The Interrelated 2005 Crop Circle Formations  
Part Six
The Sri Yantra, Ezekiel's Four Living Creatures,
and The New Jerusalem Plan  

by Joseph E. Mason

Image credit: cc connector

Boxley "Monkey Face"
near Maidstone, Kent, 17 July 2005

Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2005 1:27 pm
Post subject: The Boxley Formation Trinity & 3 x 3 Grids

The Boxley formation, that appeared 17 July 2005, looks like it has three rings in the center arranged in a triangle, which may indicate the Trinity. I haven't seen an overall view yet, but the outer portion looks similar to the "Three Swallows" formation that appeared around 12 June 2005:

Image credit: Bertold Zugelder

I was looking for a Trinity type formation on this date, 17 July, because the Barbury Castle pictogram appeared on the same date in 1991.

The date itself seemed to be symbolic of a Biblical date in another system, as the seventeenth day of the seventh month. In Genesis 8:4, that is the day the Ark Landed on the mountains of Ararat, symbolizing the end of the Age of Pisces. This fit in with the rest of the story. See:

Like quite a few other formations, this one may be suggesting a 3 + 3 + 3 = 9 arrangement. Some of the formations this year seem to suggest a 3 x 3 grid arrangement, such as the Lurkley Hill Formation:

The central area of the formation may indicate a Teutonic or Maltese Cross:

The Maltese Cross can also fit into a 3 x 3 gird:

The central part of the Monkton Down formation also fits:

Navaho sand paintings may also fit such a 3 x 3 gird:

The Double Boxes at Hundred Acres also seem to fit. The central portion can also be a 12 x 12 = 144 Grid:

It seems obvious that the formation is related to the pair of Quintuplet Pyramid formations that appeared in 1999:

Combine the two to form this:

Do the same with the comparable two elements of the Hundred Acres formation:

For more information see:

The Geometric Theorems of Gerald Hawkins

One of the people posting on the forum, fxRiot, pointed out on 22 July 2005, that the "Monkey Face" formation may relate to the work of the late Gerald Hawkins concerning tangents.

         Monkey Face 1                          Monkey Face 2                  Beckhampton

The blue lines in the center image above (Monkey Face 2) show how each line is a tangent that touches each of the three inner circles. The red lines in the left image (Monkey Face 1) show suggestions of the Star of David. The image on the right is the 1998 Beckhampton crop circle formation, which has similarities to the Monkey Face formation.

Cheesefoot Head
Punchbowl, 1988

In the early 1990s, Professor Hawkins found that various crop circle formations have ratios within the geometry that correspond to the diatonic scale, like the white key notes on a piano. The above formation, that appeared in 1988 at Cheesefoot Head, became part of "Theorem I."

I first read about the 1988 Cheesefoot Head formation around 15 years ago on page 109 of Circular Evidence, by Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews.  A large photograph is on page 108. They learned of the formation on 8 June 1988. The location was given as Corhampton. Each circle was 10.8 meters in diameter. Here are a few excerpts from the article:

"About 35 percent of the barley plants were compressed to the ground, and swirled clockwise. The pressure swathes from the centre of the circle expanded toward the perimeter. The remaing plants had clearly also been flattened when the event occurred but had now lifted back to the light in an extraordinary fashion. Later when we saw the circles from the air we found that they were at the points of an equilateral triangle and the circle eges were separated by 1.9 meters of standing crop. The compass bearing through the centres of two of the circles was precisely magnetic north."  [skip]

"The plants had now grown into a pattern consisting of seven concentric rings and forty-eight spokes. Each circle had the same form."

It is said that formations in young plants have this tendancy of the downed crop growing back upward.

My first response after reading the article was to multiply:

3 x 48 = 144
3 x 7 = 21
7 x 48 = 336
21 x 48 = 1008

I did not know much about the anceint numbering systems at the time, but I did know that the number 144,000 appears in the Book of Revelation. Around the same time, I read Joseph Campbell's, The Inner Reaches of Outer Space. On page 37 he mentions ancient numbers, including the number 108, the number of names of the Goddess in India.

Some months later, I read another article about the Cheesefoot Head/Corhampton formation. When a triangle is drawn between the centers of the three circles, it encloses twelve spokes of each circle. I realized the total spokes within the triangle would be 3 x 12 = 36, and that the number of spokes left in each circle, not including the 12 enclosed in the triangle, would also be 36, as 48 - 12. Of course, 4 x 36 is also 144.

It would be several more years before I found "The Code" and the "Gematrian Wheel."

Gerald Hawkins' work on crop circles and their
relationship to Euclidean geometry
and diatonic ratos

Theorems in Wheat Fields
Science News

Music of the spheres?
Interview with Gerald S. Hawkins


Extra Note
Added 25 July 2005

On 22 July 2005, I received an e-mail from a lady in Germany asking about one of our articles, "On the Brink," by by Rodney Michael Carr-Smith. I took a look at the article again, and saw that Rodney had included one of the crop circle formations (Beckhampton) in this article (see Part Two):

Beckhampton, near Avebury, Wiltshire, 21 July 1998

Some describe the formation as baloons on a string. Others see it as a jellyfish with the lower portion a fish hook. I felt that it might be related to the "elephant" symbolism, as regarding Genesh, the Hindu elephant-headed boy. Other formations look a bit like Mickey  or Minnie Mouse. The face of many animals, such as the bull/ox/bison, and human faces too, have triangular geometry.

A recent crop circle formation, dubbed, the "monkey face," seems similar. I drew some lines upon the image to show some of the geometry.


The Unit on Chinese Mythology
The Monkey Spirit

The Story of Monkey King

Hypercube at Milk Hill,
near Stanton St Bernard,
Wiltshire, 17 July 2005

Image credit: cc connector

Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2005 4:21 pm
Post subject: 3, 6, and 8 Fold Glyph at Milk Hill

This unusual formation seems to have (at least) elements of 3, 6, and 8. The eight portions seem similar to the Ripley formation that was reported 17 April 2005:

I made a post about that formation:

I felt that it had a form similar to the 1992 Dharmic Wheel, which may suggest a similar meaning:

The Sri Yantra is said to have a similar meaning in the sense of eight steps, followed by a ninth to the center:

This years Burwell formation seemed to suggest the Sri Yantra star:

For more information, see:

In the year 2000, eight-fold formations seemed to be the theme:

Some of the same types, such as the double boxes are appearing again this year. One meaning is given in the above article, as "The Breath of the Compassionate." This is a Sufi concept about the creation being created in each moment.

The three-fold formations seem related to the Trinity, which seems to be the basic "Consciousness Unit" of creation:

Coincidentally, the new formation at Milk Hill apparently arrived on the same day of the year as the 1991 Barbury Castle pictogram. The seventeenth day of the seventh month may be symbolic of the end of the Age of Pisces:

Six-fold glyphs are sometimes displayed as hexagrams, which can be seen as a cube in three dimensions. This is said to be Metatron's Cube or the Merkabah. These are said to start with a Seed of Life pattern of six circles, often with a seventh in the center. Putting many of the Seeds together forms the Flower of Life design. Within that pattern, one can find the Tree of Life.

The six-fold pattern is sometimes associated with the central, sixth sphere of the Tree of Life, known as Tiphareth. See:

Given the ideas above, the new formation at Milk Hill struck me as possibly showing a three-dimensional figure with eight spokes, with circles at the ends, one of which is hidden by the central Pillar projecting toward the sky. This is a somewhat similar design:

It is a Tarot card related to the chakras. It seems similar to the Bee-Hive crop circle formation that appeared near Milk Hill in June 2004:

The central Pillar is considered a type of Omphalos. See:

Viewed in this way, the new Milk Hill formation can be seen as the Omphalos Tree of Life above the eight-fold design on the Earth. The number four is often associated with the Earth plane. This may fit with the double boxes type of symbolism. There would also be a three-fold design, as one portion is also hidden by the central Pillar.

Taking the central pillar as a "One," we could see a 3168, a number that came with the 1991 Barbury Castle Pictogram (See David's article linked above).

Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2005 6:28 pm
Post subject: Seed & Flower of Life + Metatron's Cube

I am adding some information concerning my previous post. This is said to be the Seed of Life (although some call it the Flower of Life):

The Flower of Life is like this:

This is the Tree of Life within the Flower of Life:

This is one version of Metatron's Cube:

Also see:

Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2005 8:00 pm
Post subject: Metatron's Cube and Hypercubes

My previous post had some information about Metatron's Cube. On one of the linked pages, the geometry is shown to be a hypercube. The idea is to show more than three dimensions by depicting a cube inside a cube. It is called a Tesseract:

Stan Romanek claims to have received information from supposed ETs that included equations and a hypercube:

The first image seemed to be about element 115, the UFO propulsion component made popular by Bob Lazar. Another part seemed to be Drake's equation, which estimates intelligent life in the Universe.

Two of the graphics, including the hypercube, seemed to show the Orion constellation upside down, as it appears in the Southern hemisphere. Orion is shown on the surface of the outer cube. Our solar system is shown on the surface of the inner cube. A worm hole seems to project from a star in Orion's belt to the planet Earth. This would be the left-most star, as seen from the Northern hemisphere, Zeta Orionis.

A similar type of symbolic message has come to others:

It has been part of the 11:11 message. See:


Added September 5, 2005

A model of Heavenly Zion inspired by a vision of Enoch-Israel

End of part Six

Continue to Part Seven:


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Extra Notes

The information from Rodney's article seems significant:

On the Brink - The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom
by Rodney Michael Carr-Smith


In regard to the turn of the Millennium, a particularly enigmatic Crop Circle spoke to me last year. A formation appeared in wheat at Beckhampton on the 21st of July (1998), close to Silbury Hill. I felt it belonged to the same "family" as the Queen formation at Lockeridge on August 6th. At first sight, it looks like the Disney dog Pluto with a long trailing leash or fish hook hanging down. Through the whimsy however, you can clearly see the astrological symbol for the planet Pluto in the form of a cup or Grail containing the seed or Host rising up, fully expanded. The fishhook is made up of 51 circles with 2 slightly larger gateway circles as it joins the base of the cup. Interestingly, Chiron takes 51 years to orbit the Sun, moving elliptically between Saturn and Uranus. It is considered to be a bridge between the fixed and the ever-changing energies within ourselves - a bridge from our material selves out to the far reaches of Uranus, Neptune and Plutonian energies. Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer and the mastery of its energy leads into an alchemical gate of inner wisdom about ourselves.

I discovered that Chiron catches up with Pluto on the thigh of the Serpent Handler in Sagittarius on December 31st, 1999, New Year's Eve. Chiron, the half-man, half-horse Greek deity was the great guide and teacher to many of the heroes of that Age, similar to Merlin who counseled aspirants before their Quest. Chiron was the resident wise man who knew most of the tricks of the consciousness trade. One fatal secret he missed, however, backfired on him and he got wounded. He provided Hercules with poison-tipped arrows to kill the Stygian Bird but Hercules inadvertently brushed one against Chiron's flank or thigh, rendering him helpless. The wound would not stop bleeding and because he was Immortal, he could not die. In order to heal his wound, he persuaded Zeus to let him take Prometheus's place in the Underworld. Prometheus had been stuck down below for having stolen fire for mankind. This sacrifice enabled Chiron to finally die and transcend. The placement of Chiron in an individuals' astrological chart shows us where we are most wounded and where we have most wounded others.

The Beckhampton formation indicates to me a watershed event in time and place. This heavenly conjunction involves Plutonian energy, which demands - through issues of sex, death and abundance - that we eliminate and transform our fears and limiting beliefs down to the cellular levels in our bodies. A tall order on New Year's Eve. When Chiron catches up with Pluto, a major window of opportunity is open for us to heal our wounds at a profound level. Their conjunction occurs in visionary Sagittarius, close to Galactic Center. Sagittarius, a fire sign ruled by Zeus/Jupiter, indicates that our wounds can be burnt out in the flames of higher wisdom but that this desire must be precipitated at the deepest part of our being. This window opens at the turn of the Millennium to invite us to connect our own 3D to 4D, Earth to Higher planes, inner to outer. Only through its embrace can we approach the other side of the mirror where the Grail resides and the Cauldron of Fate can deliver us from our deep wounds.

How do we step off the cliff from 3D into 4D? How do we reach into the echo chamber of our own creation? How do we regain our lost Sovereignty, divinate our own initiation and step through the fiery hoop of our fears?

There is a carrot in this scenario, for the Beckhampton Grail shows a large rising Host. In February, Pluto once more resumed its outermost ellipse after 12 years, replacing Neptune as the planet closest to Galactic center, deepening our awareness of elimination. The conjunction occurs, as I have said, on the thigh of the Serpent Holder, Ophucius or Asclepius, the Greek father of modern medicine and Healing. We can therefore expect at the time of the conjunction to receive a powerful stream of Cosmic serpent energy to help us individually and planetarily in the healing process.

We have our own personal fears or shadow areas that call to be embraced but also each Zodiacal Age has a shadow. The Piscean Church Fathers refused to acknowledge their polar shadow in Virgo. In fact they targeted Feminine Virgoan aspects in the form of woman power, the Earth Virgin/Mother, and Pan - the results of this violent usurpation of Earth-related energy continuing into our own lives. The shadow of the Aquarian Age resides across the board in Leo where the negative effects of individuality have already resulted in 20th century dictatorship, which has rebounded back into Aquarius under the guise of Communistic control. With Pluto joining Chiron, we are forced to go for it and embrace the negative within ourselves - either that or we shall be consumed by our own self-judgement. The future is sure to bring in Uranian shocks to penetrate our Saturnian walls. Chiron bridges this gap. Once our rigidity is broken up, Neptune, the universal solvent, dissolves the disintegrating remains of our old belief systems. Neptune shows us that despite appearances, there is a definite higher meaning and purpose in life. Pluto invites us to further eliminate and with the initiation healing of Chirotic energy, Pluto provides the communion Host of Transformation. Only by way of this deep healing of our wounds can we expect to be Christed, since this realignment of our will with the Creator's results in an internal spiritualisation of matter and a materialisation of spirit.

Many mythic figures are portrayed as impotent men, forever wounded in their thigh or groin, hopelessly stuck in a wasteland and awaiting a saviour to redeem the lost kingdom. In Grail Myths, the Fisher King is wounded in the thigh because he cannot "handle the serpent". Not only has he received the heritage of kingship without earning it, but the compassionate and nurturing balance of the Feminine has been forsaken. People's hearts have become hardened under the necessity of survival and the salvation of the Wasteland can only come about through a gentle open heart. We are all vessels of the Spirit and we are all potential Grails in service to Humanity. Although temporarily lost, this potentiality is beginning to resurface as we remember the harmonising aspects of the forgotten Goddess energy within us.

In order to attain the Grail, the Moon remains the greatest key in unlocking its buried and forgotten nature. The Moon is a matrix of the Self and governs our emotional habits and patterns. It remains the key to all systems of enlightenment and guards the Tree of Life. The Moon has to be dealt with if we wish to control our patterns, since the reality we end up with has come out of the lunar feminine. The Grail is ultimately a symbol of the Lunar Cup in which we catch our own blood, because our own Moon functions run everything. This is not the Moon's fault. She says; "Look - you have forgotten me. You have over-solarised yourselves, you have alienated yourselves from Nature, you have sterilized the Christ King, removed his sexuality, castrated him. Now you're in a wasteland. You're going too fast and losing your roots and it is becoming more difficult for the Mother to bear "children" now.

[end of excerpt]