updated 4-26-2001


by Dee Finney


7-24-89 - Meditation: Voice said: "Earthquakes are almost impossible to predict, but this one will have a warning pre-earthquake before the major slippage.  I saw the outline of France/Spain/Portugal

by Dee


8-20-89 - Meditation: I asked to be told about the earth changes because of the map I had been shown in a dream earlier. (France/Spain/Portugal) I was told that the people in the specific area  would be annihilated. They also told me not to worry about it because I wouldn't be here. I also asked about the rest of the world and was told, "It will change a great deal."


8-22-89 - MEDITATION: I called Holy Christ to ask about the Earth Changes again. He said, "Do not worry about the major Earth Shift. The coastal cities must worry. It will be caused by an outside source and there is nothing anyone can do about it to stop it."

by Dee


8-25-89 MEDITATION: I asked again about the Earth Changes. The answer came by voice: "The changes will be sudden. We prefer not to say how it will happen. SOME psychics are correct. " I said, "I would like to be able to warn those people I love." The answer came, "Theywon't listen anyway, but many people will be with you."

I asked , "How many?"

The answer came, "Many!".

by Dee


12-5-89 Meditation: I called Master Marcus in meditation.

Q. What will happen to California in the Big Earth Shift?

A. It will slip. Great destruction. Great destructive forces. Change in coastline. I saw a great expanse of ocean with huge whitecaps on it. Sensed and saw that the coastline was way eastward into the U.S. as far as Salt Lake City, and the coastline was 'C' shaped back that far.

NOTE: Look at Gordon Michael Scallion's more recent map. It is the same. Gordon Michael Scallion's formal maps came out two years after I saw this map.

I asked about the temperature zone of Wisconsin after the shift. I saw a book list. Barbara Walters was listed as author of one called, "Alarms!" The answer was "tropical".

by Dee


12-28-89 Meditation:

Q: Please tell me about the future earth changes.

A: The object expected in 1997 will not cause the pole shift per se, but will be part of a chain of events that will lead to the pole shift. The chain of events will begin in 1990 and will take several years.

As you know the pole has shifted many times before, but it has been a gradual process of the continents movements over the face of the earth. This has not happened without violence. The land masses quake and quiver and mankind does not tolerate disequilibrium of its senses and does not have the capability of building to withstand the violence of the earth tremors nor the emotional or mental capacity to deal with the aftermath of particular violent episodes. Many there will be who will survive these events who will wish they had not. The earth and mankind will be shaken along many faces and many will not be able to deal with it's effects. It will cause upheavals along many lines , not only the aforementioned physical effects but also in religion, political, economics, and philosophical thought.

by Dee


1-15-90 Meditation: The chain of mountains between Portland, Oregon and Alaska will all come to life and spew smoke, lava, and cause many earthquakes.

NOTE: Since this meditation, Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier, and Mount Baker, all in Washington State have been known to be blowing steam, Mount St. Helens has been blowing smoke, and areas both north and south of these three major mountains have been rocked with earthquakes on a continuous basis. Most of them are too minor to be felt, however in checking the records over the years, the evidence shows that these mountains will eventually blow like they have in the past.

by Dee


2-18-90 Dream: I was shown a map of the United States that was graded according to the amount of damage that would be done in the earth changes. I was told to run my finger over the map to where it was sticky. The Northwest was a raised red section where the worst destruction would be. The map was sticky from Seattle southward.

I looked at some land in Wisconsin where rock showed way up in the north that was called Milwaukee rock. I was asked by a woman if I had ever heard of Calument. There was a strip of rock that ran diagonally across Wisconsin from Milwaukee to the far northwest corner of the state. Calumet was to be the best place to build.

After I woke up I looked at a map to find Calumet County. Just to the N.E. of Chilton, WI there is a spot from which you can draw a 6 pointed star to 6 different cities. This is a sacred spiritual center and that would be the best place to build. (If anyone would like to check their maps, the cities are: Fondulac, Oshkosh, Appleton, GreenBay, Manitowoc, and Sheboygan) (Chilton is in the center between them all. )

by Dee


6-7-90 Meditation: I saw a map of Africa on the Indian Ocean side. A voice said, "Regarding the oceans" . The vision narrowed in on the southeast portion of Africa.

7-21-90 Meditation: Q. What will the state of the world be in 1997?

A. Tidal wave. (NOTE: there were tidal waves from earthquakes too, but nothing got damaged)  

Q. Will the earth be hit by an extraterrestial object?

A. Yes! It will have a devastating effect.

Q. Is there anything I can do about it?

A. That is not yours.

NOTE: The earth was hit by several meteors, and Hale Bopp Comet came by and we went through it's tail, but we don't know if that is going to cause any dire effects yet.

by Dee


6-10-90 - Meditation: I again asked about the changes coming. I asked what the coastal cities would be like.

A. I saw great, great masses of people. I saw many tornadoes in the sky and heard the word, "Magnetism".

by Dee


7-30-90 A friend of mine was told in meditation to expect 400,000 casualties in the future. I meditated on it to pinpoint the event.

Meditation: I called Babaji to confirm or deny the previous vision of my friend.  

A. He said, "We will use this as a testimony to the future."

I saw many, many oriental faces. All of them were running from the right toward the left. They were all saying, "You are right, you are right, you are right"

I saw some kind of game going on. The voice said, "I haven't done this in quite awhile. Slow down, slow down."

I saw a three dimensional map. The voice said, "There will be a radioactive factor of 80%".

I saw a circus in the foreground and great destruction in the background and it came to me that this referred to the 'Olympics'.

NOTE: 1998 is the first Olympics to be held in Japan.

NOTE: 1998, THE Olympics were held and there was a SMALL earthquake. Nothing of any consequence occurred there.

by Dee


9-20-90 Meditation: During a normal meditation, I was given a contract. The date after the signature was 1, 1, 45

Q. What is the contract?

A. I saw a globe of light on the ceiling. I saw myself take down the globe and put the contract into it and put the globe back.

The contract covered an agreement to move away from the area in which I was raised to start a community elsewhere.

by Dee


9-27-90 VISION during prayer. A horrible green dragon came up out of the ground in the Mid-East.


Q. Is this dragon the same as referred to in the Book of Revelation - Chapter 12?

A. The Chinese are gathering forces against the U.S. which was not meant to be.

A. It was made by India for use in World War III.

Q. Will the Chinese get involved on Iraq's side?

A. They are already involved.

Q. When will the first bomb be dropped?

A. Would you like to see what it looks like? I then saw the side of a large building. It was a horrible mess. The voice said: "It is not nice to see."

A. I am gong to arrange the opponents." I saw a long list of names and between each one, it said, "Range".

A. Voice said, "This is as close as it will come." I saw a black gun, tied back with a thick rope, very taut.

A. Voice said, "Everyone will be afraid of it." I saw a square drawn by hand rounded at the corners, like it was a blank stamp on an envelope.

by Dee



A book came out about the New Madrid Fault and a dire prediction that when a special alighment of the planets occurred on December 3rd and 4th of December, 1990, I decided to meditate on this event and see if indeed these people had to worry about being annihilated. (This was an alignment of the sun, moon, and planets.)


Q. Please show me the New Madrid Fault area on December 3, 1990.

A. I saw the area from high in the area, swooping and flying around. The voice said, "I hate to disappoint you, but I do not see anything."


Q. Will there be an earthquake on the New Madrid Fault during the Dec. 3rd & 4th planet, sun, moon, lineup?

A. There will be no complications.

He showed me a visual metaphore of a spiral phone cord that was sagging. The voice said, "When it catches, THEN look out, It's really going to be something.

NOTE: Several days prior to the alignment, there was a tiny earthquake in the area, but on Dec. 3rd and 4th, nothing at all happened.

by Dee


11-10-90 - Dream: I was in my 16th st. house. Nothing was going right. I was on the verge of crying, but still trying. I put my kids to work to help out because it was so terrible. I was so frustrated. My youngest son was really depressed. I tried to find him something to do, because he said he couldn't find anything that he was capable of doing. Even that he couldn't do, so he went to bed and cried himself to sleep. I decided to get out of the house for awhile and went across the street to visit.

To make a long story short, I was asked if I would take in problem children. I agreed to take in very young children or infants.

Just before I woke up I was shown a contract I had signed. The number was 3332977.

by Dee


11-30-90 Meditation:

Q. Will there be an earthquake on the New Madrid Fault?

A. Voice said, "It will occur December 2 between 1 and 2 a.m. It will not affect Wisconsin. After it occurs, the land will settle down again.

NOTE: There was a very small earthquake at the time predicted herein. There was no earthquake on the 3rd and 4th as the doomsday author had predicted.

by Dee


12-19-90 Vision: I heard a voice say, "There will be 42 earthquakes. I saw a man with a paintbrush and brown paint. He painted both sides of an east/west borderline between 2 countries. He said, "It will include Saddam country.

by Dee


7-6-91 - Dream: I was in a city on a walking tour. A huge bus came by full of kids. The bus pulled into a parking structure that was three stories high. The kids got out of the bus and went over to the edge of the structure to look out over the city. There was a trembling of the earth and many kids got a shocked look of fear on their faces and so did we, but it was too late. The entire parking structure collapsed in a heap.

The man I was with and I dove for the protection of some thick bushes so we wouldn't get hit by flying debris. Still, the man was hit by flying concrete dust and his skin was pocked by it a little. But otherwise we were uninjured. The fire department came to the rescue to try to save lives.

Later, at the fire station, we stood there as the trucks came back to the  station in a certain order in order to fit. The women from the Red Cross were ther handling blood donations for the hospital.

I commented that when they made a movie of all this tragic disasters in the future, the rescue and blood donations events would all be romanticized.

by Dee


2-19-92 - DREAM - I was talking to a woman on the phone about the magazine. I asked her if she still wanted it to be 60 pages. She said that it didn't have to be quite that big all the time; and to keep it simple (not technical). It was to be about improving the earth we live on, so that we don't pollute it, growing our own foods, making this a better place to live.

by Dee


3-28-92 - DREAM - I was on 16th St. and had accumulated a lot of knowledge about the coming earthchanges. I was told that a series of people would come to me and give me information and that I should pass it on to those who needed to know, but to watch for one particular man who would come who would try to take it all from me.

I was then shown a map of the southern edge of Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, and Texas. florida was torn off and turned so that it was aimed at Texas.

I was shocked. I couldn't believe it. I took that map and showed it to my kids in a classroom. They scoffed that it was impossible physically, but admitted that Florida would disappear under the ocean.

NOTE: On 8-24-92 thru 8-26-92, Hurricane Andrew came from the Atlantic ocean,a cross the top of Florida, through the Golf of Mexico, and came ashore just East of Texas in Louisiana.

I went into another room and saw that the heat was on. I tried to turn it down because the gauge was on. I tried to turn it down because the gauge was red hot. I managed to turn it down temporarily, but I knew it would come right back on. I had a black rod in my hand that could be inserted into a tube so the flame could be checked. I inserted the rod and saw reflected in the tube that the flame was pure blue. There could be no more adjustments. It was perfect.

The investigator for the heat told me that he wanted to meet me. He called m on the phone later and asked if I thought he was too old for me. I said, "no!" even though he had white hair. He said he was a clerk at a store at 5860 W. Holmes Ave. I agreed to go take a look and see if I liked him. He didn't know that I already knew what he looked like. Before I  left to go meet him, I put on a new red dress and dancing shoes.

Then I went back to my 16th St. house because I knew that another man was coming to take away my knowledge. I was watching out the front window and I saw him coming. He was wearing ugly green khaki army type clothes like they used to wear.

I hid by the door and I could see him in a reflection on the wall and hoped he couldn't see me back through a reverse reflection. He was blonde, blue eyed and very good looking.

One of the kids opened the door when he knocked and he came in, telling her that he had come to pick up my library books so I wouldn't have to make a special trip back down there.

She let him in and he headed for the livingroom, following her lead. He was carrying a huge manila envelope with a return address of M.U. which I took to mean Marquette University.

I grabbed the envelope from him and told him that I was onto his scheme. I told him that if he shared his information from M.U. with me, that I would share my information with him.

I opened the envelope and inside was a collection of magazines, all bright green and I looked at the title of one because they were all the same. It was a year's subscription to U.S. News and World Report. I knew I had to have it for the information I would gather out of it.




11-11-94 - EXPERIENCE - I was watching the Sun Bear tape of the Earthchanges and could not keep my eyes open at the end. So, I closed my eyes to listen to the prophecies. The tape needed in mid-sentence just as he was going to go into future prophecies. So I knew there were more prophecies to come.

I still had my eyes closed and saw a video tape box. I opened the box in the vision and saw two tapes inside. I took one of those tapes and put it into the vision's VCR to watch it.

Extraneous noises pulled me out of the trance at that point. (Darn!)


2-26-95 - DREAM - T.M. called me on the telephone in the middle of the night and we were talking about the earthchanges and the end of the world. at the same time, I was thinking about what would his wife thing if she found out he was talking to me on the phone while she was sleeping. I could tell he was falling asleep while he was talking. I said, "Who is going to tell the world when the end is coming?" He said, "Someone will be told that it's them and then she'll know it's time."

He didn't say anything else and I was thinking, "Oh, my God! He fell asleep holding the telephone and it's connected to mine and she'll know who he was talking to." So, I hung up my end figuring he'd get a dial tone and maybe it would wake him up enough so he'd hang up.

Then I lay in bed thinking, "Some little girl is going to wake up in the morning and know that she has to tell the world that the end is coming soon."

I closed my eyes to go to sleep even though the light was on in the room. I was just falling asleep when I heard an alarm clock ringing on my dresser. I knew I hadn't set an alarm clock. I opened my eyes and on the dresser was a lamp with a crystal lamp stand and there was a gold alarm clock next to it ringing. I looked at it and thought, "Oh my God! It's me!"


5-17-96 - VISIONS - Two magazines flipped over. One was called "Southern California". The second one was wrapped in plastic. I said, "I wouldn't want to be there right now."

#2 - I opened a brown mailing envelope and saw many handwritten reports inside.

#3 - I saw a memo from an attorney. The subject was $2,000.

#4 - I heard a voice say, "Sierra Madre Park is closed to visitors."

#5 - The people in Southern California aren't going to like it but you'd better get on the computer and tell them.

#6 - T.M. said, "I've got this case of chemicalism on my head and it affects both me and you."  

NOTE: I contacted many earthquake centers on the west coast about the earthquakes, but when the date came, the earthquake was only a 3.5.

by Dee



7 23-97. This occurred after we met on-line but before we met in person.

Dee777: Hi Sweetheart.  What a night

JMason4557: good morning. How'd it go?

Dee777: I woke up saying, "We're never going to have another peaceful night are we? "   It was incredible

JMason4557: What does it mean?

Dee777: what does fractal mean? I haven't written down the dream I just woke up from.

JMason4557: It is form the new science of Chaos theory. It's about repeating patterns across scales...the way many things are... It has important symbolism too. You should write it down now, so you don't forget anything.

Dee777: I wrote down the fractal part.

JMason4557: Good. There was a dream with it?

Dee777: Geez yes! What a night. let me start. I'll skip the first vision and go right to the dream. I heard a voice say, "I thought we were going to be alone," then I saw a fountain in a pool, then I saw the earth as a ball whoosh up the fountain to the top where it exploded in a zillion pieces. I heard the words "fractal images" and each piece of the earth came down and became a window casing with glass in it. Each window was going to be presented to me to look at separately.

I went into another dream where you and I were in a house/hospital sort of place. It was old and there was an operating room. I was sitting in a chair that was a half circle with a railing around it made out of wood and I was in a hallway. A young man was there I would say about 12 and he was asked to watch a light fixture to keep his eye on it so to speak. because it was sparking, the woman there was going to hand him a key in case something went wrong, because there was a large chest there...sort of like an ice chest.

But the young man had to go to the bathroom so bad, he couldn't stand still, so I took the key and watched the light fixture for him, a nurse came by and asked where the boy was and I explained the situation and she was very upset. She expected the young boy to do as he was told and not walk away, however, the light fixture began to SMOKE. All the other people in the place saw the sparking and smoking and began to walk outside quietly and deliberately trying not to fan the sparks into fire. I took my half round chair outside with me, and sat in the yard and you were standing by my shoulder, we watched as the house/hospital went up in flames, There was a black woman watching us as I was sitting in the chair. I said I felt "loopy" which to me meant exhausted or something like that, I was half laying down in the chair, and watching that black woman watching us. and I said, "we're never going to have another peaceful night are we?" You said, "You can feel loopy all you want, I'll be here,"

JMason4557: Oh Darling...it is all involved with my material. It is about the nature of creation and about the Great Change. ...more..the computer you are going inside is in my head, and in the spirit world of knowledge.

Dee777: WOW!

JMason4557: I wish I could explain it all now, but its too much. I will be telling you.

Dee777: ok. let me tell you my vision.

JMason4557: Yes, please.

Dee777: I was laying on the bed thinking about traveling to California for a vacation and driving up the coast, when a woman came and sat down on the bed with me, She appeared on my right side. She reached over to her right with her hand, and brought back a round crystal ball about an inch or more in diameter. It was sort of a crystal green. There was either a protrusion coming down from it or that was a shaft of light. She said, "What is this for? Self-protection? She flipped it over so the ball was still in her palm, but the protrusion/shaft of light went up through her fingers, She said, "This is the way you hold it to use it." As she faded from view, I felt a loud hum in my left ear and the blinds rattled,

JMason4557: Wow! What do you think it means?

Dee777: I don't know, but maybe I should look for a crystal ball like that.

JMason4557: Yes. Good idea. Can you tell me what the black woman in the dream looked like?

Dee777: Hmmm! I would say she was in her 30's or 40's. maybe about 5'5 of 5'6. Just a regular black person, normal weight .

JMason4557: Pretty? Do you remember her clothing?

Dee777: I don't recall anything special about her. No , she wasn't pretty...very plain I would say. Short knee length dress, dark colored. Her hair was short...I think with picinniny type braids or those braid they wear now...about 3 inches long I think .

JMason4557: I think she is the Mother Goddess in this time cycle, like Kali has been appearing as a black woman.

Dee777: She was sitting quite a distance away watching me. She didn't mind that I was feeling loopy either. What a dumb word. I've got the key to the blue chest .

JMason4557: In my writing about the Tree of Life, I used some quotes about the Dark Sterile Mother," and how it relates to the change, and the idea of Kether moving into Daath.

Dee777: what about the light fixture smoking and the house burning up? It was an old house...like built in the 20's or earlier. tall with an attic. It feels like we were going to rebuild the house.

JMason4557: I think it is about the earth change. The house is the earth...the physical reality. Each person's "house" will be burned by fire...but the new reality will replace it. It is a symbolism for the change.

Dee777: good

JMason4557: Yes, we are the "builders," co-creators. Yes...good.

Dee777: we were just watching it happen. There was no sad emotion with it. It was almost like it was inevitable.

JMason4557: Yes...it is wonderfully good. I am sending a fractal.

Dee777: good. I watched the people in the operating room walking out...they didn't want to fan the sparks into flames. There were two women there who put on pink jackets which had white sort of striping but the stripes weren't even in width..kind of wavy striping. They dressed identical to each other. They looked like twins.

JMason4557: That fits too.

Dee777: They moved slowly but deliberately ...slowly Does that make sense?

JMason4557: Yes.Please look at the fractal now.

Mandelbrot Set Formation (jpg)

JMason4557: Then go here:

Dee777: I've got a painting on my web page that looks like that but it's got butterflies painted on it. It's gorgeous. I put it on both web sites.

Dee777: okay. so what exactly is fractal again?

JMason4557: The "Butterfly Effect" is part of fractal/chaos theory, and very symbolic...and about Transformation. I'm sending another picture.

JMason4557: Carlson's Fractal Gallery (3-D Looking)

Roger Hamstra's Silk Purse Graphics: Fractals

Computer & Fractal Art - Roger Hamstra

Dee777: I fell in love with it the instant I saw it.

JMason4557: Look at these later. The star?

Dee777: These are gorgeous The mandelbrot. They used a word in my dream that I didn't even know. Interesting.

JMason4557: There was an 8 foot circle out along a tram line in the formation. I had started to write about the symbolism of the Mandelbrot and Chaos theory 13 months before the formation appeared.

Dee777: who created the Mandelbrot in the first place, Honey?

JMason4557: The 8 foot circle in a computer-generated Mandelbrot is out along the "tip" or projection. In my speculations, that represented the planet earth. A coincidence had happened where a similar shape was formed by something dropped into water...it formed a similar pattern, with a single round drop of water up in the air..like the earth was in your dream.

Dee777: yes! that's it.

JMason4557: After the crop formation appeared, I remembered that I had made a printout of that area some years before. I found it...it was the picture I sent of the star. It is the Unity Star, and was associated with Horus and Bel Marduke, who were sons in trinities. It was also associated with Apollo. Another speculation is that it is associated with the worship of the scarab beetle. It is shaped like the body of the mandelbrot. It rolls a ball of mud around, and plants its seed therein, as the Creator rolls the earth around with the Cosmic Seed of Man. Hon, gotta go now.

Dee777: ok sweetie. have a wonderful day.

JMason4557: Benoit Mandelbrot discovered the pattern through using his intuition. The crop formation appeared near where he went to college, on August 11, 1991. The eclipse of 1999 will be on that day. Bye honey. XXX

Dee777: Bye. Love you! XXXX

JMason4557: I love you too. XXXX see ya tonight.

Dee777: ok! XXX

JMason4557: X bye




The Land is overcome by the water. 11/11/97 9:12 AM

In this dream I was with my mother, sister, children and some friends. We were on an island and the top of the island was covered with green grass but there were very few trees. Everything was in vivid color and it was daylight. There were a few buildings that appeared to have been put up very quickly. Like beach houses. As I watched something happened and I came out of the house where I was and looked around. The ocean had come up around us. The people, all of them playing like children. Swimming, doing things and having fun as if nothing was wrong. Then suddenly I saw as if from above almost like a satellite picture. I saw the West coast and in a series of frames or pictures I saw the land sink below the water line and the water come up onto the land creating the island that we were on. It once was a mountain top, now it is an island. I saw these things so clearly I could draw a picture of that map and the process that caused this mountain top to become an island. I saw the island and the shape of it very clearly. It having points to the West and to the East and being rounded to the North and South. It had a huge rock cliff on the South side and another smaller island to the South South West. You could see land in all directions at different distances except to the West where the land was totally submersed.

The waves were washing against the cliff side of the island in cycles ranging from a few feet high to waves reaching the top of the cliff at some points perhaps 20 or more feet high. People were diving into the huge waves and swimming around in the water.

My mother, sister, and friends were all people who I saw clearly but they were not my own family. That is to say it was as if I was someone else, or viewpoint with someone else in the dream. It was as clear as any night vision I have ever had.

Now I went to the beaches of this island in each direction and took note of what I saw and puzzled over how in a few more days this island may be totally underwater.

Sometimes I flew around and sometimes I walked but then I looked and there sat that house I had started out in right on the edge of the cliff on the South of the island. One more building remained at the top of the island surrounded by very short green grass.

There was a "tent" just to the East of that small building. People were gathered under it to get out of the sun.

My sister or daughter who ever it was came to me and wanted me to come see what they had found to the West but I had just come from there and my friend, a young man with short blond hair was urging me to go South to the "slide" and swim with him in the ocean. I told the girl I was going to the "slide" even though it was not what I expected when I got there. What the people were doing was waiting until the waves came in real high and jumping into them and swimming around to climb up and do the jump all over again. While I was standing there watching this blond headed young man went down and stood on the lower part of the rock wall waiting for the right wave. Others were all around him but most of them setting or standing higher up on the wall. I came down the hill to that same wall and the wave washed in over the top of it and I slid along on the top of the wall to a position near him. Then when the next waves came in they were far to low but we waited and I watched this guy and the girl to his right. Then a huge wave came in that came up over our feet and the boy and girl dove into the wave. I waited only a moment watching for them to be clear and I jumped in the wave and followed them out.

It appeared as though I had gone down into the water 30 or 40 feet deep and even thought I was going to hit the bottom. The water was crystal clear there and I could see the rocks below, a gravel bed sloping off toward the South into deeper water. Then I came up and saw the rock cliffs high above me to the North. I saw my friends swimming along toward the West to a place where they could climb out. I saw other people swimming to the East to a place where they could also climb out and return to the island to catch the next wave. I followed my friends to the West and that was the end of the dream.


I have had prophetic dreams about the land being overcome by the water at different times in the past. Some were clearly prophetic night visions while others were more like dreams. These kinds of dreams and night visions started a long time ago, years ago but they have never ceased. Every so often I have one similar to this and must ponder on the meaning. Is it symbolic ? Is it literal ? Is it a combination of both ?

The first and most powerful night vision about the West being overcome by water was many years ago and I remember it like it was just last night. In it I flew as fast as lighting to the West coast where I found the land ripped apart as if by an earthquake.

Smoke filled the air. I saw both new and old East/West rail road tracks ripped apart. I saw the air filled with smoke and ash. I saw fires along the edge of this high mountain where there was fresh dirt as if the land was ripped apart. I saw a few men fighting to stop the fires. As I hovered just a foot or so above the ground I saw palm trees through the smoke and a few houses that were along the top of the mountains. I saw children wandering around saying "I canít find my home, I canít find my family."

There was nothing I could do but observe and ponder on the meaning of the things I had seen.

Then as quickly as I had come I flew back to my house in IL and through the bathroom window and right into the kitchen where I found my father who was God and I told him "Do you know what I have just seen ?" And he said that he did know all these things and they were in the future for our world.

I did not get a day or time only "in the future" and other dreams and night visions of similar things in different places.

Then one day I was watching a TV show where some people said they had received dreams and visions and saw maps of the United States of America being overcome by the ocean. Some said this was caused by earth quakes and some said by a comet hitting the earth. One said it was a combination of both, that the earth quakes were caused by the comet or something hitting the earth from space. One women and one man drew their maps and they are selling these maps and perhaps some of them you can get from the Internet, I donít know. The maps were very similar but not identical.

The East, West and South coastal areas were submersed in water. The coastal cities and towns were under water. Many millions of people were killed in these events. LA, New York, New Orleans and almost all of Florida were under water. A huge section of the central U.S. coming up the Mississippi River was under water.

Massive areas of Texas was under water. Islands dotted the Western areas where California, Oregon and Washington States once were. Huge areas of Mexico were totally submersed in water.

Some of the people said that aliens showed them these things. Others said it was angels who showed them and others like myself said they saw visions and night visions and dreams where they saw prophetic messages concerning the future of this world. Some of them even gave dates as being around the year 2000 when these things would take place. Some even said the rapture mentioned in the Bible would happen about the same time as these events.

I do not have the answers or miraculous insight into these night visions and dreams which I have seen or the messages which were given to these others who have seen similar things. I can only honestly testify to the fact that I have seen similar things in powerful night visions and in crystal clear dreams that have impressed upon me feelings of great concern. An urgency to share what I have seen with others and prayer to God for the understanding of the things we have seen.

The other things I can do is try to speculate and analyze the symbols and make a guess at what these things might be trying to tell us. Because of the images I saw in the first night vision and how I saw the land torn apart and the rail road tracks ripped into I believe much of what I saw was literal. That at some point in the future the coast lines of this land and other countries of the world will be submersed in water. I believe it may happen so quickly that millions of people will be taken by surprise and not be able to move to safety. If the rail road tracks are symbolic in any way then they represent these things to be preset and fixed so that events that will come can not be changed by human effort.

If by the Prophet Joseph we may say that if a dream comes to us speaking of the same thing more than once, or three times in that case it is fixed and canít be changed then once again we have reason to believe that what ever these dreams and visions, angels or aliens are speaking about will take place and thereís nothing we can do to stop it. We can only prepare for it and move to a safer place.

by  Bryon

Original Dreamlink



11-19-97 - DREAM - I was on 16th St. working with some people down the street. I planted a large garden. This was the middle of summer and it needed watering. I went to turn on the water and there was none. I went into a building where the house was and there were some black and white valves way up high on the wall like in the 2nd story level. I heard a girl say that the 12th lead valve could be unlocked by rebending the #5 key into a #7 key. She didn't know I heard her. I went to open the water valve and saw that someone had flung a large amount of dirt way high up o the wall. So, I needed to wash the dirt off the white wall before I watered the garden.

I opened the valve and turned on the water, but when the water came out of the hose, it didn't immediately fall, it was held up on the second level by a filmy gauze mesh that held the water up and wouldn't let it go down to earth. The hidden veil was holding it up.

Suddenly, it let loose all at once and caused a huge deluge. It went down and hit the earth all at once. All the after went into the street and filled it up about 7" deep. There was no way to cross the street because it was so deep.

I felt very guilty for causing the deluge, but the girl said I had no way of knowing the hidden veil was there.

I then went back down the street to a place where people were gathering. A girl came in whom I knew well. Her name was Audrey. We were asked to sing a duet together. I said she could sing the melody and I'd sing the harmony. She said that was fine with her. She brought out a huge book and opened it to a page that had a song named LAURA on the left which was all melody and no harmony and another one with the harmony printed on the page on the right.

She insisted on singing LAURA that had no harmony. The longer we looked at it the less music it had and finally it had nothing but a picture of shoes on it and girl left in a huff.  

by  Dee




A Vision Of Western Disaster

Posted by Mark on Monday, 12 January 1998, at 11:41 a.m.

I had another vision last night that I have to share with you all. Normally I don't come off like this saying "vision" and all that stuff. But, hey, let's call a spade a spade now...

What I saw:

I saw the earth shaking in the western U.S., and I saw people trying to leave those shaking areas very very quickly -- as in grab what you can and haul ass right now, this instant.

I saw masses of people all trying to find a preferred method of transportation -- buses, cars, trains, and airplanes, as expected. Because of road conditions, and some "source" telling the people that driving is extremely dangerous, many people opted for buses, trains, and airplanes, leaving their cars behind.

My perspective was like that of a 10,000 foot view from above, looking down on the earth. I saw planes landing at various airports. One airport in particular was somewhere with mountains very nearby (in the midwest by the Rockies), and I saw literally thousands of distressed people all over that airport. It had become their new home temporarily since they had nowhere else to go. No motel/hotels; no apts; no vacant homes; no tents to buy; nada, zip, nothing. They had to stay at the airport for shelter, sleeping on the floors where ever they can find space on the floor.

I heard someone's mind saying, "look at them all coming here like good little sheep" and this person had a huge grim on their male face while overlooking the situation developing at the airport.

It got over-crowded really fast too. Suddenly people are walking and heading themselves in a certain direction in the airport, like they're headed towards something they need: shelter and food they think. They're taken to transport cars, like a mini-rail system, and taken below ground. I don't think the people really know they're headed underground, per se. When they get to where they're going, there are massive areas of open space, and plenty of that chain link fence stuff all around, creating holding areas.

The people are herded in to those holding areas. They are not free here, and never will be again I suspect. I pick up the incredibly distinct feeling of deception all around. Everyone's jaw is basically on the ground so-to-speak in disbelief.

They will not stay here in these initial holding areas. They will be moved again to other areas of the country, and this movement will also be underground on rail transports. Many many people never see the light of day again.

They're prisoners now, and apparently, this was the plan from square one. "They" (those who seek to control) knew this would happen. It was in fact planned this way.

They knew 100's of thousands of people would head to the airports, so that's one reason they built "bases" at airports: to collect these people very easily once they arrived.

>From this vision, I have to say that were I any of you, and the shit hit the fan in regards to volcanos and earthquakes, I would not venture towards an airport, and I would not under any circumstances allow myself to be "guided by the government" to what might be called "safe shelter". Don't do it. Don't do it. Don't do it. Take care of yourself up front. If you live in those areas likely to experience quakes, make plans for relocation now so when the time comes, you'll have a place to try and go to. I say try, because I see many people not making it to where they're going in the heights of the ensuing caos.

In particular, this year, please stay away from Mammoth California at all costs. This was the warning I was given and felt compelled to share. Mammoth will shake very hard this year, destroying large areas in its wake. It starts a chain reaction of quakes. That's part of what I saw, and it wasn't pretty.

End of the vision -- I had this vision while driving on the freeway (doh!), and someone cut right in front of me right during the vision, and my attention was diverted back to the cause at hand: maneuvering my speeding vehicle.

Afterthought: May 98 marks the beginning of something huge. It has to do with the Illuminati, a very major anniversary to them. After this time, hell breaks loose. See my additional thoughts below that I posted on another Web message base.

Mark, also known as "three"

Original Dream Link


In april of this year, the final preparations will have been completed for the celebration of an anniversary. those celebrating think of themselves as those in the light, the illuminated ones. the key to their Self deception lies in their chosen name, which reflects the primary deception they have followed ever since: "those in the light". For those in the light never realize that they ARE the light.

Look for your Illuminati to gather this year in May. look for their weak attempts to gather the energy of the moments. they have plans that will take action during these times and after, and their machines will break your world. this they must do, for they fear their masters who have instructed them to destroy your eco systems.  

Now, in this end times for them, they have nowhere to run, no where to hide. as the reality they have created confronts them, they have little choice but to follow through. for if they stand up and admit their actions to the world, they will be slaughtered, and if they disobey their masters, they will be enslaved. they have "made their bed" and now they must "lay in it", it is too late for escape for them.

In your times directly ahead, always be the Light, and you'll never find need to mistakenly stand in It.

in love,


by Bryon

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3-10-98 - DREAM/NO DREAM/FRUSTRATION - I was very distressed that my dreams were such a waste of time. I spent hours looking at a computer screen. Every line was: "Dreams of The Great Earth Changes" with several lines of type below it and my job was to create links to other sites. This went on for a couple of hours. I was consciously doing this and knew I was awake. I got tired of it and the repetition so I rolled over in bed hoping to have a decent dream The dream repeated itself for another long time. I finally got so sick of doing it, I got up, went into the kitchen, ate a banana and even though I was petty full I started reading Mircea Eliade and eating Doritoes. I didn't see anything particular of interest there so started to read the newspaper. I read the whole paper, that of which was of interest and pick out an article about the Salton Sea which is dying to put on my web site. Sonny Bono was working on the project and since his death Newt Gingrich is taking over the project.

I finally went back to bed and the next dream was of over-developed muscular people getting suntans on the lawn. They were naked, lying in the sun, stretched out to catch the rays. The most distressing was of the man who had long furry tails like squirrels between their legs.

The most distressing thing though that in the background of this dream were scrolling all the words I had just read in the newspaper.

by Dee




3-16-98 - DREAM - I was with my family and we were doing something about earthchanges. I could hear some radio station talking about it, and I wanted Joe to hear the information. It was on WMAQ. (That is in Chicago)

My brother was there. He had such teeny-tiny eyes. I couldn't see what color they were. I'd look in them and only see the black part.

I had the radio on outside and changed the station because they were talking about the earthchanges. My Father was working across the street. He hollered at me to put the station back on where it was.

Finally I seemed to figure it out, they were talking about the earthquake of 1995.

by Dee


4-1-98 - DREAM - I was on the computer and worked with 4 crop circle files and eliminated extraneous information so that each line was succinct and to the point.

Then I worked on 4 files, two for Joe and two for me...each one dealing with a fire breathing dragon. With those too, I was eliminating extraneous information so that each line was succinct and to the point. The picture I saw was a coiled green dragon breathing out blue fire.




4-2-98 - EXPERIENCE - After 5 a.m., A very thin faced small E.T./angel? type being wheeled in a vehicle of some sort with a flat wheel in the center with many spokes. I could tell it was very heavy to push.

I began to see instructions that Joe and I were going to OSTRALLIS to save it today. In the instructions I saw two words ll/\ll and //Mll which meant wings of light.

The instructions were lengthy. It was going to take 9.5 hours. The vehicle was a two seater with the wheel in the center of the floor.

I fell asleep and dreamed that I got a lot of mail from a man name BOYNE and that I was to study it.

NOTE: I did get 4 complete books by e-mail download from a man named BOYNE the same week.

I then saw the ships take off and there were a fleet of hundreds of ships which were going to OSTRALLIS. The ships took off at 6 a.m.

I heard the words  AU KUNG GA

I heard: "Save your dreams. Use our own method without filtering the words."

At 6:15 a.m. There was a huge earthquake in Australia.

I was extremely tired all day until 3:30 p.m. when the 9.5 hours were past.

by Dee








6-3-98 - DREAM - I had two dreams within a dream. Inner Dream #1 - I needed to go to the bathroom. I walked down the hall and saw the door was closed. I knocked once and opened the door because I couldn't see anyone through the crack in the door. I opened the door and saw my son Bill and two of his friends, kneeling around the oval-shaped bathtub which was more over towards the center of the room. They had stopped up the tub with numerous colored rags and towels and were running the water into the tub, pretending to drown numerous toy people. I started to holler at them. "Haven't I told you not to do that before? I believe this is the third time. You know that three times is all you get so now you have to be punished."

I let all the water out of the tub and removed and rags, towels and toy people. I went into their bedroom and got up on their bed, preparing to jump off the bed onto their toys and destroy them. I started to count down, 4...3...2...1.. and woke up from the dream, but I was still in MY dream.

In the second inner dream, it was not so clear, but in that dream, I was counting UP alphabetically and got up to the letter "P" which I thought was very significant. I woke up in the dream, but was STILL dreaming.

(This dream has a lot of details in it, so I'm not positive I am remembering them all in sequence) There were several themes in the dream.

I was moving from one side of the street to the other side of the street in the 2500 block of North 16th St. I was taking care of an apartment building/house for another woman. I had to go to the bathroom really bad. My husband volunteered me to give a lecture on dreams which I was totally unprepared for. I was doing all these things at the same time.

I decided to tell the two 'inner dreams' to the lecture group because they were fresh in my mind. With that decision made, I decided to run across the street and look at my new house. Unfortunately, the 7 silver keys I had for the front door, I left behind at the old house and I couldn't get in the door without them, so I needed to go back home and get the keys.

This was yet early in the morning, about 8:30 a.m. The children were gathering on the sidewalk to wait for the schoolbus.

Meanwhile, my neighbor asked me to take care of the building while she was out on an errand. I agree to do this.

She said she would show me how to use the black telephone, which also monitored the lobby for guests and visitors. #333 was to speak to people in the lobby. #777 was to listen to what they had to say. I pressed #777 and there was no one there except those children getting ready to go to school. I could hear them talking in the background.

She had a candy exchange program for the kids in the morning. She provided a series of black containers with candy in them and the children would come in with a handful of candy in exchange. The children who came in while I was standing there were coming in with handfuls of candy that looked like silver people (the same kind my son was trying to drown in the bathtub in the inner dream) The kids didn't want this woman's candy in the little black containers, they were exchanging "people" candy with each other by the handfuls. These  kids were so happy to be able to do this.  

Meanwhile I had to go to the bathroom really bad. I found three bathrooms in the house/apartment but there was a child in each one and each child was sitting inside the toilet bowl which was devoid of water, and they were playing with the little silver candy 'people'.  

I had dressed in a brown dress to go across the street to look at my house and felt that was not an appropriate color to give the dream lecture in, so I had to change clothes too.

I went to a room where I started to change clothes and as as soon as I was sitting there with no pants on, several young men came to a counter-like area with a window and demanded to be helped with some problems. After making some lame excuses, I eventually had to tell them that I didn't have any pants on and couldn't stand up in front of them. They left me alone long enough to get dressed then.

Finally, one of the bathrooms emptied out and I ran to the bathroom to do what I needed to do. No sooner had I sat down, my husband brought in all the people who wanted to hear my dream lecture while I was sitting on the toilet. I told them the two 'inner dreams' about the letting out the water from the tub, the counting down to 1, the punishment, and the counting up to the letter "P" and that it related to the coming earthchanges and how soon it would be.

The people all left then, and I was standing in the doorway when the door of the apartment across the hallway opened up. A huge man appeared, with a dark, 1/2 grown out stubble of a beard, wearing a sleeveless T shirt and trousers with suspenders. I soon got the idea  that he was in charge of the whole thing. He came over, held out his hand to shake mine and said, "Congratulations! You have done well and I hope you will be happy here.!" I shook his hand and thanked him.

I woke up and instantly heard a telephone ring in my left ear. I mentally said, "I am ready for a message."

I began to see a small graveyard. It was oval-shaped. A white arm and hand appeared and began digging a deep hole in the soil and bringing out objects which I eventually recognized to be the baby Jesus laying in a 'cradle' and surrounded by baby animals. I then saw another oval ring next to it and inside that ring, a full sized lamb and lion were laying down inside it...side by side.




7-15-98 - SPECIAL MEDITATION FOR AUG. 28, 1998

This was a special meditation about the dire prophecies for Aug. 28, 1998.

I called my angels, personal guides, Metatron, Babaji, and all other entities who would be interested in the question.

These are the responses:


"Isn't that gorgeous?"

"Isn't that beautiful?"

"Oh, how glorious"

Foreign words - "Bit it ma, bit it ma" (Might be American Indian)

"Do not fear it"

"Do not worry about it"

"There will be much of world importance that day, there is nothing to be alarmed about, however"

"Everything is stable as it should be"

"There is nothing to be concerned about"

"Everything will be harmonious"

"There is nothing of world-wide import to be alarmed about"

I saw a pulsating hole in the ground, surrounded by green grass, but there was nothing coming out of it.

"This is to give you assurance. There is nothing to be alarmed about."

"There is much to worry about family values"

"There is much to worry about the crime rate"

"The article looks good"

I asked specifically:

Q. Will the Pole Shift happen on Aug. 28, 1998?"

A. ' "We would contact you if there would be a pole shift on that date."

"There is nothing to be alarmed about"

"There is nothing going to harm you"

I stated: "There are many people afraid at this time because there have been dire prophecies of something disastrous going to happen on Aug. 28, 1998."

"You would be told in advance"

"There s nothing to worry about"

"There will be fires that day, but that will not be unusual"

"There will be storms that day, but that will not be unusual"

"There will be windy weather that day but that will not be unusual"

"The oceans will be wavy, the sand will be warm, the sun will  be shining. That also will not be unusual".

"There will also be earthquakes that day, and that also will not be unusual."

"All will be well. There will be nothing to worry about."

"That will be all"

I stated: "Thank you very much! I appreciate your help".

There is no need to check that specific date again.

NOTE: On Aug. 28, 1998, I had what I call a BLACK VISION -

I had a black vision this morning, which is a little ominous. I have not figured out the portents yet. Here it is:



I couldn't read the rest of the list, but then saw a page which was a lot of written things by Dee777 (ME)

That was followed by these:





At least it ended with a wish for good luck. All I have to do is figure out what it's about.  

by Dee


8-20-98 - VISION - I was looking at a web page, then borrowed some words on the same subject from Joe. I then saw the words, "Scattered Against Rome". Then I saw, 'EARTHCHANGES'. Then it went back to the page again.

by  Dee


10-25-98 - VISION - I was standing in the yard. Right in front of me, I saw a huge crack in the earth. A single sunflower stalk was growing out of the crack. I could see way down the talk to it's root, deep in the earth. Then, I noticed farther over, there was another crack in the earth that didn't go down but went east to west as far as I could see like the earth was separating from dryness like a faultline. It was wide and dark and I knew it was getting worse.

by Dee


11-26-98 JOE'S DREAM - I was sitting on a dock at the Pacific Ocean. Everything turned sideways and we were deep under water. I held onto a metal rail and got out.

I went to a very large building complex where thousands of people lived. I heard about a huge wave of water coming. I ran to my room, planning my escape, along with others.

A few minutes later, the words "Paradigm Shift" went through my mind, and I saw water in a slow river go out over land and into a big pipe, where it was moving rapidly and was accelerating quickly.

The next words I heard was "changing of the guard". Someone was explaining how this was taking place on another dimensional plane but had effects on the earth as well.

Immediately I heard,"gathered by day in full rotation, and lesser so by night." This was about the planets.

END of Revelations

According to my understanding, the garbage of the other dimensions of consciousness is discharged on earth and earth swallows the river poured out by the dragon. (Rev. 12:15) It's a purification process that can only be enacted on the stage of earth. It serves an important function in consciousness involving multiple dimensional planes. I sometimes fees the burden or heaviness, the switch to being lighthearted. It's like being schizophrenic.

Mankind is the Fenris Wolf. http://list.org/~beth/wolf.html

by Joe Mason


12-1-98 - DREAM - I was seeing a series of maps of the United States, Alaska, and Canada. I was shown various types of maps with all the states marked, each section map like Northeast, midwest, western, then other kinds of maps like topography, and other kinds of separations.

I didn't see any disaster or anything, just all the various separations of many kinds.  

NOTE: I created a web page about maps. I started with a section of disaster maps from psychics, followed by real maps of various types just like the dream.



 12-1-98 - MICHELE DREAM - I was with Michele on top of Mount Rainier. I was telling of prophecy and danger of how a huge earthquake would come and the dam that held the water back would break loose and rush down the flumes too fast for it to handle.

We were on one side of the flumes where the water would spill over and there was only one way to get to the other side...which was b ya special bridge that my Father had made. She said that the bridge was made in a very strange place high up on the mountain. I told her that one day we would be glad it was there.

by Michele


12-12-98 - DREAM - I was at a big farm house with a bunch of people. I had to keep peeing a lot...every few minutes. I found a physicians book on a shelf. I wanted to look up Diabetes. The book was empty except for recipes pasted in.

One of the kids there brought in a huge book to show me. It was similar in color and was about Christianity. The boy said, "You know what this is about/" I said, "No! What?" He opened it up and inside...written on a line, it said, "Earthchanges!" He was so excited he took it back with him to read.

I then went over to another boy who was laying on an upper bunk bed. There was a square long bar in a track over his head. I was going to move it just a little bit, but it flew half way across the room and hit the opposite wall.

Some other women came in with some tiny green mittens. She was looking for people to knit children's mittens. I apologized and told her I had lost all my phone numbers so hadn't been able to contact anyone to do that, but volunteered to knit mittens for little children who didn't have any.

Then she showed me a heavy man's boot, she said was for college age kids. It was rubber and heavy duty. But there was only one...not a pair and she opened it and where you put your foot in, it was zippered shut with flimsy netting. Even she turned up her nose at it. I had to go pee  so bad, that's all I could think of and woke up.

by Dee


WE'RE AT WAR!!! Nuclear bombs may be next???

Wed, 16 Dec 1998 17:35:14 EST

I was not going to relay this information because I'm trying not to be a fear monger, but now that the President has announced we are bombing Baghdad, I will tell you the visions I had last night. Actually it was early this morning.

12-16-98 - 3:30:a.m. VISION - I was seeing a silo type construction. It was very tall. It was as though I could see through the building. I could see a machine of some kind drilling down through the center of this silo, and when the drill hole was complete, a nuclear bomb was dropped down the hole and it exploded.

After the explosion was over, I could see colored liquid-type jell flowing in the streets in several colors of blue, green, and yellow, and red.

Following the nuclear explosion, I saw three shorter type silo constructions. They looked more like oil tanker constructions where oil is stored. Here too, I could see through the constructions and saw drilling going on down through the center of these constructions. Here too, when the drilling was done, bombs (but not nuclear) were dropped down through the holes and exploded.

When this was all over, I was sitting in a room with some other people. It was a very bare room,with no furniture but the wooden chairs we were sitting on. The people I was with were men and women of various ages. There were no children in evidence. I made an announcement to them, that since their mates were gone, they and I would have to be a 'family' with each other. It was a very somber meeting with them. There was no joy in becoming a 'family' but one of necessity because there was no one else to be a 'family' with.

End of vision.

I cannot say when or where I was during this event, but obviously, it was not a good thing to experience.



From: enoch144@eagle-net.org (Enoch Shemna)

A couple friends of mine had dreams last night or the night before about War starting. I had adream last night about the nation coming under attack during the holidays or Christmas. In my dream everyone was in their homes celebrating and sitting around their TVs and Christmas trees-the TV I saw showed war somewhere- the house I was in looked like the house I lived in as a child for some reason I dream of that house a lot - I was told once it was because I am very comfortable in that surrounding and I can go there in dreams to receive instruction. Well in the dream as I saw the war going on via the Television my family was watching I went to my parents room and kneeled down in prayer on their bed when suddenly I heard explosions outside- I ran to the window and instead of seeing my old backyard I saw a large and spacious american city being blown apart by fire from the sky-missles and bombs I presume and black helicopters were hovering around the city as people scattered in the streets - one of the choppers turned toward my window and blasted its firearms in my direction as the window is shattering behind me as I am running away I yell to everyone to leave the house. I jump up and fly away as everything below is in chaos.

Then today I hear Clinton is bombing Iraq- perhaps we are next?


From: steffanlaw@halcyon.com (Steffan)

Oh My God!

Dee has had a dream predicting the sterilization of man AND the earth. Mother Earth's blood is her oil. The nuclear explosion released all of earth's chakras (the colors flowing in the streets).The smaller explosions finished the job.

Dee watched man kill the earth! Iraq may be the target, but that is not clear, for the nuclear destruction of the earth's blood.

Dee was is a barren room as a survior with no hope, placed into the situation of where the living will envy the dead.

Dee, I am so sorry that you had to experience this horror. But, as I type this answer, I get confirmation of its accuracy.

Love to You,



1-26-99 - DREAMS/VISIONS This is strictly for the West Coast. Others needn't worry, but should send light to the situation if you can. I would ask that everyone pass this along to anyone you know on the West Coast. Last night, I had 6 identical dreams In the dream, I was staring at a control panel of indicators, buttons, and charts about disasters, especially earthquakes. When the earthquake hit, even the indicator that said 'earthquake' shook violently.

The fact that I had the dream 6 times is VERY important. That means it's highly likely to happen.

After I woke up this morning, I had a series of at least a dozen visions. Each one was about the types of quake disaster that is going to occur.

In one, a tectonic plate dropped slightly. In the next, the plate dropped and quivered, and what looked like solid rock, turned to gravel and rolled around. In another one, the tectonic plates turned on edge like this: /////. In another one, I saw cars on top of roadways, raise up in the air 50 feet or more. In another, everything got all jumbled up like jackstraws.

I was told that there will not only be a lot of damage, but many deaths. When the earthquakes hit, there will also be tidal waves which will kill many more people along the coastline.

For some reason, there is also going to be heavy cross winds which  will cause damage to anything airborne at the time.

Let me tell you this also. Many people have been getting warnings from spirit to leave, and you haven't listened. Those of you who have gotten the warnings know who you are. NOW is the time to heed the warnings while there is still time.

Not all types of quakes will hit the same place. These quakes will happen all along the west coast. A BIG shift is coming. Watch the little quakes now. That's where the indicators will show where the big ones are going to hit. We already know that Los Angeles will be  tne place. Little quakes are good. The are pressure relievers. It would be worse if there were none.

Also be aware that 7 volcanoes are going to go off all at once also. They will be devastating as well. These volcanoes are all linked underneath the surface of the earth. These also will be along the West Coast.

I already know that many people will hide their heads and not heed the warnings. I was shown that too, but those of you who have the awareness will know that this is the time to go. You have 6 weeks to make the move. Make it less if you can.

Here are the visions:

#1 - I saw a man in a beige trench coat take a big step to the left over a sinking sidewalk plate.

#2 - I saw the same man in a beige coat take a step forward and to the right over the same sinking sidewalk plate, which was now deeper and the concrete had turned to shifting sand and gravel.  


#4 - VOICE - There is a developing situation which CNN and a large  magazine media will break. I saw numerous pictures on two side by side pages. There were 7 of them. Each page I turned over was developing the pictures as I went. I flipped them all back to look at them again, and they continued to develop. (Perhaps there are two situations developing)

#5 - VOICE - ZUCKO - (ZUKO) I saw a huge land mass rise over 50 feet with a car balanced on top of it.

#6 - VISION - I saw a full drawer of kitchen utensils slamming shut and all the utensils were jammed every which way out of alignment at the front of the drawer.

#7 - VISION - I saw the same drawer pulled as far out as it could go with all the same kitchen utensils still jammed way to the front. The back of the drawer was empty. Then I saw a hand move a single large mixer beater to the left corner of the back of the drawer and a large mat on the right back corner which laid down on the empty space and draped over the top of the utensils. A voice said, "If everyone is dead, what good is it?"

#7 - VOICE - "This is it"... sue market (Sue Marquette) (SUE MAR KET) ( I don't know what this means, but a man called up on the phone the same evening and threatened to sue us for publishing a derogatory paper about him on the web) (We removed it)

#8 - VOICE - "The gentlemen in the Senate is hiding something. It'll be the gentlemen from San Francisco. The information is about to be released. What is the strategy?"

#9 - VOICE - When the wind current meet each other, the antique flyers in multiples. "  

#10 - I could hear rock and roll music playing. A voice said, "Take  the music away from the yard." I saw a stick raise up a whole pile of plates in a sink. All were tilted ////.

#11 - VOICE - "It's time to leave." I saw a man scrambling to get out of bed and out of his house. The voice said, "It's the water level."

#12 - I saw three men bend over way down, hiding their heads. Then I saw three other men with dark hair and dark moustaches. A voice said, "If you don't want to! then "If you don't have to!" I assumed the sentences belonged to each type of men.

#13 - I saw like a pit forming in sand. It was circular. A voice said, "Can Arizona offer any darkening?" This was a 5 pointed star but with rounded ends.

#14 - VOICE - "The timing is off."

#15 - VOICE - "The Kings with the contracts will lose."

#16 - VISION - I saw a black hand held radio communicator with the antenna broken off. (I assumed that was the end of the communications and got up to write everything down.)

by Dee


2-2-99 - (I had three dreams of web pages about Earthchanges)

#1 - A plain listing of the different kinds of earthchanges

#2 - The same list of words, placed in the order in which theywere going to occur. Some were side by side in a row. Each  one was etched into its own sized space in what looked like stone or concrete.

#3 - The same list of words on a brown page. It appeared to be an answer to a letter written by Joe Mason. It said:

"My name is Joe Mason. Zeus is my home county."


After the earthchange dreams were over, I had another brief dream where I was standing by the stairway of a large empty basement. It seemed we had all been gone on a vacation. Someone had painted the walls deep blue with white daisies all over it. The floor was painted brown and the maintenance man, "Joe" said he was going to paint the walls and then pour a new concrete floor. It appeared there was room for 6 to 9 inches of concrete on the floor up to where the new paint started. Joe said he was ready to pour the concrete. I asked him if he decided not to pain first so he wouldn't drip paint on the new concrete, but since it was all newly painted, he decided he would just go ahead to pour the concrete.

When that dream was over, I had a vision of seeing the end of another letter. It ended:






My Blue Heaven
day is ending
birds are wending
back to their shelter of
each little nest they love
nightshade's falling
lovebirds calling
what makes the world go round
nothing but love
when whipporwills call
and evening is night
i hurry to my blue heaven
i turn to the right
a little white light
will lead you to my blue heaven
you'll see a smiling face
a fireplace, a cozy room
a little nest
that's nestled where the roses bloom
just molly and me
and baby makes three
we're happy in my blue heaven
you'll see a smiling face
a fireplace, a cozy room
a little nest
that's nestled where the roses bloom
just molly and me
and baby makes three
we're happy in my blue heaven
we're happy in my blue heaven


3-10-99 - MEDITATION - I saw my friend Michelle and another woman arguing a lot. A man came and said Michelle is too busy to do this. The earthchanges are here and there is no more time to waste. Countries are going to have to work together in order to make it now. No country can stand alone.

I was laying in bed waiting to go to sleep and a I heard a loud voice say, "BURNING!" I jumped up on my elbow to look around and see if Joe's cigarette ashes had started the wastebasket on fire but there was nothing.

The idea here is to set up an organization whereby goods and money are set up in advance for people in all countries to help each other... money, food, blankets, clothing, first aid kits, etc, and bypass the slow government machinery.

NOTE: NATO and the U.S. declared war against Yugoslavia a few days later.


4-16-99 VISION - if you are a Nostradamus fan, you will understand this one. The prophecy is for this year, Aug. 11, 1999 during the eclipse of you are familiar with that one.

I saw a large gold coin with the figure of Jesus on it, facing right with his arm upstretched toward heaven. Underneath Jesus was printed the words: "King of Terror"

People have speculated on that meaning and I think this confirms it. The second coming of Christ.


8-6-99 - EXPERIENCE - Joe demonstrated table tipping using a small box and it worked amazingly well. We started asking questions and determined that granny Zora, Seth, and my old friend Nancy were there then along with more than 10 others. We didn't ask for names.

Joe asked if Seth wanted to talk to him on a Ouija Board to us. The box tilted "yes" and moved towards Joe. Joe asked again if Seth wanted to talk to me and the answer was "Yes" but mostly to Joe. I asked if Joe should write a book and the answer was "Yes" and "Self Publish".

We asked about the 11:11 which is significant to individual but not everyone.

No significant earthchanges will happen by the end of the year. The Lori Toye and Gordon Michael Scallion maps will not come true in the next 5 years.

The sun cruiser is interdimensional, not physical an is there by the sun for our protection.

We asked if GAP7 was the Great American Plan and were told "Yes!"

There will be a magnetic pole shift but not a reversal, but no physical pole shift.

Antarctica will continue melting but not a massive sliding.. the water will rise with the melting but it won't be sudden.

The contrails were seeded with medicine by our government against anthrax.

The King of Terror is Jesus Christ, but it is not an individual person but a consciousness change for mankind.

The CME's from the sun are not going to harm us physically.

There will be no terrorism... like a bomb... in the US in the next 6 months.


1-17-00 - DREAM - I was working on some kind of earthchanges program on the computer and its relationship to music - "harmonics".

A huge event occurred and I had to spend $20 on food for my mother and myself. After the event I thought I deserved to be paid back. I had $100 in 20 dollar bills in my purse and my mother had $100 in 20 dollar bills in her purse. I saw no problem with transferring $20 from my mother's purse to my purse since I had bought the food and SHE was the mother.  

But when I opened my mother's purse to take the $20, I suddenly got greedy and wanted to take $40.

While I struggled with my greed for the extra $20, a woman from One Life to Live . . . 'Blair' came and showed me that she had a million dollars in $500 bills. Her money was bright red printed on a pale tan background, not green like mine. She was flashing it at me but I knew she had stolen it. I said, "I wouldn't mind having even one of those. What would I have to do to get one of those?"

In the meantime, someone had a whole handful of red $1 dollar bills, and I managed to mix one of the $500 dollar bills in with the red $1 dollar bills and hoped she wouldn't notice the difference.  Then I gave her the choice of the $1 dollar bills like she was playing 'Go Fish' out of my hand.

So I ended up with the extra $40 from my mother and the $500 from Blair. None of the red $1 dollar bills was mine either so I had all those too.

Someone asked if we had seen the new green eyed baby which had just been born. They had named her either Linda or Katy. (I heard them say the name but for some reason I couldn't bring it to mind when I woke up) (Linda means 'snake' and Katy mean 'pure') (I'm thinking it must have been Katy)

Nobody had ever seen someone with clear green eyes before. Everyone who saw her was astounded.

I went out in the yard where there was a lot of water left in big ponds on the lawn. I decided to smooth out the lawn which I did on my hand and knees using large hot pad mitts on my hands.

However, there was a ridge at the easterly end of the lawn where the water wave had stopped and instead of just grass, there was a long ridge of flotsam and jetsam of furniture, junk and toys that I couldn't just throw out on the lawn, so some men and boys came and decided to make a big bonfire of it.  There was a place near the pile where they could burn it safely.

Suddenly someone said, "There's the green eyed baby!"  I looked across the yard and saw the beautiful green eyed baby. Her eyes were pure crystal clear green and sparkled.

I then saw her mother. I didn't notice her eyes, but saw that she had pure white eyebrows, which she promptly drew over with green marker like an Irish Elf and she did the same on the baby.


Red Money - The Song

Words by David Bowie. Music by David Bowie and Carlos Alomar.


Oh, can you feel it in the way
That a man is not a man?
Can you see it in the sky
That the landscape is too high?

Like a nervous disease
And it's been there all along
It will tumble from the sky
It's been there all along

Project cancelled
Tumbling central
Red Money


Can you hear it fall
Can you hear it well
Can you hear it at all

I was really feeling good
Reet Petite and how d'ya do
Then I got the small red box
And I didn't know what to do

'Cause my fingers could not grope
And I could not give it away
And I knew I must not drop it
Stop it, take it away

Project cancelled
Tumbling central
Red Money


Project cancelled
Tumbling central
Red Money

Red Money (four times)

Such responsibility
It's up to you and me


Red Money was just the same melody with different lyrics as Sister Midnight from Iggy Pop's "The Idiot".   This song is about responsibility. Red boxes kept cropping up in David's painting, representing responsibility.

Bowie Sounds    More Bowie Stuff


1-24-00 - DREAM - I was outside the house working on the lawn and the new garden I was planting. I found some newly sprouting potato plants coming up from last years potato plants so I thought I would try to grow them from the new sprouts rather than the normal method of planting potato pieces and waiting a long time for the plants to come forth. There was an old woman with me but I don't know who she was. She was trying to advise me as to how to plant potatoes. I told her I was going to try it my way first. I smoothed out the ground and began digging a hole for the new plants. However, the hole became ever much larger than I dug and I saw that there were cracks in the ground.

One of these cracks led to the foundation of the new extension on our house and I was worried about that, so I followed the crack to where it got to the house foundation and decided to fill it in. However, the more I dug, the larger the crack got. There didn't seem to be any end to the crack. So, I thought as long as I was outside the house, I would enlarge the crack and take a look at what was causing it.

Of course the more I dug the larger the hole got. But then I saw that my Father had buried some stuff along the foundation of the house to help fill in the space under the house. Curious the Cat that I am, I began to pull out some of the things that were under the foundation of the house. The first thing I pulled out was an old fashioned wooden radio. . the old tube type. It was really pretty . . . a light brown color, rather rectangular, but carved wood like good furniture used to be. It had a yellow dial on the front and I thought I'd like to keep that, so I pulled it out of the hole.

Beyond that, I saw boxes full of old things we would probably call antiques and knick knacks so I began to pull those boxes out also.

By now I could see under the house. It was hollow. I can't describe my shock. I crawled down under the house and saw that below the wide floor boards of the house, was about 8 inches of dirt and then big empty space for about 12 feet and then more earth. This was a very large area.

This was like a hidden basement under the house. I have no idea what held up the earth that the floor boards were laid on, but it was dry and solid. Who knows what would happen if somebody spilled water inside the house and it seeped down between the floorboards and soaked that dry soil. It would probably fall in just like the dirt I had previously tried to fill the cracks in with from above. There was no bottom and I couldn't put enough dirt in to fill the cracks.

But looking at this space from below was like a found treasure. There was no limit to the use for this extra space now that I found it. For instance, my husband could use it for extra garage space, and then I thought that might not be so good because of car gas fumes, but he could park his new speed boat down here. There already was a ramp of soil that made an easy access driveway of dirt. This excited me and I went back up the ramp of soil and saw that the neighborhood restaurant had set up a sign on a pole with an arrow that pointed down the next street which was 32nd street. But now that I had opened up this hole under our house, the arrow on the sign would make people think this was the street and they would turn too soon and find that we had an open access below our house and want to explore it.

So, I pushed the sign over and pulled it out of the post hole and carried it over to the side of the street and laid it down for the restaurant owner to find later. There was a second post with an arrow sign on it I also pushed over and laid it down by the street. Now there was no way for people to know we had a secret access to our house.

I decided to take a walk around the house at this point and when I came around the other side, there was a sprinkler going, one of those with a narrow spray of water that went pretty far out and rotated. I didn't have too much problem avoiding the spray of water as it watered the grass and trees as I walked, but of course, one couldn't stop and look at anything because the water spray would come around again.

I decided I wanted to stop and look at something, so I went over picked up the hose nozzle which was about 3 1/2 inches wide and rather flat, maybe an inch thick. Now that I picked it up it wasn't working the way it had and I saw that the hose was flattened out and no water was going through it. There was a quilt that was a dark blue background with daisy flowers laying on the ground and thought I could wash it with the hose and lay it out in the sun to dry and it would be pretty again, so I began fiddling with the hose trying to get it to work.

A voice began telling me the purpose of the hose, that it was constructed such that it only worked between midnight and 6 a.m. and its purpose was to prevent damage from drought caused by the earthchanges. I thought that was a rather clever idea.

I had managed to get some water out of the hose to wash the quilt and then I saw that there was a large bed on the lawn and I whipped the quilt up into the air so that it would land on the end of the bed to dry in the sun. The bed had 4 short posts on each corner perhaps about 8 inches across. It was a good solid bed.

I now went back to the house, thinking about all the wonderful things we could use the new addition to the house for that my Father had constructed. This was so exciting. I went upstairs and looked around all the extra empty space we now had to use for a good purpose.

I heard my husband come home and I went to the stairway to excitedly tell him of the newly found space beneath the house. He came around the corner to the stairs and I said, "You'll never guess what I found today. . . but it might not make you happy!" thinking that my ideas might not necessarily be what he would think.

As he put his foot on the first stair, Joe touched my arm in bed and I awoke with a startled jerk.


7-9-00 - VISION - I was looking at a newspaper that was green. At the bottom where the advertising was, there was 4 rectangular ads, all of which was Dreams of the Great Earthchanges at the top of each one. The fourth was said, "Dreams of the Vine." and I knew I had to look at those.

That vision was barely acknowledged when above the ads I saw a long rectangle which said, "Fenra the Second" and I knew it was about the Fenris Wolf at Ragnarak. It was going to happen again.

NOTE: See http://www.greatdreams.com/holwdrms.htm


8-10-00 - DREAM - I was with some people, awaiting a second space shot after a day where some astronauts had gone up
and come back down again. I said, "It seems to me it would be better to send these guys home and bring in fresh troops." The
other people nodded, but nobody did anything. We just sat there and waited. 

The scene switched to one where I was in the city and came to an intersection where there was dark blue snow and ice. I took a butter knife and dug out the snow and ice drifts so it could melt. I then made a comment to bystanders about earthquakes. I said, "It seems to me that we have less earthquakes here than anywhere else." 


1-20-01 - DREAM - I was looking at some charts about earthquakes. What was interesting was the correlation between the
days of the week and the type of earthquake it was ... that quakes had 'footprints' ... 

NOTE: That is fascinating ... I know that people who study earthquakes look at different criteria to try to predict when they
are going to happen ... but never heard of 'this' correlation. Really worth checking out.... 


1-24-01 - Prophecy from a friend/reader 

There will be a plane crash near Marikesh, India on June 4th or 5th, possibly the 3rd depending on how their time compares
with our time. It will be caused by a terrorist bomb on the plane ... and will end up like TWA800 ... with no recognizable
bodies ... it will be that bad. 

There is an open pit copper mine somewhere in the world, where people with huge trucks are now going in and out of a
limestone cliff with no observable tunnel. The gov't is going to construct some kind of machine to test inside this tunnel. The
type ... not known ... The ETs say it is too soon to interfere since the digging could begin again and be fixed. They are going to
wait until it's too late to repair the damage from an earthquake that will be externally created so the test can't be done. This is a very dangerous project. 


2-21-01 - DREAM - I was in the country somewhere, where there were no buildings. I was being driven by someone. What
was unusual was that we were driving very fast along a road up into the hills and then the road branched off to the right and to
the left, but none of these roads went anywhere. Each road gently ended in the uphill way towards the top of the hill. 

Our vehicle stopped at the end of one of the roadways which was like a truck runaway ramp I've seen along highways where
the roads goes steeply downhill... but this was all uphill. 

I got out of the vehicle and walked along to the end of the roadway, which ended in a rectangular concrete buttress which held up the land at the end of the roadway. The roadway was also concrete in a large rectangle, and was buttressed roughly with another smaller rectangle at the other end of the rectangle concrete slab to hold the rectangle slab in place.

I was told in the dream that this was done to keep the pressure of the hills from sloughing off down into the valley like it does in earthquakes.

None of this made any sense to me, since there were no people living in this area. The land could have been left natural as long as no people were around.


2-28-01 - DREAM - I was dreaming about a short web page. I was shown that there would be 20 earthchange events, some
were grouped together closely, then the rest were separated, one here and one there. I don't know what the changes were, but they were all black type on a white page.

NOTE: When I was awake, I was having rolling chills, and later in the morning, an earthquake event occurred in the Seattle
area and it was officially a 6.8. (Seattle)


Date: 4-25-2001
From D. 

Hi All- this was an ongoing dream which seemed to last most of the night, I would awaken and return to the dream- I assume, so I would get to the ending.
   I was all over the globe in different parts at different times with different people (very few people)  or sometimes with one. A disaster such as a massive global earthquake was imminent.
   In one I was on the street in the midst of countless skyscrapers that were cracked like jigsaw puzzles in large blocks  . People were standing in the streets, frozen in fear for there was nowhere to go as the buildings were about to crumble. We began singing "Amazing Grace" and we were safe.
  I was in other places with other people and they had little safe places under arches and doorways and such.
   Finale:  I was in a small village not far from here and in a room and was cleaning the room up with a brush. On the floor was a large flat metal plate that was like a "lift platform".  " Is this an elevator" I asked.  end of dream.

     1. The global earthquake or destruction   did NOT happen. 
     2. There were very few people on our planet.  
     3. At one point there seemed to be a group searching for people and we seemed to be avoiding them, but they did not 
         find us. 
     4. By singing "Amazing Grace"- by Grace we are safe  
     5.  The elevator = ascension- and the cleaning up was preparation for this  
     6. I have no fear about events that may or could happen so this is not a fear dream and felt no fear at all upon 
         awakening many times.  If it had been a nightmare I would have awakened in fear.  
    7. The very small amount of people was an indication that most of the population was gone and  the ones remaining 
         were here for a purpose and not to have fear.