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note from DEE:  I had the first dream in April 2012, but didn't follow up on it, but today's dream put the final picture onto it.



4-14-12 -   THERAN VS THUBAN -

DREAM =-  I was at home with my Mom and daughter.  I had seen a word in a book, and I didn't know if it was Theran or Thuban later, so I knew I had to research both to see which one was right.

Meanwhile, My Mom, daughter, and I went shopping because a wedding was coming up which we needed to prepare for and buy a gift.

We stopped at a shop downtown that had crystal angels in the window, and I was totally captivated.  One of them was clear crystal with a center of green crystal, and another one was opaque crystal.  I really wanted both of them, but could only get one of tem.

The woman in the store was not enthusiastic to have us there, and I know I was overly enthusiastic with my desire to purchase a crystal angel.

She told us that we should come back the next day because there was a sale on copper.  That's what my Mom wanted to do, so we left the store again, planning to come back.

Back at home, we had some sewing to do, and I made room in my bedroom to bring in the sewing machine and my Mom got upset that there wasn't room, but I had the perfect spot next to a tallboy dresser right by the plug.  I had no problem moving the furniture myself.

My Mom had a fit that I didn't have anything white to cover the sewing machine with to protect the dress my daughter was going to sew.  I knew a white sheet was perfect so I wasn't worried.

At the same time, I had a plate of greens and some hard-boiled eggs to serve for dinner.  I didn't know if the greens were Theran or Thuban and when I looked at my plate, all I had there was dirty little uncleaned onions that still had the roots on right from the ground.  They weren't even washed.

I woke up feeling quite disgusted suddenly.

crystal angels:




5-29-12 - midnight - DREAM  - I was managing a large apartment complex in Milwaukee, WI and there was a party going on in our recreation room. The furniture was very fancy, made of heavy wood, very ornate.  A young lady, about 20 years old was lamenting that she had to undertake a serious exam in order to get A job like mine.  I knew she was too young to be more than a starting rental agent, and was glad I didn't have to take an exam like her to get my job and I got on-the-job training besides from very good professionals.

My daughter came through the lobby, lookiing very tall and thin and beautiful.  She asked me how I was feeling.  My response was, I feel like crap and I look like crap.  I knew right then I had to go out and buy a new dress for the wedding that was coming up this Friday night so I could look as good as her.


I planned to spend at least $100 for it to make sure it was good enough for the occasion.





... In 3000 BC, it pointed at the star Thuban in the constellation Draco





... incarnation. We stand tethered in a constellation of our own making "our celestial wedding chapel.""the Light and of The Light Of God.". ...


May 28, 2012
Planet X Fears Grow After Norway Quake Moves North Pole 1,000 Kilometers
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers
A new report by the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) circulating in the Kremlin today on this past weeks violent shaking of the Norwegian Sea floor after it was hit by a powerful 6.2 magnitude earthquake at the shallow depth of 8.8 km (5.5 miles) states that this event also caused an “unexpected and rapid” shifting of the magnetic North Pole by nearly 1,000 km (621 miles) these scientists claim can only be attributed to as an yet unidentified planet in our solar system recently confirmed to exist by one of the world’s top astronomers from the National Observatory of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro.
Unknown to most people, and as reported by London’s Independent newspaper, the magnetic north pole is moving faster than at any time in human history, threatening everything from the safety of modern transport systems to the traditional navigation routes of migrating animals.
Scientists say that magnetic north, which for two centuries has been in the icy wilderness of Canada, is currently relocating towards Russia at a rate of about 40 miles a year. The speed of its movement has increased by a third in the past decade, prompting speculation that the field could be about to “flip”, causing compasses to invert and point south rather than north, something that happens between three and seven times every million years.
Already the phenomenon is causing problems in the field of aviation. Tampa International airport in Florida spent a month last year renaming its three runways, which in common with those at most US airports are identified using numbers that correspond to the direction, in degrees, that they face on a compass. “Everything had to be changed; it was a huge project,” Brenda Geoghagan, a spokeswoman for the airport, said.
RAS scientists in this report further warn that this rapid shifting of the North Pole will increase the destabilization of our Earth’s weather systems which has caused historic droughts to occur world-wide, most importantly in the United States, Mexico-Central America and Brazil’s Amazon forest regions.
Confirming the conclusions reached by RAS scientists, London’s Daily Mail newspaper reported this past week that the evidence for “Planet X” - the mysterious hypothesized planet on the edge of our solar system - has taken a new turn thanks to the mathematics of the noted astronomer Rodney Gomes.
Rodney Gomes, an astronomer at the National Observatory of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, says the irregular orbits of small icy bodies beyond Neptune imply that a planet four times the size of Earth is swirling around our sun in the fringes of the solar system. Planet X - perhaps misnamed now that Pluto has been demoted to a dwarf planet - has been widely hypothesized for decades, but has never been proven.
Gomes measured the orbits of 92 Kuiper belt objects - small bodies and dwarf planets - and said that six objects appeared to be tugged off-course compared to their expected orbits. He told astronomers at the American Astronomical Society on Tuesday that the most likely reason for the irregular orbits was a “planetary-mass solar companion”- a distant body of planet size that is powerful enough to move the Kuiper belt objects.
He further suggested this mysterious planet would be four times bigger than Earth - around the size of Neptune and would be 140 billion miles from the sun, or about 1,500 times further than the Earth.
Though Gomes may have, indeed, found the mysterious Planet X, he was not the first man to suggest that it was hidden behind Neptune, which is 4 times larger than planet Earth and was discovered in the 1840's.
French mathematician Urbain Le Verrier used Newtonian mechanics to analyze perturbations in the orbit of Uranus and hypothesized that they were caused by the gravitational pull of a yet-undiscovered planet. Le Verrier predicted the position of this new planet and sent his calculations to German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle.
On 23 September 1846, the night following his receipt of the letter, Galle and his student Heinrich d'Arrest discovered Neptune, exactly where Le Verrier had predicted. There remained some slight discrepancies in the gas giants' orbits. These were taken to indicate the existence of yet another planet orbiting beyond Neptune.
Interesting to note about these “modern” discoveries of Planet X by mainstream scientists coincide exactly with the myths and legends of our Earth’s oldest peoples as gathered this past century by the Russian-born American independent scholar and author Immanuel Velikovsky who noted them all in, perhaps, the most controversial book of the 20th Century titled “Worlds in Collision”.
In his book Velikovsky proposed that around the 15th century BCE, Venus was ejected from Jupiter as a comet or comet-like object, passed near Earth (an actual collision is not mentioned). The object changed Earth's orbit and axis, causing innumerable catastrophes which were mentioned in early mythologies and religions around the world.
Fifty-two years later, it passed close by again, stopping the Earth's rotation for a while and causing more catastrophes, then, in the 8th and 7th centuries BCE, Mars (itself displaced by Venus) made close approaches to the Earth; this incident caused a new round of disturbances and disasters. After that, the current “celestial order” was established. The courses of the planets stabilized over the centuries and Venus gradually became a “normal” planet.
Most critical to note about Velikovsky’s discoveries among the ancient myths and legends was the prophecy that what had happened before would happen again, and if they are to be believed would be happening in our lifetime-namely the early 21st Century.
According to these ancient myths, this mysterious Planet X (upon which live the “gods” who made humans) would once again appear from the South…“the lands of the cross”. The “cross” referred to by these ancient peoples is known today as the Crux which is the smallest of the 88 modern constellations, but is one of the most distinctive and can only be seen in the Southern Hemisphere. Its name is Latin for cross, and it is dominated by a cross-shaped asterism that is commonly known as the Southern Cross, and though it is now associated with Christianity it is, by far, the most ancient and revered of all the symbols of mankind.
Interesting to note is that this past week it was announced in Holland that both Australia and South Africa (both located in the Southern Hemisphere) would share in the building of history’s largest telescope known as the Square Kilometer Array which are a series of 3,000 connected radio telescopes that will scan the southern heavens and cost an estimated $2 billion.
To what will be found in the southern heavens regarding the mysterious Planet X, the most astounding advice on what to release to the public was made by New York Times columnist and Nobel laureate Paul Krugman who called for space aliens to invade earth so that the government would spend money to mount a defense thereby stimulating the economy. And as quoted directly from Krugman during his appearance last year on HBO’s Real Time:
To if Krugman will be proved right and “…there were no aliens”, or, should the ancients be proved right and “something wicked this way comes” no one honestly knows…but from all accounts we’re all about to find out soon enough.
May 28, 2012 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.
[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth. Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?.]
They Are Going To Come For You…Why Are You Helping Th




  garden shed




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updated 6-15-05

Magnetic Pole Movement

North and South

The core of the Earth is revolving closer and closer to the crust of the Earth, Faster, to the 85th degree latitude and 230th degree longitude. Scientists don't know what they are up against? Science is keeping it all a secret.

Warmth in Alaska unwanted
Social, ecological upheaval created

By Timothy Egan
New York Times

ANCHOR POINT, Alaska ---
To live in Alaska, where the average temperature has risen about 7 degrees over the past 30 years, means learning to cope with a landscape that can sink, catch fire or break apart in the turn of a season.

In the village of Shishmaref, on the Chukchi Sea just south of the Artic Circle, it means high water eating away so many houses and buildings that people will vote next month on moving inland.

In Barrow, the northernmost city in North America, it means coping with mosquitoes in a place where they once were non-existent, and rescuing hunters trapped on breakaway ice at a time of year when such things once were unheard of.

Hydraulic jacks handy

In Fairbanks, where wildfires have been burning off and on since mid-May, it means living with hydraulic jacks to keep houses from slouching and buckling on foundations that used to be frozen all year. Permafrost, they say, is no longer permanent.

Here on the Kenai Peninsula, a recreation wonderland a few hours' drive from Anchorage, it means living in a 4 million-acre spruce forest that has been killed by beetles, the largest loss of trees to insects ever recorded in North America, federal officials say. Government scientists tied the event to rising temperatures, which allow the beetles to reproduce at twice their normal rate.

In Alaska, mean temperatures have risen by 5 degrees in summer and 10 degrees in winter since the 1970's, federal officials say.

The leading Republican in the state, Sen. Ted Stevens, says that no place is experiencing more startling changes from rising temperatures than Alaska.

The social costs of higher temperatures have been mostly negative, people here say. The Bush administration report, which was drafted by the Environmental Protection Agency, also found few positives to Alaska's thermal rise. But it said climate change would bring a longer growing season and open ice-frozen seas in the Arctic for shipping.

"There can no longer be any doubt that major changes in the climate have occurred in recent decades in the region, with visible and measurable consequences," the government concluded in the report to the United Nations last month.

It does not take much to find those consequences in a state with 40 percent of the nation's surface water and 63 percent of its wetlands.

'Profound' occurrence

Here on the Kenai Peninsula, a forest nearly twice the size of Yellowstone National Park is in the last phases of a graphic death, Century-old spruce trees stand silvered and cinnamon-colored as they bleed sap.

Climate models predict Alaskan temperatures will continue to rise over this century, by up to 18 degrees.

"We've had so many strange events, things are so different than they used to be, that I think most Alaskans now believe something profound is going on," said Dr. Glenn Juday, an authority on climate change at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks. "We're experiencing indisputable climate warming. The positive changes from this take a long time, but the negative changes are happening real fast."


Our North loses the Pole
After centuries in Canada, the roaming magnetic North Pole has crossed into international waters, en route to Siberia
Nathan VanderKlippe
CanWest News Service

YELLOWKNIFE, N.W.T. - Sometime in the last year, a longtime friend turned its back on Canada and was last spotted heading for Siberia.

For centuries, the magnetic North Pole was ours, a constant companion that wandered the rolling tundra and frozen seas of our Arctic.

But no more.

A Canadian scientist who recently returned from a trip to measure the Pole's current location says it has now left Canadian territory and crossed into international waters.

"I think the Pole has probably just moved past the 200-nautical-mile limit," said Larry Newitt, head of the Natural Resources Canada geomagnetic laboratory in Ottawa. "It's probably outside of Canada, technically. But we're still the closest country to it."

In May, Newitt and his instruments landed on a patch of frozen ocean at 82.5 degrees North to make a more precise measurement of the magnetic Pole's position.

The pole, which, unlike the geographic North Pole, is in constant movement, has been within modern Canadian borders since at least the 1600s -- the time of Shakespeare and Sir Isaac Newton.

In 1904 it was measured just off the northern tip of Nunavut's King William Island by Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, and since then has moved in a north to northwesterly direction at a stately 10 kilometres per year.

But in 2001, scientists discovered that it was picking up the pace, suddenly charging ahead -- and toward the edge of Canadian territory -- at more than 40 kilometres per year.

This year, bad weather prevented Newitt from reaching the actual location of the pole, and he hasn't completed the analysis of his observations. But he got close enough to make two measurements, and says it appears the pole is farther away than expected, and moving even faster than before.

"We landed at two places at around 83 North, and it certainly appears the pole is probably closer to 84 North," he said. "That means that the pole is still continuing to accelerate."

If the pole continues its current course, it will shoot across the top of Earth and end up in Siberia by mid-century.

But the pole's movements are difficult to forecast, since its location depends on a terrestrial magnetic field that is produced by extremely complex forces deep inside Earth. Those forces, at their simplest, drive a churning mass of molten iron that rises and falls on convective currents more than 3,000 kilometres below the planet's surface. The movement of that iron conducts and produces the magnetic field, whose poles are located fairly close, although still often thousands of kilometres away from, the geographic poles.

Curiously, the speed with which the pole moves could be related to dramatic events like the massive earthquake that caused last December's devastating tsunami. That quake was big enough to alter the shape of Earth and jar the planet into a slightly different axis of rotation. It also had enough power to jolt the molten iron that powers the magnetic field, and could be partly responsible for magnetic "jerks" that are propelling the magnetic North Pole, Newitt said.

Scientists have also been intrigued by a weakening in the pole's intensity: It has lost 10 per cent of its force in the past few centuries. That could be a sign that the poles are preparing to reverse, a phenomenon that has occurred many times in Earth's distant history, said University of Alberta geophysics professor Moritz Heimpel.

But the pole's continuing movement away from Canadian soil likely won't affect anyone, beyond perhaps affecting the northern lights. The magnetic pole draws the charged particles from the sun that create the aurora, and "the people in Fort McMurray might not want it to move away very much," Heimpel said, lest it dim their light shows.

But Canada prides itself on being a northern nation -- it's part of that nebulous identity we spend so much time thinking about. Does losing the pole mean losing a piece of ourselves? Will we be launched into the throes of another identity crisis, now that the world's compasses no longer point to us?

Carolyn Relf, a geologist with Indian and Northern Affairs, says no.

"As long as Santa's still in the North, I don't care about the pole," she said.

Besides, there's not a whole lot we can do to get it back. The liquid iron that creates Earth's magnetic field is located so far beneath the planet's crust it's beyond the reach of even our most ambitious and patriotic leaders.

Col. Norm Couturier, commanding officer of Canadian Forces Northern Area, is the man charged with protecting Canada's Arctic sovereignty -- but guarding the pole is beyond his pay grade.

"It's a force of nature that we're not equipped to deal with," he said, laughing.

And though Couturier says it is, of course, sad to lose the pole, there is a sunny side. With the pole gone from Canada, it means we have less responsibility for the ill-prepared adventurers who go on half-crazed skiing adventures to reach the magnetic pole.

"It will probably mean now that we'll have to stage less rescue missions," he said. "When it was over in Canadian territory, every year we would have to go and assist somebody or recover somebody that was trying to get there.

"Now that it's in international waters, a little bit of the pressure is off us."

Still, it could be just a temporary reprieve. The forces that are pushing the pole away from us could just as easily pull it back inside Canadian borders one day.

"I'm sure we can share it for a little while. But it's coming back," said a hopeful James Pugsley, president of Yellowknife's Astronomy North.

"We did such a good job of managing it while it was here. It will be back."


In an age of satellites and computer technology, why do we still care about the magnetic North Pole anyway?

For most of human history, we needed the pole for navigation, since compasses pointed to it and directed us north. But satellite-based navigation, using GPS (global positioning system) devices, has gained near-universal acceptance in planes and ships.

Doesn't that make compasses a relic of the past? Hardly, says Larry Newitt, the Canadian geophysicist who measures the pole's location. Figuring out exactly where the pole is allows map-makers to draw what's called "magnetic declination," which is the number of compass degrees that separate the direction of magnetic north from True North, which points to the geographic North Pole.

In Edmonton, the magnetic declination is about 17 degrees to the east.

And as it turns out, everyone from boy scouts to workers drilling for oil still depend on compasses -- and need to know the magnetic declination to be able to navigate accurately.

The reason is that GPS calculates direction by calculating movement. So if your location at point B is due west of your location at point A, you're moving west. But it doesn't work well for slow-moving objects, such as hikers and canoeists, or for sophisticated directional drills, the kind used to hunt for oil in northern Alberta.

"People who do directional drilling in the oilpatch essentially use compasses down behind the drill bit to determine the direction they're going to drill if they're drilling horizontal wells," Newitt said.

And, surprisingly, many of those high-tech gadgets that we install today, such as satellite dishes and solar panels, also use magnetic compasses to point themselves in the right direction.

© The Edmonton Journal 2005
Note: Before getting into the science of the pole shift/spin axis of the earth, I would like to present evidences of people 'knowing' that it is coming, through dreams, visions, and prophecy. The poles have shifted many times before, and because cycles repeat, it is certain to occur again ... perhaps in our lifetime. There is a big difference between a magnetic pole shift and a physical pole shift. This first paragraph is about the magnetic pole shift:

Subj: Re: Polar Motion - A prophecy and new reference pages
3/6/2001 4:10:36 PM Pacific Standard Time, Dee777 writes: Hi all: This morning, I sent out an e-mail to a few people, and received one back that blew me away as it was so coincidental ... I could hardly believe it... the topic was the exact thing I had seen in a vision before I got up this morning. I was compelled to make a web page about it so others can track it .. I don't know how one prepares for such a big event ... I don't want to call it a magnetic pole shift, such as the one the sun just had, but I don't know what else to call it. See for yourself.

I then had some conversations with Michael Mandeville and he told me about the spin axis motion that he was tracking. I already knew about the pole shift, but I didn't know about spin axis motion. That got me looking up other information that fit in with what I knew about the pole shift. While I was doing that research, Gordon Michael Scallion came on the radio in an interview with Art Bell. I've known about GMS a long time, in fact, I had a vision about how the earth was going to look after the pole shift prior to GMS publishing his well-known map. My map and his map match pretty closely. Lori Toye's map is a little more extreme than GMS's map. There are other pole shift maps out there as well. Lots of them. MAPS

On 4-17-2001, I listened to Gordon Michael Scallion on the Art Bell show on ( I took notes as he spoke, so the following is paraphrased and not direct quotes. I suggest that anyone interested in his exact words listen to the show, which is archived at the above url.

Notes: The core of the earth is plasma (not iron). It is a mirror of the sun. "As above - so below". There are 7 levels within earth as in the atmosphere. We don't know exactly how many levels there are or how thick they are. We hvae theories but we don't have facts.

The teutonic plate system as Pangea is the current theory, but this is not a fact either, even though the map looks like it might have been.

11,000 years ago, a quick event caused mass extinction. 97% of the species died. Cataclysm though does not make science, but everything works in cycles. All the massive animals died. Now everything is smaller and mankind appeared only a few minutes ago in the passage of time.

Layers of earth: Shock waves and earthquake waves have been studied which gives us an idea of the layers of the earth. The lithosphere (the ground beneath our feet) is full of life and electricity. This is the thinnest layer, like an eggshell that floats on the next layer. There is a separation between layers. Each layer is warmer than the layer above it. The movements of layers along with the effects of the sun, creates the magnetism of the earth. These layers, however, do get stuck from time to time, rather than moving at a regular speed. If the magnetism declines we know that a layer is stuck somewhere. When there is such a decline, the magnetic pole will shift will occur.

Magnetic pole shifts of a small amount such as the 7 degree shifts Gordon Michael Scallion has seen will occur. This shift can happen more than once. They don't necessarily have to be 180 degree shifts. (Note that Ed Dames stated on an Art Bell show the previous week that his remote viewers see a pole shift of 16 degrees) This would not only change the magnetism but will change weather, animal behavior, etc.

Besides a magnetic shift Gordon Michael Scallion believes that the lithosphere will move as well. This is a true pole shift. Because a layer gets stuck, when it releases, this is what causes a cataclysm. The lithosphere contains 75% water which is VERY heavy, and when water gets moving on its' own, it has tremendous force. Water tends to seek its own level, and it MUST do this. If thick ice lets loose all at once and falls into water, it creates tremendous water movement.

Gordon Michael Scallion has predicted a 1998 to 2002 window for this to occur and we are still within that window. All physical manifestations are increasing. Tornadoes, earthquakes, and volcanoes are all at record levels. So are sun spots at a record level and still increasing.

He predicted: 3 major quakes in California and a splitting of the earth. Three quakes have occurred, but the earth only split 44 miles. He believes this will still occur. This seems to be the time for the pole shift.

A new vision which occurred in March of 2000 seems to point this out. GMS was out for a walk on his property, heading north along a lane. He started feeling electrical sensations in his legs, which is a clue that a vision will occur within a moment, so he had to sit down. In the vision, he found himself in the same location, the trees were blooming like it was early summer and the sun was at 11:00 o'clock position in the sky. The sun moved slowly then from the 2:00 p.m. o'clock position, back to the 11:00 a.m. position, but instead of going in the correct direction, it move a whole new direction. It moved south.

The vision switched to a car wash is which he interpreted to be the lithosphere was slipping over the layer below.

The the vision went back to the 11:00 a.m. o'clock position and he saw the wind started blowing with a massive wind. He figured it was probably about 300 MPH.

End of vision:

An art Bell listener had called right before GMS came on the air. The man said he was 45 when he had the vision.
This is the listener's vision:

He saw a man with a beard standing next to a globe. The man hit the globe and made it turn a different direction. The man then said, "In your lifetime".

End of Vision

The axis would not change much, but the lithosphere would slip, giving us a new north pole, but GMS doesn't know if it will happen this year.

The Chandler wobble of the earth is 6 different wobbles, not just one. This is cyclic, and not all at the same time. This wobble causes the El Nino cycles as well.

The earth will react differently at the equator than it does at the poles, so we can't say exactly how the changes will effect everyone. However, there will be climatic changes and volcanism. There is already weather changes because of volcanism. If 6 or 7 volcanoes go off at the same time, weather will be disastrous. It will cause freezing/cold weather. Maine and New Hampshire is a month behind now from just a couple volcanoes. (Note: California is much cooler than normal at this time also) When the magnetic field changes and the earth change alters the jet stream in the atmosphere, the wind will be tremendous.

There could also be massive melt-off of ice as different areas change position of land masses.

With this type of total event, because most of mankind lives on the coastline, these are the people that will be the most affected in all parts of the world. With small water raises, we try to stop it, but when it is sudden, we can do nothing. When you look at the damage from hurricanes or tornadoes and floods, you can just imagine what the devastation will be.

Civilization will not end, but the losses will be great. Many species of animals and flora will just disappear. Mankind will live further inland and in higher land masses and will live in harmonious communities.

The timing of his vision shows 1 1/2 years. It will either happen in 2001, or this will set the stage for the big event.

This conversation with Ruth Montgomery took place at the Walk-Ins for Evolution Grand Gathering in Minneapolis. Interview conducted by Steve Freier and Nancy Freier with special thanks to Liz Nelson, editor of WE (Walk-Ins for Evolution) This prophecy was given in the latter 90's, probably 1996, prior to the Clinton election.

Ruth Montgomery: A shift of the Earth on its axis is the way they say that. They say it will slope to its side, but they don't say how far. That is why it is so important to say, 'a shift of the Earth on its axis.' I used to say 'a shift of the poles' until certain scientists pointed out to me that that was pretty impossible. So it is a shift of the Earth on its axis. The axis itself doesn't shift. It will be a real upheaval, and temperatures will change. Some areas will be in a warmer climate, and some will be in a colder climate. They say that the new south pole will be in the southern part of South America, the North pole will be somewhere in the Pacific. They can't locate it because there will be such a shift in the way the Earth looks from outer space. I can tell you that not too long ago in one of my books, The Guides said that a Walk-In President would come in to alert people as to where they should go and will give enough warning so that some businesses could become established in these safer areas. They've predicted that for some time. As I said before, I type out my questions first and I typed, "I have looked over all of these candidates who are declared for Presidency and I can't see a single one of them who seems to me like a Walk-In. Could it be that the shift will occur after another election, rather than at the turn of the century?" After I meditated and the writing began, they answered, "Yes, it could be. We have always told you that we could not give you the exact date for the shift, we don't know it ourselves. We have, however, for a long time seen an American President who is a Walk-In and who is telling people where to go and what to do." So, the shift could very well be delayed until sometime after the next election. The Guides have said repeatedly that man cannot change God's Will, that this is a Universal Law, and man has no control over it. That is the shift that they are talking about. Is it God's Will that the Earth shifts? It is part of the universal plan, yes. They say that Earth is overdue for a cleansing. It's happened a number of times before, yes, and the Earth needs that cleansing again. They say, that in a lot of areas, the waters will be where land is, and vice versa. Lands will rise from the sea.

From: kjlightsurfer@xxx

Dear Friends and Family of Light,

Here's a little goodie for those of you that resonate with the Crystal Skull energy. It was posted at another list that I'm on and no url was given with it. This info nicely compliments some of the info presented about crystal skulls in the Lady Kadjina channeled material; (I've been with two crystal skulls - Max and Amantae, she is supposidly linked with Lemurian energies - and one jadeite skull.

be in love, be love, be, kj
The Talking Skull

(Excerpted from Chapter 7, "The Talking Skull", of The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, by Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas, published by Thorsons/HarperCollins Publishers, London, UK, 1997; reprinted by permission. Re-typed from Nexus Magazine, December '97, Queensland, Australia)

The Crystal Skulls Messages for Mankind Just like the ancient legend, (Frank) Dorland's theory suggested that the crystal skull may really be able to provide us with important information from the past. The Maya today apparently also believe this to be the case. Even the scientists at Hewlett-Packard recognized that natural quartz has information storage capacities and so were not entirely closed to the possibility that the crystal skull might have information programmed into it. But what sort of information might that be, and how might we be able to access it?

When Chris and I were visiting Anna Mitchell-Hedges (in Canada), we had already met a woman (Carole Wilson) who said she knew how to access the information inside the skull. Like Frank Dorland, she claimed conventional scientists had failed because they were using the wrong approach. She said the secrets of the skull could only be uncovered using "the technology of the mind". We were somewhat skeptical, but curious nonetheless. If this were really possible, what might we find? Perhaps secret knowledge that had been in this crystal storehouse for thousands of years...

When Carole arrived, she turned out to be a quiet, well-dressed woman in her fifties with a very professional manner. I was somewhat surprised to find that she was accompanied by the former head of the Toronto Police homicide department (John Gordon Wilson, her husband). It soon transpired that... the Police had used Carole's services many a time and had managed successfully to solve a whole string of murder and missing person cases...

Carole now works closely with police forces throughout the United States, Canada and Britain... The plan was that Carole was going to channel the 'entity' of the crystal skull and we would be able to ask it questions. Carole requested that any questions we asked were very specific. She explained that the skull did behave a bit like a computer in that you had to be very clear about what you were asking, otherwise you might not get a helpful answer. For example, someone once before had asked the skull what a skull was and had received the answer that it was a "bony structure"! She also warned that sometimes the skull anticipated the questions in advance and told us not to be put off by this.

Anna then placed the crystal skull on a small turntable so that Carole would be able to touch it from angles and manipulate it as she wished during the channeling session. Carole sat down and the crystal skull was placed directly in front of her, where it glimmered softly in the lamplight.

Carole closed her eyes. She began altering her style of breathing and used a low hum to ease herself into the appropriate mental state. The whole room began to take on a somewhat eerie atmosphere of the kind you might expect during a seance, as Carole's gestures and posture changed. Suddenly tense, she began to emit an incredibly high-pitched humming sound. Before I was even able to ask the first question she began speaking in a strange, somewhat staccato voice, with a very stilted use of the English language. I remember being struck by the fact that you could actually hear this new voice echoing strangely around the room.

You seek to know the origins of this receptacle which you call "the crystal skull"... I tell you that it was made many, many thousands of years ago by beings from a higher intelligence... It was formed by a civilization before those you call "the Maya". Our level of civilization was, as you say, "at the time" far in advance of that which you now have by many factors...

The speech was interrupted by high-pitched humming, and then continued:

This receptacle contains the mind of many and the minds of one... It was not made using what you call the "physical". It was molded into its present form by thought. The thoughts and knowledge are crystallized into this receptacle...this receptacle is thought process crystallized...thus the information was crystallized into this receptacle...

We have put thought form into pure language within that which you call "the crystal skull"...

Much of the world that we created, we created with mind. Mind creates matter. You will understand this and crystal technology will be given to those who understand it in more detail...that crystal is a living substance and you can infuse mind with matter...

So it seemed that the crystal skull had been made by an advanced civilization using thought. But it was all a little confusing, to say the least. I was about to ask why the crystal shad been shaped into the form of a skull when the voice continued, in the same manner:

This receptacle is crystallized because you, within the third dimension, need to see, to hear and to touch... Its form makes it easier for mind to attach to mind, without what you call personality... But you respect the personality, the head, the enclosure of your this form of the receptacle has been guarded and guided for many an age... The Earth life of this receptacle is 17,000 years... It has been handed down from generation to generation, polished with sand and hair...and no harm will come to it.

So the reason the crystal skull had been made into the shape of a skull was so that it would be respected and cared for over the years. I was about to ask if there were any other crystal skulls, as the legend had said, but once more the voice spoke before I was even able to open my mouth:

You are seeking information as to the other receptacles of mind... There will be other receptacles found...for there are many...for no one man and no one mind were given all knowledge... Each of the receptacles contains the information of where the others are...We would give you one where we left markings upon the Earth (some have since suggested this may be the area of the Nazca lines of Peru, although there are obviously many other alternative possibilities) ...and high in the mountains... There will be one of blue in the region you call "South America"... There will be another found when the lost civilization that you call "Atlantis" rises to you...and we would urge you to explore the ocean bed...we would urge you to explore the discoveries in the area you call "Bimini"... But we will direct you...we will show you that which you call a "temple"... This was an area of communication between the Earth and other systems...

When all the receptacles are placed together, you will be keepers of wondrous knowledge... Light and sound will be the key; when the right vibration is produced you will have the information you require...But the time is not yet... There are still some that have not yet been given form...and others which remain safely under your ocean bed... But you shall not find them all, as you say "at this time"...It would be too dangerous for man to have this information...too early in his evolution...because mankind still seeks to better all the original destruction of our time.

I did not really understand all of this somewhat cryptic information, but I was curious as to why the crystal skulls had been made in the first place. Yet again, the voice anticipated my question:

The receptacle has been given this form to encourage the mind of oneness and to reduce your desire for separation... Your mind seeks separation... We sought to leave you with the concept of oneness, but your mind seeks only separation. As you say, "As you seek, so shall ye find." And already the process of separation has begun. You have already begun the separation, but there will be more. You have a desire to separate that will lead to your own destruction... Separation causes annihilation and death. We can already feel the influence of this separation as violence... There is much violence occurring within your planet. Violence against men, violence against nature...violence against the Earth.

Again, I didn't really understand these rather cryptic remarks and I was more interested in whether the crystal skull could tell us anything about mankind's history. The answer came:

We understand that you come seeking in quest of the beginnings of man. We wish to tell you that your own origins were thought in form, and that you have cast your eyes up and not down. There will be many discoveries pointing to this acknowledgment within the next 5,10, 15 years... And the beginnings of what you call your civilization are over 15,000 years before the acknowledgment of that which you call Atlantis. For there is also much evidence of our civilization still beneath your oceans. Already there are discoveries near Bimini. But there will be many more discoveries over the next 5, 10, 15 years which will point you towards the right direction... There will be more discoveries in South America, in Australia and in Egypt. In that which you call your "deserts" you will find much knowledge. But you will find traces of our civilization through most parts of your land masses and there is much beneath the oceans which you call "the Atlantic" and "the Indian", and that which you call "the Dead Sea". There, closest to your Earth's surface, and soon to be discovered,
are remnants of our civilization... These discoveries will confuse and cause much disharmony, but they will be needed to reduce the mind of separation.

But many of these discoveries will not be permitted at this time. We can only permit that which will not cause too much havoc for your minds. We came to your Earth from a different world. From other dimensions we came into this dimension. We came to experience, needing to experience density. That which we first heralded had nothing of the density of what you call a "body". The life on this Earth plane was primitive in form, but we took upon ourselves the physical form which is recognizable to you. We sought only to experience material density and to bring knowledge and enlightenment. But we did not confine ourselves to any one, what you call, "geographical location". There were many, and many of our relics and of our teachings are still to be found scattered amidst your land masses and your sea masses.


I was keen to know exactly who these "we" were that the voice of the skull seemed to be talking about, when it continued:

But there are still many among you who seek to find where in your universe we are to be found. But still you cling to the idea that we are of the third dimension and you still cannot grasp the idea that we are of the other dimensions, beyond your rudimentary space-time relativity.

The voice then proceeded to divulge some rather cryptic information about space and time:

We would tell you that the essence of time is an illusion. Time has been created, in fact, by a higher intelligence as a form of control upon the brain and function of the body image. This is a safeguard against corruption of matter. Thought exists independently of the body and brain, but time is the creation of matter. Thought is without time. Time, as a mechanism, was introduced to material and current mind only, not to thought or spirit, to keep you bound within the third dimension and within the perimeters of the small planet you call "Earth".

We would urge you to explore with truth and understanding that which the mind is capable of understanding and not that which the brain is restricted to.

Time is related to you as numbers. We offer to you that number and time have no depth. These are merely programmed into the current mind as safeguards, to keep you in time and space. They are a function not really of mind, but of brain. And they are really a dysfunction of brain, to keep you tied to the physical dimensions of the three-dimensional world. The relativities you call "number", "time" and "space" are a function of the brain related only to the third dimension. This current mind keeps you a prisoner in time and space, in the material, physical world you call "reality". But the delusion of time must remain for a period. Do you understand?

I was not sure at all that I did. Instead I was still trying to work out whose voice this really was and why the crystal skulls had been created in the first place. The voice went on:

We have come to warn you, because the separation has already begun. The destruction is already beginning to take place. The mind of separation has taken hold and some serious things have already taken place. For you, with your primitive knowledge, have already started something which now cannot be reversed. It was started through your scientists playing with and bending sound and light waves and that which you call "particles" into your atmosphere. You will have noticed that there are many destructive waves now hitting your planet. There will be more destruction brought about by atmosphere intervention, unusual weather patterns and rapid climatic change, and there will be movement of your landmasses also.

We wish to tell you that your civilization has grossly misunderstood the use of light and sound and matter. That is why you have only uncovered that which is closest to you.

But even now, your scientists and your governments play with toys that they do not understand. They play with light and sound and that which you call "particles" and "radiation", and they will rain havoc. But because the reaction is not immediate and not obviously near to yourselves, you continue until this very planet will erupt and destroy.

As we have said, your current mind seeks only separation. You have a desire to separate that will lead only to your own destruction. For this is the same mind that caused the Great Flood and caused the previous destruction of many a landmass. But this destruction has begun to happen again already. And we can already feel the influence of this separation in our world. But, at present, you are unaware of this separation because it is of your own making. But we tell you that your Earth will undertake great changes...

Even the body of your planet will change, as with your weather, as with all to do with your Earth as you now know it. There will be changes upon this Earth in the form of the human, the animal and that form you know as "vegetation", and that form which you know as "land mass", and that which you know as "atmosphere".

There will be a disaster that is of great consequence. But, in essence, your "disaster", as you would term it, has already begun. You will find much death amongst your life upon the planet. You will find that which is grown in the ground will cause much change, and you will see that which feeds upon the ground will end up with much death. You will see much destruction due to what you call "radiation" and you will find much pestilence in that which now flies upon your planet. There will be eruptions and disruptions of weather patterns, and much separating of atmospheres. You will have much wind...and your livestock will die in great numbers. Your waters will rise where they should not rise, and your land will sink underneath the waves. Landmasses will disappear, and seas and oceans will rise.

There will be a great splitting of the Earth...from within the Earth. The magnetic field will shift and is already shifting now. The Earth will be split asunder and the discharge will wander through the Earth and into the atmosphere. The atmosphere is already entering a state of negative pollution. This is what you are doing with your negative energies on the Earth.

And this is why we left these receptacles for you to find, in your time "long ago" when we realized that so many had forgotten their original purpose of incarnation into this physical dimension. When we realized that the mind of separation would take hold and that there would be a great catastrophe on this Earth, we chose to return to our original dimension, but we left behind the legacy of our minds. We knew there would be those whose knowledge and seeking and spiritual progression would turn them toward this path. We knew that because of the disaster that would befall this planet, there would be those who would be needed to call upon their reincarnational memories to heal, to counsel and to love a world gone mad, a world without knowledge, a world without hope, where the fires of destruction would reign.

But when the time comes it will be the duty of all those who seek spiritual knowledge to instruct others when the Earth moves from its axis. Within this receptacle, and the others we have left you, lies that which you will need. Our knowledge, here crystallized, will be imparted when the right time arrives. It was determined that through these receptacles the minds of one would be activated and would present themselves when your Earth was in need. And this is now beginning to happen, as you say "at this time" and "in this place". We are here to tell you that here is...will be... and has already begun, a great change within your Mother Earth. We urge you to make known to mankind the things which we are to give you, in the hope that the holocaust can be reduced. For although what is given cannot now be changed, its effects can be much diffused.

At this point the voice explained that it was going to leave us now because it could sense the physical body it was using, presumable meaning Carole, was getting very tired, and so it would have to go. A long humming sound began again, and as it faded away Carole slumped into her chair, completely exhausted and unable to speak for some minutes. It took a few glasses of water to get her to speak again, in a long drawl, like someone drunk. When she eventually came around she seemed completely unaware of the events that had just passed and was unable to answer any more questions.

We were completely baffled as to what to make of the information Carole had channeled. We had originally been skeptical enough about the idea of psychic communication with spirit beings, let alone with beings from another planet or "dimension", whatever that meant, warning us about immanent disaster on a global scale. But our cynicism had already been tempered by what we had heard about Carole's valuable police work and by the fact that Carole herself seemed genuine and honest.

Everyone around us treated the information we heard with a great degree of seriousness and respect, and there was something about the predictions made that had an alarming but still undeniable ring of truth. Indeed, these became even more unnerving when John showed us transcripts of Carole's channeling sessions with the skull from the 1980s. The channeled information always seemed to have been quite consistent. In a session recorded in 1987 the voice had predicted, "Livestock will die in great numbers." This seemed to have particular relevance for us now, having just come from Britain where the BSE crisis had now led to the slaughter of tens of thousands of cattle.

Around nine months later, the prediction about the Earth's magnetic field shifting also took on a sobering degree of truth when we read an issue of New Scientist (30 Mar '96) that it had just been discovered that the magnetic field is indeed beginning to shift. There are even some scientists who now predict that the whole axis of the Earth might be about to do a complete flip (Guardian, 21 Mar '97).

At the time, however, we didn't know what to make of everything we had heard. Was this really 'the voice of the skull' speaking through Carole? We just couldn't say. But the strange words remained in out minds as we resumed our more everyday approach to the mystery of where the crystal skulls had really come from.
826-8 (Q) What great change or the beginning of what change, if any, is to take place in the earth in the year 2,000 to 2,001 A.D.? (A) When there is a shifting of the poles. Or a new cycle begins. - The Atlantean records should be opened by former Atlanteans. - Tablets. For, remember there are thirty two of these plates!
Anna Hayes: 7/4/00 If you think earthly politics are a mess, you should see what a nightmare it can be on the inter-galactic level!....As above, so below.....I truly look forward to seeing the healing of the Pleiadian Star League and related matrices above, begin to manifest below within the continued healing of human populations. By the way, for interested Omies, this new Treaty means that the Nibiruians and Pleiadians will now assist rather than attempt to resist us in our efforts to help guardian races create the Time Vector Shift to move earth's time line out of alignment with the "Pole Shift" probability. Assisting in the planetary grid work to create this time vector shift is the purpose for the "service work"
From: Michael Mandeville
Mailing-List: list
Subject: [earthchange-bulletins] Question: Safe/Danger Zones in Eastern

I currently live in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) but I will be moving shortly to Toronto (Ontario, Canada); however my two kids will not move and will be staying in Montreal !

My current thoughts as to what to do at the first sign of an imminent mega Change is to rush the family to Ste-Agathe (Quebec, Canada) which is about 65 miles (100km) north-west of Montreal [ from Montreal, trace a perpendicular to the St-Lawrence River going north-west (usually on the left-side on most maps) ]. Maybe an interesting fact to note about that area (and somewhat about the corridor from Montreal to that area) is that over the years (the beginning of the 1900's, I think) that area has frequently been subjected to small earthquakes compared to other areas of the province of Quebec. That area is definitely part of the "Bouclier Canadien" (english: ???? ; it is the solid rock geology formation extending from the province of Quebec to a western part of Canada)

I guess that my basic assumption, that the family would have a 8-12 hour window to regroup to a safe area will be addressed in the Trilogy !

How safe are these areas ? asks Serge Roch

In general terms "The Avalanche" chapter in Book Three handles it and copy from the book specific to the area is attached at the end of the is email. First, yes, I think that we will all have a "window" if we are looking for it.

As a general principle, which is important for everyone everywhere to GROK, as in definitivlely getting "it", rivers for the most part are flowing through the lowest, deepest cracks in the largest faults. And of course lakes tend to sit right on top of them. Okay? This is certainly true of both the Missisippi and the St. Lawrence Rivers. These faults are all likely to flex and the earth is likely to shift along them during a pole shift. The whole "skin" of the earth will creep, centered around the faults. The main continental faults are well marked by major rivers and other bodies of water which accumulate in and through them. When that stuff moves, the waters will do very strange, destructive things and the shaking will devastate a lot of areas which think that they don't have to worry about earthquakes. In fact, you do.

By the way, the St. Lawerence is one of the ten most active earthquake zones on North America.

So what does this tell you? Be higher than the nearest body of water and be well away from any major river and lake system. If eastern Canada is in the "lee" of the twisting avalanche of the crust, a relatively low elevation of 100 meters above the ocean is probably going to work, but freak conditions could arise, and also we have no certain way to predict at the moment that my guesses about the direction of the fall are right. If eastern Canada is the "prow" of the avalanche, so to speak, a much higher elevation is necessary. So to be as safe as possible, seek an elevation of at least 300 meters well away from any body of water and that includes major rivers.

Cayce describes eastern Canada as a general safety area and that clue was decisive in helping me figure out the likely direction of the fall of the avalanche. Eastern Canada is likely safe only if Alaska and the North Arc of the Pacific Rim takes the broad full frontal hit. This fits the facts to a T. Since the North Arc of the Pacific Rim is already OBVIOUSLY (BY ALL FORMS OF MEASUREMENT) taking a great deal of the full tectonic stress and motion of the earth's crust, it is definitely more likely than not that this is at least the approximate line of the direction of fall. In other words, Alaska is a big clumping of crust which is bunching up because the skin of the earth in the Northern Hemisphere is "falling" down over the Pacific ocean plates.

(Geologists talk about the crust floating and being pushed by currents deep in the earth but that is entirely wrong. It is far more accurate to describe the motion as all induced by centrifugal force and gravity vectors which are causing excess weight accumulations in the crust to "fall" toward the equator or to follow the relative motions of the moon and the sun. This is a bit like Einstein's general theory of relativity. Once the geophysIcists and geologists begin to work these "vortexian" principles, many mysteries in the earth sciences will disappear overnight)

As for Ste-Agathe-des-Moines, unfortunately my Atlas short-changes me on this part of Canada but it looks like this would be a likely good place in the interior. It looks to be 200 to 500 meters in that area, which is excellent. No volcanoes. No major bodies of water or rivers. No feature suggestive of a major cracking and upthrust or downthrust of the earth.

The entire St. Lawrence is likely to become a major saltwater fiord (no longer as a river) at least through to Montreal and even possibly to Ottawa. It is not inconceivable that Lake Ontario could become a part of a long fiord stucture, but this is less likely. I think that these major Canadian cities are risky, but much much more likely to survive than cities on the Atlantic Coast. No doubt these Canadian "river towns" will suffer extensive damage along their river banks. Safest to do as you have thought, a good plan. Supply yourself well up there.

From Chapter 46, page 561, Book Three: The Prophecies
The Eastern Coast of North America

Initial Sea Surges: The East Coast is in the lee of motion, thus it will not experience the initial reaction surges.

Latitude Sea Level Change: Though it will not shift nearly as far as the West Coast, all of the East Coast of North America will end up somewhat further south. The entire coastline will change substantially, most areas should experience an incursion of the sea. The Appalachian Mountains will serve as a bastion of safety and elevations greater than 200 meters (600 feet) may be safe. Cayce specified that Norfolk would tend to rise, i.e., the sea would tend to recede from it, thus presumably some unpredictable uplift activity may create local and perhaps even regional variations.

Volcanic & Seismic Activity: Earthquake dangers but no threat from volcanism.

Resultant Climate & Environmental Changes: An average shift of about 10 degrees to the south will make the climate even milder, more nearly like Florida for most of the region. Environmental contamination throughout the area is likely to be a severe problem and health consciousness may drive many survivors to other regions.

The Arctic Coast of North America

Initial Sea Surges: There will be little initial flooding since most of the coastline is in the lee of motion

Latitude Sea Level Change: There will be a substantial incursion of the sea level onto the land from an average shift of 20 degrees in latitude towards the equator. An average of 50 to 100 kilometers could easily be lost along some of the northern shoreline. Accordingly, there is likely to be a large increase in the number of small islands.

Volcanic & Seismic Activity: The area probably will be about as free of this activity as you can find.

Resultant Climate & Environmental Changes:. The climate of Canada’s Arctic Islands will become very similar to the climate of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia during the Fourth World. Both Alaska and the Arctic Coast of Canada will be a beautiful place to live during the Fifth World with an easy, temperate climate.

Best Wishes,
Michael Wells Mandeville, The Hills of Arizona USA
Edgar Cayce: (This prediction was made in the late 1930's or early 1940's)
As to the changes physical again: The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the east coast of America. There will be the upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the
eruption of volcanos in the Torrid areas, and there will be shifting then of the poles - so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semi-tropical will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow. And these will begin in those periods in '58 to '98, when these will be proclaimed as the periods when His light will be seen again in the clouds. As to times, as to seasons, as to places, ALONE is it given to those who have named the name - and who bear the mark of those of His calling and His election in their bodies. To them it shall be given.

The earth will be broken up in many places. The early portion will see a change in the physical aspect of the west coast of America. There will be open waters appear in the northern portions of Greenland. There will be new lands seen off the Caribbean Sea, and DRY land will appear. There will be the falling away in India of much of the material suffering that has been brought on a troubled people. There will be the reduction of one risen to power in central Europe to naught. The young king son will soon reign [See Par. 13-A below]. In America in the political forces we see a re-stabilization of the powers of the peoples in their own hands, a breaking up of the rings, the cliques in many places. South America shall be shaken from the uppermost portion to the end, and in the Antarctic off of Tierra Del Fuego LAND, and a strait with rushing waters. [See 4/61 EARTH CHANGES booklet report, p. 30. Also see 5/64 A.R.E. issue of THE SEARCHLIGHT "Updating Earth Changes."]




In the figure above, the North and South geographic poles (thick gray axes) are imaginary fixed points on the Earth that define latitude.
The spin axis (thin black axes) is the line about which the Earth rotates at a particular instant.
At some time in the past (middle globe), the N and S poles were defined to coincide with the spin axis.
Changes in the Earth's orientation are described in three ways, greatly exaggerated for clarity.
In the top globe nutation and precession are the periodic and long-term motion of the spin axis in space.
The tilt of the spin axis changes with respect to the distant quasars.
In the bottom left globe polar motion describes the motion of the N and S poles about the spin axis.
Over time the spin axis is spiraling away from the poles.
In the bottom right globe UT1 describes the nonuniform daily rotation of the Earth. At any particular time, the rotation angle of the Earth differs from what would be predicted if the length of day were exactly 24 hours.

Does the earth wobble?
How does the earth grow and die?
What are the polar caps?
What is the magnetic North Pole?
Why doesn't the magnetic North Pole center the polar caps?
What does the position of the magnetic North Pole indicate?
What would be the consequences of a sudden polar shift?

This picture could be of an atom, an element, a planet, a solar or stellar system, the galaxy or a single musical note. All waves and spiral systems are alike and universal. To understand one wave is to understand the process of creation. The principles in the following discussion of the earth can be applied to the octaves of elements, to music, or to human relations. Eventually someone will apply them to the transmutation of the elements and the production of free energy.
Remember, light is all there is. Matter is motion only. Mind creates matter by dividing and multiplying light into waves. All motion is two way, curved and spiral, to and from points of rest to create the illusion of substance.


"No. The earth only appears to wobble in relationship to other objects in space.

Other than the Precession of the Equinoxes which is one wobble in 25,800 years, the earth doesn't wobble. The earth's rotational spin doesn't wobble in relation to itself or in relation to its own orbit, nor does the orbit itself wobble around the sun.

The earth rotates/spins daily on its North/South polar axis which is 90° to its equator every 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.09 seconds. This rotational time may change one second in one hundred years or more likely, in several hundred years. The rotational speed at the equator is 1040 miles per hour.

(If you lay flat out on the grass at night with your arms spread out and eyes closed, you can sense what this feels like. Whether this is an illusion or not I don't know, but I've experimented with it and I swear I could feel the motion of the earth through space)

This N/S polar axis (true North) is tipped and spins at a 23° 27' 08" angle to its own ecliptic plane. This ecliptic plane is a track in space: an ecliptic orbit; a prescribed locked circuit of pressure walls; a fixed invisible floor in space, in which and on which the earth is held firmly in place by the constant interchange of all the planets of this system and the universe as a whole, as it rolls around the sun yearly at a speed of 66,600 miles per hour over its 595 million mile orbit.

If a giant hand could push the earth off its orbit, it would snap right back again, as this orbit is the perfect balance point for the mass called earth in this solar system . . . and perfect means to a milligram of weight.

Since the earth's ecliptic plane is tipped 7° to the sun's equator, the earth is above and below the sun's equator for six months each. This may give the appearance of a wobble as in the Northern Hemisphere we see the sun rise north of the equator in the summer and south of it in the winter. But the earth isn't really wobbling.

Over millions of years as the earth evolves further away from the sun, its orbit and year will lengthen, its axial spin will speed up (shortening its day), its mass expand, and it will continue to turn upside down as the N/S polar axis tips further from the ecliptic plane. This gyroscopic unwinding of the planet's density is consistent and orderly, balanced and controlled from without by the solar system and the universe as a whole, of which the earth is but a speck.

NOTE: Current encyclopedias, based on Newton's false concept of matter attracting matter, assert that the earth does wobble on its orbit. Nutation is the sun's "pull" of gravity on the earth and moon as a single body. Based on their individual mass and distance apart, their common center of gravity is 1000 miles below the earth's crust. Both the moon and earth oscillate around this common center of gravity, in essence, wobbling together as they orbit the sun. If this were true, the same principle must apply to all the planets and their multiple moons and to pairs and trios of planets.


The earth was born from rings of light, perhaps millions of miles long, thrown off from the sun's equator. The interchange between the hot sun and the -200°C of space creates tornadoes which wind up that light, freeze it into solid mass, which then becomes a planet. The process is called prolating.

At maturity the spin axis and the magnetic North Pole were one-both at 90° to the earth's and sun's equator. The earth in that position was hot and dense and probably about 25 million miles from the sun. (Universal One (U1) p. 223)

"The Earth Is Now Melting." It is an oblating spheroid meaning its poles are flattening, its equator bulging, and its liquid blue oceans cover 71% of its surface. The earth's rotational axis is tipped 23-1/2° towards its ecliptic plane. It is 90+ million miles from the sun and presumed to be 4.6 billion years old.

Rotation of the earth - The rotation of the earth is slowing down due to gravitational forces of the sun, moon and other factors. If the rotation of the earth had been slowing down at a constant rate for billions of years it would have stopped by now. Alternatively, the initial speed of the rotation of the earth would have been so great that the shape of the earth would be more like a pancake (Wysong, 1981).

Accordingly, some theorists say that this proves that the earth cannot be older than 10,000 years old, compared to some theorists who use other measuring systems which show that the earth is several billion years old.


Cold space is compressed into the polar caps-that's why they are cold-by invisible centripetal tornadoes, to become the greatly compressed heat of the Earth's core and equator.

It is the charging area where gravity squeezes the holes out of rings, compressing a large volume of space into a small volume of dense matter.


The North point is a charging pole, not a magnetic pole. The scientific meaning of magnetic does not work in the Universal Law and Natural Science of his cosmogony which explains this two-way universe as an optical thought-wave one vs. the traditional electromagnetic one.

It is the still eye like the eye of a hurricane or tornado, around which the invisible electrical stream of compression flows and toward which the stillness within compass needles point (like conditions seeking like conditions).

It is the valve stem for the basketball. The point of charging. The point where the vortexial umbilical cord from the sun attaches to the earth. It is the off-center gravity shaft which meets its mate coming from the South charging pole at the center of the earth, creating the center of gravity.

This charging pole is in Canada's Arctic Circle Queen Elizabeth Islands at 105° longitude and 80° latitude.


Our Earth is past maturity. Russell says it is in the position of manganese on the elemental chart. This is like a man of 50, past his prime but still strong and positively charging, though closer to death than birth.

Earth's N/S poles are predominately centrifugal (C/F) and radiating. (U1, p. 213) Since gravity shafts never center their twisting charging or discharging vortexes except at maturity and centrifugal means center fleeing, Earth's gravity shaft will be closer to the vortex perimeter-"the inclination to lie down".

A better example is from page 7 of FULCRUM, Vol.3, #3. When pushing on a swing (an overall C/F motion), the push creates 1/4 of the cycle. This first 1/4 cycle reaches a major amplitude. The rest of the cycle is reaction, like one down thrust of the bicycle pedal will create a whole cycle of motion. The swing reaches a minor amplitude on the back swing. Connecting these two amplitudes in a three dimensional spiral will put the major and minor compression points and likewise gravity shafts on opposite sides of the vortex, as Russell depicts on page 174 of The Universal One.

A side note: Tesla used this "power of only the 1/4 cycle" concept in the construction of his magnifying resonant transformer and his mechanical oscillator.


In fact, everything. Its angle from the spin axis determines the positive/negative preponderance of the mass, its age, form, tonal sound (Russell says Earth is an F), temperature (the Earth's mean temperature is 57°F), color (Earth is blue), and odor-who knows?

As the Earth ages, bloats and turns bottom up-South Pole toward the sun, the South charging pole will become the dominate one whereas the North one is now. (U1, p. 225)

Transmutation will be aided by knowing the angle of the charging pole from the spin axis and the speed of revolution.


Simply, caught between and within two spinning tornadoes, one on each side, both turning the same direction, it has to spin.

* In Russell's universal directions, centripetal compressing spirals turn North by way of East (from West to East toward the centers of mass). Centrifugal radiating spirals turn South by way of West (from East to West toward space). While the earth is now slightly predominately centrifugal, the two North and South centripetal compressing vortexes continue the West to East turnings. The stronger centrifugal motion serves to increase the speed of rotation.

* Rotation is caused by resistant pressures which are greatest toward the sun where the centripetal vortexes from the sun charge the Earth, slowing down its rotational speed while trying to speed up its revolution. The centrifugal radiation from the dark side of the planet releases the stored-up charge-like a jet exhaust-thereby increasing the speed of rotation and decreasing the speed of revolution. The rhythmic balanced interchange between those two forces keeps the planet spinning. A radiometer whose vanes turn in the sunlight exemplifies this process.

* Planets generate in preponderance North and South of the Cancer/Capricorn belts on day-light hemispheres and radiate preponderantly within the boundaries of the Cancer/Capricorn belt on their dark hemispheres.


In a clock, all the many gears are synchronized. It is impossible for one gear to suddenly begin running faster.

The universe of spinning gyroscopic planets and suns are all geared together. If one tries to speed up, the others will act as brakes. Only slow, gradual changes are possible over millions of years.

BUT-IF, as forecast by some futurists, even the slightest sudden variation to our earth's axis should occur, the earth would instantly:

Flatten at the poles; expand its mass and diameter; swell its oceans till they covered all continents; lengthen the year and shorten the day; and get much colder. Your body and all life forms would instantlly swell up like a helium balloon rising in the thinning atmosphere, pop and disappear. As they did, your body pattern would refold into your seed to await its next cycle of emergence from you, the centering, eternal, knowing consciousness.

As long as the earth has earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, rainfall and seasons, you can know it is constantly readjusting its balance to that of itself and the universe. "Every star in the heavens must readjust itself to so slight an activity as that of a man walking across a room." "A child moves the Pleiades and all the stars of heaven with his slightest movement." (HSC pp. 633 & 418)


The North Pole has not always pointed at Polaris. As the Earth precesses and its spin axis traces a circle in the sky, the North Pole points at different stars and constellations. In 3000 B.C., it pointed at the star Thuban in the constellation Draco, and in 14000 A.D. it will point at the star Vega in the constellation Lyra.

Precession can have quite an effect on the Earth. As the spin axis of the Earth wobbles along its circular path, it will cause the natural tilt of the Earth to increase or decrease. Since the seasons and their severity are caused by the Earth's tilt, a change in the tilt will cause a change in seasonal temperatures. Over long periods of time, Precession combined with eccentricity variations in Earth's orbit and obliquity variations in Earth's tilt, cause seasonal changes which include cool summers in the northern hemisphere, a necessary factor for glaciation. In this sense, precession plays a role in the glacial and interglacial periods of the Earth.

Edgar Cayce's Pole-Shift Readings
Edgar Cayce is America's best documented psychic. Before he died in 1945, he gave over 14,000 "readings," dealing with clairvoyant analyses of physical ailments and cures for people, with the former lives of individuals (reincarnation was assumed to be true for all), and a variety of spiritual and other subjects. A small number of readings describe a pole shift, and historically-unprecedented Earth changes to occur before the end of next year.

Almost no research has been done on the sources of information coming through Cayce for specific readings of interest. Gina Cerminara (trained in general semantics and now deceased) made a survey of Cayce's sources, as explained in the readings themselves. She concluded that he had six sources:

(1) the subconscious mind of Cayce himself;
(2) the subconscious minds of other individuals in the Earth plane,
(3) the subconscious minds of disincarnate entities in the spirit plane,
(4) the soul minds of higher masters,
(5) the akashic records, and
(6) the Universal cosmic consciousness.

Many familiar with Cayce's readings assume there will be no pole shift because, they say, none of Cayce's historically-unprecedented Earth change predictions have been fulfilled. Before providing information that contradicts this position, let's review the three readings that together say - or imply - that a shifting of the poles will occur sometime before the close of 2001.

Q What great change or the beginning of what change, if any, is to take place in the Earth in the year 2000 to 2001 A.D.?
A When there is a shifting of the poles. Or a new cycle begins. 826-8 (8/11/36)
For, these [records] were to be kept as had been given by the priests in Atlantis or Poseidia ... when the records of the race, of the developments, of the laws pertaining to One were put in their chambers and to be opened only when there was the returning of those into materiality, or to Earth's experience, when the change was imminent in the Earth ; which change, we see, begins in '58 and ends with the changes wrought in the upheavals and the shifting of the poles, as begins then the reign in '98 (as time is counted in the present) of those influences that have been....kept by those sojourners in this land of the Semitic peoples. 378-16 (10/29/33)

As to the changes physical again:....There will be the upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the torrid areas, and there will be a shifting then of the poles -- so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semitropical will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow. And these will begin in those periods in '58 to '98.... 3976-15 (1/19/1934)
These readings predict a sequence of geophysical events, beginning in 1958 to 1998, that culminate in upheavals in Earth's polar areas, increased volcanic eruptions in the torrid areas, and then, a shifting of the poles in 2000-2001. As indicated, one knows next to nothing about Cayce's sources for these readings, but here is a short list of events that fit with Cayce's 1958-1998 predictions.


Geological Events of 1958-1998

May 1960: A giant, M9.5, earthquake hit southern Chile. This was the strongest quake in the entire world in the last century. Catastrophic changes (upheavals) occurred to the land surface and sea floor, and tsunamis killed people as far away as Hawaii.
March 1964: The Good Friday earthquake and tsunami of March 27 devastated Anchorage and the surrounding region. At M9.2, this giant quake was the largest in North America in the last century, and the Earth's crust beneath Prince William Sound and vicinity was upheaved, twisted and broken.
1970-1971: These years bracket unusually frequent eruptions of the volcanoes Krafla and Hekla on Iceland (65šN), and Beerenberg on Jan Mayen Island (71šN) in the Arctic region. They can be considered to be precursor eruptions for "upheavals in the Arctic."
June 1994: The great (M8.2) Bolivian quake of June 9 occurred at an enormous depth of nearly 400 miles. It was felt throughout much of the western hemisphere, and even made the Earth ring like a bell, exciting modes of vibration never before seen. Also, in reading 3976-15, it is said that, "South America will be shaken from the uppermost portion to the end." Such shaking occurred during the Bolivian earthquake, which presages the future for South America as the Earth changes accompanying pole shift intensify.
1993-1996: Extremely strong seismic activity occurred in northern Honshu and Hokkaido, Japan, during this interval. Five M7.2-M7.5, and one M8.1 earthquake were accompanied by more M6 or larger quakes than at any time since 1926. Also, the land surface over a wide area on the Pacific side of northern Honshu was found to have been sinking over the 30-year period from 1966 to 1995.
July 1996: Hawaii's Kilauea and Loihi volcanoes are two of the world's most active torrid-area volcanoes. Kilauea has erupted continuously since January 1983. Submerged Loihi -- just offshore of Kilauea -- has erupted almost continuously since 1982. Seismic and eruptive activity peaked in July 1996. These volcanoes reflect the predicted worldwide increase in eruptions of torrid-area volcanoes, both on land and beneath the sea.
March 1998: The great Balleny Sea earthquake off Antarctica, was the largest ever detected within an oceanic crustal plate. It's location and strength were completely unexpected by the world's seismologists. At M8.2, it was also the largest quake to occur worldwide in the last five years. Located near the south magnetic pole, the quake may be considered to be one of the "upheavals in the Arctic and the Antarctic" to occur just prior to pole shift.
October 1998 - October 1999: An unusual cluster of 17 light earthquakes (M4.5-4.9) and 23 moderate quakes (M5.0-5.5) occurred in the high Arctic, centered approximately at 85.7N and 81.4E. This cluster may be a precursor of crustal uplift, or mass movements in the mantle, beneath the Arctic Ocean. The quakes occurred north of Severnaya Zemlya, near the top of the world.

Upheavals Since 1998

Listed now are upheavals that have occurred since the end of the 40-year, 1958-1998 interval. They seem to fit the "upheavals" mentioned in 378-16 above.
Northwest Turkey was shaken by an M7.4 earthquake on August 17, 1999. The magnitude of the tremor tied that of the 1912 Turkey temblor for the strongest quake of the last century in that country. Horizontal offsets along various segments of the North Anatolian fault approached 16 ft. and vertical upthrusts of up to seven ft. were noted. Perhaps 20,000 people were killed, and considerable earthquake damage occurred in Istanbul. Then, on November 12, 1999, an M7.1 quake occurred 70 miles east of the August shock, on the same fault, producing additional crustal changes.
On September 21, 1888, the largest earthquake of the last century in Taiwan struck near Chi-Chi. Extensive surface ruptures occurred over 53 miles of the Chelungpu fault. The maximum horizontal displacement of 32 ft. is among the largest fault displacement ever measured in modern earthquakes. The Tachia River was cut by a 25 ft. vertical upheaval that created a new waterfall.

Possible Pole-Shift Mechanism

Pole shift is generally believed to be due to the gradual redistribution of mass in outer Earth's mantle and the crust. Our planet is most stable when its most massive parts are farthest from its spin axis; that is, on the equator. If mass redistribution were to occur somewhere on an otherwise uniform Earth, the planet would reorient itself so that the mass concentration would move to the equator. Over the past century, the north pole moved about 33 feet toward eastern Canada. Most geophysicists believe the movement is due to true polar wander (TPW), or a shift of the Earth's entire mantle and crust relative to Earth's core.
Think of Earth ’s spin axis being fixed relative to the stars and the crust and mantle slowly moving like the skin and flesh of a peach over its pit. If we observe the point pole where the spin axis meets Earth’s surface, the pole will appear to shift if the crust and mantle move horizontally beneath it. This is pole shift of the TPW type. The other type of pole shift, not considered here, involves the movement of the Earth's spin axis relative to fixed stars..
V. Courtillot and J. Besse wrote a provocative paper on TPW in 1987. They proposed that the emission of hot thermal currents of material in the boundary layer between Earth’s core and mantle leads to increases in mantle convection, to mass anomalies near Earth’s surface, and, ultimately, to true polar wander. I’ll assume here that the scientists’ “hot thermal currents” are equivalent to the “upheavals in the interior of the Earth” mentioned in the following reading.

Q What will be the type and extent of the upheaval in ’36?
A The wars, the upheavals in the interior of the Earth, and the shifting of same by the differentiation in the axis as respecting the positions from the Polaris center. 5748-6 (7/1/32)

These "upheavals in the interior of the Earth" were in turn seen as due to
......the catastrophies of outside forces to the Earth in '36, which will come from the shifting of the equilibrium of the Earth itself in space, with those of the consequential effects upon the various portions of the country -- or world--affected by same.
3976-10 (2/8/32)

Because there seems to be no credible evidence that Earth's rotational axis was significantly differentiated as respecting positions measured relative to Polaris in 1936, we will assume that "the shifting of same" refers to a shifting of the axis of Earth's inner core. Since 1996, seismologists have known that Earth's inner core of solid iron is spinning freely within an outer core of molten iron, making the inner core virtually a planet within a planet. Also, the axis of the rotating core is tilted a few degrees with respect to Earth's north-south axis of rotation. A sudden shift in the axis of the inner core in 1936 -- if that's what happened -- might well have engendered an explosion of hot thermal currents at the core-mantle boundary, producing new mantle plumes and accelerating the upward movements of existing plumes. Furthermore, such rising plumes could redistribute enough mass to cause pole shift around the present time, some 64 years after the inner-Earth upheavals and shift in the core's axis in 1936. In light of reading 5748-6 above, the new research on the Earth's core, and the work of Courtillot and Besse, we might expect that the type of pole shift predicted to occur before the end of 2001 will involve movement of Earth's entire mantle relative to the core; that is, the shift will occur by true poler wander (TPW).
Geophysicists think that TPW is driven, ultimately, by cycles of heat flowing from Earth’s core to the mantle, and then to the surface via rising plumes of hot mantle material. A layer referred to by seismologists as the D'' layer marks the boundary between the core and the mantle. The heat-conducting capabilities of this layer have recently come under scrutiny by O. Anderson at UCLA. His analysis of recent theoretical and laboratory data for D'' led him to conclude the following:

. . . I assume that the number of plumes associated with hotspots [such as the Hawaii, Yellowstone, and Iceland hotspots] is substantially lower than the total number of active plumes. Some numerical models imply that immature plumes may be 50 to 75% as abundant as hot-spot plumes . . . Furthermore, convective heat may be delivered in cycles to Earth’s surface, at intervals producing immense eruptions far above today’s level . . . This episodic production of convective heat means that today there must be more [thermal] power in the plumes [already in the mantle] than measured by the [existing] hotspots.

B. Malamud and D. Turcotte (Earth and Planetary Sci. Ltrs., 1999, p. 174) estimate that Earth's mantle contains around 5,200 plumes. If convective heat is delivered in cycles to Earth’s surface, "at intervals producing immense eruptions,” we may have the physical basis for reading 3653-1. It says that the next destruction of most life on Earth will be “not by water . . . but rather by the elements, fire.”

Speculative Pole-Shift Model

Here follows a speculative picture of what might be taking place between now and the end of 2001, assuming that a TPW-type pole shift will indeed be taking place. It’s a picture based upon a combination of the Cayce readings and the scientific information given above.
Since at least 1936, rising, pole-directed plumes of dense mantle material have begun to produce increasing mass anomalies in the Arctic and Antarctic regions near the Earth's axis of rotation. Plume heads impacting the base of the crust in the polar regions are beginning to cause earthquakes and upheavals there, making plume presence known. The majority of these rising masses of poleward-directed mantle material will soon cause the Earth to rotate slightly faster, just as figure skaters develop high-speed spins by bringing their arms inward and then up over their heads. An increase in Earth’s spin rate of only one second per day can increase the Earth’s equatorial bulge by about 20 inches.
Our planet’s equatorial bulge is due to the centrifugal force of its spinning body, a force that is strongest at the equator. The force is so strong that the figure of the Earth is like a slightly squashed sphere, its diameter at the equator being roughly 27 miles longer than a diameter joining the poles. The liquid ocean responds instantly to changes in planetary centrifugal forces. If Earth’s spin rate speeds up by a few seconds per day, hot magmatic liquids in the volcanoes of the equatorial zone will also respond, only slightly less quickly than ocean waters, to the increased centrifugal force there. This will cause volcanic eruptions in the “torrid areas” bordering the equator. Such a situation should be occurring about now. If so, it will last only a short time.
This is so because the masses of mantle moving up in the polar regions will affect more than just Earth’s spin rate. Such redistributed masses will affect the ongoing wobble of the axis of rotation, and the ongoing TPW, which over the last century saw the north pole drifting south along the 79.2šW longitude. Upheavals of mantle material in the Arctic and Antarctic regions will change the character of the wobble and cause the present, slow TPW to develop a new direction of motion, and to increase in speed. We will then be able to say that pole shift is indeed underway.
Geophysicists are leaning now toward top-to-bottom mixing of the Earth's entire mantle. This means that mantle plumes rising near to the surface in the polar regions will cause new concentrations of mass in the polar areas and movements of the lithospheric plates there. And compensatory mantle return flows will affect the lithosphere in other areas. But what do we know about 1) any accelerating upward crustal movements ("upheavals") in the Arctic and Antarctic and 2) any increasing frequency of volcanic eruptions in the torrid areas?

Polar Upheavals And Torrid-Area Volcanism

Reading 3976-15 above says that the upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. This statement relates well to the part of the reading that says there will be upheavals in the Arctic. There is an "upper portion of Europe" that lies above the Arctic Circle. It consists of northernmost Norway, Sweden, Finland, and (European) Russia. But here, the rates of ongoing post-glacial uplift seem slow enough to require that if upper Europe is to change suddenly, only a sudden shift of the poles could cause it. The change would be caused, apparently, by movement toward or away from Earth's equatorial bulge. This is so because any axis movement , whether by TPW or shift in Earth's overall true rotational axis, will result in changes both in latitude and elevation of any point on the surface.
As for acceleration in upward crustal movements in Antarctica, I referred on page 39 to the fact that T. James and E. Ivins mentioned in their 1995 paper on present-day Antarctic ice mass changes and crustal motion that

If Antarctic deglaciation history portrayed in the ICE-3G crustal rebound model is realistic...., then a vast geographical region in West Antarctica is uplifting at a rate in excess of 20 mm/yr, and the predicted changes in polar motion are quite substantial. [Edited composite of quotes from the paper].
Updates to the latest crustal-rebound model (ICE-4G) have been made since 1995. They show predicted uplift rates that are somewhat smaller than those first given for crustal upheavals due to the slowly melting Antarctic ice sheet. But according to James, "the newly computed uplift rates are still quite substantial" (personal communication).
Note that volcanic eruptions can reflect the onset of crustal upheavals. In April 1997, French scientists visited the Beerenberg volcano on Jan Mayen Island, above the Arctic Circle. It is the northernmost active volcano in the world. Eruptions on Beerenberg occurred in 1732, 1818, 1970, and 1985, the latest two being within the readings' 1958-1998 time period for gradually increasing Earth changes. The French group found only weak emissions of gas and steam on their visit. But in a September, 1997, paper in EOS (v. 78, no. 35), entitled "Center of the Iceland Hotspot Experiences Volcanic Unrest," we are reminded that the volcanoes of Iceland, located near the Arctic Circle, can "produce catastrophic events of global importance....[and]....there is every reason to worry when they become restless." Simply put, a plume of deep mantle material may be close to erupting extensively in Iceland. Perhaps the first impulse occurred with the recent eruption of Iceland's Mt. Hekla (2/2/2000), which previously erupted in 1991.
In the south polar region, Mt. Erebus, on Ross Island, is the most active volcano in Antarctica and the world's southernmost active volcano. A lava lake has been active within the crater for at least several decades. No special activity is occurring at Mount Erebus at the present time. But in 1992, scientists detected currently active volcanoes beneath the Antarctic ice in both in Marie Byrd Land and the Transantarctic Mountains areas.
Finally, evidence seems to be accumulating for accelerating volcanic eruptions in the torrid areas, lying roughly between the equator and the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn (latitudes 23.5oN and 23.5oS, respectively). Kilauea continues its eruption that began in 1983. Merapi, on Java, is the most active volcano in Indonesia, and its current eruption began in 1994. The Rabaul caldera in New Guinea also erupted strongly in 1994. Normally submerged Metis volcano in the Tonga Islands erupted in June, 1995, building a cinder cone island. Barren Island, in the Andaman Islands, erupted in December 1994, and Fogo volcano in Cape Verde erupted in 1995. More recently, we have the eruption of Fuego (7/26/00) and Pacaya (3/2/00) volcanoes in Guatemala, Colima in Mexico (11/4/00), Telica in Nicaragua (8/111/99), Mt. Cameroon in Cameroon (6/99), the explosion of Nicaragua's San Cristobal volcano (2/28/00), and eruptions of Popocatepetl near Mexico City (4/18/00), Mayon (2/28/00) and Taal (9/30/99) in the Philippines, Soufriere Hills in Montserrat (3/20/00), Nyamuragira, Congo (1/31/2000), Guagua Pichincha and Tungrahua in Ecuador (4/18/00), and various Indonesian volcanoes.

Latest Scientific Pole-Shift Research

Geophysicists meeting in San Francisco in late 1997 gave several talks on " pole shift" in a session on true polar wander (TPW). The sudden blossoming of research -- especially via numerical modeling techniques in the hands of knowledgeable geoscientists -- is encouraging to those who wish to understand Cayce's psychic visions of a pole shift in 2000-2001 A.D. Here's a composite of interesting findings from the December session, as they were reported by R. Showstack in EOS (1997,. v.78, no. 47).
A recent 10o shift that may be due to TPW over the last 30 million years could still be in progress. Present-day TPW is occurring at a rate of about 11 cm per year. The Earth's dynamism and constant rearrangements of its internal mass indicate a strong potential for rapid shifts due to TPW. Rapid TPW could allow a continent "to swing from pole to equator in as little as 5 to 10 million years, and new data are beginning to support....the theory."
Interesting indeed, but the Cayce readings suggest an Earth even more dynamic than the scientists do, one that could experience several pole shifts over, say, a 300,000-year interval. We'll now cover the latest thinking about a potential new pole shift, beginning with the views of a popular author who just happens to have picked 2000 A.D. as the year in which a pole shift will lead to a "worldwide disaster in our lifetime!" The author makes no mention of the coincidence of this date with the year 2000-2001, pole-shift vision in Cayce reading 826-8.

Planetary Alignments And Pole Shift?

It's extremely doubtful that a pole shift in the year 2000 could be induced by a planetary alignment. We've heard before predictions of disturbances to Earth by such alignments. In 1974, John Gribbin, an editor of Nature, the international journal of science published in London, and Stephen Plagemann published The Jupiter Effect. Gribbin received his doctorate in astrophysics at Cambridge. Plagemann received his doctorate there also, where he worked at the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy. These men are intellectual heavyweights. In The Jupiter Effect (Walker, New York), they spent much time on a planetary alignment, including especially Jupiter, that would cause a great (M8.0+) earthquake on the San Andreas fault in California in 1982. On page 116, we read:

Now we can predict this apocalyptic date to within a couple of years. A remarkable chain of evidence, much of it known for decades but never before linked together, points to 1982 as the year in which the Los Angeles region of the San Andreas fault will be subjected to the most massive earthquake known in the populated regions of the Earth of this century. At the end point of the chain, directly causing this disaster, is a rare alignment of the planets in the Solar System. By disturbing the equilibrium of the Sun, which in turn disturbs the whole Earth, the planets can trigger earthquakes.
But nothing of the sort happened. Why not? In 1983, Gribben and Plagemann published The Jupiter Effect Reconsidered (Vintage, New York). In this book, the authors consider many reasons why their predictions for 1982 failed. Then (p. 161), they say:

Almost everything we forecast for 1982 actually happened -- two years early. Events came to the boil in the second half of 1979, as the Sun's activity rose rapidly toward peak levels. Sticking only with the western seaboard of the United States, the region we concentrated on in our original forecast, three moderate earthquakes in the Transverse Ranges near Los Angeles in 1979 were put in the shade by a pair of jolts that struck near Gilroy, south of the San Francisco Bay area, on Monday, August 7, 1979.
The authors then go on, justifying further their two-years-too-soon Jupiter-effect prediction. They cite quakes in 1979 near Livermore, California, and the 1980 Mt. St. Helens volcanic eruption. But to conclude this section, it's an enormous jump from hypothesizing that a planetary alignment may set off an earthquake or two, to asserting that an alignment can cause a pole shift.

What Causes Earthquakes?

There is some credible and interesting information in portions of Gribbin and Plagemann's second book. It consists of several examples of historical correlations between earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and the positions of the planets, the sun, and/or the moon. These examples lend support to the following Cayce reading, given in 1936 (no. 270-35).

Q What is the primary cause of earthquakes....?
A. .....The causes of these, of course, are the movements about the Earth; that is, internally -- and the cosmic activity or influence of other planetary forces and stars and their relationships produce or bring about the activities of the elementals of the Earth; that is, the Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water -- and those combinations make for the replacements in the various activities.

This reading says that even the positions of stars (probably in conjunction with the planets, moon, and sun) are important to earthquake generation. I know of no credible research in this area and would welcome any scientific insights readers might care to offer.

As for the other "elemental" causes listed in the reading, Earth would refer to movements of plastic mantle rocks, Fire would refer to the heat constantly being generated by radioactive decay within the Earth, Water would refer to lubricating capabilities of this "elemental" substance, and Air would refer to gases within the crust that might facilitate earthquake events. In 1997, fluid was injected from the surface into the German Continental Deep Drilling Borehole, to a depth of around 28,000 ft. This pressurized fluid induced almost 400 microearthquakes at distances up to 2,200 ft. from the borehole. And geoscientists have recently determined that at more than 250 miles inside the Earth there may be enough water to replace the surface oceans more than ten times (New Scientist, 08/30/97). And so, there's enough water in the crust to play a major role in earthquake, volcano, and crustal-swelling processes.
A role for gases in earthquake generation may strike one as a little strange. But the New Scientist for 11/22/97 carries an article subtitled, "Gases under incredible pressure could cause California's quakes." The article covers work by a team of geologists at the U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) who show that carbon dioxide, at earthquake-focus depths in the San Andreas fault, is under such pressure that it could push apart the lithospheric plates on either side of the fault sufficient to reduce friction and produce earthquakes every century or so. "That timescale means it's possible that this gas could alone be the trigger behind the earthquakes," says geologist Y. Kharaka, USGS team leader.
As for early manifestations at Earth's surface of mass redistributions in the mantle, we have the following extract from reading 3976-15:

The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye......There will be the upheavals in the Arctic and the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the torrid areas, and there will be a shifting then of the poles--so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semi-tropical will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow....

But how do "upheavals in the Arctic and Antarctic" link to the sequence of events outlined above? Why would upheavals be located in the polar regions? A possible answer is found in a paper published by M. G. St. Pierre, entitled "On The Local Nature Of Turbulence In Earth's outer Core" (1996, Geophys. Astrophys. Fluid Dynamics, v. 83, pp. 293-306). I'll quote directly from the paper's abstract, putting readings-related quotes in brackets.

Numerical simulations are described that strongly suggest that any large buoyant mass in the Earth's outer core [an upheaval in the interior of the Earth] will be rapidly broken up into plate-like structures elongated in the directions of the rotation axis and of the prevailing magnetic field....[that is, elongated toward the Earth's polar regions].
Now in the text of his paper St. Pierre is not saying that hypothetical buoyant masses actually manifest themselves beyond the core-mantle boundary. But his findings prompt one's thinking process. There may be characteristics of flow in the outer fluid core that lead to symmetrical pulsings of the lower mantle in the northern and southern regions of the core-mantle boundary. Such internal pulsing might induce rising mantle plumes to be directed toward Earth's polar regions. Years later, "upheavals" would occur at the surface in the Arctic and Antarctic areas.

More On Upheavals In The Arctic and Antarctic

Reading 3976-15 above says that the upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. This statement relates well to the part of the reading that says there will be upheavals in the Arctic. There is an "upper portion of Europe" that lies above the Arctic Circle. It consists of northernmost Norway, Sweden, Finland, and (European) Russia. But here, the rates of ongoing post-glacial uplift of this portion of Europe seem slow enough to require that if upper Europe is to change suddenly, only a rising mantle plume could cause it.
As for acceleration in upward crustal movements in Antarctica, I referred in my book, Coming Earth Changes (p. 39), to the fact that T. James and E. Ivins mentioned in their 1995 paper on present-day Antarctic ice mass changes and crustal motion that

If Antarctic deglaciation history portrayed in the ICE-3G crustal rebound model is realistic...., then a vast geographical region in West Antarctica is uplifting at a rate in excess of 20 mm/yr, and the predicted changes in polar motion are quite substantial. [Edited composite of quotes from the paper].
Updates to the latest (ICE-4G) crustal-rebound model have been made since 1995. They show predicted uplift rates that are somewhat smaller than those first given for crustal upheavals due to the slowly melting Antarctic ice sheet. But according to James, "the newly computed uplift rates are still quite substantial" (personal communication).
Note that volcanic eruptions can reflect the onset of crustal upheavals. In April 1997, French scientists visited the Beerenberg volcano on Jan Mayen Island, above the Arctic Circle. It is the northernmost active volcano in the world. Eruptions on Beerenberg occurred in 1732, 1818, 1970, and 1985. The latest two were within the readings' 1958-1998 time period for gradually increasing Earth changes. The French group found only weak emissions of gas and steam on their visit. But in a September, 1997, paper in EOS (v. 78, no. 35), entitled "Center of the Iceland Hotspot Experiences Volcanic Unrest," we are reminded that the volcanoes of Iceland, located near the Arctic Circle, can "produce catastrophic events of global importance....[and]....there is every reason to worry when they become restless." Simply put, a plume of deep mantle material may be getting to erupt extensively in Iceland.
In the south polar region, Mt. Erebus, on Ross Island, is the most active volcano in Antarctica and the world's southernmost active volcano. A lava lake has been active within the crater for at least several decades. No special activity is occurring at Mount Erebus at the present time. But in 1992, scientists detected currently active volcanoes beneath the Antarctic ice in both the Marie Byrd Land and the Transantarctic Mountains areas.

Pole Shift and Earth Changes

The distance of the Cayce readings'-predicted pole shift, its direction, its duration, and the location of the poles' ultimate resting places are unknowable. I think that the shift would probably be less than 10š because previous shifts preserved the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets, over the last 100,000 years or so. The accompanying Earth changes, however, would be catastrophic. Initial days of the pole shift seem described in parts of 3976-15, as well as the Earth changes to follow.

As to the material changes that are to be as an omen, as a sign to those that this [return of John the beloved] is shortly to come to pass -- as has been given of old, the sun will be darkened and the Earth shall be broken up in diverse places -- and THEN shall be PROCLAIMED -- through the spiritual interception in the hearts and minds and souls of those that have sought His way -- that HIS star has appeared....

The Earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the east coast of America.

Such historically-unprecedented Earth changes might occur over several hundreds of years. This is so because geological evidence of tectonic, volcanologic, and seismic activity during the period about 19,000 to 8,000 years ago shows that such pronounced Earth-change activity occurred many times in several-hundred-year-long intervals. The activity was a follow-on, presumably, to the pole shift that began around 19,400 years ago, according to Cayce's readings. We could expect the same duration of continuing planetary effects coincident with -- and following -- pole shift 2000. Furthermore, the expected activity seems clearly referenced in the following reading.

Q. Please explain what is meant by 'He will walk and talk with men of every clime.' Does this mean He will appear to many at once or appear to various peoples during a long period?
A. As given, for a thousand years He will walk and talk with men of every clime. Then in groups, in masses, and then shall reign of the first resurrection for a thousand years; for this will be when the changes materially come. 364-8 (April 15, 1932).
Other readings suggest that this 1,000-year period began in 1998 with the advent of the 'entrance of the Messiah in this period --1998" 5748-5 (June 30, 1932).

The XY Waveform Monitor

Date: Tuesday, 16 January 2001, 1:44 p.m.

January 14 , 2001 by MW Mandeville

ITEM(S): Recent Quake Patterns, Strange XY Plots, Spring 2001

1. As predicted last November, we are definitely getting some spikes of earthquaking in the current X Wave rebound . A lot of earthquakes have occurred during the past 48 hours after a few days of quiescence. Considering just 4.5 and greater quakes, which tend to be the surface quakes, they began with the New Moon syzygy in Vanuatu, escalating in intensity, then moving up through Papua into the Philippines, which is a boundary collision between the Asian and the Pacific plates. Then the Alaskan plate edge began to shake, with a tremble rippling through Vancouver Island followed shortly by a huge 7.6 quake in El Salvador mirroring the huge 7.0 quake some 72 hours prior in Vanuatu. That is two 7.0 class quakes in this Perigee/Perihelion syzygy window, with some smaller tremblers following yesterday
in Southern California.

2. There are two interesting patterns here. One is the beginning of the pattern in Vanuatu, which is about dead center of the Fiji-Papua Tectonic Arc. The shaking moves up the Asian side of the Pacific Ring of Fire, jumps to the Northern boundary in Alaska, and then the relative plate movements are felt chaotically in North/Central America.

3. Secondly , the New and Full Moon syzygy windows pattern is not operative for the current round of activity. Activity is substantially above daily average and as great as the Full Moon syzygy window activity was but we are 90 degrees off the cycle, smack betwixt. What is going on? Check the cosmic windows table in Chapter 47 of Return of the Phoenix Book Three The Prophecies. We are within the last day of the Lunar Perigee Syzygy almost smack dab in the closest point of the perihelion. The Earth - Moon - Sun system was just about as close together as they can get a couple of days ago but of course now they are moving apart.. Observe that the Sun pulled all the motions into a synchronicity which followed the New Moon alignment when and where the Sun and Moon combined forces to mutually leverage their influences on the motions of the Earth..

4. I think we will show for the month a good sized spike of seismic activity for this rebound of the X Wave, as with previous rebound periods. It will take another month before the quake databases are fully vetted and complete for this period of time so we will have to wait a bit to see just what the whole picture shows.

5. However, the X and Y Wave motion of Chandler's Wobble is still decaying into a radical change. The rebound X plot (moving from negative up to the zero line) already is looking like a sawtooth wave similar to the previous gradual sawtooth. This means that the normal sinusoidal waveform is nowhere in sight with the actual X position beginning to stay very close to the average X position. Meanwhile the Y plot is looking more and more like a straight line which is much too steep and headed for high numbers. The plot should already be beginning to show a knee as it tapers off and approaches its maximum distance from the average position, but the knee is nowhere in sight. The computers optimistically predict a rounding of the plot to make it look like previous waves but so far all predictions for the past 12 months have been off by a substantial amount.

6. I believe that these plots (the two year daily plots by IERS which you can click into from the Polar Motion Monitor page are displaying the actual deterioration of Chandler's Wobble, with the energy moving out of two dimensions of movement into just one dimension of movement (from a circle to a long ellipse). Instead of wobbling in a circle, the Earth is beginning to dip back and forth and this change is still progressively developing from its starting in approximately December 1998.

7. This may be the beginning of a profound shift in the poles but we are still too early in the pattern to know. For sure it is a profound change in Chandler's Wobble. The primary question is, when will the pattern in the X and Y plots betray a failure of the Earth to find a new equipoise? I have no answer, I am not enough of a mathematician/astrophysicist to advance theorems in this department. The most I can do is observe naively and wait for the curves to go out of bounds, past plus or minus 0.6 (zero point six) arcseconds. At those points anyone who thinks the issue of the shifting pole is academic is crazy.

8. For a variety of factors too complicated to discuss at the moment, ****my hunch*** is that during the last week of March we may be able to see enough to force our hands in hedging our bets. The signal will be in the Y plot. If it shows no sign of curving into a knee by then, we will be in a very strange situation with the historical patterns of Chandler's Wobble for all intents and purposes clearly gone, with absolutely no ability to predict what is going to happen next.

9. The key may reside in getting a good handle on the acceleration which is shown in the Y plot. Serious astrophysical analysis must be in place by then to crunch numbers and plot them. Then we will have to cold sweat out the numbers week by week.

10.. It is beginning to seem that the first real beginnings of an obvious shift in the crust may not surface until Summer of 2001. It may then slide very slowly and reach the crescendo stage at some indeterminate point later in the year. In Book Three of the Phoenix Trilogy, I painted a speculative scenario with the rapid phase of the avalanche beginning around the Summer Solstice.with a period of "tribulations" becoming apparent by April. At the moment I would suppose that the schedule should slide three months to see the beginning of the first slow waves in June. Naturally this all involves vectors beyond our ability to model and it most certainly also involves what the Sun is going to do with the spiraling alignments of the inner planets during the next few months. Anything can happen and thus we have no idea what I am talking about, not even me.

Monitoring The Change In The Earth

Can the advent of an avalanche of the Earth's Crust pole shift be detected in a decisive manner before the main event by directly monitoring the motion of the pole in Chandler's Wobble? Difficult to say. If if can be done, it will be done here and posted on the right hand side of this page.

We can use the XY Waveform Monitor Graph to find the point at which the current pole position exceeds the typical high and low peaks of the X Wave. The typical pattern is shown quite well by the first four waves in the X Motion running from the left to the right on Graph 400. Every two weeks this chart is updated with the latest daily positions of the pole. If the line of the X position begins to move off the bottom or the top of the chart. we can consider the avalanche of the crust to have commenced.

At such a point, unusually large numbers of earthquake activity should appear in the usual quakes zones of Japan, California, the Mediterranean, and other places. Unusually large amounts of Earthquake activity may also show a progressive move around the world within several weeks as the wobble causes the expanding half of the crust to turn into the contracting half of the crust (each half of the earth must do so about every 6.75 months or so).

To see this current motion of the pole in greater historical perspective, the following "Collage of Polar Motion 1931-2000" goes a long way. It shows the last eleven 7 year cycles in Chandler's Wobble by superimposing their waveforms from Peak (maximum size of the spiral) to Peak (in other words from X Max to X Max). As can be seen, the average length of the cycle is about 7.1 years and the motion of the crust is most unstable during the X Min (the smallest wave in the middle at about point 71). Though there is variation in magnitude in all of the waveforms, their timing is very similar except at the X Min, where both magnitudes and timing are highly variable. It appears that this current X Min as shown by the white line is the most deviant. (We are still in this Min as of October 27, 2000 at about point 83-84). During the other cycles, the X Min is farily S shaped, sinosoidal with a regular up and down rhythm. But this latest cycle is sawtooth, long and drawn out to throw timing off by three to four months.

Past Point 83 on this chart, the X Wave of this current cycle (white line), is all projected. As can be seen the IERS computers are attempting to recover the X Wave by pulling it into an average between all of the lines formed by the previous 7 year X cycles. I don't believe the computers but I have no way to guess where it is going. Stay tuned for the real white line.

Status as of November 6, 2000

The latest bulletin from IERS shows that the X Wave passed the -0.5 arcsecond position several days ahead of schedule. IERS computers keep plotting the predicted pole positions as if the motion is going to return to normal. This current X Wave Min has been anomolous throughout and it is really impossible to say exactly what is going to happen next. There may be a true permanent phase shift of Chandler's Wobble underway (it sure looks like it) but the computers have no way of predicting this.

Status as of October 27, 2000

The Polar Motion Monitor now has three charts and the X Wave has gone negative finally and is now at very close to -0.0421 arcseconds. It will pass -0.05 on about November 3, 2000 as the Pacific crust continues to spiral over the spin axis into the Atlantic Hemisphere by a few feet. At any time, most likely very close to November 5th, perhaps as late as November 15, some of the previous major "trigger" points for severe earthquakes in California and Japan will have been passed. The charts now show a date profile which ends at June 31, 2001, which is about Point 100 on the Collage Chart. This makes them easier to update in the months ahead and it also allows showing how the computers are projecting as of this date what the spin axis will do. Don't believe the computers.

The earthquakes shown in the two monitor charts below have not been updated since Oct 16, mainly because there is almost no new activity to make it worthwhile. In Japan quakes average the last ten days about one per day, about 4.3 mag average, 30 to 40 miles depth on the whole. In Southern Cal, quakes average the last ten days about one half per day, 3 to 4 miles depth, about 3.5 or so average. Very quiescent.

Re y-motion IERS Bulletin "A" 9-21-2000

I don't see anything unusual there at the moment on my Y plot, in fact the Y plot of the axis is quite normal though seeming to shift slightly more into the positive as it has been leaning since 1936. It is dipping down a little further to zero than the computers predicted on the trough of the wave. According to the IERS computers we are at the trough of the Y axis right now and the rebound is already beginning. If this occurs normally than there is little on this front to discuss. You have to remember that the geophysicists have identified something like a dozen or so variations in the regular wobble motion. Some of these act for just a few hours or a few days, throwing off the figures in minor bumps and grinds. The only thing we can draw any real conclusions from are the final actual smoothed values which eliminate the variations caused by tidal, solar storms, ringing from quakes, seasonal weather changes, etc. These averaged, smooth values for the month all come from the B bulletin and are available about the beginning of each month for the preceding month.

What is radically interesting is the continued aberration of the X plot. This motion is becoming ever more aberrent. It continues to behave different than the values the computers plotted for it during the preceding month, showing us a profound alteration which continues to unfold. At the current time it now looks as the X wave will trough out in its low about Oct 12th without ever going negative. Since the record keeping began it has never done that, it always has gone negative. Apparantly we have a distinct shift or jiggle in the average location of the pole, as in 1936 and in about three other episodes during the past 100 years. This one is bigger and more sharp, however, and involves minimally several feet, let's say a dozen or so, which would be about one fourth of the diameter of the wobble. Since the shift seems to have begun in about November 1998, some let's say 22 months ago, that is, rounding off very roughly, a shift in the overall orientation of the crust at an average speed of about .55 feet per month.

When the IERS computers generate the final IERS values for September. I will update my files and regen the plots and calculate real numbers for the apparant pole shift. What we will need to do is put all numbers on a real circular xy plot, a big old fashioned graph, and use the graph to calculate the patterns of the shifting average axis and from there see if it is possible to calculate an acceleration factor. If anyone out there in cyberspace has the mathematical acumen to do this from the straight numbers to have the computer generate the graph and inferred accelaration, I am all eyes.

BTW, if the average location of the pole is going increasingly positive along the X longitude, it means Greenwich, England is shifting permanently to the North. Accordingly all signs seem to indicate that the Phoenix Five Avalanche of the Crust Scenario is approximately on track in terms of overall direction.

As of September 3, 2000 - mwm

Chart 400 has been completely restructured to more clearly display the X Wave Motion and its various anomalies. The fundamental change in the X Wave continues. The up motion for the last truncated wave on the right side of the graph was three months late and it never recovered. In this redrawn chart it seems as if the anomaly began with the slight jag in the peak of last true X Wave between 11/11/98 and 12/11/98. The "out of season" earthquaking continues in Japan. A wave mechanic theorist would say that a fundamental shift in the phase and amplitude of Chandler's wobble is underway. How the polar motion will stabilize itself into a new wave form, if it does, is unknown.

(following discussion is all heliocentric perspective) At sunset, following directly in the train of Ra, ooops, the Sun, even before the glow has disappeared from the clouds, one easily can see these next several days an extremely bright evening star. Isis, I mean Venus, of course. Venus will eventually overtake the earth and conjunct with it in a few months. In the meantime, Thoth, er excuse me, Mercury is about to conjunct with Isis and together they will pull a huge amount of solar storms in their direction which fortunately for us is nearly a full 90 degrees away from the Earth.. As Mercury passes Venus and overtakes the Earth during October, solar flares and Earth's weather should get choppy with some attitude but Venus, because of the large angles relative to Mercury and the Earth, serves as a buffer during this time and should disperse some of the weather. During the next week an unusual configuration of the solar system will form a huge grand cross. Click to see the orrery chart from Home Planet. This dispersion of the polarized gradient in the solar sea should keep the Earth's sailing around the sun energetic during this sun spot peak period, but no monstrous pole shifting storms should be encountered. We will sail into plenty of those next year, especially from March onwards.

As an excercise of attunement to the cosmic forces, start finding and observing and following these two planets in the sunset sky and during the remainder of the next year. Mercury I have not found yet, believe it or not it has been too thunderstormy and cloudy here in the Western skies of central Arizona to see much of those planets . But Venus is so bright it even shines right through thin vapor streams.

As of August 23, 2000 -MWM

I forgot to download the current datafiles for the pole's current position during the past two weeks and so now I will have to wait for the monthly bulletin which comes out at the beginning of Sept. There is no unusual movement towards the outside of the window of this graph. The X Wave is headed towards the zero line at the moment, drastically late as discussed below.

As of August 3, 2000 - MWM

During the past three weeks the anomalies with the X Motion of the pole and earthquakes in Japan have continued. A high level of seismic activity in Japan continues "out of season" (the current level of activity should occur when the X Wave is in the negative numbers, not while the numbers are positive as they currently are). Thus current seismic activity is substantially higher than the "norm". The X position of the pole is at least two weeks behind schedule in a long truncated X Wave Min. The X Wave Min, which had its peak about December 1998, should have bottomed out during the middle of 1999 and begun a rebound wave to a higher X Wave. This new X Wave (our current one, the last one shown on the right hand side of Graph 400) should have peaked about May 2000. But the current X Wave just began to shakily fall in June and the shape of the curve is unusually long and slow as well as exceptionally low. It is as if the pole is seeking to come to absolute rest near the absolute geographical (arbitrary map) position of the pole (where X=0). The Y Wave continues to appear to have normal dimensions with one exception. The last low point and the current low point are about .05 arc seconds higher than at any time previous. Normally the Y Wave has gradually been pushing its low point higher and higher, about .01 arc seconds during each 6.5 year low point in the cycle. But during the first few months of 1999 the low point suddenly raised up by about .05 arc seconds. This suggests a distinct distortion of Chandler's Wobble which appears (permanently) to be pulling the Earth down approximately East 90 or pushing it up West 90 (same vector on the sphere of the Earth) much more energetically at the moment than up and down the X plot (Greenwich Meridian). Seemingly, some sort of new permanent "lean-to" of the Earth's equilibrium is in the process of forming up. How normal or abnormal this may be is impossible to say except to say that there very few instances during the 20th century which showed an equivalent degree of overall abnormality on both the X plot and the Y plot at the same time.

Does this new angle suggest that the Phoenix Paradigm in "The Prophecies" is off by 50 degrees? In the Avalanche of the Crust scenario, up East 40 was selected as the most likely direction of the avalanche. Is the direction of fall just now beginning to show as up East 90? Could be. But it is much too early to say and I still have a hard time supposing that the Himalayas can "fall" straight North.

The current Y Wave chart replaces the chart of July 20. The only difference is that the July 20 Y Wave Chart has computer projections through to September and these are eliminated in this new chart to give it the same ending point as the X Wave Chart.

As of July 20, 2000 - MWM

After several decades of regular, symmetrical behavior which slowly increased and then decreased in six to seven year cycles, the X Wave shows high abnormality since October 1999. The recovery from the low point (X Min on approximately July 1999) in the X Wave Motion is not occurring properly. The X Motion of the wobble is severely truncated and drawn out as can be seen clearly in the last eight months of X Wave Monitor Graph 400.

The shape of the X Wave is not the only abnormality. Anomalously high amounts of earthquake activity struck Japan in clumps during April, June and July. This increased activity occurred during the high point in the X Wave Motion. Normally, increased activity occurs during the low point in the X Wave Motion.

Prior to the beginning of the abnormality, this simple but amazing chart demonstrates the new vortexian Tectonic principles to a T. Where the X Wave is the largest, i.e. where the wobble moves the crust the most, as can be seen on the first wave on the left hand side of the chart, Japan's seismic activity is generally the greatest, which can be seen to begin for the most part as the wave descends briskly into its deepest trough. The release of the energy comes generally in the greatest amounts while the X Motion is negative (see the scale on the right hand side). The X Motion is negative while England is bobbing South and Japan is bobbing North. Japan's northerly bob, not more than 50 feet at the extreme of the X Max about every seven years, contracts the North Pacific crust and this contraction creates the cracking and tectonic squeezing which produces Japan's earthquakes.

Do not overlook the fact that just 50 feet of crustal motion produced the destructive Kobe earthquakes which can be seen as part of the tall spike of seismic energy just after the first wave in the X motion on the left hand side of this chart.

Observe that as the X Motion becomes less extreme, with a smaller amount of up and down movement while the chart moves to the right, the amount of seismic energy which is released is vastly reduced. It still shows a bit of clumping, though, at the bottom of the trough of the X Wave.

This chart shows four peaks of the X Motion and a fifth sort of very shallow or damping-out motion on the far right. Normally, looking backwards for the past 100 years, this fifth wave should look virtually the same as the fourth peak. For comparison of the X Wave Minimums during the 20th Century

At the X Min, the Earth's wobble for the entire year is relatively small compared to its motion at the X Max, which is shown by the large peaks on the far left. The fourth wave on this chart is the X Min and is relatively normal. The fifth wave should be the start of the upsurge of the X Wave. Should be. Or have we already seen the last normal X Wave of the Fourth World? Notice how the line of this truncated wave is not as smooth as the regular waves.

July 2000 Interpretation of the X Wave Monitor Chart

The closest correlate to such a badly skewed wave form is probably the 1936 jiggle in the axis when the phase and amplitude of the X Wave shifted in a major way and began the "lean-to" of the Earth into the Pacific Hemisphere. Since then, there has been progressively more motion of the X Wave into the Pacific than the Atlantic.

It is highly likely that this skewed waveform which is currently unfolding is another shift in phase, amplitude, and timing of the Earth's wobble. Ironically, Edgar Cayce predicted both the 1939 jiggle and unusual tectonic activity in this period of 1998-2001. Just what the implication is at the moment is not clear. But what is clear is that there is an unusual outbreak of increased levels of seismic activity in the area of Japan during the past three months. That outbreak should occur when the X Wave is going minimum, not while the motion is climbing well above the Zero line. In other words, the Earth's 20th century rhythms may be disappearing and what appears to be chaotic behavior may be setting in.

The Incan Medicine Men might say this is a Pachacuti, a rupture in "time" during which the Earth is transformed, even turned over. From the point of view of the rotational momentum of the earth, that is a pretty good Zen "suchness". The Earth's timing is indeed changing and this will cause a "turn-over" in the phase of the cycles. This change in the timing of the wobble may be a precursor to an avalanche of the crust. This turn-over may be the Earth Ballerina falling in space. Will she catch her balance as she did in 1936?

Yet perhaps there has JUST been another jiggle in the phase and amplitude of the X Wave similar to the one in 1936. Perhaps some of the normal motion in the X direction is just skidding somewhat sideways into the Y Motion. Perhaps the jiggle has thrown the motion of the mean position of the pole into a somewhat different direction which is not well described by either Greenwich (The X Motion) or West 90 ( The Y Motion). Perhaps there is nothing mystical or ominous about any of this.

So for the time being, all we can do is watch the X and Y Motions, ever circling around the exact position of the axis like an Eagle. I have made this my standard monitoring chart and I will keep adding new polar motion data every two weeks as new data is made available by the IRS Bureau. The projected polar positions for the year ahead by IERS scientists are of little value, there is currently too much deviance showing every month. Certainty comes only from constant vigilant updating.


Date: Sunday, 28 January 2001

January 27 , 2001 by MW Mandeville

Predictions For 2001

by Michael Wells Mandeville
as of January 24, 2001

Predictions Which Flow From Vortex Principles:

1. NO EL NINO WILL APPEAR IN 2001. The North Pole of the spin axis failed to achieve enough motion in the X direction ( up and down Greenwich Meridian) to achieve a position of (0.1) arcseconds during this current 14 month cycle of motion. Consequently, according to historical patterns, no El Nino should appear this year but it may appear, more probable than not, in 2002.

2. CHANDLER’S WOBBLE MAY COLLAPSE. The normal patterns in Chandler’s Wobble have been decaying since December 1998 and currently shows extreme deviance. The long term historical patterns of the 20th century may completely collapse this year. Mid-April is a decisive moment in determining what is going to happen with the location and motion of the spin axis. The North Spin Pole looks like it could move into a position of extreme deviance greater than ever recorded along the Y direction (down Longitude West 90). Or, Chandler’s Wobble may recover in a new cycle.

3. POSSIBILITY OF INCREASED VOLCANIISM AND EARTHQUAKES. If the location of the pole becomes deviant and moves into new territory by passing beyond +0.6 arcseconds in the Y dimension, its passing will create higher than normal levels of unusual earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

4. SEVERE SOLAR STORMS & EXTREME WEATHER RAMPAGES FEBRUARY TO JULY 2001. An unusual spiraling alignment of the inner planets from the end of January through to the end of June will create a strong electromagnetic polarization of the solar system out to the asteroid belt. This will maintain the current 11 year Solar Sunspot Cycle (No. 23) at peak activity until about the fall of 2001. This electromagnetic polarization will be pulsed twice by the quick revolution of Mercury into two conjunctions with the Earth by the Summer Solstice of 2001. Accordingly there will be two periods of ultra-peak sun-spot and solar storm activity which will be hurled directly towards the Earth through the conduction of the ionic winds down a “virtual circuit” which begins at Mercury and connects to Venus and then to Earth, and finally thence to Mars. The most virulent sun storm activity will hit the Earth during the first two weeks of June. The current weather patterns, which are relatively normal during January will get more and more extreme as the year progresses, beginning about February 7th and reach a climax of extreme conditions in June and July. Thereafter, the weather should begin to settle down to more normal levels.

5. ON FEBRUARY 7 FEBRUARY 12 WEATHER. Solar storms are pulled to the Earth directly by Mercury and the peak conduction period seems to lag after the Mercury-Earth conjunction by about 3 to 7 days. On February 7 Mercury is in very close conjunction with Venus and on February 12 Mercury conjuncts the Earth. Accordingly, extreme solar weather should begin to hit the Earth about February 7th and peak about February 15th to create a particularly nasty wallop of wintry extremes in the Northern Hemisphere and crazy summer maelstroms in the Southern Hemisphere. Storms will set records. Expect severe disruptions in communications. After about February 20th conditions begin to settle down quickly but only for a few weeks.

6. MARCH 15 MARCH 28 WEATHER. Beginning about March 15 Venus begins catching up with the Earth and by mid-March the electromagnetic circuit between the two planets should become exceptionally strong. Another round of extreme solar storms should hit the Earth and produce another round of weather extremes which get progressively worse until March 27 when Venus and Earth are in solar conjunction. At this point Venus and Earth will be exceptionally close to one another and Mercury will be almost as far from the Sun as it ever gets. Accordingly, the Venus-Earth “attractor” for solar storms will be unusually potent and the beginning of Spring may seem more like a return to Winter extremes.

7. MARCH 29 MAY 30 WEATHER. This extreme weather conditions of the last week of March and the beginning of April will slowly dissipate to some extent but all through April and May the three planets of Mars, Earth, and Venus will occupy the same narrow sector of the solar system and pull Cycle 23’s peak activity out to them. Accordingly, Spring 2001 will be exceptionally energetic creating all kinds of records and extremes. Communications will continually suffer disruptions.

8. JUNE 1 - JUNE 15 WEATHER. Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, returns on June 1 and will be closer to the Earth than it is to Venus. It will continue through to June 15 to raft solar weather straight at the Earth. The conjunction with Earth will peak on June 15 at which time Mercury, Mars, and Earth will be in perfect alignment with Venus relatively close to this alignment. Accordingly, about the Summer Solstice of 2001 the highest peaks of Cycle 23 will visit the Earth. All of the record-setting weather rampages during the past three years may pale besides the records which will be set in this month. There after weather conditions should slowly abate and begin to return to normal by August 2001. Mostly likely Sun Spot Cycle 23 will begin its downturn as well.

Edgar Cayce’s Predictions For 2001

From about 1932 to 1944 Cayce described in a number of different readings the precursors and effects of a shift in the poles during 2001. He often referred to this event as “The Change In The Earth Which Must Come Again”. He claimed that a shift in the poles had destroyed Atlantis in 10,500 BC and he predicted that another shift in the poles would occur in 2001. If we integrate all of Cayce’s predictions and comments about this “Change In The Earth” for the year 2001, here is how they all add up.

The Change In The Earth

A shifting of the Earth's equilibrium in 1936 will set off geological trends in the Earth which will begin to manifest in 1958. Many of the changes which will accompany the pole shift will actually begin in those periods in '58 to '98. Their tempo will gradually increase up to and through 1998. The appearance of these trends will serve as signals or omens about the impending pole shift. But during this period, up through 1998, the geographical changes will not create any appreciable change in the affairs of men

The year 1998 will be a key transition year. The reign of influences which have been long prophesied will begin. The major trends, as have been wrought by the gradual changes ... in the Earth ... that are coming about from 1958 to 1998 in the form of earthquakes and volcanism in various areas of the world, these will accelerate. Yet still, this is a gradual, not a cataclysmic activity in the experience of the Earth in this period. With the appearance of an increase in these trends in the period of 1998, the Change In The Earth will be imminent as well as the opening of the Hall Of Records.

In the year 2,000 to 2,001 there is a shifting of the poles ... that day when the Earth will be rolled as the scroll ... so that where there has been ... a frigid or ... semi-tropical latitude, the land will become the more tropical ... for the heavens and the Earth will pass away and a new cycle begins. This will be the same kind of a shift of the poles which changed latitudes and destroyed Atlantis in 10,500 BC, 24,300 BC, and 52,700 BC. These changes in the Earth will come to pass and there begin those periods for the readjustments. As to times, as to seasons, as to places ... not given to man to know the time or the period of the end, nor to man - save by their constituting themselves a channel through which He may speak.

As to the material changes, it has been given of old. The sun will be darkened and the Earth shall be broken up in divers places. The Earth will break in several places with major earthquakes, including in western America and Japan. There will be the upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic (volcanism, earthquakes, and both uplifting and downwarping of the surface of the land will begin in the polar zones). This will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the Torrid areas. There will be shifting then of the poles - so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semi-tropical will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow.

The Earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The western land - much of that is to be disturbed - as, of course, much in other lands. Los Angeles, San Francisco, most all of these will be among those that will be destroyed before New York even. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. Land will appear off the east coast of America. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. What is the coast line now of many a land will be the bed of the ocean. The southern portions of Carolina and Georgia - these will disappear. As for the sunken Atlantis ... with the change ... the temple ... must rise ... again. When the changes begin, these portions in the Bimini Island area will rise among the first. Portions of the now east coast of New York, or New York City itself, will in the main disappear. The waters of the lakes will empty into the Gulf (the water of the USA’s Great Lakes will flow out through the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico rather than through the St. Lawrence Seaway). (Portions of Alabama will slowly begin to sink during the period 1936 to 1998 and it will sink more and become flooded by the ocean as a result of the shifting of the pole).

Virginia Beach will be among the safety lands, as will be portions of what is now Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, and much of the southern portion of Canada and the eastern portion of Canada. Norfolk, though it may appear that it may be in the line of those areas to rise, while many a higher land will sink, ... this is a good area to stick to. North Carolina, this is safe. These rich areas - portions of Saskatchewan as well as in the Pampas area of the Argentine, as well as in portions of South Africa ... with some portions of Montana and Nevada - must feed the world!
The Hall of Records Prophecy

Cayce never precisely gave a time for the opening of the Hall of Records, he always left it somewhat vague, saying only that it would be opened with the shift in the poles is imminent. His complete story about the Hall of Records is highly complex and detailed, requiring a good sized book to set it forth. Here is what Cayce had to say about its opening:

As time draws nigh when changes are to come about, when the Change In The Earth is imminent, there will be the opening of the temple or Hall Of Records in Egypt. There is a chamber or passage from the right forepaw of the Sphinx which provides an entrance into the Hall of Records. It is to be opened only when there was the returning of those who built it into materiality.

A sealed room will be found in the underground labyrinth of the Hall Of Records. The sealed room contains the religious records of Atlantis, some official records of state, and many other artifacts and records, including the story of the building of the Great Pyramid and the history of the changes in the Earth created by several prior pole shifts. The sealed room is located in position lies, as the Sun rises from the waters, along the line of the shadow (or light) which falls between the paws of the Sphinx that was later set as the sentinel or guard. There is a chamber or passage from the right forepaw to this entrance of the record chamber, or record tomb.

This record chamber waits for the right time and for those with the right understanding ... to be opened only when ... the change was imminent in the Earth. This change, we see, begins in '58 and ends with the changes wrought in the upheavals and the shifting of the poles. It will be necessary to wait until the full time has come for the breaking up of much that has been in the nature of selfish motives in the world. The sealed room ... may not be entered ... until the TIME has been fulfilled when the changes ... in the Earth ... must be active. The sealed room ... may not be entered without an understanding, , or the next world culture begins.

Mandeville’s “Consensus Prophecy”

Most of the spiritual traditions and religions come dramatically together in Edgar Cayce’s clairvoyant visions to speak in one voice of what has long been rumored and proclaimed in many places from many sources and times. The old prophetic traditions spoke of a world age of the Earth which would eventually come to a close during a period of great catastrophe. Long before the appearance of Y’shua (Jesus if you are Latin) talked about a “time of tribulation”, the ancient mystery traditions of Egypt, Persia, India, and Mayaland talked about the creation of “a new heaven and a new Earth” after the current one ends in a catastrophe..

Cayce described the closing of an age of the world as a shift in the location of the pole of the Earth (the spin axis) which will soon occur during the year 2001. Can we combine Cayce’s clues and the principles of vortex tectonics (which were discovered while researching Cayce’s comments) with comments and impressions from prophetic and psychic sources? If we do, what does the year 2001 look like and how does the shifting of the poles unfold?

No one can say for certain exactly the timing, course, and consequences of a shift in the location of the poles. But by using a variety of key clues from Cayce and science, I have outlined a path of unfoldment. As predicted by Edgar Cayce in 1936, I believe on purely scientific grounds, from many years of study of the geology and geophysics of the Earth, that the crust of the Earth began its final slip in December 1998 out of a relatively stable pattern of slight wobbling. It appears now to be searching for a new equilibrium. According to Cayce’s prediction, the crust will never recover, rather it will suddenly destabilize and radically shift or “avalanche” to cause the spin axis to shift into a new location far from its current location before the end of 2001, far enough to turn a subarctic area into a semi-tropical area.

By plotting the daily position and motion of the spin axis on position graphs we can clearly see that Chandler’s Wobble has become increasingly erratic since December 1998. The wobble itself is changing from a rough circle into an elongated ellipse and this implies that the Earth’s spin-balance is becoming less and less stable in a back and forth bobbing motion. By mid-April 2001 at the latest we will know if the Earth is recovering its stability in a regular circular wobble or whether the instability is increasing.

From mid-February, the influences of Mercury and Venus will begin to channel more and more virulent solar storms to buffet the Earth. These solar storms will be exceptionally energized because the Sun is at the peak of its 11 year sun-spot cycle (No. 23) and will produce record-breaking storm fronts. These will impact the Earth with greater and greater energy and the first will arrive about February 10th. They will peak about February 15th, then abate somewhat until another round of severe solar storms impact the Earth during the last week of March. After the first week in April the impacts will begin to thin out but will remain at nearly an all time historical high until June 1. Throughout June the Earth will be hit by the most severe succession of solar storms which have ever been recorded and they will peak June 15 - 21 with an alignment of the inner planets which hurls the maximum possible energy towards the Earth.

This severe buffeting, beginning in mid February, which will influence the top and bottom of the spinning Earth the most. This will act to retard its rotation and impress on the Earth a force which tends to push the polar zones towards the equator. This will happen several times with increasing severity and this will doubtless add to the current instability of the spin axis/ It may prevent the spin motion from re-balancing itself around the same virtual fixed point. It may begin an endless hunt to find a new center of equilibrium and during this hunting the Earth’s mass may become increasingly off-center, dooming it to a more radical shift.

By the last week in March, the stress of the new, irregular motions of the spin axis may begin to induce a sharp increase in new lines of stress in between the continents and tectonic ocean plates. These new stress patterns may induce a large increase in volcanic and seismic activity as the crust of the Earth begins to flex in new directions. This activity may continue to grow in waves during April and May and become so radically pronounced in June that for all intents and purposes hundreds of millions of people begin to experience a time of tribulation.

The solar gales during the Summer Solstice may finally push the crust of the Earth beyond the limit boundaries of Chandler’s Wobble and rupture the crust at the edges of the polar zones along the equatorial zone. These changes in the shape of the Earth’s crust may be irreversible and these changes may then propel the crust to increase its rate of shape-shifting and cause it to drift at an accelerating rate over the spin axis in a search for a new point of stability. Sometime during the Summer or Fall, perhaps during the October conjunction of Mercury with the Earth, perhaps earlier, the speed of the avalanche may finally accelerate up to 19 km/hr.

This shift in the location of the pole could cause a change in latitudes as great as 27 degrees, some 3000 km. Any such shift will have huge catastrophic consequences in the geology and geography of the Earth. There would be much destruction of human civilization in many areas of the world. All this is evident from the repeat patterns of destruction which can be found in the Earth from many previous shifts in the location of the spin axis.

The destructive effects throughout the world will disrupt all economies and thus grave hardships will come to you and to all of your fellowship. During the shifting process most coastlines are likely to be hit with flood surges and repeated major tidal waves All people on all coasts and low-lying islands are in grave danger from large flood surges and tidal waves when the Earth-Phoenix (the crust of the Earth) flies and shifts the location of the poles. As things now stand, it is entirely possible that 90% of humanity will perish during this awesome geological event if the spiritual forces cannot warn greater numbers of humanity.

Best Wishes,
Michael Wells Mandeville, The Hills of Arizona USA
Polar Monitor may be viewed at:

Mysteries Of The Mind

Earth Systems Monitor

~Polar Motion~

(lectures, seminars, radio shows, etc.)

  • February 17, 2001 THE FIRST OF THE VORTEX PREDICTIONS BY MWM FOR 2001 HAVE MATERIALIZED WITH THE MAGNETIC REVERSAL OF THE SUN AND THE SUDDEN BLAST OF A MAJOR SOLAR STORM TOWARDS THE EARTH ON FEB 15 WHICH IS BEING INDUCED BY THE RAPIDLY APPROACHING ALIGNMENT OF MERCURY WITH THE EARTH. We have added the Psychic Monitor to provide a means of sharing and compiling the psychic impressions, dreams, and other augeries which many people have been receiving about the Change In The Earth. Can the occurrence, timing, and nature of an avalanche of the Earth's Crust (pole shift) be detected by psychics?

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    If underwater volcanism is causing the El Nino and global warming, shouldn't earthquake activity betray the volcanic emissions? Probably to some degree, and so this chart explores earthquake activity in the South Pacific and its timing in conjunction with El Nino years and the 7 year X Wave. The patterns show some clear relationships despite many divergences. One interesting parallel is how the overall trend of quakes in the South Pacific rises as the X plot slowly becomes more and more positive over the years. Another is how anomalous everything becomes after 1993 with a huge wave of earthquake activity which suddenly begins to track the exact shape of of the 7 Year X Wave. Perhaps the most intriquing is the definite tendency for a El Nino year to occur associated with a increase in South Pacific quakes. When looking at the chart, keep in mind that El Nino usually only shows up in the last half of an El Nino Year. The pattern is intriguing enough to attempt to look for a better signal. This belt of the South Pacific is probably far too much real estate (100 degrees of longitude and 50 or latitude) and so the vent signals may be lost in too much noise. Looking for a better signal will require a lot of database finagling and chartsmanship. Since Cayce gave upheavals and eruptions in the "torrid zones" so much importance in his earth changes predictions, this monitor will be continued.

    The Avalanche of the Crust

    The Phoenix Five Scenario is a speculative projection based on Edgar Cayce's clues, the descriptions of the ancients, and the evidence from geophysics and the records in the rocks and ice of the Earth. The potential effects for many local areas are discussed in the FAQ's in specific terms for readers. You may find the information you are looking for in these FAQ's.


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    • Catastrophic Activity Which Erratic Polar Motion May Create

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Planet Alert Newsletter
June 2012

Web Site:

Greetings to everyone-hope all is well in your world. With everything that is going on in the world it is definitely time to find peace within. It’s time to stop looking outside yourself for answers and find your Christ within. Christ consciousness was activated with this past solar eclipse, along with our heart chakras. We can now think with our hearts and create peace within us. Have any of you had heart problems in the past month because of this energy?

In my last couple of articles I talked about how the Vatican bank is the top controlling bank in the world. The fact that the president of this bank was fired last week is very big news. The Pope is also in big trouble and will soon resign. The resignation of this Pope is one of the last prophecies to be fulfilled and it is in the process of working out right now. The Catholic Church has controlled people longer than any organization in history. The black pope, the one connected with the Vatican bank, controls everything in the world. He is the one in charge of the Jesuits. There have been more people killed in the name of religion than for any other reason. Isn’t it time for all that violence to stop? For more information check out

We have been in a 25,920 year cycle of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn the controller. It was a cycle of materialism and working for the almighty dollar. Look what we did to Christmas, which is celebrated in the sign of Capricorn. We took the spiritual meaning out of it and it became material. This cycle has now come to an end and we will soon have the freedom of being in the sign of Aquarius. There are cycles within cycles occurring all at once. I have heard there are three cycles coming to an end all around the same time. The largest one being a cycle that started when this Universe was created. On May 20, 2012 this cycle ended and a new one started.

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn was known as Satan, the devil, to some people. This was something we created to experience so we could see what it was like to be controlled. There is no evil-all is Good (God). There is no good or bad there are just experiences. We have been in a cycle of experiencing the negative side of life. This is the reason all the scandals and corruption had to come out into the open so we could see what has been going on in the world so we can say no more, enough is enough.

Many people had to wake up so all of us together could work for change. Saturn turns direct on June 25, 2012 and will then become the planet that brings rewards. We are now in the cycle of Unity (Aquarius) and that is what will soon manifest as more of us move into higher consciousness.

The full moon will be on June 4, 2012 at 4:12 AM PDT. The Sun will be on 14 degrees Gemini. This degree means ‘The capacity to transcend the limitations of bodily existence’. The moon will be on 14 degrees Sagittarius which is the degree of the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Will there be some kind of activations in Egypt?

The Mayan glyph for the full moon is the Blue Hand and is ruled by Mercury. The energy from this glyph loves freedom to roam and to be itself but it also has a strong desire towards community and family. This energy has the ability to see the beauty within and in all things. This glyph will require us to bring in our full power and to speak up for what we feel is right. On June 4, 2012 Neptune the Galactic Goddess turns retrograde. A planet is very powerful when it is retrograde; especially when it is stationary retrograde.

The Venus eclipse coming up on June 5, 2012 at 6:05 PM PDT will bring lots of changes to Earth. The last Venus eclipse was on June 8, 2004. This ushered in an eight year time period of going within to release our fears and to find the love that lives in our hearts. Do you feel like you were battered and bruised during that eight year cycle? It was very hard to release all the painful memories and suffering we experienced in the past. We do not want to carry this painful energy into the new cycle. Our pain and suffering had to be released so we can now experience happiness. We are great creator Gods who are creating the new Earth that we will soon be living on all the time.

Venus creates a heart and a pentagram as it moves around our solar system. The five pointed star represents the Goddess, and the eight year cycle from 2004 to 2012 represents the number of God (8). The soul number of God (o) is 15 which is the tone of love or 528 hertz. The number five and eight equals thirteen which is the number of Christ. It is also the most dominant number of the Mayan Calendar. On June 5, 2012 the Dreamspell glyph is the Star, which is ruled by Venus and is also the glyph of the Goddess. It rules our solar plexus which is our seat of power. This means it is time to start manifesting our power which is love based energy. Love is soft and gentle.

The Sun and Venus will be conjunct on 15 degrees Gemini. This degree means ‘A Woman Activist in an Emotional Speech dramatizes her Cause’. This just happened a few days ago when Maria Shriver gave a commencement speech at the University of Southern California about a new look at success and what success really means. No more working for the reason of simply attaining money and the material things it brings. It’s time for a new way of life.

I know there is chaos occurring on the lower dimension earth. Don’t you think it’s about time to move through that chaos and find out who you really are? Isn’t it time to stop trying to get back at people who have harmed you in any way? Isn’t it time to get out of the conspiracy theories? They served their purpose and woke us up to reality but it’s time to move on unless you want to stay in that lower reality. What we focus on is what we create.

Do you choose to hide from the changes and store your money in case of a financial meltdown? Haven’t we been in a depression since 2008 when the first major event happened? I have never believed there will be a total collapse of the financial system. I believe there will be a transformation of it and I think the new system is about to become a reality. The head of the Vatican bank was just fired. Doesn’t that mean we are headed for a new financial system?

The Sun has completed her pole shift and now has four poles instead of two. As above, so below. There was a 6.2 quake on the Norwegian Sea floor on May 24 that caused an unexpected and rapid shifting of the magnetic north pole. The pole moved 621 miles. The last major pole movement was on December 21, 2010 when the poles shifted to Surgut, Siberia. A plane crashed that day in Surgut because the magnetic anomaly caused the planes mechanical parts to fail. How far does the North Pole have to move to complete its pole shift? Maybe we are at the end of the shift and don’t even know it. The North Pole has been moving since 1998 when the Earth first went to zero magnetics.

Planet X is also here and visible in our heavens. The magnetic Photon Belt (interstellar cloud) is also in our solar system. This is quite a combination of events. This energy has, and will continue to cause more quakes, fires, volcanic eruptions, storms, floods, political changes, and financial changes. If you have love in your heart you will be fine as we continue to go through these changes. You will be in the right place at the right time for whatever you choose to experience. Don’t worry, express love and think with your heart. So Be It!

Written in love and light from my heart to your heart.

Mahala Gayle

I would like to thank the people who have donated money to my work, it is greatly appreciated. If anyone has an abundance of money right now and they would like to share some, you can send it my way. I will consider it a gift from God. Bless you! I will put it towards the book I am now writing. You can go into Paypal and look for or you can send a check, money order or cash to:

Mahala 5028 S. 179th Pl SeaTac, WA 98188

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!





March 6, 2001

updated 6-15-2005

by Dee Finney

and others as referenced

3-6-01 - VISION -

I was praying ... "Our Father which art in Heaven,
Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as
it is in heaven "... and my mind went blank...

I saw a golden cage with two white birds in it.
Someone opened the cage and the birds flew out...
A voice said, "The father has set two birds free ...
They are called "Polar Motion" ...

I got up, typed these notes on the computer and
went back to bed.

As soon as I closed my eyes, I saw the white birds
again ... and they flew to opposite sides of my vision

NOTE: I received the following e-mail right after
I typed up my vision. A coincidence? I think not ....



March 6 ,2001

Earths Magnetic Field In Unsettled State

NASA Space Science News

SOLAR WIND: This morning Earth entered a solar wind stream flowing from a coronal hole on the Sun. NASA's ACE spacecraft, which monitors the solar wind, is registering gusts as high as 600 km/s.

Sky watchers living at geomagnetic latitudes greater than ~55 degrees could spot modest auroras around local midnight.

[NOAA geomagnetic latitude maps: N. America, Eurasia, S. Africa & Australia]

GEOSTORMS: Earth's magnetic field has been unsettled since Sunday when the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) around our planet turned south for nearly 12 hours. South-pointing IMFs create a weak spot in Earth's magnetosphere and make it more vulnerable than usual to solar wind disturbances. The IMF is back to normal now, but Earth's magnetosphere will likely remain unsettled in response to the solar wind stream described above.


March 5, 2001 by MW Mandeville

ITEM(S): Query - Software Modeling For Polar Motion Urgently Sought

Apologies to general readers, this is a bit technical

It is fairly clear to me that the migration of the location of the pole (the average center point of Chandler's Wobble) is now in its third wave of acceleration since the beginning of the 20th century. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the much heralded prophecy of the shift in the poles for the millennial period actually did begin in December 1998 and is proceeding at a faster and faster rate, though still at a snail's pace.

What I think has happened is that polar motion of the past century is not really normal. Since the first three decades the pole began to drift at a faster rate than before, but in the range of centimeters per year. Since the 1936 shift in the equilibrium, which shifted the phase of Chandler's Wobble and began its migration down the Y axis (Long. West 90), moving faster than before, but still in centimeters per year. By 1960, Chandler's Wobble was moving into entirely new "territory" giving rise to new vectors of stress and tectonic plate motion. This gave rise to increased earthquake and volcanic activity as the plates began to move more with each turn of the spiral in Chandler's Wobble. The progressive movement of Chandler's Wobble down Long. West 90 kept increasing the total amount of earthquake and volcanic activity as foretold by EC.

In December 1998 a decided dent in Chandler's Wobble can be seen (in the circular plot) and the Wobble has gotten stranger and stranger since then, its average motion seems to be accelerating the drift of the Wobble down the Y axis at a speed four times greater than before. Possibly as much as five feet since 1998. And, along with it, the earthquake and volcanic activity is simply getting larger and larger, more and more widespread. We can see it in the numbers and size of quakes, we can see it in the huge number of volcanoes which are on high alert status or are giving off the classic precursors signals. And we can see it in the experiences of people. People all over North America are writing me and telling me about shakes, and rumbles, and shivers in the earth which were never experienced before, all very low key and below the threshold of conventional news and scientific interest, unless you are looking at the big picture. Since I felt these low level jiggles during the mid 90's in the Puget Sound basin, I know they are real.

In other words, the shift in the pole is underway and it is mainly the huge inertia factor involved with so much mass and the hydraulic resistances of the mantle against the underside of the crust at the equatorial zone which is maintaining the current unstable stability.

During Cayce's tenure, "otherworldly sources" could easily have predicted the approximate timing, based on a superior scientific understanding of the mass equilibrium of the Earth, but perhaps not exactly the direction of the line of fall. In my limited capacities, I used the Earth's precessional lean- to, as exhibited every Jan 6 during its perihelion, to speculate in Book Three of the Phoenix that the line of fall would be up East 40 and down West 140. But it may be that the graphs of Chandler's Wobble have been displaying the answer all along since about the 1950's. It may be that the line of fall is down about West 80-90, which will require modifying some of the Avalanche Scenario for some areas, thought the

general description is still pretty good since I got within about 1/8th of the right sector of the Earth. If this is correct, the situation for the U.S. east coast is worse than I projected. Ironically, Ruth Montgomery's prediction, which perhaps was made when "otherworldly sources" could project the line of Fall, which I have not used, may have greater validity than I was willing to grant at the time.

These speculations cannot be quite resolved at the current time. However, we can establish the current rate and direction of Fall by looking at the entire composite of the entire spiral trace of Chandler's Wobble since at least 1962. I have the last five years in a hand-written graph and the right software could make the entire last 40 years into spiffy charts in a snap, plus allow some comparative studies of the various X Wave cycles.

However, I cannot find software which will take a linear sequence of x/y numbers and write them in a spiraling plot over and over in a circling pattern. It must exist, mustn't it? Perhaps I just have a mental block but no matter where I look I cannot find it. Perhaps I am too confused by mathematical terminology and just can't see it. Can anyone enlighten me on where to find the software. If it does not exist for PC or Windows environment, can anyone recommend who could take the numbers and gen the plots?

If my suspicion is correct, that the entire plot of Chandler's Wobble has accelerated its drift since Dec. 1998, there will be a lot of publicity which the software people can expect for the plots, so it is worth pro bono work. It will be a genuine "scientific discovery". If I am wrong, well, I will eat this email message, virtually speaking of course!






Initially, people believed that the North Magnetic Pole coincided with the north geographic pole. Magnetic observations made by explorers in subsequent decades showed that this was not true, and by the early nineteenth century, the accumulated observations proved that the magnetic pole must be somewhere in Arctic Canada.

In 1831, at Cape Adelaide on the west coast of Boothia Peninsula, James Clark Ross measured a dip of 89 degrees 59 minutes. For all practical purposes, he had reached the North Magnetic Pole.

The next attempt to reach the North Magnetic Pole was made some 70 years later by the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen. In 1903, he left Norway on his famous voyage through the Northwest Passage. His primary goal was to set up a temporary magnetic observatory in the Arctic and to relocate the North Magnetic Pole.

A pole position was next determined by Canadian government scientists shortly after World War II. Paul Serson and Jack Clark, of the Dominion Observatory, measured a dip of 89 degrees 56 minutes at Allen Lake on Prince of Wales Island. This, in conjunction with other observations made in the vicinity, showed that the pole had moved some 250 kilometers northwest since the time of Amundsen's observations.

Observations by Canadian government scientists in 1962, 1973, 1984, and most recently in 1994, showed that the general northwesterly movement of the pole is continuing, and that during this century it has moved on average 10 kilometers per year.

The pole has moved approximately 750 km since 1904, an average of 9.4 km per year. From 1973, when the pole position was last determined, to late 1983, the movement has been approximately 120 km, an average of 11.6 km per year, only slightly more than the 80 year average. Its present direction of travel is approximately northwest.

It is important to realize that when we talk about the location of the pole, we are referring to an average position. The pole wanders daily in a roughly elliptical path around this average position, and may frequently be as much as 80 kilometers away from this position when the Earth's magnetic field is disturbed.

The world is a giant magnet and from the day you are born
until the day you physically die you are constantly under the
influence of the earth’s magnetic forces. While the magnetic
fields that surround the earth protect you from many harmful
radiations from the sun and other harmful emissions from
outer space, they also affect your mental functions and your
health and welfare each and every day of your life. Plants
and lower animals are also affected by this invisible energy
that passes through all material and immaterial matter.
The science of how magnetism affects biological systems is
called biomagnetism or biomagnetics.
We can harness nature’s greatest energy and use it for the
benefit of all mankind. In fact, many nations of the world are
racing to determine to what extent man can utilize the new
and important discoveries of biomagnetism. The scope of
biomagnetism is unlimited. In over 40 years of applying our
basic discoveries we have not found any field of human
knowledge that is not affected. In many years past, and
through the work of dedicated scientists for over 4,000
years, magnetism was considered a child of electricity.

Unlike in physics with inanimate objects, experiments
could not be reproduced on biological systems with the
same expected results. In 1936, we made our basic
discovery that there are two distinct magnetic poles that
affect animal systems in two distinct and opposite manners.
From developments since then, it is now definite that
magnetism is the father of electricity, rather than the child.



Magnetic Anomalies

*What are magnetic fields doing in the middle of nowhere?

The next time you visit deep space, don't forget to pack a compass. It might not be much use for navigation, but it will be one of the few ways you can take in one of space's sublimities, the magnetic fields. The lines of magnetic force twist and wind through the interstellar miasma and arch over millions of light-years of intergalactic wilderness. They are, astronomers have gradually realized, one of the great shaping forces of the universe. Now it seems that even the outermost of outer space-the chasms between clusters of galaxies-is pervaded by magnetic fields of unforeseen power and unknown origin. "These magnetic fields are the dominant free energy of the universe," says astrophysicist Stirling A. Colgate of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Magnetism had long been considered a side attraction in astronomy-hard to measure, hard to master, seemingly easy to neglect. The basic trouble is that the fields are invisible. To infer their presence, astronomers must make do with such compasses and filings as nature has haphazardly provided, including dust grains and charged particles. By aligning dust grains or diverting the paths of electrons, for example, a magnetic field can effect the emission of polarized radio waves or skew the polarization of light passing through a region of space, rather like a weak pair of polarizing sunglasses.

Gradually astronomers have deduced that the Milky Way has a magnetic field of roughly five microgauss, generally directed along the galaxy's spiral arms. (By comparison, the earth's north-pointing magnetic field is about 500,000 microgauss.) If you had a compass sensitive to this field, in our corner of the galaxy it would point toward the constellation Cygnus. Other galaxies have similar fields.

When researchers began to look for fields in between galaxies in the late 1980s, their expectations were low. After all, cosmic magnetic fields are embedded in plasmas, which are much thinner in intergalactic than in interstellar space. According to x-ray telescopes, even the thickest intergalactic plasmas-found in the cores of galaxy clusters-are a hundredth as dense as interstellar plasmas. So it came as a surprise in 1990 when Philipp P. Kronberg and Kwang-Tae Kim, both then at the University of Toronto, announced the first magnetic readings of the interstices of the Coma cluster. The cluster's field is nearly as strong as the Milky Way's.

Puzzled theorists took refuge in the thought that Coma was a fluke. But that escape hatch slammed shut when Kronberg, Tracy Clarke of Toronto and Hans Böhringer of the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Garching, Germany, reported their latest findings at a meeting of the American Physical Society this past April. The 24 other clusters they probed all have galactic - strength fields, too. Such fields are as potent as other cosmic forces, so they can no longer be ignored in models of galaxy formation and other celestial goings-on.

Kronberg also unveiled new measurements of the space beyond clusters of galaxies, made with a special low-frequency radio receiver installed two years ago on the Very Large Array telescope in Socorro, N.M. Kronberg and the rest of his team-Torsten A. Ensslin of the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Garching, Richard A. Perley of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory and Namir E. Kassim of the Naval Research Laboratory-found that magnetic fields just outside the Coma cluster are 0.01 to 0.1 microgauss, also too strong for many theorists' comfort.

Explaining cosmic magnetism has never been easy, and now the task is even more daunting. A galactic field must somehow be generated from scratch, amplified to the strength now observed, ejected into intergalactic space and further amplified there. Each stage poses problems. And some worry that ordinary galaxies simply lack the oomph to magnetize the huge space between them. Colgate and his colleague Hui Li think it is a job for the biggest guns in astronomy, the black holes at the heart of so-called active galaxies. "The only place where you have that much energy is a supermassive black hole," Colgate says.

For all the questions they raise, the intergalactic fields might resolve a separate mystery: the origin of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays. None of these superparticles has come from the direction of a plausible source, such as the nearby active galaxy M87. But, as Glennys Farrar of New York University and Tsvi Piran of Hebrew University of Jerusalem argued in Physical Review Letters in April, sufficiently strong intergalactic fields would deflect the particles' paths. If so, M87 can't be ruled out after all.

Alas, the proposal immediately ran into controversy. The Milky Way is not part of a cluster, and magnetic fields in its vicinity have yet to be measured. Arnon Dar of the Technion in Haifa, Israel, argued that the fields cannot have the requisite strength, as that scenario would contradict other observations. Kronberg thinks the same process that amplifies the intergalactic fields might also be responsible for the particles. In any event, it looks like cosmic magnetic fields will retain their lure for some time to come.

--George Musser
















syn*the*sis (noun), plural -the*ses -[Greek, from syntithenai to put together, from syn- + tithenai to put, place --
First appeared 1589

1 a : the composition or combination of parts or elements so as to form a whole

b : the production of a substance by the union of chemical elements, groups, or simpler compounds or by the degradation of a complex compound

c : the combining of often diverse conceptions into a coherent whole; also : the complex so formed

2 a : deductive reasoning

b : the dialectic combination of thesis and antithesis into a higher stage of truth








by Dee Finney


updated 7-5-2001

3-31-01 - DREAM - I was looking at a web page about the three phases of the sun. The page included 3 animated graphics at the top of the page. One graphic was long and wide, and two smaller animated graphics were on either side of it. Then there was 3 paragraphs describing the 3 phases of the sun.

I woke up, and went back to sleep, in which I was trying to figure out what the three phases of the sun were from the activities going on in the dream.

Dream 2: Scene one took place in the lobby of my apartment building. There were two other women with me. The blonde woman was describing her husband and I thought I knew him from highschool. I asked her for his last name and she got all upset and challenging, like I was trying to take him away from her. I asked her again for her last name, which she reluctantly gave it to me in a mumble I couldn't understand. She was very antagonistic.

The other woman, who had dark hair, I didn't recognize at first, but she knew who I was. She said that she had gone to gradeschool with me and gave me her name as DeGuere. I thought her name was Tate, but I had to go along with the name she gave me. She said she had carved her name on my desk, and I not only knew it, I was the only one who could pronounce it. She seemed quite thrilled with that.

She calmed the other woman down, and I left there, thinking that the three phases of the sun were fear, sharing, and love.

The second scene took place on a city street. It seems that I had turned on a water spigot that had a long waterhose attached to it, and the sprinkler head was underneath a silver car parked at the curb. The whole street was flooded. A large bus went by, and I went back to the car and pulled the waterhose out from under the car. I went back to the spigot and made sure that it was turned off this time. I then walked through the water up to my ankles, making sure that the water was indeed going down now and the water was indeed off.

Scene three took place at my old gradeschool. I felt quite lucid now, and I tentatively opened the front door because I knew Painter Bob was going going to be on the front steps, with a red rose for me.

I opened the door and there stood Painter Bob dressed all in white just as I knew he would be. He was holding a red silk rose in his hands and he brought it down the steps and gave it to me. He said his name was 'Professor" or something else French sounding that was similar to that name. He then went off to the right and I started to follow him.

I could now hear the owner of the school coming down the steps, talking to another man. I could hear their conversation, though I couldn't quite make out what they were talking about.

I scooted out of the lobby and into the hallway just in time before the owner saw me. However, they were coming right behind me, and I scooted down the hallway of the school, always just in time to get out of sight before they came along behind me.

I saw that in the schoolroom the painters were all Oriental, Asian, Chinese, Japanese. They were writing on the blackboards, moving books around, painting the rooms, remodeling.

I scooted into a classroom, just ahead of the owner and his companion. I found myself in a small stone room, with two doors, one to the classroom, and one to the hallways.

While I stood there, one of the oriental painters came into the room and handed me a book titled, "Symphony of Golf". Then I saw one that was about some kind of mechanics. That one was shrinkwrapped in plastic so I couldn't open it.

As I woke up, I saw a screen that said 'LOVE' at the top, and was a picture of a string of heart shaped leaves on a vine that were pastel colored. It was really a loving picture.

Here again, I analyzed in the dream, that the meaning of the three phases of the sun were love, sharing, and fear.

Greek Goddesses

Athena, Aphrodite, Hecate, Three Graces

Athena, the goddess of wisdom, is also associated with women's crafts, and represents women as warriors. Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love; while Hecate represents the three phases of womanhood. the Three Grace, Joy, Brilliance, and Bloom, represent the joy of nature, and of creativity.

What's Going on Currently With The Sun

This past year there has been a lot of discussion about the sun which I've written on prior to this, but last night was the largest solar flare (CME) of the last 11 year cycle. Though I was used to seeing Aurora Borealis in the 60's in Wisconsin, there was never any thought about being afraid of them like there is now. Of course, we didn't have the technology back then that was flying in space which the CMEs interfere with. There were no sattelites back then, or at least just 1 or 2, no cells phones, and nobody worried too much about radio signals. Things have definitely changed in the last 40 years. So, it's no wonder I dreamed about the sun. However, there was more to my dream than the physical sun ... much more ...

Aside from the 11-year and 22-year cycles, there is also the 45-year Double-Hale solar magnetic cycle reflected in storminess and high tide. The all-planet synod, when all the planets are on one side of the Sun, which can influence solar activity, creates a 178- to 179-year solar cycle that is reflected in Greenland ice cores, and Hudson Bay sediment anomalies.

Solar cycles are correlated with sea level, atmospheric pressure, and surface air temperatures in summer, and especially over the oceans in winter. Ozone varies with the long-term solar cycle, as does upper atmospheric airborne particles (stratospheric aerosols), and shifts in climate. The extent of Newfoundland's ice cover for the period between 1860 and 1988 has been correlated with solar activity. An influx of air from the uppermost (stratospheric) layer of the atmosphere into the layer below (troposphere) has been observed three to four days after solar flares.

Increased geomagnetic activity takes place around solar maximum. The size of storms, referred to as the Vorticity Area Index (VAI), increases during solar maximum, when the SBC sweeps by. The vertical electric field near the South Pole of the geomagnetic field (GMF) is at a minimum a few days after the SBC, but local winter shows a large effect (amplitude) with a maximum, for example, at Zugspitze in the Alps.

Doe Venus, Earth and Mars represent three phases in the 'life' of a planet?

The Earth may look like Venus in a few billion years, and then like Mars once the Sun becomes a Red Giant Star and boils off the Earth's atmosphere entirely.

The Unity of the Sun, Earth and Moon

Why Are We Afraid of the Sun?

What Is This? Something Happening on the Sun

Two Suns and The Connection To 11:11

Revelations of the Sun


A golf course has 18 holes, the front 9 and the back 9. 18 is half of 36 which is the Gematrian base number. 18 times 24 = 432, a Gematrian sacred number.

A startling microcosmic revelation of the mystic force of the number 432 came to light recently when engineers in the Wilson Sporting Goods laboratories testing (for distance) golf balls with anywhere from 30 to 1,212 dimples werre advised by computer that the optimum number would be 432. For indeed, the Wilson 432 golf ball has been found by professionals to lengthen their drives some ten to thirteen or more yards.

The ancient sites around the world are very precisely positioned on a global coordinate system in relation to the position of the Great Pyramid at Giza.
The positions of the sites are given in the geometry of their construction.

A very ancient system of numbers was used in the system, which we will call "Gematria."

"Gematrian" numbers are found in ancient myths and religions, including the Bible.

Gematrian numbers were used in systems of weights and measures by ancient peoples, including the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Persians, the Babylonians and the Romans.

The ancient Mayans used Gematrian numbers in their very accurate timekeeping.

The Code system uses mathematical constants, such as pi and the radian.

The system also uses conventions that are still in use, such as the 360 degree circle, 60 minute degree, 60 second minute, the base-ten numbering system, the 12-inch foot, and the 5280-foot mile.

Some readers may be familiar with the Greek system of Gematria, or others, which have numbers such as 666, 777 and 888. This system is different in that The Gematrian numbers all are divisible by nine and add to nine or a multiple. The basic numbers always end in 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8.

The 5th Century B.C. trading empire of the Eastern Mediterranean Phoenicians saw the appearance of a writing mode in which alphabetical letters served as numbers. Even at this early date, however, its roots were lost in the mists of time. From this base evolved the Hebraic and later Greek systems of Gematria. Both had reached a high degree of development by the 3rd Century B.C.

These alpha-numeric alphabets exhibited qualities and inter-relationships for which there is no logical intention. Yet an entire symbolic teaching evolved around them which incorporated the principles of number, form, sound and astronomy. Only number combinations and figures could be utilized to express this knowledge. Today, we view numbers as merely an expression of quantity. To the ancients, every number had its own character and identity; a place in an arithmetic chain that leads from one dimension of understanding to another.

This extraordinary system of arithmetic, or concealed geometry, form the link between the languages of literature and mathematics. With this knowledge, ancient literature, metrology and Sacred Geometry can be viewed with new eyes. With numbers, alphabetical cryptography becomes the law. Biblical numbers and structure dimensions become alphabetical statements. The WORD (number) becomes FLESH (dimensional) for numbers are words.

(Example: 3168 = Lord Jesus Christ - - Kupios Inoors Xpioros)

Some of the Gematrian numbers with their "Alpha" or "Word" meanings:

144 = Light

288 = Double light, the Kingdom of Heaven.

432 = Consecration (also the square root of the classical speed of light, 186624 miles per second). Several Biblical references are also tied to it; Luke 8:15, Revelation 2:17, etc.

396 = Classical earth radius (3960 miles).

576 = Prophecy and Gospel.

864 = Time (2) the source of light and life, (3) Most Holy.

1152 = Witness (576 x 2). Biblical references include Luke 14:26, Revelation 3:12, 12:11 and 19:9.

1296 = Circle of space (360 x 60 x 60). 1296 was also Plato's favorite number.

1548 = Priest of God.

1728 = A-flat in music.

2304 = False Christs and False prophets (1 Cor. 14:22, Mark 13:12).

3168 = Lord Jesus Christ.

3888 = New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:2, 1 Cor. 12:27, Luke 8:21, etc.).

5184 = Victory over the beast (Rev. 15:2).

Even more amazing is the fact that the same system of numbers was used by the ancient Mayans in the West in their very precise time-keeping! The Mayans used a 20-day month in their calendar. Here is a table of some Mayan Calendar units and their equivalent Gematrian numbers :

20 days = 18 kin *288 days = 20 bactun
36 days = 20 uinals *576 days = 20 pictun
72 days = 20 tuns *1152 days = 20 calabtun
*144 days = 20 katun *2304 days = 20 kinchilton

Joe Mason states: Back around 1992, a strange thing happened. One night at work the numbers 72 and 360 kept coming into my mind over and over. I knew about the 72 Divine Names, and I had read that 360 was called a "Prophetic Year," by certain proponents of the Bible. It is part of an interpretation concerning the dream of Nebuchadnezzar in the Book of Daniel. He dreamed that a great tree was cut and banded, which caused a period of insanity for seven years. This is calculated as Prophetic Years, giving 7 x 360 = 2520 years. From the fall of the Temple at Jerusalem, this is said to give the year 1914 as the beginning of the Apocalypse. I finally stopped and multiplied the numbers coming into my head. 72 x 360 = 25920. I was startled, because I knew this was the number of years of the precession, caused by the "wobble" of the earth's axis, giving us our 12 Zodiac Ages of 2160 years each.

I had read about the precession number in Joseph Campbell's, The Inner Reaches of Outer Space back in 1990. It was mentioned that when the precession number is divided by the ancient number 60, called "Soss," the result is
432, which is a cycle of time number (Consecration in Gematrian).

In Joseph Campbell's book, he gave the number of years from Adam's creation to the time Noah's Ark landed on the mountain, as 1656. The number of weeks in that period of years is 86400, it is figured. A human heart, beating once a second, gives the same number, 86400, in one day (60 x 60 x 24). Dividing the number in half gives 43200, strongly suggesting the ancient cycle of time number. The number 108 is the number of names of the Mother Goddess in India, and figures in the time cycle number as 108 x 4 = 432.

Some months later, I had a dream of a circle divided into parts, and I knew it was about the Gematrian system. It came out to a 360 degree circle, or "Wheel," divided into 10 parts of 36 degrees each, giving the sequence - 36, 72, 108, 144, etc. Full revolutions produce the same numbers with factors of ten - 360, 720, 1080, 1440, etc. The pattern keeps repeating on a base-ten system, so, for example, 144,000 is 400 times around the "Wheel." Each section is divided into 6 parts, for a total of 60 marks. The top and bottom points of the "Wheel" have a zero tangent.

Here is a graphic of the Gematrian Wheel as Joe dreamed it:

Twenty-Part ("666" Tangent) Wheel

Some other significant numbers are located at "in-between" points on the "Gematrian Wheel." It could be considered a 20-part Wheel. Each of these points are 18 degrees between the Gematrian numbers, such as 18, 54, 90, 126, 162, 198, and 234. Notice that 54, 126, and 234 all have the same tangent (again, ignoring plus/minus). Check this against the number 666, to see it has the same tangent. 666 is one of the '"in-between" points, being between 648 and 684 on the "Gematrian Wheel." Notice too, that some of these numbers rearranged, and with various zeros, form regular Gematrian numbers. For example, add a zero to 126 to get 1260, or insert a zero into 234 for 2304. Notice also that the "in-between" numbers also add to nine or a multiple of nine, and are divisible by nine. The numbers often show a repositioning, such as 432 and the reverse, 234 (an in-between point), and 324. Such is the odd nature of Gematrian and Gematrian-related numbers.


James Furia's Keyboard

The international standard of tuning is 440 Hz = the note "A". set in stone by J.S. Bach at a point in history where the remarkable discovery of "The Code" had not been discovered yet.

The truth remains that there any many standards of tuning created for different musical situations such as concert tuning; 445 = "A" Many esoteric schools of thought have believed that there is 3 parts to a perfect understanding of an unknown ancient lost technology; Mathematics, Astronomy and MUSIC.

Reasons to change the standard of tuning from 440 to 432

1. Harmonically aligns to astronomical time count of Precession of the equinoxes, 432 X 60 = 25920

2. The original Stradivarius violin was designed to be tuned to 432, it is the most precise instrument ever constructed by humans.

3. 432 is found at countless ancient sacred sites Furia's virtual tour of sacred sites along with such key locations as the Great Pyramid in Egypt, 432 is found at the largest Buddhist temple in the world The borobudur - At the Borobudur the amount of statues at "The temple of countless Buddhas" is 432

4. over 2,000 signatures on a petition to the Italian government to change the standard to 432 due to the registers ripping many opera singers voices in 440 (it fell on deaf ears)

5. The most important of all is when the correction to 432 is made, the others notes of the entire octave display a multitude of Gematrian ancient sacred numbers that are astoundingly relative to astronomy, sacred geometry, The Bible and other mysterious literary works such as the Bhagavad-gita and exact longitude and latitudes and hundreds of pyramids and other sacred sites.

Jimi Furia's Furthur Explanations


What the Ancients Thought About the Sun

The Sun is the world's regulator. Its position in the sky determines the hours of the day and the seasons of the year. Ancient peoples worshiped the Sun. They planted and harvested their crops by the phases of the Sun.

Stonehenge at Sunrise. Stonehenge is composed of thirty upright stones, each over ten feet tall, aligned in a circle, with horizontal stones perched upon them. There is also an inner circle composed of similar stones. The construction of Stonehenge dates to between 5,000 and 3,000 years ago.

The rock outlines of the Bighorn Medicine Wheel near Sheridan, Wyoming. The wheel is about ninety feet in diameter and possesses twenty-eight spokes. It was built by Native Americans around 1700 AD.

Stonehenge in Great Britain and the Bighorn Medicine Wheel in northern Wyoming were both designed to identify important times in the Earth's orbit around the Sun. The Sun dance was an important ritual for the North American Plains Indians. The Maya, Inca, Hopi, and Zuni Indians all have religious relics that show their regard for the Sun. According to ancient beliefs, the Japanese royal family is descended from their Sun goddess, Amaterasu. The Sun god is one of the principal deities in the ancient Hindu religion.

Our concept of the twenty-four-hour day comes from Egyptian Sun worship. The Egyptian Sun god, Ra, traveled half the time through the twelve domains of the underworld and half through the twelve domains of the day. Three thousand years before the birth of Christ, Egypt began using a 365 day calendar based on the solar year. In 46 BC, Julius Caesar replaced the Roman lunar calendar with a solar calendar modeled after the Egyptian calendar. Today, 5,000 years later, we still use a form of the Egyptian solar calendar.


The Threefold Organization of Mind and Spirit
The Horizontal and Vertical Communities of our Dual Citizenship

The spiritual is the cause of the natural; therefore, the two are in correspondence. In order to gain a better grasp of what is the spiritual, we may study the correspondence between the outer and inner worlds we live in. We may call the outer world relative to us our horizontal community, and the internal world relative to us, our vertical community. These two are in correspondence: the horizontal community is the effect, while the vertical community is the cause. In Swedenborg's terms, what is prior is the cause of what is posterior, which then is the effect. Let us attempt to analytically draw the relations between our two communities in case that might give us a better and more rational comprehension of the spiritual.

The essential quality of our horizontal community is the interconnectivity that shows everywhere. Take for instance the interconnectivity of events and people implicated in a street sign. First there had to be a city; then people; then development of specialties such as realtors, financiers, lawyers, local government, sales outlets, workmen, and so on and so on, not to mention schools, the alphabet system invented and perfected, and so on, so that the list of people, events, and epochs that have been involved in putting up that sign, as an ordinary street sign we recognize, is a vast number. This is an illustration of interconnectivity, which is an essential quality of community life. The word "community" is listed in the dictionary with two roots; one is “co-" meaning "together with" and the other, "-muni" meaning "striving." Hence community is a striving together, which thus is manifested in the quality of interconnectivity.

We know from revealed principles in the Third Testament, that is, Swedenborg's Writings, that the spiritual world our mind lives in is characterized by a most orderly appearance of geography, government, and justice. From this we may see that the interconnectivity of the horizontal community we live in is a resultant effect that is caused by the interconnectivity that characterizes the spiritual world in which we also live. There is thus a correspondence or, harmonious order, between our outer world and our inner world. By studying what the Word teaches about our vertical community we are enabled to see the outer world from the perspective of the inner world. This is indeed a desirable perspective because coming from the Word it gives only trues to behold. Thus, our external world is then seen by us in a true perspective.

The Third Testament teaches us that the vertical community we belong to has a threefold organization of people in the afterlife. In the Third Testament, the people in the other world, that is, the world we go to when we die, are called from top down, angels, spirits, and devils. The higher angels are called celestial angels, the lower, spiritual angels. Spirits are recent arrivals being on their way to becoming angels in heaven or devils in hell. The latter are divided into satans and, the lowest, which are genii. These five categories of people constitute our vertical community. The Third Testament informs us that these people are constantly in communication with our thoughts and feelings, though neither them nor us can perceive this relationship. They, as well as us now, know of this inter-connection through the revelations of Swedenborg in both worlds. Perhaps society and civilization as we know it today will come to an end and a new civilization based on a conscious recognition of our dual community citizenship will come into being. This may be the historical consequences of the Lord's Second Advent.

At this point in time it is given us to think from an entirely new perspective on ourselves and on the horizontal community, of which we are quite consciously aware: of our family, our neighborhood, our nation, our external historical church. This new perspective is that of seeing ourselves as dual citizens and looking upon the horizontal external one from the vantage point of the vertical, internal one. That is, we examine what we observe in our external environment from the vantage point of our inner environment, just as we examine effects in the light of causes. This is a synthetic view and was greatly preferred by Swedenborg over the analytic view (such as that of Bacon or Kant).

In fact, Swedenborg traced the excesses of the analytic view to the spiritual insanity of his contemporaries who were bent on developing a science that excluded the spiritual world. This negative bias was introduced into the allowable methods of gathering data for theories and applications; it was made into a scientific creed that functioned to maintain the negative bias as a matter of high scientific standards. This specific exclusionary standard was so successful that it effectively kept nonconformists from a chance to make a name for themselves in the literature, which went along with earning a living. The pressure on publishers and journals is sufficient to keep nonconformists out of libraries, the literature, and history.

The Spiritual Sun

Swedenborg supplies us with detailed rational and biological and cosmogenic details regarding the substances of which the universe is made of, and their lawful or orderly interdependence. Not a single natural or psychological fact or event can have an exception to this rule. Here is where Swedenborg's extraordinary originality and ingenuity shows up well. He presents an evolutionary view of the world being one of the first scientists after Newton to propose a theory of galactic evolution of suns and planets. According to this theory the spiritual sun came first into being through an act of Divine creation and all other created things came into being through the natural action of this spiritual sun. As the particles of spiritual substances stream out of this eternal sun, they become denser and denser through changes in their motion or vibration, and solidify into atmospheres of increasing solidity and material density. Swedenborg specified nine atmospheres, the primary being thin atmospheres which he called love and wisdom, and the succeeding ones being heat, light, ether, air, and solid matter.

This is one of the most difficult and challenging aspects of the theory since behaviorists are not used to thinking along a substantial or organic composition for human emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas, and intentions. Today behaviorism is still plagued by the archaic view that feelings and thoughts are epiphenomena corresponding to chemical reactions in the nervous system and the body. For example, the famous James­Lange theory of emotions, and its contemporary counterpart as the Shachter view of emotions in social psychology (quoted in Watson et. al., 1984, and other texts), is that emotions are nothing else than the physiological reactions in the body and their conscious sensation. We are not used to be told that emotions and feelings and thoughts are made of their own stuff, that they are real and concrete and substantial, and that they are not merely epiphenomena arising from the natural chemicals. Swedenborg system asks to reverse the view and say that the stuff of feelings and thoughts is substantial and exists within its own sphere of organized neurophysiology. According to this theory, the original stuff that streams out of the spiritual sun is two­fold: affective and cognitive. These two substances cool down and become denser, in which state they appear as heat and light of the natural sun, and eventually they appear as chemicals. Thus, chemicals are nothing but affections and cognitions cooled down, slowed down, and solidified. The physiology of emotions thus partakes of how affective and cognitive reactions in the spiritual body come down and solidify as neurochemical reactions in the natural body.

Swedenborg's cosmogony specifies that these two elementary substances of love and wisdom (affect and cognition) exist eternally in the spiritual sun and are an infinite source for the creation of ever new worlds and ever increasing numbers of humans throughout the universe.

The interpersonal basis of the other world is firmly established by Swedenborg's psychology, sociology, and history, which together may be given the title of spiritual geography. It is remarkable that Swedenborg's descriptions of the other world are continuous with our familiar experience in this world, namely, ethnic varieties of people as we know them here, identifiable according to their religious beliefs, their styles of dress and housing, their customs and form of government, their ideals and attitudes towards work, science, recreation, and humor. Of course, this makes the whole system more acceptable since it offers full continuity with this world. At the same time there are significant differences. For one thing, the language is universal, everyone speaking in their own language subjectively, but interpersonally, it is heard as an automatic translation into a universal thought­language by the brain of the spiritual body. Of course, this lingua franca does not insure good communication among varieties of cultures since these do not harmonize in their affective and cognitive habits. Swedenborg reports that new arrivals in the other world are frequently met by dead relatives or spouses and these live together for a while ­­ until they discover that they are incompatible effectively and cognitively, at which point they if they are compatible, they tend to cohabitate. One of the new peculiarities new arrivals have to adjust to is the spatial law in the spiritual world whereby similarity of affect produces proximity of ecology. Swedenborg reports that in the other world a storm is produced, with thunder and lightning and wind, when people of clashing affections get together, which sometimes occurs for special purposes, he himself having witnessed such stormy battles in the other world. This law that interconnects affective and cognitive operations within the individual, and external ecological events of nature, is one of the striking features of life in the other world according to Swedenborg. He observed changes in plants, gardens, trees, clouds, and animals surrounding families he was visiting that occurred when he also perceived a change in the affections and attitudes of the inhabitants. This he also observed geographically, so that certain thoughts and intentions create instant deserts or jungles with dangerous animals that appear to attack to hapless thinker. Swedenborg reports that the art of fantasy and hypnotherapy is practiced extensively in the other world so that there is a constant struggle going on there between good and evil affections, true and false cognitions. The law of the spiritual world is such that evil forces allied to false reasoning create a downward sphere or draft through which the people adhering to these affections and thoughts are pulled lower and lower, until they come to reside in underground, cavernous holes, where they pursue in perennial semi­darkness ever more restricted and specialized interests in a single overriding affection or lust, eventually turning into a kind of sub­human beast wallowing in one repetitious and endless sensation. The laws of the other world are such that those who adhere by preference and free will to upward moving drafts of affections, gradually find themselves in ever more beautiful surrounds, and ever richer and deeper feelings of contentment, fulfillment, and creative expression. The individual lives of people who make it a daily habit to be kind, altruistic, and useful become heavenly and filled with never ending intellectual and affective adventures in the eternal world. The happiness and creativity of these people in their heavens exerts a strong human sphere of influence that extends down into the minds of people living on the earths of the universe. This heavenly sphere enters the individuals' life on earth through ideas and strivings, Similarly, a strong and contrary sphere of influence emanates from the deep hells of human experience and invade us upward; they are felt in our violence, greed, pride, and desire to dominate others at all cost. And so, our past and future are interconnected through these spheres.



The Big Three:
Sun, Moon and Ascendant

This discussion focuses on the primary triad in your birthchart: the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. Interpretation of the birthchart begins with these three because they support everything else. You can think of this triad as forming the skeleton of character. Mercury, mars, venus, jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune, and pluto help to "fill in" the specific details of character. However, you will want to ignore these latter planets until you have grasped and synthesized the essence of character provided by the synthesis of the sun, moon and ascendant.. When synthesized, these three will supply the framework for the interpretation of the rest of the chart.

Astrology is an art, a science and a language. Derived from the Greek roots astron (meaning star) and logos (word or speech) astrology literally means "star language." The language of astrology is made up of signs, houses, and planets. Each of these three factors describe a specific dimension of experience. The planets and angles of the birthchart (i.e. the ascendant) describe the WHAT or the different functions and aspects of our character. The zodiac signs describe the HOW -- that is, how we attempt to achieve the goals defined by the nature of each of the planets. The houses describe the WHERE or the stage or arena of life in which the planets develop and express themselves.

The Sun, Moon and Ascendant

The Sun and Moon and ascendant provide us with details concerning the question of WHAT. When we examine the placements of the Sun and Moon, we are looking for clues to the functions and aspects of character implied by the sign and house placement of the sun and moon. We do similarly with the ascendant, which is not a planet but the most important angle of the birthchart. The ascendant is the degree and sign rising at the time and location of birth.
The ascendant's WHAT is our expressed personality. It is the mask we wear as we present ourselves to the social world. A personality is a role we play and therefore, something that is less then what we are in our wholeness. It is via the ascendant that we are able to find a comfortable expression of our sun, moon and other planets in our chart.

The WHAT, or the function of character we are working with when we examine the sun, is our fundamental identity or integrity. The sun in our charts is the gravitational center of our human personality. It is our innate desire to be and to realize our human self and our creative principle.. The expression of our innate identity (described by our sun sign) is fundamental to our health, well-being and vitality.

When it is the moon we are considering, the WHAT is our soul. It is our emotional nature and unconsciously acquired habits and instinctive reaction patterns. The moon is the fastest moving body in our solar system; changing as it passes from sign to sign and from phase to phase. It's function is to feel and respond.

Each of us has the sun, moon, and ascendant in one of the twelve zodiac signs and one of the twelve zodiac houses. When we think of ourselves and others only in terms of sun signs, we limit ourselves to a mere 12 categorizations of character! If we add the moon sign, we extend the range of categories to include the 12 possible sun signs in combination with the 12 possible moon signs, and increase the possibilities to 144. The possibilities jump to 1,728 when the twelve potentials for the ascendant (or rising sign) are combined with the sun and moon combinations. Throw in the house placements of the sun and moon and the number jumps to 248,832 possibilities! And that is achieved by a mere scratching of the surface of the symbology of the birthchart, using only the prime triad of character! (Next time you hear someone accuse astrology of "boxing" folks into twelve neat little categories, you can point out to them how truly unique each and every one of us really is!)

Sign Placements

The twelve signs are a combination of expressed energy that can be classified via their relationship to the four elements and three modes. You are likely familiar with the elements: fire, earth, air, and water. I will discuss the elements more thoroughly in a moment, but I will begin with the classification of the signs via their modes.

The modes relate to the three phases or cycles of any life form: 1) birth, 2) continuity of existence and 3) transformation/death. In the language of astrology, the birth phase or initiating phase is referred to as the cardinal mode, the continuity of existence or maintenance phase is referred to as the fixed mode and the transformative phase or changeable phase is referred to as the mutable mode. Each sign of the zodiac is expressed through one of these three modal phases as well as one of the four elemental forces.

Turning now to the elemental forces, what comes to your mind when you think of the element of fire? Fire is an active and forceful energy. The zodiac's fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius then, are all representative of an energetic, passionate, self-directing and assertive character because they are all signs representing the fire element. The earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, all demonstrate reliable, practical and sensual characteristics. The air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius endow one with a mental, communicative, and social character and the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces represent emotional, sensitive, and receptive traits.

This is, of course, a very simplified accounting of the modes and elements. An entire book could be written on the subject (and has been)! The important point is, your understanding of these elements as you've experienced them in everyday reality, will assist you in understanding their symbolical association to the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Following is a table listing the signs via their elemental and modal character

Sign Mode Element Description
Aries Cardinal Fire Initiating; enthusiastic, energetic, and assertive
Taurus Fixed Earth Maintaining; reliable, practical and sensual
Gemini Mutable Air Changeable ; mental, communicative and social
Cancer Cardinal Water Initiating; emotional, sensitive, and receptive
Leo Fixed Fire Maintaining; enthusiastic, energetic, and assertive
Virgo Mutable Earth Changeable, reliable, practical and sensual
Libra Cardinal Air Initiating; mental, communicative, and social
Scorpio Fixed Water Maintaining; emotional, sensitive and receptive
Sagittarius Mutable Fire Changeable, enthusiastic, energetic and assertive
Capricorn Cardinal Earth Initiating; reliable, practical and sensual
Aquarius Fixed Air Maintaining; mental, communicative and social
Pisces Mutable Water Changeable, emotional, sensitive and receptive


Three States of Consciousness

As taught by Sri Ramana Maharshi
Edited by David Godman

Question: For one who has realised his Self, it is said that he will not have the three states of wakefulness, dream and deep sleep. Is that a fact?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: What makes you say that they do not have the three states? In saying "I had a dream; I was in deep sleep; I am awake", you must admit that you were there in all the three states. That makes it clear that you were there all the time. If you remain as you are now, you are in the wakeful state; this becomes hidden in the dream state; and the dream state disappears when you are in deep sleep. You were there then, you are there now, and you are there all the times. The three states come and go, but you are always there. It is like a cinema. The screen is always there but several types of pictures appear on the screen and then disappear. Nothing sticks to the screen. Similarly, you remain your own Self in all the three states. If you know that, the three states will not trouble you, just as the pictures that appear on the screen do not stick to it. On the screen, you sometimes see a huge ocean with endless waves; that disappears. Another time, you see fire spreading all around; that too disappears. The screen is there on both occasions. Did the screen get wet with the water or did it get burned by the fire? Nothing affected the screen. In the same way, the things that happen during the wakeful, dream and sleep states do not affect you at all; you remain your own Self.

Question: Does that mean that, although people have all three states of consciousness – wakefulness, dream and deep sleep – these do not affect them?

Maharshi: Yes, that is it. All these states come and go. The Self is not bothered; it has only one state.

Question: Does that mean that such a person will be in this world merely as a witness?

Maharshi: That is so; for this very thing Vidyaranya, in the tenth chapter of the book Panchadasi, gives as example the light that is kept on the stage of a theatre. When a drama is being played, the light is there, which illuminates, without any distinction, all the actors, whether they be kings or servants or dancers, and also all the audience. That light will be there before the drama begins, during the performance and also after the performance is over. Similarly, the light within, that is, the Self, gives light to the ego, the intellect, the memory and the mind without itself being subject to processes of growth and decay. Although during deep sleep and other states there is no feeling of the ego, that Self remains attributeless, and continues to shine of itself.

Actually the idea of the Self being the witness is only in the mind; it is not the absolute truth of the Self. Witnessing is relative to objects witnessed. Both the witness and his object are mental creations.

Question: How are the three states of consciousness inferior in degree of reality to the fourth (Turiya)? What is the actual relation between these three states and the fourth?

Maharshi: There is only one state, that of consciousness or awareness or existence. The three states of waking, dream and deep sleep cannot be real. They simply come and go. The real will always exist. The "I" or existence that alone persists in all the three states is real. The other three are not real and so it is not possible to say they have such and such degree of reality. We may roughly put it like this, Existence or consciousness is the only reality. Consciousness plus waking, we call waking. Consciousness plus sleep, we call sleep. Consciousness plus dream, we call dream. Consciousness is the screen, on which all the pictures come and go. The screen is real, the pictures are mere shadows on it. Because by long habit, we have been regarding these three states as real, we call the state of mere awareness or consciousness the fourth. There is however, no fourth state, but only one state.

There is no difference between dream and the waking state except that the dream is short and the waking long. Both are the result of the mind. Because the waking state is long, we imagine that it is our real state. But, as a matter of fact, our real state is Turiya or the fourth state which is always as it is and knows nothing of the three states of waking, dream or deep sleep. Because we call these three Avastha (states) we call the fourth state also Turiya Avastha. But it is not an Avastha, but the real and natural state of the Self. When this is realised, we know it is not a Turiya or fourth state, for a fourth state is only relative, but Turiyatita, the transcendent state.

Question: But why should these three states come and go on the real state or the screen of the Self?

Maharshi: Who puts this question? Does the Self say these states come and go? It is the seer who says these come and go. The seer and the seen together constitute the mind. See if there is such a thing as the mind. Then, the mind merges in the Self, and there is neither the seer nor the seen. So the real answer to your question is, ‘They neither come nor go.’ The Self alone remains as it ever is. The three states owe their existence to non-enquiry and enquiry puts an end to them. However much one may explain, the fact will not become clear till one attains Self-realisation and wonders how one was blind to the self-evident and only existence so long.

For the Jnani (who is self-realised), all the three states of consciousness are equally unreal. But the ajnani (ignorant or who is not self-realised), is unable to comprehend this, because for him the standard of reality is the waking state, whereas for the jnani the standard of reality is reality itself. This reality of pure consciousness is eternal by its nature and therefore subsists equally during what you call waking, dreaming and deep sleep. To him who is one with that reality there is neither the mind nor its three states and, therefore, neither introversion nor extroversion.

His is the ever-waking state, because he is awake to the eternal Self; his is the ever-dreaming state, because to him the world is no better than a repeatedly presented dream phenomenon; his is the ever-sleeping state, because he is at all times without the "body-am-I" consciousness.

Question: Is the world that is seen, felt and sensed by us in so many ways something like a dream, an illusion?

Maharshi: There is no alternative for you but to accept the world as unreal if you are seeking the truth and the truth alone, for the simple reason that unless you give up the idea that the world is real your mind will always be after it. If you take the appearance to be real you will never know the real itself, although it is the real alone that exists. This point is illustrated by the analogy of the snake in the rope. You may be deceived into believing that a piece of rope is a snake. While you imagine that the rope is a snake you cannot see the rope as a rope. The non-existent snake becomes real to you, while the real rope seems wholly non-existent as such.

Questioner: It is easy to accept tentatively that the world is not ultimately real, but it is hard to have the conviction that it is really unreal.

Maharshi: Even so is your dream world real while you are dreaming. So long as the dream lasts everything you see and feel in it is real.

Question: Is then the world no better than a dream?

Maharshi: What is wrong with the sense of reality you have while you are dreaming? You may be dreaming of something quite impossible, for instance, of having a happy chat with a dead person. Just for a moment, you may doubt in the dream, saying to yourself, ‘was he not dead?’, but somehow your mind reconciles itself to the dream vision, and the person is as good as alive for the purposes of the dream. In other words, the dream as a dream does not permit you to doubt its reality.

It is the same in the waking state, for you are unable to doubt the reality of the world that you see while you are awake. How can the mind which has itself created the world accept it as unreal? That is the significance of the comparison made between the world of the waking state and the dream world. Both are creations of the mind and, so long as the mind is engrossed in either, it finds itself unable to deny their reality. It cannot deny the reality of the dream world while it is dreaming and it cannot deny the reality of the waking world while it is awake. If, on the contrary, you withdraw your mind completely from the world and turn it within and abide there, that is, if you keep awake always to the Self which is the substratum of all experiences, you will find the world of which you are now aware is just as unreal as the world in which you lived in your dream.



XVIII. Sol - Helios - Sun

The three small circles around the center of the sun disk represent the three wheels of the solar chariot, which symbolize the three phases of the sun. Together with the central dot they subtly suggest the face of the sun god, thus manifesting nature (represented by the sun) as a mode of consciousness (represented by the face).

The four roses open to the sun represent the four worlds of the current (Piscean) aeon. At the mundane level, they are the four kingdoms: mineral, plant, animal and human. At an esoteric level they are the four Neoplatonic spheres of being: body, soul, rational intellect and pure intelligence, and also the four qabalistic worlds (Assiah, Yetzirah, Briah, Atziluth). The roses face the sun because the four kingdoms and the four spheres draw their energy from the solar life force. There is also a rosebud which reflects the emergence of a new kingdom, adeptship, in the aeon to come (Aquarius). The rosebud faces the children because it will draw its energy from reborn humankind, for whom evolution and conscious intuition will come to coincidence.

In the Gilgamesh epic the rejuvenating plant (Shibu Itstsakhir Amelu = "Old Man has become a Young Man") is thorny like a rose and has its roots in the Abyss, as do the crystalline roses in our image. He calls it the "Plant of Openings" (Shammu Nibitti) and plans to use it in a communion with the elders of Uruk so they will all be rejuvenated, but the wise serpent takes it first.

The stones of the wall represent words; in Latin calculus means pebble, but especially a pebble used as a token in some definite information processing task, such as calculating (N.B. calc-), gaming or voting. (Similarly, "isopsephia," the ancient Greek word for gematria, derives from iso + psephos, which means "equal pebbles," that is equal in number.) Thus the wall represents human language as an instrument of definition and limitation to keep the force of the solar illumination in bounds. Nevertheless, the children have their back turned to the wall, which reflects the inability of language to adequately capture the mystical experience. In the Hortus Conclusus two underlying forces cooperate in the regeneration of nature: Logos, the enclosing wall, and Eros, the enclosed efflorescence of life. Both are necessary to accomplish the Work; thus in the Hermetic tradition Logos is called "The Good Gardener of Life," for he ensures that the garden bears fruit. (Case 193-4; Cooper s.v. garden)

The twelve visible stones in each course represent the signs of the Zodiac, and the entire wall represents the circle of the Zodiac. The circular wall is broken in just one place, which is the entrance that allows us to pass from the profane world to the sacred. The gate is hidden, and many circumambulations outside the wall are required to find it, for the unconscious mind circles the integrated Self before it finds it.


By; Julia Vaught (Gonzalez)

In early Christian mysticism the door, "The Door Iesus-Jesus, The Brahmarandra" the Iesus
I"" E ""S""U""S""I (God) Earth, Son of universal sun, "Mother Soul" had the currents of the Kundalini, with the channels or Nadis they pursue (1) Sushumna, this is the Door Of Jesus, or Brahma, (2) Fingala, which corresponds with its counterpart in its master sympathetic of itself on the right. (3) the Ida which corresponds with the left sympathetic. The vital life force specializing in The Christ Light, soul medium for the chakras and the gland centers "become the 7 tattvas (Lords), the center 7 of the "777" in the Apocalypse. These are called "The SEVEN PHEUMATA BREATHS, in Revelations The Seven Angels" as they are variations or differentiations in "The Great Breath" "The World Mother symbolized by the Moon" concurrent with the seven lumor forces, are five solar forces, pertaining to the cerebrospinal system called The Five Kranas, Vital Airs or Winds termed in The Apocalypse (Anemoi), These twelve forces, "The Seven Breaths and Five Winds" correspond to the twelve signs of the zodiac, a belt of the celestial sphere- about 17degrees in breath containing the twelve constellations which the sun traverses during the year in passing around the exliptic. Within this zone is confined the motions of the moon and the major planets. The Ancients divided the twelve portions and called them signs, which were designated by the names of the constellations which the sun traverses during the year in passing around the exliptic, within this zone is confined the motions of the moon and major planets.

This had great astronomical utillity, but also symbolized the relationship of the micro world embodied in man, and the macro body that God, The Source Of Life Eternal we use in the micro body. Each of the twelve signs being made to correspond to one of the twelve greater gods of The Ancient Pantheon and assigned as a house of one of the sacred planets, each sign to govern a part of the human body.

So that I may elucidate the recondite meaning of The Apocalypse to convey a clear and simple conception of its practicle, and, psychological use in the telestic, and perfective use of "The Serpent Fire (Speirema). This work has to be preceeded by the most rigid purifactory discipline, celibacy, and abstemiousness; which is possible only to one who has reached a high state of mental and physical purity; or the soul advanced to the state of crucifying the things of Earth; in his body; to let the Sushumna open for The Light Of God to enter in, and fill his house with Fire Light from its highest, primal source.

No man who is filled with crude and evil thoughts, or contradicted by ignorance and bigotry (a worse ignorance): in them "the paraclete does not enter in: the unpurified person who rashly attempts to invade" this holy temple of this finer God, can arouse only the lowest forces that are cruelly destructive, and never regenerative. We see an abundance of this today, and its destructiveness due to ignorance and greed.

Before entering into this systematic course of introspection to awaken "The Christ, The Paraklete, the Devachan within we must have gained almost complete mastery over our own thoughts, excluding from our thoughts, or mental field all irrelevent notions, and gain the ability to "Gather the harvest of life," or The Power of arousing the Speireme, or Paraclete (Christ Light) and to be able thereafter at will into the state of Mantela "The Sacred Trance Of Seership."

Kundalin or Paraclete Christ Light) we master the Life Centers: "Seals Of Revelations" that gives us the key to eternity, and its many here before hidden mysteries of spiritual realitites (this is the phenumatic science that constitutes the Gnosis), and the requirement of certain mystic powers, and it culminates in emancipation from physical existence from "The Birth From Above" of The Father in The Son, when the solar deathless body has been fully formed man then knows God "as himself in aspect". This teletic work requires the unremitting effort of many years, not in one life only, but is carried on through a series of incarnations until the final result has been achieved almost from the first the expirant becomes disengaged from the phrenic mind and centered in the noetic mind from incarnation to incarnation. These Araiels, (angels who preside over waters) carries The Eternal Light and they are made aware of their disconnective self from the world, their light is embodied in; we know that we are the Light BEINGS!!

As a lamp in the window of Earth. Most clearly we know this Earth is not our home in the unbroken memory, and certainty of our knowledge. We are iimmortal even before our final liberation from the cycle of incarnation. We stand tethered in a constellation of our own making "our celestial wedding chapel.""the Light and of The Light Of God."

In arousing the Kundalini, the Sushuka the all important force is ignored, concentration on the two side currents must preceed it to form a positive, and golden embryo mandella for life eternal. The womb of Earth within Ieachova "The Sister Bride androgynous one light for the land of the soul, that lives in the waters of time, in the illusionary frame of necessity of the whole picture "framed in time is this mandella of "The Sun Centered Life" by which man's body negotiates the love, and life of God in Form, for its formless Master, Christ as its image on Earth in The Iesus (CH) Isis using Of Hova (Jova) of Genesis in the Window of Our Father's House."

The blockage to our enlightenment is our inability to rest our house upon a rock, or rest our ship in still waters; for the attentiveness to the immediate "now" is essential for reality to react its course in you, to live in the axis of our wheel, witness its power, its grinding of our grain at harvest time into pure gold. We must be come the mill for the floss iluminating the universe, and refuse to be a captive to any part of it. We are the atomic measure of time and space. We are eternal. We are only The Light Of God held in ilusion to serve the cause f the effect in a form, as all other forms. We have our own species vibratory rate, to fit our piece into the whole as the micro whole using the whole macro. We are unique for we are the organization of states being of both men and God. We are three- three phases of the same thing. "I Am That I Am."

Fiat Lux. So mote it be. Cro maat. Namaskara. So be it.

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The Mahakumbh: Its Sacred Significance

WATER is the basis of all life on earth. Of the Panchmahabhut or the five natural elements, water is considered to be the key to life. Human beings feel a close affinity to it, since three-fourths of the human body is constituted of water. In this respect, our body is like a microcosm, as the surface of the earth (the macrocosm) is constituted similarly, being three-fourths, water.

The confluence of three rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati at Prayag stands for the meeting of Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Nadis at Muladhar Chakra known as Yukta Triveni. Kumbha symbolises the arousing of six chakras to reach Ajna Chakra where these three nadis meet again to form the Mukta (Liberation) Triveni for yogis.

The Ganga always flows and rushes very fast to the sound of Gama-Gam (meaning go-go) while the Yamuna moves slowly with a placid flow to the sound of Yam-Yam (meaning control-control). Likewise whether one acts fast in life or acts after deliberate thinking, it must be decided by his knowledge and temperament. And both these aspects should be supported by the invisible Saraswati, the faculty of Jnan (knowledge). The meeting of these three rivers in the spiritual realm represents the three gunas or qualities of the native, i.e. Sattvic or subtle represented by Saraswati; Rajasic or the vibrant Ganga; and Tamasic or the dark Yamuna. These three rivers also signify the three saktis, Mahalakshmi, Mahakali and Mahasaraswati; the three sacred fires of sacrifice; the three Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh; and the three notes of music, Sa for Saraswati; Re for Yamuna; and Ga for Ganga.

Further deep in the spiritual sphere, these three rivers represent the three phases of time i.e. present, past and future; the triangle or minimum space enclosed in time; Nad, Bindu and Kala; and the three humours, vata, pitta and kapha. The Triveni also denotes the three basic philosophies of the Gita, i.e. Jnan Yoga, Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga.

The Kumbha occurs in a cycle of every 12 years - the most sacred or auspicious time is calculated on the basis of a specific planetary configuration, considering its cosmobiological effect on the human body and mind. Various astronomical conjugations during Kumbha represent various stages of the solar cycle which has a direct influence on human beings and the biosphere. The ritual bath or snan on specific days i.e. full moon, new moon and Basant Panchami have been specifically prescribed on the basis of the bio-effects of lunar phases. The imposed electromagnetic fields on water are transmitted into the human beings taking bath in the Holy Prayag giving them great health benefits. The number 12 here signifies time or Kal as there are 12 adityas, 12 zodiac signs, 12 months, and 12 Jyotirlingas (self-emergent sivalingas). The entire world exists in time, moves in time and space, and is controlled by time. According to Atharvaveda, Kumbh is the representation of space situated in Kal supervising all of us. Spiritually the holding of Kumbha at an interval of 12 years symbolises the need for purifying the body by sublimating the inherent vices of the 12 sense organs, i.e. Panchkarmendriyas (five organs of action), Panchjnanedriyas (five organs of perception, the mind and the intellect - and thereby to arouse the six psychic centres or chakras separated from each other at a distance of 12 angulas for attaining the Amrit Kumbha or pitcher of nectar.

There is another mystical explanation of the Kumbha. The human head and neck form an inverted pitcher or Kumbha from where Amrit or nectar flows downwards into the body. The two eyes represent the sun and moon gods, the nostrils represent Ganga and Jamuna, the tongue is Vani or Saraswati and it spans 12 angulas of space.

Astrologically during Kumbha the three grahas, Jupiter, Sun and Moon, play a prominent role in the two Zodiac signs, Taurus and Capricorn respectively. The presence of Sun in Capricorn or Makara signifies the Swadhishtan Chakra, the centre of procreation representing the water element. Makara also signifies the Kama as Kamdev, popularly knows as Makaradhwaj. Accordingly Madam Blavatsky in her famous book Sacred Doctrine records that Capricorn is universal intelligence, which is transformed into human intelligence through water. It is therefore that one of the famous Shahi Snans occurs on Basant Panchami, the day of Kamdev. Likewise Jupiter's or Jiva's (life force) presence in Taurus signifies the creative power of universe, Shiva Shakti or the Male and female forces.

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"For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher
than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." (Isaiah 55:9)

Jesus answered and said unto them, "Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given." 1 "... Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand." 2 "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:" 3 "...Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice." 4

With these words of Jesus in mind, it is no small wonder to me that the world without Christ is confused and deceived when it is confronted with the "mysteries" of God. Without "spiritual" eyes and faith, it is impossible to understand Him.

One of the most misunderstood "mysteries" confronting the church today is that of the Trinity. Even though it is not possible to fully comprehend the doctrine, it is possible to apprehend or understand it. The Bible is full of confirmations regarding the issue, and nature itself loudly proclaims it.

Informed Christians who have studied the subject will deny that the subject is confusing. Therefore, it is unfair to reject the doctrine by using the excuse that "God is not the author of confusion." Confusion is reserved for the ungodly! You should study the doctrine carefully and know the reason for your faith.


The word "Trinity" is not found in the Bible, but neither is the word "Bible." "Self-existent" is not found in the Bible either, but all Christians recognize the fact that God is self-existent. To be able to properly defend the Trinity doctrine, one must understand the definition.

The Athanasian Creed states, "We worship one God in Trinity and Trinity in unity." 5 "Within the nature of the one Eternal God there are three Persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit." 6 The inspired John was convinced of this fact when he proclaimed: "For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one." 7

Despite these plain statements, the orthodox Christian view of the Trinity is misunderstood or altered by most cultic groups. They would like nothing better than to follow the "god of this world" in his attempt to kick Jesus off His throne. Consider the Jehovah's Witnesses explanation of the doctrine:

"A FUNDAMENTAL doctrine of so-called 'Christendom' is that known as the 'Holy Trinity.' It is accepted as Scriptural truth and held by millions of persons. The doctrine, in brief, is that there are three gods in one:" 8

The Mormon response to the Trinity is:

"Many men say there is one God; the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost are only one God! I say that is a strange God anyhow-three in one, and one in three! It is a curious organization....All are to be crammed into one God, according to sectarianism. It would make the biggest God in all the world. He would be a wonderfully big God--he would be a giant or a monster." 9

The Christian Science declaration is:

"The theory of three persons in one God (that is, a personal Trinity or Tri-unity) suggests polytheism, rather than the one ever-present I AM." "Jesus Christ is not God, as Jesus himself declared, but is the Son of God." 10

However, Christians and Jews are monotheists. They do not believe in three gods. Plurality of gods is known as polytheism (as evidenced by the teachings of the Mormon Church and the Jehovah's Witnesses). The belief in three separate gods is known as tritheism, a heresy equally condemned by Christians. Another ancient heresy known as Modalism (the belief that the Father is the Son) is also not validated in Scripture.

But God will not be mocked! For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, He has declared: "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:" (Romans 1:20)


Before we examine what the Scriptures tell us about the Godhead, let's look at the examples He has already shown us in the universe. They are perfect models for the nature of the Triune God who made them.

Romans 1:20 tells us that we are able to understand His Godhead by observing His creation! Henry M. Morris, in his book Science and the Bible, explains the physical universe as a "tri-universe," or a trinity of trinities. The amazing revelation of modern science has indeed confirmed the perfect "order of three."

For example, the physical universe exists and functions as a continuum of space, matter, and time (three distinct characteristics). Because space is infinite, it has no boundary; thus, it cannot be divided. Since matter (which includes all energy) permeates all space and time, it cannot be divided. Even though time is conceptualized as three separate categories (future, present, and past), it is still just one time. We see a perfect trinity of three separate manifestations, none of which may be divided--Just like the Godhead!

An examination of these characteristics reveals that each contains its own trinity, consisting of three dimensions and all are of equal importance. 11 Let's take a closer look at space, matter, and time.

SPACE: Space consists of three dimensions, all equally important and occupying all space. Because there could be no reality in just two dimensions, all are necessary. Yet there is only one space, and each dimension comprises the whole of space.

MATTER: The central entity in the tri-universe consists of unseen energy that manifests itself in motion and is experienced in various phenomena. These three components are all necessary and comprise the whole. The three stable chemical entities of which all matter is composed are molecules, atoms, and ions. Within the atomic structure itself are three fundamental particles working together in perfect harmony: the electron, proton, and neutron. The three radioactive rays are alpha, beta, and gamma.

TIME: Future time is the unseen and unexperienced segment (like the Father). The present is the portion in which we experience, feel, touch, and see (like the Son). The past is that portion which is unseen but remembered and, hopefully, has taught us something (like the Holy Spirit). "The relation of Jehovah to eternity is given in the THREE-FOLD expression 'Who is' (present), 'Who was' (past), and 'Who is to come' (future)." 12

MANIFESTATIONS: THREE is the Biblical number for "Resurrection, Divine Completeness, and Perfection." It is also the number for manifestations. "All of life revolves around the number THREE." 13 A few examples include:

• The primary colors of "solar light" are blue, yellow, and red.

• The tri-manifestations of the sun are light, heat, and chemical rays.

• In nature there are three kingdoms—animal, vegetable, and mineral.

• Matter exists in three forms—gaseous, liquid, and solid.

• The three great forces in nature are gravitation, light, and electricity.

MAN: Consider the human being. One person with three distinct parts — body, soul, and spirit. I relate man's soul (intellect) to that of the Holy Spirit (Teacher, Comforter); man's body as a parallel to Jesus (the only personality within the Godhead that was manifest in the flesh); and the spirit of man to God the Father. "The spirit of man is the candle of the LORD, searching all the inward parts of the belly." 14 These are three distinct functions that are inseparable and depend on each other. But still, just one man!

MAN'S SOUL — teaching, thinking, and guiding can be related to the Holy Spirit: "... as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie..." (1 John 2:27)
"...when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth..." (John 16:13)

MAN'S SPIRIT — can be related to the Father : "Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God." (1 Corinthians 2:12)

MAN'S BODY — can be related to Jesus, the only person of the triune God manifest in the flesh: "Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have." (Luke 24:39)


To illustrate the Trinity, let's use an example found in chemistry. Have you ever wondered why cooking times and temperatures are so different between high and low altitudes? It is because the equilibrium of any substance to exist as a solid, liquid, or gas is dependent on the outside pressure and temperature.

For example, water will boil at 100ºC at sea level (760 torr pressure). However, on Mt. McKinley (330 torr pressure), water boils at 78º C. Any chemist can tell you that the intersecting lines that separate the states of existence between all substances (except helium) can be charted.

The point where the lines all come together is called the "triple point." It is described as, "The point in the diagram of state of a substance at which the three phases: gas, liquid, and solid are in equilibrium." 15 For water, the "triple point" occurs at 0.01º C and 4.58 torr pressure.

That means that the same water will exist as a solid, gas, and liquid at the very same time. God created the water and gave it the ability to wash your car, cool your drink, or power a steam engine. He also made it possible for water to exist as THREE IN ONE! Isn't it possible for Him to exist in the same way?


"When a man found in his primitive home the divinest thing that life had to offer— a father's love, a mother's love and a child's love— he found God reflected in the interplay of love and kindness and affection in his own household and began to think of the number THREE as a symbol of the divine. Here, too, were the glimpses of the great mysteries which we express in the terms 'Father,' 'Son,' and 'Holy Spirit.' THREE came to carry the thought of the divine. It means 'GOD IS IN IT'." 16

To deny the fact that God is "One," is to deny all Biblical truth. God is explicit and redundant when He proclaims: "...before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me." 17 "...I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God." 18 "...Is there a God beside me? yea, there is no God; I know not any." 19

But God is just as emphatic when He explains His triune nature. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are equally God. All are eternal and infinite. None can be separated from the other for this simple reason: You cannot divide infinite being into component parts. Man's natural process of logic, reason, and mathematics simply will not work with the Trinity if he merely attempts to add or subtract the Persons.

The equation 1+1+1=1 is not possible. However, "Divine" mathematics (1x1x1=1) is a PERFECT solution. 20 Now we have harmony, balance, and total equilibrium.


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Alice Bailey and Djwal Khul

The Externalization of the Hierarchy - Section III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process

The problem facing the Hierarchy is how to further these desirable ends without infringing on human freedom of thought and action. It is with this problem that the great Council of the spiritual realm, of the Kingdom of God, is dealing at this time, and it will provide the subject of Their discussions and final decision until the middle of June. When the sun begins to move southward again, Their decisions will have been made on the basis of human demand. Humanity will by then have indicated the strength and nature of its goodwill; it will have sounded the "word of invocation" - reaching up into the spiritual realm like a breathing forth of the very soul of humanity; it will have expressed a measure of its willingness to sacrifice in order [455] to stabilize human living, and to rid the world of separativeness and of the abuses which culminated in this war; it will at least have set the stage for the blueprinting and planning which the Cycle of Conferences and Councils will undertake. On the side of the Hierarchy and in response to human demand (in degree and in kind, according to the quality of the demand), the Hierarchy will play its part and aid in making possible that which men dream, vision, and for which they plan today.

Let us consider for a minute what the Hierarchy stands ready to do and what its Members will plan and formulate during the Easter Festival this month, during the Wesak Festival in April, and during the Festival of the Christ at the end of May. It might be said that the Hierarchy, in conjunction with the great Council of the Will of God at Shamballa, will divide Their work into three parts, each governing three phases of the coming restoration of humanity to civilized and cultured living on a new and higher turn of the spiral. They will deal with the problem of spiritual freedom, as it embodies itself in the Four Freedoms, and with the problem of right human relations, as it will express itself through international relations, national parties and general human affairs. It is not for me to tell you what humanity, through its statesmen and leaders, will plan to do at the coming conferences. It is my task to mobilize the new group of world servers and the men and women of goodwill so that they may stand as a great "army of implacable spiritual will" behind the participants in these conferences and councils, enabling them to think with clarity about the issues involved and thus (through this clear thinking) affect telepathically the minds of men; this involves the use of a power seldom employed as yet on the side of righteous endeavor, though already widely used by the materialistic leaders of the forces of evil.

It is the task of the Hierarchy to find and reach the enlightened men and women in all the churches, all the political parties, all the organizations - social, economic, and educational - so that their united purpose will be clear. This [456] They will do through the medium of Their active, working disciples in the world. Thus They will pave the way for the true freedom of mankind - a freedom which is as yet a dream and a hope in even the most democratic countries.

But behind all this activity, watched over by the spiritual Guides of the race but determined and implemented by humanity itself, will be found the focused attention of the Hierarchy. This spiritual tension which exists among Them is far more potent than any of you suspect; it is part of Their preparatory work to make available certain spiritual forces and powers which - though complementary or supplementary to the self-initiated effort of mankind - will make that effort successful. What humanity has now to do, and is already doing to a certain degree, is to arrive at a right orientation as regards human affairs. Let us therefore look at the three phases of this preparatory work now going on, and endeavor to gauge what will be the results if these energies and potencies are released through the invocative demand of men.


"The Symbolism and Spiritual Significance of the Number Three"

The History of Hecate

The Yoga Sutras - The 3 Phases of Transformation



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