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2-24-01 - DREAM - THE 11:11 EXPERIMENT.

I can't say I understand this, but this experiment/test name 11:11 was listed on
the test sheets we had to fill out as it progressed.

It started out in a vehicle which was driven by an old man. I was riding in the back
seat and was quite comfortable, but we picked up an old woman along the way.

When she got into the car, I provided a nice soft golden blanket for her and she
reclined back on the back seat next to me.

We then went into a large building where we first fed everyone breakfast before
the experiment began.

I was in charge of making the food we served. Here there was a separate room
for the adults and for the children.

I served a pancake breakfast for the old man and woman. I put specially made
whiskey syrup for their pancakes. I didn't want them know the whiskey was part
of the syrup, so I put it on the bottom pancake, then covered it over with another
pancake. They were allowed to put whatever else they wanted on the pancakes
before they ate them.  They got coffee with their breakfast.

In an outer room, the children were served cereal, whatever kind they wanted
with milk.

We then went into the experiment room, where the old man and old woman were
wired up on their heads prior to getting into a bed where they were going to make
love with each other.

There were 4 of us observing this test. There was a lot of electrical equipment
hooked up to the old man and old woman and we were measuring, not their
physical sensations, but their emotions.

Each of the 4 of us had a large notebook on which we recorded the results of the
electrical testing being done and each page was labeled '11:11 - The experiment'.
 The other woman who was observing told me I was the first official 'HDL' to
observe this test.

Our equipment started to register the emotions of the old man and old woman,
when a knock came on the door. We opened the door to find several engineers
at the door. Somehow, the emotions being observed by us electronically by wires,
was also being observed in the outer room on electronic equipment, not even wired
up to the old people.

It was being 'induced' into their equipment by the magnetic field even though a wall
separated them from the old man and the old woman's emotions.

The thoughts and emotions create forcefields around which atoms and molecules
coallesce. A forcefield represents each atom in the sytem as a single point and
energies as a sum of two-, three-, and four-particle interactions.

In simpler terms, the thoughts and emotions from two people effected what was
happening to others not even in the same room.


Subj: Crop Circles and Coincidences

Date: 2/24/2001

From: JMason4557@aol.com

To: John H.

<< Subj: Hi

Please get in touch. I would like to hear more about these coincidences. (:-) >>


Hello Sir Haddington.

I presume that you are THE John Haddington, the crop circle researcher. I am delighted to hear from you.

It is a long story, but let's start here:


I hope you don't mind . . . we quoted from one of your articles. I sent an article about this to you via snail mail several years ago.

I wrote an article about the crop circles in 1992:

Crop Circle Mystery

I tried to point out that dreams and coincidences seem to sometimes be predictive of crop circle formations. We continue with this work, as illustrated on this page:


A massive, yet mostly ignored, "coincidence" phenomenon raging is -


One apparent crop circle link is here:

Clynt King - 11:11 Crop Circle, Canada-FNEN Great Lakes & Ontario Region

I pointed out other 11:11 possibilities in my article:

Humanity On The Pollen Path

Solara, the apparent originator of the "11:11 Doorway" material, suggested that the two pair of rectangular boxes next to pathways in certain crop circle formations, such as the "First Pictogram," indicate the "11:11".

Strangely, although I have never been a believer in any religious system, my 11:11 - related coincidences led to Revelation 11:11, and its apparent basic meaning . . . that Humanity has been on a time cycle path that corresponds to the chakra levels. We are near the 3 1/2 midpoint and a leap to the fourth - heart chakra level of consciousness evolution.

The greatest and most "confirming" coincidence, among many, is associated with the great Sri Yantra pattern that appeared grooved into an Oregon lake bed in 1990:

Oregon`s sri yantra. A gift of the Circlemakers

In Part Six of my "Pollen Path" article, I mention another 11:11 possibility:

Humanity On The Pollen Path - Part Six

This concerns the crop formation that appeared at Old Sarum around 1992. The idea is that the formation represents the dream of the "frightening image" of Nebuchadnezzar in the Book of Daniel, as representative of the ages, corresponding to the Hindu Yugas, symbolized by gold, silver, bronze, and iron. The "11:11" of the formation are the "feet of part iron, part clay," the divided kingdom, at the 3 1/2 point.

The article is a work in progress. Part six was designed to lead into the 1999 solar eclipse article, with its "11:11" timing and other "coincidental" associations. Old Sarum, you may know, is associated with a special communion. This, I felt, might connect with Glastonbury being at one corner of the "Wessex Triangle," and other possible "Holy Grail" symbolism.

There are many other parts to the story that I plan to include. One example is the "Circuit Board," or "Grid" crop formation that appeared several years ago. It had seven lines inside a rectangle. The midpoint, the middle line, extended out beyond the rectangle, and connected to a circular shape. An "L" shaped pattern was near the rectangle.

It seems to follow the "Pollen Path" sand painting and Egyptian symbolism of the midpoint of seven. The "Judgment Seats" of the Egyptians were "L" shapes, said to be a "builder" glyph used later by the Masons. Four of them form a swastika.

Revelation 11:11 connects directly with the Menorah, as the two olive trees stand next to it in Zechariah 4. The Menorah, it seems, is connected symbolically to the Tree of Life. If you wish to follow a bit more, please read these related articles:

The Tree of Life Crop Circle Formation

The Menorah Crop Circle Formation

Crop Circle Formations As Chakras

The Pleiades and the Seventh Ray on the Seventh Day

I'm sure you know a lot about "coincidences," such as when you found the shamanic mandala that seemed to connect with the Charm Bracelet/Dharmic Wheel formation. I read an article several years ago in "SC" that spoke of "Cos Cos," meaning "Cosmic Coincidence."

There is nothing new, of course, about "coincidences," but I think we humans have much more to learn. If we follow dreams, coincidences, and crop circles closely, perhaps patterns of meaning will come into focus, concepts that may form a consensus one day.

Thank you for the great work you have done. I hope we keep in touch.

Highest regards and best wishes,

Joe Mason

Subj: coincidence and 1111

Date: 1/21/2001

From: Brian

To: jmason4557@aol.com

I have an coincidental problem, and I post if here in the hope someone can answer it for me.

I was born in Sydney Australia of January 11th 1944. The duration of time between sunrise and sunset was 888 minutes.

.8880 days later on May 4th 1968, I was living in Canada in a town named Port Alberni.

.The sunlight for May 4th at that deat and location each year is 888 minutes.

.My brother was born on February 25th 1935, he is 8.88 years older than I..

I divorced and remarried a woman in Melbourne after returning to Australia in 1996. she is 1162.6 days younger than I. Her name is Michelle.

.I had married my first wife on April 23rd 1966, I was 1162.6 weeks of age.

.Michelle was also married before and has a daughter born on December 20th 1979, she is 777 days younger then my youngest daughter Nicole and 11.626 years younger then my eldest Tracy-Lee born in Port Alberni May 4th 1968.

Michelle's daughter is named Rihannon and was born December 20th 1979 in Geelong, the sunlight for that date in the Australian city is 888 minutes.

My fathers name is Reginald Michael, my brother Ronald Michael, his son Michael is married to a Michelle, as am I, his son is named Michael. My brothers daughter is named Michelle, and Michael is married to a Michelle.

My sisters daughter Tanya is married to a Michael, her first boyfriend was also named Michael. My sisters son is Dean Michael.

I have also an uncle Mick.

Tanya and her cousin Michael and my aunt were born on the same date.

My father was born on the same date of his eldest brother and my mothers brother Mick.

My brothers eldest daughter was born on my birth date January 11th 1944 and 1956.

My mother died on her sisters birth date and niece and nephew.

My sisters birth was the same date my uncle died, and his wife several years later, and twins were born to our neice on the same date, she, Kerry was 2222 weeks old.

My father was 33033 days old when my mother died, add Pi ti Phi and we have 31415 + 1618. He was 33330 days old when the twins were born to Kerry.

The 1111 number is WW! ending at 11:11AM on 11:11:1918

My birth date 22:2 AM January 11th 44 04 1-11-44

I could go on but think the problem is astronomical

Can you estimate the odds? Thank you Brian


Subj: 11:11

Date: 1/26/2001

From: Victoria

To: JMason4557@aol.com

hi Joe

I just happened upon your site and it was really interesting to see others also see numbers like that mine that I see alot are 3:33 and 10:01 but I see (daily) sometimes a few times daily numbers like that 5:55 2:22 the other day I saw the 5:55 twice same day freaky the 1001 really scares me thou because it just happens to much but I don't remember the last day that I didn't see some sort of duplicate number in the time I do see 11:11 but not as frequently as some others do you know of any other site that talks about the other numbers? other than 11:11? I would really like to read up on it more

thank you



Subj: 1111, 444 and 105 Signs

Date: 2/12/2001

From: Nate

4x4x4 Music 105

Dear freinds,

The harmonics have revealed the reason for the 1111 and light harmony in the music of the triangle sound of the left and right hand on the 88 keys and the singing voice above, or between them. Psalm 105:13 has a gematria value of 1111 and it is the voice middle of Psalm 105:12-15. The facts are mathamatical, in that 105 ÷ 4 = 26.25. Thinking with metaphors, the 26 is the left and 25 is the right hand. and in playing the story they can cross over and become opposite like a pianist does on the 88 keys, depending on which direction you are looking at them from. Day 25.26 and 26.25 are not very far apart. One is the 26th and the other the 27th in January. YHVH = 26 and Light = 27. Light is the main focus of the story.

The light from the Sun, relates to the Son of God; and it takes 8.333333333333 minutes to get to earth. 5/6 = .8333333333333333333 and if you square that number it is Bruce Cathies reciprocal of the speed of light, or harmonic .69444444444444444. Day 25.26 = .069158 of the year and .0694 = 25.33 day time of day 26.

Now we get to the special part: Make a triangle with base angles from the inverse Tan of .8333333 and 1.1111111111111, or 48.012787504183339945118054215013 and 39.805571092265194006279489819286 degree angles. Now add those two angles together to form the voice part of the triangle and you get 87.818358596448533951397544034293. With that voice angle, find the Tan of it for the big surprise that it is 26.25 exactly. So, did God make a triangle like that you may think, and the answer is, yes. He influenced man to build highways to draw the lines under Petersburg, Virginia to the southern border with North Carolina. The story is about 1 Peter 2:4-9 (ends with the word "light"), and Psalm 118.22 and at Matthew 21:42 Jesus quoted it. Matthew 2:9 harmonizes with 1 Pet. 2:9. Think Rock City - New Jerusalem coming.

I wrote a paper on this at  http://www.wiredweb.com/~shades1997/Reflective_Harmonics.htm

I correct typos and add a word of two now and then to my papers.

Best regards,



Subj: 11:11 (solar eclipse)

Date: 2/14/2001

From: Tammy

To: Dee777@aol.com

Hi Dee:)

I've been going over some of your stuff and am finding many connections with something that I have recently come to understand in myself.

Regarding the 11:11 experiences, oh man this is so cool! Check out http://www.nsirtech.com/hunt.html and the next few pages. I came to realize from this experience that the four living creatures were alive in me. I concluded that if they were in me then they could be in others.

I'll paraphrase briefly so you can better see the possibility. The first living creature, the lion, is where I started in this loop. (On the hunt, and paced the floor like a caged lion.) The second living creature, the calf, was lead to slaughter or destruction in being brought in before the authority.

(Allowed to be encircled by those who opposed the truth.) The third living creature, with the face like a man, spoke out against the lies that are accepted as truth. (I look a lot like Grandpa, a man.) And the fourth living creature, like a flying eagle, was allowed the freedom to proceed out from under the oppression of the system. (Wings mounted their full height...)

Regarding Doug Taylor's dream and connections to his sight, I ended up sitting in the left corner of the room and had a reddish colored shirt on. I also wore a green leggins outfit (Black Elk was told that the power of the earth mother would be with him.), or casual attire, while all but one man at the meeting had on suits. The man that didn't have a suit on wore light blue jeans and was sitting just in front of me.

I have heard about the 11:11 experiences briefly but haven't investigated anything about it until just recently. When I saw the similarities I just had to marvel. But, one significant difference exists. The man is now free, free to do what is required of him.  I give God the glory!!

I am so happy! May God grant the people of this plane the wisdom to see His return. And may each of us in our own turn experience such beauty and glory.

Love and light

Tammy Joy:)


Subj: New 11:11 info

Date: 2/15/2001

From: Juliway

To: JMason4557

Dear Joe,

My name is Juli and I recently found your Greatdreams website on the Internet. I too am one who experiences this 11:11 Phenomenon and I have been deeply committed to try and figure this mystery out. I would like to share with you what I have found. If you are interested, I will link you to the following Chapter on 11:11, but please read the following 2 chapters as well as they contain information that is also significantly related.

Seeing Is Believing - Chapter 13 11:11

Thank you for your time. If you have a chance to read this, your comments would be greatly appreciated.



NOTE: July also links to the following pages:

1) Deana Carter and 11:11

2) www.fourfourfour.com (Go to The 444 Forum)

3) 1111 / 444 Experiences


Subj: 11:11 Coincidences

Date: 2/23/2001

From: Meiregiardi

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Hi Joe,

I had a very strange dream about the Virgin Mary appearing to kids and decided to go through your pages to see if I could find a meaning for that dream.

And I was astonished to find out other people around the world have coincidences about the number 11:11 - Since I was 12 I've been experiencing a lot of coincidences with that number - I even heard a voice telling me: "Look, it is the number 22". There were days I thought I could be crazy due to the number of times I saw that number in clocks, watches, bills, TV, listened to people saying "22", opened my wallet to find out I had R$22 reais, etc. I never stopped to think 11:11 could also be 22.

May I know your thoughts on this and share ideas with all these people?

"The truth shall set you free".

Meire, from Brazil


Subj: 4774

Date: 2/3/2001

From: Wizardiaoan@hotmail.com (Walt DeLong)

To: jmason4557@aol.com

Dear Joe,


Firstly, 3 1/2 is the number of times the Kundalini serpent is wrapped around the spine, a very common symbol mentioned in many chakra books which I'm surprised you've not mentioned. Secondly, the olive trees/lamps I believe are the chakras burning the olive oil/spiritual light.

Whew, such chills upon reading all these 11:11 synchronicities! How wonderful I've the knowledge to solve this mystery! (You also didn't mention the sunspot cycle of 11.1 (or is it 11.11 years?), and that the Egyptian temple at Karnak has an 11 cut out of each side of its front gate as 11:11, the cosmic gateway.

The 11:11 could be the second coming of "Christ," or the aeonic child, as you will see. I hope you give me a little of your time, as I can be of such help to your research, particularly the gematric part dealing with 1,111.

My name is Walt DeLong, and I was born on 4/7/1974, which condenses to 4774, and 4+7=11:11=7+4. At 21, I was playing with this date, and found it symmetricized into what I call The 4774 Sword:

4 4 4
4 4 4
4 4 4
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7
7 7
7 7
7 7
7 7

It makes a "crowned pentagram." I am 26 now, have graduated college, have read many occult books and enlightenment books, etc., and am a very sane person. I would not bother you if I did not think the following statement can be very well backed up:

I am proven the magickal child of Thelema, the child of the aeon, and believe I have found "the Key of it all," the key of all reality, which is The 4774 Sword, being the visual symbol for "the quintessence of all reality," just as the the upward triangle is the symbol for fire, or the eight-spoked wheel is the symbol for spirit, etc.

Hopefully you are familiar with Aleister Crowley's Liber AL vel Legis. Further, you do not have to accept this conclusion for us to have a beneficial correspondence, it is simply my wish at present to help you out with the symbolism of 1,111.

I have been in correspondence with David Hulse, the author of "The Key of it All" series, as well as many other "famous" occultists of our age. David Hulse agrees my proof is more than a personal key.

Now, when investigating 1,111, one must see what it breaks down to. I've not worked with 5&6, but work rather with:

1, 4, 7, 11, 22, 121, 1111, & 4774, although 1147 & 1174 are secondary. (I too have immense clock synchronicities).

I collect words that equal 47 & 74 totalling to 121 = 11x11. In Serial English (A-Z = 1-26) some of these are:


BEAST ABRAXIS (which equals 1,111 in Metric English)



(I have about 20 pages of these)

I am sending you my "Magickal Timeline" which will be helpful, I would like you to check out the gematrics I have for 1,111 near its end, but you should read the entire thing.

This will give you more to go on concerning 1,111. 1,111 is lightening, cosmic consciousness, Abraxis, arcane occult knowledge, the secret of the universe, etc. The number series of 1, 4, 7, 11, 22, 1111, 4774 is arcane.

I will have to e-mail you the attachment. I love this site, I just found it today. I hope you enjoy my "Magickal Timeline," it will help if you're familiar with Liber AL vel Legis.


Here's my "Magickal Timeline!" in Microsoft Word 2000. Please enjoy! Incidentally, 153 = 17x17 is my name for Tarot Trump XVI = Mars = 17 & 80 = Red, as:

Key XVI THE FORTRESS = 153 in Serial English, and this Trump itself is the 17th one, so we get the synchronicity of:

"The 17th Key of the Tarot, THE FORTRESS, equals 153 in Serial English, which itself is 17x17."

Thus I interpret 153 as inherently Martial.




Subject: 11:11
Date: 3-15-2001
From:    L.H.
To:    JMason4557@aol.com

I have been seeing 11:11 for several years on  clocks, at home elsewhere and in the car.

When ever I see it, I stop for a few seconds and acknowledge it.  Why, I do not know.  There is a feeling of reconition....... an understanding........

This is what I think ;or, I am being told through my Spirit

The Earth has had many celestial beings here with us for eons of time,: their purpose was to aid us in our evolution.  However, we light workers have evolved enough that they left us and we are on our own.  The 11:11 is a reminder that we have a purpose in the evolution of the entire planets population.  In other words, the torch has been handed to us.

I had a dream where someone was  pounding on the door to my house.   Really pounding.  Someone was with me, but I do not know who. I  told this person to tell whoever was knocking to come in.

I was naked and put on a robe.  The knocker was a man with a mustache and he was holding his head saying he needed help.  I was disturbed, I did not know this man and told him to come back at a reasonable time.  It was 11::11.  I had a brief moment when I thought this man would not leave, and I was frightened.  I was certain he did not ask for physical help       no name

When you see the 11:11, stop, remember and bless it......and go to work!



Date: 3/31/2001

From: VL77

To: JMason4557

I was just reading about the 11:11 coincidences, which I experience quite often, but I thought maybe someone could help me out with something else. About 2 years ago, my boyfriend and I both started to constantly see 9:11. I would wake up from sleeping, and it would be 9:11, get in the car, it would be 9:11. It happened every single day, not a minute off, for both of us. My boyfriend started to get freaked out, and was convinced it was a bad omen. 911- like an emergency. After it kept happening, I got freaked out myself. Then on Oct. 14th of 2000 he died. All I know is that it happened between 9:06, and 9:15. I wonder if it was 9:11. Now I still keep seeing this 9:11 thing, and it's worrying me. I don't usually notice any other numbers, except 11:11. Does this mean something, or did I just program my internal clock on that time? Just wondered if you knew. If so, please let me know. Thanks Veralynn


Excerpt from:



Chapter 11

(A verse-by-verse study)

Eighty-four. So now, we've seen three time periods that are identified with the final tribulation -- 70 years, 23 years and 3 1/2 days -- with God putting especially heavy emphasis on the number 23. Although these time periods seem to be altogether unrelated, they in fact have something in common. They are all linked to the number 84, which itself is symbolically important.

Eighty-four is the product of 7 times 12. Seven, of course, represents perfection, and 12, as we noted above, represents the fullness of God's plan, especially as it relates to believers. So, 84 really stands for the perfect consummation of God's salvation plan for all those whom God has chosen to save. And the final tribulation is really the beginning of the end of God's program.

But how are those three numbers linked to 84? Well, seventy years have 840 months; three and a half days have 84 hours; and twenty-three years have exactly 8,400 days!  (There are five leap years in 23 years. So, 23 years x 365 days + 5 days = 8,395 days + 5 days = 8,400 days.)

This is not just a coincidence. The mathematical odds for all three time periods having a common denominator in 84 are far too great to be accidental. Rather, it shows once more how wisely God has written the Bible to reveal truths to us.


5/27/01 G writes:


Interesting stuff about 84. The 11:11 thing reminded me of something odd that happened a couple days ago. I was up until nearly sunrise so I slept in late. While I was asleep I was dreaming. Suddenly something happened that is difficult to describe. The best I can come up with is an analogy. Have you ever had your TV or radio on and then switched on a light, or maybe your computer, or something and the TV or radio signal is interupted for a split second? Like you hear the static for a brief second? Well, what happended in my head was similar. Like something was literally switched on or switched off. In any case, there was a split second "flash", like an interuption in the signal that was sending the dream images to me. I awoke with a start and turned to look at my digital clock. It read exactly 1:11. I fell back to sleep and awoke once more with a start. I turned to look at the clock again. It read exactly 1:44 (one of our favorite gematrian numbers). It was just very strange and left me with an odd feeling like something rather profound may have just happened but I didn't catch the significance of it.



Subj: Re: Revelation 11 and 84

Interesting stuff about 84. The 11:11 thing reminded me of something odd that happened a couple days ago. >> (snip)

<< I awoke with a start and turned to look at my digital clock. It read exactly 1:11. I fell back to sleep and awoke once more with a start. I turned to look at the clock again. It read exactly 1:44 >> (snip)



Subj: Meaning of certain numbers

Date: 5/9/2001

From: R&K

To: Dee777@aol.com

Hi! I happened to stumble upon your page of the Swiss Air flight 111 crash. Something struck me as I was reading your explanations that I wanted to ask you about. To anyone else this would seem like a coincidence but you seem to be beyond that. Anyway, Starting in approximately October of 1999, I began seeing 11:11 on the clock on a regular basis. It didn't matter what clock, any clock, computer, microwave, bedroom, work, car, sometimes it would happen twice a day, everyday for a week or once a day, it varied. What are the odds of looking at the clock in that 60 second span, everyday or even several times a week? Sometimes its 1:11, but not as frequently. It still happens but not as often now, maybe once a week or so. I feel like their is some meaning to this that I don't know. About two months after it started, a friend of mine was shot and killed, could this number have to do with death? You seem to know more than I do about numerology, so I wanted to get your opinion. What do you think it means? Thanks.


See:  The Flight 111 Coincidence


From: R&K

To: Dee777@aol.com

I just want to thank you so much for responding to my email. When I read that 11:11 was a wake up call I immediately starting crying uncontrollably. My life has changed drastically and I have become closer to God and what life is all about since my friend was killed two months after the 11:11 started happening. Thank you so much for answering my question.



Subj: Fwd:

Date: 6/9/2001

From: kj

Dear reader, About 3years ago I had a very strange religous experience which I cannot explain, I was not brought up by a religous family, nor have I ever read the bible.Sometimes it feels like I am cracking up.Since these events my life has changed, totally not all for the better I must say. It has left me personaly depressed, but I do know it is for a reason although I dont understand how I can apply this to some kind of benifit for not just myself. On radio controled clock , micro-wave tv , radio, car number plates, newspapers, I constantly keep seeing the same combinations of numbers11.11.11secs 12.12.12secs, 2.22.22secs, 4.44.44 secs and so on or its a combination of my date of birth and my personal pin number which I had long before initial 1st experience.Other numbers also appear, it is all very complex to me so if you can help me understand I would gladly tell you all that I know including a discovery about every-day music cds which to me is sinister in my opinion.will close with personal details which I asumme you will respect/edit for forwarding or posting if you are interested.



Dream by Dee:  A New Master Number: 555

7-3-01 DREAM - I was in a school on the 5th floor. School was to start in a few moments. I saw some teachers come in and I saw some students come in. The bell was about to ring and we started to wonder where everyone else was. Even the young black elevator operator noticed something was wrong. Only 5 rooms at the end of the 5th floor were it up. We had 5 teachers with 5 students each. The elevator operator told us that there was no one else in the building. Where were all the rest of the teachers and the rest of the students? When we all came to the realization that something was wrong, we all started putting our winter coats on to leave

There was a man waiting then to take me home and as I recall, I was dressing for winter in all brown clothes of sweater, coat and boots and I will make a guess here that I was putting on 5 items of winter clothings as well.
End of Dream


... the apex of physical and spiritual perfection -- a god on ... Orient, in their highest levels use the words "unknown ... Washington DC is exactly 555 feet high? www.greatdreams.com/five/five.htm

NOTE:  I did a web search for 555 and found this: http://www.lightworker.com/beacons/100400_555.shtml


Subj: 11:11 phenomena - you still out the joe?


From: JO

To: JMason4557

Hey Joe -

I just came across this old e-mail of yours on the internet (with many other 11:11 e-mails). I wondered if you were still out there on AOL and still seeing 11:11. I have been see 11:11 for about 11 years now.



Subject: Re:11:11 IS A WAKE-UP CALL

Date: Sun, May 26, 1996 00:54 EDT

From: U.

I have been browsing thru different things on the computer tonite and 1111 caught my eye I also , about seven years ago started having many experiences with 1111. Not only on clocks which of course would not have seemed as significant before digital clocks came out . someone ought to research that invention and see if it correlates to 1111some how. I also had gas bills come up 1111 and other tabs or checks actually just about anything with numbers. I also have had many credit card numbers that have pairs of numbers that add up to 1111..and every year on nov. eleventh or jan eleventh I always wait to see.......? I don't know now if I'm just noticing it more now because of the past or what. In numerology eleven is a master number. In astrology it represents aquarius. we are approaching the age of aquarius..... One other thing I am curious about , has anyone also noticed a predominance of palandrome numbers 1221,1331,4554 and so on and so on. I also have noticed the 1221 or1212 combo too.


Date: 7/15/2001

From: JO

To: JMason4557

Hey Joe -


What a collection. I was shocked yesterday when I saw something about 11:11 on a web page. Then I did a "11:11" search and got TONS of links.

I have been seeing 11:11 for so many years and my first thought was that it was a bad thing, then I thought it was a good luck thing, then I thought maybe it was the day I was going to die... such as 11/11/11. I had been seeing 1111 for a while when I had my first scare in June of 1992 when I took my sister and family to the San Francisco airport to fly home to Chicago. The flight number was 1111 and the time of departure was 1:11. I had never told anyone of my 11:11 sighting and wanted to tell my sister NOT to get on the plane, but I thought she would think I was crazy and superstitious. So I said nothing and was SO grateful to talk to her on the phone when she arrived home in Chicago. That was the first time I told my husband about my 11:11 sightings and we just laughed about it after that when we saw the clock at 11:11, or I wake up at 11:11 or I go to set my alarm at night and it is 11:11. We get a hotel room and it is 1111, my seat at a ballgame is seat 11 row 11. It was getting spooky.

The number 1 has always been in my life and I checked out the numerology page and discovered my birthdate computes to NUMBER 1. So I thought this was the answer. 1 was just my NUMBER.

Then yesterday I see this 11:11 information. I mean, it has been 10 or 11 years since I have been seeing 11:11 and I seldom mention it to anyone.

I was a math major in college and always loved studying numbers, so I thought I was just connected to the world of numbers. I have been in computer science for 30 years, so 1011011101101001110111101001010 is NOT unusual to me.

I am still in amazement that others have been seeing 11:11 as well. ;-D

Thanks for the info. Keep in touch if you find more. However, I think the links you sent me will keep me busy for awhile. ;-D



Subj: Re: 11:11 Note From Joe Mason

Date: 7/15/2001

From: JO

To: JMason4557

Hey Joe -

I went to Dee's site and re-calculated my Life-Number


My Life-Number is 11 (9+11+8=28=2+8=11)

I had calculated it as (9+2+8=19=1+9=10=1+0=1)


I forgot to tell you how I found 11:11 on the Internet yesterday.

I am a very compationate person and have been a computer science teacher since 1990. Many people over time have told me, "You are my angel." or "You must be my guardian angel." I just smile, not thinking anything of the comment. I helped them, they are pleased.

This last year I have been more facinated with angels, because more people I encounter have been talking about angels. So a few weeks ago I was reading about 'human angels' and within minutes after reading about human angels, I run into a student from Bulgaria that I help from time to time. She gives me a hug and tells me how nice I have been to her and says, "You are my Angel. I don't know where I would be without you.". I do not know this person that well, I simply help her from time to time when she is at the college.

Yesterday, I search on 'Human angels' on the Internet and start reading that there are human angels around us. Then this site talks about the lightbearer and then asks, "Have you been seeing 11:11?" That was the shocker!!!

I told you in my last e-mail that my Life-Path Number was 1. I went to Dee's site just now (http://www.greatdreams.com/eleven/num11.htm) and re-calculated my Life-Path Number and look what I found.

Determining Your Life-Path Number

Let us say that you were born on March 29, 1968.

(Mine: September 29, 1952)

March is the third month--3

(Mine: 9)

the day 29, 2+9 totals 11

(Mine: 11)

the year 1+9+6+8 totals 24 which reduces [2+4] to 6

(Mine: 1+9+5+2=17=1+7=8)

Now add 3 with 11 [11 being a Master Number does not reduce]=14 +6=20

(Mine: 9+11+8=28=2+8=11)

(I calculated my number before by reducing the 11)


Drop the zero, and you have 2 as your Life-Path Number.

(Mine: 11)

Thanks Joe for all the links. I have been reading through them.



Subj: re:11:11

Date: 8/11/2001

From: knw4@xxx

To: jmason4557@aol.com

I have experienced 11:11 now for at least 5 years. I know 2 other people here in Tucson that have as well. I have read a lot of things about all of it that just don't fit. I know that it is some kind of calling and people can speculate about it all they want but, I feel the truth of it has not yet been revealed.

I feel connected to something, something that is clearly calling me for some reason. I refuse to put any kind of pre-conceived notions on it. It is truly a unique experience and doesn't seem to have an end

The other people I mentioned (we have lost contact) had both witnessed this for about 2 years before we were all brought together.

Something is happening. There are a lot of us that it is happening to. We all seem to be part of something greater--other than that what do we really know for sure. I wish I had more answers but, I do not. Until I know what this thing really is I will be content knowing there is a whole hell of a lot more in this world than meets the eye.

Thanks for your time to read this,




<< Subj: 11:11 In My Life

For about a year now, the numbers 1:11 and 11:11 have been turning up everywhere in my life.


Subj: 11:11 subject

Date: 8/25/2001

From: U

To: JMason4557

Not only did I notice 11:11 all the time. I also notice myself changing from sin to sinless, because I notice 3:33, and 4:44 as well. I put three and three together and spelled hell. Ever sense that day 4:31 and 1:34 appeared on the clock at least five times a week. One night a wake up call came to my mind. Either to go crazy in hell or to change as fast as possible in gods ways. So now I find myself living a sinless life, because something tells my soul the time is coming.

Evil watches me as I sleep. I dream that this man dressed in all gray watches me and speaks to me in the most deepest, rumbling voice. I cant under stand his words but it does not scare me fore I know who my soul belongs to.

A mystery to continue as life goes on.


Subj: 11:11 In My Life

Date: 8/29/2001

From: WS

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Dear Sir,

For about a year now, the numbers 1:11 and 11:11 have been turning up  everywhere in my life. I at first attributed this to random chance but it has since gone beyond that. An online search for "the Significance of 11:11" brought me to your site. I am at a loss to explain this phenomena, and like many of your readers I wished to share my experiences with you. It began simply with my looking at clocks when they were at 1:11 or 11:11, day or night. I even sometimes wake and look at the clock at 1:11 AM. This happens, consistently, every day. I, without thinking or remembering, look at the clock, and it's 1:11 or 11:11. But things have been getting more eerie. Several weeks ago I was listening to a CD when I heard it start skipping. I walked over to the CD player to see it had gotten stuck and was skipping at 1:11 of track 1. Furthermore, last week I was driving home (NYC) from Indianapolis when the following happened: In the morning, I look at the car clock, as usual, at 11:11. I kept driving. After another hour, I decided to look and see what mile I was at. I was at mile 111. I stopped at a food court for some chinese food. They rang me up at the register, the price: $11.11. I went back to the car, glanced at the clock: 1:11. This sort of thing happens day in and day out. What is the explanation? I have been reading through your site and I am fascinated. I feel like some superior power is trying to send me a message subconciously. I would appreciate your feedback. Most sincerely,



Subj: swissair111


From: B811

To: Dee777

I am intrigued at the coincidences that u have compiled regarding this terrible tragedy. i lost a very good friend on that flight........ but this is only one of the reasons for my interest. my birthday is 8-11 and my parents wedding anniversary is 11-11 .....so i am a product of 11-11. and although i am unable to take in all of what this means from reading your website, i can say that i am just a regular person....but still feel the presence of this friend i have lost........in my every day, thru signs .....sometimes in the number 111.......and other related things to the life that was . sometimes i wonder if i have been guided to those signs or have been made aware somehow ,but mostly ...i realize that we never loose our connection...or bonds of love. in addition, i must detail that for almost 15 years before the crash i had an awareness of the number 111 and it terrified me. i would awake in the middle of the night and it was 1:11AM.....or mark in my diary that i had gotten thru the day of jan 11 (1-11) and other things at that time. but because almost 15 years had passed without incident........my sensitivity to this number faded........but when the crash occurred ....i understood the connection.....or at least i should say i recognize the connection. i dont know why it has been a part of my life for the last 17 years....and the crash only 3 years ago......but the initial terror that i felt at the number 111 coincides with the introduction of this friend into my life........we met approx. 17 years ago. 111 was not and issue before we met..... ?.....how funny that the awareness came to my life as the person entered it.

Recognizing the connections, a friend sent your website to me....and noted that the connections you make, are eerie...noting my birthdate and the fact that i still feel that there is some communication between the friend who passed on 111. i would like to understand more of what your web page tells about the eclipses....and what makes everything tie into the crash of 111. any info that you may offer is greatly appreciated.....whether it be further explanation......or direction on what i may read on the internet or in books. i also would somehow like to sort out what my connection to this whole thing is.....................

thanks you for compiling the info........it is much appreciated! and thanks in advance for your help!!



Hi Annie: You are the second person who has written to me who knows something about flight 111, or is related to someone who was on it. This IS a small world.

You will want to read these pages starting with; http://www.greatdreams.com/11coin.htm to read about other people's experiences with 111 and 11:11. I think you will get a lot out of reading these experiences. It will help you understand your own.

Love, Light, and Joy



Date: 9/11/2001

From: marla

To: jmason4557@aol.com

I too have experienced 1111 since about 1971. What, if anything, do you think about todays tragedy happening on  September 11, 2001 and involving Flight #11? I find it numbing!


See WTC Number Symbolism




Rev 11:11 And after three days and an half the Spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.

Rev 11:12 And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies beheld them.

Rev 11:13 And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven.

Rev 11:14 The second woe is past; [and], behold, the third woe cometh quickly.


Subj: 11:11

Date: 9/12/2001

From: ha

To: dee777@aol.com

hi dee im a reader from australia i see 11:11 every where but last night i saw it agian and felt great concern 1 hour later irecieved a phone call from a friend incidently our b,days are 1year and 1 week apart he told me what had happend in usa the date 11th off sept flight 11 crashes into 1 building then 1 more building they both stood at 11 and how many planes down 1 1 1 1 is it just me or is something trying to say some thing love and peace ....... jason .


Dear J.

Hi: Thanks so much for writing. There is so much behind the 11:11 phenomenon. People have been seeing it for many years.

If you haven't been to these pages, take a peek. You'll be surprised. Perhaps you already have. Excuse me if I'm being redundant. :-)





From those pages, you find lots of reading and other links to other people's sites as well.

11:11 is certainly a wake-up call if I've ever heard of one. :-)

Love, Light, and Joy



Subj: The VISION 11:11

Date: 9/13/2001

From: dougtaylor1111@earthlink.net ( glen taylor)

To: jmason4557@aol.com

Hello Joe,

It is with sadness that I write but the meaning of 1111 has been revealed to me.

The events of this week has brought tears to my eyes as well as it has many others.

On Monday night 9/10 I was playing my bass guitar for the revival we were having at church. The pastor pointed and called out. Told me to put down my bass and get over there to where he was standing. He told me that God have given him a word to give to me. The word was, "Doug you have been wandering for a period of time, now it is time to step out and make it known. To take the stance and God will be there to support you." and with that I fell to the floor under the very presence of God.

Tuesday morning the events that changed the world unfolded on 9/11. Please refer to the dates of the vision I gave you.

All week long I have felt a quickening in my spirit. What to do, what to say, to whom to say it too?

Today, I was given a thread that ties to the 1111 that I have been seeing since 1996. The 1111 date will be the beginning of WWIII.

I am not the only person that has been seeing the 1111 as you well know. I wonder if others have come to the same conclusion?

Here is the thread that gave me insight:


I hope that you will visit the URL and please take note of the 8/10/1998 date.

May God Bless all of us.

Doug Taylor




Subj: 11:11

Date: 9/18/2001

From: AMF

To: JMason4557@aol.com

When I started reading all this I think my heart jumped a beat, when my mom was dying of cancer she said its so wierd every time i look at the clock it says 11:11 now everytime I look at the the clock and it says 11:11 I THINK OF HER WHAT DO YOU MAKE OF THIS ASAP I MISS HER ALOT


Date: September 20, 2001 at 00:03:07

From: a friend,

Subject: more 11 11 information

Thought this information may be of value to some of you who were talking about the 11 11 stuff - very interesting reading. Read with an open mind......

This is a Special Alert issued by the International Ghost Hunters Society on behalf of members of our Sixth Sense Support Group. The members in this support group have a special gift . . . they can see and hear the spirits of the dead, just as in the film staring Bruce Willis called Sixth Sense. These members are "Sensitives" and as such, they have tapped into that special communication link to the walking dead. This Special Alert is for the purpose of warning what MIGHT happen to the coming days ahead. If nothing happened, so much the better as no one in the group wants to see more death and destruction.

Since the terrible Black Tuesday, the group has been experiencing remarkable communications with spirits and in dreams that suggest the terrorist attacks are not over, but will continue to plague America. The following experiences are share with you because the collective group wants to tell somebody what they are seeing and feeling. Most members had nightmares the night before the terrorist attacked the Pentagon and the WTC.

Some saw planes crashing into the WTC in their dreams. Others saw sparks, which may be the souls of those who were to perish in the terrorist attack. Many of the members either had friends, family or they themselves worked in either the Pentagon or WTC.

I have assembled many of the quotes that were sent by members of this special group as they expressed among themselves what they were feeling, what they were seeing and what they were dreaming. The dead do contact us in dreams as that is when our conscious mind is closed down and access to our subconscious mind is open and receptive. I would not release this information if I did not believe in what they were saying. I agree with them that this terrorism is not over for America and more is to follow, only this time on the West Coast! As more information is made available to them, I will issue another Special Alert.

As one member said, "I know we all felt on edge about 10 days ago, where a lot of us were weepy and sad. We may have been feeling the premature affects of what was to come early. I don't know, but I find that very pertinent that we were all in agreement that something was very wrong."The following quotes suggest that we are in for more suffering from terrorist attacks:

"This is not the end by any means. Our abilities are going to be put to the test. I don't feel like our just talking to spirits is going to be enough. I don't know the whole picture, but I feel like something bigger is going to be transpiring, and those of us who are sensitive will be affected much more in the process."

"The only thing I have been feeling is spirits of the children that were in the attack. They're lost & confused. Looking for their ‘mommies'. All I can do is hug them & tell them to go towards the warm light. I don't know what else to do."

"I think another building's going to go down, address 1111 something, important bldg. It's either in Florida or LA."

"It's near the water!"

"Either Los Angeles or Vegas is what I'm getting."

"I see 1111 everywhere, also could be part of zip code maybe? Or phone #? Seeing fire in windows, voices are loud."

"Oh and it's a very tall white building, lots of windows."

"I think it's LA cause I see things falling into the ocean."

"It was down town LA. The I was looking at Beverly hills and there on Rodeo drive was the #1111. On a building and there was a car going into there as well. It to exploded."

"My vision . . . the red symbol wasn't the airline, it was the Marriot's hotel symbol!"

"I could definitely see a plane crashing into that hotel. Very scary."

The Man in Black said, "YOU! YOU stay away from RED buses, and YOU stay away from the Marriot. How many times am I going to have to tell you!"

"When we went to bed my wife heard a couple ghosts chatting about the terrorist attempts. They gave us a clue that another terrorist attempt may happen either October 11th or 22th of this year."

"The man in black kept coming for me. At first I would not go. Then I finally gave in and went. I kept asking him were I was going. He would not answer me and that was making me upset. When we stopped walking I was back in LA. We were walking around down town and seeing all of those faces. We get to were the heart of down town is and there was this Hotel. In the drive way thing in front was a big bus. You know like Greyhounds. Well, the people on that bus looked upset and there was "Arab" looking man. He was in the driver seat. He took the bus right into the hotel lobby. It then exploded and there were many lives that were took. I noticed the bus number had 111 in it. As if I was there all along I was right on Beverly Hills streets. The same thing. What I thought was odd it's not a plane but a bus."

"Again he (Man in Black) was here and I'm going out of my wit's. It's 3:29 in the morning and all know I'm not normally up this early. He took me back again to LA. I don't know why but besides LA and Beverly Hills. He took me to Sacramento. Again the same thing with the bus. I wish I could see the day I know it has a chill in the air so it may be November 11."

The Man in Black spoken of in the above quotes have been described as an entity that appears in black with a black top hat. He has been described as a spiritual gatekeeper, a harbinger of death, a universal warning and even as a gunslinger like appearance with the long overcoat worn like those in Clint Eastwood Westerns. The Man in Black has appeared for many years to most of the members of this group. Some members report first seeing him when they were a child. In any case, the Man in Black may be considered somewhat like the Grim Reaper. When he appears, death is not far behind.

It is apparent that the security on airlines have finally been updated, but we have no security in place for those using the buses. This could be anything from sightseeing, charter or commercial transportation buses.

End of Special Alert.

Web Site: http://www.ghostweb.com/


Subj: 11:11

Date: 9/23/2001

From: rainlyre@xxx

To: dee777@aol.com

Hi Dee,

Just wanted to say, even though i think i told you a couple years ago that  my own number syncs were never/ are not with 11 or 11:11 --------Always  101 and 111---


Kimber00000101 :-)

Subj: 11:11 
Date: 12/16/2001 5:06:14 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: kwaka750@yahoo.com
To: JMason4557@aol.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)


I cannot actually believe that I am actually writing
this e-mail to you.

I have come across yuor site doing a search to what I
refer to as my "Personal Phenomenom".

For at least 8 years I have had too many experiences
with 11:11 to write.

I truly believe that it has significance in my life
but have yet to grasp what that is.

I am a skeptic overall but my experiences are forcing
me to dwelve deeper into the meaning of this 11:11

I have read that the only place you will find the
answer is "that you need to look inside yourself" to
find out what it means to you." This I believe is most

I am struggle to put into words what I believe 11:11
means to me as an individual. The only thing I can put
to you is that I feel I have a certain ability to have
an impact on people's lives. Mostly the positive
energy and urge to strive for bigger and better
things. I could also attribute this towards ambition.
I believe that I can have an inordinate impact on
people. Both in a negative and positive way, the
choice being ultimately mine. I am not sure where I am
going with this line of thought and this is my
problem. I believe 11:11 means something, and
something big at that. BUT, what does that mean
specifically to me. This may sound self centred, but
every time 11:11 occurs, I feel as if I am further
dragged into finding the answers.

I was hoping that you may assist. Not in the finding
of answers, as that is mine alone, but in a helping
way. Whatever that means.

Thank You

Subj: 11:11 
Date: 12/1/2001 9:21:26 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: angeliky
To: JMason4557
CC: gingeranise@hotmail.com

It's been for about 10 years I am experiencing this sight of the 11:11 on the clock, and everytime I didn't fail to see this time when I turn my eyes to see what time is it, or as when I started, I went to bed early, but never failed to wake at 11:11 pm.  When my children were present I told them,  "I am the witch of the 11:11 o'clock."  But until today that I mentioned it on the James Van Praagh, someone told me to look to this web site,  I never was aware of it,  I thought it was coinciential, but nothing else.  Less frequent, I've been experiencin de 4:44 sight, too, but I noticed that after I read a book about a person in an organization, which members used to dream or wake up at that exact time and all contributed to the exit of the business they would to start with someone overseas.  Everything conducted to find the right person to be on partnership.  Thanks.  Celine.

Subj: 11:11 
Date: 12/4/2001 7:00:50 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Kalexander4
To: JMason4557

I have just recently
11:11.  I thought it
something was going to happen on nov. 11th, so I locked myself in the house that day. Everybody thought I was crazy. But, I got such a sense when I saw it, it scared me.  I quit seeing it for a couple of days but then it came back.  In fact, one of my friends finally believed me when we were in a drivethrough and the total came to 11.11. I said to her, "do you see what I mean?"  she then told me that she looked it up online and it happens to be this big phemonenon.  I am so glad I am not the only one.  I knew it was a sign, or that it was telling me something I just did not know what. Honestly I still don't.  talk to me  tell me what this means!


Subj: 3:33 
Date: 11/29/2001 1:45:21 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: theengine@mindspring.com
To: JMason4557@aol.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)

I've been seeing 3:33 on the clock for a few years now, any idea what that means? I don't look at the clock that often, but when I do, 90% of the time its 3:33. I even wake up sometimes and its 3:33. This is different clocks too. Banks, radio, cell phone.




~Re-minders from Home~

This channel was given in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Quill of Re-membrance on August 20th 2000. As always, when live channels are presented as Beacons of Light messages, some editing is necessary. The Group is on my shoulder as we make these changes. Most of these changes are simply the difference between the way we speak and the way we write; however, this message was very lengthy and I did leave off some actual content. I did this knowing that what was edited out will be presented in next months Beacons as a live channel from New Jersey entitled "NOW."

When I first started the live channels as part of the seminars my deal with the Group was that they would tell me beforehand what we were going to talk about. This was important to me because I am responsible for interpreting the energy into the English language and I wanted to get an idea of what words I will use. The first time they did not stick to this agreement was when my father graduated in February of 1999. Two weeks after his sudden passing, Barbara and I presented a seminar in Laguna Hills, California. When it came time for the live channel I closed my eyes not even sure that the Group was there. This was a strange feeling that I have not had since. The moment I took a breath and opened my mouth they were there. The first thing they did was to apologize to me for not being able to keep our agreement. They said that my grief was overshadowing my energy field and it was not possible to give me the information clearly. The second time this happened was a few months later at our first live channel presented to a gathering at the United Nations V.I.C. in Vienna, Austria. In this instance, it was simply a matter of jet lag.

Over time I have gotten more comfortable with the fact that I am sitting in front of gatherings of people who are anticipating my words not having any idea what we will talk about. In some instances I do have an idea of the content because the Group will show me things or tell me to pay attention to something and I know we will be talking about it later. Sometimes a person says something or asks me a question that plants the seeds they want planted. This channel was an example of exactly this scenario.

Five minutes before this channel someone came up to me and asked a question about the numbers 555. She mentioned that the last few days she had seen 555 everywhere she looked. I told her that the Group had spoken previously about all master numbers as being triggers for our biology. Then she asked if there were any specific meaning or things we should know about the numbers 555. I opened my mouth to say "no" only to come face to face with the Grand Master of Time. This is the tall slender member of the Group with the white beard, who does nothing but control the timing of the release of information. His finger held upright, the Group fell into a silent reverence and even the wonderful laughter stopped for a moment as he gracefully lowered his finger giving the signal that it is time to speak about the 555. I came back to consciousness only to find this young lady staring at me, still waiting for an answer. Instead of saying "no" to her question, I simply raised my own finger. She took a seat and the Group began.

The Group:

Greetings from Home:

You feel the vibrations in this room. As each one of you enter the room you reflect off of each other. . . and you feel Home. You are Home. You are creating Home where you sit and we are so very proud of you for your efforts. You are doing such a wonderful job. We honor your every move for your choices do not necessarily need to take you to empowerment. Still, you have had the courage to empower yourselves. You have had the courage to stand in the company of empowered people. And you have had the courage to take the choices that lead to your own empowerment. It is us that sit at your feet in awe of the great masters before us.

We tell you that you are the Human Angels. You are the ones that have had the courage to put on the veil. You are the ones that have had the courage to walk, not knowing where your feet will land. We are not the only ones that are watching, for your journeys have attracted much attention. We will tell you some of this in our time together this afternoon. We ask you to please look around the room and before you leave, take with you a piece of each other. The connection that you have found in this gathering of angels, walking in the bubble of biology, opens the door to realms that lie ahead. The potential you are creating as you connect with members of your own spiritual family is great indeed. We tell you, you are honored. Sometimes it is the turmoil that you experience in daily life that leads to the great advances of the Planet.

You have done well. We watch you. We honor you. We support you and love you. Yes, it is us who hug you when you sometimes can only feel the slightest pressure on your arms. Those are our wings that have touched you. We envelope you in our wings and hold you when you cannot hold yourself. When you find that you cannot re-member who you are, we are there. We are reflecting your energy with our love. And we are honored to do so. We are not here with you of our own volition. We are here because you have called. We do not speak to you to hear the sound of our own voice through the Keeper. We speak to you because you have asked to hear us. We do not tell you which way to turn, we do not tell you which truth is yours, all we do is to offer you information to help you re-member who you are. We honor you for asking for you are the human angels and your version of Heaven on Earth is being created right now. As you blend the magical with the mundane, as you begin to walk with Spirit on your shoulder every step of the way, you bring Home to your side of the veil. Your angelic presence is no less than ours. In fact, we spread our wings just to reflect your own energy so that you may see for even a brief moment your own magnificence. It is us that are honored to be in your presence and we thank you for calling.

Numbers in your field

We wish to speak to you this day of the many signs you have been receiving. You are not alone and there are many who will hear this call and even more who will read these words and will understand that which has perplexed them. You have been receiving what we have called the 'gift of the angels,' for many have seen the master numbers in your field for quite a long time. It is because your biology is ready to make a shift to the next level. Your DNA has started to re-connect and it needs an external signal to do so. Here it is that we on this side of the veil have nudged you at exactly the right time to turn around and look at the clock. We nudge you to please turn around and see the numbers that are displayed in front of you. Those numbers are triggers for your biology. They signal your biology to begin the process of advancement into higher vibrational states by connecting the DNA. These master numbers are not the only triggers for there have been many. This is also the deeper meaning of what you have termed to be crop circles. They are signals to your biology. When your biology is ready to accept them, we have simply turned and pointed the way to say, 'look now and accept the signal.' It is then that you look and you try to attach a meaning to the numbers that you see. We love your humanness for doing so and we tell you the meaning is understood by your biology and often not your mind.

11:11, 12:12, 911, 333, 444 What are all these numbers?

Herein lies the true meaning of the master numbers that have magically found their way into your reality. Now you have gotten comfortable with the master numbers being in your field and the interactions that you have allowed yourself to see. Ah, at the exact time when you learn the rules, the Game changes. That is what is now happening. For just when you get comfortable with the 11:11, the 333, the 444, the 12:12 and the 911 that you have been seeing, along comes a new set of triggers. Now humans have begun to accept the gift of 555.

The number five and in particular the triple number five has been prevalent throughout the globe recently. You will see it more as time advances, for it is a very specific signal that your biology is now ready to receive. Your own angelic presence is calling in this gift of the angels. We will now explain the progression of the numbers you are experiencing.

'1' upon a Time

Let us first start with the number one. First there was the word. One is the OM vibration. One is the singular I AM vibration. It is the unity consciousness personified. One is the unity consciousness as expressed in the third dimension. It is what you will be returning to in time. The one is where the Game began. The one is infinite, for it contains all things. It is difficult for you to understand even the simple concept of infinity for you live in a finite world. For now see the one as the beginning.

Entering a field of Polarity in the Second Dimension

The second dimension offers the field of polarity. The second dimension is not a final resting place, nor does it ever support your energy fully. However, much like the bridge that we show you as the fourth dimension, the second dimension has been a place to travel through and receive energy imprints. These energy imprints have given you polarity, which was necessary to play the Game. The contrast of polarity has enabled you to see yourselves. It was this contrast that allowed you the illusions to define that which has been previously indefinable. You humans are such wonderful expressions of the Universal energy. We see that you love your Game so. Whenever the Game gets boring you create another little area to play in. It is wonderful to see the imagination that you have exhibited. You have done well. Setting the energy in the biology took signals to your DNA that was enabled by the 11:11. This was the signal for your DNA to begin the process of reconnecting. The two sets of two ones signify the first dimension traveling through the second.

As you move through the second dimension and take on the attributes of polarity, you have split into the two sexes. In this polarity you see black and white, up and down, right and wrong, you see fear and love. We tell you that all of these are illusions of polarity. For there is no black or white, there are only shades of gray. Up and down are only relevant to where you are at that moment. Right and wrong are products of your judgments and fear and love are really two sides of the same circle. All is part of the whole. Yet since traveling through the second dimension, you see with polarity, which allows the infinite to study itself as finite. This was the meaning and purpose of the Game. The 12:12 is a signal to our biology that signifies the first expression of the third dimension. Emerging from the second dimension are two sets of threes.

333 in the Third Dimension

Then you move into the second part of the third dimension where everything is threes. We tell you that the threes was a very difficult transition yet you have done so well with the threes. In fact the threes are not finished playing out. Even now as the fifth dimension is being introduced on the 555 of your clock faces, please notice that there are three fives. Ah...the threes are not yet finished. In your Game now, your entire existence can be explained by dividing by threes. Everything in your field is a multiple of three. The triangular shape of the energy, which defines the third dimension, causes the very base of this three energy.

We love to watch you play the Game in the third dimension. Even as you get bored you entertain yourselves with the drama you so love. Do not condemn yourselves for your attraction to drama as it has served you well in the third dimension. Oh we love you so, and we laugh when you call six, six, six the sign of the devil. It is so humorous to us that you would take the threes, double them and call it the devil. You are so imaginative! And we love you as we see your attraction to the drama. You are the threes, for you are a manifestation of God in finite form. As such, you define that which you create. And now your Higher Self is beginning to show you something new. For as you have played so long in the third dimension, the third dimension is now finally entering the third stage. It is no coincidence that you have a tremendous event right at your footsteps.

The Third Millennium

You will now be entering the third millennium. This is a magical time. This is a step never before taken, for you were not going to be where you now stand. The way Plan A was scripted was for you to end. You were not to be here and yet your choices have opened the door to the new Game. Your choices have made it possible for you to take a step into the unknown. And as you create every step of the way, we are there with the cosmic winks. We are there with the little signs asking you please look over at the clock right now, trying to show you that you are more than what you think. You are the masters walking in bubbles of biology. You are the exalted ones and you are beginning to see the magic happen.

444 Mastery and Empowerment

The 444 that you see, is a representation of the fourth dimension as seen from a perspective of the third dimension. You are moving into the fourth dimension. Your relationship to everything around you is now changing and this is representative of this movement. This is a time to incorporate mastery of self. This is the time to step into your empowerment. Though the attributes of the fourth dimension keep you from seeing yourself as empowered, know that incorporating empowerment techniques will serve you well at this time. Every time you see the 444 re-member Mastery and Empowerment.

The Magic of MU

There is a magical time that you have spent on this Planet. There is a magical time when you have been in touch with your power. The days of Mu are returning. Does that surprise you? You were all there. Some of you have been there more than once. The days of Mu were a magical time when each of you walked within your power. For the full power of that which you really are is attainable while you are in biology. The infrastructures around you are beginning to change. We see that unfolding now. You are one, and you are not separate from each other. As one person cries out that they need help, all will now hear it. There are many who gave their lives to help illustrate this point. Governments are changing. Businesses are changing. It is told that if you stay on course and continue to blend the magic with the mundane, that the days of Mu will return. Lemuria is not a myth, and you were there. And you will re-member it if you ask. For it was a time when you walked fully within your own power. This will happen again as you begin the days of five. Yes, that answers your question, does it not? For you are now blending the three with the five, is it any strange event that you would have three fives showing up in your field? The days of Lemuria are returning. Mu has come home. You have created it.

A Misdirection of Energy

There will be much resistance to this as it comes forward with the days of Atlantis burned in your cellular memory at a very deep level. So let us speak for just a moment of Atlantis and exactly what caused the destruction. For there was a misdirection of energy there that caused the entire shift that abruptly ended Atlantis. It is human nature to categorize yourselves and each other. This tendency to categorize leads naturally to placing one category higher than another. We tell you nothing can be further from the truth, for all are playing very important parts on the Gameboard. If only you would have adopted the use of discernment rather than judgment, it would have all been avoided. There will be more coming on this entire aspect of your own history in our time to come, but for now allow us to show you very simple ways that this is seen even in your daily life.

The Story of Amor Begins

We have a story to tell that is forthcoming about a twelve-year old boy who lived in the days of Mu. For now let us tell you of that same twelve-year old boy in the days after Mu, for he survived. He felt the call and he moved to Atlantis. In Atlantis, you blended the magical and the mundane in the area of technology. The same technology is now on your Planet that has been here many times before. Much of which you have not discovered is waiting for you. As you look at your computers and your Internet, you see the technology exploding right before your eyes. We tell you it is a direct reflection of your spiritual advancement, for the collective spiritual vibration of the Planet is what supports the technology. It is working. You are creating it and you are doing well.

We tell you Amor was forty-five years old when he found a job in the Temple of Rejuvenation. Amor went to work every day in the temple. He loved his work for even though he played a very small part he was able to help people. Even though Amor had a lot of concerns about what was happening, he knew he had a part in helping people. Amor's job was to help people into the temple and to cleanse themselves of their clothes and of whatever impurities they were carrying, for this was a time when they would rejuvenate themselves. This was a time when they would connect with the massive technology that was a product of the Mother. The Atlanteans used great technology in the field of rejuvenation. Amor had the opportunity to come from the area of Lemuria and to land in Atlantis to blend the technology with the spirituality. Ahh, but there is one part of the Game that prevails, for there is only one rule on the Gameboard . . . Free Choice. The blend Amor offered was chosen by only a very few.

The 555 is the beginning of the fifth dimension

The prevailing attitude of Atlanteans was that they were superior to the people of Mu for Mu was sinking. Lemurians found themselves traveling to Atlantis to escape. Amor found himself being a refugee in a land that was strange to him. Still he knew he had something important to do. Amor connected with those around him and tried very hard to make this new place feel like Home. His goal was to bring the love of Mu to Atlantis. For a time, it worked, for the magic was there. And the vibration of five moved forward. The fifth dimension was being created in the land of Atlantis. The 555 had begun.

It was during this time that you chose to see lack and limitation. As the great influx of souls found refuge in Atlantis it strained the systems, for the technology was not in place to support the vast number of beings. Although you had the technology for rejuvenation, you thought that you did not have enough to go around, and rather than focus on what you did have, you placed your camera of perception in a place that said, "we do not have enough so we must devise a system to take care of those that we can take care of." It was here that a class system developed in the days of Atlantis. It was here that a subtle expression of slavery came to your greatly "advanced" Planet of Free Choice. This misdirection of energy has come back to visit you many times during the Game. It was here that all the teachings of Mu, all the teachings of empowerment were lost in the blink of an eye. You felt that you had to decide who would use the technology and who would not. We tell you now that there was enough for all, had you only adopted the realization that everyone was playing important parts. Instead you chose to see some as more important than others. Here was the misdirection of energy that set into motion the fall of Atlantis. This was a time that you stepped into the fifth dimension. The effects of carrying misdirections into the fifth dimension are unrelenting.

Amor worked to help people cleanse themselves so that they did not walk into the Temple of Rejuvenation carrying impurities. If only he had been able to keep you from walking into the fifth dimension carrying impure beliefs, Atlantis would be well today.

The Return of Mu

We tell you this now because you are reaching that stage again, ahh-but now you are approaching it quite differently. For you are now coming from a field of spiritual advancement where you walked within your own power. Now you are coming gradually into the steps of blending the magic in the mundane and carrying your power in every step that you take in human form, and for this we honor you. We see the turmoil you face. We see the restrictions that you have and we love you for it. For only in being able to take those kinds of steps, only in playing in that kind of field, is it possible for you to do the Game. And we see the times you doubt yourself and we wrap you in our love for we tell you it is not about you, it is about your connection to All That Is. Please re-member the days of Mu. Go back to the times when you stepped in your power for you are walking those footsteps again. Feel the fear of the cellular memories as the days of Atlantis return. Feel the fear and have the courage to do it differently this time. Know that you have choices. Be responsible for seeing the whole picture and you will now move into the 555. See that all are playing important parts, for the ladder of human advancement will not advance until all rungs of the ladder are filled.

One of the most destructive ways that this misdirection often plays out among Lightworkers is something that the Keeper calls "Spiritual Competition." To illustrate our point, many of you reading this now believe that seeing the numbers 555 means that you are more advanced that those seeing 11:11. Your biology will need different signals at different times, so you may see many of these triggers at different times. They do not come in any order of importance so please do not attempt to apply human attributes to our side of the veil.

Please understand that the need to place one thing above another degrades all things. It is your hesitation to fully walk with your own power that is the cause of this misdirection. When you center your own energy and dare to walk fully in your own power, then there is no need to place one above another. Making life choices without judgment is what we have termed Discernment. This is the first tool of the higher vibrations to which you are acclimating.

You are far beyond what we ever imagined, for we were there at the beginning. We helped you devise the Game. We helped you script the roles that you are now finishing. It was here that we all looked at each other and said: "Maybe, maybe if you make these choices you can go farther." We had no idea that you would actually re-member who you are. And here you are. Dare to embrace the passion. Find one small success and build on it. Find one thing that you love about yourself and build on it and you will do well.

555 a vision of Mu

As you see the fives, re-member Lemuria. Re-member who you were and even if you have difficulty, hold the vibration of the all knowingness for it is yours. It is a signal that it is coming back. Make space for it in your lives. Make space for empowered humans to walk right next to you. Make space for yourself to become empowered, for that is what you are doing. That is what you are seeing. Three fives are a magical number and they will enter your field often now. Lemuria is coming to Earth again. The 555 is signaling your biology to prepare. You are creating it. Welcome Home.

There is much more you will understand about the numbers as they come forward. You are now firmly in the fourth dimension. It is the fact that you are peering into the fifth dimension that brings the 555 triggers to your field. The fifth dimension has not the safeguard of the time lag. Therefore one must be masters of their thoughts before safely stepping into the fifth dimension. Now is the time of Mastery of Self. Start with your thoughts and beliefs.

Now you are asking: "What is happening? I feel lost. I feel separated from my guides." Please re-member the story of Ana and the Bird for Spirit is integrating within you. You are becoming one with the whole and as you begin to incorporate the fifth dimension, the magic begins. First you must shed yourself of the binds that hold you firmly in the third dimension. We ask you not to try too hard. Do not look for things to release, simply be ready to release what your heart tells you. Be ready to release that which is holding you as you grasp the truths of Lemuria. The Planet of Mu is returning. The land of Mu is coming Home. We tell you it is a magical time. You have made it so. You are doing well. Watch the numbers and when you see them, whisper the magic words, thank you.

We tell you with great joy in our hearts that we thank you for inviting us here to be among this gathering of masters. We re-mind you to please treat each other with respect, nurture one another as you would yourselves, and play well together.

the Group

The Group told me a while back that they would soon tell a special story. They said it would be the story of a young boy in Mu and that the story would finally be understood. They are already presenting the information about Amor in the live channels. Each channel adds another chapter to the story. Here was the first time they mentioned the name "Amor." Several chapters have been added since this channel and when the entire story is told, we will present the information.

 Big Hugs and gentle nudges

Keeper of the Sword

~The Beacons of Light Meditation~

Breathe for a moment and find your center. Feel yourself rising with every breath. A feeling of lightness pervades your body now as soon you find yourself floating off into the air. Floating over the city below, you notice that you are very comfortable and safe traveling in this manner. After traveling for some distance you feel a guidance to move back to the ground and begin to move closer to the earth. In that moment everything begins to get dark and soon you can't see what is in front of you. Feeling your feet touch the ground you stop traveling but still cannot see your surroundings. Not sure what this means, you begin to feel around in front of you looking for any clues as to where you are. Searching, you somehow know that you are still safe and that there is guidance over your own shoulder. Opening your mouth to speak you find that your voice is silent.

Then in the darkness a hand touches your own and you stop in your tracks. The hand is tentative and even though you cannot see who or what is attached to it you can feel the energy from the hand. You can tell that the person is a gentle soul searching for their way in the dark much as you are. You get brave and give the hand a gentle squeeze. A moment later the hand in the dark returns your gesture. Impressions fill your head and even though you cannot see the person who is on the other end of the hand, you seem to know a lot about them. It's like finding an old friend even though there is no communication other than a touch in the dark. It may just be a hand in the dark but the love you feel for this hand begins to overtake your being and fill you full of love. You are aware that you are tapped into their energy field and you know this person better than if you were handicapped by being able to see them with your eyes. Just then the hand changes energy and you know your time together is at an end. You both give a gentle squeeze of the hands and release.

Once again you feel the lightness approach and you are floating high above the city. Your sight has returned and the sights of the city are so beautiful from this perspective. Then you find that the colors begin to blend together. Soon a beautiful colorful swirl is all that you see. In the blink of an eye you find yourself sitting watching from above a schoolhouse below. You see the children of all ages interact with teachers and other students. You can see that everything is in its correct place. You look at the little girl sitting in the corner and for a moment you see from her perspective. Here you observe as she looks out the window from her classroom. Seeing children several grades above her at play on the playground, she secretly wishes she were that advanced. Now you look from the shoulder of a young man on the playground as he peers into the classroom and sees the same girl who you just encountered. He is thinking that he is glad he is now in the higher levels and not still in the lower ones. Now you jump to see from the shoulder of the teacher sitting in front of the class. She is thinking back to the time when she was in school. She re-members looking out the window and wishing she were older. She now looks back and re-members that she once believed that the sixth grade was better than the third. Now she sits at her desk and re-members how wonderful all of those years were. Good memories fill her as the teacher adopts an overall perspective that makes room for empowerment.

The colors begin to swirl and once again you are traveling. Moving slowly first and then more quickly. Suddenly all the swirling stops abruptly and everything is still. Now you find your self in a room that is very familiar to you. You have been here many times before and as you look around the room you sense that there is something different about the room. As you examine everything more closely you become aware that everywhere you look you see master numbers. Looking at even the blank walls you can see numbers in the texture of the paint. The pattern in the carpet beneath your feet is made up of master numbers. At first it is a little overwhelming and you stop to take a breath. As the air enters your body, feel your entire biology shift to a higher vibrational state. After a moment you see just how detailed these signals are. Everywhere in your field you see that there are patterns and numbers hidden everywhere you look. Some of the patterns make you feel very warm and happy. You know in your own heart that these shapes and signals are adding to you and helping you to advance. 'Breathe deep dear one." says a guide from just over your shoulder. "You have earned the right to be here at this time and to receive these signals. These signals have always been in your field but in the lower states of vibration you were oblivious to them. Now you are aware and can accept the gifts that have been offered you for so very long." With that you turn to look at the one who is speaking to you. You have done this many times before without success. It seems that every time you turn to see them, they move just out of sight. This time was different thought as when you turned you came face to face with the most beautiful creature you have ever seen. Your mouth drops open but before you can speak she anticipates your question; "You have chosen to advance and therefore you have accepted the higher vibrations into your being. Because you moved past the Phantom Death and decided to walk forward, we have begun to introduce the gift of angels. This gift is the constant introduction of external stimuli that will help your biology stay attuned to the higher vibration you are carrying in your spiritual being."

Tears come to your eyes as your guide now turns to walk away. She then stops and turns to you. "We will not be far away dear one. Your higher vibrational status has literally brought you closer to home. We are so very proud of you. You have done well."

With that she is gone and the swirling colors begin again. Now you find yourself back sitting in the chair where you began this journey. Somehow a smile is welling up inside your being. Taking one deep breath as your senses return, you realize you are now home again. Just then you look at the clock to your right and see that it is: 5:55.

Welcome Home

And so it is. . .

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