same floppy teddy bear was laying in front of the elevator door. We could hardly get past it.

I can't remember who was doing the drinking though I think it was Robb. He drained a bottle of Jack Daniels. I took the bottle to throw it away, but so there was some left, so Robb drank the rest. However, the more he drank, the more there was in the bottle.

We went out into the back yard then to look at the garden. I saw there was corn coming up where it hadn't been planted. It was self-seeded from the previous year.

I started to dig it out to thin it, then noticed the ground had nothing in it. I was told it would be 7 years before there was enough corn to go around for everyone again.


8-23-01 - DREAM/VISION - I saw a black and white map that showed 38 paths.

All the paths were evenly spaced. All the paths were straight except the 28th which jogged over at the end. (Crooked) (kinked)

I was told that we were timed to see how long it took us to get there.

MEDITATION on the 28th path. A Hebrew/Jewish old man came and said, "I love you. Thanks for coming to discuss this matter."

A second Hebrew voice said, "Do not ever communicate in this manner"  (I had skipped prayer first)

A third voice said, "After time and Power, there is nothing."

I next saw an invoice.

Then I saw a letter with the word or name:  "SEGEEAGIAH" highlighted.  I then saw, "SEEGAGHAH"



8-23-01 - DREAM - I was laying on a couch in the livingroom, listening to the radio.

Joe came in and said he was going to watch TV. He went into an adjacent room and turned on the TV. The show seemed interesting so I told Joe I wanted to see it too. So Joe came back into the livingroom and turned on the big TV for me, then left the room again.

I wasn't happy with that arrangement, so I went into the other room to watch the smaller TV so I could talk to Joe at the same time.

Rather than being in a room, we were outside the house, sitting on chairs, side by side on the lawn, watching a small TV.

Then an older, large woman came into the yard, pulled up a chair next to me and placed a radio on a small table in front of her and turned it on rather loudly, drowning out the sound of our TV.

I wanted to ask Joe about the name Saggahiah, but the woman started talking to me instead.

She thanked me for giving her the red and green plaid afghan.

I said, "You're welcome."  I had given the afghan to her because there was a splat of gum stuck in the center of it, so I didn't want to use it myself.

I told her, "I just heard of a remedy that takes gum out of fabric. I heard a woman on the TV talking about it. It's a liquid, rather like FAB or ALL liquid detergent. You just put it on the gum and it dissolves."

She thanked me for the information and said she would try it.

I then realized I hadn't been in the office yet, of the building, which I managed.

I knew the maintenance man hadn't been there either because when I went to the bathroom, I could hear him and his wife talking to each other through the wall, though I couldn't quite understand what they were saying.


8-24-01 - DREAM - I was working in a factory office, rather like A-C. Some A-C people were there, but also Simpson Electric people and people from my apartment building. At the end, Ralph, the judge was the President of the company.

My job to begin with was to fill in all the holes in a long strip of paper rather like a computer sheet between Christmas trees made of words typed like pastry. iN other words, the poems were Christmas trees and I filled in any spaces between words, at the ends of lines and between them so all the trees linked together and all the words linked together.

Finally, I finished the work and that was the end. We were all leaving and the building was going to be torn down.

I went down into the basement to get my stuff together that I wanted. there were lots of cabinets, drawers, and tables full of stuff. Much of it was like a kitchen.

We were all down there, picking out what we wanted for ourselves and stacking it up to take home. anything left would just be bulldozed to the ground.

I had all my stuff together. I had house-plants, jewelry, fabric, decorations, etc. I was also going to take a bag of apples, which looked good at a distance but close up , they had holes in them, or were partially eaten. I thought they'd make good pies, if nothing else.

There was so much stuff, I finally decided I would go home on my lunch hour and get my blue car, so it wouldn't take so long to get the car at 5 p.m.

As I left the building at 12:30 p.m. I planned to go home and get the car, drive it to the airport, pick up my plane and fly my stuff home. As I waved to Ralph, I said cheerily said to him, "I'll meet you in the air."  He smiled and waved back.

Before I got to the door, I met a cop who knew the traffic pattern of the whole city and he asked me if I knew how to get to Ii9 to get to the airport. I told him I did because I had been there before. I had second thoughts about flying though, because there was as much traffic going into and out of the airport in the air as there was on the ground.

I got outside and headed for the bus stop. I could see the bus coming down a block. It as dar outside and all the lights gave it a Christmasy feeling.

I couldn't cross the street because the lights were against me. As I stood on the corner, waiting to cross the street, I started to fish around in my coin purse to find 55 cents to ride the bus.

I needed two quarters and a nickel, so I was looking for two George Washington coins, which were quarters and a buffalo nickel.

However, half of the coins in my purse were regular normal coins and half of them were like platinum-gold-super shiny and weren't actually round, they had carved edges like jewelry and didn't have George Washington or Buffalo nickels. The pictures were symbols instead like diamonds and circles, triangles, etc.

I didn't want to use those to ride the bus. While I was looking through my coins to find 55 cents, some young girls gathered around to see my pretty coins.

I must have gone home and gotten the car and got back to the office very fast because the next scene was back in the basement at work with my car, which was like a big flat back truck with a zipper-like pouch to put things in so the wind wouldn't blow them away.

Part of my job was to fumigate the place before we left, but there was too many people around to set off the canister.

I did release the contents of one container, which was like a white powder and we all scurried around doing what we needed to, but I couldn't release the fumigant until everyone was gone.

The first thing I was going to do was take a shower, but a man came in who said he was interested in buying the place and saving it.

I told him I had been in every building and every room in the place and he wouldn't want it.

One of the engineers standing there told him that an estimate to remodel the place was 50 million dollars.

He was still interested in looking at the building to buy it, so I set him off in the right direction to look through the building.

I had two infant boys with me and I was going to stand in the shower with both boys, but one of the boys ran off, so I was just holding one of them. To take a shower, I had to stand on a white chair. I was wearing green high heeled shoes and the baby was wearing a green long-billed baseball cap.

The shower water was adjustable and was too far over and I had to move the shower so it was over the chair and adjust the temperature of the water so it was hot enough.

I woke up as I was standing on the chair with one of the babies in the shower.

NOTE: A friend of mine miscarried her baby right after I had this dream.


8-24-01 - DREAM - I was working in an office where my job was to print the words 'Merry Christmas' millions of times on a long strip of paper separated by a blank space. Finally I had enough of them and my job was done.

The house as clean, it wasn't even dusty. There was nothing left to do but watch everyone else do their work.

I folded up my blankets and lay them on a chair arm in the livingroom. I straightened out a dark green drapery that was covering a vine hanging in the window.

I looked out another window and watched a work crew cut the vines out on the porch for the 5th and last time.

I then went to look for my son Bill who had gone down into the basement.

I looked down the stairs and saw a woman walk by and called her name, "Bacteria". (This has to refer to my bladder infection)

I went down into the basement and saw several other women, all wearing shiny vinyl short dresses like one would see in a Star Wars movie. They had matching knee high aqua colored boots. The women I had called "Bacteria' was walking away and gave me a dirty look. I realized then I wasn't supposed to be talking to these women. They were all walking away down a long hall.

My son Bill was down there, drawing some Christmas pictures and someone said I should encourage him to keep doing that.

I met Janet Carlson, an old co-worker down there. She was sitting at a wind-like desk, working on something. She was dressed all in gold.

I put my arm around her to giver her a hug and we started to talk. I said, "You know, even as late as yesterday, women couldn't do this or we'd get charged with sexual harassment or something."

She agreed and I went back to looking for my son Bill to encourage his drawings, because my work was done.

NOTE: After I had this dream, my bladder infection was gone.


8-25-01 - DREAM - From generation to generation, the male natives taught their sons to shoot and kill. But nowadays, the women native taught each other to shoot down their own men.


8-26-01 - DREAM (FEAR)  (This was like being in a movie) I'm having a hard time remembering exactly how I got into this situation, but once I got into it, it was like being in a Stephen King novel.

My husband and the kids were sitting outside in the car , waiting for me while this was going on.

It occurred because I offered to give this woman's husband a ride in the car to work so he wouldn't be late. The woman agreed that would work out great so I went upstairs to her apartment with her while she went to get her husband and tell him the good news.  He worked in the bank on the way to where I worked.

Once I entered the woman's apartment, it was like being in another realm completely. Even the air felt heavy to breathe and events seemed rather normal, but took enormous effort and time to do.

When we got inside the apartment, the woman asked me if she could take my coat. As it was rather warm, and I was very over-dressed, I let her take my coat and hang it in the closet. Big mistake!!!

She left me then to go get her husband out of bed so we could give him a ride to work.

While she was gone, I met other people and other events took place, which I couldn't see, but I could hear occurring in other rooms.

She asked me from the other room how much I paid for my shoes. I said, $75. She said, "I could tell. They are made of real high quality leather compared t other shoes I've seen."

I agreed and began a discussion of high-heeled shoes and the thinness of the leather and straps, while mine were flat and black and had a grid-like mesh across the toes and were extremely sturdy.

At this point, the woman's husband came out of the bedroom. He was fully dress and ready for work except for his coat.

I had just seen myself in a mirror and was wearing a slim-fitting dark red and black print dress, which look like silk and my hair was a big pouf of dark curls on my head, unlike my blonde, straight hair which I currently have.

I wondered if he thought I looked sexy. He walked past me and went into another room to get something.

I asked the woman if she would get my coat for me as I thought we would be leaving right away. I saw on the clock that it was 9:10 a.m. and we were all late already.

She said she would get my coat but went into another room and didn't come back right away, so I went to the closet myself to get the coat. My coat was a two piece deal, such like a thin short undercoat, with a heavier over coat.

I up on the thin undercoat first, which was made of silk brocade, or rather golden-black color with fleur-de-lis print and the sleeves and collar had heavy white fur on them to keep the wind from coming up the sleeves and down the neck of the overcoat in winter.

I have to admit that when I saw all the fur, I wondered what animal lovers would say if they saw this coat.

When I put my coat on, I noticed when i looked in the mirror that my hair had gotten a little messed up, so I went into the bathroom to comb my hair.

There was nothing fancy about this bathroom, and it wasn't very large, but it had a closet of some sort with a plastic curtain over the door and there were two high-boy wooden dressers and on top of each , which were his and hers. - a brush laying on its back with two combs stuck down into the bristles in each one. Her brush and combs had thin handles, and his brush and combs had heavy thick handles. I decided I would use the 'his' comb for my hair I did and my hair looked great. I noted that the woman's hair was just like mine, only a little shorter.

I left the bathroom and went into the livingroom, whereupon I heard a commotion going back in the bathroom, a lot of noise of banging and falling body.

The woman hollered out to me, "You are going t owe me for this - your cat got into things and knocked them over."

since I hadn't come in with a cat and didn't own a cat, that didn't make sense.

I remembered the fur on my coat and thought perhaps she meant that but I wasn't in the bathroom when the noise occurred.

Just then another woman appeared from a back room. She was wearing a thinner beige winter coat and she was all upset. She looked like a younger version of myself.

She walked through the room and into another room and I could hear her tell the woman she was going to work. The woman told her, "Oh no you're not!" and I couldn't figure out why she wouldn't allow her to go to work. That didn't make sense.

The husband again walked through the room, but he had changed. Now he looked like our old friend David R.  who was married to my best friend Terry many years ago when I was in my 20's. Only now he was shorter and thinner than the first time I saw him.

I went into the livingroom where the two women were. The first woman was sitting cross-legged on the floor with a long thin partitioned box in front of her on the floor. There were letters on the lids of the boxes partitions.

The younger woman was standing in front of her, angry, that the older woman wouldn't let her leave to go to work.

She said to the older woman, I know how you are controlled and I know how you control me, and she bent down and pounded on the lids of the box, each in turn with the side of her fist, 'F,N,T,N'

The older woman was angry too.

I turned and watched David walk through the room again. Now he was even shorter. All he was, was a head on top of two legs with no apparent body. He said as he went past, "I used to think it would be fun to be blonde."  He then went back into the bedroom.

I was so disgusted. I could hardly believe how he was changing.

I turned back to the older woman and repeated what the other woman had done. I said, "You aren't going to control me either and I pounded on the box lids with my fist. 'F,N,T,N'.

I turned to leave the room and said, "I will be leaving to go to work now. I looked down to my hands to make sure I had my wallet with me which I did.

She said firmly,"Oh no you won't."

By now, I was in a hallway, near the door. I hollered back."The only way you'll be able to stop me now is with a shotgun", and instantly regretted my words, because ahead of me was an open door to the hallway with the coat closet and the bedroom beyond it.

I took another step forward to leave, feeling that David, the husband would appear in that doorway with a shotgun.

My neck was hot and burning and heat rose into my face and my heart started to pound and I froze in my tracks, afraid to take another step forward.

and woke up feeling the same way.


8-26-01 - DREAM - I was standing by the road, waiting to catch a bus. The bus arrived and as I got on, it seemed I was getting on at the rear/side exit, and there was a dark green curtain hiding the bus driver from this doorway.

A woman handed me an envelope and said, "This is for you." I looked at the envelope and it was window envelope, and the letter inside was addressed to Mrs. Webb-TV. I tried to hand the letter back to her, saying, "This isn't for me."

She said, "Your name is Mrs. Webb isn't it?"  I said, "Yes!" She said, "Then, this is for you."

The scene switched to when I was getting off the bus. I found a purse and a large black diaper bag by the side of the road that didn't have diapers in it. It was more like a black satchel with other small brown bags in it, and I thought I saw a big black ants crawling in int, but I wasn't sure.

I put the black diaper bag on the table to look inside it. Now I saw there were huge black ants crawling all over the bags inside. I needed to empty out this bag and put the little bags where they belonged.

This diaper bag I discovered belonged to my sister-in-law Mary. She was sitting there, but wasn't aware that all these ants were in the bag.

My son Bill was also standing there.

The first brown bag I took out of the diaper bag was a bag of tinker Toy Wheels, but no sticks to hold them all together. these were just the hubs.

There was another bag in there , which was full of small metal toys. I looked at them - there were army tankers, jeeps, soldiers, etc. I gave this bag to my son Bill who was about 4 years old.

Another brown bag was full of 'rotten apples'. I could smell them as soon as I opened the bag. I closed this bag again and set it aside.

I then took the bag to the sink and filled it full of clear water, but the water that came out of the bag looked like coffee. I filled it full of clean water and then looked inside the bag and it was pure white inside.

I handed the bag to my sister-in-law Mary.

I then had a couple newspapers in my hands, and there was a trash receptacle nearby that looked like a wooden wine keg. It was full of trash, but I couldn't tell what it was. It was all black.

I put newspapers down on top of the win keg and as soon as I did, someone snatched it. I had another newspaper still and put that one down on the top of the wine keg. As soon as I did, someone snatched that one too.




8-27-01 - DREAM - I moved into a house that needed complete painting and remodeling. I was thinking it was an old fire house because in the corner of the livingroom there was a huge wheel that one had to turn to open the water valves to put out fires, but after talking with my sister-in-law Mary and telling her on the phone that I would send her pictures of all the work we had been doing because it wasn't too likely that she would be able to come and visit any time soon, I went to the bathroom and I could see behind the bathroom wall, there was a huge blue swimming pool and I could see some small penguins swimming in it.

There was a scene where I went upstairs to get the baby to find it and there was an orange cat in the bed, which we loved almost as much as the baby. I can't remember enough details to place this scene within the dream.


8-27-01 - DREAM - I and a group of highschool mates were in the backyard of my 16th St. house, way back next to the garage. My father had had a heart attack but was recovering. Meanwhile, I and my schoolmates were painting the ceiling of the lake cottage. I was doing the edging and the tall guys were rolling the ceiling. We were painting it pink.

The scene switched and I was out at the lake and it was mid-winter, heading into spring. The cottage itself was actually in the lake, next to shore with the ice melted around it so it was rocking in the water, but my father and I were standing on top of the thick ice.

I was worried about my father because of his recent heart attack and also hoped he wouldn't fall through the ice, though I knew it was about 1 ft. thick.

My father decided he was going to plaster the cracks around the cottage. I had a rather visualization of my father putting plaster in the cracks and smoothing them over.


8-27-01 - DREAM - I was in the basement parking garage of a large building which was being remodeled so there were no cars in it.

There was no light down there except what filtered down from the entrances so it was rather dim down there.

A woman came down and put a lightbulb into a light socket way at the far end. She pulled the chain and even from the far end of the garage, to see that one light was pretty wonderful.

That reminded me that I could put lightbulbs into all the other light sockets as well and light up the darkness.

But I went to the stairway to go upstairs and get the lightbulbs I had upstairs.

But when I got there, the stairs had been removed to be remodeled as well.

I could see the brilliant sunlight beaming down from above, but there was no way to get up there.

I toyed with the idea of stacking some boxes to climb up there, but even that would only have gotten me half-way, so I resigned myself to waiting until the stairs were rebuilt.



Joe and I went to bed early and decided to watch a video. I took a stack of 6 videos into the bedroom and Joe chose to watch Andrew Lloyd Webber's 50th Birthday celebration. All we had was a partial tape. After it was over, I was laying there trying to sleep, and my head just kept ringing with the song, Vault of Heaven.

I fell asleep momentarily and experienced a web page that went to 9 other pages, all about connecting the numbers of crop circles to the music.

I woke up again and couldn't go back to sleep.

Joe hadn't slept either and got back up, so I got up too. Joe watched TV and I went to the computer to go to to buy the whole video and two CDs that had music on it.

Joe told me about a crop circle that had the 4th path marked on it in Germany and I had already started a web page about the 28th path and the 4th path of the Tree of Life.

I was too tired to work on it, but went back to bed and dreamed i was in a huge place with 50 foot high ceilings and working on finding the 9 web links to link to with the crop circles I needed. This was a difficult search and I saw a diagram of what I was looking for. It looked like a pink womb with a spiral path within it. This whole place was like a school.

The goal was to find 9 crop circles that held the keys to the Vault of Heaven.


8-29-01 - DREAM - I was working for Ralph (The Jewish Judge) in an office. But before I went to the office I met with Bob the painter who said he and some friends in the electrical business near Fondulac, WI at a company named Barclay. He showed me a diagram of a new kind of radio. The diagram was on a large circular piece of burlap material. There was  large oval ring on the left and on the right was a chain-like ring with two lung-shaped things attached to it, hanging down from the top. I couldn't figure out what it was.

Anyway, then my boss called on the phone. It was only 6:30 a.m.. Ralph said that Bob had come in there and showed him the diagram and he was going to hire this Barclay company to develop this radio and was going to put me in charge of talking to them and making sure this got done. He was going to hire another girl to do the little jobs in the office so I could concentrate on it and get this thing developed. He mentioned that Alice  had worked for him for many years. He wasn't aware that Alice had been my friend for 20 years as I hadn't told him yet either.

There was also a scene where people were trying on new clothes that were grey stretching sweater and pants and one couple put on a pouffy looking grey and yellow sweater and pants outfit. They looked pretty dumb.


8-29-01 - DREAM - My daughter, I and a lot of other people were going to a big banquet dinner at a big public place like a museum. At first she was way behind me, then she passed me and got way ahead because I refused to run.

When I got there, first I went up the wrong stairway where some women were all distressed about something so I knew that was the wrong place.

Then I went through an African museum type room where there were hundreds of life-size lions, antelope and other animals lions kill for dinner. None of them was alive, but being life-size, they were intimidating to walk amongst.

Then I went through other areas I wasn't supposed to be in but nobody noticed me particularly because I was wearing a red running suit with a white stripe down the side of the leg and white running shoes, so where the people were wearing red, they only saw my red suit, and where they were in white, they only noticed the white stripe and white shoes, so I fit in anywhere.

I don't recall if this dream had an end to it.


8-31-01 - DREAM - Though this dream had real people in it, the dream was symbolic and rather cartoonish.

We were on Beloit Rd. between 125th St. and 108th St. (There are no streets between those two numbers) (At least there weren't when I was there)

We were headed towards a restaurant for dinner. The road itself was being paved as we went towards 108th St. by a huge white hand which was laying down strips with words in them that were 'good deeds'.

I can only say that 'that road to hell was paved with 'good intentions' as the cliche goes.

NOTE: 108 is the number of Goddesses


8-31-01 - I got up, wrote down my dream, ate some corn chips and went back to bed because I was feeling kind of sickish.

DREAM - I was in a large building like on apartment with a lot of people.

There was tons of laundry to be done. Several people were packing to get ready to leave for other places.

One girl wanted to know if I wanted to buy her microwave oven for $50. I could pay her $5 a week for it. But her roommate wanted to take it, so I told her to go ahead and take it because I also had one even larger.

My ex-brother in-law John was leaving to go another job and he had his stuff stacked by teh door.

I looked for the baby in all this mess, and spotted him asleep safely on the couch.

I went into a kitchen-restaurant area and 3 young girls were walking half naked and taking polaroid shots of them and making copies to sell. I forced them to get their clothes all the way on and took all their pictures away from them.

I gathered some laundry to wash and took it to the basement. I noted I was wearing a red running suit with a white stripe down the side (like yesterday's dream)

I noticed that all my heavy winter clothes were stacked neatly on shelves.

The basement stairs was carpeted with soft grey carpeting.

I was astounded at the number of people doing laundry in the basement.

One guy was getting all his heavy army clothes together to go to war.

There were so many people doing laundry. I knew I'd have to wait my turn. I decided to go get my mail meanwhile because I hadn't looked at it in awhile.

I started to wake up and heard a bell ring in my right ear. I said, "I'm ready for a message."

A male voice then said, "C.L. Chromium thanks you."

(I assume that's why I felt sick earlier and the chips was enough to fix that.)