A three part overview of Crop Circles
by Rodney Michael Carr-Smith


Part 1


Anyone who has lived a modest number of years this century cannot fail to have felt a creeping uneasiness over the discrepancy between where we are told we are, and where, in fact, we know we are going. Faced with this unsettling enigma, we are further encouraged to seek immeasurable plenty from an "inexhaustible supply". Yet the specter of emptiness is becoming a reality. We sense that things are getting out of control, a division is opening up, and a gathering storm is beginning to appear on the horizon of our civilization. Many have already referred to this time as the approach of a Dimensional Shift where experience begins to speed up.

With the acceleration of life comes a decline of national patience as sound bytes get shorter and denser. There is little time for an acquired taste and little space available to develop a strategy for dealing with the increased dumping of cultural pollution. We only seem to want the good parts from climax to climax and by dissolving the connective tissue, through boredom and the need to survive, we remove ourselves further from our own nature and our divinity.

We have been warned of this period of our history by sages and wise women down through the ages but now we are increasingly anxious - squeezed in a vice between a barrage of prophecy and dis-information, uncertain as to how to protect and prepare ourselves for End Times as our systems and institutions start to become overwhelmed.

We may not be informed on glacial meltdown or the dramatic increase in seismic and volcanic activity around the planet but we can all see the quickening aberrations of weather patterns in our lives. The appearance of UFO's and contact with other Beings, however fleeting the experience, is well documented and aficionados wait for the Big Encounter with Aliens, where it will all be undeniable to Church, State and Media that we are not alone. Many, of course, deny the existence of other life forms flitting around the Earth, derisively seeing them as belonging to the domain of escapists and dreamers. Still others expect the super Beings to drop down and save us from the responsibility of solving our own horrible mess in the crunch times ahead, indeed Christian elitists expect their imminent arrival, exclusively lifting the "Chosen" out of the saddle of their problems.

This is not the case, however, with the Crop Circle phenomenon. Here we have actual tangible evidence over 25 years of sacred geometrical patterns in the crops. People can enter them, walk around, scientifically or spiritually inspect them, wet their fingers in the wind and kick the tires, so to speak, yet humanity remains largely disinterested or skeptical as to their origin, due in large part to the announcement by a few, that they had fabricated them all and duped the public. The Media, unable or unwilling to handle any kind of "divinity", believed them. After a decade of conjecture and puzzlement, this confession proved irresistible for a general debunking campaign that continues to this day. Now, most ordinary people believe that all formations are hoaxes and have safely defused their expectations and filed the whole phenomenon under "curiosity item".

Personally, I haven't seen a UFO but I have gone into many Crop Circles. Unable at first to make any sense out of them, I continued to visit them, traveling from America to visit my family in Dorset, England each year. There have, of course, been a few midnight pranks perpetrated by students, Doug, Dave and the like, but over 10 years of dowsing, studying, measuring and communing in the wheat, it is apparent to my meager consciousness that the vast majority of these formations are quite beyond the capability of human construction. In spite of great efforts to decipher them, the false ones just don't deliver any information, but the real ones, although unsolved, are carriers of great meaning. Nobody is exactly sure how the Crop Circle Makers construct their formations. It seems that the 90% water in each wheat stalk is evacuated and blown out through the node holes. The crop is then steam-bent one inch off the ground and threshed level in geometric patterns, the stalks being bundled and woven, the leaves wrapping around like shoestrings.


Visual and microscopic differences

Normal node |Circle node

Normal crystal structure

Circle crystal structure

Balls of light and small discs have been videotaped moving over the crops both prior and during the construction of glyphs, yet even the authenticity of some of these have divided the Crop Circle community.

Ilyes - Crop Circles Created by Sound

Dowsing the energy paths through a genuine and a fake Crop Circle is like comparing the living to the dead. Seeds from inside formations have been thought, in laboratories, to have been struck by lightning and when grown beside control seeds taken from outside, have grown much larger. Water samples taken into the Circles have later, under photon microscopes, been seen to duplicate, in their molecular structure, similar sacred geometrical patterns as the formation in which they were placed. Unclear from the ground but undeniable from aerial photos, the pristine, shimmering floor patterns exhibit their own brilliant complexity and geometrics.

The East Field Snowflake of the 9th of July last year (1998) is a classic example of Higher Intelligence interfacing with 12 tons of wheat. Rod Bearcloud's insights on the floor pattern of this huge 7 sided fractal serves us well, while Francine Blake's stunning aerial photos give us awe-inspiring overviews of formations where we can observe the rippling star effects of energy in the crop's thresh, weave and lay. Many of these photos are so breathtaking that I can almost understand why the Media does not want to air them. Neither will they show, side by side, the broken wheat stalks of the fake formation compared to the unbroken stalks inside the genuine article.

Although many Crop Circles have appeared around the world, 95% of those reported have been focused in a very tight area in Wiltshire, southern England. Beyond the ridiculous implications that they are all perpetrated by humans over the last 25 years, I began to see that over time, the formations have been closing in on the Avebury/Silbury complex. I wondered whether there was something inherent in the Earth that was participating in this focus of attention.

The Michael/Mary Ley Line or Serpent Line stretches across southern England at a rough 27 degrees from Land's End to Great Yarmouth. It is naturally aligned with the rising sun at Beltane in May and Lugnassad in August when the solar rays illuminate the whole serpent from end to end. In the 60's, John Michell rediscovered this ancient Line but it was not until 10 years ago that it was thoroughly dowsed and mapped by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst, [1] who determined that it was actually made up of a male and female line that twisted across the landscape like electrical wires. The Michael and Mary serpents cross 20 times at Node Points where the Ancients erected several of their Temples. Three such Nodes exist at Avebury/Silbury, however, geomancers also laid out on each line a litter of carefully constructed stone circles, coits, megaliths, burial mounds, dolmens, menhirs, mumps, tors, and altars. These Ancients were concerned with the big picture so they could harmonize Heaven and Earth for the benefit of the community. They observed the relative movement of stars, fathomed the Earth's wobble and determined the precessional cycles of time. They understood the effects of eclipses upon the land and knew when the serpent energies in the earth would wax and wane. It is unusual that an ordinary Ley would be so densely augmented as it is along the Michael/Mary Serpent, which leads me to feel that this is an extraordinary earth pathway, stamped out in order to carry some sort of wisdom down through the ages. It is to this "ailing" serpent that I feel the Crop Circle Makers are returning in their wisdom.

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Nowhere on the planet is such a powerful earth serpent so "nailed" down as this one in southern England. If you trace it on a map and sight along it from Land's End, you will notice that it actually bends slightly. This dual energy line flows in from the Atlantic and leaves Norfolk, crossing out into the North Sea. But where does it come from and where does it go? What is its purpose and why would the Crop Circle Makers be interested in putting their formations so close to it at the Avebury/Silbury temple complex?

Perhaps then, it is part of a much larger Serpent - a Global Serpent that once passed through such submerged domains as Atlantis and Lyonesse out in the Atlantic?

According to several Wisdom Keepers, Robert Coon in particular, [2] the Michael/Mary Line is one of 2 Global Serpents or Driver Dragon Paths that regulate thought and feeling consciousness around our planet. These two huge telluric meridians twine in a sinusoidal double helix around the Earth's surface, mirroring the dual serpents that ascend our spinal column. They receive the incoming energies of the Sun, Moon, planets and entire Cosmos and dispense this in a regulated fashion out through the interconnecting Grid, thereby affecting our personal awareness. This helix is made up of one male and one female Dragon and they cross twice - at the Temple of the Sun on an island in Lake Titicaca and again on Bali between 4 sacred mountains. The Michael/Mary Line is part, therefore, of the Feminine Dragon and many have felt that the Avebury/Silbury complex is the place where the whole system plugs into the Cosmos.

In the animistic view of the Ancients, the whole world was alive and while the purpose of the placement of megalithic stones is still hotly debated, it is clear that they were specifically designed to tap into the Earth energies for communal healing. They may have been astronomical observatories, fertility temples, burial connectors to the Ancestors or places of worship, yet their placement was always at convergences of Earth serpents. At these places and at specific astronomical times, the land could be revivified and participants could literally "feed" off the land.

Avebury is the largest stone circle in the world, originally made up of 600 sarsen megaliths taken from the Lockeridge Valley nearby. Avebury has been accorded by many writers, Richard Leviton [3] among them, to be the planetary navel where the umbilical cord of these 2 Dragons plugs into incoming energies - a sort of primary electrical socket where the solar/lunar currents enter the switchboard at Grid Central and are geared to control and relay the Ch'i or life force that governs our consciousness while at the same time enlivening Nature. Crop formations have proliferated around this Temple over the years, as they have around Stonehenge to the south. Stonehenge is aligned to 29 degrees Virgo - the wisdom degree of that earth sign - towards the Great Central Sun, where scientists say a black hole holds all the galaxies together. This is not to be confused with Galactic Center, located at 27 degrees Sagittarius which is the common nucleus around which rotate our own regional galaxies, including the Milky Way. The newly discovered pulsations from Galactic Center could very well be entering our Earth via the Avebury complex but it is at Stonehenge that the high frequencies from the Great Central Sun are focused and it could be that Stonehenge might have been designed for our time - a possible time encapsulated Earth Temple (connected via Ley to the High Altar at Glastonbury on the Michael/Mary Line) that prefigures in the return of the Serpents of Wisdom around the globe.

Originally, the 600 stones at Avebury formed a serpent's tail, belly (solar and lunar temples) and Avenue, leading to the head at The Sanctuary. These stones carefully channeled the Michael/ Mary serpents to a focused fusion to receive the incoming cosmic flow, and although many stones have been removed, the Earth has not lost her memory and the complex remains viable. Nearby, the huge Silbury Hill Goddess provides a storage battery made out of chalk and flint and the Mary serpent runs through it's apex, connecting to the Swallowhead Spring and the West Kennet Celtic Longbarrow before crossing the Michael Line at the "head of the Serpent" in The Sanctuary. The Crop Circle Makers have made a major investment in this area, specifically targeting the Mary Serpent around Silbury Hill, as though systematically calibrating and influencing a rebalance in the Earth. Possibly this Feminine Mary Line is being deliberately boosted and realigned.

The Druid priesthood of the Celts, who consecrated the Dragon/Serpent fire above all else, inherited this wisdom from the Ancients and upheld its sacredness. When Joseph of Arimathea, with the Virgin Mary and company made first landfall at Glastonbury after the Crucifixion, the first Christians were instructed by the Druids in the secret powers of the shrines, the upkeep and purpose of the 100 square mile Zodiac, the fabulous Tor and the magic of Glastonbury with its Ley connection to Stonehenge. Christians began erecting chapels on the male serpent line, dedicated to St. Michael. These were studded along the former sites of the Celtic God, Lug. On the more curving female line, often near water or Holy Wells, Mary Chapels went up on former sites of his consort, the Goddess.

Many cultures revered the dual serpent - 2 serpents entwined in a combination of male/female, positive/negative, yin/yang polarity, with its healing alternations running through particles, bodies and the Earth.

Twenty thousand years ago the serpent was carved on the baton of the Shaman healer of the tribe. Unlike the solar High Priests who took their power from the sky, the Shaman took his power from the earth. Naturally, both earth and sky must be honored together, but the mysterious way in which the serpent moves and sheds its skin has always been associated with the moon, since both are "reborn" and remain "immortal". The Vikings and Greeks worshipped the Python and the Mayans saw in the Milky Way a huge rattlesnake. The Pyramid texts refer to both a subterranean and celestial serpent and Moses taught the Jews to worship the serpent in the wilderness.

The Aryans and Medieval Hermeticists tell of the underground serpent or Oroborous under the earth, guarding the gold or Philosopher's Stone. The Chinese worshipped the pi-Dragon and the Pythagoreans defied pi, the mystic numerical principle of the circular serpent biting it's own tail and consuming it's own energy. The Gnostic Serpent encircled the World Egg and the Norse myths called the earth serpent the Midgard-Worm. Even up until the Reformation, the Abbot of Glastonbury still had geomancers who maintained the Michael/Mary Lines as they twined through "the most sacred place on Earth". [4]

This ageless serpent, in fact, was originally identified with the Goddess and wherever her healing powers were found in the land, shrines were placed. Throughout history, many who stood at Sacred Sites could feel the Earth Serpent's slow movements under their feet. The serpent, however, is not a favourable Christian symbol, despite their usurpation of all former pagan places of healing, Holy Wells and temples. The Church knowingly built their cathedrals right on top of them. The ancient concept of reincarnation has been likened to a serpent shedding its skin, but this concept was successfully pruned from a dwindling remains of Christ's teachings. With a little more creative editing, the Church Fathers rendered the serpent a Satanic evil thing - a Tempter, worthy of being pierced by Archangel Michael's sword. Even icons of the Virgin Mary depict her standing on the serpent. Though the inherent message is one of antagonism towards the serpent, a metaphorical truth still manages to glimmer through the veils of these two Christian images. Earth energy can be augmented at any place if you insert into the serpent a stone, crystal, sword or lance. "Killing a Dragon" is simply the art of manipulating Earth energy. Similarly, the Earth Virgin, the Feminine and the Virgin Mary all receive their power from the Goddess under their feet. This Goddess serpent was, of course, Kundalini or Kundry in later Grail myths, for she was the servant or prime mover of wisdom both in the body and in the Earth. Yet still the serpent has been cursed and remains a horror to most. In this process of venomation, we have increased our cunning yet lost our wisdom.

I have noticed recently in dowsing the Michael/Mary line over the years, that the serpents are now moving here and there as if reawakening. This sudden reanimation makes me wonder if the Crop Circle Makers have been "feeding" the energies in preparation for Cosmic events that will affect us here. In Ancient cultures, how to awaken this female serpent was the key, for when this Goddess ground energy failed to appear, the Old King civilisation would have to die and a new "Snake Charmer" was called in, lest the land and her people went to waste. It has been suggested that the Crop Circle Maker's appearance coincides with a nadir here, when the Goddess Principle has been forsaken and when the land and her people struggle against "going to waste".

The Ancients knew that the body of man was similar to the body of the planet and like our bodies, the Earth is very sensitive to human consciousness. In both, there exists an intricate network of invisible ganglia, radiating out like a spider's web. This organic system is completely inter-related and is the vehicle of consciousness. At the bottom of our bodily consciousness lies the repository of material, physical and sexual force and the central nucleus of this vital yet dormant energy has been likened to an etheric serpent that sleeps at the base of our spine. Most are unaware of her existence. When aroused, this Kundalini serpent guarding our inner Tree of Life, has tremendous power and can be very dangerous to the uninitiated.

But if the serpent can be induced to uncoil naturally, this fiery energy will come forth and ascend as a fountain of light, nourishing our chakras, quickening an emerging bliss, unlocking our Christhood potential and culminating at the crown of the head in a blossom of enlightenment where self and Self merge in union. This appears to be the Divine Plan for us all - not to rule over Nature but to rule over our own nature.

The body of the earth has her own Kundalini serpents and a vibrating interconnecting network or crystalline Grid system across her surface. Sacred sites reside at all major convergences or chakras. As we have forsaken the Feminine and are paying the price for being out of harmony, so the Earth is preparing herself to cleanse and rebalance. Just as all sense impressions of all past lives reside in the central subtle channel of our spines, so too does the Earth contain her own memory in her surface. All these impressions are soon destined to be purified, desensitized, burnt and pierced by the Kundalini dual serpents as they begin to vibrate with greater intensity. Mother Earth is about to have her Period and, like it or not, we are all soon to have our supreme power aroused. Persephone is both Queen of the Underworld and Goddess of the reviving crops, yet in her Plutonian aspect she often eliminates through eruption. When Kundalini raises her head prematurely in our bodies, she rages unrestrained through the lower chakras, causing abnormal excitation of our baser passions. In the Earth, elimination and transformation through cataclysm is one way the Earth can deal with built up damage done to her.

As global instability and uncertainty accelerates towards the Dimensional Shift, 3D reality begins to bleed into 4D experience and that which has been ignored or denied tends to turn malignant. Push any polarity to its limit and it flips into it's opposite. The Feminine remains suspect and despised in our culture but this Stone, rejected by the Builders, is really the Cornerstone of the Great Work.

World mythology and legend leads me to believe that our DNA has been fed and altered over the Ages by Interstellar Life Forms and it is my hypothesis that the Crop Circle Makers are opening us to Feminine knowledge, so that our opposites can be united. Paradise is an inner magical garden where the Tree of Life bears the fruit of Immortality. The bridge to this Paradise, be it serpent, dragon or rainbow, leads to the Grail Castle, which can only be approached through this union of opposites. But unless we reconnect to the Moon function of feeling and memory, we will forget that the root, trunk, branch, sap, blossom, pollen, fungi, leaves and fruit are all inter-related in our Tree of Life. We will simply miss the forest for the trees.

It has been 10 years since I was inwardly directed to go inside Stonehenge for the night to open a line of communication with the Crop Circle makers. All I have now is a glimmer of understanding through the door of this profound mystery. What is certain is that our time is marked in the Heavens by a revolution in consciousness and if we are here to evolve, and if we have chosen to be here, then we are all in the "awareness" business. We all have the capacity to be enlightened and to access these Higher Intelligences. The same consciousness exists throughout the Universe. It is there for everyone, everywhere, all the time, providing we are inwardly harmonious. Too much yang results in a brutish denial and unconcern for the feminine. Too much yin results in a crazy, ungrounded, disconnect from reality.

We are all somewhere on this Tree and now, we are being asked to become proficient Serpent Handlers, since the serpent guards the doorway to our Evolution at the Ring-Passeth-Knot, where both male and female aspects of duality touch. Only when we can hold the ugliest and the most beautiful together in the one heart, without getting emotionally off-kilter, can we expect to enter the Kingdom with the gentleness of doves. Serpents don't always dispense wisdom and if they bite, they're only trying to get our attention to make sure we take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. Unless a balance of dual flow has been achieved, the future will sorely test us. It is for this reason that I feel the Crop Circle Makers have come, in part, to rebalance emotional consciousness via the 2 Global Dragon Paths, specifically targeting the Feminine Line in England.

We seem to have lost the emotional intelligence and empathy that are at the heart of this grand experiment called life here on Earth. It is clear that the real crisis is a spiritual one. We have lost our ability to shed our skins and in our collective anesthesia we are missing our Immortal potential. We are all latent Feathered Serpents or Christs in the making and it is my conjecture that the Crop Circle Makers have come to realign the DNA of the Earth and thereby indirectly communicate the process of Ascension to humans and every living thing. Their formations also appear to be reminding us of our sacred oath to uphold the Feminine here, putting us on notice of the times in the near future when Second Comings will inundate our forgetfulness.

I encourage you to honour the Michael/Mary Line this year with your best gifts. It is a Sacred Cord that the Higher Intelligences appear to be pointing to in our back garden and their underlying message in the crops seems to be proposing to us that Earth is not a breeding ground for humans but rather for superhumans.

Part 2


  You may well ask why the Crop Circle makers guard their mysterious appearance and its purpose from the world at large. Why pick a far-western Paradise guarded by a serpent, put down a load of 5 pointed stars in barley near Avalon, a Tree of Life in canola beside a Celtic white horse, or a portrait of Queen Ceres herself in wheat and then not reveal the fruits of that knowledge? It all begins to resemble a retelling of mythic and biblical metaphor. The formations have been difficult to decode and I often wonder why the Makers haven't made their message clear and simple to ordinary people around the world. My feeling is that they have their own itinerary and cannot really interfere with how we "grock" the situation down here because that is our own incarnate lesson and we must all privately come to grips with the truth of the matter. The genuine and honest desire to become a better human being leads some on the quest for higher knowledge within themselves. The pentacle is hidden inside the apple.

Even in the face of renewed debunking of the Crop Circles by the Media recently, formations remain on the increase. The ongoing, exquisite mystery continues to invite embrace, beckons us to eat of its forbidden fruit, yet appears unaffected by all the controversy, confusion, and contention. We cannot blame anything on the Media. We need to go through this enigma for some reason - a test of faith, perhaps - or a testing of the way our state of consciousness operates. Besides, as I have stated previously, I feel that the Makers have another itinerary in the Earth where they can more successfully, though indirectly, help our consciousness develop in these stressful times and assist us in our Transition. This transition depends a great deal on the re-emergence of the Feminine, on the Queen of Cups, on the Goddess principle, on the Grail Bearer. But where did she disappear to?

When the Hellenistic Greeks introduced a social system of Patriarchy, the mythology took on a dramatic turn. Suddenly, Zeus instated his male concubine Ganymede to replace his own daughter, Hebe, as Cupbearer to the Gods. Like Eve, Hebe governed the Tree of Life in Paradise with its magic apples from which she served the wisdom or ambrosia, source of the God's immortality. This Tree was jealously guarded from mankind by a Serpent. With her eviction up into the constellation of Aquarius, the understanding of the Feminine as Grail Bearer was dealt a severe blow. The desecration of the Feminine Ray began much earlier with the fall of the Lemurian Motherland. After that, the human species was deprived of direct contact with the flame of the Mother Principle. The influence of Greek Patriarchal interpretation was briefly interrupted by the European Troubadours who sought to defend the lost honour of the Feminine in the face of the utterly corrupt Roman Church. They extolled that loss in the songs and myths of the Grail Quests.

For thousands of years, the Father Principle has been embodied in the male Avatars that have come to teach us cosmic law. Their basic message has always been "Be ye wise as serpents and gentle as doves". Yet this communication from the gods has always been shredded in the back room by the boys in charge of the drawing boards. We have not been told how interrelated everything is, how the male and female forces are equally important to the sine wave of life. Instead of an AC/DC approach to all aspects of living, we are systematically straightjacketed into a belief that only DC exists. Now, however, we are paying the price for our shortsightedness. All those aspects that have been rejected and abandoned and repressed are now coming up out of the basement of our global souls. The Grail Bearer is and always has been the Feminine dispenser of wisdom at the bottom of our being. The Goddess energies must be welcomed back for any planetary epiphany to occur. Unless women are afforded the love, respect and kind consideration that is their birthright; unless the out of control left brain is brought back into balance with the visionary, prophetic, unorthodox, dreaming aspects of the right brain; unless the Earth and the natural world, the sentience of the Mother in the form of either serpent fire Kundalini or energies under our feet are once more felt as sacred - then there simply won't be a personal or global healing. You can't have one without the other and eventually the circle must be squared. In order to be Christed, these lost potentials must be redeemed, for the love that the Troubadours championed in song can only come when male and female energies are balanced - when the 2 serpents are put in the one heart.

We can all feel the effects of a quickening in our lives as the vibration of our experiences rises year by year. This dimensional shift is in accord with a Second Coming as the Bible reminds us, "For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night." It appears that whatever is coming back will take us unawares like the locked-out Vestal Virgins who thought they had plenty of time before the Bridegroom appeared. Surely, the Crop Circle Makers are well aware of the Divine plan for this Earth and perhaps have come as midwives. Many indigenous tribes around the world testify in their cosmogenesis that something is coming back. Many say their Ancient Star Ancestors are returning. The Grail Bearer in Aquarius is coming back. We are alarmed at overpopulation on the planet, yet many feel that all the souls who ever reincarnated here in the history of life on Earth are now all back in bodies at the End Time in order to heal ourselves as a species. It appears that whatever is coming back is nearly here and it is we ourselves who are returning. The window is opening and the time has come to graduate.

Jesus showed us how to master this dimension 2000 years ago. For this, He was called a Christ or Anointed One. He had traveled the Earth to learn first hand the mystery of wisdom from the Tibetans, Hindus, Egyptians, Greeks and Druids. Tried and tested, He was able to raise His vibration from 3D to 5D - crossing the 4th dimensional threshold where water can be turned into wine. He showed us that we cannot leave our bodies until we are fully inside our bodies, and until we are emotionally detached from judgement we will remain out of our "vehicle". This mastery of Life, He demonstrated to us as possible for humans to achieve.

This speeding up on Earth reflects an increase of frequency coming in from the Cosmos as we edge closer to the higher 4th dimensional reality. In this realm, things tend to appear and disappear. It is both the domain of magic and self-induced chimeras. As potential Christed ones, our destined home resides on the other side of this - in the 5th dimension. Here on Earth, things are starting to get tricky, since structures and functions once thought to last forever are beginning to shimmy and shake. Their design has almost run its course. Institutions are being overwhelmed, religious orders are resorting to the use of pit props and the natives are getting restless as money markets fluctuate, the Y2K Millennium bug approaches and ongoing survival issues become a major focus of energy for most.

I assume that the Crop Circle Makers know that our Solar System is being dramatically realigned. The vibrational effects of the Jupiter/comet collisions, the disturbing increase of solar emissions and the recently discovered pulses from our Galactic Center as well as the approach of rare alignments all point towards an intensification of life here. The Age of Pisces with its lesson of unconditional love now passes the baton to Aquarius, which will attempt to teach us about group consciousness once we have learned how to love ourselves. The energy of Uranus which rules Aquarius is going to connect us into deep space and also cause social upheaval for the benefit of the community. Now that the electrical masculine energy of Uranus and the magnetic feminine energy of Neptune are firmly into the sign of Aquarius, we can expect a revolution in consciousness for the species. Neptune energy eventually dissolves everything that is not conscious. Currently squaring Saturn for the last year, she is wearing away at our fears, our false beliefs and our feelings of limitation. This square will help us ground our consciousness in the Earth, look at what we deny in our spiritual awareness and help us maintain faith and compassion to open to our Divine Plan. After that, Uranus squares Saturn for a year, building a strong tension between the desire for order in our lives and the impulse to break free. This conflict between our conservative and radical nature means that something has got to give or it might be taken away. Finally, Neptune which has been the furthest planet out in the Cosmos has now resumed its normal place as Pluto moves back out, closest to Galactic Center after 12 years.

As a result of all this Cosmic interplay, the Earth's electromagnetic fields are being enhanced, Ley lines pumped up and the Grid activity increased. All the Sacred Sites, which have always been potential doorways to the higher dimensions are being re-energized, the incoming coded frequencies being processed and transmitted through the Earth web and into our bodies, like life in the bloodstream. The Crop Circle Makers are showing us patterns in the wheat that I feel can stimulate a memory of our lost origins. Perhaps we are being reminded that we are all from the stars and I also believe that the Makers are intensely stimulating the Michael/Mary Serpents, helping us to receive clearer telepathic thoughts, more compassionate feelings, and greater possibilities than the status quo is providing us with. Their focus remains predominantly around Mary Line areas, awakening what I term "Blue Serpent" healing energies to counterbalance the effects of Yang spoilage of the Earth and help us feel what we are feeling. As the landscape locations are being lifted to higher frequencies, so are our physical bodies. Now we enter a period of turmoil as we cleanse old beliefs and ways of living that do not serve us. When we do this, we can step back into our bodies.

A great division is occurring on the planet and many of us are trying to take full responsibility for what comes into us from the outside. Every thought, word or deed has an immediate effect on the flow of energy through and around us. Many of us are engaged in the dissolving of the piled up consequences of many small but habitual actions from our past. This is difficult in the face of overwhelming global dis-information, born out of either ignorance or willfulness and it is not easy to sort out the wheat from the chaff in these times. We are all so deeply invested in the material that it does seem as though we might benefit from a real jolt to jump us out of the groove. This groove is a belief that our great white male civilisation is somehow immune from catastrophe. It is also a belief that the organic body of the Earth can continue to endure assault after assault without withdrawing her energies and becoming malignant in self-defense. While we debate whether we are on the edge of disaster or the brink of enlightenment, many wait for the one drop in the 100th monkey petrie dish that will accelerate the whole "culture".

A precursor to such a drop, I feel, is coming this year in the form of a Total Solar Eclipse on August 11th that makes first landfall out of the Atlantic at the tip of Cornwall, crossing the Michael/Mary lines. I sense that the Crop Circle Makers view this as a very significant event in terms of planetary consciousness and may well target the Avebury/Silbury and Stonehenge areas both prior to and after this occurrence. While solar energy dramatically increases the flow of any Ley, a solar eclipse across the Michael/Mary serpents will slow the flow, possibly to a standstill, as the shadow of the moon crosses the land. The path of totality covers 5 node points where both serpents cross: Carn les Boel, St. Michael's Mount, Resugga Castle, Lostwithiel, and the The Hurlers stone circle. Many other sites on each line will also be affected. At totality, dowsing rods could flop around directionless. Solar eclipses have effects 90 days before and 12 months afterwards and the Ancients always felt uneasy about their pathway across the Earth. People got sick, animals died and crops withered. Eclipses are auspicious and cause dramatic events, affect consciousness, magnetics, and the electrical flow of energy in the Grid. This eclipse path will stir up the Middle East and we can expect to see emotional, political and military trouble in its wake. I do not know when the last total solar eclipse path cut across the Michael/Mary line, and it would be interesting to learn when and where that occurred in history.

The Avebury/Silbury complex has been called by many the Heart Chakra of the planet, while others see the Heart residing at Glastonbury, some 45 miles to the S.W. on the Michael/Mary Line. Interestingly, a very powerful Ley extends from the middle of Stonehenge, 70 miles due west to the center of the High Altar at Glastonbury Abbey where the Michael and Mary lines intersect. Another Ley extends through Stonehenge, Old Sarum, the Salisbury Cathedral High Altar, the Chartres Cathedral High Altar and some say goes all the way to the Sphinx in Egypt. Interestingly, 16 miles to the North, a perfect North South line from Stonehenge passes through The Sanctuary near Avebury where the Michael and Mary line cross, and although I haven't dowsed this line, it could be that something is beginning to awaken. At Lugnassad on August 5th this year at sunset, the sun will conjunct the North Node days before the eclipse, signaling a major dharmic event in the natural world. This moment indicates a destined tendency or spiritual fate in terms of life energy. There may very well be formations at Stonehenge prior to this period with a purpose of inducing these Ley serpents of wisdom to move emotional consciousness onto the Michael/Mary Line at Glastonbury. I have already dowsed the Blue Serpent Ley from Stonehenge to Glastonbury and found that it's tail is anchored at the stones while it's head has gone forth and curled around the High Altar. Perhaps on August 5th, it will release its tail and lay coiled and waiting in time for the August 11th eclipse.

I have made these investigations over Winter Solstice 98 in light of certain discoveries at Merlin's Mound near Marlborough earlier that summer. It was then that I found that the Michael Line had altered course after a long time and had been redirected through its apex. Fourteen streams of energy also radiated out like spokes from the summit of this neglected anomaly. I wondered whether the long dormant archetypal Merlin energies were awakening in the Earth, since the Ancient British believed that one day there would be a Second Coming when he would reawaken from slumber. I wonder if the stones will unlock and sing at Stonehenge this summer and the Blue Serpent will go forth to Glastonbury, carrying the essence of Merlin's wisdom onto the Feminine Dragon Path?

Assuming that the Solar Eclipse is a major trigger, the direction of global serpent energy is from the path of totality, up to Glastonbury and thence to Avebury/Silbury and we might well see a rate change in that flow. Given the increasing vibratory levels coming in from the Cosmos, we may well see an increase of frequency that could gradually attenuate all the way up to a higher feminine vibration at the time of the Mayan End Count. At Winter Solstice in 2012, our Sun will be aligned with Earth and the Galactic Heart in the great bulge of Galactic Center, the mouth of the Mayan rattlesnake.

At this time, the Solstice Meridian will finally cross over the Galactic Equator, signaling the end of a 26,000 year precessional cycle. This Galactic Equator is the dividing line of the Milky Way band that separates the left and right hemispheres of the sky, much like our equator divides Earth and where water, hurricanes, and tornadoes spin in opposite directions in each of our hemispheres. This field effect Null Point emanates from the Galactic Center at 27 degrees Sagittarius and includes the entire electromagnetic/photon field in which our Earth exists - including telluric pathways, astral planes and spiritual realms of Being. A changing orientation is set in time and space as we then resonate to our Source and to all other Beings in our Galaxy.

This moment is about a Zero Point energy reversal and the conclusion reached by the departed Mayan astronomer Shamans is that all our basic orientations will be stood on their head and 2012 will represent a global switching over of all conditions of life on Earth. The Mayans felt that most of the Earth cataclysms would occur around this time when the Earth, Sun, and Galactic Center would be in a rare alignment. This, they understood, would precipitate a Pole Shift of consciousness for us here and things would never be the same again. By then, our basic assumptions and foundational values about how life is meant to be lived will have been exposed and we will resurface those long-forgotten spiritual values that we have swept under the carpet of our collective consciousness. Obviously we need help in all of this but not outright intervention and we must make the Transition ourselves before we have the right to enter into community with our Star Ancestors. I believe that Entities have come from afar to observe this great Shift and after 26,000 years, we may have a whole new ball game because our Earth is the one drop in the petrie dish that will change the entire Galaxy culture. What we do here is of vital importance because all life in our Galaxy is going to graduate up a level and I feel that we could be the trigger planet.

The Crop Circle Makers appear to be giving us an anti-viral inoculation into the Earth's bloodstream that enables the body to function in a life-threatening environment. We have been poor Stewards of this garden and we need some Cosmic grounding here on Earth. As we begin to ride the incoming waves of increasing Cosmic frequency, all opposites will begin to appear and then disappear. Linear time is not real in the spiritual world and 4th Dimensional reality may confound and terrify many. Everything will start to turn inside out like a great serpent shedding its old skin. This kind of Kundalini experience is going to be difficult to reconcile with our daily preoccupation with jobs, bank accounts and testing relationships but this is the very nature of Second Comings when the Bride returns bearing the lost Grail. When the Community loses touch with it's essential truths, a Last Judgement or the last state of an old consciousness comes about to be clarified, cleansed, renewed, and regenerated by a genuine love of what is better.

It seems that the Crop Circle Makers are incredibly wise as to the workings of the Earth and the Cosmos. This inter-relationship shifts through the mythologies, sacred texts, oral stories, and scriptures of our own world. They contain within them a veiled and hidden wisdom. This sacred geometry of meaning in the map is often difficult to coax out, since the esoteric decoding lies deep below the exoteric storyline. This is obviously some sort of protective device, lest we are too underdeveloped to take a bite of the apple from the Tree of Everlasting Life and not expel ourselves again from Eden. Going to the Moon has not fundamentally resulted in a furthering of our inner wisdom - only our technological advancement. The Moon is not honoured by most as a reflective Deity. It remains a thing - a lump of blue cheese. I feel the Crop Circle Makers have come to radiate emotional stability and awaken us from our complacent slumber. As time runs out and Frankenstein's nuts and bolts start loosening and popping, the Media will soon have its hands full reporting event upon event. Perhaps then, they might eventually take the formations in the wheatfields more seriously and question where they have come from and why.

Last year, Ludwig Kumpf, an elderly German ham radio operator and his assistant, both international pioneers in transcommunication techniques, picked up transmissions from an interstellar group calling themselves the Umer who said that they were our ancestors from star number 20 in the Pleiades. In several transmissions, this group said they had made crop circles and also gave a series of warnings. Basically, these said that mankind was disgracing and killing the Earth because we couldn't be good. However, the nature of the material is now being accelerated by the starfire of the entire Cosmos that is now moving here. The Umer say that unless we change, the Earth will go through a shambles because we are "lighting the atom" again. The Umer are coming back to talk to us of the language of and in the Earth and are genetically seeding it with pictograms. They say a quantum leap is coming up and the whole world is being embraced now in readiness for this event.

It is indeed difficult to change our ingrained patterns of emotional behaviour. We long for inner peace and to be in the freedom of the "here and now". We long to quiet the false witness that judges our own thoughts, feelings, and actions. Still, it seems very hard to jump out of these continuous patterns. Feeling out of balance and therefore vulnerable, we often wonder in our quiet desperation whether we have the courage, commitment, and conviction that such a massive change is possible.

Do the Crop Circle Makers understand our predicament? Are they both wise and compassionate Beings who want us to find the Grail within ourselves as they once did? As midwives, perhaps they are here to help "deliver the baby", yet we are on the inside of the birth canal and they remain on the outside. If they know that we build up karma when we remain indifferent to that which is right, their policy of non-intervention remains sacred to them. Like a guru, they provide clues to the devotee yet are not responsible for the aspirant's choices. I feel we are being called to dismantle the defenses and strategies which make up our resistance to Fate and if we humbly submit to our reality without resentment or resistance, we can gain the Higher Powers help to make the Transition. Freedom from bondage can only come through grace, when we align our will with that of the Creator's.

The August 11th's Eclipse of 11:11 a.m. occurs at the time of a Grand Fixed Cross in the Heavens involving 9 of the 11 planets plus the Lunar Nodes. This Mystic Cross of Ezekiel and of the 4 Gospels - Angel, Lion, Bull, and Eagle - Air, Fire, Earth and Water - calls us to an Initiation and entry into a higher dimension of our Being. Eclipses are like Uranus,  producing sudden changes and this Grand Fixed Cross calls us back to our Divine origins and challenges us to let go of our old ways and habits. All our ingrained emotional patterns and beliefs over many lifetimes are involved here. These are our deeply embedded "chips" that have to be removed and replaced. Occurring in the heart of the lion at 18 degrees Leo, this eclipse will enter the bloodstream of the Earth through it's opposite sign Aquarius and Uranus its ruler - the higher communications fanning out through the Global Dragons and Grid system. The Makers have possibly been ennobling the Mary Line in preparation for this eclipse and it is my feeling that the Feminine Dragon Path will be triggered by the Moon Shadow, resulting in an increase of Divine Sophia energy around the planet.

Part 3


  Many former predictions for our Paradigm Shift here have not come true, but in the gathering turbulence of the times we live in, more and more confounding 4th dimensional phenomena appear to be entering the arena of our consciousness. It appears that we are not alone in the stars and that there are other forces at play in our awakening. But the mystery of outer influence remains perplexing and continues to unfold on the fringes of our major concerns of day to day survival. Prophets down through the ages have warned us about this time we are in and have provided clues over a long period, but it is difficult to penetrate to the heart of the "big picture" with so much "channeling" coming in on one side and a torrent of dis-information being administered to us from the other. We are justifiably alarmed at the direction things seem to be heading here on Earth. We do appear to be gathering speed towards the cliff edge in the name of progress and if this is the will of the Creator, then all we can do is to adjust our own spiritual posture, beginning now. What we do now, today, will redesign our own futures. We know that many life forms have come here to monitor us and our genetics over the ages. They obviously want us to survive as a species. Yet, up to now, the appearance of space ships and crop circles has not led to a global awakening. Perhaps the message from our Visitors is - "We'll assist but you have to go through the fire yourselves. You have to "sprout wings" just before you get to the cliff edge. You have to master, just like Jesus, your own dimension and your own ascension to a higher dimension. This is why you are here and this grand experiment is about to make a quantum leap."

The fuzzy logic left in the wake of 50 years of accumulated information concerning 4th dimensional anomalies remains an easy target to discredit. As long as this information continues to come in from the fringes, the Power Elite Magi have been able to have a level of deniability through a media blitz of dis-information. It is sometimes tantalizing to take this personally and wonder why our Visitors don't stop cutting bait and just fish, masks off. It is a very seductive desire to want to be saved from the mess we've got ourselves into and impatiently demand the immediate attention we think our plight deserves. We wonder what "they" are waiting for and then, as time passes, we wonder if they are real visitors from the stars, or figments of a hyperactive imagination. This global imagination is beginning to work overtime this year in the face of the approaching Y2K Millennium Bug that either chews us to ribbons or merely burps on its way across the planetary leaf. It stirs up our best and worst fears, hopes and dreams. Perhaps it is a precursor of things to come. Through it we might get to know who we really are and maybe we'll finally get to know the neighbours as well. Yet most of us are waiting to see which way the winds blow, postponing until the last moment any preparatory decisions. New Year's Eve will therefore be an interesting cocktail born out of one half celebration and one half dread - shaken, not stirred.

In regard to the turn of the Millennium, a particularly enigmatic Crop Circle spoke to me last year. A formation appeared in wheat at Beckhampton on the 21st of July (1998), close to Silbury Hill. I felt it belonged to the same "family" as the Queen formation at Lockeridge on August 6th. At first sight, it looks like the Disney dog Pluto with a long trailing leash or fish hook hanging down. Through the whimsy however, you can clearly see the astrological symbol for the planet Pluto in the form of a cup or Grail containing the seed or Host rising up, fully expanded. The fishhook is made up of 51 circles with 2 slightly larger gateway circles as it joins the base of the cup. Interestingly, Chiron takes 51 years to orbit the Sun, moving elliptically between Saturn and Uranus. It is considered to be a bridge between the fixed and the ever-changing energies within ourselves - a bridge from our material selves out to the far reaches of Uranus, Neptune and Plutonian energies. Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer and the mastery of its energy leads into an alchemical gate of inner wisdom about ourselves.

I discovered that Chiron catches up with Pluto on the thigh of the Serpent Handler in Sagittarius on December 31st, 1999, New Year's Eve. Chiron, the half-man, half-horse Greek deity was the great guide and teacher to many of the heroes of that Age, similar to Merlin who counseled aspirants before their Quest. Chiron was the resident wise man who knew most of the tricks of the consciousness trade. One fatal secret he missed, however, backfired on him and he got wounded. He provided Hercules with poison-tipped arrows to kill the Stygian Bird but Hercules inadvertently brushed one against Chiron's flank or thigh, rendering him helpless. The wound would not stop bleeding and because he was Immortal, he could not die. In order to heal his wound, he persuaded Zeus to let him take Prometheus's place in the Underworld. Prometheus had been stuck down below for having stolen fire for mankind. This sacrifice enabled Chiron to finally die and transcend. The placement of Chiron in an individuals' astrological chart shows us where we are most wounded and where we have most wounded others.

The Beckhampton formation indicates to me a watershed event in time and place. This heavenly conjunction involves Plutonian energy, which demands - through issues of sex, death and abundance - that we eliminate and transform our fears and limiting beliefs down to the cellular levels in our bodies. A tall order on New Year's Eve. When Chiron catches up with Pluto, a major window of opportunity is open for us to heal our wounds at a profound level. Their conjunction occurs in visionary Sagittarius, close to Galactic Center. Sagittarius, a fire sign ruled by Zeus/Jupiter, indicates that our wounds can be burnt out in the flames of higher wisdom but that this desire must be precipitated at the deepest part of our being. This window opens at the turn of the Millennium to invite us to connect our own 3D to 4D, Earth to Higher planes, inner to outer. Only through its embrace can we approach the other side of the mirror where the Grail resides and the Cauldron of Fate can deliver us from our deep wounds.

How do we step off the cliff from 3D into 4D? How do we reach into the echo chamber of our own creation? How do we regain our lost Sovereignty, divinate our own initiation and step through the fiery hoop of our fears?

There is a carrot in this scenario, for the Beckhampton Grail shows a large rising Host. In February, Pluto once more resumed its outermost ellipse after 12 years, replacing Neptune as the planet closest to Galactic center, deepening our awareness of elimination. The conjunction occurs, as I have said, on the thigh of the Serpent Holder, Ophucius or Asclepius, the Greek father of modern medicine and Healing. We can therefore expect at the time of the conjunction to receive a powerful stream of Cosmic serpent energy to help us individually and planetarily in the healing process.

We have our own personal fears or shadow areas that call to be embraced but also each Zodiacal Age has a shadow. The Piscean Church Fathers refused to acknowledge their polar shadow in Virgo. In fact they targeted Feminine Virgoan aspects in the form of woman power, the Earth Virgin/Mother, and Pan - the results of this violent usurpation of Earth-related energy continuing into our own lives. The shadow of the Aquarian Age resides across the board in Leo where the negative effects of individuality have already resulted in 20th century dictatorship, which has rebounded back into Aquarius under the guise of Communistic control. With Pluto joining Chiron, we are forced to go for it and embrace the negative within ourselves - either that or we shall be consumed by our own self-judgement. The future is sure to bring in Uranian shocks to penetrate our Saturnian walls. Chiron bridges this gap. Once our rigidity is broken up, Neptune, the universal solvent, dissolves the disintegrating remains of our old belief systems. Neptune shows us that despite appearances, there is a definite higher meaning and purpose in life. Pluto invites us to further eliminate and with the initiation healing of Chirotic energy, Pluto provides the communion Host of Transformation. Only by way of this deep healing of our wounds can we expect to be Christed, since this realignment of our will with the Creator's results in an internal spiritualization of matter and a materialization of spirit.

Many mythic figures are portrayed as impotent men, forever wounded in their thigh or groin, hopelessly stuck in a wasteland and awaiting a saviour to redeem the lost kingdom. In Grail Myths, the Fisher King is wounded in the thigh because he cannot "handle the serpent". Not only has he received the heritage of kingship without earning it, but the compassionate and nurturing balance of the Feminine has been forsaken. People's hearts have become hardened under the necessity of survival and the salvation of the Wasteland can only come about through a gentle open heart. We are all vessels of the Spirit and we are all potential Grails in service to Humanity. Although temporarily lost, this potentiality is beginning to resurface as we remember the harmonizing aspects of the forgotten Goddess energy within us.

In order to attain the Grail, the Moon remains the greatest key in unlocking its buried and forgotten nature. The Moon is a matrix of the Self and governs our emotional habits and patterns. It remains the key to all systems of enlightenment and guards the Tree of Life. The Moon has to be dealt with if we wish to control our patterns, since the reality we end up with has come out of the lunar feminine. The Grail is ultimately a symbol of the Lunar Cup in which we catch our own blood, because our own Moon functions run everything. This is not the Moon's fault. She says; "Look - you have forgotten me. You have over-solarised yourselves, you have alienated yourselves from Nature, you have sterilized the Christ King, removed his sexuality, castrated him. Now you're in a wasteland. You're going too fast and losing your roots and it is becoming more difficult for the Mother to bear "children" now.

I was in a formation last year that appeared beside the "Head of the Serpent" at The Sanctuary, near Silbury Hill. It was made in barley on the 19th of August (1998) and I was unable to see its implications until viewing Francine Blake's aerial photo later. It appears to be a Lunar Oracle delivered from a Tripod of Full Moons. The formation is made up of 6 crescent moons blossoming from a circular center, in the middle of which is a 20 foot threshed circle. This Lunar flower resides on a triangle of 3 eclipses or Full Moons. To one side of the formation, a singular 10 foot circle stands apart from the main image which is made up of sixes and threes. It could be seen that whatever the message is, it is connected to our Fate, since 3 was always the number of the Graces, Furies, Judges and Horae. Perhaps it indicates the Triple Goddess influence when Solar eclipses or Full Moons test us to completion. Six, the number of Benevolence, Marriage, Peace, Health and Truth has been called by the Pythagoreans "the Perfection of parts". Six is ascribed to the number of Venus and at the center of the Chartres Labyrinth resides a flower with 6 petals. Aspirants walked barefoot through the convoluted path, making exactly 666 paces to the womb of Venus, passing through the telluric healing Leys that emanated up from the Holy Well with its 13 streams below the floor. The Druids gathered in sixes on the 6th day of the moon to gather the sacred mistletoe.

When on a spiritual journey, often we must stop, return to the Lunar Realm, ground ourselves and go through it her way. This is necessary so that our journey can continue in balance. The Moon is the key to Memory and lest we get lost, provides the Ariadne thread both to and from the center of the Mystery - the Grail. The Kabballa has assigned gematria numbers to both solar and lunar energy. When these numbers - Solar 666 and Lunar 1080 - are fused in harmony, the dynamics of their interaction is the phi spiral of unfolding Light, namely, 1.613034. The energy of God as the Mother Principle must be awakened at the Lunar Root, rising forth as a fountain of light, nourishing and quickening the dormant aspects of Christhood within. She alone can release the Father Principle anchored in the thousand petals of our crown. Unlike the Eastern understanding, the Christian Mysteries always depict the Serpent uncoiling from the top of the Tree in the Garden of Eden. Priests have always identified with Cosmic Kundalini coming down from on high, while Shamans honour the Serpent energies under our feet. Obviously this process is a two way street, with both serpents ultimately meeting in the one heart. The closest to this understanding was made by the Druid priesthood that honoured both Solar and Lunar influences and they called the endless and intricate pattern of events spun by the universe, the Dance of the Dragon. This Dragon/Serpent fire lay coiled at the center of all Being, from the vast arms of a spiral Galaxy to our own DNA, and they honoured it's source in the fire at the center of the stone circle. This male/female life force was the power dwelling in the Earth and if harnessed, was the source of all natural magic.

The Sanctuary formation at the "Head of the Serpent", also presents us with solar seeds in a lunar pattern. Within the 6 clockwise-revolving blade moons of memory, resides the seed fruit of Remembrance. But how to access this lost secret encased within the pregnant belly of the formation?

Perhaps the isolated circle outside the main image is telling us that we need to both be within our feelings and outside of them to be in balance. It provides us with a sublime Cosmic Koan - to simultaneously stand at the center of our lunar experience and also stand outside of ourselves as a non-judgmental witness - turning the seat of consciousness totally around so that it gets a new perspective of itself and its enlightenment. The Sun is that which gives life but the Moon is that which lives aliveness. In harmony, they allow us to swim effectively through the great sea of our experience. If we don't go through the Moon, our life will become a sterile Wasteland, and the Wasteland is a place where, under the Media's influence, for example, we are forced to believe what we don't believe. It is the place where the 2 serpents constantly war inside us.

When Vortigern's Temple on Salisbury Plain kept falling down, the Astrologers looked not for a Champion but a sacrifice to halt the foundations' erosion. Casting around, they spotted young Merlin who fit the bill but Merlin saw into the real problem. A red and a white dragon were fighting below the Temple in a mystic pool. His psychic interpretation foretold of the defeat of the Welsh Dragon by the White British Dragon under Uther Pendragon. [5] And so it came about and Merlin completed Stonehenge alone, bringing many huge sarcens down from the Lockeridge valley, soaked over Millennia in the emanations of the Michael current.

Were these two warring Dragons/Serpents a metaphor for inharmonious Earth energies? What exactly was battling beneath the Temple of the Nation? And what does undermine National Unity and cause great civilisations to rise, peak and catastrophically die? How can our own technological world escape a similar fate? And how do we mitigate and resolve the warring serpents within ourselves as we approach a climax of atrophy on our planet? How can we put spear and cup together and stop the bleeding?

Here, I can only speak of my own personal visions as they have come to me in dreams, waking state and out on the landscape at Sacred Sites. The vision is that a huge Blue Serpent is released from a mountain where it has been sleeping for a long time. It uncoils and moves to encircle the warring red and white serpents who immediately cease their antagonism. I have dowsed these newly emerging Blue Serpents at Merlin's Mound, Glastonbury High Altar and both Stonehenges, on Salisbury Plain and on the Columbia River in Washington State in America, where 3 total eclipses this century have passed directly overhead. Perhaps others can confirm these findings in their own Earth work. In my experience, altogether new and dormant telluric, healing energies appear to be releasing themselves on cue at various Temple Sites.

It appears that we are taking back our power yet also we are being given power. The Crop Circle Makers may be responsible for helping to fund this. Merlin, whose archetypal energies seem to be awakening, was a shaman priest who learned all his magic from the Goddess. It was She who, at the end of his life, took him back into her Mound and wrapped him in deathless sleep until his Second Coming. She, of course, was Fate - the endless serpentine rounds of astronomical movement and influence that resolves Cosmic Karma. Now, the Heavens are opening to announce the coming of a Shift towards peace and fertility. If we can ride the incoming serpent waves while shedding our own worn out skins, perhaps we have received the Crop Circle Makers communication. And while they appear to be rebalancing the Earth energies and triggering the release of locked up powers in the stones, we are on notice to make sure we ourselves are inwardly Y2K compliant, since these lopsided fears of our will not magically disappear unless we are Magicians. The Mage can manifest because of balance. Old chips must be replaced, just as swords are turned into ploughshares within ourselves. The mineshaft is going to collapse in the upcoming Divine Plan and rather then propping it up, we would do well to evacuate and put our energy into life supporting systems that are struggling to be born.

For any Golden Age to come about, first there has to be a Collapse of Darkness. The Christ seed had to be injected into the dunghill of Rome. That's where new seeds belong. There is a death that precedes a rebirth and the climax of our global entrenchment in the material is no exception. We may struggle mightily to hold onto the life that we have known up until now but it is written in the stars that this too will pass and we will all be ushered into a new understanding of how life was really designed to be lived. It is my understanding that all our negative thought forms in the history of our sojourn here over eons, have not drifted away and magically disappeared. They have piled up into the atmosphere above Earth and become an etheric shell which the incoming ultraviolet rays will now dissolve and force back upon the surface to be faced and healed by the entire species. As reincarnated ancestors, we cannot disown this negativity. It is ours and this outer Collapse of Darkness is referred to in the Bible as "the Beast being loosed for a short while". It seems far-fetched that not only do we have to deal with our own karma, but we have to deal with collective karma as well. Perhaps this is what Christ meant when He advised us to love our neighbours as ourselves. Whatever He intended, it is a cosmic law that collective negative karma has to be burnt out before a Golden Age of enlightenment can blossom.

One of the functions of the Crop Circle Makers appears to be throwing us back inside ourselves, reminding us to straighten up and fly right. They may not be giving us the "Guided Tour" but they could be helping us get airborne in an indirect fashion by genetically seeding the Earth. We can choose to make our Transition the easy or the hard way, since events seem to be set in the Heavens for a Total Shift. The Tower is about to be struck and the walls are about to fall back into the Moat. Nations will eventually sink into the pit which they made and get their foot caught in the net that they hid. Whoever the Crop Circle Makers are and wherever they are from, they must surely know about our spiritual emergency and our need for global reordering. Perhaps they know this only too well, yet strangely they seem to remain unconcerned over our public disbelief in their formations, our frustrated impatience and our confusing inability to see them clearly. Or do they?

Rodney Michael Carr-Smith is an artist and a gardener, living on a small Indian Reservation where Chief Seattle is buried. He welcomes your comments.

Rodney Michael Carr-Smith
P.O. Box 1231
Suquamish, WA 98392


Copyright 1999 Rodney Michael Carr-Smith

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