2-1-01 - DREAM - This is actually 4 separate, short dreams.   I was looking for something on several levels of consciousness it seems. At the end, I was in the physical, in New Berlin, WI, having driven west out of Milwaukee, WI.

I ended up inside a church and was surprised to see that all of my sons and my ex-husband came into the church wearing maroon colored tuxedos like they were participating in a wedding. (I'm really expecting two of my sons to remarry sometime soon)  

However, after they all got up to the altar, only one (Bill) stayed at the altar with his tuxedo on, and the rest dropped their tuxedos and walked back towards a beer hall wearing jeans and various colored plaid shirts.  

After this, I went into another room and my son Ken showed me an award plaque sort of thing he had been given.  It was so neat, I would have liked it too.

The plaque was like a puzzle inlaid in a board ... in two layers. On the top was a picture of 4 people/creatures which looked rather like the Bigfoot we've all seen on TV but cuter and a little lighter colored.

One of the pieces of the puzzle fell out of the board towards the bottom, revealing that underneath the picture was a picture of the United States.  The place where the puzzle piece fell out was on the border of several states, such as where Texas, Oklahoma, Utah, etc. is located.

NOTE: This dream feels as though it's rather predictive in nature.


2-2-01 - This dream is not what it appears at first glance. I need to study it further ...

DREAM - I was in a hospital-like room, taking care of a person (female) in a large bed.  The blankets, of which there were 4, were sliding off the bed on one side and I straightened them out, at the same time rather hiding the person in the bed under the blankets.  The blankets were colored sky blue, gold, white, and pink? (not certain of the 4th color)

While I did this, I looked up and saw 3 very tall men standing together in the doorway ... my brother, and two friends ... (like the 3 Wise men?)  

The scene then switched to a house. My father and two other men were now in the livingroom, waiting to be fed. It was noon, so I was going to make lunch. However, my son Thomas was cooking a hamburger and another item in two separate electric gadgets, one plugged in each of two outlets.

I knew that I couldn't plug in more electrical gadgets, that I had to wait until he was finished before I could cook anything . (I don't know if this references the California electrical power problem)  However, there were more plugs and I explained to the person(woman) standing there that I couldn't overload the electrical system.

This was taking so much time, I looked inside the refrigerator to see what else I could feed my Father and the other two men. In the refrigerator were 4 pans of brownies or cakes from a party.  One was round, one was a large rectangle, one was a triangle, and a smaller, partly eaten one was a smaller rectangle.

The scene switched again and I was in another kitchen, thinking about the first woman whose name was Mary. She was moving into a house in the next block, and though I had to walk through a narrow path to her house, I planned to be her friend.  Thought I knew that the woman, Mary, was going to live on 14th St., I was pointing to the 17th St. direction. I lived on 16th St. (I couldn't quite understand this)

As I was thinking about this, and explaining it to my daughter, Mary walked into the room with her daughter. Mary was an older woman, wearing an obvious blonde wig which didn't fit too well, and her daughter was carrying a closed brown, red, and yellow umbrella and had a scowl on her face.

My own daughter was now sitting on a small child's chair, and the scowling daughter started poking the umbrella towards my daughter, not hitting her, but in a threatening manner, was poking the umbrella under the chair and next to my daughter so she couldn't move because of her fear.

I grabbed the little girls hand and told her it wasn't nice to poke at people and scare them.

The mother, Mary, now grabbed her daughter by the other hand and dragged her away and admonished her also, not to poke at people with the umbrella.

At the exact moment, the scene was now a square box with 4 black rectangular pieces in it.  Mary was the top rectangle, going across. The Father and son were rectangles, like pillars on either side of the square box, and the daughter which was an imperfect rectangle with a chunk cut out of it on one side was supposed to be the bottom rectangle of the box, but because it had a chunk missing out of one side, it didn't fit, no matter how I tried to make it fit. It couldn't fit along the side because it was the wrong size, and it couldn't stand upright because the chunk was missing.  It was like the imperfect daughter and didn't fit.


The Christian Version of Creation

Mother of God, Mother of All Christians

In the same way as the woman who bore you is called your mother and not the mother of your body only, Mary is the mother of the whole person of Jesus Christ, who is God (cf. Colossians 2:9). The Church proclaimed this truth in the Council of Ephesus in 431 A.D.:

Therefore, because the holy virgin bore in the flesh God who was united hypostatically with the flesh, for that reason we call her mother of God, not as though the nature of the Word had the beginning of its existence from the flesh (for "the Word was in the beginning and the Word was God and the Word was with God", and he made the ages and is coeternal with the Father and craftsman of all things), but because, as we have said, he united to himself hypostatically the human and underwent a birth according to the flesh from her womb.

--Third letter of Cyril to Nestorius

Similarly, the body of believers, the Church, are Christ's body (cf. 1 Corinthians 12:27-31; Ephesians 4:1-6, 15-16; Colossians 1:18; etc.) and since Mary is the mother of Christ, she is also the mother of all us believers. And, as if these facts would not be enough, Jesus himself gave us Mary as our mother as he hung dying on the cross (cf. John 19).

The Japenese Explanation of Creation

The Hebrew Creation Narrative

Mariology - Mary as Mother of God

The Blavatsky Explanation of Creation

The Seven Creations - Blavatsky

The Black Madonna is revered througout the world, particularly in France, Poland, Italy and Spain. She is the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Crusades and holy pilgrimages

The Black Madonna is honored as a true Goddess figure, and has been since Christianity entered Europe. She is honored by many as Isis, Gaia, Kali, Mary, "the Other Mary" (Mary Magdalene), Diana, Sheela Na Gig, and the Ancient Primal Earth-Mother Goddess.

For many European Christians, the blending of their ancient Goddesses with the Blessed Virgin Mary has been a well accepted fact of their faith for centuries, there is no conflict. The Black Madonna, be She called Isis, or Mary, or Kali, or Diana, embodies all the aspects of Female Divinity for many millions of people.

According to Helena Blavatsky in her book "Isis Unveiled" on page 443 - Vol II, she states: The exoteric plan of the Bible was made to answer also to four ages. Thus, they reckon the Golden Age from Adam to Abraham; the silver, from Abraham to David; copper, from David to the Captivity; thence-forward, the iron. but the secret computation is quite different, and does not vary at all from the zodiacal calculations of the Brahmans. We are in the Iron Age, or Kali-Yuga, but it began with Noah, the mythical ancestor of our race.

Noah, or Nuah, like all the euhemerized manifestations of the Un-revealed One - Svayambhuva (from Svayambhu) - was androgyne. Thus, in some instances, he belonged to the purely feminine triad of the Chaldeans, known as "nuah, the universal Mother." Every male triad had its feminine counterpart, one in three, like the former. It was the passive complement of the active principle, its reflection. In India, the male Trimurti is reproduce in the Sakti-trimurti, the feminine; and in Chaldea, Ana, belita, and Davkina answered to Anu, Bel, Nuah. The former three resumed in one - Belita, were called:

"Sovereign goddess, lady of the nether abyss, mother of gods, queen of the earth, queen of fecundity."

As the primordial humidity, whence proceeded all, Belita is Tiamat, or the sea, the mother of the city of Erech (the great Chaldean necropolis), therefore an infernal goddess. In the world of stars and planets, she is known as Ishtar or Astoreth. Hence, she is identical wtih Venus, and every other Queen of Heaven, to whom cakes and buns were offered in sacrifice, and , as all the archaeologists know, with Eve, the mother of all that live, and with Mary.

The Second coming:  The Second Coming is not a return of Christ but a new arrival of female that is strong, loving, divine, wise and powerful.

Sacred geometry is subtle. It uses shapes (circles, triangles, spirals, etc.) that work subliminally on the unconscious mind. It also uses archetypal symbols, numerology, cosmology, astrology and mysticism to foster a relationship to the universe and to God.

The circle is the symbol of unity or union and is the primary shape of labyrinths. When combined with numerological representations where the number three (3) represents heaven and the number four (4) represents earth, we find that a 7-circuit Cretan labyrinth (3 + 4) subliminally symbolizes the union (circle) of "heaven" and "earth". In the 11-circuit Chartres labyrinth, though, it takes 12 circles to make the 11 circuits. So, in this case, it's the product of 3 times 4 that represents the union of "heaven" and "earth".

Lastly, the four quardrants that the walker meanders in and out of correspond to the four basic elements of creation: Air, Earth, Water and Fire.


Isis is the lady of the Pyramid, Nun-Hathor and Atum-Ptah gave her the custody.

From Isis comes HOR, and the Akeru Aku: the 7 Sphinx Masters. And from them the Shemsu Hor, of which Christ was one in lineage. Isis gives birth to the divine child, BY the BA (Soul, Dove), BA-BY. And Tehuti enabled that birth to succeed, both in wining with the moon, and by providing the Wizzardry to resurrect Ausir Wassir Osiris in the dark. From which emerged Iosos (Horus) on the 25th of December.

Isis was the first Virgin Mary. As Lady of the Pyramid, the MeRu. The Lady of the Lake (Avalon, Arthur, ArkHor, Art-HOR, and MRlin), Queen of Hearts. Mary comes from Egypt. Mother of TutankAton (later TothAnkAmon) and Moses was Mery Kiya (Miriam). Mary comes from Mer, which is both a lake and a sea, in cross linguistics, and has both meanings in Egyptian. Mer was also the Pyramid itself, recall. And Isis was the lady of the mount of the east, Mt Manu (as it was called). She was Sirius, SEPTet, and her sign is the M of Virgo the Virgin of September, when Sirius dissapears from the Egyptian skies.

The Mery's were the high Preistesses, and so Jesos was born from a Virgo Mary on the Horus day.

Magdala, is a Hebrew word meaning Tower. It was the name given to Miriyam, one of Yeshua's female disciples, who in all likelihood was his wife. She was called Mary of Magdala, or Mary Magdalene. We also believe she was co-Messiah with Yeshua. God-the-Father and God-the-Mother both chose to incarnate themselves upon the earth together in order to draw their created selves (all of us) back to Them. And now they are returning.....


In the Tree of Life, Daat is said to be a secret, hidden, eleventh sephira. It is depicted as a circle formed by dashed lines below the main triad of three circles at the top. It is said to be the secret of the transition of Binah, the upper-left sephira corresponding to the Mother aspect of the Godhead, from the Dark Sterile Mother (Ama) to the Bright Fertile Mother (Aima), also know as Marah, the Great Sea. Marah is the root of Mary. It is the concept of a virgin becoming a mother by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The "hidden" sephira called Daat means "knowledge." The idea of moving into Daat, then, may indicate that God has or will move into a position to transmit new knowledge to mankind.

See: The Tree of Life Crop Circle Formation by Joseph E. Mason

The Holy Grail Bloodline

So, in September AD 33, the first child of Jesus and Mary Magdalene was born, and Jesus duly entered the Kingdom of Heaven. There is no reference to this child being a son (as there is for the two subsequent births), and given that Jesus returned three years later, in AD 36, we know that Mary must have had a daughter.

It was to Gaul that Mary was said to have carried the Sangréal (the Blood Royal, the Holy Grail); and it was in Gaul that the famous line of Jesus and Mary's immediate descendant heirs, the Fisher Kings, flourished for 300 years.

2-2-01 - ANOTHER STRANGE DREAM -  I was at my 16th St. house, working on the computer.  As I was typing on my computer, it changed into a piano. I was now playing music ... but the computer/piano and I was somehow transported down the street into the backyard of the gas station at the end of the block near Center St.

There were other people around, and I was trying to find a button of some kind to make the sound diminish so I could keep  playing and not have other people here it. I couldn't find a button like that, and I tentatively went to play a chord and a man came up behind me, leaned against my back, reached over the played the same chord I was going to play.

I was astonished, not only that he knew the same music I did, but that he had leaned against me and I could feel the whole front of his body and that was not what nice people do to each other when they don't know you. I felt embarrassed and wanted to tell him off, but I tried to be polite and ignore what he had done to me.

However, I was nice and said, "Oh! You know how to play too!"

He was now sitting on the steps of the house next door, but rather close because these yards are small there.  

He said some small things I can't remember. I asked him his name and he said it was James Brandon or something like that. (I'm not sure of the last name) He was a dark haired young man.  His friend came along and said something I can't remember and I was introduced to him.

About that time, my mother came walking along the sidewalk and stopped in to chat. She sat down on a bench behind where I had been playing the piano.

She started to talk, and I knew that she wasn't mentally all there. I introduced her, "Mom! This is Jim!" and pointed to the guy I had just met. She said, "Hello! My name is Audrey!" She was going to talk more, but I really wanted to get away from this Jim guy and obviously my mother was not thinking clearly.  (That is not my mother's real name)

I said to Jim, "I really should get my mother home," and whispered a little more subtlely, "she's really not herself today."

He was extremely outgoing and kind, and said, "Well! Let me help you walk her home then."

Ack! The was the last thing I wanted. I really wanted to get away from him.  He got up to walk with my Mom, and just at that moment, the Postal lady came by, delivering Christmas letters from herself.  

It was noon, and the postal lady started to put together the letters, a red sheet on the front, a white sheet in the middle, and a white sheet behind it. She handed mine to me and then started handing out others to other people who were around.

I thought it was a little strange, because the upper left quadrant of the letter was torn out.  I thought it was decorative, but it was torn out ... not cut, not in a design, just torn. They were all like that. The whole upper left quadrant was ripped out.

By now, Jim and my Mom were walking down the street, but I wasn't ready to go. I had to pick up my high school annuals (there were 4 of them on a round table with the Christmas letters) So, I picked them up and put the Christmas letter on top of it.

I got out to 16th St. and started walking down the street. Half way down the block, I met my sister who was headed the same direction. Jim and my Mom had already passed her, headed for our house.

I ran past my sister and got down to the house which was an apartment house now. I ran inside and Jim and my mother followed me.

I went to where her apartment was, but there was nothing inside and the hallway was about 5 feet lower than the floor of the livingroom. I looked for the stairs but there weren't any.  I saw that there was a safety railing above the hallway floor so nobody wall fall off the livingroom floor, and saw a ladder rather similar to a swimming pool ladder, but it wasn't exactly the same. The rungs were sharp edged like knives. I looked to see where it could be hung up but there was no place on the railing to hang it. Then I saw high above was a place where this ladder fit into, and I attempted to get it in there, but the ladder didn't reach all the way down to the floor. One would have to be a real athlete to get into this apartment.

By then, Jim and my mother were right behind me, and I saw my mother ascending some other stairs outside the apartment.

I rushed out and saw my sister going into a different apartment farther out in the hall.

My mother was right behind her. I called out to her and asked her why the apartment was empty.

She said, "Oh! The old man who lived there moved to a bigger apartment down the hall.

What? The old man? ... did she mean my father, or someone else?

She rushed down the hall faster than an old woman can usually go, and I followed her.

The apartment she went to was way down in the corner and I thought to myself, "Oh! He moved into apartment 12 where I used to live."

I walked into the apartment, but it didn't look like the same apartment I lived in. To start with, it smelled like 'death on the way' ... really stale smelling ... like 'old people'.

The apartment wasn't nicely painted ... it was an old nasty brownish yellow.

I went into the bedroom where my mother had gone and was expecting it to look wonderful, but it wasn't.

My mother was laying on a huge bed, way over by the right wall, with a small baby next to her.

I looked over to the left and there was huge old furniture in the room. The ceiling was at least 12 feet tall, maybe 15 feet. The walls and ceiling were the same nasty yellow/brownish. The furniture was ornate carved wood and the dressers, clothes closets went almost up to the ceiing.  My father sat on the Master bed.  He was wearing an old blonde wig that didn't fit. He didn't really look like my Father either, but similar to him, so I acted like he was my Father.

An old woman lay in another bed to my immediate left. She was armless.  

I went to give my Father a kiss on the cheek and he was now laying down and I saw that he was armless as well.  I couldn't reach up as high as my Father was laying, because he was so tall, so I planted a kiss on my fingertips and tried to reach up to plant it on his cheek, but he seemed even taller by now and I could only reach up to his thigh.

So, I planted the kiss from my fingertips on his thigh ... thinking how strange this all was and started to wake up.


2-3-01 - Partial dreams:  I was editing web pages. I was sharpening red leaded pencils and they got very short. I was thinking that it almost didn't pay to save them, but I saved the stubs ... just in case.

In the last dream, I saw a cop, riding a motorcycle, pulling a small wooden wagon behind him with 6 dummies in it, one with a blue face. I was trying to figure out what the blue-faced dummy was for when I saw the original cop with the 6 dummies in the wagon and other cops riding motorcycles, in a parade-like fashion, driving down the road, all pulling wagons, with individual blue-faced dummies in them.

I waved in a joyous fashion with both hands waving in the air as they went by to show my approval.  (I don't know whether this was for show, or in real joy)


2-4-01 - DREAM - I was a teacher, living in an apartment building on 20th St. and taught classes in my old gradeschool which was two blocks away also on 20th St.

I hadn't been to this school in quite some time, and a woman who was accompanying me this day told me a scary story about the school. It was told that Arab terrorissts had blown up the school since I had been there, but now that it was rebuilt, they forced 4 Arabs to live in the school so that other Arabs wouldn't blow it up again. I wasn't too sure about that.

A Spanish woman named Mary was going to drive me to the school, but her car broke down outside the apartment building. I looked out the window from the 2nd story and saw her car stalled out in the street. It was a dismal colored gray car. There was a swarm of Spanish men working on the car though, and would eventually start again.

I was trying to get to my apartment to get ready to teach my class at the school and when I got there, someone had busted into my apartment and hacked the door into several pieces and destroyed the front door. I couldn't leave my apartment and leave the door open, so I had to get a carpenter to fix it.

Meanwhile, a man who was older grey haired, professional, wearing a suit and tie,  perhaps 65 or 70, was down the hall taking a younger woman into his apartment. He hollered down the hall at me, "Call me! Call me! Call me!  I gave you my number."

Indeed he did, but I didn't think he was right for me, so I probably wouldn't.

Since it was late in the day, after 5 p.m., I didn't think I could get a carpenter this late, so thought perhaps the manager of the building could call Michael the maintenance man and have him secure the door for the night. The manager was out in the street watching over the repairing of the Spanish woman's car, so I needed to go outside and ask her if Michael could come back and fix the door.

I saw just then that there was an elevator in this building as well, and the door wasn't very secure on it. Several people almost fell out of it after the older man got out of it. It looked rather dark inside also.

I was wearing my pink bathrobe now and wanted to go outside and talk to the apartment manager, but didn't have my purse or keys with me and I wouldn't be able to get back in the building, but there were three young girls playing just inside the doorway and I though I could probably ask them to let me back into the building if I left it for just a moment.

Too, I couldn't leave my apartment door unattended, and another woman came by and I offered her dinner to stand by that door while I went to talk to the manager.  I thought that offering her money would be tacky, but offering her dinner was kind, and she accepted the offer.

Just to be sure I had food to feed her, I opened the refrigerator and saw that I had two huge containers of milk, and there was cake inside, so I knew I had good food there.

These tasks planned out, I needed to get down to the school to see where my class was that I was going to teach in.

The same woman who told me about the terrorist bombing of the school told me that she would walk me down  to the school, since the grey car was not fixed yet and we walked down the street to the school together.

Outside the school building, I asked her how to get to the north side of the school which was an added addition to the original school I attended,  where I was going to teach. She said she would take me there.

We entered the school on the 1st floor and walked all the way to the other end of the school. We then had to climb a steep ramp going up toward the west, then at the half way point, there was a slippery slope which was so steep, I slid on the beautiful marble floor to the other side of the stairway, which then turned and went down awkward steps in a series of curved and awkward steps towards the north again, and then the stairs curved east.

The stairs not only were awkward but got narrower, the farther we went. There was a point towards the bottom which was also on the 1st floor that the stair was so narrow, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get my body or head through as I stepped down because the side walls of the stairs were so high there.

Then the last step was a pile of loose stones that weren't secured at all and just as I stepped down this last step, I could see over the wall into the Arab's apartment.

There were 4 Arabs sitting in this livingroom which had a royal blue carpeting and a couch on each wall. I could see the dark haired, dark skinned Arabs sitting on the couches and wondered if they weren't embarrassed that people could see them in their livingroom as they came down this stairs to the school.

I only glanced at them as I went by. I didn't want them to think I was staring.

We finally got to the classroom and I showed the woman that I was growing lilies in large oval bowls. The bowls looked like stone or ceramic and were football shaped, but very large. The lily bulbs were planted in the center and as the lilies grew plants and flowered, they again divided and grew more lily bulbs.  

The woman fingered the tender bulbs and we saw that new little bulbs were already growing from the big ones.  This process was indeed continuing on its own as God planned it.

I was also handed a length of flowering vine as I entered the schoolroom, which I would put in water and hopefully it would grow roots so I could plant it and it would bloom again.

Note: After I woke up, I was shown that the 3 1/2 was involved in this, and was shown a 4" square colored white, yellow, and gold.


2-4-01 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building. I had nice neighbors, so I decided I would be friendly and make a pot of coffee to share with them.  I took my electric coffee maker and made the coffee on a ledge out in the hallway where there was an electric plug, then went back to my apartment while it made the coffee.

I turned around and there were several people sitting in my apartment like they were working in an office.  I thought to myself, "Oh! It must be Monday!"  like this was normal. I asked them as a group if they wanted fresh coffee since I had just made some.  They answered as a group, "Yes!"

So, I went back out into the hallway with some cups to get the coffee for them. As I walked down the hall, I saw into an open room across the hall.  It seemed to be my bosses office. He was sitting at the desk and there were several other men in there with him. I saw a gorgeous blonde Great Dane dog pacing behind him.  (In the room, I couldn't see the heads of any of the people or the dog, because of my viewpoint)

I continued on down the hall to where the coffee maker was, but I couldn't get to it, because there was a humungous dog chained there and two Chihauhuas yipping and running around like they were going to attack me. The large dog was wider than he was high and he was about 3 feet high.  I noted that he was chained, but he could get to where the coffee maker was and I didn't feel safe to go there.

I went back down the hall and outside where I knew the maintenance man would be to get help.  Joe, Robin, and another woman named Mary was out there in the garden. I noted how perfect the garden was.

I told Mary about the dog and coffee situation. She said the Chihauhauas were probably more dangerous that the large dog, and I believed her.

Mary had a black coffee cup in her hand. I asked her if she wanted some coffee and she said, "Yes!"

I took the cup from her, and saw there was a dark coacoa-like substance in the bottom of the cup. I swirled it and dumped the water out. There was quite a lot of it.  The water ran down the driveway.

I looked in the cup, there was less of the coacoa so I swirled it again and the cup filled with water. I dumped the water out again down the driveway. There was a lot of it.

I looked in the cup again, which now was more like a glass I could see through and at the bottom of the glass was a light brown substance like sand.

Again I swirled the glass and it filled with water and I dumped it down the driveway. After I dumped the water, the glass was even more full of this light brown sand substance.

I was puzzled, but did the process again, swirl, dump water, swirl dump water ... and the more I did it, the fuller the glass got of the sand-like substance.  

Mary was looking at me, while I was looking at the river of water going down the driveway ... she told me, "The more water you pour out of the glass, the more sand you will get, until it is all sand and there is no more water."


2-4-01 - DREAM - I was elsewhere ... seemingly not on earth. It was so peaceful, and everyone thought the same ... if one's thoughts strayed outside the box, the guilty sensation took over, and one brought one's thoughts back into the fold .  It couldn't be thought of to think outside the box.

After I woke, I was trying to think about this, but the more I thought about it, the more the thoughts dissipated. Suddenly I thought, "Sister Teutonic was there."  A voice jumped in my head and hollered loudly, "Yes!  She got it!"  as though the thoughts were implanted, and then withdrawn and then 'they' were outside of me studying my thoughts and when I came upon a fact that was in the dream, one of them cheered, so happy that I had a memory that could be released.

I thought to myself, 'If no one has ever written of this, then I must."

NOTE: At no time was there any visuals... what happened all seemed to be just in space with thought.


2-5-01 - DREAM - This dream began with a computer screen of some topics which had been introduced in an earlier dream I think. I had to rearrange them in some order.  Included in these links were to other pages I had already done.

The dream then switched to a people dream in which I was cooking in a small kitchen, and was making dinner for the family.

Somewhere during the process, Edward - my ex-husband showed up and there was a discussion of his world travels. While he told about his world travels, there was another woman between him and I. He told about places I knew he had never been to. Neither the other woman or I was given the time to tell about our own world travels, such as little as they are. All I could do was sit on the side and hope that this unexpected visit went well. I was expecting trouble with him as his visits were always stressful.

At that point, Edward left the house without saying a word and a very tall man about 7 feet tall was trying to show me something on a very high shelf which was even higher, but I don't recall what that was.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was 7 p.m. and then remembered I had to feed the people who were left in the house and as I asked the children whether they wanted Chinese or American food, which I saw was stacked on top of each other on the stove. The kettle of Chinese food was actually on top of the American stew.

I started to wake up as I was pondering this.

While I was waking up, a computer screen appeared in a vision. It said, "With your permission, we'd like to begin a discussion of the world travels of Magellan.

An outline of a study of Magellan and all the places he traveled in the world appeared like on a sheet of paper or computer screen.

The outline faded quickly but I understood that I need to know about this world traveler.

Magellan - World Travels


2-6-01 - Dreams were really messy because we had the Art Bell Radio show on until 2:30 a.m.

Joe had a nightmare from which he couldn't wake up and lay in bed yelling, "Joe! Wake up!, Joe! Wake up! over and over. I was laying there, listening to him holler out loud, hoping he would say something else, but he didn't, so I finally patted him on the hand and he woke up.

He said he thought he was hollering for help from a person who was sitting on his left on  a couch in the livingroom because there was one of those tall spindly ETs in the livingroom ... the one from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

He said that Cher was in the livingroom too at one point.

He said that in that dream, he was looking at the TV that was more 3D than the one we have and was watching geometric shapes forming themselves out of some kind of fluid on the picture, and self-replicating.

He said that it was rather thrilling to watch this process.

He also had a dream in which he knew he was dreaming and he was in the bedroom like he really was, but that there were two file cabinets along the wall which he hung on to as he got up to get to the bathroom.

I'm sure we need more file cabinets, but that isn't going to happen ... we need to throw out a lot of paper obviously.

I dreamed that I was in a huge place where they were serving different foods and I picked up a large snail which was partially cooked and ate it as I was walking around.  I woke up with a nasty taste in my mouth.

The last dream I had as I was waking up, I was swooping along a highway where it was snowing heavily and a voice said, "There will be the top 3 highway accidents in history."

The way the highway narrowed down there by the bridge from two lanes to one and with the heavy snow ... I could believe that to be possible.


2-7-01 - Just before I went to sleep I was reading in a book titled, "Lessons" by Michelle Lavigne-Wedel about the harmony of the Universe and the 'tone' that the Earth must exude before it can be the 'perfect' node in creation. I knew I was going to dream about this and I did.

DREAM: Knowing what I now knew about 'frequency sickness' which disagreement between people is, it became my job to change the wording of a particular commercial in which ETs were portrayed as 'was' and change the commercial so that it said 'is'.  ( If you've ever been channel surfing on television during commercial break, you will see that the same commercial is playing on several channels at the same time. This was the premise in the dream)  It was my job to change the wording so that the same words were spoken at the exact same moment all over the earth in this commercial, and when the words were sounded, the 'frequency' of the earth would be in agreement.  I was not allowed to take credit for this, just to do it. So, I had to do this quickly and I can't say that I can explain how I did it, but I managed to change thousands of commercial stations commercials so that the word "IS" was spoken all at the same time.

The job complete, I then went downstairs in my 16th St. house, and picked up hundreds of hairpins and equipment so my Mother could fix my hair when I got to the kitchen. My friends were all in the house during this time as well when the commercial played. Though we wouldn't see all these commercials, the 'tone' and 'frequency' of the earth would be raised when it occurred and that would affect everyone on earth. That was a 'good' thing.


2-7-01 DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. I had been given many diamonds as reward for good deeds. They completely filled a number 10 envelope ... actually overfilled it. I wanted to mail them in the envelope at the post office to someone but the envelope split along the sides and I needed a larger, more sturdy envelope. I asked my Mother for some tape to tape the envelope shut and she saw what I was doing and told me that it was illegal to mail diamonds through the post office. I told her, "I don't care what the law is..If I don't tell them what I'm mailing, how are they going to know I even did it?"

My Mother was upset, but I wasn't going to worry about that. I went upstairs to my Father's closet to get a sturdier envelope.  I went into the closet and saw that he had many sturdy brown envelopes up on the top shelf. However, all the envelopes were already addressed to other people. I needed a new envelope that nobody had used before. I looked in drawers below the top shelf and found some larger new envelopes and put the diamonds in the brown envelope.

I then had to go to work. I didn't have my own car, so borrowed a ride up the road to a place where there was a women's retreat. It wasn't really a resort, but young pregnant women stayed here when they had nowhere else to live.

I asked the young woman who drove me there if I could borrow a dime or two in case I needed to make a phone call. I didn't bring my purse or my keys with me ... just one special diamond....a huge blue diamond that was Marquise-shaped. It was worth $20,000.  The woman opened up her coin purse and gave me one thin dime. I was happy to have it.

I walked into the woman's retreat center, expecting or at least hoping it would be cooler inside than it was outside since it was a hot summer day.  When I got into the inner room where the women lived, there wasn't a breath of air stirring. Each woman had a small cubicle, no larger than a jail cell with a cot in it and a door to shut for privacy.  There were no windows and the lighting was quite dim in my estimation. The women just milled around aimlesesly.  This was qiute disturbing to me.

I went to the bosses office. She wasn't there.  I started to tell some other workers how I would change the place if I owned it and told them that I would remodel it and give them women large windows and lots of sunshine. I told them not to tell her my ideas because I didn't want her to think that I wanted to take over and didn't appreciate my job.

The boss came in then ... a blonde woman with frizzy curls down to her shoulders. She was pretty and smiling. She wondered aloud what we were talking about, so I was honest and told her my idea about the women needing to be able to look out windows and have sunshine.  She wasn't upset by that, but laughed and smiled some more.

I then told her about the blue diamond I had. I showed it to her and her eyes got large with envy ... she wanted it for herself. We held it up to the light. It was now more like a brooch than a ring, surrounded with other blue stones of almost equal large size.  I said, "I have no idea where you would wear a jewel like this."  But my boss wanted it anyway. When I told her it was worth $20,000 she didn't bat an eye.

She got busy with a visitor and I took the jewel outside into the sunshine to look at it again before I sold it. It sparkled brilliantly. Unfortunately, I dropped the jewel in the slanted concrete driveway.  It fell on it's face and slid all the way down the driveway to the bottom.

I was completely unnerved by the accident, but that wasn't the worst of it. I ran down to the bottom of the driveway and picked up the jewel and turned it over to see if it was damaged.  To my shock, it was no longer blue. In my panic, all I could think of was the color of the jewel and what my boss would say when she saw that the blue color was gone.

I brought the jewel back inside the building and it was now a ring ... not a brooch. I put it on my finger and the other women saw it. When they looked at it, I saw a rose bud come up out of the jewel and the rose grew and bloomed for the women who were looking at it.  It had never done that before.  We were all astonished.  Other women came and looked at the jewel too ... and each time a rose bud came up out of the jewel for the woman to see. Each time a big smile came on their face.  Damaged or not ... how could one sell such a jewel that bloomed roses?


2-8-01 - DREAMS/VISIONS - I was working with web pages, highlighting specific words in red. The last word I saw was 'travel'.  

(I'm working on a page about Magellan's traveling) so that has some validity.


2-8-01 - DREAM - Joe and I were in a car somewhere in the country. We had been told that we had been given two opportunities prior to this and this was our last chance to buy a house.  It was located on Theo or Theos Way.

I didn't know the way to it, but Joe did.  However, I was the one driving.

We were at an intersection and it seemed like I was learning to drive the car still.  While we were on the corner and old woman came by on a bicycle and rather laughed at me or us.

Across the road was a large tract of homes but I knew the house wasn't in there. It was on a road rather off by itself. So, it didn't make sense to go through the subdivision to get to our new house. So, we went home instead first, because that was the only place I knew how to get to from where we were.

We got home and it had snowed heavily ... drifts were 6 feet deep in some places, but Joe showed me that if we went up a small hill where the wind had blown the snow off, the grass was green there and we could walk on the hill to where the car was parked ... which was about a block away because of the snow drifts.

I was outside, looking at the parking lot, and 4 tall blonde women got out of cars and walked to where we were standing. They were all about 7 feet tall and extremely beautiful. I thought that it couldn't be that hard to get to the car if those women had walked all that way to where we were, but the longer I looked at the cars in the parking lot, the farther away it seemed. I was so reluctant to walk that far ... and I stood there and contemplated the walk so long ... I finally woke up.

Somewhere in the dream or just after it, a voice told me, "We want you to write about the 5 levels of the GA"


Theology: the*ol*o*gy (noun), plural -gies

[Middle English theologie, from Latin theologia, from Greek, from the- + -logia -logy]

First appeared 14th Century

1 : the study of religious faith, practice, and experience; especially : the study of God and of God's relation to the world

2 a : a theological theory or system <Thomist ~> <a ~ of atonement>

b : a distinctive body of theological opinion <Catholic ~>

3 : a usu. 4-year course of specialized religious training in a Roman Catholic major seminary

Theosophy : the*os*o*phy (noun)

[Medieval Latin theosophia, from Late Greek, from Greek the- + sophia wisdom

First appeared 1650

1 : teaching about God and the world based on mystical insight

2 often capitalized : the teachings of a modern movement originating in the U.S. in 1875 and following chiefly Buddhist and Brahmanic theories esp. of pantheistic evolution and reincarnation

-- theo*soph*i*cal (adjective)

-- theo*soph*i*cal*ly (adverb)


2-8-01 - When Joe woke up, I told him the dream and he began telling me about the meanings of the words Thosophy and Theology, then about Jacobs ladder and various crop circles that had ladders in them. We also talked about the various Tree of Life's compared to the Pollen Path study he did. We also talked about the various studied on chakras and the numbers of them.

After Joe got dressed and left for work, I had a vision of two objects ... like balls ... a single ball next to a ball which was divided in 4.  Under the objects was a clipboard.

I then fell asleep and dreamed that I took the two objects and hung them outside on my front porch like ornaments. I then walked all the way around the house, entered the basement from outside, to get a 5 step ladder to take up to the porch to prop up the two ornaments I had hung up there.

Again I walked around the house, entered the basement to get a longer ladder which had 7 steps. This time a man came into the basement through another door and I noted that I couldn't take the ladder out that door because the 'way wasn't straight' ... I had to use the large door on the right where the 'way was straight' to take the longer ladder up to the porch to prop up the two objects hanging there.

A third time I walked around the house, entered the basement, and this time took a 15 step ladder up the stairs which was through the door on the right where the 'way was straight'.

Now that I was upstairs, and the ladder was propping up the objects hanging on the porch, I saw a secondary door to the house with a big glass window in it. There was also a porch outside this door and on the porch was a pair of beautiful white wild geese, the male had some beautiful coloring around his head, and the female was more plain ... more white. Along with them was a single small black gosling ... ' the ugly duckling'.  He was so cute, but certainly a long way from being the beautiful full grown geese.

I couldn't help but open the door and the little black gosling came right into the house and ran under the kitchen table. I chased him around the room with a newspaper I held open like a screen to block his way. He finally ran back outside.

Immediately I had a vision in the corner of the room where I could see a tiny child's chair and this chair appeared a tiny yellow chick which grew into a chicken, then an ugly little green bird chick which grew into a beautiful green parrot. There was also a third chick which grew into a large beautiful bird, (but I can't remember what kind)

Back into the reality of the kitchen, my daughter was sitting at the table cleaning out her purse. She removed some light green jade jewelry which was found on the bottom of her purse and it had some golden sticky stuff like honey on it. I cleaned off the jade jewelry and then remembered I had seen some jade jewelry in a catalog yesterday and wondered if I should have bought it.  Then my second thought was that my husband would think I was getting very loose with the money if I continued to spend it wildly on jewelry just because it was pretty.

I then went into the bathroom and took off my  socks and began to cleanse the sole of my left foot. My daughter came in the bathroom and wanted to see my sole, and I put her off and put my sock back on. I didn't want anyone to see my dirty sole.  She even told me she would help me cleanse my sole, but I knew that only I could cleanse my sole. After she left the bathroom, I again took off my sock to cleanse my sole. (My foot didn't actually look like a real foot ... it was dark brown and crevassed heavily ... more like a Bigfoot sole....  (no pun intended)

I then opened up my purse to clean it. Inside was all kinds of things I no longer needed including an old open pack of cigarettes.  I hadn't smoked in many years, and Joe quit a long time ago as well. I knew I didn't need them and old stale cigarettes weren't nice to smoke anyway even if you like to smoke, but I kept them there anyway ... just in case ... knowing it was foolish to keep things I didn't need anymore.


2-8-01 - DREAM - I was working on my computer. I don't know why I did this, but I was walking East through the city.  I reached one street where there were some factories. I heard an announcement over a loud speaker that said a garage door was going to open. Just a second later, I heard garage doors go flying up electronically, huge trucks came rushing down the street, skidding into half turns, followed by sirens of fire trucks. There was no fire, so the fire trucks sat down at the intersection with nothing to do. I didn't know whether to feel sorry for the firemen who had nothing to do when they got there or not.

I continued east and saw that the air was getting more and more polluted the farther east I went. I got to 8th street where the freeway had been dug into the earth a long time ago.  Numerous bridges had been built over the big wide gap in the city where the freeway was. Here is where the worst pollution. The air was so dark with car exhaust, one could barely see in front of themselves.

I continued on east and came to a long building where people were getting ready for a party. I walked along through the building, past many open doors and at one point, a young man came out and started working on my hair with a curling iron. He did such a good job on my hair, I asked him what he did for a living. He said he was a hair dresser and dressed people for parties. I asked him what he charged . He said $39. I asked for his business card because that sounded really reasonable.  He said that it only took 5 minutes so that was a lot of money to get paid per hour. I was astonished at that, but it seemed worth it to look at good as he made me look.

So, he said he would get a business card for me, and I walked along with him back through the building. I was wearing high heeled shoes and a dark blue dress similar to what I wore when I was 18.  We were walking along through the hallway and I tripped over some baby items laying on the floor.  I said, "OOps! I hope that's not an omen" to the woman who had dropped it there. They laughed and I laughed when one of them asked me, "Do you think it's a possibility?" I said, "Not for me!" knowing that I was too old to have a baby.

We continued on down the hall past more open doors and the young man went into an apartment, but I was so busy looking across the hall where I thought my friend Barbara had moved to.  There were a lot of people going in and out of these doors and I never did see the young man again.


2-9-01 - DREAMS - All the dreams were about writing for other people. The first couple of dreams were all just looking at web pages or book pages and highlighting words to communicate well.

The second dream had some people in it, but I was shown an old fashioned book in which the words were placed in the book in silver and white spoons. I didn't understand it in the dream, but seems to be like spoon feeding people the words or knowledge they need.

The third dream with a book in it was more modern, and in this book, the words were in the book on silver and white spoons, but this time I was shown that though the words spoke the words that were needed to convey a message to the people, there were also coded words that told a secret story to those who knew to look for the coded words.

I was also shown lastly a book that had charts and tables, highlighted words, clickable words that went to other pages which is easy to do on the internet.

One scene in the last dream was about a man who came to give us a price on air-conditioning for our apartment building. We had a beautiful garden when he got there, but he brought in weeds with him, and when he tried to give us information about other topics, it was obvious he didn't know his facts. It left us with total unbelief in anything he had to say.


2-10-01 - DREAM - I was in a first floor apartment or store front with a huge window overlooking the street.

In front of the window, parked at the curb, was a long, grey, wooden, buckboard wagon. On the wagon was a large, silver, old fashioned tape recorder - the reel to reel kind.  

I wanted that tape recorder really bad; so bad I was willing to steal it.

Just then three men and a boy  (a young man) came from across the street and stood behind the wagon like they were getting ready to leave, but the boy, who was dressed in a long black winter coat, came up to the left side of the window where I stood, and rang the doorbell to the apartment upstairs. (There must have been a stairway to the upstairs to the left of the window)

I turned around and left the window and saw that I was in a huge hall like an auditorium with lots of people in it. It was not very light in it and the people were just milling around. It seemed to be Presidential event.

There was a table there, a square card table. On the table was a series of rods made up of three straightened out coat hangars. Three wires were taped together at one end and loose on the other.  The one I picked up was black on the end either with tape or black paint ... for about 6 inches. The object of these rods was to push them up a tube which was curled over at the other end. When you pushed the wires up the tube, the curled head was forced to straighten out.

I then saw a map, which I believe was New York State. The City appeared to be along the Hudson River and I knew that this rod was to be inserted so that the wires went from west to east along the street pointing towards the Hudson River.

Just then, I saw that the rod had the letter B at the end, which was multicolored like a Fruitloop. The letter B started to sing, "I hope you know I am, for I am a bleeding star."


2-10-01 - DREAM - I was in a first floor apartment or store front with a huge window overlooking the street.

In front of the window, parked at the curb, was a long, grey, wooden, buckboard wagon. On the wagon was a large, silver, old fashioned tape recorder - the reel to reel kind.  

I wanted that tape recorder really bad; so bad I was willing to steal it.

Just then three men and a boy  (a young man) came from across the street and stood behind the wagon like they were getting ready to leave, but the boy, who was dressed in a long black winter coat, came up to the left side of the window where I stood, and rang the doorbell to the apartment upstairs. (There must have been a stairway to the upstairs to the left of the window)

I turned around and left the window and saw that I was in a huge hall like an auditorium with lots of people in it. It was not very light in it and the people were just milling around. It seemed to be Presidential event.

There was a table there, a square card table. On the table was a series of rods made up of three straightened out coat hangars. Three wires were taped together at one end and loose on the other.  The one I picked up was black on the end either with tape or black paint ... for about 6 inches. The object of these rods was to push them up a tube which was curled over at the other end. When you pushed the wires up the tube, the curled head was forced to straighten out.

I then saw a map, which I believe was New York State. The City appeared to be along the Hudson River and I knew that this rod was to be inserted so that the wires went from west to east along the street pointing towards the Hudson River.

Just then, I saw that the rod had the letter B at the end, which was multicolored like a Fruitloop. The letter B started to sing, "I hope you know I am, for I am a bleeding star."

Later in the morning, I was still tired and lay down, hopefully for a nap.

At this time I had a visions of two black web urls on a page.

I couldn't figure out what that meant, and I then had a vision of the United States with a pinwheel over the state of New York. The whole thing was white.  I looked for the meaning of a pinwheel and only came up with the meaning of the Swastika - both positive and negative which spin like a pinwheel. Thus I don't have the explanation for this vision as yet.


2-11-01 - The dream took place in an apartment building/factory. For some reason, I was not allowed to see the people's heads ... most the people I saw were from the neck down.

Everything took place at night. Everything was closing down. It seemed to be winter and was icy outside on the ground.

In the apartment, I was living with a black woman. She answered the phone and deliberately gave fake medical information to someone who called.  I told her henceforth she would have to have her own phone in her own room and would no longer be allowed to answer my phone.

At the same time, I could see that someone named Thomas was moving and his name was being taken out of the personal phone directory by another woman.

I then went downstairs and it was closing time for the stores, churches, factories, etc. I volunteered to help turn out the lights. The lights in the church was already dimmed.

As I walked through the store, all the plants that were left were pretty crummy. Anything good was already gone. The Christmas Pointsettias were losing their colored leaves.  Still, we were told we could help ourselves to the plants that were left. They looked pretty bad, but I figured that if I took some home and replanted them, they could be renewed.  One of them which had full grown 'bushes' in it were criss-crossed and I was told it was a bad mis-alignment.

While I was there, I saw that my laundry was done, but hadn't been taken upstairs yet. I picked up all my aprons which were neatly folded on the floor and put them over my right arm to carry them.

I went to start turning off the lights and the women who worked during the day were coming back in to take the rest of the plants and told me to take what I wanted.

Some of the maintenance crew was still working and I couldn't turn off all the lights, though I started to.

Some women came in, wanting to look at an apartment. I showed them number 5 which was on the first floor. The man who moved out even ripped out the plumbing in the bathroom when he left.

I told the women I could show them something upstairs, but I had to get my keys.

I went up the stairs to the lobby where the office was and on the way, I was shown that it was icy outside, a cold rain was freezing on the ground. I saw out the window that the women's car was still running in the parking space outside. The car was a long, beige vehicle.

As I came back down the stairs which were steep, I saw that the stairs were nearly hidden, and my senses tell me that they were colored red and green plaid. The steps were divided ... there was a stairway to a technology lab to the left which was brightly lit. The stairway was alarmed so no one could go down it unannounced and there were warnings posted to that effect.

I continued on down the stairway to the maintenance area and found that the safety railings were coming apart and were disintegrating. I saw that it wasn't safe and tried to take the broken part with me, and it seemed like it fought me like a snake... but I won.

I showed the broken parts to the maintenance crew and he said he would put new ones on but they had to be ordered.

Ahead of me, I could see an old man whose pants were falling down. I could see he was wearing four layers of pants. His basic underwear was dark blue plaid. He wore other underwear over those, then his regular pants. His dress pants were just pulled on over his work pants. I couldn't see this man's head.  

One of the men was re-wrapping the safety posts in the aisles with shiny new paper because the old Christmas paper was worn out. He then put a fancy gold dome cap on them so they looked liked ziggurates.

I continued to walk along the aisles towards where the light switches were, in order to turn off another one and some men ahead of me were wearing coveralls over their own clothes. They were made of ripped and torn American flags. (I couldn't see their heads either)


2-11-01 - My friend Michelle called and said that she dreamed that she and her husband Paul bought a 4 story house so that I could move into the 4th floor in the mother-in-law suite.  (I think I know exactly what that means, because I need help of the higher consciousness kind to write a book per the instructions in a previous experience ... above)


2-12-01 - DREAM - I was moving into a new apartment. It was full of furniture already, and other people lived there also. I ended up going to a meeting with people who seemed like reporters or something. We all sat in chairs facing on direction. Each person in the chairs, at the end of this meeting handed in something to the family who was in charge. My contribution was a huge red Bible.  (the kind the Catholics used to use).  The man behind me had the red box that the Bible belonged in. Each person had to sign out on a sheet when the meeting was over.

I was really slow in getting up, so I was last in line. When I went to sign out, I was handed the master key for the apartment which I was moving in ... it was turned in by the woman who had moved out. She also gave me a large box of goodies, like cleaning supplies or something.

I went back to the apartment ... I think it was #114 . It had been cleaned while I was at the meeting and smelled of fresh carpet cleaning ... that wet carpet smell.  All the drapes and doors were closed which I immediately opened up. There were white lacy curtains on the east window. There was a white, flowered wing backed chair left behind. That's all the furniture there was.

I went to test the key, which was a little bent. I wanted to make sure it worked.  It did, but I was opening all the doors from the inside, not from the outside.

I went out on the stairway and a little girl who was rather mean was chasing me and pulling at the threads from the hem of my skirt. She was trying to pull them out. I managed to yank the thread and break it, so she didn't have me stopped, but she kept chasing me, trying to pull that white thread out.

We got back to the apartment, which was now trashed with little pieces of junk. Her young brother was there as well. The mother then showed up. She was a small person, not very old herself it seemed.  She wanted to know what had happened.  I wasn't going to tell her anything, but she said to me, "You aren't honest and upstanding if you don't speak the truth."  I understood what she meant, but I didn't want to get the little girl in  trouble despite what she had done. However, I finally spoke up and said that the young girl had tried to destroy me by pulling the thread out of the hem of my skirt on the stairway.

The mother, who looked even younger ... just a mere girl herself ... got a mean look on her face and started to attack me. I tried to defend myself and grabbed her around the head to stop her from hurting me and all of a sudden she went limp and her head was at an odd angle and she didn't seem to be breathing.  I think I broke her neck.

I woke up instantly ... feeling shocked ....

I was laying there for a moment and I heard a knocking sound in my right ear.  Knowing that it was a spirit trying to come in, I said nothing. I didn't even want to hear a message. I knew I was guilty of murder.

I was going to get up because Joe was gone from the room and the light was on in the other room beyond the closed bedroom door.  Just as soon as I thought about getting up, I heard a voice say, "Wait, You don't know who I am, I'm from 1975 ......   I was too upset to listen to more.

NOTE: I went on the internet to look up unsolved murders from 1975. The internet is full of them from 1975, then main one being Martha Moxley.  See below for more visions after I read about it.


12-12-01 -  VISIONS -   a book with stamping in the front like it wasn't returned to the library

The latitude/longitude numbers ... I saw the number 89 - 90 at the end of the line

I saw a TV set with a 'ghostly' figure above it ... and the sound ... doo doo doo doo.

I saw the words -  town council supports

I saw the words  80 group supports

I saw a blonde young man with his arm around a girls neck, kissing her violently

I saw the word  ASCENSION


2-13-01 - DREAM - I spent a long time looking up the news about Bigfoot, (which I really do) and posting it on a page about the existence of the humanoid ape creature. I posted these articles on the page and archived them. This took a long time.  When I was done with that, I was taken way up in the air and shown a series of dead elephants laid out on the ground. I was then questioned, "Why are you so diligent about arhiving news about Bigfoot, and not about dead elephants?"

NOTE:  That's a very good question.  See YETI:

After that I was in a people dream. and my son Tom was helping me cook a piece of breaded fish. I put it in the oven at about 225 so it took about 1/2 an hour to cook it. When it was done, Tom went to get it out of the oven. He was using hot pads like one would normally do. The bad thing was that a skinny older bitchy woman was harrassing him, trying to make him burn his hands. It made me angry when she did that and I went up to her and confronted her. She started to bitch at me, so I grabbed her and spanked her like a naughty child. She said, "Why don't you slap me in the face too?" So I did, I slapped her face really hard on one  said, backhanded her on the other side of her face, and then slammed her right in the nose with the palm of my hand and knocked her out.

There were some young boys or men racing down a hill on some kind of hand made sleds made of cardboard or something. It looked like a lot of fun. I was told that they could do it on one of two rivers. There was one of these rivers on each side of the house. I wanted to join in the fun, so I went to the door and saw that one of the rivers was right by my door.  At that point, I saw a dead rabbit laying on the ground behind me. (I don't know the point of that)

I can't remember if that was the end of the dream or not ... the alarm went off and woke me up.


2-14-01 - DREAM - I went to a school for young teens which seemed to be in Simpson Electric Co, which is in Illinois. The subject was about astral alignment.  I was surprised to find out that I had already published some web pages on this topic. It was late at night. On the clock, it said 12:15 a.m. and we were going to take a lunch break. My wallet was left behind on my desk and I ran back to get it, hoping nobody had taken it. It was still there.

I was going to go to lunch with a young blonde woman who was working with me. I walked so fast, she was left far behind. At the elevator, I met Carole, who was secretary to the President. I felt it necessary to tell her that we were working third shift and that's why we were there so late at night.

While I was walking, I noted that my legs were only walking from the knees down with just the slightest brushing together of the knees. It felt quite elegant to walk that way.

I then worked on a computer for a long time, discovering what I had already published and just removing some negative pictures ... one was of Hitler. Everything was already done. I just had to make sure all the links were working.


2-14-01 - DREAM - I was working on a project to take the date off the back of some Christmas cards that I was using to decorate my house. Other people wanted to look at them. The date on the back of the cards was 1812.

There was an old couple who followed me to another house where I was going to retrieve some material for this project. I parked my car under an awning ... like a portico ... and they backed up into the space just outside the portico. However, they were in the way of the owner coming back.  I was going to direct him to park over further, but I knew that if I just told him, he would back up right into the house, rather than the parking space that was available. I tried pointing him in the right direction, but thought better of that and just told him he should go back home.

I then went back to my project where I was erasing the 1812 date off the cards. I looked at how my decorating was coming. The cards that had houses on were about a foot high and looked like real model homes.

As I was waking up, a voice popped into my head and said, "Federalist Papers".  See;  Amendments

Federalist Papers - Project Gutenberg   The Anti-Federalist Papers

Beginning on October 27, 1787 the Federalist Papers were first published in the New York press under the signature of "Publius". These papers are generally considered to be one of the most important contributions to political thought made in America. The essays appeared in bookform in 1788, with an introduction by Hamilton. Subsequently they were printed in manyeditions and translated to several languages. The pseudonym "Publius" was used by three man: Jay, Madison and Hamilton. Jay was responsible for only a few of the 85 articles. The papers were meant to be influential in the campaign for the adoption of the Constitution by New York State. But the authors not only discussed the issues of the constitution, but also many general problems of politics.

The War of 1812 was fought between the United States and Great Britain from June 1812 to the spring of 1815, although the peace treaty ending the war was signed in Europe in December 1814. The main land fighting of the war occurred along the Canadian border, in the Chesapeake Bay region, and along the Gulf of Mexico; extensive action also took place at sea

NOTE: The connection between the Federalist Papers, 1812, and the Constitution is indeed the War of 1812. The Treaty between Great Britain and the U.S. was never ratified by Congress. The Second Amendment was placed onto the constitution giving the American People to bear arms and create militias, because the people were always worried that Great Britain would attack us again.  

Notice that Great Britain possesses Canada, and Great Britain was always encroaching the U.S. along the Canadian borders and backing the Native Indians who were at war in various places along the borders.

The Original Thirteenth Amendment: - Titles of Nobility and Honour

NOTE:  And who ... tongue in cheek ... is being crowned  King George W. Bush?

The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution


The next two dreams are absolutely identical in theme.

2-15-01 - DREAM - I was living either in Milwaukee or Dundee, IL. I was working at a factory that was shutting down for good.  It was Chritmas time and the company was having a drawing to give away a car to one lucky employee. Most of the employees would be gone at Christmas and the office employees, after finishing up the accounting paperwork would be gone by June.

We were all gathered in a dimly lit cafeteria type place, allowing all the workers to turn in a card for the drawing. Then I went to the office to work in the accounting department to help payroll get ready for the last paycheck run.

They had hired a new small woman to help do the final accounting.  She needed me to help her go through the final paperwork. At the same time, the head secretary needed me to help her do some final paperwork. I asked the accountant how long our work would take so I could tell the secretary how long it would be before I could help her.

The accountant told me our work would take two minutes, so I told the secretary I would be there in 5 minutes.


2-15-01 - DREAM - I was working in a factory in Milwaukee. It was Christmas time and they were having a drawing for a car to give away to one lucky employee. The factory was shutting down for the most part, and after the final accounting was done, everyone would be gone permanantly in June.

I was given a card to fill out as I was going to be in the drawing for the car as well.

I went home then to discover that my husband had packed all his stuff and put it on the train bound for Chicago, which would then go west to California. We were leaving town.

I was rather put out that he had packed his stuff and hadn't bothered to pack mine while I was working.  We hadn't told anyone we were leaving either.

I went home to pack and on the way met a couple people I met. I didn't want to just leave town without saying goodbye, but didn't want to tell them I wasn't coming back, so I just said 'Goodbye! I'm going to Chicago." I left out the part about going on to California.

Back in the apartment, I had a confrontation of a sort with my husband. He told me I couldn't take anything with me but my clothes ... actually what fit in the car ... that was it.  I couldn't take any furniture with me.  Then he finally relented and said I could take the lamp ... that was it.

There was another woman there who was friends with someone who worked at the Salvation Army and that she'd give all her stuff to them.  I said, "No way! I'm not giving my stuff to the Salvation Army. I'll give mine to a close friend who can come and get it.  I thought of two people ... either I.R. or my friend Barbara.  I thought too, maybe they'd loan me some money for the trip I could pay back later, in exchange for my beautiful furniture. All of it was shiny and bright and not a speck of dust on it.  

The scene changed and I was in California, talking to a young boy and his father. The boy said something to the effect that he hoped my second try at living in California would be more successful than the second one was. I knew it would be.

I was planning on looking for a nice house to live in where I could spend the rest of my life.


2-15-01 - DREAM - I was dreaming about all kinds of secret stuff, some was male and some was female. As soon as I woke up, I couldn't remember what it was.  :-(

A third dream was also about secret stuff. I met a young man who had maps and graphics posted on his store front window. He congratulated me for doing such a great job on my web site and I told him I thought he did a great job on his store front window as well.

I then went into a store and bought 3 spools of thread ... green, red, and yellow.  Along with the thread, the store clerk gave me a receipt that said that this was proof that I needed to give to the first store man since my credit was said to be in jeopardy.  I rather chuckled at that, but kept the receipt just in case.

I then went to another place to get some information and when I came out, I was a block in the wrong direction from te first man's store again. I couldn't figure out how I got off in the wrong direction.  So, I walked back again.

As I was walking, feeling rather tired, a bus went by. The bus driver knew me or was the store clerk and he hollered out the window of the bus, "Hey! You're supposed to be feeling good!"  I laughed and waved my arms vigourously, then as soon as he was gone, I lay down on the sidewalk and feigned exhaustion.  I got up again, and went on my way.

The telephone ringing woke me up.

NOTE: I wish I could remember what female stuff was secret. That seemed really interesting.  I thought perhaps it was chakras, but men have chakras too.


2-16-01 - I only remember bits and pieces of several dreams. None of it makes any sense.

In one dream I was pregnant and going from bathroom to bathroom, bleeding a little, trying not to deliver the baby too early.  I woke up and my stomach actually felt like I was in labor a little. I could actually feel the shape of my uterus inside my body because of the pain.

In a second dream, I was in a school. A girl came out of a classroom and asked me to help her make up a song using some unconnected words. The song had to have the words, 'me too', phyle, a star name, some other words, and was dedicated to Barbara Streisand. There was a hill inside the classroom going up to a window high up near the ceiling. The girl made up the song as she climbed the hill to look out the window.  It turned out pretty cool.  (The word 'phyle' means a group of people. It was used in ancient Greece, in star-wars the movie, etc.

In a third dream, I was laying down inside a car being driven by a male friend. There was extremely heavy traffic so we were driving quite slowly. Across the street, walking along the sidwalk were three very tall men, one was wearing glasses. It seemed they were somewhere between 7 and 9 feet tall. I felt very intimidated to see them and hoped they didn't see me.  Then a man was walking through traffic whom I recognized. He eventually spotted me, looking out the window of the car and got a surprised look on his face. He asked me through the car window what I was doing there and I told him I was being driven from one place to another ... can't remember where.  It was kind of a funny exchange between the two of us because of his surprised and my embarrassment.



The dream  takes place in a hospital setting, which is an entire city block square and I had to walk/run through the entire hospital square twice to complete the activity.

I was in a room where my son's friend and his girlfriend were making nice/nice with each other.  She wanted him to wear a silky shirt which just happened to belong to me.  She thought it would be great if he wore bra cups under his shirt so he more resembled her.  As it was he had only one side of his chest covered with a bra cup. (This was not a whole brassiere) I had the other one which he wanted to borrow. The shirt had a large collar also which hung half way down the back like half a moon shape.

So, we had to begin to change clothes. To do this, he had to take off the shirt and get it washed and pressed again and I had to go through the hospital, to make this change.  My family went ahead of me and for a bit I was naked, then realized I had better put on my green and white striped robe. This I did.  For some reason, I brought with me a long paring knife and when I went through the pass-through to visit some people, the nurses at the station got all upset that I couldn't bring a knife with me into the hospital and I turned it in with them, telling them I would pick it up on the way out.

I met some old high-school friends along the way, and we said "Hello". Some of them were surprised to see me, but it was pleasant and we were all smiling.

I and a woman friend continued on through the hospital where some old people were in these beds. We came out on the other end, (I had made it all the way around the square by now).  We were in an area where old people gathered in a garden for entertainment. They were feeding them meat loaf for lunch here. It was really nice.  

I continued on through the hospital again to make the bra cup exchange with the boy. Again I had a paring knife with me, which I picked up from where the old people were having lunch.  Again, the nurses had a fit that I had a knife with me and I turned it in again, telling them I would pick it up on the way back out.

For the second time I went through the old people's section of the hospital, where the old people were asking for Kielbasa to be served for lunch.

Once I got past them, wondering why the hospital would serve old people someing so fattening and unhealthy, I made it back to where the original boy was. By now, it seemed he didn't need the second bra cup and had removed the first one. At the same time, I had removed the bra cup I had, and now had none. I saw a board on which each person had a geometric shape pinned to a board. Where mine was supposed to be was a light yellow pulsating rectangle.  This seemed to be a 'good' thing.  It seemed that the boy was expected to become female, and I, as a woman, was expected to become male.


2-17-01 - TALK ABOUT WAR

DREAM - I don't know what country I was in, except that it was an Arab country.  In the next room, at a distance, a dark, swarthy man, dressed in a dark army green uniform was trying to instill talk of war and hate into his young son who was about 10 to 12 years old.

The boy came out of the room, and I had the opportunity to talk wit him. I told him that the joy in life were the child-years, when one goes to school to learn about all the wonders of the world, all the things one doesn't know.  

The young boy, who was dressed in an army  uniform of dark green like his father, had bushy eyebrows, black hair, and dark skin like his father. I thought I saw understanding in his eyes, as I talked of the joy of learning.

I hope so.


2-18-01 - DREAM - This was like lucid, though I didn't control the topics.  I was part of as well as shown a 'live' web page, as though I was in the computer itself. I was presented with topics, which I had to move and sort according to kind, and put them in different rows than they had been.

I was then in a classroom situation where I was talking to a couple of young kids about relationships and how to make them work for the good.

At the end, I was shown the computer rows again, this time with people in the rows. On the topmost row was Richard Nixon. On the row below him was Pat Nixon. Below that was a couple, probably Julie Nixon-Eisenhower, and her husband, then the row below them was the other daughter (sorry I can't remember her name). Below them was the children of the Eisenhowers ... the same young people I had counceled about relationships earlier.

After I woke up, I tried to figure out why Richard Nixon wasn't on the same line as Pat Nixon, and thought it was perhaps because he is dead.  I don't really know.


2-18-01 - DREAM - I was in a classroom taking a test about ET stuff.  The teacher, who was female was not there, and would not be there for the six weeks of classes.  The substitute teacher we had was male.  

The first part of the test was an essay, which I thought I did well, though I don't remember writing it.

There were 6 questions on the test. The only ones I could answer were the ones used as examples which practically gave the answer.  The two I couldn't do, I left blank.

I didn't know what my score would be, but I didn't expect it to be very good.  However, when the teacher returned, she had scored the papers. She told me that my score was 'insincere'!.

What?  Insincere?  What kind of score is that?


2-18-01 - EXPERIENCE - I heard knocking above my head and to the left. Just to make sure it was real, I asked Joe if he heard it and he said , "No!"  So, I quieted my mind and said I was ready for a message, thinking I was probably too late already.

However, I started to see a screen that looked like melting ice coming down in rounded sheets towards the bottom. I then saw a huge rectangular box that looked like sand ... with no tracks in it ... just plain sand.

A voice said, "This is about Arnold Scwartzenegger and his playboy status. We expect you to write about it."

NOTE: I don't mind being asked to do something, but 'expected'???? Especially when it's so negative ???

The news was that 3 women accused him of groping them during a TV production, which he denied. So, there it is, and that's all I found.  I thought it was much worse that he helped Mary Bono get through a bill about trade with China.


2-18-01 - DREAM - (I hope none of this is true)  I was in the country somewhere.  I was driving along a mountain road on which a woman had driven off the edge and crashed into a gully below. There were some reporters or investigators there. I listened to their conversation. They were trying to figure out how the accident happened as from the crash evidence, it wasn't obvious. One of the guys said, "What would it look like if she had been going the other direction?" The second guy just gasped like it was a horrible thought. According to what I heard, a woman had been driving her car along the road and ran into the back end of a propane truck, then careened off the highway into the gully.

The scene switched and I was now on a farm where the farmer lived who owned or had something to do with driving the propane truck that was in the accident.  Here again I was listening to the conversation between the farmer and the man who was repairing the propane truck. I was hidden behind the corner of a farm building, watching the men who were in the driveway. The repairman was telling the farmer that the propane truck had been hit on the left rear corner, then careened off the highway.  The farmer said, "All I care is that the truck gets fixed fast. I need it." The repairman said that it would be done shortly.

The repairman and the farmer then both left the scene. I wanted to see for myself what was going on, so as soon as the men were gone, I rushed back to another barn where I thought the truck was being kept. For some reason I had a bottle of catsup in my right hand. I realized how stupid that was by the time I got there, but I had it there to prevent myself from doing something ... I don't know what.  

I got to the steps of this small outbuilding and set the bottle of catsup down on the ground. I ran into a green grid fence of some kind which was protecting the steps ... perhaps to keep other animals from going up the steps. It seemed to be made of plastic. There were 5 steps going up to a small porch, before getting to the door.  I didn't see the green grid fence at first, and when I hit it with my legs, I bounced back and quite a few goats came running out from behind the building. I immediately assumed that hitting the green grid fence set off an alarm of some kind, or released the goats to scare someone from entering the building.

But I wasn't scared enough by this not to climb over the fencing, so I stepped over it and continued climbing the steps.

The door to the building wasn't locked so I just pushed it open. Behind the door a white calf came to the door and stuck it's nose out, and behind it was a purple donkey I knew was named Eeyore as soon as I saw it.  I was afraid of large animals, but I was determined to see what was going on in the building, so made myself get over my fear and pushed my way past the white calf and Eeyore the donkey.

Once I got past Eeyore, I was able to see out another door into an animal pen behind the building. In the pen were dozens of starving calves. They were beyond just hungry. I could actually see their ribs sticking way out underneath their hide. They were too weak to even cry out in hunger.  At the same time I knew that the farmer was shooting six of them a day to feed himself.  I knew too that 6 calves a day would be too much meat for just one man even as skinny as these calves were. There was something else going on too, but I didn't know what .....

See Eeyore


2-19-01 - QUESTION: Did my friend die last night?

DREAM - I was with my old friend Marge in Milwaukee.  (I've never dreamed of her before. We were friends in grade school and high school and awhile thereafter) I was going with Marge to a pavilion where she was going to be picked up to go to the airport to fly to California and she wasn't coming back again.  She asked me to take care of her baby. (She had 3 girls and I am their baptismal sponsor) We walked up a long curving path to the pavilion where she was going to wait to be picked up. At the pavilion, she gave me her baby's diaper bag with all it's contents.  There was a table there where kids were coloring in books and a tray with a great number of colored crayons it.  She wanted to take some crayons with her. I told her that she could get all new crayons when she got to California. She agreed, so didn't take the kids crayons.

I then saw a dark car coming with a dark green boat trailer behind it, on which he was going to take a group of people to the airport on. The group gathered together and each was going make a small speech before they left. The leader of the group was the actor who played the original Fugitive on TV. He was wearing a beige coat. He was going to accompany the group to the airport.

Then I spotted my friend Diane who was wearing a beige coat also. (She is a lot like Princess Diana) She came over to me and we hugged. I said to her, "I hope you are coming back." She said, "Yes, I am!" She then whispered in my ear, "The screen door on your porch is wide open and there is someone standing there."

I woke up instantly with a fear that there was an intruder at our house. I listened intently for noise but never heard anything.  It wasn't until after I woke up that I wondered about whether my friend had died, and I accompanied her part of the way.


2-19-01 - DREAM - I was in a house that was quite large. I was distressed because when I entered it, it looked like a hayloft in a barn. It was really messy. Nobody was in the house with me at the time, but I had kids and a husband who weren't there.  I cleaned up the house and sorted out the laundry (which was clean) but not in its correct place.

I decided I would talk to my family about having a formal livingroom separate from a playroom so visitors didn't have to confront our living mess.

I went to the bedroom then where two of my sons were, Ken and Tom. Ken had a pair of pants that my Father wore to work. They were tore all the way across under the back pocket. He was trying to fix them. I saw that my Father's wallet was still in the pocket, so I pulled out the wallet. He also had a packet of long wood drills in the pocket and loose money as well. The money all looked new. I wondered why his money wasn't in the wallet and thought about my Father always having money when he needed it. I decided to take my Father's money since it seemed he didn't need it if he didn't take it with him. At the same time, I decided to give each of my son $20 each from my Father's pocket as well. My sons were surprised to get the money. I told them they had earned it.  I considered it their year's payment for work well done.

I then went back to cleaning the house.


2-20-01 - I can't say I know what this is.  It is not connected to myself in any way that I can think of. But it is something that is being prepared to occur that didn't happen earlier for some reason.

DREAM: I was looking at a computer screen. There were actually  two of them. It seemed people were involved but I don't recall seeing the people, just the computer screens.  There were objects being moved from one computer to the other ... from the right to the left.  They were a golden color and seemingly cup shaped.  They were being lined up on the left-hand screen. Part way down a screen was a line of black type which was not according to the plan and was moved out of the way.   I don't know if it was moved to the right-hand screen, or just discarded.

I woke up and tried to figure out what the heck that was.  No idea.

VISION: While I was thinking about the above dream, I had a vision, which was black lines on a white background of an old fashioned sailing ship, which was being loaded by people. I knew instantly that the ship was being loaded for sailing somewhere.

I still didn't know what the heck it was about.

VISION:  While I was think about the above dream and vision, I had another vision ... This was a sheet of paper which was titled, "WINDOWS OF OPPORTUNITY".  On the paper were lines of type each one with a different date, starting with 1948, 1947, 1939 ... etc. and going downward in time by years. (I could read beyond those three dates)

NOTE: I was thinking it was UFOs. I asked Joe what he thought it was without telling him my idea.  He answered, Israel.  

I dont' know how the sailing ship fits in with Israel, though it does fit with UFO.  At this point I don't know.

NOTE: I did some research and discovered that Jews were on sailing ships and being killed on all three dates, just like UFOs/ships were seen on all three dates.  Hmmmm


2-20-01 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house, but it wasn't old fashioned like it was when I grew up.

I was working on a computer in the diningroom area, looking for a modified gecko.  hmmm.  

I went out into the back yard where the water was so high, there was a long pile of stones about 3 feet high, where the sidewalk was supposed to be . There were deep pools of water on both sides of the stone walkway where I could see fish swimming. There were small fish near the surface, but I could see what looked like a salmon way down deep.

My children and their friends were playing out on the walkway and some were swimming in the water. j

I then saw a big black bear ambling along the walkway back by the garage. I started hollering at the kids to get into the house without telling them there was a bear.  They started towards the house but not as fast as they would have had they been scared. So, I had to holler, "Get in the house!" and wave them on quite a few times.  

Finally, they all got into the house. My mother was the last one inside, and still nobody closed the doors.  

By then, I could see and hear the neighbors across the alley screaming, "Bear! Bear!" and they were all panicked about getting into their own house.

Everyone was safe at my house, and I went from door to door in my house, shutting them. It was quite difficult like their was heavy air pressure behind the doors.

I went inside and hollered at my Mother about her being the last one to get into the house, and she started hollering at me for hollering at her.  At no time did anyone see the bear so they still weren't aware it was there.



I had numerous lucid dreams about rectangles.

I was working on a computer, which was generating a series of rectangles.  Each of these rectangles was different in size, going from large to small.  Inside each rectangle was a computer generated rectangular spiral.  When this was complete, I was able to point at each rectangle, which then generated a number depending on the size of the rectangle and the size of the rectangle within it.  (I don't remember any of the numbers)

I also did this done within circles, but later was told that the rectangle spirals within circles was a 'fig' off.

I was told by a voice to look up the connection between rectangles and mythology.  (See rectangles)

I also then had  vision that told me that this was being studied at Princeton University.

This all took much longer to do than to tell it.


2-21-01 - DREAM - I was in the country somewhere, where there were no buildings. I was being driven by someone. What was unusual was that we were driving very fast along a road up into the hills and then the road branched off to the right and to the left, but none of these roads went anywhere.  Each road gently ended in the uphill way towards the top of the hill.  

Our vehicle stopped at the end of one of the roadways which was like a truck runaway ramp I've seen along highways where the roads goes steeply downhill... but this was all uphill.  

I got out of the vehicle and walked along to the end of the roadway, which ended in a rectangular concrete buttress which held up the land at the end of the roadway.  The roadway was also concrete in a large rectangle, and was buttressed roughly with another smaller rectangle at the other end of the rectangle concrete slab to hold the rectangle slab in place.

I was told in the dream that this was done to keep the pressure of the hills from sloughing off down into the valley like it does in earthquakes.

None of this made any sense to me, since there were no people living in this area. The land could have been left natural as long as no people were around.


2-21-01 - After watching the Grammys last night and being totally unimpressed, I had the following dreams.

DREAM: This was a lucid dream.  It was the song about the working man. I didn't like all the words, so I was trying to remove some of the words. I wasn't being very successful, and the program wasn't working well at all. At one point, I saw that each sentence or paragraph was held within a frame so I couldn't just take out a few words, I would have to take out an entire section.

I made myself wake up, because this was a negative, unsuccesful endeavor on my part. I even told Joe I was making myself wake up to stop the dream.

I then had a short dream or vision of a magnificent sun on the horizon ... It was brilliant red and had brilliant rays of light coming off the surface of the sun in every direction. Below the sun was the word "Eroica".  I knew immediately that was the name of a music piece by Beethoven.

The dream then went back to the working man's music again, and after a bit, the picture blew up and a huge burned wooden beam was thrown out onto the ground.


2-22-01 - This dream was toally overwhelming.

DREAM - I was back on Jackson St. taking over the job as Manager for the 3rd time, having worked here twice before.  It was Monday morning, and I realized I had better get down to the office and take over. I think I had a key to the office, but I didn't have the Master keys to get into everything yet as this was my first day.

As soon as I walked in, I could tell lots of things had changed since the last time I had worked here. The office was quiet when I worked there before .  This time is was bedlam itself.

The first thing I wanted to do was to get my keys.  That was the hardest thing to do since everything had been changed and moved.

My daughter showed up with our Collie Dog Duchess on a leash. I told her to get the dog out of there. No sooner had I said that and she walked out the door, when the boss Ralph showed up with a huge white German Shepherd type dog. Before I even saw him, I heard him explaining to my daughter that this dog belonged to his Father (Ralph is a Jew). How could one say 'No dogs' to one's boss. He always  brought his dog to the office no matter what anyone else thought about it.  It was a good dog, so that was that.

I was immediately glad I had showed up on time. I still had my heavy winter coat on, but that was okay. It made me look had I had been on my rounds for the day.

I don't know what Ralph was doing, but I never saw him, only heard his voice in the background.

I looked in a file cabinet for the keys. All I found was records and rolodexes with the records of every person who had every lived in this building, plus business contacts and then some. Another woman was going through them looking for someone. I don't know who she was.  It seemed that a lot of people had access to this office now. When I had worked here before, if someone wanted something... I served them myself. Nobody ever came in and helped themselves to anything.

They had increased the size of the public library that I had started with donated books from the residents. But noow, instead of being in the recreation room, the library was in the office and these were all ancient books and manuscripts. A woman was in charge was working on increasing the size of the library as we spoke. She had another whole book shelf frame she was going to find a place for.

The opposite side door of the office opened, and Bob the painter walked in along with some other men, one of which was his son, he said. His voice was very hoarse and he was coughing. I immediately though, 'throat cancer', but didn't say anything. I asked him if he had received my letters while I was gone and he said, "No, I didn't". That puzzled me since I had sent him two Christmas cards during the ensuing years. I sent them to his house. But he was busy with the other men, so I couldn't question him further.

I was trying to make my way over to another closet door, and almost tripped over hundreds of plants that were on the floor. Most of them looked like 'Snake' plants ... the tall thin leaved plants that all good old houses had back in the old days. They were all together between some file cabinets and I almost tripped over them trying to get to another closet.

At this point, I was determined to make a lot of changes and simplify the office like it used to be.

When I got to the door, the outer door was easily opened without a key, but inside a special master key had to be used and the inner door was labeled 'secret papers' or something like that. I didn't have that key yet ... I was still looking for it. This cabinet was like a vault inside and didn't use a regular key.  I looked at the keys I had, which were numerous, some labeled and some not. I saw the mailbox key, the car keys, the apartment keys, etc. but not the master keys.

Right next to it was a key rack with spare keys and blank keys where maintenance made keys for people who lost theirs. The door to the hallway was wide open and nobody was stationed at the counter to serve the people. This is not where the master keys were kept I'm sure.

I turned around and almost tripped over another group of people. It seemed that a girl had fallen in the hallway and hurt her head or something. A doctor was taking a look at her, while a whole group of concerned people were standing around asking questions about her condition and offering advice.

I decided to leave them figure out what to do with her. There were so many people in the office now, I could barely get through. It was like a madhouse. I knew I was going to have to take control and straighten this out.

I was about to shout above the din and tell everyone to please shut up so I could say something, when a girl said to me, "It's always like this at 10:00 a.m. when everyone gathers for meditation. I looked past the standing people and saw another group of people sitting around a large rectangular table with candles lit. The people were all holding hands like they were going to have a seance or generate mass energy.  

A man pulled a moveable wall over and suddenly I couldn't see the meditating people at all.  This was so sudden, I was rather shocked that he could have done that so quickly. I went over to the next door and opened it, and found only a dark room with nobody in it. I couldn't figure out where all those meditating people had disappeared to.  It was rather like another dimension had closed over and I couldn't see it.

I woke up feeling really overwhelmed with the responsibility of all this.


2-23-01 - DREAM - I was working for an attorney. He had a series of huge old green law books on his desk. The telephone was right next to them. The boss ... the attorney ... came in the room just as the telephone rang. He grabbed the phone to answer it and knocked the law books off the desk.  As they fell, I observed what they were. One book which had a big diamond shape on it was called, "SHARE". The one right next to was called, 'SHARERS' and had a double diamond shape on it. ... a diamond within a diamond.

I felt so terrible that these books got knocked off the desk, I got down on my knees to beg the attorney's forgiveness for not being more careful, even though I hadn't done anything ... he had knocked them down himself.

Prior to that, I was observing a small town in which the houses were labeled according to the type of people who lived in them. Some types were allowed to live next to each other, but some were not.  One example was that house #14 was labled 'Rescue'. They wanted to live right next to the people who had house #15 which was labled 'Rescuers', but it wasn't allowed and #15 was on the far side of the small town.  There was another example such as that which also couldn't be allowed to live right next to each other. But Share and Sharers could be next to each other ... that was Law.


2-24-01 - DREAM - THE 11:11 EXPERIMENT. I can't say I understand this, and I don't remember all the details either, but this experiment/test name 11:11 was listed on the test sheets we had to fill out as it progressed.

It started out in a vehicle which was driven by an old man. I was riding in the back seat and was quite comfortable, but we picked up an old woman along the way.

When she got into the car, I provided a nice soft golden blanket for her and she reclined back on the back seat next to me.

We then went into a large building where we first fed everyone breakfast before the experiment began.

I was in charge of making the food we served. Here there was a separate room for the adults and for the children.

I served a pancake breakfast for the old man and woman. I put specially made whiskey syrup for their pancakes. I didn't want them know the whiskey was part of the syrup, so I put it on the bottom pancake, then covered it over with another pancake. They were allowed to put whatever else they wanted on the pancakes before they ate them.  They got coffee with their breakfast.

In an outer room, the children were served cereal, whatever kind they wanted with milk.

We then went into the experiment room, where the old man and old woman were wired up on their heads prior to getting into a bed where they were going to make love with each other.

There were 4 of us observing this test. There was a lot of electrical equipment hooked up to the old man and old woman and we were measuring, not their physical sensations, but their emotions.

Each of the 4 of us had a large notebook on which we recorded the results of the electrical testing being done and each page was labeled '11:11 - The experiment'.  The other woman who was observing told me I was the first official 'HDL' to observe this test.

Our equipment started to register the emotions of the old man and old woman, when a knock came on the door. We opened the door to find several engineers at the door. Somehow, the emotions being observed by us electronically by wires, was also being observed in the outer room on electronic equipment, not even wired up to the old people.

It was being 'induced' into their equipment by the magnetic field even though a wall separated them from the old man and the old woman's emotions.

The thoughts and emotions create forcefields around which atoms and molecules coallesce. A forcefield represents each atom in the sytem as a single point and energies as a sum of two-, three-, and four-particle interactions

See:  11coin6.htm


2-25-01 - I had three or 4 dreams during the night, but they evaporated too fast to know what they were. This is the lasst dream of the night and it's very confusing.  It has many scenes.

DREAM - I was given the job of investigating a woman. At first it seemed that I was in her house, which she had already moved out of. I was given of list of people on a blue piece of paper which was formally typed up. I could contact any one of these people to check on the house aspect of this woman's tenency or the house itself.

There was a scene in an upstairs bedroom where there were a bunch of plants, one of which was a broken vine. I wanted to save the broken vine and took it across the room where there was an empty, large red plant pot. I realized that the pot had a hole in the bottom, so I couldn't put water into it directly. I would have to go downstairs and get a glass bowl ... like a fish bowl ... to put into the pot, then fill it with water and save the vine.

In this same room, I saw a square box, which was next to the broken vine ... it looked like it was full of ants or bugs or something, but was supposed to candy, or food.  This box was 1 x 1 x 1 .

Downstairs, I met a woman who was hunting for her monkey's food which was in a box. It has disappeared. I asked her what size box it was in because I had seen that box upstairs. She said it was 10 x 6 feet, so I thought it couldn't possibly be the same. She said the monkey food was candy.

I went into another room where there was a cactus standing on the floor. A cat came into the room and took a swipe at the cactus with its claws.  The cactus plant recoiled like an animated alligator or crocodile and then stood up again as normal. The cat, again took a swipe at the cactus plant with it's claws. This time the cactus plant recoiled, again like an animated alligator and crawled across the room towards me and tried to climb up my leg, like it was asking me to save it from the cat.

Right after that, I looked out the window and heard that the harvest time had come and the garden's had been perfect, and along with the crop, whatever it was, was a vine crop which had a crop called 'Brunt' which I came to understand was 'pumpkins'. They too were perfect.  I thought for a moment, wistfully, I wish we had room for a nice garden to grow plants in too.

I found out then, that another woman was checking up on the same woman I was and I overheard her call the company where this woman worked. She asked for the telephone number of the woman. I could overhear the operator say, she has the same number as the boss ... everyone does ... and he gave the number as 1424.  I marked this down on my blue piece of paper underneath the woman's name.  Her name was Mary.

It was at this time I saw on the blue piece of paper that the company name was in much smaller print, way up high on the paper. I hadn't seen it earlier, until I was listening to the other woman call the company.

I went upstairs to use the telephone because the woman downstairs was already using that telephone.  However, upstairs were a lot of people. In the upper room was a guy named Thomas, who looked like Joe's son T.J. (Thomas Joseph)  Thomas didn't seem to like me very much, and I smiled a lot, trying to get on his good side.  Thomas smiled back and I was hopeful that he was coming to like me and that felt good.

In another upper room, I saw a cop grab the telephone I had planned to use. He was going to investigate the background on a darker skinned criminal looking guy. I didn't know if he was guilty or not.  But the cop would have the phone tied up so I would have to wait my turn.  I couldn't call any of the people on the blue piece of paper.

I thought to myself, I'm really good on the phone, but getting to use the phone is a different matter.

As I was waking up, I was told that Mary was responsible for Mathew 1.

NOTE: Mathew 1 is the list of people in Jesus bloodline. Then it describes how Joseph was betrothed to Mary, then discovers that she is pregnant and wants to divorce her.  Then a spirit comes and talks to him and tells him that Mary is pregnant by the Holy Ghost and her child will save mankind from their sins. He decides to mary her afterall so the child can be born as his and be legitimate.


2-26-01 - DREAM - I was in a large city. I had several positions during the dream as it progressed, from teacher of women, to student of an Indian guide. In the beginning,  I was in a school with the women and was asked by the head teacher if I could talk a previous friend named Jim into becoming the maintenance man for the school. I said I would try. The women wanted to go to lunch and I agreed to go with them, but at the last moment, in the lobby, I realized I wasn't wearing any shoes and I needed to get some before I could join them. I made an excuse to go out the door closest to where I was going to get some shoes. I grabbed my purse, which was left on top of a stand in the hallway and was warned never to leave my purse out in public. I had to agree, that was a very dangerous thing to do.

I got outside then and realized that it was farther to where my shoes were than I realized and the streets were full of snow piles higher than I cared to climb with bare feet. As I ran down the sidewalk, I heard a lion roar which I knew was quite close, but then I smelled the air and melting snow, and the whole thing smelled like roast beef and beef gravy. I figured the lion wouldn't bother me when all that meat smell was available and ran even faster to another school which was around the corner from where I started.

I was still barefoot and decided I would cross the street and go into the highschool and hopefully some students would have left their boots in the hallways with their coats and I could steal someone's boots.

Once inside the school, I ended up in a classroom, where a teacher was lecturing on some topic I can't recall. I sat at a long table surrounded by young men, but there was one particular tall man who was right behind my right shoulder. I didn't realize it at first, but the man behind my shoulder was my true teacher, not the man who was teaching the class at the front of the room.

The class broke up for a few minutes, then convened again. When they came back in, I showed them why this other man was my teacher. He was wearing a thin woven shirt, with four colored arched panels on the front of the shirt. Each panel represented a different tribe of indians. One was dark blue, one dark green, one brown, and one I can't recall.

On each panel were words about the tribe, written in beads.  I started to show the teacher of the class that the words were important about each tribe and asked if I could read the words to him. He agreed and as I tried to read the words about each tribe, each succeeding row of words became larger and instead of beads, were of diamonds of larger and larger size. I noticed then that the rows weren't words, but patterns of diamonds which I couldn't read.

I told the teacher that my friend, my true teacher lived in a subdivision nearby. The teacher wanted to see the houses the indians lived in, but I didn't think that was a good idea and told him so. I told him that public tours were going on now, and that was not the time to learn the true teachings.

My guide/teacher then came into the room, carrying a box, which I knew carried the true teachings. It was box of feathers and stones, the makings of a medicine wheel.

I then saw the teacher again, this time dressed in a blue suit, tie , and white shirt, and in front of him was a woman, dressed similarly, and I knew her name was Mary North


VISIONS - I was meditating on the above and saw a letter from a company in New York State. The address was Industrial Way North. The date was May 7th.


VISIONS - Still meditating ... I saw these words, in a red box with a white border on a red page,




NOTE: I did a page on Medicine Wheels


2-27-01 - DREAM - This was a lucid dream. No people involved. I was working on a computer, making or adjusting a web page that had a graphic on it that I wanted on my physical computer. I knew in the dream that I could not save that graphic and have it show up on my physical computer. I also knew that I would not remember the name of the graphic when I woke up and I was desparately trying to get a good look at the name of the graphic so I would remember it when I woke up. Towards the end of the dream, I was presented with all kinds of links, one of which was the graphic but I couldn't figure out which one was the one I wanted.

I finally determined that the word I wanted was Rhythm ... and I caught a glimpse of the graphic briefly. It was a swirl of psychedelic color that is beyond anything I've ever seen in real life, and I wouldn't know where the heck to use it ... but it was so unusual ...

I finally decided by the time I woke up, that what I was looking for was "The Earliest Temple" and it was found because of it's garbage dump.

I know that wasn't it, outside of the word rhythm and garbage, nothing else makes any sense. What a waste of time.


2-27-01 - DREAM - I was in my house in New Berlin I believe. I was making a hand written copy of a letter that had details of an archaeological expedition with the cost, where it was, etc. While I was copying the paper in colored inks to match the original, I was also trying to visualize where this place was and what it was like. Part of it was underground with a tunnel and water in the tunnel. I knew that not many people would fit in this space and not everyone would be comfortable doing it either.

Finally, the man who wrote the original letter showed up and he saw me copying it onto another piece of paper by hand. At that same point, I realized that there was a copying machine on a table to my right and I could easily have just run it through the machine instead of copying it by hand, but then I saw some advertising in chartreuse green at the bottom of the page and realized that that was the reason I was just copying the top part.

The man asked me a question about what I thought about the trip and I told him that taking too many people would spoil it because it would be too crowded to do any good work.

I didn't have time to finish it because I had to get dressed and go downstairs  for breakfast, so I tucked both pieces of paper under a book so nobody would see it and headed for the bathroom.

I went across the hall and headed for the toilet by walking across the top of an empty bed. My husband was headed for the same toilet and I toilet and I said to him, "Go use your own toilet", and he headed into another room where there was a separate bathroom.

Then I sorted through some rose pink clothing to find a bathrobe in that color. I just had the feeling that I had to wear that color today.

I headed down the stairs and my husband said, "Just so you know, "Rov/O____" is down there, selling 'Kool Aid stands", (It was something else equivalent to that)  He's selling them for $29.00.  I figured we'd end up buying one just because we didn't want to hurt his feelings.

I saw my son Bob at the bottom of the stairs, wearing a chartreuse green two piece outfit of shorts and a lacey shirt.

and woke up.

I was really tired so went back to bed to take a nap about two hours later.

I had 4 visons. All were words I saw:


AFter I got up, I looked up Waukie-Saukie and found nothing. Waukie is the last part of a city in Oregon. It also seems to me that Waukie is an Indian word from my Wisconsin Native American History.  The Second guide and Native Pyramids fits in with the dream I had yesterday about the Native Diamonds ...


2-27-01 - This has got to be totally symbolic because it has no basis in fact at all.

DREAM - I was living in my 16th St. house with my kids.  (They never lived there) .  Ken was about 11 or 12, and Tom was 10 or 11. Jeanne was about 7 or 8 years old.

Everything seemed normal under Ken said that he was tired because the cops had come to the house last night.

I was rather stunned. I asked, "When did the cops come to the house. I never heard them."

He said, "Oh! It must have been around 11 o'clock or so."

I asked, "What happened? Why were they here?  I was asleep in the diningroom and never heard them. " I asked Jeanne, "Did you hear them?"  She had been sleeping in the small bedroom upstairs on the left.

Ken said, "There was a problem with the animals we took care of down the street. Something to do with their entrails or something."  Tom said, "Yeah! I was taking care of them yesterday too."

I was trying to supportive and not accusatory so I didn't ask any more questions, just kept trying to figure out how I could have been working on the computer in the diningroom, and fallen asleep and the cops had come and I hadn't heard them.


2-28-01 - DREAM - I and some other people were working on a murder mystery. I and a young man or teenager were walking down 16th St. together and stopped to rest on the lawn of one of the houses.

As we sat on the ground, I looked at my leg and on the shin of my right leg was a black and white rose, made of black and white hairs that were quite long ... the white hairs were over 3 inches long, the black hairs were about an inch long and there were many more of them.

The boy said that I should pull the white hairs out, but when I pulled on the hairs, it hurt a lot.

I tried pulled several at a time and it was so painful, I couldn't do it, though once I got one hair out, I knew I could handle it, like women handle plucking their eyebrows.

At that point, I was able to look on the backside of my skin, like you could turn your hand over and see the back of your hand ... and saw that the marks on the backside showed me that these were chapters in a book and they could be changed, rearranged, or removed.

I turned my leg back over to look at the white hairs again and was able to remove them one by one with not quite so much pain.

I saw too that the young man had his own  black and white rose made of hairs on his shin also.


2-28-01 - DREAM - I don't know what state I was in.  It was nighttime and I was standing in the lobby of a school with a video camera in my hand, waiting for someone to come up the sidewalk to enter the school for the first time. I was expecting it to be a grandchild, but I didn't know which one.

Finally, I recognized someone. It was my grandson Brian. I knew it couldn't be him, since he was the oldest child in the family. I asked him if he knew who it was and he said 'No'.

Then I recognized our granddaughter Emily, who was already inside. She's not the youngest, but one of the youngest.

(These two kids live 1500 miles apart)

Other people were coming in as well. It seemed to be a party atmosphere, but people were talking about killers and one woman mentioned Boaz. I thought this was very strange.  Yet, I saw some girls dancing out in the dark on the other side of the school.

I expected my daughter to come in the school, being the chaperone/driver of whoever was coming, but I never saw her arrive.

Finally, we all went into the kitchen to find the food.  I was looking for the bread and getting angry because I didn't see any. Finally, I spotted two patial loaves of bread on top of the refrigerator.  It looked like it was green, but my son Michael showed it to me up close and it was just the light that made it look green.

Still, we didn't start to eat yet and went out into the parking lot, still looking for the new student.

I spotted our granddaughter Taylar, who is older than Emily.  She was pushing a car around. She pushed it backward, then forward, rocking it and moving it, bumping other cars, trying to turn it.  Then I saw that it seemed to be on a trailor with a small front wheel like a boat trailor.

Finally, she got the car/trailor free and got it rolling quite fast around another car and down the driveway. By now, I got quite concerned and I could see the car/trailor running down the driveway faster and faster. I didn't know who might be inside the car. I never saw who the driver was.... by now everyone was thinking that whoever was in the car was committing suicide. It went faster and faster and finally ended up out in the dark. I can't remember if it ended up in the ocean or not.

Then people went back to partying. The kitchen was really crowded and one of the cooks told everyone to move back a bit because she could hardly move to serve the food.  I found some french fries and that made me happy ... that was all I needed.  (We had F.F. for supper last night)

NOTE: Before I got up for the day, I heard the voice of Taylar in my ear call out to me, in a cheerful voice, "Bye Dee!"


2-28-01 - DREAM - I was dreaming about a short web page. I was shown that there would be 20 earthchange events, some were grouped together closely, then the rest were separated, one here and one there. I don't know what the changes were, but they were all black type on a white page.

NOTE:  When I was awake, I was having rolling chills, and later in the morning, an earthquake event occurred in the Seattle area and it was officially a 6.8.  (Seattle)