12-1-99 - I was in my New Berlin house visiting. The phone rang and it was an emergency call from what seemed like the lady who lived in the house across the street to the south.  She said her name was Marie something.  She said the doctor was there and that we needed to bring a flashlight.

It was nighttime when the call came in and I couldn't figure out why the doctor would need a flashlight, but I said, "Okay! I'll be right there!" and hung up the phone.

I went into the kitchen and looked up on top of the refrigerator but the flashlight wasn't there. I heard my ex-husband say, "We don't have a flashlight!" but I knew we did and I kept looking...I opened cabinet after cabinet until I found a big bright yellow flashlight I knew was there all along.

I grabbed the flashlight and headed out the house and crossed the street.  Darkness turned to daylight as I crossed the field. I was looking for a flashing light where the cops or ambulance was but never saw any.  

I got to the base of the hill where I was going and the terrain was much different than it had been.  The hill was terraced sand dunes.  There were people sitting all over the place but nobody gave me a helping hand. I had to find a way up the hill by myself.  

I felt really old and it was difficult to climb up this hill which I had to do on my hands and knees. The sand was really deep and the hill was steep, and the terraces were at least 3 feet apart, so it was really hard. I finally found a way around the side of the hill where the children played that wasn't so steep, and made my way up to the house the way the children went.

When I got there, I found the grieving father who had picked up his son and was carrying him in his arms. The son was dressed in brown. The father appeared to be Mexican or Mayan or Aztec...very deep brown color skin.  The father carried the son's dead body on a brown see-thru board that was shaped like a surf board only wider.  The son was dressed in a brown shirt and pants.

I tried to get near the father to check if the son was indeed dead, but the father kept turning around, crying, and saying "I hate Art, I hate Art!"  I was getting very distressed, thinking that Art was his son's name and that he hated him. I couldn't get near the man and he finally went out a door that seemed to be a garage.

I went into the garage which seemed more like a low tunnel and found T.M. inside there on his knees praying. I went over to him. I was crying now myself and told T.M. how distressed I was that the man was saying, "I hate Art", while carrying around his dead son's body."  T.M. seemed disinterested and got up and left.  He may have gone to find the man but I don't know.

This was a very strange house, with some very strange people. I went into another room and there was a man there who was in his early 20's. He had on his right hand an object that looked like a curled up Armadillo without a head. It had a multi-faceted surface. The man had his hand inside this object and was moving his thumb back and forth inside the object. I tried to avoid looking at the object, but I was like hypnotized by it and I started to feel orgasmic and knew that the man was deliberately trying to make me feel that way. I finally decided to go with the feeling and started to make some moaning sounds. The man said, "Yeah! Go with it!" and I did. As I was coming to a mild orgasm, the man himself decided that's what he needed too, and curled up into a ball similar to the Armadillo thing except he was up in the air by the ceiling giving himself an orgasm.

That bit of bizarreness over with, I found my ex-husband outside by the front door and his new girlfriend was out there too.  I said to him, "Why don't you come back to the house and I'll show you the Christmas presents I got for the kids."  I had placed all the gifts on the floor in Michael's bedroom on the second floor. I knew that Michael was 18 years old and old enough to have these things in open view and he wouldn't tell his younger brothers anything about them and spoil Christmas.

My ex-husband said, "Okay!"  His girlfriend was standing right there...a young dark-haired woman.  We then had to make out way through the house because we couldn't go down the hill through the sand dunes.

The man who owned the house was an odd-ball type of guy and he said that he was having the house remodeled.  It was the strangest type of house I've ever seen. All the doors were mechanized and when you went through them, they actually pushed you out and locked behind you so you couldn't come back through. All the walls were white insulation material with blue writing on it, so I knew he had a lot of work to do.  

We finally got to the door that went outside and it was on the far end of the house on the southwest corner. In order to get out, the door had a fire wall which the man said the fire department said he had to have.  He was very agile and dove up and out the door, but I couldn't make a maneuver like that and I had to actually crawl up and out the tunnel that went up into the light. When you got through, there was a safety hatch behind you so that you couldn't come back down into the house that was being remodeled. Once through that door... you were out and stayed out.  We all went through the door and found ourselves in a tunnel that was all white. I didn't know where we were exactly, but there were blue signs all over the wall saying, 'YOU CAN'T TAKE 83. YOU CAN'T TAKE 83'.  

I knew that highway 83 was many miles west of where I had started from and couldn't figure out how the man's house could be that big.  Admittedly, there were many rooms in his mansion, but I didn't know it was that big.  

So we made out way towards the end of the tunnel and I woke up.


12-2-99 - MEDITATION - I had done a private reading for someone and when I was done, this came for myself... there was something about 48 years old.  I saw a magazine with a black cover with a man's face on it. I didn't see the face clearly. The voice said, "This is volume 3... where are volume 1 and 2? You need to pick them up first." More importantly, you need to start at the beginning."

Another voice then said, "People are going blind. They need someone to read to them. The blind cannot lead the blind. Keep up to date. There is always some new thing to be aware of. Such is moves on with or without you. Keep up with it. It is yours. So much to learn and convey. Such sweetness. Such sorrow!  All is yours. Keep with it. Keep on top of it. Let others know. That is your add knowledge to those who don't have it.  Be smart and be aware. Keep up the good work you have already begun. It is important. Such is life...little baby steps along the way. All leads down the path of life. Be aware and take care.  Love is all!


12-2-99 - DREAM - ET Dream twice - I was dreaming of a web page about an ET with the date 1977 on it and that it might have a different name also and perhaps a different language as well.


12-2-99 - DREAM - I went with a male friend to a large house where there was a very large man living. He was supposed to be the ET from the above dream. The deal was made to buy a car from  him for $300.  My friend had to leave the room and left his check book on the long diningroom table and I ended up signing my name in the check book for the car because we couldn't wait for my friend to return. I saw that I had a very large amount of money in an envelope at that time also.  I told nobody that I had this money.

The man turned out to be a 7 foot tall Chinese man and when my friend left, he took it upon himself to think that he was going to be able to make love to me . . . and I let him in no uncertain terms that this was NOT going to happen and told him off. He had actually grabbed me by the legs and pulled me on the floor.

I was very afraid at that moment and went outside to wait for my friend.  Outside in the alley way, there was a couple of items that had been thrown away. One was a bunch of red fireworks type things that were tied together. . . about 3 feet long... and  I saw a mirror-like thing on the end of a large barrel that was laying on its side and I was able to pry it loose and stand it up against the building. The mirror grew in size when I stood it up. It was at tall as I was. When I did that, I saw that there was a pink web-like covering over it and I was able to get this off by pulling upward on it. When I did, the mirror was incredible... it was so clear... yet it made everything in it very small...rather like a fun-house mirror.  So, when you were standing in front of it... a 6 foot person looked 6 inches tall and very far away.  

I saw some people coming down the street and began to laugh how little they were in the mirror.  It also then appeared that people acted like their real selves in the mirror... and one of the adults actually got down on the floor and acted like a snake-type creature.

The original tall 7 foot man came out of the house and he was now 7 inches tall and he wasn't so obnoxious when he saw how little he was.

A man there showed me a book that was red and it was full of secrets about the Chinese man and his people. He was anxious to tell these secrets but couldn't and I agreed to keep the book for him. He left me with the book. Even the pages inside were all red. I could see no writing, but the secrets were there... hidden.

I then went to a house. . . which looked inside like the layout of my New Berlin house, but this was a little different.  A home decorator came in to make recommendations for the remodeling ... color changes, etc. At first it looked like a simple matter of adding a contrasting color to a sofa pillow. The pillow and couch were all green, so I told her it would be nice to put a yellow or orange fringe on the pillow and she agreed. However, then we saw how much remodeling really had to be done. The backs of chairs looked like they were shredded by a large cat ... or lion.  Huge shreds. The walls looked like wallpaper and were also green and had imprints in them like the owner had used a hot iron on them and burned the outline right on the walls and floor.  I noticed that the ceiling of the diningroom had rounded angles at each corner... like you might see on a second floor room because of the roof coming down in the corners... but this was a first floor room and I knew there was a bedroom with a flat floor above it. The decorator lamented that the ceiling was 18 feet high.  I assured her that the bedrooms above it were only 8 feet.


12-3-99 - DREAM - (Two dreams that go together)  I was in a room and a dark man or being said the words "Hunza Matata" and showed me a list of things that were dated January, 1999 which had not occurred because they had been put off.  I was then shown that things cannot be put off forever because everything would have to be put off forever and that can't happen.  I was then shown that all these things would now happen in January of the year 2,000 and all get crammed into a small space because they had to happen.

#2 - I was searching for the meaning of "Hunza Matata" and nobody knew. I knew that part of this was in the movie The Lion King, so I found a record with the music on it. First I had to fix the stereo and put on a 33 1/3 size record on the player.  There was a woman singing at first, so I went in another room where some other women were sitting and asked them what "Hunza Matata" meant.  One woman wrote down the words from the song in Spanish on a piece of paper.  The only thing she could decipher was "In America".  

After that I went somewhere and decided my hair was too long and I had to have it cut off. I went through a factory where I saw my old maintenance man Kenny and he was having his hair cut and was happy about the results, so I went over to where Kenny and the barber were standing at a round table in a public luncheon room. I asked the Barber who had a big scissors in his hand, "How much do you charge to cut hair?"  He said he would do it for nothing.  I turned around with my back to him and said, "Cut off about 8 inches!"  He took these big shears and cut off a huge hunk of my hair.  Kenny told him he had missed a little bit, so he trimmed it a bit more. I then looked in the mirror and my hair was cut just below the ears all the way around. It looked really cute.

I then found my husband and he didn't even notice that my hair was cut. I finally showed him. There was another man there and they started to laugh about my collection of shoes and my husband said, "You oughta see her shoes. She has a box in every room!".  The other man said, "That's okay, but if she gets an attitude, then look out!"  I was laughing...  I knew I already had the attitude.  I was in a closet looking for something new to wear. I looked down and was wearing a pink slip, and picked up a silver shirt with colored balloons on it, and was going to find a skirt to go with that next.

NOTE:  I woke up with a fire in my belly to find the meaning of the words Hunza Matata.

The words in the Lion King are 'Hakuna Matata' but that's not quite the same.  Matata turns out to be the word ' worries' or 'problems'.  Hakuna means  "No" so the Lion King song means "No worries" or "No problems".  However,  Hunza is a place in Pakistan in the beautiful mountains with sacred stones and places.  Hunza is where the movie "Shangrila" was made and is considered a place of 'peace'.  So, "Hunza Matata" seems to mean "Peace Problems".  

This is a guess on my part, but I don't think I'm wrong considering that everything I dream about seems to have dire consequences in the long run.


12-3-99 - (I went back to bed, hopefully to dream about the same subject to discover whether the dream above was about the world, or about me personally)

DREAM - I was sitting in an office working on a typewriter, but don't remember any paper being in the machine. A man was off to my right, but can't remember who or what his relationship was. I went to stand up, and blood ran out of me and dripped on my shoe. I felt it dripping.  But I looked down and saw that it wasn't dripping on my shoe, it was dripping on a red shoe about a foot away from me. There was also a pair of underwear with a female napkin with blood on it laying on the floor.  I checked myself and I wasn't wearing any underwear at all that I could discover, but I had my slacks on. I was also wearing white and grey tennis shoes and there was no blood on them.  The only solution I could come to was to 'not stand up'. Then nobody would know the blood was running out of me.

I then noticed that I had one long strand of hair on my right side of my head that was curly, so I took a pin and pinned it up into a curl.  My sister-in-law Carole was sitting nearby and I saw that she had a similar straight piece of hair hanging down on the left side of her head, so I took the pin out of my hair and pinned up her head.  She laughed and said, "You need that yourself!", but it was better to pin up her hair into a curl when she needed it. I could always find another pin somewhere.  

At that point I was knitting a complicated pattern and my daughter and Carole were watching me.  I looked at it very closely because I was at the point where the stitches were going to expand and had to be done right. I checked very closely because I was almost losing the stitches I had already made.  I carefully made sure I had all the stitches on the needle because I was ready to begin the next row where the expanded stitches were going to be going onto.  

The number 100 sticks in my mind from this dream, and it seems that the man behind me had said it, but I can't remember in what context he said it.


12-3-99 - VOICE - I swear I heard my father call my mother.  He said loudly, "Lou!" like he did when he wanted her to come to him.


12-3-99 - from Byron - I had a vivid dream of a young women who had 4 rings and each ring had diamonds on it. Two of them had huge diamonds on them and one of them was at least as large as a golf ball. The light reflected through it giving off a rainbow in several directions.


12-4-99 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, living on the East side. I had a new car - a big blue Buick or something. I got it into my head that I wanted to visit N.M. who lived on the far west side of town. I decided I'd better call ahead to make sure he was home. When the phone rang, it made just one ring and the line opened up like an answering machine, but I could hear through the line. I heard a dog bark once and heard N.M. say "hang on", then a young girl with a husky voice came on the phone and  I asked if N.M. was there. She said he was doing laundry. I said I was going to come visit and she said, "If you come, bring some bee fever.".  

I had no idea what bee fever was and when I got to the store, I thought perhaps she meant 'feverfew' which is a white flower, but then I saw some tinctures in a bottle that said "B Fever" but there were 24 kinds so I didn't get any.

I got to the house... (don't remember driving the car but I had it with me) N.M.s sister was all excited because N.M. had a new washer and dryer. He had never had a dryer before and he had a new yellow washer besides to replace his old spindryer type.  I laughed the told her she was going to love how her pink panties felt when they came out of the dryer.

N.M.s mother was there and she and N.M. were in the laundry room and she was showing him how to wash clothes. (N.M. is 60 years old but everyone was younger than they are and N.M.'s mother passed away many years ago) Anyhow, while they were doing laundry, I volunteered to go to the store and get the B-fever for them. N.M.'s mother asked me if I would pick up some Berry - pale too. I said, "What is Berry - pale?"  It turned out to be ice cream. I asked if she wanted me to get a 1/2 gallon. She said that would be fine.

My wallet and keys were on the diningroom table, and on top of my wallet was a small bouquet of yellow flowers each flower had 4 petals.  They were like held together with a wire, but when I picked them up, the flowers got bigger like 4 yellow tulips. N.M.'s mother asked me where I got them. I said they were from a wedding.... not MY wedding but a wedding I stood up in.  

She said, "Oh, how nice."  She volunteered to take me through the back entrance of the house and through the garage, though my car was parked in front of the house. I did catch a glimpse of a shopping mall area on the street a block behind the house so that made rather sense in a way... we were walking and she was going with me.

We went out into the garage which was huge ... like for an apartment building and had a ledge 3 feet high all around it.  I went down the steps to where the cars parked and she walked around the upper ledge until it came out on the other side on a ramp going down.  She said, "Hang on a second", and went over to a water bottle type thing and got a paper cup to take a drink of water.  That sounded rather refreshing to me so I walked over towards the water bottle and woke up.


12-5-99 - (Joe and I watched the cartoon movie "The Lion King" and I got really tired towards the end, so I went to lay down and take a nap. )

VISION:  As I lay there with my eyes closed, I was seeing the negative image of a male and female lion against a black background. I was hearing the music from the movie 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight?' and the lion images were alternately changing color in a rolling color change from light brown to light purple and back, over and over. The color was rolling upward.

DREAM - I was living in a large apartment building. I received a phone call from a woman who lived upstairs. She said, "I know you are really busy and I'm putting you out, but I need to ask you a question."  Instead of sitting there and asking her what she wanted, I said, " Let me come up there." She said "Okay!"  While I was going up there, I was rehearsing in my mind what I was going to tell her face to face. I needed to ask her to pay me for my time, even though she couldn't afford what my time was really worth, and I would be giving up more time than I could afford, I could no longer answer questions for nothing. I knew she might offer to give me some goodies 'in kind' like cookies or cake or something that was of value, but I couldn't do that, since if I took things ' in kind' my family at home who was depending on me earning a living probably wouldn't appreciate what I brought home since they didn't eat cookies or cake especially the kind that other people made.  I needed to ask her for cash payment, but I didn't want to make her feel bad that I was singling her out for a donation for a specific question. What I needed to ask is whether she would be willing to be my sponsor for a small fee and for that she could ask me one question a month, whatever she needed.

I got to her apartment and knocked on the door. She was taller than I, and I could see she was standing right on the other side of the door. She was wearing a light blue caftan type of outfit. I was dressed in my light green and white bathrobe with nothing under it. I was careful to hold it closed so nobody would see that I was naked. I knocked gently three separate times before she answered the door.

When she opened the door, I could see she had two other women in her apartment, one sitting on each couch which had blue flowered covers on them. Then I knew the question she was going to ask wasn't just for herself, but for them. My request for a sponsoring fee was therefore even more valid.  I was going to ask for a donation of $5 per month.

As I turned to close the door, a female lion-type looking dog was walking behind me and I had to hold her outside when I entered the apartment.

 I can't remember what occurred inside the apartment, but as I woke up, I recall that she and I were both female lions and we were rolling over and over to see which one of us would end up on top.


12-6-99 - DREAM - I was working and living in a huge mansion with several other people. I was directing them and helping also to do the laundry, stripping the bed so we could remake it with clean sheets, and sorting out clothes and putting them where they belonged. Some things like deep water boots were hanging on a clothesline, but they were on the 1st floor instead of in storage in the basement.

The boss/owner of the building let people come in and look at all the old things that he had stored in a large closet but it was very messy and there were  a lot of things in there that didn't belong there.  So, I directed the cleaning of this closet so people could look at the antiques and everything looked nice.  (I didn't actually go into the closet, I supervised the others doing the work)  A dark haired woman said they left the door open all the time and they never closed the outer door either, so I stated that henceforth, the outer door would always be locked. People would have to be let in individually from now on with permission.

I went into the bedroom. One young man was just getting out of the bed, and I helped strip the bed so we could do the laundry.  He was quite concerned that this was going to take too long, and he asked me if I could make sure we all went to bed 15 minutes early the same day.  I said that would be no problem.

He was quite pleased and he wanted us all to put our names on an agreement that we were working together.  So, he started writing on a piece of paper with a red envelope and putting our initials on the paper on top of each other.  When he was done, our initials made the shape of a red dove with wings back like it was flying fast.  


12-7-99 - DREAM - I was working on what seemed like a web page about disasters, not specific disasters, but about 'types' of disasters and descriptions of them.

I then came to a part where the descriptions were in alphabetical order but written such that each letter was to the right but one row down also so that the entire thing would wrap around a circular object like the world?  An example would be:j


I saw these statements of descriptions from close up and then at a distance so that I saw that the words didn't actually go all the way around but were in a diagonal on a flat surface like a sheet of paper.


12-7-99 - DREAM - It seemed I was in a foreign country in a place that had stoney type soil... in high country... not tropical or low land. Joe was with me and we were in some kind of Inn where people gathered for good food and drink. Joe was wearing a heavy sheepskin jacket with a large fleece collar, which was pulled way up to his ears.  Joe's hair was tightly curled in ringlets...very tight.  I don't recall what he said, but we both hugged and laughed uproariously. We were in a very good mood.  There was a grand piano in the center of this room, covered with a gauzy type sheet with flowers on it.  A short chubby woman came in who was going to play it, but she got stuck under the sheet and we had to help her lift the sheet off of her. She never did get around to playing the piano.

There is an abrupt scene change and I had to go outside to take something to the garbage barrel which was around the side of the building. I took a large ring of keys with me and this thing in my hand was green and square.. 3 inches or so in diameter. I have no idea what it was, but I was going to throw it away.

When I went outside on the concrete stoop of the Inn, there was a big drop off to the road, at least 3 feet.  I was wearing sandal-type shoes, so I had to almost sit down, use my hand to steady myself and then carefully jump down to the roadway. I immediately lost my balance and clumsily and unsteadily made my way along the road. When I finally caught my balance, I looked back and saw that the road curved way out from the building and it wasn't at all straight and a very heavy wind was blowing. I was so far out of my way to the burning barrel, I changed my mind about going there at all. I still had the green square thing in my hand. I looked up the hill towards where it was and saw a man digging in the soil. A long length of board like a 2" x 12' was lifted up by the wind and hit him in the jaw and knocked him backwards. He had been using that to mark a row in a garden he was working on. As I made my way back along towards the Inn, a dark haired woman, similar to Lorna came along and said, "It's a good thing that board blew up or we'd never have known the boys didn't plant the rows of sugar like they were supposed to."  She pointed to some bare ground under a green and white canopy under which were several rows of tall, spindly spruce tree seedlings struggling to grow in the wind. They were each held up by dowel-type sticks to which they were tied to.  Off to the side of this canopy was Joe's ex-wife Debbie. She was wearing a heavy, tan, winter-type rain and shine coat with a fleece lining.  She had a heavy running shoe on her left foot, but on her right foot was a cast like she had broken her foot and she was trying to walk with crutches and it was obvious she was in a lot of pain. She struggled against the wind, trying to get up the hill.  Her left leg was strong as she would balance on it, dragging her right leg and broken foot along behind her. She could put no weight on it at all as she went along on the crutches. At first I thought she must be drunk, but then decided it was the pain that was making her way so hard.


12-8-99 - DREAM - I was seeing a web page of links about China, then came across one with 40 links about China... at this point I became lucid and was trying to think about those links and each link I clicked on with an imaginary mouse clicker created a sharp stabbing pain in my leg above the knees about mid-thigh.


12-8-99 - DREAM - (After hearing about the Hall of Amenti on the Sightings show yesterday, I went to sleep saying the words, "Hall of Amenti")

I found myself in the outer hallway of a building which was a gun shop. The hallway was of painted boards, very rough. This hallway had been built to control access to the shop. I could see a couple holes in the wall ahead where I knew cameras were taking my picture. I started feeling sick, nervous and disoriented and thought to myself... "this is not such a good place to be" and woke up again.


12-8-99 - DREAM - (While thinking about the previous dream) I fell asleep and found myself outside of a white house with two opened inward and a dark green door on the outside of it, slid sideways which protected it. I decided to open the door even though this wasn't my house and slid it sideways. The door immediately came off the track so I put it back the best I could and decided to leave it alone... and woke up.


12-8-99 - DREAM (I decided to go to sleep asking about Anna Hayes...the abductee woman who was interviewed on Sightings on December 6, 99. She has written two books and will eventually have 18 books published about her life and the Guardian Teachings)

I fell asleep and found myself trying to open a door with my left hand. I must have been lucid because I heard three sharp knocks in my head on the left side and I was instantly wide awake.


12-8-99 - VISION - I was thinking about the knocking in my head... heard a voice say, "The Great Election of Thoth" and saw green lights flashing at the door.


(This dream came while thinking about the Great Election of Thoth. I dont see any references here in it that I can tell)

12-8-99 - NOTE: I thought I knew what dreams were until I had this one. In this dream, I woke up and started writing in my dream journal five different times, thinking I was awake, only to discover from some clue that I was still dreaming. People came to visit me at this house where I live now, and I thought I was awake and started telling them about how many levels of dreams I had been in and how freaked out I was, and here I was still dreaming.  Hah!  How do I know I'm really awake now?????  

I met people who said they loved me... one guy came to the door I hadn't seen in a long time... he had no facial hair... one eye (his right) was always squinty... he had no nose except like a drawing of one... and his lips were like kissing a squishy plastic doll... and I know I've seen him numerous times before... and he said he loved me and would return after he took his mother somewhere. I also knew her from other dreams.

Then I went back to writing in my dream journal, thinking  I was awake and discovered that I wasn't because I went up a stairway that doesn't exist here and when I turned around to go back down, the stairs had already changed to a different direction. I freaked out, realizing I was still sleeping and went to go up the stairs and realized that going up the stairs would take me further into the dream and then I'd really be lost, so I stood on the landing of this stairway, wanting to go down the steps I had come up on which were now behind a fake wall, which I knew was fake, and refusing to go down the created stairs which were available, or go up the stairs even though there was a window there but water had seeped in on the stairway carpet and it was wet.  Even where I stood ice crystals were forming on the carpet and it was slippery, but I refused to go either direction. Finally, the fake wall disappeared and I scurried back down the stairs, and then thought I was awake because the doorbell rang and someone else came to the door whom I know in the physical.

Surprise, surprise. Nope. Still not awake. A woman came in whom I know well. She brought her mother with her. When we turned around, in the hallway was a bird cage with green parakeets and blue parakeets. I thought they might be starting to nest and before I could stop her, the younger woman scooped up all the blue eggs and rushed them to the freezer so she could use the shells for paint colors. When she brought them back, I realized the embryos would be dead, but I touched the eggs and they were hot, but too hot to put under a bird.  She was so happy to have those eggs. I realized I would have to wait until they were ready to lay eggs again. I was very disappointed she had ruined such a good thing just for paint colors.

She left and I went out on the porch. There, two of my cats were making love. This was a disgusting scene because it wasn't normal...and the female cat would end up with a huge hole in her back that was sloppy wet. Then other cats started doing it, so I pushed them all aside feeling disgusted and went back into the house to finally write in my dream journal.

I had to go through a hallway which had a wooden bench, a couch, and a yellow chair with only the left arm on it which was black wrought iron. I went through the next door into the house and found the matching yellow chair with only a right wrought iron arm on it.  Inside the house, which was more like an apartment building, there were toy trains on the floor with the tracks all apart and the train cars laying on their sides. I stopped to pick them up and move other toys over so people wouldn't step on them.  Other people came along with whom I had loving reunions in the scenes.

I went back to write in my dream journal. As soon as I did, another friend came to the door whom I know well in the physical and who is interested in my dreams. So, I started talking to him about how I had been five levels deep in my dreams and he was so excited because he had never known anyone to be five levels deep before.  (Mind you...I'm still dreaming this. :-)  )  So, I started telling him the story of my dream, all the way from the beginning which I haven't even touched on here yet, and he was so excited.  Finally, his wife came to fetch him and I went back to writing in my journal.

Then another man came to the door.  This time a movie star...trying to think who... a large man...very popular... older.. name doesn't come to me. He is telling me how much he missed me, but his wife is with him and she's standing there listening to this.  All around us, people are like refugees, living in tents, trying to find a place to sleep. People are arriving in cars and practically falling out of them, so glad to be out of the cars from traveling so far.  I'm starting to realize I'm still dreaming because nobody goes through real life falling out of cars.  I start to leave, and behind me, the man is holding his wife in his arms and telling her he is going on a mission and wants her to know that he loves her and wants her to wait for him. In my head, I'm thinking, "Oh brother! I almost fell for that too.!"

Now I wake up again, thinking I'm really awake this time. hahahaha. No such luck, I just think I am because I'm again writing my dream in the journal... only it's longer this time.

I can't actually see what I'd written in the dream journal before...the writing was blurry, but I hear something in front of the house. I go to the bedroom window but can't see anything so go to my office window. I still can't see anything, so I go to the front door, to find another visitor.  Thinking I'm awake, I go back to the bedroom to get my dream journal and tell this person my dream which I just woke from... hahahaha

Finally, I wake up and find myself in my real bed.  Am I really awake????  I'm really wondering.  :-)


12-8-99 - DREAM - I was seeing a web page of links about China...then came across 40 links about China. (I think they were given to me)  At this point I was lucid and trying to think about these links and each  link I clicked with the mouse created a sharp stabbing pain in my right thigh.

NOTE: I think this is a warning about earthquakes in China.. perhaps 40 hours, 40 days, or maybe 40 quakes.


12--8-99 - After listening to an internet show about the Halls of Amenti, I went to sleep saying the words, "Halls of Amenti".  

DREAM - I found myself in the outer hallways of a building I thought was a gun shop. This hallway was an addition to the building to control access to the gun shop. It was built roughly of wood and painted carelessly with white paint. I could see ahead of me at the end of the hallway a series of holes (no apparent order to the holes) and I knew that there were cameras and people watching me come down the hallway. I started feeling sick, nervous and disoriented and thought to myself..."This is not such a good place to be" and woke up.


12-8-99 - While thinking about the previous dream, I fell asleep and found myself outside of a white house with two doors, a dark green door slid sideways over a white door that opened inward. I decided to open the door even though this wasn't my house and slid the green door sideways.  The door started to come off the track so I put it back the best I could and decided to leave it alone afterall.


12-8-99 - I decided to sleep asking about Anna Hayes...the abductee who was interviewed on the Sightings show on December 6, 1999.

I fell asleep and found myself trying to open a door with my left hand. I heard 3 sharp fast knocks in my head as I was waking up.


12-8-99 - VISION - I heard  "The Great Election of Thoth" and saw multiple green flashes of light at the door.


12-9-99 - PARTIAL DREAM - I was in a roughly built house with my sons and my son Michael built a ramp going up to a work area from the top bunkbed he slept on.

I was taking care of numerous small children. The little girl was peeing the bed so I had to take the sheet off the bed and wash it along with her clothing.

I was given several gifts at the office, a dress by Ron Klofta, one of my old bosses at A-C, which was pink flowered... smaller flowers on the top and larger flowers on the bottom. I was thinking perhaps they wanted me to wear a dress in the future because I haven't worn a dress for quite some time. I was also given other gifts... like scarves and I was worried that the other girls in the office would feel bad because they weren't getting any gifts.

I went back to taking care of the small children again... there were numerous kids, and I went to a white house on 16th St. that is a block south of where I grew up. When I got there the door was locked which it had never been before. My son Michael opened the door and let me in. I asked him about the locked door, and he said that it had been decided this morning that henceforth the door would be locked.  I said, "Well, in that case, I'm going to take my kids and go home."


12-9-99 - VISION - I saw a newspaper page... like the front page. At the bottom of the page in blue circles it said, "POLICE CHIEF FOUND O.D."  There were 4 circles in one row and three in the row below it for a total of seven.

I didn't remember what city it was, so I closed my eyes again, and saw the circles and was actually able to pick up one of the circles using two fingernails. I turned the circle over like it was a chip.  On the back of the circle it said, "My Time is Up!"  The words changed instantly to "My Time of Day".   Under those words were very small words like a disclaimer or copyright sentence which I couldn't read.

I woke up and I heard the sound I've heard only one other place... RENO.  I heard it like it was 'Ka ching" ... like the sound of a slot machine.


12-9-99 - My friend Michelle was meditating and saw the words  "SWISSAIR 741"  She was worried that it was going to be another plane crash.  I tried to find out something about Swissair flight numbers, but I couldn't find anything on line.  


12-10-99 - DREAM - I was at a school and graduated.  From there I was going to have to walk to another place on the east side. I wasn't alone, but when we got to this huge intersection, there were light blue busses, vans, and cars going every which way. I attempted to cross the intersection safely and ended up running to avoid oncoming traffic which swerved around me.  I could see my daughter's light blue van parked on the south east corner and was heading in that direction. Before I could get that far, she took off going north.  I finally reached the other side of the street and my grandson Alexander came running back to get me. He was wearing a maroon colored T shirt. He said I only had to walk up to Wright (Right?) street to catch a ride with them. I began to walk with dread in my heart because it seemed so far... and woke up.


12-10-99 - I was meditating on the "Halls of Amenti" again and was seeing partial scenes, like looking out a window on the right side of the room... but I couldn't see exactly what was out there.  I also some other partial things and got the impression that maybe I wasn't supposed to be seeing this.

I switched to meditating on Swissair Flight 741 and saw a web page that was white and was a whole page of fraction math problems.

I switched back to meditating on the "Halls of Amenti" again and saw two sentences:


I then meditated on the words "Halls of Amenti" again and saw this bird:

I meditated on the words "Hall of Amenti" again and heard this message, "Look for the keys in a 6 year filing cabinet."

NOTE:  I have two filing cabinets which I bought exactly 6 years ago. I went to look in the drawers and came up with a file on Egypt which had a printed out copy of the book of the Emerald tablets by Thoth the Atlantean.


12-11-99 - DREAM - I was in an office and typed a long letter with multiple carbon copies. there was one letter in the wrong place, so it had to be redone. I figured I could fix one letter on the top copy and the carbon copies would be fine. However, when I looked at the carbon copies, someone had written notes on a piece of paper over each copy so that each copy had more and more carbon notes written across it. The last copy was totally  unreadable.


I was walking south on 16th St. about 30 feet behind a chubby guy I went to high school with that was smarter than anyone else. He was walking slower than me, so the farther we walked the closer I got to him and finally I was ahead of him. When I passed him, I said, "Hello!" and we discussed what we each were doing in life. Neither of us had a job, so it appeared that being smarter or dumber didn't seem to have an effect on success.


I was in an office and a guy was bragging to me about how fast his girlfriend could type. So he sent her to the typewriter and she typed 5 letters on the top of the paper. The typing was even but not fast. I wasn't impressed.

I was sitting at a desk. I had a bill in front of me that I had just paid to the man across from me. He, in turn, had two bills he owed to someone and he had paid neither. He looked very worried about it.


12-11-99 - VISION - I saw a sundial. There was very little shadow on it. I looked like this:

I got up to go to the bathroom and looked at the clock. It was 5:30 a.m. However, it was dark outside and my vision had told me the time like the sun was shining.


12-11-99 - DREAM - Japanese Train Crash Prophecy


12-12-99 - DREAM - I met my girlfriend Barbara on the street. She had a neat old vehicle to drive. She had a key to drive it, but her husband wouldn't let her have the real notched key for it.  I had a key to the vehicle myself... the notched key.  She wanted a notched key so a man came along who promised he could make her a notched key but in order to do that, she had to give the man her husband's wallet.  She agreed to this, but his wallet was so full of coins and valuable papers, she needed help to transfer all this to her own purse before she could turn over the wallet to the man.  I assisted her in making the transfer and occasionally several beads would fall out the side of her purse during the transfer and I rather poured them back into her purse when some escaped out the side.

We then went into a movie theatre, where I showed her the notched key. I showed her that it fit into a slot in the theatre and it started the movie going. At first when I turned the key, the movie started, but I discovered that the key had to be turned continuously to make the movie run and that as the key turned, it moved along a track in the top of this plate where the movie was inside... and the faster the key turned, the faster the music and lights played inside this box.  I finally learned how fast this key had to be turned and I turned it faster and faster until it finally reached the speed where the movie could actually be viewed in real time.  The problem was that when the movie ran at real time, an egg would pop out a hole in the side of this box and this supposedly was a bad thing. But, I got the key turning and the movie going and an egg popped out. What was surprising was what popped out the egg.  At first I thought it was a long earred flop rabbit, but it turned out to be a black cat with long flop ears that had three long feathery feathers at the top, so the cats ears were each three feathered. It was so cute.  Someone said, "look at the next one." and sure enough another one popped out identical to the first.  This one also was a black cat with feathery feathered ears, but this one also had pink flowers with three petals lining the edge of the feathers also. This little cat also had white paws.  It liked me and climbed up on my right shoulder and sat there while we walked on through the theatre hallway.


12-12-99 -  I was in a large house with a couple other women. Our husbands were working the nightshift and we were waiting for them to come home.  They were late.  The young woman who was Kelly from One Life to Live asked me if I wanted to go out for breakfast and I said "Yes!".  We began to get dressed to go out and were dressing in red clothes. I actually had a choice of two red blouses which were almost identical and I decided it probably wasn't necessary to change that.  Meanwhile, Kelly asked the other woman if she wanted to go to breakfast and the other woman got angry at the way Kelly asked her. So Kelly described to me how she had asked the other woman and asked me what my opinion was. I thought it was okay, but obviously the other woman didn't.  She had her own opinion of what was right and wrong and wasn't going to change her mind. Meanwhile the men were later and later and I started to get worried that this was more than just being late... it seemed ominous.

Finally, the men came home from work. We didn't go to breakfast but sat down at our own kitchen table and the men were fed from food in the kitchen.  

I saw that Kelly had painted the entire kitchen red, including the face of the clock. This disturbed me, so I went over to the wall and took the clock down to clean it.  Everyone had a big fit that I was doing this. I pointed out to them that there was salt and grease and dust on the clock and that it had been cleaned previously and there was nothing wrong with cleaning the clock... and besides it was MY clock.

I sat at the table and turned the clock over. Underneath it, there was soil like a garden with roots coming down and little fruits like grapes, peas, corn, cherries, I pulled all these off and harvested them.

The men continued to eat breakfast. I wanted to be kissy-face with my husband and he was okay with this but instead of kissing, he would stick his tongue out like it was a sausage with cottage cheese on it and I became disgusted with this behavior and woke up.


12-13-99 - DREAM - I feel like I was lucid... like watching a movie screen or a computer screen.  I was seeing simple symbols coming down the screen and lining up in short rows which were separated by dark lines... these first symbols were examples.... and would later be duplicated by us to fill in the rows. The examples got larger as the process continued.  I was thinking they perhaps were Mayan symbols but the more I think about it now... they were simpler than Mayan... more like those in the Churchward books of MU.


12-13-99 - DREAM - I was in a house with Lee Chin. I had just arrived there and had spent the night on the couch. Someone she knew had just been let out of prison and had spent the night also in another room but she had made him leave at 6:30 a.m before anyone else was awake. I puzzled over that and wondered who exactly he was.

I was there to try to put my life back on track and begin to live again. I had some clothing and household goods like my pillows and blankets, but had no furniture, nor anything much that wouldn't fit into a car.

As it turned out, my ex-husband Edward was also there... though I didn't see him...and I recall him being out in the parking lot and giving away his small light blue trailer to someone else and helping to put it on the other guy's car.  

I was then sitting on the couch and my first husband came in... he looked rather like Geraldo Rivera. He saw me and became instantly angry that I was there and told me I had to get out.  He had a deck of cards and one of them fell down by the seat cushion where I was sitting. I didnt tell him I had it, but now I knew he could never win his game of cards because I had one of the cards.  He left the room and expected me and my stuff to get up and walk out the door but I didn't. I didn't have a clue where to go or what to do.  I had barely more stuff than would fit in a car, yet in my mind's eye... I saw a huge extended red moving van full of stuff and nowhere to go.

I procrastinated and procrastinated and finally went into Lee's office to ask her why my first husband was so angry that he would kick me out of the house.  She said she didn't know.  He had just left on roller skates and had his skate key with him.  I thought about going out to my car which was a blue Buick and see if I could see where he was and what he was doing.  I felt that would give me some relief as to how much time I had to decide what to do. Edward was out doing something... whatever he always did when he wasn't with me... up to no good probably.

Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore...I tried to make conversation with some other people who were there and I asked, "What if the United States were divided in half and Salt Lake City were the Capital of the West?  They thought that was a great idea.  Then I said, "What if Seattle was the Capital of the United States and all roads and goods went out in all directions from here and I made a extended gesture with my hands in fingers like they were trade routes.  Everyone got excited and thought that was an even more exciting idea.

But, back to reality, I had to make a decision and decide what to do and where to go with my stuff so I could start my life over. My main concern at the moment why my first husband/Geraldo Rivera was so angry. I didn't understand that.  I again lamented to Lee that He wouldn't speak to how could I ask him why.  Finally, whether he returned or not...I don't recall seeing him... but in my memory I recall hearing him yelling at me... "did Edward try to kill you or did he just try to scare you as you've been telling everyone and yourself?" I had to be honest with myself and finally admit that Edward had tried to kill me.  Admitting the truth was hard and I started to cry because if I was forced to leave this house with him...I would again be with a man who tried to kill me.  That thought scared me.  

That's all that was necessary... to admit the truth...and I woke up knowing that first and foremost...I had to be honest with myself before I could do anything else.

Just before I woke up... I recall having my two pillows in my hands on my lap and the top one burst open and it was like a bag of frozen vegetables and yellow frozen corn was coming out.  I had to hold it in with my hands so it wouldn't fall out.


12-13-99 - VISION - My right ear was throbbing down my jaw. I suddenly had a vision of a picture book scene of a city street with a car and some people. The words came in a foreign language similar to Spanish but ended with Lisbon, Portugal.  Perhaps it was Portuguese. This may be a prophecy about an earthquake there.


12-13-99 - VISION - I saw a black and white screen on the left and darkness of a brown color on the right and the words "Fund Raising".

Then I heard the words, "The future of entire cities depend on the honesty of this."

I saw a pile of garbage spilling out and coffee grounds spilling out to the left.

I was then reminded of the spilling garbage. I then had an empty golden beer can in my left hand and the voice said, "This is an example of the 'homeless loneliness'.


12-13-99 - VISION - I saw three men's names which were long. The center name was like Svetetlanka or something like that. It seemed that these names were probably political choices coming up in Russia.


12-14-99 - DREAM - I don't remember any details except that I was on a ship, I assume that means 'spacecraft' type ship. There was a discussion of what my job is. It had to do with humanity and teaching.


12-14-99 - DREAM - I was in a large school. A woman who came in was supposedly a lifelong enemy and was accusatory of my actions. I took her by the hand and took her down into the basement where my classroom was.  On the wall was a sheet of paper that was titled Astara and underneath was a listing of the subjects I taught. I was teaching 'virtues' and improvement of  human behavior.  We had to hurry out of there as two men came running down the hall, guns in hand to get us out of there because we were at war.


12-14-99 - MEDITATION - I saw a young baby. It was off balance or something and was falling over. I and someone else were trying to get it under control.

DREAM - I was in a kitchen with some other people. I opened the upper freezer door. There was no food in this freeze, only a folded up orange shawl and a brown jacket folded up in the back left corner. They had been in there 12 years.

I pulled them out and put them on the sink because it looked like there was some shit along the edges that needed to get washed off.

I turned back to the freezer. There was an orange square of fabric threads stuck on the bottom. I told a male person there to turn off the refrigerator so I could wash the fabric out.

I turned back to the sink and someone else was washing something out so I had to wait. The orange shawl and brown jacket were laying on the sink while I awaited my turn.

I looked around and looked back and the sink was now a swimming pool with blue water in it. There was a high railing around the pool so no one could fall into it by accident.

A boy jumped over the railing into the water. The water was now deeper and farther down than it had been before. The boy said not to worry because it was only 12 feet deep. He swam over to the right edge. I walked around to that side and where I had been to the right of the sink... I was now on that same edge of the pool.  The floor I had been standing on was now 12 feet higher than the water level than before and I was looking up at it.

A young girl now jumped into the water also. She said too that the water was only 12 feet deep.  (That was supposed to make me feel better because I hate deep water)

I then decided to get a cup of coffee.  The pot was tall and white ceramic with little yellow flowers on it. It had a long graceful spout. The cup was like a Japanese tea cup like a ceramic slipper. It was quite small.  I poured the coffee into the cup and the pot got caught under my long green and white robe sleeve and the coffee overpoured the cup and the cup melted down on one side and the coffee spilled all over the counter.

There was a man there who volunteered to help wipe up the spilled coffee.  There was a second cup there that was also a Japanese ceramic tea cup like a ladies slipper. This was also quite small and when I poured the coffee into it, the sides of the cup folded over like a flower opening and laid flat on the table so the coffee spilled all over the table again. (Japanese Tea Ceremony)

I said I would go to the kitchen and get a real coffee cup.  This room was like a restaurant where the cooking was actually done in a separate room from where the eating was done. I walked through a swinging door and on the other side of the door were two Japanese waitresses standing and waiting for their orders from the Japanese cook who was behind a counter.

I asked for a coffee cup and he said I could have one if I would also carry the salt and pepper shakers back out to where we ate. I said, "Okay" and he handed them to me.  So, I had the pepper shaker and coffee cup in my hands, but somehow ended up with three white ceramic salt shakers inside the right side of my mouth where they were clicking on my teeth. (I actually am missing three teeth there and they were in that spot) I don't know how they got in there but I removed them and went back out to pour my coffee.

Huixtocihuatl -In Aztec mythology, Huixtocihuatl is the goddess of salt.

Norse - Audhumla created life, by licking on the icy salt stones. From this emerged Bure, whose son Bor left three children by a Jotun woman, namely Odin, Vilje and Ve. Bure's and Bor's descendants formed a great race known as the Æser.

Bible - Lots Wife

Salt Folklore

I don't recall drinking the coffee but went outside and started to cross a street.  There was a goat and an old man in the street who were following me.

A voice said, "If you see a goat in a dream you will die."

I thought to myself..."Who will die?  Me?  Or the goat?"

I hurried across the street to get away from the old man and the goat.

I went through a series of three rooms with swinging doors in a building on the other side of the street. These rooms were large but there was nothing in them. Each was painted a pale yellow or whitish color. In the third room was a niche in the wall with a figure of a small white bear standing on it. I picked up the little white bear figure and walked back through the three swinging doors which I now noticed were colored pastel blue, pastel green, and pastel yellow.

The old man and goat were gone and by now I couldn't remember for sure if I had even actually seen the goat.

Ahead I saw my rock garden and looked to see how the flowers were growing amongst the grass that was also growing in it. I looked at one small plant and it was healthy.  Just then a large blue and white blue jay jumped up on the rock garden with a squiggling worm in its mouth. A voice said that seeing a blue jay in a dream was 'good luck'.


NOTE: In case anyone is looking... a light honey white colored dog appeared at our door about 9:30 p.m. and made itself right at home like it had always lived with us.  Joe says we can't keep it... but you know I want it.  I can't imagine how anyone could have dumped it off here. It appears to be perfectly cared for.  BUT, earlier in the year I wanted a dog really badly and Joe said we couldn't have one because the landlord says... "No dogs"... and I said,  "I guess the only way I'll ever have a dog is if someone dumps off a puppy in my front yard."

Joe let the dog come into the house and we saw how sweet it was and we fed and watered it, then Joe picked up the dog and carried it back outside and said we couldn't keep it.  The dog promptly set about to protect the house from our own 12 cats and neighboring cats and dogs and barked and barked and barked. Finally it quieted down... but I thought to myself... if the dog is there in the morning... it was mine.

When we got up in the morning... Joe went out the back door to go to work and I opened the door at the front and the dog was curled up sleeping right against the front door on the rug we have there. So before Joe even got into the car the dog was back in the house. :-)

I know this dogs real Mommy is worried sick and I'll give it back if I ever find her.  Meanwhile I'll take real good care of her puppy.


12-15-99 - DREAM - I was looking at a web page that had words coming down individually and fitting into spaces like a game boy.  The last two words came down together... they were  'moral imposition.'

"Conscience and Truth" - "Inerrancy and Human Ignorance"


12-15-99 - DREAM - I was moving into an apartment building. I was going to be the manager, but I also had to clean the building. The boss had a work chart and in my space, he labeled me 'morning woman'. That meant I had to vacuum the floors and pick up trash that other people dropped.

The front lobby was full of water from the heavy rain that had seeped in under the door.  There were two maintenance men who had the job to mop that up.

My ex-husband Edward was there. He volunteered to do the vacuuming so that I could do other chores.  But he vacuumed everything no matter how large it was. He vacuumed entire sheets of newspaper, huge plastic leaves that were vining, all kinds of orange fabric shreds, toys, anything that laid on the floor went into the vacuum.  It wasn't long  and the vacuum cleaner wouldn't suck at all, so I took over the job.  I slung the vacuum cleaner machinery part over my shoulder, cleaned it out and pulled all that big stuff out. There were three huge oval wads of orange fabric fluff in it. I showed all these various things to the other maintenance men and said, "Who would vacuum up all these big things?"  They just shrugged their shoulders.

Meanwhile there was a doctor's type office there off to the side where a doctor was going to give a lethal injection to a man who was a drug addict.  The man who was not very old sat on a square table undressed to the waist.  He had a crazed look on the table and said to the doctor... "Me first! Me first!"  He couldn't wait for the injection...he was that addicted.

In my apartment was a square table that had stuff all over it... can't remember the details, but I was putting away all the individual items and wiping off the table as I went.  There was a young woman sitting there when I started. I wasn't yet done and a young man sat down with all his homework and spread it out to work on it. I told him I wasn't done yet, and he helped me move his work around until the entire table was done and clean... yet all the work was still on the table.

I then went to put everything away.  This was going to be the first time that I ever had everything put where it belonged by the end of the day. Of all the times I had moved, this had never occurred before.

I went into the half bath. There was a tub with a shower and an alcove type place with a short wall with a small table and built in bench where a woman could sit and do her nails.  I think there was a sink to wash hands, but I didn't see a toilet.

I had a red rubber bath mat slung over my arm and took it to the Master bathroom.  It was a huge room. I saw rusted places on the walls and ceiling which needed patching and painting, and where the sink and mirror was, it needed more light... it was rather dim. But here there were two bathtubs with showers.  One faced east...(the end where the shower was) The tub was long enough to need two full size shower curtain sets.  Some of the curtains where hung and some not.

I saw no toilet in this bathroom either. That didn't seem to bother I didn't need one. :-)

There was another tub and shower along the wall that had it's shower on the north end. Here were the other half of the shower curtains that matched the other set...they were pale yellow with red and orange flowers on them. These shower curtains were hung normally in a couple panels, but had a couple panels completely wrapped around the rod... not hanging down.. and there were numerous yellow plastic clothing hangars hanging on the rod also where they had dried their laundry.

There was a window on the north wall facing a college of some type and a woman who came in told me that she sang in the choir over there and you could hear the sound of the choir on the winds in the evening.


12-15-99 - DREAM - I was walking north on 16th St. Along the street people had piled books they didn't want any longer. I was picking them all up and putting them into a brown paper bag.  On the porch of one house, an older woman sat and in front of her house there was a green law book... it said what kind of law it was but I didn't read that looked like someone was still using it... it was a school book. I picked it up and took it with me, then thought better of it and put the law book back.

I came to a huge school... it reminded me of high school... but people lived here as well.  I was going down the stairs from the second floor to the first floor and sliding down the edge of the stairs.  While I was doing this...I was recalling how other people did this in dreams and smiled.  I turned at the landing half way down... Now it wasn't so easy. This part of the stairs were turned on end so that one had to actually step between the boards that were upright like a long and wide grid and gradually walk down between the stairs. It was very laborious.

When I got to the bottom I realized that an older couple (old man and woman) had followed me down the stairs. These were famous people who were authors. The man had an IQ of something like 300 or more (not a real number) and wrote books that were several inches thick. It was stuff that was way over my head intellectually.  He said that any time I wanted to read his stuff I should just say so. I said, "Okay! and thanked him.  He said that his wife had just written a book I might be interested in and handed it to me.  On the cover of the book was her name... it was Tien.  This was a smaller book and I flipped through the pages. There were numerous pages of black and white pictures and text of archaeological findings that she had made of Native Americans... all in great detail.  I thanked him for showing it to me and asked him if I might borrow it one day, knowing it was a one of a kind book... it was the only copy in existence.  He said that I could indeed borrow the book any time I wanted to.  

At that point the old man and his wife left the school and I woke up.

(a.) The Mother of Mercy and Knowledge is called "the triple" of Kwan-Shai-Yin because in her correlations, metaphysical and cosmical, she is the "Mother, the Wife and the Daughter" of the Logos, just as in the later theological translations she became "the Father, Son and (the female) Holy Ghost" -- the Sakti or Energy -- the Essence of the three. Thus in the Esotericism of the Vedantins, Daiviprakriti, the Light manifested through Eswara, the Logos,** is at one and the same time the Mother and also the Daughter of the Logos or Verbum of Parabrahmam; while in that of the trans-Himalayan teachings it is -- in the hierarchy of allegorical and metaphysical theogony -- "the MOTHER" or abstract, ideal matter, Mulaprakriti, the Root of Nature; -- from the metaphysical standpoint, a correlation of Adi-Bhuta, manifested in the Logos, Avalokiteshwara; -- (snip)

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* This stanza is translated from the Chinese text, and the names, as the equivalents of the original terms, are preserved. The real esoteric nomenclature cannot be given, as it would only confuse the reader. The Brahmanical doctrine has no equivalent to these. Vach seems, in many an aspect, to approach the Chinese Kwan-yin, but there is no regular worship of Vach under this name in India, as there is of Kwan-Yin in China. No exoteric religious system has ever adopted a female Creator, and thus woman was regarded and treated, from the first dawn of popular religions, as inferior to man. It is only in China and Egypt that Kwan-Yin and Isis were placed on a par with the male gods. Esotericism ignores both sexes. Its highest Deity is sexless as it is formless, neither Father nor Mother; and its first manifested beings, celestial and terrestrial alike, become only gradually androgynous and finally separate into distinct sexes.

** The "Theosophist" of February, 1887, p. 305, first lecture on the Bhagavadgita.

12-16-99 - VISIONS - I did a web page on these:  - CANADIAN PROPHECY

12-16-99 - VISION - I saw a map of Canada. A brilliant blue color began to fill in the map of Canada from the top down and filled the entire country. It did not go all the way to the U.S. border.


12-16-99 - VISION - A News paper front page. The head was huge and said:  'CANADA'.  All the news was about Canada. Many things were happening... the spaces where words were deliberately left out was evident... obviously they haven't happened yet.


12-16-99 - DREAM - (partial)  Little, short people were being hired to go from apartment to apartment just to clean toilets and bathrooms. The woman who they hired to clean toilets wasn't even 4 feet tall and wore a yellow dress.

Taylar (our granddaughter) came in and showed me a gift she had received. She opened it up and showed it to me. It was a rose-red butterfly and on the butterfly which was embroidered on a black background were the animated words ' I AM LOVE '.

In the similar scene someone left me a gift which was like a large rectangular petrie dish. In it were 5 (I think that's the number) different types of bus which turned into butterflies during their lives. An example of each type was pinned to the example and the food for that kind of bug was provided also so that each kind could develop right where they were without flying around looking for it.

I was being prepared for something, changing clothes, changing hair, making my body beautiful by putting lotion in strategic places.

At the end I went with some other people to a place where they were  going to take a special flight. I got there before the others, but I didn't want to take the elevator up without them. Finally, some people arrived and we went through two glass doors into a large room where hundreds of people were standing. The elevator which held hundreds of people wouldn't be going up until everyone arrived which they said would be a two hour wait and then the flight would take 10 hours.  It seemed I was in California and the time of the dream was about 4:30 a.m. PST.

NOTE: The only airplane related news was a KLM terrorist bomb threat. I haven't heard of any other news like that.  There were numerous smaller plane crashes this week though.


12-16-99 - I made a web page of this  CANADIAN WARNING SIGNS

DREAMS AND VISIONS - Numerous small events were going wrong. Economics will not be good. Mail will not get to where it belongs. Businesses will be affected. A plane crash could occur because of delays.  I was told to look at previous dreams and visions from 1991 and 1992.

There was something involving the division of the country into the Native third, the Americans, and the long-hairs.

There was an article about earthchanges dated 10-31-91 (I haven't found this journal yet)

Three streetcars collided on a street. One yellow streetcar came off the track and went between two others. A blue one was on the left, a smaller yellow one was on the right and a medium size yellow one squeezed between them and damaged both of them.


12-16-99 - I was moving into another apartment. They weren't ready for me yet so the maintenance men ran down to apartment 111 and brought up a refrigerator. There were no shelf grids in it and only one drawer on the bottom.  If I wanted to use the refrigerator, I would have to go get the rest of the parts myself, but I didn't have the master key for apartment 111. My only hope was that the door was left unlocked.

I had moved into this apartment so fast the walls weren't painted yet and there were two doors by the front hallway that had white laminate over them with gold stars on it but they needed washing.

It seemed like it was awfully dark for the time of day. I thought it was about 4:30 p.m. but when I looked out the window and saw cars parked on the street facing the wrong way... this might have been a one way street going towards the right ...I looked at the clock and it was actually 7:30 p.m.  (Later than you think?)

Some other girls had offered me chicken for dinner and I turned it down, but here I had two glass dishes of chicken breasts already breaded and cooked.  All I had to do was heat them up.  There were 8 in each clear square glass dish.  I chose two chicken breasts and put them on a plate to put into the oven to heat.  There were hot french fries on top of the stove in a basket but frozen ones in the refrigerator.  (See potato dreams)

This was a gas stove. I had a book of matches but when I attempted to light a match I saw that the matches were already burned too short, had no heads, or were already lit and hot but with no flame. I made sure no fires could start by putting them all into a tiny woven basket with other old matches that were glowing red on the heads. I couldn't figure out how the french fries or the matches had gotten hot. I saw one pickle slice on the plate with them.

Two little boys came into the room to play with my things. They came from an open door on the back side wall of the apartment. They were michievious little boys... not bad boys ... but one of them enjoyed taking the wheels off of his toy cars which he brought with him.

I confronted the boys and told them that this was not a time to play... I knew they were going to try to light the matches.

I gave them a hug and kissed the leader of the two boys on the cheek and whispered to him that they could come back another day when I was more ready for them. Then I sent them back to their own apartment.


12-16-99 - VISION - I was sitting at a desk with several papers with my writings and symbol drawings on. T.M. was standing on my right side...touching my right arm with his left arm. My right eye was shut and I couldn't open it and look at T.M. directly.  I could only see him with my left eye so could only determine that he was there but not really see him fully. I couldn't speak either. We were both looking at my writings. I wanted to ask him a question, but as soon as I indicated that he should hand me a pad of note paper so I could write a note to him, he vanished.

After he vanished, both eyes opened again.


12-17-99 -  LUCID DREAM - I was working on a web page about Grail links.


12-18-99 - DREAM - I was watching a screen like a computer and coming down the screen were long statements of technology. They were separated by several inches.  Words would come down and fill in any gaps if there were any.  The initials for this was  WH-T. The T stands for technology.  I was shown the words that the WH stood for but I can't remember them. :-(

NOTE: After I woke up I had a vision that had the letters KW-T so I might be remembering the letters wrong.


12-18-99 - DREAM - I lived and worked in a place that was like an office, apartment, school, church.  Each activity was done in a different room.

Our head teacher was very busy and he invited a Spanish-type girl to come in for some lessons.  She showed up at 11 a.m. and the teacher wasn't there.  I spent some time in a closet looking for brochures to give her about the classes.  Then when the teacher came in, he told us that he had originally said the class was at 1 p.m., but we didn't remember it that way.

Meantime I decided to pound a nail into a sliding door in the office on which to hang a sign that would say 'apartment for rent'. That would be superfluous because that's what we normally did anyway and everyone would know that.  I pounded the nail into the door too close to the edge and the wood was very hard and it ended up that the edge of the door bowed out because the nail pushed the wood aside. So, I pounded another nail into another door to see if I could do it better.  I certainly felt I could use the technology lessons just to pound nails if nothing else.

Meantime then, we all went into a church-like room.  While the rest of the people stood in a circle with the teacher... three other women and myself stood first in a line and then in a square, back to a line, then back to a square.  I remember one of the women wearing orange... I can't remember if they all did.

The teacher stood on one end of the circle and began to teach an energy technique. He told us to stand with our legs apart, arms out with elbows up and wide apart and then shook his hands up and down violently while moving his feet up and down like pistons.  He was right, I became very energized.

After that, we went back into the office and the teacher brought out his teaching manual. He hadn't left it in the closet... he had it with him. The cover of the book... which was looseleaf... was red.

I left to go to lunch with a friend. We were walking down a 4th floor hallway with some other women... We were all wearing beige dresses and we were all large women with long legs... I was making note of this... striding purposefully... and feeling good about it. There were 4 of us just like before.


12-19-99 - DREAM - (This seems to be about my health)  I was in a line of cars going down a narrow street in what seemed like heavy traffic. I wanted to go faster, but there were three cars ahead of me and one of those was actually a long haired kid on roller skates and he was weaving back and forth, not going just in a straight line like the cars.

We got to the grocery store, where we had taken an old grandma who was wearing a long black coat. We went into the store and walked along on the end of the store where the checkout counters were.  The grandma knew what she wanted but didn't know where it was.  I saw what she wanted but I was behind her and couldn't get her attention to show her where it was.  She stopped to talk to a checkout clerk and Manager to ask them what she wanted, and meanwhile I was gesturing wildly to show the clerk and Manager that what she wanted was right across from them on my right.  She wanted 'juice' and it was stacked right there where we stood. Finally, they started gesturing wildly too to show her that what she wanted was right next to her on the right. She finally got the message and looked at me as if to say, "Why didn't you tell me."

I walked on in the store and met a man who used to be the 'runner' type guy at A-C. (I don't know his real title)  He came up to me to tell me what kind of repairs were being made on my car.  He mentioned a couple small parts that sound to me like go on brake pads, a clip or something and he told me it only cost $7.50.  I knew the car ran smoothly so I wasn't worried about it.

We then drove to the library.  I was sitting in the back seat behind the driver of the car. We pulled up into the lot.  Outside the stores were two long tables, each with a woman collecting money for a good cause.  Both acknowledged that I had already given to them. I planned to give a quarter to each one anyway.  The first one had a square brown box to put the money in... like the chocolate box that says "The Ultimate Chocolate Survival Kit" from a famous food place 'Swiss Colony'.

The next table over was a group of runners.  I was going to have them explain to me what benefit running was to the body. I had already donated to them to.


12-19-99 - DREAM - There was nothing to the dream except words. It was about genetics and dna.  


12-19-99 - DREAM - I was working in a large office building. I've forgotten most of the beginning of the dream, but then I found myself running up a steep stairway and I went up it as fast as I could and didn't even get out of breath.  When I did that I realized that it took practice to do that... and that be repeating it again and again, the heart, lungs, and muscles would grow and gain strength during the repetitions which allowed me to do it the way I had just done it, breathlessly.  It felt really good.

I met someone I worked with and it was then time to go home. We got on a bus, but were slow in getting to the front to pay our fare... somehow then the bus got longer and longer so that it was more like a train and people started coming in the side doors carrying Christmas gifts. When they got on, they would spot someone they knew and they would get huge smiles on their faces and hug each other. The farther forward we got in the bus/train, the more people we met who were getting on with their gifts and meeting loved ones, and hugging and smiling.  By the time we got to the front of the bus, I knew what the meaning of Christmas was... and it wasn't the gifts... it was the love each and every person felt for those he hadn't seen in a long time.


12-19-99 - I was still at this office building and came across a red dress with three strings on the bodice that you could tie below the bosom like x  so that your bosom got higher and more cleavage. So I put the dress on and tied the top most one so that my boobs were raised several inches and stuck out more which I said looked like 42 boobers.  I then went to tie the one below that which made the stomach go in tighter.  Then I saw another one which looked awfully loose below that so I went to retie it and when I loosened the bow, a green dress with flowers on the bottom fell off from under the red dress. I decided I didn't need that one on while I was wearing the red one and kicked it aside.  It was a peasant looking skirt.  I put on silver dancing shoes with sparkly silver stars all over the toes and 5 inch spike heels and put my leg up on a bar like a ballerina to buckle it. They fit perfect and I told the woman I was with, "I LOVE these shoes."  I looked like a Las Vegas dancer at this point.  An old dumpy woman walked by ... fat and old and dumpy with flat black walking shoes... carrying an old shopping bag ... and I looked at her while she looked at me... and thought to myself... "Eat your heart out... I'll never look like that. "   :-)  


12-19-99 - VISION - I saw the date 8-9-98 and knew that it was two years from now and that I would have all the money I could possibly need by then.

NOTE:  I realize now that it's a past date, so I have to research why I saw that date and where this money is to come from.  These are the 3 dreams I had on that date. THREE DREAMS AND A BABY


12-20-99 - DREAM - I worked at a large factory in the office.  I lived in a huge apartment building with other people.  I came home from work and found a young man dressed all in white standing facing the window.  He was keeping score on what was going on out on the street.  The people were playing some kind of game and he was keeping track of it.  I thought I could probably do it easier with a calculator, but he was doing it by moving five little white rings back and forth. I watched him a bit, but I had visitors, so I had to talk to them.

Two women came in and I was introduced to the young dark haired woman. I was told her name was Jane Twyman and she had written many books, and I was intrigued and wondered why I had never heard of her before. Her books were about metaphysics and  I wanted to read them. I planned to get them as soon as I could.

The older woman then said she had a business she wanted to sell and she wanted me to have the first opportunity to buy it. We went east on Greenfield Ave. just a few feet ... we seemed to be on 70th and Greenfield where A-C was.  Right on the street, set back just a few feet was a country-western bar.  It was decorated with all blue lights and people stood at the bar and chatted and were having a good time.  She said I could have it for only $500 down.  I told her I would have to think about it, but knew that this was the bargain of a lifetime because it was a good business and the income from it would pay for the price of the business, whatever it was. It was right in front of A-C where lots of people worked and the traffic would be really good.

I then went back to the apartment and had to go to the bathroom. I had three bathrooms, but two of them were being remodeled and the toilets were torn out of them.  I was going to use the good bathroom, but the man in white was using it when I got there.  I went out into the hall to go to another apartment, but they were using their bathroom too, so I had to come back home and wait until I could use my own bathroom.

When I got there, I found that the man in white was remodeling my apartment and had taken the plaster off of the edge of the wall where it went down the hallway and saw that the wall was bowed out where he pointed at it.  I told him he'd better not plan to take all the plaster off the walls because they were very rough. I told him the job would be endless and he laughed. He planned to replaster and paint the apartment white.

I had to change clothes and he almost caught me naked, but I had my green and white robe there and I grabbed it and held it in front of me.  We were both laughing.  

I never found out for sure what his name was, but I thought the other woman called him Jim and I thought for some reason that his name was Tyman... but after waking up, I thought it was probably Twyman... James Twyman.  I don't know if there was a connection between Jane and him or not. I wasn't told that they were related. (James Twyman biography)

I went to work again then, and there were hundreds of people there.  I was still thinking about the country-western bar and whether or not I should buy it.  I had a feeling that the man dressed in white was a good business man and thought maybe I should ask his opinion but I didn't really know him well.  So, I asked one of the other women about him and she said she knew him and told me that he was a really fast driver.  I thought then that if I ever got into a car with him, I would insist to drive it myself.

I had a huge bottle of red wine in my office... seemed like it was larger than a gallon and I decided to take it with me.  I had a locker down in the basement and decided I would put it in my locker rather than take it home.  I went down to the basement and the farther down the hall I went towards the elevator, the darker it got because the lights were out. Someone was following me down the hall and I started to get scared because it was getting darker and darker the farther I went. I finally stopped and let the person go by.  It turned out to be a woman and she got on the elevator.  The locker room door was right next to the elevator. I opened the door and entered it.  It was brightly lit and hundreds of women were in there, sitting around waiting for job interviews it seemed.  People would look right at me and talk and I would think they were talking to me, but they really weren't... they were talking to the person next to them... just looking at me walk by with my huge jug of red wine.

As I walked along the hallway where all these people were sitting, I didn't talk to anyone... my mind was full of thoughts about the country-western bar and whether or not I wanted to buy it... and whether I should ask the man in white for business advice. I hadn't gotten to my locker yet either.  I just kept  walking and thinking until I woke up.  

All I know is that when I thought about James Twyman... I was feeling so much love I could hardly stand to just lay there. I needed to do something with it.  (James Twyman photos)  (Emissary of Light painting)  (The Peace Prayers)

VISION - After I woke up, still thinking about the dream and all it's facets, I had a vision of a coin collection in a white plastic case.  There were four silver dollars in it, the upper right one was 'Mercury' with wings.  (Numismatic Links)

 Symbol Lore     Greek Gods

Hermes' roman name Mercury is not just a name, but also an element. Mercury is known as quicksilver, because it flows easily, and it's silvery. This is all because Hermes was such a quick god.

Olympus now is the root word used in the Olympic Games and the Olympic Mountains. The Olympic Games are a competition that takes place every four years where the world's best athletes compete against one another. The Olympic Mountains are mountains on the Olympic Peninsula in the state of Washington.

In astrological psychology Mercury stands for the intellect and, on a more fundamental level, for the processes of symbolism, the basis for our communication systems. All our knowledge of the parts of the world that we cannot directly perceive reaches us via symbols and signs. When these symbols and signs (e.g. words, pictures and ideograms) reach us, we associate them with our memories of our perceptions of the world, and then true knowledge or illusions (false ideas) about the world we live in are released in us. For every sensory perception that reaches us, there is some outer physical reality.


12-21-99 - DREAM - Long dream about making a web page with numerous questions linked to other sites which had the answers.


12-21-99 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house it seemed though it was a little different.  I was finishing up the cleaning and the dishes.  My daughter was helping. We were almost done.  I looked up on a dusty shelf over the sink and found baby eating containers with nipples and sipper cups and decided we didn't need baby things anymore and threw them away.  However, there were numerous circular glass ashtrays there about 3 inches across and I stacked them on the side of the shelf.

I went back to the livingroom and overheard my son Michael say to someone that he was going to solder something.  I asked him if he could spare 10 minutes to help clean up like his sister had... "just 10 minutes," I said. I turned around and there were 3 other teenage boys sitting on the livingroom floor working on electrical projects with Michael... 4 boys altogether.  I apologized to Michael and said, "Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't know you had guests.

My Father appeared then and brought numerous cushions for the boys to sit on, so then the livingroom floor was full of cushions and boys doing electronic work.  Behind me, I saw that my daughter had brought out numerous pastel colored pajamas.  They looked and felt clean, but they were all in a jumbled pile and I felt obligated to wash them again.

It seemed that the more I did, the more there was to do. I was getting more and more frustrated and started raising my voice about the need to clean the house and not being able to get done.  I woke up very frustrated.


12-22-99 - DREAM - I and a man went to a mall to have our photographs taken. When we arrived, a thin black man similar in build to Eddie Murphy came up to us in the photography place and asked us if we wanted to enter a contest to win a million dollars. The contest was merely to answer some questions about what we knew about ETs. There were only a few questions and I answered them all myself and got them all right.  So, we actually won the prize... but of course the man didn't have the money there and asked us to do a few other things for him meantime.  

The man asked me if I would shave an extraneous hair off of his knuckle but the razor he tried to hand to me was invisible and I wasn't about to hold something invisible that was vibrating. However, it eventually became visible and then I played with it and asked my husband or whoever I went with if he wanted to shave with it and he said, "No!"  We went into a large room kind of like a dance hall and was given access to an organ to play, but I had to push it all the way down to the other end of the hall to use it.

Here again, the razor came into play and it was a normal looking razor, dark grey, same size as the hand and was vibrating. I didn't use it to shave anything, just played with the vibrations in my hands.

We then went to some apartment buildings that were close together that had a courtyard in the middle. I was asked to hold a large watering hose. The men went off to do something else and I held the hose so that the water went way up into the air and came down again like rain. I heard several people making comments from the apartments that they had never seen rain this hard ever before in their lives.  I had to leave, but left the water running in the hose and I propped it up and it s still raining as far as I know.


12-23-99 - VISION - I saw a large book titled LINUX.

NOTE: Linux is a rather new computer program which replaces Windows and is very popular. It went public on the stock market last week and the price soared like 795 per cent.  The stock sells for $239 per share today but the program is downloadable for free.  The books which teach the program sell for $39 each and there are numerous books about the program.


12-23-99 - DREAM - I was at home, typing on a small black typewriter. The words I typed were large and I was typing words like SEWER, CONCRETE, CEMENT, etc. (Heavy words?)

A presence outside the window questioned in my mind why I was typing words like that. I had no reason. I was just practicing typing, but I didn't like being questioned, so I started typing random letters and in my mind repetitively saying, 'duh, duh, duh, duh, duh," to block their thoughts and throw 'them' off the track.

I saw a small white brochure that said 'GOLF'. I picked it up and it was about a Tarot deck, and the fine print talked about Golf Health like it was the name of a company. I was then told to watch channel 4 at 8 a.m. I had two T.V. screens right at my desk like little 5 inch screens.

My son Michael and another boy was standing in the doorway of the next room messing with some electronic equipment. I told them not to mess with my station. It was then 10 minutes to 8.

NOTE: I made sure to watch channel 4 at 8 a.m. and the new announcement was a U.S. warning that letter bombs had been sent to U.S. people from Frankfurt, Germany.


12-23-99 - VISION - I saw a book page. At the bottom... in huge letters like the print was blown up out of smaller pixilated size, it said, 'APPALONIOUS Tyrad Game'.

I fell asleep, woke up and remembered the words again.


12-24-99 - DREAM - I was with two other women. We were inside a long vehicle like a limousine but without seats. I can't recall where we were going, but we needed the help of three animals to get there, the turtle, the squirrel, and one other which I didn't see. In my mind I keep thinking it the lion, but I didn't see it. These animals were inside the vehicle coming up out of holes in the bottom. The turtle would turn into the squirrel which would in turn change into the lion.

The numbers were 13, 16, and 19 in Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

There was blue water beginning to flood the area which was wooded, kind of like a jungle... very green.

I had to go from one area to another without being seen and without leaving tracks. I found some old insulation material folded over in quarters. I planned to use that to walk on.  A man was with me at that point and there were two maintenance workers standing by the door.

I don't recall the rest of the dream.


12-24-99 - DREAM - I started to redream the above dream I thought lucidly, and a squirrel came up out of a hole, but then the dream went off on a life of its own.

I was in a big house. . . it was immense and then was an old factory attached. The walls in the basement factory were being blowtorched with a welding gun to get all the old paint and grime off. Men kept coming in there to see how it was being done, but it was too bright to look at so I just peeked but didn't go past the barrier they had set up for the safety of our eyes. I was able to see that the walls were all blistered up and black.

I was helping to clean up another area and was told to turn the light off when I left.  But the string on the light was so short, I didn't want to make the effort to jump for the string. There were no chairs to climb on so I made excuses not to be the last one out of the room and left it to Dorian Lord Hayes from One Life to Live TV show to do that.

There was blue water flowing up into the area from several directions. I was just wearing just white socks so I had to leave quickly so I wouldn't get my feet wet.

I went into the house area then and my daughter came to visit. She needed a new place to move her family to. I told her that I had spare rooms she could move into. I had a whole suite at the front of the house that nobody used and an entire upstairs suite that nobody used. She said, "I never knew you had rooms upstairs."  I said, "Yes! Which would you prefer? I'll show you both of them so you can decide."

At that moment, two men came down from upstairs. They lived in other rooms up there and heard me offer the empty suite to my daughter. They said they would love to have her move up there. The first young man showed me a sailing ship he had constructed in miniature that had numerous sliced almonds on top of it arranged neatly. The other guy who copied him only had almond covering part of the top. It was a poor imitation.

I started to show my daughter the way to the 1st floor suite through a inner doorway. She said, " I prefer having my own outside door." I said, "This has it's own front door and I remembered it even had a crystal door knob and huge picture windows and white curtains. So I said, "Let's go around the front and I'll show you."

So, we began walking out through the east entrance through the parking lot. This was the factory and mall parking lot. For some reason I was dragging a heavy steel office chair behind me that the upper back was coming off. Then I remembered that I didn't bring the key to the front door with me. I said, "We're going to have to go back and get the key. I wish I had brought the car."

My daughter got a brilliant smile on her face and said, "Mine is right here. We can take it."  It was like a big green limousine. I saw that she didn't drive it herself and it started moving before she even got around to the passenger side.  

The car turned into a huge, long, old fashioned garbage truck. It was empty, but I thought "How convenient...I could just throw my old office chair in the back." The truck started to make a right turn and completely flipped over on its right side.

I thought to myself, "Good thing I didn't throw my office chair in there first or they would have blamed that on me."


12-24-99 - VISION - I was sitting on the couch. A voice said, "The Eve of arthritis is setting in." I moved the two heavy knitted red and white blankets off to the side on the back of the couch.


12-24-99 - VISION - I was behind the house and said my black and white kitten hiding by the east corner of the house. He was surprised to see me come up behind him.


12-24-99 - VISION - I saw a notebook with pages flipping and pictures of pyramidal shapes on many of them.


12-24-99 - VISION - I recall seeing a Sphinx somewhere in either the first dream or a separate vision but it had the head of George Washington on it.


12-24-99 - I fell asleep... dreamless ... but when I woke up I was seeing a scene way at the bottom of a soldier with a rifle running to the left through a wooded area.


12-25-99 - DREAM - This was like a web page, but like the game I've been playing recently.  The game is a gameboy type where squares come down and you line them up and when you fill out a row, the game eliminates it.  In this dream, it was a series of words and the page worked in the same way, when a line was completed, the line disappeared.  It seems to me that the main word was Waterford, but I don't remember for certain.


12-25-99 - DREAM - I dreamed that I was starting a club. A woman came and gave me a copy of the bylaws. The bylaws were of a group that was already started and I was starting a local branch. The bylaws were in little brochures with fine print. The brochures were about 2 inches by 5 inches, and were about 1/4 inch thick. There were 7 of them. The woman who gave me the bylaws said that when you start a group that you have to make sure that the first thing you tell them is that they should know that it is NOT non-profit.

I don't remember where this scene fits, but I had three small fish tanks. There were healthy fish in them but the water was evaporating. I put fresh water in them, but there was grass clippings and ants floating on the water that had been on the grass clippings. I wasn't too worried about it. I knew that I could scoop the grass clippings and ants off the top. I don't remember doing the scooping, but the grass clippings and ants disappeared. Perhaps the fish ate them?  In one tank there were two huge snails.   They were at opposite ends of two cubed square pieces of something brown that floated. The brown cubes kept going up and down and up and down with these snails on each end. Then the snails joined together on one side of the cubes and then the cubes floated on top of the water. I didn't identify exactly what the cubes were. I then  put one of the fish tanks on the corner of the kitchen table while I worked on the others.

In this kitchen, I also had a shelf with a lot of different types of light on it. I put another one up there and tried to turn it on, but it didn't come on. Then I realized it wasn't plugged in. I had something else to do first, but I planned to come back and figure out where the plug was and get the lights to working.

There were now other people in the room with me, and I started to tell them about the club I was starting and about the bylaws. The people weren't looking at me while I was talking to them, they were looking down at their own knees or perhaps contemplating their naval, but I had to tell them to look up and look at me when I spoke to them because I spoke with my hands, and I showed them in the air, the size of the bylaws brochures.  I did this with several people. I was trying to understand the bylaws myself and why the original woman told me that the group was NOT non-profit and that was the first thing I had to tell them.

I was waiting for a job interview across the hall. Another woman came in after me, but she got called first. Her first name was Kathy, but I can't remember her last name. She was wearing a two tone dress, yellow on top and light brown with yellow flowers on the bottom. She was blonde.

After she left the room, I heard a pager go off, and I discovered that the pager was on the kitchen table where I was sitting. I picked it up and the name on the top of the pager was MUSCAT. The case of the pager was missing. All I had was the inner workings which were in layers and flexible. Since it was working, I assumed the man was alive and the pager had been stolen by my ex-husband Edward. So, I took the pager across the hall to where the woman was holding the interviews. I handed her the pager. The room she was sitting in was totally dark except for where she sat by the desk interviewing the Kathy woman. she looked at the man's name. I didn't tell her I thought the pager was stolen, but she had known the pager was missing... they thought it was lost. He worked in the factory across the street. She said, "I didn't know MUSCAT was over here."

End of Dream


12-25-99 - DREAM -  Before I lay down for a nap I was searching the web for a picture of a diamond shape. In the dream I continued this.  No matter what I clicked on, I couldn't find the correct connotation I was searching for.

The dream went into a real scene in a yard on 16th St. where the old German-speaking people lived. They owned 4 houses on the corner near where I lived. I knew all the people who lived in these houses and I was friends with most of them, as friendly as a kid could know older people.  I was going through the courtyard between these houses. I went to the door of one house and I heard a woman calling her dog. A shadow of a dog ran from behind me and ran ahead of me. It was a brown shadow of a dog... I was secretly cheering the dog on and quickly ran after the dog to let her into the hallway of one of the other houses to hide her from her owner. I got there and went into the hallway, only to find that the voice of the dog caller was upstairs in the house where I was way ahead of me... or maybe she was just 'upstairs' no matter where I was?  I went back outside and Murray Bernstein came out of the house from behind me. (Murray was a good friend of mine in High School - a Jewish trombone player... we played in the same band. I played the piano for the others in the band for practice) He went over into a diamond shaped sunlit place on the sidewalk and kneeled down and kissed the ground. I laughed and told him that he was the third person to do that this day. He went along the path around a sandpit that suddenly appeared in the yard. A heavy wind was blowing and blew him way left along the path. I thought I'd be smart and take a shortcut through the sandpit and beat him on the path. However, the sandpit was deeper than I thought and I ended up going way farther than I thought I would. There was a dropoff shortly and I needed to get back up to where the school was that I needed to get to. So, the only way back there was to climb up a steep hill using the tall grass along a steep climbing path. By using the grass along the side like ski poles, I was able to climb this hill to the sidewalk.  I knew that other people were watching me and wondering whether I would make it. The moment I reached the sidewalk, I woke up.

NOTE: The reason I was searching for the diamond shape was to place it on a dream page from June, 1999 which I was just getting around to type. This is it:

6-16-99 - VISION - A man dressed in a white robe standing in a big round circle with a beautiful mandala around him. Around the border it said, "The Community of 500,000 is ended."

I then saw the same white robed man standing in a sideways diamond shape.

A voice then said, "7 - 11:11 includes Victory".

I heard the sound of a rooster down the street, but embedded within the sound, in my mind it said, "Texas"

I then had a vision of putting together a puzzle in the center square of a table. Many of the pieces were old and crumbling. Some maintenance men were laying a new linoleum floor next to me. I said jokingly, "I could use some of that over here." At that, the young man pushed me aside to lay in a solid piece of yellow linoleum in the center square. It was then I realized that it would cover up all the details of the puzzle pieces and we could see them no more.  It would be like starting over from scratch.

I then had a vision where I was visiting my friend Loretta. I was kidding her and saw a built-in dresser in a closet. I said, "Just for the heck of it, let me see if you are still so neat!" I opened the 3rd drawer from the bottom of 7 drawers and sure enough, she had sections in the drawer of colored hair rollers, red, brown, and some other color. There was nothing in the front section. Each section was lined perfectly with these rollers standing on end perfectly with others. None was out of place. It reminded me of people, all segregated by color.

I was then visualizing the shape of the diamond in my mind, and it came to me that the diamond shape said 'REGISTERED', but I'm not sure of that.


12-26-99 - (This series of dreams makes me feel that I'm losing my mind. :-)   )  In dream number one, I was either on the second floor or in the attic, looking for something in the closet. I don't know what I was looking for now. When I was done looking, I stood up, closed the closet door, turned to my right and opened a door at the end of the hall, expecting to find a stairway... there was a white blank wall. I merely said, "Oh!" turned to my immediate left where there was another door sandwiched in between the other two doors, opened it and saw the stairway to the area below. Now I could see a reflection in the white wall behind the door I had first opened. It was a muted rainbow color and I don't know what it was reflecting or how it could have reflected anything, but it was like a mirror with a rainbow in it.  I turned to go down the stairs. I have never seen a stairway so steep before in my life, nor have I ever seen such a stark white as the walls and stairs were.  There was a railing on both sides, so I gingerly took the first step, put my hands on the railings, and careful walked down the stairs and woke up.

While awake, I was thinking about whether I had given birth to a baby and it was dead in a plastic bag in the closet in my 16th St. house and perhaps there was another plastic bag with the body of my brother in a second bag in there. I don't know what made me think about that. Nobody in our family has lived in that house since 1964 and obviously it's not true. I knew though that to prove it, all I had to do was to open the door to that closet and smell whether there was a dead body in that closet. I knew that no simple plastic bag would hide the smell of a dead body, much less two dead bodies.

I fell asleep and had a second dream. This time I was in my 16th St. house.  I went into the diningroom and my son Michael was laying on a cot next to the bookcase. (Our bookcase was fancy and behind glass) My son Michael asked if he could have his eye medicine because his eyes were aching. There was a small bottle of eye drops inside the bookcase on the shelf.  Before I could do that though, I went to the basement steps, opened the door, and called down to my mother to ask her if it was okay to administer the eye drops to my son. She made some kind of decision based on some stipulation... especially that I didn't put too much into his eyes, and I agreed that I only planned to give him half a dose anyway, not the whole prescribed dosage. However, instead of giving him the medicine myself, I went down a hallway (that doesn't exist) and found another boy who was working with some other boys on some project in an office type white room. I asked him if he could come and administer the eye medicine to my son Michael. He immediately got up and came with me. I then said, "You don't have to do this, only if you really want to." I don't know why I asked someone for help to do something so simple I could have done myself, or that my son Michael could have done for himself since he appeared to be old enough, maybe 12 years old or so. The boy said something I can't recall, and continued to walk with me back to the diningroom and got the medicine out of the bookcase like he knew where it was. He was also growing into a larger stature and age. He was now a mature man. My son was laying on the cot. The man took the eye dropper from the little yellow bottle, pulled my son's lower eyelid back and began to administer the medicine. He not only administered the medicine, he put his entire hand inside my son's eyelid and his hand was shaking with palsy while he was doing this. I recall his voice sounding just like President Clinton's Press secretary John Lockhart whom I heard on Television in an interview earlier today. Go figure!


12-27-99 - DREAM - This was partly a web page, partly people dream. In both cases I was trying to figure out what was going on in Texas and whether it was good or bad. I wasn't sure and it was worrying me. It also seemed that I downloaded several files about texas and one mentioned "Texas ... One of the Twelve!"


12-27-99 - DREAM - Joe and I were driving along a country road and I was seeing star-burst type flower heads or something off to the side of the road (similar to a white dandelion head after it's done blooming... but huge ... about 9 to 12 inches across)  I was trying to figure out what those were so Joe drove slower.  Then I could see that there were gossamer thin white lines coming from each one and they kind of looked like long tall flower stems, but I knew the stems couldn't be strong enough to hold up a flower head that large.  So, Joe drove slower yet, and I saw these gossamer threads, one from each flower-type head going off in a long string across the road. There were like 12 to 18 of them. I was astounded and needed to know what they were so Joe stopped the car on the side of the road. He got out of the car and went ahead where these gossamer white threads crossed the road.  He jumped up in the air and grabbed a handful of these threads. Just as he did this, a man came towards us from the distance ahead, on a bicycle going 90 miles an hour it seemed. Joe stepped off to the side of the road to give him room to pass us on the road. The man, seeing Joe with these gossamer threads in his hand, rode his bike right up to Joe, stopped quickly, ran over and socked Joe in the jaw and knocked him down, got back up on his bicycle and continued riding behind us. He was going so fast, I could see the movement of the air behind him.


12-27-99 - DREAM - I was in a classroom somewhere. It was a small, crowded room with lots of stuff, desks, computers, telephone, cabinets, etc. but no other people but me. Even the teacher wasn't there.  I was working on the computer which didn't have a screen, but had a metallic board where the words appeared that I was typing.  Here again I working on something about Texas. I was doing research to figure out what was going to happen.  The teacher walked in and I didn't want her to know what I was doing, so when she asked me what I was working on, I showed her a series of maps of Wisconsin that had asterisk marks and boxes drawn on them to show where UFOs had landed.  There were flecks of metallic gold on these sheets. She said that I was going to have to be careful when I xeroxed these because of the gold flecks. I told her that I never xeroxed them, but typed or scanned directly into the computer and never copied the maps anywhere else. That satisfied her and she left.

A Mexican women came in who I think was Maria from my UFO group. She drew a picture of herself in my notebook. It looked like a overstuffed chair with a head. I didn't comment on it and she didn't say anything, but left.

I then was sitting there alone, and a small bookcase was ahead of me with two apples on the top shelf.  All of a sudden, a small ball of light came and zipped around the one apple and it appeared that heat was cooking the apple and the ball of light quickly changed the apple into a jar of  instant coffee or something or perhaps red pepper... (Not sure anymore) It had a brown substance inside the jar and a red metallic cap on it. At the same time, the heat damaged the other apple and it turned brown and partly disappeared, so the ball of light came and evaporated it just that fast.  I was sitting there in shock, I picked up the jar which was hot, looked at the label and put it back on the shelf. I was so astounded, I was thinking to myself...  "That couldn't possibly have happened."  Just that fast, the ball of light returned and changed the jar into a small white plate with a piece of baloney on it by spinning around it just like before.  I understood the metaphor of the baloney and laughed. However, I was still in shock to have seen this event. I wanted desperately wanted to tell someone about this but knew I couldn't tell everyone of this. There was just one woman I trusted, a blonde student. She and I had shared a couple other notes... but nothing much... but I needed a friend to tell this to and I was going to trust her with it.  She lived down the hall from the school room. This was a huge old metal building. I went out into the hallway. I could see this was a series of apartments.  There were other people in the hallway getting ready to go shopping together. I was trying to figure out which apartment my new friend to be lived in. I looked off to the right. It was a hallway that led to outside. It was hot as hell in the room and there were two old-fashioned white bathtubs sitting there which the building owner was getting rid of but hadn't yet.  One of the men, who it seems looked like the old dumb man from "Lost in Space" from 30 years ago on TV.  (This is the impression I'm getting to identify him).  He said I should be sure to come and visit him and I said I would, but I really only wanted to find my new friend to be but didn't want to knock on her door in front of all these people. I wanted to keep the friendship secret also. I walked back into the classroom and woke up.


12-27-99 - VISION - Joe and I had been discussing his dreams from 1996 about color and the web page we were going to put together using them as the theme. So we named the page "Rainbow of Creation". While I worked on this page a little, I got really tired so went to lay down.  I decided to meditate on the title "Rainbow of Creation". I immediately had a vision of a woman standing at a white table. She had two water glasses in front of her. She moved the plain one to the right and set it aside. Remaining in front of her was a glass that a design around the rim that was squares of red, clear, blue, clear, red, clear, blue, clear, alternating with a second row of clear, red, clear, blue, clear, red, clear, blue all the way around it. She was going to pour water into this glass.

12-27-99 - VISION - I fell asleep briefly and as soon as I awoke I again had a vision of the same woman at the white table. The glass she now had in front of her had changed to the design of squares of red, blue, red, blue, red, blue alternately above a row of blue, red, blue, red, blue red.


12-28-99 - DREAM - I was in the backyard of my 16th St. house. There were several other people there with me.  We looked into the sky and saw the clouds forming into a long colorful band across the sky. It was so pretty, with gold, and blue clouds amongst the white. Then the sky became overcast like heavy snow clouds and cumulus clouds, really thick. Then carved faces appeared in the clouds similar to the 'face on Mars', general outlines and vague shapes which made you wonder if 'intelligent beings' had made them.  I looked carefully for other signs that ETs might be there behind the clouds.  The alley next to the house had a lot of snow in it and it hadn't been shoveled. There was just something strange that made me think that seeing the faces in the clouds was a warning of something. Sure enough,  when I threw some snow clods into the alley, they splashed . . . there was deep water beneath the snow in the alley, and the more snow clods I threw into the piles of snow, the more the water flowed down the alley. It was like global warming starting. It was a very ominous feeling.


12-28-99 - (I had just been talking to my friend Lizz about the effects of Y2K in the world on the computer before I went to bed)  In the dream I was in a big house, talking to Lizz who was visiting. We were having a general conversation which I can't recall.  I noticed that there were some vines growing in wine bottles in the closet/bathroom which I had forgotten to water. They were on a table, lined up in 3 rows of 4. I had actually forgotten they were even there. I went to get some water from the kitchen, and on the way noticed that another vine I had was so long, it was trailing across the floor, so I moved it with my foot so it wasn't in the way or would get stepped on. As I went to the kitchen, I saw my dog which was a light colored yellow labrador type dog. A moment later I saw a wild grey and white wolf outside on the lawn. I went to the door and opened it and the wild wolf came right into the house.  I thought this was rather neat that it seemed so tame. I even thought about how neat it would be if the wolf and my dog would mate and we'd get our name in the newspaper. The wolf kept coming over to me and putting it's head on my lap and try to lick my face. I had to tell it to 'get down' because it was really being a pest and I couldn't talk to Lizz.  I was quite firm in telling the wolf to 'get down' and it did. I went to the kitchen to get the water for the vines and returned and discovered that Lizz was in the closet/bathroom and the door was closed so I couldn't do what I planned.  On the way there,  I saw that the wolf and dog were running around the house and had knocked down some plants in the room where Lizz and I had been talking. I quickly picked them up and tucked the plants back into their containers.  There was a lot of dirt on the floor that would need to be swept up so I went back to the kitchen to get a broom to clean it up. On the way I looked into the livingroom and just about went into shock. All the plants I had been growing on large tables in the livingroom had been knocked over by the wolf and the dog playing and chasing each other around the house. There was not one plant still in its pot. I saw some green leaves over in a corner still, but mostly all I saw was black dirt all over the floor and knocked over plants.  I KNEW that the wolf HAD to go.  I prayed that it wouldn't attack me as I walked towards the door and commanded it to go outside again. I couldn't have it in the house any longer.

Immediately as I woke up, I saw a list of newspaper headlines about Y2K, which I'm sorry I can't remember, but it seems that there wasn't much of concern there.  The list was like in a black rimmed box with cross bars on it like X.


12-29-99 - DREAMS - I think this might be Y2K related but don't know for certain.

I was seeing a computer screen with empty boxes representing various countries. It began with Japan and then China. The boxes seemed to be sized according to the problems they had. It was my job to close the box with a pin prick like it was a balloon. I bypassed Japan and China, continued on down the list of smaller boxes by pinpricking them and eliminating them. I didn't pinprick Japan and China because I would feel too guilty if I did that.

I then went into a people dream in which Japanese and Chinese people were involved. There was a major man and woman couple. I'm not sure the man was of that nationality but the woman was Japanese, very pretty. We went into a large room where I was to choose from handmade cloth goods of various kinds which I did. I chose various things and what I didn't choose, other women were allowed to pick from and take with them. I was going to let go two large square dark red hot pads with black insulation on the back, but at the last second decided to keep them. When I left the room, all the goods were left on a pile by the side of the road for others to take.

During this time, the male companion of the Japanese woman was with me and he acted like he had chosen me over her. However, when I was finished choosing goods, she dove out a window seemingly to her death, but we didn't see her after she landed on the ground. Her male companion, though he looked like he was sick or dying, decided to go after her, and scaled down the side of the building after her and fell the last few stories down. We didn't see him again either.

I was rather sad to see him go and was worried he was dead, however, another young man came along to take his place and I soon forgot about him.

We then took a lunch break and again there was a Japanese woman and other people at these round tables which were set with lunch and each table had a round cheesecake. We all loved cheesecake, and though there were other tables, the Japanese woman and I decided to share one slice of cheesecake so I divided it into quarters and we each got a quarter of it. I scooped it up into my mouth with my fingers. There were other tables with other cheesecakes we could have gone after but didn't. We just stayed at our own table.

The choosing of the goods began again with the Chinese people. There were many people there of Chinese ethnicity, and they followed closely behind my choosing of goods. They quickly took everything I didn't choose.

Finally as I was waking up, I had a vision of two words, 'YOU'RE HYPNOTIZED'.  I then was back to the computer screen where the empty boxes were and I pinpricked China and woke up instantly.


12-29-99 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house We had spaghetti for supper and one of the kids took a plate of spaghetti down the basement steps. I opened the basement door and saw spilled spaghetti mixed with diamonds on the basement steps.

I got angry and turned back to ask Joe who had gone down into the basement with spaghetti and the whole kitchen table had disappeared.

Joe was sitting on a kitchen chair as though the table was there but it was missing.


12-29-99 - VISION - I saw a list of women's names and the most prominent one was Sylvia. (I think it represents Sylvia Browne ... my favorite living prophet)  (Jeanne Dixon was the prophet I started with 30 years ago. She is now deceased)


12-29-99 - DREAM - I was in a small town. My husband had to go somewhere, so I said I would drive him. We got into the car and I drove just a few feet and the brakes didn't work immediately so I went too far. I didn't want to make a U turn in traffic so I planned to go around the block, but the next place to turn right was at a huge major intersection and I didn't want to go that far. So, I spotted a parking lot where I could turn around. There was a fence so I couldn't go through. There was a drop off on the right so I couldn't safely turn around, so I started backing up the car. My husband who was in the back seat opened the right passenger door to get out of the car but the car was moving too fast backwards. He tried dragging his foot on the ground to slow the car, but it didn't work. The brakes weren't working and I kept saying, "The brakes aren't working." I saw behind me a huge precipice. My husband prepared to jump out of the car no matter how fast I was going. The car went faster instead of slower as I pressed harder and harder on the brakes. I was screaming now, "The brakes aren't working, the brakes aren't working!"  As I screamed one last time before the car went over the precipice, I woke up in bed, screaming, "The brakes aren't working!"  I had dreamed all that. I was alone in a small bedroom. I got up to go tell my husband I had dreamed that the brakes weren't working on the car like it was a prophecy.

I ran out of the bedroom hollering, "Honey! I dreamed the brakes aren't working on the car."  My husband came along the hallway towards me. It wasn't the same man I had dreamed about as my husband. This man was tall, broad shouldered, red haired. His hair was unkempt, kinda curly, and his hair was longish on both sides of his head below his ears and stuck out.

He gave me kind of an odd look... like it meant... "don't talk so loud with your silly stuff."

We continued towards the livingroom. We went through a doorway and into the livingroom which was now crammed with beds and a man in each bed.  He had moved three of his friends into our house for safekeeping. They were Irish Resistance activists. Each one had a pistol. One pistol was long barreled, another short barreled. I didn't notice the third one. The beds were blocking other doorways and a big TV at the foot of one of the beds.

A telephone rang. It wasn't an American sounding phone and certainly wasn't our own. One of the men picked up the phone and was talking in whispers. The other man with the long barreled pistol was looking down the barrel of his gun, holding it up to his eye, almost kissing it, admiring it.

My husband was an Irish Resistance Movement sympathizer. I realized that I could go to jail for harboring these guys who were hiding out.

I went outside for a breath of fresh air... thinking, "My name may be Irish, but I'm not Irish born. I shouldn't be involved in this."  I was just opening the door to go back inside the house and I heard a voice with an English/Great Britain accent say, "What is the Irish Resistance Movement?"  

I woke up, hearing numerous Irish voices in my head, the words too vague to understand.

I then heard a deep voiced woman making comments like a newspaper reporter, saying she needed to investigate the Irish Resistance Movement.

I instantly saw a web page with a big green background with the word ANARCHISTS with three men with guns standing there. This was a web newspaper page and an article about them.

I began hearing a radio announcer talking about the Irish Resistance Movement and he said, "a hundred years ago"... the rest I couldn't understand.


12-29-99 - Before I fell asleep, I heard part of a song, "You're all right, and you're okay!" I then fell asleep and had this dream - DREAM - I was helping people by looking for things, though I can't remember exactly what I was looking for in the beginning of the dream... duh! But then I was helping people directly, and walked into my 16th St. house in the parlor, which was also our music room with a big piano and my Dad's violin and banjo. In this room, I saw the comedian Jerry Lewis standing, looking exactly like he does now at age 70. There was another tall man standing there too, which I don't remember who it was now, and I quipped to the other guy, "He's going to ask me for something!"  Jerry Lewis put his arm around me and said, "I just want you to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior!"  I answered, "I did!" I raised my right hand and said, "I promise I did!"  Jerry Lewis bent over and kissed me gently on the lips.  

I then had to go about my business helping others, some were young teens, some younger, but the most memorable was I was going to clean out the drains on a double washing machine. The first part was easily accessible. It had a removable funnel shaped washer tub with multiple holes at the bottom for the water and I pulled that out of the machine. But the other half of the machine was farther over and I couldn't reach it so I had to go around to the other side of the machine. It was quite far and there was a boat slip with a boat in it and people were sitting in the boat. So, I maneuvered myself into the boat, through the boat and then tried to reach the washing machine from the other end of the boat. It wasn't so easy, and I had to lean on other people to do this. It worked out okay by the time I was done.

As I was waking up, I again heard the music, "You're all right, You're okay!"  :-)

(Felt pretty good to know that. :-)  


12-30-99 - DREAM - I was at a school, which was made of grey stone. It seemed to be a school for adults and I was one of the teachers. I participated in some kind of ceremony. I don't know how this was accomplished, but there were 8 glossy black cards, each  with a man wearing a red cape that was floor length on the back, facing away... so you saw only his back and the cape, not his face. The cards were placed such:

I  I  I

I  I  I

I  I

In the ceremony, the man in the red cape made broad sweeping arm gestures which were accompanied by sound of perhaps a trumpet or something that sounded like a trumpet. Only the bottom  two cards were sounded in this particular ceremony. The one on the left corner had three arm movements and three sounds.  The one on the right had two arm movements and two sounds. One could assume from that that the other cards had arm movements and sound also, starting with nine on the upper left, ending with the two on the bottom right.  There was no card in the number one position.

After the ceremony, I was talking in a quiet conversation with another female teacher and kinda choked on a word and made a sound that ended with a 'isht' sound, then continued the sentence.  Afterwards, I discovered that one of the male teachers had tape recorded this whole thing, the ceremony, plus my conversation and intended to give it to a radio broadcast station. He was telling others that I had said a 'bad' word ending in 'isht' perhaps there is such a word in a foreign language. However, I had not said a word, only cleared my throat and I became irate that he was going to do this terrible deed to defame me. So, I went into the classroom where he sat surrounded by other male teachers. I confronted him and demanded that he give me the audio tape with my voice on it. I was very assertive and said, "Give me the tape NOW!" His face blanched white when he knew that I had heard what he had done.  I held out my hand to receive the tape, and he took one of the five audio tapes he held in one hand and gave it to me.

I then discovered that this same man could have made a video of the ceremony because there was an upper level overlooking the room where the ceremony was done, and I recognized my classroom when I was up there looking through the overlooking window. I pointed this out to another female teacher.

I then went into another room on the first level to change back into my street clothes.  There was a pass-through window and my music teacher from high school was standing on the other side of it. (I note here that he played the trumpet in a band and was pretty famous in our home town. He also led a marching band and was the drum major for it. Perhaps he was the man in the cape in the ceremony.) I touched his shoulder so he knew I was standing there, and thanked him for standing up for me. He smiled in acknowledgement, but then when I was changing clothes, he tried to watch, so I had to hide so he wouldn't see me without my outer garments on.

In the classroom, I had worn a heavy woolen suit with a jacket and skirt, the color which was like stone tan/beige.  That was not suitable for street wear. One could say it was like a professional uniform of the school.

NOTE:  Who is the man in the red cape?

NOTE: I came across this... after I had the dream:

"According to this theory, the magical name of Jesus was composed of the same Four Hebrew letters as Tetragrammaton, but with one letter added in the middle, the Hebrew letter Shin...The Fivefold Name, 'IHShWH', which can be rendered into English as 'Yeheshuah,' was held by the Christian kabbalists of the Renaissance to have deprived Tetragrammaton of all its power, even as Jesus Christ had supplanted the jealous God of the Hebrews (which he didn't) and the Gospels had displaced the Old Testament (which they havn't).

This view was first explicitly set forth by Giovanni Pico della Mirandola (1463-94) in his seminal seventy-two Conclusions on the kabbalah, published in 1486. In the fourteenth conclusion, he argued that the insertion of the shin into Tetragrammaton represents the descent of the fiery holy Spirit into the fourfold realm of matter--the incarnation of God in human flesh. Pico held that the addition of the Sh made the previously ineffable IHWH pronounceable.

This premise was defended by the first great non-Jewish kabbalist Johannes Reuchlin (1455-1522) in his highly influential work De Verbo Merifico (On the Wonder Working Word)...and his later work De Arte Cabalistica (On the Science of the Kabbalah)...Reuchlin held that with the birth of Jesus, the name of the Four letters had been rendered powerless, its abilities to cause miracles having passed into the name Jesus. This is why in the Gospels the name of Jesus has such force in casting out demons...and healing the sick. By using the holy tongue, Hebrew, and the numerical methods of the kabbalah, Reuchlin maintained that the truthes of Christian doctrine could be proved and, more than this, that all occult secrets could be laid bare...

Hence Christ saith, 'whatsoever you shall ask the Father in my name, he will give you;' and after his resurrection saith, 'In my name they shall cast out devils' that the name of Four letters is no longer necessary, the whole virtue thereof being translated into the name Jesus...Neither is there any other (as Peter saith) under heaven given unto men, by which they may be saved." Tetragrammaton, pp. 47-49.

Elijah and the Holy Name


12-30-99 - DREAM - I was in a big old house with some other people. From my own estimation, it seems that they were all abductees or contactees.  We each had our own experiences which we shared with each other.  We were sitting around together, feeling comfortable when another woman, whom we knew but wasn't necessary part of the group either called on the phone or somehow electronically communicated part of her abductee story to us.  She didn't tell us everything, but gave us bits and pieces of her story, enough so that we knew she was one of us, without making herself feel vulnerable with strangers. When she finished telling us that much, she said, "that's how I plan to run the group I'm starting."  We all thought it was a great idea.


Now that I'm awake, I can't remember any particular details that she gave that make any sense now, nor would I be able to start a new group using her ideas. It seems that her ideas and information knitted together with ours enough so that it felt good, yet kept herself confidential.


12-31-99 - DREAM - I only remember a couple scenes.  I was with some other people. I was given the opportunity to earn some money if I would crochet a special thread which was white with black specks and when I did, there was an extension for which they would pay me 68 cents for each stitch.  This extension consisted of a foot of the white with black specks but connected every foot of light yellow plastic see-thru snakes with eyes and mouths. The plastic part was already formed, all I had to do was pull the thread through it.  I tried but it was so gross feeling and looking I couldn't do it.  I was reminded that I was going to get 68 cents to do this and I tried again, but when I touched the plastic snakes... it felt so awful.... I couldn't.  At the same time, I saw a giraffe come out of an enclosure, trying to eat some brown stuff out of a clear plastic bag. I told the animals keepers that they had better not let it do that and they ran off to take care of it.


12-31-99 - VISION - Someone showed me what looked like a red, yellow, and blue airplane.  I wasn't sure it was an airplane, and I was trying to determine if it was.  It had numerous white strings dangling from it.

I then had a separate vision where the same red, yellow, and blue airplane was handed to me. It was rather like a jet shape . . . a long narrow triangle . . . with strings attached to it, and underneath it, was coiled a long white cord wound up on its belly.


12-31-99 - DREAM - I was in a large house. Someone knocked on the door so I went to open it.  There were a lot of people standing out there, all with checks in their hands they were waving as though they wanted to give them to me. I assumed these were their rent checks. There were so many of them, when I let them in I told them they were going to have to stand in line. I didn't like to have to be so controlling, but otherwise, they would have surrounded me and I wasn't prepared to take rents. I had to keep records of these things. I had to go to another room to get the paperwork.

I told them I would be right back and went into another room. Here sat three older men (not old men) They were having a conversation with each other, and they remarked that they didn't like hob nobbing with the crowd that was in the outer room because they preferred more intellectual subject to talk about.

I got my paperwork and went out the door to go back to the other room, but found myself in a long dark green hallway.  There were numerous door marked EXIT, but none had doorknobs on this side to open them. Some were obviously businesses, not just apartments. The hallway was not straight, but more like a maze. The doors had windows on them with grids on them. I could see light through the windows but couldn't look into them as they were high up on the doors. I knew eventually I'd find the way out of this hallway, and went around another corner and found a door that had a window that was brighter than the others and that was the one I wanted and pushed it open. However I wasn't inside my apartment, I was outside and had to walk all the way around the house to get back to my own place.

When I walked into the house, I was greeted again by numerous women, and the house was a mess. There were toys all over the floor, and there were stains on the floor. A floor cleaning woman was there with a machine and I pointed out to her the stains made by the cats, and the stains made by dripped cherry soda or something... I've forgotten which ... I touched the spots and they were dry and hard. She said she could get them out.  I hoped so, this carpet was a golden color. I noted that my clothes were this same color.

I made my way back to where I was going to take the checks and record them and woke up.

However, I wasn't all the way awake, and a man dressed in the same golden color said to me, "I just came back from an audio conference on the other side of the Milky Way!"  and he pointed down to where I saw a sign that said, "Burglary Portals" and there were buttons numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  I decided I didn't want to go there and woke up completely.